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If 8 " , " " frftE ,sun,- Sunday;, noVEber , lgSE. ' -- - -
, l And loss of OTtrS5.000.000 In lawful moner
flj f ihown by the) Associated Banks In tholr state
J If . ment of averages published this day wan a
1 JB i surprise toJeVerr ono vf ho 'fojlowp, tho knovrn
2 J1 A tnovemsnU-of money. This chnngo mar bo
i. U t explained to an oxtoijt by tho. fact that
h m na Government receipts nro temporarily
Hi R I .receding Its disbursements. Besldos, It Is
K Jj possible that the proceeds of tho last Govern
f. 'si i ment bond sale, which were left with special
V- M E depositary banks, are gradually being covorcd
T f Into the Treasury. A further lame Increase In
p jj the loans Is doubtless due to .ft considerable
i 'M JJ extent to foreign borrowings hero on Ionic ox
u !M 1?' ehango. The aggregate deposits are loal
K 3M A "' n"00'(' by tno difference botwoen the
v If two chances noted above, and the net result
f (jR & brings the surplus reserve dpwntotip.OOO.OOO.
t tjp The statement had no effect upon the nlmost
' nominal speaulatlon In stocks. Official con-
"1 Jl ?' flrmatlon of an adjustment of the dllTcronot
jffl bstwsen Great Britain and Franoe regarding
f ' M African territory and a furthor advance In the
S rM ' price of consols mads the bulls moro hopeful,
fc j ,"( but ther were manifestly Indisposed to In
v 1 ,i crease their ventures on the eve ofthoeleo-
K f tlons. There was moderato trading In Sugar lie
E? v ' 4 fining. American Tobacco, 8t. Paul common ond
I Jl Brooklyn Ilaptd Transit, but tho remainder of
F I i fr the list was very nearly neglected. The only
jf ,. noteworthy net fluctuation was an advance of
ft ' J more than 2 points In American Tobacco. That
if ' atock broke' sharply In tho early dealings, but
'E l as support was promptly given It rallied
St S quickly to the extont of more than 3 points
from the lowest price,
f. " The dealings In stocks this week were about
c S Sr oent, less than during the previous week.
I( ' and the marked as a whole has been Irregular.
' The only noteworthy not fluctuations have
f ' been In stocks subject to specific Influences,
notably Bugar Refining. American Tobacoo.
f , Delaware and Hudson, Louisville and Nosh-
;. vllle. Metropolitan 8treot Hallway and Brooklyn
J ,"' Kapld Transit. Considering tho waiting char-
t f acter of the market, prices havo held romnrk-
J '' ably well, though efforts havo boon made'from
j time to time to force liquidation and thus es-
' tabltsh a lowor level. The dealings In bonds
i are fully up to last week's total, owing to tho
';, : phenomenal demand for Investment Issues
; V during the last two days. A logical inforenoe
' ' from the attivlty In bonds at advancing prloes
j ( Is that Investors feel confident of the outcome
K I of the elections, and are furthor tnfluenoed by
I j the generally satisfactory charaoterof the bust
g , ness of the country.
5 ; C As compared with the flnal prlcesof last Sat-
f jK ,' urday. the majority of stooks are higher. The
r S more Important net advances are In Metro -
r , Hi" polltan Street Railway. 4!t V cent.; Amer
ft H' lean Bugar Refining and Federal Steel
I H . preferred, 2 each : Louisville and Nanh-
i jBl vllle. IX; American Tobaoco. lf; Brook-
f Ej ,'ra BP'd Transit. IK: Manhattan Railway.
H'r ii St. Paul and Southorn Railway pre-
f IB f erred. H eaoh. and Denver and Rio Grande pre-
Mi' ferred. 1 V oent. Tho noteworthy deollnes are
iffi- in Delaware and Hudson, 2KV cent.; Amerioan
I "H Cotton Oil. H: Northern Paciflo and United
(m States Rubber, !i each; Reading 1st preferred
H and Wabash preferred, H each, and American
1 IE' Spirits. X V cent.
' Jk I IB " " ""
1 IB-'' New York Stock Exehang Bales Nov. S.
ij. R' ' CB,.r. 105HI30V. T db 2-8i
1 jB 12L60, o. lOSWl of 19U1.7OMr0M
I' (H But Atktd. Bid. Alktd.
V '? CnfitU.r. Unfit -ii.e.
' atplofO 88M 1935 1SBM127M
5.',' B '. DS8i,lBC8- DaBtCs, r.
I . 191S,r...l06M 10BW lOOi 111M11UM
I H, TJ88i,190S- UnStCi.o,
' ft I 1918,0... 106W 106M 190 112 112M
i I E TJn St , r. Un St fli, r.
1 It 1907 HI 111H 180 10SM
C k, TJn Bt U. o. H88.8Bs.r.
II f 1907 112 112 1924.D0118
if- i Cd Bt ' r
II 19 120M127M
f' i 10 AUksdJ .... 08M eUtxIntcn 70M
,i f 10 6BM 6 70H
J ! 133 ... 6BH 0MnH,wr4i. g3M
ii (l ' 17 AtokraJ .... BO 4 03K
f ! - 289 90H 17 MohO.Md8102K
fifc ' 81 DOM 30 Nlprlor4i....l01X
Si OS 90X40 101
Eg , 6 AdsvaiXx 4I..102K 35 KPcnl 8s 60
gj , v. 2 Am COS. 108 30 60U
M , fi0eBO8Hi.wl go limWcmi.... B4H
If- 26 96K 4,NJOicnl6i.r.H0M
Rf H0HOi,wl, U4.H 6 110H
f flv 1 BtechCroeklitlOS 1 110H
p 6B, QC48onC102M 25 HYC.L 8 col
ji - 77cloch... ean tat com
f ' 18 BON 1 OBH
j,, ( !, S3 80H 20 D6H
! ft 6 80 11 SfY,Ok8tr.4ilOSH
l ' 11 87K 7 Knn of Cl 61.104
' 3 V 1 87M 3NY,OWr4il03
I H ' 09 87 lOOIUKd 100M
i f ffi . 60bOIttA lOOre S Lon BI.107X
' l W lttcn4s 100 6 0r8I, InoB. 58
W1' 6 C,BkQ4t.Mexl01M 2 Po t Est 1st. 70
if 's 1 O.BfcQaebBilOBX 8 70K
I " 1C.C, CkStL lPltUtWnl.t. 04X
i' W) 4i,StLdlT... 97M 6P.S&LE lst.lHM
I ' D Cn South Ht..l 00 8 lt.J KnUi.... (jlH
? IE; 3 .-. 109H 2 Klo O W lit.... 89
I' lClEIlit 117H 108V4NE4I... 91
K B ': loo GtHTCBSi.. 87U a sorofNM itinou
i ' 22 ; 87M 6 Bt P & Slcn 8il36
'' ; 10 COaRj litlno 36 1 1 Rtr4M.cn 4Hil 1 2
it SB' 2 Ch, lad i L Si. 01 6 Bt L !i S r 2d,
;fi llj 2 Den ft B a lit. 108 cl C H3K
fcl 18 IB DBOcn.... B7 2StLBW2.... 33
Jflr lif 1 Dl wo nt. 81 21 33K
fK Hi 2 81X24 33X
i) Ml 0 Bftaty OBi.. 03X 8 StP Dnlnt.l 17
M Br 6 94M 6 8AiAPlit4... 72K
'4& '- 11 04X10 72K
VR I) 4 04M11 72X
ttfe ! 3 04X 2 BCiiO. lit... 06X
,Jj. H 7.......... 94 81 SoH'Ty BI...100X
lil Br fiKftTHcnlEt. 96X 0 100K
f M 3 isTcnn dtT Si. 1 1 0 3 Btin Rft T i!. 81
i'f M 1 EdiiEIlit....llOX 49 82
i' t. M, 6G1t, UU6i 07X 20 BtntTlno.... 22
f B" W' 10 0,B't.8A 10 21H
E urn oex 6 22x
i& 10 Iron'lltBi .... 08 40 22X
1 82 98X11 23
l ; 18 98X17 22H
? 86 98M 6TPsolitBi.lOB
C flint ft OtN lit. 122 1 0 Tii Pas 2d la.. 46X
t 4 KkT.i4i.. 00X44 46
J i 4 0033Uil.nro,.101
3 7 - 86 J.... 01 26 101X
.? t' 06 01H 3UnPcOT4Xi,
If 40 .' 01W tr 01
4 ( ; 10 KnftT2i.. 04X 2UnlooEllit.tr SOX
I 11 64X31UM P, D ft O
8 i t 16 04H lst.tr BOX
$f 8 04X2B 80H
i j ; 3 04H 2 80X
" f 8KO,P0 1it. 70 2 BOM
ES, I 6 70X10 80
4 f 2 70X' 6 VM1S enl,...100M
ajuui I! 6 70 lOWblit 111X
M 7 Lou fc N icnUi 01K 2WbiU2d BOM
111 7 OlXilO 80M
4 OEX 7 Wnt Bh4i....m
" 42 02 16 VeitHh4i, r.,110X
' 2L4N, K)li 20 WNY Jil'.inU 64X
Ml 118 lOWIiOlit, tr.. OOX
2LftN,P&Alitlll 0 OOX
',f 0 I,F, ft Btl Si.tr 30 b OOH
M, 20 MetBt Kyr.i.,116X
.' ' XoUl ulu of MJlway bond! (pr Tilui), I8.08i),000.
ml Open- tligK- Ltn- , Cluing ,
B Stlif. '" 'it. Ml. Xii. i(
g 17B86 AmBR.116M116 114W116X116X
? Kio Am Bit. I IX 11X 11X 11X 11M
', 2r,80Am Tobl30 138X 134X 130 13SX
t' BAdiEip138 138 138 130 141
V, BOOAmOO. 37M 37M 37M 37M 37X
M':-. r'e 12X 12M 12X 12X 12M
flt 2t)0A,TB
Fpf.. 36M 36M 36M 36H 30
Ml 100 Ann A p 3QM 30M 3UM 30 37
'Mi lOOAmBtMl
( W. 31 31 31 30M 31M
.'; a7SAmBUl
lm Wp. 87X 871. 87M 87H B8X
IM fOlOBBtOu 4 4X 4 4 4M
m ,!7pBna127X 127X 1C0X 120X1C7M
M OOOanFu. B2M 82M 82M 82M 82M
( ' tOOOaalo. 47 47 47 47M 4B
mBjm. iii ii i inn Tit !!' i'""'1 "--'-J l i , -"'' ai , tf....., r- ' K
Oftit- lt(t- tff iCUHtut,
Mm. it. uL Mi. Utktd.
