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H9 . . . ... i . . . ...-(...r M . . 1. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . tH
1 Hoxanssn ix "the cash aint." axd
ieW Tt not Yeather StnB" nt Brooklyn's Iter-
i ' Ben Ilrnch nnd Stntrn lalnnd'a midland
i Ileneh-Tho Art Not lll.h Nor tlio Morula
J Very Low Drnmn nt Home nnd Abrnnd.
1 Hcrecn Beach Is Jurt now n show centra
i) Continuous vnudovlllo holds tlio auditorium on
" Its pier; aquatic sports, the Mowing up of tho
Malno. nnd tho noa light nt Mnnlln occupy Its
lark'" Inclosuro. and n plnrof musical Tolly In
glron In Its Cailno. This piece I entitled
I "The Cash Olrl," nnd Its mitlior. John B.iuti-
der. plainly planned It for Brooklyn use, ni Its
local hits nro many. It Is a nonsensical
hodge-poJRO' At tho beginning Its chorus
women nro In n dry goods store. Tlio
wares nro painted, tut tho counters
nro prnctlcnl, nnd so nro tho placards on
the wills, for they nre tho advert Uemonts of
real tradesman Half of tlio chorus women nro
behind tho countorsnnd the others aro In front
ns choppers, A floor walker of trade mien and
an untidy servant nro In contrast with comely
buyen and scllors A Long Island rustlo. a
German policeman, a "confldonco man" ami n
concert hall director nro tha characters put
forward to supply comicality. A cnih girl con
tinually finding poeketbooks nnd jewels In a
newer personage. Followlnp; an opening chorus
there Is snmo scmtilanco to realism In the rus
tic's ludicrous endenora to execute his wlfo's
commissions., hut tho relationship of ac
tion to surroundings Is not enduring,
nnd tho second net Is In a concert hall at Daw
i ion City among whooping rcdmon nnd quick
w shooters. These specialties nro Introduced iu a
novel nay. Within afrnmo at tho back of tho
I stago Is n ltthoeraph poster bearing n picture of
tome well-known porlormor. A sneaker calls
I attention to tho portrait disclosed nnd tho
I specialist steps forward to copy It. Vesta Tllloy,
J Low Dockstador. Anna Held, Mny Irwin nnd
jBj Peter F. Oailcy nro thus presontod, tho Imlta-
Jk tlons In most eases being confined to singing n
f ionic with which tho original hns been asso-
elated. When Bandmaster bousn Is shown all
hands join In one of his stirring marches.
each vocalist waving a ling. A hughnblo devlco
n Is an acconipnnltnent to an nir suite by six
women At tho; rolrnln. "Sleep, my linby,
aleop." two tiny nogroehlldren In nlghtololbcs.
one bearing n light, walk soberly ncrots tho
stage, nnd In n recall they nro joined by a
policeman, whoso blue uniform has given way
to white, nnd whoso club l r placed by a ftlck-
pring cnntllo. 8om of the fun suggests that
tlio actors hno had n free licence, tlcorgo
Leslie, who (an make himself npnenrto bo
composed almost intiiely of slim Iocs, may
havo supplied some of the ltntniiiee "Behind
M orery tree lurks n Hnndwloh" sounds liko lilm.
H and hi Introducing n Mirlety pair a-s "tho
floats. Illlllo and Nnnnle." recalls his humor
at Pastor's The author plays a pjrt, nnd tells
0( hh experience. n a barti'tornier In nmef.
" How was I In tho first net ?" he asks, and his
foil replies that ho was UamM all over. "Anil
now w.ir I in the second net?" "ou wore
omelet all over" If the fun Isn't highly Intcl
m lectunl. It Is plentltul nnd clenn. unci cjulte eaual
to tho demand of folks who nro nlso in touch
H with ocean bree?es. The costumes, too. are to
m be commended for modesty, liereen Uioch is
au entirely respectable resort.
I Rtaten Island Is also supplied wfth a thentrl-
n cal centre this summer. Midland Beach has a
il theatre which Is now In its second season of
fi burlesque. "Tho tlivld of Manila" Is tho
Tfr timely tltlo of the work. Tho theatro draws
H mainly on Staten Island and tho nelchbortnir
Jersey towns, nlthoUKh tho rldo from New
I York Is nn agreeable combination of sail nnd
railroail journey Tho peculiarity of Midland
Beach is that other pleasures than those to
bo dorled from tho stneo porformnnce are
accessible within the space of tho theatro build
in it. The burlesque is tho thine. But the In
cidentals nro carefully prolded. Tho place
makes its appeal only to persons In search of
decent and cl-uii amusement nnd seeks only
Satroiinfo of tint kind. Ith efforts to moct that
emnnd are successfully carried throuch.
" The Maid of Mnnihi." considering thnt sho
oomes from such a remote rcuion, is not unllko
"Tho Gaiety Uirl"ln Koneral plan Sho is a
typewriter belocd byn Spaniard and protected
by on American In tho tlmo of daneer. Tho
flretact passes In Muntla, tho second in tho
interior, and tho third on shipboard. Thero
If an American chaporono with tho four charges
thathao become vo iiopulnr in musical farce
during recent seasons, mid thero nro arious
comio personalities of American. Hpan
lsh, and Manila oricln. Oscar Oirnrd.
who is remembered for his contribu
tions to tho humor of tho porfonnnuces
I at the American Tbeatro last t Inter ns tho
factotum of tho United States Consul, bears tho
burden of most of tho comedy. Tlio women In
it are nn unusuall) comely lot and the) uro vi
YacIouscnouKhforRUinmer burlesque. JohnF.
Barley Istliouuthorofthoplcinnndsomeof tho
melodies nro supplied by William Uatehellor.
although tho current supply of popular songs
furnishes n part of the music In tho matter of
costumes and seonory "The 5II1 of
Manila" does not sucifest tho real dlstanco
betwoon Midland Bench and Hmndwny. Tho
whole performance Is above the summer aver
age, and at this season of thoear.when not n
theatre In town Is open, "The Maid or Manila"
ongut to he. nhlo to extend hor blandishments
over a lamer region than SUiton Island.
Sir Henry Irving has recently lectured in
Znglandon Stato aid to theatres, nnd ho seems
to faor such n plan, although thoro Is
little probability that notion of tho kind will
ever be taken In Iondon. Thero commenced
recently an agitation to securo municipal nld
for an opora house, but nobody expects London
togho financial aid even to opera, which Is
nearly always dependent on it. "London In
reality needs Stnto old less than any other
EngllBli-spcaklnc city," said a rannneer. "Tho
Lyceum Theatro represonts tho trndltlonsof tho
Enellsliatago as efficiently almost as thoThtjiitro
jVram;a!s nuompllshLS that purposo In Paris,
rhe 1-riiich theatro Is more liberal than tho
i.)ceumto tho works of modern w rlters. nnd
is for that reason more typical of tliostogoln
trance. Beerbolun Trco ut Hor Majesty's
iheatre and George Aloxnndcr represented
almost as well tho best principles of the Eng
lish stage. 'Julius t'fcsar,' givon by Mr. Tree,
ana Much Ado About INothing," produced by
ilr Alexander, were nchIocmunui that rank
with the best of BlrllonrylrvlnB's.and represent
trio LiieIIsIi drama in most honorable, fashion,
oparcply n season passes that does not bring to
vievr In London homo bucIi porformnnco, and It
la with theso productions of Hhiikcspenro's
Pla8 that )ounger actors and munnuura neck
to tain recognition. It is Mrv Henry Irvine,
of course, who stands for tho Lngllsh
tneatie most conspicuously, nnd it Is not
asy to seo how tho Lyceum could bo
J creator credit to tho English stago,
fven if it wem supported by tho htato.
