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THE Sim, flMDAY OCTOBER f, 1B0. 4
. . --' -- --"- --- -....- .. .-... -. ... . .... - - - - -" ,.- .- . - ..---- ... . .. .. . - - - -- - - -
.rw bt baltimobb abb r Aiamo
.t.ni W1 Hraolr atirl Hold
MMSLgm i-CIl OntplmrM by
m ! "d " '""li riare Is
J.j.-pituborBt Health I.otilavlllaa.
k Kw Torsi were outplayed ir tha nitl
"J jtcrIf nd tumbled Into seventh
l-it thheail of lh second division by vir
al rhlladflphi ' vletory over the Washing -w'Thegunkrre
onlr one point ahead
'mm !! so that It I tvis.lblo for the latter
limb back. The Pittsburg, meanwhile,
liakaadllr ,rom ,ne ,-"l"vlllM nd are close
SS the Xw York, there being a difference
fhiitthrse games or twenty polnte between
mthBdeil'thplee- The Boston were
S victorious, this time by taking the
J-Lkiviu Into camp. so the ehamplona are
Sftfrtr-Mrtn point ahead .f the Haiti
"' f0r more vlctorle by the Boston
SaM l" P'nnant for them. They have
llinllt"" '" r"r n1 C"" br't V'1, Wh"
ri Oriole;, by winning nine etralght. cannot
irk op Th" t'hl-oa didn't play yeeterday,
fclttheycapturpil foiirtk plae from the Cleve
land! who were beaten by Bt Louie In on
,,,u,d mlo draw out of another. To
windy City team, however. posaeMea a margin
2 m point over Tebeau'e playera. Th ra
ni auaser. : " Tork-
olt,ti Brooklyn. 4.
nitadtlphia. M WMBlagtoa. .
Pittsburg, 4; Ixralsvill. t.
81. 1. nn. 4; Olevslaao, 1 (trtt lame).
Bt. Lout. II CUvMana. I (oon gama).
trtr, Jr
Wan I en. '" Ctwkt. ITm. i(.Cml.
Vi it CH6KewIort....H 70 .MO
l r.o plttebnrw 70 7 ,fd
.SI .'. .006 Brooklyn.... Bl IS .MS
.77 s: .r Waahlngtoa .50 t4 .547
yilWilUhliTI d MlSt. Lonl. HIM .J04
ei.iiM"iic. 0: hb-w voag. 3.
About BUO persons turned out to eee the Bal
tlmores and Sew York play at the Polo
Grounds yesterday, and the went bom In
anything bt lianpy frame of mind. Meek In
Ml rtry wild, ami aa be had remarkable tpeed
h kept LaKlmer, the ne cttebar. on a oon
iinBliuinp. Lattimer. howerer, caught flfialy,
BRcleVtrly, and hit the bell no eolldlthat
Swd awarded him with about tMonlV
ippliuxe that oroppfd out durint the after
Soon Meckln e five b.eee on balla. hit two
klmnnn. mnde a wild pitch, and also ot In a
loorthrow. Hut he etruok ouelfht men and
ktld the Tli.ior ilown to alx hits. Hie wlld
aetm however, waa too bit a handicap to orer-
mId the R.-st ltmln Maekln hit McOra. In the
hick with a i'it'lil hall. Then When Jennings
nme to the lnt n ewlft Ineboot. lacking con
trol.ruck the naltlmora ehortatop aquarglr
ontnennee. .Ienningi fell to the ground, hie
flee covered w it I, blood. A doctor Jumped out
I etthe grand ntmid, and at once said that the
Urer'i onee whs broken. Johnny Tmy, the
Hj Metropolitan eecond baeeman. together
witk the doctor, took Jennings In Band and
ynrked the nnllntered bone back Into place.
Jennlnge will have a black eye and may not he
MM to play lor sereral data. When he left tho
(eld Bail took his place at first ae a base run-
Ber. The next two batsmen went out, but
fllaee took four bails. DemontreTllle
promptly cleared the bases with a two-bagger.
one of the three runs going to Jennings's
credit In the score.
The New Yotkshunrhed three hits with hit
by pitcher and a passed ball In the second and
Koredtwo rune. After that Hughes had them
il his mercy, even In the, sixth, when the locals
tot the buses llllod with one out and sot but
eee run. Singles by MoUann. DeraontreTlilo
ind Ritsnn. mixed with an etcneable error by
IViyle and some great base running, yielded
tiro bore rune for the visitors and clinched the
lime. The score :
XW TOIi. I fclLTrttOBB.
a. a. ro. a. k. a. a. ro. . a.
THi'.tren.ef.o 111 0 MeOraw, gb 1 1 1 o
;r.Sb ...o 0 1 g 1 Jenuina. "I 0 0 0 0
rxyle.lh . 0 O S O 1 Ball, as o 0 t S 0
MOO, Jb 1 0 S 1 O Keller, of.... 0 o a O o
twannr.rf.o 10 0 n MeWsnn, Ib.l 1 10 o 1
tottK.it... I 10 0 l Holmes, If... 1 0 0 0 0
Wttf.ni .. o 1 O a 1 Uemi'Bt. 2b. 1 1 fl I
Urtrnfr, o.o 18 0 KiUon, rf...O 1100
BetUa, p.,.0 0 0 11 Rnbinion. o.O 0 5 0 0
.Hughes, p.. .1 112 0
7oak g 6 21 11 4
I Totals.... A 14 18 8
Minora 8 0 o 0 2 10 ..5
Mm terk o o o 0 1 o t-a
Tvo-bue hits DemoatraTille, Lattimer. S'olra
Vm.i laUat, gcOun, Holmes. Van Hsltren. Vn
flee bit McCtraw. Flrt bsne on errors Baltimore.
2; Sew York. 3. First ka on balla Off Hughes. 2;
oK Heekln, 5 Stnlck ont-By Hnnbee, 8; br Maekln,
. Hit by pltcher-Br Meekln. 2: br liughea, 1.
1'. on baiea-Baltlmore, H; New York. S. Fused
balls-Bobtiiaon, 1; Uttlnier. 1. Wild ptteh
lteektn. Time 1 hour nu.l 65 mlnutea. Caapire
Andrews. Attemlanre- ll'io.
BOSTON, 7 ; BltOOILTlf, 4.
Pitcher Oaston. who has been loaned by the
Toronto Club to the lirooklyne forth remain
der of the reason with the understanding that
his release can be purchased If wanted, Doth
ere.l the hear hatters of the Boston team
somewhat at Washington Park yesterday, and
with a little more League experience the young
southpaw may proro a And. At times Gaston
seemed afraid to put the ball over the plats, a
weakness with nearlr every pitcher making his
ditiut in the major league. Oaston waa fortu
nate, aa the seven bases on balls had no bear
Ink In the nincolumu. The score:
r. ii. ro. . r. a. a. so. a. a.
Or.dR. ,f . i i g o 0 Bamiltoa.cf.O 0 2 0 0
J"um. rf .. 0 12 0 o Tenner, lb.. 1 2 18 0 O
1'nlirien.lhl 1 s 1 1 Long, aa 1 2 2 8 0
Slfooo. SB..1 12 4 0 Lowe, tb....O 0 2 7 0
hair, lb 1 o n 1 0 Oollins, 8b. .1 18 2 0
lbrcksrd.lt 0 14 0 OBUbl.rf 1 1 1 0 O
Wsaaer.Sb. 0 118 1 llfreeu, o. .. .1 110 0
Imllh, c .... 0 l 0 2 " Duffy. If 1 1 8 O 0
i Uulnn.p. 0 0 18 1 Loll, p 1 10 8O
Totals 7 27 15 a! Totals.... 7 11 27 IB O
Brooklyn n o o 1 1 O 0 1 04
Btmua 0 0 0 4 0 10 1 07
First bsse on error Boston. Left on baaes Brook
fa, ; l!tnn. 10. Threebaaa bite Anderson.
lawkitd, Two-baaa hiu Collins. Buhl, Duffy.
stolen I'M-s-Orlffln, Mauoon. Hamilton. Berl5ce
it-In- Lowe, fhjiible playa Oaaton and An
fi'rwn Huron, Dalj and Anderson; Long. Lowe
no Tenter First bass on bslls Off Oaston. 7i off
YJl'- 6 ?,rek out-By Lewla, 1. Hit br pitcher -oriBn.
Wildpitehea-Oaatoa. 1 Lawla, f. Umpire
-Bmwr. Asslstant-ConnoUy. Time 1 hour aad
ssminatea. Attendance 1,200,
I'liii.sm i.riA, B WAaanwoTow, 1.
i '"'t-sPitrBu, Oct .-Two bases on balls and a
l-'H-pani.-kT Seld.na by the Senators la the Bret
Inninij bt the PhllarlrlpiiUa score three runs and
Ji tn sme snil enabled them to more Into the
ant liltiuon. The visitors then nettled down, but
'''; could make no headway against Flflelds pltch
vut. Attrndauce. 1,4:10. The score.
raiuDSLrau. 1 washixoto.
l' r .. . a. a. ro. A.a. a. a. ro. a. a.
