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The Tariff Canada Han Given to England
Likely ' Jlaste Tronhle We Won't
Make CrafMlmu In Kxchang far
Merely Equal Fkton with reat Britain.
Qvwutc. Aug. 24. Sir Wilfrid Lanrler enter
tained all the British and American delegates
to the convention and their secretaries at din
ner to-night, together with Premier Winter of
Newfoundland, who arrived to-dnr. Though
there wss no sitting of the commission, there
were mnnr Interesting rumora and Interviews
and private meetings of both the British and
American sections of the convention. Not
puch has leaked out In connection with the
fetter, hut enough is known to indicate some of
the difficulties to be encountered by the con
vention in Its work.
The principal obstacle to a successful termi
nation of the conference was found to-day to be
the present preferential tariff of the Dominion.
ander which Canada admits the products of
Great Britain at 25 percent, leasdutr than thoso
of the I'nlted States and othereountrlos. Cana
dian Ministers said to-day that there was
nothing Incompatible between preference for
Britain and reciprocity with the United States.
It Is learned on the best authority, how
ever, that the American delegates will
take the stand that tho preferential tariff of
Cam Js will have to go or the conference will
come to nothing. One of the delegates, who
k would not speak tor publication, says plainly:
y " We are not going to buy tho right to equal
favors with Great Britain or another country
n.'l by making concessions. If wn make any con-
n cession to the Dominion In the way of tariff
WJ regulations. It will be In return for distinct ad-
ID I vantages granted us over any other nation."
W 'A Sir Wilfrid Lauder Is apparently therefore
I " In the humiliating position of having to choose
.' between a failure to accomplish anything at
I the conference, because of the obstacle of a
discriminating tariff, and the abrogation of tho
1 newly enacted preferential tariff that has
f gained him so much eclat In England. The
convention. It Is now said, may sit for eight or
ten days snd then adjourn over the elec
tions, and the adjournment will afford dele
l Y gates the opportunity of consulting their re
spective Governments.
If DorxB'B roiBomara cask.
Attorney-General White Says the Anthorl-
Met Are on the Right Track.
I 7 Wn-MiNOTOs. Del.. Aug. 24. Attorney-Gen-
I I oral Whits said to-day. when asked about the
Wf progress being made by the State authorities
mf In the Dover poisoning case :
" Ws are confident that we are on the right
track. Weeks may elapse before we can com
plete the case, but I can assure you that nobody
ean get away."
The Secretary of Stat said that no requisi
tion papers had been sent to Ban Francisco, bat
they were ready when needed, which would
probably not be until a hearing had been held
In California. It it said that John P. Dunning
will come here to-morrow or Friday and have
another consultation with the State authorities.
Has Fbakcisco. Aug. 24.--Mrs. Ada Botkln.
, arrested last night at Stockton and charged
with the murder of Mrs. Dunning and lira.
Dean at Dover, Del., by means of poisoned
) enndy. was brought here to-day and lodged in
jail She showed much nerve. and her only,
dread appears to be of reporters, who, she de
j Clares, have misquoted her from the outset. She
rl was accompanied by her husband, from whom
she has been separated for several years. Bot
kln warned reporters to be careful what tbey
printed about his wife. It is evident that the
police have some strong circumstantial evi-
dence against Mrs. Botkln. which they will
not disclose, and this is supposed to have been
given by Dunning. A new link In the chain of
evidence against nar was furnished to-day by
Frank Gattrell. clerk In a candy store at Stock
ton. His story is: .
" When I read last evening that the box con-
talnlngpoisoned candy had 'bonbons ' printed
In gilt letters on the cover, snd some of the
candy was home made. I remembered that
about three weeks ago a woman came Into the
store and asked for a four-bit box of Candy.
saying she had some candy which she desired
f to put in the box with some of our make. As
-' the box was to contain some goods other than
our own I gave her a box which did not have
f our name on it. The candy which she put in it
f looked old to me. and It nearly half filled the
f box. Of course I did not examine her closely.
and I can only describe her by saying she was
of medium height and build."
Mrs. Botkln is known to have been In Stock
ton about three or four weeks ago. when she
was treated for a slight illness. Gattrell could
not place the selling of the candy in question
sny more definitely than that It was about three
weeks ago. He was positive, however, there
were chocolate creams among the candy, be
sides other French candles, w. F. Kuhn. pro
prietor of the store, says he would know both
the box and candy again should he see them.
. j Fhllatellst Compared Treasures and Went
jrj on a Trolley Trip to Coney Island.
J The second session of the Convention of the
American Phllatello Association was held yes
terday morning at the Collectors' Club. 3S1
Fourth avenue. Among the stamps exhibited
J was a 12-penny Canadian of 1847. It Is valued
at $450. There were also shown two curious
I rivets Baltimore stamps attached to the orig
iei letters. They are worth about 960 apieoe.
The most curious exhibit did not exactly
come within the domain of philately. It was a
form of bond for SS00 suggested to the Govern
ment, but not accepted. In 1879. It Is In the
shape of a booklet containing three-cent post
age stamps Instead of coupons. The idea was
that whenever interest to the amount of three
cents became due the holder of the bond could
use one of the postage stamps. Each of the
stamps bore a date, to prevent its being used
before the proper time. The bond la valued at
100 by its owner.
& In the afternoon a number of the members of
e association went on a trolley excursion to
mey Island. To-day there will be no busi
ness session, but the members will go on a
steamboat excursion around Btaten Island, and
will probably visit one of the warships. In the
V. evenlngthey will be the guests of the Btaten
y Island Phllatello Society.
Bon Was Poorly Rocked saw the Fbb Tide
Caused the Swamping.
Haw BatmswiGx. M . J.. Aug. 24. James Baa-
Bessey.formerlr of NewBrunswlok. was drowned
at South Amboy th Is morning by the sinking of
A the Pennsylvania Railroad Company's tug
Usrlon. of whioh he was pilot. The boat ran
H betwn New Brunswick snd South Amboy.
Br fn!Lald "IlR" aut ' Boot Amboy. Bhs
m had been making up a tow. and tied up to the
dSS t,outh AS1? "S a o'ejook this morning.
IH1 Th tide was high snd toe Marlon was roped
tight to the dock. As the tide receded one side
oTthe boat lowered, letting In the water. She
Ailed rapidly and sank. All the crew got out
Ban f'lTvei06?.ln Hennessey. He was found
afl r.uir hl td,lv8r standing In his stateroom.
M having doubtless awakened too late to escape.
zB'J the smokestack of the tug remains out of
n I Water. Hennessey was 34 years old.
A Woman Attacked While Crossing Central
i 1 Mrs. A H. Segsberg of 31 West Eighty-second
II street, while walking through the Eighty-sixth
VH street road across Central Park last evening.
was attacked by two boys of about 14 years,
who showed their dime novel education by
1 shouting: "Your money or your life I" One of
m the young ruffians seised Mrs. Segsberg by the
U hrr,at while the other snatched her pocket-
thSV?n,1lnln " "d olJ chatelaine watch
ft I'lunt'd on the bosom of her dress
tiT,?. T,l'N,rrfi screams sttracted the atten
Fh. t5'eJl$fl rollcrmau Molsrkev. who chased
H 1 1 W.A .'- The iys jumped the 1'ark
WrtifnC"i'ra,1 P,rk Wt'rt' and iiiilarkey de
KSf". . wli8ei ' continue the chase Both
scnptlon and hope to catch them.
Three Killed at Orade Crossing.
PlTgasBUBO. Vs., Aug. 24.-J. E. Condrey.
H Condrey. and their little son. sged sbout
12 years, were killed by a south-bound passen-
mVXiih' A,la"f,lc Une ' Gk
th? r,'18' V,n,e mil north ..f Petnt.urg.
visft u, rilnif- V"y. w.or" burning from a
BfisLr,S.a,if?di?0 hrothei -in-law in the
Upper part ol ( hi-Hterflelil county.
SU Mailon wtlb Tanpleo i.ti .
Th" ytmihlp Arecuna, which arrived yes
terday from Mexican ports, had six of her crew
Ul with Tsmploo fever. Health Officer Doty
1 '"' M.n.nj mm, .i ,i.i i msn i jm, ., .n. , ...
M. ew Orgnnf satloti at stXkisssIS awrinws
Into Kalstoaoa.
Another ally of the mild socialism whlAh finds
Its moat aggressive sapporters among the
members of the college settlement societies
and the Good Government clubs sprang Into
being on Tuesday, when the "League for Social
Hsrvice" was incorporated. The objects of the
league, according to Its Incorporators, are far
reaching, and If only a small part of what Its
members have set out to do Is accomplished.
the millennium will be within easy hailing dis
tance. The league was Incorporate, the
prospectus says, "to educate public opinion and
tha popnlsr conscience, from the enlightening
sad quickening of which must soma every
needed reform, whether moral, political, in
dustrial or social."
