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W ' 1.HE SUN, SATIJRDAT, NOVEMBER 1, 18D8. , " 9 1
H ' ' - - mi i ifai m -- - i i 1 i i i i - . ;, , " -iii i t , S
y,tati rnvruMV-ST rAin to xnttmr.
I j,t.sTKI 3tlUt OF TUB AllUr.
E Sn Thnt Our Army, Though' Small, 1
I 1.T Common Consent tlm Finest Army th e
ttnrhl HM ,:v"' Knmra-Boei Not Ileo
oiuiurnil n llenrgnnUntlon of the Stuff.
I Waxiusoton, Nov. 11. The report of Adjt.
I flen t .ruin wn rn-do publlo to-day. As Is tlio
I ' will' Ml tlio roporU oftho War Depart
I lent ommIt this year, this report pertains
I almoit ent.rolr to matters counectod with tho
I pmnlsl'war. After 8P-nklni. at length of tho
L .iMoftho regular army. Its Incronso to meet
1l the needs of the war. tho slops taken to rafso a
f? line volunteer nrmr. and tho mustering out
f( (,an thoso force, begun Aug. 18, tho report
Migjnca the alsnlnc of tho protocol theofflc-ra
tollmen of tho volunteer regiments Imvero-
J " (ned Bt their posts of duty, in most cases at
treat personal saerlfloe. That they havo dono
fhlschcerfully and without complaint makes It
III the nor0 ill'9lraul that n spoedy Increaso
:. ,,0 regular army bo provided for In order
that tlio uiluntoers may ba released from
further senleo and be allowed to return to
their twaeeful vocations.
"Much has lioensald of lato concornlng tho
i orsani7atiuii of thosevoral staff departments.
If asreconimcndcdlii nnothorpartof this re-
'lt- ajiiu ti mal oDlcors nre given tho line of tho
army. o ' t0 -lve ''ont ' trained ofllcors for
it.nfn'liitr In time of war. the main objection
will have been met: and It is doubtful if. un
der all the conditions pocullar to tills Govern
ment, a general reorganization of tho staff or
the adoption of new systoms will bo found
( be closirnblo; certainly nothing radical
should bo entered uion. Under tho present
ar'stem Grant. Shurman and Sheridan con-
ducted great and successful campaigns ; it has
worked well in our Indian wars, and it is con
fidently asserted that when tho work of the
ibiff departments In this war Is moro fully un
derstood It will rocolvo tho approval of military
liienandof the people generally. Thatthore
can te luiprovemcntHln many ways thoro Is no
doubt; that this should bo dono as tho result
of experience N also true.
The following Is tho average loncth of service
In the lino of ofllcors provlous to tholr appoint
ment in the staff corps: Adjutant-General's
Department. -0 years 4 montlis; Inspector
liciieral'A Department. "21 yoars U months:
Ounrtermaster's Dopartment. 13 years !l
iiinntlis; Subslttenee Department. 11 years,
it will be noted that the ofllcors of ' tho' ceneral
itnll are in no senso lacking in actual sorviee
0i'n. Oorbln eives a routine account of the
order liaucd for the mobilization of tlio troops
unit lor their transportation to Cuba and tholr
return to tho United Htatos. The number of
denths from all causes, between May 1 and
Hert. UO, Inclusive, nsroportodto tho Adiutant
Oeneral s nlllee up to Oct. 3, were: Klllod. 23
ofllawand -"7 onllntod men: died of wounds.
4 officers and 01 enlisted men : died of disease.
H) oillccrs and '.85 enlisted men: total. 107
officers ami .c0:i enlisted men, being nn og
gregatH of 2,1110 out of a total force of 274.717
officers and men. or a porcentairo of 1.511-1000.
(ten. Cnrbln's report has tho following in ro
1 rnrd to the character of tho enlisted men:
"A distinguished foreign offleor visiting tho
Fifth Army Corps at Tampn Bald: "Everyman
jookmi lit to command.' Tholr conduct on
transports, on the march, in battle at 1 Caney.
(inn Junn and Santiago, guve abundant evidence
that his good opinion was well pluced. The
oflleers and men by their valorous deeds and
gallant conduct met tho high expectation of the
tountry. Tho enforcement of the law of 1804
care the country a smnll. thougli it was by
common consent tho finest nrmy tho world has
eier known. It Is worthy of note f hat from tho
time the Fifth Army Corps left Tampa, June
i H. until Its return to Montauk Point, Aug. 24.
the commanding Gonernl was not called upon
toorder n trial of an officer or a soldier by gen
eral eourt-martlnl.
Tho report has tho following in regard to the
jropo'ed increase of the regular nrmy: "The
organization of the cavalry, artillery and In
fintry regiments has stood tho test of trial in
battle and received the approval of those in
command: so that the increaso of the
w of the army demanded bv our now
rosgesslonH should bo by the addition of the
tece-sarY number of reglmonts organized as
, are thoso now In service. Tho number of
efflcera should bo Incrensod by one First I.iou
tnant to each troop, battery, and company.
This would enablo the department to meet
tin' demands for various details required
k law, nnU yot leave tho troops with
1 urn necessary number of officers for
I tt.et proper discipline and instruction,
nu la war allow tho appointment of sufficient
CienuaHand stnlT oflleers, without destroying
the efficiency of the army, as threatened by the
recnt exporionce of the department. Tlio
number of trained officers, as herein pro
Mel for. at tlio beginning of the present war.
would havo saved lives and treasure, to sny
nothingof tho Increased efficiency, of tho ser
vice. At the beginning of tho present war some
400 officers wero appointed to tho staff and vol
unteer rcclments. With these, and for aids to
the Generals and other duty absolutely re
Qiiircil for tho conduct or the war, ab
tent from their commands, tho regi
ments wero sent to battlo with scarcely
morn than ono offieor to the company. It is
difficult now, with tho slek nnd wounded offi
cers, for tho department to get one officer to
the, company, nnd too frequently thoro have
been two companies with but one officer. The
Increase proposed would In no way glvo a
freoter number of offleors than required. By
the date fixed for tho assombllngot Congress
i the, department will be prepared to submit a
Hll providing for the Increase of the army." ,
iln regard to the National Guard tho report
us this to say: "The cordial relations which
ostly exist between the regular army and the
latlonnl fliinrd of the several States have led
i In past years to tho detail jof such officers of
the army as could be spared for duty with tlio
Mate forces at tholr annual encampments. Ac.
Ilm course was necessarily interrupted by the
war with Spain, but it Is hoped will bo resumed
with continued mutual benefit In tho near
.n.l"1 illH nocessary reorganization of tho
annua of tho several States resulting from tho
temporary withd-nwal of nenrly '200.000 of
H'l!,"',t,rpon for nctlvo duty in the service pf
.i. "'"yd States, and the doon Intorest
felt In the welfare and efficiency of tho
national Guard, prompt tho suggestion
of he following thoughts for tho consid
eration ot the mlDtnry authorities and Legin
auures of the, several Htntos: Tho read
mission Into tho National Guard of the
mate organizations which volunteered tholr
IMrvleostotliolrcountry is a question having
tat one pojHihlo answor. To refuse admission
Jfiiwi deslreil would practically punish men
for their patriotic resnonso to tho call of tlio
tyeral Government,
."hue the yearly State encampments have
1Ilrjr?ll.uot'vonr Positlvogood In Imparting
'ract ieal Instruction to the troops parllelpat
,,? ",'0 exjierleneo of tho recent campaign
o '"f..1 'ernnnstrated, tho nbsolnto necosity
2;.,, rtlfr "fslmilatlng the condition of
cnennii,., troops to tho actunl neces
S.n . utfi ac,lv" service by making tho
X" while In camp dependent for tholr sub
Knnc.0?,ho",rmJr rations, to bo furnished
JXALi s '"'enuthoriileson ration roturns.nnd
S,,,ri ' ,,1B troops In precisely. the same
' ?rJl'f,r,a,R on nctual service In tho field. An
K"'7-1,110" ordered to a State camp for mlli
nkr. ,,nMtlll'ilon. rolylng on a cateror to fur
tint lLli'1f"(',,'!''il,''ry food, can novor acquire
nS;.i.t p,r-,r,ell"nce whlcii characterizes tho
B' "''d er pn active duty, for without pre
lK,Tlv,'l,ll"tJ,ll!til,n ln. Preparing fool
K iSIrf"11 re"ult when called Into Benlco will
huff? i1 ('"nl;,'d ami wasted rations, which,
" WmiF.i'ii.M,y'n,Iu,ntl18 ldiyaleal man.mnke
Jident fn!,,n f,?l'r,"0 nnd stomnchlc troubles In-
' KtrV.i?sorilc'.0 '" n" klmls ot weather, under
thlimJ?8 buJ "nayolUablo eonditlons. For
Mil f '""'1 Involving the issuo of rations
5tMi.'i? '.' lrclla! of "eld cooking stoves nnd
' tenor!.'. rl,n.tonnual appropriation mado by
lft"SMiBJ,,ror1,," f"iPort in part or tho militia
rV S wrin?'u',,uatei' nn'' fts i"erease, urgoll in
iff,:'""!10)' become a necessUr,'
Cer TcnrM1"''' ol.non-commlsslonod ofllcors
cgnlV, mi,? MyV Wlll,fl n" military men roc
nientai r """' n,ore tllc crcnt valuo in regi-
. Ulfremn''?n,,,,,n' organizations of thor-
b ka,B,r.y"p'n.V'i'-comniUslonertofflciiriiInnl
ereasnrS',?0'1 ""' '.Kl "'' the very slight in-
ef th2JL',,S I'nyof thnt valuable elassoverthat
whlntlflil? n.l'" rn"ks I" totally Inadequatu
iSerV.1 Li' U9.n!'1 ronponslbllltles are eon-
' !ms of" t?r Mlntlve action, eicopt In the
taiiin Sergeants, whose pay we In-
WenoM,n,,T.nt venrsto$'.5 por month, has
tor the leJS'Vi0 Proyldo such reasonable rates
officers uVU icr." Pf non-commissioned
b toi?,!0"1 0lT'r substantial Inducements
n and Vtnfin .1U- of "iperior Intelll
KMltlon? tT'U'eailpns, to strive for these
; 'lrn.n.VrfU','',' U n.ns nti"n hsppened that
( f"mcl?nt Mrt '"'nPajilos havosuffered the loss
of th e,n,,"o n-eommlMloned offlcers by reason
i frnvidJd n, i" y ri,y. ,".siended In war time)
I' li therefn.- " '' "'0 simply department.
