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ftjl ' THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 180S. " 1 IM
W Th8 orrnt Ilnlldlnc Tilled with Mmlc r.or
I Inn nnd rnslilonnliln Folk Mnrks III Kc-
I turn ' Clrninl Opera to Nnvjr York After
I nn Almoin" ' Venr "Tnnnlmmor."
I !,it nlclit at 7 o'clock the Interior ot the
I'll uetroirtlltnn Opera Honso 'im a stretch of
mi t r-cat Some of the lifthtn wero up mid
I Ui wii cli tho ls'p a flsuro passed oocaslon-
I (ir from "10 stsco door to tha front ot the
m thiairc 'oma ot the mora punatual musl-
A clant wore In tliel places and occasionally
j the hnlt wpprrMed sound of nn Instrument
heard The curtain was down. From bo-
MnJ It there i'tmc oeeaslonnlly the rap of a
hummer or tlio echo of a yoIco calling out a
final order Tho sense of anticipation that the
ccno pos3scd was inorcaaod by tho quivering;
ot the fr at curtain from time to time as it was
truck b tho Imrrjlne staeo hands bohlnd.
Bat tho grout cavern ot nn auditorium was
tlltntand ratlict dim, rot dim and sllont with
the sense ot somothltur ereat to come.
Five hours later tho big thoatro was dim and
lilmt acaln Its cornore were black with
arkne The only lights camo from cos
Hitits tint flickered on tho stngo. Tho sound
0 a tlguro hurrying; through tho dark
corridors Irom the stago: a hoareo
orJer rallod In tho darkness; a
rooJ-by clnerily spokou : these wore the
oolr latorruptlons to tho stillness of tho placo.
Tho curtain was lifted, and tho background
vrajtho whitewashed brick wall of tho theatre.
The crotto of Venus, tho Wartburff and
the Innittjratf't halls had disappeared. One
tr one tho few lights wore extinguished andk
' the veleei died awny entirely. Thehousowas
dark and silent. Hut In the lnten at nometliltur.
had hniKned"SOmothlng Important to the
Keir ork sraion. After one roar of abstinence
from (he regular performances tho opera had
letun again begun so brilliantly and tri
umphantly that many In tho audlenco last
nlsht said that no rrovlous opoulng perform
ance had been more splendid.
ThcaiidleiRownsone of tho largest that tho
Metropolitan Imd cror hold. First nights at
the opera are rarelj tho largest of tho season,
but there was not nacant seat nor an empty
lu Tho crowd stood deep about tho rails at
the rear ot the orohestm. One unprecedented
Ifitureot the evening was descrlbod In Ikjx
offleo laiKtu.iKO as a "doublo H" In tho lobby
Ufnrc the salo of seats commenced last ovon
loc That meant that two rows twlco vrliulliiK
through tho vestlbulo woro awaiting the llret
Mlenfadmiasion tickets. That was only tho
head ot a human serpent that crawled before
the window iin fast as the tickets could be sold.
That continued until nfter tho llrst net was
mer Tho halo ot seats and admission tickets
1 amounted to about $1'-.(XK) That was tho
total sum the audlonce represented to the man
ft acoment Hut it really signified much.
l Tno speculators sold tickets for nn much
If as $20. That omo of them also over
' Ktlmatcd the public desire to get In was
I thown by the fact that somo of tha
I upstairs seats wero offered on tho sidovvalk ut
I half past 8 o'clock at tho box-onico price Hut
I theyuero readllv sold at that figure There
M was not one of the newly covered chairs to be
If) sum after tho pcrfurmaui.0 was null under
u WT
f 1 he nudleneo seemed ns much more brilliant
I than usual, as tho wholo occasion did. If there
was a hut below tho balcony It was so
cm ill that nobody could see It. There woro
nodding nlitiettes ot diamonds and then)
ere leathers ot tho kind that couio
from birds, and there wero those,
tint como only from jewellers and may not
loaw? the beauty of nature but cost consld
iruulynioro There were nearly as many un
entered shoulders in tho orchestra stalls as
there re In tho boxos. Hut the tiaras were
routined to tliu boxes And tho diamonds wero
neei more numerous. They seemed to spring
like geisersoutof some of the boxis.
Mme Nonlieu'n tiara, under the clareof the
foulllghtH. had the monopoly of the blnzu when
the curtain was up during the first act. but
nhen the intcrmlssl(.n came From every box In
' the parterro thero wero a hundred gleams to
i answer it back.
Vi Tho familiar faces In tho boxes were to be
seen. That settled tho social nspeet of the
U affair. Downstairs in the less exclusive
1 corridors tho same significant fucus that
I mark tho opera performances wer" to be
seen. Latt nights was tho first perform-
unco given under the direction of tho
Maurice (Irnu opera company, and thut
in iv have added n shndu more of resnonnlbilltr
to tliu iu.uiuKerl.il bon of Mr. (Iruu. wliu re
wived tho congratulations of his friends and
reeined no more Mustered by them than usual.
Ha had to come before tho curtain after
the llrst net and he aunouueed that
II PJan;on requested tho Indulgence of the
audience on nceount of a bad throat. Tho audi
ence applauded tint, not because, it wasun
crmpathetlo of M. l'lanon's condition, but be
cause It was glad to cet tho opportunity to
express what it felt toward Mr. Orau.
BJI (Plancon. who has beon sick for somo tlmo
with n cold.f nearly broke down after tho
first act A hurry call for Dr. Holbrook Curtis
ai.d hlsthront spray wustsent out and lie was
'Mind So M. runcou was ablo to finish tho
If It had been "Faust" or "Ilomeo ot Ju
liette", to which first-night audiences aro more
accustomed, tho singers would have ro-
clved greater acknowledgments of tholr
return. As It was. only Mme. Eames,
V who looked superbly beautiful. had
d tlio opimrtunlty to receive a greeting from
. tho audience, blguor Mancluelll was ap
Su! Ijatided. but both 31. Vnn Dyck and
sV Mrac Nordics, who wero on tho stage
vvhen the curtain roso. had no chance for
I ii stoclal exhibition or friendliness. Hut
tlieywero several times recalled after tho first
act It was a novel thine to see the audience
. arrive so early The fashionable, parts of the
I Iiouro are rarely filled until the flrt net Is
1 over, yet all the places wero taken early, to
judite. probably the now tenor, who came to this
countrj w ith tho reputation of being ono of the
create-tof European singers. Thero were, of
couree, fewer occasions during the oinira for
the audlenco to applaud than thoro would
'''. been In tho case of tho operas
which customarily open the season. That
robbed the evening of some of Its usual
uemonstratlon durlug theorem, although that
camo alter every act. Mr. Vnn Dyck tola a Bun
reporter aftor the second act that the audlonce
from tho stage was a beautiful sight, and that
iiecouui observe that cvenduringlho progress
CM he oik) ra.
,,, t is a veritable spectacle." ho said: "boau
liful to look nt. Tho acoustics aro splendid,
fria i can see tho response of the audlenco to
,n' softest piano noto."
i he lobbies were thronged after the curtain
jelloneTerynct. Tho exclusive gathering in
no parterro looked down over tho railings into
(tlio corridors below. Tho standing crowds
men and women rested on tho stops at
i ,. iiT",1,1 of 'P'1" their preferred places
Lm10 l',n? n.lld wh material hindrance to
.?. 1,ut they were happy. So was tho oudl
1 ill;,: wJTern 'he slngors.and Bowasjfaurlco
SS5. f'S ""tlenco remained happy to the
nn, and when It went homo the opening of tho
,' feas"! was said to have beon a complete
success That wub the unnnlraous opinion.
