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J .. roa, s.vorr and sleet no
I Alri Turn-out In the Open Tournament
I Ji.Bkfwonil-Chnmiilon Douglns Mnkee
I New ltecord for the Course A Mixed
"B Foursome nt Ardiley Other Kvenli.
Muck on llio fair greens find wot turf on
the rutting crccni wero tlio conditions that
Mnfrontf il tlic solfors who turnod out for tlio
Imp toutnamentof tho Golf Club of Lnkewood
TWtcrdnr. ft. In splto of rain and fog In tlio
' rn(nc and ntorm of snow and sloot In tlio
afternoon, hardly a man faltcrod. All on tlio
Hols wh0 w"r0 cllterC(1 ,n,ulo tlio rounds, al
though rough woollon sweaters and tlio thlck
eetof trousers wcro In ordor. Worsted mlttons
were also worn, and whon It happonod that a
elsTcrwas not provided with such nocosanry
' Knerlnp. tlio skin of tho hands was lacerated
br the lestl.'-r handles of tho clubs. Asldo from
all these iltsadantnges. tho scores wero very
.pod, e? peclally that of Douglas, tho amateur
champion, who mado ft new araatour record for
theconrse. Ki. The professional record Is 78.
made by Willie Norton.
there was no lack of onlookers on the club
),, rarda or to watch tho starting from
the first tec. although mackintoshes and hoavy
ulsters coered tho garb of tho men. and tho
women. In-tead of showing be-feathered hats
,n) silken gowns, were clad as demurely and
nnnlMr ducks In a storm; that Is. all tho
flit (rather wero hidden and rough and ready
"tailor-mades" wore In order. Tho tourna
' (j nni the last of tho open events scheduled
for this season by the Metropolitan Golf As
sociation Tlio now course has boon laid
out under the advice of tho best una
t,jrs and professionals to bo found In tho
Tnltfd State?, and as Robert Hsgo Korr, tho
Peerrtarrof the U. B. O. A., said. It was good
enough to teat the skill of the best amateurs
bred in Scotland. Tho courso Is rather flat to
th ere. I"" entered with ft superb coatot vol
xelr turf, ni'd so marked with either cop or
cut-out bunkers that no ono oxcopta high-class
rol.'er mar muko a low score. As arranged for
the open tournament, tho distances of tho holes
rml -'.O 110 .ViS SHU 8J."i 400 400 170 BSfi 2.ST6
Jj 4C "'' 410 2 -5 18!i 1H5 - 216-2.820
Total arrfa 6,81(5
The clubhouse wns also opened for tho first
time It Is an old i-ottago transformed by tho
irtsoltlie dworutois Into u cozy resort. Be
fore open fireplaces, in which hugo Iocs burned,
were oaken settles on which tho rain-soaked
ffnlfer at and forgot their weuther-beaton
rounds In tho warmth from tho ruddy blare.
A or the conditions of pliiy. tho round
as at eighteen holes, tho stroke game,
a cup to g" to the mnkor or tho best score,
whil'theflrhtfixteon uualillcil for tho matcli
play for the Oolf Club Cup ami the second nlx
uenforthe convolution cup. Those who failed
to Qualify lor either etip may compete for a cup
ppieuti-d In T. K PVmbroko.
Plijersfrom I'lttsbiiig. Otsego. Washington
and Philadelphia, as well ns the loenl golfers",
took part In tho preliminary round for tho
Iakewood honors, but no ono could stand
igalDst Champion Pouglas. Although ho mado
anHt,eeHii strokes better than the next best
score, winch was retunud by Walter J. Travis.
Douglas was by no menus sntisllcd
"Tlioo sixes on my card." be bald, are In-
siciis'ibte. duo only to careless putting, as well
a two or three or tho fhes that aro recorded
nji aralnstme. i)n my game, and if pushed along
by a zealous golfer. 1 think a i.i would bo tlio
proper llgures for the links "
The coure has been laid out to aid a clover
player and to puniRh a poor one. ho Douglas
may hai been instilled in his opinion. The
eontcUints wero started from the llrst tee in
apu-bdld order, mid theiewas not a hitch In tho
management of either links or elubhouse.
Aalde from the runaway pace set by Dcuglnt.
nothing need bo mentioned except that
Traus seemed to be playing well within
himself "Ho is playing with a curb
on." said one observer, who is some
what of a horseman, and this opinion
wns shared by many. Should Travis meet
Douglas in the match play a great round may
be expected. As in all golf matches of conse
quence, the phenomena! got a place. This was
tho making of the 170-ytird eighth hole In 2 by
Jasper Lynch. His drio was well on the green,
when a fifteen-foot put ran the ball true to tho
cup Few holes in IS hae been won so lion -
tstly. for. us a rule, the drive on such
of counts leaves tho ball dead to tho hole.
Tho card returned by Travis, barring
inSforthotnelfth hole, where he was biink
1M trod in a grand elTort to carry tho second
W bunker wlfii bin brassoy. deserves mention.
Winston, tlio boy from Cutler Hehool, also
totted In grand order Moth Colby and Moor
Mvtplaed as though they might bo danger
ma lu tho match play later on. Tho scores of
tbealiteen who qualified follow:
rtnllirS. Imul!, Kairneld
Out 6 5 r. 0 6 8 641
ir it e r. r. 3 a 4 4 ts 83
Wllltrl Trv!, OaVlind
Onl .. S .' S S 6 n 4 648
In 5 ll K 4 r, 5 4 4 47 0
F. i J. DftKai'mctf, Lnlvi-wood
Out .r. H B rt 6 6 6 4 647
Id . f. 6 ; T. II 4 3 4 6 1401
limes Concrp. Ocean county
Out . 6 6 l 6 6 S 6 It (45
In fl ll 5 7 6 4 4 448-91
HoTtril V lolhy, Esex county
OJI .'. S rt r. 6 5 7 6 648
In il ll 7 4 6 3 3 4 44301
P. r. KlDEtlfy. St. Andrfw'i
Oat. n 11 r. 4 6 fl 6 4 64
In ll 8 6 K 4 3 4 4 4 92
J Wilmcr Blddle, Philadelphia
Oat. . r. r. ii r, 5 6 r. 647
In H865K446 44692
W. B. Ilhett, Crescent A. A.
N Out. ... 5ti5fl(!7R 448
In .. rt ." M R 6 5 3 4 64492
1 7 LoiilaA. Diddle. PhiUdelphi
O.t. 4 6 tl 5 7 B 6 4 846
In. H 8746363 6 4 92
Jupcr L;ni-h, Lttewood
Y .- Oat . 4 .'. 6 rt II 6 H 2 448
1 In i 7 6 6 B 4 5 6 C 1992
I John Moorhead, Jr., Allegheny Country Club
pat . . . r, r. ii r. a 7 3 r, le
In . .', il U 6 6 4 4 a 6 1092
W.n Dali, lincbeitfi
Out , 4 H II 6 6 S 4 ft 47
In S it 7 4 6 4 6 4 4 44 98
O.Owen Winiton. Cutler School
put . . .. r, o ti r. 6 6 6 e 49
In it 7 f 6 B 4 4 4 64895
Pr.rulT Kimball. Lakewood
P'lt t, il A ll 6 4 7 4 6 17
'" ... 7li 0 60446 64998
F A.Wlthe(ljkewood
P'U .il66777a 651
10 77568444 44897
A. M Rfci), Ijitcwonil
PJ' .5 II R G B B 3 B50
10 ll 5 ll II 6 4 6 4 47 97
The count-up of these scores showed that
Jme A.Tjng. for tho first tlmo in his golf
"reer. wns droiipiMl into tho oonsolation cup
Division. His card by htrokus is preseuted De
Kw.aiKi students of golfing form maydguro
out his eimt short comlncs :
,; ' P"' ll 68611584 fl 41)
1. " . .11 8 7 0 7 4 4 6 6-4U-9S
The summary of tho other scores follows:
' 'rt .SVcoriU
i . . ,, Hound. Hound. Total.
V:,1''". Morria County 41) 41) lig
i,''J1'j,',dly 47 61 us
!;;'' Hlcnuioud County 50 41) n
fl'ani.Jr., UnUr U1U 5U 44 100
ii iv .'"man. IVlrfleld 54 4il loo
i . H.ocuiu, autcu l.laud 61 60 nil
u. situcllejr. Uitwoud 4U 62 101
Dili, J,,il'.'"' ""'broi.k 52 4U 101
PUI1'i.Wurd.l)j-kerlIdow .41) 62 101
S,I;b,t-. rolladelphia 60 61 101
VleSl. ?! " rt c'Ut A. C 4I 62 101
H'H,lrWr 62 60 102
" Illilloii. waajr 5B 4J 102
!Mapli,l)iN,,1!u 53 60 103
k ii ?""'" 't"cent A.O 66 4H 103
".liirter.Jr.. hvabngUt 61 63 104
' lirooit 60 65 105
rtV, ".'''.'."'.yiifn) County.. 62 61 108
Tt' V '"'" ' "l'w""d 61 65 10il
ti'j;,,1V,"r'."l'liuioiidCounty.s 61 1o7
I ""tiilli.UUll.i 58 64 107
0 I k, ti'ewoinl 67 61 10H
M LomIs ?ll'r, Ja-wood 64 64 100
I Fit lv r- rirneli 6& 64 ion
Crxi ' " '". l.kucod. 83 67 110
I i?"H4illli ...51) 68 116
I'ri:0".1"' "ahuor- 6H 69 117
oil n.'1".'" "''""auCoiinty.ai 68 117
aMU,il'i""""-,-""-,,"0d --67 U2 IID
"'illlrn, I rrui'iit . 0 ....6U 77 138
toiili6) """"'' ,,,!" for "'" tnree cups wl" bccln
'n eplta of tlio stxsrmy weather ycbtoiday
I oM" as a ,a""a'tenilanco fortho bogey handl
m apat tj1L. Itic-hiiioniJ IIIU Golf Club. Tho cup
-W' lrJi1"',"l')-Mger(.llildersleovo. Tho follow-
iiulnv?'?'" w,''"' '''I, who handetl In theircardx.
