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J" " S THE' SUN, SAJ'URPiCy, NOVEMBER .2, 1898.! ' "' ' "" " T P!
Friday. Nov. 11,
In iom respects th record of the transac
tions on tho Stock Kxchang to-day was eTon
more romnrkable than that of yesterday. As n
rule such extraordinary dealings In both stocks
and bonds nsthoHO that wero made yesterday
afe followed by a falling off In the volume of
builness and such sharp advances as were
made yesterday aro succeodod by a ahaip reac
tion. It Is significant that the Of alines In stocks
, w 8re only a few thousand shares less than
' yesterday, although thoro was a falllnc off
In the trading In nearly every one of the
active stocks. The large total was maintained
by the extraordinary distribution of business.
The number of Issues dealt In was 100, or
i;venty-llvo rnoro thanwero oyer dealt In be
fore In tho history of the Stock Exchange. The
transactions In bonds were about S1.500.0OO
par value less than yosterday: still thoywero
In excess of $8,750,000 par value, a reoord that
l surpassed only by yesterday's total.
Tho aggressive strength of yestorday's mar
ket, resulting from a clear understanding of
the character and far-reaching effocts of tho
results of Tuesday's olectlons, Invltod a largo
volume of buying orders for securities from
beyond tho limits of Wall street. The execu
tion of those orders naturally Influenced speou
latlvo sentiment, and many professional oper
ators who failed to apprcclsto the'real charac
ter of tho market yestorday bought stocks
to-day either to covor shorts or for long
account. The Indications are that tho local
trading olemont becamo so cnthusiastlo that It
bought rnoro stocks than it wan entitled to
carry, even for a low days. When that olement
endeavorod to securo Its profits In the late
trading it did not encounter an aggressive do
mond for stocks, a circumstance that increasod
the desire to rcalizo. Humors that peace ne
gotiations between this country and Bpaln are
jm llkoly to bo broken off were revived, apparently
m lis explanatory of tho docllno In prices. Tho
K fact Is, the market becamo temporarily ovor
W bought, and hence experienced a perfectly
SB natural reaction.
The railway list continued to hold the first
jfe- place In tho mnrkot, and Atchison preferred
'jfL woa again tho lenderlnroipoct to activity. Tho
I fluctuations in It, howevor, both maximum and
W' net, woro narrow. Union Faclflo Issues wore
3t. exceptionally strong, especially tho preferred,
iff" which elosod moro than a point higher
M than yestorday. Tho Granger group was
firm throughout, although tho early lm-
provament was wiped out by the late
S' selling. Foreign nrbltrago houses traded
uL upon an extenslvo scalo and sold more than
they bought, which doubtless accounts to an
Wj extent for lower prices for Loulsvlllo aud Nash-
vllle. Northern Paclllo common. Southern Rall
K way preforrod nnd the falluro of Bt, Faul to
JS score a not advance High landing ratos for
'ft Bugar Roflning caused oxtansivo covering of
M short contracts In that stock, which left it
Jf Hi 9 cent, higher than last night, though
ijfr at a reaction of moro than a point
W from tho highest prlco. Other industrials
W that Ignored the reactionary tondonoy
W were Federal Bteol preforrod, Peoria's
m Gas. and Tunnessoe Coal and Iron. The usually
fji loss active railroad stocks that mado noto
m worthy progress toward higher nriccs wore
Baltimore and Ohio, "deliverable whon Issued."
W Cantral raclilc. Chicago and Eastern Illinois.
ft Great Northern preferred and Faciflo 3Io.il.
Tho closing was atoady and the average of
W final prices was. In spito of tho reactionary
B movement, fractionally higher than that of
1 yestorday.
J5- Kcw York Stock Exchange Sales Nov. 11.
W 3DB3i.r 106H 57 TJS4s,e,192S
'ft 146UB3s,o 127HaX27K
IK 10SH10G! IS Ya T dab 2-3a
I? i 5CS4sc.lU07.llSH ofl9l. 70
m - i fcB.c na
m. cLosiKo rwcxs or ukitkd states xohs.
m Hid. Alktd. Bid. Jtktd.
m, Vn Et in. t. Un St 4s, c,
f atplota D8! 1020 1S7H188
K, TJ83S.1808- UnBtCs. r,
M 1018,r...lO5H 105M 1004 1UM112U
88 nB.1s.lB08- UnStOs.e,
W. 1U18.C...105H 105,m 1004 113 113
;B Cn St 4i, r. Un St Of, r,
f, 1007 111H111 1800 108X
&f Un8t4s.c, UB 3.80i, r,
S 1007 112)U3 1024,DO102
''? Un Bt 4i, r,
lim- ,DS5 127 S7!
i3& 80 Atshadjaa.. 71M 25MobOgnl... 70
f 60 721110 70M
m 645 72X 6 70H
l$Ig. 384 V2H 0 80
i& 208 73 2 Mich Cent 7s., 11 OK
ic 06 73H10MoPaocn 103
m 138 73!t 1 103M
Mh 33 7 3H 7 103K
Ki 111 72H 20 Mop col 1st 6s 70
W" 10 72X 6 70H
WE 126 72H 10MoFT6. 83
Wi 106 Atchgnl4... BBH 2 82K
, 1 08 4 83K
W 240 98M 0 83)4
.' 107 D8M10 84
W 200 08H 6 83
M 10 08t23 83
M, 1 AdmtEx4i..l02! 8 KPprtors...l08W
', 6Am8Me B3 74 102
'Mi n 82H 26 102M
M 6 83 30 102K
rW 6 AmTobicrip.. 04X B3 102K
K SO 04 lNPgnla. C7
A 3 AnnArbor4.. 80 n
,Wk 1 ' 0 7M
m lB-wy47thAv 50NWcn4 80
(fflr5 ent 122M30, Rnu
m 131 B0 8)4i.iTi. 07 (17 2"
m 103 00T23
m 102 07 36" .V
m 11 10NYfc8u.gnl.. 87
t: 20D&osi,isao, 10 ;' y
m BCvwrV'"'i2 lNJo'env.liVBlOBM
m 6 Brook TO,.. 106 5 N YO l.t, r....l 18
lit nit lNYC.ntlit.oll8
M. 6DrWl.ttr.... 80 m fl0
M, 6BrookUOCt..ll6 Jo '
M 1 "... k O ca 6.1 1 0 Jg N yo'.MO V.'t
3m 7S 8bm47 04M
lfc lt J00 0 J0J,-
W1 2 C.BtQenvB.,119)4 . ,"'
ffl 1 C.B34.,K.il02M 6KSUrch"M"i.tl04M
W . 1C,BQ7 UflW ZNWgold.r... IlO
K ( lo'coVs"101 i.....lo?
m 5 o.? ,, .. 1 1 Or. B L en e.,100
m 4.,8tl(iliv... 07700r.SIi,noA-- gQ
ffl 7CnBoUthl.t..lO0120or.ai,t..B. 02
5 , 7Cn8outh2d..lO0H io h7
Vgf 0 ChlT.M OOX inn
Vgfc 10 01 ,o tnftu
,JBj ? J' 6Pol:Eutlit. 77K
Jiff 1-"V'n'U'l"' 01H42MtUJtWnl. 06
Kjfl 8CentBrCPlit 00 i .-
Jm ) S?K 08n al 4 ioox
!). 1 1 01 15 inRU
m ncuiofcEiga.100 j J
IS ' "'"26. 72
Wi ?2 08 361t.UT4i'.'.'.' a3
Ja 5K 7 ash
o 'mo ooW J! 83K
fc 6 fu.i.MMM. t i50 jn Dili
ra' 7oo.B7.ao.. bo J? ";...."";;;;;; Hri
mi so.'."!.'.'!;!;" ae.".'".'.'.';.";;;:'.: 83h
m? 1 Oo'.'hyT.'tVno 30 J Sowcllcn 102H
m aoo.ltysainc, 12Hl0BoPofNMl.tn5
14Denr.O.107M 6 "..T.!.. ?...,. 11 o'
Si i'I"'A' l2f,. SOSoPorAr'ti'iitlOO
fi- ,;DU" gJ 4 8tI,4:Br,.i21M
WMi lo D8K 3 12114
EK "B,,0ivO'''" M 6 8tI.BF,B,.iSBH
W 3&TlltnlS.. 06t a u0,r"- "
lm 3Kl.LJtBBl.t.l014 - Z
K lErieBd.x UB , Jji
XH ftO Zrl. prior bds. 03K 8 BVpi."t.'o"fcp;
aR' 10... , 03 Wdlr IIB'4
m J0KrgU.n8... 72 lStP,BMd..U0
m aS li 3 sow
Wff ao ,.,,. , 7J? y aow
. .5 ..,.,... 72H ipBtLBWSd.... 34)i
St- 10 r 78 JiiU 34
UEs.tT.nn R...11CK 10 8nB VfSd.... 34M
flET.nn dlTO.110 64BAftAPlt4... 74W
6 HOW 8 . 74W
21 FtWorthJit... 78)4 1 74M
6 , 7B 1BO0 1st... 07'