V tSSf cf 1 o O Oettman. cf . 1 o 1 0 0
"uflui.it, 0 2 11 OSslbach. lf..l 110 0
IgWMjyJfl 18 0 1 Casey. 8b .0 10 8 0
KW.Jb...l 18 1 O Freeman. rt.O 10 0 0
K9likvJ l 8 OBtnltb, M....0 118 1
Mm lb 0 12 0 Oafobulre,o..o 0 2 1 0
fannsil.o.o 070 o wniey, ib.o 0 a 1
;S!fi" 2 0 8 2 O.Carr, lb O 1 g 0 1
"Wd. p.o oil o'Dlneen. p...o 0 o 2 o
.,., FarreU oooo
To,als 5 ST 8 li
I Totals 2 82418 8
Batted for Dincrn in the ninth Inning.
fttllsdclphls g 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 ..8
"SUlngton 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 02
kJJ'i!''!." hlt-Fllrk. Blolan bases-Flick. Dele
, t; if It OB bases -Philadelphia, t); Waablugtnn.
struck nut-By rifleld. 8: be fllneen, B. Vimi
Wl. error-Philadelphia. First bus on balla
w fiajld, :t, oft Dineen, 8. Hit hr pitched hsll-Free-BnJ'i
.",'", Wlld Plti'hea-Dlneeu. 3. Umpires -nt
and Smith. Time-2 hours and 15 mlnnfes.
st. Lot i, 4; n.uiuii, 1 riBST omi.
h-moif"',""- B-lereland and Bt. Louis at
r,Smt'pl"'""'ames to-day. the nr.i beings
it thl pV".m 'vor "f th Browns, and the latter
wiuft J a1 S' """ flfth " declared a draw on ao
""istofdsrlineM. Tha snore:
talii.. ! ro- - ' a.. ro.s.r.
aui'an.rf ,, ; 2 o o Burkltt. If . . 1 2 o O
Esasske( " 1 O n HrKesn, ss O o 1 I a
agM.b 118 0 Wnllaoe, lb..o 17 2 0
& i,0- 3 l othreek.o...O 1 u a 1
Df;1.' ! 2 r a u H'Cmnor, lbo 14 0 0
BK' ' J 4 (i i lturkn. no., ii 1 o a i
ssiith '.. "' t Frank, r . o lion
tli !; " u ' a " Beeiber. cf J o o n o
""or,p 0 0 0 8 1 Powell, p .0 0 0 I U
7U ' ,7, i Cri,r 1' JUJL' i'
,. I Totals. 1 724 M 4
"s t,d for Powell in the ninth inning.
KiSS ' O 0 o O o 0 o-l
"," 0 ll 8 O O o 1 O 4
asv'. ,?pl"r"n"h. cnlun aud Tiirker. tHo'.en
BShT k"'" '"'.'V- Harler 111. Three ban hit
I.,,',." !.,.) lor. Ij by sTuwell. 7. I'mplrea-
aneood aid Warner. Tima-i hours.
' ' "ft". I Luiwusa.
tei? V ?' "o Burkl.lf. "J f
tni, ' :,' 'loo 1 McEean. aa .o l o o O
ku,,!' ' u " 8 o o Wsllaoe, 2b o O o 1 o
lflUl.li m "--00 ('rider. 0. o o a o o
"ley'if o o V ' y'on-or. ibo a a i o
W-r n, ' " o Burke. 8b... o 0 1 0 o
auth s. i u ' " frank, if.... o n 4 o l
"duofj ' . " " V1 "'''er, ef.O O 1 0 O
"""I. p. u u o S 1 Young, p.... 1 l i o o
HSm'1 8 s -' T
h. Urns 0 0 10 0-1
Sj, ' O 0 10 0-1
1 .1, v '.',' B'),r.k" 2- Stolen baaea-atclean.
at i JuJ'S' , 1,hre'' baas hlt-Bteniel. Btrurk
BsgirtVeiwf' Tii',Jr.l'."-"" -'. Ump.rsa-Wruer
1 rime-.',., uiiuutsa.
rmsat ao. . in.ui.u, i.
wnatuxa, Oct. a. Four biuchsd hit off Oam-
atitltasM ta tka atgbth Ihnlag Bettsd PHtaMrg tares
runs and the game. ThsaeorS:
Biriaauaa. , t ootsvrrxg.
a. a. m. a. a. a. a. ro. a. a.
Donoran, rf.i 2 1o o Clarke. If ...0 l i o o
BtrOnsry.cf I 1 i o o Hoy rf l 8 8 0 0
W. Olark.lb.o 2 18 O OlMiwr, rf, .0 n I 0 0
ll Brian, If. o 0 a o 0 Blchter. sb 0 0 14 0
1'alilen 2b.. fl I 8 4 O Decker, lb. .1 lull
O ay, 8b o 10 0 0 ftltchey, 2b..o 0 4 5 0
llowermn.e (i 0 8 1 0 t'llaimn.sO 14 2 1
Fl'.sn 1 0 8 1 Klttrtdce. r..tl 1110
Tsnnaliill.pl 1 1 8 O Cungham.p.o o 1 1 O
,Wagner... o OOOO
T.tsls 4 1017 14 1 tPownrs O 0 0 0 0
I Totals 1 81714 1
Betted tor Klttrlilge in tha ninth. 1 Batted for
Cnnnlngham in ninth.
Plttsbnra 0 0 10 0 0 0 8 0-4
IlllSTtHS O 11 II II II II II i 12
First bsse mi errors Pittsburg, 2: Louisville, I.
Jetton iises Pittsburg, : Louisville, e. 'iwo-hsse
bite My. LWker. Home run Hoy. HaTifire hit
O rtrlen. rionbls plays Ollngoian and Decker:
Cirhterurialsiedi. Htniekout Bi Onnnlnaham, 1:
y Tsnnehlil. Hit b pitcher Riteher. First bass
on balls-Off Cunningham, I : off Tannehlil, 1. Tims
1 hour and 45 minutes. Attendance l.ttK). I'm
plres Fnislle and McDonald.
Pittsburg Oiiipl.rs New York.
In the fifteen games ptayed between lbs Plttsbnrgs
and the New Vorks ths Bret-named club tried eight
pitchers, changing ths twlrlers in four of ths games.
Dohesy mads ths poorest showing of the fourteen
Eltehers, losing every ons of the four gsmrn In which
e occupied ths box. Following Is the rerord of ths
ot.ca aacoan.
r-M fleas-, .-brewa.-, Tctml Ttml
Wm. L04L Wtn. Loll. Won. test,
Hew York 8 4 1 6 S
Ftttabnrg 8 1 4 8 us
One ale gams played In Mew York.
At Bt. Mm. Bmn Bit: At:
ftawYork BBS 85 115 .188
Ihttabnrg 688 gl 188 .288
tbaw vraxstwe.
Put OmL A'liltt. ATrrert. Arr.
Haw York 40 180 45 .884
PitUbnrg 408 1U1 SB .88
bbw Toag rrrcwaaa' axcoan.
BtmtH Biltty
0mrt Oassts TVs Oppe- Oppo-
Wmn. Lett, ffasto. nenu. netiu.
Raais 1 10 0
Maekln l l i n 18
Seymour I 8 0 It) 84
pettig 1 1 O 20 81
Menafee O 1 O 8 11
Doheny O 4 O 24 82
Seymour relieved Orttlg. Meekln relieved Doheny
Sad Doheny relieved Busts In three of ths games lost
y Mew York.
nrisauaa rrroaaaaf arcosn.
Cnmrt Oam't Tu Oppe- Oppe-
Won. Lotl. Oomtl. mntl. tuntt.
Xlllea.... 8 l o 18 80
Tsnnehlil 8 1 1 IB 88
Hhines 1 1 1 17 27
HsstUgs 1 10 4 8
Lever 1 10 18
Gsrdnsr.. 1 0 0 0 8
S offer 0 10 8 1
art. 0 10 7 10
Hoffsr relieved Tsnnehlil and Lever relieved Bsrt
in games lost by the Pittsburg. Tsnnehlil relieved
Lever In a gams won by ths Pittsburg. Tannshlll
nliered Rhine In a tie game.
Baseball Games To-Day.
Baltimore at Ksw York: Boston st Brooklyn! Wsh
Itarton at Philadelphia: Olsvelsndat 8t. Loula: Pitta
burg at Loulaville.
Baseball Notes.
Mayflower. The umpire en the bases la the one to
make the ruling.
Three umpires were assigned to officiate in yester
day's game at Washington Park. When Oaffney
lorsteoT Brown and Connolly hs departed for ths
Polo Gronnde.
Two national League teams ware defeated at In
dianapolis on Wednosdsy by ths Western League
clnb of that city. The CtnclnnaHa were beaten In
the first gams by a score of 5 to 1 and the Clcrelsnds
In ths second by 8 to 1.
President Ebbets la in favor of having his player
train In Brooklyn next spring and play exhibition
games a soon ss the wsather permits. This early
statement of Mr. Ebbsts probably means that ths
Brooklyn player will da their preliminary work at
Manager Hanlon said yesterday that the postponed
Boston-Baltimore game of Wednesdsv will not be
played off. Hs stated that hla team would play
aeven uamea next week, four with the New York,
including a postponed game, and three with the Bus
tons, all at Baltimore.
Pbikcbtoic, Oct 8. The senior claaa baseball team
won the ctsss championship to-day by defostlng ths
freshmen In a five-inning gams by 7 to o. Ths
freshmen hsve a stronst tesm and a hot time is ex
pected when they meet ths sophomore on Saturday
afternoon ia the gams which will decide second
Hard Fractlea by the Big College Elevens.
Cambbidoe. Oct. 6. In this afternoon's prac
tice the squad to form the 'varsity elsven for
the big games did Its first effective work of the
season In the matter of strengthening the weak
rush line. There was Individual coaching after
ths Yale system In abundance. Lewis, Bert
Waters. Norton Bhaw and Joe Upton pat on
moleskins and lined up against ths first eleven,
under ths general direction of John Cranston.
centre on Cumnock's winning '91 eleven.
