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a Ml H Longed for a Brld. How
"mS " H,m-A "H"a ,-'w-
B" ,, Brl.1. and Her Friar. Mr.
J,,-pioB. Are Aeenaad of Conspiracy.
h,n(, Tni and niehard Thompson were
tid In Newark yesterday and Lawyer Ed-
,rr!J s Blar-k avoided arr.r:t by calling upon
County i'roasciitor and Juatlca of tha
Huec at th( Cmirt Ho""6 n1 'v'ne
SrSrite to lie preaont when required. War
tihail 'ei'" lsuetl MBlnat Thompson and
SwiDI wnman for conspiracy and Lawyer
Tut was m,1', ,rt'' ,0 the oon",,r"0'-
LT. fllriux itn were made In the Eye and Ear
Tainan on Wednesday atturnoon by Thomp
rnandler of Lyona Farma. who alleced that
"""n,,.. defendants conspired to deprive him
. hrm. valued at $5,000. Chandler !a 8U
'' nltnot blind and eatremely weak
" dal Be hai been married twice and ia a
B!, fria,ifthor. Hia only eon by the second
'Jtlls 13 fears old and la. by oonaent of the
Ulier children. "Is sole heir.
for ten rears the old man'e weak point has
lmo proposals of marriage to almoat every
nana he met. but hie chief desire has been
i merry a girl of 10 years. His eight has been
mralrad by two oataraote to aueh an extent
Sat he could not discern whether a woman
... old or young, white or blaok.
Joephinc Wang, who la white, waa married
.ereral '"" to " the ne-T0
sMenger of the Demooratlo Common Coun
51 t,l after separating from him became
houMeePr for l'ichard Thompson of 94
somerset street. About two years ago
Thompson took her out for a ride and
lllM topped at Chandler'e house and
asked for egge. Chandler had no agga.
bot told about hla lonellneas and his
desire to get a 16-year-old wife. Thompson
ant Josephine Wenz to him for a dayortwo
Mcli week to put the house In order, make the
beds, and cook the Sunday dinner. A few daye
Ko the old man determlnod to go to the Eye
and Ear Infirmary In Newark, saying that he
a(Ter could tlnd his 16-year-old bride unless
he had his eyesight. He sent word to Joeephine
Vieni that she need not come down on Sunday,
od told her what he intended to dp.
On Friday last Thompson went to the farm
and offered to lead the old man to the hospital,
but told him that "Joale" wanted to Bee him
nru and led him to4 Somerset street, where.
c handler eaya. ho was iutroduoed to Lawyer
Kick and induced to deed over his property
to Josephine Weni. The deed was recorded a
taw hour later by Blaok. The old man saya
that lie remembers distinctly that he was told
to sive tin to Black and did so. although his
chief desire was to run away, but ho waa too
weak in will and power to do eo. He saya that
he tried to escape, but the woman held mm.
He believes that he waa married to "Joele'
Vitm then and there, and says that he had not
1 mental strength to say no when he stood up
witli her. anacomnlacently Mld"3 for the cero
mony when told to do ao. Mrs. Bertha Ostrow
of ' Somerset street and Thompson were wit
nesses of the ceremony.
Chandler was visited by his now wife yester
day and he changed his story completely and
said to several visitors that he voluntarily gave
Josie" his farm and knew what he was doing
both whan he conveyed the property to her
and when he married bar. With other visitors
he was non-committal. Meaaurea are being
taken to annul the marriage and void the deed.
Id the Interests of Arthur Chandler, the 13-year-old
son of the old man.
Josephine Wens Is In custody In default of
JV chki bail. She offered the old man's farm as
security, but It was not accepted. Thompson
tave personal ball for 92.000. The woman said
yesterday that Chandler had been urging her
lor over a year to marry him. and that she re
luctantly consented. She aaid that it was right
that sin- should have the property tor what ahe
had done and what aha would continue to do
for him when hie children neglected him.
Thompson Chandler has four crown ohlldren
by his first wife, and the Wena woman says
that he gave each one a share of hla extensive
property when ha married a second Urns. She
said also that It waa not a pleasant task oaring
for the old man. and that ana did not aeek the
marriage or deooy him to the house.
Lawyer Black made a written statement of
hit oonneotion with the matter, and asserted
that be acted with great reluctance until the
old man Instated upon making the conveyance
icd gave a dear description of the property
fines, showing that ho waa not mentally de
ficient. Black said that there waa no restraint
sad no eoerolon. -He waa not present at the
wed ling. . .. .
The marriage waa performed by Justice of
the Peace Oermanus assisted by Justloe of the
l'e&ce Feldman. Oermanus aaid yesterday that
he could soaroaly refrain from laughing until
he saw how seriously the old man desired the
Grand Camp of United Confederate Veter
ans Affirm the Old Southern Doctrine.
IticHMOHD. Ta,. Oct. 6. The (hand Camp
of United Confederate Veterans of Virginia haa
placed itself on record as claiming the
right to secede from the Union at will. It
refused to-day to reconsider the motion to
adopt the History Committee report with the
clause left out declaring that the Confederate
soldier renounces forever the right of seces
sion. The vote was nearly unanimous, though
a considerable number of the members were In
sympathy with the clause but retrained from
The men familiar with constitutional enact
ments reminded the convention that Virginia
was committed to just such a pledge in Its new
constitution. William L. Boyal. who declared
Ins alloglance to a united country and gave
warning that if the camp was of different
mind he would part company with It, spoke
the sentiment of the bulk of the Confederates
In Virginia, and his stand Is being indorsed all
over the State. The camp will ask him to with
draw his resignation, but he will hardly do eo.
and the question may cause a disruption In the
lot. of Stolen Articles found In the I.ug-gago-Purlolners
Joseph H. George of San Antonio, Tex,, haa
lost tome things a checkbook, legal papers.
and a Manhattan Life Insurance policy for
10.000. How Mr. George loet these things Is
not known to any one save Adolph Muller of
the Mills Hotel, In whose possession they were
found Muller went to the Pennsylvania Rall
( road baggage station yesterday and got a
j satchel for a check he presented. After he bad
gone a woman, whose name Is not known.
asked f or t hree satohela. She got two.
Later Muller came back and presented checks
tor two more satchels. These were the
woman s. Muller was nabbod and taken to the
Leonard street police station.
Jluller's room at the Mills Hotel was searched
nr Detectives Alkman and O'Nell. They found
men h and women's clothes, an old satchel and
a new one They are of the opinion that Muller
rias been doing an extensive business in the
iraudulant netting of baggage, and are looking
KP.evtdence nguiiiat him. Muller speaks buT
ttln English, which Is favorable for his way
Carrier Accused of StoMllnglMoney Letters.
John J. 8mlth, a letter oarrier of Post Office
Station 0. Fifth avenue and Thirteenth street.
gave 2.50o bail before Commissioner Shields
V0.WJ .n s eharge of robbing the mails.
tSS " Inspectors Morris snd O'Brien say
jnat on V, ednesday he rifled a letter containing
' addressed to D. Appleton A Co.. 72 Fifth
il"'!"?' and that shortly before they appre
hended him yesterday he had stolen five Litters
'"'ended for Ginn Co.. Fifth avenue and
inirtiienlh street.
Demand for Firemen In State Institutions.
li.BAM.0ct. tl.-The State Civil Service Com
mission announces that there ia an urgent de
mand for firemen In the State Institutions, and
that not enough applications are being received
Inn. A'"1' lhe demand. The places pay $40 per
"'H ana matntonunce. and the only requisite
Pu" "cations are praatical oxiierlenco and good
S25fJ?iter' ttnm Bn eligible flat of candidates
rate miy eeUrej -or such positions fourteen
hit !;"L:ve,ro,?',P0,lntel for service at the Man
nattan State Hospital.
oatag. Bates on Duplicated Manuscript.
First-class postage will hereafter be charged
" luttcrpross and manllold copies of manu
script or typewritten matter. Facsimile copies
miiIl,'?i"".B,'.ri'',,.l: tfPowrlting will be trana-B-
. . , '"'fd-olaes rates, provided they are
RMantod at the Post Office windows in quan-
8w5iVlt time?" ,w"", "'"" Ww"'-1
1 ut ( ut Ofl by Cable Car.
