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W .. y . -Ws bunday; November is, 189& 3wrTry , 3
yiillds or ma ciTiaarp uxb-bx-
n finn on tub bjliw dat
I . ot (he 8ra Dls-u-Betl AtUeke
m n rrlday Night Their nemei, One In
Troy iwd On In ThU City-Old Allies
)n gtsaniboatlng an th Ilndjon Hirer.
I Joseph Cornell. President, and Georga TT.
I Ttorton Vlee-PreU of theOitlztnV Uneot
...unhoat. died of heart discus yoeUnlay,
Mr Cornell at bis home Iff this city at 13:80
I o'clock A. M . and Mr. Horton at his bomo In
Tror eight hours later. Thomaa D. Abrams,
-Erector of tlio company, died of heart dla
W tut four months ago. These men were the
M'J ,urrtvlng founders of the line, all of about the
rame ace. and each had amaesed a fortune In
the steamboat business. One ot tholr early a
octatcs. Col. MoArthnr, al6 dlod last summer;
Joseph Cornell iras born at Itosendale. N. Tu
tlttr-three rears ago. and went to school in
r the small towns nearby. As a young man he
went Into partnership with his brother Thomas,
who had established In 1843 the Cornell line
I steamboats on the Hodson, Aftor number
of rears he soldont his share fn the business
SnS started theSatskill line. He malnufnod
thS for tiro or thrco rears, and . foldlt. only to
iiirtthe Tror line a few months later. This
K f thebasls oflhe OJitUene; line. and Mr.
Cornell was Its President from the Winning.
it tit became richer be startedothqr lines,
and at the time of his death wasPresldcnt of
the New Brunswick. Auboy and New fork
Fteamsblp Company, the Keyport Steamship
fornranr and the Kerport and Now York
New Grand Hotel In the western CaUkllta nnd
iiio Ormt Hou at Catsklll, He wai a mem-h-rot
the St. Nicholas Society. He eopmed In
Sod health on Thursday and to at -his offlce
usual. When he. returned to his home.
t'HIUMt Fortv-ninth street, he complained
t( a blllottn attack, but as It aeomed trlQlnc did
Dotsend torn physician. At, midnight ho be
came tnuoh wnrso and ho died boforg ft doctor
road be got. Four children surtlvo him. Mrs,
Wr Evan Young and 8. J. OonieU. Peter J. Cornell
kS and Frederick Cornell.
tmit; Not. 12 -Cart Georg VT. Horton.
H Tlee-Preeldent nnd ceneral manager of the
mW Citizens' Steamboat Companr. died suddenly
ths morning., at his home In Brunswick.
Ho had sutTered from heart disease
lor eeveral rears, but his death was wholly
kH unexpected, Ifo retired. In apparent good
health on f rldnr night, but about 0 A. M, fell
Intoafslnt. A rl-jsloian was summoned, bntbo-
(ore his arrival Capt. ilorton bad expired. Capt.
H Horton wa born in Esopus. Ulster county.
March 18. 183D. lie was of Quakor descont,
B hh father. David Horton. a native of Orange
m county, holding the highest offlce in the Quaker
1 Cant ilorton and Mr. Cornell knew eaoh that
1 the other was amicted with a disease similar to
m hli own. and they had frequently dlsauaaed
M their physical condition and spoken together
B n! death. Just before leaving Mow York on
trlday Capt. Woleott of ths stoamer Cltr ot
Troy wm directed by Mr. Cornell to deliver
m to Capt. Horton the message that if the latter
H felt indlipoed he should be ot good cheer and
I remember that rluok was mora than halt the
hattle of Hie .When Capt. Wplcott reached
H Tror he le arnedof tho doath of Capt Horton.
I and, upon telephoning tho fact to Mr.
K Cornell s offlce in New York, was Informed
1 of the latter t death. Capt Horton Is survived
H bra widow, a daughter, Mls Isabel Horton.
andtwosoo William H. Horton and Qoorge
L. Horton. The latter went to Hanover. N. U ,
H resterdar as a member ot ths Williams Ool
H lege football team.
H Cajlao Klementa Amalgamated irtth a
H Translation ot n Viennese Comedy.
H Tlennese comedy has boon for years and
H yean an unchanged theatrical output Casino
txtravaganza has been for a lets period an
tquallr distinct stage product The two kinds
H of entertainment wore amalgamated t tho
Casino last night in " A Dangerous Maid." Byd-
ner Bosenfeld had mixed the two things expert-
ly. He had made a free translation of " Helsses
I Elut," blended with it matter ot his own, verses
I by Louis Harrison, tunes by Fred J. Eustls and
I Leopold Bchenk. and embellished the result
I with gay sights devised by George W. Loderer.
B The play thus constituted was a departure
I from what had beon usual at that the
I itre in containing a serious story. A Hun
I. nrlan girl iiuarrelled nltli br lover on
ths night before her wedding, aud made it up
I vith him noit morning. But In the night she
dlttmcrt that she ran away to become a suo
n eesttul actress in Vienna, was followod there
I fcjtomeof hor Tillngo folk and fought a duel
tUo a woman who was her rival in love and
art Tho action began at hor homo, but soon
svsti it the Austrian capital, and finally
returned to where it had started, the audience
getting no intimation until it was nearly over
tha mott of it was a dream. Tho provoca
tion to tho duel and the fighting ot it woro
the serious episodes that the sleepng girl
imicieed Each was treated with dra
matis vim, and far from ineffectually.
It Madce Lcsslng and Laura Burt They
quarrelled violently over Julius Stelgor, and
made a stirring climax ot the challenge and its
acceptance Perhaps the spectators. Knowing
they were In tho Casino, expected that the
light In the ennulng aut would be an indecorous
exhibition. They had read that it had been
aggested by the picture "An Affair of
Jtonpr which shows two women fencers bared
to the hlri. and thiy may have oounted on a
faithful imitation. Miss Leasing and Mlsa Burt
Hopped their dlsrobement with corsets and
chemises still on. They were suoh comely
antagoniste, however, and tholr use of the foils
wut? gracefully active that everybody who
b V should havo been gladly satisfied
..The dramatic element in "A Dangerous
Maid was a minor one, and did not crowd
that which was fnroical. Tho dream of the
Hiracarlan girl transported her to the stage of
a Vienna theatre when a rehearsal was going
en, and after that to a free-and-easy publlo
jarden. The fun lay with a theatrical wlg
jpaicer, acted by am Bernard, who spoke, as
Mu&L In unQnlshcd sentences and wlthaludlc
wa'Oerman accent; a stage manager by Bloh
amy, Urrotl. who was comic In his acoustomed
jays: an old beau of tho foyer by William Nor-ii'-'hogave
a careful impersonation, and a
oarp-tpngued wife by Mario George, who
?aiJ,ulck 5s I'ehtning. These four had comlo
K&wMfl llTeJ' danoes. Mlsa George
iSlj!r,..?ori"lXd .mde the best of their
S,1KPunl"e L Their comedy and dancing.
?,,Jf" w" of the rrae Casino order, pleased the
tkiifi Part'0?1"'1- They eaoh had songs
which drew forth entliuslastln enooros. Madge
ing was quite as pleasing in herslnglngaa
Vi ""o dramatic portion of her performance.
Jk.1'. ".was sho who gained tho major
.iiSJ.0!.no opening's applause A Freneh
4 S5K&.V11?1 c ara Lardlnoia. was very ao
Jn'Ab' ,n ,h,r llr8t ons ho' with her sooond
one her welcome wore out Laura Burt acted
r.,iui1?m.atl0,o.rvorBnd brought the Casino
d?m.M9 to aerlousnesa with a bounoeby a
fiS?llei,WWn describing an aotor in his dlf
erent guibes.
iudrttl.,.w5,af u'J.r MPets. " A Dangerous
SV. w,"llom.lnble..The scenes represent
SL'i, ty ""flon, and n secluded wood were
ilCEfe!1' JPletprlal. Tho costuming was
S.MU coPio 'renuont changes, oddly
tuEi iVn t8 dosigns.and altogether
laini .i" C(?1ior"'. tho bftlIt assemblages
$. agreeably barmon ous Casino fin
Lf,'" n?t laokinc. though less perplst
BndiViJ.u,ual ?nii w"at thef "as of bold
wasB7.a. oxpfoltaa avlons: wttU raiment that
Pra'seworthy so far aslt went
Jtlne rails Tbroueh a Bridge-On Man
wniCi:N,Y"Nov- 12--A Peculiar acoldent
"Fpened three miles from Ithaca early this
.m . Brlveilr Bush and a man ot tho
ne of Lee were crossing a bridge on the
r!1V""'L:l-awannaand Western Bailroad
ikt'. 01. trac"on engine, having been
orId,w5.buc.lc7h(!aUt tfintbr farm. The
tiieatiduS.i",ronKOJ,oun hold the en-
Wiroad l.55v T1 II8 "eV fell on the
Jti wa, ir.a,c,k S1" W'h wa oo " under slda.