. no hen,r,.r'"?nmm"n,,l01 that, the atten-
o' well in. .nH,PM be called tothelmportanco
' f grades, f,,',, measure that will emlirsco
.' M.roDiKL?,'.'n"',Pm.m Jlono:l officers of tho
irom hergeant-Major to Corporal."
"he llrltlili Schools Club.
nouivin'i'i1 """'''""""hejdat the nollaud
Wllcel. T,mtwlvnlglit when the following
Munrc Vt';"! eloc,e,,; I'reBldent. David A.
( lr O i! ''":1' Inlvorslty : Vlce-1'rf sldent,
("Iw- Tn l I ,V''brldgo and Dublin Unlvor-
h : hecreiaVi 'r r' Snait S, Walker, Jr.. llug.
ftfiy. KH,; r"r,,"n!, Hannery.Cathollo Un".
l ftfkcrJhS, ?,' , Governors, the Ucv.Dr,D.
,ft iVl,llnkt, j'ni,xf?.r()!P- M-BtuarMVorUey.
'l k'". i .lit,?vlLFo?r'1' Rt- Andrews: L, j.
M. J J. uu'a l. U.lIonuj.Jiriwroueli.
Bb m i mi i mVkHhtfi iWBW'fti
bne Man Killed, but Three Dng Out Alive
After Jinny Mlnutea.
Because ot tho collapse of one bank ot a
sower excavation at tho Intersection ot Avonue
II and West Fortieth street, Bayonne, one man
was klllod and three m,on wero severoly In
jured early . yesterday morning. Nloholas
Nalso of Fourth stroet. .forscy City, was killed,
Tho Injured are Thomas Mulllni ot 214 Pali
sade avtuuo. Jersey City, ih foreman ot tlio
gang; Thomas Farroll of 12 Frasor place, Jer
, sey City, and Samuol Iluss 6f'20 Itatlroad avo
nue, Jersey City. Hulllns, Ituss and Nalso
wero at work in the bottom ot tho trench, about
twenty feet beneath tho street lo vol. while Far
roll was porclied on the west bank to aid in
hoisting tho .earth his comrades wero digging.
Tho hoisting apparatus consisted. of nderrlok.
and a cable, to the end ot which a large bucket
was suspended, l'nrrell had just given the sig
nal to send up a buakot of earth when the shor
ing garo wnv and tho bank upon which he
stood collapsed. The three men In tho trenuh
wero burled at ouoo, whllo Farrell was Hung
headlong Into tho trench and halt burled.
Fnrrell extricated himself and Hliouted for,
help. Inspector Thomas It. Mettnni responded
and quickly had tho gangs of laborers who
were' at work In tho vicinity set about tho work
ot resoue. For more than half nn hour tho
rescuors piled their shovels with feverish nasto
and Bout the buckets ot earth to the top of tho
tronch. Thoy labored In sllenci until the head
of Ituss was unearthed. When thoy discov
ered that ho was alive they spoke oncourug
tngly to ouo another and renowed their ef
forts. Hub i was unconscious when taken
from tho trench. Nairn) was the next man dis
covered, but he was dead. Tho moss ot eartli
had crushed his lody. A fow minutes later
tho rescuers heard a feeble ury from Midline,
who had been burled deeper than the test, but
who had boon protected from suffocation by
tho shoring and rooks form lug an arch above
him. When resoued he said:
"I'm all right: how are the others?"
llo was able to clamber to the street level
without assistance, although painfully injured.
City 1'hysloiau Archibald, O. Forinun and Dr.
AVaiter.l'ocock, who had both aided in tho work
of resoue. ordered Farrell and Hums removed
to the llayonne Hospital for treatment. Mul
ling had his injuries dressed on thestreot. Tho
body of NalHtt was taken to O'Brien's morgue
at Uorgen Point. Ituss and Farrell loft the
hospital for their homos after tholr injuries,
bad recelvod attention.
The sewer has beoti In course of construc
tion since last April. Michael T. Connelly ot
Jersey City being tho contractor. Inspector
Mottam savs that notwithstanding the recent
rains tho shoring of tho ditch was apparently
secure when work began yesterday morning.
It is bellovod that the collapse was due to the
shitting ot a vein ot quicksand.
It Is Alleged That They Have lYarked the
Iiadger Gnme on Two Continents.
Mrs. Fayno Moore, who was arrested a week
ago with her husband on a charge ot working a
badger game on Proprietor Mahon of the New
Amsterdam Hotel, was nrralcnod yesterday In
Part I. of tho General 8osslonsSto plead to an
indictment for grand larceny. Hor husband.
William A. E. Moore. United States Consular
Agent for Durban, South Africa, was called to
plead to two indictments, ono for grand larceny
nnd the other for attempting to kill Detective
Sergeant John Cuff. lawyer Abe Levy pleaded
not guilty to each ot tho Indictments.
Assistant District Attorney U'lteilly informed
Judge Cowing that Mooro and ills wlfo were
dangerous oharactors. and would probably
leave tho country if they got out on ball. Thoy
had obtained thousands of dotlars, he said,
from business men in various parts of the
United States and Europe by working their
badger game. A pistol always figured in the
gnme. Mr. O'itellly snld. He thought the cou
ple should be placed under $14,000 bonds.
Judgn Cowing fixed ball at $4,000 In each
caso. Mrs. Moore said that she would have a
bondsman ready to sign a bond for her imme
diate! v. No bondsman appeared, however, and
Mrs. Moore went back to tlio Tombs with hor
Grore Street Residents Opposing a Change
to Electric Power.
After a fight which continued for several
months the North Hudson County Hallway
Company recently obtained a franchise from
the Jersey City Board of Street nnd Water
Commissioners to substitute electric for horse
power on its Grove street line from Jersey City
to Hoboken. Tho company is now meeting
with opposition from property owners in erect
ing ItfTpoles.
When a gang of men under Foreman William
B. Jackson attempted to plant a polo yesterday
In front of Owon Farley a property, at Grovo
and Fifth streets. Mr. Farley caused the arrest
of Jnckson on a charge of tearing up tho side
walk without a permit, and the work at that
point was stopped. Jackson will have an ex
amination before Police Justice Kevin in the
First Criminal Court this morning. The com
pany contends that tho ordinance adopted by
the Street and Water Board and signed by
Mayor Uoos is tho only permit needed.
uiKUTtrsi ALsuwio -rata SIT.
Banrlaei,... 6 43Sanet. 4 48 Moon rliea 618
man wateb ran dat.
BanayHook. 0 29 IGOT.Iil'd. IR 01 1 Hell Gats. 7 B4
Arrived Fbioat, Nov. 11.
Ba Fuerat Bismarck, Albera, Hamburg Nov. s and
Southampton 4th. .
Pa Bt. Ixroli. , Bouthampton Nor. S.
Hi Onvier, Qnlnton, Rt. LueU.
Ha Finance, Sakeforth, Colon.
Ba Undaunted. Kicoate. Hull.
B II. 11. Meier, Bteeucken. llremea.
Ha Mongolian, Braes, Morille, ,'
Ha Nonlliaret, olsen. Antwerp.
Ba Ceylon, Hansen, Prosreao.
BsTryg, Oamelaen. Pletou.
Halon, Lamp. Kinirston.
Ba Algonquin, Piatt. Charleston.
8a Prlncasa Anne. Hulpliers, Norfolk,
Ba City of Amrasta. Daggett, Savannah,
Ha City of pblUdeluhta. Delano, Baltimore.
Ba Geo. W. Clrde, Ilobtnaon, Wllmlnzton.
Bark- llobert Eying. Irving, Cayenne.
U.S. tranaport'lierlin, Wilaon, Santiago
V. B. cruller Newark, Goodrich. Ban Juan.
It'or later arrival! eee First Paired
ABBivr.n noT.
Sa Britannic, from Mew York, at Liverpool,
bailkd rnou roar.iGX i-obts.
Ba Werra, from Genoa for New York.
Ba Manltou, from London for New York.
Ba El Dorado, from New Qrleana for New York,
Ba Concho, from Oalvealon for New York.
Sail To-Dttv.
