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H 1 THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 1898. $
iH urif rOKK MATES' AT J T.TI3IOttt!
1 AC" jn- a sitai.ii iwx,
IB t.ionMnto nnl'n.yJnb Outplaying tli
II n,oUIni-t-liulnimtl nud l'Hlsliurir
tm llreuk L"" "" " ''',,e,,'n,'rr ii-
jfl ,1,1,, r,.o liul for IlurntU Tiillcndcrs.
I Thotvcw Vu-ks lost n thlrtecn-lnnlng gamo
i lsMtlmoro iietinlay mid then lift for the
., ahcy nro Btill lu sixth plneo. 12 points
"wjiioftliol'ltlrtliurKd. Tho latter broke etcn
onaJouble header with tho Clnclnnntls. whoso
j idwM reduced to 24 points, as the Boston
M Um ensy tlmo w ith tho Hrookl 111 nt Wnsh
H initonParlc 'J ho LouUvllles continued their
winning ",'?ak b outplajlng St. Louis and
H theroby g lined on MasliliiRton, tho latter s
H una at l'lilladelpliia boins stopped by rain in
'ho third Inning. Tho results:
k HlmMS.4. JwYork, n
Wf Boston, tl. Brooklyn, 1.
M Louisville. 0, bt Lou!i.2.
Cini innatl, 0, Pittsburg, 0 (Ant game).
H Pittsburg, 3, Cincinnati, 2 (second name).
H At Phlladclphia-Baln.
I tub itrconD.
;Vr Vr
rt.ti ITon "( tvnl CTtibl It'en oil. Cent.
rtSmnall .- mil rittslurg 4 l GM
E, &t .Ml ,(l4lllllladclphlaH7 At 4U
I cKm& 01 - M Brooklyn 8 .(.)7
M miumoro ' .005 Washington 1 61 .U7d
rJ iS5 T 40 .Mil Louisville. . ao &" .JJ
ji5York . ii 81) i-IOSt Loula .24 03 .,170
BiLTIMORK, 4; J.KW 10BK, 3.
BiLTiJioRr, July 20 I'resldont Froodrnan
Jb to-da sent a telegram to tho newspaper ro-
I norters. which was road to them in tho press
box at tho ball grounds In his tologrnm Freed-
man status tint Holmes used Insulting Ian-
UaKoatthollo Grounds, ostenlny. not only
to him. but to tho Jewish raco and tho Hebrew
ratroin of tho game, and for that reison tho
V mbo was forfeited rnthcr than allow "Ducky"
.1 tocontinuo to piny. Moreover, tho telegram
ia)9 thit Holmes would not ho allowed to
I enter tho Polo Grounds when tho Baltlmoroa
A icaln visit Now ork
1 vhon.Matiaeorllanlon was told of this ho
clmply said " I do not sco how Mr. Freedmnu
cankeepHolmesorain otherplajer out of tho
! grounds 1 hero Is a board nPlolnted by tho
Rational League todlsclpliuo plnore "
Adeniand was mado upon Hinloa by Freed
' man's representative for tho check sh on hint
yesterday before tho rowoeeurred, but tho Bal
timore manager declined to surrender. Tho
lthreat was made that paiment would bo
ttopred. whereupon Hanlon said that If this
j was done he would carry tho matter before tho
' League and demand tho forfeit.
" The New Yorks and Orioles to-day placd tho
J greatest game that has been seen hero this
laeason For thirteen Innings tho two teams
struggled for supremacy, and it was only won
by the Baltimore by tho narrowest kind of n
margin In almost otery Inning after tho
third thero was sorao Bcnsatlonnl play made.
Kotonlj was tho work of both pitchers flrst
elass. but their support was also of tho gllt
edeo order Tho two uiisplnys mndo by tho
visitors, however, were costlv. tho ono by Tier
nan in the thirteenth limine being partially re
iponstbto for tho winning run.
Jouett Meekin sUrted In to do tho pltchinc.
but n liner from Kell) s bat In the third Inning
hit him a terrible blow, and ho retired iu favor
of nettle Tho Orioles thoucht that thoy would
havo an cas tlmo wlthOottlir. but they wore
doomed to dls ipiiolntment. for Jack pitched a
marvellous gamo In tho ten Innings in which
heofllehtedonly four hits were gathered by tho
locals, threo of which were in field scratches
Al Miul also did greit w ork. In only ono Inn
ing nero tho visitors ablo to bunch their lilts.
He was especially effective when tho bases vvcro
occupied Several times it looked as though tho
Now Yorks would score, but tho necessary hit
was never forthcoming Boyle and Joyce gavo
an exhibition of daring laso running In trying
to score tho winning run. but as far as third
was tho nearest tlicv could coma to accomplls.li
".' Ing the feit In tho ninth Inning tho New
K lorl-e aiin within an aco of scoring Doyle
X started with n sate drlvo Overthtrdnndwas
sapriflied to second As ho btarted to steal
third, Earner bunted and was out at first, with
Uettlg at tho li.it Ixi lo tried to steal home,
but was caught on aaulok play
in tno tcntii niutiiinicnt neiiling provented
thevisltors from winning tho gamn Aftertiet
tig hndhecn retired, nn Hnltren lilt for tlirco
bases, and tho local rooters had all but given
the game up when Tiern-iu hit a swift bounder
to Jennings, mid Van Hultronwus run down
between tho bnes Tlernnn reiched second,
butJoieo eniltd matters b putting up a foul
tly which Hall nabbid In tho meantime tho
Orioles could not get n man passed second itn-
I til the thirteenth Inning, whn theynnnnged
tosLoroand end tho game Koplcr singled to
left and went to sewnd on Tiernan error,
'fiilont Miko" letting thu 1 .ill get through him
Jennings's snerllho plaeod Keeler on third and
Kellcy's slnglo hrrmght him home
In only the third Innlngwero iKith teams able
to seoro before this. Tho Orioles mado threo
runs ou a baso on bnlls. a snerl ileo. two soratch
hits, a drive byKollej that stnick Meekin on
K the right arm and put him out of tho game and
l1 Jmoe'ft error Tho New orks ovened It up In
I their hnlf on Warner a single. Oettlg's double,
Kiernnn's triple and an out It was too lato to
ontlnuo piny nnd tho second gamo v us called
Cif. Tho score:
Swltr.rf 2 2 2 0 o V Haltren.cfo 2 6 O n
fftintnip! Mia a 2 o Tlernnn, It 1 1 1 o 1
K'llfr, of o 2 0 O Joyie, lb n J 17 O 1
Pnioiit, 2b 0 18 3 0 Dmlii. m 0 u 0 7 O
McOnn Ibo 014 1 0 Opanon. 2b O 120
1 i'0,1,"1". " 0 2 s o O Doylo, 8b 0 1 1 4 II
f 11' ab 0 0 J II 1 Oradjr. Tt 0 12 0 0
Robinson, e. 1 o j 3 0 Warner, c ..1 1 J 3 0
Mul,p ..00140 Meekin p 0 o O o o
Total, ...7 U37i7 T 0ctUlf'p - 1111
Totals.. .810 80 24 2
Bltlmor .008000000000 14
awVork. oosoouoooooo 03
Flntbate 1 by frrnr-Now Vnrk Irfft on bae
BMtlmnre e Sewlork. n First base on balI-On
fiiS!,8Joff5!"kln l.uffllettle. Struck oui-By
S!ST,,i.iT,lrf?,'," t"itn-Tlcrn. Vn Usltren.
w? baM W'Oottlg, Joyce. Sacri8.ee hits Qrady,
B N Sjr?ir' .'nntam. bUiIpq bue-Deinnntravillo.
V J?b,l8J'l)-J('f-c') (iuiMltel). Umplrfs-I.ynch
I J5I3 ..I1", i'tcndaoce-2,270. Time-2 hours
and e& minutes
I . BOSTON. 0; BE00L.LKJ. 1.
' -. HithJriaKer,11 tl10 W. 'ho Brooklyns were
vt'i7 do,fa,Srt l"r ,h0 Bostons nt Washington
Wark yesterday afternoon Hovou straight
5!5?? naJ? iifw boen lost by the Brooklyn
V 'team In which eager lias offlolatod. Just why
JJSr?."' waH Purchased from tho Brock-i?&iiH!1D-
' pompellod to warm tho bench
1 ?.i!6 Yf aee7, l8 8ent ln to Pitch overy third
I RfKeint H t'nio when the opiioslng playore
' lKn'"Iiirt,'yto his curves, somowliat surprises
I US '3roPllyn rooters.who want to see thq homo
ii nwn moro froquently Tho Hub plnyors,
fi ,eIiscorlPB lh(1 ru,1B 'a tho socond, third, and
tfti.lnnI,KB- oemod to uke it for granted
that tho victory was safely pocketod nnd did
not take much tidlns In tho lost half of tho game
w Increase their score for Lewis had tho
J?rr?ixl,rn S'?tersT.Bt llU meroy. As tho gamo
K2SFt?rea.itn1?,0ton P'tehor provod ovon
IR?Z1pVoet,vo tna" In tho early InningB. tho
nomo players going out In ordor in tho last five
JhSS, V,'"atl , Cplllns's fumblo and wild
:SWT?i.HRllmanB, boundor allowed Ryan to
score Brooklyn's only run. The sooro:
J , t21 T.OU. S R 1B.T O.A. X.
ter? ., A i R O Oriffln. rf 0 5 1 o 6
I)u32 V V9000 Jones, rf ...0 o 1 O O
fMivJi,.cf.K -i 0 o Ilallmsn.ab 0 18 2 1
Lo?"4K8b ? 2 J 8 i BhckarJ.lf O 10 11
Kn " 2 i fl'Koon. ss 0 0 1 8 O
OvSiS,!.'! IA x 0 licba'eclb O 014 o o
iA?eWb9 aia 0 Hhinctle, 8b O o 3 6 1
Gi.'v' 1 Oltyan.c' 1 15 2 0
"1.P ,,a 0 1 a 0 Yeagar, p...,o 0 o ft 1
Totals ."5u 27 Ul Totals.,72i8 1
iirooalyn 00100000 0-1
-."il b"y,nnor Boston. 1. Brooklyn, 1, Isft
Ion. Af,Boi,ou'8' lroollyn.2. Two-bsse hlts
2 fLii5x?P''t?D Btoleu bases-Long. 2. Duffy,
i .5Sfi"f0 "ltT8ufr"d.O. Yeager. Iloudleiilays
liilt 1 . ni! 9 'agor, UallmanandLacliauce.
