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B 8 . I THE SUN, MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 1808. , Wfl
' turnouts in nrunoicn.
F Bobert J. Show. Old-Tlmei Hprod In n Morn-
Hj In Spin Above tlm llrld-cri-III Owner
H Complnlnt That Nobody Will llrusb with
Illnl-A Lev el-limited Mltle Trotter.
Mr Nearly ftU New Yorkor who drlvo craok trot-
IK tn on tlio road nro out of town at prosont, and
BR those who romaln appoar to be somowhat shy
V ikbout taking their valunblo Btcppora out for a
BF long drlvo whon tho morcury l up In tho nlno-
Sf" tits, so Hint nothing llko n representative turn-
ak out of road riders and road homes was In ov I-
ft denco yostorday on tho now Hpecdwar. How-
I CTer, a largo numhor of pleasuro drlvorn In
K road wagons. runabouts, phaetons, and other
M? light Tohleles thronirod tho plcturosquo road
K alone tho hanks of tho ltnrlom. r.nd. barring tho
Bj- rathor t)oor mcod display, tho scono was a
1 Hvelyonolntoln tho nfloruoon.
K Since tho now driveway lmB been oponedjj
B' rcmarkablu :haueo has been observed In tho
B' route followed by Sunday pleasure drivers
ft. ebovo tho 1'ark. Tho stream of vehicles which
K formerly pourod across tho Central Acnuo
,;, Drldgo on reaching tho ond of Seventh ncnuo
C Is now for tho most part turnod westward at
fp tho brldgo appronch. passing ocr tho lCotli
trcot viaduct up to tho Speedway entrance.
. Not on o In flvo crosses tho brldgo, and Jeromo
avenuo and tho roads on tho other
Ido nro nearly deseited. Many of tho
men who dlsllko to drlvo trotters over tho
' ' etono block pavement on tho laduct nvold
i u, i doing so by turning oil Sovonth uvonuo at
jh L. 310th street and following St. Nicholas and
K C- Edgoeombo avenues to tho Speedway entrance
, This Is regarded as tho hotter route, although
SL sot ovorybody has found It out. Tho road Is
T ' macadamized nil tho way from tho Pfirk to tho
gi Bpecdway. and barring nfow blocks of vorytin-
J K - even footlnc just bolow l'Joth street is In lino
$ Be .; condition.
' K ''' A group of half a doren horsemen afforded
J? - most of the sport that was scon on tho S peed-
f,t" wny j ostorday afternoon. Ono of them ch-ovoa
r '' plain-looking Ilttlo old bay trotter that jkjs-
ii L, sessed Just spend anough to beat tho party by
I m M he hardest tmJ of a" o(Tort- ulul tiu othors
IE m tried ttms and again to mnko lilm tako their
If dust In tho drive ftoin Washington llriilgo to
B T" the noith ond. Something like n 'J 4U gait was
w tho little chap's limit of speed, but ho stopped
f It off bo Btnjcli and truo from end to ond in
' veiy brush. neer lifting his noso. that his
" B. onlngonlst found him harder to boat than
f K many another horse of fnr suporior speed.
, 1' It The lookers-on at tho roadside vvcro with htm
ft M; teaman on account of his sUo. and ho roceived
i U K more applauso thun a Ornud Circuit winner
I '-& SK' avery tlmo he led the way from tho bridge to
sS K Prckman street. Moro than once tho bot of
IF K Pis rivals went at him with u rush und took tho
ITi (cad, but the constat ilttlo trotter, with tho
t W W& heart of a racehorse, uover faltered. After
iIr K three or four unsuccessful nttempts to head
rfBS B' himoneof tho drlxers Intho partytried tostcal
:ii l a march and get tho lead by starting his horso
fv B npsuddenlyas tho group turned for another
ftffil Bi trial of spood. Ho whs too eaiier. howexor. and
K' Kk drovo his horso to a break before ho was fairly
I m Kfr aquared away In front.
IW B" "Hey. mister, you couldn't drle a hot nail In
; !-. &r K snowbank." was the sally that camo from a
lift W youngster on tlio sldowalk as tlio horso went
it' I H? Into tho air. , ,
i! ' Sf Lewis G. Tewksbury turned Robert J. looso
i' s- & on tho north end In tho morning, and tho few
i" R. m! ipeetators who saw tho great pacer rush down
f r IB' the gentle decllno from Washington Hridgo
E m were quickly oonvlnced that not all of the fast
! f road horses aro out of town. Tho ox-ehampion
1 L m can pull a wagon very fast, and the road being
. j m clear, his owner let him sail along at top speed
J? I fir tor the best part ot a mile,
VST ft:. Bi Thero is ono disadvantage in drhlng a
'IB w horse llko Robert J. qn tho road." said Towks-
S w, bury tothoroportorot TiieSus. "Everybody
i tS. W, seems to know tho horse. and thoy won't tackle
, If- S- him. I guosa I shall bo coniDelled to buy a
Pi I locona-raMr to hn. e fun with up here."
I II & jiomw.
I- Jw;
i It g Craws on the Harlmn Itegln Training for
J , S, tho Middle btutcs llegatta.
I, K The Harlem Rlvor was alive yesterday with
! I p craft of almost every description, pleasure
w E' barges and racing shells being launched from
2 g the boathonses along the banks In quick suo-
; E cession. For most of tho clubs it was tho bo-
jtl gl Binning of enrno-it training work in viow of tho
K g Middle States regatta sot for docislon on Labor
w- W nT- n " Scullerh' Row" tho boathouse of the
W P Harlem Rowing Club presented a particularly
K St buslness-llko appearance, racing shells pro-
W W dominating in the morning and afternoon spins.
K The greatest Interest coutrcd In tho work of F.
(. m Bohaefer and S. J. Dolun. who finished second In
- K' the Intermediate doubles at tho National rc-
fg gatta. They will try for lutoiincdlato honors
W on Labor Day, nnd the club "rooters "are pro-
i ft- pared to support them with cash nrrUnst any
I.JI' double from the Harlem or olsowhore. Tho
i W senior four who will represent tho olub took
W. useful spins In tho morning and attor-
B noon, the crew rowing In tho follow-
' Bl lng order: W. Aman, bow; Mark Davis.
' j 2; J. Kemp. 3; J. Mahor. stroke. It is unusual
for tho Harlems to dovoto much attention
' I to junior olght-oarod crtws, but otor-
K day tho following woro out twice and showod
JL form which entitles thorn to consideration
m In summing up tho chances of tho clghta at tho
S Middle Stales regatta: T. Scannoll, bow; (J.
fi Thompson, a ; F. Volmako. II; W. Clearing. 4;
A. Deery.5; W. lloardon. 0: 1). ltollly. 7: L.
K, Lloyd, stroke: J. hcannell, coxswain. Tlie Har-
loms will also bo represented In tho Intcrmo-
C dlato slnglos by either F. M. Sehaefor or Mark
K Davis, w-io will row a trial raco to decide
H. which shall carry tho club colors J. H. Naglo
. was tho last to relinquish practicing josterday,
t't his attention being dootid to getting in form
B for the senior niugle quarter-mtlo dush.
While tho Harlem oarsmen woro mostly on-
R. paged In racing practice, tholr nolghlwrs, tho
F Metropolitans, judiciously Interspersed serious
ft work with pleasuro parties, nn olght-oared
f, barge going io College Point and a four-oared
touakVolnt. The boys left at tho bouthotiHo
E entertained a bargo party, which made tho
i round trip of thirt-slx miles and back from
the Valencia Uoat Club of Hnboken. Every
I boat tho club owns was In use during thu ilay,
I tho following taking training spins for their
fj r i, events at tho Middle States Regatta: Frank
BI f l Ruddock, junior single: 1'. Lynch nnd 0 Ros-
f i. Biter, junior double; Cant lilnzon and Clnudo
f Haines. Intormetllnto ilnublo: It. S Ruildy. T.
j Cervante. . Holder, W. Druddy. K. T, Carr,
S coxswain, junior four.
K E 8. l'arot, former Captain of tho IVnnsyl-
B, yanln Rargo Club, w us a guest of tho Nassau
Doat Club yesterday, tho Philadelphia!) takiiig
K a seat with A, Lo (lost. C Cnnl, ami '.. Cool In a
m barge that JJ Smith steered to College Point.
Ki The lltor stated that his club would have a
t, K bigentry for the Midille Mates Regatta and do
Bk w nil In Its power to make tlio Harlem llxttiroa
BK.1 I. Buecess. J W Powers was out In his racing
BX'' ft aholl, and will row with L (). llliint in the
BS' It junior doubles If the latter returns from Mar)-
BV; t lo1"' '" t,mn to ,ra,n Rluut or Powers will
S t- represent the Nnss.au Clubln tho junlorslngles.
Bwc i Around th Wjanoke Ilonso things woro
Bs v qulot.mnstot the members being nwayoun
BS'r. p bargo party to College Point, or with hklnper
S" ljovry on tho Wyanoko launch Clatn, wnlch
BS' K t?n1c ". oarty to (Hen Island, M. Hlrsch, tho
BS P club's junior sculler, did cnnseleutious work
BS' t on the river and showed Improvement over his
S W Deeonitlon Day form
S; m Tho Rohemlan senior eight took a spin in tho
S. E, morning, but In tho afternoon joined the club
k, ft. in aplcnlaat Ravenswond Park, ('apt Chnrstll
BB? wl" mako soroo slight changes In the crew that
BB a rowed on Decoration Day, a new man being re-
V- mt quired to tako the lace of P Zarhradnlk, who
BBt ! w'" lnrtiier A. Jellfek In the junior doubles.