Maitt Close. fillet Safti.
r . Liverpool 1000 A 11 1 00 P M
La Gaacnsne, Harre 700 AM 1000 AM
Werkendam, Rotterdam... 8 00 A M 10 00 A M
Hekla. Chrtatlanaand 11 00 AM 1 OOP M
Kalaer Wllbelm II.. Naplea 900AM 1100AM
Amaterdam. Rotterdam 1000 AM
PaUtia. Hamburg 2 30PM
Menominee. London 000 AM
Balnt Cuthbert, Antwerp
Alene.'Klngaton 100U AM 1200 M
Atboa, Uaytl 1000 A M 12O0 11
VlciUncla. Havana 10 30 AM 100 P M
Kxcelalor.NewOrleana 3 00PM
Hudaon, New Orleans aooPM
Leona, Galveaton.. 300 FM
A'af I Monday, fi'ov, ti.
Algonquin, Charleston , 800 PU
, Sail Tuei&av. Nov. IS.
Bremen.' '...,. 700 A U 1000 A M
Macedonia, Meilco 100P1I BOO P M
El Taao. New Orlean 800 PM
Dui T:Dau.
Jersey City,,.,, Rwanaca Oct 35
Croma Dundee ...Oct in
Leona (lalveaton Nov 3
Hindoo. Hull Oct 27
Jnchmona Gibraltar .....Oct 37
Chicago City.....,, Biranaea Oct 28
Huena Ventura NewOrlcana,,.., Nor IS
tlmbria Liverpool Nor n
Btrethdon London Oct 21)
Cloden, Amaterdam Oct 21)
Kaniaa City .'. ....Savannah ,,..,hor a
Duo Sunday, ,Yc. 13.
LaChampagne '..navre Nov 5
Pretoria ..Hamburg Nor 1
Btatendam Rotterdam Nor 8
Alaatla UlbralUr. Oct 31
Powhatan Gibraltar , Oct 30
Ban Marcos Oatveaton , Nor 7
El Mar , NewOrleana Nor ,8
Maakelrna Kt. Lucia , Nor a
PrlnaWHUm I rortau Prince Nor 7
Baminole ...Jackaonvills ,,NorlO
Duo Monday, Not, li.
Plaa , Havre,.,. Nor I
Carls , Liverpool Nor 4
lladlana...., Ht. Thomas Nov 7
Lonlelana NewOrleana Nor W
Du' Tiutiay, Nov. II.
Alleghany PortLtmon Nor 8
Weateniland Htw5rp Hor
Kcnno.,... .Gibraltar Nor 1
Hut Wcdnadav, Nov. It.
AncborU GUagow Nor 6
Horatio ..Pars Nor 4
El Dorado NewOrleana Nor 11
Du Tkvrtday, Nor. 17,
Trave. ..Bremen Nor 8
Ilarbaroaaa Bremen ,Nor ft
Llaudaff City.... ...., "" Nor a
Idaho Hull , Nor J
Menda. ...,,.,..,...,. ..I ......Nor C
TSeum!'"",,,"..unaaa Nor 8
Coucho , OalrcatoB Not 11
Law Thnt lie'prlre a Them of Notice nnd an
Opportunity to lie llenrd Pronounced
Unconstitutional nnd Void Procedure
lis to I.iinntlea Una lieon Amended.
Elizabeth .Ordwnv, bettor known as Ilettlua
Glrnrd. Is to bo dlsohargod from Bt. Saviour's
HanltariUm ut.lnwooil (to which tho was com
mitted as an lnobrlnte) by order of the Appol
lato Division bt tho Supremo Court, reversing
a Jecislniof Justlco llookstavor, who dis
missed the' writ of habeas corpus which she
had procured for her releaso. Tho decision In
effect declares Chapter-107 ot (ho laws ot lBO'J
In the main unconstitutional and entails ui
change In tho prosont summary method of
committing Inebriates on a Judge's order
based on tho uflldavtU of two physicians.
Bottlna Olrnrd, who Is a daughter of den.
Albert Ordway. voluntarily went to tho sani
tarium early lust summer on tho advice, ot her
friends because lhiuor had tho mastery ot her.
Soon after, without not loo to her, nu order was
obtained from tho Supremo t'ourt, based oh
tho affidavits ot two physicians, that she was
Incapable of miring fof herself or her affairs,
aim on tho .affidavit of hor brother to tho same
effect, committing .her to the uunltarluiu:
"To be and remain in the custody and under
the caro and control ot eald corporation for
the term of one year from tho dato hereof or
tor so much of said term as may bo necessary
ln the judgment of tho trustees of said cor
porntIonfor treatment and reformation. "
Tho court found, "that the relator Is tan In
ebriate and is Incapable and unfit to properly
conduct herself or her affairs and is dangerous
to herself and others by roaion ot habits ot
periodical, frequont drunkenness induced by
tho use of nlcohollo stimulants." v
In the latter part of August she contended
that sho won cured, but her reuuost to bo re
leased was denied. Hho secured a writ of
hnbens corpus through A. II. Hummel, alleg
ing that sho was detained without duo process
of law. as tho'net under which she was com
mitted was unconstitutional. It was urged by
Mr. Hummel that she should havo receded
notice, of tho proceeding for her commitment
so. thnt sho could, if she chose, havo disputed
the chnrgo that sho was an lnobrlato. The
institution, through ljiwyer John II. l'ine.
urged that .when she first Burrondorcd herself
before the commitment it was Idruyenr. that
sho had ngaln'surrenJored horself, uudor the
commitment, for a year, and that tho net was
good ln law. It was also set up that sho was
still unfit to care for hersolf.
The decision ot tho Appellato Division says
regarding her ortginnl voluntary surrender,
quoting from Tlcdunian on "Limitations of
Police Power" with approval:
"Voluntary patients can of courso be received
and bo retained .as long as they consent to re
main, but they cannot be compelled to remain
any longer than they destro oen though they
havo upon entering tho asylum signed an
agreement to remain for a specified time and
the tlmo has not expired." Aud as to her sur
render under the Supreme Court commitment
tlm decision siu'h:
"The suricnucr of tho relator was a volun
tary aot. It was with tho knowledgo of cer
tain tacts, but thoy oanuot bo regarded as a
waiver of her right to withdraw when sho
ploased nor estop her from reclaiming hor
liborty if sho so dcslred.for her acuulesconce in
an unauthorized judgment (assuming for tho
moment that It was unauthorized) would havo
no moro effect upon her than it sho had signed
a consont to remain ln the institution for a
llxed period."
As to the contention that she wan not com
mitted by due process of law. as rouulred by
the Constitution, the Court Btatcs:
"A hoarlng or an opportunity to bo heard is
absolutely essential. Wooannot coneelvo ot
due process of law without this. We need
not enter Into any olnborato dlsausslon of the
meaning 'of thowords "due process of law.'
This has been done in numerous judicial de
cisions. Thoy nro held, under the liberal in
terpretation given to them, to protect tho lite,
liberty and property of the citizens against
nets of arbitrary persons in any department ot
the Government. Thete are the fundamental
civil rights for tho security of which society is
organized and all acts ot legislation which
contravene them aro within the prohibition of
the constitutional guarantee. In judicial pro
ceedings due procesH of law requics notice,
hearing nnd judgment."
The court says that lunatics may be tem
porarily restrained without n hearing under
the police powers ot the State until the dan
gerous poriod of tholr lunacy is over, and con
tinues: "But the statute now under consideration
goes far beyond Itlio condition of danger. It
subjects tho person t6 restraint not during
periods of danger, but for a year It a Judge so
orders and for treatment and reformation..
As to harmless lunatics, idiots and habitual
drunknrds generally tho laws of tho Stato pro
vide adequately Jor notlco and hcarins before
there can bo restraint ot their persons or se
nuestrntlon of their property. What reason
exists why a person alleged to bo Incompetent
or dangprbus should not have nn 'opportunity,
before judgment finally . passes ngainstr him
confining him for a long period which he can
not shorten, to contest the charge as much as
a person accused of crime? Tho rights of one
nro as sacred and inviolable as of the other.
Some proof of a prima facie case must be
made before an arrest Is authorized. An al
leged criminal is hedged about with safe
guards nnd protections. Why should not an
alleged Incompetent or dnngerous person ro
colvo t ho same protection? Shall ex-parte
proof that would only avail to hold an alleged
orimlnni for trial be regarded nn conclusive
proof against a supposed unfortunate? Con
stitutional Immunities aro precisely the same
as to each.
"Wo are of opinion that the commitment
under which this rolator'Is hold Is not duo pro
cessor law and that proceedings under that
act. so far as they result In restraint for a year
or a less period depending upon the discre
tion of thoso who detain tho relator, are ln
valid for tho reason that no notice was glvon
by whioh she might in tho proceeding Itself by
immediate lntorvontlon. or subsequent oppor
tunity to intervene, bo heard in resistance ot
the accusation made against her."
Lapetlnn, a Criminal and Ulgnmlat, Farced
Her to Marry Illin by Threats.
Supreme Court Justlco Smith In Drooklyn
annulled tho marriage of Marie di Orazla to
RoccoLapetina yesterday. Tho plaintiff, who'
is 16 years old, testlilod that Lapetina mot her
on June '22 last and forced her by threats to
put on long skirts and accompany him to Jer
sey City, where they wero married by Mayor
IIoos. Hhe subsequently loarnod that Lapetina
had another wlfo, Angelina Lapotlna, who had
caused his arrest on the charge ot abandon
ment, nnd that the dofendant is now .serving a
term of imprisonment on lllackwoil's Island.
