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, I I mTs jJyKjfcyiAJIPHHBtehlP .mtD Wm II Rain and colder; high north. -H
' Republican Triumphs from
East to West
Sound Money Again Victorious
Over Free Silver.
Coiuiecliciil, New Jersey and
Indiiiiiii Republican.
I No Important Changes from Thoso
Given Yesterday.
The Sun's election roturns printed yestcr-
1 day morning were so wonderfully accurate
lhat It Is almost unnecessary to repeat t)iom
The noxt Houso ot ReprosontaUvoa wilt bo
Republican by a working majority of 10. He
ports sent out bytho Associated Tress to tho
effect lhat the Houso would bo Democratic are
Mr. Roosevelt carries tho State ot Now York
by a plurality ot between 17.000 and 18.000.
Revised returns wore received In The Sun
office last evening from every county In the
btato verifying tho figures of tho day bofore.
In Now York city tho pluralities are substan
tially as given yesterday. Van Wyck'a plurality
in the Greater How York is 83.038. and In
Manhattan and the Bronx 00.622. The
'r" 8vn. twotity-four hours ago. gav o those plural-
- itles as 83.700 and 00,100. Mr. Woodruff, for
Ileutenant-Govornor. runs slightly behind Mr,
Koosevelt for Governor.
rin result In other States also maintains
Ths Suji's accuracy ot yesterday, except that
possibly The Sun was not liberal enough with
Its Republican Dluralitlos. In Massachusetts the
, Republicans swept everything, glvluc Gov.
Woleott a plurality of 80.000. In Kew Jer
sey the Republican candidate for Governor
t goes in by 10,000 or, 11.000. The Legis
lature la Republican, insuring the elec
tion ot a Republican Senator in placo ot
Senator Smith. Connecticut, which some
times goes Democratic, also turns up Ro-
, publican to the coro by about 10,000
idurallty. Pennsyhcnln sustains its provl
901 republican record with a plurality of
n 130,000. Ohio sustains President McKinloy
ana bis Administration with a plurality ot 00.
1)00. In Iowa tho Republicans come out 02.000
' ahead. MIchlganelectsaRcpubllcan Governor
by75.UOO plurality. Indiana shows 10,000 fortho
lieadottlieRopubllcanHtatotlcket. Wisconsin
makes a record or not less than 40000 Repub
lican plurality. Kansas Republicans elect their
Mate ticket by more than 8,000 and namo
even ot the eight Congressmen. Nebraska
repudiates llryan and freo sliver. Tho
Republicans elect four out of six Congressmen
The Pacific coast States rival even tho States Iii
the East In their big Republican pluralities.
A feature of the election is tho great Repub
lican majorities given throughout the Union in
support of Presldont McKinley and his policy.
Another featuro is the total annihilation ot
the Iree sllv er and Populist forces of the West.
1 They have been snowed under an avalanche ot
sound-money ballots, seemingly, so deopthat
they cannot rise again.
Tho Legislature It, Also Bepubllcan on Joint
"allot New ltepubllcnu Congressmen,
isdunatolis. Nov. 'o.--The Republicans
e carried their 8:ato ticket by 15.000
Plurality, have oiected certainly eight Con-
resmen and probably another, Farls of the
uth district They will have at least twenty
J Joint ballot In the Legislature, assuring tho
elMtlon of a Republican successor to Senator
'nrple. The State ticket plurality is propor-
lonateW as large as that given to MoKlnley.
Utll to-day toe Republicans were badly wor-
IM over the result In this city and county, but
iuw fog that surrounded tha return for hours
fti t0 I;e war Wien t"er8aw daylight
?' became jubilant, as later report assured
1 it J"lec,,m "f Congressman Overstreet and
noa county's nine representatives. Over
V, ' will ao out of Marlon wlth'3.000 major
son Wi' .?.Iv about ,w0. "ftt'nst him tn John
Jriri'.i,0.,'."""!'? o'A"0 district, and that
thi S teifi " r.500. whioh is l.aatiless than
BuMf?.100 Rid lw0 years ago. All other
t msldeutial Pl'iralltles than In tho last
lttVrfi.03,re6jroen. certainly eleoted are:
S BSWn"t- ?Frd
fru? WJ?1''1"""' ,M. Griffith jfbeiu.l:
dnSttllSt'A, J"!0'1 ' RR J : Seventh. J esse
S?fl.'Sjl.ll,?ft,S .Elahth. George W.Vromor
Miir 11 ?"' Cha rlesjl. Landls l Hep.) i Tenth, I
wllmwckerSliop.ii Eleventii, deowe
l&i 1 ). tA ,'"-:iTwe!fth: James M. ifoblnson
w ?.ViThi,,:tnt,JiAtIj!1hriflkl(ep.). George
was conS.Sl .th lJl") dls'rist. whose detest
leltol S'1 b h itepublloans. Is probably
tain th.n 'r ," niarg u. This will re-Wl-n
feM.iltleaftreMrWo of the del.
jEwaStttfrES M.n"-3I,! Democrats. 4. with uo
toflKtiSl'lSiM't '" Snr l"n d K cU. The
werilRU.rS "l! ': Henato-HepuMlcanhold.
hoWoil?. ir.'n""01"" ele.tea. 14 5 Demooratlo
v JM ; raaforiiV EeBVr egtA-i RepublU
i , I2i luSniielected.- '- Republican mijor-
V In Ui. r,my'.oan Joint, major ty.20.
pead ctftm,K'811 )uat oloM the hepublieana
anf1o?lna'rV'?' f"d auatain territorial ex
1 wbortS the, money question WM
JlttTAX'S bT.iTS JlEPVDtAXi:. 11I3T.
Republlrnris KloctNtnto Tlcuct, T.egUInture
and l'our ot the Hx Congressmen,
Ojuha, Nov. 0. There Is no longer any
shadow of doubt that thoro has been a Repub
lican landslide In Nebraska. Tho Republicans
have gained 20,000 votes, carrying the Stnto
by 7,000. TlioronroBomo I sola toil districts to
hoar from yet, but tho returns to como In can
not chango tho result. In addition to gaining
tho entire Stato tlckot, tho Republicans carry
tho Legislature, hnvlug 75 roumbors and tho
fusion forces 58 This of courso moans n
United States Bonator to succeed Allan, and
ry llkoly Thompson of Lincoln will bo tho
mnn. in tho Fourth nntl ritth district tho
Republicans gain two Congressmen and vory
much rodnce the maiorltlos In tho Third and
Sixth. Tho Congressmen probably olooted are:
First district. L. J. Burkott. Rep.: Second.
