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,. i THE SUIT, TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1808.
wtmAwctAi Aim cotmmmotAt.
Mown.T. ASC. 39.
JH JFlMdMlInc In stock, to-ilar war na-Hy up
' Ad MU dally average n lastweek. while In bonds
'' thartun foil? equal to that average. Both
darrtefita of tha Kiohantre continued to r
. fleo. henry Inrsatment btivlng and alto In
oraasin. sfssouM-tlve Interest. The aggregate
tranaactloriB war not only mrae, bat they wars
unusually mil dlntrlhnted. and tha tona waa In
'tlia warn atronc throughout. Tha opening
waa ao buoyant that mnnr poonlatle holders
' war Ind-OBd. to taka proflta. Thla waa
dona to an extent that aneoeracad tha
professions! element to aell tha mar
ket (or a reaction. Tha two eircutn
atanae raantted In a moderata midday deellna
thai waa rarr naarlr general. Thla morement
waa halpad by persistent eelllng of People'
, Oat and Manhattan Hallway. In spite of a
rally at the aloaa both of thee atooka eloaed
traetlonaltr lower than on laat Friday. Man
i hattan Hallway waa exceptionally heavy, at a
net loa of nearly a point. It la understood that
tha earning of the company continue to ahow
;-. a heavy falling off aa compared with tho trafflo
, return. o a year ago. The retrograde move
i Biont In People's Oaa waa. aa la well known.
' ' beted Upon the friction between tha company
and the Indiana ooncern which furnlahea It
" With natural gee.
The exceptionally strong featarea of the mar
ket ware St Pan), whleh led tha Hat In reapeot
toactrrlty:Atohlon proferred. American Cot
ton Oft. LouleTllle and Nahylll. Southern
Ballway praferred. and Illlnota Central. Of
thee. Araarican Cotton Oil waa unusually ao
tire. at a nat advance of 4 point, a movement
fwhloh may logically ha regarded aa fore
aacdowlng a dividend upon the elook Oil fail.
The revival of lntereet In Louisville and Naah
villa aeem to ha due aolely to the ahlftlng of
lntereet from atooka that have advanced
matariaHy to thoee Ota hay bean oom
. paratlvely neglected. Tha advance In
Southern Hallway la amply explained by tha
- annual report of tha company, published ainea
thaoloeaof tanalnesa laat Friday. Tha Union
' Pactflo and Northern Faolfio atooka received, aa
toraome time peat, a food deal of attention,
' but they made only fractional progreaa toward
a higher level. Of the ao-oalled low-priced
I atooka. Chicago Great Weatern waa traded In
U swat extensively, and It eold at tha hlgheat
" pride recorded for it in the present movement
Than waa a aanaatlonal rise In the shares of
the Minnesota Iron and the Illinois Steel com
panies. Incidental to the announcement of tha
.. term upon which the two corporations are to
I ' be consolidated. The flrt named jumped up
12 point at the opening and retained nearly 5
'. cent of tiie maximum advance. Reactionary
movements other than those already noted
took place In Consolidated Oaa, tha Lake Erie
a Western atocka. Brooklyn Rapid Transit
and American Baiting. It waa meat pro
Bounoed In tha Lake Erie and Western
atooka. which advanced aharply at the cloa
of laat weak on rumor which lack
apnilrmatlon that tha take Erie and Western
- Railroad l about to be absorbed bytheCIeve-,-,
land. Cincinnati. Chicago and St Louis Railway
Company. Tha soiling of Brooklyn Baptd
-'frariel appeared to have been influenced
.. largely by tha publication yesterday In a
Brooklyn newspaper of what purported to be a
tUtement of the financial condition of tha
, company, but which, according to official atate
' tnp nta. waa misleading and Inaoourate In many
' The list of specialties that received notewor-
thy attention waa a long; ona. It Included
' Brooklyn Elevated. Chicago and Terminal
Transit preferred, Flint and Pare Marquette
Issues. Great Northern preferred. International
Paper common, Laeleda Oaa, National Lead
miA Hm,mi U.vln.Hnn nil A .ltlrtK mIamaJ a
fcolnt or more higher than on Friday, Foreign
arhitrago houses traded both ways to the ex
tent of about 30.000 shares and appeared to be
aeller on balance, although publle cables from
London tell of a rovivlag lntereet there, and
tnore eapeoially on the Continent In American
". shares. Tha closing waa in tha main strong.
I ;" K w York Mask Exebange-Sale. An. SB.
830UBJi,vl I I TJ ,, MM. 1B7M
; W. io-M.io.mI
BU. iiM MUL .
TJBFI3.r. Un4e.e,
stploro 97 MM 187k 1E8X
BBS., 1008- UnStBs.r.
iei8,r...l06S 106K ioo4....1J 11
CBSt.iaoa- UnBtSi,,
llS,e...lOSK X06M lSOs. 11B US
On St., r. UnBte., r.
. MOT UIK118M 1MB. 108X
,s ntt..o, BB8.tt,r,
1.07 111K 118X M34.D0117M I1SM
- MM 1B7M 1B8X
BiitaoAD AND othrb bonds (is S 1,000s).
' 130 AtehadJ as.. 73 S N YCABt L..107
S7 7B 1 NY,OAWr4sl01
' 8fi 73M HT.OrTc.00It
B7 78M 1 1O0K
B0 Atehgnlas... 90 2 Omsii 100M
14 BAM 4 OreSI.cn 6... 108
88 B&M 8 108M
8 BO 8 108
OAmSMS. 84 41 OreSLIno A.. BIX
4. AmTobscrlp.. 00H 8 Ore 8 I, lno B. 68M
SO B06..188B, 8 66X
Ketf. 118M 4 88M
I B0.lM,rll 4 68W
10BO.BWUt.tl02 lruOoHtlii.iog
IC0BrokBTa..108M loraokxaatlst. 78
' SBrWaWM... 0174 0 70
8 88 6 80
lBBrKllrttr.... B8M 80 78M
' B8M BFaat-Sartm. 80
4 SflhahOenB115N 1 P.BhLB lat.108
4 llfil S6 Rock I cnl 4a.. 106
11 CAOa4e.... BO lOBaadgalas.... 84M
.... B8M 8 84
68 BO 7 BJoOWl.t.... BOM
8B0.Baqeaveiai lOBor-ofHMiitlODN
- ...... 180M 88 Btp H ea 4101
.11 O,BkQ4.D101M lBtLfcsr.BW
' 10CalTr4 , 8BM divas 87N
,10 BOM 8ttLaag4s.iieH
18...... 80 lBtLaHVas... 8BM
BCOaRrea.. BOM BM 88
10..... BOM lOBty-oon lee
OCOBriiHno A2N BBtF.DkatB
10 0S.ylno. M 6 IXg
HW.sOiit.UlH 8atrHortsl38
pt0i.... 08M 14BIX.BW 1st... 80M
"Vr..,S BAMSSMLBWad.... 36
-iASDalaIKUs..l08M 10 84M
..M."U. IS IB - 84M
BSBetOttyOle.. 64 B ... 84u
IBMaadaa US 48 LMATimu.. 70
aS HWethlat,.. 78 10...,.... ?on
T '...y..,.. 78M 1 .,. 70M
' 9 7810 88K
1 iKWtlM S 70
. " 4. 88M SaOSOalat.. 88M
i.S OS IS Be Bf way as... 8714
4,arg a a a a 87M
, B7M s ; 97N
14 n 8S 0 87M
aaTaiaa.ta as a ea
10aTOgal4. B8M UltaiM BOM
leirwMt iqo 4llul.it... Q7M
' SM Baa4 takv. 00MB0 88
11... 86M 0 . 08M
llM..M,mM.H, O0M T ... CBH
S 00M 8 ..... 08N
lOICItOW. 77M UoHkkTU.. 18M
y-M ts 1 18
- 7SM 0 10M
1 78(4 10 18M
8 teal Oaa 14106 UTuhoMI... 46M
104M40 0
1OLWBou.1O14 06 48M
- 108 110 4814
ataawut.-uoK 84i 40M
10LtaW4....104 16 40M
I 108N88 40k
108 8ToJCClrtl06
lPMaBjra....ll4 lOTkNOoaas.101
118M CTCUB m.
