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I : THE SUN, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 1808. 8 fl
I or rnn irnotr these rzvk
... .i Crnnberry Snnce and Mines
w. arid Celery nnd NuU Help Jack to
Pui OloomT Dny-Ttesnlt'of A Humor
" jjoilng Bout on tb Mossnchusatts.
there w meaner patoh of weathor
In, nrtr mile" than the samplo Unola Barn's.
. ot t the Brooklyn tfavy Yard jester-
!.. to. mon oxer there don't want to see It
i! mii 4he rain waadrlvlnsr in line, cold lines
.Im ent end to tho other of. the streaming
! The shins looked deserted except for
Milonl.s"r who. with his shoulders
" tahli and his head down aealntt the
'.'it ran from one turret to another.
ns miserable oontries at tho eanitwaya
nrtd furiously up and down in the rain, the
'.twjrlptta from their rubber hats and
I.V tfcalr boot ruzzllnc and nun-lin with
water and tholr faces looklnff as ltlll a.
"8,? more water would wash them awar cu
lt Ther hud the eamo expression ob
'"i on;th face of a housemaid not lone
'! Bh w elttlns on a paoklns box pulllne
.Si and somsbody asked her what she was
' T& sarin' nothln' nt all at all. and thtnkln'
juanl" a the response.
Tin iwtrles at the warships yesterday did
... dojim, themselves to thtnklntr. and. Jude
i.i from their words, the tenor of tholr
smilU w the 6amo as the housemaid's.
i i u their looks went It mleht bolter hare
V ' jc)c Frldar than Thankseivlnt Day.
Dortof the mornlnc the yard was almost
auerte4. but alone toward noon an occasional
(Ifffltn could be seen beatlna against tho wind.
kU ambrtlla napping like a sail In the blast.
' i fklrtlnr caretullr the wettest dry dock that
,. WM, (be elrlllan would tako a flying leap
n to the wow whloh ferries across the basin.
Ihe rMS9nBCrl' Trero f6Tr' 'nood. Now and
thin" motherly lookint woman with a bis
tuket covered with oilcloth would blew Into
the scow. Tho expression is used advisedly.
Fterj bodr blew In yesterday. It was a case of
throwtne dlwity to the winds. If you didn't
throw It. It,wnnt just the same.
The motherly old women were all askew as
to thIr bonnets and tholr shoes gurgled al
most as much as the sentries' boots, but thoy
hd the oilcloth tied snualy over tho baskets
end that was all thoy cared about. Most of
ihm headed for tho receiving ship, the Ver
mont, as soon as they got elear of tho scow.
The recruits were not eo generously treated
tnihoreltate as the men on tho warships, so
tnost cf the baskets went Vermontward.
Xeirest to the scow landing lay the Brook
Ira, her gilt uose shining and her huge gray
ildei ti wet as It she had been doing a subma-
tine act. It was 12:30 when the wind hustled
J? t 8cs reporter through a hundred or more
irasll lakes, swept him past the sentry,
loosted him up the gangway, and tossed him
Sato the presenco of a very gloomy junior
cBcer who as pulling on his white mittens
1 ui becoming ofllcer of tne deck. There was
f bit of ehf-Iter here, and half a dozon sailors
mre crouched in a dry corner beside one of
the big buds. The .gloomy, young olUcor
imiled a an and fceblo smile when.the re
porter mentioned Thanksgiving.
"Messenenlrel" he said In that loud. Im
ririous tone which mere civilians try in vain
to Imitate ... . . . . ,
Tesslrl" A tall young sailor touched his
worsted cap with one hand and cracked a fat
Etrlleh walnut with the other.
"Messenger, what did you have for dinner?"
"Turk", sir: turkey and cranberry sauce
tad mince pie and celery and mashed pota
toes and cake and apples and bananas and
"Very well. The"--"And
nuts," cracking another one.
"Wdentlv. The men hid their dinner at
1 o'clock. The ofQcers will have theirs at
lltht, as usual; that is. thoe of them that
tut get away to dine somewhere else." and
sa tin young officer looked gloomier than ever.
, jfhe fact is." he owned up. "those of us
K rto can't get home for our Thunksirlvinir are
tI intty glum, and e don't care much about
ft au-ng a. holidav of jfc ThPiunJprofllceruou.
tf fM Brooklyn are going to have a Utile oggaog
I sutr this afternoon and will ask the'junlors
1 ttoa the other shins to como over. But that's
H ft. Gtnerally somebody gets up sports among
the mm. There lsqulto a largo field oer here,
tod we tin havo running matches and tugs of
war ud ill that sort of thing. Hut what can
ron dotdar like this? IJeMde i. we have been
o onceruln about our stay here that nobody
cared o go ahead and plan anything. You
might to below and seo what the men aro do
ing. Ther don't have to work to-day. Me
leotiirel" The rounc tar came up at a trot, eo that
there was the hollow rattling of many outs In
Ms tronscn pockets. Ho led tho way below,
to the eook's galley, where there was so much
WMtthitatflret It erne the visitor a tremen
dous apnttlto and next it took it away; then
below acain to the deck, where the men's ta
bles were just being cleared cleared, that Is.
ol whet the men had left. They had left a
nod deal, but It wouldn't havo been worth
much tor. a (iuegenhoimer donation party.
There were.the skeletons of turkeys picked so
eleu that een the pet cats wouldn't look
twice at them There were heaps of banana
tins and piles of nut shells. But, to provo
thit nobody had gono hungry, there wore also
. ornmids ol cake and dishes half full of
muhed potatoes . They were eloquent tables.
The men themselves were smoking their
Utr-dinner pipes, nnd most of thom talking
st ones. Borne ot them were snuggled up In a
1i 5?r? ""t thelr noses In books, deaf and
jr Mind to all that was going on aiound them. A
r aoren games ol cards were in progrexs. At
ast. It was dry and warm 'tween decks, and
mere was plenty ol company. But somehow or
". though the men wtirodry and warm,
ther didn't seem to ho so chock full of thanks
nflng as they were of turksy. They stole oft
?" .by one to the upper deck, whore they
wood the cloomr young ofllcer shivering in
hi; areawoat, and to him they appealed in
mjny and divers ways, bald one:
l rust got this here telegram, and I want to
id"' ' caa eet Bi0T0 leave to go an'
i!?ai?ei..o!4 stow?" inquired the officer, hold
ing out his hand for the telegram.
kl?,1 "jsentsthe man.. Far be it from
aim to contradict an oflloer ut so critical a mo-
-ui ."e " t?IJ to come baok in an hour.
..t ,.Vat "? doing up here, messenger?"
!SSi i he officer, indicating a youngster
awir '"ouBtnously touching his cap two feet
'''eiir,nt3 10 8Wak t0 T0U' 8'r',
I. ,lll2?. r'B5' ,r' cat I ! oer to the Mas
ft tachusetta to tee a rriend ol mine?"
