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' THE SUN, THflRSpAY, NOVEMBER 10808- V 5 1
ioojc to tub jsxrsnxa.
li Condition to D a Factor In Saturday Bl
W Baftl Tl's Backs Superior, fmt tbs
Tliere' Una Stronger Harvard lien
I Tbliik Roosevelt's Victory ft Good Omen.
Yale and Princeton bate prnotlcally com
pleted their training (or next Saturday's bat
' tla od Brokaw Field. Thoro U not ft great
deal of betting Just rat, becauso many Frinos
ton supporters aro walling (or odds from Yale.
Even money prevails hei and the general
opinion U that no better prlco can be obtained
when lb teams libo ui. That both teams will
be In better trim than at any previous time
this season there can bo nod subt. Condition
' will cut n raoro Important flguro than usual
i and from presont Indications It would seem
1 that the Tigers havo a alight advantage In
this rospect. They havo bean very carefully
I A handled all the season, and, barrlna the un
I ' fortanato disablement of tholr best half baek.
Belter, tiny havo eseapod acoldonts with un
usual lust, Thoro has also been no evldenoe
of overtraining. The Prlnooton eleven has
been trained specially (or this name, as It Is.
the last on Nassau's sohedula. The men will,
Uuretore. be in the best possible shape that
tin be produced by the trainers and ooachers,
and It Is ft moral certainty that they will be in
far better trim than the olevon whloh went
down before Yalo last (all.
Princeton has been subjected to a system
tlo course of training all soason under the
trt of experienced professionals, while Tale
boi not bad a regular trailer slnoe Keens
Fttxpstrlok left Although tho latter re
ceived considerable orcdlt for the superb con
dition of last year's victorious eleven. Ooaoh
Butenvorth was chiefly responsible, as ;he
had complete supervision ovor Fltipatrlok.
i But as Bolterworth has not been regularly in
costs of affairs at Now Haven this, (all the
Tale eleven has suffered considerably. More
men have been on the hospital list than ever
belore, and at this late stage of the gamo sev
eral of th best players aro on the racced edse
because of lojurlo i.
The unusually law number of cood players
at Tale, however, offsets the hospital list, and
in these last few days the best available ooaoh
ers have done wonders In rounding the oleven
Into shape.
Whether the team can reach last year's stand
ard In point of condition is a question that
cannot bo answered until tho men have played
through Saturday's name. There can be no
doubt, howevor. that tho eloven will be fit
mouth to play fast ball fast enough to moko
Princeton hustle. Still, many believo that If
Princeton should win It would bo solely be
cause the Tigers outlasted Yale, and not be
eause of any Great amount of superiority in
iclentiflo play. Yule's backs, and there is ft
remarkable array of them, aro counted on to do
' the trick for the Blue, tor, taken as a whole,
they outclass tho T Icons' back Held rather
easily. Tale has throo full backs in MoBrldo,
Dishlell and Dupee. Princeton has two in
Wheeler and Ayros. MoBrldo is tho best full
hack In tho Eastern colleges, taktnc into con
sideration runt Inc. lino . bucklnc. tackling
and proldlnir interference, no outclasses
Wheeler In every department, altboush the
latter Is an ezcollont player, who should dis
play Improved form ovor that of a year ago.
Ayres Is a cood puntor and lino hitter, but not
of Wheeler's caltbro. Uo is corhaps better
than either Dashiell or Dupee. because of his
experience in big games. At quarter back
Talo has another bis advantacc. which moans
i i a great deal In view of the importanoo of the
position. So Baullei Is the star quarter back
of the country, but he has been laid up ro-
Icentlr with a sprained ankle. If he Is able to
play his same on Saturday he will probably
increase' 1 ale's chances tor vlotory by 25 per
h cent. Jn running the team bo has shown more
headworfc than anybody else on the Yala eloven.
His magnificent runs In a broken Held, his re
markable tackling nnd breaking through and
his interference (or his packs are well known
y v followers or lootDau. in comparison
Princeton hasn't a man to cone with Da
Siulles. Tho Tigers have threo quartor backs
in Duncan. Hutchinson aiid Hosencarten. but
ai ret neither has come anywhere near the
standard set by tho little Yale man. tiulllvan
t o4Elv. substitutes for Do Haulles.ara superior
, o Princeton's trio lu almost every respect.
tfulllran Is also a good Hold, goal kicker and ft
brilliant rusher. Ely has played in big games
before, and Is reliable. Yale has a small army
if bait backs. They nro Dudley, who mode the
touchdown against Princeton last year: Durs
ston. Corwln. Benjamin, Marvin, GUmoro. '
Wear and several others.
Princeton has four half backs who come up
to a 'varsity standard. They are Black,
i Beardilev. trnno and Lathrope, not one of
whom has had a previous experfenco against
Yale. Black is n smashing good man. heavy
aad aggressive. He will probably be depend
ed on more than any other player back of
Princeton's lino. Beardalcy. a freshman, is
i fast and looks like Elaok'ti running mate. If
Ayres Is not played at half. On paper and ao-
' eordiDg to their performances this year, these
Titer half bucks, barring Black. Hi not ap
pear to have tho speed and dash ot their Yale
With these facts In viow. thorofore. it would
acooar that Princeton is outclassed In every
position back )f the line, providing Yale enn
put her best backs in the field. Aa far as the
ruh line is concerned Princeton aopcars to
, hare the upper hand in at least four places.
At the ends the Tlcers have in Palmer and
f roe two whirlwinds when compared to Hub
beu and Coy ot Yale. Palmer bids (air to be
l the star end of tho year and Poo is not far
J behind. In getting down tho Held on kicks
f ther are expected to easily outshine the Yale
( ands. both of whom have been slow to a fault
" In nearly all the practice games. Princeton's
tackles, too. are thought to bo faster and more
HPjciive than Vnlo'o. itlllebrond, Prlnooton's
captain. Is probably tho best tackle In the
colleges, although Chumberlin. the Yale oap
ttlii. pressed him hard for 11 ret honors on
form last year. Ulllebrand will be opposod
to eltr er Allen or dtillman at Yale's left tackle
aad should be able to outplay either. Cham
herlln. on the other hand, will have to face
either "Bat" Gear or Pell., either of whom
may make nn een break with him. Gear Is
one of tho "llnds" of the year, and, if In propor
nape, may open tho eyes of the experts.
rales guard. Brown and Marshall, will run
up agalimt two tried players in Crowdls and
cawardH. and an oven battle is looked for.
nootn. Prlncoton's centre rush, has had more
fxperlcuco than Cutten of Yalo. but the latter
is blseer, btronuer und oldor than his oppo
J neut.
Trlnceton, therefore, being, evon up with,
iaie at the centre nnu cuards, and probably
tttor at tho other d1uc In tho lino, will be in
position to mako thluus interesting (or
isles great bacics. Princeton's defence this
rear hiu been perfected from thu very start ana
JPerts have pronounced it superior to that of
anr other oloen. Ynle's line, however, is
strong enough to offoct tho attack of tho
CTtncton baoks. it Is thought, and also aid its
owa bticks in completing the mass plays that
re ptcn ar to Yale's stylo. Both teams havo
Jf'.a Jjell coashed In the sclentiQo principles
football Hindltion, therefore, Is p. big fao
mA M1 t.116 location o( tho battleground.
n.n h J l? tho Tiger's stronghold, football
irlLF11?,,11 eonslderod these faots say that
't looks like a pretty even thing.
t.Th 'eclion o( Col. Itoosevelr, who is a Hnr-
r SSi,?"lduat?' ' regarded by Crimson men as
j t? lvr nj?' .that tno Cambridge Unlvertl-
5 "PJi! iat J.a$t. t .into a winning stride
ii1 fi,y fjnj beaten by flarvard and Boose-
t5 ite:tc.'1.9OTernor ' the Empire Htate aro
wS?.!." triumphs (or the Crimson." said a
1?.pV.W re.terday. "and ft Harvard vlotory
" lale j now in ordor."
ml5 J?kln,f R coal 'rorn a placed kick, the
hSSA10 wises the ball for thu kloker usually
s h i ?u.l e?(i ?f tho val dlroetly oor a little
I l Jnd lhihe.lurf, wadetby the heel of the shoo.
Ball JIha. l.h0 U19l0r ' nwu the.end of tho
ci. ut d,?wn just as tho toe of the kloker
loi SDMrilt-u, Hernl plnyens. however, fol-
n V? ,irt hau. of .Placing the end of tho bull
I', and l nJ' m "'.the.hand. laid lint on the turf,
tcdl!fia !n,J h0 lu this way tlio baH is
There lblt'?r..i,uu,io'8 not.'oie its pplso.
aathi. M."ttlu ulfferonco botwocn thene
S uso? t,mt "Orients caunot see which Is
' t&naS1 J,ra"'. Nov. O.-The 'varsity
i nce tt"R t0 h?,c C0D( ck T ileoldedlr
K'. r,,,nlenn5y,lun'a """ In this lifter-
ainute. ihlK1 C8 balfS ,wh,ph ,aBtei5 tMnf
0Wsliii,e.?r was "' to cross tho seo-
mmurnn! .kV1.01??0- ttn1 .tllat onc8 owlnf to
rekli SiSP-yhIcl' oui hB subst tute loft
mmic.k.eup 'J10 Luf M It o 'fm
Jown(?eaVd ran forty-nvo yards for a touch
' torty.flvA ra"a tecon,i Ki t the bull cu thoirown
ttelron7Ia.lln.ean'ru',h6llthe 'varsity to
'he biiToV, ffM -,"?,-,vard line, where thoy lost
teat of ir S Jj'fl? nl second team had all tho
' Kcia uwiHAln tl,e defence turned the lirst'e
, flayed a fl.r.own Tho men on both sides
1 'laual rarSSW' r,01Vfn i-'suie. marrod by oon-
?n.IieJ?rtvhrane. Warren, lfaugh-
' - actual Siv Klb.b.V? .U1(1 110- rarliofpato in
'?n mlnuiel'rv bVl th? ant ured In tho
he Uav ihk'i i8lKnul t'rsctlne that preceded
R-t leg w.h'Ti wa .'.1 " t'eMi but his
him. but idm.'i i S?"1'10 ',0 90W wanted
ther are right. The splint will make htm well
Booner than if ho wa allowed to run, around
without it, aa he would never keep still." , .
