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R w-2 " - THE SUN, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, X898, . , . w
K forowlth Hio rights of nny oltlron entitled to
K exorcise such right, but rnthertoprotoctevorv'
K! yltlrcii in the e'xorelso or thnt right. 1 nhnll
p l.aro no hesitation, howotcr. In Instructing my
Mi- deputies to arrest promptlyotery person not
m&l nlttlcl to vote wliD shall vote- I shall
i forward to you n list of tho names of persons
" arranged by Assembly nnd Kleotlon districts
: Tiliotrom registered nstoters, but who havo
, since removed (rom tho election district In
'n which they torn no registered. ,tnd 1 horoby
' require you totakunuch notion os will prntont
' any person doinvotinu upon such names. I
, shall also forward to you n list of persons 30
. remotcd who Imvn died since tho last rrglsttH-
& tloti. totlioend Hint you tuny taku such stops
n will protcnt their names being voted mon.
'' " In conclusion, I.. folm MeCullngli.thn Htato
i Mupcrlntondcnt nt Elections for tho Motiopoll-
, inn llloctlons district. In pursunnco of tho nit-
Mioritv vested ill nin miller the provisions of
' ' cmptorll7tl of tho J.ansnr IKR-. which tles
jiie the right lo call upon any public twicer.
his nsslstiinta and sulwrdlnntes. to render such
f, iihl as may be rcinilrod uud demanded In tho
I porformnnconf my duties, do hereby formally
., potlfv you that I do demand that tho Police
Hoard of the city of .N'cw York nnd eneh mem-
hor thereof sluill a n board or nsliidlvldunls
f take such action an trill Prevent nny net of in-
? tlinldntlon or terrorbntion to the electors of
. titiv portion of the city of New lork In Din ox-
' erclsnof their ilulits as citizens on the day of
, ruction, lours respectfully.
"John McCi7i.t.aoii "
Tho letter to tho Mayor, which contained the
letter t the 1'ollco llo.ird, called tlon him an
! Chief Magistrate of tho city to seo that his
k J'ollco Commissioners nnd thn othor otllclnls of
tho city did their full duty on election day. It
was quite brief nnd was neat lor tho purposo of
; nfllcmily notitylnit tho JIavorof tho gmvo crisis
eonfitmtliig the voters of this city. ,
The letter to tlio hlstrlct Attorney was called
1 fortli by a long communication from him to tho
1 Hilperliitcndont It .- HMder 'Into of Saturday,
I and goes nt length Into thu hlstoryof tho IHH)
nrroslH iiindo In the election of 1WI4. Mr,
tJardlncrnllegcs that these arrests were Illegal.
n tlm persona arrested wero discharged in
police court, hut not until after thor had been
ileprlM'd of their right to vote by Incarceration
on eloctlon day. He declares that warrants for
, the urii'st of alleged illegal voters should not bo
Krnnted on aflldavlts based merely on informa
tion mid belief, ns has been done In many In
Mnners Wnrinnts should bo served, too, di -r-t
reetly nfter being Issued, lioforo n citizen can
K lie lawfully aircsted. tho District Attorney con-
fi. tends. It must bo utllrmutltoly and positively
K xhown that he lias not a otlim resldiincant tho
," plaeo from which lie was registered. Tho ehar-
H ivter of mint of tlio complnlnta uikjii
Wt which -warrants liavo boen Issued that
K lime been Inspected by him, ho adds, has
Bv Wyrvatpjl Misplelon that many of these warrants
mf me wltliheld Irom frerviej In order to deprlvo
K ininllllntF'vTltcfs of fliolrolectlvo franchise, or
E, to Intliuidato them. Indeed, he says ho has
been able to cot but 0110 Indictment from tho
, ilrand Jury In nnyof theso cases. Ineoiiclu-
v Mon, ho tleclnri's tliat whllo in every case In
- whlclitlie Grand Jury shall find a truo bill ho
' will prosecute iiioroiisly all lolators of tho
lllectibn law, lie will ulso present to the Orand
;. Jury everybody concerned In the unlawful nr-
, rest or Illegal uutentlon of any votor.
i Tlio District Attoiney alsosciitthisletterto
ridof.'of l'olico Dcxoiy and to nil the City
.MiiuliUnitesj., rtiiporintciulent JicCulhicli's ru
ply to;-Mr. liardlner was In part as follows:
l "1 have recoltcd your letter of Nov. ". I
' note xvlth pleasuro your stntoment that In
!' eterycaso whcio the Grand Jury shall Mud a
true bill you will prosoeute violators of the
1 Election law In the most vigorous mnnner.
"I ben toe.ill yourattontlon to tho fact that
the llndlnBof 1111 Indictment depunds ureatly
" upon the fa thful and sincere performance of
i duty by the District Attorney in producing be-
foro the Grand Jury tho necessary witnesses
nnd eliciting from them tlio inntorlal facts.
'You will bo held lesponsiblofor tho perform
ance of that duty also.
' "I beg to say tint thoro has been a lnrco
i fraudulent rcKistration. to which your desire
I to protect the precious rlclit of suflruuo should
direct your attention. More than sixty cases
i hao been held by committing maglKtrates;
i, more than MO pauper liimntesof tlio city alms-
: house and similar Institutions have registered
illegally from llioio Institutions. I have placed
I In tho hands ot the police for sorvlcoltu war-
; " rants. There has been no aollablo delay in
r , making service on my part, and theixj will bo
i none."
Tho latter part of tho reply dealt only with
tho cases of John Mahady and John M. Wade.
' .i.wlilch will come up bcloro the Grand Jury to-
!. 4 day. As tho controversy now stands JlcCullach
linsnll tlio botterof the urgument Heliasdono
S -.till, that could be done and the responsibility
I,Tir carrying on his work now nvis heavily
-1 1 Upon tin 'iainniany ikiIIpo. nnd tlio Election
'- 1 ;law.,makeslt a felony torn pollco ofllcer to ro-
ni4eto assist JKCullagh on Ids domand. As
I.,,Diay be .ludged by his letter, ho intends to on
f .'jrotVthis vfcht
C.- wJtiwato Deuel. President of tlio Board of
ijiacfcitrate. answered Gardinor's letter last
1.J1JKKL. Undeclared that tho charge that war
v.r ants wero li'elng held up was false. Of his own
' .'knowledge he, know that Hutierlntendnnt Mc
'il.tjllnftp; )Ji)d bven extraordinarily vigilant In
.ttifng to liaMt them served. Tho trouble lay
, inttHidlmcUlty In llndlngmon who registered
under false names from vacant lots nn from
houses where tliey hint never resided. Natu
ral I)', too. they kept out of sight.
As to thuallegatlon that warrants issued on
"fhTormdticVu and hellcfwere illecal. the letter
declared that 1i"ko alleging tho District At-
Bt(rneH slio; ed hliuself Ignorant of tho law. No
rono having positive information tn such cases
W(ldldmr make rt complaint. and tho law con-ti.-templattil
limulry from tlioso living about tho
...premises wherein tlio frauds wore suspected.
TJils was shown because It was madoamis-
domeiinor to refuBO to answer, or to nnswor
falsely, uuestlous of deputies. To refuso to
.,lssuo warrants under such elroumstances
would bo to vlolnto the spirit of tlio law. render
''Itit enforcement absolutely InuiO'islble, and
-oien tho door to tho grossest frauds.
L ; xfcano stoBncn jir ckoker crowd.
f Neatly Killed for Cnlllnc n Betting Ulutf of
A '"" n Tnmmnny Spellli'lnder.
J . The Tammany Hnll heelers and plug-uglies
' it, are pot wnltlng for election day to put Into
' f . effect tho "knoek-'ein-down" ndico ndvo-
f i.eated by Democniticspoakers. Saturday night
i. JIoscs Addison, a negro, of 410081 Thlrty-
k sixth street, was mobbed by a Tammany gang,
f nnd would have been killed had It not been for
f police interference. As it was. ho was badly
! ' bruised and hurt t
B , Addison stopped tn hear a Democratic spell-
I binder who was talking from 11 truck at Eighth
7 e-smeruiontid Thirty-fourth street at 11 o'clock
& '....KtlmUay night The speaker made mnny
f lilfi(T. nnd Dually shouted th.it ho had $100
,. '-O'thnlfie would Imt against $.r0 that Van Wyck
Wtiyld bo elected.
