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If ! 1 '
rl : I b JBBb J&m
in i jj
If I ' SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 0, 1808.
1 I '
K L I Subscription by Hall, Postpaid,.
t 3 ' DAILY, per Month BO SO
Elf l ? DAILY, per Year. OOO
J ( BDNDAY. per Year "00
Ilr y ! DAILY AND BDNDAY, per Year 8 00
Eg X c t DAILY AND SUNDAY, per Month 70
El f I Iff Postage to foreign countries added.
m$ t r fi Tnr. Bon, New York City.
E ( Jr XMis-Klosq.ne No. 13, near Crrand Hotel, ut
ft I t Kioao.ue No. 10, Boulevard dee Capuclnea.
I fi ' nW if "" Hind icAs aror ui tt maniueKplt sr
Ef ' ,' it jniMfcatfen un'iH (a Aavt rtltcttd arllrtti relumed, ttey
m'k f fi t MiulM alt caict tend i(anrr(Aa(iurP.
it ? ffl V ICndl nl Ifc Began.
1 S g Tho campaign has closed as ltbogan, Ttlth
m& I V tho rosul'a deslrablo to bo nchloYod remain-
I I ft. 'nff ln n'8 "t8 of lmportanoo:
IS I j& I, Tho election of Republican members ot
f: i' c ! tho IIouso of Representatives, tho plaoo
Eft f 'I' whero frco-flllver schemes that vrlll pare
Mm t lyzo business and check prosperity orln
II ' t' mate, and benco-tho placo whore thoy most
fMfr 'f bethrottlod.
II rl it. Thoolootlonof ItepubUcan membereot
EJf ' J f Btato Legislatures which will elect mom
En .', , $ boro of tho United States Senate, whore,
K V 1 if? llko tho IIouso ot Representatives, the na-
lr I 1 p tlonal credit and prosperity la attacked and
nf i-fs dofondod.
MS i HX Thooleotlonof Republican candidates
El X t for QoTornor. As ln no slnglo Stato of tho
'I i 'I Union havo tho Democrats dlsarowod tho
S I S . Chicago platform, while tho majority of
S i ! Democratlo Stato Conventions have real-
B i J ! flrmod it, bo it la Important that tho Ropub-
!; llcan or Bound monoy party should win tho
Hi ! i prcstlgo of victory whorovor fought for.
BJP , if In New York thoro Is a speolal reason for
,K supporting thoEepubllcan candidate, Theo
BJ i x f Dons Roosevelt, lrrospootlvo of Domoo
WtW g raoy or Republicanism. Ho stands for tho ,
mm : I lndepondenoo and purity of tho State's
Jjff; I i P bench of Justloo, upon which tho Domooratlo
; leader, Rictiaud Obokeb, has laid a des
X , V potlo and money-making hand.
tl P SJ
mm i ,' Why He Left tno Benon.
M p if history preserves a record of tho career
!& t of Ataararus Van Wyok, It trill bo capped
I Kg f '. wUhthid:
s-. i !'' "K left tli bench to become tho dnmb tnt fore-
fi jl taoetlesderof the moil TtoioiM and bruen Mnnlt
S It ipon the JndloUrj-'a lndependeno known after' th
Ih bneofTwxiD."
8, J Van "Wyck -will bo remembered first as a
& Kmegadofrom tho formally enlisted regu-
' far army of Justice.
J I It should nover be said ot New York that
S ;' a man of whom that was true had beoomo
I Its (Jovornor. Tho Empire Stato will bo
t saved from such an Indignity by votes for
1 ;- Theodobe Roosevelt.
mm i r
S. ? Not Joseph F. Daly, but tho Temple of
Lwl 1 i Justice.
Hk Tho distinguished citizens who have pub-
Bjf&g. fj Hclydcnouncedthooutrago attempted upon
HIMj IT tho bench by thovongeful politician who to-
Pyp K' day controls absolutely the Domooratlo
Bpg ','$ party of New York, havo been divided ln
p,- !.' their ntillutlo toward tho candidates for
fik. L J i Governor. Rut lot Domocrats Intending to
sJK' l t vo' fr Judgo Daly and tho Oroker can-
Kpi I rf dldatcs on tho State ticket ponder again the1
BbPk" r: ft sayings of their fellow partisans when tho
eBBf L latter hold up tho prlnclplo that had caused
kSfe ; w them, momentarily at least, to forget their
IpP partisanship.
B -wi Tho resolutions adopted at tho first great
JmI, public meeting at Carnegie Hall began In
HPlJ f theso words:
M3?::W: " littahcd. That ai eltltess of tho conatr of New1
Km if York, we' unite IrreapectWe of partr to proteet
HJfeli aa-alnst the attempt to lower the dicnltr of the
B9 t bonoh of the Supreme Court, In the determination
jW ;: of the leader of Tammany nail to punleh jnii
jKlS I I Jndee we boo an uaault npon the administration of
tr i' ' Jnetico and a menace to the personal rlahtt and 11b-
Mp mt( f ertle'sof every clUren."
U:; i"'-N. I Hero ro eentencos uttered by ilr. JAiina
Pi, " II' C. Cakteh on two dlfforent occasions:
BBjicl ''t is
H '': lj "Two qneitlons have been thrnst npon n which
HEf jj t eannot evade. The first It, are the Jddeee of era
B V i 1 eonrt to anderetand that their continuance In office
BLl I depend! npon their acquiescence in the personal oi
8! 5 ," political demands ot party machine leaden t Is the
seHlaM ' true test of fitness for jndlolal nomination iiinio bo
BiS;-- a'v A that assurance which Is afforded by an esUbtished
Kil character for ability and lntecrlty, or la it to be the)
Ht j ' -j mere will and pleasure nf the leader for the time
Hk' '(' f ' betas ot the political machine I Let the people of
H' I ' this city on eleoUon day thunder oat their answera
L' t- to these questions.
EjT ' 'J " How shall we best maintain ln all hearts the su-
Hl- (.' y premacyof the idea of juitloet It U by asilns ln
j ' ' accordance with it, by boldlnc our courts ln rev
E( X i -' rent respect, byvotlnc on every occasion for the
saaH"" l'5r. f'" bes( men oJadti and. above all and beyond an,
LBTI ll by vtsltineJwlBt,inalant rebuke and punishment any
Hjwi ) ,' action from whatever quarter whioh la designed ot
BeeeeeP' ?i!- r las any lenaency to lmpali-that supremacy."
