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M "" tt----- - -- - --
... covrmNTton o nmxx mowdat
wir.r. rArou it.
-.-,, oarcla'i rte-e Bare t
T, f.r rresUtoat. hat I.ert It Bar
,. I-T Ttna.rt BrJI. .
gads Fir en Board and aa Btt4t
g-Esteaalag the Mm Maw.
gftitti Cell Dun Is tn Itm.
.moo. Oat. 6.-Th return from th
L, for dlto to tli. Cuban Ooovmi
Irtleh ! to meet at ftmimir (tha unoffl
?.. of the eltyof Fuerto Prlaelpel on
J 10. for the purpo of organising a new
SLrweent. Indleatee the overwhelming euo
STof the candidates In favor of eompieto and
Kadiete independence. Somoof Oen. Oar
Msnda In the army of the laatorn De
Iat of the liland hav put up hie nam
?ValdaU for President, tn eplto of hie pro
Til..tthatofOea. J-eTBt The latter.
SSTr h polled o far flfty votea to on for
JJibut Oirelae friendeMaclare thnt hie ad
JJJiVui eren In the annr have been prevents
mi aupporting him.
T Oabane I n Santiago are preparing for an
aktorate celebration on Oet. 10. when the Cu
ll. u will he displayed on all Cuban houaea.
S tto Cuban eoldUre In the oountrjr will come
Mtke elty to take part In the parade. Gen.
nod le preparing to euppreaa anr disorder
,wTir be threatened. He hae no objection
UiroUpler ' ,' bot ,h CuoM wU1 not
b,llowed to bring arme Into the city.
Thetfentport Berlin arrived bore this mom
tig from Kew ork ' porto B,0 w,tB mM
MiMHDtrelckeoldlers from regiment ata
Saal la I'orto Rico on boar. Bha bad an
Br air ago are waa discovered In her coal
talkers which o stubbornly restated the
ejtorUof the crew to extinguish It that It be
mm, ersry to put Into Hayaguea. on the
wMtcosst of Porto Rico, and unload all of the
wal This caused a delay of throe day.
After the ship left Mayaguer. she ran into a
oral reef not Indicated en herohart. and nar
rowly escaped being wreaked.
t Berlin will Ball for Wow Tork to-morrow
with 100 slek soldier of the regiment com
aneieg the Fifth Corps, occupying Santiago.
Careful i ami nation of the fire In th eoal
basket of la transport Obdam how that th
oaJlticn of the boat whan h turned back to
lutloin after rounding Cap Mars! on Mon
day was ol th gravest character. Th eoal
Mit to th three-turUr-uMli bulkhead whlsb
MPtrstsd th Br from th ammunition eht
gat bamed and plea of th wood of th bulk
knd were badly charred. Major Seaman,
juntos la charg. say he do not xpeot
, l gist the ab'.P will be In condition to aall before
' V le-aorrow.
' ' The condition of the MO eonvaleeocnts on
H board m made mneh wor by the mlahap on
tke retura of th hlp to Santiago, gad last
M light three ease of Ina&nlty war developed.
''V fugeoe -Major Sn feara that the dleap-
solatment at turning bak may. owing to th
vssksasd eondltloa of th men. elmllarly f
Motbu. Msjor-Usn. Miles ha Mat a personal tele
gram to th commanding oaara of all th reg
leust of United State r here asking
tkilr optaloa a to th ulform beatedapted
lor esrvice in Cuba la all mob of the rear.
Thl Inquiry is regarded a algalBoact by th
American off) ear bar.
Lleut.-Col. Froesaaa of th Fifth nigra.
Major Burr. Ioptor-Onrl of tbsDapart
bsbI of Santiago, and Surgeon-Major Oarr
Mlledthis morning for Sagua d Taaaao and
uaeoa, on th aorta Mart, to inquire Into th
nported disorders among th Ouban and
tpMush gtrtUa than.
Tb) Cuba Oeneral. flnl. to an artiol
yewkhod to-day In fiCvfrano, again attoak
tto iBorioao admlalatratloa. whioh be d.
Um bag don nothing bat eolleet tb old
fsMisk tariff and entoro thunurt Spanish
bw that nav caused thirty year of trng
f !Id t between Cuba and Spain. Th Amerl
tas, h says, bay not applied th publlo
oney to public Improvement, nor bar they
glvea entploymsnt to the Cnbaa paoala. Buah
ssoUev.hsadi. Is likely to lead to the grave!
Mean, aad b calls npoo lhgajylani
toturntbelelaad over to the Ouban for their
cdmlaUtratioo of to TlTliamaBt
la addlttoa to tola, laanyy aajtoaj to th
Cuba wspaper asMrttbatU Aaoertoaas
srsaot paying th Ouban Uhorere employed In
auBlolpal work, aad that auoh uering
emoag lb workmea I aad toenby.
Capt. J. E. Brady of to Signal Service Corp
received word from Waahtagton to-day that
111.000 ha been placed at hi disposal for tb
eeestruatlon of tolographi oommunleaUcn b
twto Santiago gad Sagua d Tansmo. Bara
M. Msntanllio. San Iala, Bongo, gad othsr
rltM occupied by American garrisons. A.
r yintoOusDtanamo I to be built Srt Taa
wire will be constructed toBagu deTensmo,
tier whlob wire eommualcatloa will be ex
tstoed to Baraeoa. then to Manxanlllo. aad
y toily to thu Interior parU of tb island. All of
tkeie wires will be run overland, except po
IMy the line from Ouatonamo to Baraeoa. b
twee which point a cable will probably be
!. (apt. Brady Is ordered to begin th oon
straeUoa of thss II Immediately, aad la
WW engaging men for tb work.
Araaair says to-day aoneomlng Oea.
Gtreis's scheme to secure an American loan
with which to pay tb Cuban troop a part only
of the sum which i due them for tbalr tars
yetn' rvlo In tb flld.
"Tb OuUn army I too noble to Mil Itself
'c HU ol beans."
Continuing th rsper intimate that thae
cepttoeeot sueh a loaa would be a taoit a.
koowledgnient of th sovereignty of tb United
elites by the Cuban.
MTb0ubani." iff Ajrrsnirdeelaraa. "abould
oeratlent and wait until their own Qov.rn-
meat la able to pay tham. It I not oonsUtent
Willi their dignity In their noble tight against
JJtla to accept outside succor. Tb United
MM Intervened In this war to orush Bpanlab
li"".?' n'1 ,,v ,he Cnbn liberty, not to
live them monr."
ftetmssUr Louis Kempner left tb aontb
BjyanjL pur.nt lolMtrttfout'frSJ, Ui
KL?,". leprtmat a ; hlnsTtcm dSf
rAMiA nuom vqmmiabioh.
feaur BJ.s gBt w Madrid at Long R.
Pert of Uonday's Uulugs.
"MO. Oot. 6-Aftor tb adjournment of
tlae.,lon ' Pb mi.
ti. a ' ?tBor Uoaro Bio. President of
OovJrSme-V Co?mlMlc. tJrpbd to hi.
S&th.iffi,10 J" wi1i5toVg?WK
It i. iLiil,lpR.'nJB ''oDeontlyly.
koth olev;i " "" olwtoi hr that
thsTr 0T,rment are now aouualutd with
ItoioVriM. ulluU' ' rNrrdTotbe pri-
'n rmr sw mvmmr.
WUI attempt to Barton th Myaeanttoa
' ( uuqu.rcd Territori.
n...J.' C,w Tn Sew.
aan?Si.2!' 'N 0rnm.nt has d.
Irl. , rr'torte. I aooordanc. with th do
" of th American QommlMloar.
1 0n. Uwtoa'l atok Beg-ort.
P0rt1t!i""0 0ot B-Tb 'oltowlng sick r
, " u reoelved early this morning:
"Wlin ?& ,eflow ,,v''' Oct. :t: Oonwral
HoaiTMi ,n,i!lr' tventry. Oct. t; Frank
i LAWToy, Miuor-Ueuergl."
