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TTTE ,"TN, TUESDAY. SKPTFMnKR 13, 1R0fl. " ""'
aisxissjn a
MoimtT. Rapt. 13.
. l"bt conrae of price on the Btoek Kxchangn
ffMlay m Influenced to n Terr lartw extent by
the view that tho apeculallvo community holds
regarding the money market. An advnnoa tn
(ha rate tor money on call from an aver
age of leu than ono-thlrd the local
tttte to a maximum of two-thirds of that rata
ban, fortunately for tho atahllltrof the atock
market, frightened a good many unreasoning;
and reckless speculators Into selling their
stocks. Tho decllno In prices has also been
accelerated by brokers with small capital
who encouraged purchases aa long as money
was obtainable at 1M and 2 cent, but
who are unable to secure liberal accommoda
tions as soon as landers begin to discriminate
gainst aome of the collateral offered them.
la soma cases Inability to borrow money
n call at 2 cent, while charging
their customers 0 x oent . Influenced many
brokers In advising their customer as to tho
best course to pursue. The circumstances
outlined above nro more largely responsible for
trie setback in prices than the higher rates for
money or tho possibility that the market may
become absolutely stringent.
As a matter of fact there Is Tery little pros
ftectof a really active market for money. In
aome ciroumstancesthednarense in the surplus
reserve of the banks tn about $7,000,000 might
properly be regarded with apprehension.
The banks themselves are not dis
turbed, because the officers of the
larger Institutions know that the con
dition which has disturbed the Stock Exchange
ontlngent is very largely local and Is int likely
to last long. Honey at this centre Is fairly
active because the greater part of tha new Gov
ernment loan Is being financed here.
Dealers who liavo accumulated round
amounts of the last Government loan assert
that t hey have sold tho greater part of their
holdings. They have, boen compellod to turn
the purchase price of the bonds into the Bub
Treasury, but liavo not yet received payment
from the investor or Hnal purchaser. It is ob
vious, therefore, that a good deal of money
is tied up incidental to the floating of tho
new Government loan other than that which
has been paid Into the Treasury. Guarantees
against a really active money market arc
found in the condition of the exchange mar
ket, in the low rates for money abroad and
in the plethora of unemployed monoy in
this country. That the Uulted States is
richer than evor before is shown by the
fact that some of the Western Dunks are
lending money on wheat at .'i V cent., while
others are sending their unemployed funds to
this centre In expectation of obtaining a
higher rate. Rates of interest on the
raclflc coast aro the lowest evor record
ed there. The Chicago banks advise their
correspondents here that t ney nre sending very
little currency to the country and thnt they
believe the great staple crop-growing sections
will roqulro very little assistance this year in
moving the crops.
Boston bankers complain of their Inability to
employ their funds upon entirely aatisfactory
terms. Tho demunds for accommodations at
that centre are described as slack. The
only activity In money is at this centra
and is due chiefly to the fact that
although the new Government loan was
taken up nil over the country the work of
making payments for the new bonds has de
volved chielly upon Now York. Trustworthy
information is that there has actually been paid
to the Treasury all but about $25.000.000 of the
$200,000,000 realized by the Government from
the war loan. Of tho proceeds of that loan
It Is estimated by well informed bankers that
fully $30,000,000 Is still held by special de
pository banks. In the present condition
of the Treasury it Is safe to assume that
this money will not be required by the Gov
ernment for some time to come. The pay
ment of the lost $25,000,000 due the Govern
ment on tho war loan is not likely to disturb
rtva money market, particularly as a large part
of the amount is pretty certain to And Its way
into the depository banks, where it will remain
until the Treasury's not balanee has been ma
terially reduced.
Other factors militating against a seriously
active market for money are the usual autumnal
Imports of specie which are now well under
way and indications that Europe Is about to
take a mora active interest than for some
time past in American securities. Recent
railway reorganizations, notably those of the
t Northern Pacific. Union Paclflc, 8t. Louis and
Han Francisco and the pending reorganization
of the Baltimore and Ohio Company, have en
abled European holders of the securities of
those companies to recoverthe losses they sus
tained when the tendency of a largo propor
tion of the transportation enterprises of this
country was toward insolvency. European
dealers and Investors are beginning to real
ize and acknowledgo that, in spito of
their various vicissitudes. American rail
way securities nre more satisfactory
investments tlinn South African min
ing shares. South American ventures,
or international securities. Up to the
present time London and its continental cli
ents have contented themselves with following
the lead of the Now York market, but the time
may come again when London will act inde
pendently of local board room traders and
mediocre operators iti this market.
In tho early dealings to-day the prices for
stocks responded moderately to a higher level
of prices in London, but evidence that liquida
tion by speculative holders had not been
completed Induced the professional element
to play tho mnrkot for a further de
cline. Weakness developed In Sugar Refining.
Brooklyn Rapid Transit, in Northorn I'aclflo
and Union Pacific issues and in People's Gas.
The shares of tho Granger trunk lines were
also conspicuously heavy. Tho decline Invited
buying for both accounts, to which the market
responded rather sluggishly. The closing
was at a fractional recovery from the
lowest prices. The only noteworthy not de
clines recorded were those sustained by Brook
lyn Rapid Transit. Rock Island, Union Pacific
Common, Northorn I'aclflo preferred, nnd Met
ropolitan Street Railway. American Tobacco,
which was unusually active, closed 2 points
higher than on Saturduy. This movement was
accounted for to an extent by advices from St.
Louis that the company has secured control of
one of the smaller plug tobacco manufactur
ing concerns In that city. The only other
active stock that resisted the prevailing
tendency was Manhattan Railway. Con
solidated Gas sustained a net loss of
nearly two points on light transactions. The
competition between local gas companies is
rapidly increasing. Large consumers of gas
arc now receiving propositions to secure their
business that they themselves would have re
garded as preposterous a few weeks ago.
Mew York Stock Exchange Bane Rapt, 13,
list-Be., wl ,10UB4..e. 1907113
106.)10f,4 7 Di.ofCol.-i.ii5.il a
10 US AS. r, ll)2o 1271 SO V Usd.tr .... 7
an. A,ui. an. a$ju4.
OnHIi.r, I'nfUAi, o.
.IplofO 99 1B26 127W 137M
b8.1808- Un8ttti,r,
118, r. . 106X 10SM 10 112K 113M
US s. luos UnBtCs, o,
iuiM,r 106H 106M 1U04 11SM lllili
Do St As, r, Un St , r,
OT 110)4 111 181) 102H
Unlit... o, Vsti.er,. r,
107 lllM112t 13.IO110W
Un 8ti. r,-
13 127k 12B'
05 AUhndJ u .... 711 ti Hollo on 104
7B 10MNlt.loiB121H
0 71 2NorPao lsts.113
30 Atohol ... 84JlaNPprlorAi....l00
10 94 80 101
04 4NPgnlB. H7U
8 AdAIul Ki 4 1 0 U 11 ov
210 ' '"
10 100 2fl qqh
iAi.00 8. 10 i eex
1 107 7 86
, aUa 0.b..lis IKsrtnWgsl 12a I
5 Braeklt Ttls.,104 10 ... BO
lRrWAWB ... 94 IB BAM
4SBr .isttr.... 08 8 0gmlSa....ll3M
CBkaDnO fts.116 0 N Y O. L eol
1 Ch A IndOl.t.106 M 94
1 ChssAt) onSil 16 1 Hash kOhst en 108
scaogA.... sew 103
H 88 SITOlTi 107
6 86 1 N Wgold.e ...114
6 881 10RAN4 99
1 C.RAQ.s.N.xlom iBUnllon Ss,106
6 101 38 O HI Ins B. 67
1 O.BkQdsbSs 110 1 ro Coast 1st.. 106
ft CIA D 1st Its .1 11 6 IHtsA Wn lat. 90
3 Can Sooth 1st. .109' 8 Book Ialg As . 104
6 Oan Remit 2d 107 4 Read gnl 4. . . . 82
leCtalTsrAa 87! 8 82
8 88 ; 4 82
1 Oh A E 111 go. 107 60MoOW1st.... 90
1 0,BtLANOris,rl23 C Ht P A Minn cnl 36
2Chle A Erie lstl 10k 10 Bo Pan of Oal ou 1 0 2
BCQaRyonBe.. 80' 8 P of SM lstl 00
B 891 1 StPMn4sl08
I 89 16BtLaFgs.l06
BCOaltylstlno 39 6 RlI.Sra... 79
4('h, Ind AT, (1.107 8 79
5 1'iltti, . 97 6 79
10 Dot City OSS.. 94 1 BAA APlatAa.. 88
10 93 3 07
4 X T H gal r. 91 n 07
16 90 BSoR'wayB.... 97
80 Iri prior bds. 92 6 00
6 98 1 97
10 98 6BtABltfcT6s.. 79
26 02 aostBkTtnc... 20
10 Erg lien 8-4... 7110 20
1 7180 21
1 Ka.tTenn 5. 1 13 20 TaxPao Id in . 46
SKTctin dives. 114 10 46
1 Ev AInd 1st en 90 7 46
6 Mis EI 1st ...117k 30 44
16 Ft Worth 1st.. 7441 44
7 0,11a S A 6 44
MP6s 98 3 44
8 98 6 44k
E Or Bar deb B 6 34 44
6 Iron Mt 6s 98 lTC.IkBss,
6 111 On :is, Ht Tenndlv 92
L dlv 79 2TOIkB0i,
10 nionsa, inr.3101 Blrdtv 93
1 Int JcOtN 1st 121 32 UnlonPao 4s.. 98
14 lows Cent 1st. 104 30 08
lOJeffRRist . 104,'s 7 08
4KanATex4... 89 32 OB
1 Ksn A Tex 2s . 63 1 2 TJnlonEllst.tr 92
36 K c, P AO 1st. 77 14Cn P. DAG
2 771 lst.tr 76
9 78 16 76
1 78 8 76
27 78 29 75
3 78 13 Wabash 1st... .111
10 78! 7 112
G Lou A N enl 4s 88116 Wb dab sB... 32
2 LAN. PA A lstl 06 23 Wast Sh 4s 100
lOMaxInton 76 I 6 WH YaPalst.108
3 MkBt L en 5s. 107 20 WisCentlst.tr 66
2 Mo, ItTot 8 64
TexAS&s 84 44 64
C Man Rway 4i. 6 64
s JO 9310 53
1 Met El 2d 103 27 63
2MoliA0.dm.l0S 9 Wilkes k E 1st. 99
1 Mich Ont 7s.. 112
XolalealM of railway bonds (par value), f 1,884,000.