its manager might bo more courngoous in
testing plajs which nro less llkoly to recoUo
popular patrorago. but it iB doubtful if they
would repay tho trouble. Ee:iatthc Theatro
1 trjiica s tho plays which do not seem to In-
R tereiji tho public aro withdrawn from the repor-
wiro wntther they be classlcul or not. If they
jro not interesting to tlio neoplo. tho theatro
makes no attempt to keen them In lew.
u l,l' Posnlblo for Hlr Henry Irvinu at wolt as
we other actors to produce tho Hhakesporean
Piays In England boeauso they nre ipular and
wneim ell known draw largo audiences. Hero
"io nianager or actor who would attempt such
produitioiis as those gleu in London would
newia.;rylnrgo subsidy. Illchard Manslleld
tliooiil) uetor to-day withsufllclentnuthority
Present ShakCHi euro's ilns w ordinary
jeatureb of his rCpertolro. Nono of tlio con
Pieuous actors of the day is in tho least ndnpt
ja to play theso rflles and makes no attempt
JS'iJ J!"!ot surprising Unit tho production
SLIP. ..MnMBPoaio plnysls nearly always un
prontable There Is very llttlo likelihood that
PubliohUiportof them will Increase. Tho op
portuultles to sea Hliaket,iearo's plays acted
f ., e nl?,w now t,ia tho younger theotreKOors
novo iittio or no opportunity to acquire a tasto
w them It Is clilefly through familiarity
Jtiiu tlieso plajs that persons eomo to liko
S! inn" " 'hero woro nioro oiiportunlty to
. 5?..i1J,ew lu-'u'd tho publlo tnsto' for them
Jtula certainly Incrcaso, In tho nieoutlnio
ix i,?i .'.'""""'-'rs niliilit become bankrupt.
M Zi:,11,0 ,UHto for tho plays of Bhakospearo
' M? ''."""eoso. It would bo In such ncaso as
.V. , 'tio oluo of a Btnto subsidy would bo
1"- J ho managers would produce tho plava
Jnn ",ro how iiiiprotltable here. IncrciiHod
tl5"ariir would crouto n following for them.
Si'.' J'1.0 end tlio theatro hero would, bo
ihn i"1' hy their frequent performance. But
J58 ,'jrnnin In London, dosnlto tlio provulenco
?" "' iiiubical fnrcos. Is not In need
' i Watu subsidy bo long as Henry
lU"ib ",X('reises tho samo acndemlc influenco
lint .he does to.dn, In this i-ountry Hluikes
"are h plays nre not acted beeuuso tho peopo
eiHKtitiy e.iro ery llttlo about them ho
.",t'rl(,!1" miinngor could undertake the tourso
oi ino J.tigllshman. Iwcaufo ho would soon cn
couiiicrmtu,.,!,,,,, It would tafcn Htato nld to
S5i ,I'(K0 Prmluctions iKwslble. After so
,')"r. of education tho publlo might again
tecoin., familiar with tl.e Hhnkospoaro Pl'0
fn."oiiill,.anito ilkothem. But It wouldho
fi tirinV" an undortuklnir forprlvutocn-
R Burah Bernhanlt recently acted In London
Wj olhreo-nct plays In ono evening. Bho will
Hm Botjo to Germany, and writes that sho netcr
' J"Jr Idea of acting thoro, Noxt whiter sho
J1" Probably remain In Paris. Ilostand'n new
' )Ia, wr"tol '" . will be completed in
$m I "wnber, u royalties Irom tlio ruris per
formances of "Cyrano do Borgerno" amounted
to more than $200 n performance. Tho drama
lias been given 100 times In the provincial
towns of Franco nnd Coquelln hns repeated In
London his Paris success In tho play.
Ermoto Norvolll rando a dcop Impression
In Paris, and ono feature of his noting In
Praga's "Allelnja" is said to Imvo surpassed
any similar effort at Intenso nnd vivid portrayal
of n death scone. This wan supposed to follow
nn nttnok of paralysis, nnd tho horrlblo dotnll
with w hleh It was performed revolted tho audi
eneo whllo It Interested It. Praga's play la
typical of tho morbid dramas that noem to find
popularity to-dny in Italy, It tells tho story
of a man who dlsanorcd his wlfo's infi
delity, killed her locr In n duel, nnd
then compelled tlio woman for her daughter's
sake to llo with him. Tho girl grows up and
her father looms that. In splto of hlscaronnd
sacrifice shu lias dccoUcd hor husband and
been turned out of doors, Sho protects that
she Is Innocont, and hor husband ns well as her
father hopo that this Istruo. But concluslvo
proof of her guilt was nt hand and the shock of
It kills her fnthor II was thin sccno which No
relit noted with such groat effect.
Tho Gorman Emporor has rocenjly expressed
his ureut regret that tho German theatre is
known to tho world through tlio pin j sot buder
mann, !ulda,nnd Hauptmann, for ho regards
them as representative of the worst Influences
of Gorman literature. Ibsen's plays ho abomi
nates, but thinks that "Tho weavers" is tho
most pernicious drama over wrltton. Ho
would like to hao Ernst on Wlldcnbruch.
who wroto the wearisome glorification of
the Iloheuzollems. or Joseph KaulT, who
wrote comedies to tho Kmporor's tasto.
lie udmlres tlio classic dramas, but con
siders flohlller n. llttlo too rorolutiounry,
thinks that Gootho Is too Olymplnn and Leasing
too cnustle, although ho admires "Minna on
Barnhelm " greatly. MaxGrubo has wrltton In
a book of reminiscences soon to appear that tho
Emperor saw tho classical repertoire of tho
Saxo-Mctntngen playors. and was so much Im
pressed by them that ho hesitates to go to
the theatre now for fear that thoy may not do as
well acted. Hohassaidthathewlllnccrngaln
Cut foot In tho DeutschcR Theatre In Berlin
ecauBO "Tho Weavers" was acted thero. and
hoeonsldors the Hauptmann play "basely ma
tcrlnllstlo," Fuldn's The Talisman " doos not
llnd favor In his eyes, but, ns he Is tho RUbject
of Its satire, that is not surprising. Ho hns
horror ot the younger Dumas, whom ho calls
audacious and wicked In influence. Ho likes
Serlbo's farces, tlifnks thnt "Mine, Sans Gene"
nnd nil plays dealing with Nnpoleon nro do
lightful, miu between that tho military horoes
of n nation should alwais bo kept before tho
oesof the people
Coquelln Is delighted that tho practice of
speaking from tho footlights has grown so pop
ular In this country and recalls that Molloro
customarily addressed tho nudlento when his
plays woro noted. Mrs. James Brown Potter
nnd Kyrlo Bollew will bo seen In "Tho Medi
cine Sinn." which has been rewritten for
them Cissy litzgerald is to dance In n
hnsrlcsquo In Paris nnd has no Idea of
returning to this country. Clsslo Loftus
will coino to Koster A Jjlnl'n. however. In
December, nnd tho countrywlllnotbe destitute
of Cissies. Mnrlo Corclll. in a recent Interview,
has said tl at sho considers tho actor's profes
sion as on tho "lowest rutin; of the ladder."
nnd defines it ns mere mimicry nnd do old of
nny erentho element. Arthur Pinero's noxt
piny will bo a comedy for John Hare, to bo
acted in January nt tho Globo Theatre. I.
angwell has written n play for Blchard Mnns
flcld. Charles Vrohmnn Is to hnvo a new
comedy by J. M Barrte. Mrs Cralgio (John
Olher Hobbes) has written b ono-ncteomedy
for George Alexander. "Itlehnrd II ," which
Henry Irlng will produce nextsenson, has not
been seen on tho London stage for forty years.
