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1 Ifff? 8 , THE SUN, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1898. s WM
' riA'-txcm- Airn comtsnciAU
: -jK'Kt W. Wkdhmdat. Nor. 0.
f ?!? HS Two Ylwd of the result's of TMterdny's dec-
IS Bin If? UoMirtw refloated In to-day's market for
' mm$L& cmrltles. Thator Ihe professions! element was
I HlB,Ift narrowazid found expression first In profit talc-
' fiSR'flf 'n nd 'ltt8r on 'D SA'"n t,mt "M niaiil-
( jkHlVw' ' tttfiXr for short toeount. Boardroom trader
aBR? E rsUed that as the party of sound money had
fill Mb' not been overwhelmingly victorious, many
; JB'JHk ftj? atooks recently bounht would he thrown upon
S :f Pj the markot. They were mistaken In this
m 'F'Hs Mew, axborpt so far aa It related to
SB Ji R' their own operations. They were Induced
m .J'SPji to make further sales In the after-
j i Bf, noon by reports that the party of the Admlnis-
Ijgj ? Bt tratlorrhad lost control of the lower house of
R f K ConereAS. A little flurry In money that ad-
iM & 5i Taneed the rate on call to 3 cent, also encour-
m r m- aced a ahort-llTc-d attack upon yaluea. Aeon-
9 l& Ur, trary tIow of tho political situation here found
! A. K stxprcsiifbn first In the London mnrket for
M WW American securities, nnd ltdevelopod the fact.
' Wt IE. Wflfl tno flr,t llnr of n0 fortn'cht
1 I K ly settlement on the London Stock Ex-
JR r 31 change, that the supply of American
, flli w securities there was remarkably small.
i WiMR m rhls '1,5Umtancs Influenced the rnto of
jjKjflj B Interest at which American railway shares
I l! J are to-be carried through the new account.
v Slf !' tthe London market as n whole was depressed
I 8 'l't letap'drnrlly by a further advance In tho dis-
I t I I count rabo-at tho Imperial Dank of Germany.
,JJ 6 f ut according to all accounts neither that oc-
S S V currenco nor the possibility of Important pollt-
11 f leal developments abroad sufllced to hold the
' $ B l 'market In clteck.
13 f The forolcn feollnic of relief that the election
j9gj 7- v Is a thing of the past was evldontly shared by a
, jjK ; I uumbor of substantial Interests hero and also
Wy $ by many 'clients of commission houses. The
' 8s v I compaxatlToly" heavy purohases of stock by
Sk , foreign nrbltrago houses were followed by a
MB 5 legitimate domestlo domaml that sustained
JB f t the market throughout In nplto of the effort to
Z J i, depress prices noted abovp and sharp docllnes
i Sffl j V In Sugar Itoflnlne nnd In Monhattan
fflj jL,v Jlallwny. ' Tho buyers of stocks, or at
fM ff J least some of them, argued that much
IS W m h been accomplished In tho right direction
gH it , by the result of tho Gubernatorial contest In
Mf V S, this State, nnd nlso that, should it prove that'
? f fc the party of sound money has lost control of
KJH '& S the House of Ileprtoentattves, nothtiiE can bo
M . aocompllshcd toward deboaine the currency
fSJf K ? becatsdof tho complexion of tho Bonateand
g; the attitude of tho President. The fact Is. the
ajj s' f bualnriss of tho country is nttlvo nnd Increasing
mt P I In volume nnd prices of staple commodities are
aw K-' well maintained, owing largely to the heavy
BBf V foreign demand for our surplus products, both
CW l a maQUfatur3(l- T'10 enormous and
fiM t rapidly increasing woalth of tho country makes
Wi i ft Investors keenly allvo to opportunities for the
9K w safe and! profitable employment of their funds,
ME a as is ahcrwn by tho unusually heavy dealings in
Sjfi n- bonds to-day in spito of tho view taken by pro-
ljH m. Cesslonal dealers In stocks that tho outcome of
K8u jrestenlay's battlo was far from satisfactory
KSw from the point of view of those who are fight-
iM i; Inc tor tho maintenance of the gold standard.
fflfc W: Thoso dealers ovoriooked tho fact that local
IW K.' Issues are invariably important factors in elec-
itSra tt tlonn held between Presidential campaigns.
BEtf S " nn(l a'80 tDnt such elections have many times
PnjBtt k rltirlng the last twenty-five years not been
jjHj M ovenrtielmtnely In support of the party con
P. !u'" trolltuR national affairs.
jJf sf'; The dealings in stocks were largo, aggre-
BP 7Q'- Bating nearly 50O.0OO shares, and they wore
Rsf' Very widely distributed. Tho railway list ro-
m" M' celved more attention than for a long time
lp M' past, with St. Paul leading in respect to activity
fir it Dnd '10'rinT. with Cnlon Paclflo preferred.
B'jt3-V ff Louisville and Nashville. Northern Paclflo
Rw, common and Atchison proferrod, exceptional
wffil ft atrength. Of local traction Issuos Manhattan
Si ft BaJIway was most nctlvo. at a netdecllnoof 2K
"S W, 9cent.Itwaanoldohleflybecauseofdlsappotnt
BaM mc- ment on the part of speculative holders that
SIT act changes In the board. Indicating a transfer of
Msjl&jffi ownership, wlileh they had expected would take
B!& 1r. place at to-day's annual meeting of the stock
aSl' W fcoldersT'dlrt not occur. Metropolitan Street
MM K Hallway made further progress upward, while
Wlla' B- Brooklyn Ilapld Transit was comparatively
Mv fe peglected and closed fractionally lower
BSg Mi than on Monday. This last statement also
Evil IH' applies to American Tobacco. Of tho other
Bmhp ft Industrial Issues Tennessee Coal and Iron was
Mlf". we conspicuously strong on rumors of an lmpend
BJrJR i-- inc absorption by the Federal Steel Company.
S hS' rh shares of tho last named were traded
jyj? v& In moderately, but finally made no de
Mf elded progress in either direction. Be
ftC Ml clnnlng"' to-mprror, dealings In the se
B'il" SlH curltles of the Federal Steel Company
Pifi Sf w"' b8 mnd6 on tne 8to;'c Exchange for
BJiw ftffi the first time, they having been regularly
Bjy y listed this aftornoon. Among the usually less
TSt. m. bcttvo stocks that attained prominence to-day
BtWf Wt; 'wero Ann Arbor Issues. Baltimore and Ohio
Brafe" !l stocks, both old and now, Chicago Great West-B.ii-
W- ern I,rrerrC(1 A- Cleveland, Lorain nnd Wheel
BS M I Ing preferred, and New York Air Brake, nil of
mfg B. trhlch closed materially higher than on Mon
a K day. Notwithstanding tho afternoon reaction
H B, the great majority of the list scored net gains,
Bilk and tliu closing was very steady.
Be E few Tork Stock Ulclianse SaUi Nor. O.
m2t m EOns:i,r.. OBM 31 CSi.r. 1007.1im
Bjf W JOUhlOi.r 105K 25 TJ8,c, 1U26127
Mitf m ISO'lbSs, c .. 17 "Va F deb 2-Bi
BtM' m 106H91Q6H of 18tfl.70M70M
WM mm. tTnRtSi, r, Unfitla.c.
KB'"' atpiof a 08X iD:s....,i2e! 127W
BPjE yR, rB3.lB08- CnSttH, r,
'Jf. Mir lB18.r...l06M lOfiM 1004 UlTill2K
UW sfe EB3I.10O8- DnfltCa.e,
M 1018,c.,.10SM 106H 1U04 113 113
Bk&' Is En8t. r. Unfit B, r.
Kit t 1007 111W111M 18 102M
BjpK' ill CnBtii.o, UB8.esi,r,
MM W 1807 U2 113 101. D Oil 8U
Bjlfe 'iw Cn Bt r,
i" hI ltIS 12G" 127W
W- K- CO At.liadJ .... 70 S3NPcnl8s 60M
MsL M 270 OOM 26 COM
BKlf P' C6 00X76 00
M& ffl ' 6 UOHS7HVosi.,.. am
a fc 160 COM 6 86
RSI W 3 ! 847(
llH K 10 Atckcal ... 07 100 N TO.LB col
5 rW 17, 07M K OOM
K$ lit 233 07, i oou
B'W II' 103 D7M 30 OOM
Sir iHf 11 AdtmtEi 41..102H 24, OOH
fUR fiAmBUea 63 30 NYC. UO col
,, g1 1 AmDkilBs..ll6W 8 04.H
M& K. 76U0 8K,wl. OOM 20 04M
' M 70 OOM 1 NuhkChttcnl03H
WSf '40 70K 11 KRHefCalGs.104
B 142Bft04(,wl. 06 180ntN4i 100M
WW v 7 06M 8 ioi
' ft" 2B.0nJiHlit.loe 6 0rerj8IJei..l20
r' 2 10B27 12DH
1 Brook B TBi.. 104M 36 120J4
i 3 BrElUttr.... 80 26 Oro B L CD OS.107W
10B,Q0kBn6tlO3i 300reBI,lao A.. 7B
0 104 14 78M
10 104M 10..'. 78M
30 0fcO4H.... 87U 78M
3, B7M10 78M
80 87M20 78M
C6 C.BCcdt6s.117M 80 70
4 C,BQ4.,N.xl01K 3 On 8 1, las B. 60
14 101H 22 01H
CO 101 20 01
S0.B&04i.Idl02 OPo C0MtHt..l06
1 CnBouthlit.,110 26 10U
4 0hll4i 00 1 106K
1 CliloiE I ct107 16FoJkEAitltt, 77
X 106K 1 B PitU It Wn lit. UAH
1 Chle 4Eri litl 10 16 04M
C600tByoa6a.. 88 6 r,S t LK lt,100
3 88W 6Ienl4a 106M
BBDtROta.,,, 07 46 106W
8 t, M fc Ulq.. 17 6 106!
