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Br tD??nB?VRfl'HHffnHsNIBw
I R 0UR pniLirpiNE cuims-
B flHilli T7i;r "'c.v answer to spaix
K I1e Te ' No Assent lo Spain's Reservation
H iStflw ' SoverelgrYrjr and the Protocol Mi
H IfBlHp Wgned TVnt the Only Until on Which Vim
K iBlf Would Consent to ifloipend Hostilities
B KB IwL The RpnnlnnU Sny Tbef TVIH Withdraw
H HB rtt Itnther Than 8lgn the Fropoied Trenty.
H HB utf Fp'tiol Cablt Pitpaleh lo Tm Sax.
H. MJ jSS.. Txmh. Nov. (1. Tho most Important feature
Ml , of tho American answer to tho Hnanlsh contcn-
Hj PJR Hon with regard to tho Philippine In a narrn
B U IfEf Hon ot tho fools relating (o tho negotiations
B BB i SB' prelfmlnnry to the signing of tho protocol. In
B KB aflc asmncliAsthoonlyplauslblo basis ot tho Hpan
B SB J It? tsh resistance to tho American demand for tho
B BV f E Philippine Is their atsortlnn thnt tho sover
B BB B elentr of tho archipelago Mi dlstlnctlr ra
il BB '! i, serrcd. these facts possess tho utmost slgnlfl
H K ; ff' canco. They occupy much space In tho lone
B BB ft document submitted by f ho American Commls
B ' '$'M alonora to-day, but tho essontlal points aro
B i'l contalnod In tho following brief summary:
B 'f When Spain, through M.Cambon, tho French
B BB. h a Ambassadornt Washington, suggested peaco
B BB' ?' K negotiations, tho American Government re-
B BB' K, piled promptly by submitting terms thnt were
B BJj ' p pract(cally Identical with those that were after-
B BB V Si. -ward embodied In tho protocol. Tho language
H I regarding tho Philippines was actually the
B ''st rae. An Intimation wn convoyed that these
B K Mi IIP terms woro Irreducible, anil that Spain must
BJ Kf$! accept or rejoct them In tholr ontlrety.
B BB xMl In reply, Duko Almodovar doKlo. tho Bpan-
B IB; X W UhJFqrollfn Mlnlstor.. sent his letter of Aug. 7.
B BJ; . fl In which the point was mado that Spain, a
H B t tV 5 prfort reserved her soTorelcnty In tho fhlllp-
BJ fl, pines. Ihoroupon tho American Oovornment
B H'1 1 V drew nptho protocol and sent It to M. Cambon
B Bat S 7 as aformal presentation of tho only basis for
I flll ft t po&Cenccotlatton that tho American Qoorn-
I Jffil f I nn' would consont to slen.
B iPlil ft A,lottor which accompanied tho draft of tho
H W it Sf protocol expressed somo dissatisfaction with
B Mi M K. t'1" communication ot tho Hpanlsh Torelcn
BV K W UlnUtor dated Aus. 7. It did not nrcuo any
M .B. r' i nnlnt In tho Unanlsh letter, but It comnrlsod
B ;' U. and was Intondod to bo merely a reiteration of
B -Ht ' f tho only forms on which tho United States
B fH-1 i- J- would discuss peaco.
B ! J ! Spain then accepted tho protocol without
BJ' ;'.' I; further communication, verbal or otherwise
Bt B'r f f5!"' Such ls "10 c""," of to-day's answer to the
B K f Bpartlsh -ease. It should bo added that tho
BL jBj '', Spanish statement that M. Cnmbon called ou
Br IB f & Becretary of Btato Day after dellvorlneDuko
I f v- h' Almfdovar do Rlo's loiter Ot Auc. 7 and ro
ll B' E"1 colyed from hlmavorbal acknowledgmontof
iB m that communication is llatly contradicted, and
Ba lf tho American answer denies that any such In
Bf ( m tervlow took place
B ;: w It will be observed that there aro cravo dls
Bji, ' Mi' eropancles ot fact between the Spanish and
BS iif American versions of these prellminarios. The
' P fPi exact lancuaco ot l)ulo Almodovar do Itio's
B f ., rii letter ot Auc. 7. and ot Judco Day's reply
B SSk thereto in tho letter which accompanied
I 'A'B fe &, tho draft ot tho protocol, oucht to clear tho
B li situation, but nolthor side Is yet wllllncto
B xHB'jpj , publish those documents.
B ajB-'f.- W. Tho correspondent of The Sun asked the
. SMi-S.'1' W uontloman who furnished tho toregoluB out
m'Sk ;F W line of the American reply why It was tliat It
Im ipi k no WaBhlncton Government had recolwdau
BjK '$? W Intimation that Spain claimed pretentions
HJ . tr of soverolenty in the Philippines the lancuaco
BUI "fc ' "1- Drtocol nn this point was not made as
Bgu '.y, & idlstfnct and emphatic ns the first two article.
Hffj ''- IP Tho Answor was that tho Administration was
wM 'my not then decided as to the disposition to be
'' 'ft S" mado of tlio archlpolago.
B?j !K''fcs' Tho eoan'8b Commissioners dldnotdohate
Iffil Ifif: to-day what course to pursue in low of tho
Hra S American refusal to modify their terms. Their
BM flffBt sesalon.of two hours after the Americans wlth
BHt ?'r IP drew was entirely consumed In translatlnc tho
B?f i" W Amorlcari document.
fKt'fe & Tho Spaniards are much depressed by tho
Ia'' resultof the Amorlcau elections, and reiterate
ig h I their intention to withdraw from the neeotla-
h ; --' f tlo'nsnndVnllowtho Americans to soizo by force
Um h M ! wl(at. Spain will rofuse to yield voluntnrll
B ' !i !s ThorofsaomercasontobelieetiatPrlmoMIn-
Btr S &, fc lsterSasastawouldwIlllnclKmaLopeareontho
k J J American terms if none bettor can be obtained.
Bk ? Sf ( Th0 Madrid correspondent of The Son tele-
K , m 'craphs to-nicht that tho result of the elections
Brr . r In IhVUhlted States will considerably Influeneo
Bit ('-. ' rV tnouovornmont's decision, which will be mado
Bg lit. $ i to-morrow, but Soflor Moniero Hlos. President
WBs 1& I ot the Spanish Commission, who is practically
Bj t W 1 tno commission itself, persists In his rofus-il to
Hi i!1' f a,Rn n tront7 surrendoflnc the 1'hlllpplnes
Ht Kj without full compensation, and tho Sacasta
B if Government Is not strone onouch tofacojils
BB i protost and send another to sienwhat hede-
Kf i clnres would bo Spain's death warrant.
KM 1 P jF Tho projected islt pf Emperor Vllllam to
BkI S ki Bpaln is attractlnc Increased attention. Ad-
If jjp K vices from Madrid aro to tho effect that tho
ri M Spanish Government is doine its utmost to
l L ft civo tho matter tho ereatest political ulcnill-
B t W cance. The German Emperor's movo is clv-
H fe W K lnc rise to speculations recardlnc Its connec-
BJ a r 5' tlon with the coneral European situation and
BB Entiland's continued preparations for war. It
Bl S 1 1 Is even siiccestod, that the Emperor will bo
HtSr K W Imprudent onouch to neeotiate witli Spain for
ftS n portion ot tho Philippines. This. howeer,
3h would be equivalent to a German declaration
iW '- H of war acainst tho United States, nnd.nlthouch
BB3' h M' Emperor William is evidently willing to arouse
Bp If W; American resentmont, ho is far from ready to
Bfti ff i eros' airords wlth tho creat Western republic.
