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i i ... . . - . . . . H
I) miTBiTlOS l Tltr.STATItr.nAVS TO A
t svntioss TO MM.
I Both rtde' Hesitating About rutting Any
I f,f tum" tinerlonn on tlio State Tickets,
I ill l 'f Knit" WlllielmU Alleged Un-
I dlriHlllari t" t'i in Our Wnr with Spnln.
fv ltichanl Crokar cabled yesterday to his per
il U asi al !i i?lld Senator Thomas Trancl Grady,
1 :, t nC vro il 1 nll from Liverpool on the Luca
I nia thl nomine and probably arrive-In New
I lork ne1 X'r'J''1 iftarnoon. Iu view ot tho re
I ' ,M 0 the extraordinary gesilon of the Logls
i uturetnd tho MetroiioUtan Elections law. soma
1 olthe leading lammany men had cabled to Mr.
1 Croler tint " ,l8 cou'd nnd " convenient to
1 oomo h-rn lilt, ahead of time it would do
1 no hrm hn l ootulng.
1 fie natc r Murphy and othor Democrat. It was
,Mertsinid, liail nNo tmegestod that It powlblo
Mr lrc ,r should get back lolvow YorUln or
txn tarM Ipato In tho preliminary discus
.Ions as to the catling ot tho Democratic. Btate
J committee aud tho Demooratla BUta Conven
ts Senator Murphy and his frionda bollov
la the latest kind of a Doniocratlo State Oon
Ttntlon 1 hey believe It should be held after
th lieputllcau Convention, whloh without
doubt will assemble on or about Sopt. 16. They
b'lv In a short campaign, aud It may bo said
n(1w that th majority of Democrats of nil
factions bclievo that tho fight should bo made
en Btato Iijups alone. As already announced
In Tin 9i. the Populist party bolloves In In
dorsee tho Chicago platform of 1800, and un
less tho Poraocratlo Stato Convention does this
It threatens to nomluato a Btato ticket of Its
01rn 'l ho Domocratto Btato managers seem to
care little or nothing for tho threatof tho Popu
lists, and yet at tho same time thoy are nw aro
of tho Ilrjan sentiment in the western and
mlddlo wrstora oountles of ths Stato. Bomo
jortol a compromise. It la insisted, must bo
i((.lththcj people. ,,.,-
hi-Hi-tiator Hill nrrlved at tbo Hotel Jvor
rnaudlo jl night. Ho is on his way to Nor-nivnlle-1
i-tho-beafora few days' recreation,
heritor Muriliy. John F. Carroll, and other
1 moernt an- at lnheron. six mllei uvv ay from
5,ormuinii-b)-tho-Sa. but it was said last
iiichl that no cutiferuneo of any Import-mco
whl bo luld bs tho id 6ca wuves until
tha artlvul of Mr Crokor. Tho game Is
to linpoitant thli jinr that It will bo
bcccHiar) to hnvo ti full and free un
nrtaiidW boforo any decisive stops aro
taken N-nator Met arren. who Is ono of the
mutt lmirt mt Democrat. In Kings county,
a ld Inst iiu-ht at tho Hoffman Houso thut he did
nut telleve Mr Hill ami Mr McLaughlin would
meet for s me llttio time, for the reason that
LH'intK'nitli! St ite Chairman Elliot Danforth
inil i llit'r Demoor its cilled on ox-Sonntor Hill.
Mr Hill ha lellcved all along In an early Dem
ocratic watu ( onventlon. Mr. Danforth said
that ndato had been sot for the convention,
and nom would bo for somo time to como
Some ot the Democrats bellovo that the He
puhllcans are plavlng a waiting same, and
owe ot them belluvo In forcing tho light;
others are chnr about taking preclnltato
steps for tho retsivi tint thej have not tho
sl'shti'st Idea whom tho ltepubllcans aro to
uoniinato for Governor and Lieutenant-Governor
Ml the) know Is that Senator Piatt and
hlsfilendssay that the llepubllcan Convontlon
Jhou'.d not te hn'd until Sept. 15 Benator
latt and his friends hnvo sueeested no candi
dates Superintendent of Insuranoe Payn and
other Important lloruibllcnns aro convinced
that Gov lilack and Lieut -Uov Woodruff will
t e renominated, but nothing definite) has bcuu
maJe known .... . .
The Denioeratlo politicians of tho Btato aro
dl'turtedsomcwlnt over tho alleged attitude
ot Oornmn toward the United htates in tho
war with bpaln Just or unjust, tnoro is an Im
jreflon In tho United atntes that Gorman) Is
not friendly to the Initod btatos In the present
controveisy Naturally thero In moro or less
concern among the Democratic politicians
Id tho btnto over this mattor, for tha
roasou that ox-Senator Hill and his friends
jinve lolloved that ex-'u'Pretnry of Stato
Jnderiik Cook of llochestcr should bo tho
Detnueratie candidate for Governor, the nomi
nation has pructleillj been offered to Mr.
Cook II was n crent vote getter when ho ran
for Secretary of Ptato twieo. ten and twelvo
yi are ago: but tho Di mocratle bolons are be
ginning to hesltato n to Jlr. Ccwk because of
I the apparent unfriendliness of Germany to tho
Vnltea States, and the) hesitates to name a man
who may fed tho rt mlts of a resentment grovv
itigout of tho alleged attitudo of tho Gorman
In thosane way these remarks apply to the
Itiimlillean filiation Qu'to a unmoor of He-
ful Ileal of pimnui'o lellovo that ox-Mayor
(Men . htlir t It r of l!rookl)n sliuuld bo
Eomluftticl tur (luvurnor. Tlio policy ot this
matter is that both tho Democrats and tho Ke
I nt lionriH bellovo that n Gorman should bo
nommatod to head each btnto ticket for tho
purpoao or neutralizing, as It were, tho alleged
tfficU ol tho H lines Llotior law.
Thsltepublloan and tlio Democratic rowors
haveWiii looking Into this matter, unit vvhlio
thevmnlMr Cook and Mr Sdiroeiler respcot
ivdyto bo ver) strong indlvlduall). thej aro.
niverth 'ess, (.onfronted with a feeling that
the )oung German Kaiser has rather coiumit
ti il the derm in peoplo in Europo to tho Hpinish
side In tho preeent war. It was recalled l.it
nldit that during tho I rauco-l'ruiM in war of
tw(iit)-tlve jears ago tho majority sentiment
of the New irk press tutored the I'renth.and
that the German cltlrens of tho I'nited States
at the time wnro ,or. gieatly Incensed
It may be set down tint both tlio Republican
aiidlhn Democratic parties will proceed very
Jfini;i rly In the mitter of nominating a Gormnn
lordii) rlaenontho re-petlve State tickets, for
the reason as p wly Btnterl. thnt tho majority
eentimi lit of the voters of New lork btato sup
lrtheirtil) President Mclilnloy's louductof
the wir
Within the Inst week or two a number of Ger
lnanor(taniratlon In tho Stato liavo eonioout
and protested acninst tho attitude of the vounc
) tieiinan halter toward the United States In tho
l present contioversy Allot thesn organizations
Imedeelared that they believed in tho land of
Hit Ir adoption, and while thoy havo a fond do
mestic sentiment for tho fatherland, they de-
rreeiitln the strongest terms thealloged at-
'.'t" le of tho authorities nt Jerlln toward the
linted Btates In tho war with Sptln.
London Critics Sny It Ilns Cost Mr. Crolier
"oo.iuio to Ilnce In Lugland.
IiNpns. July '12 -The London sporting and
t't f wrtorit aro Indulging in frequent pani
Briiihsregirdlncllluliard Croker's racing ex
perUnei and fututo Intentions, mid most of
them comment on his recent purchaso of the
tuo-jear-ohl 1111) Uttlo Saint, tho winner of a
H.',. l"n1!lncr.a"'- nt 'bo enormous prlro ot
Jni le ' '"' ll!LS sl"Co t,et-n "hipptd to
Hie Star rrealls tlio Crol er-Dw yer system of
entering tirst.elass horses in soiling platos and
luck Uf tin in h .ivil, but ba)s that tho systom
the J)a,l.j VitiricarnsthitMr.Crokorlntends
,i iW.J.aHni ln England, which his cost
inn M. ouo .as he hns not received u chance
irum tin. Inndlc appors to win.
imviT ion j. niriso nvnxs.
Ctiiigrrssiiinn tVard, u Strong l'lntt Man,
Vliiud In tlw Second DUtrUt.
Now thit the primaries In tho Second Asom-
W) district of Westchester county have been
I bel 1 and contests deelded. Senator J Irvine
IJiuriis fieej t hopt lessness of his efforts
v ') ren rnlnatcd. This In no sense is a de
bat of the organlritlon. as Congressman Wil
lUinL Ward, tho victor. Is a stioncorganlza
"on man ,md hat during tho rocont besslou of
umgress u iyod ft mnrked pcrs.,nal frlond
n P with Sonator PI itt. Tho results of tho
I nmarles aro duo to tho unpopularity ot Sena
tor hums and tho Increasing strength of Con-
8ec!!J!!J. tt?i ' .Thn Primaries hnvo returned
m 'oil V '"V1 'ombly District Gontont on.
wVheVKir. ''".'WCli. Ward 17. Jlums 1
ro LV u-.V1,0.1,'' ye.Ward 15: Mama
Ward V i?rl 6, I arrlton. Man! 4. Total.
and u i L i inB 1 J estchestor and City Isl
lien it nS'1 Now 1'je'ielle, IB. not yet elected
iiv?t'. urn9rledthuJatwrhe would lack
' wIrTtTJ',lir'(lS8"n,,l' district Is conceded to
' ! "tI.r?fJ,1!.r'?P ,ncn- Cllng U Houatorlal
n,t f ?,, f.P; 4 J!u'' munages to win out In
I 3 'ie F 5t , lif'ft nlrs and Mount Vernon.
f i beJ?,' I'l,!rl0'' 'ormerly a Burns btronghold.