Open- HioK- Lew , Ctotino ,
SmJtr. inf. tit. uL Bid. Atktd.
112 AdaEx..ll4 114 118 110 116
22883 Am BB. 136 137136 136 136
260Am8Bpll6 115 116 114116
COAmBM. 13 13 13 12 12
J 7 Am I) T. 40 40 40 30 40
S878S Am Tob 144 1 46 1 43 1461 45
8475 Am CO. 36 36 33 34 36
7ao Am cop 86 86 84 84 B5
660 A. T AS
Fs 13 13 13 13 13
12186 A, T A B
l'epf.. 34 34 34 84 34
62GAMalt. 32 32 31 31 32
1870Aahltp 83 83 82 82 82
4860 AxaSteel
kW... 83 83 81 80 31
1778 AmSteal
awp. 86 86 86 84 86
1620 b a o
2dlp. 43 48 41 41 41
108 b a O B
Wpf... 6 6 6 6 6
lOOBStOas 3 3 3 3 3
28250 BkRT. 62 62 69 69 69
260BCGM126 126 126126126
HOCanBo.. 52 62 62 62 63
SOOCanPso. B6 86 86 66 88
1800 Conic. 47 48 47 4B 49
200 Con I pf 92 02 92 92 96
6600ChOtW 16 16 14 14 14
100 oh at w
pfA... 40 40 40 89 40
100 Ch lit W
pfB... 27 27 27 27 27
200 On Pec 22 22 22 21 22
2240CheakO 23 23 22 22 22 ,
2101-1 EI. 64 64 64 63 64
10OCkEIpl07 107 107 107 107
14VChkAltl60 160 160 160
880 C.C.Ck
StL... 41 41 40 41 41
2020CkNW 132 132131 131 131
17886 C.BfcQl 14 114 113 114 114
41200 C.MAtJt
I' 109109108109 109
10780C.RIkP102 102 101103 102
WOCbTer.. 7 7 7 7 7
lOOChTerp 33 33 33 33 33
SOOC.LkW 16 16 16 16 16
SOOO.LkWp 60 61 60 60 60
880ConOMl86 186 183184 186
lOOC.IkL. 8 8 8 8 9
158 Del kH.l 07 107107 106107
100D,LkW161 161 161 161
lOODetOas. 64 64 64
10711 DkltOp 66 66 66 64 65
1O0DM&FD 16 16 16 16 17
iio Kre- 11 It 14 14 14 13 13
825Erielp. 36 36 35 86 36
200Erie2p. 18 18 IB 18 IB
42EdisEI. 130 130 130 131 134
500EATB 29 29 29 28 20
200EkTHp 66 66 66 66 07
700OtNorpl33M 133 133 133 134
22UOQeuEleo 44 44 43 43 44
825 U'w'il'n
CSuk.. 28 28 28 27 20
1242IPsper. 62 62 61 61 2
HOIntPp. 90 90 90 90 91
1820 111 Cent 112 112 112 112 112
2850 111 Steel 73 73 60 69 70
100 Is Ont. 9 9 9 9 9
lOOUCenp 34 34 34 34 35
lOOKC.PkO 18 IB IB 18 IB
lOOLEkWp 74 74 74 73 74
450LAC1O.. 49 49 48 48 49
8385 Lou AN 67 67 66 60 68
1275ManCon 96 07 96 90 96
3200 M Iron. 98 98 96 96 96
80O3MBtRrl58 168 167 166157
200 MkBt I.
2d p.. 69 69 69 68 69
2620MoPao. 33 33 32 32 33
lOOM.KkT 11 11 11 11M 11
jit70M.K4.Tu 33 33 33 33 34
100MorkEal76 176 176 176
4711 SI. nil 6 6 6 6 6
200 New Can
Coal... 42 42 42 42
860NJOnt 90 90 89 89 90
263NVCntll7 117116116117
786MstLd.. 36 86 34 34 34
61NatWplll 111111 100111
6NorAui. 6 6 6 C 6
1110 S V Air
Brake.. 06 90 02 92 06
BAOSatBla. 32 38 81 31 32
looNkWp 62 62 62 62 62
18852 NoiPse. 87 87 37 37 37
S0882NorPp. 77 77 70 76 7u
04OOntkW 16 16 16 16 16
lOOORANp 76 76 76 75 70
100 Or 8 L. 84 34's 34 34 36
l7HiipaMail 32 32 32 32 33
lesPCoaat. 43 44 43 46 40
2PcClp B3 83 83 63 86
142I-soC2p 67 67 67 67 68
201'PCColSB 168 187186lb8
280 P,C, Ck
BU.p 02 08 08 02 03
440 Pa 11 It. 117 1 17 117117118
17830 People's
Oki- 103104 108108103
BOBudlag 18 18 IBM 18 18
1060 Bead ip 48 48 43 48 43
lOBOWp 07 07 07 67 60
OOBtPkO 81 81 80 80 81
100 standard
Ciu....l.60 1 00 1.00
6CO80 Pso.. 21 21 21 81 22
840 80 By. .0 9 8 9 9
4155 So Ry p. 34 34 33 83 34
870 bt J Ali
JSdp. IB IB 18 17 18
SOOBtLkSK 8 8 8 8 8
860 StL A 8
Fist p. O&j 0 04 04 06
t it 1
Op- HI- i , CI J .
F2dp. SB 38 81 81 88
aar. SRkT 7 7 7 7 8
8720T0kI. 89 89 87 88 BB
100dAvRR17B 178 178 178 176
liCOTexPs. 14 14 13 13 14
ll866UnPe. SO 30 BO 89 89
16686 VnPpf. 04 04 08 03 04
leooUP.Dkll 0 0 6 6 6
lOUBExp 48 48 42 40 44
8585URRub 41 48 40 41 41
lOSOUBRp. 108 102 108 108102
100 U SI... 7 7 7 7 7
4420 P si, p. 70 70 OB 60 69
80 Wabash 8 8 8 8 8
2870Wsbpf. 20 81 80 80 80
1706 W On T 98 98 W2W 92 93
SWiYVChflt. 96 96 06 96
Total sal, 406.040 "barer
Bid. Atktt.l Bid. Alltt.
BoakAlb.837 288 WeatElao.. 30 81
BoakMa 102 162 0n Bleep. 90 100
Chic J ooml 17 123 BoskMon.823 824
Fitchb'c D.106 Calk HeclafiBO 686
NawEngp. 98 100 oaoeols... 64 66
Mm On 4a 66 Qulncy M.. 1 17 119
Old Colony 102 196 iTam Mill. .. 173
WERcotn. 86 86 Butte 83 23
III Steel ... 70 71Ri;0 1ata. 9 3
DominCoal 24.BU0 2ds. 7B
Am Ball T. 879 280 I Merge ntbsl 1 9 1 192
afrteTel.... 76'BoatonKI.. 68 09
Bid. Aiked.l Bid. Atktl.
Leblgta Tal 20 21 DBBeom 36 30
PhilaTrar. 92 93 EIRBp.... 41 42
I'nlonTrao 19 1 9'penn Mnf.. 19 19
EkFTetf 91 92 Penn Mf r.al 0 1 101
MetTrae...l67 168 WeleOoom IS SO
CTofNJe 60 61 I Welab Co p 76 70
OTofNJSalOBW 109 CamblrCo 63 63
UOlmpCoiai 121jnltTrso.. 23 23
WOLCo . 63 eSM'Marsden. . 6 6
Bid. Atktd.i Bid. Arird.
AmStr'bd.. 30 31 NChfltRy.223 228
CkDock. 69 60 SoSlde"L" 64 04
ChBrewpf 28 31 jStBCsr.... 19 20
city Rway. 280 266 iWChStBy. 94 96
Ulam'ilM .139 1 39!NBlscult o 31 32
LakeSt'-L" 12 13 'Nliiaoultp 96 96
L8t"L"ctrs 10 11 I
At,-hlrn a a p 1 3. Northern Pacific. .. 38
Ati-biaon pf 36 I Northern ParlBopf 79
Canadian Pscio... 00 Ontario k West.... 16
Cbesapeakek Ohio 24 Pennsylvania 61
Erie con, a sp 14 Reading, let ap... 9
Erlelatpf 37 Readinglstpf 22
Illinois Central.... 1 1 5 Bt Paul 1 1 2
Kanaaak Texas.... 18 South Railway 9
Lake Shore 1 98 Smith Railway pf.. 36
Louisville k Nash.. 6 8K Union Pacific 32
New York Central .120 t'ninn Paculo pf... 66
Norfolk k Wpf. n. 66 I Wabash pf 21
Final sales comrnre with those of Saturday
as follows:
Sent. 10. Srpt. lt.i Srpl. 10. Stpt. IS.