IiJSVwi"0. ",',1 blI"-03 Iwls. Is off Testier, a
Brt.i"11 ?rfw". ' br l'oagor,3 t'uiplre-
1 i)uunix, e, t, loiiw, 2.
to? 1 ci, T !,,."7 ,,wl,ir b Perfect neldlng and by
H lS?ii!5JtWu !' total ot tea bases off Taylor In
H ins ecoui Inning, Tbo score,
1 ax incu I louuTtuj!
I Do '! ll"O.A. 11 in V.O.A.E.
8 Kirt,, 2 onsrke, If J 1 11 o o
II Xlaritlf' ? ' UOHoj.rf .08100
11 (Kn.1,1. ,S 5 ottsguir, 8b 1 1 o 3 0
fil I fiinuJ,',c " i a 'l'l, lb 0 111 1 0
ffl Ti la ',?" V UllUUey.jli 1 1 11 a O
Si Tsilo- ? ' " " Klttlldge.o 114 10
1 J f71or, p j 0 2 0Via.er, p .00140
111 B?VlU J US 11 Tl Totals, cioa7iB0
Kra LouTsSlu O O 2 O 0 I) O O 0-i
Pff 'uiviiib n n l( 11 O O o 1
arf Bi l?Lb." 1n "-IHlsville, Left ou bairs-
M bti.i.i ' LouUville, .1. IwobMeblts-lleraints,
"S tlarK nJ!? b"".,nlt-Klttiido Home run-
idea. Attendance 3.000. Dmpltei Emilia and
ciiciiXATt, 0 rirrsanao, 8 first iiauk.
Pirrsnunn, Julr 2(1 Pdbibnrgand Cincinnati each
on a irnmc in the doubln hcador pU) ed here to-day.
rii-rsnt no. 1 ciicivsati.
n 1 11 r o a r ' 11. 1 b p o. a. e.
ponovan, rf O 2 11 n 11 Mrllrlde, cf 2 8 n o 11
Merrrerj. ,1 f.o 11 .1 11 11 Mnlth, If u 1 2 I) O
Mr(jirtb),lf o n .1 O uMillir, rf 12 0 10
lmennau,tO o ,1 n O lleokler, lb O 11 lit o (1
ollrleii, lb 1 2 11 (i u Irwin. .lb o o 2 n o
I'.-iJ.li-u. 2b I 1 .1 a 11 Xtelnt htt.ss 0 117 2
1 ll ,111)2 o McPbce, 2b 1 1 1 3 1
Hardnrr, Rb 11 043 (1 lrltt, e 1 1 2 o o
ltimtliigii, p. 0 o 11 4 liDwyer, p. t a o o o
IjiVo . 11 II O O o
hlllen i o 0 o 0 Totals. , (112 27 18 8
Totals .11 tl 27 in ll
Lake 1mtt,d for HattliiKS and Klllen batted for
Oarduer lu the ninth Inning
IMItoblirg .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0-8
Uurttiuatt 00UO1UGO o-a
Htoleu base Htelnfehlt. To-lm hit Uonoiau,
Thrpetwaii lilll'clte. lacilfico hits VeUrldo,
Hmttb, Htclnfildt Double playa-lrwln, Mi l'liee
slid Ik (kit j Paddeu and U llrtsii Htruck nut Uy
Hantlngs, I, br l)jtr. 1 1 lrt base on balls Off
llsstlinni, 4 lilt by pltt her Irwin, Padden I'm-plreit-
OilTni nud llr.mii. AtKlulaiat 2,000,
lime 1 hour and ,0 mlnutoH.
1'ITTSIU m, .'1; CINCINNATI, 2 Kcovn OAUB.
riiTsntisn, civciinati
n.lnro.A.t . p. in r o.a.p.
Ponovan. rf I O 1 11 11 MefJrlde, cf o J 1 1 11
M ( rot rj , f 2 ,t 1 o 0 Huilth, If 0 12 0 0
Mol'srtby.lf O 12 0 li Miller, rf 11 o :i o o
Unwcrmsu c ti 1 7 r. ollleiklry, lb o 17 10
(lllrlin.lb O t 11 11 O.lrwln. lb 11220
l'addill, 2b 0 0 2 4 1 Htllifeldt,Ml 1 .' J O
YlT.t o o II II llilcPhca, ib o 0020
(lardnor, 3b O 112 0 Vaughn, c (1 3 7 (I O
Hotter, p .0111 ullllll, i . .O0O20
Il'elta . 0 0 0 0 O
Totals . ., 8 8 27 15 31
I Totals ... 2 10 24 10 0
Batted for mil in tho ninth inning
Plttaburg .. . . 3 0 0 0 10 0 0 03
Clmiunati ... .01000100 02
Two bias lilt ltowerman Three-base hit Hteln
f f Idt Home run 111 Cresry. Sacrlttre hits McCarth) ,
Btelnfetdt (21. Struck out lly Uoffcr, 8. First luuio
ou balls Off HoITcr, 5, oil Hill, 2. Umpires Uaffuty
and lliown. Attendance a COO. Time J hours.
Atlantic I.enirue.
b. n. K.
Kewark.O 0100000000 13 7 4
orfolk 00000000100 01 10 u
llattorlea Jordan and Ttothfuss, PfanmiUer and
at rATrnsoK.
rsterron 0 8 10 2 17
Usrtford o o o 2 r 7
In the slith inning Hartford kicked nter a decision
anil refused to contlnuo Umpire McMackln gave
the gamo to I'atersou score, ti to u.
llatterloa-McUlnnls and O'Brien; Wood, VlcVery
and Hoche.
a. n. r.
Allentown 0 000100 05 10 S
ltlchmoud . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 13 0 2
Batteries Eeener and Foster, Sparks and Ucas.
n. b. x
Lancaster 8 0 2 10 3 0 0 08 12 1J
Heading 0 8 0 0 0 0 10 04 11 8
Batterlea Clausen and Hoth; Heptlngand Heydou.
Eastern League.
II. B. C
Buffalo 08310101 010 IS 8
Ottawa ... 1 8 1 O o 1 O 1 O 7 11 6
Batteries 3ray and Urquhart; Horton and Boyd.
n. n. s.
Kyracuao 0 O 1 O O O n 0 04 11 n
VVllkesbarre . 01010108 O J 1H 2
Batteries Vorhees and Ijko, KamlKou and Smith.
u a. x.
Toronto .. 00110210 o r, h i
lroTidence. .. 02000000 02 5 4
Batteries WllUains and Llpp, Egan andKoblit.
b. n. e
Montreal .301000 6 000 1-u 1M I
Upringfleld.l 20O030O20 o H 13 2
Batteries Abbey and Butler, I'appalauand Mchols.
New York btuto League.
At Oswego First game Oawego, 11, Conandalgua,
2 Set ond ganii Oswego, 7, Canamlaigua, 5
At Rome First game Rome, 6, Auburn, 4 Second
game Borne. 8. Milium. O
At Cortlaudt First game Cortland, 3, Lyons, 1.
Second game Cordlaud, 1 Lyons, 4,
At I Uta First gamo Utica, 4, Palmyra, 2, Sec
ond game Utica, 0, Palm ra, o
Otlier Games.
at ufhideh
n 11 e
Merldin 0 2000110 4 u 1
Waterbur 1 o o J o o O o o J u 2
Bjtteriea Moran and Hinsella, Prentiss and Con
New London .. 2050 0200 o 15 d
VWllimantic J0000000 0-7 0 4
Batteries Puhl, Devercaux and Lear, Piuuey and
New York Club Can lie Fined, but Holmes
Will Iiot lie Brought lleforo the Donr.l.
TI10 row at the Polo Orounds Monday, w hich
resultod In tho forfolturo of tho gamo by tho
New Yorks to tho Baltimorcs. was discussed
eerwhero In baseball circles yestorday. It
was the almost unanimous opinion that Presi
dent Freedman of tho Now York Club had act
ed unwisely whon ho rushed upon tho field
nnd demanded that Holmes of tho Ilnlti
mores. who had mado an uncomplimen
tary remark, bo thrown out of the grounds
by Urnplro Lnch Thero wero few oxcuses
for Holmes, but nearly everybody ngreed
that Freedman had no business on tho
Held at all Umpire bnartwood, who oOlciated
at Washington Turk yestordni und is ono of
the best men on tho Leaguo staff, said that It
he had boon ln ehargo of Mondnj "s gamo nt tho
l'olo (Jrounds he would havo declared u forfeit
to Baltimore the moment Freodman violated
tho rules by going upon tho plating Held
Manager Belee of tho Bostons Bald the affair
was deplorable, and that It was undoubtedly a
serious blow to b-isobill As fn .is the fines to
be paid by the New York Club for tho forfeit
nre concoriiod. the following section of tho Na
tional Leaguo constitution explains the matter
ijuito fully:
A clnb shall be entitled to forfeited games to
count in its series as games won by a scoro of nine
runs to nono In cases where the umpiro in any
championship game shall award the game to such
club on account nf the violation by the contesting
club of any section of this constitution or of any
playing rule, and in tho event of such forfeiture
being caused by the withdrawal of the players during
the progress of the game or byafailuro to report
with its team at tbo time flied for the game, unlens
writteu notice bas boon received from the home
club that the game cannot be played, then such
forfelUng club shall incur a penalty of (1,000, and
ln the event of forfeiture for any other cause S50O,
whleh shall bo pa) ablo to the Secretary of the League
within ten days then after for the uso and benefit of
the non-offending club, but said fine may be remit
ted or modified upon appeal to and a hearing by the
Board of Directors In alditlou to the penalt) iiboo
referred to. the caiitaln or manager, or the person in
charge of the oueudtug team and responsible for the
team leaving the Held, shall incur a penalty of (loo,
which shall lie paid within fiTedsjs to theSecretan
of tho League, aald penalty not to bo remlttod under
any clrouuistanccs. Iu case such penalties are uot
paid within the time uauie 1 tho club and player can
not participate lu a championship kame.
As Froodman was alono responsible for tho
Now Yorks leaving tho Hold, it would scorn
that, ln addition to the $1,000 line, ho Is liuble
to a $100 penalty, which should bo paid In (ho
days. In accordance with tho ubovo paragraph.