'' L S tue KA1SKR'S visit to Spain:
Umh r I Bo W1" n Invlled lo 71lrld it Xot lr.
BBf k elllnc Incognito.
BBr W Special Cablt Duvaldiii to Tue Sun.
BJfWBv Madhid, Nov. 0. Certain newspapers, deslr-
BbIVt jI' Inc to connect Emporor William's possible call
Bl' H 'ft atCartagena or Cadiz with international mat-
V. W P tors, print details ot the preparatioun for his
BJ&F e H reception, and sny that a Spanish squadron
Bp ff Hw' has cono to Cadix. The German Embassy hero
fir L professes Icnoranco of the Emperor's Inton-
t1' K, There Is no reason to believe that the call will
kT jffi bo anything more than a visit to procure coal
JP Kb P for tho Imperial yacht Hohenrollorn. If tho
Bfc W K Emperor and Empress travel Incognito, as ls
By W gjbj probable, tho local authorities will pay their
BJ& jl' 9jL, respects to them, but If they uppear in their
BS ( 4PF imperial character, ouo ot tho Ministers will
Kg jJW jl. convey the grretlngH of the Queen Itegent and
BrlP1 PwL GoNornmenttothem. It is said thut In the hit-
BJSf 1 HF tercaso the travollers will he invited to visit
Br E3J!'' ifee Madrid,
fl m h toKPOs, Nov, 10. The Berlin correspondent
I Wf W 0l ",e 2,,m" confirms the report that Emperor
i S William will visit Cadiz. The correspondent re-
'jf fra to the gossip concerning his Mojesty'ssup-
"if E. E tiosod inclination to try to obtain better terms
Sk $ 1 for Spain than tho United States has offered,
4'' I' Bni1 deolare that It Is absurd to attach tho
EW slightest political Blculllcanee to tho reports,
fc (B On tho eontrarj'.cnro should he taken to em-
V P K Phaalze the non-pollttcnl character of his lslt,
Jf , IgX: If an alteration of his programme necessitates
fit I S3 tw 'h6 abaudonment of his visit, it will not bo for
"' fSS I political roasous.
a If ML
- K Hjl' Tb" Elections Vill Cuuio No Change In the
' Bf fl& l'resldent'a I'ullry,
K P Washington. Nov. 0. The officers of tho Ad-
m C Er ministration are confldent that the Spanish
', io I'eace Commissioners will attempt to make
i Kt' ifw capital out of tho Domocratlo gains in Con-
mr mMk ' cross. It has been known hero tor B0eral
' ft' mm weekathattho Spaniards were anxious to have
v BJ m thodlscujslonof thorhillpplnesquestlon post-
, gm tt poned until after the election In this country,
ft ;) ttK believing that Semooratlo Buccess would Jus-
( Bf Bk Mfytliera In a protest acainst tho American de-
9 IK mand of the cession of the entire group of lsl-
' k BB' ands. on the ground that the expansion pollor
r Kt Be ' J.'16 Federal Administration md been re-
f B HF- pudlated by the people. Tills visionary view
- K' W of tho Spaniards oroated considerable amuso-
i Be K ment in Administration circles when it was
Bf M! reported to the State Department In-tho ofll-
?d" Bfit ff rial.Bn?tcnf8.lr?n " uut " wa admitted
1 Br B that theSpaaUU Coramissioneramlghtmoktt.it
s Bv ' v decidedly emlwrraMlng to an oariy agreement
KM i 6r exhibiting a atubborn attitude It the policy
BBjL , S upanslon were not sustained. Tuts tear,
BflBBBBBs , Ss
however, did not pause tho American Com
missioners to attempt to oxpodlto the discus
sion and settlement of tho Philippines nucf
tlon. The Spanish position was regarded onlr
In tha fight of tho ottect it might have of delay
ing tho negotiations. When tho Spanish Com
missioners wanted to ndiourn oor elootlon
lay tho Americans did not intornoso nny objeo
tlon, and. altogether, so for aaho, representa
tives of this Government In Paris uro con
cerned, thor wont along without any refer
ence to elections ot homo or tho embarrass
ment whlen might come to tho negotiation
through Democratto success,
On account of this condition pf tilings In
the Tenco Commission, it is notowortliT to
word that the President and Secretary ot
Htato have deoldcd that thoro shall bo abso
lutely no modification of tho demand tor tho
cession of thoU'hlllpplnes group to the United
States. It was apparent from what wna said
by ofllelals to-day that this strict adherence
to tho policy of tho Administration .had boon
decided on before thoro Tras any Indication
that the Democrats would make largo gains
In Congress. Looking over tho field those in
tho inner Administration clrplo do notrogard
tho result of the election, as indicative of dis
satisfaction with the polloy of expansion. On
tho contrary, there, wore heavy Itopiihllpan
gains In districts In tho West whore tho Philip
pines question formed an Issue, and In a
number of caeos whore Domocratlo candidates
were successful thy ran on the principle of
retainlngg tho Islands. The result ot, the
Now lork Gubernatorial election is particu
larly gratifying to tho l'rcstdont and his ad
visers, as Col. ltoosovclt had eomoout square
ly for expansion and ir.ndo It nn lssuo of tho
campaign. JJnt even if more non-oxpanaion-Ists
aro elected to Congress than expansionists
there will be no chango in the .Instructions to
tho American Peace Commissioners. Tho
President and the Cablnot are satisfied that
tho country desires tho retention of tho Phil
ippines and he will be guldod by the sentiment
of the peotilo.
The Once Fnnious Musio ITnll Singer Tries
to Kill nerself.
XrteM Cablt Ietpatc (oTiieBuk.
I.ONP0V. Nov. 0. Lottlo Collins, the mtislo
hall singer, attempted to commit suicide to
day by cutting hor thront. Sho was taken to
tio hospital, whom it was found that her In
juries wcro not serious.
Lottlo Collins has been In bad health for sev
eral years. Last winter sho camo to this coun
try to tako tho euro for rheumatism at somo of
tho Western baths, and sho recovered enough
to appear horo lator In somo ot tho muslo halls.
But tho original warbler of "Ta-ra-ra boom-
do-ay" enjoyed no measure of hor former buo
ccss horo. She had grown matronly and her
songs were poor. She still rotalnod some
of the flnlsh and ease which were nl
ways characteristic ot hor appearances, but
she was no longor Interesting, and her
last visit to this country like hor first, which
took placo before sho had become famous, was
quite uneventful. Before, hor arrival hero she
suod a London weekly for libel because its critic
had described one of her performances as vul
gar. So groatwas tbodiscouragemont of truth
ful speaking that sho got a verdict for a few
dollars against tho journal. This Is said to have
ended her career temporarily in England. 6
Ilore she valued horservlcosataflcurowhich
managers wero qnlto unwilling to pay nfter'lr
becamo evident that tho public Interest in her
performances was a thing ot tho past. When
Miss Collins returned to Europo she was some
what discouraged. Ilecentlyshe has travelled
in Europe in a musical tarco called " The White
Ulackblrd," with Thomas Hurray.au American
comedian now in Enclnnd. Tho muslo halls
wero noloncoroacortoencngo Miss Collins, in
splteof hor ono sensational success. Tho failure
ot hor tour depressed the actresa. and her at
tempt is bellotod herotohavo been caused by
discouragement ovor her recent failures. In
private life she is Mrs. Samuel Coonoy and the
mother of three children.
ritEscu cor.oxizrxa.