BB- if- At t,m Nonpareil boathouso Capt Cannvnn
K' '; vvas busily enguged making prepaiatlons nnd
; drawing crews for tho club ivguttnnoxt Hntur-
K II day. Tho events hnvolllled well, live novices
K will try conclusions In Mngies, nnd four crown
S' (to entered for each of the following events:
K a Junior doubles, four-oared gigs, olght-oarod
;, . ahells. and senior douhlo gigs, I'ivo entiles
. have been made for the senior doubles nnd
K ; junior Hluglo gigs.
K The Union Jloat Club has six volunteers In
K . Us answer to Cnpt. l'arrely's call for a junior eight
; for tho Middle Statei Regatta The following
i men practiced tindet Couch PUsltnons vester-
BB 1 jloy; M A Alleuinn, .1. .1. l'nlliw, M 3. Kie-
BV i Sriek. J. F. LarUIn, W. 31, Rogers, and F. J.
K '; Bcanlan.
B' President rrerdman Tuts Vp the Penalty
BB' , fur l'lirffltlng n (aiime to ltultliunre,
B' Cincinnati. Aug 7.--PresIdent Nick Young
BB. r,t of the National League.who wasln thocltylat
BV '.' Bight, said (hat ho hud received n telegram
BB from President Freedtuan of the New York
BBj Club Mating that cheeks for tl.100 had been
BBt Dialled to him from New York to meat the
BBJ t 81.000 penalty anil additional charges for for-
BB1 X felting V game with Ualtlinore The time
Bfi - for meetlug this penalty really expired ouFrl-
BB1 . tla- t"" on account of Froednian's absence
BBK: r from home, itla understood, tho time was ox-
Br i tended another day Had l'reeilman not re-
f ponded yestordaj tho New Yorks would not
Hive been cllglhlo for League contests and all
H L of the otlier chilis would have rrftucd to play
BB1 ' "I'1' tlioict Voting id Unit ho would hold
BBS i these cheeks until. i week from nc Moticiny.
K ( svliHii he would turn them over to a mecllngiif
BB1 i National League directors at tho Walton Hotel
BB1 ' ' Then the inattor would be formally adjustod.
B it In tho menu tlmo tho New VorUtj would, of
BBS our, t eutltUd to (nil Leas us prlvllescu.
Reeords ot the New York and Brooklyn
CInbs In the JLenjrue Itac.
While Van Haltren. the leader, dropped off
four points In battlns thl weok, his noarest
competitor, Seymour, failed to take advantage
of the chance to pass tho first-named player,
the Albany pitcher dcoreaslng his figures two
points. The team held Its own at the bat and
Incmasod tho fielding figures ono point. Tho
opposing playors addod one point In both de
partments. Jones again loads tho regular players of tho
Brooklyn Club. ShocVard dropptd baolc four
points during tho week.Jonos In the mean
time adding live points. Oao point In batting
was added to tho club's record, the opponents
increasing theirs two points. The Holding
columns of both factions have one less point.
Tho records follow:
Xanrt. Qnt.A.U.R.Ut. tB.Sn.U.R.,1.B.B.tt.At.
V. llall'n VI 881) 8 117 14 11 2 211 .SOS
Seymour 27017 27 01 1 10 .800
Ttomin.. H7 nu 7H uv la 10 6 14 8 .288
-Warner, no 3in 2H no 10 8 o 0 1 .282
Wllltf .. 82 D7 IS 27 U 1 O 4 1 ,27H
Jore. .. KO 025 11(1 88 12 4 7 20 B .288
ItllDln . 22 72 18 ID 3 2 1 2 O ,284
lltrttntn tlH 835 44 Bl) 18 4 2 7 0 .283
Dm In . . HO 824 M HI H H 1 11 4 .289
(ir.lr. .. rn mo as 41 12 4 a 10 2 .388
Ilojlo ... 24 88 14 21 6 1 ( fl O .289
(lleuum.. Hll 841 Dl 81 10 1 O 19 1 .388
Mrrkln... 23 78 A IB 2 1 O O O ,200
Dotirny.. 18 67 7 10 O 1 O O O .178
Csrrlck.. 3 70 000 0 00 .000
A'unn. Ganut. I'ut Outt. AttMU. Errorl. Attract.
Carrlcfc 2 0 8 0 1.000
Xlnnin 87 1011 10 8 .978
Joro 90 870 84 8V .980
Warner. 80 281 82 18 .958
rvll 80 220 234 80 .019
tiluuon 811 223 290 84 .988
Uradj- . ...611 2 in 22 23 .914
Vin lIMtren 93 180 11 11) .910
Mrrkln 22 8 SO 4 ,905
OtUlK 32 83 83 10 .905
Doheny IB 11 88 (V .904
H&rtroin 88 98 308 89 .888
Doyle 24 42 18 R .879
lllulB 22 10 41 7 .878
Bejniuur 27 15 88 IB .844
At lint. Jtunt. Bait llitt. Jvtrapt.
New York 8.181 859 883 .282
OupouaaU 8,102 COO 803 .259
Put Onto. Aititti. Errcrt. Attract.
Now York 2,413 1,281 272 .981
Opponent! 2,nuu 1,177 252 .984
A'am. Om.A.B. It. IB. til. tB.U.R.S.B.S.IT.Aw.
Hti-ln 8 10 1410000 .400
Jonri 89 384 51109 8 6 0 31 9 .299
Hhcekard . 79 807 39 91 9 10 0 7 3 .298
Orlffln . 80 815 81 91 10 7 1 7 B .280
McKcnn.. 871310000 .288
Kennedy... 28 88 11 24 4 2 O 0 1 .273
Dunn .. 28 1)4 12 25 0 0 0 0 0 .288
IUIlman . 90 889 88 87 8 3 19 7 .387
(irliu. .. 28 98 24 1 O 0 1 3 .350
Lachtnoe.. 79 818 83 75 16 8 1 14 8 .287
HhtnJlo.... 89 310 33 74 6 2 16 0 .318
Miller 18 40 4 10 10 0 0 0 .317
llyan 68 197 24 41 0 8 0 1 1 .308
hmlth. ..19 88 8 14 1 8 0 2 O .208
Magnon.... 33 118 8 24 3 O O 3 O .303
Yeager 29 80 7 18 8 0 0 13 .200
JVamrs. Gamti. Jut Outt. AuUU. Xrron. Attract.
M.-Kenna .3 0 8 0 1.000
Miller 18 8 88 1 .979
Griffin 80 189 13 6 .978
drlai 28 79 28 4 .988
Itran 58 193 78 18 .954
Kennedy.. ..28 11 78 8 .937
Jones 89 147 14 18 .936
JjK-liancc. 79 802 141) 41 .917
)lallman....90 189 21S 87 .910
Magoon... 83 a lir. 17 .914
Hheckard...79 167 11 10 .918
Yeager 29 11 74 9 .904
Hhlnitle.... 89 114 207 36 .902
Dunu 28 26 67 9 .901
Hmlth 19 61 12 8 .887
Btela 8 18 1 .800
At tint. Hutu. BauIJitt. Artract.
Brooklyn 8,103 882 798 .257
Opponents... '.8,1 17 ' COS 872 .280
triAM riEr.DiNO.
rut Outt. Altiitt. JTrrorl. Attract.
Brooklyn 2,851) 1,264 339 .940
Opponent.... 2.374 1,108 318 ,643
The New York a and llrooklyna Encb Win
Two Games In the Weit.
Bt. Louis. Aug. 7. Now York won two games
from St. Louis to-day. The visitors captured
tho first gamo in tho first four innings. Hughey
was In tho box for the locals for two Innings
and was batted all over the grounds. 011
patrlck tried It for two innings ffnd fared
worse. Oarsey was thon put in, and he never let
tho visitors have a run. As they hod twolve for
a starter, it made no difference. The St. Louis
playors mode tholr ono run In the ninth inning.
Cross and Clements got their bases on balls,
and Sullivan's grounder past second base
brought in Cross. Seymour pitched a fair
gamo and was strongly supported. Tho second
gamo was a see-saw. St. Louis looked like a
winner until tho fourth Inning, when Joyce's
men got their ores on Sudhoffs delivery. The
Bcore of first game:
H. ID. .0. A.S.I Mi.ro.Li.
Dowd.rf o 110 O.V.naltren.cf 0 0 4 10
Bteniel,cf...O O B O O.Tleman. UT..2 10 0 0
Ilarley, K....O 1 1 o o Joyce, lb.... 2 o 10 0 O
Croia, 8b. ...1 13 8 ODayla, sa.....l 3 6 8 1
ClemenU, e,.0 0 7 8 Otlleaaon, 3b. 2 3 3 8 0
Hulllvan, aa..O 113 0,Doyle, rf ...8 2 10 1
Tucker, 1U..0 0 9 1 O Ilartman.ab O 13 2 0
Oulnn, 2b...0 1 n o llOradr. o 1 18 10
llugher,p...0 0 0 0 0 Scymour,p..l 4 0 10
Glluatrlck.p.o 0012
Caraey, p.,,.0 0 0 2 0 Totals.... 13 1837 11 3
Totl 1 6 2712 8
New York. 6 12 4 0 0 0 0 012
Bt. Luula 0 0000000 11
Two-baia hit Doyle. Double playa Brady and
DaWa, Davis and Joyce; Davla, Oleaaon, and Joyce.
Iriiile play Tucker and Sullivan, l'aaaed ball
Clrmenta. Btolen baaea Tlernan, Seymour, Joyce,
Hurley. Sacrlnce hits Hartman, Oleaaon. HK by
pitcher Doyle. Tirst baae on balla Of? Ilugbey, 2;
oft Uilnatrirk, 4; oft Caraey, Is on Boymour, 6.
Struck out Hy Huuliey, 2; by Oilpatrlck, 2; by
Caraey, 2; by 8ejmour, 2. Umpires Emails and
Hunt. Time 2 hours.
ST. LOUIS. hxw roii.
. . n.lB.r.O.A.. B.1B.P.0.A.-S.
