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m i ' TtlE SUN SUNDAY; NOVJSMBfift 2D, 1806. '
w jvo dibot.oxurk op tub jmnrar
" i K or jis strange motor.
J Hrl Preparations Were llelns Marie lo Apply
i m for l'ntents on Ills Inventions, but "Were
r W Not Carried Out lilt Company and III
r ,m l'lpenrtlttires Ills Many Hxr-erlraents.
m- Pint.AriM.riin. Nor. 10. The death ot John
' B Ernst Worrell Keely, whopoiod'asthodlseoy-
', t ererof thoBccrctof dls(ntegratlngmoleoulesby
i 'tho vibration ot musical tone and thereby 11b-
, j, crAtlng a force unknown In tho preient bound-
p arlcsofaclenco, has loft doubt aa to whether
1 ' i" thenatnroof hl alleged secret will be revealed.
; Mr. Keely's wld6W Is now In 111 health. He
; ?, had no children. It cannot be ascertained
', h whether ho lott a will, or whether lro com-
':.' raltted to any living person tho key to his
I' . nlleged strange discovery In dynatnlce.
W- The Koolr Motor Stock Coin tuny organized
K', todovclop lilt exrortments has lapsed Into a
2S s'tnga of suapenio, from all appearance. The
organization still exists, Tvttli a President and
! - four or flvo directors living In Now York, and a
Bcoretnry and one dlreotor llvlntr In thls-clty,
A corpornto office Is matatalned In tho attlo
;' of n brick building on 'Walnut stroct, above
i Ninth. Tho office Is uncarpotcd nnd almost
destitute of furniture. Charles VT. Behneller-
. man, the Secretary of tho corporation, Is tho
: sole tenant of this place. Thero nro no shades
, ; at the windows, and the light that enters thorn
'" throws Its rays upon a strango variety of photo-
h graphlo blue prints, working drawings and
queer mechanical design which Illustrate Jho
' cnrlynnd lator stages of Keely's rcsoarohes In
' tho mysteries of moloaular nnd atomic forces,
I Keely was an export In tho theory and art of
tf muBlc. He was a master of tho theory of har-
v mony. Ho ran not only an Instrumentalist,
Ibut a composer, and In that attainment lay
I the prlranry olcmcnt of his nlleeod dlcov-
' , ery. Thin was a strango rolatlon or affinity
S between tho forces of nature ami harmonio
v forces. Ho said ho Imd discovered a Bympa-
t ! tliGtle vibration connoctluc the waos of sound
l with tho dlsturbanco of tho molooillos of mat-
t ' ter. and also had founJ In tho traces of tills pocu-
1 ' liar disturbance an enorgy unknown to th-
sphere of dynamics. His first experiments
i . woro .mado with drors of water In ft vacuum.
, Tho first mochanlcal property ho devolopcd
I ' from this scrim of experiments was tho
I foreo of ndheslvo attraction, which he
I jr assumed In his own stntemoutn to bo related
Iff to tlte. polar curronts of tho earth. Noxthode-
BJk vclopcd, he has said, tho force of propulsion,
I X revealing n positive as well as negative energy.
I Justr ns the chomlcul separation of tho raolo-
r I cules of water produce electro macnotlsra
I he purnuod tho theory that the disintegration
If .of theso moleouleH, which he said lie had oe-
I 6 conipllshod, produced, by the sympathetio
, J g vibration of tones, a subtle and hicher torco
tjf correlated with mnenfltlsm. He went so
l-a f, fnr as to advance the startling propo-d-
5 4 t,on l'iat the rolatlon nt planets In their
ill i' orbits wax produced by the alternating
VI f power of ntomle enonry. Ho said lis had
I U i pursued the analrsii of his theme to tho
I I If olu'lith power, whero ho reachad the substance
ia fc of luminosity, and thore without attomptinc to
Pi! E theorize further on tlio origin of thlncs unl
iff f versal. he Btopped and put all his skill and
la ' mental rosources to the task of harnossinc tho
u S powerof atoms to the economy of life.
IS K Twohe voars aso. about half the nnrlnil nf
; K his experimentation, he abandoned the mole-
I I 4 cules of wator as the basis of his task and
?- Jf dlrocted his attention solely to the molecules of
t ' air. He said that in the course of this work he
B g had produced a dynamlo onerey of 10.000
ft f pounds to the Inch In a Torricellian vacuum.
L Jr Ho said ho could axhaust the air from a tube,
f eottinsa acuutn as nearly perfect as could
? S bo offeoted. and ccnerate n torco that could fire
tL ji a cun or move tons of Inertia, llecavo nxperl-
k I ? ments of this nature nt Handy Hook provimr
t i a; station In 1BH8 in tho presence of Lieut. Zalln-
' ; ft ski nnd other studnnts of science, some of
i f wliom were profound skeptics and Insisted on
i wy tne theory that Koely used nothine but com-
-1 .It pressed air.
kil . WiatovorthesubstnnoewasthatKeelycarrlod
ii- f In a eteeltube. It was apparently Inexhaustible.
Hi! I the projective force of the nlnotoonth and last
M i i shot bolnc creator than any of tho precedlnir
f : : ones.aclraumstancothat strangely combattcd
i the theory ot compressed air.
fi- ' " It would require a book to tell of thaaeries
fi IS of mechanisms which Keoly devised to convert
f-1 . this mysterious atomic enemy. so called, to tho
nf'' industrial and commercial activities of the
t .' world. Ho died without effecting this nur
E ; poso. nnd whether or not the secret or
I i formula of eoneratlne this supposed dls
f. , turbancs of Intoratomlo enerey died with
ft . him )et remains to be told. The apparatus
fe with which Keely conducted his allesed ex
K & perlraents is the property of tho Keely Motor
ft E Company. Apart from that he loft a treat
jj S mnss of manuscript relatlntr to tho procress of
t -K Ills experiments, which U the property of his
C K estate, and can only bo disposed of Inthead
U ; w ministration of his efTecta.
j. & Kdisnn once offered to elve a bond of any
fe Et amount of value that could be aareed
S r upon to proteet the exposure of Kocly's
6 alleced secret tf he could be permitted to enter
: f, into the workshop of Keely and assist him
C; S jointly In the mechanical development and
S? & application of his mystorious force. This
Ji K- oiler .was. rejected, anil the skepticism
; w recardine Keely was not diminished. The to
ff & tal capitalization of the Kooly Company to datj
f M v 5.0tH).OOO. distributed In shares of $50 par.
E ! St Much of this 6rtm represents proprietary eanl
ItiK 4 ,al Dut the. company has expended the
1 . amount of $275,000 In machinery to carry oa
fi mfi theVork.
