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WismnoAT. Ave 34.
AJthonch a vsry cooaldsrabls and Influential
lament In the stock market bslisves In a reac
tion and haa bean working to brine nna about
for asversl dara. prices In the main do not rs
apond to their efforta. The axtonslva profit
taklnE of the last tan dara. together with the
efforts referred to. have resulted In an
Irregular market; bat there ha been no
. dim Inutlon In the volume of business not an r
contraction In the apemilatton, The dealings
(o-tlar were In excess of half a million shares,
and the distribution was a brood ss at anr
time alnoe the prcaent upward movement be
gan. Borne atocka were depressed, yrt few of
them materially, and the decline In those
waa owing to considerations specifically
suTeotlng them. Itegnrning the market aa
Whole, the loeaea they sustained were more
I than offset br the revival of activity In stocks
" heretofore neglectedtahd by larger transactions
til the bond market at advancing prices.
While the market for the stocks that
have been foremost in the advance haa
been digesting heavy reallclng aalea
the low-priced atocka. many ot which
resent probabilities of enhancing-values equal
to those whloh have become realities In some
of the high-priced and now established divi-
denrt payers during the last decade or two. are
beginning to receive the attention that Is in
- variably accorded them In a developing bull
The early speculation waa unsettled by a
r'" torther sharp decline In Manhattan Ball way.
Simultaneously Metropolitan Traction Jumped
np 8 points, but. It should be added, did not
hold that Improvement to the close. The
trading In Manhattan Railway waa unusu
ally heavy, the transactions In It being
second only to those in Northern I's
, elfin oommon. It dropped nearly 3 points
from the final price of yesterday, and at a frac
tional recovery sustained a net loss of 2
cent. There was no news affecting the value
of the property, hence It seems fair to Infer
that the steady and decided decrease In the
earnings of the company as compared with
a year ago is beginning to bring long
i i stook upon the market. That the company Is
making strenuous efforta to minimize the
effect upon net earnings of this falling off In
gross receipts is shown by the obvious econo
mies recently Introduced In the operation of
i the property.
The only other noteworthy net declines were
those in C, C ( '. and St. Louis, on the reported
abandonment for the present, at least, of ne
gotiations for ths absorption by the company
of competing lints. In American Cotton CHI, In
the Paclflo Coast stocks. In Mew York
Air Brake and In Consolidated Gas. The
decline In all of these except the last
named la fully explained by the fact
that the speculation in them haa been
active and rampant. A further net de-
dine In Consolidated Oas brought confirmation
of current reports of an open rupture between
the four local gaa companies, namely, the Con
solidated, the New Amsterdam, the Standard.
Mid the Mutual. The news of serious diaagree
, fnent between these corporations confirms the
belief that has existed for a long timo that
there has been an explicit, though perhaps In
formal, agreement among them as to terri
tory, output, and competition : in other words,
that they have been practically pooling their
business. It Is understood that charges of bad
- ' faith in carrying out the pooling agreement are
now made, and lively competition between the
I companies is not improbable. In fact, has
already begun. It Is possible, should the pres
ent condition of affairs reach an acute stage,
that It will be found that the way baa been
. paved for the establishment of closer relations
than ever before between the various Interests
supplying the borough of Manhattan with gas.
The advocates of higher prices were greatly
encouraged by the revival of speculative en
thusiasm In Northern Paclflo common. That
stock led the list in respect to activity and
closed at nearly the top prioe. whloh was IK
- oent. above the final figure of yesterday.
I a The Street, or at least a large part of it. per
sists In believing that the Northern Paotflo.
. Company is likely to dealers a dividend
upon Its common stock this fall. Though
the profits of the company are exceedingly
gratifying, none of Its directors or officials, so
far as can be learned, encourages the view re
ferred to above. People's Oas waa another ex
ceptionally strong stock, and the trading in It
waa extensive. The advance in It took plane In
the face of authoritative statements that the
.. controversy between the company and the
Indiana Natural Oas Company haa not
been settled, and also In face ot the
publication of belligerent and even threaten
ing statements alleged to have been made by
those interested in the Indiana Natural Oaa
Company. The broadening tendency of the
market waa noticeable In American Spirits,
Chicago and Eastern Illinois issues, Chicago
Terminal Transfer preferred. Consolidated Ioe.
Minnesota Iron. Illinois Steel, and Standard
, Bope and Twine. All of the securities of
the last-named company were dealt In more
' extensively than for a long time past, its 0 V
' cent bonds advancing more than 3 points.
There were indications of a reviving demand
for American Halting Issues, owing to the be
lief that the annual statement of the company
will show nearly 2 cent, earned upon the
common stock, although the company when
formed, a year ago, had to take over several
million bushels of product from Its constituent
concerns and dispose of the same for their ac
count. According to advices from Chicago, which
certainly have the merit of being plausible, the
, consolidation of the Minnesota Iron and Illi
nois Steel companies and the absorption of the
Johnson Iron Company by the new corporation
, are the first steps in a programme that contem
plates the eventual concentration with these
enterprises of the more important Iron and
.. steel plants in Pennsylvania, Alabama and
jc ' Colorado. The activity in Chicago and Eastern
: '.' ' Illinois Issues directed attention to the possible
part that the property upon which 'they are
1 ; , based may play in the extension of the " Big
f Your" system, partly because of the traffic it
controls and also because of its exceptional
terminal facilities in Chicago. Irrespective ot
these possibilities, the company haa just pub
lished a satisfactory annual report, and recent
ly placed Its common stock upon a dividend
paying basis. The closing was in the main
Steady, with the majority of prices down to or
slightly below the final figures of yesterday.
Msav York Stock Exchange gales Aug. 4.
carrau states and statc bonds (is 1.000s).
. . B2UBJ'. wl 6 Tana Bet (a.... 03
106MO1O5X 40 TaSsdsf.tr a
IVBU.i 112 6MC8M
R' closixo raicgs or oirrrgD states bonds.
, Mid. Alktd. Hid. Alktd.
turtJ'.f. Un8t4s,o.
slplofft SB 1MB 187 18B
BBS., 1008- UnStfis,r.
IBie.r ...105(1 106M 1904 US 118
KSBs.lBOs- CaStfts.0,
ISIS.o 106H 106M 104 118 118
BnBt4,r, DhBtsa. r.
107 in iia las. loaw
BftBtat. o. UlLWai,
JS07 1115(111 1M4.S011T
a St 4s, r.
IMS 187 1SB
7 Atehadj 4e... 73 100 o R Has... 100W
8 73M pOreSLinoA.. 81
78K 1 .,... 81M
78K 7 81
18..... 78 8 Ore ( L Ino B. 68
IB Atcbgal PSM 8 fiBM
14 06H 17Paoof Mold ..107N
7 06H lOPso 4 Kaatln. SO
8 Adams Ex 4a. 10 6 loj.
; a Ala Mid 1st.... 03M a 80
8BM 8 Pitts Waist. 01
SAmBMSe 84 1 8 Read gnl As. . . . 83K
1 AmTobeorip 80M 10 83H
v- wOH B t)SJ
AxoOOSs 107k) 10 BloO wist ... 01
4 Brook To. io 6K l BtPaMina eniaen
1 lOoWllOBoFofNMlstlODX
(10 CaOgSMs.... 80M 6 81 P Ma.exa.l 01
IT 00 SHtLABF. 2d
8 C. BSQcur 6.1H0J cl B 116M
T 180 4BlI.a8rces.i20M
B0.BQ4a,N.xl01 IB 1801
10O.B.ef a. 106 10 180H
O.ss..10k 80 BtPgalAa. SA106M
- ' i i .i .....-..,. ... .
70.0.CS. ML 4 MP 1st. dat.
4a.Mf.aiv.... 9BM waiv 1171
1 OltDlXU .111 4MI.BW1S4... BOM
BCMTsrSs 00 7 BOM
6ColftMh AvlstlBB 80 BO
1 0 Col Mid 2-4s. . . 67 A 70M
1st 106K B 84M
1 108 6 84M
ecoaBrmes.. 00 6 baa APit4.. 70
8 BOH BSOaOs 1st... 06M
BftCOaltyletlse 48 JB3 SeR'sray as... uSM
1 41N84 B8M
B 48 lOSouBaTSS.. 71M
4Ch. lALBa.... D8 11 78
BDenARO lst.UlM 18 7BM
8 DAB Oca... 08X31 7SM
1 B8H B 73M
g Dss B Q I (a 94M 10 74
S Pet M A M 1.. 17 3 74M
10 Del City OSs.. 94.X 8 74M
80 04K1O-... 70M
10 04N8B 70
BMaprtor bd.. 08N 90 MB ttaa.... IBM
S 94 60 17
87 94 88 17M
6KIin lat....lO0M 4 17M
SrtWerthlst... 781 217 ............... IB
lOFtwanairt 100 17M
-4a 88M 8 18M
SO. B'g B A 10 m 17M
MPtSs 97186 18
SOrBayaabA.. 48M 2 Tex Pac latsa. 107
8 II Val Ba. SR p 88 71 TeiPac Jd In.. 4BM
28 II A St Jen n. 123 00 49M
BB.KAWTlat 94 180 a. 49M
8 94M 184 ..... 4BM
1 IroaMtas B9M 141 ... 00
6 IHCn4a.lSS101l 180 ........ BOM
2IntOtI d.. 01 88 g.n.i.,.1 0OM
1 1 Kaa ft Tax s.. 60M10 .... 0OM
13 96 40 .... BOM
8KaoxftOlst..ll0M 0 4BM
BKC.Pftaist. 78M 0 4BM
2 Laclede Oss 1st 100 80 49
10I.ftWBcnas.101H 81 4BM
0 IE Wad.. ..104 7Tft NOcnBa.lOOH
1 Long Dock as. 18B 0 101
lLaka Shad, c. 117 lTO.IftBSa.