W) lae&'riet." ,D hOUr' ""en,t r6elTed
1 inJw'r.il'r.??'!'' on tlie Ma.sachuaetta" were
If EtS. I""1 yesterday than they ever were
duS? . Jh.1oDlcer on.,he roklyn. the In
fo? i il '.V0 otller hPs couldn't make out
tell YIXh m? wily tho Massachusetts men
uft ... mr become so popular. The mys
32ER.J?i?d wll81 " leaked out that tha
i!t?hCu.M"8. crew hu arranged a boxing
Sit tehtira rounds bet,,rcen tw ot tnlr
About 1 o;elock business grew lheller for
SdinJ-ihrf" vartle loaded It going out,
Sc S 1 1? clvillr were more plentlfufbom
or ranviif"' 'iar"e were squads of thirty
uSm ""ore starting out with sliore leavo,
lh? i.0. nulte half of eaoh snip's list had
wuJ,ei,Ye J'stcrday. and in splto of the
ttl.i6,e !'i'n wll hatl to Bta'r aboard
pontli ,ior thf. ,I108t na" '" and dlsap
o( It. ai.' ,.of ,m",rae' the"r mi"l8 the best
reilmtM0" Vio.lndlana thore was an air of
EofiX A?,1!, "! ol1 WJfl ''heerful that It
tooMi'i ".ke oomont. Up In tho chart
UtoitirJI "r ,our men were snuggled down
shoreM cornere. reading as placidly as if
deifi i?J. stl ne,,,r ,,een Invented. Between
M Ti, kii"1 "'en denied to bochleUy occu
UrieS iJir,i.Bl:.yrm' ftn1 when any of them
behind h,..? ,,,e s,?rm- ,h0e who wore left
flthrni1i,ho,n an mpr.sive farewell.
Mealed hki'lt onf , who d,nn l cet shore leave
S? It ii. "" Bloomy young ofllcer, to feel
r W,i .?nr specimen nf a Thanksgiving
Uw thS'iiifA1.1' 'd more, to, be thankful for
ioBM ?!t'"J PTdes. Half of tho sailors
M ls Ilk. vi t?rt no overcoats, nnd were shlver-
te mihini"11 ,l0B8- They hung over
m. ,'ro?Mlln,r'r 'n 'he scow and tried to get
ike?lVn "Waf.ln " ur' B tla;e "i P""
m 'lolnVj ' "la oue- U'ournfully. Tho rest
Ml!orBt..rP'ir 'lepianded another contless
Jrthli fii1 .?" 1,0.,h m h0nk to-day?"
l th I im? ",0 rl!1.1 waH changing to sleet,
"MaS thl'1"1 wn blt,er ''' It whlstloJ
"iViMrt11 Wrri'.tH ,an'J sllPPfl. Into the
'"t witl, i.?rb The decks, instend of stream
Hi S'ih. ThL f TA, vver.e "IPPerv with half.frozen
tor ill VlJ i.1S'iaD1 "oostor. like Koats's owl.
M 8 a . iK .,, .' IBrs' w" a-ooM." and rooted
H .WatiSiS, pl'?i Tender hands put Billy
lnVtol? roa i'ns. JHIIv Hoy is the Brook
H u warm nn.SSrVBr,a- ",' Urooklyn's cat. took
fre"ne t'J,?." la.thB on'0' barrel.Tbere
H nulln .H""' doo's on a wars h P. and
Tv !, T ? ,:"Ll!'ir5s M the head of a gangway
A ' 'konih thoj?11 or cold. Nevertheless.
fHi 'an a Su I 71' V befre remarked, as
1 wsrshibi Ti. . ' wtber around Uncle Ham's
Mai '?. aid n.-!1"" intlw e'rk oould con
IB tilui)L . u" bore leaves wets more
1 tii n.;, wajsekets. and though Thanks.
P ,inan vriti..V,,,i?n the calendar, anyway,
B !? SVil2ut tt hotne "or testimony eon
B $ f. im' W"8 ofllcer). nevertheless
."WsUrn y?ra?Trom tho blt ' tli w'0
jBBMlaiaM "-4 iiiiiriiiijMrtliaBjj
it or En ma aiax most rinaxxtA.
Bsfore-the-TTor Merchant Com.i to New
Tork and Offer Merchandls for Cash."
Tho man from tho South who comes to the
North anil engngss In business on his own
hook does not adopt quickly tho Northern way
of advertising. A Bust reporter was attracted
to a shop by this sign!
: MEitcnANDisE ron cash. :
The proprietor said. In old-time Virginia ao
cent, that he had formerly lived tin Norfolk,
where ho had been In business for nearly fifty
"I sold nearly everything," he said. "In the
cities ot the South the merchant has to keep
everything that a oustomer wants. Your big
department storo In New York aro simply the
old-tlmo country store ot the Bouth on a larger
soala. I remember when I was clerk in my
fathor's store a wealthy woman from one ot
the plantations eamo In and her man followed
with a stone Jug. She didn't ask what we keot.
Bhe knew. All oustomers knew tho stock ot
tholr dealer. I remember sho said to my
father; 'Fill the Jug with your best New Or
leans mnlassos and while It Is running I will
loot a your new droaa goods.' Now that was
all right then. Tha remark, oaused no com
ment. Sho knew, the weather was cold, that
molasses In winter Is mighty slow. And she
knew she would bav tlmo to look at dress
goods while the Jug was filling. How often I
have seen that In the old store In the Bouth."
, Your sign reads. 'Meiohandlse for Cash.' It
Is an odd one In this oountry. Business ot
every kind is, virtually, a cash transaction In
tho North." said Tbh Bun reporter.
, "I know that," was the reply. "It was an
old sign. You can seo that. It was painted
befoio the civil war and I brought it with me.
That sign was piloted In Itlohmond and
shipped to Norfolk by a man who was in Btone
wall .Taokson's armv."
"What morohandlso is Included In your busi
ness?" "Just eggs and butter, principally. Occa
sionally I deal In cheese and sometimes some
Virginia or Houthom vegetable that Is soiree
In Now York. Horo is one of my oards."
The type was old stvle. The cards were
printed In Norfolk. Eliminating name and
address the card read:
: Zeeps Constantly on Band and Expscts to :
: Itecelra Duly :
Fruh Butter and Fresh Eggs. ;
: At tha LowMtMtraet Prices. j '
i Fatronags Rtaprctfnllr Bollclted and :
: Competition Defied. :
It was a copy, "as far as It went." of the ad
vertisement ot.hls father In the homo news
paper. "Ho enumerated nearly everything' ho had
for salo." said the merchant.r-and.the price
was attached to every article. When the nrlces
fluctuated my father would note the changes,
and I was sent to tho newspaper office with
the changes, and the figures in the advertise
ment wore corrected in the next issue of tho
newspaper. Otherwise the advertisement re
mained unchanged for a year."
"Bhall you advertise In New York?"
"1 havo not done so yet. and do not think I
shall. Nu one has been to see me ret about
advertising. I suppose It is very high here.
When a man goes in business In a Houthern
town 'about the first caller ho has is th man
who wants an advertisement. And when it
appears the local editor comes around and
gets acquainted and writes up a 'puff' for the
merchant, and then the editor comes around
afterward and opens an account. And the
merchandise account and tho newspaper ao
cnunt kind o' seesaw for the year. Some
times tbd editor is ahead and sometimes the
"You are late In removing your business to
New York?"
"For myself, yes. But my boys will soon
be ready to go Into business, and my daugh
ter, who Is finishing her musical education
abroad, will be home In the early spring. And
we thought we'd move to New ork."
TIio Result of a Visit of Mr, rrnitrls, Chris
tian Scientist, of Washington, 1). C.
Tbxnton, N. J.. Nov. 24. The State prison
authorities here have to decide an interesting
question that has arisen through a visit to
the Institution to-day by Mrs. Francis of
Washington, T,'CL, who in a dlsalple of Chris
tian Science.! The problem to be sohed I?
where Christian Science begins as a religious
faith and ends as a form ot medical practice.
There aro in the prison many persons sen
tenced In the District of Columbia. While
hey were in jail there some of them were
converted to Christian Science by Mrs. Fran
els. To-day she applied at the prison for per
mission to visit and talk to her converts In
furtherance ot her work. She was referred
to Br. Brewer, the assistant physician of the
institution, who told her that the New Jersey
laws were strict against the practicing of
medicine or any form of cure unless the prac
titioner had a diploma from a reputable school
oricolleeo of medicine. Tho Htato would In
no way interfere with her religious work,
but sho must be careful not to violate the law.
