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i ....... . . . t .
Iriirnrcrirrs ion the last fiscal
i.Ait i:m: $t7o,atttt,9io.
wA,r 111" War Kevenue Art Tliry Mny
Amount Tltlx Yenr tn S70,O0O.0OO-Tlie
, nn,nillinr Tlilnka (lie I.nws Should
He Ftlrml'il Hi" "xi New ruescealon.
wAmsnTns, Nov 2:1. The nnnual report of
th, ( ninmi!M""rof luternnl Itoventw mnkos
' k ( jsj tmu". nml 1 lat-oly devoted to
tti' " n' ",e "perntions of tho various
J!, .in.. o Hi bureau. Tim receipt of tho
J ... rnr " IimI .lune :lll Inst, from nil source",
t ,,,f"'ji " ,'n"' KBKreRntcd $170.MiW,810.
tiii-hpx ' I by $l.VWtl.HM tho eatlmate
lu)n,,itiiii.i"raBO. Tor July. August nnd
L,ptmiernf the current flscnl year, the first
Ihrco mon I" ""'" uM""!" of the War
Hevomio a", the n-r-oliits wero $71,llMM7.
but tlii' .vmse, tlio ('ommlmioner thinks,
-in nn "" matntnlnoil ilurlnc tho romalnlnc
.invmnith anil ho iloc not place the total
, " ii,g iwr hl-lior than $270,000,000.
In record to tlio distribution nnd tuile of
(nmp, rfuiilreil by the Wnrllovonuo act, tlio
nqnuniwixi'T says the discount of 1 percent.
en cali I""T hnrs nmouiitlnc to $100 ormoro
Ms not hiil Hie effect of Inducing a sufficiently
rp numler of persons to tnko tho stamps
,orM1eto moot the public demand, and recom
mend that the law bo nnionde d so as tonllow
dmoount nf :i nor cent, on wich purchases.
l'nlM sudi action Is taken n very laree In
,,,(, n tlio numbor of otnmp deputies will ho
rKMrv an Increase entirely beyond the ca
Bjeltyef Ins ofllco to handle by dlroct accounts
dth each deputy Tho collector In each dis
trict will necessarily be held responsible on his
fnd fur the accounts of each stamp deputy In
! district, and It would bo readily seen that
the revenue acent. In maklnc examinations
ct the accounts of collectors every IK) orl'JO
dnr. would not be nblo to visit nnd count a
jiimclred or moro branch ofllcos In each district.
j would thereto bo obllced to nccept ex
planations for npnn rent dlscropanclcR In tho
collectors' a ountf. based on nlteced nmounts
cfstanip-toreash In the hamlsof stamp depu
te ltli"iif M'Tilleatlon of tho facto. This
would upon 'ho dxir to fraud and would entire
ly di'saxy with tho effectiveness of the present
vslemof quarterly examination of those col
lectors' accounts This objection applies also
to the sale nf stamps by rostmastora under
bond without compensation. It would require
at lst 10 intents to kcepsuch offices properly
examined and eri tied.
Tr eip'ii-o of stamp offices required to
meet the mnsonahle demands of taxpayers was
another aiRiiment tn fnvorof a It percent, dis
count lo actual purchasers. Since the passage
ofthelawthe number of offices has Increased
onlyfmml-'liSto llftj. The additional expenso
Jmo'iod was from S1O3.707 to $ll-,i:.. Tor
the pror-'r accommodation nf tho publicstamps
jliniiM ho sold at 10 per cent., at least, of the
71MK) Tot Offices In tho United States. Al
Inwinc only an avernco of $100 each for the
salary of the stamp deputies, there would be
,- Involved an expenditure of $700,000 per
BP annum . ,
,BH The recommondations of the Commissioner
IH villi recant to tho extension of the Internal
M renue laws over our new po'-sesslons are
m solalile for their brevity. Thoy follow:
H "The uuestioiuif collect ln Internal revenue
H taxes In thu Hawaiian Islauds has beeucon
H mdereil. and. in Ihw of tho opinion of the At
H tnrnoy-deneral. It has been held that tho
llanaitun Islands are treated as foreign torrl
H tory until Concress has passed laws covernlne
,H thesuliject
H "(JueMlonsaro beelnnlnc tonnso in reeard
B to l'orlo Itlco. which is soon to come under tho
B tutliority or tie) United States as a result of
iH iwir with Spain 1 tveommond that CongreBs
H 1 rcijilented to enact tlm neceasary leclslatlon
B to th.it thu collection of internal revenue taxes
I inay lo made thero as tn other parts of the
HI Unlleil States, as soon as poiseaslon Is acauired.
H " l'roision should also bo made for thu col-
iB l"ction of Internal revenue tnxes in Cuba while
H It Is occupied by the United States authorities.
.H "If the pence negotiations now In progress
:B Tfsult in the amiulsition or retention "t the
H Philippine Islands, or any portion of them. I
,'RlL ircominend suitable legislation lookinc to tho
van Collection of internal rovenuo taxes and tho
,Hr tnforcement nf tho Internal revenue laws in
' luch terrltnr ". ......
JtIier legislation suggcsteil bythoCommis
H tinner is llionmenilmeut of the law prohitiitinc
H the hit nxluct ion of iiit(ilcating llnuorM into tho
t Udlun Territory, so as to permit tho estahllsli
iH ntal of hreiterics and distilleries on lands
I H therelien the Indlnu titlo has become extinct.
( m that tho Himn prolslou of law will apply
1 H thf re a in other States and Territories.
iM Uealso recommends the repeal ot tho act of
I SH IS'5 reaulring tha renewal aoh four years ot
!.-H the bonds or tho.'t.OtX) internal revenue officers.
I The execution of bonds ever) few years, he
;M y. entails upon hl ofllco a great amount of
'H work. which is utterly useless so faras the In
!) terfbtsof tho tevenuearo concerned, and sim
LK W Imposes unnecessary trouble upon tho of
j llcers themselves, l'rlor to the iiasenuo of
the act referred to. Collectors promntly
.H reported all matters ntlectlng the responslbll
'Hl it) of tlio bonds of Hiitordinate officer, euch as
iVatli or Insolvency of surotles.nnd now bonds
;'H were required wheroier necessary. Internal
'H reeiiun acents were directed from tinio to
. tlms to examinn into tho llnanclal condition of
,B sureties on collectors' official ami disbursing
,H I'OnrK and additional surety wns requiretl
I wherevertlie interests of the Government re
jHI quired that action This method was In force
J lor twentj-llve earn, and was entirely ade
R( 'luato for tlio purposo.
HA Duriug tho yi-ar L'.3tU Illicit stills, together
n wb .Jd'',:ill) gallons of spirits, were seized.
m 57 persons being nrrostod and two officers
m killed and live wounded in connection with the
i' iflzures. Illicit distilling, says the Commls
M fwner. Is rather on tho increaso than tho dc
Wy crease In certain parts of tho country, and ho
recommends that heavier penalties be pro-
H Kribert for that offence. Anothei remedy sug-
'i F,V,8,?U 't n material ruduetlon In tho tax on dis-
M JIHen ppints, togethor with u modlfleatlon of
H the regulations for tho operation of tho distil-
B lenes
H There were. Issued to collectors during tha
I mr 1.44a.2i4.Its:i stamnsof all descriptions.
H pi me value of $l!rj.l.r3.n:i;l. and on Oct, 1
B l mre w?,rfv.'.n It vaults of the Commissioner's
M office 4!)1.!H).I,5M stamps, valued ut 494.UW,-
,.Tte Production of manufactured tobacco and
m fimlT during the fiscal yonr was :ri-t.O,"0.4()S
I?ul!?"'.a.n 'pcrease of 32,&00.0:j:t pounds com-
RC"' J" the priuious year. Of this amount.
k ' ' ". lo.unda were csported. or :i.:ttl .-
vi,.poV,n,u,, le,', tit during the precudlns
?.",'" cr, 4,r(17...a,4r4 were inanii
i?"!) '? 'nwease or 478.847.473 over 1807:
""Kh"..,.-.i.W:,4i decrease. :il7.(Kk); Im
Wt$ ' -l-.-'oO. dcrea8e. 10,:i4M,ll
itnH.?i.u,Dber "f eigarottes rnantitactured
During the year was n.1ijH.l.()32 and f.234.
