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1 1 . ... . . .. . . ... . fM
,.j This Yenr's Attemlnnee linn Ilecn I.nrgrr
' 'rimn rapertcd, nnd Yesterday Wns n
I llnimrr Hnjr Mnny Ithvillsls Altriiitrd
I lo Iho tump Slny to Itenr II, r .Sow lie, i
V jory yenr there is n Mi t hod 1st camp mcet-
IrT In nt the Sing Ring wimp ground comprising
i jim jlethoHsts ot this c'ty nnd the vicinity It
I ( varies In sire from year to yi ar, nnd this .nm-
inor it was d tired tlmt on account of tlic war It
r,nuld he smaller than usual Instead, It tint
I I i nroveil one of the moil successful meetings
B j Mnco tho movement wns sttrloil, shti-evcn
Rm yctrs ago. nnil tho gtoutids have bven Mle.l
LI Irom the very itart It begun Inst Thurday
and will Inst until next Sunday. Yostonliy
'! being Sunday, there was nn almost continuous
VI acrvlce, and It Is estimated tlmt upward of
I . n fi.tioo rorons nttonded tlie various lo o feasts,
ij none son Ipcs, and prayer meetings which
M began immediately nftor breakfast time and
HI I lasted until Into in tho evening
Bf ho tamp ground In on n wooded hill about
three mlli" from tho Sing Sing station, mid Is
9 1 reached by u trolley linn which makes limum-
V einhle short and steep ncoiits and descents on
m ltsway thlthor. All ilny lone crowded trolloy
W cars emptied their human freight at thoch
Jj 1 1 trance and went back nftor fresh cor. ligaments.
'( 3teih" these, hundreds came In bugglot. from
the surrounding country, and tho omnipresent
I wheelman nrrlved singly, doubly and in droves
I to vell tho attendnnco.nottomcntlon a goodly
B ' number of sturdy podcstrlnns who, from deslro
l& ot exercise or conscientious scruples ngnlnst
Mlb uny fc mi "f locomotion on tho Initial h othpr
JL'M than the slmplcM.inme on their own feet Tho
dl oectiptnts of about 150 tents and small cottages
J on the grounds, which nro either owned by the
SSk Kr tenant or rented by tho season, famished a
Kx b iK and It was they who made up the chief
MrA attendance at the larly morning lovo feast
y This began nt 0 o'clock and lasted until Inlf
V r.vtlf) It was conducted by Thomas H.ir
H risen ot Hoston, well known as "J.vnngellst"
B !Iarrlon There wero n doren other ctergy
9 men In tho pulpit of tho bl opon-air nudlto
I rmni when tho exaiiRolNt arose and opnnpil tho
H inectins wlthn prnyer. wbjeh was followed by
H eexernl lijmnt sunc without ceeompanlmcnt.
H ' This is an occnslon where wo want to hear
n I ourowno!cpsllFtinctly,"snldthekiider "j,vt
m I nerjliody raise uptl.o olcp in rrnisoof Jesus.
n 1 ilon't Hint a 'tncle oleo to bo sllont. N'per
H , mind If yeu do'i t think you enn sine .lust
9 i oit-n our hoartr. and mouths and the Iird
ft will help to main tho music. That's the
yj llndof miisle heloes"
HI Af'nr seernl hymns of tho chnracteristlo
l&l campnipetlim kind hid been buiik with the
H characteristic campmeetlnB fenor. Mr Har-
BJ rlton said
H "This Is a meetlnc of Christians. Moot of u
H hTe found Clirl'-t. and If there is nny hero who
W hasn't, this Is tho appointed time Let us who
j hae known that happiness stand upbeforo tho
M world and bear w Itness, that others may follow
I In that pith of blcssednrss We want just n
ffi, few words from each of you, tclllne htm he or
H sli first found the h'lit. and of the joy tint has
Illi' j come with the Khlwsuf ono'sself to Jesus"
M' for a few moments theio was silent e, everj
Bjl boilyseemini; reluctant to bo tlio Ilrst, until a
j tall, powcrfulls built man nruBo from his plate
on the platform anioni: the ministers and wild:
y "Itisanolil storj with me. and nlns tho
i samostor Ood s uraco tlmt snod me. nMn-
) nor. For mans enrslwent on my wnyenre-
1 l(ss In the prido of my sinfulness, ami then thn
' ' Lord laid a hcay hind of rorrow on me nnd I
rebelled acalnst It bitterly until I found in tho
loo oIJisu-i tin) leuee tliat pusstthall under-
fctmnllnc "
"Glor be to the Inib!" cned n woman in a
rear row. and an ausnerliiK chorus of "OIor"
I c.une trom all parts o the nssemblnue
I ' Yes, I was the Uiitf niiionc slnnors." con
" . tlnuetl tlie sprukt r, lut lesi'sl.ild his blessed
f hand on ms shf ulriernml siid joi ow me,' and
In follow iiik Him 1 lmo found tlie true lini pl
nes tome to IIlui. uneand all, whilti tl ere is
jit time
I I Another hymn was sunc and an elderly wo-
man whoso t.ilni. leaietul lace was uniiiirred
, byan lineof "inorsufleilnij stood uimnd suid:
i "I must bear mj ustimon), ns it is coni
i mandeii. for the b'esscd Iinl 1 hac denied
v m Jesus in voir past, but nou, oh, tlorj to
'i mi oulI I am lIislorepr "
.'i JIallclujali to theLnmbl" "Olory to (Sod!"
Iff "'His I o tlit. praised" tamo tho rtady rtpollst
In fertent tones from a M.oreof earnistwor-
' "(Jh.jes1" exclaimed thowomm "I'raisa
Him with a loutl oiee It swells m licart with
prldo and thankfulness to l.i ar it Da) mid
, n'eht I praise Him or mj soul whkh 1-. saMtt
tluouiih tliepretious hlootlur tliclonlJens "
Jlli ssed bo liod, sister." cried the man in
tlie seat In fruit uf her. as he turned around
and wrunc hor hands "Ho is tlie means of
Kracn to all Ills sinful ones "
I "A pare all sinntrs. mil my sins nro deep."
she answered, ' hut He has rescued me from
i tliu troubled wnters and set me lilch on tho
JL roik of filth l'rnl-u His hol iitimo '
J 31 j sins, too, hao lain hen on my soul."
said a jouiiK man jiimpliiK to his feet, nnd
fpeakini: In a olce Iiusl with emotion "I
took them to Jesus, nnd Ho lias washed them
Whiter than bnow"
Whiter than now.
Whiter thun miow.
j w anh nie tud 1 .hall be hlttr than snow.
4t.A JlJVPrfu!,olco on tho platform had started
thuiild. familiar himn. and with the beKlnnini;
i m r 0I 'ho second prse tlio whole conBrecatlon
I wer slniiiiiB witli all tho strencth or their
5 voices Iho otinc man sat down and burled
' tt his faco in his hnnda.
B i . i'hoUoodol the Lamb washes out tho sins
J ?La" ?,' .u, ,,1,0,,Bh. "."" bo scarlet." said
I At"iKeIIsl Ilarrl'oii In hl enger. penetrating
m Z.Kv i Now !' '"shear from some others who
Jimo born saMd throuch grace, Itemember.
no ptKrience Is too smallto tell or to make
!ii,'?-Pf1fft-1 6lnK together for joy oor it soul
i,n".VN.he" I ,wivnt.t,? sl,f,"k of cm ! nlways
Jiao to speak If ml," s ild an elderly man with
alfoytlnBf"l,0 l cau "ardly keep from
I ac'lnEly1'' "ie"'" c'111011 out somebody, encour-
I "IwIH." cried the speaker. "Glory to Jesus
ilb,,!lhr.au;tr!'',Sl l0r7 Blr'' ,,n,,h0
f -01'. Ifrd." shouted tho congregation.
1 .SI0!.0, "UniUnitBtMel Binnors
fd nmv-wIiltoLimbl Oli, glory, glory "
II i.T. ?". nJ 71 "y 'n?'10 " loi"l nols. for Josus,"
II Ihoiittd tho siaker "I'm nlwa going to.
Ill Jl) neighbors sav tome, 'SUint do von want
Iff deaf " H m" "0" for? TlluLo111 '
V nn7hr.ahe.9'1' ""..'SP'y 'outed a worshipper
1 on tho phitrorm " Ho hears us "
1 i,.. "' ",S- ugrted the speaker. "Ho
I Ifnrs he softest prajei No. Honin't dPaf. as
Pl','VkT.l,orH W liut w '" '' ll "to that.