The prospectus goes on to say that bad bills
often pass our legislatures snd good ones often
rail of enactment, not because publio opinion Is
unenlightened, but because It Is Inoperative.
It Is the further object of the league, therefore,
"to afford a medium through which an aroused
nubile sentiment can be brought to bear quick
ly and effectively oh legislation."
In explaining how this is to be accomplished
Joslnh Strong, President of the league, said
yesterday that the principal weapon to be used
was literature. Digests of the laws of all the
States bearing on publio morals will be dis
tributed throughout the country. Our citi
zens are generally painfully ignorant on the
subject, Mr. Strong said, and the league hopes
to make the laws regarding cigarette smok
ing, gambling, obscenity. Sabbath breaking,
opium smoking, and kindred evils so familiar
to the teeming millions that no one will ever
want to bresk them again. Leaflets will also
be issued on various problems of the day. writ
ten, the prospectus says, by men snd women
who arc reeognlr.ed as authorities in their vari
ous specialties. These leaflets will, the league
declares, "be adapted to all degrees of intelli
gence and to all classes," and they will be
translated into ns many languages as msy be
required br the immigrant population.
Several of thess leaflets, comprising what is
termed the "Good Citizenship Merles," have
already been prepared, and President Strong
Is the author of one entitled "The New Pa
triotism." It reads surprisingly like the cam
paign literature which was Issued from the
Citizens' Union headquarters last fall when
Heth Low was running for Mayor. Another
f the leaflets, which was written by Prof. John
it. Commons, advocates co-operative cities, and
E. Benjamin Andrews writes on the "Duties of
a Public Spirit." The Itev. Dean Hodges also
contributes a few thoughts on the "Value of a
Vote." Some of these leaflets contain excel
lent material for helping along the work of the
league, but. according to President Strong,
several of them are written In a style that will
not appeal to the masses: so it Is the inten
tion of the league to secure the services of
newspaper men to put them Into popular form.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt has promised to write
a leaflet on the best methods of enforcing ex
isting laws. His copy, it Is thought, will not
need revision. Carl Schura. Richard Watson
Glider, and Beth Low have also promised to
contribute to the. series, and later on the Held
will be enlarged so as to embrace essays on
temperance, domestic economy and how to
bring up children.
A series will also be prepared which will have
for Its object the downfall of Mormoulam. The
Mormon problem, President Strong says. Is a
very grave one and it requires immediate atten
tion. The Church of the Latter Day Saints,
according to his figures, has added 9.U0U more
members to Its fold during the past year than
have the Presbyterian. Methodist, and Con
gregational churches combined.
One of the special objects of the league will
be to endeavor to lessen the growth of the
Mormon Church. Another object will be to
teach the unenlightened millions what true
patriotism is, and accordingly a manual cov
ering the subject has been prepared by L. T.
Chamberlain. He holds, among other things,
that It Is unpatriotic to say, "My country, right
or wrong." and that war is seldom justifiable
save in defence of the nation's sovereignty over
Its own territory or in defence of tho national
existence itself.
The league expects that its main distribut
ing agent for these leaflets will be the various
branches of the young people's societies in the
Protestant churches, such as the Christian En
leavor Society and the Epworth League. These
organizations. Dr. Strong said, have a mem
bership of 5.000.000. and If only one In ten of
them handles the literature of the league,
77000.000 families will be reached in a year.
The league will also maintain a bureau of in
formation concerning social problems and will
arrange courses of lectures on the same sub
ject. Among the members of the Advisory
Council aroR. Fulton Cutting. Richard Wat
son Gilder. Bishop Potter and Dr. Parkhurst.
Winner of the Diamond and Wtngfleld
Sculls Arrives on tho Teutonic.
Benjamin Hunting Howell, the American
oarsman, winner of the Diamond sculls at the
last Henley regatta and possessor of the title of
champion amateur sculler of England, which
he gained by winning the Wingfleld sculls, ar
rived In New York yesterday on the steamship
Teutonic. He went direct to his home. 32 West
Thirty-second street, where he was met by a
host of bis friends, who called to offer their
Howell is but 23 years of age. He is 6 feet
5 inches In height and rows at 182 pounds. His
racing shell is 31 feet long, about a foot more
than the average length. It has a rig spread of
4 feet 11 Inches, and the slide moves 21 inches.
His oars have blades of 6H inches.
Howell attended college at Trinity Hall. Cam
bridge, and although be has rowed but two
years, he wss made captain of the Trinity
Hall crew last year. He rowed in four
sculling races before the Henley regatta,
but was beaten in all but one. in which
he made a dead heat. In the trial heats for the
Diamond Sculls he broke two records, and
when he won the Wingfleld Sculls he also broke
the amateur record. He received his degree
from Trinity Hall In June.
"I will not row in this country this year." he
said to a Box man last night. Thst much Is
absolutely decided upon. But I have not yet
made up my mind about next year. I may re
turn to England to defend the Diamond Sculls,
and then again. I may not. My boats are all In
England now. however.
"I saw Coach Lehmann soon after he returned
to England and he was much east down over
the poor showing Harvard had msde. He said
he was unable to account for It except that a
great many of the most promising men In
training left before the race to join Roosevelt's
"Ten Eyck beat me at Henley In 1897. I was
sorry ha was disqualified this year, as I wanted
to race him again. The only unpleasant
experience I had was last fall shortly after
I met with an accident on the river. The
sharp prow of a racing shell hit me In the calf
of the right teg and I was laid up for several
weeks. Just at this time I was expected to row
Ms Cambridge crew against Oxford, and
I was unable to do so there was some
bout say laek of patriotism. They seemed
ak an American could not be willing to
row for English glory or an English college.
Watal Falls.
Joseph Baldwin. 8 years old, of 310 East
Forth-slxth street, whllo playing on the roof of
312 East Forty-sixth street with a number of
other children yesterday slipped and fell to the
Tony VasenyTl years old. of 312 East Forty
eighth street, while asleep in a fourth-story
window fell to the rear yard and was killed.
The Weather.
The lew pressor watch wss ever th lax ragtona
on Tuesday passu! eastward off ths Hew aygiis
coast yesterday, followed by an sna of high proarara
with cooler wsathsr. Ths coolness wss causing
bowers In ths central StaUa, Eaaeas. northern
Texas snd ths lake regions snd Uraodershowsni la
tho northern part of th Middle Atlantic Bute, ana
New England.
lair weather prevailed throughout th wheat Mo
tion west of Minnesota.
It was much cooler west of th Mississippi and
north of Texas, snd warmer In all th Atlantic Bute..
la this city the day was fair, sultry snd warm;
highest official temperature. ?; lowest, 7'j
average humidity, 78 par cent.; wind southwest,
average velocity fourteen mil so hoar; barometer
corrected to read to aea level, st S A. M. 0.sj).
S r. at. 2S.S8.
The temperature as recorded by th official ther
mometer snd also br The Sera's thermometer st ths
atreet level la shown in th annexed Uble:
Qtuial-. Jh'i. r-QOcUl. aw.
mm. inn. ui. law. isyr. m$.
SS..M7S OS 88 ir.K.M 71- SB
nil m so si. bK Sic tj. so
3 P.M. 87 8U "i:talld 71 88
wasanroToa roaaoavr rom xsraasiuT.
For Kan Encland, thundsrstonn sad ralni vari
able winds.
For taiUrn Aete lev. ttanutefworsM and raw,'
cooler is mwIAoti perries ; Mrtosat iwes(.
For eastern Pennaylrsois, thunderstorm sad
rain ; cooler ; variable wind.
For New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, thun
deru rue and ralo ; cooler, scwpt on tatmedlat
co..t ; variable winda.
For ths District of Columbia and Virginia, in
creasing cloudluraa and thunderstomu i high tem
perature up to noon ; cooler In afternoon ; eutharly
Pes ii inlaw w Tsrh snd Oass, Ihsnsissu.s
nnwewami ssapk BiaikisWi tawneWAnTwtnwn.
QfXAT.wmiro Korrjrn won m cvr AT
John Bold. Jr.. sf St. Andrew's Make
the Best Beoro Tonray and Base
at Mar HnrboiMemners' Competition
Festped at Mtlnneeeek ntllls Oeoaip.
Babatoo. Ana. 24. The second annual tour
nament of the Saratoga Golf Club started this
morning with the preliminary round of thirty
six holes, the winner and second man to re
ceive prises, and the first sixteen men to quali
fy for the On Ited State s Hotel Cup. The course
was In superb condition, and during the morn
ing round of eighteen holes the weather wss
all that could be desired, but after luncheon a
heavy thunderstorm cams up and threat
ened to end the play for the day, as many of
the greens were flooded, and the course was
unplayable for the greater part. However,
about 3 o'clock the fury of the storm abated,
and although there was a steady downpour it
was decided to go on with the second round.
