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riMAnatAt, Aim commmmtrtAU
T-tj8rAT. Oot. 6.
OoMldtrtnc H eMWttilln muowimi and
lertetr rofMloakl character, to-dey'e itoek
arket furnished n unuaiiellr large number
of Int'rreetlnir features. Rug-ar Roflnlne;. which
uppllad about a fifth of the total traneaotions,
WM aMoertotielly etronu after the early dealing-In'
ft. A decline of more than a point at
the opnfn. brought about, apparently, by a
further reduction In the prlcea of refined
acara appear to hare been taken advantage
erf by ao e important Interest to buy stock.
Tha demand for it eontlnued throughout the
day and toft the price fractionally higher than
laa nigh, though at a reaction of nearly
point from the higbsat figure. The
be row tag; . demand for Sugar Refining
la still . a feature of the speculation
in it. and Jn eonnectlon with the strength ol
, . the atook to-day auggeaU tha theory that
those 1irirto u oontrol tbe market for thla
olatUa bnetrial are bent upon getting rid of
oat of their following on the short aide.
As to tha effect of tha reductions in the
piseue ' of refined sugars upon the profits
at tha aaaailiaa Company. It la to be
otad thai suoh reductions are uaually made
art Oris season, when the demand Is com para
ttrsb saw, and that tha management of tha
onparry ha deterred making what appears to
be a drive agalnnt new competition until that
period wm raaahed. The inflnenoa of the re
etinMona anon speoulatlye sentiment Is. how
e en, jnst ae.efTeotlTe as It they had been made
when they would cost the oompany more
Signer thajvat present.
Of lha other Industrial stooks American To
' baoeo was eeiisplouously weak, sustaining a
sat loss of 8V cent People's Oas waa favor
ably affeoted by the announcement that the
company has aoqulred oontrol of the Man
hattan Oil Oompany. from whloh It has here
tofore bought a large part of Its raw
material. $ waa Indicated In the announce
ment that the company will offer lie
own atook at par to Its shareholders to
provide tha funds necessary to pay for the oil
company. The last named. It should be added.
la a profitable conoern, having for some time
paid 12 cent, dividends upon Its stock.
United States Rubber Issues advanced on offi
cial admissions that the company has se
cured control of Its prlnotpal competitor, the
Boston Rubber Shoe Company. A further
advance of 3 polnta In New York Air Brake
elicited the atatement that the company had
Just completed facilities for doubling Its out
put, whloh Is now 200 sets of brakes per day.
Tha local traction stocks were a feature.
Metropolitan Street Railway was unusually
active at a net advance of nearly 3
points. The impression In gaining ground
that, becauae of its enormous electrical
plants, the company will In some way be
come Interested In electric lighting. The pres
ent movement In Brooklyn Rapid Transit Is
aid to bo based chiefly upon the fsct that the
earnings of the system continue to show large
increases, although the unusually heavy sum
mer excursion traffic Is over.
All of the movements noted were over
shadowed In the late trading by heavy selling
of Northern Pacific common, which left that
took nearly a point and a half lower than yes
terday. The transactions in it wero second
only to those In Sugar Refining. The move
ment was accompanied by reports of
dissensions between the Interests that prac
tically own control of the company and those
who actually control it under the voting trust.
Tho Street jumped to the conclusion that one
Of these important interest) was disposing of
its holdings. This assumption doos not seem
to be warranted by the facts, for while it is
known that some questions of policy are being
discussed they have not as yet disturbed the
harmonious relations between tho various large
interests In the Northern Pacific Company.
However, the possibility of serious friction
comes as a most disagreeable surprise to bank
ers and investors both here and abroad, for
they have felt confident ever since the lost re
organization of the Northern Pacific Company,
and that of the Union Pacific Compauy,
that permanently amlcaDle relations had
been established between all of the so
called transcontinental systems. Those sys
tems are sufficiently handicapped by tho
competition of a subsidized foreign rail
road, hence it is to be hoped that nothing will
occur to disturb the relations that have been
established between them, particularly as the
establishment of those relations have done so
much toward restoring confidence In American
securities abroad.
The decline in Northern Pacific issues in
fluenced the entire list, and In consequence the
majority of stocks closed fractionally lower
than yesterday. The volume of commission
business showed a little improvement early in
the day. but that disappeared whon the North
ern Pacific stocks began to recede. Lon
don was a moderate seller, being in
fluenced apparently by the situation re
ferred to atiove. An exceedingly interest
ing feature of the foreign exchange market
Was the appearance of a demand for long ster
ling for Investment, because of the decline in
the rates for monoy. This accounts to an ex
tent for the firmness of tho foreign exchange
market. Another factor is the delay In receiv
ing cotton bills beoause of tho existence of
yellow fever at Now Orleans.
Mew Tork Stock Exchange Sales Oct. a.
8 US 4., r. 1007. 11 OH 2VFdeb2-8l
UO IB, c. of mm 78
CtiOaiMO rBICEs'oP UNITED states bonds.
Mid. Asked. Mid. .line-.
VaMt,r, UnHfin, o.
at pleta OSM 130 126N 127
BBSs, HOS UnHtns.r,
ISIS, r... 10 4 100 10 112M 113
CB8e,lt08 Un8t6s. o,
ml.o.lOSKlOSH 1B04 112X113
Pn St 4s, r, I'd St Si, r,
. 1B07 UOM 110H ! 102
Un Bt4s. o, I' H 8.00.. r,
. 17 110H111H 1S24.U0U7H
Vm Bt4s,r,
115 126K 127K
60 AUkMl ... 72M 2NWsfdeb6e,
62 72 1888 120
10 71M 3 O M Lt.pd.103X
67 AtofcgalAs... 93 6 o u 4 H l.t ... . 1 1 3H
01 034 20N4 00H
i 6 AdameEx aa.lOOX 1 90)4
2B'weyfc"thAv 6 Orsgon SL8a.. 127M
onBS 121 31re B L en 6a,10(J
18Bk08Xe,wl. 06(4 2 100
lBrWkWas.. 64 1 1004
6 87 8 100H
' 6 HU lOOr.HI, lno B. 66
2 86 2 Peo last art. 76
1 Chaso m 6.1 l(i 3 78H
ElotonKi.... BOM 20 Fltts Waist. 83
'18 80 1 G2W
. lOWliilUi 20 92H
I it on 4s 104 26 Pitts a Wn 6s. 66
8 C, nay cnv6a 1 16 6 66
SCIaDistr.. .1114 10 67
6 tsiT.r. etit, 6 66N
. 1 00 I 6 604
S Bll21 RIgnl4s 104M
' 8 COaBy 1st inc 30X140 Bead galas. ... B2X
2COUUIietei 76 6 82X
26 1)4 It ci ,-,, 97X16 82X
1 0 Bel City Q 6. . 93X176 82X
8 93X 3 BioOWl.l... 88X
8 93X 4 86X
. 8 K Til 1st . 121 I 1 BtPMlnnlstlB6X
S k T II gul Ai. 96 J teipgold 163
1 tile prior bda. U2X 1 at Pcnl 4a. a A106M
1 F.rs linn 3-4. . 71V 2 Btl.S W 1st... 79X
' 2 71 6 BtLswad... aix
B 80 1 Worth 1st... 76X 4 32
. 76 lOfcAA ifuii. 68X
1 76X1 6 68
- 76X1 9 68X
lOO.B'g a H A 1 88X
MP6s 99X 18CrJele... 98X
OeoBleo deb 6s 1U BoH'wwM.... 97X
a 20 108X 2 97X
4BV16.,5p 78 3 87X
UVtTi'iDiu. 84 2 Stan K Tea. 70
6I-tABex6a 100X 1 76X
10 Iron Ml 6. 96X 2 81 B T lao.... 20
96 6 T4i I-ee J.t Aa. 1 0
2 IllCan4a. 1B6B102 78 TuPuSdl. . 40
lOIutluit. 89 67.. 46X
68Xi27 46X
0 aoHlBO 46X
b-fl Waa-M-M-------i
llatTUK. 6BN lTenfTM Mia. 46
8 68 BTMra Av 8a,
lBKO.PfeOlM. 7X aM 184M
1 tael4deaalstl06W 6aX0eaSe..l0B
lI.WBm. 88 A 10BM
4 98X 8T0.1 a B as.
4 09 Blrdlv 98X
86LcnkKBe.....l08W STol.8II.kK0
4afet8i By Se.114 irt.tr 80
B-exIatea 78X 184 Oaloa fae as 88
8 78 4 BBM
BMi7sofu1.108W80 99
4MetBM 104 EOnloiiEllrt.tr 80
8 ktobgognl... 77H40nnfMl.
2 Mob a O.M deal 01 tr. 77M
8 Mo Pao oa 104M 111 77X
6 104N 10 77tt
1 104M 88 77X
8M!14I.81rt...iae 63 77W
i BtUkLBctSellS 1 1 Wake-lMt. . . . 1 1 B
SNPprlor 44. 100X 4 1 1 BX
3 "'gal Se 87M 8 Wabash 3d 89
8 87 BO 89X
6 -.- 66X AWeetSbas 10BX
lSNtWaa, 1 W4etSb4s. r.lOaK
M S3X 1 WMTkBalstlOBX
6 88X 10 Wl.Catlao... 7X
10 88X 10 w01st.r... 67
nltTtlirtlwUl A 87M
SMTSBusgnl. 88X10 67X
S NT Cent 1H..117N9 A7X
17 KTO, I. 8 oel 38 A7N
SXe 84M 8 A7M
B "ash achat en 108 30 88X
8 108X 7 68K
IXTft-lstBs.lBa 8A - A8X
7 Y.0kBtL4s.l04M48 - A8X
8 104X 10 88H
2 ltY.oa Wr44l09X 76 ABM
4 108X 1 60
1 108 188 68
Tetalsdseef rail ay bends (par run.). sa.J50.000.