Court Calendars This Day.
Bnpreme Court Special Term. Part' II. Court
opena at 10:30 A.M. Ki-parte matter.
Barrogate'a Court -Chamber. For probate Wills
of Margaret Mrlntrre, Joaeph Cabna, Margaret Sess
ion, John Uhlnk, at lo:30 A. M.
City Court Special Term. Court opens at 10 A.M.
Motlona at 10:00 A. M. .
Uric Acid
j Troubles
I have no chance
I Lithia Water.
L...... :
Tor Liver Complaint, Stomach Dlaordera, Gout, and
Taken with meals II facilitates digeatioa.
Pint Uottlea la VlraC-Clua lletUuranta, 35.
SO-CALLED VICHY btmions ok bdxk
General Agency, 380 Broadway, M. T.
I B I Standard remedy for Oleet, ""v
B.1 aoBorrhoca na Runnings Jtm)
Curts Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
BKLAFIBKD UAItlfjEB.-C'n Thnraday, Nov.
10, 18BS, at Trinity Chapel, by th Iter. William
It. Tlbbert D. D.. Kale, datujhter ot Charles O.
Barber, to Frederick Prima Delafleld.
IIAItT noWIB.-On Thursday, Not. 10, 18SS, at
Omaha, Neb., Jeiile M daughter ot Mr, and Mrs,
James Bowie, to llanry flllart.
MKAI-?LEVKLANI. On Wednesday, Nov. 0,
ln the Chnrch of ZIon .and Kt, Timothy, by Arch
deacon Tiffany, D. P., aaslated by th Key. Dr.
Henry Luback. the Iter. Dr, 0. M. Nile, and th
l!v. J.M.Xelfert, Elizabeth Manning, daughter
nf Dr. Clamant Cleveland, to Robert Ulllespl
Mead, Jr.
IlYKIt-ttlCnABDS.-On Nov. 10, at th Central
Presbyterian Church, by th Ttv, Dr. Wilton,
Merle Smith, Harriet Monfort, daughter Of Mr.
and Mrs. Jeremiah Jllchardi, to 0 cores Btlllraan
nycr. ' 4
CAllTEIt. At 8tamfora,Conn on Thursday, Not.
10, 181)8, Ualen A. Carter, ln th 07th year of his
Th offic for th burial ot. the dead will be said In
the Chapel of Bt. Luke the Physician ln BU John's
Pariah, Stamford, on Saturday, Not. IS, at 8:tB
P, M.,to which all. relatives and frlenda are In
vited. Burial private.
DAVISON. In New York elty, on Not. 11, 180S, of
congeitloi ot th brain, Mary Adele, wlf of
Lieut, P. W. Bariaon, Twenty-second United
SUtea Infantry, and daughter of Ool. Jams '8.
Casey, It. 8. A.
Funeral private.
HEILHUTIT.-At Paris, Not. 11, Caroline lUy
noly Ketlbuth, wife of Edward Ilellbuth and
daughter of tbe laie John Baynolds.
Mobile papers plraae copy. '
MILHAU.-On Not. 0, at her residence, 41 Lafay
ette place, Pblliplna Qutllou Milhau, widow of
John Milhau, ln the 9th year of her age,
Belativea and friends ar Invited to attend tbs
funeral services at St. Ann ' Church. Eaat 12th
at, near 4th aT on Saturday morning at 10
o'clock. Interment private.
REESE. -On Thursday, Nor. 10, 18t8, Henry M,
Iteess, beloved husband ot Eat Walker.
BeUUvea and frlenda aro Invited to attend tbe aer-
vices and funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 1:30,
at hie late residence, 108 Harmon at., Brooklyn.
SMITII.-On Friday, Not. 11. 18D8, Mrs. Hannah
C. Smith, widow of the Ber. Edward P. Bmtth
and'molherof Mrs. Hanf ord Crawford.
Funeral sendees Saturday afternoon. Not. 1 2. 6:80
o'clock, at Park Preabyterlan Church, West Sflth,
st. and Amsterdam ar. Interment at Fepparell,
THE KEN8ICO CEMETERY. Privet station, liar
A lent lUllroad: 48 mluutea' rid. from the lirand
Central Depot. Oflice. Ill Eaat 42d at.
l!trjnl UatttMu
REMOVE T1IK cauaee that main your hair life
leas and irrav with PaltKElfH HAIR BALSAM.
PAKKER'3 Q1NOF.U TU.NIli cures Inward palna.
HO. 0 COLOGNE. The moat refined and popu
lar Toilet Water. Heo that it bears the label of the
originators. Caawell. Maaaey Ic Co.
SACHET la the moat perfect Imitation of Violet.
gUHrjlou.s Notices.
Service of Song for the People
34th St. and Uronilway,
Every Sunday Afternoon at three o'clock.
Singing led by Organ, Precentor and Orchestra,
from Fknclulll's 7lnt Regiment Band. Soloa and
Short Addreaa. All Welcome.
Grand Opera House Thomas Dixon.
Election Lessons 8. " Doea Death End All."
vj of Btb. av. Sunday evenlne at 8 o'clock, first
of a course of lectures on " Tho Future of the Na
tions ln tbe Light of Prophecy and Recent Eypnta."
Subject: Ond'H Provideuoo Assembling the United
States with tbe Other Nations for Judgment Prepara
lory to Chrlit'a Itelgn on the Earth." All are Invited,
'RACE CHURCH, Broadway, corner lOth'Vt.
Holr Communion 8 A.M.
Early Morning Prayer A A. M,
Later Evensong 8 P.M.
All sittings free.
ltf ADISON" AV. -BAPTIST CHURCH, oorner 81et !..
1"J- Rev. Henry M. Handera, D. D., paator. Serrioee
tn-morrow at 1 1 A.M. and 4:30 P. M. The pastor
will preach at both servtoes. Sunday school U;30.'A.
M.Cbapel aerTico Wed. 8 P. SI.
of B7th at. The pastor, tbe Rot. Abbott E. Kit
tredcei. will preach at 1 1 A. M. and 8 P. M. Evening
enbject. " A Weddlnir Rite and How to (Jet It.'1
Union Ulble tU'i, Friday, 8 P. M.
SPECIAL BIBLE CLA88 for men, Wert Bide Y. M.
C. A., 3I8Wetr,7thst., 4:80P M. Leader.
Union Tbeoloirical Semlnarr. Soloist. Mr. William
P. Young. Every man wclcom.
1.1th. 1BB, lecture by Dr. Felix Adler, at 11:115.
at Carnecie Music Hall, corner 57th eU and 7th ay.
Subject: "The Art of Helf-Maetery." All Interested
are Invited. Sunday school, U:U0 A. M at 101) Weat
6th st.
TEMPLE EMANU-VL, Bth T. and 48d atfo-mor-row.il
A.M.. Dr. Joaeph Silverman on "Tbs
Religion of Lore." All are welcome.
E gnt Qotittff.
Joel B. Oootlroan and Benson H. Goodman
asalnrtJameaFlaber. Summons: Trial desired ln
the county of New York.
To the nboTe-named defendant:
complaint ln this action and to serve a copy ot your
answer on the plaintiff' attorneys within twenty (10)
days after the eerTlce of the snmraons, exclusive of
tbe day of serrice; and In ease of your failure to ap
pear or answer, Judgment will be taken against you
by default for the relief .demanded in tbe complaint.
Dated October 7th18W8.
i'laintinv Attorney.
Office and Post Office address 280 Broad traj-, bor
ough of Manhattan. N. V. city.
To the defendant Jamea Fisher:
The forrgolmr summons is hereby served upon
you by publication, pursuant to an order made here
in by Honorable William N. Cohen, one of tbe Jus
tices of the Buprema Court of the Btato o.' New York,
dated New York. November 4th, 1R98, and filed with
the oomplalnt in tbe offloe of tbe Clerk of tho Connty
of New, York, at the Connty Court House, ln the
Borough of Manhattan, City of New York.
Dated New York, November 4th, 18118.
1'lalntlftV Attornejs,
580 Broadway, New York City,
Fyon want a patent quick, call or write to
LAWYER, room 112. tig Liberty U. N. T.
PATENTS for lnventlona procured promptly; low
rates. BOEDER Is BRIESKN, 82 Nassau at., N. Y.
Established 1864.
Harlem Branch
LANK BOUK BKWEH: girl accustomed to job
work. Address F. It CO., box 118 Bun office.
jQomtfitlt gttvnm Wanttat.
It l'onr gemot
neede Instrnetion ln th
Art ot Looldng,
Call bar attention to this opportunity.
This coupon entitles a well-recommndd ser
vant to on free leaaon at
8R2 nth ar., whoro all branch of cooking art
taught by Mrs. O. Lenicke,
lOOES, 120 to ISO; laundresses, kltchenmalds,
y ebambermalds, waltreaaea, houaeworkera, cooks
who waah and iron, lauudreases who do chamber
work, French, German and Swiss ladles' maids,
nurses.- butlers, second and third men, Mrs. L.
BKELY. eg West 22d at.! sertauta' entrance, 382
thy. i
PUBT-OLABS cook to go to Tuxedo Park: good
wagea; best rfrnoe required.
Mr. L. BEELY, 882 8th ST.
FRENCH ladle' maid for city and oountryj wagea
2b very beat references required.
Mrs, L. BEltLY. 8B2 8th ar.