Hitherto tha "ecrub" eleven has fought the
'varsity on even terms, but this afternoon ths
latter scored at will, running up a score of 80
to 0. Hallowell la again suffering from blood
ciot on the leg and was not In uniform. Kas
boii. the eorub centra was clearly out
playing Sargent when he had the Ill
fortune too severely eut bis eye. Jaffray
replaced htm. Shirley Ellis, the big 195-pound
back, la on probation and will not be able to
Jilay until after tho fall hour examinations un
eas he oan patoh matters up with tho faculty.
which Is not likely. Warren, who has Ibsen
laid off with a strained leg. did some running
this afternoon and expects to piny against
Dartmouth on Saturday. Ouy Hurchle who
ao successfully coached last year's freshman
eleven. 1b 111 in St. Margaret's Hospital. Boston,
with malarial fever, contracted at Santiago.
Philadslpbia. Oct. 0. Coach Woodruff was
not present this afternoon to coach the 'varsity
squad, but the practice went on just as of old.
C'apt. John Outland. therefore, had the team in
hand. The boys were lined up agalnat the
scrub for three-quarters of an hour'a hard
work. The 'varaitr side was made up of
Ovorfleld. Carnett. McCloskey. MoMahon. Beu
genberg. Coombs. Harrison. Qardlfler and
Walker. The play for the first fifteen minutes
was pretty much In the "varsity territory. The
scrub, under Hike Murphy's urgent coaching,
played snappy and stubborn football every min
ute. Harrison did manage to get around left
end for a run of about seventy yards for what
would have been a touchdown if he had run
It out
New Have, Oct. 0 Still another man. Phil
lip, looms up as a possible solution of the
vexstlous centre position problem that has
been worrying Tale football coaches for three
weeka. This afternoon two of the men who
hsve been playing at tackle and guard respec
tively played centre on the 'varsity. MoOee,
the oarsman and football player, haa always
been considered especially fitted for tackle
until recently, and Andrews has always played
guard. Theae men had a trial In Walton's
place, but they did not attract the amount of
attention aa did Phillips, who playod on the
cnllegealde. Corbln, '88, was a welcome addi
tion to the coaching staff to-day, and he Is the
only coach now with the men who haa played
In the centre of the line. He dovotod nil hla
tlmo to these men, but especially Phillips.
There was only one atretch of fifteen minutes'
work this afternoon.
PBiNCgTON, N. J.. Oot. fl Princeton's 'var
sity team was scored against this afternoon for
the first time this season. The scrub was
strengthened on the ends by H. Lathrope and
Craig, and the Drat bull was a big surprise lor
tho 'vut.-itv first eleven. Just before tho half
ended the varsity were fighting on their ten
yard line, but oould not gain, and Ayres fell
back to punt, but the scrub line got through in
time to spoil the nt tempt, forcing Ay run to make
n safety, in thosecono hnlf the 'varsity started
In to redeem themselves, and the llercest kind
of football resulled. Beam at r.ght tackle on
the scrub was carried off with n badly st rained
knee, which will keep hltn out of the game for
twoor three weekw, am) Jones, the scrub left
half, wa also forced to quit on account of a
twisted ankle.
Ithaca. Oct. II. On account of the unexpei-t-e.llv
bad gniiie tlie Coruell eleven had to play
n:ilnt Ay rtn 'Use yesterday, tho coaches Mm
iteii the bard wo-k Ibis nfternoon to ten-minute
halves. The bulnuce of the time vtn
deuitoi! lo developing trick plays to Hrr.ng mi
Hi- Indians on l-aHiiility next. Cornell looks
with a good deal of iinxlety on the outcome of
this game, an I eal.-ulatea that upon straight
out-and-out football the two teams an-nearly
even, with odds slightly in f.ivnrof the Indians,
tierause of excellence in putting. To affaet
this Cornell pruposcs to iutro luce n number of
trick I'lays tluit will pnr.r.lo nod lie latal to ths
red men.
An enthusiastic mealing of tha basketball players
of the National Athletic club was held on Monday
nl'ibi. when the playera reoruanUad for th eoinliig
s'-saou Two trams w.ll be pla ed in the flelu.
aud the followiUK ufiV.ers were . ho-ea. Mauaurr,
Arthur 1!. Jsaxer: laptain. Ii. Hruas: Hecietary.
Uear Hauck.
Ths KiiiekirtMi.-ker A. O. basketball team baaau
iiraotic- lu the gyuinaaintu last night. 1'ourofth
old players, Meerhoff. Keowu, Aeti ami Waters.
were on baud, aud with the new raudidatas eome
spirited work waa ,loue. No achedule will be ar
ranged until after the action or tha Metropolitan
Committee of tha V. M. C. A.
Baseball, Washington Park, 3:8X1 To-Uay.
Brooklyn vs. Boston. Adiii. 75o.. 50c.. 25c. Ad:
Baseball. Polo Granada, To-Uay, B:;i0 P. Bf .
Baltuxtor vs. New York. Aden. toeAd
' "
t-BB nwrnn col tabkh tbk bbob
BluaawaT Captaree tha Falrl Stake a
OataUe Odds ataeLeod of Dar Leaves
tha Maldea Olass with YYoaore Bardella.
Tabonret and Maximo Domes Wla.
F.xqulslte autumn weather favored ths racing
at Morris Park yesterday, and, although th
track had not quits dried oat after the rain
of tha previous evening. It was by no means
slow. Ths attendance waa again good, and ths
card was strengthened by two stake events.
Only four three-year-olde aooepted tha Issue
In the Falrvlew Stakes, at ons tolls and a six
teenth over ths hill, but even then the talent
went so wide of ths mark that the only eandl
date not seriously considered won easily. This
waa James Oalway'a colt, Blneaway. agalnat
whose ohanoei 8 to 1 was freely offered. De
canter ruled favorite, and Flax Spinner and
Handprsss were also well backed. Blusaway
led from flag-fall and won Inlen open gallop by
four lengths. A fierce straggle for the place
resulted In favor of Handprsss by a head.
Six runners turned oat for tha Bronx, ths
first of the autumn lightweight serial handi
caps for two-ysar-olds and upward. Tne
youngest of ths banoh. Autumn, waa first
choloe In the ring, and ho followed Blarney
stone elosely to ths last sixteenth, where Hand
ball challenged both and won by a head from
tha two-year-old. who beat Blameystone a
length. The horses behaved badly at tha poet,
aad il took over twenty minute to get them oft.
Tha first race of th day was simply an exer
cise gallop for the prohlbitlra favorite, Bar
della, but the second avant, a dash for maiden
two-year-olds, was a rare struggle all tha way.
Backers of th favorite. MacLeod of Dnro. had
their nerve severely tested, as he looked oat
of the hant until th last hundred yards. Then
he com with a grand rally, and, catching Or
deal in th laat two strides, beat him a head.
Moody, on Cosmopolitan, palled ap too abrupt
ly and scraped his leg badly against the fence.
He waa carried Into the paddock, bat rounded
to in time to ride In the laat race.
The handicap for three-year-olds attracted
six runners, and Mober Karl was played freely
at odds on. despite the tact that he waa con
ceding from llrteen to thirty-eight pound to
his opponents. The going and weight suited
Tabouret, and she outfooted her field all th
way. winning by a length and a half from Fleet
ing Gold, with the favorite third. Maximo
llome ran away with the laat race, with hla
eight rival trailing in at long Intervals.
For three-year-olds and upward, non-winners at
any tim of gl.000: weights ten pounds below th
acale: 800 added, of which I too to second and 880
to tblrd; pensltles and allowances: the withers mllei
Marker At MeOne'a b. f. Bardella. 8. by Th Bsrd-
Ella Lakeland. 11 (Spenser) 1
William Jennings's b. g. Atlsntn. 4. 108 (Metier). . 1
J. K. WsdsworthTa b. f . Lady Slsdaln.S, 108 1 Turner). 8
Time. 1:45M.
Bettlng-Ftvs to 1 on Bardella. 11 to 1 Atlantua, 8
to 1 Lady Disdain.
For maiden two-year-olds: (500 added, of which
70 to second snd 8() to third; Waighta Mn pounds
below the scale; the Ellipse course:
Eaatin k Larabl' b. 0. MacLeod of Dap, by Oan-
dlemaa Julia L , 112 (Turner) 1
J. Boden'a ch. a. Urdsal. 10V lO'Leary) 1
J. Rows A Co.'a b. o. Imitation, 112 (Spencer) 8
Tipirsllsnt, Flying Scotchman, FJlenlale. Hot, Ora
tion, Dr. FItzalmmoiiA, Cosmopolitan. Favonttis, Al
Beeves, Tyran, Juventss, snd Dorval also ran.
Time, 1:1 IK.
Betting Three to 1 against acLeod of Dare, 8 to
1 Ordeal, 8 to 1 Imitation. 20 to 1 Tipgallant. 1 60 to
1 Flying Scotchman. 15 to 1 FJlerdale. 30 to 1 Sol, a
to 1 Oration, 10 to 1 Dr. Pltasimmons. 100 to 1 Cos
mopolitan, 7 to 1 Favoniua. 150 to 1 Al Beeves, 18 to
1 Tyran, 8 to 1 Jnvsntaa, 40 to 1 Dorval.
The Fatrvtew Stakes; for three-year-olds, non
winners at any tim of 81.000; by subscription of
815 each, 3B additional to start: 81.000 added, of
which 8150 to second and 81 r.o to third; selling;
penalties and allowances; on mil and a sixteenth,
over the hill:
James Oalway'a b. c. Blneaway, by Getaway Bias
Maid, 7 (Burns) 1
P. J. Dwyar'a b. c. Baadpres. PS (O'Connor) a
V. R. k T. Hitchcock's b.c. Decanter, 101 (O'Lesry) 8
Flax Spinner also rsa.