The doctor said ho had no knowledge of thn
new faith and that Mrs. Franc's must herself
determine where medical practice ended and
religious teaching began. Mrs. Francis prom
ised to keep within the law. and was then
permitted to converse with the prisoners
whom she named. Before leaving she had a
long talk with Dr. Brewer and endeavored to
convert him to the now faith, but the doctor
was too strongly Inclined In faor ot the allo
pathio system and his own Church to believe
that "there Is nothing so matbrlal about dis
ease as to prevent its euro by a belief that It
does not exist."
Dr. Brewer said that ono of Mrs. Francis's
converts was In the hospital recently suffer
ing from asthma. He sent for Dr. Brewer,
who. knowing ot the man's belief, told ntm
that, necording to Christian Science, thore
was nothing tho matter with him, that he
had evidently forgotten t!i firs'- principles
ot his new religious belief, and should be back
In his cell. The prisoner said he agreed with
the doctor and returned to his cell, The next
day. however, he sent for the physician and
told him that there was something wrong with
the solnnce, as it had failed to help him. Tie
asked tor medicine, which soon relieved his
Warren Fotter, Aged IS. Keep! Up the Sul
llvnn County Record.
Pobt Jbbvib. N. Y Nov. 24. Boys seem to
bo doing the bear killing In Sullivan county
this season. A few days ngoTng Sun published
a story of the killing of a bear at Gratiamavlllo
by a 10-year-old lad, who. In the company of a
party of old hunters, displayed a superior
marksmanship in bringing down a 300-pound
bear. There now comes a story from I'otter
Tllleof how Warren Potter, aged lC.sonof W.
I'. Potter of that placo.killoda bearwslghlng
200 pounds. . ,, . ..
During the summer tho residents of Potter,
vllle saw froquent traces of- a bear, which
climbed their apple trees and oto thn best
fruit. All effortH to capture the animal failed.
A few daj sago Warren Pottor nnd his father
wore hunting In a ravine alone Veroooey Kill,
when they came suddenly upon n black bear.
The father was dazed at the sudden appear
ance of Bruin and started to retreat, but young
Potter slipped the shell loaded with bird shot
out of his gun, replaced It with a ball cartridge
nnd fired, sulking the bear In thn foreleg.
This maddened the animal and it charged on
the fathor. bnt before It reached Mr. Potter his
son planted s bullet squarely in Its head, kill
ing It instantly.
.Threw Himself Before a Trolley,
Frank McOlrr, a coachman, 60 years old, ot
120 Mercer streot, Jersey City, threw himself
in front of n Montgomery street trolley car
near Washington street early yesterday morn
ing. The car was almost upon him when Po
liceman Pnngborn dragged him from thatraob.
McOlrr gave the policeman a hard fight. Ha
was looked up in the. Qregorystroet station.
Ho was fined tain the First Criminal Court
He has been out of work for several months.
Women's National War Relief.
Tho Women's National Wnr Holler Associa
tion, by a vote ot tho Board of Directum at Its
last meeting, will close all outside work as nn
association on Nov. 30. A meeting of tint di
rectors will Ixi held on Deo. lo to net upon the
general report ot work dono during tho Mar
with Spain. This report is to bn printed, and
the association, having accomplished the ob
jects for which it was organized, illl then be
The Cruiser lantherto Hall for Porto Rico,
WAsntuoTON, Nov. 24. The auxiliary cruiser
Panther will eoon sail from Ieaguo Island for
Han Juan. Porto Rico. Sho will be attacbod to
that station permanently, subject to the orders
of Commander A. S. Know, Commandant ot tho
United States naval station thoro,
Engaged tu Mls Clara Dlttenlioffer.
Bcbantoh, Pa., Nov. 24. The engagement
was announced formally to-day of Bernard
Tong. a member of the firm of Jonas Long's
Sons, tho largest and. wealthiest merchant in
(iorthcastern Pennsylvania, to Miss Clara Dlt
Sonhoff er of New York, city.
Wain rig. .. n t, Vaiai,iMrii miii nuta
Sun Didn't Show Itaelf All Day and Outdoor
Sports flot nrt Arctlo Snubbing Dinner
for All Comers, Though-Immigrants In
quire When Next Thanksgiving Comes.
It was a fortunate thing that theAmorlcan
peoplo had a lot to bo thankful for yestorday,
to that the Impetus carried them right through
the weather. The rain and wind In the morn
ing and the snow and wind In the afternoon
combined to make It one of tho most miserable
days of a deoade as to weather, and the plans ot
thousands In this city alone were destroyed.
It was the weather that was rosponslble for
making thousands miss tha best pulpit oratory
for years.
Not once did the sun show Itsolt. The local
weather forecaster had predicted rain and snow
for the day before, when nobody Would havo
minded them much. But thoy cot hero Just in
tlmo to spoil ono ot tho most popular .holidays
ot tho year. Thoy spoiled many of tho ath
lctlo ovonta scheduled for the day, and
mode weary tho hearts of the myriad of
bloycllsts, who novor bother with anything
but their wheels whon a holiday comes around.
Tho day, began with rain and tho wcathorgot
worse steadily. The rain ohangod to sleet and
then to snow and at G o'clock In tho afternoon a
northwest wind was blowing at the rato of
thirty-four mllos an hour, tho thermometer
registered 32. and the snow was falling taster
and fastoroutot.graycloudsthnthad brought
night promoturcly on.
But the weather did not hurt tho dinners. In
a dozen different plncon in tho city turkey with
cranberry sauce, mince pies, pumpkin pies and
lots of other good things , wore served to overy
hody who was hungry, add hundreds of home
less men were benefited. Thoro were turkey
dinners In the city prisons and other institu
tions. At tho Fivo Points House of Industry 400
boys and girls sat down to tholr turkey dinner
at onco with 400 healthy appetites, when tho
children had finished and boon marched back
to tholr playrooms, tho doors were thrown open
to tho poor who aro annually fed nt this insti
tution. Sixteen hundred pounds ol turkor. 400
minco pies nnd great stacks of othergood things
wore distributed among soraothiiig llko 1,200
poor mon and women between 2 and U o'olock.
At 3 o'clock tho children gave an entertnln
mont in the Houso ot Industry Chanel, winding
up tho day by singing the "Star-Spangled Ban
ner." Across tho park, at tho Five Points Mission.
700 children wore fed on turkey, plo. nnd other
things, and several hundred poor wore cared
for. Tho children at tho Homo for tho Friend
loss, at 20 East Twenty-ninth street, sat down
to their ThankBglvlng dinnor nt 12:30 o'clock
and didn't quit eating until almost 2 o clock.
Then they had an entertainment, consisting of
songs and recitations nnd a Thanksgiving day
talk by the Bov. Dr. Henry M. Sanders. At tho
twelve Industrial schools which aro branches of
this homo there worn also dinners and enter
tolnmontsforthoohildren. , .
Down nt the Barge Oflleo Emll Schwab, who
looks after the detained Immigrants, gave a
turkey dinner to forty or fifty of them yester
day. The Immigrants didn't understand why
tho elaborate foed was cut before them, but
thoy sailed Into It In good style, nnd when an
Interpreter explained tho nituntlon to them
nfterwnrd they concluded that tho American
Thanksgiving Day was a pretty good institu
tion, and one of thom wantod to know how
many times a ypar It came around. The Chil
dren's Aid Society fed a host ot nowsboys In
different parts of tho city, and nearly a thou
sand destitute men nnd boys got a Thanksgiv
ing dinner at the Bowery branch of the
Young Men's Christian Association. Mlsi
Helen Gould gavo a dinner to soldiers at
the house of tnn Soldiers' Comfort Commit
too. nt310 East Fifteenth street, and tho King's
Daughters' Settlement In Henry street saw to
It that poor enst side families had tho right
sort of food for the day on their tables. Rail
road men away from home, and many who
were not railroad men. were regaled on turkey
and tho usunl accessories nt tho Railroad Men's
building. 301 Mndloon avenue. Dinner was
served from 11:30 o'clock In the morning until
7 In tho evening, and at 8 o'clock thoro was an
entertainment, to which Paul Hammerer was
tho chief contributor. There were turkey,
cranberry sauce, plo and even cigars without
number in allot the city prisons, and even the
unfortunate'! in some ot the station houses
didn't get lof t.