3 I'MCity 6t.. 04M 60 106M
1 Erie ca lit 144H 20 BtadgaUs.,.. 81!
1 JCrie prior bd. 02 1 81M
2 KTennUt...107H 20 Bio a Witt.... 80M
10 ItWertklst... 76M 6 00
6 70!i 10BtP4U.cn44,.
10 77 iSO...v. 11SM
1 77H 6 Bt I, k S ff 3d.
CO.., -70M clB 11 3),
10nwBOUt 12BtLJrSy4i... 70
00 10 70M
B WP, f ,,j,,,a OOli 8 ,, M, 7DM
siiHiiiiMSV, T--Mj1iYTsPi?Bil''.. "f-iT' - '" .. v' f jv
8 00K 3 ,.., 70M
8 01 7 7QM
6 0lr,nftIISt 08 80Btr.flW 1st... 70H
4 0,ir B A 26 t 80
UPBs 00W 8 70K
10 OOM 188tLBWaa.. 34
16nrlemHt,o..lOC! 1 33M
4nrltmlit.r..l06M 16 33M
30 Iron Alt 6..... DBK SStP Dul ad.lOBW
20 08M 118AkAn.t4l.. 73M
18 OHM 6 73K
16 07M00 74
40 07X40 n 74W
26 07f 20 74M
6 P7M H 74!
06 07 IS,,,,, ... 74M
6 07M 28 74M
11 07M SBOfcOa lit... OOM
17 08 0 OOM
4 111 Cn 8Mi. 4 .. OOM
Ldlv B3M 1 3 Bo H-way 6...101M
43 04 73 101M
3 111 Cen 8M. St COBUnnkToa.. 82
Ldtv 03K 6 81
6 04 0 80K
21110 4., 1063.. 102 13....... SOW
lHlntkOtM 2d.. 88 lOStBkTtao.... 23
8Intk(HMSd. 60 8 227i
34 KankT.l4.. OIK 21 S3
63 OIK 4T.xI-aolitI5t.108M
37 OIK O .V10BM
8 DIM 8 100
2IankT.x3..04H 6 100M
06 06 37T.irao3iU.. 46M
16 06M 38 46M
20 06X 26 46H
6 OOM 03 46U
16 04M 8TkNOonot..l08
-3 KO.PkOl.t. 70 4. 103W
6 70M 1ST 0,1 k B (,
12 70 T.nndlr 08
0KanawbaklI4. 78 4T0.1 k B .
7 78M BlrdlT..... 00
3 78M lBtJat.mlaa 4...101M
1 L k TV B en at. 00 11 ..101M
1 LEkW3dt...l00 204 10114
12 Lou k Mgsl 41 OSM 74 Un P. D k O
10 OEM Ht.tr 80M
40 - 02M 8 - 80K
01 03 10 80M
lLonkN.Sfclt 3Uabl. 111M
A ttBt 100M 11 111M
B5Mt8t Byoa.,110 6Wabath3d 80M
21 HOW 68 - 00
6 Man n' way 4a. 03M SO Wabd.btD... 32M
46a30 03M 3 31M
lGMoTaocn 103 4 TVab. D fc 0 ei.107
lMoTaoSil 110 4WettBh4. r..HOM
0MUkI,B;Ud.l36 0 110M
2UatuUPasa.l00M 8 W V T k Pa gnl 64K
6NPprlor4 101M 10TVlt01it.tr.. OOM
100 101M 10 OOM
14 . .101M 23 - OOM
00 101H 40 01
1 N J 0 gnl 81. r. 1 1 OH 1 1 OOM
10 Nyc.ntltt.oll8 6 ..- OOM
Ittaltilei of railway bondt (par Talu.). $6,833,000.
Oftn- H(e- Xw- , Clitint .
SIu. int. ut. til. MU. Atlttd
4SAd.n..H0 110 100M100 110
BOOAIIobMI.20 1.20 1.20
Be068AmRB.H6 116M 112W 112M 112M
BeBAmBRpHOMll'l 110M110 111
MOOAmSM. Ilk UK lOk 10M 11
COACabla. 07M 97M 07M OOM 08
l740AmTobl41 148 180M 130M 140
887AmExpl60 160 160 140
8B40AmOO. 37 37M 30M 30M 37
310 Am CO p 88 88 87M 87M 88
1E20 A.TkS
Fo 13M 13K 13M 13 13M
87005 A,T S
Fopf.. 37M 37H 30M 37M 37M
IB A Malt.. 32 38 32 31K 32
700 A Malt p 82M 82M SIM BIN 82K
1010 Ann Arb 13 16 13 16 16M
1704 Ann Ap 37 38M 37 38 38M
078 AmBtMl
tVT... 31M 38 31M 31 32
BOO AmStetl
tWp. 88 88 87M BOM 82
3100 B t O
alp... 46 46( 46 46M 46M
EBOBkO.wl 32K 32M 32K 32M 33M
8786 Bfc Op.
wt.... OOM 70M OOM 70K 71
4210 B8t Oat 4M 4M 4 3M 4
BGOCanBo.. 63M 64 63M 63M 64
100 Con lei. 47M 47M 47M 47M 48
37l0ChOtW 14M 14M 14M 14M 14M
pfA... 46 40 46 40 40M
"SlOCenPao 20M 20M 20M 20 27
8846Ch.tkO 22M 22M 22M 22M 22M
1000.CATal.40 1.40 1.40
B2Cb.&Alil61M161M161M 162 164
St I,... 40 40M 40 30M 40
3210 CfcNW 134M 134M 134M 134M 136
1871BC.BkQ110 117M 116M110M110H
P Ill 111M110M111 111M
2002S 0.nikP103 104M102M104 104M
gOOColFuel 23 24 23 23M 24
28ChTr.. 8M 8M 8M 8 0
110ChTrp 33M 33M 33k 33M 34M
200 0,nVkT 3 3 3 2M 3M
eooCLkW 17 17 10M 16M 17
400C.L4Wp 46 46M 46 44M 48
43Conaasl84 184 184 184 186M
lOOCIkl,. 7M 7K 7K 7M 8
1003Dtltn. OOM OOM 08M 08M 08M
388D.LkW140M 140M140M141 142
100D4RO 12MI 12M 12M 13M 13M
414SDkROp 60M 6QM-60M 60M 60M
828Erlalp. 32M 33M 32M 32M 33M
100EdliEI.148 148 148 140 148
7070FBU.1. 32M 33 32 31M 32
lSOOBF.dSp 70M 70M 70 70M 70M
241FkPMp 30 30 30 30 38
124BGtNorpl30 140 130 130M 140
COOGeaEleo 81M 81M 81 80 80M
CSug.. 68 60 68 68 60
SOOIPtper. 61M 61M 61M 60M 61M
SOOIntPp. 88M 88M 88M 88 88M
1GC0 111 Cent. 10 DM 110 100M100M110
800 111 Steel,
tr S...101M103 101M101
1200K0.P4O 10 10 16M 16 10
100K4PM .10 .16 .15
SOLEfcWp 02M 02M 02M OIK 02M
800 Ltd O.. 40 40 48M 48 40
lOOTjiclOp 02M 02M 02M 02 03
2881BLoufcN 68M OOM 68M OOM 60M
38280 UanCoa OOM OOM 03M 03M 04
6(15 M Iron,
tr...138M 138M138 137 138
iaaiBMBtByl07M100M100M 108 M68M
400MkStL 20M 80M 20M 20M 27M
lit p.. OOK OOK OOK OOM 01M
34flMoP40. 33M 34M 33M 33 33M
300M,EkT 10M 10M 10M 10M 10M
loBOU.KkTp 32K33M 32K 32K 33M
1310 NL Oil. OM OM 6K 0 OM
75NJCnt 86K 87M 80K 80K 87M
fllON.tLd.. 34 34M 34 33M 34
1100 Nor Am. OM OM OM OM OM
1100 K Y Air
Brak... 03 07 DBM 06 07
153NrfcNUlD2 102 1D1M100 102
100 NY. 0 4
Stl,2p 33M 33M 33M 33M 34
775NttI!lt. 34 34 33 32M 33M
2120NkWp OOM 61M 60M 60K 61M
28188 NorPto. 40M 41 30M 40H 40K
448BNorPp. 70M 70M 70M 70M 70M
BBOOntkW 14M 14M 14M 14M 14
400BkN 62M 63 62K 63 65
4800nBI,. 28 SO 28 28M 30
114BPtcMtl 33M 34 33M 33M 33K
fPCoatt. 42 42 48 43 46
eltc03i 60 60 60 68 02
M 17 .17 .17
8CSPPCtr.l40 141M130M130M 140M
1028PaBR..116KllOM116M 110 110M
8875 l'topl.'a
OkO.,103M 104M103M104 104M
lOOQ'k.lvr, 2 2 2 IK 2
15501tt.dlDi 10M 10M 10M 10 10M
J8I2Beadlp 30 30 38K 38M 38K
1540B.ad3p 18M IBM IBM 18M IBM
400 Bt 1, 8 TV 6M 6M 6M 6 6M
BOBBtUWp 13 13 12M 12M 12M
400 6tPO 83M 83M 82M 82M B2K
140 8t P. M
kM....173 173 173 170 176
080 Standard
DliV. 21 21 10M 10M 20
100 Standard
1)1 Dp 80 00 00 08 OOM
200 Bo Pa&. 24 24 24 23M 26
seiBoBr... 8M BK 8M 8M 8M
lSSIOBoItyp. 30M 30M 36K 36M 30
1 2d p. IBM IBM 17 10 10
48 6tLkBF 7M 7K 7M 7M 7M
000 Bt IikB
yiitp. 03M 03M 03 03 03M
' J '
Opt- ntV Ln C7f"r S
aTaltt. ia. . L Ki. J)U.