S...... liaN Taaadiv 88
. 1 ia,Ka aiat. 108 aroiaaaa,
X 10IM BtrAlv aa
0HaIaa. .... 77M 8 8BM
.. 78 iaSDalaata 88M
, iMarway . bom is 88
I ait BOatoaBut.tr 88
aMaBd.,. soMJ bsm
' --
7I.VO,ld.108 140 Da. D
10 MoVa a 1O0M ltr 77M
4Mefai 7 44 T7H
8 80 80 70M
aWliaiBlH. 130M 0 77
& Mil LB ex 81 IB 188 77M
lORFprier 4,r.l00W 13 Wa let. ..118
0 100M 1 1IBM
J0Kflor4....100M 10 v 118
4 a 101 iWahash ..... BOH
40 100M 60 WkbdeksB... SOM
SSMPgaiaa 80 10 80M
0 00M 4W"t, T..108
118 BOM BWMTaPagal 0BM
40 OOM 10WMTyl 10M
88 BOM 8 ION
isawea... BON 0 10M
0 87 40WU0tlUr 03K
8 88M 80 64
lJlgalS....114M 7 04M
1 114 10 63M
11HT0. LBeol 40 ASM
111 salw of nUwsy boncu (per vain). 8l.BO4.O0O.
ojwit- turn- r CTwam .
atln. " " Atkt.
lBAdi..l08 108 10S 100
tTMT Am RB.140M 141M 140M 140M 140M
aooAmSM. 14M 14M 18M 18M 14
xOOACabl. 87M B7M B7M 86 88
4185 An Tobl41M 141M 140 140M 140M
an Am Tp. 183 1SS 188 183M 186
40OAmOO 86M 80M BSM 8BM 80
18S0 A. TAB
r 14M 14M 14M 14M 14N
rapt.. SSM S7N SSM 87 S7M
yoisAM.lt.. 80 SO SSN SSM 84
laMAMaltB 86 86 84 84M 86
BO Ann A SSM SSM S7N 87 87M
784 AmSleal
4W... 87 87 SOM 87M S7M
480B.IIAP. 81 81M SOM SIM 88
Wpf... 8M 0N ON 0 7
48BDO.. 1B7M1B7M187M184 187
ltoOaaBo.. 66M 60M 66M 64M 66M
tOOOBBPa. 86 86 86 86 86M
aeooanlo. 41 48 41 41N 48M
kOOOonlpf B1M B1M 81M 88 B6
18830 ChOtw 17M 18 17M 17M 17M
878 Oh at w
pfA... 4SM 48N 41N 41M 48M
118 oh at w
Pf B... SO 80 80 8BM 80
B0ChMkO BSM 86N 84M 86 B6M
1C.KI. 0OM 0OM 00M 68 SOM
IlOOkBIplOSM 108M108M108 10BM
1710 0,0.0
St I.... 46M 40 40M 40M 4SM
7860CANW136 186 186 186 186M
11B40 0,BQ118M11BM11S 118M11SM
r. us liSMiiaMHSMiiaM
800 O.M A St
Ppf...l6B 160 168 108M168M
11418 0.TIIAP107M 1O7M1OSM1O0M1O0M
MOOColFnel 80 BOM 86M 86 80
MOOhTer.. 8M SM 8M 8 8M
BMOCfcTwa SON 80 8BM 80 80M
cooctHO. 0M 7 OM ON 7
B00C.I.AW 14N 16 14N 14N 14M
a87BOon 08184 184 1S6 180 181
477D.1AH.10BM110 108M108M111
100D.LAW181 161 161 161M
asHXtOa. 00M 01 OOM 00M 01
lB40DABOp 04M 04M 64M 64M 64M
BOOKri.KB 14N 14N 14N 14N 14M
IRSSKrlalp. 88M 38M 38M S8M SSM
100 Ft W
DOB.. 23 28 83
l.r.5FAPM 18M 16 ISM 14M 16
700FPMp S7M 40M 37M SB 40
8MatMorpl36M130M186M130 187
00 H'w'il'n
8801 Paper. 60 06M 60
HSBIntPf. 88 83 81
SlBoniOsatll8M118M 112M 1 IBM 118
BesoniBteal. 08M 78 68N 88 88N
400 1 Out 10M 10M 10M 10M ION
MS la On p 37M 88 37M 87M 88
780K0.PAO 17M 18 17M 17M 18
3S80LBAW 83 28 BO SIM 81M
lMOLEcWp 88 SB 7BM 80 81
11880 MABOoalOON 101 88 BBM 88N
11100 M Iron. 88 BBM 88 88 82M
lOoMexO.. SM AN AN AN 0
8185M.tTr.100 100M10BM1A8M100M
lOOMfcBtL 88 SB SB 88M SB
ad p.. 81 01 01 01 08
MIOMoPas. SSM 88M 87M S7M 87M
BOOMobkO B8M BSM SSM 88 88
400 N I, oil. OM OM OM 0 7
470 N J Oent BSM B4 83 64 06
8887 NYOentl IBM 1 IBM 1 ISM 1 ISM 1 18M
8i70NtI,d.. S7M SSM 87M 88 88M
104NBtLdpll4M114M114 118 114M
isr.oNorAm. ON 7 ON 7 7M
1476 M Y Air
Brake.. 88 100 SSM BB BOM
lOOKYAtrHlBAM 186M 166M 184 187
BtL... 14N 14N 14N 14M IS
TOOHatBU. 84 34 SSM SSM 84
847MAW.. 10 10 10 10M IBM
4050 N A Wp 04M A A A4M 04M A A
87444 NorPao. 88 S8M 87M S7M S7N
140SAHorPp. 77 77M 70M 70M 70M
lesoOnlkW ION 10M lOM 10M 10M
600BX 01 01M 01 01 01M
800 OBAN p 70 70 70 7AM 70M
laoOnBL. SOM 8SM 8AM 86 3AM
BMPOoaet 47M 47M 47 40 47
iwruuip so oo ea bo ea
lOMPaaOlp 07M 07M 00 00 OOM
160PP00O188M1B8M188M 188 188M
lsia p. o.o a
BtL... 40 40M 40M 40 40
10 p, o.o a
BtL p. 00M OOM OOM 08 00
HOOPAWp 0M 7 OM 7 8
18t0FaBB..lieM118N118 116 116M
1410 Psople's
oao..l08M108M S8N101N101M
loOQulckp 7 7 7 ON 7
a4B01todtiia 80 80 10M 18N IBM
BO0Badli 40 40 46-. 4AM 4AN
400BMdl BBM BBM 88M 88M 88N
100BOW.. 8BM 88M 8BM 88 30
BOOBOWp 7M OB 07M 08 08M
lMBtLBW 0 0 0 0 0)4
1870BtL8Wp 13M ISM ISM 14 10
aaaoBtPko eOM SON SON 80 BOM
100 8t P. M
AM. .166 100 100 100 168
lOOBo Fao.. 88M BBM BBM 88 S8M
8088 So Br... 8N OM 8 &M 8M
l4B7BBoBjrp. 84M SAM S4N SSM SbM
loosuAOi 7 7 7 7M 7N
100BU AO
1 1st p. 00 00 00 01 08
lldp. 88 88 88 81 81M
60StLsr 8M 8N SM 8M BN
400 BtL AS
Fl.tp. 00 oaM 08 08 OHM
8100 BtL 8
3dp. 84M34M S4M 84M 84N
118BT. OM OM OM 0M 0M
4O0TwlB 0
BT... 88 83 83 84
770OT.7PM. ISM 16M ISM 1AM 1AM
74400n Pas. SSM 88 BSM BSM 88
aaoa&UoPpf. 0AM OAM 00 06M OAM
B86UP.D0 4M A 4M 4H A
lOlDBBxp 44 44 44 41 44
MlBUBBub 47M 47M 4o 40M 40M
1460D8BP.107M100N 106M106M100
17MCBL.. 8M 8M 8M 8 8)4
lieooUBLp. 74 74M 73M 78M 74
SlftWabaak 8M SM ftM BN 8
eaoWabpf. BBM SBM 81M BIN BB
4400 W Da t BAM BAM 66M U6M BAN
760WLB 1M 8 1M IN 1M
llOWtLBp 18M 18M IBM 11M IBM
Total sal. 080.888 BkaiM.
raiLADExraiA otoBixa quotatiomb.
Mid. AtkU.i Mid. AMhA.
LaklgbTal 81M BlMK18Boo 34M SO
PhlUTiBC 84M B4MKI8Bp ... 41M 41N
OalonTras 81M 81M Peon Mni.. 81M SIM
SAPTotoi BAN W.UCoou 18 80
KetTrao. .101 108 W.UUOo 70 TOM
OTotNJ. 01M AS WMTAPa 4 4M
OtaflUaelOr 107MBalttra.. BBM SSM
VaiavOaiaiMlSlNMaaataa... SM AM
Waco., tof aoiil i
pp 1 r .
oaroa oiahubw QtroTATioaa.
Sat, AlA SM. AMU.
BeakAtb.. 840 aBBMp. 07 00
ChleJeemlB7 IBS BmMob.887M 888
rmieJpf . 188 IBS 0lB)la 000
Fltchbgp.104 10A OMMBt.... A7M ASM
RnrBngp. 68 100 QalaeyM.. 118
MnOB4 AM 0 Tan Mia.. .174 170
Old Colour 103 1BA But. BSM SAN
WBBoom. 87M B7MB0Ol.t. 88 84
DomiaOAal 88 83MBDa8a. 88
AmB.UT.888 884M MTgBtk1183' 184
KrlaTri.... 74 7A BoatoaB.. OBM
WattBles.. 81 88
cbioaoo oLoatNo auoTATiom.
Amajr-bd.. SOM SI Mil Brew.. 7 8
0Doek.. AS MUBwwp SA
Ohio Brew. 0 7M HChBlBy.810 810
ChBnwpf 88 BoBidB'X" 04M 00
atyB'way.BSO BBO BtSOsr.... 18N IBM
Dlun'dM..140 141 WObBtBy. 88
L.k.8t"L" ISM 18M NBtaouH o S8M SSM
MrtWB'X" 8 NBlMultp 88N BSM
Atshlenp 14MBorthtipMlfle... SSM
AtohlMB pt 87M Northern Polflopf 7SM
OuudlsaPaotBe... 87W OnUrlo We.t.... 17M
ObBMpesk k Ohio BOM Pennsylvania 01M
Krl.oon.aap 10 Hmdlnc, 1st . . . . 10M
Krloi.lpr SBM Beading 1st pf B8M
Illinois Central.... 1 CM St Pul 11AN
Kansaa Ttui. . . . 1 2H Bonth Rilw.r 8N
LBkeSbor BOOM Booth BkUwayaf.. 36M
LonlsTlU.Nub.. 00 OnlooPadoo. BBM
w York Oratral.. 188 Union Puclflo pf. . . 07M
Norfolk W pf, n. AOM Wabash pt 88M
Final aalea compare with those of Friday
aa follows:
Jag. If. Aim. ft. Aw. a. Ant. .