Kate Uo.rua.50 years old. of 138 FVist 130th
ivlillf Crosslin) Lexington avenue at
' "-wiitliMmt last night wus knocked
and"' !," ;'. ''il,ll, Var- Her right foot was cut off.
I'ein.'. , i"m I;iL:'". ':.' ',l0 Hurlem hospital.
iC" '. ' "Wllol ltll East Mn.-ty-nlnth street
Kivu .'u'i'uu'-VnH l"cUc'! "' ' " " WitS
KEAnira moad bold.
The Renrganlsatlnn Cotasnlttee Cteta It at
Foreclosure Hale far S.IBST.rMM.
PoooBgggpaig. Oct A. There waa a large
attsndanco of capitalist s from Philadelphia and
New York at the foreclosure sale at the Court
House to-tlav, by Pierre M. Brown, referee, of
the Philadelphia. Beading and Now England
Ballroad. Including the rights and privileges of
the Poughkeepslo bridge, that vest In the road,
the lease of the Hartford and Connecticut
Western Railroad, and the 13,000 shares of the
stock of the leased road owned by and pledged
by the Philadelphia, Reading and New Eng
land Company.
The bidding wasopened by Thomas Thatcher,
representing the Purchasing Committee for
the Reorganization Committee of the bond
holders. The Purchasing Committee Is com
posed of Arthur Brook, John Sailer and If. O.
Sexias. Mr. Thatcher offered $2,140,000 for
the property. He was opposed by W. W. Kurt r
of Philadelphia and R. A. Meier, both of whom
refused to state In whose Interests they were
acting. As a guarantee of good faith, the
referee made Mr. Thatcher and Mr. Melershow
certificates of deposit of 1100,000. the sum to
tie paid down in cash by the purchaser. Mr.
Kurtf; refused to show such a certificate and
said that he was good for all he bid.
When the bidding got up to t3.750.600 Mr.
Kurtz dropped out, and Mr. Moier continued to
run the figures up until the sum of $3.K07,(M)(
had been reached, when he said: " I am at the
end of my rope, and stopped. The refnreo
knocked the property down to Mr. Thatcher
for the sum mentioned. It is stated that ground
will be broken for the extension of the road
from Tarlffville to Springfield before snow files.
A Woman Who Became III In Boarding
House Supposed to Be the Singer.
The young woman who was taken from the
boarding house at 43 West Nineteenth street to
the Now York Hospital suffering from lung
trouble on Wednesday night will probably
recover. Under the name of Eloise Morel,
which la admittedly not her real name, sho
veils her Identity. She says that she Is a con
cert and opera singer, and that ahe came here
expecting to get an engagement In grand opera.
It was rumored yesterday that the young
woman was Mme. Clementine He Vere-Hapio.
People at the boarding house Intimated that
this was true.
Mme. Do Vere-Baplo. who is well known to
ooncertgoers here, and was formerly soprano
In Dr. Paxton's church. Is now at the Hotel
Savoy with her husband. The sick woman at
the hospital hasa motherwho lives in Colorado.
It Is said. She had been at the boarding house
for a week, during which time a young man
had visited her every day. Those at the board
ing house ssy that the young woman has had a
baa cough since she haa been here.
Business Troubles.
The stock has been removed from the place
of Gordon Jr Millard, manufacturers of cloth
eapa and hats at 335 Mercer street, and write of
replevin are out. The liabilities are estimated
at over $6,000.
The Sheriff received an execution yesterday
against Jacques Rosenberg, broker, of 43 New
street, for $26,034 In favor of J. 8. Bache A Co.
for the amount due on a note.
The Sheriff received an execution yesterday
against Clans H. M. Muller and Herman 11.
Muller. doing business as Muller Brothers.' pte
bakers, at 29 Goerck street, for $1,452 In favor
of Alfred Jaburg for goods.
Judgment for IMS) was entered yesterday
against the Investors' Security and Accounting
Company in favor of De Witt C. West on a note.
Gerry Societies Klect Ofllcera.
Stbacusx. Oot. 6. The Gerry societies of
New York State, which have been in joint an
nual convention in thla city for two days,
elected these officers to-day: President, El
brldge T. Gerry of New York : Secretary. Robert-
Wilkin of Brooklyn ; Treasurer. Wilbur
S. Peak of Syracuse. The former Vice-Presidents
were all elected except Walter Dev
ereaux of Buffalo, whose place Is taken by the
Bev. O . P. Gilford of Buffalo.
This Astor Sues aa a Poor Person.
Carl Frederiok Astor haa obtained an order
from Justloe Freedman of the Supreme Court
appointing blm guardian of his son. William
Waldorf Astor. 8 years old. and permitting him
to bring action as a poor person against Dr.
Joseph If. Hector to recover damages for al
leged malpractice on his son.
The Knickerbocker Whist Club held Its open
ing game for the season on Tuesday night, and
the rooms at 141 West Forty-first street were
crowded with enthusiastic whist players, many
of them being visitors from otner cities. Spe
cial prizes are to be given this season to the
club members making the best average score
forieaeh month, playing evo.-y Tuesday even
ing. The result of the first game was: Parsons
and Hobartplus 9. N and 8 ; Fisher and Thur
ber plus 8. Eand W. Other good scores were :
Baker and Cole, plus 6; Bacnman and Foster,
plus 5 ; Tlrrell and partner, plus 5.
At the Brooklyn Whist Club they had seven
teen tables. High scores were made by Earle
nnd Plimpton. 7 plus N and 8; Elwell and A.
Josephson being second with 6. Cotton and
C'laflin were high E and W with 5 plus. The
annual meeting of the club will be held on Sat
urday evening next at 153 Pierrepobt street.
On womena night at the Brooklvn Whist
Club Mr. and Mrs. W. C. De Witt made the ton
score, 7 plus. X and S: Mrs. Wade and M.
Sweeney getting high score E and W with 4
At the Long Island Women's Club. Mrs. E. T.
Baker and Mrs. R. F. Foster again made the
top score. 9 plus N and S : Mrs. Goddard and
Mrs. Hawthorne getting high score E and W
with 7 plus. This club has a large team In
training for the oomlng match with Yonkers
for the Metropolitan trophy, which will be
played Nov. 4.
The first match of the season for the Utlca
trophy, which represents the pair champion
ship of the New York State Association, will be
played at the rooms of the Brooklyn Whist
Club to-night between A. E. Taylor and J. B.
Elwell. holders nnd Andrew Gllhooly and Dr.
Cramer of the Knickerbocker Whist Club, chal
lengers. The match will be played on the
single-table duplicate system, with the suits
transposed for the overplay.
The Orange Whist Club had lteopening game
for the season last night, and had a large at
tendance. They have adopted the handicap
system, which Is a sliding scale of plus and
minus allowances, according to tho grade of
the players and the number of deals In thu
In spite of the bad weather, the Whist Club
of New York had a crowded house on Wednes
day evening, which waa Its opening night for
the dupllcato whist seasou of 1898-00. With thu
exception of Newark and Orange, every promi
nent whist club in this part of the country was
represented, and the play was of a high order.
The game was played on the Howell system of
averaging, and valuable prizes were given for
the winning pairs.
The following players made plus scores:
Henriques and Kpafford. N. Y.. 076: nuasell
and partner. Brooklyn. 465; Faber and
O'Bryan. 8tatn Island, 4 45: Hatch and Den
niaon. Bridgeport. 3 05: Earle and Plimpton,
Brooklyn, 225; Boyd and Dltmars. Brooklyn.
2-05; La Vie and (ioodbody. Brooklyn.'l 75:
Dickorman and F'llnt. N. J., 155; Hegur and
riegur. Brooklyn, 145.
At the Women's Whist Club, the top score N
and 8 was made by Mrs. Johnson and Miss
Campbell, plus 13. The high score E and W
was made by Mrs. Pierson aud Mrs. Hawthorne,
plus 10.