P2dp. 80 OOM 80 30 30M
COOBtlkT 8M 8W 7M SH S
UBinTOkl. 20M SIM COM 30 30M
lOOMAvBnlCS 102 102 100 103
3600 Tex Tao 13K 14 13K 13M 13M
essoUnPaa. 321 33 32M 32K 32M
28B84nnPpf. 06 00 04K 06M OOM
itttp. 0 a a ok cm
118 UB Exp '43M 43M 43M 43 46
SSOOUSRub 41M 42M 41 41 41M
102 0BRP.103 103M103 103M103K
SOOTVabaah 7M 7M 7M 7M 7M
1870Wabpf. 20K COM 20M 80M 20M
CflBWUnT 03M U3M 02K 02M U8K
Total Mlet. 400.064 tliatst.
Bit. AtUi. Xt. Att
B.lkAl..E40 248 O El.op....l0 1 103
BetkM.. 104 BokVn.236 230
ChloJcora 130 CalkH.claOOO 000
ObloJpf..l22 123 Otcaola.,.. 08M 00
FltchVgp.lOOM QulncyU..126 128
MaxOtn4t 01M TamUla.,,170 178
Old Colony 104 106 Butt. 62M 63
VfEIUora. B8 BUOlttt. 02M 03
DomtaCaal 32 32MBU0 2dt. 78
AmB.llT.270 280 U.rs.ntaU 186M
JfclaTal.... 76M 70 BotUaKl.. 76
W.itr.l.o.. 34 36
mi. MUi. tit, JitM.
IhtrhTal 10 lOMElSBo.a. 43M 44
PhllaTrao. 02 02)1 HUBp.... 61M 62
UaTrao.... 20M 20M PanaMnf.. 22M 83
EkFTotra 03M 03M Ta Mf 6....102 102M
M.tTrtc...l07M 108M Wtl.Ocom 16
OTerXJa 60M 61M W.l.b Cop 03 07
CTofXJBtlOO 100M CamlrOo.. 60M 60M
UOIaipO128 122M BiltTrao.. 26M 86M
traLCt,. 43 44 llanaaa. . 6K 0
JKi, Jill. Sid. A.ktt.
AmBtrTd.. 32M 32MKCnStRy,228 234
Ok Book.. 68 00 SoBld."L" 74 70M
CliBrowpf 20 StSCar.... SIM
atyR'way.200 800 WChStBy. 08M 00
Blam'dat..l40 141 NBiicutt 0 33M 33M
LakaSt"!," 13 14 NBiaoultp 08 08M
Atchlita 13M Northern Paetflo... 41M
Atchl.on pf. 37M Northern PaolSopt 78M
Canadian Paclflo... 84K Ontarlok Wett.... 10
Oht.apeaka k Ohio 22M Panntylraala OOM
Krl.con 13 Raadint; 8M
Erie lit pf 3 3M Reading ltt pt 20
lllinolt Central....ll3 Bt Paul 114M
KantaakTexaa.... 11 South Railway 0
Lake Shore 108M South Railway pt.. 37
Loularllla k Naab... OOM DnlonPacl 34
New York Central.. 118M Union Paclflo pt... OOM
Norfolk Wpt.. 61M Wabath pf 20K
Final sales compare with those of Monday
aa follows:
Aov. 7. JV. S. A'ov. 7. Xov. 9.
A.TNFl 13M 13MNWcom...l34 134M
A.TkSFap 30M 87M NPaocom. 40M 40K
Am Cot O.. 30M 37). NPao p.... 70M 70M
AmSBef..ll6M 112M NTCent...ll6K 110
AmSRpf. Ill 1 1 OH Omaha e... B2M 82M
AmTob....l40M 180MOntkWeit 14M 14M
Amflpkt.. 11M ION PeoOk 0.103M 104
Brook RT. 07 OOM PacMall... 33K 33M
DiO 44M 46M PullP Car.l30M 140
C.B4Q...11QM 110M RockI.landl03M 104M
ConOat....l86 184 Reading... 10M 10M
CheakO... 22M 22H Read J.tpt 38M 38K
ChOW.... 14M 14H StPcom...llOM 111
D.Lk-Vir...l42 140M Bo R'way.. 8M 8M
Balk Bad. OOM 08M Bo R'way p 36K 30M
DkROpf. 66K OUHStl.BW... tjH OM
OenElec... 81M 81 BtLSWp. 12M 12K
QtNorthp.l38M 130K BtanRkT. 8M 734
IlUnoUConlOOM 100M TerlaPao.. 13M 14
KankTp. 32M 33MT0kI 20M 80M
LoukNaaa 08M GUMOnPae 32M 32K
LacledeQaa 47 48H OnPaop... 04M OOM
ManCon... OOM 03M OS Rubber 40M 41
MoPac 33M 33 OSLeattap 60M OOM
M.tBtRy .100M 108 Wabaah .. 7M 7M
NatLead... 33M 34M Wabaahp.. 20 20M
North Am.. OM OHTfUaTtl.. 02M 02M
NortkWp 40K 60M
Government bonds Irregnlnr. The 3s. the
4b. r of 1007 and the 4s of 1025 closed M V
cent, higher bid and tho 6s closed H V
cent, lower bid. ltntlwny and other bonds
strong and active. The features were Adams
Express 4s, Brooklyn. Queens County and 8.
en. 6s. Chesapeake and Ohio general 4s, Port
Worth and ltlo Grande 3-4 , Iron Mountain lis,
Kansas City. Pittsburg and Gulf lsts. Louis
ville and Nashville gold 4s. Metropolitan Street
Hallway 6s. Oregon ltallroad and Navigation
4s. Hock Island general 4s. ltlo Grande West
ern lets. Bt. Louis and Ban Francisco 4s, Ban
Antonio and Aransas Pass 4s, South Carolina
nnd Georgia lsts, Houthern Hallway 5s. Union
Paclflo 4s, Union Pacific, Donorana Gulf lsts,
t. r., Wisconsin Central lsts. t. r Atchison.
Baltimore and Ohio. Burlington and Uulnay.
International and Groat Nortliorn, Kansas and
Texas. Nortliorn Pacific. New York Central.
Oregon Bhort Line, Htandnrd Hope and Twine.
Texas Pacific, and Wabash Issues. Tho moro
Important not advances were In Atchison ndj.
4s. ii V cent., to 07JJ : Adams Kxpress 4s, V, to
102M: Baltimore and Ohio 3Ks. w. I.. . to
OOK. nnd 4s. w. I., H. to 05M; Brooklyn. Quoons
County and 8. en. 5s, IH, to 104S: Burlington
and Uulnoy conv. 5s. 1 to llT-i. and Ne
braska extension 4s. (, to 101?i: Fort Worth
and Itio Grando :t-4s. 1H to 01: Interna
tional nnd Great Northern 2ds, ii. to
88. and 2ds, ii. to 50; Kansas City,
Pittsburg and Gulf lsts. in. to 70;
Louisville and Nashville gold 4s. K. to 0;i: Met
ropolitan Btreet Hallway 5s. t,, to 110'i; North
ern Pacific prior 4s. ii, to 101 ii. and general 3s.
Ii. to ISOtf : New York Central L. 8. col. .'1Mb. ?i,
to IHIi; Oregon Railroad and Navigation 4s, ,'i.
to 101; Oregon Short Lino Us.l.tto VJSIK. tn
eomes A. IS, to 7I. and Incomes B. 2. to 01 :
Rook Island gonoral 4b. K. to 105,'.': Bio
Grando Western lets, M, to 00; Bt. Ix)uls
.and "ban Francisco 4s. Ii, to70.la; Ban An
tonio and Aransas Pass 4s. If, to 74.f:
Houth Carolina nnd Georgia lsts. U. to
OtlM; Poutbern Jlnllway 5s. M. to 101 M:
Toxos Paclflo lsts.lU, to lOO.f; Union Paclflo
4s. M.tolOlM; Wabash lBts. K. to 11DJ. and
2ds, t V cent., to lit), Tho noteworthy declines
were In Atohlson ndj. 4s, f W cent,, to OK; Iron
Mountain 5s. 3.. to IW: N. V. Centrnl M. O. col.
3Ks, Ii, to04M; Btandnnl Bopo nnd Twlnotls,
1, to 80K, and Incomes, H. to 23: Union Pa-
euic. uenvcr ana uuu xsis, (. r., ;. 10 oil., anu
Wisconsin Central lsts, t. r., cent., to 00S.
Commercial price of barollvor In New York,
OOMo. Bar silver In London closed at 27MU.
Mexican silver dollars were quoted at 47c.
Money on call. lli(S3 V cent, closing at 2 V
cent. Time money Is quotod at 2. 1 centTor
sixty dayB and 3 V cent, for four and flvo
months on good mixed Block Exchange collat
eral. Cnmmorclal pnnor Is quoted at 303K V
cent, for bills receivable; acceptances and prime
slnglo names, 3Si(SH V cent.; other names. 40
4K cent.
Sterling exchange was slightly weaker on
foreign buying of stocks and fair offerings of
cotton bills. Continental exchange was quiet.
Posted rates of exvhniieo woro: Blxty days.
Jl.a'tK, and sight. S4H7. Actual rates are:
Ixing bills. J4.8.'J4 82K: sight drafU.
Jl.bo,V, and cable transfers, S4.K0ra)$4.Mt))a :
francs ar quoted at 5.23Mta'5 2HH for long
and5.2i;5.21M for ahort: rolchsmarks. 114 M
.I4M for longnnd 04M(S)i). for short: guild
ers. 40IS401-1O for long and 40 3-10e240
for short.
Domestlo oxenange on New York: Boston
10 cents discount. Charleston Buying, K
discount; selling, par. Savannah Buying, 1-10
discount; selling, 70 cents premium. Now
Orleans Bank, par; commercial, 75 cents dis
count. Ban Frnnolsco Bight. 15 cents promt,
um ; tolegruph, 17M cents premium. Bt. Louis
25 cents discount. Chicago 20 conts premi
um. Cincinnati Betwoen banks. 25 cents
premium: over counter. 50 cents premium.