Dowrt, rf....o 3 4 0 o Y.naltren.cfo 3 8 13
Bteniel, cf 2 I a 1 o Tlernan.rf..2 3 O o o
llarley, lf....l 10 1 o Joyce, lb... .0 o 9 3 (
Cruse, ;., 0 2 3 11 Davis, aa 3 8 8 4 1
Clrmenta, e 0 O ! 2 0 Oleaaon, 2b. 1 1118
HullUan.ea .01811 Doyle.rt. .1 1 o O O
Tucker, lb 3 1 4 0 o Ilartnian,3b.2 2 2 10
Qulun. 2b 12 110 Orady.o. ..01820
Budhoft, p ..O 0 0 2 O Carrick, p...0 18 2 0
Totals 01127 9 2 Totals 81437 18 "a
New York O 10 8 0 0 11 38
Bt IJUU 3 3 0 0 0 0 11 0-0
Tno-baao bits Croaa, Davis, Doyle, Corrlek, Ilart
man, llrrnan. Sacrltlce hlta Budhoft. Oleaaon.
Quinii, Davli. Stolen baits-quinn, Orady, Btenzci
12), llarley, Tlernan. Hit by pitcher Bteniel, Joyce,
Orady, Tucker, First baaeon balla OtlSudhoS, 2;
off Currlck. 2, Struck out By Budhoft, ; by Car
rick, a, Umplrea Emelle and liunt. Time 2 tours
and 20 mlnutea.
iinooKLYN, 8; Louisville, 3 fibst oamb.
Louisville. Aug. 7. Two games woro played
by tho Brooklyn ami Louisville clubs to-day.
The home team lost tho llrst gamo through In
ability to hit Kennedy nnd also by some bad
orrors nt tho wrong tlmo. Frozer's arm went
wiongnndhe had to retiro. The second gamo
went to Brooklyn largely through the batting
ofl.nclianco nnd Shlndle, nnd a wild throw by
Davis nt o critical tlmo. Tho lntter allowed
rlheaknnl to scoro tho winning run. Booro of
llrst game:
zmooxLTrv. I lociivillk.
ii. lu.ro. i. i.I n, in. p.o. a. x.
Orlffln, rf 118 6 0 Clarke, If.... 1 o 1 o 0
Jonea. rf ...1 2 0 1 olHoy, cf 0 1 3 o u
Bhcckard.lf 1 2 10 O Dexter, rt. .,1 1 1 a o
lallinan,2b,l 0 3 8 0 Wagner. 8b..o 16 8 1
Ijihance,lb2 3 11 2 0 Darla, lb .. .1 2 11 0 1
Magoon, as 0 0 12 0 IUtchey,3b0 0 14 1
Bhlndle, 81), 1 oil 0 Cllngman.aa 0 1 1 l o
liian.c .,0160 0 Klttridge, o.,0 0830
Kulinody.pl 116 0 Fraier. p ...0 O I 4 o
. . - Altrook. p. .0 0 0 0 0
ITotals 8 113714 0 ".
Totals 8 8 2718 8
Brooklyn 1 0 13 4 0 0 0 08
Louisville 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 13
Flint base br rmra-Brooklyn. 1. Left on baaea
Dnioklyn, 4; Ixnilarllle, 4. Two-base bits Lachanee.
htioikurd, OrlfllQ, Three baae hlta Daiter, Davla 3i,
BacriAce blta Jonea (2), Hoy, Fraxer. Double play
Lachanee and Magoou. Blulen bases Wagner (2),
Btruek out Br Kennedy, 6; by Fraier, 1. lilt by
Pitcher By Fraier, 3. First baaa on balla Oft
l'enuedy, 4; oft Fraier, 1, Time 1 hour and 64
minutes. Umpires O'Day and McDonald, Attend-ame-8,000.
auooxi.TM. I Locisv ili a.
B. In. r.o.i.l.! klu. y.ox.r.
Orlffln, c, ,.0080 0 Clarke. If,.. O 2 o O o
Jouea.rf. ..( n 1 0 0 Hoy. cf ...,1 o 1 0 o
bin rkanl, If I 2 10 1 1 Dexter, rf . 1 3 2 0 0
JIalliuaii,2b.O Oil () Wagner. 3b O 1200
ljiliaiK-c,lbl 318 0 0 Davis, lb O 1 ft 0 1
IMagoon, as 112 1 O ltltche), 3b 0 O 8 B 0
bhlndle. 3b .3 S 2 8 0 Lllngman.ss.l 2 17 0
Oiiiu, e ..0 14 0 OTowera. o. 118 10
McKenua, p.O 2 O 6 OjDowllug, p 1 3 1 3 1
Totals 8 12 37 U 71 ToUla . .. !e il IT 13 2
Brooklyn 02 0 00301 18
Louisville 00311000 06
First base by errors Broollv n, 1. Left on buea
Brooklyn, 91 Louisville, 10, Two-base bits Clarke,
McHnn, Ixiwllng, Lachanee lhree base bit
Do ling. Bacrlnco hlta Bheckard, Davis, Powers.
Double ular Ollagrnan, Ultobey and Pavii. Stolen
taea Lacuance. CUngman. Stmrk out Br Mo
Kmniv, 8, by Dowllng, II. lilt by pltoher Dowllng.
1 irit base mi balla Oil McSenna, 3; off Dovrlluc. 4.
parsed ball powers, Umpires O'Day and McDon
alii TUue-2 hours and 16 mlnutos. Attendance
7 -0.
ClXOrSXlTl, 4j IULTIU0RE, 1,
CDenrATl, Aug. 7. Th game to-day between
Cincinnati and Valuator was a pltchara' battle.
Dammann was especially effective In ticklish stage".
Us would hive abut Ait tb DAlUnerts but for Jell-
X J ,,'C3J i, iiii,mpk- m i i - -at.) fr , i law;
Jar's rrer In the flrat Inning. Kops did well, bot th
locale bunched their hlta in the first and seventh in
nings, atetnreldt again did brilliant work, making
a three-baeger thai was reapons.'Jle fur lu. nma.
Th attendance vra 13,000. The Doiton le'.'n wit
nesssdtthe gams and " rooted" for Baltimore j3eori
.... b. lri.ro.i. x. .l.r.o. i. x.
Miller, rf....i 12 1 1 Keslsr.rf.. .0 2 0 0 0
Bmltb.lf,....l o 6 u O Jennlnia.u O 0 4 4 0
Oorcoran.ss.o o 1 8 O Keller, cf....l o 8 0 O
Beckley.ib. o 113 li OMcOann.tb.O a D 2 O
Irwin, sb . 1 2 i) 8 1 Holmes.lf , .01101
McPhee, 3b o 0 3 1 o Demont. 3b n 2 n n o
Rtelnfldt,ot 1 2 3 1 o rtohlnson.cf.O 0 a a 0
I'eltt.le.. .0180 o'llsll, 8b ....0 1011
Dammann.p.o l o l 0Mciiraw...,0 o o 0 o
Nopa.p O 0 0 2 0
Totals 4 837 16 3 CI ark t O O 0 0 O
I ToUls....,T "83417 3
. McOraw batted for Ball In th ninth. tClark
batted for Kops In the ninth,
Cincinnati 3 o o o o o a 0 ..4
Baltimore...., 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Two-baas hit Demontrerlllo. Three-baa bit
Btelnfeldt. Sacrlflr blt-McFbee. Btolen bases
DemontrevlII, Ball. Double playa Jennlnga and
MoOanni Hall. Demontreville and HcOann. Htnick
out By Dammann, 1) by Nops, 2. First base on
balls Off Dammann. 4; off Nops, 1. Hit by pitcher
Smith. Passed ball Robinson. Left on bases
Cincinnati, n; Baltimore, 10. First basoby errors
Cincinnati, it Baltimore, 1. Umpires Uatfney and
Brown. Time 1 hour and 65 minutes.
rrmnuRO, 4 s cniatoo, 3.
OmcAOo, Aug. 7. Plttsbnnr played here for th
first time this season and won an interesting game.
Gardner pitched finely and received superb support.
All the visitors' hits were timely. Tho home team
did not put up a vary good article of ball, Kir's
fielding was the feature of th gam. Attendance,
8,500. Theacorei
cniQAon. rrrrsnnno.
K.ln.r.o.A.z. n. 1 n.p.o. a. x.
llyan, If o 2 0 0 0 Donovan, rf o 0 5 10
Kverltt, lb...o 1 12 1 o McCreery.cf.l 3 o o o
Lanif cf. o O o O o Bohrlver, lb.o 0 6 0 0
.lsbeli, of ...0 0 10 o McCarthy, lf.l 2 10 0
Dahlen.aa lion lOray, 3b. 0 1 o 1 0
McCor'ck,8bo o o n l O'Brl'n.cf.llio 1700
Mertes, rf..,0 O n 0 OBowerman.el 12 0 0
Connor, 2b.. o 0 12 O Padden,2b.,0 0 a 1 1
Donahue. 0..1 3 7 0 OK.ly.es 0 3 4 8 0
Urlfflth, p...o 0 18 1 Gardner, p.. 1 1110
Total 2 0 3714 8 Totals 4103710 "l
nttabnrg 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 04
Chicago o 10 0 0 0 10 03
First base by errors Plttaburg, 3; Chicago, 1. Left
pn baaea Pittsburg, 10; Chicago, n. First base on
balla Off Oardner, 2: off OrlftUh. a. Btruek out
Br Griffith, 4. Three-base hit McCreery. Two-bas
hlta McCarthy, Dahlen. Bacriflrn hlta Donovan,
ltyan, Mcrtes. Btolen baso McCreery. lilt by
pitcher Oardner. Umpires Bwartwood and Wood.
Time 3 hours and 10 minutes.
tux nxcoxD.