S Of the best distilled whiskeys, 5
that Is, the valuable prop- K
5 crties of each are embodied 0
V in the popular blend that for af
0 nearly forty years has been at
0 tlrst fuvorlt-among American i
i whiskeys.
r ia carefully and skilfully W
0 blended and has the ndvan- m
Jtofre of ago and experienced 0
treatment to " mellow " it,
and impart to it that delight- W
0 fill flavor which is tho cause 0
at of Its popularity. It is tho av
0 best and purest stimulant for
the sick and convalescent,
0 mill is reoommeudod by phy- 0
0 bichuis. 0
T for sale by all KelUbU Dealer. 0
aJrV ioitK.
I Lb.4b sV
BBB-aBBBBSBBSBaaamjSafatamnnnnallmr -
Mmeriek Makes the Bon of Piles Med I am
flo the Fastest Mile on Record for the
take A Great Day of Harness Baelng
Over at Blow Track- Transylvania To-I lay.
LmNOTn, Oet. 6. The third attempt to
start the fall meeting of the Kentucky Trotting
Horse Breeders' Association was suceeasful be
yond expectation to-day, and the greatest car
nival of harness racing ever seen here on one
day was the result. The contests were called
by Starter Frank Walker at 10:30 o'clock In the
morning, and from that hour until 5 o'clock In
the afternoon the track was alive with racing
horses. There waa $30,000 to race for, and it
required seventeen heats to decide the five
races which were finished, and two heats were
trotted In the sixth race, which went over
on account of darkness. Tho attendance was
the best ever seen here on a first day, and It
surprised the management to see fully 0,000
persona tarn ont after the disappointments of
yesterday and the day before. Owing to the
fact of the soldiers being here, nearly every
State In the Union was represented. The offl
eersot the regular and volunteer army swarmed
Into the grand stand and betting ring, and so
ciety waa out in full force.
The greatest Interest centred In the three-year-old
Futurity, worth SltJ.OOO. A local trot
ter. Charley Herr. bred and owned by Milkman
David Cahlll and driven by Mike Bowerman,
was a big favorite, selling for $50 and the field
for $00. He got away well in the first heat and
was soon leading, with Peter the Great a close
second and Seraphlna third. They trotted In this
order to the upper turn, where Peter the Great
began to gain on the lender. Bowerman tried
to drive Herr faster, but ho left his feet and fell
back. Peter the Great won the heat by six
lengths, with Seraphlna second, she five lengths
ahead of Charley Herr. As the time was 2 :15 X
over a track reckoned to be five seconds slow,
the knowing ones began hedging on Peter
the Great, and he was made a big fa
vorite. He kept up his fine form by win
ning the next two heats and the race
without trouble, lowering the time In each heat.
He was driven by Peter Johnston of Kalama
eoo. The colt is a long, well-gait ed fellow, was
bred In Michigan, and he trots with as much
ease as that other great son of Pilot Medium,
Jack, winner of the first Transylvania In 1880.
The Tennessee Stake for pacers of the 2:00
class had Searchlight for favorite. He won
without an effort in straight heats. There
was a pretty contest between Sherman Clay
and Nlcol B. for second money, the former
winning it.
Tho 2:15 trot was a hot contest between Guy,
Sister Alloe and Culling, Guy finally landing
the purse in racehorse style. The favorite,
Tudor Chimes, could get nothing better than
fifth position.
The Wilson Stake for 2:20 pacers was won
by the outsider. Lady of the Manor, she losing
the third hent to the favorite. Miss Logan. The
two-year-old division of the Futurity was a
clean-out victory for the odds-on favorite. The
Merchant. He won in straight hents and in
good time, considering the track. He belongs
to W. A. Paxton of Omaha.
The 2:08 trot had Tommy Britton for favor
ite, but he failed to land a heat. William Penn
won the first heat and Itllma the second, when
darkness caused the contest to be postponed.
The card to-morrow will comprise the Tran
sylvania, the classic event of the Kentucky
meeting, besides three other races. When the
Transylvania starters score for the word there
will probably be more money wagered on the
race than ever before. To-night other races re
ceived little attention, so eager wore the bettors
to got their money placod on the Transylvania,
and it Is estimated that there are $110,000 tied
upon the result of the contest. The heaviest
bettors are Nlok Hublnger and Andy Welch.
Welch has wagered $2,500 to Hubinger's
$1.0oo that the Held would beat John
Nolan. Wolch also bet Hublnger $200 to
$300 that Nolan would not finish one.
two. three. Selling In the pools to-night
was as follows: Blngeo. $200; Eagle Flan
agan. $250 : John Nolan, $250: Belle J.. $25:
Grntton Boy, $20: Caracalla. $15. and Dloneand
Cut Glass in the field. $15. Selling three choices
against field, Bingen brought $50. hagle Flan
agan $40. John Nolan $40, field $15. In the
2:15 pace Hal B. brought $40, and the field.
including Belle Boy, Itoan Dick. Blaze ltoy.
,ight Ptar. Falrviow. Pinto, The Bishop, Byzan
tine. Edward p., Jim Pugh, and Bernlce,
hrought $50. The starters In the pacing Fu
turity will be Bride Elect. Matin Bolls. Extacy.
and fiorselet. Summaries yesterday:
2i00 class, pacing; Tennessee Stake, value $4,0001
Searchlight, b. ., by Darknight Nora Btapes,
by Furor (MoHanry) 1 1 1
Sherman Clay. ch. g. (West) 3 3 4
Nlcol D.. b. s. (McLaughlin) 4 ft 2
l,ona N., b. m. (McDowell) 8 4 r.
Ace, b. I, (McKweiD 5 S
Indiana, b.g. (McCarty i 8 6
Javelin, b. tn. (Batindeni dls.
Time-3:0l(. 2:11H. 2:llH.
Three-year-olds, trotting; Kentucky Futurity, value
Peter the Oreat, b. c by Pilot Medium San
tos, by (stand Sentinel (Johnston) l l l
Limerick, br.g. (Real) 4 8 2
Baraphlna, blk. f. (Hudson' 3 4 n
Charley Herr, b. c. B merman) 3 2 4
JanieT., b. r (fuller) ft Bdls
Lexle May, ro. f . (McKay) dls.
Time-2:1SM. 3:14W. 2:i2W.
3:16 class, trotting: purse fl.uoO:
Guy. cb. ., by Robert Rvsdrk Red
Rose, by Jester D. (Oarveyl 7 110 1
Sister Alice, b. f. (McHenry) 8 7 1 8
Cutting, b. s. (MoOalHr) 1 2 B .1 H
Burpol, gr. s. (Jack furry) 6 r, II 2 4
Bussellwood. b. s. (J. R.Curry) 2 7 4 6 H
Tudor Chimes, b. g. lOeersi 10 H nil 1
lions Wilkes, bis. in. (Hulchlnga) 8 4 ft ii 7
Pero Belle, br. m. iRossinire) ft (I 7 4 lo
Boreal, h. a. (Ryan) 4 U H 7 6
Oslund I., b. s. (Mi-Dowell) u in 10 h u
Tlliil 2: 1H4. 3:18. 3:1H. 2.17V.. 2:18.
2:20 class, pacing: Wilson Stake; value $2,000:
Lady of the Manor, ch. m.. by Mambrlno
King Princess Chimts, by Chlmea(Geera)l 18 1
Miss Logan, b. 10. (Boucher) 2 8 12
Exploit, gr. s.iNethawayi ft 8 2 n
Kgoxen, b. a. (Crutchtehl) 4 2 4 4
Ann Lee, b. m. (Banana) t ft a B
Long Point, rb. s. iPolllt) 8 il ft ft
Beilwocd. br. m. (llnssey) 8 7 dls.
Built Hllk.rh. m. iWDhoii II 4 dls.
WoodlandlBoy, b. s. (Jones) 7 t dr.
Tiine-2:0.'Oii. 2:11. 2:UH, 2:011V
Two-year-olds, trotting; the Futurity, value $5,000;
heats two In three:
The Merchant, ch. c., bv the Conqueror Bright
light, by Aristocrat. Jr. (McCoy) 1 1
I) Muhiia. rh. g. (tlviun 4 3
Handspring, h. e. (Real 2 4
Risky, blk. f. (Hedgesi 8 .1
Kars. b. f. (Croniiel ft ft
Mary Celeste, blk. t. iBtlnsnnl dls.
