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jl $2,0iK7)00 JN GOLD DUST.
ffl tti: TUKA&vni: Attntma at saw
j&L FitAScrsco vttosi JMiran-.v.
Hf Ahoiit 80,000,000 Aro Coming Ont nn tha
T summers TliousnniUof Xevf ArrlvnltAre
jH Unlng l Coine Ilnck It Thpy Cnn ict
MB nj frlrpn of Labor Will lid Low, but
Ornngr ArrJ 81 Apiece, Eggs Priceless.
I H Ban KnASfifco, July 17. Tho Alaska Com
JH mcrclal Company's fltcnnishlo Bt, Tnul arrived
5 P from St. Mlelinol Into thin nftornoon with 173
IS paMeiigors direct from IMvvson City. Most of
JH6 thoconii loan! Iind dust nnd nugget", or drafts
fM or vnrlotw ntnoitntn. Tho Klondike nlono
sf brought nut trensuro valued nt $1,000.(100.
Wk Beside tliliBUin, tho Alaska Commcrcliil Com
S anr brought out novpnteen boxes of trotuiiro
So u part f tt- sliaro of tlio year's clean up. In
W ill thetn win at lenat $2,000,000 worth of cold
W mi board tlio Ht. J'nul when sho nrrlvod horo to
las dor-
ifjfl Tho Klondike reprcsont claims on nearly
! ivory crook In tho Klondiko district nnd most
B ofthonihnNo cold to show for tholr work In
1 ho North. Tho fjonornl opinion nmonuthem Is
I that a Rroat many fnlso reports hnvo been
i broticlit out concornlne tho uorthom plaeors.
Most of the men sny that tlio country Is a (food
;1 duo for tlio lor man who has plenty of nrlt
f 1 ml ported health.
I Clnlmi nn Eldorado. Itonnnzn, nnd Hunker
I jropkilinvo turned out fortunes for many of
J (heir owner), Tlioso on Bonanza have not
tumoil out so woll as wns expected by tho moro
I KitiKUlnc. Tho bench elnlms In French nnd
siioukuui Biilches havo fulllllcd all oxpecta-
yl i Hon.
A e Moat of tho men who camo out will go back
1 us won as tho ovorlnnd passes nro available
5 Ilicyronie out merely to enjoy civilization for
K brief timo and securo provisions and
Mg. clothing for tho comlnc winter. They say
l-C-H ,liat thouinnds of Klondlkcra woro en-
,VVt camped about Dawson when tho steamers
' mJr) r toft and prcdrctotl that thoro would bo a big ox-
jm chIuh before winter fairly set in of newcomers
I who are nblo to Bet out of tho tho country.
Thousands of men havo gono into tho country
M leht. nnd tho result Is that there will bo lively
comrotttlon for whnt work there will bo In tho
mines, and probably at barely llvlnu wages in
I tliut country.
I Tho St' l'nul brines nows of tho nrrlval of four
I river eteamors which left Dawson last month.
H mil which it wns fearoil wcro stranded in tho
H river. .Tlio May West left Dawson on Juno 10
n ind reached St. Michael on Juno 20 with 170
H pitssengcrs.
n Tho Alnnkn Commercial Company's stonmor
H Bella left Dawson on Juno 20 nnd arrived at
M. Michael on July 2 with 225 passenBors.
H Tho North American Trading and Trnnsporta
H tion Company's steamor Hamilton left Dawson
M cu Juno 24 nnd tho V. B. Wc.iro on Juno 2(1.
H lloth arrived nt St. Michaol on July 5, the Hnm-
llton being In tow of tho AVenre. having broken
n lior hog chains coming down the river. Tho
IB Hamilton liad 1UU passengers and tho Wcnro
H atiout 7.'.
The Curtain of tho St. Taul said tho Yukon
Itlver I lower thnn lias over been known at
i this season. Only threo feot of wnter cover
f the bars at Fort ukon. This will mnko
X It lmpossiblo for vessels which reached
B bt. Mlehnol to return to Dawson, and It makes
We It hopeless for the largo Boot now nt St. Mlehnol
' to reach the Klondiko this season. Only tho
flj vessels 'vhicli wcro ready to leavo tho
M moment tho ico broko up will reach Daw
J ton The othors will bo in the position of tho
frrer flotl.it fall, which Rtrnnded all alongthe river,
nijU) niulvvas forced to spend tho winter In tho ice.
ftJ' W ,J'l,ls w") ' a Brent hardship to hundrods of
WUfiy pmspectors who counted on reaching Dawson.
t iiy river, and who put all their money into rlvor
" craft.,
Thokwater front nt Dawson nnd other Klon
diko towns am lined with small craft eight or
ten nbrenst. Tho streets are crowded and
fralooiiB nnd gambling houses nro doing a
roarlnj? business, but thoro Is nono of
old-tlmo extravagance, and men who Inst year
spent S2.IMKI a night are now satisfied to spend
tvvrnty dollars.
" Swltt Water Bill " isrractleally broke. " Nlg-
ger Jim." who was the Montr Cristoot lost year.
I Is also in financial straits. It Is also reported that
Alex 'MeDonnld, the mining king of Klondiko.
I Is pinlinTmsinil. as his ehims disappointed him
mid his expenses for working were heavy and
nte iiP.tlio nmflts. McDonald bought a largo
numlJerof claims which fnllod to yield, and ho
i 9 now being crowded br his creditors. Many
ol his claims huvo boon loft unworked becauso
of tlio heavy royalty.
Over 1.000 new arrivals who came down tho
rlvor this spring aftor taking stock of Dawson.
decMed 'to oontiuue down tho rlvor. By nnxt
hoptembor from tl.000 to 8.000 men will bo
. outbywny'of St. Michael from Klondiko dls-
I trlct Inoludos only twolvo or flfteon snunre
: miles of high-class paying placers claims, and
tho c pirns nro mainly on Eldorado nnd Bonnnza
u crcelis. Prospects on threo or four other creeks
JBJ are. good, but tho Bround has not been proven
1 rich
On other creoks all claims nro found to bo
H spotted," nnd thus most of tho ground will
H ) n,n( 97 tno cost ' dovolopment nnd high roy
jl nlty. Tlioautliorltlosnrovorystrlct.nnd anyone
jl working on Sunday Is llnod S15. Prices of labor
-m& font) and goods still continue high. Meats nro
! l - 50 n pound, drinks and cigars 50 conts each,
imtl) text S3 n dozen, omngos $1 each, lumber $2(X)
OBJ per thousand, labor $15 per day, flour $4 to 10
Kgf a sack.
9R Asornun kaxbas TitAiir nonnEiiY.
KB- Two JUn Get 8400 nnd Kill a Farmer Wlio
WFy Tried to Stop Them.
l Wicwia. Kan.. July 17. Tho passenger train
jf on the 8an Francisco lino was held up and
robbed at Andovor. n flag station nlno miles
, t eastiof, here. last night by two masked men.
t Four hundred dollars was secured from tho ox-
s ) Press mossenger. ahd Charles Donaldson, a
'i farmer, who attempted tostop tho robbers, was
shot through the heart and klllod.
Tho train wns just pulling Into Andovor when
two masked men jumped into the open express
car. One man pointed n six-shooter at Express
Messenger Davis. Tho othor wnlkod over to
tho safe, which was standing open, and took
out ttvo. packnges of money. About $400 was
in the two packages Tho men then backed
I out of tho car. Thoy escaped In tho darkness,
butnot before Donaldson, who was standing
on tha depot platform, had tried to Intercept
him. when tha larger of tho two men shot
them. Then thoy mado for n thloket on tho
eastsldaof tho track and rodo away. Donald
on fell upon the platform and died In a few
minutes. A crowd quickly gathered and a do-
Jk Patch was sent hero for help.
Deputy 8hcrlft Duncan with a posso loft nt
ft once for tho scene, Tho agent at Andovor says
Hi ,ht the men had been hanging around tho
OP a"rot for somo time, but just before tho train
W, ' Wj'iluo at 0:40 thoy left. From his description
ll '" wtllewd thoy oro tho samo mon who held
S lip tho train at Dnnvillo, Kan., last night. Their
m lior.os. guns und description tally. Ono Is short
Mi onil rtfleky, dm other tall.
S The ajent was noarly hit by a ball which
mrf ii?r i ,,10,,l'l, "10 window. The 111 that
M i I Df""lll,,on I'assed clenr through his
im ,T Tll rol),l"'H moili no nttmpt to go
SB through the passenger conches. Officers aro
f not aftor them, but up to-night no further ln-
) lormiillon bos boon roeelvod.
.vi:n- rimsvii use jio.it.h.
The, Are to Make 20 Knots In Crol.lng, 08
M, llouml Trips n Year.
rfvM .i!: ,1. """'"'It-', tho ngetit of tho French lino In
LV V."'"'l,'.'rlvi'i)esterdny from Francoontho
3ifH p,u"" Iii risaidtotbeltourcogne dlsastor
i 7 "''" "'" l'hMK'J of -'ovvardko ngulnst tho
. r' "'' "'" '" woitli iniswerinir.
f , ''"' '1 IWniido said that on July :i the
,B ;'''" I' Smuti! pasucil a bl(l ratifying u postal
'"""'I'-t v villi the French lino. Fortcn years.
ii.fi!!;"i'iWJ ?1"1 IlK,1f tl" lino is ronulrcd to
M ti ,.,? I,,'1"", ""nil trips u year at it si-eod of
I Jiaji'n,!';""1'."1 Ih "w hullding at tho 8t.