Hb M The Hon. J, Hautoen Rods said, speaking
B as presiding offlcor of tho meeting at the
Hpfu ' ,. Grand Central Palace on Thursday lost i
Hi j1 i ) "The'lndependeneoof thijudldary Is the bulwark
HL , ' eftheUberUeaofinirpiople. There has bees made a
Pifti. r ', i iarln and avowed attaokoo that iudspesdeiic. This
BeaW'tf Y' :' !' (s not a local questloni It is a question that Interests,
Bw; i .f. t U a question that pertains to everybody ln this
HiS I S" Country. There Is not anyone of us that Is not ln
1' 1 i ( (srestsdln this question. Our Amtrlcan manhood
bB'jcL i, baturally makes us interested."
B ' This Is a portion of the speech delivered
H ' ppon tho soma oooaslon by Mr. John D.
Kk '' f &HBNAN, a Utloa Demoorot of woll-kricnvn
Kf ' ! '" How York ancestry, wholn 1800 voted for
K- , ; RfitANi
K' ! ,f "Now, this Is the question that 1 coins to face
Bj:! ;' I ; every man when he coes to the ballot box on Tnta-
K . ; V day the tnAependenee of the Judiciary and for
K. ' Ood's sale, let that ordeal ba passed so that at the
WUi I - la "t the polls the determination of the people
B1' ; ' ibaU be rteorded that no first step may be taken
H$ i . lown that pathway that lsads to courts whose Judges
K0 are tho' ''dependent slaves of political parties or
HSr '. i bosses, and that hereafter no man or leader shall at-
HC l'i i I tempt to punish an upright Judge for doing his duty
Mfi'.V j , tud malutalnlng for the glory of his country the In-
Blk. S x' dependence of the magnificent position In which he
B'' ' y bi placed by the people."
' And examine also a conoluelon of tho
f; Klu ' BonnitB Cockiian, a formor stal-
j wart diamplon of honest money, who from
H' -. ' tomo other national Issue, we bellove, that
B'L' '' ' looms Important to his oyes will mark ills
l. j, ballot for Van Wyck :
Wml. " The personal fortunes of any Individual, ln com-
B f parison with thamignttude of this Issue, are but aa
WAWi ' , ' a grain of etad to the continents which confine the
B .. J ocean, UUruilh rAeics a) thru mn Mat war u-
HHf '( ! "' itciatirmtnUhatiil'Jort tu, tut Ml indtpindrnci e
K 'I I lit ytholljudiaari."
HK' ', fi Tlio dotoruilnatlon to answer Richaud
ssaafM'tf.' : CiiciKKB'U blow ut tliu ludep&ndenco ot tho
BW ) K buiicli by olucling tho Judge over whose
BsR' i thouldcrs it was aliiiod, hinges upon sentl-
sr'sK '(' ' $' luents llko these. Tlio protection of Jus-
wk W I & 'co or lneso orators have pleaded
R Ri' i, t villi such it piofound understanding of tho
IsV'K ' danger ovpiliungliig it, tho preservation of
KiB' 1 an Incorruptlblu bench in thn Stato of New
KBfv :' ' York, und tho ovorthrowof tho powor that
KB f threatens itt Integrity, can no more boot-
HK j I fecMnioroiyby scratching tho Democratlo
H; .. if.'' judllaroandldatcs in Now York county
K: ' J 1' timi tho Spanish power could havo beta
K SSFriT. j nf i ,, , iii i it, iW..im . iitiiw-iiowpEwp
Bk -. iifci" ifclBlMWm mjj j
brokon at Santiago by tearing off a button
from Qcn. Toral'b coat
Tho election of tho Orokor candidate for
Govornor, n earofuily selected unknown,
and brother of tho puppet that occuplos
tho Mayor's Boat In Now York city, would
mako skirmish over tho Judges In this
city sink out of sight liko minor reverses
ln n gonoral victory. If RtciunD CndKER
gains tho victory of Van Wyck'b oloctlon,
and Its accompanying power ot dealing
with tho Bupromo Court of Now York Stato
as despotically as ho has dealt with Now
York city's portion of It, tho fow dead or
wounded ho will loavo behind him on tho
battlcflold won't materially lessen his tri
umph or stay his futuro progress.
Tho Issue upon tho judiciary Is bigger
than tho city of Now York, boforo or after
consolidation! It covers ovoryfoot of tho
Emplro State, and It calls with equal au
thority upon ovory New York voter to de
feat tbo Croker oandldato, the dumb Van
Wyck, and to oloct Theodobb Roosevelt.
Tho Novel Democratlo Experiment.
Every citizen of this Stato now under
stands thoroughly the Importance and sig
nificance of tho oloctlon on Tuesday, and
tho registration Indicates tho doop interest
In It which pervades tho greatest body of
voters ln any Stato of tho Amorlcan Union.
It will bo an olootlon which will test tho
moral standards and tho Intellectual per
ceptions of tho citizens more searehlngly
than any other which has occurred ln this
State. A wholly novel experiment in Amor
icon politics has been mado ln this cam
paign by tho Domooratlo party, and Its suo
ocsaor folluro will afford a gaugoof tho.
oharaotor of tho psoplo which will long bo a
gutdo for politicians of both partios ln
overy Stato. It Is not moroly that tho Demo
cratic party Is used openly and avowedly as
a maohlno for tho destruction of tho Inde
pendence) of tho Judiciary that Its campaign
Is without a precedent ln tho history of
Amorlcan polities, but because from begin
ning to end and everywhere throughout tho
Stato It has been marked by a duplicity
without a parallel.
Go back to tho record of ovory political
canvass conducted slnoo tho foundation of
this Government and you will And not ovon
a shadow of a parallel to it. Followers Of
BnrAN In 1800 who won respect ovon
from their enemies by tho courage with
which thoy supported a vlolous causo
havo gono under tho cover of that dupllolty
In order to avoid exposure ln 1808. Gold
Democrats who were then bold ln proclaim
ing their principles aro now hiding timor
ously. Evon Demooratlo candidates for
Congress aro humiliating and stultifying
thomsolvcs by refusing to oonfess their
opinions on tho ono groat question which
divides the two parties. On both sides of
tho Democracy anxiety lest the secrot of
their political sentiment should bo found
out Is tho most striking manifestation.
Now, what Is Domocraoy 7 Is It a body
of posltivo and definite distinctive polit
ical principles worthy to bo proclaimed
and defended, or is it so shameful an Im
putation that tho Democratlo party is
forcod by tho instinct of solf-presorvntlon
to hide Its truo character from the knowl
edge of tho peoplo of tho Stato ? Through
out this campaign tho course of tho Demo
cratlo party has betrayed Its oonstant
terror lest In an unguarded moment some
of Its stump orators should let out the
secret of Its political belief.
This is all the moro astonishing slnoo
thero is no possibility of doubt ln the pub
lic mjnd as to tbo belief and the purposes of
the other party. Theodobb Roosevelt
has mado hundreds ot speeches throughout
tho State, and his position toward ovary'
public question, Stato and national, Is1
known to every citizen. Ho has1 concealed
nothing, has nover avoided a question as to
tho faith which is in him, but has sought
rather to provoke such inquiry. Consequent
ly, excopt for tho Republican campaign,
wo should have had no Campaign after tho
usual American fashion of freo speech.
