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vAtn nonniiD m.v.
Womnn In the Cmo Went-nxe Diamonds
( iurt nnd Tnkes Hie Iilaoloanres
wlh Unconcern Her I'aat lfo Untied
State tOnator-Klect Simon Jn Court.
If not aulte nil. at least ns much aswasde-
alrab'.e was toM In tho Cloncral Bosnlons before.
jlecotJor Ooff yestcrdnr of tho lslt ofrroprl'
tor Martin Malion of tho Now Amsterdam
Hotel'tipon Mm. rno Btralian Mooro In hor
rooms nt tho Hotel Oronoblo on tho ovcnlnc of
Nov 4-a friendly Sail which Is said to hao cost
Mr Mahon H70 In cash, a promissory note for
i $3,000. nnd n cruat deal of perturbation of
nilnd Tho last namod was muoh In ovldeneo
atlntennls yesterday while ho was giving hlj
i ; tejtimony to convict William A. E. Mooro. tho
woman's husband, of robbery In tho first
dosree In working tho badger earno on
him. Very soldom do tho victims of this form
of extortion bring tho matter Into tho courts
and the rarity of this kind of trial, together
' wltn the fact that tho woman In tho caso Is tho
dauslitorof tho lata Chief Justloo Btrahan of
Oregon and vorv different from tho aroraso
1 rr,onoronacrlmlnaloharjro.cniisedthocourt-
f room to be crowded. Mrs. Mooro Is Awaiting
S trial on tho charco of consplrlmt to rob Mr.
Mahon Ono of tho visitors to tho courtroom
was United RtMes Senator-elect Josoph Blmon
of Oregon, who was a frlond of Mrs. Mooro'a
Mr Jlooro Is regular of feature clear of com
plexion and has large, rather dark bluo eyos set
under heavy eyebrows. 8ho Is. In fact, a pretty
woman of a certain type, and she dresses so as
to accentunto such advantages as alio possosoes,
bat her typo of bonutrls not n hlsrhono. Sho
Is precMy the sort of young woman of whom
one would csrect that sho would woar larco
diamond earrlncs to a criminal court If sho
had them 8,ho has tho earrings very larco
ones-ami sho woro them yesterday, be
sides a number of other dlamouds. Through
out the testimony, whloh was ouch that
Assistant District Attornoy Mclntyre warned
and llecorder Goff requested alt women
to leao tho room, eho sat either
Indifferent or openly amused, and this despite
tho fact that tho worst of tho testimony had to
do with her bchaUor. From beginning to end
he was much raoro comfortable, to all appear
ances, than tho complainant witness, from
whom, unwillingly, tho occurrences or his call
upoa the woman woro dragged.
Mahon was on tho witness stand nil day ex
cept for ono hour In tho morning, when Mr.
Jlolntyro outlined tho prosecution's case to tho
lurT. The lawyer described tho career of tho
noman. saying that her relations with Mahon,
which began nbout threo years ago, woro
broken off because of her friendship with a
negro nnmod Hills: that aftor lonvlng tho
negro she wont to lire with a riding master
calling himself CounfHatonyi, and that Moore,
thoush ho know of these matters, took hor
from the apartments of tho ".Count" and went
abroad with her. Mooro know of her former
relations with Mahon, ho said, and the pair clo
dded tosotn trap-tor the hotel keeper. How lie
fell Into the trnu Mr. Mclntyre told andalso of
the attack upon Dctectivo Sergeant Cuff when
he went to arrost tho pair. , . .
Then Mahon was called. Tho proprietor of
the New Amsterdam Hotel repealed himself as
amUldlo-agod Irishman, mild of manner, slow
of comprehension ot the questions put toh m.
and considerably embnrrassod. Ho said that
he IIM mot Mrs. Moore at a dinner party at his
hotel threo yeurs ago. LHe rose hero to Identify
her. and sho looked him straight in tho eyes
without a tremor.) Sho left a ring nt Ills hotel
by mlstako und camo back after It. on
hloh occasion thoy became better ac
quainted and tho acquaintance was kept up.
but lapsed when bIib went abroad. Throe
, months ago thoy met again at tho Waldorf
i and again became friends. , To her request
for a diamond honuhoo pin which ho was
wearing, ho responded by letting hertakotho
pin to wear, lending It. as ho understood the
I matter. Then-alter Bhe called at his hotel
seiernl times, nnd he mentioned tho mntterof
tho pin, but she alwayB succeedud In turning
the conversation toother mibjoet. On Nov. 4
hhe called him up by telephone and asked him
tomeetherat the Metropole. sajing that she
hud matters of importance to talk to him about,
and also that he could pet his pin there. Bo ho
went, Gittlnu there late, ho went into tho
1 ladles' parlor, nnd saw Mrs. Mooro sitting on a
wifanear the window talking with a man who
was standing outside.
At this point Jlr. Moore, who was sitting at
the rear of the room almost hidden from tho
fpectnton.. leaned forward and seemed to llbten
with more interest than she had before evinced,.
Mr. Mclntyre asked:
"Could you recognize thl" man ?
"Vs.slr: Itt was Moore, tho defendant.
"What did ho do nt that time?"
" As noon as I camo in n lett tho window, and
Mrs Moore, walking across to me, said that I
was late, and so I wns, for It was nearly 7 and
she hnd said for me to bo there at O."
" Did you remain long at the Motropolo ? "
"About half nn hour. Wo had dinner there.
Then sho said for mo to como up to her rooms
at the Grenoble. It wan not far. sho said, and
she would bo clad of my company there, as her
huibiind was In Washington and sho was
lonely. Wo might play n .little game or cards,
she snld, and when I asked hor again about tho
pin she snld I might get that, too."
"And j on went with her to her room?"
"ies sir." tho witness answered with some
" What did you do thero?"
" Well wo Played cards."
" How was Mrs. Mooro dressed ?" , - -
"Hhe went into the other room and un
dressed, and put on somo kind of a wrapper
thine It was a gown, or a sack, or something,
maybe. Then slio camo out and wo played
"Did she sit on your lap?"
"Well es. sho did "
"And sho kissed you?"
"Well yos, sho did."
Here Recorder Goff began to show slgnB of
uneasiness, and at the next question he eug
eested that all tho womon in the court leave
the room. At the instance of tho court officers,
who Interpreted the Iteeorder's words as some
thing more than a suggestion, tho women, pro
testinel), departed. Mr. 'Million then told ot
the appenrnnco of Moore upon the nceno.
"Mrs Moore coughed and tho dofondantran
In and cot a big pistol out of the drawer. Ho
held it to my head and asked mo who I was. I
told him, hut hn didn't like it. nnd hit mo ovpr
the head and told mo to shut up. Then he told
me to cign n eonlesslon. I signed It because
I thought tliut li was going to shoot. Ho said
sverr minute that he would blow my head oft
nnd hohworougly. Ho put tho confession in
hla pocket nnd told me I'd have to sottlo $50.-
000 on tho woman for tho wrong I hnd done.
He nald he could iiover live with hor after that.