KITCU2NMAID8 f or New York cltyj wagea from
814 to 118: must have references.
airs. L. BEELY. 882 8th ay.
110TE-JTANT lanndress, wage 820, for a (mail
family, oae hour from new fork: very best refer
nee reuulred. Mrs. L. 8EELY;a62 BthaT.
TlARLORMAID to go to ProTldeuoe; good wages:
J- Tery best references required. '
Mrs, L. BEELY. 852 8th ar.
110TEBTANT cook) wagea 126; small family; Tery
beat rtferrncee req aired.
Mrs, L. BEELY. 852 Ctn av.
aHiOUOUaULX competent Bwedlah cook; wagea
tiS: Tery best referenot required.
Mrs. L. BEELY. 862 8th ST.
WANTED Man. and wife as cook and laundress,
for uaeful man, for family 11 ring onshour from
New York; good wages: Protettant: beat reference
repaired. Mrs. L. BEELY. 882 8th av.
WANTED-Olrl to All positions a chambermaid
and waitress: private family) call sail, 21
Wkbm pauu RtthRBiM, l5l.
BLANKBOOK RULKlUnd feederwinled,
AUSTIN A MA01LL. IBB Fulton at.
BOORlllNDEIlon halfbound.work. Room 18.47
Broad el.
Hl'antuanalefl Kii8ceUnntau0.
IJAriin BOX SALESMAN. Wanted, yonng man
. familiar with folding and a mam paper box work)
on who ha had some etpcrlencn on tho road, Ad
dress P. O. box 80U Bridgeport, Conn.
STRONO boy wanted lo carry out bundles for hole.
sale bouee:,nvuit como well recommended. Apply
at 316 Canal st. "
.ixauS,lna i$tlvt-&tmvtt.
COOK and laundreaa; wllltng and obllslngi good
refsrrnces, 11.11., box ktil Sun uptown office,
1205 Broad way; ,
J'j'mST-CUSH waltroM: ' uudersunds earring,
. serving wlnca. making salad dressing, ic: best
references. M. McC, box 028 Bun uptown offic.
120BHrosditay. '
J" ?lFtOT-CLAB8 Tanndressj b'tat city references
' waies(20. U.K., box 821 Sun uptown office,
1205 Broadway. '
IMRSTSCLASsTookrwages $40) best references.' 0.
. O'O., box 628 Snu uptown office, 1285 Broad
way. ,
IritF.NCIf Infant' nurse: excellent aearastrrsst
good reference.. M, Ni, box C22 Suu uptown
office, 1205 Broadway.
fOOI) lsln family cook; good bread tnd raka
AJ maker: beat references. N, OK.,' box 524 Bull
uptoT.nufllce.-1205 Broadway.
LAUNURKSS: tborouahly competent: willing to
take nlaoe ahort dlatanoe from city; best refer
ncea. N, M., box 823 Sun uptown office, 1205
IAUNDRES3 and chambermaid; thoroughly com
' etcnt: Kood references. D, K., box .531 Bun
uptown ofUce, 12(15 Broadway.
LADY'S maldl good packer and reamstress: will
ing tntako place In country: bcatreferejicea. A.
B box 532 Sun uptown otnee. 12H5 Broadwar.
NURSE. ThtTrouahljr competent; six years' expe
rience; beat reterunpes. I. It., box 530 Sun up
town office. 1-Cf, Broadway.
PROTESTANT chambermaid and waltreaai wagea
SlUlgood refoiencca. J box C2D Bun uptown
omce, 12UB Broadway.
S'wkFiHII kltcheumald; willing and good natured;
beat refcrencoa. A. O.. box 633 Sun uptown
office, 1205 Broadway.
rpHOIlOUOlILY competent chambermaid; cond
I seamstress! wegeS20; 'best references. M. R,.
box 527 S-n.uiitowi-onice. 1205 Broadway.
"WANTED nooVfoldem; must bo rxnarleneetl,
i Apply at .I-gleotnco (4th floor), Washington
and Johnson sts., Brooklyn. '
YOUNO OIUL as chambermaid and waitress;
mat, willing, and nbUglug; brat references. M.
B., box 525 Sun uptown office, 1205 Broadway.
trjM-Clnjiis SreliT aitales.
AYOUNOman. 10, at present employed as a snh
brakeman, desire a steady position at anything
where attention to dutlea would be appreciated; is
ftrong. Intelligent, and capable ot piaklnsr hlraaelf
ueefnl at any Kind of buslnesa. Addreaa HONEST,
box 182 Sun ottloe.
VOUNO man. well educated, good penman, and
J- best of reternceai deslrestsltnatlont salary $10
a week or better; will pay any one half of first week's
sslsry who eel position for him. Address RELIA
BLC,boxl77Sunifflce. VOUNO MAN 127) desire position with oorpora-J-
tlon, banking house ormercantlle firm; fouryears
ln treasury dept. of railroad as transfer agent and
couponolerk. Address ANXIOUS, box 148 Sun office.
YOUNG MAN, IB, wants position at bookbinding;
experienced. BASSEMIB, 118 Van Voorhis St.,
rpnnANNUATTMkETINcTnf thTmenbirsorthe
A Working Women'e Protective Union will be held
at the rooms of the institution, 01) Clinton place. New
York city, on th8l4thof November. 18HH. at 5 P. M..
for tbe election of directors, omens and other busi
ness. JOHN 11. PARSONS. Secretary.
ICentliurjr ottI ami r,otimrntjJ.
This list appears Tuesdays and Satunlaj-s.
Hotel IiilbrninUon Free.
Far hookleta of American, European Hotela,
Alio lUtct of Apsrtraentii ln Hotels below, call or
aUdreir. fnenil stamp)
Hotel TarlST IBurenu,
f C Fifth Are.t Nr York,
,, J i)G Ilrfcrnt HC, London,
A 'J4H Run df Rlrnll, Purl,
SO 0.ttl St. Je-n llaptMe, Nice.
. ' ' (J It AXIS.
TA. P., American Plan! E. P., European; Op., Open.)
ATLANTIC City, N.J.,8ea Sido Uae.op.all yr.a.p.,$8 up
ALBANY.N.Y Hotel Kenmore, A. P., $8 up
BALTIMOltK, Md: , .ThB Carrollton, A. P.. $3 up
BERNARDS VILLK.N. J.SoraerRetlnn. OpentoNoT. 1
BGVAN HOUSE, Larrbmont-ou-Sound. Op. to Dec X
DOSTOX.Masa Hotel V ndome. A. P., $5
do Hotel Brunswick. E. P.. $1.60; A. P., 85
do.- Copley 8q. Hotel, E.P.,$l.r,0np; A.P.,83.50 up
BOURNEMOUTH.F.ng.Itoral Bath Hottl,A.P..$4 to 83
BROOKLYN.N, Y. The hit. Oeorge.E. P.,t 1 ; A.P., 83 up
CQICAaO.Ill..The Virginia, A. P., $8.50; E.P., $1.50
do Lexlncton Hotel, E. P., $1 up; A. P., $3 up
LONDON, Englan 1 Hotel Cecil, E P., $2 up
do Inns ot Court Hotel, E. P., $2; A. P.. $4 up
Ecnalng-( Be Vers, Prince of Wales k Broad walk. op.
ton I Keusiutcton Pal., now open to the public;
Hotels. ( lift: electric light; eTerythlng up to date.
I Westminster; high class. Resi
dential Hotel, unexcelled for
cuisine, comfort; moderate tariff
MEMPHIS, Tonn Oayoso Hotel, A. P., $2.60 to $4
NAPLES, Italy Hotel des' F.trangera
NEW HAVEN, Conn Hotel Savoy, E. P., $1 up
NEW ORLEAN'S, La.. .Hotel Qruuewald. E. P., $1 up
do The Cosmopolitan Hotel, K. P., $1.50 up
NEW YOltK Fifth Avenue Hotel, A. P., $5 up
do. Hotel HanoTer (5th av. 15th st.) Op. Oct. 1
do. (Chambers k B'way) Cosmopolitan, E. P., $ I up
do. Kensington Hotel (5th Ave. k 15) E. P., $1.80
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Planters' notel,liP2 up; A.P., $4 up
8ALTLAKECITY, Utah.. The Enutsf ord, A. P., $3 up
SORRENTO. Italy Tramontane Hotel
SYRACUSE, N. Y. Yates Hotel, E. P., $1.50; A. P.. $4
WASHINGTON, D.O Arlington Hotel, A. P., $5
do. ...Hotel Gordon, A. P., $5 up; E. P., $2.50 up
do ., Tho Raleigh, E. P., $1.50 up
do Buckingham, A. P., $8 up
do Ebbett House, A. P.. $4 up
The following are stated In ClOLF, an official or
gan of the United State Uolf Aaaoclatlou, to b
Hotels or rsputn where golfers may conveniently
take part in the Royal and Ancient Oame:
A8UEVILLKN. O.... Battery Tork Dec. to May
ATLANTIC CITl'.N. J, Mrlchton Op. all year
" " Dennis..,,, Op. all year
" " Had, Ion Hall Op. all year
" " Bbclhurnc. Op. all year
HOT SPRINGS, Y.. New Virginia Op. alt year
LAKRWOOD.N. J Laurel llnuae Oct. to Jim
' " .M.LawrolluthePinea.NoT.toMay
MIAMI, Fla Itoyal Palm Op. Jan. 11
NASSAU, Bahamas... .Royal Victoria Op. Jan. 1
.OLD 1'T COMFT, Va.Chamberlln Op. all year
ORMOND, Fla .ThoOrmond Op. Jan. 14
PALM BEACU,Fla....ltoralPrin6iana....Op, Jan. 14
" j...-1-hn Beach Inn., . Op. Dec. 24
ST. AUOUSTINE, X lalAlcaxar. Op. Not, 111
" ' ' Pom-deLeou Op, Jan. 18
THOMASVILLK, Q.. Finer .Woods Dec. to May
GOLF, 81 per yaar, la published monthly from
150 Nassau street, Now York, by
Bend for Sample Copy.) J03IAH NEWMAN.