Tims, 1 I48M-
Betting Right to 1 agalnat Blueaway, 8 to 1 Hand
press. 7 to 6 Decu ter, 5 to 1 Flax Spinner.
The Bronx HIghwelght Handicap; for two-year
olds and upward: purse of 81.000, of which 8300 to
second and 8100 to third; last alx furlongs of tha
Withers mile:
F. J. Dwyer'a ch. o. Handball. 3, by Hanover
Keepsake, rjo (Turner)... 1
A. J. Corner's hr. g. Autumn. 2, 109 (Mailer) 1
J. 0. Qulnn'a ch. c. Blameystone, li, 108 (Spencer).. 8
ktacy, St. Callattue, and Lady Marlon also ran.
Time, 1:16.
Betting Ten to 1 against Handball, 11 to 8
Autumn, 6 to 1 Blsrnevstone. 8 to 1 Macy, 7 to 1 St.
Callatiue. 8 to 1 Lady Marlon.
Handicap for three-year-olds: 8600 sdded. of
which 1100 to second and 180 to third; last seven
furlongs of the Wither milet
T. A. Mage's br. f. Tabonret, by Tom Ochiltree
Lixrie Tabor. 10U (Turner) , 1
Saneatlon Stable's ch. f. Fleeting Gold, 88 (O'Con
nor) t
3. W.Schorr A Son's ch. c. Lieber Karl, 126 (Burns). 8
L'Alouette, Filament, and Marlto also ran.
Time. 1:18M
Betting Five to 1 against Tabonret, 1 1 to 1 Fleet
ing (told. 7 to 10 Lleber Karl, u to 2 L'Alouette, 50
to 1 Filament, CO to 1 Merito.
Selling; for three-rear-olds and npward, non
winner since Sept. 13; 8600 added, of which 870 to
second snd 880 to third; weights fifteen pound be
low the scale; allowances; the Wither mile:
M. Clancy's ch. g. Kailino Gome. 3, by Victory
(Juesal. 100 1 Jones i 1
Oneck liable' b. g. Scotch Plaid. 8, 100 (Manor). .. 1
1. C. Quinn'a b. c. Estaca, 4, 111 (Spencer) 8
Premier, Tinge, Handsel, Sensational, Philip, and
Longaorealso ran.
Tim. U41M.
Bettlng Four to 1 against Maximo Gomea, T to 1
Scotch Plaid, 4 to 1 Estaca, 60 to 1 Premier, 10 to 1
Tinge, 3 to 1 Handsel, 7 to 1 Sensational, 600 to 1
Philip, 11 to 1 Long acre.
Book Making Money at Hawthorne.
Chicaoo, Oct. 8. Th Hawthorn track waa much
improved to-day and the raring waslnterrsting. The
horses are not running to form, and the books aro
all making money. Wliat-r-lon waa th only favor
ite to win to-day. Summary:
First lltcs-OM mile Hardly, 107 (Oray), 8 to I,
won; Her Favor, 107 (Everett), 8M to I, second;
Muskadlu. 110 (Garwood), 4 to 1, third. Time,
Second Bare Six furloags Traverser, HO(Bloss),
4)4 to I, won; Alkyar, 87 (Grayj, m to 1, second; May
W.. 112 iliupej,(i to i, third. Tim. 1:16.
Third Bace One mil and an eighth vYhat-er-lou,
107 (Beauchsmp). sven. won; The Devil, 108 (Gray),
8 to 1, second; Axnosna, U6 (Dupe), 4 so 1, third.
Tim, 1:68.
Fourth Race On mil and a sixteenth Zolo,
107 (Beauchsmp), 16 to 1, won; Gold Band, low
(Holdeni, 24 to 1. second; Brldgaton. 107 (Evarett),
8 to 1, third. Time, 1:50,
Fifth Baca Seven furlongs Survivor, 110 (H.
Martini, is to I, won; Cspseoum, ion (Kverett), 8 to
1, second: Quern of Bong, 108 (Baaucnamn), 8 to 1,
third. Time, 1:80.
Sixth Bare One mil and a aliteenth-Doubl
Dummy, 107 iBeauchamp), 13 to 1, wont Treachery,
107 (J. Ilriff). 5 to 1. second; Sutton, 114 iKverettl,
81 to 1 . third, lam, 1 60.
Tba Winners at Windsor.
Dxtboit, Oct, 8. Ths following are th results of
the third day's racing at Windsor. Track fair, weather
claar and cubit
First Usee Three quarters of a mil OddGenlus,
104 iBougir). 1 to 1, won; Virgie Dixon, low iValea-tiui-j,
4 to 1. second, Uaruey Aaron, Jr., 107 (Caetro),
8 to 1, third. Time. 1:11114.
Second Bace Five-eighths of s mile Tonga, 87
(I.. Wan, it . in to 1, won; Mark Hanua, lno (Hunger.
4 to 6, aecond; Bomany Bawney. loo (Valentino, 4
to 1. third. Time. 1 uiV.
TJiir t Race One mile and a slitoenth Cogmooaie,
lo., .Masuui. I to 1, won: Henry Lsunt, 108 (Wil
liams), 4 to 1, ssconii; Oar Johnny, 103 (Bongari, 16
to 1. third. Time. l:4Ht4.
Fourth luce Five and a half furlongs By George,
in, (Shermsul. even, won; atnjfo. V4 (L. Smith), loo
to I, annul. Vy Cotta. V7 (alasou), 10 to 1, third.
Time. lou.
Firth Uaoa Six and a half fnrlonge Prince
Zi-no. 1 14 nurviui. 6 lo I. won; Xovar, lit, (Taylor),
il to 6, aecond; lUvenua, UU (Flint). 8 to 1, third.
Time, 1.224.
auth Hart Three-quarters of a mile Mamie Cal
lau, luv lounger), 4 to 1, won; Loyal Prine. 104
iValruUnei 3 to 1. Hound: Trtvoli. 104 (I.. Smith),
l.'i lo i, tb.nl. Tim, I .-ISM.
taring at l.toul.
Cimiis.ui, Oct. 8. Two favorites, two aecond
rhoicea. aud two outsider won at Latonla to-day. T.
O. atcDjwaH's colt Batten, at 8 Pj 6, ran around In
tue aeioud race, aud hla ally Splrtturlle, at 1 to 8.
won galloping lu tha fifth. The track waa alow,
buuiiuerj :
First Bsse Six furiongs-The Star of Buthlrhem,
102 iBoutuardJ. 8 to 1, sun: Alii Belle, 102 Wil
luunai, 5 to 2. jsecoad; Couan Dor la, vu (i.'rowliur at),
2 to 1, third. Time, 1:1V.
Second Bars Five furlong--Donnbt Bain, 10
iKuhu), 7 to I, won, Batlen, loo (J Bill, I t,. :t, sec
ond; Holland, lot) (Coiiloi. .1 to t.iu r.i. Time, l.o4.
luinl Bare-Our nille and a sixteenth Kvallur,
toil (Morria mi), 3 to 2. won; Duu-a Comedian, loo
(Kohl.), .' to 2, eeCJIld; i,ettinau. 102 (Uuileis), 20
to 1, third Tiuie. 1:61M.
Fourth Bace Six turl'iiigs Vullet par-rius. 108
(IJui.ii , 12 to 1, won. Hi-. Bramble, log Hughe;.
12 to 1, ai'couu; Sangsuion, 1U4 (J. Hill , 3 to 1,
third, 'i Hue. 1.17
Fifth Bace g-'jv furlong -Splntuell. 1 1 6 (J. Hill).
1 to o, won, Sts Vic, lu.l Orowhurst . 4 to 1. ci-onil;
LsoeUa, lou iBritton). lo to 1, third. Time, i 0:114.
Sixth Hat' Mix furlongs kuritt, 102 il'rowhurati,
O to 1, sou; Aunt Maggie, 102 IN. Hill), 4 to 1. sec
ond; Aroturus, 105 (afatb), 10 to 1, third. Tim.
Mow from th flora World.
The stewards of ths Wesuhester Baclna Associ
ation yssUrday suspeadeu Jockey o Connor until
Get. 18 fur foal ridteg lu th fourth io. It waa
also decided to hold ah extra day's racing at Morris
Park on Friday. Out. I.
moBBtntowK'n bom nttow.
Mnbnrbaa Mow York Bociaty Oat la Foraa
at th Opening TsatardaF.
ftnburban New York society waa well repre
sented yterdr t the opening of the Morris
town Field Club's second annual horse show.
Ths exhibition I held at the beautiful Morris
town Driving Park, and the scene presented
waa a picture full of color and Ufa and fiction
Whsh the horses worn In motion OB the minia
ture track, surrounded by fashionable folk la
th box of th grand stand and on th roof
of the coaches and other four-in-hand turnouts
that filled the parking space In the Held.
Quit th prettiest feature of the afternoon
waa an exhibition of woman' turnout In
whteh appropriate carriages and aopolntmenta
as well aa th horse counted for th award. A
silver oup offered by Mrs. John I. Waterbury.
$39 In money, and thousands of dollars In foal
ing were at stake. Fir of th smartest turn
out that Morrlstown society ever w paraded
for th ribbon on the miniature track. Mr.