MewM.I'T k." eU- helng cute can In two.
Ini : iX.nL0.u,'r.,njl,red' The regular even-
a riiM?hf.eitr.lD Rn the railroad had lust
1 eoDl2iii,nKlnk60tr1rtnoacodt resulted.
L depot anrt'r.?.1? tDS vicinity sent word to the
fr aid4b?4the nolt" are now bolne o'e-d "
I T,1"t0r r"'l,,' BasIgnaUon Accepted.
ll6nfV,lnl0t nnaoImousTob thecongrega
1,7', , Ul''versallst Ohuroh of Our Father
the P. i? hM aceeP'6i the resignation of
miiJiffB.rd Lls Pease as pastor, and it
l'rpdiffou.J''ni1.- 'Iber had been a
"r reu?.W?1' ?olnlon between the Kst.
"'t quMtim? dJh" 'pes of the ohuroh on
T'WMhi fnur?' oont.lnuJP Ml? eTenlngssr
fortHet(attrnm!rc?nt?Dd"'n '"at Itwoudbo
I '."em Thi. P.'tf u i the church to abandon
J "'. t.ale'.Ve'.li'n'aToi10 h i th Br'
M l)'rrad. Bob Brawn In JaU.
M UaSSw ' NT- -Bol' Drown, who for
!! wife'! ?. " f, ht. murdd four members of hU
11 ' slr3 ' r '! lu ,a" he "trongly guarded.
I rtowwii'ft,!"' S'eh.t.oplr when Hherift
1 Meooe?al.n ttlo..nro h barn. In which he
MT "ed tl ri" U.J then only after be had en-
m u'5u?B9,u0erwaiiiJ?ffina Ua aLt two
btblop'm Mionr or tub sionnaAir.
He Saved Tilmaelt In tho Mlaten nigging
Ufe-Savlng Appliances Need Improving.
John Hyslop, the offlolal measurer ot ths
Kew Tork yacht Club, who was one ot the pas
sengers on the Atiantio Transport liner Mo
'hegan when she sank fen tho Manacles, off the)
south coast ot England, was a passsnger on ths
Ounarder TJmbrla, whloh cams in yesterday.
Us was met at the whart by his daughters and
a group ot friends.
I was fn tho soa," he said, "from 7 o'clock
at night until a o'clock tbenoxt morning bo
fore I was ploked up. My own sufferings I
may forget, but I shall never torget the awful
soenes around me when forty or more persons
were drowned. It Is beyond human reason to
ooncelvo the cause of the loss ot the Mohegan.
The only person who oould explain it was the
Captain, who went down with tho shin, Whon
the steamer struck I was below. I ran on
deck, and saw Capt Griffith, on tho bridge giv
ing orders to dear away the boats. I did not
a man who was not doing all that he oould
In such an sraergenor, The first offloer was
Vie last man to dive into the sea from tho stem
of the ship as sho went down.
. "The night was perfectly, clear and the
shore was'vlslblo from the deoks, The Man
acle rooks were olose at hand. I know that
even It ths boats wero got dear there
would not be time to get away more than
enough of them to take oft tho women, and I
determined to take my chances in the micron
rigging. While I wasgetting aloft the Mo
hegan 's stem settled so that the water over
took me and wont over my head. Gradually
I climbed higher, but sometimes I had to stand
upon one toot to seep my head above water.
There was a young man between mysolt and
the baokstay and a lite buoy within reach, but
I. had given my knife to some one to out away
the boats, and I could not free the, life buoy.
It was out adrift later, and then I folt caster.
The Mohegan's stern did not remain abovo
water more than twelve minutes arter she
stmok. The darkness, the heavy listing ot the
vossel from side) to side. andUhe inner sot ot
rails on the deck ail hamporod the men in get
ting the boats away. I do not think there was
any deflolenoy of life belts, asJ saw persons all
about roeC wearing them. It was high tide
when 1 got into the rigging, and tho sea
surged well up toward all those In the rigging.
As the seas swept up I oould hear the cries ot
the.women nnd children who wore hidden from
me in the shadows, but wero almost within
my reach.
As tho ship settled, the surge she raised,
swept a score or more of the passengers into
eternity. It was wrong and unfortunate that
tne vessel was supplied only with eleotrle,
lights. When her engines stopped every light
was extinguished, and we were left in dark
ness. Had there beon even a single lamp at
the masthead, it would havo served as a )oa
non to guide the life savers to us, and many
more lives might have been saved.
It la useless to say that the Inner rails on tho
deok did not retard the men in their efforts to
clear away the boats. There has been disas
ter after disaster at sea, and yet pone of them
has led to a needed Improvement in life-saving
methods. The lifeboat of to-day Is ths same
as that of ten years ago. Improvements have
beon made in every othor feature ot a ship, but
?ione in these. When the sudden call comes
or their use and tho ship is swaying from side
to. side the tackle or something else la found
to bo out of order, and the boats cannot bo Bet
free. 1 hope the Uobegan disaster will lead
to a proper Improvement In the life-saving
apparatus of passenger vessels."
Among the other passengersof the Umbria
was J. P, Firing of Bloomfleld. N. J., a paymas
ter In the United States Navy. Ho brought
with him the bodies ot'hla wife and daughter,
who were drowned by the sinking ot tho Mo-hecan.
She Ides In Two Fathoms of Water. One
Mile Ofl Cat Island.
WisniNOTOH, .Nov. 12. Confirmation of the
report that the Maria Teresa was ashore on
Cat Island, in the British Bahamas, was re
ceived by the Navy Department to-day In s
telegram sent from Nassau. New Providence,
by Lieut. Craven ot the tug Potomac whloh
was ordered to proceed from Santiago to search
tor tho abandoned war vessel. Lieut Craven's
despatch follows:
"Nissiu.NoT. 12.
"The Potomao arrived. The Maria Teresa
lies near Bird's Point Cat Island, one mllo off
shore. In two fathoms ot water. The tide is
rising and falling Inside. The temporary dock
Is broken up and all movable articles removed
by natives. The Vulcan has not boen seen.
Natives have been at work since Saturday."
After consulting with Capt Grownlnshleld.
Chief of the Navigation Bureau, (decretory
Long sent orders to Lieut Craven to proceed
to Cat Island without delay to prevent further
looting of the Maria Teresa. This step will
probably bring tho legal aspect of the Maria
Teresa's recovery to a head. Lieut Cravon has
Instructions to drive the rapacious natives off
the cruiser, and It Is expected that the people
so driven off will tile a claim for salvage. They
are British subjects and can appeal to a British
Admiralty court for redress. It la believed in
offlolal clroles. however, that the British Govern
ment will Interpose no objeotion to the United
Btatos assuming control of the Maria Teresa,
Srotectlng the Interests of Its subjects through
iplomatto means or an Admiralty court, Na
tional ships and men-of-war are not considered
treasure trove. Thero is said to bo only one
cose on record whoro one government tried to
secure possession of the warship ot another
government under the Admiralty laws. This
was in connection with the grounding of the
United States ship Constitution (Old Ironsides)
on the British coast She was deserted by her
crew at tho time and the British authorities
?lalmad her as derelict The case was settled
d favor of the United States.
No action toward tho recovery of the Maria
Teresa will bo taken by the Navy Department
until a report has been received ot the exami
nation mado by Naval Constructor It P. Hob
son, who is on the repair ship Vulcan, one ot
the vessels sent out to find the cruiser. The
Vulcan Is probably already at the scene of tho
wreck. If there Is the slightest chance of sav
ing the Maria Teresa the effort will be made.