W Sk Xo,T4tontR were over secured with devices
S (Si;. which Keely Invented. Charles 11. Collier, a
frlufc, lawyer of this city, was retained by Keely and
B his company In lWtO to npply for letters patent
i V ou tho Keoly inventions. Detailed drawings
E were made and elaborate provisional sp-clflca-
'B tlons wore written. The deslens were never
W cowpleted In a form to bo submitted to
P :!le.f "atent ODlco Borne months aco Mr.
Collier, observing Keely' failln-r hcaltli. sug-
' tf tested some plan for preserving Keely's seoret
r iv In tho ovent of death. He proposed that a
: I m crucial tost of Keely's mechanisms should bo
i JL mado In the presenco of himself, of Lun-
fe castor Th owns, a director of tho com-
t K pany, nnd of Georpo H. Howard, a
m patent attorney at Wnshlnuton. bo that
I U thoy could dismantle. adiUHt, nnd opcrata the
t devices as Keoly did. The proposition was
ft submitted to tho Board of Directors on Oct. 8
1 last and tabled. tr. Collier then withdrew
, :rm nls Professional rolatlons with Keely and
i it10 comp.my. having been associated with
, MP Keoly as his counsol and a director In tho or-
I 11 canlzntlon for more than ten years.
UX L Bo '?r.118. Mr- Collier knows, no provision has
lm been loft byhcelyfor disclosing tho secret of
Hft Ills motor, and tho only legacy of tho corporn-
i llxl' t!on, raIly " 'no mochanlcal apparatus In
It ! Vey.! "Wprkshop. minus the secret, by which
j .. alone It might be operated.
m V
' The Entertainment Committee rurniihei a
j Loiik l'rogramtue.
Tho pretty parlors of tho Lotos Club were
i thronged last evening nt tho first "Saturday
Night" of tho season, Tho Untortalnunont
Committee, whose Chairman is Dr. W,
Walker, had nrranged a long and attractho
I , programme, among tho cntertalnors being
5j ; Ebon riymptou. llllly Arlington, the old-time
P i minstrel: Ur.Farrnr and comDany.JIr. Reeves
ij i andcompanyfrom"A15racoof Partrldges."nnd
(M1 Mr, John C. Dompsey. Tlie musical part or
m tho proiirammo sorved to introduco Herr Kmll
l'aur to the club Among those who sang
f were Ilosj lJavld. W. T.Onrleton. lanl Wlallari
HKr ltlchard llurton and 37. H, Tegraro. Burmels-
tJC tor plajod tho piano, a trio for violin, piano
HE and organ was given by Messrs. Loienro
hmlth. Oscar Weber and Dr. Duncan, and
Z& there were solos for the 'cello by Ji, 11. Ilehrnns
Ka and.Leo SclmltK. and a violin solo byAlbertl
UP,' bhelly.
i"jg ' Mill NnbU, . Mohegan Sum Ivor, Arrlvm.
i! iS Miss Catherine Koblo of llaltlmoro, a sur-
9MK vlvorof the wrock of tho Atlantic Transport.
f HteamshlpMohesan, which went down off tho
St. Lizard on Oct. 14, arrived yesterday on the Cn-
JEf narderLucnnia. Ilor mother and father met1
S her at the pier and took her to the Hoffman
K House. Pho had beon unable to sleen much on
i thevoyago and was sultorlng from nervous
E ncs. Miss Noble was three hours clinging to
i a plank in tlie tumbling waves before she was
Dr William Ilushnell of Mansfield, O., a pas
m oonitor on the American liner Paris, brought
M with him the body of his daughter, who was
m lro;ncdlii itho wreak of tlio Muheenn Dr.
R- Ituslmcll offered a reward of $5oo fur there
la t em-cry ot the bvjy. which was round on the
K co.ist near the Manacles.
i Eft I.wr Altrril K. Tnge Ilau),rui(,
' E' Alfred IX race, lawyer, or 132 Nassau street.
) E filed a petition In bankruptcy yesterday show
);? ing liabilities $15,170 and assets 025, which
j C lieholdsnroexempt.conslstlngof professional
i library, filXi; ollloo furnlturo. $25; watch,
1'haln and lot-U't. Sll. n!.o t half Interest In
C Mg 'iWiiiVf " l ,,st'.iV Ueklcypf nomlmd value.
B ilielialillltlis jtinchtoily lor Iwrrowed money.
$ also for tent and on judKiiiiinU. Among the
' i-5!' f01"'! ,",Sn..1,lBUJ?1''0o PQHey for
f ffi viivJFi'A-r wrW - ,i aBi Jutland, rf 1.417 ;
I JL rJlzabethU Wlokham.Mancbeter.Vt.1t.l,80o! I
U J-tue Uvounte) to the fixolse Department,
tub trntTxnv cr.vn.
Iotert and linkers of Literature Tlave
Dinner In Brooklyn.
One lores to set hit nimo In print;
X book's a book, even If there's nothing In't.
Not all tho membors of the Brooklyn Writers
Club hnvo written books, for what with house
hold duties and More-tending and oven
monoy-maklne to occripy thelrtlme. they don't
have much chance to irratlfr their literary
ambitions. Dut at tho Clarrndon Hotel In
Brooklyn last night, whero tho annual dinner
of tho clubwns held, wora some reallr distin
guished litterateurs. Thero was David Allyn
Gorton, Mr. Oorton has wrltton a book on
"The Monism of Man." Last night Mr. Gorton
talked nbout "Unheralded Heroes." and all
tho Assembled nuthors-and-authoresses-to-bo
smiled knowingly, for they Indeed wore the
"unheralded heroes."
Hunter MacCulloch was another literary star
at the dinner. Mr. MacCulloch has wrltton a
great deal. It la said. Ills " Ode on the Con ton-.
bit of Burns's Death" was published. The Lon
don Tmt$ declared that "Mr. MacOulloch's
ode was the longest ode on Burn
over written." and the Timts la aVfory
ooniorvatlvo papor. When Mr. llaoCullooh
lived In Philadelphia he wrote s book, 'Trom
Dawn to Dusk." Mr. MacOulloch has written
some more verse, which he read last night,
llore is the first verse: '
Ai th footprints of rrlilar nerved Crunoa u Itllm,
bo th wiltcri.wlll lead ion trnlahl on to the
Ths wrttr the readers now which should com
'Tl i aueition like till Rictiphjralcs bit nuneili
For iliouW you Mr qulcklr, "The witei'i.or coursel"
A mnuieut'i reflection uPl nhow that the source
Of all wrltinc In reading thus argument thicken,
like those on the rank of the eis and thechloken.
This was found neatly typewritten In a waste
basket In a Brooklyn newspaper office last
night. Tho other verses could not be found.