1 told him I didn't have that much. Hn
turned on Mrs. Moore and said: "What the hell
kind of a millionaire Ih this you brought me?
llecnn'tclNo up for ten thou?.' Evory minute
he wns swourinc ho'd kill me. sol signed a
note for$r.000. halt to be paid Sunday and tho
rest Monday He wanted It madn payable tho
next day. but I begged for tlmo and ho pavo it
to me, liy that tlmo I thought maybo he was
through with me. but he wasn't. All that I had
with mo ho took from my pockets. It was $171)
and somo odd chnngo. 1 forgot how much
exactly Tlio change makes no difference,
what with tho hit ho gno mo, myoollur was all
Mood, and they wnbhed my faco for mo nnd
fate men clean collar nnd npcktlo to wearso
l look nil nuht when 1 went down.V
The witness was talking now without any
rollesof Ma foriueromlmrriissment,and ho was
about lu continuo the talo ot his misadventures
when u reee-w was taken. At tho afternoon
""km Mr Mclntyre soon got him into the
awing ot IiIk nnrratlvo again and ho told of his
leaving the hotel. Meantime thero had been u
wild nmh for seats, and tho room was so
iTowded that the Hecorder ordered tho doors
kicked In tho rush the court officers had a
hard time, and C'upt, t heelock of tho squad
hid hn hand badly wrenchod In his efforts to
irescrwi order Mr. Million continued Ills tes
timony; , "Alter I left the hotel Moore came after mo.
How do) nu feel now?' ho says. I told him I
wan t 'o'dlng ory good nnd he treated mo to
i'"U loot drinks Hu told me ho was a rela
! i Mink llunna and a personal friend of
'resident MeKliile) and a thirty-third degree
Jlas " nuil It wouldn't do mo any good to hme
jini .irnMed, for he had too much null, and
w nil onl get me Into trouble. ' It s n guod
tiling ,r 0n (hat ton weren't that nigger or
' ' unt ' ho buid. "or I'd haepul a bul
't Mir. muli your head, but you'ie different.'
'"""id 'i Hen ho tnid mo nliout taking Mix.
'i re ,m,u f,n the count, 1 said to him:
i i m- iv jour turn, nnd now initio will
'iii'" into be' He heemed surprised nt thut,
'"-i' h didn't think I'd tako it that way.
J wem an ay and had n bath mid got my head
Ha iii" i hi
Wh udiiHoii not soohim?''
HI . Mi"n li'ii-uniurotho hotel on Saturday for
a '"i ii i -.1 .',,")( ii)i tolii til in I had no money for
ffl ",''" nnd In tliieatenad mo with his l;iu)er
II iMnie h oii lawjor?' I nrkeil him. and hu
!m ")V" w ,!t hi tiio other loom. I told him.
H 'ringiiiiu out.' but tho lawyer didn't come '
W .. i ' ,u. know tho negro whom Mooro re-
II i V'" '"' was a ninn named Kills.''
I IJ ,. '. "f1'' called lor, but he wns not In the
mii i, '""' " suhixenn was Issued for hlui Jim
H IV '."'-''hell tofdot his complaint to the ixiliuu
n '"line arrest of tho oouplo. Hn said that lie
.f uarriidand tho father of tlueo elilldren.
LLl '''ro;tgliout his direct examination lie had
iiH ntoiue.1 a- far us imsslbio niuking any reply
LLl -!'i "."oulil tend to show that ills rwatlons
H won irs iifjo,.,, wetn oller t liidi correct In
m 10ertoihoquest:or.i,lrect liodeclated thai
M i
LLHk WrJWir1i' " i ii 'VrintflBhilrifirt'W'
therft had boon nothing wrong between thorn.
For the crnss-oxamlnntlnn Lawyer Abraham
Low took the witness In hnml.
."Now. Mr, Mahon," said Mr. Levy, "during
nil tho tlmo that you know Mrs. Mooro were
your relations with her lionorabler" . , .
At this tho woman leaned oscrsothnt sho
could son Million's face, nnd when. ho ropllqd
" Ves" sho exololmod " Oh 1" under hor breath,
then shrugged her shoulders and laughed.
Did you toll her right awny that you woro a
married man?" . . .
" I did not. Thoro wns no reason why I'
should." , ,
"Did you suggost her going to live with a
Mrs, Johnson ' .
"Well, sho wanted to know whoro thoro was
a nleo boardlnc house, and I told hor nbout
Hero Mrs. Mooro made gestures of dissent.
" Did yon pay her board?" . ,
"Well, I lent her inonuv nnd sho forgot to sho
it back.' , ,
LnwyorLovy then went over again tho call at
the Grenoble, and the witness said that, barring
tho ono Incident of Mrs. Monro disrobing in
plain sight of whore ho sat. though In another
room, her actions woro "entirely ladyllko." Ho
admitted hnving ghen hor'' n diamond and
sapphire bracelet to wear. Ho was then asked
about taking hor to tho theatre nnd todrlvo
and to dinners, nnd why hn did nil thesn things.
" I wanted to see the sights and shn wag good
company," said he. a reply which nfTorded tho
roolplont of tho compliment n vast deal ot
Lawyer Lovr wont Into details as to Booing
tho sights. Ho jnuntod with them to road
houses, to tho I'nrk; ho sat down and rosn up
with them at tho dining tnblesot various ho
tels and restaurants: ho oven participated In
tho frequent aim friendly calls which tho
woman made upon Mr. Mahon nt tho Now Am'
sterdam Hotel, but ho could get nondmtsslon
from the witness-or conduct that was other
than rigidly clrouraspoct. Mr, Mahon wouldn't
oven admit having over called Mrs. Mooro
"denr" or "pet," although Lawyer Levy lin
gered with unctuous relish on these, forms of
address. "1 always called hor Mrs.Mooro after
sho was married, said tho witness, " and Miss
Btrahan before."
"At nny rate." said Mr. Lovy. you were
much attracted to hor."
"Well. I liked hor company."
"And you ran nfterher?"
"Not ns much as she ran after mo."
" You didn't repulse her ?"
" No. fllr; I wouldn't Insult a lady."
" Did you over wrlto to her ?"
"No. I dictated a letter once." i
"Why did you do that? Woro you afraid of
"No. I was never afraid ot her. Thero was
nothing to bo afraid of."
"Thon why did you dictate Instoad of writ-
" Well I don't wrlto very eood. I dictate all
my letters."
Lawyer Lovy conducted Mr. Mahon back to
Mrs. Moore's room at the Gronobio and kept
him thoro In great uneasiness until-court adjourned.
The Fnmlly of TTealthT Mrs. Ileddle Will
Contest ber Will.
Sptdal Cablt Dtipalch to TniSc.
Paris. Dec. 1. Much interest Is displayed
hero in a caso arising from the will
of a Canadian woman, tho widow of n
wealthy Englishman namod Maxwoll Reddle,
from whom she lnhorited a largs fortune. Tho
widow, who recently died In London,
resldod In Tarls, where a will was found be
queathing a fortuno of 10.000,000 francs to
her sister, tho Marchioness do Bllllottl.
A lator will has since been discovered
bequeathing tho whole of the fortuno to
night refuges In Tarls. except legacies to two
womon friends and an annuity of 2.800 francs
to the mother of tho testatrix. Mrs. Duloc. who
resides In Montreal.
Tho will makes no mention ot a halt sister.
Mme. Bourdeau. residing In Canada. At 'tho
Instance of a halt brother, whoso namo
Is Martel and who lives here, tho
Canadian Commissioner yesterday caused
Mrs. Heddlo's lato resldenco to bo sealed
legally with tho view to contesting tho
will. Tho widow's estrangement from hor
family Is asoribed to her companion, Mme.
Satorros, one of tho beneficiaries under the
Even n Patent Fire Ilelmet Does Not Save
Them from Its Influence.