:::':::. r
: :::.:: P ::: j :
Cincinnati .. 88688 10 48947 88
Boston.. . 6 .. 3 4 ft 6 4 8 8 tl 6 8 68
Cleveland 16., 078878678 68
Baltimore 8 4 4 .. 0 4 6 8 6 3 6 tl 63
Chicago .. 8374.. 8146606 63
New York. 64613.. 888868 62
Plttaburg. 244816.. 78288 60
Phlladel'a 3842444.. 7264 42
Louisville 16188880.. 854 88
Brooklyn. 218883582.. 8 8 38
Waah'ton. 4216208234.. 6 82
St. Louis. 13128284362.. 28
Qameal'at 82 85 SolaS 48 41 44 48 81 68 69 70 ..
Atlantic Leagne,
at irawABX rntsT oahc.
., . a. u. x.
Newark 0 o o 0 o o 0 O 1 1 7 a
Lancaster. J. 1 o O o 1 o O ..8 9 0
Batterl Cogan and Itothfus; Bprogel and Whit.
... . n. x.
Newark .5 0 0 2 0 0 8 0 O 10 7 6
Lancaster 8 01030000 8 10 8
Batteries Miller and Both fuss; Ualllwell and Itoth.
at rATzoso- murr oiuz.
Patenson 1 10 3 18 3 1 011 17 i
Beading 0 00020011 4 10 2
Batteries Maginnln and Bern's; Garvin sad lley
Pateraon 0 10 0 0 13 1 06 13 1
Beading 0 2101123. 9 18 O
Batterlea Flaherty and Bemla; Garvin and Hoyden.
nn t lis
PJchmona.... 2 0 5 8 3 10 12160
lteadlna 7 .. 2 I) 11 11 11 8 57
Lancaeter 6 8 .. 7 7 8 9 12 50
Newark 467. 9848 48
Paterson 1 8 8 7 .. 10 4 7 48
Hartford 68789.. 88 41
Allentown 606287.. 4 35
Norfolk 8 8 6 6 8 4 8 .. 34
Games lost 82 80 41 44i51i5ll62 62
Eastern "League.
Ottawa 4 1 0 o o 4 0 0 0- 5" 1"' 2
Providence 0 0 0 0 4 2 2 0 112 15 5
Batteries Hemdon and Boyd, Braun and Crlabam.
Montreal ..o 0 0 0 0 10 0 12 (i i
wllkeabarre 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 18 11 3
Batteries Butler and Bouden, JaaiUeon and Qond
lng. Tnx SXCOBD.
ITfif it n
Oluxs, i.5&.&E?3,5
: : : - : g. 5 3
Montreal 7 7 "ft 1 "4 io T 47
".Vllkeabarre 8 .. 5 8 fl 11 a 6 44
Toronto tl a .. 7 fl 6 9 12 8
Buffalo a fl 8 . 14 9 4 4 48
Syracuse 3 9 7 11 .. 9 0 n 4,1
i!,,'wViV 47288.. 571
Bprlnafield 7 1 7 fl 2 8 .. 9 31
Providence fl 8 6 6 a fl 7 . 85
Oamea loat 87 88 41 44 43 47 44 4t) 7.
Other Games,
W.N.Y. F.0...0 6 0 18 0 0 1 ..18 "4 2'
Ironsides 0 0000010 12 86
Batterlea Foater and Lamar; Mills and Hersey.
noboken... 2 3 0 0 0 0 8 0 4-11 18 a'
Pacific A. a 0 000001103 68
Batterles-Cronln and O'Nell; Wall and Cook.
Brooklyn Oollege.O 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 1 5' id li
UakF. C 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 2 fj U 1
Battorloa Hoffman and McQulre; Devos and Cul
lum. AT XA8T tfXVf TORI.
b. n x
Alerts ...0 fl 0 O 0 O 0 0 O fl B 4
Castletons 0 10 0 0 8 0 0 0 1 tl 1
Batteries Lindsay and Smith: Collins and Mc
Murray, at vam urn,
Rmeralda 0 10 3 8 0 3 3. 10 11 3
Maroons 0 OOMOOIOO 4 7 0
Batteries Splalno and Oibbons; Price and Boyle.
Baseball Games To-Day.
nf-!; Y1r,k at. BJU..Loul,i Brooklyn at Ixiuiavllle;
Philadelphia at Chicago; Baltimore at Pittsburg;
Boaton at Cincinnati; Washington at CUveland.
KxaTinif i.iaof r.
P,?T"I! A Bffr.lo: Springfield at OtUws;
Wilkesbarre at Toronto; Montrealat Syracuse.
Lancaater at Newark; Allentown at Paterson; Read
ing at Blchmond; llartford at Norfolk.
Jlaaebull Notes.
. Fire tie games have been played In th National
League tbla aoaaon,
Doyle made at least one baa hit In twelve of th
last fourteen games.
A. J. Delaney Cincinnati beat Baltimore on June
28 by a score of 18 to 4,
Lachanoe failed to bit safely In thirty-two games
played by the Brooklyn!,
Kvcry one of the twelv National League elubs
have been "whitewashed,"
Oleaaon has not made an error In the laat nineteen
games, accepting 110 chances.
As many aa threo or four bits in a game has been
made by Jones nine times this season.
In tbe laat fifteen games the New York' errors
have sot amounted to more than three lu each game.
The Union A. A. baa Aug. 13 open for first-clans
teams only. Address Fred II. Cauipbill, 874 Gates
avenue, Brooklyn.
Pateraon'a players have scored nine runs In as
many games against the ltlchmouds, falling to score
In five of the games,
Tho Brooklyn Field Club has Labor Day (two
(ames) onen for any atrong out-of town ilub offering
a suitable miaratitru. Address 1', C. Wiuuott, mana
ger, 191 Devoe street, Brooklyn,
Odds nnd Knds of Sports,
The members of the Crescent A, 0. of Brooklyn
held another successful tournament at bowling on
the green on Saturday, at Owl's Head, Bay ltldge.
liicu game oonalated of flftMU ends, or Innings.
Last month' nharoplons. Peull and Dorsey, wero de
feated by Bykes and Torrey lu tbe final round by
most skilful play.
Messrs. William Fell. Chairman. 0. A. Smith, Owen
J. Prior, A. 11. Bechtold, and Frank Elry, who com
prUe the UegatU Committee of th llionno Itovvlng
Association, aro perfecting arrangement for the
tnentv -first annual regatta of that organization on
neit Saturday afternoon. The programme will be
mad up ot single shells, palr-oared shells and gigs,
four-oil cd shell and barges, and elzht-oared ahiiUj,
with cano and tub racu a aid attractions.
Racing at Itrixhton Beach Near to It Close
liberal Entry for tbe Electric Handi
cap, Which Is the Getaway Fentnre All
Itendy for n Stx-Dny Meet tat Aqueduct.
Metropolitan racing la Just now oxporionclng
tho calm which Is usually supposed to procodo
ft storm. In othor words, nflor two moro days
at Brighton Deach tho local sohodulo will bo a
blank (or tlio balanco ot tho week and should
furnish n welcome breathing spoil for the regu
lar patrons, who will thon havo completed a
thirty-day campaign with only sabbath Inter
vals. Noxt Monday operations will bo
resumed at Aqueduct, nnd this enjoyable
little function on tho shores ot Jamaica
Day will bo tho stopping etono to tho
reunion ot tho Conoy Island Jockoy Club,
whoro the (.orison's sport Is oxpeotod to roach
tho climax ot Interest. By that tlmo tho star
candidates now rcoupo rating or racing; at Sara
toga will bo rlpo for tho fall campaign and tho
rival horsomon of tho East and West will bo
propnred to show their hands, Tho result
should bo somo sensntlonal racing;, nnd horso
mon are already looking forward eagerly to a
grand sorlos of outline struggles at pleturosquo
Bheopslioad llay,
Tho Brighton Beach enrd for to-day Is ot tho
over-night ordor, but It has filled woll. nnd
there nro two promising handicaps, ono for
two-year-olds at tlvo furlongs, with tho stako
candldato Frohslnn carrying top weight, nnd
ono for three-) ear-olds and upward at ono milo
nnd a furlong. Tor tho "getaway" progrnmnio
to-morrow tho speolal attraction provided Is
tho Kloctrlo Handicap, with $1,000 added, for
two-year-olds, at six furlongs. This looks llko
developing Into a highly Interesting raco. as
the acceptances and vvolghts aro ns follows:
Jean Bereaud,136; Klngdon, 121': Fllond'Or. 126:
Bcannel, 116; Caoutchouc, 110; Amente, 108; Emtio
Zola, 108: Catapult, 108 Prefix, 108; Cloisonne,
108; Touralne. ion; Mayor Urant, 108: Hammond,
108; Keep Time, 108; OOldfleld, 10m Qou. Mart
Gary, 107; Juvenilis, 106: IJmnges, 106; Rossllnd,
106; Bed Snapper, li8; Paaso Partout, 10.11 Chemi
sette. 100. Iando, 100; Imitation, 100; Islington,
100; Wine Presri, 100: Dan Cupid, U8; Jean Ingelow,
OH; Lady Exile, 1)7; lioldcn, U7: La Penitent, 08;
Corlllo. I7: Subject, 06; llobert, 116; Animus, US;
Bomere, 1)6; Chopin, 84; (lad Fly, 03; Lady Sneer
well, pa; Bell of Troy, 1)3; Hop Scotch, 1)3; High
Born, HO; Pirate M no; Trimmer, BO; Tulare, eu;
Men U.. 87; Judge Magce, 87; Little Beagle, 87.
Following their prompt action In tho Bur
losquocaso on Saturday, tlio stewards of tho
Brighton Beach meeting have ordered tho Pat
torson colt out of tlio llrst rnco to-day, for
which he was entered beforo his remarkablo
reversal of form. They also ordered that Mer
lin and Collateral should bo stricken out of
tho sixth race, presumably because those
horses aro such bad actors at tho post
that It Is almost Impossible to effect an
equablo start. The stewards may hnvo
had somo othor object In taking this
action, but thoy volunteered no explanation.