I rjitmaiuV01 i,lr. Sard's appointment oi
can e,f?t,,,1.wid ll '1 '.rr doubtful II Burns
I atnes rJ,ilU "TP. district 'I here are many
I'urnV ti r,f,ll1 f0.r fht Bsnatorahip hell by
Janes M'fW'd Pel11 ll'a' ' '"d Hon.
Shlrddi.trilV"?1'', wI"0 hua represented the
I Bradford to ' '," " I"0'' houis lor years.
1 ckHT.k"LM'"' Trosldent of the llamaro-
iiatk, laaieoastiongoaad UiaU.
J ooKtr.v nm-vuuaAtfB.
1 fcentJ,ner,t ,,lero ,f7,UK ,.., 0wl,
touioielt for OorornorT
I lie? r""n alUr D Atfrburr of th. Repub
hi. ,i ,"tr ,nlttes in Drookljii declared
blot !?'f?,oonvloUon reatanUr that Govt
nimL, h ut-"v Woodruff would be t-
"lr ?iB"' ",d U mde "tensive
V pi. """State rocenUy and found that He
. hr ti,,, Putltunt was praotlcally unanimous
l L'm 'd tiekist
I I ' u.'i't !." " U ' Mr Woodnifr exhibited some
1 ttuii k. ,"'"" """"'cont action of the Logan
I 'aftwrnj, , Uaaiin; lu favor ot Ooi Boo-
rolt Tor tho Oovr.rnorahip. as tho nomination ot
tho latter would result.it Is irenornllr undor
'Btood. In tho withdrawal of Mr. Woodruff from
tho ticket. Tho mombors of tho club belong to
tho Park Slopo dlstrlot lu which Mr. Woodruff
resides, and In goncrat aro strong supporters
ot him It Is said that a full mootlngof tho club
may bo hold nextwesk to consider tho Gov
ernorship question Thoro was also a rumor
that a strong Iloosovolt sontiment had boon do
elpped In the Union. Iaguo Club and that It
might soon como to tho front.
Ool Mlchaol J. Dody. a momhorof thoHepub
llcan Btato Cotnmlttoo nndChnlrman of tho Lt
ceutlvoCommlttoe of tho llrooklui orginlra
tlon, sailed for Uurqpo. this morning In the
steamer llaodiceaot tho Wilson line. Ho will re
turn In time to attend the Htnto t'qnv cnllon. to
which ho, Is adelogato. Meanwhile Mr. Attor
bury will be his, proxy In tho State Commltteo
and also act tor him as head ot tho local organ-
Pollco Commissioner Ilnnry E Aboil got a ro
ccptlon on 1 hursday night from tho eliib In tho
Twenty-second ward which bears his name,
lie made an address In which he doelared his
undying allegiance to tho pilnelplesof tho P.e
publlcan party, and denouneod tho traitors lu
Its ranks. He did not rotot to the Devery inci
dent or tho vvork of the extra sosalon of tho
flrrurjTK's iiinncobcrcAnrJc.
Will Thrj Train with Clta or Tlirlr l'nrtj
and Hurrah for lilack or Itooiciplt?
Trouble Is expectod at the Bpoolnl meeting of
thoBrookflold-Swnyno ltepubllcans which will
bo held on Monday ulglit. lho meeting vvns
called to hiko final action on two resolutions,
which caused a row whon they woro Introduced
nt the last gathering ot tho organization. One
is to approve the intention ot tho Citizens'
Union to nomlnato lndopondent candldatos for
the Benato and the Assembly, and to pledge,
support to such candidates providing they nro
Republicans. The othor Is to support Gov.
Black for renomlnatlon In tho Stato Conven
tion. Thoro is a decided dlfforcnco of opinion
among tho Swnjneltca about theso resolutions.
Tho forces which fa or a partnership with the
Cltirens' Union ln tho coming local campaign
are led by Lovell H, Joromo, a warrior of great
renown for warllkcncss. Tho leader of tho op
position forces Is llllam BrooUlcld. Ho feels
that tho organization would mnko Itsolf ridic
ulous by passing a resolution to nupixjrt Cit
izens' Union candidates after It had put Itself on
rocordas rocognblng as regular tho commit
tees chosen by tho ltepubllcans at tho primaries
held on Juno 7.
Tho resolution Indorsing tho candidacy of
Gov. Black was orlglually Introduced byW. II.
Konyon, and It rocolved tho hearty support of
Mr. Brookfleld, who oxpects to take a solid del
egation from tho Twenty-sovctith Assembly
district to tho btato Convontlon for Gov. Black.
Recently, howevor, a strong sontiment in favor
of tho nomination of Col. Thcodoro Iloosovolt
has grown up in the organization and it is by.
no means certain that tho Black resolution w 111
bo adopted.
si'ctrzLAaws uepvtt.
VTho la It to no? Mr. Van Diueii's Chance
to Oct tlio l'lnco.
It waa reported last night that tho Ilopubll
can leaders In Brookl) u had succeeded lu pre
venting tho appointment of Clarenco Y. 0. Yon
Duson as deputy to Superintendent McCullach
under tho Election law passod at tho extra
session. Col. Michael J. Dady said that Super
intendent McCullagh had assured him and Wal
tor B. Attorbury tint Mr. Van Dusen would not
bo his deputy. Tho opposition to Mr. Vnn
Dusen was 1 ased on his nllegod doubtful polit
ical standing, and not on personal grounds
'lho Brooklyn organization has Indorsed
Alfred T Hobley, tho ljceoutlvo Committee
man from the Thirteenth ward, for thotlaco,
and Inst night tho leaders seemod to be confi
dent that ho would bo appointed within a few
dais Mr HoMey has long been active ln Ite
pulillcan politics, and Is tho recognised lender
in tho Hfth Assembly district He was deputy
llcenso clerk under tho burster Administration.
A personal friend of Mr. an Dusen said last
1 was tho first Itepubllcan to mention Mr.
Van Dusen's name for this place, for the reason
that he is ven familiar with election matters.
I tlnd. however, that tho organization ltepub
llcann ot Now lork and J!nolln objict to his
appointment, and the question now is w hether
1 shall Insist upon Mr. Vnn Dusen's appoint
ment and throw him Into a place w hero he.
would meet during Ills term the ant igonlm of
ltepubllenns who had n right officially to object
to his appointment That Is the position which
confronts Mr. Van Dusen andiuvuclf."
Connecticut Itopubllcmis
Fisnrn's 1st ant, JJ Y.. July 22 Tho Repub
lican Stato Central Committee of Connecticut
mttat thoMunnatawkct Hotel hero this even
ing. Twenty-two of tventy-(en districts
were represented by delegates or their proxies.
Tho Hyperion Tluntro In Now Haven was
named us thn plaeo for holding tho convention
anil Sept 1 tho date The following commit
tee was named to appoint temporary and per
manent Chairmen for tho convention: Chair
man Fyler, II C. Dwight, Allen W. Pago. C. N.
Daniels, and W. B. Bo nolds. ,
Mrs. Turell's Will l)liuteil.
A contest of tho will of Mrs Serena I). Turell.
an ceccmrio woman, who died at tho Park Ave
nuo Hotel on May 20 last, leaving ulargi estate,
was entered In the Surrogate's Coin t yeutordny
by Edward P. Dltklo. Emma D. Van VIctk. aud
Helen D Adams, brother and sisters, w ho woro
not rememboM d in tho will Mrs Turell was n
daughter of Dr Patrick Dlcklo, who died In
1B77. loavinc about f2 000.000. which ho hnd
mado out or latent medicines Mio loft tho
property 10 and 18 Jay street. allied at $00.
000. to the Uov A. B Simpson, who hns a faith
curochapol. bho mado bequests to waiters anil
other persons who had soned her. includ
ing her dressmaker, and tho residue to her
friends. Imogeno Ixiekwood of 20 East 120th
street and Louisa Van andt btr kcr.
Cnmmlngs Threatened to Kill Ills Aunt.
When tho parents of James Cnmmlngs died
about ton years ago his aunt, Mrs Catherine
Griffin, ot 200 Bedford nvonuo. 'Williamsburg,
took him ln chargo. Cummlngs was then 10
years old. ltecently he has been in bad com
pany, and continually demanded money from
Mrt'. Grillln. hho Ins refused to glv nit to him
On Thursday mot nine she found htm Btandlng
bfRldnhnrbed with a knlfo in his hand. Ho
threatened to kill her if flhn did not srlvo him
J5 bho escaped and had him arrested hen
arraigned In the Lo Avcnuo Court yostordny
he aetod ns If demented Ho pleaded not guilty
to tho charge und Magistrate -vostraud ru
manded him for a hearing.
Trntli Street Tcrrv l.rfutn Sold.
The Dock Boird succeeded yesterday In sell
ing tho frauchlso of the 'lentil street ferry to
Greenpolnt at tho upsi t piico fixed, namely.
S!i,r00a ear 'J ho purchaser was tho Tenth
mid Tvvent)-thlrd Stn etFerryConipuny.whlch
Is tho presont lessee and tho life or tho fran
chise. Is ten ears The franchise was put up at
auction twico hi fore, but no ono appeared who
was willing to pay tho upset price
Ilurglnrs Carried Away Ileese's Wnlitlng
Otto Bocso ot 2738 Boulevard, Jersey City,
reported at tho Montgomery street pollco sta
tion yestorday that his houso had been entered
by burglars, and 5400 and nn evonlng suit car
ried awa j 'J ho houso is n now ono and Mr
JtoesollVLsalono at present, but to having thn
house lilted up ill anticipation of his wedding
In the fall.
Consolidated Kxcliange ICcononitms.