0Lake8hBMa...lOOM Tenn dlv BSM
0 L ft K.F ft8 let 97 0 T O I ft B Aa,
8MetBtBrBs...ll3N 1 Blrdlv 93
1 Mo. K A F.lit. 101 ) Onion Pmo 4a.. 99
B Hex tat ea 78 6 99H
0 77H 08 98M
11 MtfltLcnr.a.108 40 08
10Mo. KftTof 10 CnlonKlleMr 93K
Texaans 88 46 Vn P. D A (1
40 MobftOgnl... 80M lst.tr 78
0 BOH 90 78M
7 BOM 160 78M
3 Mob AO.MdBUOa 10 78M
7NPprior4a....l00M 0 78H
3 100M 70 78M
37 N Peril 8a 66M18 7BH
14 66M188 79
10KftWen4s... 86 40Wabash3d 89
16NTtBn.ml. 89 8 8BM
86 89M40 WabdsbsB... 80M
4 NT ft Sua 3d.. 08 80 30M
6MJ0gnlos....ll4 40 30M
6NT0ent latrllOM 10...'. 30H
6 NYC. L 8 col 10 30M
BMa. 96M16 - 31
lWaahftChatcnl04 10 31M
8 103H 60 31H
8NYO8tL4sl07 20 .. 81H
1 106H 26 ..... 31H
ill WBMa. 103". 70 31M
7NT.0 Wr4al01M 1 WaatUneolBs.ll 2
17 108 36WlsOentlst.tr 63M
3 101H 1 63M
1 101M 10 63
6NY,OftWcnSal07 126 62M
Total aalea ot railway boada (par value). 1 4.03 1,000.
Ojxn- Ilio- Lev tCUrtnt
ftTn. ing. til. til. Bid. AAt.
14B4BAm8B.140M141H140H141 141M
aBBAmBBpllOM 116M110M116 116M
S0B7AmBM. 13M 14M 13H 14M 14M
anoOAraSMp 37M 3BM 87N 39M S9M
100 A Cable. 07H 07T 07H 06 96M
8780 Am Tobl40M 140M 130H 130M 140
730BAmCO. 39 80M 37M 87M SB
BBOAmOOp 80 80M 80 60
100A. TS
re 14 14 14 IBM 14
lieao A.ifcs
Fepf.. 36H 37 86M S6M 86M
B0 A Malt.. 84 34K 34 88M S4M
lBloAMaltp 83N 84N S8K 84M 84M
laBAnnArb 18M 12K 12H 18 18
AW... 87 87M 37 8BM 87M
40 AmBteal
ftWp. 0OM BOH 0OH 90M 00M
aoOBrunaw 11M 1 1 11 11 UM
BOBBtOas 8H 3M 3M 8H 3M
ISABBBkBT. 86M 67 66M 66M 66H
3035 Con Ice. 48H 46 43M 44 44M
!B335ChOtW 17H 17H 16M 16K 16H
pfA... 41N 48 41N 41M 48
B35BChee0 B4M 84M 83 H B3H 84
OBOOCftEI. 6BM 61M 09M 60M 61M
BOOCftEIplOB 100 108 108 109
7980 C.C.O ft
BtL... 48M 48M 41M 48M 43
BTOOCftHW 136N 136H 136M 186M 136
l7lSSO.BftQ.lL8M 118H117 117M117M
42110 C,M St
l'......112M113M112M112H 112M
l'pf.168 IBS IBS 107 108M
14305 C.KIkPl 00 106H106H106H106H
SBOColPnel 24M 86 24M S4M 26M
130CbTer. 9M 0M 9M 0H 9M
700BChTarp 32 83M 88 38 83M
BOOCLftW 14H 16H 14N 14H 16
2488 Con Oaa 186M 187 186 186 186M
100 c.I if.. 9H 9H OH 9M 10
lOOC.IftLp 34M 84M 34M 33 86
llODelAH.llOHHOMllO 100 100M
200D.LAW161 161 161 162M
4O0DetOa. 60 61M 61 61 62
BlODftROp 63H 64M 68H 68M 64
600DMftFtD IBM IBM 18M IB 18H
88 Dal, B B
AAtlp 8H 8M 8M 8M 8M
826 Erie u u 14H 14H 14M 14H 14M
70OErielp. 38 38 37M 87H 38M
2ti Erie 2 p. 19 19 19 18M 20
100EdleEI.132H 132M182H131 133
044 0tltorpl38M138M 188M 188 139
B4BOenEleo 41M 41M 41 40M 41
CSng. 27 27 27 B6H 27M
4200 1 Paper. B3M 64M 63 63 63M
2786 let Pp. 92 03 02 B1H 92
1800111 Cant U2K 112M111M111M112
1750lllHUsel. 68M 69M 6BM 69M 69M
800 la Cent. 10 10 10 9N 10M
286 la Can p 37M 87M 87 H7 87M
lOOKftDktp IBM 16M 16M 10M 17
820LEW 19M 19M 19 IBM 10
260LEWp 77 77 77 77 78
807 LaclO.. 63H 63M 63 63 64
4ir. Lou AN 60M 69H 68M ASM 60
464B0ManCon B6H 96H 08H 04H 04N
6888 M Iron. 02 04 08 03M 04
4S7SMBtRrl68 168 166M166M166
800 MA BtL 28 88 88 87M 89
100 M A It L
2dp.. 61M BIN BIN 00 01
eaooMoPao. 87M 87M 30 86M 36M
10M.KAT 12H 1'BM 18H 12 12M
lOOM.KkTp 86H 86M aeH 80H 87
200 Mob A O 28M 88M 8BH 88 20
loo N LOU. 7 7 7 OM 6M
141B MC.ii! 1 IBM 1 18H 1 1 8M 1 1 8H 1 IBM
SBONatLd.. 3BH 30 88M 38M 38W
80SatLdpll6 116 110 114 114M
1285 KurAu. 7 7M 7 OH 7
1160 M Y Air
Brake.. 06M 07 06 04 06M
Btl.ap 37 87 87 80 87
BONatBii. 83M 334 82M 32M 33
70NAW. 16M 16H 16M 16M 16M
laoONAWp 64M 64K 64M 64M 64M
SUUNorPac. 374 8BM S7H 88M 88H
1282JJorPp. 70H 77 76 76M 76M
leooontfcw 16M 16M 16 16M 16M
76 on ft N 61 61 0OM 60M 00M
IBOOBftKp 70M 70M 76M 76M 76M
loo Ore BL. 84 84 84 88 84M
1446 Pac Mall 34M 86 84M 34H 34H
100P.DB8 1M 1H 1M 1M IN
tMPOoast. 46 46 44 44M 40M
121 PacC lp 86M 86 86M 66 BB
476PacC2p 03M OSM B8M 08 00
eor.Tt W
AC. ..171 171 171 170 178
82OPPCCU180 180 188 168 190
1200P.C.C ft
BtL... 46M 46M 40 44M 40
3BOP.CC ft
MLp. 66 00 06 04 06
8IOP.KB..H0N HON 118N 110 HON
SS640 People's
OAtt. 104M 100M 103M :04M 104N
' i i waaaai " '" i
31m. sas. sat' 44 Ms. 4SML
teoBaaatac 10M 10M 10N 10M 1BN
tTOOBsaatp 40 40M 40 40 40M
IIOBOW.. 88 88 88 81 88
IMBOWp 68 BB 68 67 68M
IMRtPftDal 86 80 06 84 86
ft.. .168 170 108 170 178
BOOBo Pac.. 88M BM S8M 08 BSM
liaOBeBr... 8M 0M 0M OH OH
BtSBSsBrp. SON 86 80M S6M 86H
EOOBtfftOI 7M 7H 7M 7 7M
4C0 8tJft(
IlStp. 01 BIN 01 BO 68
taap. BIN 81M BON 80 80H
1108 BtL 8F BN 6H 8N 8N 0
00 BtL ft
Plstp. 68 68 07M 07M 0R
IStl BtLftS
Jf2dp. 84N S4H S4N 84H 84N
44BBBftT. 6N 7N 6N 7M 7M
Mil TO ft I. SB 88M 88 8BM 88H
lOTOftlp BO 80 80
BOO Twin O
HI.... 84 80 84 80
100 Tol ft O
Op.... 80 80 86 SO 86
lBBBBTalTao. 1 6N ION 16N 16 16H
tl2S0OnPpf. 64N 60M 64H 64H 64N
2ioUP,DkQ 4H 4H 4M 4N 4H
1480 0 8 Bab 46N 4BN 4AM 46M 46M
18B4TJSL... 7H 7M 7H 7H 7M
8387 CBL p. 78N 78N 72H 78 7SM
0 Wabash 0M 0H H
aSBOWebpf. 81M SIM 81M 81M SIN
assoWCnT 04N 04M 04M 04M 04M
630WALB im IN 1M IN IN
oowchSU 00H 07M BBM OOM 00
Total sales, 000.100 aharaa.