Open- tlit- Xaw- , CTsrfti .
Salt. int. t. 4lt Bit. AiM.
AAfl.Itr.112X 112X 1 12 110 116
T45A AmSR. UBX 114' 112X 1 1 3?4 114X
00 AmRBplOAH 106X 10AM 106X 106X
SlOAmSM. ll4 11M 11M 11M 18
BOOAmHMp 32M 88X 88X 38 84
BAOabls. 98 98 98 96 98
I SS7S0 Am Tobl87M 127M 183X 184M 126
62SAmTp.l2A 126X126 184 ISA
46AmBxpl31 188 181 180 13A
aSOAmOOp 86X 88X 86M 86 B6N
200 A. T as
re IBM ISM IBM 18M 18X
1SBS8 A.TS 8
Fopf.. 84 34 88M 88M 8SM
SlOAMaltp 80 80 80 80M blX
10 AmHt..l
kW... 88M 88M 88M 88 28H
SO AmRte.l
kWp. BOX 80M B6X 80 BOX
100B.RfcPp 78M 7SM 78M 70M 7A
adlp. 41 41 41 40M 41M
2ooBto.ni as as as aox as
275 B Op.
It.., 69 69M 69 69 69X
2400BStOu 3 3M 3 3M 3X
40176 BiHT. 66X 67M 66 66M 80X
12ABUOal23X 188M 183M183 184X
BOO Can 8o.. 63 68 A3 6SX 63X
lOOConloe. 47X 47X 47M 46X 47X
8(140 Ck (It w 14M 14M 14 14X 14X
1540Ch4ikO 28 88 SIM 81M 22
POOCkKI. 64 66M 64 66X 6 AX
20OCfcRIpl06 106 106 106X 100X
8B2 CW 131X 181X 180M 130X 130M
4A00C.Bkqil4X 116M 114M 114M 1.1ft
7780 C.M 8t
T 107X108 107X107X107M
200 C.M A St
Ppf...l64X164X 164X 154X1A6
770OC,BIkri02X 102X lOlN 101X 101M
IOOC0IF114I 21 21 21 21 22
184CbTer.. 8X 8X BX 8X 8M
lOOC.HVkT 4X 4M 4M 4 6
1400C.L4W 17 17 16 16X 16X
BUOC.LAWp 47M 47M 44 47 47M
80ConQaal72 172 172 171 173
10C.IAL. 8 8 8 BX 9
BAOOkBOp AAX A6X 66 64M 66
840EdUBI.124 184 183 120 183
207EATH 33 33X 83 33 93X
200ETHp 64 94 64 60 6S
8O0OtNorpl36 136 1S6 134 136
lor.ooenEl.0 SOX SON 70M 80 81
6B0 B'w'li'n
cam.. 33M 33X 38X 32X 34
660IPsp4r. 64 64 63N 68X 64X
lOOIntPp. 87X 87M 87X B7 87X
r.nnin Ontlll 111 111 110X111
38AI118te4l 69M 70 A9M 70 72
200KC.PkO 17X 17X 17 17 17X
840LEWp 70X 71 70X 71 72
800Icia.. 49X 49X 49 48M 49X
aiOLaclOp 93N 93M 93X 92 94
sr.ir, i.ou AN 64M 66M 64M 64N 64M
8220M4DCoa 93M 94X 92M 93 93X
tr 94M 96X 84M
482 M Iron. 96 96 94N 94X 96X
15847 M8t Ryl63 166X163 164M166X
AOMich C.106X 106X 106M 106 107
i io m a st i,
2d p.. 69X 69X 6QX 69 60
112GMoPsc. 32M 33 32N 32X 32M
r.20M.KkTp 83X 33M 33 33 33X
aw N J cent 01H 91X 91X 91X 92
i:. NYC.ntliex 116X 116X 116M116
lOONrtLd.. 32X 32X 32X 32X 32X
200 Nor Am. ex ex ox ex ox
1820 N T Air
Hrk.,.102X 103 101 103 104
W 124 184 124
lANrtBl.. 8SM 32M 32N 32 38X
75 N Bis p. 96X 96X 96X 96 96X
S17D2 NorPao. 41M 41M 40X 40M 40X
4988 Nor Pp. 76 78 76M 76M 76X
80 Ore 8 L. 27N 27X S7X 88 30
820PaoMtll 32M 33 S2X 82X 32N
AOOPCosat. 46 46 46 44X 4X
80 Pace lp 62X B2X B8X SO 86
2 Peo A E 8M 2M 2M
BOPPCsr.lOOX 190X 190M 169X 191
i coo f, c.c a
BtL... 42X 44X 42 X 44X 46M
1700 P, 0, C a
BtLp. sex eex sex ee eex
288PaBR..116M 11 6M 11 6M 116X117
16885 Peoplo'S
(.AC . 104X 106X 104M 104M 104M
looQ'k.lvr, IN 1M 1M IX 8
loo Reading 17M 1TM 17M 17M 17X
.ooR.adip 42M 48 42M 42M 42N
200Rtadap SOM 20M SOX SOX BOX
2O0BtUSWp 12 12 12 nx 12X
lOOEtPAO 79 79 79 79 BO
BooBo Pao.. 28N 23M 23X 23 24
800 So By... 8M 8M 8M 8N 9
1587 8oByp. 38M 33H 33M 33M 33X
60 BJ L fc 8
fadp. 30 30 80 SOM 31
r.osRAT ex ex 6M 6X 7X
720TCH. 87X 87X 87 87 27X
SSOTexPao. 13M 18M 13N 13M 13M
fl6S6UnPao. 88X 33X 32M 32X 32M
SOCOUnPpf. 66M 66X 64M 64N 64X
B025UP.BAO 2M 2M 1M 2M 2N
8080 US Rub 88X 40X 38X 30X 39M
878 U8Bp. 102X104 108X10SN103
aousL... ex ox ex ex ex
1065 U HI, p. 66 66 64M 64M 64M
aowaba.h 7M 7M 7X 7M B
838WUnT 91M 91M 91X 91X SIX
1186 Wb LB 4 4 3M 3M 4
lOOWfcLBp 80 SO 80 19 SOX
aooWCbUt. 93M B8M 9SH 94M
Total BSlS, 888.689 aharat.
Boston cxosnro quotations
MM. JIS4S. BU. A,),U
Be. a Alb. 260 8AS WeatEleo.. 33M 38X
Bo.kMe..lU3 164 OEleop...ldB 170
ChloJ coinl21X 122 Bo.AMoa.239 839X
Chic J pf . 123 C4lASecla680 AB6
Fltchb-g p.l04M 106 o.c.ola .... 68M 68K
NewKogp. 100 Qulaey-..117 119
MsiCeaas 63 68M Tarn Ula... 174 174X
Old Colonr 1 li 2 Butte 23M 24
WE Boom. 86M 86 B.OaiaU. 90
DomlaOoal 26 SAM BOO ads. 70
Am Boll T. 280 881 Mergsntbal 1 8 6 186X
rl. Tel... 74X 76 Beaton Kl.. 69M 68X
Mid. Alktd.' Mid. j,k,i.
AmStr-bd.. SOX 3 1 X -eiWB'X" 2X 8
C a Dock.. 6B 60 Mil Brew . 6X
OWo Brew. AX'M ChStBy.817 810
c-b Brew pf 80 SoBlds'X" 72X 7SX
city R'wajr. 290 892 BtSGar.... SOX
DlamdM 140 141 WObStBy. 93 93X
I-keBfl.' 12X 13XNBlaooito 32! 32M
lt"L"oUs 10X HXNBuwultp 96 96X
Ateblsea... 1 SMNortkora Psolto. .. 2X
Atoblsen pf 34MJNortfeeraPaoiSopr 78X
CanadUn Paollo . . 87X Ontario A Weat . ... 16
Cheeapeake k Ohio 2 8N ens.y Waola 6 OX
(Crlecos 14 Beadlag 0',
Erie 1st pf 36X Beadlag lrtpf 22X
iuinol. Osaaml....ll4M 8t Paul m
lanaa. A T.ua . . 1 1 K Boutk Railway y
UkoSkan 198 . SouUBaUwapT.. 84M
Lee -ma-Mash.. A6X OatoaPaelSo B4M
BewYorkOeatr.il OX Oaloa PadBa pi... 67M
Norfolk A Wpf.... AB Wabash pf 88
raiLADBtPBiA etvostgo QuoTATioira.
IWd. Atktd. Mid. Atkri.
1nMtn Yal BOX SOX K18 Boom 38 30
PhllaTYae. 00 90X KlBBp ... 4A 46M
OalonTrao 1 9M lOXPrnnMnf.. 20M
BkPTotfs 91 OlXPaMf Bs ..100X 100X
MotTree... 164M 1 86X Wel.Coom 80
CTofNJ. 60X 61XW4labOop 70 71
0T.fNJa.l07X 108 OamlrOo.. 66X 60M
COImpOolBS 122X Bait Trao . 28X 23M
WOI.Oo. 47 48 M.r.den. . 6X f.H
Final sale compare with those of yesterday
aa follows:
Oct. . Oet. . Oot.l. Orl.e.