A.TBFs 14 14MNorthAm.. AN 7
A.TABFsp 80 87MNorfWp 64M 06
AmOOU... 80 8BMNWeoai...lS4M ISO
An BBef..l40M 140(4 NPsooom. S7M 87M
Am Tnh .1 401 IAAV MSB. .... 7 R 7RU
AmflpM.. 14 18MNT0ent...ll8 110
Brook BT. 88M OSHNJOsnt... B8N 83
Can So A4H AAM Onncom 80M 80
O.O.OABtL 40N 4AMOntWeH 10M 10M
C.BA Q...118M 118M0BAN... OOM 01M
OodOs....184M 181 PeoO 0.102M 101M
CheskO... BOM 26 P.cM.11... 3A SA
OhOW.... 17 17M Poll P Car. 188 IBBM
Cl.LAW.. 14N 14NBookIUndlOOM 100M
D.LSW...101 161 Beading... 18M 18N
Del Hnd.l08 110 Kedlstpf46M 46M
DBOp. ASM S4M8tPoom...ll2M 11SM
Erislatp.. S7N SSM BtPui p..l 68 1A8
OenFJeo... 41M 41 SoB'wayp 34M SSM
OtNorthp.186 180MBtL8Wp. ISM ISM
niinoiiCnllEM 113 BtanBkT. AM OM
Kan Tex. IBM lBMTexasPao.. 10 1AM
XanTp. 30M 37 T0,IB.. 88M SSM
LooNsh A7M ABMUnPac 88M 88H
LBkW.... 23 SIMOnPaop... 04M 66M
LB Wpf 82N 80 UBBubber 40M 40M
LacledeOa ABM 68M tlBBub p.lO&M 106M
Man Con... 1 OOM BBMUBLeath.. 8 SM
MBtL... SSN 28 jOSLsathp 73M 73M
MoPao 37M 37M Wabash.... 8N 8M
MetBtBr..lA9M 100 Wabash p.. 81M 21M
Nat Lead... 37M 88H'wUnTel.. 86M B6M
Government bonds easier. The 4. r.. of
1H07. and tho 38, w. !., closed h 9 cent, lower
bid eaoh. Railway and other bonds strong.
She feature wore Brooklyn Elevatedlsts.tr.;
urllngton and Outncy conv. 5a., Chicago Ter
minal 4s, Fort Worth and Denver City 1st.
Fort Worth and Rio Grande 3-.s. Houston and
Texas Central general 4h. Kansas City, Pitts
burg nnd Gulf lets, Mexican lnternntlonal con
sols. Northern Paoiflo general 3s, Peoria and
Eastern 1U, Southern Rallwny 5s. Texas
Paclflo 2ds. Union l'aclllo 4s, Union l'a
clflc. Denver and Gulf 1st, t. r. ; Wis
consin Central lata. t. r. : Atchison. Standard
Rope and Twine and Wabash issues. The
more Important nut advances were in Atchison
general 4s, H V cent., to ml. and adj. 4s. H, to
73H: Brooklyn Elevated lsts. t r..l. to 03'.:
Burlington and Quincy con. 6s. ', to 1'20M:
Chicago Terminal 4s, ,'t.tolK); Fort Worth and
genvor City lsts, S. to 70'; Fort Worth and
lo Grande 3-4. ,',. to 03 ; Houston and Texas
Central general 4s, ., to 83).: Kansaa City.
Pittsburg and Gulf lsts. 1. to 78'. ; Mexican
TiilDrnntlnnnl nonanla Ji tr. 7H ortluini Pn
olflo general 3s. ). to mis ; Peoria and Eastern
lsts. M. to 71)3. ; Southern Railway Sb. l.toOS:
Standard fioiw end Twine lsts. H. to8K. and
incomes. K, to 1 8 S : Texas Pacific 2ds. 1M. to
4U.V. and Union Paclflo, Donvcr and Gulf, lata,
t r.. n cent, to 77M.
Commercial price of bar silver In New York.
fO.V. Bar ilvor in London closed at 27 11-163.
Mexican silver dollars were quoted at 48o. Ex
ports to Europe to-morrow 300.000 ouncea.
Money on call. 1),1? V cent Time money
is quoted at 'JH V cent, for sixty days, 3 V cent
for four months, and 3 S V cent, for six months,
on Brood mixed Btock Exchange collateral.
Commercial paper is quoted at ShOi V cent
for bills receivable: acceptances nnd prime
Ingle name SMfsM T cent: other names 4,Sfi
6 oent
Sterling exchange was weak and lovjer on In
creased oiferinga of bills. Continental exchange
was also weaker. Posted asking rates for ster
ling are: Sixty days. S4.H4. and'slght.S4.MA).
Actual rates are: Long bills. S4.83Kf3$4.83M ;
sight drafts. S4.85'.. and cable transfers,
A8TSrd4.85i,. Francs ore quoted at 5.21K
for long and 5.20.SIS5.20 for short; rulehs
marks. 84X004 for long and 06V395X lor
short; gulldors. 40W40 1-10 for long and
40 3-10t340. for short.
Domestlcexchangoon NowTork: Boston 10
15 cents discount. Charleston Buying, par:
Belling, H premium. Savannah Buying, 1-ltJ
discount ; soiling, 76 cents premium. Now Or
leansBank, fl premium: commercial, par.
Ban Francisco Wight. 15 cents premium; tele
graph, 17s cents premium. Ht. Louis Iar.
Chicago 30 cents discount Cincinnati Be
tween banks, 60 cents discount; over counter,
In the outside market Olucose Sugar Refin
ing common is quoted at UO7S0O.. and the
preferrodat 100Kffll07H : Standard Oil trust
certificates closed at 413420; Btandard Gas
common at 1405)147. and the preferred at 100
0170; Mutual Gas at 3300340: Amsterdam
Gas at 2ilHO20X. preferred at 71X(SliM, and
the bonds at 102X0103; Buffalo Gas at 22X0
23X, bonds. 06000: Central Union Oas bonds
at 1O201O2X : Brooklyn and New York Ferry
at 37X037X. and the bonda at OOX0O7X.
The all-rail east-bound shipments of dead
freight from Chicago laat week were 64.685
tons, against 61.288 tons the previous week
and 57.623 tons the corresponding week of the
previous year.
The weekly statement of averages of the
bank In New York olty. Brooklyn. Jersey City,
Hobokon, and Staten Island, which are not
members of the New York Clekrlng House As
sociation, but which dear through members, is
aa follows:
Aa. IS. Aug. to. CAantu.
Loans, dls.,
lares'.. . . .160,808,400 BB,681,DO0 lno, 821S.100
Circulation. l.MO.Soo 1,818,000 Deo. 427,800
Net d'poslU 87,20,300 81,848,700 lno. 68,600
Den. with a
H. agents. ,86B,600 0.176,100 Dm. 178,400
Iep. b'ks
trustco'a. 8,017,700 4.221.400 lno. 803,700
Legal t'uder
b'ku't's 4,124,800 8.BB7.6O0 TMe. 127,800
Sped. 8,780,600 8.B74.400 Dm. 100,100
Tlr'.enret21,178,6O0 (11.088,400 D0. 8108,100
B eservo
nqulnd . 18,821,660 18,888,876 lno. 14.128
B'pl'sies.. 84.068,860 84.381.726 Deo. 122,326
The Chicago and Northwestern Railroad
Company reports gross earning for July of
S2.mii 1.284 . a decrease of SI 24.726 as compared
with the same month last yuar.
The Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Com
pany reports net earnings for July of SoO.OOH.
an increase of $13,222 as compared with the
same month last year. Fixed charges were
$47,470. leaving a surplus of $2,502. an in
crease of $13,520. For the seven month end
ing July 30 the net earnings were $466,332,
an increase of $162,242 as compared with the
correspond! ng period of laat year.1Flxed charges
were $332,363, leaving a aurplu of $133,870.
an increase of $164,328.
The Southern Railroad .IPorta groaa earn-
im?, JRK Juy of H-W loereaaa of
$363,400 aa compared with tha same mouth of
fast year, and net $63o.t6. an Increasa of
The Alabama Oreat Southern Railroad re
ports groMS earnings for July of $133,857, an
increase of $1,046 as compared with the same
month of last roar, and net $41,634, a decrease
of $1,003.
The Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
Company reports for the year ended June 30:
, . tut- iter. vktmeu.
Oreaa'rn'ga.l4,2Si,4S8 83.u27.eio too. 82WI.B2B
Op. esp. and
BUM 1.81V.883 3,428,018 too. 108.717
81.lWl.SOtl Sl.60a.tfUA too. 898,111
OUierlnc'me. 100.26 161.712 too. 8.678
, Total 81.708.001 i.sai.407 too. 810S.SS4
FlXBd ck'gM. 1.012.704 1.148,700 toe. 0B.WB6
,BaUo..- B466.8S1 8411.80 Ua. a7.s
Dlvd. pfd.
and coot... 444.787 38B.S48 too. 164.B46
Burplu... 810,000 8127.868 Dm. 8117,168
. Only praferred dividend.