Tmeodobe Roosevelt has gono out to fight,
but he bos found no enemy armed with
prlnclplo to opposo him, though his chal
lengo to the combat has been loud and per
sistent. Tho Democrats havo hidden away
from tho field of contest lest somobody ln
their own party should find out what It
was fighting for and hold it responsible for
defending a definite position.
That is the astonishing experiment tho
Democratic party has mado ln this cam
paign. It has Introduced into political war
faro the wholly novel Strategy of throw
ing away its arms of attack and defence.
It la an army Which Is ashamed to have its
banner seen. Its reliance is on cowardloo
and not on courago, and it has undertaken
to present a craven retreat from what aro
known to bo Its principles as tho latest Im
provement ln political campaigning.
Is It possible that on experiment in poli
tics whioh thus Insults the lnteUlgonoe of all
tho peoplo, honest Democratlo partisans in
cluded, con ba successful ? Not unless tho
people ot Now York havo lost their com
mon sense and havo beoomo poltroons and
Private Property on the Soa.
A memorial to President McKetley has
boon drawn up by Mr. Ohables H. But
LEn and others asking him to invito tho
maritime nations to unite ln a oonforenco
at Washington, for tho purpose of exempt
ing private property on the sea from cap
ture during war.
This oxomptlon has lorig been approved
by our country, but, as tho memorial well
says, it could nover bo urged with greater
propriety than now. Wo havo rocontiy had
tho exporlcnoo of a war In whioh "our
cause was so Just and the objocto to be
attained woro of suoh paramount impor
tance to tlio world at largo that not
one of the powors saw fit to interposo or
protest against our course." In that war
Spain was far from being a terror to our
merchant marine, whilo our navy showod
its ability both to protect our commoroo
and to destroy her llceta. It, therefore, wo
now take ground for tho Immunity of
noutral jnerohandlse at boo, except when
contraband of war or violating a blockade,
we shall not bo accused elthor of Inability
to protect ourselves or ot noting under the
smart of reoont losses.
The memorial points out that the doo
trlno that "freo ships mako free goods" was
incorporated ln our treaty of alliance with
France during the War of the Revolution,
and that In 1780 wo adhered to it as main
tained by OatUebixe of Russia. In 1828
Secretary AdAus Inoffeotually urged It upon
England, France and Russia, the two latter
countries, hbwevor, expressing a willing
ness to Join ln a gonoral agreement to that
effect, while declining Individual treaties
with us. Later we socured a partial recog
nition of the prlnclplo in a treaty with Bo
livia and its full recognition in our treaty of
1871 with Italy,
Meanwhile had coral, at tho outaot ot thd
Crimean war, tho faitous Declaration pi
Paris, which, for tho nations aooeptlng it,
abolished privateering and held that n nou
tral flag exempts from capture an enomy'a
goods except contraband of war, whilo an
enomy'a flag exempts neutral goods except
contraband. England, Franco, Russia,
Austria and Sardinia united ln that declara
tion, to which other nations afterward gavo
in their adhesion. Our country hold back,
but tho explanation given by Secretary
Minor was very striking. Ho offered to
accedo to nil tho rules oxcopt tho ono
against privateering, and to accedo to that
provided another rulo should bo addod,
making all private proporty froe from cap
ture oxcopt contraband of war, Prosldont
Pcebcb put our position forcibly In his mes
sage ot 18G4:
"The proposal to surrendlr the right to employ
privateers la professedly founded upon the principle
that private property of unoffending aon-oombatants,
though enemies, ehould be exempt from ravagee of
war. Should the leadlnn powers of Europe concur
In proposing as a rule of international law to ex
empt private property upon the ocean from selsure
by public armed cruisers as well as by privateer,
the Called States will readily meet them upon that
broad ground."
Tho prcsont memorial, in short, mnkos
out its plea that the main purposo which it
seeks accords with tho historic policy of tho
United States, and thoro is no doubt that
such a movoment, undertaken by us dlroctly
upon tho close of a victorious war, would bo
Impressive Should tho proposed congress
bo hold, It might ylold other praotlcal re
sults, slnoo, as tho momorlal suggests, it
might also take up the abolition of onorous
sound dues, tho opening of somo navigable
rlvors now closed and improvements In thd
rules of tho road at sea.
Africa at tho Century's End.
The Independent ot this town has lately
printed a series ot articles on tho aatunl
oondltion of Africa by writers spoolaily
qualified to discuss tho subjects propoBod.
Theso articles havo been republished ln
book form by Messrs. Dodd, Mead k Co.,
and wo can heartily oommend them tothoso
who deslro to understand tho bearings of
tho Fashoda Incident, tho temporarily Bot
tled dispute betwoon Fronoo and England
touching tho valloy of tho mlddlo Niger, and
othor questions that seem likely to excite
controversy at no distant date.
Ono of tho extraordinary phenomena
of tho last half of the nineteenth cen
tury is tho suddenness with whioh the
long impenetrable secrets of tho Dark
Continent havo been disclosed. So far
as tho interior Of Africa was concerned,
tho maps mado as late as forty years
ago told us but very littlo more than
did those constructed 850 years' earlier,
when tho rounding Of the Capo of Good
Hopo by tho Portuguese had been mado
known to tho goographors. With tho ex
ception of a thin fringe on the Western and
Eastern coasts, the wholo body of tho con
tinent between the limits of tho Cape
Colony and tho countries bordering the
Mediterranean was almost entirely un
known. All tho immense additions that
have been slnco mado to our knowledge of
Inner Africa aro mainly duo to tho explora
tions which began with LmKOSTOKE's
Journey to tho Zambezi ln 18C4-57. By
August, 1884, however, tho basins of the
Nile, Congo, Nlgor, Zambezi, and Lim
popo rivers, together with all tho great
lakes, had been fairly woll described, and,
slnco then, exploration has beon prosecuted
on such a scale that thoro la now but Uttlo
left to discover.
In tho year lost named, at tho Berlin
Confcronco, began tho process of partition,
the results of whioh have justlflod the
saying that, whereas during the eighteenth
contury Europeans were engagod In tak
ing Africans from Africa, thoy havo been
employed during tho nineteenth ln taking
Africa from the Africans. What may bo
termed unappropriated Africa has been
reduced to very narrow dimensions. It
Includes the eastern portion of tho Sa
hara south of Fozzan, but this, with tho ex
ception of the Tibcstl highlands, is a hopo
less desert until, on its southern border, we
reach tho seml-clvlllzed Soudanese sulto
nate of Wadal, whioh is, at present, inde
pendent, but which, ultimately, no doubt,
will be claimed, by Franco. As for
Darfur, Eordofan, theBahr-el-Ghazal region
and, In short, all of the territory which
oneo belonged to tho Ehodlvo, this will
probably bo recovered by Egypt In tho
course of two Or threo years. Thoro Is also
a small disputed area in West Africa. It
consists of a patch behind tho British Gold
Coast colony, Ashontl, and tho Gorman
Togoland, consisting mainly of tho king
dom of MossL Great Britain claims a
part of this patch, and, quite recently,
Germany and Franco camo to an agreio
mont as to tho limits of Togoland. We
should add that Liberia, the negro republic
Is etlll, nominally, Independent, though
Franco has cut down her territory to 1 4,000
square miles.