Sherman Square Hotel,
Strictly a family hotel; choice suites, furniihsd or
unfurnished, to rnt by th season or year, Culsino
and service of tbe highest order. Bates reasonable.
Location convenient to all parts of th city,
Z& thanover
8. K. Cor. YIFTH .AVEXUE and 18th ST.
A hlgh-claaa family hotel with an eatablisbed repu
tation, Apartment of parlor, one or moro bedrooma
and bath, furnished or unfurnished. Private service
It desired. V. P. HATHAWAY, Proprietor.
SELECT FAMILY UOTEL. Kuropesn plan: Ta
nned and homelike; location most central: one blnek
mall tultos (parlor, bedroom and bathroom) for
season or year. ,
Traualeutratea; Slngl room $1.50: suites from
$8 perday aud upward. BERNARD BBYER.
TJ-LJ-J 03EE.Sl..,
U38 1VKHT Srjl) bT.
On of tbe moat deatrabl apartment houaea In th
city; abioluUly fireproof; all modern improva
meuta; reataurant of superior eieellence; apart
ment furnUhed er unfurmabd.
. It. WILSON, Uasagsr,
gEtnflttifj hotels anfl tfltautnttw.
This list appear every Tnes., Wednesday k Saturday,
For Information, circulars, Ac, of any Restaurant
or Hotel below, call or address (send stamp)
03 Flflh Ave, Nevr York.
Alo. means A la Carte: Tilli. means Table d'Hota
Ilelnioulco's r.thaveune, corner 44th at. Ale.
Onxto 40th t, and B'way, Tdh.,$l (Orchestrs)
llorello's 4 W. Slith at, Tdh. (Music).
Lucliow'sCerninnltestaurnnt.ilO Eaatl4thst.
The Mntlboriingh B'way and 37th st. Ale.
I Tdh, breakfast, 50c.; lnncb. 50c! dinner. $1.00.
Terrace) (lunlen, 1 68th t.f near Lei. ar. Ale.
Cafe Ileumnnn, I Broadway and Roadest, Ale.
All Clint Xolr 1 551 W. B'way.noo. Tdh., with wine.
An Chat Xolr UptownBranch32W.28eUltl-UaU
Au Clint Jfolr After.TIieBtre Supper,
Au Clint NolrJ Alc.Tdh.Lunchr,0c.,dln'r75c(Mnslc)
lllrcadnnnii's,3)th-B'way.Tdb.75F.Alc. All night.
Ardln.- ChnboHy. 125 West 2thst.
Select French Tdh., 60c. with wine.
Jnrquln 57 West 2t)th St. Ale, Tdh., 50c.
Agrmls........ .1111 University pi. Ale, Tdh., 50c.
ilDTPI MARTY French Table d'Hote. 47 West
IIUI-U ITImi I 4th St. Lunch 40c.i Dinner
Doc., wlno snd rorTso lncluilrdt service n la carta at
all hours. Rooms by dsy or week.
Orran Airnmtrs.
fast i:xi'iti:.Hs sHitvitm.
Saillmt Wednesdays nt 10 A. M.
Bt. Louis Nov. in I St. Louis Deo. 7
Paris Nov. 23 Paris Dec. 14
St. Paul Not. ;iu I Ht. Paul Dec. 21
ETery Wednesday at 12 noon.
Soulhwork Not. til I Kensinifton Not. 80
Westernland Nov. 23 I Nonrdlmil Dec. 7
Theso steamers carry only Second and Third class
passengers at low rates.
Piers 14 and IS. N. R; Oinco. II Bowling Green.
Tbe tourist route to all Southern Wintor Resorts,
Nasasu and Cuba.
Steamers leavo Pier till. East River, 3 P. M.
ALGONQUIN Monday, Not. 14
SKMINUI.K Wednesday, Nov. 18
IltligUlUS,. Friday, Nov. 18
COMANCHE Monday, Not. 2 1
For freight and passage rntes and general Infor
mation apply to WM. p. CLYDE 4 CO., (Jen. Agents,
6 Bowling Green. New York.
Ot. S'th'n Freiitht and Pis. Line, via Chsrleetnn.
F.O.and P. Fast F'pht and Pass. Line, via Jaclson
vllle. T11EO. G. EGKH. O. A.. 375 Broadway, N. Y.
Intended steamship sailings from Vancouver,
EMPRESS OF CHINA Dee. C, Feb. 27. May 8
EMPRESS OF INDIA Jan. 2. Men. 27, May 29
EMPRESS OF JAPAN Jan. 30, Apl. 17, Juno IP
HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, Fiji, New Zealand,
and Australia.
For rates apply 353 Broadway and 05 Wall sL
. From Pier 40, N. It., foot Clarkaoii at.
Campania, Nov. 12. 1 V. M. Lucanla..Nov. 2H, 1 P.M.
Umhria....NoT.l!i,10A.M. I ltrnrla,...Dec. 3, 1) A.M.
Selling as follows at 10 A. M.
From Pier No. 4, North River, foot Morton at.
LaGasco.no Nor. 12 I LaTouralne Dec. 8
LuCbampaxue....Nov. Ill LullascoiiUH Dec. ID
LaBretairne Nov. 'JO I LaChampacne...Deo. 17
Oen'l Agency for U.S. andCan., 3 HowllngOrcen.N.V.
Twu-Sorw Express Steamer dttrine winter on
Oerman Mediterranean Service. Serrica to Parle,
London. Hamburg, resumed ln Msrch.
Palatla.Nov,12,2:30P.M. I Patria, Nov. 2U, 2:SOP. M.
lretoria, Nov. 1 1), n A. M.J Bulgaria. Dec. 8, 7:30 A.M.
Hnmburg-Anierlunu Lino, 37 lronilvny,y.Y.
Stcanirra leavo New Turk nvcrr THUHSDAV at 4
PORT and BANGOR, ME, connecting with all rail
and water lines.
Steamers leave New York Nov. nth, lutb and 2l)th,
at 4 P. M., for EASTPOKT, ME., and ST. JOUNftN. B.,
direct, with connections for oil points.
Steamers sail from Pier 1,' North River. Freight
received doilr until ! P. M. All, competing rates
promptly met. N. L. NEWCOM 11. Gonrral Manager.
. 61 1 Broadway. NewYork.
Kais. W. D. . . ..Nov. 15 1 K.Frledrich.N0T.2P,10A.M
Trave,Tu..Nov. 22.10 A.MlLnbn,Tu.,D'c. 0, 10A. M.
OELRICH3 k CO., 2 Bowling Green.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk, Newport News.
Petersburg, Portsmouth, Pinner's Point, IUchmond,
Virginia Beach, Va., and Washington, D. O. Freight
aud paaaenger steamers sail from Pier 28, North
River, tivery week dar, except Saturday, at 8 P, M
and Saturday at 4 P. M.
W. L. OUILLAUDliU, Vice-Prca't add Traffic Mgr.
MaJestlo....Nor. lu, noon I Teutonic. .Not. 80, noon
Germanic. . Not. 23, noon i Britannlo. . . .Dec. 7. noon
Saloon rates on Cymric, $50 np: Germanic, Britan
nic, $80 up: Majestic, Teutonic, $75 up; second
cabin, $42.50 upward; third class on Cymric, Ger
manic and Britannic, $25.50; on MajesUo and Teu
tonic, $27, Revenue tax additional.
For passage, freigbtand general information apply
rier 45, North River. Office, u Broadway, New York.
Boston and New England Points.
FALL ItlVEIt LINE, via Newport and Fall
Rirer. Leave Pier 1U. N.lt., foot of Warren St., weolc
days only, at 5:00 P. M. Steamers Prlsctllaana Furl'
tan. Orchestra on each.
Sl'ONlN'GXON LINK, via Stontngton. Leave
Pier 88, N. It., foot of Spring St., week day only, at
t):O0 P. M. bteamer Maine and Now Hampshire.
XUUYVICII LINE, via New Loudon. Leave
Pier ,1H. N. It., font Spring St.. weekdays only, at 6:80
P. M. Steamera City of Lowell and City of Worcester.
For Long Branch. Highland Beach. Beabrlijht,
Pleasure Bar. and Aabury Park, dally except Sunday.
Leavo ft. W. 13th 2:00 P. M. Battery 2:20 P. M.
No baggavo or freight received at Battery.
ASlAJItY I'Alllt ANII HACK, 800.
Albany Evening Line
leave Old Pier 41. N. It., foot Canal at.. atdP. M.
dally (Sundays excepted), connecting with express.
trains for points North. East and Went.
foot of Christopher st. every weak day at II P. M.
KINGSTON LINE, West 10th St. Dally. 4 P. M.,
Saturdays at 1. Steamer BALDWIN and HO
MER, for Cranston'a, Cornwall, Newburg, New Ham
hurg, Marlboro, Milton, Poughkeepsls. Hyde Park,
Esoiius. Kingston, connncting with U, D. R, It, for
all points in fatskill Mountains.