Haughton bos had a decided reveron of
runtlngform. Burnetttriod another Boal from
the fony.fi Ye-yardjlne. but railed by ,fiTeral
yard. .Dochrano. neld,, Haughton and Baffin
wore all keptlnsy kleklng goals. Lewis was
at left end on the raralty. IV. K. Irwenoe let t
halt backln Uelrasoh's place, and J, Lawrence
replaced Haughton. Donald. Jafjery and Boal
faro way to Eaton, Bnrnett and.O. BargenVre
rctivelywhen the time was half up. .Itich
ardson also took Uallowell's plaoo, and Daly
save way to Bawln later In ttie afternoon.
Nkw Hatw..Not, O.-Two honrs steady
work en tho Yalo trrldlron waa tho order this
afternoon, Of this jiilf was devoted to ft care
ful signal drill and the balance to regular
practice. A game of thirty-minute halves
was played, the 'varsity, making inst ono
touohdown. Brown kloked the goal. It was
tho last oraetlco gamo of tho season. Light
work will bo danelo-morrow. tho cleyen going;
to Princeton on Friday afternoon. The make
up of the eleven is apparently ruorc .unsettled
than right after the Brown game. It looks as
though Ocorge Htlllmnn would crowd, out
Fred Allen at left tackle. Btlllman hoa been
keot In tho .position a week. Allsu going to tho
scrubs. Htiflrnan lives In Brooklyn and is a
brother of Phil Btiliman. Yalo'i former centre,
lie comes from St. I'nul Sohool.
Concord Eddy and Blocovitoh were the 'varsity
ends to-day. Hqbbell has not. yet disposed of
the oondltton in nlasttidcii.andCoy la suffering
from a lame shoulder. Neither ot these retu
rn; pl&yers.ls. sure of .playing, Baturdny,
The scrubs had the ball almost all the socond
holi.to:day. Ex-Capt, Fred Murnhyhaa been
teaohing that eleven the Princeton obis for
mtlons, and to-day tho scrubs tried them on
tho 'varsity. They gained haifjho length of
the field before being stopped. The defensive
powers of the varslty were severely tested,
but Murphy soon showed the 'varsity the
proper way to atop this method of. attack and
tho scrubs found that they could gain no
longer. To-morrow will be, given pp. to de
fensive work, the scrubs trying thePrlnoeton
attaok again.
. Dudley tried to play to-day. but turned bte
knee and will probably be unable to go Into
the game again this season. ..MoBrldo played
a (ew minutes to-day. and will be ready to line
up by Haturday. Of the ooachers. Heffeulnger
and Phil Btlllman were in uniform and played
on the g-rub side, Ileffelflnger tearing
through the "varsity rushllne for twenty-yard
rushes. He waa opposite Brown, whnm ho
exhausted so badly that the latter had to quit
the gamo. Dr. Leonard Banford of this city
will accompany the eleven to Prlnoeton as'
physical director. . ,
The Princeton faculty have oompolled the
Prlnoeton freshmen to decline the Yale fresh
men's ohaUonge tor a game at Princeton noxt
Haturday morning, and tho indications aro
that there will be no Yale-Princeton freshman
gamo this year. The Yalo-Harvard fresh
man gamo will be clayed here noxt Thursday
afternoon, Nov. 17. Cunha, tho 800-pound
Hawaiian, and Wilbur, the former guard for
tho University of California, aro now playing
oxoluslvcly with tho Yale freshmen. Wil
liam Mann Flncke of Brooklyn has been
chosen captain or the Yale 1002 oleven In place
of Carr Humsey, who broke his leg last week.
Fineko is brother of Clarence Flncko, the for
mer Yale quarter back.
Princeton, Nov. 0, There was a big rush of
students to the Brokaw Field this afternoon
when tho announcement was made that tho
'varsity would play a short exhibition game
with the Aooond eloven. It was tho last nn
instance of the Tigers in publlo until thoy will
trot out on tho field next Saturday, The 'var
sity llne-UD was as follows:
Left end. Palmer) left UcUe, Pell: left guard,
Crowdlij centn. Booth i right guard, Edwards; rliht
tackle, Ulllebrand: right end, I'o: quarter back,
rmnrani left half back, Heardafcy; rlcht halt baok,
Kaferi full back. Arret.
A prominent ooaoh said after the came that
with tho exception ot Wboelerat full bock the
team will line up In tho Bnmo way against Yale.
Goer Is In tho inflrmary suffering with a slight
easo ot water of tho knee and Duncan has so
completely outpointed Hutchinson in the last
(ew days that he has been chosen for Quarter
back. Hater's remarkable line bucking; and
all-ro"nd good work o late has won for him
tho place at right half, although Black Is clay
ing a good game. Tho 'varsity scored four
touchdowns in the twenty-mlnuto contest
white the scrub gained only twice against tho
first team's determined defence. Tho playing
was the fiercest of the season and Poo was
stretched out motionless undor a hep of
scrub lino men. His weak knee was injured
again and it is doubtful whether it oan bo
brought arouna in shape by Baturdny. II.
Lathrope plaved right end after Poo was hurt.
Palmar was also hurt and taken out, but the
injury was Blight Tho rest of the team.wont
through the game without bad results.
There will bo no line-up to-morrow, as the
ooachers will take no risk of further injuries
to the players and only signal practice will be
required from now on.
PniuDELPniA. lov, 0. Pennsylvania had
for her practice mato at Franklin Field this
afternoon the football team of the Pennsylvania
Ballroad Y. M.C.A. After the Quakers had
spent the usual hour in kicking and catching
tho two teams lined ud and played (or three
quarters of an hour, at the end ot whloh time
tlio score was a touchdown to nothing in favor
of the Red and Bluo. Tho Y.M. OVA. boys,
while lighter than tho collegians, put up a
strong, active game. Smith's punting. Birch
oil's aofenco, and two long runs byMoNabb
were among the features of their play. Penn
nylvanla'8 clay was again discouraging, and
the only advantage shown over the poor Play
againBt Haverford on Tuesday was a little
more spirit. The men seemed to be trying as
hard as they know how, but tho scoro stayed
low, bocauBeot much fumbling, forgetting of
signals, and a general inability to get together
and play as ft unit on tho attack.
Ithaca. Not. 0. The Cornell football eleven
lined up this afternoon In a hard rainstorm and
gotomo good practice. Beed and Whiting
were not in the ilne-up, but Reed was ablo to
go through signal practice Tho work this af
ternoon showed the first sign toward good in
terference ttiat has been seen at Percy Field
sinco the game with the Carlisle Indians. Be
fore end uurlng that gamo the Interference was
superb, but since then it has entirely disap
peared and every Player has to a certain ox
tent been shifting for himself. Tho great Im
provement this afternoon In this sort ot work
Sves tho oosches great satisfaction, and It is
ought now that with a still greater improve
ment, or rather a (ailing Into the old form.
Cornell will give Pennsylvania a stiff light on
Thanksgiving Day.
PmBBtTBo. Nov. 0, Perry Kotfsr, the Yale
man, who has been playing with tho DuQuenno
Country und Athletic Club's football eloven this
season, returned to the university last night.
He took with him throe aflldavits sworn to by
W, 0. Temple, Chairman ofthe Football Com
mittee, and by thu manager and captain of the
eleven, certifying that he had received no com
pensation, direct or indirect, for playing with
tho Duquesne team.
Football Notes.
The Horace Uann football team met and dreated
the tean from Dwlght School on Tuesday at Van
Cortlanat Park by a aoore of C to 0,
New BausawioK, N. J., Nov. 0. Jersey City High
School dtreatAd Ituttcer Preparatory School on Nell.
aon Field to-day by the aooie of U to 0.
Tbo Bedford A. O.-plared tho Hercules V. 0. at Cro
tonaParkon election day, the gams rrsnhloglna
victory for the Bedford" A. O, by a score of C to u,
Tht Weitwood Field met thslr first defeat of the
eeasoa on their homo ground" at Weatwood, N. 1., on
flection day at the hauda of the Potomao Field Club
by IB too.
The second team of the Iron Cross has Nov. 13
open and would like to play all teams averaging 110
to lift pounds. Address If. Bchlrmer, 1S1 Parlno
avenue, Jeney City.
Extras, N. II., Nov. 0. The first of tho siriti of
Interachohutlo football games took place this after
noon. 102 defeaUne lbol 8 to 0. Tlila Is the first
defeat ot tho Junior class in five yean.
Owing to a cancellation the Cathollo Institute sec
ond team has Nov. 18 open, and would like to hear
from some good team averaglnir lift to 120 pounds.
Rchoolaad ooUega teams preferred. AddrossJ, o.
Miller, P. O, box L, Jersey City,
The first team of the Lexington Athletlo Ansocla
tlon, deaf mutes, averaging 115 pounds, has Nor. la
and lu open, end would be pleased to arrange gamei
with teams hating sultabls grounds. Addreas Mar
cue L, Keuner, M) Lexlnirtou avenue.