Kei!'','i". " '' '"'"' ,0 l'0l,l'lutu ,,lcir fu"
aS "ifr r i i . Arere. ll'eap. Votcn.
II Ii , 'L 5 HI I'
B-I ll,f '" '" '8
S r f, S,1""1' ion rt 11
ii'iinn juj 2y j j
I Hhu''" ',r"r the club championship, which
H I ii tc. i A"""-' n slnee election day, was com-
H Inn r""iltwusasfolloB:
I r- ., , ' w OCmnnr beat C. I riarktnn
t. , "' ", (ii 11 V. .Inlinca lie! It. I'. iold
Mn ,. f- 1 I. fliit'.iiii.l beat A. . Put
iH i n , . ' ' lli.iiu'i'rf'ird beat Kenuuli
'.., ; i I -' l U,i' , iihitr Man heat
H tM" k ,. fl '" "!' -iel6.i1n, Irsukbn
(H 111 i ! '' "'""' b il up and .'i tnpl.
Wli t' a"h 'i, .' '.,u" I- Hrj or by a up anil 4 iii
SI ittfii, ""'JtatJ J ilanmng by 0 up and
H ' lU? ('i"'Vd ('Q'inorbfatJohneaby2upand
H "i (-1-'ood.btatUungerrordby supand 1
to playi Han teat Paddock by lup (20 holea)) nindi
beat ItaehMi by up and a to play.
Seml.Flnala-O'Oonnor beat Chetwoed by 4 Up and
0 to pUy. Man beat Hindi by default.
Final Man beatOOonnor by delault.
Thore was a largo attendance at tho Ardsloy
Club, whero tho unfavorable weather proved
no drawback to tho golfing. Tlio special event
was n mixed foursome. In which fourteen
couples started. Tho scores wero:
aloti. ll'eap. N'U
lira. Hancock and W. H. Patter- . Jf
son 13 w TJ1
Mlaa Oregory and It. It. Itcmin;-
rin .. . 141 ir 128
Mlaa Thompson and M. H. Pton.in4 7 127
Mil Hewitt and W. ChrTatie ...142 13 129
Allaa Marie lliwltt and E. H. Jaf-
fray.. . 160 12 188
Mini Drooknand o. A. Moroalnl,
Jr 162 11 141
Ulna Antoinette Hewitt and A. S.
Zatable 181 15 lit
Tho competition at tho Dykor Meadow Golf
Club yesterday wan to Qualify for a cup pre
sented by W. K. Fowler, tho best eight being
eligible. Tho cards of those who qualified follow:
II. Clark Or. Iff. .Nil.
Out 8 6 4 0 6 8 8 6 650
IB 7 4 6 8 6 3 8 410-82-102 64
Daniel Cbauncey
Out. ...7 4 ft 0 9 7 8 885
In 5 3 6 7 6 6 11 4 8 49104 S
Charlea Adam a
Out 5 4 4 0 1! 6.12 5 8 58
la 6 4 6 fllO 6 I) 6 7-88-109 11 9S
K. I.. Kalbflelacb-
Out H 4 6 8 n 6 9 6 888
la 8 6 6 7 8 8 11 5 668-114 18 98
F. Jf. Poubleday
Out 7 8 6 7 A 4 A 4 8-54
In .. ..8 3 6BD 8 7 7 7 7-57111 12 89
II. M. Adama-
Out. ..B 4 fl 8 0 8 8 7 858
III ...74006 811 5 767118 18-108
A. I Noma
Out . ...7 4 rt 7 6 6 4 661
In. ... (I 6 6 ll a 4 U 4 762108 9 101
Kdward McOlachlln
Out 8 6 7 8 7 8 12 0 880
In .. ..7 4 8 8 7 8 0 4 8-57117 18 101
Borne fifteen others tailed to Qualify. Tho
match play rounds will be started to-morrow.
A handicap for a oup presented by the Golf
Committee and a gold medal presonted by Ij.
Daniels for the best score wore the prices for
which the Marino and Field Club members
competed yesterday. II. IN. Curtis won tho
grots scoro prize. Tho summary ot the handi-
Orotl. Vnv. At
T. II. Wilkin 112 21 91
II.N.Clirtt 100 3 97
L. runidi I or. a 101
r. lLAnderaon 127 24 103
11. II. Boyd 140 18 122
E.C. Lockwood 144 21 123
The annual bocle handicap was decided at
the Staten Island Crickot and Baseball Club
yesterday, but on aocount of the Inclement
weather there was only a limited field of start
ers. The beatscores follow:
Carl Gordon (1), P down; Charlea T. Stout (1), 8
down; Arthur Holllck (It). 11 down: T. T. Walker
(6), 1 1 down; II. W. Itlnehart (0). 1 1 down.
Two events were scheduled at the Crescent
A. C. yesterday, and some two dozen golfers
turned out for tho morning round. Somewhat
to tho general disappointment, by the time
that tho men had made their lull rounds the
Golf Committee ordered the contests post
poned until a future date. The exposed loca
tion of the links, which were swept by a flerco
storm ot sleet and hail, was the reason otthe
Tho competition for tho Holbrook and O'Brien
cups, which was to have been played yestorday
at the Mount Hope links of the 8t. Andrew's
Olub, was postponed until to-morrow morning,
weather permitting, otherwise a furthor post
ponement will bo made.
Shownlter and Janowakl Draw the Third
Game of Their Mntob.
Yesterday afternoon and evening Showolter
and Janowfckl engaged In tho third game ot
their match ot seven games up. and after forty
six moves tho game was drawn by a repetition
ofmoes. Bhowalter had tho moe and again
relied on tho queen's gambit, as he did in the
first game of the match. He. however, changed
his tactics as early as tho fifth move. The
Parisian boomed to get the hotter position in
the opening, but later on by an Injudicious
move he was obliged to give up a piece for two
pawns. Subsequently black won the exchange,
later on a niece, but the position wan suoh that
neither player could gain anything and the
contest was drawn. Horo follows the score of
tho game:
ni(. Black. WMte. tllack.
1 V-Q 4 V-Q 4 26 K P. P K 6
2 P-Q D 4 T K S 28 Q x 1 Il-B 4
a Kt-Q II 3 Kt K B S 137 Q Kt P-K
4 Kt 113 P B4 ;28B-K2 H 116
5 B Kt6 BPxP 129 It Kt4 It x It
I KKtxQP ! K4 30 11x11 Kt-Q 8
7 Kt-B 2 P-Q 5 31 U X Kt Q x It
R Kt-Q 5 11 KS 82 Kt B2 Q-B4
ll P-K 4 P-K It 3 S3 Kt X P (J-Q 6
lOlllKt PxB 84 B B H-QB
1 1 B-Q a R-Kt 35 P K B 8 It B (I
12 Castlea Kt-Q 2 art Kt-B 4 RiKt
13 P B4 B-Q 3 37 Bill QxB
14 P-B 5 B X Kt 88 P-Q 8 K-Kt
16 K P X B Q-Kt 3 8M Q-Q K-B
64 mln. aft mln. lOK-R Q D8
IrtP QKt4 Caatlea 2 h. 5 m. 2 bouts.
17P-115 BxP 41Q K7 O-Bttck
18 PxB KtxP 42 K B2 Q B S eh
19 B-Kt Q-B8 43 K II Q-B 8 ch
20 U B4 H-Kt4 44 K-B 2 Q-B 6 ch
21 Kt-n 8 P-B 3 45 K-It Q-B 8 ch
22 K-B 2 Q B-Kt 48 K-B 2 Q-B 8 ch
23 11112 K Kt 8h. 6 m. 2h. 2 m.
24 KB Kt 2 K 11 Drawn.
The score now stands: Janowskl, 2; Bhow
alter. 0: drawn, 1. Tho fourth game is sched
uled for to-morrow afternoon.
tTalter Ferguson Wins the 'Westminster
Kennel Club's Cup.
The annual Thanksgiving Day shoot of tho
Westminster Kennel Club took plaoe on the
club grounds. Babylon, yesterday. A special
train from New Tork took down a big gather
ing of club men. Including G. do F. Grant, J. G.
K. Duer, 0. ST. Chapln. W. 8. Edey, George B.
Magoun. Fred Edey, Walter Ferguson, n. K.
gnnpp. Oakleigh Tliorne. H. K. do Forrest. J.
. Ellison and Chauncey Floyd-Jones. A raging
storm ot rain, sleet and snow and a howling
Kttlo from tho west prevailed, and this,
combined with fast birds, caused fre
riueiit misses, but, as a rulo, tho scores
were good. In tho morning there wero
tour miss and out events, all ot which
woro won or divided by 0. Floyd-Jones. In tho
afternoon Walter lergiiM-in won the big
Thanksgiving Day Cup event, with a score ot
la from the twenty-elght-yard mark. Oak
leigh Tliorne, 30 yards, was second. Tho other
Bcores wero:
O. de F. Orant, 28 yardi. 8; C. Floyd-Jonea. 30
yard, 8; Pro 1 Kdey. 27 Tarda. 8; O. B. Migoun. 28
yircla, M; C. M. Chapln, 29 yarda, H; H. K. dn Porreat,
27yarde, 7; V. H fcdny. 2H7arda,4j 11. K. Knapp,
27 yarda, 0; J. 1). Elliaoa, 30 ) arUa, 0.
Stoma Stops the Sport nt the Local Trapi.
Tbe atorm yesterday played havoc with the trap
sbootlngprof ramincs arranged by the local gun cluba
hareabouta. Tbe all-day ahoot at clay and live bird a,
wblch wan to bare been decided at Dexter Parle,
Brookhn, waa declared on Indefinitely, while the
New Utncht Bod and Oun Club's live bird conteat
for tbe Holiday Cup and extra aweepatakn recta
were also abandoned. At Newark the South Side.