PECK, dally (except Sunday), at 5 P. M.
1AMSDEI,L LlNEvatamer leave Pier 24, N. R..
Iv foot Franklin St., for Cold Spring, Cornwall,
Flub-Ill lauding and Newburg, week days, 5 P, 11.;
Sunday. U A, M.
Steamer leave West loth st. dally n P. M except
Saturday, Sunday steamers touch at Albany.
NoFYoirand Boston AOiL
N. Y., N. II. k II. R. 11. and connections.
From Grand Central Station.
Leave By way of Du
11:04 A. M.. Kprlngfleldand Worcester, 3:80 P. M.
10.00A.M.,ltNen London and Providenee,3:0) P. M.
110:03 A, M., NewLondouand Pruvldenr, 4:25 P, M,
12:00 M., Springfield and Worcester, 5:401'. M.
l:0ii 1'. !., IrLlne, via Willimantlo, H:0O P. M.
1 :02 P. M., Uew Ioudnn aud Pruvidsuce, 7:00 P. M,
8:00 P. 11., 'New London and Providence, 11:00 P, M,
4:00 P, M 'Springfield and Worcester. 10:0f p. M.
15:00 P. M., N'ew Loudonand Prov1dence.il ;00 P. M,
11:00 P.M.,8pringatdd and Wnroo.ter. 8:inA. M.
12:00P.M..New London and Provldeno,tf:'.6 A. M.
Runs daily, Including Sunday.
ttDay Stat Limited, all parlor car; fare, $7, in
cluding parlor car seat.
J Air Lino Limited, arrives and departs from Park
Square Station, Boston. Return servlre same hour
and by same route, IWill stop at 125th street.
Through parlor and sleeping, ars by each train.
O. T HEMPSTEAD. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Leave New York. Whitehall Terminal, South Ferry,
and foot of Liberty street.
DMlr. tEiceot Sunday, I Sundays.
CHICAGO, 4:80 A.M., 1:45 P.M., and H;15
PITTSBURO, 4:80 A M., 73:30 P. M 11:15 P. M
12:15 nlirht 14:30 A. M. train f iota Liberty st. only),
CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS, 10:00 A.M., 5:56F.M. '
NEW ORLEANS, :R6 P. M, (through sleeper).
7:55. lii:001Dlner), 11:80 A.M. iDlner) tl:00 p. !
M., 1:45 (Diner), t3:30 (Diner). 4:r6 (Diner), 6:65
P. M., and 12:15 night. NORFOLK, tl .no V.U.
All trains are Illuminated with PlnUcIi ltgbt.
Office: 118, 172,281.434. 1284 Broadway, 31 Sast
)4tb at.. 127 llow.rr, New York; S3U, 844 Fulton at,
Brooklyn; WhlUboll Terminal. Boggog checked !
from hotel or rvsldinc to dtsUnaUou. j
. r .
?nUtonrt.g. '
Pennsylvania j
STATIONS foot of Weal Twouljr-thlrd Street, and '"fifl
DeabrossesauJOorllandt Street. ' jgm
, 4VTh leaving time from Dosbros.os and Cort JH
lanilt Streets la ten mlnvtea later than that given be- JnH
low fur Twenty-third Htivct station, ii
7iSUA. M. FAST MAIL.- Pullman Buffet Parlor IH
li,r,Ji,!w vork,to l'lttsbunt. Mleenlng Cir llltsburt . ijf
to Chicago. Nn rnaihes to 1'lltOmrif. ")
RI50A..1I. FAST LINE-llii.bmg and Cleveland., i
Conipartiiient, Slieplng, Dining, Smoking and Ob-
serval ion .Cars. For Chicago, Oli'velnnil, Toledo, " W
Cliu-lunatl, IndlanatMils, IiulsMlle, St. Iiuts. M
ll.1t) 1. M. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUS I'.XJ'ItrS. -4B
For Nashville Ivla Unrlnnit,), Chicago, SI, lml. f m
0:50 V. 31. Wl'STKUN EXPltkas.-For Cloveland. -ML
Cblcogo. ForTolelo, except Satunlar. ')M
Pitlaburg. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, M. lJtiW. ' S
TMO V, M. PAClllO 1-tPlll-HS, -For Pittsburg" 111
and Chicago, connects tor Cloveland, cicojit Sss ',,
Siaill.'jl, SIAIL AND nXPRF-SH.-Pullman BUM - TI
Sleeping Car New York to Attooun. Eist IJIierty, ?
1'ittaburg, and points West, dally, aicrptBuuday. 9
Nocoachos. ..fl
7:50, 8:20, i:2(i,i:50 (Dining Car), lli:5o iDlnlmtCar) rm
A. AI., 12:60, 1:50 13:30 "Congrcsilonsl Mm.," all , 29
1 arlor and Dining Cai-), 4:20 (Dining Car), 4:50 tm
(Dining Car), S:5u P. i 12:05 night, Sunday m
:2o, u:20, JOtr.o (Dining Car) A. M. (3:20 "Con. H
gresslonal I.lm.," all Parlor aiid Dining Cars), 4120 '
(Dining Car), 4:50 (Dinlug Car), BiSUP. M 13:05 - IS
tnunt. e
BOUTHF.RN BAILWAY.-Exprcss, 4:30 P. M, 12:0$ 3
night dally. M
ATLANTIC COAST LIN E-Ex press, 8:20 A. M. and . jM
H:r.o 1. M. doily. , vflf
FOlt Oi,D POINT COMFOItT ami NORFOLK. 7:50 ' ' M
A. M. week dsys and 7M0 P. M. dally, 9
ATLANTIC CITY. 1!50 P. M. week day (Deabrosse,, dfl
and Cirtlaudt Street', a:li) P. M.). Through Vostt- s8
billed Train, Bullet Parlor Cam, Passenger Coaoli, ,H
and Combined Coach.
CAPE -MAY. 12:5U P, M. weok days. M
Iing Branch, Asbliry I'-rk (Inturlaken Sunday?),
Ocean Grnvu and Point Pleasant (frm Wost Twcn- fix
ty-thlrd Street SUtlnn), 8:50 A. .11.. 32:20, UttO , fl
and 4:50 P.M. Sundays. 1):20 A. M 4:50 P. 31. iM
ffroui Drsbrosses and Dortlandt Streets), PitoA. , j9
M., 12:50. 3:40 and 5:10 P, M, Sundays, U:45 A.
M C:1GP,M. .",
0:10, 7:50, 7:50. 8:20. b:,",o. Wi2ii (ii:r,o l'enna.Llm. m
lied), Vinu (Diulng Oar), 10:60 (Dining I jr), 11:50 . -Si
A. M 12:6o, 1:50, 2:6ii, ;i:60, 4:20, 4:30 (Dining" " ' V
Car). 4:50 (Dining Cor), .Vnn (DlnliigCar). 7:4it, 'Wi
Minor. M., 12:05 night. Siindar. tl:lo, 8:2(1. 8:60, M
n:20, :50 (Limited), 11:50, 10:50 (Dining Oar), A. ,f&
M., 1:60 (Dining Can, 3:60, 4120 (Dining Car), 4:50, OH
(Illnlmr Car), 5:5U(Diulng Car), 7:40, 8:5U P. M., XI
12:05 night- M
Ticket oiUces Nob. 4ill, P44, 110(1, 132.1, 111, and2Hl (;
Broadway, 1 Astnr House, WcstTwentv-lhtrdStreet 91
Station, and stations foot of Drnbrnaacfc and Cort.
lnndt Streets; 4 Court Street, SOD lHilton street, H8 1
BroadVray, andPonnsrlraulaAuuexSUtloii, Brook. f
b'u; Station. Jersey City. Iho New York Tnuasfer mt
Company will (all for and chock baggage from Sit
hotels and residences through to destin-thm. f
TaUphono " 2757 Klghteonth Btroct" for Pcnnsyle il
vania Boilroad Call Service. JBt
Oeneril Manager. General Pass'r Agent - J
. ' ' , '!r
All through trains stop at Albany. Utlca, Byracua. rati
Rochetcr mid Buiialo. !
Trains leave Oraud Central Station as followa: ',
Q.OCi.A. M. Daily, erj.'pt Silllilays. Famous - ffiS
Fastest train in tho world. Duo I!ulo 4:45. NI. jail
agara Falls 6:32, Toronto U:00 P. M., Dutrolt 11:10 -i
3. M. Limited to its seating capacity. s 1:
8.1 FZ A. M.-FAST MAIL. Dallr-For Buffalo, Nl- ? fl
Au agara Falls and Cleveland, .