It was luxtRhcn at a regular performance ou
March I'-i, 1K"7. by Charles Kean It was ono
of tho mot splendid or tho roinls ho made,
nnd much of tho piny was sacrificed to tho
spectacular fenturesof tho performance. Thero
wero interpolations, and tho most pronounced
of these was tho introduction between tho third
and fourth acts of an "historical episode." rep
rt dentine the arrlial In London of Jlolniobroke,
followed by tlio deposed king One-third of tho
lines woro sncriflced In order to make time for
the spectneular features of the production. But
tho erslon, oen with those omissions, is said
to have been better than uny formerly in uso.
Other Xotetl Kurupenn Singers Cngngeil for
Her Compnny It Mny Not Appcnr Here.
Charles Ellis has engaged for tho company
which will supmrt Mine. Melba next reason
socio of the best known European singers. Tho
most conspicuous of tho uewcomors Is Alvarez,
tho tonor of tho Grand Opera Houso in Paris,
who Is ono of tho first tenors of tho
world to-day. Ho has frequently sung at
Covont Garden and would havo eomo
to this country under Mnurico G rail's mnn
agoment In tho last season ot opera If his
engagement with tho Paris Opfira had not pre-
o.n tod. He ranks In Europe with Jean do
Boszko nnd Ernst Van Dyek. He was born in
tho south of France, studied at the Conserva
toire hi Taris and has been at the Opera for
four years past. Ho is 6tlll a member of tho
company. Ho was engaged by Mr. Ellis to
sing with Mme. Melba. especially In tlio Gounod
Another new tenor is M. Bonnard. from tho
Theatre do la Monualo In Brussels, who will
tako tho placo in tho Molba company occupiod
formerly by Baltgnac. Tho latter returns to
tho Grau company. Hignor Pandolflni. who Is
to hao tho Italian tenor roles, has never be
fore been liearrt hero. Ho Is ono of
tho best known among tho Italian sing
ers and has been slngintr for several soa
hons In Ht. Petersburg. Ho replaces Blgnor
Cninpanarl In thocompany. A Gorman barltono
named Stury. who Is new to this country. Is
nlso a member of tho company. M. Bonuurd
has been singing with Mme. Melba at Cogent
Garden during the present season.
Mme. Nonllca will be succeeded In tho com
pany by Mllka Ternlna. who has recently car
rlod off tho honorsot the Wagnor performances
nt Covent Garden. bho sang bore In
tint spring of 1WK). At that tlmo sho
was a member of the company nt Mu
nich, but sho is now at tho btadt Thentro
in Hamburg. Bho is tho best known of tho
roungor Wagner singers In Germany. She Is
nn Austrian, studied In Munich under Ganso
bachor, and began her career at Lelpslc Hlnco
that time sho has been amemborof tho com
panies nt Bremen and Hamburg. Bhereeehoa
In Hamburg a salary of $12,000 n ear, said to
be the largest sum paid to any Ger
man singer. The engagement of ,ZelIo do
Lussan hns already been mentioned In Tiik
Hun. Other sopranos will be Mines. Gadskl
and Toronto. The baritone, Bensaudo, sang
herethrco years ago nt tho Metropolitan. Ho
Is a Portuguese The full roster of tho com
pany Is as follows: ., ,
Hoprnnos and contraltos Mmes. Melba. Ter
nlna. Gadskl. do Lussan, Uehnno, Toronto,
Mnttfeld, nnd Van Catitorun. ,
Tonors MM. Alvarez Bonnard. Kraus. Tan
dolflnl. Soler. nnd Van Hoqs.
Basses nnd baritones, MM. Stury, Bensaudo,
Stohmnnn, Boudouresque. linlns and Ylvlanl.
It will be seen from this that tho company Is
still In need of a contralto, who hns not yet been
engaged. Tho company will probably not be
henid In Jtow'iork. , Tlio, principal season of
sev en weeks will ho given in Philadelphia. AN
ter (it there will bo encaccmcnU in Boston
and Chicago.
Itoinbnrdrd ITIni with Cold Potntoea Did
Not Like the Food He Served.
Tho crow of tho tank steamer Deutschland,
lying nt tho North Tenth streot dock of tho
Btnndurd Oil Company In Williamsburg, re
volted ) estorday afternoon at tho quality of tho
food which has latoly been furnished to them
by tho cook, August Llppenstor. The. dis
gruntled men selected Frnnk Itausch.aflroman,
as leader, and Ilauscli headed a procession to
All tlio men had cold potatoes, which thoy
hurled nt Llppenstor. Then lUiuseh nttackod
the cook. The latter defondnd himself with a
knife nnd out Jlnusch seiernl times. Apollco
mnn was summoned, nnd lie slopped tho row
alter tho tlremnn and cook hod bcou snvarolr
cut nnd bruised. After tho, pair had K-eeivdl
medical uid they woro locked up in Uio Bedford
avonuo police station.
New York fioelallata Srnv Torm n New Alli
ance. Tho Central Labor Federation, representing
tho Socialist trades unions, denounced the last
comentlon of tho Socialist Trade nnd Labor
Alliance ostcrday for turning down the Now
York loaders. Do Leon and Brower, who were
I'HiidldmcH for re-election on the Genornl Ex
i'eiithe Hoard of tho alliance, The meeting of
the federation was held behind elowd doors,
but It was said Hint tho methods of tho conten
tion wero very severely criticised and that tlio
De U'on nnd Brower faction may sect-do uud
form un alliance of Its own,
Vnlue of nailer's Islnnil l,nml In Dispute.
United fllntcs District Attorney Bonnott of
Brooklyn will apiioar before Judge Thomas In
tho United Btutos Court to-day to opikjso tho
conllrmntlon of the rNort of tho commission
oppo Med to vnlun laud ot Fisher's Island,
which is needed for Government purposes.
Tho property was uPPrnlsed by the commis
sioners nt 1?5.1KX). Mr Bennett contends that
this is excessive. The .commission consisted
of ConffreseroanLamuol E. (JUlgg. former Cor-
issssmht fcPHM lihnc
property conelsts ol 210 acrca,
It Ixioki Uncommonly Like n Itrpubllcnn
Yrnr In tlie Stnto ot New York A Llttlo
News from Washington I.onU Stern, It
IsHntd, Will Itcpretent the Btnto nt l'nrlt.
Senator Plntt had talks with his Republican
friends nt tho Orlontnl Hotol, Coney Island, all
day yesterday. Iu tho morning a batch of As
semblymen who had attended tho ex
traordinary session ot tho Legislature at Al
bany and who had run down to Now York
after tho adjournment on Saturday attornoon,
turned up to talk with Senator Piatt as to ro
nomlnatlons and matters of that kind. Of
courso. It's a llttlo enrly In tho day to
sneak deflnltoly about ronomlnatlons for
either Assombly or Sonato, but novertho
less tho Bepubllcuns who attended In
n solid body ot Albany last week feci that
thoy should contlnuo to legislate for tho good
ot tlio Republican party nnd tho Btnto nt largo.
In the nftornoon Senntor Ellsworth. President
pro torn, of tho Sonatc. Bpoakor O'Grady of tho
Assembly. Senator Ralnos and Bonntorravoy
woro among Bcnator Piatt's v Isltors. Tho work
of tho extraordinary session of tho Legislature
was gono over, and tho prospeots for tho Re
publican party In the Btnto and In Greater Now
York wero discussed.