Dnid II. Morcer, Rop.t Third, John II. Robin
son. Fusion; Fourth. K. II. Illnshnw. Hop.:
Fifth, C. II Adams. Rep.: Sixth. W. L. Oroone,
Just what caused tho landslldo is now tho
subject of anlmntod conversation alt over tho
Stato. There nro two contentions along this
lino that nro prominent, one clement assorting
that' it Itt tho spirit of antagonism t? froa silver
that defeated tho Fusion forces and the other
asserting that It Is tho rmtural result cu tha
feeling that an ndvoree oto at this time to tho
Republican party would mean a sovcro robuka
to the Administration's conduct of tha war.
which might hamper tho Presldont in arrang
ing tho terms of penco. Undoubtedly both
arguments contributed to Republican success
materially. Tho Republican platrorm an well
ns tho trl-convontlon platform of tho Fusion
forcos each contained financial plnnks, and tho
defeat of Fusion can bo fnirly consid
ered n defeat for free silver. In tho
Second Congress district (Omaha) tho financial
Issue was the real Issue, and tha fight reached
tho proportions of tho old-time IJryan contest.
Hero Uavld II. Morcor. Republleati, opposed
O. M. Hitchcock. tho o.lltoroftho World-ifrraW.
tho free-silver organ that brought Bryan out
and which Bryan edited forBOernl years. All
his nrgumenUi wore along this line, and ho did
nil he could to rally to his support all porsoni
of froo-sllver tendencies. As n clincher to tho
free-sliver features In this district. Col. Bryan
camo to Omnha early yesterday morning nnd
pnmilod the Btreot for ao; oral hourowlth Hitch
cock, npnarently to emphasize tho faor that
Hitchcock's campaign wan In a great raoasuro
his personal campaign Therefore tha over
whelming defont of Hitchcock Is declarer!
by nil sides to bn un omphatlo defeat of
Bryan's hobby, and the Rlenlflcanco of this
featuro Is being gonerully dwelt upon by tho
campaign managers of all parties. It is stated
generally that a considerable fund was Pro
vided bytho national free-sllor organ Izntlnnt
to help Hitchcock, and his paper was filled with
BlUfirargnmcntK during the ontlro campaign.
Honator Allen. Gov. Holcomb nnd other prom
inent silver men wum brought to Omaha and
spoko nnd workod for Hitchcock.
Republican Htato Chairman Snydorsald to
night: " I attribute Republican success largely
to the feeling stirred up over the war and tho
fact that the avorage Xcbraakan la dlrguKted
with the admlnlHtratlon of tho allied sliver
forces. Tho financial linneR figure I to a con
siderable, degrco. especially In tho Second Con
grecs district, My returns now show that tho
entire Republican ticket is oiected by 7.000
plurality, -und the Republicans hnvo a working
plurality In tho Legislature The First, Second
and Fourth Congress districts an largely Re
publican, with tho chances of a Republican in
the ritth- Tho other two Congress districts
are Fusion by reduced majorities. Of course
we will huvo a Republican Senator to succeed
Democratic Chairman Dahlmnn said to-night:
"The claims ot the Republicans aro nbsurd.
The Stato has not cono Republican to tho ex
tent they claim. Later returns will show tho
allied silver fusion forces on top. though ot
courso tho Republicans hao mado great gnlns.
I attribute thoso gains to the failure of tho
Fusion forces to appreciate tho Importance of
the election and their failure to vote "
rixaitEE's .tuAzzsa rioronr.
Jits Will Hate n Plurality of Probably
73,000 In Michigan,
Detboit, Mich.. Nov. 0. Incomplete returns
from seventy of tho eighty-two counties in tho
State show that Gov. Plngroe has mado a sur
prising run, and captured tho mnjorlty vote in
every county exeopt Jackson and Lenowee.
The latter Is lost to him by a narrow margin ot
forty-seven majority.
Tho prediction of tho Democrats and the
anti-Pingroo Republicans that the organized
rnovoto cut him would result in his downfall
docs not soem to havo been true, as on a very
light vote he has more than 03,000 majority. As
the counties not heard from are " backwoods"
countien and always strongly Republican, it
seoniB probnblo that his majority will reach
75.000 In tho Stato. Compared with tho total
vote of 1800. when ho led President McKinley,
his comparative majority is greater this year
than tncu.
It Is on open secret that tho Democratlo
strongholds voted for the Govornor,und the
disaffection engineered by the anti-Pingrco,
Democratlo crowd was mora than overcome
cvon In tho placeswheroitwas strongest hytho
Governor's Immense personal-following. Many
ot thn olose counties wero carried for county of
fices by tho strength ot tho head of tho ticket.
Tho Republicans elect a solid Republican
delegation to Congress. Tho Legislature is
very nearly solidly Republican, anil on it hangs
tho election of n auccossor for United Htatos
Senator to J. C. Burrows, who is a candidato to
succeed himself. Bonator-Ilurrows's privato
secretary and manager, Henry 31. Rose, to
night Eave out a statement that Senator Bur
rows had elghty-nino membors of tho Legisla
ture and was suro to succeed hlmsolf.
The Michigan Houso of Representatives is
composed of luo and the Senate of 32 mem
bers, so that if Burrow 3 has more than 70 he Is
sure of re-election. The probabilities all soem
to favor tho return of Senator Burrows, but at
the same tlmo Albert Pack's malingers say that
Pack has Oil votes pledged and that ho will bo
elected Hoiiator. Gov. i'ingree favors Pack- .
Everybody is surprised at tha groat majority
Plngroo receivod. anil there Is mild surpriso
that Gurdner nnd Fordnoy wore ablo to beat
Todd and Brucker in the Third and Eighth
Congres.4 districts. No estimate ot tho total
voto can bo given at tho present time, as
nothing but majorities havo boen reported.
Not oven in the year when the Republicans
looted all but ono member of tho Legislature
has tho general Republican victory on county
and Congress tickets been as great. The I'in
gree opposition Is speechless with amazement-
tue roiUeiir-rBxxiiaaKB.
McMUlln, Deraocrat,jpeted Governor by
Nearly 20,000 Plurality .U
Nabiivillk, Tenn.. Nov. 0. Partial roturns
from eighty-two out of nlnety-slx counties In
tho Stato havo beon recolved. Benton McMU
lln (Dem.l Is elected Govornor. defeating James
A. Fowler (Rep.). A conservative estimate of
McMlllln'a majority-Is from 10.000 to 20.000.
