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mwm a-s-.Tw-s-BTBT-BSBT-.as------
THE SUN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1808. ...
i"J Komi of the amallar ff fsA fc'ork
I pjonirige and R portion 4 riVrrrllonal
lament became alarmed to-day at what their
. recanted a a poaalblaUjt cflfsfc active money
I market. They found the suggr-aMnn of that
poMlbtlltr In the further large decrease In the
surplus rnearve of the Associated Banke shown
- fcr list Saturday'! statement. The fact that
. the bulk of the reserve la held, aa It ahould be.
by a somparatlrely amall number of the larger
banka iu also made rouoh of by ipeoula-
I ton on Blender martini and by trader
who for eeveral daya paat hare emleav
ored to brine about a reaction In the
market. Theee circumstance resulted In
lower prtoea In the early dealing, nltbciitgli the
London market for American, aa well M for
I International, aeourltles wy strong. Thla wa
4 the first day of the aettlement on the London
";' Stook Exchange, and (although n fairly large
"Ml open aooount was shown In American securl-
e ; tlaa, rates for carrying them through the new
t f oeennt were comparatively low. Averaging
t j only 2X per eent. It appears that there la a
s I scarcity of 8t rani common In the London
I I market, for it waa taken for the new account
t I without Interest.
i r While It Is true thnt the surplus reserve of
t ' the Associated Ilnnks is small in comparison
j with the other Items nnd with the volume of
l j business that the banks are transsotlng.
I grounds for apprehension of a stringent or
I , even active money market cannot be found in
l: the financial situation as a whole. Aocordlng
i to all accounts there Is likely to be an expan
l slon In circulation In the near future, that Is,
as soon as some of the new Government
bond are available as a basis for bank
I circulation. In the meantime the tcrmlna-
i - tlon of the war takes the Government out
of the loan market Disbursements by the
i Treasury on account of the war will continue
i heavy for some time to come. The most pos-
I Itlvo ossuranco against an active money mar
ket Is to be found in the condition of the
, .foreign exchanges. As noted In this column a
week ago, the volume of commercial bills for
Immodlato nnd future delivery Is constantly In
creasing, and the rates for sterling exchange
are as steadily sinking to n lower level.
Evidence that the usual fall Influx of gold la
already at hand was furnished before midday
in the announcement of a local financial newa
bureau from Its London correspondent that
$2,250,000 sold had beon bought In the open
market for shipment to the United States.
This news rather checked the decline In stock
values and thereafter the mnrket was Irregular
owing to repurchases of stock simultaneous
with further and persistent efforts to depress
them. Alter the close of business the engage
ment of specie referred rb above was confirmed
in the Usual foreign press despatches. As money
la comparatively easy In London and foreign
dealers are now Inclined to buy Amorlcan secu
rities, It Is not likely that European bankers
will be able to throw In the way of the inevl
- table movement of specie from Europe to thla
country even such futile obstacles as they Inter
posed last year, still another factor In the
money market that should not bo overlooked is
the increasing wealth of the West and South
and the ability of those sections to handle their
enormous staple crops with smaller demands
upon New York and other Eastern centres
than ever before.
The decline in values was very nearly uni
form, though, of course, most pronounced In
the stocks that have been most conspicuous
in the advance. Theso It Is not necessary to
name. Moreover, nn adequate comparative
table of t ho net fluctuations Is printed further
on In this column, from which It will be seen
that the average net loss Is something ovor 1
oent. Manhattan Railway was exceptionally
strong, and was the only fairly active stock that
closed higher than last Saturday. A number
of the less-active and low-priced stocks
,,uehowed a good deal of firmness, notably Erie
first preferred. Chicago Great Western. Wabash
".Drejferred. Chicago Terminal Transfer and
Chicago and Eastern Illinois. Although busi
ness was suspended for nearly half an hour to
give the members of the Exchange an oppor
tunity to participate in the demonstration In
honor of the Seventy-first Regiment, the trans
actions footed up nearly half a million shares.
The bond market also was active and prices
were well maintained. The borrowing demand
for stocks at the close of business was fairly
brisk and many Issues lent for less then the rul
ing rate for money, which was about 2 t V cent.
As the stock loan 'market Is not likely to be
manipulated In a speculation of the present
magnitude, It seems safe to assume that the
day's selling of stocks has resulted In an in
crease of the short Interest. At the same time
It Is obvious enough that many weak holders
have been shaken nut and that the market as a
whole la healthier for the day's operations.
The closing In the main was heavy, with prices
In the main down to the lowest figures. A few
tocks. howover, notably Sugar Refining. 0 B.
nnd Qulncy, and Northern Pacific, common,
bowed a disposition to rally.
New York Stock Exchange Sales Aug. 20.
B8 0 8JI, wl 1226 Ve 8idef.tr a.
10o106M 09X
1 VBm.c. 192&.126K'
Bid. Alktd. Bid. Alktd
Bn Ft 2a, r, Un St 4a, o.
IplofO 08 1MB 187 12B
C 8 8s. 1608- UnStBs, r,
1018, r...l OCX lOoM 1004 112 113
C8Sl,l08- UnStfts, o.
IMR.c ..lOS'i 105H 1U04 112 118
Un Bt 4. r, Un Bt 6a. r.
100T Ill 112 18U0 102X
Cn St 4t, a. I ' 8 8.6s, r, -
l7 111)4 W2K 1024.DC117
Do Ft 4a. r,
JV2S 127 128
fiC AtehadJ 4a... 72W 2 N JCgalSs....! 1 4
10 - 72M 10 NPgnl 3s 67,
I 72H 161 07M
10 72)4 39 07,,
118 72 1 , 07u
ll AtrUgul 4i .... 06 66 as'
. V B4H 16NYC, M Ccoi
6 B4 3a G4
7 04H! fi Nub A-Chat cn 1041
8 B4XI 6 104H
6 Adams Ex 4s. 102 lo N Y.O A Wr 4sl 01
12AwSMos 88 3 N Y.OA: W cuob1 07X
7 80 SOUIUM. 100
"' f BO 1 Ohio Sou gnl... BX
I AnnArbor4s.. 88 lO'reHLInoB. 68
3B. CRNlet.l07 8 Pso k Eaat lat 70
8 Brook KT 6s.. 106K 3 Peo Kaatin, 20H
8 100 4 20H
too 10 BockIgul4a..l04X
2BrWkW6a... 02 14 104J
R6BrJaiattr.. 04 3 Bead gnl 4a. .. . B3'
6 04)4 8 83
B4 7 82H
. 10 ObssssO onOslloH 6 BloO W let.... 00
1164 6 8oPofNMltl09H
63 CkOgaMa.... 80M 7 100K
00 68tL84e... BOX
BO C.BQcnvB120 o ROM
:c,bqt 118 10 80
1 C.C.C k 8t L 4a. 6 8tLBW let... 70X
OWkMdlr. 90 4StLBW2d.... 34
aJ0hlTr4 OOX 16 341
8 Ohl O L 0 Co 6B0Oa lat... 00
'' 108 lOBoB'way 6a... ueH
86IulfcIRlet..l05X 1 07X
10 100X 1 08
8 100X lOBUuillkTSa.. 78
, SO DetCitx OOe.. 04 31 78X
0 78X
L ' 04X 1 78
4D.H, BkA!tr,illt:X 6btRrtno.... 83X
(JEl.LfcBSlet.103X 70 03J
f" 103X26 26K
4 Erlaprlor bde. 034 10 "34.
' SO ETglin8-4a.. 74XU0 " 22
1 EaatT.nu lie . 1 1 3( 47 ' Elw
6WfcUttlet 2 j
88 10 !."".".'."" 2K
6 Oalv. Hfc Hfia 00 1 . . o, 2
lOO.U'g fc 8 a 4e '..'"'". 21
MP6 08 I 6 Tei I'm lat da. 107
6 B.lSfcW Tlet 04X10 TexPae Mm.. 48X
04!4'2a 48
HMt let.i4X107 112 471
8 (run alt 6a 00 16 47
ll.aafcT4... 00 s4 I7a
..... 00W68 471,
. r
lSbaAInli 68 licit!,
IS 06X Tana dlv OB
10 86 eioiam
SICfaaiM. 77M Blirdlv P.1(4
88 77 I 03
1 70J 30 tlnlonrao 4a.. P8M
8 77X88 08X
I fi tan gut 4a BO 147 B8X
1 IMlK. MSe. 104 30 t' f, DfcO
10 afelBtnaa...H3 Jet.tr '77
7 118X 1ft 78M
10-exIntra 77X90 76K
8 78 16 .. 78H
eatajBtLeaSa.108 1ft 76X
18 107 8 Wabaahlat....lllX
1 Mo. K It T of 10 ar.ha.had 89
TexaaBs 80 40 Wabdeb e B... 37
S 88 B SON
16 MX let 117X 196 88X
4Mobfcn.MdEel02 188 88
8 Mo r thi. eex ft sex
111 HPprlorda.. 100X88 36X
IB 100X 11 86X
100 100X 10 86X
4Na Won 44... 88 40 36i
80 NYC. I, s ool 10 84N
Xa B4 B 8SX
10 04X 106 80
1 NYasi.trB.108
total aalea of railway bonde (par value), 18,408,000.
Open- iu- Lew- rriortnt
flirt. "?. '( "'. Btd. Atkrd.