The Slngrr, Bn, tie Mnl0 Critically Con
ildeird Fine rerformance.
To those who havo contracted tho opera
natit there was a perfectly familiar appearanoo
oterery scene both on nnd off tho atago In tho
Metroiolltan last evening. "Tannhausor." In
the rast, haa provod ono of tho most popular
Was. With tho exception of tho Infinitely
rorular "Faust" and the irresistibly attrac
tive Carmen." this work has probably been
wt before a Now York audlenco oftenar than
or other. In sconery. stage directions, and
in certain artists who filled the cist, last
n'eht s performance was but a repetition of
fl uritless renderings offered to our publio
(luring previous years. The cast In full was as
H follows'
m, ln",h Maio. Kmraa IUme
IJl HJrt Mme. MelHllnuer
Kl ;""' Mme. Nordic
1 J'lur M.VsnDyck
H Jl'r,la M. Henri Alb.r.
O a'"'" - U.Jqu..M
H l' nerrll.rl.rt
W ,"Kt H.rr Uuhlmann
a"r 1LM.UI
K Co,","e" 81. ManctnllU
A refe crowded or brilliant audience novor
; T nr delightful Opera House than was
"ihered within its walls last evening.
m ' Piaiseworthy effort of the man
m rement to bring peoplo together prompt-
ensi" at an rf"ei' hour than the
"" oaarlr one aeemed futile. The perform-
ij J"' DEn at 8 and ended at half past
II Bent b10 dlsr'arilol "l8 early move
fl eo. entlrcly- 'heir occupants straggling III
tA i, ," ' during tho IVhim Rcene. uml for
VfJU "at after
m lelm r,'aPt",ra"" 'if 'vvo prune -lonno of the
M (I;PUUM ' 'liat Mme Knms and Mine Nor.
V ti ,",!"," '""do tho evening a vjliiablo
B 0'y I iW" l'a"r to "ie'ro them, not
mL , ' "y their own fomior standards, but by
Mk in. Ifr? "'''ute rules of art. and It
Wm ni,.f. .doubt " In to all their ad-
H ael" art A"Cft1 . ?2nir auii rapid y In
Hi r art even during the lat and most
recent times. Thero Is a maturity ond an ns
nuredmethod n1oiil tholrwork that in both en son
bespoakB tho finished, experienced, thought
'ul.fearlessnrttst. JIme.Nonllea's tniisslowed
In tho strength ot Its dmmatlo doolama
Hon tho results of her vory earnest
study nf tho ltnmnhlldf nnd lutldf rAlos,
while tomes displayed nn equal advance
In the volume of her voleo nnd the period enso
with which sho used it oven in strongesturffs
fmo passage.
Tho useful nnsnl resonance combined with a
low position ottliolarnyx which Mmo. lJamns
has nowsocompletolv; lenrned to use is what
tho now tonor. M Vnn Djck, must ncriulie
before ho can ever do lustlco to tho
splendid drninntlo nature that Is In him
or to his renlly lovely tenor olco Van Dyck
has a vvorld-wldo reputation, worthily gained,
no doubt, tor lie Is lmnglnntho nnd subtle in
his acting, besides being bvmpnthottc in his
pliability. In his acting up to tho other
personages In a given situation, it his
oleo did . not. lln so much ul thn
back ot his throat, if the omission ot
tono wero better and mom cutting, he would
ntoncu bo doubly line. As It Is ho is Interest
ing, and so. evidently sensitively musical tlmt
ho carries the attention ot Ills hearers ns by a
potent ermrm.
The ensembles were well done last nlghtand
an espeolsl vv ord of praise Ib duo to the poetlo
? latins of tho JI'nMmlmrrln thehuntlngsceno.
, 'ho pilgrims wore lu tune, having evidently at
lost repented ot their former sins against cor
rect pitch.
Miss Mclssllnger sang the part of the SArp
nrrti with enough drninntlo fervor and exag
geration of sentiment to supply several traglo
sarns or run ornnA.
Future Plans nf the Company nt the Met
ropolitan. Mine. Mnreella Sombrlch will make hor re
appearance to-night ns llonna In "II Ilnrbloro
dl Bevlglln," n rolo In which she has triumphed
In overy country of F.uropo. Sho lias sung
tho rolo moro frequently than any other in her
rt'rortolio. excepting I.ucia. Tho perform
ance was repeated threo times during tho en
gagement in Chicago and was ono of the bril
liant features ot tho sonson thero. Mmo.
Sombrlch will to-night Introduco nn innova
tion in tho singing lesson see no. She will ac
company herself on the piano, n fenturo of tho
performanco whtoh sho has novor approved of
before. Hor objection to It was founded on the
fact that the plnnn was rarely a good one in
the first place, mid its presenco damaged the
dramatic cfloctivcucHs of tho scene In tho sec
ond, as the audience knew tho moment it saw
tho pls.no that 7?os(a was going to accompany
herself when tho encore came Hut she has
bcu obliged to waive these objections, ns the
question was naked from every quarter why
such nn accomplished pianist as Mme. Bem
brlch should not ploy her accompaniment.
Ho sho has put hor aitlstlc scruples aside nnd
will ncoommodato the publio. With her will
appear 3131 ballgnnc. CaJipanarl. Carbono
and IMouard d lteske. SSlgnor Manoinelli
will conduct.
Jxt week thero will be no Warner ior
formnnccH. lu accordance with the pro
gramme ns nt present arranged. On -Monday
"I.a Travlota" will be sung, with 3Ime Hem
brich as I wtrtta and 3IM. Campunarl and ba
llgnac. On 'Wednesday night "La ioz7e dl
Figaro" will be sung for tho llrst time in sev
eral seasons. Tho last contemplated per
formances with 311lc.rCalvdas Uhmibmo were
prevented by Mme Kamos's sudden illness
two years ago. Hut she will slug next woek.
mid the great east will Include Mme. Hem
brluh and probably 3Iiss Zelle de I,u8an. who
will be tho first of tho Kills company's artists
to slug this scascu nt the 3Ietropolltan. In
addition .o this trio 3131. Fdouard de lteszke
and Campanari will bo heard.
On Friday evening "Faust" will probably be
sung, with 3131. baliza. Jjlouard de Heszke.
Cnmnanarl and Mines 3lelba and Duella At
the (Saturday matinee "II Harbiererdl Heviglla"
will be lepeated. and at the second popular
performance "11 Trovatore" will bo given,
with Mines. Nordlca und Mautelli and MM.
Ceppl and Campauari During the week ijlg
nor Uevlgnanl w III conduct on cdneeday and
Hatutday uluhts. blgnur Mancluelll will be
in chnrco the rest ot the time. This pro
gramme is subject to chance.
Herr Franz bebalk. w ho came to succeed An
ton Beldl in the direction ot the Wagner
operas, will not liuiko his debut unl II the third
ween of tho scn-oii. Then he will conduct
"Die ulktlre." The cost will include 3Imes
Fames, Nordlca and 31elssllngerand 3131 Van
Dyck and Van Hooy In tho principal lOles This
will mark 31. Vnn Hoot's debut here. Ho will
slug ll'ufAan. Herr hehalk will postpone his
debut to tho third week of the season. In order
to rehearse with the orchestra.
One of tho operas to be given this season
and not announced on tho list Is Kienzl's "JJer
Hvangellman." which was first sung In Vi
enna. Thero Ernst Von Dyck oreated the
leading rOln Tho opera has just reached Its
fiftieth performance in Berlin, and has been
sungin spite of the fact that it is only four
years old. on F2S stages iu Huropo. It Is given
in the smallest towns as well as In tho capitals.