1 , Jm Imported, an increase of 14U.228.0TJ
tSuil' ium"el' manufactured nnd IKJ1.H40 In
?iS fl,W.rJ.eJ;oT,ne "umber exported aegrr-ft.hM,'1,8?24rt-
an Inoreaaoof H1.02il.tMH
lSiie .Crw1ed'nlr Jvar- Th expense of col
w OCT OK rovenuo during the year
nai Silk Wlinn Ha none It Dp, bnt Cot
ten triirn lis Got It nck.
Ju.tlce Wilmnt Jr. Smith of Tntchogue. U I..
nt to a barber shop in llrooklyn yestenlay
Md carefully hung his fine silk umbrella on a
fok After ho had been shaved nnd had his
"ircut the barber's boy polltnly handed the
Jwtle.. rottnil nmhroiia or the "none-nml-
oanee variety, which bulged In the middle
InrViiini f?'R pi,lr"' bloomors. It had been
1 Kfusertin'1, 0I '.,M! """-Hllltoftt. ThoJustlco
1 couldn't r,t;ellr "V "inhre a. ond the barber
1 Jutle J" ''? ,1tlc,H own. When the
1 aftir i3?ir1,Mi ,for Nrt'OBU last oiening.
1 PaUVi '"-'.his clerk and court officers iv
I aT?arrr ' innK'vlng. It wan noticed that he
I 1 Thi7l,'i'8Hn!"w "mbrella,
II I fcreli? !'' "!Y. ,,mU E01 Jtlee flmlth'ft um
I 1 totiom...'!1! "rt Olficor I'atrlck Nolau. "has
5 lotfomnhlng to im thankful for."
1 I v.vr. srAi.cn vs ihxsiat
A I nj. si No, Sfrklne n norea fronl
1 ( "'r Huihnnil, Slgnor I.ollt.
Hi k"''n7T" Nov 2:,-"me. Scnlchl. who has
HI ,"n f "t'nc here this woek, has been In-
H 1 ll ","1 rardlne the nnnouneement In
1 inn n"w,"",r"- flint she had obtalnecfa
1 I,., i1"" 7 was a,",ut tn "PP'y for one from
itu m;ban,l'RicnorI.olll. Mme.Bcalohl pos-
Dori'a;1',",'1 lio statement. Hor husband la
lllne,? ii,?.e wa,l) .h?r- B,l sa"' n account of
A-rilJ,'or .,0 " I" ' 111 home In Italy.
M Wn,.?,Vy .T'l"1'! expects to join him at tho
'i"n 'flier American lour.
TIaiikElliiE rronherrlea Spllleil.
I j,"')-' 'd with enitihurriea was upset
H Tm, r ' '"""" '" trnlloy earWtof tlm
K.,i """ ''""", IMloiianuoand
H in'n r vv Hiam-lHiiK Tho e.ir wasoiia
M( ),,,. ' Hie Uilvei nf tho wagon lathed
B', tie f"' ,."." '.', w:", ".'" traekt. The car struck
' - n . ,r the wagon, overturned It,
-H M" -.o 1 'along about flf reel, leaving a
K) iraa r,inl,rr.R The wagon was
rV Mi the, iron-,, i '." '" "", 'lightly hurt. Travel
U s itoney line wu delayed half an hour.
jnoae aonooy nnsiaitn.
The rhtlndetphln Jurist. Well Known In
rolltlcs. llrra Vp Itla rinre.
rntLATiRt.PiiiA, Nov. 23. Tho announcement
came from Harrlsbitrg late this nftornoon that
tho Hon. James flay Gordon, nn Assoclato
Judgo of tho Court of Common Mcas. had
placed his resignation In tho hands ot Gov.
Hastings, and that It had boon accepted. Tho
nen caused a sensation here. Judgo Gordon
mm presiding during the month of November
on tho bench of one of the two Criminal Court
of tho county. It Is In this court that tlio trial
of Senator Quay will bo henrd, but Judge Gor
don would not hae presided at the trial. He
distinctly said thut undor no circumstances
would he appear on the bench during tlio Quay
case, The Judge was In court on Monday and
pursued his usual judicial functions yesterday.
To-day ho wns absent from the bench.
Tho suddenness of the resignation gaverlso
to a variety of rumors. Judgo Gordon prior to
his olovallon to tho bench was a member of the
Legislature nnd an active Democratic politician.
Ho has oer slnco been allied with factional
Interests, and within recent years ho has been
strongly advocated as a Democratic candidate
for Governor on accountot his friendship for
tho Itepubllcan factlonlsts opposed to Quay.
Ho Is a sound money Democrat of pronounced
type, His friends charged his detent for tho
Democrntlo nomination for Goornor to tho in
lluenco or Quay.
Judgo Gordon, when appointed, was tho
youngest of tho Judges on the local bench Ho
is now 43 venm old. He wns first appointed lo
tho bench by Gov. l'ntttson In 1880. to fill it,
vacaucy: and In 188d was olected to n lull term
or ten years. Ho wns ngnln re-clectod In 181HJ.
Ho savi that his resignation wns duo to tho
limited compensation paid to Judges. The
salary of r Judge is 57,500 a year.
In nn investigation begun last spring Into
the charges of bribery and corrupt legislation In
the City Councils Judgo Gordon was ono'of two
members ot tho local judiciary who conducted
an extraordinary inquiry from the bench. In
tho course of which it was developed as testi
mony that tho famous Kehuvlkill Valley wator
legislation wan originally promoted in this
city by one of tho Justices of tho Supremo
Court of Pennsylvania. An Associate Jtistlco of
tho hlghuroourt subsequently denounced tho
entire proceeding aa Irregular and without
warrant inlaw. The bribery Investigation en
gendered bltternnlmositics and Intensified tho
opposition of Uordon's pollticul enemies'.
(During tho campaign prior to tho lute county
election tho Democratic candidate for District
Attorney, who wns nftcrwnrd defeated, made u
bitter personal attack on Judgo Gordon. Dis
trict Attorney Graham. vho accepted a chal
lenge to appear ill the meeting to answer
attacks madoupon hisown official record. arose
on the same stngo and defended Judgo Gordon,
nlludlnctohim as one of his chosen friends,
nnd a pure-minded nnd upright judge.
Counsel for the defence In tho prosecution of
United States Senator Quay played thciropen
Ing move to-day for delay. Senator Quay nnd
his son. Itichanl, nnd ox-Btate Treasurer B.J.
Haywood nppeaied at the bar of the court at 11
o'clock with their counsel. Tho court was tho
ordlnurv tribunal fortho trial of criminal cases.
Judgo Thomas K.Jtlnletter occupied the bench.
Judgo Gordon was not In court. As soon as n
petty criminal caso was dleiwued ot. District
Attorney Graham called the Quay case. Sena
tor Quay's counsel mado a reiiuest tor a con
tinuance on the ground that insufficient time
had been granted to examine tho substancoof
the Indictments. Tho case was postponed
finally until Monday next.
Superintendent Snjilcn Did Not Strnl City
Property; Others Suspected.
The Board of Education at its meeting yes
terday exonerated ( 1). J. Snyder. Superin
tendent of School Buildings, from the charges
mado against him last spring by John W.
Franklin and James Dennlson, formerem
ployeos of tho Building Department. He was
charged with misuse of public property and
appropriating certain portions of it to Ills own
use. The committee which has been investi
gating the matter all summer reported that
he was In no way connected with the defects
in school buildings mentioned in tho accusing
affidavits and a vote of confidence in htm was
passed. Evidence was found, it was stated,
whioh justifies further Investigation into tho
work of certain contractors and employees
ot the Building Department. The committeo
was continued to mnko the investigation.