Tho Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Ex
change has abolished the place of Assistant
Secretary and cut down the salaries of em
rl -ees In tho Secretary's offlco. The Building
Commtttoo hns discharged tho special police
man and shut up one door no astosavnone
doorman. A rnpreseutnllve of the Lxchangn
said yesterday that the Exchange vva never in
better financial condition
TJftTrnllau Customs X.nvrs Unchanged.
This ruling by W B. Ilowell, Assistant Secre
tary ot the Treusury, was reoelved at the Cus
tom nouse yesterday:
" Until legislation shall bo onacted oxtendlng
United Statos oustoms laws and lobulations to
the Hawaiian Islands, the existl.ig customs
relation to the United States, and to oUier
countries will remain unchanged,"
Diiiluess TrouliUs.
JamosD. Owens, John A.Owens and James
L. Aylesbury (Owens A Co.), manufacturers of
aoda water apparatus at05&FI",t avenue, mado
an assignment yesterday to George P. Helm
berger without Preference. i.
An attachment has been obtained against
Anthony Elsenbarth. grocer at Pirst nveniio
and Sixteenth street, for WHO In favor of II
Kara II Duokworth forbalanoe due for grocor
Im. Mr. laaeubarth, it U ealiUuuMoJd ou,
rurrn annvat, costkntiox of tub
President Hepburn lu Ills Address Itefer
to the Developments ot tlio Yrnr, Which
Shoir That Wn Must Seek the alnrhets of
the World to Hell Our Surplus Products.
NucitnA Falui, July 22. Tho fifth annual
convention of tho Now York Btato Bankers'
Association was opened nt tho International
Hotel In this city nt 10 o"clock this
morning. Tho conv ontlon will eontlnuo to-day
and to-morrow. Tho Hon, A. B. Hepburn of
Now York called tho convontlon to order. Ho
i tlio President ot tho association. Afterprnyor
by tho T.ov. A. S. Bacon of this olty. Prosldont
Hepburn delivered his annual address.
" '1 ho ) ear has been a prosperous ono for this
nsoclaHon, as will fully appear from tho re
ports of tho Hceretniy nnd '1 1 cuBUrcr. Tho last
llf-onl )enr has. Indeed, been a remnrknblo ono,
allko from economic and political standpoints.
Thonluoot our merchandlso sold abroBd ex
ceeds tho value, of foreign merchandlso Im
ported Into tho United Slatos by f 015.250.000.
Tho outsldo world contributed to tho wealth of
tho United States this round sum, nnd yet the
air Is llllod with tha cry of hard times, a cry in
which bankers, with others, join. What
ever mny bo tins present view, thn jear
just closed will bo looked back upon ns
ono of uniiBUiI prosperity, and It wo
havonot found Itprostorous It Is becauso wo
have failed to recognize and adapt ourselves to
tho changed and changing conditions. Tho
days of 0 per cent, interest hnvo gone, only to
return at troubled lutorvuls. whon normnl con
ditions nio disturbed. Tho choicest Invest
ments jlcldlcss than 3 percent, Somo rail
road bonds bearing UK par cent. Interest com
mand a promlum. Ilentuls aro proportionately
reduced, and theRO conditions havo como to
stny. Tho growing wealth of this country Is
enormous, and as n pormanont condition wo
must rocoguizo 1 per cent, as a good return for
"Whllo thp earning power of money nnd
property bus for jenrs boon growing gradually
less, m thn nnme tliuci tho purchasing power of
lil ir Imsstendlly Increased, not only from tho
invivising scale of wages but as well from the
lessening cost of commodities, whether neccs
Rnrles or luxuries In ono ot tho laigo banks
of tho elty of New ork the average snlnry paid,
averaging from President down to messenger
boy. vvns $l.r0S Tho o truing power of this
nvorngu oinplo)eo equalled tho earning power
of $54 47,'t Invested in Gov ernmont bonds at
present prices Property Is steadily rooelv
ltiK loss and labor moro lu tho general division.
As hunkers, we must conform to tho situation
b) pa)lngless Interest on tho funds lutrustod
to our care
"Tho developments of tho year mark tho
awakening of our peoplo to n lenlblng sense of
tho responsibilities of nationhood. Our ca
pacity to produeo far exceeds our capacity to
eonsumo. Tho homo mirket can no longer
kiep fumnees In blast or looms ln action. That
ciplfil mny earn Its increment nnd labor bo
employed, enterprise must contend lu the mnr
kctsot tho world for tho salo of our surplus
"The bronder nntlotinl life which will Inovl
tab'y result from tho present wnr will give nn
Impetus to our foreign commerce. If niorchnn
dibo Is to bo transport) d in American bottoms,
tho commercial world must know that tho
American llig means pioteetlon nnd guaran
tees safe conduct nd Hint wo may success
fully contond with tho world. In tho markets of
tlio world, ourcommereo must be supported by
n ntv) commensurate with tlio great commer
cial interests of our nation.
" Jvow. wo mako loans upon goods to arrive.
In future wo must loan upon tho outgoing
cargo Our mono) nnd our credit must follow
nnd nld our merchandlso in seeking oustomora
In thoso countries tint eonsumo more than
they produeo. and ln tho general lutorehango
of commodities
"The present marks nn epoch in our national
life, a relaxing of tho flocal pollc) which has so
long controlled w 1th concomitant change In po
litical policy. Wo may go to tho past for prin
ciples, but in order to succeed wo must study
tho present, giugo tho futuro and adapt our
selves to tho i hinging conditions "
lln said that executive clemency Is too often
inteniosed to relievo bank burglars nnd dis
honest bank emplo)ccs from proper punish
ment for their crimes Information from thir-t-twoof
thoStati s.hosald. shows that oxecu
tlve clemency wiped out 411 per cent, of tho pen
alties Imjiosed by tho courts "lho easo with
w hleh executive clemency Is obtained." he slid,
"and tho frepdom with which It is Intorposed,
seem. In my judgment, to call for a protest on
tho part of tho banking and business com
munity "
He suggests nchnngo In tho law regulating
bank reserves to prevent congestion ln money
centres and preservo n moro oven and uniform
distribution of moni'y throughout tho country.
Ho concluded with a plea for legislative re
stiictions upon Independent banks of email
capital nnd for hglslatlvo privileges to thn
richest nnd most powerful banks In tho way of
permitting the establishment of branch banks,
nnd OHpreiallythtoughout tho South nnd West.
Public benefit In tho way of greater security
nnd more reasonable rates of Interest waa the
argument aiminccd for such leglsl itlon.
This afternoon Judgo ltohert S. Taylor of
Port Wa)iie. Ind , spoko on tha "Pending
' Currenc) Bill." and the Hon. GeoigeW. Hay of
I New lork. a member of Congress, on tho "New
Bankruptcy Law " Uhls evening tho associa
tion Ind a bauijuet nt the International Wil
liam MeElroy of tho Ilochestor 1sf-Erpre
and Thomas L Jamosof New York were tho
principal speakers
1 he following nominations for officers were
mado For Piesldiint, Chirles Adslt of Hor
pellsillo; Vice-President. John B Duteher of
Pawling; Treasurer. O-'irgo W Thnnr of
Jtoehestor; Socretary, William I. Tat er of Her
kimer. (troupO presented a silver loving cup to Mr.
Duteher as a remembrance of hotpitallty shown
last Octobor.
oit.issirorvr.ns rwr.ir ttm.ys.
One of Western Knusns's Annual l'ests
Worse Thnu Usual This ienr,
TorEEA. Kan . July 22 Grasshoppers nro
stalling trains ln cistern Colorado and western
Kansas. Last night two sections of the Bock
Island fast train vvero delayed near the Kanb.is
lino by tho Insects Tor miles tho steel rails
vvero covered with tho hoppers and tho crush
ing or their bodies under tho wheels of tho
train had tho sumo effect ns soap It made the
rails so slippery that tho drlv lug wheols of tho
locomotlvo simply spun around uud around
without making any iirogrc ss.
Western railroads havo had trouble of this
kind to somo extent every car, but this jear
grasshoppers hnvo been responslblo for moro
ll,i)t) lu western Kansiis than over before.
Itallroad men explain tho tin sencn of tho hop
pers on tho rails h) tho fact that the steel,
heated during tho day. remains warm through
tho night und the Insects settlo on tho rails in
swarms for tho warmth afforded them.
Tho All-Cniindlnn lloutn via the Stlclllno
Klvar Pronounced u l'ullure,
Tacom k. Wash . July 22 Trav el to tho Klon
dike by tho so-eallod all-Canadian louto, via
tho Stlcklno Itiver and J.al.o Toslln, has col
lapsed to such an extent that lho Canadian Pa
cific Hallway has abandoned its Alaska trans
poitation business and withdrawn its two
ocean nnd four htleklnn Itiver steamers Tho
steamers Mhenlnn and Taitnr tire tied up at
" ictorliwind tho rlvor steamers nt Wrangell,
This marks tho ( ml of the efforts of tho Cam
dim Pai lllcnnd tho Dominion Government to
establish an iill-( anndlan rnuto und leaves tho
only successful Klondike) routes, thoso aero6S
th passos and via St Michnol, In American
control. Thofalluroof tlio bticklno) routowas
due to tho Inability of ptospectors to travel,
much less carry outfits, across the mountains
and through tho swamps on thn 140 mile port
ngu between tho Stlckluu Itiver and Lako Tts-lin.
riKSengcrs Hurt by Tailing Telegrnph Pole.
Avnapoi is. Md . July 22 -By the falling of n
telegraph polo to-day on an excursion train
from Washington to Bay Hideo half a dozen
paHsungcirs vvero injuiod 'Ihey woro Mrs.
Frederick Werber, Jr . Borwln. Md ; WIHIutn
Hirris, Jr. Knoxvllle, Tcnn : Joseph V Brown,
Wellingtons Joseph 1' Brown, Jr, Washing
ton! W. 11 Moigan, Washington: Mrs William.