280CkOtw 13M 14 13M 13M 14
200Ueara 20 20 SO B6M BOW
9B0ChikO SIX 21M 21M 21H 21M
200CAKI. 62X 62X 62X 62 63
874 0.0,0ft
StL... 30X 89X 30'. SOX 40
20CftNW132M 132M 132M 132X 133
22tOC.ftQ110M 110X110 110M110M
P 109K110 100M100M110
ieOt)C,HIP103X 103X1 OEX 102X 103
lOOColFutl 23 28 23 22M 23M
IPOChT.rp 33M 33X 33K 34 84X
tooO.HTftT 2X 2M 2X 2 3X
IBOO.I.kWp 44H 44M 44M 44X 40
2000oaOul80X 180X 1B0X 186 100X
8B4D.ln. OOX OOX 09X 99 OOX
lOlODftROp 66U 60M 66M 66X 60
BErUnit 12 12 12 12 12K
12SE4UBI.141 141 141 140
ssRo v Hil. au an niu aiu no
4086 Fed Bp 76M 76M 76M 76M 70
lOOOtaEUo 81X 81X BIX SIX 80
1060 1Pper. 61M 61X 61 61M 62
BOOIntPp. 88 88M 88 BB 88M
100lUC.nt.109 100 109 10BK100
IBAOKO.PtO 16M 10X 16M 16M 10X
B0I.E4W 13M 13M 13M 18X 14M
lOLwlO.. 4BX 48X 48X 47X 47X
88C9IuN 67U 6B 67M 67Ti 68
100 U Iron,
tri...l30 180 130 136 137
lCSOM8tRyl04M104M104 104M104M
40Uoru. 32K 32K 32M 32M 3EM
30 Mob 0 20X 20X 20M 26M 20X
100 NL Oil. 6M 6M 6M 6M 6M
1482NT0.tll6X116X llfl 116 116M
SNLdp.,112 112 112 110X113
218 K Y Air
Brr.li.. 90 00 00 B6 07
BHTANII100M100M 100M190 100M
100 KT. Oft
8tZ,2p 38 83 38 3EX 83X
Je21Nor?o. 30 39M 3 OX SON 30K
(SBN.rPp. 76H 70 76M 76M 70
lOOOntftTT 14M 14M 14H 14M 14M
740PP0r,103 134 133 134X136
400 P. CO ft
StL... 48H 40 48K 44M 40
200PiWp 10 10 10 9M 10X
82raRB..116M116M116H116 116H
OAL.103M104 103 103X1 OOX
IOOB..ll 38X 38M 38M 38M 30
200BtI-9Wp 13 18 13 IBM 13
DftDp 08 OB 08 07M 09
100 B. Pm 23 23 23 23 28K
400 Bo By... 8M 8M BM 8M 8M
1127 8. Rj-P. 36 36H 86 36M 86M
61BtLB7 7M 7M 7M 7X 7M
Fntp. eiM eiM oi oom oix
880 BtLftS
Tlip. 28M 2BM COX 28K 29
SBOSRftT 7 7M 7 7X 7K
940 TO ft I. 28M dSM 28X 28X 28M
200 8dATnR108M 103X103 103 106
100TexPo 13K 13M 13 13X 13M
B28annPpf. 04X 04M 04 64H 04M
400Dsnnb 40X 40M 40M 40M 40M
2fiUSBp.l02M103X:102M103 103X
7ouai,p. eo eox eo 06K eo
100Wbh 7X 7X 7X 7M 7X
BOoW.bpt. 19M 19M 19K 19K 10M
328WUnT 02X 92X B2X B2X 82X
lOOWtLK 3M 3M 8M 3 3M
ToUlnlu. 11 0.9 12 sham.
Bit. Jtked. "Bid. J$k4d.
Amer Si... 172 lUnhittan. 200
Amirles.... 306 U'ktftFul 236
Broidwsy.. 230 280MohftT.. 100
Botch ft Dr. 07M72X Mercantile. 107
Central Nat 100 Mechanic.. 170
Chatham. .. 200 203 Merchant!.. 160
Chemical. .3700 Merch Ex.. 110
OlUiena1... 125 Metropolis. 410 476
City 1000 Naiiau 160
Columbia.. 160 NewAmit.. 200
Commerce. 200 210 Ninth Nat. 80 90
Continental 128 KewTork.. 231
OornEi.... 200 NTOonntyl200
Zait Birer. 130 MTNatEz. 01
EliTentb'W ISO North Am.. 136
Fifth At.. .2900 Pactflo 180 190
FlretNat.. .2900 3600 Park 320
F'rt'nthBt. 100 People's.... 200
Fourth Nat 100 Phenlx BO 95
OalUUnNat 300 Bepnbllo... 166M
Oarteld N.1000 Seaboard N 178
Oer-Amer.. 112 118 Second Nat 460
Oermanla.. 890 BorenthN.. 130 160
Oreenwlch. 106 BhoeftLea. 03
HanOTer... 400 State of NT 108
BndionBir 160 SUten III.. 100
Imp Trad 400 400 United St.. 210
Irrlns 160 lOOWeaternN. ISO
Leather!!.. 176 WeitSlde.. 276
Lincoln Nat 760
, Ctotfnfl . , Ctoiing ,
Bid. Atktd. Bid. Altad.
AdamiExpllO 112 Man Beach 2 6
AlbBm..l80 UdCoalpf 46 02
AinBRpt.110 110X Mea Cent.. 4X 6M
AnBpMp 33 36 Mich Cent. 107X 109
Am Cable.. 08 II StL... 20X 28
AmDiiTel SO 36 MftStLlp OOX 02
AmTobpf.l26X 120 MftStL2p 60 OOX
Am Coal. ..130 140 Mah Coal.. 120
Am Malt... 30M 83 Mah Coal pi 05
Am Malt p. 80X 83 Mo, K ft T. 10X 11
Ann Arbor. 1 IX 13 M, EftTp 32 32X
Beech Cr'k.lOOX MorftEs.,170 177
BoiALpf.lOO NBUrch... 4 7
Buff, R4P 27M 34 N Starch lp 05
B.RftPpf 06 76 NBtarch2 12 80
B, OR ft N. 78 New 0 Coal 86 42
Bruniwiok. 7M BX N J Cent... BOX 87M
BftO.alp 44X 44XNorf4Bo.. 66 00
BfcO, wi. 80 32 NatLead... 32M 33M
BftOp.wl 08X 70 NT,0StL 12 14
Con Ice p.. 87X B4 Llitp... 70 80
ChOWpA 43X 43M Nat Biscuit 33 33M
ChOWpB 20X 20 NBIicultp 07X 08K
ChftEIpflOO 107 Nortft-W.. 12 14
Ch Alt. ..161 163 NerfftTTp 40X 60M
ChAltpfl71 OntM 6 8
CC.C&BtLp 80 00 ORftN.... 63X 60
ChftNWpl70 OB&Np. 74 70
C.MJcBtPplOlX 162X0re BL.... 28 30
ChTer 8 9 PaoCoait.. 43 46
ClfcPltti.174 PCoaitap 68 02
O.HVkTp 22 PftKait... 3M 6
ColftHC. 4 6 P.FtW0174
Col Mid p.. 16 1 OM P.O.OftStLp 06M 07X
Cl.LftW.. 10 10X FennaOoalSSO
Con Coal... 47 QolckiUrer IX a
0, IL... 7M 8 Qalokillrp 0 B
C, ILpf. 26 28 ReadlBi-.., 10 10M
D,LW...140 142 Rea12apf. 18 18M
DfcRO.... 12X 18X ReniftBar.186
DMftFtD 14X R,WkO..,127
DMATtDp 80 StLBW... 6M 0
D.BSftAtl 2X SXBtPfcDul. 18 21
D.BflftAp 6X 7 HtPftDulp 88 00
SthArRRSOO StPftO... 81 S3
Erle2dpf. 10 17 BtPkOp.lOl
ETftTU.. 31M 32X BtP.lt ft Ml 00 172
Et AT Up 60 68 Cth At B 11200
KftPM... 14 8tanDftO 20X 21M
FftPMp.. 33 37 BtJoftOI. OX 7X
FtWftRO 11 12XBtJofcai
OtNorp...l38 139 lit p 66 68
MOHuicar. 63 66 BtJoftOI
UBCIaflln 80X 02 2dp 17 20M
Homeitais 66 TolkOO., 16 26
IUOlllnii 98X100 TolftOOp 38 48
I118teel....lOO 101 TexPLand 0 7X
IaCent.... 8X 0 Un Pac 32 S2X
IowaCenp 32X 33XUP, DiO. 6M 6X
K ft Mich. 6 0 UBEip,,,, 40 43
K ft Pern... 3 6 UBLeath., OX OX
KeofcDM. 3 4 WelliFKi.1 20 126
KftDMp. 13 16 WhftLEp 1 OX 17X
LKtWpf OIX 02X WiiCent 1 1
LakaBhorel92'4 WW Cent p. 3 0
LodkUI... 46 63 WChBtRy 101
LaclOaipf 03 04
Mid. Jttiti. BU, j,l,i.