Ryan's Trtends Believe He Was Assaulted
nnd Bobbed, on tho Street,
John J. Bynn. 40 years old. of 840 Ninth ave
nue, died yesterday in Roosovelt Hospital of a
fractured skull, ne wsb found lying uncon
scious on the sidewalk at Eleventh avenue and
Forty-second street early on Tuesday morning.
His friends bellevo ho was sandbagged and
robbed. They say that he was not a drinking
man. and therefore not likely to havo beon in
toxicated. Ryan was formorly employed as a
salesman, but latterly was a collector for a
houseturnlshlng store. The police of the West
Thlrty-soventh street station, who aro Investi
gating the cane, bellevo that Ryan's injuries
were duo to a fall.
Hockey's Drug Store nnd a Sub-Station of
the Fost Office Robbed.
Tho drug store of Walter S. Rockey, at 503
Eighth avenuo. was entered by burglars at 3
o'clock yesterday morning. The thieves effect
ed an entrance by forcing two Iron bars of a
roar window, Thoy carried away $220 worth
of toilet articles and other things of value.
They also took $0 from the stamps drawer ot
tho New York Post Office sub-station that Is in
tho store. There have beon a number of similar
burglaries in that neighborhood recently.
Sons nf North CnrollnalWlll Drop Donor.
John C. Dancy. the Collector ot the Port at Wil
mington, N. 0., who recently left hia bailiwick
for New York on account of tho race riots in
Wilmington, finds himself between tho devil
and tho deep sea. Dancy, on last Sunday, gave
outan interview, in which he seml-apologlzed
for the conduct ot tho whites of Wilmington
during tho riot. The Society of the Sons of
North Carolina, which has a membership ot
some 300 or 400, will have a meeting during
the week. Dancy Is an honorary member of the
society, but the members are antagonistic to
his tIowh nn tho Wilmington episode, and
Charles E. Brooks, one ot the active members
ot the society, says that at tho meeting of tho
society Mr. Danoy will be dropped from tho roll.
Navy Yard Notes.
The battleship Texas, In command ot Gapt.
Charles D. Blgsbee, left tho Brooklyn Navy
Yard for tho Tompkinsvilla anchorage at 11
o'clock yesterday morning.
Tho cruiser Buffalo will sail for Manila to
day. Sho will go by way of the Buoz Canal.
The vessel started throo wooks ago. but had to
return to the yard for repairs to hermachlnory.
Tho football game between the marines and
sailors of the cruisor Brooklyn did not take
place yestorday afternoon, owing to tho storm.
The sailors and marinos on board all tho ves
sels had a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and
Plum duff.
Yeoman George II. Kills to Re Buried on
The funeral of Chief Yeoman Oeorgo H. Ellis
of the cruisor Brooklyn, tho only man killed In
tho battle off Santiago, will take placo on Sun
day afternoon from 15 Oroeno avenuo, tho
homo of J. W. Sawyer, Ellis's brother-in-law,
A delegation from the crow of the Brooklyn
will probably bo present. Tho services will bo
couductod by tho ltov. Robert MacDonuld, pas
tor ot tho Washington Avenuo Baptist Church,
of which Yoomati Ellis was a member. Tho
interment will be In Cypress Hills Cemetery.
Trying to Drive Out German Painters.
The painters represented In tho Building
Trades Council havo ordered strikes on a large
building at Nineteenth street and Broadway
?nd on the Empire building, at Broadway and
teade street. They object to the employment
of membors o( the Gorman Painters' union,
which Is not represented in tho council. To
day an effort Is to be made to induce other
trades represented In the council to strike In
sympathy, and thus compel the discharge of the
German painters.
Vnlmer flulbert.
Miss Abby Ilulbort. a daughter of Oeorge B,
Uulbortof Fords. Howard k Hulbort, New York
publishers, and narry Crowell Palmer were
marriod last evening In Arlington Avenuo
Presbyterian Church, East Orange, by the ltov.
John 11. Thomas. Miss Hazel Hulbort. a sister
of the bride, and Miss Annie Howard of Mont
clalr were tho bridesmaids. Russell II. Palraor,
a brother ot tho bridegroom, was best man,
Aftertho ceremony there was a reception at the
residence, ot the bride's parents, 130 Arlington
Mrs, l'lilliunn to Have 8)0,000 a Month.
Cmoioo, Nov. 24. By an ordorof tho Pro
bate Court, entered yesterday by Judge Kohl
east, Mrs. Hattlo H. Pullman, widow of Oeorgo
M. Pullman, will receive fD.OOO a month as tier
share of the estate. An account of the execu
tors of tho estate showing that (83,734 has
already been, paid to Mrs. Pulhsaa wis ap
i proved by Judgo Kohlsaat,
-1 T-
Tnn xoiiEOAX xxQvtnr.
Quartermaster Juddery Declares That, the
Officers and Men Did Tlielr Dntr(
.Vetrfal Calf' hi Tna BtJH. '
Ixkdon. Nov. 24. Tho Inquiry Into th'a cir
cumstances of tho loss of the Atlantis trans
port line steamer Mohcgan, whloh was ad
journed on Nov. 12, was resumed this morn
ing. Quartermaster Juddery testified that he
steered tiro Mohegan botween tho Isle ot
Wight nnd Portland, the course being -west,
throo-quarters north. He gavo the samoeourso
to tho man who relieved htm at thoiwheel. It
was Impossible, ho said, to light tho oil lamps
n'fter tho ship struck, as the lamp room was
Quartermaster Juddory said he saw Capt,
Griffiths come out ot the wheelhouao at 4:15
P.M. He also saw him near tho wheolhousa
when tho ship was off Eddystone light, and
heard him say "all right."
The witness described the conduct ot every
ono aftertho acoldent as excellent. He heard
the Captain cheering the men and urging them
to care for tho woman and children. When the
witness Anally took refuge In the rigging the
chief officer bado him good-by and said: "I
think we did our beau"
rrro jonr red staji zxxerh.
To Be Bnllt on the Clyde for the Interna
tional Navigation Company.
Sptcial Cablt Dtipattk U Tns Btrs.
GLAtoow.Nov. 24. Tho Glosgow Herald pub
lishes tho report that orders for the construc
tion of six transatlantic liners have been placed
with British shipbuilding firms. Tho vessels
are nominally to bo built for tho American line,
but are Intended tor the Red Star service.
James A. Wright, Second Vloo-Frcsldent of
the International Navigation Company, 0
Bowling (Irenn, which controls both the Ameri
can nndtho Red Star lines, said yestorday, that
tho basis of this report Is nn order iust placed
with the firm ot J. .t O. Thompson, bulldors ot
the Paris nnd other transatlantic liners.for two
now vessols to be built on the Clyde, which wll
onter the Belgian-American service of. the Bed
Star lino and lly tho Belgian flag. Each will
carry both cargo nnd passengers, and, will be
500 loot over all. Thoy should be completed in
about eighteen months.
Ilerr Ferczel, Minister of the Interior,
Wounded by Deputy Hollo.
Sptcial Cabl DttBtteh t Tns 8mr.