Jinny Frenchmen Are Slclc oC It But "Wnr
Preparations Go On.
Secant CalU Dnpatditi to Tax Sex.
London. Nov. 0. A despatch from Paris to
tho Central News says that a great reaction
has set in among politicians acainst the cost ot
Trench colonizing enterprise which will possi
bly result In the Nile question settling itself.
The real danger Is In the Chauvinist press,
which continues to howl for war.
Paws. Nov. 0. The J?cho de Paris prints a
despatch from Toulon saying that the entire
Mediterranean squadron is ready to sail, and
that leaves of absence, even tor a day, have
been stopped. Repairs upon ships are being
pushed with the greatest activity, and forts
and batteries are undergoing special inspection.
The Emperor Assures the Mohnuimedans of
Ills Imperial friendship.
Special Ctllt Detcatch to Till Buh.
DiMiscos. Nov. 0. At a banquot given in his
honor last evening Emperor William delivered
a Speech in which he said he was deeply moved
at the thought of standing in a place where
Saladin, tho most knightly of rulers, had onco
sojourned. Ho assured tho Mohammodans of
his imperial friendship and proposed a toast to
their health and prosperity.
rnoTECTon of cAinoLics.
Leo XIII. Informs the C'mr of France's
Itlght to Act as Such In the East.
Spicial Calls DfipaUh fa Toe Box.
London, Nov. 9. Tho Central News's Rome
despatch sas the Pope has telegraphed to tho
Czar confirming the right ot France as the pro
tector of the Catholics in tha East His Holi
ness adds, howov or. that he would very much
regret to be responsible for any painful events
which might compromise that peace of which
the Czar is tho principal exponent.
Further Efforts to Oct to tlia Bottom. of,tha
Dreyfus Scandal.
Sprcial Cable Dtipatck to Tux Bex.
Piltis, Nov. 0. The .Fiffaro says that at tho
instance ot tho Court ot Cassation another
seizure ot papers has been made In the houso
ot a person who had relations with Major
Estorhazy, and many letters bolonging to
Esterhnzy have been handed to the court.
1,801 Slclc and Twelve Deaths nt Manila.
tptcial Cable DeipaUh to Tax Bun.
JIxnili, Nov. 0. The weekly report of the
sickness among tho Amorlcan troops hern is as
Typhoid fevo,r,137j malarial fevor.037; dys
entery. IBOj diarrha-a, 30; all otlior Intestinal
trouhlos. 20; gastric fever, Wl: wounds aud
other Injuries, 7: heat, 34; all other diseases,
OTJ. In CavltiS tho casos of sickness number
1M, making a total or 1,801 acainst 1.851 last
Tho deaths wero; Typhoid fever, 4; dysen
tery. 2 ; abscess, 1 ; meningitis, 1; pemphigus,
1; drowning, 1: smullpox, 2.
Unroll! Frederic's Attendants Arraigned.
tprcial Coble Httpalch to Tua Bu.f .
LoKnnK. Nov. It. Mrs. Mills, tho Christian
Scientist who attended Harold Frederic, tho
Ameilcan newspaper correspondent, who died
on Oct. 10, and Miss Kate Lyon, a member ot
Mr. Frederic' household, against whom a Cor
oner's jury rendered a verdict of manslaugh
ter yesterday, were arraigned In tho Croydon
County Police. Court to-day. Tho prisoners
woro remanded foraweekMuderXSOOball each,
Tho rnrncssla in Collision.
.'jxnal Cable Vnvatch to Tue Box,
Gr.Asaow, Nov, 0. Tho British stoamer Fur
nersla, from Tfow York Oct 20, arrived at
Greenock. to-day Sho reports having come
Into collision two miles botow Cumbraes with
the Rchqoner Evelyn Jenkins, slightly damag
ing the latter.
Will Prince George Be Sent to Crete T
Bpttlal Call DetpatcX to Tax Suir.
London, Nov. 0. A London news agency as
sert that England. France and Italy have
agreed upon the appointment of Prince George
of Greece as High Commissioner in Crete, the
Porto's appeal to Germany and Austria being
Mr. Hitchcock Iteturnlng to Itussla.
Speeiat Cablt Dtipauh to The Bmt,
London, Nov. O.-Mr, Ethan Allon Hltchcook,
United State Ambassador to Buuta. who ha
xoriarnttn irEDDitfas.
Miss EUrabeth M. Cleveland and Robert G.
Mead, Jr., wero marriod yostorday In the
Church of Zlon nnd Bt. Timothy. Tho brido is
a daughter ot Dr. and Mrs. Clement Cleveland
ot CO West Thirty-eighth street and the bride
groom Is a Bonof tho lato RobortG.Meadot
BingBlng. Tho Rev. Dr. Monry Lnbeck per
formed the ceremony at nodn, and tho bride,
attlrod in whito satin with point laoo. was given
away by her father, with whom sho entered the
church. Dora Jlnvomoycr. SArah Thompson,
Ethel Davles. Elslo Homans. Mabel Drnkp.
Francos La Fargo. Buslo Vnlontmo and Rosalia
Btarr woro tho bridesmaids. Lowls .Starr was
best man, nnd Harry Clovoland, brother pf the
brldo; Charles Clovoland. a cousin: Frank
Mills. William Maclay, Calvert Ilrewer. Irwin
Gnrflold. E. II, Chllds. Acosta Nichols. Charles
Plnkerton ami Honry Banford wore.tho ushers.
As the families of both brldo and bridegroom
aro In mourning, there was no reception after
tho church ceremony, Mr. nnd Mrs. ltobort O,
Mead, Jr., will travol in Europe for several
Miss Caroline Cowlcs Leo nnd MaltlAnd F.
Griggs wore marriod yesterday afternoon at
tho Church ot the Ucavonly Rest. The Rev.
Dr. D.Tarkor Morgan performed tho coromony,
and the brldo was ghen away by her father.
Charles Northam Leo. Miss Grace Baltonstall
Leo attendod hor sister as moid of honor. Miss
Elizabeth Wilcox, Miss Aurella de Manila?,
Miss Graco Loe Schmidt, Miss Ethel Moss ot
Urooklyn. Miss Lucy Strong Talntor and Miss
Eleanor Johnson ot Hartford. Conn., wero the
bridesmaids. Anson Phelps Stokes, Jr. was
best man. Aloxander. Cochran. Redmond
Cross. H, Drlnkorhofl Thorno, Samuel Thome.
Jr., MoKoc D.McKeoot Washington andJamos
1). Neslo ot Scranton, graduates of Ynle, class
ot IKl. ot which tho bridegroom was also a
member, were tho ushers. Tho brldo ls a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Northam Lee
of 114 Wost Seventy-olghth stroot There was
a largo reception nftor tho church coremony
filvcn at the llucklnghara Hotel by Mrs. Wll
nm Leo of Hartford, tbo brldo' grandmother.
' riojd-Wells.
Miss Elizabeth Schuchardt Wells and Wil
liam Floyd were married yesterday aftornoon
at tho Church ot tho Asconslon, Fifth avenue
and Tonth street, by tho Rev. l'eroy Btlckney
Grant The Rov. Lester Bradnor, Jr.. as
sisted, and tho sorvlce was fully choral. Tha
bride, who Is tho youngest daughter ot Mr.
nnd Mrs. Lawrence Wells, was glvon away by
her father. Miss Julia Wells was maid of
honor and Miss Rosalie Floyd, Miss Lily Ilugor
Wells of Charleston, 8. 0. Mies Kvolyn Neeser.