Bee Ale. .246 240 BaiftMea. 236
BeiftMi .103X 104 Calk Becla606 000
ChloJ ceml29X 130 Oiceela,,,. 07X 08
Fitcbb'ep.l04X 105 QnIscyM.,126 120
MexCea4i AIM TamMl,.,177 180
WERcen. 87M B8 att 50X 61
DomlaCeal 32 33XBUOUU. 01 02
AniBellT.278 280 BUQ24i. 70 70
tola Tel.... 76X 70 Mirr:eBthall84M 185
YftitKleo.. 33M 34X BiitonEl.. 72X
OEleep. ..101 103
rniLADELraiA closino quotations.
Jl4. JtkuL Mid. Alkti.
IiehUhTal 10 lOHDIIun 41M 41X
PWUTrae. 01M 02 ElBBp.... 40X 40M
UnTrao..,. 10X lBXPiaaUiX. Oil SCM
.. y . 1. - . - - - ,
Bid, AlUi. Bid. Jtktt.
KftPTetfl 03 03X PaMf 61...IOIM 102
MetTrao.104M 105 WeleOcom 10 17
CTefNJi 60M eiMtrelsbCep 05 07
OTefNJBilOO 100X Cam IrOo.. 66M 65M
UOImpCel21X 120 BaltTrae.. 26M 26M
WULCo.. 44 46 Uamdia. . 6M 6X
Atchtiea 12X'Nortern PacHo... 41
Atcblsen pf 3 OX Northern PaolSopf 78
Canadian Paclfia .. 64X Ontario Weil. ... 14K
Cheiapeaki ft Ohio 22X PenmylTaala OOX
Kriccon 12MReedlne 8X
Erie let pf 33 Rradlnclitpf 19H
llllneli Ceatral....ll2 St Paul 113
Kaaiai ft Texas. ... 11 South Railway 8M
Lake Shore 108X South Railway pf.. SOX
LoutiTilleftNaik.. 69M Union Pacific 33M
New Tork Central.. H8H Union Pactflo pf... OCX
Norfolk ft Wpf.... 61XWabaehpf BOX
Final sales compare with those of yesterday
as follows:
Ifo . A, JV. . A. A. Jfn. I.
A.TftBFe 12X lCMNPasp.... 76H 76?
A.TABFep 36M 36M NTCent...ll6 116
AmOotO.. 37M 37M0ntWnt 14X 14M
Am8Ref..ll4M UOMPeoOft 0.103M 103X
AmTob,...180X 138X PulIP Csr.lSSM 134
AraSpM.. 11M UXnoeklilesdlOBK 102M
BreeknT. OOX OOMRtadlitpf 38X 38X
C.B Q...110 110X BtPcem.100M 110
CenOM....18B 180X Bo R'way.. 8M 8M
CheafcO... 2 IX 21MSoR'wayp SCM 36X
ChOW.... 14 14 BUnRfcT. 7 7X
BelftUnd. OBM 90X TexaaPao.. 13K IBM
DfcROpf. 60 6CXTCftI 28X 28X
OenFJeo... 81X 81XUnPaop... 04M 04M
OtNorthp.lSBX 13BX USRubber 40X 40X
LouftNaih C7M 68 Wabash .... 7X 7M
ManCoa... OOX OOM Wabaabp.. 10X 10X
MetBtRr .104X 104X WtLK... 3X 3M
NPaccora. 30X 30M
Oovornment bonds Arm. Tho 4s r. of 1007
closed H cent higher bid. Itallwny and other
bonds strong and moro nctlvo than on any
Saturday since the hnlf-hollday Inw wont Into
effect. Tho features were Chesapeake and
Ohio general 4Xs, Control of Georgia 1st In
comes. EvnnsTllIo and Terre Hauto general lis.
Iron Mountain Ss, Louisville and Nashville
cold 4s, Peoria and Eastern lsts. Ban Antonio
and Aransas Psbs 4s, Southern Hallway 6s,
Texas rnclflo 2ds, Union Paclfia 4s. Union
Pacific Denvor and Gulf IstR, t. r., Atchison,
Baltimore and Ohio. Kansas and Toxas,
Northern Pnoltlo and Standard Itope and
Twine I saties. Tho more Important net ad
vances were In Atchison adj. 4b. i V cent, to (Wi,
and general 4s. X. toOO'f; Baltlmoronnil Ohio
HXs. w. 1., , toliOX! Chospapoako and Ohio
Ssnernl 4Kb. .V, to 87: Evnnsvlllo nnd Terra
. aute genornl Os. 1. to OOX : Iron Mountain 5a.
X. .to 8X: Kansas and Texns 4s, X. to OIX.
and ads. X. to 04 K; Ixulsvillo and Nashville
Sold 4s. X, to02: Northern Pacific general 3a,
;. to OOX : Peoria and Eastern lsts, H. to 70),' ;
Ban Antonio and Arnnsas Pass 4s, JJ, to 72X:
Southern ltallway Os, hi. to 100X: t5tandard
Rope and Twino Os. 'iii. to R2. nnd Incomes, '-i.
to 22V. Tho notoworthy declines wero In Cen
tral of Georgia 1st consols, 1 cent., to 35, and
Texas Paciflo 2ds. X f cent., to 45.
Commercial price of bar silver In New York.
OlXo. Bar silver In London closod at28Xd.
Mextean silver dollars wero quoted at 47Xe.
Money on call. 1X2 V cent. Time monevls
quoted at 2X V cent for sixty days nnd 3 1
cent, for four and live months on good mixed
Btock Exohanu collntornl. Commercial paper
Isqnotedat 3ISHH cent for bills reealvnblo:
acceptances and prime slnsle names. 3Xffl4
cent: other names. Af&iX cent
Foreign cxehango market closed dull at un
changed quotations. Posted rates of oxchange
were:Slxty days. $4.8:m'. nnd sight. $4 H7.
Actual rates are: Long bills, I4.82.Sfni$4.82.V:
slEht drafts. J4.85V$4.80. nnd cable trans
fers. $4.8flX: francs am quoted at 5.23Krt9
6.23X for lone and S5.21 V&fi.m H for short:
relchsmorks. MxrWMh for long and 04J.'(305
for short: guilders. 40(3401-10 for lone nnd
40 3-10ffi40.Q-for short.
Domestic exchange on New York: Boston
12X(315 cents discount. Charleston Buying. X
discount: soiling, par. Savannah Buying, 1-10
discount: selling. 75 cents premium. Now Or
leans Bank. $1 premium: commercial, $1.25
discount San Frnnoisco Sight 17X cents
premium; telegraph, 20 cents premium St.
Louis 25 cents discount. Chicago 10 cents
premium. Cincinnati Between banks. 23 cents
premium: over counter, 50 cents premium.
The weekly statement of averages of the
Clearing House banks shows:
Oct. tf. .Von. 5. CJnnpM.
Txani..$A87,2.12,6O0 fl7H,R0.100 tno. S11.612.ROO
Kepo'U 7fll,B74,20O 7B.OHT,00 Ino. 7,6111.200
ClrTfn ib.bsh.roo I6.nsa.800 tno. iid.boo
Igt're riS.18S.tl00 63.8lltl.100 Dej. ,272,r.00
Bpecio. lei.IUU.SOO 167,428,800 Ceo. fl.917,700
Bel,e21,48S,100 $211,294,1)00 Dee. $6,1B0.200
Be'er'd l0.an3,5E0 lP2,2Tl,8r,0 Ino. 1,878,S00
Bnrp'l 2e,0l,6BO tl,02a,O50 Dec. $7,08,60l
The surplus a year ago was 21,181.225, and
two years ago $14,810,400.
The Imports of gonoral merchandise. Includ
ing dry goods, atthoportof New York last week
were $0,460,104. against S7.8S0.842 tho pre
vious week and $il,48S.113 for the corre
sponding week of last year. The imports of
speslo for the week were $l,OH7,503. of whioh
$11111.070 was gold, making total spoclo Im
ports since Jan. I. $10(1,729.522. Exports of
specie were: Oold.$4n 022. and silver. $l.()i:i,
325. a total of Sl.053,347. against $1,207.
G8 the previous weok. The exports of specie
slneo Jan. 1 have been: OoM. 0.124.204. and
sliver, $39,320,400, a total of $48,450,070.