BtJDAPXBT. Nov. 24. Herr Porczol, Hungarian
Minister ot tho Interior, was wounded In aduel
to-day by Ludwlg Hollo, a member ot tha Inde
pendent party In the Chamber ot Deputies.
Hollo became Incensed at the speooh deliv
ered by Horr Parczel In tho Chamber on Tues
day and ohallongcd him.
She Gives the Snltan Eight Days to Pay for
111 Treatment of Italian Proteges.
.Tjjia'il Cablt DapauK I Tmc Sow.
TANoiEn. Nov. 24. Tho Italian Government
has sent an ultimatum to tho Moorish Court
demanding reparation for the detention and 111
treatment of Italian protege's, giving the Sultan
eight days to reply. The Italian warship Um
brla Is oomlng hero to receive the Sultan's
The Reform Party Getting on Top In Corea.
.Sjxeiat Cablt Deipatch to Tns Strs.
YogorjAUA. Nov. 24. Advioes from Seoul say
that the Reform party In Cores la gaining
ground, and undor its Influence various offi
cials have been banished. The Emperor has
assured the foreign Ministers of his desire to
Institute reforms.
Proposed Educational Reforms In Spain,
.?jtetof Cablt Dttpateh to Tax Rrr.
Madrid. Nov. 24. Tho Saragossa Commis
sion ot the Spanish Chambers of Commerce has
approved tho public education scheme, whloh
includes gratuitous and obligatory education
and the creation ot agricultural and corhmer
clal schools.
The Kaiser Homeward Roand.
Svtaal Cablt DctpoUh to True SDK.
Munich, Nov. 24. Tho Kaiser arrived here.
on his way to Berlin, at 11:30 o'clock to-day.
He remained hero only long enough to tako
luncheon, after which he resumed his journey.
Col. Picqunrt to Be Tried by Court-Mart lnl.
Svtcial Cablt DttpaUh U Tan Sex.'
Fabis. Nov. 24. Gen. Zurllndon. Military
Governor of Paris, has signed an order for the
court-martial of Col. Plcquart on oharges of
forgery and the use of forged documents. The
court will meet on Doc. 12.
aime. Dreyfus Permitted to Telegraph to
Iter Husband.
Special Cable Dttpatch to Tmc Bra.
Paris. Nov. 24. Tho Colonial Minister has
authorized Mme. Dreyfus to communicate with
her husband by telegraph.
T. P. O'Connor Drops His Libel Suit,
Spina! Cable Ditpatch to Tns Bra.
London, Nov. 24. Thomas Power O'Connor
has discontinued his action for libel against
the author and publishers of Barry O'Brien's
Slrlgh-Raclng for Magnnms.
George Fennel of 07 West 118th street won
the magnum of champagno waiting yesterday
afternoon at Hubor's roadhouse, 102d streot
and Jerome avenue, for the first sleigh of the
season. Ho had a pretty race from Macomb's
Dam to tho roadhouso. as four other ambitious
drivers wore on tho same errand. Ho arrived
at 4:30 o'clock.
H.O.Poters of 05 West 118th street was the
first one to reach tho roadhouso at tho junction
of Ht. Nicholas and Lenox avenues and 110th
street. Ho arrived at 5:55 o'olock and tho
magnum was soon emptied.
Charles A. Warren of 1575 Atlantlo avenue.
Brooklyn, stopped at Bador's Hotel, corner nt
Fort Hamilton und Coney Island avenues, at 6
o'clock yesterday afternoon, whore, he received
the annual prize of a quart of ohampagne and
a driving whip. Seven sleighs and cutters
arrived at Ocean Parkway botweon 5 and 8
o'clock, all having been driven out from
To Be Sent nock to n, Rhode Island Asylnm.
nAnmanuEa. Pa Nov. 24. A petition was
prosonted to the Board ot Pardons to release
James J. McGunntgle. alias George Wilson
Barrett, from tho Western Penltpntiary and
transfer him to tho Rhode Island State Insane
Asylum at Howard. It. I. , McGunnlglp was
the self-confessed assailant of Louis Leis
ter, who was shot and robbed in his father's
hotel at Huntingdon on July 20 last. MoGun
nlglo was committed to prison on Sept. 12, and
after pleading guilty protested his Innocence.
It was afterward discovered that the prisoner
had been an Inmate of the Rhode Island
asylum and had not escaped until seven days
alter tho burglary. The change, was recommended.
Compressed Air Workers 8triUe.
Forty-five compreasod air workers employed
on the Willis avenue bridge over the Harlem
River have been ordered to atrlke because ot
theemploymentot non-union men and the al
leged violation of an agreoment. It was stated
yesterday that J. Rogers A. Sons, the contrac
tors, have uow arranged to put nob-union col
ored men and Italians to work, and that befqre
tho strike they had agreed with the Com
pressed Air Workers' Union to employ none
but union men. A general sympathetic atrlke
ot tho other trades Is threatened on the bridge
Boatman Burns Hissed nil Footing and
'Win Drowned.
Edward Burns, 24 years old, a boatman, of
Glens Falls. N. Y was drowned veateyday
morning whllo attempting, to board his boat at
Plr 0. North River. He mlssod his footing and
ell Into tho slip. Before aid could reach him
to sank. His body was recovered a few hours
ator. ;
Where Yestefday's Fires Were,
A. M. 12.60, 162d street and Amsterdam srenus,
police sUble, damage trifling; 1:1", 47 East Nine
trentb street, A. O, Grimes, damage $6,000; H:10,
607 Writ Flfty-Brtt street, damage (200; t:40, JOSO
Park avenue, Joseph W, Barry, dsmaga 110; tt.60,
II Clinton atroit, UoiiU Ttraaky, damage trifling;
10. U7 Eighth avenue, Jobn B. Qulnlan, damage
trifling; 11:36, ISO and 101 Weit Fifty-third street,
rhurrh, damage (ISO
P. U.-12.60, 6111 West Fiftieth atreet. tf.Yalan.
time, damage trifling; a SO. 1S East Thlrtr-ulntU
Ins. Jeljo Ford, damage tl&rStso, laBFtrartii
stmt, toky Jesky, damage tritusg.
tWtrf ''' i- jMUeV tfJti iitaf,s .t t
Study, by a Man Who nail Been Bobbed
Twice, of the Aspirations nnd Hopes of
Burglars Device to Catch Theht Tlint
Seemed Perfect Other Men, Thirsty, Too.
" It Is as oasy to satch burglars it you make a
slight study ot tholr habits as It is tocatch Ilea
It you spread good flypaper for them.' said Mr.
Suburbanite pompously, "There Is an erro
neous Impression that burglars are not human ;
that tholr jov s are different from other rooplcs',
and that, during the season, they burgle by
sight and plot by day, being too lntont on
amassing lll-gottcn spoils to relax their disci
pllnoevonfora moment. This Is wrong, ns a
little reflection will prove.
''My attention was attracted tothlsflold tor
Investigation attar my house hnd been robbed
for the second time this fall. Thn work was
done by professionals on each occasion, and by
war of a tradomark they lott behind all our
plated ware with n holo burned through the
plate of each piece by acid. It was unkind ot
them, but thon you can't expect a professional
to burden himself with plated ware, nnd It was
all In their lino of business, nnyway. These
two cleanouts wore accomplished desplto an
electrlo burglar alarm and a fierce dog. It oe
ourrod to mo thon that Instoad ot relying on
electricity and a dog It might Lowoll to make
a personal study of a few burglars In captivity,
and as a result of my observations dovtse some
nsw schemes for fooling them.