A gasman of the name ot Murphy was put
ting In a now meter In tho basement under
Henry Midler's liquor store, at I !H Mercer street,
yesterday morning, rfhen an Italian bootblack
camo down with a lighted candle. Immediate
ly thero wns an explosion. An alarm brought
Knglnor5. and Capt. Aiken nndTlroman Weber
ran in with tho hose and put out tho flro. They
camo out with hands nnd faces singed.
Hook and Ladder Truck B camo up and Chief
Lally and Assistant Foreman Wleland wont
down in the basement to sen it all was safo.
They woro overoomo by the cscnplng gas and
tell senseless. Their comrades dragged them
out. Wleland recovered first and went back,
only to bo brought out senseless once more,
justas the Chief came to. and started down
again only to bo defeated. Wlion Wlolnnd re
coerod ho Insisted upon trying again. Ho put
on a patent helmet that is supposed to feed tho
one who wears it with compressed nlrnnd keep
him snfo in smoko or gas, and went In the
third time. He was again overcome and his
comrades found him lvlng apparently dead and
dragged him out to the street. They laid him
in the snow, but he didn't como to. and they
sent for an amhulancn He was still senseless
when they sent him off to Bt. Vincent's Hospital
to bo revlied.
Superintendent Rellly or the gas company
came along with a pair of pinchers and strode
into tho cellar to turn off tho gas. Then the
firemen had a job carrying him out, and ns he
also Insisted upon going hack Chief Lally de
tailed a fireman to go with him wherever ho
went nnrt help him out. While they were
consulting about what to do next, the gas was
hut off somewhere else and ceased escaping.
Then the firemen went home.
Leaves All to Ills Wife n Kevelntlon of
Ills Motor Secret!.
rniLADXLPnii. Doe. 1. Tho will of John W.
Keoly. tho motor Imentor, who died Nov. IB.
was fllod to-day. Ho devised all tho property
of which ho should dlo possessed to his wife
Anna M. Keely, whom ho also appoints his solo
executor. The will was dated Oct. 25. 1887.
and Is vory brief. An accompanying Imentory
places tho value of tho estate nt flO.lHM).
No developments hnve yet occurred to Indi
cate whether tho Kooly Motor Btoek Company
will make a claim for that part of Keely's estate
including his laboratory. Tho directors have
ovldently waited until the terms ot tho will
were mado known before proceeding In tho
mattor. Mrs. Koely has mado preparations to
meet u posslblo lawsuit oer the question
whether her husband did or did not leavo a
tracoof his secret discovery of auullcged new
power. The Keely Motor Company Is llkour to
take somo action to forco a roi elation. "
Verdicts Against Pennsylvania Corpora
tions, ninmsnuna, Pa., Dec. 1. Verdicts were
taken to-day In tho Dauphin County Court In
favor ot the commonwealth In a lone list of
Stato taxes cases growing out of tho appeal by
tho defendant corporations from, tho taxes
settled against thorn lor JKD7 by tho Auditor
General nnd Htnto Treasurer. Tho largest ver
dict obtained was in tho case ngalnst tho Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Hudson Hallwiiv Com
pany, which Is ordered to pay $124,777.14 tax
on capital stock, und $824.1X1 on loans.
lllss Minna Williams und Mother Die on
the Sumo Dnv.
Cincinnati. Doc. L 311st Minna Williams,
slstorof Mrs. Alice Williams llrotlyirton, tho
well-known Western authoress and leader,
died this morning nt her home at Walnut Hills.
Three hours later 311st Wllllams'smolhor. Mrs.
Until II. Williams, died Hum apoplexy MUs
Williams was a talented riigrtuor Her phytd
elan, l)r Charles Judkliih, sas hrr llliiet. was
dun to worry because her work was not rrcog-nlzed.
xiomxos .tnour roir.v
Auioia: the aiMjrgjr who arrive 1 Ut ululit t
Qui mine on ttwi i.tmi! Advuute fr in Colon wa
C.iit. K. 1. aliiKti, V . K , rcinvil.
1'arii (lllln, Abraham Piluii and II. We'ulii g, in-rux-dof
riuinu an Illicit till at nun IJ I'.tt
tn ot. wire lulu fur tiiumtuutlun b Cu iiiuift'iiuw
BU elds eteruu) .
Tllfiilnri' Mess obtained n Mr 11 I of V-'T'd
ammst A. M. 1'sliiur. tne tluutrliul niui utt i. oen'.u
Jliutiee hn'lt ill tliehupieliiw Umnl j vstt l Ja) 'i lit.
suit as Insert mi iintciirlv n 1 lull i nn im-ii fur
ni'iney lojiird to him by Mom.
JiidmoiiUof ahNoluu rtiwn' wer touted M'
tcrdsr ' Jutlif Htntt r In nin:i id sdilr in nm
lllrxili. to IiU linlillmv li'Jiu Ji'iipii ll"l ilmn mid
toMsrilia lllt'di truui Juii ph I . llluili.diiil ti Jiihoiu
ltii.sellinKiuiua llollidiiy from DjiiIiI Hull1a.
Tli" Mount Heljelo Alunuiv I'lulmf hi Yuri
lll IismjII" tirinti fmutniiuii iiu.iiul imrtinc ainl
luinheeu ul tho i'llth Atfiiue itotit t 'iiniriou tlm
buluei" inettlnit t II A 51. ui d a I nn In on at I
I-. M. hjvirjl d sting t ltd ji, u'ir n.il n lifir.
uit iitHiteil
(lior.'e ONell niuvii'oli ' ebprd liouil lexilnnl,
O .nun ItJrdia M Jhnuld a nM if 1 1 kihI .i.lu
wuid sbui Irttlrink Ju u p ivniu ,kn.tnr wio
iritfd ilit lovque t a I 'i c m Wttt liriartrtii,
lullUlillil lot ul.lvf. i. Ill Han Ir.iMliJKlll
da Judt L'uWiu. l.i tl,i l.iUu.1 rt. ssiuus.
Snys It Is n Tlmo Now for Americans fpt
to Call Eneli Other Snmes, Fbnt to Pnt
Unch Otlier on the Ilnek-Prolaea Voluh
leers nnrt Kegulnrs-Hoosevelt's Letter.
Mnjor-Gon. William It. Bhafter wns tho
guest of honor at a dinner given Inst night at
tho Montauk Club by I). S. Grant Post. G.
A. It. Llcut.-Oov. Timothy L, Woodruff nnd
Capt. Francis A. Cook of tho United Blntcs
cruiser Brooklyn wore also guests of the post.
Gen. Btownrt L. Woodford wns Iho tonstmas
tcr. Oon, Shnttnr was ory wnrmly Vo
celvod. nnd ns ho told tho story of tho
Bantlago campaign ho wui' Interrupted by
round upon round of applauso, choers nnd
shouts. Ho wan undoubtedly tho hero of tho
ovonlnc. It wns thought that Gon. Bhafter
might havo something to say In roforonco (o
tho report mado by Hear Admiral Bampson on
tho Joint operations of tho nrmy nnd nnvy before
Bantlago, In which tho Admiral mado public tho
correspondonco bclwoen hlmsolf and Gen.
Bhafter prior to the capitulation of Gen. Tornl.