A.TkSFe 13 13'lorfkWp 63 52
A.TkSEep 34 34'NW coin... 132 131
'AmCOIl... 36 34 STac com. 38 37
AmSRef.137 130 NPao p.... 77 76
AmSRpf. 115 116 NYCent.,117 117
Am Tob. ...143 145 Ontfc West 16 16
Brook R T. 63 69MPeoOk C. 104 103
C.C.CkStL 41 41 : l'n.- Mall... 32 32
C.Bk y. ..116 114 Rocklalandl03!( 102
ConGas. ...180 186 Read latpf 43 43
CbeakO... 23 28'SlPi-om... 1 09 109
ChOW.... 15 148oR,way.. 8 O
Cl.LkW.. 16 15 iSoR'wayp 34 33
DkRQp. 66 66 SUnBkT. 7 7
Erie lat p.. 30 36 Texas Pae.. 14 13
OenElec... 43 44 'll'.itS.. 29 28
IlllnoiaCenll2 112 CnPac 30U 29
Lou k Nash 67 66t'nPup... 64 64
LEkWpC 73 73 i:s Rubber 42 41
Larleilelias 49 48 XI 8 Rub p. 1 02 1 02
ManCon... 90 96 US Leathp 70 60
MoPac 33 33 Wabash p.. 20 20K
Met St By .168 157 WUnTel.. 03 82
Nat Lead .. 36 34'
Uovernment bonds steady at unchanged quo
tations. Hallway bonds weak. The features
were Chesapeuko and Ohlogenerut 4 Ss, Evans
vlllo and Terre Haute general 5s, Fort Worth
and Denver Cltv lsts. KatuVj City. Pittsburg
und Oulf lsts, lteadlng genen.1 4s. Ht. Louis
and Kan Franoidco 4s, ban Antonio und Aransas
rass4s. Texas Pacific -Jd, Vnloii Pacific 4h.
Union Pacific. Denver and Oulf lsts. t. r. : Wis
consin Central lsts. t. r. ; Atchison. Eric. North
ern Pacific. Oregon Short Lino and Wabash
issues. The more important net declines wore
In Chesapeake and Ohio general 4.'js. ', !cent.,
to 80-. ; Evansvllle and Torre Haute gen
eral 5s. 1. to 80: Erie prior bonds, .'i. to
92. and general lien 3-4s, '.. to 71: F'ort
Worth ami Denver City lsts, it. to 74;
Northern Pnciile general as, '.. to 7tt'. : Oregon
Short Line consul Os. 1. to loll, and incomes. It.
H. to 57; Reading general 4s. ?t. to H2S : Mt. 1
Louis and 8an Francisco 4s, , to 70.'. ; San I
Antonio and Arnnsas Pass 4s. '.. to 07: Texas ,
Pacific 2ds. 1 ,. to 44', ; Vnlon Pacific 4s. U, to 1
98: Union Pnciile. Denver and Oulf lsts. r
".. to 7.)' : abash debonture series B. 1 '. to
."i'J, and Wisconsin Central lsts, t. r..li Vcont..
to B3K, The noteworthy advances were in
Kansas City, Pittsburg and Oulf lsts. 'i cent.,
to 78: Northern Pacific prior 4s. ,', to 101,
and Wabash lsts, r1 cent., to 112.
Commercial price of bar silver In New York.
BO'.e. liar silver in London closed at 2715-llki
Mexican silver dollars were quoted at 4H?o
Exports to Europe to-morrow. 223.000 ounces
Money on cs'l, :US4 V oeut. Time money is
?tioted at :( V cent, for sixty days. 4 v cent,
orthreonnd four, and 4fJ4 V cent, for six.'
seven, and eight months, on good mixed Stock'
Exchange collateral. Commercial paper is
Quoted atSVfnM cont. for bills receivable;
acceptances and prime slnglo names 4fa4 . r
cent. ; other names nt&'O T cont.
Sterling exchungo was very quiet, the active
discussion of the monoy question having ope
rated against business. The market opeie-d
steady, but subsequently eased off slightly.
Tho onoringB of commercial bills showed sonm
incrcuso. Continental exchange wiih dull
Posted asking rates for sterling are: Sixty
days. $4.83. und sight, $4 HI. Aetuul rates
nre: Long bills. 4.H2!..ffl$4.K,;',; sight drafts.
4.rt4,4ri$4.H4.and cable transfers. $4.84 Vol
$4.85. Francs aro quoted at 5.23 V 5.23'. for
long nnd 5.21?ilf5.2l.'.i for short ; rclehsmnrks,
lH'.ftlM'. for long nnd ll4'.fa)'.C for short:
guilders. 30 15-10(340 for long and 40'. fa)
40 3-10 for short.
Domestic exchange on New York : Boston 10
ti 12 '. cents discount. Charleston Buying, par ;
silling. '. premium. Hnvannuh Buying, 1-lti
discount: selling, 75 cents premium. New Or
leansBunk. 50 cents premium; commercial.
SI. 25 discount. Sun Francisco Sight, 17'.
cents premium; telegraph, 20 cents premium.
St. Louis 35 cents discount. Chicago 25
cents discount. Cincinnati Betweeu bunks,
25 cents discount; over counter, pnr.
In tho outside market Glucose Sugar Refin
ing common is quoted ut 5H'.fa'50',, and the
preferred at lOtlVu 107: Standard Oil trust cor
tilleates closed at 4IHkn407; Stundurd Ons com
mon nt 138iW140. nnd the preferred at 157fT)
102: Mutual lias at 330ra34il: Amsterdam lias
at 2HVa29. preferred at tl7".fo)tl8'.. and tho
bonds ut HHiCalol : BuiTiiio Ous at 2.'l'ii24.
bonds l5(u.i(; Central Union Oas bonds at ln:t
in lul : liroiil.li n nnd New Vork Ferry at 3lifa
40. and the bonds ut IHJV : Feileral Steol at 20ru)
28, and tlm preferred at tJ572.
The all-rail East-bound shipments of dead
freight from Chicago last week were 52.113
tons, ngninst 53.431 tons tho previous week
anil 07.741 tons the corresponding week of the
previous yeur.
Tho weekly statement of averages of tho
banks In this city, Brooklyn. Jersey City,
Hoboken. una Sttitcp JslHita, which are not
members of tho Now York Clearing House. As
sociation, but which clear through members, is
as follows:
Sip'., t. Stpt. 10. I Vi.i.ium.
Iiar.ti, did.,
inrs lilo.rKCSiio iin,2r,(j,iHo Inc. 2Mi Too
nirctiUUoil. l,04U,7oti i. -.i-,-,, .mo in,-, sisiioo
HI t ,1 in.nila 8U,M7i,:iOO II ,. V.'O.ioo Jin;. HOu.HOO
lli-ii. ith I '.
H.uttiitii. 8.138,1100 V.380,000 Inc. 1,141,11)0
Dip. Ii'ka '
tnistoo's. 4,?ll8,7O0 3,'JUXaOO Deo. 271,500
1. 1 .il t'niler
kb'ku't'a a.m. ion :i,hii,hhi Doo. a :..
Bpecit 8,.',7l,vu :i,4si),jisi Dec. 8r,,atMi
T'lleiM$Hl,slH,700 tilO.OUW.COO Inc. 78U,SO0
it e 1 1 i v v
ruimrcd. in.717.o2a SiU8,010 Iuo. 2ir.,2iio
B-id'are... S,lOO,7u I0.0U0.470 Im-. 1086,1100
The Texas i'eeiiic Coal Compiiny haadeclared
a dividend of l '. it cent., payable Oct. 20.
Tho Chicago and West Michigan Railroad re
pcits gross earning for July of $154,004, un
incriase of 120,352 us compared with the same
mouth of last year, and Del I-I7.ii.i3. u di-creaso
of 93,391. lor tlie Hoven months ending July
31 the i:, oss earnings were $1,017,205. an in
creubu of $1211.234 as compared with the cor
resiioiidlng period of last year, and net $100,
152. nn luoreaso of $13.21)4. Fixed charges
were S241.2K3, leaving u deficit of $72,131. u
decrcusu or $13,004
The Detroit. Grand Rapids und Western
Railroad reports gross earnings lor July of
$llil,n5.i, an Increase of $10,000 as ennipared
with ihu huiiic month of lat; year, and net $in,
033. an iiiereus,. of $8 130. lor the toveu
in out lis ending July 31 the gross uumiugs nere
M2U.152. an inercuse of $105,;il as coiupured
with the oorresiHjndlng puriisl of lust yxar. aud
not $100,242, an luoreaso of 435,003.
Tho Bridgeport Traction llullroad rvports
sroaa earnings (or August of $37,410, au lu-
I ' in l' I I hi a iliiiwm Maawi III
crease nt tfl.040 a compared with the Bam
month of last year, and net $2i).r9H, an In
crease of 82.100. For the claht months ending
Aug .11 tho gross earnings wero $75,227, an In
crease of $ro,H.-3 as compared with tho apt-.r'-.lon',,nB
Period of last year, and not $30.
11M2, un Increase of $5.tH i
The New York. New Haven and Hartford
Railroad Company reports for the quarter
onded -Tune 30:
- 188. 1197. Chantjti.
Oroaaeam-a.. 87. 014,740 7,12,S47 Dee.82W7.H07
Op. eipenaa. 8,880,258 5,447, s78 Inc. JU.Hso
Netesrn'a..fl,uS4.484 $2,484,871) po.$R3d.l87
Other Inc.... 4l4,ir.-j 1S4.3U7 Inc. 22W.75.1
ToUlnt t2,84H,888 C,84ll,088 Dee. 800.4.12
Charges 1,484,845 ,1,5(12,8.13 Dee. 7H.08S
Bnrplus . . $884,081 $1,088,484 Dec. $223,34:1
The Lehigh Valloy Railroad Company roports
for tho yoar ended June 30:
MM, 1$07. CAenpn.