"Several days later tho newspapers an
nounced that the New York police had captured
threo well-known professional housobrenkors,
and. making my own losses an excuse for the
visit, I went to Police Headquarters and asked
for an opportunity to seo thom. They wero not
strapping big fellows, as I had oxpoctod, and
none ot them carried a dark lantorn. I talked
with tho loader ot tho gang, and ho readily
answered my questions about his age and his
name. He volunteered the Information that
his picture was U37 in tho Rogues' Gallery,
and the scamp was actually proud ot It
" ' You are a bright appearing fellow.' said I
'and I don't see why you should beW burglar.
Why are you a burglar?'
" ' Will you promlao not to tell the police If I
tell you?' he asked anxiously,
" I will.' said I. solemnly.
" 'Lean over till I whisper It.' ho said, and as
I leaned near him he whispered, 'I burgle to
buy rum.'
" ' Ruml' said I. 'Whnt a depraved tastol'
Isn't It?' said ho. 'but me an' me friends
have It bad. We steal for rum."
" Before I could pursue this tntorestlng sub
Jeotfurthortho Dotecttvo Sorgennt hustled the
mon back to their cells, I felt, however, that I
was on the vorgo of a great discovery, and rum
was Its keynote. I pride mysolf, you know, on
bslng logical. By deductions which were not
extraordinary, I solved the burglar problem to
my own satisfaction. Professional burglars
stole for rum. Tho silver and jowels which they
gathered wore translated Into rum bv means
ot the pawnshop If thoy had such a thirst for
rum why not place rum where they might, cot
It before they gathered In your ellvor
ware. Don't you see tho simplicity and
beauty of the scheme? Justplaco a generous
quantity of rum on your dining-room tabln at
night with slight luncheon to help It along,
very much as you would spread flypaper. Enter
a burglar or burglars, who find tho rum and
drink It to a state of intoxication. In the
morning you descend to lour dining room, tio
up your burglars and summon tho police. That
is much less expensive than losing your silver
and having your plated ware cut up with acid.
, " Havo I tested it ? Well, yes. aftertho fash
ion that exceptions prove the rule. I filled a
large decanter with the strongest rum I could
buy. and every night for a week I lert It on"mv
dining room table with glasses nnd a light
luncheon handy. I slept soundly those nights.
If any nofso had aroused mo I would havo con
cluded that It was made by a professional
burglar drinking my rum. and when I wanted
to catch him In the morning I would find him
helpless Two mornings ago as I came down
to breakfast the cook said:
" ' We've beon touched again, sir. and all the
new silver Is gone and the plated nare ruined '
"'Let no nno enter the dining room until I
examine It,' I said.
"Her story was true, and there on the table
was ray 'rum decanter empty and all th
luncheon eaten, it was evident to me. en
tirely by logical processes of tho mind, that the
job Inside was the exclusive work of one bur
glar. Thore was my burglar theory upset.
The man drnnk an enormous quantity of rum.
and not only got away with it. but with nil my
now silverware as well. Theoretically my bur
glar trap was adequate, nnd If It had fallod
there mast be some logical reason forlt. No
ordinary man could drink- that amonnt of mm
and walk away. But then the ordinary man
cannot eat glass in museums. I havo seen
mon lunch from glnss tumblers and broken
window-panes as ir thoy i-njoyed It. As I was
thinking It all over the nook said with glee:
" ' Ol'm glad Oi chated the beggar outof some
of the rum. though me conscience prickod me
atthetolme. Ut did. sout did.'
"'What is your meaning, Bridget?' said I.
Ut was this way. sorr? said Bridget. 'The
Iceman is me stiddy. sorr, an' ho told mo how
the doctor had recommendod rum for his t'roat
like an'as you didn't drink ut. sorr.Olgavehlm
a little.
"'How often. Bridget?'
"Onet evory hour for threo evenings, sorr.'
But the decanter was full,' I said.
'..That's one on th burglar, sorr.' said
Bridget. Ivery time 01 took out a drink 01
poured In like a littlo water, aorr.'
"That was why my burglar trap didn't
work. There was iust enough rum In the
wator to inspire hfm for his work. It's all
rignt now. though. Ihnve a bottle nt rum for
the Iceman's throat, and Bridget keopsthat
The decanter is filled with the strongest kind
of rum. nnd I have warned Bridget nover to
.touch it. because it's poisoned. I have taken
down my burglar alarm und given away my
dog. I have Industriously spread the report
that I have bought a lot ot solid silver, and I
will guarantee that thonnxt burglar who comes
for It will run up against that rum und perish
miserably In the attempt to satisfy his thirst.
It's so simple that I wonder some man did not
discover It before."
Cannl Boat Cnptnln Killed by Coal Gas.
Capt Oscar Hedberg of tho barge Live Oak,
lying at the foot of Fourteenth street. Brook
lyn, visited tho canal boat Thomas Edgar and
found Dunning Compton, the Captain of th
Edgar, dead in his cabin. An ambulance sur
geon who was summoned said that death wus
due to suffocation by coal gas that had escaped
from a small stovo in the cabin. Compton was
25 years old and lived at 40 Conovor street.
Sometimes st' 'vJjSsRSkJG'SJ
a tree or Poley$S8)V'?C'"5
a p p a r e n 1 1 y !VaKSteS
strong a n d oSCdS--'
sound coin' Vj&w Asv
of some undetected process TllSw
of decay, so no matter how xHr? i
good an appearance a worn- Sjgt .
an may present, if ahe is ftTjfe, .
subject to any hidden weak- VfJj
peas, gradually sap- S!3&i'BKLmom
ping away and under-Z&&V&&&3
-mining her vitality, Pi3t5?
some day her entire 3r$jH'
constitution will give way ?
and leave her a prostrate physical wreck.
The average doctor gives a little some
thing for tbc headache and a little some
thing else for the backache and atill anoth
er thing for the nerves and so on, never
once reaching the hidden weakness in the
distinctly feminine organism,
The vast experience and special practice
of Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physi
clan of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, of Buffalo, N, Y., in treating
women's diseases, enables him to under
stand and cope successfully with these par
ticular ailments. Any woman may feel tho
utmost confidence iu consulting him by
mail. She will receive, free of cost, sound
professional advice whereby her health
may, In ninety-nine cases nut of a hundred,
be promptly and permanently restored.
All correspondence is held to be tatredly
A lady living In Coshoctoo Co , Ohio. Mrs W,
T. Stanton, or Bllisfirld, writes. " I hud female
wrakneut very bad for nearly three years " Had
dragging down palus in and alxive iny hips und
such dreadful pains iu the back sod top of ray
head (just as though someone was lifting me by
the hair). Bad no ambition, would try to work
a few days then would have to lie In bed for a
long tlrnc. No tongue can express the suffering
I endured I bad much pain at monthly pe
riods. I doctored roost of the time with as good
a physician as there is in the state, but had no
ease only when I was quiet and off my feet and
then I had more or less pain in my head. When
I began taking Or. Pierce's medicines I weighed
in pounds, and was very pale ad weak, I toolc
twelve bottles of lit 'Favertte Frescrlptlon '
and seven of the 'Golden Medical Discover).'
Now I feel like a different person. Uvc na
pain in my bead, can do all tbe work for myself!
husband and pae child; am gaining in flesh. I ,
feel it la through Ood's mercy and your womls I
fcl medicines that Jam cured." J
h- lm4--Mv. to fr,-.g.. J i-bwy ii i It wj-
tncrrinse In the Kings County Democratlo
General Committee,
Those who aro ambitious to onjoy the honor
of sitting ns dologates In tho Domocratlo Gen
oral Commtttoo of Kings county havo figured
out that there will bo a consldornblo inoroass
In thdslzpot that body when tho now commit
too Is ohoieiu Tho Immediate lieutenants ot
Hugh McLaughlin, as woll as tho district lead
ers. Iiavo ala-i figured out tho Increase. Thoy
do not like It. Tho doslro has been to havo'
the General Committee and tho Assembly dis
trict committees ns small as posalblo. in ordor
to make easy tho work ot manipulation.