Through the Jealousy of the powers Inter
ested, Morocco remains as yot unannoxed,
and tho Turkish Pashollk of Tripoli, which In
cludes Barca and tbo oasis ot Fezzan, is, for
a llko reason, permitted to remain Turkish
territory. In the south of tho continent
tho Orange Freo State and tho Transvaal
Ropubito are Indisputably autonomous so
faros local solf-govornment is concerned.
We should further montlon that Abyssinia
retains its Independence, although It is now
entirely cut off from the Boa. With tho ex
ceptions hero noted, tho vast oxpanso of
Africa, comprising noariy twelvo million
square miles, la distributed among Euro
pean powers whioh havo elthor annexed the
soil, or established on nvowod or virtual
protectorate over it, or elso sot claim to It
as falling within their spheres of influence.
Lot us soo how tho division has boon
mado. For tho present, and until England
shall assumo a protectorate over Egypt,
Franco has, ostensibly, the larger share.
Inoludlng Madagascar, her territory is es
timated at 3,300,000 square miles, but
almost half ot this is represented by tho
French section of tbo Sahara, which Lord
BALisnunY euphemistically described as
"very light soli," Algeria and Tunis, of
courso, are held by right of conquest, and,
in West Africa, Franco possessos a long lino
of coast, from a little to the north of Capo
Blanco round to tbo British Gold Coast colo
ny, Interrupted, however, by such patches as
British Gambia, Portuguese Guinea, Liberia
and Hlorra Loone. The whole of tho Nigor
abovo Say la French, and nearly all tho
country within tho great bend of tho river
Is claimed by her. Franco also claims tho
entire region north of a lino drawn from
Bay to Lake Tchad, tho eastern shore of
which body ot water adjoins French Con
go. Tlio eastern boundary of Frenoh
Congo is, according to tho English, tho
divide between the waters of the Congo
and the Nile, but, according to tho Frenoh,
should bo pushed eastward so as to include
at least a part of the Babr-el-Ghazol coun
try. It was in pursuanoo of these preten
sions that Major Maecmand advanoed to
FUhoda On the) White Nile. The part of
French Congo which lo beyond dispute has
II IB I mmmmmmmm
an area of Borao GOO.000 square milos. Wo
should not overlook tho fact that at the
mouth of tho Rod Soo, opposite Aden,
thoro is a block of territory known as
Obok, whioh is estimated to cover 50,000
square miles, and which belongs to Franco,
This acquisition has strateglo valuo be
cause It commands Abyssinia.
Tho total area in Africa clalmod by Great
Britain is at prcsont computed at 2,800,000
square miles, but to this 1,200,000 square
miles would bo added should n protectorate
bo assorted ovor Egypt. Tho British Nlgor
territories form tho most densoly peopled
part of Africa; thoy aro capable of groat
commercial development, and many ot tho
peoplo aro far abovo tho rank of savages.
Uganda, also, whioh has boon tormod by ex
plorers tho pearl of Africa, falls within tho
British sphoro of Influonoo. On tho wholo, It
may bo said that tho wholo of Africa that la
comfortably habltablo by white men Is under
tho British flag, or undor British protec
tion ; and again, that everything in Africa
that pays dividends Ilea within tho sphere
claimed by tho British Government. Prac
tically, what othor nations havo scrambled
for hasboen Joan BdlIi's leavings. Gor
many, it is truo. has annexed 020,000 square
milos, but moro than a third of this is
desort land on tho southwest coast, and
tho rest is tropical land on tho east ooast,
or tho Gold Coast, whioh contains moro
officials than colonists, and requires sub
sidies but paya no dividends. Portugal,
which onoo possessed a far larger territory,
rotntns 750,000 square miles, but much
of this consists of malarial marshes.
Tho Congo Froe State may, ultimately,
provo self-supporting, but, at present, it
needs a subsidy of $400,000 a year,
and has incurred, besides, a dobt of over
$40,000,000. Italy, which, originally,
clalmod 420,000 square miles, has boon re
stricted on the coast ot tho Red Sea to tho
narrow strip known as Eritrea, has been
obllgod to ronounoo hor assorted protector
ate ovor Abyssinia and will probably havo
to sell hor part of Somolllond to Great
Britain. In foot, with the slnglo exception
of England, the partition of Africa has not,
as yet, beon a sourco ot profit to any of the
powers concerned.
It Is tho English and tho Belgians who,
thus far, havo done most to open up com
munication with tbo interior of Africa by
means of railways. In South At rloa a lino
has been carried across fifteen degrees of
latitude from Capo Town to Buluwayo;lt
is this which Mr. Cecil Rhodes hopes to
extend through tho heart of Africa until it
reaches Lake Victoria. Tho lino from Mom
basa on tho cast coast has already passed
the 120th mllo, and Is expeoted, within
six yt :'S, to reach its terminus on Lake
Victoria, a distanoo of 650 miles from tho
Indian Ocean. Tho line from Boira to
Salisbury has already crossed the boundary
between tho Portuguese territory and
Mashonaland. Tho Nilo Valley Railway,
although built with a military aim, will
now be available for commercial purposes.
It is to bo extended at least as far south
ns Khartoum, and is to have a branoh
to Suaklm. The Belgian Railway, which
connects tho estuary of tho Congo with
Stanley Pool, is now completed, and has a
length of some 250 miles. A considerable
trafllo already exists on It, and thero can
bo no doubt that with trains reaching tho
mlddlo. Congo, with its thousands of miles
of navigable waterways, a great Impetus
will bo imparted to trade in tho heart ot
the Dark Continent.
To Men ln State and City Uniforms.
Wo advlso members of tho National
Guard who prefer Van Wyck to Roose
velt as tho Guard's Cbmmandor-in-Chlof
to take off their uniforms and retire.
Thoro is no room for donate upon the
National Guard policies which Roosevblt
and Van Wyok represent, whatever the rel
ative virtues of their politics in general.
As Governor, Roosevelt's policy toward
tbo National Guard has been exemplified In
his treatment of tho Now York city polico
when a commissioner. Men roso and foil on
their merits. VanWyok's National Guard
polioy would bo, unavoidably for him, the
Croker method of handling tho polico, ln
which political partisanship kicks offlcors
all around tho city as It pleases.
