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xui: .11 i .- u.tnniHov is feetaxq
i eiiy seehy.
I Ho VnT, Poor rood, I.lttlo Slerp, nntl Wor-
rlt.l t'" ' Mghtby Agulntildo-Three-fourth
' I'" '"'lilli-rs 1,ml Condition
V Hong Koiib Reporter Snjs They
Ciin't mmot-Ilcwry! (Jrrnt ropulnrlty
Among tlio Forelgnors-OiirBcnrchllghU.
j,vlniscmco. July 25.-T1W Tftclflo Moll
itniiiir Art.'.-, which nrrlved to-day, brings
lUinliii.hic.Mlo Juno 21. Lettera from tlio
-urn ,, otident of t he 1 long KoilB 1 VMS COIltnln
nianv Hit, resting facts not included In tho
ealli .1. -I'lt.'lii-t
He m) the insurgent plan Is to wear out tlio
Eim. -I' g irri-m "it Mnull.i. and tlio result has
I Ik. n tint three-fourths of tlio soldiers nro in
lul, i-litiuti. i'XlJ-od tistho) aro to nil sorts
ot .Hi. i. robbed of sleep, and worried night
a ,.l is l Midden attacks. Tho Spanish sol
di, i- in al.i ih iiioinllod by poor food and the
t, in. i l t lair pay. llo-pltals and churohos
',, ,i ,l. dwiih tho sick and wounded, ond
i, Hi r- iiuutpn-t duty Bleep In trenches ox-
l 11 i he heavy tropical rains and the seoroh-
, g .. I ho only wonder la that nny of thorn
V H,i,f.nr Aguinaldo's rcmurkablo Biieeess
1 Li,. i -til., Spinish garrison of Manila Is uialn-
"' lduet- Hin Hnr ph steal condition even of
tho Nanih regulars und tlioir wretched
uiarUsm iu-hlp. 'i ho correspondent says on
this I" 'it
' rii) in-urgents cannot bo expected to bo
c..l mirk-men, a- they hao lind tlioir rifles
onlt uuiiui-k Hut thoinluo of tho Spanish
f,,Mi r- m o ho gauged whon a Spanish naval
cllli. r i.iiillJoil to mo this week that three-fourth-,
of Ins inon did not know how to use
tin Ir rifle One point I noticed Is that -when
tu -naiii-di -ul.llor Is firing at tho foe. bo It 100
or .Vki ) aids. Im foresight Is generally llat."
Tlii- inrrciiondeiit praises Agulnaldo for
inilit.u) skill and for his control over tho In
sunjuits. who hivo been foreod to treuttho
huni-!i ins iters anil wounded kindly. Ho
EO-ithit su.to vgulnaldo took tho command
of tin; iii-uig.-ut- in Luzon ho has taken
u.-ir) 4 ikj siunSh 6oldlors prisouors aud
nearly 1.""" natives under bpanish ofllcers,
or im arl u.iwo in all. All tho prisouors hao
leu tik. ti with tlioir rlllos. bo Agulnaldo
has iv 1u.4i.hJ i Itle-. in addition to eight Hold
3 I u.. i- Due of tho last places to fall into tho
Inn Wot tlio insargents is llulacan. capital of
I tli.i Frov,in,) of that iinmu. north of Manila.
They art al- in po-'ession of Bnlango (across
9 tho ha) from Manila to tho west of Manila).
W. Tho insurgents now control all tho region to
vB the north it Manila and tho bay. Thocorro-
JBl tl'Olnltllt Hilda.
WlSr " Agulualdo has captured during tho past two
weeks nearly 2.0u0 Spanish troops, of whom
i boOiiro legulais Not a scoro of his own men
havo I lit their lives, aud not ovorflfty havo
te.n captured Among tho ofllcers capturod
nro eleven of or above the rank of Lieutonant-
Loloncl, including two Brigadier-Generals;
tiimteen officers lower than Lieutenant-Colonel,
nml 042 Spanish regulars belonging to tho
ciackSovcnty-thlrd and Seventy-fourth regi
ments, w ho hav o fought in Cuba as well as in tho
Philippines la addition to these prisoners thero
km hundreds ut Imus and other points. In
luct, nearly all the available epneo at CaviMis
likuiup, so that It is nccossary to quarter
Ihein chew hero. If tho Insurgents continue
) it ir 1 nlll nit record of victories and captures
. will ho necessary to build stockades in which
to I. en theso allant Spanish soldlors
"11ns leads ono to comment or. that glorious
quality of which wo havo hoard so much tho
iincunquerablo vulorof tho Spaniards. Let mo
61). in all earnestness, that if thu rest
of tho Spanish Army does not show more
cow-ago than theso forces that hivo fought
against tho insurgents In tho past two woeks
the) will no more bo nblo to stand up against
American rcgulais or volunteers th in chaff can
, keen It- lObltlon in a galo of wind. I would
liidj my face In shama as an Anglo-Saxon
If an Amcman or liritish body of sol
diers surrendered to thoso natives as I havo
f.-en theso bravo Spaniards do. Whon I
thluk of tho way Americans havo fought In-
(liuns. with whom the&a natives cannot com
rare in skill and valor, and tho way JJritlshers
r, havo dono their dutj In thopnsscHof northern
Indli. fighting f.vs who themsiMves could
Hand off tlico Ins-urgents ten against a hun-
dieil. 1 tlilnk of thc-u bpanish soldiers cither
ss ..awards or as traitors, btlll. ono Colonel of
tho lino t. Id mo to-duy. In response to my
special tiucbtlons, that ho and his follow ofll
cers, us will us able part of the rank nnd HIo
caitnrcj. wero so'dlors of Spain's best army
con- '
Among th.- prominent prisoners nro tho Gov
ern, r- uf taiit., ami llatnn, now In prison at
Cavlu (iov Lioiol.lo Garcia l'ennof C'nviW
telungs to ono r.f tho proudest Spanish fami
lies Ho u u Urlgadlor-Goncral with many
dei oratiuiH Ho was onco mentioned for Cap
tiin Omird of tho islands. Tlio Govcrnorof
llaian Jlrlg-deu. Antonio Cordota. another
y t'll'-uiihill-tingulsliedmen. It is slid ho hns
rulri id) offend a largo hum to Agulnaldo as a
Mi.s..m llo trK.l to commit Huleldo when tho
tr., , surrendered, and is still suffering from
hi- K-IMiiillcti.il wounds.