President M. J. Carpenter In hla report says:
The receipts for the fiscal year Increased 7.46
V oeut . notwithstanding the .ever los.es at
tending tho coul minorrtrlke that lusted from
July 1 until Sept. 15. The physical oondltton
of the road haj been kept at a high atandard.
The sum of $300,000 ha bean chargod to profit
and lues on account of the depreciation of
equipment which was on hand at tho
time of opnaolidation In 1H87, aud carried
at coat In comphanoe with 1U article
NrbyvlUrilL. tor whloh no atook nao ha-
! tre0t b2l,teIW,' Thl oelfliif ,"M 'f th
! BLmw.foTprefMnS stock, whlcti has been
Old ana tho proeeeds expended In general Im
PTovemanta of the property, includjng (he sub
stitution of gtaal tor wooden brldgoa, the Im
provement of ths newly aoqnlred property, ap
p cation of air brakea and other standard ap
Mlanoaa required by the Intarstato Commerce
Commission, end tho payment of ear trust note
essumml In the purchase of.pie Chicago. Padn-
Tha Now England Railroad Company report
for tha quarter endd Jun 90:
Otom MrnIng.tl.eflB.484 1,87.34 Deo. 18.880
Optr. trpensw. l.osi.sio bbs.876 &o. (m.08B
VstMraiBg.. 8887,134 (480,11 Deo. 8103,106
Other Isooma... 41.761 AP.OUB Dm. 3H.38H
Total net 810,81 8600,016 Dec. 8130.184
Vised obargM., 888,608 aoB.SHS Dm. 13,001
DsBett ' 88,714 110,810 Ine. 8117,048
The general balance sheet as of Jun 30 shows
cash on hand $5tM).So and profit and low
(deficiency) of $337,646.
The Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad re
port for tha quarter ended June 30:
1KB. W7. Ohw.
OroM Mrning.. ...814,371 8140,200 Dm. 3,08S
Opsr. expe-MS.... 84.038 72,004 lno. 11,030
Wet sareinga.... 8fl3.148 (77,113 Dm.14.b4
Tiled ohargM 44,638 41,338 Inc. 8.S08
Not Income (17,730 (86,888 Dm.(18.180
The general balanoo sheet showa oaah on
hand 81,138 and profit and loaa (aurplua) of
The Lake Champlaln and Morlah Railroad
reporta for tho year ended June 30:
ISM. WW. Clumfu.
OroM earnings. 840.031 (30,410 lno. 33811
0per.eip.nM4... 86,318 30,844 lno. 8,830
Wet earning... (18,748 def. 8,3S4 Ino.8ifl.nS3
Other Income.... 383 81 lno. 101 ;
Total net $18,000 daf. 88,168 too (17,188
Flied ohaigM... (.818 8.448 Deo. IBB
I et income (10.887 def. (6,801 too. (17,288
The general balance ahent shows cash on hand
$3.431 ; piofit and loaa (surplus). $7,084. .
The Iowa Central Ballway reporta for the
fiscal year ended June 30:
iss. istr. CkoMMi.
OreMers.'gs.(l,880434 (1.671, out lno. (bob.is.
Op. eipen.M. 1,374.050 1,100,161 too. 174,408
Ket esm'es. 8806,470 471.RA1 too. 188,030
Fixed charges 448,008 488,378 lno. 4.832
Sorplus 183,872 88,868 Inc. 8128,817
The total transactions In various shares on
the Stock Exchange last week were 3,276.201
shares, an Increasa of 1.206,108 shares as com
pared with the corresponding week of last
year. The transactions In Stato and railroad
bonds aggregated $17,007,500, an Increase of
Government receipts to-day were: Customs.
$375,760; Internal revenue, $1,440,705, and
miscellaneous. $243,241. a total of $2,008,700.
The disbursement wore $1,215,000. an excess
of receipts over expenditures of $863,766.
Tho receipts of the fiscal year to date have been
S74.3as.648: the expenditures. $116,001,476.
on excess of expenditures over receipts of
The official count of tho oash In the Treasury
attheoloaoof business to-day, compared with
that of Saturday, shows:
Ana. 0. Aug. tt.
Ooldcoin and bullion... 203.5SB,20.1 83o.-,,Ofli,878
BllvsrdoUars and bullion 10.44.013 in.iu.07H
United Bute. nots. 60,8110.866 60.887,063
Other MHti in exce.. of
demand liabilities 0.855,040 11,865,088
Available cash balance,
including gold reserve. (374. 740,610 (278,2(14,4 no
Money In London W0X oent. Rate of dis
count in open market for both short and three
months' bills 1X01X cent. Amount of bull
ion gone into the Bank of England on balance
to-day -75.000. Paris advices quote 3 vTVents
at 103 francs 55 centimes. Exohange on Lon
don 25 francs 24X centimes.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated stock and Petroleum Exchange
to-day were aa follows:
Open- BitK- Lev- Clos
SnUi. JVosm. ing. tit. sxt ing.
BOO Brunswick. 11 .11 .11 .11
SOOConCl AVa.... .4B .42 .42 .42
400 Mount Rosa.:.. .18 .18 .13 .13
300 Iron SUrer. 75 .75 .76 .76
1000 Utah.'. 08 .08 .08 .08
COO Yellow Jacket.. .17 .17 .17 .17
Total aales. 2.700 shares.
Mohdat. Ang. 22. Gm Wheat Spot was
quiet and easy. No sales here :ot.theoutports.
24,000 No. 2 red sold for export on private
terms. Free on board afloat : No. 2 red. 76Xc. ;
No. 1 Northern spring JJuluth. 75e. No 2 red
In elevator. 74o. Futures declined lXo.to2Xa.
compared with the official close of Friday.
Future sales 1,245,000 bush., as follows:
Oprnina. Highlit, Lemit. Closing. Xiahl.
Angus 76 76 74M 74W 77
Beptember. enU BBM 67M 8774 BUM
December 88M HHM SB 01114 B7U
Hay 67K H7K 07(4 07K OBK
Bye Wm easier. Wo. 2 Western, 4BKc., frcn on
board afloat Corn Spot vu in good demand, but
wuker. Th aalM were 801,000 bush., of which
300.000 were for export, Including 120.000 No. 2
mixed at 86Mc. here, and 340.O0O do. at the outpnrts
on private term, frteon board afloat No. 3 mixed
in elevator. BUaS 1.000 ungndod mixed at :i."Hc.
rntures declined Ho. to lo. compaluwitb Friday's
cIom. Future sale., 186,000 bush., u follows:
Opening. Bighett IsneelL Closing. Kiakt.
September..... :U 14 84J4 84 84 B6M
December 84)4 B4M 84M 84M B&H
Oats Spot were rjulet and easr. The sales were 10.
000 bush. None for export. No. 2 mixed. 27c: No.
8 do., 300.: No. 2 white, 31W83c; No. 8 do., 31c;
track white. 10,000 at SOOiiSXo. Futures ware
easier. No aalea.
Opening. Bighett Lonftt. Coimo. 7f.
September.. 34M 36W
This Is th visible supply:
Aug. tO, 'tS. Wuk't Ckgt. Aug. tl, 97.
Wheat bu... 5.850.000 Doc. 1.047,000 10,7211,000
Corn, bu lfl,138,ooo Inc. lOrt.ooo (1,068,000
Oats, bu 3.1110,000 Dm. 17i,x0 800,800
Bye, bu 401,000 Dm. 4H,000 1,1174.000
Barley, bu... 346,000 too. 3,000 B12.U00
The New York stock is given below:
Aug. to, 'ts. WteVechanga. Aug. 3107.
Vhtt. bus...273.S86 Dm. .130,413 024,502
Corn, bush 48U.U44 IJec. .22H.U02 3.03H.314
Oau, bush 86,028 Dm.. BM.183 1,11'.'.,001
Bye. bush ,488 Dm.. 26,101 825.001
Barley, boah.. 8,170 too.. 1.450 78,783
Nothing, it would aeom. but the smallneaa of th.
actual supplies of wheat and the tendency to over
sell prevented a notable decline to-day. As it was,
lamer receipts at the Northwest, ths fact that the
estimate of Chicago receipts to-day wm exceeded,
and lower cablea caused some recession. The North
WMtem receipt, were 080 cafe, a.ainm 814 this day
laal week and 316 last year; Chlca-u gut 2u7 can.
against 06 this day last week and 388 last year, and
the palmary market re aived a total not much below
that of a year ago, or 1,406,053 bush., against
1.441,000 this day iMt yur. Livrrpooldccllncd !td.
to IWit. on the spot and HA. to Had. for future de
livery; Paris He. on wheat and 80 to 70 centimes on
flour, aud Antwerp 12M centimes. Karly In the day
Chicago car lots dropped 1c. to 2c. Ths clear
ances from the Atlantic sc.Wmid were only 300,000.