A,TF. IBM lBMktrtBtRy iei?t 104M
A.Tasrep 84 33X(NtI.ad ... 83 32X
AmOOII... 36M 36MNorth Am.. 6X 8N
AmBRef.naX 114 IN'west o.. .1 8 IN 130X
AmSRpf. 106X 1 06X NPacrom. 41X 40M
AjnTob....lB8 184Sllr.rp.. 76X 76M
BrookRT. 66M 06X!N T Cent ... 1 1 f,X 1 1 .IX
Baltao... 41M 41 NJOsat... BIX 01X
OanBo A3 A3 IPeoOk 0.104X 104H
C,Ba Q...11AX 114MlPsoMail... 32X 32M
0BOe....178X 172 Bocktalandl02X 101N
OhoakO... 22 2 IX Head 1.1 pf 43X 43
OiflW..,. 14X 14XBtPeom...l07M 107X
CI. LAW.. 17 lex'BoR'wayp 33X 38M
DkBOpf. 66X 66 ,BtI, RWp. 11X IS
O.aKlec ... SON SOMTeiasPao.. 13X '- 3X
Ot North p. 134X 136X;T0, Ik R.. 27X 27
Illlooi. Cenl 1 IX 1 1 1 OaPae 33X 32M
KsnkTp. 33 38 0nPaop.. 06X 64M
LooANaah 66M 64X. US Rubber 39 39X
LF. Wpf 09X 71 IrtSRub p. 102X 103
LacXdoOas 48X 49 CRl.e.tlip 66 04M
ManOon... 94 B3XWUnTsl.. 91N 91X
MoFso 33 32XWhALR. 4 4
Government bonds firm. The 3s closed .
V cent, higher bid. fiailway sml other homls
Btrong. The featuree were Hrooklyn Wharf
and Warehouse fH. Olii'snpenke nncl Ohio gen
eral 4Sb, Kort Worth and Denver t'ity lets,
Norfork and Western en, Reading goneial 4s.
Texa9 Pacific -Jds, Vnion Pacific 4s. 1'nion P
olflo, Denver and Gulf Ists. t. r. : Wisconsin
Central late. t. r. ; Atchison. Pittsburg and
Western, and Wabash issues. The more Im
portant net advances were in Brooklyn Wharf
and Warehouse 6s. '2 cent., to Mt3 : Port Worth
and Denver City 1st. !i,to 7."i; Norfolk and
WoRtorn 4s, K. to 83 , : Pittsburg and Western
lets. 1 V., to 1V2U. and 5s, 2.. to fitlS : Union Pa
cific. Denver and Gulf lsts. t. r.. V to 77V.
Wabash lets. V. tolia1,, and lids, '..to 8HS.
and Wlscon3ln Central Iris. t. r., S V cent., to
58. The noteworthy decllnrswora In Atohlson
adj. 4s. ' V cent, to 71 't : Chesapeake and Ohio
general 48, X, to BU, and Heading general 4s,
J. cent, to 8.' .
Commercial price of bar slhrer In New Tork,
60c. Bar silver In London closed at '27 13-10d.
Mexican silver dollars wero quoted at 4H'o.
Money on on II 2ffl2V V cent. Time money is
Quoted at HftlSt V cent, for all dates on good
mixed Stock Kxohange collateral. Commer
cial paper Is quoted at :il,S4 cent, for bills
reoelvahle: acceptances and prime single
names. 4 W cent. : other names, ii($o cent.
Sterling exchange was a shade firmer, par
ticularly for long bills, which were bought for
Investment. Continental exchange was quiet.
Posted asking rates for sterling are: Sixty dais.
$4.8'2l1, and sight. $4.85. Actual rntes are:
Long bills. $4.81 , ; sight drafts. $4.H4,S4.H4t.
and cable transfers, $4 S4l,'5,$4.84,i. Francs
are quoted at S.34MO0.23X for long and
5.22'i fomhort : reiclismiirks. W4 :t-ltil4 5-18
for long and 04 lH-lttaXX 15-10 for short:
guilders. .'l'.rJ30 15-10 for long and 40 1-10
40'. for short.
Domestic exchange on New Tork: Boston
15 cents premium. Charleston Ituylng, 4'
discount: selling, par. Savannah Buying.
1-1(1 discount : soiling. 75 cents premium. New
Grleans Bank. 50 cents premium: commer
cial. $1.'J5 discount. San Francisco Sight. 17 l.
Tent premium : telegraph. -o cents premium.
St. Louis 50 cents discount. Chicago '20
cents discount. Cincinnati Between banks,
par: over counter. 50 cents premium.
In the outside market Oluooso Sugar Refin
ing common is quoted f 5il',ffi57. snd tlie
preferred at 107Sfa)108l4 : Standard Oil Trust
certificates closed at 417Vifo'41S: Standanl
Gas common at 1280131, and the preferred at
142foH47: Mutual Gas at 300itf'.'!15: Amsterdam
Gas at 2itVi'27lt. preferred at t!4W!4'4. and
the bonds at OOJiWlOOVj Buffalo Oas at 20ffl
STl. bonds 04(5)95 i Central Union lias bonds at
100W102; ISrooklyn and New York Ferrv
at37fr37V and the lionds at f4ff!l5: Federal
Steel at '2Sra)'2H',. and the preferred at ttOVo)
The United States Rubber Company has de
clared a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent, on its
preferred stock, payublu Oct, 81.
Railway gross earnings for Septembor com
pare with those of the same month last year as
Olev., Lorain and Wheeling. $181,018 Inc. Sfl.pfirc
Chic. Ind. and Louisville. 320..T7:i Inc. i2.aor,
Elgin, JoHerandEaatern 131. 480 Inc. .'14,412
Mexican National 478,170 Inc. 8f,, 244
Norfolk and Western S2..t21t Inc. 5, ll
O'.il' ltiwr 108,042 Inc. 2"0
Pittsburg snd Western 2i'4.75H Inc. la.noo
The Mexican International Railroad reports
gross earnings for August of $2H1.4til.an in
crease of S4U.744 as compared with the same
month of last year, anil net. $122,258, an in
crease of .5 14, i T1 17. For the eight months ending
Aug. 31 the gross earnings were $2,215,474, an
increase of $107,016 as compared with the cor
responding period of Inst year, and net $WH.-
pk,5. an increase of $108,120.
i The Philadelphia. Reading and New England
Railroad reports gross earnings for August of
$56,273, a decrease of J1.WI8 as compared with
the same month of last year, and net $20,Hit2, a
decrease of $S, lilt. For the two months end
ing Aug. 31 tlie gross earnings were $105,300,
a decrease of tn.liOlt as compared with the cor
responding period of last year, and net $32,430.
a decrease of $13,170.
The Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
Rallwnv Company reports for the year ending
June 30:
180B. 1RH7. Chimgn.
Oroaae'rn'ga.tr,84H,54R .'..! !. 1 1 'i Inc. $r.ao,431
Op. expenses. a,eti8.H2r 3,204,1171 lao. 458.104
Netearn'gs.tl.882,724 II, 91 1.447 Inc. $71,277
Int., taxes and
rentala l,r,22,i: l.r.08,482 Inc. 1.1,787
Balance 4H0,n2n $403,01 0 Inc. 187,610
Dividend!.... 400,000 400.000
Rnrplus 100,636 $8,016 Inc. $r.7,310
The Seaboard Air Line Railroad reports for
the year ended June 30:
;. 1W7. rkangrt.
Groaeeanlmr..$4.011.r,o4 $3,777,(141 Inc. $23a,ms
Op.exp.ktaies. 2. 807. 804 2,777,6BB Dec. 1118,881
Net earnings $1,403,850 $l,00o,ONS Inc. $403, 584
Ch'gea, loaaea,
kc 1,184,C83 7110,57.1 Inc. 344,108
Balance $2MS.ter $209,011 lno. $58,468
Dlv. on stocks.. 22,8u8 llt.tlilU Inc. 8,227
Surplus $248,071 $1HU,H42 Inc. $68,220
The Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad Com
pany reports for tho yeur ending Juno 30:
man. ;;. Ckangn.
Oroaa earninin ..$88,68." $8111. mm lire. $211,10.1
Oper. and Uiea. . 688,232 812,707 Dec. 48,476
Net earnings... $803,888 $2R5,uei Inc $17,372
Other Income. .. 114,787 82,342 Inc.. 21,445
Total $418,120 $878,308 lno $88,817
Filed charges... .181,848 805,740 Inc 28,208
Balance $86,171 $72,583 Inc $13,008
Dividend on pro.. 17,084 17,084
Surplus $811,077 $55,400 Inc. $18,008
The receipts of the Government to-day were:
Customs. $408,508; internal revenue. $1140.
547, and miscellaneous. $50,735. a total of
$1,498,700. The disbursements were $2,052.
000, an excess ot expenditures over receipts of
$653,210. The receipts of tlie fiscal year to
date have boen $132,1)72,550. and the expendi
tures $104,002,114, au excess of expenditures
over receipts Of t)l.ltft.5H4.
The official count of the cash In the Treasury
at the clone of business to-day. compared with
that of yesterday, shows:
Oct. 6. Oct. f.
Odd coin and bullion $248,081,826 $244,108,068
Sllferdollaraaud bullion 7,871,105 7,825, llo
United State, notes 86.0.11,315 34,148.850
Other aaast. leas de
mand liabilities 20.881,288 21,088,143
Available ca.h balance,
tncludlnggoldreaorve.$800,416,581 $307,720,161
Money In Loudon IV is cent. Rate of
discount lu open market for both short ami
three monthsr bills 2H V cent. The Rank of
England minimum rate of djscuunt unchanged
at 3 1 cent. The proportion of its reserve
to liabilities la 44.20 V cent., against 47 .53
last week ami 43 5t) tho saino week lust year.
The weekly statement of the bunk shows the
following changes from Ilie previous account:
Total reserve decieasod 2,070.000. circulation
increased JtiXO.iXK). bullion decreased 1.430,
000, "other" seourltlcs deoroasod fl.Ubw.iKK).
"other" deposits decreased 01,000, public
deposits decreased 1,173.000. notes resorvo
decreased 1 070,000, Governuieut securities
Increased B7H.O0o. Psris advices quote 3
oeuU at 102 f rauea 3'2' centimes. lUcliangc on
London 25 francs 20 S, centimes. Tho weekly
statement of the Rank of Frunce shows
the following chunges: Notes In circulation in
creased 04.025.000 francs. Treasury acoounts
decreased 41,750,000 francs, gold on hand de
oreased it.475,000 franos. lulls discounted d
oreased 14.175.ooo francs, silver on hand de
creased 8.425.000 franos.