Prior to the last reorganization of tho party
mnchlnory tho membership in tho General
Committee was llxod at ton from each district,
making a total ot 210 for the twonty-ono dis
tricts.' At present the representation ot tho
sevoral districts in the Gonoral Committee. Is
bnsodontho vote cast for Governor, there be
ing ono delegate, for 28a votes for tho regular
Democratic nominee Tho Kings county Dra
ocrats mndo a poor showing In the Black-Porter
oampalgn two years ngo. Tho total Demo
cratic voto fortholr candidate was WW85.
Tho support givon to Van Wycfc In his homo
county thlB year Increased the Democratlo voto
by about 21,000 In Kings county, nnd on that
bnsls the now committor, will bo formed. Thore
will bo an Increase In the membership of about
aouercont The Increase In somoof the dis
tricts will bo comparatively small. In one or
two districts, howover. It will bo marked. The
Seventeenth, for example, will have almost
double lis present representation In tho com
mittee. This Is the district in which Augustus
Von Wyck lives.
rrro victims of uonvniSK.
Both round In Brooklyn One a Colored Wo
man and tho Other nYonng WhltoMnn.
Gsorgo Thompson, colored, 35 years old. of
13 Downing streot. while walking (n Fulton
street near Clinton nvonue. Brooklyn, yester
day morning, saw a colored woman clad only
in a bath robe and a pair of sllppors walking
about lu a dazod way. He took hor homo, and
learned that she was Annlo Kimble, 37 years
old, ot 047 Atlantic, avenuo. Ho notified the
pollco. and tho woman was taken to the Cum
berland Streot Hospital by Ambulance Surgeon
Chamberlain, who said ahe was a victim ot tho
morphine habit.
Tho pollco of the Fulton street station found
a young man on Fulton street near the bridge
ontranco. yestordny morning. Ho was In n
stupor, and Ambulnnco Surgeon Browstor took
him to the Long Island College Hospital. He
was suffering from the effects of morphine.
Ho Is Frank Duval. 2t) years old, of 200 Btnte
street, and tho pollco say that ho has boon
picked up at least half a dozen times suffering
from morphine
Archbishop Corrlgan Conducts the Exercises
nt St. Elisabeth's, Stnten Island.
The now building for girls at the Mission
of tho Immaoulate Virgin. Mount Loretto,
Pleasant Plains, Staten Island, to be known as
St. Elizabeth's Home, was dedicated yesterday.
Archbishop Corrlgan conducted the exercises,
which were hold In the chapol of tho new build
ing. Tho Archbishop acted as celebrant and
was assisted by tho Bov. James J. Dougherty,
superior of the mission, who acted as deacon
nt honor, and by his seoretary. the Rev. Father
Thomas Mynan. who was master ot cere
monies. Mgr. Mooney preached the sermon,
giving the history of the mission, which was
founded by the late Father Drumgools.
The building, .a brick structure of four
stories, is at the southerly end ot tho largo
mission grounds and faces Prince's Bay. It
is ot colonial architecture and is 252 feet long.
Tho centre, which contains a large chapel and
assembly room. Is eighty feet deep, and the
wn wings are each sixty feet deep. Thr build
ing will accommodate 500 girls and fifty Sisters
of Charity.
Chapman Bends n Score of Women to Court
Bnids In the Fourteenth.
Police Captain Chapman took charge of the
Eldridgo street precltict at midnight on Wednes
day, nnd. although he gave no special Instruc
tions to his men. his presence began to bear
fruit at onco. as was evidenced by the number
and character ot tho prisoners arraigned yos
tordayln tho Essex Market Court Over twenty
disorderly Wdmffn were in the crowd. No such
sight had been seen before in that court for
months. Tho women were all fined.
Acting Capt Diamond ot the Fifth streot
station forced all the " barkers " In front of the
Bowery concerts to keep out of sight yester
day. Then he raided a "stuss" game at 28
Houston street and arrested thirteen players.
Last night, accompanied by Detectives
O'Connor and Lynch, he raided tho house
at 23S Ninth street. Mrs. Annie Krnnfch and
cightcon Inmates were arrested. The placo had
a cigar store iu front as a blind. Capt. Dia
mond has also sorved notice on the liquor
dealers In his precinct that ho intends to en
force tho liquor law rigidly.
Thomas Wellington Dies of Alcoholism In
a Court Prison.
Thomas Wellington. 20 years old. of 370 Sev
enth avepue. was committed In tho Wost Fifty
fourth Street Court yesterday to tha Island for
six months for soliciting alms on Sixth avenuo.
Ho was to havo begun his term to-day. but last
night ho was taken 111 in the court prison and
died within nn hour. His case was diagnosed
as acuta alcoholism by the surgeon. Welling
ton told one of tho keepers that he had not
drawn a sober breath for six years.
Anna, tho widow of Charles Hewitt died on
Wednesday at Morcor Hospital. In Trenton.
N. J whoro sho was undor treatment for
paralysis. Sho was 76 years old. Mrs. Hewitt's
husband was President of tho Now Jorsoy Stool
and Iron Compaqy. Ho was a brother of ex
Mayor Abram S. Hovvttt ot New York city.
Five children survive William Hewitt of Tren
ton, Bobert Hewitt nt Hackensack, Conrad
Hewitt of Now York, Mrs. William II. Mumper,
and Miss Lulu Hewitt of Trenton. Tho funeral
will tnko place this afternoon at 2:30.
Miss Clorn V. W, Watson died on Wednesday
night nt tho residence ot hor parents. Mr. ana
Mrs, Marston Watson, in Mount Pleasant ave
nue. West Orango. Sho had beon ill but a fow
hours. Sho was the Treasurer for tho Oranges
of tho Bed Cross Auxiliary No. 3 for the Main
tenance of Trained Nurses. Hho was a member
of the Now York branch and always attended
ItH meetings. Sho collected nearly $1 ,500 dur
ing the war and originated the placing of
"mite boxos" in stores for tho collection of
funds, bhe was 32 years of age.
Mrs. Susan Sanders, aged 107, died yesterday
in tho house lu which she was born, on
Chuckey Itlvor, In Wntnugn Volley, Tenn. Sho
vviisurolntlvaof John Sevier, first Governor of
TonncHHen, and had man)' souvenirs of tho
battlo of Kings Mountain.
Mrs. Ellon T. Bradley, tho mother of Deputy
Sheriff John J, Brailles of Brooklyn, died yos
trtnlny In her Hovvuty-fourtli enr at hor home.
51 North First streot. Shown born in Ireland.
Asa Znbritkle Missing.
Bidokwoob. N. J.. Nov 24. All efforts to get
some cluo to tho whereabouts ot Asa Zabrlskio,
a biother nt Judge David D. ZabrUkle. have
failed. He disappeared on Nov. 4, He Is about
IU yoars of age and a bachelor. He is an um
brella manufacturer In New lork. His absence,
cannot bo attributed to financial matters, tor
lie was in a very prospoious condition.
Court Calendars This Day.
Appellate DWUIon Supreme Court. Mntlons. Or
der. No,. 16, 1, 10,10, Jl, 7, 1)7, 88, .11), I, 42, 48,
Hupreme Court Special lerru, Part I. Motion
iaiemtari.allr.lat 1U..IOA. 3d. Part JI. Conrt opens
at 10. UO A, It. Kx.narte matters. Part III. Oaio
unfinished. Motlom. Jlemurrtra. Nob, S41.SSU. Htfl,
Preferred ciunes Niw, 2I.W, 2140, 2243, 202s,
ii!. Part IV.-Cae unfinished. AIJOA. M. Iw
and fct-No. XRIH. U2, IM, 83.1, 1231, i:il7h,
1427, r7(JK. sou?. ia,, ao.i, a io, r,oi, .i4, ,
IU1, 747, 7A2, H21. 82u, H2ll. 841. 8611. 871. Ib7.