Trn6tn At A$rr vxins
grgM Say That tb IUmn I Aawra
vated by Hosnestekness.
HtRuraoao, Pa.. Oot S. -Typhoid fvr I
till claiming victim among th noldtgr at
Camp Mead. Two men died laat night at the
Bed Cross hospital, and a death watch ha
been placed over ern othsr. A lioepltal train
wa ent from Beading thl evening to Uk
away twenty-five fever patient. Oen. Cham
ber MoKlbbln I seriously III with Saptiago
fever at hi quarters, and will b moved to a
city hoaplUl linl hi condition improve.
Lieut. Austin J. McMahon. Company I and
Lieut. Ferclval F. Dolphin. Company U. 903d
New York, war eent to th Bdln Hoapital.
tn.S51,urir'0J.t'PM'".f'i Wnly
about ()0 mn of tho 'JSSd are fit for duty.
The surgeon say that mora than half the
men In the hoapital are homlek, and that
aftor they bar gon horn on a thirty days'
furlough they win be nil right. The apparently
strong and healthy boy from, the country dl
sooner than the city chap. The country lad
give up when they are taken to th hospital
Chief Uuartnrmartar Howard Bay the move
ment of troops from Camp Meade wIllTiagin
soon, and that they wilTbe hlppd at the rate
of a regiment a day. He r.i the volunteer
oldler hav never fared bettor In the matter
of food and drink thaa tho In the IVnnsyl
vsiilaeamp. The ration are fraah and nu
tritious, and there Is plenty for everybody. Th
Cen make no omplalnt about their food, but a
rge majority of them want to go home.
Tweatyeae of the SaMlers Kft In Alahnnsa
Strung Knoogti to Traval.
AmnaTow, Ala.. Oot. 6. Major John I.. Ma
cumber. Burgeon, left here to-night with
twenty-one member of the Fourteenth New
Tort Regiment who were slek In the hospital
when th regiment went back to Brooklyn,
three week ago. preparatory to being mus
tered out, but who are oonvnh-seent now.
They are K. V. Sullivan. T. A. Coleman, P.
Francisco, Herbert Collins, Francis J. McOor
mlck.JohtiCassldv. Albert Bowbnck. Fred
Tompkins. F. Sutler. William Keeper. Roland
Nos. Thorns (Vttimno. Thomas Pennell. Issao
Nichols. J. W. Tlerney. O. A. Demonde... M.
Johnson. James Toofig. Ed Clark. William
Lawlng, end I'harles Weohiler.
The party travel In a special Pullman sleep
er, nnd Is well provided with medicine and
food. Sis of ths New Yorkers who were left
behind three weeks ago died. Two returned
home last week and two are left here now. A.
Down and F. Campbell, who are still too 11! to
Mo St. John's Hospital, Braeklyn.
Major D. H. Appal, th urgeon In charge of
the sick soldiers In the various hospitals la thl
vicinity, received yesterday a communication
from the Board of Directors of St John's Hoe-'
pital, Brooklyn, protesting against the misuse
of tbat hospital's name in the case of the sol
diers who were charged 81 aptec for tbalr dis
charge from St. John' Hospital. Long Island
City. In ths accounts In some of th new-
rfrlg Tn Ithl? WtlM&torropklro!re
Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn hosDltal
asked that the misstatement be explained, a
barm would otiierwis b don to that
Jry Naval Beeervei Coming Home To-Day
Th battalion of tb But Naval atoservo of
Saw Jrr which manned tb auxiliary
cruiser Badger will arrive in Hobokan frost
the League Iland Navy Yard to-day. They
Will reach Jry City about S :30 o'clock la tb
Upon arriving in Hoboken they wilt pared
to Washington to Garden, to Fourth street,
and thaa board th Hortsmonth. where they
will be mustered out of service. .A banquet
will be given to the reserve In th evening.
iroflBigiSwtf r,Tlew w
10 Bik goldlers t Qo to Wart Themes.
Lixihoton. Ky.. Oet. 5. About one hundred
iokojdirartobtakn from tb general
baapitol bar to-morrow and placed to tb
tegular army hospital at Fort Thbma. Men
who have typhoid fvr will not be moved. The
pbict to moving the men Uto lighten tb
hospital work so that the regimental nurses
andiurgeons can return to their regiment.
There are now in tit hospital 684 men. of
whleh 2-iO have typhoid fever. There are now
only t hlrt y-ee ven oot empty.
The Msah V. - otoetoere Oenstasj Mere.
OHiTTAWoooi. Tenn.. Oct 9. The Sixth TJ.
8. Volunteers. Col. Tyson, will leave Chlcka
muuga to-morrow morning for New Tort,
where the regiment will tab transportation
OH. DqSt n a Faxlengh.
Howtstim.b, Ala., Oct, 6 -Col Daffy of tb
furlough'of ton daysat home. Lleut-CoPDon
ovaa Is left la command.
vormtm wxrmo ov ur qxokqia.
DeaaeeraU Carry the State by a Majority
Katlmated at 70.COO.
ATLAWTA, da., Oet. 6 The resulu of to-day's
State election mean the death of Populism In
Qeorgia to all lutenta and purpoee per
manently. Tb election wa remarkable for
it quietness and tb surprise wblob devel
oped during th day.
The defeat of the Populist and fusion element
had been foreseen from the first, but not even
the moat aouto political observer had any Ida
of the vast extent of the drubblnar to ha matd
oat to tb follower of Thomas K. Watson.
J. B. Hogan. a present Populist member of
tb Legislator, headed tn Populist ticket
Tb Democrats nominated Allen D. Candler,
tb Secretary of State aad on of th most pop
ular men in tb State. With him wa placed
the following tloket which has been elected
to-day . Secretary of State. Philip Cook : Treas
urer. J. M. Bpesr: Comptroller, Gen. W. A.
Wright; Prison Oommlseloner, Joseph Turner:
Commissioner of Agriculture, O. B. Steven I
Attorney-General. J7M. Terrell.
At midnight the Indications re tbat Candler
will carry the State by a majority of 70.1)00
vote. At no time during th day did the Pop
ullsts present themselves at the polls In force.
In Tom Wstsou's home district, where pop
ulism has hitherto carried every election, three
of the most important counties were trans
ferred to the Democratic list by handsome ma
jorities. ' In the Eleventh Congress district the great
est amount of opposition developed. A Itepub
can candidate for Congress who 1 sup
ported by Oold Democrats, Silver Populist,
lteimbllean and negroes, has been stump
ing the district against the Democratic
nominee The uleution does not occur
until noxt mouth, but to-day was looked
to aa A test of strength of the
respective factions. Here was Die birth of
negro fusion, and had It beeu notably success
ful, other members of that race would have
joined a movement to fuse with enemies of tbs
Democrat and gain power, The contest be
tween the 'action is very close, but there I no
doubt that the fusion candidate for the Legis
lator will be detested by a ufSaintly large
vote to deter any further plan for ooalltlon.'
Th day was singularly (rs from th usual
brawls and challenge for fraud.
Tb Weather.
Tb sturm which moved north from th Oulf was
oentral, but slight, yssUrdsy la tbs lsk rions,
aovlsg aortntward Into Csusd. lutiu bad st
Uaded It movmat and wa till falling IB It
vicinity. In all ethr parts of th country tb
weather was slMriag or fair. A decided arsa uf high
pressure, with much colder weather, was uovtag
southeastward from Mentsn. Ths tsniprtur
over all tks XorUiwHt and central vallsy fall from
in this oity tb day wa generally cloudy, with
showers tn ths afternoon snd evening; average hu
midity, a p cant.; wind southerly, average ve
locity 1 mil an hour; highest omuial tempera
ture If, lowest Be)'! harouieler. corrected t read
to esa level, at A. M. M.oa. 9. M. tg.sO.