If tho Leaguo strictly enforces this rulo nnd de
mands prompt payment of tho tines, and
should puyinont bo refused, undor tho require
ments of tho constitution tho Now York Club
would bo liahlo to expulsion from the National
League circuit
Freodman's threat to drag Holmes boforo the
Board of Illsciplino. to bo tried for violating tho
so-callod Brush " blacklist rule," Is creating
considerable morriment among baseball men
who know tho business. Ah I reedmau did not
attend the Ht. Louis meeting of the League,
when tho Brush resolution was passed, ho can
not bo awaro of tho offences for tlie punish
ment of which the resolution was passed At
tho meeting Brush read a volume of testimony
showing that ball plaors hud boon In tho habit
of hurling unmentionable epithets, not nocos
sarily profane, nt umpires und spectators, and
that tho evil hud noon permitted to, run
riot. About half a. dozen epithets, wore hold up
as criminal, nnd it wan generally understood
by tho magnates that for tho use of any of them
'layers would bo punished According to the
nterpretutlon of tho resolution as understood
ly cloven club l'rcstdonts nt ht Louis and also
!iy N. K. Young, tho President of thu National
.eague, tho re murk mado by Holmes at tho
'olo Orounds on Jlonday does not como under
tho head of offences to bo puulshod by tho rulo,
and from prlvuto Information received Holmes's
ease will not get us fur us tho board This is
the most iintxirtant paragraph iu tho resolu
tion: jo iiirpMuite baseball the national Iratue of VUt
United (States, preservo ita rospectabllltj , surround
It ttli such additional safeguards ss to warrant ab
solute public confident e In it methods and purposes,
to reform and promote tho mutual interests orpro.
fesslonal baseball clubs and professional baseball
players, It shall lie competent for any person or
persons, whether plaxr, manager, umpire, club
official of an club, member uf this League, or spec
tator, to submit Information snd testimony In
writing under oath lomeinlng obscene, inde
cent or vulgar language (otlur ttisn profaulti.
that being otherwise an I lepeda'.iy provided
for iu thu playing rulesi duilug the progress
of a game upon the bsll fteld by a plater or
employee of a National League ilnb of whlih they
have pers ual knowledge The Information and
corroboi-atil e o ideuce under oath ma be submitted
to the l'risldcntof the Lcagtu.ubn shall havo tho
right to suspend the ofltuder peudlng investigation
b the tribunal h(reinafter created, or not, aa ha
may elect, being governed 111 Judgment by the cir
cumstances and gravity of the offence and character
of the evidence.
It will be seen that If President Young does
not deem tho offenuu charged of suwolent Ira.
Sortance to brlug the cose before the board, he
u the power to quash the whole matter.
Few neneflt by the I.lbernl Odds Against
Clancy's Npeeily Mare Songster, Hotter
dam nnd Cormorant l'rovo True to tlm
Talent -Mnrltu Defeats Dr. Catiett.
An atmosphoro saturated with humidity mndo
oilstonco uncomfortable for tho :i,(XK) patrons
of racing who visited tho Brighton Beach track
joatorday. The reguinrs apparently do not
mind such sklo Issues, however, nnd they eon
tlnuod their cnmpnlgnngnlnBt tho ring with a
certain timount of success, Threo favorites
jiistlflod tho faith placed In them, but Hotter
dam was nt such n prohibitive price that only
the moneyed plungers bonellted by his v letory.
Tho honors wero more equally divided than
usual among tho jocknys nnd thero was no ro
pe it Ing. This was particularly hard on tho
Mnher system players, ns Danny only scored nt
the ond of tho card, when his most entltUBlnstlo
followers were wotkoning.
Tho richest plum of tho day was tho High
weight Handicap for nil nges. It wus a dash
of llvo furlongi, with $800 added, and wan run
its tho fourth raco. Hix good spriuteis turned
out nnd tliotulent wont clean aatrny. Trolley
nud Autumn wore played by their respective
ndmiicrsnt 8 toC.Iwhlln Lambent was nllowcd
to run loose at tho falso price of 8 to 1.
Clanev's spoody mare, on whom O'Loniyrodo
an unexpectedly good nice, outfooted Trolley
after n furlong, uml won by u length, Thotwo-yenr-old
Autumn showed up well among his
oldor rivals, nnd only lost the place to Trolley
by a head, while ho beat Lady Marian 11 length.
Orion failed to carry tho heavy weight and had
to rest content with beating the rank outsldor,
Mahor exporiencod tho doubtful pleasure of
riding the outsldor among the four left In for
the first raco. He mixed It up in front to tho
stretch, where Songstor outstnyod Charaaraco
and won by two lengths Tinge, played to beat
alt but Songster, failed to hold Maher's mount,
and lost tho place by a neck.
Fedornl looked to bo tho best on form In tho
dash for maldon two-year-olds, but for somo
mysterious reason ho was passed over iu favor
of Ban Cupid I'odornl held n good berth from
tho start, nnd won by half a length from Mnrk
Miles, who had been his most dangerous rival
throughout Lcando struggled up gamoly from
sixth into third position, and the favorite
wound up eighth
A heavy plunge on Uottordnm In tho third
race forced nis prlco from .1 to 5 down to 1 to H
Kwnmp Angol was next In deiunml, whllo thu
tilent practically Ignored I'ltzgibboiiB und Che
nille. The latter, in tho hands of -M. .1. Daly's
midget son, cut out n furious iuico and showed
tho wa to the last sixteenth, whoro Taral
closed with the favorito and won In n drive b
lialf alongth Mahcr, wholliilshed live lengths
back ou Swnmp Angel, was called up to explain
Rome crowding ou tho turn. Tho result wns
that little Dais, after being lionized by tho
crowd, wnsiset down for a day for reckless
Kogera .V Rose's Cormorant, who died in
front tho other day, received another eh nice,
nnd this tlmo ho brought off the trick in tho
Ilfthraeo. Hoononedup sv gip or four lengths
on the run to tho stretch and. although show
ing symptoms of stopping toward tho end, ho
won by a l ngth from the second choice. Ben
Viking, with thu third choice whoro tho talent
figured her
Dr Catiett seomed to have such nroyalohanco
ln the sixth race that the books would nnlv
offer 2 to 5 against lilm. Tho plungers fought
shv of this price and tho Doctor went out to.t
to !). while Marito wns played steudll) from 5 to
I! down to 7 to G Slaher mlsuncleistood tho
starter, and utter a fiir break wns pulling
Marito up ngiln when thu flag foil Dr Cntlett
left the mark llke.i sprinter and mado tho start
look so nigged tliat thero were signs of disap
proval Manor mndo up Ins ground stovlily
nndhadtho foot of all lu tho stieteli. Marito
winning by .1 comfortable m irgiu from tho
favorite. MIIob's tllly and herrlderwerecheereil
to tho echo on returning to scale, und the crowd
went homo lu good humor fciummurv .
Belling, for three year olds and upward that have
run and nut won more than ono raco tbia yiar, $500
milled, of which S75 to seiond and $25 to third, al
lowances, one mile and a sixteenth
J F Madden'a ib g Songster, J, by St Blaise
Smlbritte. HI (Dupetl . . 1
J Hvues A. Co 's b g Cuaracrace, 1, 114 (Maher) .
1 Adams's br. b 'Huge, 0, lou (Hamilton) 3
Merlin also ran
Time, 1 48f
Betting Six to 5 agalnit Songster, 10 to 1 Chara
grace, tt to 5 Tinge, u to 2 Merlin.
For maiden two year-olds, $roO add( d, of which
$76 to -econd and $2" ti third, weights tea pounds
below (ho ecale, boisea not havinr been Beioudor
third Allowed ttve puuudi. five furl ings
J. P. Marlins 1 r. c Federal, by Kingston or Bur
lington -lurethoupht. 1 12 (Douett) . 1
J C Titzaliuinomsb Mark lilies llJ(Iamea) 2
Jauita Ualway's cb c Ljando, IU data!) 3
somen. Slater ox, Dsit Guild Bill of 11 , Ludj
Medillciomi , Subject Improvldint Spanish Main,
Mener B , and Klundvke (Juien also ran
Tune, t 02
Betting levin to J aunJiiil rederjl, 10 ti 1 Mark
Miles 4 to I Ltasilo, tio lo 1 Souiers, M to t hlitor
Foi. II to 5 Dan t ui hi. 1 VI to 1 Bill of U , 10 to 1
Lady Meddlehoine. 12 ti 1 subjtct JO to 1 Improvi
dent, 100 to 1 Srani.U Main, jou to 1 Mener B , 40
to 1 Klondike Quet 11
Selling for three ear-olds and upward, $(100
add(d, of which $100 to second and $50 to third,
Allowances ono mile
J I. liwjers b c ltottenlam, 4, bj Imp Ilotbcr-
ill-Imp Beudovii 113 (rarali 1
M J Dal) 'sell f Chenille, 4, 101 (I)alj) J
A J Jorncrseh f Swamp Angel, 4, loo (Maher) .1
Fltzglbbona also ran
r Tlmo, 1 12.
Betting Three to 1 on Hottenlam, 50 to 1 against
Chenille, 18 to 5 Swamp Anel, 150 to 1 Htzgibbons.
Ulghweight handicap for all ages, $10each,$'
forfeit, $S00 added, of which $150 to second and t'M
to third, live furlongs
II Clam) 's h m Imp Lambent, r, by Araphlon
Starlight, 120 0 Leary) . .. 1
W, 1) Jennings's b, f Trolley, 4. 12rt iDnggett) ... 2
A J. Joiners br g Autumn .1, 110 (Main rj 3
Orion, Uanwell and Lad) Marian also ran.
Time, 1 DIM
Bolting right to 1 against I-ambrnt. 8 to o TroL
ley , K to 5 Autumn, 8 to 1 Orion, 50 to 1 Hanwell, 8
to 1 Lady Marian,
Selling, for two) ear olds, $flon added, of which
$100 to second and $50 to third, allowances, six
Rogers Hose's b. c. Cormorant, by l'hienli-Gleu
Stop, 102 (Bongeri . . 1
T.l'.Hayisab c. Ben Viking HMI (Matthews) 2
L O Appleby sb f. Country Dame, DM (Maher) .8
Savory, Hold Up and Ncubcrger also ran
Time. 1 15
Betting Six to 5 against Coimorant, 2 to 1 Urn
Mking, 4 to 1 Country Dance, 10 to 1 Savor) , 150 to
1 Hold Up, 50 tu 1 Ncubcrger.
Handicap for three year olds and upward, non
winners of "(0 this year, $10 each, $v forfeit,
oo addid, of which $100 to aecend and $'() to
third, one mile
I J, Miles' a b f Marito, S, by Vnlante, Imp,
Maori H7 (Maher) , 1
luriiey Bi others' Dr t'atlett, 4, US (Tarnli 3
Mrs W C. Daly's b f. Her Own, 4, 1UJ (O Conner). J
Gov. Budd also run
llmo, 1 41'
Ilettlug Seven to 5 against Marito, a to 5 Dr. Cat
iett, 20 to 1 Her Own, 150 to 1 Oov, Budd
Tho entries for to-duy's races are us follows:
First Itace For three year-olds and upward that
have run at thla meeting aud havo not lnen first or
sicond, with $500 added, selling, ou mllci
Tannin 11 liPrlnre Auckland . IK)
LeoI.ake lOS'Vlgenta , nil
Abingdon , um Maximo (louiez ,, . , lit)
Black Dude ... 102 1 inkier mi
Qiiu Metal I'll link Chambray , U4
Second It-ire For two j car-olds that have run and
not won at this meeting, with $500 added, lulling,
nve furlongs.