The lopularlt) of Admiral Dow ey among all
the funlgm rs Is remarkable. Tho Hong Kong
"Ou all i-M.-s I hear kind -words for Admiral
r-v) I Ii,,u talked with tho British. Ger-
runis in ii.-lmiiii, Jupnnosa and Swiss, and
wnli ut. . pt,n thuyspouk in tho highest
t. n -, f lum ,,n,i ),! mnnagoment of tho
II "kjili, 'J Im cordial relations I soo botwo.m
Hie llrm.li and the Americans is most marked,
. M'li iiUiiijthmg U being dono In violation of
Hy i,mr,ilt Ivery British Captain In port
' (wems by Admiral Downy, nnd friondly calls
tie mx lunged everyday by tho offlcors. Iftho
H JirltUh ami American naval vessels woro near
H toguli, rintead of seven mllos apart tho uarao
H Kd fillownliip would exist among their
B onii-em
H il '"'"nansaronowcoinlngaroundundcr
mk the Inlliif nioof tho Admiral's tact and Arm-
1 i"s m.l am giving U-hbcuuso for obsorvntlons
H on Hi. iriutoiiiioiirt and methods. Tho Trench
M U"l Jni ininonioveiT quiet.
mX Ih n "-tc.-iii)(;featuroofthovvoekendlii
flH J ' .1 w n tli.j limkout for a torpedo attack
jl f1 " ''"ni-'iiiMiuailrononTiiobday night.
' r " h "I r-.i. hod Admiral Duvvoy thattho
' ' '- h.il ilro.ii two umall gunboats
WW o u ii j u-ii,. t in mouth from abovo the
M lr L, . ,, , , ,ui,pL1t,nnj with torpedoes for
H J " , Hi Ann rlcau mcii-of-wur undor
R5 l x ' ' kh 'lju, Admiral was not to bo
AH r J- ' i 1 1 i.e. nml although thoro Is great
H '"' ' "i nluht.over) iKJislblo effort was
H . In -lny night to keep a eloso watch,
H " " a i . ...iiKiil niuht Tho bcarehlights of
11 '' " "- "io In operation from dusk to
mSI l" s '' 'I'-'lolioatof any Meet could havo
El i " ""' '"'"'"-'l Us nilsnivo siiccrsHfully,
H I '' i ill. I Imvo been riddled with tho
H ) " " ""a'li-rguiis If tho Spaniards really
"(M ' ""li un attack they wero friglitontd
B ' i " '' "" "10 hl'U"lsh ladies, vvitli their
Hojl ( ' ''im i.iken ri-fugo on btoainers nnd
Hk,l ' ' ""' " i in tlio harbor, und other foreigners
U " ( 'is hi ilm clubs ready to go nboaul tho
H in. im nt'h nulk.i.
m "i.. iit would havo cut off thiivviter
H.. ' M " 'In had it nut been fur lulled
Lr " '"in ralU llllauii. He iHilntod
S1 ' 'i - urn pioduto a turriblo htiitoof
IH ' '- ' " '. ti.geii city, and that gri'at suf-
EH !" " w "" lu" l"'"" tho elilldrcii of neutrals.
MB j i,u "'Hiiwi Cuibul-Ucntrul tu i-oj'UUr Lew,
Ono day ho distributed a largo quantity of fruit
among tho Spanish woundod prisoners at
Cnvit.', audwhon ho loft tho hospital the men
choorcd him,"
More Troops 'U'lll Snll on Frldny an the
Strnniililp St. Vnul.
8o TnANcisco, July 25. Tho next expedi
tion for Mnnlln 1b scheduled to sail on Trlday.
On Thursday tho battalion of tho Pint South
Dakota Itoglment, under commnnd ut Lieut.
Col. Stover, recruits for tho First Colorado nnd
somo recruits for tho Thirteenth Minnesota
w 111 embark on tho steamship St Paul. Orders
havo not yet been Issued, but tho progrummo
Is as given above.
Tho transports Scandla and Artr.onn, which
nro undergoing repairs, will bo ready about
Aug. 5. Tho troops for theso v.cssels havo not
yot been determined upon, but Gen. Mcrrlam
Is ot opinion that recruits forroglinents already
In Manila or on tho way should bosentlmmo
dlntoly. Tho Bcandla will bo used for this pur
l,p, and tho Arizona will tuko a full regiment
besides a number of recruits.
Thero uro only four full regimonts ntCatnp
Merrltt and only otio of these, undor prosont
conditions, will go. Tho regiments nro the
Sovonth California, Fifty-first Iowa, Twentieth
Kansas, and Tirst Tennosseo.
Tho First Battalion of tho First Washington
Infantry arrived from Ynncouver barracks this
evening under command of Col. 'Whalley nnd
lncludod the headquarters band. It will be en
camped at tho Fresldlo. whero Is ulready a
part of tho regiment, tho rest being at Angel
Island. Tho Washington regiment Is not of
tho expeditionary forces, but is assigned to tho
Department ot California.
Srcretnry Long Trnnnmlts to Tlirm the
Tlinuki of Congrem.
Washington, July 25. Tho Navy Depart
ment mado public to-day tho following letter:
"Navv Depahtmest, SVasuinoton, July 25.
"Sin: Tho departmont hns received from tho
Socntary of Stato un engrossed and certified
copy of a joint resolution of Congress tender
ing tho thanks of Congress to ou and tho
offlcors and men of tho squadron undorour
command, for transmission to you. and here
with Incloses tho &amo. Accompanying tho
copy of tlio joint resolution tho department re
ceived a lettor from tho Secretary of Stato re
questing that thero bo convcyod to )ou his
high appreciation of your character as a naval
offlcor and of the good judgment and prudeneo
you havo shown In directing affairs since tho
datoof jour grent achievement in destrojing
tho Spanish fleet. This I tako great pleasuro
in doing, and join most heartily, on behalf ot
the Nav y Department, as well ns personally. In
tho commendntiou of tho bocretary ot Stato.
Vory rcspcotfully,
"Jonv D. Lono, Secretary.
TUinr Admiral Georgo Dewey. U. S. N.. Commander-in-Chief
U. S. Naval Force. Aslutlo
All of tlie Illc Ships of Suuipiioii's I'lcrt to
lie Sent Iloiuo mid Docked.
WASnisoTON. July 25 Nearly all tho big
ships of tho navy, which hnvo been constantly
In servico slnco long before tlio war began, nro
to bo brought to the United States for over
hauling. Only one or two of tho battleships
and nrmored cruliors will bo taken from West
Indian waters at the samo time, bnt tho Navy
Department has deeldod that tho work must bo '
performed us rapidly as possible and all avail
able docks will bo utilized.