A j i, ","1" lH'.' new hteamshlps to bo called
M lii ii 'rir1""1;,,l"'ll-iMilu. They will hvo it
V mi i',V,,,.."i',,,,l f '-'- knotH an hour and
M U-rr !i- .i-M,,,.ojXi ench. U Lorrulnu vvlll
T inoiiii'.'. i'" ''! I""" nnd Im hnvolo threo
m Mi -'"' J" Iti3 u:ul l()5 two more
mx luT' "' 'i-'"i. will k put In norvleo by tlio
iWfc "'Ve" d vi lib Caiiiul-Uciiprnl f.owdj'i
ftna llorirs,
1 1 LW iut"rr'l:!U'"X' ,ni1" J"ly 17-A l"'Ivn, 't,or
( c, '''u -i-liiou' fmni 1'aris says tlmt bomo
ifiM Ii ii 7"" '",f'0'' '"' entrnnco to the sinblu of
K . 'h'iiV,'. ' '"'' - 'tivil-itn(vrat fiovvdy i.ml cut
Wt. A !Un . I "" "!"l '"ll- "f 'I'" Hilt ltU lIIIMli
VMi ' V11..1 .."', "' d inini his homo In llusli county.
I Kxlenr i ".''.'".''.'"nil rufut.es tonvlopt tho 1'reneh
fl 'wu ' .it.iil liursci., and hint acnt for another
orncw;, vnov ufi'otr epn jvlt,
Condition of Wheat Jllstier Than for (lie
l'imi Ten Venn Corn Irfnrer.
Wariiixotox, .Inlr 17. Tho crop roport for
July, Issued by tho Department of Agriculture.
Preliminary returns on tho acreage of corn
Indlcato a reduction of .1 par cent from tho nroa
harvested Inst year, Tho nverngo condition,
00.0, although 7.0 points hlghor than tho con
dition nt tkc Corresponding dnto of Inst year. Is
1.7 points below the July average for tho past
twelvo Tears nnd Is ono of tho four lowest nvor
nges within thnt period. Conditions vnry wldoly
among tho principal corn-producing States,
Iowa reporting 100, Xobrnskn nnd Ohio 00.
Kansas mid Illinois R1, und Missouri 78.
Tho condition of winter wheat, 85.7. Is 0.1
points lower than last month, but It In still 4.0
points higher than nt tho corresponding dnto
last year and 4,:i points hlghor thnn tho July
nverngo for the past ton years.
The avorngo condition of spring wheat Is 03.
This Is 5.1) imlnts lower thnn on Juno 1. but Is
!I.S points hlglior than nt (ho corresponding
dnto last year. Is 0.2 points nbovo tho nverngo
for tho past ten jears. nnd Is tho highest July
nvorngo.wlth two exceptions, In thirteen yenrs.
Tho nvorngo condition of sprhic nnd wlntor
whent combined Is 80.4, which is 4." points
hlghor thnn tho eorrosiiondlng dato last rear,
and 0 polntH higher than on July 1, 1800.
Tho proportion of tho wheat crop of 1807 re
ported ns still In Iho hands of tho farmers on
July 1, 1808, Is :Uil percent. Of tho 50.000,000
bushels hnrvested In tho two Dakotns, lessthnn
500.000 bushels remain. A fovy Important
wheat-producing States, however, roixvrt from
4 to 7 per cont. of their respecllvo crops ns still
undlsiioseil of.
Tim nveragn condition of the ont crop, 02.8.1s
5.2 points lower tlinn last month, but Itls5.fi
points higher thnn nt tho corresponding dnto
InRt yenr. 4.0 points higher than tho July aver
ago for the past ten years, nnd Is, with ono ex
ception, tho highest slnco 1880.
Tho average condition of barley Is 85.7, which
Is O.O points higher thnn last month, but Is 2.8
points lower than on July 1 Inst yenr nndll.l
below tho July nverngo for tlio past ten yenrs.
In all tho principal bnrloy-produclng Stntcs ex
cept California tho conditions lire somewhat
less fuvornblu than on Juno 1. There is, how
ovor, n marked Improvement in California,
which State produco;,undnrnormnl conditions,
more thnn nuy two other States In tho Union,
and nenrly ono-thlrd of tho entire crop of tho
Tho nvcrngi! condition of winter ryo Is OJt.8.
ns ngnlnst U" nt tlio corresponding dato last
year.KtSon July 1, 1800, nnd 000. tho July
uverago for tho post ten years. About two
llfths of tho entire ryo crop of tho country
(spring and wlntetcomblncdj Is tho product of
the States of New York and Pennsylvania, and
In tlieso Stntcs the conditional thopresonttlmo
is slightly nbovo tho nverngo for tho last ton
Tho nverngo condition of spring ryo Is 00 0,
ns ngnlnst 00 on July 1, 1K07. nnd 00.0, tho July
averago for tho past ten yonrs.
Thoro is nn Increase of l.: por cent, in tho
acreage of Irish jiotatoes. Thirty-one States,
including thovvholoof Now England and tho
entire Atlantic coast, with tlio exception of
North Carolina, roport nn increnso, nnd fifteen
States n decrease.
The average condition of Irish potatoes, 0r.5.
is 7.7 points higher than nt tho corresponding
date lust year and 2.2 points nbovo tlio ten-year
Tho nverago condition of cotton Is 01.2,
ngnlnst HO last month, 80 on July 1.18H7, nnd
02.5 on July 1, 1800. Arkansas nnd Missouri
form tlio only exceptions to an otherwise un
broken record of Improvement during tho
Tho nverngo condition of tobneeo in tho prin
cipal Btntos Is ns lollows: Kentucky. 8i: North
Unrolinii.HO; Virglnln. 00; Ohio. 02; Pennsyl
vnnin, 00: Tennessee, 05; Wisconsin. 08; Con
necticut, 07: New York, 100: Maryland. 01:
Missouri, 08; lndlnua. 70. nnd Massachusetts,
00. Tho Kentucky average Is the mean July
nverago for that State for tho last ten years.
The condition In Now York. Mar) land, Vir
glnln. Tennessee. Ohio. Wisconsin. Hnd Mis
souri exceeds tho ten-year nverago, wlillo that
for Connecticut, Massachusetts. Pennsylvania,
North Carolina, nnd Indiana aro all somowhnt
below it.
The reports ns to forage crops nro, with few
exceptions, exceedingly favornblo. For timothy
hay tho New Englnnd Stntcs, together with
New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iown, Kansas.
Nebraska nnd a number of less Importnut
States, report 100 or upward, nnd even Impor
tant hnv Stntcs llko Ohio, Michigan, Indiana,
Minnesota and Missouri, whoso retorts nro
somewhat less favorable than tlio foregoing,
havo conditions for nbovo tho nverago of a
scries of years. With few. exceptions, tho re
ports ns to the condition of clover nro likewise
considerably nliove the ten-year avoniBe. Pos
tures also nro generally In most excellent con
dition. From nearly nil tho principal grazing
States nn nverngo nppronchlng, nnd In ninny
cases exceeding, 100 is reported ; in fact, thoro
nro few Stntcs. except in tlio South Atlantic
group, whole tho averago of condition is not
from 05 to 108 per cent.
The outlook for tho apple crop Is very discour
aging. Of the fourteen principal apple-growing
States, eleven rcort evou a lower nverago of
condition than at the corresponding date last
year, tho present condition being ns follows:
Now York. 07; Pennsylvania. 00; Virglnln, 47;
North Carolina, 72: Tennessee, 58: West Vir
glnln. 24; Kentucky, 40; Ohio, :t2; Michigan,,
hi; Indiana. :i; Illinois, 44; Iowa, HI; Slis
souri. 41. und Kansas, 48.
With a few notable exceptions Indications ns
to tho poach crop nro somewhat unfavorable.
Oeorgin, probably tho greatest peach-growing
State In tho Union, reiiorts the high nverngo of
104. Alabama reiiorts 78: North Carolina nnd
Mississippi. 74: South Carolina. 72: Ohio. 71;
Kansas, 70: Missouri. 01 ; Texas. 00: New Jer
sey, :o; California. 55: Irginia. 40; Maryland,
48; Tennessee. 48: Arkansas, 4U; Kentucky,
42, nnd Delaware. 10.
The nnnunl report on spring shearing Indi
cates tho nverago weight per fleeco us 5.8
pounds, tho samo ns last year,
EstlmateRof the world's wheat crop of 1808
aro beginning to make tholr appearanco In
trndo papers, some of which figure out a crop
almost equal to that of 1804. It is too early,
howovor, for such estimates to havn much
value. The area under whent has probably
been increased inmost countries, although In
soino tho scarcity of seed or unfavorable condi
tions nt sowing timo caused n decreiiRe. Tho
most iiniiortiint enso of decrenso is probably
that of Hungary, whore the nroa Is said to bo
less thnn that of 1807 by 025,000 acres. Tho
following reiorts of Increase may be not oil:
France, about 500.000 ncres; United Kingdom,
over HOO.OOO ncres; Italy, in round numbers,
2.000.000 ncres: Tunis, over 140.000 ncres.
Notwithstanding n good deal of unsensonnblo
wentherin various countries, reports nstotho
condition of tho European crops eontlnuo to
bo mainly fnvorable, though In some cases
earlier estimates hnvo hail to bo reducod. This
Is particularly Huo of tho Trench wheat crop,
which was exiK'Cted to make Trnnco Indepen
dent of Importation for tho coming year, but Is
not nt nil likely to do so,
A special commissioner nppolnted to report
on the stock ofjvhent in Argentina estlmatod
tlio last crop at 01,4:10,000 bushels, ami the sur
plus available for export nt .'5.013,8:1 bushels.