Lifeanard , .. KUlllraliam lis
IbulUrdiier , IOJ Hop Scotch lis
Slrllnrian , ,. 101 Curio lift
Mrddlesom 100 Muoty Celts , ... 115
Mt Clemeu 100 St Clair . til
Jean Blgclow , uul
Third Itace Formaldon three year olds, with $500
added, five furlongs:
St Frusquin , 12B Orthos 123
VVauwegu , ,, . lilOouaro 123
Julius Caar l-'n I'm kel book ,, lilt
Ilr Wil lair) Dell , ui
Sculptor 1J1 Mrs Trumbrldgo 121
HsrdyU ua Lllerllo ltello , lit
Yodau ,,, l-'.l liisptitlou, ,, Ml
Htonard 1 J.i lllinsful in
Fourth Itace Handicap, fur three year olds aud
upward, with $1,200 added, ouemlle and aslxteiuth:
I'eipo'Da) . . 12(liOur Johnn) 111
Ito)alStag , 122!Komuraaakl , 103
Oloriau ... llJKeuatloual . nil
Brnllotiald . llllJefferson ... 111
1 Kill Hacc For two year olds, with $000 added,
selling, five furlongs
Kirkwood 112, Tut Int , 00
Morning 1(H) lladtl) , 107
Crown , lOJIAl Beeves 107
Sixth Itace Handicap hurdle lace, with $Mi0
addid, ono lullu aud u half over alx llUhts of hur
dles Ilrownllid , 145 Shultz ,. 13,',
hlnvarra 144iMCid . ., UD
llhelnstrom , 1171
The Winners ut Harlem,
CiilCAon, Jul) 2(1 Tho Ihlnl lain 1111 the card at
Harbin to-day was dtcluuil on ou aicouut of
M rr tuhi s, and the nflli rui o rplit and run fourth and
tlfth In Hi" first racu I'll m 11 McLlurg won, but waa
dUiiuslltliiil for a foul Summaries
First lUrc-Hve furlongs (launtlet.HH (Thorpe),
6 to 5, won Valaudlrs UK (Caywoodl, 15 to 1, sec
ond, (lalathee, lis (hvcrett), 2 10 1, third. Time,
Beci nd Itace One mile Utile Singer, 104 (Blosa),
20 to I, won. fonto, lOtf (rhorjis). 7 to 1, second,
Wlnslow, 108 iVanduaen), 00 to 1, third. TUne,
Xluxd met Os mil and y titdtth. obtiU
Chrlaty, 101 tBnrns). 8 tn S,won Oandelaria, 102
(Iborpe), 4 to 1, second) Kluslvs, VI (Kventt), 4 to 0,
third. Time, 1 54M ,
Fourth Itace Four and a half furlongs Bony
Biy, 102 (llurno, (1 toK.womr.UleO , un (Neweom),
(I to t, second: The Dragoon, 105 (Shcphard), 13 to
1, third Time. 0 55. .....
riflh Itace (lures Me, 102 (Ererett), H to , won)
The Xenliirklan. H)' (Caywood), g to f, aeeondi Be
Lion, lor. (Biirua), 2 to l, third. Tlnie.o MM.
ilitli llacc-One mile Meddler. Km (II Hhleldn),
T tiil.wnnt Bogerll, 10H (Ihonie), 2M to l.tecondi
Prosecutor, lov (Conic)), IU to 1, third. Tims,
1 41.
Itesolta nt St. Louis.
Bt Louts, July 20 Yesterday's downpour left the
track aoggy and an sticky aa glue. Attendance only
fair ml apociilatlcu tame, sultry weather having
taken all the sap out of man aud horses Hunuiiarlea.
Hut IPmi Ouo mile Adam Andrew, 107 M. Mo
Donald), 12 to I, wont kinprraa Joeephlue.iU (hauel,
la to r, second! Anno oldflold, HU (Frost), 30 to 1,
third. Time, I 4 ....... .
Second Hacc Four and a half furlongs Evelyn
llynl. 115(11x11). .1 to 2, won: Lady Memphis, 115(0.
loliibs), lu to I, sei undj Hidtilla, 110 (Lines), 20 to 1,
third. Time, tl 1HM
lblrd luce One mile Hnwltrer. Ill (Lines), r. to
1 won, Laura May, su (C Miirph)) loo to 1. seiondi
Judge Debolise, 10U (Ollmore),U tu 1, third. Time,
1 4HM
lourth Racr-Ilveandahalf furlong -In plant
er, 121 (J McDonald), I to 2, worn Dandy H , mil
(1 Williams), 4 to 1, ecconili Kit CUburn 10H
(Snell), ltxi lo 1. third Tlmo 1 25M
lifth Raie-SIx furhmiis Bells Bramble. lOv
(Snell), n to .' won. Mitchell, 1 to U. Mt Donald), 5 to
I, sitiin.lj Uovd Hope, HI (Ward), 10 to 1, third.
Sixth 'ltiue-Onemlle. selling -Schiller, 101) (Hut
tin, 4 to I, won; Moralist, 107 (Knell). 14 to 5, net.
011 1 King Oiiai, 114 (I lues), 5 to -', thlnl. Time,
1 47'i.
ntOTTixa axd PAi'i.yn.
Lady of the Mnmir, Bed Hoy and Klntnwnh
Winners at Cleveland.
Clkveiasd, July 2tl Nothlug Bonsational
In tho wuy of tlmo was shown to-day nt tho
Qrand Circuit mooting, but all of the rncos
wero of an Interesting character Thore were
threo contests ou the card, tho 2:14 und
2:10 luiciug olassos bolng won by favorites.
Tho2.'!0 tiot was oapturod by Itodltoy, who
was rated nt 5 to 1 ln tho books and went
begging ln tho pools Lady of tho Manor sold
for $100 to $80 for tho field In tho 2-10 paco.
Blio got off poorly In tho first heat, and was
notdrivon to win Lottie Smart won the hint
after a eloo Mulsh nt tho wire Tho second
bent narrowed down to a contest between tho
fuwutto nnd Lottie Smnrt Tho latter won.
Lottie made u skip boforo the tiuurter
was reached In tho third heit, giving way to
Lady of the Manor, who was kept lu front to
thawlro Ueors showed great generalship ln
tho next two heats The fnvorlto broko twlco
In tho first iiunrtor of tho fourth heat nnd
ngniu iu going down tho backstrotli.
lulling back llfteen lengths Rounding into
the homestretch, Oeci-s mado n furious drive,
und tho l.'iiiy wont under thq wire like a shot,
making tho last nuartor in 0 .11 '. u 2 05 gait.
Tho porformnnoo wns cheered loudl) niul
long by tho 5,000 spectators Ludy of tho
Manor lot tho polo in the lifth heat to Lottie
Kmart immctilatelv after the word. Hhe iiild
It to near tho three-iuurtor pole, when
Geors moved up nnd the two raced Into the
stretch as n tctim. lrom the last turn to tho
w ire thu raco was n drive to the Hag. when Lot
tie was forced toiiuit and tho Lad) won
Anita H wns favorito In tho books nt 2 to 1 In
tho 2 20 trot Hhe wan never in tho race. Mar
ion Mills, tho " guideloss wonder." pacedamilo
In 2:11. (Summaries:
21IU claw, pacing . purse $2 500 :
Lady of the Manor ch m , b) Mambrino
King Princess Chimes, by Chimes
(U(ers) . 4 2 111
Lottie Smart, ch m (Wallace! . 113 2 2
Meol. gr. g (fchaukand McMahau) .. 1 8 2 J 8
Ld B loitug, blk g (Kelly) . J 4 4 4 4
Time-.' OWL 2 11. 2 1, 2 10M. J:ll.
2 20 class, trotting purso $2 0001
Bed lUi) , 1 g , b) ltcd Cedar, dam
b) Orattan tlltisae) ) 11 10 4 1 1 1
Louise Mae, ch m (Httdiiou) ... 1 1 Jill; n
Minnie 1) , b lu (Bush) ... 2 tl 1 I 8 2
Klval.b in (Vndrews) ... .10 1J 2 2 5 ro
MluuiUo.br h (V.otirue!l) ... . rt 2 12 n 4 ro
ManitiT.b in (McCarth) ) .. .51111 5 J ro
()akle),b g drench) 4 .1 4 3 ro
Valpa.b 111 (Tlia)tr) 8 7 10 H nro
Maldeuo.br lu (Bocock) . ..7 4 8 Mil ro
AiUtaS.b 111 launders) 11 5 tl 10 7 ro
HlbilH.ch m (Heed) . . h K B 12 A ro
Iiinique. b a (Uutrhlugi) . I: u 7 "Inn
lime J 14'4 2 UK. 2 15W, 2 DIHl. 2 17M, 2 JO.
2 14 clast. pac'ng purse $2 000
Klatawah, b s bv htoluway KaUe O , by
I lie tinnier MiDowell) 1 1 14 1
Pcutlaud, b e (Orangcri 1 0 1 2
Slbilla b m (McClearvl II J J 1 1
Millilli.bg tP Duble) ... 2 H1110
Hariy Omer, gi g (Douglass) tl 7 3 tl
F-dward D.b g. llleuer) ... 11 11 H 7
Mldii b. m (Ijpham) . . . 12 10 7 3
Jib. b g. (Downing) . . . . U 5 4 4
lalrvicn.b g.iSbrars) . 4 4 11 U
hgocn (fomierl) 7enlth),be (Critchileld) r, 12 5 5
Btrnke. ib m (Bush) . 7 11 Mill
Jourm tniau.br a 1ON1U) .. 10 0 lo H
Preatoria Wilk.-j eh m (Kimllii) 14 14 12 u
Time 2 07. J OKtt. : I1H, 2 11.