BM. AtkM. Bid. AiM.
Boa ft Alb.. 840 ErlaT.l 73
Bo.AMo.ie6M 166 WettKlae.. 31M 8BM
CbleJ eomlBOM 186 OeBTOeep. 97 99
ChloJpf..lS8 180 Boa ft Men. 220 886
Fitcbb'gp.104 100 OalftHeola 600
NewEagp. 98 100 Oaeaola.... 07H 08
MexOan4s 64H 6AM Oabbsy H..1 19 120
WEBcom. 87 B 7M tain Mm... 174 170
DomlnCoal 88M BSM B DO las. 80
Am Bell T. 283 284 'Beaten Kl.. 6SM 68M
Bid. AtkH. Bid. Atkt.
ThtcbTal 21H 21NK18Bp... 41 42
PhilaTrac. 94M 7 PohnMnf.. SIM B1H
CnlonTrao BOM SON "a M Co SS103H 1 03N
MetTrae...l66 166 WelaOeem 18
CTofNJa 6lM 62H W.labCop 70 78
OTofHJBslOOM 107M WHYftPa 8M 4
UulmpCoiao lSOHBaUTrae.. 28H 28N
WOLOo.. 48 40 Maradea... 6M 6M
El SB eom 34M 80 '.
cbioaoo cixmiwd aooTATTona
Bid. Allfd. ',' ' Bti. AlUd.
AmBtfbd.. 30 31 Mil Brew.. 8M
C A Dock. 68 Mil Drew p 36
Chle Brew. 6 KchStBy. 228
Oh Brew pf SI SoSlde'X" 66 66M
CttyB'war. 800 BtSCar.... 10 19X
DiamdM.140 141 WChStBy. 90 96N
LakeBfL" 13 13H BBl.cblt o 82M 32N
L8t"L"ctfa 10M llMMBlaouttp OOM 06N
MetW8"L" 8(
Atchison a a p 14M Northern PaclBo... 88M
Atrhlaon pf 37H Northern Pacific pt 78M
Canadian Paclflo... 87M OnUrloft' Weat.... 17
Cheaapeaka A Obis 26 Pennsylvania 61M
Erleoon.aap 14H Beading, 1st a p.. . 10
Erlelstpf 3 OH Beading lit pf 23M
Illinola Central.... l0NBt Paul 116M
Kanaaa ft Texas.... 1 CM South Railway OTi
LakeShore 200M South Railway pf.. 36H
Loulavllleftltasb.. 61H t'nlon Paclflc. 20M
New York Central. .12M Union Paclflo pf... 67
Norfolk A Wpf. n. 66Wabaahpi 22M
Final sales compare with those ot yesterday
as follows:
Aug. U. Aug. fa. 1 Avg. tS. Aug. ft.
A.TftRFa 14H 14 North Am.. 7M 7M
A.TASF.p 3 OH SeHKorfftWp 64M 64M
Am COll.. 39 37NB" reom...l3SM 136M
AmBBef..l40H 141H UPaeoem. S7M 8BH
Am81lpf..ll5H llOMNPae p.... 76H 76M
AmTob ...139M 130H N YCant...l IBM 116H
AmBp M.. 13 14M Omaaaoom 86M 86M
AmBpMp 38 SOHOatftWest 10H IBM
Brook HI. 66M COM OK AN.... 60M 60M
c.c.CAStL 43H 48HraeO 0. 103H 104H
CBl Q...117M 117H Pac Mall... 34H 34M
0on0as....l86M 186 Pall P Oar. 180 188
Che.AO... 24M 84 BooMa!andl06H 106N
ChOW... 17M lOMRasdlng... 19M 19M
Cl,Lkw.. 14J, 16 Ueadlstpf 46M 46
D.LAW...161 151 StPcoD...112M 112M
DftBOp. 63M 63H8tPaulp..l68 166
Erie BR... 14H 14M0bB'way.. 9N 0M
Erlelatp.. 38 37MBoR'warp 36M 86H
OenFJec... 41 41 StLBWp. 13M 13M
Ot North p. 138 138M Stan RAT. 6M 7M
Illinois Cenl 12 1 1 IN Texas Fao.. 16H 16M
KanATp. 36H SeHTC.IfcB.. 82N 32M
LoqfcRaah 69H 68H On Pac 28H 28N
LEftW.... 20 19 CnPscp... 66 64i
LEA Wpf 78 77 DSBsbber 40N 4bN
LadedeOsa 63 03 tlBBabp.100 106M
M.nCon... OOM 94H US Leath.. 7H 7H
MftStL2p 61M 61NCSLeathp 73M 73
MoPac 37H 3 BK Wabash p.. 21N 21N
MetBtBy..l66M 166M WOnTal.. 94M 94K
Nat Lead... 38H 38MWALE... 1H li
Government bonds steady at unchanged quo
tations. Railway and other bonds irregular.
The features were Fort Worth and Rio Grande
J-4s. Kansas and Texas 2ds. Heading general
4s. 8t. Louis Southwestern lets. St. Louis and
Han Francisco general t)s. Southern Hallway
Be, Union Paclflc 4h. Union Paclflc. Denver and
Gulf lsts. t. r. '.Wabash debenture, series 1):
Wisconsin Central lsts, t. r. : Atchison, and
Standard Rope and Twlno Issues. Tho more
Important net advances were In Atchison adj.
4s. H cent., to 73; St. Louis and Han Fran
cisco general tls, h, to 12J ; Southern Hallway
os. ,S, to 8 : Standard Hope and Twine (Is.
4. to re, and invoiqes, l. to 1S'4: Union
Pni'iflo. Denver and Gulf lsts. t. r.. 1. to TO. and
n abash debonture. series 11, ll cent., to
31M. Th noteworthy declines were In Atchi
son Konersl 4s. cent., to H5f; Fort Worth
and Rio Grande 8-48.1'., to C2S ; Kansas and
Texas 2ds. X. to 05; Heading general 4s, .. to
(OMi St. Louis Southwestern lsts, ,i.to 7U'i;
Union Pacific 4s. H. to 0Ui(. and Wlscotibin
Central lsts, t. r.. X V cent., to 5'J.V
Commercial price of bar silver In Now York.
flOMc. Bar silver in London closed at 27,d.
Mexican silver dollars were quoted at i6Hc.
Exports to Europe to-morrow. 50.000 ounces.
, Money on eall.lSf2 cent, Timo money
is quotod at 2S V cent, for Blxty dayB. 3 cent,
for four months, and 8M cent, for six months,
on good mixed Stock Exchsnge collatcrnl.
ttomuiercial paper Is quoted at 3H(S4 V cent,
for bills receivable: acceptances and prime
single names HiiOH V cent. ; other names 4.ffl
6 cent.
Sterling exchange after a steady opening be
came weak under increased offering), of com
mercial bills, both for Immediate and future
delivery. The final transact Ions were at slight
ly lowerratesull around. Coutliientul exchange
was weaker. Posted asking rates for sterling
arc: Sixty days. $4 84. and sight. 14 .80M. Ac
tual rates are: Long bills. S4 M3Vu;s4.KIi :
sight drttfU. $4.HA,. and oablu transfers.
t4.8i)). Francs are quoted at 5.22'.f5.21J
for long and O.'JOSfflS.ao for short; relchs
marks. It4 7-KJrtaPt4II-l for long and (Ty35K
for short : guilders, 401940 1-10 for long aud
40 3-lOYi40 for short.
Domostio exchange on New York: Boston
la-SfolltlS cents tllauount. Charleston Buying,
par: selling. H pn-mluin. Savaniuih Buying.
1-lt) disoount : selling. 7." cents premium. New
Orleans Bank. SI nrenijuin; commercial, par.
San Francisco Sight, 15 cents protnium ; tele
graph. 17'i cents premium. St. Louis Par.
Chicago 35 cants discount Cincinnati Bo
tween banks, 60 cents discount: over counter.
In the outside market Glucose Sugar Refin
ing common is quoted at !UhlaHUi, and the
preferred- at 10f)Sfilo7,i : Standard Oil trust
certificates closed ut 421u)4L'; Stamlard (las
common at 13.Voil42, and tlie jireferted at 166
9105; Mutual Oas at XltKiXIrtO: Amsterdam
Gas at MWdMO'i. uroferred atOUaiin7n)a, and
the Iwnds at 102rilo2'. ; Buffalo Gus at 22 Va
Wi. Iionds, ItSrtMK); Contral Union Oas bonds
at 103VS104' ; Brooklyn and New York Ferry
at 37 l,'ni. and the bonds at WUMlH.