The majority tor the Democratic candidates
fur Railroad Commissioners will not fall very
fur behind these figures. Tho Democrats havo
electedthelrcandlriatax In all the Congress dls-
!rlets except the First nnd Second, where the
lepublicnns reelected Drownlow and Gibson
iy decreased majortlrs. The Legislature Is
Domocratlc by a good majority.
North Dakota Goes Republican,
Bisuincs, Nov, 0. North Dakota elects B. F.
Spalding. Republican, to Congress over H. M.
Cre, Fusion, by piobably B.500 majority, and
the llopnbllcan State ticket, headed byF. Ot.
Fancher for Govornor. by probably 4.000, The
Legislature will be Republican on joint ba lot,
Insuring the olectlon of a Republican Unitod
States Senator to succeed W, N. Roach, Democrat.
Arkansas's Vote Small, but All Democratic.
LrrrtK Rock. Ark., Nov. 0. To-day's rturns"
from yostorday'sConcrees ejection In Arkansas
i In no way changed the estimates ot last night's
figures. Whllo the voto was the smallest on
record, it was all Demooratlo. Arkansas will
havo six Democrats In Congross.
Cltlsans' Cnlon Mot a State Party.
The. Citizens' Union ticket failed to poll
10.000 votes In the State, and there is there
fore no Citizens' Union Rtato party. The man
agers of the Bacon campaign expected to poll
4,000 votes in Now York city, but Bacon re
colvod only 7X0.
Special Trains via Pennsylvania Railroad
to Yale-Prlneton Football Game.
Saturday. Nov. U. at Princeton. Jt Wsttasd
1 st station 10:20 and UiJO A. U. Cortland t and
I XXsbioases sU. 10 JO and ll:ao A. M nturalog at
I close or gam. Bound trip (are f 2. good only en
special trams. AU,
AS 17,S1U; IT ffl H,770.
Kcpubllcim Stajorlty In the N'ett State Sen
ate Will lie 30-JJenote Stands ns The
Hun Announced Ten Hours After the
Polls Closed-Majority In Atsembly S.
TheHuk yesterday morning gave Col. Roose
velt a plurality intho Statoof 17,572. Corrected
returns from all the counties ot (be State show
that Ool. Roosevelt's plurolltr Is 17,770. Fol
lowing aro the pluralities by counties:
I Jtttmtlt, Tan Ifftk,
Jttp. Drm.
Albany 030
Allegany !I204
Broome 3012 .
Cattaraugus .1307 ......
Cayuga 3233
Chautauqua 0000
Chemung 87
Chenango 2123
Clinton..: 24
Columbia 305
Cortland 1734
Delaware 2400
Dutohass 2037
'Erie 2003
Essex 2115
Franklin 2702
Fulton and Hamilton 2218
Genesee 1000
Greeno 130
Herkimer 1100
Jnfforson 3500
Kings 18274
Lewis 713
Livingston 1650
Madison 2003
Monroo 2037
Montgomery 800
New York 00022
Niagara 540
Oneida 1380
Onondaga 0180 ......
Ontario 1840
Ornngo . 2700
Orleans 1400
Oswego 3720
Otsego 1103
Putnam j 250
Queens rr s 1548
Rensselaer (CU
Richmond 2145
Rockland 51
St Lawrence 7055
Saratoga , 2350
Schcnoctady 570
Schoharie 721
Schuyler 722
Beneca 33
Steuben ,... 2078
Suffolk 2583
Sullivan 408
Tioga 1235 r,....
Tompkins 1431
Ulster 1551
Warren 1201
Washington 3038
Wayno 2017
Westchoster 1551
Wyoming 1728
Yates 1300
Totals 105302 87022
Plurality for Roosevelt. Rep. 17770
Republicans WU1 Ilarc 4 Majority In the
Mote Senate! 38 in Assembly.
Tho next Stato Sonate will be as printed in
vesterday's Bus. 27 Republicans and 23 Demo
crats. The Burt's list of Sonators elected was
correct. Complete returns from clobe Assembly
districts Increase) tho Bepubllcan majority in
tho Assembly to 28, making the joint ballot
majority 32. Putnam county's official roturns
may show tho election ot the Republican can
didate for member ot Assembly, the Rev.
James M. Yeager, which would1 Increase tho
Republican majority to 30. Adrian H. Donn.
tho Democratlo candidate, claims his election
by a Bmall majority. ,.....
Now YorK county elected eight Republican
Assemblymen. Complete returns from the
Eighth district show the election of Charles S.
Adier. Republican, by a majority ot 105.
Benjamin F. Oleason la elected In tho
Fourth Monroo district, making the dele
gation from that county solidly Republican.
John K. Pattgn. the llopnbllcan candidate
in the Seventh Erie district, is elected, making
the Erie delegation Blx.Demoorats to two Re
publicans'. The Second Westchester district
elects Joseph E. Ennls, Republican, and tha
First district of the eamo county olects John J.
Sloane. Democrat. Irving Brown, the Demo
cratic candidate, won in Rockland county.
A Tie Vote for Mayor An Alderman Elected
by 4 nnd Another by S Votes.
Middletowh, N. Y., Nov 0 Charles L. El
wood, Democrat, and Frank A. R. Pronk. Re
publican, are a tie for Mayor of this city. Each
receivod 1,432 votos. George E. Wallaco was
dofeated for City Treasurer by 45, Alexander
Finn. Democrat, was elected Alderman by 4
votes, and Francis M. Barnes, Democrat, had a
plurality of 5 for Alderman. Mddletown has
seventy voters in Company I, First New York
Volunteers, now at Honolulu. It was supposed
this morning that when the soldier vote reached
hero In about four1 weeks these results would
be changed, particularly In the ease ot Wallace,
who resigned a Lleutenanoy In the company
and only returned from Honolulu n few weeks
ago. In roaponso to an Inquiry. Secretary of
State Palmersavs that city nominations wero
Rot sent to tho fold ers at Honolulu. It Is be
evod thnr tho oniclal canvass will change the
vote on Mayor, as Irregularities are said to
have occurrod In ono of the districts.
State Ticket, legislators and Ten Congress
men Are llepubllean,
Milwaukee, Nov. 0.-Correctd returns of
yesterday's election show an oven greater Re
publican victory than was at first reported.