The aales of mining stooks at the New York
Consolidated stock ami PetroleumExchange
to-day were as follows:
o. Higk- ii- ciH
3Ul. .Voit'. 'no tr. ml. tng.
400 Beat Bel her.. .24 .24 .24 .24
200CreedeCCr'k. .07 .07 .07 .07
100 Hale fcNorcross 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10 !
100 Mollie tllbaon . .23 .23 .23 .23 j
BOOSavage 12 .18 .12 .12
2O08Undar4 1.70 1.70 1.70 1.70
OoUtab 08 .08 .08 .08
1'etal aales. 2,1 00 shares,
commmmmdi mnmom.
THtinspiT. Oct. 6. OaIN Wheat Bpot was
in better demand and strong. The aales were
604.000 bash., all for export. Including R.000
No. 2 red at 72Xc . 8.000 do.. 56.000 winter
wheat. 120.000 No. 1 hard Doluth, 82.000
spring wheat here and 280,000 at the outport
on private te. -ma. There were rumors of total
sales of 840.000 bush. Free on board afloat:
No. 2 red. 73c. ; No. 1 Northern Duluth. 73o. :
No. 1 hard Duluth. 70Xe. : No. 2 red. In eleva
tor, 71o. Futures closed Irregular, being un
changed on December. He. higher on March,
and He. lower on May. Future sales 1.225.000
bush., as follows:
Opnting. Hiokcit. I.mrnt. Cloiinp. Ntht
December.. 88X B8H 6BX SSX S8X
March 81l 70X K 7oj4 0ft
Mar 082 ASH 8X 08M eX
Parley Wa inactive. New feeding, 84X37Xc,
cost and freiglit to Buffalo; new malting. 40S)47o.,
coat and freight Io Buffalo. Ilye Was steady, but
less active. No. 2 We. tern, 4SXc, coat and freight
to liuffal. ; 61Xc. coat and trelght to New ork,
and 680., free on board afloat. Recent aales
estimated at 800.000 to 400,000 bush, for export.
Corn Spot was more active and firm. Tbe sales
were 612,000 bush., all for export. Including 10. 000
No. 2 mlied st 86c. 820,000 do. here and 170,000
at the nutportaon private term.. Mo. 2 mlied In
elevator 84Xc. Future, were unchanged. Future
.ales 86,000 bush., aa follows:
Opesiwe. Hiototl. Ltuntt. CT.tiitf. WpAI.
December . .84X 84X S4H 84X 84T4
May 88 8SK
Oats Spot were dull but steadier. Tbe sales were
20,000 bush. None for export. No. 2 mlied. ISXC.I
No. 3 do., 20c; No. 2 do., 6,000 at 27Xo. dellvsredj
No. 2 white. 2Hc; No. 8 do., 28c; track white, 18,000
at !iiM$)S4c,i track mixed, 28XS2mc.j No. 2 white
clliipcd, 30c: No. S do., 28c Futures ware un
quoted. Wheat declined at first, with soma foreign selling;
smaller clearances, 384.000; primary receipts of
1, 435, 000. or about 4O0. uou more than last year; a
favorable Cincinnati Pricr Current report In regard
to fall seeding, end an iilii State crop estimateof
42.ono.oiMi, nr 8,000,000 more than the Oov
erntnent's, Hut a sharp export demand turned
prices upward later. Besides, the Northwest waa
Xc to 1c higher for cash. Norlliwest receipts were
only 804 care, against l.l'.io a week ago and 1,048
last year; Chlcago't only 260, against 208 last week
and .1.11 In 1807. Northwestern farmers are more
tlianeverincllned.lt la stated, to hold their wheat.
Liverpool rose Xd.. and Paris and Antwerp were
steady. Corn wa rather adversely afforted by large
receipts at Clilrauo, where 81o cure are expected to
morrow, but the mail demand waa good and crop
report in the main are unfavorable.
Floch -Was generally quiet but ateady. The sales
ere IO.IO0 bl.ls. Receipts, 0.740 bids, and 10,886
sacks: exports, mil bids, and 6.810 sacks. Winter
In bids.: Superfine, $2.40$?.60; No. 2 ertra.
$V.46$2.86.slrslLdita. $.l.25i$B. 45; patents. $8.65'
$8.88, sprliiglnbi.il..: Clears. $3S$8.20: atralghU.
$8 ,8o$3.45: patents. $8.40t$B.76. Buckwheat,
l ci'ufl.To for spot. Feed Waa steadier but
quiet. Western spring In loo-It. sacks, $18,609
$14:200 ti.,$l2.oe)$ia. 26; winter In bulk, $11$17.
Cotton Hpot cotton here was quiet and un
changed; sales 410 bales. Including 210 for con
sumption and 20O to be delivered on contract; mid
dling uplands 6 7-IOc. against 0 6-Bc. last year: New
Orleans and flulf 5 1 118c, against 8J4C, laat year. In
Liverpool apot was active and l-82d. higher at 8Xc.
for mi Idling uplands: sales 20.000 bales. Futures
there were biroly steady and X to 1 point higher.
In Mancheater yarns were quiet but firm; clothe
move alowly. The Bouthem spot markets were
generally firm. New Orleans, Savannah and
Charleston advanced 1 -10c and Baltimore Xc Gal
veston sold 851 hales, Memphis 2,600, New Orleans
l.OOO, Mobile 100, savannah 728, Norfolk 686, Au
gusts 1,486. anil Ht. Louis 200. Port receipt, to-day
were 52.38 bales, .gainst 44,077 last week and
46,817 last years total thua far thla week 283,108,
against 240.03O thua far last wrek. Houston received
20.1100. against 18,042 last week and 10.210 last year:
Memphis 2. sol, against 2,842 last week and 3,370
List year. LTnuatun shipped to-day 18,107 bales
; and Memphis 2.250. The Bombay receipts
litis week wero 8.000, against 1,000 last
year; total since Jan. 1 1,572.000. against 1,817,
000 Ual year. Exports to-day were 84,602
bsles. Houston receipts to-morr iw are estimated at
21,800 to 21.800, against 10,831 last week and
15.047 last year. New Orleans expects to-morrow
8. 000 to 1OJ00O. against 20.717 last week and 8,546
lant year. Tlie rainfall during the past twenty-four
In litre Included 4.00 of an Inch at Hunteville,
Ala.. .48 at Palestine Tei.: .10 at Corpus Chrtsti,
Tex.; .01 at New Orlcant, La,; .08 at Little
Itoek, Ark.; .01 at Memphis, Tenn.; a trace at
Knoxville, Tenn.: a trace st Atlanta, Ga., and
.10 at Jacksonville, Flu. New Orleans advance
4 points, but lost it and declined 2 point.. Futures
here advanced 2 to 4 points, but reacted and closed
assy at a decline of 2 to 4 points for the day. The
future trading waa as follows:
Opemnit. Hightit. Lowit. CJetinff.
October (J5.20 6..H) 6.24 S.24B5.2B
November 95.31 6.83 6.28 6.2795.28
December ...8.8495.36 6.3U 6.B8 5.3396.34
January 6.3U'5.40 6.4B 6.37 6.8795.38
February 9 5.47 6.47 6.4295.43
March 6.4095.50 6.63 6.40 6.4895.47
April..., 98 64 6.55 6.53 6.515.52
Cotton advanced early on an active and higher
Liverpool market, where colder weather in thla
country snd yellow fever reports are said to have
Influenced pricea ; here fear or frost and uncertainty
as to what the bureau report will say had enmo
effect. There was local covering and eome buying by
the Continent. Later on liberal receipts and realis
ing obliterated the rise. NVI11 did not Issue s hull
thli report; cooler weather in Texaa and predictions
of a lower temperature in the cotton belt generally
wore ignored. The apeculatlon lacked life and snap.
Aug. -ia. tie., Oct. 5. "Weather flno." Albany.
Oa . Oct. 3. --The chief damage will be the
quality." A letter from Alexandria, Egypt, dated
Kept. 10. to Mr. F. J. Audres of Boston aaya :
"Crop la fully 15 days lste. We think It will
hardly exceed B.OOO.ooo cantars." Cheneyvllle,
I.A.. Oct. rtM Great damage hr laat week's rains.
Amanllo Tox. " Temperature to-day at 8 A. U., 44;
elsewhere, 54 to MO '." In the far Northwest. 14 to
32". Killing frosts occurred in Michigan and Wis
ceiisin. uud arc predicted for New Vnrk within tweu-tj-tour
hours. Opcltka. Ala., Oct. u. " Serious dam
age." Sigml Service predicts generally cooler
weather. The South print cloth extras arc reported
Uilmvcsdd in outside markets down to 1 Il-lHc.
The Anulo-Freneli situition In Africa is said to have
disturbed Liverpool teward the close Atlanta, Ga.
"Kt p'irts from various points of Georgia indicate that
the f-torm of Sunday, Monday, and Tuendsylwas dis
astrous to the cotton crop, and the damage sus
tained is believed tn have reached $5,000,000. The
continm d wind and the driving raiu forced out the
open cotton ii'id ruined it."
CoFVBR Bin on the spot was easy: No. 7, 6Xe.
Thi ''.,ies were Hoo bags Marocalbo and AOO bags
Savanilla on private terms. Futures were steady
at h decline of 5 to lo points. The sales wem20.760
bags. The American warehouse deliveries were
17.225 bags. Rio was st-ady at 150 reis advance;
reccipta, i a. no i; stock, 401,000; exchange, 8 1632d.,
an advance of l-16d. Hsntos waa barely steady at
unchanged prices: receipts, 38.000; stock, 973,000.
The future trading here waa aa follows:
SalfM. tiightit. Lou:ttt. Ctoting.