The International Paper Company has de-
?lared a dividend of IM per oent. on its prs
erred stock, payable Oct. 1.
The Allegheny Valley Railroad reports gross
earnjngs for July of 9219.557. an increase of
1.475 as compared with the same month of
last year, and uetBU6.647.au increase of $1. 257
For the seven months ending July 31 tho cross
earnings were $2,488,177. an Inoreoso of fllH.
:I3 as compared witli the corresponding period
of laM year, and net $580,133. an Increase of
Sol, 371.
The San Francisco and North Pacific Rail
road reports gross earnings for July of tVif.4lil.
a decrease of 2.1I2 as eotu pared with the same
month of last year, aud net B3M,:t'i5 a de
crease of 1 3.4115. Fixed obarcet. were tln,ltlk
leaving s surplus of WU.M27. a decrease of
'i'he Nsw York. Lackaganna & Wttrw stall
ii. ii j,. .1 tittt ,t(ti,imt. 1 im
Jpsxt OorApanr reports for tfcs year ended
OrsasssnTs .tg.lOT.sian T.niS.ifl lae. pjsfiiis
Op.stpasiaaa. 4,111,744 .4it.tT8 Co. Hit At
Wejsan..M,gBM W.S7S.lt Tne. B3I8.71B
Flx'dehaiges i.44,8s 3.S2S.4B; Des. Tu.sot
BurplUS (1.447,001 tl.14T.4M ISC 2B.81T
Ths Syracuse. Bingham ton and New York
Railroad Company reports for ths year ended
1899 19ft7 fBTfiamt
Oroaaaarntaga....t8l,84 tMe.lW Inc. tSMTt
Opsr.expauass. ... stt.lM 48T.8WS fao. 31.8SS
Mat earnlags....ttT3,aot San.tOT lae. (1.818
Other laooms 6.4BT 18.404 me. B.to?
Total.. ttTt.lOB tssAant Dae (7.81
ruedcherges 1T8.401 184.388 Dee. T,73
,Blnee t202.(ll4 2203,418 Ins. 1201
Dlvldsnda 200,000 200,000
-Bo'rpUM. ! t3.l4 (2.418 lae. (201
Total anrplne 24,20a 248,ftM toe. 2,811
These securities, smong othors. were sold by
auction to-day at the RearEstate Exchange :
31 abare. Rank of Mew York, V. B, A. . . . 288M
80 abarse National Buteh'a ft Drov's' Irak TOM
107 .hare. National Park Bank 840Mto842
12 abares Praakllp MattoaalBaak (0
10 .hare. Colonial Trust Co. 1PBM
1 1 abarea United Btatea Trnat Oo 1211
1 s ahare. United Btatae Plre Ina. Co lit
18,001 ahare. Niagara Oompanr.. 8
180 aharra Union Traetlon On. of Phils. . . . 20M
1 abare Albany and Buaqnahaans ft. B . K2M
. 2 share. Piihibnnc, Pt. W'ne Chle. R. R. 170S
toOAaharesC. B. A. PeaarnoldBrn.. L'd... 10
.2STOTmnt recelpta to-day were; Ciutoms.
H87.07W: Internal revenue. 6flri.OTVfu'
mlsoe laneous, 117.038. a totsl of ii.489.
The disbursements were $2,015,000, sn excess
of expenditures over receipts of $1,100,611.
9 uiOMa of expenditures over receipts of
The official count ot ths cash In ths Treasury
atthnploseof business to-dsy. compared with
that of yesterday, shows:
Aug. (g. Aug ft,
0"I"'-olnandbnlllon...(305,48B,3o4 (ISAjTt.OBO
5rlT?r.a2U44ndbulllon 10.742.678 10,872,884
United State, note. 81,217,178 81,488,260
Other aaaeta In eieeaa of t
demand HaWUUea 10,480,747 ll.lBT.tBO
Available eaah balance.
including gold raaerTe.(2T7,86t,861 (280,(88,81 4
Money in London M oent Rate of discount
In open market for both short and three
months' bills lHfflll 7-1H cent. Paris advices
quoto .1 V conts at 103 francs (HI 'centimes. Ex
change on London 25 francs 24 centimes.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Reorganiza
tion Committee calls for tho second installment
of l v share upon the first preferred ' stock
deposited and $10 9 share on the seoond pre
ferred and common stock payable on or before
Sept. 0 at the Mercantile Trust Company.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange
to-day were as follows:
Open- Btgk- Im- Clee
Salti. JVauu. tug. at. ut. int.
800 Alamo 04 .04 .04 .04
BOO Anaconda. 80 .86 .88 .86
200 Con Csl ft Vs.... .44 .44 .44 .44
100 Mexican 16 .16 .16 .18
800 Mollis Olbson.. .21 .81 .El .21
lOOPortlaad 1.30 1.80 1.80 1.30
Total aalea, 1,700 aharaa.
Wbdnbsday. Aug. 24. Gnaw Wheat Spot
was fairly active and Arm. The sales were 192.
000 bush., all for export, including 48.000 No. 2
red at 75c. ; 32.000 do. at 74S74Mo.. free on
board afloat bore, and 112,000 at the outports
on private terms. Free on board afloat: No. 3
rod. 75c. : No. 1 northern spring Duluth. 75o. ;
No. 2 red in elevator, 73c. Minneapolis re
ceived to-day 254.250 bush., against 115.340
last year; Duluth 128,377, against 22,420;
Chicago 211.050. against 371.111 ; Milwaukee
35,750, against 27.300: Kansas City 110.000.
against 107.928; Toledo 124,200. against 91.
521) ; Detroit 42.640. against 47.566; St Louis
40.000. against 107.028. Futures advanced Mo.
to He. but lost this and closed Mc. to Mo. lower
on all months except August, which was 2c.
lower. Future sales 1,145.000 bush., as fol
lows: lAUt
Optninp. IIi0ttt. Lotctlt. Cltug. XigU.
Ancnst 78M 78M 78 78 76
September BM 88 88 88M
December 88H 88H 08 8( 66H
Barley Waa Arm but dull. New feeding, 8498Rc
coat and freight to Buffalo. Bye Waa in fair de
mand and firm. No. 2 Western, 4SMe. free on board
adoat. Bales, 34,000 bnah. Com Spot waa in good
demand and atroncer. Ths aalea vera 820,000 buih.,
all for export, Including 80,000 No. 2 mixed at BH&ii
40.000 No. 2 white at 8(11., free on board afloat
ben, and 200,000 at the outporta on private tenn a.
No. 2 mlis I, In elevator, 85Hc. Futures were Mc.
to He. higher at one time, but reacted and closed He.
to Mr. lower for the day. Future aalea, 180,000
bush., aa follow.:
Opening. Uighrit. LoKtit. Olfing. tfigkt.
September 84M 88 84H 84 A4H
December 84K 86M 84H 84M 34H
Oata fipot waa firm but quiet. The sales were 14,
000 bush. None for export. No. 2 mixed. 27c; No.
B do., 28c: No. 2 white, 31c: No. 8 do., 80c: track
white. 14,000 at 2uasttc Futures were unchanged.
No aalea.
Oprnina. Ilighat. Imetit. Cluing. Kignt.
September.. 24M 24M
Wet weather at the Weat delayed thrashing, and
talk of famine In Ruaala aa wall aa aome covering of
local ahorta caused a rally in wheat after the open
ing. The recelpta at Chicago, too, fell below the es
timate, the winter recelpta were relatively small,
and there was some foreign buying, moatly by the
Continent. The Northwest and St. Louie boqgbt
alno. The cablea, however, were lower, and after all
the primary recelpta reached an aggregate or
U71.O00 bnah., or only 16,000 leaa than last
year. The Northwest got 476 cars, against
only 174 last year. Chicago received only 145
car., against 91 laat week and 220 last year.
but the estimate for to-morrow la 216. Moat oper
ators look for a bigger movement at the Northwest,
and this, together with the weakneaa in Liverpool
and the continued dulneua of tlie speculation, mili
tate, against any Improvement. Liverpool declined
Md. to Md. Antwerp was easier, though Paria ad
vanced io, for wheat, cloning pricea here were
lower, with a 2c. break in August. Corn moved in
concert with wheat, being at one time .lightly higher
owing to a rise in Chicago, where there was renewed
talk of hot wlnda in Iowa and Nebraaka. One mil
lion bush, were chartered yesterday at Chicago,
there waa a good expoit demand at the out
ports and Liverpool advanced HA. to 14d.