In any case their vigtlanco Is to be commended,
as some Incidents during the meeting led to a
lot ot dissatisfaction and grumbling among tho
rank and Hie patrons, who nro always ready to
jump at conclusions without troubling to In
quire into tlio facts. Now that the presiding
olllcials aro beginning to handle matters
'without glovos,' tho meotlng should wind up
Thocjuoens County Jockoy Olub ofllclnls aro
preparing for a banner meeting at Aqueduct,
i Ivo pursesof $400 and ono of $DO0arehung uo
for the oponlng programmo noxt Monday, and
about tho same standard holds good through
out tho week. Tho conditions nro dratted
In tho Interests of owners whoso anlmals-nlght
bo outclassed at Hheepshead Boy und Qravos
end. nnd nil the smart selling platers In train
ing on Long Island will probably figure at the
meeting. Superintendent Kobort Tucker has tho
track and Inclosure In most presentable shaiio.
nnd Secretary Hohbergor reports that stabling
accommodation lor over 1100 horees Is already
booked, l'ntrles for the first day's races closo
at the track next Saturday afternoon at 3
The entries for tho races at Brighton Beach
to-day aro as follows:
First Race For three-year-olds and upward; non
wtunera of 8800 this year; selling; with $500 added,
of which $76 to the second and $26 to the third;
one mile and a aiitcenth:
Rotterdam 108 Sq. Abington 96
Tnnl 108 Songster 92
Brighton 108 Longacre 90
Uun Metal 101
Second Race For maiden two year-old fillies: with
I'.oo added, of which $75 to the second and 126 to
tho third; alx furlongs.
naze lbr Seraphic 105
Avoca 10", Crown 105
Candlestick 106 Itcoutta 10s
Claroba .. loi Clad Fly 105
Florcnco Brcck'rldce 105 Klondike Queen 105
Third Race For fillies and mares, three-year-olds
and upward, that have not won lu 1HU7 or 181)8: eell
int. with $500 added, of which $76to tho second and
$26 to the third; six furlongs:
Hnlaire lOniBonnle Clem 97
Binaloa lOdiKmlnence U7
Coosa loci Mrs. Tmmbrldge U7
La Ruse lOllFenetta 92
Tourth Race Handicap; for three-year-olds and
upward, with $700 added, of which $160 to the sec
ond and $5u to the third; one mile and a furlong:
Freo Lance 12flBrlghton 122
LatBon 12,llCnntlnental 121
Fifth Race Handicap; for two-year-olds; with $800
added, of which $100 to the second and $50 to tho
third; five furlongs.
Froshtnn 12fl Tender. 107
Cormorant 117 Country Dance, 100
Sombre 112Liplda nn
Federal Ill Ineenainara 95
Sixth Race For three-year oldi and upward that
have run at this meeting and have not been nrst or
second; aelllni:. with $600 added, of which $75 to tho
second and lib to the third, one mile.
llanwell 120Ten Spot 108
Kin llllJcfferson 101
Fred K llllTantrus 101
MasterJames lllWauwcuo ini
FrcdWlnnton lOn'Clrace Olltner 110
Saratoga will have flvo clear days this week
and many metropolitan horsemen will nil In
tho Intorval betvvcon tho clobo at Brighton
Beach nnd the opening at Aqueduct nt tho Spa
village. The first special fenturo on tho week's
card at tho Springs will bo tho l'eppor stakes,
with $1,000 added, for two-year-olds. Tho
condlt Ions provide for nennltles and allowance,
and there Is n probability of a big acceptance, ns
tho ninety or moro youngsters eligible ineludo
Miller, Half Tlmo. Klnloy Mack. Sir Hubert.
Ben Viking, the Morris quartet. Counsellor
Mernberg. May Hempstead, Kontueky Colonel.
Ban Cupid, and Captain Sigsboe. The Muinm
Handicap Is scheduled for Thursdny. It is also
for two-year-old, and the nominations nro so
numerous that tho $1,000 added money should
bring out a good field If Handlcapier Burke Is
In his usually successful vein. Friday's card
will bo of tho overnight order, hut Saturday's
programme boabts of a double attraction. Tho
card Includes tho Cnnndlnn Club stakes, with
$1,000 added, for all ages, atone mile, nnd the
Worded House htnkes. with fM added, for
two-yenr-olds, at tlvo furlonp th events
have lllloil very well, and the nucucss o( theso
racos now rests with tho owners. It is to tin
hoped that tho nceoptnnces will boon a liberal
scale, as the eligible material on hand Is nruplo
and thore is no logical reason why fit horses
should be kept In tlio stable while such plums
invito gathering,
Tho entries for to-day's races at the Springs
aro as follows:
First Race For two-year-olda. non-winner since
July 15, with $3iXl added, of which $50 to the aeo
ond and $.'5 to the third; live furlongs.
Ahnni 117Hllicden 105
Tennlay 117 Lost Tlmo inr,
Onlerlette 1 Minis Lordship .1(1.',
Hilm 114 LaFlaveuie 102
Colonsl Tenny lOe'llettle (Iray ...... 103
hecoud Race For three-year-olds and upward.
non-wlnner since July 16, with $3uo added, of
which $0 to the second and $26 to tho third; sell
ing, nix furlougs;
ClalaDay 114 .Eastertide ion
Premier 11!! Knight of Carter lot)
High Jinks Ill Ilaudpreas 104
Organ Pilot ,,,,,11flll(uskln nil
TurtlDov lin.alsngellne mi
Proteus HO.Flax Spinner 07
Mlllslrcnm 1071
Third Race Handicap; for three-year-olds and up
ward; with $400 added, of which $60 to second and
$40 to third 1 mile and a sixteenth:
Eataca 12a Nearest los
Doiultor 12il.Aniuobua , 106
blr Vasxar 124
Fourth Rare For ftlliaa and maras thrse years old
and upward' with $aoo added, of which $50 to second
and $J6 to third; one mile.
Bulla 120 Hurly Rurly 112
lady Mitchell llllllUidella lor.
Martha II 112IFlaruaway 117
Fifth Race For two-) ear-olds; with $800 added, of
which $50 to second and $36 to third; selling! six
Re Mitchell..... lORIOarrabrant , 103
Flavlua 107 U.'happaiua 103
Lxtreme 107' Lyric oil
I.nvvn Tennis.
The epeclal handicap lawn tennis tournament of
the Cnacent A. C. of Brookl) n on Saturday attracted
nearly two doien to tho orgimliatlon' turf courts on
tho lountry clubhouse grounds, Owl'a Head, Bay
ltldge. Play von tontliiu'd until It wiu too dark to
finish the tourney, umiuur) 1
Mdi's Doubles-First round L C Hsrper and W.
Creuibar, plus 16, drew a b e, J. C. Powers and 0. P.
Nntmau, owe 1ft, drew a bye, F. II. Beldtn and A.
Thayer, plus half 15, drew a bre J II Bags and Ed
ward Jewell, scrub.'!, defeated F. Bt Jirtin lUcharda
andl' CI) de Oswald, plus half 30, 0 o, 8-3: F. P.
Harper and N. Heed, plua 16. defeated u. I). Dorsey
and Frank A. Jeuks. plus half :, 67, 76. 18, II.
Colwrll, Jr., and A.Nv Dunbar, owe 16, drew a bye;
J, E, BohroederaiidW. F Powers, owe 16, drew abye;
C. A. Morse and B O. Edmonds, plus 16, drew a byo.
Kecond Hound -L Uarpiir and W, Crauibar, plus
16, defeated J. 0, Powers and O P. Notman, n 0, by
default. J. II, Base and Edward Jewell, arratrb, de
teaud F. 11. Ilclden and A Thayer, pltu half 16,
fl 1,6 7, U 7i F P Harper and N. Bced, pine 16.
defeated It Colwell, Jr., and A, W Dunbar, owe 16,
H 3. tl i, J. E. Bchroeuer and W. F Powers, own
16, defeated C. A. Morse and b. O. Edmouda, plus 15.
03, a 4.
Seral-Flnal round J. E. Behrotder and W. V.
Power, owe 16, defe-iUd V. P. liarpsr and N. BcL
Plus 16, 0 A, o a. j
New ilO Trotters of the Year NIoo a Great
Although tho harness-racing campaign Is yot
young, eight trotters have gained now records
bolow 2:10 thus fnr this season. Tho mile ot
Tho Abbot In 2:081- ranks as tho fastest trot
ting performance of tho year up to dato.buttho
flvo-year-old eon of Chimes nnd Nettlo Klnir
has token a big drop In tho estimation of most
horsomon slnco tho day ot his defeat by Tnglo
Flanagan nt Columbus last Friday. 0. J. Ham
lin, tho brooder and owner of Tho Abbot, was
reported as saying at tho opening of tho cam
paign that ho bolleved his speedy trottor could
boat 2:05, and circuit followers havo backed
him with unlimited confidence ovory tlmo ho
has started. Tho Abbot oponod tho campaign
wlthn mark of 2 :11 'f.
Knglo Flanagans tho now ohamplon of tho
fast class In tho Grand Circuit, Is n six-year-old
bay goldlng by Englo Bird. 2:21. who was by
Jay Bird, tho son of Qcorgo Wilkes, out of Tan
soy, a daughter of Oconto Wllkos. Eaelo Flan
agan's dam. Lady Flanagan, was a fast niaro by
Wood's Uambletonlan, that was formerly
ownod and driven on tho road In Brooklyn by
John It. Flanagan, who sold her to Judgo H. M.
Whltohead of this city. It is claimed that sho
trotted a mllo In 2:22) about twonty years ago.