Or a e'rn'gs,$ie,854.374 $1P,258.B78 Inc. nn5,i)8
Op. exp'OM. 18,NII5,iil4 14,048,448 Dec. 150,5111
NetVg'a. 5,858,870 $5,212,138 Ino. $748,237 I
Other Ino... 1,2113.845 704,8117 Ino. 888.448 '
Total $7,253,216 $8,8111,680 Ine. $1,835,888
Flideh'ge. 8,508,378 6,4811,212 Ino. l.OSD.Htn
Surplus... $743,R0T 8447..UH Ino $2WU.5IV
The Kings Countv Elevated Rnilroad Com
pany reports for tho quarter ended Juno 30:
18!s. jwr. Chano't.
Oms earnings .$160,888 $lss,or,4 Dec.:i7.ii8H
Dper. expeiiaea 134,1)71 14N.08U Doc. I.I.ihis
Ket earnings... $i6,3tir, $40,015 Dee.$24.20
Other lneomo ... r.uu n.aso Dec. 4.H44
Total $16,U3l $45,8113 Dee.$2l).4H2
Fixed chargea. . ,18t) n'.i,M78 Deo. DO.s.iti
Surplus $8,702 def.f.ri4,685 Inc. IH1.377
The New York and Canada Railroad Company
reports for the year ended June 30:
1898. 1897. Omnga.
groat earnings $a7,82 $037,81)1 Deo. $83
Oper. axpenaea 850,480 847,1)01 Ino. 7,471)
M earnings $282,808 $28,40 Deo. $7,541
Other Income 3,184 Inc. 2,184
ToUlnat. $384,638 $388,840 Dso. $5,407
OhargM 818,672 818,804 Dec. 3.283
Dflclt $28,089 $28,884 Ino. $2,176
The Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad Com
pany reports for the year ended June 30:
1898. M7. Chanoti.
Or. earnings. $3,44H,728 $3,846,270 Ine. $108,468
Op. expenses.. 1.1138,023 l,660.0o Inc. 87,832
Nrtearn'gi.. $810,708 $784,680 Inc. $18,128
Other income.. 22,018 u.043 Inc. 12,878
Total net... 883.224 $804,125 Inc. $2i).oiui
Charges 1,182,538 1,147,406 Deo. 14.8UU
Deficit $21)9,312 8848.2H0 Dec. $43,908
The Albany and Susquehanna Rnilroad Com
pany reports for t ho year onded June 30:
1898. 1897. Ckanaa.
Orosaearn'gs $4,120,187 $3,924,624 Inc.$2oo,nn.l
Op. expenses. 3,IIHI,25H 2,278,393 Inc. 42,800 1
Ket earn'jrs. $1,808,928 $1,801,131 Ino.$l,-.7,79S
Other inoom. i8,4tm inc. I8,4titi i
ToUI net.... $1,832,428 $1,851,131 Inc. $171,3117 I
Chargea 1,113,184 1,103,814 bio. 10,070
Surplus $709,244 $548,017 Inc. $160,727
The total transactions in various shares on
the Stock Exchonge last week wore 2,243.407
shares, a decrease of 427,220 shares as com
pared with tho corresponding week of last
year. The transactions in State and railroad
bonds oggrogated $12,400,500, a decrease of
The receipts of tho Government to-day were:
Customs, $410,480; internal revenue. $1. 440.
318. and miscellaneous, 22.1811. a total of $1,
881.087. The disbursements were Jsl.013.0lH).
an excess of expenditures over receipts of $1,
i31.013. The receipts of the fiscal year to date
have been $101,3011.203. and the expenditures
Sl48.0.i0.i3. an excess of expenditures over
receipts of $47.34!).! Kit).
The oflleiat count of tho cash in the Treasury
at the eloso of business to-day, compared wirn
that of Saturday, shows:
.Vepf. to. Sept. It.
Gold colnand bullion. 235,716,a27 $287.1188,043
Silver dollars and bullion 7,792,188 8,8ii:i,iim
l'nlted States notes 62,209,710 60,911,474
Other aaeeta in exei-aa of
ilemaliil liabilities 14,087,091 18,887,208
Avsilable raah balanee,
including uold reierve.$S09.785,101 $818,685,031
Money in London ' cent. Rato of discount
in open market for both short nnd three months'
bills 1 't(a 1 '. V cent. Amount of bullion gone
Into tho Bank of England on balance to-day
140.0IX). Paris advices quote 3 cents at 103
francs 12 centimes. Exchange on London 25
francs 27 centimes.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange
to-day were as follows:
Open- Ilig- fw C7i
Saltt. A'ami-. int. til. at. trip.
OOOAUmo 06" .06 .00 .08
600 Chryaolite 14 .14 .14 .14
800 0 CCr-kcn... .12 .12 .12 .12
OOOCroedetCCr'k. .04 .04 .04 .04
800 Mount Ross 16 .16 .15 .16
600Mollleaibaon.. .22 .22 .22 .22
Total sales, 3,000 shares.
BIonpat. Sept. 12. Grain Wheat Spot was
in fair demand and stronger. The sales wore
208.000 bush., all for export. Including 8.000
No. 1 Northern Spring nt 700.; 32,000
No. 2 red at 7070Ci 132.000 No. 2 :
hard winter. fUDOO No. 2 re, I lien, ,,,,,! I
I 32.000 at the outports on private terms.
I Free on board afloat: No. 2 red. 70?Jc. ; No.
' 1 Northern Duluth. 730. No. 2 red 08c.
in elevator. Minneapolis received to-day
I 500.700 bush., against 292.800 last year;
Duluth 487,257. against 271.1303; Chicago. 141,-
1 080. against 257.210: Kansas City, 200.500
I ngainst 740.000: Milwaukee 43.800. against
53..1(H): Toledo 40.021. ngainst 00,010; Detroit
27,:I2. against 21 .OtM : St . Louis, 04.000, ngainst
140,142. Futures declined Ko. to ,c. but re
covered this and advanced c. to lc. then re
acted slightly and closed e. to c. lower. Fu
ture sales i, 105,000 bush., as follows:
Opening. Hi.ihrit. Lnwrit. Ctoiing. Xiaht.
September IIH flu U7 oh h
1 Dei-enitK-r . . .tin mi MO mt tjau
.May ...!7 US 07 117 07
I Barley Waa atrong and fulrly aetlve. Sew feedimr
BBc., coat and freltfht lo Buffaln. Rye Was quiet
but ateady. No. 2 Weetern, 62c, free on board
I Ml.mt Corn Hpnt was moderatt-ly active ami
I st.i'.lv Ihe sabs were 144, iHlolniHh., all forexport
i lueluiting :i2,o(Hi No. 2 mixed here at 8694160 ,'
unit 1 12,000 do. ut the iiutportH on private tonna.
Futures detbued C Future aalea 175,000 bush
aa followa:
Opining. Iliqhnl. Loirtlt. dating. Sight.
Heptemlicr 34 84M
December 34 34 34 84 85
Oata Sjsit were in fair demand and Ann. The
: Kulea were ha. 000 busb., of which 30.0011 heavy
whllo wus for 1 xiinrtnn private ti-rnis. No. 2 mixed
I 1,000 at 2,,c.: Nn. do., 20.1 2.IH10 do. on private
term": No, 2 white. 2.000 at 270.: Ko, 3 do., 4,ihsi
at SISMc.t track white. 4(),OOOat L'l-. .-uic . rejoeted
white, 2,000 at 241300.: No 2 clipped, 1 000 at
25c. Fulurca weiu liuniinally firmer. No aales.
Opening. Highlit, l.owtlt. doting JVijjnt.
Septeniln r .... .... 26 24
Thia la the vtaible supply:
Whriit.buili. Crirn.buili. Oati.buth
Kept. 12, 1 HUH .... H. 407,001) 1 7,.;'i 10 4,2770110
lie 1-esse l.'JItO.IKIO OOII.OOO 8HI)00
Rapt, 13, 1HII7 1',.,-',ii.iiiio 83. 0114, ISM) 11 Vol niiu
Sept. 12, 1 MIDI. ...47.002,000 13 007,000 S.07H.000
The New York stock is iriven below:
IVkint. luth. C'irn.buih. Oati. 011A
Sept. 12. 1898 1H7,U1I) l,7O0,4SH 242 H71
Increase 4,7l)7 343,075 166,863
Sept. 12, 1HU7 1.020,908 3,742,860 2.1112,110
Lower Liverpnul csiilea and heavy receipts at tho
Northwest eausi d a sliuht decline iu wheat early in
On day. Liverpool de, 111, ml d. to d. The re-t-eipta
at the Northwest were 1,445 cars, againat 1,103
a year auo. The weather at the Weat and abroad was
lavorAblo. The lin-s was sisin reoovered, however,
and n fractlelidl advaiu e ml on furolgu buying-,
atruug Niirthwi-steru uiaikois mid cnveiiug of sliorta.
The world's ehiplneots were 0.280,21)8 bush.,
auainat u,52t),00o last year. The receipts at
Chicago were nitiderate, tlie total bciuc 230
eura, auuiniit f.."iK innt yi-ar. Paris advanced c, the
l-.iilflii.li viaihle Hiqiply itecreahed V 00, 01,0 liusli. and
tbt-ro waa a decrease iu tho quauUty on paBMSe of
240.000 IiiihIi. TllO ' "O 1 1 nun lit report of Satin 1I10 ,
too, hud aiiuin . it' 1 1 Hut before tlie close part of
the 1 ie was lout uu liical a--lliuir, inuinly to realize
inelils loreoier, tin re ivua uu illcri use, 11 the vial
tile supply ( l,2U(l,0OU bimh.thr ilei.:e from
the eculinard were only li,.i,.-,s:t bush., and, nl
tbiiue.il the world'H i..ii'iin ins vvero hiiiulier than
a ve.tr auo, they vvero larger than In-1 week,
when tin; total was 4.Hs7.ooo against 6.230, -20
tills vviili. Corn was lower on largo
world's etilpiKi uta. a dooune iu Livfrpoolnf td. to
144.1 end uu lurrease iu the visible of r,oo.oisj liuah.