Poreaters and tbe Eaat Side Ounclube' bite lire bird
racea weri declared (iff. Tbe Crearent A. C, electa at
Bay Ilidge. including tbe two cup racea, were not
decided, and tbe Brooklyn Oun Club waa com
pelled to cancel Its big programme at Union Courie,
New Tork Turn Vereln's New Home Opened.
Many pretty girls and thoir escorts mado the
formal opening ot tho now homo of the New
York Turn Verein, corner ot Eighty-fifth street
and Lexington uenue, last ulght, an affair long
to bo remembered in Gcrmau uthlotic circles.
The festivities lasted ull day, beginning with a
pntudn from the old house on Fourth street.
In which upward ot 400 members participated.
They marched through tho storm to tho Cen
tral Opera House on East Klxty-seventh street,
whoro they were jollied by Koltes Post and the
veterans of tho Twentieth Regiment, Now York
Volunteers. Upon arriving at the Islington
nuiiu house Dr. Scholer. President of tho
Building Committee, presontod tho keys to
l'lohidont Herman Myer, Then Corninnnder
L. 1" Letzolser of Koltes Post and Col, Tlweuges
of tho Veteran Corps made speeches,
Tho evening ceremonies were mors impres
sive. They Included orations by President
Guggenheimor of tho City Council, Thomas
Brady of the Department ut Buildings, and
Alfred Klorsohner. The musical department
sang soeral selections, among whloh was an
ode composed expressly fur the occasion ard
which exhibited tho unusually fine acoustlu
properties of the large theatre. A letter of re
gret from Mayor an Wyok was read, after
which tho large gathering inspected the build
ing and Indulged lu dancing until a lato hour.
WAhiilMiins, S '.'I -A erew frjm the Doi
phlu beat a crow trim tho Furn this afternoon
by l!iO ynrilt. In a tliree-miln race In the after
(loon there wero a numborof Interesting nth
otic contests. Including tugs-of-war. three
egged ruees, lOO.yanl dash, puttlug the shot
aud a wheelbarrow race.
vntzBS ron pbt boas.
Sneeeaaful Opening ot the Annual Show nt
Notwithstanding tlio Inclement weather yes
terday thero was a very good attendance, both
during tlio afternoon and evening, at the Pet
Dog Club show which opened nt Sherry's old
building, Tlitrty-saonlh street and Fifth
nvenuo. Superintendent Hod go statod nt 10
o'clock lna4- night that thcrn hnd been .'l.OOO
Paid admissions during the day, an excellent
showing In vlow ot tho ndvcrsn conditions.
Tho dogs inako as good a display ns has been
seen any where, there being oer D00 on exhi
bition, and it space hnd permitted the number
would have been nearly doubled. The dogs
for which classes woro provided were the
smaller broods, from collies down to toys, ami
a largo nu rubor aro well-known prlzo winners.
Thoy aro benched In the ballroom and other
rooms on tho sceond floor, and tho arrange
ments nro equal to tho best seen at nny doe
show. Judging wastocommonco at 10 o'clock,
butlt was noon before a stait was mado, after
which thoro was good progress, and this morn
ing all tho prizes will ba awarded. The show
closes to-ntglit at 11 o'clock, and a largo at
tendance Is anticipated to-day.
The first judgo to complete his duties was E.
D. Faulkner, who mado the awnrds In French
bulldogs. Some of tho classes wero very large,
notably that for novico dogs, with fourtcon en
tries. In this novico dog class G. N. Phnlpa
fron first and second with Blco and M. Boulot,
he ratter brod by the ownor. Boston own
ers were out of It in this class and
also in sundry others latnr on. In the
limit class Mrs. if. M. Oilllg spilt tho
Phelps dogs with her DtabutRU. which took
second. In tho open ulnss Rico won again, but
the others had to mnko room for Dimboolaii In
Bccond plneo. Mrs. II. M. Gilleg thus taking
second and third in the class. TheBhawmut
Epnnols oame to tho front In tho bltrh classes
with Mussoo. Follctto and Boule. all taking
mouey prizes, and the kennel got homo first for
the prlzo for the best four.
HonryJarrettof Philadelphia took Mr. Fauk
ner's ring when tho Intter had finished with
tlio French bulldogs. lie began with apaulols
and his awards were criticised In but fow
classes, one which caused the most discussion
being the placing nt tho Philadelphia dog
Ono over 1 rands Henwood's Premier.
It was generally held by spaniel men
that Premier should havo won. though It
was admitted that the dogs were closely
matched. In the field spaniels' novice class
M. A. Vitl's Toby was placed over Mrs. D. W.
Evans's Snowball and Tipsy, tho latter two
being bred bv thoir owner at Sunninghill
Farm. In tho limit class Mrs. Evans won with
Zulu, but In the open class for both sexes Zulu
was put back to third behind M. A. vitl's ltovd
Monarch and Scandal. Tho latter was hardly
looking her best, but even at that ran Boyd
Monarch a olose race, tho latter taking the
prlzo tor the best of tho breod.
Nothing notablo waa seen in tho cockerspan
iel puppy class, and tho no Ices wero divided by
ecx without bringing outnnytliinc unto the av
erage. George Dunns dog Wavony, whloh wns
one ot the wlunore, is a fnlr dog that his
owner did not consider worth putting in
a higher class. Ho showed two much bet
ter in the limit class, being first and sec
ond with Blaok Knight of Woodstock and
Pretonder. The llrst good cocker seen was
TrumpiDgton Daisy, an imported English
champion bitch that came out at Dan bury
last month. She won easily In the limit class,
and might hae gone higher, but her owner
relied on Ono to win in the open clas for
blaoks. It was a hazardous risk, but met with
success. Nothing new was seen In tho liver,
red. or partl-colored cockers, and the classes
were rather disappointing.
As an old collio broeder Mr. .Tarrott was well
supportod with entries, and tho dogs were In
bettercoat than usual at this season. Miller
vlllu Dofeudor wns exceedingly lucky to win
from C. G. Taylor's Beacon Ship, a typical
black, white and tan. with ono ear a little
too high. In the bitch division a pretty sister of
Ship's, named Beacon Betty, had an easy win
trom H. Ii. Stewait's Brookslrto Belle. In the
novice class for dogs Pierpont Morgan showed
Argument and got second to Douglas Brown's
Merry Oxford, n now Importation. In tho
limit class Mr. Morgan won with Ornament,
who has strengthenen In head rather too much,
but Is grand In body, legs and feet He was
the best ot his sex. In collie bitches Mr. Mor
gan's Harwell Mystery won right through the
novice, limit, open and winners' classes.
Though oer B years old, she has still n won
der! ully clean head, and is the best collio in all
tho classes, oven if Bhelsallttlo oft In coat on
her quarters and top wide In front.
Mr. Jarrott then lumped to his one terrior
class, the Daredevils from Ireland. Here the
Laurelton Konnels won tho most of tlio dog
Srlzes, and In the opposite class Mrs. J. L.
omoclian fully merited her wlu of tho kcunol
prize for the best four.
A lot of overgrown fawn dogs were shown as
Italian greyhounds, mid were sent out without
a mention, the only two awards being a first to
quite a good ono named Italy, shown by Mrs.
E. A. Cairns, and second to Dot, shown by
Walter Lewis. Diminutive proportions are
ossentlal In this breed.
Beagles wore judged by James L. Knrnoehan
of Hempstead and his duties were not arduous.
What ho did showed excellont judgment and
his awards were good throughout. Prizes wcro
pretty well distributed between the ltldgewood
and Windholma kennels and II. L. Kreuder.
and the kcunel prlro went to tho ltldgewood
Kennels, owned by Hlgginson .t Bnker.
James Mortimer had ad all-day session in his
ring and kept at it till nearly 0 o'clock, by which
time ho had cleared oft as far as the l.T-t class of
wire-haired fox terriers. He began with poo
dles, two firsts in succession going to H.
II. Hannewell. Jr.. with Hill Hurst Duke.
Tho leading winner was tho nowly
formed Osmonde Kennels of Adams t
Gulon. who showed Morey Bella. Morey
Folletto. Morey Boulot and Itajah and took the
kennel special. Mrs. William Gulliver won
tno second and a third with Honoy and Perot,
and In the corded division the Pet Dog Club
President. Mrs. W. Stanton, was successful
with Madame Hector, taking a first and a sec
ond, the latter to H. C. Uodges'u Miss Sophie.
A good lot of new dogs was sonlnthe bull
dog classes. In which D. 0. Codman of Provi
dence. Tyler Morse ot Cambridge, Mass.. and
J. U. Mullins were good winners. From tho
Codman Kennels camn Silver Uueen. Glun
Monarch and Glenwood Queen, all first-prize
winners. J. H. Mullins took two firsts with
Bridge Dlmboola Queen, ono with Pleasant,
which afterward took the winner's prlzo In
dogs, a second with Bridge Queen and a third
with Bridge Handful. Tyler Morso took the
kennel prize! for the best four and one first In
the limit bitch class with BcavnrBrook Duchess.
Tho applauso at tlio conclusion ot each class
of Boston terriers would indlcato that Mr. Mor
timer is a highly successful judge of that breed,
and he went ut this part of his task ns if It was
an easy one. Tho winners wero all from Bos
ton, the most successful exhibitors being from
the Squantum. Sunflower und Druid kennels.
Tho breod had a sensational boom two years
ago. but it has not caught on ns wns expeetcd,
and still remains purely a fancy ot the nub.
Monto of tho Bunllower Konnels wns the suc
cessful dog In the winners' class, and tho
Druid Kennels'lDruid Vixen in tho bitch win
ners' class.
