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ormn twkktt-onk movim.
Fierce Contest Between Heavyweight Be.
ers At Coney Island-The Irrann Giant
r ro-e a Glutton for Pnnlihimt-Toimr
Bran Knorki Out Para ta Lest Rnnnri.
After punishing big Ed Duokhorat of Ryra-
rui almost Into a pulp, Qua Ruhlln of Akron.
O., received the decision of Referee Brown
after fifty seconds of the twenty-second round
at the Greater New York Athletlo Club, Coney
Island, last nlsht.
Dunkhorst was not out. neither was ' ha
crony at the time the bout was stoopod, but
he was hopelossly beaten in that he could not
retaliate with his gloved flats and was ao tired
that he was merely a mark for his antagonist.
Knhlln did not make much ot an Impression
because of his Inability to stop the giant
t quicker, and In the latter part of the fight he
failed utterly to score a knock-out, although a
score of openings were to be found. Dunk
horst. who is the hoariest pugilist In the ring
to-day. took a terrific beating, but was game to
the end.
The attendance was far below the usual
mark, there being not more than 3,000 persona
In the building when the preliminary was
put ou. This was a twelre-round affair
between welterweights Billy Payne of Bal
timore and Tommy Ryan of Philadel
phia. They were long-legged, awkward
1'iiKuillsts. and their movements In the
first round were so entirely bereft of science,
that the sports laughed outright. The third
and fourth rounds were replete with washer-
woman tactics, but In the fourth Payne scored
a clean knockdown with a lucky right on
the jaw. Ryan was very tired, but he managed
to stay the round by clinching.
. Ryan recovered well in the next two rounds,
and in tho seventh he succeeded for the first
time in putting Tayne on the defensive, and
both were bleeding at the mouth when they
got tho eighth under way. Ryan was groggy
In the ninth, but Payne was at a loss to know
how to stop him. In the tenth Ryan re
vived, knocked out one of Payne's teeth, and
sent him reeling against the ropes. Payne
fotight back wildly, and the crowd yelled for
Joy. Payne's right eye was gashed open in
the eleventh, and Rynn slugged him with
right and left until he was on
the retreat. Ryan rushed in the last
round, and. as he landed a stiff punch
on the jaw. he pushed Payne over. The latter
fell heavily and the back of his head struck the
floor with a crash. Payne tried to get up but
fell forward on his face. He was counted out
and Ryan got tho decision.
There was some hissing because of the belief
that Payne had been purposely thrown down,
but the majority of the crowd cheered.
Kid McCoy and a party of friends now en
tered the arena. They had been standing out
side during the preliminary, apparently wait
ing for a theatrical entry, but they walked all
the way to their box without exciting so much
as a hand-clap. The crowd, however, stood up
I and eyed the young fighter curiously.
There wss some betting on the Ruhlin
Dunkhorst fight, with the former a pronounced
favorite. Ruhlln was generally conceded to
be cleverer than his bulky antagonist, who
wan expected to take a good punching without
quitting. Before the Dig fellow started the
Hiiorts begun to call on McCoy for a speech.
McCoy got into the ring and called upon his
manager, W. B. Gray, to speak for him. Gray
I" The Hawthorne Club can call on Corbett
and McCoy to meet in any ring in
the State of New York. During Corbett's
recent affliction the club advanced him
S'J.iiOO for expenses, and I think he is
ungrateful. If his remarks reported to-day are
true. The fight wiil take place st Buffalo on
Oct. 15. If, however, the Hawthorne Club
should not be able to pull It off on that date,
McCoy will fight Corbet anywhere. We prefer
the Coney Island Club."
Ruhlln got into the ring first, with Billy
Madden, Tommy White, Doc Payne and Jem
I'urran behind him. When Dunkhorst crawled
I through the ropes the spectators gave vent to
1 expressions of amazement. He was aa big
a us a house, fat as an elephant ana
is red In the face as a lobster. Tommy Dixon.
F Danny. McBride. Jack Vance and Harry Pep
pers were his second. Dunkhorst wore a
flowing blue-gray bathrobe, and when he
threw it aside several sports erled "Jumbo."
From his ankles up no was a mass of
roly-poly flesh. In a word, lie was a good
Imitation of a huge jellyfish. Ruhlln was
trained down Ann and looked fit. He weighed
I about loo pounds. Dunkhorst said he tipped
the scales at 220. but he was probably
twenty pounds heavier. He was introduced as
the " ifnstodon of the prize ring." The men
were matched to go twenty-live rounds and
agreed to break when ordered. When thoy
shook hands Dunkhorst looked halt a head
taller. Jack MoCormlck challenged the winner.
First Round. Dunkhont led with a heavy left and
, got a Jab on the Jaw that turned him half around.
Ha went in again like a lumbering freight train.
Jt till Jm jabbing him on the mouth. Ruhlln awunic
left and right for the head, but the bite fellow only
laughed and pushed his way to close quartern again.
K Kuhlin swung a left that cut the light eye, and In a
fierce mix-up he made the gtant'a head rock until be
clinched. Dunkhorst rushed in again and made
Ruhlin'a no.e bleed Just ae the bell aouuded.
km i 'vii H'Mnii.- It wan apparent that Dunkhoret
, would prove a har.l man to down. Hia Jaws were
so well protected with fat that Ruhlin'a punches
bad very little effect. Dunkhorst put in a couple of
terrific left-band emsnhee on Ruhlin'a nose and
made the gore fly afresh. He rushed in again
and with a right he sent Ruhlin bounding
against the ropea. Kuhlin waa on the defenalva now
and the big fellow kept eloae to him, throwing in
heavy body blowa and Jolts on the face, at the name
time paying little or no attention to the sharp coun
ter that Ruhlin fired back. The crowd waa In an
uproar at the close.
third Rousd Dunkhonit'a atomach was working
like a bellows when be came up, but ho nmhed sav
age! and pushed Ruhlin into a corner. Ruhlin waa
furious and ralaml a big lump under Dunknoret'n left
eye. He also aent Ed'a head back with a couple of
hot lefts and the big man began to rough it like a
mad bull. Be wes fighting wild, wrestling, and bag
ging, while Huhlln tent In body blowa ami amaabas
on the jaw in s perfect atorm. Both were weary when
I they ast down.
Fourth Round. For the weight the fight was very
fast. Ruhlin was told to take hla time when the
round began, but Dunkhorst forced the fighting
without delay. Tbeygotlntoa hot mli-up, Huhlln'a
blowa being delivered with better accuracy. Dunk
horet' apeed began to give out now, but he had lota of
strength and aome of hla punenea shook Ruhlln up
ao that he had to clinch. Dunkhoret got a heavy left
t the Jaw, but when he tried to follow it up, Ruhlin
punched him rapidly in the face almost at will.
Dunkhoret waa puffing like a grampus at the end.
Firru Round- Ruhlin opened with a corking left
on the mouth. Dunkhorst ruahed back; winging
both handa wildly. He waa wery alow with hi feet.
Jet when he got to Ruhlln he had enough power In
Is punchea to make himself felt. Ruhlln let him
come on. meeting him with left on the mouth and
twice crowilng him on the Jaw with hla right. Dunk
hont looked out Into the crowd and winked a be
went to hi chair.
Sixth Round. Ruhlin' game wsa to keep away
If possible and Jab his rival to defeat.
Punshoret eailed In and threw a hummer
Into Ruhlin'a heart. Ruhlin aent a atomach
a punch to the right epot and also awnng
a left to the ear, but Dunkhorat did not budge.
Ruhlin made the paee faster and landed two smashes
to Dunkhorst' one, but the latter atood up to tho
M gaff with dogged pluck and did hia beet to drop Ou
with a desperate right. It u warm work, and both
felt the effects of it at the bell.
8RVFMH Round. Huhlln ahot a left to the eye
and then backed off aa Dunkhorst rushed him to
ward the rope. The fst man wan atill full of fight
and dangerous, bocauae of bi ability to hit hard at
S close range, but he waa like an elephant la hi move
ments. Ruhlin fought at long rauge during moat of
the round, and had bleeding Up when he took hia
corner. Dunkhorst was pretty well fagged out.
1CIOHTH lioiNii. minim got to me eye a a starrer,
and then did a little niablng. The giant blocked
well, and alo clinched when matter became eerloue.