31. Van Dyck made one of his greatest suo
cesses iu this opera, which will positively bo
done at the Sletropolitan during tho present
seascu. Signer 3Iancinelli's "Fro e i.eandro"
will probably be sune somo time in January by
31. HaMza and Mines. Fames und Bchumaun
Heink. The concert on Hundny night will be given by
Mllo. Mario Fngle and M31. l'lamjon and Cam
panari, from the company. Moriz ltosenthal
will play.
xxitnuxann aj.t, jiihiit.
He Is In Newark and Ivultiiar In tVaiblncton
Nor lu Midair.
Lieut. Gabriel B.NIrdllngerls In Newark.nnd
ho denies that ho disappeared mysteriously
from Philadelphia last week. Lieut. N'lrd
linger Is supposed to fly, but ho wants to rofuto
the story that ho flew from homo without let
ting his family know where ho w as going. He
says ho has been In dally communication with
his father and brother slnco ho put up at tho
H roadway Central Hotel on Friday and that ho
islted Newark to consult with a mechanic who
Is helping him out with soma parts of his fly
ing machine.
He was advertised to fly from riilladolphla to
Washington on Thankbgiv lug Day. and lie says
that nothing but the tmtovvardnoss nnd In
clemency of the weather prevented him tuking
the trip, as his machine was as ready as ho
was. but he fled from the persistency of report
ers and told his family tlmt If anybody asked
where he could be found to say that ho had
gone without leaving any address.
Now Lieut. NIrdllnger is looking for a place
to fly from In Ivuwark. but ho ovldoiitly wants
gato money, as lie is looking for an Inclosed
park, and says that ho will fly any Bundny It the
iiropor point of departure can bo secured,
.lout. Mrdllngcr provod that he was ho by
showing a trip piss over the Pennsylvania
Hallroad made out in his name, though why n
big railroad company should encourngo threat
ened opposition of this character was hiini for
his Newark henreis to understand. Hohadnlso
a letter from William Jtnnlngs Hraii, written
while the Colonel was on leave of absence in
Washington, but It treated of freo silver rather
than ot the flying innchineproject.and It referred
also to n picture of (Ion I.oe Mrdllngcr Is
surely In Nowaik, If auvbody should raisu tho
isms I'on city aoi.n a t.-is.
107.aOffrrnl for the WlinIe-108.3 forllilrty
Yenr HiiiiiIh.
Comptroller Color opened bids veMonla for
J1.725.0O0 gold bonds bearing Interest at ;tH
percent. Of the bonds. Sl.tf&i.OQO are to run
thirty years and SfiOO.OOO aro assessment
bonds to run ton X'ars. The long-term bonds
are divided as follows: For schools, g'JOO.OOO ;
for paving strcetp, S2r()000: for addition to
the Metropolitan Museum of Art. $100,000: for
tho botanical gardens. $200,000: for tho hridgu
ovor the Harlem Hlvor at Willis avenue. $-t7..-000.
Therewero thirty-nine bids, the Produce
Kxchange Trust Company bidding $1.K4I "00
for all the bonds, an average nf 107.'J This
was the highest bid fornll the lionds Fiirson,
Leach K On. bid lOrt 10 for tho long-term bonds
mid KKI.'t'l for the assessment linndf,. Tho
highest bid for tho long-term bonds was mado
by Lndenburg. Thnlmanu A. Co . 10H flO 'I hey
did not bid for tho short-term bonds, Tho
total ot tho tlilrty-nlnn bids was $'.M,lil7,00O,
Many bids woro for small amounts, This is
the second bond Issue by tho present adminls
trntlon. Tho bonds havo not yet bceunwnrded.
Mrs. IlPKeimiu'. Clmrltnble llniur.U.
1'l.ilrJriKi P, N J.Nov 20. The will of tho
lato lira. I), A. liegeman, Br , of North Plaln
fleld has been admitted to probate nt homor
vllle. Besides tho bequests mndu to her hus
band and near relatives there are the follow
ing: Trinity Hofoimed Church, this eity,
$5,000: Hoaidof Foreign 3Iisslonsof the He
formed Church of America, !2,500; Hoard of
Domestic Missions of t lie Hefnrined Church of
America. $2,500; Muhlenberg Hospital, $1,000;
Young Men's ( hrislluii s.nsoelntlon. j.0(X):
Children's Home, $l.tKM): Plalnlleld Helluf As
sociation, $.)tM); American Volunteers com
manded by Hnlllugton Hootb, $1,000
lliiiryluc IJiiiiIs 'Ilirongli tlm Trie ('mini.
i.nvM, Nov 20 The present told spell hits
nearly put an end to iwnnl nnvUitlnii At ilm
Slate Depiilmenl ol 1'ublle Woiks It vvussdld
to-dav that there vvoul I be few hosts left In file
Frie t'linnl lommiovv I'liirty lou hl Imnts
were n'porteil at the lu-nil of n, Sixteens '
near Cohoes, unci llee, It was uli vvrmlilget
through lo.nlght There were nlwi ten boats
reported In n tow nt 1 ultoiivllle being hurried
along by ii State tun 'I h -se boils uruexect
ii to reach tiuevv no) (.'lit
mi at run rnnroiatKMi Am: noixo
Altrrntlnns In Two of the Current 1'lnvs
und Incidents In the I'orformnnco of
Others Ornre lliintlngtoii In n New
Vnudevillc rnree The IVci le's Hills.
The first act of "Hotel Topsy Turvy" has
been rewritten with n doublo purpose Tho
small amount of story In this fnrco was Indis
tinct, and It has boon mndo clear. Tho nctlv
ty wns delnyod too long, but now il sots In
very soon nftor tho curtain rises. Thoro has
been also nn Injection ot new songs nnd
dances, Tho burlesciuo duol bilwcen Como
dlans Fov and Glslko is mado vory funny,
Tho second net has nw set of scenerv. Thus
tho farce nt tho Herald Squuro Is Improved
Tho stock company nt tho Murray Hill Is
treating "Captain Bwlft" vory well this woek.
The only square peg In a round holo is Mr.
Ilcdmund, a good actor mls'ast. Mr. Drouct
gives allrst-rate Idonof tho hero and Is espe
cially effoctlvo In thosccno whore the expos
ure of tho Australian bushrnngor In tho guise
otn, London gentleman drives htm to sulcldo.
Altogether this Is about tho best revival yet
made by the Donnelly forces.
Mr. Mansfield has moved "Cyrano do Her"
gorao" and nil Its belongings to Harlem for a
week at tho Oporn House, The other theatre
In that part ot the city, tho Columbus, has "A
Btrangor In Now York," with pretty nearly Its
original cast. Tho Grand Opera House is
turbulent with a now Cuban wnr melodrama,
"Hod. White and Hlue." while "A Grip of
Stool" Is nt tho Star and "Tempost Tossed" nt
tho Pooplo's This week's reproductions In
cludo "As You Like It " with 3Ilss Arthur, nt
Wallack's and "La Hohemo" nt tho American,
with tho Castle Square company.
Mr. Crano Is plnjlngn tlioroughlv congenial
part In "Worth a Million" at tho Knickerbock
er. 3Ilss Allen has come buck to town with
"Tho Christian" and will bo nt the Garden
with It a long tlmo. SHss HussxII with "Cath
erine" nt tho Oarrlck. 3Ir. Drew with "Tho
Liars" at tho Fmplro. .Mr. De Angells with
"Thn .Tolly 3Iusketoer" nt the Hnndwnv,
Miss Irwin with "Knto Kip" at tho 'lljou.