In the outsldo market Glucose Bugar Refin
ing common Is quoted at OOJJffllkllf . and the
proferrod at 108.(S108?4. Standard Oil trust
certificates closed at 41tv2)4U): Htundard Gas
chmmon at WM,'iiHl. nnd the preferred at
154r-i157:MutunlGasat305ra);r0: Amsterdam
Gas at 2H(S20. prororred tlH.'.'OxW,.. nnd the
bondsatlOlKfflltlLf :Contral Union Gas bonds
atlO4.'ii)104;.: Brooklyn and New York Perry
at 4Wi0tVi, and thu bonds nt IHS'iSlV". Oon
tlnontal Tobacco nt 40'ifSI0)J. and tho pre
feried nt KOM(880. Knlekerboekor Ice at
62fS53, and the preferred at 75OH0.
Tho Adams E-cprcss Company has declared a
semi-annual dividend of i r cent, payabla
Deo, 1.
The Chicago, Mllwaukeo nnd Bt. Paul Hall
way Company roports gross earnliiKS for tho
first week of November of SttlH.tlHl. an In
croasn of S21,34Hns compared with tho corre
sponding week lost year,
Hallway gross earnings for October compnro
with those of the samo month last year as fol
lows: Ohio, and Wett Mich SlM.niiO Inc. B8,B2r
N. Y. Central 4,vr-.',0JU Inc. 4a,HS0
The Columbus Btreet Railroad roports gross
eurnltics for Octobor of $tlO,t)l7, un lncreuso of
S10.4K0 as compared with thu oauio month of
last year, and nor $32,540. an lnerent.0 of
$7,307. For the ten months ending Oct.
31 the grois earnings were $50H.IW2. an In
crease of $03,728 as oompured with tiie cor
responding period of lastycar, and net $21)0,
8:13, an Increase of $20,087.
Tho Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham
Railroad roports gross earning for September
of $08,132. un Increase, of $1,143 as compared
with the same month of last year, und net $10,.
830, adccrnase of $1,080. For the three months
ending Sept. 30 the cross earning were 3S2.-425,-Mrlncreaso
of $lli.0MO as compared with
the corresponding period of last year, nnd not
$38,858, a decrease of $4,020.
, The Forty-second Street, MnnhattanvlllB and
Bt Nicholas Avonuo ltallroad Company reports
for tho quarter ended Bopt 30:
' 1891. W7. Chnngn.
Oroi.ernlntn..,,lflr,,74 flH.l,n30 Deo. l7,r71
Oper. clpcn.e.... 17,H0U lOJ.SUll Beo. 16,200
Ketearnln-rt..,, $18,140 t:o,511 Deo. 13,870
Other income...,, 600 0J3 Ino. 1H7
Total Income... tlB.A40 $30,844 Deo. 13,20-1
Fixed oharget,.,, si, 038 3ii,38,lnc. 1.U0H
Deficit....,, ..,, $12,ntlt) tS,t84 'Ino. 10,812
Tho annttat report of the Manhattan Railway
Company for tho year endod Bopt. 30 shows:
1S0S, '1S97, Channel.
Orott arnlnei.tO,2n4,4itA $R,a3tf,7l2 Dec.$ln5,2fin
Op.eip.ktaxet. I.OUtl.il82 tl,128,03J Dec. 01,360
. NetearnlnRa..t8,ia7,78 3,331,TO0 Deo, $93,010
Int. on bondt.. 1,m8,031 l,88U,U3l ....
Btlance $1,248,103 11,342.011) Dee. $93,1)1(1
Dividend! 1,200,000 1,860,000 Deo. 16U.OO0
Snrnloa....... $48,10,1 dff.$7,08t Inc. $5A,OS4
Prev. mrplnt...$4, 358,101 $4,8H1,085 Deo. $7,U8U
Total turjlun4,401,207 f4,8SS,10t Ino. $48,103
Operating expenses, exclusive of taxes, wore
67.7U V cent of gros earnings, or 1 cent,
moro than the previous year, and. Inoludlng
taxes, thoy wore 00.91 ccnt.au lncroasooi
.44 V cent ,
Tho Governing Committee of the StookEx
chango listed to-dny tho following lecurltles:
Federal BteelOompany'a prefertril ttock. 62,7tl7..
000, and rommon stock, $40,484,300. The Com
mittee on Stock Lttt It authorUed to lilt additional
preferred atock to the amount of $41)3, 400 aa ths
amsinarboiaaued In exchang (or tho shares or
tho constituent companlet.
American Tobacco Company's additional lame of
prefrrrsd ttock, $2,003,000, making total amount
litteil $14,000,000.
Consolidated Kanaaa City Bmtltlng and Refining
Oompany'i additional lime ot preferred ttock, $1,
128,076, making total amount lilted $2,000,000.
Thcso scourtttos. among others, woro spld by
auction to-day at the Ileal Estate Exchange:
BO shares Merchant.' National Dank IBS
lGlu.rr.lInltailHUtealtortu.go ami Trust CO.3D0M
04 niiatrt TitleOnarantooandTrnJtCo 28AK
100 .hares United iltatet TrattCo 1284 to 1000
26 thtros Mat. Wall paper Debenture Block.... ill
100 shares Coney Itland and Drooklyn ltallroad. 276
06 tharca Peter A. fra.se A Oo 87 1
The receipts of tho Government to-day were!
Customs. $274,000; Internal rovonuo.S130.23iJ,
and miscellaneous. $30,500. a total of $441,744.
The disbursements wore $!.B28,000. an excess
ot expenditures over receipts of $1,380,250.
Tho receipts of the fiscal ear to date have
been $170,003,718, the expenditures $252,013.
523. nn excess ot expenditures ovor receipts of
The official count of the cash In the Treasury
at the close of business to-day, compared with
that of yesterday, shows:
-Vo. S, Nor. S.
Gold coin and bullion. ..$243.1U4,(171 242,180.300
Hllrerdollara and bullion R.144.BSU W,8U7,t04
United State notes 17,672,878 17,481,788
Other assets, lets de
mand liabilities 03,127,789 82,231.888
Available cash balance,
including gold reserve $301,040,1 07 $800,791,178
Monoy in London 2KS3 V cent. Rate of dis
count In open market for short and three
months' bills SHISaU V cont. Paris advices
quote 3 V cents at 101 francs 87 contlmes.
Exchange on London 25 francs 35,f centimes.
Tho Imperial Bank of Germany has advanced
Its rato of discount to 5K V cent
Tho Colonial Trust Company of this city and
tho Old Colony Trust Company ot Boston glvo
notieo to tho holders of their recolpts for stock
ot Minnesota Iron Company. Illinois Stool Com
pany, and Elgin. Jollct and Eastern Hallway
Company deposited under their notice of Bept.
10. that thoy aro now prepared to begin tho de
livery of preferred and common stook of the
Federal Steel Company In exchango for the
Charles A. Morse, Jr.. for many years finan
cial editor of the journal of Commrrce. has re
tired from that post to take charco of tho
bond and general Investment department of
the Stock Exchango llrm ot Mathews, Grango
& Co. '
The Bond nnd Mortgage Guarantee Company
has declared a quarterly dlvldendof IK V cent.,
payable Nov. 15.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock and Potroleum Exchange
to-day were as follows:
Opm- Htg- Lu- Cfei
Saltt. .Vane. inn. ul, ttU int.
60 Alice 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
400 Anaconda 66 .56 .65 .66
200 Con Calk Va.... 1.60 1.60 1.60 1.60
1000 Col Imperial... .02 .02 .02 .02
2O0 Mount lto.a IB .18 .18 .IB
600 Yellow Jacket.. .126 .26 .26 .25
loulaalea. 2,360 eharta.
Wbditesdat. Nov. O.Gbain Wheat Spot
was In moderate demand and Armor. Sales of
020,000 bush, for export here and at the out
ports, Including 408,000 hero. No. 2 red In
elevator. 73J.0. ; No. 1 Northern Duluth. l.Sc.
overDocemborf.o.b. early in November; No.
1 Northern Now York. Ho. over December
f. o. b. afloat to arrive. Futures advanced lie.
to He., but lost part, closing He. to lie. higher,
with sales of 1,300.000 bush. Pricos as fol
lows: Jfon.
Owning. JHshtlt. LoveiL. Cleting. Xigltt.
December .737, 74 78H 73M 735i
March 74W 74M 74 74 74
May 71H 71M 71M 71H 70K
O.its were quiet hut steady on the spot. Kales Bfl.OOO
buah. Mo. 2 In elev ator. 2uKc.; do. delivered. 30ic.:
Nn. 3, 2Dc: Mo. 2 white, snvjfc; track and ungraded
white. 30a34c; track railed, 2Ui330jc. Futures
were nominal. Barley wat quiet but tteady; new
feed, 40942c. c. I, t. Buffalo. Ityo waa firm at r4Kc.
c. I. f. Buffalo for No. 2 Western, Buckwheat waa
tteady at 46347c. c. 1. f, track. Corn waa qttlet but
firm nn tho snot, with xalea of 280,000 bush, for ex
port here and at the outsorts, Including 72.000 here.
No. 2, In elevator, December prices; No. 2 yellow, lBo.
over December; No. 2 white, IMo. over December,
Futures adTanced He., but lost He ot the rise. Balea
76.000 buth. Prices as followa:
Opening. Jlighelt. Lowell. Cloting. Kxght.
December. ,38 38). 38 88 371
May. 88?s 3D anH 38?, BHH
Wheat was advanced by a good export demand,
ltbeial cltarancea and hluher cablet. Liverpool ad
vanced INd. since Monday. Paris 16 centimes. Brr
linlsc.. Antwerp t!c., and Budapest 2c. Foreign poli
tics arcount In part for the European advance. Clear
ances were (J1, OOO. Liverpool receipts were small.