At elose range Dunkhorst did as much effective
K uncbing as Ruhlln, so the latter got away and shook
d up with a left on tbe Jaw. Ruhlln then cut loose
and smashed hi man when and where be pleaasd
until the bell rang, Dunkhorst being solely ou the
I defensive.
g Ninth Round. Ruhlln drove a hard right to the
body, and began to fight fast at close quarters.
Dnnkhorst. though like an lee wagon, threw back
aome terrific mbe on tbe head and rib.
Iluhliu looked tirrd, but he kept at hi attack until
Dunkhorat nailed blm bard on the Jaw with a left.
They were slu-gtng heavily when the tiuiekeeiier got
. In bi work. Roth were anxious to go to bed when
gy f they flopped into their corners.
Tsnth Round. Ruhlln sent in a couple of left on
the sure eye ss they came up. Dunkhorat seemed to
he carrying hia weight well, and also knew
now to use it in the clinche. Ruhlln put in a
etpmach blow that aounded like hitting a beer
keg with a mallet, but the giant came back at hla
man with a vicious rush and two dangerous awing
that almost reached the Jaw. Rublin landed three
limes on the Jaw with no apparent effect, and Dunk
horst once more winked st aome friend at tbe ring
side aa he lumbered to bis corner.
Fi.evnt Round. Ruhllu's rush amounted to
nothing, aa Dunkhorst took him around tbe neck
with what looked like a strangle hold. Dunkhorat
landed a left on the neek and Ruhlln made hia fists
work ltko flails on Kd's puffed up face. During the
last minute ot the round ltubUn had a decided ad
vantage by landing punches at long range and either
dodging or blocking Kd'a wild wing.
Twexttu Round. Dunkhorst opened with a great
rush and Ruhlin met it with a hurricane of smash
flush in tbe face. Ruhlin increased hi apeed, and
aa be aent in the blow with Minding rapid
ity, Dunkhorst appeared to tie dazed for
a moment. Kuhlin aaw a chance now to end the
i fight and dabrd in. Hi blow til landed, and
ween tbe round ended Duukhorsf leas were shak
ing at the kuees. He aeeiued to be nearly don for.
Tmisikknth Round. -Dunkhorst e were both
so Uadij bruised that it waa hard for htm to as his
releutles antagonist. Rnbliu resumed hi attack
Let gets, sad boob bad the big nrhitr bleeding at the
motath. A right-hander oa th Jaw aaaa Doakhorst
sjsggir, but he sen Mad ont of the way snd wound np
the round by smashing Malta oa tie Jaw with a
tremendous right.
Fousthruth Round. Ruhlln began Jabbing and
winging tone. Dnnkhorst wss s mark for him,
but atirl had plenty of strength In bis pnnrhes.
Dnakhorst tried to hit In the break away sad waa
warned by the referee. Ruhlln took things rather
easily for s minute, hi rival making no attempt to
get st him. Then Ruhlln resumed bis tactic of
throwing In labs.
Ftftssnth Rons.. Dunkhorat got in a heart blow,
and Ruhlln hit him In th era with a knife like left.
Ruhlln reached the stomach and Jaw with a double
blow, and Dnnkhorst countered rather feebly.
Ruhlln kept pegging sway during ths remainder of
the round, but the big fellow refused to be dropped,
and took his medicine with the best of good nsturs.
Hixtsknth RouND.-Dunkhort mst a rash with a
heavy swing on the noae. Riiul n did not mind le
and put in. half a dozen lefthander ontbsjsw. Ths
blow, white hard. 'did not en n Jar the fst fellow. hut
a couple of rlghta ahook him up and rasde him hug
Ruhlin showed signs of wesrinees at the close, al
though he made Dunkhorst reel with s final smash
on tbe chin.
BBvmmara Round Rnhlln'a Jabbing had been
so effei live that Dunkhorat waa bleeding from the
eyes, no, snd mouth when bs came np. Ruhlln
furred matters, snd piled In ths wallops until s right
on ths Jsw msda Ed a knees wabble. Huhlln dsahsd
In with more smashes, and literally made a punch
ing bag ot the Syracuse, msn until time waa up.
Dunkhorst was nearly gone when h sank Into hi
F.iotxxt Round. Ruhlln came fearlessly to
cloee quarters and began his attack again. Dunk
horat waa as alow ss mouse and absolutely without
strength. "I'm doing aa good aa the Eld," gasped
Dunkhorst, looking st McCoy. Who took twenty
rounds to beat Ruhlln not long ago. Ruhlln was un
able to get in tbe finishing knock, although he tried
every second of the round.
Ninitkbnth Round. Dunkhorat had taksn sn sw
ful punching, but h wss gam. Ths moment ths
bell rang Ruhlln rashsd at him with a piledrl ver on
ths Jaw. Dunkhorst ran halt way around the ring
snd fall on his handa and knees. He wsa down nine
seconds, and when he got up Ruhlln pounded him
msrclleealy on tbe face and body. But the giant re
fused to be downed sgsln and stayed.
TwrNTirrn Round-Ruhlln ruehed In with two
heavy left on the eye. BuhUn was alow, however,
in delivering his blows, and Dunkhorst had time
enough to recover sftar each onslaught. Thar wsa
s scrap among aome spectators during the round,
and two belligerents were dragged out of ths build
ing by tbe police.
TwENTT-msT RonxD. Rnhlln put In s hot body
blow and Dunkhorat surprised the crowd by wing
ing a hard right on the neok. It was the flrt effec
tive blow he hsil landed for several rounds, but there
were no more. Dunkhorat simply standing up snd
taking the punches without showing ths whits
feather. Ruhlln wss tired, too.
Twxntt-bccond Rottso. Huhlln got ths right
serosa on tbe Jsw s ths round started, but Dunk
horat only ahook hla head. He received snothor
smash on the eye, snd his esse wss hopeless.
IWeree Brown now Interfered and gave the
fight to Huhlln.
wcot irgiiu ctjcax or coxbett.
Declines aa Interview, as tbe Match Is Made
Will Stick to His Coatraot.
Jim Corbett was at his manager's cafe.
Fortieth street and Blxth avenue, yesterday
afternoon In the expectation of meeting Kid
McCoy or the tatter's representative for the
purpose of settling matters regarding their
twenty-round bout, wbjoh is scheduled to
take place at Cheektowago. near Buffalo, on
Oct. 15. Neither McCoy nor any one con
nected with him put In an appearance. Mo
Coy said later that after due consideration he
concluded not to meet Corbett. as there was
nothing hew to advance.
After some talk Tom O'Bourke told Corbett
that tbe Lenox A. C. would give a purse of
$20,000 and agree to post tbe entire purse
in cash In any national bunk which Considine
or Corbett may designate. The Greater New
York a. C. also sent in a bid, offering a sim
ilar amount. The National Club, as la al
ready known, will give $17,500. while Stuart
thinks the contest is only worth $15,000.
O'Bourke said to Corbett: "Should It hap
pen that McCoy will not meet you. will you
light Sharkey three weeks after Oct. 15?"
Corbett hesitated for a few moments and
then replied: "I'll have to thing that over.
I don't want to throw down the Hawthorne
Club, because it treated me right. It ad
vanced me $2,000 for training expenses, and
stood by me in my recent trouble.
When McCoy was seen last night he said:
"I am pledged to light Corbett anywhere under
the auspices of the Hawthorne A. C. and will
stick to my contract."
Billy Ofay. McCoy's manager, received the
following despatch lost night from C. M. Wil
sou of the Hawthorne A. 0. : "Come here to
night. Kverything O K. Same things to ex
plain." limy will start for Buffalo this morn
ing. He had this to say : "Corbett must light
McCoy under the auspices of the Hawthorne
A. C. or pay the penalty."
Bedford Athletlo Club Boats.
Then wss an eathusisstio throng of spectator at
ths invitation boxing entertainment of the Bedford
Athletic Club in Brooklyn last .night. Ths ont bout
was fox eight roundest catch weights between BUly
I,e Clare of Newark snd Jack Doyle of Manhattan.
In ths sixth th Jerseyman quit and the bout was
awarded to Doyle, in tho second bout Charley Jan
kin of Brooklyn and bammy Byeraon, two colored
lad, mixed It up at catch weights for alx round. It
wss s draw.
Jimmy Fielding of Manhattan and Danny Mi-Kane
of Jersey City met for ten rounds at 136 pounds. It
waa a clever exhibition of boxing ail the war. Field
ing ecorsd a knock-down in the seventh and again In
tbe eighth round, and he stopped hla opponent in
the ninth round with a left in the atomach and a right
on the chin.