Daniel Frohmnu's stock company with "Tre-
lavvnv of tho Wells" at the Lyceum, nnd
Chnrles Frohmau's comedy compnn with
"On and Off" nt the Madison Square, are nil
deservodly prosperous Bo aro ' Simrtlng Llfo"
at the Academy of Muslo and "A Itnnuwnv
Girl" nt the llfth Avenue This Is tho hst
week of "Tho Village Postmaster" at the
Fourteenth Street "Tho Turtle" lis contin
ued at the 31anhnttap,
Tho vaudovllle field Is lively. A show that
Sacks the Pleasure Palace twice dally is "Tho
attlo of Han Juan Hill," and tho nrlety pro
gramme hoided by .Magclo ("line. Is up to tho
standard here. Two comediettas nre well
played at Proctor's Theatre, and Joseph Hart
nnd Carrlo Le 3Inr are laugh winners in a
farce that has singing and dancing iu It A
specialty of striking aerobatics here Is by the
Damins, who nre skilful In one feat they
cleverly trick the audience Into believing that
tho Impossible Is being accomplished, Mar
shall Wlldor Is to meet his llrst continuous
(how audience Ht Proctor's next Monday, when
llurr Slolntosh Is likely to be n r.crult also
Tho week's leader at Pastor's Is tho only An
tonio Tho Nobles and Maud Mclntyro aro
lonio who strive to be ns chipper as ho.
The muslu hall bills are an assorted lot.
"Hurly Uurlj" and "Cyranose" contlnuo nt
Woboi A Helds's. The Happos aro dancers
just come to Koster A. Dial's from Kurope. and
Virginia Arapon is newly placed here, the Wil
liams nnd Walker troupe.holdlng over. Cora
Tanner und Clierldah Hlmpson are at the
Harlem. Specialties and unsavory titirletlns
make up the programmes for the Dewey and
Sam T Jack's A commendable show at thn
lilen 3Iusee Is composed of wnforks und war
Pictures, with band music as an accompani
ment. A change iu "A Dangerous 3Inld" at the
Casino may be regarded bv somo people as art
to bo praised, by others as an exploit to be
condemned, and by still others as both, to be
liked or not, according to individual taste.
There Is a painting called "An Affair of Honor"
which has been mado familiar by duplication.
It shows two women engaged lu a duel with
swords The antagonists are strippod to the
waist. The picture is esteemed as au artistic
work. A duel between two women Is an epi
sode In the current play at the Casino Much
was made ot It from the outset It wnt it
strongly dramatic climax of nn affair of love
and jealousy, though Introduced In a plcco that
Is considerably frivolous. The Casino man
agement had never been squeamish in sub
jecting Its actresses to unconvent.onal dis
closure. Hut In this Instance modesty seemed
to have Intervened, Miss Lesslng and 3Ilss
Hurt fought finely in a moonlit wood by a purl
ing waterfall, under picturesque conditions.
They were like the fair duellists of tho picture
in animation, nnd at times in their poses. Hut
they wore not faithful lnthelrcop of costumes.
Instead of stripping themselves partiullv for
tho fray, thev merely took off the waists of
their gowns and kept on their corsets and
chemises. The spectatois wero plainly dis
appointed. Buch 'half, measures lu .dlsrobe
incnt were not what the) otpecttd at the
Casino Tho fault. If it was one. is remedied
this; week. Tho two actresses uncover them
selves much more tlum hitherto. Tho effect
Is 'surely more dramatic, and nearer like "An
Affair of Honor." Of course, tho subject Is
open to critical consideration from another
point of view It raises tho old and uusot
tledluuestlou of nudity in ait. .
A brother of Nat Goodwin is a new specialist
at Keith's. Imitations of stage celebrities
mako up Ids Inning Ills preface to the mim
icry is a short song In a pleasing baritone.
Stuart Itobson Is his first target, and tho Hob
eon Bqueak and stutter, so dear to" variety
showmen, is applied to a stana ot "Sweet
.Mario " The mockery Is good, though uo bet
ter than that accomplished by many other
specialists, and the most btrikinc copy is that
of tho facial contortions. Nat Goodwin's
brother's Imitation ot John McCullgugh is in
tones that threaten to mako half the rooms lu
the adjoining hotil untenantable The gal
lery gods applaud on tho general principle
that the possessor ot such lung Power must bo
a great artlet. Lavvreuco llnrrett's delivery is
exnggoratod Into a slug-song that at first gives
tho Impression of being hopelessly astray from
theorlgluul. but before the pussago Is over tho
Imitation passes for a good one. lor Henry
Irving In "The Hells" the new specialist has a
dark stago, a beum of intense light uion his
faco and an assistant to paw tho air In onler to
cast over his chief a hypnotic spell. This is
unusual enough to ninke the gods sit up. They
muy never havo seen the Lugllsh actor, but
aro familiar with his other Imitators. Henry
Dlxey's burlesquo and Tim Miinwij's serious
effort are as an open book to them. Mi Oood
vv In resorvos for the last a likeness of his
brother lu "Little Jack Sliepnuid." Again the
surroundings are unusual Y Idle tho special
ist shifts to doublet and hosnthe stage Is pre
pared as a prison coll. Heellnlng on a bench
the prisoner's sleep Is interrupted by persons
who iieer lu through a barred window, Ono
Chan finally enters. Memwhllo tho mimlu has
not recalled his brother very strongly by
speech or action Ills face Is not unlike,
though broader nnd fuller, ns becomes a man
three Inches tailor and much heavier than the
eminent comedian,
As rearranged for use lu vuudevillo shows,
the characters that stand out In "The Holly
Tina Inn" nr tho ex gardenor and the boy of
the doping pair Augusttis Thomas, who
draimtled the Dickens story, was not only re
sponsible for this newor version, but supor
vled Its trial at Proctor's As It has been
kept a second week the value of n rarely pret
ty playlet has been proven. It will bo re
called that, while tho two servants ot the inn
and the tiny would-be bridegroom nio much
exercised over the little girl s homesickness,
the former gardener is pressing ids own suit.
His wooing Is amusing enough in its way.
but is In us strong contrast to tho other heart
affair as are the alternated passigcs ot seri
ousness and levity In a melodrama, At tlio
supper table the boy cannot eat, but waits on
his little ludy love, who takes to sobbing us
hoon as het appetite Is satisfied. Disuusslou
of where they are to live after they aro mar
ried on tho morrow renews her tears, for sho
is sure sho wuuts to ba with her own mother.
Then, with as much uhildlsh gravity as
though ho were tho llrst bridegroom to feel
that way, he says that ho Is not sure that ho
alt wether likes her mother Again thn bold
eloper, on lielug assured that the forthcoming
stoiy of "Little Hod Hiding Hood" has a wolf
in it checks the teller by saying that lie Is not
allowed stories with wolves in them so near
bedtime Points like theso . bring laughter
from tho uudleuce. but for the rest there' Is
that quiet approval with which specialists nrn
unfamiliar A call for tho uelors after tho
ourtulu has dropped Is a vordlct of approval
A second comedietta ot the ProctJi's bill
Is useil for the vaudeville dc'bm of Grace
lliintlngtt n H Is entitled "Cheekmuto" and
is a tieatmentof a well-worn theme lit, char
acters are a couplet to whom a legnej bus been
left n inndllliiii thnt ther maro The nun
vvhi refuses must Mirroniler the Inheritance
t the other, and a third part) getting all In
ease both (Inline The heirs' quariol pro
ei eils till the icnouiu enienl In signed, and
then thero is a quick return lo love and har
mony Clarence Heritage Is 3IIsh Hunting,
tun's companion in quarrelling and making
up Hoth episodes aro effeotive, and plausl
billty is not jolted harder than in most of the
tnent) minute pbja .
uTAtena at tiik vfatnitxnox.