Suiette, Dan (J. and American Girl Win at
Dotrn. N U , July 20 The second ew TJjgland
Circuit meeting opened to day at Qraulte State Park
There were threo races on tho card Tho first was
tho J 21 trot, which bad ten starters Andy W.
won tho first htat, but Su7otte captured the next
three after close finishes The free for all pace was
won by Dau Q in straight hevts Tho first,
2 08K, was one of the fastest ever paced on this track
lnarace 1be2 Ar clasi for youiuc paeera furnished
considerable sport Mtreury Wilkes was the favor
ite lu the first luat In the seiond beat Vnurlonn
(llrlsold for$.'ito$14 forthe field The race was
an eas) one for American Olll Summarlea
2 21 clans, trotting, purso $'00
Burette, b m , by Neleon Iouette, by
Kcntuek) Prince lOtlbcrt) 4 111
Andy W , ch g Folonii 1 .1 8 H
Bet or, ih s (Marstonl ... 2 2 ,1 II
J 1 . gr a (Lowe) .. J 7 J 2
I illlau Oddiuark ch m (Kent) . (I 4 (I 4
WalUrJ.eh u (Clark) .. 7 11 4 (I
(luenn b 111 (Brennan) ... 5 it 7 5
KartlssUK. blk u (Brady) 8 5 5 7
Happlntss, b g (Walker) l M dis
Liu B , b m (Middleby) dls.
Time-.! I7l4, 2 1(1, J 17K, 2 18H
iree forallilass. pacing, piue $500
Dsn Q . b g, by Hlmmotuhm ipsilautl
Belle, b) M ntgoiner) (fthllliiinluw) . Ill
lb Una, g m iBiweu) . 2 2 5
lllllia c , li g iltathburn) . . 5 8 2
Ntlllo Bruce, b m (O Neill '14 8
Plauct, b e (Deinareet ,4 5 4
Time 2 O8I4, 2 owif, .' 10.
2 15 clasa. pacing, purse $500
Aiiioiiran(lirl,ih 111 , by Hal Boy (Conley) ,111
Dick Wliti u, ti g (Brennan) 2 8 4
MixsMaxie ch in million 5 7 2
Mereurv Wilkes ill g (Palmer) 4 (I n
Klondike, ti g (llathburni (14 8
Hal Almont, ro k (Mlddltb)) 8 u 11
IIDhlut' , br m (McDonslI) 7 8 7
Happy tllrl.h 111 I'lroutl .... u 5dla
Time-J lAh, 2il(IM 2 17M.
llarneis Winners at Geneva.
Oenkta, July 2(1 Thla wan the opening day of the
mllaumuior meeting at the Oeneva traik The
wtathirwaster warm, tin lu the sbade. The track
was iu fine condition and fast. The attendance was
about 2.6() The 2 Jli trotting aud -' 22 pacing races
were iinfiuishtd Inhibitions by Mjrtfo Piekwliu
trick and ruutitng horses were heartily applauded.
2 24 class, pacing, purse $300
Alia wood, b g, by Nutwood (Clark) ,111
BinuluL.b m. (Mellon! ,,., 4 2 B
Oleuvla, 10 111 (OUetctti) J 4 4
Fred II , blk g (Ft rguson) . . .802
Dorrts.ro in iC 10k) 5 8 5
Ijid) Bashford. b m iliimo) . ...350
WilketMald. c,r m (Anderson) 0 8 8
Time, 2 22't,. 2 20ii, 2 21it
2 2lt class, trotting puno $400 (unfinished),
Little Hose, b 111, b OliTer West
(Look) 2 1 8 1 3 B
Martins, b, 111 (Warncri 15 7 8 12
Saraineeea oh 111 (Smith). . , 6 (J 1 2 5 1
IOueoii Curios, ro in (Vanaukcu) , 8 2 6 5 (I dr
Alma, b. m. iLewls) , 4 1 7 4 dr
(atoo.b h (Puat 0 SHU 8 dr
DiisyH.ih m iMelln) . ... .1 4 2 4 dr
Jim Smith, ill g (Crest) , 7 7 4 ills
Timo-J JS'4, . 2lC,, J 2uM. 2 .'I1W, 2 J8K, 2-J8Vs
2 J2 elasi, paciiu. purse $40t) (unfinished)!
Bitrtomt, b m ,b) Sherman iStrung) 113 3
May ( hristlne, b 111 (Vrthurl 5 2 11
(lov, Biishnell, b. g. (Oiiruty) 10 11 5 2
I.ad) Fnlrigue. b m (Mdndge) 2 6 7 V
Bed Hover, b g (Melln) a 7 10 4
ltu Id, b g (Show) , 4 3 8 8
Shaulle, b, g (Stctsou) ... 8455
hitt) Itegent, ti m. (HaUIn , (I 8 4 It
King All antra, b, e (Dwior) 11 5 UK)
Luilu Job, rh m, (Overshlre) 7 10 7 ll
Tliue-J J1U, 2 111!, 2 20H, 2 2IK
Democracy Mnkes a Now Track Ilecord.
Aliunt, July 2U A heavy rain thla morning made
the Island Park track atleky and alow, A pool of
water standing upon the backetretch mails the
horses go to tba outside of the track. Despite thla
fact tbo track record was lowered a quarter of a sec
ond by I)i morraiy, who last wei k lowered tho 1 ruy
traik record tin two successive days He bad 110
trouble u winning his race to day, aud after the first
In at, lu wliK h he rertivrda poor start and laid up,
he was never In dsnger Nellie Louws) also won her
raco easily. Hurricsiie was her most dangerous com
petitor, but every time ho came up b her side she
muted so fast aa to t arry him nil his feet. The 2 22
trot waa postponed Suiumariesi
2 87 claaa. trotting, purse $500
Nellie Conway, gr m , by Pilot Medium Al
ligra (Smith) 111
Mary Hill, li m (Dunbar) 2 2
Hurricane, blk g illsntckl 7 8 2
babeulah, b, in. (Oreeui . 8 8 a
Dollv rmroe, b. f (Hyde) 4 5 8
lldlio, b m (McDonald) 5 4 7
Don li.ln (Murray) 11 7 4
Doll) Pan hen, b m. (Height) 8 0 0
Olga V Irgls, li iu ( berrlt n ,U 1) 6
Tiine-2 lvM.2 lH, -' 1HM,
2 11 class, pacing, purse $500
Democracy, or a by Usupy Patner Sally
Brata.b) Florida itahlll) 4 111
Connor, Uk g, (McQuire) . 1 a a 4
Helena Duplex, b.m (Demarest) ... 5 7 2 8
Woodabed, rh, (Sterling) tl 6 7 2
Ambulator, br, g ( Fraseri 8 4 4 8
Sir Alcantara, b g (Liekert). . . S 8 6 5
Olelludb. br.g (Healeyj 10 0 8
HockyF ch.s.(Kllboru) 2 2 it.
rovxa bot.t.ikh Linns in rntsiNrx-
Eighty rinyers ltcprrsrntlng Tirentytliree
Clutis Stnrt-Tlio Miliinerock Hills Tenin
stnkn the Ileat Score nnd ins Four
Oupa-llrnirlngs for the Match Hounds.
Boutuampton, July 20 A now departure In
golfing In tliia country wns successfully carried
out to-day at tho annual tournament of the
Blilnnccock IIllls Golf Club. Foreseeing that,
If tho tournament would havo been open to all,
thoro would havo beenso many ontrles thnttho
nffalr could not iiossibly havo boen run oft ln
four days, tho club In v Hod certain organisa
tions to send thclrbest pln ers.to tho nmnborof
four. Tnotity-threouluhsrospoiidcd.furnlshlng,
with tho homo talont, eighty starters. Hov cut)
eight of theso returned cards Tho golf In gt n
oral was of the er best class. It was nt thirty
six holes medal play, tho first sixteen to mmllty
for the President's Cup nnd tho maker of tho
best score at eighteen holes to win 11 gold medal.
Tho lowest score to qualify was Hit), mado by
tholO-eur-oldpln)erof tho Wist brook Club,
Hurry Hoi I Ins, Ji .whllo tho limit of tho qualify
ing scores was 181. Clark. Jr. and Curtis
tied for the gold medal at HI. Clark Is tho
record bolder for tho links nt HO Twig's
seventy-nine last your was mado nt hole play
and n holo was approximated. Cuitts Is tho
intercollegiate champion for IHfiH. iindnettto
Leeds mado tho best noro of any amateur In
tho Myopia open championship. LMovenof tho
clubs Invited sent tho full quota of fom to com
pete for the four cups offered to tho team
making the best aggregate score. Tho cups
wero won by tho Bhinnecock Hills team, with a
total of 707. nn averago of 177. Bt. Andrew's
wns second, with 728.
The course wns very cuppy in spots and tho
icreeii3 rnthorslow. for the copious rains of tho
call) Ruminorhavecouuteraited the hard work
of the club experts The weather was charming.
Thero was tho usual throng of onlookors nbout
the 11 ret too mid the homo green, for golf is a
groat nnd doinltiating recreation with tho
Bouthamuton cottagers Tho women pro
dominated Miss Beatrix Hot. the champion,
was one of those who mado tho rounds of tho
women's nine-hole course during the day. Tho
golfing dlniplo Ib tho facial characteristic of the
Bhinnecock girls, who nre ndopts at the game.