Xhe star bout of the show followed. It waa between
Jimmy Tulley of Newark and Jimmy Grant, colored,
of FUtbush. for hrteen rounds st ISO pounds. Ai
the end the referee said: " It's a draw."
Oosslp of the Ring.
Jack XeKsck offsrs to box any good bantam.
George Justice wants a match with any US
pounder. " Doc" Payne, " Kid" McCoy's sparring partner, is
In town and la ready to meet sny heavyweight ex
cept McCoy.
"Stockings" Conroy is not st all satisfied with ths
fight be nad recently with " Doc " Payne, and want
another chance.
Ham Fitzpatrick received sn offer yesterday from a
Weatein club which desires to match Jack Daly
against Mutty Matthews in S twenty-round bout.
Fred Voigt, on behalf or Harry Forbes, ha de
cided to accept Jimmy Barry's challenge and let
Forbes meet Barry at Chicago next mouth in a alx
round bout.
Morris Ranch of Chicago, who say he has a deci
sion over " Kid" Harris, la ready to box Harris again
if some of the club will give a good purse. Baucn
is managed by Billy Pbelon.
Al Herford write to It.r. bun from Baltimore that
Bobby Dobb and Joe Oana have oome to aome agree
ment and will meet in a twenty-round bout next
month before one of the local clubs.
J. F. K. , New York. Tbe affair took place at Rloh
burg, Miss., on July 8, IHdli, and was won by Sulli
van In seventy-five rounds. It wss fought under
London prise ring rules, with bare knucklea.
" Kid " McPartland and hla manager, Mlko Paddon,
are thinking of taking a trip to England Oils winter.
MoPartlaud ha received an offer to meet a good
Englleh lightweight before a club in Birmingham.
Patay Donovan is vary anxious to retrieve the lau
rels be lost when defeated by Hsrry Forbes snd
agrees t i box the latter again at 116 pounds. If
Forbes declines. Donovsn will box sny lad from 110
to 116 pound.
In a letter to Dsvs Holland, Johnny Hughes an
nounces again hi desire to visit America. Hughes la
the present holder of tbe lightweight championship
of England, and Is considered to be a crack-a-Jack by
the BriUah followers of boxing. Hughes stipulates
for expense money.
Tom Sharker aald ysstarday to Ths Bun reporter
that he will give a present of $coo to Bob Fftsstm
uiona and agrss to let th winner take all tbe money
in tbe event of Fltsslmmoas cpnseating to fight him.
Shsrksy hss s match with Jo Cboynakl in view,
but saya that hs will cancel this if FUzslmmoas give
nrst chance to him.
Tommy Dixon, ths Rochester featherweight, who
1 in town, is prepared to clinch a match with Oscar
Gardner, the " Omaha Kid," while here. Dixon
ay he has whipped Gardner twice, knocking ths
" Omaha Kid" out on both occasion. Dixun adda
that Gardner promlaed to meet him when the latter
wss recently in Rochester.
Martin Dowllng yesterday received s cablegram
from Billy Plimmer, asking him to match the one
time invincible little Engliahinuu against the winner
of the Kelly-Murphy fight, which takee place at the
Lenox A. 0. to-morrow night. Murphy and Kelly
have already met primmer. Murphy fought him a
draw, while Kelly knocked Plimmer out in twenty
Athletlo League Reorganises and Electa Of
ficer for the Year.
Ths Athletlo League, one of ths oldest bowling
organisations in this vicinity, held its annual meet
ing la th Aator House but evening and reorganized
for th aeaaou with the asms clubs wblrh took past In
laat season' tournament. It la an unwritten law of
tuie organization not to increase it membership roll
over eight, and ths applications of tho Riverside A. C.
ot Newark ami the Newark Bay Boat Club, which were
laid on the table for future reference, will probably
never be heard from again unless one of the eight
S resent member should lisppen to drop out. Ths
slegatea present were a follow: J. a. Newkirk and
W. K. Hcudder, Jaraer City Club: K. E. Wood and K.
W. Keteham. RoaevlUe A. a,; A. H. Chamberlain and
F. J. Pope, Elizabeth A. (.'.; H. G. Hornfrok and Jamea
Berrill, Moutclalr Club; H. P. Brown, New York A. C;
L. 0. Giles. Columbia Olub. The same officer who
governed the league during the last year were re
elected, J. 8. Newkirk. Jersey Oity Club, Prealdent.'
and A. H. Chamberlain, Elizabeth A. C Baerstery.
Tbe Prealdent appointed the following Executive
Committee: W. E. Hcudder, Jeraey City Club; H. P.
Brown, flew York A.C., and P. J. Pope, Elizabeth A. 0.
Rowling Notes.
Tbe second meeting of tbe American national tour
nament delegate will be held at the Gerinanie
Assembly Room alley a to-morrow night.
The election of officer of tbe Cordelia Bowling
Club resulted as follows: John Hcbiink, President:
Henry Ueltu, Treasurer, fidsiu Huohr, He.reur,
Vtilliam Htelnlnger Captain, Joseph Koehler, Ser
geant -at- Anna.
During ths coming aeaaou the Arlington Boa ling
Club will be governed by the following officer, who
vera elected at a recent meeting; Edward Maaas,
Praaldant; H. McAuliff. Vlct-Pridnt; 0. Kell) .
Secretary; B. Lovett, Recording Secretary . H. Bo
meraiazui. Treasurer, B. Arps, Captain; F. Brans,
Aaaiataut CapUln.
Tournament Announcements and Report
of Competitions.
The Metropolitan Oolf Association haa
changed the dates of the Queens County open
tournament, at tho request of that club, from
Oct 0. 7. and 8 to Sept. 30, 30 and Oct. 1. The
North Jersey Country Club, which has lately
extended Its links to eighteen holes, has tonnd
it Impossible to be In thorough readiness for
the invitational tournament announced for
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and It la ac
cordingly postponed to an Indefinite data. The
Immediate schedule now stands:
Sept. 21, 33 3d snd 34 Wsstbrook Oolf Olub,
Ialip, 1.. I., invitational tournament.
Kept. Ill, SO. and Oct. 1 queen County Golf Club,
Glen Cove, L. I., open tournament.
Oct. B, ii, 7 snd S St. Andrews Oolf Clnb, tnvtta
tlonal tournament
The following Is a condensed programme of
tho Westtirook Golf Club tournament:
Wednesday, qualifying round, thirty-six holes,
medsl plsy. Gold medelfor best score.
Thursday, lo A. M., first mstrh play round, eigh
teen holee, f or Weetbrook Cup, open to sixteen first
scores at medal play. Second prize, gold medal;
third prise, allvrr medal. 10:110 A. M., tint match
play round, eighteen holes, for Consolation Cnp;
see. n I prize, a silver medal; open to all who fall to
qualify for Weetbrook Oup who hsvs returned full
Frldsy, 10 A. M., Weetbrook Handicap, eighteen
holes, raeCsl play, handicap limited to eighteen
stroke. First prize, silver cup; second prize, silver
sscdsl, with s gold medsl for beat scratch score. Also
match plsy rounds for the two cup.
Saturday, 10 A. M., Weetbrook Cup finale, thirty
six hole, and at 10:80 A. M., Consolation Cup final,
eighteen holes.
All entries must be made In writing and re
ceived by Henry B. Holllns, Secretary, East
Isllp, I. 1.. this evening, except entries for the
handicap, which close ou Thursday evening.
Arrangements have been made to have all
trains to and from New York stop at the new
Orest Itlvnr station during the tournament.
The station Is near the clubhouse. The course
has been lengthened since the last tournament.
the playing lengths now being, 430. .100. 280.
135.380,381). Jlr, 315 and 440 yards', total.
2,975. It is now not only the longest but one ot
the best-arranged 0-hole links in the country.
The bogio score is 5 4 4 35 5 5 4 540. Harry
Holllns, jr., has made the eighteen holes in 70
and W. Baynrd Cutting, Jr.. In HO this sum
mer. H. J. Whigham Is a possible starter, and
others who havo sent worn that fhev will play
are: W.J. Travis, winnerof the Weetbrook Cup
last year: Herbert M. Harriman. James A.
Stillman, 0. W. Bird. F. O. lloach. F. H. Bohlen.