But Gon. Bhaftor. as ho did a wook ago to-,
night at tho dinner given to him by tho Bons ot
the Revolution, confined himself entirety to
the operations ot ( he nrmy, nndwhllohopratsod
tho navy for Its work before Bantlago,
and said most emphatically that tho victory
would nothaio been won without tho nrmy'o
help, ho did not mention tho nnmo of tho com
manding ofllcor of tho navy nt Bantlago. Ho
said a word, at tho closo of his aftcr-dlnnor
snoech. which Is ovldently nil that ho Intonds to
Bay upon the matter.
"Some ory harsh criticisms havo been
passed upon tho Bnntlago campaign," said Gen.
Bhafter. " All I have to say Is that tho Ameri
can army came out on top. (Cheors.l I
hao carefully abstained from entering Into
nny controersy over the cnmpalgn. It
has scorned to me that ,in n time llko
tills wc should bo so happy aud so proud oor
tho neh!oomenta of tho American land and
naal forces that wo should ba patting each
other on tho back Instead ot calling each other
In an Instant tho whole company was on Its
feet cheering like mad.
" Threo cheers for Gon. Bhaftorl" somobody
yelled out, and three cheers woro given a dozen
times over.
"God bless you, Gon. Bhaftorl" cried an old
veteran of til, his nyes wet with toars.
Gen. Bhaftor, in opening his speoch, said that
speechmnklng had never boon his business;
action had boon his business. Thirty-seven
years ago, when ho marched nwny from his
father's fur in lu Michigan, he little expected
that ho would ever command an army of tho
United Blates and lend it to n great vic
tory. But Hit had happened, and It wns
far more thnn he ever had n right to expect.
Ho was glad to know thnt his ofllclnl earcer re
ceived the approbation of his countrymen.
Gen. Hhafter then went on to relate tho story
of the fnll of Santiago. ,
' Wo had to undergo privations down at San
tiago. If you're going to hurt a mnn you'vo
got to gt up to him so that he can hurt you.
That'sn principle of war. Tho United States
were not prepared for war, but wo did the bORt
we could. Your honored Governor, or. rather,
tho man who will bo your uovernnr very
soon (Great cheering and cries of ' ltooso
volt"). camo to mo with tears In his oves nt
Tampa when I wns going to takeaway only
ono battalion of his regiment. Ho wanted to
go with me. nnd so did all of his men. So did
every American soldier at Tnmpa. IApplauso.1
Bo badly did they want to go that they were
willing to sloop on tho yards of tho
transports going down. (Laughter.) I selected
tho most efficient troops nnd took all the regu
lar troops I could. The regulars were selected
because thoy wore trained soldiers. In HI.
vou will remember, wo hnd no fighting until
'02. und we had a ear to weed out tho sick and
wenk. Tho volunteers that camo to me had
been but twoweeksln thesorflce. Col.Groone.
who was then nt tho head of tho Beventy-flrst,
camo to me and snld thero were flOO men In his
regiment who had never fired a gun. This
amared me. I was brought up in tho West,
whoro ovcrybody shoots. I was amared thnt
thero was a soldier with mo who had never
even fired u gun. But thero was never a better
army in America than the army I took with
me to Santiago.
"Wo might have taken Santiago In tho first
day of the lighting, but it wo had Con era would
havo sunk ills fleeut inthe harborand wo would
hao captured only tho 7.000 Spanish soldiers
then In the city. Hnd we takou Santiago the
first day 1 am auro the war would not have end
ed so suddenlvaslt did. But wo captured tho
city. (Cheers.l ,
''Whllo I don't say that tho flag of America
will always float In Santiago, for probably It
will not. 1 do Miy that the flag ot Spain will
novcr return." . ... .
Oen. Shaffer again referred to tho stories of
sufTnring among his troops. No war. he said,
wns over waged without suffering. He ap
pealed to the urand Army men all oDOUt him,
and they said that ho was right.
" I well remember." remarked Gen. Bhafter.
"that in Jnnunry. 180. whilo wo were pur
suing Hood's rapidly retreating nrmy wo were
onenmped on Gen. Joe Wheeler s farm, or near
there. For two days nil wo had to oat I" tarchod
corn," shouted somebodyl yes. iiarched corn.
There was no kicking about it." (Applauso and
cries of "That's right.")
Capt. Cook of tho Brooklyn told tho story of
tho sinking of C'flrvera's fleet outside of tho
harbor or Bantlago.
Lleut.-Go. Woodruff followed with a speech
for expansion , ...
Among the lotters of regret rend was tho fol
lowing from tho Governor-elect.
I wish I could accept your invitation, but I am
trying not to make another engigsment now. I
snail take pirtlcular pleasure in beinic present with
members of the Orand Army on some future occa
sion, but I rtgret that it is not porslble now, Faith
fully ycurs. T. Rocwxvelt.
Go. Hoosevelt's nnmo was greeted with
A Brooklyn Girl, Tortured by Dyspepsia,
Shoots Herself Through tho Ilrrtrt.
Jlary Fischer. 10 years old. committed sul
cldo yesterday afternoon at her home. 101
Willoushby nvenue, Brooklyn, by shooting her
self In tho heart with a revolver belong to hor
brother. George Fischer, n bookkeeper, Tho
othor momborjof tho family were Mrs. Cath
erine V.. l'Ischor. tho widowed mother, and an
other dnnghtcr two jears older than Mary.
There was also an aged domestic. Margara.
loues, whose chief duty wns to nurse the
younger sister, who hnd been an invalid al
most since she left school, threo jenrs no.
her chief ailment being clironlc dyspepsia. In
lltsof melancholy the girl often cxprossod a do
sfro ror death as a relief from her suffering.
About :t o'clock yesterday afternoon tho
brother and tiie elder -later loft the housj to
visit borne rolntl'cs at Flushing. Half an hour
later tho mother went shopping. Mrs. Fis
cher had asked Jlary to neconi tinny her. Tho
girl declined. Having that sho did not feel
strong enough, A few inlnutoa after her
mother left Mary remarked to Sirs. Jones:
"1 don't Know, but somehow I would rather
leoutot tho world than In It."
The girl then went upstairs. When Mrs.
riselier returned nn hour later sho Inquired
for .Mary. Not llndlng hor, sho wont upstairs
and discovered her bodvon tho floor lu her
brother's room, with the revolver by her side.
Committed Kulcldo by Jumping Into a Well.
Aluaky, Dec. 1, 3Irs. Uobort Ollvor, aged 42
years, who lived with hor husband and two
sons nn nfurm about a mllo and a half oast ot
VonrheoHV ille. committed suicide by drowning
In a well neartlio house this morning. Sho hail
been III lor some time, and arose early this
morning, while her husband wns asleep, and
jumped In thu well. Her body was found a few
hours luter. .
'Hunk llmikkreprr Kills Himself,
Kvi.i.11. Jims.. Dec. 1,-Wlllard T." Derby,
bookkeeper in the Asiatic National Bank, ond
cd his life by shooting nt his house, Ki Harbor
stieet, hist oveiiing. Ho was 27 years old nnd a
member nf tho Corinthian Yacht Club of Mar
blelio.ul and of the Ainci lean Mechanics nt thlb
city. Ho wns unmarried.
Mis. Clfiro Jlt'llt Mrs, Kllnu into luseusl
lillity with n I'tillreninii's Club.