The Oreaeent team of Williamsburg would like to
arrange a game to be played on Thautaglving Day
afternoon with some out-oMon team, averaging
between 120 and 12C pound, having enclosed
crounils and able to furnish suitable guarantee. Ad
dreiis Robert 1). FranUln, 2B Alnalse street, Urook
lyn. The Saturday team of the Totomu Field has Nov.
ID aud 2H open which they would Ilk to nil with
tome Ursula out-oMoffii team onering reasonable
guarantas. Tho rotomsca aterace I r,0 pounds, and
hi several ot the old crack Montoreyplaynr on
tbe team. For games address (. J, liartro, manager,
Tho Marion A, O. nf Marion, N, J defeated tho
Fnxlewooil A. 0. at BiclownoU un election day by
thusrnreof 1 to u. Tue Marlou A. Cowing to a
cancellation, havo Xov. 20 aud Tliank-uivlng Diy
afternoon opu for tcaire at cnurtui; 120 pounds.
Addrean A. Wright, euro h lutliern lkdl T, and T, Co.,
20 Cortlaudt itrcet, Manhattan,
AvorrUtrlyfootUUjrjino was decided at Wll.U
Folnt lam Haturday. Thu oppoain Kama were the
lettiirrprrsentliiir the ItegularUuirlneerllutUllou,
Ktatloncd at Wllleta 1'uiiil. and Ihe Twnuty-accund
lleirimciit of tills city. Tlio bucking of Itegan, tbu
eliut lull Lack of tho battalion, was one ut thofra
tares of the struggle. The filial n was: Moirular
Engineer llattallon, 2ls Twcutyiccoiid lteglmciit, il.
HwAutuuonK, Pa.. Nov. P. The Hwarthmoro team
played th pcorf t game the haa played Ihla year, anil
aa a result Belawire College kept her from soaring.
Delaware left the field ixforo the atoond halt wie up,
aylng that they had to ratcU a train. Hvarthmoro
had lnl braced up and.owimr chli-llr tn tbe etlorti of
Capt. Farnuhar, waa carrying the ball un the fletil
rapidly. Delaware got the ball on fumble oveial
Umes. The acorei bwarthmore, 0; Delaware, (i,
The Mornlngalde basketball team would like to ar.
ranue game for Baturdaynlgbta with trama aersg
ing 120 pounds. Address Dald Tatun, lilSU Colum
bus avenue.
The Lafayette King's Bona of Jersey City would
like to arrange games wlibrrglatcredtearoa. Addreas
Cbarlea W, Uarrison, manaicer, SOJij Paclfig arcane,
Jeney City,
Attorney-General Griggs and Sirs. Griggs
TTIn si Cup.
An autumn slow was on tbe cheeks ot the
women players at the Oolf Club ot Enalewood
yesterday and their eyos had an added sparkle,
for the event was tbo qualifying round of the
club championship. There wore some twenty
starters, but only six returned Cftrds. the iour
16weet qualifying. The cards of the six follow!
Mrs. H, og-dta
out.. n 7 en 7 7 a aio-ej
in...., ...1.7 e o 0 s 7 6 Bii-et-m
Mrs. Frank Knot
On n 7 7 7 o 7 e eic es
In a 6 0 8 0 0 0 611 611 114
Out e 8 7 7 n 7 it io-e
In 0 0 7 u B 8 7 U10 fl-lS
Mlaa Loulte Mowry
out , or, an on 7 Bia-eT
In. ,.,.....,.& 7 U P B 0 Cia-4 181
ont. 7 7 711 8 a n eio-70
in 7 6 7 u 7 e bio oa-isi
Out. 0 7 Sll 8 S A 412-70
m , o c uio 7 8 d oio-oa-iee
Tn-day the match play rounds for tbe oup
and the title will be decided. In the semi
finals Mrs. Orden Is paired with Mrs. Yfolls
and Mr. Enoa with Miss Mowry.
The annual tournament ot the Oolf Club of
Lakewood will be hold on Nov. 24. 23 and 20,
tho entrlee closing with Jasper Lynch on the
night befof o oaoh event. The programme fol
lows: '
Xbnrsday. A, Ui FrtllmlnaTy" medal play touad,
eighteen holes; silver oup for best score,
Friday, A. M.-Ooff Olnb of Lakewood Oup, first
round, raateh play, open to first sixteen. Consola
tion Cup, first round, match play, open to second
Friday. P. t.-8oond matoh nbur round Oolf Clnb
of Lakswood Oup and Consolation Cuti.
Saturday, A. M. Third match .play round Oolf
Club of Lakewood Cup and OonsolaUon Cup. Final
round Oolf Club of lAkewood Copi prlte for the
runneup. . . ,
Baturdar, F. M. Final round OonsoUtlon Copi
ptlts for the ronner-up. . ...
Saturday. All Day Uandlcap foursomes, elfthteen
holes, medal play .handicap limited to twelve strokee.
Teams of two players from, the same club. Any
g umber of entries may be made from the same olub.
liver onps to the winning team. Frizes to the team
making beat cross acore.
How to obtain good putting greens is still
the greatest problem among our solf commit
tees. " Got Bomo turf from Scotland and nurse
it for fifty years," was the recipe offered, by a
traveller to ono of our clubs that sought his ad
vice. The Anlsley Olub is now conducting an
Interesting oxporimont on these lines. It haa
brought from a Bold near Norwich. Conn., used
as a run for sheep for 100 yean, enough turt to
sod throe croons, which will bo ready by tbe
spring. The expense was defrayod by a mom
ber ol tbi club who has n "Country place nenr
the old sheep farm, and know its crass-growing
The eleotion day cup played for by tbo mem
bora of tho Country Club ot 'Westclicster, and
(or which there were twenty-two starters, was
won by H. O. Gushing. Jr. The best ten scores
were as follows:
Orsia, Teas. Xlt,
H. C. Cashing, Jr. ls IS 83
J. Enapp 100 14 so
L, Irocque US 3 S3
IV.a.Kdey 104 10 V4
C.W. llMkins...... 110 20 SG
1. Crosby 107 a up
Charles Adee 103 H 100
W.H. Scott 1S2 20 102
W. IL Doughty 110 H 102
C. 11. Mitchell. - 123 10 107
Tho handlcaotournamentforprizes presented
by Augustin Monroe was played on the links ot
tho Larch moot Yacht Club on election day. The
preliminary round, olghtcen holes, medal play,
rcsultod as follows:
Grta. Zf'rap. IfeU
O.F.. Ide R in 70
0. M. Hamilton 1U 4 75
r. A. Moore 8H 12 70
It. Hurry 02 lfl Trt
H.'Kereney B4 18 70
W. M. Uagar. B4 18 70
F. M.Oould 80 1 77
.0obden S2 14 7H
W.F.Daniel US 17 78
A.Marshall SB 28 HI
McOreery 100 IB 61
U.W.J.llucknall im in hi
T.J. Keveney B8 37 Hi
W.K.Duiard 101 17 87
H.Butdam 105 38 67 ,
O.f. Bnilth 1U0 18 PO
F.W.FInt. 10U 38 ei
IwB. Halch lllK 18 101 I
O.Uandeison 121 IB 102
In the semi-finals, nine holos, match play,
Hamilton tied Ide, and the play-off resulted In
Hamilton winning after playing two additional
holes. Hurry beat Mooro by 3 up. In tlio
finals Hamilton beat Hurry by 1 up. In the
women's contest. Miss N. Kovener. Miss
Keveney, Miss Pendleton and Miss Morrison
qualllled for tho finals, the result being a vic
tory (or Miss Pendleton.
Attornoy-General Griggs and Mrs. Griggs
wore tho winners In the mixed foursomes
played at the North Jersey Country Club on
Election day. The summary was:
Creif. Tcap. ,V.
Mrs. Orlggs and J. W. Griggs 183 an U7
Miss Scott and H. Freuich 118 10 US
Mlaa A. Ooodbodv andU.Ooodbody.il 7 18 UO
Mrs. Cole and 1.0 jle ISO SA 108
MlssBlundellandM.aordon 12ft 22 103
Miss Onggs and A. Orahame Ill 4 107
Miss Hoxaey and U. Hewat Ill o 111
UssaoodbodysndIt.aoodbody....I41 80 111
MIssL. Orahame and 13. Gordon.... 180 18 114
Miss Qiatumo and W. Klrker 120 10 110
The driving competition was won by M.
Goodbody, with threo drives avoraglng 185
yards. A. Grahamn was second, with threo
drives averaging IDS yards. The men's cham
pionship for the season was also concluded, by
A. Orahame beating the last season's champion,
W. Bcott, by up and 3 to play.
Tbo championship of the Ardsley Club was
won on eleotion day by A. .Da Witt Cochrane,
who beat Victor Thome in the finals bye up
and 4 to play.
The final match for the Championship Course
Cup at the Morris County Golf Club was played
yesterday. Although Miss Hoy won. it did not
affect the standing ot the competitors for the
cup. and Miss Helen Bholton. with 7 points,
captured the prize. The standing of theothor
competitor was: Mrs, William Bhlppen, 0:
MlssHwords.5; Miss Hoy, 4: Miss Bryce. .1;
Miss Kip. 2: Mrs. J. B. Diokson.'J; Miss Foster.
1. The scores for the competition yesterday
Oreu. irrap. Jftt.
Miss Gertrude Hoy 187 2r, 113
Mies Jane 8words ,...12U ir 114
Mill Kin 110 a llll
Mrs. William Hblppen 118 o lis
Mias O. c. Willis 123 .1 llll
Mr.A.O.Dean 13W 34 328
Miea Mario Hryoe 133 a 320
Agonoral handicap was played at the Cres
cent A. Con election day. Twelve cards were
rotumod, the wlnnor bolng Dr. II. Tucker,
with tho card of 00, 17. 70.