Then, too, tie I,- was an Increase nf tsio.Ooo tmsh. in
the uiiaiitity on jiasBuge, in. clearances were only
I :)4, 7.M bush., iind tho ttovcrnuieiit report was bet
ter Ihall ii.nl In en exp'-i-ted. The world's ship
ments wore e.ltl7,ODO lillsil , BgslllHt H.10H, 000
111 the previous wee-. nnd 0,575,000 lust
year. Ouu were nouiinrlly hiylier. The via-
I I ile. supply increa.si d ns.isio bush. Ohiragn,
Sept. 12. "Wheat iijH-uedollat tin sturt Oilsujorulug
iiittui need by lieuv;. roceipUat tlie Nortiiwent. t)f
fertuga, iiuwcvsr. were light, ami met with a demand
sullieient to carry tho price e. above Huturduy's
close. The atreiitrth vu iuduouced by a bettor cash
market. At other primary point Arrivals were less
than last j ear. Htecksure not accumulating. Cum
aold oil 011 the Government estimated yield of alKiut
1 lion iski.ihi'i. Vi'cather wa hue, roccipta large,
and tho aluppiiui demaud pour. IJveriiool was
weak. There ia nothing now iu view of the liberal
Government eatlmaie iu etvbt to stimulate an ud
vaine in com. Data were firm, with cousideralile
deinaud from the hnrt lutcrest In Hepteiuber Bt.il
outntudiut;. Ihe caaii demand, ultlioiiuli not large,
is mitlii lent to Uk 1 an- of ottering .iinl prices above
thi option "
Ki oiit Pre os were etesdy to-day ownm to the
iniiiiiis "i wheat. I'lie trading 1 ontum- d uuiet, Ihs
total salia t elug 8,800 bull.
Hbh. Sack:
lteciipta. 18.34U 111,410
Kxporta 0.71)6 38.818
Wluterin bbbj.: MuperBue, 2.lu2.a.-,. Ho. 3, x
tn, 2.B6iv3.i0, stralghu, ta.2o)ttf.4Ui p4eaU,
8 60t3 80. "prlne-ln lihla .: Clean, t8.16eit8.40:
BtrsUlits 18 80lt IO; iMltent-. t.o.-l4 55. Feed
-wii dull and niichaiitred. Westi rn spring la 100
81. sack-, tlt.7nl.tfl L'ooBj. sacks, t!3.20sj
tl3.75: winter, in Imlk, 8tnitl7.
; 1 ii-ri-iitt HiNit ciittnii ben vrss nnrliaiiged with
sales nf 300 lmlc for ext u:i and an for spinning.
Mnldliiio; uplands, r. 1:1. nil , Bgalnat 7i . list year;
I New Orleans and llnlf, n l-lnr., airiilnst 7'n The
Hnnthrrn spot msrkets win uiiclisnred. New 111
leans sold SAO bale, l .Idle ,-,oo, Dalvi-ston 2112. An-
ftuta47ii, saviiiimli 37s and tharlentiin TBbalea.
Jvertiool wss unclisnged nil the spot., Willi esles of
12,000 liab -a: futures there .ilinii.nl to 1 point.
In Msiiehester yarns moved slowly; clothe, orders at
I low limits. The receipt at tho principal interior
I towns wro aa follows:
Tkit Wnk. Lalt IVrrU. r.nrt Peer.
Augusta ,6H raw ,1.170
Slimpbln 1,211 2M2 M41
81. IilllS 41 , . 33
Cincinnati 211 BS
Houstou I8.03.1 -..stii 11.3.1.-.
, The shlpruenta from Augusta t 1 day were 5 bales,
I Memphis 1107, Hi 1..111H hiiii. Cincinnati l.i.'.u ami
lioustiiii H.HM8 bales. Tlie reel ipts at Houston to
morrow aro estimated at Ih.siki tn 2ll,5li bales,
, "irslnst 12.SOS last weekend 27,5O0 last jear New
1 luleniis expects 3,COU to 4, two. agsinst I.JII8 last
I week and 8,682 last year. The port receipts
' were 18,384 bsles. attnliist 11,416 leal week and
! 82,102 last y.ai; thus fsr this week BVOD4,
1 sk-slnst lii,MS7 thus far Isst week. The exports
t .'.'"-""' Porti1 wen 4, 012 bales. The rnln
I fall for the past twentv fuui hours ,11 -bubd
I 4.IIH Im In sut SlinVFMirt, I.; 2. H4 at Donaldson
ville, 2.58 at Fort Smith, 2.50 ut Niw OrlctUs, 2.80
I at Mansllnld, Li j 2.30 at Loligview, Tex.; 2.o4 at
. Hchrl.ver. I .; 2.02 ut Teiarkana. Ark ; .70t Little
1 lliH-k. Ark; .40 at PalesUne, Tex.; .14 at Memphis,
renn.i ,oa at Abilene, Tex.; .111 at Oklahoma Cltv.
I ami traces at Italv eaten, T'-t : Monti;. uni 1 Ma . ami
t-hattaniHiira. Tenii. Fur tin twentv -four hours end- j
l" A. M. Hundav the rainfall Included 2.1m Inrhes
at Mobile. Ala.; 1.7l)at neailmnnt, Tex , and 1. lo ut
Utile IliM-k, Ark. The MgnalSeivire predict-show- 1
era HI, 11, tl, i.xt tllirtj-lx hours 111 tllo
lartillnae, Oeorgla, Eaat Florida, nklahnnin,
and Indian Territory; ro'n iu Mississippi. IsinislHUa.
Alabama, cast. on Texan und Arkansas fair in west
ern Texaa. New Orl-ans ... t v at I I Pi 2 points.
Futures here opened 3 points lower, recovered this,
sml advsneed t to 3 points, lost this, and declined I
I" '-', ralllod, and advanced 2 to 4 points, but lesctotl
sliuhtl.v and closed unlet, with prices unrhsnired to
2 points higher. Tho future trading waa as follows:
Opening. Uigheil. .ihcjI. Clnting.
October BtA.r.a 6.68 6..-,2 r..6tln.&7
November 15.56 6.80 6.60 6.6V"." ill)
Derembcr fO.OM 6.05 0.0M 6.03r..04
January 0.1I36.04 6.0D 6.03 6.87"5.8S
March (.... 0.77 5.72 6.76(46. 711
May 16.77 6.K3 6.77 6.8115.83
June W.... 6.85 6. HO 6.B3.".84
The trading In cotton to-day was of small volume,
but prices were lastly influent nl by a few onlirs
either wy sml tlie fliietuuiious wor freiinent,
thouiili conflurd within narrow limits. At the open
inn there was slleht decline, owing to a diauli
polutlliK opening in Liverpool, where prices made
practically no response to the Government report.
There waa no decided prossure to sell,
however, and later on a small demand
esused slight advance. Liverpool advanced after
the opening, and there was a, .in.- buving here for
Southern u. count. Heavy rains were reported In
lsuilNiniiu and Alabama. But the demand was soon
satisfied, and In the absence of continued support
prices slowly receded to about the opening tu.ur. a
Uverpool sold here and beneficial rains fell in
Texas and Arkansas, while the weather Iu the At
lantic Htate was mute favorable. On the reaction
New Orleans sml Wall street bnuuht. and some local I
shorts covered, ami juices oirsln moved up-
ward. Moreover, tho Hlirnal Hervico predicted ,
ralu within the next thlrty-stx hour in the cotton
belt generally, and though It is believed
that rain would be beneficial in portions of tho
Huiitho est. It would be injurious In the eastern Gulf
and Atlantic Htates. Still before tho close there was
a reaction on profit taking by local scalpers, aud
most of thu rise was lost. The spot markets at the
South were quiet. Aberdeen. Miss.. Kept. U. " Bains
ceased Aug. 11, and weatlu r since has lM-en favorable
for maturing and irathering crop. Cotton has
oiiened rapidly and gathered iu gootl cuiidltli n.
Avorago grade of receipts atrlct to gootl
middling dry and well Kinned ataple very
good. Much complaining about rust and shedding.
It is claimed crop has lull. 11 off 25 i cent, from Julv
prospects. Tins we think conservative. On ull well
drained lauds cotton Is open und Ileitis aro white antl
ready for pickers, but heat la bo intenae that laborers
csiiuot remain in fields duriiiK midday. We are now
aatiafled that crop in this Htate indicates about 211 a
cent, less than lust year, owing to rank growth and
scant fruitage, followed by shedding aud rust.
Movement will be free bv 15th inst." Merid
ian, Miss., Kept. 7. '"Weather since our last re
port has been generally fair and hot, with local rains.
In some loculitles rains have been very heavy and
damaging. It is now cloudy and much cooler.
licking proKressing slowly und receipts light.- West
Polut, Miss.. Kept. 7. "No improvement in crop in
this section since 22d tilt., although weather condi
tions have ae. -mingle lieen more favorable. Tin n is
but little bloom 011 the cotton. Koine good farmers
sy that bloom does not hold, and square dries up
aud sheds, Seine say this is caused bv- a
sinnii worm. Many say they will not niake
over 00 V cent, of Isst crop, and other sav 05070 V
cent.; general average Isabout two-thirds of last t rep.
This Is a little extravagant, but expect only moiler
atecrop. Wa have received about 2isi bales new
crop. Staple only fair: not near bo good as lust
year." Pin Bluff, Ark., Kept. 7. 'Weather con
tinues hot and dry. Cotton opening rapidlv und
j, 11 king will become general as soon as weatlu-r mod
crate. Many plauters report half th-lr cotton
ojicn, especially wl.. re tliiuiiigi ,1 by rust.