M Wolfo mill Infant, Washington Thnaeel
dont occurred on tho Anunpoils, Washington
nnd Baltimore itallroad at Camp Parole sta
tion, two miles from Annapolis. The lujurod
werotnken to Bay llldge and after rcoolv lug
medical treatment returned to Washington,
Another lluker-lloirard Feud Murder.
MANcrtKSTEn. Ky.. July 22. Tho Baker-How-ardfoud
started out afresh yesterday morning
when lotn Baker aud Frank Clark, a negro.
were found shot to death at the mouth ot Horso
Creek, one mile from here. John Baker, who
had boon out on bond furnished by Gilbert
Garrard, had been guarding Garrard's house
slnep the attempt to assassinate Garrard two
woeka ago. John and the negro were coming
toward Manchester when they wero ambushed.
Nobody knows exactly who shot them.
Jlurglr in Long liruncji,
Loho BUNCH, N. J., Jul) 2J. Tho summer
cottages of Joseph J, O'Donohue. Jr , and Henry
Newman ot Now York, situated in Bath av-
onun. wero robbed last nik'ht ot table ilher-
, wnro Yulued at iOOO,
FiTumvaB xir jrcnsBT taxr.
Three Attempt in On Klght to Barn Mr.
Weutcll's Premises.
Incendiaries made throe attorn pts In tha
early hours of yesterday morning to destroy
Deputy County Hoalthlnspootor John H.Weas
toll's houso, stable and barn at 151 Montloollo
avenue, Joraer City. Mr. WeasteU, who Is ln
tho milk business, hns his officio and dopot at
that number. Thottablo and bam areln tho
rear. Ho nnd his family llvo ovor tho dopot.
Ho and John Hnubcrt, ono ot his employees,
woro lu tho stable at 11:45 P.M. on Thursday.
Mr. Wcastoll remained ln his offlco until a tow
mlnutos after midnight and then went upstairs.
While preparing to retlro lie remembered that
ho had something to do in tho stable, and whon
ho went there ho found a bundle ot waata
which had been saturated with kerosene oil
blaring In a corner. He ran to the house at
Engine Compnny No 10. just around tho, cor
ner In Bolmont avenue, nnd gnvo tho alarm,
'1 ho llreinen hurried around to the stable and
extinguished tho flames. Fireman Walter llof
ford. who vvns on tho floor watch, kopt an eyo
nn tho stable aftor that, and about nn hour
later ho snw smoko coming from tho building.
Ho aroused his comrades, and when thoy wont
to tho stable they found another bunch ot waste
burning near tho partition In ono ot tho stalls.
The lire was again extinguished and a search
mnde. but no traoe of the flrobugs could bo
Tho' third attempt was made just about
dawn. Mnryltadlgau.a servant, whoso room
is near tho liny loft, beard tho scratching of
matches and called Mr Wcastoll. Ashoneared
the stabln h) saw two men climb down from
tho roof of an adjoining shod anil run out Into
Imery street, Mr.Wenstoll found tho hay
burning, but tho fin) hnd made llttio progress,
nnd ho quickly put it out. Ho hns no Idea why
such persistent attempts should be made to de
stroy Ills pro pert).
A' JlZWELLVn llOmilZU OF $797.
Drnnk Allrgod Wluo Attcr Meeting Two
Street Women One Hold for Trial.
Blancho Beoves of 240 West Fortieth street
was hold by Maglstrato Dtieul, in tho West
Fifty-fourth Btroot Tollco Court yesterday. In
$2,000 for trial on tho charge ot grand larceny,
Tho complainant was W. 8. Simpson, who snld
that ho was n downtown jeweller. Tho prop
erty which ho accused tho Beoves woman of
stealing consisted of a diamond sunburst, four
rings set with diamonds, opals, nnd sapphires,
ono unset diamond, a diamond searfpln, a pair
otstenvn buttons, ono gold watch und chain,
nnd $100 In cash. Tho value of tho jowelry
was $05b. He said he had taken tho rings nnd
tho sunburst vvitli him from his ofllco for tho
purpose of showing thorn to a prospective pur
chaser. This was sovoral dnys ago On his
vvny to find the purchaser ho Bfoppod nt tho
Metropole to dlno with some frl'nds Aflor
that ho met Blincho Iteov es nnd another womnn
on Ilro.uhwD nnd accompanied thorn to n flat
in West Twont) -ninth street.
While there ho assisted In emptying several
bottles of wine, and final!) wont to sleep ln his
chair When he awoko his money nnd jowelry
vvero missing, nnd so wero tho women.
Detcctlvo Poffertadd arrested tho Hooves wo
man on tho strength of a description that had
been furnished by Simpson, and ho also took
Laura Wells Into custody ad a suspicious poi
son. At tho police court the complainant admitted
to tho counsel for tho defendants that ho had
been drinking biforn ho met the women on
llroidvvij, bill dcclared that ho could pqsltlvo
Iv Identify tho prisoner, who called herself
Blanche Hooves, ns tho woman who had robbed
him. About tho other prlsouor he was not so
sure. so sho was discharged.
. o. itoirr,.ixn's iiutleii jails soy.
Accused II Im First of llurglnry, hut Clinngcd
the Charge to Disorderly Conduct.
Hobort F. Jackson of 110 East Fifty-fourth
street, n butler emploed by Gardner G. How -land,
manager of tlioiirralcl, was complainant
against his son. Robert D. Jackson, -'.! years
old. In the Yorkvlllo Court yesterday. He told
Magistrate Pool tint thejOung mnnhnd broken
Into his house on Woducsda) night and stolen
considerable proi ert)
"lou charge )our son with being a burglar,
then, do )ou i ' iislcul tho Magistrate.
" 1 do. and I want him punished," replied Mr.
Ho added that ho had previously put tho
young man out of tho house und ordered him
not to return becauso of his conduct, which hnd
anno) ml tho family. Ho had stolen his sistor's
gold watch and pawned It. the butlcrcontluued,
ami had threatened bodll) harm to his mother
und sister
"I sent ry family to tho country Inst woek
nnd locked up the house," tlio complainant
added, 'and on Wednesday night ho got a key
from a locksmith and entered "
T ho young man admitted taking a locksmith
to tho house to lit a key to the door, but as
serted that he had not remained In tho houso
all night and supposed that burglars had en
tered after his departure
Mr Jackson then made a formal chargo ot dls
ordi rl) conduct against his son and tho Magis
trate held tho young man In J500 bull for Ills
good behavior for two months. In default ot
bail ho vvus jailed.
jnwr.uiY sronc ltomtEn nr hay.
Diamonds Worth 81,0.',3 Stolen from n
C'nnol Street Dealer.
Tho jewelry storo of Max Zussman, 33 Canal
street, was robbed of diamonds valued nt
$l,O.YI)ostorduy nftcrnoon, Zussman and his
sou Nuthin had gono to dinner and loft tlio
storo in cliugo ot Zussman's daughter Lena.
Thero aro two doors by which ono lan enter
tho btoro. one opening on Canal street, tho
other on Division street. Tlio Division street
door Is usually locked, but was left open es
terdiy afternoon A tall young man cumo
lu tho storo through tho Canal street
door and aski d Zussman's daughter to show
him somo gold pons She thought at tbo tlmo
that tho voung man seemod excited Never
theless, sho showed him the pens, and whon
doing so liar back was toward tho Division
sttoi'tdoor Tho)oung man looked ovor tho
Pi us. said thut ho would como la later uud left
lho store
After his departure, on going bohlnd tho
counter, tlio girl noticed that a showcasn hid
liten opened uud a tray containing ninny set
nnd unset dlnmonds hnd beeu abstructod. Tho
thief evidently entered by tho Division street
jjo nii.r. 3taso'h nt'Tu rAU
Nllbbul by MoCliiik)'. Men for Itobblng
Assnjrr Snjdcr's Office ln Xovynrk.
Detcctlvo Sergeants Kelly aud Strlpp of Cupt.
MtClnsk) s staff caught tho fifth momber of
Big Bill Mason's gang of tbloves yesterday.
Ho is Goorgo Monroo, alias Llttio Lou and half
a dozen other things. The Troy pollco call him
Louis Leber and the pollco of other cltlos
Gcorgo Dwyor. Ho was a pickpocket in
B) rnet's day, but has since graduated into a
burglar and nil round crook, tho detectives sa).
They found him hiding In a flat at 417 West
Thirtieth street.
1 rom his pockot thoy took astrangn-looklng
hot tin loutaliitng a couple, ot pints ot ulluid that
was oviilcntl) este emeu by hltn to bo of value.
It stained tho hands and tho detectives wnro
purling oior It )it, when Assayer Hndor,
whoso oillcu In Nownrk was sacked b) the gang,
ca no over nnd lib milled It as his property It
W..S a solution he ued lu his business, hn smiI,
und was worth $H) an ounco, Tho evidence of
tho llask wnl eloso tho career of tho last mem
ber ol the gang for a whllo.
lho pollco oil roy want him for blowing up a
fiofo up thoro, when Novfark gets through with
iilm. Monroo bus ulreudy scon the luslduot
vow lork and Massachusetts prlsous.
Qtilnu's Skull lVuclurrd in n Quarrel Una
to Jenloiuy with Ills Neighbor.
When Dunlol Qulnn returned to his homo
lntho tenement ut 500 Eleventh avuuualast
night ho found his vvlfo was nut thoro. Hoarlng
hor voioo ln the flat of Charlos Gustavson, his
neighbor, ho began to bombard Qustavson's
door with boor bottles. When tho door was
bnttorod down Qulnn attacked Gustavson with
n eluband Gustnvson began to throw kitchen
utensils Ho struck Qulnn nn tho hoad with a
ll.itlron, fracturing Union's skull
By the time the police arrived both men wero
so badly injured that thoy wore unable to stand
up to light. They wero found on the floor, each
leaning on ono elbow, throwing things at each
Two ambulances were summoned, nnd both
combatants wern ronioved to Uellavuu Hos
phut. Uulnn will probably die.