Low scores were, of course, out of the ques
tion, and It speaks well for the condition of ths
links that the cards were no higher. The win
ner proved to be John Held. Jr.. of St. An
drew's, with a score of 182. followed by A Da
Witt Cochrane, also of Bt Andrew's, with 189.
She others qualifying for the United States
otel Cup are shown below :
Tint owssas
John Reid, Jr.. St. Andrews 81) ' 08 IB
A. De W. Cochrane. 8t. Andrew's. IM no 188
Harry Hnlbrook. Jr., Bt Andrew's BS 10 IBS
F. A. Walthaw. Lakewood 84 101 IBB
W. H. Manning. Saratoga 101 B IBS
B. B. Kerr. Lalewood V7 WS IBB
Jaaper Lynch. Lskewood T M IBS
Joseph Chsdwtck, Jr.. Powelton. T 100 1B7
John B. Tate. Saratoga 101 101 ao
John Smith, Powelton 08 low SOS
T. . Woolaey. New Haven 104 108 307
JC A. Jovs, Powelton 108 103 310
U.M. Levlngfton, Jr.. Saratoga.. 106 100 310
A. Cluett, Watarvliet 108 100 314
M. U. Shoemaker, Saratoga 108 100 317
H. H. Van Reneaelaer. Albany. ... 108 10B 317
B. T. Beinmund. Knglrwood. 318; J. M Marvin, Jr..
Saratoga. 334: W. H. Newman. Albany, 338; J. N.
Hayek, Albany, 328; J. S. Taylor, Powelton. JSi ; H S.
Ludlow, Wstervlist, 382;,W. P. Butler, Saratoga, 287
W. H. Spear. Jersey City, 287; W. C. Story. Saratoga.
B45J C. S. Kellogg. Jereey City. 347: W. B. Chad
wirk. Powelton, 251; K, K. Mitchell. Saratoga. 28;
K. Romrllng. Schenectady, 280; F. W. Lawrence.
Saratoga. 380; H. Minor, Saratoga, 371; A. Story,
Saratoga, 270.
Reld's prise for the best score was a oup pre
sented by M. M. Shoemaker. By strokes his
card was:
Out 8 4 8 4 6 4 8 648
In 4 6 8 4 6 6-4080
Out 8 4 8 6 8 7 4 8 640
In 4 4 8 4 6 8 8 6 4 44 83 183
Play in the first round begins to-morrow
morning, the pairing being as follows:
Manning vs. Smith: Cluett vs. Lynch: Jove vs. Tsa
Bensselser; Chadwick vs. Matthewa: Livingston vs.
Beld; Kerr va. Cochrane; TsMa vs. Shoemaker and
Holbrook vs. Woolsey.
The second sixteen start play for a consola
tion cup at the same time, the pairing being:
Butler vs. Marvin, Hayek vs. Romellng, A. Story
va. Mitchell, Minor va. W. C. Story, Lawrence va.
Beinmund. Newman vs. Taylor, Ludlow vs. Chad
wick. and Kellogg vs. Spear.
The match plsy rounds are at eighteen holes,
the final-., at thirty-six holes, being reached
Saturday Tho semi-finals and the thirty-six
hole namllcuo for the Grand Union Hotel Cup
will be played . nday.
Bab Habbob. A g. 24. The Kebo Valley Club
to-night was the scone of the most fashionable
event of the season. It la not often that society
has an opportunity of exhibiting Itself at a
golf ball, and the originality of the idea at
tracted most everyone. Coming. ss the balldld.
just at the conclusion of the second dsy's plsy for
the Hinkle Cup. it had among the people pres
ent not only the regular attendants that are
seen everywhere, but tho small army of golfers
attracted here by the tournament play. Ths
ball was really a brilliant affair. The smartest
of Bar Harbor's social set were present, and
the bouse and grounds were profusely deco
rated for the occasion. Among the prominent
people were:
Mrs. Frederick Gebhard, Mrs. Sydney Smith, Miss
Morgan, Mrs. Fabbrl. Mrs. William Jay Bhleffelin.
Mr. A. H. Hinkle, Mr. W. W. Scely, Mr.. Frank
Kills. William Lalmbeer. Count and Countess Lsu
gier VilUis sad Count Vlaone.
Southampton. Aug. 24. As It wss expected
that the annual club tournament would occupy
the attention of everybody at the Shlnnecock
Hills Golf Club this week, no handicap msteh
for the women wss scheduled for to-day. How
ever, when the Executive Committee decided
to postpone the tournament indefinitely, they
also planned a special handicap match lor to
day. As this decision was made and announced
under short notice there were but few entries
In the match. Miss J. S. Clark won. with the
best gross score. 87. and a handicap of Hi.
which brought her net score down to 71 strokes.
Miss V. O. Iselln. with a net of 75. was a close
second. A summary of the scores follows :
G.-cm. Trap. JVt
Ml.. J. 8. Clark 87 18 71
Miss F. O. IaeUn B3 17 76
Mre.B.E.Co BT 16 83
Mis F. D. Wyckoff. 104 23 83
Mrs. Q. W. Curtis 87 18 84
Mr. O. Livingston 104 20 84
Mi.. H. T. Barney BS 14 84
Mrs. W. H. MoTlokar. 07 B 88
MimA. Godfrey 107 18 B4
Miss M. L. Harrison 104 8 08
Mis J. L. Henderson 123 26 07
Nbwpobt. Aug. 24. There was a large crowd
' on the links of the Newport Golf Club to-day
when the mixed foursomes for the cup offered
by Mrs. Nathaniel Thayer were brought up to
the finals, in which Mrs. Herman B. Duryea
and Harry Payne Whitney will meet Miss Anna
Bands and Foxholl F. Keene. The matches in
the play that have not been published are :
Mr. H. B. Duryea and H. P. Whitney beat Mia
Morton and C. A. Munn: Miaa Sanda and Mr. Keene
beat Mrs. Thayer snd A. M. Coat.; Mrs. Duryea and
Mr. Whitney beat Mia Winthrop and M. 8. Barger;
Mrs. Duryea and Mr. Whitney beat Mr. John Jacob
Astor ana William Page Thoinpeon.
The entries dosed to-night for the competi
tion for the Count of Turin Cup on Saturday
next, and also for the open tournament which
begins on Aug. 30. For the former there are
but tew entries, but for the latter the list Is
very large.
Bab Habbob, Aug. 24. Play In the Hinkle
Cup tournament continued to-day at the Kebo
Valley Country Club. The third round was
hotly contested and brought out some pretty
golf. The best match of the day was that be
tween C. L. Tapoan and F. 0. Beach. The
former was runner-up in last year's tourna
ment and F. O. Beach has been doing excellent
work sll this spring snd summer. The score
of these two contestants alternated with every
hole. At the sixteenth hole Tappan stood 1 up.
He won out on the event by a sensational put.
which guv him the match by 2 up and I to
play. 7. C. Thorp, in his match against W. K.
Thurston, showed a return to his form of two
seasons ago. when he was runner-up In the U.
S. O. A. championship at Southampton. He won
from the Morris County man by 3 up and 1 to
play. The following was the score at ths con
clusion of the day's play:
J. O. Thorp. Cambridge, best W. B. Thnraton. Mor
ris County, by 8 up snd 1 to play; 0. L. Tappan.
Wostbrook, beat F. O. Beach, Newport, by 2 up
and 1 to play; T. O. Condon, Kebo Valley, beat A. T.
Dwight. Kebo Valley, by a up and 3 to play; Arden
M. Bobbins. St. Andrew's, beat O. 8. Bobbins, Kebo
Valley, by 4 up and 3 to play.
The seml-flnals will be played off to-morrow
morning, when the following men will be
brought together: C. L. Tappan and T. O. Con
don. J. O. Thorp and Arden Bobbins.
There will be about fifty starters in the qual
ifying round at the open tournament of the
Englewood Golf Club this morning. It Is ths
first open event st this club, and elaborate
preparations have been made to Insure success.
W. J. Travis of Meadowbrook. and James A.
Tyug of Morris County, are regarded as doubt
tul atsrters. Among those surely expected
are John Moorbead. Jr., and Joseph Mo
Cord, two of the best players of the Allegheny
County Club. Pittsburg; Armstrong and
Park. Richmond County: Bennard, Tuxedo;
Brown, Baker, I'phani and Johnson, of St.
Andrew's; Michael and Dorr, Nutley: Janln
and O'Connor. Htaten Island Cricket: Veil, Ot
sego; Bonner and Kerr. Fairfield; Edye. Bea
bright: Johns. Richmond Hill; Mackenzie,
Baltusrol : Dodge snd Brooks. Ardsley ; Beeley
and VVllllsnis, Wee Burn ; Larocque. Shlnne
cock Hills: Biker and Des Haisinos. Oakland;
Allen and Graham, North Jersey; Bowns,
Thompson and Van liruut. Crescent, and Kd
wards. Dyker Meadow.