10 78)4 6 07K
lertwtnant Aosoifwsy b...108K
-4i ,..,, 02)4 73 102H
0 02 16 10BW
4 OEM 10 ...103
lOO.n't ka A 10 10SM
UPS DON 0 102H
6 OUJ lOBott'iray.MdlT
flO.OfcNorlit. 04 lit..,,. ....... 107
10 Or Bat deb B.. 4H 3 StJkOI3S-4. 88K
80 6 lOSttnllaiTe... 81M
20 CM 3 81W
10 ,, ON 73 Bt B Tine.... 23
30 614 10 ,.. 23M
10UTlB.,tfOp 70 20 23M
101 Jr.nMlC... 07X16 33!
30 07.4 n 22K
21 07X10 23
16 07H 10Trul.tB..108Ti
78 07 6 ,.,100
7 HI On SHi. 40T.xr.o2dU.. 40
Lair 06 10 40W
SO IllOn nj(., 8t 10 40M
Ldlr 04 22 4 CM
2 04H ATolA:00nl.tl06
3 04K 6TkNOcn6...103M
201110 4., 1061.. 103M 6 103)4
26 102 2TC.I B e.,
C 104 Blrdlv 00
2 Intlt Q M 3d.. 80)4 120 rjal.Po 4.101H
1, 80M 13 101W
14tnd,IllJUlttl03 10 101N
17K.aJcT.x4... DIM ID 101M
4 01H30CnlonElHt.tr 89K
1 6Ian A- Tx 2... 06T 1 - BOH-
31 00 2... BOM
10... 00)4 6 BOX
10 OOH 10 DON
10 Q6H 101tJP. Dd
20 (jfi)i Ht.tr 81
43 06 6 80K
4KlnguOoli.t. fix 7Wbl.t 112
34E0,PkOl.t. 70 4 111H
10 OOX 3 HI"
0 70)1 Iff WABUb.3d 01
4 70X26 OOK
0 KtnthsAlI4. 70M 8 OOH
4 80 0W.bd.baB... 33H
l2Ika8hltr..l00H 10 33M
40XouNbj14 03H 4 33H
41 03H 1 33H
10 03K 2Wb.D&0l.108
21. t N, FltS lill 00 OOWI.OHt.tr.. 03M
aitk'S 6. 106 66 04
34ttSt RyB...U6HB0 - 04)1'
10Uo.KEl.t.lOO 6 04M
10 100H 6 04H
20 ioo 6 - G4K
6 MtBtLcnBi.lOOX 70 03,
10 Ifo, r Jt T ot 10 03M
T.xa.6. 84H40. 03K
7 84H 6 03M
0 84H 26 03H
6 Uull'wir 4.. 03X20 03
Total .ale. of railway bonds (par vtln), 1S,788,000.
Open- tligK- Ltv iClttnt
Saltt. inc. til. Mf. Bid. Atlctd,
4070BAmBR.116X117 116X1167110
2S0Am8Bpll0 110 110 100H110
1110 Am Sir. HH 11H 11H 11M UK
IGOAmBMp 34 34 33H 33X 33M
22 A Cable. 08 08 08 07W 08H
2SieOAmTobl41 141 138X138M13SH
BAmTp.l26H126K126H 120 130
S40AmExpl48 148 143 140 140
3400 Am 00. 34H 34M 34 34) 34H
SOOAmCOp 87X 87M 8eH 80 87
13S0S A.Ttj
P 14U 14H 14H 14H 14X
78888 A.TJtS
Fepf.. 40 40M 40 40M 40X
1050AU.lt.. 33X 33M 82H 33 33M
2040AUaltp 84 84M 83H 83H 83K
010 Ann Ap 4a 40 30H 30!t 30M
VOO AmUteel
1W... 33K 33 32 32X 32H
tWp. 00 00 BOW 80 80M
320Brnn.w 8H 8 8H 8 OH
2198 B k O
alp... 48H 48W 48 4B!t 48X
B0B&0wi 36 36 36 34H 36X
2300 B4 Op,
wl,. 72M 73 72X 72M 73X
Wpf... 4K 6 4M 4T 6H
S5B0B8tOu 4 6 3X 4T 6
2483SBERT. 087i COW 08 08. '4 08M
S0OBUQM120M127 120X120 128
1160 Cn So.. 64X 64X 64H 63H 64X
lOOCanPao. 83W 83X 83X B3H 84
800 Conic. 48M 48 48K 48 48H
8700ChGtTf 14H 16 14K 14K 14H
pfA... 48H 40 47)4" 48 48H
pfB... 30X 30H 29X 28M 20H
8320CenP.o 27H 20 27H 28)4 28X
S860CheitO 23U 23 23 23 23X
USOCtEI. 66 60 66 64M 66H
1200fcEIpl07 107 107 100 108
2C0 0CiV1.60 1.60 l.CO
800ChtAltlfi2 163 162 161 163
BC00 C.C.Ot
StJ,... 42X 42X 41X 41T 42
28B 0, C. O k
StLp.. 80 80 80 80 00
1310 CAKW13CX 130 136 136 136M
386 Ct-NWplSOH 1R0W 180X180
327BS CBkQl 10X 110X 118M 118M 118H
P 1 13X 1 1SK 1 12M 1 12X 1 12H
100 C.MfcSt
Ppf...l02H 102X 102X 102X 103
80782 C,RItP107M107M100H 107 107X
227BColFnel 26.X 26X 24X 26X 26X
l2CtaTcr.. 8X BX 8X 8M OX
OlOChT.rp 34 34 33X 33M 34X
aooc.llVtT 3X 3X 3X 3X 3X
2000Uldp. 17X 17X 17X 17 17X
2800 CLAW 17M 18X 17M 17M 17X
800 O.Lt Wp 48 48 47 47 47M
1820ConOul88X 188X183 188 183
100 0.11,. 7M 7X 7K 7H 8
OC.ItLp 20 20 20 27 30
20S8DlkH. 00X100X OOH 09X100
2000DetOM. 00 03 00 00 04
lOODtEO 14X 14M 14X 14X 14X
87S5DtROp 68X 6BH 68X 68X 68X
100D1IWD 16X 16X 16X 16 10
eoOErleBB 13 13 13 13 13X
KBBErl.lp. 36 36 34X 34X 36
tOOXrleip. 17 17X 17 17 17X
4t5MiiEI.147 160 147 160 161
276KtTU 32 38 32 32 33
;88E4Tllp 00 01 00 01 04X
12US7FBteel. 33 33M 33 33 33X
2271F.dBp 7BX 70M 78H 78K 78X
2001'tPU 13X 13X 13X 13X 14X
470FliPUp 38 30 38 38X 30X
1878 GtKorpl40M 141X 140X 141M 142
14ieOtaEleo 81X 82X 81X 82 82X
lUOnornSlll.16 1.16 1,16
40 U'n'li'n
IBOOIFtper. 62 63M 62 62M 63
lOOOlntPp. 80 00 80 88X BO
40BOIUCut.lllX 111X111X111 11 IX
BOOI.C.np 36 36 34X 34W U6M
42KKO.PAO 16X 10 16X 16X 10
70HPM .11 .11 .11
lOOI.EtW 13X 13X 13X 13 13X
JOLF.kWp 01X 01X 01X 01X 02
llSOIclO.. 40 40X 40 48X 40
172OI.ouH. 00 OOX 60X SOX 60X
8eoUoCaa 04 04X 03X 03H 04X
Ol.tp. 60 60 60
800 it Iron,
tr.,..141K 142X141M141 142X
SOOMeiC, 4X 4X 1X 4H 6
BUBUStBylOO 100 107X107 107X
200 ilk St I, 28X CSM 28X SB 20
2d p.. 01X 01X OOX 00 COX
10800 Jlof.c. 34X 36X 34X 34X 34X
200U.KtT HX 11X 11X 11X 11M
340fiU.Kl;Tp 34M 34X 34 34X 34X
200 Hub to 20 20 20 20 27
eoNLOll. 6M 6H 6X 6X 6X
i7i.NJC.ut 80 00 80 87 80
2200 X YCntl 17X11 7M 1 VflX 110X11 7X
74BKtI.d 36 36X 3,5 34X 36
100NMP..113 113X113 113 114
S740JiorAm. OX 7 OM M 7
880 N Y Air "
Br.1.,,101 101 00 03 00
20NV4SU103 103 IU2X100 103
SOONYlSir, 13 13 13 13X 13X
St Lip 70 70 70 70 80
800 NY, Ok
Btl.Ip 34 34 34 34X 34X
W 128 lt'8 128
1815 Kt Bis. 38X' 84 33X 33X 33X
HNUlaj. 08X DBH OBX 02X 00
6UH&W,. 16 16 16 14 16
3BlOKkW. 63M 6S 6RI, 68X 63W
OiB KorPxc. 42J4 43 42X 42M 42H
Orn- JJV tnt- ctortnr
ta. tug. I. Bid. Jifttd.