240n0AmRR.144 144X142X142X148
3RT AmRBpll4M 114M 114X1 14N USX
aoo Alio M .77 .77 .77
1000 Am 8 M. 14X 14X 18X 1 3X 14
TlOAmSMp 30 30N 88M SOX 40X
aoOAmTobl44 144M 142X148 143X
aSAmExpiaO 132X180 180 188
480HAmOO. 37K S7N 88 38N S7
asSAmCOp 87X 87X B7X 87 88X
888 A.T fcS
Fa 14X 14X 1SX 1314 14
18880 A. TkS
Fa pt.. sex sex sex se sex
4BBAM.lt.. 34X 84X 83X 33X 34
r.ioAM.ltp 86X 86X 84 83X 83X
20AnnArb UN UN UK 12 13
1060 AmRtcol
a W... 82 33X SB 83 83X
676 AmRtael
fcWp. 88X 80X 86X SeX 87X
3700 B k O
lt.lp. 2SX 23X 22 22 22X
eoBStOaa 3X 34 3X 3X 3X
S4706BkRT. 06X 06X 03X 6SX 84
4O0BUOael27 127X127 126X127X
100 Bruce II .78 .76 .76
BOOOanBo.. 64 64 68X 68X 63K
10 Con Ice. 46X 46X 46 X 44X 46
aooOonlpf 92X 02X B2X 00 93
706ChOtW 17X 17X 17 17 17X
280 Ch Ot W
St A... 42 42 41X 41X 42
lOOOnPao 19X 19X ION
8026CheafcO 24X 24X 28X 28X B3X
flBoot ei. 6i ei eox eox ei
lOOCfcEIplOB 100 100 108X109
180 0,0,0
Bt I,... 48 43 41X 4BX 42X
lMM'tSW138 136X134X 134X 134X
02BBC.BQ117 117X lieX 117X117X
81686 C.MkSt
P. 113X113X113 112X11CN
100 C.M St
ppfieexieexieex 164 ieex
11480C.RIP106X 106X104X104X106
SOOCnlFiiel 24 24X 24 23X 24X
4niTr.. ex ax ax ex o
1620ChTarp 30X 37X 36 80X 37
eooc.LfcW 16 16 14X 16 16X
440ConOaal89 189 188 187X180
200C.IL. ON OX 9N 9X 10
UlC.IfcLp 33 S3 33 30 34
400DlfcH.109 109 108X108X109X
200D.LkW161 161 161 161X
84B0DI:ROp 66N 66X 66 66X 66X
lOODMJtFtD 17X 17X 17X 17 18
270ErleRB 14 14N 14 14X 14N
6048 Erie 1 ). 38X 30X 88X 38X 38N
lO0Erl2p. 19N 19N 19N 10X 21
260EdleEI.130 130 130 132 134
E600tNorpl38 186 136X136X187
750 0nElo 41 41 40N 40X 40N
800 H-w'ii'n
C Rue. 26X 26X 20X 20X SOX
686IPapar. 61 61 68X 68 59
1186IntPp. OOX 91N OOX 90 92
llOO 111 Oantll2X 112X111X111X112
4726 I118tMl. 71 71X 67 70X 71
820 la Con p 37 37 37 36X 37
25KC.P(J 20 20 SO 18X 10X
BOLEfcW 19 19 19 18 10
HSLEfcWp 76 76 T.76 74X 76
860Laoia.. 61X 61X 60X 60N 6 IX
10640Loafc 69a, 69X 68X 58X 6BX
10610 St.nCon 98X 98N 97X 98 98X
6900 M iron. 99 99 B6X 07X 97X
a760M8t B7166X166X 163X 163 164
10 M a St L
let p. OOX 00N BON 88X Bl
HOOMoP.o. 36X 86X 36X 36X 36X
lOlOM.KfcTp 30X 36N 36X 36 36X
100 H LOU. 6X 6X 6X 6X 7
600 N J cant 93 93 02X 82X 02N
1480NYOntll8Xill8H118 118X118X
lOOSNatLd.. 38 38 37 37X 38
186NatLdpll2X 112X 112X 110X 112
800 Nor Am. OX OX 6N X 7
886 N Y Air
Brake.. BOX BOX 90 88 BO
8E0NatBle. 32 32 31X 31X 32
ar.ONBiep. 96X 90 96X 96 102
HOONfcWp 64X 64X 64X 64X 64N
61720 NorPao. 40 40X 38X 39 39X
187r,ONorPp. 77X 77X 76X 76X 76X
eiOOntfcW 16X 16X 16X 16X 16X
200OBfcN 60 60 60 60X 60X
loo (K..S p 76 76 78 76 77X
006 Ore 8 L. 36X 36N 36N 36X 36X
18B6PacMail 34X 34X 34 33X 34
880PCoaat. 44X 44X 44X 44 46X
200PaoC2p 64X 64X 64X 64X 66X
265PPCCol84 184 184 184 186
1888 P. C.C k
stl. ... 44fcf 44m 42 43k X3H
160PaBB..119Hll9H 119X 1 18N 120
16808 Peopla'a
OfcC..106N 106N 104X 104X 104X
4700 Pbmnlx
M 18 .19 .18 .19 .20
1012Rdlng 19 10X 18X 1 8X 18X
1800 Read Ip 44X 44 H 44X 44X 44X
800Kead2p 22 22 21X 21X 22
14O0 8U.SWP 13 13 12N 12X 13X
670BtPfcO 86 86 84X 84 85
40 St P. M
M .107X 167X 167X 168 172
200Sop:.. 22X B2X 22X 22 22X
1180 So Ry... OX ON 9X OX ON
12048Bnl(yp. 36N 36X 36X 36X 86
lOOSUkOI 7X 7X 7X 7 7X
100 Bt J 4 0
I2dp. 20 20 20 19 21
126SILABF 8N 8N 8N 8X 8X
UBtL 48
Futp. eex eex eex
1000 Bt L fc 8
i'-Mp. 33N 33X 33X 33X 83X
2418 BRAT. OX 9X 8X 8 8X
6200TCA1. 32X 32 son 31 31H
368dAvRH176 176 176 176 180
400 Twin O
ltT... 27X 28X 27X 27X
4BOOTexPo. 16X 16X 16X 16X 16N
82lUnPao. 34 34X 3SX 32X 32X
84876 UnPpf. 66N 66N 66N 68 OOX
. 276UP.DfcO 6X 6X 6 6 6X
8806 0 8 Rub 46 46X 42N 43X 43X
1700U8BP.106 106 103X103X104
826 V 8 L... 7X 7X 7X 7X 7X
6620 V S L p. 72X 72X 72 72X 72X
lOOWabaah 8N 8N 8N 8X 8X
48S0Wabpf. 22X 22X 21N 21X 21X
aoW-FEx.122 123 122 120 120
3832 V. Our 34X B4X 94 va'i 9HX
800 WALE 2X 2X 2X 2X 2N
eooWkLKp 14)4 16X 14X 14X 16
Total aalae. 408.038 eharea.
Bid. Alktd. Bid. Alltti.
Boe k Alb. .236 240 WeetFJeo.. 20X 33
Boa fc. Me. 104 166 OrnElerp. 07 99
Chic J com 126 BoafcMou.230
Fitciib'g p. 1 04 106 CalfcHacla680 600
NawEugp. 98 100 Oecoola.... 67X 67N
MexCenat 65X Tarn Mia. ..174 174N
WERcom. 87 87X Butta 24X
lUSteel... 70 70XBUO3de. 80
DomlnOoal 22X 22NMerganthall84 185
AmBellT.283 2B4 BoaloaKl.. 09 08X
Erle'i'el.... 73 74 '
Bid. alltMbl Bid. Atkti.
PhllaTrao. 04X 06 ElSBoom 34N 35
OnlonTrao 20X BOXIElSBp... 41X 48
Efcl'Tcifa 96N 961. Pi'iin Unf.. 20X 20X
lijtTrac...ie:;X 104 iPaMCo 6a..l04N 105
CTofSJ. 61), iu (WebjCcoin IB 20
OloiNj6al07X 107Nj)VlabCy 76
UOlmpCollof, 119X,BaltTo.. 23X 83M
WOLOs.. 68 K64 IfcUmUa... OX OX
. - -- - L' x tM
Bid. Aikrd. BU. JOtd.
Amltr-nd.. SOX 31 MetWS't." S SN
OkOeok.. 80 Mil Bra ii SIX 84
Chlo Braw. 6 7 NChfttftr.BBft 286
ChBrewpf 28 81 n R Oar. . . . 1BX BD
Cltylt'way.280 B90 WCJiRIRr. 84X 06
m.mdM..142X 143 NBIacnlt a 31N SB
IteSt-I' 12N 13 (Blacultp BOX DON
lt"I."etni 10 11
Atchison asp 1 4X, Northern Paolle. . . 41
Atnhleon pf 3 SX Northern Parifle pf 70H
Canadian Parlle... BBXOntarln West.... 17
Chesapeake k Ohio e5XIenaeylrant 61X
Erleeon, a ap 1 4X R.adlns. let ap... 9X
Erlslatpf 40 j Reading 1.1 pf 23K
Illlnola Central.... liex,Rt Panl 11 OX
KaneeafcTaxaa.... 1 2H South Railway 10
LakeShore BOOX South Hallway pf.. 38X
LoulevlUafcNaaa.. 0 1 " Union Facile 36
New York Central., 123 Union Paolflo pf... OB
Norfolk fc Wpf, n. 6 OX Wabash pt 2BN
Final sales compare with those of Saturday
as follows:
Aug. 97. Ava. tf.l Ai. tf. Aug. to.