3Irs, .MuryC'rccCo, 28 jears old, of 410 West
Forty-sixth street, was looked up lu the West
Forty-soventh street pollco station l.u-t night,
charged uillihnvingliiokun n policeman's club
over thu head of Jlrs, Jneob Kline, owner of tho
tint house in vvlileii lioth lived. While Mrs,
('remi was out. Into in Ihu afternoon, herllitlii
hov tinned mi tho water nt one of the kitchen
faucvls.ainlnllowed w much to run over the
kIiik that II poured into Mis, Kline's looms on
ilu Hour below. Mru. Kllnu and MrH. t'leeeu
ciuiiH tu oIoh's ilia dispute overlho iimtlur.nnd
weie mummied by Mr hhne. Later the two
wtimeii met ugiilii in anotherilut In the build
lug, mill Alls l reeeu drew it iilleeman'a club
Iroiii the lo iU ol herskirt and beat Mm Ivlluo
into liihfiininilitv, );i Keluiler of .'111 West
Foiiy.fluhtii hlieet huia Hint Mrs, Kline may
iiuvuH liuutliud hS.ii'I, u:id Unit her recovery in
noavn moxet ran socdieiiht
Troops In Jflonoliilii Tell the Story-Stave
Trade lu the New Hebrides.
Vancouver. B. C, Deo. 1. Tho steamship
Mlowora brings tho following mall advices
from Honolulu:
Detootlvcs In Honolulu have discovered that
tho monoy recently sent to pay tho American
troops nt Honolulu I bogus American currency
recently in circulation In Honolulu and palmed
off on Ihoso having to do with supplying provi
sions to tho soldlors. The dctoctlvcs havo tho
stories of several Amnrlcnn soldlors who woro
In tho secret nnd who.lnformod tho detective
ns soon as tho transport left.
Gangs of Gallclans. imported from Austria
for sugar plantations, rofusod to work under
colored Itawnllans when thoy got thero. All
havo been Imnrlsonod nnd will bokoptln con
finement until thoy consent to work unnor
Hawaiian foremen. When tho poor Gallclans
arc marched through tho streets in prison garb
alongside vicious criminals great indignation
is oxpressed at their detention and It Is reared
thnt an attempt nt f rcolng tho prisonors may bo
made. , ,
11. 31. B. Jllldurn has returned from a six
months' enilso among the Now Hebrides. Tho
British wnrshlp ant tho French warship Euro
were doing patrol duty sldo by side. At tho
liost of the French company two convict
eallod on another, drank his liquor, and
thon shot him dead. Tho natives attacked
tho whites, nnd numerous murdors took plnco.
Tho Mlldura and Euro landed at tho place,
rounded up tho rlnrilcadors nnd punished I
them. The Mlldura then called ntthn Island ot
Arhn, nnd learned thnt tho British Consul.
James Duncan, had been murdered by nntlve
villagers. A squad of bluejackets landed and
burned tho offending village. Tho Inhabitants
lied to tho hills. . , ,
Atthe Frromnngo Islands tho natives were
punished for lining up on tho bank and firing
a volloy into n British schoonor dospito tho fact
thnt tho British schooner had returned tho tiro
and killed sevornl natives.
At I'enteeoit Inland the arrival of the Jllldurn
saved n titimhnr of Mnlaneslun missionaries
from a verdict of death passed upon them for .
killing n nativo who had attomptud to stub ono t
of their number. I
At Ambyrm Island the natives and whites
woro in revolt. A tribe ot frlendllcs had joined ,
tho whites and a bloody war was lmmliiont,
when tho commander of tho Mlldura quieted
matters and arranged peace overtures by
threatening to blow up tho Island wlthdjna- I
At Arba Island a startling stato of affairs was '
discovered. A young nattvo girl, dnughtorof
the relmilng chief, had boon carried otr by tho t
Captain of n French cutter. The cutter was
still In sight and the Captain ot tho .Mlldura
crowded on full steam, overtook the, French- i
man and compellod hint to givo up tho
glr), who was carried back to hor parents by
tho French wnrshlp Eure. This pernicious
custom Is reported ns prevailing to an alarm
ing extent In Now Hehrides. the French be
ing tho offenders. Sometimes a shipload
ot girls Is taken, ono for each sailor be
ing carried away. It Is not customary
to purchaso those nativo girls. They are.
as n rulo. seized whilo bathing on tho bench
just prior to tho departure nt a schooner and
carried off by forco A list of captains in this
most revolting branch of tho slave trado is
being supplied to tho French authorities by
the native chiefs.
Tho Mlldura passed Lopovl Island whilo tho
volcano was in active eniDtlnn All tho Inlands
adjacent to Lonev I are smothered undor dust,
among them being Apl, I'aama nnd Abyrm.
Sevornl eruptions have taken place. In tho
last tho lava stream was 200 feet wldo ond
killed everything in its path. When tho Mll
dura passed tho light wns shut out by lava
dust. The loss of lllo was heavy.
a busy nunaLAK KAnnEn.
Frank T.nrliln Alius Frank Willis Connected
with Several Crimea.
Frank Larkln, alias Frnnk Willis, tho sleek
nnd well-dressed negro who wns nnbbed by
Brooklyn detectives In Simpson's pnwnshop In"
Park Row on Wednesday, where he had called
to redeem a stolen gold watch which ho hid
pawned a counle of weeks ago. Is believed to
be one ot tho thieves who have been recently
devastating tho suburban Flatbush district.
Tho cold watch belangcd to Bert A. Portorand
was part of tho proceeds ot a burxlory at tho
house ot Col. Timothy H. Itoberts at 212 Rut
land row. Flatbush. It was pawned by the
prlsonor on tho morning aftor the robbery.
When soarched In tho pawnshop another gold
watch, a cold pen nnd somo other articles of
jowelry. all supposed to havo been stolen, woro
found on the prisoner.
On Oct. IU Larkln wns arrested In Flatbush
on a chargf ot vagrancy and his property was
taken charge ot by Charles Ulatchfonl. tho
property clerk. Ho was discharged tho fol
lowing day by Moclstrato Sneers, ond when ho
gave Illatohfnrd a receipt for his nroporty no
gave litl.'a Allen street. Manhattan, as his ad
dress. Yesterday Blatchford thought that the pris
oner under arrest might be the man of 1U1K
Allen street, and he communicated with Capt.
Reynolds, who sent four detectives to that ad
dress with a picture ot Larkln. Tho peonlo In
the house said that the original of tho picture
occupied the first floor front room, and tho
dctectlvos bUMt In the door.
In a trunk they found a quantity of clothing
marked "John Phillips" and eleven pawn tick
ets. Ono of those tickets was for a watch
stolen from Col. Roberts and another was for
a pair of diamond earrlncs stolen from Mrs.
Creamer. An overcoat had the name "Howard
T. Bayne" written on the lining ot ono of tho
pockets, and Cant. Reynolds learned that Jlr.
Bayno's placn at :ti St, Mark's Place. Now
Brighton, S. I., had been rob bod two days be
fore. Larkln's picture Is No. 712 in tho Rogues'
Gallery. In 1834 he received ten years in
State Prison for a series of robberies. In Juno
last he was arrested In Now York on suspi
cion ot having stolen a clock found in his pos
session, but was discharged, as no owner
could be found. A few days later it was learned
that the clock was the property of Magistrate
Daniel T. Leahy Leaves 810,000 to the
Catholic University.
Washington. Dec. 1. Tho Catholic Univer
sity received tho Information that by tho will
of Daniel T, Leahy ot Brooklyn It receives
510.000. No Instructions accompany tho be
quest, nnd It may bo utilized In founding
scholarships or for other purposes. By tho
terms ot tho will one-fourth ot the estatolsto
pass to tho university In caso Mr. Leahy's only
son, tho heir, dies without Issue. The estate
is vulucd at Jl.000.000. Jlr. Leahy was ono of
tho contributors to tho Mitchell Memorial
Scholarship fund, recently presented to tho
university by Brooklyn Catholics as a memor
ial of Father Mitchell of Brooklyn.