The ups and downs of exhibiting were well
Illustrated In bull terriers. At tho Bull Terrier
Club show last June W. S. .t L. W.Gartner
won everything in sight with Princeton Mon
arch, defeating nmong others Irank Dole's
Edgowood Wonder. At Danbury last month
Wonder defeated Monarch, and yesterday this
order was reversed, and all by the same judgo.
The reason for it Is found In the fact that tlio
dogs are woll matched aud much depends upon
C. Albort Stevens won two firsts and n third
with a good dog of his own breeding named
Hilly Fnlrplay. and the other prizes wero well
distributed, two firsts going to James Conway
witli Southborough Lady and Modesty.
in fox torrierf. the new stars were a smooth
bitch named Warr n Scrutiny, owned byE.it
W. Kutherfiird.whlch took three firsts, and was
reserved In tho wlnnois' class to tho same own
ers. Warren Contract, a puppy that was only en
tered In th.it class. In wiru hairs tho.ro wero
some moio upsets on account of condition, par
ticularly lu ooat. A newcomer. It. F. Mavhew's
Hag. Tag won two firsts before being put be
hind G. M. Carnochan's Calrnsmulr Knockout
In the open class. Mister Nobs wns dead out
of coat and was put back to vory highly com
mended, whereas a month ago ho hud boatun
Knockout at Braintree.
Goasip of the Itlng.
T, T. D New York.-Ail bets are off.
A Reader, New York. Yea, over $2,000.
W. E. 1'oater, Newton, N. J. The referee's declalon
la final aud tbe bet 1 off.
Billy Moot and T.immy Whit hare hen matched
to meet lu Uyncuae on Dec. 7 lu a twenty-round bout,
P. K,, New York. Uk waa born at Halifax. Nora
Scolta, July 2l, 1870. He la still tb featherweight
The battle between Jack Daly and Joe Oana, which
waa alated to take place In I'levelaud aome time next
mouth, baa been declared off.
Tommy llyan yeaterday telegraphed to a friend In
tbla city that be had aicepted an ulfor to box Dick
O'Brien in Cleveland aome timo neit month,
Billy Djlaucy, manager or Jim Jclfrlee, baa written
to a friend lu In la city that Jetlr.ea will come Ejt lu
about a month to box any of tbe heatyweigbli.,
Al Herford jeetrrday noted 8'00 to match Joo
Oana agalnat the wlunerof the I-aTlgue-Tracy en
counter, which la to bu decided lu Kau 1'rauciaco to
night. Tom Carey, tbe "Dentlat," who waa one of Cor
bett'a tralnxra In tbe lattrr'a preparation for tils
recent uiietlue with Turn Miurkry, would Ilka to
mw-t any good lunvvwdnbt.
Tommy llegm of rhlcaio, who i In town, baa
been tryiiii: t induce .lor lit rtiMelu to box bun, but
wllliuiit cm-iite lli'.iu hali) titUerdu tn I'm Si;s
; rrimrlrr 1lut lie u !. nu to ager ai.imii on tbe
iiiti-iiU that lietanib feul IItiihIi in lUKidnof twi-nt)
1 Mm routine
I .lejiiny Ciiiian "f liulaml ill b muldn li bm
Turn llrourricl. 1 1 Youk-rH at tbe relb all I' In
morrow niitbt. uwiuk' In tbe fait Hiat be Minimi bia
hand in bia ri" rut contiat wuli lienrtji. Krrm. tbo
"Myelery." iu riiii ago lart we-k liUKh Mi'WIntrra
and Ynunz himriia or Philadelphia bale been
matched to boa tweuty loundalnalcad.
Allmnrks Fnntabrd nt Bennlngi for tlio Foor
llnndllng of Baby BUI lit the Steeple
rbnao I'.ntry of the Horse 'Will Be He
f tiaed-Terrorlat Wins for Ills New Owner.
WAsniNOTON. Nov. 24. Tlio Washington Oup
race, tho rod letter ovont of tho meeting, waa
run to-day. It went to Frank I). Beard's gold
lug JolTorson, and Dnnny Malicr rode hi in in
his host stylo. Ho outgcnornlled tho othor boys
in tho race. Maher sunt htm to tlio front, and
ho led by n length for the first mllo nnd a quar
ter. It wns horo that Malicr won tho raco. In
making tho turn Maher slipped away with Jef
ferson, aud before tho othors realized what had
liupponod tho gelding liud gained fio lengths.
In the runto the finish Maher nursed Jefferson,
nnd amid tho shouts of tho crowd ho landed
him thn winner by n neck. Maurlco was sec
ond, a head in front of Warrcnton, who was
badly rlddou and should have won. After tlio
raco a handsome diamond pin was presented to
Maher by J. II. Young of Philadelphia.
Tho handling ot Baby BUI by Altmarks In tho
steeplechase wns not pleasing to the stowards,
who called him nnd the t minor of thohorso
into tho stand. Alter hearing their oxplnnn
tlou of tho race, tho jockoy was sot down for
the balancu of tho mcotlng, and the entry of
tho horao will bo refused. The case will he re
ferred to tho stowards of the Natioualtitoeplo
olinse and Hunt Assoolatlon for ruyther action.
Terrorist, on the strength of his having
beaten Gen. Mart Unry In his work, was pur
chased from W' P Furori by W. 0. Eustls be-'
fore ho ran in tho second race. The price paid
was $'2,500. Ho ran In Eustis's interest,
although In Borah a colors. The layers got
next to tho good thing, nnd Terrorist was an
oddi-on favorite In tho betting. John Maddou
has purchased a three-year-old sister to Don
de Oro from S. S. Uowland for breeding pur
poses. Firat Itace One mile and a eliteenth-Knlght of
tho Darter, 101 iMuCue), 0 to 1 and 2 to 1, won; Dean
Ideal, lot (Make!, 8 to 1 for place, necond; Banauo
II., inn (Maber), third. Time. 1:82 2-a. Toronto,
Her Own, Premier, Jamea Monroe, Wardaworth, ami
Nigger Baliy alao ran.
Second Ilaoe Six furlonga Terrorlat, 107 (Maher),
8 to 8 and out. won; Judge Magee. HO(ltcCue), 4 f
B for place, aeoondi Sheik. 110 (Dean), third. Time,
1:17. Star) lander. Orenburg. Chanter, Sarllla, Sub.
jett, Oali'Ua, and Exit alao rin.
Third Race Handicap ateeplecbaae: about two
mtlea and a half White IQarter. 140 (Oweua), 8 to 1
and even, won: Decapod, 183 (Mr. Nicholua), 3 to I
for place, eecond) It rollow, i:m (Pirce). third.
Time, 8:28 2-8. llaby Dill. Trillion, Marble, Uen
Bolt and Deral alio ran.
Fourth Itace Waablngton Subacrlptlon Cup, for
three-year-olds aud upward: to tho winner s 1,200.
to tbo second 9800, to the third 9200: two mltea and
a quarter JeSetaon. 10.1 (Muber). A to 2 and to C.
won; Maurlco, 108 (Blake), 3t3 I for place, eecond;
Warreuton. lor, (Clawaon). third. Time. 4103 2-C.
Thomaa Cat and Honey alao ran.
Fifth Itace Six and a half furlongs Bardella, 120
(Maher). 2 to 1 and 7 to 10. won; Boney Boy, 119
(Hamilton), eren for place, eecond; Diminutive. 122
(Clawaon). third. Time, 1:24 2-S. Senaational, Sa
gacity and Duuro alo ran.
, Tho entries for to-morrow's races are ns fol
lows: Firat Race Selling: for tbree-year-olda and up
wardSouth Africa, 108; Muter James. 101: illttr,
100; Orlatt. 100; Athr. PS; Little Land, 118; Death,
t."; Xlcirer Baby, K4; Tinkler. PS; Talisman. i2;
Braaa, 112; Queen of Baauty, 8t; Saratoga. 89; Fetiche,
Second Itace For maiden fllllea and geldtnae two
i ears old; fire fnrlouga St. Sophia, 118; Sir Chrleto
Sher. nr.; High Born, MS; Benalna. 1)5; Coqulna, pr;
iivllla, vt: Aroca. HI: Mies Order, Ru: Dr. Heiekell.
m: Fulminate, K6; I'hlllidore, B.r; I.auy Weight, lift;
Draughtsman, US; IjJr Hxlle, (16; Ellarma. B.'; Auri
dale, lift; Neuberger. 05; Dlra, 05; Suale M US; Non
lord, 115.
Third Race For tbree-year-olda; one mile and a
furlong Walkfnahaw, 100: Pratua. 10.1: Trlllo. 103;
Takanaaaee. 102: fappan. 100 Judgo Warden. 1111;
Kegulator, 07: Kaaterude, 04, Fair Rebel, lit; Barac
ity, HI: Booker, nl; Dr. Wlthrow, Ml; lied Snider,
8i: Red Old, 81).
Fourth Race Selling; for two-year-olda; alx and
a half fordone Champion, 110: Specialist. 107:
Itoyaterer. 102; The Gardner. 102: BtrangMt, 102;
Fait Black, 101; Tdr Dora. 89; Leando. U7; Anltra.
(13: Paaaaic, 02: Ninety OnU. 88: Bee SIItchi-11. 80.
Fifth Race Handicap; for tnrei-year-olda and up
1 nard: on mile and a sixteenth Handarl, UPtChir
ntus, 117; Blneaway, 114; Mataian, 108; Fjidtaor.
Non Flnlahes the Itule at thn Creacent City
Jockey Club's Sleeting.
New Om.Tkys. Nov. 24. The winter meet
ing of tho Crescent City Jockey Club bognn
to-day under promising conditions. In fact,
not since the organization ot the club havo
tho prospects been aobright. The horses attho
track embrace nearly all of the Western cracks.
and when tlio Eastern contingent reaches hero
thero will bo a battle royal for supremacy.
The number of sporting men In tho city la
largo, and their presence was felt In tho ring
this afternoon, where nine layors wero In line.
There was business enough for twice as many I
books, and thero is little doubt that at the next
cut-In fully fifteen books will be represented.