A.TkSFa 14 18X K Ween... 186H 1S4X
A.Tfcflrep 36X 36XN Paocora. 40X SOX
AmCOIl... 88X 87 NFaop.... 77X 70
Am RIW .144 143 NTOnt ..11BX 118
AmSRpf..ll6X 114H NJCent .. 98X 92X
AmTob....l44X 14S Onianacom 86 84X
AmRpM.. 14X 13X Out fc West 16X 10X
AmRpMp 40X 38NOBfcN.... 01 00
BrookRT. 66X 04 PaoOk 0.100 104X
Can So 64N 68N Pao Mail... S4N 34X
C.O.CfcRtl, 48X 42X Poll P Car. 186 184
CBfc Q...11BN 117X BooklalandlOe 104X
ConOaa....lB0 188X Reading... IB 1 8N
CheefcO... 24X 23XReadlatpf 46 44N
ChOW.... 17X 17 RtPcom...ll4X112X
Cl.1, 4W.. 16X 1ft Ro R'war.. ON 0'i
DfcROp. 66X 66XSoB'wayp 36X S6X
KrieRR... 1X 14NStLSWp. 12N 12N
Erie lat p.. 8SX SSXRtaaRkT. BN 8X
OenEleo... 41 40N TeiaaPae.. 1614 16K
Ot North p. 138 136XT0, IkB.. 32M 31
Illlnola Can 112X 111X On Pao 34X 82N
KanfcTp. 30X 36X0nPaop... 07X 68
LoufcNaah 69N 68X OR Rubber 46X 43X
i.KfcVfpr 70 76 nsiath.. 7X 7X
Man Con... 98 DX OR IatBp 72X 72X
MoPac 37 38XWalia.il.... 8N 8N
MetRtRy..l06 1 ()3XVabaahp.. 22 21X
NatLead... 38X 37X WUnTel.. 94X 94
NorffcWp 64X 64X1
Oovornment bonds steAdy at unchanged quo
tations. Hallway and othor bonds easier. The
features wore American Hplrits 6, Brooklyn
Elevated lets. t. r.. Burlington and Uuincy
conv. fie, Knnnas City, Pittsburg and Gulf lsts,
Louisville nnd Ntishville gold 4s, Metroiolitnn
Street Railway 5s. Nashville ami Chattanooga
consols, Oregon ltailroad and Navigation 4s,
Heading general 4s, St. Louis and Ban Fran
cisco 4s. nt. Louis SouthwoHtern 2ds, South
ern Hallway 5r. Texas Pacific :ds,TJnion I'uclflo
41, Union Pacific. Denver and Gulf lsts. t. r. ;
Atohlson. Kansas and Texas. Northern Pacific.
Htandard Hope and Twine, and Wabash
issues. The more Important net de
clines wore In Burlington and Qulnoy
conv. 5s. 1). cent., to l'JO: Knnsas and
Texas 4s, X. to (tOH. and 2ds. H. to a;
Ixiuisvillp nnd Nashville gold 4s. X. to 90 : Met
ropolitan Street Hallway 5s, X. to 113X ; Head
ing general 4s, K. to 8'27 ; Bt. Louis and San
Francisco 4s. l"i. to 80: Bt. Louis Southwest
ern 2ds, X, to 34 i : Southern Railway 5s, X. to
l8:Stnnrtard Rope and Twlno Incomes, IX, to
31: Texas Pacific 2d. 1 X. to 47X: Union Pa
cific, Denver and Gulf lste, t. r.. 1. totOX, and
Wabash ilobenture, series B. 1 X cent., to 85.
Tho noteworthy advances were In American
Splritstls, 1 V cent., to 00; Brooklyn Elevated
lats, t. r.. X, to 04: Kansas City, Pittsburg and
(ulf lsts. ,'a.to77X: Northern Pacific prior 4s.
S. to 1007a. and general 3s. . to 08: Nashville
nnd Chattanooga consols, , to 104N ; Orogon
Railroad and Navigation 4s, 1. to 100a. and
Wabash 2ds. li cent., to 80.
Commercial price of bar silver In New York,
5P;c. Bar silver in London closed nt 27 11-ltld.
Moxlcuu silver dollars wcro quoted at 4()Xo.
Exports to Europe to-morrow, 100,000 ouuees.
Money on call, 2S3 cont.. closing at 2V.
Time money Is quoted at2i V cent, for sixty
days. 3X V eent. for ninety days, nnd 4 cent,
for four, five and six months, on good mixed
Stock Exchange collateral. Commercial pnpor
Is quoted at 3 XfiX cent, for bills receivable ;
acceptances nnd prime single names 3(S)4
cent. : other names 4',ia,r 9 cent.
Sterling exchange was weak and lower. A
hardening tendency in local money rates and
an increasing supply of commercial bills, in
part for forward delivery, had a depressing ef
fect, ns did likewise fair purchases of stocks for
foreign account. Continental exchange was
dull and heavy, Posted asking rates foreterling
are: Sixty days. $4.84, and sight. S4.H5X.
Actual rates are: Iing hills. $4.K1'(?J4.R1,S:
sight draftH. S4.4ro,J4.85. and cable transfers.
4.H;)l4$4.85). Francs are quoted at 5.2"Jiffl
6.21 for long nnd 6.30K(So.20 for short:
rclehsmarks. 04 7-1GO04 0-10 for long and
OWSOd). for short : guilders. 40(2X0 1-10 for
long and 40 3-107S40 for short.
Domestic exchange on New York : Boston
1BO80 .cents discount. Charleston Buying,
par: selling. X premium. Savannah Buying.
1-10 discount : selling. 5 cents premium New
Orleans Rank, SI premium ; commercial, par.
Ban 1 rani'lueo Sight, 17 '. cents premium : tele
graph. 20 cents premium. St. Louis Par
Chicago 25 cents discount. Cincinnati Be
tween banks, 25 to 40 cents discount: over
counter, par.
In tho outsldo market Glucose Sugar Refin
ing common is quotod at 57XrS58. nnd the pre
ferred at 10.',rS107X: Standard Oil trust cer
tificates closed at 407(9408; Standard Gas com
mon at 138fS142. nnd the preferred at 158(3)
lOri; Mutual Gas at 826(3336: Amstordam Gas
at ?SSSTltelB'6JEr 8t 72 ',(273. andtho bonds
81 102X(3ip2N : Buffalo Gas at 22Xrt?24. bonds
.5X966; Central Union Gas bonds at 103X(3
104Si : Brooklyn and New York Ferry ut 37.(2)
38X, and the bonds at 00i.(2!07.
The all-rail enBt-bound shipments of dead
freight from Chicago last week were 6"-54
tons, against 54,08.1 tons the previous week
and (11.884 tons the corresponding woek of the
provlous year.
The weekly statement of averages of the
banks in New lork city. Brooklyn. Jersey City,
Iloboken, and Staten Island, which are not
members of the New York Clearing House As
sociation, but which clear through members, is
as follows:
Loans, die.,
invea'a ...r,B.r,.")i,Boo 150,flSH,ooo Inc. ti64.roo
Circulation l.r.l3,ooo l,M8.70n Ino. 700
Net d piMlta 87,348,700 87,129,800 Dec. 218,1(00
Di'it. with C.
II. agents. 8,175,100 8.683.SOO Dec. 641,000
Dep. b ks fc
trnatoo'e. 4.221,400 4,l90,oo Deo. so.boo
Legal t mii-r
fcbkn't's 8,ll(7.r,00 tl.0!)7.400 Dec. 100
Specie 8,(174,400 3,708.000 Inc. 20100
T,lr'aervol2i,OUS.4oo 120,025.000 Dec. 1043.400
Renerve '
required. 18,836,870 1(1,782.400 Dec. 04,275
B'prerrs.. 14.2,11,725 18,742.800 Dec. 1480.120
The Central Railroad Company of New Jer
sey reports gross earning, for July of $1,034.
(144. a decrease of $204,780 as compared with
the same month of last veur, and net $425 -Mil.
a decrease of $132,040. For tho seven
i"; -'if!8.!'."1"1"' J,uly :u the gross earnings were
0,782,401. an increase of $10,430 as com
pared with the corresponding period of last
year, and net. $2,40,1,505. an lnorease of $101,-
The Bt. Louis nnd Ban Francisco Railroad re
ports gross earnings for July of $407,535 a
decrease of $30,000 as compared with tlio
same month of last year, and net $158,203. a
decrease of $37,178.
The Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad re
ports gross earnings for July of $150,(182, a de
crease of $28,805 as computed with the sumo
m,"trS!i luBt )'eur and net 53,500, a decrease
The Cleveland. Canton and Southern Rail
road reports gross earnings for July of $00 082
an Increase of $18.fl34 as compared with tho
aame month of lost year, and net $8,050. an In
crease of $0,380.
The Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company re
ports to the Stat.; Rullroiid Commission for tho
year onded Juno 30 as follows:
IMS. u$7. Chenarl.