MlUtlamon, pollcemon and firemen, with
tho Interest of their respective services at
heart, ''now that TnEODonn Roosevelt is
vastly moro worthy of their support than
Richabd Choked or any man whom Cbokeb
names tor offloo.
A " Tjobster " Campaign.
A colloquial expression has como Into use
In Now York lntely, moro particularly In
districts of the town remote from tho chief
arteries of travel. An individual whose
use of words or actions havo no senslblo
purpose is called a "lobster," In other
words, It signifies a man who does not know
"where he la at." Where the use of tho
term originated Is undiscoverablo, but
' ' lobster " conveys a distinct idoa to a large
part of tho town.
When, therefore, wo spook of tho Domo
oratlo campaign as a "lobster" campaign
wo shall be understood locally to a wide
extent Tho attempted substitution of
"lobster" Issues for tho real and Important
Issues of the election is noticeable. A can
didate on tlio Van Wyok (Augustus) ttokot
has sent out a circular through ono of tho
Senatorial districts of this city, which Is
fairly bristling with lobsterian issues, and
was prepared on tho ovldont assumption
that tho appetite for "lobster" Is pecu
liarly ravenous thero,
Tho first of theso "lobster" issues Is tho
issuo of "knock-out drops." The circular
is silent on all tho groat public questions,
tho credit of tho nation, tho integrity of
tbo courts, the onforcoment of the laws
and tho upholding of tho Government,
but it is outspoken about "knoak-out
drops." Attention Is called to the fact
that the Republicans in their Sara
toga Convention villainously evaded tho
"knock-out drops" issue, nor has Tniio
doiie Roosevelt spoken about It; yot
thero Is many a professional criminal In
Now York, many an associate of criminals,
who cares far moro about tho phraseology
of tho law on " knock-out drops " than ho
does for any of tho great issues whioh con
corn peoplo who are not criminals.
The second of tho "lobster" issues Is the
Issuo of names blown on glass bottles.
Undor the Bottlers' act, concerning which
the Republican State Convention failed to
mako a formal dollvoranoe, and of which
Theodore Roosevelt has forgotten to
spuak, the legal tltlo ln glass bottles can
be enforced if tho natno of tlio owner bo
blown ln. Somo bottle makors, whilo con
forming technically to tho law, havo their
homes blown in languages othor than Eng
lish. This Is a fruitful causo of contusion
and dissatisfaction among barkoepors, and
many a barkeeper In town is more excited
over the Issue ot compelling bottlers to
blow their names In English ln their
iettlea than- ovw? tb.ojprototloa at tbo na-
-V- )t"'7.' i - ,. '
tlonal OBodlt, or the Independence of tho
Judiciary and tho securing of our conquosts
from Spain.
Tho third ot tho "lobster" issues Is tho
Issuo of "sand on tho railroad traoks." It
applies only, it la truo, to horso cars, tho
numbor ot which la now rapidly diminish
ing, but many prcsont and formor car con
ductors and drivers and many others along
tho fow remaining lines ot homo cars are
supposed to be agitated profoundly over tho
somewhat lax enforcement ot tho existing
law on the subject, and demand Imperatively
that tho issuo bo " taken up." Concerning
It also tho Republican Stato Convention In
Saratoga omitted to spoak, and Roosevelt
has not onco montlonod it ln his many
campaign addresses.
Tho " lobster " oandldato who has sent
out the circular is, howovor, only following,
at an humhlo distance, tho load of tho Domo
oratlo candidate for Govornor, and wo shall
not slnglo out for reprobation tho subaltern
of a " lobster " obiof. Ho is simply Imbued
with the "lobster" ideas on which tho
Domooratlo party fights this roar.
Millions ln It.
Tho control ot tho bench aspired to by
tho leader of Tammany Hall la not for polit
ical power only. Thoro are millions ot
monoy ln It. For oxamplo, tho rocol vorshlp
of ITAMMnTisTEtN'a Olympla, which Judgo
ANDnnwB, lately nominated by Mr. OnoKsn
tor Judgo In placo of Joseph F. Daly, con
ferred upon Mr. Choker's very unbusiness
like business associate, AndbswFiieqduan,
must havo brought ln thousands.
Tho money patronogo of tho Supremo
Court is enormous. Unless you desire to
soo tho Tammany leader beoomo virtually
Stato Gonoral Recoiver of Rocelvorships,
vote against tho Tammany candidate for
Govornor, Atjoustus Van Wyok.
Fairer Judge Hotter Governor.
If tho publia had dealt with the Tammany
Ieadors as tho Tammany candidate would
deal off-band with tho canal men not of his
party, tho mass of tho Democratlo organiza
tion would to-day bo ln Jail.
It is immensely to Col. Roosevelt's credit
that ho has not boon shaken by Van Wick's
partisan attack on him for not pronouncing
all canal officials guilty without final ovi
donce, but sticks to tho Just attitude of
Insisting that they shall bo called guilty
when they havo been bo proven. All that
Van Wyok has to base his vory nonjudicial
clamor on Is a "report," no canal ofuolol
having boon hoard, and the case not yot
having been tried.
Although Auotjbtus Van Wyok has served
on tho bench, his campaigning has mado it
plain that Roosevelt would have made a
better Judgo. Roosevelt is infinitely better
qualified to bo Governor ot New York.
Scratch ono of tho moro violent reformers
or antl-machino mon, like E. M. Suepahd, who
having spit at Tnmmany now iioks its hand,
and you will Dnd In all probability an offlco
seeker. Thero 1 a glimmer of office la more
than one head that has pronounced for Van
Wxcx after years of opposition to Crokerism of
an incomparably milder type than It is now.
Our Asiatic squadron is very well situated
for taking; care Of itself. From Bevoral quarters
not far off It can get all the coal It wants, whilo
Hone Kong farnlshos it with all rieeded repair
faoilltles. And Hone Kong is not the only port
handy for repairs, for the Navy Departmont
learns that at Nagasaki, which has an unsur
passed anchorage, a dock is now ready which
will aooommodate ships 600 feet Ions and of
the doepest draught. Wo neod havo no concern
about the ability of our ships to maintain
themselves readily, and in due time we can fit
ub our own docking and repair station In tho
Tonens System of Land Titles.
Totbe Editoh or Tub Sun Mr. In reference
to tho " Torrons " system of land titles, I stated
In my communications of the 25th and 30th of
September last that tho Illinois aot passed In
1835. to take effect Jan. 1, 1880, had been do
clared unconstitutional by tho Supreme Court,
on tho ground that it conferred judicial powors
on tho Recorder not contemplated by the Con
stitution. Two other objootions to (ha act were
raised at the time, viz. : First, that minors' rights
weronotsuDioiently protected, and eooond.that
tho provisions for making judgments a lien
were not constitutional, but the court did not
pass upon them.