A new nine-hole links was laid out at New-
Krt on Monday by Tom Bendelow. It is at
oond Beach, about two and a half miles from
the town, onthe opposite side from the Coun
try Club. The residents who have started ths
iiew course sre members of the Country Club,
lut ss they live nesr Second Beach they have
iad to drive nearly six miles to play golf. Un
der the new order of things they will have a
course close at hand. The projectors own
about eighty acres and propose to build a club
house, and hi time a fully equipped country
club may be developed. The course has been
well pluntied, the distances of the holes being
respectively. SI U. 2oV, 480. llMi. UeO. Moo, 510
240. und lis) yards, a total of 2.rJ2f ard.
A nine-hole private course has been laid out
on the Wolf estate at Morristown. The prop
erty is quite near the Morris County Golf Club
" Griffiths, the Westprook professional, was la
town yesterday Hs said that neither of the
.. . ,.
fmateur championship. Rollins hss been play
Bg In great style stnee Ma win at the Shfnne
ogek Muss open toiirnfy bat on amount
of his youth his father thinks that
sit days of thlrty-slx-hote matabes la
apt toovertax hi strength, so thst Harry. Jr..
will wilt until next rear before trying for the
blue ribbon. Cutting will play In the Lenox
Golf Club open tournament during the week
before ths smsteur championship. At present
he does not Intend to play at Morris County. 0.
p. Barnes, one of the most prominent of the
juniors at Lakewood and Shlnnecock Hills, hss
also decided to forego the smsteur champion
ship this year. The Sthten Island Cricket and
Base ball Club will enter about six players at
Morris County. Including Charles T. Stout and
it .-A sad B M for Bret pise In a patting eon
wart, when Bret, eeoad sad third plaoaa acore 8. a
and 3 point, respectively. Dow B. who loess th
play-olf. score 8 points for sseond place, or so 0 snd
fTths next best score In th original play, tak
A scores 6. B 3. and 0 2 points, as there was
a play-off. but the usual way In such ties Is to
divide the points, each taking four.
The eightewn-hole links of ths Olenvlew
Country Club, near Chicago. Is now completed
and the eight-hole course In use since the
spring hss been abandoned. The river, at the
points where It Is necessary to cross and re
cross, has been bridged and the greens have
been put In very good order.
An open tournament will be held at the Am
persand Golf Club, on Lower Baranao Lake, and
all the bent players In the Adlrondacksare to
be Invited. With the St, Begls. Keens Valley,
and Lake Placid clubs to draw from, a lsrgs
Held of starters Is expected.
The Oakland Golf Club has srrangsd ths
following team matches for September:
Bent. 3 Oakland sad Boekswsy Hunting, at Oak-
Sept 6-OskUnd ar.d Fairfield County, at Fairfield.
Sept. 17 Oaslan 1 snd Owens County, at Oakland.
Bept. 34 Oakland snd Basei County, st Oakland.
Fred Herd, the open champion, and Alex.
Smith, the rrofesslonals of ths Washington
Park Club, played in a foursome with II . Turple
of Olenvlew and James Anderson of Ontwent
sla on the Washington Park links last Sunday.
The weather conditions favored good golf. and.
as all four know! every foot oft the course a
grand performance was expected. At the ninth
hole Smith and Herd were 2 up. They won ths
next two holes, also, winning ths match finally
by J up and 2 to play. The two bye holes were
hslved. The osrds follow, the winning score
being a course record for thst style of golf:
Smith and Herd 4 6 4 4 8 8 8 8 B 84
Turple and Anderson.... 4 6 4 4 4 8 8 4 6 88
Smith and Herd 8 4 6 6 8 8 64 88671
Turple and Anderson.... 4 6 6 4 8 3 64 8 8676
Bye hoi.
The winners received $40 and the losers $20.
A golf club has been formed at Sea Cliff. Long
Island, and at a meeting held last week the fol
lowlng officers were elected: President, James
D. Weir : Vice-President. Herbert D. Clearroan ;
Captain. Charles E Berner; Secretary. 8. A.
Coykendall; Treasurer. Dwlght W. Pardee.
TBorrnro am tactho.
Only One Beat Trotted at Olena Fall.
Olbkb Falls. N. Y.. Aug. 24 Another storm
came from off the mountains this afternoon,
after the track had been gotten Into flrst-elass
shape after yesterday's drenching, and only
ooebeat was trotted, the second In the un
finished 2:30 trotting event There are too
events scheduled for to-morrow. Tlmorah led
off on the first turn and kept her place to the
stretch, became nervous and left her feot.
Nolan moved up first and was not headed again
and won the heat out easily. Summaries :
2:30 rlaaa, trotting; pun 83,000:
John Nolan, b. g., by Prodigal FanUaia, by
Bancbero (Footel i i
Tlmorah. blk. rn. (Miller) 3 8
Taoomla, b. g. (Eckr and Htarr) 3
Miaa Beatrice, br. t. (Kelly) 4 4
Nlggr Jack, blk. g. (Arthur) 6 6
Hurricane, blk. g. iRennlck) 6 8
Brandywlne, ro. g. (Surdsm) T 7
Oovcrnor Holt, b. a. .McLaugMlnl 8 8
Time 3:Wi. 3:1614.
Favorites Bale at K ntwood Fark.
Dcscamt, la., Aug. 34. Th crowd st Nutwood
Park today witnessed only Indifferent .port snd
favorite landed every event In straight host except
the 2:16 trot. In this Pilatns failed to win, though
he got what.hU owner prised more, s mark of 3:18m.
Dr. Leek mi laid up for two haats, than took the
third In th fastest time of th race and had plenty
of speed toapare In th two succeeding heats. Anns
Lee took th 2:1H pace in hollow atyle, and oould
have stepped a few seconds fastsr had occasion re
quired. Summaries:
3:36 class, pacing; pure 81,000:
Miss Logan, b. m., by Oen. Logan lBouchrVl t 1
Lord Boaebary. b. h. (West) 3 3 3
Fanny Putnam, b. m. (McDowell! 8 8 8
WiggaletU. gr. rn. (Kirby) ait.
Strath Belle, ch. m. (Turner) dls.
Time-3:10N. 2:18M. 2t08.
3:16 claa. trotting; pure 81.600:
Dr. Leak, ch. a., by Sidney, dam by
Buccaneer (Jeffrey! 6 Bill
Aragon K.. blk. h.. by Adrian Wllke
(Killy) 3 144
Hiatus cb. h. (Chandler) .....1 4 8 8 8
Haxel Kinney, b. m. (Hodges) 8 8 3 3 6
Heir Medium, b. m. (Bobinson) 4 16 4 3
BobertLce, blk. h. (Huaaey) B 8 8 6 8
Vida, gr. m. (Am) T die.
Time--: 1314. 2:13. 3:18)4.3:16.3:18.
3:14 claa.. pacing; pure (1,600:
Anna Lee. br. m, by Alfred O.(Huaon)... 1 1 1
McWUton. br. g. (Hlgbee) i 3
Lottie Smart, rh. m. iWallace) 3 B 8
Alfred B.. b. h. (Bailey) dls.
Alliance, b. m. (Kattuuu dls.
Tim 3:0714, 3:134. 3:18.
3:80 class, trotting; puree 8I.OOO1
earephtna, blk. f.. by Conatauttn (Hudson)., j 1 j
Dr. tipellmsn. b. g. (McKvoy) 3 3 3
KUa Madison, b. f. (Ward) I 8 8
Black Robert, blk. c. (Chandler) S 4 6
Vyieof, b. c. (Bosaing) 4 6 4
Onward Silver, ch. c. (Curtl.) B 4 6
Time 2:10(4, 2:18, 3:1BM;
Harness Baring nt Hornellsvllle.
HoasxLiavrtxs. N. T., Aug. 34. Th wooad day's
racing at th HornaUaviUe Exposition drew s crowd
estimated st 16,000 snd fomiahsd a card that for
exciting finishes would be hard to beat. Fanny Dtl
Isrd, th favorite, captured ths 2:30 class pace after
getting ninth plaes for thro hasta. Silvar Maker
took the combine trot and pace off the reel, passing
the bunch each heat after breaks had sent him to th
rear. In the second heat Hunter, Rhode, and Miller
paid 810 each for scoring ahead of the pole hone.
3:30 claaa, pacing; pun 1400:
Fanny Dlllard, b. in., by Hall DU-
lard (Ben) B B B 1 B 1 1
Happy Coaster, b. h. (Bloa) 6 113 7 3$
Burtons, blk. m. (Strong) 13 3 8 18 8
Broadwell. blk. a. (Oenuugl 18 8 6 6 4 4
Hessl A., b. m. (Perrln) a 6 8 4 3 dr.
Wilkle Bedbuck. a. g. (Marshall). 7 T 4 8 dr.
Capt Wilkes, br. g. (Moody) 8 4 6 6 4 dr.
Jo li, b. g. (Cook) 410 7 7 8 dr.