A resolution passed by the board practically
nuts into the hands of City Superintendent of
Schools Maxwoll tho control and distribution
ot all library funds for IfcStll. amounting to
$42,000. and also the selection of books, giving
him two additional clerks for the worK. Sev
eral members or the boa re. objected to this and
were joined by Mr. Maxwell, who thought,
centralization might go too far and that Brook
lyn's library funds should be kept separate on
the ground that it treats school matters dif
ferently Irom the other boroughs. Commis
sioner Agar held that the Idea was merely to
co-ordinate all school libraries in one system,
and the resolution was passed.
Much opposition also appeared to a resolu
tion which puts the nauios of teachers on all
eligible lists in a certain llxed order of merit,
taking into consideration studies, experience,
personality and standing on examination as
indications of merit. Commissioner Ander
son held that this limited: choice and: made
necessary a sort of automatlo selection of
teachers, promoting the first on a list made
out by a mere system of marking without re
gard to personal Illness. Commissioner Agar
believed in the system and was supported by
a majority of the board.
A recommendation was made to Comptroller
Coler that payment of salaries In all boroughs
be made twelve times a. year Instead of ten
times, between September and June. Al
though teachers earn their salaries within the
latter period the majority prefer, it was re
ported, a llxed income every month. At
present Manhattan and the Bronx and Rich
mond boroughs pay salaries every month,
while Brooklyn and Queens make ten pay
ments a ear. It was also proposed to sep
arate janitors' salary lists from teacher' so
that the latter need not be delayed tor consid
eration by the Civil Service Commission, and
several other measures were recommended
which may bring pay day for teachers nearer
to the first ot the month.
An Old Offender ltobi 3Ir. Goodrich and
Takes tlio Ilnby'a King.
Mrs. Edward T,. Goodrich of 240 West Thirty
eighth slreet bocnino ill a week ago and was
ordered to bed. Sho sont a messenger boy to
an liitelllgencaoffleoln Sixth avenue, near Bry
aut I'ark, to hlro a girl. Tho boy returned with
Kate Strapp. who immediately took charge of
tho Goodrich hoiD-ehold, and, so faras hor em
ployer know until yesterday, did satisfactory
work. Meals for the sickroom wero alwoyson
time and well served and the hnby was happy.
But yesterday morning, when the two-year-old
baby went In to sen her mother. Mrs. Good
rich noticed that tho child's ring was missing,
and asked If sho had lost it. In bnbv talk tho
child soon mudo it perfectly clear to Mrs. Good
rich that tho new girl had gone and taken the
baby's ring.
lteitardless or her physicians orders, Mrs.
Goodrich jumped out of bed nnd went through
tho house. Table linen, silverware, china,
books, jewelry, rugs, hats, shoes nnd drosses
worn gone, as well as the baby's diamond ring.
The ring went lust: the other things had been
taken away, n few at n time, earlier in thewook.
Mrs. Goodrich went to thu WoatThlrty-snventh
tntal .rll.n utnHfM, nml fnl.l lin, cln- nnd
gave a good description of tho servnnt, Then
sho looked through the Rogues' Gallery and
recognized hor missing servant us the original
or a portrait marked " 1280, Anulo McLaughlin,
dishouent servunt."
lletettive MoVea, who knew the thief as
Kate Strapp. alias Kate Martin, found her inn
rurnlshed room nt 32H West Foitleth street.
She had disposed oi the stolon property, hut
Jiawn tickets Tor tho greater part of It were
nund In her possession. She was held In
$1,000 I ml I at the West Fifty-fourth Street
Court yesterday.
The Major Noir Changes Front lis to tlm
Matter of Mmilvlpnl Kxpxnilltiirr,
llayor Van Wvck sent tho following lettnr to
the Board of Publlo Improvements yesterday:
I request that you will tako all action neces
sary to betaken by jour board before action
by the Municipal Assembly as to location,
plans, and construction of n bridge over thu
East Hlver between the borough of Manhattan
and the borough of Queens,
Without recommending any specific location
I suggest that the bridge be so designed as to
cross the Kast River over Blaokwoli's Island.
I request that this matter receive prompt
attention, so that action by the Municipal As
sembly can be tuken at an early date.
Political reasons for keeping down the debt
limit have delayed work on tliU bridge, end
Mayor Van Wyck'a letter Is tho first official
announcement that the debt limit Is nn longer
to be held up before the public as bar tn
municipal o.pendlliires Th niteesment of
property lor taxation In lSiilt Is now Hearing
completion, ami the increase In valuntlon, It is
said, will be close on $400,00.1,000 With this
enormous Increase thu administration expects
to be nblo to issue bonds to tho nmountof $30..
IKXMXK) nr $40.n itUKXi next year and still keep
within the cciutltutloaui limit ot indebted
ness. Ii(lilrt i vw.M-Tv'v,'MU.ln- -' .-j-
It KxprcMes the Ilnpt ot til Sovereign
Thnt the I'rlemlly Relntlnns lletwevn the
Two Countries Mnr Jrnw liven Firmer
In the FutureThe President's Response.
Washington, Nov, 23, Mr. J. Komurn, tho
new Minister ot Japan to tho United States,
was formally received by President McKlnloy
nt tho White House, to-day, Tho Hecrctnryof
Stato mado the presentation, Mr. Honiara
handed to tho President his credentials ns
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plonlpo
tcntlary, and nlso the Icttor recalling his pred
ecessor, Mr. Tom Hoshl. The speeches de
livered by the President and tho Minister
were somewhat longer than thoso usually ex
changed on such occasions, nnd while they did
not differ materially In phraseology from tho
ordinary compllmcntaryaddrcsses.lt wns evi
dent that thoy wero Intended to convey expres
sions of tho mutual satisfaction over tho closer
relationship Into which Japan and tho United
States will be drawn by tho annexation of the
Philippines to thin country. Mr. Komura said:
" Mr. Pjiksident: His Majesty the Emperor,
my august soverolgn. has been graclotHy
ploascd to appoint mo to be his Envoy Extraor
dinary .and Minister Plenipotentiary near tho
Government of tho United States. In entering
upon the duties ot tho offlco thus confided to
me I obey his Mniesty's first command when I
assure you ot his earnest wish for your health
and happiness, and for tho prosperity nnd woll
belng of tho groat peopto whoso Intoreets nro
Intrusted to your wise kocplng.
"From the beginning of their Intercourse
Japan and tho United States have maintained
relations of cordial and sincere good will, fos
tered nnd strengthened as tlmo has passed by
tho interchange of many kind offices. His im
perial Majesty regards tho friendly ties thus
established with profound gratification, and
earnestly hopes that thoy may grow even firmer
In tho future. For tho fulfilment ot this hope
ho finds gratifying promlso in tho tmportanco ot
tho mutual Interests which continue to draw the
pcoplesof tho two countries closer together, not
least of all tn tho commerce botwocn them.-hich
year by year is assuming more flourishing pro
portion". It will bo my duty to do all that lies
in my power to promoto thoso good relations,
and In fulfilling this ngrceablo task I fool as
sured that I can rely upon tho kind nnd appre
ciative assistance ot yourself. Mr. President,
nnd of tho officers of your Government. I now
have the honor to place in your hands tho lotter
of his Majesty tho Emporor. recalling my pred
ecessor, nnd my own lotter or credence"
President McKlnley's response was ns follows:
"Mr. Minister: Tho very cordial relations
that havo prevailed between tho United States
and Japan since the Institution of their repre
sentative Intercourse, and the Intimate associ
ation and gonerous rivalry of the two countries
and tholr peoples In the paths of progress and
material development, the one figuring tho ad
vancement of tho Western hemisphere, the
otner showing forth the new ora of tho Far
East, make it most agreeable to me to welcome
you as an envoy of cordiality and goodwill. I
accept with pleasure from your hands the
letters whereby his Majesty tho Emperor ot
Japan accredits vou to this Government as his
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo
tentiary in place of your esteemed predecessor.
Mr. Toru Hoshl. whose letters of recall you at
tho same tlmo deliver to me.