NonroLX, Va.. Nov. 12. The Merrltt & Chap
man Wrecking Company this evening de
J patched their derrick steamer Merrltt to Cat
eland. Bahamas, to assist Lieut Hobson in
floating for the second time tho abandoned
orutser Infanta Maria Teiesa. The, Merrltt
sailed at nightfall, and will reach Cat Island in
about forty-eight hours. 8he Is under com
mand of Capt Davis, her former commander,
Caot. Woleott. who heroically stood by the
Teresa until all her crew were saved when she
was abandoned, being very ill as the resnlt ot
exposure during that memorable storm. The
eighteen Cuban firemen who were rescued
from the Teresa and brought here by tho Mer
rltt left on her to-night. They will do sent to
Cuba from Nassau.
TVomnn Killed by Grocery TTagon.
Isabella Parks. 00 years old, ot 331 West
Nineteenth street was run over and killed yes
terday morning at Eighth avenue and Twenty
first streefby a grocery wagon driven by Frank
Bertzold of 207 Columbus avenue. The woman
was employed as a saleswoman in a Twenty
third street dry goods store and was on her
way to work when the accident occurred. Bert
pold. tho driver, was arrested and arraigned
before Coroner Fitzpatrlck. who admitted him
to bail pending the Inquest.
Young Women as Pallbearers.
Blx young women, members of the Society of
Children of Mary, were pallbearers yesterday
at the funeral of Miss Elizabeth M. Logan, one
of their companions, who was treasurer of tho
eoolety. The funeral services were held in St
Patrick's Cathedral. The girls were olad In
blaok. with long white veils, and were precede
ed by two similarly dressed flower bearers,
oarrylng a large cross and a pillow ot whlto
Th Weather.
yalr weather prevaUsd over all ths country yw-,
terday, save tor light rain In Texu and the Arkansas
Valley and light enow in southern Kansas. There
were no storms developing, and the pressors was
generally high. Ths hlghast was over the UlddU
Atltntlo States. Freezing temperatures wr re
ported throughout New England, northern Haw York
and all the Korthwsst flutes. Ths lowest was 10
above aero at Lander, Wyo. In New EiigUad the
lowest was 14 atXorthnsId. Vt It la likely to be
fair and warmerln this section to-day.
It waa fair and alightly warmer here yestsrdayi
highest official temperature waa 7, lowut S3
average humidity 72 per wnti wind generally
northerly! avenge velocity 13 miles aa aourj ba
rometer eorraoted to road to eta level at 8 A. U.
B0.SS. BP.U. 80.S&.
The temperature' aa recorded by ths offlolal ther
mometer and also by Tn Bon's thermometer attire
street level la shown In the annexed tablet
Otcfel-. tfun'i r-OJMl- Bun'i
1SJ8. IS91. i!U lUS, 1131. ISSI.
ft A. U 811 42 8 P, M.4i 40 43
12U....44 44 41 81'. U.42 88 42
8P.II.4li 43 45 12 Uid.,41 BO' 40
wunnioTos roasouT roa suhd.it.
VotUassacbnsetU fair; warmer In weak portionj
fresh southerly winds.
Tta Bhode Island and Oenaeetlent. falri winds
shifting to fresh southerly,
ItrtmtUm tit Yvrt, inoreowveioudteMi toarwurf
fri& uuOtrlv wnd.
rortheDlttrist ot Colombia, eastern Pennsylva
nia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia,
warmer and cloudy, with possibly showers in the
afternoon or at nbtbt; freah sontbtaaUrly winds.
JPor western Pennsylvania western Hew York and
Ohio, skewers; wannin fresh, aaatedwladav
citAVKOBt rmra tub xroxrnxT
All the Field rennllied In ths Kickers'
Handicap at ths Marino and Tleld
Btaten Island Ptajers AeUve Mies He
Cormaok Lends In rotting at Ardaley.
Until the snow buries tbo links there will he
matches on each Saturday at the Dykor Mea
dow Golf Club. Tho event yesterday was ths
regular monthly handicap. In which the follow
ing cards wero returned:
David Ohauneay Gnu. Wcur-Jfil
PUU....B 4 i 4 a a B 4 -
In 0 B $ 4 0 7 0 to 2 d GB
Lloyd Balms
OUU.....7 B 4 T T O 8 t 8-6B
In.......7 SmTI M 0-7-8to OS
' Horman 8. Dike
Out 7 B 8 4 7 7 7 B--B4
m.... 410 t i d i t e-ci-aiB ni-ioi
Harrln Lyon '
PUU....0 6 0 8 9 8 7 8 088
n....S 8 6 8 7 0 8 8 7-oo-10l.a B7
' Prank Iiyraan
fetf . . S 8 VI Ui8-a,.aoS
J.ILireTTttt- mm
Out.....7 B 6 7 B 810 C 68
ln.7 0 6 8 B 0 8 B B CO-108 7 St
On account ot ft delay In posting the an
nouncement only Uto returned cords In the
November general handicap at the Crosoont A.
0. yesterday. Tho scores weroi
a i. Patereon ?ri. JTapru.
Oat.-.. .7 7 8 8 P B 4 0 460,
ln...":.:7 0 8 B 2 4 6 4-47- 87 df. 78
W.B.Begel0W . ..
0nt..M.10 8 8 8 0 7 8 8 6 BB
In.. ...0 B 8 B B 8 B B 6 SO 105 .1 tV
ILA.Tueker . ..
Oa...7 7 8 8 6 8 8 8 6 BB
In 6 8 0 8 0 8 S 447-402 Jt 01
O. W. Smith
Out B 7 7 B B P 7 7 B-B7
ln..-.8 0 8 0 8 7 8 7 6-68-410-5 J 82
I,. D. Brder
Oat 8 7 B 8 6 7 7 4 B 88
In 6 8 8 7 4 8 4 8 062-410 0 110
In the continuation of tho matoh play for the
President's Cup J. a 1'owers beat a B, Van
Brunt by 2 up and 1 to play: H. Q. MoKoaver
beatw. B. Bhett by Sup and 2 lo play, and H.
S.Bowns beat J. L. Taylor, by I up and 'i to
In tho eoml-flnals for the women's cham
pionship ot the Eoglowood Golf Club, played on
Friday. Mrs. J. A, Wells beat Mrs. H. Ogden by
''Sup and 1 to go. and Mrs, Frank Enoa beat
Miss L. Mowry by 4 up and U to go. The finals
will be played to-morrow. ,
MotrrciAin. Kov. 12. Tho second round In
the handicap competition ot the Glen Bldgo
Golf Club members for the Isaao Bnedeker
Silver Cup was played this afternoon. Clarence
Place again played brilliantly. No cards wore
kept, the Boorlng being dono by holes and the
handloapsbeing by strokes perhole.H. U. Kelly
and Itlrk Brown tied and will playoff next ttat
urday, when the thlrtl round will also be played.
Flayers, with handicaps and results, follow t
Dr. W. B. Broughton. aeratch. beat Edward N. Bris
tol. 12. by 8 ppfJ. W. UMwart, scratch, beat O. U.
Bherman, 8, by B np; nobertL, Johnstone, 4, beat
BcoU Lord, IS. briupi 1L It Kelly, i and Kirk
Brown, 8, Uedi Clarenoa Plaoe. 2, beat D. H, Stand
ian, 8. by 2 up, Dr. J. E. Wuaon, aeratoh, beat T. 0.
Kanerer, soxatoh, by 4 mot O. D. Hapgood. B. beat
T. K. Benton, laTbr 9 upi Charles Dayton, o, beat T.
L. Kelley, 10, By 4 up.
- Bo many of the Ardslvy Club members were
at the Princeton-Tale football game yesterday
that the regular handicap was postponed, but
the women pi ay ora met in a closely contested
Suiting match for a oup and a second prize.
he eoores In this erent follow:
MIm UcCormaok. 41 ! Hewitt, 43 Uisa Ethel
Goal J. 44j UUu Edith Ooaid. 44 1 Miss Williamson.
44 airs. O. 4. Dud. 44; Mrs. Vanderhoff. 48 1 Un,
rarga.4e:MiaaOraoa Pnuer, 40 1 Mlsa lUrron. 4B
lira. Herbert Parsons, 4n: Uias One Williamion,
4N JUas Praier, 4; Mrs. Ellttrldsa, 61.