AMicthor they foozle or slice tho drivos, tho
cheering dlniplo brightens their faces and
proves that no hard luck will stir their tem
pore, but the smiles nre swoetest and the dim
ples deepest nftor n long, far driv 0 1 lie golllng
dimple Is something now lu tho fashions of tho
gamo. and it ma bo expected to spread to New
port. Lenox, and whoioverwomin golf Llko
tho bicyclo face, it is something that c.iunot bo
denied, but it adorns instead of mars tho
Kinds, who is playing in better stylo than ha
has shown since tho nmateur championship
of 1800, mado u remarkable drlvo to-day In
Playing tho home hole ou tho second round
The dlstnnce Is 212 ards, let against tho wind
tho cany on tho drlvo fell sonio feet pist tlio
hole, tho roll making a drlvo of fully 280 jards
Travis drovo close to tho groan on the first
round, but tho ball lodged in a uup, costing
him two strokes, with n niblick to get out
Terry's golf was erratic lu spots, but ho mado
somo of tho best holes of the day Curtis plaed
llko 11 machine, and he should be djugorous
lu the match piny J. Dowers Lee mado tho
lifth holo of 102 urds iu 2 lie was tho only
plaj or to mike n holo In such n phenoini nully
low tlgure Tho euppy lies otten punished u
good drlvo and were 11 fruitful in use of harel
lutk stories Taken iu all. however, it was a
grand day's golfing lhe scores by strokes of
thoHlxtttn who qualified for tho President's
Cup follow :
11. 1) Holllns, Jr.Weatbrook
(lut 5 5 14 4 4 5 5 742
In . . ll 4 4 5 ll 5 5 3 .141 83
Out ... 4 4 5 5 3 5 5 6 tl 42
In .5455(1553 341 83-100
Tames F. Curtis, Harvard
Out 446 5 4555 (141
In ll 5 4 5 6 4 5 4 543 88
Out 4444454 0 tl 41
In 5 4 4 6 tt 4 4 4 440 81107
G C. Clark, Jr. Shinnocock Hills
Out . .04443456 742
lu 5 6 4 7 U 6 4 4 546 87
Out 5 5 4 4 4 6 5 ', 542
in r, i n (i a 4 3 4 4 ju 81108
J. Travis, Oakland
Olll ..15464 5 5 5 043
Iu . tl 6 4 11 5 6 4 4 5 14 87
Out .45458666 tl 42
In tl 4 4 5 5 0 6 4 44 1 85172
M. M Barger. Nowport
Out . 4 4 6 6 tl 4 6 4 0 ll
In ll 6 4 5 4 ll 4 ll tl 1J 80
Out 5444444 1) 84 I
In 546U0 5 43 4-42 8r, 174
Daniel Chauuct) , Dyker Meadow
Out 6 6 .1 4 5 4 5 6 (145
Iu . tl 4 4 II 6 7 4 4 4 44 80
Out . 5 4 ll 4 4 r. 5 ll tl 45
lu . 664UII444 34188176
W. U. Sands, St Andrew's
Out 5 (I 4 4 4 n 8 5 1140
In .... ll ll 4 5 5 tl 5 II 8 41 8
Out 5 U 4 4 4 4 6 6 744
In 7 4 4 5 tl 5 4 4 3 42 8(1 175
B Terry, Jr , Shinuecock Hills
Out .U48344 5 6 510
In 5 4 4 5 5 tl 5 4 54182
Out 8 5 0 6 14 5 5 047
111 5 4 4 8 0 6 6 4 640-1)3-175
John Held, Jr , St Andrew
Out .53853 5 46 741
111 II 5 4 0 6 5 0 4 64001
Out . 4 5 6 4 8 5 5 5 74 I
In . 04 6 40663 44285170
L P. Bajard. Jr , Baltuarol
Out .. .06444640 0-44
In .. 6 3 4 0 6 U 4 .1 44887
Out . 5 0 6 5 II 5 4 7 040
In . . 5 5 4 5 4 8 5 4 4-44-1)0 177
Foxball P. Kecne. Oakland
Out .. . 4 0 .1 4 4 4 0 tl 0-4.1
In II 4 II II 5 0 4 J 44487
Out . . 4 5 16 4 5 5 5 0-42
In . . ll 6 5 7 7 5 4 6 4-48-90-177
W II Coles, Oyster Ba)
Out .. 5 5 0 4 4 5 6 0 7-47
ln . 0 4 4 5 0 6 4 4 442-8!)
Out . 4644466 6 741
In ... 0 3 4 0 0 0 4 6 6-4 1-88-177
It P. Huutluzton, Htaataburg
Out , 4 0 4 4 6 0 5 8 840
In 15 4 6 6 5 4 4 8-41-87
Out . 4068467 6 0-45
In . II 5 4 6 5 6 0 8 4 45 110 177
P L Perkins, Bockaway Hunting
Out II 6 4 6 0 5 6 6 (1-47
111 ... 5 4 4 5 0 0 4 5 4- 1-00
Out . 14 4 4 5 6 10 7-46
In 0 4 4 7 5 4 14 441-88-178
C D Barnes, Shlnneeook Hills
Out 0 4 4 6 4 0 0 6 641
III 75456406 6 40-IU
Out . 0 5 6 6 4 4 0 6 0-40
In 0 4 6 6 0 5 5 4 4-44-110-181
T. Markoe Robertson, Bhinnecock Hills
Out ll 4 4 4 6 0 6 7 7-48
In .. 6 4 6 4 0 6 4 4 4-41-HD
Out , ,84544640 747
III .55477044 3-45-1)2-181
Tho other scores.
Ffrll Sicond
Round Itound Total.
A L Morris, Dyker Meadow uo D2 182
B H Boberiaon, Bhinnecock Hills 8.1 VI 182
W.H Belts, Bhlnnt cock Hills . l3 UI 183
0 M Hamilton, Bultusrol t . im VI 184
W, II. Crittenden, Drker Meadow UO UO 188
DeLameyMioll.KockawayUuutlug uJ IU 185
A. L Itlpley, Harvard UI U3 188
1 J J Deralsmes, Oakland , 1)4 UI 186
W. II Cheney. Maidstone UI U2 185
H M Alexander, Jr , Htaataburg 12 1)4 ISO
H u Schuyler, Ilichmond Kiuuty us 01 It) a
W. I) Vandeiponl, Morris County nJ i5 1S7
A ( Jenulnge, Wee Hum 100 8U let)
Arebibal 1 Uogers. Staatsburg ui in) 187
I) 11 Baker. St Andrews U7 UO 187
J c. Powers, Dyker Meadow U3 n.'l leu
W.H Dixon, llockattu) Hunting uu U7 1h7
J N Steele, Maiilstoua l4 ml Hit)
James 1 ark, Itlthuioiiil County . UO UU ln2
1 C Haveinc)ir, Jiowport UU 104 203
A He Witt Cochrane, ht Andrew's U2 US luo
F, il llohlen Philadelphia , 81 U5 17 0
J lalmsge, Ir , Newpoit 100 U7 1U7
11. L. Pratt. Ouik n Couuty . loo 102 202
I! Ci Wylle, Waihlugton 103 101 204
L. F. Beits. Utaatsburg . 117 U8 1U5
L. Livingston, Jr, Westbrook U8 105 203
It Winthrop, Jr, Newport lot) 10U 218
H 11 Uoadle), llockawa) Hunting loo loo 2ou
II O McMckti.Shliiiiecoikllllls 101 104 306
t 11 Pratt, Queens Count) 100 108 '208
A. B Clatliu, Ocean Comity 100 Ut 200
O L. Williams Illehiuund Couut) 101 u.l 1114
A. Soton, Jr., liliedo UU 107 200
(J. haiie, Tuxedo loi no lliu
W VV Lower), ltlchmouil Count) loo 111 211
It (loodliod). North Jtrse) 110 loo 210
r.o S liuyfer, Itliluuond Count) US UI IHU
1.0 Hilling. Anlsley 105 115 220
0 . Uarms. Hhiliuoi oik Hills UJ 100 1U5
S F Morris, Onogiiu Field UU 102 1U8
VV Breexe Smlrii, luxedo 108 Hit 211
II W Maxwell (Jnteiis Count) Im luj 200
T (I Knuever, Moutela r 104 lit 218
Henry Msy, Washington 101 103 204
A V Cllllds, Quigur Fbld 1(18 111) 2l)ll
W It lhumtou, M r -in Couut) mo uu luo
It C. W jt.on, Jiurns ( u inn no loo 1U8
HDvrmau Day ltMkawuy Hunting l()4 U4 Ins
0 Dehosl. Uuo,tue tlilu UO lu v 15
W O D rails, cilioguo Field 114 128 242
C rutauy Hlrnardsou, Lakuvrood no V2 1U1
O, C. 1 1 r, Maidstone ln2 luo ju2
F. Johnson, Vlufdst ue HI Hx) 1U5
S M Warren, luxedo 100 luj 20U
A r llrlte. rtliinneeo. k Hills 118 104 223
A M. Brown, unattached uu H7 Hit)
C L fapelu, Wealt'i-ook 103 113 luo
8 1 StiH le, riliiuueciM k Ilils UJ 1114 210
L. Urowu, unattached UI 103 200
W L Thompson, Mornecounty 114 118 lul
V. II Boeley.Weeburu 103 107 310
VV lthdrett-N. U Lord, Uhluoecock UUU, J. II. Mer
rill, tVaJntoott.
jftresldMil Parrlah oi the club took personal
charge of tho tally In tho team contest. His ro
turns showed tho following results:
Bhinnecock Hills Clsrk, Jr.. Detts, T. M. Ttobert
on and Terry. Jr. Total, 707.
St. Andrewra-ftands, Coohrans, Held, Ir, and
Baker. Total, 728.
Dyker Meadow Crittenden, rowers, Norrli and
Chauncey. ToUl, 7JU. , , ...
Htaatsburg lingers, Alexander, L. F. H. Bstts and
Hnnllngton Total, 746,
ltoekawa; Huntlug Uoadley, D. NI00U, Dixon and
Tcrklna foul, 750
Westbrook laptitn, Watson, Hollies, Jr., and Llr
IttKStou Total, ill I.
Maidstone Cheney, J, Steele, Pier, and Johnson.
Total, 772.
ltlciunond County Parks, Williams, Schuyler, and
Lowery. Total, 780
Tuxedo Soton, lalmsge, Kane, and Warren. To
tal, oil.
(Jneens County F. Pratt, II. lmtt, Taylor, and
Maxwell. Total, 814.
Quogue Field-Morris, Chlldi, Falls, and Debojt,
Total. 84.
Tim following Is tho draw for to-day. which
promhos to bring out somo of tho best matches
of tho ftiuson In the raco for tho Presidents
Cup. Barnes. ,lr ,nuJ iJavnnl, Curtis nnd liol
llns, Jr. lliiiitlngton nnd Keene. Terry. Jr.
und Perkins, Clmuncoy nnd Hnnds, Travis nnd
Dirgor, Coles und T Itobortson, Held. Jr. nnd
Clnrk. Jr All w ho fnlled to qualify will meet lu
11 thirty-six hole modal play round, tho best
eight scores to play tor the Consolation Cup.