Robert I,. Stevens created something of a
stir by driving th spirited bay horns Cinch to
a high-set skeleton gig. Clnoh wore a kicking
trap and he hod a Will of his own. But when
the clever horsewoman who held th rein
mad th whalebone whistle about hla ears
Cinch stepped hi prettiest and pretended to
Ilk It. Miss Edith Oatlln's Peggy, a genteel
little bay mar Of perfect manners, mad
a pretty showing, driven by her owner to a
red-and-black runabout Th breedlest, best
formed hone In the lot was Ml Hmlth'a beau
tiful brown mars Countess, shown to a run
about, Mrs. Obarle M. Ohapln drove tha
shapely bright bay hors Took to a low-t
park phaeton with basket body, a footman In
livery on the rumble, making altogether a re
markably smart turnout and an appropriate
one for the olass. Mrs. John M. Shaw's
sprightly little chestnut mare Flossie, a pony
of 14.1 hands, won ths cup. Flossie knew It s
well as anybody, for the clean-limbed, knowing
little creature arched her neck more proudly
and stepped a good deal higher and mora
gracefully than before, when Mrs. Shaw sent
her twice around tho ring after the ribbon had
been tied to her headstall. She was shown to
a runabout. Mrs. Ohapln'a tasteful turnout
was nlnccd aecond and Miss Smith's Countess
waa third.
Edward Clark and Joseph Agoetlnl, who
judged the road horses yesterday, followed the
precedent established lost week at White
Plains by David Bonner and Albert Hall con
cerning the pacer as a road horse. Of tho four
teams shown for th cup offered by Wheeler U.
Peokbam, one was mad up of two little side
wheelers. Figuratively epeaklng, the judges
threw them over the fence. They were not
Hnsldered in making the award. The oup tell
William I.. Tomkins, President of the New
rser State Agricultural Society, who exhib
ited the bay trotting lTllles Mary Hanford and
I Jtdy Carr. Although the winners are only two
years old. they are well-developed, well-mannered,
well-matched youngsters of aire, style
and true, graceful action. Tho red ribbon and
aecond prire went to De Witt C. Flanagan's bny
mare Martha and Little Delle. Matthias
Plum's May and June were placed third.
ltlchard F. Carman's gray mare Marie, driven
by Louis ilalght. defeated the same owner's
noted show horse Walsingham In the class for
park horses of the larger type, winning tho
cop offered by Leslie P. Ward. Tho winner
wa not at her best yesterday, making several
breaks when asked to step along. Walslng
hsm moved beautifully, nnd the award was a
surprise to the spectators. Robert W. Cum
mlng's Artist was third. Later In the day Mr.
Carman drove Marie and Walelngham In the
lead of his four-ln-hnnd tesm, with a pair of
big browns for wheelers, winning the $100
Srize given by R. F. ltallnntlne. Mr. nnd
Irs. Charles M. Chopin's four bays, shown to
a yellow and black French break, were placed
Becond. One of the leaders was Tuck, winner
of second prize in the class for women's park
horses. Later the sporty little bay was shown
as a tandem leader, and with Nip in the wheel
won the cup offered by Grant B. Schley.
Charles Hnthaway's Princess and Stanton were
second and William Salomon's Erie and Colonel
werethlnl. James T. Pylo's spec is I prize for
park horses of the smaller sire In harness went
to Richard F. Carman's entry, an unnamed bny
gelding. 14.3 hnnds high. George Gregory's
nay mare Duchess was second. Theiudgca.
W. H. Catlln. T. A. Maitland nnd G. J.
Waters, withheld tho yellow ribbon In this
class. Cornelius B. Mitchell's special prize
for runabout horses was won by the Annamlalo
Stable's hay mare Mien Mlnch : E. T. H. Tnl
moge's Victor placed second. Thocup given by
Charles M. Cliupln for the best lady's saddle
horse went to the Annamlaln Stable's hay
mare The Bird, with Charles Dudgeon's Nn
hockllsh second. The hunters ana jumpers
performed Indifferently In the two classes
shown yesterday. In the class for heavy
weights Sidney Holloway. tho clever young
fiorseman of 10 years, won with old Grey
ock the prize offered by E. T. H. Talmnge,
Hart Bros.. Richmond, getting second place.
Young Hollowsy's entry In the class for maid
ens was ruled out for having won at White
Plains laat week. The prize offered by D. C.
Flanagan in this class fell to J. S. Frellnghuy
sen's four-year-old chestnut geldina Galopln;
W. Stanton Elliott's Mountain Maid second.
and D. C. Flanagau's Rough and Ready third.
Whitman and Ware Win the Intercollegiate
Double Championship.
Nbw Hatbx, Oct. 6. There was another up
set in the intercollegiate championship lawn
tennis tournament here to-day. Davis and
Ward, the crack "Colt" team that won the
Western championship at Chicago and then
came three times within a stroke of winning
the national championship at Newport, went
down before Hackett and Allen of Valo. This
was the first, last and only victory of Tale play
ers over Harvard men In this tournament, al
though they were opposed to each other in six
matches. Both of the Yale teams showed up
much stronger than expected In the doubles,
and while Davis and Ward were being beaten
on one court. Ware and Whitman were making
rough weather of It on the next court. Dodgo
and Noyes, the second Tale team, were thought
to be hopelessly outclassed, but they won the
first set, and In the second made a strong old
for the match. They led up to 54, but at this
point the Harvard team heemed to appreciate
tho gravity of their position, and won out tho
act with three straight games. The Yale pair
won only one game in the last set.
Ward was not in condition for a hard match.
His face was badly swollen up with a tooth
ache, but he held his end up protty well until
the end of the third sot. when Ills play slacked
off. Th Y'ale Dair lobbod Incessantly In the
first net, as the other New Haven men were
doing on the next court. At first Davis and
Ward seemed unable to koep the hall in court
at all, and Hackett and Allen won tho first set
to love. The play of the former pair improved
rapidly in the second set and they turned the
tables most effectually, their antagonists win
ning only one game. It was a toss-up all
through the last set. and the score ran up very
evenly until 4 all had been reached. Then a
long and oxcltlng game followed that was
finally won by the Yale team on their oppo
nents' errors. In the last came both Davis and
Ward played wretchedly, and four straight
errors gave a love game and the set and niutoti
to the Yale pair.
The final cpnteat In tho afternoon was rather
one-sided. Hnekett and Allen seemed to be
tired from their morning matches and neither
played eo well, while the display of Ware nnd
Whitman was much better than In the morn
ing. A streak of carelessness and Whitman's
errors gave to the Yale pair n lead of 52 in tho
third set. and then after the Harvard men had
crawled up to . all thoy lost tho set. The last
get was easy for them. Whitman Is much loo
slow in his movements for a llrst-class double
player, mill his tenm Inst many times by lobs
over hi head, which he failed to back up in
time. Although Whitman la a whole class
stronger in singles than Sheldon. Ware nnd
Whitman did not at any time show tho akill of
the champion pair. Wanl and Sheldon.
The final match In singles between Ware and
Davis, both of Harvard, will be played to
morrow morning. To-day's scores follow :
Championship Hlngles Bcmi-flnal round D. F.
Davla, Harvard, beat W. K Aucbluclosa, Cornell,
8 8. o 8.
Championship Doubles Preliminary round
lUrkett and Allan, Vale, best Aucbiiiilnaa and Wag
ner, Cornell, it 4, 84.
Harai Final Round Whitman aud Ware, Harvard.
bet Dodge and Noyea. Vale, 8 8, 7 6, 1: Hack
ett aud Allan. Vale, beat Davis and Ward, Harvard,
8 o, l s. rt-.
Final Bound Whitmsn and Ware. Harvard, heat
Hackett and Allen, Vale, B-0, 8-8, 67. 8-3.
Chess Notes.
Steinltc. according to Ixuidon papers, is still
at that city. He gave a simultaneous exhibi
tion at the Hastings and St. Leonard's Chess
Club recently. The veteran won sixteen games
and drew three.
Max Gunsbcrg and Julius Finn, both mem
bers of the Cosmopolitan Cheas Club, will play
a game with living pieces at tho Windsor
Theatre on Oct. 20. Ciue 11 Koohler, cham
pion of New York State, will be the referee.
The annual election of nffloera of the Pills
bury (.'heSH Club of Brooklyn resulted as fol
fows: President. Charles 11. Diithty. Jr.: Vlce
Prnsident. K. II. Wagner; Treasurer. E. Hen
Hi'lii'l; Secretary, Elmer II. Van Matin; Board
of Directors. 1. Delsslg, ll P. Cmtrunder. J. A.
Con It nils: Delegate to the Brooklyn Chose
Longue, C. l. Dilthry. Jr. The club meets at
5.'li Grand street.
British papers which came to hand yesterday
announce that Sir George Newnes has aub
scribed $1,000 toward the prise fund of the
imposed international tournament to be held
n May next at London. It is further stated
Unit only sixteen competitors will be admitted
to the contest aud that each will have to play
two games with every other. The promoters
of the scheme are now engaged in aeleetlng a
working committee, and It la understood that
air George Newnes will act aa President and L.
.oiler aa fioetwtary.
TFire Arrn bawd bkatkb rw tbb
Hirriiw-ovT Bovfio.
Bold, Jr., Morris, and Kenalea Playing la
Winning Form Good Sport la tha llap
hatord Consolation Fonrsorbes Aarter
aoa and Tucker la a Prfalonnl Match.
Yesterday was a rerfeet October dsy. and the
golfer In tha Bt, Andrew's open tournament
had every opportunity to play well and b
happy. Wednesday's rain waa only recalled by
th brlghtor green of th turf, for the eoutse
waa thoroughly dried out and alt th better tor
th eoaklng. There waa quite a number of
spectator to watch tha play, and tha club
house veranda, which overlooks tha valley
hole, was gay with parti of women and their
escorts, who had forsaken the tame to enter
tain their visitors. Anlen M. Bobbins, jnst
baek from Porto Rico with bl brother of th
Fnglneer Corps, whom he fonnd sick at Ponce,
was on of th onlooker. He sailed for Porto
Blco on the Saturday before the amateur cham
pionship, for which he wo on of the favorite.