i:478srPp, 77 77h 70M 70M 70X
lSUOntkTf 16X lflX 16M 16M 16X
848PCout. 40 40 44K 44K 40X
SSBPaeOlp 81 81X 88 SIM 8BX
7(0Pm02p 00 OS 00 01 02X
JtOOrtkN 6BX 68X 67W 07X 68X
-700OBANp 77X 78 77 77 70
ISO Ore BL. 31 31 31 31 33
16468 PmMaII 36 30K 36 30X SOX
U 17 .17 .17
343PPO.r.l40X 140X 140X1 SOX 140X
lOOPkWp 10 10 10 OX 10
t)60P.nn,.118 118 117X117 117X
88200 P.opl.'i
OfcC.100 107X100K 100X100X
J860Rrdlne ION 10H 10X 10X 17
482BBe.dlp 41 41 40 40 40X
l8nwd2p 10 10M 10 18M 10
lOOOBtLBWp 13X 13X 13X 13 13X
BOOBtFfcD SIM 22X 21 22 23
100 Bt Paul
ft Dp. OOX OOX OOX 00 02
SlOBtPfcO 86 86X 84M 84X 86
888 Bt P. M
kll....l74 174 174 170 170
2000 BUndard
(80 Standard
DfcDp 08X OnX 08 07X 00
100 Bo Pac. 26 26 24X 24 26H
2(147 Bo Rr... OX OH OX OX OX
13089 foRrp. 37X 37J4 37 37 37M
sooBUkai ox ax ox &X 7
Ilatp. 67M 67X60X 67 68X
1 2d p. 18 IB IB 10 20
BOOBtLftBP 7X 7M 7M 7X 7X
Ti.tp. oex ocx 06 04X aex
F2dp. 31 31M 31 31X 31X
OOOBItfcT 8 8) 8 8 8X
lOlSOTOkl. 31X 32X 31X 31X1 32
OOTCAIp 08 08 08
lOOSdAvBItlOlX 101X161X101 103
Land.. 7 7 7 0 7X
2600 Tex Pao 14X 14X 14M 14K 14
3B88GVoPao. 36 36K 34W 34M 36
61807 TnPpf. 08 OOX 08 08X OBH
8840 OS Rub 43X 44M 43K 43H 43X
1722 08RP.104X 106X104X104X106
880USLp. 08X OOX 08 OBX 08X
220Wabab 7M 7M 7M 7X 7X
280BWbpf. 21X 81X 21X 21 21X
6W-FEx.l20 120X120M 123 126
2800 WUnT 03X 03X 03 03X 03M
1485 WkLK 3X 3X 3X 3K 3X
400TffcLEp 10H 10X 18 17X 10X
BOOTVl.otr 1 1 1
, 45Tl-arRR174 174 174
lotalaal... 706,038 .hare.
Bid. Jtlti. Bid. AtUt.
B.Alb..245 260 W.tK.. 34X 36
Be. k II... 106 fJEl.op...,102 104
ChloJ coml33X 134 BoiftU.a.22B 230
ChloJpf.,122 123 CalkH.cla606 000
Pltchb'gp.l06X106XO.uoU.... 08 08X
U.ra-.Btkal - 186X QttlaerU.,120 131
B.itoaEl.. 74M TamUta...l70 178
Old Colony 106 Old Dom. . 33M 34
WERcom. 88 88X Butt. 63K 64
DomlaCal 32 32XBBOu.. 2X 2X
Am Bell T. 281 BUOl.U. 00 02X
Krt.T.l.... 74X 74XBU0 2d. 76 78
Bid. MVtd, Mid. J,tid.
LehlchTal 10H 10X E1SB com 47X 47M
PhllaTrao. 02 02)i ElSBp.... 60 60X
UnTrao.... 20X 20M Penn Mnf.. 22X 23
EtPTetf. 03X 04 PaU(6....101X 102
U.tTrae...l07X 108 W.l.Oooa 16
CTofNJ. 61 51XW.UbCap 01 02
OTotKJC.lOO 100X CamlrCo.. 60X 60X
DOIaiC122 122XBaltTrao.. 26M 20
WQLCo.. 40 40X Uandea. . OX OX
Bid. Atlctd. Bid. ACli.
AnStnd.. 32 33 SoBld."L" 76X 76X
CkDook.. 68 00 St B Car.... 20 21H
Clt7B'way,200 300 WChStRj. OBX 08X
Dlam'dU.,141 142 NBUcult o 33M 33X
Lak.Bt"L" 12X 13XMBUcb1(p OBX 08X
KCbStB7.230 231
AUhti.n 14X Northern Padao... 43
Atchl.on pf 41X North.rnPaeiiopf 70
Canadian Paelflo... 86H Ontarlak Weat.... 6H
Cheaapeak. k Ohl. 24 PenaiylTaal OOX
Erie con 13H Saadlag 8X
Erie lit pf 30 lUadlnrlitpf soX
IlllnoU 0entral....ll6 Bt Paul 110X
Kanaaak Texas.... 1 1 X South rtlllwaj- DM
LaxeBhor 100 Bouth Rail war pf.. 38X
Looiarill. k Naah.. 01X Union Patlle. 36X
KewYorkCentral..l20X Onion PacUlo pt... 70
HortoUkTVpf.... 66 Wabaah pf 21M
Final sales compare with those of yestorday
as follows:
Kov. 10. Ae. It. Ao. 10. Kin. 11.
A. TkSF. 13X 14M HatLead... 34H 36X
A.TtSF.p 30X 40X North Am.. OH OX
Am Cot O.. 34X 34XNorfftWp 63X 63X
Am 8Ret..ll4K 1 16X N Wcom... 13674 136
AmBRpf. 110X 110 NPaocam. 42X 42X
AmTeb....l40X 138X NPaop.... 76M 70X
AmSpU.. 11K11X NrCeBt.,.117M 110X
AmSpUp 34 33X Omaha c... 84M 84X
Brook BT. OBX OSHOntkTfe.t 16 16X
BftO 47X 48M0HN.... 67 67X
Can So 64M 64X P.oOk 0.106M 100H
OanPae.... 84 R3X PaoUall... 34X 30X
O.C.CkStL 42 41XPullPCar.l41X 140X
C.BkQ...llB 118XRockUlandl07 107
Che.kO... 23 23X lUading... 10X 10X
ChOW.... 14K 14XBadl.tpf 30X 40
Cl.LkTf 17W 17H8tPeom...ll2M 112K
DalftHud. 00 OOX So B'war.. 0 OX
DkBO.... 14 14XSoR'warp 37X 37
DftBOpf. 67X 68K3tLSW... 6X 6
XrleBR... 13 13 BtLSWp. 12X 13X
Erie let p.. 34X 34X SUnnfcT. 7M 8
OenHeo... SIX 82X T.xaaPao.. 14X 14
Ot North p. 140 141MT0fcI 31 31X
nilBolaCenlllX HlXOnPao 34X 34X
KankTiM. 10X 11X OnPaop... 07X 08H
XanftTp. 34 34X DSRabbar 43X 43H
LoukNalh 00 60H nSBub P.104X 106
LEkW.... 13X 13XUSLeather OX OX
UanCon... D4 04 USLaatap 08 OBX
UftBtL... 28X 28M tVabaahp.. 21 21H
UkBtUdp 01 aOXVUoT.1.. D3X 03X
UoPxc 34X 34XWhkLE.. 3X 3X
U.tBtBr.168 107XVTkIiEp. 10X IB
Government bonds steady at unohangedauo
tatlons. Hallway and other bonds continued
strong and active. Tho features were Brooklyn
Ilapld Transit Ss. Brooklyn Elevated lsts. t. r. ;
Chesapeakn and Ohio general 4,'s. Chicago
Terminal 4s. Cantral Branch U. P. lsts. Col
orado Midland 2-4b, Central of Georgia consol
Cs. Iron Mountain 6s, Denver and ItTo Grande
consol 4s, Fort Worth and Denver City lsts.
Groan Bay debenture U, Louisville and Nash
ville gold 4s, Mobllonnd Ohio generals, Nor
folk and Western in. New York, Busquehnnna
and Western generals. Flttsburg and Western
lsts. Heading general 4s, Bt Louis and Han
Fronolsco 4s, Han Antonio andArnnsas Pass
4s, Houthorn Hallway 4s, Texas PoclQo -Ms.
Union I'aclno 4s, Union Elevnted lsts, t. r
Union Pacific. Donverand Gulf lsts. Lr..WIscon
sin Contra! lsts, t, r Atchlnon. Baltimore and
Ohio, Erie Illinois Contral. Kansas and Texas.