TomK .b. g. (Jonee). 6 8 B dr.
OueenLil. blk. m. (Hunter) 10 8 dr.
Tlm-2:20. 3:18)4. 2:17M. 311714. 3:31)4, 3:18, 3:3a
3:16 class, trotting or pacing; pure 8400:
Silver Maker, g.g., by Silver Chord (Mlller).8 111
Burbon, ch. h. (Bice) 1 3 3 6
Hannla, Jr., b. h. (Rhode.) 1 8 4 8
Nellie Sharper, b. m. (Hunter) .....4 6 8 3
Bhwkala. blk. in. (Baker) 6 4 6 4
MaudeS., ch. m. (Perrln) dls.
Cynthia t.. oh. m. (Cook) .dls.
Time-3:17)4. 3:16)4. 3:1BN. 2:17W.
Bain Stop the Sport at th Now England Fair
PoarujrD, Aug. 34. Heavy .bower, soauirsd this
afternoon, BsBBfjag a 11 1 as imitasnt of asset of ana
day's sport st th few England Fair. Only four
hosts wars run off. Summery:
2:18 claa. pacing; pure 81.000 Canflnihdi
ltorvin (J., br. g.. by Xorrsl (Bown)8 1 $7 1 $
B. B. ro. . (Walker) 6 4 14 1
Wlnfleld.br. g. (Oatoombe) 1 3 4 3 B
Ada P., b. m. (Ball) 1 6 8 8 die
DennieB. b. g. (W'lnn) B 8 6 dls.
Evolution, ch. g. (C Noll) .4 dls.
Tlme-3:10M 3:10)4. 3:11H. 2.11(4. 3:13)4.
2:1B claaa, trotting; puree 81.000 (unUnlahed)i
Warren Guy. br. ... by Prlnceer (Lydlard) 1 1
PhlHp E.. b. g. (Oolden) .., 3 4
Ben H.. eh. g. (McDonald) 6 3
Bileette. b. m. (Ollbert) ,. ..... 4 8
Eleanor W.. ch. m. (Oatcombs) 8 6
Nrva Wilkes, br. m. (Boyce) .. 6 7
Doctor, b. g. (Oorei. B 6
Ell.rt.br. g. iVau Bokkelen). 8
Marston 0., b. a. (Hyde) 10 B
Nick, oh. g. (Woodbury) ... 7dis
BrlghtLtght.br. g. (Kervlck) , dls.
TTm-2:14M. 3:14(4.
A Bad Day twr the Talent at Goshen.
Oosants. Aug. 34. Ths talent wss thrown down
badly today st th Orange County Oiroult raos In
the 3:31 class trot Lou Mitchell and McLaughlin
Maid, each with a heat, were withdrawn on account I
headline In tha daily pre oonunns to atartl
th rrader with .hoiking details of self-murder.
Varying causae are assigned in each individual ess
and but taw healthy people realise lo what extant 111
hralth Is reeponsibls for the hasty or premeditated
act of self -destruction. A frequent cauae of the elf
ending of a truly miserable existence is found in the
very common diseaae dy.pepaia. It 1. distinctively an
American disass and few, if sny, disorders to which
th present age la subject Inflict more nilaery, covers
wider rang of complication, involve a greater vari
ety of pains, ache, and symptoms to distre both
body snd mind than s case of modern dyppj No
use to dswcsibeth complaint; every msn. woman or
child who sugere from it know more about it In a
minute than you could tall thm in a weak. How
many live oould be eaved. however; how much
arau sad terrible .uttering avoided if th victim
could know of s simple bat sbsolut cure tor all
forms of stomach trouble to be found In Curo Tsb
1st. This remedy Is a specially prepared phyelcian'a
prescription . ths result of practical study snd experi
ence on the part of s stomach apeclsluM, which never
fall, to rellsv or cure the wont form of dyspepsia.
Ouio TebLta are put up in small buttles and retail
for ao cent each. If your druggist do not keep
them, write to the CUBO CHEMICAL CO.. 88 Wash
ington St., Nsw York, and they wlU mall turn to you
Use C and
Facial Soap s Facial Cream.
As. TilBJJ. Osreoaaa Wrinkla Drsurfo)oalst
JOB H. WOODBUBT, 137 Wast 43d at.. H. T.. a.
" - - -- -- - - - - ---"------- -
A Decided Cut
in the price of
Men's Negligee Shirts
Our entire stock of Negligee
Includes all those sold regularly
at 95c & $1.50.
HACKETT, I Broadway,
CARHART , gKfflk
GC JU Near Chamber-.
of slckn. Andrew, driving Hlval, broka a rein in
th first best. Ths sttsndanos wss 1,800. Summary:
3:31 claaa. trotting: Parse 8600:
Xorvet.b. f. by Morvsl iDmrst)....f 6 113
Btvsl.b.m.i Andrews) 7 3 3 3 1
Bd Weed a g. (Hlnkls) 3 8 8 4 4
Cherry Croft. ch.siPbslrnl 4 8 4 8 8
Lon Mltcbell, b m. (Daly).,. 1 4 8 dls.
McLaughlin Mld. ch. m. iMoser) 8 1 8 dls.
Oalla Lily. ch. m. (Lockwood) 6 T dls.
Time 3:18)4, 3:30)4. 3:30)4. 3:38. 3:374.
3:15 class, pcing; pure 8&OO1
Oram C. b. m.. by Judge. Bios Santsfe, fBlt-
Ung) 1I
Emma E., ch. m (Camp) 6 3 3
Bd Lake. b. a. (Phalen) 18 4
Mlthre.cn. m. (Howelli. 8 6 T
Harry B.. br. g. (Ooetee) 10 B B
Battler, b. g. (McBride) 8 4 B
Little OamTo. h. (Chrrler 4 7
Helen B.. blk. m. (Tnckereon) 8
AUeymont, b. s. (Demersal) HAS
Lotus, b. m. (Greeni. 7 10 10
Time 5:18)4, 3:17M, 3:16.
3i88 class, three-year-old., trotting: puree S400i
Helen Simmons, b. f.. by Simmons Sultan
(Dickenon) 1 1
Grace Lake. ch. f. (Phalen) 3 8
Ilrighsin Belle, b. s. (Qsrrett) B 3
Antonio, b. .. (Ludlnm) 4 4
Del Bar, b. c. (Smith) 6 S
Time 3:81)4, 2:2M.
Lawn Tennis.
rTuoAM-o tkc-Lakx, Oak, Aug. 34, Ths lwstarn
cracks appeared too 1st In th sfteraoon; to plsy la
ths open singles in th internsttonsl tennis tourna
ment, which Is being played hare this week. Ths
handicap singles war begun with th large entry of
thirty-two. Including sll th cracks who have entered
In th open event Miss Kathleen Atkinson of Brook
lyn snd Miss Hand Bank of Philadelphia had easy
matches in the women's singles, but to-morrow Miss
Atkinson will plsy Mis Wlmner of Washington and
Miss Banks plays Mile Beely of Chicago. The scores)
Men's Handicap Single First round C. X. Dana,
IB, best A. B. Fechlmer, 16. 83, 4 a. 8-4; Ptar
Porter, half 16. best A. H. Blackwood, half SO. s 8,
67, 7 oTO. r. Peterson, half IS, bast J. Korton.
half 16, 76. 84; S. Q. Pate, half SO. boat P.Wright,
half 16. 81, 81; A. H. Langton. 16, bast H. Winter,
half 16, a I. 88; i. Blssell, 10. tet H. Simon, 80.
84, 4-8, s-3: C. Mlsener. hslf 16. bast L. Kohn,
40, rt 3, js, 8-0.
Ladles' Single Preliminary round Miss Hand
Bank.. Phi'adelphls, beat Mr. Burgess, Brentford,
s 8, fl Ml Kathleen Atkinson, Brooklyn, beat
Miss Hamilton. Oagvill. 68. 68.
Novice Singles First round O. Wsgn.r best 0). D.
Lamont, d-o. 6 1; A. W. Marquli ibeat H. J. Mc
Laughlin. 6 0. 8 8.
Seml-flual Round James Norris best H.EOsbril,
8-8, 48, 61.
Hews from the Horse World.
H. K. The offlclsl placing does not extend beyond
ths third horse. Th hone you mention were un
officially jotted down ss finishing in the following
positions: PrrstldUrititrlee, 16; Hie Lordahlp. 7;
La Penitents, 18; Autumn, 31 ; Captain Slgsbee, 14.
Gossip of the Tttng.
8. D.. New York. Dixon wss th favorite st 100
to 70.
Hilly Waedhsat is oat with a deft to box sny 136-
pouna pugilist. 9
Jack Bonner is ready to msst Tommy Ryan, and Is
prepared alao to give Charley Go IT another chance.
College mid jl ehool.
Tor Otrla B Toting 'Women CI ty 3 Country.