The leaiparaturs aa recorded by the oalslst tbsr
momstw sag also by Tgs Sum's taennomster at tb
sues! level Is shown la tbs auueied table:
OSMaW- Mm1 I. f-OMcitt- .Vun'f.
inn. imr. im. u. in;, i&s.
tA.MT' r,f 7l P. if Til SO 7
1H. . 1' 7 7J HP, M7J IS' 7g
i.l.7 fjs 7 viUii-.i' :.7 if
For Ka w England, ehu were, claarlng and oooler a
Blghti brisk uorthwasterly winds diminishing.
r ssr Htm Tk, iAmmm la early Mranu, ftt
leiMtf y air; oris narlAweelerlg winds dirfaUg.
For aastorn Peaaaylvanla. Mew Saeaey. Dslawar,
JJUryUad, the XMasriot of Ooluasbla. and Virginia,
generally fair; oooler; light nor ihwsatarly le nertfc
erly winds.
rr western Xw fork, wsslsta Psnusylvssls sad
Ohio, fur. cooler; fresh aortherly wiurie.
Thar was time when crltlsal Ala drinker de
apalredof getting a bottled el free from deeg an
sediment, hut to-day they delight la lb an cress of
" F.VMia,'' baraua It Is thu perfection of brewing aad
vxwatrmcrmnir ArrsAnwo in nra
Bvarybeety Ha IfaUl Peleaaa Callaw
Arrived and Killed! It-Then It Wa
Prowenaeedi arrnlCMTb Free Agent
Denied the Bespanslblty far It Call.
A series of ear-splitting shrieks of th f ml
nln variety and aa equally voolferoua ming
ling of oaths of tb genu male startled Police
man Callan of the Weet Thirtieth atrwet ta
tlon a he wa slowly walking aeroa Fourth
avenue at Twenty-third trt lt Bight
Th sounds cam from tb top floor of the
Academy of Design building. Callan started
for the door, but waa stopped by a small boy,
who oam tumbling down tb stair.
"Dere'e a snake fir foot long an' you'd bet
ter hurry up." gasped the youngetor. aa he
continued on hi way to th afreet. Callan
hurried hi pace, and had mounted about two
tops when he collided with a man who wa
in such a hurry h did not stop to see whr
he w going.
"There's a snake ton feet long up there.
Shoot It and save th woman," yelled the man,
and he, too, ran on at full spaed. Callan grew
nervous, but continued to climb the stair,
aad just before he reached the top a woman
plumped herself Into hi arma.
"Save me, officer!" she cried. "There' a
snaks In ther fifteen feet long I"
"I'd better hurry or that snake will get so
big I can't kill It" said Callan with a worried
look, as he started th woman downstair.
He entered the room where the Amerhan
Institute Is holding a fair and encountered
the nanlc-strlcken crowd tbat was hurrying
toward the door. At the other end of th
room he saw a anake about fir feet lone
moving leisurely across the floor as If It resl
Ixod that It wo monarch of all It surveyed
and rather enjoyed the commotion It visit
had caused.
Callan and ssveral of the attendant who bad
ecovored courago tit the sight of hi bras but
ton charged on his snakeshlp. The reptile
hissed angrily and stuck out It forked tongue
at them with a.lurhtning-like rapidity, but they
beat It to death with club without any on be
ing bitten. Then Dr. liobert Taylor of Green
wich. Conn., one of the manrgers of th fair,
stopped forward and declared that he knew all
about snake, a hs had at one time been part
owner of the old Aquarium at Broadway and
Thirty-fourth street.
"It was a watersnake." he said, after an ex
amination, "and could cot have done any
Policeman Callan picked the nake up by
the tail and dragged It Ignonilulonsly down
stairs and threw it into the sewer. Much
speculation was Indulged In as to bow the
snake got into the building. Some declared
it; had come through the sewer. Others
opined that It nod come In a barrel of produce
Intended for the agricultural end of the ex
hibition. One man. a friend of the pre
agent of the exposition, shook hie head ad
miringly and laughed.
"Al ha been wltt tots of fair." ald he, ut
this beat them all. I'll bet he could tell how
the snake get there."
lit. Allen 8. Williams Indignantly denied
the Imputation.
Occurrence to Porto Bice That Is Slightly
Delaying Evacuation.
AJMCial ClaMe Deipotck to Tax Sow.
8am Jca. Porto Blco. Oct. 6. SefJor Arlegul,
Captain of th Civil Guard tatloncd at Baya
0,1 a town five miles south of the capital,
was stabbed last night by persons unknown.
He Is still alive, but la In a precarious condi
tion . Many arrests hav been mad of persons
suspected of the crime. Dr. St. Hall, a promt
nent physician, among the number.
Tb correspondent of Tn Butt wa told
last week that Capt. Arlegnl would never
leave Bayamon alive. He was hated
by everybody. Arlegnl reoently challenged
Dr. St. Hall, whoaccepted the challenge, naming
pistol aa th weapons and arm' length aa th
distance. Arlegul backed down. He also re
cently quarrelled with hi wife and (hot her.
Hi wife is a Cuban woman.
Thl disturbance is keeping back the pro
ceedings leading to the complete evacuation of
the island and that may delay the departure of
the troop for several days lonrer. Only a few
of th Spanish are left, and tb last of them
will go on board aahlpthat I expected to ar
rive to-morrow, provided they all come In. All
of th soldiers remaining are within a few
mile of th capital.
. Oca. Ernest's brigade, oomprUIng tb Third
Wisconsin and tb Sixteenth Pehsyl vanis rgi-.
menu, has been ordered bom.
vnsxFua mxriaiox.
Th Court of Cessation Is Mew Considering
the Queatlon.
Jpttfl fjkdj) gwpsist Is Tan a.
Pabis, Oct 6. The documents In connection
with th application for a revision of the Drey
fus caas have been registered In tb Court of
Cassation, and consideration of the queatlon
of revision by tbat tribunal has, therefore,
formally began.
M. Mansu. Procurateur-GeneVal. Is under
stood to have expressed himself as convinced
that th Court of Cassation will pronounce in
favor of a revision of ths Drevf us case.
Senator Bans publlab.es an article on the
Dreyfus case. In wblob be quotes tb words of
l,lut.-t'ol. Plcauart prior to hi dual with
th late Lleut.-Col. Henry:
" It I do not return, remember that I told tb
entire truth."
av AoanuAtf Atnawir.
Its Inventor Say He Will Cross th A tlaatto
la lour Uays,
AjMefsl Catii Dukk t Tan Sow.
VlKTH,, Oot. 6. Th JVeurs H'icner Journal
says that a company ha been formed with a
capital of 60U.UUU florin to exploit Count Zep
pelin's airship In one of Its first undertakings
to cross tbs Atiantlo. Count Zeppelin Is con
fident tbat he will be able to make the trip
across th Atiantlo In four day.
Th apparatus connleta of a long cylinder
containing a number of balloons arranged
upon the principle of the watertight compart
ments of ships. The asrlal vesssl Is steered by
paddle wheel driven by electricity. It 1 as
serted by the Inventor that the experiment
with this airship hav beeu perfectly success
ful and tbat It Is easily capable of travelling
eight day without landing.
mtoTA Mir fAKia.
Th Strikes Beault la Sarlou Dlstnrhanees
atoalag the Police. .
Sffdni cuMi lutitous it Tag to-,
Pabis, Oet. 0 -The striking nawlss hav
bn joined by a great many dock laborer.
plntr. masons and member of other trad,
and all ar beginning to show an ugly spirit.
Serious rioting took plo in averal part of
th city thl afternoon. The telegraph and tele
phone wire were out by tb mob, workshops
wr invaded apd the operatives were hustled
out law th street.
la th Bu Bolleau tb polio were atoned
and driven away for a time. Detachments of
dragoons have been stationed In the most dis
turbed district, and for th present quiet haa
beat restored.
opsin ttsport AOtbr Vlatery to th
gpsafai cm, Vmtck to Taw Sua.
Madbib, Oct, 6. Tb Government ha re
ceived a cable despatch from Ooveruor-Ueu-rsl
Bl sarin that tb Insurgents In th
Vlaaya laland hav again been totally de
feated, abandoning their gun and ammuni
tion. Th Spanish captured a number of
JTremettog Spain's CesBassree with England.