.-c."?l!vo got$."iO in my clothes that I'll bet at
1 fllose odds," hhnuted Addison, as he pulled tho
"'moMeyrom his pocket and slinok It at tho
iKWAker. The spellbinder paid no attention to
t.a tum. but Addison Insisted on cnlllnc'tho bluff.
, "VVho Is this nigger thai Is disturbing this
' a'met'tiihr? lie mustlboa Itepubllcan." shouted
'Kill tlio damned nigger," shouted sovoral
. 11 Inthe cipiyd, .
1 iIIrv;It:,WTts llkaiinurlne oil on flames. The crowd
' 'f 'iarcrund tho cart rushed for the negro nnd ho
. fi-wos knocked dpwn. His clothing was torn nnd
1 "'tills hat was smashed, but h keptu tight grip
,ioti Ills money. He managed to get on his feet
iViyfaln "'J'1 startod to run up Eighth avenue
idtCna mop pursued him, hurling stones they
1 ;,,' picked up 3rom tio street, which Is in a torn-
IL.tiJfmndtion. Several of tho missiles hit Ad-
I. "dfso'n nnd staggered him.
.Theu 1'olleoman Henry SImms of tho West
-" iihrtMrfr-SOvflnth street station, who had been
1 I ,'ldetntlc'tiJt the meeting, ran to tho rescue. Ho
V?lrflirhUf rovolvor and pointed It at thocrowd.
I i-i'fJJMVBs but one ngalnst a hundred, but tho
f Srcanghaltodnslf stopped byeleetrlclty. Hlmms
1 ,JiSoorteil Addison to tlio rooms of thoUepubll-
(JHfariClnbofthe Eleventh Assembly district at
i ihSlW West Thirty-fourth street. The mob had
i liT.VJoUowed, but SImms, by threatening it with
i 'ijlis blstol. dispersed It. ,
' V 1 -V J';l bnvo been killed If tho cop hadn't eomo
t- jWjjnj" nssistunce." said Addison last night,
Jr?"5ty Ixidy Is all covered with hrulses. And nil
: , rdtd wan to accept a bet that tlio speaker pub-
' i-ilJcly olTered."
m '"y- Jloliceninn Rhnms said last night that he had
IB lievpr witnessed n more savage attack by a
iff ' , crowd 01) ono man, Ho will probablybesentto
K ,1)'bithush. tp bo company for Policeman JIo-
H. Ii.IiucH. who wns banished for a similar atten-
aP T.tlontotJuty In tho Eldridgo stroet station.
S. . L to xxsuJtn Tin-: votes mcLivEnx.
jK,' ' Tmjmmnjr Scheme to Prevent Ilrlbed Voter
Kj ' r ' ' '" from Clirntlng,
EL- ,. ffi new schemo which the Tammany buyers ot
W, '' voters Iinvn concocteil has boen discovered by
flr jfctlons Superintendent McCullagh, nnd lie
mt IV Intends to take Meps to thwart It, Tho pur-
r iI")!!' o( t,he Fi'hoiua is to enablo a man who
K luivs 11 tote to make sure that the voter
K l0'litcrs It properly. No Tainmony man wnnts
K' '. pity a llnatcr S"J and then not know whether
Fr- he has voted for Von Wyck or Itoosevelt, so
K . they got to thinking, and this Is the way thoy
jH' hefpe to innko sure:
Isr.' j Ilcfon the lloater goes Into tho lmlllngplaeo
WL' ..." pllik hample ballot and a sheet of carbon
Br puper me furnished him. Theso ho carries
K witnciah'l In hl pocket. Having obtained
Mfc i-nitHcr ofllcial ballot, he enlers tho booth.
B " Pwolng the olllclnl ballot oter tlio sample
1 billot eo that tlv lettering coincides, anil with
S crrtlto cartion'papnr In between, he makes his
f" eros mark In the Doinoeriitlo circle, tlio er-
MltPtujinper. of course, loatlng its Impress on
7l0KA)iip1o ballot
HL It was the iiitentlon of its Inventors to use
ft .IttlSVieviee. cFpcclnlly in the Tenderloin, whero
K 'iniuiiiuny hns been trying to corral the negio
Mi vbtwwltliitionev. They do not trust tho col.
n nred.uiei tooto the Domonrntlc ticket oten
' Jtfmton Uiey linto been paid. Tlio game.
B ...-Jiowcvcr, is easy enough to boat. A voter
K, lias only to place the Republican column
K 4.i)l thtiofUelnl ballot over tho Democratfeeoliimn
P. of .tlie sample ballot, and, having mndw his
jb il at)C 1 ti tho Itepubllcan column, walk out nnd
E v" W ,fm iH TOUt''lur' wl'lcli will bo thoroughly
' !f Smierlntendi'ct McCullagh says tho trlek Is
jr IffMiillriiei.'auw It contomplatus couimlttlng a
It crluit).
M'ltvmcT voomtivns's mRcrxoX
New Jrrney Itepnbllenn AIo Confident In
Concrete nnil Assembly l'lsjlits.
TnrxTOK. If. J.. Nov. fl.-Now Jorsoy will oleet
on Tuesday a Governor, olght Congressmen.
I eight Slnto Benntors nnd nGcnornl Assembly
of sixty mombors. Thlrtoon of tho smaller
counties elect some of their county ofllecrs.
buttho campaign has bcon fought generally on
national nnd Htato Itsues,
During tho past two treoks the conditions
have Improved greatly for tho Republicans,
and their Blnto Coniraltteoinon confidently
predict tho election ot roster SI. Voorhcos n
flovornor by a plurality of from 8.000 to 20,000.
This prediction Is mado on estimates which,
they any. nro consorvalvo ns to Itepubllcan
claims In the various counties and allow tho
Democrats nil thoy claim In tho Democratic,
counties. Neither sldo has gl von out any fig
ures to support Its claims.
Tlio Hopubllcnns nlso claim that they will
eleot six nnd probably seven of tljo olght Con
gressmen. Haven of tho eight Btate Henatora
nnd ntlenst thirty-five of tho sixty Assembly
men, nnd possibly thirty-eight. In this mini
bor thoy Includo tho eleven Assomblymen
from Esaox county, nnd concetto to tlio Demo
crats only tho olovon from Hudson, ono from
Hussev. two each from Huntonlon nnd AVnrron
nnd three encli from Monmouth nnd Middlesex
counties, n total of twenty-two.
Essex county continues to bo the doubtful
district, but the moteonsorvatlvo Republican
lenders thoro, who few weeks ago wore chary
of making claims, now froely predict that It
will bo carried by tho Republicans by from
a.riOOton.OOO plurality.
On tho Congress tickets the Republicans will
enrrythe Statu by nnywhero from l'J.000 to
.Ti.tXH). Loudonslngernnd Gardner in the Plrst
nnd Hccond districts will win by not less than
H.tXXl. In fact. In this end of tho Htato. strong
Domocrntlo workers rldiculo tho notion that
nni" Intelligent Democrats should think of vot
ing for Hlcdellor Hall, the tree-silver candi
dates In tho two districts named. In tho Hee
ond district efforts wero made to keop Hall
from making spoeehes for fear thoy would In
jure tho rest of the ticket, but thofree-sllvor
candidate Insisted on being heard nnd kobt tho
financial issuo to the front.
The latest elTort of tho Democrats Is con
tained in n circular sent out from Gloucester
city by Abraham Townsend. It seeks tn array
tho racing and sporting men on tho Demo
cratic side, and says:
"Thero aro very good chances for the re
sumption of rncInginNew .Iorsy next winter
If nil the friends or the sport stnnd together.
Tho so-called racing amendment to the Con
stitution, voted on at the special election a
year ago. Is now hung up In tho Court of Errors
and Appeals. Some ot the ablest lawyers In
tlio State say that tho ruling will undoubtedly
bo ngalnst tlio ruling of tho Hupromo Court,
which was to tho elTeet that tho amendment
had carried lit the election.
" If tho Court of Errors nnd Appeals decides
that it was not carried, then tho question ot
racing nnd pool selling will bo left open to tho
Legislature, as that is tlio court of last resort,
and its decision Is llnal. What wo want to do
in tn stand together In tills fight against the
cranks nnd fanatics who stopped tlio sport. Wo
want to elect members of tho Legislature who
will give us a racing bill, Ex-Senator William
D. Edwards of Hudson county Is representing
us in tho fight, and Allan L. SleDermott, the
eminent lawyer ot Jersey City and eandldato
for Senator, will stand by us. Wo want to elect
Henntors and Assemblymen who we know can
help us. If wo stand together wo can accom
plish this."