I p to 1st of August outward appearance of
the weed promised a fine crop, but when present lint
weather, followed by rust, blight antl worms, struck
it, the fine prospect faded away. The plant bus not
the staying quslities of lust yesr snd is deteriorating
rapidly. Wo believe crop will fall short of current
estimates. This market has rex-civ ed 51 bales sin, e
1st Inst." Savannah, tia . Sept. 8 " ltalning hero
agaiu and cotton seriouBly injured, particularly iu
Ihe lower tier of counties."
Coftee ltlo on tho spot waa dull; No. 7. fl'ic
Futures here closed quiet, with prices tincliaugcd to
6 points lower. The sales wero 3.OO0 bugs. Havre
nud Hamburg were unchanged. Itio waa quiet, with
prices and exchange unchanged; reeelpta 14,000.
stock 3U8, 000. Santos was qtuot at 1011 rets decline;
receipts 34,000. stock 763,000. The future trading
hero was as follows:
."lo e ..''. i.nwiir. Cmjnii'7
February 000 6.86 5.H.-, earn.-,..-,
I March .250 6.115 6.H5 6.0a5.u."i
July .250 O.l.-i 0.15 Il.l5t0.30
August 5'H) 0.30 n.:li) 0.36011.80
I September 750 6.40 6.35 6 3.v in
I October 250 5.45 6.45 6.4096.45
; December 500 6.70 5.70 6.0606.70
I There was very littlo disposition to trade In coffee to
day, but prices were sternly in spit- of the tidiness.
The cable were featureless, but the receipts at Itiri
. and Santoe were email and the light offerings wero
. readilv absorbed. Tho Brazilian receipts thus far
j this sess.in have lieeu 2.342.0OO I ags, agaluat 3 leu
I OOI) in tho same time hist year.
Minis Iron was quiet. Spot, September. Octo
ber and Novomber. e s. .. ion:,. Tin stock of pig
at the warrant yards decreased 60,000 tons for the
teu days ending Sept. lo. Copper was quit t. Spot,
September, Oetoispr, Nov emls-r snd December 12
12c The exports tor the week ending Sept. U
were only 77K tons, according to Metal Exchange re
turns; total since Sept. I.H43 tons. Leod was quiet
I and eay. Spot ami September. 4144.020 ; Octo
ber and November, 494.05c. Tin was quiet. Spot
September and October. 10. lt)'16.17c. Spelter
was quiet. Spot. September, October, November and
December, 4. 7594. Hoc.
Navai. Stokes Spirits of turpentine was easv at
30V31r. Itueiii was dull at tl.3oc'tl.3,' for com
mon to good struiuetl.
PBoviBiossI.ar.1 waa inactive but steady Prime
to. 22; refined for the Continent. $r.. 60. Pork waa
Steady but dull. Mess, tln.SU.5o. Cutmeats worn
Ann. Pickled hauls. 7l7Hc: do. bellies ma
70.; do. shoulders. 4'.4e. Dressed hogs
6c. Tallow. 3H. Butter-Creamerv West
ern extras. lvluc: firsts. 17mIhc -secondB.
10917c.; thirds. 14"i.l5c; State ex-
tras. lHo.; firsts, !7'lstc.: thirds to seconds
1 I4'lrtl4c. Cheese Stute. full ci-euni. Urge, colored I
and white, fancy. 7H(7c; choice, 7i7Hc; good
I to prim 09HT4c.; common to fair, o,,oc; small
I colortd and white, fancy, 7c: good to choice 79 I
I 7 e; common to fair. ii8c. Egga-stuteuud Penn
sylvania, fresh gathered, prime to fancy, 18917c;
j Westi m, fancy, lite: fslriogood, l.'isi.io!-. Chicago'
Sept 12. "Provisions were airlj active, closing firm
hi ., sin. ill a. hum Astniugei hog marketand a gen
eral cash demand were the sustaining influences
Packers were tin- buyers of October lard ami rll.ti
against cash sales. IH.iksj hogs ore estimated for
sunn lUir was firm; i.n' test, 3 18-18c: !ifl test
4Hc. Itefined was .11 limited deuiand snd fi-ni. '
Wool Current quotations of domestic wools, based
ouWik.1 F.xehauge nit,, ml classification, are as fob
lows: Ohio. Pennsylvania antl West Virginia
Wushid. XXX, 31il2e.; XX. 2il3l)c; X, 2119
27c: flue unwashed, IH'2ot'.: fine, IHQ20C half
blood combing, noc.: three-eighths combing 31
032c: quarter combing, 2:e:io,.. coarse comb..
lng. 3793110.! half-blood clothing. 37028c
three-eighths clothing. 2882llc; quarter cloth
ing, 2792HC.; coarse clothing. 25i20c New
York. Michigan and Wisconsin Washed, x and
XX, 23c : line unwashed, 10t17c: fine delsine 279
28c. ; hulf-bliind combing, 2792Hc.; three-eigiiths I
combing. 2lis--ioc.; quurti r cnmblng, 2iiin:toe ; coarse 1
1 ..lulling, 38037C.I half-blood clothing, 27c I
quarter clothing, 27c.; coarse clothing, 24c
Missouri, I Uu,, .is and Indiana I nvtuslu , I tin,, to
017c: hull hi, ...,i combing. 21922c; three eighths
combing, 229230.! quarter combing, 21032c
common combing, ltea-2oe.; half-blood clothing,
21922c; thr. c 1 tghtlts clothing, 20921c: qiutrti r
i 1,. thing. 1U03UC.I low clothing, IHc, Georgia nnd
Southern, 21023c
CuitAiio, Sept. 12. Tlieaci were to-day' prices:
Whtat: Opining. Highlit, f.ownt. Chung. Xighl
Sept. 02 04 .12 03 H3M
Dec... CO 02 II11H oa, n.
Mar... 88 u 02 U34 u3'i
Bopt... 211 80 21.4 211 BO',
Dec 2 .'HI 3UM 311 :toJ
May.... 32 32 8I) :,21a, 32
Se,,t. . Ill 20 111 2t4 20
Dec .. lis 20 lie,, im, jpr
Bay-. 1 21 1 21 21
Oct ...4.80 4.D2 4.S5 4,87 H5
Dec... 4.WU 4.11'. 4 s.i, 4.H2ili 4II-H4
Jan . ... 4.87 6.05 . 4.117 6.00 6.00
Sept . 5.80 B.nO 6.30 6 32 6 27'a
ISl.... 6.2,1 6.32 6.25 6.27 't 6 2.
Dec ... 4.72 4.76 4.72!, 4.75 4;.
Jan.... 4 -,;, 4. HI) 4.75 4.75 47a
Sent ..18.46 t8.4.', tt.46 ts.'.'. 18 45
Oct.... 8.45 8.S3M .43 B.46 st,
Do. ... 8.60 8.1121 H.MI H.-,.. s.-,-,
Jn 11:10 11.37 v. 30 gang t'.:io
onian uassfis.
Open- llijk. Low Clot- Sal.
ng. m. til. tin; SUlkt.
Mlnneap., wheat. Kept 6Hi, 1,0 .-,., run, 6s
Dec 57 6h 57 r.H, 67),
Duluth, wheat Kept .02 itaVs 112 01 01
Dee ..611 OHM Mil oilVS 511
Toledo, wheat ... Wept .04 05 04 66 04U
Dee 0:; 04-'. 0:1 ,:,; 08
Detroit, wheat ... Kept. 04 04'. Ill 041 114I1
St. Uiuia, wheat. Hetu i-.:.j 06 06 li.'. 04U
Is, 11.1 IU' 03J, ,;;;!, ,;.,,,
Lire stock Market.
Nivv Vo,:::, Molidi.v, Kept. 12 It. 1. ipla of l.cevn
for two days were 1.104 neuil, including 60 car for
eipurt allv. . Hotarsttirelty alsughuri Is. und 10 iiti-a
for the market. Trade oueued alow, but the demand
improved later, aud the market dossil firm t
fUUy sustained price for native dears, while
rough kloof iu 10926c. avlgber. The yard
- -- - - L - -- -
f war cleared. rtotwet to beet .rL..',r,
sold at t4.flO0t6.46 ' 100 ., bnlt at
t2.8O0t8.J7i dry cows at tl. 70083.86: oxen aM
stage nominal Dreswd tsvef was in gondii 'manrt
at 7!'8-. V .for Inferior to prime native sides.
, To-daysT.lvensiol lid I, mdon cables iiitoted mr
1 can ate,M firm at 11911c IK. dressed jliilili
frigerat.ir le, f slow at 8rK-. ,. ",r,J" li
n mo; t i-moi-row, i)20 beva and 2,080 quarter or
I Receipt of calves for two days were 5,223 hed.s
all for the market. Veals were ill gisvd demmrl nil
Urn buttermilks and gmssers s fraction lower: all
, the 1 lock was wanted, with thoexei ptloll of 2o coarse
beavv We-tirn calves. Common to choice veals sold
bi $,-... Miitts y ion is.; top st t26: bnttermllks
I snd gnvHsers at t3.6n0t4.en: " fed" calve jtt4.no
I 0t8.8Ol scar of enmmon Westerns st :i.i... .ill
dressed veals firm Mi' 1 2o. V ft.
I Tt icellit of sheep and llnbs for two dsys were
1 17,iitlR head. Including I3cvrs forolty lmtcbers and
, OS cars for the market, the demand was aetlve for
all grades of sbs-k. Sheep wire trifle lower than
1 on Haturdar : choice lambs Arm and other grades
1 steady to 15.-. lower, with aome sales of common and
imil, un, stock 25c. lielow H .turdays price. The
1 pens were fully cleared. lwr to prime sheep sold
st tA0t4.ii: UK) s : a few export wethers at
ll.H.-i: culls al 3 .r.O; ordinary to choice lamb st
tiV50jtn.H6: culls at f 4986. Pressed mutton, 0011c.
y ti.; dressed lambs, sell r.