Mr. MacCulloch told Tiib Run reporter that ho
had sent his vorsos to the nowsnnpom.
"Go to the i'u'f or tho I'lmrj onicc,"snld
Mr. MacCulloch. They're going to print my
M'res. You can get a copy ot them."
When tho reporter nskod nt one or these
ofllcos for n copy of " Mr. MaeCulloch's poem."
tho head ofllco hoy tittered, the literary editor
reached angrily for a paste pot. nnd the night
editor dived down into his nasto banLot. Out
of tho waste basket camo a verso of the poem.
One other verso was preserved in the oQlco.
and the reporter was allowed to make a copy
ottt. Hero It is:
The student discovers, while turning thlnst over.
i curlons bond between cats and red clover.
The humble Tore helpi the red closer to anread
While fausllr rifling of aweeta the red he-id.
lint the Udlca' averalon and terror, the mouae,
Will eat the poor b-e out of honey and houae,
Ilut then on the robber the atetlthy oat anrlnKa,
Aid thna all nnwlttlniily evom up" things.
The ttudout thus prnv, If you search the earth over,
iUth plenty of cats there Is plenty of clover.
One other celebrity was at the dinner. He
was Arthur Tottow.
" 1'ottow lives by wrltinir, actually lives by
writing," one of the onioers of the club con
fided to tho reporter, " He's tho only mombor
of the club who doos. and I don't see how he
makes a living."
"Ho writes books?" tnqulrod the reporter.
Oh. yes. of course : he's a writer of Action."
antwored the Wrltor Club officer.
" What are tho names of some ot thom ?"
'Now, I don't know tholr namos. I never
saw any of thom, but I know ho writes books."
When tho reporter Wt tho Writers while
one of their number was singing a ballad nbout
a girl with golden hair." whoso "soft lips
touched his" ho ran Into the head waiter.
carrying three water carafes to tho Writers.
"Queer chaps these." exolalmod tho head
waiter. They must have fover tho way they
drink Ico water."
Adn. I'.clmn In the Bepreientatlon I.nst
Night at Dnly's Theatre.
The performance of "The Merchant of Von
Ice," which did not ond at Daly's Theatre last
night till the clocks struck 12, was remarkable
for a Portia by Ada llehan. This was the
first time thut she had ever played
the part. That she would Dot fall
In It was a foregone conclusion. Her achieve
ment was no narrow escape from mere possi
bility. It was a brilliant achievement, scant in
fadlts. plentiful in merits, and, if this actress
should never appear In another rfllo, a worthy
climax ot her stage career. Thero Is no need
to go Into phrases of praleo In theso hasty com
ments. It muBt sufllco to say that Miss
Hohan seemed to concentrate all her
maturity ot bkill. In the casket scenes the
volatility and buoyancy, the tenderness and
fervor, were bo woll assamed that they gave no
sign of unreality. It has not Invariably been
so with this actress. Many a time hor spirits
have not risen without palpable forcing. This
time they had spontaneity. But If she was as
as everln those passages whtoh drowupon good
her rosources in n rather familiar way. it Is
not too much to say that she was better as
to elocution, as to expressive declamation, lu
the trial seono than in any serious effort by her
within oasy recollection. The appeal to the Jew
w as nearly devoid of her customary gasps and
gurglOB, Its sentences woro broken hardly any
by breaks for breath, and the meanings camo
out clearly and fully. Miss Iteban's Jtorfio was
a fine work of dramatic art.
The rest pf tho acting In Mr. Daly's produc
tion of The Morohant of Tenlce" rose at no
point save one above mediocrity, and was gen
erally belpw. It. Tho exception was with
Sydney Herbert, wboso Shylook was bad
enough until tho court act. In which It
changed to a very graphic, and e.en
impressive, depiction. Mr. Herbert may well
have beon almost disabled by norvous
ness, considering that he was n minor actor
forcediinto comparison with major predeces
sors in tho parr. Perhaps his nerves did not
steady themselves until then. If that was so.
he may bocomo a more than tolerable Shylock.
Ho may make a reputation as an uncommonly
clever actor.
The speaking of much of tho text offended
tho ears of tho audience, bnt tho illustration
by means of beautiful scenery delighted their
eyes, ibrha's palaoe and the Moge'x court were
npnrtmonts worth scolng. tho ono for Us
bright splendors, tho other for its rich
sumotuousnoss. and both for correct taste
in inoir lavisnnoss. tho groupings and
tho movements of the subsidiary people,
too. were in the best manner of modern stage
craft, helpful to proper oHects. and never ob
trusive. The playing by mischievous children
and the rovclry of maskers were particularly
wolunanagod. Thecostumeswererich. various
and artful. It was a praiseworthy affair, save
in the acting, as to which few awards of morit
can be made, except a big medal for Miss Bo
lian and a small ono for Mr. Herbert.
A Ileport That It "iTlll Help the Wnbnsli to
Iiuprovolts New York Connection.
ToitoSTO, Nov. If). Thero Is apparently
ground for tho reports of a projected sale by
tho Orand Trunk Hallway of somo of Its
branchos. Tho OfooPhays that notwlthstnnd
ng a denial by the officials, thero Is something
in tho rumor, and It elves another to tho effect
that the Grand Trunk Is considering n salo to
tho abash Uailwayot its air line from Wlntl
W)r to Nlngara lllver. extending the Wabash
srstem from tho West to Nlag.irn Falls nnd en
abling It to Improve Its connection with Now
aox'T wast tub rjm.ivrixBs.
Andrew Carnegie Bonds a 81,000 Check to
an Anti-Annexation Society In ltn.u.u.
Boston, Not, 10. Boston men opposed to the
annexation ot th Philippines organized at a
meptlnc hore to-night. Coorgo 8. Doutwell was
eleoted Prosldnnt An addrnsi was Issuod to
the people ot the United Butos urging prompt
eoOnorutlon In getting signatures to a protest
against tho annexation ot the Philippines. Ed
yard Atkinson presided and announced that
ho had received a telegram from Audrow c'ar
iieglosaj ing that ho had sent a cheek fortl.OOO
for the use of tho moenint.
Tlt First Troops of thn Army of Occupation
Itenvh Cuba.
WAeniNQTON, Nov. 10,-Secrotary Alger re
celved a cable messago from Major-Ren. Wade,
President of tho Cuban Evaountlon Commts
eion. informing him that Ocn. Cnrpenter and
tliellrst expedition destined for Puerto Prlu
elpo province, arrived at Nuevltas Nov. 10.
Gon adoudded that Oen. Oarixater had to--netted
that the remainder of the troops as
signed to his command bo sent to Nuevltas.
nnd that ho bo provided with n mule pack rraln
to be used hi moving the elreetH of the Puerto
Priuclpo gnrrlsou f loin the const Inland.