Not only was Gov. Edward Scufleld re-eleotcd
and the whole State ticket carried, but every
Congressman In the ton districts was eleoted
by the Republicans. The next Legislature Is
overwhelmingly Republican, Of the 100 mem
bers' of the Assembly, 82 Republicans are
oiected. Of the 33 State Senators the Republi
cans will have 31. , .....
The pluralities are not yet complete, but It Is
now estimated that iho Slate wpntBAmiblloan
by 40.000. .Senator John L. Mitoholl will retire
as United States Senator, next spring. The
Legislature will choose his successor. Tho
content is between Jawph, K. Oiiarles of Mil
waukee, Joseph W. Baboock of fieeedah, Isaac.
Stephenson of Marinette and H. 6. Cook of Noe-'
nan. Therw are several others In the Hold.
Uawley, llep., Was Elected to Congress In
the Tench District. (
Galveston, Tex.. Nov, 0, The Congress
representation of Texas In the noxt Congress
will be twelve Democrats and ono Republican.
Although full returns are not In from the
Tenth and Twelfth districts, enough has been
received to shoir.thnt Hanley. Rp , U eleoted
by n handsome plurality, Warden, Dem.. has
earrtod the Twelfth district by a majority ostl
mated at 3.000 and over. The Stato has, gone
Democratic by an overwhelming majority,
Sayera's majority forClovernor Is estimated at
200.000 over albbS'rPu"t' Itwlll be several
days before complete returns are received.
All Desrfoot Farm Sausages
Are made at tsarina la Bouthboro, Mass. Tbslr
uocus (sowing to the choice nvaterlals andtsa neat
ness sad clssauasas ot to preparation, Ait,
Urta odd troubles have no casus with Losioo
'deny Wtnla Water, Ait,
Wooilrnft Runs 4,353 Behind Roosevelt In
the Greater Now York.
Tho roturns of tho city voto printed in Tn
Sun yesterday morning wore nocomplcto as tp
leavo little to bo added. Van Wrok's plurality
in tho creator city Is 83.038, nnd In Manhattan
und tho Bronx Is 00.022. Tnn Bun yosterday
morning gavo thoso pluralities as 83,71)0 nnd
00,100. The Associated Press pluralities were
from 5.000 to 8.000 out of the way. Tho re
vised olty voto for Govornor and Lteutonant
Governor Is Interesting as, showing how far
Roosevelt ran ahead of Woodruff. It Is as
ion oovrr.toR,
ficoi'TtU, Ven tlVti, rentlVrt'l
Riv. Dm I'lumtttp.
Man.and llroox. .lll,ntl 172,2in iio.tm
llrooklyn.. ...... 82.B37 101,101 18,274
uueeas u.ssr. 12,78.1 2.MI8
Richmond 4.07M 0,722 2, MS
Total 208,881 202,811) B3,3S
H'oodrHlT, VanforVt, )morlV
Htp. J. J'luraHlv.
lUn.smlDronx.. lou,4r. I73.mi8 iu,uu
Hrooklyii 81, H'.it 101,9112 18,700
Suren U,r20 12.UR1 n,4S8
lemnond 4.4S1 o,BT 2,210
Total 205.087 201,078 88,201
Woodruff behind Roosevelt, 4,033.
Tho total vote for Supreme Court Justices
in this county was:
nrronucAX. taumaxt.
Cotn. Hah: TafU Andrn-r Fxtiair'tt.tAnnVt,
lin.an i2i,r83 111,2ns ios.bhs ior,,io2 ie,80o
Average Tamraany plurality, 4H,ni8.
Adler. Rop., defeated Jaffor, Tarn., in the
Eighth district ot Manhattan for Assomblymnn.
This makes tho delegation from this ounty:
Tammany, 27; Republican. 8, a Tnmmauy
loss of 2.
Gov. Wnlcott's Plurality 80,000 Cnngrcss
mnn AVnlkrr Defeated by 77 Votes.
Bobtox. Nov. 0. Rovlsod returns from all
ovor tho Stato show that Gov. Wdlcott received
a plurality of 80.303 over Bruce. The total
voto of tho Stato was 204.033. Woleott had
187,213, and Bruco 100.820, In splto of the
faot that there was an lncrenso of nbout 25.000
in tio total voto over laHt year, Woleott'n
plurality was ovor 500 less than that ov cr Wil
liams last year. On the fnca ot it this shows d
net loss of about 20.000 for tho Republicans,
and that, whllo tha Domocrats got out evory
vote, the apathy among tho Republicans was
vory marked and gonoral. Of the two Con
gressmen lost ono onlv will bo of nsslstanoo to
the Bryanites. Henry F. Naphen. who defeated
Barrows In tho Tenth. .
Naphen 1a a hot free sllvor man. and will be a
vigorous ally for the Chicago platform men.
John R. Thaycr.who hod tho honor of defeating
Job Walker. Ib n gold Democrat ami voted for
Palmer and lluckner In 1)0. Hols really sounder,
although a Democrat, than was Walker. Walkor
was defeated by 77 otcs. according to tho
latest showing. Two yonrs ago walker's ma
jority was over 11,000. Mr. Fitzgerald in tho
Ninth was reelected by nbout 4.500 plurality,
notwithstanding tho fact that there were run
ning against hfm another .Democrat and two
Ronubllcnn candidates. . ...
Tho Stato legislature shows a gain for tho
Democrats ot twelve In thp House nnd no chnngo
In the Senate. The standing at present Is:
Sennto Republicans. 33: Democrats. 7.
Donso Republicans. 1IH: Democrats. 07:
Social Democrats, ;; Independents. 5 j tie, 2.
State Ticket Republican by About 03,000
Solid Congress Delegation.
Dks Moines. Nov. 0. Tho entire Republican
3tuto ticket is elected by a plurality of nbout
02.000, Iowa also elects tho entire Republican
delegation to Congress. Gen, Weavor, fusion
candidate In thn Sixth district. Is dofeated by
nbout 1,000 by Major Ijicey. HenderonDolH
verLArCuiirnuiriiittIepburn are re
turned to Congress, nnd Thomas Hedges ot
Burlington. Haugen ot tho Fourth district. Mo
i'herson of Storm Lake and Lot Thomas of the
Eloventli district are eleoted as new members.
It is a sound-money delegation. Tho proposi
tion to amend the Constitution, reorganizing
tho General Assembly districts, failed to carry.