This would loavo nenrly i:t,ooo,00t) bushels for
export during tlio last half of tho current yenr,
but to export such a quantity within Hint time
would reiiulroa rate of shipment twenty times
as rapid mr thnt of tho lust fnurorllvo weeks.
The final ofllclul estimate of the Indian wheat
crop of 1KW makes it n little Jess tlinn24:i.OOO,
000 bushels of sixty ipouiuIs. oxcluslve of n few
district from which no returns havo been re
ceived anil whose product would not increnso
the estlninto by more than 4.000,000 or 5,000,-
000 bushels.
A roiiort Issued on Mny 10 by tho Ontnrlo Do
pnitment of Agriculture repre.enteil tho nreu
under winter whent as finite up to-the nver
ngo"nniltho condition ns"fnlr." L.H. Hunt,
our Consul nt Palmoiiiton.ln the same province,
iinilenlateof .fuiio.14. repoits tho whent crop
In that section as, on tho whole, "inagniilcent."
Went to Tell lllm of n Third Ilrother's
Mortnl Illiifss.
Coroner Harp of the Bronx took tho ante
mortem statement of Angus Etsohsorof 1700
Park avenue nt tlio Hailem Hospital last night.
Elsessor was suffering from concussion nt tho
bruin and I wo broken ribs. Ho told tho Coro
ner that on Rntiinlny he went to scri his brother
CniiMnntluc, n furniture mover, nt 200 Tjwt
Elglily-nlnth street, with whom ho had a long.
stnnillngiiuorrel. His errand was to tell Con
stantino that n third brother. Valentine, wns III
iiinlut the point of dentil.
As soon ns he entered OoiiRtnntlnp s shop, his
brother nnd three nsslstnnts jumped on lilm
nnd bent him. Ho was nblo to walk homo, but
during tlio night beenmosick anil told his ivlfu
Im wns about to die Sho hail him taken to tho
Hnrlom Hospitnl. Ills brother Constantino i bus
been nrrestrd nnd locked up at tho Ijist 120th
street station.
Unlilrntllled Mnn Killed by Train.
An unidentified mnn. nlmiit M jonrsold. wns
ftiuck byntrnln on tlio Brooklyn nnd Boekn
wny Bench Bnilrond ut Vestn and Sutter
avenues. Bn-oklyn. yostorday afternoon, and
sustained n fracture of tho skull. Ho wos taken
to St. Mary's Hospital, whoro bodied last night.
Mnliii'lil liauiunnii, the engineer, mm Unit the
mini was WHlk'ng ulongsiile the truck, mill just
na tlio train approached he pitched forward nnd
wns att nek by the locomotive. There vyim
nuthliit: on the Uily thut would lead to tho
luuu'k rdvutllkatioa,
VArnioiio coitxfQTXos at haxu
The Kntlen Nnlled to the Hotel's Flngpoln
I'lrsl Seen In the Dnvvn's Krirly Llatit by
Two lllcyrlltti l'ole Tlelng Drented tlio
Vine 'Wns Untiled Down with a Itnke.
It was a good nlqht for sleeping, Saturday
night, but New York would probably havo had
bnd dreams hnd it known thnt above Its terri
tory a Spanish flag was flying, Tho flng Itself
was no dream, It wns a roallty, nnd It flaunted
in tho air nbovo tho Lowry House nt Bnth
Bench. Any ono who know Troprlotorlxiwry
needn't bo told that It didn't flaunt with his
permission, connlvnnco, or knowlodgo. As soon
ns lio discovered It. It wns no more, nnd ns for
tho persons who put It there, ho says that
whon ho catches them ho'll make them think
the Spanish Inquisition hns ronio to lite again.
Tho Lowry' House Is nnnnncx of tho Fort Low
ry Hotel nnd stands on a bluff overlooking tha
bay. ThroosmnllUiiItcdBtatcsAhlps.convcrtod
yachts, llo In the offing and tend to Increase tho
proportion of patriotism In tho local atmos
phere. Until tho recent gnle tho Fortljwry
Hotel nnd Its adjacent buildings sported Old
Qlorj In profusion, but Boreas, who is no ro
flpoctornf nations, silt them up Into ribbons
and then carried tho ribbons away, presumably
for Ills own porsonnl decorations. BInco then
the buildings hnvo sportod no colors until tho
ndvor.t of tho enemy's bannor. This wns first
discovered by two Cuesta of tho hotel,
n mnn and his wlfo. who. being nr
dent bicyclists, started out nt 5 o'clock
yestordny morning for a rldo. Just as they
woro nbout to start tho man hnppcnod to
Blanco upward in tho direction of tho Lowry
Houso. Ho let go his whool, which foil over
with n elnttor. His features stiffoncd in blank
nmn7omcnt. then reddened with wrath, nnd ho
ejaculated with Intense conviction:
"Damnation I"
"Why, Honryl" criod his amazed wife. "I
never heard you uso such profanity before.
And on Sunday, tool"
"Woll. look nt thntl" said Henry, pointing to
tho red and yellow ensign.
"Whnt is It? What n funny looking why.
It's u Spanish flng 1" sho nlmost shrieked. " I'll
forgive you for swearing. Say It over again for
mo. Throw a rock at It, Henry."
"If I had a gun I'd bombard It," ho said.
" Wnit n mlnuto till I tell Mr. Lowry."
Threo minutes Inter Proprietor Lowry camo
bounding out of tho houso lightly but elegantly
clad, with his white whiskers fairly bristling
with Indignation. Ho was saying things as ho
camo, but when ho caught sight of tho flag lan
guage forsook him anil ho fell back nn inarticu
late gurgles of fury. Hlsfneoturnodfrom red to
purple nnd from purplo to blue, und from bluo
to green mid from green to red again, like an
electric fountniu in full piny, until tho two
bicyclists begnn to fear that ho would
burst any number of blood vessels. Tho
moment he recovered himself tho pro
prietor rushed Inside nnd Played an anvil
chorus on all the call bells in night.
Presently there arrived upon the scene chain
bermaldand watchmen, stablo boys, washer
women, waiters, bnggago handlers, gardeners,
assistant clerks, bontmen, porters and nil tho
various other sorvitors that muko up tho work
ing force of n summer hotel. At llrst thoy
thought It wns an enrlv morning entertainment
for their special benelit. nnd they contemplated
with approval tho fancy danco stops and power
ful gesticulations or Mr. Lowry. Very soon
they woie undeceived. ...... ....
"' Why don't i-omo of you climb that roof, ho
shouted, "and pull thnt thine down?"
"Whnt thing?" somebody wns incautious
enough to ask.
"Oh. what thing!" whooped Mr. Lowry.
" Thnt flag! That rag! That Happing red-and-yellow-strlped
massof corruption! Hero you,
Tom. Fat. ilarry; get up there and yunk that
tiling off the stall if you havo to burn down tho
house to get at It." ... . ...
Within n rensonablo timo there were half a
dozen servants on tho roof, hut they weren't
swift enough for tho enraged proprietor, who
pranced upon the lawn and Instituted odious
comparisons In which snails, oysters and other
creatures not noted for sprinting qualities Ilg
ured largely. To tie upon tho roof, however,
wns not to bo within reach of tlio nug, which
floated securely Romo fifteen feet nbovo tho
outstretched bands of its would-be captors. It
hail been nailed tccnrely to the top of tho stall
by somo person who hnd climbed up.
"Shin up the polol" shouted Mr. Lowry.
"Can't any of youfellows shin? If you won't,
I'll do It myself."
One of tlio men was lifted on tho shoulders of
two of his companions, and. grnsplng tlio staff
as high as possible, leaped upward with a forco
thnt sent his two props sprawling. The next
Instant ho shot down tho polo like n nickel
down tho slot, and bumiicd tho roof violently.
"Whut'sthemntterV" cried tho patriots bo-low.
" Polo's greased," tho answer came back.
"(let n ludder!" ordered Mr. Lowry.
Several eager helpers set off in various direc
tions after a Indilor. und while they were hunt
ing tho two bicyclists who had iiostponed tholr
trip until Spain's Hag should be lowered In tho
dust made u strange discovery of n mad naval
officer on tho deek of the United States ship
Alleen n few roils off ihore. Tho ofllcer wns al
ternately waving his arms around bis hend,
slinking his lists at the brightening skies, and
tearing his hair. Onco nn umior-piercliig ex
pletive vvingod Its way over tho water and ex
ploded on snore.
"Oh, my!" exclaimed tho woman eyclist.
" He's discovered tho Hug. Do you supiioso
he'll turn tho cannon on it J"
It was beginlng to look as if nothing short of
a cannon would roduco tho ting, for the ladder
which hnd boon found and enrriod to tlio roof
wns too short. But Mr. Lowry wns equal to the
emergency. Ho dlsnpieared. and presently
reapiKinred bearing nlolt n long iiiuek rake,
armed with which he galloped thunderously
up through tho house, while frightened
inotbors peeped over transoniH, und pit
eously begged thnt tho firemen should
tnko their children first. Amid breath
less slleneo tho hotel proprietor mounted tho
ladder, clnspcd the pole, thrust up his muck
rake nnd, twisting it firmly Into the folds or tho
Hag, tore it down, while the crowds on the roof
nnd on tin' ground clieeied uproariously, and
the Incumbent of tho Alleen'a deck performed
undignified antics expressive of pleasure. Of
course, everybody In the hotel wnked up nnd
peeped out of the windows. All thoy saw was u
number of mon, prominent among whom wns
Mr, Lowry plnyinc football iu the street with n
nig. Later, If thoy had had a view of the rear
van!, they might havo seen thnt snmo rag
forming a little bonflto of Itself under Mr.