Chicago's contract atockn decreased tor the week
U .000 email, to be sure, but why, it Is a.ked, ahouhl
they decrease at all at this tlmo of the tar A good
demand prevailed for cash wheat at Minneapolis and
Duluth. and at Chicago there waa a fair export de
mand. The foreign demand here was largely from
thu United Kingdom. Itoumani&'t exports last week
were 6,000 tons, against 10.000 In the previous week,
lteceipta were big, primary markets in two days
Settlmt 8,218,0ou. against 1,288,000 for one
ay laat year, but of St, Louis's receipts of
16II.0O0, azainst 128,000 hut yoar, 70 cart were
billed through to tho seaboard. Available atocka
eatt of the Rocky Mountains Increased for
thu week 2.0(1(1.000; afloat and abroad Increased
1.U00.OO0; total, 3,0811,000. Statistics, however,
went for little. The actual demand was wbat counted,
Mr. John Hyde, the Oovernment atatlstlclan, says he
la unable to name a date when the yield iter atro on
tho lttt crop will be given. Corn resonaed slightly
to the nso In wheat; It waa hampered, however, hr
rumors that tho Government report tomorrow will
be bearish, giving tho yield at l,UGO,O00.0O0. Pri
mary ru'elj.ts for two da) a were 1,643,000, against
Ml.OUOforone day la. t year. Oood export buying
took place; Liverpool rose Hd. to Md.; rain fell In
Illinois; available supplies decreaaed for the week
1.0UU.000: Chicago' contract stock fell off I ,OU.T, -000
and IJv erpool't receipt for six dayt were only
4111,000 bush.
Flouu Dull but tteady. Bales, 12,600 bbls. Re
ceipts were 2.1.678 bblt. tnd (10,042 taeks; exports,
tt.uar, faUt. and 1D.040 sacks. Winter In bbls.; Hiipcr
llnc $2..-o4.0; No. 3 extra, $2.oa.'.76; clears,
$3.10'S3.26; .tralghts, 3.3r8.50; patents, S3 6.1
aS.MG. Bpring In bbls.: Clears, t2.U0g8.16:
straights, 3.268t3.80; patents. S3.0S(O .H6. Buck
whiat Hour waa milet but Brm at $1.D0US1.7S to
arrive and spot llyu waa steady at $."iu.8J.
Cotton. spot cotton here waa unchanged, with
talet of 4U balet fur spinning; noo were delivered
on eontractt. Middling uplandt. 8 fi-ldo.. against
61o. Uat year: New Orleans and Oulf, 6 tclilc,
against S.c. The houtlicru spot markets wers un
changed. New Orleans told 6,000, Augusta 1,323,
Norfolk 0:0 tnd Bt. l-ouit MOO. Liverpool w.t un
changed on the apnt, with atlet of 12,1 00 titles;
futures advanced H to 1 point, but lost part, closing
unchanged to 1 point higher, Manchester was quiet
and tlnu. Memphis reulved &.616 balea, ugalntt
6,1144 last week and 3,(Imi last ytar; Houston
1..6U7, against 16.II0H la-t wtox and ll,ui7
last year, Memphis shipped 1,411) bales and
Houston 24,204. Houston expects to. morrow
22,000 to 28,01)0, against 21,023 last waek and
16,1311 last year. New Orleans expecta 1 2,(M0 to
in.000, against 7,813 last week and 22,130 last
year. Port receipts 7t.46tl, against HI1.OH4 last week
and 84,3114 last year; thus Isr this week JUH.uhh.
against U20.1H4 thus far la.tvwiel.. Port exports
wero 47.BU1I bale t. The rulntall for the past twenty
four houmlueluded l.POlnchcaat Little ltock. Ark.,
and 1,01 at Pulestlne, Tex. ew Orltans advanced H
to p points, Futures here advanced M tnH points, but
reacted slightly, cloning v ery tteady and 4 to 0 polntt
higher, I'ikta tt follows;
IHo'ki'. i-ovetl, Cloiina.
Nnvombcr 6,03 6.03 6O56.07
lietcmber. 8.14 h On n,l't6.14
January 6.10 6,1H n.Ie'an.lu
February 6.23 6,1H n,2J.1.23
Slutili 6,27 6.21 r.2llr,,27
April 6.112 r..3i 6.aor...ii
May 6.31 6..I0 6,:i4M5.35
Juno 6,40 6.81 6.3l
July ) 6.4J 6.3f 6.42(6.43
AllgUkt 6.4.1 6.40 6,466.411
heptembtr ,. . r,46(5.4H
Oltober ... C.4UK.6.48
Crtluii got an upward Impnlsa from a higher and
more actite Liverpool nmrlot, and prcdtetionsnf
mtieh colder weather with freezing tempersture ill
Tctas, Loulsinna, Mlivl.tini'l, Alabama. Arkanras.
Oklahoma, and Indian Tenilorri In the We.toru and
niUldlo lulf btatra rain will precede the decided
drop In tlio temperature, drowth wat slopped, it Is
said, over con.ldeiable area, by the rei nt frosts,
tbit one. it It feared, may put tut rlnl.blug touch on
Heidi where coltou it (till growing. New Orletns,
which hat beta pretty correct thlt season, tele-
frrauhed that tha freezing weather predlited was
Ikely to do considerable barm, and also sent buying
orders. The South generally bought; Wall street
wat also a buyer. There was situ a big spot de
mand at the Bouthj tha Mttul cotton cannot be
hronght here. Some are Inclined to estimate tha
consumption of American cotton this yearat 10,260.
0001 Ellison recently irueBsea 10.100,000: last year
It waa ii.ROO.OOt). 1 he low price. It Is argued, eanses
lnrreaaed consumption in unnsusl neldtt low grades
ell as lowas alio. The bureau report is to b issued
to-morrow. It gave the yield on Nov, 1 last year at
J Hi. w tbs. per acre; It turned out to be 220; the dif
ference of tay 20 ri lent., or over 2,OJO,000 lers
tlun the actual crop, takes the edge off thlt
year's report In dvxnco of its appearance
among tne trade. The low price, however.
It It contended, ofltett nil beariah factor.
Angnta, (I.., Nov. 4." We expect reoelplt will con
tinue hiavys crude Improving greatly, which Is a
help to the farmer; alinoat at much lost from Infe
rior grades aa from the decline In prices." Charlotte,
N. 0., Nor. n. "Fanners still telling freely: re
ceipts bore to date aro about 60 V cent more than at
tho stmt dato last yean no doubt of this being a
rnomter crop: whole farms In this section are mak
ing 011 tho avert geot era bale to the acre, something
unheard ot for this country) if there it a fur
ther decline thero will he some disposition to hold."
Opellka, All., Nor.n. "YieldlttnrnlngoutTerrwell
as to quantity. In tome localities moro than last year.
Discouraging feature Is ths low price. The majority
of cotton does nut averagomore thantltt to $17 net
Per bale. Many planters tay they will rale 80
cent, lets cotton another season. In all the Atlantlo
States cotton It being sold at leiathanihe cottof
production." Iteports aro coming to hand from the
houth to the effect that, while there it still a great
deal ot cotton left in the fields, pickers are scarce,
and Indicating that as a consequence much cotton
mar not be gathered.
OoriTE ltlo on the spot wat firmer: No. 7, 8Ho.
Sales of 1,600 bag. Iti.) No. 7 to be .hipped at (Hc.i
300 bags Maracnlbo. futures advanced a to 10
polntt on most months, but reacted, closing qnlet
and unchanged, with salrt of 20,600 bags. Havre
advanced Hr. to Ht. Hamburg was unchanged.
American warehouse deliveries, 72 bags, ltlo waa
3nletatl26 rela advance; receipts for three days,
O.OOd; stock. 4011,000: exchange H 17-82d an ad
vance of l-.12d. Santos was tlrm at unchanged prlcesi
receipts for three days, 43,000; stock, 886.00U. The
future trading her waa as follosrs:
Satet. Jligkut, Lovfeit. doting,
January l.r.oo 6.60 G.60 B.4608.60
Maroh ...... .7,760 6.76 6,70 8.0588.70
May 2,600 6.86 6.86 6.803.6,85
July 600 (1.00 6.110 8.0035.06
Augutt &00 (t.oo n.oo 6.t6tae.oo
September.. 1,26I (1.05 8.05 C.OOtftS 01
October 600 fl.io 8.10 e.ovan.io
NftVember .. 600 5.16 6.15 8.15136.26
December. .5, MM) 6.40 6.86 B.85S5.40
Firm cablet, light receipts, foreign baying of ths
spring and fall iiiontbtand covering caused an ad
vance early lu the dty, but local telling cauaed a re
action before the close.
Naval, Stores Spirits of turpentine firm at 874
mMo. Itoaln tteady at $1.451.60 for common to
good stralm d.
I'novittoMs Lard wat quiet: prime TVesl.m.
S&.26: city, 5; Continental reflntd, 18.60. Pork
was steady; mess. tH.76atrt.25. Meat were quiet
but steady; pickled hama. H1l(c: do. bellies
naOKc; do. shoulders, 4l4atMe. Tallow, 8M0.
Dressed hogs, 4J'45Ho. Butter Ureamery, western,
extras, 23c.: do. firsts, 20822c.: State, extras,
22tg22k; do. flrstt. 20a21Hc. Cheese-State, full
cream, large, colored or white, fancy, 8MsWe,i do.
choice, HHc.; do. small, fancy. lrAW!4c Eggs State
and Pennsylvania, average best. 28H24c.t Western,
fresh gatheied, ttrats, 28c. Chicago, Nov. 0." Pro
visions wero easier, influenced by large hoe receipts,
a decline In hog prices and selling by packers."