Tho Texas has been ordered to New York
from Santiago, nnd will probably reach tho
Brooklyn Navy Yurd in a few days. Llko nearly
all tho other ships, sho Is suffering f rom splin
tered decks and bulged bulkheads, caused by
tho concussion of tho big guns. All the esscls
to bo brought homo need cleaning. Tholr liot
toras aro bofoulod by tho rank marine growth
ot southern wntora. thus retarding tlioir speed
and reducing tholr general efficiency.
Few of the ships requlro repairs on account
of dnmago dono by tho onemy's shells. Tho
Indiana neods somo renovating on account of
tho damngo mado by a shell thatdropped on
her deck ono night and exploded when no firing
was going on. It has novor been ascertained
whether this shell eamo from a Spanish battery
or from ono of Shatter's mortars. Tho Brook
l)n received a number of wounds from tho
rapid-flro guns of tho Cristobal Colon and other
Spanish ships in tho engagement of July 3. and
the Iowa has an unoxplodod shell sticking In
her sldo. Tho Indiana and tho Iowa will follow
tho Texas to New York. Tho work on tho
Toxns will tako two weeks.
Just w hat offoct tho withdrawal of tho battlo
shlps from West Indian waters will havo on tho
programme intrusted to Commodore Watson
for execution has not beon dlsclosod, but It is
practically certain that tho expedition of tho
Eastern squadron will bo postponed until tho
vessels havo been ovorhaulod. Of tho esscls
under Watson's command tho Nownrk Is In
prlmo condition, fresh from n navy ynrd; tho
Yankeo nnd DIxlo aro In pretty good shape,
and tho Yosemlto is at Now-port News, waiting
to go Into dry dock for a quick overhauling.
Tho Oregon nnd tho Massachusetts nocd a
cleaning, but aro not bo badly off ns the other
nrmorclads that Watson may tako with him.
One Purchased Yontenliiy for thoUie of the
t'liliuu ltloUiudlng I'l.-.t.
Washington. July 25 Tho Navy Depart
ment, through Civil Engineer F.ndlcott, Chief
of tho Bureau of Yards and Docks. Is complet
ing arrangements for tho acquirement by tho
Government of two floating dry docks Both
docks will bo secured for 5250.000. Ono of
them Is nlroady practically in thu possession of
tlio Government. Tho price has been fixed nnd
only somo formnlltles must be arranged boforo
It will bo formally turnod ovor bythoownors.
Chief Endlcottwos In Now York on Saturday
and closed tho bnrgaln for tho first dock thero.
This floating basin will boused to ovorhaul the
wnrvessols now In rsoiuli Atiautioana west In
dian waters of a displacement not greater than
2,200 tons, tho dock's capacity.
Nearly all the gunboats and a number of tho
auxiliary cruisers of Admiral Sampson's fleot.
und of course tho many tugs and yachts used
for scouting and blockading, can bo nocommo
dutod. To savo tlmo In caring for thoso essels
tho dock will be towed to Key West, where It
will be used constantly for somo tlmo to coma,
When tho other dock has been acquired It will
bo taken to Key West or nnothor placo con
venient to thu centio of naval activity. These
structures can bo moved from placo to plnco,
and tho Navy Departmont Is greatly pleased
ovor tho prospect of having them In sorvlco
soon near Cuban waters, where tho active llttlo
gunboats and auxiliaries havo becomnbefoulod
from too long forvlco In tropical waters. Tho
dock secured to-duy was ow tied by a company
In I'orth Amboy, N.J.
Uo More aitn Needed for the nry.
Washinoton, July 25 Commander Howler
nnd Chlof Englneor Webster have returned to
Washington after un extended tour of tho West
nnd Southwest to secure recruits for tho navy.
Tho board of which tlie wore members has
U-nii dissolved, us u sufllclent number of men
wero enlisted to fill all tho requirements of tho
Mirvlce. They raanagod to enlist l.flOOmenof
nil grades, and it Is said tint morally and phy
sically tho recruits arotho boot that overbrvod
orrbourd I'nilo Sam's ships
CliHiitnuqiin Kxvurduii,
$10 00 round trip by Krle llurod, July 3H. TkktU
good uutil Aug, Jl.Jdt.:
""- ' i nim-imiraattBBMi
Their Mlnliteri to This Country Ketiirn to
trnihlntton from Their Homes nt Sum
mer IlMorti Under Instructions to
ainlio Freclse Inquiries on the Subject.
WAsniNQTON, July 25 The Administration
Is studying tho futuro relations of tho United
States and tlio I'htllpptno Islands with great
care and not a llttlo anxiety. It Is a question
that has been presented to tho President and
his advisers within tho past few days, not from
a new standpoint exactly, but with a knowledgo
that tho European powers are taking n lively
Interest In its determination, A member of tho
Diplomatic Corps In Washington to-dny told a
reporter ot Tur. Sux that tho stories which
camo from abroad last wock, that tho Conti
nental powers had formod a combination to
protect tholr Interests In tho Islands and In
effect to protest against a disposition ot them
that did not tako Into consideration their do
slros, wore based upon correspondence among
them ns to n concertod Inquiry to ho mndo of
tho United States Government as to Its inten
tions. It was thought strango that tho mprcsonta
tlvosot European countries, after having only
recontly established themselves forthosunimor
at soastdo and mountain resorts, should return
to Washington In tho almost tropical bent that
prevailed hero for tho purpose of calling on tho
President and Secretary of Stato merely to ro
now assurances of distinguished consideration
and esteem on tho part ot themselves and ot
their rcspectlvo Governments. Tho French
Ambassador was at tho 'W hlte Houso on tho
llth Inst, and tho Gorman Ambassador last
Friday It turns out, according ti tho diplo
mat reforrcd to, that they all camo back under
Instructions to mako precise Inquiries on tho
subject of tho Philippine Islands. Not only did
tho Interested European countries havo theso
inquiries mado. but Japan and China. Interested
because of tholr proximity to tho Islands nnd of
tho possible effects upon them ot a radical dis
turbance of tho relations of Europenn nations
In tho fur East, also sent their Ministers to usk
similar questions.
Tho answer was of necessity somewhat
vague and altogether general In Its nature, for
tho reason that the Administration doos not
know w hat will bo dono In theso islands Tho
condition ot affairs existing thero was alto
gether unexpected, and aroso out of tho for
tunes of war, that could not havo been foreseen
nor guarded against had It been desirable to
do so. The Inquiries wero met by tho state
ment. It Is said, that whatever tho Issuo may
bo in tho islands the United States will en
deavor to so conduct matters thero as to glvo
no just causo ot offenso or anxiety to other na
tions, hav ing In view always tho rights and du
ties of this Government thoro and tho Interests
Yellow lrr situation Improving ."SOO New
C'unes of Sickness on Sun. In).