Time 2:20, 2:21)4.
2:08 class, tiotting; purse 92,000 (unfinished):
William I'.'iui, br. s., by Santa Clans Lulu M..
by Demi tli ss (Ludwlg) 1 8
Riluia. b. in., by King Wilkes Jaconet, by Pdot
Mamhrino (Foots) 0 1
PilotBoj.gr. g. lM-lll 2 4
Capt. Ja-k, blk. g. uTlynB) S 3
Tommy Britton, br. s. (Geers) 8 7
Kentuckv t'uiim. ,li. in. Cnrryi 4 tt
pan Cupid, b. a. (McCarthy) 8 It
Klamath, b, K. 'Jn Id' 8 ft
Humboldt Maid, br. in. illogoboom) 7
1'irclB., blk. s. (Cochrani 1010
Time 3:11S, 2:11.
The time made by all of the aged horses at
Lexington yesterday Indicates that the course
was alow, and the race for the Futurity one of
the greatest races ever trotted by three-year-olds.
The winner's third mile In 2:12'. is
three-quarters of a second faster than the beat
previous performance In the Futurity, l'n-s-ton's
2: l.'il having stood uh high-watermark
unt.l Petor tho Ureat lowered the record. Al
though I'nter the (treat was known to bo a
greafcolt. he has started only a few times in
fulilic. His one performance last year was in
he two-year-old division of the Futurity.
Janio T.. thut was distanced yesterday, won
thu race last year, but Peter the (Jreat forced
her out In 2:17. and 2:15 V He has not beeu
prominent this season.
The winner was entered by D. D. Ktreeterof
Kalamazoo. Poter V. Johnston, who drove
him. Is the veternn reinsinnn who brought out
the noted pacer Johnston, 2:0t)4, fifteen years
1 ago, nnd who drove Piedmont, 2:17'. nnd
oilier old-time trotters. It is said that Jolm-
mom owns an inturest In Peter the Groat.
Yesterday's race was thu sixth renewal
of the Futurity. Oro Wilkes, owned by J. W.
Dalvof this elty. won the inaugural contest in
i 1W. Jtcuzctla. 2:00V owned by W. E.
, Htokus and Peter Duryca. woo in 1U4.
when the stuke was worth $20.4:10.
i Oakland Baron. 2:00V., was the winner In
I 1805. In the following year M. E. McKenry
won with ltose Croix, a three-year-old that he
1 broil, trained and drove. Thorn, that died last
August, was the winner last year after a hard
fought race with Preston. All Futurity winners
until this rear have been lineal descendants of
George Wilkes. Peter tho Gloat la adeacendant
of Happy Medium, tho sire of Nancy Hanka,
VI. M. Ilalated'a Trotting Mare Wins Her
Third llaee In bix Days.
W. M. Halsted's cast-iron trotting mare Sa
ble Alcyoner won another race at the Parkway
meeting yesterday, placing to her credit the
third victory sho has scored within six days.
' It Is doubtful whether the records of harnesa
racing contain anything to match the perform
ances of Sable Alcyoner during the laat thirteen
days. Within this period the enduring daugh
ter of Alcyoner has started in six races at Mlu
eola. White Plain and Parkway, trotting no
leas than twenty-four heats, eleven of which
he won. She captured a part of the purse
very time she started, although on mm occa
sion her Brooklyn owner and driver started her
In two i aces the same day. Alcyoner, 2:2.V. her
slr, is a son of Alcyone, 2:27. by George
Wilkes, and her dam la by Wilkes Spirit, a son
of George Wilkes, so that she l closely Inbred to
the great progenitor of in mi'.ilcners. The little
mare was out of practice yesterday, not having
trotted a race for two day, and before she got
warmed up to her work Fred Lcmniermann's
brown mare Millie II, wen two heats. But the
Wilkes mare went to tho front In the third
round anil won In consecutive heats. Sho is
entered again to-day In the 2:.'t2 class. It Is
hardly probable, however, that. Owner Halafed
will permit her to start.
U. H. Bond, tho winner of two iicsts In the
unfinished Pacing race on Wednesday, pulled
off yoaterdavthe one hent he needed to win.
Iveta and Hnnnls. Jr.. led him n merry chase,
each pacer landing a heat before the contest,
ended. Emulating the example of Halsted and
Sable A'evoner. the owner of Dre started his
horse again yosterdny, the blaok pacer having
started and won on the preceding day. Dark
ness came on before the rnce could be finished.
2:18 rlasa. pacing; uuras tBOO:
TJ. H. Bond. h. ., bv Frank Noble-Stsll
Storms, by Mambrlno Excelsior (How
ell) 1 13 3 1
Iveta, blk. in. (Snyder) 3 R ft l 8
Haunls, Jr., ch.g. (Rhodes) y 2 18ft
hlue Wilkes, rh.g. (Swsni ft ft 4 3
Idsmor.t, b. m. (Aldrlchi ,1 a ft 4
Annie T., blk. m. iDmlley) 7 tl n adis
Little Ilsn. rh.g. illmlgei 4 4 dr.
Little Gem, b. s. (Cberiier) 8 7 dr.
Jos Nelson, oh. g. (Kaler) . 8 dr.
Time-3:17M. ItUM, 2:18K, 2:18)4, 2:174.
3:27 rlasa, trotting: puree tBOO:
Sable Alcyoner, bit. m., by Alcyoner
Judith, br Wilkes Bull it (Halsted) 3 3 111
Millie B.. br. m. iSnyilsri 1 13 2 2
Gloucester's First, h. in. iHaydi-n' 8 ft ft 8 8
Kelly Bell, blk. m. (Davis) 4 8 a ft 4
Red Virais. b. a. (Cherrier) ft 4 4 4ft
Time 3:38)4, 2:2n. 2:37, 2:27, 2:2it.
2:2ft olaaa, padna: purse $800 (unfinished):
Drex. blk. g., by Black Day (Wilson) 3 1
Frank Knapp, b. g. (J. Thompson) 1 3
Thursday, br. m. iLlpplncott) 8 8
Actuary, br. s. (Tlmmlna) 5 4
Felora A., br. m. (Hart) 4 n
Mamie Clark, br. m. (Snyder) 7 ft
Witclirasn, h. g. (Cola) 8 8
Myrtle H..b. m.(Hill) 7
Kan var. b. s. (Davis) 8 8
Time-3:18K. 2:18)4.
The Hawthorne A. C. Declares the Corbett
McCoy Contest on.
Buffalo. Oct. 6. The Corbett-McCoy fight
has been abandoned by the Hawthorne A. C.
The officials have broken off all negotiations
with the principals, and the stockholders will
pocket their loss. Secretary and Manager G.
M. Wilson of tho Hawthorne Club to-day au
thorized the announcement that, so far as this
club is concerned, the fight Is off.
"Whatever William B.Gray may do now Is
upon his own responsibility," said Wilson.
" Gray is a stockholder In tho club, but ho Is
not authorised to speak or act for it. The club
will have nothing more to do with tho fight.
We could have pulled the bout off at Syracuse,
but I do not believe we could havo convinced
the people that there would be no Interference.
Wo could not help losing more money on the
contest, so we will drop It."
The promoters say they have lost $20,000.
which Include $7,000 for the big arena and
$2,000 ndvaneed to Corbett for training ex
penses. The arena will stand, because there is
nothing to be gained by taking it down.
A meeting was hold here yesterday for the
purpose of coming to some agreement re
garding tho culmination of the light between
Corbett and McCoy. There were present William
R. Gray of the Hawthorne A. C. : George Consl
dlne, representing Corbett; Tom tyBourke.
8am Fitzpatrlck. Homer McCoy and George
Clifford. A letter from D. T. Nugent. President
of the Hawthorno Clnb.to W. B. Gray was rend.
Nugent said the bout was off so far as the Haw
thorne Club was concerned.
"Will McCoy now sign now articles to fight
elsewhere V" InouiredConsidlne eagerly. "Wo
are ready to light and there are plenty of other
places where tne struggle can lie decided; at
Carson, for Instance. If you really mean busi
ness I will give McCoy until to-morrow night
in which to decide."