SrjriAR Raw was quiet but firm at 4 6-lflo. for 68
test, and 8 1.1-1 He. for 8B test. Bales of 2,381 bag!
centrifugals, 1)8 test, at 4 15-100.: 582 bags molasses
sugar, HV test, at 8 0-1(10. Refined was quiet and
steady, The Doschcr rotluory waa offering granulat
ed sugar to-day for the flrst time. -.
Chicago, Nov. B. These wero to-day's price!
meat: Opening, HipUtt. Lcv'etU Cloiina. -Vioat.
Deo.... IIKM 88V( A5M 6.1 6M
May... 80 87 ' BHjJ 88M BOX
Deo.... 81 82W 82 82 SIM
May . . 8371 84 83J, 83M 88ri
Dee.... 24 24 23T4 34 33W
Mty... 24K 24K 24K 24M 24
Lard! ,
Deo.... 4.P2W 4.U2M 4.87), 4 87M 4.96
Jan ... 4.U7M 4.U7H 4.1)5 4.P2M 6.00
.Deo.... 4.B6 4.65 4.66 4.BS 4.62K
Jan.... I 4.02 M 4.H2W 4.67f, 4.57M 4.05
Deo.. ..$7.8254 $7.87M $7.80 $7.80 $8.00
Jan.... 9.00 V.00 8.87M 8.87)4 0.05
Lire Stock Mnrket.
New Tonr, Wednesday, Nov. 0. Receipts of
beeves were 3.603 head, including 40 car for ex
port, 70 cars for slaughterers and71cara for the
market. Total offerings 77 ears. Trade opened dull
and uricea declined 104115c.. all grades sharing in
tho depression. About 15 cars were to sell at a late
hour. Poorest to best natlv e steers told at $3.06(4
$5.40 r 100 Its.; oxen and stags at $3g$4.75; bulla
at $2.50018 85; cows at $1.(IO'4$8.50; fat heifer at
$4.80(3$5. Dressed beef waa dull and price barely
steady at 0W4c. lb. for native sides. Cable ad
vices from Liverpool and London quoted American
llvo cattle slow at lOHOUUc. V lb., estimated dressed
weight, and refrigerator beef selling at 01sc.t!B.
Export to-day tlio beeves and 3,000 quarter of
beef: to-morrow, 120 beeves.
Receipt of calves for two day ware 1,802 head.
Including 120 direct. The total supply for the mar
ket was l.(tti2 head. Demand wa brisk and veala
till further advanced 15025c. V 100 rba.: graaiera
wero rated Arm at $3.50g$4, fed calve at $4085; a
car of Southern calves sold at $4.25 and a car of
common Western do. at f 3.75. City dressed veala
firmer at n12Kc. W lt.
Receipts of sheep and lamb were 11,641 head, in
cluding 1) car for butchers and 47 cars for the
market; and, altogether, there were 47 car on aole.
Trade was Blow and pricca weak for everything
except prime lambs, which were steady. Eighteen
ears wero held over. Inferior to prime aheep sold at
$3(S$4.50 1 loo Bit.: medium to choice lambs at
$n.25$5.80; "culls" at $4.26. Dressed mutton
dull at 0880. ! ft.: dressed lambs slow at 7XHe.
Receipts of hogs were 10.(136 head. Including
about 4 cars for the market. There was a dull, drag
ging market, and fair to prime hogs were quoted
nominally weak at $3.70$8.8& t3 100 lbs.
Court Calendars This Day.
Appellate Division Supreme Court. Nos. 10, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 28. 21). 30. 32. 33, 34. 37. 88. 80.
Supreme Coutt Special Term. Fart 1. Motion
calendar railed at 10 30 A. M. Part II. Kx-parta
matters, part III. Clear. Motions. Demurrers
NOB.80H, 810, 811, 812, 831, 841, 842, 848, 844, 846,
84(1, H47. H48. 84U. 850. 851. 853, 854, 866, 85H, 857,
858. bBO, 801, 802. 803. 804, 805, 800. 8117. 808. 800,
870, 871, 872, 878, H74, 876. Preferred rallies
Not. 1884. 1877, 1848. 1728, 1728, 20J4. Part IV.
Law and fact Not. 15211. 1043, 1071, 1)20, 1008,
1004. 1550.1846, 1600, 1(118,1(111'. 101 7. 1(120, 1032,
Part Y. Case uutlnlahed. Cases from Part IV. Part
VI. Motions from Part I. Part VII. Case unfin
ished. Elevated railroad cases. Trial Term Part
II. Clear. Preferred causes Nos. 0818, 5152, 8802,
6240, 7101, 0005, 6706, 0(1(10, 0001, 0734, 0780,
l27, 05(H). 0524, 0525, 00411, B404. 0800. 0005,
6247. 64H0, 11528, 7047, 0207. 01145. Part III.
Case unfinished. Nos. 1305, 277U. 2434, 2037.
1307, 13117), 2440, 30.13, 2348, 2520, 1034,
2454, 2460, 2704, 2801, 2813, 2810, 3824,
2834, 2841, 2863, 28(13, 2800. 1700. 2162,
2158, 2874. 2876. 8028, 3032, 3053. 30M.
Part H'. Case unfinished Ctses from Part III.
Part V. Case unfinished. Cases from Part III. Part
VI. Clear. Cases from Tart III. Part VII. Clear.
Nos. 2210. 2187. 1048. 26KO. 051, 2483. 68(12, 2784,
2780. 2701, 2702, 2214, 2370, 2008, 2000, 2027,
2080, 2000. 3022, 2371, 2224, 8085, 8002, 3104,
3100, 3100. 8132. 3130. 8158, 8187. 3188, 81)76.
Part VIII. Caae unfinished. Case from Part VIL
Part IX. Caae unfinished. Cases from Part VII.
Part X. Case unfinished. Catet from Part VIL Part
XI. Case unnnlihed. Caaet from Part VIL Part
XII. Clear. Casos from Part II.
Surrogate' Court-Chamber No. 1878, twill of
John Hagan, at 11 A. M.; No. 1408, will nt Annie M.
Vv Inters, at 1 1 A. M.: Carl Ostrnan. Jobn Murtha, Si
mon Baranowskl. William S. Porton, Mary J. Leary,
Charles Ileum, at 10:30 A. M.t J. t-i N. Blgglo, at 11
A. M.i Margaret E. Bhortlll, Dan -. II. Johnson, at 2
P. M. Trial Term No. 18o. will of Christian Do
Thomsen, at 10 30 A. M.; No. 1418, will of Charles
O'Keefe. at 10 30 A M.;'Nd. 1417. will of Mary A.
Schmidt, at 10-30 A. M.
City Court Special Term. Co art opens at 10 A. M.
Motions Trial Term. Part I. Caae nn finished.
Not. 1842, 6480, 110, 111. 112. 6580, 005, 712, 400,
178.624.424,727.728,880. 672.84.80,60. 6822,
6720. 1554. 1658, 1660. 1608, 1670, 1584. 820, 1040.
1048. Part II. Cats unfinished. Not. 1720, 1780,
1271, 4032, 1257, 1801, 1802, 1330. 1006,
1600, 1224, 1248, 1860, 1702, 1188, 1720,
1087, 1088, 1717, 1722, 1726, 1720. 1781,
1780. 1784, 1161, 1785W, 1800, 1274, 1140.
Part III. Csse unfinished. Not. 1738, 1680, 6202K.
11107, 1028, 1748, 1025.4804, 1014, 1741,004. Ptrt
IV. Cleav. Bhort causes Nos. 4400, 6810, 8721,
6748, 6074, 0110, 8101. 0115. 0046, 0060. 6014,
4600, 0102, 11004, 6147. 6803, 2688, (881, 0073.
0008, 6384, 8056, 6844, 6310K.
rflnnnr.al. ,
To the Holders of our Receipts for Stock of
Minnesota Iron Company,
Illinois Steel Company,
Elgin, Jollet & Eastern R'way Co.
(Deposited under our nottr ot September 10, 1808 )
We are now prepared to begin the delivery of
Preferred and Common Block of the Federal Stetl
Company In exchange for our lteceipta as above.
Holder, mutt deliver their Receipt i at tbe office of
tho Company which It.ued th tame, and tbe Stock
will be lmicd as promptly aa potslble thereafter,
Receipts must ba Indorsed. IF TIIE NEW STOCK
form of as.lgument mint be filled in accordingly,
the signature must be attested by some party satis
factory to the Trust Comptny, and proper revenue
stamp mutt be attached.
Fractions of a slurs of the Federal Steel Company
Block accruing to any depositor will be adjusted by
a suitable cash payment at prices to be fixed daily.
St. Paul Building, 222 Broadway, New York.
Ames Bldg.,Wathlngton St., cor. Court, B ton. Mats.
New Vork and Boston, Noveinltr 10th, 1888.
Government and
Municipal Bonds
Alas IMIIST MORTflAUK bend of )ata
lUhedHleam and Street Hallway.
HA hit EH ri, ,. ,
U.BAB8&U BT. IJttBli atjoxasBerc81dKta.
yWMj3g-r.?J r vfj.HfO,!! llltflSfol
and United States Trust Company's Cer
tificates of Deposit for Samo).
Ileferrlrie to the committee' advertisement of Jan
uary llh, 1898, rjlloe 1 hereby given that securi
ties not already deposited with Old Colony Trust
Company, Boston, or Manhattan Trust Company,
New Tort will be received by either depositary with
out penalty up to and Including November 10th,
1808. Tie Manhattan Trust Company will act at the
agent of the Old Colony Trust Company In Issuing
its Certificates of Deposit lu Now Vork.
Notlco It alto given to holder of Old Colony Trust
Company' Certificate ot Deposit for trustees' cer
tificates for preferred and common ttock that atd
certificates of deposit have been listed on the New
Tork Stock Exchange, and that the Manhattan Trust
Company of New Vork ha been appointed agent to
transfer tald certificates of deposit in New Vork.