,1n..U0,,le.m 'Mhelird ain't deaf, but tho
& "ill;. and sonic sinners, and I'm iiinkliica
6 noiNi. or thein to bun Wu 1 was of tlio
T r,V,r, 'Lf"r," I np iu heait to Christ I mnde
V n,KL'if1''0 ''"'"', dm II. nnd now shall I
' "'H" W'-s for my Lord and Mnstei :'"
A' HlniUioglorf"""'11 t,' Wf'rhlll,r,or''- "al0
I I ' ti.'m "" v'1, '""i." "Hid another bearer of
1 ! iS.Vl'V?"' ri?il": I nlnfiiliy In his plato. "an
,Tl S ;,?l'L,,",!i'' l,,,lt not "ld that I can't say u
V'l S.rJ? .ini "'? V"''1 .JtM"- I was n sinner nl-
fl RienV .'rn!IBl,.!,,"l,nl """' ,1,,IUnf ""' '-
l f!i72i " ,liy "'" It' il.uimo In on mo nil in a
U i1,1''"', Kl"r5. and I know.as If noIee had
J I Sl .".i l".l" "''r. ll"t ihero was gnieofor
1 I h S'.J'i0. "(',.t fy'1'' ilinmo. unit 1 knelt
1 hi,".'"'.! "1I ,1."!"1 Kl,, "'1 s"" to tho Iril
I then and tin re Hlt-std bo lllsllol) Nauio "
! fr,ii,.r."r '""'""' '''""wed. whlth. in turn, was
i !,! lU """ r.lileiiMs until Hit-time of
'. 5) . .. H? V" U' . s "t "' Hip tongiegatl.m did
,'' V? V .'.'" "" lr. h,'",h exi'i'l't to rise and
lii.r '."."" ','Kular .ehurc'i service begun
S....ini' "ll "nlsslon of ile minims, the bor-
niui bilng priMchtMl lytho lift I) t'roiuh
yt ellv V,.:, ."",', "" JlHIIOIIIStftllllCIl Of tills
M " . ' "I' tiol i iimiiH of peonb had tome up
M in, r. . if '"' '' ,h;s timo mill tho splits lllletl
H . "f'r '"'..liom tliofui end of thn tnmp
B ' 5J?, ', ', li' i"1'1 ' " "!lntl l',',r,1 "m i'otl' of an or-
B " SD. .V... lu " "lr"' ,J "l' ' ialod In a ti) mil.
W , tiii I., f 1,"."".' iThntH meeting for worship
m'J n.hM J 'M"'1.'1 ft tr,n,' m " ""K' V ithln a fow
W ffflii J. lrV '" 'Vr,f Persons arrlted from
W K,.?i, K.VV"'ff!'".M!1'lt''1 "i inusio liad been
V or A?i Ji" ""'I tho iittrmt uipo The muslo
M ?. n, 5 li" ' ,wn,t K1l1 f,y ''' Knokes and ills
' !. .. i,n "i .' "'"' il lurt' thorua.thu ptofessor
haling mi his mn net
khim ,.i,r..V'l,.,i,r'" ' '".V w "? eniloil a small boy
S5 Vnr'i' 'i""' "' ",'"" "' front ol tlio re-
Doner el, m, alrninl) oieupled b a llttlo
nn In.in iicu'au vl,u dr. s Tlmro is
' i." .'Toi'l running through tho ennip
"J wlilcji it fiiniiHh. h tlie wator supply.
'. ii,.l!",ul" t,1'0 ""'" '" " om o
Idenllybeen nthiM tinltyof that brook,
is mud all that he brought "way with
s prosontly transp red. llio llttlo g rl,
i glance of t ilsdaln at hU feel nioVJd
htn?,r!'P Vle, H,nn11 lxi Mt Mlf and
L',,1 Lh,ou"l he wasnulet all nbout
S?m0,i D,".l"BodlturbuiiiOboro oi-u-?LhB
rel'rtVr 8nt ln. th0 rc"lou
r nLAxP,u"arH I'ockpt. bihI presently
i3Sfn?fli1' """"C'l thpretrom. totik
?V?-l6l h7 0Iie cIawi ani1 l8n dropped
ho SBWi!l .aw ?."d tt"8."5 AhB We
LwAWt'oyo.t notice It. In the water
iKXalSflEf1 motlonlbokward.but
wwnt m Uad. m It sou tmM4 Brenad
when out of IU own element. Theroforo It be.
gun to iiropel ltolf .seuttllnpty toward the un
conscious little maid. Itbad coTered hlf the
dlstanco when she espied it, and a spasm of hor
ioi passed over her features. What effort of
heroism It .cost her to restrain the scream that
nrcfle to her lips can only be a matter of vague
oiijectnre at best to n man; but
she did, not mnke n sound. Bho only
edged slowly toward tho alsln with her
e) i b staling nxedly at tho horrid crustaooan.
Mepp ngi'Miry throe renonde to nine Itsolawa '
In iiKiiiaco It ndvunced, and she, as regularly,
letreateil Any othoi b'lt n cry well trained
nnd self-controlled little girl would hnvo rousod
the cdigiigiitlon with a reiles of warwhoopn,
lint not this one. Pressing her white lips Ilrmly
toi'elher. she slid ulong until It became oidont
that tl oiioxtmoi; would prcelpltato hor into
tlie nlsle It wss tlnio for fiction, and Blio cour
ageousjv took It. lioaelilng out with her font
sne planted a sturdy Jab with hnr sharp-toed ,
shoe upon tho shin ot tlio unconscious hoy I
Ow' ' ho cm 1 iltned, but mufllcd thouxcln
tnntion ns ho iiicollietei! where lie was, and
added In an Indignant whlspor. "Whatdldjou I
id that foi ?" i
In reply she simply polntod nt the crawfish
and w lilsiierpil: "Tiko tlm horrid thing away ,
or I shall yi II this mlinite " I
Catching up tho fugithe the small boy es
sayed to iiturn It to his pocket, and now llwaa
his turn toevhiblt lierolsm, for It fastened lis '
iilptH-rniipm bisfluger. nnd It was several sec
onds liefop' ho got looso and tletl tho mlnlaturo
lobster up In Ids handkerchief. Tho little mnld
v ould hii e Wen morn than human hod sho pot
taken ndvnntatte of tho occasion to whisper,
' horves you right," which earned hor n re
proachfully scornful glume Thu wholo llttlo
ilnniawns eirried on without exciting notice
except from those on tho sent behind
At tho conclusion ot tho morning soirlco tho
crowd seuttered, somo going strolling In the
woods, while others betook themselves to tho
big lunch tent or tho harmless soda wnter
tKMiths and fruit stands. During tho carl) part
of tho afternoon hundreds of buggies from tho
uiljaccnt country regions, each cnrrylng a well
assorted couple, no more nnd no less, came In,
nnd bicyclists of all sorts nnd descriptions who
came In, allured by the aoda wator stands,
stnjed to hear nt least a pirt of thn ser
vices. The nttentlince nt the camp meeting
is considerably Incrensed by these casual
lsliors, who como and go constantly. Tho
nfternoon sormon wns prenehed bythe llov,
Jr landman of tho Metropolitan Tomple of
this eit). and wa followed by revival services
condiictid by Evangelist Harrison. In the
evening Dr. Pardlngton of Brooklyn preached
to the largest congregation of the day, and
thnr wero nlso a number of praise nnd ro
vlval meltings nt various of the private cot
tnaes. Altogether It was the biggest day of
tho camp meeting thus far this year
Itnd Hern a Wnnilrirr Shire His 'Wire's
Ilruth 'ilncu Montli Ago,
SIoumt Kisco. N. Y., Aug. 7 Tho people of
this imrt of Westchester county hnvo been In a
great stnto of excitement latily over the ap
pearance of a wild man. Ho is described aR
nbout -id j ears old, with n long unkempt beard
covering Ills faco and breast and clad only In a
upalrot trousers held In placo by a piece of
rope. Several weeks ngonpirty of women nnd
children who were gnthcring hurries near Bed
ford Centre were startled b tho wild man Ap
pearing suddenly among them nnd demanding
food and money At tho sight of him tho
women diopped their pails nnd fled, screaming,
forthc higliwn). A few das later Mrs Ben
jamin C'nrnenter, who lives just out of tho vil
lage, while i ailing on a neighbor, left her tcn-
ear-old bo at home Kho had been gono
but n short timo when tho child ran
screaming niter her. He wns trembling with
fear, nnd It was some time before ho was
nblo to sptak When ho llnnlly recovered his
voice no to'd his mother that sho had scartely
left the house when n half-naked man rushed I
in, burst oiien the cupboard, and begun eating
nivenoublv the food from the dinner Mrs Car
ttnler wont to the village nnd n poited the oe
curronci lo Constable (norgi Thompson, but
the wild mnn had gone when the ponbtnblo
reathod the house. The man was nftenvard
seen trouehing among the headstones In tho
lluxtou t'tmeteiy by a party of picnickers re
turning homo at night The more superstitious
of tin m thought it was a ghost ami whipped up
their tiorses nnd lied Last Friday night a
posse of ntlreim of Bedford, 'ed hi Con
stablo Thompson, went In search of tho wild
man. He was In tho road when first sighted,
but when he siw that he was likely to bo
caught he. lashed Into tho thicket nnd disnp
penrcd The liosse surrounded the thicket, I
and. closing in, found tho fugitive secreted in
a small cave and dragged him out Thn wild
man was mi famished that he was unable to re
sist, and was Imiiud and trailed Inn wagon.