But liquidation later on carried prices down
ward, and the last flgurea showed a fractional
in., for tlie d.y. Oats closed somewhat easier at tho
West. Report, of damage In Ohio and Indiana by
wet weather, however, prevented any marked de
cline. Chicago. Aug. 24. "Wheat advanced Ha
above yesterday's prices, but closed with the advance
lost. The demand waa from local and St. Louis
ahorta. When their wants were supplied there waa
nothing left to sustain the price. Advice, from tho
Notthwrst lead to belief of a heavy movement thore
aa aoon as weather penults. The primary re
ceipt, this week are almoat double what they
were laat year and the clearance, an leaa.
The close on wheat waa at the bottom.
Foreign newa la still bearish. London waa la.
lower and Liverpool was week. Corn advanced He.
early, ahorta being the principal buyers. The Im
provement wra more than lost at the close. The
weather In the West was cool aud showery. Cables
were steady. The shipping demand waa slow. Oats
advanced He. and eloaed a .hade under yert 'rday."
Fiona The trading was Vary light and pricea wen
men or leu. nominal. Nine out of ten of the buying
fraternity think the general trend of price. 1. down
ward, ami they ure governing their traneai tloiia ac
cordingly. This make, a very allm market. Ths
aalea wen 8,000 bbla.
Bblt. Sueii.
Receipts 8,200 14.UH4
Kxporta 710 iu,iu4
Winter In bids.: Superfine, (2.2ra(2.40; No. 2 extra
s:i.4(x:i.rt.',:stralglits..t.ur,f:i.H). Hpringiu bbl..!
Clean, .'l.ao3.r.o. straights, (:i.N54(4.18: patent.
(4t4..'.o. Feed Waa tinner but tUlet. Western
spring In look, aaeka, U'14.7S: ioo-tt., si-jtaks
(14.r,0: winter in bulk, (14is(l 7.
Cotton HpotcoUou here waa unchanged, with aalea
of 1.170 bale, for export and BtO for aplnnlug: 100
were dellvend on eoutraeta. Middling uplands 5Hc
agalnat H 1-1 11c. laat year. New. Orleans sud Gulf'
ie., agalu.t m r. in,-, laat year. Augusta declined
Mc. aud Bt. Louis and New Orleans 1-ltlr. New Or
leans sold 2.660 bales, Bt. Louia 871, Savannah
12S, Oalveaton 113. and Augusta US bale.. Liverpool
was urn hanged ou the spot, with salea of n.000
bales; futuna there declined IM to 2 point., closing
banly steady. In Maucheateryam. wen dull; clothe,
older, at low limits. Tba recelpta at the principal
Interior towna wen aa follows;
To-day. Lett Wttk, Lail Ttnr.
August 102 28 221 (.ill
Memphis u-,4) In 26
Ht. Louia 11 6 8
Cincinnati U4 216 48
llou.uui l,r-,l (1,600) 288 8,184 iall)
Including new cotton.
The shipment, from Augusta to-day wen 08 bales,
Memphis 364, Bt. Louia 7112, Cincinnati 78 and Houa
tun 3.H77 bales. The port recelpta were 4.01'u balea,
against 837 last week and 6,368 laat year; thua far
tbls week 12.61H. against 6.D62 thua far last week.
The exports from ttie port, wen 1.010 bales. New
Orleana declined a t 4 points. Futuna hen opened
1 to 3 lower, neovend this and advanced slightly ou
aome month., thru nacted and eloaed quiet but
aie.dy. at a net decline of 2 to 3 points. - The futon
trading waa aa follow.:
Opining. Uigh'tt. Ltnotit. Cloting.
August a..,. 8.61 S.61 6.4 7 '.6. 411
September 96.60 8.6 8.411 B.4tsfi.60
October t6.64 6.67 8.63 6.6416 66
November (:,.r,n 6.89 6.64 8.68(46.67
December. ...6.6706.68 6.1)2 6.67 6. 611146. no
January 6.U246.0S 6.8i) 6.81 6.88(18.84
February 9 6.M4. 6.06 B.8696.87
March 96.70 6.78 6.68 6.7096.71
April 96.74 8.78 6.78 6,7896.76
May 9... 6.7( (.76 6.7796. 7(
Juno 96.80 6.80 8.80 9
Dlaappolutment at tho failure of Liverpool to re
spond to the rally hen yesterday cauaed a alight de
cline in cotton at tlie opening to-day. But then waa
very little disposition to .ell, and after the flret traita
a -tioua vrices rallied audaslight improvement fol
lowed in Mima instances. Liverpool and the Con
tinent bought here, and there waa nion or lea. local
covering. There waa no raiu in Trass, where com-
Slaiut. of drought have been made of late. Hllll, the
emaud was soou aatl.fled. and in tbeabs nee of con
tinued support pricea again weakened aud slowly
receded, the last figures showing a email net
decline for the day. Liverpool was dull on
the .pot. The decline lu that market waa aald
as be due to aaliiug far New Orlssas rimrnnl
v mmnru aowva
S.ll II l J mmmmsmSvwmw.
Then, lee, lae fgerurf4arHe nwowded aaewaM wttb
la tk4 next tatrtT-atx noura Tb Twaaa Boaoeoflha
spM saaHMa at the "onth wees sastsr sad lbs n
cstpta of new cotton sn haereastng. Tcdsy Oslvet
ton sot 8,867 batea of new emu, Mainst 2.44 tats
day last rear. West Point, Mia... Aug. 22. "gaed
"ng baa done wrlona dsaaags: doift think favnralda
weather hereafter will overcome damage la tata sec
tion; think onlr a moderate crop poMtble.1' isvsn
nah. Os.. Aug. 28.-" Weather hae." Marlin. Tex.,
Aug. IV. "Aa pnvlonair stated, damage by boll
worms etaggnnted. Crop la doing well In this sec
tion. Think with a good rain wllhlu ten days
Texsswill make mora cotton than laat year.
Bsoej uta an very light at present, but farmers will
market. Cotton at present pricea." Houston, Tex.,
Aa. 20. "Weather past weak favorable in the
nam. Northwest Teias nreda rain and eait Texs. has
had too much. Worma have done serious damage In
southwestern snd doing damage in central Texas.
JflJYS a Bne plant, and over crest portion of the
Beat raolstun Is in the ground, and ample time to
make a large crop, but it is late and fruiting not
good over an Important area." Montgomery. Ala..
Aug. 20. "Very l.ttle damage by rain, snd look for
fig yield. DuVt think d image will antount to
MSB In our aoctlon ; only a few plecca." Kofanla,
Ala.. Aug. in "Crop aerlonslv injured, but with
good conditions a fair crop will he made In our ter
ntery, but fear not as lange as ltat year."
Memphis, Aug. 1 s. Indlc.tlons point to a large
yield of cotton for 1HU8." Augusta. On.. Anc.
20 "in greater pert of the territory covered by na
rains 1 have kept up the past week. While complaints
an still coming in. we think no one la certain bow
much, damage haa been done by previous ratna.
Weather paet few daye all that could 1 desired, a.
It haa not turned exceaalvely hot. thenfon no scald
ins, which would have cansed a serious dropping of
fruitand forma. Think It will be another week before
an accurate opinion can be reached .a to what the
condition la. Think the dainaco baa been slight.
and favorable weather from now on, such ss we sn
having, will offset the barm, whatever It haa been."
Coloainua, Mlas., Aug. 20. "Blnce we laat wrote you
tba weather hae been fine; the bad weather for the
Isst forty days hss done ilsm.gr, and it only remain,
now to ee how mnrh the plant will recover from
that damage, then an nports of mat and shed
ding." Raleigh, N. 0;, Aug. it). " We have again hail
a rainy week, and cat men complain that crop, on
sandy lands an badly injured, think the crops on
our lands sra very fine, snd s magnificent crop made
IT frost doea not occur before Oct. 20." Pine Bluff.
Ark., Aug. 20." Bines nth Inst have had very heavy
rains in moat parts of the State snd unusually cool
nights. Kffect on enps Is alarming, serious com-
8 Mints sn general, whole fields turning yellow,
irowing off blooms snd fruit, snd extensive dam
ace from mat and worm raportsd. Heaviest 00m
plalnta are from river and bottom country. Hills, aa
a rule, atill have promise of a very good crop."
. Conrax Rio on the apot waa firmer; No. 7, 6Hc.
bid. The aales wen 1,000 bags afsracalbo, 860 baga
Cora, and 700 baga Sevamlu on private terms.
Future, here advanced 10 to 16 point, snd closed
steady. Tho sales were 4U.0O0 bags. Havre advanced
ML to Nf. Hamburg rose H to 1 pfg. American ware
house deliveries, 11.H76 hags. RRi waa firm at 76
nla advance; receipts, 16,000; stock. (48,000; ex
change, 7Md an advance of l-.12d. Santos was firm
St 203 nla advance; receipts. 80.OO0; stock, 63H.00O.
The futun trading hen waa as follows:
Sain. Bight. iMntit. dating.