Nkw Br.DSBWicic X. J.. Xov. 0. In a novel
contest on the Ross Hall links of the Now
Brunswick Golf Club yesterday afternoon
Clarkson Bunyon, Jr., and Miss Rlrkpatrlck
proved winnors. A largo number of the club
players were on the links, bes'des numerous
spectators, and the scene wus picturesque.
Thoro was a driving contest from the seoond
tee, the winner counting one; the second, two:
the third, three, and ko on. Attar that each
playor teed the ball five yards baok of the
bunker on the second link and holed out three
balls, the scorn bolng reckoned according to
tho actual number ot strokes.
Pbinceton.Nov.O. Tho Princeton University
goll team defeated Lawrencevllle this after
noon on the university links in a elosely cod
tested and exciting game. In the first round
the teams wero tied, but In the second round
Princeton won out by the score of 0 to 4. The
best score of the day wus made byCapr,GrIs
wold, who mado the course in BO. Tho eooro:
riitsr bound.
' rsrxccTo. , 1 lawucscxvuxjc
Stuart ...'....l'lteid 0
Oriawold HOouKUty ..0
Kellogg 0 Alien ,.,,....3
Clillda - 4 A. MacKcuxle ,0
Murphy 1 Iltbr 0"
Ilrokaw OLiam.. . i 4
Davis , 0 L. MeeKentl .0
Total Bl Total u
fituart l Held o
Orlswold a Uouguty o
Jtoltnjc 1 Allsu O
Child 1 A.MaoKeuxle , j
Murvby oliehr........ 4
Davis ,.2 r.MacKenaie o
Total 0 Total .7
Brokaw and Llaui did not play tlio last round,
The Nutley Golf Club held a highly Interest
ing tournamont on election day. There were
forty entries in the handicap. Percy Pulver, 0.
J Clark, and Harry Goddard tied (or first place
with a net score of 8. In the match for the
club championship the following men qualified
at medal play for the matoh play rounds:
A. H. tarkln. BO: Mare M. "Michael. 07 1
J. M. Bteele, vO. and I)r. .PTltoy Opddard,
100. In the semi-finals Larken beat Dr. God
dard, U up and 5 to play, and Steele beat
Michael. 1 up. At the sixteenth hoieUtefaaef
was 1 up. but Bteelo made tho seventeenth
nnd eighteenth holes in. 3. one on the bogie.
The Duals for the club championship and the
lo (or the handicap 'cup will De played olC oa
Thanksgiving, Day,
xmciamnocKKit avd sbtt jerset
czvna coxaooDAXB.
The FlcturciCjue Plant at Hayonne to Da
Ttemodelled After Trovers Island Cherry
Diamond Likely to lie Again Seen In
Clots Rivalry with the New York A. 0.
Anevontof decided Importance to the nth
lotto world was consummated latt night when.
at the annual mooting of tho Mow Jersey Ath
letlo Club, the members voted unanimously to
amalgamate with the Knickerbocker Athletlo
Olub. This means that tho "Cherry Diamond"
organization will practically absorb tho Ba
yonne olub, and thus bocome a worthy rival ot
the New York A. 0. In point of moraborshlp.
advantages and prominence in track, field and
aquatlo sports. .
Tho saheme had been talked of (or some
time past by prominent memborsof both clubs
and waa first mado public by tho nomination of
James E. Sullivan (or tho Presidency ot the
Knickerbocker A. 0. At that time only In
formal conferences had been held, but it woe
not long bofore Prcsldent-oject Sullivan took
steps to comploto tbe deal. Be Invited the
leading mombortof both olubstoadlnnerattho
Knickerbocker olubhouse on Monday night, at
which It was understood toe final arrange
ment would be made. The Knickerbocker A.
O-waa represented by 3. B. Ballantlne, Presi
dent i J, D, Adams, Secretary, and J. J. Fraw
ley, captain, while the Mew Jersey A. 0. had in
attendance. In addition to President Bulllran,
H. 0. Fuller, Chairman House Committee; J. D.
Boyd, Chairman prloket Committee: John
Mowman,ex-Prelaent: MBohuyler andaii
The condition of the New Jersey Olub waa
gone Into thoroughly, and, after an investiga
tion, the etffatre of the elubpresented nmuoh
better appearance than the Knickerbocker rep
resentatives had hoped to find. It was ascer
tained that the entire ohargeson the olub prop
erty at Bayonne amountedtoaboutS40.000. Of
this. $20.000, Is secured ty mortgage, while
tho remainder Is money raoelvod on notes, and
indebtedness to trndesmon. The surprise came
when the estimato of prominent real estate
dealers ot the neighborhood showed that even
with the indebtedness that tho Mow Jersey
officials havo found too large to carry there
is an equity of 845.000 In Iho proporty if it
should become necessary to dispose of It. It
out up Into bulldlnglots the handsome grounds,
with water frontage, would, aeoordlng to the
local mop. bo worth closo to 5100.000.
On this showing the Knlckorbooker repre
sentatives did not hesitate to propose terms
which were bound to bo, considered lavorahlo
to tho members of tho Mew Jersey A. 0. The
Knickerbockers offered to assume all the In
debtedness of tho club in consideration of re
ceiving tho grounds and other property of tho
M. J. A. 0.. and to tako in all tho members ot
tie olub without Initiation fee. The dues of the
. J. A. 0. are $24 a year, while those of tho
nlckerbockcrs. with so many more advan
tages, aro only S40 a yonr. With such a slight
difference there Is but Utile doubt that every
Somber who is In "good standing with the
ayonne organization will take advantagoof
the opportunity to continue using the grounds
there, and at the same tlmo have tbe uso of the
handsome city house of the Kniokorbockor
It was decidod at tho New Jersoy meeting to
allow delinquent members who nro willing to
liquidate their indebtedness to the organiza
tion to recelvo the benefit of the Knicker
bocker's offer. By this arrangement it Is ex
pected that when the two clubi are merged
into ono at least 400 members will be added to
tho roll of tho K. A. 0.. which will give to that
olub a total momborship of more than '2.000.
The Mow Jersey athletes will also provo an
acquisition to tho K. A. 0.. as among them
Is the noted half-mile runner, II. E. Man
vel. who has designs on the world's rec
ord (or that distance Tho N. J. A. O.
charged Its athletic members St) a yoar
dues, and under the now roglme thoy
will only havo to pay an Increase of
$4 a year. This is less than half the charge for
athletlo membership In the Mew York A.C.,
and as In future tho K. A. 0. will havo prac
tically the same advantage in tho matter, of
grounds nnd training facilities, the latter club
should ultimately mako as big a bid for athletlo
supremacy as its predecessor, the old Manhat
tan A.O.
A committee from tho Knickerbocker A. 0.
has already gono over tlio grounds and roughly
outlined the improvements to be made and tho
approximate expensos to be Incurred. The olub
houso will be enlarged. One of the principal
features of theadditions will be tho building ot
sleeping rooms, which will place the plant on a
par with Travors Island, nnd allow tno club to
keep teams in training there, as weU as pro
viding a resort which Is like y to prove popular
for Saturday to Monday outings of the city
members. .
A restaurant and bar are also Included
in tbe plau ot improvement. Tbe lack
of these has been ono of the drawbacks
of the Mew Jersey Club, and their establish
ment Is sure to be appreciated by those who
feel that they should havo a real club and not
merely exercising grounds.
The consolidation will go Into offect at once,
as tbo half-yearly dues ot tho Knickerbocker
A. 0. are payab'e on Nov. 1. Tho election of
officers called for by the constitution of the
N. J. A. O. took place at the meeting last night,
and the following will act In an official capacity
until the club goes out of existence:
I'reildont, Jamea E. Bulllran; Vice-President,
Archibald Forbes: Becretarv, James D, Boyd: Trn.
tees for three years, John P. Krebs and Edward F.
Entries for Fet Dog Show Close To-Day.
The American Pot Dog Club hold a mooting
at the 'Waldorf-Astoria yesterday afternoon at
which tho Bench Show Committee submitted a
report of the arrangements made to date (or
tho show to bo held at Sherry's on Nov. 24 and
23. The report lndicatos that the club will
have one of tho largest and finest shows ot tho
season, as the committee expects to re
ceive In the neighborhood ot 700 en
tries. Inquiries have boon received from
Intending exhibitors In Michigan, Kontuoky,
Illinois and other distant States, whllo one
kennol is coming from Cripple Creek. Col.
For tho first time in several years J, Plerpont
Morgan will exhibit his collies. Tho llusslan
poodle exhibits will be noteworthy. Mme.
Hector will ehow Wallle (or tbe first tlmo hero
and In the same class Mrs. YaltorUtenton will
hare tho umlofeated Hector IL
Special prizes were offered as Indncemontn
in many of the classes. Walter W'utrous will
given powtor cup with bronze medallions, and
a cable haa been received from W. Burns, who
Is In London, offering a special prize. The en
tire first and third floors will bo used for tho
exhibitions. Including the pinkand blue rooms.
Tho rooms will bo handsomely draped, and one
of tho decorative features will be an exhibit ot
the works of J. U. Brown, the animal painter.
Entries closo to-day for tho following classes:
Field panlels, cocker xpanlels, Irlih water span
iels, coll ca, poodles, biilldivs, French bulldogs, bull
terrier. Dos ton terriers, dachshunds, beaglea, f ox ter
riers, Irish setters, Scotch terriere, black and tan ter
riers, Yorkshire terriers. King Charles spaniels, Jap
anese spaniels, pugs, Bkyo terriers, and miscellaneous.
Trap Shooting.