He had evidently been living in tho cave somo
time, hs the floor was strewn with dried fruit,
roots and herbs. In the village ho was idtntl
11. d ns Thomas I)elan of Mount Klseo Threo
months ago PolniD's wife died and ho began
acting strangely nt oueo and llnalls disap
peared. It Is believed that ho was driven in
sane by grief. Delanywns taken to the county
jail at White Plains, where inquiries will bo
made Into his sanity.
.vEir iiayosxk rumen vr.mc tTF.n.
Congregation l'nrmril by Families WIio
Qunrrclletl nltli Pastor uf Old Cliiirrli,
Tho new St. John's German Evangelical
Lutheran Church on West Twenty-seventh '
street. Biyonne. was dedicated 5 csterday after-
noon. The sen ices woro conducted by tho
ltev William Sanft, pastor of the Grcenvlllo
German Lv angelical Church of Jersey City Ho
was assisted by other clprgymen from Jersey
(it. Now York, Brooklyn, and Stnten Island.
A programme of spetlal music wns rendered by
the choir ot Tnstor Snnft's i luireh
Until tho tongregation can call n pastor tho
Hev. Jlr.hanf twill act as rector. IormerCouii
illiuin Cieorgo T Schmidt Is President of tho
Board of Trustees, Christopher J Sthmltlt Is
the trensurer and John Opel the collector Tho
deacons am I'ruderlik K. A Henno mid August
I'mtike Tlio congregation numbers, nbout
thirty families, who left Ht. Paul's German
Evangelical Church on East Twenty-ilfthstreet,
Baonnc. about threo jears ago hi cause of tho
nuarrel botweon tho llov J)r Iredcrlck .
Ilolls, who had been pastor for twenty years,
and former Ma) or William C. larr. who was a
member of the Board ofTrustees Mneoleav
Ing St. Paul's Churcli thr so families havo wor
shipped in various churches.
He Wns Malinger of 31inn. IlerglioU's V.n
(lite, nnd the I.ntter's 3Iilld I Also Miming.
A warrant was issued yesterday nt Now
llochiillo for tho arrest of Ilobort Coleman of
that city on a chargo of abandoning Ills wife
nnd two children Colomnn is JH years old,
and has been married for llvo jonrs Hoovvns
n home on Crescentnvenue.nndis the mannger
of tho oslato of Mum liergholr.of Lather's Hill,
thewlfoof W It llergholr. , ,
Tlincstiito Is valued at more tlinn $100,000.
Colt man's iter ounu are snld to be nil right Ho
disappeared on Wednesday night, telling his
wife that he wns going to rldo to the village and
pa) a lawyer u. bill that wnHiIne Ho mounted
Ills hloclo nnd rode away HIswifohns not
seen him since
On tho samo night Banih O'Neill. 2H jcars
old. tho miilri of Mine Berghol?. disappeared,
Investigation showed thai slie had sent away
her trunks several du be foio.
ovt kbtsolvs anmsn squatik
JIni n Woinim Arrrstntl Mho Swore She
Saw Him Mnrry I.llllnii Allen.
Amelia J. Cornell, who lives at Saratoga
Springs, wns arraigned In the Centre Strict
Pollco Courtyesteidny on a charge of perjury.
Mm had been nrrcMod on Pnturda) in Saratoga
nnd wns brought to this city by Detective
Campbell of the t entrnl Olllce.
'I lie warrant was Issued on a complaint mado
In (iu II Ilonolds, who alleged that Miss
Cornell committed perjurv when sho tontiDed
before n it'leiee that she was a wltnetH to n
uiniriigo btlvvteii :) unlds and Lillian Allen,
l(()iiuldh dtuitb that such u mnrrlngo over
Magistrate ri.immer hold Miss Cornell In
$1,000 ball for trial
Prisoner's l'rlrnill Tried to ltesruo Hlin.
Policemnn Jlolonoy of the Tilth uvenuo
station. Brookln. arrested John O'Bhnugh
nessy, 21 cars old, of i:iO Eleventh street
early jesteidny morning for intoxication
While, ho wu.s taking him to tho station. Tor
rnuct) Ohlinuglinnssy, II) 5 ears old; James
I'ltzsimmons. '21 jears old; Prank Cody, i!3
)turs old, and Henry nolle. 21 vears old. tried
to rescue the prisoner 'Icrrauco O'Shnugh
nefsy struck iho patrolman, but when tlie
latter pulled his revolver tho men ran away
Alter Molono) had locked his prisoner up ho
started nut with several other policemen ami
nrrested tlio four men They wore locked up,
t barged with assaulting an olllciir. Magistrnfo
BrlHtow iimnnded them to ltaymond Street
Jail to uwult examination,
Thrown from Ills rnrrlngn nnd Ilartly Jlnrt.
Ilrxi.Fvii.i.K, N J , Aug. 7 John Ashworth,
n local grocor, and father of Frederick Ash
worth, ( hnirmun of tho Township Committee,
was serlousl) Injured this morning by boing
thrown from his carriage ln a collision with a
trolley car on Washington nvenue Mr. Ash
vvorth was thrown aialnst the stone curb, cut
ting ills head and Injuring hut spine. Tlie lower
irAsmsaxos roLicK Fonca.
They Fasten on Mnion tlio Many Itobberlcs
Committed In tYntlilngton l.nit Spring
nmt nernvrr B700 or H00 Wnrlti of the
Property In llrooklyti nnd Klsewtiere,
Wasihnotox, Aug. 7. Tho cleverest pleco of
work done by tlio Washington po'lco forco
slnco the enpturo of "Jack tho lllppor," about
four ) ears ago, who, by tho way. wns caught by
a milkman, wns accomplished last wock whon
the detectives fastened on (lie notorious 1)111
Mason tho robberies committed In this city
last spring. Incidentally thoy hnv 0 nrrcstod one
Johnnlo Butts, nnd a colored woman, Lily Den
nis, on n ehnrgo of being accomplices of Mason,
Butts's nrrestw as made because he sold to Lewis
Knulmnnof U20 Eighth street Northwost a dia
mond weighing 2S carats for $80. The ar
rest of the Dennis woman wns mido becnuso
she w as f omul with Butts when he was arrest
ed and was theroforo bupikjshI to hnvo been
mixed up In the robberies which occurred six.
months ago, Kaufman wns arrestod yesterday
on the charge ot receiving stolen goods. Ho
has been released on $100 bonds, nnd thn
woman will probably bo releanod, ns there Is no
evidence ngnlnst her. Inspector Mattlngly and
Detcctlvo Woedon by brilliant work succeoded
In recovering from pawnshops and other
plnccs in Brooklyn and elsowhoro nbout $700
or$H0O worth of sllverwaro and jewelry out of
the $0,000 or $7,000 worth stolen last spring.
This Is the first timo since tho "Jack tho
Hipper" robberies that any stolen goods of nny
amount have been recovered by tho Washing
ton detective forco, nnd naturally everybody,
from tho new Supeiintcndcnt of Police down,
wns well pleased at the excellent showing mado
by Inspector Mattlngly and Detective Weedon.
Inspector Mattlngly has strong hopes of recov
ering nt lenst $200 w orth more. Tlio robberies
In which tho silverware and jewelry roforred
to were stolen occurred early last spring,
just as pcoplowero beginning to lonvo oiien
their windows to catch the first breercs of
tho spring. Ah they nearly all occurred
during the absence of tho families or whllo
they woro githerod on tho first Door the de
tectives nrrlved nt tho conclusion that It was
tho work of "sccond-stor workers " Thoy
usually enter a houso by climbing over tho
porch, or up tho waterspout or window shut
ters, although sometimes they use a long lad
der It Is customary ln buth cases for tho thief
to have some ono who acquaints himself with
tlio habits ot the family so that he can deter
mine what timo they nre most likely to bo ab
sent from the rooms which he proposes to In
vade This .11 complleo during tho actual timo
ot the robbery Is usunllj Btatloned out-sldo tho
house to give the alarm In case n policeman
should stroll along It Is this work which
Butts is supposed to have dono for Mason.
When Mason wns arrested about a month ngo
In New York, aftt r a terrlblo strugglo with the
police, nnd thohlstor) of hlscrhnes, known nnd
suspected, was published in all tho papers, In
bpector 3Iattingly shrewdly concluded that ho
wns tho one who hnd robbed the houses In
Washington, Togethor with Detective Wee
don ho visited Mason nt tho Philadelphia
County Jail, vvhero ho told them that ho
would glvo them no Information nt all.
Through various tluos tho detectives woro
enabled to locate a part of tho sllver
waro and lowelry which they have recovered.