" Your announced purpose of contributing In
all ways that Ho In our power to promote and
mako stronger the ties ot amity and Interest
that fortunately exist between the two coun
tries, and to aid in fostering even closer and
more beneficial Interchanges of good feeling
and commerce between their peonies, finds a
slnccro response on the part of this Govern
ment. Toward the accomplishment or these
ends I tender to you. Mr. Minister, assur
ances or tho name kindly regard nnd
earnest sympathy on the part ot my
self and my associates tn administration
which your predecessor so deservodl y enjoyed,
and I doubt not that when your honored mis
sion ot usefulness shall fn time come to n,
close you will, like him. return to your own
lnnd conveying messages of the estoem for the
great country you represent, and of the per
sonal regard for its envoy which this Govern
ment and people feel.
"I beg to express to his Majesty, your sov
ereign, my cordial wishes for his health ami
haoplness and for the welfare of the people
whose prosperity marks his beneficent rule."
J. F. Canon Accuse TJIm of Making tt
' False Affidnvlt.
IIothLorton of 7 West Forty-fourth street
was arraigued before Magistrate Crano at the
Centre Street Court yesterday on a charge ot
perjury. J. Preston Carson of Richmond. Va..
Is the complainant. He declares that he was
made tho defendant in an action brought on
April 22. 1800. which was based upon a false
affidavit sworn to by Lorton. In this affidavit
Lorton declares that, as auditor of tho express
company, he had knowledge that between Feb.
8 and April 1. 1803. the company was losing
from $30 to $40 a day in its regular business,
and that this was known to Carson and to the
Vice-President. Benjamin F. Watson.
In the affidavit mado by Carson before Mag
istrate Crano yestorday Carson alleges that
Lorton was not appointed as auditor until Feb.
8. 1803, and had no opportunity to mako re-
e-rts to him or to Watson, and that to his
nowledge tho company was making $40 a day
profit between March IB and March 23. 1893. a
period covered by Lorton's affidavit. Lorton
was held in $1,000 ball for a further examina
tion. Bail was furnished.
Archbishop Corrlgnn's Advisory Hoard Re
appointed Yesterday.
The diocesan synod ot the Roman Catholic
Church mot yesterday morning at St. Patrick's
Cathedral under the laws of tho Church, which
require that a meeting shall be held overy
three years. Tlio purroso of the meeting Is to
discuss m attorn pertaining to the government
of tho diocese, nnd all priests are required to
be present.
Archbishop Corrlgan presided and opened
tho synod with mass. The old board of ad
visors to the Archbishop, consisting of three
priests elected by the synod and three appoint
ed by the Archbishop, was again chosen, nnd
all of the dlocefcan committees were reappoint
ed. The meeting was short.
Ilnd a Hntchel Fnll nf Jewelry and Other
Articles When Arrested.
Blanohe Preston ot Corona, L. I., n French
woman, who says sho came to this county four
months ago. and who does not speak English,
was arraigned bofore Magistrate Cornell in the
Jefferson Market Court yesterday on a charge
of shoplifting. When arrested In a largo Broad
way store on Tuesday afternoon by Detectives
Chrystal and Kenny of the Central Office, $140
worth of jowolry, which, it is said, she had just
stolen, was found In her satchel, besides a
quantity of undorwearand other articles which
subsoquontly wero found to havo been taken
from several Sixth avenue stores. She was
held In $1,000 ball for trial.
Tb Tfeather.
The severe storm with heavy snow which was re
purtod moving Into this neighborhood liu hero
greatly dis'lpMed and tha storm eeittm bas moved
mirth over tbo late rrslons Into Oantilj, T.li tit
now was falling yesterday in northern New York,
northern Pennsylvania, Mlrlili.au and Canada, and
II jlil lain in the Mlddln Atlantic, and New England
States. Ther were shnwamin the Tenneeaee Valley
and Hnuth Atlantic UUtf a. In all other districts the
weather was fair.
Itwaafiom 111 to ,I0 colder in the upper Missis
sippi Valley, the central Statee, the Ohio Valley and
thelaVe region, Tha temperature in the DaVoUa,
Minnesota, Nebraska and northern Iowa waa from
zirolotin below. The line nf freezing temperatures
reached over all tha country east of the Jtocky
Mountains eicept along 'be border of thoflulfand
Atlantic mates.
In this i lty the day naa cloudy and ralnji Iilcbest
temperature (.0', lowest 44; wind uortbeaat, ablfting
to esMt ami south, average velouity 14 inllea an hour;
average humidity X0 per cent.; barometer, coirerttd
to read to sea level at 8 A. XI. 80.04, a P. M. U0.07.
The temperature aa recorded by the omclal ther
mometer and also by Thb Hun's thermometer at the
atreet lot el is shown in the auneied table :
- U0Scil .Vu" OJKcial, Jus's
1S9. 1837. ISM. ISUt. IS9I. IMS.
HA.M.4H" .II" 4 flP.M44 2B 46
13 U .. a. 4t HP. M 41 23 4J
3 1'. M 4ll 34 4lt" 1J Mid.. llll' JJ' .'18
J-'or AVki England. ttuUrn AVm fork antiXtwJtv
Ky, air, vjt pouibly sneie Jlurnti ntar tki
coaitj coldir. 6nit notthtrlu tonorlSKtll'rlu "fniti.
Fur tha District of Columbls, eastern Pennsyl
vania, Delaware and Maryland, fair and continued
cold) fresh northwesterly winds.
For western Pennsylvania, western New Tork and
Ohio, fair; llibt westerly winds,
rl.Aiit VBttJvnr tx cobnr.
Mnglitrntfl Cornell "cores 'Witnesses nnd
Adjourns n Cnec.
While Ltonnrdo Fnrace of 428 East Eleventh
street was digging for tho new Eighth avenue
underground trolley road on r-'ept- 8 he got
Into a fight with a fellow workman. Joseph
Travello of H Cherry street, who knocked
him down with n shovel. Faraen lay In the
New York Hospital for'moro than two months
nnd when he left n few days ago he had lost tho
faculty of speech.
Travello wns arraigned before Magistrate
Cornell In tho Jefferson Market Court yester
day and Faraco told his story as well as he was
nblo with mumblings nnd gestures. Another
workman who was present at the time mnde
tho story clear to tho Court.
Tho defence produced four witnesses, all of
whom wero willing to swear that the com
plainant had struck the first blow. Lawyer
Flnttl, who appeared for the complainant,
charged them with being bribed nnd said
many attempts had been made to hush up the
trouble In an improper way.
Tlio Court listened to the witnesses, how
ever, until ono of thorn said that thero was ni
ditch nt the Place nnd that tbo complainant
and the defendant had both been standing on
level ground. . . . .. "
"This Is too muoh." tho Court said. "Tnko
the intin away. It has been abundantly proved
that there wns a ditch. I shall have this mat
ter looked up thoroughly and It there in any
underhand business it shall be ferreted out.
Tho ease Is adjourned till Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock. In the meantime I hope that tho
counsel for the complainant will gather nil the
ovldetico he can secure."
4.v ixhaxe it una LA It.
Invaded the Home of Jeaae McEwnn and
Received it Tlnllet In th Left Wrist.
MonmsTowN. N. J.. Nov. 23. Jesse McEwnn.
of the firm of MoEwan Brothers, paper manu
facturers of Whlppany, was awakened about
midnight by n noiso at his front door. He
arose, took a revolver, nnd wont down to tho
door, which some ono was trying to force open.
Mr. McEwnn snld: " Get away from that door
or I'll shoot you I"
The assault on the door was renewed. The
door gave way. and a man fell Into the hall
way. Mr. McEwan fired. Tho man grappled
with him. With tho assistance of neighbors,
aroused and brought to the scone by tho shot,
tho man was overcome and tied with ropes.
Jfhen ho was brought hero nnd committed to
ail. Ha gavo tho name of William Mario and
mid he was born In Italy. Ho was shot in the
left wrist, but not seriously hurt. This morn
ing Mario became violent. Judgo Vreeland
appointed a commission of thrcephyslclnns
Dm. Joseph E. Wright. Georgo W. Wilkinson,
and George 0. Connett to examine Mario.
They decided that he was insane, and the
Judgo signed an order committing him to tho
Stato Hospital at Morris Plains.
Mrs. Cnpelll Heeka to Fasten the Crime of
Murder Upon Htm.