WtsnihOTOv, July 25. Tho Intention of tho
Wnr Department to maintain Shnftor's army in
southeastern Cuba for the present remains un
changed, and them is llttlo likelihood that tho
troops will be brought back tothe United States
boforo fall. Tho proposition has beon consid
ered by tho department to bring nt least a part
of tho army to tho northern coast of tho United
States nnd to establish it in somo healthful
camp on tlio seaooast until tho soldiers
have thoroughly rocuiierated from tho hard
campaign lu Santiago province. It has
been thought best, howover. for sev
eral reasons, not to attempt to do tills.
The principal objection is that danger would
immediately arlso of spreading yellow fever in
tho United States during tho summer months,
and the mere Miggostlon thntucamp of San
tiago troops might bo established in tho United
States has already aroused opposition. Tho Ad
ministration at prcsont bolloves that the best
policy Is to koep Gen. Shaffer's troops in San
tiago on as high ground ns possible nnd to
carefully Isolate all ensos of sickness w hlch can
possibly develop Into jellow fever.
Tho yellow fover situation in Santiago Is nt
present slightly Improving, according to ad
vices received from Gen. bhaftor to-night. If
It should appear within tho next fow weeks
that yellow fever lnfoctlon has beon thoroughly
stamped out among tho troops at Santiago,
most of them would probably be brought to tho
United States and encamped in somo healthy
locality during tho summer. This despatch
was received to-night:
"Santiaoo. July 25. 0:U P. M.
"dVufant'Crfnera! L'mtal Statrt Army, )VaiK(njton:
"Number of now ensos for the 24th luBt ,
about 500. At least 450 returned to duty. Ac
curate figures villi bo given hereafter. Not
withstanding tho figures tho sltuntlon is some
what Improving Ono death. Sergeant J. Lar
nenn. Troop C, Third Cuvalry. of yellow fuvor
utSibonoy. Hiiafteii. Major-Geueral."
Advertisement for Illds Issued Yesterday
Ulds to Do Opened on Oil. 1.
Wasiiimitov. July 25 Tho advertisement of
tho Nnvy Department calling for bids for con
structing the four monitors authorized by tho
last Naval Appropriation bill was Issued to-duy,
Theso vessels havo already been desorlbed In
Tjie Sun. Tho bids will bo oponedon Oct. 1.
In order to glvo prospective bidders mora op
portunity to prepare their estimates on the
construction of tho torpedo-boat destroyers and
torpedo boats authorized by tho Navul bill, tho
Nuvy Department has extended tho tlmo of
opening proposals until Aug. 21, Tho depart
ment lion ascertained that thero Is a disinclina
tion among shipbuilders to undortnko tho
building of theso delicately constructed vessels
on account ot the exactions Imposed by tho
Tho rurchaso by tlio navy of so manymor
chunt stoamoni. jnchts and tugs for nuxlliury
purposes and tho chartering ot a largo number
ot big ocean-going vessels for transporting
troops havo given an Impetus to ship construc
tion, and the bulldors can get along v ery com
fortably without undertaking Government contracts.
Hunting,, Men limits Allow Only no Cents for
lliriu, tlio Sume mi Jleilruu Dollars.
Washington, July 25. A telegram has beon
received at tho War Department from Omi.
Shatter, asking that gold und paper money bo
used in Bantlago forpaylng tho troops, becaut,o
the tradesmen In the city refuse to accept
American silver dollars at their pirvuluo They
allow only 50 cents for an Anuirkvin silver dol
lar, as is tlio case with Mexican und South
American sliver, A proposition has been mado
In tho Wnr Departmont thut Santiago mer
chants bo not allowed to discount the silver dol
lars of this country, but that they bu expelled
from tho plneo If they refuse to accept thu coins
at tholr par value It Is not known, howuver,
thut mo orders to this effect huvo been sent or
will ho bent to (ten Hhnfter
MujorHnlffc-ii of theiu) corps will Mill fr.nu
Ntw York to-morrow on the Ollv otto for bantu
ugo Ho will take with him three paymasters,
and they will begin the payment ot the troops
Immediately after their arrival. From Santiago
an officer ot tho pay corps and a number of
paymasters vv ill go to Porto Woo,
Ilerlln Advises Spain to Slake lVnvn with
I's nnd right the Cnrllsts.
Syrclal Catilt Dfpalchu to Tun Ruk.
London. July 25. A despatch from Brussols
totheContrnlNowssnys that Don Cnrlos, tho
Bpanish Pretender, who, with his wlfo nnd
Bulto.left Brussels on Baturday night, Is now
at Lucerne, Swltrorland.
Other despatches confirm tho report that
Don Carlos is in Lucerne.
MAiintn, July 25 Tho latost phaso of Car
list activity Is tho exodus of tho loaders of that
party from Bpaln. Tho Marquis do Cerralbo,
who is high In tho councils of tho Cnrllsts, de
parted a day or two ago. saying that ho would
bo absent for somo tlmo. Soflor Mella, a prom
inent Corllst member of tho Chamber of Dep
uties, left tho city to-day. Slnco the constitu
tional guarantees wero suspended by tho Gov
ernment nenrly overy Carllst ot imnortanco has
left the country.
The Government bolloves that they havo gone
to join tho pretendor. but feared to arrest tliom.
ns such n course might havo precipitated com
plications vv hlch tho Ministry Is ninous to nv old.
Tho remaining members of tho party say they
huvo no present Intention of abandoning tlioir
btrlctl) legal attitudo.
Tho Duko of Solforlno and Deputies Leila,
Sands and Loienz havo also left tho country.
I'Aiits. July 25. Tho Prefect of tho Depart
ment of Basso Pjiences. which adjoins Bpaln,
reports that there Is an c-todus of people from
that country, including many Carlists. Tho
towns ot St, Jenn do Lii7, Baonno nnd Blarrltx
nro said to swnrm with tho supportors of tho
Bpanish pretender.
The Pjrcncan Prefects havo been Instructed
to keep certain Carllst chiefs under strict sur
elllnneo nnd to maintain a sharp watch to as
certain whether any nttempts nro made to dis
tribute arms and ammunition nmong their
partisans. If any such nttempts aro mndo tho
Government Is to bo promptly apprised, and
measures will bo speodlly enforced to prevent
Trench territory being used as a base of opera
tions against Spain.
Don Carlos, it is learned. Intends to hold a
conferenco In Switzerland with tho chiefs of his
party, but It Is stated that ho Is much less en
terprising slnco tho death of his mothornnd
tho Comto und Comtesso do Chambord. Somo
of his followers reproach him for being parsi
monious. Beklin, July 25 Tlio TaqeWall iys that In
view of the Carllst mancuuv res It advises Spain
to seek peacowhilo tho United States Is dis
posed to grant reasonable terms, and then to
direct all her energies to her internal enemy.