Tho circular co'ncludos with nn nppeal for a,
"substantial contribution to our campaign
Yon Are Asked to Surrender Your Own
Profit to Knrlcli ttie Liquor Uenlrr,
A statement constantly reiterated by Tam
many Hall orators whon thoy spoak of the
Liquor Tax law Is that tho law takes nwny
from the locality and gives to the State the
money that Isralsod by the law. The city is
taxed to benoflt tho country ,thev 3ay.HTho
Liquor Tax law provldos that two-thirds of all
tho revenue derived from tho sa!o of liquor tax
certificates shall bo turned over to the officials
of the county, city, town, or Ullage whero it is
collectod. Tho other third goes to tho Stnto
nnd is paid Into tho general fund to pay
the expensos of tho Stato Government. Tho
total amount raised by tho old Excise law.
which tho Democratic party wants to reCnact
when it has tho opportunity to repeal the pres
ont law. was $2,017,124.01, Tho total amcnirt
raised by tho present law Is $11.03H,18n,07. Of
this sum. $7,741,075.27 was retained by the
cities, towns, and villages whero It was rulsed.
and was used to help pay the expenses of tho
local governments, and $3,81)7,114.40 was paid
to the State, nnd was dovoted to the payment
of the oxpensos of tho Stnto Government. If
tho money the State got had not boen raised by
means ot the Liquor Tax law it would hate
had to bo raised by direct taxation, so the
cities, towns, and vlllngoH got not only their
two-thirds of tho whole amount raised, but
they were in addition relieved ot Stnto taxes
to tho amount of tho State's shnrn of
the money. In Now York eitv. for instnnco.
tho not revenues under the old Excisoiawweio
.$1,050.01:1.10. The net revenues under tlio
new law aro $5.4:vj.7il2.U3. Of thlssum$:t.H21.
821.75 is paid -directly to the city and.Sl.8H).
niO.SH Is paid to tho State. The city pets back
from tho State $1.8t7.!i 10.70, orf :iU.ii5Ti Krt net.
In tho shape of reduced State taxes. That is.
It has to pay $1.847..rtS0.70 less State taxes
than it would have to pay If tho old Eveiso law
was In force. So In tho ease of New Y'ork city
the city benefits not only $,".4H2.7.'t2 fCt. tho en
tire amount it raises by tho Liquor Tax law.
but $.')tl,(l5f3.88 more than it raises, the total
benefit being $5.tW.:tHS51. against $1.0."f!.
Oi:i.lt. the total nmonnt It received undor tho
old law. Divide the difToronco botweon these
sums bv tho numberof taxpayers In old New
York, nbout 400,000. nnd you will find that tho
nvcrngo benefit to each taxpayer is a fotv cents
less than $11.
xo vreisjt.vi:r coxaitESss
I.et Nn .Snnnd-Mnnry Dentnernt Vot for a
Chrnp-Money Representative.
Slajor John Byrne, who had chargo of tho
Sound-Money Demoerntlo campaign In 1R00,
Issuod an nppeal yesterday to tho "Sound
Money Democrats of 18fst."
"Can you seriously have any question as to
where your duty calls you to-day ?" ho says.
"The fact being that tho onomy you fought In
lSdll was not. destroyed, but only repulsed,
does not roloase you from your duty. Tho same
question that arrayod all good and loyal citi
zenship on tho sldo of honest mbney. national
honor and saroty, common honosty nnd
morality appeals to you to-dny ns strongly
as it did in 1800. If any change has
occurred since. It has been tn the di
rection ot continuing tho necessity for your
continued support, ilryanlsm has not slum
bered or hesitated since tho morning of Nov.
4, llttHJ: it has spread its propaganda of heresy
among the people witli a wnll-dellned object In
vlow tho capture of tho Congress of 1M1W.
With the Congress, to bo blccted on noxt Tues
day In forty-two States of this Union, In its
control, it can so disturb and disrupt tho busi
ness and Industrial interests of this coun
try ns to produce the conditions of silvor
agitation effected In IrSPOwhlchennbled Ilryan
lsm to capture tho Democratic-party conditions
necessary to the success of Ilryanlsm. The
nursery (or the propagation of Ilryanlsm with
all its hideous, monstrous, autl-Aincricnit doc
trines Is hard times. The aim and object and
effect of free silver agitation for several yean
has boen to precipitate this country Into a
condition ot businebs parnlsls, with Its
army of Idle, discontented, labor, strained
business conditions. Indebtedness on falling
prices, and then offer the panacea of debased
money as a remedy. Everv vote cast In tills
campaign for a Demoerntlo Congressman Is a
voto cast for the strength and succoss of this
Kullogof the State Attorney-Ornernl Means
Heavy Loses tn the Democrats,
Dil.tus, Tex., Nov. 0. Sluch Indignation ex
Istod In the Second Texas Regiment of Volun
teer Infantry, In camp In this city, because tho
men will not bo permitted to voto at next
Tuesday's election. Tho law pasted at the last
session of Congress permitting tho volunteer
army to voto in thu field, cannot, it Is declared,
bo enforced In Texas becauso of obstructions
in tho Stato Constitution. A ruling to this
effect has been made by the Stato Attorney
General. The Populists are liable to carry sev
eral close counties for county olllcers and
members of the Legislature because of tho ab
senco of Democratic soldiers. Nacogdoches
county is In tho greatest danger, as m somo
of tlio companies Irom that county every sol
dier except one is it Democrat.
In the tit 0 Texas 1 eglrnents there aro approx
imately li.000 voters. None of them lias been
mustered out. It U claimed that tlio soldiers'
vote would cut important figures In tho Gal
veston and Sau Antonio district, which lire
conceded to bo very close.
More Almshouse Illegal Voters Arrested,
Hovonteon Inmates of tho City Hoipltal on
Illuekttoll's Island wore nriested Inst night for
Illegal registration by Deputies Kennedy and
llogurt of Superintendent McCullagh's force.
They wero brought over to the East Flfty-llrst
street station, and subsequently released in
Sftoo bail each, bonds being 'furnished by tho
bupt-rintcudent ot tho hobpllaL
.. . -.miiB'i - -4t Hj. Ja.1'. I'JMlW.ai.
ITU "nENEPtT" AT Tllli TltEATttKi A
run? cmi.hY xisttx
Croker tYrnt to One of the Shows Utile
Knthitslnsiu lit 3Iot lit Them, Kxcept
When Siuncbmly Ventured to Mention
ltrj-on All Know Mow thol'lgtit Is Going.
Every mtisle hall nnd concert garden and nil
tho "wide-open" joints In town had n mnss
mccttng last night In tho Interest ot ltlohard
Crokor's catidltlnto for Governor, tho Hon.
Augustus Van Wyck. Tho orders wont out to
theso places early last week thnt In addition to
tho usual prlco it would bo necessary to glvo
tit) tho house for one night for tho "benoflt"
ot the whole people, so last night, while tho
church!! wore holding their usual services,
tho concert halls wore busy working
for their sldo of tho election contro
versy. Sir. Crokor himself was tho
man who gave tho order nnd ho attendod tho
meeting tit Koster it Rial's Stusto Halt In
Thirty-fourth street. Augustus Thomas, tho
nuthor of tho well-known nnnrchlstlo piny.
"New Illood," which was produced In Chicago
during tho striko thoro n fotv years ago, wns
the chief spoaker for Mr. Crokor at this muslo
hnll. Col. Asa Bird Gartlluor. who last year In
his speeches announced that tho campaign
elooan was " To Hell with Reform," and Sen
ator Tom Gra'lyalsi stoko.
Tho Democratic meetings on the west sldo
last night wero frosts. At tho Fourteenth
Street Theatre and Minor's Eighth Avenuo
Theatre, Amos J. Cttmmlngs, Daniel Rlordnn,
Thomas P. Grady. Asa Dlrd Gardiner, Slattrico
1'. Holohnn and James D. SIcClclland woro tho
speakers. Tho only cheer that wns raised at
eithor meeting was caused byn reference to
William J. Bryan.