The Old Colony Trust Company' Certificate of
Deposit for Income S p.r cent, bond, an well aa It
certificate of deposit for trustees' certificate for
preferred and common atoek of the Wisconsin Cen
tral Company, are Haled on the Boston Stock Ex
change. TOAN0I8 It. HART, Chairman, ,
Amea Building, Botton.
AXPHEU8 H. UAIlDr, n.w.mKfc..
Trmont Building. Botton. f ""
058 Washington it, Boston. J
BOSTON?" I Oo0'1, " 1M
OEOltOE It. N0TTEB, Oonnttl, 220 Daronthlr st,
to trnoai IT MAT CONCr.nNl
All persons whom It may concern are hereby noti
fied that application has been roade to The American
Tobacco Company for the Issue ot a duplicate cer
tificate for 30 shares ot tho preferred stook of said
The American Tobacco Company now standing upon
It books In the name of J. W. Lee, and numbered a
the original of which. It Is alleged, ha been lost or
mislaid some time prior to Jan. 1, 1BP5. , AH person
Interested are notified at once to show canse to The
American Tobacco Company, at it office in the city
ot New Vork.'No. 518 Weat 22d St., why a new or dtl-
Iillcate certificate for the said 80 shares should not
e Issued to the said J, W. Lee.
Dated New tork. October. 1B98.
11. 13, 18. nnd 17 Ilrnnrt fit.
Orders executed for Investment or on margin. In
terest allowed on deposits, subject to check at tight.
Act at Flnancltl Agents forCorporatlons and Investor
V. B. lloud. nil Issue, bonebt nnd told,
f 202 FIFTH AV., cor. 2Bth st.
4H7 BROADWAY, Bilk Eich'ge Bid.
Branoh Office 200 BltOADWAY, cor. Iteade st.
87 HUDSON ST.. Mercantile Ex'c.
I 10 COURT ST., Brooklyn.
Chas. C. Edey & Sons,
Telephone 4835 Cort. ' 2 Wall Street.
60 Investments, principal and Interest guaran
SO teed: dividends payable quarterly. For
particular! address
B. A. MACLAIIIE, 3 Wall t.. N. Y.
rtjiviat'nflig una gnttrcflt.
CHICAGO. 111., Nov. 2, 18P8.
NOTICE. A quarterly dividend of one dollar and
aeventy-nve centa per share has this day been de
clared on the f referred and Common rttock of this
Company, payable on the first day of December next
to the stockholders of record at the cloaoof business
hour on tbe 10th Inst.
The dividend on thtret regittered In New York
will be paid at the oluce of the Company's Agents,
Messrs. Cuyler, Morgana: Company, i line St., New
York, and the dividend on shares registered in Chi
cago will be paid at the office of the Treasurer of th.
Company. H. K. It. WOOD. Treasurer.
Office of the Board of Director
5 BROADWAY, NKW YORK, Nov. , 18H8.
The Board of Dlrtctors of this Company ha thlt
daydechtied a dh I. lend of thre. dollar 13) per
ehure, pa) able on and after the third day ot January
The transfer books will be closed on the 3d day of
December, at 12 o'clock St., and reopened on th. th
day of January. 18AD. By order of the Board.
CHAS. O. CLARK, Treasurer.
adams Kxrnr.ss cosipany.
TltEABURFR'H OFFICE. N. Y..NOV. 8, 1808.
The Transfer Book of this Company will b.
closed from 2 o'clock P. M., Nov. n. 1898, to th.
inorolng of Dec. 2, 1898. W. L. HUBBELL. Treat.
jgogt (QUitt JgflttM.
(Should be read DAILY by all intereated, as
changet may occur at any time.)
Foreign mall for the week ending Nov. 12, 1898.
will close (PROMPTLY In all cases) at the General
Post Office as follows: PAltCFXS POST MAILS clot.
one hour earlier than closing time shown below.
THURSDAY. At 8 A. M. for NETHERLANDS direct,
per steamship Edam, la Amsterdam (letter
mutt bo directed "per Edam").
KOVPf. and BRITISH INDIA, nersteajshlpLa
Oaacogne. via Havre (lotters for other parts of
Europe must be directed "per La Oascogne"):
at 8 A. M. for NETHERLANDS direct, per
steamship Wcrkendain, via Rotterdam (letters
must be directed "per Werkeudam"): at
9 A. M.for ITALY, per steamship Kaiser Wilhelm
IL. via Naplos (letters must ha directed " per
Kaiser Willielm II."): at IDA. M. (supplementary
11:80 A.M.) for EUltOPE, per steamship Cam
pania." via Ouecnstown; at 11 A. M. for NORWAY
direct, per steamship Uekla (letters must bo di
rected r" per Uekla").
PRINTED MATTER, c German steamer sailing
on Tuetdays take Printed Matter, Ac. for tier
many, and Specially Addretsed Matter, Ac, for
other part of Europe. American and White Star
steamer on Wodnosdays, German stoamenf on
Thursday, and Cunard, French and Herman
steami r on Sxturday take Printed Matter. c
for all countries for which they are advertised
to carry mall.
After the closing of the Suijpl.raentary Transat
lantic Mall named above, additional supplementary
malls are opened on the piers of tho Arnorlcin,
English, French and German btearaers, and remain
openuntil within Teh Minutes ot tho hour of ealllng
of steamer.
THURSDAY. At 10 A. M. for PORTO RICO, per
United States transport: at 1 P. M. for NASSAU,
SATURDAY. At 10 A. II. (sunplementary 10:30 A.
N1LLA tnd OltKVTOW.N, per stminshlp Alone
(letter for CosUi Rica must be directed "per
Alene"): at 10 A. M. (supplementary 10.3O A.M.)
forJEHEMIE. per steamship Atlios; at 10MUA.
YUCATAN, perstoimship Vlgilancia (letters for
other pans of Meilco and for Cuba must be
directed "per Vlgilancia"): at 8.30 P. M. for
NEWFOUNDLAND, per steamer from North Syd
ney; at 8M0P. il. for ST. FIERRE-MIQUELON,
per ateamer from North Kidney.
Mails for Newfoundland, by rail to Halifax, and
thence by steamer, cloti at this olhce dally at
8.30 P. M. Malls for Mlouolon, by rail to Boston
and tbenco by steamer, i lose at this ofilee dally
at 8:30 P.M. MslU for Cuba close at this office
dally at 7 A. M.. for fn-wurdlng by steamrra sail
ing Mondays and Thursday from Port Tampa.
Fla. Malls for Mexico City, overland, unless
specially addressed for dispatch bv .tenner,
close at this office dally at 2:3.) A.M. and 2:30
F. M. I Registered mall close at tl.OO 1. M. pre
vious day.
Mall for Hawaii, per steamship Australia (from Sin
Francisco) cloe here daily up to Nov. It) at (It'll)
P.M. Malls for AmtralU (oxront We Austra
lit), New Zealand. Htwall aud Fill Islands, per
steamship Aorangl .from Vancouver), close hrra
dally after Oct 2t mid up to Nov lo at
(1:30 P. M. Mails for Culm, Japan and 1U
wall, per steamship llelg'o (from riati Frauilwrii,
rlo.e here dally up to Nov 13 at il.JOP. M. Mails
for China aud Japau. per stiamshli) Olympia
(from Tacoma). close here dally up tn Nm. l.'lat
8:30 P. M. Malls for the Kociety Itlinds, per
ship (lalliee (from Ban FramUcn), i-Iou her J
dally up to Nov. 2r, at il.o P. SI Mails
for Australia (except three for Wet Ails
trail, which aro forwarded via limiiie).
how Zealand. Hawaii, FIJI and Himoin I.linds,
per steamship Moana (from 8n Francisco), close
here daily un to So 12.'. at 7:0(1 A.M.. 11 A.
M. and (1:30 P M. (or en arrial at New York of
steamship Ktrurla with Unllah mall for An.
trails) Malls for China and Japan, per steam
ship Empress of China (from Vanmuter), clo.s
here dallr up to Nov. )v at M;30 p. M.
Transpaclflo malls are forwarded to port of sailing
dally and the schedule of closing t. arranged on the
V resumption of their uninterrupto 1 overland transit.
Registered mails closes at (1 P M. previous day.
. , I CORNELIUS VAN COTT. Postmaster.
PoetOClce. New York. N. Y No, u, IH9S.
Harlem Branch
Wnnttfl emn.M. HP
ROOItrOLDKUS wanted: experienced hsndt' " " !M
J TOMKIN8. McI.NDUIS k CO., 1JJ Macdoujal tl. !f
BOOKBINDr.RS. hand folders and psslers" 'Mm
J. F. TAPLKY CO.,- K Bond M ,' K
WANTED onng woman stenogriher-tyi.ewrtlfs M
or refined extraction, highest degree of minrli kJflE
Intelligence, convent or seminary gmdualp vrrV 'HE
rsnld in taklngdlctatlon and in typewtltlng, and i. IW
fallible In orthography; other will please m,. IIC
their posuge and my tlmej salsrr $ns. Api.Ir J B
own handwriting to A. P.. box 1 1)7 Hun office,
slomcAtlc miamis Wnutetl. .Ik
It Your .S'ert ant mX
need Instruction In th. IbK
Art ot Looking, ills?
Call her attention to thlt opportunity 1 1 K
Thlt coupon entitles a welbrocornmended s 1 1 K
vant to one free lesson at "iMK;.'
852 8th v.. where ell branches of cooking are Mlcf '
taught by Mr. (1. lmckc. It.
no West 2Dih st. ll"
Servant are In waiting from u A. M. until 2 P. M
CHAMBKRMA1D3: i?wedlsh cooks. 820 toTr.Ci i.
laundresses, kltchenmalds, waltresse. hoiia..
worker. French and Herman lady's maids. Protest. .
antnurses, 20 cooks who wash andiron, laundreasrt
who do chamberwork, butlers, second and third mm.