Senator Plntt doos not liko to bo quoted In
now spa pcr'ln ten lows In offhand fashion. For
that reason there will bo no attempt to quoto
Senator Piatt lino by lino or word by word : but
ho said in substance that ho had rccolvedtho
most favorablo reports from tho Hon. Benjamin
B. Odell, Jr., Chairman ot tho Republican State
Committee, as to tho prospoctlvo comploxlon of
tho Legislature to bo elected this fall. Ropre
sentatlvo Odell has gono Into this matter vory
fully, and each day ho submits a report ot his
Investigations to Benator Piatt, and tho Repub
lican loador of thoStatowas convinced yester
day that tho Democrats will not capture tho Leg
islature thistall. Senator Piatt added. In avcry
general way. that It was a llttlo early to talk
about tho htato ticket. Tho chief Interest at
tho moment appears to bo In getting n Bo
publlcan Legislature to elect n United States
Senator to succeed tho lion. Edward Murphy,
Jr.. of Troy. By the way. ex-Major Hugh J.
Grant, Senntor Murphy's son-ln-lnw. was at tho
hotol with his family. Ho nnd Senator l'latt
are porsonal friends, and thoy had n handshake.
For that matter. Senator Piatt nnd Benator
Murphy aro personal friends. They chnt to
gether in the Senate In very nmlnblo fashion
and then thoy come back to New York and light
each other on political lines liko Apacho and
Bloux chiefs.
While Senntor Plntt and Mr. Ellsworth and
Mr O'Grady wero talking yesterday nftornoon
It was mentioned thnt a Now York newspaper
had printed yesterday morning n nice little
story nnd n photograph of William Turner
Footo. Jr.. Congressman for tho Twenty-third
district of Now York, nnd labelled tho picture
"Tho Handsomest Man In Congress."
"Ah," sold Benntor Platt, turning to Speakor
0 Grady, " that may bo true now. but wait till
jou get to Washington "
"1 am ready. Senator," replied Speaker
Senator Piatt nnd his friends who tnlked
about the Republican situation in tho State did
not seem to believe esterday that tho Repub
lican Htato Convention should bo held much
before Sept. 15. Sountoi Platt said thero
bhould bo nohutry In tho matter, and his Re
publican friends seemed to ngren with him.
Benntor Platt had boon in Washington for a
day or so and had talked with President Mc
Klnley on several occasions during his
visit Ho said that tho President was
looking well and was In excellent health.
President McKInloy Istoapoiiit within aday
orso.it Is said, tho Labor Commissioners and
tho United States Commissioners to the Paris
Exposition of 1000 It waH understood that
Brother Farquhar of Erie will bo New fork's
representative on tho I,nbor Commission, and
that Louis Stern of New York elty will be tho
representative of Now York Stato at tho Paris
Ihcr at tho Manhattan Beach Hotel was Pri
vate Secretary Alfred M Dow lies. Mayor Van
Wyek's Jldus Achates. Mr. Downes Is a man of
experience in iiolitlcal llfo. Ho knows all about
tho unties of the Mugwumps, for tho reason
thnt ho was tho chief political w rlter of the New
York TiniM tor a number of years Heisabout
tho only political writer in Now York who
knows nmthlng nbout tho antics of tho Mug
wumps. V bile other political w riters wero en
gaged In keeping track of organization matters,
Mr. Downes gave his das and nights to tho
study of tho Mugwump, and helnndednsprlvnto
secretary to the most intensely Tammany Mayor
thatTammanyhas had In many yenrs. At heart
bohas always been tho sturdiest kind of a
Tammany Democrat. One or two words wero
said to him to tho effect that tho Republicans
and a certain number of Democrats did not be
lieve that tho Democratic party had a show to
win In tho forthcoming slrucslo In tho State.
No names were mentioned to Mr. Downes, but
it may as well bo set down now as nt any tlmo
that lmiortant Democrats do not belleothis
is tho ) ear for their party, and It may bo added
that certain of those Democrats have so told
Senntor Platt, tho Republican leader of tho
" That may bo all v ery well." sa Id Mr. Downes,
"but wo will give them tho tightest run for
their monoy they c er had."
Gen. Itodrnboiigli Says Tlint Its TVork Will
Go On ns Usual.
Gen. T. F. Bodenbough. Superintendent of
tho Bureau ot Elections, said last night that ho
didn't understand that ho was to be superseded
by John McCuIlagh. Stato Superintendent of
Elections for tho Metropolitan District. ,
"Tho bill that has been passed at Albany
judging by the published copy of It which I
havo read, simply provides a special police
force," ho sold, "It Is to boubod for the pur
!oso of detecting any attempts ut fraud nt tho
polls where Htato officers nre to bo elected.
Tho duties of tho Polieo Department nnd of
tho General Bureau of Elections under tho pro
v Islons of the charter and tho General Election
low with reference to tho npiolntment of elec
tion officers, tho selection nnd littlng up of
polling places and the furnishing of election
supplies, oftlclnl ballots. Ac nro not affected
by thu Metropolitan Election District law. Tho
usual preparations for all elections to bo held
in this city will be mado us horotoforo and by
tho ofllclols now in oftlco."
A Belleville, N. J.. Congregation's Dispute
Will He Heard Iu Court.
Bklleville, N. J.. July 17. Vlco-Clmncellor
Emory has granted an ordor requiring the
trustees of thu Methodist Episcopal Church to
show causo why they bhould not bo restrained
from selling tho old church building and tho
land on which It stands. Tho proporty had
been advortlscd for salo by public auction noxt
Tho erection of n now church on Washington
avenuo has been begun by tho congregation,
but Mr. Hugh Holmes has opposed tho removal
to the new locution. Ho snjs that the church
building, the land on which It stands, nnd tho
burying giound back of tho church cannot bo
legally sold. Munyjeurs ngo tho church wob
sold under foreclosure of n mortgHge. It was
bought by John Williams and deeded bock to
the society. In the deed wrsaclnuso providing
that the property should never bo mortgaged
and should forever be kept ns n placo of re
ligious worship nnd burying ground. It is be
cause, of this clause thnt Mr. Holmes opposes
tho sale, Tho church is ono ot tho oldest in tho
311111. GOLltKS CAX'T MOVE J.V.
Ilnttlrs with Carpenter for Fosaesslon of nn,
Addition to Her House,
A few weeks ngo Mrs. E. W. Golden of Holm
del, N. J., contracted with II, L. Pease, n enr
pontcr, to build nn nddltlon to her residence,
When tho work was noarlng completion Pcoso
demanded a part payment, Mrs, Golden re
fused ond alleged thnt tlio work was not being
dono according to contract, Pease then an
nounced that Mrs. Golden would notboulloncd
In the building until it wits paid for.
On Haturday Mrs. Golden nnd tho members
of her family attempted to tako forclbln iios.
session. A pltthed bit tie ensued in which
sows, hummers, loumrerM and clubs wero ueed
at. w eapons lVasii and his carpenters won tho
light, and tho OoMerii retired Several of tho
contestants were cut mid bruised.
IVnso is completing tho building, nnd pro-poi-os
i to retain possession until tho law mokes
Mrb Golden pay lilm tho contract price.
Child Severely Iiiiriicd by Carbolln Acid.
Tcn-monthb-old Alva Bull of 'JXi'i Twontlolh
street, Brooklyn, climbod on o chair In tho
kitchen of his homo yesterday mid secured a
bottle containing uuibollo odd from n flielf
He pulled nut tho cork ond tho ncld fell on his
hands nnd legs, severely burning him. Tho
child was removed to tho Seney Hospital
Hoy TmnliliH fioin n llullrond Ilrldgo.
Bobpzntowk, N. J, July 17 John Maimlx,
10 years old, foil from the railroad bridge span
ning Black Crock this afternoon nnd struck on
his head on tho piling, twenty leot below. His
skull was not fractured, but he has concussion
o( tho bralu and may not recover.
jiors saw am deatfjt.