Pasquello Capelli was on trial yesterday in
Part I II. of the General Sessions before Re
corder Goff, accused of murder In killing Luigl
Bianca. Whom ho shot In tho saloon at 400
East 113th street on Jan. 18. The nuarrel
was because Paulina, the wife of Capelli. had
left him and gone to live with Blanco. Ca
pelli does not deny tho shooting, but he de
clares that he did It In self-defenco, having
been attacked by Bianca.
Mrs. Capelli was the principal witness
against her husband yesterday. Sho testi
fied that she married Capelli about two years
ago and lived with him for seven months.
During this time, she said, he had starved and
Ill-treated her. taking her money when she
had any. One day he came heme and found
Blan:a eating there and made a row about it.
"One man's money is as good to me as an
other's." she said, and shortly afterward Bhe
went to live with Bianca.
She was vary bittor in her manner toward
Capelli while aha testified and declared that
he could have left the room In safety aftor he
was attacked by Bianca. but that Instead he
drew a pistol and shot. The case was not finished.
Intrusted It to Sirs, reck, VfTio Tried to Sell
It to Sirs. Frank Leslie for 81,400.
Charles Frederick Peck and Lillian Louise,
his wife, living in furnished rooms at 223 East
Twelfth street, were arrested by detectives
from the Fifth street police station early last
night on a complaint made by James MacCor
mock, who said his business was In Maiden
lane and his homo at 132 Oxford street, Brook
lyn. MacCormack said that three days ago he
had given a ruby ring worth $1,400 to the
Pecka to sell for him, and that ho had heard
nothing from them.
Mrs. Peck, when arrested, admitted having
had the ring. Sho had tried, unsuccessfully,
she mild, to sell It to Mrs. Frank Leslie as a
family heirloom, but had afterward sold it to
n man named Harper at 37 Maiden lane for
91,0.10,000 COXTRACT.
Seattle's City Council Accepts a Clilosgo
Firm's Bid to Construct Water Works.
Seattle. Xov. 23. The City Council of
Seattle has accepted the bid ot Gahan Byrne,
contractors of Chicago, for the construction ot
the Cedar River Water Works at a cost ot
$1,030,000, payable In non-Interest bearing
warrants. There Is a great deal ot dissatisfac
tion over the award. Citizens assert that
$100,000 could have been saved the city if no
undue haste had been made by the City Coun
cil In accepting the ono bid when others stood
ready to contract, only requiring a little more
time to consider the specifications.
Patient Rent to North Brother Island Pas
sengeis Held for Observation.
Liza Nassar. a steersgo passenger on the
Holland-America steamship Spaarndam, which
arrived 6n Tuesday night from Rotterdam, be
came 111 of smallpox on the voyage. She was
sent to North Brother Island yesterday.
About 200 steerage passengers who were In
the same compartment with the patient wero
transferred to Hoffman Island for observation.
The steamship was disinfected and permitted
to go to her pier labt evening.
Murder Charged In n Train-Wrecking Cnse.
ScnANTON. Pa.. Nov. 23. Ignatz Rosmozviw:
ot Duryea has been committed to the Lacka
wanna county prison accused of murdor, He
was arrested by County Detective Leyshon
after an Investigation into the circumstances
of the Lehigh Valley wreck on the Austin
Heights branch a month ngo, and In whloh
Jllchard Howell of Plttston. a brakeman. was
:llied. The wreck was caused by the running
of a handcar which was loadod with stolen
plundor Into a coal train going Into one of the
Not a Rival of the American Tobacco Com
pany. Persons Identified with tho now Union To
bacco Company stated yesterday that It was
not an opposition company to the American
Tobacco Company or to the Continental To
bacco Company, and that there was no purposo
of cutting prices or antagonizing other con
cerns. Tlio company, however, Is an entirely
Independent one. It will. It Is stated, take over
the National Cigarette and Tobacco Company's
plant and business.
Painters nnd Carpenters Strike.
Fifty members of the Amalgamated Society
pf Talntors wont on striko yesterday nt n build
ing on Liberty and West streets against the
employment of members of the Gorman Paint
ers' Unlpii. Tho German painters are not con
nected with any central body, but the amal
n ranted painter are connected with the
uildlng Trades Council Later In the day the
amalgamated painters were ablo to get the
carpenters to strike In sympathy.
Former Justice Augustus Van Wyek Sees
Former Justice Augustus Van Wyek has re
turned from his trip to North Carolina. He
went yesterday to the sanctum of the Demo
cratic managers in the old nuctlon toom In
Willoughby street. Brooklyn, and had a talk
with Hugh Mclaughlin and James Shevlln.
Ho is somewhat consoled over his defoat for
the Governorship by the fine showing ho mado
in Kings cognty.
Charged with Poisoning Her Husband.
Ansonia, Conn , Nov. 23. Mrs, John L. An
derson, a colored woman of this place, was ar
rested late last night charged with murdering
her husband. Ho was taken 111 suddenly on
Monday moming and died yesterday. Sus
picious circumstances attending the death led
the attending physician to report the case to
Coroner Mix of New Haven. He examined An
derson's remains and found that his death was
caused by memo paUonhag.
'i iVrA-t iJijFv.fa rt.ilSlRMufaj
PATcoxNoiXr nnriKKK to iixs ot,b
Inaugurated with Proper Ceremony In Olol
Btrlti's Unlet Ills Honors Restored He
rnusnllr Wnsn Roosevelt Mnn The Hon.
Tlm Campbell's Teller nnd Ilia Speech.
Tlio quesjlon of Who would bo Mayor of Pov
erty Hollow for (ho coming year wns settled
yesterday whon, by consent ot the several con- i
teitnnts nnd their frfends, Tal Connolly, who
graced the offlco so Jong and gloriously, was
orieu mono-Installed an Mayor. The candidates
'opposed to tinudllv wcr& Editor Mitchell of tho
Xaft .SWe Xnen nnd Abo Sprung, who succoeded
Connolly two years ago, when Connolly's friend,
i the Hort. Tlfn Campuoll. was defeated by
I Thomas J. Bradley for re-olectlon to Congress.
Early hi1 tills campaign tlio three contestants
held a cnufoionco nnd agreed that If Roosevelt
i was elected Connolly, who workod for Rooso-
volt, would be entitled to the offlco. In the
' event of tho election of Yan Yyok the honor
was to so to Sprung. It Joffor defeated Adler
for Assemblyman, In "de. Ate" dlstrict'Edltor
Mitchell would hnve secured the office.
Following tho time-honored custom of In
augurating the Mayor ot Poverty Hollow on
tho dav before Thanksgiving. Connolly was
duly usliorod Into offlci yesterday nftornoon.
Ho was not aware ot the reception In store for
him. and up to noon yesterday did not know
whoro Itf as going to tnkft place. Shortly aftor
2 o'clock n messonger boy handed Mm n letter,
which read:
" Deac 'Pati Come to Glolsteln's note! quick.
I got Into n little mtiss anil a'n Ignorant minion
ot tho law Incarcerated me In its legal meshes.
Yours forovor, Tim Camptiem.."
Connollv turned pale when he read tho note.
" Is It possible," ho shouted to the crowd In
his saloon, "that they dared to lay hands on
Tim 1 What, my old 'friend, who hns been
mBkltigcopsallhisllfo? Begorra. I'll find out,"
Connolly hurried to Glolsteln's saloon and
was greeted with cheers by a crowd of east
aiders, who wero gathered in the dining room.
Connolly's .old armchair, iwhlch during his
term of offlco ns Mayor had occupied n promi
nent place In his saloon, was In tho centre of
tho dining room. Tho ohnlr was stolon from
Connolly's saloon two years aao. on the night
that Abe Sprung was made .Mayor of Poverty
Hollow. Yesterday It was decorated with greon
rihlions. when the crowd got through cheer
ing Connolly was Relzed by several enthusiasts
and hustled Into the chair. Ills old crown was
then placed on his head. Tho crown consisted
ota silk hat with a green band, under which a
clay plpo had been plncod.
In tho crowd were the Hon. Tlm Campbell.
Glolsteln the Fisherman. Concrete Charley
Kirschnor. Sliver Jlollar Smith. Pete the Bar
ber. Rosqy the Lawyer.' Assomblyman Adlcr.