The old-time Erie Bod and flun Club of Brooklyn
held its regular monthly trap shooting tournament
at Dexter Park, Brooklyn, yaaterday. The sum
maries! First Kvsat Club shoot, seven live birds, class
handicaps-Charles Dettleffaen, class A A, 28 yards,
6; George B. Fueha, claaa B, 27 yards, flj Harry
Blaekley, class A, 28 yards, Ci Bernard Flate, class
B, 27 yards. 8i Danltl J. Lynch, blasa B, 37 yards. Gi
ChultsD, Murphy, class AA, 28 rsrds, 4; Frcdnrlok
Uraef, class A, 28 yards, 4: John fi. Flats, class O, 20
yards. 8: John J, Murpby, olais o, 20 yards, 2,
Second Event Sweepstakes race at three live
birds Lynch. at Oraef, 1; Blaekley, BjJ, U. Plate, 2
O, u. Plate. 1) a D. Murphy, 2j J. D. Murphy, 1.
Ties divided.
Third Event-Same eondltlona-Blaekley, 2: Oraef,
Si a D, Murphy, 0; Fucha, 3 11. FUte, 2 J, U.
Flate, 3.
Fourth Event Shoot off for Ihe money, first and
second prises, miss and out Ulakely, 2i Oraef, Of
Dobrmann, 1 Fucha, a; B. Flate, 1: J. il. FJate, 0.
Bowling Games To-Nlght.
American National Tournament Orltanl F, 0
Columbia and Arlington, at the Germanla Assembly
Booms alleys.
Bank Clerks' League Tournament Hanover Na
tional liank. Chemical National Dank and Matlonal
Bank of the ltepubl c, at Held' alleys.
Yorkv Ule League Tournament Values Ko. 1, Tick
Tack and Premier Ko. 1, at the Village Club alleys.
Fire Insurance League Tournament Caledonian
Fire Inaurance Company, Boyal Flro Insurance Com
pany and Klagaro Fire Insurants Company, at lteid'a
Arcade Headpln Tournament Kama No. 1, Kama
Ko. 3. Welcome Ko. 1. Welcome Ko. 2, Welcome Ku.
8, lleoreation No. 2, Mogula Ko. 1 aud Mogula Ko. 2,
at the Arcade alleys,
Brooklyn ltoyai Arcanum Leeiiun Tournament
Busbmlck Council, Kaau Council and Fern Coun
cil. atTialnor'aall.ys.
Camitbera Katun 1 Tournament-Echo. Osceola
aud Metropolitan, at ihe Einpbant Club allays.
AawclatrdCyil.ng CluUor Lubb Island Prelim
inary 'lourusuieul Indian Crile nub vs. Greater
tiev York Wheelmen, at the Brooklyn Palace alley.
Brooklyn Itoal Arcanum Leauo Mub-Tourna-roent
UsatKrw kork Council, Uroualyn Co uno.1 and
Leaerta Council, At the Brooklyn Arlington Hall.
Arlington Tournament Bushwick, Monarch No. 1
and Moi arch Ko. 2, at the Brooklyn Ball a leys.
Tvekty-slxtb Ward Tournament Parkway. At
lantic and Van Biolrn. at Hi lg n i all. ya.
United Bowling Cluba To irnament. Section No, 1
Mornlnulde, Spartan and , Defender Social, at
Tbum it Kahlsdorfe Harlem alleys.
Gossip of tbo Blag.
w", T, M.. Nw York. We have no record of th
boat ot which you menuon.
If Daa Creadon will meet Dick CBrleu at th FUic
GottU offic at Jt&oo'clock this aftsrnoonhe can
aiTana a match. This la open to any lCB-Dound
auna, Tommy Hu preferred.
ii1iMsssss4Ws--iilltiisiiii mt'ififoif'-"JiL,-'Ji;"'-'
Golden Itod Bowlers Break Their String of
Fifteen breaks wen chalked op for four ot the
Orchards In th first American National tournament
gams at th Germanla Assembly Rooms alleys last
night Bullwtnkel, however, saved his team from a
defeat with a score of 252. The Golden Bodsbrok
their tiring ot lotlng games by beating lb Gothams.
yitjT oaiir.
Oolen Bod-Schlaefer, ir.lt Dormegen, 1B7 Eck
stein, lito: Arnold, 140: Bchroeder, lei. Toul.Rin.
..iroi!rd-Bullwlnkel.2S2: IluchhoD. I48i BteiTens,
1671 Sohwacke, lGil) tWUckene, 1S7, Total, SCO.
ezcoXD OAVE.
Golden Itod Schlatter, 182; Donnagen, lAli
Kckitein, 177 Arnold, 166) Bchroeder, lie. Total,
Gotham fleilea, lOS: Bachmann. 188: Betzer, lMi
Lehmann, 140) tichllchte. 1D7. Total, 7U9.
Tiirnn oamc
Orehnl-IJullwIiikrl. IM: nucliholi. lA7iBteffna,
170 8chwacke, 101; Wllcken', 172. Totil, 850.
. Gotham Ueil s, 181. Uachmann, 171: Batxtr, lOfll
Uhmanu, 1B4; BchllcJito. 170. Total, S72,
Not one of th fir team which took part In th
Arcade headpln tournament games last night soored
enough points to win a prlte. The toorest
Premier No, J 2-1,. Loy, 78: Cohen, S3: J. Liehten
berg, 80: I. Llchtenberg. 00: Davison. 62. Total,
Cjiamlty Lehman. 70j Bennett, lj fltemakl, 411
Bwlft,77l Coagne,87. ToUl, 842,
Boho Ko. 1-Motiaer, 89: Grammar, 78 Motoar,
70i Zepf, 01) Zlmmermann, 74. Total. S07.
St. George Drown, 72 Fendrtoh, Oil Ford. 87l
Darrle. 4 Oronert, 86, Total. 2W0.
EohoNc. 2 Iloesoh, eoi Zundel, 84i Hoffman. 71
StrassbUfvAp. 7Ut na aa nnf.l ,u.
Th playing ot the antral dob bowlers In th
third game was far Inferior to that in th first con
teat, and the team suatalned a defeat In lb United
Bowling Clubs Section Ko. 1 tournament, at Thum
k Kahlsdorfe Harlem allay, last night, Tho scores I
rcur oaxsj.
Oriental-Vocel, lBtli Bohnrller, 107 relt,lfl2
Olllhans, lfU; illtchell. len. Total. 784.
Central-Uoll ir,: Behlm.r, 178: Kelpen, 188:
Beber, 178; KahLdorf, 2l. Total. 912.
Oriental-Vogel. ley: Bohnslder. 117 Felt,14B
OlUhaus, 122; MltcheU, 177. Total, 733.
Uiove UlU-Fotta. 100: Eokrtiue, 171: Orad, lBli
Bobltcek, 147; Meyer. 100. ToUl.TPU.
tuuu ouix. ' .
Central Holl, lSH; Behlmer. 14: Kelpen, 183
Beber, 14: Kahladorf, 10U. Total, 7rtl. '
GroveHlll Pntts, IMli Eckstlne, 1(13; Oiad. 110:
Bobltcek, 160; Mojer, 145. Total, 7B7,
Three more game in the Commercial League tour
nament wero rolled at Beld'a alley last night. Th
s-ibst a iME.
a G. Bargoyne Team Ko. 1 Smith. 122: Gaynor.
12B: Matthlea, 126; Le Touiel, 173; Drowno, W3.
ToUl. 7US.
Atlantlo Company Jones, 112; Bush. 1311 Feci.
127; Covert, IBS) zerdon, 103. Total, t)01.
szeoxs oauz.
Atlantlo Company Jonca. t8Pi Bush, 87 Peok,82i
Cotert, 188: Ferdcn. 14U. Total, Mia.
Victor t AohellsKemsen, 131; Buek, 144i Lonns
berry, 122; Mertx, 124: Schuutd, 15U. ToUl, 688.
TUIttD OiilE.
O. O Burgoyne. Team Ko. l-4aynor, 155t Smith.
P6: Matthies, IIP; Le Touxel, 1481 Browne, 168.
To.'al, 071.
, Victor k Achells Ilemsen, 188: Busk, 182 Loans
berry, 118; Mertz, 14U; Bchmlod, 1U1. Total, 744.
The opening games In tbe Btaten laland Amateur
League resulted a follows:
rusT oaux.
Imperial Kienzel. lip; Kline, 12S: Burkhardt.
147:CUrH. 160; McConi.a-1, 101. Total, 7rt.
TompkinavlUe Hawker, 11UI Bosaert, 1IB; Gran
phrey. 141; Fechtold, 122; Taxter, 120. Total, 614.
BEC0.1D Oir.
Caslleton Klffenecker, in"; nauffman, 187 Bain.
1861 Lo;e, I2S: lllser. 140. Total. 727.
Tomukmsvllio Hawker. 173: Uranphrey, 141:
Boasorl, 121; Fcohlold, 128; Taxter, US. Total, U60.
Tnmr oaue.
Castleton Klffenecker, 183; Kauffman, 127; Bxln.
114; Love, l3: Diaaser, ip. Total, 702.
Imperial Kieruel, V8; EUnr, 122: UurkhardU
158; Clark. 128; Adams, 148. ToUl, (J40.
A surprise waa In store forth Kew Tork Council
team in tho second Kew Tork ltoyai Arcanum League
tournament game at tho Tcnnia Cluo alleys last
nltiht, Tho scores :
. Manhattan Council Lovor, 108; Fels, 134; Freld
heim, 18U: Lsvy. 108; Keller, 12,1. Total, 703.
Colonial Council Davis, 176; Wehr, liH: Uruckor.
164; ltclchard, 177; Uaua, 1UV. Total, 813.
Manhattan Council Lovor, iep;Feis, 168:Bchbuig.