Tho crowd to-day was estimated at 5,000. and
as all of the flvo events were nose finishes
excitement ran high. Chris Fitzgerald handled
tho Mag. He was in perfect form and had four
good starts to his credit.
In the Inaugural Handicap Belle of Memphis
was left at tho post, but not through any fault
of the starter. Fred Foster's Abuse, that has
beaten all of the Western sprinters, won the
race, but only after a lighting finish. His
victory was due more to superior lockeyship
than to his merits, tor had a good boy been
on DIgES. the rank outsider, nothing could
have stopped him from finishing In front.
Macy. the Schorr entry, was never dangerous.
Judges Simmons and McDowell nro presiding.
In tact, tho same officials who have been in.
harness for years were in charge. Summaries
First Race One mile ratroon, 10 (Karraez). 4 to
1. won; Debrlde, 107 (Maaon), aecond; Her Favor.
110 (Unrai. third. Time, 1:44K.
t-econd Race Six furlonga Ulttick, 108 (Combe),
8 10 ft, won: Our Nellie, 108 (Orowhurat), seoond;
Fintan. 98 (Dugan). third. Time, 1:18.
Third Race Helling: one mlleand aneiRbtb Deyo,
lOO(Crowbnrat), ft to 2. won: Clay Polntnr. 9D (Nutti,
aecond; Joe bhelby, 100 (Sbeppard), third. Time,
Fourth Race Inaugural Handicap, purae $1,000;
six furlongK Abnae, 120 (Snnger), H to D. won:
Viisgr. 114 (Holden). 80 to 1, aecond: Macy, 122
(Burna). r, to 2. third. Time. l:lfH. I.aureatr, fa
nora and Ea Rice also ran. Belle of Llemphlsriaa
left at the poat.
FtfUi Itace Raren furlonra David. 109 (Front) 4
to 1. wont Xir. Sheppard. 112 'Biirnai, rcond; Mag
gle H 1011 (Oleaaon), third. Time, 1:29X.
Sydney Paget Fays S7,C0O for ttia Dam of
Brn Bruah.
Lexington, Nov. 24.-Thoroughbreds at
Euston'a solo to-day brought bbz prices. Among
the bu era woro many of tho most prominent
breeders In tho country. Thirty head realized
$2.r..-tH0. Itosevllle. thn dam of Ben Brush,
brought tho top prlco. Tho best prices woro:
Itoaciillo, h, m.,10, by Reform Albla; Sydney
Pag t, Now York S7.C00
Cii'ine, b. in., 8, by Hlmjar Hearaay; W. P.
Morton, Uopklnarllte 8,300
Noctnrn, b. m 7. by Falaetto-Weat End; W.
T. .urton . 1,400
Ali'na. b. 10.. 12, by King Alfonao l'enum-
biia. O. D. Wiliion. Ixlnirtou 1,000
N'atlut. b. in., 12, by Frederick the Great
Nataluaka; John F Madden, Lexlnicton BOO
Uallahoo, b. ro., 11, by Duke of Magenta
Bahy; II. K. Idgh. Lexington 1,030
BillahooUoj, b'. c yearling, by Kingaton
Uallahoo; II, K. Leigh 700
Snugitrers, b. m 12, by Luke Blackburn
Mallbran; Milton Young 700
Ealula, 1). m., c, by King Alfonao imp. Ka-
vanga; Sydney Paget 900
Llbbln I,., b, m 12, by Bramble Krman-
carde; J. II. llaggln, Islington 1,880
Belb Broeck, eh 111., 12, by 1'cn Broeck-Cbrla-
tine; Sydney Pat 880
Snnbram. ih. m in, by King Alfonao Imp,
LadyMockwrll: II. E. llgb 1,060
Mary C, h, ra 10, by imp. Billet Vega;
Hydnry Paget 2,000
Lad; Htjllten. b. m 7, by Imp. Btylltea
Ltanthe; SydneyPaget 800
Breeders' Mutual Benefit Aaaoclntlon Or
ganized Lexington, Nov. 24 At a meeting of thor
oughbred breeders at tho racotrack clubhouse
this afternoon an association known as tho
Breeders' Mutual Benefit Association was
formed. Its purpose is to buy up cheap thor
oughbreds, ship thorn South and sell them
Without pedigree. This will bo a hard blow t
now beginners In tbo business. Aliout $2.(KM)
wue subscribed on tho sjiot. and to-morrow
tho work will begin at tho Lnstou sale. Col K,
F. Clay. Milton Young nnd Messrs. Overton,
Clienaiilt and Gibson raako up the Purchasing
The rain and auow jesterday cauaed tbe handball
players to gather at tbe larioua courta In largn num
bers. At the Jertey City court tbe little ball waa
pelted agulnat the wall for hours, and tbe many
gamea dci jded wrought no end of enthunjaara. Con
eircuoue among tbe players waa Michael Detaney. a
United RtatcH Marabal, of Cincinnati, who came Knit
nnaialt and liicidn itally to witneea tlitblurke)
Cnbrtt tluht. Duiaury Ik proprietor of a lourtm
illrudali-. u suburb of Cincinnati. He told many
llitHriatllictblligfl about Ilia 11U1 ri It Is ruatomary,
I In1 md. wllli many prieata of the town to i.lt tlm
1 n.iirt afltr the mew jr over ami indulge in -
I ,' al oarp practice uam 111 order ti relax the attain
I du from haul Htinly. Deianey flgured in xeater
rlay aiomeata with eucieaa. In tbe morning h bad
1 laikton for a partner, and they defeat d J. biher
Iand J Kan by ao .re of 21 1ft, 1721. 21-18. In
the eftornoon Deraney bad J. MrCourt to aid blm 111
aupprr-aiing p. FIoo I and Mr. Kenny by scores of
21-20, lw-31, 31-11,
Two Enay Victories for the St. Mnry's Team
In the Archdloceaan Tournament.
The Bt. Mary's Lyceum players won two games
without any trouble In the Archdloceaan Union
League tournament aeries at tho Village Club alleys
on Wednesday night. The acores;
riaT oaue.
St. Mary's Lycenm Sherry, 17.1 Murphy, 207i
MeNenny, 189; Malucher, 175: llenning, 188.
Total, H29.
St. Agnea'a TJnlon-Schllnkert, 141i Magulre, t21
J. Ulaivnm. 137) Duffy, 118; J, Mahoney, 184.
Total. UU1.
arcoso OAME.
HI. Ajnea'a Unlnn-Scbllnkert. 148; Magulre, 116:
.!. (Ilaoi'iiw, 14.1 Duffy, 117i J. Mahoney. 144, To
tal, B4.
Itarlrm Calhollc Club Lynch, 123; Wallace, 174)
Murphy, VX; lteinacher, 148; Carney, 147. Total,
St. Mary's Lyceum Sherry. 201: Murphy. 148:
MeNenny, 141; Malzacher, 2031 llenning, 107. To
tal, 800.
Harlem Catholic Cluli Trtlln. 132; Wallace. 14'!;
Lvnob, 1G0; Relnachcr, 121; Carney, 100. Total,
Tied at the end of the tenth frame, the Krakehllaa
beat tbe Mnckera on the roll-off In one of the games
In the United Bowling Clubs' downtown aecttonNo.
2 tournament aeries at tho Arcade alloys on Wed
neaday night. Thetcoroa:
1-lBST oaue.
Krakehha-U. Meyer. KIO. Frlch. 110; Itimmel
man, 88; 0rden, 171: w. .Moyer. 178. TOlal, 8S1.
Jumbo Walter, 130: Bupler, 198. bchroeder, 180;
P. Hoffmann, 120; F. Hoflmann, 181. Total, "St.
trcONP niuK,
Jumbo Bogen, 120 Kppler. nl; Bchroeder, I881
P. Hoffmann, ir,3: F. Uoftmann, 113. ToUl, (111.
Mucker Vie tier, 181 1 Scbrorder, 140; Roof, 190:
Wirth, 113; hordUnger, 1U8. Total, 783.
Tutnn OAUJE.
Erakeblla U. Meyer, IRK: Frlch. 78: Hlmmel
man, 1171 Hordes. 1 7ft: W. Sleyer, 223. Total. 73.l.
Mucker Webr. 16M; Bchroeder, 103; Roof, 140;
Wilts, lft4; Konlllniter, 121. Total. ;82.
ElorontU frame Krakehlla, V3; Mooter, BV,
Chairman Mulllna of the Bowling Committee ot
the Long Island Aaodatlon of Cycling Cluba haa
completed tbe arrangements for tbe annual tourna
ment. The preliminary couleata brotiKbt out six
teen cluba, and these hare been dhldod Into two
dtrtalona according to averages. The games will be
played at the Palace alleya. oorner of Fulton and Jay
atreite. and through the llberalltr ot M-aara. Thum
& Khlor tbe prlie fund la much larger than In any
previous competition, The acbedule tor tbe firat
round ia as followa:
cuss a.
Nov. 28. Orient W, ve. Logan W.
Deo. H, Kaanati W. ve. Brooklyn B. 0.
Dec, 12, KtLirs County W, s. south Brooklyn W.
Dec. 22, Buabwick W. va. Pcquod W.
Dec. 1 , Tamaqua W. re. Carroll Park W.
Dec. 8, llf rvn C 0. va. Pioneer W.
Dec. ir., Indian C. C. va. Gteater New York W.
Dae. lu. WUllatnaburg W, vi. Paramount W.
Tbe Staten Ialands captured two gamea tn the
Staten Island Amateur Bowling League games rolled
Wednesday night. The acorca:
muvr dime.
Btalen Island-Stanley. 171; Bostwtck. 173; Wor
rell. 184: Van Dnrer. IDS; Llegel, 143, ToUl, 7u8.
Caitlenn Nlileufiker, 124; Kamfman, 117; Bain,
13e, Lute, 140; lllaaaer, lilt). ToUl, 886.
ar.coD OAME.