Stato Chairman Townsond claims that the
Democrats have oiected four Congressmen by
the country voto. but refuses to state yet which
ones these arc.
The Republicans Get Two Congressmen
Scheme to Impeach Gov, Rassell,
RAueton. N. C. Nov. 0. Tho late returns
show that the Republicans havo eleoted two
Congressmen. Llnney In the Eighth district
and George H. White, tho negro, in tho Second
Tho Democrats olect Small In tho First dis
trict, Thomas in tho Third. -Atwntor In tho
Fourth. Kitchen In the Fifth, W. Bellamy in
the bixth. Klutz In tho Soventh nnd Crawford
In the Ninth. , ..,.,,
Democratic majorities for tho Legislature
candidates continue to Increase and tho Dem
ocrats will control thut body by a two-thirds
vote Gov. Rursnll may bo impeached when
tho Legislature meets.
Republicans Elect 6tnt Ticket, Legislature
nnd i'our Congressmen.
New Haven, Nov. 0. Connecticut has again
gone Republican In every political dopartment.
Including a full State ticket, four scamd-monoy
Congressmen and both brunches of the Legis
lature. Tho State tlckot led by nbout 10,000
votes, Tho co i ploto voto for Govornor In the
108 Stato townswns: Lounbery(Rop.j.80.73J,
,nnd Morgan (Dem.), OJ.203. against 10o807
llepubllean In 1800 ana 50.524 Democratic
The Scnato wilt bo composed of 20 Republi
cans and 4 Democrats, and tho Houso ot Rop
resontatlvoe of 1M3 Republicans and 75 Demo
crats. Thoro were no Democrats In the last
Senate nnd only 20 in tho last Houso of Repre
sentatives, v
solid in rmaiNiA.
All the Congressmen-Elect In the Old Do
minion are Democrats,
Richmond, Ya., Nov. 0. Virginia will send a
solid Democratlo delegation to Congress. All
the ten Democratlo nominees havo beon
elected, according to roturns receivod late last
night and to-day, Tho hardest fight was Id the
Ninth district, where Judgo William F. Rhea,
pern., opposed Gen. James A. Walkor, Rep.
Judgo Rhaa has probably defeated Gen. Walkor
by from 1.000 to 1.500 majority. Tho other
Democrats won by from 2.500 to 12.000. The
Democratic p'urallty on the voto for Congress
men In tit's Htato will bo somowhore between
40.000 and 00.OJ0.
RepnbUrnna Control (lie I.rnislntui-Tlie
v ntnte Ticket in Doubt. V
Sioux Falls, Nov, I). The Stato Is still In
doubt as far as Governor is concerned. Both
parties are claiming tha 'election of their can
didates. It will probably tako the official can
vass to decide who Is oiected. Gamble, Repub
I lean, for Congre'-s, Is surely elected, and the
udlcatlons aro thut Ilurk?. Republican, has
icon elected by o email majority. He maybe
beat, however, by Knowles. Populist. Tho Re
publicans will have good working majorities In
both branehos ot the Legislature.
Idaho Cat tied by the Fustonlsts.
Boiae. Idaho, Nov, O.-The Fusion tlckot has
carried the State by pluralities ranging from
5.000 to 8.000. and tho Fusionlsts will control
the Legislature. From fortyseven precincts,
making up one-eighth of the Stat. Steunen
bora, Fusloniet-for Govornor. gets 3,083 : Moss.
Republican. 2,021, and Anderson, Populist,
557, Wilson. Fusion, for Congress, received
2.532: Hevhurn, Republican, lto), and Gunn,
Populist 830. .
May lie a Congress Contest from Maryland,
AKNAroLib, Md, Nov, 0 Tha closeness of
the Congress election between Frank a
Wachter. Rep..and Dr. John B, Bchwatka.Dem,.
may cause a, coutest In the .House of Repre
sentatives if the Democrats have a majority.
Mudd.Vho was roCleoted ve.sterdayontho Re
publican ticket, was seated somo. years ago
over Compton. Dem... but these tactics will
probably not be resorted to In Mudd's case, as
he has a large plurality,
Auction Sale for Bank Creditors,
Consist! a of Ane diamonds, asd other Drecloua stone
jewelry. Bale at noon so-dar, 47 liberty aw Joan
ijrrwekyAueaioaesr. By order of trBsttt.-uaV,
, 1 . ,k i ,, n A
Salisbury Says He Won't rropheay What
Will Talco Place It Kngland Is Forced to
n Position She Does riot Now Occupy
Sympathises with the Oar's Proposal,
but England Must Prepare for Dan
ger Our Advent In Aslntla Diplomacy.
Spicfal Cablt Dtipaick to Tax Be v.
London, Nov. 0. There was tho customary
assemblage ot Ministers, Judges, nnval and
military officers nnd other prominent men at
tho banquet given br tho Lord Mayor to-night.
Tho principal speocli of tho ovcnlng wr.s made
by Primo Minister Salisbury, who. Intbe courso
of his remarks, said that the Government had
qulto recently to consider tho question of a
European war. though not at a very near dis
tance, Thn result had turned out happily. It
Becmed possible nt one moment that it would bo
otherwise, but the grant judgment and com
mon sensodlsplnyed by the French Government
in circumstances ot unuoual dlfnculty.had re
lieved Europo of n very dangerous and threat
ening storm. Whllo mattors wero to eorno ex
tent In suspouso it was necessary for the Brit
ish Government to ndopt precautions to pro
vent Its bolng taken unaware. Tho imme
diate nocenslty for precautions had now passed,
but it was not to bo assumed because those
precautions had not stopped immediately that
thoy indicated tho continued proximity ot
Lord Salisbury dwelt upon the guesses that
havo been made as to tha purposo of tho naval
activity in England. Inclndlng tha conjecture
that tho Government Intended to declare a
protectornto over Egypt, Ho said in connec
tion with this subject: " I cannot rise to that
aspiration. If we are forced by others Into a
position wo do not now occupy I do not venture
to prophesy what will tako place, but though
I do not say that wo aro entirely com
"fortable, wo aio quite sufficiently satisfied with
tho stnto of things as they at present exist. Ido
not think there is any cajlso at present to mod
ify, nnd I oaniostly hopo'nothlng will ariso to
necessitate a modification, of our position in
Egypt, for I nm convinced that tho world would
not get on as peaceably as now it suoh a neces
sity was Imposed on us."