Tho Vossische Zutuns refers to the arduous
efforts mado in Madrid to creato difficulties bo
tvvecn Germany and tho United States, nnd
denounces ns fakes tho rumors that Ger
many Is seeking, openly or otherwise,
to interfere in tho Philippines, that sho
Is furnishing provisions to tho Span
iards at Manila, that sho Is Inciting a section of
tho Insurgents to opioo tho Americans, nnd
that sho Is a uring postal connection bctwoen
Manila and Spain.
All theso rumors arc also indignant!) dontcd
elsewhere In Berlin.
jv,s7rcTOA to c.ex. srr tFTEit.
They Iti-luto to tho tlovornment of Mintlngo
mid Hi.) Tri'iitmeiit of Cuban Troops.
Washin-otov. July 25 A long letter of In
Btructlons to Major-Gen. Shatter was sent by
telegraph from tho Wnr Department to-day.
Tho tuxt of tho letter related to tho govern
ment of Santiago city nnd province, with par
ticular rt fcrenco to tho treatment of tho Cuban
troops No details could bo obtained horo. Tlio
letter was the result of tho withdrawal of Gon.
Garcia and his forcos from Santiago province
which has caused tho Government consider
able anxiety. Gen, Shatter's reply to Gen.
Garcia, publlshod In Tub Sun on Sunday, was
read with groat interest by the President and
thom'llltary authoiities Thut tho resioiiso of
Gen hhnfter moots vvitli tho approval of tho
Administration there Is no doubt, and it Is un
derstood tint tho letter of Instructions men
tioned cordially Indorses his course at San
tiago Gen bhaftor has not Informed tho War
Department of the exchange of mites, but tho
department has taken itfor granted tint thoy
nro genuine, and proceeded on tint assumption
In sending th.) additional Instructions.
Tho nitlon of Gen Shutter in continuing In
ofllco thu Spanish olllcinls Is approved bytho
Administration It is held by prominent offi
cials that if ho had turned tho town over to tho
Cubans tho net would havo constituted a recog
nition of tho tiidopendencnof Cuba, which this
(lovcrninont Is not ready to do until tho Islind
h is been rid of Spanish rule. The question lias
been raised, howover, ns to whether tho Inde
ji'iidoneoof tho Cuban Bepilbllewas not nuog
nl7o.lbyGcn Shaffer's alliance with Gon Onr
c la's forces nnd the pulley uf the War Depart
ment In furnishing arms and ammunition to
thn I'lilmii army in the Held It Is nut likely
that thu Government will bo asked to render nil
opinion in tho matter.
OHliIul Kepurts of thn llutlln to lln (itvuu
Out ut Washington This AV i-ck.
Warhinoton, July 25 Thoso people who
havo been trying to mako a scandal nut of Ad
miral Sampson's failure to mention Commo
dore Behlnv In his brief telegraphic notllleutlon
to tho Navy Department that "thn fleet under
my command" had destro)cd or driven ashore
thoSjiiinlsh hIiIph uf Cerveiu's squadron, will
In- unnblo to Hud any basis In thoofllelul roiorts
of tho halt In for their claims that Admiral
bHinpbon had no part In thu engagement and
acted unfairly toward Cuinuiodun) bchley, and
that bchloy was tho real heio of thn oo
uisloii. The reports of Admiral Maiupsuu, Com
modoro bohlev uud thu commanding ofllcors nt
vis-.-lstluit participated In tho action wero re
icivid h) thu Nuv) Department on butiuda),
uud huh. i ot them will be published In tho
newspapers on Wi duisd.i) morning. Thoso of
Ailiull.il Sampsuu. Luiiiiuuduio hchlo), dipt
Clark of tlio Oregon, uud Cupt Evuns of tho
Iowa will bo Included in the llrst batch given
tothupiohs. Tliu others will bo mado public
lat.-rlu tho week, becretury Ing said to-duy
that Admiral Snnipbon's leport wus a plulu
statement of what had occurred during tho
light, uud thut tliu ofllolal accounts show ed con
clusively thut there had been no friction bo
twooti the two principal ofllcers
Urn. Corbln inspects I.iiiul lit Morrlsv Illc, Iji.
TliENTos, N.J .July 25 -United Status iljt.
Gen Corbln, with lol Y. D Mnrrcll uud J.
B Ilutehliiboii, general iiiuii.ii.-iU' of tho I'ciin
h)lvauu Itailroiid Uuupiii), visited MurrisVillc,
Pa .opiuitilu thiscit), to-duy lu inspect u tract
of laud thought suitable for a United Stntos
Uovernmoutcump Tliu laud Is well drained,
und is near tliu Diluwaieltlver. llieywero
favorably impressed with tho place, as It lias
good inllruud facilities uud U near to tho great
to he i;mjiajiiu:d at t.i.up.i,
Mnjor-flcn. Ilronko Sails from Newport News
in tho St, Louis with n l'urt ot Ren. 1'reil
Grant's llrlgnile St. Paul Tnkct a l'nrt
of Gen, Ilitlnct's Iirtgudc A l'nrt of (leu.
Copplnger's Corps to Hull from Tninpn.
Washington, July 25 -Information was ro
colvod nt the War Department to-day that
Major-Gen. W. It. Brooke, who will bo second
In command of tho United States forces In Torto
Blco. would Ball from Nowport News to-ulght
or to-morrow on tho nuxllliir) cruiser St Louis.
Ho vv HI bo accompanied by tho members of his
staff, nnd, ns ho Is to bo carrlod on ono of tho
fastest vessels In tho nnvv.lt Is nrobablo that
ho will bo landed on Porto llleo soil within tho
next four da)s. Gen. Brooko will tnko with
him a considerable body of troops. Including
his headquarters guard, and the St. Louis will
be accompanied for n part ot tho distance nt
least by tho St. Paul, having on board Gen.
Haines nnd a part of his brlgndo belonging to
tho First Division of tho Tlrst Army Corps.
Other troops from Chlckanmuga will boom
barked as rapidly as possiblo for Porto Illco.
aud It Is expected that by tho end of tho week
strong military forcos will bo established at
throo points on Porto Illco soil.
Among thoso to go from Chicknmaugn aro
tho regiments belonging to Gen. Frod Grant's
brigade. Tho opinion was oxpressod In the
Quartermastor Ooneral's office to-dny that ono
regiment of this brlgado would reach Nowport
News In tlmo to ombark on the cruiser St.