Servants lu all rapacities wanted Immediately. Mrs t
L. BKKLY, 68 West 22.1 U aervanu' entrance, 313 A
Bth av. 1?
COMPETENT cook and laundress, wage 120, for
family In Larohmont: best references required. W
Mr. L. 8EELY, 882 6(n r. E
COMPETENT nurse for one chlldl mnst bewiuini (,
to do chamberwork: very best reference re- v
quired. Mr. L. SEELY, 862 tlth av. I -
COMPETENT cook, wage $36. for a family llvirif I'
halt hour from New York; best references. i
Mr. L. 8KELY, 852 Uth av. I
COOK and laurtdrest; country: 820 to 822; bssi 1
city reference. Call alter P. 10 West 42d st.
FAMILT OF TWO ADULTS, with two young chll- f iV
dren, desire two sisters or friends to act aa gen- I -f
eral houseworker and nurse; In city apartment until 1
May, aud In country for long season afterward: ref- 1 1'
erences required, Mr. M.. 203 Wett 103d at. Bi
I7RKNCH lady' maid; mutt be thoroughly com- 1
J- petont; wages 2C; cry best references required. .
Mr. L. SEELY. 882 Bthav. Vf
ROTE8TANT cook, wage 820, for famUr living I'
a short distance from New York; beat references m
required. Mr. L. BFJSLY. 882 Bthav. B.
PROTESTANT waitress for family In New Rochelltt 1
very best reference required.
Mrs. L. 8EELT, 882 8th av J
WANTED Man. and wife aa cook and laundress, 9
for useful man, for family llvlnsonehonrfrom H
New York; good wages; Protestant; best refereneti Hl
required. ' Mrs. L. SEELY, 862 Cth av.
anttfl glnlcti pucttautw. u 1
BOOKBINDERS. Wanted, a good finisher en extra I
printed work. HERZOU ERBE.
York and Washington sts Brooklyn.
286 and 237 WalUbout et.. Brooklyn.
PROOFREADER First class, wanted; steady po
sition: reliable union man. Address PROOFS.
box loo Bun office.
UMBRELLAS. Flmt-class finisher andmountert a
no others. A. M. A R. DA VIES, 18 Walker st.
WANTED Experienced wrapper on blank bookk -
1 HE N. Y. BLANK BOOK COMPANY. 7 Lalght at. '
Tir ANTED Boy to feed printing prett. 66 Walker ( w
VOUNOilAN to do faint Una ruling: tttt lowest
J- aalary. A., box 122 Snn office.
ef iwt-ffllnafl Slelp & trnaUu.
A YOUNG COLORED WOMAN wiehet place as flmt-
class ook. Call 121) V est 26th st.
CHAMBERMAID and waitress in private family;
wages, sis; beat references. M. S., box 669 Sun
uptown office. 1286 Broadway.
CHAMBERMAID and waltres; thoroughly compe
tent; best references. S. C, box 642 Sun
uptown office. 12B6 Broadway.
COOK. Willing to do washing and Ironing: best
references: wages, 820. M. L box 660 Suit up
town office, 1266 Broadway.
CHAMBF.RMAfD. Thoroughly competent; wager.
$20; beat referencei. B. D., box 686 Snn uptown
office. 128S Broadway.
OOK. Willing, thoroughly competent; good refer
ences. R. M., box 668 Sun uptown office, 1286
IIRBT-CLASS waitress; can carv. serve' wlnesi
make salad dressings, detstrts, etc.; beat refer
ence. K. M., box 667 Snn uptown office, 12AS 1 tm
('iuST-CLASB cook: understand soups, meats,
-L pastries, dessert, fcc; beat reference. A. C,
box 6U Snn uptown office. 1286 Broadway.
J FRENCH nurse: excellent aeamatrsss; waget $20t
best references. ,M. R., box 046 Sun uptown
office, 1206 Broadway
GERMAN cook; waget $80: thoroughly eempttent;
beat references. G. B.. box 67 Bun uptown
office. 1286 Broadway.
LAUNDRESS; th orougbly oompetent: understand
doing up shirts, collars, cuffs. ko. best refer
ences. B. O. C box 648 Sun uptown office, 12HS
IADNDRE88. Wlllingto assist with chamberworki
-I best reference. A. D., box 668 Sun uptown of
fice, 12(16 Broadway.
NURSE forlnfanU or grown children; good seam
stress; best references. R. 0., box 681 Bun up
town office?J2il6 Broadway.
PARLORMAID, also competent waitress, would
like situation in private family: best references,
M. M.. box 644 Sun uptown office. 1286 Broadwty.
CTENOGRAFHER, "Remington"-"typewriter; Av.
J years' experience lu law and mercantile work:
thoroughly competent; willing to assist In 'office
work; moderate salary. V., 224 Henry St.
SITUATION WANTED by retpeetable colored
woman general houtework In flat. 117 Weat
60th at., A. Ilamm bell.
WANTED Hlttmtion a maid for lady or nuno ror t
growing children by an experienced Scotch wo
man; good seamstress; references. Call or address
887 Mate st., Brooklyn. . .
YOUNG girl as chambermaid and waitress; neat,
willing and obliging; best references. E. Met.,
box 641 Sun uptown office, 1286 Broadway.
iwt-ClnjS6 Jgtlp mntfi.
A MALE NURSE desires atcdypoitlon; 12 year
experience In Germany.
CARL FEIDLER, SState st. city. ,
CHIEF, 34 years old, single, for private famllyi ''
I first-class references. E.T., box 127 Sun uptown
office. 120.', Broadway.
J7IRESIAN, ten years In the last employs a ateady, ;
temperate aud good worklngman; will sleep
home nluhts; employment offices do not answer 4
this. Address II. W. CAMERON, 622 11th av.
Voi'NG MAN 127) desires position with a corpora-
1 tion, banking hou.e ormercanttleflrm; four year
In fearury deia ot railroad na transfer agent and
coupon clerk. Addn ss ANXIOUS, box 148 Hun office,
CmtiloHtttfttt giut-nun.
MME. JACQUIN. 02 nth av., French employment
bureau, has superior servants, all capacities; ' H
French-Kugllsh cooks, waltresse, laundresses; " !
French German mal.li, Infanta' nurses; French-Kng-
llsh butlers, useful ineu. t M
WALKERA-CORureaiiof Reglitratlon,814W.42d , U
st.; telephone U274-18th St.: helpfiirnlsbrdfreet '
all nationalities; best colored help always on hand,
ZI aietHwi. ;,1
Uen longer (iaUbll.md.ind has had moro iixperieiu a
than auy other adtertl.lng PUyslclan; city papers ." H
proto this, Under his erlciitlno treatment blood and H
skin (U.eu.e, pain lu bones, red spots, sore fnrott H
and inuuth, ulcers, painful spellings, kidney and H
bladder complaints, abiding liiBaminattons. gravel, !
uudeVHlopid organs, wtak back, lost vitslity, are !
speedily, jHirmsrently cured. Men about tomarrr .
slioul.l cmi-ultOI.l) l)lt (IR1NDI.E. Ktery imptxll- H
mentremoved. HiitTerer. do not wsste tlinelitini(
les skilful physicians. II member. OLD DR. GRIN-
DLKnew nulls. OI'IU'K (liF.ll 16 VKAItH at 171 ,,
et r.'tli.t , brtmen iitnand 7that. Advice free. nH
Medicine. $1. Hours. I) In I). Sunday. 1) to 8. U
OLI 1)11. GHIZY. 4.1 yenrs n speelnllst In H
ilisi-ii.es of men only. Oiilckest permanent cur. ,
guaruiiKedln all iIUi-ss's Blood poison, sklu dl- '
eases, kidney and Msil.ler trouble, weakness, ner ' tM
V ous debility, (rnirs of jouih. bal drrams, nndevel M
oned organs, iiuiirdlinents tn mtrrisge, kc- Be wit. , H
onuilt (lie only uld M."ii.ll.l In tha city, Offlc. A H
nior 8.' years at 1JO East 17th st., near Union fS
Square. Hours Ii to pi H. in. lay., tl to 8, Seientifie H
tnatuiciit uu.la.hi.e free. Medicine only 60 cents. M
No churge unb s. cured, xl
A "-DR. AND MRS. HIMPRON. tho" leadlnu special.', H
lsts lu New lorl.Hiicro. fully treat all fmal. H
complaint. and irngularltlts; 2 ) ears' eijierlunco; H
lnHat.i nllurlilliu trained uiir.es: treatment guar-
antet-d: free enutldriitlal adtlee, l to 0. 61 West H
asihst., near Brntda . !
"A".-A.-..-0,t'It'KHHT TKllMANKNT H
ClIKi; In ill.ea.et of men. dangerous casea tolle- I H
Ited; relief at once: llioao desiring only first-class i Isxsl
erlentlno trestmeiit should rail. Tho leading siieoi.il- ') '
lhi. Dr. B)i-hur. 127Wesi JJd tl , OtoB, 7i.li. ;
builds), into l. . r. . b
A- DR. CONRAD'S 8ANITAH'lUM.-8clentJflc."n H
fill treatment of all diset- of women; private ( tH
rooms; erromenleur. and appliance; consult- 1
tlons, U A. M. to 1) P. M, Call or write for booklat tfl
1 17 W ett 47th .t Tel. 88JO 38th. ' ,
DR BLINN. 177 West 47lh st , nearB'wayiep'ecTai:
lles.obat) tricsandatlmentsof womeni hourtio
1; priate rooms for ladles de.irlng to renitlu under , B
doctor scare; skilled, courleousattendtnts; matrons' !
hour U U. (H
D'B, MRS. RF.INHAltp. 711-7th av.. near 48th: .J M
treau female Irregularities; Ingl.ortnarrl.d. 30 aS .
years experience. ' 1 I
LAOIKHJ Cfilchester'i EngHih Pennynml Pillj f S,Mm

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