Miss Annlo Turner. Miss Lydln Learning
Smith of Philadelphia, and Miss Henriotta Lu
Moyne ot Hartford. Conn., woro tho orldos
maids. Edward N. Crosby wbb best man. and
Thomas Lawronco Wolls, Wolfe Floyd, Arthur
Dubois. Robort O.Bwann, Charles II. Voorheos,
and Dr. Montgomery U. Bicard wero tho ushers.
Tho church coremony was followed by a gen
eral reception nt the residence ot Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Wolls. 10 West Seventeenth street
Satlerlce Foliom.
Pittspieij). Moss . Nov. 0. Miss Helen Stuy
vesant Tolsom. daughter ot Mr. and Mm.
George Wlnthrop Folsom of Now Tork. was
married to tho Rov. Churchill Batterleo of Mor
conton, N. 0., at tha Lenox Episcopal Church
at noon to-day. Tho ceremony was performed
by BIsIiod Sattorlee of Washington. D. 0.. tho
father ot tho bridogrooo. Bishop Doano ot
A'lbany. N. Y.. the Rov. Dr. Battcrshaw of
Albany, and tho Rev. Harold Arrowsralth, rec
tor of Trinity Church, assisted. The brldo wns
attended only by her fnther. who gave her
nway. Tho Rov. Aloxls Stein of St. George's
Churoh, Now York, was the best man. Tho
tishors were Llout. Sydney Height. John Jay,
Samuel Frothinghnmot New York. Honry Hau
cock of Philadelphia, and GronUllo Kano ot
Tuxedo. The brido was dressed for travelling
In a gown ot blue cloth. Her bouquet was ot
A reception followed the coremony at the
country home of the bride's parents.
Newcombe Churchill.
LotnsvriXE. Ky.. Nov. 0. Herman Danforth
Newcombe and Miss Matthllde Florence
Churchill wore married nt Christ Church Ca
thedral to-night at 0 o'clock, tho Rov. Charles
Ewcll Cratk. dean of the cathodral, officiating.
It was a full choral wedding. Miss Eva
Churchill, sister ot the brldo. was maid ot
honor, nnd Mr. Edwin Eatte of New York city
best man. Tho brldosmalds were Misses Mary
Garvin Brown. Nelchen Hell, Mlttle Cowling.
Amelia Cowling. Aleon Muldoon, Annlo Carter,
Mnry Ellen Terguson nnd Mario Danforth. Tho
ushers wero Edward Humphrey, Terry Ben
ton. Mountioy Cloud of San Francisco: Will
Tapp. V ill Marre. Henderson; Stoddard John
ston. Drayton Haste. South Carolina; A. O.
Brand and Byron HlUlard.
Mr. Newcombe is a son of n. Victor New
combe ot New York. He is a practicing Louis
ville lawyer.
Letor MastlD.
Miss Irene Masttn and A. Edward Lesterwere
married last evening, which was tho anniver
sary date of tho wedding ot tho bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Masttn ot 111 West
Soventleth street The spacious residence of
tho bride's grandmother. Mrs. Dickinson of 44
West Seventy-second street, was the scene
ot the event The Rov. Thomas Gallau
dot, who also married the parents, per
formed the ceremony at 8 o'clock. Miss
Edith Mastln was her sister's maid ot
honor nnd the Misses Beatrice Mastln, Edith
Brown. Mabel Lester and Florence Tubbswere
tho bridesmaids. Charles H. Lester assisted as
best man. Clarence 0. Dickinson. William
Lester. Rossltor Waters and Bpencer Waters
were the ushors. After tho ceremony there
was a largo reception.
Robinson G oodvrin.
H.VBTFOiiD. Conn., Nov. 0. The leading
social event ot tho season was the marriage
this afternoon. In Trinity Church, of Miss
Borah Morgan Goodwin, dauehter ot the Rev.
and Mrs. Francis Goodwin, to Harry Bhlpman
Robinson, Secretary of the Connecticut Trust
and Safe Deposit Company. The coremony
was performed by tho bride's father, assisted
by tho rector, tho Rov. Ernest Def MIol. Miss
Alice Goodwin and Miss Mary ltoblnRon were
tho bridesmnlds. Tho ushers woro Charles W,
Goodwin and F. Spencer Goodwin, brothers of
the brldo: Dr. Horace Stokes of Now York,
Gilford Pyuchon, Robert W, Huntington.
Charles U. Cooloy. Jr., Henry 11. Palmer of
Stonington, and Arthur L. Bhlpman. Among
tho guests woro J. Plcrpont Morgan nnd family
from New lork, who arrived on a special train.
Robinson Wall.
Miss Madeline Wall, daughter of Frank T.
Wall, and Beverly W. Robinson wero married
yesterday aftornoon at 4 o'clock at tho rosldonoo
of the bride's father, at Henderson and Clinton
avenues. New Brighton, S. I. Tho ceremony
was performed by tho Rev. Dr. T, Wilbur
Brown ot Bt Thomas's Church, New York. On
account ot the recont death ot tho bride's
mother only relatives and Immediate friends of
tho contracting parties wore present. Tho
bride wns attended by Miss Rosalie Golcourla
of Now York, and tho best man was Lyman
Colt, also ot New York.
Geddes Urownell. "
Nricir. Nov. 0. A foshlonnble wedding took
place In Grace Church this afternoon at S
o'clock. The groom was James Peter Goddes
of Now York, nnd the bride Ills Leila Manuelo
Urownell, daughter ot John L. Brownell ot
South Nyack, The Rev. Franklin Babbitt reo
tor of Grace Church. oOlclatod. Donald Geddes,
brother of tho groom, was best man and Miss
LnHcello was bridesmaid. Mr, and Mrs. Geddes
left for nnextendod bridal trip. They will re
side in Now ork.
Dr. Barrows as Oberlln's l'resldent.
Cniciao, Nov. 0. Tho Rov. Dr. John Henry
Barrow ot the First Presbyterian Church has
been selected by the committeo appointed by
the Board ot Trustees ot Oberlln College, Ohio,
to choose a President for that Institution. It
is probable that the board will unanimously
indorse the committee's action, and that Dr.
Barrows will neeept. Oberlin has 1.300
students, buildings v alued at $000 000, ana an
endowment fund of over $1,000,000,
Lieut. Sllclile's Funernl nt West Point.
West Point. Nov. 0, The body of Lieut
Denis M. MIchle arrived here from Cuba this
afternoon, and the burial services over the re
main were very Impressive. The funeral was
a railltary one. In whioh the various detach
mentaotWest Point Including the Battalion
ot Cadets, participated.. Lieut. Mlohle was a
son of Prot Peter 8. Mlofjle. and was killed in
the battle ot Ban Juan HI1L
Killed the Girl and Himself.
Montbkii Nov. 0. A double tragedy oc
curred hero this evening. Jean Croteau, a
French Canadian, 35 years old, went to the
houso of Wllllain Lavlgaeur. on Berry street
and hpt Mathilda, Laylgaeur, 17, years pld,
kjulngherlnstantry. Ho then shot and. killed
himself. The girl ii&a refused to marry him.
Van Wyck nnd Carried the District, nnd the
Tammnnyitet, Bnra of Adler's Defeat,
Were Bettlns: In Accordance, When TJp
Bobs a Unteh of Belated Returns.