Lowry's supervision. Thus endeil Spain's last
emblem of sovereignty in North America.
When a Sun reiiorter called on Proprlotor
Lowry yesterday evening tho mention of the
subject of tho Spanish Hag caused that livoly
and elderly gentleman to exhibit fneinlly somo
assort i'd hues.
" If I catch tho men that did It !" ho said, and
thumped tho desk In his office " No; I haven't
got nny direct cluo yot, but thoro nro somo per
sons rvo got my eyo on. Tho flng was proba
bly mnde by whoovor put It up. It wasn't
Imught. I'm nrrnnglngtonnvontai-and.feathor
seance down here. I mean It. It'll end up
wltli n ducking In the bay. Thoro are practical
jokes and practlcnl 'jokes, but this thing! l
Well, wait till I get my hands on those fellows'
The reporter loft Mr. Lowry Rented In a chair
with his lists clenched and gazing vcngofully
outof tlio window. In tho vicinity of tho hotel
there were u number of officers from tho little
warships In tho bny. They were probably
there to neo thnt no more Spanish flags wore
rnisod. Aronnd Bnth Beach there nroa groat
ninny girls In pretty summer dresses. Tlio
officers must havo suspected tho girls of flag
designs, for each ofllcer. It was noticed, had
ono of thorn under his Immodiato surveillance.
The Two Mm Settle the Matter with Flitols
-llotti Will Die.
Pebiit, Oklahoma, July 17, Near Cloud
Chief, Newton Whtto nnd William Yarbrough
met nt tho houso of a young woman each wits
encaged to wed, A quarrel ensued, nnd tho
young men walked outsido tlio gnto and fought
with pistols. Both will die.
Severe Hlorui In Texas.
Dallas, Tox July 17 A torrlflo hall nnd
wind storm swept ovor nbout a dozen countloaof
northern Toxos tributary to Dallas yesterday
morning, doing great dainngo to grain and
cotton crops. In DoMiuo county John McLnln
was killed. In Johnson county Josoph Daltou'a
house was destroyed mid Mrs. Julia ituckor
wns lujuied. It In f on rod mortally.
Twenty-three Srnrcber Arretted In Ilroolilyn
Twenty-throe blcyclo riders wore arrested
yesterday nftornoon for scorching on tho cycle
path between Prospect Park nnd Pnrkvllle,
Thoy loft their bicycles In the firant street sta
tion as security for tholr uppeuranco before
Mnglstrato Stoois to-day.
Court Cnlomlnrt This liny.
Appellate DlvMon Suprrim Court Rcccm nntU
Tin ""1JJ-. Aug. H, nt to A. Jl.
hiipii'iiin Court Hppcial Tfrni Part I. Motion
luloialar callnl at lti.UDA.M, Pait II. Ei parto
liiattii. Part IV. Cun on. IN0.SUJ7. Damttis.
Or.iUi.bm. .V day rnlnnUr. Part VI. Mutloua Iu
Im scut from Kpu'ial Term, Part I.
Hurrouate'a Court CUauibtm For probate Willa
of Maruarct H. Blmrtrll. at 10 A.M. Kllza A. r.ohnp,
Jacob H, ltocdci, Cathurliio (loruian, nt 1U..IUA.M.
Drily Oiip'ulieiiuiir, at 1 1 A. M,
City Court-BjHChil Torm-MuUona,
' in "
Itt Mother Skull Had been Frneturert br
n Knll from n Cable Car.
An elderly nccross was thrown from a Broad
way cable carnt Thirtieth street lnstovonlng
through tho failure of tho conductor to wait
for hor to get off. She had an 18-months-old
baby In her arms. Sho hugged tho baby to her
breast when sho foil.
A cnrrlngo hnd been rattling along behind
the cnblo enr, nnd whon tho colored woman
rolled into tho gutter a young woman, dressed
In a light berufflcd gown, jumped from tho
carrlngo and caught up tho baby. Tho car
stopped nrtd tho passensors climbed out. Tho
worriennll ran for tho bnby. Tho lmby decided
that It didn't want to cry nnd began to laugh
with blg-ored good nnturo.
Tho young wdmnn who wns cnrrylnrt It began
to cry. Sho told hor coachmen to go for a doc
tor. Sho walked up and down tlio street, nnd
thu chattering crowd of womou followed her.
The eoaohman returned with Dr. W. C. Olldny
of 130 West Thl rty-sixt h street, An mn hulanco
was called from tho New York Hospital, nnd
Dr. P.iikcr. the surgeon, nnd Dr, Olldnydressod
n gaping wound on the colored woman's head.
Meiiutlnro tlio blnek lmby sat on tho young
woman's nrm nnd mado demonstrations at hor
hnir with Its tiny blnek hands. Tho young
wnmnn would laugh with tho baby, and thou, '
glancing, nt tho crowd nround tho ambulance,
she would cry. ... . . .
ThOambulnnco rolled nwny and somebody
went up to n policeman who hnd boon collect
ing material for his report of tho accident, and
"Whore's the bnby?" , , J ,
Tho young womnn who had shown such a
lively Interest In it wns not to bn Reon. Her
carrlngo was not In night. The policeman was
frnntlo. Scouts chased up and down tho street.
Ono of thorn found tho volunteer nurse with
tho baby In n confectionery store trying to
mnko It swnllow n nioonful of Ico-crenm sodn.
Both she nnd the baby seemed to bo enjoying
themselves. When asked. Hompwlmt nbmptly,
w by sho had cnrrlod tho baby off.sho ansvvored
"Why, It was going to begin to cry." Then,
for the llrst time, she seemed to realize thnt sho
wns Inn crowd of nmused nnd curious stran
gers. Slin put tho bnby Into the pollccmnn's
nrms, anil hurried to her carrlngo, which wns
waiting n round the corner.
The iiollccmnn's record shows that the negro
woman wns Mrs. L. Douolns of 225 West Thir
tieth street. Her skull was fractured. Tho
baby was sent to Its mother. Tho conductor of
the car. Hobert Brown, was not arrested.
Delia Borosclla of 207 West Twonty-sovonth
street, n young woman who carried a 4-year-old
child in her arms, fell while iKinrding n
cnbloenr nt Columbus avenue nnd Seventy
second street Inst night. Sho received a scalp
wound. Tho child was apparently not hurt.
Both wcro sent to Boosovclt Hospital.
nn, AxriitEtrs eesios.
ITe Leaves Ilrown University for Oood Prof.
Wlieelor Mny Succeed Him.
.PnoviDEXCF, R. I.. July 17. Dr. E. Benjamin
Andrews hns resigned his plnco as President of
Brown University, his letter of rcHfenntlnu
having been received by tho Rev. Dr. Ander
son. Secretary of tho Board of Trustees. Tho
letter, while not given out for publication, is n
brief noto addressed to tho corporation, snylng
that ho resigns In order to assume the duties
of Superintendent of Schools In Chicago. The
resignation Is to take effect at onco. A special
meeting of the Executive Committee linn boon
culled for to-morrow to consider tho mutter,
Tho Boneral Idea seems to bo that no definite
action will bo taken looking to tho selection of
a successor to Dr. Andrews till tho regular an
nual meeting of tho corporation In September.
Prof.Wheelorof Cornell seems to bo the fnvorlto
candidate nt this time, although the Rev. 1'xl
wnrd .ludson nnd the Rev. W. It. P. Fnunceof
New York nre both spoken of. Tim Rev. 11. L.
Whitman. President of tho Columbian Univer
sity, Washington, Is also mentioned.
Dr. Andrews wns elected President of Brown
In 1880. There hns been moro or less friction
nlmost through his enltro administration,
and his resignation is received with relief In
many quarters.
nvxanx joe tiie yEirsitAX.
When In Brooklyn Ills finrb Differs from
IIIi Ordinary Wenr.
The newsmnn nt Ann street nnd Park row,
who Is commonly called "Hungry Joe" owing
to his famished npponrance, chnngeshis gnrb
ond bearing when ho goes home to Brooklyn.
When pnrndliig Fulton street, Brooklyn, yes
terday, ho carried n silk umbrella and wore a
blnek broadcloth suit, surmounted by a derby
hnt. He was scrupulously clenn.
On Pnrk row " Hungry Joo'b" business outfit
is a hybrid basket nnd bag that contains his
Papers. His clothes nro ragged and so fmW
that ono cannot guess their original color. Ho
vvonrsno lint, nnd nppears to ben tramp risen
to the dignity of a novvsmnn from desire for an
honest living. His trndo io papers is large and
he mukns n good living.
Nono of tho newsboysdaro compete with him.
no carries a long club, a broom handle, nnd
with this he nrgucs tho young idea Into his wuy
of thinking.
New Ilatrs for the Trlnl Rners.
Tho trial races for the selection of tho Sea-wanhnka-Corinthian
Yacht Club's representa
tive in tho International races hnvo been post
poned In order to pormlt Clark Miller, owner
of the Akabo. to get a new silk sail. TIioiiu'i'H
will be continued on Wednesday. Thursday,
l'rlday, nnd Saturday of this week.
Tho Vngnbond Wins n Drifting Match.
Tlic BUton Island Yacht Club, Commodore C. F.