The soaking did not tone up the playera the
way It did th links, for ao many of th thirty
two who had qualified for tha consolation four
some failed to turn up that th original condi
tions had to be abandoned and nearly a dosen
pressed Into ths contest to make np the re
quired thirty-two pair. This haphazard way
of choosing partners brought about some eom
pllcatlona. Usually foursome are mad np of
golfers who agree thoroughly In their methods
and temperaments aad who Ilka to play
On result of th way th pair were mad
np had an amusing aide. When X and 7 part
ner for th first tim on any link, lost it
match two entirely different hard luok torle
would be told, according to th speaker and hi
listener. When X told th story all th blun
ders wer laid on Z. while when ths latter re
lated to hi friend how he had lost. X was held
resnonslbl for every mishap of ths round. In
one Instance one partner was exceedingly
Eoisy and garrulous in Instructing his partner
ow to play: In fact, be often bordered on the
abusive. His partner, after the last stroke in
th losing match, slowly removed wad of
cotton from his ear.
What la the matter with your cars ?" asked
the other partner.
" Nothing at all," was the reply. " I only
tuned my ears on account of your notoriety as
a disputant. I have not heard a word you said
throughout the match."
Thellrst round for tho St Andrew' Cup did
not create much Interest, as It was regarded aa
the usual slftlng-out process of a tournament.
The match between Menzles and Tyng. how
ever, was of Importance, for it was considered
tbat the winner would receive a very good
chance to last out the finals unless Norris
should rrovo the stumbling block In the
way, Tyng won the first three holes In
good style in 5. 3, 5, after which
mentle won two straight In R's. the
'Ml and 305 yard holes. They halved the
sixth. Tyng winning the seventh, of 417 yards.
In 5 to 7. Menr.les won the short hoi In a
nnd the 003-yard (ninth) hole In 0. Tyng miss
ing an easy put to halve. This mode them all
even at the turning point. On the homeward
journey each won two holes, the others being
linlved. which brought them all square to th
tome green. The extra hole to decide was won
ay Menstles. 5 to 7. They were on the green In
8, but Menzles was only five feet from the hole,
while Tyng was forty feet away. The cards
Menrle 4 B 7 B 8 ft 7 8 rl-40
Tyn, 8 8 6 8 8 8 B 6 747
Manr.les ft 4 4 6 7 8 8 8 44382
Tyng 6 4 6 6 8 4 6 8 4 48 MO
Norris, the Dyker Meadow representative,
had a narrow squeeze from defeat by Ransom,
one of the younger set from Albany. After
being 3 np at the eleventh hole Norris struck
a poor nutting streak and the match was all
even at the fifteenth green. Norris then won
by two perfectly played holes in a 3 and a 4 on
the latter rimming the cup on the Iron ap
proach and by halving the seventeenth. The
cards were:
Norris S 6 7 4 4 8 8 4 648
Hansom 8 6 6 4 4 6 6 4 6 47
Norris 4 4 6 7 8 8 4 6 41 87
lUnsnm S 6 C 6 8 6 6 42 8t
Bye not playod.
Sands, who was on his long game, but wo
fully weak in approaching and putting, fell
victim to Steele on this round. A closely
fought out match was that between Thompson
ami Watson, who haa to play twenty-one holes
before tbo Issuo was decided In favor of the
Morris County man. The cards for elghteon
holes were:
Thompson 6 6 8 6 8 6 6 6 6 47
Watson 8 8 6 6 6 7 6 4 6 18
Thompson 6 6 6 8 6 4 4 6 4 44 98
Wataon 6 6 6 6 8 4 6 6 4 48 1)4
For the extra holes the strokes were: Thomp
son. 4, 4.4; Watson, 4. 4.5. Reid was paired
with Unham and won by 5 up and 3 to play.
His card was:
Ont 6 4 6 6 8 6 6 4 643
In 46846860 4 4183
The afternoon round settled that Thompson.
Reld. Menzles. and Norris would meet In the
semi-finals this morning snd thoy are paired
as named. Schroeder did not play up to his
past form, but at his bent on the game be ex
hibited yesterday Thompson would have come
very close to winning. Norris won without
being closely pressed rrom Smith, while Reld
also had an easy match. Cochrane showing be
low hla usual style. Hold's card was :
Ont 6 4 4 6 4 6 4 8 643
In 6 4 6 14-68
Byes not played.
Steele did not push Menzles as hard as some
had anticipated, and he was 3 down at the turn.
In the long game Menzles had always a shade
the better of it. but he scored heaviest In ap
proaching, while there was little choice be
tween the two In putting. Steele seemed qulto
unable to use the mnshie, and ho would have
fared better If he had left this club out of his
bag. His only good Iron plays are the full
shots. Menzles won by 4 up and 3 to play. The
cards were:
Menzles 6 6 8 4 6 7 6 8 846
teal 7 8 6 7763 7 60
Menries 8 4 4 4 7 8 3(1-74
Bteele 4 4 7 7 80 80
"Bye not played.
The first and second rounds were played In
the Consolation Foursomes, leaving four vary
well matched pairs to meet In the semi-finals
this morning. Kane and Chadwick had to play
nineteen holes to win the verdict. Thesum
jnuricH follow:
8t. Andrew's Oup First round W. IV Thompson,
Morris County, beat B. C. Watson. Weathrook. by 1
up (31 holea); A. Bchroeder, kloutchur. bat Wj N.
Murray. Allegheny, by 6 up and 4 to play; A. De Witt
Cochrane, at Andrew's, beat A. O. Jennings, Dyker
Meadow , by default: Johu Held, Jr., Ht. Andrew's,
beat J. B. I 'phain. Ht. Andrew's, by 6 up and a to
plav; J. N. St. i Is. Jr., Nutley. beat vv. Ii Simla, Bt.
Aimrew'. by 4 up and 8 to ila : F. W. Mentle. Ht.
Amlri'W'a. beat J. A. Tyng, Morris t'oiiuty, by 1 Itu
(It holes); A. L. Nome. Dyker Mi adow, beat C. u.
hansom. Albany, by 3 up and 1 to play; John Smith,
l'owrltnti, beat J. B. Baker, Ht. Andrew', by 3 up
and 1 to play.
Hi'i'ouil Bound Thonipaon beat Sohroeder by 6 ap
and 4 lo play; Reld beat C- ohiane by 7 up and 6 to
play; Mt naiea tieat Steele by 4 Up and 8 to play;
Norris heat Hiuith by 8 up and 3 to play.
Consolation Fouraomea First round M. Ballou,
Apawanils, and II. W. Hlociiru. Stateu Island, beat
li. 11. Uobertaon and I. T. Ulldreth, Ht. Andrew'a, by
4 up and 8 to play; J. C. Ten Fock, St. Andrew'a, and
W H. Eddy, Country Club of Weateheeter. beat O. I).
Thuiupa in. Allegheny, and A. MeClave, Ht. Andrew'a.
bv .1 up and 1 to plan (ircnrille Kane, Tuxedo, unu
Joseph Chadwirk, Powelton. beat Daniel t'bauueey,
Dyker Meadow, and A. U. Hodft-ea. Boekaway Hunting,
by a up and 3 to plat ; V. P. Xitlgaley, St. Andrew'a.
and U. 1'. Tittaiiy, i'owelton, heat O. E. Armatrong,
btaten Island, and J. (', Uentiard, Titiedo, by 3 up
aud 3 to play; 0, I,. Tapplu. Westhrook, and J. I.
Blulr. Morris County, beat W. II. Inula, bt. Andrew'a.
and I, I. Clark. Kimlrwoud, by 4 up and 8 to plav.
The by ea were t H. Holhrook, Jr.. St. Andrew'a, and
L. T. Tlmage. Jr., Tuiedo; C. F. Wataon. aCaeet
County, and J. A. Wright, St. Andrew'; W. A.
Aitr.ance, Poweltun, and 0. I,. Perkins. Boclaway
Heciiiid Bound Holbrook and Talmage beet Ballou
and Hloouui by 1 up; Kane and Chadwirk brat Teu
Kick and Eder by a up and 1 to play; Kingaley and
TltTeuv heat Wataon and Wright by 8 up aud 7 to
Iilay; Tapplu and Blair bat Adrlauee and Perkins
ly 3 up.
The professionals. Will Anderson of Haltus
rul und Will Tucker of the home club, played a
friendly match in the afternoon. Anderson
had the longer drive aud aecoud shot, as a rule,
while Tucker's strength lay in hla Iron nhots.
Neither could put well. and. as a stroke lost on
the green counts as much as a drive, the scores
maile were no better than amtiteurs could do.
Anderson won by 1 up. Tbeoards:
An.l.isoii 4 6 7 4 7 8 6 6 446
Tucser 6 4 6 8 11 4 6 6 444
Andentuu 6 4 6 6 4 4 4 4 6-40-01
Tui-ker 4 4 4 7 6 4 6.', 4 46 K3
In addition to the cup rounds there will be
an exhibition foursome this alteruoon. tho best
ballot each aide to count at each hole, between
Fiinlluy S. Liouglax, the amateur champion,
ami W. H. Smith of Vale, agaiunt Will Auder
Kiiiutui Will Smith, the Caniiuslle prorosuional.
now at the bhiuueoock Hills Oult Club.