After a private talk with Homer MoCoy Gray
said : " I cannot decide that question until I see
the Kid personally." Then the meeting broke
up. Consldlnu afterward said :
"Corbett Is now at leisure to fight anyone.
Sharkey, Jeffries, or Bob FItzsimraons. We
will go anywhere, providing wo get as much
money as the tlgnt Is worth. Tom Sharkey
will suit us, and wo will meet him at the Lenox
A. C. if necessnry." Considlne then asked
O'Rourke if the club would still agree to give
Corbett and Sharkey a good purse to box there.
"I guess so." said Tom. " but I'm going to the
coast on Monday, and Sharkey Is going with
me. I suppose if you want a fight with
Sharkey you will have to go to Frisco to get
O'Rourke Resigns as Matchmaker of the
Lenox A. C.
Tom O'Rourke announced yesterday that he
had resigned as match maker of the Lenox A.C.
In favor of Charley White, who has been acting
as the club's referee. O'Rourke declares that
ho has been contemplating the step for some
time, but did not receive the opportunity to
get out until Tom Sharkey made up his mind
to go to San Francisco. O'ltourke is managing
the ex-sailor, and in company with Sharkey. Joe
Wolcott. snd Goorge Beyers, the colored mid
dleweight, will leave for the West on next
Monday. Rumors have heen afloat to the effect
that there has been some friction in the club.
It Is said there are two factions in the organi
zation, and White Is being backed by the
strongest. When asked to make a statement
yesterday O'Rourke said :
"As I think lean make suffleent money at San
Francisco. I have concluded to withdraw from
the I, em x A. C. at least for tho present. Mind
you, my resignation Is not to be permanent. I
don't know just how long I will remain away.
It may be for months and it may be for a vear.
It just depends how I get along with my men.
Hharkey has received a good offer to box Jim
Jeffries, and I guoss we may as well accept
that, as neither Corbett. McCoy nor Fltzslm
mons want any of his game. Dixon will not go
with me. There Is no one out there at present
with whom he can box. I guess the club will
get along without me until I return."
O'Rourke furthorsaid that he wason friendly
terms with all the members of tho organization.
Eighty Thousand Persons at the St. Louis
Fnlr Grounds.
St. Louis, Oet. fl. Eighty thousand persons
were at the Fair Grounds this afternoon, the
chief attractions being an attempt of Star
Pointer, the pacing king, to lower his record of
1 :50V and a match race between John S.
Johnson, tho bicyclist, and the race horse
Forbusli. Tho track was a shade faster than
yesterday, when Joe Patohen and John H.
Gentry contested for supremacy. Star Pointer
was In splendid form, and he covered the mile
In 2-.03H. Had the track beon as fast as that
of Itigby Park It Is reasonably certain that
Pointer would have lowered his record or at
least equalled tho time made at Readville last
In the race between Johnson and the horse
Forbusli the latter waa able to open only a
length and a half during the first half mile. In
the last half Johnson made a poor pick-up of
his second triplet to pneo and lost fully loo
yards before ho could get properly under way.
The tlmo was: Forbush, 1:42);; Johnson,
1 :54 3-5.
Glendale Team Lose m Game to the Lotus
Five In the Last Frame.
Leading the Lotua team until the last frame of the
second American national tournament game last
night, t our of the Glendale five missed easy spares
and were beaten at the wind-up by thirty-five pins.
The scores:
riasT ami.
Rosedsle C. Sievers, 172; Bellmer, 177i Keaslsr,
lSH; G. Smvera, 108; Lehrbarh. l.'.i-. Total. 880.
Glendale -Schneider. 1UU: Stiitlarhe.m. 113!
8'hwagsr, 132; Koechllng. 147: It Fuchs, 138. To
tal. 7211.
Lotus W. Gcrdrs. 177: lloeiiierinanii. 181; Heath,
ISO; Rehui, 148; F. Gerdes, 170. Total. H04.
Glendale--Schneider, 184; Oroallng. Ill; Bohwa
gcr, 1 i'b. Koechllng, 138: It. Fuchs, lao. Total, 78V,
RosadaleFrercka. 170; Bellmer, 11)6: Keaaler,
180; O. Sievers, 1(11 ; Lehrbarh, 31U. Total. u83.
Lotna W. Gerdes. ISO: lloeuirriiiaun. 176, Haetb.
137; Kohiu, 17.1; F.Gerdes, 144. Total, HOI.
Only one game waa rolled in the Arcade hcadplu
tournament laat night. The score:
Black Baaa No. 1 Oraaer, 81: Bothweller, SI;
I Brain Workers.
Hertford s Acid Phosphate
uplla tt. naedd norv forooj,
bbun sSubiai' utrn. Sottl only in boitlM.
RARPPT T.i Stewart
uLcANSIlib t 1u2au.se
The Fact That the flovernment flea Made
n Reinnrknble Decision Itegnrdlng
Under the now rovcmio stump law,
whiskeys aro exempt from special taxa
tion, but medicines aro taxed. It Is n no
table fact, however, that one whiskey la
compelled by tho xrovernmont to uso the
proprietary stamp oh the xrroiind that It is
a medicinal preparation. This solitary ex
ception Is mailo In tho caso of Duffy's 1'uio
Malt Whiskey. Its peculiar medicinal qual
ities bclnjr thus rcco(rnly.cil by the BJOVSTB
merit, as It lins been rocojrnly.od by hun
dreds of thousands of people who have ex
perienced Its curative qunlitics. Thin But
ling long liocn known to lhe medical pro
fession, Vto.! that Pllffy's Pure Malt Whis
key is a medicinal whiskey prepared cs
pcelnlly for tho use of Invalids nnd forthe
specific treatment of all diseases where a
tonic Is desired.- Adr.
Blling, 101; Ohler. 48: Schnlr.e, 08. Total. 888.
Fern Council made a good start In the Brooklyn
Royal Arcauum tournament laat night with two vic
tories. Gilbert Council's team cat riot! off the honors
In the second game with the highest score of the
week. The scores:
rilST UAirr..
Fern Council Bennett, 10M; Ketebam, 1B2: Trim
mer, 1ST; Miller. 181; BchwarUe, 153. Total, 881.
Gilliert Council Hager. 17H: Fuller. ISRi hlerils.
154; Thomas Anderson, Jr., 157; Van Tassel, 10.
Total, SOU.
Gilbert Council Hager. 14B: Fuller, 172; Blerds.
1H8; Thomas Anderson, Jr.; IwS; Van Tassel, 177.
Total, mil'.
Welcome Counoll Peters. 128; H. Wjrant, 138; T.
Wvant. 143; Hummel, 188; Scharfenberg, 150. To
tal. 787.
tbi an oAMi.
Welcome Council Peters, 185; H. Wvant, 171; F.
Wyant. M8; Hummel, 148: Scharfenberg. 108. Total,
Fern Council Bennett, 172; Ketcham, 100; Trim
mer, 148; Miller, 158; Mchwarue, 188. Total,828.
Bowling Games To-Nlght.
American National Tournament Orchard. Adelphl
and Orltanl F. t'.. at the Gcrinanla Assembly Booms
Arcade Ileailpin Tournament Owl (New Yorkl No.
I, Owl iNrw Yorki, .10. 3. Owl (Hobokcn), AH Bees
and Clio, at the Arcade alleys.
Brooklyn Royal Arcanum League Tournament
Fraternity Cjiincll, Oxford Council and Fort Greeno
Council, at Traluur's alleys.
Rea1 Estate Auction Hales.
At the New York Real Estate Salesroom yesterday
Peter F. Meyer A: Co. sold In foreclosure the live
story brick stable, on plot 75x133. Illx75xl:tu, JJos.
211 to 315 West Thirty-second str.et, and part of the
three-story brick stable, on lot 2hx03.Hg3Bxnl.ti, No.
214 West Thirty-third street, to the plaintiff for
147.U25; also in foreclosure, the four-etoiy brick
dwelling, on lot 25.1'itliO, No. 25 Washington place,
ti Joseph .1. Ash for tlS.OOO; alio the lot, I'.nl"".
on tho eaat aide of Grten lane, 83 feet aouth of Fifth
street, to the plaintiff for S2.0OO.