Decelptsof hogs for two dy were 11.041 beu.
Including 5 ears for the market. The feeling waa
Brmer than at Ihe dose of laai week, snd Inferior to
prime hogs sold st t4.2U9t4.46 V 10O .
Court Calendars Till Day.
Appellate Division-Supreme Court. Recces.
Supremo Court His-rlal Term -Part I Motion
calendar lulled at lOlSO A. M. Part II Court open
at 10:30 A.M. Kv parte matters. Part VI. Motiona
to l,e sent from Kpcctsl Term. Part I.
Surrogate's Court C'hamlHiw Motion calender
called at lli:8tl A. at. For piobate Wills of Mario
Cntth, Harali Ous.iek. Margaret M. Pabst, lleorge C.
llotiner, I,t cc A. Jones, llenry Dushman, llinry M.
Keili-y. ricderlck A. Sperrv.iit 111:811 A. M.. Marua
ret K. shorten, A idlson Atwatrr, at 3 P. M. Tlttl
Term No day calendar.
City Court Special Term. Court opens at 10 A. M.
Motions at 10:30 A. M.
The National Linseed
Oil Company.
The undersigned have been requested by holder
of a large amount of stock, and slso by creditor of
the above named Company, to act a a Committee
to undertake the reorganization of Its properties and
to effect a proper adjustment of it financial affairs.
In order to secure concert of action among the stork
holders an agreement has been deposited with the
Central Trust Company of New York, 64 Wall Street,
New York City, untler tho term and condition of
which holder of stock aro requested to deposit with
the Central Trust Company of Mew York their
certificate, indorsed in blank, on or before October
1, 188.
Trust Company negotiable reoelpu will be Issued
for stock depoalted.
Copies of the agreement may be obtained at th
office of the Trust Company or from ny member of
tho committee.
KAMI KI. THOMAs"1"' f CoBm,"
ADRIAN 11. JOLINE. Counsel.
JAMES N. WAIXVCE. Secretary ,
64 Wall Street. New York.
& Co.
Capital and Surplus $875,000
U. S. Bonds, All Issues,
BANKERS, 11, 13, 15 AND 17 I1ROAD ST.
Member N. Y. Stork Exchange.
Douglas & Jones,
Members N. T. Stock Exchange,
Market Letter on application.
toltttiont and Ptettngf.
Office of the
NEW YORK. September 1. 18De).
Notice is hereby iriveu that Npeiclnl Vleetlnir
of thuSTtX-KHOLDERMof I III. m-:h VOItrf
been duly i ailed, anil will leu held at the Comiiali) 's
piilieljiul ottlee at New York. In tho SUte of New
lurk, un Weilneailny. the Ath day of Ortoher.
1K0H, at twelve o't'liH-k noon, for the jinrpoae of
emisiderliig the final return of a committee appointed
i li.v the II. .aril of Dlrei tors of this Companv tu auree
I With the Board of Iiirtetors of the New York Central
I an, I Hu,l, . .ii River Railroad I '.iii.iin y, upon a settle,
nient of the questions Isetween Ihu twoeoinpanii-s
arising nut of the Lase nf April 1 . 1 M73. and the re
riiinliiik' "f Hie Consolidated Mortnire Bonds of this
Company, and for the purpose nf takiiix llnol action
with relereueo to aueh proposed nottlelneut und
By order of the Board of Directors,
E. V. W. HUSS1TER, Secretary.
.lHiidrniiS unil Mnxttm.
-e . . e., SEW YOKK. Hepr. l.lmies. I
The Board of Dlreetor of this iiiiupany liav e de
clared a dividend of TWO PERCENT, on the pre
ferred ami i. .num. ii sti. , L. pui utile at this onVnnli
the 1ST DAY OF OCTOBER next, to stockholders of
record at three o'clock P. M. on the l.'.th dov of Sep
tember, ut which time, fur the purpose of the payment
nf this it, v I, I, ml and also of n spi ciul meetluu of the
stockholders tn lie held on Wetlnesdsy. Oct. C IHim
at twelve o'clock M.. the transfer hooks will he
closed, to he n opened at teu o'clock A.M. on tho Uth
day of O.-tober, 1 Him.
E. V. W. HOSSITEK, Treasurer.
cSrnnl eHotires.
1 To all persons llitet-esteil in the estate of The
Wootl ,v Parker Llthngrsphlin, Company, assigned u
Benoiit Lockwood, Jr., for tho uenellt of creditor
send greeting: '
Von and each of you ro hereby cited sud required
personally to 1,.- an. I sop. ,, In tlie Supremo Court of
tin- Slate of New Vork at a Special Term Part I
thereof, in the Countv Court House In the rlly of
New iii-k.l oiniiuli ol Maniialtaii, ou Ihe 12th day of
October, line, ut lo, too clock A.M., there aud then
tn show colls why llnal s 111, in, nt of the at counts
of Bi-uonl l.oi u. I. I, . u-isiuui , of above nstiiud
Wood Parker I.ltlii.jti-aphlnK Company, insolvent
debtor, should not be li.nl, and If im cause ho shown
then tnattt-ud tlie tiual sittiemnit of the aosiieuce'
In testlinony wher uf I lisve hen unto caused the
seal of the Bald Supreme Court of tin Slate of New
York to Ibj her. to etuxen.
61.AL.I PrcBi.liiur Justin. ,.f tlie s.u.l court, till
-.'2d day of August, ihuh.
. . 01, rk.
II. 11. Htauiu.i
Atturni y for A.ltuee,
omce and P. o. aildn-as
No. r. Cedar street,
" r u gh of Mitibaltan, N. Y. city.
J IMIKSIIYDUOKll ro.ie.f Ihe Jt.sii'e, " ti" s,,
pr.ute I net Of New York, on the r.lh tlaj of Auuust
iHUM. notice 1 hereby given to all .-re.llt.irs audi"
OOIIS liming . latins suamst the United Slate, K,,.
.In lompsiiy. a domestic oriMinMion, lately doirui
liti.in.s- in t In- lijy ,,f N0W Vork lu.rtcf s:,l ,"r e
rat. nauii.tliat they are required u, present th. ir
ehiiuis. with the vouchers thereof dufy veritied i u
or licf.re the - .Hi dm of ll. toh, r. law., t the "l"
senlier. the ilulj; appoint, , assignee it the said
. onipaliy Inr the bem Ut ..I its , r, dllor. at hi. ,,lln .
il , '' WUlkMU Street. New V k Cil, 'l W
nllk-li ol Muuiiatlsu. tt.inji
Daieil New York, August rUl. I SIKH
PAUKElt A AABOH1"4'' 0B8' -
Attorney for Asalgoos,
CLERICAL MERCHANT tailoring eatMIhmnlt
nothing Ilk It In the United States: averse a '
. business Is-tween 94u,rKM) aud t.'.o.CsMi annuallyi f
' price t2K,tvoo: atnek to cover this amount on handt am
experteme not neeis'srv. Thia ia n excellsat xxtl
i chance for one or two ynitng men.
MelioNALD WlliiiINS. UONsssan.
t SUPPLY HTllliE: 1200: tenement nelahborhtsidl
3d av., Brooklyn: rent tie, including 6 living room,
with Improvements.
McDonald A wiooiNS. MONoao.
MEAT MARKET -Fine" location t stllishe.l i
years by present owner; doing a business of
over ff.nO dally: will saorlflce for atone fine horse and
wagon; a bargain.
Mcdonald a wigoinb, mo Ne.
ABAtXXIN: old rKthl!hed: located downtown!
price only f -'.tioti. receipts loo daily; long leas
good reasons of selling; Investigate this comet
saloon; for full particulars apply
Mcdonald a wiooinr. hoimh.
located moat prominent city State of New Jersey,
now in operation; price ;i.imhi. receipt but yeae,
tT.iiOu; rent t-"i niontlih ; Invcatlixnte.
MeDONALD A wiouins. 1401fsan.
A "PARTNER- wanted with tuisi to open bakery an)
lunch room in New York eitv. Full particular.
Apply MrlMINALI) A WIGGINS. 140 Nassau.
1 1 .nix!, staple article now on the market; some
Uilntr there Is lame demand for. Iuveetlirate.
MeDONALD at WIGGINS. . ei Nu.u. ,
" N ASSOCIATE wanted with I3B,000 money fully
prolecled: old established buslnesa with unlliiut
ed mid. value of plant about tlOO.OtHI, lllilin um.
lu-retl: thorough business man preferred; htabeat
eotoin, r. i.,1 referencea exs, ted and given. For par
ticular pply to
AN OPPORTUNITY to double jour money m six
weeks. Positively no risk; from t2.' to $2.r,u0
invested with the Owners' Club will earn handsome
weekly Income! principal returnable on detnaudt
subscribers receive pro rat interest in profits from
club liool; made nn leaalixed race tracks. A percent
age liivofc cannot lose, but Is sure of from 10 to DO per
cent, prorlt ou every twee. Subscription list now
open for fall and winter meetlmrs. Investment .
guaranteed. EVANS A CO., r,2 Broadway.
PRINTING al a few hours' notice; 1 o.rtoo circular.
tl : cards and billheads 4i)c. per 1.0O0. EDOAB If
PRINTING At SrATIONERY CO.. 61) West 3ltth st. II
' ANTEH -A partner with mean tn publish the
f up-to-date German and French aolf-lnetructort
It Is a perfe. t success. Apply A. M. II., box 1M2 Sua
ftiblir JUtUr,.
tShould be read DAILY by al! Interested, a ehangaa
may occur st any tlme.i
Foreign mails for the week ending Sept. 17, 1 BOA
will close (PROMPTLY in all eases) at the General
Post OfBce s follows: PARCELS POST MAILS close
one bour earlier than closing time shewn below.