Mortimer C'nn't Get the Income nf Ills Trust
l'und Jtecnye Creditors M'nnt It.
John Jlorllmer moved before Surrogate
Fitzgerald yosterdny for tho removal of tho
Farmers' Lonn nnd Trust Company ns trustee
under tlio will of his mother, Frances Hussell
3to:llmer, becauso the comnanv Ins refused
to pay him tho liicomo of n ttust fund of $51,
272 crcntod untlor tho will of his mother.
Part of tho liicomo has been withheld In order
to pay creditors, ono ot whom obtained an In
junction against pnyment to Mortlinor, 3Ior
timer savs that he Is living at the Clarendon
Hotel, Hrooklvn, In dire digress, with his wife
nnd thtcn children, nnd it his bolonglngs
nre likely to bo Impounded Because ho cannot
pay hlR bill
David 3tcClure, nttorney for tho company,
said thut his client had been bothered by many
creditors who were clamoring for their money.
Ono of them was thn National Hank o' Plain
field. X J with a claim for $0,500, nnd a
grocor has a bill for$B00 Ho nddod:
"In the eyes of tho law, under his mother's
will. Mortimer has become nn Intan'- and
must be treated ns an Infant. Ho enme to us
mid said ho could live on flK)0 a venr. and he
gtvo us a power of attorney to pay him the
IK)0 n year nnd pav $1,500 u year to bis cred
itors He Is ostopped from saying ho cannot
live on $000 a venr"
"Theiioworlof attorney has been revoked."
said Lnvvjer 1. 11 Anderson for Alortltifr, "It
wits given when ho was surrounded by cred
itors nnd wns forced from him, Ho was ex
travagant: he can't help being cxtrnvwrnnt.
He told me so Ho owed mnnv iwrsons st
Plnlnflold, where ho lived, nnd hn could not
leave It was thon that tho power of attor
ney was forced from hint Thon ho went to
Anbury Park, and was extravagant nealn. Ho
found he could not live on tlio IKHInear."
In nnswor to n question of Surrogate Fltr
cerald, 3tr 3IcChire slid Hint tho company has
paid Mortimer $2,000 this onr, and has given
him $700 slnco Oct. 1 last. Tl o money was
paid before tho injunction of a creditor was
"Mortimer and his family aro literally starv
ing." said Lawver Anderson. "He has bor
rowed nil the money he could I have lont
him money. Ho is desperate nnd I havo been
afraid that he would commit suicido. Why. I
havo been afraid each day to pick up the pa
pers for fear I would see that ho had commit
ted suicide. This company has no right to
tsko n moral stand, and Insist that this man
pay his debts, nud It has no right to withhold
the mono) In such a suit as has been brought
by tho creditor"
Latvvor .McCinro said that while his com
pany was anxious to get out of tho trusteeship.
It. would not re tiro lindor fire, but would light
tho matter to the eud. Surrogate Fitzgorald
reserved decision.
Albnnv Itepuliltruns lit Itrcnmmriid II. II.
Ileiuler lis Sliperlntrtldelit of Hlltldlllgs.
Albany, Nov. 20 Stnto Superintendent ot
Public Hulldlngs Frederick Fjiston of this cllv
will not be backed for reappointment at tho
hands of the Incoming Stata administration by
Chairman William Hrnes, Jr. of the lixecu
tlve Committee of the Hopublicau Stnto Com
mlttoe. or by the Albitiy county liepublioan
organization. This is not surprising to those
familiar with the administration of tho Public
Hulldlngs Department bj Superintendent 1 as
ton, and It Is known that Gov Hlaek desired to
lemovo 3Ir. Haston from olllce as n result of
tho luvectigatlon of his department, but
i hanged his mind at the Instunco of Mr.
Harnos ami other Hepublitans of Albany
31r Harues nnd tho Albany county Ilcpubll
can organization have recommended to Governor-elect
Hoosevolt that Harry H Ueuderof
this city bo nppolnted to 8'jccood Mr. Fasten.
3Ir Hender at present Is the Deputy County
Treasurer nnd Treasurer of the General Com
mittee of the Albauv Clt Itcpublloan Com
mittee. The Albany city Republican organi
zation, through Congressman Ueorco N
Southvvlek. will ask President JfcKlnlov to ap
point Chnuncey V. Argerslnger ns Postmaster
of Albany to succeed tho present Democratic
Postmaster, whoso term of office will expire
on Dec II.
coisavsiiAr.i.'s ei.eotiov STAxnn.
.fudge 'Ilktuck Hefuses to llntertaln u Mnn
ilauius Application.
Syiuguhf. N. Y., Nov. 20. Justice HIcook
In Special Term to-day denied the applica
tion of William Kernnn for a peremptory writ
of mmidtituus to have a recount ot tho ballots
foi Senator and a recount ot the ballots ob
jected to as marked tor Identification and re
jected ns void In Oneida county. There wero
400 ballots "void" nud 110 "marked for Identi
fication " This determines that Senator Hen
rv .1 Coggcsliall's re-election to that ofllee will
stand. It being now too Into to amend the no
tion which was brought by Thomas O. Wat
kins. the dofeated Democratic candidate Jus
tico Hiscock. said the implication 'or a writdid
not go far enough into details There was
not au allegation iu tho papers that n single
vote was counted Impronejly. Statements
unc n information nnd belief were not mi in
dent audstroug enough for so Important a
Not Ukely to He Vauitm! llefnre the New
Venr Arrives.
It Is said that District Attorney 3Iaroin and
xotisinnt Corjioratlon Counsel Jenks of Hrook
lyn, who hivo beon elected to places on the
Supieme Court bench, will not resign their
present offices until Dec :il. The Hepublicnn
managers have not yet made any indorsement
for tho District Atlorno) ship. James 3IcKeen,
President of the Hamilton Club, has been
strongly urged for the placo, but his friend
say that he oulu not possibly accept it Col.
Normnn B. Dike has ulso beun favorably con
sidered 3l6Hi-s Carr. Hell nnd Stnpleton aro having
n hot triangular light for Mi. Jenks's SI 0.000
job. and the Democratic mniiugers aro badly
split up over It
,;k.s;i ornciAh hktuiix.s.
10,474 Majority for Sound Miii.ey Against
l'ree Silver.
TnrvTov. N. J., Nov. 20. Tho State Hoard ot
Canvassers to-daj canvassed tho returns of the
recent election. Tho totnl vote cast for Fostor
31. Voorlieos. Hcpilbllenn, was 104,051, and for
rivln W Crane, Democrat, 158,552. Voorhces's
plurality Is ri,4llli. Landon. Prohibitionist, re
ceived O.HO'l xotos: Slngulre, Socialist-Labor,
5.45H; candidate of the People's party, 401,
The pluralities for Congressmen are; First
district, Ixmileiiblnger. llepiibllcan, 6,772: Heo
ond district. Gardner. Hopubllenn.O.tfiSH: Third
district, Howell, llonubllcnn. 720: Fourth dis
trlot. Salmon. Democrat, 2.050: Fifth district.
Btewnrt. Ilopubllean, 2.025: Sixth district,
Parker, Ilopubllean, ,'J.HtM: Seventh district,
Daly. Democrat. 10,108; Eighth district. Fow
ler. Hepublicnn, 4,:i52.