In the outsldo market Glucose Sugar Refin
ing common Is quoted at 04W05. and tho
preferred nt 108.S108X. Standard Oil truBt
certificates closed at 41Riffl41!K; Standard
Gas common nt 132ffll40. and tho preferred at
147O150: Mutual Gas at 305(o320: Amster
dam Gas at 2t)(320V. preferred at CSXWOOf,
and the bonds nt lOfXraiOlX: Central Union
Gas bonds at lOiHrBKH'i : Brooklyn and Now
York Ferry at 40VftB4lh, nnd the bonds at()4i
fflOSX. Continental Tobacco nt 37S37. nnd
the preferred at 70Kffi77i
Ballway gross earnings for October compare
with those of the saino month last year as fol
lows: B. ft O. Southwestern $877,328 Ino. $51,436
Chicago ft EaMern Illlnnli.. 412,677 Dec. 2,flilt)
Col., Hock. Val. ft Toledo 280.373 Dec. tl6,28d
Elitln, Joliet ft Eietorn ... HH.IIIB Ino. til.ono
Evani. ft Terre Haute . llfl,072 Ino. 6,241
Fvanivllle ft Indianapolis 27,4tl0 Deo, 3,441
Flint ft IVSre Martiuette. ... 287.840 Ino. 2:t,2M0
Georgia ft Alabama .. .. lln.225 Ino. 8,.'Mi
louieTllle K NaihTlUe 2,07D,anB Ino, 211..T.1
Mexican National rau.tlll Ino. H8.738
Mexican Central 1,286,324 Ino. 170,680
MUsourl, Ranaes ft Texas 1,638,623 Ino, 184,1)HA
Bt. Louis ft San Franclaco. , IWI.H20 Deo. 7,067
Teiai ft Paciflo .. ... 88 176 Dec. 20,788
The Oregon Short Line Railroad reports
gross earnings for September of $054,008. an
Increase of $120,108 as compared with the
same month ot last year, and not$311,501.
an Increase of $113,821. For tho three months
In?iPF- Sept. JO the gross earnings wore
$1,8(X).1I4, an increase of $210,847 ns com
pared with the corresponding period of lost
year, and net $852,838, an Increase of $224.-
The Fort Worth nnd Donver City Railroad re
ports gross earnings for Soptnmber of $128.
000. an Increase of $0,405 as compared with tho
same month of last year, and net $411,885. a
decreaso of $2,752. Forthenlno months end
ing Sept. 30 the cross earnlnes were $1)81,727.
an increase of $148,545 as compared with tho
corresponding period of Inst year, and not
$321,014. an Increase of $105,052.
ThoTolodo and Ohio Central Railroad reports
groBs earnings for 'September of $154,700. an
Increase of $27,001 us compared with the same
month of last year, nnd net $47,000, nn In
crease of $7.1)05, For the threo months end
ing Sept. 30 the gross earnings wero $475,000.
an Increase of $124,280 as compared with the
corresponding period of last year, and not
$147,047. an Increase of $57,200.
The Peoria nnd Eastern Railroad reports
f:ross earnings for September of $170,785, an
ncreaso of $2,087 as compnredwlth tho same
month of last year, and net $42,784, nn Increase
ot $3,6H;t, J-or tho nlno months ending Sept. 30
the gross earnings were $1,380,482, nn lnoreae
of $114,057 as compared with the correspond
ing period of last year, and net 5317,078, an In
crease of $40,448,
Tho Long Island Railroad reports gross earn
ings for September of $tl33.iW2. nu increase of
$120.(i:i0 as compared with the r imo month of
last year, nnd , net $240,354, nn Increase of
$411,885, lor th three months ending Hopt.
30 tho rrofH earnings were $1.1 155.007, an In
crease of $200,350 n compared with the cor
responding period of lust ear, and not $808,
718. nn Inoreaso of $01,311.
The Wostern New York nnd Pennsylvania
Railroad reports gross earnings for September
of $288,210, a decrease of $37,5U1 as compared
with tho same mouth of last year, nnd not
$51,718, n decrease of $(K),282, For the three
months ending Sept. 30 tho cross earnings wero
$840,800, a decrease of $1(1.583 as compared
with the corresponding period of lent year, and
net $242,037. a decrease of $141,705.
The Delaware. Lackawanna and 'Western
Railroad Company, lessee, reports for the
quarter ended Hept 30:
IMS. JW. v CAnnow.
Oroii earnlnxs.$2,H24,tl76 $2,872,003 Inc. $452,(172
Oper.eipeuee. l,un&,ni)2 1,076,701 Inc. p.tlOl
NetearnlnEi..$l,73l,873 $l,2Ufl,S02 Ino. $443,071
Charge Alli,240 828,249 1)00. D.000
Bnrplui., . .$1,120,124 $888,063 Inc. $452,071
The Syracuse, Uluchamton and New York
Railroad Company reports for the quarter
ended Hept. M:
IH08. 1S37. Chanau.
Oroii earning!.. .$248,007 $)4,62l Doc. $1,514
Operating eiycniea 181,217 122,1)78 Ino 8,200
Net earning! , $118,700 $128,648 Dco.$u,768
Charges 44,1106 48,405 Deo. 1,600
Burplus...... $71,885 80,18S Dec.$8,25S
front and loeiiurplus $371,01.
The Albany. Railway Company reports for
qnartor ended Bept 30:
1S98. INT. Catv.
OroMearnlngi,,,, $i74,S8i $ino,2Ct Ino. $8,417
Oper. expeniei... 102,838 00,871 Ino. 6,706
Net earning!.... $72,045 ISB.SBS Ino. 20,862
Otlierlnrome ool Deo. 001
Total.. $72,045 $e,eU4 Ino. $2,061
Fixed chargei.,.. 26,600 24,185 Ino. 188
Bnrplui $48,546 $4.1.829 Ino. $710
Tho Toledo. Peoria and Western Railway
company reports for the year ending June 30:
IMS. IS97. Chanatt.
ar.tarn!ngi..$ps2,ns.t $8R8,881 Ino. $D3,770
Op, expeniei. 708,632 867.H7 InO, 01,653
Netearn'n.$278,ltn $3S0.W52 Ino. $42,217
Int.andUxei. 287.661 288,100 Deo. 840
Surplus $6,688 def. $37,108 Ipe, $42,788
The Alabama and Vlckaburc Railway Com
pany reports for tho year ending Juno 30:
ltaS. 1697. CTanOM.
Oroii earnings... $882,064 $887,628 Inc. $44,628
Op. eip. and taxes. 478,630 451,186 Ino. 27,305
Net earning!., ,,$208,624 $188,805 Ino. $17,101
Fixed charges 123.187 126,412 Deo. 2,276
8nrplna $80,687 $60,1181 Ino. $10,406
Tho West Virginia and Pittsburg Railroad
Company reports for the year ending June 80:
1691. Ut7. Chtmett.
Oroii earning. ...$301,087 $884,487 Inc. $u,600
Oper. eipenm.... 21H.OS7 106,811 Ino. 22.170
Net earning.. .. $178,000 $188,678 Dec. $15,678
Other Income 48,801 Deo. 48,801
. ToU,l $178,000 $288,087 Dec. $88,087
Int. andtaxea 233,437 231,172 Ino. 2,286
Deficit $80,437 sur.$8,706 Ino. $88,282
The receipts of the Government to-day were:
Customs, $395,212; Internal revenue. $784.
.182. and miscellaneous, $33,040. a total of
$1,213,2 14. Tho disbursements were $3,700.
000. an excess of expenditures over receipts of
$2,480,700. The receipts of the fiscal year to
date have been $172,217,000, tho expenditures
$247,l)tX),523, an excess of expenditures ovor
recolpts ot $75,770,457.
The oRlclal count ot the cash In the Treasury
at tho oloso of business to-day, compared with
that of last Saturday, shows:
,. Oci.tt. Not.s.
Gold coin and bullion. .$240,s3l,Otl $241,741,770
Slherdollarsandbulllon 8,868,801 8,787,578
United States note 21,558,550 18,504.000
Other auoti less de
mand liabilities 01,060,770 88,118,080
Available caah balance,
lncludlnggoldmerre.$n02,307,231 $302,188,244
Money In London 3S3K V cent Rate of dis
count in opon market for short and three
months tills 3 11-1003 J V cent. Amount of
bullion gone Into the Bank ot England on bal
ance to-dav 4IHJ.000. Paris advices quote 3
ccut;atl02frnnes 10 centimes. Exchange on
London 25 francs 34X ocntlmes,
, Thesalesof mining stooks at tho New York
Consolidated Btook and Petroleum Exchange
to-day were as follows:
Open- Hio- ew- ciei
Still. Nam. int. "f- t ng.
ICOOAlemo 06 .08 .06 .06
lOOOonCalftTa.... 1.30 1.20 1.20 1.20
lOOOComitook....... .06 .06 .06 .06
300 Julia en 03 .03 .08 .03
200Mexican 27 .27 .27 .27
100 Portland 1.45 1.45 1.46 1.46
200 Yellow Jaoket.. .26 .26 .26 .26
lotalialei. 2,000 ahara.
Satobpat, Nov. 5. OnAiw Wheat Spot was
quiet and easier: sales ot 108.000 bush, for
export here nnd at the outports. including
48.000 hero. No. 2 rod in elevator, 73Xo.: No.
1 Northern Duluth. lHc. over Deoember f. o. b.
early In November; No. 1 Northern Now
York. )e. ovor December f. o. b. afloat to ar
rive. The Northwestern receipts wero 1.374
cars, against 1.411 lost weok and 1.108 last year.