Tho 1'oqttod Club mooting nt Stlnor's Eighth
Avenuo Theatre was nn exceptional frost.
Tlio audience filled only nbout one-third of tho
theatre nnd wns nnathctlc.
Tho American Theatre, Forty-aocond street
nnd Eighth avenue, was nbout three-quarters
lull, nntl there wns little enthusiasm. Tam
many trotted out Justice O'Gormun, Senator
Grady, nnd Jefferson M. Lory. Grady created
somo merriment by vociferously docl.trlng that
tho nomination ot Col. Roosovclt wns nn insult
to otery honest nnd law-abiding cltl7.cn. This
struct; tho nudlonee us being genuinely funny,
nnd It laughed.
TheSulllvaus filled up the London Theatre
In tlio llotvery last otenlng. Young Tim pre
sided, ami Congressman Kulzor. tt ho had it sore
tliro.it. talked only 1111 hour and ten minutes.
In the midst of his speech tile theatre peoplo
suddenly turned up the footlights In a blar.o of
light, but bulzer croak od right on, Tho most
enthusiasm ot tho meeting was aroused whon
the speakers referred to Rryan.
Thu Hon. "Paddy" Dlvter had passed tho
word and his followers turned out to crowd tlio
Thnlla Thentro on tho Uowery. whero tln-y
could look nt u portrait or Mr. Divver when tho
speakeis borcdtheni. whieli most of thorn did.
Dlrd Gardiner, who apparently mistook tlio
theatre for tho Grand Jury room, aired Ids
vlewson election day warrants, which coincided
with Mr. Dlvver's t lows. Senator Tom Grady
and Judge Goldloglo with their best efforts
hold the audlenco for n time, but real enthu
slusm only showed Itselfwheiionooratorbegnn
to speak of Hryan, Then the nudlonco
cheered. Several other speakers took tho cue.
referring to liryan as "that noblo soldier lit
Florida" when they woro afraid to name him.
and getting applauded every time, with a vigor
which was only shown ettrller In tho evening
nt mention ot "that truo patriot. Richard
Two Incidents only marred tho harmony of
the Tammany Sttnduy festival. During a par
ticularly vicious attack on Col. Roosevelt, in
which the Republican party was hold responsi
ble forull the uiiutoldnblo sufferlngof the war.
nman witli :t big toico stood up and cried.
"No! no!" in protest Ho wns promptly
hustled nnd nudged Into silence by his neigh
bors. The second interruption enmo when
Judge Goldfogle clnlmed Dowey. Schley, Hob
fou and about every other war horn he could
name as Democrats. " Who put Dewey whore
bo was?" cried a voice. Noonoansttorcd him.
Everyone knew.
There was a frost party in tho afternoon at
the Star Theatre. It was no more like one of
the old-time Tammany meetings than a pro
hibition conference Is llko n football game.
"What's the matter with Tnmmany. anywny?"
Is the quostlou thnt etorybody was asking at
the meeting, and many of them asked It with
almost tearful emphasis. Throughout tho
meeting there was not only a marked lack of
enthusiasm, hut nn ono or two occasions tho
nameofC'oI. Roosevelt was openly applauded,
and the policemen on duty looked as it thoy
couldn't bcliote their ears.
Half past 2 was tho tlmo set for tho meet
ing. At that hour tho "grand outpouring of
tlio peoplo" promised in tlio prospoctus must
hnto been divertod Into some other channel,
for it certainly wasn't In evidence thero. Tho
two policemen In tho lobby looked lonely. In
side there were just about enough persons to
half fill the orchestra seats, mostof them bulng
women. In the first gallery there was a small
bunch of tho faithful, and tho population of the
second gallery consisted of utvoary hobo, who
wns fust asleep with his head on the railing,
and two notvsnoys who woro engaged in drop
ping peanut shucks down his neck. Thohouso
wns funereally dark and silent. Arrived just
nbout then Civil Justlco Goldfogle. who was
down to mnko a speech, and didn't approve of
sn much desert nlr on which to wasto his
sweetness. Hastily hunting up n momber of
the committee ho dcninndod :
"What's the matter hero, nnywny?"
"Nothing's the mntter that I know of," said
the committeeman.
"Well, wheio's your surging mob of citi
zens ?"
" Well or give 'em a littlo tlmo."
" Is this what you call 11 grand outpouring of
the people? Hot kind or an enthusiastic, mul
titude thlsisl"
"Tisn't my fault." cried the committeeman.
" What do you want me to dor"
"Get nut and hustle and get some people
here." cried Gotdfoclo. "Havo I got to teach
you how to run a political meeting?"
Other Tammany men arrivod and,Rnvo tho
"Get tho people horo If you hare to arrest
'em," wns the order.
Dy those methods tho thentre was gradually
filled, messengers having gone fortli to nil
points of the compass: but naturally the audi
ence, collected by such persistent means, wns
not brimful ot enthuslnsm, nnd the spirts of
tho faithful who had come early wero damp
ened by a woary wait of nearly half nn hour
nfter the time set. Menntlmo tho ushors.net
Ing under orders, wero rushing everybody
down to the front to mako tho host showing
possible. When the lights went up thoy showed
on the frontof the speaker's desk n lithograph
of Augustus Von Wyek. nnd it Is well thnt It
was there, forotlienvlse one could hardly havo
known that the object of tho meeting was to
further tho election of this gentlemnn Ho
was hardly mentioned during the afternoon.
Chairman M. 11. Ultinienthiil didn't bo much ns
siieak his niiino. John W. Keller said. "Van
Wyek" twice nt thu outset oflils remarks and
then proniptlyforgotthe eandldnte'H existence.
Justice Goldfogle lugged him In nt the tall ond
of his speech for a -single mention, and tho rest.
of tho speakers didn't eoncorn themselvos
much more with tho brother of tho present
nmlnblo and toft-tongued Mayor of this city.
It was. perhaps, just as woll, for thn frigidity
of the resiKinse was thus less marked.
Jt was licit ly .'1 o'clock whon a solemn line of
men filed slowly upon the stage and tried to
look as if thoy wero nble to occupy fully ohnlrs
Intended for nt least totti lines their number.
Homobody introduced .Mr. Itliimeuthal as Chair
man. Mr. Rlumenthallooka ingenuous, but he
told iitdnftilllo In saying:
1" Wo havo heard Col, Roosevelt guarantee
that ono tough rider is an equal In ability to
011 of any other tolunteersol.lfersln the war,"
This lie. In defiance of tlio promise of II ro nnd
brimstone, John W. Keller, the next speaker,
repeat ed, He alto repoatod Mr. Hill's " Knock -'em-down"
advice about Superintendent JTe
Cullagh's deputies and declared in wrathful
accents Unit "netor hns such a dastardly out
rage been perpetinted on tliecltyof New York"
ns when some of the deputies vumu to him and
askod for records of his department which, by
the way. they got, as the law provides. Sir.
Keller turned tn Hnn Juan nnd looked as it he
hail been monkeying with a hornet when tho
mention of Col. Roosevelt's naino brought out
quite a little round of npplaube, which the Tam
many heelers finally succeeded In drowning
nut by Illusion. Keller was followed by Justice
Goldfogle, who Is a perky little person with n
lorelinger which ho fondly conceives tobo a
dagger, under which hallucination he foes
nbout stnbblng at his audience. Thn nnly
troublo with lain yesterday was that he told his
htnrio-i ot Piovlotts nutetliigs all over again,
amplifying them us hu wut. and that he talked
twenty minutes after tho Chairman had tried
to call hiinolT.
Nt'.'trthuondof his speech, when the audience
was In n trance, ho lapsed Into that condition
himself, trying tn remember something that
ho had left nut. Finally It came to him It was
the iiuuie ot the Democratic candidate for Gov
ernor. He mentioned it, ns in duty bound,
rapidly skipped on to a story and then ceased
from troubling. District Attorney Asa Dlrd
Gardiner then got to his feet and rumbled alm
lessl aliout the battlefields ot tho civil war
and tho recent conflict, after which lie proceed
ed ton consideration of tt hat ho called nntlnii.il
Issues. It must huto been it shock to lilm to
bate to listen to tlio speech ot Maurico II, L'n
turniyer. designed to provo that national Issues
are entirely out of nlaco in the present catn-
S'ttlgn. Other speakers were William Hulzer,
'eter S, lllnkn nnd Aloxitndor Rosenthal,
louhtlcss there wouid havo been many more,
but tho wearied Tammany men who had been
Itnpressod for tho occasion began to run the
guard in droves and It wns thought beat to
close hastily.