Lasell Seminary
for Younjc Women,
euggasts to parents seeking a good school consid
eration of the following points in Its method:
lat. Its special care of the health of growing girls.
Besldent If nree supervising work, diet, and exer
cise; abundant food In good variety and well nocked:
early and long sleep; a an grmnsatum furnished by
Dr. Sargent of Harvard; bowling alley and swimming
bath; no regular or foreknown exsmlnatloa, Ac
3d. its broadly planned course of study.
Boton proximity both necaeeltate and help to
fumlah the best of teachers. Including many ape
cialiats; with one hundred and twenty pupil, a
faculty of thirty. Four years' course; in soma things
equal to college work: in others, planned rather for
home and womanly life. Two studies required, snd
two to be chosen from s list of eurht or ten elective.
One preparatory year. Special atudents sdmltfd.
sd. It homelike sir snd character.
Training In self-government; limited number
(many declined every fall for lack of room); personal
oversight in habit., manners, care of person, room.
Ac; comforts not stinted.
4th. It. handiwork and other unusual department.
Pioneer school In scientific teaching of Cooking,
Millinery. Dress Cutting, Business Law for Women,
Horn Sanitation, Swimming.
Regular expense for school year 8600. For Illus
trated catalogue address (mentioning this papal)
0. 0. BRAGPOK. Principal
On Sept 16, 18B8, th BISTERS OF MKBCT will
open a Boarding School snd Day Academy In the fsr
fsmeu Winter Kosort. LAKJEWOOD. g. J. For terms
-rx. k. T.. on th Harlem Railroad,! near St. John's'
College. Fordham, oppoalt Bronx Park. This new
boarding and day school for young lad! and little
girl., in charge of th Crsnllnss, 1 equipped with sll
modern Improvements. Ths surroundings sre
healthy sad attractive. Th acholaatlo year begins
on the sseond Wednesday In September. For terms
address ths Mother Superior.
Bordentown. N. J.
This Educational InstituUon for Young Ladles,
which Is altuated about seven mile east of Trenton.
may be ranked among ths leading schools of th
country. Aasdseilo or commercial course. Term
moderat. StBKCTKKBB.
St. Martha,' a Iudustrinl School,
Cndsr tbs oharg of the SISTTBb OF ST. JOSXPH OF
NAZARETH Episcopal), industrial training for gtrla
ofgood chsrecfor to mats them good houaekeepwra.
Terms, 8)188) a yeeur. so vaoatloxut.
Far Toung aaew s) Woman City B Country.
Nsw York Preparatory School. 16 West 48d at.
nesr 6th sv.. Jtw York, sad 300 Joralemon L, cor.
Court st,, Brepklya. ,.
PENTtlKOlOJt (If. J.) BXMINART-Oo-adooationaL
Send for lUnstrstsd ostalogn.
For Boys B Young Men City B Country.
N. Y. Uiilveit 1? .g.
Law School KISLEMB
CLASSES (LI.. B. after three year.). Dally sessions
8 .ho to (i snd to 10 P. M. Tuition 8106. GRADU
ATE CLAMKtV-Flttssa eoursss; Flv required
for LL. M. -
For circular address L. J. TOMPKINS, Bagtsttar,
Washington sajasr. Ww York city.
Prepare feroollege or busine. Special ad vantag
to students desiring to ear urn In preparation.
HOME UFESnd the rjvyiDUAL the keynoU.
Wat. J. BFrTS. M. A. (Yale). Principal.
Chester, Pi. 87aS year bgln Sept. 14. AA
Military School of the highest order.' V. S. War
Dept. (Inure with degree: Civil Engineering.
Chemlatry, Arts. Preparatory Coures. Infantry,
artllhwr. "ggsE-tfATT. Freetd.at.
REOPENS SEPT. 7. Application abould b mads
stonoe. Vacancl. Hmltid,
AddroFrothTAnOt)aT. Wsst Oasstsr, N. T.
NEW YORK VfikV aViweol, 86 NaasauBt.
LAW 8CH50LJffw&
tructtoa. LL.B.lBtwoywars. LL M. In three yean.
Send for catalogue. OEOBUK CHASE. Dean.
("SOISY YKAKLY, CollegUU In.Utute. Nwtoa.
The StudBnt, got tho Class, It ths Unit.
Language br natlvM; no extras; aupertor table: sou
above sea laskl; cttslogus. J. C. FLA, Principal.
Lebanon. N. H. Prepare for all oollsgea and
bnslnea. Msjur B. F. MYATT, A. M Principal.
- - -- - - - - - -- -..-.. -.-..
CIUssi aai jletosTa.
Far sTMps mm.TmmiiuirmACnSrt
IS Wast M St., Near 0th At.
mnetMBth yew begin SL 38. 1 BOB. I
Tor annus! ostalogn address
Prtacipal ARTHPR ItTLIJAMB (Tale).
Basin Colleges.
Bustnss and Shorthand, 6th v. snd issth si
A New Proposition for Angnst
Good for six months ta sll department.. We du
cat snd pise hslf s thonssad ssoh year. Th busi
es com our way. W hev th best In building
sad faculty snd recill tts for siding ear gmdaatss.
Studsnt but enter now. Day an d evening sessions.
A cstslogn for th ashing. Call or write.
will reopen after th summer vscattoa on Tueeday,
Sept. 8. Bookkeeping, arithmetic, penmanship, cor
respondsnes, tnography, typewriting, commerclsl
lew, civil government, he, Indlvidasl inatrnctlon.
Student may enter at say Urn. Call or send for
prospectus. 8. S. PACKARD, Freakiest,
101. 108. 106 BsStBtwat,
Long bland Bnsinees Colleges
143 to 14P South Sth at., Brooklyn.
Regirtered by the University of thsMats of
Nw Yorx.
Prepare for sll phases of bistlus ta th most
thorough sad prscsfesl msnner. For prospectus ad
dr a, call or telephone HENRI q WRlQHt, Prln.
tv ongh education for business: ACADEMIC, BOOK
KXEPING, Correspondence, Banking. Penmanship,
Telegraphy, SHORTHAND and TYflWRITING De
psrtmsnt: day and evening se.lons. Call or writ.
a C. GAINES, Pre., 81 East 126th StltY
GREGG'S SHORTHAND the future stanogrephy:
actual bnainsss: bookkeeping. Rutherford's
School. St. Jam Building, Broadway snd 36th.
RTA7Taf WTWa Taught by Prof. DONALDSON.
PvTABaMiriU champion. 16 WUiiam st,
Wmrtei 4emle5.
Harlem Branch
AKCT FEATHERS. Wanted, experienced hands
only: good par snd position; apply sll week.
ZTJCsStt JOBKPHY. 716-17 Broadway.
SomtftiK Urtvaata Wanted.
It Tear SerraaC
nd instruction in ths
Art t Cookfcsg-,
Can her attention to this opportunity.
This coupon entitle, a well-recommended ser
vsn t to on free lssson at
863 nth SV where all branchea of cooking are
tsnght by Mr, (i. Lemcke.
CHAMBETtMATDB. 30, cooks who waah snd Iron.
Isnndrewa. kitchenmsids, wsitre ss, laun
ureaae who do obamberwork. waltrvasea who do
cbambsrwork, French and German lsdy's maids,
Protestant nurses, English butlers, grooms, second
and third msn, coachmen wanted Immediately. Mr.
L. BEELY. 08 West 33d st; servants' entrance BBS
Oth av.
COMPETENT laundreas to assist with ehsmber
" ' work; wage. 830; reference, required.
Mr L. 8EKLY. 863 8th sv.
ptOMPETENT laundress for xiverdal. N. Y. ; small
j family; best reference required; wage 830.
Mrs. L. BEKLY. M8tt sv.
CHAMBERMAID for Newport! wage 830; New
York in winter; very beat reference required.
Mrs. L. 8EKLY, 863 6th sv.
VOMPETENT chambermaid snd seamstre; wages
y 816 to $18; vary beat references required.
Mrs. L. BEELY. 863 8th sv.
YTTBaT-CLABB waitress for small family living st
A- Fort Waehlngton; reference required.
Mrs. L. SEKLY. 863 6th sv.
7IBST-CLA8fs laundreas for the city; wage. 123;
Jv large family ; reference required.
Mr. L. BEELY. 863 6th sv.
Y7REN0H nurse for two children : wage. 830; bast
A references. Mrs. L. 8KELY. 863 8th sv.
LAUNDRESS for Bssbrutht, F. J.: small family;
must be sbt to do child pen's clothe.; best ref
erences required. Mrs. L. BEELY. 863 6th sv.
SWEDISH waitress for Rldgefleld; must be thor
oughly competent and bsve bey references.
Mrs. L. BEELY. 863 othav.
WANTED A girl to do cooking, washing, snd
ironing In pnvsts family; references necessary;
call before lu A. M. 184 Weat 48d t,
:jttte rt 3Raie IHerharueji, Ac.