Chicago received 272 cars. agalnst243 last week
and 130 last year. Futures declined Ho. to
lXc. with sales of 500.000 bush. iTloes as
Opening, niakut. Lineal. CUtina. Night.
pecmber.78M 73X 78 7.1XT 78T4
Mrch ...74 74 7SM 78X 74M
My. 70M 71 7i 70M 71M
Oata were dnll but steady on the spot, with salei of
24,000 buih. No. 3 in elevator, 28Xc; do., ae
llvered, SOMc,: No. 3. 28Xc; No. 3 white. 2uMo.:
track and ungraded white, 29333c: track mixed,
2ua:)OXo. Fnturee wem nominal. Rys wae nuloi
I but iteady; No. 2 Vt'eitern. 65c. 0. t. f. Buffalo.
Buckwheat waa ttrm at 46O470., c, L f. track.
Barley wae dull but ateadr: new feed, 40042c. o.
i. f. DuDalo. Corn was dull and easier on the apot
Biles 8O.01.0 bmh. for export here and at the out
vorta. No. 2 In elerator. December price: No. 2
yellow. 1 c. over December: No. a white. 20. over
December. Future declined Xc. with lale of 25,
000 buib. Price a follow:
Owning. Jligktti. LovxtU Cloting. Ifxght.
December.37M 37M 37M 87M 7M
May.... 88X ZhH 38M 88M 38Ii
Wheat mi quiet and lower on & decline of Md. to
Xd. at Liverpool, a drop equal to lc. at Parle, more
favorable political news from Knrope. higher console
and a falling off in the export demand. Moreover, it
was reported that the official Russian crop estimate
make the yield of wheat 404,840,000 bmh., agalnat
285.183.000 last year, and that of rye 61)5.824.000,
agalnnt 677.362.000 last year, and though the figure
received little credence here it had more or lrai ef
fect upon prices. Tho receipt were large and
there was some foreign aelllng. The export for the
week were hour, aggregating e.77il.tI43 bush.,
actlnst 5,r,tlo,mu last week and G,Bt-0.4Hfl last year,
but they had no effect. The Northwestern receipt
for thn weok wero 8,070 cars, against 7,0(13 last week
and H.Bltl last year. Corn declined illtihtly In sym
pathy with wheat. Tho export demand waa ilow and
Liverpool declined Xd. to Md. Report of rotting
and showery weather cheokea the decline. Oata were
nominal. The Iluislan crop Is estimated at 602,400,
000 bash., airalnst HOO.000,000 last year.
rxoun Dull and easier. Bales 8,000 bbli. Ke
eelpts were 11,012 bbls. and 28.880 lacki; export,
l,72t) bbls. and R.472 sacks, winter In bbls.: Su
perfine. $2.roi$2.fl0: No. 2 extra, $2.x$2.76:
clears. $3.109$3 SO: straurbti, $8.40a$s 60: patents,
$8.t',ntt$3.KB, Spring In bbls.: Clears, $2.l)03$3.15;
tiulEhti, $3.254$8.60; patents, $3.70$3.00. Duck
wheat flour was steady at $1.653$1.70, to arrive and
pot. Kye, $3a$8.30.
Cotton Spot cotton herewafluncnanged: no sales.
Middling uplands 6 r.-lfjc. against 60. last rear: New
Orleans andOulf 6 0-lOc, against 6Xc Charleston
declined 1-lOc. Memphlnold 4,400 bale, 8 annah
1,2(13. Mobile 1,200, New Orleans 1,100 and Augusta
1,048 bales. Liverpool waa unchanged on the spot,
with salea of 0,000 biles; futures opened 1 point
lower, but recovered part. Memphis received 0,472
bales, against 3,23.r last wek and 4,887 last year;
Houston 22,043, agalnit 22,238 last week and 6,680
last year, Memphis chipped B.HOO and Houston
21,007. Houston expects on Monday 22,000 to
23,000, against 21,761 laat week and 18,678 last
year. New Orleans expect 13,000 to 16,000,
against 20,732 last week and 16,681 last year. Port
receipt! 80,002, against 57,710 laat week and 88,760
last year. Port exports approximated 65,000 bales.
The Chronicle atatea that the weather ha been dry aa
a rule the paat week at the Houlh and that in conse
quence the gathering and marketing of the crop has
made excellent progreas. New Orleana advanced 3
to 4 point. Futurei here advanced 1 to 3 polnta,
but reacted illghtly, closing steady and unchanged
to 2 higher. Prices ai fellows:
Highlit. Levtti. Cloting.
November .... 4.085.00
December 8.08 6.06 6.07(35.08
January 6.13 6.10 6.11016.12
February 6.14 6.14 6.185.17
March 6.20 6.18 6.2036.21
April .... B.2495.25
May 6.20 6.28 6.289)5,20
June S.31 6.30 6 8206.33
July 5.35 6.83 6.3695.86
August 6.40 6.37 6. 8895.40
September 6.38 6.38 6.3806,40
October .... 6,4095.43
Cotton was dull, but a alight advance took place on
better Liverpool advioes than had been expeoted,
the more favorable political situation abroad and
better report from Manchester. Tho offeringa were
lighter, some ihort covered and there was tome new
buying, partly by Greeks. Light ralm were reported
In the Mississippi Valley and in Texas, and the Sig
nal Service predicted f roeta to-night In Texae, Arkan
sas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory, and rain In the
Atlantlo Htatea, There wa a trifling reaotlon from
the highest prices owing to local selling. The
receipts were large and the spot market dull.
Corrr.E Rio on the spot was firmer at 60. for No.
7. Salei of 3.000 bags Itlo Nn. 7 to be shipped at
UXo.s 1,200 Maracalbo. Futures here advanced 6
pnlnti and dosed steady with sales of 6,000 bags.
Havre advanced Xf. Hamburg was unchanged.
Wo was steady at 75 re is decline: receipt. 0,000;
stock, 42H.000; exchange, 8 16-32d., a decline of
1-ltid. Bantns waa firm at 100 reia advance: re
ceipts. 21,000: stock, 881,000. The future trading
here was aa follows;
Va?ej. IligKui. Lieut. deling.
January 760 6.46 6.46 5,4605.60
March 2,600 6 6,86 5.8605.70
April 260 6.76 6.7ft 5.70O8.75
July .... : 260 6.00 6.00 6.855.W0
December .. .1,260 6.85 6.30 5.80O6.S5
Continued moderate receipts and Ann cables caused
a fcllubt adtanco in coffee to-day. Advlcei regarding
tho flowering hue been favorable thus far, but there
are ot two months In which the crop may receive a
Provisions Lard Western, $5.32 X: city, $6: Con
tinental refined, $5.ti0. Pork wa iteady at $8,763
JK.'J.', for men. Meat were quiet: pickled hams.
7X(7Xc.; do. bellln, diattXc; do. shoulder. 4XA
4Xc Tallow. 3Xc. Dressed hogi, 4H9r,Hc. Butter
Croamrrr, Wrstora, extras. 2.'ic.; do. Urate, 2022c;
htate. extras, 2222Xo.i do. nrati, 2021Xc, Cheese
State, full crt am, large, colored or white, fancy,
HXc,; do. choice, HHc.i do. small, fancy, flauHc
l!gga Slate aud Pennsylvania, average best. 22c;
Western, fresh gathered, firsts, 21021X0. Chicago,
Nov. .'.."Provisions were dull and easier on tho
decline in grain, selling by packer and expectation
of larger receipt of hogi."
Cmi'ioo. Nov. 6. Tbeae were to-day's prices;
irAeal ; Opining. IHgh'lt. Lmeut, doling, ttiaht.
Deo , r,li II5M 65 85 611
Mar .. Mil 0X I5M 6X VOX
Dec.. . 81X 31M 81H S'X HI'
May. , 3X 83X B.lX 8SX USX
Oatt i
Dee... 28X 2ST4 23M 28 24
May 24, 24K 24ri 2lX 24M
Nov. .. 4.02X 4.02X 4.02X 4.00 4.05
Dec ,. 4.06 4.06 4.0212 4.02X 4.07X
Jan . . 6.02 X S.02X 4.S7X 6.00 6.02X
Jtibi :
Deo 4.81X 4.85
Jan.,., 4.85 4.5 4.61X 4.85 4.86
fork I
Deo $8.00 $.02M
Jan..,.$,0 $8.06 $l.02 eM 0.07X
itiiat sociRTT 13 nonro.
Preparations for tho coming Horse Bhow
afford the reaulslto apology for tho return to
town of many well-known people. Tho Van
dorbllta nro of tho numbor. 'William K. Yonder
bllt has just arrived on tho steamship Cam
pania, and Sir. and Mrs, Ooroollus Yanderbllt
will be In their big town ostnhllshmont by to
morrow week, Mr. and Mrs. W.Douglas Sloans
and family will bo located at 040 Fifth ave
nue, George W, Vnnderbllt's houso. Dr. and
Mrs. TV. Seward Webb, who are still at Shel
burno Farms, their Vermont establishment,
can be dependod on to bo Present nt tho Horse
Bhow. They wilt linger In the country until
after next Saturday, whon thoy nro to give a
roceptlon in honor of tho officers of the Third
United Htatos Cavalry. Mrs. Astor and .Mr.
and Mrs. John Jacob Astor nro In their adjoin
ing Fifth avenue houses. Mr. and Mrs. Mar
shall Orme Wilson returned to tholr town
house. 414 Fifth avenue, from Long Island last
Thursday. They will only remain In this
dwelling pending tho completion of their
now house further uptown.