120; Froldhelm, 16: Keller. 171. Total. 788.
Kew York Conuc.1 uruniinger. itiw; bnover, 165;
Xltchelt, 150; Cnnn, 134; McLean, 153. ToUl, 701.
Colonial Council Divis, 170; Wehr, 124; Cracker.
128: lte.cbard. 162; Haua. 17u. Toial, ",44.
Kew York Council Uiuuiinccr, 160: Hoover, 164:
Eltcntlt, 174; Crum. 166; McLean, 168. ToUl, bun.
The Arllngtona wero in fine trim In the Carruther
national tournament of Brooklyn last nluht and de
feated the Huu-uers and Oneut Wliocliucn. J, Bo
mcrmann'a 220 waa tho teaiure. The acorea;
Orient Wheelmen Mullins, 143; Anderson. 132:
Mollor, 126: McJUroy, lm; Meht, 18J. Total, 747.
buuintr Ausiln, IM; O. luuic. Ill; Fetut.llli
Millard, 12a; Donaldson, 136. Total, 620.
Sumner Austin, 160: 0. Tuttle, 160: Fettlt. 110:
Millard. 114; Donaldson, 102. ToUl, H84.
Arlington Ai-ps. 17; E. Maass. 147; Meyer, 152;
J. Bjeuieimanu, Jr., 1UU; U. Boemermann, Br.. 105.
Toial, 80S.
Arlington Arps, IPO: E. Maas, 175: Meyer, 161:
J. Boeuiermann, Jr., 220; H. Doemenuann, at.. 188.
To.ul, uip.
Orient Wheelmen Mullins. 168; Anderson, 161:
Moller, 164; McKlroy. 188; Moht, 202. ToUl, 663.
The Riverside A. C. team won tbe three Suburban
A. C. Letgud gAmca on tho home alleys on Monday
ninht. 'iho scores:
Bosevillo A. A. Wood, 162; Bibcock, 218; Ketch
Am, 112; Waters, I4O1 Van Ness, 174. Toul. 801.
lUisid A. C CaJU, 137; Itoll. 166; Fisher. 1V8:
Beese, 17U; Smith, 213. Toul, 887.
Rosovllle A. A. Wood. 158: Babeock, 161: Ketoh
am. 18H: Waters, lu; VouN'est. 16u. ToUl, 831.
ltiveraldu A. C Cadiz, 161; Itoll, 167; Fisher. 181:
lleese, 14U; brolth, luo. Toul, 848.
Bosevillo A. A. Wood. 162; Babcock, 173; Ketch
am, 183; Waters. 180; Van Neil. 124. Toul. 844.
ltireralde A. 0. Cadiz, 175; Itoll 141; Fisher. 160:
Boese, 180; Smith, 207. Toul, 853.
Fhlladelphoa Council's team had little difficulty In
dUiat.ng the Kama repnstnt.n lk)mniouwjltli
aud Alert councils lu tho Brooalyn Boyal Arcanum
tournament laai night. 'Ihe scores;
nasT oaue.
Fhlladelphoa Counoil Martin. 180; Dewey, 121i
Vandckar, 216; Walton, 154; DIerahenk, 182. To
Ul, Ml.
Commonwealth Council Stoncr, 168; Brown. 182:
Forman, 127: Beard, 171; Ebkcta, 136. ToUl, 724.
Commonwealth Council atontr, 184; Brown, 188:
For an. 162: Beard, lwl; Ei.beu, 162. TuUl, 85(1,
Alert Council Flero, 184; Wojd,146;BlchUr.l46:
Blddall, 16U; Hawklus, 13d. ToUi, 764.
Alert Council Flero. 158; Wood, 132; Blchtar
187: Blddsll, KB; llawklct. 144. ToUl, 712.
l'blladelpbo Couucil ilartin, 174; Dewuy, 162;
Vaudekar, 162; Walton, 168; Blcrahenk, 173, To
ti 1, 810.
The Metropolitans ot this borough ausUlned their
reputation at the False alley lu Brooklyn last
niicht, where ther scored total ot 1,002 and U65 In
the QreaUr Kew York tournament. Iho aoores:
riasr oaue.
Metropolitan Breeu, 218; W, Gerdea, 203; Kllnr
enhoner, 180; F, Oerdes, 183; burr, 207. TuUL
Klondike Duffy, 160; Bhotten, 110; Orennr, 160;
Moore, 1U2; Taylor, lull. ToUl, 788.
ercoscD uaue.
Klondike-Duffy, 161: Shotten, 110; Granger, lOSi
Moie. 126: Taylor. 150. Toul, 7J1.
Fin Knight-Fries, 2ul: Fibk, 178, Oehrloc, 147:
Miller, 13d; Welsh, 100. Total, 81U.
Tiunn oaue.
Fin Knight-Fries, 212: Fink, 188; Gearing, 168:
Miller, lb : Welsh, 168. ToUl. 648.
Metropolitan Ureen. 16U; W. (lerdes, 101; Kllng.
enbouer, 186; T. Gerdes, 217; Starr, 211, To
Ul, 868.
The Lexiugtona triumphed over bntli the Owls and
Coatls Fo ts In last night's games ot the Korth Hud
son Coiiiuy Bowline Association tournament at
Uroth'a alleys lu Union mil. The scores:
nraT oaue.
Owl B. C Dlckman, 1261 Fuebrlolu. 160, lletok.
trt, 1681 ICugelbrecht. 1114 Walker, 180. Toul, 777.
Iealugtou II, C Grassdorr, 162; Ioes. 166; Ma
gill, 156; tichwackc, 176; liulb, 1UJ. Toul, 844.
Owl B, C D eVman, I21I1 IMohrlelu, 183: Rcickert,
12ti KucelknvDt, 2U; Wullcr, I611. lolal, 710.
Castle l'olut Cyclrn MlltcUdorf, IhO; Ueyinrr,
lll: liollinati, 160; ltunctcn, 142; Buck, 187. To
Ul, 188,
LeilngtouB. C.-Grasdiirr, 174: Lees. I42i Ma
Kill. 1-j; Bcuttockc. i6: Kolb, 152, Toul, 707.
Cutis Point Cclera-lilttuldorf, 118; ileymer,
14.1; llollmau, 166; Kuncken, 168; Buck, 131,
Total, 726. ,
The games In the Kew Jersey Bowling AssocUtlon
tournament la,t night were not production ot high
acorea. 1 h acorea tolluw 1
naaT oaue.
Carlton B. O. Koone, 120: Eblers, 138; Marx, 136:
Oon. 1421 Drowu, 1U7, ToUl. 708.
Siiberold II. 0. Uryue, 13d; Falkland, 120; Lelu
kauf, 110; Sacugcr, 181; UorUsl, 152. ToUl, 661,
Spheroid B. C-Heyne, 148; rlUand. 82; Lain
kauf, 187i Haengtr, I4U; Uait '1, 1UU, Total, 663.
Monarch B. v. ltini, iu3; Ostrander, 168; Uuaer.
148) Lueari, 1371 WiOlK. 148, Toul, otiu,
rniD OAUE.
Carlton B. C Koone, 148; Ehlers, 188; Man, 150;
Gori. 126: Down, 187. Toul, 44. ,
Monarch B. C, lUngl, lo3i Osuaader, 181; Hnaer.
18; Luehrs, leu; Willlg, 132. Total, 661. ,
Winning Owners nt Aqueduct,
The monerwas pretty well distributed among
owner at the Aqiueduct mooting, whloh closed
on Tuesdny. a soventy-flvo of them scoured a
portion of it. P. B.r. Randolph wounduont the
head ot the list. Charentus earned tho greater
part of tho money, which went to tbo credit ot 0.
L. Blehanls, who was second on the list.
Jimmy McLaughlin finished third, and, like
Richards, ono horso was responsible for tho
greater part of the roll, Lady Llndsov being JIc
LaugNln's. chief brond winner. The purses
were distributed as follows:
P. B. P. Randolph., $7.1 PA O.L. Rlchanla l,7fin
James M Lamrhlln. 1,760 J. Uoilrn 1,725
J.F. itobiuson i,s3aw.o.Dlr. 1.24B
K.O. Hnnhes 420 J. P. Martin 140
OreenH. Morris..,. 760 Adsm Deck 650
T. A.Magoe 430 M. Oorbell 1 460
M.Mlnden 200 11. II. Ilunn .. . ,, 7H0
W.H.Karrlck 210 John Ilyncs : Co,, 600
Fleming A-niick... 210 Mackey A-W o.lo.. 730
Mr. W. 0 Dly. ... 70 Mm. M, 0 Lyles . . . 300
ArthnrWhlte atto J. Q. ouinn nim
F. V. Alexandre.. . Sin Kenalco HUble,... 100
T, B. Alsiander..,. 4811 W. L. ill vcr.... ,., 1,845
M ".F.J.Klttlcmjn. 110 T. F. Parrcttfe Co.. 340
.fViesllowokCo., 80 L. O.Appleby...,,, 400
M.F.pwycr. 640 A. J.Jovner.., 620
r...;'.Mlle.... 4NS M.J. Daly ...,..,. 1.8U6
JHIltonnBUbl.... Bsr.pclmel ftFsrrell.. 1,400
Jt.W.WsMcntHon 680 Frank Regan 1,085
BowsM Patterson. 70 Jamea Adams 8R3
H. A. White. 430 N.J. Johnson.... 1. 200
Cbarlea Gorman.... 876 G. M. Miller. 710
K, Golden 180 If. T.Grimn. ....... 4110
W.Dnuohu 48'i William J, lloch.. 30
J.IkUilland 4S0W.O. Smith 180
fiiI'eJfvu 7H0,ani 100
WrluhtalOo 80 J. W.Roche 30
Merer Bilker.... 70F.Gebhard 400
T.J. Healey 720 Tnrncy Broa 8(10
J.B. M Donald..., 880 J. W.Colt 400
g-T. Wilson, Jr.... nwoSeneatlnnBUble... 670
f, C. O'Reilly 035 T.I). Sullivan 4U0
?A4,s,Con,,,0,t"' eon.0. Doguett 70
n"J1,mD.Vw,t 87B Bennington li Gard-
0.R . Talhert....... 30 ner. 800
JWestmore&Meehan 860 F. Hoirtn 70
. A. Rrkcs. 70 F.M. Woods 80
.Joiephson 30 Sydney Faget SUO
Tod Slonn Coming Home.