Martin Engel'a follower In "De Ate" went
broke yesterday. Long after midnight, when
tho east side was shouting for "Guvnor Toddy"
the Tammany Hall people wcro digging into
their pockets to find a last dollar to bot on Lou
JnlTor, tho Tammany candidate for member
ot Assembly. Tho dlsrrlot had Bono for Van
Wyok by COO .'odd. and Martin Engol and his
crowd thought thsy had beaten Charles S.
Adlor, the Republican Assembly candidate,
who has served, three term in the Asaombly
from tills east side Tammany stronghold.
Charley Adler's friends were going around of
fering G to 3 and 6 tol acainst JafTer. and the
JafTerites were taking these waters as sure
"Dl Is a elnoh," exclaimed a Forsyth street
Jafforlto. in tho corncrjjaloon at Grand street
"JnlTer wins by ninety wld one dlstriot
None of tho JafTer shnutors stopped to ask
what district was missing, and thoy chased ud
all tho Adlor men who were offering odds on
their candidate
, "It was like stoalln' dough of doso blokes to
bet 'em." said one of tho Alder men yoster-
day, showing a roll of bills nnd tbroo diamond
rings ho had won, "but der fought dey had a
clnsh and was iisin' us for easy tings."-
Adlor s followors know that tho missing dls
triot was the Third, Abram Adlor bannorlto
publloan district He had carried It for hla
brother by 105. wiping out JafTer' lead with
10S to spare The returns wore a little late
in gottlng up to Pollco Headquarters, nnd it
was not until yesterday afternoon that It was
generally known thnt Adlor had won. All the
newspapers had Jaffer oleoted. . . --,
Martin Engol was told by Richard Croker
eany in tno campaign tnat no must oiect oanor
or get out Engol mado a dosnerato effort to
win. Ho was aided by Florio Sullivan. Superin
tendent ot tho Bureau ot Encumbrances, who
torrorlred the small ihopkoepnrs. going around
nnd telling them to bo loyal or suitor tho con
soquencos.Shopkeopnrs and house owners
woro mado to tear down ptoturen of Col. Rooso
velt and Assemblyman Adlor byTammnny police
from tho Eldrldgo street station, presided over
by Cant 0 Keofe. who just before election
wont to an Engol dinner and had his skull
crushed. Somo of Adler's friends say. that
thousands dollars wire sent into tho district
from Tammany Hall.
She Bought SJS Cents Worth of Brandy to
riny Bowery Bums.
Shortly before 0 P. M. yostorday Mamlo Brcn
nnn. 10 years old, ot 03 Monroe atrcot. was
found unconscious on the sidewalk in front of
2 Monroe street by a policeman ot tho Madison
street station. An ambnlanco was called from
Gouvernour Hospital, and the child was found
to be suffering from alcohollo coma. Upon In
vestigation it was learned that the girl wns
tho daughter ot John Brennan, an employee in
Judge Bolte's office In tho Second District
Municipal Court. Bronnan was formerly -an
actor, and for fifteen years was a mombor ot
Edward Harrlgan's company. Things have not
prospered with him of lato, and the family, con
sisting of a wlro and four children, live in a roar
tenement at 03 Monroe street
Mamie Brennan, when with two girls of her
own ago, Annlo Flnklesteln nnd Roslo Roson
blum, yesterday afternoon sold, according to
tho statement of the other children: "Let's
play Bowery ImmB " She had 23 cents which
sho iravo to Charles Watdmnn. 13 years old. of
104 Monroe street telllnfe him to buy somo
brandy. Waldman went to the saloon of Louis
Pearlstoln of 00 Monroo etreot and purchased
the liquor of Bnmuol Hesselson. tho bnrtonder.
John Brennan says that Waldman forced the
brandy down his daughter's throat but the
boy donies tills. Hesselson was arrested for
soiling liquor to a minor and Waldman was
hold as a witness.
The St. John's Guild Starts a Subscription
I.Ut-835,000 Needed.
Tho St John's Guild held a mooting last
night at the Columbia Bank, Forty-soventh
street and Fifth nvenue, for the purposp of
electing officers for the ensuing year and tak
ing stops to raise $35,000 to equip n new float
ing hospital largo enough to permit of caring
for 1.200 women and children a day. It was
desired to have tho new floating houso ready
for use by July 1. 1801).
Former Mayor William L. Strong presided.
The estate of Mrs. Emma Abbott Wotherell
contributed $8,000 to the fund, and the follow
ing other donations were made: Jacob BohlfT,
$100: D Hunter MoAlpin. Jr.. $100: Jeffo
Hush Eddy. $500.
Tnorpnowing omcers wore eicetoil: Presi
dent William L. Strong: rirst Vice-President.
W.F.King: Second Vice- President J. T.Ijnins;
Secretary. J. P. Fanre: Treasurer. William It.
Warren : Board of Directors to serve for five
years. William L. Strong. Prof. W. H. Burr.
William P. Wardwell and Villlam Bherer.
John Roth Crushed In a Machine Used for
Reducing Armor Flates.
John Roth, aged 27, was killed instantly
yesterday morning at tbo works of tho Benja
min Atha & Illlngworth Steel Company in
Harrison, N, J, Ho was nn export Btoel roller
and had charge ot a series of armor plate rolls.
On his arrival at the works he went to the rolls
with his overcoat on, and while giving Instruc
tions to his helper he leaned over the revolv
ing machinery and bis overcoat caught Ho
was dragged between two mnssivo rolls used
for reducing hot metal from eight Inches to
four and a half Inches, and Ills skull and chest
wore crushed.
When the nature ot the casualty was known
all tho workmen In that department put on
their bats and coats and quit work for the day.
Thoy wore used to acoldeuts at the rolls, but
this was the first mortal accident, and the
shock, was so creat that they all refused to
Deserted Der Husband to Get Out of the
Country Die Sues for Divorce.
Master in Chancory Washington B. Williams
beard testimony In Jersey City yesterday in a
sultfor divorce brought by John Johns ot 412
Newark street Hoboken, on tho ground of de
sertion. Johns was marriod in Newport Eng
land. In April. 1888, and came to this country
alone a month afterward. His wife jolnod him
shortly afterward, but sho did not like this
country. Johns said that the Ioncor she lived
here the stronger hor dlsllko for the country
and tholpeople became, and In September. 1800,
she returned to England, notwithstanding his
entreaties. He has written to her frequently
sinco then urging her to return, but sho re
fuses. The testimony will bo submitted to
Chancellor McGill.
The Weather.
There w a storm moving northeutttard from the
lower UlssUilcpl Valley yesterday, shoirlng Increas
ing force end canting rain In all the central State
from tha Quit ot lleilco northward to the lake re
dons, where there was some snow. It was snowing
In Colorado and a part ct Nebruka and Kanias.
Tho rain area It spreading rapidly eastward, and Is
accompanied by windt of lncretilwr force.
It was decidedly colder over tba Northwe t, with a
cold wave and freezing temperature sweeping south
ward to northern Teiai, canting a "norther" in that
State. In the Dakota aad northern Ulnnaaola the
tenrperatnr was from 0 to 10 above zero, and It
was below freezing watt of Iowa and Uitaorul to tha
central Bocky MounUln districts. In the Atlantio
Btatta it waa mild and from to SO warmer.
In this city the day was fair; bit-beat temparatart
eo, lowest 4a; aterasa humidity, 44 per eat.
wind ahlfted from north to east, average velocity 0
mllea an hour; barometer, corrected to read to aea
let eh at B A. M. H0.3B, S F, U. S0.C4.
The temperature as recorded by the official ther
mometer and alto by Tm Bern's thermometer at the
street level la ahown In the annexed table;
t-OJJIetaU-. Sun'l r-OJtklil- 5un't
ISli. 1837. 18'JS. ISO. I89T. JUS).