Col. c. W, Wllllnmi's Rodj Arrives from
The body of CoL Chirles W. Williams. Chlol
Quartermaster. D. a A., who died In Cuba of
!;ellow fever, arrived yesterday on the Ward
Ins steamship Hjratoga. from Havana, The
icdy Is In a sealed metalllo eoflln. and Is con.
ll'SIldln-0 LlL'ut'-Co1- Kimball at the Army
, Tioups b-ill from Tnrt Kirn.
W-iMMNnni'-. Nov 11). This despatch was ,
ipi'pImhI to-du)
" PoNct. Nov. 10. Minnowaska stopped at
Gtianlea and. sailed from there to-night with
47 olllcers. tea men. Ilrst Enel.ersiSfteim
start. 00 cabin and steerage passengers.
"Dnooii-c, CowmandlBK."
ci nt Kxaifrricn iiiLtnn Kxrinns is
A lrjisziixaxox jiotbl.
He TTns Employed by the Nicaragua Cstnnl
Cnmmleslnn, nnd la Rupposrd to Have
Token the l'evernt Port I.ltnon, Coaln
Itkn, tVhllo on Ilia Wny to Kew Vorh.
WisnixoTO!-, Nov. 10. Archie 8. Miller, a
civil onglneor, employed by tho Nicaragua
Canal Commission, died at tho Hotel Johnson
in this city at 2 r. M. yesterday of yellow fever.
Tho facts ot tho caso were not made public
until tlio announcement was rando by tho
officers of the local Health Board after the
autopsy, held to-day. Mr. Miller had been
In Nicaragua since April last. Ho left thero
about two weeks ago on n steamer bound for
Now York, but which stopped nt Tort Llmon,
Costa Blca. That plaoo was an Infected point.
and tho stop was mado for the purpose of taking
on a cargo of fruit.
Mr. Miller nrrlved In Now Tork on Monday
last. His wheroabouta from the time of his
arrival In New York until the tlmo of his regis
tration nt the Hotel Johnson on Wednesday
morning are not known. After registering Mr.
Miller went out, and was brought back to the
hotel In an unconscious condition by somo un
known person nt about 0 o'clock In tho after
noon. Tho stranger assisted him to his room,
and left without giving any warning as to the
man's condition. Ho was not, therefore, dis
turbed on Thursday In order that his room
might be cleaned. The chambermaid found
him In bed, apparently asleep, at tho time
of her suveral visits. At about 3 o'olock yes
terday morning an Inmate ot ono ot the neigh
boring rooms was disturbed by a nolso from
the apartment occupied by Mr. Miller and
notified tho hotel authorities, who at once
summoned n physician. The nature of tho
ease was suspected, nnd stops wero promptly
taken to properly isolate the patient. Tho
Health Department was notillod nnd scoured
tho services of experts from tho United Htatos
Marino Hospital Sen Ice. Tho unconsclous
noss of the patient rendered It impossible to
securo any history ot tho caso from him. nnd a
dellnite riingnosls was therefore impossible.
Tho patient niod nt 2 o'clock that afternoon.
The body was wrapped in cloths saturated
with antiseptic solution and removed to the
Moiguo. As It was necessary to porform the
autopsy by daylight it had to bo postponed
until this morning. Experts from the Marino
Hoipltnl Borvlco. who had soon many such
autopsies nud who woro familiar with tho post
mortem features ot tho disease, weru present
so that tho case might not by any chance be left
In doubt Tlioautopsyllnillngswerc, however,
so clear that there can bo no possible doubt
as to the nnture of tho disease.
Tlio apartments at tho hotel wero disin
fected yesterday afternoon, nnd since thattimo
have been scrubbed with a solution of corroMe
Bubllmato. except the nodding, which has been
burned. Tho dead man's baggage has never
boon removed fioni tho railroad station, nnd
will be taken In charge by the henlth olllcers.
The body was wrapped In an antiseptic sheet.
E laced In a eoflln filled with q.uicMimo. and
uriod this nftei noon.
After Mr. Minor's death a letter reached tho
hotel addressed to him nnd was opened by his
most Intimate friend. It was from a compan
ion who had been with him on tho way trom
Mcaragua. and showed that Miller had been
ill while on tlio steamer, and that the writer of
tho letter, at present in Pittstown. Pa., was at
the time of writing, the 17th Inst., himself
suffering from symptoms which to a well-ln-fprmod
physician would appear suspicious.
The United Htatos Marine Hospital iservlco will
look after tho caso in PIttstown. Mr. Miller
wnsn native ot Danville. Va.
Quarantine officials hore had not beon In
formed jesterdny of Mr. Miller's death, nnd
tho facts as reported from Washington do not
uuito tally with the records here. No shipthat
touched nt Port Llmon. Costa Rica, arrived
here on Monday. Tho Atlas liner Alleghany
was Inspected and passed at Quarantine on
Sho sailed from Barranqullla Nov. 1, Cartha
gena the Ud. Port Llmon tho 7th. and Kingston,
Jamaica, the Oth. All theso ports, with the ex
ception of Hnrrnnqulllu. furnished a clonn bill
of health. The Consul nt Barranqullla stated
on his bill of health that there were four cares
of yellow fever In tho vicinity while tho
Alleghany was at that port. At Barrnn
aullla no one was allowed on shore, and
but one passenger from that plaoo came on
board. If this person had beon infected with
yellow fover It would have appeared before the
oth. and the disease would have terminated
before he reached this port. At tho Inspection
on Wednesday all were present and well, and
Capt, Low of the steamergave a certificate that
there had been no one sick on the voynge. It
was said at Quarantine that. If Mr. Miller was n
passenger on the Alleghany, this being the
only vessel from the ports referred to durinc
the past week, he did not die of yellow fever.
Dr. Doty, the Health Officer at Quarantine, is
Inclined to think that a mistake may have been
made In the report that Miller landed at this
port, especially as the Alleghany arrived here
the same day he is reported to havo registered
at tho hotel in Washington. Neither Quaran
tine nor tho Health Department has been noti
fied officially of the case.
Velluw Fever Cases In This Country.
Washington. Nov. 10. Tho Marine Hospital
Servlco has issued a statement showing tho
total number of yellow fever cases In the
United States during tho Beason just olosed
as 2.450.wlth 115 deaths. In Loulstnna thero
were 1.470 oases, with 01 deaths: mortality.
3 47 per cont. In Mississippi. U85 cases, with
U doaths, a mortality of 6.40 par cent. In Now
York. 1 death, that ot Col. Waring.
Tax Arrenrnees by Installments.