The Historical Octagon House Hustorril to
It Orlgtnnl Splendor.
WAntNOTo;, Nov. 5. Tho famous old houso
known us tho Octagon Houso in this city
Is being restored to lt.t ancient glory,
and will hcrenttor bo tho homo ot tho
Washington branch of the Amorlcan Itistl
tuto of Architects. Tho instltuto hold It?
annual meotlng-'horo this wook nnd took oc
casion to visit tho nnctont houso. which Is now
almost restored. Whllo tho building Is Intornled
principally for tho homo of tho Washington
branch. It will, In fnct, bo tho headquarters of
tho architects of tho entire Unltod Stales.
No building In Washington has clustered nbout
It moro memorlos. or Is moro fitting to
bo tho home of architects, than tho
Octagon Houso, which, ns mny be Imagined,
takes Its name fivni Its peculiar shape. This
quaint old structure stands nt Eighteenth
Htrcetniid Now Y'nrk nvenno. It wns erected
by Col. John Tnyloo. ono or tho mngnntes ot
Washington In thn Inttor part ot tlio last cen
tury. Col. Tnyloo was nn intlmnto Irlciid of
Gen. Washington, nnd during the two years In
which the houso was building, from 17IM to
1800, Gen, Washington vlsltod It n numbor of
times nnd nindo frequent suggestions regnrd
Ing Its construction.
The house wns intended to equal, if lint
ecllpso, anything In the country nt thnt time.
That It has stood for 100 years without nuv
evidence of decay speaks woll of thu euro and
materia! employed In erecting It. The house Is
built of brick, ns nro thn kitchen, atablo and
outhouses. Sandstone was brought front Aquln
Creek, Jfnme forty or fifty miles distant. In
wngons hauled by oxen, lo furnish the trim
mings for thu building. Col. Tnyloe was
especially fond of horses, nml wns noted for
his line huuters and racers. Accordingly
Provision was made for the nccominodntlon
of n hit go numbor of servants and horses.
The lot Is triangular In shape, surrounded
by a high brick wall. Tho building nnd
wnlls conform to the lines uf the street,
Thu vostlbulo Is circular In form, of thoclrcum
ferenco of the dome which surmounts it, tlio
doors, sash nnd glass forming segments of the
circle, nnd nil am still In working order. The
parlor was originally finished In white and
gold. Tho mantel Is mado or a comiioslllnn of
cement, painted wlilto. nnd the remains of tho
gold lent are still In some of the relieved pnrts.
leading into thn back hall and dining room
nro two secret doors, across which tho tihalr
boarding runs, no keyholes, hingesoropcnlncs
showing on the blind side.
At tlio tlmo that Col, Tayloo oroctod tills
houso ho was a very wealthy mini, having nn
Income of $7."i.000 a your. Ho had originally
Intended to build n home In Phllndelphla. but
Hon. Washington, who perceived that ho would
mnkon valuablo addition to the sociotyof the
now capital, which was erected practically In
the wilderness, Induced him to locate in Wash
ington. Alter Col. Tnyloo hud opened his mag
nificent establishment In Washington ho be
came known t hrotighout the country for tho un
rivalled splendor In which His household wns
conducted. His horses, carriages, service, and
furniture were tho finest in the land. Every
distinguished man who visited Washington
bctweon 1800 and 1828. when Col. Tayloo died,
was his guest. Presidents Jefferson. Madison,
Slonroc. and John Qulncy Adams wore enter
tained thoro. Gon. Lafayette. Commodores
Decatur and Porter. Webster. Clay. Calhoun.
Randolph. Sir Edward Thornton, nnd many
others partook of his hospitality. When tho
old Whlto Houso wns burned by the llrltlsh In
1812 Dolly Madison and her husband took
refuge In the Octagon House nnd occupied It
until the end of Madison's Administration. In
the circttlnr room over the vestibule the Treaty
of Ghent, by which the peaeo between thn
United States and GreatBrltaln wns concluded,
was signed.
Two ltntterflles Fight for Supremncy In the
Tank nf tlio Poitrcycs.
In tho tank nt tho Aquarium thero aro a num
ber of specimens ot tho curious ond interesting
little Bermuda fish called fouroyes. from a spot
on eithor sldo closo to tho tall which somewhat
resembles nn oye, so that the fish has tho ap
pearance of having four eyes. Thoro Is a fish
ot the snmo family, but of n different species,
taken in theso waters and called buttorfiy, that
lit somo respects resembles tho fourejes,
though Its markings nre different. Tho spots,
for instance t lint mako the extra palrofoves
nro not only different in themselves, but In the
buttorfiy aro on the dorsal fin. ttoar the tail.
Instoadofon the body. Rut when two butterflies-
tnken hereabouts wero brought to th
Aquarium they wore naturally enough put Into
thetnuk with their relatives from Ilermudu.
The two butterflies came two weeks apart.
Tho first ono stayed by Itself, tint mixing
mucli with the fouruyes.nnd it might be thought
that it would have welcomed the newcomer of
ita own kind. They do assoelato together
fraternally now. but they did not reach this
happy understanding until nfter a tight in
which the fish that, had been longer lit thn
tank and which way the aggressor had been
Itls not unusual for nflsh tohectornnd bully
other fishes in a tank and tochnso them about
and blto nt them, nnd whon a fish persists in
this it is removed to another tank. Sometimes
when a now fish Is put Into a tank tho other
fishes thero mny worry It for it while, nnd this
comes at a time when the new fish is least able
to withstand it. being tired with travel. That Is
what happened to tho new butterfly when it
was put in tlio tank. It hadn't been there long
before tho older one began to hustle It.
These small creatures arc little bits of chaps,
not much moro than three inches in length,
but off and on thoy fought for half an hour,
running nt each other and biting nt each
othor, nnd sctitlllng about In the corner that
thoy mostly frequent, with tho newcomor
finally tho victor. Now thoy lite In nmlty.and
often go nbout together: but they do not go
much with the foureyes, bolng In this respect
like Iraost fishes whose) common habit it is
oven In captivity, jtnd thonglt they mnr move
freely aliout, if there is mom than ono kind in
it tank they keep by themselves, each with its
own kind.
iiAnnunaEit's had nrtEAK.
Thought ltd Wns Winning Ilnrhers' Votes
by Advocating a " Wlde-Opcn" Town.
The Journeymen Barbers' Union will hold a
special meeting to-night at 210 East Forty
first street to denounco Julius Harhurgor, tho
Democratic enndldate for Assembly in thn
7Ponth district, for opposing tho Sunday closing
aw. It appears that Harburger has been put
ting his foot iu it this campaign by declaring
that, it is an outrage to keep tho saloons nnd
barber shops .closed on Sundays and advocat
ing an open city, undor tlio apparent Impres
ston thnt tho barbers and others trho tuo In
volved want things wide open.
The law which llarburgur has been opposing
Is ono that the barbers spent much time nnd
money In having passed. Thoy havo also
oaiiscd tho arrest of several persons for viola
tion of this law. which provides that barber
shops must closo at 1 P. SI. on Sundays.
"Sir. Harburger." said Business Agent
Rlchartj! of the Harbors' Union yesterday,
"says that during Roosevolt's tlmo wo could
not keep open our shops, ns If that wane griev
ance. Itls tho othor way with us Wo want
the law enforced, and will condemn Harburger
for talking against it. He doesn't know our
A New Vnrlety I'lseovcred nnd Knmeil In
Honor of Our Candidate.
SEvrn.ic. Wnsh., Nor. rt As tho result of
three months' work by n pnrty from tho Field
Columbian Sluseum. headed by Prof D. O.
Elliott, anew variety of elk has boon found In
tho Olympic Mountains, and namod Roosevelt
elk. In lienor ot tho hero of Santiago. The elk
wero found by a hunting party of three who
penetrated 0110 nf tho roughest mountain
regions In tlio world by leaving behind even
their blankets and living 011 condensed foods.
The elk are quite dllTeronl from those found
In thn Rockies or in Alaska, Their antlers are
of enormous slzo. several being found which
meusured nearly sixty inches from the outer
prongs. There are only a few of them and thoy
are in a country that will hold them safe for
many a year. Tho party found many flno zo
ological speclmons. which will bo sent to Chicago.