Lafay Sehulum. Congressman Tom Bradley,
Senator Foley. Alderman Smith. EdltorMltchell
and John Stnlbling.
"It Is my proud duty." nnnounccd Tlm
Campbell, to participate In the auspicious
return to offlco of our esteemed fellow citizen,
Mr. Pat Connollj-. lie Is and wns tho personifi
cation nndexempllncarionof genuine geniality.
Tn him wo might suy his sanctified bailiwick
wan and is a veritable virgin forest, which
means a spot where the hand ot man never set
Connolly bowed his acknowledgments and
then said:
"Boys. I'm harry to be with you. My mnn
won and I won. I want to say ono thing: that
Is, I'll never stand for any man who wants nn
alllnnco with England."
The meeting then resolved itself Into a gath
ering which, nt Connolly's Oxpenso, drank his
health from many kegs ot peer.
Sixty Dots In the Penitentiary for Disor
derly Conduct nnd Drunkenness.
Charles Rumpf. who until a few months ago
was a minister of the Reformed Church, was
committed on Tuesday by Police Justlco Potts
in Jersey City to the penitentiary for sixty
days for drunkenness nnd disorderly conduct
and assault and battery on his wlfo. Iiumpt
was ordained to the ministry five years ago,
but has never been assigned to any regular
charge. He and his wifo came to Jersey City
from the West aoouta year ago. and lived on
the Heights. The Bov. E. A. Meury. pastor of
the Second Reformed Church, took an Interest
in them. Three months ago Rumpf got drunk
and bent his wife. He was arrested, and Police
Justlco Novln committed him to tho county
jail for three months. Mr. Moury visited him
there, and Itumpt was so penitent and made
such earnest promises of reform that Pastor
Meury interceded with the court and secured
his release.
llumpf behaved himself for a short time, but
broke out again and was onco more committed
for thrco munths. Pastor Meury intorestod
himself again, and on Humpt's promise to re
frain from drinking had tho sentence reconsid
ered. After his first arrest Humpt's license ns
a preacher was revoked. '
Last Monday night ltumpf got drank again
and smashed furniture in a house at SO Web
ster avenue, where he and his wlte wero board
ing. He also assaulted his wlfo. When ho was
arraigned In court the prisoner insisted that he
had not bepn drunk. Judge Potts sentenced
htm to tho penitentiary lor sixty days, and
added : " You will Btay there this time ; no in
fluence will get you out." Rumpf appealed to
lastor Meury. who was in court, but Mr. Meury
shook his head, saying: "I shall have nothing
more to do with you." Rumpf cried as he was
taken away from the courtroom.
Albert Tnylor, is Big Negro, Terrorized
West Third Street.
Albert Taylor, alios Blg.Al, a negro, who says
he lives ut 03 West Third street, was held in
$2,000 ball yesterday by Magistrate Cornell In
the Jefferson Jfurket Court. He was accused
of having robbod William Green of 1211 Wash
ington place ot a, hat nnd $1,73 in money.
Tlio largo nmountof ball required is because
of the lecord dt tho prisoner. He has long boeu
a terror to night podestrians in WcbI Third
street. His custom was to choko his victims
and drag them into a neighboring nlloyvvny.
where lie would rob them. Ho wassent to Sing
Slug In 1801 tor two'yenrs and six months for
burglary Slnco then, he has been sentenced
to prison three times, serving two years and
soven months in nil.
Taylor was caught at 1 o'clock on Tuesday
morning by Policeman Ituth of the Morcer
street station, aided by tlio man liu had just
robbod. lie Was hiding in tiie alleyway which
has been his favorite base of operations. When
arraigned in court he Inslstod that tho hat.
which had formed part of the ptoceedsof his
robtienr.should be returned to him.
"Try it on V' said tho Slaglstrate.
The hat came down over his eyes. .
" It is mine just the same." Big Al remarked
with an air ot Injured Innocence as ho was led
had EXovan of xejt YORK.
Roatonlan Who Came Here for Work Fell
Into the Hands of Thieves.
Louts Kuohno. a young man who said ho
came from Boston on Tuesday to look for work,
was found unconscious ou tho sidawalk at First
avenue and Thirty-fourth street at 4 o'clook
yesterday morning. He had u bad scalp wound,
that looked as though It was produced bysome
sharp Instrument. His wound was dressed at
the Kust Thirty-fifth street station house, and
Inter in the day ho wasarralgnod tn the ork
ville Court on a charge ot intoxication.
He had taken a few drinks the night before,
he said, but was not greatly Intoxicated, and
was walking along the street whou some one
suddenly struck liltn on tho head. His gold
watch and chain, diamond ring and money
were gone when he came to.
"Let mo go. Judge," ha pleaded, "and I will
take the first train back to Boston, I've had
enough of Now York experience."
Magistrate Brann discharged him.
Second Visit of n Thief to the Church of
Nt. linrnnbns In Irvlngton.
Ibvinoton. Nov. 23 St. Bamabas's Episco
pal Church on Broadway has been visited twice
by a mysterious thlof, nnd this morning it was
discovered that on his Jastylslt he had taken
away $150 worth of altar linon which was In a
closet In the vestry The first visit the thief
madowoh ubout n weok ago. At that time he
r:ot In by breaking n window In tho rear. Noth
n g was stolen on that occasion, but apparently
tho man slept n part of tho night In the vestry,
usti bed madeof cushions was discovered.
On his second visit last night he broke a win
dow of the vestry and, from grease spots dis
covered, he must, have gone nil through tho
ulmrrh with li euiiille. Nothing else of value
except the linen was taken.
The church was built forty years ngo and is
the oldest in (ho village.
Free Turkeys for the West Kldr.
The West Side Fruit nnd Flower Mission,
wjth headquarters at Amity Hall. 312 West
Fifty-fourth street, distributed . 100 turkojs
and vegetables with each one to the heads of as ,
many lamllleu yeatiirday aiternoou pyr to-day's !
dluners. ' ' 1
-&Aii.A-tUM,: m, mit-U,j j,l...iTi v'i-i,i H
mrtarsTKB holme1.? trvst fvxd.
Woman Claims It Who Soya Itolma la tha
Father of Iter Grown Vp Daughter.
Mrs. Annlo A. Garrison hns brought an notion
In tho BuprcmfcTCourt to doclaro old a deed by
which Lq leister Holmo, formerly a Judge nnd
Excise Commissioner In this city, created a
(rust fund of $20,000 for tho benefit of her
dnughtor. jiamod in tho docd ns Georgetto
Rogers. Sho stntos that Leicester Holmo Is tho
father of the girl, who was born at 320 West
Forty-sixth streot on Fob. 28. 1878.
Tho fund was deposited with tho United
States Trust Company on March 10. 1885. nnd
provided that tho Incomo was to bo paid to
Mrs. Garrison tor the support ot the child until
sho became of ngo. when tho girl was to got
tho principal, In caso the mother and dnugh
tor died the fund wns to go to Mr. Holme. In
any event, tho trust wns to terminate In 1800.
The plaintiff nays thnt she did not know fully
the contents of tho paper, but took the word of
Holmo that tho fund would ho undor her con
trol, aril that sho should havo the right to
draw on It In caso of need. Hho wants tho
Court to determine that the fund belongs to
hr. The, daughter married in Novomber.
1800. and resldos with her husband. II. V.
Nixon, at Hasketon. Woodbrldgo. Suffolk. Eng
land. Mr. Holmo mnrrled tho widow of Dr. Frarer.
n millionaire, who was killed by a fall from his
house. Dr. Frozcr and his young wife, for
whom the, court had somo tlmo bctoro ap
pointed Holmo gunrdtati, had differences over
the attentions or Holmo. After his marriage to
Mrs. Frazcr Holmo went with her on an ex
teuslvo tour abroad. Ho had boon married be
fore, but was divorced from his first wife. His
address as stated in tho pnpors Is 4 Avcnun do
Bois de Boulogne, Paris.
Yesterday Justice Blsclioff issued an order to
serve the summons by publication In tho suit.