Yet the decline from B-turday's unofficial prices waa
only fractional, and at one time there was a rally,
th. rank and Al. of operator, finding them
aelve. oversold. Cash wheat at Minneapolis, which
opened He. lower, became firmer later on
owing to a brisk demand. The American viaible
supply fell off 1.047,000 bush, aud la now down to
&,t,6o,0oo, against 10,720,000 a rear ago. This la
tectum- pretty close to the bone, especially when we
recall tho fact that a year ago the supply was con
slilrred remarkably small. Chkaito baa less than
half a million bush. The estimated receipts there
for to-morrow, too, were only 100 cars, fioreover,
the receipts at the Northwest to-day, large aa they
were, had been mostly, it seems, sold beforehand.
The quantity on passage to Europe decreased
1,700.000: tho English visible supply decreased
04.000. The world's shipment, last wMk wen
stated at only 4,808,000 bush., against
6,670,000 111 the previous week and 7,242,000 for the
aamo week la.t year. Borne of the bulls laid consider
able strea. ou the decrease In aupplie. bound for
Europe, arguing that it ebould neutralize the IncruM
in the receipts. Besides, th. smaller eatlm.ted re
ceipts at Chicago to-morrow and reporta of heavy
rain, at the Northwest war. also strengthening
factors. Mr. Cudahy waa said to be buying at Chi
cago. The net result of the fluctuations wm a decline
of a moderate fractluu. Perhaps really the worst
features were the dulness of the speculation aud
the falling ntt in the export demand. Core waa de
pressed, partly In sympathy with wheat, and there
was heavy liquidation, which uncovered atop order..
Then. too. th. Cl.icago receipt, were large, reaching
oui cars, and the utlmate for to-morrow wm owo.
The quantity on paaaage to Europe luoreMod 1,120,
000, the American visible supply mcrcsMd lofl.ooo.
and Liverpool fall ld. to ltd. Then were reporta of
excepUonaily hot weather in Nebraska and Iowa; but
Nebraska and Iowa, it la also said, .ere selling, and
the loaa crop, it la predicted, will be the
largest on record. The world's shipments
showed a fallln. car, rea cblng 4,782,ooo.
agalu.t 6,010,000 in the previous week ana
4.780,000 for the same week last year. Tho primary
receipts were 824,007, again.! 1,1 7ft. 01 o tins day
last year. But the drift WM downward, and there
was only a nllght iaUy before the close, due to the
covering nf shorts. There was a fair export trade
here and at the outpor 1 on an easier basis. Oats re
Mded with other grain The visible supply de
creased 171,000 bush. Chicago, Aug. 23. wheat
The vredioted increase in North, estern receipts waa
realised te-da-. These big gurt-a overshadowed
mvviT other cottaideiatiou. Wheat loat about a cent
In the laat hour. There wm enough covering of
abort, to close the market about Mc. under last Sat
urday . Primary receipt, were m large la last yrer'a.
There were heavy rama through ths spring wheat
States. orMting the possibility of some delay. The
cash demand waa not appreciably iocreaaed any
where by the weekno-M. Th. sample market hare
wn considerably lowvr, i-artkul-rly for No. 1 north
eru. SpMulation doos uot incieasc much. Cora loat
a cent with a great rush by holders to liquidate. Ib
covering. ak'UI haUoftbiaWM recovered. There was
talk of hot wather ln -ansa, and Ncbr.sk.. but the
only wMthas- ooudltion that would help com now
would be low tea iperat-iaa. KothtBg of that sett M
Insight lvaarpoolwasM4. t d. lower. Seaboard
ctearanejswjr 4TT.0Opj byj jfk aw-atry ts ot
1 '
' decided nhiMttoa of steadra euaatfUrtaa th.
' Wtskaaae elMwbmr. ClMranoM wmb 107.000 Vtaah.
Th Meal stock, 411,000, dstrtassd 78.000 tmah."
Futob Trading eoatteosd qalet to-day, bait a
moderate decline took plac In prices. Th deprM
t slow In wh--st and the larg. receipts U Northwestern
markets eaMdth.dMllae. Th aalM wr 11.000
I bbta.
Sat. acs.
, Becerpt 30,818 88.867
Exports t 18.08
Winter la bbls.t BBpsTflae, 83.368)13.40; Wo. 3 extra,
3.453. straights, B3.4OWM.0A: patents. Is.flSW
is.00. Spring In bbl..: CTmib. aB.B0WJB.5t);
strlghts, B8.B6a)B4.1B patents; 84 I. 50. Feed
Ws steadier. Weatern spring In 100-a. sacks,
BI4w.14.7S; 200 ft., lS.5O414.60; winter In bulk,
Cottob 8pet eotton her declined tee., with B-te
nf 100 bales for export and 806 for ardnr.lng: 200
were delivered on contracts. Middling upland.
6c. against Be. hurt year. New Orleans and Oulf
p., agrtnst 8Wr. last year. Savannah declined Mo.
Memphis, rir., end New Orleans. (HlvMton and 8t
Lonl.. i-lflr. New Orleana sold 1,160 bales. Mem-
hi 150 Oslveston 31, Norfolk 47, Augusta 10. and
tvannah V balm. LlTitrpnol declined l-ind. on tha
spot m compared with Frldsy's close; sales 7.000
bales: fntrtre. there, declined 8K to 4 points, but re
covered part and dosed steady at a net decline of
1 H to lvi point.. Manchester wm quiet Th re-elp-t
at ths principal Interior tvwn. were M follows!
Te-iag. Lati Week, tmii Teew.
Augusta 48 88 3071144)
Memphis 84 40 94
Bt. Louis 11 13 34
Cincinnati 84 86 14
Houston 1,B04(,b04 11 B,ien(alD
Inolodlng new cotton.
Ths shipments from August t-i-day were 8 bales,
Memphis 4R. St. Louis 11.IB, Cincinnati 76, and Hon
tcn 1,630 bales. Ths port receipt, were 4,688 bale,
gainst 08.1 last WMk and 0.B3B last year: thos f.r thl
WMk 8,068, against 3,337 thns far test week. The ex
ports from the ports were 6,000 halca. The rainfall
for the past 34 hour, included: 1.60 Inch at
Orcenvllle B. c.: .BO at Montgomery, Ala.: .82 at
Jacksonville. Fla.; .1 4 at Savannah, Us.;. 12 at New Or
lean.; .04 at Ol.arle.ton.B. 0 , and .02 at Augusta, Oa.:
for tho 24 hours ended 8 A. M. Sunday; 2.2B lnchM
t Charlotte, N. C: 1.B8 t Charleston, 8, C.il.BO at
Heevllle. Tex., and 1.82 at Kingatree. B. C. The Sig
nal Service predicts for the next twenty four hoars
ehowere In the Carolina., Osorgia sad Mat Flrrida;
fair In wast Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi
and east Texas; partly clondy In west Texas, Okla
homa, Indian Torrttory and ArkansM. New Orleans
declined 11 to 12 points. Futtirea here declined 14
to 14 points and closed essy. Tho future trading wm
M follows!
rt faa ir.'-t-.i r tt,j
August.. m 6.66 6.68 8.480)660
September. 8)5.68 5.60 6.40
October 6.5lit45.fll 5.01 6.61 B.B2W5 68
I November.... 6.8896.84 6.64 5.64 6.64W5.66
1 December.. ..5.84W6.B6 S.B5 6.r, 6.600)5.67
.lant.ary 6.870)6.88 5.08 6.110 6.000)5.61
February 6.71 B.B0 6.030)5.(15
March W5.76 6.76 6.B8 B.075.68
May g) 6.81 5.76 6.7885.76
One thing Is clear, beyond peradventnre, end that
Is that ths cotton world of this country ana Europe.
on the whole, believe, in Nelll, belleTM that the crop
Is going to be n large one, and that the bottom bu
not been seen yet. Today, accordingly, Liverpool
and New York were lower. New York bring especially
depressed owing to a general disposition to sell and
quite m general a disincllnaUi n to buy. Ths
Carontrte'i weather .umniary on Saturday wm not
vary deolaive, perhaps, cither way, but In same
respect. It wm quite as bullish as tt was Bearish, and
to-day in some parts of the South there were heavy
rains when they were not wanted, and besides the
Signal Service predicted further rain, in the Atlantlo
States. Bat the weakness in Liverpool, the bearish
conviction, m regards the crop, and some increase in
the receipt, of new cotton, which were 706 at 0-1-veaton,
100 at New Orleans, and 26 at Savannah, car
ried the day. 8pot cotton here and at the South wm
generally lower. The liquidation within the last few
weeks lias been very heavy and some few operators
are rather Inclined to the belief that purchases of tha
distent futures would prove advantageous. Bat ths
general sentiment is unquestionably advene to bor
ing at the preecnt time in spite of the fact that th
crop outlook Is really uncertain and that the price Is
now very low, a now low record having been made to
day on this crop. The last previous low price wss on
Nov. 11 of last year, when November Mid at 6.54c,
while to-day August closed at 6.40c. Some experi
enced cotton nirix'hente and operatoMteke the ground
that the slxe of the crop will not be known with any
thing llkedeflnltcncas until about the 1st of October.
There has been a gnat deal of rust and shedding, the
Plant I. weedy, end the condition In many wctlons is
varmble, in sonto good and in othen td. Bolls In
nuinv parts of the belt are reported small. A drought
folloiving the prolonged rainy aeason, it is te
llevod, would be productive of very serious
results. Within the next five weeks the crop
may be favored by very good conditions ana
then again it may meet with a sharp setback. Mt-an-titnc
nobody really knows whether the crop Is going
to bo nine, ton or eleven million hsl-s. Moat people,
however. Delieve it will be big, and u the visible sun
ply on Sept. 1 will large, they say they wonld be
besrish even If lh crop shouli prove to be a million
bales less than that of test year. Then arc some
hcie. howover, who incline to the view that cot-
ton will Me much bettor days on the new crop.