February... .1,760 5.80 6.80 5.766.80
March 5.250 6.00 5.85 6.8596.00
April 8,000 50 6.00 6.9096.06
May 5,250 0.00 5.05 6. 05(86. 00
July 7.-.0 0.10 8.10 8.0690.10
August 5110 0.20 0.20 8.169H.20
September. 1.000 8.25 0.25 6.2098.25
N.ivember.. 600 6.40 6.40 6.3596.40
December. .2.760 B.70 5.06 6.864)6.70
Coffee bull, sold and prices receded. Moreover,
there was leas disposition to buy. Havre fell X f.
and Hamburg X pig. Firm offers more freely made
but above the parity of futures. Speculation in this
oa in ether markets is dormant.
N aval Stobkb Spirits of turpentine was firm at
82"19.13,4c Rosin waa steady at $1.80 for common
to good strained.
I'mivwioss lawd waa stronger. Prime, $6.12X9
$6. IS; irciined for the Continent. $6.40. Pork waa
firm. Mess, $8.259$8.76. Cntmrats were dull.
Pickled hams, 7X97Xc: do. bellies, 8X964)0.: do.
shoulders, 4'i'iMV Dressed hogs, 5'496Xo. Tat
low. 3Xe. Butter Western and State creamery, ex
tras, 20920XC.I first.. 18X910Xc; thirds to.ee
ends, lOelHc. Cheese State, full cream, large and
small, colored and white, fancy. 8X90c: choice, 84)
sap;.; common to fair, 798c. Eggs State, Pennsyl
vania and Western, fresh gathered, fancy, 17X9
lBXc Chicago. Oct. 8. "Provisions were easy early
on a further decline In the hog market, but had a
fulr advance la;r on buying of lard against cash
aalei and rather free covering by loosl aborts. The
cadi trade was good for lard but dull for meats. Es
timated receipts of hoga for to-morrow, 28,000."
rit'OAS Haw was quiet; 89 teat, ,'IV ; 98 test.
4 7-32c. Refined was in mod-rate demand and
Steady at 1-1 He. decline for Nob. 7, B. 9 and 10 and
Xc. decline for all other grades, exclusive of cut and
enisle d. Granulated, 5c.
Cuicaoo, Oct. 0. Theae were to-day's prlcea:
IVAeaf; Opening. Ifighat. Lowest, doting. Night.
Oct B2X 02X 82X 02X 2X
Dec... 02X 2H O-'X 02X 2X
May . 04 84 't 68i 84X 4X
Oct.... 28X 20X 2BX 2BX 20X
Dec... 29X 28X 20X -'OX 29X
May... 82 82 SIX SIX 82
Dec... 21X 21X 21X 21X 21X
May. .. 23 23 22X 22X 221.
Lord :
Dee.... 4.82X 4.75 4.82X 476 4.86
Jan.... 4.72X 4.85 4.72X 4.85 4.76
,rio. :
Oct.... 6.1 7X 8.20 6.17X 8.20 6.20
Dec... 14.56 4.0O 4.66 4.00 4.66
Jan.. . 4.56 4.66 4.56 4.82X 4.67X
l'ork I
Dec. . $7.77X $7.87X $7.77X $7.88 $7.80
Jan. . 8.82X 8.97X 8.82X 8.06 8.87X
Live Ntoek Market.
New Voax. Thursday. Oct. 8, 1898. Receipts of
bcevea to-day were 1,611 head, including BS cars for
export alive, 2 cars consigned to a city slaughterer,
and 8 cars for the market. No trading, reeling
steady. City dressed beef in mora active demand at
7X9 oc. f" n,. for native sides. To-day' t, cables quoted
live cattle lower at 10X91 IXc t.. estimated
dra.at.-d wciglit, and refrtgerator beef selling at 9Xo.
V Bi. Exports to-day 1.000 beeves and 2,460 uuar
ters of beef; tn-morrow nuna.
Receipts of calves were 117 head, including 60 di
re, i, and there were about 120 op sale. Not vary much
liemaud for live calves, but the feeling waa fairly
steady. The pons were not fully cleared. Poor to
choice veal, .old at $4. .'.fists V loo ft..; grsaaere
at $9$:;.60: fed calves at $4.26. City dressed
veals firm at 0912c. V IX
He eipts of Hheep and lambs to-day were 2.255
he.rl, luolll ling 2 carsdireot to city outliers, sad
counting the stale stock thsre were 11 cars on sale.
Sheep were slow but steady; lambs Arm but demand
iniiilerate. Two cars were held over. Ordinary to
prime a)i"rp sold at $8.509$4.6u$l 100 a..; fair to
choice lainb. at $6.409$d; "culls" at $4.
Iteceipta of hoga to-day were 1,888 head, and there
were two oara on aale. Dull ami weak for live bogs
st $u.oo 4.10 f ion as.
Court Calendars Thle Day.
App.llaiu Division-Supreme Court. Koa. 8,4,7,
8, II, IO, 11. 12. 18. 14. 17, 18X. 20. 24, 27, 80.82.
88. 64, 85. SS, 87, 88, 39, 40. 41, 42, 44. 46. 46, 47.
dupreme Court Special Term Part L Motion cal
endar call, d ;.t in 3o A.M. Part II.- -Kiv-parta mat
ters. Part III. Clour. Motlous.-No. l, 2, 8,
4. Demurrers Noa. 817, 882. Part IV. Case
unliuiAhed. Law and faot Nos. 1818. 1672,1688.
1608, 1821. 1804, 890, 1470, 1406, lOBsf 1461, 1684,
1631, Idol. 1692. 1438, 968, 1627. 1299. 1887.
Ib'.i. 14, 148$, 1448. 14S8, 1406, 1497, 160$, l&W.
1610. ISO. ISIS, 1701 , 1 BB. 162$. 1640. 1878, 1646.
1668. 1668. 1664. 1687, 1682, 1622, 1698. 1688. IBS.
1608, 1686, 1682, 1080, 1640, 1621. 1682, 1818.
897, 1107. 1887, 1S4S, 1886, 1278, 1244, 1650.
1482, 1482, 1484, 1616, 1629, 1088, 1696,
1660. 1608. 1616. 1626, 1628. 1681. 1648, 1868.
I860. 1667, 1661, 1871, 1675, 1682, 1681, 1685.
1698, 1612, 1889, 920, 1493, 1494. 1098, 1064.
1264,1666. 1618, 1619.1617, 1020, 1141, 162, 1346.
Part V. Clear. Oaeea from Part IV. Part VI Mo
tions from Part I. Part VII. Case on. No. 280, Keta
vs. Manhattan Hallway Company. No day calendar.
Trial Term Part II. Case iinflnished. Preferred
causes Noe. 4792, 6676, 6624, 8460, 6206. 6206,
5207, 6828. 6329. 6038, 0O51. Part III. -Clear. Nos.
12B7X. 862. 2764, 2760, 2222. 2228, 2763,
1272X. 2809, 2640, 2847, 1770, 1771, 1772.
1778. 1774. 1776, 2118, 1018, 1925, 2405,
2426. 21II4X. 1067, 2141. 2644. 2578, 2010.
2280. Part IV. Clear. Cases from Part III.
Part V. Case unfinished. Cases from Part III.
Part VI. - Oaae unfinished. Oases from Part III.
Part Til. Clear. No. 2888,819. 1968. 2776, IH40.
2466, 1782, 1272, 2848, 1804, lnr.0. 1961, 2191.
2284, 1962, 1968, 2O07. 1961, 2226, 2669, 1861.
1906. 2285, 2262, 2830. 2877, 2HB7, 2391. 2899.
2403. Part VIII. -Clear. Oases from Part VII.
Part IX. Case unfinished. Cases from Part VII.
Part X. Clear. Oeaee from Part VII. Part XI
Adjourned for the term. Part XII. -Case unfinished.
Cases from Part 11.
Surrogate's Oonrt Chambers. Motion calendar
called at linso A. M.-For probate wills of Mats
Schwartz, at 10 A. M.; John w. Monro. Joseph I. ill
anthal Mlcbeal Duffy, Annie A. Mackay, A. Feber.
James Brennan, at l(i;80 A.M. ; Mary G. Ellison, Henry
Oant. Frederick W. Langs, at 11 A.M.: Thomas
ltlgney. Michael Murphy, st 2 P. M. Trisl Term.
Xo. 1887, will ot Frederick Kessler. at 10:80 A. M.
City Court Special Term. Court opens at 10 A. M.
Midi, ma at 10:80 A. M. Trisl Term. Part I. Caaa
unfinished. Nos. 1077, 6286, 986, 424,1111,727.
728, 699. 800, 672, 84, 80, 66. 178.2007, 6624,6626.
2266. 1018, 284, 6510, 6511, 1616, 1516,1617, 1618.
1520. 1621, 1622, 162.1, Part II. Clear. Noa. 1306.
1219. 1214, 1618, 3683, 4606, 1288, 1084, 1492.
1498, 1494, 1496, 1497, 1498, 1499. ir.Oo.
1601, 1602, 1608, 1604, 1605, 1606. 1507.
1506, 1509, 1510, 1611, 1612, 1618, 1514.
Part III. Clear. Noa. 1894, 1488. 1480, 1444, 668,
1449, 1461, 1466. 1089, 1489, 1470. 1471, 1472.
1476, 1477, 1896, 1419, 1865. 1488, 1484, 736, 1838,
1487, 1465, 1882, 1445, 1407, 1486, 1468, 1428.
1464. 1484, 1487, 1468, 1378, 1469, 1879, 1488,
1480,4607, 6776,5777. 660. 147.1870. 487, 1066.
1 086, 62 1 6X, 1491. Part I V.-Clsar. Short causes
Nos. 6478, 6666. 5342, 5369. 6844,6130. 6774,67811,
6772, 6120, 6602. 6048, 6766, 68$6, 6630, 6226,
4670, 6662, 5478, 6680, GS56.
Court of Appeala Calendar.
At.bahy, Oct. 6. Tbe Oonrt of Appeals day calen
dar for to-morrow is Noe. 645, 648, 660, 561, 648,
653, 654. 655.