HAnATOdA. July 20 The second weekly han
dicap for I Im Woman's Cupnt tho Saratoga Qolf
Club was phi) ed to-day. MissFoosof Now York,
w ho pla) ed f loin vtrnlch, w on Tl "J seoros ;
Cro rtandicap. An
Miss Foos 75 0 75
Mrs ltltkald .82 4 78
Mrs Morlnrl) UO 18 78
Mlsa Fuller HI) 0 80
Mrs stor 101 18 8 1
Mrs Huvik 85 0 86
MlesVllliir ,. U8 O UJ
Miss Bltillle . . ... 112 18 U4
Lawn Tennis.
DosTOt, July 20 A series of hard showers Inter
fered materially with the inatchoa of the second day
of the LongKood tennis tournament, and necessi
tated the postponement of the better ones until to.
morrow Qeorge VVrenn had no difficulty In dispos
ing of his opponent, the hitherto droaded George
I ee The latter failed to put uu the game be did last
year, when ho worried Nesbit, the Englishman, not a
little W renu pla) ed good, consistent tennis Tho
onl) othei match of the day to merit ptrtlitilar uo
lice tt as the Clarence Budlong Alfred Codman con
test Budlung has been long looked upon as a player
liable to glte a hard battle to the best of them, but
he found in Codman an opponent who foreed him to
pla) tennis every moment Budlong won the first
two matchea with comparative ease, but fell off 1011
sldcrabl) ln his pla) lug until he had allowed Cod
man to get ln two sets ou him by 57 and 3-H1
Tho firat match iu the Eastern rbaniplonahlp for
doubles between George VVrenn and Max Whitman
aud Blakemore and Hitchcock, waa easy for the for
mt r pair, bummaiies
Preliminary Bound F T Gross beat E P Fisher
b default, li 1 mery bent Beals VV right by default,
H Hooker boat J D Torbts br default
1 irst Hound C. It Budlong beat A Codman by
04. 02, 67, 30, 75, O. L vv renn, Jr . beat O.
VV. Len by 01. 00, 03 1 It Marvin beat (I
Csbot by 0 a, (1 4, (I 2, C V. Vihltback beat A J.
Wellington by ( .1 12 10 2-0 01. S. M Piene
In at M. Bruce by default, S C Mlllett beats Tr.
W ise by default, A W. Blaekmore beat U. A. Mile by
becond Ronnd-B C. Mlllett beat II U Uaekett by
04, 04, 04, II L Lwei beat K Horton by 40,
0 O, 04, 57, 10-8
Eastern C bamptonshlp in Doubles Preliminary
round O L Wrcnn, Jr and M D Whitman beat
Hitchcock and Blaekmore by tt o, 02, 00
Lo--o IIbam 11, N.J, July 2(1 Tho Scarboro HoU 1
annual tenuis tournament began yesterday with
twenty entries lu the singles and fourtoen entries iu
the double The preliminary rounds ln alnglesand
doubles were pla) ed lhe scores.
Preliminary Singles Arthur Kaufman boat Phil
Castner, 11 1,0 2, V 11 Icvcntritt beat 3 Castner,
lt7.75. B Illununthal bestial Hcrrog.O 0,7 6,
M Khwnrz beat L kohustanini. 0 2, 0 2
Preliminary Doubles 1st Hem and Phil Castner
beat 1 l.ehinauu and I Castner, 04, 67, ( 4,
Leon Cohu and Al Forach beat Ed Uer70gandM
Schwars. 7 6, 30 02
OnsMiF. S. J, Jult 20 The lawn tennis tourna
ment for juniors, uudtr the auspices of the Orange
Lawn leunls Club, bcgiiu at Moutroso )esterdsy aud
was tontlnued tn dat . when play was finished up to
the flnaU, which will be determined to morrow. The
Preliminary Bound W. G Harr beat W. Watson,
First Hound W G. Barr beat Douglass Gordon,
02, O-o, Ned Lamed beat C O Wheeler. 04,
O t, II D Brighara bt at H Vv. Freeman, 01, ilo,
S O Cook beat II G Chenej.il 1, u 7, Walter Bill
beat 11 D Buckle). 1, e, 0-1, P E Condlct beat
2a) Bramhall, ti I, 0 t C F Watson, Jr , boat V.
U. Miles, 01,0 1, L D Crane beat Harold Mott by
becondltound BrlghambcatBarr,2 6. 04, 01;
Lanud beat CeHik, 01,01 Condiet beat Sill, 01,
02 , W atton beat Cram , 30, 0 I 01
Third Round Watson boat Condlct, 07, 02,
Brikham beat Lamed, 01, 03
Doublee First round Bramhall and Larned beat
Cheney and Barr, 0 0, tl I, Brlghani and Condlct
bt at W arson and Crane. 75, 40, 75, Bill ajd Cook
beat Miles and Wheeler, 02, 40, 04
Ciiicauo, Inly 20 Erotica Collins of Chicago, the
holder of the Western championship at tennis for
18U7, met W. g Bond, slso of Chicago, tba winner of
tht duals in tho vWatern amateur championship
timniament, to day and defeated him handih, Boud
lieUig had!) out of form aud evidently afraid of
the 1 uamtiion The score 02, it 2, 02 W H
Mundy of Kit erside defeated L U. Turner, of Chi
cago for the cousolsMou nrlze.
Trap Shooting.
The Hell Gate Gun Club of this city held Its second
annual clay bird tournament at the Dexter Park
grounds yesterday. President J. II. oaa mado a
tollcction for the benefit of the Bed Cross Society,
which netted, with a email contribution out of the
club a treanurv, tbo euni of $25
The main event of the day waa a merchandise
handliap, lu which fifty-one thootera took pvrt,
tweut) threo prlzta being distrtbutod In the fol
lowing scores the hantlli ape have beon added to the
results Twt nt) -sev en prl-'i s went to the winners in
the bowling tournament The s ores
Mercluendise Et ent. Handicap, 20 Targets Metz,
20, Van Allen. 20, steifens, 111, Hchortemcie.r IU,
Young. IU Belden, IU, Miicucll, lu. Kessler, 18,
Doelnck. 18, H Thau 18, Fronol, 18, Breit, 18.
Meckel, 18, Short. 17. Van dcrBosco. 17, H W Voas,
17, Richter. 17, h.reeb.17. Wicker, in. Col I II 'Veen,
10, Mahnken, 10, Forster, HI, C Ichaefer, 10,
Htmt1 HI. Karl, 10 Damn reiser, III. Selg 16. Van
Allm 15 Ilnbainer, in Wolff, 16, hands, 14, Vlsdl
sou, 12 Major, 11 Wheeler, 12, Moore. 1 1. Schlleht.
1), Gerlinger 8, Newman, 14, Knobel, lo. Deed),
11, George Thau H Mar-quart, J4 Brennan, 11,
Bock, 11, Ling. 13 Weber 14, Nowak, 10, lloettger,
li, Ko1i,h, A Vosii I) Hide), 7.
In the extra et outs the shooters fired at fifteen tar
gt tn each, and tho scon s of the winnera follow.
First Event, Scratch Van der Bosch, 12, J ll.Voss,
O.Steffens 8, Short. 8. II W. Voss.S
Second Kvent, Scratch Van derilioHch, 15, Shorty,
14, Summit, 12, Schlicht, 10, H VV Voss, 10
Third Lieut lisudliap Heibamer, 1", Summit,
16, Hreit, 14, Short), 18, Short 18 II. W. Vois. 11.
SteOeus, 18, roster, 13, Ulmmelibach, 13, Stut
ile 1 1
Fourth Ftent Handicap Rhortv, 16, Van Allen,
15, Lanei, 14, Hexhamcr, 14, Doelnck, 14, Forster,
14, H W Voss 14. Breit, 14, Kreeb. 14, Metz 1,1,
Van der Bosch, 13, Hlmraeisbach, 11 Summit, 1 1
lifth I irnt-tuiend, 14, uu der Bosch, Hi, Hex
hamer, 12 Muench, II, Shorty, 11, Short, 10, Illeh
tcr, 10, Summit, 10, Wolu", 10
The Itadnor Cricket Club of Philadelphia, ono of
the contestants for the Halifax Cup, will pis.) iho
team of the Jow Jerse) A C to day at Bergen Toint,
The game will tm all the more interesting from tht
fact that the proponed match lietft ten New V, ork and
Philadelphia will not be pbiyedthls yesr.aud metro
polian! crtt keters will hate an opporttt illy of seeing
how tin ir 1 hainiiion team makes out asinst a Phlla
tltlphia 1 lett 11 tv bit h meets 011 an equal fooUngall
the 1 rack teams of the Quakt r City.
Jlnsebnll faiimes To-Dny.
Washington at Philadelphia
rASTrnt LKAOur,
No games scheduled
Nevrark et Palerson, Reading at Lancaster, Rich
mond at llentowu
Hnscbull Ivotcs.
B 8,-Inl803.
J.J D.-Ulght handed.
Theodore About 27 years old,
M t Y. X. Yee, aa no protest will be rerogntred,
ktanager Belee said yesterday that he had signed
Statlord aa general utiltt) man ' He a a good ball
pla) er," saltl Solce, "and will help us out greatly "
Tin Illvals hate July 80 and all Saturdays and
8mida)siu August open, Sta? A. I , Ashfords, and
II lruiikhs uf Eit New ork pieferred AddrissW,
liarvi), 1,0 Howard aTciiue, Brooklyn
lhe series between lliu Chleagos and Cleveland Is
the first to bo completed in the National league,
bach iluh secured seten virtorlea Tebeau'a players
stored 78 runs aud tho Chliagoa so runs.
The ht Loul College baa a few dates still open, In
cluding xAutir 11a) axtuwouia use 10 nearrrom an
first iliasilubsoflerliu suitable induiemeuts A I
dress Edward J Walsh, 500 Went Thirt) sixth street,
Tho Dakota Field Club bas Amr 0 open, and would
like to pla a team otleriiiK suitable guars utee, Mout
clali or Villngton A A pteftrred Addles J V Mc.
Orath, manager, Harlem ( aaino, 124th street and
Betenth avenue.
The Standard Athletics, have Saturdi)s and Sun
da) a after ug 14 open, and offi r ilbt ral ludiite.
niiiits to strong simi 1 rofussfonaU to intettliimat
their home grounds, Falrrlew Sutton, N J Address
Julius (joldsleiu, 2124 Third avenue.