Tills shows it not mnjorlty of 10.472 In favor
of sound money overtho free-silver candidates.
Trndr. Union Men Seeking Olllrr.
A meeting of tho Fxeeutlvit Committee of the
lloosevolt-MoDonouuliLuborCliib will pro bnbly
bo held' next Saturday to discuss tho quist ion
of labor npp ilntnients likolv to bo made by
Governor-elect Itoopnt. The club is com
Ksed of representative trndos unionists In
good standing, nnd claims to havo Induced u
large number of Hebrew workers on tho oust
side lo vote for Col. Hoosuvelt.
Although many unions have Indorsed the
candidacy of Chnrles ,1, Dinner for Commis
sioner of Labor Statistics, n protest will likely
be mndo against It nt the meeting on Saturday,
as most of tho members of the Hoosovelt-Mo-Donough
I ahor Club do not regard his candi
dacy with favor The eluh is also against tlio
retention ns chief clerk In tho ofllco of this
bureau of John MoMnckln, who wns n labor
loader during the George campaign ot 1880.
The Nineteenth Congress District Contest.
Hudbok, X Y , Nov 20. In addition to the
mandamus served on tho Hoard of Canvassers
of Columbia countyon application of tho Demo
cratic nnmlneo for Congress, John H Living
ston, nnother writ was si rved on the honid Inst
evening by the llepublli unc iiiilldnte. (Viiwrnns.
man Cochrane, thinugli anonlor Issued bj Jus
lien ( hoMer Tlio obji etuf tho writ Is to hnve
tertuln bullolH counted tlmt wuio rojeoted by
inspectors In various dlstrli ts Thn board hns
twenty dajs toshow cause why the ordershould
not bitnbejoil A sliuilni writ wns Issued for
the Heiissnlain count) board, tho two counties
composing tho Mnotei nth Congress district.
C.ifon nt? Illngliuiutoii IStit After Ofrjie,
HitnrtAMrov, X Y. Nov 20. When ex
Mavor Green returned from nn extended busi
ness tilp Inst evening lie announced that under
no consideration would he consider nn ap
pointment as State '-ueiinlendeiit of Public
Works It vra understood that In recognition
of hie service in Hioomn eouutv nnd tint Slate
this full Governm oleit ltoosevelt had selected
li in for the ofllee and tho matter had been
(onlldpil to Hallroad Goniuilssloner Dunn Kx
Mayor Green said he could not accept. Thn
salary attached to the ofllee Is $0,000, and last
jcui hu cleared $'10,000.
oxn nvxnnna teaiis or.n.
Mrs. i;ilrn Ornhmn Mnnvel nf Lnltewond
Mill In Gonil Health,
Mrs, Eliza Graham Manvol celebrates to-day
In Lakowood. N. J hor ono hundredth birth
day. Sho la In good health, nnd retains her
mental faculties to a ronmrknblo degree. Sha
keeps hcrsolf Informed on all Important events
as reported In the daily papers, nnd magazines.
A largo party ot family friends, Including chil
dren, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,
will go to-day to Lakowood from Xew York,
Brooklyn, and Greenwich, Conn., to bear In
person their congratulations and good wishes
3trs. Manvcl wnsltorn In Boston in 1708. Her
father was Hobert Graham, ft doseondant ol tho
old Scottish faintly of 3Iontroso. dating back to
tho tlmo of Hobert Hruee. Hor grent-grnnd-father.
tho Rov. John Graham, wns born In Ed
inburgh. Ho came to tills country nnd sottlod
nt Lxotor. N II, He wns ono of tho oarllost
supporters of lnle College, not only being n
mombor of the corporation but also making
two successful visits on bohalf of tho college to
Lnglntid for tho purposo of procuring aid In
books and money,
Ono of Mrs 3fnnvel's nlecos married Illohard
Grant White, tho writer Another nloco wus
Mrs Innny Harrow, well known under the pen
iinino of "Aunt Fanny." Hor stepson. Fred
orlck 0 .Manvol. is the clerk of Plymouth
Church. In Htooklyn. Mrs Mnnvel's sight Is
still good. Sho spends most of her tlmo In
writing: to momhers of her family nnd hor
many friends. Sho snys sho enjoys llfo, nnd
hopes to continue well for somo years to come.
Sirs Hrldget Fltypntrlck, residing on ork
avenue. Now Brighton. Stnten Islnnd. died nt
lOoclock Monday morning nt thnngu of 100.
Jlrs. Mtypntrlek was a. native of Ireland, and
was born in county Hoscommon on Christians
Day In thn ear 1707 .Her maiden name was
Hridger Crougheu, nnd sho was married to
Daniel Iltzpntrlok In 1821. She had beon n
widow thirty-seven nars. In 1848 3lrs Fltz
pntrlck enmo to this country with hor huslnnd.
ShevvnH tho mother of ten children, only two
of whom nro living. Tlieyarn Mrs 3tnrv3lor
risnnd .Mrs. 3Iurparot Sullivan. 3Irs. It z Pat
rick had tvvunty-three grandchildren and sixty
eight creat-grnndchlldren. .Mrs. rltzpatrick
was able to rend without tho nld of glasses and
she had n good memory. The funeral will take
placo this morning In St. Peter's Church, New
Brighton, and the interment, will bo lu St.
Peter's Cemetery.
a AVE away $.-., $10 axi fat inr.T.s.
A Poorly Dreurd Old M nil Arrested to Save
Ills Money.
A poorly dressed old man. without shoes, was
found surrounded byn crowdof mon In Battery
Park yesterday by Policeman Fcau of the
Church street btatlon. Tho old man, whoso
appearance wus that ot a vagrant, was ulvliig
nwoy live, ten and twenty dollar bills. Fgan
urrcstod him Iu thn old man's pockets tho
Itollceinan found $035 und a draft for $201.50
drawn by Drumley .IBeekorof Oregon, 3Io ,ou
tho American Hxclmngo Nntlonnl Bank.
" W lint Is your name ?" asked the 31aglstrate.
" Daniel routz," answered tho prisoner.
Feutz told tho 3Ioglstrato thut he was born In
"Judge, thoy took my money away from me."
said l'oiitr. " but they didn't got it nil." W Ith
this remark Feutz turned down the band of his
hat nnd ook out n roll of $50 nnd $100 bills,
$7.10 lu all.
Feutr was committed to Bellevue Hospital to
bo examined In regard to his sanity. At the
hospital $42 was found sewed In the collar of
his coat
Councilman I.encli Not to He Combined In
the lliilldlnc Commission.
Tho Council adopted yesterday the Alder
men's resolution providing for the nomination
b the Presidents of the Council nnd Board of
Aldermen of seven members of u commission
to codify the building laws Councilman Lench.
Hepublicnn. of Brooklyn, wanted tho resolution
sent to a committee Vice-President Oakley.
Tammany, told him that ho would doubtless
recolvo every consideration from tho President.
"No. ho won't." said 3Ir. Giiggenholmcr.
Declilim on Quay Demurrers Expected
Philapkij-uia. Nov. 29. Judge T. K Finlet
terdldnot render a decision to-day ou the de
murrers tiled In the Quay case. His opinion is
expected to-morrow. According to general
expectation It will bo against tho defendants,
overruling tho motions to demur and to quash
In that event Quay and tho others will plead
not guilty to tho Indictments and there will be
an early date sot for the trial
UllUUiWVY. Broadway a Bedford Av.
Cult. aiSTir. iFiiltoiiHt ntbustiAT.
I In ovorcoats this
season tho rougher
woollens predomi
nate, and grayish
mixtures aro quite
linwrh popular.