They Identify In Court Two of the Dead
Man's Hour Aiinllnnti.
Fatrlck Corcoran, William Young and Donnls
Young wore hold without ball In tho Yorkvillo
Court yesterday for examination to-morrow on ,
tho chnrgo of being concorned In tlio denth of
tho mnn who was found dead In front of 023
East Eighteenth ntrcot on Bnturday night
Corcoran Is n longshoreman. 20 years old.nnd
lives at 623 East Sixteenth street. Tho Youngs
llvo at 220 Avenuo 0, William Is n longshore
man, and his brother Donnls guvo his occupa
tion ns that ot a clork. '
When tho men wero arraigned, Capt, nass
lacliorof tho East Twenty-second street fta
tlon told Mnglstrnto Bttnms that tho only ovl
denco ho hail was that given by Charles Lamm
and Benno Hotter, two schoolboys.
The Captain added that ho had boon unablo
to lonrn tho Identity of tho dead man. but from
his appcaranco thought ho was a longshore
man. Chnrlos Lamm Is 10 years old nnd lives nt 0-15
East Bovcntoonth street Benno Hefter gnvo
his ngo as IU years and said ho lived at 1158
Magistrate Blmms satisfied lilmsolf that tho
boys understood tho nature ot an oath and then '
took their testimony.
Thoy declared that, whllo going through
Eighteenth stroot, betwoon Avenues A nnd 11.
ut 10 o'clock Saturday night, they saw n fight
In front of n box factory. Four men ,wero i
assaulting another mnn. Thoy knocked him
down on tho sldownlk nnd kicked him on tho I
head. Tho boys ran up tho street and Informed
Policeman Dougherty, telling him that two of
tho mon beating tho other wero Patrick Corco
ran and William Young. .... , .,
When tho policeman reached tho plnco tho
four men had gonn ond tho fifth Iny dend on
thesldownlk, The polieo later nrrestod Corco
ran and tho two Youngs. ...
They took Donnls Young Into custody bo
causo ho declared that liohad boen with his
brother. William, and Patrick Corcoran all thu
night. Ho mado this declaration to support his
assertion that the two mon woro Innocont of
Tho boys told tho Mnglstrnto that thoy know
Corcoran and William Young by sight.
Itwas tho latter that asked to havo tho ex
amination postiwncd until to-morrow, so that
ho could produce wltnosses.
Tho two boys vveto sent to tho rooms of tho
Gerry society ponding the examination.
Coroner's Phvslelan O Hanlon performed an
autopsy on the ixnly of tho dead man esterday,
ami declared afterward that thomun had died '
of cerebral homoirltage. He could not toll what .
caused tho hentorrhago. Tho doad .man. ho I
added, had evidently been n hard drlnkor. Tho
only marks ot oxtornol v lolcnco were two black
ened eyes and n cut on the left check.
No ono called ot tho Jlorcuo yesterday to
make iuqulriis about tho dead man.
iie must itucoxrcr the pnorEierr.
Lnwycr Itrled'i Benl JRstnte Transaction
Not Sanctioned by the Court.
Tho Chancery Court has granted a decreo or
dering Lawyer Chnrlcs Brlcd of Nowark to ro
convoy to Wenscl Kozkn nnd wife cortnln prop
orty which Brlcd rccentlv obtained from them.
Ho Is also ordered to pay them sufficient monoy
In nddltlon to $5,000 which ho had already
paid to enable thorn todlschargo a $0,500 mort
gago which ho had given upon tho property.
Tho decreo Is tho outcome of tho suit of
Kozkn and his wlfo ugalnst Ellznboth Bried,
Charles Brlcd nnd A. B. Miller. Tho Kozkas
sold Newark property to Law) or Bried through
Miller for $11,500 Tho lawvor gave them
$5,000 lu cash nnd n mortgage for $0,500.
which thoy believed was a lln-t Hen on tho
property. Later they learned that Brlcd had
obtained the $5,000 cash which he paid them
by borrowing 10,500 from tho Hcnithstouo
Building nnd Loan Association. Tor this ho
gnve tho nssoelntlon n first niortgnrto. upon
making this discovery tho Kozkas brought suit
to establish the piiorlty of their mortgage, and
made a charge of fraud and cousplracj ugolnst
Mr. Bried loft Newark on July a saying that
ho was going to Boston to see his son. who was
ill there, and thence to California to see his
wife, who went to tho Pnciflc const for her
health nbout three vears ago. When ho re
turns thu decree will bo served.
Tntlcnts Awnlirned by the Result of a Late
Application for Treatment.
John Richnrds of 118 East Sovonty-slxth
street. Trunk Cyphor of 450 Seventh Street, nnd
Joseph Kolly of 121 East Seventy-sixth btreet
wont to tho Presbyterian Hospital at 3 o'clock
yesterday morning and created n disturbnnco
which nroused most of tho patients. Richnrds
had a slight cut on his thumb and wanted a
surgeon called to dress It.
Scott Nixon, a nurse, said ho would dress If,
as tho wound was too slight to arouse n sur
geon nt that hour. Richards Insisted that a
surgeon bo called. Nixon ordered htm nnd his
friends to leave tho hospital, and when thoy re
fused tried to eject thorn. A rough nnd tiimblo
light followed, other hospital emploj ees taking
a liand in the fray. Policeman Campbell finally
entered nnd nrrested tho Intruders.
In the lorkvillo Court Richards said tho
nurse had struck him on the hcud vv 1th an Iron
"I went to tho hospital to hnvo my finger
dressed und I got a broken head thnt is wono
than tho linger." ho added.
Thonurso said he used tho Iron bar in solf
defetioo when tho men started the fight.
" Your conduct In disturbing tho pntiont.s in
n hospital cannot be tolerated," saldMaglbtrato
Slmmstotho prisoners us ho lined them (10
Young BIyth Yfns ricking Up Coins Dropped
from tho Swingers' Pocltcts.
James BIyth, 11 years old. of 714 East Ninth
street, was struck on Saturday night by tho
bottom of the car nttachod to ono of tho publlo
swings nt the foot of East Third streot, and Is
now In Bollovue Hospital suffering from concus
sion ot tho brain.
Joseph Adams, tho proprlctor'of tho swings,
was arraigned yesterday in tho Essex Market
Court on tho technical charge of assault made
by the police In connection with tho Occident,
and was discharged when tho circumstances
woro explained to MaglBtrnto Crane.
Adams said that tho swings wero propelled
by tho swingers, who furnish the motive power
by pulling ropes attnohod to tho structures
overthe Bvvlngs. When tho swings reach the
highest point posslblo very often the looso
change In tho swingnrs' po kets works its way
out nod falls to the ground below.
Boys nre always on tho alert and mnko a
scramble for It. Thoy must jump quickly ond
getaway before tho swings come down toes
cape being struck by them On Saturday night,
according to Adams, BIyth was ono of tho boys
whodashed In utter u showorof coin, but be
fore ho could got away the box of ono of tho
swings struck him In tho bead.
The Rev. Mr. Tnylor Disappoints n Small
Congregation nt the Itriilt Church,
Tlio Brick Church at Fifth avonuo and
Thirty-seventh street, of which tho Rev, Dr.
Henry Vu Dyko is pastor, following Its cus
tom nt this season of tho year has arranged for
a supply of the pulpit during tho pasfor's ab
sence on his summnroutlug. The clergyman
announoeilforyeBtonlni'aservIco was tlio Rev.