Groat eernluge 14.72(1,144 14.302.20S Inc. IBM H4(l
Opcr. eiiien.ee. 2,H78,8(1U 2,817,738 Inc. 25fl()tlo
Net earning.. 11, 802.341 11,774,060 Inc. 177riu
Other incoiiia.. 240,580 238.20H Inc. 11113
Total lncoroe.12. 101,801 12,01 2, boh Ino. 1ho 043
Charge. 1,017,901 l.tfOOKir, inc. 1726
Bnrplua 1188,010 1112.403 Inc. 171,417
The Brooklyn. Queens Coonty and Suburban
pa road Oompuny.ns submitted to tho Stule
enale'u,JuUO3,8!nlB,'l0n 10POrt'i 'r th yer
!80S. 1897. Ckanatt '
Oroiw earning... 17011, 143 73n.2T8 Inc 120 8n7
Oper.exiHiU.ee. 412,308 487,502 Deo. 25,'l94
Notearnlnga 1313,s3e 1202.774 Ino 101. omT
Otberincniue .24,080 0.382 Inc. 14,S7H
Total Inoome..l3rt7,80ft 1302,106 inc. 186780
Chargee (104,948 367,272 Inc. -',tsn
lorplua 12,962 def.156,1 18 Ino. 168,088
The Fall Brook Hallway Company report! for
the year ended June 30: iwnane
' Mr, Okanou
Orose ernlage..lU40,577 1680.251 Ino. 110128
Oper. axpenaee.. 469,181 442,645 Ino. 18,4ii
Net aarninga. .1190,446 1187,606 Ino. 12.840
Oilier iucoma... 374,621 276.261 Ino. oojoa
,TuU'11 10(14,1167 1462,874 Ino. 1102.(111.1
Chargta 9.063 27.908 Dec. 17,000
-"Vf""? 1'5,014 1484,066 Ino. 1120,041
Dividend. 805,000 806,000 !?
burj.lue 1250,014 1129,081) lu. 1110,0441
Till Wen Virginia Central and PltUburg
Jiallwav Company reports for the year ended
une .to.
J0. WOT. cenae,
Oroaaeernrga.li.iow.ass 11, 141.111 Inr lis.ojs
Oper. expense. 701. 320 779.0S4 Inc. 11.244
Net aarninga. 1S68.033 1162.203 Ino. 18.78
Int. and rant... 172,880 261,224 Inc. 4.886
"orpin 108,443 104.011 Ins. 11.416
.The total transactions In various share on
the Stock Exchange last week were 3.131.235
shares, an Increase of 1,148.047 shares as com
pared with the corresponding week of last
year. The transactions In State and railroad
Jgnds aggregated $21,001,600. an Increase of
The receipts of the Government to-day were:
Customs. $350,009; Internal revenue, 11,5m-JW'-.and
miscellaneous. $21,781. a total of
$1..7.4N0. Tho disbursements were $1,020,
'"10, .an excess ot receipts over expenditures of
$IM1,40. The receipts of tho fiscal year to
date have born $82,857,023. and the expendi
tures. $12,i,H(3,47.". an excess of expenditures
over reeolpta of $43,015,552.
Tho official count of the cash In the Treasury
at the close of business to-day. compared with
that of Saturday, shows:
OeW coin and bullion . .isiilliin.ilB 12il"iB2,6S4
BIlTerdollare and bullion 10,803,019 10,008,110
Onlted BUtea notea l.825,BBO . 64,168,87ft
Other aaeeia In exoeaa of
demand liabilities 11,878,870 11,716,041
Available cash balance,
Including gold re.ervo.t28S.149.854 1282.00S.111
Money In London MOX cent. Bate of dis
count In open market for both short and three
months' bills ., cent. Amount of bullion
8 one Into the Bank of England on balance to
, JJ Jl O.OiKV Paris advices quote 8 cents at
111.) francs 70 centimes. Exchange on London
2a francs 24 centimes.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated stock and Petroleum Exchange
to-day were as follows:
Opm- ITltK Ltwi Claa-
ft u. JVaa. int. ML at. trng.
JOOAnaoonda. 86 .88 .88 .88
lOOOBrune lok. 10 .10 .10 .10
lOOBreeoa 06 .86 .86 .86
2OO0 Creeds k OCKk. .04 .04 .04 .04
200 Con Cat k Va.... .88 .SB .88 .38
Total aalea. 8.600 aha a.
Mondav. Aug. 20. Gbain Wheat Spot waa
quiet but arm. The sales were 64.000 bush., all
for export.lncludlng32.000 No.2 red here at 75c.,
and 32,000 do. at the outports on private terms.
Free on board afloat: No. 2 red. 74c. ; No. 1
northern spring. Duluth. 76X0. No. 2 red In
elevator. 70o. Minneapolis received to-day
287.250 bush., against 335.086 last year: Du
luth. 200,340. against 36.151 ; Chicago. 112.014.
against 175,552 ; Milwaukee. 27.330. against 10.
050 ; St. Louis. 145.000, against 140.000 ; Kansas
City. 308.500. against. 520.800 : Toledo. 111.184,
against 123.384 : Detroit. 14.508. against 00,236
last year. Futures advanced Jc. to lio but
lost part of this and closed He. to .Vc. higher on
all months except August, which was Xc. lowor.
Futuro sales 585.000 bush., as follows:
Opening. lUghrtt. Lovrit, doting. A'ii7l.
August 74 74 78 78 78M
September 8M 6PM 6SM 69M SM
December 6614 87 66H 66M 66
May 68 88)4 88 6sQ 67H
Barley Was dull. New feeding, 83980c, coat and
freight to Huffelo. Jtye waa atrong. No. 2 WesU-rn,
OOhc. free on board afloat. Corn Spot waa only
moderately active and lower. The sale, were 184,
000 bush., all for expert, Including 96,000 No. 2
mixed at 86Xc here, and 88.000 do. at the outports
on private terms, free on board afloat. No. 2 mixed
In elevator. 304o. Futures were 14c. to Mo. higher
at one time. Future aalea 60,000 bueh., aa followai
Optnlng. Highlit. Lomtt.Cloting.Ktght.
Septembar 844 :UM 84M 34)4 H4'u
December. 34H aH 84 K 84M 84M
Oate Spot waa quiet. Th aalea were 23,000 bush.
None for export. No. 2 mixed, 2(04o.; No. S do.
20c; No. 2 wbito. 80c: No. 8 do., 2,000 at 2Bc
track white, 16.000 at 2Si37c: 0,000 old ungraded
clipped, at :iic. delivered. Futures were nominally
higher. No aalea.
Opening. Uigkett. Lowut. doting. Night.
September .... an 24JJ
Thla la tha visible supply:
Aup.tT.'On. rTeeVt Channel. Aug. tH, 97.
Wheat, bueh. 5,027,000 Inc. 77.000 10,748,000
Corn, bush.. 1(1, 810,000 Inc. 407,000 27.873 000
Oats. bush... 3.20H.0O0 Inc. 888,000 l(.27o,0O0
Kye bush.... 482,000 Inc. 81,000 l.Slti.ooo
Baric)-, buBh. 207.000 Inc. 62,000 1,048,000
The New York atock is as followa:
Aug. f7. -9S. rTiek-i Changes. Aug. W.'".
Wheat, bnah. 168,004 Dec 109,701 786 404
Corn, hush.. 443.108 Inc. 8.184 2,120.065
Oats, bueh... 128,1(17 Inc. 02,230 1,676,141
Bye. bnah.,.. 16,626 luo. 0,041 soo.atu
Barley, bueh. 4,726 Doc 1.460 63,707
A rather sharp advance took place In wheat early in
the day 011 btelier cables, (ome foreign buying or
dera, comparatively asoderate rccelpla et the West,
and covering of . ti it.-. The world'a bhlpmenta for
tho week wure small, aggregating 4,003,476 bush.,
sixoliiBt 4,867,038 laat week and 7,414,Ooo laat year.
There waa a decrease in the quantity oa passage of
oun.000 bush. The Northwestern receipts were 6M2
are, against 0:10 tin, day last week and 024 last
year. Chicago received 25li care, against 297 last
week and r.70 laat year. Liverpool advanced Hd.
to J4d. According to late cablca Pane rdso
8f. 70 centimes on August. Flour there wae
10 to 00 centime, higher. The weather
in England was variable. But tho pressure to buy
soon abated and prices slowly receded, iloroover.
tbero was an increase in the vlaible supply of 77,000
bush., whereas a small decrease had boen expected,
and this naturally had a depressing eflect. Then,
too, the r( celptri at Chicago to-morrow are expected
to be 40.", cars. The seaboard clearances were small,
the total being 133.0KB bunh. Local operators took
protlts and On re was more or less short sdllng. The
last prices, however, showed a practical net advance.
Corn moved upward for a time, mainly owing to
sympathy with wheat. Liverpool advanced Ha. to
9iid.. and theqtiaullty on paaase decreased 160,000
bueh. But the advance was tllght, and later on moat
of It was lest. The reel ip:s at Clucugo were moder
ate, but to-morrow 1,080 cars are expected.
There waa an increase in the visible supply
of 407,000 bueh., and the aeaboard clear
ances were only 243,427 bush. Tho world's
shipments for the week were 4,680,033 bush., against
4,602,021 last week and 3,20H,0UO laat year. Oats
were firmer: but prices were only nominal. Tho
visible supply increased 3H8.0O0 bueh. Chicago
received 040 car. and expect. (106 to-morrow.
Chicago, Aug. 20. ' Wheat wo. strong up to noon,
the September up a cent, the December and May up
4c to ?4c Compartively light receipts everywhere
atirred up September shorts. The advance was
about all none at the close. September touched 66
and closed at (14H1. The annual report by the Hun
garian Minister of Agriculture estimates a world's
wheat deficit of 32.000,000 bush. There was a de
crease on passage of 0110,000 bueh. and a decrease lu
the hnglish visible of 780, 000 bush. Tho North
west receipts were only 60 per cent, of butt Mon
day's, and not much larger than laat year's. The re
ceipts at all the primary points were about 100.000
bush., but the premiums bid were not as good as
Saturday's. The cash demand was not a sharp one.