City Collector Bobert Davis of Jersoy City re
ceived a check for $100,500 yesterday from the
Central Railroad Company of New Jersey on
account of thocompany's arrearages of taxes,
which were compromised Tlio total amount
to bo paid Is $5Hil.(XX). According to the ar
rangement tax arrearage bonds are to be Is
sued to run from ono to five years, and tho
railroad company Is to guarantee their re
demption nnd provldo for the interest. The
scheme enables tho company to settlo up In
live years on an installment plan of yearly payments.
"A'etcr, as an artist, have I been more
mrprtsed, more astonished. Never, as
a man, have I been more impressed,
more profoundly moved." Meissonier.
ISA Wsav&!tt:Si' tV 1
" A monumental work, conceived and
executed for the honor of our Lord and
Open Thanksgiving Day.
""France Heeds No Lessons In Justice,"
Says ft trading Lawyer ot rorls.
Snciai CobU XWpa'cA to Tnr. Bim.
London. Not. 20. A dospatch to tho Oorrrrr
from Pnrla says that Col. Plcquart was por
mltted yestenlrly for tho first lime to com
raunloato with M. Laborl. his counsel, nnd
will be called as n witness before tho Court
of Cassation, probably on Tuesday or Wednes
day next Although Cot. Plcquart has beon
deprived since his incarceration In tho mili
tary prison otCherche-MId! of th6 counsel ot
a lawyer, ho ha not been kept altogether in
solitary confinement, but hjis boen permitted
to sreo sovoral friends. A warder, howovcr, has
always been present at these Interviews.
Col.PlcQuart'a fate Is. contrary to gcnoral bo
llof, entirely In the hands ot the military tribu
nal which will try htm. It Is highly probable
that Plcquart's case will not como up for trial
Tho GauloU publishes a rumor that Major
Esterhaey has quitted London without leaving
his address.
The periodical conference ot members of tho
bar1 assembled in Paris yesterday under tho
presidency ot M. Ployer. In the course ot an
address to his colleagues, M. Ployer, referring
to tho Dreyfus oase, protested against tho
claims of foreigners to crlttciso French justice,
"I hold." ho nddod. "what friendly nations
do in their own countrtos as woll dono, with
the dostro that tho same reserve and the samo
courtesy mar bo extended to us, ond that It
may nowhero be forgotten that In matters ot
chief momont to tho administration of just! co
Franco needs no lessons from any one."
ironKMB.V'5 Rianxa j.v xsar.Axn.
Importnnt Decision Under .11 r. Chamber
lain's Workmen's Compensation Act,
Special Cable Otnaldi lo Tne Bu.f.
London, Nov. 10. Tho Court ot Appeal to
day decided the first Important caso under Mr.
Chamberlain's now Workman's Compensation
Act. It related to tho explosion on tho Mani
toba nt Albeit Docks In this city on last July
C Tho owners appealed against tho judgment
of tho County Court giving (o tho widows of
two unloaders 300 each nnd to ench of tho
five Injured men 1 n week for life. Counsel
for tho company argued that a ship unloading
In dock was not "a factory " within tho mean
ing of the act, but this contention was rejocted.
Tho German courts apparently tako a differ
ent view of protection for workmen. A farmer
named Stapf. after three trials In East Prussia,
has just secured an acquittal, which rocognh-.es
that employers are entltlod to beat tholr ser
vants In Gormany. Btapf chastised wlthn rid
ing whip, for disobedience, a youth ot 10 cars.
employed on his farm. Tho court decided the
whipping was permitted according to local
oustoms and was not excessive
Tlio Manitoba was purchased from tho
Atlantlo Transport Company by the United
States Government and was loading with am
munition at Albort Docks. London, on July t5,
when a box ot so-called safety cattridgos ex
ploded, killing five workmen and Injuring fifteen.
A Duel In Ilamnn-Tlie City Sold to Be In
fested with Thieves.
Special Cable Vetpakh to Tnx Sex.
Havana. Nov. 10. The American Evacuation
Commission has boen officially notified that a
wharf will be constructed between Cojlma and
Casa Blanca at a place called Trfscornta. on tho
west coast of Havana Bay. and that a. track will
be laid oonnectlng that place with tho Ha, ana
Railroad. Part ot the American troops coming
here to oceuny the Island will laud at the Tris
cornia wharf nnd oneamp there.
The Spanish Commission has notified the
American Commissioners that the evaouatlou
of the territory between Jncart) and Ban Fer
nando. In the Puerto Principe province, will bo
completed by Nov. 25.
Sefior Ttrso Mesa, a wealthy Cuban, and J. A.
Gnrmendin. who is well known In Havana so
ciety, fought a duel with swords this morning
as the result of a quarrel over private affairs.
La Zucha. In its Issue of to-day, calls atten
tion to the fact that Havana Is Infested with
burglars and thugs. Last evening three per
sons wero held up nnd robbed In the streets.
Capt. Hart and Majors Almy and Butler aro
about to visit tho Islo of Pines to study the
topography and gonoral condition ot tho terri
tory and will report tho result to the American
Unable to Perform Tlielr Dovotlons In a
rrench Monaster-y nt Jerusalem.
Special Cable Denatch to Tnt Sun.
BEnLnr. Nov. 10. The HetcMiote. which Is
the organ of the Protestant clergy In German,
complains that the representatives of tlio
Lutheran Church Invited to attend tho Inaugu
ration ol St. Saviour's Church at Jerusalem
woro transported In an old hired English ship,
and lodged in a Trench monastery. The cler
gymen wero unablo to perform Protestant de
votions In the French monastery or to sing
German songs; consequently they aro much
The liriclitiote asks who Is responsible.
The Reichstag opens at the beginning of De
cember. ,
Ladles of Berlin Society Will Aid in Provid
ing Entertainment for 1,000 Paupers.
Svecial Cable Detpateh to Tnr. Bex,
Berlik, Nov. 10. The "union of collectors
of cigar ends" has just Issuod its annual appeal
to smokers to send In their cigar cuttings no
cumulated during the year. The appeal gives
n list ot the stations where tho offerings will
be received. These are chiefly the residences
of women In the best Bortln society. Tho
union Is now In its thirtieth year. With the
proceeds ot its annual collection ot cigar ends
a Christmas entertainment Is given to 1,000
A I.lpton Stock Company for This Country.
Svecial Cubit Dnvatc to la Box.
London, Nov. 10. It is announced that Sir
Thomas J. Lipton, will convert his tea, coffee
and pro-ilelon business in the United Htates
Into a stogie company In February.