Cbicaoo, Oct. . Th annual tournament of
the Ouwentsla Uolf Club Is In progress this
week on the links at Lake Forest. The Rnvlnouk
Ciin. for which H M. Hsrrlmsn of the Meadow
brook Club ecorud a win lost year, ia again lu
competition, but the Kasteru playera will nut
play. For tim third time in the history of the
cup the medal for the best score lu the qualify
ing round waa wan by William McCauley. His
card was;
Out 6 6 8 6 6 6 4 648
In 6 6 8 6 6 6 8 6 84688
The others to qualify for the match-play
rounds were:
A. C. Smith. 8; Louis Allls, 88: K P. Boyd. 86; H.
U. Bhsirsou. W7: Throilor bheldou, UU, Jartle Hunt,
Pi); D Koven Towner, 14.
, U. J. Wulgliain and Ll. II. Forgan are tarutr
In the Walden Cap foursome. Which they Won
last year.
PaiKotTOB. Oct. 0. The isml-flnals of the
annnnl golf tournament for the champlonhlp
of the university were held to-dny en thn links
M the rrlncrton (lolf Club. The following mnn !
qualified for the finals, which will beplsvedolT I
to-morrow: (Irlswold. 'tat; Kellogg, liKHi: Wil
son. 1H02. and Chllds. 1B01. The miMoh be- I
tween Orlswolrl and Murphy. 1S.I. was very ex- !
citing: both made the elghteenfh hole In ml
strokes, but In the play-off on the extra hole
Orlswold won. The other matches were: Krl
'gg defeated Brown, HMI'lZup; Wilson ile
feated Stuart. lfsfK), 2 op and 1 to play: Child
defeated Ralston. TH), 5 up and 4 to nlay ho
schedule of game which havo been ar. ed
thus far for the team Is: Oct H. St. Andrew's
Clnb, on St. Andrew's links: Oct. 13, Lnwronee
ville. at Ljwrencevllle: Oot. 15, Westchester
Club, on Westchester link.
PiTOsFiBt.s, Oat. 0- In the second tiny of the
woman's open tournament on the Btockbrldge
links to-day perfect weather prevailed. The
day was Ideal cool and clear. The links were
In splendid shape and the greens fast and per
fect. Owing to the postponement of the match
scheduled lor Wednesday on account of a
storm tho first play of to-day was for the Hnn
dlcap Cup. which was won by Miss Nellie liarnes
of Lenox. Her scorn was: 100. II. 10'C In
ihe Apt round for the Consolation Cup
lis Mabel Choatn beat Miss Mabel Canning VI
up. Miss Hitchcock beat Mies Fountalnn 5
Up and 3 to play. Miss Kohlsaat beat Miss
Buckner 2 up. Tne contest for the cup offered
by Joseph H. Choate waa very wed plsyed.
Miss Maude Curtis beat Miss Nellie liarnes 1
up In ten holes. Miss Clarke beat Miss K. Ol
iver 3 up and 2 to play. Miss K. Lapslev beat
Miss Wheelook 0 up and 8 to play. Miss A.
Javpsley beat Mia Mabel Choate U up and 7 to
The seventh match for the Foots Cup at the
Morrla County Golf Club on Wednesday waa
Th Ardsley Club Committee has mad It
deolsions in the bogle competition during Au
gust and Boplember. The first prize was won
by Richard Churchill, bogle having beaten him
but 1 up. and Ia, II. Churchill. 2 down, won the
second prize. The first and secoud prizes for
fomen were won by Mrs. F. L. Eldrldge, I
wn, and Mrs. A. I)s Witt Cochrane, 3 down,
his week the women entered for the women's
championship have the privilege of the link
and clubhouse.
The Richmond County Country Club team to
meet the Staten Island Cricket and Raseball
Club team for tho lnteroiub Cup on Saturday
Will be made up of L. B. Stoddart. A. E. Pater
eon, J. E. (i. Hlgglna. E. O. Schuyler, .lanios
Park. Otis L, Williame. J. R. Chadwlek. C.
Btewart. O.K. Willis, and C. A. Fry The
match will be played on the Richmond County
links. The team now has a lead of 44 holes for
the trophy.
BRira ow tbb wbbbxbtxb.
H Prospect of an Early Discussion of th
Racing Question.
While T. J. Keenan. Jr., First Vice-President
of the I,. A. W.. remains In Europe, It will be
Imooeilble to obtain a full meeting of the Ex
ecutive Committee to discuss the racing ques
tion and determine what report the committee
shall make to the next national assembly con
cerning whether or not there exists any other
organization capable of taking tho control of
racing. President Potter said yesterday tog
reporter of Thb Sun that he believes the Execu
tive Committee ia unanimous In the sentiment
that there Is no other organization capable of
controlling th sport. This foreshadows that,
inasmuch as attempts are being made to break
the League's control of racing, the latter will
enter the fight to maintain Its supremacy.
While the leaders of the New Tork delegates
are in favor of the League giving up raolng.lt Is
qulto possible that they will fall In line and that
there may be no agitation on the subject at all.
A story of an Interview between "Major"
Taylor and Chairman Mott of the Racing Board,
related by President Potter, has a touch of
grim humor. It was at the time when the
"Major" wanted to break away from those
who had been managing him and raco at
Springfield without their permission. Chair
man Mott was at Manhattan Beach, and after
each side had advanced Its arguments Mott
told Taylor that If he went to Springfield and
broke hi contract he would be suspended.
Taylor requested a few words in private with
tho Chairman, and they withdrew to an adjoin
ing room. Taylor looked about the apartment,
and then said: "They will listen at the key
hole." He led Mott to a far away corner, and
then said:
" Mr. Mott, your threat (o suspend me does
not strike any terror to my heart, and I don't
know but what I had rather be suspended. If
I was, I could not make any money by riding,
but I could kick up my heels and have a good
time. But If I am not suspended, I have got to
work hard and not get any money anyhow. I
guess you'd bettor suspend me and let me have
a good time."
Chairman Mott proceeded to talk Taylor out
of his notion snd Induced him to go back and
ride according to his contract, and lot the
Racing Board protect bis financial interests.
An Informal meeting of the National Cycle
Track Team Association was held at the Im
perial Hotel yesterday. The finances of the
organisation were the chief topic of discussion.
No statement showing the result of thesea
aon's work has been announced, hut It is un
derstood that the result of hiring pacing teams
and racing men ho- not been sufncieiitly
fruitful to justify tho sumo plan being followed
next year. Practically all the tracks in the Na
tional Track Association were represented at
the meeting, and the mutter of hills against the
several tracks which caused their suspension
by the Racing Hoard came up. It wiih agreed
to leave the settlement of the question to an
arbitration committee of three lawyers, one to
be selected by the Berkeley Oval management. I
another by the Manhattan Beach and a third
by the Massachusetts Athletic Association.
Shoeo present at the meeting wer H. C.
odges. H. E. Dueker. L M. Rich. T. H. ltynn.
W. Lock wood and L. II. Adams.
A little nickel-plated pistol which has been
lately put upon the market Is becoming popu
iar with bicyclists. The pistol does not shoot
bullets, but water, diluted household am-
iiiiiiiin- In tact, anything liquid. It squirts n
fine jet n distance of two or throe yen Is This
let can lie aimed with u fair dcaCrce of accuracy.
The pistol hus a trigger and a magazine, tho
latter being a rubber bulb located in Hie stock
To load It tne muzzle ii placed In any liquid
and kept there while the trigger is held buck
and the bulb pressed Hat. The pistol is tired
by pulling the trigger and squeezing tie- bulb
with a quick, spasmodic pressure. The man
who patented the justol suys it is u weapon
which protects bicyclists against vicious dogt
and footpads, does not kill or injure, make no
noise or smoke und is perfectly safe to handle.
New Bgt'KHWirg, Oct. 0. The annual full
race of Middlesex county took place on the
macadam road, betwuen Metueheii mid High
bind Park, yesterday afternoon. There were
two races, one of Hi miles and the other of 25
miles. Joseph Hiiilebmmlt. with .'I minutes
handicap, won theilrst In "Jit minutes lioy I.
I. ctwui was second and Itudolpli Hiigle third.
Fred l.et-on won the time prize. Marling fiom
scratch, finishing In 27 minutes mid 3 Seconds.
The twenty-Nvi'-nille rtieo waa won by .IbiiU'H
Uregoiy of Nuwiirk. With 2 iiiinuten handicap,
He lliilshed in 1 hoitrlt mlnuband I3htn N
Edward Tlinma "f New Brunswick, tin.'i I
minute handicap, wan scciind. and ( . HaUair
of Newark. 2 minutes liamlii'iip, whh third J.
Hanson of l'erth Amlmv won the time prize
anil brokf the twenty-llw-rnili- ro cord lor tho
road. His time was 1 hour. I' minutes atul:i'a
WasHISinos. Oct (I The Hist Natlonui Cir
cuit uu-etof the Racing Cyclists' I'uiuii wtikhuiil
mi 1 1n. Far truck thin aiieriioi in 1 - gttond'
unco wua fair and tin- racing good, There were
fourteen inees. cmnpO'.cd of three lin.il ah1
i h'wii picliuiihiiir mere The llrst llnul wan
tho iiic-f.iurth mile ehttiiploiikhip 1008 lor
iH.liits The winner won tki iKilnts. tin. sccniid
40. the third 30, the fourth 2D and tbo iliti, 1"
Th race resulted: tiwen himhh. Ilrst. Major
Tuylor second. Kddle BaJd thud, iirlnndn
Steven fourth and 1 ! Minn tilth. Tunc. :t:i
seconds. The score of tho leader m the na
tional clis.iniuoiis.hip nice now Munilx. Bald.
INS; Taylor. leMs Kimble, 172; McFurinnd, i.t.
be.'oiiii K.tiit i lie mile, i iaaa rai II. li -i.-i.
on ttujl, i). ' Al Tan atirohd, A. I, Jitoisli third.
'I line. '' minutes 4u see mds.