Mr. JJovvman. who w.is held up bynburglir.
who presented a gun at Ills head antl then
. loekiil him in his room, was taken to Phlln
dilplila Inst week nnd Identlllcd 3Inson as be
ing the one who robbed him Sllvenvnro be
longing to Gilbert H lowles. Gen John 31
Wilson and W II Itutler. and lew elrs stolen
from the Butler, llaiidall nnd I Inch families,
has been Identified bv the owners Thcro
is no possibility of Jfnson being brought
here for trial, as ho has several unex
pired sentences to servo In penltentlnilcs
from which ho iseapod. and ns thoro nro
n number of charges on which he Is wanted in
Philadelphia nnd elsewhere, particularly that
of murdering Librarian Wilon InPlillndi Iphln
Mason narrow 1 escaped capture b the Wash
ington detectives last spring If tlie detectives
had known tlnt3tason wns in the tit) nnd (but
he wns the one who had committed the rob
beries, thev would have prnhahlv caught lit in.
ns his picture, together with n number of pic
tures of other well-known crooks, was sent
to Washington by Philidelphia detectives
Unfortunately, after Mason had been hero
several month", engaged In robbing people
right nnd lett, it IskuppospiI that he received a
tip from a friend to whom tlie collection of pic
tures was shown, that the police had his picture
nnd 'vprp looking for him He therefore left tho
city for New ork. Otherwise, if ho had re
mained here antl continued his depredations,
the Washington detectives might have had the
honor of catching the most celebrated criminal
of thn dn)
Thereeoveryof tho stolon sllvenvnreindtho
fastening of tlie burglaries nn Mason was re
mark! das a highly creditable piece of work,
and nil the credit Istlueto Inspector 3lnttlngl),
the In ml nf the local detective bureau In
spector Mnttlngly bns teen in clinrgeof tho
bmeau for nbout six months, nlthniigh ho Ins
hi en connected with the force tor many )uars
The shrewdness and ability which he has dis
played In tho Mason matter Is regarded is fully
justlfjing his selection forthls important po
sition The dptertlvo bureau having now disposed
of tho robberies vv hlch took place Inst spring.
Inspector Mnttlngly will turn his iittontion to
thn Dcslo robber), which occurred about a
ear ago. in which a tray of diamonds wis
stolen in broad daylight from an F street
joweller: tlie arrest of Dorsey Foultz. tho negro
murderer who walked away from the pollco
after shooting a mnn In cold blood ; the enpturo
of the man who picked UP u sntchi lcontnlnlng
Sl.iJOO in n Ninth street lunch rmni,. mil tho
i mnn who lllmflnmuied anothet 1 street
jnivclleroutof soveinl hundred dollars' worth
of diamonds about 'oiirmru thsngn, the ni rest
of tho inurileierof WVslev Hall, the erlpiiled
shotmakir, and the enptnre of Prank Punk,
who recently niuideieil William II Brooks
nnd left the clt) win Ight 01 ten hours niter
ward, bofoio h was susieeted of having com
mitted tho crime Tl r Washington iolcn
force has rei elvid niiieh ibusn because of Its
alleged inefllclt no , nnil 1 ei .itisn the perpetra
tors of nil tnbheries of nny sire have by ono
means or another escaped eipture, or. If cap
tured, have escaped punishment It Is ex
pected, however, that fioin tlie results of the
brilliant work of Inspector Mnttlngl) nnd De
tective Weedon In tho Mason ease, burglars
and uiuiilereis will no longei be permitted to
ply their different callings In Washington w ith
out fear of detection mid punishment.
i.ucTuna os sTinu:r.cAii ma suns.
Opinions from Hie Henrli nn Surli ns Put
'I ll. lr Pert on tlio Srnts,
Tntrlck Lnnlgnn, n stonecutter, living nt 103
East 112th strict, attended n mietlug of his
union on Saturday night, and afterwaid started
homo on a Third nvciiuo eablo car Ho put his
feet on tho seat In front of him and refused to
tako them down when Thomas Cinn, the con
ductor, ordered him to do so
Ho wns arrested at Sixty-seventh streot and
nirnlgned in the Yotkvillo Court jeslerdiiy.
"It is theoulwnrd mark of great selflsliness
011 tho pmtof a pissengor (linear to sprawl
ovor two or three seats, ns some do," remarked
Magistrate Pool "A passenger Isvury Incon
siderate of tlie rights of others when he puts
his feet, perhaps covered with muddy shoes, nn
tho sent occupied, or shortly to bo occupied, by
another p tson I wmwomlnmlnvwi town In a
Lexington avciiuo cable e.n to-day when I anvv
iiio car conductor luvo his feet on n scat. If
conductors Indulge in Hint practice it Is not
hurprMiig that passengers should Imltutn their
Tlio Magistrate warned Lanlgan that ho
would punish him if hiought before I1I111 again
forn similar offence and then dlnehargod him
Drowned Trying lo Ilea t ue IIU ret Dog,
Thknton, N, J.. Aug 7. James Dillon, 10
years old, wns drowned In tho Asanplnk Crock
yesterday evening whllo trying to rcseuo a pet
puppy which his father hnd thrown Into tho
water to drown Tho dog had been placed In a
bug to which was attached n stone After
throwing tho mntrlvanco Into the oreek. Sir.
Dillon returned to his home The stone broko
nwav and tho bag floated to the surface, The
Dillon iKiy vvndedoiit to recover the dog. when
ho stepped Into n del p hole. Miss Lillle Jiough
uer, vv lio lived near hi. ran to the creek nnd
lining' d In to save tho hov, but was unsuccess
ful. Tho bod) wns rccuveicd.
Grady I.oe Ills Opium Layout.
William Grndy, a bartender. 28 )enr old,
w ho rented n room In tho house nt 210 West
Twenty-fouith btreot. wns arraigned In Jeffer
son Markot Court yesterday morning for keep.
Ing an opium joint Early yesterday morning
one ot the other lodgers smcllod opium smoke
nndlnotllled Policeman Fltzgibbonsof the Wost
Twentieth street station. Tlio policeman found
two yfotnen. who said their names were Lillle
ond tdna Clark, In the room with Grady, They
were. discharged by Mtglstrate Me&fe. Oridy
s 1, I. ... m., ; 1
fihnt Theatres limy with Iteheartnlt Tho
Beginning of n Decline In Negrolim.
On tho stago of many a shut theatre sits a
man In his shirt sloovos nnd with his back to
tlio canvas-covered orchestra chairs. There Is
llttlo light, and most of It comes from n bunch
of gas jots, Thoro Is In most cases no more
illusory background than tho whitewashed
brick of tho roar wnll, Tho actors are likely to
bo coatloss, evon If thoy wear their hats. The
shirt waist predominates In tho attire of the
actresses. 8omotlmos thoro nro groups of thoso
figures containing half a hundred porsons. At
other theatres only six or sov en mov 0 about tho
stago. Directions from tho mnn who sits
watching thorn or suggestions from thoso with
him guldo tho movements of tho playors, who
sppnk slowly, somotlmps uncertainly, or read
from tho slips of paper that thoy hold In
their hands. Tho wlntor nudlcnccs would find
tlie present shows In tho theatres unattractive,
commonplaoo and Incomprehonslhlo perform
ances, becauso thoy nro now In tho
process of development. Tho preliminary
stages of rehearsing nro now going on dally In
nenrly overy Now York thoatro Tho now sea
son Ib In Its oinbnonlo nnd chrysalis state. It
Is ripening In tho dark, and out of those long
hours of work many public performances will
bloom withlnaraonth Notonlytliothentrcsnro
tlm occupied, but many halls as well. A good
proportion of the companies whloh nro to
travel ovor the countn hold their rehearsals
here. One thpatro now has a cast at work on
tho stage, another In the, lobby, and a third In
the huer back of thu balcony. One floor of a
hall formerly used as a blcyolo rlnl: has been
divided Into four parts by no more substantial
means than a chalk mark In every quo of
these spaces a set of actors Is engaged, und
viewed from n E0.it In one of tho balconies.
They look ns if the woro about to
play a new kind of football. One block
of a certain street had been selected
by a number of musical publishing firms, and
they nro just now nearly as active as the thea
tres Good songs nro nn Important element in
somo plays, and it Is often thn ballad that
makes tho soubrctto. Through tho open win
dows of these plnees passers through the street
hear all tiny the cacophonous poundings of mul
t il millions pianos and tho seasoned tonus of tho
slngors trilng the tunes.
The "coon" song ha overwhelmed fnree,
vnudev Hie and extrav ngnnxa these threo years.
Negro jokes, negro dancing, negro melodies
hnvo swept through even branch ot lighter
stago entertainment. Tho prtsont Casino
piece rcnll) presents the npothcosls of this.
The long procession of negro cako-walkors In
tho Inst act has tho largest numbur or nigroes
over gathered on tho stage of a llrst-elass
thentre On the root of tho same theatre
tho most notablo fpntures of the vnudovillo
nro supplied by npgroes The nudiencos np
plaud. but not with former warmth Negro
ism In tho shows hns passed its highest point
and tho decline basset in The variety of In
troducing negroes to sing their own muslonnd
toll their own jokes was a chango that pro
longed the popularity, but the potency of that
Is failing. Negro songs are now rarely at
tempted by tho vvhlto comedians without tho
accompaniment of real blacks. Tho wano of
tho element is well shown In "Yankco Doodle
Dnnd) " Tho solo performer who steps out
from tho ranks of bis nssoclntes does nothing
tlmt is characteristically African. His tricks
nro expert nnil amusing, but If is well tlono by
.1 white manthev would linve is much effect In
t he shelter on the root the dancing b) the negro
women frequently tossesses no negro char
acter whatever Oneoftliem ilnnecs 1111 Irish
jig Onli the cake walk Is done In npgro stile.