Car lot prices, however. Were about tho aame as
Saturday. The Northwest bad perfect weather,
making the small movement the mure noticeable.
Kvcn the fanners' deliverlca of spring wheat are
light. The stock of wheat here Is only 333. 000 bush.,
having decreased this week. Com was steady wlllnii
4c range, the closing wos He owr Saturday.
Country oft eriugs wero small. There was a fair export
business, about 30 loads, from here. Receipts were
large. Western weather was perfect, but the evi
dences or a moderate crop are Increasing. The local
stock decreaed :.'50.OUO hush. The visible Increased
11 1.,,.. 1. The out inspection waa over 1.1IM1,-
000 bush. There was some good buying around COO.
Oats were dull but su-ody. Receipts were large. The
local stock is small. Oata are influenced by com "
Fuiuk The trailing in flour continued quiet to
day and of a hand-to-mouth character. The eales
wero only 7,000 bbla. Prices were practically sta
tionary. , , Bblt. Sackt.
Receipts 14,350 20,266
F.xporta 2,432 8.027
Winter is bbla.: Superflne, 42.2012.40; No. 2 extra
12. true-12.60; straights, 13.40(418.56; patents, !u.eO'
18.00. Hpriiiglnbble.: Clean. lH.80uia.6o: straights
18.809144 01 patents, 1U.70(S14.10. Feed-The
trading continued on a very moderate acute, but
prices were strung. Western spring In lon-fe. sucks
14'S14.70;2OO-lb., 112.00dll4.60; winter in bulk.
Cottox Spot cotton here waa unchanged, with
sales of 4H4 bales for export; 200 were delivered on
contracts. Middling uplands Oljc. against 8S4 last
year; New Orleans and Oulf He, against HHc last
year. SaiBHllah declined 116c. New Orleans sold
2. liules. Ht. Louis 267. Savannah 01, OalvcsUin M
Augusta 02 and Mobile 60 balea. Liverpool wue un
changed oil the spot, with sales of 7, OOo bales. Fu
tures thero declined 1 to 2 points., closing barely
stead J. Manchester was dull. The receipts at Uio
principal Interior towns were as followa:
Tn Day. last Week. Latt Year.
Aogns-a 404 43 1,100 M, 018)
Memphis.... 122 "(22) 34 ( 46 (6j
S l'""' 28 21 10
Cincinnati.., 401 34 47
Houston 2,411 "(all) 1,604 (1,604) 7,762 ItM)
Including new cotton.
The shipments from Augusta wore 0 bales, Memphis
none, St. Louis H47. Cincinnati noo and Houston
1,100 bales. The port 10 eipts wero 8,821 bales
against 4,681 lust week and 11,380 leal year; thus
far this week 7,4.',7 bales, against 0,003 thus far last
wenk. The export, from the porta wcro HSO bales.
Tho rainfall lor the 24 hours ended 8 A. M
gauds included 2 lnchceat Eoatmau, Oa.; 1.96 at
1. 11. aula, Ala.; J. 7(1 at Coluuibua, Oa.; 1.68 at San
Autonlo, Tea.. J.64ut Am. Hens, (Is.; for the past
21 hours :!.'. inches at Way nreboro, Oa.; 2.4(1 at
Lufsula. Alo.; I.lnl at Milieu. Oa.. 1.70 at Yruiaa.ee
b. I .: i.OB at Aiueiieue, Oa., 1.44 at Mobile, AJa ;
1.34 at Augttala. Oa.; .70 at Savannah, (iu.; ho
at Charleston, 8. 0, .34 at Montgomery. Ala.;
.12 nt Atlanta, Oa.. and .10 at New Or
leans, La. Tho Signal Service predicted for tho
next thirty six hours ralu in the Calulinss and
jiorgia, showers in east Florida and fair lu
Toxaa, Oklahoma, Indian Terntoiy, Arkausas, Mis
si.sippI, Louisiana, Alabama, and western Florida
. 'w, Orleans (Inclined 1 lu 7 points. Futurea bora
declined 2 to 4 pomta, but rallied and cloeed quiet
but steady, with juices unchanged to 1 point lower
The future trading waa aa followa:
Opening. Uiahttt. Lowut. CUttno.
arntL' ' 0R1 rB1 B-SllT64
September ... 5.58 8.60 6.68186.64
October 1.66(46.67 5.60 6.64 6.68(16 00
November (10.60 6.60 6.68 6 61do's2
Decern bor. .6.62(10.6,1 6.64 6.60 0.64S0 60
Jaillluiy 6.66(40.67 l.llsj 6.64 .7t0 (IS
Febiiury dO.71 0.71 671 8.71r,:72
wrfh ..., 6.70 5.72 jE.7ftZl.7a
fjuil 5.79 6.70 6.77 6.7h(J.1.Mo
May 98.83 0.88 0.80 6 82lel6.H
Thar wore no fcaturea of striking internet m eottou
today. Ihe trslngesiutliiucduulttaudmsiullooa1.
and tha fluctuatiuua ware wltblu narrow luilta
Karly laUeoay than was a alaxht dac47y:
pathy with a dnll and lower market In Liverpool.
Liverpool was a small feller here and there waa
some seiiipe; rnr Wall street account. Heavy rains
were reported In the Csrollnss, Oeorirtaand Alabama,
I rml in the balance of the cut ion Isclt the weather was
; favorable, and (air weatherls Indicated In ra at m
: tione for the next thirty-six bonre. Denelelal rains
1 fell In Texas, and It Is contended by some (hat a
record-breaalng yield la now assured In that State.
Hut there was 110 pressure to eel). While the outlook
la admittedly favorable over the greater portion of
the cotton lielt, the cheapness of the price militates
against heavy operation, on the ahcrt aide. Then,
too some of the bulls believe that there is yet time
for the prospective yield to ho enl down materially
by an ear!y frost, owing lo the lateness of the crop.
Fut the bulls. re rar from aggressive, with the Indica
tions pointing to another enormous crop. Meantime
the general policy is to await further developments,
and fluctuations In prices are alight. NewOtlrans,
Anir. 27. "Copious rains In Texas, assuring a targe
yield.' Waco, Tex., Ang. 27.-" Light ralne .vestsr
aay. Good nuns thla niomliin; bem tlclsl to 1 rope."
Oreenvllle. Miss. Aug. 26.-" Wiather favor
able, but raining to-day. Homo boll woims
reported." Sherman, Tex., Aug. 28. "Weather
put two wreke very favorable to cotton.
Some complaint of worme, but think the damage
very slight. Crop la about) two wreke late of the
average season." Memphis, Aug. 24. "Sines ths
loth wnr.thcr has been very favorable, In fart, perfect-hot
and dry exactly right for making the
plant take on and mature the fruit Cotton 'a com
mencing tn open on the poor and aandy lands, (m
bottom lands tha bolle are getting speckled and
brown. Consider crop two weeks lata in this sec
tion, but continued dry. hot westher might lossen It
later on, while a wet spell wonld make it later. Plant
allows good color. Is vigorous full of blooms, and In
good shape to make many bolls before frost. Hot ( in
crop la fair, but the middle and top crops will ho
good, and with a lste frost sti eitr too croo will
be made. Think It safe to count on aa large a
yield aa laat year, and with very favor
able weather and late froat a good deal more
possibly 13,000,0 10. The plant tain snob condition
It is not necessary to take on second growth: will con
tinue lo make until we have a killing frvnt; date of
klllinir frost will determine whether the crop will be
a moderate or a large one. Plant Is about twice aa
large ae ususl: limbs arc long and numerous; have
counted as many ae rlnht grown bolls on a limb,
with a good proapect of more being made liefore
froat. Think people are making a mistake In saying
the plant la not fruiting well, aa the bolls don't look
ao thick en a large stalk." Rhrcveport. La., Aug. 24.
' Crop prospects in our vldnity continue excellent
In uplands, but there haa been too much rain for
river bottoms, resulting In a very large, luxuriant
talk, which la poorly fruited. Caterpillars
and boll worms havu appeered In places
In river bottoms free ueo of Paris green la prevent
ing material damage from caterpillars, but a une
anxletv is felt where boll worms have appeared. A
favorable aeason from now on and an open and late
fall will do much for liver bottom crop.' Memphis,
Aug. 24. "During laet two weeka weather hai been
verr favorable to the crop, and prospects for a large
yield are now very bright. With favorable condi
tions from now on, crop will bo very largo. We take
no stock In reports of damage by Insects, though
some localities may eutTer a little. Think 12.000.000
possible, but much will depend on westher aud date
cat killing frost. Don't think It possible for the bot
tom lands to make aa much as last year, hut the up
lands promise to more than make up for the loss in
the bottoms. Crop generally In this district will tie
later matuilng than laat year." Charlotte. N. C, Aug.
32. "Crop prospects very good, though rains havo
been excessive recently. Yesterday and to-day clear,
without any rain."
Corrzx Rio on tho spot wss steady: No. 7, 6'(i6Vc
Tbo salea were 600 bags MaracullHi and TOO tiaga
Savuiillla on private terms. Futures here declined 5
to 16 points, nut recovered and closed steady with
prices unchanged to 5 points higher. Tho salea wero
17.5O0 baga. Havre declined iff., but recovered.
Hamburg docllned H Pfg. Rio waa quiet at 120 relo
decline; receipts, 16. OOo; stock, 862,000; exchange
7 lo-32d., an advance of l-32d. Santos was quiet
and unchanged; receipts, 84,000; atock, 819.OO0.