1 fi.'-iii A. M.-DAY K.NPUESS. except Sundays- . ' fl
AO.DU For Buffalo and all important New York -, II
Stato points. -j 9
i.UU CHICAGO S1V.01AL, Dally For Columbus, f, f
Cinclnuutl, lndianatoll9, St. Lonin aud Chicago. I
'du eicept Sunday. furTnirnud Sarati-ga, J
5,nf, P. M.-LAKE 81101th LIMITED. Dally-24-
,JJ hour train fori blcauo. via LnkeiSbom. Ima j
Cleveland 7:15 A.M., Calcago 4 P.M. Sleeping -i
and parlor car, only. i
6,(U l': M. WITF.ltN EXPRESS. Daily For i
'W Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cleveland, Toledo, ' 3j
Detroit, and Cblcaito. ngj
6.9 X P. M.-NDUTI1ERN EXPRESS, Daliy-For
wJ Montreal, and, mrept Sjturduy. for Ottawa. an
I .-JtU MONTREAL KX1'R1S. Daily Via Utlca. U
.'AJ SPECIAL, Dally For Niagara Falls. CIotc- . SI
land, Cincinnati. Indlinapolis nud St Lo da. if)
9.0fi '' 51 -SPECIAL L1MITL1) MAUj, Dally M
.JJ (alcepiug car only) For puluts on Fall '
Drook. via Lyons, aud for Rochester and Buffalo, 9
9.1 r: P. M.-PACIFIO EXPRESS, Daily For Os-
.t wego, Ogdcnsljurg, BuHalo. Niagara Folia, m
Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, and, uxtept Satur- a
dav, for Capo Vincent and tho Auburn road. m
A..LU CAOO. Every night oxcept Sunday night 3L
Suuday nlgbt Chicago Hleepera le,avo ut P:15.
8:16 A. M. and 3:27 P. M. Holly, except Sunday, to
Pittalield; Sundays only at li:2u A. M. (
Wagner Palaco Cars on all through trains. ,9.
Train lllumlliateil with I'lntsch light. , K
Ticket oQIres at 113, 2111.4 13 and P4 2 Broadway,
81 East 14th st., 235 Columbus av.. l West 136th ;M
St.. (irond Central Station. 1 J6tb St Station and S
13Hth St. Station, NnwVork;338 nud 72U Fulton st; m
and 10U Broadway, E.D.,Erooklvn. ,'rm
Telephone "271)0 Thirty-eighth street" for New' 9
York Central Cab Service. Baggugo checked from jgi
hotel or re'ldcncu br Wcstcott Exprosa Company. if.
GEORGE U. DANIELS. General PoKsenger Agent. ,j
Lehigh Valley System. I
Stations footof West 23d St. (Pcnn. It R.) Cortland!
orDesbroasesSt. .;- , it
Indicates tlm from West 23d St. Other figure, , 'g,1
show time from Cortlandt or Desbrossca St. (
0:10, 0:S!O A.M. ilally (Sunday 'US, 7 A.M.) for 't .Ml
EAHTON and Intermediate stations.
7:SO, Hiao A. M. daily for WILKESBARnE. ,
FALO, NIAGARA FALLS and the West and principal ' .
localpolnts; dining carand chair car to Buffalo. . '31
lliSO, 12:00 niwn dally, except Stindav. m
"iJLAClt l)lAMO-J KXlMtESS." Mi
Arrive Buffalo 8:55 P. M. Pullman Vestibule Day " Mi
Ooachea and Parlor Cars. Dining Car Service. Meals W
a la carte. Comirctnat Buffalo with through sleeper di
to Detroit and Chicago. ' 91
' 12i.t0, IiOO r. M. uslly for EA8TON. MAUCH 3
branches. Chair car to Easton (except buturday l
aud Sundays). l
:ti0. 4ilO P. Jf daily, fxcept Suuday, for Sti
cipal lntenuedlate stations. Counccis for all point 'li
ln coal regions. Pullman Bullet Parlor Car for 3ff
Wilkcnbarrc. a TH
4i5(),OiaoP.M.dally,exceptSunday.forEA8TON r -IH
and Intermediate stations. -Jfl
4i50, 8:1(1 P. M. Sundays only for MAUCH Jti
CHUNK and intermediate stations. m
'5100, (lllO P.M. dally, except Sunday, for ES- -Bfl
TON and principal Intermediate etstions, ZS
11:50, 7:0O P. M, dally for BUFFALO, NIAGARA 'Sri
FALLS, and all points West. Pullman sleeper Testl- Mm
bule train N. Y. to Uhlr&go. Sleepors to Buffalo and yf,9
Toronto. Dining Car New York to Eastou. v tkfb
7;4I), 8:00 P. M. dally, except Hiinday, atopplng Ma
eleeper for Buffalo. Nonu but alcoplug-car iiasHen-1 af
tfurs oarried. No tisggago carried. 1
8i(), S:30 P.M. ilnlh-fnrWlLKlWBARRE, IT1I-" '93
FALLS, and all points Weat. Pullman sleeper to tl a
Chicago. H J
Additional local trains, dallv, except Snnday, for m 1
BOI'Til PLAlNFIEhD. BOUND BI100K aud inter- -$tf
mediate poluts leave as follows: 10:20, 10:60, & I
10:20, 10:30 (Sundays onlri A. M., 2:20, 2:30, M I
8:60.4:10. '5:60 and 0:30 P. 3L 3 J
Tickets aud Pullman accommodation at 113. 281. w
278, 855. (i 14 and 132.1 nroadwsy, .'11 Eaat 14th st, -
I6B E. 125th t 127Bocry, N.Y,; 800 Fulton st, 4 IJQ,
Court ty H B'way, and Brooklyn Annex, Brooklyn, J
N. Y. Transfer Co. will call for and check baggag jl
from hotel or residence through to destination. fM
JSUN It. It. m,
Station ln Nnvr York, foot of Ilarclay and tiff,
Glirletoplicr hlrorts. Hr
8:00 A. M.-Blnghamton Mall. Stops st principal fib
nations. jr.
10:01) A. SI. (Cafe Carl-Buffalo, Scranton, Blng- affi
haiiitou, Onrrg), Ithaca, Klmlru, Utica, Syracuse, vf
and Oswego L-prcs.i. Ililluiau bullet l parlor core. 4jj
Connecting at Budalo with trains for Chicago and tSM
points West 'blh
IiOO I. 31. (Dally) Chicago and Buffalo vestlbuled SM'P
express for Scranton, Dlugbamtrm aud Elmira, kc. Wi
Pullman buffet Parlor cars to Klralra. Through isr
sleeping cat anil day coach to Chicago, arriving at l.IS
4:1 6 P. r. next day. AW
4i()0 IV 31. Scranton. Wllkeabarro and Plymouth JfSn
Express. Pullman buffet parlor cars. llii
7iOO 1'. 31. (Dallrl-Cbiragu Vrsillmle Limited Ex. 4
press for Scranton, Binuhainton, r'lmlru, Buffalo, jt9
Through buffet alec ping car New York to Chicago, SH
Dining car west of Buffalo. BT-I
S::o 1'. 31, (Ualh)-HuUalo Express. Pullman ;
vleeners for Scrnntnn, Htughtiutou. Elmira, Bath, 'X
Mt. Morris and Buffslo, arriving Buffalo 8 A. M,
l)i0 1". .M.-(lally)-llunnlo, Hcrautnn, lllugbam. 81
ton, Owego, Ithaca. Elmira, Syracuse, Utlca, and 5 1
O-wego Esprexs. Pullman bullet sleepers. .fill
Tickits und Pullman accommodations at Henry mg1,
Gave k Sons, Ltd,, 111! Dr, ad way, 14 Park place, 429 ,ugj
and U42 Bro.tflway. Tickets at ferry staUous.lll k.9
4lh av cor. 12th st. HI Wekt 126th ht, 236 Cohira- .
bus av., New York: 8.18 ard 723 Fulton st, and )i)4 -..'If
Broadway, Brocklyu. Tlm tables giving full In- :jtW
formntiou ut ull htations. Sm
Westoott'sEipi--sCoiiipauy will csll for and check jjj
baggage from hotel or residence to destlustiou, 7m
Through trains leavo New Vol k, foot of Chamber Mol
street, us follows, aad Uve mluules earlier fiom West ,
23d strc-t. a
tl.rWl A. 31. Vestlbuled Express dslly for Blng- 1
tJ,JVJ bamtun, Wavcrly, Elmira, Buiialo, Bradrord, ,1E
arriiee Buffalo 8 P. M. Parlor car to I) iflalo.
2 .(Ifl 1. 31. Vestibule limited -1'uit mail dally. M
,JyJ Solid train for chlcago.arrites at Cleveland I.'
7:40 A. M.. Chicago 6 P. M. Mrrpers to Chicago, A'
Cleveland and Cincinnati. Dining I r. R
7.Ql I', 31, Buffalo and Clevlalld Vetlbuled ,5;
!OU Express dally, arritos lluCalo 7.0.'. A. M A'
Bradford 7:.'0A. .M.. Jammtonn 7;ikj A. JI . Youngs- ,m
town 1U:27 A. M., Cluteland l; 30 P. 31. Hlccpeneto J
Unilaln and Cleveland. Cafe Lllirary Car. JK
(1.1 K ' 31. Iulj solid tialu for Biughamton, K-
0, 1 iJ Elmira, Wuvrrlr. Chicago, Hleejicra to Hor Tk
nellavillr. Chicago und Cincinnati Dining Car. 'V
J ACCUMHllDAI'lONS at 111, 118, 281, 401 aud i
U67 Bniailway. 127 Bowery. 16l East 125th st, and .s
378 West 126tbsl, Chambers aud West 23d st. far- Z
lies. New York) 333andH8i)Eullan t., V8 Broadway, V
Brooklyn, 122 River t., llobokru. and Jersey City Jt
Station. New Turk Transfer Co, calls for and rhecia 'I
bagag from tttU Mid reildiiicts t dtstUuUom, i
-t-t,. -iiMt)itsit-.yb.a.. ,ji3

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