Hlcka, nlth clubhouse anil auchomgc at Staplcton.
lieltl the opening raco of a Africa on Saturday amoug
members boata, for a alive r loving cup offered by
Vlc-Coramoilora C. U. VVinant, A peculiar feature of
the rare vraa that tho winner could not be named un
til midnight, Thin wna caused In tho main by tha
atrong ebb tide, which broiiRbt the boata to a atand
atill on the Immcita'd Journey. Tho amended ruin
of tho club In meaiming also resulted
in complications. The Yavft'xmd. which waa
the firnt to nnlnh about siiiuet. proved tlio
winnt-i. Tho Marietta. lur nearest rival,
rropecil the line fifteen mluntea later, wullo
The remainder cAme atraicullni: in nt Intervals up
to 10 o'clock. Tho boata were aent away in a light
aonthweat wind, which did not frcahcu until art, r
the tide becan to Interfere with th.in. The roiiran
was a triangular one, and the dlatvnea aailed was
twelve nautical miles. The boata which hoisted anil
were th Marietta, owned by Frank Cadmus; Vsgn
bond, M. Taylor: Mabel. W. II, Ludlum; (luaaie, II. J.
lloldt; Minda, 1 Tappen; Bubble, 1', 1). Caduius;
FJeanor, C, 11, Wisanf.
Cntbont Nov erf all In Front.
The Ocean Yacht Club of Rtspleton, S. I., held a
regatta yeaterday morning In the bay, over a tri
angular course ten miles long. There were fire
tartara, all Dniahlng. The Nsverfall, a catboat owned
br W. B, Jobnaon, waa tbo winner on time allowance.
Tbo other boata entered wcro alnopa. The start waa
mado at 11:20 o'clock, and a good southepnterfy
breexe favored the yachta durlns the race, Jm.ui B,
Uagarty and John Boldt rowed a two-mile shell lace,
resulting In a dead beat. Summary of yacht race:
Jllapitd CcttkUA
J'ime. rinw,
rTtut and Ovntr. H. u. a. n. u. a.
Neverfail.W. B. Jobnaon 1 02 10 1 02 la
Ullle, I. Fuchlocker 1 00 in l 07 1ft
Ouaala B., John Boldt I Oil S3 1 07 08
May VVIn.OeoiyeBtaploton ...1 Oil is l 12 20
Clara, lt.W, Allen...... 1 14 BJ l 18 37
The unexpected defeat on Saturday of the Manhat
tan O, C. In the race for tho championship of the
Metropolitan Dtatrlrt Leiiguo baa advanced Iloaevlllo
to a tie with tbem for third place. Team A of the N,
J. A. C maintains Ha unbeaten record, but team 11
ban Kown down to next to last. Staten Island has a
clear title to aecond place, and the club will make a
Srcat rflort to strengthen Ita position on next Hatur
ay In the game Willi the leaden at Livingston. In
the rontest for the hatting l'rlre. It. F Bonner and N.
H. Walker, Jr., the Htaten Island pair, attll lead. M.
It. Cobb, who follow, ha gone down to 4U.2& and ll.
A. (llttcna to nii.iK). II. U Jackaon and F. W. Htilea
'oino next with 33,7u and Ut.M, respectively, Tho
Vrl rtr
Won.Loit. Cl.l Wn.L4t. Ct.
NJ.A.C.T'm A. 4 0 l.ooo'llosevilla 1 1 .too
Himeii Island .'J 1 .dtl'l N.J.A CTb B 1 2 .IIS.1
Maiihuttau, .3 a ,600, New York o 4 ,000
Drawn eme-N. J. A. C Team A, 2: Htaten Isl
and, 1; Ilosevllle, liN. J. A. C, Tiam 11, 2,
Only one came waa played at Central Park on Bat
urday, tha Ynrkvllles defeating the Colnnibioa by
twenty.tbrrH runs. For the winnera U, McDerman
did snmo rlne bowling, laklliix right wickets for
elitbtt-eu rum. II, Clevirly and B. I'helan made ton
runs each. Cliff and Bullock for Columbia bowled
well. The score was: Yoravtlln. CM; Columbia, SB.
An exception to the proverbial elowueaa of cricket
Is found in a rocent single lolling game reported In
thu London t'irlj The eniplorees of tbo Mount
Benson O. M. Co. met thorn of the Lady Mary U. II.
Co. st Norseman, West Australia, no April 24, but
tbelr Inning proved a failure, the whole of tha eleran
bring disposed of for four pins, One bit by tlio first
batter of the Lady Mary team sufficed to win the
match, the ball being hit for five runs.
A Homing l'lgeon's Long Fly.
PmMnE'.ruu, July IT. Tliaroia another homing
plgoou that baa flown over UOO milua In ono day.
A number of the birds of tbo Philadelphia dlatnct of
the Katlonal Federation wcro liberated at (lalnes.
villa, Co., an air line distance to the west Philadel
phia loft of Oonncll A Mloan cr about 1117 miles, at
i:H4 o'i lack last evenlog. A bird returned to tholott
till, afternoon. Tho flltfht was a wonderful one, anil
only two birds in tbo world ever male It befoir,
Oalueaville and Lady (lalnrav llle acmniillshliiE the
feat on July 4. 1HUU. Yeetenlay thowind was south,
but It waa (oo light to be of material advantage to
.. a.. . .. -i- , . ..
I Km .inns
Swnitetg nnrt XxaUtg.
P. J. G00DJ1ART & CO.,
Broadway and Cednr Street, New York.
Deposit nccottutx received.
Ailvimccrt niiulo tnon rnllroiul,
municipal und other niiprovod necurltlcB.
Letters of Credit Issued.
Minns 2?;tttiw.
S. 11. Cor. mil Ave, nnd ltllli St.
HALF I'Kll CKNT. l'Kll ANNUM will tie credited do.
iKinltor for the HIX MONTH and THIIKF, MONTHS
KNDINU Jl'NF, .'10, lHiiH.nn all sumn from tlvedollars
to threo lliiniaaiid rtollsi-,, entitled thereto under Ihj
b).)aws, pa) able Jl'LY Is. tstis.
JOHN HAHHI'.N llllOVUna.rrcsldeut.
JAMRH Ol'INUN, Treasurer.
Deposits mado before JULY 10, 1R09, will draw
Interest from JULY 1, 1KH8.
AtiUirtrnrtjf anil 3ntcrest.
Office llOMINTAKi: MIN1NO CoT,
Nl'.VV YOltK. July in, 1SP8.
The rcinilsr monthly dividend of TWRSTT-riVE
(25) CBSth ri'Jl riinilK has been declared for
June, pa oblo at tbo office of tlio Company, Kan
Kranclaen, or at tho transfer accney in New York, on
tbo 2r.th Inst, Also EXT11A DIVIDEND iNO. 2411) of
Twenty-five (2r,j Cento Per Share, payable at the
same, time and place.
Transfer Books cloie nn 20th Inst.
LOUNSHKltY CO., Transfer Agents.
Manhattan Beach.
Swept by Ocean Breezes.
Victor Herbert's g Band JKHKI
Admission (except Raturdaya and Sunday.), 10c, &
26c. Battinlays and Hiindays, 2.1 v ts. ; r.u cts.
Pain's Manilas Fireworks yiim'Sp-
De WoU Hopper wiS0aW.;
htcnincr ;itANl) ItlU'UllI.IC. Tare BOc.
Di lfiihtful ntll. r.verj-evcnliiK. Bin band,
JanieH Hlelinioud Oleuroy, Loner UsMkell, others.
leaves VV.st 2i ith t.,H; Iljtlcrylindliiit.H.ii); llridira
Dock. DiMolclin, H-nu. ritiirnbu lliin.
Till: niOllin f Ever (lay Theatre!
COOL IrAMllll ! Evonrreen Hoof I
Z.... Ur,0'"U I ADMISSION r.oc.
THKATKK l'AKT'The Fxtrnvauant Evtravairanxal
1 Oil HEHEVItS.VLS I, rirnt pr. sclltvtlon July 2.-,.
A.ALLTUIH VVEEKP anil tlio til-cat Cake Walk I
PRORTflR'S Continuous Performance. &
I IIUUIUII Ojj3o ftoe.wsno to 1014.1 1'.M.
"THE BOHEMIAN OIllL." Hplcndid Castl
John V. Fox and Knlln Allen. 20 olhera.
V MADISON SUt'AHK ll()OI'C;Altl)i:N. 1
., EVKNINllS AT H:U,. ADM. r,llc.
1 ll)-tlieMi'trnpulltnnlFrmnnFiitOri'lieatrn
8 Cold or R ilny Niithtii Performance in Concert Hall. H
DAQTDP'K contin coliw
Initio to 11 r. M. .Scots '40 nnd :) Cents.
CauBild A Carleton, Holds A. Ix'wls,
Clma. K. (Irappwln, ThoLavollea.
Palace corniMUOU's nsu
1 laHOBl vi:HKOKM.VNCK P.M. Odav.
I'l'.lir. I.KONII.VO' Cata and Doua, MILS.
CIIAKI.Ks l'i:TKIt (Vaudeville debut), Sorvais
Ij- llo) . VViir-draph, C. v VVlllUina. 20 other Stars.
HCBTlflJQ Continuous Performance.
BVCl I Dl W 2-o.,r,nc. NOON TO 11 P.M.
Jss. llonio. Nick Loiu. Halou) OJttTn, Uua Wil
liams, Iirry Dooloy, Daiiunann Troupe, etc.
Musi,! Hull. Iliirlcsiiue. Seventh week. Cook's Tour,
Ucmf Cnritrn. Vaudeville, nnttcra llro. and olhera.
One A'lniiifon to Hoof (latden and Music Hall.
would in WA.V. na aiNEw' WArrnnot'ps.
OrcheKtral Comrta. tUVtsB CINEMATQOKAPU.
flflTRInpN tIIE. POOl' (1ARIIEN. " AD. 2M.
HIIICIVIUdK Hnrtia ,v Seamon .. Directors
Ixittio (lllion, Al Wilton, Mattio Wilkes, and others.
gtroohlyu tmwcmfiits!.