Testimony of I.lrnt.-flnv. Woodruff In the
Cnse of n Typewriter Who Rnnlntn n Fence.
Llent.-Gov. Timothy L. Woodruff wns n wit
ness In the Supremo Court In Brooklyn yester
day In tho suit of Ada Hart, 21 years old, to
recover $10,000 damages against tho city ot
Brooklyn for porsonil Injuries sustained by
being thrown from her bicyclo In colliding with
an Iron fenco on tho night of Sept. 0, IHUtl.
Mlss,Hort, who is n typewriter, wns earning
$20 n week at th time of the accident. Sho
had taken n trip to Coney Island with hor
cousin, and while returning ran Into the iron
'enco that had been erected nt tho Park Plaza
to make ercllsts turn into the street, and to
keep them from running ovor pedestrians. Miss
Hart and others testified that the accident was
due to the carelessness of tho city In not hav
ing lights placed on the fence. She snld she
was thrown to the ground, and that her knees,
chest and teeth woro everoy Injured, ond
that she Is also suffering from Internal In
lurlos. Dr. Lucy Hall Brown, who examined
her on behalf ot the city, found that tho plalu
'.lff had received severe injuries.
Lieut.-Gov. Woodruff testllled that, when ho
was Park Commissioner he had the iron tenco
erected to prevent cyclists riding into the
crowds waiting for the oars. Ho said he was
a cyclist, and thought the fence was appre
ciated by bleycle riders. Ho had ordered lamps
placed on the fence at night, but he did not
know whether tho lamps were lighted on the
night of the accident. The case Is still on.
Were the F.xchange People Trying Kxperi
inents on the Rucket Shops?
Wall street In general believed yesterday that
an experimental trial hod been made by tho
Stock Exchange authorities of tho scheme sug
gested some tlmo ago of delaying the sending
of tho stock quotations over tho tickers in
ordor to prevent tno bucket shops and tho Con
solidated Exchange from gotting them in time.
After tho opening of business on thcexchnngn
no quotations for Manhattan came ovor tho
ticker tor fifteen minutes, although tho stock
is an active one. Then a batch of n dozen quo
tations for tho stock appeared in a bunch on
the tape. In the same way tho quotations for
Federal Steel preferred and Louisville and
Nashville were delayed nnd bunched.
On the Consolidated Exchange, when mem
bers trade on tho basis of tho Stock Ex
change quotations. It was not until thd ticker
Srinted the quotations that dealings began in
lanhattan. ledernl Steel prerorred and Louis
ville and Nashville. It was explained by tho
officers of tho Stock Exchange, which furnishes
the quotations to the ticker companies under a
day-to-day contract, that no experiment was
being tried, but that the delay was duo to ono
of tho telegraph Instruments on the floor, used
for transmitting tho quotations, having broken
unruTunx ai anao thu day.
Sunrises.... 8&0Bansets. 4 88 Moon sets. 822
man watzb mis dat.
BandrHook. G 30 1 Oov.Isl'd. c 03 1 Hell Data. 65
Arrived WxnszsDAT. Nor. 28.
8s Teutonic. Cameron, Liverpool Nov. 15, Queens
town ltitb.
8a Werra, Mlrow, Genoa Nov. 10, Naples 11th and
Gibraltar 24th.
6 Kaiser Friedricb. Btormsr. Bremen. Nor, IS,
Southampton Itlth.
8a Hootla, Meyer, Antwerp.
8a Boston City, llarclar, Bristol.
&a ltottenlam, Voege, Rotterdam.
8a Flaxman, lirown. Santos.
8a llelvernon. Hansen, Port Union.
8a llellurla. NOrlson. Liverpool.
8a Alps, Klrby, Klnxston.
8a Neucea, Risk, Galveston.
fla Alfred Dumols. liansen, Baltimore.
6a Angola, Carrutnera. Cardiff. .
8s Llr. Jlanaen, lllogo.
Be Turrett Bell, Blenkarn, Sydney.
U'or later arrlvala see First Pags.1
Bs 8t. Louis, from New York, at Southampton.
6a MaJeatle, from New York, at Liverpool.
8a EJam, from New York, at Amsterdam.
Bs Werkendam, from New York for Itotterdam,
passed the Llxard.
Ba Karlsrube, from Bremen for New York, Nor, 22,
lat. 42.C4, long. (10.34.
8a Laon, from Southampton for New York.
Ba Britannic, from Liverpool for New York.
8a Tallahassee, from Savannah for New York.
8s Iroquois, from Jacksonville for New York.
Ss Hudson, from New Orleans for New York.
Aii T:Dai.
Xaill dm. Tttl'l SatU.
Barharoasa. Bremsn 1200 M
Chicago, Hull ,
El Monte, New Orleana 300PM
Sail TMornw,
Santiago. Naasau 1 00 P It 800 FU
Holsteln, Ilaytl 1000 A It 1200 H
Horatio. Para 100PM 800PM
HioCJrandr. Brunswick SOOPM
Bemlnole, Charleston 800 PM
Sail Saturdav, Xov, SS.
La Normandle. Havre 700 AM 10OOAM
Lucanla. Liverpool lOOOAM lOOPU
Bpaarndam, Rotterdam ... 8 00 AM 12 OOM
Aller.Naples 000 AM 11 00 A V
Manltou, London uoo A M
Altsl, Kingston 1(100 A 1200 M
Alps. UayU 1000 AM 1200 M
Begiiranca, Havana 10 80 AM 100PM
I'atrla. Hambnrs 2 80PM
British Klnir. Antwerp
Abydos, Niinrltaa
Knickerbocker. N. Orleans SOOPM
Nueces, Galveston 3 00 1' At
rxcowxo sTEAusutra.
Oik T:l)ay.
Belgenland Antwerp Nov 12
City of Birmingham, .havannah Nor I'd
Missiraippl Hantlano Nor IN
Karlsruhe Bremen Nov 12
Pomeranian .illaagow Nor 11
Galileo Newcastle Nov 10
Croft fmndee Nov 10
rhslinette NewOrleans Nor in
Bemlnole Jackaonrllln Nor2t
OriMiba Uaiaua ..Not 20
Dim Friday. Xov. tS.
Bnliarla Hamburg Not 1,1
Addlnaton Gibraltar Not 1 1
llodney Itotterdam Nov 11
8t. Paul Houthampton Nov IK
Pretoria St. Thomas Nor 20
But Saturday, Xov, it.
LaTnuralne Havre Nor IB
Etnirla Uvrniool Nov lu
Thlnsvalla. Cbrtitianesud Nov 12
Bohralenae l'ara Nov 14
Handel Rt. Lucia Nov in
Gonial .Galreston Nnv20
Naw Orleans NewOrleans Nov 21
Tallahassee Havannah Nov ill
Iroquois Jacksonville Nov -'
tut Sundty, Xov. t,
RritishQnaen ,.. Antwerp , Not 12
Bahara .Gibraltar Nov 12
Hiarun Prince r Gibraltar Nov 12
Leltrtui Loudon Nov 111
Mtatlialr! London Nov HI
Algiers NewOrleans. . .. Nov 111
Trinldsd Ht-rtuiirta Nov 24
Put ilenity, .Yon. tS.
T.tliiopls Glasgow Nor 17
EieterClty Bwaunea Nov 14
Kicelalor New Orlesus Nov22
llw Tvuday, ,or. S3.
Noordlandf, ... ... Antwerp Nor IP
Boric Liverpool Nov 111
Rallust. ... hi. Lucia. . .. Nov 21
Undann.t.i ..New Orleans Nor33
Ahos.. .,., ,.,,rortLlmon, ....,,,. .Net ;(
,fc a"iitiir4ti.,niii a fr,ir ti- , iTivt,.
, I ' 1.3 'fti
'-V '!ia
Wo nro thankful that tho 1H
habits of dress which prevail .in mH
Eastern America tho Philip Si
pines, do not obtain in Western Ma!