TUESDAY. At 7 A. M. lor EUROPE, per steamship
Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, via Southampton snd
WEDNESDAY". At (I A. M. (supplementary 10:50 A
M.) for EUROPE, per stcsmsblp Majestic, via
yuornstown: at 10;no A. M. for EUROPE, pet
steamship Wcste mlitutl, vlaSoutlmmptou tlcttore
must be directed "per Wesierulantl "i.
p.-i- steamship Amsterdam, via Amsterdam (let
ters must be dirt .ted " per Amsterdam "i.
EGYPT ami BRITISH INDIA, per stesmshlp 1
Navarre, via Havre letters for other parts of Eu
rope must lie directed "per La Navarro"): at x A.
M. for NETHERLANDS direct, per steamship
Spaarndam, via Rotterdam .letters must be di
rected iter Spaarndam "i; at u A. M. for ITALY,
per steamship Werra. via Naples t letters must
be directed "per Werra"): nt 10 A. M. tor
SCOTLAND direct, per steamship Anchorla. via
Glasgow dottem must lie directed " per Ancho
rla"); at 10:.U) A. M. for EUROPE, per steamship
Rhynland, via Soiitliamptou (letters must lie di
rected "perRhjulud"i;t 1 1 A.M. for NORWAY
direct, per eteamshlp Hekl tlt-tters must be di
rected "perHekl"!: at It A.M. (supplementary
12180 P. M.i for EUROPE, per steamship Cam
pania, viaQueenstown. '
After the closing of the Supplementary Transatlantic
Mails named above, additional supplementary
mails are opened ou the piers of the Anieriean,
English. French and German steamers, and re
main npcii until within Teu Miiiiit, s of the hour
of sailing of steamer.
GUADELOUPE, via M.-vrtlnliine. per steam
ship Viler (letters for St. Kitts and Dcmersra
must lie directed "per Viler"); at 12;8(l P. M
(suppleinentsry I P. M.) for ST. THOMAS, ST.
also DEMERARA. per steamship Mittiisii.t (letter
for Greuadu. Trinidad autl Tobago must be di
rected -tier Madlana"): at H-.m p. M. for NEW
FOUNDLAND, per steamer from North Kv duey
si lo P. M. for JAMAICA, per steamer from Phila
delphia. WEDNESDAY. At 10 A.M. for PORTO RICO direct
p. r st, nin-lnp oluluui. nt 12 M. fur GRENADA.
TRINIDAD aud TOBAGO, tier steamship Grenada! J
BABCU anil YUCATAN, per steamship Catania
(letters for other part of Mexico must be dl M
rectod "per Catania";; at I P. M. for MEXICO,
per steamship Lydis. via Taiupicn lli-ttcrs must
lie directed "per Lulls" : at 1 1 P. M. for JA
MAICA. per steauicr from Baltimore.
SANTOS, per steamship Tanrmliia (letter for
other parts of Brnr.ll must be directed "perTaor
miii'1; at 1 P. M. for NASSAU. N P.. and SAN
TIAGO DE CUBA, per steamship Ithaka; nt 1 P. I
M. for JAMAICA, per steamship Ardaurose; at 1
steamship Fluuiiut use. I
SATURDAY. At til A. M. 'supplementary 1030 A. J
steamship Ath.is: at Sit-in P. M. fur NEWFOUND
LAND sud ST. PIEHRE-MIQUELON, per steamer
from North Sydney. V
Mails for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax in)
thence by steinn r, close at this ttflire daily
H .111 P.M. Minis for Ml li,l.. li. In ri.l in Boston
and thence by steamer, close at tins ofrit e daily H
atSiSOP. M. Mail for Cuba close at this office
daily at 7 A. M., for fern aiding by steamers sail- tw
lnir Mondays and Thursd.vH from Port 1'ampn. mi
Ft. Mails for Mexico Cltv, overland, utiles
sueclally addressed for despatch bv steamer,
close st this ..111. . daily at 3:80 A M. ami 2:30 P. txl
M. Registered mall eluses t (I P. M. prevloul
day. f
Mails for China. Japan and Hawaii, per stesmshlp LS
City of lvkiiitf ifroin San Franeiseo.. close here
daily up tnSept. j,'. at duo P. M. Mails fur Ails- M,
trsliaieiceptWestAustrallai. New Zealand. Hawaii X
and Fiji Islands, per slestushlp Mlowtra .from
Vanc.iuveri, close lierc dnil.v after Si pt. ;i and up " J
ti.s.pi ii.-, at ii;uip M Mails for China and ii
Jaiian. per steamship Cnliimbia (from Tacomai, IU
close lure daily up to Sept. 1 1 at 11:30 P. M. ill
Malls for the Society Islands, per ship Troplo
Bird (from San Frnnciscoi. cltise beredailv up to
Sept. 24 at tlr.til P.M. Mails for Austral'! (ex
cept those for West Australia, which aro for
warded via Eumpei. New Zealand. Hawaii. Fill
and Sam. an Islands, per steamship Alameda Vol
ifromSuu lranclscoi, close here daily uiitoSept. mm
11311 at 7 A.M.. 11 A.M. and 6:80 P.M. tor on 'm.
arrival at New York of steamshii. Etriuia with Mi
British mails fur Auslraltai. Malls for China and sfl
Japan, per steamship Empress of India (from 1
vancouveri, closo here daily up to Oct. I.'l at ,. 3
Tranapoclflc malls aro forwarded to port of sailing
daily and tho schedule of closing is arrnuieed on tha mm
Iiresumptlonnf thoir uuiliterruiited overland transit.
Registered mall rinses at it P. M. prev ions dav lAmt
PoBtOfflee, New York, N. Y.. Sept. 12. lMtfK. JMfl
MILWAUKEE, lo. ate.l at Milwaukee, in IheKtat
of Wlscousln. la closing up its sffaii-a. All note hold- ill
era and others, creditors of said association, ant
therefore hereby notified to present the notes aud 1 I
other claim agaluat tlie aasoclatlnn for payment.
D.ted An,. ,7, iaag,HK"MAN ' WOL' &-'"
tie. n longer established and has had more experlenca
than an) other advertising pliysiclsu; eiti ivaper IH1
prove this. Lnderhis sell ntiftc treatment bloodul
skin discus, a. lo.ii. In bones, n-dspnts, sore throat
ni 1n'ou,.h' V1: "f"' I'eln'ul swellings, kidney nnd
bladder complaints, staldlni! InrlauiniatinuM. grav. I
undeveloped onratv weak back, lost vitality are V
speedily, poriuaurii Iv curi-d. Men about to lliurrr V
should consult OLD DR. GR1NDLE. Every Iiiip.mIi.
mrnt removed. Sufferer, do unt wast, time visitlnc Mm
less skilful pin si, l.ns lleuiemller. OLD DH t.ltlN MM
DLL never falls. OFFICE OVER K, YEARS at 171 fV
JJest 12th St.. between ,111. and 7th nvs Advice, froi
Medicine, tl. Hours, ii t,, p, Sundays, tit., a 0
OLD DR. HUKV, 45 jean .pr,l,.ll.i In A
diseases nf llien only. Quickest permanent cure
guaranteed In all diseases. BiuhI poison, akin ilia- m
e.scs. kidney nd bladder trouble.' weakness Tuer- M
von delilllty. errors or youth, bad dreams, uudevel-
SSHLlTOEf '"JPeJ nts to iurrl.e, Ac. Be v. i,
..".".Vr"'" ': :''! sin, lillat Iu the tit) OR).. '
over sr, jea.' t lift lavst 17th st., near Union M
Hijuar.-. Hon. li to P; Hunriays, li to .'I. Hrleiilina) B
tre.tm. nt and .lv lee free, lied cliieouly no V, nt.
No charge uulesa cured. ""'
A DR. AND MRS. SIMPSON, the Utt4ing tliecltjs I
lsts In N'W York, siiceeasfullv treat oil I. i, si,
rnliiplollits and Irregularities; 25 years' expen.lc!
priv.t,, Muiurluin: trained ..,.,. uattu iu sri S
sn e.d; free eoufldentlal advice, 1. to " ':, W "a.
. .lb st . near Broadway.
Airi,',rAii""U,,M.'KKST fKR-MANUNT Ej
''"' Iu illsoosoa of men; dallgernlls eases solic
ited, r. lief at once: th. ee deslrTng otilr tlrst clas
at nt Be fri-tii.eiit should call. 1 ho l.-a.linu ,,.e, l.l-
A "..VlV',1"." 5 S-ITARH M.S, ic.UB. sk.l".
-fts lul treatnieut of all diseases of wiimeii; privat
aton? II AWl7S?8Vu,,l'0f. T,1"' l'Pban. . O.lU.Ult-
V.-u- .?a7..".U .; . -" "r "rite lor booklet,
117 West aitliut. 'lei. Ilttjo .Intli.
A "T.A 7,A -I'A!!I.KI '"'"bug confldeiitiaT-tree's w
A. uu lit., insult Dr. aud Mine. Sell, Crowe iTro- Ml
lfS.i2.0LRWrWH! "'U'e lH.,.-o remedy forlrream- sfSi
M ..' bvellhy. autl never fulls -.'.-M West
4uth st ., near Broadway. SI
1 kit. MRS. UEINHARD treat- fem.le irTeiubTritleej
V r'l.r'ilTi!", :t" y'"' ' ip,ni""'- ri :'u
1)11 111. INN. 177 West 47th st. murB n, . n lurt 10
DJ lel.boo,.,,,,,, , ,,,,1,1 -..,s ,oV
LA,R,,'',,.I.. Chiclet"! t-xjliih Pennyroysi Pne) jjft
sw'iiVr--"'""'''- m
JtiekviCtv. I
M-i'a".?-. ,r77lu,!u ""dwlfe. board. Is. II fl

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