A respectalib- resort for respectable people.
I'latbiiih uvn. mr N. Y. ond of Uridiro.
taiii: n cunts.
PiTntcti eft-males.
JJANOY FEATIIEIIS. Wanted, Rood banda on
faticy featliTK
ltl.l'MKNTU Kh & STTNEn, BSD Broadway
1?AJJCY riHTHEnS. Evpe'rlenced hands wanted!
- steady vi ork, bet pay.
A. IlEILUHUX i CO., 630 Droadway.
FANCY rEKTHEItS.-Exp'erlcnced fancy feather
makers and nnstcrH; steady work.
MAX HEllMAN i CO , Olfl Broadway.
J" 7ANCT rTATIIEMR. Experienced hande wanted!
steady work; KtMdiay.
II. HOFIiriMFn .1: CO., tr.a Crosby at.
J7ANCT EEATIIFJtS.-Experif nceS hands wanted on
. fancy feall'era. Applv sll week.
CHA1U.I2H. Lv.VAKnj'i CO.. 74.1 Broadway.
"C-ASPY rFATHEns. nxperieuccd hands wanted;
A. Kood pay and atcady work.
It. L1ND1IEIM, 052 Broadway.
FANCY KEATHEnS.-Hample maker, experienced
baud, and learners past IM wanted,
HIM AN, 14 West 4th sL
I7ANCYFKATIIEI13. Posters andexpcrlenoedhanda
J. wanted. Apply to DAVID BPEIIO, lWOIercer at.
IANCY FFATHF.RS. huorlrncril fanev'feather
makers wanted. M.'XMECEIt. M Bond at.
JJANCY FI'ATHEns Oooihanda and learnera
1 wantid. STEIN 1 IIII.U'PI. 1 1 Bond at.
J?ANCY FEATIlEnA-Oood ,-nskcrs wanted.
' 1.. liENnY &CO . 721 Broadway.
IJANCY FHATIIKK raakera wanted.
" a. NUHHAUM. 0,14 Broadway.
W" ANTED Oood fancy feather hands; best pay,
steady work.
y.UCKF.lt k J08EPHY. 7ir,.717 Broadway.
jiiomejvtic Sttvnxitfi "WanttA.
needs Instruction In tha
Alt of Cooking,
Call her attention to this opportunity.
This coupon entitles a well-recommended ser
vant to one free Ichsou at
3ft2 tltb av.. whero nil branches of cookini; are,
tauvbt by Mrs. Ii. Lenicke.
C11I ValDRHMAlnsi Swcdfi.ircooiiri'.M to $.".0; par
J loriiialtU, $21). launilnrans, waltrca.es, kitchen
maid, tioiiHeworkers, I'nuch aiul (Icrmaii ludy'a
luslds, nurses, laundresses who do chautlicrwoik,
cooks who wah and Iron, butlers and aecond men,
Mrs. L. hEELY, U West 22d St.; Bcrvanta entrance,
nnsjitii v
fHlMPETENT laundress for Arvernc, N, Y.t seven
I' In fainili i )eat references r.iulrcd, Mrs. L,
HEELY, :i12 ilth av.
17UIHT.C1.AR3 laund'resa for small Inmlly st Bar
. Harbor, very best references requited, Mrs. L.
HEELY, sr,2 nth av.
I7I11HT-CLAR8 Hvrodhih conk, wapes $2.',,7or Morris.
. town, best references reipilred, Mrs, L. B1CELY,
OSS lltk av.
PltOTESTANT ok for Oreenwlih; wa.os $2o":
mukthavo tiest refcnni'e, Mrs. L. HEELY, nr2
SWKDIolI laundress, must be flmt class, for family
living In Illverdale; best references rcuuircu.
Mrs, L. HF.ELY. n.12 nth av,
' WanTeiVi7pr7iuirr.5, vr.
TjvirtST-CLASS tin roofers wanted at 1(43 nd av.
"jrTonSESnOiairfloornirnriZ Colessf.7jeraey City.
,lrM-E..iS5 airlp -Pfmnui.
AYOUNO LADY dralroa a position aa slcnoaiapher
and tjpewrller, ran furnish tlio best of rifer
enrcs;hnk liad expcrii me; competent, reliable, sud
Industrious Adilrcss
ABC, 12.1 West 20th M , New York city.
pIlAMIlHIlli VU) ami wailrois; mat and v.ell--4
recoiiinii ndedj piiraU' faintly, V. JleN., box r,J
Huu uptown othce, 1201 llroadway,
CvOMFETENTyouiiCKlrl as nurse to ifniwlnirrhn"
' drcu, wlllliik'an'l obllclin:; l".t icrcrruce M.
1)., Ixix Mr, huu uptown ufhee, 12il. llnudway
(lOMPETENV rook; prlvatu fainib ; iMo.1 luikor, can
' furnish hett referenrc., waes 2o, M. It., box
fj&C Huu uptown nfece, I2U.1 Broadway.
ClOUI'KTENT klb beiimald; atroneand willln.; nn
' furnish lest ixfi rencra, K, K., box 077 bun up
town oitUe, I20i Broadway. 1
' u
ef lMl-5lMl JTltljt cfitmitUB.
OQMPrK.1V tooV; nndtrsWnda (ovipa, meat
V deaserta. fco,i prltata family; beat references,
MO tub av.
"bOK. ThoroviRhly competent: underatanda aonpa,
v nieats, to.l beat nrferencoat private family. K.
N., box nun Hun uptown nfaoc,-12ii,1 Broadway.
("JtHlK. Thorontf hlTcompetentT iuirterstanda rckxI
J family cookinu; beat references. It, I box 6C0
8un uptown office, riilMlroadway,
COOK. Competent younit German woman a cooki
ood baker; best ret erencea, M, H., box COS Sun
uptownjifllce, 12U,'S Brosdway.
(IO0K. ThoroiiBhlfunderstanda (rood family cook
' lnir; ran furriisb bl references. 452 nth v.,
ore of O'Connell. '
C'OOK. Un'rUrsunds U klnda cooklnc! private
" family; Rood bakeri best references. 20u West
1Mb at. .
IIP-ST-CLABsValtrcaa; underatanda the oare of th
illiiinit room thorotiKblyi private family; refer
rnres. K. M., box Ml Bun uptown ofUco, 12HS
J7inHT-ClXBSTHwedlsh cook; underatanda soup",
. innats.iviBtrles, dcsaerU.Ae.; private farollyi ref
erences. 0. L., box r.57 Utln uptown offlee, 1285
IiMHHT-CLASS chambermaid; tbnrnniihly compe
Put; best reterencsat plain aeamurrss. M, 0
box87ti Bun uptown ofnee, 1206 l)malwy.
I-MMHT-CLa'Ss Swedish kltehenmald; undersUnda
her work thorou jhlyi beat rntrrences, II. T box
67li huu uptown ottlce, I20B Broadway,
IJUItRT CLABB Uumrrrsiii underatanda shlrta. collars
and cuffs: best references. M. B., box 681 Sun up
town nlUce, 1 2iir Ilrodway.
nnENCII nurse, or nnrsery Bovernrsi, to (Trowing
A children; itoou scainntress; can furnish best ref
erences. E. (t.,box 640 Bun uptown offloe, 12BS
KItcIiENMAID; thoroughly competent: wluinir
nnd obllulng; lest referoncea. M. B., liox 67U
Bun uptown office, 120.. Broadway ,
IAUNDnESS; thoroughlv enmp-tent: private fam
ily; ran fnrnish beat references. KT. C, box 682
Bun uptown office. 1206 Broadway. :
LAUNDllESS; jlrst rlsss7cltrofcountryi can fur
nlsh liest references, O, McM., box 6HU Sun up
town offlee, 120.1 Bniadway
fCUHSE. Well-recoinmended rmtrstant woman ns
; nursq to Krowlnc children; assist with house
work and ae-lnit; best reference. E. B box 643
Bun uptown othce, llfOA Broadway.
"Vl'BBE. Thoromthly competent young French
' Klrl as nursa; competent seamstress; lieat refer
ences. E. v' box 647 Buu uptown offloo, 1206
fvUllSE. ConipcUnt rnunc woman a nurse to an
-Linraiit orumwlni: children; best references. B.
C. box 612Hun uptown oftlee, 1206 Broadway.
Swr,DISII kltchenmaldTunderatauds her work
thnmiiKlilr; licst references. 9. 0.. box 6?8 Bnn
uptown onlce, 12116 Broadway
'IMIOnorOHLY competent woman as first-class fam
a- ily cook: wanes $2.1 to (0; tiest references, B.
II., box 6.1U Bun uptown office, 1206 Broadway,
rAITBlSS. ThoroualiTy understands wines, r'arv
' ina, salads, Ac: can furnish best references,
M. M., box 57U Sun uptown offlee, 1285 Broadway.
"rAlTItlSS. Tlioroirgbly neat nnd competent
11 woman an flrst-clsss waitress; best references.
M. L.. box nso Ban uptown office, 12B5 Broadway.
"rAITItE8S. First class; underatanda her work
11 thorouchly: prlvatu family: references. B. M
box 577 Bun uptown office. 1201 Broadway.
"WA1TBESS. nrarclaarundcrsinda her work
" thoroughly; ran furnish best references. A.
McT., nil West2Hth st., care O'BrteiK
V ANTED Work st office or store cleaning br an
' experienced, ablebodlcd woman. Mrs.IHNCn,
27.1 Broome at., third floor.
TlYr.LL-ItFCOMMF.NDED younir woman a cham
'! lrermald and waltresa; wllllni! and obllirlnK;
best references. K. C, box 578 Bun uptown office,
12H5 Broadway.