1144. p"U, 077. 1072, 107U, 1074, 1100,1101), 11411,
1171, J172, 1I7H, 1174 1178. 11 BO, I1H1. 1182,
1 111.'). 121(1. 1224. 1228,127. 1312, I8D0, mill, 110J.
1304, 1370. 13Ui, 1401, 1413, 14111, 1417, 14)11.
Part V, idjourned until Monday, Nov. 2H. l'art
VI. Motions from Part I. Part VII, Adjourned
until Monilay, Mov, 28, Trial Terru.-I'art II.
Clear Preferred eanara Noa. 11844. "033, 112(13,
I'llll. 07411, r,7rt4,U21l..riU71. 71)72, 0476, UIVI7, sail,
II1SU, IIUIMI, llOltll, ll70, IIH71. U7M2, (1103, nuflll,
71142, 7040. 4.IHS, ilf.Jll, 11418, 71SH, 7iri7, HHfi
71U4, OiCi, C851. Pait lll.-Clcur. Noa. 2471,
100H, B48U, 27fi, 2iltr,, 28t, 3028, 248.4,
2033, 1878, 1H38, 31V.', II.'IIIO, 3374, 3040,
.13112, 3I1SI7, 3114, 341.',. U444, SO.'.H, ir,lt,
3203, 3204, 8200, .12011, 1700, 31B2, 21B3. Pitt
IV iso uiiOiiUhed, Cues from Part IU. l'art
V Cie untlulilied. Cases from Part III. Part VI
Adjourned tor Ihe tin- term, ParU VII., IX., X
XI. anil XII. Adjoururd until Monday, Nov, 28.
Part VIII -Adjourned for the t rro
Hurrogate's Court Chambers. Motion Calendar
tailed at IU Su A M. hor tirouate-VVllU of Selrai
C Uerrar, Alexander 1'irie. Lnula P Hatl.'o. Hois
Melllns, Hannsu Mauoney, Joaeiih Bruelua, William
A 1 jtan, tlarr Met lusar, PranVb n U niakemau at
10.80 A. M ; Mai Hermann. Cliarlea Henvarz at 'J P.
M. Trial Term No ,!ay calendar.
City Court Hp lal Term. Court opens at 1 0 A. M.
Motions at 10:10 A.M. Trial Term Pari I. Case
on. No 12Ci, Oovrlne vs. Warner. No day calendar.
Part II, Case on. No, 1153, Tilly vs. Deverw rck
Towing Company, No day calendar, Part III,
Adjourned (or tbe term. Part IV, dear. Hhort
rauaee. Nos. 141. 8141). 02O4, 0308,0240, HOill,
00S8, 0228, 8182, 0070, C377M. Olo 01 4, 0346,
a i. gi-w,ti...rit.-h.'i.-.,A- 5 .....V.. lliSlhll
A "page" on overcoats wouldn'li- jam
begin to do ours full justice, " 1H
Just think what ev.ery possible M
size in nil tho many overcoat n tj
styles, niado from tho variod-" jh
cloths, each in tho several colors, , IB
means ! m
It menus that not a tailor, any- ' S
where, dures to offer a quarter i w
the variety. 'JH
It means that no matter how W
luxurious or how quiet youi ( ,ffls
taste ; no matter what your cloth, , m
color, or style idea may bo, we ' tK
can satisfy it. " rl
AVe have overcoats , to boast, ffi
about. HI
Rooeks, Peet & 0ov
Prince and Droadwar. ' 'J Wj
Warren and Broadway. Wmi
Tblrty-seoond snd Broadway. , JHCl
American Art GaMe's, I
Great Pictures.? I
" Beyond comparison thn most) rer M
markablo exhibition of Its kind eves' Stt
preiented." THE SUN. ' ' M
Eye Glass - 1
Invitation . , 9
Como. say we. boo and know from your own
experience the sort ot work wn do. Front 4B!
the first touch to tho final fitting skilled W.
handwork and hendwork at evcrystep. And -m:
tho Schmidt Clip often a rnnny as fifty ,W
now friends In a day. Never Blips and cost WP
50 cents. Call or write. Circular FREE." JB
Oeullstv' Prescriptions oiled. Factory on premises,' 'w
Quick repalrlne. OPES KVKNINQS. Phone 1988-18, , jK
P. Go Schmidt
0ptician-:16 East 42d St. S"iXZ
AMD MANDTACmntEnS or jjftj
58 Nmhu St, and it Holborn Viadnel, gEsI
20 Maiden Lane, jKlft
hew York. London. E. 0. Car'
fdorM1 if
t -38c- pair- i " I
I ) Ij; ""S, Tor Orny Mocha OloveaJ MR
' fcjy. vffSy (foil piqun sewn), wortbl SKI
yyj Sl.Sfi. Silk-lined Gratf JHJl
y Mocba Gloves, 7QCm' Wr
jr pair) worth 81. SO. ", Bjj
Shirts, 59C-j worth 81.25. ' V MU
Bosoms of Importer! SIndrns, bodies ot jml
Wnmsutta muslin, open front and baeltj iKI
with one pair Madras Cutis, nt 59C . '!
encli. jEr
The whole Syndicate Building r Wg
might fall in on a -
HALL'S Safe ? 1
and you could dig your books and
papers out unharmed. If you aji
want a safe at all, you want that ffl
kind. Repairing Moving. ' F
ftPtt Brontlwny. ' W
pLiN-rs Pine Purnituri 1
S8.0O. m
45 West ttttd Htreet. m
G-lobe Goods are - 1
Good GoodeT i
Anil Include All Modern Ofllce Applianoeie' mjjj
Desks, I'IIIiie Cabinets, und r.very thine at Jfkjj
Business Olllin Hciiitrea, ffi'jj
THE ULOIIK CO., Fulton &. Pearl Sts.
Green Goods KIijk McNnlly Out ot Jnll. tffi
Jomkt, III , Nov -i4.-Jlm MoKally, " Klnir of Wl
the Green floods Mon." passed out oftlio Illinois, 'Sv
Btnte Pcnltentlury to-dny in tlmo to eat his if
Thnnksslvltic dinner as a free man. He was dgjr
convicted of violating tho postnl lawu and sent 3),
thoro from Ctilcauo (or throo vonrH in. May. "J
lHO'v. McNnlly w us thn most cclohratod (troon
goods mini" thu country Iiom over known, 5
Wllllani T Hfead nf London. In hU book "If 3J
Christ ramntiitlhlcaco," devoted a chatter to Srt
"KlniiMoNnlly " M
round Drowned lu l'nst Itlvor. 9 ,
A dtownud mun iilmiit 50 yoari old, fi foot 4. ;j
IiicIiph tall und of llt'lit coinilixlnn. weiirlnc' ' !
black dlAKonal mat and light ovprcoat, was l
found yustorduy In th I'-nst lllvr nt tho foot , i
ol DrlilL'x utreut. lirooklyn. M
John Kelly nf 'Jill West Thirteenth street H
called at tho Moreim last nicht and jdentllled i f
the man as Michael JicOormott, his brother- i $
In-law f
tTDrwyo-iv Tl Baking if
KOy$UL Powder f
Absolutely Pure
Mother and grandmother used 3
It. No trouble for beginner I '
to waktUSiie cake and bbcoJH J
with Itoyal IlaUlne; roVdwt. j f.

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