Missouri Paelflo, Northern Pacific Oregon
Bhort Line. Standard Jtnpe and Twine and Wa
bash Issues. The more Important net advances
were In Atchison adj. 4s. IX V cent , to 72X.
and adj. 4s '.toOBXiBaltlmoreandOhloSKs,
w. I.. X.to07, anq 4s. w. 1.. K.tofOXs BrooV
Ivn Hapld Transit 6.,to 105X : Brooklyn
Klo voted lsts. IX. to 01 ; Cheaapenko and Ohio
general 4K, ).. to 8HX ; Chicago Tunnel 4s, H.
to Hl.'i: Central Branch U. P. lsts, j,
to 01: Colorado Midland 2-4s. IX, to 60;
Central of Georgia consol Ss. K, to 80),';
Benx'randlllo Grande consol 4s, !i, to DHH;
Fort Worth and Denver City 1U, ,to 78X;
Groen.Bay debeuturey B, Ji. to 6K: Illinois
1052,1. to 104: Louisville and Nashville gold
4s,K, tolii;; Mohlle nnd Ohio generals. IX,
to SO; Missouri I'aclno consols, ii. to 103!i,
col. 1st 6s. iil. to 70X, nnd trust 6s. ii. to
Kl: Northern Pacific prior 4n. X.to 101'X.and
general 3s, H. to 7Xl Norfolk and Western 4s,
H. to BOX ; New iork, Busciuehanna and West
ern generals, 1, to H7; Oregon Hhort Line
consol Ds, 1, to 100, and Incomes A, ii, to 80:
I'ltLsliurc and Western lsts, ii,. to U6X;
Heading general 3s. , ), to WK: fit
Louis nnd Bail Franclico 4s, IX, to fl;
Kan Antonio and Aransas Pass 4s, X,to74X:
HUiudard Hope and Twine Us. W.to 81 X. and
Incomes, ii, to 23: Texas Paelflo 2ds. M. to 45X :
Union Elevateir lsts. t. r l.to OOXi Wabash
litis, li. to 00). and debenture series B. X V
cent., to .13).'. Tho noteworthy deollnes were
in Erio prior bonds. 1 Vcent, to 03, and gen
eral lien 3-4s. i, to 72: Iron Mountain Cs. X. to
07;Kansas and Texas 4s. .". tolllX, and2ds.
ft. Io 03M: Union Pacific. Denver and Gulf
lats. t. r.. ).'. to BOX, and Wisconsin Central
lets. t. r.. i cent., to 03.
In hank stocks, 0 shares of Merchants' sold
at 161 nnd 14 ehnresof Park at 361.
I Commercial price of bar silver In New York.
OOKo. Bar silver to London closed at 2Sd,
Mexican sllvordollarswereouoted nt47o. Ex.
ports to Uuropo to-morrow D40.000 ounces.
, Money oh call. 22X V cbnt Tlmo money
Is auotod at V cent, for sixty nnd nTnctv
days and JX cent, for six months on good
mixed Stock Lxcbangn collateral. Commercial
paper la quoted at 33X V cent, for bills ro
oelvnplqi acceptances and prime slnglo names,
3Xffi4 i cent : other names. 4 4X V cont.
Bterllng oxchango was sllghtlv firmer for
short There was a moderatelnqulry from re
mittors for to-morrow's mall, with a falling oft
In the supply of bills, partly the result of re
duced arbitrage operations In securities. Con
tinental exchanna was generally flrni, Tostod
rates of exchaniro woro: Sixty days. 94.83. and
slglit. 94.MIX.. Actual rates nro:Long bills,
$4.B2)4.82,'i:ln:ht drafts. 94.B5X. anil cnble
transfers. 4.tlfo4.HUX: francs nro quoted nt
C.24f05.214 for long and r.22X.'V.tllX for
short: relchsmarks. 04 3-ltV5fl4 0-10 for long
nnd04Xffll5 for short! g.ullders, 30 15-luvS
40 for lomt and 40ffi40 .1-10 for short.
Dpmestloexehangoon Now York: Boston
BffllO cents discount. Charleston Buying, )
discount: selling, par. Savannah Buying, T-10
nUcounti, selling. 73 conta premium. Now
Orloans linnk, par; commercial. $1 dis
count. Bnn Pranefseo 8lght, 12X conts premi
um; telegraph, 15 oentM premium, bt Louis
It) cents discount Chicago 16 conts promt
um. Cincinnati Between banks, par; over
counter. 60 cents premium.
, In the outside market Glucose Bugar Defin
ing common ox-dlvldend is quotod at Wti(S
wh, andthe preforrod, also ex-dividend, at
100,VO107( Htandard Oil tmst certlfleatea
closed at 4200421: Standard Gas common at
j 3073140. and the preferred at 1543157:
Mutual Gas at 30573320; Amsterdam Gas at
282(. preferred 007S117X. and tho bonds at
101 HfSlUlH ; Central Union Gas bonds at 104 V
104.V: Brooklyn and New York Frry nt40
40X. and tho bonds nt. uSxiSWiH ; Continental
Tobacco nt 40Xffi40X. and tho preferred at
83fflH3.V: Knickerbocker Ice at 62ffi53X. and
tho preferred at 70.
. Tho imports of dry goods for the week end
ing to-day wcro $1.51:.0()1, against 11.388.073
last week nnd $1,384,50:1 for tho correspond
ing week of last year. The amount markotod
was 91.410,313. against $1,408,500 last weok
nnd $1,180,434 for the corresponding week
last year.
Tho Chicago. Burlington nnd Qulncy Railroad
Company has declared a auartorly dividend of
IK cent, payablo Dec. 15.
Tho Illinois Central Railroad Company re
porta gross earnings for Octobor of $2,378,150.
a decrease of $01,240 an compared with the
samo month last yonr. The company reports
f:ros earnings for Beptembor of $2,384,014. nn
noroaso of $18,412 ns compared with tho
same month of last year, and net $710,003, nn
Increase ot $30,474. For tho throe months
lending Bopt 30 tho gross earnings wero
'$0,808,084. an Increaso of $302,720 as com
pared with tho corresponding period of last
year, and not $1,807,370, on Increaso of $141,-
Tho Paelflo Coast Company reports gross
earnings for Hcptembcr of $400,420. a de
crease of $10,010 as compared with the same
month of last year, and net $011,430, a decrease
or $18,410. For the ten months ending Sept. 30
the gross earnings were $4.302,100.an increaoe
of $1,202,504 as compared with tho correspond
ing porlod of last year, and net $1,018,775. an
increase of $302,441.
Tha-Fllnt and 1'ero Marquette Railroad re
ports gross earnings for September of 9203,
211, an increaso ot $41,301 ns compared with
tho same month of last year, and not$!)l,02:i,
an increase of 912.512. For the nlno months
ending Sept. 30 tho gross earnings wore $2,
H10.587. nn Increaso of $105,030 as compared
with the corresponding period of last year,
and net $557,007. an Increase of $42,474. In
terest nnd charges wero 9482.0H8. leaving a,
surplus of $74,330. an Increase of $30,408.
The Buffalo and 8uRquohanna Railroad re
ports grossoarulngs for September of $84,537.
an increase of $15,574 as compared with tho
same month of laat year, and not $21.243. a de
crease of $14,508. For the thrco monthsend
ingSent30 tho gross earnings were $200,135.
an increase of $23,374 as compared with the
corresponding porlod of Inst yoar. and net
$03,102. a decrease of $28,513.
The New York. Chicago and St. Louis Rail
way Company reports for quarter ondlngSept.
18)8. 1S37. CUfliioM.
Oroaa earning.. Sl.r.81.741 $l,C47,C6ft Ino. 884.173
Op. expenses... 1,380.432 1.17U.U1I0 Inc. 80,442
Xct earning... $321,309 8387,871) Deo. 848,370
Other Income . 1.B22 1,233 Inc. 28U
Total $332,831 1308,802 Deo. 848,071
Fixed charge... 300.399 303,020 Dro. 2,021
Surplna ... . $22,482 $0G,762 Deo. $43,350
Tho general balance sheet shows cash on
hnnd $500,741 and a profit and loss surplus of
The New York. New Haven nnd Hartford
Rnllrnad Company reports for tho quarter
ondcdSept. 30:
1S3S. 1837. CtMvatl.
Grot, ea'ce. $10,7118,1.78 $8,845,145 Inc. $3,468,828
Oper. ex'p's u.flor.,730 4,V40,2Z4 Ino. l.osv.fioa
Net tx'e. $4,193,348 $3.31)8, 025 Inc. 8704.828
OUierlncme 114. 683 .11,11)2 Ino. 83.8UI
' Total $4,B07,S31 $3,4C0.117 Ino. $877,714
Charge 1.932,374 1,878,290 Inc. 878,084
Bnrplua... $3,388,487 $1,883,837 Ino. $601,880
The figures of tho Now England Railroad oper
ations are included In 1808 only.
Tho New Jersey and New York Railroad
Company re ports for tho qunrtorendodSent.30:
1808. 1SS7. CAobjkj.
Oro. earning. $83,078 $84,372 Dac.$i,294
Operating expeuaea.. 81.750 83,878 Dec 1,817
Met earning. $21,323 $2O,D0 Ino. $328
Tho general balance sheet as of Sept 30
showed cash on hand $31,370 and a profit and
loss surplus ot $137,007.
The local moromonta of money this week are
deserlbod by tho Now York News Bureau aa
follows: "Bank reports showasllghtiy smaller
direct oxpress movement of money by tho
banks, but tho receipts wore again largor than
tho ohlnments. The banks, however, lost
$2,170,000 at the Hub-Treasury: Tho dlreot
shipments of money amounted to $820,300, as
against $005,000 forwarded In the previous
week, nnd $1,410,102 was received, a gain of
$080,802. The receipts in the previous
week aggregated $l.Uii7.C0O. Tho gold Im
ports from Eurnpo that will bo included
In to-morrow's statement of nvernees iren. In.
considerable, amounting to less than $50,000.