Tho Primo Minister expressed sympathy
with tho Czar's disarmament proposal and paid
a tribute to tho motives that prompted tho re
script, but. ho snld, whilo earnestly concurring
with his Majesty's views, he thought until his
aspirations were crowned with success tho
Gnvernmont must continue to tako precau
tions to meet tho dangors which the present
state of tho world everywhere revealed. Ho
"In some respects the era of this great prop
osition, which, I think, will bo on epoch in tho
history of man, has beon marked by unhappy
omens. It Ib tho first year In-whleh the mighty
force of tho American republic has been Intro
duced among tho nations. Ium notreluslng
sympathy to tho citizens of tho republic In tho
difficulties through which they have passed,
but nobody will dony that their appearance
among tho factors of Asiatic, aud possibly
Europoan diplomacy. Is a gravo and serious
ovont, which may not conduce to tho Interests
of penco. though, I think it is likely to conduce
to the interests of Great Britain."
Tho concluding passage) ot Lord Salisbury's
speech rwaled apprehension tjjsttroubles
wero likely to ariso with great suddenness In
any direction, for which reason Great Britain
could not Intermit hor defensive precautions.
The nowspapers in their editorials this morn
ing show dissatisfaction with tho speech ot
Lord Salisbury. Tho Ministerial Standard
finds tho Prima Minister's deliberate vague
ness not reassuring, and says that it Increases
rather than allays anxiety.
The Dafljy JWtc (Liberal) asks where is tho
danger of war. It adds that If Lord Salisbury
meant anything by his reference the Amorlcan
situation Is evidently somowhat serious. It
ho meant nothing it was very 111 advised to
publicly Indulge In a fit ot diplomatic blues in
such a senBitlvo time.
Tho Timet thinks that tho country will be
content for the present with the knowledge of
the British position in Egypt, but says that
Lord Salisbury's warning regarding a possible
compulsory modification of that position Isa
serious one.
The ChranMt (Radical) complains lhat Lord
Salisbury has left tho situation more dis
quieting than ho found it. The paper
is Indignant with his maladroit remark
concerning tho United States, and de
clares that nothing could bo more nnfor
tunnto orovon mora offensive. It repudiates
tho Idea that tho entranco of tho United States
Into tho world ot politics would oltlier mako
for war or be a partisan advantage for Great
Tlrltuunln and Colnmbln Bat Ride by Side
In the Parade.
Special CahU OcipafrA to Tnx Strx.
Lonpon. Nov, 0. Tho Lord Mayor's show
took placo to-day with tho usual crowds and
incidents. Tha early Tart ot tho day was
cloudy and disagreeable, but tho skies par
tially cleared later.
The feature of tho parade was a car emble
matical of the English-speaking races. Upon
tho car Britannia and Columbia were seated
together nnd British nnd American flags wero
borne on either sldo. Mr. Henry White, United
Btatos Charge d'Affatros. and his family, viewed
tho parude from the Mansion Houso as tho
guests of tho Lord Mayor.
He Is Impressed with the Importance of
Maintaining the Open Door,
fprctal Cao's Dtipitck to Tar. Boh.
London, Nov. 10. A despatch to the Twa
fromTTawohwang ays thutLord ChnrlesBeres
fordj who Is visiting China In the Interests of tho
British Associated Chambers of Commereo, ar
rived at that placo on Nov. 4. He la deeply Im
pressed by the Importance of Newchwang and
the necessity for maintaining the "open door,"
Ho was struck by the facts that there Is no
Russian trade with Newchwang, but that there
Is great Russian railway building activity.
He Is also struck by the fact ot
Russian military domination, armed Cossacks
being in a treaty port, and Cossaoks patrolling
the railroad and 'guarding the military posts
along the line throughout Manchuria.
Close Vote lu Nevada.
Reno. Nov., Nov. 0, Returns from eight
counties give a small majority for McMil
lan, Republican candidato for Governor.
The other seven. It is expected, will bring Bad
lor. Sliver, ahead : but the contest will bo close.
Russell, the regular Democratlo nominee for
Governor. has probably.polled about 2.000
votes 7n the State, and McCullounh. Populist,
about 700. Newlande. Silver and Demooratlo
nominee for Congress, will, beat Wren, Form
list, from 700 to 800. The Republicans had no
candidate for Congress.
Wyoming Goes Republlcun.
Chktexnk. Nov, 0. Returns from ten of the
thirteen counties of Wyoming give Frank W.
Mondell. Republican candidate for Congress.
1.600 mojority: Deforest Richards. Repub I
ean, for Governor. 1.200, and the rest of tho
Republican State tioket 1,500. .Three counties
to hear from1 will increase, these- majorities
several hundred. The Republicans have 60qut
of 67 members of the State Legislature on joint
ballot, and will re-elect a United Bute Senator
in January. m
Winter Weather CausesManyMlnorTronblea
Koldable tt yon bars Ulepbons serrlet at roar
as. Moderst tataufs rates, standard so,ul
bubW Air,
1 ' '
Roosevelt's Election Regarded with Great
Fptttal Cabtt PttwkK tt Tnr Sox,
London, Nov, 10. rending tho rocolpt of
news giving the complete results ot tho Ameri
can elections tho London press finds it diffi
cult to express a definite opinion on the gen
eral question, but Col. Roosevelt's suoooss is
everywhere oleomod. Tho Sfancmrd says it
Is n matter for very cordial congratulations
that tho party ot cloan, wholosomo State gov
ernment receivod Opportune reinforcement.
The Dallu JvViro, commenting on Col Rooso
volt's oloction, says It is a distinct triumph for
tho best elomonts in American politics.
Tlio-Vomfiiff JVjttBays it Is a distinct triumph
for President McKlnley's policy.
Tho JMtlu Matt says It isn great satisfaction
to all who consider thnthonosty and patriotism
glvn claim to political honor,
Tho Chrontela says that evory friend of hou
est administration will bo delighted in this
country, whore Col. Roosevelt's high character
(swell known. It adds: "Wo rejoice equally
with the Ropubllaans."
Tho Sallv Graphio says thut Col. Roosevelt's
election is distinctly a subject for congratu
lation. Tho Times says that Col. Roosov ell's name
nnd antecedents aro sufficient guarantee of an
honest administration for tho next two years.