Tammany Going to nmnsh In the 31st.
Gloom characterized tlio meeting of tho Tam
many election district captains ot tho Thirty
first Assembly district at tho Hagamoro Club,
Seventh avenue and 124th street, hist night.
ernon SI. Davis presided and received tlio
reports ot tho lenders, which wero to tlio effect
that they wero losing thieu votes for otory ono
Man Ilcr.Un, Dog Mrnugleil.
Gustave Barur. a saloon keeper In Wllllams-buic.-wan
attacked at his home, 210 Norman
avenue, at midnight last night by two unknown
men. He was beaten Insensible, nnd uas
taken to St. Cuthnrlne's Hospital, whero It Is
said he may die. Tho thugs strangled to deuth
his largo mastiff dog thut cumo to ids ubslst
nncc, -
Where Yesterday' fires Were,
A. St. 7:40, MS llrosrtwsy lViclllo Noidty Com
psny, tlstusge -jr); d:ir, 01 Ksst Ulith strrrt, L.
Uilrutir, dtunsge tin: lo.oo, Jl I llenterMreet.Umis
ll.imi. ilsiusm trllllUK; ltl,li T11 Do street, Ou.lav
I!iilttt, (Umtgo .'0; 111 tr, 141 MulOerr itrrut,
Atuuula Bucrare, tUuiaiti SCO,
P. at, Xf.'ih, 73 Carmine street. Jsines Ij-ncb,
itimiLO H); &.jo, iu. I'ut Tblrt'eutb ttrret,
Cleurgo II. llubtr, dmii:e $3ii; nilu. 74H Washing
ton street, Mt-K. Jiuper, dsmajo HO: 7:U0, lilt)
Eist Fttty-clKUtli street, tluiUv l!ardrr,dsmge ttOl
H;J0, leu WeitNinety-alitli strcut, Willuui UmtIsus,
.lust Now Thelt Voles Are Useful to Croker,
find lie Is Coddling Them, but Should
lie Win, find! thn Itnllnns Would Go
liito lltinilhne tn i:very Petty Onirlnl.
ALL'EpiToitnDRtiBtiN Sianorf! Voloto rot
colicodcro n tin llnllatio, nbbastnnza spozionot
vostro aldrnnle, per fnro tin nppollo nl suol
connnr.lonnll cho sono nnturnltzzntl Amerlcanl :
I n eliofotto qiiesto loggt llborall dolla nostra
l'ntrla mlottlvn, Imnnoll dritto dl votnrenollo
In sorlvo uttesto In itallano. porclia sorvo
solo pnr gt' Itnllnnl. o do' ml btnognn per
nvvlsa'ro ttilti I inlet conitnr.lonnli cho leceano
II SUN. Io so cho ve no sono moUI.-
Iiqul5tlouo pegll Itnllnnl dl Now York 0.1II
votloro so ri loroOpermoRso dl fnro I loro negozl
In pstco oeoffll Messl prlvllcgl degll Amerlcanl;
oppuro so tlovono tin' nltrtt volta dlvonlro vlt
tlmodi unit cnmorr.iorgnnlzzatiticamorriiche
mangln 1 pochl guadngnl, cho II rondo dlspla
ciutl, cho o 1111 peso phi cho tin utile, alia clttl.
Io r.ou csito a dlro cho l.i risposta a tain quls
tlonosldnrilmartedlprosslmo. Unavlttorlnpor
Klinor Croker vuol diroun colpo ngll Italian!
chorion si rlnvmnnoso nondopo lungotompo.
Una vlttorln peril partlto Ileptibllcano vuol
(Hio In rlfliinr.lono dalle rclazlonl onorabllt
oslstentl trn gll Itnllnnl o lo nutor!h dl Now
York dumnto I' nmmlnlstraziono tlol Slndnco
Strong, ma cho sono rnpldamente scomparse
uuando Tummnny Hall rlocquistd II potco.
E nccessnrlopcr mo cho lo dlca tutto per pro
vory qttesto? Credo di no. II popolo dl New
York sn qunlcho cosa Itt rlgunrdo a frodl
0 rlvclazlont fntt.i dalln InchlostaLoxow; ma
quanto dl plu noconosceto vol, mlol concltta
dlnl Italian!. Sono pocho gocce venule fuorl
dallti sorgento dolla vorlt.t! Quanto poco la
porsccttzlono cho vol nvcto soflertn & vnnuta alia
conoscenzn dol publico! Chi nll'lnfuorl divot
sa di quanta camorro sioto , stntt vlttlmo dl
nucgll uomint cho nccottavnno porstno II
contoslmo, so vol non nvevnto oltro, como II
prezzo di cntraro nella Ioroconfldonr.a.
Vol cho vendeto f rtttta o cho i voitrl affarl
1 portnno nolle strode, vol cho lavorato 0 guada
gnato II pano clornnliero col latoro nello strade
o nel fubbrlcatltpormottetochoun concittadino
Itallano al quale 0 Indlffcrento appartenoro ad
un partlto o ml tin tiltro. couuorra a mostrarvl
II perlcolo cho potrcstl Incontraro.
Proprlo adesso vol sleto chlamatl da Tam
many pornvoro 1 vostri votl. Sloltl sononceo-
cttl, Io torao. dal clarlntnulsmo del seguacl di
Croker. ma non tuttl, grnzio a DIo,
Italiuni. nlloittanatcvi da Crokor. dato II
vostro voto ticlil U place, ma mat al partlto
Democrntlco. Un voto per I candidal! Demo
cratic! 6 tin voto por Tammany Hall.
Van Wyok non d un cnndldato per Oovornatore.
ma Crokor (S II vero eandldato qui ti II porlcofo.
Gil Ebrcl ill Russia non saranno tanto sor
vlll o calpcstatl quanto lo saroto vol so qucsto
mostro dl Crokor 'vinceru In bnttnslin.
Dntoalul II supremo potero cho cerca. 0 pol
vol non gll borvlreto plu: egi qtiictament vl
prendo per la gala u vl strozza.
Sin quest, ap.no il vostro voto potra far del
benosun potonto movimonto 6 dlretto ad ab
battero qttesto mostro'dl Croker: ognl allcanza
cho qucsto movimonto faru sarA at ta a sofrogaro
la gola di Tnmmnny.
Quesla o l'occasiono per gll Itnllnnl dl far
buon uso del loro voto 0 dnrlo dovo torna plu
Eascinto I Democratic! cho combattino sulla
qulstione do! canull e del citidlcl: votatc per
Roosovelt porohtf quosti rapproscnta il partlto
cho non ha mal fatto a vol camorra 0 porsecu
r.ioua;mahalasclato I vostri dnnarl nolle vostro
Lu tostrellconzo vonlvanodato senza pagnre
durante 1' Ammlntstrnzlone del Republican!,
lo ho trovnto die tuttl gll American!, nativi o
nmericanizzatl, potovano afTermare la loro
Inoltrolaatlmao II rlgttardo in cut d tcnuto
il Cotnnncllo Roosevelt da tuttl I cittadini lo
rendono moritevolo del nos o voto.
Io vl esorto quindl. cittadini connazlonnll.
pel benessero dolla nostra cltt. o del nostra
Stato. avotirecompatti porlui Un tostrocon
nazloualo ha preso l'liitziatlvn del morlmento
contro Tammany. VI sono nltri Italian! che
enmprendono cosa vuol dlro rnmmlnistra
itlono di Tammany o si sono nssoclatl a lul.
Egll ullslg. J, E. Starcli che ha ridestati moltt
Italian! 0 choe, pronto nfnrlo stesso ad altri.
Italiuni! io vl esorto prima cho sla troppo
tardl. e tipeto. la vostrn ealtazione, sta nel
vostro toto. L'unleo voto degno dl vol 6 II voto
contro Tammany. Nic-oi.a SIotto.
01 Spring street. Faiegnnmo.
1 Tranitalton. I
To thk EniToit or Tub Hun Sir; Will you
nllow an Jtnliun-Aincrlc.in space enough in
your paper to mako un appeal to his billow
countrymen who nro naturalized Americans,
and who. under tlio liberal laws of this, our
adopted country, have tho right tn vote nt tlio
coming election? I am writing this In Italian,
becniiho it is for Italians alone, nnd I want It to
reach nil of my countrymen who read The
Sun. There are iniiuy such. I know.