January 2,600 e.io 11.1)6 8.oran.io
February 2,600 8.20 6.20 (.1690,(0
March 14.000 tt.no 8.20 fl.289H.80
April 280 8.88 fl.S6 8.8O41H.40
May 10.760 8.40 fl.40 fl.8590.4O
June 1,000 ii.:.o A.46 8.4098.46
July 1,01)0 8.00 8.B0 fl.659H.MO
September 8,260 6.70 6.06 6.85(46.70
October 2.250 6.80 5.76 B.7596.80
December 8.600 8.00 6.W6 6.U59U.00
Foreign and local buying, higher cablea, and moder
ate ncelpts sent rotter prices npwsrd. Some of the
bulla take the ground that the crop la not over 8.6OO.
0O0 bags. Others think a conservstive climate
would be 9,500,000, against 10.600.000 last year.
Estimates have been received from llrarll of late of
aa high aa 10,600,000 to 11,000.000, but they have
not been seriously regarded. The future course of
the market, It la argued, wilt depend upon the re
ceipts at Bio and Santos and the character of the
flowering season. From a source in Brazil consid
ered to be entitled to endence It is learned that the
quality of tho current crop promises to be equal
to that of last year. The ncrlpla of Bio
and Santoa laat week wen 262,000 baga. against
31)4,000 for the ssme week lsst year snd 11111,000 in
the year before. Recelpta run 3.1M V cent, less
than last year and 1UIM more than In lHBfl, when tho
crop waa 8,710.000 bags. For this week but
rear the ncelpts wen 410,000 bags, which no
body expects to see equalled dnr.ng the present
week. Hnvreanci Paris, lapeclallr Paris, aeem mon
and mon Inclined to the bull .lue, and the bull spec
ulation hen la gradually exiwudlng. The advance
In Santo, was attributed to buying to cover sales for
'August and September, and alao to cold weather iu
aome districts.
Mktals Iron waa unchanged. Spot, Augu.t. Sep
tember, and October. (6. TO9B0, 7B, Copper was un
changed. Spot, August. September, and October,
12.15912.26c. Lead was unchanged. Spot, August
and September. 4. 10a4.12Mc. Tin was dull. Spot
and August, 16.1 0(e) 16.20c Spelter wts unchanged.
Spot, August, and September, 4.7094.80c.
Naval Sronxs Spirits of turpcntluo was quiet st
2U92UHC Rosin waa dull at (1.809(1.35 for com
mon to good strained.
PnovisioKs Lard was firmer. Prime. (S.40: nflned
for tho Continent. (5.7o. Pork was steady, bnt dull.
Mess, (u.509(10. Cntmeata wen unlet. Pickled
ham.. 7M97Mc; do. bellies, 0M4llMc; do.
shoulders, 494Wc. Dressed hogs. 5M95MC Tal
low, 3M9BHc Butter Creamery Western extras,
19c; Urals. 17H91HMc; seconds. 16917c; thirds,
14M916MC-: State extras. 18Hc: firsts, 17MlHc.;
tliirda to aeconds, 1417c. Cheese State, full
cnam. Urge. colored and whitefancy,7M974c.; good
to prime, 7a7Mc: common to fair (ll96Mc.: small.
colored and white fancy, 7M9Sc.; good to
choice, 7W97Mo.: common to fair, A97r. Eggs
State and Pennsylvania, fresh gathered, prime. (M
915c; Western, fancy, 14Hc: fair to good, 13149
14c. Chicago, Aug. 14. "Provisions ruled higber
with hog and grain markets most of the day, with
the demand from ahorta And one of the English
packers. Other packer, sold on a liberal scale and
bis. with aome September liquidation, caused a
partial setback in ribs and lard and a email decline
in pork. The eaah trade waa fairly good. Tweuty
thouaand hoga estimated for to-morrow."
Scoab Raw waa firmer: SB teat, 8 18-lc; 96
test, 4 6-16C The sales wen 80,000 baga cen
trifugals, 96 teat, at 4 6-lSc ex atom 2.3O0 tona
do. at 4 6-16C ex ship, and 3.C0O hairs molasses
auzar, 89 test, at 8 0-l8c ex ston. Refined waa In
fair demand and firm.
Wool Current quotations of domestic wools
(aconnd), baaed on Wool Exchange official classifica
tion, an as follows: Texas Fine, 12 months, 499
60c: fine medium, 12 months, 46(448c: medium, 12
mouths, 44A46c; coarse, 12 months, 40tit40o.; fine
spring, tl to 8 months, 45946c.; fine medium spring,
6. to 8 months, 44946c; medium spring, 11 to 8
months, 43c; fine and fine medium fall. 40c; me
dium fall. 88c California Northern spring, free. H
to 12 months, 4RC450c: northern spring, free, 6 to 8
months, 46947c; southern, 12 months, 48ca4?c;
southern, 6 to 8 months, 4 antBo.) fall free, 40042c;
fall, defective, 869SHC Oregon Eastern, No. 1, 47
94Mc; eastern. No. 2. 44945c: valley. No. 1, 449
46c; valley. No. 3. 41942c: valley, No. 3, 8893V0,
Territory staple Fine, 62c; fine medium. 50951c:
medium, 46947c Territory ordinary Fine, 479
48c; fine medium, 40947c; medium, 44946c
Chicago, Aug. 24. Three wen to-day's prices:
IFAeaf: Opening. Highlit. Lmatu. Cloting. Xighl.
Sept.. . H8H 64H 68 63M 63H
Dec... 81H 62M 01M 61U 2
May. . 63H 64 M 8H 3H 0(H
Sept. ..' 80M 8OM 29M 2M SOM
Dec... 30M BOH 2PM 29J4 30)4
May... 82M 82U 82 32 82M
Sept... 1014 20 19M 19M HoV
Dec... 20H 20 111H 19Q 20H
afar . 22M 22H 22 22M 22
Sept... B.12M 6.17M 5.10 6.10 6.06
Oct..... 5.20 5.20 5.16 6.15 6.10
Dec 6.22M 6.25 5.20 6.20 6.15
Bspt... B.17H 8.17)4 B.12K 5.15 8.10
Oct 6.17M 6.2(1 5.15 6.17M 6.1(1
Dee.... 4.U7M 4.97M 4.96 4.96 4.90
Sept... (9.05 $11. or. tR.85 (8.90 (8.95
Oct 8. WO 8.90 8.85 8.74 H.H7X
Deo 9.00 9.05 8.86 8.U2M 8.92M
o'lUr.R altaiETI.
Open- High- tow- Clot- tall
ing. ttl. til. inp. Xighl.
Mlnneap., wheat Sept 60 AIM r.ti'S 6914 11044
Dn-...6Mt BWW &R MH 6KI4
Duluth, wheat Sept (13 63M H2M'62M 8314
Dec .SIM 61M 60W now ui!4
Toledo, wheat Sept. 65 flf.M 1144! 114U 65
A Dec. .3M 4ii ts:Si 63tJ 6814
Detroit, wheat Sept 1I6U 65W H4H 64M 65M
Bt. Louis, wheat ..Sept.. 1151. llr.U 64?4 11414 65)4
Dec... 63)4 04 !4 08)4 3'4 U3M
Live Stock Market.
Nxw Tori, Wednesday, Aug. 24. Receipts of
beeves to-day wen 2,153 bead, including 1 11 cars for
export alive, 70 can for city slaughtered and 32 can
for the market; and. counting the stale atock. then
were 35 cars to be sold. Steers wen alow at a decline
of fully inc., rough stuff was rated steady to firm.
The yards were not fully cleared. Ordiuarv to choice
native atecra sold at (4.95'4(6.U5 V 100 aa.; oxen
and stags at (3.311 j(4. '.si; hulls at (3s(4;dry ruwa
at (29(h.i (). Dr aaed Iieef waa rather alow at 714(4
8Me. V ft. for ordinary to prime native sides. Latest
cabin advices quoted American steers week st 94s)
10)4c. V a., dressed weight; refrigerator benf dull st
"Me. ) ft. Kiports to-day 01 beeves and i.moo
quartan of beef; to-morrow 500 beevea and 2.080
quarter, of beef.
Receipt, of ralvra to-day wen 2,499 head, all for
the market. The demand was active, veal, selling
10915c higher and graasera and buttermilk. 25,.
higner: the pen. wen rleand early. Poor to choice
veal, .old at (69(8 V loo As., "bobs" and "culls"
St (49(6. "fad" calvea at (59(5.50, grasaera and
Intf tennllka at (49(4.76. No Wrateru. on sale. City
dressed veala firm at 9912c V D.
BecelpU of sheep and iamb, to-day wen 9,1126
head. Including 12 can for city butchers and ill
can for the market; and, counting the stale atock,
then wen 48 cars on sale. Sheep wen quiet and bare
ly ateadv; lambaaveravted about the aame as yester
dsy, although some sales appeared to be at lower
Sriies. inferior to prune sheep sub! at (3(4.75 V
00 tta.; ordinary to choleo lamba nt (4.759(6.20;
"cull." at (49(4.25. Dressed mutton slow at U9
614c. fl.; dressed lulu ba sold attivSloHc
Receipt, of hogs to-day wan 6.556 head. Includ
ing alsmt 4 can for the market. Pricn. wen
a trifle firm, and rellera quoted ordinary v prune
hug. at (4.25(4(4.51) r 100 lbs A car of Wrateru
piga waa sold lato yeaterday at (3.90.