In 1807 a new aot was passed by the Illinois
Legislature, in which an attempt was made to
remove all the illegal features found or com
plained ot in tho prevlons law. the main now
feature being that the act lnoludes tho filing of
a petition In the Circuit Court which passes on
all questions Involving judicial action. To test
this new act, quo warranto proceedings were
begun against the Recorder of Cook county on
an agieed case, rim lower court's decision
favored tho Recorder, and now I am pleased to
Inform your readers that on appeal the Supreme
Court of Illinois, ln a docroo dated Oct. 24, up
holds tho judgment of the lower court and sus
tains the Torrens Land Title act. Tho llo
corder for Cook county, acting as Registrar, Is
now taking stops to open the office and transact
business under this law. ,
All persons Interested In real estate In Chi
cago aro reported to be much gratified at this
Eesult. which Is oxppctea to prove of so much
eneflt to real estate holders, dealers, brokers
and mortgagees. William Iiamhaet,
61 Obaiibxbs btsbxt.
Another Demooratlo Mute.
To rat EDrtOB or Tna BtnSIrt I have been try
ing bard for over two weeks to learn how Dr. Frank
E. Wilson, the Democratlo candidate for Congress ln
mr district (the Fifth), stands on the money ques
tion, but Dr. Wilson seems to think that on this sub
ject, at least, silence Is golden. What do the voters
ot the Fifth Congressional district think of the fitness
ot such a man for lUoresentauve ln Congress? Do
they think that a man who la not honest enough to
frankly declare his position on so Important a ques
tion as this of the standard of value la fit to repre
sent their interests ln the National Legislature t Can
any gold Demoorat vote for a man who refuses to de
elare himself in faror of gold I Will any earneat ad
vocal of free silver allow himself to be hoodwluaed
Into voting for a man who Is .afraid to declare him
self ln favor ottllrerT Will Intelligent cltltens who
prize courage and honesty in public ofilclale rote for
man who, by hla course of acUon In the present
campaign, shows himself unworthy of their votes f
How can the rotersof the Fifth Congressional dis
trict respect and trust a candidate who treats them
as guiigeons, to be caught by so manifestly dishonest
a device as this ot silence on one of the burning
qneitlons of the hour t .
Or Is Dr. Wilson running for Congress on that
great and Umely discovery of the Democratlo party,
the canal issue! It so, he and his party ought to be
defeated, for the simple reason that do man Is mors
capable of taking cars ot that matter than Col. Roose
velt P. T. A. Niciukm.
BaoosxYif, Not. .
A Widow's Pension,
To tbs Enrroa or Tag Bon Sin Apropos of the
proposed fund for the benefit of Mrs. Waring, X
would like to know If I, whose husband served New
York city as patrolman for twenty years, am not
equally entitled to a pension. My husband retired
ten years before his death, which occurred one rear
sko, on a pension of ISO a month, during which
period I was married to him. Upon applying for my
widow's penaloa I was told that the fact of my mar
riage occurring after his retirement barrel my claim.
I would like to know If the fact that 1 am the widow
ofadecessel pensioner does not en U tie me to my
pension. Yours very respectfully.
ThWidow orillu Who llui Toa Bun roa Ovxs
Tiiiutt Tsuas.
Jlor. s.
TTneer Teddy,
Oermaus love doughty fighters.
Ilea of berolo deods.
Their Illuohers nud their nismarcks.
Their oak trees, uot their weeds.
Bo let old Double Zero
Inui.clr fume and rage.
Be cannot with hla mouthlngs
Blur an hlstorlo page.
For bo, true-hearted dermis
Fails to remomber still
'Ih iharg of Case Teidy "
PDltaUawO'ibUL .L.B.
',., r .- - -.
Spray from Tidal TTare. ,
ToTnEuiTOBOFTns8oi-o,''f AsaDcm
ocrat who supported WIH'ms. J. Bryan, not only
from partisan loyalty, but because I bollevod
ln the Chicago platform. I shall vote tho Re
publican tlekot, and I want to civo ray reasons
I bollsro that to idontlfy the New York
Democracy with Rlohard Crokers treatment of
tho bonoh ln this city would fasten upon tho
party tho stain of antagonism to-ths courts
which Its enemies tried to put upon it when
Bryan ran for Trosldsnt. The Domooratlo
party auffored seriously. I am latlsflod. by tho
charge that It endangered tho integrity of tho
8upromo Court, and I now consider It to be the
duty of every true Democrat in Now York to
prove that this charge is slander by voting
against tho alleged Domocraoy of Mr. Croker's.
Croker and Tammany Hall, who evadodthe
Chicago platform, have endoarored to whin
genulno Bryan Democrats Into their support
by killing the Chicago Democrats' State ticket.
I for one will not bs driven into approving a
Judiciary policy that honest men must con
domn and that Bryanltoa In particular should
repudiate ; and I think I will best sorve toy
party by voting for that honest and outspoken
representative American. Theodore Roosnvolt.
James Dcioham.
117 Wsbt lUrn BTBXrr. Nkw Yonr, Nor. A.
To rait Editob or Tub Bur Slrt Let mo
draw from Tub Sun In the past for a fitting po
litical slogan to-day:
No King, no Clown,
To rulo this town I M.
A Drummer's Ten Reasons.
To tot fiDrron or Tna Bun Sir: I travel
from ono end ot New York State to tho othor.
My business Is that ot a oommerolal travoiler.
and I take pleasure in saying that I have only
soon ono Republican voter In my hand-to-hand
canvass among commercial travellors, busi
ness men and wagoworkera who Is against
Cot. Roosovelt and tho Itopubllcan ticket.
When I asked the man his buslnoss I found
that ho sold bottles, and was consequently
Identified with tho brewery trade, whioh pays
a tax to tho Government. I learnod from promi
nent Germans ln Buffalo that vory many ot
their Democratlo Oorman frlonds are going to
vote for Mr. Itoosovolt. Tho Impressions made
by Col. Roosevelt ovory whore, among all olassos
ot peoplo, aro that ho la a brainy, honest, aggres
sive man, well fitted for tho office of Govornor,
and who, if elected, will bo Just to all the people,
without regard to who or what they aro.
In tho cities of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syra
cuse tho Democratlo candidate was glad to nil
one hall well, whilo tho Republican oandldato
filled all the halls In sight, and thousands stood
on the streets, unable to get Into any building.
I find the Democrats divided on account ot
the silver and gold qnestion. Vory many of
them object to Mr. Croker's control of the Dem
ocratlo side of the campaign. On the other
hand, I find tho Republican party distinctly
united and well supported by tho inde
pendent element, which has always been
a prominent factor ln New York State
To the vast army of 100,000 commercial trav
ellers of New York State I glvo ten reasons
why I believe my follow travellers upon the
road would do well to vote for Col. Roosovelt:
First He Is a Ood-fearlng man; has the
right foundation.