Dr. W. II. Taylor, pastor of tlio Brick Church of
Rochester, N, Y. As no word had been re
ceived by tho ofllclnls of tlio church of nny
change In the arrangements, tho church was
Aftor about ono hundred persons had taken
sents nnd tho choir wa3 Iu its plnco In the choir
loft, n letter from Mrs Taylor, which arrived
lute nn Saturday evouliig. butwoi not opened
until v estorday. was road. It announced that
Dr. Toy lor, who was In ill health, hod sailed for
Europe several days ngo. The congregation
was dismissed, but several ludles were (Oin
elledto remain In their scats until tlio usual
hour of closing tlio sorvleo. ns thoy hnd ordered
their carriages to return at that hour.
Shipboard u I'onr I'lnjgiound.
Thomas Burns, 13 years old, of 430 Hicks
street, Brooklin, wns playing on the lighter
Tom, ot tho foot rf ( ungtcss street, ycbtorday
afternoon, and fell fnuii the boom to iho deck,
n distance of thirty feet He Hustnlned n fine
turn of the bkull Ho was tuknii to tlio Long
Island College Hospital, and may recover.
Unidentified Mnn Killed lu the Kiln Tunnel.
A man who has not been Identified was
struck by a Northern Railroad locomotive at
tho wost endof tho Erie tunnol In Jersey City
fusterday and Instuntb killed. Iho facts that
to worn bllppors ami had no lint indicate that
io piuhahfy liv I in the neighborhood, 'iho
man vv as about 115 cars old.
Child's Kkull I'rnrtnred by it I'ull.
William Haves, 5 yea is old, ot 330 Third
street. Jersey Clt). fell and rolled down tha hill
nt Newark and Pallsado avenues yesterday af
ternoon, and his skull was fractured by striking
msaimtomk. lie will probably dUi.
1a iSl 1 111 T,ie counterfeiter of HIRES Rootbeer is again at his nefari- ? fjl
Jm. ous work T'ie new dodge is to take some Hires Rootbeer f: mm
& jwimh' Extract, and by adding a great quantity of worthless matter and 0 j
t JwWKs artificial coloring prepare a wishy-washy mixture, which is sold m Mfi
Mmi'L'W m second-hand quart bottles as Hires Rootbeer, Carbonated. Ik Wtk
H BmrJmk ms PreParat'on IS as unlike the genuine Hires Rootbeer as chalk Jn
f! lP(nil Ci3S and water is unlike pure cream. Its substance is gone, its health- II
I fi 1 1 ' I iMmSIl K'v'n& ProPerties are destroyed by adulteration, it is without flavor, fl
I 1 II MBiJilKS If without worth. The bottles in which it is put up who knows fl
I iiiiilifm H wnere they come from, what they contained before, or with what !& m
1 1 ,,PffigHB care they were washed ? The leading scientists of to-day pro- il
Jh 8 IlifsBOTrii 1 nounce second-hand bottles that have been re-filled one of the most f 8
U iM" vrssiDEiNjS 1 prolific sources of disease. If you wish to be on the safe side, w M
I iSa III RES Kootbeer $
5 BBSltlfiB T'ie genuine is scrupulously prepared by The Charles E. m
jL WBSSBSmiM H'res Company, and is sold only in pint bottles, with the name J m
X. mBm blown in the glass. These bottles are carefully sterilized before ? m
$ EiMPirwvED J& they are filled. Hires Rootbeer, Carbonated, is a pure, delicious, W w
6 lCfe$0li health-giving, temperance drink, that does the children good, & m
i) lS rSssii refreshes and invigorates the grown folks. All reputable $fc
!S PteERAiohP dealers sell the genuine. J M
& IS!!"!!!S A Package of HIRES Rootbeer extract makes S gallons. i
r Sold as formerly by all dealers. 0 Bj,
hotikd. Auothirfvmnareipunw FRED- H oTTEN. Agent, 76 Park Place, New York. 5 ' J jf
riVM miu:s ot- its lixe ovex.
New York nnd Flillndelihln Traction Com
pany's "Work tone lelnyedbyl.ltl(ntloii.
SoMKHMLLr. N.J.. July 17 The New York
nnd Philadelphia Traction Company startod Ita
flmt ear throiiKli this placo nt 7:1! thlsraorn
Incnnd has continued to run cars under twenty
minutes headway between this placo and
Hound Brook during tho day. This opens tho
first link of llvo miles of the proposed routo to
Philadelphia. This section of tho road has at
tracted attention from tho fact thnt thrco miles
of It wero constructed and operated In less
than tvventy-four hours, whllo more than
three years havo boon consumed In bulldlne
tho other two miles.
Tho construction of tho road was bceun in
IHio, but tho opposition of tho New Jersoy
Central, the New Bruubwlck Traction Company
and tho UrldKewatertovviishliiofllelals kept tho
new company In litinatlonnuu dehed tho con
struction. Tho company mado u bold puis last
sprinc vhenon.ibunday. when no injunction
could b' served, three miles of track were laid
on the HrldKowater turnpike. This wjs after
ward declared unlawful and tho lltlentlon con
tinued. Finally all tlio opponents of the road
wore won over. The Brunswick Company was
consolidated with tho New ork and Phila
delphia Company nnd nil actions havo boen
vvitndrnvvn from tlio courts.
In ten das the work of connecting t no lino
from Bound Brook with that of tho Brunswick
Company, ono mllo east of tho town, will bo
completed, and this will mako a throimh route
from the iov ity seat of Somerset to tho county
seat of Middlesex, running through a wttloii
not heretofore directly readied bv rail Tho
eompnny is also at work on Its lino from Bound
Brook to Dunellen, which, In connection with
tin proposed lino through Union county from
IJlriibcih to PlalnfU In. will mako 11 through
route from Nowark to Bound Brook. Yvork is
now In progress which will complete tho lino
through Somerset and Jlereer counties to
Princeton aud Trenton.
A Dent nnd Dumb Woman Fnlls Into aTrnp
That Had IScon I.nld for Her.
The Bcv. Tugeno Mahcnoy, rector of tho
Church of Our lady of Good Counsel, at
Patchen nvcnuo and Halsey stieet, Brookln.
received u complaint from n parishioner a
week ago that SM had been taken from her
pocketbook whllo sho was worshipping In tho
church. A witness of tho robbery furnished
tho sexton, James ltclllev, with n description ot
tho thief, and ho laid n trap esterday to cap
ture hor. When u woman answering the de
scription entered tho church nnd took a seat in
a pew. ho placed thrco pockubooks, ench con
taining money, in tho pew behind. Whciitho
servicevvas over ho saw the woman tako $,J
from a iocketlook and had Pollcomau 11c
Cauley arrest her. ,,.... , .
She proved to bo Bridget Nolnn.n deaf mute.
42 venrsold. who HveH with her sister, Mrs.
Bernard Nolan, at 87 (iatcs avenue. 31 m.
Nolan told the ixillto her sister had been for
yenrs nn Inmate of n deaf and dumb institution
and that she vvua childish and notrosponMblo
for hor acts. Tho prUonorvvos locked up on a
charge of larceny.
They Cnn'tStnnd the Ciirtln Bill, nnd So Are
Going to Mexico.
PrnKY. Oklahoma, July 17 Mon from tho
Crcok nndCherokco Indian nations bring news
that both theso tribes aro making preparations
to leavo for old Mexico, where thoy cxpeot to
make their future homes. It is further re
ported that most ot tho Indians ot tho five
clvillzod tribes will follow their hrethren.
Thoj propose lonbandon all tholrUnltedfcJtutca
possessions ...
Thoy dn tills becnuso of their objections to tho
late Curtis Indian bill which passed Congress
and whlc i they nny takes from tho Indians all
their line cut customs, prohibits then from en
forcing t iclr own laws, and breaks un their
tribal relations When tho terms of the new
low woro made known lo tho full-bloods many
of thorn w nt and would not be comforted. In
dians nro holding meetings dally.