Hoy llurglar's Lamo Ilicuss.
noward Gruham, a negro. 14 years old, ot 207
Itallroad avenue, Jursoy City, was caught by
Policeman Gaynor about 12.30 A. M. yesterduy
climbing through the transom of Gen. John
Ilainsay's elgar store ln Exchange place. An
other boy, who was boosting Graham, (aid ho
was Thomas Durum or, 10 rears old, ot 17H
Varlck Btroot. this city. Grntiam explalnod lu
the I'lrst Criminal Court tuat a boy named
Burns tried to poreuade him to rob the olzar
store, but he refused. Burns thou grabbodliis
iat and throw it over tho transom, and ho was
iust going alter it when tho policeman caught
him The prisoners wore committed to await
, Uio action ol tut Oraad Juxr
-. .I,,! i.i ..x v.. .o.w r i -
arn -of-.Y's travehs witit $o,ooo
They Wind Up ln the Insane Pavilion at
Delictus The Mother Urstertoal Over
Her Kiperlonces at Night ln a Strange City
Where She Conld Get No riaco to Sleep.
Tho proprietor of Starr's Hotel, at Clarkson
and West streets, callod Policeman Howard
about 0 o'clock last night Tho pollcomnn
found tho hotel ofllco oocupled by Mrs. Mary
Bohen and her daughter Johanna.
Mrs. Bohen, who waa about 50 years old
seemed to be hysterical. The daughter, who ti
about 23 years old, soroamed and scratchod
wheneverany ono but hor mother approached
her. Mrs. Bohon told the policeman that she
llvod at 312 Eastwood avcnuo. Chicago, and
that sho was bringing her daughtor to Now
York with tho Intention of sailing on tho Urn
brla to-day, Sho wanted to tako hor daughter
baok to Iroland, she said.
Tho policeman took tho two to St. Vlncont's
Hospital, but hon Mrs. Bohen found that she
would havo to bo separated from her daughter
If her daughtor was received In tlio hospital
sho said sho would try to find a hotol that
would roeolvo them. Starr's Hotol was tho
fifth, sho snld, where accommodations had been
refusod to her and her daughter.
Sho showed a bag which sho said contained
plenty of money to pay her way any w hero.
This boast was not reoolved seriously. Tha
policeman sent tho pair to Bollevuo Hospital,
but tho authorities there declined to tako tho
girl unless they put her ln the Insano ward, and
salel that undor those clroumttAnces hor mother
could not stny with her. In the end the women
were sent to the lodging house at the foot ot
East Twenty-third stroot, and thn pollooman
went away aftor eoolng them safely bestowed
An hour Inter word came to Bcllovuo that
two women woro tearing tho lodging houso
down. An ambulance was sent to tlio lodging
houso. and tho women wero brought back to
Bcllovuo, whoro both wero lockod up in tho in
eaho pavilion.
It Is tho Intention ot tho hospital authori
ties to put them aboard tho Urubrla If they
cm. When Mrs Bohen's sntchol waa exam
ined it was found to contain $0,000 In currency.
Police Cnptnln O'llelllyXorr DonlesThatlla
Accused Ills Men of Accepting Itrlboi.
Pollco Captain Mllos O'ltollly of tho Adams
street station In Brookl) n now denies that he
accused certain ot his men who had boon sent
to gather ov Idcnco agalnBt pool sollora ln tlio
precinct of having rocolvod $3 a day from tlio
lolators of tho law to protect them from ar
rest. Capt O'Bellly was In conference with
Doputy Chief John MaoKollar and Inspector
Bhodos jostorday, and tho mattor was thor
oughly discussed. It was Intimated last night
that tho attention of Chief of Polloe Devery
would bo called to It and that Capt O'Bollly
would bo summoned to Mulberry street, whora
ho would hnvo an opportunity ot entering com
plaints against tho policemen who had accepted
lho bribes
"Capt O'Rollly Unconscientious nnd pitns.
taking oPfleer." said n high pollco official last
night. "Iu thlscaso 1 bollovo ho bocamo angry
boeauso tho men did not mako arrests, and
vv ent a llttio too tar when ho snld that ho had
posltlvo proof that certain ot tho men wero
being paid $3 a day and wero seen to drink
costly bev orngos and smoke lino cigars. If ho
has tnoproof Capt. Dovery will no doubt take
action lu the matter as soon as ho returns to
MOXaitEZ HOY killed jjf A FALL.
Impnleil hy a Splko-Chlnese Who Didn't
Uelp II Lm AV 111 llury Uliu.
Charley Joo Sing. 7 yoars old, of 12 Toll street
fell yesterday afternoon from tho third-story
fire escipo In tho rear of 13 Pell street In his
descent ho struck on nn Irou screen on tho sec
ond stor). lho boy's head was Impalod on a
splko which protruded from tho screen. Ho
hung suspended for nearly tho minutes. A
sooro of Chinamen who heard tha screams of
tho boy looked outof the neighboring windows,
but did not mako the slightest attempt to help
Ho was finally released by Policeman Holbig
of tho Elizabeth street station and taken to
Hudson Street Hospital, where ho died.
Tho dead boy was tho son of Charley Blng, a
Chinese laundryman, and Nellie Sing, a white
woman. The funeral will tnko place to-day
and ChiucbO ceremonlos will bo observed.
HA It 31 DOyiS HY A TOltyADO.
Twenty Thousnnd Acres of Wheat Reported,
Destroyed ln North KnUotn.
Misot. N. D . July 22 A tornado struck this
town last night dcmollshod seven toon build
ings and Injured a number ot people. No ono
was killed Tho couuty hospital was destro)od
nnd several of tho Inmates badly Injured Six
loided box eirsontho boo tracks woro blown
100 feet from tho rails and demolished. A
heavy hailstorm following tho tornado, seri
ously damnged tlio crops A despatch from
Cassolton, N D , says that tho same storm de
stroyed 20.UUO acres of wheat.
Told Ides nnd Was Arretted.
Bessie Strcot of 1310 Washington stroot. Ho
bokon, left the houso where she was employed
as a Borv ant on Tuesday, and enmo to this city.
She appllod for a room at the Women's Lodg
ing House, atOltlvington stroet, lato Thursday
night. Sho told contradictory stories to the
matron, and, as sho seemed joungor than 18
vcars, tho ago sho gave, sho was bent to the
Gerry scvlety. bho was held for examination
when arraigned ln the Lbsex Market Polloo
Child's Patal Fall from Fire Escape.
Jcunlo Milling. 3 years old. crawled out on
tho flro escape of tho fourth floor of 47 Clinton
street last evening while her mother was pre
paring supper. She slipped through tho man
holo and was killed by tho fall to tho cement
floor ot tho arcawuy.
Cryitallne n Clover Youngster,
Fisiiabt, July 22 Tho 80Sreord for two-year-old
trotters iras broken at the Bkrntr Driving Park
tills afternoon, when Crystallne, from tho Olen Lake
Farm at I-ay wood, Ky , vent tbo second heat In 3 23,
with Imn Fleetrlto and Tho Maine at hor nose Cnsta
Hue i. full Muter to Cut Olata, who vron tho 2.10 trot
yetr(lu). Summaries.
2 21 ilasa, pacing; purs $'00
Nellie Wallar, b ni , by Kojal
ItarnauehUMlll.) 3 4 8 3 111
Dnnatua, b. r (Vinkler) U 1 1 O 0 3 2
Maile Btrathuiore.b m.tKennedyjE) 6 a 1 2 u a
1-dward O . b (Curry) 1 2 8 0 4
J W.s.b.g (Junes) 6 7 4 r.o.
Walter Modluiu. b e. (Heed) 7 7 4 7 n ro.
hokomo, b.g iWiiodwortb) H 8 el 0 7 ro.
Avishtp, b.m iDerry) 4 3 7 dr.
Fauna, gr. in (fining). .... dls.
lime J 14l(. 2 1SH.2 18K, 2 17'(, 2 20,2 24, 2 83.
Two ) ear elds, 2 40 rlaii, trotting;, purse 500
Cr)t'Hn. b, in,, bj Ouward cMany) 1 1
JniaEleetrlte, b m (fieleon) 2 1
The Maine, b in. iJatnatson) u il
Alfred Htar, br. s (Cahlll) , 4 4
SUsiCoul) br. in (Nichols) . , it's
Tiino-2 27M, 2 2W(.
2 20 class, paclnit, purao fl.noO:
Aunio Lee, br. ui , by A lire J (J. (Hud
son) ., 0 1 11
Wootllaud noy.br s. (II Jones) 1 el 2 4
r.iMiniM.b iu illerry) lo 2 U 2
i'aritnde, gr. g. iflpenior) J 7 4 3
Amiai..b in. ill Junes) 4 6 8 0
Harry Woodbine, b. c. (Curry) 8 8 8 8
Arrae, cb in. (Neely), il 4 0 It
Undo Ocorite, br. s. (Wilson) r 8 6 0
Hlnba 1, gr. g (Marvin) 7 7 7
Boia4ian b.g (Collins) n 10 lodr.
Mauzauello. b. ui. (Urangor) ills.
Tluie-J.12, 2:13, 2:13, 2.16.
How the Harness Horses Finished nt Com
bination I'urh.
Bostov, July 22. Tho harness racing at Combina
tion Park to-day Included lho decision of tho unfin
ished 2 28 trot and 3.11 pace aud thn J, 17 pace,
2 28 class, trottlnji purse SSOO.
Iadd, b. it , by Imlopeudenro (McDonald). Ill
Etna Bomuions, blk. in (Shannon; 3 2 2
lUi) K., b. g. (Dore) 2 4 a
Mlsu Jerleraon, br. ni (Loomls) 4 3 4
Michael Htrcgoir, b. g (Uolmes) 6 n A
Keera, b m, (Skinner) 0 7 It
en n lloblnson. bU (Collins) 11 & 7
Malacclo, blk c.(l'reut) , n 5 8
NfllleC.ch m (Clark) 7 8 1)
Ibfcn, b.r. (Barnard) N 10 10
'lrial, b. g. 0dr . ,...10 lldls.