A.U.D6 6 Bt BF. t.S7 64
1JM....00 CV ?, U.6B 47' C4
r.U.07 fit) i7 13 Uld..E & C3
wjuunxoTos voaxquz roa Tanatnir.
Tor Matttchnsetta, Shod Ialand. and Connection!,
rain; colder; biaraaauitnortheaiterhrwlnda.
Tor tattcrn Keo Tork.rainf ooUtrin HiiOini por
tion I increasing and Mjk nortAeaittrly windj.
FortheDlatriot of Columbia, eastern Pennsylva
nia, New Jtrtey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia,
rain; colder toward night; Increaalag northeasterly
windt, becoming high by Thursday night
for western l?eaniyltaiil and Ohio, rain; cel4r
la aoutiarn portions; Ugh nortbaatterly winds.
Porwaattrn How Tork. rain or snow; high north
aaUrly wlals,
Tha Occnpntlon of Cuba and the Result ot
the Elections Dltcnited.
WAsnisaxoM. Nov. 0. The arrangement
for tho dotalls establishing quartennastor'
depots, constructing wharves and transport
ing quartermaster' supplies for the army ot
occupation In Ouba ooosumod nearly all ot a
rather long Cabinet meeting held to-day.
Wodncsday is not a regular Cabinet day. but
In vi6w ot tho failure ot the Fresldont to meoi
lila official advisbra yesterday as usual, he
callod a special meeting for this morning.
Just why It was deemed necessary to have the
Cablnot pass on the details of tho arrange
ments for establishing tho army cf occupation
was not understood by several ot the Cabinet
ofiloluls, ono of whom Bald tho matter coutd
have been dlsposod ot quit as well nt the
Vnr .Department Brlg.-Gon. John M. 'W ilson.
Chief ot Engineers and Col. Frank Hooker.
Quartermaster, explatnod. to tho President
and tho Cablnot the plan tor landing supplies
nnd establishing supply stations in Cuba.
Beoretary Alger reported that the first troop
of uio army of occupation would start for Gi
bra this weak.
Naturally tho Cabinet discussed tho eloo
tlons. and there was general satisfaction ex
pressed ovor the result except as to the House
ot Representatives. Chairman Babcock, of
tho Republican Congress Campaign Commit
!"? held frequent communication with the
White House ovor the telephone and reported
Republican gains whero it was supposed that
there had boen Iorsos. Tho President and
his advisors askqd Mr. Babcock for tlgnre of
tho genoral result . But those ho did not wont
to give until further advices had been re
ceived. Ho assorted, however, that the Re
publicans would have n clear majority in the
Houso. although It. would be considerably bo
low the present majority.
President MoKlnley expressed his gratifi
cation ojvor the result In Ohio. Members of
tho Cabinet also found cause for congratulat
ing the Administration ovor the faat that the
Republicans had held their own or mado gains
In the territory visited by the President on his
recent Western tour.
Gallignn Forgot the Little One While Re
Wns Rescuing Ills Wife.
Threo children woro burned to death in a Are
In the three-story brick, building at 015 Myrtlo
avenue, Brooklyn, shortly after 2 o'clock yos
torday morning, and throe women were badly
burnod about tho arms and body while trying
to escape from tho flames. Tho firo started
from some unknown causo In tho cellar ot the
building and in a short tlmo hod made rapid
progress through the alrshaft Throe alarms
wero Bounded, and when the firemen arrived
several women wore standing In the win
dows and would have Jumped into the
stroot had not the firemen cautioned
them. Ladders were ralsod and the firemen
rescuod Mrs. Nclllo Galilean, who lived On tho
third floor, and Mrs. Ooila Oosgrove and hor
20-year-old daughter Florence who llvod on
tho second floor. Tho three women were car
ried to tbo houso ot Engino 0,-on Graham
street where their wounds wore dressed by
ambulance surgeons. Mrs. Oosgrove and her
daughter were then cared for by friends, but
Mrs. Gnlllgan was removed to tho Cumberland
Street. Hospital. and yesterday her condition
was said to Do serious.
While the Bremen were still at work upon the
lira, Michael Golllgan asked exnltedly If any
thing had been seen ot his children. He said
they wore In bed nt the time tho lire was dis
covered and that in tho excltemont In trying to
rescue his wife ho had forgotten them. Fore
man Freel of Trneg, 2, with several firemen,
hastily ran Into the building nnd found tho
children lying togethor In a bed In a rear room
on the third floor. They caught up the children
and carried them to tho street It was found
then that the children were dead, Thoy hod
been suffocated and then burned. The bodies
were removed to tho Flushing avenno police
Btatlon and yesterday were taken to an under
taking ostfihlishraent.
Tho building Is owned by John J. Rogers,
who estimates his loss at $2,500 The tenants
pstlraate their lossosat about $700. Connor
Bros . who had n grocery on the first floor, lose
about $500 on their stock.
May Do Chief Clerk's Work, but Cannot
Get the l'ny for That Place.
Supreme Court Justice Garretson in Brook
lyn yesterday denied tho application of John J.
Joyce for a writ of peremptory mandamus to
compel Chil Justice Van Wart ot tho Broadway
Court to certify to his payroll from January to
August Joyce was Assistant Clerk ot the
court, and when W. W. Richards, the Chief
Clerk, waa doposod shortly after Jan. 1 last
Joycowas assigned to perform his duties. He
expected tho samo salary as tho Chief Clerk had
recou ed, $3,000 a year. Justice Van Wart de
clined to certify tho payroll at the tnoreased
salary. Justice Garrotsun contends that by
granting tho motion it would have the effect of
placing Joyce on tho civil list for life, while the
charter only makos the appointment for six
years, or during good behavior.
A Kovel Exhibition. by Which a Negro Sup
port! Mlmself.
DImond S. Richardson, a negro who said he
livid at 184 Eighth avenuo, this city, wa ar
raigned in tho First Criminal Court in Jersey
City to explain how ho came in possession ot
four pool balls. He said he owned the balls
and that ho used them In his profession.
"What Is your profession?" asked Police
Justice Nevin.
'Swallowing pool balls." replied Richardson.
"I'll. show you. Judge." ho continued. and.
opening his mouth, ho put all the balls Futo it
one after the other. Richardson said that he
tsuoports himself and his mother by giving ex
hibitions ot the capacity ot his mouth.
Mr. Jolly Rode Headforemost Into Some
lumber and Broke Ills Skull.
John H, Jelly, 45 years old, of 303 Cumber
land street Brooklyn, Is In a critical condition
at Bt John's Hosoltal. suffering from a fraotnra
of the skull, sustalnod on Tuesday afternoon
while riding a bloyolo on Dean street near
Grand avenue. While riding with his head
bent down over the handle bars he ran Into
some lumber that projected from the rear ot a
truck. He was unconscious when picked up,
and was still In that condition last night
Convicted Murderer Attempts Suicide,
JtoonESTEit. tjov. 0. George A. Bmlth, last
week convicted after a seven weeks' trial of
murdering his wife, to-day tried to commit
suicide at tho jail by tying himself to the cell
door with a towel. He was cut down, but it
took the surgeons a half hour to bring him to
consciousness. 8m Ith Is 03 yoars old arid is an
old railroad man. He Bhot his wlfo for Insur
ance money and then bound and gagged him
self and told a story about being dragged out
of bed by robbers, who mado him give up his
money, $1,300. He was defended by George
Raines. .Justice Davy has fixed to-morrow as
the time to sentence Bmlth to the electrio chair.