Beeond Manly man: has oharaotor.
Third Is no one man's man ; has Independ
ence. Fourth 1 a man for all the peoplo unselfish.
Fifth Is a man who hustles a worker.
Sixth Is an aggrossl re man a fighter.
Seventh Is a tactiul man: consldorato of
Eighth Is a man you can trust honest.
Ninth Is a brainy man : has executivo ability.
Tenth Is a man of charaoter; ono who will
carry out what he onco undertakes.
Oneida, Nov. 4. John Db Witt.
The Jelcylls and Hydes of Politics,
To tiie Editor or Tnn Bur Str: Tho po
litical campaign now near Its close will long bo
remembered for tho startling gymnastics prac
ticed by some otthe prominent figures. When
mon of high standing. Intellectually and so
cially, will denounco and repudiato Croker, tho
boss of Tammany. In one breath and In the
next breath link hands with him and call on
decent citizens to .support tho tickets he has
put up, a most remarkable phase of political
conduct has been developed. Such men may
not Inaptly be called the Dr. Jekylls and Mr.
Hydes" of politics.
The reasoning by which such citizens as
Mr. Homblower can reconcile themselves to the
support of Judge Van Wyok for Governor may
bo perfectly clear to their subtlo intellects, but
to the average every-da citizen It passeth all
understanding. Judge Van Wyck Is as much
the personal candidate of Croker for Governor
asLeventrlttlsthe personal oandldato of Oroker
forjudge, and no juggling with words can
make Sensible men think otherwise.
Has any ono as yet heard ot anything said
by Judge Van Wyck In condemnation of Crok
er's hlgn-handod conduct with roforenoo to the
judicial nominations on the Democratlo ticket ?
It was Daniel Webster, I bellove, who said
that "justice was the chlefest concern of man
on this earth." What has Judge Van Wyck to
say about a Croker Judiciary? Is ho for or
against it?
If there ever was a candidate Who was the
popular oholce of his party, that candidate Is
Col. Roosevelt, the honest, intelligent;- big
hearted, warm-blooded, bravo soldior and patri
ots citizen. We know where he stands on all
tho great questions of the day. There is noth
ing uncortaln, nothing "wabbly," about him.
New Yosx. Nov. 5. Jaues B. Lauz.
From X,aka Erin to olontauk.
To tob EmTon or The Bos Slrt A Tam
many Hall puppet elected Governor of tho
State of New York, with a brother as Mayor of
the city and a son holding the offlco ot Assist
ant District Attorney I Was ever such a state
of things heard or ever dreamed ot ln a froe
country? One family to absolutely oontro),
not only the affairs of the city, but the affairs
of tho State, and even moro hideous does It
soem when you consider that this family Is
absolutely pledged to abide by tho diotates of
one man, and that man Riohard Croker. Will
any decent man of Intelligence stand for suoh
an outrage as is contemplated 7
Shall a man who will In all probability re
turn to England from there govern the city
and tbo Btato in as autooratlo a manner and
with as Iron a hand as was ever attempted by
any European monarch? Are we to be robbed
of our freedom and rights ln this mannor with
out even a protest? I think not, and feel sure
that our protest on the 8th of November will
be so loud and vigorous that it will be heard
from Lake Erie to Montauk Point and from
the Battery to the Harlem Blvor, and that it
will engulf and sweep Tammany methods
from our midst. RionaaD E. Tatlob.
New YofiK. Nov. 5.
right Before the War Is Ended t
To tue Enrroa or Tac Bon Sin In your Issue
of yesterday you print Mr. HUT a spseoh, and therein
I notice Ur. Hill's remarka to the Democratlo busi
ness men ot New York cltyi "The national issues
are not abandoned, they are simply held ln abeyanoe
unUl a more convenient season. It la a safe rule not
to cross any bridges unUl we reach them, and the na
tional campaign of 1800 can easily take cars of It
self." If this ta so. It would seem taklfig Ur. Dill's ver
sion of It that If a war cloud gather on the national
horizon, we need not make any preparation, but say
with Ur, QUI, "It Is time enough to get ready when
the war has started or after It has ended." The young
men of our State expect and demand more expltelt
explanation. Z assure Btr Illchard Croker and Ur.
I. A, A. D. II1U that the young men of the central part
of Hew York State wlU rote for and support Theo
dore Boosrvelt as no Republican Oovernor has ever
before bea supported by the young voters of Hew
York State, and this because they know he Is honest
sad trustworthy.
TheVotmg tain don't ca much about "bridle,"
but wool Uke toksewtrfetitaer Ifa, Augustas' Tw
Wyok believes the working man should ba paid an '
honest dollar, and whether he believes the Judiciary
should be free and honest, or whether It should be
controlled by one man, who shall tell the people et )
the great State of Mew York what be will allow It te
be, not caring what It should be.
3iubi D. EvT.Ltirs, Secretary,
Headquarters Young Men's Republican Club, Water
ford, N. Y.
From a Sett of Andrew Jnckeon's Friend,
To Tna Enrron or Tita HvxStr t Will you kindly
publish to the public at large and Tammany Demo
crat ln particular that the ton of an old Jactsoa
Democrat, who waa the warm personal friend of
Andy before the day of 141 3 up to the time of Jack
eon'a death, will oasthlsvotefor Theodora Itoossvslt,
Judge Daly and the entire Republican ticket nut
Tuesday, BotAXD Fmrrox, '
S40 rauaL STBirr, Bbooilth.
N.D.-Let David D. III11 write this In hla diary ot
"Knock 'em Down," All the old boys ot Dsmoe.
racy "are not dead" yet. w
Republican Figures Not Big Enough.
To tri Editob or Tub BxntSir! Chairman CM ell's
statement In this morning's Ben ln which he pre
diets a plurality of 40,000 for Roosevelt in the Bute
Is good, so far as it goes, but he falls to tit
Into account the strong undercurrent of senti
ment among Democrats ln favor ot sound money,
which will give Roosevelt thousands of votes that
are not In sight to the political managers.
The morning of Nor. 0 will bo a cruel awakening
for Tammany; Roosevelt will be elected Oovernor by
a tidal wave majority. I waa a Democrat until the
party deserted tho old lsndroarka and became the
advocate of a debased currency, when I parted com.
pany with the new Democracy and voted for Me.
There are thonsanda who still cling to the party
because ot old Uta who will dot vote the Democritte
ticket this year. Thoas twin evils, unsound money
and Crokerism, make too heavy a load for any patty
to carry and come out of the race victorious, ;
Av Ols-Tiub Drnocmx.
Don't Let It All Go for Nothing.
New Yoax, Nov, 4, 18M.