It Weighed 10,000 Pounds nml Wns Valued
nt 01,000.
Samuel Henderson and CharloB Lee, employ
ees of the North Jorsoy Traction Company.and
n confederate named James J, Cokeloy, wero
nrrested on Bnturday for stealing a reserve
tiolley wlro running between Juuvaik and
Verona, which was used only lu case of acci
dent, and eonn'oueiitly was not charged It
watched 10,1)00 pounds nnd wns valued nt
S1.00U. Tho wlro was not missed until Thursday.
IliirBliir Z.obcl Did Not Itrfarin.
Edward Zobol, 10 jcaisold, of Illeks street,
Brooklyn, was urrecUd nt 1! o'clock yesterday
morning whllo breuklng Into A E, Ilouso's
bicycle stoto nt Pavonla avenuo nnd the Boiito
Mini, Jorsoy City Hobel v as arrested on March
IU for a burglary ut William Conuor'H house,
nml w.i" Lonvleioii lu the fUucral Sessions
Coutt He piomli-ed to reform and sentence
was suspended Tho susisjiidod beiitent.0 will
now bo Imposed.
Fell from u Trollry for While Asleep.
Pet'jr Newman, H jwirs old, of 102 South
street, while asleep In u Nnssau trollej ear yes
terdny nftornoon, fell from his sent to the street
nnd received u compound fracture ot Iho skull.
The cur wns on itswnv from Coney Island to
Brool.lv ii nnd thu nuideiit occuned lu tlght
Hlxlh Mreet.
hloill Frm lured by n Dale of liny,
Patrick O'Dea, 45 years old, of Kll Columbus
avenue, was nt work In tlio Ihoiyatahlonf Mo
Nally Brothers, at Fourth avenuo and Nlnoty-i
seventh street. Fort Hamilton, yesterday after-'
noon, wlion a balo ot hay fell on him ami frac
tured hrsbkull. lie was taken to tho Norwe
gian UoapluO.
ISO Ferroni Itluko n Fruitless Senroh for Her
Believed to Have Ueen lUduapped.
MtmiLETowN. N. Y.. July 17. Tho hunt for
Mamie, the four-year-old daughter of Goorgo
Conkling, of Guymnrd. has boen fruitless up to
to-night. Mr. Conkling, who camo to this city
esterday and consulted a clairvoyant, re
turned lost night, and. ulded by n lantern, fol
lowed the directions given by tho clalrvojant.
but failed to llnd nny trace ot themisslngchlld.
Tho mother. vvhon courageous and persistent
efforts In the search havo been most remark
able, is to-day prostrated Enrly this morning
n searching party, numberiug lf0. began a
pystomatlo search around the Conkling home.
During the dny they were joined by, others
from this city and Port Jcrvis. To-night they,
too. gave up tho search for the missing child.
The impression grows stronger thnt tho child
has been kidnapped. Police authorities along
the Una of tho Erlo and In Sussex county, N. J.,
nro watching out for suspicious persons.
Clerk with n Wooden I.rg Grabbed Him
nnd no Wns Captured.
Philip Mertz. clerk of Bcllevuo Hospital, was
awakened ut 3 o'clock yesterday morning by a
nolso In his room in tho hospital.
Ho saw a man at his bedside rifting his cloth
ing. Jumping out of bed. he grappled with tho
intruder, n musculnr man. Mertz has only ono
leg aud ho was gettlngtho worst of tho strugglo
when his cries for help brought other employ
ees to his nsslstunco, and tho burglar was over
pnv.ered. In tho Yorkvillo Court later the prisonor de
scribed himself as James Patterson, n steam
fllti'i.of rti,IThlidnvenuo.
Morts did not know how tho mnn got Into tho
hoMiital, but thought ho had climbed over tho
Magistrate Slmms hold tho prisoner In $500
boll for examination.
Slept Sear an Open Window! Rolled Out,
nnd Will IMo.
James Love. 20 years old. rolurnod to his
homo on tho socond floor of 182 Morgan 6trcct
at a lato hour on Saturday night and fell asleep
by the window Miortlj after ho rolled out and
received Intcrnul Injuries which will provo
Chamber Moler.
It bocamo cenernlly known yesterday that
Robert W. Chambers, novelist, wns married on
Tuesday to Elsa Vaughn Moler of Washington.
Tho marriage took jilaeo at the Washington
homo of Capt It. C Dubois, tho brldo's uncle,
and the ceremony was performed by tlio ltev.
W. J. McNaught.
Christian Endeavor Unities at Westerlelgh.
A Greater Now York Christian Endenvor
rally waa hold on Saturday afternoon ut tho
Auditorium, Westorlelgh, Stnton Island. Fif
teen hundred delegates wero present. Yester
day afternoon a missionary rally was held at
tho samo placo and tho Auditorium was again
well tilled.
ElectricltyforSlxtlinndKlclithAvenue Lines
Tho Metropolitan Stioot Hallway Company
will boffin next Wednesday morning tho con
struction of lines of elect rio railway over tho
routes of the Sixth nnd Eighth avenuo railroads.
Contrncts for tho work weio let last Saturday.
It Is be) loved that tho work will bo dono by
Sopt. 15.
Killed Ills Wife and the Mnn Sho Wm With.
Peimt. Oklahoma. July 17. Near Itobb.
I. T., Dock Chambers, a wealthy cattle
man, allot nnd killed Jnmes Lnngley. nn em
ploye, nnd also his own wlfo, Chambers was
arrested Ho sojs ho found his wlfo und Lang
loy togcthor.
First Drowning of the Senaon nt A tlnnt lo City.
Atlantic City, N. J July 17, John naughey,
18 years old, of this elty went bathing In the
surf with F0ver.il friends to-day nnd wus
drowned. His body has not been lecovered.
This Is tho llrst drowning of tho heason horo.
Texas Wheat Shipped to California.
Dallas. Tex.. Julyl7. The first whontovor
shlppod from Texas to California left Bell
county to-dny. There vverofourcursconslgnod
to Ixis Angolcs.
The Weather.
Fktrwrather prevailed In all the country yester
day, except local sbaweri nnd ttitimleritorm, due
to temperature chanicri, 111 the districts around the
lower lake region and n few epote lu the Middle At
lautii, New Kunlaud, and Southern Btatei, Thero
un a ttorni central to tun north of Montana, vi 1th a
dipretaton extilillnit aouthnard Into the central
Rocky Mountain iliMrtctn, but ae yet no serloui cf
rutins been if ported The prewuro wns high In
tho Atlantlo RUUi. The temperature mi hiuh eaat
of tboMUrlKxippiaud rielliKln IboXortbwoat.
Ill thia city tlio day nun fair, humidity waa ex
ceptionally low, regutcrlng but 4.'l per cent, in the
morning, averoEo re for Iho day, wind northern!,
averase velocity tight miles an hour, liigheot offlcial
temperature m, lnncat 70'j luirumoter, torrrcted
to it ad tu tea lnvtl, at S A. II .10 O I, .'I P M. .10.07.
The thiriuoiuetorattho I'lilte 1 htau-a Weather Hu-
reau rcgiatercd tho temperature ueterda)'aafillowii,
JaSM. lf'JT W. 18j7.