Abrani Darker of the Aga wain Hunt. Winthrop
Itutherf urd and many of the college golfers,
Tho Queens County Golf Club course has been
lengthened and much improved since last year,
especially at the seventh and eighth holes, the
two that attracted some criticism At the last
tournament. The seventh hole has bean taken
from the Sugar Loaf Hill and placed In tho val
ley in an exceedingly pretty bosln-shnpcd
green, while the tee for the eighth hole lias
been so moved that there are no trees in the
line of the drive A special train will be run to
Glen Cove each day to convey the golfers to
and from the tournament. In the qualifying
medal play round on the first day, Bept. 20, the
first sixteen will qualify for the Queens Countv
Cup: the second sixteen for the North
Country Cup and the third sixteen for
the Olen Cove Cup. The match play will
fill up Friday and the finals will be played on
Saturday, when there will be an eighteen-hole
handicap for the lied Spring Cup. There will
be a gold medal for the player making the best
medal play score during the three days. En
tries close with W. Crittenden Adams. Secre
tary, at the club on Sept. 27, and for the handi
cap on Sept. 20.
In the women's anniversary tournament, in
which the fourth match was played this month
at the North Jersey Country Club, the averages
of the players who remain in to finish are:
Ml Blundell, SoM; Mlu McCoy, ill'-i; Mis Gra
hame, flat; Mia Ryle, Sett: Mr. Van lluren. flH:
Mlu Beott, '17; Mis L. Graham. rlH; Mra. Gherardi,
osU; Mlsa Armltage, fltH; Miss Lewi, 7oM.
The return match between the Powelton and
the Glenwood teams, played at Hudson on Sat
urday, resulted In a tie, aa follows:
F.lc o'Chsdwick 3
Esseltyn 7Brown 0
F.vsna ii Hilton 8
Italney OITUTany O
Hoysradt. oHesdley
Total 71 Total 7
The Lake Hopatcong Club tournament ended
on Saturday. In the semi-finals B. Gill beat
W. Follmer by 2 uo and 1 to play, and C.
Maohen beat A. Gill, Jr., by 2 up. The finale
were closely contested, the two being all even
at tbe eleventh, and. after three halved holes.
GUI won the fifteenth and sixteenth, and was
dormie two. Maohen won the seventeenth.
Gill winning the match by 1 un by a halved
hole on the Rome green . The cards were :
GUI 4 0 6 4 r 4 6 7 4 46
Maohen r. 4 4 B 5 fl 7 4 4S
Uill r. 4 4 fl 4 6 B 44888
Machen fl 4 4 4 8 6 8 4 44388
The Storm King Club, Cornwall-on-Hudson,
will hold an open handicap tournament at
eighteen holes, medal play, with prizes for
women and men, on Saturday. Entries close
with I. Denlson, Secretary, at the club, on
A new record has been made over the Mount
Pleasant links by C. F. Mathewson, as follows:
Out. (13 5 5 0 0 5 6 6-48: In. 4 5 5 5 7 4 6
6 547. Total, 05.
W. D. Anderson holds the amateur record at
the Park Golf Club, at 05, made on Saturday.
David Honeyman hns been engaged as pro
fessional at the Marine and Field Club links.
North American Union Issues a Call for an
Important Session.
The annual meeting ot the North American
Yacht Bacing Union, which is flxod for Oct. 1
this year, promises to be an unusually Interest
ing one. The following notice to members ot
the council was mailed yesterday afternoon
from the office ot the .Secretary. Frank Bowne
In accordance with Articles of the articles of aa
soclatlon of the North American Yacht Racing Union
the annual meeting of the union shall be held on the
first Saturday in October In each year, which this
year falls upon the flmt day of the month.
The place of the meeting la to be determined by
the council. No action having been taken at the
laat meeting of the council regarding the place of
meeting a mall vols will be required to determine
where tbe meeting shall be held- It is suggested
that the meeting be held in either New York or Ros
ton. Kindlv inform me by return mail, if pogsible,
of your eholee as t- a place of meeting, ao that no
tice can be nent to representative aa earlv as pos
sible. I also desire to know whether it will be con
venient for you to attend a meeting of tba conncil
on the day previous to tbe annual meeting of the
The Itlvcrton Yacht Club of Rlverton. N. J., has
appUrd for membeiahip in the union. A mall vote
upon tbe application or tola club for membership Is
also requested.
The meeting will probably be held In Boston,
owing principally to the fact that the two pre
vious gatherings of the delegntes have been In
this city. The general apathy that prevails at
present in yachting circles here is also par
tially responsible for the change. There will
be a special meeting of the council ou Friday,
Sept. 30, as a prelude to the gathering of the
delegates of the main body, whloh will be ot
the greatest importance to racing yachtsmen.
The principal topic at this meeting will lie a
thorough discussion of the measurement ques
tion and a recommendation to the union to
either make many changes In the existing
rules or adopts new formula altogether. The
mutter wss disposed of last year by practically
delaying uctlon for twelve months, but those
Interested In the welfare nf the sport are a unit
In saying that if alterations arc made or a now
rule adopted tho work should be done at onoe,
and that deluys can be of no further advantage.
Several new rules have been informally con
sidered already, and a member ot the oounoll
staled yesterday that the English rule, beam
and girth," appears to be the most satisfactory.
it was evolved by It. E. Fronde, the noted Eng
lish expert, and was made up after a close study
of yachts aud yaoht designing by an enthusiast
on the subject. This rule practically eliminates
the factor of soil area as an Important feature,
and will doubtless receive the support ot the
men whose watchword has been " A tax on sail
Is a tax on skill."
Against them will be arrayed the contingent
who advocate a small sail plan and a minimum
of accidents. They will be divided aa to the
relative merits of the formulas suggested by
Nat Herreshoff and John Hyslop, both of which.
although entirely different In the measurement
of hulls, advocate a small sail area.
Capt. Oale Again Wins the Championship
Atlantic Citt. N. J.. Sept. 19. The yacht
John E. Mehrer II., Capt. Samuel Oale. won
the ohamplonshlp pennant In the annual sloop
yacht race at the Inlet this afternoon. The
raoe was a most closely contested one, the
Mehrer coming in only 58 seconds ahead of
the St. Charles. Capt. A. E. Parker. When about
300 yards from the finishing point the topsail
ot the St. Charles gave way. The accident,
however, was not a factor In her losing the
race. Capt. Parker Is dissatisfied with to-day's
contest and challenged the winner for unother
race for a purse of $500. Cupt. Gale Immedi
ately accented and a date will be set tor the
test to-morrow.
This makes the twenty-first time Capt. Oale
hftu won the trophy, holding it for twenty suc
cessive year. He lost to Capt. E. A Parker.
who formerly sailed the Zella. and who in turn
lost to Capt. Charles Foster ofthe I. Wlllard
Morgan, the former champion yacht. Capt.
roarer declined to pertiolte In to-day's lace.
sTOaTjr r.oayjSKR Wm,HH KKTtnjH.
Prospect of an Independent Director ta
Philadelphia Traction's Board.
PmnnEi.rtm. Kept, 10. John Lowber
Welsh. President of the Union Traction Com
pany, which controls and operates the con
solidated street railways of this city, an
nounced at n meeting of the Board of Direc
tor to-day his retirement from the manage
ment of the company. This action haa been
foreshadowed for weeks, by the efforts of Alex
ander Balfour, a large stockholder, to secure
personal representation in the management
by a cumulative stock vote. The success of
this movement. whl:h. seems inevitable, will
defeat some member of the present board for
re-election, and the stock Is so distributed
that Mr, Welsh would probably have been the
defeated member. John B. Parsons, lately ot
Chicago, and now Vice-President and general
malinger ot the consolidated roads here, will
probably suceeod Mr. Welsh as President.
Incidental to his retirement, Mr. Welsh
Save his check to the Episcopal Hospital ti
ay to endow n free bed for employees of the
street car lines who are injured in the course
of their employment. Alexander Balfour
owns 21.400 shares of stock and controls the
vote ot 40,000 additional shares. By a cumu
lative vote he is sure of election. His advent
into the board may throw some light on street
car financiering. A call of $5 a share on the
stock of the Union Traction Company, paya
ble Nov. 6, was ma e to-day. It Is to nay for
the stock of one ofthe recently acquired lines.
This will make 117.50 paid on 300,000 shares
at $50 par.
A Blelllan Who Passed On in Xew Boehelle
Held for Trial.