One of tho men nlwais gives Irish steps with
110 attempt at anv thing else What will como
next in phcoof tho used-up negrolsm on our
Adrienno Dalrollcs. who was formerly in this
country nnd went away becauso she wa.s not
appreciated as much as sho thought she should
have been. Is now selei ted b) Ch irli'9 Prohmun
to play In "Zar-n" when tho English version ot
the lti'jane play is givpn In spito of her suc
cess with tho role, IWjnno is said to havo lost
some of her prestige in Paris, as tho audiences
nt the Vaudeville vvero not accustomed to such
frank realism ns this study ot theatrical life
presented She will probably go to South
America next spring and remain until tho fol
low lug autumn.
Jnnc Hading will be tho solitary star In tho
new Napoleonic drama to bo given nt the Porto
St Martin under Cotiuulln's direction. Ho has
decided not to plni JV'apofeon. In this piece
Jotrnhinf Is first revealed previous to her mar
linge. Sho Is tho favorite of a group of officers. I
In order to cut the others out. and not becauso
be loves her, XapoJnm mnkes her his w lie
In "Tho Eagle," which Rostand Is writing
for Sarah Bernhardt, the heroine is Fanny
Essler, tlio dancer, nnd the intrigue of the play
is furnished bythe Due do ltcchemont's lovo
fo- her
rilen Terry Is to play J'tiiihrie In "The Lady
of Lvons ' after all Sho has not acted tho
Piouii diughter of tho Deschaprllet for many
'1 here Is said to bo llttlo or no feminine Inter
est in "Itobe, plurre," tho new bardou play in
tended for Irving
The net Adelphl melodrama Is to bo by
George Sims, who. returning to the Inspiration
of his "ltomnny ltye." lias wriltt 11 "Tlio Gipsy
Earl " In It .lulli Niel-on and Frederick Terry
will, ommente their career In melodrama, and
other actors in tho play that nre well known
hero aro John Glenuennlng and Keith Wuke-
Henry V. Esmond, one of tho best of London's
younger actors, bus retired from tho stage to
devote himself wholly to flu) wilting.
Wanda do Boneza has made her I ist debut at
tho Comijillo Franc Use, appearing in a classical
role Sho plaieil 7'oiki Nil in "Hrrnnnl"
Bernhardt Is recalled an tlio best of all tho
actresses who have npneared in tho part In
11 pent icnrs. Stile Dudlii) has been acting It
foi some time Mile do Bnuczn, who Is bald to
be a burnt and n favoilto rather than nn
especially gifted actress, made an ngrecablo
Jules Clarette went tho other day from Paris
to London to see Henri Irving in "A Story of
Waterloo "
Luclen Gentry, for several years thn lending
nt tot nt the lteuiilssnneu, will not appear with
Bernhardt again Ho is to be a star -Mine
Bernhardt Is at Dello Isle for a brief vacation
Maile Solbath estal llshcd at Weimar before
her death Inst summer n homo for retired
netors nnd Piirlcheil It grently by her will But
there were no legieles from other, nnil tho
usefiihn ssof the establishment was curtailed.
Jteeently Herr Lnndvogt. nt one tlmt iinnclor
of position In Vienna and Hamburg, left S'iD.OOO
to it A iiKinunn nt to Selbach wns to havo
lieen unveiled In W'elmur on Wednesday, hut It
w.is not completed In time.
innu.i.r cau tosnccioit hiLT.r.n.
Crushed ltrtvvfrn Two Cnrs In llrnnhlyii on
Sutiirdii) Mght llotoriiinn Airrsled,
John Gorman, ,'UI ears old, of 22.'i Sixteenth
street, n conductor cmploied by the Nassau
ltnilroad Comimny, died In St John's Hospital,
Brooklin. yesterday nfternoon of Injuries re
ceived on Siturday night while coupling two
cars at lingers avenue nnd Bergen street.
Trolley car No 750 had become distilled, nnd
German was coupling It with another car when
the moiormnn. Jerome Ward, of --.') Fifteenth
strict put on the current
Gurmnii wns caught between the cars His
left leg wns crushed and ho received Internal
Injuries Ward was arrested Gorman was
married nnd lenves n wife and two children.
Piuif-rnl of tlm Lute Dr. Iliililinrd,
Tho funoinl of Dr George 0 Hubbard, tho
late Assistuut Ran Itni) Superintendent for lllch-
inoiid hoiough. who died suddenly on Widucs-
ilnj morning, took place lestenlay nftornoon nt
Tottenvllle, S I. Fully ono thousand porsons
were ill uttendnnee. Tho funeral was attended
b) tho Masonic, lodges of Stnnletoti, Port Bleh
iniind and Tottenvllle, numbering ilfiO men,
viternns of tho Hlolh New Y01 k Volunteers In
uniform and the ltarltaii Post of Perth Amboy
und Lenhtrt Post of Tottenvllle. G A It.
Tho llov It B Collins, usslsted by thn Bey
J 0 Hendrlckson of the Bnillstt hureh. con
ducted tho ceremonies) nt bt Paul's 31 I..
I'll 1 nil in Tottenvllli An nddress was mado
b) Oeorgo Mnbrlek, hospital steward of Iho
Itlfith New York Noluutoeis In which Dr Huh
bind solved ns surgi on 'I he Masonic r'tual
was read b) E 31 J'lileis. Gi.u d Secretnr) of
the Grand 1nlgonl the Slnte Dr 1 eignon of
New ork. who vviisHiieeee led In Dr Hubbard
ns suigeon of the lOTith. w ns also present nnd
delivered nn address
'1 here were military nerv Ices nt Iho grave In
Bethel M E Church and a salute was llred
over the grave b) the inenilmisnf tho Grand
New lork Mnn Injured nt I.nng llrnnrh,
Lono BnANCii, N J.. Aug 7 Fred Lowen-
thai of New York was thrown from a carrlago
on Ocean avenue this afternoon and his loft leg
i broken. The aoeldent occurrdd In front of
AtbMtlo Hotel, where the horse overturned
carriage. Mr. Lowenthnl U visiting his
ther-ln-law. Dr. Offcnbaufc, wno.hoa a cot-
1 1 i 1 1 km m 11 - llJlillH "innm iff
ctnr.D xnnvsr VSDBtl A CAlt 11Y TUB
Crnih IJeyontt the Control nf the Oltlclnli
Btntlonetl There If a tVomnn Wnnts
to lln Hustled nnil Trampled With
Her Children This I the Plnce for It.
When tho Coney Island crowd nt tho trolley
loops ot tho big brldgo ontrnnco nt Park Bow
was densest yesterday nfternoon nt 2. fid
o'clock, JennloPutttio, 12 oars old, of 01 Mul
berry street, was pushed under n fourteen-ton
Court street car nnd her right log was crushed
by tho rear truck of thn car.
Everybody was in a free-for-all scramble nt
thn timo. Passengers on tho cnrs tried to get
off: would-bo pnssongers clawed and wrestled
to get on. Somo ran up the north roadway nnd
crowded into the scats; others scrambled over
the bar that Is supposed to stop ingress nnd
egros on tho nigh side of tho cars. The po
llco nnd rond Insiicctors hustled thoo who got
In front of tho cars to tho narrow spaces bo
tweon tho tracks Their hands woro full, tholr
collars woro w llted and their faeos wcro steam
ing. ThomotherotJcnnlospcnkBlittloEngllsh.but
knew thnt cnrs labelled "Coney Island" would
go w hero sho wished to go. She forced her way
Into tho crowd, followed by hor husband. Those
who wero not pushing wcro pulling. Mrs.
Puttno had Jennlo by both arms, nnd, ns a car
swung around tho loop nearest Purk row and
'started to cross to tho south rondwny without
stopping, she lifted her daughter nnd tried to
throw hor Into tho car. Men wero nil along tho
car step scrambling and pushing to got scats.
Women and men wcro 011 either sldo fighting
to got 011 tho step Mrs. Putlno wns forced to
her knees. The girl's right leg was shoved un
der tho enr, between the fore and rear trucks.
Tho rear tmok w hoels passed ov or It just abov 0
the nnklo.