TSOOKBIN DKR8. Young msn experienced oa
JL smashing machine; also casemskere wanted.
H. WOLFF. 366 Cherry si
ENGRAVER on book stamps; must be a good letter
cutter. BTABK k 8ELIO. 868 Broadway. F. Y, city.
FIURDBINIEB wire weavers wanted at once. In
quire Eastwood Wire Mfg. Co.. BeUevlUe, N. J.
TIT ANTED Young man about 18 years who ha s
v v fair knowledge of designing to serve ss appren
tice in designing department of silver msnufacturlug
concern. Address ., box 8, 82 Eaat 14th st.
WAN i JaD Comic cutter sad foreman of shopt
must be nret-clsas in every respect. Apply lm
msdlately at 184 Montagu st, Brooklyn, room 61.
WT ANTED Typewriter; one who is rapid; not nee-
v eeeary to be proficient In short hand. Address
J. N.. box 168 Sun office
ANTED A first-cl blacksmith helper.
V.JNN A SON, 47 Bergen st.. Brooklyn.
WANTED Competent buffers on brass.
A. REMHOF. 876 Kent sv., Brooklyn.
Wiuts- jBUle atifcellxaeaiu.
ipOACHMAN Good appearing single msn: must
v thoroughly undsratand ths care of good horse
snd fine hameis; must be strictly honest and aober
sad have very best ref erenoes.
Mrs. L. SEELY, 863 6th sv.
TOACHMAN. Competent unmarried man; must
' understand city driving; reference required.
Mrs. L. SEELY. D63 8th sv.
JBOOM. Must be thoroughly competent; best ref
VY erenot required. Mr. L. SEELY, 881 Oth sv.
TMMEDIATELY. two foroeful salesmen for dlgnl-J-
fled. Important bnslnsssi give age and experl
snc. P.. bog 170 Bun offlc..
WANTED lo drivsr, only experlenosd; answsr
by letter. STEADY WOBK. 370 Weat 23d at,
iriet CImw 9tfgmltt.
A CHRIST! AN young woman want position, etthar
a nurse or companion to old or invalid lsdyi
salary no object so long ss It afford, pleasant horn:
highest ref erenoes givn- Address A. E. T.. box 1US
Dunellen, N. Jj
OMPFTENT kitrhsnmsid would Ilk sttnatjaa
under flret-clss. oook In prlvsts family. H. 0. 0.,
box 66 Sun uptown otkos. 1386 Broadway.
"iHAMBEBUAID; thoroughly oompetenti good
yj liaiintisss; best reference. M. A., box 841 Baa
aptown onto. 1266 Broadway.
jpCOKand lsundress for small nuaHy l beat of ref
yj erences. M. B.. box 61B Sua uptown offlc. 138B
L'lRST -CLASS laandreaa; uaderstand doing up
A; shirts, collars and cuffs perfectly; beet refer
ences. M. MrC, box 686 Bon uptown office. 1366
THIRST-CLASS oook; excellent reference! wags B40i
A? wi.hr iiuanon In private family. A. 6., box S17
Bun uptown olBre, 1266 Broadway.
CTRBT-CLA88 waitress: best refereaoes: neat, will
X lng snd obliging. K. H.. box 614 Sua uptown
office, 1266 Broadway.
GOOD cook; understands soap, msst. vegetable,
desserts, Ac; best references. E. H.. box 640
San uptown offlc. 1266 Broadway.
G" OOD plain family cook, clean snd tidy In kitchen;
best reference.. M. B.. box 618 Bun aptown
office, 12(16 Broadway.
ADY WHO hss demonstrated soups, pxstssls and
other high-class good used by reputable grocer
desires engagement; salary moderate; highest ref
erences. couM set as salMlady. Mrs. IDA FLOR
ENCE, ia w. leTH st.
LADY'S msld; understands hsirdrssslng. packing;
good seam.tre..; the bat of reference, H. D.,
box 638 Sun uptown office, 1 266 Broadway.
NURSE for Infant or grown children; good seam
stress: five years in one plsce. H. O.L., box 687
Sun uptown office, 1206 Broadway.
SWEDISH laundreas'; best of reference.; thoroughly
competent K. o., box 644 Sun uptown office.
1286 Broedwiy
SCOTCH Protestant oook; excellaot reference, flrst
elaaa rook. C. L., oox 620 San uptown ofhoa,
1366 Broadway.
WAITRESS Thoroughly competent: bast of ref
erence.; two years In last plsc. H. McK., box
616 Sua uptown ottos. 1266 Broadway.
TjlAlTBXBa Will assist with cbamberworki win-
lng aud obliging: good reference. R. 1 box
616 Bun uptown oflfc. ljnt Broadway.
Jiew-CUw $tn-JStMt$.
A COMPOSITOR of ability snd education desire a
po.iu.on; la capable of taking charge, but will be
efttlafled with any position; will accept .mall ular:
non-union. Addn-as ENUtitKTIC. box Dt Sun office.
1"5KPEliIENt'EI solicitor deeirea a position; undrr
I atand. uewiaper advrru.ing snd cell furnish
fir,.t els, reference.; would not object to lasting
the rlty. Addrrs lll'STl.EK, box -'(si Sun office.
L I F. FEB WEEK Salary. -Young man thoroughly
?1J acquainted with th groosry trad desire
ngagmsnt; has been employed by the anetthouses
lu this lln: Indoor salesmen preferred; oould act a
aeeistaat borer; hlghsst referesossi would aooopt
ooslUon aa clrk In ufflos.
wfUetttr. JMre.
i. wsYsUAtf SOKMEB, Otsrk of the Ceiratk of New
York, do hereby publish, In accordance with ftsstloa
6. Chapter woo. of th Laws of IBue, known ss ths
Elsctkss lew, tbsfin lowing notice, iweshrad by m
from th Secretary of State:
oma ot the secretary crmTB, I
Albany. July 30th. IBS). )
lo the Clerk of th County of New York
as- Nottc I hereby given thst, at the 'beesr.
Kleetion tots. kM la thm State on the Tuesday ses
eeedlna the flret Monday ha November nest fFnvent
osrStb). ths following officer msy bsltwfaUy voted
for, to wit:
A Governor, In ths pise of Freak B. Black.
A Llentsnsnt-Govsrnor, tn th plsos of Timothy fa
A Secretary of Its, la th pise of John Palmer.
A Comptroller. In th plsos of Jam A, Roberta.
A Treasurer, in the place of Addlaon R. Colvla.
An Allomey -General, tn ths place of Theodore tX
A State Engineer aad Surveyor, tn th piss et
Campbell W. Adams.
All whose terms of offles will siptre oa th last
day of Deoember next.
Two Jn.Moea of the Supreme Court, for the Fins)
Judicial District, In ths place of Roger A. Pry or and
Jossph T. Daly, whose terms ot offles wttt expire oa
the hurt day of December next,
A Justice of ths flnprcms Ooait, for ths First Ju
dicial District. In ths plac of William N. 0B en. ap
pointed by the Governor to fill a vacancy., whose
term of offles will expire en th last day. ot Dersmbee
next ad"
County and District Offlosr slso to trs nlair1 for
said County: Thirty-five members of Assembly.
All whose terms of office will xpire on ths last
day of December next.
GIVEN nnder my hand snd sesl of offles of the See.
retary of State, st th City of Albany, this twenty,
ninth day of July, tn th year oh thousand eight
hundred and ninety -eight. JOHN PALMER.
av.1.1 Beeretsry of State.
A Repressntstlvs In the Fifty -sixth Congress of ths
raited States for ths Seventh Congressional Mstrles,
composed of the Count- of Richmond, snd th First
snd Fifth Assembly District of the Coustjf of Nsw
A Representative In the Fifty -sixth Congr of the
United States for the Eighth Conirressionsl District.
8 imposed ot Ihs Second, Third snd Seventh Assem
ly Districts of the County of New York.
A Representative In the Fifty -sixth Congress of ths
United States for the Ninth Conirressionsl DlstrloL
Smposed of the Fourth. Sixth snd Eighth Assembly
strlcts of the County of New York.
A Representative In the Fifty-sixth Congress of ths
United States for the Tenth Congressional District,
composed of the Ninth. Thirtoenth snd Fifteenth As
sembly Districts of the County of New York.
A Representative, in the Fifty -sixth Congress of the
United Btstes for th Eleventh Congresatonsl Dis
trict, composed of the Tenth, Twelfth snd Four
teenth Assembly Districts of the County of Nsw
A Itepresentstivs In the Fifty-sixth Congress of ths
United States for th Twelfth Congressional Dis
trict, composed of the Eleventh, Sixteenth snd
Eighteenth Assembly Districts of tha County of
New York.
A Representative In the Fifty -sixth Congress of ths
United States for tha Thirteenth Congresaional Die.
trict. composed of the Seventeenth and Twentieth
Assembly Districts of tho County of New York, snd
thst portion of the Twcnty-flret Assembly District
below the centre of Fifty -ninth street in the City of
New York.