Joseph Moncussa. who is believed by the
loeal Secret Service agents to be a member ot
the gang of Sicilian counterfeiters who have
lately been flooding small towns In the vicinity
of New York with counterfeit $2 bills, was ar
rested last Saturday in New Boehelle after
passing eighteen of the bogus notes on small
shopkeepers in that town. He is known to have
at least one confederate, who thus far has eluded
the officer..
Moncussa was arrested by the New Rochelle
police on complaint of Richard Thompson, a
druggist, upon whom he had passed one of the
had bills. He was turned over to Chief Hasren
of tho United States Secret Service, who. on In
vestigation, learned that many other merchants
In the town had been fooled by the counterfeits.
Tho bills are counterfeit of tho Mcpherson
head, series of 1891, and are of bad execution.
Moncussa was held in $2,500 ball to the Fed
eral Grand Jury yesterday by Commissioner
rjTJXJS .tosrrn broput's tumbt.k.
Tried to Walk the Slack Chain on the Bat
tery Wall and Went to Hospital.
Joseph Brophy. 0 years old, of 128 Roosevelt
street, tried to walk the slack chain at the Bat
tery wall yesterday afternoon for the pleasure
and admiration of two blue-eyed little girls
and his chums. The chain swayed under a
strong gust and Joseph lost his balance and
fell on the rockB on the shore, it being low tide.
His left arm and two ribs were broken and his
iiend wss cut. He was taken to the Hudson
Street Hospital.
Germanic A. C. Games.
The snnusl picnic snd games of the Oennsnlo A.
C. took place at Point View, L. I., on Saturday. All
the events were keenly contested. The Imay trophy
for the beat all-round athlete was won by J. P.
Edwards. J. Wright was a close second and took
Alderman J. O'ilrlen'a valuable medal. W, Roston.
a dark horse, captured Capt. Mr Ktnstry's prize and
won two other events. The summary:
loo-Yard Run Won by W. Boaton. O. Rarenholt
second, J. Lingshaw third. Time, 10 1-5 second.
320-Yard Hurdle Won by W. Ronton, F. Hparke
second, J. P. Edwards third. Time, 38 aeconds,
44o-Yard Hun Won by W. Boston, H. Gill second,
G. Rarenholt third. Time. MiM, aecond.
One-Mile Walk-Won by J. W right . J. P. Edwards
second, w. Jones third. Time, 11 minutes,
ISO Yards, for Veterans, Open Won by J. Fanae,
O. Rarenholt aecond, J. Oram third. Time, 24
liiHi-Yard Consolation Won by J. McClementa, W.
Appleton second, ,T. Bleaadale third.
10O-Yard Run for Vialtort Won by L. Levein.W.
Taylor second, .1. 1. O'Brien third.
Women's Race, 7A Yards Won by Hiss Carpenter,
Miss K. Shaw aecond.
Model Tacht Racing.
In a series of prettily contested trial races off ths
clubhouse of the New York Model Yacht Club yes
terday Tbe Dipper, owned by Ogle a Weber, wss
chosen as the challenger In the forthcoming race for
tbe championship outing cup against ths picked boat
of the Wave Orest Miniature Yacht Club of Brooklyn.
The race will be decided off Bay Ridge about ths
middle of next month.
One of the crack model yachts which took part in
the championship regatta last Sunday la lost. She
slipped her towllne on the trip home, and, turning
on her keel with tbe wind abeam, started out for ea.
A fishing sloop reported yeaterday having seen some
thing Use her slipping out to sea paat ttie Highlands
with all sail act. She is a fin keel boat of the latest
pattern, and her ownera request Tbe Self to mention
the fact of her loss snd request any one finding her
to report to the American Model Yacht Club, foot of
Thirty-fourth street, South Brooklyn.
Bnrrxi.o. Sept. 19. The aecond team of the Buffalo
Country Club, with a handicap of one goal, waa
defeated to-day by the first team for a cup offered by
Mrs. Robert chat field -Taj lor by 12 to V.
Real Eatate Private Sales.
Louis B. Jennings ha sold for the estate of Henry
P. de Graff, No. "un St. Nicholas aveuue, a four
Btory private dwelling, lot 2(ixlon.
Jackson A Stern have sold No. 72 Eldridge street,
thrce-storv building, lot 22xM, to Moses H. Thames;
also. No. 72 Eldridge street, three-story building, lot
22x51. to Moses H. Thamea: also, to Jacob Fishel,
No. 122 Stanton street, and building, lot 2.'.xail.
They have bought Noe. 4U and 61 Stanton street,
two four-story houses, plot 44.UX76, from Jacob
James l.i vingnton hss sold a twenty-foot front five
story American bisement house, now being erected
st northeast corner of nll'd street snd West End
avenue. Price and name of buyer are withheld for
the present.
Ellae Cohn haa sold to Charles Brogan the south
west corner of 121at Btreet and Park avenne, a four
story flat, lot 20x100, Mr. Brogan gives In part pay
ment for the above Nos. 120)1 snd 120S East 187th
street, two three-story brick dwellings, on a plot
David Stewart has sold for the Kmst-Marz Nathan
Company to an investor Nos. tir.r, to tlfto West 17 nih
sir.u t. between King bridge road and Wadsworth ave
nue, three three-story brick and stone private dwell
ing, plot mix ioo.
Broker Martin Walter of No. 7AJS Tremont avenue
baa sold for James Kennedy of Bathgate avenue aud
lTtith street the corner plot, about loozloO. with
dwelling, at 17ttth atreet and Anthony avenue, to
Charles K. Jung.
Francis M. Jencka baa Bold, on private terms, th
northwest corner of 103d street snd Boulevard, 77x
101.10xH8.7HllOO.il, to the Metropolitan Invest
ment Company of New York, who will immediately
improve the plot with a high-class seven-story' fire
proof apartment house anil atorea to cost lir.o.ois),
from plana of David W. King, architect, of 111 iifth
a van us.
Real Estata Auction Sales.
At ths Broadwav Salesroom yeaterday Peter P.
Meyer k Co. sold No. 10 Eighth avenue, Abingdon
Square. No. 10, three-story brick store and tenement,
foreclosure amount due, S14.200; subject to taxes,
Ao., I4R0.70 to tbe Muatal Life Insurance Com
pany, plaintiff, for 1.1,1)00.
Bryan I,. Kennedy aold Hampdon street, south
side, 60 feet west (if Andrews avenue, 60x100, three
story frame dwelling, foreclosure amount due,
3,701: subject to lazes, $674.18 to John J. Brady
for t4,fl00.
Taylor k Fox aold Mo. 102 Newell etrcet, 22.4x100.
two-atory frame, bnok-fllled dwelling, partition, to
P. P. Anderson for 14,600.
By referee st Court House, Bay Twenty-eighth
atreet, northwest aid, 100 feet northeast of Cropaey
avenue, 60xHU.8z4ri.umo. 10, foreclosure, to Henry
Orees for $11,100.
t antra afcnulca.
Harlem Branch
OOKFOLDERS wanted: experienced hands, also
Chamber machine operator.
TOMKINH, McINDOE CO., 17J Maodongal st
I EXPERIENCED I.AI1K1.LER; ateady work.'
J FRANK V. STltAl 88 CO.. 10B-U4 Woosterst.
"IOI.D LAYERS wanted.
MANHATTAN PKE8S, 474 Weat Broadway.
OSTRICH FEATHERS. Experienced aewer oa
boss snd plume: lao stringers.
TV-ANTED Folder on rituuemett machine at
" BARB-DINWIDDIK CO.'B, Greemlli. Jeraey
jOorafatir jtotiBtttil Wantrd.
pOMPETENT cook to go to Tenafly, N. 1.; wage
v-1 $26: amail family: reference required.
Mm. L. BEKLY, 862 flth av.
C COMPETENT English or German maid to grown
' children: good wagea. refcreiieea required.
Mr. I.. SEELY. B52 tub v.
f'lHKT li.AHS Swedish laundress: wagea $20: ulso
Swediah kltrheuuiaid: wages $10; reterenceB re
quired. Mrs. I. SEK1.Y, MM nth av.
1.1 It K Mil 1, ill si- for one child il years old; wagea $18
to $20, references required.
Mra. I.. HKKXY, 862 flth sv.
CiEXMAN oook; willing to do coarse washing; in
I small faintly : wag $20; references required.
Mis. 1.. HKELY.JibJ Bib v.
LADY'S MAID. Bust givs maaasge; good wages;
rsfersDoas required.
Mra. UaXfXT.ata $taT.
Xtmrjslir rrrnt Wnntrt..