Time-2 20W, 2,1PM, S.20ii.
I'll clam. pacing, puisotsoo.
Peter rumor, irr, l .by Dick Hunter (Gillies) ill
MiCLle, b ffi (Gardner 2 4 8
Jluimle B , b. g (I awreuoo) 8 2 4
Ocorite 0 gr. g (Timothy) 4 8 J
yii ctroot, ca ru d'oUoin) 0 0 6
11 B , ro. g. takillu glaw) b dU
Time-i 18W, 2 IU, 2 10
2 IR elaas, pacing, purse (too,
Uazstte, b.m . byleunesseeWilkes (Farley) .1 1 1
II M. B.b.e (OoTlltoi 0 3 3
LttUe Olrl, ro id. U'orter) J &
Donne. en g,. . a 4 s
LuakyBoy.b.c (Palmer) , 4 6 8
Tluie-2.20Vt 2.27U, 3.20M.
Mews of the ltors World.
Pouaniurtii, July 23 Entries tor tbe annual
trottliikT ineetlLg or tho New York State TiotUiu
Home Dreedera' Association hare closed with nuuly
)7r, nouilnalions Id the various rlassew The 2 on
cla.s for pacers, which did not fill, has been rvopened
to cloau next Monday. The nieeUng will take place
xnozxma Atm FACisa.
Star Pointer Paoea Close to Two Mlnntes
Tlie Abbott's Good Urnt.
DKTBorr. July 22. Thla was "Btnr Tolntor
Day" at tho lllue Itlbbon meeting and a big
erowd was prosont. Too card tncludod tho 2:10
trot, "M, li M." Consolation Btako, tho 2:12
pnoo, each with a purso ot $2,000, and 8tar
Pointer's oxhlbltlon against tlmo. Thoro woro
only throo contestants In tho 2'10 trot, Tho
Abbott, from thoVIllago Farm, driven by floors,
was a prohlbltlvo farorlto. Ho oold at $50 to $7
ln tho auction pools. Tho Abbott won In
straight heats. The " M. ft M." Consolation
raco. for 2:21 trottors, was blttorly con
tested. Mike oponod as favorlto and won
tho first and third boats. Thon Gov. Holt
took ono, but strained himself and was
drawn. Tho next two hents wero landed
by Qiinrterstnff attor it grind struggle This
left only Ouartorstarf nnd Mlkoto light It out,
They trotted together lu tho sixth heat until
tho half was reached, w hen Quartorstaff went
Into tho air nnd Mlkowas nlnnoattho llnlsli.
In tho 2:12 paeo Indiana was the favorlto, but
from his aotlons to-day no ono could discover
why. He broke In ovory heat, nnd got no hotter
than third. Midi, by Electrician, won tho first,
third, and fourth heats nnd tho raeo.
At 6 o'olock tho great Star Pointer was
brought out. KoCleary warmed the horse up
with three trials with tho running mate and
then nodded to Presldont Onmpnu for tho
word. When lho quarter was reached Pointer
loft his feet nnd was stopped. At the noxt trial
tho start w is poi feet and tho nobln horso wont
around llko a streak. W bile ho did not roduca
his own record rf 1 51 ho did do what ho
pame to Detroit to accomplish, and that was to
boat RolertJ.'s record of 2 02, mado on this
track two years ago. Star Pointer's fractional
t mca wero. (Juartor. 0.30M: half. 1.01X:
tliroo-quaucrs, 1:X2; mllo,2.0l.V. Summaries:
3ilO class, trottlnf : purso l,000i
The Abbott, b ( , by Chtmes-Nsttlo King, by
Mamlirlno hJn lUeer.l. 1 1 1
Dan Cupid b a. (VT Cartby) 8 3 3
VUot Boy, gr. g (Moll) 3 3 8
Time HUH, 3:12, 2 09.
2 24 class, troltlnu: Merrhanta and Manufacturere'
Consolatloa Stakes, s.'.OOOl
MlVo, b l 1 Oranuo Blossom
Fanny M'tchsll, by Mambrlno
Tlioo(Greeiiwaj) 1 8 1 s a 1
Ounrterdtarr, b. h (Vearanee) 3 3 3 113
Professor Wells, blk. h. (Haines) ...,4 4 8 3 4ro
Nancy King, blk m. (W. Laird) 0 C 4 3 8ro
Ember Daj. ch m. (VV. II. Wilson)., r, 3 fi 4 6ro
Got. Holt, b. . (Danforth 2 1 dr.
Tlme-2.ir, 2.1c, 2.1.1X. i.W, u.lii'a". 2.1SU.
2 15 class, pacing, purso f2,ooo
Midi, b. in., by Klectridan Noontide (Lap-
btui) 12 11
PInowood.b. B.CNethoway) A 13 3
"rtlnfleld, br. e. (Oalcomb) 3 4 3 2
Indiana, b.g (McCarthy) 4 1) 4 4
Tlmo-2.13, 2.11W, 2 11, 2,12.
Fast Time Over Troy's llnlf-Mllo Trnck.
Trot, July 22 The harness racing ) oaterday orcr
Rensselaer Park's half mllo track was tho finest ever
seen ln this vicinity. Tho crowd was big, tbe track
excellent, and tho weather almost perfect. It tool,
eight heats to decide tho 2:24 pacing raie Annto
Leyburn won after a bard etrugglo. The 2:1U trot
was unfinished Httnimarles:
2.1J class, trotting, nurse 9400
Big Timber, b. t , by Goodwood (Ear
ing) 4 3 2 111
Kabi McCracleen, b m. (Smith) 1 4 12 4 2
I.egeno, b a. (Sheeloy) 3 14 3 2 3
Othello, blk g (ltyan) A 0 (I C 8dr.
Cling, blk g (Tltlow) .1 5 8 5 Odr.
U. 11. 1'., b g. (Itcuick) 0 3 r 4 udr.
Tlmo 2 13N. 2 18, 2.12K. 2 10M, 2:10f, 2 10.
2 24 class, pacing, puree $400.
Annie I ovbiira, b. m , by
Norvul(Wadswortb) ..16385211
Uncle Bam, b. g (Van Vol-
kenbunr) 5 0 6 13 14 4
Cinder Alcyoncr, b. g.
(Alstead) 33401422
King Chimes, b g. (Davis) 78123338
Free Silver, ro. a. (Flu
old) 8 4 3 4 4 dr.
N T. B , br. o (Schlerk) 14 7 H 7 el dr.
Major, b g. (Swan) 12 11 7 r. dr.
KonK.b m. (Height) .. 13 8 IU 8 dr.
May Wilkes, b. m. (Ca-
hall) n 14 A dr.
8edain.b m. (Schultr). .10 li It dr.
A. II. F , b. b. (Stearns) . .8 11 dr.
Cabrillo. b a. (Bentles ) . 4 1 dls.
Denver, blk. g. (Wil
liams) n 13 dr.
Clj do Wilkes, b g (BajD.ll 10 dr.
Cabrillo, b g (Bentley)
Tlmo 1 18U, 2.18W, 2 17W, 2 20!4", 2 lO'l', 2.22M,
J 22', t 20.
Thla was tho lact day of tho meeting, and tho 2,000
spectators v,ere treated to a v arid of sensational
and exciting surprises. While the arivernwert. Ret
tiug ready tor tho 2 ID pace Sarah Jane, the ba mare
owned ly John Kerrick nf Worcester, Ma., ran
away. KorrtcL waa thrown out of tho sulk) , but as
not injured. The maro ran around tho trick nine
thnci. before belli canght Tho tlnal heat was de
cidedly sensational. At the first turn Kodak ran Into
Dan M . tho favorlto, and smashed the rlitht wheel of
the W lute Plains mau a sulky. Dan M. waa driven
around the course with Maloney. tho driver, cling
ing pluckily to the wreck. Summaries:
2.10 class, trotting, puree $400.
L.. pel, b. g , by Uecuiclty (Cum
mlngs) r .7721121
Slid ay Prince, blk s. e8he le) ). 18 8 8 2 12
Corie McUrecor. b e (Hill) S 1 1 2 4 8 3
1'carlJ.b ni (Carmichael) 2 3 8 4 (I ro.
Admire, br.m (Huttuu) 8 O 6 7 8 ro.
FJialT.b s. (Frtnch) 11 el 7 0 r, ro.
Dan Wilkes, gr. g (Lear) .... 4 4 4 5 dr.
Hollywood Ivut, b s.(UeIcht)....10 10 10 8 dr.
lllrdeye. ch e (Bums) II 8 0 dr.
Brlghllight.br g (Koriick) 61111 dr.
Mise I'atchen, h m (Bites) 12 u u dr.
Drescb. b g (Snyder) 8 dr.
TUue 2 17M, 2.1KU. 2 18M, 2 18H, 2.19U. 2 20
2 1.
2 15 class, pacing- puree $400'
Reed Bird, b g. (Tltlow) 1 1 1
Whirlwind, b g (Kllborn) 2 8 2
Dewey D, b. g. (Maloney) 3 2 0
1 riendsblp, en. m (au Valkenburg) 7 6 3
Tbe Shah, Kr s. (Thomas) 6 4 4
Kenneth, blk.s (Smith) ...., 4 7 8
Maude, b in (Stearns) 8 0 7
W likes U.b g IHeaton) t) 10 (1
Olllo II . b. m iSwan) 10 8 I)
Tony, b. g (Voorbees) 11 0 10
Laura,b. in. (Ifutton) 0 dls.
Time 2 J0K,2.17M,2 lUhi.