TTtrnLL-IircOMMENDED younir woman as cook,
1 1 washer and ironer; can furnish best references.
11. C box 601 Bun uptown office, 1205 Broadway.
WELL-RECOMMENDED younc Kirl a nurae to an
Infant; cood seamstress; references. M. L.,
box 544 Bun uptown ofllce, 1205 Broadway.
eflMt-CClnw MiJ-2ttaieisi
with 20 years' experience In newspaper and adver
tislns work, Is open for enKacement; haa successfully
handled larno and Important appropriations and can
prepare the stronurst nort of advertlslnR matter:
knows, mediums and values thorouirhly; unques
tioned references, Addrt ns A. M., box 20O Bun orflc.
N EDUCATED eneriieUo maii of cooil"address
desires position whero ability and fidelity will be
appreciated; is a printer by trade, and haa also
worked aa a proof reader and newspaper reporter:
will uladly accept any work that an intelligent man
can do that will return him a salary suftlclent to Btip-
gort himself, wife and threo children. W, II. ItOBIN
ON, 1407 Broadway, Brooklyn. N, Y.
A'YOl'NO MAN'." 18 years old, desires a steadr
position where there Is a possible chance of ad
vaneement: can furnish Anst-cla.s references. D. W
boxKOHun otllce.
BUTLER. Thoro-iahly competent, alngle-hsndod
butler; can furnish excellent references; city or
country. J. P., 04 Prospect place.
MECHANICAL F-lUNEEnT-Wanted, poaltlon by
mechanical engineer. 30 yeanC experience;
would contract to run mechanical department In any
building and give bonds for faithful performance of
same. Address A. C. R box 2D4 Hun offlee.
lunger established and has hail more expetienco than
any other advertising ph'siclan; rltr papers prove
this. Under hU scientific treatment blood and skin
dn.raacn. pains In bones, red spots, sore throat and
mouth, ulcers, painful swellings, kidnoy and bladder
complaints, scalding Inflammations, gravel, nndev el
oped oraana, weak back, lost vitality, are speedily,
permanently enreil. Men about to marry should con
ault OLD DR OllINDLE. Every Impediment re
moved. Sufferers, do not wasto time flitting less
skilful pujulctsns. Remember, OLD DR. ORINDI.E
never falls. oil'ICK OVER 1.1 YEARS at 171 Went
12th at., txtwi-en otb and 7th avs. Advlco free;
Medicine, i. Uours to ii; Bundays. 0 to 8.
OMl'im.'f.REY, 4R yrnrs nspeclnllst In
diseases of mm only. Quickest permanent euro
guarantied In all disci,, .. Blood poison, skin dis
eases kidney and bladder trouble, weakness, ner
vous debdit), errors of outh, bad dreama, undevel
oped organs, Impedimenta to marriage, A:c. Be wise,
consult tho only old specialist In the city. Ofnco
oTer 8.1 years at 120 East 17th at.,near Union Square.
Hours u to U; Sundays, I) to 3. ftclentlnc treatmnnt
and advice free. Medicine only 50 cents. No charge
unlnsa cured.
ClTHK In diseases of men; dangemus casea eollc
ltcd, relief at once; those desiring only first-class
scientific treatment should call. The leading special
it, Dr. Bonsctiiir, 127 West 22d at., I) to u, 7 to u.
Bundajs, 10 to 1.
A-PR." CONRAD'8 BANlTAHIL'M.-flclenUfle, sill
fill treatment of all diseases of women; private
rooms; even- convinience and appliance; consulta
tion. I A. M. In Ii P. M. Call or write for booklet.
1 17 W. 47th t. Tel. 3320 ilNtb.
BIL AND MRSTsiMPBON, tho leading specialists in
New York, successfully treat all female com
Blalnts and irregularities; 2,1 years' experience; pri
vate sanitarium: tratuod nurses; treatment guaran
teed: free confidential adrice. litou, 55Weat35th
st, near Broadway.
DOCTOR Mrs". Reliihard treats female lrrecularltleai
a-fety gu.n'anteedi 00 years" experience. 711
7th av., near 47th st,
TR." BLINN, 177 Wet47tb at., near B'way; hour
I U l-3; speciulUes.obstetrlcsanadlseaaesofworaen.
ONEIth or WAR TO HPAIN.-Bealed proposals are
Invited for the transportation of the Spanish prison
era of war who surrendered to the united State
forces, from Bsntlsgo de Cnba to Cadiz, or such other'
port of Spain as may hereafter lie designated. Their
number is estimated aa cue thousand commissioned
ofl1c;ri and twenty-four thousand enlisted men.
Cabin accommodations are to be supplied for the
officers, and third-class or steerage accommodations,
having suit-iol" galley accommodations, iiinformiiig
to the United States requirements as to spire slid
vs.itlliitlon, forlhe enlisted men. The United States
Government will deliver the prisoner on lioard
at Santiago. Proposals to state the por capita price
for traiihportlug othecra and for transporting en
listed men and for tbelr subsistence and delivering
thi in on shore at the Spanish port, aubslstence to li
.Mill to United States Army "garrison" rations, aa
follows: 1,0011 complete rstlona Meat Pork, llo,
7,1 pounds net weight; bacon, 2-10, 15o pounds net
weight; tinned roast beef, 710, 700 ioiinds net
w light. Flour or hard bread Net weight i.imhi
pounds. VcgetablcH Dry beans, net weight 76
pounds; or rje, net weight 60 pounds; fresb
potitiH-s, net weight hoo pounds: onions, nut
weight 20o pounds. Coffee, roasted, net weight
ho piiinds. Sugar, net weight 150 pounds,
Vinegar, net weight 80 pounds. Soap, net weight
40 iHHiudri. Salt, net weight 40 louuds. Pepper,
blptk, net wight2..1 luuinds, Needed transporta
tion a- alnve specified P report to the Chief Quarter
nil," arid Suntlagn hrtwocti July uotli and August 10th,
IHiiH lo mi nt III b made when evidence that
the prisoner have lieen drtlvered is presmted to
tliisomce. Propoaila should be addroased to Col
onel Frank J. Heeler, nre Depot Quartermaster, U.
H. Army Building. New York Pity, and will heoivened
atelevin o'clock A.M., Juli 201b, Ihiih. W, I, LUD
INO TON, Quarteroiaster-Oeueral, U H. A.
37inuofortc,j, (Oronn?, Ac.
nUNES BROS .i.oo month (75.00
lioi.loii, mull i .ie .l.iHiiiiiintli Jiooud
Nnrdiili, medium l'u . (5.IMI lunnth 140. IK)
llnrdoii, Urgiatelxi to.oo inonth V176.O0
Units t.i. OOUUO.N ., lliur,tliavbrt.2iiihs:21stats.
IAr.iiEasnHiiii ut, ellglitfy tiaeil. (mi to (125; rent
J:i, .null lnrt.illi.il iit. (mirier llios.,i:iK.l. tli st.
IlltlVVI'E faiulli inii't Bacrlflce elegant (U.VJ up.
right pl.iuo, good aa tu v?, (12.1. 1 : East ulst i.
11ATENTS for inventions piocured pmmpllyi low
nibs. ROEDLIt k Bllir.SEN, 82 Nassau tt N. Y.
IXabbslled IH.1I.
Business vCUnnres,
PRINTINO at a few hours' notice; 1O.DO0 circulars
(It cards and blllhiada. 40c, per 1,000. EDOAU
I .lUNl'lNO oTATIONEUY CO., ii) Wtat 3vtk at.
1 ' i" s
8tlttt 3on.
Knat Ride. 1 '
MADISON AY lo.-Beautiful room, vrlft prrraU i
bath; excellent Uble. 2.
OlflT BT 2!) EAST. Large and small roomti '11
--) J-soutlirrn exposure; newly furnished; table a U
specialty; references. 41
OKTII ST., lin EABT (near Madison Booara) h
Handsome large and small rooms; delightful
tabuboardi Teasonable. Je
9tTUBT., 114 EAST.-Large and amall rooms. VB
U nlctly fumtshed, with or ithont board. fit
West Hide.
1 nTn 8T" M WEST. Doubla and slnfl room 41
A.y with board; reasonable rates; transient acoom- , 4 J
modated; reference. 8
egiirnifilicil goofti j & gumttmentu log-tt M
Knat Ride. )li
OfiTn BT 100 EAST.-New, clean, cool; tramleat, S
vj permanent; good home; reference asked; all Jjti
avD ST., nn FAST.-8eleot large and amall fur- j
" nlshed rooms; baths, runnmg water; married S!
couples or single. m
Weil Ride. '3j
AT 8 UNIVFRSITY Punt opposite Washlnttea S
S-iuare Elegant furnished rooms; all oonvej- jyt
plences; private houae; gmitlcmen only. tf
NIVER8ITY PUCE. 6, near Washington Square- 5R
Handsomely furnished room to let by day 0 .fj
week; gimtlemeiK BIJ
f ASltiNi5TON"l'LCET 04 WEST. Neatly far -Jr!
' ' nlshed square, pleasant front room; also hall TmI
room; moderate; gentlemen only. ill
7TI1 AV.. 32, near 1 ilth si Newly furnished room I
foroneortwogentlemeni prlv ate house. w
LOTH BT 40 WT.S.-On'o largo and" amall rootni A
-" private bath; gentlemen only; breakfast sorvsdl 3f,
references. " W
1 ICTll ST., 27 WEST. Large and small rooms; oool i'fl
J J boinelike; tiled baths, central location; American , s
family; referenda. - r
1 OTI1 ST.. 4lf WrST.-Clean, tidy rooma; good $
-y table; central location; Southerners,- tranrianta f
taken; rcfcrilircs exchanged.