E. O.Camp, n prominent lawyer ofTonncssoo,
bred Eaglo Flnnagan and still owns him. Ho
camo out groon In 1800, gaining a four-yoar-old
rocord of 2:20t. which ho loworod last yoar
to 2:12. B. Scott Hudson of Lexington
trained and drovo him to his record ot 2:09i at
Capt. Jack, anothor of Hudson's old pupils,
defeated the hlthorto Invlnclblo Kow England
trotter Alcidalln. 2:10, at Portland last wook,
cutting his record down to2:00K In doing tho
trick. He is a black gelding, sovon years old,
by Black Wllkos. 2-28K, the eon of Georgo
Wilkes, and his dnm Is Busan Wood, by Wild
wood, 2:30. son of Blackwood. J. W. Flynn
bought .Capt. Jook tor $035 nt ono of tho Gar
den sales last winter, nnd drovo him to his
record nt Portland, Tho horse camo out in
loOtl, and closed tho campaign with a rocord of
2 :yH, which ho loworod last year to 2:10i.
J. Malcobm Lorbos's great colt Nleo. who took
the measure of Dlono nt Portland, trotting two
heats below 2:10, now ranks oa tho fastest
four-year-old evor bred In Mow England. Ho la
looked upon by mnny horsomon ns being ono
of the very few trottors now In sight that may
possibly dovolop Into a rocord-broakor. Nleo
trotted only ono race In his throe-year-old form.
In that contest bo moved a quarter
in 0:30 ami a half In 1:03K. finishing
the mllo In a jog in 2:1 O.V. In his second
raco this season he trotted throo miles
bolow 2:15, cutting his record down to
2:12Jt'. His raco ngnlnst Dlono. Btnmboulot.
and othor cracks nt Portland was tho fourth
rnco ot his caroor. Tho youngster enjoys tho
distinction of being tho only trotter ot any ago
that hOM beaten 2:10 nt his fourth start In com
pany. Moo was bred by tho Boston sports
man who now owns him. Ho Is ono of tho
second crop of tho got of Arlon, 2:07, and Is
out of Maggie Sultan. 2:30, by Sultan. 2:24. the
slro of Btamboul. 2:07i; grandam Maggie
rreseott, by Jim Monroe, the sire of Monroo
Chief. 2:18".
Cresceus. the son of Bobert McGregor, 2 :17K,
and Dorlty's Mabol (dam ot Anderson's Nlght
ingalo. 2:10il. by Howard's Mambrino. Is an
other four-year-old trotter that has beaten 2:10
this year. But ho Improved his threo-year-old
rocord less than two seconds when ho outfootod
Tommy Brltton in 2:00 nt Cleveland, and a
good many horsomon are now saying he has
about reached tho limit of his speed. Llko
Tommy Brltton, ho has not trained on well
enough to mnko good tho winter predictions
of his admirers, both of these young horses
having boen talked rrbout ns posslblo
candidates for chamnlon stallion honors.
Although Brltton lowered his Inst yoar's rec
ord ot 2:11 toli-Of) at Cloveland. and clipped
halt n second off this mark In tho first heat ot
his losing race at Columbus, he has not yet
shown his ability to go throo heats up to this
clip, and on public, form ho Is not the great
horso ho was generally beliovcd to bo Fred
B , who took his measure at Columbus by out
lasting him. Is 12 years old and Is a veteran of
eight campaigns. Ho has lately been looked
upon ns nn outclassed horse. Liborty Bell, tho
slro of Tommy Brltton. was by Boll Boy.2:ll)'',
a full brother to Chimes, so that ho Is closely
related to Tho Abbot. 2-08. tho othor flash
trottor of tho Hamlin Stable. DIone. 2:09. by
Eros, tho son of Electioneer, and Mnttlo Patter
son, 2:00la, tho short-bred daughter of Vilan
der. complete tho list of now 2:10 trottors tor
tho year thus far.
"Star Pointer will bent his record beforo tho
month Is gone, provided he does not meet
with bad luck of somo sort." said n well-known
trainer on rending of tho champion staiilon's
wondorful mile nt Columbus. "Ho would
surely have knocked off anoint or two at tho
last town If McCIary hadn't sent him down to
tho half nt a 1:57 clip, with the second quartor
In twonty-nlno seconds. That's too fast. You
see, he couldn't got homo in less thnn 1:00V a
2-01 , gait. I would liko to soo him land at tho
halt in about flfty-nluu and a quartor or a half
somo day.and then get homo as fast nshecould
como. Tho mllo would bo a sbado bettor than
1:50 or I lose my guess "
I,. J.. II. Groisart. n civil engineer of Allon
town. Pn . has certified to the ofllcers of the
Bcthlohem Fair Asoclation that the hnlf-mllo
track nt Bethlehem is six and a half inches
moro than tho regulation length, measured
threo foet from the polo. So many horses havo
mado records at Bethlehem which thoy could
never nftervvard equal on the best mile courses
that numorous turfmen woro led to bellovo that
the Pennsylvania ring would not bear careful
Tho Grand Circuit horsos and horsemon will
move to Port Wnyno this weok for tho last
meotlng of tho series In tho West. Tho Great
Western Circuit, which bids fair to rival tho
Grand Circuit In the brilliancy of its racing, is
scheduled to begin this week nt tho little vll
lago of Hedrlck.In. The mile-track meetings
In tho East will bo nt Franklin Tark. near
Boston ; Old Orchard. Mo., in the Now Englnnd
Circuit, and at Rochester in the Western New
ork Circuit. Tho Central New York Circuit
trotters nre due at Elmlra to-morrow, while tho
oponlng of tho Orango County Circuit is schod
ulod for tho samo tiny at Middletown.
The defeat of th Manhattans on Saturday by Team
B of the Now Jersey A. C. bad a most disastrous ef
fect on the standing of th former organization in
tho race for the metropolitan championship, for the
club goea down from second to fourth place. Team
B 1 now tied with Btatcn Island for second placo, a
fart which should make tho meeting of these Uauis
next Baturdsy very IntercKting,
In the individual batting records B. E. Bonner of
Btatcn Ialand ami M. It. C'ohb of Now Jersey still lead
with 41.88 and 37.88 respectively. The only cl auca
among the leaders during tho week was that 11 A.
Olttcns went to sercnth placo with 28, while H. E.
Jackson advanced to sixth placo with 28.88. The club
record follow:
J1""! J'er
Wcn.Loit. ct. Won.Lctt. ct
N.J.A.CT'm A 11 O 1.000 Manhattan 3 4 .42S
Btab.11 Island .2 2 .600 Rosevlllo 1 a .25(1
N..I.A.C ,T'm B 2 2 .600 New York 1 4 2(I0
D'awn gainea-N. J. A, O . Team A. 2; Blat-n Inland,
2 . N J. A. C , Team 1), ii, Manhattan. Honerillo and
New ork, 1 tach.
Patfiuion. Aug. 7. The Paterson Cricket Club
plav ed the second ileven of the Manhattans a cham
plonHlilp gamo of th Now York Crlckft Association
yeiiterilay, und gained a very ess) victory by n;i run
and 8 wickets. The local team's captain, v". Bunco
continued his i onslstcnt work with the bat and ran tu!
a scoro of 6H, not out. J II VV est also played well for
a good inning of 46, not out. while w, Dodds added
lti and J. Crutchlow, 10. Fnr Manhattan the ouly
double nguio scores were V, Adam, 111, ami O. Ford
'A'..11' bowling of Olarkaon, Dodds and West wai
all that could be desired. The totals were. Manhat
tau Second, 61; Paterson, 144 for 7 wickets.
Gossip of the Ring.
Will President Kan of the Clipper A. 0. kindly
send bis address to this office 7
L. L , Now York. They met three times. Ooddard
won the first two battles, but waa unsuccessful In the
KTommy White and Joa Bernstein have been
man bed to box twenty-live rounds. The encounter
was oUuuhed on Baturday nUbt.
Tim Callahan and Tirry MiOoveni, thai Botith
Brooklyn bantam, have been matched to bortwenty
five rounds at Brooklyn on Aug, 20
Jack Mulvry, who mado audi a game but unsuc
cessful shotting at-aliiht Tim Ktmrna on Saturday
nlifht, Is prepared to box hla conipieror again.
Harry Goddard, brother to Joe Ooddard, has aon
into the flstlo bualneea. IIo is matched to box Fred
Preston at Perth, western Australia, this mouth.
OeorgoOreen and CharlovOoff were matched en
Baturday nlgbt to meet at tho Pelican A. C. on Aug,
13, The pair villi box twenty roundest catchwelghu.
Joy Hopkins's manager, Fred Fox, haa decided to
let HoiiMiisgnoutof hla class. Fin u rite a pi Tjir.
Bom that Hopkins will meet either Joe Cain ortleorce
Dlxonat 12. pounds for $.'00 on the outside.
Joe Oans and Billy F.rnst will meet In a twenty-fa
round bout tu-niubt st the tlreate r New York A C
Conoy Island. Although Oana la a hot fav orito. Krnst
haspleut nf admirers. Tlitra will be una urdlm
Inary bout of twelve rounds,
Tom O'ltourko and Tom Sharkey left for Baltimore
yesti rday afternoon. Bliaikey will meet all comers
ln!.V',.c"X.'.,"r'"'r bQ f,ud may pnssibh clash
with Abu Ullinan, the craok Southern mlddleictgbt,
Dick Case, the Western boxer, who lost on a do
cislpn to Jim Jtidgii at ScTaiiton last weok. has re
turned to town. Ho sai a that a club at 1-ort Wayne
Is negotiating with him for a match with Jimmy
Currau of England. "
Borne lively boxing and wrestling waa wltnoasod at
the clubhouse of the National A O of Brooklyn on
baturday night, the ehuw Hating until jeaterday
morning, when the main wreatllnit bout was still un
decided Jack Bnilth of New York and Eddie Brown
of Ireland clashod Urst for ten rounds st 125 pounds.