A "kickers" handicap was the novelty tried
yesterday at the Marine and Fiold Club. In
which each contestant fixed his own rating, the
winner to bo the ono who should make tho net
score nearest to tho score made In the compe
tition by Gwathmey. As a further condition
all who failed to return a net scoro within throe
strokes ot Gwathmey bad to para penalty of
60 cents. Gwathmey'a oard was one of the
worst he has made this year and the remark
able result was that ths entlro Held had to pay
a penalty. The scores:
Onu. ITeap, Jvei,
J. T. Gwathmey ... 10 o Joa
O. 4. Boody ..17 27 100
H. 0. Anlbi'Hy .. ...187 40 07
E.0 Lookwood... -..11U 24 CS
W. II. Garland ........... .107 13 SB
k U.WiLklns.. .. .... .118 34 4
Percy Mallette 108 16 V8
A-J.SUeldon. ....... 118 1-0 88
Carl Gordon beat G. E. Armstrong for the
ohamplonsbtp ot tho Harbor Hill Golf Club yes
terday and for the possession of the cup played
for semi-annually. Gordon won first place in
the preliminary medal and match play, held on
Saturdays during October, which gave him the
right to challenge Armstrong for the title and
oup. Both played a strong game. Gordon win
ning by 4 up and 3 to play In thirty-six holes.
There was considerable desultory play at the
Bt Andrew's Golf Club yesterday, but tbo final
matoh scheduled tor the possession ot tho
W. H. Bands enp was not held, A. De Witt
Cochran o taking the oup by default trots W. T.
Grey. The four medal play rounds, each ot
thlrtl -six holes, two in the spring and two in
October, were Intended to bring out the four
winners at matoh play yesterday, but as Oouh
rone won throe of tho contests and Grey, the
winner of the other match. I laid up with a
weak ankle, the former received the prise by
A men's foursome handicap was held at the
Btaten Island Cricket and Baseball Club yes
terday, the prize? being two handsome cups.
Hn their gross scores the winners wereE. L.
Iphards and A. P. Keller, but the actual re
sults will not be known until the Golf Com
mittee meets to-morrow to. Ox the ratings of
those who played. The cards yesterday were:
E. L. Bioharda and A. P. Keller
Out 6 H 4 6 B 4 4 6 8 8
In 4 B 4 8 7 6 4 4 6 43 88
J. B. Chadwuk and E. D. Orowell
Out...- B B 6 0 B 7 440
In 6 7 6 0 7 B 4 4 447 88
J, Max CaiTera and O, noofaneyer
Oat 0 B 6 6 0 6 8 8 B 48
In. 6 B 8 8 B B 7 7 648 88
Tt Bt 0. Walker and A. nolllck
Oat 7 7 6 8 7 B 4 6 85
In B B 4 7 7 0 4 6 852 107
Dr. Johnson and E. D. Orowell
Out B 8 6 710 0 8 0 4 E8
In... 6 8 4 7 8 7 8 710-81 118
The winners in the six monthly handicaps of
the season met in a special contest for a cup at
the Biohmond County Country Club yesterday.
Two ot the starters, E. 0. Schuylor and A. P.
Ilipley, withdrew, learing Talntor the winner,
as the cards showl
a W. Talntor OrJTp.tftt.
Out.....-;. 8 10 3 4 4 4 6 7 840
In 6 8 0 4 B 6 4 6 447 OS 7 89
Otto nockmeyer
Out ......8 5 4 4 8 0 4 8 444
lil 4 7 8 0 4 4 4 6 718 80 0 00
J. B. Chadwick '
Out 7 6 8 B 6 8 8 7 6-GO
In 0 7 B B 8 4 0 0 t IV 88 I BS
J. Bingham
Out 7 0 7 8 7 8 8 8 8-80
In .-.-..6 7607480 B-CO 110 8 102
Newpobt, Nov. 12-The Newport Golf and
Country Club closed to-night for the season,
and Superintendent Willie Davie will go to
Washington to assume charge ot tho golf olub
there. Work has boen begun on a now shop
for the golf professional. It. being situated be
side the first teeing ground, the old house to be
given up to caddie Quarters. -
PLLBrraxD, Nov. 12. The finals for ths
Chapman ohamplonshlp cup were played this,'
afternoon on the Hillside Tennis and Golf
Club grounds, and resulted in C. W. Flsk beat
ing It. M. Bhepard by 2 up and 1 to go. The
next event on the course will be the mixed
ioursomes for the Gilbert cup. which will be
played on Thanksgiving morning,
Janowskl played twenty-eight members of
the Manhattan Chess Olnb on Friday evening.
Play began at B 25 o'clock and finished at 12:10
o'clock yesterday morning. Ha had won ten
games, lost seven to Uuth, Green, Bocamora,
Herbert Itossnteld, H. J, Bauvelle, Marshall and
Ferguson: drew eleven games, against A.
Ettllngor. V Kttllnger. De Vlsser, Ilanham, Dr.
Bauvelle. Maoaulsy, Hootorltosepfold, toeliler,
Von der Werra. Bostwiok and pshL Janowskl
said after the conclusion of play that he never
bnd encountered suoh a etrongteam, lie made
001 moves in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Bbpwal
ter and Janowskl have agreed to besln play in
their match on Friday next at the Manhattan
Chess Olub.
JUTeKlnley Sends m Widow 90,
Eoxomo, Ind.. Nov. 13. Mrs, James Jones
received a letter from President McKlnley to
day. Her husband was the artilleryman killed
by the premature discharge of a cannon In
alutlng the Presidential train when it passed
hrougn here three weeks ago. The President
expressed sympathy or the bereft family and
rtarr onni:its.
Herr Assignments ot Officers Totnnteer
Officers Honorably Discharged.
Washington, Nov. 12. These army orders
wero published to-day by the War Department:
Capt Henry L. Itlpley, Third Cavalry, Is detailed
as a member of the Board ofOfnosra appointed to
meet at BprlngfleM armory to eiamlne Into the
Question of a revolver most suitable for the cavalry
arm ot the United Btates Army, vlee Capt Oeorgs A.
Dodd, relieved. '
Lieut-Got John B. UeDonalJ, first Alabama Vol
.unteer Infantry (Captain Third Cavalry), is relieved
from further duty at the South Carolina Military
Academy, Cbarleaton, and In joining the Third Cav
alry will proceed via Charleston.
Lleut-Ool. rrank D. Baldwin, Inspector-General,
will proceed to Kiowa Indian agency, Oklahoma Ter
ritory, Ipr the purpoeo of adjusting his property ao
count a acting Indian agent
Vpon the recommendation of the Commanding
Oeneral, Second Army Corps, the following changes
In the assignments of general offlceri in that oorps
are announcedi Brlc-Oen. Jacob Kline Is rsllaved
from his assignment to the Third Brigade, Second
Division, and asatgned to command the First
Brigade, Second division, and will Join his brigade
at Greenville, B. 0.1 Brlg.-Oen. Nelson Cole la re
lieved from duty with the Second Brigade, 'Third
Division, and assigned to command ths Third
Srlgade, Second Division.
Capt OhaunceyB. Baker, Aaalatant Quartermaster.
V. B. V., la relieved from duty with ths Sevonth
Army Corps and will take station at Savannah, Ga
and assume charge of the duties ot purchasing, Uu
ing and shipping quartermaster stores at that place.
Major Edwin A. Hoot Engineer Oorps, is assigned
to duty as enirlneer officer. Department of Porto
ltlco. Second Lieutenant Ilobort W. Rodman, IT. S. V,,
Signal Corps, will proceed by next tramport from
New York city to Santlaco and report in person to the
commanding General there for duty with the vol
unteer slcual comi any,
Pirst Lieut. UlooiuiieM Usher, Company E, Tvren
ty-eecond hew lork Infantry. Is relieved from fur
ther duty with Usttery L, sixth Artillery, and will
proceed to i'urt Blocum for muster out with his
ritirf m in
Capt. William P. Williams, Assistant Quartermas
ter, will proceed to this city for consultation with
the Quart rmaaterOc neral of the army.