The future trading here wae aa followa:
Sates. Highest. ,Xo,rei(. Closing.
January 2.500 d.no 6.00 6.0016.00
March 1.200 fl.20 6.16 6.20(1(1.20
April 2,000 H.30 6.30 fl.25till.80
May l.OOO 6.20 6.20 6.80416.86
Juno 250 6.30 6.30 6.80(46.40
July l.OOO M.40 6.40 6.40(6.45
September 4.0O0 6.60 0.60 0. Ho'-..'.. 60
October 20O 6.70 6.70 5.66(0.70
November 1,260 0.70 6.70 6.70'6.80
December 4,000 (1.00 6.00 5.05(s)6.oO
Lower cables cauaed a decline In coffee at the open
ing, but before the close the loss was recovered and
moat months advanced Bligntlv. The receipts were
inodei ate and shorts covered, while there waa some
new speculative buying. The receipts to-day at Rio
raid 8autoe woro only 50,000 bags, against 62,000 on
this day last year.
Metal6 Iron was atendy. Spot and August 16.70
M8.90I September, tn.76(jtl6,iic; October, $6.804i
17; November. 16.s."i("4t7.O0: December, lu.n 7.n.
Copper was firm. Spot, August, September and Oc
tober, 12.10912.25c Tho exports of the week end
lug Aug. 26 were 1.607 tons according to Metal Kx
change returns; total since Aug. 1 , 8,000 tons. Lead
wuo quiet but linn. Spot. August and September.
4.1004.16c Tin waa dull and easy. Spot, August
and September. 16(jtl6.10c Spelter was quiet but
firm. Spot, August, September and October. 4.75(1
Naval Stouks Spiri.e of turpentine waa quiet at
2s'1, i 2:040. ltosiu u.i dull at ti..'U".ti.:i,', for
common 1 1 good strrfued.
PsovteiONs Lard w.ib steady but only fairly active.
Prime, 10.40: rellneu fur the Continent, 15. no. Pork
was Arm but dull. Mess, 10.t,orsSi0. ('tin its
ware quiet but strong. P'ckied bams. T'v-,"-;.-.;
do. shoiiloo a. 4Q4)4c; do. b'llies, it1,-, T--, Driaaed
hogs, GHs6ic Taliow, c. butter Creamery
W, stem extras, 18sc; first-, L7M18e. : se -onda,
16917c; thirds. 14H! 15c Siato extras, lS(IBMjo.;
firsts, 1 7o4 1 7 l4C; thirds to SIC nils I 4'v I 0 lc. Clieese
State, full cream, largo col , red and white faucv.
7h'7lc.: choice. 7lc; goud, 84170.1 common to
fair, 6'64c; small fancy, , "w. . so.; . o I to choice.
71147040.: common to fair, tl(47e. Kjgs State ana
Pennsylvania fresh gathered prime, J .'.' lo,-.;
Western fancy, 16J4c; fair to good, 14Ve(n'c
Chtiago, Aug. 21.- " Provisions opened a shade
lower on liberal receipt of hogs, but recovered the
decline and closed firm with a good cosh demand.
Speculative tnde la getting light. Estimated hoga
for to-morrow 14,000."
Scuab Raw waa Arm; SO" test, 84c; 06' teat,
4 0-16c Refined was quiet at an udvance of 11 6c.
on powdered, granulated, cubes, mould A. diamond
A, confectioners' A, and Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 0, 0 aud 7.
Wool cm rent quotations of domestic wools,
bsscd on Wool Exchange official dasiifh atlon, are aa
follows: Ohio. Pennsylvania and West Virginia
Washed, XXX. 31(J;82c; XX. SOftSOc; X, 264)
27c; flue unwashed. HMSOCJ fine, lliajltOc. half
blood combing. MOa; three-eighths combing, .119
82c; quarter combing, 20030c. ; coarse combing 27
(S28c: half-bluod clothing, 27928c. ; thrce
eighths clothing. 28929c.; quarter clothing,
272Sc; coarse clothing. 36916c, New York.
Michigun and Wisconsin Washed, X and XX,
23c; flue unwashed, 164)170.1 flno delaine, 279
28c: half-blood combing, 27928c: three-eighths
combing, 20930c; quarter combing, 20(s;Soc.: coarse
combing, 2(K,)27c; half-blood clothing, 27c;
quarter .clothing, 27c: courso clothing, 24c.
Missouri, Illinois and Indiana Unwashed, line, 16
(Sl7c; half-blood combing, 2122c; throe-eightha
n.inbing, 22(S22'4c,; qutiiter coiuliipjr, 31933)40,1
common combing, lors'JOc: half-blood clothing,
314)33e. three-eighths clothing, 20921c; quarter
clothing, 10(420c; low clothing, 18c. Georgia und
Southern, 21923c
CmcAoo, Aug. 20. Theee were to-day'B prices:
Wheat: Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing. Wight
Aug 68!hj 6814 6K (18!sr 7H
Sept 64 66 63 16-18 64 1, (14
Dec 01J4 62 7-16 61 6U (114
May 64H 64H 64 84 (13H
Rept 80 30 3-16 20 16-16 30 80
Dec 80H 807-1H 301-16 80M SOU
May 824 824 83 6-10 82 824
g?Pt IBM 20K IBM 11VJ4 IfiT,
Dec 10 20 lnfj 194 SO
May 22 2214 22 22 22
Sept 6.10 6.17 6.07 6.17 6.12
Deo 0.17 5.22 8.17 6.27 6.22
Kept 6.20 6.32 6.20 6.32 6.22
Dec 4.87 4.07 4.87 4.07
Sept 18.82 18.86 18.83 18.85 18.85
May 8.87 8.95 8.87 8.05 8.02
.... '"'
Wheat: Opening. Closing. Wight.
September (ir.W nnv mm
December nm 634 6HH
May 06)4 6j )?
September 28M 284 284
Doeember 28tj 2HJU 28M
May 80X 3o)J aojj
TTAeaf I
September 604 60)4 60
December 60J4 00 6814
May 6lK no, 01M
September s.lU 68V( 68
December. U1M HIM 1I0M
May 68JJ 68
Live Stock Mnrket.
Niw Toai, Monday, Aug. 20, 1808. Recelpta of
beeves for twu day. were 4.78S head. Including SO
cars fur export alive, 185 cars Tor city slaughterers
and 50 cars for the market. Tho demand was fair,
but prices lower, stecta declining 10'alOc. and bulla
l.r,is,26c; dry rows were rated juat about steady
Five cam of cattle were held over. Ordinarv tn
choice native steers sold at 14.H09t5.40 41 loo lbs -Western
bulfbreeda at 14. 709I4. 0(1; a car of
"atookcre" at 14.10: oxen and stags at 14 (10(44.70;
bulls at 12.75913.70: dry cows at !1.0ii(:i.mo
Dressed beef in moderate reoueat at 7VsJc f U.
for native aidea. To-day's Liverpool and London
cables quoted American aleera firmer at 1041,41 HO.
",!? "'.'" .iiet dres.ed weight; refrigerator beef
erllmg at H)4c. ( . Export, to-day, none; to-iuiir-row.
836 beeves and 2. HIS quarter, of beef.
H c 01 pt s of calves to-day were 1 ,504 head. Including
81 direct, and, counting the stale atock, thero were
1...21 on sale. The demand wasuetiveund pliers Arm,
veals selling 16926c. higher than at last report. The
Pens w ere cleared. Poorest to best veals sold at ft
Ik r loo lbs., grassersawd buttermilk eulics at tn.r.o
914.MI, and few Belaitedbuttennllksiit 14.6214; a
car of 1 oarae Westerns at 13 60. City drt oscd v 1 ala
lu fall demand at lit. 12c t fa.
Receipts ol sheep and lambs fur two duys ?re 12.
046 head, tin luding 12 cars direct to city buuiiers
aud 44 v cars for the market, making, with 1)10 stale
stock. 48 cars to be sold, ut which -jW at Jersey City
and the balance at Sixtieth street. Bliecpwrro 111
liberal supply and a shade lower; goud to cliuiro
lambs flnii and 15926c. higher; ci muion ami me
dium lambs in better demand but Just about steady.
A single cur waa held over. Inferior to goud prime
sheep sold at 111914.60 f 10O aVa.l "culls" at 12.50;
poor to choice lambs at 44. 40 -. to HO; 1 nils" at t.'i 4
14 Dreeetd uiuttou. 698Hc. T .; dressod lambs.
IUceipUof hogs for two days were 11,667 bead,
including H can fur the market. Firm and u ahudo
higher for live boga at l4.2594.(lu r 10U lbs.
Beal Ettats Private Salee.
The purchaaer of tho Beard building, on the eoutb
aide of Liberty slroet. which was sold 1 11 Saturday
by the New York R( alty Onmpin) iFlake A Dowl.ngt.
Is a l'hiladelplils ej udnate, which waa n-ptrsentrd
In the transaction by C.H. V) hillock. The ails pnitia
to be In a large measure a trade, but the pri-anns 111
terested will not tell for the plesint what 1 n-p, rtv 1.
acqirrid 111 exchange for the bul'dusv fienry Mnr
geuthuii haa rt'c-utlr hold It fur the , opipaiir as his
share of the umoeeds of tho trade lu which It waa
acquired, anil It alll bo Iraiiaterred lu Ills uanja.
A. L. Murdaoal k Hun have aold fur Edith O. Mo
Oaot four.luta at tba nortaaaet comer uf 1 lath atiwat
aal ievaUk avaaue for Uexyrovemoat; aad tat
aamnel Oohew, three lot on tha weal old of Third
avenne. about 86 Oct north of WnndovM stlM. aa
private terms.