Athens, as., Aug. 22. "Serious Injury to cotton by
rain." Spartanburg, 8. C. Aug. 22. "Some cotton
is open. Indications that crop will be later than
usul." West Point Mitts., Aug. 22. No rain for a
week. Quite hot weather. If It grows hotter may
do considerable damage." Other Mississippi advice.
My crop look, aplendld in .lie, but little fruit
Columbus, Oa., Aug. 22. "Crop late. Some damage,
will be npalred by good weather."
Corrax Bio on the spot was Arm ; No. 7. 8J40. The
sales wen 800 bags ilaracaibo on private terms.
Futures hen advanced 5 to 16 points and closed
steady, with aalea of 25,000 bags. Bavn advanced
Jf. Hanilmtg rose H to 1 pfg. American warehouM
deliveries for the woek 88,810 bags, against Al 443
lsst week and 72.038 last ye-r. Rio waa steady at
125 ruia advonne; receipts, 17,000; stock, 332,000;
exchange, 7 ll-82d. Santos wm steady atloorcis
advance; receipts, 81,000; stock, 476,000. The
future trading here waa aa follows:
Viif's. Hitlkett, Lomit, dating.
January 8,750 6.00 6.0B B.Bnrsr,.iio
February BOO fl.oo fl.oo B.004Y8.06
March 8,2flO 41.10 e.lO .10(tl.l6
May 3,750 fi.25 B.35 fl.30t.26
June 600 11.30 B.80 6.25.80
Jnly 760 B.06 6.30 0.8080.85
September 6,760 6.AO B.OO &.665.AO
October 5rO 6.AO 6.8O 5.66415.00
November 260 6.06 6.85 5.0t5.A5
December 6,750 6.86 6.80
Hicher cables, moderate receipts, and long buying
caused a rise in coffee. Importen were still selling
futures ana nst pmchaacs of high grade coSee in
Brazil. It is contended that the American visib!
stipply of Brazil, though large, now reaching 1,000
000 baga. Is likely to steadily increase owing to largo
purchases in Ilrull for Beptember shipment to this
corntry. But the firmness of European and Brazil.
Ian markets and the fact that receipt, are compara
tively email encourage the advocates of higher
prices. The total receipts since July 1 at Bio and
Santos are l,473,too bags against 2,000,000 for the
same period Inst y cur.
Metaxs Iron was quiet but higher. Bitot, August
snd September, 8tl.87i.at7.0B. The stock of pig.
Iron at the warrant yards decreased 2,600 tons for
the tan days ending Aug. 20; total stock is now 23U -70O
tona. Copper wm strong and higher. Spot. Au
gust, September, and October, 1212Mo. The ex
port. for the week ending Aug. 10 wen 2,623 tona
according to Metal Exchange returns: total since
Aug. 1 , 0.802 tons. Lead wm quiet. Spot, August
and September, 4.07W4.10o. Tin wm dull and
easier. Spot, August and September, lB.vo.
10.10c. Spelter wm firm. Spot August, and Sep
tember, 4.704.76c. r
Nsvai. SToara Spirit, of turpentine wm quiet at
2UU2WMC iiosltt wss dull at S1.80tl.8a for com
mon to good strained.
1'itoviaioN. Lard wm Maler. Prime. 86.8214; re
fined for the Continent 86.00. Pork wm dull, but
steady. Mess 80.508)810. Cutmeats were firmer,
but dull. Pickled hams, 7S47Hc; do. bellies. W
tc.;do. shoulders, XW. Sic Dressed liogs,6X5lJc.
Tallow SUs. Hotter 'remeev W-t-. ..
inc.; flrsls,- 17W18.4c.; seconds, 1817c; thirds.
14MU5Mc; State extras. lBMc; flreu, 17M018c!
thirds to seconds. 14MB)17c Cheese State, full
cream, largo, colored ami whiufsncy,7)47i4c. 1 good
to prime, 78)7140.1 common to fair l4s0f4r.; small,
colored and white fancy 7JkO)Bc: good to
cholcr, 7l4'7kc: common to fair, H7c. TftM
State snd Pennsylvania, fresh gathered, prime, 14H
15c; Western, fancy, )4Hc: fair to good, 18H
1 4c. Chicago. Aug. 23." Provisions ruled lowsr 0 n
furt her Septem bee liquidation, lard showing the moat
weakness. The demand waa chiefly from short..
The closing was quiet. Cash demand was good.
Hog receipts were liberal, and that market weak at
6910c. decline; 17,000 hog. an eetimated for to
morrow." ,
Sooab Baw wm firm: test 8M0. bid; ft, teat.
4Mc bid. The aales were A. 700 begs centrifugals.
00 test, at 4Wc ex ship; 168 hogsheads Musoovado
80 teat, at Mlfc. ex ship, and 1,810 baga molasses
sugar, 811 test, at 8Wc, ex ahip. Befined WM fairly
active and firm.
Caioaoo, Aug. 33. ThM wen to-day's pritwai
Wheni: Opming. Bighett. tew CUting. Bight.
Sept... 03M 6AM 63M 88 88M
Deo... 1114 3) SIM BIN 03
May... 63R 04 68), B3l2 64M
Sept.. ION IBM 30 8-18 10M BOM
Dec... 80 80 30M 30K SOW
May ... 83 B3M Sirs 33 83
Oalt :
Sept.. 1014 10M IB 7-18 1044 IBM
Dm.... lOM 30M 30 30H 30
May... 33 22 VI 13 ni 33M
Sept... 85.07 B5.07 88.00 86. On $6.10
Dm.... 6.17 6.17 5.10 5.10 6.20
Sept... 5.10 5.11 6.00 B.05 B.10
Sept..'. B.OO B.OO 8. BO 8.B6 8.05
DM.... 8.80 8.05 8.80 8.U5 B.87
(T. Louia. I
Whemt: Opening. Citing. K.ght.
September 04M MM 6
December 88 as SBM
Maj.... 85 84M 06M
Sepum'bar 1BU 38M 38M
DMember 38M 28 2M
May OOM aoM soS
Septembwr SOW 60M ao
December. 58U 682 bM
May 1M 81 fllg
Beptember 03 83M S3M
Docembrr out coff 81M
Live Btoek Market.
Sxw To-, Monday, Aug. 33 Becelpts of bxra
for two .lays were 8.830 heat!. Including 40 can for
export. 03 oan for city alaiighlerei. and 47 can fur
the market. Steers were in good demand at steady
pricoa; rough stuff Mid fairly well, hut in
some cam. at rather lower figures. The mar
ket eloaod stead), with a roll clearanc. of
the yards. Ordinary to itra native an era sold
at S6.Sfl.Mi per loo -4M tail enda at B4.B6:
WMtem half breeds at 86.16: oxen and stag, at
8.26W8&; bulls at 83.76tM3.AO. and cholc. fat do.
at a4.U6a4.i7M; dry oowa at 81.76. 76. Bnind
bMf was ia good deuwad and firm al 7M .Mc ) .
for Inferior to prime uativ. side- rtx.ru to-day
poae; to-morrow 780 beevM ajul 3.B40 quartsna of
ST"l- F?fey bl.4vteM aneted Aaiarlraii steax
lof b iiw "" ,
SSLeS&m -iajjj!!rff i3fflffl'.ittf
atartat y-kilBsrrva wt-wfatdorat, roait
' $?$ Iheey and Utnbs for two dsy wer.
10.A1B Seitl. lactuolng IB eatBroj-ctty "tchtflwinid
76M can for the market: Bad total rtpyw'r
boat x ear. BhMpwM stdyto had"'.
I tombs. on -4vrsvnilM,4teeBndW
oanwerrtnsolstnlat.honr. l,tJ$WJ
I eold st 8SB4.7Bt lop .: colls" mm tew Ji
choirs wethers st 6; Inferior to rjjrn lambs 1 at
B4.16)M Mat sate, early la ts day vnrest SB.11M
1 08A.35; culls" t B.BO. Drevswd m-itton
, BMeirtarfomrortwndaTawereJl.B70
eluding boot T o" for tt market ,Trade was
slow snd pri-M saaler at (4.304184.60 per 100 lb, for
Inferior to choice bogs.
Complications have existed for soma tlms
concerning the ownership of the Grenoble, at
the northwest corner of Seventh avenue and
Fifty-sixth street and also the Grenoble apart
ment bouse adjoining and fronting on Fifty
seventh street As a result the hotel property
was recently sold under foreclosure to J. Hull
Drowning. Yesterday th nrrtrnent house
was also dlsposnd of at auction In forooloaura
riroceedlngs In the action of , tho Brook
yn Savings Bank against William Noble
and others. The attendance waa small,
and consiHted mostly ol real estate brokers
and a few oporatora. The Incjjmbrancoa upon
tho property amounts! to f30.4U2. and the
, attorney for tho plaintiff announced before the
aala that BHOO.OilO could remain upon the prop
erty on bond and mortgage at 4M per cent
There wan only one bid, and the Pronertywaa
knocked down to Theodore A. Swan forfjwtv
gOj). The real buyer. It was stated later, waa
J. Hull Browning. This will now give him con
trol of both properties.