News from the Horse World,
The yearlings tiimrtirrdst the Long Island tracks
aru being put through a hvvl) eouise of spiMiits
Ihere isu ) romlslut: crop lu etldeine aiSheepshead
lta), and sjnie of the )ouu2sttrs are aald to be re
markably fast
It U said "Billy" Lakeland baa received Instruc
tion from Marcus Daly to pn pare Ogtlen for tho
Brighton Cup to be run at the Beach on July uu, is
Hamburg Is already slated as a certain starter the
table ill take a lot of beating
Tba three ear uld colt Philip. b Rayon tt'Or
Cum 1 hillips, wua icstirda) sold to Isaac Julius 111
for $61111 lhe lolthud b in trained and lilabl) tried
by Jot k Joyuer, but he ran tlisappoiutliigl) the oilier
da) Wlt'i belli 1 link be ina) win hlmsrlf out
Marcus Daly visited the Urlklitmi Beach track ea
tenluyaud experienced miiiw iroublu In passlug the
turnstiles Thu copptr king had omittrd to bring
along his badge and thegsteniau turutil hliudovtu
Ikili i'lukni ton vouched for him, but It waaoul) when
0110 of the officials went down into his otru potket
fur the requisite $2 that Hamburg a millionaire
owner vtaa passed through. At least thla was tiis
story generally current in the paddock afterward.
portfjmnu'n toooOii. r,
vWfrWvWmww ;
I $1 Down I
J l AND $ 1 PKIt WEEK. f I
Y Pierces and Crawfords, t i
o ci:. o. r. ro.") t
11 (TWixf Floor, lolumbl Jlulltllng) S '
$ OK '
j; 1 123 B'way, cor. 25th St.
(IIVt'HVTSVTltltOAY) '',
j J l'M'Uj U:UU. 5
ova REMOVAL "balk of' CYCLES )
ends Friday, we will more tn 10 Bvrclrr t Ever
wheel nUiiehtered tills week v
$7.ooa $7.rou 'i
for a lie n bicycle. 7..M) tn 917.A0. Ncnrlr tttf ,
known tnnKr Ncarh 2 (Kioto wlftt fntm.
.rrnt rhnnrn for Drnlnrn
DIBFCT from maker to rider, department storesi !
uot In it; $10 ro. $sr,n High grade bi
cycles, seamless tubing, IIiihIi joints, two piece Ala
inoutl cninkn, handle bar ami seat post expander!
first t lass equfpnieut, full guanntee, lilnh prais
tantieme, rtriiiiwd. $2M no UHSOh CYCLF. COM
PVS,No IMMurrn) st
PKKMIKIt aiFG, CO., Hnrtford, Conn, vi
CRAWFORD WHEELS, Cash or Time. '
MATHEWS BROS. 105 W. 125th St.
IPIBKS. $1 4i each, neve a-nods no seconds wai
J- ranted perfect. J W BUCKLF.V. ir.il South st.
Harlem Branch
110 tVLST 123TII stki:kt
CUc Eur:.
BflOEQ Daily at 2:30 P. M.
HUbV lUia or Shine Concert by Landor. ,
Take any Coney Inland route )
JOUjTMcHntK k CO "" r.n WAllltEN ST.
am r vahictt nfw CMtituai
Also a numbiu second band In irood order,
Runabouts. Stirre) s, Buggies, Traps, rhaetone.
Two W heelers. Hoi kaways Station Wagons, lctor
las, W agoncttea, &c Also Harness and Horse Oootbxi -,
Falling OH ln the L. A. W. Memberihlp I
Tho lime fot Points.
Ever siuoo last wintor tho bone li end of tho S
Conoy Inland oyclo p.itli hits remained badly
torn up No effort whatever has boon mndo
toward fixing it, nnd it H beonuso of tho rough
ness of tho path nt tills point that tho repair
men along tho path hive so muny punctures to "I
mend Iho roiwlrors like It, nntl hopo that tho J
Street CommiisionerH will nover tnko action in
tho matter, but tho riders who lmvo Buttered 1
feel vory differently nbout It 'lhoy think that ';
niiath Beentoon fott wide is a small thing to -,
patch when it is costing many of those whorida 3
o ir it 50 cents a trip to got punctures fixed s
A typo o' amnteur eyelo rider that was begin- 5
ning to bo consideicd obsolete' has renppenred
in tho person of C. A McCarthy of New York j
city. A mouth ugn he wus a man who had t
noerwonn race Ho won his notice raco at j
BerUoleyOval threo weeks ago Nowtholtac- l
ing Board declares that it has evidence that ha 4
has sold the prize he won In thut notice race. "
and accordingly has declared hlin a profOB- j!
slonal. 51
The returns in League membership for this I
wreek show a continuation of tho falling oil.
Tho total membership is given as H4.3()0 Tho A
new applications for tho week ate 550, com- A
pared with 1,512 In tho same week last year. 1
roiinsyltania is crocplng along toward Itho
Empiro Stnto flgurofl, nnd Jlassachusetts Is 'l
making a forward moo so rapidly that both S
tho leaders aro threatened In New oik last f
week eighty-nine now applications ore re- l
coived, In tho Keystone State ninety -two, whilo
the old Bay Htato shows up with 137. Tha '
totnl membership of each is- Now 1 ork. 20,- 3
71H: Pennsylvania, lli.ODJ; Massadiusetts. i'
Linton's pacemnkors. those who pulled him
along iu his lost rnxo against Miohael. say that
in tho last sixteen iniliis of the rate ho had to i
rldo tho miles one-tenth of n second fnatflrthan
hndldwhonho broko the world's records tha 3 i
week before Those who thought well of Lin
ton on form will bo glid to lenrn of such a
stntainnnt from such a source, hut they should
lonicmbur that Michael wis also on tlie trade
during thoso lost bixteen miles
Indianapolis has been putting forth unusual
efforts to mnke n success of the I. A V meet
tn bo held thero noxt month Tho merchanta
of Indianapolis cnuiiot hopo lo get back In
Eroflts on patronage tv hit they hate donated,
uttheyhaui contributed to tho fund necos.
Hiir for the moot in tho bollef that it will do tha
city good Thny nro not nhllnnthroplsts. but
they are proud elti7ons nnd look ahead They
aro exhibiting a kind of local latiiothm that
Now ork cannot tletnliui bnause of tho un
wlehllnoss of its cosmopolitan population The ,
strongest Indlr ntlon that nil the city will sup
port tho meet Is In the fact that
the Mayor. Thoims '1 iggnrt, has just accepted
the Chairmanship of tlie Met t Committee Ho
is an enthusiastic wheelman, nnd nt Phlladel- t
Fihla Inst tear, when he was with the. delegation
rom lndlauiipolls. lie said that League mem.
bars would llnd his city wide open to them as
long as thoy tarried It Is noteworthy that
whilo InilliniKpolls Is tho hiimeof seternl big
cvelo linkers and hnb more asphalted streets In
proportion to Its slyn than has New York it
noterhnu had a cycle up Ing timk until this
year The loursn on which the races are to bo
decided Is one newly built forthe occasion It
has boon trli d In professional men nf reputa
tion and pronounced line for new records This
will put away the ehancnuf a man winning a
championship in slow time simply bceauso tha
track is slow,
Last Buniiny tho Vigilant Cjclo Club had the
first experience with a "blind run." a novelty
that was Introduced b dipt Peterson Thero
wns a good turning out of club members, und
they found that tlie riding Included a little bit
of eterylhing, such as itibhlestonos, asphalt, ,
macadam and dirt nmiK nnd nlsoaHnfl At
the start no member knuvv where he was going.
The orders lor all nllkowern. "Follow lhe cap- ;
tain" The route led aeitins'lhlrt nliitli ritreet ;
Ferry to South Hiiioklvn. around flreentvood
Ometory toFoit Hamilton. toTvvenU-seeonil
Roniie on the ocloiwtli.thenoterthehhiers- s
bond Bay couiso tn the historic old Ited Mill. ft
returning tin Kings Illghwui to Bergen Beach, '
From Bergen Bench nlmH wastanen tot nnar- ,
Bio, where dinner was eurted '1 In return was r
made througli I Intlamls and I Inthush tolled-
ford attnne and over Tvvents third htreet
Ferry No loads were ttiteieil twiic. and nlto-
gt ther It was a en it tint s fun Inr lliosettho I
paitielinlul 'lhe ith n will Im followed tipby 1
tho ilub. nnd the "lillml runs" promise tuba m
more wicccshful than any previouel hold this ft.
season, j j
Tom Conner is tiraiiunll) Increasing hit, psl- H
tlonluthoL A n t liniiiploiishtp (mint table. u
Tliu ollklul ktiindliigof thocouipctltoiu follows: 1 1
.amt$, J'mnl am4 IHniiU. i
Osrdlner 6s Sims S ft
Cooier .. 8S lirowu ,. 4 M
Batd , 5H hlen Jj
Taylor '21 Butler J 1
Stevens IK Kaser a (j
Mchailsnd 11 llouretle 3 a
1 Bullir ll.Hly A ffl
Frcemuu iillillls 3 ('I
1-ton KilKlHer J
Kimlilr fllileinnn 1 3
Mcrnns f Btiker 5 jK
Bottler 1 1 H
The National Circuit bicycle meet whit h wa
to hate In on lield nt Asluirj I'ark uetorilay jj
was postponisl until to-duy uvviug to tha Pi
threatening weathoi 11
S II )lci. lrom New York totting Sing, follow H
route frr in Flft niiilh Hint tn linlUB'n ilflalits K
mibllshediu lurhiNbii July J3, t tuilinue tUmnull ti
loukti. (Iia Oaks, Mount 11 pi, AnUlej, Wood- fl
lauds, Llinsford, Kat lew , to slug auig S
N01ES W,
Matthew fllbli of the CVntnrj Whtilmrn of thla f
city is oruantzing a rountr lyilt lub It is pro- a
lkjsedtohavu tbo hesdoqsrtere ut Morris Heights. Im
j lie plai iirotide f ir a in i and ui 1 1 date club- ly
Iioiimi, with a mom! rsl lp liuuti d it aim y
J M ju hliibs of the I nipire stati Wheiliiieu Si
will sit nipt to ! In i tin Miii mile I uturi Iliad (II
Club leiord on 1 1 i Sutur lav lh
On u. ntlii Mum VMittiiiiui f Hex kli ii will l'J
holtl u linn u'nil run to tt'li t an I 1
tntilliiiiL il uainl I nun Mi uul in rtluan- U
i ther iiistrlusii ti lUmtiuiiorM i harl s..ii reiuair if
willreii ainln iloulit, Llulou lusakreat lusuy ad- g
luirrlslu this country who piofe.s to oellevn txatJ (
ls better udildlo-diatiLncs man than Michael. Iff
- Jf

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