LIeut.-Co!. AW11 T. 5Ir, I6rth Indiana Volnnteer
Infantry (Captain 1'ltteesth Infantry), chief muster
ing ooicerat Indianapolis, is dealznated as Special
Inspector to lnnpeci such unserviceable Quartei
master's property as may he submitted to Llm by
musterinR officers
Actlnz Aaaiftant Rnrgeon George O. Morris Is re
lieved from duty at Ponce, Porto Woo, and will pro
ceed to this cltr,
Lleut-OoL Edward Irarr, Bncond United States
Volunteer Kmrlneen (Captain Oorps or Enciueers,
D. 8. A.), will reiwir to this city and report in perron
to the Chief ot Engineers for temporary duty in his
First Lieut. George L. Byram, Pint Cavalry, la de
tailed as Acting Judge-Advocate ot the Department
of the Colorado.
The following officers have been honorably dla
ehanrod from the volunteer armyt a-cond Lieut. Al
fred A. Smith, Flrvt District of Columbia Infantry)
Capt, William K. Aleiander. Aafilstant Qnartermaa
ter; Lleuu-Col James L. Lusk, Chief Engineer, U. 8.
V, (Captain, Corps of Engineers. U. B. AJ, to take
effect Deo. 7 Ileul-Ool. Georce O. Bqnler. U. 8. V.
Sumal Dorrs tPirat Ueutcnant, Third Artillery), Den.
7t Major Robert B. a Dement, engineer oftlcer, U.S.
V. Jan. 7. 1BB9 Capt. John a Brooxenridge, As
sistant Qwartermaster.
Orders Issnod to Send the Now York Troops
Ilome from Ilonoltila.
Ba TnAMCTSco, Not. 12. Tho Tlrst Begl
ment. New Tork Volunteer Infantry, will
spend Christmas at their homes. Gen. Mer
rlam received a tologram from Washington to
day ordering transports to be sent to Honolulu
without delay to bring the New York troops to
Ban Franotsco. From here they will be sent
without delay to New York, after which the War
Department will doclde on their disposition.
The military authorities here think that tho
regiment will bo mstored out
The order from the War Department fol
lowed the recommendation by Gen. Merriam
that therclment bo brought home, owing to
the epidemic ot typhoid fovor In Camps Mo
Kinley aud Otis in Honolulu.
Members of the Commission Will Tnko
Testimony In This City This Week.
Washington-, Nov. 12, Gon. Dodge and the
sub-commltteo of tho War Investigating Com
mission returnod thU morning from Detroit,
and a meeting ot tho commission was held to
day, the only absentees being Gen. Alexander
MoD. IfoCook and ex-Gov, Woodbury of Ver
mont. 'Arrangements wero mado for a full
sossion on Monday, when several witnesses
will be oxamlnod.
Next week's work has been mappod out.
Testimony will be taken here until tho latter
part of tho week, and then the commission will
go to New York and examine witnesses In that
city. The session will be held In one ot the
hotels In New York, and one day will be do
voted to an Inspection of Montaok and the
scene of Camp Wlkoft. Among the witnesses
who will be examined here next week are Gen.
Breckinridge, who was at Camp Thomas.
Chickamauga: Col. Humphres, chlof quarter
master ai Santiago: Ool. Knox, who was
wounded in tho Hitntiago campaign, nnd Gen,
Young. It Is tho intontion of the commission
not to examine (Jen. Mllos and Gen. Uhattor
until toward the closo of the Investigation.
Another witness who will appear before tho
commission Is Dr. Uuldekoper, about whom
there has been much criticism.
Gen. Dodge announced this afternoon that It
la probable that the commission will conclude
its Investigation by Jan. 1, It may be decided
to abandon the proposed trinto Cuba and Porto
ltlco. The testimony already taken Is now in
the bands of the Government Printer, and
copies lor tha uso of the commission will be
ready within two weeks
improvements at the rontons Winter Beaort
Among tho-Jersey Pines.
LaxrwooD, N. J., N6v. 12 The Lakewood
Hotel, tho big hostelry in tho pines, will open
on next Saturday, Nov, 10. The-number ot
guests booked In advance indicates an unusu
ally successful 6eason,
This year the man agementhasshown greater
activity in providing for the comfort and enter
tainment of Its guests than ever. Besides nu
morous new private baths ot Improved modern
construction, the water cure has been greatly
oxtended and improved.
This watercurels certain to mean a grant
deal for the future of Lakewood. In Europe,
the Charcot cure at Psrln. and the ono founded
by Prof. Erb at Heidelberg, are attended by
persons from ill parts of England and tho
Continent, nnd by not a tew from Amer
ica, Leading physlclanB throughout the
world have Indorsed tula method of treatment
for Insomnia and all tho forms of nervousness,
The euro at the Lakewood Hotel Is Identical
With those montloncd above, but Is supplied
with new and additional apnaratua for the ap-
illcatlon of the cure, which places It above as en
ts famous Prototypes. Tho air ot Lakewood Is
n Itself a eoporlflo.
Through negotiations with tha Golf Olub, be
gun last winter, the new links and artistic
clubhouse, with all the privileges attaohed to
both, are placed at the disposal of the guests of
the Lakewood.
One Killed and Another Wounded Mortally
in a lion in Iluntsvlllo, Ala.
nuNTSVELUE, Ala.. Nov. 12. Private Jackson
and Corporal Garrett, negroes. Troop H, Tenth
Cavalry, were shot last night by a negro com
panion. Jackson was killed Instantly. No ono
saw the tragedy, but three shots were heard.
"Horse" Douglass, a local negro tough, was
last seen with the two men, and he waa ar-
fested for tho crime. Three shells wore empty
n his pistol The supposed cause of the
iragedy was a dispute over a woman. Garrett
ias a bullet in his head and will die.
To Perform "In n Persian Garden."
On the afternoon of Deo. 1 a performance of
"In a Persian Garden" will be given at Sherry's
for the benefit of th Babies' IIospiUL Mrs.
Ford, Miss Marguerite Hals, and Mackenzie
Gordon, whose names arc inseparably asso
ciated with Mine. Lehmann's beautiful song
oyole, have been engaged; and Ericsson Busn
pelt will be heard In the part heretofore sung
by David Biepliam
Another attractive feature will beauppllod In
tho accompaniment ot Victor Belgl, who, dur
ing his recint stay In London, waa in olose
touoli with Mme Lehmaun, and received from
ber many valuable suggestions as to tlmo and
Ellenvllle Post OOloe Robbad.
MroDMTOwjf. N. Y Nov. 12. When Post
master L. B, Benedict went to the office In
Ellenvllle this morning he found that the aafe
had been blown open and $000 In stamps and
C17S In money stolen. The burglars effeoted
an entrance by tearing out the rear wall under
a window and dropping the sash, Aholswas
bored between the handle and the combination
of the safe, and powder was used. An Ontario
and Western handcar Is missing this morning,
and it is supposed, that tbo burglars escaped
Winter $r-
Shoes, J
h This line in stout
Ml i stornltproof weights of
IWl Black Box Calf.
JJM Black Wax Calf.
tilST Storm Russet Calf.
ii Enamel Leather,
f vSd If the last Is right there
jg m is a good start for the right
-TfjyjJa kind of a shoe tut1 only
,!rjj a start.
ib&Jm From choosing the
aiE leather to the lastfla-
Jshlng touch wo mean
to chancQ nothing,
365 BROADWAY, corner rranklln si.
1263 BROADWAY, bttsutandajdsta.
iSS BROADWAY, bettistanamits.
BnOOELTN-337 and 600 Fulton si
rUILADELPinA-728 Chestnut at,
Agencies throughout ths TAuted States. '
Hold Attempt at Highway Kobbery In Front
ot a Polios Station.
Miss Charity Kondriok of GSO Willoughby
avonno, Brooklyn, with another young woman,
sot out yosterday afternoon to attend tho mat
inee performance at the Montauk Theatre. Bhe
carriod hor opera glasses in a silk bag hanging
from the right hand. In front of the Vernon
avenue polloo station William Gearen. an ex
convict, stole up behind, selEed Miss Eendrick's
hand and twisted her wrist to make hor drop
the bag. Miss Kondriok hold on to her property
and screamed for help.
Police Oaptaln Lees, who was In plain clothes
only a feet a.way. ran up and Gearon fled, He
was pursued by Capt, Leos, who caught him at
the entrance to an apartment bouse opposite
the police station. Gearen was falcon to the
station house, whore lie said to Capt. lees:
I'm caught and I'll take my medicine. I
thought eho had a good fat pocketbook in that
, 'bidn't you think it was risky to do that in
front of a station bouse ? asked the Captain.