0 A.M.. .. '' 7fi HP. M .. . 7r, 7-t
13 M. ... HO" an" til' M . ...7 7,1'
al'.M 7 77 IS Mid. .7o 7J
For Mew Enitland, ahowera and thundintornit;
wariuvr, ROuthwcjtvvlnda,
Far toittrty Xtio Vorfc. toictrt awJ Lhvndtrttonni;
vantitr, Huth utndi
I'or writrri Smt York, wotern Pennij lv nnla, and
Ohio, unaettk-il wualher, with ahownn and thi'.udci
atoriua, naru.er, bilakrouth rinda
Tor tho DUIrlit nt Columbia, IJidtKare, ami Maty
land, unaettlcdenthrr, with thovvira anathundtr
tlonaa; continued bich temperature, aouth wluda
I'or raatern Pennaylranla and Xew Jenty, ahmr
en and thunderatoimai warmer; aoutbeut wlndi,
becooilug loutliwciU
Sheet Iron Workers Not Pnrtlculnr In thai IK
Obaervunce of Union Begulatlons. . i
A hubbub was created at tho meeting of the KjJ
Central Labor Union yesterday ovor charges jJ
mado on behalf of tho Cigarmakers' Bluo Label - MR
Commltteo that members of tho Tin and Bhoot fit
Iron Workers' Union had acquired n fondness VB,'
for non-union beer nnd cigars. The Chairman B
of tho meeting waa Timothy M. Daly, nnd tho K!
subject was brought up byDelegato Matthew 351
Barr of Uio Tin and Sheet Iron Workers' Union. jEg
"I feel vory much hurt at this charge." he Iff
sold, 'iratonant of tho building whoro we JW
meet sollTOon-un Ion cigars wo orolnot rosponst- iM
bio. If tho proprietor did it wo might control fifi
lilm. I feel very much aggrloved at tho Labol UK
Commlttoo for making suoh a chargo." SS,
"I'm sorry for Mr. Barr," said Delegate
Brown, representing tho Label Commlttoo. ft
but tho fnct is that non-union clgnra nro sold M
there, nnd thnt the tin nnd sheet iron workers PF
buy and smoke them." Vm
' hover!" interrupted Barr, nnd there was 2
slight applause. ffJ
"Thats all very lino." said Brown, "but the !
members of our committee know many mem- 7.
hers of your union. Some of them hnvo boon H;
caught in tho act of drinking non-union bcoc as:
nnd smoking non-union cigars." ' $C'
" Caught is good," retorted Barr. ' Ono would raj;
think itwns burnlnru vou w aro talking about. (
If nny of them has been caught doing snarl f-i'i
things 1 didn't know of It. Why. for fear J ijfj
should smoko a non-union cigar by mistako I x3'
have stopped smoking cigars and smoko onlya iW.
Pino now." ! JH1
It was voted that Barr bo declared Innoeenb sEJ
of complllolty In tho acts charged against .gfs;
members of his union. JX
Sanrtsca. ... 4 41 1 Sunaeta.. 7 28 I Moon set.. 7 00 i!
Bandy Hook. 7 20 1 Oov.Ial'd. 7 S3 1 Ilell (Hta,. f.
Arrlv ed Sokdat. July 17. MP
Sa Rotterdam, Van dcr Zee, Uotterd&in July 7, Boa- 11
loune 8th. f A
tis La Savarre, Fieolle, Havre July Dth, MI
Ha America, Ptsrce, Ixindon. rSR
8i Huivdicea, Jaeobitcn, London. Hgv
Ha City of Klngiton, Nickeraon. Port Maria, uE
Ha Mlniatt r Marbaeh, Prelle, Iianrhe. H
ta Prineeaa Anuo, llulpheie, Norfolk, WL
V. S. transport City of TV aahiugton, Stevena, Blbo- KM
ney. '
V. S, hoapital Ship Solace, l'ort Monroe.
8hinHenrj"H Hrde, Colconl. Ilonolalu, ,
llarx foldeii IUnl, Mclinde, ltuenoa Arret. ' 1
Bark cllciufton, Mundr, Macoris. 33
Brlu CI) itn, Strumm, Azua. I
IFor later arrlv ala see Flrat Fage.I ' w
AnmvrD otrr. H
Sa J Tourralne, from New York, at Havre. " Wk
TA&SIlD. am
Sa Sonthwark, from Antwerp for New York, paaied Jtl
Prawle Toint.
aroncw. fit
Sa Marengo, from Newcoatle for New York, July 11, ' flS
lat. 433, lone. 43.10, 'M
BAiLtn rnou ronEiot ronn. , K
Bs Auranla, from Qucenatown for New York, HE
ovooi.no aTEAVunira. g'
iait To-Dan. ,?
Finance, Colon 1200M 200 I'M m
Sail To-Mormw.
Semluole Charleaton 800 Pit MX
Algiers, New Orlcana BOO Pill ,
Sail IVtdntKiau, July tO. jJH
Oermanlc, Llvenool .... 000 A M 1200 FM if
Noorlaml, Autwen J000AM 12 00 M IX
Irrawaddy, Grenada . 12 00 M 200 Pit V
Colt ridge, IVmainbuco. . 1 00 1' M BCKJPil m
Hue To-Pay, K,
Blaamanden -. . Itotterdara July 1 1
Arena, Antwerp July a Kr
Cheaapeake London July S SS
Linda (tibraltar July t JM
Nacoachee Havaunah Juiy 14 '
Manitoba London July T ffl'
Che.ttr Routhatupton July ft ijt
Ciidr Liveniool July S 3g
l'uitlac ailuultai. ... July 4 $
Kl Monte Ne Orluina , ..'. ..JulylS 77,
Due TutiJay. Juh 13. &
Friealand Antverp July 0 Iff?
Altai PortLlmon JulrlJ Bflf
llolateln Jamaica .. July IS Jwlj
l'olycarp Uarhadoea July 11 'Vl'S
Due Wtdmidav, July to. fS-T.
Fthlopla Ola'BOW July lifj!
Merida St. Lucia .. Julyia Wih
Hue Thuridav, July tl. IW-'t:
Trave , . , llreroe Julyia lil!
Alllanra ... .Colon Julyl4 JSJ'Ii
fiur Friday, July it. W'
Fuerat lllamarclc . Hamburg Jnlyl4 !
l'nderjekder Urease Ilremen . July 10) ! IT
Phonltla . Ilauili.iiv . July 10 fl',
EitlerCity Hwanaea July l'-
Kjrla Havre July 10 ;J
Excelator NiwOrlrana , .JulylS ijfel!
Hut .Saturday, July 1 1 IP j
Cymrle Liverpool July 19 w't
Many I'ronilnent New Vnrker are dally vlit Jl Iw i
Ing Lou Ueaeh to avail tbemaelvea of the itn.or- SliS
dluary line dinner" rem A nt tho I.ONCi Ill.vUf ffiai!
I1IJ1KL 'lhoioi INN rit long Jleaeb ! at.) nop 4 iL
tm Itnuniniilnlut, auuacrvea Kverul hundred itl 81 IS I
dinners dally. .M JrJ
In tlio I'ncllati Nnvy Dr. Niegrrt'l iHl,
ASOOai't'ItA ltinr.HS are vrell known oa ihnirrral (j il!
bJiith.Mnei1i.aii loun regulatoi ofd.L tiveoruuua a
DAHLINtl.-Ou Thuradir, July U, Pharlea Wit- !jj"jn
bain.eernud aon of Wlllm Ix'eand LoiUte Gib- ,n ji
win liirlinv.', avid 28jraia, 'Bill
Frienda are Invitee! to attend the funeral aeryleea at gj Sfi
11' lj Triult) fiiurcli. Ixuoi ivv aud 122d at., ut i Mt
Monday aft moon at il 30 n dock, .fi Wl
Jlffllll 3l0ti5. I'M
Willi! window a.'reena and doors, ruatom madei (L
all Kowla; aereeunxtnea anil aire I10F.IlUCU.17i ! ID
Fiilum at., N, If,, atd 417 UauUtou av uiar llth at, BH
UiooH) a. w

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