I received tho box ot twelvo cartons of
Illpans Tabulcs eomo tlmo ago, and nra
now tho happiest forty-eovon-yoar-old kid
yon over saw. I Incloso $1,02. for which
kindly send me by regular mall tour ot the
packnijcs containing ono dozen cartons
each. I want to distribute thom among my
follow-suircrlnjj friends, nud will noon order
more. Every mombor of my family now
tHkuB n " button " after dlnnnr, just be
cause It makes thom fool bo much betti'i,
aud I will continue to tako them thrco or
tour times a day until I havo removed tho
en u 60 of my frequcut excruciating hcad
achoeof bo many years' standing. I ha,o
not bad a solitary ache since I commenced
taking the tabulos.
Palma, No. 2, Moxlco City, Mexico, Oct. 4,
WANTFD-A co of had health that Jl-M'-A-N-S
will not brurflt. Send fl cnuta toIiliimiaClieuihal
Co., No. 10 Hpnicost.. NnwYoik, for 10 Sam-lied ami
l.nootMtuuouiala. llll'-AN-H, 10 for r, routs, or
12 packcu fur 4b cents, tnaj bo bad ot all druu-Uta
-tlio are willing to sell a ataudard medhlne at a
moderate profit. They baslaU paiu an! prolong ltfo.
One arites relief. Koto the word U-M'O.-J'-o on th
pnOtet. Accipt no sulstltuW,
a inAQEnx Titnouan catiblesxpss
tTlille Ills -Wife ITns Careaalng lllm Mlehnel
lgnn Told Iter to TnTu Ills ristol nnd
C'nio fut It-She Thought It Wn Un
loaded nml Snnpped It nt Hint n Fun.
By carelessly handling a loadod pistol, Mrs.
Anna Lgnn. 54 years old, ot 1120 Washington
street, Hobokon, shot nnd killed her husbnnd,
Michael, yestorday afternoon. 1'gan dlod al
most Instantly. His Vflfo was looked up at
rolleo Headquarters.
.mo coupio uveci in two rooms on mo top
floor of a three-story tenement, of which Mrs.
Elan was ho janltross. Kgan, who was 45
years old, was a prlvato watohmnn omployod
hr soveral property owners In the uptown sec
tion ot Hobokon nnd worked only at night.
About a yoar ago ho was stricken with apo
plexy which left him partially paralwod In tho
right sldo, nnd slnco than his wlto assisted
hint In dressing. Yesterday Egan slept until
4 o'clock In tho afternoon. Ills wife, who was
In the apartments ot ft tonant'on tho floor bo
low, heard lilm walking about and went to
him, saying, as she left. "My Mlko Is awako, and
I Will haveUo co up and dress him." Scarcely
llfteen minutes after sho wont upstairs the
other tenants ot the building were startled by
tho report of n pistol, followod byjplercing
screams and shouts. "Oh, my Mlko I Oh. my
Mlkol I've murdorod my Mlkot"
Tho tenants ran to tho Kgan apartments and
found Egan lying onjthe kltolion floor with a
bullet wound over nls right oye. HI wlfo
was on tho floor besldo him, kissing him and
sobbing. Pollco Captain Hayes, accompanied
by City Physician Arlltz and two policemen,
arrived nt tho house a few minutes later, but
when thoy reached thero LVran was dead.
Mrs. Lgnn coutinucd to rave over tho body
and to caress hor dond husband. When
tho poll"emen tried to take hor from tho room
sho Koled tho revolver and attomptod to kill
horf elf, Blio was finally forced away and taken
to Pollco Headqunrtora. After sho had bo
como somewhat quieted sho mado tho follow
ing statement to Capt. Haves:
I didn't mean to shoot Mlko. It was an ac
cident. I helped him to dross, and ho said ho
would llko to go out for a walk before he wont
to work. I asked him If he had any monov.
nnd ho Bald 'no,' so I gave him somo. Wo
were fooling, as wo usually did, and ho was
kiss nc mo.
"As I helped hlm on with his overcoat ho
aflcod mo to tako his revolvor out. of his hip
pocket aud to keen It until ho camo back. I
took it out and held It In my hand. I oleaned
. It for him Inst week, hut did not know tha: ho
, had loaded It. so 1 pulled tho trigger, saying.
Look out. Mlko. I'm going to shoot."
Mrs. Egnn was held on a charge of murder.
Her husband's body was removed to the
niorguo. The couple wero married last March
by tho Rov. Father Hoffschnoider of St. Peter
ind St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church In Uud
Bon street. Mrs. Kaan was a widow, hor for
mer husband, John Holnrlchs, having died
twentr-threo years ago. Her maiden name
wns Anna Thlede. Bho has lived in tho apart
ments nt l'JO Wnshlncton street for sixteen
oars nnd has been ianltress for nlno years.
Tho other tennnts all speak well of her and
say that sho lived hapnllv with her husband,
.henn wns formerly a keeper In tho Hudson
Cjimty Pfiiittontlnry nt Snako Hill, but wss
dismissed for political reasons two years ago.
A French Editor Snya 8he Hns Excited the
Appetite of tho United States.
Svecial Cable Detpateh to Tnrc Bun.
Pamr, Nov. 10. The Tarls pross 1-1 still ongry
over the Pnshoda Incident, nnd nearly all of
tho newspapers Indulgo In snarls at England.
The llappel predicts ultimato disaster to tlio
British. "Tho policy of England." the papor
says, "has Irritated Europe and excited the
appetite ot the Unltod States. After Cuba.
Canada Is ory tempting, ns nro also Jamaica,
British Guiana and tho Cape Colony. In ten
years we shall see Great Britain caught be
tween tho United States and Europo. That
day will bo hor death, and It will be her own
Berlin : Frowns Upon the Proposition to
Olve tlio Emperor a Keceptlou.
Special Cable Deipalch to Tnx Sun.
London. Nov. 10. The Kaiser's trip to
Palestine was not entirely popular with the
people of Borlin, aud the appeal of a self
constituted committee to give him a fostlvo
recoptlon fell flat. The Worsen Zeilung, which
Is nn Influential Berlin journal, says tho Em
peror's pleasuro trips are so numerous that If
tho precedent woro established now and fol
lowed Berlin would soon nssurao the aspect of
a fete unworthy of the Industrial capital of the
great German empire.
Nobbed on Arrival of the Steamship Italia
nt Liverpool.
Special Cable Detpateh to The Stm.
LrvEnrooL. Not. 10. John H. Ransom, who
Is wantod In Philadelphia to answer a charge
of Iarcony nnd embezzlement, was arrested
hero by a dotectUe from Scotland Yanl on
board tho steamor Italia upon her arrival from
Philadelphia to-day. Ransom was travelling
'under an assumod namo. but admitted that he
was the man wanted, nis baggage, which In
cludes two largo boxes, wus solzod and held for
Children ot the Great Chnncellor Have De
termined Upon Prlvnry.