It adds that tho chlof significance ot his
election is that It creates a formidable
rival to Mr. McKinlay for the Republican
nomination for tho Presidency In 1000. Trie
Times thinks that the nation's answer to tlit
great questions of pubtlo policy Is halting nnd
ambiguous. It is difficult tossy that tho vor
dlotof tho olectlons confirmed the President's
judgment, but it certainly has not con
demned It.
Result of Election Ittotlng In South Caro
lina Uody of Armed Men Called For
Columbia. 8. 0., Nov. 0. Four lynchingsoc
uurred this afternoon as a result of the election
riots at Phoenix. About 0 o'clock a large crowd
of nrmod whites camo upon another crowd of
their men who had eight negro prisoners at
Rnhobnth Church. At first the crowd was very
quiet, but gradually tholrpasslons rose Twice
thoy neroquletod. Then nothing could stop
thorn. Ono of tho negroes was dragged out
Into the road nntlrlddlod with bullots. While
this was bolng done four of the negroes man
aged to escape. Tho remaining throo were
then lynched without ceremony. One of the
flcolng negroes was wounded.
Tho most sorious troublo is yet expected to
occur. At midnight the nows comes that tho
negroes arc massed in tha vicinity of Phccnlx,
nnd aro lnWge numbors. The despatch says
a serious conflict is oxpected to occur at any
moment. This despatch also says that six
negroes havo been shot as a net result of the
day's work.
Messages havo been received In this city by
the Governor and Adjutant-General from re
liable men in tho nojghboring towns asking
that weapons and ammunition bo sent them
for protection. Tho requests have not been
granted. i
At midnight ro-nlght a request was tolo
graphod hero for 330 armed men to be sent to
Greenwood on a special train. It Is not known
whether such a party will go or not.
.Republicans ElectThnltStnt Ticket by 8,000
""nnd Seven of the li&tat Congressmen.
Topeka. Nov. 0. Tho Republicans havecar
rlod Kansas for their State ticket, and havo
elected seven of the eight Congressmen. The
majority on the State ticket will roach 8,000.
Fully 35,000 farmers -refused to Voto. and this
surpriso, whioh did not dawn on the managers
until tho returns began to como In from the
country districts this morning, gavo tho
Republicans the victory. It Is believed
that three-fourths ot the stay-at-home
voto went to , Bryan two years ago.
but the . good , times and advanced prices
for stock nnd farm products during tho
past two years convinced them that sound
monoy was better than the thoorles advanced
by Mr. Bryan. These Coneressmennro eleoted:
At largo, W. J.Bailey. Republican: First dis
trict, Charles Curtis, Herfubllcan: Second dis
trict, .J, D. Bowereoct. Republican: Third dis
trict. K. It. Rldgolr. Populist: Fourth district.
J.M. MUlor. Ropubllcan: Fifth district, W. A.
Calderhend. HepubMoan: Sixth district. W. M.
Roedor. Republican; Sovonth district. Chester
I. Long, Republican.
The Republicans Win the Legislature and
the Two Congressmen,
Tacoma. Nov. 0. The Republicans of Wash
ington olcot Frank W. Cushman and W. L.
Jonos to Congross by 3,000 to 4,500 plurality
nnd two Supremo Court Judges. The Legisla
ture Is overwhelmingly Republican.
The entire State Is surprised at tht landslide
which has overcome Populism and freo sllvar
isnibysuch a deotslvo voto. This vote shows
a complete change of front on the part of 10 per
cont. ot tho voters of tho 8taio. Eastern Wash
ington counties, which went fusion by 1.000
to 3,000 two yoarsago. gave Republican plural
ities yesterday. Incomplete returns indicate,
that eight counties give slight fus'on plurali
ties, the others going Republican. Tacoma nnd
Spokanu lead the Ropubllcan column with 000
plurality eachj Seattloglves a small plurality.
Tho Republicans aro holding Jollification meet
ings to-night all over the Stato.
Republicans May Get AH of the Congress
men Legislature Republican.
WiiEEf!iNO, W. Va, Nor. 0. Late returns
from every district of West Virginia are such
ns to cause a renewal of Republican hopes, so
nearly stifled by tho reports received early this
morning. Tho Republicans have re-elected II.
B. Dovenor to Congress In tho First dlstrlot by
a'majorityof abbut 1,800, havo elected Judgo
Romeo II. Froor In the Fourth dlstriot by about
1,000 majority, havo probably re-elected Alston
G. Dayton in the Second district, his own esti
mate being 840 majority, and besides havo a
splendid lighting chance to get a majority In
tho llouso.l Should they lose here, though, thoy
can olect a United States Senator on joint bsl
lot. In the Third district the Democrats claim
the oleotlon to Congress of Judge David E.
Johnson by a majority of 1,000. Republicans,
however, clulm tha election ot William S.
1 ' i
Roberts, a Polygautlst, Elected to Congress
by About 10,000.
Salt Lake Citt, Nov. 0, Tho returns at
hand Indicate tho election ot Roborta (Dem.)
for Congress by possibly 10.000. plurality. The
Democratlo candidate for Congress in ltd'O re
ceived 10,500 plurality. The falling off In tho
PeraocratloVote Is duo In part to the fact that
lloberts, the Demooratlo candidate. Is a polyga
mist. Sliver was not so great an Usuo as In
181W, as eaoh of, the three parties adopted a
free coinaga platform, and there was no
stralghtout cold standard candidate in the
field. The Democrats, with eight holdover
Senator", will have 40 to 45 of tho 03 members
of tho Legislature. A successor to Senator
Frank J, Cannon will bo elected.
The New Pennsylvania Railroad Cab Ser
vice at Washington. D. V,
The Pennarlvaala Ballroad Company has Just put
into operation in coonoctlou wltb Its Blitb fltreet
Station. VV aabinirtoD, U. O., a couplets aid emelsnt
cab aerrlre similar to that lu operation at Broad
HtreetStaboo, I'blladelvbla and West Tsrentr-Uiint
Street Button. New York. The sertlee la performed
by brand-new rubber-tired coupes, vlotortu, aud
omnibuses at very reasonable rates, and la the aame
eronipt and satisfactory manner that baa character
ed tha eervlce In other cities. Tbe vehlelea will be
found at the cab etand at the 11 street entrance to tbe
Waaolngton Button, and mar be enraged by the
trip or br tha hour, Jdv,
Advantages of Gas.