The issuo with the Italian of Now York to
day is. Is he to bo allowed to pursue his busi
ness in Peace nnd with tho same privileges ac
corded to the native-born American, or Is ho
oneo more to become tho victim of systematic
blackmail, blackmail that oats up his small
earnings, thnt breaks his spirit and makes him
a burden instead ntn use to the city?
I do not hositnte tn suy that tho answor to
this question is to eomo noxt Tuesday. A vic
tory for Richard Crokor menns 11 blow to tho
Italians that thoy will not recover from for
ninny a day. If eter. A victory for tho Repub
lican party means a resumption of the honor
able relations that, existed between tho Italians
and the authorities of Now York during tho
administration of Mayor Strong, hut which
have been rapidly git lug way to the old condi
tions since Taminnny Hall leturnod to power.
Need I go over the ground lo novo this? I
think not. New York people know something
nbout it from the revelations nt the Loxow
committee Hut iiow much morn vou know
nbout It. my fellow lulinns! What ti few
drops It was that leaked from the bucket of
truth I How little of the persecutions that you
have suffered overcame to publlo knowledge!
Who hut you will eter know how you wero
blackmailed down to your last cent, meeting
with wluto men who would nctually accept
pennies. If you had no moro. us tho prlco of
taking sou into their good graces?
You who poddlo fruit or nuts, whose avoca
tions take you on tlio street, ns woll as you
who earn yourdnlly bread by toiling along tho
streets and 011 huildlbgH in courso of construc
tion, permit a fellow Italian, to whom party
tics aro nothing, to point out your danger to
Just now you nro coddled by Tnmmnny for
four votes. Many nro blinded, 1 fear, by the
ilaiidishmentsof Crokor's followers, but not all,
thank God. Italians, get nwny from Croker,
nnd nt once. Vote for whomsoever you will,
but lenvo the Democratic candidates severely
Tiloiio. A voto for thoni is a vote for Tammnny
Hull. Thete Is iu Van Vok running; It
Is Croker who heads the ticket, nnd
therein lies your danger. The Jews of Russia
will not be a more servile downtrodden race
than you will bo If this monster Crokor carries
thu day. Glvolllm the, supreme power he seeks
this yeai, and your umi tn him is at an ond.
Your handful of totes turned against him a
year or two year from now cannot hurt him.
nml meanwhile ho will quietly tuko you by thu
thro it nnd f.uuceze out your vory life blood.
Hut tills year your tote can do good. A
powerful movement Is afoot to throttle tlio
monster t'niker Etory nlly thut it cun got
iiinkes it strongor and puts a little more press
urn on tlio throat nf Tammnny Hall. This is
the tlmo lor the Italians to make some usnof
their vote, tj placo It where It will bo effective.
Leave tho DeiiiocrnlH nnd Republicans to light
over tlielr ennuis, their money question, and
their Judges, but you Itnllnns voto for this
man Roosevelt because he represents the party
which lias never blackmailed or peisecuted you
nnd bus let your honest earnings May In your
pocketB. our licenses enmo without, bribery,
from thn Republicans, and under tlielr rule 1
lliul all Americans, nitt o or foreign born, can
retain their nianliood. Resides all this, tho
esteem and regard In which nil men outside of
Tumiuauy Hull hold Cm. ltuosetelt show that
ho Is the manner of man viicim trust. For tho
00m inon good of oun-elves nnd the rest of the
Stnte, I call on ail Italians to give him their
vote, A inmiof yoiirown blood has taken the load
In tho rovo.tof Jtalluim against Tammany Hall.
There arenther Italians ofloreslght.who cun hco
what Tummanyrulo in the State means, nasn
elated with him. 1 refer to James E. March,
who has nliejily shown the light to hundreds
nf Italians, nml Is ready to ilu thu same for
hundreds more. Itulinns. I beg nf you to oo
beloroitl toojate; see that your salvation Is
a vote cast for the Republican ticket, tor that
is the only vole that you can east thut will
rea'ly be u vot against Tnmmiiiiy Hall.
Nlcuoi.iH Morri), Carpenter,
fit Spring street.
All Italian Cruiser Calls on t's.
hJJ Frakcibco. Nor. it. Tlio second-class
Italian .cruiser Etna arrived to-day from Ta
remo, Italy, She will go luto dry dock and
will then proceed to China.
J; Buy, a Hale Desk and you ;i .
;!. will wonder that you were ever ;
i; satisfied with your old one. j
I HALE CO., ' I 'J;
J Desks at export prices, &
IS Stone Street, V J ;
S next Produce Exchange. ' ,'
III, $ $1oaiu
Artistic Sanitary Durable.
Made in colorings solid to the cloth back. Representing effects In
Carpet, Wood Flooring, and Stone Tiling. Easily kept clean. Cool m
Summer. Comfortable in Winter. Noiseless. Possesses great sani
tary qualities.
Soft to the tread and as noiseless as a carpet. Elastic, durable, and
warm. Also made in figured patterns.
tuMm i$tb street
Twelve) Pnssengers Cut by Broken Gloss
Three Badly Hurt.
Two cable cars of tho Amsterdam avenue and
125th streot crosstown lino collided at 131st
street yesterday afternoon. Tho windows of
both cars were smashed and thoy woro so badly
damaged otherwise that a wrecking crew had
to take thorn Into tho car shed at that corner.
Ono car was returning from Fort Oeorge and
wos crowded with men. women and children.
When tt reached tho top of tho hill at 137th
street the brake refused to act and tho car
started down the steep incline at a rate of
twonty miles nn hour. The women snd chil
dren screamed in terror, and tho men. as many
as were ablo to get to the door, jumped off tho
At 131st street a car. also crowded with pas
sengers, was waiting for a signal that all was
clear for it to start around tho curve. Tho
passengors saw the runaway car approaching,
and several men and two women managed to
lump before tho collision camo. Thoro was a
bang, u crashing ot glass and screams of
Physicians who wero summoned found that
eight women had fainted nnd twelvo persons
had boen cut by flying gWRs. Three ot tho In
jured were hurt so badly that tho surgeons or
dered them to bo taken to tho Slnnhatfan Hos
pital. Thoy were Sadie Splozcl of .'t Avenuo D,
llertha Opsbaum ot 1112 Orchard street, nnd
Sarah Aronson of thosamo nddress.
Sliss Spiezel hnd received bad contusions
about tlio head mid body. .Miss Opsbaum had
been crushed against the stovn In the corner of
the car and was so badly bruised that alio
could scarcely move her limbs. SIlss Aronson
hnd pushed both of her arms through tho glass
window hi the front door, and they wero
severely cut from the elbows to the wrists.
After their injuries had been uttonded to they
were taken home in carriages.
soft: 1 hid but dream
New York Wns Shut to lloboken nnd the
Ferryboats Could Not Kven Coal.
"You'ro not looking rested this morning."
said tho lloboken commuter to his friend on
tho ferrylioat.
"No. I'm not," replied tho othor. "Had a
bad dream. It was not caused by pie or cheese
or anything of that sort, but was tho result of
too heavy reading,
" You soo. ever since the war was over I've
been trying to catch up on my reading about
tho causes, and so on. I've got a standard work
on International law and last evening I do
voted threo hours to the subject of neutral na
tions. " Tho result was that aftor I got io bed I
dreamed that our town Hobokon and Weo
hawken had declared war against each other
nnd that Now York bad declared Its nnuttitiity
nnd closed all its ports to our forrybonts. Just
think of what that would mean If It really hap
pened, nnd you'll know how that dream took
hold of me.
"Wo didn't know of Now York's neutrality
until nfter we bad started for work In tho
morning. The boat got off all right and headed
down stream for the Barclay streot slip. When
We got nearly In wo saw n lino of cops stretched
across the opening to the slip In rowboats.
Thoy wero waving their clubs and warning our
Captain to keep off. Then wo wont up stream
to Christopher streot ond met with tho same
reception thore. Anothor lino of policemen
kept usoffntlourteonthstreet. The Captain
yelled that ho just wanted to get coal enough
to take him pack to his nearest homo port,
which was the Elysian Fields, but tho cops
didn't seem to understand that coaling feature
of international law and wouldn't roient. After
that wo just scraped along from one dock to
anothor to find an opening, but there was an
unbrokon line of iiollcemeu touching elbows
along tho entire rivor front.