Louis with Gen. Brooke. It was said that thoro
was room for this regtraont on tho vessel, and
that tho ombnrkatton of tho troops was a ques
tion only ot tholr reaching Nowport Nows In
time to go aboard tho St. Louis boforo tho tlmo
appointed for hor sailing. An effort is also bo
Ing made to send light batteries A and 0 of
Pennsylvania either on tho St, Louis or tho
St. Paul.
Formal orders wero Issued to-day directing
tho First Florida, Second Georgia and Fifth
Maryland Volunteers to ombark Immediately
for Porto Ilico. These regiments are at present
Btatloned at Tampa, Fla , as a part of tho Fourth
Army Corps under Gen. Copplnger. Tho do
cislontoscnd thorn to Porto Ilico was partly
duo to tho criticisms of the Administration for
not having employed Southern troops In tho
campaigns against Santiago and Porto Blco.
The regiments aro woll equipped for service
and aro in no way inferior to tho volunteer or
ganizations from other parts of tho country.
Tho War Department received a cablo de
spatch announcing that tho supply ship
Panama loft Santiago to-day for Porto Rico.
Tho Panama was recently flttod out at New
York with a full supply of provisions of various
kinds tor tho array of invasion In Porto Rico,
and It Is probablo that sho will join tho trans
port fleet which boro tho detachment ol troops
undor the immediate command of Major-Gen
Tho despatch of troops from Tampa. Charles
ton, and Newport Now s tor tho Porto Ulco cam
paign carries out promptly the Administration's
plans for follow Ing up Gon. Mlles's detachment
with ample forces to act In cooperation with tho
first expedition. Tho Administration Iscongrat
ulatlng Itself that tho plans forthe Porto Blco
campaign havo thus far beon carried out with
far greater promptness and preliminary suo
ciss than attended tlio expedition to Santiago.
Tho bovornl bureaus of tho War Department
most Intimately coneernod with tho outfitting
of tho expedition havo performed their duties
with tho success which would havo been ex
pected after tho valuablo experience acquired
lu moving tlio troops on Santiago. Tho Gov
ernment has not )0t been Informed of tho ar
rival of Gen. Miles, but no concorn is felt on
that score. Tho Administration ofllclals could
not iiosslblyhnvo exieeted to hear ot his ar
rival before to-morrow, and no alarm will bo
felt If advices from tho commanding General
nro not received until late to-morrow night.
Tho War Department feels sure that Its elab
orately perfected plans for tho movement
against Porto Rico cannot fall to bo successful
from tho very beginning, nnd no fear of for
midable resistance by tho Spanish to tho land
ing of troops In Portolllcohas existed recently.
Thero nro at prcsont six transports at New
port News ready to carry troops to Torto Rico.
By the mlddlo ot noxt week it is expected
tint enough more will have arrived at that
port to raise tho total number to sixteen or
seventeen, although several ships will un
doubtedly havo sailed for Porto Blco in tho
meantime. Tho Harvard and two minor ships
aro expected at Nowport Nows on Thursday
next, and four or flvo vessels of good capacity
will probably bo thero on Tuesday.
.worn; Tiioors to leave tampa.
l'uur Transports Kxprcteil to I.dhvo Z.uto
This Wrok for l'nrlu Kleo.
Tampa. Fla. July 25 It is now given out
definitely that the second Porto Blco expedi
tion to louve Tampnvvlll sail during tho pro-out
week Tho Wur Department has urged all
insalblo hasto on tho part of the officers
hero charged with tho loading of tho trans
ports Four troopships have been ordered tu
reort hero nt once and urn expected lu to
morrow. Thoy nro tho HIo Grande, Loona,
Concha, nnd Arknnsas. All of them h ive boon
ut Santiago and wero among tho vessels com
jioslng tho fleet which carried Gen Shifter's
army It Is also announced dellnltel) to-day
that the First rioridu. Second Georgia nnd
Fifth Mar) Innd will go.
Tho censorship ut Tninpn is now off Both
Cnpt Brady, thu chief censor, and his assistant.
Col relleis, who have been stationed horo
since tho sailing of tho first expedition ot thn
tranlort Florida, left hero hist night for Jack
sonville All matter from places lu the Statu
will bo iiilii)cd In Jacksonville, and subject to
Cupt Brady's Intpeetlon,
Tho filibuster Faiilta, which, prior to being
pressed Into tho Government service, was en
gaged in currying filibustering expeditions to
Ilnytl, will sail to-morrow- fur Santiago vvitli u
supply of medical stores and provisions, The
Fanitn Is commanded hv Cnpt James MeCay,
who was the ohlof Pilot of tho fleet which car
ried Oeu Shaffer's army to Santiago,
M'osTth sEitncE ix ronro into.
The l'ost Omen Agent to Null on thn St.
I.ouls with Htnnips, &e,
Wabiiimiton, July 25 Nathan Smith, lu
churgeof tho postal establishment fur Porto
Blco, left to-day for Now port Nows, whence he
is to sail on tho St Louis for his destination on
the Island Ho curried with him an outllt In
cluding 5,OfH) worth of stamps and all tho
blanks and books necessary for transact ing n
money order and registered lottor business
Tho rate of letter iiostago between 1'orto llleo
uud the United States will bo tho domestic rnto
2 cents an ounce.
Vi Hoi' I'rvcr Si urn nt Aminiiolis llinr,
AnnaI'oiis. Md , July 25 Ml anxht) nvur
leiiorti-d cases of ellnw fever nt the Naval
Acudeui) having boon removed, tho Spanish
ofllcerM who were sent to the cadet quarters as
upriHUtutlnn will return to their furmur quar
ters lu Htribllug Bow Naval Academy physU
clans bay thero is no apprehension cf yellow
Usui, tho only coses ol ilekuoss being malaria.
The American Troops I. uniting on tho South
ern Const of the Island.
Special Cable Dft)iatck to fill! Sui,
St. Thomas, July 25. Gen, Mlles's troop
ships arrived off Ponco on tho southern coast
of Porto Blco to-dny, and tho work of effecting
a lauding was begun.
Gen. Miles took with him from Ginntnnamo,
when ho snllo.1 on Thursday last. Batteries U
audi' of the Third Artillery. 11 and F of tlio
Fourth, and Boftho Fifth, theSUthlllluols.tho
Sixth Massachusetts, thn Seventh Hospital
Corps, 275 recruits who had been sont to Shutter
but had not landed nt Santiago, and ttO men
tram tho Signal Corps, n total of 11.415 men.
a.ntciA staiits ron iior.nvix.
tin Meet, n Nmnll Npntilsh I'orre, Width
Surrenders-A Spmitnli Major Deserts,
.Sprtiai Cable Dnpalch Mlnr 8tr.