A Representative in th Fifty-sixth Congress of the
United State for th Fourteenth Congressintisl Dis
trict, composed of the Nineteenth Assembly District
of the County of New York, that portion of the Twen-t.r-flret
Assembly District between the centre off
Pif ty-nlnth street and the centre of Seventy-ninth
atreet, and that portion ot the Twenty -second As
sembly District below the centre of Seventy-ninth
street In the City of New Tork.
A Representative in the Fifty-sixth Congress of the
United State for the Fifteenth Congressional Dis
trict, composed of thst portion of-ths Twenty-ant
Assembly District between tho centre of Seventy
ninth street snd ths centre of Eighty -sixth street;
thst portion of th Twenty-second District above th
centre of Seventy-ninth street in the City ot New
York, and the Twenty -third Assembly District of the
County of New York.
A R-presenUtlve In ths Fiftyeixth Congress of th
United States for tbs Sixteenth Congressional Dls.
trict, composed of the Twenty -fourth Assembly Dis
trict of the County ot New York snd the County off
XOTE.Tht SKintt - Ali'mMu Dittrict" esse used
is this notic? tkali be uwl'ritaod to rtfer ta jtuemcir
District at crmrtituUd at Oit time of tkt Sjxsjssssj of
Ckapttr tS. Lava of 189t.
A Senator for the Tenth Senate District, composed
sf thst part of th County of Nw York, within and
bounded by a line beginning at Canal atreet and ths
Hudson River, nd running thence long Canal
street, Hudson street. Dominick street, Varies street,
Broome street, Sullivan street. Spring street. Broad
way, Canal street, the Bowery, Division street. Grand
street snd Jsckson street, to the East River, snd
thence around ths southern end of Manhattan
Island to the pl.ceof beginning, and also Governor's.
Bedlow's snd Ellis Islands.
A senator for the Eleventh Senate District, com
posed of thst part of tho County of New York lying
north ot District number tea. and within and
boundeil by .line beginning st ths Junction off
Broadway gnd Csnal street, snd running thenoeslong
Broadway, Fourth atreet, the Bowery an. . rtttfd ave
nue, St. Mark's place, Avenue A, Seventh .'reel. Ave
nue B, Clinton street, Klvlngton street, Norfolk
street. Division street, Bowery and Canal street, to
ths place of beginning.
A Senator for the Twelfth Senate District, com
posed of thst nsrt of the County of New York lying
north of districts numbers ten and eleven snd within
snd bounded by a line beginning st Jackson attest
Jnd the East River, and running thence through
acksou street. Grand street. Division street, Norfolk
street, Bivlngton street, Clinton street. Avenue B.
Beventh street. Avenue A. St. Mark's plsce. Third
avenue. East Fourteenth street to the East River, and
along the Eaat River to the place of beginning.
A Senator for th Thirteenth Senate District, eons
posed of thst psrt of the County of New York lying
north of District number ten. snd within sna
bounded by s line beginning at the Hudson River
at the foot of Csnsl street, and running thence
along Canal street. Hudson street, Dominick street,
Vanlck street, Broome atreet, Sullivan atreet. Spring
atreet, Broadway, Fourth street, the Bowery and
Third avenue-. Fourteenth atreet. Sixth svenue. West
Fifteenth street. Seventh avenue. West Nineteenth
street. Eighth avenue. West Twentieth street, and the
Hudson River, to the plsos of beginning.
A Senator for the Fourteenth Senate District, com
posed of thst part of the County of New York lying
porth of districts numbers twelve snd thirteen, and
within and bounded by a line beginning at Esst
Fourteenth street and the East River, and running
thence along East Fourteenth street, Irving place.
East Nineteenth street. Third svenue, Esst Twenty
third street, Lexington svenue, Esst Fifty-third
street. Third svenue, Eaat Fifty-second street, and
the Esst River to the plsce of beginning.
A Senator for the Fifteenth Senate District, com
posed of thst psrt of the County of New York lying
north of district number thirteen, and within and
bounded by line beginning at the Junction of West
Fourteenth street snd Sixth svenue and running
thence .long Sixth venue. West Fifteenth street.
Seventh svenue. West Fortieth street. Eighth svenue.
and th transverse road across Central Park at Ninety-seventh
street. Fifth avenue. Esst Ninety-sixth
street. Lexington avenue. East Twenty-third street.
Third svenue, Esst Nineteenth street, Irving plsos
snd Fourteenth street, to the place of beginning.
A Senator for tha Sixteenth Senste District, com.
posed of thst part of the County of New York lying
north of district number thirteen, and within and
bounded by s line beginning at Seventh avenue sad
West Nineteenth atreet, and running thane Along
Weat Nineteenth street. Eighth svenue West Twen
tieth street, ths Hudson River, West Fortv-slxih
street. Tenth svenue. West Forty-third etreex. Eighth
svenue. West Fortieth street and Seventh avenue, to
ths place of beginning.
A Senator for the Seventeenth Senste District, eonv
po.ed of that part of th County of New York lying
north of district number sixteen and within snd
bounded by s line beginning st th junction of
Eighth a venna snd West Forty-third street and run
ning thence along West Forty-third .treat, tenth
svsnus, West Forty -sixth street, ths Hudson River,
West Eighty-ninth atreet. Tenth or Amsterdam ave
nue. Wst Eightv -slitb atreet. Ninth or Columbus
avenue. Weat Elghty-flr.t street and Eighth evens,
to th place of beginning.
A Senator forth Eighteenth Senate Dlstrtet, aona.
poaad et that pert of the County of Nsw Tork lying
north of dlatrict number fourteen and within and
bounded by s line begtnnlns at the Junction ot Esst
Fifty-second street snd the Esst River, snd running
gene along Esst Fifty -second .treet. Third avenue.
tat Fifty-third street, Islington avsnoe. East
Eighty-fourth street. Second avenus. Eaat Ktghtr
third street and the Esst River, to th plsos of be
ginning, and alao His- knell's Islsnd.
A Senator for the Nineteenth Senate Dl.triot, com
posed of that psrt of i Me County of New York lying
north of district nnmbrr seventesn and within and
bounded by a line beglnniug at Weat Eighty-ninth
street and the Hudson River, and running- thence
along the Hudson River and Spuyten Duyvll Creek
around the northern end of Manhattan Islands
thence outherlv along th Harlem River to the
north end of Fifth svenue; thence slong Fifth
avenue. Eaat One Hundred snd Twenty-ninth
street. Fourth or Psrk svenue, Esst One Hundred
snd Tenth street. Fifth avenne, the trsnaverse road
across Central l'srk st Ninety-seventh .treet. Eighth
avenue, Weat Eighty first street. Ninth or Columbus
svenue. Weat FJirhry sixth street Tenth or Am.ter
dsm avenue and West Eighty ninth street, to tha
place of beginning-
A Senstor for the Twentieth Senste District, com
posed of thst psrt of the County of New York
lying north or districts numbers eighteen and
fifteen, and within and bounded by s un r.
ginning at Esst Eighty (lord strict snd the
East River, running thoure through Esst
Eighty-third street. Second svenue. Fast Eighty.
fourth street, Lexington svenue, Esst Ninety -sixth
street, Fifth avnue,- East On Hundred snd Tenth
stresi. Fourth or Psrk svenue. East Ons Hundred
snd Nineteenth street to the Harlem River, and along
the Ilsiiem snd East Rivers to tbs place of heirla.
nlng : aud also Randall's Island and Ward's Islsnd.
All of tkt abtmt dtitrloU in Vu Csissay -Vet. Fsvt)
boundrd MPS or along A boundary stalcrs of ttS
rouMv thati le deessrd to extend to Uu count) lis.
A Senator for ths Twenty -first SnM District, com
posed of thst psrt of the County of New York lying
north of dl.triot numbers nineteen and twenty,
within and bounded by line beginning at Esst One
Hundred snd Nineteenth street and ths Hsrlem
lover, and running thsnoa along Eaat Ons Hundred
sort Nuistevath street. Fourth or Park svenue. One
Hundred snd Twenty ninth street. Fifth svsnus and
the Harlem River, to th plsce of beginning ; and
thst psrt of th County et Nsw York not hsrlnbe
fore described.
jcsricB or tbm vrrr goukt or raw an
Notice 1. slso given that Justice of ths City Court
of the City of Sew York. in. place of William M. L
Ob ott, appointed br the Governor to fill a vacanoy,
shone term of office will expire on the last dsy et
De-emler next, is to be voted for by the .lectors of
tin- territory of ths City of New York, aa It sxlatad
snd ws constituted prior to the sixth day of Juu.
Given under my hand sad seal ot offlc of Ike
Couta Aleak of w York County this Bd dayafl
lwettxew-J wJ awa 9J1 PT1 -fi. SnVw esxSessssfB.
... . . . - - -

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