Richard V. Harnett a: Co. aold by order of the ex
ecutors of thu Charles B. Foadlck estate the four
story aud basement brick aud atone dwelling No. 31
West Thirty-sixth street to Frederick Ayer for ro,
100: also thte" lots, each 25x10(1. on thu north side
of Klngshrulge road. 25 feet west of Hawthorne
street, to Max Marx for S7.500. and two lots, each
25x1imi, on the west side of Hawthorne street, 1011
feet north of Kingsbrlilgu road, to Hugh Drenan for
William M. Ryan sold in foreclosure theflve-storr
brick flat, on lot 30x100.11. No. 207 Rest 118th
street, to James F. llelaney for $24,000. He was
unable to comply with the conditions of the sale, how
ever, aud the property, on being offered again, waa
acid to the plaintiff for t2H.roo.
William Kenuelly sold In foreclosure the three
five-story brick flats, on lots each 25x100.5. Nos. 40
to 44 East Fifty-first street, to the plaintiff for
f 35,000 each.
Samuel Goldstlrker sold in foreclosure the five
story atone-front flat, on lot 24x103.3, No. 58 West
Klevi nth street, to the plaintiff for 8811.800.
Philip A. Smyth sold in foreclosure th four-atorr
atone-front tenement No. 35ti 1-iat Forty-ninth
street to W. J. Fowler for ts.200.
Real Estate Private Sales.
The William Campbell estate has sold to George G.
Duy the three plots, consisting of about twenty lots,
on the west sine of Tenth avenue, between Foity-flrst
and Forty-second streets. The purctisse price was
, about 1280,000, and It is reported that some prop
erty was taken lu exchange, but the details were not
made known. The plots are 120x0s. Hon the south
west corner of Tenth avenue and Forty-second street
and a plot 20 feet further west, 13h.uxuh.ii; also a
plo: on Forty-first street, 120 feet west of Tenth
avenue, 225x08.9. The property was formerly the
site of the Campbell Wall Paper Company'a factory,
which was burned down a short time ago.
The Horton Ice Cream Company has purchased the
plot which fronts 1 35 feet on 1 be south side of At
lantic avenue, 28D feet on Pacific street, and loo
feet on Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, for $83,000. A
factory Will be built on the site.
Robert J. Mccracken has sold to D. C. Hayes No.
818 East 188d street. The property consists of a
two-story frame house on a lot 25x100 feet.
The W. Seeligsberg & Tuotl Company hsa sold for
Dr. John P. Conroy to an Investor No. 88 Mulberry
street, seventy-two feet north of Park street, lot 21x
85x20x85, with one-story frame buildings, for $14,
000. New Buildings.
Plsns have been filed with the Building Depart
ment for four fuur-story and basement brick dwell
ings, 87.1x88,(1. -.11 108th street, ru,th bide, 100 feet
west of the Boulevard. Joseph A. Farley, owner.
Janes A: Leo, architects. The dwellings are to cost
On the south sido of 134th street, 104 feet west of
Park avettue, tor three five-story brick flats, 25x48.7.
Stein. Cohen At Roth, owners and architects. To cost
On the south side of HHth street. 150 feet east of
Fifth avenue, for four five-st-iry brick flats, 25x
85.10. Babette Blnmcnthal, owner, and Rudolph
Werner, architect. To cust $104,000.
JAckson nvenue, 'onthwust coiner of tenth street:
Forest avenue, southeast corner of 15tuh street; for
eight four-story brick flats. 20147 and 27.8x57.
Christina Heuderson. owner, and W. 0, Dickcrson,
architect. To cost $84,000.
Ural (Smtt JFor ait
Decision In Favor of tho
Which.Will Run Through the Ceutre of
Means Thla Property Will
Borough of Queens.
Lota at equally low urines that will Increase ao rap
Idly in value that no bank or bond interest can com
monce to krop pace with them.
Brooklyn route. 5o. trolley from X. V. City Ball.
Send for partlculais and tickets to visit.
Trains every half hour from 1 1 A. at. via I.. I. 11 II ,
4 th Bt. Ferry.
CMS 90a,,a"eBhaT,an'.T-'
Brooklyn Branoh Office. 8 Court 81.
Seat emu gx jlHle gtaeklp.
600 CASH; KASY i i:i:iis.
Seven rooms and bath, all iinpro.nucnts; furnace
In cellar; street patid and itewirud; restricted uiop
erty; two blocks from Van Siclcn av. atatiuii. Kings
County L. Office oprii Snndsy ufu-riiooiis.
Van Siclsn av., cor. Fsteru I'urkway.
gtfAl CMtr -for jsMW Atw Mmt.
(iHANKOBD, 1. J. Mew u-room house, rent ifi. or
J sell on easy pa menu. O. THOMAS, (ranfurd.
TKMAFLT, N. J Modern house for sale. $2,200;
1 8 rooms, oily water, (rounds 50x140. uardni;
$0firaah. balance $ IS month. WKATHEItBV, 371
Horn,; for it .-otilfth.ii.u rlv-i-m roninn nnd
lwth. with lot ISA frpt fmf. nf lr':ittrt of 2.8 fw-t,
if iiflrfMl, tiv I mi foi il-rp, hi. . ,tt.f roiiTrnfrnr-ffl,
sTii-liiil.tiu furtiifr, rniHifMix rmnttury pltitnblns. (rai,
rlrrtrlr 1 uht. owr nnd niiinlntf wr,tfi'; lorniftii In
"fif hi thr tin. . iml .H-iilf hit i of Vni'iirhAit town;
only 40 iiiiuNti-. from New York. For purlim).-
a.MrpHr, H. II., Frit Oil.ro not 14.1 New York.
$tral Hnxnit at Ruction.
SATURDAY. OCT. 8, 1898,
on mill. 17th snd Oravrsrnd avs., ftasl Id, Sd
aud West at... 411th. 42d. 43d, 44tb
4Mb, 4-itii and 47tn ets.,
I-Usirat term, ever offered at auction on
desirable property.
ir.HK. JOHNSON, Jn., Co., inn Broadway,
New York, snd IS11 Montague at., Brooklyn.
Eo Set for Sxiuunrs? yarpo.iw.
Wanted forrlirnK Owii'Tst-nlv nil with purtlcnUrs.
ltBtoit.AU' Jfc 4'IIV1l!ti:Bt.
Cushlnan llhltl.. cor. Uroadway snd Maiden lane.
iVantrt. for usinesis Surposrs:.
9 OR .1 BUHINER4 BOOMS wanted, one faclna
south, with unobstructed sun, between 10th and
42d sta. aud liclween :td and wth avs.; year's leaae;
low rent. Address 1 .It HIT, 1242 Broadway.
JMat.s nnd !3Drtmtut8 So t.
;: 365 West 23d St. J!
Desirable bachelor! apartment,
4 consisting of four rooms: rettnnrant i
In basement. Rant. 980.00 per month. 4
i Apply to 4
AMSTERDAM AV., M13.-8.X Urt light rooms snd
bath. $20. Rer Janitor.
BRIOHT ami cozy dp.irtmnts. newly decorated, in
modern house, ntt-am hoat, open plumbing, hot
water, fcc; ground floor; Ideal for doctor or dentist.
280 St. NicholaH av., comer of 124th at. Rent aa low
as S2Ij. Apply on premium.
Irifi East 4lKt St.: beautiful 4-room upartments:
lmpr.; carpeted Ntaira und private halln, rent 917
and $lt). Oerniau janitor.
rlrrt -Coavci.
Enst Side.
OKTH ST., llfl KAUT (near Mad Hon Boturs)---'
Handsome larse and amall roomi; delifhtful
table board; reatonftble.
West Side.
"I OTH RT.. 3P WEST.Two rooms, nicely f nrnlnhed,
- ample closet-; alo hall room; tablo board;
TOTlTfiT., 8 WERT. Wall-famished rooms with
LdU flnt-clau board; reference.