Santiaoo dk Cimia, July 25 Gen. Gnrcln,nt
tho bend of his Cuban forces, sot out for Hol
guln this morning. He encountered a Sinnlsh
forco of flv e ofHoorAund eighty mon from IIol
giiln. who surrendered.
It Is untrue that there has been any lighting
between tho Cubans nnd tho Spaniards In tho
torrritory Included In tho terms of capitulation.
Last night vvnsquletly spent by Garvin's nrmy
iitTigunns Early this morning it began to
march in tho direction of Holguln.
A committee of American ofllcers went to tlio
comotory hero this morning to pay a visit to
the tombs of the Aineilcau mart) rs of tho Vlr
glnlus. shot tu lH7.'t, and to tho tombs uf Marti
andCcspedcs. Special permission will bore
quested from Gen. Shatter to decorato tho
JosiS Ruiz, a Major In tho Spanish Army, fear
ing tho reception he would meet with uiion his
return to Spain, has deserted mid joined tho
iioxotajt.v to he roitTiriEn.
It Will Bo Made One of the Strongest Mili
tary Post! In the l'nillle.
Ban FnANCisco, July 25. It has been decided
to fortify Honolulu and mako it ono of tho
strongest military posts in tho Pacific For
this purpose Major Langfltt, commanding a
battalion of United States volunteers nnd engi
neers, will lenvo on tho first steamer for Hono
lulu, and ho will bo followed by 400 men, who
are under command of Col. Wlllard Young, now
In Chicago. Theso men are all expert engineers.
The Government hns authorized Mnjor Lang
fltt to go to work at onco preparing estimates,
and all strategic points which control Honolulu
will bo strongly fortified nnd barracks will bo
built for a large forco. Tho Washington authori
ties havo Insisted on speed In preparing the do
fenccs and arranging for largo military forcos.
Capt. L) dig of New York has been ordored to
proceod to Honolulu by tho St. Paul on Friday
noxt as Commissary of tho Port thero. Capt.
James G. Blaine, Jr., has beon ordered to go to
Manila on tho sumo vessel.
Spaniards Report That They Repulsed rt
Landing Purty Near tliu ltlg liny.
SpKial Cabfi Dapalch to The Sok,
MADniD, July 25 A despatch from Havana
says that Commander Manron.il to-day pre
vented tho landing ot a body of Americans near
Eahla Honda. The Americans wore protected
by a warship.
Tho landing party launched a boat, which
was sunk by tho lire from tho shore. A Lieu
tenant and four men wero killed. Tho Spanish
artillery also killed several men on bonrd tlio
warship. Tho Spanish loss was only three men
slightly woundod.
Bahla Honda Is a deep indentation on tho
north ooast alsjut fifty mllos west of Havana.
Tho entranco Is about a mllo long and
a third of a mllo wide, und bUfllciontly
deep to admit tho largest veB-els. It
admits to a noble buy with nn urea
ot about nlno squuro miles, tho upper pirt of
which Is too shallow to be avallablo for vessels
drawing more than ten feot. Tho town of
Bahla Honda Is on tho west sldo of tho bay,
whoso shores, except along a part of tho west
side, nro low and thickly wooded. V
ritKPAiiixo ron ir.ir.so.v.
The Spaniards Tinting Hrnvy dins Along
tho Strait of Clbrultiir.
AlMial Cable Deipakh to Tur. Son,
GmnAi.TAii, July 25 A Spanish transport
jesterdav landed ut Algeclras, near Glbraltar.a
number of heavy and other guns. Tho place Is
swarming with men and mules, all busily occu
pied in getting tlio artillery In position.
r.vnoPE, ao si.on:
The Ilerlln I'osl's Aililto on the Proposal
to Resist Vs.
Special Calle Vnpatrhn to Tur. Sun,
Bkiii iv, July 25 Tho semi-official JWf.com
mentiug on thu urtleln published lu tho
l'arls fiffnro last Thursday, In which It said
It was tlmo tho powers took extreme measures
to prevent tho d.-spiti h of Commodore Wat
son's squadron to Europe, and to end tho war,
advises the h'inm that, while siiiiiiuuiilng Eu
rope to resist the United States, and predicting
n quadruple nlllanee In tliu Mediterranean, It
would bo well to u-k Great Britain before try
ing to )oki the European imwt-rs to one ear.
Moscow, Jul) 25 The A'liiouft urges tho
iioutinl powers tostop thovvar between hp.iln
and tln United States
Tlio paper retails several liistnnces whero
neutrals hnvo Insisted on their light to inter
vene between belligerents without being askud
to do so.
vitisnxi iiovi- ,s;; iieii.
Coiiiiiioilorti h.lili'J's Me. i. l'nlls In Ilrr
I'mii i- VJlulini to Madrid,
Secial table Itnpatch to 'liir Suv
Lummis, Jul) 25 A despatch to tho Wy
Telmi dili siys thut Miss Jes-ilo hehhiy husar
rivedin Madrid for the purpose of socking to
Induce the Queou It. gent to conclude a pcaco
wlthtli.. United Slates
Neither the (Jiienii nor any r.-sponslblo per
sonage will ri'ielvo lier, and sho will probably
be iiiiunsli'dtoqult tliu tountr) us spoedll) us
posilblt .
Miss hchley, who Is a inusln uf Commodore
hchle), went to Madrid us th ) representative of
the IVa.eK(K-ht) in l'arls fur the purpo nf
sotikiiigaii inti rvlen with the (Jutcu lligent,
whom -lie thought she could Induce to bring
It I " ml ln-ucu ,
Mis bclilc) s father s strong!) opj.oso.1 t.
her action, which ho declares is uupruf Ileal,
nniisoiiR.t al and absurd Ho has cabled to bur
1 asking her to return home
Dilution- Mint ill lli-iuot ad.
Pull Abbi I JIM, Pa, Jul) 25 Tho lutof the
submarine uiliics In tin. ship channels of Dela
ware Ba) hnvn In en removed To-morruw
uu order will be issued by tho United States
engineers to again Illuminate the range light
The iwucous huvo bve-u luuurkuce lorsuve-rui
.St'Mlr TO .sMJT.7r, jH
Give Cp Their Arms nnd Unr. ll Willingly t H
Suiitlugo, llmipy In the I'rosprrt of I'lerJ- H
ty to i:nt-7,0HI lrnops nt (lunntlino- :H
mo Ale Among tho l'rl-.onri l'lnnt- ft
rrs Kxpi-tt Prosperity t'lider Our ring. JH
vpfon Calle Ihwalrhrt to rr. Sum. cH
I'Aiits, July 25 A despite!) fl.im Cnpt) Hay- 9
t Ion -ays that the 7,(H)0S),iiilshtrtMipsntGuan- jH
tiinaino U.iy have sin tendered to Gen. Bhaftor. H
tho American loiniu mder ut Santiago do Cubs. jH
HvNTivno tin Ct'iiA, Jul) 25 -Gen. Bhaftor fl
was ofllclnlly informed this morning thnt th V
Spanish ffiroc nt (lu inlaiinmoli.nl agreed to th H
terms ot capitulation uud lihldown tholr nrma.