MorllalaiKib haa sold No. 21't FastSlxty tat t,
a three atorr hrownatone dwelling oa a lot 1SH0O.6.
which he Donetbt tn 1878 ror 117.000. to an Inves
tor. The present price Is withheld.
Mrs. Learn 'Parker haa sold th- twn-etory and base
ment dwelling No. I04H Lafayette avenue. Brook
lyn. l't.MT4ovtoo, to Fmma Nolan, taking in part
peynn ut the three story frame Mat house No. 340
lUlnbridge street, 18x66x91.
Real Estate Auction Rales.
At the Broadway Auction Rooine yesterday John T.
Boyd sold In forecloaitre tbo threewtorr brick store
and business building on a gore lot 1 P. 1 ox 1 4. 10x20,
at the northwest corner of James street and New
Chambers stieet, to the plaintiff, Allele Knealond, for
Peter F. Meyer sold In forcloanra tha vacant plot
Noa. 736 to 730 V.levtnth street, at the southeast
corner uf Dry Dock street, 71.7xlKl.li4.4l24.4ll(6.
to the plalntifl, ttcnrga I". Chlaholm, for llo.eoo;
and the plot 60xKs1.11 at Nna. 181 and 118 Wast
112th street, to the nlslntltf for It 11,740.
Brysn L. Kennelly aold In foreclosnro the flve
storv brick (1st house, on a lot 118.4x99.11, at No. 615
West 140th street, to R. Mahler for 188,000.
nt ajBooatvw.
At the Brooklyn Real KaUte Exchange yesterday.
Jamea L. Walla eold In foreclosure tba plot, 60x96.8,
on the south aide of Twenty -second street, 2O0 faot
southwest of Eighlyalxth etraet. to the plaintiff for
Jamea L. Bramlry aold In partition the lot, 20.6a
100, on the south aide of Union street, tn A. Gara
velita for 16.000.
100 nnoAPWAT. m oresham rt.
Capital paid up . . . . $1,000,000
Surplus . . $200,000
W. L. TRENHOBM, Preaidont.
Transacts a general truet business.
Allows liberal rates of lntereat on depoelte and
tinst funde.
laauee Lettera of Credit and Traveller' Circular
Notes payable In dollars or in the money of any for
eign country.
Acte aa Trustee under mortgage for railway and
other companies, and aa Agent for the Regiatratlon
of the stock, and for tho tranafor of the eharea of In
corporated companies.
Undo Lies the examination of propertie offered
aa security for bond lasuea, and the obtaining of
expert Information concerning the actual facte and
prospect, of reorganization proposals.
Qualified and empowered to act aa executor, ad
ministrator, trustee, guardian and assignee, and aa
receiver and custodian of funds under ordera of
established a branch office at SANTIAGO, and la pre
pared to buy and noil drafts on and to make pay
ments In SANTIAGO and to transact a general bank
ing business. THE COMPANY is alao prepared to re
ceive the deposits of th SOLDIERS and SAILORS
now in CUBA, and, under their direction, to make
remittances to their families in the UNITED STATES,
also to investigate and report In an advisory capacity
about new enterprise in ALL LINES OF TRADE and
PINES, by holding in trnat PROPERTIES, CON
TRACTS. MORTGAGES, and BONDS, either pending
tho closing of in g.it.atfons or for more extended or
more def.nlte periods.
Especial attention Is called to the relatione of THS
COMPANY already established at MANILA with ths
CHINA, sufficient for the present needs of our MAN
& Co.
Specialists In Speculative Investments.
33 Will STREET,
Real Estate Trust Ci.lf IT
Trust Funds to lend on
Bond and Mortgage, se
cured by real estate in
Borough of Manhattan.
Capital and Surplus - $875,000
DAVID H. BATES. Vice-pVee.
DEPOSIT COMPANY. Trustees under tho imrtKaw
of tho PenusylvaolaContral Brewing Company dated
OeUil or 21, 1HII7. Invite proposals for tho salo to tho
said 1 r '"tees of all or anj- part of l&o.oooof bonds
sf cured by the said niurteatts, tho proposals to be
addressed to the said Trustees at their iifHce. 827
Chestnut street, Philadelphia, and to bo opened and
anted upon ou tho flret day of Hoptomhor next at 11
Sra ariirv tmra J0.HN B OE8T' President.
PHILADELPHIA, August II), 1808.
U. S, Bonds, All Issues,
Member N. Y. Stock Exchange.
Douglas & Jones,
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange,
Market Letter on upplli uion.
W A.".EI)""'0ix' '"r tbree yrarelluiple security.
iwjgw ' 1" BUD ""k" ottce'
flU-Wfttflf wta fntrrw.
Coupons due hept. 1, jhiis. fnira Southern Rail
wav Last Tern,, .,.,. iteort-aulzaUoii Sueroont lloud.
will l.o paid by J. P. Morican 4; Co.. Now Yori; Ri,.u.
inond and Dauilll it. if. Co. sinking Fund Eiulp.
VSSfJBF 'il'"u l,'"'iH b J' p Morgan a. Co..ew
lork and J H. Morgan k Co.. Loiid.m, England:
ylrgfcU Midland HaTlwayC. Serial Bond by the
Salo Dopoaitaud Tniet Co., Raltl.lre. Mil
H. C. AKBLErTrcaaurer.
The Director bare this day (Iw-lared a uartrily
dividend (if TWO I'EU CENT .,1, the preferred litu k
payuUleheut.:.. 18u8. t,, eloekhul.lers f m,rd at
the close uf business Aug. Uist. Transfer books .if
the preferrco stock will bo closed from kpTletto
Sept. uth, both Inclusive. Checks will be nislled
. EDWARD C. LEK. Treasurer.
6 Wall si.. New York Aug ao ixiim
11 v",,Cnmt?S Ul" Mll-Sutltl. KANHAH ATKXA8
BY. OO. of Teiaa, maturing Kept let. ihkm inf be
naxl upi.n pr. seuutii.n st this i.m. ,1 ,,ii si.d ttSt
that date. c. (j. m-DOH, V. Preat. andTreaa.
CUrttoM mul 3frtij.
. , NEW 1'OItK, August L'tith 18UR
Tbo annual ni.et.ug of this (onTpanj will be h. id
t Its prlucip.1 ofbee. (18 llrcad n't? ft. E liTltn
Jfow Joraaj . ,,u die 2mu aWpUtuber. .t i -J "!zi Tal
for the i puriHiM' or electing thro, Direi-uirs anil for
The Tr.ti.for Book of the Oornpaar will be dosed
bir,." a - $
1otT ornci Honcc.
(Should be read DAILY by all Interested. erlllH
maysKsinr at any time). .ij a man
F.relgn malls for tbo week end lr fj dm
will close iPKOMPTI.Y in aU Mat ft Owaral
Poetomeea. foUo: PARCELS POST MAILS dloM !
one hour earlier then closing time shown below.
TmCRDAY.-AtS-.UOA. M. (supplsmentaiT ,10 A. M.) M
for Eiirojw. iwr steamship Basis, via Sooiha ptoa
and Bremen dettera for Ireland muat be directed m
"perSeale"). . ,
W EDNESDAY.-At 0 A. M. (npplemej 10:
A. M.) for EUROPK, per eteamahlp Tentonle, via
oneenstownj at 10:80 A. M. for KUltOITt per
aleaniship Frleelend, via Snutkampton (letter
must no illroeiod " per Frlesland "), LI VffJ
SATl'RDAY.-At 5 A. M. for EUROPE, per steamship
I.neanla. via Oneenitown ilettera for France, M
Kwltserland. IUly. Spain. Portiural.TiirkeT.BiTpl
and British India muat w- directed ij. per Ln
canla"i; at 1 A. M.for FRANCK. SWrTZERLANP.
and nitlTlSU INDIA, per steamship iJiTouralns,
rla Havre deftere for other parts of Europe
roust lie directed "tier Iji Toumlne"); at WMM
A. M. for NETHEHI.ANDR direct, per stoamsbip
Werkondam, via Rotterdam (letters must be
directed "per Werkondam"): at u A. M. for
ITALY, per steamship Fulda. via Naples (ledera M
mnet be directed "per Fulda"): an 10 A.M. for
SCOTLAND direct, per steamship Ethiopia, rtl
Olaagow (letters must be directed "per F.thl
opla "I; at 10:80 A. M. for Europe, per atoamaBw
Pennlaud, via Southampton (letters must be di
rected "per Ponnland ); at 11 A. M. for NOB- H
WAY direct, per ateamshtp Norgs (letters mnsl
be directed per Norge").
After the closing of the Supplementary Transatlantic
Mails named above, additional sitppleineaaitiT
malls are opened nn tho piers of the Amorlur,
F.ncllsh, French and German steamers, and re
main open until within Ton Minutes uf the bout
of sailing of steamer.
Jer steamer from North Sydney: at 10 P. M. foe)
AMAICA, per eteamor from Philadelphia.
SANTIAGO DF, CUBA, per eteamahlp Seneca: al
la M. (supplementary 1 P. M.I for CENTRAL
AMERICAlexcept Coat Rloa) and SOUTH PAC1 KICJ
PORTS, per steamship Finance, via Colon (letter
for (luatemala mu.t lie directed "per Finance ")
and Yl'CATAN, per steamship Avals llettero for
other parts of Meilco muet lie directed " per
Avela''); at 8 P. M. for RltTJANEIRO and SAN
TOS, per eteamahlp Roman Prince (letters for
other parte of Ilnudl and La Plata Countries
mnet bo directed "per Roman Prince"): at 11 P.