81t KtXTn AVE. ANI 13.1S lillOAnWAT,
COB. SOTlt NT.. IIF.lt 1. 1 Sftl'ARK.
New office building fnu e lnrge offices
best equipped, light nild nil. v. We rater for
the best help Tor all deportment. Wo
Jrlrtly Investigate all reference.
for Hotel, Boarding Reims end Bcstaurnnt
help. Our Male Oennrtnieiit embrace
every hind of male I nbor -domestic, cleri
cal, mercantile and agricultural.
whatever kind of help you seek, or what
ever kind of a position you wish, we can
assist yon.
It Yowr Sen-sB
need Inatrnetlon In th
Art of Cooklar,
Call hST attention lo this opportunity.
This coupon entitle a well-racommsndsd ser
vant to on free lesson at
861 flth av., where all branches of cooking are
taught by Mr. O. Lemcke.
80 West 2Mh at.
Btrranta are In waltltiK from U A. M. until 2 1 H.
Inference Inventlgmtd.
A. 8 wo d .ah or Utrtnan kitchejimaid: flrat-
claUa family. H0H Hth av.. oppoaite Hanld.
t'OORH, $25 to i65; wftltrcMt-a, parlorrnaldi. 20
' UunuManea, rbarabArii)aia. 10 kitrhonnia.it".
hnnptrworkera, 20 oooka who waah and Iron, 20
latindrRa woo do chanibfttwnrk, French and Ger
man ladlea malda, nursery govern eaaea. nuraea,
butler, Enel'ah aacond and third men, valU,
coachmen, chef. Mra. I.. BEKLY, 08 Watt 22d at.;
servants' An trance, 852 Hth av.
C"oMPETKNT cook and laundress: also ohamber
- maid and waitress; to urn to Pittsflcld, Maaa.; good
wagra; reforencea required.
MrtL. BEEXY. 8B2 6th aW.
TAD5PREBSE8. Two young women for Bristol,
J l'riiHoton; aulatlnchambcrwork. 803 flth av.,
near 36th at, .
PARLORMAIO for family; one honr from Vrw
York; good wages; also competent kitcheninald;
reference, required. Mm. L. RKK1A', 862 nth av.
SWEDISH cook; must be competent; good wagea;
references required.
Mrs. L. BEELY, 862 nth av.
Wetnttd Wale ptrftnnir. fcc.
M. W. FOOO, 11& Front at., New York city.
'PWO COMPETENT draugb.tr.mcn wanted: one for
marine engine and one (or hull work. Apply, giv
ing previous experience and references, with wagea
expected, to A. B., boy 142 Bun office.
WANTED Chandelier and arm makers, also men
accuHtomed to putting chandeliers together;
good wagea and ateady emphivm,nt to competent
men. THEMITCHELT VANCE CO., 10th avc. and
24th at.. New York.
.r ANTED Competent men accustomed to aaaem
v bling flailing reels; employment permanent.
New Haven, Conn.
W ANTED Man presaers to work on gentlemen's
garments. Call or addreaa Old Staten Inland Dye
ing Eat.. WeotNew Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y.
WANTED Metal aplnnera and brass finishers.
A. iKMHor, 875 Kent av.. Brooklyn.
a.rjt-GlaM Sflp MtvtMn.
AS FIRST CLASS COOK; respectable, thorough
and ecoiiiitnit al: can carve ruah orders; French,
Enehsh, (.Annan styles, can take entire charge or
kitchen, club or restaurant; best city references.
827 East 47th st.
CHAMBERMAIDS, semstreapt. nurses, ladies'
maids (French), young cooka; $2." upward; cooks,
washers, lroners, lauudreasea, waitresses, kitchen
maids, French, (lernian ladies' maids. 802 8th av.,
near 36th it.
(COMPETENT chambermaid; alao good maid and
aeamstrcss; beat references, it. 11., box 618 Sun
uptown office, 1286 Broadway.
CHMrETENTcuambermeijaud waitress; willing
and obliging; best references. D. S., box 614 Sun
uptown office, 1286 Broadway.
'( iHAMBKRMTlDThoroughly competent, willing
' and obliging. C. W., box 581 Bun uptown office,
1285 Broadway.
(lOOK Willing to assist with washing and ironing;
beat references. D. P., box 016 Bun uptown
office, 1286 Broadway.
THIRST-CLASS waitreaa; understands serving wines,
-T making salada, dressings, desserts, & c best ref
erences. N. ., box 617 Bun uptown office, 1286
I7lK9T-CLABB laundress; underaulidsdo!ng up
shirts, collars, eutfs, Ai; best leferencea. A. F.,
box 582 Sun uptown office, 12tl5 Broadway.
I ?IRST-CLAB8 fookrthoroiiKhiy competeiiTln all
- its hrsnehes; best references. S. J., box 630 Sun
uptown office, 1286 Broadway.
('ERMAN cook, thoroughly competent: wages 80;
beat references. J. 8., box 518 Sun uptown office,
1286 Broadway.
CCOD. plain family cook; wages $20: beet refer
J enccs. M.C., box 62ti Sun uptown office, 1286
KITCHENMAID under nrat-claVe cook; beat ref
erences, M. 0. box 588 Run uptown office, 1285
IADY'B maid; thoroughly competent; good park
ier; beat references. R, 8., box 534 Sun uptown
office, 1285 Broadway.
TR8E -Thoroughly competent, for infants or
1 grown children; best references. M. If., box
628 Sun uptown office, 1286 Broadway.
SWEDISH lady's maid; also very good seamstress;
beat references. E. I... box 520 Sun uptown
office. 1286 Broadway.
TilTIDOW, 4H, wishes position sh housekeeper or
" aeamstrcfs; no objection to the country. Ad
dress McBOY BELL. 23rt Eist 5ilth at. city.
VAITRSS and chambermaid; neat, willing and
" obliging; best references. A. L., box 61V Suu
uptown office, 1206 Broadway.
ef im-CU e1i 3Haler.
ASITl'ATION wanted by young; man about 17
years old as assistant in oftkr. Address A. B.,
box 1 HO Sun office.
desirea position; willing audrelinble.
CHARLES FLANAGAN. 4 Hamilton st., N. Y.jbMj.
HOOBBINDEH. First-class forwarder and edge
gilder desires situation: experienced In llcxlble
leather work. Address J. M., box lP4Hun office.
ITTLEIr-valet, single; we . liCtal l7 1 h oro ugh ly
competent and reliable! highest personal refer-
encHL OAMFIELD. 253 West 25th at.
1 ENGINEER, licensed; beat references: many years
in hotels and office buildings: understands his
business thoroughly; all repair, Ac; moderate sal
ary; workday or night; wishes a position.
OTTO, 237.1ditv.
1AM 88 YEARB OLD, have a wife" and three chil
dren to support, ami am ont of work; I have a
good education aud Iwlleve I could make myself val
uable In any poaition requiring Intelligence, faithful
ness and a regard for an einployer's Interests; who
will give me a chance T FOSTER, bol28 8unofl.ee.
PRINTER. Goodcompoaltor desires a situation;
can read proof and do the other duties of a compos
ing room: moderate wages; good references. Ad
drees RELIABLE, box 188 Bun office.
wen louger established and hsa had moreeipeiienca
than any other advertising physician; city papers
prove this. Under his acleuUiii treatment blood and
akin dice-set., pain in bones, red spots, sore throat
and mouth, ulcere, painful swellings, kldnoy aud
bladder complaints, scalding Inflauiiuatious, gravel,
undeveloped organs, weak back, lost vitality, are
c peed lb , permanently cured. Men about to marry
should consult OLD DR. ORINDLE. Every Impedi
ment removed. Sufferers, do not waste time visiting
lass skilful physicians, liemcmher. OLD DR. ORIN
DLE never faifa. OFFICE OVER 15 YEARS at I7t
Weat 12th st.. between nth and 7th as. Advice free.
Medicine. $1 . Hours, tt to Sundaya,
OLD DR. (.KEY, &5 yearn a aprclnllat la.
diseases of men only. Quickest permanent cure
guaranteed In all diseases. Blood poison, skin dis
eases, kidney and bladder trouble, weakness, ner
vous debility, errors of youth, bad dreams, undevel
oped organs, impediments to marriage. Ac. Be wlee.
consult the only old specialist in the city. Office
ovr 86 years at 120 East 17th at, near Fnlon
Square. Hours, u to Sundaya, u to 8. Scientific
treatment and advice free. Medicine only 60 cents.