SvNiiAtio un Ctin. July 24 With tho ox-
eeptlon of tliosc at Guantnnnino, nnd thoy will 1
surely surrender In n few liours, all tho Span- H
l-h troops within tho urea of territory hull- 9
cited In tho terms of Gen '1 oral's capitulation
have given up their nuns .mil submitted to the H
nuthorlt) otthti I'lilted States. Lieut Mlloyot I
Gen. Shutter's staff, vv lio wus designated ns th B
head of n commission tu receive tho surrender I
of the Spanish troops tu the null) Ing districts. H
has just returned fiom Ills visit to Palma Sort- H
ono, bongo nnd other Spanish garrisons, ao-
i-ompanloJ by his escort of two troops of I
cuv aliy. H
Lieut. Mllcy had nut tlio slightest troublo la
obtaining tho surrender of those g,u risons, ths
Spaniards glv ing up tholr nrms, not only with
out reluc'tuuco. but apparently vvitli n feeling of 5
relief nt the turmlnntluu of their recent period
of Buspen-o. Thoy turned over to tho Ameri
cans upward of .'1.000 stands of arms, and, aftor
disarming, marched behind our men, giving
overy evidence that they wero well satisfied
with tho now stato uf affairs, vv liieh promlsod,
tliom Immunity from further dangers of war
fare nnd tho prospect of plenty to eat
Seflor Rousseau, ono of tho owners of th
largo sugar pi int.itlon La Union, and other
rich and inlliientl il planters declnro that tlio
Spanish guerrillas and volunteers are ready and
willing to vvoik ns 7calously as they hav
fought, and nro of tlio opinion that prosperity
will quickly como to the country with poacn
under tho Amet lean flag. All nf tlio buslnos
men hereabouts nro highly- satisfied with Gou.
Shaffer's policy and express their willingness
tocooporato therein in every possible way.
Tlio surrender ot Gunntanamo will bo ot
greater importanco than was at first believed.
Thoro nro 7.000 troops thero. 0 000 of whom i
are Beasonod regulars. Tho Spanish Army
Commissioners from Guuntnnamo left this
morning on their return to that place. Thoy
assured tho correspondent ot The Sun that tlio
surrendor of tho troops there would bo accom
plished without tho slightest troublo j4T1i )
reportsof flghtlngntSongo between tho ("ban ,
and tho Spanianls published in tho Ao TbrAi -
Herald nro untrue. Bongo Is a small settle
ment nlno miles northeast of Santiago. "
Two Mysterious Ilrltlsh Vessels Snll front
Norfolk No Reeoril of tli-nrnm-e. 1
Noiikoik, Vii , July 25 Tho British steam- i
ships Mi-sapeiiu i nnd Manhnssett. which took (
enrgocsof coal ut I nnibcrt's Point, havo sailed.
Tlieli clonianeo Is not of record ut the' Custom i
Huusc. It wus said to-day. and there Is ovory
reason lobellovo truthfully, thnt they will go :
to Singapore. Indli, whom the coal they carry ,
will be hold subject to tho order of tho United
States Government Tho movements of other '
colliers in this harbor nm very mysterious.
Tho destination of the British steamship HonU
ton vvitli a eiirgo of coal was ehuiged to-day
from Kingston. Jamaica, to St Lucia Several
largo tramp bteamers which have urrlved her j
ostensibly for cargoes of merchandise havo, it j
it is thought, really been chartered by tho Gov-
ornment to carry coal abroad. j
Tho destination of tho colliers attached to j
Watson's fleet and tholr date of sailing Is as ,
inuchuf a ni ster) nbourd as ashore. Offlcors '
of tliu colliers su) that thoy know- nothing of .
their movements. They bny that thoy llo In tho ,
roads nwaltlng orders. Theso cuno to ono, slia
snllbj tho-o w ho remain do not know vv hero sh
has gout', as they do not know when they will
go or vvheneo Ono officer Bald to-duy that
every tlmo he camo up to Norfolk to got a mint
julep a collier hilled, Just tlicn some one eald I
that the Loonhkis had gouo out, uud this upon
investigation proved to bo true-.
Tour of thn Spanish Strainers Cipo. t to Sail
from Cuillr for Suiitlugo This Week.
Special Cable Dtipnlch lo Tins Sex,
Capi. Jul) 25 Four uto-uners of tlio Span
ish Transatlantic lino mo being prepared
with thn utmost hastu to go to San
tiago do Cuba to bring nw.iy a
part of tho ofllcuis and men ot
(Inn. Tornl's command, who huvo surrendered
toOcn bhiifici It Is oxpcciod that thu steam
ers will sail before tho end uf the week.
YELLOW Al.'ll'l JV mi:ico.
A spiii'Uli 1'iiper Tills or n 'Icrrlliln Trnff-
dy ut tin. Willi.. 1 Ions,-.
City of Mrxuo, July 25 W Monitor ii
pnflol, thu organ nf thu Spinl-h colony hor. j
mihlishns nn ulli getl despatch fr un Washing- I
ton. saying that President Mehlnley Invited j
Admiral (Vivem In call upon him. .mil .that thu
luttci did so, but thn in. uu. 'lit hn in. t til" PnsU 1
(U'lll II, 111' H .1 1'ISMN ,111.1 hllll 'I III'' I ,'-ni. l.-lli. I
The ill spiti II was e.ig.'ih read by tliu hpuil- i
iui.ls und found iii.iii) liollnv.-r- J
Applit iiti.in for Org tiiiing ii National llnuk
In lliiiillu. i
WAiiiiiMniis.Jul) 25 AiMipplii atloii for pr- '
mli-sluu toiiigaiiio Ih" 1 list National llinkut '
Manila, Philippine Islind-. has biuli lllud by ',
Missis Busb) ami Coollilgc, Washington i
iirw-spiipoi . oiri's..,ii.li'nts, wlmsii) thoy huv I
cnll-1. .1 thcassi-iiiiiiinif Now lork capitalists .
In tho si lie uu 'Ihis inaki's the thiitl uppllea- J
Hun fui national luuk eh irlcis to bo exorcised I
In annexed or toiiquoiid terntm) filed with j
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