Third Event Oite-mlli handicap- ArtluirUar In-r
won. f. A. MeKarlAiul are ,nd. Owen Kimble third,
li, d Sill, s font-, Tune, i iiiluote, 4-6 -ond.
ixnutu.fiioN ton hi) i Max.
O.J. Haiti- Prop) i.rai ii Central Uatlou to C'e
Brooklyn V .at ofBnr, ml. lu Mulls - -,iue, t
Twenty -i a tti street, Hon weat t, Ktgbth avauue;
toll the iut-r lo iludaolt air t. i Ii ginars
airirt. ride .i.i t.-(' i:tr- .-tr.et. cross tin B.-oklyu
bridge, and ride up Uaahiugt"ii street to die Poet
o:tu e
I. A Van ("evi I'roin lire k' mi til (Inr.len 1' t
anl return, rule to i'roap. . I par i'i nuAlieil
folle Kii ru larkway tu 1-a-oiu Pai!. Mm a-t-
n, on to JaDiali a, rule to iiio ens end otnHf on
nlauk road to lleuipauud i'il-. follow thl- reap tu
liardrn (.'uy. returning, tlu aeroa to Uyde Park.
and i oiitinue on Jericho turnpike to (Janus, r
tra lug route to llnioklyii
M H (' i'n lu Kliuliet'.i to Piainflell, re'e to
Boaelle and through Aldene. (i'infij, liewood,
Weatu, hi. lausni'd ami Ni therwooil tu 1'laiuth Id
Tremout, N. V. Oo not know of aio century r ina
ernedulrd for the dates you mention.
Kejder Aiq.li In W. X Hull, Heeiwtary Ne York
State irivlsiuu 1. A. W., Vi.ol.roili hnllding, Sow
if. L nalkcr.-rruai U jtil.u I Mill to I'luladcl
:: The Advertised Price
of rn nrtlols is verj often ; ;
'i ' mislendinpr. When we aaf that! ,
!Ifor thirty-four yemt Keep's!!
shirts hare been, und are to-;;
'day, the best at any price, and' j
! ; the price i only $9.00 for nix! !
; ; shirte, we do not expect yob to; ;
believe tin until yon hare ez-
! ! ".mined them, then you will be! ',
; ; convinced.
Ready made, It, $1.50. I
' ' Made to measure six for $9.00; '
! ! if laundered $1.00 more. ',
i ii
Special Kcrp'i Imported hotiwtg,"
J 25c. per pair, worth 40e.
; ; Makers of Kwp's Shirt, ; J
; ; B'way, bet. 1 1th and 12th Sts. ; ;
! I Wi havt no othtr ttort In Ifme York. !
! . '
tornm.' tflwtf.
Successful Golfers ?
y tsR S
B. 6. 1. COa'8 I
A Full line of wooden and Iron
S clubs of the most approved styles, ?
I including s
(One Piece Orivera end Brasiays,)
I Goll Balls and Caddy Bias. )
4 Complete catalogue containing f
f instruction at ?
? " How to Play the Royal & Ancient Game " X
f mnlli-il upon application. S
( 313-315 Broadway, N. Y. ?
I ;TVeee4)eVd4di ,
!:$1 Down !i
; Pierce, Crawford, j;
;: . Wolff-American
J ! (" K. O. T. CO.") ', ',
y. ( Third lloar, (olamblm UulliUnf), "
; ; II 23 B'way. cor. 25th ft. 3 1
', ! BBOOKLi-JT, j '
i")4 ;
$75 AND S86,
I 9 East I 4th 8t N. V.
Tho name " Hartford" stands for tire ex
cellence the world over. We have a lot or
(100 pairs tho wind-up of the season from
which wo agreed to partly remove name to
Ket the price low enough to sell at 2.25
each. We know Hartford quality is right,
aud so fjuiminteo them fully.
1 Naaaan tit., near MaliUn Lan.
Harlem Branch
Sth Day, Saturday, Oct. 8th.
The IlniK-lio del I'nsii, Ths Morris Park
tspt-i'tnl uf IVS.OOO, at Twn Mllea, Tba
Oetolier sir, -ill, I'liaae HhikIIcbp and
Three Other ftaeea.
First Ha, a at .' P. M. Muslr br Conternoa Band.
Take i!d v. " L" t.i Willi av.. thenrs br Hpsrial
Tralus tu Morris Park at 11:80, li-A';. tor,, 1:3.
J 40. .Oil anil 2:16 P.M. PIEI.l), Ml CEMTB.
phia, rids to ontral Valley aad throngb Xewburg
.liinrtiuu, Ardon. soitiiiUul.la, 1 ii,,-ii(i. Hloatabilrg,
Btmapu, Uillliurn, S iff.-rii. Mahwah, Raiusay's,
Allemlilr, Wsldwlik. Hulinllls MditrwiKid, Para
n. us, Arrnla lo Wsohawkftu, Ui Hudsiiii t'ounty Bou
levard, to the Nt'wark plank mail, tii Kswark. to
InrUigtaB, Milliuru. SpnnirneM. Hintili Plain,
PlainAeld. Nrw lUrket. liouuil lirook, Hoinerville,
llrllr Mi-silr, I'lillnvll.r. Ulawruhurg, Hnprwrll,
I' n iiii,:ti'ii, I'lMitiiu. Hnstol. FranLfurd to Pblla
ili'lpiua. M , ...
It U. H limits from .It-racy City lo I'lainlUl.t aa
liiblisbecl In The 8in oo Oct. 1.
The Orestsr Ni-w Tnrk Whsslmsa will bold a mset
iiikr on next M -i.ila.v iiikIii.
I'lir liliyi-l.- i ars iiu.- Iirrn discontinued on th
ilsnbattaii BIsvatMl Kallroarl. Til. blrjcia Iraftio
..iiniiir ibe .. anon f huh is saiil to hav bea very
Mttsta. tory to tb nlliiial- of the mail,
A lou-nilli' riiail in,,', open to iirofsaslouala, will
tin hrlii at IIiiIIaIooii o,t it. A purse of ISftoalll
en tollii-! II' r. A spntal tliue nrireof 2R0 Will
" Tb Aaao latuil 5 1 ling Clubs of Long Island will
j.-.li th, r anil isl lull ri'lub i.aui road rae of ten
n. il. a 'o- i.' r in. i n fir rotirsa at l.wittrook. Th
Kiiik. t'oiinty ttbr, iniin, thsHotitli Brooaltn Wheel.
nii, ami o.hi-r orkiauiiustloiis bav ,-nt i , -1. and,
as nil in:v hail l'siii" hanl at work for sums Una
iiaat.Kuoii spori ni.ii tin ! i-'i-ii'il.
on ii-'it Himilur thr iirlUiit cycle Club will hav
a run to Tottiinlll- br war of the lindane t'onntr
lloiilnarrl. Klil.rs will leave lb ilnbhnua, it i
Kai 1 lutii sir. . t. at in o'clock In the morning. I'u
ullii.'li, il alinllinli will lie w, Iron,..
Cussip of the King.
Til, te i a litter at tbis office for Jack O'DnnneU.
Will Pt Burn, Hie 1 antaiu puanllst. kinJly sang
bit ad liauaa tu tbUaScal
Klngstou, iloinloiit, N. Y Tliy met in Mew Or
I, n, on kunb . 1KU2. The hatilo waa for pur
or IIU.IMIU. Kilsiiniuoii. won in twalve rounds.
' M sirnois ' 11 ll Hiuith and Charley McKaave Ba
am lapui'ted aa bwng in rare trim lor their twrnty
iii, oir i, I bout, h (i lairs l.la.c at the l.rlioi A. 0,
to in.:!. t. jfr
lack Dlr , wbo Is to nl Owu Ziegler at Ooner
Inlaml in i Momlay n'ght. is the favonU In the het
t ug si lo i io - i. liic pair will meet lu twenty-mi-
roiiml botlt.
ii. ii- Dacar, tba ralatgji ligntwetght, basbaoomaa
Uiatlsgrr of ,,,ii,.i.. in w, wbo ia al pras.m
ioiat.,1 in liarlfonl, antes lo the His that b baa B
llotgi Hni.l iis utiiirr ma in2 and la rdy io my
lual, li linn a.'a n-t aB) I 2 poilUiier. tfj
(Idila uikI liinls of (ports.
flrnnimsrH lio fl h.ia organ! ed n athlettr ao-
i.ti n. ana ileii raira will bs a.nl to ibu lu.'etiii at B
t i - ,i. ki ro . km A ('. t gauia a publlu uool BmY
iillilrlii- a.soWaiitui.
I lie oraani.attoii of tba i 'oluiuhia tlratuiaar aobool
Cbeta i oil. i. .il isk. plan' st ibs arnool oo next
'tin a la.. . 111.' 'imiiu ilni'lit to a, 1-rl th, j.lai era lo
in,- Uiterarbulaattu lnu.iioi.sl,ip will begia oo
lb- Rag Wl lid k, C will hold a set of mem
br caiin. -it tue liobgivonds. West Pifti-four.b
,ti. i i, , n in ,i H .nU .ifl-iii on ill. .until w.ll I s
....,iii il i ;uil tun, noil ihnl lun. oiii-nillc ii.i,f
runOUIg louli juiup. I olv .anil, putlllitf lbs bot,lld
on, mile wa - f
I In Urst nicrliug for Ihr school yer of li.su. of
ihi Long isIaihI lnlrrs uolaalic A hi, tic Leagu will
i- h. id ai adeipni Acad -n-y, ,irookln. this after- Bm
lin.ni . ., UiO.I liniHir'aol liuamts w.ll lie tb r
vsiauoi tic ibstltnti u sua 4iij ua tur ii. baav
arttfaU tsiifag iiagh I f

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