Policemnn McConvtll. who was standing near
with both foot braced to keep tho crowd from
jamming ngnlnst tlie car. jumpod to pick tlie
woman up. 'Iho crowd was puslilnr over tho
woman and somo stepped on her In their
eagerness forn sent In tlie car. McConvlll col
lared somo of them and flung them I nek. In
spectors and other policemen hastened up
McConvlll picked Mrs. Putlno up. Tho child
lay moaning on tho asphalt She wns carried
to tho Brldgo Hospital. Her leg will bo am
putated. Tho motorman of tho car, Jeremiah Hurley,
was nrrested. Ho did not know of the uccident
until ho reached tho usual stopping place nt
the curve on the south roadway, vvhero tho iron
piliir Is thnt brushes people from tlio off side
step of tlie cnrs that como around tho outside
loop Walter Norrls. tho conductor of thoc.tr,
w.is not arrested
A dozen women nnd children woro hiulcd
from under tho earw hoels overy hour lestenlay
by the ikiIIco and Inspectors. Tho fenders
of tho cnrs nro held up us soon asthoenrs goon
tho bridge in Brooklin. nnd there is nothing
but the nullity of the guards to keep little folks
out of danger nt tho loops. When the Coney
Island rusli Is on passengers aro allowed to get
on tho cars nny w ly the see tit.
Men pull women off the steps and crowd
themselves Into tho seats Tho inspector with
n goatee is the only ono to vv horn n woman can
unpeal If she wnnts a sent This inspector gets
seat for womon who ask him. But inostlytthe
women and children either have to stand or
elso tako their chnnces In climbing on n ear ln
motion. No ono of tho policemen or inspectors
can understand why some wai of regulating
tho unloading and loading ot cnrs has not been
discovorednnd put Into operation. Thecrond
gets moro v iolcnt ev ery hot Sunday.
MitB. witiaiiTs MAitniAans.
Wni n Widow; Got n Ilunlinnil by Adver
tising; Got a Divorce; Kemnrrietl Now.
BiNon vmtos, N. Y., Aug. 7. It I announced
that Sirs. Joseph Laurcr has been married
again to William Wright. Mrs. Laurcr
was tlio widow of Joseph Lauror, who
owned a brewery In this city nnd com
mitted sulcldo about four jears ago.
leaving hor well off. About a year ago she ad
vertised In a Chicago paper for a husband nnd
the advertisement was answered by Sir. Wright.
Photographs wero exchnnged and Mr. Wright
camo to this city, w hero tho couplo were mar
ried. Suddenly 3Ir. Wright was called South on
business, nnd during his nbsence rumors
spread that bo bad a wife and children living
in Tennessee. At first Mrs Wright refused
to bellevo tint ho was guilty of blgnmy. Ho
wroto her tint bo wns detained on business
but would riturn As timo rolled on nnd ho
fnlled to enmo back 3Irs Wright and Attorney
John Wheeler of this cltl went South to In
vestigate thn matter. Later she gota divorce
and resumed her llrst husband's nnmo.
Yesterday 3Irs Laurcr returned from n trip to
Scrnnton bringing .Mr Wright with her. nnd It
wns stated tlmt the couple had been remarried
in tint olt 3Ir W right, when seen nt the Lam or
home hereto-night, declined to conllrm or deny
tlio reHirt He was, however, vory nITable, nnd
led tho reporter to bellevo that matters had
been sitlsfnctorily adjusted
A friend of tho fnmily said tint Wright had
secured 11 divorce from his first wife und ro
marrled 3Irs Laurcr.
Mnglstrnte Itrlstovv Believes I'ollreinnn
Hetdy's Action Pnwrirrniited.
Chief of Pollco Dovery Instructed tho Brook
lin iiollco a week ngo that disorderly women
must bo kept off tho strcots in that city, as
many complaints hnd been mado by cltirens,
A number of women havo been nrreted during
the week, but as tho police had no case against
them when they wore nrralgned tho Jlngls
tratos discharged tho women
At 1 o'clock icsterdny morning Patrolman
John T. Itcedy of lbs Sixth avenue station nr
rested 3Irs ZlllahOlsen, 22 ytars ohl.of Third
avenue nnd Twentieth stiett Sho wns ar
raigned before 3Inglstrato Brlstow in tho
dams Street Police Court jeslerduy morning.
She told tho Slaglstrnto tint she wns n married
woinnii, nnd thnt bur husband wns a house
smith She snld she wns standing ut the tor
por of Third and Flntbiish avenues vvnitingfnr
a Third avenue car, when the policeman nt
temped to flirt with hor Sho paid no attention
to him, she said, and then ho nrrested her
Pntiolmnn Itetdy said she had addressed two
men He nlso snld that she was Intoxicated
when he arrested her
"Thnt is not true. ) our Honor," sho snld " I
wns not Intoxicated nnd did not flirt with nny
mnn He is not telling tlie truth."
1 he Magistrate believed that the policeman
had made n mistake and ho discharged tho
HArr.Ain is av vsuciiTi:n Aitcir.
A Ship's Steward ltolilied 1 Two Men In
One of IlroohlTii's Durk Plnres,
August Klcnberg.a steward on the stf amshlp
Olblc, lilng nt Hnrbeek Stores on Furman
streot, Brooklyn, wns vv 11 laid nnd robbed on
lnrman street at 10 o'clock on Saturday night
whllo 011 his way to his boarding place at 10
Atlantic avonuo Ono of tho worst place In
tho city nt night Is under tho Slontnguo street
nrch. which Is not lighted It wns in thonrcli
that Kleiibiirgwasmiit by two large men whom
lie be), eves to lie s dims
They vvero standing ngnlnst the wnll nud ho
did not notlco them Just ns ho tnssed thoy
seized him bythe throat and threw him to the
ground Then while one held him down tlio
othoi went through his pockets They took
$20 In tnonev nnd srme private pnpi rs from
his pockets Then they beat him and ran avvny.
Men berg, sn) s he does not know how long bo
leniiiineil on tho ground, hut he managed sub
sciiueiitly Pi get on his ft el and. after nn effort,
anlviidnt 10 Atlantluuveiiuo lio went to tlio
Amity street station lestenlai morning, where
he notified the pollco of tlie asssult and rob
ber), Ills loft 010 was blnckenid and Ins nnso
wnscut Ho said it would be Impossible for
him to Identify tho men, as It was so dark In
tho nrch that he could not bee them
Killed by 11 Ilv Into Sbullow tVnter.
John Gate!). 35 yearn old, died In bt. Michael's
Hospital. Newark, lesterday from Injuries re
polvi d by diving fiom n pier nt Ocean (Inn eon
Saturday He went from Newnrk with tho
Clnrk thread mill nmploiees' excursion JJo
dived from the inor, bellpvlng the water vtss
deep Ills head struckthocand and he been ma
totully pnrul) zed from tho injur) tohissplno.
Piilli'i'miiu's Shoulder IMiloruted by n Pall.
Policemnn Thomn Cnughlln of the Gregory
street station In Jersey City saw borne hois
(hooting ci.ip. yesterday at Brunswick street
nnd ltnilroad nvenue He started to chnso
thoni, but fell nud dislocated Ills right shoulder.
The boys escaped and the iollceinan was tnken
to tho City Hospital
Painter Drowned nt Steamer's Pier,
John Nelbollng, 35 years old, while painting
the poop dock of tho Hamburg-American lino
steamship Auguste Victoria nt Iloboken yester
day alteruoon, fell overbqarcliind wnsdrowned.
The body wan recovered. Nelbollot lirad In
riSS s. y? rut A M mm(
SlmuUnncouily There Is nn Onthrenk ot
Police Activity There Many Accidents,
Police Commissioner Jacob Hess mode hti
first visit to Coney Island lestenlay slnco Ills
nptiolntment. Lnto In the afternoon ho made n
tour of tho place mid appeared satlslled with
tho general run of things. For tho next few
dais ho said that ho would live at Manhattan
Bench. He struck the Island on n lively day
By 7 o'clock the Island, according to tho rail
road officials, had held 130.000 people, ami to
this was added two big excursion parties that
camo in from Bridgeport and Allcntown, Pa.
An oxtrn force of 110 polloemen and 30 Cen
tral Office men woro sent down to tho place
shortly nftor noon to maintain order, nnd ar
rest followed fast. At 8 o'clock fifteen men,
nllegod by tho polloo to bo professional pick
pockets, wcro arrested In the general
round-up of all suspicious characters. This
was quickly followed by tho arrest of disor
derly women, and In nil fifty were taken In.
The number of lost children brought to the
police station exceeded that of tho previous
Sunday, hut they, an usual, were clnlmod by
their parents, who put In an npponranco a few
hours Inter Within nn hour a series of acol
dents happened, tho most sorlous of which was
that of 15- ear-old Samuel Cohen of Manhat
tan, who came to the Island In company with
his parents. While uating In a Surf avonuo res
taurant he choked on n large piece of moat, was
sclred with convulsions nnd wns carried
to the pollco btatlon. where Ambulance.
Surgeon Gosman, to snvo tho boy's
life, performed nn operation. Y'oung Cohon,
although wenk from tho operation, was re
movod to his homo In a coach by his parents.
The next avoidant was that of Arthur It. Clark
of (24 Amsterdam avenue, who was riding his
blciclo In tlio Ocean Parkway, and, when noar
Ing Rings Highway, ran Intontree. His wheel
w ns smnshed nnd ho had his left shoulder frac
tured and his leg broken Shortly utter this
Abraham 3Iandcl of 2112 Dean streot, Brook
lyn, while In bathing stepped on n broken clam
shell nnd cut the main artery of his right foot.