Bralth got the deoTslon. The flrat of the series of
wrestling bout followed, the prlnelpslsbelnir Oeorua
Bothuer of New York and Max Zefuler of Wlllarr
burg. Ilothnerwon two out of three falls. A welter
weight boxing contest followed at 146 pounds be
tween Fred Grundy, National A. C. and Oacar Bohl.
man of Nrw York. The bout wo. draw. Tbon
Botbner WTsUed and defcattsl Jo lUmr. th'
" Brooklyn btroug Boy." --,,!,
iViisjVi'i'iasslsssi'ii'ailji'i'i'.'iiirJ.iiri.i .ITLT1' "' " ''
mast it 1 mens nttArB tub heat
Klin to Renahore, Country, nnd the Mill
tnry Cnmpa Among the Sunday Fen
lure Interesting Comment nn Loose
Spoke nnd How to Discover Them.
A reaction occurrod yesterday which vory
plainly showed that cycling; enthusiasm has
boen oppressed and subdued by tho cxtremo
hcatof tho Inst fowBundnys, butnotcomplotely
killed. Tho roads wero not so crowded as on
cool Bundnys carllor I11 tho bummor, but olsht
or ten times as many riders woro out as on
Sunday a week ago. It suggested a truo rebel
lion against tho weather. A few wcro heard to
oxprcss what wns probably tho sontlmont of
many, which wns to this effect: "Ihao stayed
nt homo for two Sundays, nnd to-day I mado
up my mind that I would co out.no mattor
how hot It was."
Tho brisk, cool brocr.es that blow moro than
compensated fortho heat, and wheolmen found
tho day thoroughly onjoyablo. Tho roads alone:
tho Jorsoy coast woro particularly favored, nnd
tho Conoy Island cyclo rath was woll llllod In
tho morning nnd tho lato afternoon. All day a
proocsslon moved steadily toward Camp Black
at Hempstead, and on tho whools woro pack
ages of various bIzcs and ourlous shnpos. Homo
of tho women carried small willow hampers
that suggostcd Christmas, and somo of tho men
had strapped on tho frames ot tholr cycles
long, squnro pnekagos, that suggostod tho
sconos of Now Year's ovo nbonrd tho olovatod.
cable, and brldgo cars. Wlllcts Point, whero
part of tho Twonty-second Bcglmont Is en
camped, was another point ot attraction, and a
crowd was thoro bigger than tho hotel waiters
and tho Ilttlo colored boy In a sailor rig who
checks tho wheels could proporly look at tor.
Tho big crowd that wont to Willow Park,
Philadelphia, Baturday to seo the battto behind
paco between McDuffoeand Michael gavo somo
vory plain testimony to tho fact that tho Ameri
can publlo has not'as yot become oducatod Into
appreciation ot tho slow racing and jockoying
tactics that please the patrons of cyclo racos In
Franca. Tho hissing from tho stands was loud
and prolonged and It should havo suggostcd to
tho promoters of tho contost that tho only pop
ular way to run a pacod raco In this country Is
to go after tho records. If tho big multicyclos
start out to break all records, nnd do It, tho
rldoronaslnglo wheel who can stand It long
est will bo tho best man. This evldontly Is
what tho public hero wants.
Tho testimony of repair raon In shops nnd
thoso who thrlvo on the transient trade of tho
road Is to tho offoot that this is tho tlmo for
loose spokes and wheels sadly out of truo.
Broadly speaking, ovory wheel noeds truing up
onco or twlco In a season, and most machines
havo by tho 1st of August bcon ridden onough
for the spokes to bo In nood of attontlon. The
total strain on tho hub and rim ot a bicycle Is
Ilttlo appreciated. It has been estimated that
tho tension on each spoko Is about twonty-llvo
pounds. This is pulling on tho eyelet in tho
hub flango and on a little washer that Iscountor
sunk In tho wood on tho outsldo of tho
rim noxt to tho tiro. In n wheel having
thirty-six spokes this monna a total of 000
pounds' strain. Every time n wheel Is stcorod
over n heavy roadway or wrenched around a
corner thero is an extra pull on tho washers in
tlio rim and tho tendency Is for thorn to sink
dcoper. Tho consequence Is that tho spokes
work loose. In addition to tho strain of rcgu
lnr riding at this tlmo is to bo counted
tho changeablo weather. Tho heat and
molsturo of tho past tow wooks have
beon playing hnvoo with both wood and
steel and tho men ot tho shops say that about
00 per cent, of tho whools they boo need truing
up. Bpokeswhen tight emit n musical noto
upon being thrummed, and riders with judg
ment can toll by going ovor their spokes and
twanging them when thero Is need of adjust
ment. A word of caution regarding this is
givon by a dealer who has spent moro than
two decades In tho business. Ho says that
riders should not tako It for granted that a
whcol Is out of truo becauso ovory spoko is
not of equal tension. Men havo takon wheels
to his shop, ho says, and asked to havo them
fixed becauBO thoy found that somo one or two
spokes wero not as tight as tho others, and
upon examination tho wheol was found to bo
perfectly true. This Is due to tho fact that
when a wheel Is built and trued up thospokos
aro not of equal tension. Theoretically they
should bo. but practically they cannot be.
Workmanship may bo ovor so fine, but stool
nnd wood cannot bo rendered insenslblo to
natural laws. There Is always some shrlnkngo
and expansion to bo allowed for. Eurthormoro
thero nro slight Inaccuracies In drilling tho
holes lu rims which In tho nggregato
mak a markod difference. Therefore, a
brand-new wheel may ho perfectly truo and yot
havo somo spokes which, when snapped with
tho fingers, llko harp strings, do not sound In
tho samo key as tho othors. If a number aro
looso In this wny. however. It is pretty certain
that tho wheel noeds attention. The best way
is to test tho wheel by spinning It nnd boldlne
tho thumb nail so close to tho rim that it it
does not turn ovenly tho nail will bo rubbed by
certain parts of It. It Is also pointed out that a
wheel may be truo nnd yet havo spokes In
need ot tightening, becauso all hnvo bocomo
loose so ovenly that tho rim Is not distorted.
An Incident that Is Interesting as nn Illustra
tion ot tho quality of wheels being put out now
adays happened to Philip King, a (Jtioens
county rider, nt Valley Stream yesterday. Ho
ran Into a stretch of sandy rond that was ex
ceedingly soft. In trying to turn out ot It ho
wrenched his front wheel violently. It col
lapsed and twisted up Into tho shnpo of n Ileum
eight. Ho wns about to cry out to his com
panions that his wheel had gone, but probably
because ho had begun the movemont beforo
tho wheel twisted, ho gavo anothor wrench nt
tho hnndlobars. "Ping" sang the spokes, and
thoy sprung bnok. carrying tho wooden rim
with thorn Into its original circular form. Tho
rim wns not split, nnd n test mndo on It showed
that tho wheol was perfectly truo. Bo faros
could bo dlscovorod tho wheel was as good as
it nothing had over happened to It.
A successful road rnee was held on Saturday
afternoon over tho Hoffman Boulevard, near
Jnmnica. Tho teams representing tho various
hrnnohesot tho Biooklyn Y. 31. C. A. compoted
for tho team championship cup held by tho
Bedford branch. A protest was entered whloli
may affect tho result. The Tvvonty.slxth Ward
branch will get tho cup ns it stnnds. but tho
Central branch may yet receive It when tho
protest is decided. Summary:
UnnAi. x,t
rap- Time.
Aims. if, a. Branch, u n
A. Vf. Mchr 130 28th Ward 1,166
(toodway 1 00 Prospect Park 13 2n
Bradley 1 311 2,1th Ward 14 17
Dunkcrton 1 16 Central 14113
rorcst Scratch sutli Ward .. .. 12 64
Adams 0 46 Central l'l 40
I.uister 0 45 Bedford 13 42
Dial 0 46 2(llh Ward 13 46
F.rsth O 45 2itth Word 13 47
ltuKulos 1 .in Bedford 14 88
I -union 1 00 Bedford . . .,14 07
Burrows 2 00 Eastern District 16 13
Burnett 1 (10 2nth Ward 14 32
v.M Rogers Scratih Central 13.13
Cowal 100 2illliWard 14 li
Hewlett 1 (HI Bedford 14 5
floorgo May 0 30 Central 14 lu
Cyplut Scrutch Bedford 13 64
t'rowder o 3'i Central 14 27
J. II. Rogers B-ratrh lununi District ...18 68
Arnoldl Scratch Cintral 14 03
t'arson 145 Central 15 411
Monsees 1:10 Central 16 48
Hodilj 115 Cellini 16.15
Btowurt 2 uo Centtal 18 81
Kuceter. 1 K, fMitral 16 64
J II, May 100 llidford 15 62
taiiggolt 1110 2ilthWard 11123
Hentel 1 46 Central 17 Oil
Nelson .. Scratch 2UthVanl 16 43
Charles Forest of the Twenty-sixth Ward
branch broko tho course record and won fastest
time prize (1 (looilnny. l'rosiwt Park branch,
captured second tlmo prizo under protest. Tho
points stood lis, follows- Twenty-sixth Wnnl.
la I. ( Viitral. 154: Bedford. Iljj 'laitorn Bis.
trlct, al i Prospect Purk. ttl.
NuTi.KY.Aiii;.7-Tlinrnaflrarpsof tho Hill
side lllcvflo Club of llellcvlllo were run ovor tlio
Washington avenuo course nt tills place estcr
day. 'Iliero was a largo number of entries,
ond n big crowd assembled at the llnlsh lino!