No charge uulrsa cured.
A DR. AND MRS. SIMPSON, the leading spexnal-
lata In New York, successfully treat all female
complaints and Irregularities; 25 years' experience;
private sanitarium: trained nurses; treatment guar
anteed; free oonfidf utial advice, to u. 66 West
85th st., near Broadway.
tTIlK in diseases of msn; dangerous oases solic
ited; relief at once; those desiring only first-class
scientific treatment should call. The leading special
ist. Dr. Bonachnr, 137 West 32d St., U to 8, 7 to V,
Sundays. 10 to 1.
A DR. OONRAD'8 BANlTARirM.SclenUliskir-
ful treatment of all diaeasra of women; private
moms; evety convenience and appliance; conaulta
tious, ii A. M. to i 1 M. Call or write for booklet,
1 17 West 47th st. Tel. 8830 8Hth.
DR. MRS. REIN1IARD treats female irregularities;
single or married; 80 years' experience. 711 7th
av., neai 47th.
IR BL1NN.U7 West 47th at,, near II' way; hours) 10
J- l ; specialties, obstetrics aud disease of women.
LADIES! Cnlchattae't tiwUsh Pennyroyal Pills
pti sites '-a -. ars tha leant . -. iui,.b.
TtATU tW. sWs fc, stk.ss.r wt.ir-, luiwt
MB8. (ifjef. graduate mldwlfa'i liida ladle!
ooandauUaii refiabl UsaUaaut; strict! wtvate;
assign. 37tSO.
zf nmnet lttort..
main orncK.
MOUKTArrt HOME, Windham, N. T. Acoommcv
dates IOO; terms reasonable; location unaiir
psassq; descriptive rlrcnlar. O. R. OOE,
Lakewood, New Jersey,
will open for the aeaaon of 180R-UD on Rainrdar,
Oct. 1. October 1b one of the most delightful
month of tbe year In Lakewood.
DAVID B. FI.UMER, Manager.
ST. MICHAEL'S VILLA. Knglawond-on-ttae-Hndaon;
s resort for convalescent snd those seeking
health and rest; among srrns of pine and purs
mountain air; special Attention to those discharged
from hospitala. Address sisters nfst Joseph.
delaware water gap.
Han Vlau, ilnnaa Choicest location; boating, fish-
nap iow nutise. ,.. u,,le mt. .hum moms;
Urin moderate, BAMl F.L OVERF1ELU, Mlnsl. Pa,
f 'ATARACTHOISE, "Water Oap, Pa.; round trip
V tickets mailed, 12; board, S'l anil 7: oapeoltr
100; near lake and river. L. TUCKER.
Inrhroratlnff fall climate. ,.- feet eleratloa.
The New Ilonieatcad, Cnttao-en and Casino are enn
structed and fnrnlhed thmiiffhmit In accordance
with latest dcaiuna and modern Improvements. Most
complete bathing establishment and mostcurattTe
baths known for rheumatism. Rout and nerrous
troubles every hath from flowing Bprlnas of natural
hot water.
All matters connected with sanitary conditions snb
jeet to periodical exsminstions hy eiperta.
Pullman compartment car New York toHotBprlnc
without change dally except Hnndny. Tickets and
reservations at Chetapeske and Ohio offices, :''i and
132 H llroadway. and all offices Pennsylvania R. R.
Celebrated Healing Hpringa Water for sale by H. A.
Caesabeer, 72d at. and Colombo, av.
IUI.H HTKKKY, Mnnns-rr,
Hot Hprings, Bath Co., Vs,
The final
Tickets for Switchback can be purchased on the
train for r0 cents extra. Train will leave West 2.Td
St. at7:AO A. M-. Cortlandt or DeshroHses flt. at H-ir,
A. M.. Brooklyn Annex foot of Fulton fit. at H:ir, A.M.
For further psrtlcularn apply at Lehigh Valley Tick
et offices aud at Eastern Passenger Office. :i.".r B'way.
From Brooklyn, Fulton St. (by Annex) A. M.
New York. Ueebrosse St. Pier H:o "
New York. West 2ad St. Pier 9 "
Returning, duo in New York 5:S0 P. M.
For Long Branch. Ilighland Beach, Seabrlffht.
Pleasure Bay, and Asbury Park, leave Sunday,.
Dally, ft.w. l nth at ,.9l00 A.M. 2:40 P.M. B:0O A.M
" Battery ::.! A.M. BlOB P;M. ..:..0A.M
No baggage or freight received at Battery.
aSbT'ky park and hack, eoc.
iron steamer ANtiLER; fare 60c.; 21st st., E. R.,
7t5; Battery, m.i i',; runs winter and summer; no
connection with any other boat.
fMK))"FlHHIN(l DAILSteamer FOSTER, only
v J boat built for ocean fishing. Insuring safety, speed,
and comfort. Leaves East 2nd st., 7:45; Battery,
8:25. Fare 75c, with bait. Best opportunity of
viewing warships on down and return trips.
1M'-ANH. 10 for 5 cents at druggists. They baa-t-V
lah pain and prolong life. One gives relief.
rirct $0ftrd.
Knar Side.
OCrrn ST.. 1H FART (near Madiaon Square).
-- - nandsome large and email rooms; delightful
table board; roaaouaola.
Weat Side.
QTH ST., 41 WEST. Clean, tidy rooms; good
1 ' tible: central location; Quaker management;
tranaienta; referencea exchanged.
siTH tT7, 86 WEST. Nicely ftiraiahed rooms; e
t cclleiit board; central location; between Broad
way and t)th av.
f JTTH ST., 227 WEST. Handsome room with
x ' dresaing room; hot and cold water; large closet;
also hall room; bath; table and service excellent;
JSelert !oard !roohlyn.
ASHLAND PLACE. 15, near Fulton st. First-class
board and room; $5; conveniences; central;
good home.
HENRY ST.. 35fl. Nicely furnished rooms, with
flr.t-cl-as hoard; moderate prices; desirable lo
cation; convenient to South Ferry.
uruijslir A $0om.$ & pnrtiuruu toet
--net Side.
LLXrNGTON AV.. 425; convenient to Grand Cen
tral. Handsomely furnished connecting rooms;
others, large and small.
rVINGSTON FLACK, 18 (Stuyveaanrpark), near
- St. George 'a Church, between lflth and 17th sts.
Very desirable rooms.
West Side.
1 OTH BT., 40 WEST. -Nicely furnished suite; prt
X rate bath; geutlemen only; alto single room,
references; breakfast.
1 FCTU ST.. -7 VF.ST.-Pleaaat, sunny room, one
J or two gentlemen; central, near 5th av.; Ainsrt
t an family.
1 WTH T- ai WEST. Attractive, homelike rooms,
I '' comfortably furnished; single rooms with
closets; superior bonrd and attendance.
55 BT .75lTwST.-I,ivn f roTroom ; bathTon
st: same floor; owner; reference
OQI ST., 10WEHT. Uandaomely furnlahed rooms,
OOeii suite or singly: geutlemen only; breakfast
optional; valet attendance.
t2THtT 1 2 WXBT. Newly furnished rooms for
jvI gentlemen only; reasonable
Q JTU ST., ni WEST. Third floor; single room on
O fourth floor with closet; parlor dining rooiui
4f lit ftnfl psUttttntj. So 3Crt.
Bix extra large, light rooma aud bath, with all im
proveniente, heat, hot water, olectrio light, cold
storage and elevator aer.iee, rente $55, at tig West
1 17th St.. corner Ienox av.; nix ami seeu rooms at
Mo. IOO St. Nicholas av., comer 115th at, 955. $70,
"66 EAST 77TH 8T.
High-class modern apsrtments; choice location;
near Central Park; aeveu large, lUcht rooms; hot ma
in aupply. hall ai tendance, bicycle iooni;gaaraugoa,
$47 60 to $55. ("HAS BIBBON, 1 58 Ksattmth at.
346 WEST 3 I ST ST.
All light, ave large room iartmeuta; gas rauge.
but wfttrr uiiily . stein nrfttrrt; r'nt $118 to $;im.
I'llAlll.l.S HIliSiiN. ir.M Kaat lliltll st.
I.WAY8 BHIUIIT AM) COZY. Nsvly decorated
Minirliin nlh. lighted onevery aide; 2M0 Kt. Nirho-
laaav., rornrr 124thBt : ateamheat; open plumbing;
lint water supply; I, station; Minimus lralus daily.
iue block asay, rents ,:. up. Apply ou preuuaea.