Lohdom, Nov. 0. Tod Blnan. tho American
Jockey, will sail for Now York on Saturday on
board the stoamorLucanla.
Tha TVlnuers nt the Lakeside Track.
CaicAOo. Nov. 9.-The track At Lakeside waa aloppy
and a raw wind with ahowrra at intervals made tlio
day exceedingly disagreeable for out-of-door apoita.
It was a bad day for favorites, only cue winning.
. F.r t Ric Five and a hair furlongs Cousin
Letty. 110 (McCann), 4 to 1. won: Roejolla, 110
(rJUs), 8 to 1. scon I: Mendacious, 110 (Ilolden),
Btoi.ihird. Time. H14M. l '
Second Race Seven furlongs Draw Lad, 127
(Bloss), 2Wto l.won: David, 120 iMurgan), 0 to 2.
froondiKswsgatherer. 122 (C. Sloan), 21 to 1, third.
Time. Il UK.
Third Race Five fuHonge-Crystalllne. 104 (Shep
herd), 6 to l,won;D ui-orswttel (K, Iloberlsoni.
4 to 1, seomd; Billy Maaon (lllots), 8 to 6, th.nl.
Time, IHMJN.
F urth Race Sevn furlones Boney Boy. 107
fElllsi, 7 ti ,2. won: Harry Nnttsr. JU7 (Lnch), ID
to 1, scoondi Easter Card, 102 (Killer), 16 to 1.
third. Time, l:U4K.
Fifth Rare One and one-sixteenth mllos Top
most, 101) (O. filoan), 4 to 1, won; Dr. Shepherd, 112
(Burns), 8 to 6, second! Boanerges, 112 (Blosj), 2 to
C, thiid, Tlme,l:54K.
Sixth Race Seven furlongs Overland, 120 0.
Sloan), 4 to l.wou: Borden, lis (Ciywood), 4 to 6.
second; Dr. Marks, 115 Ullosa), 4 to 1, third. Time.
llnclog at Lntonln.
CixcissATi, Nov. p. All of the racea at Latoni to
y wi re run in the raiu oor a ery sloppy track.
Jockey Fio-t In five mounts t -day won three, waa
second onco and nnce unplaced. Ycaterday he also
rodo three winners. Ono favonto and five second
choices won. Summary:
First Race Six furlongs Cordcr, 117 (Frost, even,
won: Oov. Taylor, 103 iKsrveo 7 to 1, eecond;
Banrlca, U7lKuhn), lotu 1. third. Time, 1:17H.
Socond Race Six furlonea ShanVcn, 101 (C.
Thompson). 8 to l.won; I'rimavcra, 103 (Kuhn), 0 to
1, seoond: Clarence B., 103 (Morrison), 4 to I. third,
lime, lUHM.
Tdlrd Race One mile Samovar, 100 (Frost). O to
1, wou; L batiou. 100 (Crowhnrst), r. to 2. second:
SUnta, 101 (Green). 10 to 1. third. Time, 1 :47m.
Fourth Race One mile Oirlo II.. ill (Frost). 6 to
2, won; Danrella, 105 (Dupeol. 7 to 10. socoud: Am
berUllnu, 108 (Gutlcrcs), 11 to C, third. Time,
Fifth Raeo-Firo furlongs-UUlo Mark, 100
(huhn), 8 to 1. won; Viola K., lotl (Frost), 3 to 1,
jcoond: Lirie Tello, 100 (Gutlerca), e to 1, third.
Time, l:0HH.
Sixth Rvo Sit furlongs Sorrow, 100 (Kuhn), 8
tol,won;Frimote, 103 (Aker). 2 to I. second: Klslo
Bramble, H6 (Dupee), 0 to 1, third. Time, l:lu.
Intsrscliolnatlo Clicis.
blx schools worereprosontcdnt the mocting
of the Now York Interscholastlo Chess Asso
ciation held at Cutlor School, Cast Flftloth
street, yesterday afternoon, as follows: Cutlor.
Columbia Grammar, Madison, ttachs. Hamil
ton Instltuto and Bo La Sallo Instltuto. The
eloctlon ot odlcors resulted as follows: J. II.
Matteson, Hamilton Institute I'rostdont: 1'.
Lnglor. CoIumblaOrammarBchool, VIce-Prosl-dent
; II. MuEonna, Colum bla Oram mar School,
Bocretary: F. Hanson, Cutlor School, Treas
urer. Although It Is the destro of tho associa
tion to have more schools enter, it now looks
oh If the competition will again bo a six-school
There was aulte a debate over the constitu
tion which wa arrangod last year. Tho rlccro
tary had In hia possession a copy of the orlcl-
fial, which had elthor been losrormfslald. This
eaves the association In tho dark as to whether
the copy hold by the Secrotnry Is corrector
not. and It is not at all unllkoly that n now con
stitution will bo got up. All tho Bchooln
will start preliminary work next wcok and
tournaments will bo held to select representa
tives. As only two boys aro allowed to com
pete from each school, the lattlo tor tho places
will be a hot one. Columbia Grammar School
will start Its tournament noxt Monday with
eovontoon candidates.
In addition to the honor of representing the
school in tho Association tournament, tlio Chess
Commlttco of the school offers handsome
medals for thosu making tho bust showing.
Hamilton Institute will ha strongly represented,
nnd. as Matteson will tako part, the school Is
contliloiitof again winning:. Do La Hullo Insti
tute will feet tho loss of Lobalr, but thoro is
other promising material. Cutler. Sachs' and
Madison are keeping in tho dark and may
spring a surpilsa.
lawn Tennis.
Tho members of tho Lenox Tennis Club finished
up their last two tournaments of the aeason on elec
tion day. Tbe club championship waa won forth
third time by Wyrth, who beat Bryan in straight
sett. Bryan had previously won tho right to chal
lenge for tha trophy In the championship " round
robin" ovont which was played during tho summer,
in which be beat all tbe other members of the club.
A second " round robin" event was started in the
fall Immediately after tbe open tournament In
September, and this was (lnhdied yotrtday with a
victory for W.COrant, Wyeth being second. Grant
Is a new member, and waa not eltglhlo to play for
tbe championship, as be joined while that tourna
ment was in progress. In tho fall even: nine play
ers wero entered, end each met all the others in
turn, plavlng fiftoeii games with each, aud the llret
prize wtnt tothewlnuerof the greatest Dumber of
games. Grant won 86 and lost 34 in his eight
matches, while Wyeth won 83 and lost 37.
The scored follow:
Co.b Champ onshlp Singles, Challenc llount
O. Lorraine Wyeth (holder) beat Robert T, Bryan
chall nirer). 04,6-4.11 1.
Fsll" Round Robin ' W. O. Grant beat M.Clark,
87; be F. J. Martin, 10 0: teat L. J. Grunt,
141: .eat Dr. D. II. Iieywmd, 16-0; beat F. 11.
McLean, 133; beat . L. Wyeth, 87; beat It. 'J'.
Bryan, 8 7; beat J. A. Delniar, 11-4. Total-Won
011. lost us.
O. L. Wyeth beat M. Clark 8-7: beat E. J. Martin,
10 6: txa L. J. Grant, in 2; beat Dr, U. U, Hey.
wood, 12 9; oeatF.B. MoLrsu. 14 1; beat J. A.
Delmar. 14 1; lost to W. o. Grsnt, 7-8; lost to R. T.
Bryan. 6-10. Total-Won, 88; lost. 87. ,
At the recent annual meeUug of the Lenox Club, a
new toard of ofllcerawa elected, lududlng . L.
Wjetb, Frraldent: Miss Mirtha Mel. r, Vice-Fresl-Went;
Dr. J. B. Liimhard, Tnasurer; Dr. II. U. Hay
wood, Secretary, and Louis J. Grant, Ca italn. It
waa also decided t nulargo and moi a the cluhhousu
to the opposite aide nf the grounds, tmprovo the
courts, aud to admit in a body without Initiation
fees the member of the old Now York Tennis
club, which goes out of existence this fall, for
lack of grounda. Its former com ts hai ing been la' en
for building purposes. Tho who hae already
agreed to Join the Lenox Cluh under thoae condi
tions arot D. 0. B. Chaplu, F, 1'. Rice, Cllflord
Weston. K. J. Rice. O. W, Chadwlck, A. T. lrf-dman,
II, MrCalluin, M. J. Vlnoent. ), (i, Wright, W. (hin
nlnuhamand Mr. II. MuCallum and Mlsa Alice Ivt.
Others are expected to lotu.
At the Knickerbocker Wiiiat Club titers' came on
eloctlon night the top scar K and B Tina made by
Kllot and Cramer, P plus. Threo pairs tied for sec
ond plate: Foater and Baker, Adam and Fuller,
Clalrmoutand let)'. Fay and Korriawcre bluh R
and W with 0 plus, Begur and Weatcrfleld were ace
ond with 7, 1
At tho Brooklyn Whlit Club Tular and Bailey were
high K aud B with U plus; D.tiuarsanif Plimpton be
ing Miond with 4, Too pairs tied for high snore K
and W: Thurbrr and Htoieu.ou, Boyd and Rose,
uacli getting 7 plus.