The deposits at the Sub-Treasury for shipment
to the Interior nmounted to $785,500. The
amountso deposited a week ago was $1,076,000.
The New York Hub-Treasury's daily re ports In
dicate for tho full week as follows: Total net re
ceipts. $18,087,000: total payments, $10,817.
000: excess receipts $2,170,000. In the pre
vious weok there was an excess of $1,008,000
in payments."
Dun's Review reports the number ot busi
ness failures during tho week at 211, against
183 last week and 201 the corresponding week
last year.
The receipts of the Government to-day trere:
Customs. $051.807 ; Internal revenue, $85ft021.
and ml.collanoous, $4 4,055. a total of $1,555.
143. The disbursements were $2,435,000. an
excess of expenditures over receipts of $870.
857. Tho receipta of the fiscal year to data
hnn been $170,814,105, tho expenditures
$257,478,523. nn excess of expenditures over
receipts of $77,034,358.
Tho official count of the cash In the Treasury
at the close of business to-day, compared with
that ot yesterday, shows:
A'tv. 10. Nov. it.
Gold coin and bullion. $343,888,940 9248,083,81)0
Rllverdollanandbullion 8,810,018 8,280,078
Unltod Btatea note. 17.038,863 18.045,838
Oth. r aaaeta, !e de
mand liabilities r. 81.859.323 83,118,003
Available eaah balance.
Including gold reserve $300,303,088 (800,887,808
Money In London 2X33 V cent. Bate of dis
count In open market for abort and three
months' bills 3HIS3( V cent. Amount ot
bullion gone into the Bank of England on bal
ance to-day. 25,000. Paris advices quote 3 H
cents at 101 francs 02X centimes. Exchange
on London 25 franos 35X centimes. '
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock and' Petroleum Exohange
to-day were as follows :
Optn- Wo- Ltw- Ctch
Saltt. .Ymw. ins, (. tit, inf.
400 Belcher...- 30 .30 .30 ,30
140 Con Calk Ya.... 1.60 1.60 1.60 1.60
83000omttook. 06 .06 .04 .04
eoOUollle Gibson.. .23 .23 .83 .23
ffOOPhcanlx. 14 .14 .14 .14
lOOSyndlcat. 06 .06 .06 .06
COOY.UowJaoxet.. .26 .26 .26 .26
Total sale.. 5,640 aharu,
Fmdjlt. Nov. 11. Gbain Wheat Bpot was
active and firmer. Bales 1.080,000 bush, for
export, here and at the out ports, Including 840,
000 here. No, 2 red In elevator. 73c; No.l
Northern Duluth, lXc. over December f. o. b.
early in November; No. 1 Northern New York,
fie. over December f. o. b, afloat to arrive.
Tho Northwestern receipts wero 1,340 cars,
against 1,042 last week and 831 last year.
Chicago received 130 cars, against 280 last
week and S41ast year; estimate for to-morrow,
350 cars, Futures declined Xc. to )'c. but
recovered this and advanced Kc. to Sc, with
sales ot 1,135,000 bush. Prices as follows;
Optninj, UtaXttt. lomil. Cluing. JVfpat.
December. .73 78X 78 73U 78M
March. ,78X 74X 7SX 74)5 7Utj
My 70X 71X 70X 7Ui 7oX
Oat. were dull bat eteady on the .pot Sale, of
88.000 bush. Ho. 3 In elevator; 2Wc: do. dellrercd,
BOo.i Mo. 8, 38o.i Ha. 3 white, aoc.i track and un
graded white, 2U0U8C.; track mlied, 38XaaoXc.
Future, were nominal, buckwheat waa dull but
steady at 4C4ttc, c. 1, t. track. 10 e waa quiet and
aar: No. 3 Western, 68Xc. c ti f, Buffalo, llarley
waa ateadri new feed, 4044c. c. I. f. Uuffalo. Corn
waa (inlet tiutateadyon the .pot. with aalea of 113,.
000 bu.li. for export here and at the ontporta. Includ
ing 73,000 here. No, 3, In elevator, December price)
No. 3 yellow, IKc, over December; No. 3 white,
J He over December, Ohicago recelied 1U8 car. aad
JrlmtolaK-iri frfi-rtrfu 1 ! ' li'iV'rtfi fin ,!.. rWil
stpecta 800 to-morrow'. Future, declined Mo., bit
TTcoTerotl It, and advanced Xo with sslea ot 88,000
trash. Trice, as follow.!
Openlna. JHolrtt, Xev't, Cinttnt. IftcM,
December ..37ft 87Jt 87X 88 ;i7M
Mr...... . autt 88X
Wheat .bowed ome etlelit depremlon early owing
to e.aler cables, literal receipta and apparentlr poor
prosiieota for the day, export buslnr.s, but rallied
and closed nijtber on a big export demand, Liver
pool fell 4d., London 8 J. to lid. for cargoes oft coast
and Part, a to 16 centime, rrimaty receipt, were
1.648,000, again. 1,062,000 laat year; the Minne
apolis stock will Increase for the week 7r.o,000 and
IWluth'a DoO.uoO: seaboard clearanoea dropped to
434,000. Michigan' acreago In 811 per rent larger
than lastrearand the largestfAr years. ,Tb weather
at the Weat wa. favorable for the growing wheat.
The Jfedent .Villtr rjirteil the flour trorto ot tha
country a. dull. Finally, the political ncwa.from
Europe seemed more pacific. Hut a very
different atata nt thlnm sprang up before (tho
close. Spain, It wa. aatd, would refuse to (
the Phlllpplnra and would appeal to tho powers;
l.nnUnd was reported to bo still preparing for war,
partly with the purpose, It waa understood, of pre
venting any Continental power from taking posecs
slon of any part or the Philippine.; the French ores,
wis more belligerent: the cablra recovered aorae of
the early decline and closed steady, Antwerp lndeoi
Jumped up 2Hc. and flnallr. what 1 moro to tho
point, the eiport demand suddenly Increased and
appeared to bo limited onlr br the available sap
plr of ocean freight room; 186 loada wero re
ported taken. Cah wheat free on board waa
20. over December. Bhort. covered freely.
There I. believed to be a l.nre short Interest
atl Chicago. Tho selling waa against call, and to
realize profits. Mr. L. O. Uulnlln had Ihl. from
Chlcagoi "Just had a talk with tho commercial edi
tor ot the Mlnneapnlla Journal1, one of the best
Jiosted men In the Northwest, lie haa made me
eel quite bullish. Ho .ay. we are now actually on
the laat half of Ihl. year's crop and deducting eed.
If this I. true on Nov. 10 It .how. a .trung situation
from anpply-and-demend standpoint. Hero aro
soma ot his Oguree: Minpespoll. and Duluth have
received (10,000.000; country mills havo ground
13.000.000 since Aug. Ii .eed taken 18,000,000,
and country mill, and farm use will cover 18,000,
000 more, eaally enough, and do not forget them
waa nothing carried over from prevlou. year."
Corn weakened at Ant In ayrapathy with wheat and
a decline of Md. In Liverpool, while primary re
ceipts of 742,000. against 818,000 laat year, alao
contributed In a measure to the alight depression.
Hut later the tone became atrongeri the effect of the
Oovernment report ha apparently spent Itself, and
the later atrength of wheat also had a somewhat
bracing eflect. Argentlno shipments for the week
were 800,000, against 004,000 laat rear. Western
ahlpper. were good buyers of December, Seaboard
clearance, were 881,828,
FLOun Quiet but firm owing to the rise In wheat.
Sales, 1(1,000 bbl. Itecolpta were 12,480 bbla. and
2K.8N8 sacks; eiport., 2,880 bbls. and 310 sacks.
Winter In bbl..! Superfine. $S.S0$3.80; No. 3 oxtra,
$3.t)0$2.76: clears, t3.1oa$.2fit etralchU, $3,300
R.48: patents, $8.88313.88. Hprtnglnbbls.: Clear.
$2.lioa$3.10: straight., $3.2&0$3.GO; patents, $8.05
(t$3.80. Buckwheat flour waa firm at $1.80 for spot.
Urn waa firm at 83.10(3 $3.40.
Cottox Bpot cotton hero waa unchanged, with
aales of 23B bales for .pinning. Middling upland..
8 B-tnc, agatnat 6?ic. laat year: New Orleans and
dnlf, 8 u-iucairalnst OHe. The Southern snot mar
kets were generally unchanged. Memphis aotd4,800.
New Orleana 800, (lalrcston 881, Augusta 1,8(10
and Mobile 1,000. Liverpool declined l-32d. on the
apotwlth aalea of 10,000 bales: futures declined 3 to
8 points, but rallied alightly, closing 3 to 3K point,
lower. Manchester wan firm. Port receipta were
80,783 bale., against 00.435 last week and (11,(150
last year; total for the week 445.808. against 44(1.1 23
last week and 405,838 last year. Port cxnortawere
(14,147 bales. New Orleana expecta to-morrow 14,000
to 18,000, against 11.347 last week and 13,7841 last
year, nous ton expecta 22,000 to 23,000, agalnst32,043
last week and 11.423 lsst year. Total interior re
ceipts for the week 818.028 bales, against .134.21X1
last week and 3S0.1C8 last year: shipments .102.385,
against 81 8.41 u last week and 280,841 laat year;
stocks 881,323, against 043,284 laat week and 425.