M. for JAMAICA, per steamer from Baltimore. M
THURSDAY. At in A. M. (auppb-nieuUrr 10:o A.
MARTHA, por steamship H. Dnmola: at 1 P. M.
for CAPE tlRACIAS, per ateamshtp Jaaon (letters
for Belize. Puerto Cortea and Ouatemal must b
directed "por Jason "). Ml
rect, per steamship Acanthus.
SATURDAY.-At s A. M. for BRAZIL, per ateatnahlai
Galileo, via Pernambtlco, Pallia and Rio Janeiro
Ilettera for North Brazil and La Pitta Countries
must bo directed "per Gslileo"); stSA. M.for
LA PLATA COUNTRIES direct, per steamship
ltellsrden: at :B0 A. M. (supplementary
10::hi A. M.) for BT. THOMAS. ST. CROIX,
ateamshtp Pretoria (letters for Grenada,
Trinidad and Tobago muet be directed " per Pre
toria"): at 10 A. M. (supplementary 10:80 A. M.) I
QREYTOWN and COSTA RICA, per steamahlp
Altai: at io.:iii A. M. for HAITI, per eteamahlp
Prins Willem IV. (letters for Venezuela. Curscao,
Trinidad, British and Dutch Guiana mnet b
directed "per Prins Willem IV."): at 8:80 P. M.
for NEWFOUNDLAND, per steamer from Nortk
Sydney; at 8:30 P. M. for ST. PIERRE MigUaV
LON, per ateamer from North Sydney.
Malls for Newfoundland by rail to Halifax, and
thence by steamer, close at thla office dally at
M:80 P. M. Malls for Mlquolon. by rail to Boston
and thence by ateamer. close at thla office dailr
at 8:80 P. M. Maibl for Mexico City, overland,
unless specially addressed for despatch by
steamer close at this office daily at 3:30 A. M.
and 2:30 P.M. (Registered mail cloaea at d:(X H
P. M. previous day.
Mails for China and Japan, per steamahlp Qles
srylo (from San Francieco), close here dally uf
to Sept. at 0:80 P.M. Maila for Auatralis (ex
cept those for Weat Anatral'a. whlcli are forward
ed via Europe), New Zealand. Hawaii, Fiji and
Samoau Islands, per steaiusbip Moana (from San
Franclseoi, close here daily up to Sept. 13 at 7
A. M. II A. M. and (1:30 P. M. (or on arrival a
at New York of steamship Etruria with British
mails for Australia). Mails for China aud Japan,
per steamship Empress of China (from Vancou
ver', close nrre dally up to Sept. G at 8:30 P. M.
Mails for China aud Japan, per eteamahlp (ilyui
pla (from Taeomai, close here dally up to Sept.
18 at (1:80 P. M. Mails for Australia texoopt Weal
Australia), New Zealand, Hawaii and Fiji Islands,
Ser steamship Miowora (from Vancouver), dose fW 3
ere daily after Sept. .land up to Sept. Ill at ft
8:30 P. M. Malls for tho Society Islands, per
ablp Tropic Bird (from San Francisco), close her
daily up to Sept. 24 at 8:30 P. M. i
Transpacific maila are forwarded to port of Bail-
bag dally and the echedule of closing la arrange d oa MM
the presumption of their uninterrupted overland
tran.it. Iltoidstered mail cloaee at P. M. previous
day. CORNELIUS VAN COTT. Postmaster. jVlt .
Poet Office. New York. N. Y Aug. 18, 1888.
MILWAUKEE, located at Milwaukee in the Stats M '
of Wisoou.in, is closing up its affairs. All note bold-'
era and others, creditors of said association, ara
therefore hereby notified to present the note and H
other claims agalnet the association for payment.
HERMAN F. WOLF. Oasblor. M iff
Dated Aug. 17. 181)8. T S
ef n iiotict. 1
1 To all persons interested in tbo eatate of Ths
Wood & ParkirL tbograpbing Company, assigned to CS (
Benoni Loekwood, Jr., for the bonont of creditors,
send greeting: Ks j 1
Y'ou and each of you are hereby cited and required bbV.i I
personally to bo and appear in the Supreme Court of HVy f
the titato of Ncvr Y'ork at a Special Terra, Part I., VvJll
thereof. In the County Court Houso iu the city of H ).'
New York, borough of Maubattan, on the 13th day of fl f
Oi'tol'er, 18U8, at IO:30 o'clock A. M . there and then M I I
to show cause whv a final aettlement of the ao- I 1 Iff 1
counts of Benoni L lckwood. Jr.. assignee of abors
named Wood A Parker Lithographing Company, in- H
solvent debtor, should not bo had. and If no cause bs
shown, then to attend tho final aettlement of tba as V tf
aignoo'a accounts. J
In testimony whereof I have hereunto caused ths v
seal of tho said Supreme Court of the State of NsW .
York to be hereto affixed. , ,
Wlttiess. Hon. CHARLES H. VAX BRUNT.
SEAL.l Presiding Justice of the aaid court, this MM i ,
22d day of August, 18UM.
I. R. Btamp.l ', I
loo. Calicellod.1 1
Attornsy for Aaalgne. a
Office and P. O. address
No. 4", Cedar street.
Borough of Manhattan, N. Y. city,
, i m
P. HENRYTlUOBO.oneof the Justices of the Su
preme Court of New York, on tbo nth (ley of August. MM ' '
1818, notice is hereby given tn all creditors and per- r i I
sons having claims against tho United States Foun- v:'l
dryCompsny.a domeatio corporation, lately doing WMr I '
business in tho City of New York under said corpo
rate name, that they are required to present their
claim, with the vouchers thereof duly verified, on sss!
or liefore the 2otb dy of October. 1808, to the suli- Ifl
Bcrlber, tbo duly appointed aasignee of tho said
company for tho benont of Its creditors, at hia office, )
No. 11 South William Street, New York City, lior-
ougii of Manhattan. IBM
Dated New York, August Cth. 1 huh.
Attorney, for Assignee. .
IB Wall St, New York City. ,11
'- ' ttmiii'
?!51' m I
been louger established and has had more eiporlenc w
than any other advertising phyalcian; cltr papers
prove .this. Under bla aclentinc treatinont blood an J
"kin diseases, pains in bones, red spots, sore throat Mrnm
and mouth, ulcers, psluful swellings, kidney and sBbsTI 1
bladder complaint, aculdlng ilitlanimatloiis. gravel,
undeveloped organs weak back, lost vitality, are aSBBsTI I
apeedily. prriuanrutly cured. Moll about lo nmrry TSBSB s I
should consult ol.n lilt GRINDI.E. Every Impedf- mmt '
ment removed. Sufferers, do not waate lime visiting
Jr,akilfulpblciiia. ltenioiuber. OLD Hit. (iKIN- V
DLL never falls. OFFICE OVER 1.-, YEARS al I 71 sHsssT'
West 12tnst., between (Itli and 7lhais. Advice, fieo.
Medicine, 11. Hours, 1 to U; Sundays, to 3. W
OLD DR. OBEY, 40 yean a .peclaliat la
disease of men i only. Ouickest permanent curs I I i
guaranteed In all dieeaaes. Blood poison, aklu die-
MM, klduey and bladder trouble, weakness, I. r-
voua debility, errors of youth, bad droame, umlevel. I 1 1
oped orgsns. luipodlineiitH to marriage, fco. lb. wise, Ifl
consult tbo only old specialist in the city. Odics 111
over 18 ymraat 12Ea,t 17th at., near Union S.iuara.
Hdlira y to ll: Sunday. II to 8. rkleuUilc treatment
and advlco frj. Medicmu only cm cents. No chains sssiBi
uuleas cured.
iin?T$;0' v 9 K K B T n f an m
X i ,, ' dlaeaaee of men: daugcrou. rases solio-
. '. - at "U(u; ,L""U ilesirliig ouly first class
cleuUnetruatment should call The loading eoecial-
Sndly.Tt!,'".' "T W"" "" t' " to 3, 7tol.
A "ePi'V C0.KnAP' HANITARIUM.-Solcntinr. skll- R
ful treatment of all diseases of women: pruai
nKima: everj coiiveiiienco snd appllanc . . .msiilta- H
V ?"tl- A.i M; Ke: M- C" "r wn' tit booklet.
Hi W. 47th at. Tel. 3320 Hath.
D'li AN1iUJls- "lUrRON the loading specialist! is)
ii. V'rk' oreaafdlly treat all female com
nlalnU and irregularities: 2r, years' e. pern nee. pri
J. ."i "eJl !lu""'u. Iraiuod iiuraea: tioatment gu.ran
rlurZT " ' "'"' We,t 3r'U'
I)li(.iU,lK- "WUAIfD treau female irr.gularltlo.i
1 )1i.,1.,',I,bi1 ' ,'J7 W!l' fib te7B.yT.por- M H
ivM to' imi' ud ul" of woinon. buura 10
LAMr' l""1""?, '.':" "1"""1 lleillll. III. consult
wifeV, si ."!k'vI '' " ,C"""'- l'r"fv..i. "f lllld-
health. . a . "' "",,"' 'r ImgilUlltiis; safe,
wa'aajgjsa1-' "" ua- a , fmmi
Mi!uiilT' "UL"' Pnwttce in tuld wif ry 70 I I I
ffT sisilMttMti UUMr -' Hi II

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