Savin Pictures Urine "Only 80,013.
The sale of tho Bavin collection ot pictures,
ovor which thoro has boon somo dlsputo In tho
courts, and which Frank W. Bavin tried to stop
on the ground that the pictures were his nrop
orty nnd not his wlfo's, ended Inst night nt the
Fifth Avcnuo Art Onllerios, without any fur
ther interfetence from 3tr. Bnvln or his attor
nejs. The collection, which was sold by Mrs.
Snvln, and which was valued at $25,000.
brought only St.01r. Eouguereau'a "Little
Italian 3Iendlcant" brought $2.fi00. Frank W.
Havln was prosont at tho sale, mid Is holloved
to havo bought soven of tho forty pictures.
Changes In Coler's Firm.
William N, Coler. Jr., and James W. Camp
bell havo retired from the banking firm of W.
N. Color t Co. This loaves Bird B. Color, tho
City Comptroller, tho acting head ot the firm,
bat tho business will bo managed by his
brothor. Francis W. Color, during his term of
nfllco. Leonard 11. Hole has boon admitted to
tho firm.
The looking glnss is a bet
ter advertising medium for
Byck Overcoats than the
newspapers. If you will put
them on your inspection list
we will Jet them, tell their
own story.
$1 5, $1 8, $20, $25, $30, $35.
Kvery fashionable cloth mil color.
A Derby list of fine quality and
coi reet sli ii'Oi . $1,76
Oloves, 11.00.
Cor. Kiilton und Nussnu Sts.
EnstllifttliStrcet, 158 to 104.
iiMrii'lrr lriiM1tfttalkrs,iiifcrtrMAMllLftai
A Womnn's Confession Is Horns Out by the
Finding of the Itndles nf Two Men Who
Were Murdered nnd ltobbed on tho No
vndn Deacrt-.Tohn Ilnncurk'a Crime,
Bis FitAhxisco, Doo. 1. A spcolnt despatch
recotved hero to-day from Dolamar. Lincoln
county. In thu southern prut of Nevada, tells ot
tho finding by ofllccisof Lincoln county of tho
bodlcsot.QeoracEnsclke and Fetor Edmlnston,
who woro murdored tu ono ot tho most doso
lato spots In tho Bouth Kovoda desert in Aurll,
1807. Only the bones of tho unfnrtunato trav
ellers wcro found. Tho skulls wore lutaot, ox
copt tor holes mado by an axo wloldod by the '
murderers nnd bullet holes in tho skull of
The finding ot these bodles'clears up one ot
tho mysterlas ot the Southwestern dosort that
havo so otten baffled alt attempts at unrnv
etltnc, and fastens upon John Hancock, who
was sentenced yestenlay at Santa Barbara to
ten years for robbery, one of tho most ntro- ;
clous crimes ovor commlttod In a region
whoro bloody deeds hnvo not boen uncommon.
In April. 1807, Goorgo Fngolko, n well
known veterinary surgeon ot Los Angeles,
and Peter Edmlnston, hts drlvor, started with
alight wagon overland for Salt Lake across
tho desort. They woro never hoard ot until
Nov. 3 of this year, wtien Jtrs. Winifred Gross
told a story of hew tho missing travellers lind
been murdered in Nevada by John Hancock,
whoso mistress sho had beon, nnd with whom
nt tho tlmo of tho murders ho wns travelling i
ovor tho desert from Ban Bornadlno to Sale
likc. Hancock nnd tho woman had fallen lu
with Lngelke nnd Ldmiiiston. and Hancock's
cupidity was aroused bv Ktigclko'n statements
that ho had had n profltaolo season as n trav- '
oiling votorlnarian, and was.on his way to en- I
joy the fruits of his work with his family.
Tho travellers camped on tho second nisht I
In ono nt tho most desolnto spots Imaginable.
Hancock told tho woman that ho believed
Lngelke had a large sum ot money, and ho
stated his Intention of killing l'ncelko and Ad
mliiston., Tho woman says that sho pleaded
with Hancock to spare the men. During the
night, however, sho was aroused by a noise.
Springing up. sho saw the bodies of Kngelko
and kdmlnstou on the ground, while Hancock
stood by with an nxe. with which he hnd t
crushed tho skull ot his victims. The men
were still moaning, so Hancock shot them with i
aplstol. then, soIzhiI with a bloodthirsty fury,
he again took up tho nxo nnd slashed nt ths
heads nnd bodies of Ills victims until their
groans ceased. Hancock got from Dr. Kncclke
ii silver watch and chain, a pocket kntte, n few
trinkets, nnd a bankbook shonlng that he had
several hundred dollars on deposit. From
Kdmlnxtou ho got $i;i.
Hancock nnd tho womnn burnod their own
wagon and went to Salt Lake, thence to Ore- t
cou. and finally drifted tuck to eoutliorn Cali
fornia. In Porris the woman u few weeks ago
married a man named Myers. Hancock
threatened tier life, and in terror sho made a
detailed confosslon, which lias boon substan
tiated by finding tne bodies of tho victims.
On Tuesday nicht Inst, In Los Angeles.
Hancock, whilo ou his way to tho penltontlarv.
also made n confession, saying that the woman
had Instigated the crime through foar of be
ing left on tho desert without water, ond had
actually struck Iktminston from behind with
tho nxe. According to Hancock, Lugclke
reached for tils rltle whon Han:ook shot htm
through the head. Hancock, howovor, admit
ted that his confession wns prompted by a de
sire to bo revenged on the woman and make
hor share his Dunlshment.
Hancock mar cscapo the consequences ot the
murder, an ho Is now In Sun Quentln prison.
In this State, serving a ton years' sentence for
A Priest Professes to Tlnve Resurrected n
Victim or Witchcraft.
VANCOuvKn, B. C. Dec. 1. New Zealand
papers received por steamship 3Ilowera report
great oxcltcmont among thoTauranga natives
owing to tho reported resurrection of a 3Inort
girl by the-Maori KincTonhuzu, or his father
confessor, eallod Te Ehau. To Rerea. a con
fessed wizard, was accused of causing
tho death of manv natives by witchcraft and
l'nthor Te Ehau was sent for. Among those
whom To Rcrea, ns alleged, had killed by
witchcraft was one Mnrlta, a young girl. Arriv
ing at tho scene of tho trouble the. prlost called
ou To lleren, who acknowledged thnt he had
killed Maritu. but no one else. To Khan
told To ltnren lio would savohim this time,
but that it Im klllod moropi-oplo he would him
self dlo nnd be torn to pieces in hell. Tho
King t. confessor then ordered the coflliiof tho
dead girl. Manta, to bo brought into the street.
1 liousands of peoplo were presont when this
was done. A mass ot humanity watched the
Te Khau shouted inalnud volcototho mourn
ers to stop weeping, thnt Marlta would bo re
stored to them. Ho then placed his hands on
tho girl's forehead and performing somo in
cnnt.ition told her to rise, which she did, to tho
astonishment of all present,
Tho 31aons are trautic with joy. and are
showoring presents ou tho priest. The authori
ties have investigated tho matter, and severely
questioned Marlta, who -nys sho has been In
heaven. That tho girl was about to be burled,
and would hnvo been but for tho arrival of tho
priest. Is vouched for by scores of white persons.