ARTB ST.. 337WK8T. Handeome, sunny alcove
TtO room, and square romp with dressing room,
hot and cold water, large closets, bath; parlor dining
room; select house; superior table and service; ref
erences. 1 SMI ., 1M WEST.-Beauttfnllr fnnilihed
XOVF alcove room. 2d Htory, front; private bath;
superior board; private family.
Srlrrt Soaird JSroohlyn.
ASHLAND PLACE, 15, near Fulton st. -First -class
board and room, $r, conveniences; central; good
cfurniUcU.5aomi& partmrnt.$to.Xft
East Side.
FrRNISHED roomi for gentlemen. 4.r.th st. and 5th
av.: reasonable, llox 14(1 Hun uptown office,
12H6 Broadway.
JTNIVKR8ITV PLACE. r. near Washington Square :
handsomely furnished hall rooms to let, with
bath; gentlemen.
AVeai .Hide.
AT -14 West Waaiiintrton Tlace; nicely furnished
square room, also sldu iojjii, near park; gentle
men only.
r" OTH ST., 4U WEST. Nicely furnished sunny
J roora;prlvate bath; gentlemen only; also single
room; refcrencn.
14TH ST.. IA8 WEST. Handsome large room for
two gentlemen; reasonable; private house.
IfTTH 8T"r27 WEST. Very desirable front rooms
xJ for gentlemen; cential, near 5th av.; American
family; references.
"I QTU ST.. 4:t WERT. Lante parlor bedroom, txvc
Xr7nishad; nls'i other rooms; very central; iin
lirovements; references.
QOIl RT., 2 WEST. Elegantly furnished rooms
OO with private bth, en suite or hingle, second ana
third floi.rs; references. LELAND.
aODST., 10 WEST. Handsomely furnished rooms.
O en suite or riiugly: gentlemen only; breakfast
optional; valet attendance.
QJ) BT.. 204 WEST. Iaarge and small rooms; hot
OO ftitdcold water; bath.
ef ntwUttA Room So Zrt itoottlgttw
COLUMBIA UEIUHTS, 4rt, near Fulton Ferry,
" bridge. Large furnished room, view of bay,
SI. 2ft weekly.
PINEAPPLEsY. dft. Brooklyn Heights. ? minutes
from liridge. Large room, S3 weekly, Including
heat; gentlemen; references.
- -
MENT; 86 y oars a specialist in the dis'iasee of meu.
Tuder OLD DR. (IRINDLE'H sclenUBa treatment
blood and hkin diseases, pains in bones, red spots,
sore throat and mouth, ulcere, painful swellings, kid
ney and bladder complaints, scalding Inflammation,
grael, uudevulopud organs, weak back, lost vitality,
are speedily, thoroughly, and p'trniauently cured.
Men about to marry should consult OLD DR. UKIN
1I I. Every impediment removed. Hufle-rer. do not
wiiHtetlme viMittuxJeHMMkilful phvsiciaiiK. Rememlwi,
OLD DR. ORINDl.Enewr fails. Oilier er 1'. years
at 171 West 12th st., between f.tti and 7th avs. Ad
vice free. Medicine a 1. Ilnurx. w to u. Sundays, u to ;..
" LI 'lilt. ;RKY. 4ft years' a specialist lit
diseases of men only. Oulckeat permanent cure
guaranteed in all diseases. Blood poison, skin dis
eases, kidney and bladder trouble, weakunaa, ner
vous debility, errors of youth, bail dreams, undevel
oped organ-, nupr-dim nuts to marrlaee, Ac. Be wise,
consult the only old specialist in the city. Office
over M years at 120 East 17th st., nea Union
Square. Houjm. ' to vt; Bundays, 0 to ft. Scientific
treatment and advice free. Medicine only 60 cents,
No charge unless cured.
A DR. AND MRS. SIMPSON, the leading epecial-
lata in Now York, succeaafuUy treat all female
complaints and irregnlsritles; 25 years' experience;
private sanitarium; traiue 1 nuraes; treatment guar
anteed; free ci.nAdautial advice, W to u. 66 West
36th st . psar Broadway,
t'l'lli: in d.eases of men: dsiigerotis cases aollc
itcd; relief at onoo; tlmse desiring only first-class
sc-i-i'tiili- instiiient shi.uM call Thcleaillng special
ist, Dr. BonHChur. 137 West 22il st , ti to li, 7 to ...
Sundays, loto J.
A DB.00NRAD8 HAMTAlTlUU. HclenUSr, kl)
J ful treatment nf all discai os of women; private
rooms, every con en rnce ami uppllam e; consulta
tions, u A. M. to li P. M. 'sll or write for booklet,
117 West 47th st. Tel. 8830 .mth.
TR. AND MRS. HCHHOEDER. female sueciaiiatV;
' aieful, akiirul. confidential treatment: juivate
sanitarium; adoption. 'JM East roth.
DR. MRS liKIN'lIARI) t-Yuts feiii.'J.'irregulsritTesl
single or mairied; 00 yew cipirience . 711 7th
av., uaaf4Ttlii
I li DUNN. 177 Weal iTtliMi. iieti Bwsy. kotilwlO
1 " t ; spci'isltieH, obstetric and disr aat-snf women.
oUcars nnd jrhdols.
A N. Y. CONSERVATORY, 112 East 18th St.
The KAMOl'B UVU1C 8CBOOL .. Sow open
Tearhsr of Plauo aud Herniouy. Dmluiua from
Kiln J. Till S. harwroka rmisrrvaior, Utillu. Vir
aai Clavier Lai-ihod or teebnic.
Cuitn ssf artwiti.
Far Tauaaj Men TTninasi Oltw 4 C tifb
K. Wr-t 4:id at., near nth av.. New York, and M
sTnralemon st., nearCnnrtsC. Drooslya.
Tall Term Win MONDAY, (H'TOMCR 8, 1SSS.
Dsy or ettnlns: pesKlnns. The fee in mr coarse pra
vldes for instruction until the student baa snoesas
full) passed the examination. Annual Catalofusoa
application to the HeirJatrar.
Piln, Irala: J MKHfe"' AIb.
l'reslrti'nt Honrrt of tllrertnrs: A8A O. OALLtTP, a
A., loriurrly of Hivrtils' offirr, Allieny.
Mormna'slilr llrlahl". IXtrlli'fis'.jWwS'
Horace i ificatk admits toixhtmbia.
ylonn rv.vn kindkboartkn. (40 pk
VIHI.II. rRKTTVMAN. 1'rlnclpnl.
P" ENNINOTON (N. J.) HF.MINARV ConT.nl.nt t.
New York. Plillsd'a. Ball, anil Waah'n. Bot
srass. mull .var. Healthful. Beautiful. Ill leach
crs, 19 onttrwea, $2r,oayiar. For beautifully lUua.
tratsd i-atalnuns, address
THOktAM (1'HAM.ON. D. D., President.
Fnicllsli hraiichrs; lanauairss. Hours from 7 to ft
P. M. a West 14th st, (cor. Mh av.l. room 12,
For Hoys and Yotina; Main City and Country.
Bookkeeplnu, shorthand, (lernian, Ftanch. Bpas
ish, Kntcllsh, architectural, mechanical, freehanS
drawlnix, Industrial desurn, alaebra, geometry, alaa
tricitr. nnystcst civics, phystnloajy, tlrst aid. sloen
tion. literature. Fsll term brains Oot. 8. Ragis,
now m HM'in'i' sat. 'h1i or send for catalogue.
IS Wrst 4.id HI., Near Sth Av.
Silistrrnth vt-ar l irlun ft.pt. 28. ISM.
For annual catalogu, adilrcss
Prliiiliisl ARTHUR WILLIAMH (Talel;
117 mill 111 W. lMth St.
Thlrtronth yrar boirlns Hrut. 22. Oatalocne.
WM. I.. HA7.EN. A. B., LL. B., noad Master.
Berkeley School, 20 West 44th St.
Autumn half bealna Honda)-. Bept. Jfl.
Tli. luadmnstrr will be at the school dsily to meat
parrnls aftfr Hrpt. lu.
Reopens O.'i. a. Individual work nith each pupil.