That's Just the plaooto do the triok. Tvo
done that befono and never was plnohed."
Gearen refuted to toll where he lived. About
two years ago he shot a woman in Flushing
uvonue 1 booause she dlsoardod him for another
man. She refused to prosecute him. Borne
time later hn stabbed a man in Myrtle avenue.
For this offence he was sent to prison and was
Snly recently released. His father Ts la tha
oldlers' Horns.
Secretary Alger Will Slake Via at It to
Answer Criticisms ot Ills Department.
WAsniKOTOT. Nov. 12. Tho annual report of
tho Burgeon-Genoral of tho army, which was
submitted to the Secretary ot War this week,
will probably be mado publlo within two or
throe days. In advanoe of the full report. Gen.
Sternberg provided a brief summary ot tho
facta and figures to be contalnod In tho docu
ment for the nss ot Secretary Alger in prepar
ing bis own report. Secretary Alger will make
special use of the Burgeon-General's report
with the Intention ot answering effectively the
wholesale criticism of the War Department
which followed the close ot hostilities against
Gen. Sternberg attempted In Preparing his
history of the operations of the Medical Corps
durlngtho war to disarm publlo criticism. Ho
deals In a rather pointed manner with the dis
pute between Gen. Shatter and himself in re
gard to the responsibility for the pnrtiai failure
of the Medical Department atBantlago, and tho
Buffering of the sick and wounded on the
transports returning to tho United Btates,
ixoxon to hero dieoxax.
One ot Hobson's Companions Kissed by
Girls In Uts Iowa Ilome.
Siuabt. la., Nov. 12. Osbom W. Diegnan,
one of the crew with Hobson on the Merrlmao,
had an enthusiastic reoeptton on his arrival at
his mothor's home hero to-day. Crowds were
out at every station to eoo him and choor him
as he passed through. When he reached here
he found a crowd of probably 2.000 people
with a band watting to do htm honor. Hi
mother was at the station, and with the help of
tome men succeeded In being the tint woman to
kiss her son A orowd of girls bad lined up, or
ganized to kiss him when he reached the plat
form, but they were frustrated for the time
being. The girls, however, had their chance
later at his mother's borne, and seventy-five or
a hundred ot them kissed him. To-night a
sword was presented to Diegnan at a public
DllrrjtiJ nnd rhoola.
I'or Boys and Young Men City and Country.
With the let of November opens Its now department,
to wit, the electrical Laboratory. Coune two yearsi
covers practical work and theory thereof, A limited
number ot outsiders admitted. Besslona in labora
tory and lectures In the afternoon Price $180 for
balance of the school year. O. YON TAUPE. Prln.
Select Catholto Boarding Bohool; advantages un
surpaaeedi new buildings: new ovali rates reasonable.
- Brother AUQUBT, West Chester. N. Y.
COLLEGE preparation! negleoted education!
private leasons &00.J languaces, elasslos, raatlie
maUcS; Prof. 01IAHE, 187 West attthst.
KTLIS Military Institute, Flushing. N. T. dermaa
Amerlean boarding sohool for boysi no snmmer
vacation! admission any timet boys always under
teachera' enparvlalon.
C9fifi EPNDITUIUS annually! young boys er-
'IS clualvelyt suburban location! exception
ally healthrnli unceasing personal supervision
For Girls Tonng Women City ft Country.
St. Martha's Industrial School.
naoNvi, n. v.
Under the charge of tha B1BTI18 OF BT. JOSEWI OV
NaZAKT11 (Episcopal). Industrial tralningf orglrls
of eood character to make them good houaekeepera.
Terms. ai0 n year. Wo vacations.
(Tree Scholarships limited.) Z, A. GOTTEN, 8upt,
Metropolitan Temple, 7th av. and lath at,
Bnslness Colleges.
"Can IorCan't I, Shall I or Shan't
I," Leurn Shorthand ?
STENOGRAPHY TreeclaaaWednesdaya,8:S0rL,
Ol-iwunarui wlU answer tlua tjuesUon.
ipunn tuniTiun Begular Sohool Session
TYPEWRlTlNQ o a. m. to a v. m.
...,. COACHING, AllSratema,
forbeglnnere and advanced
II EAST 4.8D (IT. pupils. S3 monthly,
V. . aAKHUII, Instructor. Identified as
teacher of Burns rhoplo Shorthand since '7
1 08.110 East lXoth Bt., near 1'ork Av.
Bead for large Illustrated Prospectus, It explains
all about the school.
BROWNE'S. (38lli Year.)
Brooklyn Business Collet" and
School of Bliorthand, Typewriting, c,
Su Pulton St., corner Clark,
Near Brides. Day and JCveninc
Individual Lessons. Begin any time.
of HiIn ess and Correspondence,
101, 1U8 aud 108 E. J8d Bt.
Indivtdaeltnitructiooi studrnt may enter at any
aims, Call or aeud for prospectus.
GBEOO'B BHOUTUAND the future stenocraphyi
aotual business! bookkeeping. Ilutherford's
School, Bt. James Dnildlng. Droadway and 18th.
GO TO TUB BEST. Thompson's Business College
and luaUtute of Telsarsphy, 30 th ar New
TKLE OBAPIiy. Private lessons by experienced
operator! students fitted for uialn line, write.
T-LEOIU-MEB, UBEast 126th st
In sit weeks for (8 or return moneyi nerhapaoan
and POSITION for yon, tool WltlT J, If Qoodwln,
Xxpert AccunUt, room !, l3Vb Droadway, M, X.
tii"mm. ia -afJvt!t,t
-oUrow nnd 5rliaalff.
w wi o ivia
AT 118 KAST 18TB ST.,
Kerr Vorlc Conservatory of Music.
113 KA8T WTn RT.,
Established 1B6J. chartered 1885. Empowered
to award Diplomas and confer Degrees.
yroraNKiia...,. for advanced rirrn
P.'.WJJJO.. 1 riANO
TIIE N. y. OONaiaiYATOIir, the 8rt org-snlratlon
in America, offers the accumulative advantsgea of
years of sncceful opsratlnn.
The BKNQWNKD COItra of lnslntclors aril from
jonnervatorles of Paris, Il)itlo, Dorlln, Drtlssflls,
Dreiden, Oolnirne, Ylmna. Munich, Milan and Naples.
N. 1) NO llltANtn. ENTinVLY Benarato from
other schools which Imitate iu name and methods.
Invites the pnhllo to aBongrtedlal, to be given by
the Jenny Llnd Olee Club and others of Mme,
Kwngh's pupils, at nABDUAN HALL, Nov. 18. at
Miss emma howson,
Prima Donna. Eoyal Italian and English Opera Co.
Lampcrti Method Absolutely' Taught
Tuesdays and Fridays. 08 PDTTII AVE.. N. t,
Oarefnl, competent teacher; special attention td
bet ersi Urtne reasonable. .Address
LENA UltDANO.aiO East 12th St.
Voteee tried Uondaye and Wednesdays, 2 to 4 P, U.
ssona resumed. Studio, 6S9 eogto n av N. Y,
Vpoal Oultnret Btudlo 8 East 14lh st., New York.
MONDAYB ,8955 Fslrroonnt ar,. Philadelphia.
Vocal Instructor, has removed to 603 Oarneale 11 al 1.
1208 Carneglo all. Bin gers coached, opera, orator
VOCAL STUDIO. 230 West 4(h st.
ptOPETENT teacher offers piano leesnna archanfte
forlnstrnctlonlndrrsnmsklng. LISZT, box 180
Bunuptown oftfee, 1885 Drcadway.
INSTItUCnoNlnmimToand lsnirtiases. Rt7West
LEAIIN to read music and to play 30 pretty pieces
on tha banjo, mandolin, violin, or Ktiltar: leeeona
private, (10 lnstrumenu furniihod free. Call day
or evening. J. P. DEAN, 838 ad av.
VOICESculttvated to hlchaet perfection by finished
pupil of the matchlte; Marchesl ot Paris; mod
erate. Verms. AddroaaS iaiNaTEAOIlI t, 330Weat
60th st, ot call 3 to e.
Schools for nngnagea.
283 80nI lEBUOKN ST. Phone 1.110 A D klyn.
Spanish, derm nn, French, Greek, Latin, c
Frenoh, Oerman, Italian, Spanish.