Real Kstato Private Hales.
The Ern.t Man Nalhan O uapaay hai bought,
through Frank Koch, No.. 225 and 227 Weat 14th
atreet, two five-story fl.ta, each 2,',x9l)xlis).
Morris Mark, has sold for M. L. A ('. Kmst to l.ouia
Ieae, Noa. 123, 126 snd 127 East 103d street three
three. lory private dwellings, each 17x60xlisi.
Oeoraw W. Butfdell haa wild to Adam Hoppell, 188
Weat 119th atreet. a thrre-atory bruwuatoue front
dwelling, lot aoxluo.
B.B. Mclntyn haa aold to Julius J. Lyon, the fire
unfinished private dwellUiga at the aonthaaat corner
of Waehington avenue and l2d street.
H. F. Brbellhaaa niHirta the aalo for ex-Mevor
Charlton of Haebrouck Height., N. J., to C, Dana, the
former', residence, and grounds, 50x100 feet, on
weaterly aide of Oak drove avenue, 76 feet north of
Kipp atreet, Haebrouck Heights, N. J.
Heal Estate Auction Hales.
At ths Broadway eale.rootn yeaterdsv Peter F.
Meyer A Co. aold No. 271 West 182d street, l.'.rlo. 1 1,
three-story atone front dwelling, aiuojut due(H,87M'
aubject to taxea, Ac. ,(1.216.61 to Adrian Iaeliu, pialu
tlfl for(l(i()u).
William M. Riau aold No. 46 Weat Twenty-fourth
stiwat, 20.10x94.9. fir. .lory atoms (roat gat, with
ate, fnr-elcwwn. seseunt gee W4, awkt4 )
wert corner of Thirtr-aeventh atnet, 24.s)x7M, femr
toar toick lowemeni with ston, with onaatwt hrl. k
extension In nar, toTeejosun, amount das, (11,1 24.
snbleet to taxoe, .. (HOI), ti Mind nwyerfor
Court CalesHlara Tlita Iy.
Appellate Division Rnpnme Conr1. Becaw.
Sirpnms Ontrt flpeeial Term. Part I. Motion
calendar called at 0:MA M. Part IL Court opens
st lm.lo A. M. Bx psrts nutters. .-
Surrogate'. Court Chamber.. --For probaas wins
of ixuiise Edel, Oeorge H. Towner, Marie J. Osrntt.
Antolne Kroaak. OusUf Rledel, Chriatiss H. Pritx.
Kathstina Koeher at 10:30 A. M.
City Court-Special Terra.-Oourt opens st 10 A. at.
Motion, at 10:30 A. M.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
To the Rolders of The Merenntlle Trnat Com
pany Certificates or Iteeetpts of rtepoalt
for the First Preferred Stoek, gseond lre
ferred Stock sad Common Stock of the
Ralttsaore and Obits Railroad Company 1
Pursuant to tba Plan sad Agrasmsnt for ths B
orcanisatlon of tba Baltbnors snd Ohio Railroad
Company, dated Jnne 22, KM, ths undersigned
hereby rail for payment of tbe MCCONO IN
STALLMENT, being fifty per cent, of ths cash
payment of (2 per ahare deposited to ba mads by
depositors of the First Preferred Stork and (20 par
share deposited to bs msde by dspoaitora of ths
Second Preferred Stock and Common Stook ss eon
alderatlon for sbsres of the new Company.
Payment of each installment, being st ths rata
of (11 P KB SHARK of First Preferred Stock
deposited, snd 910 PKIl SHARK of Second Pre
ferred Stock sad Oommon Stock deposited, must be
mads to the undersigned for account of ths Syndi
cate, at the office of the Depositary, The Mercantile
Trust Company, No. 120 Broadway, Mew Tork City,
or its London Agency, the London and Westminster
Bank, Limited. 40 Lothbnrr, London, on or before
Pay menu must bs receipted for br ths Depositary
or Its London Agency on ths Certificates of Deposit
or receipts.
Failure to pay such installment on or before such
dais will subject ths dei-oalted stook snd say cash
psld thereon, to forfeiture to ths Syndicate as pro
vided In ths Reorganisation Agreement,
Dated Nsw Tork. Augu.t 26th. ISO.
BoorCBnlsailon Mansers.
Dated August 18, 1S97.
and WM. NELSON CROMWELL. Trustees, give
notice that In accordance with a certain Indenture
made by the above-named Railroad Company, dated
August 18, 1897, the Central Trnat Company of New
York will ncelve propoeal. to sell the above-named
bonds at a rets not exceeding, however, the par
value thenof and accrued interest, with' five per
eeutum added to the principal, the total offer not to
consume mon than one hundred snd fifty thousand
((16O.0O0) dollars. The scaled proposala will bs
opened at the office ot ths CENTRAL TRUST COM
three o'clock P. M-, on the 25th dsy of August, 1898.
& Co.
SpecialiRts In Speculative Investments.
Government and
Municipal Bonds
Alas FlaMT HOKTOAGZ bonds .r stab.
Il.hed sites m and Street Itnll trays.
B1WASSAP fW.7a.aaatKjfanaseres Bide.),
High Grade Investment Securities,
Members New York Stock Exchange.
list of current offerlnga aent npon application,
4 1 Wall St., New York.
11, IS, 15, and 17 Broad St.
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange.
Orders executed fnr investment or on margin. In
terest allowed on deposlta, subject to cheek at eight.
Act as Financial Agents for Corporations and Investors
202 FIFm A v., cor. ar.th St.
487 BROADWAY. Bilk Exrh'tra Bldg.
2IM BROADWAY, eor. Beade St.
7 HUDSON St.. Mercantile Ex'gs. ,
1 1 COIJBT St.. Brooklyn
Capital and Surplus - - $875,000
DAVID U. BATES, Vire-Praa.
DF.I-oslT company. Truster, under tbe mortcsce
of the IViiusylraiilaCi utral IlrewinaComiian)', dated
Octilrr ar,, is',17, inviu, proposals for the sale to ths
said Trustee, of all or any part of (&o,OOOof bonds
secured liy the aald mortgage, the propoaa to be
addressed to the said Truatees at their office. (27
Chesliiut street, Philadelphia, aud to lie opened aud
acted upon ou the first day ot September next at 13
o'clock M. JOHN B. OE8T, President.
1'HILADEIJ'HIA, Atlguat lu. IBM.
Douglas & Jones,
Members N. T. Stook Exchange,
Market Letter nn application.
rfliiidfiHU a f vxtxttx.
NEW YORK, August 28, 1RDS.
( PANY haa declared a divldeud of two per cei.t on
Its C oumon Stock, payable at its office, ii Broad
way. New York, on Hept HOth, tn Preferred rlu, L at
par. to Common Stockholders of record st rUieo of
husliies. September 20, at which time the Common
Stork transfer hooka will closa, to be reopened st lit
o'clock A. M. October l.t.Jprox.
CHARLEo W. DRAKE, Treasurer.
st. Paul ft liiilutli Itnilroud to.
92 Nassau SI New York. Aug. 2. 1S.
A dividend of four ami ouo-half ptr oent i.ttf per
ceut.iou the preferred atock of this Company has
this day Im-cii declared, pa able at this ofuce, t,n aud
after Sept. 1, ihiih The transfer Issiks of the pre
ferred slock will be eloaed ou Friday. Auc. s, 1SIW,
at :i o'clock P. M., and reopened on the let day of
September, 181i.
F. S. EOLLIXB. Asst. Treasurer.
(Of f llicMso'.
Notice la hereby given that a divldeud of I H par
cent, has been declared on tho Capital Stock of till.
Company, payable to the Stockholders on Aim. 2nth.
The tranafsr liool-a will cloae. In New York, on Alia.
12th. IMUS.at a P. II.. aud will reopeu Ami. 2.1th
1MUM. sl IU AM L. A. WILEY. Treasurer.
The Duel tors have thl. day declared a quarterly
dividend of TWO PER CENT, on the preferred ato,k
parable hepl. u, lours, to elockboldere of record at
the close of buailieaa AlUl. Slat. Treuefer hooka of
tkeprsferreaaPH'l i will be eloaed from Sept. 1 at to
Sept: Uth, both taclu.lv.., Ceclu, yJaWxag
' wk 1
ftUtt Ja.irl. I
jnntu,nJnurngntgurjun."uiuJ saesaaia.sisi awaxaasswxsssxssasxi M
Harlem Branch
Kn.t Side. " Hi
OCTH ST.. IK EAST (near Madlaoa Saaarai. I
0 Bandsome lane and email moraa; dallahtful fBfl
table hoardj iwssxaaahls. . H
(Tsst RMts. ,HJ
lOTH T.. 41 WMT.-Clesn. rooms; coed
1' table; centra location: Southerners; transients I
taken; references eschanced. I
jt etc ff-iyyy n
LIVINOSTON ST.. .-.. -Very pleasant rooms; 8od
board; r. mlnutea from bride snd fsrrlss; refer-
rttwcA ViBtef, I
1 o A ru wanted 1. private family by father sad ssa,
J sire 11; cood plain table and damfortsbls roamt
Jery City preferred. Address, with particular, said
tanas, which most br reasonable.