QQTH ST.. 611 wiaT.-One large, airy room, (3.50
f" per week.
4lnxa and partraent9 &a 5et.
9 TIT AV.. 320. Desirable apartments; 8 room-i
bath; all conveniences; rcntalow. j
Co get (or guu.tujjs gurpoiieji.
5I inn RTonns to let j
A nn-ni mmdkn lane. , .
YEAR hulas!) a- wniTiNO, ' , 'i
,l-fr' 6 BEEKMAK ST. I
. a ' I
fel.grt?'-'f f Wtc , . I
Harlem Branch it
110 west lssTii sthf.i:t ' i
M. R. SMITH, lint H'way. cor, 2uth (Room fllX vj
IRenl Cutate ,,ox nle glcw aergta, 1
main orricK. -a
Tn01t SALE 5V acron water front, on tho Hudson, S
X opposite Yonkers, N. 1., for grove, stone crusher jS
or factory. CHARLEa I)U BOI8. Fort Lee, N. J. i
?ubUe Jlotieeii. j
piSsT office" notice! j
(Should lie read DAILY by all lntcrcated.a change ,
may occurat any time.) I
1'orvign malls for tho weak ending Julv 25, 1B08, ,'
will close (PROMPTLY iu all cisibi at the General
Post Offlee as follow ; PARCELS POST MAILS clou -1
ono hour carlit-r tbsu closing time shown below. 1
WEDNESDAY U ii A. M. (snppleiuentary 10;S
A. M.) for EUROPE (except Spain), per steamehlp i
Ocrmanic, via Queenstown; at 10 A. M. for 9
EUROPE (except Hpalnl, ler steamship Noord 3
land, Ma Southampton (letters must bo directod uj
"perNoordlanil"). IB
SATURDAY. At 6.30 A. 31. for r.UROPE (oicepi '
Spain), per steamship Umhria, via Queenstown f
(letter for I'runce, hwitxerland. Italy, Turkey, S
Egypt and British India must be directed "por .
Urabrbi"); at 7 A. M. for ITALY, per steamship -IS
Ems, via Naples ilettera must ho directed "per ca
Ems"); at 7 A. M. forFlHNCE, SWITZERLAND. 1
per ateaminip I . Navarre. vU Havre (let- 'fl
tera for other parts of Europe (except r ,8
Spain) must be directed "per La Navarro')! 3
at S A. M. for NETHERIANDm direct, per steam-
ship Rotbrlam, via Rottenlam (letters must b n
directed " ier Rotterdam "1. at 10 A. M. for SCOT- R
LAND direct, per steamship Ethiopia, via Ola-
gow ilettera muat be directed "per Ethiopia")! .iff
at 10:30 A. II. for EUROPE (except Spain), per JS
steamship Chester, via Queenstown (letters must "at
be directed" per ChcHter"), at 11 A. M. forNOB- 5g
WAY direct, per ateamship UekU (lcttera must b 9
directed "per Hekla"). u
After the closing nf tbo Supplementary Tnneatlantia if
Malla named above, additional auppl,mentary f
mails are opened on tho pier of the American. , a
English, French snd Herman steamers, and rr , 3
maluiipen until within Ten Mlnutea of the hour iy
of aalling of steamer. k
MONDT. At 12 M. (siipiil.iaentary 1 P. M.) for ,H
CENTRAL AMEUIC (except Cosbv Rica) and
SOUTH PACIFIC lH)ltTrt. per steamship Itnance. 'AS
viaColou (lettere foriiuatemala muat be dlroctea w
"per Finsuro"); at 13 P. M. for COSTA RICA. IF
pcrst.'amer from New Orleans. Jm
TUISDAY.-At 8:30 p. SI. for NEWFOUNDLAND, per 3
stwuner from North Sidney; at 10 P. M. for ,3
J 4.MAICA, por steamer from Philadelphia. fl
aud TOBAGO, per steamship lrrawaddy; at 1 m
P. M. for IiRA7.II.and LAPLATA COtINTRiES,pr JJ1
steamship Colerlilge, v la Peniumbuco. Bahla, and ' K
Rio Janeiro (letters for North Braxil muat bo w
dlnKted "per Coleriilgo"): at 11 P.M. for Jr in
MAICA, per steamer from Baltimore. Ill
TnURSDAY.-At 10:30 A.M. for HAITI, per steam- 21
ship Prins Willeni I. (letters for Cape Haiti, Ven- 'SJ
eruela, Cnnuao, Trinidad, British and Dutclt m
Qiiiana must lie dirocted " per Prins Wlllem Il 'M
FRIDAY. At 11 A. M. for BRAZIL, per steamship ,W
Dalccarlia, via l'ernatnbiuo ilettera for Norttx ,3
Bmril must bo directed "er I)abcarlla"). " ,M
SATURDAY'. At lo A. M. (iniiplenisntarr 10:30 A. Jl
NILLA, andOREYTOWN, per atcamalilp Atboa U
(letters forCostn Rica must be directed "per S
Athos"i:at IDA. M. (supplementary KKIO A. M.) m
steamship Hol.lclu: ut 10:30 A. M. for NASSAU.
YUCATAN, por steamship Ithaka (letters for other f!
parla of Mexico must be ilirei'ted "perltliaka")!! 'al
1 1 A. M. (supplementary 11 :.io A. M.) for VENEZ- 5
TIIAOKW, via Curacao, ner slenmsliip Abydosi 1
at Bisii 1, M. for NK.VFOUNDIjVND, per steamer a
fromNurthSydney;ati);301'. M. forST.PIERRB- ' I
M1QUEIX1N, per steamer from North Sydney. !
alls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax, tad (&
thenee by steamer, close at tblt ofnco dally at t
8:80 P. 31. Malls for Mlijuelon, by rail ts Bo. IV
ton, and thence by steamer, closo at this ofHov M,
daily at H:80 P.M. Mails for Mexico City, over- ;3
lanil, unlesaspei tally addressed for despatoh by jjl
stiaroer, olose at this oCloe dally at 2:30 A. . Tm
and 2:HO P. U. I Registered mall close lit ' M
T. M. previous day. S
Malls for China, Japan, and Hawaii, per steamship W
Gselin (from San 1'rnncisco), cloae here dally up
to July 20 at 0:30 P. M. Mulls for Australia (ex. ",
rept West Australia), New Zealand, Hawaii, and i
nil Islands, ier steamship Warrimoo (from Van- , W
convert, close hero dallr after July 8 and up to o
July 21 at 0.30 P.M. Malls for the Society 11. ' k
amis, per ship City nf papeltKfnun Ban Franclaco), I
close here dally up to July 26 st 0:30 P. M. Mali '
fur China and Japan (specially addreised only), 1
persteanishlpr.uipressof lndlalfrura Vancouver), &
cloee here dally up to July 125 at 0:30 P. 11. I
Malls for China and Japan, per steamship Taoomo M
(from Tacomai, i loso hero dally up to Aug, 4 at -'
ii 30 P.M. Mali" for Australia (except those for
West Austrolla, which are foraanled via Europe), i f
Nrwenland, Hawaii, FIJI and Samoan Island. u
v.er steamship Mariposa (from San Franclaco),
close here dally up Iu Aug. 0 at 7 A. M 11 A. M. t
and 0:30 P.M. lor on arrival at New York of U
fleams hip Ktrurla with British malls for Au. V
TrauspariHc malls are forwarded to port of aallins; j!
daily aud the schedule of closing is arranged on tbo ' 1
f resumption nf their uninterrupted overland transit, '';
Registered mail closes at l P. M. previous day. m,
CORNELIUS VAN COrT, Postmaater. ,
Post Office, Nea York. N. Y JuU 16. 1BUH. -ffil
Stewart Building. 20 Bnmdway. A
July 6th, IMPS. V,
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby given by the Commla
siouvrs of Taxes and Aasewmenta that the Assess r
melit Rolls of Real and Personal Estate in said City .
Illopiughs of Manhatun and The Bronx), for th f
jear IhUS, have been On illy completed and have If
Ih en delivered to, and tiled with, the Municipal As- ll
pembly of luid city, and that such Assessment Roll ,
wili irliiain ojii n to public Inspection in thu offlc of a fi
ssld Muiilcliuil Acmbly for a period of fifteen day f,i
from the dale nf this ni'llre. ,
1'ri'sident. I Commlaslonera) il
WILLIAM F. l)l!i:i,I., AtsesamenU. I
Altl'llUR C. SALMON, J ll
NOTin' IS HKREBY OIVEN thut all parties having J !j
nr lull udiiig t make i Uin a aguiust the late llrru of BJ
Alfred Dolgi A Sim, uiiiiiH-pi-d nr AUud Dolgu aud El
Itudnlf Dolge, and toriuerly doing busiursa at liolge K
tllle, N. Y., and In the dt of Ni w York, or against t';l
Hie tecclvir of the said tlrm aud the sn-ts in hi Is
bauila, areheicby rciiuliod tu pivsi nt euch claim Sj
and deiiiauds resixitlvel). dull vcriBed. to th a
indeislgiied n U ttr, si tin oflli-r nf AlWrt M. Mills. ')
recclveriif tlicanl Alfnil lDlge.v: Son, in the city of 1
Littln I'alls, lleikinier coiintv. N. Y. Hucb claim i
must lie prrsentid i I or liefuro tbs 2 Mb, day at ft
AugUbt. leiiH. J
Dated Juue 27. 181M, u

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