AmmU CW Dunlck to Taut Sow,
Lomdom, Oot 6. Th correspondent of the
Financial Ntw In Madrid learn that a bank
ing company Is to be formed for th purpose of
facilitating tb commercial luUrests of Spain
In Euglsud. Th nam of th new concern 1
to be the Anglo-Spanish Banking Company.
Manchester, which city 1 chiefly supposed to
furnish the capltal-dl.OOO.OUU in Spanish
money-has nlyeadj subscribed 10 per cant, of
th total amount
worn bait Axn coirs.
Wmlnent Ttapntillean aad Democratic Law
yer Aak fr Their Xeaatoattoa.
Tb movement recently inaugurated In be
half of th renominatlon of Justices Daly aad
Cohen ha stirred up th bar to an unusual
Borne tlmo ago a number of leading lawyer
came together to org the members of the bar,
Irrespective of their political affiliation or of
their membership of th Bar Association or
other body, to take decided action toward th
renominatlon of th two Justices. Thee law
yer were particularly Insistent In advocating
th principle that competent Judge who had
done faithful service while In office should b
They found that In lb lawyer' Directory
there appeared the nam of about 0,000 law
yer, and that of this number probably a.fioo
wtrenotln active praetlc. They, therefor,
eonoluded that probably not more than 1. 600
lawyer In aetlv praetlc would care to com
mit themselves to any candidate, whatever
their qualification might be. To their sur
prise, however, more rhn 2,500 aotlv mem
ber of th bar have given their approval to th
renominatlon of Messre. Daly and Cohan, and
to th advocacy of the principle Involved In
their renominatlon.
To understand tho situation It will be neces
sary to say that on Friday last a circular letter
was rcoclvsd by each member of the bares
Taw Toax, Sept. SS, It, i
Dai gnu Ws be to Inclose petition to th
DemoorsUo and Republican Judiciary conventions,
whleh has already been signed by s number of num
bers of ths bar, and whleh, It la believed, Is In so
oord with ths gsnersl sentiment of the legal pro
fession. If ths petition mute with your approval will yea
have the ilmlnrss to algn th Inclosed poetal card
and return it, so tbat your nam may be added to Or
list of subscribers! four truly,
JossrB II. i'hoati. Kr.iau Boot, Jobs B. Pabsobs,
Jobs M. Bowxbs, Lain I,. Oxiarttio.
Maw Yoaa, Sept. 1. IBM.
Tb fs Judiciary fenrrstiesi of Mi HrpuMtcan and
I'lmucritic. rtrliti in tht Const a A'no rrk.
Oihtiimkn: Th undersigned member of th bar
of New Tork rsspeotrnlly represent that in tb In
terest of th entire community, Irmpeetlv of po
litics! affllUvUons, Judges who have proved thsir fit
ness sad rapacity In actual aervie upon th boBoh
ought to be retained In oftVe; that tbla principle re
quires tbs renominatlon of Justices Joseph F. Daly
snd William N. Cohen by both of the great polltlosl
psrtles. Their character and official conduct mats
It certain thst tbs public will be well servsd end tb
interests of Justus wlllibe maintained If thsy are re
elected. The fact that one of them la a Republic,
while the other Is a Democrat makee it the more
easy to apply tb principle in their csss.
Ws farther bag to represent thst for tb othsr va
cancies upon the bench to be filled st the coming
election candidates ahould bs ulected upon th
ground of Atueaa aa proved by honorable aervlc at
the bar, and by the ability sad fidelity which thsy
havs displayed ia maintaining tbs Interest of their
W believe the foregoing to be practically tb
nnanlmoua aeutlment of the bar. We believe it to
be also the ssatlmsat of the community. It con
cerns not the bar alone, bat every eltlxeu whos
- property end whose personal rlgbti sre dspsndsnt
upon th honest snd courageous administration of
Justice. W venture to express, ths hops thst this
aautlrucnt will find a cordial agreement on tb part
of the represenUUvu of both of ths great political
John E. Parsons, A. B. Hummel,
IhuBoot, DeWltt, l.ockuian A De-
Shlpmen, Laroequ A Witt,
Cheat. Max D. Steuer,
William Allen Butler, Wrer Filsbury,
ObsrleeO. Beam en, Keek Cowen,
a. I.. Blves, Cowen, Wing, Putnam t
(reorgt W. Wiekerabam, Burlfngham.
William B. Horn blower, Augustas N. Mend,
Lewis L. Delslleld. F. Kingsbury Curtis,
Frsncis Lynde Htetson, W. U. Tfaltoboner,
Silas B. Brownell, Lee b Ie,
frrsdwell Ctsvelsad, Oaylev Flaming,
Herbert B. Turner, W. F. Dunning.
OKdyks.Wllleoxk Bristow. A. J. A. Uallagnan,
Albert Bllckney, J. HarryBulT,
Franklin B Lord. Alfred fay.
Oeorge T. Butterworth. Loula M.Fulton.
Henry W. I aft. pbarlee K. Miller,
William Mitchell, Howard Towneend,
Clifford A. Band. It. E. Usvlland,
Mortimer a Addome, Benj. B. Hall.
Jjvarett 9, Wheeler. E. Phillip Burcsss, Jr.,
William Jar. Chart f Matbawsoa,
Oeorge H. Adsms, Benjamin B. Harmon,
E. Euary Anderaon, 8. I H. Ward,
FetorB. Oiner. Daniel Naaon.
Frederic U. Belt. Chsrlee O. Burl Ingham,
W. O. OeUlver, John A. button,
. Edward C. 1'erkJne, Everett V. Abbot,
William B. Btlger, Julina Henry Cobaa,
H. U. Ward. Edward C. James,
Joseph Fsttretoh. Edward (1. Black,
Oharlea Bulkier llubbcll. Lawrence Kneeland,
Bdmund Watmorr, Behuyler O. Carlton,
DsOrov A Biker. Robert H. M. aamnal,
(teorge W. WtngSM, Jabteh Bolmss, Jr.,
Hugh t. Cole, VrulTsmW. Cook.
WH. Band, Jr., joeeuh A. Btetaou,
Daly, Hoyt a Maaon, Btieh Taggart,
Oudin A Oakley, John O. Ooleman,
Thorns Thachsr, Maaten A Nichols,
W. M. Barn uu i , Oeorg B. Bonnay.
Sobbs Olfford, Jamea, Sohell, Klkiis A
ivid B. Ogden, Magulre.
John De Wilt Warner, Bteinbard t ft Goldman.
Loula V. Bright, Kdgar J. Nathan,
Jama C. Bergen, Michael B. Cardoso.
Vsnderpoel. Cuuings A Dual, Toucey ft Whiting,
Goodwin. Rose A Futsel.
Stern A Buahmore. J. V. Oampbell,
Hobert D. Benedict, Gaorg BurabajB, Jr.,
William H. Hamilton. Edward 8. Urimug.
G. E. Waldo. W.K. Van Meter,
Frencla Forbe. Heury de Foreet Baldwin,
John Thaall. Haetluga ft Uleaaou,
nnstein A Townaend, WalUoh A (look,
Newell Martin, Hoadly, Laularbscb At
Chsrlee W. Dayton. Johnaon,
Crane ft Lockwood. BolUna A Rollins.
W. J. Mo A) lister. Frederie J. Swift,
Phillips ft Avery. Ronald K. Brown,
John M. Bowers, Ssb Keller.
Joaaph 0. Levi, Wru. L. Border,
Forster.BoUlingAaUenke, Heury Gottgatrau,
John Frmnkenhe! mer, i Phllbln ft Beskmsn .
Buraman a Freakan- Archibald O. Hheuatoue,
halmsr, John T. Oanavaa,
Hawkins, DsUfisld A Frsncis D. Hoyt,
lit urges, iLaweon Furdy.
BaVaT (Jrienlraum ft Edward Wlllmaan,
Berebfield, E. L. Hurdeoker.