385 last ywr. Now Orleans declined 1 point, but re
covered it and advanced 2. Future, here declined 1
to 3 point., but recovered and advanced 3 to 4, clos
ing very steady. Prlcea aa followa:
Highul. Lovxtt. V Clotina.
November. .... 6.0338.0.',
December C.13 8.08 B.ll5.13
January. 0.10 n.10 8.1688.18
Fobruary. 5.20 6.17 6.IIX45.20
March 6.24 5. IB B.28G45.24
April 5.25 6.23 B.27H5.28
May 5.33 6.27 6.8205.38
June 5.83 6,81 6.80C5.S7
July. 5.38 6.85 5.3U85.40
August 0.48 5.88 6.42(45.43
September. 5.40 5.40 6.4286.43
October i.6.41 5.3U 5.4445.45
Cotton, though depressed for a time by rea-on of
disappointing Liverpool neiia and liberal receipta,
advanced before the close on covering and outaido
buying on the low price. Receipt!., It is true, aro
enormous, and interior atocka are beginning to anow
a noteworthy lncreaae. They were expected to ap-
10X101810 800.000, or 175,000 more than ayear ago.
oueton'a stock increased 8.UOO for too week: the
total Increase since laat Friday waa expected to reach
68.000: the full return, did not come in during trad
ing hours. The quantity to be brought in Bight waa
expected to be 680,000 to 686,000, against 648 588
for the same woek laat year. But outsider.. Wall
atrent, Weatern, and New England operators aro be
ginning to buy more freely on the declines, A great
many people. It 1. elated, are waiting for cot
ton to touch what looks like ita lowe.t
point, and when November made a new
low record to-day, so far from frlghtenlng
off outsiders they were encouraged to buy and did
buy with sufficient freedom to Impart a stronger tone
to the market. There waa also more or lesa South
ern buying. Bulla atlll point to the low price, tho
big spot demand at the South, tho probability of a,
cessation ot the enormoua crop movement before
long, the decided check to free silver In the lato
elections, the great activity and rising prices for
atocks and bonds at the New York Stock Exchange
and the brlak trade abroad aa factora which in tholr
estimation counterbalance or moro than counterbal
ance all bearish influence. A Literpool letter
dated Nov. 2 ears: "Manchester trade contlnuea
wonderfully active for yarns and cloth. Hpinnera
aeenring order, on favorable terms. E-dlmata
majority of aplnner. now fully engaged for at
least three to four month, to come, a convincing
Eroof of the soundness of trade In Lancashire.
Herpool stocks, all kinds, now aggregate
8112,000 bales, agatnat 835,000 laat week, 421),
000 laat year and 626.000 In 1888. Of the
above amount 811,000 bales aro American,
against 656,000 bast week, 341,000 last year
and 407,000 In 1806. Augusta, Oa.. Nor. 0.
"Weather simply perfect for picking. Grades have
perceptibly improved vast fouror nve days. Inclined
to think that ouly damage by lato frost, waa done In
Mlaslsslppl Valley." Itomo, Oa.. Nov. 4. "Weather
exceedingly favorable Jor picking and receipta would
be large, but farmers busy gathering crop." Colum
bia. H. C. Nov. 7. " Weather now fine, but aevere
ralna this fall have lowered the grade, and where
boll, are not open froat will cause somo alalna. A
great deal more cotton la being atored here thla year
than laat." Aberdeen. Mis... Nov, 7." The more we
aee of thia crop the bigger it looks. The amount
of unpicked cotton exceeoe anything on record. We
believe 12.000.000 made, but the commercial crop
depends on the weather and whether It can be saved.
West Point. Miss., Nov, 7. "Weather flucfind pick
ing being rushed. Farmers badly behind and price,
are so low they will not atop plcilng to gin nenca
with good weather receipta may becooio compara
tively light for a time. Havo naver seen as much
cotton at thla time in the fields." Troy, Ala., Nov.
7. "Crop this section will turn out larger than last
year." Oalveston. "The manager of one of the
Teia. railroad, thinks the crop has been marketed
very freely and that there will aoon be a shsrpfall.
lng off before long." British exporta of yarna and
cloth, are far ahead ot last year's. The abort Inter
cat In New Vork 1. believed to be pretty liberal.
Oorrxx Itio on the apot wa. firm at U)tc. for No.
7. Salea of 800 bags Maracalbo, 200 SatanlUa, 300
Central American. Futures declined 5 points, and
cloaed.teady with aalea ot 23.600 baza. Havre wa.
unchanged to Mf. higher. Damburgwaa unchanged
to H prV. lower. American warehouse deliveries
were 9.288 tags. Bio waa firm at 200 rela advance;
receipta. 4,000! stock, 888,000' exchange, 8 u-lod.,
an advance of 1-1 lid. Santos was nnn at 60 rela ad
vanoe; receipta, 17,000: stock, 830,000. The future
trading hero waa a. follona:
Saltf. UtaKitl. Zotcttt. Cloning.
January 1.760 o.r.r, 0.55 6.6085.65
March 4.000 6.75 6.75 5.7085.76
April 750 5.80 5.80 5.7605.80
May 5,000 6.1)0 6.85 &.86U6.UO
June 1.000 6.1)5 6,05 5.800(6.85
July 4,600 .... .... 6.(15411.00
September.. 2,6(10 8.10 6.01 8.0598.1O
October. ,,,4,.".00 8.15 8.10 11,10(48.16
December.. .4,600 8.45 6.40 6.40(45.15
Ilcallrlng sales caused a decline In coffee to-day.
Still the decline-., slight, for the receipts continued
.ra.U, the cables were aeneratly firmer and the job
bing demand showed aome Increase.
Navai. Htokx Hplrlts quiet at snMtBlc. Itoaia
teady at ll.451itl.to for common to good strained.
PaovuioNa Lard wa. quiet; primo Western.
85.20: city, $5: Continental refined, $5.50. Pork
waa steady at , $8.764$li.25 for meas. Meats were
3ulet and easier-; pickled hams. 7M c; do, liellles,r,T49
Hci do. shoulders, 414(s4)vc, 1 allow. nHo.
Dreased hogs, 4H6c. Butter Creamery. Western,
extras, 30c; do. firsts, 20iji22c.: State, extras,
32a22K; do. first., 202lMc. Cheese State, full
cream, large, colored or white, fancy, 8c.t do.
choice. 8)48He.: do. email, fancy, uMc. Eggs State
and Pennsylvania, average best. 2314924! Western,
fresh gathered, first., 2So. Chicago, Nov. 11, "Pro
vision, wero qniet and festiireleaa, Packers .old,
bnt price, were sustained by a moderate demand,
partly to cover aborts."
Suaan Rawwaadrmi atest4Hc; 80 test 8Mc.
Salea of centrifugals, US' test, to arrive, at 4Hc. Ke
nned wa. more active and nnn. The American Sugar
lleflnlng Company offered package sugar at Mo.
above last price.. European cablea were firmer.
Cuicauo. Nov. 11. These were to-dsy's price.;
jrl: Opening. UighnU rXewuf. CfoKita KitM.
Dec... U4U ASK 84M 86M (U
Msy... 85M 8J O0 ml 86M
Dec.,.. SIM S1U 81M 81M Sit,
May... 83)4 88H SSM BH 8814
OoUi. .
Dec. .. 29M 38U 3814 3M 28K
Msy... 24M 34K C4lS 34 24Q
Dec. .. 4.83K 4.87(4 4.82M 4.8714 4.85
Jan.... 4.00 4.D2S 4,1)0 4.V21J 4.V2M
Dec... .... .... .... 4.60 4.60
Jan.... 4.88 4.57K 4.68 4.57)4 4.57K
Dec. ..$7.8214 $7.8714 $7.8'J (7.88 (7.85
Jan.... 8.86 8.03rS 8.86 8.U2H 8.00
Live Stock Market.
XewYobk, Friday. Nov. 11. Itecelpta of beevea
ware l.GUO head. Including l&M car. for the market.
The total offrrtnge were 84W can. Trade wa. rather
quiet but price, .te.dy and good beevea a little Orui,
A few cars were held over. Poorest to best uatiro
ateera aold at $4.809$6,12)4 V loo aa.i oxen and
stags at $B.2Sl84.80; bulla at (2.609(3! cow. at
(1763(3.30: 1 fat cow at (8.76. City dreaaed beef
waa more active at WtBHo. V " for native sides.
Cablea received from Liverpool and London quoted
American steers firm at 10Himc.t .:top., HMc
dressed weights refrigerator beef selling at U!4c. V
8. Exports to-day, none; to-morrow, 1,826 beevea
and 8.H73 quarter, of beef,
Becelpta of calrea were 280 head, all for sale.