The cards for the wedding of Miss Josephine
B. Brooks and John XL Llvermore will be sont
out dlreotly aftor the Ilorse Show. Tho day
fixed for tho orent Is Wednesday, Doc. 14.
Trinity Chapel, In wbloh the ceremony will
take place, ti likely to prove to be somewhat
small for the occasion, so many Invitations
will be lssuod. The oholoe of Trinity Chapel
will be a surpriso to many who had expected a
Roman Cathollo coremony. Mr. and Mrs. IT.
Mortimer Brooks, the brldo's parents, wero
married In Trinity Chapel, nnd for this reason
It was chosen by their daughter. As to all ap
pointments this woddlng will be ono of the
Bmartcst of tho winter. Miss Brooks will be
attended by ton bridesmaids, a'l of the younger
Newport set. Thero will bo ton ushers. After
tho church coremony, at noon, thero will bo a
bridal breakfast and reception at tho Fifth
avenue resldonoe of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks. Mrs.
Brooks Is. with tho possible exoontlon of Mrs.
Brloe. tho most lavish entertainer of tho Now
port set, rivalling Mrs. Bradley Martin nnd
Mrs. Anson l'helps Btokes. Miss Brooks, who
was Introduced a oouplo of seasons ago. is
a remarkably pretty girl and one of tho rlohost
prospeotlvo holrossos In town. Mrs. Brooks
and her brother. Eugono Biggins, aro said to
have eaoh inherltod $.10,000,000 from their
fathor. Mr. Brooks himself has a substantial
fortune. Eugeno Htggins, who has been
abroad for a year. Is about to return. Baron
and Baroness Uellllero. tho youthful bride
groom's stopfnther and motnor. will arrive
here after Thanksgiving. Their latest visit
to Paris has been but a flying one. AH of Mr.
Llvermoro's Immediate relatives ure particu
larly Identified with tho ltoinan Cathollo
Church. Ho has made his home since his
mother's romarrlago, seven years ago. with
his grandmother, Mrs. John O Brlcn.
The Hempstead set will be well represented
nt the Horse Show, Hamilton W. Gary. Wil
liam 0. Whitney. Sidney J. Smith. E. D. Mor
Sin. and Thomas Hltchcook. Jr., are among
oso who have taken arena boxes. Boon
after the show Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hitch
cook. Jr.. will leave Broad Hollow Farm, their
Wostbury, L. I., establishment, for tholr win
ter home at Aiken. N. 0.
One of the weddings still to come for whloh
the war Is responsible is that of Miss Helen F.
Hoffman and Dr. William Klnntoutt Draper.
The date has just been fixed and Is Deo. 28.
The cards will be sent out after the Horse
Bhow. and tho ceremony will be performed In
tho Church of the Heavenly Best by the rector,
the Bov. D. Parker Morgan. Mr. and Mrs.
Biobard Hoffman, the bride's parents, will give
a reception at their home afterward. Miss
Hoffman Interested herself octlvoly last spring
In the work ot the Red Croks Society. Bo
did Miss Martha Draper, who frequently oalled
on her brother. Dr. Draper, for aid. In this
way ho met Miss Hodman, and the early win
ter wedding la the result.
The available rooms at tho Westchester,
Ardsley, Tuxedo and other country clubs were
all engaged some time ago from yesterday over
eleotlon day. At Tuxedo the cottagers aro en
tertaining house parties. Yesterday after
noon Mrs. Plorro Lorlllard. Jr.. gave at her
home, "Keewaydin," the second of a series of
four musloales. The Beethoven Quartet ren
dered the programme.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederic Tarns have been
passing a few days at Lenox with Mr. and Mrs.
Walter S. Ournee. Mr. and Mrs. Tarns aro
among the number who have recently ar
ranged to build cottages at Tuxedo. There
will be quite a rush to town from Lenox lmmo
dlatelv after tho marriage thero next Wednes
day of Miss Helen Btuyvesant Folsom and the
Rov. Churchill Satterloe. The bride la the
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Win
throp Folsom of this city and the bridegroom
Is the son of Bishop Henry Yates Satterlee of
Washington. The Folsoms returned to New
York last winter after a stay of several years
Hermann Danforth Kewcomh gave his fare
well bachelor dinner last night at tho Penden
nlsClub.Loulsvllle.Ky. His marriage with Miss
Matilda Floronce ChurchlU-wlll be an event of
next Wednesday evening at that olty. Am one
those who left New York during tho week to at
tend the weddingwerothebridegroom's parents,
Mr, aud Mrs. U. Victor Newcomt. and mem
bers ot the family of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Katte. Edwin Britton Katto is to be best man.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Victor Newcomb came to this
city from Louisville years ago. They still
have many relatives and friends there, and
thelr'son eleoted, when he was graduated from
eolleee, to practioe law thoro. Mrs. Hermann
Danforth Newcomb will be one of the many
brides who will be seen at the Horse Bhow.
The Neweombs are to come to New York Im
mediately after their marriage and will be the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. U, Victor Newcomb.
Recent news from abroad as to the health of
Miss de Oarmendla ot this elty Is very discour
aging. She Is with her mother, Mrs. Carlos Q.
de Oarmondta, and other members of the fam
ily at Nymphenburg. having left Sorrento.
Miss do Oarmendla, who Is an exceptionally
protty and attractive girl, is a sister of Mrs.
Julten Townsend Davles and of the late Martin
de Uarmendla. Mr. and Mrs. Spalding de Oar
mendla. nee Jenness, who wero married early
In September, are still travelling abroad, but
will make their future home here.
Mr. and Mrs. George Crocker, who have been
at San Francisco since their return from Eu
rope, are expeoted in New York this week.
They will travel In their own private car. Mr.
Crocker's fortune will be muoh greater than
anticipated, according to recent aocounts. Mr.
and Mrs. Crocker have a new uptown house,
ot whloh they will take possession on their ar
rival. Mrs. Crocker has a daughter. Miss
Rutherford, who may be one ot the season's
Miss Caroline Suydam Duer and George
Xavier McLanahan of Washington will be mar
ried next Tuosday at New Haven. This will be
the third big wedding In the Duer family
within a few months. A large party of mem
bers ot prominent families, all relatives of the
bride, will go from here to be present at the
wedding. An elaborate breakfast at the resi
dence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Den
ning Duer, ttlli Whitney avenue, will follow the
ceremony. Miss Duer Is a granddaughter of
tho late Denning Duer of Hawkhuret, Wee
hawken, and a nleco of Edward, James, and
William A. Duer ot this olty.
One of the events of special Interest this
week will be the meeting on Tuesday at the
farm of William 0. Whitney, at Westbury, L. I.,
of the Meadowbrook Bteepleohase Associa
tion. Clarenoe H. Mackay will present the sil
ver cup to the winning team of the first raoe.
Then will come an open ateepleohaie for a
ladies' oup, a steepleohase for the Meadow
brook Cup, a post entry, and a hunters' flat
The 1.1st of Hefereel.
The following Is a Hit of the referees appolntsd In
eases in the Supreme Court last week :
Oil Juilict Pryor,
Cain. Rtfirttt.
Palm vs. Horowitz John J. SfcCaulay.
Daley vs. Hagrndorf Obed H, Sanderson,
llussing, Jr., v. Cattaberry ...Oswald N.Jacoby.
Wilson vs. Dodae H.BnuieilenMarahall.
Carey vi. Kleferdorfer Pone V, Hansom,
Matter of McCaffrey ... YA L, Patterson.
Matter of Mlddletown and
Ooshen Trai tlon Co Chaunrey R.Truax.
Mueller vc. Ueyman Jacob P. Solomon.
Miller va. Calhoun Eugene II. Pouieroy,
Kentv. U'Callashan Chaunrey S.Truai.
Matter of N. L. Mver ti Co,. .. Fdivard Browne.
Wood vi. O'Callaghan laaac I), llrennaa,
Wlnana vi. Merrlgan M, (!. Mllnor,
Oerklnvi. same M. C. Mllnor.
Bv Jutttu Cohrn.
Matter of Mark.,., M.A. Lesser.
Hunt vs. Carr John II. Pannei,
Flanagan . Orevellng Jainea J. Nralli,
Arnislck va. Mode Everett P. Wheeler,
Matter of Victor Charles Bchwlck.
Nat. U'way Hank vs. Bander .Elbert Crundall.
Greenwood vs. Pettlt.. . . . John Sabine Smith,
Aibeys-Kerr Klohard M. Henry.
Darling ti. Bachem Club A. W Uleaaon.
By Jiuttct aUderiUm.
MatUrofLord Francis C. Cantim.
By Juttiu BiKhoff.
Beggamann vs. Bwartt Nat'l H, Prager.
By Jiutie Truai.
Tannenbaumvs. Stein ....Hamilton Odsll.
By Jmtice LughUn.
Haraav.Doanli.., O. E. Otusklshergsr.
Wftihed TJp on the Canadian Shore by
Storm After Ilelng In take Erie a Tear.