, They're here in
L great variety, from
fVnrni. a serviceable Ox-
ford Frieze, at $15,
to a handsomo and
vory rough Gray
Cheviot, with a
plaid lining woven
on, at 30.
A host of others between those
two. All othor fabric up to 'jj
Fur-linod ones, $83 to $210.
TT!iderwmr. l 00 jipr garment and up.
Warranted Gloves, $1.00.
Path lUbs, $." and up
Dress Shirts, cuffs attuched, l.r.o and $2,
Bain Coats. $7 lo (40.
An exicllsntSIlk Umbrella, Sl.no
Uurr.Oc. Neckwear is the $1.00 Und.
Fancy Waistcoats doublo or
singlo breasted, with or without
collars, H to 10.
Special attention to out of town orderi
fj,tw giiuUcntioiiG.
tie Romance and Tragedy of the Home of the Lata
Empress of Austria
Ukhly lltuitritM with I'orlrnltj, rto.,
in tha lic (L'luittnuu) Nombwof
Frank Leslie's
Popular Monthly
Now 10 cts.; $1 a Year.
Othor Textures Richly Illustrated:
Tim SmoUlna- Car, a rarce, by W, 1'. Hohtlu. '
Cnbim lliprnnps, by Sill. Kis Hum.
April Illoom, tsertaljby Eomtoh "atif.
JVuinl llrr. by Mnii lavixa.
The I'mlur ori.oir, by VV. O. Van T, 8i n'liitx.
Ilmnrn J nn run I lata, by CiiniiA VV. Anr.
Spin cTlea-ruliy, by Abtih-k V. Abbott, U, IS.
sl't-'l Ml lor in.all tha nmiiberaof 1ji the Nov.
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'AU I ot ranalr " or " )"l ot I'anplra rcra
ct, ihteeuiomlii' trial ml rlpllmi (-., .tan and
eb ) tourt her v1l lull b r nil plaie.
Prank Lealle Publlahlne Home, N.V.
Copiu XolJunit SultcnptUHH RtrcitrJ ty Xncsdtah r
S KNIi IM A POSTU. CUtD will quoto any
luo'. ) u naut JiromjiUy, I'll ATI", Hit Mb av.
MiiUTrnr ai.makao rnii tat.
Bnnrliei ... 7 04 Hun et 4 n j Moon rle OSD
mnn wiTrn mii oat.
Bandy Hook, A 3B I Uor.Ial'd, 05 1 Hell Oato.lo 8S
Arrived TvnnAT, Not. 2 p.
8Hoonllanil,Loewltr, Antwerp- Not, ll,
S Derchley, Hall. lUm.
RaVVaahlnitloti Dlnctli"KO, IfamBurv.
SaKirelit'ir, Muller, llotterdam.
R U)tIc, .1imi"k. Llvcrpoul.
H t'rrll. llavlm, Ht. Vincent.
Ha Curityba, Mnliilmr, MatanrAa,
Pa Irrawaddy, I-kk, TrlnuUd.
Ms Oirlinhta, I,nilon, llaraHllcn,
Ha Martolbi. Itltipelli. Hull.
Ha Htnttlah Prlnrn, Dolmon, Santos.
Ba Adirondack, Owen, Savanllla
Halrneo, HebaoV, BUIeliU.
Ba Aiblitiirtnii, llarland. Glbraltat.
Ba l'rina VV lllom II,, Stbblen, Iji (Iniyra.
Ba I'rfncoaa Anna, Iliilpbara, .Norfolk,
ftadolorailo, ltlak, llnumwlclr
Ba New Urleann, Oairir, Mow Orleana.
Ba City nf Auiinata, litoiutt Siratinali.
tia Kxrrlalor, Ilii) d, Now iji leana,
t or later arrivalaaoe 1 Irvt rse.
Anntvtn nirr.
Ba fjtatendam. fmm New Vork, at nolterdam
Ba raurlr. from New ork,at i.lTerool.
Ha SoiilUwnrk. from New York, at Antworp.
8 Hekla. from how iork. at 01irlUa.!jiaiid.
aAtLro rrOM ronitiaH ronm.
Sa Colorldce, from St T.ntia for Now York.
bah rn moji invtmno roBTa.
Ba AleoiPiuIn, from Jaokaonvlllo for New York.
ouTaois.a arxAUiiiiPA.
Aait 7o-ltati
. .. ... .. MailtCtatf Irs'rlSmll
Ft. raul, Southampton 700AM 1000 A. M
Teutonic, LlTtroool 11 011 a. m 1200 I
Kaiitltucton, Antwerp. 10IJ0 A M 1UO0M
I'ranclaoo, Hull . ,
(lallleo, Newraptle
Pomeranian. Olaaiow . .
Arkadla, Porto. Illeo, ,. , SOOPM 4 00 P M
Orlfalw. Havana . 1 00 V II 3IK P M
Couianclio, ClrlMton .'Kill I'M
("omat, UMTOaton . S iki P M
Uller. BCKitwr,,... . It no A M l 00 P l
Orinoco. Bermuda . lonl'll 3 0OPM
Antifla, hwfnil. . r..'..;., 1 00 V VI iiihiI'M
Ardanrpae, Jamaica . ...... u on Ml r, 00 P M
Kail Avidity, D'C. S.
Colorado, Brunawlck . 300PM
. . Due 7V-;u.
MtMlislppI hantlio .. NoviR
Croft lllimler Not 10
ltoiluey Kittterdim Nov 1 1
Bbra tllbraltir Nov 12
Htratbalrl .. . .... .. London Not 1.1
"'do Hull Nov 32
KielerCltr Hwamea . ... Nov H
Philadelphia, Ladiiavm . .. No 22
Halluat St I.ucia Nov21
Hudaon NewOrleana. ... Nov2 1
Athna PnrtT.lmnn Nov 24
RIPaao NewOrleani Nm"i
Aleala Olbialtar. ... Nov IK
StratbloTen Iindon .... Nov 111
Amlea Jamaica . ... Nov 24
El War NewOrlean Nov 25
Due Thuriiau. Dtc. I,
Fm Gibraltar Nov 22
Lbn Uremen Nov 2 1
Advance Colon Nor24
Hera , Ilrviueu Nov lu
Oottfrled Sclienker cllbraltor Nov 17
Matanzaa. .. Havana .... Nov -'
KanaaaClty .... 'Savannah Nov 2M
Alicounnln . . Tackronvlllo Nov -8
Dut Friday I)tc..
Campania I.ivenool Nov 2fl
Ilrltannlo Uverpool Nov J.t
ohfdfiiBe. Para Nov 30
Leona Oalveatou Nm :r,
Caaplan ... Ht. I.ucia. . Nov 24
Due Saturday, I):. J
St. I.ouli Huutbampton Nov 2d
MaapLilla Qurt'iioton Nov 21
Devenum . .. Oporto ... . Nov 24
WelU Cltr... . Swaimea Nov ll
Henperia dlbraltar Nov til
Dut Sunday, lire. A.