JEBSBTMAN, hoi 20 Sun offlee. New Tort elty.
sfMtalrt(49wW'fttatrMsltt91 I '
Wast aids. I
UNIVERSITY PLACE. .'.. near Washlncton Sunars
Hsndsomely furnished rooms, by day or weak,
with bath; centlemea. 1
1 )TH ST., 40 WRIT. One nicely furnished lams
mM and small room; private bath: centlemen onlyt
references, t I
AvTH ST., (7 WEST. Handsome rooms adjolalnc
-!. tiled bath: party of centlemen, centleman and
wife, Amertean family . . ;
OOD ST., 10 WEST. Handaomsly faralahsd luuuis, H
U9n9 sn salt, or single; private hatha; ceatlstsssi H
only: valet attendance,
trtf nrnihf rt Taooitis WnntffJ. M
WANTED Room suitable for dentist's nflat aa 8C
near Madison av., between rnith and Stlth sis.
Un ml gipartnif nts . fl
4 and bath, all Improvemnntaj
( rooms, alt improvements, wB
hot water furniahed;
nnl. til to (in.
Apply on premises, II East Kid st,
STOKE and baaemsnt. 14 Stone St., anltable foe
wholesale buslne; waterproof cellar. Apple
janitor, or JOHN MI'NRO, 2.1 Vande water st.
' I ' , I
jRtnl gtite Sat &nt. ,
FNE FARM of 14i acre, in Connecticut, front
luc on the Honaatonic Elver; 45 cultivated, 70
woodland, balance meadow; house. 7 moms, cood
condition; barn. S chicken honaea, stables, sheds,
creemcry snd other outbuildings; every thing in cood
sbspe; fine spring; nearly 40t fruit trees; within
short distance ft beautiful towns; price (4.A00Z
(l.noo eaah. balance entirely to unit; with the farm
ones 10 tons mi thrashed rye. ti tons hay. 3 acres la
potatoes, 2 horses, 2 cows, and all farming- lmple
anenta; excellent neighborhood: near good markotsi
an elegant property; write or call.
BISLEY. 8 If) Chamber. St.
I HAVE cot a a family house above 1 2Mh at.; will
aell at a sacrifice to immediate purchaser.
iSTRICKEK. 304H Sd av.. 15(lth St.
i BSBBaBawSSBSal way
Seal stte ex Jrale Joun giriwriL
5 ACRES FOR $75.
Located In the beat part of Lone Island, near ths
main toad running direct to Brooklyn and & blocks
from the new bicycle path which has been just com
pleted: the land la cood land, well adapted for
chicken farm and all kinds of fruit and vegetable
raising; abort distance from railroad depot, school.,
churches and stores of all kinds and Post Office; ths
land ia partly clear -d and partly wooded; e'nonsa
wood to make a nice fence around the property
and sufficient fuel to last at least five years; on very
esse terms of lu down and (4 monthly; possession
of land can be had after the first payment la mads.
Call or write MARA.
202 East 2Sd at., New York.
Open evenings until 8 :SO o'clock.
Ulral Ette Wmrtetf.
WANTED Dock property, this
city, lease; East River and improved
preferred. Address T. A. THORNE,
Sun uptown office, 1265 Broadway.
(Shonld be read DAILY by all interested, ss changes
may occur at any time.)
Foreign mails fnr the week ending Ang. 27, ISDN,
will dose (PROMPTLY in all caaeai at the General
Post Office aa follows: PABCELS POST MAILS cloae
one hour earlier than closiur time showu below.
THCRSDAT. At ti A. M. for EUROPE, per steamship
F. Bismarck, via Cherbourg, Southampton snd
KOYPT and BRITISH INDIA, per stcsmship Ia
Gaacocne, via Havre (lettera for other porta of
Europe must be directed "per La Gascocne'i;
at :30 A.M. for EUROPE, per steamship fim
bria, vis (jneenstown (lettera for France, Switsrr
land. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkoy, Earypt aud
British India muat be directed " per Urnbria");
st 8 A. M. for NETHEBLANDS direct, per steam
abip Rotterdam, via Rotterdam (letters must bs
directed " per Botterds m " j.
, .. closlnc of ths Supplementary Transat
lantic Mans named above, additional supplementary '
aiails are opened ou the piers of the American, Eng
"?'.Fi5H?.n S"1 German ateamers. and remain open
until within Ten Minutes of tbe hour of Bailing of
THURSDAY.-At 11 A. M. for BRAZIL, per ateara
stup Capri, via Pemamburo (letters for North
Branl muat be directed "per Capri "j; at 12 M.
(supplementary 1 p. M.) for CENTRAL AMER
ICA (except Costa Rica) aud SOUTH PACIFIC I
PORTS, per steamship AlUanca. via Colon (letters
for Onatemala mint be directed " per Allianca")!
SJ..?'.' M- taupplemcntary 1 .00 P. M.) for BEB
MUI)A, per ateamahlp Orinoco; at 1 P. M. for JA
CTEXnJCF steamship Ardsndhu; at 2 P. M. for
BAltliADOH direct and NORTH BRAZIL, via
SD'i " mB!i JP" steamshln HlMebrand; at
ill M's,f,r..tA fcATA COUNTBIE8 direct, per
steamship Mary Park.
FBIDA1. At 1 P. M. isuiiplementan- 1 :30 P M ) for
HT. DOMINGO and TfjRKS ISaVAEIirper ateam
ahlp New York ; at 1 P. M. for SANTOS direct, per
vfiKWp. XprUn frluca; st 7 P. M. for NEW
EOUNDLAND, per ateamahlp Siberian, from
SATURDAYj-At 10 A. M. (supplementary 10:S0 A.
steamship Alleghany: at in A.M. (supplementary
10:0 A. M.I fnr HAITI, per ateamsblp Athoai at I I
K:.'iu P. M. for NEWFOUNDLAND, per stasmar I
from North Sydney. our sa
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax and J
thence by atcamer, cloae at thla office dally st A
H:SlP.M. Mails fur Mi'jurlou. by rail to Boston tsal
and thence by steamer, cloae at this office dally cal
st 8:SO P. M. Mall, for Mexico City, overland,
nnleaa specially addressed for despatch by steam- jMW
er close at thla office daily at 2:D A. M. and (ISO
r. M. IBeclalered mail closes at 0 P. U. previous
Maila for the Society Islands, jer ship Oalilea (from ,
Han Franclaooi, close here daily up to Auc. 26 at I
o:!)OP. M. Maila for China. Jaiian, and Hawaii, J
per ateamahlp Brlgic (from Han Francisco), cloas I
here dally up to Aug. 2H at 1:Sil p. M. Mail, for fl
Australia (eicept those for West Australia, which 1
are forwarded via Europe , New Zealand, Hawaii. I I
Fiji and bemoan Ialonda. per stesiushlp Moans a.
(from Han Francisco;, cloae here dally uti to Sept. W
IS at 7 A. M . 11 A. M , and :?. M. (or na
arrival at New York of steamship Ktruria with
British maila for Australia). Maila for China and V
Japan, par steamship Empress of China (from t V
Vancouver), close here dslly up to Kept. 6 at (:St k
P.M. Maila for t'hlnn and Japan, per ateamahlp M 1
Olyiupia (from Taconia), cloau here dally up to H
Hept. IK at il::io P. M. Mails fur Australia (ei- .
oatit Wast Australia), New Zealand, Hawaii, and cam
Fiji Islands, per steamship Mlowere (from Van
conver), close here daily after Sept. 0 and np to
Sept. lis at fl:SOP. M.
Transpacific mail, are forwarded to port of aatataal
daily, and the schedule of cloatng ia arranged on ths Arm
nrestimptlr n of their uninterrupted overland transit, f I
Registered utsil closes st l P. M. previous dar. f M
Post Office, New York. N. Y., Aug. 2.1. ihiih. ! flj
MII.W At:KKE. located at Milwaukee, lu ths Stats
of nisonsln, is closing up its atfalrs. All note hold- cm
en snd others, creditors of sold association, or.
therefore hereby notified to present the notes sad
other claims ag-iiust the aasnciatlon tor payment.
Dated Aug. 17, 1898. ' l""""1'
1ATENT8 for Invention, proctirad promptly! low
v , Baft ,"?"KR uiikn. n Kapsr.'tLr! ( I
wWfe ursiture.
TUUiJJ BY '1. U. 8E1.LKW. ill FULTON ST.
cWiirrUaursuiS. m
I U'l'?-A-N-B. 10 for 6 cents at dnuotists. Thavsaa- . i
l-aXtxhpaiaaadproloscW 0(Xstvss((as7
' H

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