Private 8.1...
Ernrt-Marx-Nsthan Company bu aold, through
Frank Kooh, to Christian Btoehr th pletTl30x07.4x
about 107, with frame bona, and stable. Oa th
northwest corner of Audubon avenue and 110th
atreet. on private terms.
Mandelbatim A Lewlne have pnrchaMd from th
Andnws estate the three three-story brick dwellings,
on lot 36x88, Nos. 70, Bl and 83 Delanccy street
..I..h, ,.. S ( V,, tin On.h,rri -treL -i
I William A. Oraham hss aold for Maria A. Huber
and another to L. and 8. MlchaeUon Nos. 840 and
851 Kurt Third street, old buildings, plot 40x08.
John W. Plnson is reported tcThsve sold to a firm
of bnllden the two lota on the eMt aid of Fifth
avenue, 100.11 feet north of 110th street
Auction Sales.
At the Broadway Salesroom yesterday William Ken
nelly s ild No. lflB Allen street. 36x87.6. four-story
frsms store end tenement with five-story brick tene
ment in rear, partition, to Max Cohen for 817.000.
D. A M. Channcey Real Estate Company sold In
foreclosure the plot, lit). 8x580. on the south corner
nf Benson snd Twenty-fourth svenues to Mary H.
; MiOord, plaintiff, for 834.800.
T. A. Kerrigan Mid No. ux Oraham avenue, 36x100,
four -etorjr brick tenement, with store., forecloeure,
to Charles Relzenatcen ror 8I0, 760.
Jere. Johnson, Jr., Company sold on Saturday
sixty-one lots, known ss the John L. Voorhles estate, '
located at Onvesend Neck road. Avenue IT. and Fast
Third .treDt, Thlrty-flnt wsrd. Lots an Or-ves-end
Neck road averaged 8370 each, on East Third
street 8160 each, and on Avenue U 8320 to 8860
Court Calendars Thla Davy.
Appellate Division Supreme Court. Bocms.
Supremo Court Special Term. Part L Motion
calendar called at 10:30 A. M. Part II. Court opens
at 10;8i) A. M. Ex parte matters.
Kurrogate'a Court Chamben. For probate Wills
of Elizabeth Kohlor. William M. Lrddy, KIDa O.
Donaldson, Ma-y J. Wtllard, Patrick Delaney. Mary
F.. Browne, Ellen L. Demorest, Nancy Squire at
10:30 A. M.
I City Court Special Term. Court opens at 10 A. M.
1 Motions at 10:80 A. M.
Dated August 10, 1807.
and WM. NELSON CROMWELL. Trustees, give
notice that in accordance with a certain indenture
made by the above-named Railroad Company, dated
August 10, 1BU7, the Central Trust Company of New
York will receive proposals to sell the above-named
bonda at a rate not exceeding, however, the par
valne thereof and accrued interest, with five per
centum added to the principal, the total offer not to
consume more than one hundred and fifty thousand
(8150.000) dollsn. The sealed proposals will be
opened at the office of the CENTRAL TIll'ST COM
1 three o'clock P. M on the 36th day of August, 1B0B.
By E, Francis Hyde, 2d Vice-President, J Trustees,
Car ley,
& Co-
Specialists In Speculative Investments.
DEPOSIT COMPANY. Trustees under the umiUaKe
of the lYimpylvai.iaOer.tral Ilrewinir Company. (Utt-cl
October 3A, 1MH7. invite prupontUa for the rial to the,
said Trustees of all or any part of $D(.X)0 of bauds
secured by the said nnrlcairt, the proposal to be
addressed to the nald Truntees at their office, .127
Gheatnut street. Philadelphia, and to be oiwncd and
acted upon on the flr-t day of Aoptemhur next at 12
o'clock M. aoUN B. rtKHT, President.
PHILADELPHIA, A u aunt lt, lHttH.
NORTON & Tiistiu;
33 Will STREET,
Capital and Surplus $875,000
DAVID H. BATES, Vice-Pre..
U, S. Bonds, All Issues,
Members V. Y. Btock Exchange.
Douglas & Jones,
Members N. T. Stcck Exchange,
Market Letter on amplication.
Tj0R BALE At par and accrued Interest, in lots to
a? suit purchasers, Fifty Thousand Dollars railroad
old bonds; Interest six pircrnt., uayalle Jaausrj
and July; road eamin. net twice as much aa neces
aary to par all lnters.t characs.
163 Broadway, city.
Sivi&tua m nutttu
(of Chlcaso).
NoUre Is hereby irlven that a dividend of 1W per
cent, has been declared ou the Capital Stock of this
Compear, parable to the Stockholder, oa Aim. th.
Ths transfer books will close, in New Tork. on Aua
11th. isi8.at8 P. M.. and wai reoim au. .otE.
ls. st 10 A.M. L. A. WILEY, IWsurer.
1.0 Broadaai'. New York. Ana. ill, i una.
Th. interest upon the Scrip or toe O.umaiir to
apt. 1.1SJW. wfll be ,ld to llMlde.. of ,3"
that date. Tu. B -rtp books will bi eloaed on tUt, Mlb
day of AlW.. lHix, at 8 o'clock P. M.. and .nnu.U on
the 2d oay of Sept., mus. a: lo o'eloi k. A M.
, PH. FEUD. KO-BK. Treasurer.
. . JUWAI,l,bT..N.,Y. AUB II. 18PS. '
Ths Director. hv ,. this day de, lai-oU a iiiarterlr
dlvUend of TWO PES CENTon the vntirndiil
parable Sejt. u, !. u. aUn-kholder. of record at
thscloaoof buslneaa Auk. lt. Traufir Imoks of
thspn-ferrcaaUM:. laillbe closwl from Sept. 1st to
Bepi. BLh. both inclusive. Checks will bo ma.leu
EDvyABD C. LEE, Treaanrer,
lni and Jttmuigf.
a-f"J21."d Vaa.Co-. I-, will UsSsld at tUelr
oaaoa, 100 8th ev., on Sept m, at a p. M .
Bl'WN!lt W. WHITS. Secy.
lM.c Haur.B
therefor. skgr nailftad to ,Si'.lT.'
" JL- ta- rSSr
Aug, 17. uwtmmm "" aer.
g?MHC g-rttrtf .
I pOST OFTICE Noncm. "
(Should be read DAILY by all lBtsmted, as rh.njea.
mar orcnr at arrjr Mwie.)
Forelam mall, for the week ending An. 27. inns,
will close (PROMPTLf In all eaaosi st the (trTi,-ral
Post omce as follow.! PARCELS POST MAILS close
one hour earlier than rtostnn time shown below.
I TDKBDAY. At 1 A. M. for IRKLAND, psr stram.hlB
S-nla, via Qviertis'own (letters for other parts nt
Knnipe must be dmted 'per Servla"): at 7 A.
M. for K.CBOPK. per sieamahlp Trava, via South.
amptrni and Hrenirn (letter for Ireland must be
directed "pcrTrave").
WKDNIfSDAY.-At i A: M. (snpplsmentarF 10;JIO
A. M.)for El'ROPE, per steamship Germanic, vl
Qneenatown; st 10:80 A. M. for EUROPE, per
atesmstilp Noordland, via Houthampioa (letters
must be directed "perNoordlan'1").
THURSDAY. At it A. M. for EUROPE, per steamahlB
F. Bismarck, via Cherbourg-, Southa mpann anl
EOTPT snd BBlTISn INDIA, per stesmshlu I
Oaseotme, via Havro iletteta for other perls of
Europe mu.t lie directed "per a (laspops")i .
at :IH) A. M. for EUROPE per steamship Unv v
brla, vis Qiie.nstown (letters for France, Swifter
land. Italy. Spain. Portugal, Turkey, Kaypt .n
British InilU mint b directed "psr Umlirl.")i
at H A. M. for Nl.THERLANDS direct, per steams
ship Rotterdam, v a R tterdam (letters r"t ,
directed " per Botterdam").
After the closing of the Supplementary TransasV
lantlc Mails named above, additional supplementary
Sails are opened on the piers of the Amnrlcau, Kng.
ih, French and Oerman .teamsrs. and rem.ln opek
until within Tea Minutes of the hour of ssllln, of
stean tar.
" " MNDrE?trU' AMltBI0A'
GUADELOUPE, via Martinique, per steamship H.
M. Pollock from rhlladelpnla: at 10 A. M. foj
SANTIAGO DE CUBA, par steamship Seiniram
&1 P. M. for INAOUA snd HAITI, per stesm-hip
nlson: at 8:80 P. M. for NKvT01INDI.anl
per steamer from North Sydner; at 10 P. M. tot
JAMAICA, psr steamer from Philadelphia.
WEDNESDAY. At 11 A. M. (.uppl.mentary 11 S
A. M.) for VENBEUrXA end CURACAO, alio HAT. 1
ANILLA and CARTHAOENA. via Curacao, pet
steamship Abrdos (letters for Ponoe must be di
rected "per Abydos"): at 11 M. for OPEN ADA,
TiUNTDAD and TOBAOO. per steamship lira. i
waddy: at 13 M. for NEWFOUNDLAcfD. pet f
Bsearn.mp rorua: as i:oo tr. m. isupi'iemenisry "
1 P. M.) for PONCE. P. R.: ST. THOMAS. Ht.
rr steamship OarlbbeSiSt I P. M. for NASSAU,
P., also CUBA, via Havana, par stesmshle)
Eennett (letter, for Tamploo must be directed
" per Eennett"); at 11 P.M. for JAMAICA, pet
steamer from Baltimore.