America tho Unitett "Spates. wLm
So we celebrate nil dny. Waf
lioaxiiB, Peet '&, Do. JB
Warren and Broadway. afiflHl
Prince and I roadwar. va
Thlrty'Second and llroadwey. rflsjIM
Iter Iliishnnd .11 list l'ny It, Although Sha WH
Una nn Kstntn nf Her Own. WN
Adolaldo Merrlam.who is suing John W.lter- W
rlam of 1'. II. l'onsccn A Co.. tobacco mannac- JhILH
tutors, for separation, moved yesterday before 7lj
Justice Dlschoff of tho Supremo Court for '!
alimony and counsel feo. Thoy wcre.-mnrrlcd ii!
In 1882 nnd scimrated two years ogov ,Bho,8ay -
that ho has an Incomo of $1 5,000. n year. In (!
opposition to her motion Mnrrinm sit up thnt !Ai
his wlfo has nn cstntn ot hor own'on, which sha .,4i
can draw for her support and thut nJmsband Is !
not obllced to supixjrt his wlfo when she lias Iftai
an estate RiiMeloritto support her. ix?.
Justice HIsoholT decides1 that n wife Is not "v'aB
obliged to draw the principal of her estate to 3(ti
support her. but that the Income will lie taken
Into consideration when a motion Is made lai
ngninst a husband for nllmony. It appears 4n 1
this case, ho say, that tho wile's income Is not iL
siilllolent to support her in the vvayhewnn "-i
maintained by hor huxband. so he allows her 'JL
alimony of $l'jr a month. Counsel fee Is de- &
pled, becauso the Justlco nays that the $350 l l
which ahu hns already paid hor lawyer la 3 H
enough to carry through tho action. w
lie Would Giro Nn Orrirlnl Opinion of. th
Prupoaed Teu-Ilonr mil, J M
Tho Druggists' League for bhortor Hours re- rj
ported yesterday that n committee of .tha til
league called on Mayor Van Wyek to obtain MiB
from him nn expression of his v lews relative to jfl
the loaguo's proposed bill forn ten-hour'work (B
day for ding clerks. Tho Mayor declined to ''C,'
commit lilniM'lf otllcinlly in advance ou any leg- $
islution vvhlch in likely to come before him for "l
approval. S9
lie did express himself as personally In sym- J
pathy with the league and its shorter work day :
movement, nnd said that undoubtedly tha
working day of tho clerks wns too long. Wl
Hotorman Censured for Pntrlrk Grlffln'S ll
Drnth. Il
Coroner Dausch held an Inquest, yesterday in ?
tho case of Patrick Griffin, 7.1 years old. a book- ! H
keeper, of 101 West. Forty-eighth street, who .$ jH
was run over and killed on Nov. 3 by a south- jS
bound electric car of the Metropolitan Street M
Knllwnv Company at Seventh avonuo and Forty- & U
ninth street.
The jury declared that the accident wns 3 jH
caused liy the ncgligenco of William Connor ot 'Sl
17 Sixth nvenue, the motorman Of the car. and lH
Coroner Itausch held him lu $1.000 bail to await S 'H
tho action of tho Oraud Jury. Ho was paroled -
subseiitiently in tho custody ot hiBCOiinsel until 3 H
Friday to enable him to secure ball. vf li
Colleges nntl .Schools. i
For Girls Young Women City Country. t H
!St. Martha's Industrial School, 1
nitONXVIM.K, N. Y. --IWM
Under the chare ot the SIHTKRS OF HT. JOSEPH OF T
NAZAItKTIT USulscopal). IndnstrlaltralnlngforglrU 7J
of Kood character to mako them good housekeepers. aVIV
Terms. aufiO a year. Ko vacations. ' Ml
Iluslncss Colleges. , ., 'iflll
CaB IavCnn'tlTsiialll or Shan't HH
." Lenrn Shorthand ? Sal
STENOGRAPHY Frelcl""drn,tiS?1'-u- ".!
will answer tnla queatlon. (!
TvncuiDiTiun Ttegplnr School Session ;uaH
TYPEWRITING 0A.at.ta4r.11. 3l
-n...,..T,T COACHING. All Systems. .!
TRAINING Club Bates. SPKElllNG. !!
I for beginners and advanced tflalH
EAST 4!i 8T. pupils. $2 monthly.. l
r. K. PAUK1S1I. Instructor. Identified aH
teacher ot Iliirnr 1'lionlo Miortlinnd alnce '74. ir-'fH
GREGG'S BIIOIITHA.CT) the future atenograpon SnLH
actual business; bookkeeping. RmherfanPfl lalV
School . St. James Building. Broadway and loth.' ' WraH
Musical. jtH
Careful competent ttacber; ipecUl attention to lilil
beginners; term rrionb)e. Aadrens nH
LKNA UltDANO. 210 Kat 134th at. M
A N. Y. CONSERVATORY, 112 East 18th St. i
"VOICErt cultivated to hilieitierfctionbyflnlslied M 3H!
' pupil of the matchless Marchesl of Parte: mod- $1 uaVi
erate terms. Address 8INUINO TEACUEB, 330 Weal M H
coin at., or call 3 to a. J H
Schools fur Loncungcs. 7& jH
Montrlnlr Institute nf Foreign Lnnsmncas, M jH
alb Orauue road. New Jeney. Board anddayaohol- ffl H
ars. At least learn Portuguese and Spanish ana do ?, H
husineas from North to South Pole. iB
French. German, Italian. Spanish. S KJ
Mil Bill av., aonthrnet corner 40th at jl il
Danelnc Academies. j3 M
Dancini: School. 21 Kan 11th St.. near ll'war. M SI
Frit ate aud class Uaauus dally; besmners any tlmav, '4 W1
inuoforte.$, (Drnnn.tr, Sir. IH1
. 4Wt
Anion: Hie plsnos offered In this1 tal ara'tha livi
others which liax been received in eichanes'for & M
nnw WEDKRS. $ WM
I'srtlculani by mail on application. $jj &
and other renowned makes prior to removal 'to' tha Jt laVI
ncwllltADIIUItYUUlLUlNO. Commencing now and r IfJU
eitendliu until our removal on Feb. 1, we offer onr IIHTM
entire plock of new aud used pianoa at very liberal IHMI
reductions from tlio usual prices. ' ilK.l
For those who ars In .eareh of exceptional bar- Hawaii
trains In ptsnna it would be wise to call at onoa. aa 4 IfflHI
nothlnc will be reverted tn this sal. i liBsVI
F.G.HMrrll,Mfr.,U3 FIFTH AVK..17TI1 ST. i JM
are offering somn unusual Panialns In pianoa which A LEJI
bate been rented one siason. They are In perfect H9
condition and may bo rented with pritllcKo pf pur- j Kl
chase or hoiutht on installments. -2 iBfl
M'HrrroniiiM 3 nnd n West lHtli St., N. T. IB
OAROA1NS. New uprisht pianoa, ir,; Hohraer, H
lHteluwAs. sacrlflcea. WiNTKItilOTH, 10-Kasl , H
14tliat.,audJ14Mhat. K H
HAROAINS. -Uiriuhtpiano,$75;Chlckerlngrand, " !H
JJ tl.'.u, squares, .'i) up; cam payments. 7 WB
CHltlHTUAN. lUKsstKlhst, i H
AJF.wlU'ltKiHTS li.'.O JT.OOmoT '" lH
is Hl lillyilsnd tlftu Ill.llOmo, ; 'B
Rents low: lanrti tariety from which to aelect. . HBb
noillKiS H. law Fifth av., bet. 2Dth and 21atsts. 4 !
OPEN 'mciiIiibs liellalde Connor Pianos; hlab a Saa
ciadr; medium prices; easy terms, renting at )
rhsnsliik' sKssta'.'d.
TAlini:aortiiriit slli:litlrued.fnr)totl2SiTent, 'I HH
,i,ii,llini.ulliiiiTil.Oiarlrrllro., lap.wtrin. t lSB
Watches nnd 3ftv(itu. ; 3
Yvreklr rvincnts. -Fine diamonds, watehaai a 4 Hi
trash. natoUUuunlyColUaldtu lans, roc-i . yi
t2. Oooda guara-tatdi ,
m AxAt v -ta-n if- iimoiv r?ai y i'i. , l3I jt!

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