An oxplunatlon ot tho strange happeulng Is not
yet forthcoming. Tho priest insists that any
holy person can bring hack, tho spirit of a per
son that has boen chased nway by witchcraft.
PVT Tiro thieves' to flight.
Mrs. Cnthcnrt, with a Shotgun, Drove Two
Midnight Prowlers from Her Premises.
NtiCE, Dec. l.-3Irs. C. W. Cathcart of Blau
veltvllle. four miles from Njuek, Is a heroine
to-day, for last night, with a shotgun, she put
to flight two thieves who were upon tho prom
ises. Mrs. Cathcart's husband Is tho Inventor
of a compressed air motor and tho family is
well known In this county. Mr. Cathcart had
to be away last night and his wife wits alono In
thohousowlth one fomalo servant. Sho Is a
courageous woman, however, and had no fear,
notwithstanding tho fact that tho house is
some dlstanco from nny nolchbors. Shortly
aftermldnlghtSlrs. Cathcart was aroused by
the barking of n dog. tiho and the sorvant
arose, and, in looking out of u window, suw
two men nttompting to enter tho house.
Tho women kept very quiet, nnd 3Irs.
Cathcart walked stealthily to a room in
the houso whore her husband kept his shot
gun. Tho weapon was loaded. Advancing
carefully to the window again she took aim und
died. Ono of the men jumped and gave a jell.
Whon Mrs. Cathcart Ilred tho second rdiotthu
other man run and both succeeded in getting
a nay. It Is not known whether either of them
was hit. Mr. Cathcart. not tho least bit
frlglitenod. closed the window, put the gun
nway, and after a short time both womon
retired again and worn soon sound asleep.
When 3)r. Cnthcnrt roturnod homo ho com
plimented his wife upon hor bravery.
Consistory ot the Colleglnto lteformed
' Church Discusses It.
At tho recular monthly mooting ot the con
sistory of tho Colleclato lloformed Church,
hold Inst ovonlnc, the ndv Isablllty ot calling to
tho pastorato ot the Fifth Avonuo Church tho
Rov. Dr. Donald Bago Jlackay of Newark was
discussed, nnd at tho close ot tho meeting a
commlttoo was appointed on a now minister to
1111 tho vacancy Upon tho breaking up of tho
meeting a member, who declined to clvo his
name, said that it Is probable that tho Rev. Dr.
31ackay would bo called. It Is understood that
no other nuuie Is under consideration. Tho
Chairman or the consistory committee In
Charles H. Woodruff ,
Striking Miners to Hegin Miirclilng Agnln.
PiTTsnuno, Pa.. Dec. 1. President Patrick
Dolnn of the Minor' I'nlon has ordon'd tho
miners' Black Diamond Brass Band and a Inruo
forco of marchers to go to tho pits ubout fiir
neglound In Toms nnd Millers mils. In wilcli
the Bcalu Im vlnl.il'-d A winter ciimp will bo
opened in an abandoned building
Where Vnslnrilii)' l'lrtis Worn.
A. M -til.', la fHtx tn-et.I.ouU rriidman, dim
bbu trlnlnir; f.iSO, 4(, 4il. M West 'ILIld street, Helu
a. Fes and others, damans SIMI.u.KJ; 7.10, MlBUn
ton stieet, Aliiuhani Newman, duiusBn tr Muz; li:ir,
:i!i JleiTtr street. Hniry Midler itauiat-e triilin,-,
11:4''.. 1 (-.ii) anil ft Wuatiliutuii jure ', Ua), Levi Jc
l , daunu'i' .Mi , ..,, . .
V M. It! 4 1, 'fi Itast Hiventv ttflti itrei t, rraiicea
I.tpman, daiuu.ii' f it'", 1 u"i, 2MI lUst I Irttn ftritt,
Imukj lllinici.il.iiiii'ie ir., - in liifls llur.l annus.
J.MrDrl'lr, ilutnaic trlitlne! sum. li.iauil Hi ho.t
Tiu tluiduro 1.(1 h. N'telliaiu, danirgo -.,KHlj
ti:JO,'jfi4 vvt I'lftduiirlli strut,' aniut'eHn it -'.' ,
117 Kail Niuitv seeimd street, Asnui I. vit "I dam
ate lixi. 11.41), f. in Anittciitaia ari'imu. II. (Iiia-un,
daiuaitn Sir,,
Tlio 'flusteentli Street llmli hehool football team
mads the followhin record this y.-.n II H , ft, rt.
Krauils Xavltir, u, II. H.. ft. Mount Morris IllgU
HVuoul.O. ii. P., 6. l La Halle, u II P., u Ki.U-Ur
hocker.H II. H..S. HI. Irjiiets Xaviir, If II. rt.. r.;
llount Morris Hull. ". II. X , i Ham Roll Inslltiit ,
o. Iltttu Hehool also defeated Je.sey City li till
J fsxtxl by default.
BaV...'fjsijitiMS!sji,VT1' itoUtlCiilsrilciWM,
tioLB rxsn xs yjcvr ifovia. wales.
Tho nnwnllnn flnanr Crop fnr Three Years
Already Contracted For.
VAKCOuvKlt, Jl. C .Dec. 1. Advices from
Honolulu and Australia, by steamship 311nwera,
say that thoro Is great excitement In Rnthnrst,
Now South Wales, ovor a rich gold find on
Chambers Creek, Tho gold exposed on tho
reef is two foot wide. It Is on tho identlcnt lino
of rcot where Holtcrmnn's 91,000 nugget wns
Fires are raging hi the sugar plantation dis
trict of Now South Wales. Tho loss Is heavy
and tho crop hod not boen gathered.
Tlio colonies of New Bouth Wales nnd Now
Zealand are disposed lo discontinue tholr sub
sidy to the Canadlan-AUstrallati lino for mall
service. They will continuo to subsldlrothe
r'nn Francisco line If r fnstor service Is Inau
gurated. Contracts huv'o been completed for tho sale
of sugnr crops for 18tx. llHKlnnd 11)01 for tlio
whole of Hawaii. Of the total crop. HXMXM)
tons will go to San Francisco refineries. 100.000
tons will go to Now York nnd p.OUO tons of
dark gnulos will bo shlppod via Cnpo Horn.
Tlio British hark Glen Huntley, from New
lork. Is thought to bo lost, sars nn Australian
nowsptipar, which significantly ndds that the
steamship Port Donlaon, whilo In n hurricane
In tlm Southern sens, stontnod for two hours
through vast quantities ot American oil cases
which had only beon In tho water for nfew
The trial of thu managers and directors of
the (Jucenslnnd National Bank Is orentlng a
great sensation In Australia. Tho directors
nnd mnnagcrs nro charged with conspiring to
defraud tho publlo by tnlso reports.
A hitter has boon received by tho Royal Geo
graphical Society ot Australia stating that tho
Antarctic expedition on board tho Southern
Cross had started, and tho vessel wns sailing
under n silk Union Jack presented to tho Cap
tain by thu Duke of York.
Dr. Hndden and his part have returned to
Australia aftor completing tho Investigation ot
psychology, ethnography, medlclno nnd lan
Kungo of tho heretofore unstudied peoplo of
Torres Straits, In Now Guinea.
Tho missionary craft, John Williams, has re
turned from n long trip to the FIJI Islands.
Cnpt. Horo says that tho natives nre severely
afflicted with measles, a scourge which is
decimating wholo villages.