At tue Long IsUnd Women's Club tho members in
vltel their men fnruds for tho nJecUou day gamo.
The top acore K and U was made byalr. audilra.
Powell, plus 7; Mrs. Uanum aud Mrs. Colby, plus 6,
eud W.
In the Krie aectlon gam for the Kw Jersey As
sociatton trophy, playod U tweeu tho I'aterson '1 our
lsuand tuolasaio Club, F ursou xonby 18 to 12.
Th w.nnlng Usui waa G. 11. Mallallcu, C. E. Uinta,
K W, llua.oil, aud C. K. Junes. ,
At tho Women' Whist Club yesterday the top
aoore K and h waa mad by Mrs. Irish and Mrs. Haw
thorne, loplus. Mrs. Boaley aud Mrs. De Witt were
high E and W with 8 plus.
In th gam for th Kew Jersey SUU trophy the
BomvUU Athletlo Club, holders, defatted the 1'jrk
Club of FlainUfld, challengers, by tbe aoor or 17
trio s to 1.. Th Ukiai Ware: rtosellleC. B. 'Ab
bott. O. L. Downs, B. , Imrd aud Atram Wyckuff;
Paik-O. T. Rogers, J, ll, Uotell, B. Tuwruicnd aud
6, hi. J. UcCutchsn.
kUL Union Square. nroid.Vry M
Men's Shoes 1
I 114- I
Russet Leather, with perforated tips -M
Vid Kidskin, Rob Roy toe, EnEllia W
slupe. . W
French Patent Calfskin. u or M
Congress styles. jm
Black Calf, Rob Roy ind French style XM
They nrry the characteristic style and ele- 'SR,
pince which mark the genuine New York '.Mw
product. Made from finest selected .stock, Wt
silk stitched, carefully fitted. A thorough- m
going custom shoe, usually sold at 6.00. M
xcira op tub lruEELitEX. 'Wj
Dlplomnllo Jtovo ot the I.. A. TT. io In- ','
cronsu It Csefuluess. ,S
A now placard or "Imniror" of patriotlo de- K
slcn will soon bo issued by tho Leauua ot ,
American Wlieolinen. It is in (our colors aooV M
richly tinted. An address in tbo facsimile Of., W
President Potter's landwritinn and signed. Wt
by lilm ocouplos tlin ccutro space. At the top - Wr
nro an American shield and laurel loaves, with ji
tbo tltlo ol tho Leacue runnlne across. Just
boucath Is tbo opicrammatlo statement: "Wo fi)
fly tho Urn: in pcaco and war." To tho left it fjf.l
n plcturo sboninc infantry troops In action "Mi
oer emooth roads, and tlio Stars and Stripes .'
flyiiiK callautly, whllo on the other sids is a m),
wauon tilted nud stuck fnst in mud, a wheel- iS
man bimllarly obstructed, and nn American W
line ilylnc nt hulf mast, union down. Tho ad- S
dross reads:
.. . OrricK or the l'urstDisrr. JL
volunteers wantedl It
We wnt ablo-bodled cycllata of cood character, IS gfT
year old and upward, to jolu the army of thL.A.
W. aud battlo in the campaign aea'nst bad roada and jjfc
brutal drlcra. Yes, wo aro maklnir cycl patha con-A JK
licctlnc 1,600 cltlos and vlllaecs where good road (M
cannot be had. Our members are forming clubs or 'Jp
"consulate" iu all part oC tho country, they re- JR
eclvo charters from the great League, elect their own ajji
officers, malnUIn their own headquarter!, seear W,
fraternal benefits fur their own member and work W
with tho entire League In the making of paths, th s.
encouragement of touring, the pasaage of road laws JI'
and ao forth. Ten or moro member may form
consulate. Tho L. A. W. gives excellent road book
to lta members In many State without charge and ' af
aendaanlllustrateacycllng paper to each member .
every week. It cJalt but 13 to Join the L. A. W., In- 3L
eluding one year's dues, and (1 per year after th fi
first year. Further information gladly supplied by jR
theSccietary. Ibsao D. rones. President. ,Sfh
AnnoT UiKiETT, Secretary. -M
.Centred at tho bottom of this elaborate M
hancor" is tho L. A. W. emblem, and bo- 4?
noath it the motto: "Wo havo battles to fight at 'Sf
I homo." Un tbo left sldo of this is the state- ji
mint: Ninety-two per cent, of the soldiers' X
in the recent war with Boaln wero wlieelmen. b
and many thousands wero members ot the L. M
A. ." On tho right Is printed: "Good -oadii S
und cood oyclo paths can bo had for one-tenth w
1 the cost ot tho rec-ont war. and would benefit - Sk
tho country well, almost as much." The Mi
whole is strlkiuKly handsome. Attached to " W,
tbo bottom are implication blanks for Leairuo-1
membership. The hangers are to bo tarnished 'W
without chars' to cyclists und dealers who &
doslro to uso them. jji
It has boon decided by tho American Cycl ml
Ilauing Association not to hold any races in jar
Mndfson Bijuaro Oardon on Thanksalvinir Wi
nlulit. bocnusa of tlio impossibility of gettine ' '-Jj
a track built in tlmo. Arrangements to stars Jul
11 six-day raco nn Dec. S. shortly after Bun-
day midnight, are proceeding in spito ot th" V
threatened ordinance prohibiting It On tho M?
' nlclit or Haturday, Dec. H, tho first Indoor races -l':
will be held at tho Garden. Edouard Taylor. M
tbo Frenchman, bos been matched against W'
Harry KIWoh in a one-hour paced race for that m)
oceaslouB.l'nyloro holds tli Parisian one- '
inllo record of 1 mlnuto.'12 'J-5 seconds, whllo M
Elkefi at prflRent holds tho world's record for .'
ono hour. Thero will also bo short-distanco M
races for professionals und amateurs. flf
Ono who recently returned from a cycling Jm
trio In England says that tho laltn of riders w
and retailors thuro In American oycte productn m'
- is growing stronger ovory day, especially re- M
S anting rims anu tiros, but that thrfy are held -,'
own by a tiro monoiioly. Ho found that ro- 9
pair men would not mend his blnclu-tubo J
tires becauso tlmr had signed nn agreement
with the monopolIatR not to do so. The repair m
men wero poll to and said they would like to a.
fix I hem, but dared not do lr. and added with M
a sigh: How long, I wonder, before we will m
bo ablo to uso slnglo-tubo tires!" it
Tho meeting of the Walt Investigating Com- m
mltteo of tlio New York Htato Dlvislon.whlch m
was to havo been hold last night, has been M
postponed indefinitely. M
Juan Onugolt?: and Jaan Klen, the French ,W-
rhlors. who left Now York in disgust last sum- W,
nier, returned yestorday and will flguro in :
tho indoorvraucs of tho coming winter, tj
Chairman Srntt of tho L. A W. Ilselng Board
bus received tho following from tho lutorna- a
tlonal Cyclists' Assoo.ntlon: jB
You aro rciiuestod to note that William Martin of I
Lowell. Mb.. U. S. A., haa been UnrdS.'iS and sue M
prndod by tho Lrairuo of American Wheelmen until m
tbe Ann has'liren paid, forfatlurotorldeat Woodsid m;
Park, I'hilsdelphfa. This riollco la sent out as it is 91
understood thst Maitln has nailed for KurOPe. Afflll- ,H
sljd unions will therefore see that ha la not psrmll- 't
te I to rldu unlu, a ho either pays thu $3Q to-tnsni on '.&
bohalf or thoL. A. W., or produce a receipt from that vf
body for it, .;
Exercise at Home 1
Now Is tlfe time to think of exercising at at
home. Doxinff, Big Punching, Indian Clubs
and Dumb Dells are a few home exercises that j&.
are popular. ffl
If an article that you buy has "Spalding" m
stamped upon it, you may be sure that it it jjk
the best tliat money can buy. ffi
Indian Clubs f
Per pair, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 cents. g :
Dumb Bells 'ml
Per pair, 15. 20, 25 and 30 cents. m
Striking Bags m
ft.oo, $1.50, J2. 50, Hoo and 55-00. m
Boxing Gloves 9
Per set, Ji.oo, J1.50, 52 00 and ?5-oo. m
Instruction books: m
" How to Become a Ilnicr." 10 cents iKt
" How tu Us a Punching Ilag," 10 rents. 'dm
" lion tu Uau Indian t-'lubn," JOciuti. "
" B.-lelililln I'hy.iial 1 raining," ID rants. ''M
" Care of the Uudy," 10 cents. W
A. 6. Spalding & Bros., I Spaldlng.DIdwell Ct. f
lid-ISO Nassau Pt. I 2tf, 31. 83West3dSt. Jjl
' ei'ltKAT Cl.KAUINO 8ALK. 'M
About noo odds and ends cycles, worth 110, to, ,
I0O, tu i-lvar out, at 6, S7.00, sis. I JO. whllo they T
last, 'lanleuis, S13& kind, tis.lo, bundries. tire., W,
11 t'f'd. Ideal Uubber Co., M. U Empress,
l'slairr, Muhaltan, Balamanders, COu. to S2.3A; ,
racluu sa Idles. &3c.i pedals, aoc pair; rims, 2oo. 9
pair; lanips, 8rc. chalus. 30c. M
JAMPORF & CO. dboa'iW 1
t.. ' . . . T M
l)0WT4Kn AU.KVB-One evening and three aftey. -Jm
J) nn.in.opru Mkrlrctclubs.i '
UAYKN t UOOUWIN, props., 20 West ltk ,,

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