To the Holders of 7 per. oent. Consolidated
Bonds of the
At a meeting of the Protective Committee for tbe
holders of tbe Consolidated Bonds of the 8ANDUSKT,
held at the offioo of tbe Union Trust Oompany of
New Tork, in the city of New York, on the 4th day of
October, 1608, tbe following resolution was adopted :
RESOLVED, That the reorganlcatlon or consolida
tion plan and agreement of Sept 28, Issued by the
Advisory Committee of the Reorganization Managers
of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for the
settlement of the bonds and indebtedness of tbe
Sandusky , Mansfield and Newark Railroad Company,
and adjusting the affaire of the same, be, and the
same la, hereby approved by this Committee, and
that tha bondholders be recommended to deposit
their bonds with the Mercantile Trust Oompany, tn
accordance with said plan, snd that such bond
holders aa have already deposited their bonds with
the Onlen Trust Oompany be advised to withdraw
tbe same, without charge, and to deposit them with
the Mercantile Trust Company under aald plan and
FURTHER RESOLVED. That a report embodying
the conclusions of this Committee be printed and dis
tributed to the bondholders.
In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the
report of the Committee has been printed and mailed
to all bondholders whose addresses have been fur
nished to the Committee. Copies can be obtained by
other bondholders upon application at the office of
Broadway. 0. C. RAWLINOB.
NEW YORK, Oot. 6, 1808.
To the Shareholders of the
Minnesota Iron Company,
Illinois Steel Company,
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry. Co.:
Referring io our notice of September 10, 1 up, we
have now to annonnoe that over 90 per cent, of the
stook of each of the above-named aompanlee haa
been deposited with oa on the termi set forth in aald
Stockholder! who have not yet deposited their
tock iimy deposit same with either of ue up to and
including Monday, October 10, 18D8 (being the date
on which the caih payments on dtponitrd stock
muntalrio be made), after which date no further de
posit will he received by ua.
8t. Paul Biilldlng, 222 Broadway,
New York.
Amen Building. Washington Street, corner of Court,
Boston, Mass.
New York and Boston, October 1st, lhim.
Northern Pacific Railway Co.,
NF.W YORK. October 1. 18SS.
To the Holders of the
Northern Pacific Railroad and Land Grant
General First Mortgage
Sinking Fund Six Per Cent. Gold Bonds.
Holders of bonds of the above issue are hereby
given an opportunity to convert tbe same into
prior Hen 4 per cent. Bonds of the Northern Pa
cific Railway Oompany, on the bafl of
1,150 Prior Lien Bonds for each
1,000 (Jrnrrhl First Mortgage Bonds.
Accrued interest on the General First Mortgage
Bonds from July 1st to October 1st, 1RD8, will be
paid tn cash at time of conversion.
The right is reserved to withdraw this offer at any
time without notice.
General First Mortgage Bonds tow conversion
should be deposited with Messrs. J. P. Morgan 4
Co., cor. Wall and Broad Sts., New York City.
Br C. 8. MULLEN.
Purchasers of Real Estate
who desire a LOAN to complete their pur
chase can SAVE MONEY by applying to
TiTlE guarantee
116 Broadway, 175 Rerusen St.,
New York. Brooklyn,
CAPITAL, . . . $2,500,000.
SURPLUS, . . . $2,000,000.
Members New York 8toek Kxchange,
Stooks. Bonds and Grain bought, sold and
carried on margin.
Dally Market Latter on application.
Information furnished on all olasees of In
vestment securities.
Tbe notice ot tbe pabUo la called to onr
where active speculative account of 35 eaarea and
upward receive special attention.
3Uulrs xni -rshtrs.
Broadway and Cedar Street, New York.
Deposit accounts received.
Advances made upon railroad,
municipal and other approved securities.
Letters of Credit Issued.
tfirrtisiu and aUrrtingp.
Notice la hereby given that the annual meeting
of the at icahulders 0 The Juarez Company will be
held at tbe offlcn of the rnmpany. 7 Naasau St.. Kew
York city, on Tuesday, the 18th day of October, ;
1898, at 13 o'clock boon, for tbe election of direc
tors and the transaction of any other buaiueas wbtoh
may properly route before tbe meetlug. I
w- A. ADAUl. Bteratarr. I
a kisw aerk. M. art, i. ,
Atvtlttif iwf fstmn, v
S-IR Mnrrarfll.. New Tork. October 8th. 18BS.
The Board of Directors of the United States Rubber
Company ha. this day declared a quarterly dividend
of TWO PHt CENT, on the Preferred Stock of thla
Oompany from the net earning for tha fiscal year
beginning April 1st, IRoa, to stockholders of record
at 13 o'clock noon, October lBth, 1888, parable
October fitst, 1RB8.
The Preferred Transfer Books will close at IS
o'cleok noon October ir.th.lBS8. and reopen at 10
A. U. November 1st. 18118.
t HAS. B. FLINT, Treasurer.
, ?o an.
MONEY loaned to persona temporarily ember -rss.eil;
strictly lsgalratea; confidential. Potter
Building, 88 Park row, 8th floor, room 201.
Wnntrrt to f urrhasr.
117" ANTED Genuine antique tapeetries; give aim,
V V description and price. Address
B., boi 178 Sun offlo.
R-I-P-A-N-8. 10 for r, cents at druggists, arooera,
restaurants, aaloona, newa stands, general store
and barber shops. They banish pain. Induce sleep
prolong Ufa. One gives ralisf.
flVran .Stramrrs.
Sailing Wednesdays at 10 A. M.
St. Loul, Oct. 13 .St. Louis Nov. 18
St. Paul Oct. 1 St. Paul Nov. 38
Parle Oot. 3d 'Pari, Nov. 80
Railing Saturdays at 1 3 noon.
llhynland Oct. IB I Belgenland Oct. 31
Every Wednesday at 13 noon.
Southwark Oct. 13 'Kenalnnton Oot. 38
Westernland Oct. IV I Noordland Nov. 3
These steamers carry only Second and Third clasa
passengers at low rates.
Piers 1 4 and in. N. R. Offloe, Bowling Green.
GllNARO l IMF io Liverpool .
"aa'Wria-trt la a-1 1 C VIA QIERNSTOWN
Etrurle .. Oct. 8, 10 A.M. I Umliria .Oct. 23,10 A. M.
Campania. Oct. IB, 1 P. M. I Lucanla .Oct. 2V, 2 p. M
VERNON H.BKOWNai00O"i,Agte,.4 BowllngGreen.
Sailing aa follows at 10 A. II.
From Plor No. 43, North River, foot Morton st.
La Tonralno Oct 8 I La Normandle. . . Oct 3B
la champagne Oct. IB La Touralne Nov. B
La Navarre Oct. 23 I LaGascogne Nov. 13
Qsnl Agency for V. S. and Caa., BowllngGreen, N. V.
i ; riu i .1 ii iTfPiiy i a mcTkB
P. Bismarck Thursdar, Oct 30, V A. M.
ratria Oct. s, 11 A. M. I Penn,rlia,Oot.3,4P.af
Phoenicia, Oct.33, 10:80 A.M I Palatla . . Nov. 6, 10 A.M.
Hamburg-American Line, 37 Broadway, N . Y.
Steamers leave New York every THURSDAY at 4
POBT and BANGOR. Me., connecting with all rail
and water linea.
Hteaiuers leavi New Tork every SATURDAY at 4 P.
M. for EA8TPORT, Me., direct, connecting at EAST
PORT for all points.
Steamers will sallfrom Plrrfi, North River. Freight
received dally until II P. M. Other lines to be put
into operation shortly. All comjiptlug rates promptly
met N. L. NKWCOMB, General Manager,
B and 11 Broadway. New York.
Connecting with all railroad and steamship lines to
all snmmer resorts. S. S. Horatio Hall (newt and
Manhattan leave Pier No. 8, E. R., foot of Market at.,
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at B P. M.
Steamers fitted with every motlern Improvement for
the comfort anil convenience of psssengera. Ticket
offices, No. 27a Broadway, corner Chambers st, and
the General Office, No. 22:! South st.
HORATIO JiALL. OF. A.. No. 232 South St.
E.W.D.G.,Oct. 11,10 A.M. E.Fnedrlch.Nov.l, 10 A.M.
Trave,Tu.,OctlH.10A M. Saale, Sat, Nov. 6, 10 A. M.
OELRICH8 & CO.. 3 Howling Green.
Delightful tours to Old Point Comfort. Norfolk,
Newport News, Petersburg, Portsmouth, Pinner's
Point, Richmond, Virginia Reach, Va., and Washing
ton, 1 1 C. Freight iitul paaaenger steamers sail from
Pier 38, North River, every week day, eiccpt Satur
day, at f P. M., and Saturday at 4 P. M.
W. L. GlULIJtrDEf, Tiee-Pres'l and Traffic Mgr.
Majestic .. .Oct. 12.noon Teutonic ...Oct 2K. noon
Germanic . Oot. lu, noon I Britannic. . .Nov. 2, noon
flalonn rates on Cymric, SUB up; Germanic, Hrltan
nii', 47B up; Majestic Teutonic. 810O up; second
cabin, $42. rn upward; third dais in Cymric. Ger
manic and Britannic, $2."i. BO; on Majestic and Teu
tonic, $27. Revenue tax additional.
For pasMMte, freight and general information apply
Pier 4.'., North River. Office. Broadway, New York.
Boston and New England Points,
I All. RIVER LINE, via Newport and Fall
River. Leave Pior lit. N R, foot of Warren St.. week
days uud Sundays nt U:iO P. II, Steamers Prlscilla
and Puritan. Orchestra on each.
STONIN;TON LINE, via Stonlngton. Leave
PtiT .lil, N. R, foot of HprliiuSt.. wick days only at
tl:00 P. M. Steamers Maine and New Hampshire.