To Spend Next Week In New York and Then
to Ktny In Oyster Jlny Until Ho Goes to Albany.
OisTsn Bay, L. I., Dec. 1. Tho Governor
elect received to-day Gov. Black's lettor offer
ing to appoint somo mnn named by Col, Roose
velt as special counsel In the Aldrldgo-Adams
prosecution. Col. Roohovelthns not determined
yet what course ho will tnko with regard to tho
matter. Ho has askod Ellhu Root and several
other lawyers ot note to advlso with him re
garding It.
Among tho Govornor-elect's callers to-day
wcro President Frost of Bcren College, who
asked for and received Col. Roosevelt's Indorse
ment ot IiIh university extension work In tho
Bouthcrn mountains: ex-Assemblyman Seober
ot Jamestown nnd Mr. Williams ot Dunkirk.
According to Col. Rooiovolt's present plans
ho will go to Now York next Slondny and re
main until Saturday. Dec. 10. From Dec. 10
until Dec. '2H. when lie will probably go toAl
banv.tho Govornor-iiloct hopes to remain at
Ojstcr Bay. working for tho most part on his
message to tho Legislature.
i Col. lloosevolt's newspaper visitors to-dny
i woro very anxious to know why Sir. r Lnw
I renco Godkiuof tlio AVeiifno ! called nt tho
Fifth Avonuo Hotel to soo him on Wednesday
when tho heavy fall of snow caused tho Gov-ornor-elect
to break his Now York ongago
menf. Ono of tho reporters who camo from
New York told his brethren how Mr. Godbln
hnd entered tho hotol by tho sldo entranco
(which Is not visible from Dr. Parkhurst's
church, on the other sldo of Madison square),
and how ho hurried breathless through tho
linll. casting timorous glances at tho stair
way as though ho expected a devil to como
leaping down upon him. When the newspaper
men went up to Bagamoro Hill and broached
the subject of Mr. Uodkln's visit to Col. Roose
velt, he cut them short by saylngthnt Mr. God
kin had desired to seo him on an altogother
pereonal matter.
He Is to Ortxnnlie the Members of the
Bryan Democracy In Brooklyn.
r.ngeno V. Brewster ot Brooklyn has been
appointed by tho Ways and Means Committee
of the Democratic National Commlttoo to tako
chargo ot Its interests in Kings county and
organize in that bailiwick a band ot falthfut
adherents ot Iho Chicago platform.
Mr. Hrowster was onn of tho most enthu
siasts supporters of Bryan in the last national
campaign, nnd Is still earnestly devoted to bis
political fortune. He had a conference last
night at his home. :itX) Monreo street, with n
dozen or more or tho loading Chicago Platform
Democrats In Brooklyn, and In a few days a
plan of aggresslvo action will bo arranged.
The Contest for Congress In the Nineteenth
nuDsoy. Dec. 1. Tho latest movo In tho Liv-ingston-Cochrano
contest for Congress In tho
Nineteenth district was sprung this morning.
Upon tho reassembling of tho Boanl of County
Canvassors, J. Rider Cady, counsel for Con
gressman Cochrane, sorvod on the Chairman
of tho board nnd Claudius Rockefeller, counsel
for 3Ir. Livingston, tho Democratic contestant,
n motion, returnable at tho Albany .Special
Term on Dno. 10, for an order setting asldo the
alternative writ of mandamus obtained by Mr.
Livingston calling for a recount of bnl lots re
jected by inspectors on tho ground that they
were marked for identification. Tho notion
was accompanied by an orderataylng tho pro
ceedings of tlio Board of Canvassers until the
henringot (ho motion. The motion is marie on
tlm ground that tho nflldavlts on which tho
writ wns allowod did not sot forth facts suf
ficient to authorize tho writ. A similar ordsr
hns heeu served on the ltenssolaer county
Boaid of Canvassers. The orders staying pro
ceedings were mado by Justice Emory A. Chase.
Recount of Votes Ordered.
Supremo Court Justlco Smith, In Brooklyn
yestenlay granted Samuel H, Hubbard a writ
of mandamus directing a recount of tho void
and protested ballots cast for member of As
sembly in the Tenth district of Kings county.
Mr. Hubbard was the Demociatlc nominee, and
on the faco of the returns was defeated by tho
Republican nominee. Rlward L Collier, by n
plurality of .'17. Mr. Hubbard alleges there
were 1UI rejected ballots, and that on the re
count hu will bo elected.
A Plnce for Hurry .Incqillllnrd.
It was announced yesterday thnt tho Repub
lican organization In Brooklyn had decided to
Indorse Harry Jncquillnrd. the leader In tho
Sixteenth wnrd. for the place of Sergeunt-at-Armsot
tho Senate. He oneo served as As
sistant Clerk In tho Assembly and ns License
Clerk In Brooklyn during tlio administrations
of 31ayorsSehleren and muster. He wus tho
private secretary of Jacob Worth when the
latter was Senator.
Park Waring.
YoNKEns, N. Y., Dec. I. Miss Julia Waring
wns married this evening to Joseph Field Park
of Rye, a junior member of tho firm of Tark A
Tllford. Tho woddlnc took placo In tho First
Presbyterian Church at f o'clock. Tho brldo
was atttre.1 In a gown ot white satin trimmed
withduchessolacocn train. Hho woro a veil
of tullo mid a diamond ornament which was a
:1ft from the bridegroom. Her bouquet was of
irlde rotes nnd lilies of tho valley. The maid
of honorwns Miss Harriet during, a slstorof
tho bride, nnd tlm bridesmaids wore Miss Ab
bey I'nmof Dye, Miss IVHth lleadleston of New
York, Miss Edna Howard of South Orange. N,
J.: Mis Nellie Held. Miss Mabel Hold. Mla
lldlth Skltt, Miss Acnes Mnokey and Miss
Ritteo Havemejerof Yonknrs
The ben man was Charles . Park, a brother
of tho bridegroom There was a reception at
tlio home of tho bride's grandfather, Charles L.
Waring, tlio President ot thu Cltlrans' National
llnuk of Yonkers On tho return from their
tour Mr. and .Mrs. Paik will reside at the Hoi
laud House. New York
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Minister Wu Hopea tho Cxclualon Act Will $
Not 11 Kxtemlml ti tlin Ialontla. W
WARniNOTON. Dec. 1. TVu Tlnc-fanc. tho 11
Chlncso Minister liorc. tliscuisril with a re- yj
portor to-dny tlio chnncoil conditions In tho yJ
Philippines resulting from tlio ncrooment A
reached by tho Peace Commissioners In Parle J
anil itH henriiiK on thoChlnoso in thoso Islands. "Sll
He appealed to the fairness of tho American ';
people not to extend tho Chinese Exclusion law '
ocr tho urehlpulngo, which would, he said. In-
diet Krcat injustico on his countrymen. Tho
Chlneso had cono Into thu Philippines, had built i
up Inruo business intorests and bocamo cood -j
I citizens, Tint merchants of that nationality
woro amonE tlm foremost In the trade of the ,-4
Islands and the exclusion law would hamper t
, them urcatly. They did not nk any special j
1 nrlWIeucft in tho Islands, but only thoso whloh k
were Chen others He had nodoubt the Ameri
can CoiiKrenn would thoroughly Investigate the ,..
soi'Inl conditions In the Philippines, nnd was
HBtlKfled that when these woro understood
China would not mitTer by the transfer ot the )
islands from HpanlHh to Amorican sovereignty.
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