Ml 8th av,, southenst eorner adth St.
Slontclnlr Institute of Iforrlcn f.nngnnges,
81 8 Orange road. New Jereey. Board and day achol
an. Atleaat learn Portuguese and Bpaiilah and do
bnslness from North to South role.
IJTCENOn ACADEMY, 853 Brosdway. Trof. Derger
of Perlst French lessons: no payment in advance:
free trlaL
Dancing Academies.
Clae and private Instruction deny; fl 00 monthln
Mth st, 8th av, "Enoutth eald." Circulars,
Danoinc8chool.i tvtl7th t, nerUwar.
rnvate -.nd cla legion, daily t beglnpfra any time.
887 Hudson St.. near W. 11th st. Waltz and two-step
guarantelln 10 private lceaons; 85 olrc ar.
MB3. DE.IN'8, fl2S 8d av. Walte and two-stp
guaranteed, 85; lessons private; aucoess or no
Schools of Elocution and Dramntlo Arts.
ELOCUTION, voice training. Trenoh. German,
Sranlth, Italian, EnRllth: conversational Uitlh
od; terms moderate. ETNObLEY 8. 8 East 15th St.
Lyoeum, 38 West h st , P. V. Maokay and
EleanorOeonren. directors. Begular course. 8pnolal
and evening classes forming. Private lessons. Fenc
ing (Uegls Benao), Dancing, Student performances.
rorTL" STAMMERING-. ?erth
OKATOItY 12UB-Vay.OoV,PUn-m,fPrir.
Teachers, Classes, c.
PABEL HODGSON, 10 East 21st. DnunaUo elocn
tlon. bird nptee, special attention to etrengthen
tng voloe! art claenes.
Schools ot Physical Culture.
r. Howes scnooi, op rorsicAi,
8B8ad and vocal culture. Why have de
B if B f ccta in your tinging or speaking
B V TDl0 wli,n Uy can ,J8 absolutely
H IEKb overcome? Voices tried free. Send
for book and circular, 40 engvav
aPHV Iocs, free. Bcientlfio vocal culture.
P V E. 14th at. New York.
S-nfi-LCY jan,i oniLDitEN.
GYMNASIUM' 154 west 07m ht.
Bpeclnl Hoys' Class. Poncing.
WOODS' IIonahaiTllnxlnc,
CTSINASIU3I, Tralnluir. Baths, 4c.
O E. 88th Bt. Entrance, f,; monthly dues. i
Wanted 4rraalM.
BOOEPINDEIIS Experienced hand folders want
ed; steady work. J. F.TAPLF.V CO , U Bond et.
BOOKllINDEItS. riand folders wanted. EUQENB
0. LEW IB, 218Wllamat.. Now York city.
LADIES to embroider, good paying, easy work sent
toypurhome. Addrnsardemclnpe for aample
and mater la. EUPIBU DU0IDtlY WOBKS,
Dnane St., New York.
OSTIWCUrEATnEIlS. Wanted, a few good sew.
era, steady work. II. ULUME-SBTOOK. 8US
WANTED ThorouKhly expo
rienced sowers on drapery work.
Apply upholstery workroom.
EftED LQESER & 00.,
48 Fnltoa at, Brooklyn.
ftomtstic triuiut5 nutcd.
Jf Tour Semnt
needs Instruction In tho
Art ot Vooklag,
Call her attention to this opportunity.
Thla coupon entitles a well-recommended ser
vant to one free lesion at
(52 nth av., where all branches of cooking ar
taught by Mrs. O, Lemoke.
LUIAMU1 I AID and waitress; must be thoroughly
' competant, best references required.
Mrs. L. BLKLlf. 852 8th av.
OMPETENTraald for a family living in Morrta
towu. N. J.; best references required.
Mrs. L, BCELY. 852 8th av.
OMPETEKT laundreas, to ao to Tarrytown: best
referentea required. Mrs. L. 8EELY, 852 eth av.
COOKS, (20 to K0 laundreises, waitresses, eham "
bermilds, kt henmaids, houseworkers, cooks
who wash and Iron, laundreai.es who do chamber
work) French and Oerman lady's maids, nurses,
butlers and sacoud men wanted immediately.
Mrs .BEELY. 85i ath av.
COOK, 818 to 820, to go to Et "brance; small
fauiily; best referenda required,
MrajLBEELT, 883 8th av.
C00 Also laundresa for private family; tnuit be
I capable. Address O. fc L., box 162 Bun offlce.
I'.WBBT-CL U took; waires, (46; kltcbenmald kept;
best rcferinces required.
Mia. L. BE ELY, 862 8th av.
LAUNDltKHS, for Ithlnebeoki must be Proteatonti
wagea, (IB to (20, best references required.
Mrs. L. BKELY, 852 8th av,
LAUNDKESB and chambermaid for a family living
In Connecticut, beat rcferencea required
Mrs. L. BKELV. 852 (th av.
LAUNDBE8B, tor do aome chamberoork for a small
family living in lire; best references rrqutrrd.
Mrs. L. BKELY. 852 em av,
PBOTEBTANT chambermaid willlnglo do waiting!
aasistiai beat references required.
Mrs. L BlJELY, 862 8th av.
TyAmtESS-Mnat'be first-clais; wages (20; for
v Tuxedo Park; best reftrenc rq.uired.
Mrs. L. BKKLY. 852 Oth av.
"ANT-Uan and wife as oook ind laundress,
it for useful man, for family Uvlugons hour from
New Yorkt good waxes; Pcot tant. lst references
required. Mrs. U BEELY, 862 th av.
Wantrfl annlea-SdUcUxutw, &f.
BOY wanted to learn Jeweller's trade. "'
'lAltmhT 1 U1BMOND. 16 Maiden lane.
"tOMPOHlTtfa wantedi a young man with aome
' knowledce of bill or-fare and atraluht oompoal
tlon to go out of the dtl muat be rUady and sober.
Address, stating wagaa, , D, Q, box 145 Bun ettce,
' a A ' .
e-.-ij-g-a-g- AA-t--wa"- -. fc'i?4i tT-s-sT- ifc
Wnntcfl tWateu 3rt1ilf, Atv JB
rUSKMAKEB wanted. '
VJ WALCOTT DltOS., 148 Oantrs lt 3H
JOB COltrOHITOtt wasted! muat be a hnatler ai US
well as arttatlct on aecneto md to stone workl
good sltnatton for the right mani muatbenolonj Sf
Address U UBTL ft, bos 152 Ban olBe. . '.
JOU COMPOBPrOBfl. Two first-glass Job eompotl to
tors and Al stone hand; anion. Address C boa "
loaflnnofaee. Jm,
1 1MDIlkt.LAS. Wanted, jrod mounter on nmbrel' 3 8
yj Us. Apply W.W. MATE-, 802 Broadway, N. T M
T Til B 8r-Wanted, mounter and finisher, t 8
Apply 42 Llapenard st. .9
WANTED FirBt-oload ophol- J
ptorora for drapory w'brk. AppiV V
upbolntery workroom. FRED'lS xl,a
LOE8ER & CO., 484 Fulton at, ' W
Brooklyn. ' M
nntfl swam ututtcoq ' al
i.i-aiUi8-l-t-MH-,.tellilftteM.-H U 11
"WANTED: ' )0; i IS
A Buyer of Ladies j ii
Slioe v Departmentia J 1
Only those acous-.,''o t jf
tomed to the finest VT"1 J
yetail trade nee, ! J
apply i,;1 ! 1
Brooklyn. 1-, M
AN intelligent, hard-worki ng youag Jonmall sCie i c 9
take charge ot an eitabushsd trade paper, an un-. ! I
nsual opening for the right man. Adareis, stating XjH
age, experience and salary d wired, PUTCB , bos ,(" vil'M
107 Bun office. - i f 11
73.0VEBNMENT.P08ITIONB. Don't propar tat ' (
X any civil aervloo examination without seeing one J
illustrated catalogue of Information! sent free; Co- !!
umblan Correapondenoe College, Waahtgton.D,0j ,Sj
f fSLY PEBVZOT bath cabinet"! createsl seller! '11
J Uteat patenu B. IttWIN. Trenton. -.J. j
PnOTO-ENaBAVINO BALE8MAK Must be flrti f
els s sod evperlenoed fn this bualn ess. -
OH . -NOBAVlKa COMPAHT, 10a Chambers St. . A-
"TT7"ANTED Trustworthy persons to travail salary' w A
it (780 and expenaea; rsrereneei lnclosa self-ad. a
dreeaod stamped envelope. The DOMINION COM- &
PANY. Chloaco. " '
ANx u Boys 15 rears of sge and over for me ' 4
eenger aervlce. Apply, with reoommandatlo t i
ton at. 4
I rtosixsTio DEr-tTMifT or , a
SL Bartholomew's Employment Bureau;
211 East 2d St. Telephone 259 83 th 1 1. " t l M
I Tlrst-olasB domostlo employee! of all klnda-'f. f " 8
iClaia for nursemaids every Thursday atSo'cloofa it 3
BSI8TANT BOOKKEEPING and offlo work.