8. D. Uvy, Bterr J-jMurphy,
W. O. Orr, Henry H. Bhsnnsn,
Allen ft Talmage, C. H. Strong,
rraucla B. Chady, Edward 8. Kaufman,
J. Blaecker Millar. John M. Ijithrop.
Wolf, Kohu ft lllliuan, P. Harwood Vernon,
Andrew M. date, John H. Hammond,
Horace Anderson. Weetou Stick uey,
Charles B. Beckett, William Maaon Smith,
8lduy Ward, Montgomery Hare,
c. U. kalwy. Kohle ft Villard,
George 0. Lay, Guy Van Anrriuga,
0brle W. Fiersoa, Howsrd S. lieu.,
F. M. Brown, Chase Mallau,
Jamas Armstrong, Oharlea Snow Kellogg,
Jamre MaeGregor Smith, Bsrrlson T. Slosson.
Jauiee G. Jsneway, George F. Vsu Slyek,
Appleton L. Liark, Jamea A. Reuwlct.
Fredeito J. Uiddlebrook, Abraham Van Uautvoord,
B. A mar Hands, Albert H. Atterbury.
Mr. Kliku Boot.
Its; I hereby authorize you to sign my nam to tb
petition sddresssd to ths DemoorsUo and Republi
can convrauoa, oepy of which I have received.
Mr, Hoot's offlcs haa been kept busy la re
ceiving and assorting postal cards. Up to the
present time the nam of signers to the num
ber of about '2,000 have been listed, and tb list
have not yet bu completed.
Th Boa. Lewi Varny, one of the most
prominent msmbar of the northern Mew York
br and a leadl ug oltlaen of Saratoga, died r -torday
attor a lung illness. H wa boru Jap. 99,
IcHS, In Luaerne, Warren county. Aftor studying
In the law ofBo of Kile worth A Butler, Saratoga,
lie wa admitted to the bar In. May. INST. He
won many large oases. Mr. Varuey was th
sol delegate to th Judiolal Convention of 1H7
la favor of th nomination of John It. Vut nam
o J ustio of the Supreme Court. There wa a
deadlock between th two leading candidate,
and by uerslsteuoe Mr. V srney won the uoml
natlen lor his candidate. Mr. yarney was a
abollablng .tb mbiIous of the Judge of the
Court of Appekl. and secured Its iissssg
aftor It had Men unfavorably reported by the
marrledMisaKate 3!. Mill, who, with a ou'ana
three daughters, aurvlvus blm.
Col. Joseph Murray. oblf Treasury agent la
charge of th Algakan aeal Islands. Jld o
Tuesday at his home In Fort Collin. Col. H
had tilled that ofljoe for teu year ana had but
recently returned to Fort Collins aftor pend
ing the winter on the Island. Col. Murray was
a native of Ireland. He attained the rank of
Colonel during the civil war and was men
tioned for bravery In Die Bloody Angle at tb
battle of Gettysburg.
William William Chester died at Elisabeth,
N. J,, yesterday, aged I .TJ. Me was ths son of
th let John Noyes Chester of New York, an
eleetrleal manufacturer, who nut in Nw York'
Bret eleotnoel Are alarm. Mia great unole.
William William, aftor whom he waa named.
ws a signer of tb Declaration f Indapana
nce. He vu a member of the Bona of th
American Revolution.
rr, f ..ossHVu4'wa:ri
mtmber of the New Jereey irtlio3flt Eylecoujl
Thompaoa. paator of Trinity M. K. Church la
rt'lllard L Dean, for many year Treasurer of
Vaaaar Colleg. died jat hi horn In l'ough
koepsls yUrdy. H cuoceeded Matthew
Vaaaar, Jr., a Tieaaurer of th collega and
wa also Secretory of th Board of Trust,
rt air ur or ngj AtmvAt rvm-
Jha BtoM, r., Wto th Fvwelgeat' Cart
aad Hakes New Klerd 0h1 Avarwg
Beer to QnalKF far Boagy Make aisty
Bntrl far th Women'e Chttmptewawtp.
Fog and driaal In ths morning aad a pour
lag Mia In th af toraoen were the unfavorable
condition yesterday at the opening of th an
nual St. Andrew's opn tournamsnt. ret ava-ty-alx
lft th first to and all but twenty.
lthonghwt to th skin, stuck bravely to the
game until tb finish. Th rain, wba on
fairly etortod, came down In shots and toon
converted th low putting greens Into minia
ture ocean and tha fair grn Into eanais.
In tha fane of such dismal surround
ings the scoring was unusually good, for
John Bld, Jr.. aftor inst hvlng th oentury
mark In the morning, made 83 In the after
noon, and a grand total of 181, new ama
teur records for the extended course. Thl
card won for him the President' Cup, tho ts
(rial prise (n th thlrty-lx-hol mdal-ptay
round. Tb first sixteen qualified for th St,
Andrew' Cup, at watch play, for whlob tb
oontost begins thl morning,
. Tb dataiis of the play abounded In atoii
of loot balls In tb morning fog and of bard
luck In the afternoon through being compelled
to use masltlis on th putting green to pilch
over the pool. Bald had a chance to cor
78, but for tb 7 on the fourteenth hoi, hi
only poor hole of th afternoon. In playing the
aeeond shot h did not notlc tbat hi
oaddl waa standing vry cla to blm.
and. In (winging th Iron, th alub
jiujt mlMed hurting th lad. for It
knocked hi cap off. Thla apolled the stroke,
the ball roll Ing Into the base of the rook y mound
and coating two stroke to gat out. Trng
wa (coond with 185, and he played Quito
to hi laat yar' form. On brar shot,
made after a abort driv from tht four,
toenth tee. that cleared th mound gad
road and toll hoi high juat off the green, wa
very clover golfing, Mcnales, th runnar
up to Findlny B. Douglas laat year for tb St
Andrew Cup. wa third with ISO, wbit
Jennings, somewhat unexpectedly, galaed
fourth place with 187. Ha lost his driver be
fore starting out. and used a beffev poon on
the tot with such good tCTect that he. did
Sand and TJphani, both ex-champlone of the
club, tied for the next place and oloaed the list
of tho under ISO. Baker' lost nln holes
showed eight 5's and one A. He said that ho
bad tried to mlaa put on the 4. bole tor uni
formity sake, but the (ate forbadolt.
nTha eighth hoi. 150 rarda, wa made In 3 by
Powre.TTjWatoon. Blair, and field. Jr. the
after In the afternoon, whan he alio bad tbre
holes In S on bis card, a remarkable showing.
Adrisnoc. t h I'onghkeepsl plyr, mad soli
nln hole In 61, a novel sequence.