BuyrlLo, Nov. 5. The storm whloh swept
ovor Lako Erlo a week ago east on tho Cana
dian shore, near Port Maltland. Ont., tho body
ot a man which was later Identified as that of
Alexander Qlllles. the master of the schooner
Idaho, which was wrooked off Long Point. Lake
Erie, just ono year ago to-morrow, Not. 0. Tho
body was identified solely by tho clothes Capt,
Gllllos woro nnd the watch he oarrled whon tho
Idaho founderod. Veasolraen wonder where
tho body haa been lying for a year,
and whore tho remaining seventeen bodle
aro, for of the nineteen men drownod, only
ono other body, that of n boy, hn been
found. Whon the Idaho sank all tho morabera
of her orow. with possibly ono or two excep
tions, were gathered on the uppordeqk. The
water rising In tho engine room had extin
guished the flros and tho firemen and engineer
had fled to tho dock. When theMeamorsank
thn men were left struggling In tho water, and
of tho crew of twenty-one mon two only man
nered to climb the rigging ami esoapo tho fury
of the waves. That tho bodlos wore not on
tangled In tho wrock wns proved when
tho wrecking party visited ft and dlvors
wore , sent down, and tho disappearance
of the seventeon bodies mystifies old
lakemen. Old ressolmen still express
tho belief that the bodies were swallowed by
quicksand, stretches ot whloh aro scattered
along the shores of tho great lakes, and In
proof call attention to the fact that othors thnn
the crow of the Idaho have disappeared In tho
saino mnnner. In 1884 the schooner Eddy
Fitzgerald was blown ashore near tho place
whore tho Idaho sank, and ere many months
had sunk In the treaoherous sand. Tho Fitz
gerald evidently lay In a bed ot quicksand, tor
inch by Inch the sand swallowed her up. until
the exact location was lost.
xotxs of aiunro xrmrrs.
The tint of the popular oonoert to be given by
Emll Paur's Symphony Orchestra will take place to
night at Carnegie nail, Charlotte Maconda, Eugenia
Castellano and Leo Bchult will bo the soloist. The
programme will Inoludennmberaby Rossini. Chopin,
Ooldroark, Donizetti, Itlmsky-EoraakoO', Wagner,
Martuccl, Drueh, Popper and Liszt.
Wllhelm Gerlcke will mak his Initial appearance
thtayearln New York as conductor of the Boston
Symphony Orchestra, at It eonoerta In Carnegie
Hall next Wednesday afternoon and Thursday even
ing. Morli Rosenthal will be the soloist on both oc
casion!. The programme! are a followi:
Wednesday Afternoon, at 2 Overture "Euryan
the," Weber; concerto for planof ore In E minor. No.
1, Chopin; Variations on a thsme br Haydn, Brahrui;
Symphony In 0 minor, No, 6, Boethoven,
Thursday Evening, at Rtis flymphony In 0 major.
No. 2, Schumanni Concerto for pianoforte In B flat
minor. No. 1, Scharwenka; Tone Poem, "Don Juan,"
R. Btrauaa; Prelude and Isolde's Love Death from
"Trlitan and Iiolde." Wagner.
Beethoven Is most widely known by his Symphony
No. 6 (op. 87), and H. B. Krehblel. who will deliver a
leoture, " How to Listen to Muiio." at the Lyoeum
Theatre on Tuesday, Nov. 16, will have the assist
ance of the Amerioan SrmDhonr Orchestra. Sam
Franko, conductor, to follow him and Illustrate the
more Important phase of this popular symphony.
The fifth symphony Is the only on of the nine
Beethoven symphonies which Is sufficiently well
known to have broken the barriers of a repulsive
nomenclature, and to have become familiar outside
of a certain more or leu initiated circle by it tech
nical name. Sam Franko' Amerioan Symphony
Orchestra will, at the conclusion of the lecture, ren
der the symphony in it entirety.
For it sixth lesson the Muiloal Art Sooiety an
nounce two oonoert at Osmetic Ball, to take place
on Deo. 8 and March 16. The organisation consists
of sixty vocal soloist, under the direction of Frank
Drnroaoh. The work mapped ont and announced
to be sung daring th seaaon includes song by
Palestnna, Tlttorla. Prastoslus, Herzogenberg, Bach,
Leopold Damroach, Brahms and others.
One of the important new undertakings of the
present muitcal seaaon la the aeries of symphony
concert for young people, with explanatory talk!
on the programme by Frank Damroach, who will
also conduct the concerts. The date announoea are
Nov. 28, Deo. 17, Jan. 7 and 28, Feb. 26 and March
11. They will take place In Carnegie Ball.
The programme for the first evening oonoert of
tho Eneiael Quartet on Nor. 16, at Mendelssohn
Hall, include Haydn, quartet in Q major; Brahma,
Sonata No. 8. for piano and violin; Beethoven,
quartet in F major.
Bosentbal's laat recital of the present series will
be given In Carnegie Muiio Hall on the afternoon of
Nov. 10. Included in hia programme will be Schu
mann' "Oarneval." Be will then make a tour of
the country a far a the Paclfia coast and Mexico.
Adele Aus der Ohe, In her forthcoming recitals,
which will be given in Mendelssohn Ball on the after
noons of Nov. 16 and 22. will play for the Drat
time in public, her new Suite far Piano in E major.
The Kaltenborn String Quartet will give three con
certs on Tuesday evenings. Nor. 32, Jan. 10 and
March 14, In Carnegie Chamber Muslo Ball. The
planlat to aaalst are: Miss Florenee Terrel, Henry
Bolden Bun and Bruno Oscar Klein, respectively.
The Wt ttlar Orchestra has this year been increased
to sixty men, and will be heard In oonoert during
the winter.
Madeline Schiller will give her first concert at
Carnegie Hall on Nov. 20. Emll Paur's orchestra
will be heard with her.
Philadelphia, 8. W. Corner 4th and Walnut.
Oonneoted by private wires.
knowledged by Banks. Exchanges, the Press and
Hoards of Trade throughout the country to be th
brit statistical financial publication ever leaned by
any Banking House. It is Invaluable to Investor and
Operator, giving maps, reports, dividends, earn
ing! and prioea for 10 to 80 rears. We are pleased
to present it FREE upon mailed or personal applica
tion, aa well a designate stocks which In our Judg
mint will make the moat deolded advanoea.
On the New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chi
cago Oraln and Btook Exchangee for Investment or
to be oarrled on margin of 9 to 8 per cent. Com
mission 1-18.
Twenty rears' experience, largest clientele, most
commodious office, beet brokerage isrvlce.
Branch Office, 1182 Broadway.
C. I. Hudson & Co.,
84 and 80 "WALL STRKBT,
Members N. T. and Chicago Btook Exohangei,
Trade In and Accurately Quote
Continental Tobacco.
Common and Preferred When Issued.
......1W3'.r8t nml l7 "road St.
Order oxecuted for Investment or on margin. Id
tarest allowed on deposit, subject to check at sight.
Ac.t,"Jr,?fnc,V "J1 forCorporaUoni and Investor
U. b. Honda, all Issues, bought nnd sold.
1 202 FIFTH AV.. co". 25th It.
t 8T BROADWAY, Silk Xich'gs Bldg.
Branch Offloea- 200 BROADWAY, oor. Head it
An office where customer are permitted to us
tbelr own Judgment.
na imoAinvAY, new youk.
Member of New York Con. Btock Exchange.
I.7J!?-1"1 w "tshilahod hmlness, capital and repu.
tauon. We want more money for inveatmenU, pay.
ing from 10 to 16 par cent., secured by good reafe.
tate. We would like to meet persons having large or
ti.i1.m2?en.tVV,D' XS " absolutely afe irid
uyssgiiirfflr-ror ",urT"w' """ "
$25 TO $1,000. WHAT WILL IT EARN?
1 Per Cent per month and capital guaranteed. For
prtl.Si,drMT1i1!iiultblI nd Inveit
ment Co, (Incorporated), ljj8 Curtl U. Dearer. Col.
rpflE PBICE 07 BUOaB BTOOK has been confined
JrJ?nV!Sflueiu!toP,-l lnsr.ar.bU movements
epnitngUthUand the'-draturer-'shari. For r ,
ticulars sail or writ JOHN bTUcKXNZIK, 016 Bowl
lag Giro BuUitliiN.wa'oi. "" i
mTeader "
will be tho subject of our next MON!) VY'H I vttkti
This letter will point out to you exactly h.n.
market will set If Mr. Van Wyck la elected t .Jl
be what yon would naturally contlii.le , it will si.
point out whst oouro prices will take If Mr n,?,,Z
velt Is elected (you are cortilti to be fooled tn eith.
rase). We havo been through tnanv encli (,,., ,'
the stock market and know that at these Inn. i,,i.
era are fooled morn than at anj other Ynu in :
of course, that If the Democrat! win thai t. ks will
open down and vice versa, hut liate v u nn, ,il
what the movement will bo AITKll TUP. ol'-M7i ,
OurAIONDAl-H I.KTTKrt will Inform ynn an 1 ii
would advise yon to Willi: US Foil IT ON Hi viitV
In order tn iret the EUtUKIl EHIT10V Ot gn-ale.i
Importance Is It tn know the I.EUKIM in the- eti
upward movement, and our Mondir's letter will
also point ont thee to vou It will be of umisr.l
length and of OBRVTIMT IMPORTANT tn ,?,
trader who expects tn enter tin market In ihenei
four months. It will drsl with all tho OLD Kamir,
ITKS like the Orangers, Suirar, I,, ft N T. C 1 u- '
and many ot tho new, such as Federal Steel '11 n!