THURSDAY. At 11 A. M. for BRAZIL, per steasa.
ship Oiprl, via Pernambueo ( letters for North
Brar.ll must be directed "per Capri"); st 12 M.
(supplementary 1 P. M.) for CENTRAL AMER
ICA (except Costa Rica) and SOUTH FADtFIO
PORTS, per steamship Alliance, vis Colon (letters
for Guatemala must be directed " per AU Janes ")
st 1 P. M. (supplementary 1 :80 P. M.) for BER
MUDA, per steamship Orinoco: at 1 P. M. for JAs
MAICA. per steamship Ardsudhn; at 1 P. M. for
Para, and Msnaos, per steamship HlldebraBd.
FRIDAY'. At 1 P. M. (supiilementarr :80 P. M. fat)
shin New York.
per steamship Siberian, from Philadelphia: at lo
A. M. (supplementary io:no A. M.) for FORTUNE)
and COSTA BtCA. per stesmship Alleghany: at
lo A. M. (supplementary liv.ao A. M.) for II A ITL
per steamship Athos; at H:30 P. M. for NEW
FOUNDLAND, per steamer from North Sydney.
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax anl
thence by steamer, close st this office dally ai
H::uiP. M. Mails for Mlquelon, by rail to Boatoa
and thence by steamer, close at this omce daiby
t at 8:30 P. M. Malls for Mexico City, overland,
ttulosa specially addressed for despatch by steam
er, close st this office daily at 2:80 A. M. and Ills)
P. M. IReglatered mail closes at 0 P. M. previous
Mails for the Society Islands, per shlpGslilee (froak
San Francisc ), close here daily up to Auk. 2., ai
8:80 P. M. Malls for Chins, Japan, and Hawaii,
per steamship Bclaic (from Han Francisco), close
here daily up to Aug. 28 at fl:8() P. M. Mails for
Australia (except those for West Australia, which
are forwurded via E impel. New Zealsud, Hawaii.
Fiji and Samoan Islands, per steamship Moana
(from San Francisco), clnpo here dalle no to Sept,
13 at 7 A. M., 11 A. M., snd 8:80 P. M. (or on
arrival at New York of steamship Etrurla with
British moils f.r Australia). Mails for China and '
Japan, per :tea:nslilp Empress of China (from
Vancouver), close here dally up to Sept. i .t 8:80
P. M. Malls for China and Japan, per steamship
Olympfa (from Tucoms). close here daily up to
Bept. 8 at 11:30 P. M. Ma'ls for Australia (ex
cept West Australia), New "-land, Hawaii, and
F11 Islands, per steamship Miowera (from Van
couver), cloe her.- dully after Sept. 3 aud up to
Sept. Iir.nt il:.TOP. M.
daily, and (lie schedule of dosing is arranged on tha
fresumptU n of their unlnterr jpted oveiinni transit.
llciptcrod mail clo ea at u P. M. previous day.
('OHNKI.IUS VAN COTT. l'o,ttiuter.
Post Office, New York, N. jr., ATg. 21, 1SB8.
A special meeting of the stockholders of ths ETT
on the 3d day of cutcmbcr, 18iirt, at lo o'clock la
the forenoon of th it day, at th otHce of snch wm
Iiany, No. 41) Lafayette place, in the borough of Maa
lattan, for tho pnrpose of voting upon a proposition
to increase its capital stock aa follows, to wit:
The preferred stock, from thirty-six thousand dol
lars i$:irux)ii cditsitinir of :mo sharea of the par
Talus of one hundred riollare (tloo.00) each, to
ecventy.-vo thousand dollars (S7.r,OiMl). consist'uaj
of 76o shores of tee par value of one hundred dollars
($10(i) each, aud the common stock fr.im thl tr-eis
thousand dollars t$3U,()00). consisting of 3tm sharea
of the par value of one hundred dollars ($100) each,
to seventy-five thousand dollars (7.-.(00), o nMin
of 750 shsres of the par value of one hundred dollars
Dated New York, August 12, IHI'S.
A msjorit.v of the direcirs.
r (i Itotirrs.
To all peesens intsrestei in tho estate of Tha
Wood Ic Parker Litliographiug Company, assigned to .
Benoul Lockwood, Jr., for the benout of creditors,
sin 1 greeting:
You snd csch of yon ate hereby cited and requhed
XM-rson-lly to he and spp'.ar in the Supreme Court of
the suite of New York at a Special Term, Part I.,
thereof, In the Couutr Court Louse in tho city of M
New York, Iwrocgb or Manhattan, on the 1 2th dav of M
October, ihiw, at 10:3 I ii clock A. M.. tlicrc and Uien
to show causo whv a l nal set. o uellt of tho ac
counts of Benont Lo"kwool, Jr.. aasigne.. cf above
named Word A Parker Li tUiic rap-lug Comi onr. In
solvent debtor, shouldinot be lian. aud if no cause .
shown, then to attrud the Unal aettloment of tin1 aa-
siiineo's accounts. H
In testimony whereof I have hereunto causrd the
seal of the said Supreme Court of tho State of New
York to be heret-i affixed.
Willi s., Hon. CHABLR8 B. VAN BRI NT,
SEAL.! Prasiitixr- Justice of Ihe said court, this l
day of A lgust, lsus.
II. B. Stamp. I
UO-. Canvellcd.l
,AS9 1). LUHI.III), HS
A'orney for Assignee,
Oice anu P. O. address i m
No. T, Oder street.
Borough of Manhattan, If . T. city.
P. HENRY liCURO, one of the Justice, or the Sn- H
I ren e (' urt of New York, on th ftth day o'. AUtust, H
IMPS, not cc is hereby given to all credltois and i er
sons haling claims Bgara.lt a United States Foun
dry Compsnv, a domestlo corporation, lately do n
business in the City of Now York under sail corpo- r
rate name, that ihey are required to present iheir
clslma, with the voucher, thereof duly verified, on
or before the l.'.tli day of Ortul er, lHlttt, to the aub
acriber, the di ly cppolntrd assignee of the sld
company for th benefit of its creditors, at hla office,
No. Ii South William Street, New York City, Bor
ough of Manhattan.
Dated New York, August 6th. ihiih.
WILLIAM A BOSS. rtrtisTirt.
PABEER A AARON. """ """" a BBej
Attorneys for Assignee.
15 Wall Bt . New York qty. ?
urnvEBsiTy or the ; crrYWNBW toeC
beeu long. -established and has had more experlF-oa
tnan any other adterUaiug physician; city papers
prove this. Under hla aclcnUnc trestment -S-od and
akin diseases, pains in bones, red spots. soTi throat
and mouth, ulcers, painful .welUneja, kidney and
bladder complaints, scalding iiiflauimatluus, gravel,
undeveloped organs, weak back, lost vitality, are
speedily, permanently cured. Man about to marry
bouldc..u.-ltOLD DR. URINOUS. Erery Impedl
ment removed. Huf7en:r., do not waits time visiilna
leas skilful pin slclsns Remember, OLD DB. GRIN
DIJiiKicr fails. OfFlCE OVEB IB EAB8atl71
West ia Jiat.. between uth and 7tb .v.. Adiice free.
Mcduiue. $ . Hours, n to U; Sundaj s, it to a.
OLD DM. CEBT. AS years a specialist la
diseases of men only. Quickest permanent cure
guaranteed la all diseases. Blood p-iisou. skin dis
eases kidney aud lluld. r troubli. weakness, net-
vous debility, errors of yuuth. bad dreamsTuudoel
oped organs. iuiHHUmcnU to marriage, Ac. Be wise,
consult tho only old specialist in the city. Office)
over OS years at 110 Bust 17th st user Union rVpisre,
Hours ill to li; Sundays, II toil. rlnttc tr.atmrai
aud advice free. Medicine only CO cents No charge
uuleaa cured.
s.i?.rM-VU riax -sTPKEMANEtiT
J.UU. In iliscasts .,f men: dangerous case onio
ned; relief t ouce: those desiring !- 11 rati Is as
scieutiflc trratiuriit should call. The leadin. social
ist. Dr. Boiischur. 1.7 West 22d st.. g to 3. 7 to a.
6uudas. 10 lo 1.
A DB. ()NUD s SAM rABIUM.-cienl.Iio. sktV
ful treatment of all dises.es of women, privata
rooms, run couveuieuce and applsanos: eousulta
tlon u A kf. to i. P. M. Call or write f-rlkl
117 W. 71h.t. Tel. U420 BSth wa
DB AND Mp. SIMPSON" .oleaclatift. l
1 1 N.w X0."- "nooesafully treat all f0IUe -plaints
and irregularUiea; 15 yaar.rspercnce; prl
r.5 "fcrt0':, " nurs; treatment gitaiau
teed; tree ivin&denUal advice. to U. 68 Wcet 0U I
at., near Ur.ad way.
TU MBS. BEINHA&D to-ita feuato lirerUa. .
DBBI-INB. 177 Wt7s..-eMy:si: -J
A. M to' ItmV"' " "-"' wea; !

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