AT (IH and 10 Wist KHlli st.. Isrgn right room
apartuiunta. strain brat, but water awT dtor at
tendance. Kent .".o to Stln per uinntb.
C. K. lill.l..
11 Broadway.
H1NOI.K KI.AT !N NKW lll'l I.1UNII In liur-
nirin; iriii ,'j. to $27; seven large, all outside
light rooms, tlurst location in J3d ward. Mnrr aav.
aud mist st. Apply ou prnuisrs or to F. V. hi Hi)
TUKTK, Jin l.riiuz av., corner nf.th at.
I.11.IU1AN1' single BaU.f.H to Srt Kaat itstb st ; wld
J strert and entrance to Para; aeveu eitra large
ruvaus and bath; all Improvement; rent MA to $46.
r. i. aCHMOoa. iii m-m.
jnm aai AaatiweaM V ITit.
A sslecl and refined Family Hotel. FleeTaril sblte
of rooms with prlvste hall, new zrrodem oei
venlrnces, cither furnished or nnrnlshed, raar be
rented by the year. A BKAUTiniL zfOatsTAT
afODF.IlATE RATE I ! FamlltM sesajnl S rehlrSl
snd quiet location should visit tbe lelsm befos de
ciding where to lire.
Prlvste snd imhllo restaurants on office floor. '
Address. THE CBFXRRA. I I ' ' '
B. W. WlLgQlt, HsJStef..
Wear SMh st. Four and fire large and rare IttM
room and bath; nicely decorated; excelVsat loca
tion; rent tin to $31.
Adjoining corner toist at. Four large and -t
light room and hstlf: exposed plnrhhing; Nat, tlT
sud $17.r0; to small and select famiflo. only.
JDtrrlliRQ ouf g lit PJUg.
Til I.ET-A three-story, high-stoop brink. hoaa. IB
22d St.. between tlth and 10th av.: 12 rooms: aU
Improvements; good order and aieelleni newlkliiV
hood; at $SR per month,
KO. W. MF.Rf'F.R. -IW West 1M ai
THRKE-HTORY and Iiesennt and American base
ment houses. Nos. 4K0 to 4H4 Wnst Utith sl
rents Sl.csm. HCHXroMi.THKist usihst. Newhonwa.
-tet fur SttKineiU furffK
TO I.F.T-- Store snd lofts In new n story flrerrronff
building, 4 FII.TON ST.; elsvat r, electric liabi
and power, steam best; hatulsome basement fop
restaurant. Imiulre on premises or CH ARLE8 BtK
owner, 10 Weet 4 2d at.
9.X1 VfWt Sax .( (Sltg.
284 CIL.IIUS HE.. U 711 ST.
$18,000-BARfiAIS-Four utory American bSSMW
hardwood trim, .ipoaed nlck.tlsd pluwib
lng, all improvements; sure to increase .
In value.
$28.000 WEST F.SD AVE. Thres-storr. 20 fast..
$.B00-vST END AVE. Three itory, IB feel.
26,000 Three-story, 20-foot front, bath eatensloat
decorated and gaa future; ner Rtvn
$17,000 WEST H.1TII ST. Hi story high BtOVM
open plumbinjz; newly decorate!.
$80,000-WEST 7HTH ST. (prlvste stneO.-Fo-l
tory snd bath extension, high stoop; deco
rations new snd elegant. ,
$BO,ooo New houses, .n.-stur.v, IR foot, either high
stoops or American basementa; cabin,
trim; eipoeed nlckelled pluinblng; tlnlsk
$$1,000 New 4W-story American basement; hsrd
wood trim, ct nosed nlckelled plumbing; re
trlcted neighborhood.
$82,000 New fmir-story, 25-foot, full size lot, Amer
ican basement, hardwood trim, exposed
nlckelled plumbing; restricted block; bar
gain, want offer.
$$4,000 WEST SITU ST. (wide atreet, under ooa
trol of the Park Department). Fourstorr,
size 201)111x1110, and extension: hsdaoiel
decorated; will sell st s low nur.
$88,000 CORNER, West End ave. (prlvste neigh-
borhoml'.- Four-story stone. o-foot front,
$88,000 WEST 77TH ST. Four-story hlgh-etoo
browuntone; hardwood trim, tiled baths.
Ac; lu.foot. bath extension; decoration
re new and expensive; parlor being hnte
with Silk.
$47,500 Handsome four-story atone. 22-foot front)
all Improvements; passenger elevator; pri
vate atreet; near CENTRAL PARK; must
sell, owner going abroad.
$55,000 New flvr-atory 35-foot American bxaement;
all improvement: elect, private resldenoa.
block, near RIVF.RHI11E IHUVE.
$55,000 New ftve-story American heasment, RTV-
F.HSHiF, DRIVE, In the Revenue, alz
20x;niua,2, hardwood trim, exposed
plumbing, all improvements.
$86,000 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, elegantly situated,
five-story, stone. American baeement, new:
else 26x05x97, all hardwood, exposed
nickel plumbing; latest improvements.
Fire-etorr brown tone double flat, 26x00-1 08$
well rented; one block from " L" stallon. A-ln
Manhattan are., well located, five-story brick and
stone, double apartment. K room and bath; sit.
35x80x05. Bent, $8,210. Asking $28,000.
Al Investment, nre-atory brick snd stone, S family-'
apartment, aire, 26x80x100,11. Actual rent, $$,aoo.
Asking $20,000.
New five-storr donble apartment house; hr.rd
wood trim, exposed plumbing, all Improvementei
lie 26x00x100; prlvste rear. Bent, $8,408. Ask
ing $80,000.
Five-story, brick and stone, donble apartment, 7
room and bath, alze, 20.nx8uxlOO6; steam heat all
Improvements. Actual rent, $8,000. Asking $Sfl, 600.
Amsterdam are., apartment bouse, with stores,
26x86x100; Ave tory; three apartments on s floor.
Rent, $8,884. Asking $87,500.
New fl-e-etory, size. 80x00x100: 3 partmenU. f
rooma and bath each on a floor, steam neat, hot wa
ter, all improvements. Rent, $4,803. Asking
Corner Manhattan sts.. new hones, flve-story. stone
and brick, size. 25.11x00x05; 2 apartments, 8 rooma
and bath each on a floor, ateaxn heat, all iinprove
menta. Rent $8,080. Aaklng. $55,000.
A. Six new private houses, modem In every par
ticular; equity, $44,000; will exchange for property
below 60th at.
One block from Broadway, near Broome st. --Store
and loft building; well rented: asking $74,000;
mortgage, $43,000; exchange for private houae,
west Bide.
Ons of tbs best paying apartments In city; nom
cancies; bona Ode tenant; all Improvements: size,
100x100; alx atones; rent about $81,000; mortgage,
$170,000; will considers reasonable cash offer.
Amsterdam are. Front; size, 180.0X100, down ta
grade; asking $70 OOO; mortgage, $80,000; want i
come property and little cash.
Steal tfirtxte gtt aU.
ABKAUTIFI'L, new, strictly colonial bouse.co.
talnlng eleven rooma snd bath, with lot 136 feet
front, or frontage of 27r, feet, if desired, hy 160 feet
deep; all latest ennveuteucee, Inoladln, furaar.,
modern aanltary plumblug, gaa. electric light, aewer
and ruuning water; located in one of the nueet snd
heulthiret of suburban towns, only 40 nitnuU Cross
New York. For particular address II . 11., 1'oat Offloe
bol14. KewYork.
NEW 8-atory and attic slate roof house on large plot
near I. atation : sit lmprovementa: hardwood fla
Ish. plete-gla veatlbulea, tiled bathrooms, nickel
plated, open plumbing; price $7,600; will Mil with
out aurroundlug plot.
W. K. BBOOEEB. 778 Tremont ST.
Sel iAt ef or if alt r0okla.
'PRO OOTTAOES for ons lamlly, 7$d at.. Bsr
A ltidge; sll Improvements; prioe rednoed.
1. MA8TER8. 340 47th St.
Seal estate fo. le 3Jtw gtxtt.
NI'TLEV. N. J. -$Ho buys good building lot near
house and trolley. WEATHER BV. 371 B'way.
Stl sitttt Wjintrd.
WANTED Dock property, above
122d St.; lease, East River, and improved
preferred. Address T. A. THORNH,
Sun uptown office, 1265 Broadway.

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