Marion Miller. 150; Chard. 182; Worrell, 118;
Daley, 180, Pa nher. 11)0. Total. 708.
Oaatleton Niffonecker, 151; KautTman, 182; Bain,
132: Love, 142; BlaaBcr, 180 Total, 716.
Staten Island Stanley. 172; Boatwlck, 148; Wor
rell, 142; Van Durr, 1M: Llogel, 14. ToUl, 703.
Marlon Miller. 1.11; Chard. i:tg; Morrell, 183;
Daley, 138; Fekher, 100. Total, 73U.
The Volunteers triumphed over the Entre Nous
bowleraln two of the threo games rolled in tho Pat
erson tournament on WeJiiRSd.ty night. The acorca;
Entro Nona B. C. Queiney. 201; Woods, 200; Dan
iel McCarthy. 16H; Dunnts McCarthy, ISO; Drophy,
11 1. ToUl, 8I1R.
Volunteer 1). C Butler, 187; Blanehficld, 184;
Valleau, 15t; Kennedy, Itl4; Barrett, 180. ToUl, 704.
FAtre Nous B. C Queeney 135: Wooda, 180;
Daniel McCarthy, 180; Dennis McCarthy, 17s;
Brophy, 133. loul. 77M.
Volunteer H C Butler. 182; Blanchfleld. 170;
Valleau, 174; Kennedy, lot); Barrett, 188. Total,
TnmD oame.
Entre Noua B. O. Queeney, 149; Woods, 184;
Daniel McCarthy, 182; Dennis McCarthy, 1M;
Brophy, t ou. Toul.no;i.
Volunteer B. C Butler, 180; Bianohaold, 1B8;
Valleau. 180; Kennedy, 132; Barrett, 181. ToUl, Baa.
The Helvetia and Acme No. 2 teama met In the
Pateraon League at the former's alleys on Wednea
day night. The ecorea:
Helvetia B. C Meyer, 138: Boyle, ISO; Lewis, 144;
Lebner, I8I1; Yoke. 171. ToUl, 740.
Acme No. 2-Labaugh, 134; Van Bnaklrk. 130;
Tanner, 148; Blancbneld, 105; Hartley, HID. Total,
Helvetia B. C Meyer, 185: Boyle. 137; Lewis, 183;
Lehner, lf.; Yoke, 1811. Total, 7H3.
Acme No. 2 Libauab, mo. Van Buaklrk, nil;
Tanner, Hi; Blanchfleld, 132; Hartley, 104. Total,
The Elizabeth tournament was brought to a close
on Wednesday nlirht at tbe ftermauia alleys. The
Centrals capturt d both gamea from the Lyons Farma,
and tied the Featleua bowlera for eecond prize, with
2rt earnea won and 10 loat Tbe winners wero tbe
Olymniaa. with 85 eamta won and 1 loat. C. Bauer
won the Individual prize, with an average of 188. 5
for seventeen gamea. Tbe ncores:
Central B.C.W. Sailer, Mil: Burdtck. 12t; Fow
ler, ion; Annin, ins. Kern, ir.11. T..U1, 74l.
Lyons Farma Oakley, 128: Chandler, 14li; Dudley,
145; Hand, 13.1; oodrua, 187. ToUl, 711).
Central B. O.W. Sauer. 1B5; Burdick, 125; Fow
ler. 1H5: Allliln, 154; Kern. 108. Total, 7117.
Lyoim l'anus Oakler, 14V; Chandler, 142; Dud
ley, 117; Hand, 127; Woodruff, 105. Total, 873.
That Court Lafayette haa a winning team in the
New Jersey Foreatera' Bowling League tbla season is
without doubt. They vieitcd the alleja of Court
Elizabeth on Wedueaday night and rolled the re
markable hub score of 1,044. Tbeacorea:
Court Lafayette rutU, 177; Cabill. 223: Flynn.
184; O'Leary. 138; W. Burke. 15il; F. Burke, ion;
Brennan. IrlK; Sheridan, 151; L. baucr, 104; C.
Sauer. 153. ToUl, 1,1144.
Court Kllzateth-Scheu, 180; Nolan. 187t Bhreve.
123: Horning, lH;Rlordan, 171 ; Wendler, 15.1;
Mulford, 133: MoConnt.ll, 133; Btutzlen, 17U;
Bucktenklrk, 202. Total, 1,589.
Bowling Guinea To-Nlcht.
Aineririn National Tournament Spartan. Oritanl
F. C. and Albion, at the Qcrmanla Avsembly Rooms
New York Royal Arcanum League Tournament
Colfax Council. Harlem Council and Mornlngalde
Counril, at the Tonnia Club alleya.
United Bowling Cluba Tournament Downtown
Section No. 1 Corinthian, West hlicre and Gotham,
at tho Arcade alieya. Uptown Bei tlou No. 2 Boule
vard. Independent and Premier, at Thum 01 Kuhla
dorf'i" Harlem alley.
Arlington Hull licidpin Tournament Frlendahlp
No. 1, friendship No. 2, Noradeutacher No. 1, Nord
deutuclierNo. 2, NonldontacherNo. a.Wondland No.
1, Cilaiulty and Kxielelor, at the New York Arling
ton Hall alleys
Arrbdloceiian Union Leaguo Tournament Spald
ing Union No. 2. Columbiu Catholic Club and Loyola
Union No. 2, at tho Village Club alleys.
Brooklyn Royal Arcanum Leamte Tournament
Welcome ('(nun il, De Long Council aud Prlco Coun
cil, at Tralnor's alio) .
Carruthcra National Tournameut Snmner.OaceoU
ami Fidelia, at tbe Kkphant Club .11 era.
Greater Ni w York Tourniinent hlmra County,
Fraternity aud Orchard, at tho Brooklyn Palace
Brooklyn National Tournament Cordlalla, Night
Owl and Prosperity, at the Apollo Hail alle) a.
hlngs Count)- Tournament Apollo. I. D. K. and
Leonard, at Leister's nlloi a,
Twentv-sixtb Waul Tournament Elmore, Van Sic
lenand Ilnnii stead, at Hti'liiliviu.iira alleya.
Casino Tnurnanicut Aatoiu No, 1, Uuuawick No,
1 and Fuitou, at Strurk'a allevs.
Morris and rjtftx Iajiie Riverside A.C.va. Union
Club, at Rlveraldei A. C, allrya: Hnutb Orange F. ".
ra. Fl.at Ward Republliau Club, at South Orangu F.
C.alleja. Arlington A. A. vs. Atalauta Wheelmen, at
Arlington A. A. alleia; Rosevlllo A. A. vs. Northern
Republican Club, at Hoaevlllo A, A. alleya.
rllateii laland Amateur Lengue 'loiirnament Peer
leai, American aud Imperial, at Wtil New llrlghtou.
Adelphi College baaiatball team achieved an over
whelming victory nicr tbe llrst team or tbe Young
Men'aCons of tbeS'Utb Ninth Street Presbyltrian
Church yiaterday mornlnu at Adelphi Academy,
Uinoklyn, Hit visltiiis were outidujed at every
point. In tbo nrat half the Young Men's Corps waa
1 blanked, while tbe Adelphi players soured in points.
lu tbe aecond half the vbllora were again shutout,
1 while Dutcber made. 5 goals, llackhouae 4, and Baltei
1 8. Ibr filial acniei waa Adelphi Academy, 40 points;
Young Meu'a Corps, h. Tbe teams lined up as folluwa;
Adtljthi Amtltmji, foiinani. Vounj Mtn't Corps.
lumber Right forward (lay
Pill Left fni ward I.via
Backhouse Centre Knnver
Hillrr Leftgiurd . Ilosan
Ak'er . .Right guard, bbclley
Itefeiee Maddern. Adelphi. I'mpiiea Kdward
Oilmore, fur Adelphi, Chilatle, for uiiiiu Men'a
CurpH. ilvals Uutiher, r.; Ilaikboiiai', 10, Haiti r. 3;
I I'elf, 1 ; Aser, 1. Time 2U iuluiite balvca.
YoNxras, N. Y., Nor, 24. 1 lie Fourth Separate
buaketbali five defeated tbo St. George A. C. of New
York in a well p!acd game here to-nigbt by aecoie
of 8 to 3,
The firat annual tournament uf the Creacent A c
of Brookl)u will begin tomorrow night at the club
bouae in Clinton rtrcet to decide the championship
of tbe organisation. A lundsnmo trophy has luen
offered Iii the ofiii era, und will be i-nnleaiid for b)
Frank A. Keeue). whu u ri'kalnl as the alar idavrr
of the flub, Frank (' Oaidluer and Dr I! 'I Jul
nlngi, wbolaan enlhualaat iu all Ibiu.'s nlilin.-lo
1 bllliarda. The men will pla) evrn up .T.o poinln, at
Ifourteen-inrb balk line Tin oprninc game of tbe
toutney will be beivreen Keener and Jenuluga, aud
the leaei vnll meet Uardluer 011 Monday ulght.