To Then rro teu Amtrlca : v
Six months hate passed slnco war decbirrd
with Spain. Do yon wish to condemn the Invincible
Dewey who completely destroyed tho Biunlih fleet
at Manila and "wrapped his conntrr In one uni
versal blaro of Klory,"ttnd enbsequcntlr. Ill cornice
tlon with Merritt, capture! the city aud has held ill
he won for his country I Will you support him 1
Dave you forgotten Sampson and Bchley end Ih
heroes who destroyed Cervcra's fleet and freed o ir
waters from Spanish ships?
Shall the suffering! snd deaths of our gallant ol
unteers go for nothing?
Will you approve of the services of Mlle, Shsf tr r,
Ilawklns, Wheeler, Wood, and our own Roosevelt,
and the men who fonght under them who, under the
most trylnz conditions an army ttr contended
with, captured tiantlago and terminated the war to
the honor and glory of our country 1
If you desire to sustain our grand, wise and pa-
trloUo rrcsldent and the men who havo added ia
much honor and glory to our country, go to the polls
and tole accordingly. Vive Ia Amerlcal
Yeteuah or me Civil Wis. ,
Protect the lloncli.
To mr, Eorrcm or Tim Bon Sir: I aak all hon
orable and law-abiding citizens to rally for an honest
and clean judiciary In all that its name implies, and
to hurl on election day Into the darkened shades of
obscurity all those who try to pollute and degrade
the manhood of onr American Judiciary.
Behnird IttDMOSD.
C52 West FOETi-rirni aiEEKT.
Colored Men Not to Ha Hoodwinked.
To th Editoh or Th Box Sir: Kindly allow m
space to make a few remarks regarding the Afro
American and the two political parties In the present
campaign. The Democratlo leaden and their follow
ers are and have been claiming the bulk of the Afro
American vote, but the said citizen are not going to
be hoodwinked by any pretentious offers of reward
for supporting the ticket of infamy. Being ln close
touch with this portion of citizens, I know that the I
Intelligent ones, and even those of Average lntelll- I
gence, will on neat Tuesday support the ticket that
stands for honest administration and Justice to all,
which demands respect for the Star and Stripe and
the perpetual possession of new territory acquired as
the result of the triumph of American arms. Aak
the ordinary Afro-American Democrat why he la
such; he will answer because he lei loves in the prin
ciples of Democracy. Then ask him what, in his
judgment, constitute tho principles of Democracy!
yon will find the reason ho Is a Democrat la because
of the disappointment of some ambition for office. I
fi. ALU- ') WlLLfAMBOV,
Independent Culored Political League, Brooklyn.
To Tits EniTon or The HvsSlr: A handful nf
theorists In our city, whose Influence. In nnn-nolill-cal
directions lias been good and bencflccut. darn to
stand by like Nero ln Indifference to the verlls Hint
threaten the Blat and srlf-snfllclnntly harp upon
the one string of their fiddle, "Anmxallon" and
" Imperialism," which they call ''Uln,s on priuci- ,
pie." Their principles ahlft With aelf-expeilieni'r! 'JJ'
they refuse lo see the proximate dangers tint arc 1 '
eettlng us. While Tammany arftaults our Jud'clur,
while ila henchmen fear the light of day on ivr.
tlona of honesty in discharging our obligation and
aafegnardlng the spare pennies rarcfnlly depoaitrd
ln our savings Institutions, such thnnriets ns (' rl
Schurxand his sympathizers sit by and play llic r
only discordant tune. "Nero fiddled while Home
was burning." A L'itjzeh.
To Tn EniTon or 1'he Sun Ir- I have never
felt so confident of the election of any candidate to
office as I do of Col. Itoosetelt'. I attended both the
Roosevelt and tho Van Wyck Oerman-Amerlrnn
znassmeetlng at Cooper Union, and noted the
warmth of the former and tho frost of the hltrr.
Croker has reckoned without his host ln figuring on
the German "beer saloon vote," as he calls It.
Another reason for my confidence Is Tammany's
utter lack ln this election of any lasne for her
" windjammers " to talk about The platform hasn't
a whole leg to stand on.
There are mora honest and Intelligent voters In
this State than fools, spoilsmen and scoundrel!.
They know what a critical time this la, and Tarn- )
many will receive at their handa the most stinging
rebuke It has ever had. Tan Wyck plays puppet for
the masked Croker, Roosevelt is Roosevelt himself
msn. w. U. V.
New Yosx, Nov. 6.
To the Judge Driver.
Bwect be your dreams. Great Potentate.
On Van' succet you meditate.
And "In your mind " you'll have control
Of Judg and Jury, body and soul.
But ere you try to scratch our laws.
We'll manicure yonr "Tiger's " clawa.
Oh, Tammany chieftain, you are wrong.
Teddy will win a million atrong.
ISO LrtntoTOK aveotte. A. B.
Wants Itellef from Red Ants.
To tot, Editob or Toe Bex Sir t Will Tn So,
which oi devoted so much space of lata to the dog
question and other complaint of It reader, give
ear to the plaint of some devoted Sox readers ln
Albany, For the past two summers, with short .
interval of rest, we bavt bad an eptdemle of red ' i
ante, w&loh have taken possession of our homes to
our great discomfort and annoyance, We are as
likely to find them tn the piano aa the Ice ohest; on
our hymnal at church a on our napkin at dinner.
At a largs girls' Lool on our block the legs of the
dining table stand in bowls ot water. At a larg .t
cracker manufactory the glass caaea rest la cups of vl
water. '
All simple remedies have fatted to rout the peat.
We com to Tub Bo for relief or our. W are ia
th habit on summer evenings of dlscutalng the
last good book or "that last good thing In Tit
Row." While this plague Is with us we dlscnss the
latest remedy for ants, and the ante hold the fort.
Auaxr, N. Y., Oct, 14. Louis K. Pauxs.
Taken Individually, tho small red ant (Mono
tnoriumptutrannlt) I not dltlloult of extinc
tion. A well planted foot will terminate the
exlsteopo of the hardiest upoclmon. Taken en
mase, however, hn prospers exceedingly, even
under adverse conditions, and his niultltillca
tlon is fairly logarithmic for spued. Pouring
boiling water, benzluo or koroenq emulsion
upon nU domicile. If It can bo found, tends to
dlaoourago him. The difficulty is to track lum
to hla lair. .Old and rotting woodwork I ah; M
vorlte abode of his, and the o!d-tA8lilond
wooden sidewalk forms a roof of easy exit for ,
populous ant cities. It lauullkely tliot the AI- I
bany correspondent will bo troubled further
this year by the small rod peats. If he will
Oartiu early next summer and trail home th
first rd tilths see about the house, lie will
rrobabIy.be able, by a liberal use of the hoi
Water MlTer. to free his own lm.medrate.roln4

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