Steady for all grades, and all mid except a bunch of
Western calves. Vesls raured from $5.60 to $8.60
ri 100 Bs. for common to choice! fed calves aold at
4.36$5: Western do. at (4.609(6.60. City dreaaed
veals. Iai3)jfc. V ft,
Itecelpttof ahaep and lamb were 3,968 bead. In
cluding 4 cars direct and 10 cars for the market,
and with tha atale stock there were 31H car. on
aale. Sheep were dull and lambs mure active, but
not quotabfy higher. Two and a half car. were held
over. Common to vary choice alieep .old at (8((
(4.75, looft., "culls" at (Z.60t3.1o; commoa
to choice lambs at 4.PO$S.7B, " eoUa" at M.
Dressed mutton, no-Sci W .l dreaied lsmbs. We. .
Ilecelpt. of Mngawere 8.398 bead, Inolndlngj 84fl
forthemarketi.'lirmandte.lilghertorltve hogs at
(8.659(8.80 V IOO ft..
a , , -
Boalon, 85 State ft. Philadelphia, 402 'Walnut at.
Etecuto order. In ,.
Margins, 3 to 5 ixir cent. Commission, 1-lfl.
Thla Is an oniHirtnnotlme to have one of our "400
PAOF. HIXIUKITV SIANUALS" on hand, and by a
attidy of Ita contenta to bo fully equipped for Invest-
lngand operating in atocka. Issued gratis and mailed
' Branch Office. 1132 Broadway, New York,
Jally Market Letter nisilcdjTMi on request
viniiNiAiti:rKiinRD certificates
may bo drpnslted with Messrs. Brown Bros. K Com
pany. 68 Wall Street, Now Vork City, under a con
tract Mithorlrlng the Committee to duplicate for the
creditors of Weat Virginia the undertaking which
brought about a aettlcment of the Virginia debt.
Tho Secretary or Counsel of the Committee will fur
nish the Agreement and Pamphlet or other Informa
tion on application. .
Committee: John Crosby Brtwn, Chairman; J,
Ecnnedr Tod. Ocorgo Coppcll, Clareneo Cary.
Secretary: Counsel:
8u Wall Strten 69 Wall Street.
All persons whom it mar concern aro hereby noti
fied that application lias been made to The American
Tobacco Company for tho ls.uo .of a duplicate cer
tificate for no shares of the preferred stock of said
The American Tobacco Company now .landing upon
ita book. In the name of J. W. Lee, and numbered aa
no. i)4B5 for so siunra.
the original of which, it la alleged, has been lost or
mislaid somo tlmo prior to Jan. 1, isus. All persons
Interested are noUDed at enco to show cause to Tha
American Tobacco Company, at Ita office In the city
of New York. No. 618 Weat 32d at, why a new or du-
I.llcate certificate for the said 80 shares should not
e Issued to the said J. W. Lee.
Dated New York, October. 1808.
6f j INVESTMF.NT8. principal and In
J tereat guaranteed; dltllend. par
Vk ble quarterly. For particular, ad
' rltces B. A. MACLAIBL, 84 W.lt at.,
Now York.
gjtnfccK) mul cvoltrrjs.
Member, of the
Stocks, Grain, Cotton,
Bonds & Investment Securities.
iuitlcttasTnttil lintmjat.
CHICAOO, ni Nov. 3. 1898.
NOTICE. A quarterly dividend of one dollar and
eenty-flvo cent, per share haa thla day been de
clared on tho Preferred and Common Stock of thla
Company, payablo on the first day of December next
to the stockholder of record at the close of bualneaa
hours on tho 10th Inst.
The dlldend on sharea registered in New York
will be paid at tho office of tho Company's Agents.
Messrs. Cuyler. Morgana: Company, 44 line at.. New
York, and tho dividend on Bharea registered in Chl
csgo will be paid at the office of the Treasurer of the
Company. 11. E. It. WOOD, Treasurer.
Office of thn Board of Dlrectora
05 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. Nov. B. 1888.
The Board of Director, of this Company ha. this
daydeclaiod a dividend of three dollar. 1 (31 per
share, payable on and after the third day of January
The transfer books will be closed on the 3d dsy of
December, at 12 o'clock M.. and reopened on the 4th
day of January. 1888. By order of the Board.
CHA8. O. CLARK, Treasurer.
ffilertaonia 1 and Pettiunu
AT A MEETINO of the Bosrd of Dlrectori of "the
Brooklyn, held thla afternoon, tho following new
Board waa elected:
Mr. Bernard F. Oallaghor wa. elected President In
place of Mr. Ethan Allen Dot-, and Mr. Henry Bie-
be rt waa elected Vice-President in place ot Mr. Ed-
win Packard.
'IMIE ANNUAL MEETLVO ot the stockholder, ot
J the Mountain Lumber Company (Limited) of
'Plattaburg, N. Y.. will bo held at room No. 80, Times
building. New York. N. Y., on Nov. 17. 18D8. at 3
o'clock P. M for the election of directors tor the en
suing year, and for the consideration ot auch other
business aa may properly come before said meeting.
OHARLE3 P. WATSON. Secretary.
Real Estate Private Sale..
H. Bokolskl t Son havo sold to Block it
Ledorer tho flvo-story building. .15.5x100. on
tho southeast corner ot Eiglity-soventh street
and Lexington avenue.
Tho samo firm has also sold tho now six
story tenement on lot 17.0x04. No. 008 East
Ninth street.
James P. AfcSIanua has sold to August Ja
cobs the plot, l&lixlOO. on the north side ot
113th street, 210 feet east of Third avenue.
Mr. Jacobs has given In exchange for this the
two flvo-nory brownstono flats on the south
Bldo of 137th street, 125 feet cost ot Seventh
Ill ram Illnaldo k Bro, have sold for Fay k
Rt acorn to the Ilobrow Talmud Soolcty the
four-story building. lot 23.0x75. No. 85 Henry
It is reported that the Equitable Llfo Assur
ance Society has sold No. 32 West End avonue,
a brownstono-front dwelling, on lot 1(1x100.
Charles S. Taylor A Co. ha 0 sold for Joseph
Heiter to Corrino Libert! and Louis Habardlne
No. 425 Last 4th street, a four-story double
house, lot 25x100.
John I'eters has sold for filmon P. Flannenr
tho five-story double tenomont. on lot 21x02,
No, 427 list Nineteenth street.
Noubeck A llusher havo sold for Schmuck .t
Montag tho two ilve-story brick flats, with
stores, on Iota 20x80x100. Nos. 02(1 nnd 028
Cortlandt avenue, on private terms; also for U.
8. Levi tho four two-family framo dwellings, on
lots 25x100 each, on tho northwest rorner of
Ilrynut nvenuo nnd 172d street, for $21,500:
nlso two lots, each 25x100. on tho wost sldo of
Longfellow avenue. 25 feet south of 172d
street, for $20,01 H). nnd three lots, 25x100 each,
on the south side of 'Whltlock avenue, east of
Southern Boulevard, for $3,000; also for
Ocorgo Htolz the two four-story dnublo brink
flats, on lots each 25x100. Nos. 518 and 520
East 150th street, for $32,000: bIbo for Ellen
Murphy tho Ilve-story double brick flat, on lot
25x70x100, No. (MM East 144th street, tor
$23,000. nnd for Elizabeth Wiggins the plot.
50x00. on the northwest corner of 144th street
and llrook avenue, for $15,000.
Reul Estate Auction Rales,
At the New York Ileal Estate Salesroom yes
terday Willlnm Kennollysold in foreclosure the
four-story stone front dwelling. No. ino East
Thirty-fifth street, to tho plaintiff, the Equita
ble Life Assurance Society, for $10,500.
New Buildings.
Plans were filed with the Department of
Buildings yestorday fortne following:
Uy Michael and Max Chlsling, owners, for a
six-story Hut nnd stores, 30x811, at 85 and 87
Wlllett street; architects, Ilorenburger i
Btraub; cost. $35.000.
Seal 8g tat. t 4 :ox $ alt.
RO for the Sunny South! Join excursion Tuesday,
the 1Mb. Inst., and let us show you what we aro
ofierlng to homeaeekrr. hi our new colony at Chloors
B. C. , Best opportunity ever offered to homeseekera.
Positively aa good soil aa can be found iu the Kist:
purest water In abundance: perfect climate and one
of the moat deligbtrul apote Imaginable. Houses
built on Installment plan; houae rent free while
building: employment on wage, for p.tt of time
tuaranteed eieir purchaser In order to aaa'st them
ingetUugastart. We want carpenters, blaoksmltb,
?alnter. aawmlllbands. Ialx)rcrt,i.c..tolocateatonce.
he colony Is growing rapidly and offer, every Indue
ment to the settler. Iter chance fur man with (250
to aecure home, employment and independence.
Excursion leavts PA, M. Reduced rate. and partly
allowed If you buy. Call for further Particular
Ofhco open till 10 P. U. Sturda and Monday
etenlngs. B18LEY, 18 Chamber, atreet. """"T
IAROE HOUSE, Id rooms, and grounds, I88lh st.
i and Mott av.i high, healthy location: conrenl
ant. Owner. McADAM, 131 Westl33dat.
cttrlHtlf cSotlBM Sott iliti7
HMIREE-story and basement and American base-J-
ment housea. Nob. 460 to 484 West 1 4Mb it.; rente
(I.UOU. SCHNUUO. 78 East Dtfth st. New houses,
Jf.lntfi attfl pancat5 3a Set.