The Tretldent Return to Washington.
VAsniOTO!f, Nov. 0. President MoKlnley
reached here this morning at 8 o'clock. The
Presldont left Canton at 2:05 yesterday after
noon, having cast his vote for tho Republican
Congress candidate for that dlstriot in the
momlng. Largo crowds greeted the President
and his party at the stations where stops were
made, and where ho was informed of the re
sults of tho political contests throughout the
country by the courtesy of Tub Bun and the
Western Union , Telegraph Company, The
party Included Mrs. MoKlnley and maid. As
sistant Becretary Cortleyou, and Gen. Russel
Asks for at Receiver for the Xlnteed OU
Chicaoo. Nov. 0. James H. Barnard, an at
torney and a stockholder in the National Lin
seed Oil Company, filed In the Circuit Court
to-day an application for a receiver fbrtbat or
ganisation. Ho alleges In his -bill that Presi
dent Euston and his adherent have made
systeraatlo efforts, to defraud the company'
creditors and small shareholders. Last sum
mer Barnard secured a writ of mandamus
compelling tha company to allow him to ex
amine Its books. From this examination, be
J lieges, he has secured sufficient evidence to
ustlty the court In winding up it affair.
n. T.Sloan Bays " Rf Point" at Mew
port. NawponT, B. L. Not. O.-Benrr L Ingersoll
and William M. Helss, executors ot the estate
ot Barah E. Ingersoll. have sold the property
on the cliffs known as "Reef Point" to Mr.
Henry T. Bloane of New York. The property
contains 231.307 square feet or land, with villa
and stables. Next to tho sale of "Vlnland'ito
H.McK.Twomblytbi ls the most important
sale In Newport real estate lp year. The
SlSffi&S. a.aiMrttoai3
tbo ViotorKortUftn estate
Dr, Greene's Nervura, the Great Strength- (
ener and Invigorator of Womankind. "
Women are great sufferer from nervousness, weakness, nervous prostration and ilnbllltT.
Thousands S gfrlsdroop andlangulsh in tho close, confined atmosphere of , el'0Pf. fjc Qrles ot
ofilees. and hundreds of thousands woar out tholr norjo foreo and powsrlnhousohold tare,
family bsreavemont tind responsibilities and work which never ends.
Horo llos the great strain upon the nervous ystoms of women. Here 1 the causo why iw
many womon complain of bolng weak. nervous, tired nno rss-.,
exhausted. Thoy have little or no rest t, tholr llfo is ono "5E5ejijWfflB llAH
continual round of work, duties hero, duties there, dutlpa rS?VJJ1i IIWV'X
without number. What wondor that suoh women go to AtSWalrfMWu IK Y (
bed at night fatlguod. and wake tlrod and unrefreshod In HlraJBjSf JEW fliA-'v
tho morning I What wonder that they boeome worn out -iaa3r Sit, i gP--y!llPVsr ,
eo to speak, in nerve and vital power! What wonder that WfAmmkirii Mk-Akj
they have great weakness, .exhaustion, palps In tho paoic THmLUmWm r Vt"N"
and limbs, togethor with distressing, female complaints. IliK I VJLJk ..
which aro always causing lose of vital Strength and vigor. iiV W iV"Sr
They aro tired out and discouraged. 7nW J VJJ
, What women need is that groat strengthener and I I BIjjW y iTTli I
Invigorator of womankind, Br, Greene's, Nervura IT I JKmn i f ri ",UH
blood and nervo remedy that remedy which rebuild I. I . I,. WBfv ifr - lri :r1
health and strength, purlflos and enrlohes tho blood. I I I I lrJliBis5lTMtstr-'u.J
clvoit strength nnd vigor to tho nerve, and tho strong t-TT ffly JmW mQv
vitality and energy to tho system which will enable 'M . I . Pa oWv
women to do tholr work and yet keep strong and 1 I J m Wt mKUkV
Z Mr. M. D. Perkln. of 100 O St.. Bo. SfJT DjO II fliS
Boston. Mass, ays; ... nVRTaWi II J r ilfl rflW
. I was completely run down nnd conld - axJKSI ' utwr lvJ rLaH,'ri
Jot cat for the sight of food mado me sick. ynftvIL L Ml IHtffK&u
did not sloop nt night and was as tired In rmkjmmnrrl N BQVaikl
Jho morning as when I retired nt night Mr 4a9EcAW k w-1 nil otuKe?tVt
head nnd back ached nil tho tlmo. I waa iljjn&KrVr-lXJ. Hlf MBt'ffll
completely exhausted If I tried to do my TJyiSnrl ) l IT BawM
housework, and could not walk without ' fc ii Miiit
bolng dlszy. I was oxcosslvely norvous and j l I mHtiSS
Thon .1 began to take Dr. Greene's BPfnKWfi mSirl)
Nervura blood and nervo remedy, and I xiftiMK V . W'SawS
cannot say onongh In its Drntso. I have not JJim . If, J.-v-vI3jf?J
folt so woll for years as I do at tho present S)MmnW ' rTr JKJVsKltKR
time, thanks to this splendid remedy. ' (JiVl.W II 4fcJsj5isWS'?A f
, I can now eat and sleep soundly, waking "&-iK-rmMmHmi!ffi&r3
mornings strong and refreshed. I do my house- km w Wwil!KiiM?w1
wcrk, which is now n pleasure Instead ot bolng a o19!lmWlMwtwj$''l
burden as formerly. My weight has Increased wffi TWNJ fittsaXS
about twolvo pounds in tho last two months. I would recommond CSSJ JWfMy5iT.lt
any ono afflicted as I have boen to by all moans uso this wonderful WlPaSsf jffigfcjV I
,. Remember also that Dr. Greene, 35 Wost 14th St.. Now York aJ
Clty.tho famous spoolallst in curing norvous and ohronlo dlsoasos. can bocontultod free, poi
sonally or by letter.
President aieKInley's Decision May Not Be
Annonnced for Two or Three Weeks.
WisniNOTow. Nor. 0. Contrary to tho ex
pectation of every ono not directly connected
with the caso, it was learned to-day that the
deolslon in tho court-martial ease ot Capt
Oborlln M. Carter. Corps of Enclneors. would
probably not bo announced for somo tlmo.
It was said last week that tho pnpors In the
case had been handed by the Presldont to the
Secretary ot War, containing tho modification
In the sentence decided upon by the Execu
tive. The tact camo out to-day. however, that
tho Presldont has as yet reacbod no decision
In the Carter caso, and that ho will not attempt
to do so at once.
The charge has been freely made that the
object of tho Administration in holding back
tho deoision has boon to nvoid an undesirable
effect on the elections which might arise from
the contemplated radical modification ot tho
sontonoe, but It can be stated positively that
no such motive has obtained. The President
consented somo time ago to listen to tho argu
ments presented by ex-Senator Edmunds,
who is omployed as spsolal lcsnl advisor In
the nase, and by Wayne MaoVeagh. counsel for
Capt. Carter. The l'resldent found that the
representations ot these gentlemen Involved
so much that affected tho legal aspect ot tho
case thatltseemod to him aonlsable to exam
ine the fall report ot the court-martial with
extreme earo and deliberation. Ho will be
busy with his annual message to Congress for
some time, and it Is probable that the decision
In tho Carter case will not bs announced for
two or three week.
Our Army Expedition Had Short Rations
nnd a Oennrnl llnrd Time.