"Major" Taylor's Bccords Accepted by the
Itnclng Bonrd,
Thero wns llttlo trilo thanksgiving on tho
part of cyclists yesterday, because, cotislilered
simply as wheel riders, thoy wero sore. 1'er
lmps thoir families gavooxtrn thanks beentio
the blcyclo cranks wci-o nt home, hut tho en
thusiasts found nothing In tlio day for which to
bo thankful. Tho rain, tho linll uud tlio snow
tn which tlio children gloried, !ecutio Ihcy
mado it seem "just llko Tliunksgivlng," worn
(orturo to olcycllsts, who by past experiences
havo been taught to oxpect lino ivmiIs, clour
skies and cold wentlioron tho lastThutsdny in
Novombor. Tho boys and girls who woro abroad
in clothlngtliutilld not belong to them, blowing
fish horns mid bogging alms: tlio juvenile iu
indors, tho tramps tit tho cornets, tho ferries,
tho brldgo, and nlong l'nrk row. did not moU-m
wheolinen yesterilay. The chief reason for this
is that practically thoro wero no wheolmi'ii. Of
course there wero a few who cntured forth
lu order to show whnt "good stutT ' they
wcro, but on tho whole It was a lost day in
cycling, llvon had It been clear It prob
ably would not havo been n, big day 011
the roads, becauso inoro than tlio I'oilrth
of JulyorChristmas tho habltof all Americans
Is to bo "with tho tiimlly" on Thanksgiving
Bay. It has been the case over siiico cycling
bocamo popular that, no matter how line the
weather, low go abroad on the day of roast
turkey. Domestic Instincts aro mostly re
aponslblo for this, but tho foci also suggests
tho further ono that neither man nor woman
fools liko riding when thoy have full stomachs
and, t hcrofore, cyclists on a trlpot any kind, one
hour. 0110 day, or ono woek, should postpone
their heartiest meal until the riding has boen
According to the official bulletin issued yes
tprday by tho Chairman uf the Haclng Board of
tho I... A. W. sonioof thn remarkable perform
ances of "Major" Taylor at Woodsldo l'nrk.
Philadelphia, have boon ncceptcd as records.
Tho bulletin follows:
F. E. Lowe, tfll Summit avenue, St. Paul, la se
lect! daahaudliapper (or Mlnneaota and North and
South Dakota, vice A. D. Smith, resigned.
Professional ltecotd Accepted Mado by " Major"
Taylor at Vtoodatdo Park. Philadelphia: miarter
mile, agalnat time, paced, on Nov. r, mny. 0.22 2:5;
third nf a mile. Nor. 14. 0:2U 45; half u mile.
Nov. 12. u:45 3-5: tbree-ituarteis of a mile, Nor.
111. I-U8 2-5; one mile, Nor. 111. 1131 4-0; two mtlea;
Nov. 5, 11:111 8-.'.
Amateur Itorords Accepted One mile, triplet, com
petition 11. S. RU'aell, Walter UolUud. (1. W. Con
nor. Jr., tvnterbury. Cum., July 4, 1U8. Tlino,
2 mlnutea 1 I-naeuunda. This Is also tbe handicap
record fur the tllatamu.
One Mile, Titplet, Aitalnst Time, Unpaced O. W.
Connor. Jr.. II. B Ruasjll, Walter Holland, Water
bur) , Conn., June 23, lMix. Time. 1 minute 84 4-5
Two Milci, Tandem, Handicap-George U. Collett
and U. C, Haiisman, Watcrbury. Conn.. July 21).
iHlia. Time, 4 mlnutea 11 4-5 seconds. Handicapper,
R. F. Koliej. This la also competition record for tbe
Tranaforrod to tbo Profeasioual Class Iewla M.
Miller, Jr., Williamsburg, Mass , clause a: W. R.
Beckett. Northampton, Mass ,lauao a; Louis Chat
tenon, Middlelmty, Vt., clause li.
llegiatcred 21:111, liward alcCormaek, Lowell,
Huspended R. n. Anderson, Roodhouae. 111., per
manenllr atiapen.led from all road and track racing,
and lulcd off ull L. A. . tracks iu every capacity.
Racing men aro warned against accepting any ser
vices from bim whatever. Matk Krakine, St. Louis;
O. T. Paxton, (iconic Shea, Walter liuah, and Dnvld
Montgomery, Mexico, Mo., to Jntu 1, 18UU. uuaanc
tlcned race'. W. I). Ncelaud and Henry Tatro, Co
boes, N. Y.; Alt. ttwett and Manny. Lanalngbtirg,
N. V.: Moaher, Saratoga, N. Y to July 1, 18UU, un-a-inctlonod
Blnco Greater New York beeamo a placo whero
Aldermen nnd Councilmen had to legislate fur
tho benefit of farmers and glvo police protec
tion to citizens within ten miles of tho City Hall
and who are two miles across lots away from
any house, tho need ot hieyelo policemen has
been Boverely felt. Tho bicyclo offers tho only
solution to tho problem of how to police tho
rural districts of the city and give tho fnrmors
something in return for their taxes. Iu Eng
land tho name question Is being urged. Usu
ally America has been first in such matters, but
the talk In London suggests that Its country
roads may buo a bicycle pollco patrol before
this city. Tho manner iu which tho campaign
is being conducted is suggested by the follow
ing from Jticvclmg Nnea:
Tbe cycle is to tbe potlceman of tbe present day
what shorthand fa to tbe busy bnslueaa man indis
pensable. The number ot scoundrels aud lawbreak
ers of various types brought to book by Its zneaua
make the cyi lo one of the most effectire of amenta in
criminal inn stiitatlon. The wheel, however, haa aa
yi t no ofhc'al cognizance by tl.e poILe authoritUa
ot ninny tounties, aud the cycling policeman baa to
provide his own mount. The day Is coming when
we may expect to find "Robert" offlclallr mounted
In clothing suited to pedalling. Recently a raaeal
attacked a woman from behind, fiung her into tbe
gutter and, under threat nf taking her life, secured
money from her. Released from her aaaatlant, she
Informed an officer as early aa possible, and though
It waa dusk whon he started In quest, he hauled up
the accused at a public house a few miles away, and
the uiagiatratea aent blm for trial at the assizes.
Tho case olted simply emphasizes tlio fact of
how much moro vnluuhlo an officer is in outly
ing districts it he lias a bicycle and can rldo
The New Tork A. C. Wins the Champion
ship A, L. ITrlgbt First 3Inn Home.
According to cross-country enthusiasts yes
terday was un ideal day for tho sport. Bain
prevailedln the cnrlymornlng, drizzle followed
In tho afternoon, and by tho time the cross
country championship started a blinding snow
storm raged acrosB Morris Park. Undaunted
bv tho weather, every team making an
entry was represented. The Interest of
for spectators lay between the Yalo and
Cornell teams. Ocorgo W. Orton. who has
won tho Individual championship for tho
past two jears. appeared to defend
Ids title, but thero was a host of talent
against him nnd tho Canadian never held tho
lead. Whon the men bad covered tho first lap
the team raco looked like a good thing for Cor
nell, ns three of her men were nmong the first
live. The members of tho New York A.C., hnw
ever.worolnyliighandv.and thoy improved thoir
chances until at half distance the nice seemed
to bo easy for tho "Mercury foot" wearers.
From that time tlio Interest centred in the
struggle for second place, between tho Cornell
and Yale teams. The Ithaenns had all the ad
vuntagoatthocomniencement. but nttho finish
Yalo pluck told, and gradually the Now Haven
leprcsentatlves passed tho men who sported
the red "Cot Cornell.
A. L. Wright, who sported tho colors of the N.
Y. A. C. for the llrst tlmo. ran a great raco.
After going n mile he drew away from his Held
nml was lt)0 yards lu tlio lead when two miles
had been covered, from that point on tho
Brown University man hnd everything Ills own
way. and won ensily by 150 yards. Tho men
finished In tho following order:
Namr ami Club. .1. s.
A. l. Wright, N. Y. A. C as :ia
.1. llray. N. Y. A C .19 00
ii. W. Orton, Toronto L. C 31(30
A.O. Beiry, Cornell 31)32
A. J. Sweet, Cornell 3D 3M
1. O'Connor. P. A.O :m aH
A.a.-ant. N. Y.A. C 40 ir,
.1. r. Cr. gan, N. Y. A. C 40 17
.1. MacClaln.New Went Side A. 0 40 .'IB
s. 11, Chittenden, Ya'.o 411:111
C. II. Splt7r, Yale 0 37
II. P. Smith, Yale i 1:1
J. P. Adams, Yale 41 111
.1, W. Falls. Yale 4i -JM
J. 1". Mallory, Kavler A. C 41 40
F. O. McOlrr. N. Y. A. C 41 r.7
F.. W. Mills, N.Y. A. a 42 Oil
W. I'. Yeatman. Cormll 42 oil
D, J. Donovan. Xavler A. C 4 Od
D.C. Hall. N.Y, A.O 48 22
Tho team championship resulted as follows:
New York A. C. 34 polnU: Yale A. A., fl.": Cornell
A.A., e.s Pastime A. 0 104; New West Bide A. C ,
Corhrtt Ilaa Not Committed Suicide.
A rumor was circulated ycatenlay afternoon
that Jim Corbett had committed suicido ns a
result of his defeat by Tom Sharkey. There
port nt flint gained a lot of credence and caused
a good deal ot uneasiness among Corbett's
friends mid ailmlrerH. Tho rumor wns llrst
started at 'JiIKi o'clock. Corbett whs seated lu
a private room nt his mnnagor's cufu, Fortieth
street nnd Hi.xth avenue, ut thn time, and was
besieged by a motloy crowd of well-wishers,
who thought tho report was tiue, Corbett had
a good laugh overthq wholn thing ami Mild:
i am vory much alive and do not Intend to
do unythliig rash, I havo everything to llvo
for, thnnk you. I cannot uiiileistnnd now tho
report got ubout. I supiioso it must be a prac
tical joke or something.
Flaherty Defeats Vfatson.
New Lonuox, Conn., Nov. 24. Andy Watson and
Joo Flaherty fought twenty rounds here this after
noon before 1,000 apeitators. While the majority
favored a draw the refereo declared Flaherty the
The annual tournament of tbo Jrrxoy lit) Checker
Club took plaie jenlorday. Fifty pla) era rompctrd
from New York Bmokl)n, Newark, and Iloboken.
The wlnnor waa Jim Brown of New York. Dr. Bbae.
fer, also of Now York, was aemnd, and b.iiiiuil J,
Hliuj aou third line conditions wine knock-mt play.