All to advantage of cleanliness, comfort and
eaavesteaceareaataaeldaefcu to toex wttb, aad
UseoitUealyaaJr--(t(v, i
The Next Congress Is S
Surely Republican, 9
it Is Nineteen in the House m
of Representatives. Jr
Republican Gains Everywhere Except In y&l
New York, nnd n Senator Here Praett- 'MM
iiill.r No Change In The Ban's Tables jfiRI
nt Wednesdays-Great Slumps In th 1.
West In tha Strongholds of the) 'ML
Stlverltea nnd the Popa The Country "jffy
.Stands Firmly hy President MoKlnley. . Jf
Tun Sun yesterday morning announced that ISj
tho next nouso of Representatives would be 'i,
Republican bya good worklngmajorlty. Its re- Wn
turns had been carefully collected from overy JEJ
Congross district Tho Associated Pressaent out 1r
reports that tho Houso would bo Democratic, Jn
Tub Sun compared its own rcportA with those Sj
of tho Associated Press, and wherein they Mi
differed Innnydistrlct TiixScKBentadespatch W
yosterday to that district In order to vorlfy fl
its reports of Wednesday morning. The re- MJ
suits, as printed bolow, show that Tub Sun of 'M
yesterday was right. The Republicans havo SJ
eleoted 188 mombors, tho Democrats 101, and JB
the Populists and Independents 8. giving the JH
Republicans a clear majority overall ot 10. .;
Tub Sun's figures have been obtained with tha ( Wi
utmost care and with overy attempt to make ' w
thorn accurate. They may ba trusted accord Wt
ingly. 30
Friends of sound money find much enoour- j&
agement in tho result ot tlio Congress iK
elections. Not only Is there a working m
majority of Republicans In tho House, but JK
many ot the Domocrats elected are known to be 'M
sound money mon, or It is known that they M
actually ran on a sound money platform. W
Mr. McAleer of Pennsylvania and Mr.
Thayer ot Massachusetts, both ran as sound- fjf
money Democratic candidates. In Now York Mr. '91
Underbill of the Westchester district Is known -M
to bo as good a sound-raonoy man as any k
Republican in Congress, although he. in com f
mon with all the other Democratlo can- Jli
dldates In tie Btftte. kept silent on Ss
tho subject during tho campaign. Mr. 'jK
Jacob Ruppert, Jr. and Mr. Jefferson 'M
M. Lovy were also known Bound-money Mj
men. It was said that two ot the Dem M,
ocratic Congressmen at least who have beon M
elected in Brooklyn had promised Mr. Shopard mj
and other sound-money leaders that under no ;
circumstances would they be for any other W
than sound-money measures In Congress. W$i
There, ot course, must be other sound- ,j,
monoy Democratlo Congressmen from other 3K!
States, especially In the States where the 'W
Domocrats either refused to approve the Chi- j
cago platform or passed sound-money resolo W&
tlons In their State conventions. W
Full returns ot Tuesday's elections make 19
few changes In Tne Sun's forecast ot the S'
political status ot the United States Senate it
in tho Fifty-sixth Congross. The Re- Jr
publicans gain a Senator In each( of JM
the nine following Btatos: California, "ml
Delaware, Indiana, Maryland (Republican !M
already elected). Nebraska, New Jersey, New W
York. North Dakota, West Virginia and Wis- m
consln. Theso changes will give the Republl- M
cans a clear majority to work tn harmony Wi
with tho Republican Houso ot Representatives -
and tho Republican Executive. The present
Sonate contains 44 Republicans, 34 Democrats, ,
5 Populists. 4 Sliver Republicans. 2 Bllverlto.
and 1 Independent. The silver men. however, ..'
hnvo had n majority of ten on all test ques- M
tlons. jfi
In the new Senate the Republicans will hava .,a
53 Sonators out of a total ot 00. The follow- m
ing are tho Democratic Senators who will 'M
give way to Republicans on the 4th at j
March. 1890; Stephen M. White. CallfomUr M
George Gray, Delaware : DavIdTurplo, Indiana ; Jj
Arthur P. Gorman, Maryland: William N.AJleo, M
Nebraska; James Smith, Jr., New Jersey: 9
Edward Murphy, Jr., New York : W. M. Rosoh, m
North Dakota; Charles J. Faulkner. West Vlr- m
glnln, and John L. Mitchell, Wisconsin. 9
Tbe Senate ot tbe next Congress will be made, w
up as follows: jjH
John T. Morgan, Dem, 8.JI. TW
E. W. Pettus. Dem. T. H. Carter. Rep. m
James K. Jonos. Dam. . llep. M
James H. Borry, Dom. J. M. Thurston. Rep.
Kep John p. Jones, fill. M.1
George 0. Perkins. Rep. NKW"iT?i&r. W
iim. kasTrop. 7SSS' I
E70. Woleott. Rep. ' H- G JJ'?" W
CONNECTICUT. "fSLL'Sf.,,' 'iffl
O. II. Piatt. Rop. .W.J.8ewell.1lt.Pp. . 1
R.R.K7rgBen, ' &SW i
,LOIn. J.O.,frltehard.Rep.
n n nrTn77?T?im Marion Butler. Pop. M
a. R.llallory.Dem. I nobtb dajlota. t
oeobou. jn.O.nansbrouen.Bep. -M
A. O, Bacon. Dem, , Rep. M
A. B. Clay. Dem. , q'. M
iuino. J. B Foraker-Rep. ,V
Geo. L.Bhoup.Rp. M. A. Hanna. Rep m
Henry Heltfeld. Pop, ooik. A
ii.unois. G. W. McBrlde, Bsp. m
H M, Cullom, llep. Joe ph Simon. Rep. M
W. Ii Mason, llep. MNKSTiyAWA. M
Rep. Boles Penrose, Rp. IX
C. W. Fairbanks. Rep, Buont island. M
iowa. N, W. Aldrlch. Rp. S
W. B. Allison, Rep. O, P. Wetmore. Hep. H
J. H. Gear. Rep. aouTM oanouNi.
Kansas. I), n. Tinman. Dem.
Luolen Baker. Rep. J. L. MeLaUrln. Dem. W
W, A. Harris. Pop. bouth dasota. M
William Lindsay. Dem. ' " 'i2&m. V,
W. J. Deboo, llop. SS-af jl
Louisiana. T. B. Turley. Dora, 1
Donelson.Caffery.Dem. Mils, 1
S. D. UoEnery. Dem, llJ,
wnTrif?"run. HorawChUtoaTb U
Kujrene lxale. Bep, utajc, 'S
W.l'.Frje.Rep. JL-gfa

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