Spicial Cable Dttpalch lo Tnx Sow.
Bebun. Nor. 10. The children of Bismarck
aro determined to buiy their father as pri
vately as possible. Princo Herbert has wrltton
to delegations from Saxony and othor Htates
that he is nnablo to Invito thom to the Inter
ment, which has beon furthor postponed.
Thero will not be room for moro than fifty
persons in tho mortuary ehnpol,
The Hank of Englnnd ITUl Probably Follow
Suit on Nor. St.
Special Cable Detpateh to Tna SDK.
Londo.v, Nov. 10. Tho rato of discount of
tho Bank of Gormany has beon raised from 6K
to 0, and Intorest on advances luoroased from
OK to 7.
It Is expected that the Bank or England will
ralso Its late of discount on Nov. 24, to protect
its roservos against tho demand for cheap
money, caused by tho Increased rates on monoy
In Berlin.
The Spanish Clergy Are Not Conaplrlng
Against the Constitution.
Special Cable Detpateh to Tnr Box.
Madrid, Nov. 10. A denial of tho newspaper
reports that the hlchor olergy of Spain are con
spiring against the Constitution Is officially
Blunkncsy'a Condition Apparently Hopeless
Special Cable Detpateh lo The 8dk.
Beblin, Nov. 10. A telegram from Bonn says
that Mme. Muukacsy Intends to leave Paris
and roslde In Cologno so as to be nearer her
husband. His condition Is unimproved and
there isnopiospect of his recovery. Hie mel
ancholia Is such that ho must be constantly
watched lest he should attempt suicide. Ho
has'p'irlods of lucidity when he tries to recover
his lost poner. nnd he reoontly fainted before a
President Fnilro Dernrnlrs the Queen
Urgent of Hpnlii,
fpeclat Cable Petpalck 'oTii SUN,
Pabis. Nov. 10. It Is learned that Pretldent
Faure decoratod Queen Berent Christina of
Spain with tho Grand Cordon ot the Legion of
Honor upon the occasion ot his recent Investi
ture by the Quocn Regent with the Order of the
Golden Floece,
Four nrat-Clnsa ltrltlah Cruisers to Its
It i I It nt ninigou,
,S,iaI Cable Detpateh to Tile til.
Glasgow, Nor, 10. -It Is announced here
thut specifications will shortly be Issued for I
the construction of four tirst-vlass cruisers la j
privet yards,
ji.'j?ga';ri-'jj''?' .-.-y.'
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f6WTl&Ml9 rpmlltlon ennsed irrent (ipprehV, .
Mfl WWWff,teTffiiSinSS slim. Hh lost In llcMi;wn- p .
KW 4 Vyf 3fti PwSfilF 'Jiwfln'v WIF-U'I "'"''', ",ln mmous thirst m.,1 :2t
Pl A T5iL SfWBJdiSl einichcd her hniids with tho ur , W
-VI i i, wSt WwJscV -- - r ,i porsoti In t ho throes of iUmii,
J (J SKSo-4aVi - s Woro than nil. she wns not i.i f
VU V"t M ICila&Xi-r mri V- ' llliillo to sleep herself, but h. r
Hi f ki1WO''iv",.lsfe5fc4t' rcdlossness would keep the otn.-r
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I !!. -Wt M
Was Lord Chnmberinln During CJueon Vic
toria's Diamond Jubilee.
Special Cable Detpateh lo The Bun.
London. Nov. 10. Edward Bootle-Wllbra-ham,
first Earl of L-itliom, who was Lonl
Chamborlaln of hor Majesty's housohold dur
ing tho jubilee died this attornoon. Ho was
01 years old.
Edward Bootla-WIlbraham. llrst l'.arl of
Lathom, had been ill moro than n yenr. Ho
had Improved enough a month ago to mnlo his
recovery possible, although ho had decided not
to resumo tho duties of Lonl Chamboriain In
her Majesty's household, a nlneo which ho had
been compelled to glvo up n year ago owing to
Illness. IIo was Chamberlain to tlie Queen
during the diamond jubilee, and figured con
spicuously in that. He was born on Dec. IS,
1837. and was mado nn Earl on May .'1.1880. Ho
wns a Lord in Waiting from 1800 to 1808. From
1874 to 1880 ho was Captain of tho Yeomen
of the Guard, and was first mado Lord Cham
berlain of tho Queen's houshold In 1887. Ho
retained tho placo until 18!U, and was reap
pointed In 180."j. In his office as Lord
Chamberlnin, tlio censorship of plnrs enmo
under bin control. In 18l0 lie was mar
ried to Alice, daughter of tho fourth Lord of
Clarendon. His wife was killed about a
year ago by being thrown from her currlage
whllo returning trom a huntlngpartyinLatien
shlre. Ho was nn honorary Colonel of tho
Lancashire Hussars, ami also hold the tltlo of
Baron Hkolmersdalo. The family of Wllbrn
ham .had lived first In Cambridgeshire from
tho tlmo of Henry II. Tho late Earl of Lathom
belonged to the Chester branch. He loaves
flvo children.
Ha) Was to nave Relieved 3IareIinnl-WIU
Not Oo to tho Nile Now.
Special Cable Detpateh la The Sox.
Pabis. Nov. 10. Princo Henry of Orleans has
addressed an opon letter to M. Dolcass5, Minis
ter of Foreign Affairs. In which ho calls tho
Minister's attention to tho fact that he had ob
tained permission, boforo tho Fashoda events
transpired, to relieve Major Marchand by tho
way of Abyssinia. Princo Honry declares that
he will not now discuss the question on tho
banks of the Nllo. but In. tho Cabinets of Eu
rope. Therefore, he renounces tho voyage he
had contemplated.
British, Jnpaneso and Amerlcnn Ministers
Protest on Behalf of l'oielgnors.
Special Cable Detf.au h toTnB Bun.
YoionAMA. Nov. 10. Advices received flero
from Seoul, tho capital of Cores, say that the
British, Jnpaneso aud Amorlean Ministers have
protested against tho action of tlio Coreau Gov
ernment In putting a stop to trading in the In
terior of Coroa by forelgnors.
Closes an Argument by Killing One Person
and Wounding Three Others.
Oiunoe. N. J., Nov. 10. As tho result or nn
argument oer a inurdor caso hero to-night
Luciano Papone Is dead, his wlfo will
die. and Mr. and Mrs. 'Giacomo Ped
rlllo ore both budly wounded, All tha
damage was done by Domenleo Nnzzorlllo. son-In-law
of Lorenzo Corbo. who Ih now in jnll for
a murder which hn committed last January.