Some half a doxen could pot flnlab on aocount
erf darkness. Armstrong and Hlldreth were Tn
this division, but, a each had Blared to tb
home green, they were uernitttea toapproxl
mate the hole to fill out thslr cards. The score
of the sixteen who qualified for tn St. An
drew Cup were:
John Beld. Jr., 8t. Andrew'e-
Oul Ji -i
in I I 4 I I f 4-4T- M
Out 4 I IliMl -4
In a a a 7 i f 440 82-181
I. A. Tyng, Morris County
Out ft 6 (J I 6 I 4 8-4
ia a I a I j 444 ei
lt t a 0 It r. 5 l 4 -45
U 8 4 4 a 8 4-4- 88-188
F. W. Mantles, 81. Andrew's-
Out a 6 at 884 T-4S
In 4 4 8 4 T I 4 8 8-41- 80
Out 4 05848 T 4
IB 8 87887 4-48 Bo 188
A. G. Jennings, Dyker Meadow
Out t 4 4 8 874 4
In tl 8 6 4 8 8 6 7 6-to- 84
Out 4 ft 8 8 4 II-4S
In 6 8 8 8 8 6 8 448 81188
W. H, Bands. St. Andrew's
Out 7 8 8 8 8 8 880
In 4 4 0 6 0 6 8 6 6-41- 8
Out 6 4 6 6 6 8 7 4 8-48
lb 6 6 6 6 8 4 6 4--45- 84-186
J. B. I'pharn, 8t Andrew'
to'.!:.::.:::::! ? 1 . S J 2 f U8 .,
Out 6 8 8 6 6 tl 8 848
l8Vnl ff 4 8 4 8 7 4-46- 87-188
E. O. Watson, Jr.. Westbrook
Out 8 6 4 8 4 78 7-47
In t 6 8 6 8 4 8 6 6-48- 84
Out 4 6 4 6 6 6 7 840
la 6 8 8 6 4 8 8 6 646- 84-180
A. I,. Morria, Dyker Meadow
Out a 4 4 8 7 6 6 8 8-48
In u 6 6 4 6 8 6 8 4-44- 8J
Out 8 4 6 8 4 8 3 4 5-63
In 8 6 6 4 6 8 4 8 748- 88-180
J. B. ateele. Jr., Xutley-
Out t 6 8 6 6488 t-t
In 6 8 6 6 0 7 8 7 8-68-108-181
A. I Witt Cochrane, Bt. Andrew'
U 6 6 6 6 6 4 6 6 646 86-181
W. L. Thompaon, Morrli county -
Out 8 6 6 8 6 6 6 4 7-48
In 7 illllh 8-48- 6t
Out 6 6 4 4 6 4 14 6-46
In 4 6 6 6 6 4 7 7 6-48- 84-11
0. 8. Baiieom, Albany
k. fTT til 1 of-
Out 8 8 6 I I 4 T 4 7-61
la 8 4 6 6 6 6 8 7 6-48100188
J. B. Baker. St Andrsw'e-
Out 7 4 6 8 6 6 6 4 748
fc::;::::J ? . ? S ! fcff-M
IB 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 6 6 44 88-188
Julia Kmlth, DuUiheaa Oounty
Out 7 6 6 5676 7-60
In 8 4 8 8 6 8 8 8 6-44- tt
Out 6 6 6 6 6 44 7-47
In 6 8 6 6 8 16 8 4-48- 66-168
W. M. Murrey. AllagUeuy-
Oul 6 6 64 6 7 8 7-41
to 8606478 7-48 8
Out 64666484 1-4
Ia 10 4 48461 I it- tl HI
A. ahroedar, Uontelslr
Out 7 d 4 4 4 a a a -t
IB 1 4 6 648 4-4?- tt
Out t 6 4 6 4 6 6 6 -4
to 4 4 6 6 4 6 6 7-4V- 86-184
Th next thirty-two will meet to-day In aa
Ighteen-hole foursome, at match play, for two
couaolatlon prise. The pairs will be formed
by taking In turn a man from the top aad bot
tom of the llflf. On account of the pulpy
state to which the rain had reduced their
card, 0. F. Watson and O. D. Thompson could
only give tho gross total of tbalr second round.
Some fltty of th saddle boy who had been en
gaged failed to appear, owing totb xfalofa
local aehoolmaator who Invoked tb aid of tho
truant officer to keep tb boys at their books,
so that many of tb player bad to carry tbalr
owu club In tha morning. The consolation
scores were:
Daniel Cbanncay, Drier klaadew
Ont .8 7 6 6 4 4 4 8 8-61
law-!!'!"! S 7 f 4 7 4H-101-lt
O. L. Parklua, Hookaway UunUna
io!!:.'.':.'.':::.'i t t ' t i-fl- im
Maturia Ball, Apawamis
W. . Insla. tt. Andrews-
M:::i:B 5 5 5 . j Er,M
In A 4 6 60 6-40 68-108
Barry Bolbreok, Jr.. at. Andrew'
Out 6 6 66678 6-60
KE.3 1 If III i Sr,o.-m
O. D. TUoibum. Allsghas-
.:::lUUli k
Second round (uard uudeciphcrabUl 108 -101
i. 0. Tl Byek. 8t. Asdrew-a-
r..::::..H fi 8 KLW
fc:::::; I U S? 5 1 ! ilEm-m
.ftTt"! t fcl!
Ia 4 I 4 4 I J 4-44- 8
Out 6 4 7 7 17 7 6 5 68
la 1 iiilili t-H-lOt-BM
O. B. AnaitroBg, butau Island -
Out 6 6 0 6666 -
In 7 S i 6 6 0 A 1-61-108
Out 7466 II 6 44
In 10 6 6 6487 6-60-101-Ml
In 1 6 6 4 6 4 6 8 t-M-106-10
Ev.;:::::J MUM: 3zIW
In.. I 4 t I t t J-K-lOt-
to 8 4 6 6 4 4 6 8 6-60-11-108
0. F. Wataoa. Kssax OouBty-
Oul 6 6 6 8 6 ri it I 6-48
In 4 14 16 4 8 6-66-108
SaeoBd Bouad (ear aaeiparbU) -101-164
o.,.'.:..r,.,88e;',ruf"4"r'r i-u
in- a e 4 1 8 1-Ii-itt
Out 6 4 6 441 6-61
to 8861 t-li-lM-to
- --
I I 6 t i 7 I 8 t 8 M -10 -SO.
I r a. Wright, St. Aadrrw'r-
I Oni 4 4 8 41 1-4
la.. s 4441 j-ai-ioo
t 8 8 f 7 4 7 H B 7-em)
I 'a t 4 666 8 41 Ili7 507
I U T. Hildreth, St. andrsw's-
Ont 7 4 6 8 4 8 a 888
1 8ot.:.:.:.-.::2 1 j i : 2 1 t
In.. ...a 9 t t 4 a i f au-aS-t -ot
j AroiBMid en arewaai of aarku.
O. P. TIBkny, Fowelton-
1 pBt 4 4 t 6 1 7-46
I Ja. 8 I B 4 f 4 i n-61-100
lwt a 6 710 i 7 a l-ia
1 6 8 7 7 86 6 B ion -SOB
areBv.ll gM, Tuxedf-
Pt rt 4 II 8 6 6 4 l-D
JB.. 8 8 8 6 8 4 6 7 r,-l4l-10J
'nt ii 4 4 6 8 8 16 7-83
IB 6 4 6 8 1 6 r,-;, m;
J, 0. Rrnnard, Tiuedo
jb.....::::;: 7 8 am 3 utvt
Oet f 6 t 6 I 6 6 f-8
IB 1 6 6 6 141 tH-lll-MO
J. I. nialr. Jr., Morrla Oeanty-
K:r..rJ tl I J 8 . UU
"' J 47(464 t-
a 8 4 7 17 4 8s) 4-86--108-71I
A. UortsB, Oouatry omb of Warktr-
K:::::::::.j iTfTf 5-i.
put 4 a 6 4 a 7 6 u-ti
to a g 4 h 7 I t 7 6 aa -ma 213
W. H. Kdey, t'ennlrr Olnb of Wesichitcr -
P 66644674 47
)8. It 4 4 6 8 8 8 8 667-10
r.:::.:.: X t 8 8 8 t ? 8 EfUi
Oile I.. Williams, Blchmoad Connlr
Out 4 4 6 6 6 il H 16
a. a 8 6 6 7 tin a a-ne-toi
P 7 6 4 6 u-66
a 7 6 410 7 u & an ma 115
4. McOlana Bt. Andraw'-
?ut M 7 7 4 a en
fc::.!::::::8 Stij j i-J&
1 6 I 7 4 0 ft 6 , fJ-61-108 11s
A. t Whitney. Dyker Meadow-
Ou 6 t 8 ill 7-6
I"-: 7 6 8 0 7 8 6 V 6-67-10
6 664674 8-66
In 6 i 6 6 t I 6 V 8-66-110 J 10
J. L. Taylor. Dyker Meidow-
Ou 6 6 6 6 877 7-
gtv. ..:::. 1 1 j j I ?oJ-,M
to i i t i t 7il 6-x-iia-ii
J. F. Talmage, Jr., Tntedo
9t T 4 6 674 7-86
apSl f i I i 1 1 ! bi..