NORWICH LINE, via New London. Leave
Pier ,i, N. It., foot of Spring St., week daya only, at
fl:00 P. M. Steamera City of Lowell and City of
Hudson River by Daylight
Finest and fastest river steamers in the world.
Dsilv except Sunday.
Leaves Brooklyn, Fult.m Kt. (by Annex), 8 A. M.
" New York, De-broasi-s St. Pier, 8:40 "
West 22d St. PIsr V' "
For ALBANY, landing at Y. inkers. Weat Point,
Newburgh. l'oughkeei etc, Kingston Point, Cataklll
and lludteu. Through tickets NORTH. EAST, and
Last up trip Oct. IB. DownOct.17.
For Long Branch, Highland Beach, Seabrigbt
Pleasure Bar, and Asbury Park, leave Sunday.
Dally, ft. W. l:tthst..:0OA.M. 2:40P.M. :OOAM.
Battery II:80A. M. .1:06P.M. 8:30A.M.
No baggage or freight received at Uatlery.
Albany Evening Line
leave Old Pier 41. N. R., foot Canal st, at p. M.
dally (Hunduys excepted), connecting with express
trains for points North, East and West.
Daily (except Sundays). LeaWng Deabrosses St.
8:10 P. M. tSaturdaya 1 :4.r. P. M. . Vfert 22d St. 3:30
P. M. iHaturdays 2 P. M.hfor ('It aNHTON'H. CORN
Trey Excursion, $2.50. Searcbllght an boats
Steamers leave Wist loth st daily, P. M., except i
Saturday. Sunday steamere touch at Albany.
' foot of Christopher at. every wesk day at tl P. M.
K INGHTONLfNE, Wcet 10th st-Dail. 4 P. M.i
Saturdays at I. Steamers BALDWIN and HO
MER, for Cranston's. Cornwall. Newburg. New Ham
burg. Marlboro, Milton, Pouglikeepsle. Hyde Park,
Ksopus. Kingston, connecting with U. at D. R. It for
all polnta In Catakill Mountains.
VTEWHAVEN.-Fsre.Sl; EXCURSION, $1. 80. Fast
1 v steamers leave Pier 2B, E. R daily 'Sundays ex
cepted, 8 P. M. and 13 midnight, arriving In time
for trains North and East.
RAMl)FXLT7NE-Bteamors leave Pler24. N. r7
foot Franklin st. for West Point. Cold Spring
Cornwall. Flahklll Landing and Newburg, week days,
6P.I1.; Sundays A. M.
Stations in New York, foot of Barclay and
Christopher Ktreeta.
SiOO A. M. Binghamton Mail, stops at principal
10:00 A. M.- Car Car-Buffalo, Scranton, Bing
hamton, Owego, Ithaca, Blmllm. Utioa, Syracuse
and Oawiigu kipreiis. Pullman buffet parlor ears.
Connecting at Buffalo witti trains for Chicago and
p .li. U Weat.
1 :00 I'. M . -1 Daily i- Chicago and Buffalo vestlbuled
eipreas for Scranton, Binghamton and Elmire, ae.
Pullman bullet parlor cars to Elmire. Through
sleeping cara and day coach to Chicago, arriving at
4: IB P.M. next day.
4:00 P. M.-Kcrauluu. Wilkesbarre and Plymouth
Express. Pullmau buffet parlor care
7iOO P. M. -(Dally) flhtuago Veatlbulo Limited Ei
eroas for Scranton, Binghamton. Elmtra, Buffalo.
Through buffet sleeping oar New York to Chicago.
Dining car west of Buffalo.
8:110 P. M i Dalit i Buffalo Expresa. Pullman
sleepers for Scranton. Binghamton, Eluiira, Bath,
Mt. Morris and Buffalo, arriving Buffalo H A M.
9:80 P. M.- iDalli ,- Buffalo. Scranton. Bingham,
ton. Owego, Ithaca. Elnilra. Syracuse. Utlce, and
Oswego Express. I'ullnisn tiuffet sleepers
Ticket, and Pullman accommodations at Henry
Gaze A Sous. Ltd., 113 Broadway, 14 Park place, 42U
and 642 Broadway. Tickets at ferry atations. 111
4th at., our. 12th at. 81 Weat 12Bth at, 336 Colum
bus av.. New York; 888 and 728 Fulton at. and los
Broadway, Brooklyn. Time labia, giving full lnfor
mstiiin ai all atations.
Weatcott's Expreas Oompany will call for and check
baggage from hotel or residence te deatuaaUoa.
' ' ; " ' '" ' '- I. '5SS I
STATIONS foot of West I v,enly third stre-t ...
Drabnmsrs ami Cmllniiilt sir, . I.
, 4TX!1" leaving time from Di'shrosaes'amtrw.
Isndt Streets Is ten minutes later than th.i
below for Twenty-third street Station "''
7'5 A' i i'AHT. MAlL.-PiiUmau Buffel p,.,.
Oar New York to Pittsburg. Sleeping i S.SK!
to Chicago. No coachrs to Pittatura niul""t
SiSO A. M. FAST LINK. -Plltsbiiru and Ch.i.i...
Coniiiartment. Sleeping, Dining. Smoking n i ,,,"
serration Cara. For Chicago, Cleveland ll.
Cincinnati, Indianapidla, I.,,ulsMlle st ' ..... ""
IiSO P. M. CHICAGO AND ST. Mills l-pp'i-
For Nsahvllle itla Cinriiitiatli, Chicago ., ,,?,',"
HiWP.M. WMTEItN EXPRKSS I '..r '(',,, ',""'r
Chicago. For Toledo, except Satllnlat . "
Pittsbiirc, Cincinnati. Indlsnspnlls. .t Uiuls
7l0 P. f. PACIFIC KXPHI.ss. For Plllvbite'. ...
Chicago. Connect for Cleveland, eve. pt s,r'
SiaoP. at. afAIL AND EXPRESS Ptt, ,,'!,, if I
Sleeping Car New York to Altoona, Fj,.t IJberti
Pittsburg, and points West, dail except SandaV
No coaches. ""i7,
7:BO,:2ll, 11:20, 8:51) (Dining I'ari. 10:51 Inirksl
A. M., 12:.'.l, 1:80 (8:20 "TlonitrVsslonal I ,,, .
Pallor anil Dining Carai, 4:2n ili.iilng i ,, ,Vi
iDIning Car), B:;t p. M., 12:08 nmhi sui.J.?
8:20, :20, 10:50 (Dining (an M .; " '.',,?
grcealonal I4m.," all Parlor and plump i ,r, . ,
iDIning Car), 4:80 (Dining car), R:.',ti i' M p, ,fj
tilatlit --.1-115
SOI'THERN RAILWAY. -Express, 4 JO P M 15.,
night dally. -".1.05
ATLANTIC COAST LINE. -Express, II 30 K 11 ..
8:60 P. M. dully. "' ,n
dally. "IB.
A. M. week days and 7:40 P. M. dally. w
ATLANTIC CITY. -1 .ill P. M, week da) s iHes'itTHuaa
and Curtlstidl streets. 3:t0 P. If.), Through ,m.
billed Train. BulTet ParlnrCnrs, Passengei c ach
and cmblneil Coach.
CAPE MAY.-t2:Bt) P. M. week clays.
Long Branch, Asbury Park Iiit-thik. n s.,n,i,Ti)
Ocean Grot e and Point Pleasant ifriun Was: rwa
ty-thlrd street statlom, B:B0A, ai., 12:20 1 5"
anil 4:5(1 P. M. Sundays. 9:30 A. M 4:60 P '
(from DrsbrossesandCortlaudt Striilsi.il 1 , vc
12:50, 3:40. and 5:10 P. M Sundats, pf, ,
6:16 P.M.
8:10,7:20. 7:6ii, s:2l), S:.-iO. 9:30 ill .60 Tenna. Lua.
Ited). 1)50 (Dining Can, 10:60 (Dining Cir Ha
A.M., 12:50, 1:50,2:511, B:80, 4:30, 4:30 iDlnlU
Car), 4:50 iDinlng Can. 0:60 (Dining Can 740
8:61) p. M., 12,06 night. Sunday, 8:10. n:20 :-,n'
8:20. I):r,(l 1 1. unite. li, 11:60, 10 60 1 luniliu Pari A
M.. l:50iDinlng Car). 8:5(1, 4 :2o (Dining c.iri. 4 r,
(Dining Car), 6 50 (Dining Car). 7. 40, B:B0 P. M
12:05 night. '
Ticket offices Nos. 481, 044, II OB 182.1, 111 nu I 291
Broadway, 1 Astor House. WostTwcntv tlupi Htreel
Station, and statlotiH foot of lie-in .-. and Cert.
lsiult Streets: 4 t'ottrt Street, Kilo trultnn strst t (18
Broadway, and Pennsylvania Annex 8intmn.l!r,iox
lyn; Station, .lersey City. The New York Traimfof
Company will call for and cheek baggage from ho
tela and residences through to drHt!natt.n.
Telephone "3757 Eighteenth Street" for IVnniylva
nla Ruilroad Cab Service.
1. B. HI'TCIUNSi )N. J. R. WOOD.
General Manager. General Paai'r Agent,
All through trains stop at Albany. Utica. Siracuse,
Rochester and Bttflalo.
Trains leave Grand Central Station as follows-
8.Q("s A. M. Daily, except Sundays. Famous
Fastest train In Ihe world. Due Buffsl 1 4 45 N.
agara Fall. 5:33, Toronto ii:0n P. M , Detroit 1 1 10
P. M. Limited to Its seating cupnclti .
8.AK A. M.-FAST MAIL, Daily -For Buffalo. Nt p
lo sgara Falls mid ch v.-lanil. L
1 fi-'-lA A- M.-DAY EXPRESS, except Siindsvs-s
Jti.tlVJ For Buffalo and all important New York
Stste polnta.