JJ, etc.
A special srtlrle on WHEAT snd COPTON.
You are cordially invited to oir brokerage office
the largest and handsomest In this countrr. (Itu (
with every convenience for tbs succrstfttl trader
(Consolldntrd with Mny, McKltveir & I'nlne).
r.mb.r. 1 roNS- BTOCK KXCIIAN'On OF N V
Members j NEW ronK ntoDLTK EXCIIAN'tiR,
Highest Banking Iteferences and Financial luting.
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
Railway Company
1 Consolidated Mortgago
and Sinking Fund Bonds '
DUE JULY 1, 1900.
W. will receive UNTIL DKCr.MUKn St,
1808, Bonds of th. shove Issue, at their value on
December 1, 180H, calculated to nmtirlty ON , ,1
PICK CUNT. I1AS1H, and will u'eilver in exchinci
therefor Lake Shore MlchUan Southern Railway
Company 31 per cent. Uold Bon Is due 11107, at the
price of 105 MB CENT. AND ACCIlUi:i IX.
The exchange will be made as of December 1 , inos,
snd circulars giving particulars may be obtilnM at
30 nnoAii KTKEF.T.
yw York, Kov ember 1st. 18U8.
20 biioad STitKirr.
Glucose Sugar Refining Com, & Pfd.
Continental Tobacco Co. Com. & Pfd.
Telephone 6.1R1 Cortlamlt.
ganhtria ami Btohere.
Norton & rami,
Members of the
Stocks, Grain, Cotton,
Bonds & Investment Securities.
- ' ' ssslviess)i r
IPitWtc gtotictjs.
(Should be read DULY by all Intereated. a.
change may occur at any lime.)
Foreign malls for the week ending Nov. 12. 18PH.
wlllclO'etFHviMPTIAInall ca.es 1 at the cferers
Post Ufflce aa follow PAItl'KLS POST MAIL8 1 loss
one hour earlier than closlmr time shown below,
TDESDAY.-At 7 A. M. for EUllOI'B. per steamship
Lahu, tUSouttiBlupUin andliremnn.
WEDNICtlDAY.-At W A. SI. (supplementary 10-RO A.
M.) for KUItOPE. per steuiu.hip Cymric Ma
tjueeiutovin: at tlll.'IO A. JI. fur BKrxHUM direct,
per steam.hip Friosland, via Antweni dett.'rs
must be dln-cted " per Friosl.ind').
THUKSDAY.-At 8 A. M for NirniEHLANDS dlreit.
Ier steamship Edam, via Amsteid.ua (letters
must be directed "per ICdm ").
IXJYPr. and BKU1H1I INDIA, pcrateaiis!ni I.
(laacogne. v ia Havre (letp'rj for other nrt (
Europe must be dinned "per 1a Oasrouue :
at 8 A. M. for NETIIKItl.ANDS rilriri p, r
steamship WerkemUm, via It tlerdam ileti, rs
i.";".. I"5 .i."rBcU,d P'r Werkendsm' Jt
HA. M.forlTALV. per steamship Kal.er Williflu
J't via Naples (letters mi.st 'hi dlrectcl "p,r vi
?,"i,.wi,.,ielm Il'.',! "' ,0 A- JI (suppleincntaiy '
11:80 A. M.) for Kt'ttOl'K. per s-eam.hli. Csiu.
Pjinla, via Oueon town;nt n a. M.forNortn vT
dlroct, per steamship Hokla (letters must bo di
rected ' per Hekla").
PRINTED MATTKIt. Ac.-Ocrman steamers sulln
on Tuesdays ta' e V inted Matter. Ac. for tier-
many, and Specially A.ldro'sed Slatter, Ac, for
other part of E ropo. American an 1 Whlto Stir
steamera on Wodiiedays, (lerniaii seaininoa
Thursdays, and Cuiiard, Frenuu and ( rinaix
steam r on Sstuidays take Printed Matter k ,
for all count Its for which they are odverli 0!
to carry moll.
. After the linking of the Buuplementiry Tr.in.at-
lantlo Malls named above, additional suppiem nay
ff11,1! rP,nd 011 tin, p'cis of the Amrrii-m,
English, I rench and fleiin.m steamers, ani rcmala
oyenuntll within Ten Minutes of the hour of eallmx
of steamer,
BU!JR?VVTArt1,? y M,"',r rl'KKTO COOTEZ and
..;.'. fJEM 'J-A. 1 er steatm r f rnm New Orlenii"
MONDAY. u lap. M. for COSTA RIC " UI'I.IK
PtlKIlfO COitTia ,iud t.tTATKMALt per
steamer from New Orleans: at 11 P. JI for
rrr,iA,M.AJCA: VT !l"n'1" from lUltlmore.
TA1IA8CO and YUCATAN, per steam.hl , Ymj
!' f'r "thtrparu of Mexico must be din le I
LAND, per jteamer from North Hydny: at 11, l.
wvf,i55fV;fJtA,.;.A'.!!.r,.1i'am;r ,rnm Philadelphia.
WKKN.S?A-.At A-M. fnrPOHTO ItICO, per
FmI'V" JSM!?rV ' 12 M. (suppleiou ituy
IP. M.I 1 ror CENTI1AL AJ1EUICA (exceut O nl
Itlcai and HOU1 U PAW r 10 1-OKTH. pi r steaiiTsh.p
Advance, via Colon (lettira for Guatemala miil
be directed "per Advanco"): at 1 P. M, for Cl'ii v,
-...Eer steamship Boneca. via Havana.
TU6ll8DAY-Atl PM.i.uppl.memiryl.BO P M.l
nviAn2.A,'uN' P" "A.VTIAOO DK CUUA ani
BATUItDAY.-At 10 A, M. (suiiulm,nlary loin V.
IsILLA and tJIlK'IOWN. per ateain.hli. At!i"S
(.1?ilerf..'or stu Itlca must bo directed "per
fSiwr.wf.'.i.0 U. (suppleineiitary 10.110 A M
rorJEttEUIK. per steamship Andes: at lo-.in K.
viTn?5..HAMrECi,E' U"1APAH. TAIUFCO alii
YUCATAN, peratearaship Vlgllanela (litter for
other part of Mexico and for Cuba niiift I
?JXS.l??l?"r Vlirilancla"): at :ao p. M for
NKWroDNDLAND, per steamer from North Svd.
ney; at 8:30 P. M. for HT. PIKltltE-MlQUELON.
per ateamerfrom North tildney.
Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to Hallfai. and
l''SJr.? 17 Vt"!','"i'' C!QM ' h, "lce daily
8:80 P. 11. Mali for Hiuuelun, by rail to bostou
i?i .',hn"iS bjteamei, close at this office dally
at 8:80 P.M. Mall for Cuba close at this orb. 0
dally at 7 A. M.. for forwarding by steamira lad
ing Mondays and Thuradajs from Port Tampa,
Fla. Malls for Mt-xlui City, overland, uule.s
specially addressed for despatch by slemier,
J.'0.'," st this office dally at S:o A. M. and 3 .vO
P. M I Itegtstered mall closea at 0:00 p. M. pre
vious day, '
Malls for Ilawsll, jier teamshlp Anstralia (from Pan
Franclaco) 1 rloo beni dally up to Nov. 10 st h .1
K' M MJ'" ,,or, Au,triU ""t West Auslra
Ha), New Zealand. Hawaii and FIJI Islands, per
steamship Aorangl (from Vancouver), clom In rs
ill? ,7"?; f ':. M." " "I' to Nov. to l
Alio P. M. Mall, for China. Japan and Ha
waii, per steamship lielglo (from Ban Franci.,,
close here dally up to Nov. la at U:bO p. M Mails V
f?i cHin UJ '.spsn. Per steamshlii 01) iu.i i
Lf52,,JI?mt! ?.'0"? Utn da"' "P to Nov. Ul at
ei? ? .M' Mj,,u ,or Ul" society Islands, pr
sb u Oalilee (from Han Francisco), dr.., Iicr
dally up to Nov 2f. at icno P. M Malls
for Australia (except thoaa for Wot Aus
tralia, which are forwarded via Europe),
New Zealand, Hawaii, FIJI and Bainoan IsUilil.
per ateaniehlp Moana (from Han Franclsrn). cl js
here daily in to Nur un at 7:00 A, M ,11 A,
M.andfl:0P M. (or on arrival at New Vork oi
steamship Ktrurl with llntlsb mall, for Aim
trails). Malls for China aud Japan, per sicmu.
ship F-mpresa of China (from Vancouver), clo.s
here dally up to Nov, 128 at H:BO p. M.
Transpacific malls aro forwarded to port of sailing
flally and the schedule of closing liarrsngedou lbs
rrunmption of their uninterrupted overland tram.U
BtgUtered malls cloaes at 0 P M previous day
, OOltNKLlUB VAN COTT, Postm Jur.
Pot Office, New York, N. Y Nov. 4, IHIiV, 1
OEALED PUOP03ALH will be received at the oiBi
WJ?UltWouK Zivrlnter. Tompkinsvllle. N.
k until II o'clock M., Dec. 1st, itu,,. aud then s
opened, for the construction of the sea wall at V H, I
tlghthouae dspol, Btaten Islsnd. N, T . In accordance il
with plans and specifications, copies of which, w.iri A,
blanks, propoaala and other Information may be had ,1
- itl

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