Ho wns tnken to tho Kings County Hospi
tal. Immediately afterward 3Irs. Paicporfo. 3d
years old, of 475 Amsterdam avenue, took a fit
In tho wnter and had n narrow escape from
being drowned There were also soveral cases
of bent prostration. One of tho now features In
the lino of amusements which wero Introduced
to-day was thnt of trying to hit a llvo negro
w ith real eggs. A largo picco of canvas with a
sunflower painted on it was used in tho opera
tion Through a hole In tho sunflower on the
canvas tho darky poked his head nnd dotlged
tho eggs as they woro fired at blni in succes
sion. Some of tlio eggs hit tho mark and broko,
but the majority of them just struck tho can
vas nnd fell Into nn armful of straw.
Iron Strninbont Company Shut Oft from
Lnudlng by a Illvnl Lino.
New Buunbwick. N. J.. Aug. 7. Tho iron
steamboat SIrlus, which was to tako an excur
sion this morning from Now Brunswick to
Coney Island, leaving hero at 10 o'clock, didn't
go. Tho Slrius was chartored on Friday and
Saturday by different New Brunswick organi
zations to conduct excursions from this city to
Coney Island This necessitated tho Hlrlus
coming up tho ltaritnn 1th or Saturday night,
and thu company advertised to conduct nn ex
cursion from this city to Conoy Islnnd on Sun
dav 1 his action was considered by tho Now York
nnd New Brunswick Stenmbont Comrnny,
which is a closo rival of tho Iron Steamboat
Company In the Cone) Islnnd excursion busi
ness, ns nn effort to draw uwuylts own par
ticular patronage, and It took provontivo
Charles B. 3IcLaury, superintendent of tho
Now Brunswick company, secured f rom H W,
Dunn, assistant superintendent of tho Dela
ware und ltaritnn Canal Company, which owns
all dock privileges along tho ltnrittn Biver be-
Ilovv the canal lock, an order to U H. Bloodgood.
lini bor muster, thnt as soon ns the SIrlus land
ed hor oxcurslonists on Saturday night sho
rliould boortlored to leave and not allowed to I
land again until sho had n permit.
Accordingly the SIrlus was compelled to leave
tho dock on Saturday night An effort was
made to si euro a permit to land, but In vnln
Some of tho crew had meanwhile gono on shore
nnd were oudcavoringto sell tickets in the city,
Tho SIrlus stenmed bnck to Now York.
Tho rival company's steamer New Brunswick
left nt 0 o'clock with 000 excursionists for
Coney Islnnd People liegnn to nrriv e In crowds,
coming from Bound Brook. Mctnchen. South
Blvornnd neighboring towns to tako thoSlrlus,
bringing their CO-cent excursion tickets with
them. They waited In vain until nftor 11
o'clock and then returned homo disgusted.
nviuAi. of tub nioiiwEis aiitr.s.
Sfnny Mourners nntl a Grrnt Funeral Pro
cession to the 02d Street Ferry.
Tlio bodies of Gertrude, Emma nnil jratllda
Frohw oin, daughters of Otto T. Frohwoln, who
were drowned in Raritan Bay on Thursday,
vvero buried icstorday from their home, 101
East Ninct -llrst struct. Tho bodies lay In
threo w hlto caskets in the roar parlor on the
llrst floor. A crowd began to collect at 7 o'clock
In the morning. It soon extended from Lex
ington avenue to Second nvenue. Twenty po
licemen under Roundsman Bailor ot the East
Eighty-eighth street fetation woro kept busy up
to 2 o'clock, when tho funeral left tho houso.
About 8,000 persons v levved tho bodies.
The llov. Julius Remeiisniderof the Madison
Avcnuo Lutheran Church, nt Sovcnty-second
street nnd Stadison avenue, officiated Among
thoso piesont were Col Jncob lluppert. Jr.nnu
his brother Frank, who rescued 31rs. 1 roh
wein After tho services the three eofflns woro
plneod in threo henrses There vvero over
eighty carriages and 2,000 persons on foot in
the procession to the East Ninety-second street
ferry The Interment was nt the Lutheran
Cemetery. Long Islnnd.
Tho body of Annie Slobenolchen, tho 18-yetr
old nleeeof Dr. Frohvveln.w ns found early les
tenlay morning off Il.i) Cliff Park, Tottenvllle,
by Georgp Dubois and wns removed to the Cor
oner's ofneo In Clifton It was there packed in
Ice and taken to New York Tho funeral will
be this nftornoon from lttlst streot nnd Jack
sou avenue.
rro.iy.4.v, iiody is the fassatc.
The Finders of It Hnd brrn Her Followed
by Two Strnngo Men In the 3Iornlng.
PATriisov, N J . Aug 7. William Van Ness
and Robert Laflu of Singae found n body
in tho Passaic River about noon to-day,
It was that of a woman about 40 years
of ago and nbout 5l. feet in height It was
tnken in chargo by Coroner Hluillo nnd re
moved to tho morguo In this elty. where It re
mains uiiideiitilled this ovemng Van Ness
ami I nlln say the) taw the woman pass Ploch's
Hotel nbour 8 o clock this morning She had
just alighted from nn electric enr nt tho ter
minus of the New Jersey laVctrle Ilnllwai She
was 11 woman of respectable appear.ineo and
neat attire. She took tlio roid nlong thu river
bank Immcdlntel) behind hoi were two
strange men. who followed her ns sho passed
out nf sight. Whether or not these men bad
nnithlng to do with tho death of the woman
lannot bo said, as there were no marks of
violence on thu body, Singae is eight miles
from here, nt the end of tho trolloy s) stem ex
tending from Iloboken.
Leg Hull Didn't Work.
Tho Eldrldgc street police nrrested early yes
terday morning twenty-ono men who wore
playing ikwI In tho store kept by 3Iax Schmidt
at Kl Rlv Ingloii street The arrested Schmidt,
too At Essex 3larket tho pltiors woro ills
1 hinged and Schmidt was lined $5. Schmidt
wnlkodout of court with the others, without
paying his (Inc. and rnn up Grand street Do
tectivn llHy eh ised him threo blocks nnd
hiought him back Schmidt thou paid tho lino
and was allowed to depart.
The A outlier.
Fair UMtlirr prevail! d ynterilny In the Atlantio
BUtri ami Isoattrred thumlfreliowfrJi ill thu lakti
regions ami Mtntlnsljipl Valla). Thn prcsmirn was
low In tlie lake regions and blali on tho South Atlan
tic reaat and In thu NurthwrM. It vraa wiinni r In tlio
Atlantic and central Sutra Tlm bUlirat tempera
ture! reported were HJ" at Waahli gtnn, HI!0 at Do.
ton and HS' at I'hlladalphla, It w gro lug cooler
la the Northct Btatca
In this i Ity thn day vma fair and araier; hlntuat
nfllrlsl tenipenturo R, lowrnt flKs average huinlit
ily. 7f' per int.t wind southed), average velocity
ten mllea an hour, barometer, correitod to read to
mi Uvel, at H V M 30 03, a V M !t n I.
The thermometer at tho t'nitml hiatea Weather Bu
reau rrgiitercd the temperature yeiterila) aa follows
" Jar.i IM IKI7
11 M . 7.V 71r (IP M H T,'
JSM so' 7s HP VI mi 7n
3PM . . HI 7K- laMIrt . 7U 71
WAniiiM.ioN roniiAr I OH UOKPAT,
For New P.unland, thn uttnlng weather, sonthwrit
crly winds,
V lotltrn Sew York, ikrtaitnxnif vtathtr, iriA
I'oiwrf in north jiortwH louthvetttrty uimfj
For ruprn Pennsylvania, New Ji nor. Iiilaware,
Maryland, the. UUtrlct of Columbia, and Virginia,
threatening weather, southerly wluda.
1'or western Pennihanla, Ohio, and Indiana,
thunderahowers, cooler In south portious, light to
fresh variable winds. p
For weaUrolNew York, thiuAtrabowtrti UgUtt9
frcah TSrlabla vrisdav v v V i-- - '
g 1 var. 1 "
Our artist is inclined to exag- iH
gcrute, but still there nrtt so -H
ninny men who don't seem to !H
know how to dress in Bummer 11
that he is excusable. H
Everything thnt holps to make J 1
hot weather endurable is here. a
Thin anlts Neglige ahlrta i fl
Low shoes WaahabU acarfa '. M
Straw hata Linen mean underwear ); I
Bathing suits. ' jj!
Rogkks, Peet fe Co. l
Prince and Droailway. jj
W arren andUroadwar. u
Thirty-second and Broadway, s y
hib taste is r.onaixos. !