2 15 class, pacing, purse $400
O M. C , gr. , by Albion Medium
(Illtes) 8 2 111
Dan M ,b it (Maloney) 1 1 3 3 6
Superior OUt br g (Dunbar) 2 8 8 6 4
Itannia. Jr . ch a ilthodea) 4 0 6 4 2
Brooks, ch. g (McManus) 8 8 H 7 0
Kodak, blk. a. (Haundurs) U 4 8 8 die
Kvadno.bni Honvik) 8 6 4 el dr.
Pharon.br (Fsrcj 6 7 7 dr.
atahada cb. s (CJummlngs) 7 dls
Time 2 IBM. 2 184. 3:17M. 2.1BH, 2 20.
2 20 class. trotUug. purso $ too.
F-sgleWoodnut, blk g , by Woodnut (Ely) ...1 1 1
Flora Woodnut, b m (Manley) il 2 2
Bplnalong, b in.(AchuV 3 0 4
Kextel, b ra. (Clreeni 4 8 7
lucena. b ui. (Bryan) 7 4 8
Tincture, b in , (I'aluton) & 7 6
Tlpwald.ch g (Bentley) e 6 H
Orient, b. in. (Hughes) H 8 6
Lightning, b. a. (O Connor) 8 0 V
Time 2 22'i, 2 UH. 2.23.
3Iuch Ado'f Good llace T. I). Drops Dead
on tho Track.
ronTLAvn, Me .July 22 Thirteen bents wrro de.
ctdenl tOMlay at Blebv park. No phenomenal time
waa made. The most enlting race uf tho da) waa
the 2 14 tnit, which waa won hy Much Ado, a gild
ing owned at Iraukliu Kails, N II In tbo second
heat of the 3:18 pate, tbe brown ircldln? T. D . by
Knterprise, eiwnedtby L V. McEnteo of Boeton,
dropped dead on the track within 100 yanis of tho
wire. He waa a well known campaigner, but a poor
actor, bummarles:
2 17 class, trotting: purse tiOOi
Kick, ch K, by West Wilkes, dam by
lazoo (Woodbury) 2 12 11
Gemeral.b g (O'Seil) 1 6 .1 2 2
Hlicceaa. er g eDemarest) .. 6 3 16 6
Timbrel, b.g, il'ajne) 4 4 & ,1 a
Bivor, ch e (Maraton) 1 7 7 u ei
J T.ter g (Prwti r aud Lowe) 8 8 8 7 7
1 T D.b g (llurcb) 7 el 4 4 4
(Juoen VUlkes, br in.(l)inal) . 8 dls
'lime-: 14H, .' 16). 2 14K,2.3M, S.ia'I.
2 14 class, trottlnir punii$400
Much A lo. b g by Judge Hallsbury LaJy
Hiiumoua, b tiimmons (Kennedy) 2 11 1
Prince Lav alard, gr s Swuui , 1 J 6 2
Kancr 'J line, b m (Dublin) 3 4 2 .1
H dMiClregur, b a. (Conlo)) , 4 J 11 (,
paddy II, b.g. (Payne) 7 8 4 4
C. VV Williams, b e (O Nell) u 6 0 7
Doitcr U , th. s iW'oodburi) . . . . 6 7 7 8
Tirue-.M2, 2.181, 2 iim, ncf.
3 24 rlass, trotting; purse $400
Lillian Oddmark, rb ni , by Uddmark (Cent) 111
Happiness, b.g, (Walker) 2 2 4
Ronald, b. g. (Donnelly) :. 1 i
Commissar), b. a (Marston) 3 4 ,1
Hector, h e (Cablll) a II
Hi the) Uclliuau, b ni (0 Donne!) 8Mb
l.vllens, br in lllililinl , . . , 7 el 7
Arthur ClefeUud, b n (VVoolhury) ,...d Odr.
Time 1 Ju'i, 3 is),, j lu.
2 IS class, pacing, purn $oo
Oauu Wilkes, cb. g , by .Memento Wlllea
(heut) . . . . ..Ill
nungUoiigb g lO'Jfsll) rt .1 2
M B (! , ch. m. (I'slnirn 1 V 4
lcrrall s b g (Siaulaii) 7 2 6
Curie I) , b. m iMaiaton) 11 4 ,1
Alice Uall.gr m (Uoard) J el 8
MrJoe, It if (Binr) ... 4 8 li
bvllle Bush, er. in. (Jones) b 7 U
Nra.b. in. illuiih) d 6 in
Luck) Boy.br g (Woodbury) . . 8 10 7
Hot. blk, g. (O luinnoll) 12 1) it
1. D,b. g, (SiUTlluu , . .ID dia.
Time 1 ISli. 2 16K, 2 18.
Fiistrst Mile ot tlio Season In Kentucky.
LillKurox, July J2. Thero were good trotting and
padng here this afternoon uvn a fast trvk 'lho
nillo by Ulau IVi waa tl o fastest made in Kentucky
tills atuaou UuinuurikS
2 aOrlaas, trotting
Ifin. blk u.byelo llnfrmui) ill
biupson, bis g (M liuwirman; 2 .1
Temixatiy, blk k 'rninnuj . .1 f. 2
O bulh.ih c (licaihy) . . 4 8 6
Blai k Bourbon, blk a (flnears) . .644
lUton Jiadara, b t (Ulio 0 Udr
Time 3 J4s, 1 1ti, 2 iMi
Free for all claas, pacing, two. In three hesta.
John A Agau, be 8, by Dingus (Long) 12 1
Blaze Boy rb g (Morgan) ... ... 2 1 4
Bachelor Maid, b in (hldener) II 4 .1
Darnett.blk f.. BlKvans) 4 ,1 2
lUuhol Johnson, br, iu, il'rlce) ,... 6 r,dr
Fultb, ch f lOnull) 11 8 dr
Time J 18)4,2 11)4, J 17U
2 20 cl.is, trotting, two lu thrro heats.
Henrietta, br m , by Idol eiitt illice) 1 J
Kentucky Olrl, b in Ol. Boweraeiu,,, I a
six mmm favorites m
ci.ea.w at nntmiTox ntucit. W&
Jockey Mahrr Tnkrs Four First and rt Rno , Nil
mill Out ot l'lvc Mnuiits-Clcoplius AMiu II fj
the llniidlcnp In (lentil Style from Len MS.
urp uud Trolley Decuuter Scores Again tt
What would liavo othcnvlso beon a tamt EaU
dai's racing was Hlgnallrod tit Hrlghton Head JSni
5 esterday attornoou by somu Incldonts likely U Mw
mako tlio outing mcmorablo. Tho prinmrj MW,
featuro was tho oxooptionnl triumph ot favon IQfi
ltcs, all six ot tho first oholccs pulling through sHii
Mahor flgurod on tho backs ot four ot the in awl
and ho landed tho only other mount ho iu Hm
ccptcd In second position nt n bottor prlco fo Wm
tho placo thuu tho winner paid straight. II 'ILHfj
Mahor kneps on at this gait, Sloan will hnvo to iSl!
hurry up Ids conv.ilemv nco and got hick U loKft
work The weather, nlthough n trtllo tod fflit!
liumld.vvns still iileis mt, as n stiff broozo from Wvt
tho sea llltorod through tho btaud and In- 'IBli
closure. ' Bfji
Tho chlot event on a somovvhat woik enrd mxl
was tha Hlghwelght Handicap, with $1,000 ImWi
ndded, fortliroii-jenr-olds and upwaul MP. Vm 1
Dwyor's big 'Wagtior Ally Cloophus closed at M i
tho remarkably llboril oelds of 0 to 5. consldor- M
Ing tho class oppoiml to hor. Trolley went te U "
the liost a strotigl) pl.iod scoond choice nnol IK
each of tlio othor four btiutori was plijed tl )
moro or loss Trolley ran proinlliuittly tothej C
half, whoro Cloophus raced past, l.utitu'P mado 13 '
agallantbld ln thostroteh, but Cloophus stalled M
oftthochtdlongo and won by n hoad. LcuncD I ,
outstnjod Trolley nnd bent hor throo length t
for tho plaoo, vvhlio Held Lurk was only u uoclc ' I ,
off. m i
Continental, at odds on, won tho opening rne XI f
nil thowii) from tho second choice, Songster. It ?
rndeavornecurodamortgigo on third manor I i
by kicking Longucro so Bovoroly nt tho pons s" i
thut Harrett A, Oo.'s colt was scarcely ablo to & !
ralso a gullop ljngacto's showing was so) )
glaringly bad that tho stewards Investigated t
and found that ono of tho colt's legs had boon , J &
cut to tho botin Ho llulslied length- behlml f (:
his Held. Muhcr found nil his vvork cut J,
out for htm In tho sicond iiieo. nnd ho) f I,
only Rnuei zed home on ( ountry U.ineu by the) Jf
shortest of he ids from Water till I lloeniojool j )
it e-oiiipnrntlvoly easy trip on Morning, and, m
with tliiui mniglit to his credit, took n rei6 1 IS
until tho llfth r.ieo In this event ho spremU j' f
ciigled his Held with the 1 toll fuvot lie V-iistor II !,
Clllt Deuinter. ut ulmo-it uouilly prohibitive lv !
odds, won thn closing event in mi open gallop l 1
bj two lengths from Dcbrido. 1
FlItST hack. I
Rrlllns; for thrco vear ol U and upward tint harsj BS
run and not won SUOOsincu Tumi HI, $100 added, nr n )
VTliich $.6 to BOLond auJ $J6 to third, alloatn.cB , ?
tine mile i i i
J. L Holland's 1i li Continental, (I. by Luko Black- :';
burn villi ii. Hit Malnri t ' B a
J K Madden ill g S nn.ti r. . til (Iliipii) .1 S'S
Sonsntieiu Stabln e b m Lndcavur, 4, lU'itJonca) .J f j
Lunuacru also luu. fj i.