O. Hockmayer, Btstan Island
P I 4 6 8 7 17 4 7-48
to.. 6 7 6 7 6 nip 6-x-ii
Out a 4 0K8674 8-64
In 6 8 6 6 7 8 4 7 U-61 106110
J. B. Vate. Ursta-
Pt 6 7 6 6 584 -l
:toU,kV.kUU-7 S-1"-"0
Put 6 j fj Ti 6-68
ft,- 6 I 6 8 I 6 f 4-61-110
Out 8 7 4 1 7 4 8 0-64
a .4 t 6 d g a tit 6-wS-m-iu
O. Uellan, Westchester (iolf-
put 8 6 tl 6 I 6 8 7-64
to.- 6 6 6 6 7(76 M-66--110
O"' I 710 7 t 8 4 70
I" 4 6 7 8 4 7 8 a-ie-114-114
Dropped out after flrat round:
7-f-lemllnaiin .....68 67 116
K. a. Jenkins 66 ai n
I.Jtomham 87 Si "5
l!t.'uBoBiuiier.,.'.:::::::'.:::'.:::7o ls
Withdrew during first round:
Pstar Fletcher, at. Andrew's; A. Council. Kugle
wood; J. D. Been, Lakewoo.l; Ii. Anael, Buglaud.
Did not qualify:
Flril Arrend
, JVeunrf. Umnd. Total,
J.B.O.TaajpAn 116 118 23V
i. Colllngwood 111 ii auo
?.H.llSitt 118 117 186
A.J.BIad ill 11 III
H. O. Van Der Poel no 111 82
Kfc:::::::r.::;::::ffi III H
W. E. Uusblnger no 148 168
Withdrew during afternoon round:
.. . .. . O"1- ln- TttoL
MBWrlabt 46 44 08
O.W.Dayinn. 86 68 110
Malooliu Graham. Jr at 61 110
Jsins Brown 68 60 118
nSHEyi"::::::.-;:::::! 18 K
C.J.Lucaa 81 61 110
V. F. lluuiason 71 81 184
, The drawings for tha first round in the St.
Andrew Cup match will be made this
Secretary Kerr of the V. . 0. A, announced
yesterday that slaty entries had been received
for tbe women' golf championship of th
United States, to be held at tb Ardiley Club on
Tueeday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of
nest week. Mlaa Beatrix Hoyt la entered and
may repeat her triumphs of lb and IbVr.
A number of plyer Who have bn seen In
tho previous championship are on tb )lt,
and among the playera who have not hitherto
Frasc. erffi;, ykSaTS
lien Brooke, Mis fssnastie Xtttrtdia. Bra. II. M.
Van Buren, Nln sltlas Farrlih, Mn. John T. Terry,
Jr. . Mlea Ann ArchbobT.
Albany Oolf Club Mlaa Martha Murphey.
Baltluior Coantry 01ub-Ma Fanala Blag Mo
Lane, Mr. J, E. Orelner.
Baltuarol Oolf Club Mrs. W. Fellowsa Morgan,
Mr. Bsnry B. Aabnior.
Brookline Country Club Mn. F. E. terrahn.
Chicago Oolf Olub-Mlee af sHou bhesrson.
doolunaU Oolf tljub-MU Lucy Hayee Bsroa.
Com ord Uolf Clnb-Mlas Orscs B. Kays.
Dyksr Maadow-Jilss fine Otsnneey.
Meui i'muiiIt (Hub H aa uadalln Baardman.
EjudewoodOoiyOTub-Mliii Janet T. Well.
Huntington Valley Country Club- Mrs. Oalsb F,
Foi. Mrs. J. Curtie F.tUraun. UUe Hophla Stair.
Marin and Field Club- Mrs. ,V M. (JarTand:
Merlon Criekat Olub-Mlee Franr-eaO. Oriseom.
sl&iiffiaf "rt,n JM utm "-
Onwentelailolf Club-kra. B. C. Obatfleld Taylor.
0n Ceaaty Bunt and Oouatry Club Mis Agnea
Br. I harlea 8T?arnum. Mlea latberlna gTcaaaatt.
Bus KlsU Oaaaati, Mlaa Aline 8. Taylor, Miss Her-
tt'rantoa Country Club Mlaa Eleanor A. Anderses.
it. Andrews Oolf Club- Mlaa Bld.
(BlunecockBllla OuU Club-Mlaa Hclea Barney,
Mia Beatrix Hoyt.
BwaMghtOolf Olub-Mls Alio Strong.
81. Paul Tews Bad Country Olub-Mlss Mabel da
'' Tud Jmkra. T. Suffern lallsr, Mrs. t, 1, VaUbla,
wtbrek iiolfOlub-Mr. Johu 0. Tappta.
Ei.izabits. Oot. 6. The golf team of the
TownVand Coantry Olub haa arranged the fol
lowing schedule of matches: Oct. 8, Orescent
A. 0.. at Bay Bldgt: Oot. 15. Madison Field
Club, at MadUon: Oct. 22. Creipeot A. O. at
Sllxabeth. B Darraoh, Jr. of tha Town and
Country Club mad a round of tha links,
elgbteanbolea. IbbW.
PaiKcTot. Out. 5. Medal play for tbt M,
Taylor Pyn Cup waa hald to-day on th Prince
ton University links. Many new men were out,
apd th aeorea ware eaotptlooally good consid
ering the driving rlu lu which tbe men were
lorcdtoplyandth wt ground. Tinmen
who uusllnd for tb Dual to-morrow, with
tbalr acortt.tr:
Orlawoid, '00, 88; ttewart, UM l8C: Wllaoo, 1001,
81 Bouoer, 10111. 881 Murnhr. I0oo, tl: Kellogg,
1800.80; Chllde, 1001. 01, audBelltoo, '0, 66.
Tb player making th best uors to-morrow
will compos Frlnce ton' tosm In the Inter
cplUglst olminpfooaplp game to be Iild at
tb Irdslcy link th latter part of thl mouth.
Montbxa!.. Ouebso. Oct. 6. A tm of tb
ltoyal Montreal Oolf Olub leaves for Boston to
morrow nlgbtand 00 Saturday will play a team
from tb Country Club. Brookline. Mass. Those
Ultf r'.lW1 likely Watoou.tptaloi Stan-
fr. sTOoT tbreun!TKfli::
Citato. Dr. MaPlibll. Fayett Brown. 1. B
MTr and w. A. Flaming,
Big Frliisa for Trarllug Trotters by DlrsctuBn.
Uuinotob, Ky., Out- 6 Tb bat trotting
bore aal held bar thl year took place to
day, when forty -two auiuialafrom th historic
Aahlaud Stud of Major II 0. McDowell brought
115,100. an average of Vlfi0.60. Many of t lag
oBeringa wart undeveloped yrllugs, but Oil
did not prevent tham from bringing good
price. Tb bt price of tb day, fl.lUi, wa
Paul by N. W. JBttblugar of Kw Haven for a
yearling by Directum. UoOV. out of Impetu
oui. 3:1, by Dictator. A Dir solum I a
grandson of Dictator, the eolt la closely
lubred to the famous brother of Dex
ter. Impttnoua. on of th grlt young
uottors vr n on th turf was nought by
Ed Tipton for Marcus Daly of Moo tana, alba waa
The price paid for the get of Directum year
Uag ytorOy ami to-dar IndJotto thai ia
ea A g I
kateyevs I ... . nil MMTt
Pyfc 1 A . jfyBPrrrB u
If yea Bf. clothes sad bar plenty ef ssaaay.
d lb blgheat-sirte toilor la Maw Tork City 4
wet ynnrerlf la kl haads you can't to tot,
trtrMt frtmtir .eeSJI AVAM.
But if vou ntrxl clothes and
haven't plenty of money, what
do some of you do go to a
medium-priced tailor ; smdfringly
pay $115 to $45, anudoivt gt
wliat you think you get.
We are Bplendidly ready for
just those men.
But ns the purse usually limit
the play of one's fancy, we want
it thoroughly understood tbat our
stock meets limited aa well aa un
limited friiiciw. suits or over
coots ns low as $13; as good aa
the good tailor's at $20 to $80.
Koorrs, Pcbt ft Co.