XIXAJ CHICAGO SPECIAL, Dally-Fnr Cnliiiiilitu) I
Cincinnati, Indlanaiiulln. St. Louis andctiiiagu
Go cept Sunday, for Troy and SiratngH.
Ksi Ml p- M.-LAKE SHORE LIMI ill). H.ulyJ4.
tWW hour train for Chicago, via ltkc Bhore. Im.
Cleveland 7:16 A. 1L, Chicago 4 P. M. sleeping
and parlor cars only .
tUlii p- M.-WEHTEHN EXPR1SS, Dallf-Fol
)AJJ Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cli-velaml, Toledo,
Detroit and Chicago.
li.'jr: P. M.-NORTHERN EXPRESS. Dail-For
tl Montreal, and. except Ssturdav, foriiuawa.
"lv MONTREAL EXPRESS. Dailv -Via Utica
", SPECIAL, Daily -Fui Niagara Fall, i:leva
laud, Cincinnati, Iuilisnspolis and St. Lotus.
tlVT (sleej)ing csr only) For points on Fall
Brook, via Lyons, and fur Rochester and buffalo.
9,1 It P. M. -PACIFIC EXPRESS. Dally For o-
-1 ' wegii, Ogdelist'tirg. Buffalo, Niau'aia Kails,
Cleveland. Toledo. I 'In .no mid. except Sititr.
daya, fur Cape Vincent and the Auburn r" 1.
1 . 1 If CAGO. Every night except Sunday iiict.t,
Sunday night Chlgugo ateepers leave at !' I -IIAK1
0:16 A. M. and 3:27 P. M. Dally, except Sunday, to
Plttsfleld; Sundays only st 8:30 A. M.
Wagner Palace Cars on sll through trains.
Trains Illuminated with pinterh light.
Ticket unices st 1 13. 2(11, 413 ami P43 Broadway,
81 Kait 14tll St., 236 Columbus AV., til West 126th
at., Grand Central Ststiun, 135th St. Station and
188th St. Station, New York; 888 and 720 Fulton it.,
and 10.1 Broedwaj -, E. D., Rrouklyn.
Telephone "2700 Thlrty-etgbth street" for New
York Central Cab errioe. Baggage checked froia
hotel or reaidende by Weetcott Expresa Compitny.
GEORGE U, DANIELS. ( mrai Paaaenscr Agent
Lehigh Valley System.
Stations font of West 28d St. ipenn. R. R.), Cortland
nr lleelirosses St.
Indicates time fnun West 23 1 St. Other llgtirei
show time from C'lrtlatult or Dosbrohses si.
OilO, :iO A. II. daily 'Similar -tt:45. i A. M ; fur
EASTON and intcrmr iliate stati"iia.
;:5l. rltSO A. M. daily fnr WILKUsinnBE,
BUFFALO. NIAGARA FALLS and the Wept .11 il prm
clpal Incsl 1 e ' 1 . dining 1 aruuil chair c.-.i Io Iliiflalo,
ii:."i(), i;On noon daily, except Sunday.
Arrives BtcValo 11:65 P. M. Pullman Vestibule Imy
Ooaohea and Parlor Cars. Dining Car flervn Meali
a la carte. Coun-cisat Buftulo will) tln-it;' tleepera
to Detroit and Chicago.
ftro, l:t o P. M daily for EASTON, MM' It
branches. Chall 1 ar to l--iston.
3:50. 4:10 P. M. ilallv, except Similar, fr
cipal inUTU.ciliatc stations. Councils!' 1 all poiout
in coat regions. Piillmati Bullet I'm lor Csr (nr
4iBO, A:UO P.M. daily, except Bunday, for EAS
TON and intermediate staliiius.
4:50, :!( P. M. Sundays only, for M Al'CH
CHUNK snd Inter uedUte ntutoiiH.
-:SO. 0:10 P.M. dally, except Sunday, mr EA9
TON and principal mternieiiiale matcuis.
Oi.W, T:tO P. M. daily for BUFFALO. NiAiiARl
FALLS, and all pnnith West Pullman ilooper vesti
bule train N. Y. t- Chicago. Slcpers Pi Suffj! ' aud
Toronto. Ilnlng Cr New York pi E-istoii. f
7t40, 8:0O P. M. dallv, icepl Suiidat, i-fpulff
sleeper for Btlfialo. None but sleepiin; . :u UBenger8
carried. No baggage carried.
8:20. SiSOP M. daily tor WILKES': Mill , II 1
FALLS, and all points West l'tilii, 1:111 nl-cuer t
Chicago. .
AililTtlonal local trains dsily, exr.-i.t Sunday, for
inrillute points, have as loll, we: lUiSO, IO:JO,
10:20. 10:30 'Sundays mil I A. M., !! JO, 'J. 3(1,
8:511, 4:10. 6:511 Hint 8:80 P. M.
Tickets and Pullman accommodations at n:l. -fll,
ITS, :i5B, ti44 and 1:12.1 Hnailway, .11 t Mthst.,
16UE. 125th at. 127 Bowery. N. Y.. hi 11 I ultonat ,4
Court st, US B' way. ami Bionalyu Ai : v. Umoklrn,
N. Y. Transfer Co. will call for au ' ch ck . . -j
from hotel or residence thriiutih to dest nation,
Through tr.mm lesve New York, foot f l'I smberi
stret t. tte follows, and five minutes carle 1 from i""
28d atre, t:
(ia A. M. Vcsiibitlid Exjiress daily for Binp
el.if hamton. Wavcrl, Lliuira, Blltlaln H -nit 'id,
arnvea lluljsln 8 P. M. i'arb.r.ar to 1. it'l'.
M.IU1 !' Ne.til.iile limited- Faet n.s.l dally.
4.111 Solid train fore lieago. arrives "t t I'velaud
7;4o A. M.. Chicago 6 p. , Sleepers to i bicaifo,
Cleieland and Clm Innati, Diunnt car.
7t-il M.-Bllffalo and Cleveland Vembuled
LOU Express dallv, arrives Hi. Halo 7.0'. v M.,
Bradford 7:20 A. M., Jainoetown 7 00 A. M . lnungs.
town lo:37 A. M., Clevrlend I2:3n P M. Sli.neritO
Buffalo and Claveliiud. Oife Librao Car.
9.1 r. P. M. -Daily solid Ira. 11 for 11 nghsiut'ill,
-1 Elmire, Weverlr, Chicago, sh i f rt lo liof
nellavillr, Chicago and Clueiniiiiti. Dllllng Cal
1 ACCOMSIoDATIGNS III 111. 113. 3H1 4"! Blltl
U67 Broadway. 127 B. wen. IBSEaal 126th st, and
273 West 126th St.. Cliambeis sml Weat 28(1 si ! :
nes, New York; H3;leinl suo I niton st.ns Bi-.a lwy,
Brooklyn; 123 River st . Hob .ken, and Jnrssi I ty
HUtlun. New York Transfer Co. culls f. r and i u" "
bagguge from hotels and residences to il. ni :ii. P
New York and Boston All Hail.
N. V., N- li. k . It. H. aud i anili i Uon.
Fioin Gitiiitl 'ntrit. Statiou.
Lravt. hi y ot V '
4;04 A.M..HijriincfltiIil nJ W.irc.-HU-r, f0 J'.lL
10:UOA. M., ttNftW lytiuiloti ml Frovittni'i. ft V
Hi n: A.M., New J-'iidon atiil J'ri"tflfi.f', 4 .'6 j '
la 00 M , Hi.r.mehHil and Wcrcmt-r, ft lf
SlMKt P.M., Alrl.iiie, vi WUlinuntlr, (1 " ' s-
1 :02 KM., X-w Indcn ind ProviUonce, 7 ' I'
3:0U I'.M , 4Stt L-iiiil.-ii Mii'l PruTjitHiK g U ' '
4.ui ! M.. -.-ipriutifllil Kiid Woroettar. IU 'J I' H
Iioo KM. Nw Ixndanftud Providence. I J ." V .
it:uf)l.II., inuif:nM tod Worcatar. Id A.M.
lU'.ou P.M., Ni-w I.ii)iJni4iil HruvidfiH-f.i' 20 .iL
Uniit daily, tif.-'lir Mm-ltv.
tfl;. itat f.nnifr i. i'.i parlor crj f.u- 7, li
rludnikC parlor raracat.
lAir Linn Ijjult.'tl, an-ive am dfpprtl ir --ni rrl
Squar Htntluii, BnatoD. Hiurii MTvlCt) s r.
Hiil by aamf route, IWiU k.oj. at I r'Mi tri'(
Thruuicli parlor win hit -iii.ti cai-t .y t. tM.n.
C. T. BKMIiiJ'EAp, Uati. I'a-a i t.
Leave New York, Whitehall Terminal, South i'rrrr,
anil foot of Liberty Street.
Dally. tKnejii nuiniav. ISinidavs.
CBICAOO. 4:.'IO A. M.. 11 45 I. M., anil -1- l
flTTSBI'IlO. 4:3il(A. M 13 .10 I'. If,, 11:46 I' U .
l2:li1nlht 14.8(1 A. 41. trains Inn. I Llln.t) : Hill
CINCINNATI ST l.OITsV. -i, I n . M., ,', I'. II,
NEW ORLEANS, .):(S 1-. M. (through sleeps;
17:66. 'Kroo I'lii.r . I 3ii A M. (I)lner . 1 1 .'Hi P,
M , si.46 (Innrri. 18 r,o ilnii.r, '4:6., (Pinei ," i
V. M..aarl12. 16 night. Miitl' nl.h. -i I to 4. M
All trains ale illuminate. 1 Willi l'.ntscli 1.W.M
OfBcea: 118. 172. 281.484, UM4 Broadwai U "SI
14th at, 127 Bowery. New York. 83 u, 31 1 rultou It,
Brooklyn; Whitehall Termltial. H.ig,;.igc . :.f.a
l iron howl or raidcuce lo tlealluatioa.

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