Aside from tlio tournament, Dr Shacrer held tho at
tention or ull liybia wuiidoif ill play, lie llrst pla red
Uvemenaimullaueoiitly, unddifealed all client Jim
llruwn. Aftirward. Idiudtcddeil, be plaed six me.i,
wiuningfom aud draning null ilieother two.
Odds und i:nd of Spoilt,
The memlieisof tlm Williamalnug Yacht Hub en
jioed a turkiy duiii ryeateidayat Hie eliil.hon.e,
I'u.Ug Hoint iiiust- repreaniiiiiiK the I'liislmig
Hay. lasev'd Nrsark.N J . Harlem liner, and ih
Cunars 1 aclit lulis weiii prcciil. The new eaten
eimi to the 1 liibliniise. lu which are life du lug,
kiti hen, and gull runii.a waa used for the brsl time
The feaat waa undir the pirennal aupeniaion of
rapt William II. Kills, owner of tbe fast sloop yacbt
.Sponismnu'u 6001U. lH
Boxing- Gloves 19
Samples used by our salesmen and (. fm
s slightly soiled. -m
98c. Per Set. fl
( Otliersat $1.50. 200 and fsoo, were "HI
( $2.25, f 5-00 and 57.50. HI
C Strlklnc Bags, 1.50 to $5.00. fDfl
I Tyng's Parlor Golf, 75c. fll
i Former price tl.Rn. r iBI
j Instruction Books: ? HM
K " How to Become a lloxer," 10 rents. lKu
? " Uow to Dse a Punching Uag," lo cents. jH
S " How to Use Indian Clubs," 10 cent. C ' jHB
S " Rclenlillo Physical TralnliiB," lOcents. r tl
i " Care ot the Body," 10 cents, S IIH
( A. G. Spaldinir & llroi. I Spaldlmr-Ridntll C. S 'H
) 120-ino Nassau St. I 2li..11,,iaW.2dHt. 'iH
4444WtVr iH
I $1 Down !
call on intiTi: i 'H
0 The Equitable General Providing Co. t 'H
? ( 1:. a. r. co.) J jH
I! 29 BROADWAY, N. Y. t jH
(Thlnl Floor, ColumbU Itullillng), T iiH
1 I 123 B'way, cor. 25th St. Z H
J J (TMitl Floor, Torniirait llutldlag). H
Brooklyn Itranch : '"'aH
No. 101 3IONTAOUK ST. i. H
o (Firth Floor.Franklla Trust Co. Ilulliilng) & H
? THE 1123 B'WAY linANCU 18 OPEN EVO8. Y H
$'04tVtVt4444V 4H
Hockey Skates, $1.15. IH
The "Union" Hockey Skates arebeantifnl in d- Jl
slcn and finish and extremely light and strong. W il
will lonllnue tn sell the 33 kind at M.lrv and 14 kind TM
at SI. WD, though other dealers complain of our low H
prices. yM
01 NASSAU ST., near Maiden Lane. ' !H9
The New Tork Defeat thn Hrldgrportl '1
After nn Kxcltlng tlnmr. .1
Tlio roller rolochibottlilscltymottlioUrldco- iH
port toftm In tho second gumo ot tho Houthorn r,B
Kew England I.oaguo series at tho Grand tH
Central Pnlaco last night, und enmo out tho vie- jH
tor after mi exciting struggle. Considering tho jH
stormy weather the crowd was surprisingly ;H
large, thero being about 2.000 persons present. H
It was nearly 8:30 o'clwk beforo tho Now LH
York team made IU niipenrunco. Tlio plnyera) H
woro nttlrcd in natty blue uiilformK. mid thn .H
men who wero known to tbo crowd vei il
cheered. Thero wero two new playom on the aiH
team Davo Tarrant and Jack I'urcell. train l
the Mrriden Club of tho National Holler Polo H
League. Tho Bridgeport team followed a mo- M
ment later. They woio bright red suits, and 'aiH
tho lively manner In which tbo men practiced M
croatod afaorabla imnression. M
Referee Gngnon had no sooner blown hW ,M
wblstlo to begin piny beforo Tarrant. Now M
York's first rush, whisked the ball over tho M
screen Inclosing thn cage. In tho next jl
hihIi ho was accidpntully hit over tlio M
eyo and had to quit. lie resumed playing nn B
soon as the damagea optic hnd been attended M
to. The first period was fast and furious. jH
Doth teams aphoarod to bo ovenly matched, '-iH
and only tho clever stopping nnd blocking br .JH
the goal keepers preventer! a seoro. Both jH
te.ims were pretty tired nttor the fust work cH
and welcomed tho timer's nniiouncoment that jH
tho period had eudod. H
After the customaiy flvo minutes tho gama .lH
continued. Tarrant again Beoured the) iH
ball In the rush and sent it directly iH
on a drive toward Bridgeport's goal. jfl
It was stopped by Abercromblo nnj played up fH
und down the floor until Purcell caught thn tH
goalkeeper napping mid scored tho first goal tH
of thn gamo In 1 minutn nud 42 seconds. The faB
Now Yorks were in a happy mood nnd played IH
moro vigorously than ever. Bridgeport rallied, SaH
too. and kept the ball In front of '; M
tho local team's goal for somo tlmo. H
Again Tarrant got the ball, ran It down to ; jH
llridueport's end, nnd landed the seoond goal , jH
for New York In 10 minutes and 42 seconds. M
Bchofleld thon took a hand in the good work - jM
and scored ngnln for New York. When the i , H
period ended tho gnmo stood ;i goals to 0 lu, SHI
New York's favor. The homo team Trent at lb' :H
witli more energy than ever In the third t.nd last 'H
period. Tarrant mnilo n goal In 2 minutes and aH
45 seconds Puioell then rethed fiom tho 'H
game und Hold redgo took his plnee. Bridgo- H
lort wan now plnyiiig llereely. but the team ,H
work of tho New Vorks nnd Individual playing; jH
were altoguther too much fortho visitors. Bcho- ' fM
Held wast lie next man to scorn for New York. JH
This emli'd the scoring. Tho final result was: H
New York. 5 goals i Bridgeport 0. The Hue- TM
up follows: 'H
.Vete York. rtttitlom. Hridaepori. .laiH
Tarrant First null Thompson IH
Hchonild Second rush O'NIell , H
liuoidr"dge;:::::: Cen' wmi.m. . fll
Malone Halfback Thatcher aEB
D-rrv.. (loal Abercromble m
Referee Qsgnou. B
Students of St. Jtimes Collego ITnve Rpnrt. B
The annual games of the Athletic Association of Rarll
St. James College of Brooklyn took place yeaterday Unl
before a large and enthusiastic aatemblage. Tb. fVI
events were decidrd lu tbo g) lunaslum attached to alii
the-olUiriatu buildings. Tbu coinpLtitloua wera JrlH
siiiriti-d, int-ret uul)a!;glng, aud upplauao treauent JtajKS
andbi'uitv. Humuuries: Tff7)H
21'ii-Yard Djsh, .luiiiors I'inal hpat won br Kd- SLfpi
ward V. Miitrath, Jultu J It'-ardon'aei.oud, Joseph I. tLLjII
Claike third. Tim, -n I .1 spcouils, ' XjKfl
"jao-yart Hiiiulo Usee Final beat won by I Mo- Kcl
(loldrick, sriatrb; P Jlminl, scratch, seroud; John JHEH
U. MiiIIiiis, a rut h. t'did 1 linn, . ih 1 r, seconds. iBSfl
IOOVmpI lij,h, .liiuiuia Fli.al beat won hy Kd iiTmwJ
ward Mrdralli, Jn-iph Itcardou second, JoacpU nawffl
Cltrkethlrd. 'I inie, I !4t ser oinls. lall
IlaU-Mllii Run. Juniors -Won by J. Lrons. l'blllp U1
Biullh sei-oud, 1". Iwji-,1 I'lUiulnck third. Time, J JfHlfl
minutes 60 seiouils, HS
Kunniuu Hli:h Jump, rieniora Won by L. Mcdold- 'sH9
dnck, with 4 fi'-t & inidiisi J, Dunn teeond, with 4 Hl
fcet4inchis. William Sullu an and U Ilaluwln tied JHfl
for thlnl. earh i leanug 4 left. H
r.o-Vard block Itace Won by William II. Skirt- ilLH
pon, I.aimnre Doulon aecond, Thomas J, M, AIul. eal
larker third. Tim-, r, ih; kk'ivmIh, ' H
l'le-Mlle Hocle llare Woll by John lir-ens, JH
Kiuiuue Callahan second, Ihoiiua Uullarkey third, TiH
Tune. 'J(i mlnutea Mti seconds. TTflH
Half-Mile Hun, Open Final beat won by Oi-org. 'Difl
II. Illriudiey, Prlsrlfla A. ('.-, .lobn .1. ityan, National Kafl
A. C, second WillUin 11 llcniliir-on, hUr A. C, iHH
lldrd. Time, J unniiti-a HH secnnils f JH
lug or War Third class defrkted fourth class by t H
several fieU ''IH
llair-Mile Dlcycle Itare, Bcralch Final belt -Won .iiPiB
by Fiuard Fiupatrlck, Philip hmi h second, K. j H
Claalhan third, rime. 1 iiiliiiitoltH)bnconds. 1M
lUlf-Miln Hun, .liliiloi Won In J. Lyons, P. , if-M
Smith ecnnd. E. Mi.Ur.uh third. Time, : mluilt.-s t 'JfWM
Ail aiifonds. 4 Mfl
Half-MIln Walk. llandica Won br Frank II. Hull- tj Hal
manu.J. II hinltliaei-nnd. L. O'lteilley third. Tims, I li-'iw
1 miiiutis .14 srrouilM. ) &LM
Two-Mild lllocleltaie. Handicap rinal bcatwon 'ill
by W. (I. ilartsclle. scratch, J. II M.i Carol). '.'3 t WM
yards, secmidi ),J. Iloutlou, acratcb, third. Time, ! 071
1. iiiiuutra r,il sei-oud iBfI
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