5 WK8T 08TII KT.
Six rooms and bath; hardwood enamel baths.
Sanitary plumbing: nicely decorated.
Delightful open grates. Attractleforamallfamlll...
OPPORTUNITY for abort tlma to getbrigbtTmod
tru apartiuen'., with ateam, hot water, c at
low rents, sua St. Nicholas ar.. corner I34th at;
L station ens block. Apply on premise..
Bullae -J -lAaai 1? ' -'' ' '
Madison Avenue, S.' B. Cor. 25th Street, 1 '
Atlracttre apartment, of a and 4 rooms, with bitk M
and attendance. U
For plan, and particulars apply to (
GEO. R. READ, Agent. I
1 Mndlson Avenue, ror. il.'loTst,.
j8478) and 10 Wall St. '
I Q CTll ST.. 178 WE9T,-Ele"gant flat, sir rooms I 0
JLOO and bath, (31 and (go; batlnand Unhealed' I f,
eglati ang cpartmtntg gvoohlijitT I
S 1 2. " FLATS. S 1 2 1. S
Ilest In Urooklyii at price! brick: SO feet wide Mt 1
room, and bathi range, .ei tubs, hntand cold wat'en aaV' .
rarpetedhallaand.talraUanttressBervlcea.reslneteil IKi '
property. Take Ktnga Countv L to Van Slclcn a swl' e
station: open Sunday afternoons. v
Van Slclcn a v., cor. ICaatorn Park way, H
ffuratgatfl f latu So gtt. W r
$36. 1 !
Charming, newly furnished apartments of 7 rooms. H
tastefully decorated hardwood nnlsh: sanlUr? H '
plumbing; enamel bathe. Office, 64 West 08th at. H I
So itt. I
147 EaST57thStT 1
Klotrnnt Private Stable to Let. H
383 WEST 138TH ST. H
Telephone, 847 Hsilem. BeL
tStltrt Sloartl. fl
At especially reasonable rates. Parlies requiring B
elegant accommodation, for the winter season only
are Invited to Insnoct a few suits, of largo sunny
room, facing llroadwav, opposite Itond st in the re. aH
table and service. Now open for Inapection. B
APARTMENTS, bachelorapartmenla. boanf, ronnis", H
furnished, unfurnished; we Inspect eerytlitiig,
have full panlcnlars, so aave you unneeeasary truu- aV
Broadway. H
x!iat Side. "
OCTII ST., 118 EAST (near Madison Square).- (
nj Handsome large and email rooms; delightful
table tward: reaaonable. H
West SiriK, , ;H
1 QTn ST., 130 WEST. nandsomely furnished
AtJ large front room; heated; southern exiosurei ,H
large closets; unsurpassed table: ballroom with H
i lonet; references: neighborhood unexceptionable,
1 7TH ST.. 24 WEST. Nicely furnishe."d single
A I room, with board; table boardcre wanted, ref-
erencea. .
1 QTn BT., 10 WEST. Handsome large and slngl.
XO rooma; excellent tAble; pleaFant home. persons
locating permanently. B
OOD8T., 131 WEST. Private family can board"! M
gcntlemon: good table. V
A STH ST., 327 WEST. Uandaome alcove and I 3
-TJ .iiuare room, with dressing room, hot and rnld
water, large cloaete, bath: parlor dining room; select
houae: auperlor table and service; references.
7OD ST., 183 WE8T. Desirable rooms, private 1
n A bath: also rooms for gentlemen, with boardi B
terms moderato; reference.
titct Sw5 85ygMay' I
AsniAN'D PLAOF. IS. near Fulton st Superior I
board, room and fire, (G; conveniences; central! H
good home,
HENRY8T., 8S8. Rooms with flrat-class board,
(8 to (8; near South Ferry and bridge can.
cfutnijhcornM&gjpatttUMtfitOrftt I
fENTLEMAN wishing permanent quarters will B
VJ find nice room, with use ot bath and breakfast,
at SB West 88th st.; references. H
fust Side. H
OCTII ST., 128 EAST, near Madlaon square. H
nJ Nicely furnished rooma (bay windows), en buIU H
or singly; reasonable. Hfl
TVe'st Side. H
WASHINOTON PLACE, WEST, 84.-Large, pleaa- v W
ant front room suitable for two; alao .Ida ' m
roomr gentlemen only. ' H
"1 OTH ST., 40 WEST. One large and single sunny H
X-U room; prlvato bath; gentlemen only; break
fast; references.
1 OTn BT.. 168 WEST. Large handsome room for
-i two gentlemen: private house; reasonable.
QOD ST.. 3 WEST. Elegantly furnished room..
00 with private bath, en suite or single, second and
third floors; references. LELAND.
1 J.TH ST., 838 WEST. Desirable furnished front
X'XnJ room; bath and heat; private house; gentle
gutttioil ajotirrjr.
Bangs & Co.,
91 and 93 Fifth Avenue,
Will aell at auction MONDAY and TUESDAY After
noons at 8 o'clock,
tha LIDRAUY of the late
A mlscellaneoua collection of General Literature.
WEDNESDAY and two following day., at 8 P, M., 1
A valuable and interesting collection of Rooks, In
cluding work, ot the Standard Authors. First '
Editions. Works illustrated by Crulkahank, Row
landson, L-ech. &c. Books on Crime and Crim
inals; also a epocial collection of Books upon th.
Stage and ActorB and Aotre.ses; and Original
Drawings by Crulkahank, framed.
Salea tjerr Afternoon except Saturday.
Wautrtl ta gurrunur.
"VITANTED Quarto Job press, small naper cutter,
W or small Job offloe cheap. Write WEBB, 1 48 Lib
erty at.
fftt gale.
170R SALE Ruling machine In good condition,
JL1 cheap. WOOD it SALTER, 13 Dutch st , New
Soflt anti outta. '
LOST Alligator leather grip in Pullman aleeper, , '
Saturday evening, Nov, 8, New Jersey Central
Railway, JerieyO.tr; party returning papers found
In grip to owner will lie rewarded. Address M., box
130 Sun office.
R-I-P-A-K-B. 10 for S cents at druggists. They baa
lah pain and prolong llfo. One Hires relief.
been longer eatabllehid and bus had more experience
than any other advertising physician; city papera
prove this. Under hla scleutlao treatment blood and
akin dlsesaea, pain In tjonea, red spot., sore throat
and mouth, ulcers, painful swellings, kidney and
bladder complaints, scalding Inflammations, gra el,
undevelOed organs, weak back, lost vitality, ar.
epeedlly, permanently cured. Men about to marry
should consult OLD DR. URINDLK. Every lrupedl
mentremoved. Sufferers, do not waate time visiting
lea. skilful puyslclsns. Remember, OLD DR. UHIN
DI,K never xslis. OFFICU OVER 18 YEARS at 171
West 12th St., between nth and 7th avs. Advice free.
Medicine. ( 1 . Hours. 1) to 111 Sundays. 0 to 8.
OLD lilt. (IU1IV, 4JS year, a .peclullst la
11. ease, of men only. Quickest permanent cur.
guaranteed In all diseases. Blood poison, skin dla- a
easts, kidney and bladder trouble, weakueaa. nor
vou debility, error, of youth, bad dream., undevel
oped org.ne.iuiuedtmeut. to marriage. 4c. Be wise,
consult tha only tdd specialist In the city, Offlca
over 85 year, at 120 East 17th St., near Union ,-,- "
Square. Hours u to V: Sundays. 0 to 8. Scleutlao I
treatment and adt Ice free. Medicine only CO cents.
No charge unless cured.
A DII. AND MRS. 8IMPBON. the leading special-
1st. In New York, successfully treat all femel
oomnlalntsand irregularities; 28 years' experience;
prltate sanitarium; trained nuraca: treatment guar
anteed! free confidential advice, 8 to 8, 81 West
88th St.. near .Broadway.
A.-A.-A.-UU1CHKST 1'UltMANliKT l
CURK In diseases of meui dangerous caaes solic
ited; relief at mice: those dealrlug ouly first-class
aclentlflc treatmeut ahould rail. The leading special
ist. Dr. Bonschur, 137 West 32d St., UtoU. 7tov,
Sundays, IU to 1.
A -DIt. CONRAD'S SANirARIUM.-Rcientlflr.akif,
J. ful treatment of all diseases of women; private
rooma! een- convenience and appliance; consulta
tions, a A. II. to u P. M. Call or write for booklst,
1 17 West 47th st. Tel. 3.120 38th. j "i
TkR. BLINN7r77 West 47th.t .near B'way; .peolal- 8
XJ ties, obstetrics, ailments of women; hours 81; JI
private rooma for ladlea desiring to remain tinder K
doctor'acars; skilled. courteousatlSndauceitualrons' 4.
DR. UBS. REINHABD. 711-7th av., near 48th". ,
treata female Irregularities; alugle or married; 80 a
fast' eaperleuce.
TTOIl the bitter "claaa-rriraU Medical Clinic 3S( 1
X1 Wltlla av., l(8lb at., east or 8d ar,) modsraU, jml

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