Time, 1 41. a 3
Betting lwontr to 0 on Continental, 7 to 2 against fi
Songster, 20 to 1 1,udi.aior, 10 to 1 Lougacro. eJ
Selling: for maiden twnveirold fillies that hare ' M
run ut thf meeting, $6()Oaildeil, of whli h $76 tiauo 11
oiul and til to third, iillownun i, live furlo ig-i fv1
L C) Applebv'eb r. Country Diitice, b Knlithtnf l
Mlerslli ilalliurd, HI) (Msherl I ISh
J Mi Liumlilln e b f Water eilil mi (MiiKer) J ns.
Bromley Co 'ab f Anitra, uu il.aljirs) 3 Mm,
coiiulua and Loltir also r-m riv
1 line 1 n.'if jira
Betting six to 6 auainst dmiitry Dance, 8 to t Hit:
Wati-r(lirl,16 tol Auitia, 7 to 1 Co inliia. u to 5 (fn),
Loiter. mm
THIlin JUrE. Kfjje
Scllinj'-for inaldiu tvrojriroll fllllea that hava Hi
run at tho meitlin: $100 ad lei, of whi h $7", to) m
seiond and $2." 1 1 third, allow-iucci, live furom,i V w.
JatnialtowL A. Co b f Moruiug. by Iui Taw ull
ltav o I titht. Bl) (Mahen t Jltlj
Wright A Co hIi. f elal 11). n ) (Miiuiri J JiS,,
J L. Holland's b.f. HI yvripir. 11)1 iJauica) 3 SSit;
Time, 1 i).. JKi
Betting Five to 3 ou Morning, 3 to 1 against Gad- iptae
Hy. I) to J Skyacrapcr. 9&v
Fopn-rniucF w&'i
nichwelgbt baudtraii. for thn o-yenr ol is and up- Clr r
mini, $lo rnch. $! forfeit, Mith $i,niin aided, of ail K
wldi li $200tn(iconiland$l(Mitu third sit furlnnga: Jf
M i Dnjtrsth in Cleophus, 4, b) imp Winner ljj.P
-I.liinle, 1J1 el iril) t a 1
T. I' )Ia)rBb f Li inep, I. 1 Jl (James) .J h
VV U Jennings A C bt rrollev,4 121 Dojirntt) J ij'
lAd) Marian, Proiuter at 1 1 itd 1 ar also ran. . IV H
11 in. 1 IJ'f tlSj
Betting "U to 1 n, iiiibI tlpoplnia K to 1 I "nnep, a U
2 t 11 rnllej , 1 1 to 1 Lady Marian, 1 ", to 1 1'n.uiicr. K
7 to 1 Held Lark. E
fifth itAcn. f
For two voir ol Is, $noo added, of ttr Iiooto S
second and $60 t tlilrd. to carry 110 Tnunas. nx y
atlowancis. the winner to bo sold at auetlon for j
$1,000, Bit fnrlonirs "l
ltigersA Hose's br r Kaab r Card, b) Candlemas 4?
Vl) linn, llluMllie-r) t . At
T. y. Hayes'M br. c Bon Mklng, nil (Junes) ... 3 aM
JuniesCialna)'s ) Ik e. llurrliiuio, 110 (Jouei). J itt
DlmlnuUvc, Al llcevcs, and VVluepriss alio ran. Mil
Timi-, 1 16. '. Mj
BettinK Threo to 1 on listor Card, 7 to 1 amdtiHV eflf
BenMklnjr. 16 to 1 Uurrliaiio. 12 to 1 Dlmlnutlio, 'Hi
00 to 1 Al lloev es, CO to 1 W intpress ; ft
Belling, for tbre)ear old and upward; oe ; gr
added, of whloh $76 to second and $.'6 to third, ul- ISf-
Iowbuccb: ono mile ' m
F. It A. T HitchcoiV'B b c Deranler, 1, by Do . . ft.
reiver Muu Hill, liu (O I an) 1 jtj
T D Sullivan a br g, Iiebridi , 4, lu I Vliliu . 3 KM,
0 L ItlehardB'ab g Cbarentus 4. 10 1 (Smgur) J ! ftp-,
1 itzilbboua and u, u Msroo also ran. J Ifit
li 1 4JH m
Betting-Five to 2 on HiHunt. r 4 to 1 Debrite, (1 to) : M
1 Chareutua, 100 to llltzglbboUB,.'Utol Cle.i Muceo. : jfijf
Tho entries for to-day's r.vcs arc as follows: : HW
lirst K..e Pr three )iur-ol Is inl upward this j r
baie run and not wou in lHitS, with $".oo addtdt (RL
welghta 20 pouuda below ttte seak. six f urlouga. ; 3?J
Premier lia.8altun . . 'i 9f
Blltsll 1I0IVV io lluncer. . . . i9 i Ji
Leo Ijike llDIrohmiuu . . nil : La
Sill'ast IDS nil S i in . ti att
Atby lOilBello of l'.llu UT lift
odau . .. .. mil AM;
Second Kaoe For two ) ear-olds, with $1100 addedf Mn
wefchts 10 pounds below tho seale. live furlongs mil
r.uUT .. .. llSlnUnil 10J MS
Capt Mk-lw-' ll'i Holllip 10J xMn
Couuelfor Weinberg 116 lenintti .... 103 MlB
KtlervetecDt . IIJ.Ui leu Ihoniae I'J vMti
Beluarde . lo.'Uniili Dixnn .. . 0 53,1
Mark Miles . . 10J La Penlteute . . . . u UJ
1 bird Itace Samo condltloua as tho flHt rato JE
Concord llJlt llplder 110) 'M'
Matter Jamea .. . in liatifnrth . loj : 1 ,
Hurl no KltrliiimoiiB .... m 'J
Adaiu 110 Fleedng tml I 1)7 Ip
(lov Build . . . 1 10, PrlncosB India U7 Wf L
Tunis 1101 ki
lourlhlUcc Han lican, for tbrin year-olds aud up- X h
ward, with $1,200 added, one mllo. 3 K
Boyali5tag 12U Li nnen 113 a "J
ellorlau 117 hi usational loo 'it,
Hondo 117 IffTirwiii IU ; 8 fj
liflh IUe lho Sea null Haudiiap for thr i nar- Q i
nlds, theasnouatl in to a 1 1 tl.ooo, of ulmb $.'i0 to 3 '.
the Biioiid aud $100 to the third, oiu mih y
Pan.lern Ill) ltlnal !o 111 fjlf j
Hallor king 1 17Koinuraoakl . . 1U4 ft V
Maiello llll liT,
Sixth Itui Fur tno )car olds, with $000 udded iNRf
r Uliig, ttio furlongs. fl;
Cormorant 111! "avnrr 110 j i)
I.u.lu IIJIastBlaik . I'M If,',
Iluph dih ., .. 111! Int Tut In !
Ixil leiinuy . . 110 WrKeuiH'th 107 fi
hevrntb Bare Handicap tti ciilechase, with $000 'ti
ad lid, full Mnpl' elum "'Ul t ,0
OUnrtii . IKlDicnpod . 141 jfc
ltojtl Scallct . Ill Bali) lllll IU j7
Trillion ... . 1'.' H nifirt li7 lQ
ljuerry liurind ,. U3 10
Atlniirra nt Washington I'urk. Hjj
Cmrano, Inly 2.' Thero wai lltll" of uiorll In the 'Ift
Wnshliiu't ii lMrki inl forto ila Duly tn fa irn 1 Rr
won lliowiaihei was inn and tho ti iek fa 1, jjf
1 o morrow the 1111 1 ting 1 Ioms 1 ho VV In 1 b r lluuill. Jt li
iai, theejveiitfeeeoud old) tutlio Derby, will bo run, lu
T'lrsUtae-e-Wiifiirliis-Midian, 101 HMirtim, SsSj
2 to 1 won Kliiull rniula Iib) i'lm n jut it, ilh,
Biroud, Usmiiu, 11- illariettj, Jo to I, thud lime, llti
8110111I Ijvco Ono mile diidlv lllaek, e J (Chiw- SfM
sen), 7 to lo, won, li" ru Krata, mi illsn if , .' t I, llis
i-rriiid, loiind, 1)7 (Burns), il to 1, third, luue. If jt
Third Bate Six furl nm aul fifty the )arK K
hHiidliap-But. 11, lit iiliWBiui) 2 lu 1 uij ?,!,
Csliiu, Ul (Mi Nn kin 6t 1 1 -' 11(1,1 umbiijll, lu IjRf
Ifhori 1 ), vi 11 thirl run 1 17! : 3nJ
liiuillilU" -Dm- nnlJ an I eviily 11 Is leu- $
tonls, I'-' (II Mil tin , (ti I mm IM lm lliul". jpj,
Imp , 1 1 J iLvin ti nto .'11 ,, und I d lmj ,u, ., 1 to J
(liiirin 4bil,iorl I ion 1 14W (Igt
linlillaii Dim mill! iiidom 1 igluli Mine, H111, 'Mi
lull (Iliori.ii), lltofi vion lurti.im Hill lis . 2 to ft, lf(
seroid. Sure 1 ib, l"u m nil, .'n to 1 thirl, tf IV
Tniu lbs. ran sei oud ills iiiablb I rum 1 '! 4 A
hltth Ban sli full ni: Iriumr III w I ir- IJI5
til.) i to 1, Ul, 1 1-' nil VVilk,- 107 l lau 0 , .IS,
,11,1 l.Bimnl, Abusi, II I lit 'Ui.ui). 4 tu ., luuil. Mi
nun, 1 UVa m
HriilltB lit SI. Louis, ml
At Iiris, July JJ llnre w n-afaat tra k and a jjJ
big cruwd ut Lufir hiUnr- ittiiol ilr iltouudB t.) illl
dai 'Hi" talimi hal lb b hi of tin aiisuunnil lu .iff
eve r) rate xii 1 1 u e tiilm hlili u i w ui b tha i '4ii
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