Seattie. Wash. Nov. 0 The United States
Army Alaskan exploring expedition, com
manded by Capt Glenn, has returned from five
months of hardship In tho north. Part of tho
command tell ot living for days on the flesh of
an army mule while waiting on the ridge bo
tween the Tanana and Cook Inlet oountrles.
Another expedition under Lieut Larned wonld
have starved but for the fortunate killing of u
number of moose. Capt Glonn's main party
went fifteen days on short rations. It was Im
possible to move supplies as fast as the explor
ing jart' proceeded. .
Both offloers and men hod many narrow
escapes from drowning. Tho officers .are dis
appointed with their five months' work. They
made no new discoveries of Importance, and
will only be able toadddetalls to data already in
possession ot the Government Capt Glenn
ascended the Eink and Alantanuska rivers for
350 miles Irom saltwater at Cook Inlet Lieut.
Castner was then detached, and with two men
started for the Tanana Valley. Ho ls stalled in
the Interior and will have to winter with the
Indians. Lieut. Larned explored tho Bashltna
River until driven back by shortage ot food.
The death of Gustavo J. Wetzlar was an
nounced on the New York Btoek Exchange yes
terday. Ho was a member of th o firm of Probst.
Wetxlar & Co . and jolnod the Exchange in
187B. His death occurred on Tuesday at his
birthplace In Frankfort-on-the-Main. Ho was
45 years old. He came to this country at the
age of IB. Formerly he was associated with
tho firm of Button i Bonn, and from 1870 to
1878 ho was amemborot tho banking firm ot
Bonn Brothers & Co , of London. The partner
ship ho formed with Mr. Probst, which II rm
exists to the present day, was entered Into In
1B7H. Ho was a raomber ot the Chamber of
Commerce, of the Manhattan Club. City Club,
Lawyers' Club. Llederkraoz Military Club, nnd
of the Seventh Regiment Ho leaves a widow
and two young sons.
Ex-Mayor Do Witt O. Crcglor of Chicago died
last evening at his homo In that Mty. llrighl's
disease, from which he had suffered for four
years, was the cause of his death. He was
bom in New York city and was educated In the
publlo schools ot thlB city. In 1847 he entered
the engineering corns of the United States
faall steamers running from. New York to
lavana and New Orleans'. In 1853 he went to
Chicago to oonstruot tho first waterworks
system. He waa chief engineer ot the water
works system for twenty-thn-e years, nnd in
turn became City Engineer and Commissioner
ot Publlo Works. In 1880 he was eloctod Mayor
on the Domocratlo ticket
Sir John Goldle-Taiibman, Speaker of tho
House of Keys ot the Isle ot Man sines 1807.
Is dead. He was CO years old.
Who Has Loit Silver Marked " U" T
Policeman McClusky of the Elizabeth street
station saw a negro attempting to dispose ot
some solid stiver spoons In a jewelry store on
the Bowery last evening. Tho negro could not
explain where ho got tho spoons, so ho was ar
rested. He gave his name as James Williams
and said he lived atl48 Park row. Eighteen
solid sllvor spoons were In his pockets and
forty-five additional pleoos wero found In a tin
box at his lodging house. The letter " B" was
marked on allthe silverware. A gonernl alarm
was sent oat for the owner, but no one claimed
the property lost night
Tb Penny Magazine Sold,
By order of Chancellor HcGIU ot New Jersey,
William H. Speer, Jr.. receiver ot the Pmnv
llaoatint Company held a publlo solo of tbo
JVnnv Magaitna yesterday. The purchaser
was Thomas 0. Quinn, representing Dr. Ghaun
ceyM. Depewanda majority of the stockhold
ing and creditor interests. Mr.QuInn has been
the moving spirit of the, mngozlno from Its
foundation in tho spring of 1800. The publi
cation ot the magazine will be continued with
out Interruption.
A Cornerstone laying In Brooklyn To-Bay.
Th cornerstone of the new home ot th
King County Medical Society on Bedford av
enue, near Dean street Brooklyn. Is to bo laid
this afternoon. The new building is to be a
large and commodious clubhouse. Its principal
feature will be a large assembly room and the
I ' )
Makes Strength.
The Iron 'n food makes the red itorpusclcs
In the blood, The red corpusUcs in (he
blood feed the body and give It strength.
Sickness robs (he blood of the red cor.
.puiclcs. That Is why convalescents art
weak. To quickly regain strength -nil weak
and convalescent people rr-j
T "TMrEED the oioorr
These contain Iron In a form that Is
abiorbed by the blood at once. Strength
comes back without delay. Recovery Is
much more rapid than If the patient
should depend solely upon food taken at
table for the Iron that is needed to make
blood rich, red and plentiful.
Sold by all druggists.
I A dollar box lasts 17 days.
Try It It will not disappoint yon.
Bottltd only by tho Pleasant Valley
Win Company (Organized 1900).
b. s. renter; co., boston.
And all nrst-class dealcra.
Antique Oak and Mahogany Finish),
' $15.00. t
45 West 3d Street.
A Femnlo Operator Gets 8.1 In Jersey City
by an Old Trick.
A neatly drossod and rathor pretty youmr
woman, who was apparently In ahurry.sioppi I
at Ilenry Kuhl's grocery storo nt 071 Mon'
comcry street. Jersey City, jestordny morm w
and ordered a pound of tea at onto sent t
Mrs. O'Brien's house, 128 nighland ncmio
"Oh, by tho way," the young woman if
marked as sho was leaving, "Mrs. O'llrien
wants you to send chango for n $5 bill with It '
The grocer hurried a boy off with tbo tea mid
tho onango In a few minutes. Tlio young
woman met the boy in nighland nionun neiir
Bergen nvenuo nnd snld to him: "Just lot nm '
have thnt chango nnd Mrs. O'Brien will g; ,
youtho$5!bill. Iwouldgowltliyoutothehoii- , i
but I'm In a hurry to cntch near." The boy Mir
rendered tho change, nnd tha young wom'tn 1
walked quickly toward Borcon avonuo. h .
tho boy got to 128 Highland nvonuo ho fonn I '
nJ ...e.eant lot. and there waa no Mrs
O'Brien living in tho neighborhood. ,
Two Children Thrown Doivn and n Unity Cnr
rlago Overturned.
Tho clanging of a trolloy car boll yostenhj
at Broadway and Borry street, Williamsburg,
frlglitcuod-a horso bolonging to John White, j
distributor of thoatre lithographs. The horsi
ran away, and atBoutli Sixth and Berry streets
tbo wagon It was drawing collided with nu
awning post Tho post fell nnd smashed tbo
wagon. The horse froed Itself nnd ran upon
tho sidewalk, whore It overturned a baby car
riage In which, was Jllnnia Lasher, ths
B-month-old daughter of Walter Lnslioi of W
Houth Blxth street. Beside tho carrlngo and
holding to it waa Lashor's .'l-year-old child
Both chlldron were thrown to the sidewalk,
but escaped serious injury. Tho horse run
along Berry stroot pursued bra bloyelo nolii i
man. iltwascaught at BouthFourthnnd Borrr i
street. I
.Broke Down Before Mo Was Hanged.
ATWirrA, Ga NorfO. Wado Hampton, ft ,
one-legged negro convict who a little over a
month ago murdered anotbor one-legged con-
Siet at the camp near this city, was hanged to- '
ay at 11 o'clock. Hampton broke down thl
morning, professed religion and sorvloos were '
held in hi cell and on the scaffold in tho now
Served at State Dinners given by the Queen.
N. V. Sun.
The beverage of the select world.
JV. y. Tribune

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