IJiOaacosne Havrt No 2it
llottenlanu . Rotterdam .... Nov 24
Cyuirlr . Ilviri'ool Nit 24
AiiKuati-Mrtorli Olbraltar .... Nov 21
Noiiiaillc . Liverpool Nov 211
Colorado . . .. Hull Nov 20
HanMircos (laiveston 0T37
Colertdite Ht Lucia Nov 2
Due Monday, Dec S,
Iteitorniel . .. . Cadiz Nov 20
Ki:T.T,Y-TO1IIKINS.-0nTiieaiay. Nov. 2I, at
the homo of tliu bride's mother, 2.'8 Henry t ,
Ilrooklyn, by tho Itu. Lorenzo Itaaon Clarka,
Julia, daughter of JIrs Jos jih T Tompkins, to
OAKi:s-KOHINi.-Oii TueaJa, Nov. 2, 18B8,
by the Ilev. Cbarlen It err. 1) I) , Kllrabetb ltobiua
and Frederick Oatei.
n VLI.IO IN. On Tueaday. Nov. 20, J8D8. after a
brief lllueaa, William Hallliian, beloved hllabaud
of Eliza Uallleau, In bia Outb year.
Funeral from bis lata residence, .135 2d av., on Fit
day at 1 o'clock.
HOWE. Joseph Howe. In Ida 7tlh 5 car.
Funeral aervloa at Ida lato rcaldeucc. 62il Raat
loittli at.. Thurada) , at H P. M.
IcAI.I.ISTi;it.-At bia home, 227 Deizraw at.,
Ilrooklyn, Tbomaa II. MiAlllater. lu lilt 70th
Funeral on Friday, Dec 2, at 2 P. M.
atOOKi:.-At llelem, M011 , Nov.2, Ittus, lamei 1
Alevauder Moore, M. 1)., sou of thu late William
Moors of SI Croll, Danlali VVeat Indlia.
KKW3IA. On 'lueday, Nov. 211, Marcaret, be
loved wife of Jamea Newman
Font 1 at will bnluld from her lite residence, U77
Putnam av , Ilrookl) 11, at 10 o'clock, ou Tbnrs-
da. Doc. 1, thence to thn Church of Our Lady of
Good Comixe. Iutcrment at Calvar .
I'HINCK. Ou Tuendaj, Nov 2U, Maj Prlncn.be-
1 jved dausbter uf Pavid and Francm A Prince.
Funeral aervlcea un Tburda, Die. J,at2P V.,
at her father's residence, 420 Murria av., Eliza j
beth. N. J I
STOUT, Ou Monday, Nov. 28, Oliver 11. Stout, aon I
of the lite Oliver 11 Stout.
Funeral aervlcea will be held at tho rcsldencoof '
Ida mother, 2p5Vest 4th at , on Wednesday even-
hie, Nov. 30, at H o'clock.
.Slitrinl 3Tottco;.
FOR I)YSIK15IA, collo and rihauMionno
rcmeil like PMIUKHS OINOElt TONIC.
PAHKFIt'H HAllt llALSAMlallfe tothe balr
l'II."l. No cimiUL-. no lot tlmo llookree".
Pa when cured. Dr. CHAPMAN, 107 Kant 2Jd at,
rown signifies wolklone. It's 't '
the color that siniicka of good j f
taste, auil it's a color popular for r
overcoats, because becoming ; sen- 1
sible, becatie it doesn't " Bhow j ij
soil. J ffi
No, our browns won't fade. j J
Our best is n soft and silky , j
overcoat, silk-lineil, 50. Next
a hard firm cloth, worsted-lined, I
j S-iO. Then, a kersey, $32 and a 1
semi-rough cloth, $30. Others afcn. j '' I
28, 25 nnd 20. 8
But don't forget the friend- M
in-need-overcoat tho tilster. m
Brown genuine Irish frieze, 30. i 9
Shaggy Phetlands, 2o and 30. fl
I 1
IT you don't like browns hero's H
j a still bigger variety of blacks, IjfM
blues and greys in which to revel.
Kogkhs, Tket it Co. IjflH
Prince and Urnadwaj. 9 HI
Warren and Hroadway. a "
Thirty second aud Uroadnay. jf Itl
" incli Illnck Cheviot, J fl
55 cents per ynrd ; I
llniisuiil nlue. ,3 .JH
Ithiek lre8N Benths for tho lEI
Qlolidn.vs, in great variety, H
Troin Stt.OO upward, per jll
pattern. fill
.lAMiES AIcCRElERY & CO.. flfl
Hroadway and 11th St. flH
Twenty-third Street. 19
J gljEal
Nearly Veirsiiodril tluv rollrrmnn AYlio 1Hb1
fiiuulit Mini Tlmt lie Was All Itleht. IH
Wlillo paqvitu; Patrick SrrQundo'a saloon nt lllfl
GU4 Ilonderson ntroet. .Torsoy City, about 1:30 rHai
A M. yosterdny. rolicoman Mnxwoll ot tho JlB
Seventh street st.it Ion discovered a mnn inslda IbBH
vrliovvas pncklnc up whlskoy bottles nnd clcarn. l!lH
A panel In tlio door had been broken. Mcu- ipH
well called to tho iiinn to open tlio door. Tlio 'ICaH
mnn started toward n side door, but the pollen Wafl
man thrust the inuzrle of bin revolver through ilfl
tho broken nntiel and ordered lilmacnlntoopea slal
the dom. The order wan complied with. akill
"Hullo. Slnxwell." exclaimed tho mnn as tho lll
policeman entered "What's tho matter?" jal
"What are you doInK here?" Inquired tho po- ll
liooiuiin lH
" hut am I dolne hero?" asked tho man In iB
niipanuit surprise. " S'h. don't you know me t WM
I in MoOundu's non Did you think I was a mM
burirlurr" ho continued "Well, that's a pretty
toodjoko Ilul hut hn!" HI
Maxwell wns n littln bit In doubt, but lie sue- 'ail
Bested that the man hnd better accompany hlrq Hfl
to thestntlou Thn man said ho would call SaH9
Muriiliy. the linrteiuler, down to lilontKy him. SfSU
nuilMiirphs was called, but he wai unnbln to 3 fikl
idontily the man as McQuudo's son. The nervo . i '
of the burclar, lor he proved to be one, did not J. 91
desert him even then. Ho suptrestod that they I l
all havo u drink nnd then he would no and t :
brine his latliur. The iioliccman placed him I 'J9
under arrest, nnd at thn pollco station he was j i II
Identified as Jnuies O'Brien. 21 )enrs old, of t i tifW
irl l'ilteentli street, one ot the most darinir a . ,
burelnrs In tho city. His picture is in tim H
IIokuos' Gallery, and he has served several jM
short terms in prison. Ho was committed lit ; Stl
ildfnultof $500 bail to await the action of tha S B
(IratidJury. lH
1: 4awi
whose "Countiy of the Pointed Firs" and other ii U
btories and sketches of New England life and 0 41
clnrncter are delightful in their humor and charm- 1
Ins In their sympathy, Is one of more than 200 dl$- a SM
tlngulshed writers who will contribute to tht fi: I
1S99 volume of ' Hf 1
Her story of "The Parshlcv CclebraHon" will fill
please not only the gray veteran, but likewise the li'iaH
young soldier, fresh from the war. iliiH
Che Companion Calendar, .... ill
Tlir moat hrautllul gilt cvrr pre. qSH
bfutcd to Companion rlilcra, fillH
.... Tree to Dew Subscribers. IgH
( pVCRY one who subscribes now, acndiiiK i 75 snd mention- ! mII
S - Iiik this paper, or cutting out and encloaiutr thli tilp, will 1 rlK'H
teccive 1 he Couipmiioii every week flora the lime of aubacilntion 1 QBraiaH
Injaima; quo 1 (lln otter fncludca the rcinalnluK lanuea of 6,S !' tffilaH
Fill and the gilt of the Companion Calendar, lithographed In pIibH
S tivehe color und gold - suitable (or the adornment Of the rulaal
prcttleat corner of the houne JEn HBaH

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