Yon x lady possessing a good educatlonObit " ,
and accurate at figure, knowledge ot bookopt r. HI?
good penman, doalre position. Address UOX , ilia I j
av.B. t -7)ro $M
nAMBERMAID and waitress- thoroughly eotniSii.
. tent: best references. J. O. D., box 63B SunUip- 5
lown onice, 1286 Broadway. raatf 4
COM TETENT chambermaid, with flrlt-claasVjSG- i
ref rrenc; will go a short distance out of ,tawS. i
B. M.. box 180 Bnn uptown, 1285 Broadway.1 .UI' J
C" 01IPETl!Nr maid sndeeamitrejsi wage 810, ttv '-i
' HO! best reference. A. 11, box 60 Bun nptowu S
ojBc, 12 86 Broadway; -9
COMPETENT parlormaid! best city reference. IX.
tt .8.. box 160 Bun uptown. 1205 liroadway. ' C"
00 .Willing to take place In city or oountrrj ' 3
beat references. A. 1'., hox 688 8m I uptown
office. 1285 Broadway. ' a
pOOK. Willing to do waihlnc and ironing: MU
' reference. L. P., box 688 Bun uptown office. . - 1
1285 Broadway. -J
JiilRST-CLASa cook, thbroughlr oompetent In all ' f-
branches, in private family i very beat ref eranceai ..t ii
wage (86-(o. K.J, box 66, mi Broadway. . , u f
IJURHT-OLASa waitress: willing and obliging! ex- " I
- cellent referenoe. . P., box 83S Bun uptown " f f
office. 12(15 Broadway. 't' r a 'J
I7BENOII nurae; wagea (20; good references; com- '
petent ae natress. M. N., box C37 Bun uptown '
offlce. 1285 Broadway. ,T ' 1 3
GOOD plain family cook: best re renonsi wage', ?,
(JO. C. O'C, box S84 Bun uptown office, 1283 , - .1
Droadwav. a
KITCHEN-AID. wages f 18, would like place with . 1
first-class oook; good referenoea. M - M., hoi 8
687 Bun uptown office, 1265 Broadway. - lC
LAUNDBE83. Willing to do chamberwork In small '
private family; best referenoea. D, ., bsx 689
Bun aptown otliue, 1288 Broadway. ' x sffl
LAUNDI(E8 S. Plrat- is in doing np shirts, col- f SI
lars, cuffs, 4o. best rsferences. J. B, box Sat llm
Bnn uptown offiee, 1285 Broadway. Vfl
MAID to ladyi good hairdresser, paoker, seam- , . vfll
stress, Ac; best reference. A.B., boxCC8Baa ,,, ;ilfH
uptown offlce, 12d5 Broadway. k'.- H
tTeSPEOTABI T colored girl; flrat-cla as oooki prt' i iB
A vat family! ref erencasi pleas oall I r 4.fo t IB
work. CELE3 TD Ut.. 187 West 03d at, first floor. i E
Call 8 day a. , U
SWEDISH kltcbenmald; thoroughly competent;' i " 1 IB
Lett references. A. Q., box 038 Bun uptown omoe. c Tut
1205 Broadway. . ' '; f j
WAITBESS-Thoroughly oompetent; serve win, '," ?H
make salad dressing, understands earring. Act IM
coed referenoes. M. McC, box 688 Bnn uptown .eUl
offlce,l288 Broadway. IfH
YOUNO OIBL aa chambermaid and waltreast nea ,. tl3
willing, and obliging; good reference. U-B., ,. SUM
box OIK) Bun uptown oau. 1386 Broadway. ",' i$M
cf irgt-ecigflg 5tir-pUtt. -M
A YOUNO man. le, at present employed As a, eab , Sm
XX brakeman, dailres a iteady poalttou at.anythlna; , ! isH
when attention to dutlae would be apprtolawdt 1 ' H
strong. lntelUgent, and capable ot making himself "mm
patful at any kind ot business. Addreas IIONE3r, sUfi
box 182 8un offlca. .., H
A YOUNO MAN, oelored, with experienc. wonli. ifH
like a position aa coachman, groom or Uaafat ' W
mani good rfrnce. Apply at 307 East OdOist. :
New York. laSi
7DIT0R, Interviewer, descriptive writer, oorr- ,Jll
-A-J pondent essayist, poett young. energeUo. are- 419
atlve, original; baa Just achieved literary trlumnhx v Jpl
fifteen year' experience in New York jounJaliawi , ilKf
want employment on newspaper or magazine. Aa- Vfliui
drees - MODEuATE.' 88 Powell st., Brooklyn. ' i UM
I rsPintlENOED eolleltor would like to obtain a po cfn'
-iaitlont can furnish good referenoea. Adoxes UR
NEW YOBKEB, box 200 Bun ofttc. , . j3E
St. Bartholomew's p."urS?fXDr,la $
Employment !fuSTidisd,.0.NAI' potitfOM
Riiraaii 211 East 4 Jd st, (New '&.
Bureau. )l1.258A8-tht, York. mxk
ft'O PBOfTERBj I am eekln( a position aa foreman Wn
A of book or lob office; have had long espaiisnc SU
In flrst-cla' workt can eeaure best reaultsfrom belpi 9
familiar with estimating; itriotly temptrate and re- vlfS
liable; "A No. 1 " refersnae furnished. Addrea J. ': M
U T.. box 168 ana offi o.
YOUNO. MAN, 38. desln a position where ther 1 &' 9
some responsibility attached! can furnish good e mm
aeenrity. D. Q . box 180 Bun uptown, 1285 B way. & M
YOUNO MAN want a situation a oook; good ref , f H
erencei city or country, M. B., box 185 Bun up iSsafl
town office, 1286 Broadway. qffl
YOUNO MAN, married, wishes position at any- riaTiV
thing. E. liEUNUm, 67 Bummlt av.. Jersey ifl
gmploijmtiit Surtaug. T'BI
Bnre'aa of Social Requireraonts, fm
10 Wl-ST ai) Kl. Trletiliono 3183-38. Ittt
Only first-claa position for first-olae employee. lt-
Bookkeepers, stcnoraphera, governesses, cashiers, Ifl
companion, aeireiarirs. and all household po- .L'i,
sltions. Preaoh and Oerman servant a sieoialtr, ,j
Th Bureau take entire charge of opening cltr ' 9
houaea for the winter, with a full staff of serrant ly i H
desired. Packer and days workers provided. 4 S
"co-operative employment BUREAU, ' ''
B81 Slmliioli Avenue, Cornur 8d ht. M
Ooverne-foi, com) anions, household servant. 9mm
male and female; Pnjioti nursea and maids a aps. 'immm
clalty; cooks snd waiters for special dlnnerv; reel JH
deuces opened and full staff of servants supplied: lH
dressmakers and milliner rnrnlshedi day"aworkot f,mmu
all kinds, luclLdlag packer and movers.
WALXEnAOO,BureauotRchitratlon,81W 24 I'XW
(M tflfphone 27-S8th st i help furnlahrd frej ll
all nationalities, beet colored help always on hand. . JB
PilUurru and Srrjsjsmaltitig. l
Ult8. Unusual opportunity to securo sealaklit itl
X and aabla at lowest prices. Furs dyed, repaired; nH
exchanged. 11UDBON DAY PUB 00 , 68 Wt.Hiiri.- imW
EAL scque and capes altered Into faahlonaVlli 11
garment al lowest prices, 'I f H
VABKEE'S, II 1 West 8Ui ( V 4

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