" I was wild. I had already beon latont thn
office three mornings within a week nnd I
knew that tho boss would fire me. Ryntid by
wnwentnround the llattery and up tho East
River to soo if there wns any better snow In
" As we were going underthe bridge I looked
up and there, standing right in tho middlo ot
tho long span, was my boss shaking his list nt
"'This is the fourth morning this week.
You'ro fired, he yelled.
" Then 1 woko up."
And Why the Ilecorntor Found Itself Pres
ently Moved to Another Tank.
Two fine, perfect prawns, taken In Gravesend
Ray, wero received Inst week at tho Aquarium ;
each had its two feelers entire, slonder, dollcatn
and flexible, and twlco as long ns tho prawn's
body. While one of tho prawns wui standing
un tho bottom of tlio tank and near the front
and parallel with It, and with Its two long
feelers curved around nt it littlo distance for
ward of Its head and trailing backward, medi
tating, perhaps, n littlo decorator or spider
crab that was walking about In thn tank
climbed up 0:1 the prawn's tall from the side
that was toward the rear of tho tank, and stood
there for n time, lacing the front.
They looked queer enough thus together, tho
Ight.drnb.colored prawn, with the grotesque
little long-legged spidery, nlmost black decora
tor holding on to Its back. Tho prawn wns
conscious of tho decorator's presence, but ap
parently not disturbed by it, for It remained
motionless, except us ton slight motion of ono
of Its long feelers. And so they stood thorn for
a littlo time, until tho decorator slid backward
down the side of the prawn's tail, mid nppuiout.
ly. In getting a fresh grip, dug thu sharp iKJliit
of some of iu slender claws Into tlio more sen
sltlyo undor side of the prawn's tall.
This disturbed the pruwn. and tho little dec
orntorwas taken out of the tank with a net
and put in another tank. It Is doubtful if 11
decorator of this sire could do actual Injury to
tho prnwn.but II could disturb and Irrltnlnit.
and as spider crabs nre plentiful hereabout
and prawns are not, especially prawns that re
mnln perfect after the dangers of transimrta
tlon. tint spider crab was niotod so thnt tin)
prawns might not bo unnecessarily disturbed.
An Art nllretor.
from tit J'imleri .1 ataman,
"Didn't you know it la usalnit the !w to bca for
money " uld the Udr to the tramp t thubick door.
"I wwnt inilu' to tieic for money, msaoi," w
the reply of the huralilo wanderer.
''It's tost as bad to beg for bread,"
!.Lw"'t"om' to bK for bread, ma'am."
!.)J"!.wre T0U Being '" bg for then, pray ?"
"Only for one of your plcturei, ma'ata'
The Husband Bents Defective) Cuff Over the
Head with n llevolvnr at the Grenoble
The Complainant Is Martin Unlion, Pro
prietor of the New Amsterdam Hotel.
William A. E. Sloore, who says ho is tho
United States Consular Agent of that name for
Durban, South Africa, and his wife. Fnyne.wero
arrested last night, at tho Hotel Grenoble, en
a charge of extortion and attempted black
mail mado by Slartin Slahon, ono ot the
proprietors of tho Now Amstordam Ho
tel. at Twenty-first street and rourtli nvenu.
Stooro wns not tnkon into custody without a
desperate fight with Dotectlvos Cuff and Me
Naught. When Cuff walked Into his room and
told him that ho was under arrest Sloors
grabbed a big ,44-callbro rovolvor which tv.n
lying on a bureau and hammered Cuff over
tho head several times with the butt,
indicting several scalp wounds. SIcNaught
ran In when ho heard sounds of a struggle,
and between them tho detectivos managed to
sttbduo tho man. Ue nnd his wlfo wero then
taken to Follco Hendquartors.
Sir. Slohon's story of oxtortlon nnd at
tempted blackmail, as ho told It to Cnpt.
SlcClusky, is as follows: Rome years ngo. 1
ho says, bo mot a SIlss Fayno Strnhan nt a
dlnnor party at his hotel. Sho was Intro
duced to him ns the daughter of thn Chief
Justice of the Supremo Court of Oregon." Bh
had j'ust roturnod from Paris, where she had
been studying music for twoyears, nnd wns the
guest of honor nt the dinner.
After that, she said, sho eamo regularly to
tho hotel for luncheon, and ho aaw her fre
quently. He got to know her woll. nlthoueh
hosayB he never saw her anywhoro but at tlm
hotel. Sho was living at thnt time, ha
says, somewhere In Gramercy Park. Sho came
to tho hotol, tile Inst time, nbout n year and a
halt ago. and ho heard nothing of her nfter
th.it. excepting thnt she hud been married,
until last weak, when she met him on the
They had luncheon togethor, and when she
left him sho borrowed Ills dlnmond tiln to wear
nt some soelnl function that night. Station savi
that he lent hor the pin without hesitation.
On Thursday, ho says, ho got a note from her
asking him to meet hor nt the Hotol Sletropnls
on Fridny night, when sho would return I1I1 U
pin. Ho met her according to nppolntmont. I
nnd. after dining together, he accompanied hr I
nt her Invitation to her husband's apar'- 1
ments iu tho Hotol Grenoblo. After they I
had been thero n few moments, ho says. Sirs, t
Sloore complained of the heat and put on a
light dressing gown. Sho wns tying it nt the
nock with 11 ribbon. Slahon says, when Mono
camo in, pointed n revolver at him, nnd,
alter n great show of indignation, offered to
accent 3.0,(H)0 an bnlm tohlsuoiinded reellnc.
Ho finally camo down to So.OOtl after Sirs.
Slooro had signed a paper, declaring that slm
hnd had Improper relations with Slnhnn,
mid, to get out of tho scrape. Slahon
agreed to those terms, promising to pay
Si.noo on Saturdny night and tho re-t
this week. Refnre ho cot out. though, he siv.
Moore took away his diamond pin, which SIr.
Slooro had returned, nnd $1(17 In money will' h
ho hnd with him.
After thinking over tho matter on Saturdir
Slahon went to Capt, SlcClusky with the who's
storv. and tlio nrrests wero mado last night on
warrants Issued yesterday morning.
Frogs' Legs Among tlm Mnny Things So
Kept Nowadays,
Frogs logs nro amongthomnnythlngstli.it
nro kept now In cold storage put nwny wlem
thoro Is a surplus, nnd stored against a time of
scarcity, or kept In n col,d room, ns In a greit
refrigerator, for hotter keeping. Here, In tin
game room of n dealer In moots nnd gain",
leached through two doors with 11 estibulo
betweon and brightly lighted by electric ligb's
that may bo turned on and off nt will, nnd with
n temperature nt nbout twenty degrees, me
fruits' legs p.icked In ton-pound palls.
Hero nro handsome whlto squabs, tlodvi'n
their legs together in bunches nf six. and u li
half do.en Itild In uhallow.opon paper bags v lie li
pro put in baskets, Here urn dainty little ! d
birds, each in nn open bag. and tho birds put in
small open baskets, n dozen to a basket to
avoid bruising orinnrrlng. Here are line g
lings, ench nlso separately Inclosed and laid
along loosely together. Hero are various kin Is
of gamo, nnlinnls uud birds; nnd those tlnnn
mny nil. in such 11 temperature, be kept ' r
practically any length nt time.
It is nn appetizing display, but oven ns Un
looks nt It nno comes to feel tho need f m
pvoreont, nnd tlion lie Is nut ntersu tn S'
ing tlm lights turned off nnd to pa-- nc
through the vestlbuled ontraiieu once in '
bank to where the atmosphere is warniut
flfil Wr,linQlwir RfTAIlSTOPtS
UnM u flLl6West23sr.
m ' 4 " HtAB Firm av.
f Br s.nn ft,; !6S Broadn'aynearCorri?n(Jt
m inSItr-ted 245 w. 125V sr. Harlem.
yjr catalogue railorinatepr.raBROAiroAYl
(Sluliofiiuiy I.'luUli, Hevcl Sllrror),
-15 Wast 23d W.ito.
Letters and Documents. '
Vou can find them quickly If filed In a '
Globe-Wernlcke Sectional Filing Cabinet.
TUB GLOBE CO., Fulton and Pear! Slfc
jjHsjijift'Maiirii! nf tdtttjhumti, v

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