Hummary follows:
Oni Mile Handicap Won by tdelpli Mlchels. Jer
sey City 30 1 arils, p.I. A) n., N,.ark, 80 sards,
second, 1! II, Vlthliigtoii, Pj.salc, sciatch, third
Time, 2 mlnutea 2tl 1 ,, scium s
i.ni"","" ll'JIai'Won b John Seal, Union
11111,2 Kiaris.C K. Aires, Newark, 60 sards hic
ond, K II wlthlngton, Peasalc, scratch, third. Time,
ft minutes 4 seconds '
Five-Mile Handicap- Won 1.) II, Olesse, New York.
2 minutes .111 Hfiinila, M. J. Journei , Nutley, 2 jnln.
utes 45 seconds, ncond.ilenrj I.ubln. New York, J
minutes 46 seionds, third. Time, u minutes itf
The tlmo pris-ov-ru- won by Adolph .Mlchels,
whocovoredt 10 live miles lu l' inlnutos U'J
heeomls J. f Bogi.ri won the second tlmo
prizo In 11! mlnutea "i-J 1-5 seconds.
Gossip of the Ilniulbiill Courts,
Mike ton and his ilubdsy clients spent a lively
day at tho Manhattan; illu com I Considerable I i-
U-r',?,,".r,,u,'0',J,5' t.0 V.""-"' nv rubber between
W. P CashnnnaudJ Durk n. 'Iha former wou bt
?.-,- Wr"'."-.1.7,' --'- - Ega "ml
P. Blioitall aptnri d Uie upeiiinic match f roinJ Don
hnoandU. Rjau, and full minus were also end.
ld to VV. J. Cashman, Dr. Heilnmnu. P. Donahue K
Leonard, J Donnelly J. rit.Utrlck. bV. D Miba":
thy. M. Dreeu. J, Ksgls 1 J. Nuwmsn, O. Willie. T.
Murray. D. Lynch, U. ColUis, T. Lyuain, xTio'Son:
aeUiadoeorgoBroderlcJu " - uoon-
LIGHT 5 li
aiost complete lino of popular C lljj
t? traps In tho city. Uij
? Call or sond for Illustrated Catalogue. J lyj
306-310 West 59th St., N.'Y. f Vt
Complete Shop for Ilepnlr tVork. ? S,
Bicycles For All. 1
When you buy a bicycle you
want one that will Rive satis- Jf
faction for the money invested. v
We have bicycles to suit every S
one and they are unsurpassed in Jffl
their respective grades. Wj
The Spalding Bicycle fk
Unequalled in materlll, cop- J E MH
structlon and appurance, and nli flS
the easiest running wheel made. r jffl
The Majestic Bicycle ili
A bicycle that lias years of t g 1
good reputation, and which is jft& W
a bargain at the price. yr aim
New Haven Bicycles W
The New Haven Bicycle is dJTK 11
well known and wall made and rnJlB $
has eiven the best of satisfaction. 'yi
A. G. Spalding & Bros. I Spaldlng-Bldwell Go. m
120-100 Kttssao Bt. I 39. 31. aa West 3d St. M'
I $1 Down I J
Pierces and Crawfords, J
S ("E. O. P. CO.") S tfi
I 29 BROADWAY. N. Y. -p
X (Third Floor, Columbia Homing), & wM
i I 123 B'waycor. 25th St. WJ
nuooKLv.v. S Jm
PREMIER MFG. CO., Hortford, Conn. .
All makes slaughtered. Over 2.O0O to seloct from. HI
11EBALD CYCLE CO., removed to 10 Barclay st. MmL
Harlem Branch
Che Curf. j
I1Tgtn i
RflffBTQ To-morrow Last Day. ws'
llsHUtVsO Rain or Rhine. Concert br Landtr. 7lL'
Take anr Coney Island routs. JH
Sowcis, (Cnrrlnow t.
fUibllliC(l 187n.) M
Immense Variety Desirable Ketr Carriage. Ml
Also Oood Betvnil'lland Work. H
Lara Assortment liarnoss for All Purpose. IB
Sheets, Net, Coolers. Itp Dusterf , Horse Oood. Ml
Elllht floors Horse Equipments. roi'UI.AK PRICKS. H
Itefereo Awards Snturdny' Race to Mo- uJ '
Vuffce un n. Protest. M
Pnn,ADEi.iiiiA. Auc. 7. Jimmy Mlolmel fln- IH
Uhed fifty nrds to tho uootl of Edillo JIcDufToo tm j
In tholr tvYcnt-flvo-mllo paced rooti at Wilton H
Orovo Saturday nlteriioon, but Reforoo liar- vKl
voy Uliler to-nlclit nwanlod tlio contest to upA
jroDuffeo on tlio protest lodeoil by Henry Bill
E. Dueker, ruanneor of tho Boston man. Miff1
The orlclnal contract for tho race was II
mado In lloston about July 2:t. Tho miff
raco vrtiH to bo at fifteen rnilos with limited H5
paco. Tho kick nt tlio Hack Saturday, when HI
the mon vvoio conipollod to ride tvventy-ilvo Ml
nillos. has already been reported, lletoro tha If
race lteferen Uliler asked tho conditions of Si i
tho race Hlnco tho orlclnal contruct It had W t
been nifreed to use thirty-two iiacemakew 9
each. S hen thoiiion had rlildon to tho third WU
mllo. Dueker learned that the Jllehaol peoplo Ul
woro UHiiiB fresh paco. Uhlor was lnformod I!
of this and accented a protest. At If
till point three novy men had boon It
putlnunilllvo moro uppoarod nt tho twenty- I
thlrilinllo. Uiirlncthn proiiress of the raea J, ll
C. Kennedy, who ibiiruRonU-il tho Mlchnol
people, ntliiilttod to tlio umpires, who wor M' i
placed on w atch, that ho was mine moro paco- ttl
inakors than the contract nlloivod, vlkfi
The winner's end nf the imro ls$'2.00().whll W?l'
tho losor receives $r()0. A copy of tho rofereo' Witt
decision has boon mailed to Chulrmnn Mott of VU .
the llnclut lloanl lH (
Tho contract called forn rnco at fifteen miles, 1 fa
but throiiuli n inisunilorstnmiinp; It had been '
advertised at twenty-live inlles. SluliulTne had I B
trained for fifteen miles and only agreed lo try B
tho loimor distance to satisfy tho treat crowd I
prosont nml save his reputation. Mel)ufTeol I
nt his best at fifteen mlfcH Dlx n Jllnes was I
?h2?t1t,U,"Vl,0,,-'in"lt?n ""'iKl't Ho stated I,
!n?J J w C2(.0,coi !".'' I."k"ri lM Pmpor step and W
In nil frenTM-il"" b br0UKllt toBOthor Sllortly M
in a llltccu-nillo race, K
Athletic, f
The monthly same of tho Tastlme A. C. held on (H I '
the club grounds, Hlxt) -sixth street and Host nirer. M t
yesterday afternoon, attructcd the laruest crowd of W
the season. Amonii the specUtors wem a number of Kt
noublo athletes who itraduatid from the atliletla
uurstry j ears kii, Ini luflliiK Charles (1. Dothner th W
champion ftucer. and JamTa II. Hugh"., tl e i vVell" Wt
i,,LCT'J,i:V'ni'1,,'r' lH'mi"tlti"ii-"roToa. U
i.SiT1...lIU ,a ?'"'!" charoeti rlsilo nf the "iS- T
A lans," the Jiulues lieliic uuablo to m paratii two as- 1
LuVii'ifiaS?! " " "' "- "f ''Vo.).rd rSS. J
r0 Vurd lush Won by 0. Hheehr V Andrew H
"i'ii'.'vi d Mf,1.,.,.",f 'i"r'!' Ti,0 ' ""olid". " f
..V'?'urd Hun, NovlieI)ead in at li,,iwAn A m
KolHn ,,d ij. oberlimiso. Tlmi, ml , ,'" I 8 5 1
kJL,",' ""-W'" by I. DntTy, siVsuhi 0. 1
20 8 t-iernnd." ' "CCO"d' ' K-"-""-. thlid. Ylm. j
10-I?I'Kun-Wonby M. Mcflarry. J J. I.mch seo- M
0Mede5'ike"'1.I,; ''''"''l'."te.a.-.n.l,'eS,tdt M
Medley Ilaco, thrt laps Won bv it. lmiTr (I. B
24 .ToZ ' An',row" " Time. 1 inlmit. A
feetJniIi'ueiI,,,S,,i.'lJu.mi'r0" V'r " McKlnnery, 19 B
reet nf .jirlio, J J. IyncJi. lu lV.-t h inici lH
second! H. Curuiu, lit feit 1 iticii. thtru! ' W
Cleverwork by amaUMir athletu roused tho keen- "J
est kind of enthuslanin at tho uround of the Star SMI
A. O., Fourteenth utriet nd Vernon avenue, buu- V
lwi'vv'elS'll'.n'.'.rif.ri V Th0. ",ni.t for point honor. M
F u l?,',t i'ii) " bK ioh.n J- Mor". xral I
THi urd Ituu Wou bi J. J Mora., in r -.. j t tB i
fhr,ue ffTsr " vSnith': m
?Svh& &?& "- W
Jr ?.",', r,m!"' a "dilutes 20U seciiiids Lstf
ManJlnicllroail Juiap-WonbyJ J Moran serateb TB U
thlnl, Tli"-. ft minute jaWscionrts ' jTA
...Jf."jM. ,.1""1'Vo" h -'"'''rt W. Kennedy. JUT
iVel',i.i. Urjutii, scratih, second! H. Wanner. HI
cratch, third. TIme.&hUieeoiids. n"r, SQf
it fiS?nJn l.p" lUi', Vxi '""IP-Won by B. Wagner, ,
SK"8if'f,V ."- "wll " lepfBi'fj l
Uiciu ' Mo" tch, third, with 80 j j
syrtrmaiiJ- , --.'iSl

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