One Night a Sower and Another a Typhoid 3
Fewer Tent- M
John Cahill, a spoclal officer detallod to Hollo- $1''
tuo Hospital, had just mado nn Inspection ot tt
tho morgue, early yostonlny morning, w hen hs fl
saw a dim light burning In tho tent In which W
patlonts who como Into the hospital with Infec- IB
tlous diseases aro Isolated. Cahill know that S
there w ore no cases of infectious disease In tho E
hospital. On Investigation, Joseph Lewis, a (If
negro boy. was found sleeping on the bed m
whloh had been occupied the day before by n, fo
typhoid fever patient. Lewis is the boy who Sir
was supposed to have drowned himself on July ill
21 nt tho foot of Enst Twenty-second street, L
and who wns found threo days later in a sower jnl
Plpo. Slnco then ho has been working for his KM
menls ln llollevuo Hospital and sleeping on ono sll
of tho bouchen In tho reception room. faf
Drs. Armstrong antl ltandall gave the boy a .,?
bath, fumigated his clothes, sprinkled hlmwlth. M
disinfectants, nnd told him to mnke his will. tiff
Ho wasn't scared. " I guess when I lived for gfi.
throo das without anything to cat In an ole jjjjf
sower," snld he, "ono night In a typhoid fever .S9
tent won't do me no harm." ' fjf;
" -"" " ij!l
imruTtnir. almaiho this dt. i'Mj
Ban rises ... 6 03 Sun sola . 7 07 Moon rises. 10 31 Vi'jji
niOU WATKIl THIS DAT. ,1-ffjl
Sandj-nooi.lt 42 I Gor.Ial'd is 1 1 1 Hell dale.. 3 OT ia
Arrived StrnDAT, Ang. T, jijpl
8s Rotterdam, Voege, Rotterdam July 36. .vV.i
8a Iji llretagne, Rupe, Havre. ;M
B Kort Sallslmry. Salmon, Liverpool. ' SM
Ba Ht, Leonards, Pugh, Antwerp. Sf
Pa Miramar, White, Tamiiico iBl
Ba Laughton, Hodgson, La Oiiavra. " .V&2
Bshlr Richard Oreiirllle.nill, Ilambnrg. jWS
Bs Montauk, Townlev, Oenoa. iu
Be Coelque, Barry. Molendo. imL
Bs Ardandearse, Kinley, Calcutta. .$
Ba Athnra, Colllngwood, Hampton Roads, i Wi
Ba m Mohte, Parker. New Orleans. jtttl
Ba Chattahoochee, Lewis, Savannah. -!p
Ss Orinoco, Traitor, Bermuda. jlggl
Il'or later arrivals see First Page,! Jftl
spokes. ''iTm
Ship Drumrock, from New York for Calcutta. Jttlr Mm
2t,lat. 04, long. 34. 47. 1fSg
anniviD otrr. S II
Be Auranta, from New Tork, at Qneenatown, J
Ba La Qatcogne, from from New York, at H&Tre. -Jt J j
MSBZD. ' ' 1 1
Ba Idaho, from Hull for New York, paaied Bpora a ll
Head. 9j
Siii.tD rnoM roBEtoie ronrs. j
Bs Irrawaddy. from Grenada for New York. "fB j
Ra Lecronia. from Algiers for hew York. 'H;
Ba Campania, from (jucenntown for New York. Si
UH.CD rnou Doucano rosra. U
Bs Chalmette. from New Orleans for New York. In
OUTOOtNO BTEXUiniFt, i itjt
Sail To-Morrov. ;
MaxliChu. rmrlSattl,
Lshn.Bremen 700 AM lnooAlt JJ8
Bemlnole, Charleston 0 00 Pit ,g
Sail WtdntsJay, Aug. W. W
Britannic, Liverpool OOOAM 12O0M S
Weaternland. Antwerp ,10 00 AM 12 00 M is,
Fontahelfe. St. Tlmmaa. 1 00 P M n 00 P t a!
Geo. VV. CI) de, Charleston 300 I'll 5;
Sail rAurlifai, Aug. 11. SI
Augusts Victoria, Ham- i
burg .. ..600AM OOOAM ''il
Keinlgin Luise, Bremen. . 12 00 M , ffc
Orinoco, Bermuda . . 1 00 P XI 8 00 1 It M
ikcoviko BTEAUsmra. 9.
Due To-Dau U
rtannahM.Bell Gibraltar July IS 'IP
ll. o. W. Clyde Jarksonville Aug 4
Thlmnalla Sttttln July 22 9,
Oeorgio Llviri'eol Jnlr2l 1JV
Bpoarudam Rotterdam July2tf ig
Due TueiJau. Aug. 9. ?n
Kenslmrton . . Antwerp JnlySO f
Kaiser Wm. der Grosae Bremen Aug 3 fA
EiceUIor. . New Orleans Aug 4 'SI
Due II ednetdag. Jug. 10. 4u?
Uajestlo Liverpool Ang S 4
Bremon Bremen Julyno iW,
Georgian Ixindon July 24 all
Salerno Dundee July3T ,'
Due Thuritlav, Aug. 11. gjf,
Pretoria Hamburg JnlrSl Am
Kaiser Wllhelm II... Gibraltar Aug S ,AK
JerseyCity Hwanaea July 28 illf
CaprlvL Rotterdam Julr2S m
Chalmette NewOrloana Aug 4 ,ij
Due Fndau, Aug. It. m
Campania ., Livorpool Aug 0 S,
Lleojmtru Imdon July 81 m
Tliiugvalla Lhristlansand July 2V ,9.
Ililtlalo Hull JlllySU W
llerschel St. Lucia Aug 4 1
Due Saturday, Aug. IS. Jp
Bucentaur Bhltlds July 61 4lf
Uranle Nassau Port au Prince .. Aug T
Qufl'nuis? Ijlotirro. I
Cnmp life la more nltusant with n bottle S
of Br. HlEGt.ltT'8 ANOOSTL'RVPllTUtb. Prcvemi -1
111 eifecta of bad water. D aentcry. etc. Jr
fitllTII-MACINTVItK.-On Thuraday, Aug. 4, at )
the Elberon Memorial Church, I'lbi ron, N J , by (H.
the Rev, Donald Sage Martay, Henry Atterbnry ifi
Smith and May Maclntyre, both of New York. j
3L3X3DZ3. ,
IJURIt.-Oii Friday, Aug. r., 18M, Aaron II, Burr, W
son of tho lute Aaron C Burr. X
Fuiiiral services at his lato residence, no West rip
12lith at , Monday, Aug 8, at 1 o'clock P. M, In- &
terment at New Rochtlle. W
CUSJIMAN.-At Re Nwk, N. Y., Aug. , Mary, ,QI
widow of John Htury Hobart Cushman and
daughter of the lato Rev R Townsend lluddart, .3
Flint ral services will bo held at Christ Church,
Bye, N.Y, at 3 P.M.. on Monday, Aug H, Private 5
car will be attached to the train leaving Grand jl
Central Rtatlon, 42d at , at 2 02 V. M Carriages J
will meet this train on arrival at Il e. Ban Fran- J
tlwco papers pleai.A roji
DONNKI-LY.-On Thursday, Aug 4, IflOR.JohB 1
K... son of Mar and the lateBlmon Donnelly, also
brother of biinon P. Douuelty and Mrs. Mary I
Ixmghrau. J
Funerul from lata rosldenee, 4 4tl JCaat Htli St., 'a
Monday, sth Inst , thence to Church of the liumao-
ulate Conception, where a aileinn lequiem mane jV
will bo offered for the repoau of hla soul at 10 t
A, M Belstlvea and friemla nf tlie faicily, also
brntliercoiniadia of Alert Council, No 4fl7,f D, JF
L, Cltlo Council. No H7M, R. A , Ave Mvris f
Ciiuiicil, K. of O , and mi mhera nf Tammany
Hall (lini ral Cnmniiino of Hit. Fourteenth i'
seinhl) district and Fabian t'ldon are respeet- ,
fully Invltoil Boston and Worcester, Mass , and
Wiibhlugton iaMn pltuu topy
II A 11 1, At htainford. Conn , on Thuraday, Aug. 4,
lsus. Mar, wlft of the lute ltev , B Hurt ot i
hew orkrlt,lu the 7th ear of ht.rae
Iiimml m riitesuiil lie held at ht Jidin'a Uhii.eli, 3
Htainford, Can , on Monday at 12 M.tarriauei jl
awaiting the airiul of thn ll A Jl train from
New or. Osmmltmrut . rvlms will bo held at 1
VVoodlawii, N. Y . at 2 .ni P M
51 1 I.I l.ll.-On the Hlli las at Ida honit , 30t West 1
I 'Hut st of put iiinniila, lieure (Piiton Sillier a
Finn nil service" will 1 htldat his Lite rislilrni I
on Mnudar i viulug. Vug K. at H oMtifk tin. r- J
nient private I
Nl'HAdLK. -OnHunduy, Aug 7. IHl.H.at hit leal
deuce, 41 Wist Ulst al , Hunan V A , wife of Jo.'io
II. Hprague and daughter of tb Uto LutKb
Xstloe of (Mua) btrtaiur.
i .. t , , , " , ,

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