Warms sad Evriflway.
Friare and Broadway. 1
Thirty aec.mij ami Broadway.
sieewi pwwsai '' n'lgna!
chamnlon trotting stallion la destined top
remarkabl aire. The best sales follow:
IWMtunua, 1:18, blk. in., lata, by Dictate-
liblB(B, by Harold; fed A. Tipton, An- .
ennda, Mop ..ftl.toa)
Ilardwlrk, br. c., I8W7. by Ulreetilui Inpofal-
Sis, by Dictator; K. W. Hublnger, Mw
svn 1,76a
Moodragoii, l. c, IHM7, by Ulreoinm-dani by
DGtaton st.O, BVllll. UiingioB MM
0W86Be. b. .. by DlcUtor- Kamovar. by
ItBg BBi U A. TIpIob. Anaconda, Mpn. . . l,6w
Nnrtkumlierlaiid, br. ., 1K08. by Trevillln-
uladrnm. by lilrlatur. Willlaur Bunyan, ,
FMIa4rphl l,06f
Braid, br, g., 1686, by Bubjsss-Urrp Uss
br Oaorg Willoej J. Huhlngsr. Daw
Haven " BOB
Msnrlls. 1:1614, vastus;, br. f laun. by Orato
rio Twinkle, by liiaator; Andy Welch, .
Hsrtford aag
rillHTIHO. A
Th local Inn ef lb of eCoy-Oorbet t Mill Mat
tto Settled To-D.y.
The Corbett-MeCoy mnddle Is just at com
plicated aa ever. Those sports who expected,
that It would bo somewhat cleared by tbe aei
taction of a suitable rendezvous yeslerdey wrw
visibly disappointed, for nothing of th kind
was done. Tha articles of agreement orig
inally signed by the flghtors atota that Oct, a
should be the day for divulging the alto of tha
Intended battle sud also to place In tb hand
of tbe referee the puree money of $20,000 for
which. It 1 alleged, th boxer are to bv
Thla waa not adhered to. however. Tha oohy
thing tbat waa done waa to defer the matte
until 4 o'clock tbla afternoon. Thla is tha
fourth connective postponement of the kind,
iukI sporting man ar beginning to throw ns
their band.
billy Oray. acting for both th club and M
Coy. said yevrdy that everything would b
mutually settled to-dy. Oeorge Conatdtn.
representing Corbett. accompanied by a few of
his friends, visited Oray at the latter' pfaee
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'plook. Conaldln
wanted to know what had been done. Oray
aald tbat things stood just tha ame, but indit
ed on having i private meeupg. To this Con
sldln objected, deolarlng, that If new article
were to be drawn up and signed he wished It
to bs publlo snd that the newsptper men
should b present. Gray then acceded, and' at
4 oilook telephoned to Oooildiue announcing
Alec Brown of the Greater New Tork A. CL
called on Oray. The pair hail a private pon verJ
aatlon which lasted nearly an hour. What waa
aald or done waa not divulged, but it la likely
that the club mad a bid for the mill.
Conaldln later on made the following state
ment to Thb HUB reporter: ",
' .6JflijiiB, Orarto-day and asked blm If
the club nad placed the puree In the hands of
tb rarer. Be iiid that tbe club had not. He
then luiictetl on a prl vt session. I would bob
conaint to this, anil then he compromised bje
agreeing to have the reporters present. 1 told
t'hS CoettVoulifretiirn the liiloOO lynoed
by tha club for train Ing expense provided the
club antf McCoy would eacli post fefjiJO with
theflnartiikholdr. I aald that Corbett waa
willing to do tbl, and would deposit a Ilk
Insure honeaty allaround. If the olub 'fall to
com to time, their money could, be divided
equally between the, man. and If tbe ma
orawjad. why Jhi iclub would b opmpan
atod with $10,000. I alao inalstod oa
the depoaito belug In solid cah. OraF
opbValf orfccCol'but'ittd ff omildnWeJga
his word for the club. I would like to say fur
ther that I will waive th puree money being;
placed la tha referee' hand if tbla Is done ap4
consent to bare It go UP four hours before th
thst Corbett never said that he waa not ut4
well In New York or that he would go to Tfrtoc
wit bout faying farewell. What he did aa waa
tliat th Hawthprn Club bad not Jreatod film.
Bauarriy, and thatlf he ooufirt itohtJHoCojr
btr he would go Wet snd meet Jim Jfeffrl
8eofrryevVTlon itowthorn A. tt aa4
iiouncfng that th fight Is to com off at Byra
0U86. and tbat Orar would announce thl placsf
b.dfa Ti Sarj hpm
fight is held the picture privilege will go wWf
Rafttrafl. M
Columbine ef Pateraen Lose t the BHS
hat Oafea the Meauaiehs.
Tb Oolnmbi bowlers return to Fra anf,
night with on of tb Amsrlean Bttaal Hag a
mtat gam to tnelr credit. But an by tos JBaaptrsd
the Jaraeyinen aquared matters with th MimsriM
uf Brooklyn. Tbe eeoreet
nasi oma. 4
Columbia-Drew, IBS; Berdan, Ittl Silt, 1MB
aJfeffitVBvrtgB, ,.0iafa,mltti
tbisd aisi.
P-Un4B, 160; a. SebmlM. 1TB Bteg. 1SAI
LiKU.l60. cUl,6aB. 7
h sir Bwmrmjaji,JUlj Bremlsg, IBM
loj 0. Waller, 160i M. Masai. lOlTTetal
Only three of ttre 8ve teams sohedals yen mm
ware si Us Are alleys last aigkt t atoaU
In tb bcadpin tournassat gauiea.
riser em.
Oat Hell -Marwu, to; Bellsnbsoh, 7ti Boaeleto,
8tl Felod. IT; Suit, 84. Zetsl. 848.
sflaia-TiRi ia'M..HTma-
gxcrlalor So. l-Junc. 60; Meyer, 4; F. He, ( KM
SOTbTHooVS, 87V0BlAshB, T8. Total, ail.
Oia. Putuawi quintal defeated tb Uasaa fross
Felui aud Buahwltk Oouuolb) by u enow marginal
laat aight'a Mil of tb Brooklyn Buys! Anaaam
touraauieul. Tb aooreai
Fiaat oma.
BualrwIokOeuacll-tiuInu, 181: Miller, U,;Inaar,
Ill; teuuelly. 188; HiekeB, Id. Ti.UI. 708.
fallu Coup!! Mulleu, lli, Aluutgoiui ry, 88; A.
Oeblera, 187; BarJ. li. Laug. 178. Total, til.
881. 1
Oeusrel FuUsm Oouucll -boonally J 17; Deoghty,
178: Bcaupweu, 117; AUsu. 110; Fell. 180. Te-
lliiebwl'VCiuoell-Viilnn, I ttfl: Miller, 170; Knapf, ' i: '1
146; Fcnnsllj, 118; Buck, 161. Total, 716. I; I
The Brat Bunday meeting of tb lapB of the
I'ultsd bowling i.'iub. waa beld at Baetkoveu Ball
un Bun lav last, at wLl.u thirty Velub .wre
rsprsseuted. Two rluba.tke trov Mtla sat D- HvB
frudsre. war addd to tha uiemtorafte roll. Tb By
Bowling I'uuiniltteo reported tbat l'l4mAd u
wads to bold tb seat besduin teorutsalkt ln four
eotloua luetaad of all. aa laat acaeou. Tb annual
eulerulumeut aud laeeptlou of tke orsjsatiBtioa Will
be belJ Leilugtou Aveaus Opsi Bouss oa Baas
Bowling (lams To-Xlght. '
Aaterica Batloasl Touraameul--tiloudl, Bo
dale aud I.otue at the tisrwanls Assembly Bnora
Arced Baadpla Touraaairut flunk Baa Bo. 1,
lll.k BaeaNi.. .'.BIikBa. .". a. Uaruroal Be, a,
and llariuonl bo. 1 at lb Ar. ade ailaya. a .
aiBKiBOoHBsU aaaf WriBg II

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