Nnu-orlllo and Mrs. Pnponc cot Into nn nrsu-
r,en,K-?y-r,J,,'ic,u,A,Il!.',0,.,,'l"W,,y ot nhoui.0
in Whlto street. J-lnully ; the argument grew
heated nnd azzorlllo enlled Mrs. Paponn n villi
name. Pnpnno nml tlm Pedrillos, who worn
in au adjoining room, henrd tlio Insult, nnd
thor rusliod Into the hall to punish Nnz-
r?ri"i- i V.10 ln,ftnr ,1'Ullcd out n lonis
blnded knifo aud stabbed P.ipono to tho
heart, killing bim Inslnntly Then ho
Plunged the knifo. into Mi. I'liponc's
breast, nnd whonsho foil to the floor he turned
on tho Pedrlllos nnd stabbed tliiiin birfh,
wounding them seriously, but not ilungei.uib
ly. Nazzorlllo escaped
Tlie Cruiser Buffalo Mny Snll on Tursdny.
Washinoton, Nov. 10. It Is now oxpeoted by
the Navy Department that tlio cruiser DulTnlo
will bo able to stait from Brooklyn for Manila
on Tuesday, Tho repairs required to her
machinery are not bo extensive ns wns sup
lioscd, and the engineering force of tho yard
will work night and day until tho work is dono.
It will not bo necessary to make now parts to
take the place of the defective machinery, ns
the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock
Company had duplicates on hand and has for
warded them to Brooklyn.
Cruiser Topeku Balls for Ilnvaim.
Washington. Nov. 10. Tho cruiser Tilpeka
started trom League Island. Philadelphia, to
day, for Key West, on her wny to Havana,
whero sho will relieve the Scorpion from duty
In coniieetiou with tho American Evacuation
Commission. It Is the polloy of the Navy De
partment to keep ships at Havana for short
periods only, but the bcornlou has been obliged
to remain therp three woeka beyond the al
lotted timo while tho Tonoka was undergoing
repairs at tlie League Island Navy Yard.
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sV o
Ex-United States District Judgo George It. JM
Sago of Ohio dlod yesterday at tho old Corwla U f
homestead, Lebanon, 0 his home for many H
years. Ho was 70yoars old and had been ail
ing tor a long time. Ho retired from the benelt
In August last. Ho was appointed by President;
Arthur in 1VX. Ho studied law when n yoiiini
innnin tlio ofllco of tho famous Whig leader,
Tom"Corwln. at Lebanon, and became hw
law partner. Ho married Corwin's dnughtei.
Lva A., who died a few months ngo. Ho leiues
two children. Corwln Bngo nnd the wife of
ttipt. Hums ot tho Seventeenth Infantry,
Edward M. Iluiico, Secretary of tho Con
necticut Mutual Llfo Iusuiance Cviiipuny, died
joslerdnv In Hartford of pneiimoiim nt tho iict
of 57. UN llrst business engagement wns wl'li
the Pliii'iilx Nntlonul, when) ho -.tnrted a-,
youngest elurk, aftiTgraduntliigfiom tlio High
fehool. Ho roso to tlm pluee of cashier, nml
resigned in lr-Wl, when he wns elected Soere
turrnf tho Connecticut Jlutunl Ho leaven a
widow nnd one son. who Is a paymaster in tho
L'nlted Htateo Navy.
Mrs. Caroline l'alrloy dlod nt the homo of ono
pf hersotm In Nutlny, N. J yesterday mornl'iir.
Hlin was tho widow of tho ifuv Hnmuel Hur ' .
nnd the motherof tlm Itov .luiiien X, rat-Met f ' ' I
Niltlnv, tboltov Dr. William Eairley of l'hiln- I
delpliln, .Miss Gnieo E. I-'ntrlny of Nutley, tlm
ltu. IMwIii lairley of lloselniid, N. J, III-
Annie L. 1 nlrley of Caunndnli-in. N . nnd
Hnmuel Colo i'nlrloy. principal ot n sehool m
Jncobus Voorhens died on Trldny nt his homo
In (rnesendNeek, agedCllyoarh. Hi iviis ..
seended from ono of the original settler or th
town of Ornvesend. l'or tho last inuiriei nf t
century he. had boon superintendent uf Mm
(jriivesond Neck Sunday Hchool. A wldiw and
throe MiiiH survive hlm. Ho will be buried t
duy from tli,o Ornvesend Ueformed Cliun-h
A. D. Porter dlod yesterday morning at tlei
Hotel Mnrgnret, llrooklyn, nt tbu ago of M
years. Ho wns tlie senior memberof tlioil'iii
of A, D. Porter t Co., merchant tailors, of 1'ifi li
nvciiuo, Manhnttnii. Apparently, ho had b en
In good henlth. Ills death wus sudden and M
attributed to old ago. A widow, two Minn nn 1
a daughter Hiirvlio him,
Mnrtln H. Drennen, for mnny ynnrs n liner
wnlker In Ktern ItrntherH' storo. died on l'rlday
nl Ills liome, ()'.' hoiith Tontll street, Vllliinn
burg. He won TiU years old Dnringtlie Hoi ly
(ieorgn camiiulgn ho stumpeil Jliooklyii for
hlm Ho lenes llvo sons
Dentil of l'ormer Asseiiibljninn i'ltllnrd,
Tho Hon, Albert E, Bullnrd dlod nt his homn.
In X'rniiklin, N '., jesteulny, aged 70. He um- ,
resented Delawnro county In the Asscinblj m
'in, 'tin. '7H nnd '70. I
mV' . -JR ' "y sse positively nnd shsolntnly icuarantrei by the nf w inelhod nf 1
sk. .a liai meillrstiou VAillLOi'Kbl'.unil HIltieTrKI.eured in a -.hurt time 1
BV I -9 by t'" U'l't sclcnliflu iiielluds. HYIJItOOlXK cured wldionl psln or rl
sAyvljll ''HttuiK in 24 Imnrs. M
sfSH&S. ittJor frteanl tealedt .ombaid Clinical Ltclurtt vn all the IHteatet A
yB'Mak of Hen, CVililli, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Stone in the JllaMir, dc. La
OISHi f Xanvt,j,oUt and adartiit of palitnlt n every State, upon whom fij
sjyr1 Ho Gu6ss Work Ho Experimenting Absolute Certainly, i
. . , . Absolute pruofs (not promises) tlutxUi convince Supreme Court r
rrof. RICORD, of Fsrls. JuJeo. '
If You Want Health and Vigor, Youth and Virility, Here II Is for Yau. :
noun., .. DR. H. H KANE, ;
bait, i-tl.it.' I 30 West 34th st N. Y. C(ty. i '' :)
JMMMMMMliiMMii liiiiiii'i ' - '"J -, J

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