Workhhoii and laboratory prartlre. Ovrr ailurailtiate.
in thn rollfni-s. Q. VON TAt'BK. Principal.
S A -It Kit HKART Af ' A lKM Y.- -Rclrrt Catha
He Bonidlni; Rchool; advantatirs unsurpasewd: new
bulldlntrs; new oval: rntc.rcssiuialili: reopened ftepa,
7. Brother AUOUST. West I'hi-ster, N. '.
C'Min F.XPF.SI)ITrRK annually; .lounii hoyaew
ipAxJXJ clnsively: suburlian location: exception,
ally healthful: unceasinir personal supervision.
Bnain.as f olleaes.
AM Personal realstratlon daily,
TYPEWRITINQ " " BttRtfit Oct. 17.
TDAININft IlallT 0 A. M. to 4 P. M.
IKAininu COACHING. All Systems
8 EAST 431) ST. F. E. r.rrlsh, Instructor.
" Can I or ran'f , aaall or thma't I,"
earn nliorthund :'
Trial fis.-oii-, Mi7iici.v., .t:HO P. .., at
East 42mt ttreet, will answer this qneatlom.
UCPFI PV SPHftni formrrlv Prntt Institute!
nCrrLCl ObnUUL, irIUri mrntof Cnmmerea
i'ito lt.viTHon M ., BonkkeeiUnir. Htenoirraphy,
llltiioKI.YS. Tjiiewrltine, Iaimuaues,
New York llranch, Reaents, civil Service,
87 E. 44TH ST. Proof reading. Begin any time.
Mchools for Languages.
28S SCHKRMKRHORN 8T.-Phone l.HO A B'klvm.
Spanish, fierman, French, f.reefc, Latin, as.
Montrlalr Institute of Foreign Lnnguages,
81H Orangn road, Sew Jersey. Board and day acnol
ara. At least learn Portuguese and Spanish and da
business from Sorth to South Pole:
Schools of Physical Culture.
Da-VVSae.S.T j ,nd children.
GYMNASIUM' m west mtb Wt.
f.pensOet.3. Office hours, 11 lg;3Q 3iSO 4.
YVOOU'S Handball. Boxing,
CiYMNASIl'M, Training. Baths, o.
6 v.. 88th St. Open Day and Evening.
f uMif RoUce.
(Should lie read DAILY by all interested, as change
may occur at suy time.)
Foreign malls for the week ending Oct.. ft. 1896.
will ,-i (PROMPTLY in all cases) at the General
Post Office as follows : PARCFX8 POST MAILS clou
one hour earlier than closing (line shown below.
KOYPT and BRITISH INDIA, per steamship La
Touralne, via Havre (letters tor other parts of
Europe luuat be directed " per La Touralne"); aft
11:80 A. M. for Kt'ROPK, per steamship Etruria.
via (Jur.natown .letters for France, Switzerland.
Italy. Spain, Portugal, Turkey. Eyut and Brit
ish India must be directed "per Etruria" It
at R A. at. for NETHERLANDS direct per
steamship Werkendam via Rotterdam (letter.
must be directed "per Werkendam"): at 1 A. 3f.
for ITALY, per steamship Fulda. via Naples (Ut
ters must he directed "per Fulda"); at 10 A. M.
for SCOTLAND direct, per steamship Ethiopia,
via Olaaxnw (letters must be directed " par
Ethiopia ").
After the rlosinc of the Supplementary Transat
lantic Malls iiain.il above, additional supplementary
malls are opened on the plena of the American, Eng
lish, French and tlermau steamers, and remain open
until within Ton Mluutes of the hour of sailing of
DO HECUBA, per steamship Purt Victor: at 13
M. for LA PLATA COUNTRIES, per ateamsbln
Eastern Prince.
per steamship Siberian, from Philadelphia; aft
ii-no A. M. (supplementary 10 A. M.) for BAB
BADOS Hired, per steamship Orinoco; at HiSO
A. M. (supplementary 10 A. M.) for GUADE
steamship Caribbee; at 10 IA M (supplementary
SAVANILLA and CARTUAOENA. per steamship
Alene (letters for Costa Rica must be directed
" per Alene";; at 10 A. M. (supplementary 10:M
per steamship Holateln: at 10:80 A. M.
Jerateamshlp IJvorno, via Pernambuoo and Ri.
aneiro ilettera for North Brazil must b. dlrsctea
"per Livorno"); at 10:80 A. M. for CUBA, per
steamship Orizaba, via Havana (letter, moat be
direoted ''per Orlzab."): at lo:80 A. M. fey
ca mpeche. CHIAPAS. TOBASOO and xTJOA
TAN, per steamship Karthago (letter, for other
parts of Mexico must be directed "per Jaar
lW.i"i: at 11 A. M. for PORTO RICO,
and CAR'l IIAOENA. via Curacao per steamship
Philadelphia: at 1 2 M. for NEWFOUNDLAND, p.r
steamship Portia; at 12 M.for PORTO RICO dlriet,
iMirsteamnhlp Winifred; at 12 M. (supplementary
I P. Mi for CENTRAL AMERICA (exc.pt MM
Ricai and SOUTH PACIFIC PORTS, per steaaa
ahlp Advance, via Colon (letters for Oustsjiala
must be directed " per Advance "I: at 8:80 F. at,
for NEWFOUNDLAND, per steamer from North
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax, tat)
thence by steamer, close at thla office dally at
a .an P. M Mails for Mni uelon. by rail to Boatoa
and thence by steamer, close at this office dally
at 8:30 P.M. Malls for Cuba close at this otto,
dally at 7 A.M.. for forwarding by stealers sail
ing Mondays and Tburadaya from Port Tampa,
Fla. Malls for Mexico City, overland, ualara
spsclslly addressed for despatch by steamer,
iluse at tins office dally at 2:80 A. M. and 2tM
P. M. Iltrgistcred mall cloaes at t P. M. pravtoar)
Malls for China aud Japan, per steamship Empraaa
of India (from Vancouver), cloae usrenally up t
Oct. 18 at (1:30 P. M. Mails for China, Japan anC
Hawaii, per atearoahlp Chlua (from Ban Franola-
o) close hero dally up to Oct. 14 at 0:80 F. ML
Malls fur Hawaii, per steamship Australia (front
San i'ram-iacoi cloae here dally up to Oct IS. aft
t .'Id P. M. Mall, for Australia (except West Aua
Irallai. New .ealaiul. Hawaii and Vlll lalauda,
per steamship Warriiuoo (from Yanoouver),
clor. here dally after Sept. 80 and up to Oot. tl
at it3ii P.M. Malls fur China and Jepaav FN
teamshlp Tacoma (from Tacoma). close bar.
dally up Pi Oot. 117 at 0;8O P.M. Mails for ta.
Society Islands, per ship city of Papeltl (froBSaa
FrancUco). cloae here dally up to Oct. 26 at 440
P. M. Malls for Australia (except those forWaeft
Aden alia. whl( hare forwarded via Europe), M.w
.-aland. Hawaii, Fiji and Sanioan Islands, par
steamship Mariposa (from Bau Franclaoo). oloaf
her. dally up to Oct. 128 at 7 A. M .. 11 A. at. aaft
ii. :in p. M. 'or on arrival at New York of staajsa
slilp Etruria with British malls for Australia).
Tiaii.pacibc malls are forwarded to port of aalltas
dally and the schedule of closing Is arranged on the
presumption nf their uninterrupted overland transit
I Ui-gi.ten-d mall cloaea at it P. M. previous day.
COKNEI.1PS VAN COTT. Puatmaeter.
Foal Offlce. New Y'ork. N. Y . Oct. (I. 1818.
- MILWAUKEE, located al Milwaukee. In the Stale
of Wi.i-'iiisln, Is cluslnu up its aflalrs. All note hold
era and ntheia, creditors of aaid saanrlatlou, ar.
therefor, hereby riotiiled to present theuoteaand
oilier claiiiiM against Hie aasoiiatlon for peymsnu
HERMAN F. WOLF, Caahlsr.
Dated Aug. 17. 181)8.
Harlem Branch
us wwr iMia rnusBS.

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