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f ' - . gE- SOSf, "TMPAY," DECEMBER 23858. , , . tfr. 3
iBSUKKTisa held in brookltn
last evening: t l
iMIlor Stanley nd Otheirs Spnk Against
In Recent Shedding of Ueiijxo lllood In
Worth nnd Hnntli Carolina I.cclslntloii
Cullnl Inr for the Protection of Negroes.
Tin colorod people of Brooklyn, under dl
Mrtloii of the Soolety of tho 801m of North Car-
iina holil ma-wm? etlnK In "Assoolatton Hall
tutVtcht to protest ftgnlnst tha roeimt kllllnir
efmembersoflholrraeoln tho South. Trt'
"' ft irue nttondance. Dr. W. L. Huntar.
IhoproiKlflJ.S!''''!'"" Ww t,mo ProM'
m maJ acolust lawlessness, and mob, lo-
"lawlessness Is contaclou."'hald.'"nnd
U,, Government must quarantine; It, bocauso
It Is moro contagious than typhoid feyor or
llpox. and will undermine the very foun
dation of tho Governmcnttinloss I, Is cheeked.
"Thlahas not been a raeo war In the Uaro
Unas but a slaitchtor. Colored men. unarmed.
' jg'.hot down, and even tholr white, friends
M shot by the cowards."
jlo said ,nftt tM9 ierro'w's not allowed to
vote ami thit men woro aont to Congress by
t tb, insurrectionary minority, and that, ho cOn-
s ,;njej, alTectod the people of New York, whose
' rjugredsnim were elected by a majority .vote,
"The Congressmen from tho Carollnaa ko
to Washington, representing tho Insurrection
ary minority, and with their hands red with"
kumim Wood. When fault 'Is found with
tli.lt action, thoy. Ilk oowards, set behind the
.oota and say they wro proteotlnu the wo
Ben. The ladlos of Brooklyn are Just as pretty
M i 8outh Carolina, but they can walk the
.trtfts. and know full well that the black man
Said not outrage them, nnd thestorlea to the
contrary from tho South nro atrocious, lies." v
1 ir Hunter Bld tho nearo, was n loyal man
mi hail never taken tho law Into hla own
lands, and as n result tho right-thinking people
June country worn now upholding tho negro.
Its spoke of tho loynlty of tho nogro soldiers In
rnha and aroused grout applause when he Said :
"Had It not boon for tho black man at Han
Jnan ion would not haro had a JloosoTelt to
Jtcht. It wns the negroes of tho Ninth Cavalry
tut aated him and his gallant men from belnc
'V'tUanley. tho editor of tho Wllmlnston
jS'cori , who had to leave town and whose
office was burned down by tho mob recently.
,u the next speaker. He told a story of how
it had hoen Inrced to leave Wilmington, to
avs his life, and his reforoneoa to tho remarks
St ex-Oov. Tillman that rifles were bettor for
lit nosroes than ballot boxes ellolted a storm
' Applause creoted his statnment that "all the
rood that ever enmo to tho. negro of North
Carolina came from tho Republican party."
Inclosing, Mr. JIanley eald that tho whites
ef Bouth Carolina had defied the rfntion,
and would continue to do bo until the
Federal authorities stepped In. Resolu
tions were ndoptnd protesting ocalhst the
actios of the Governors of North arid
Bouth Carolina, and Closuring; them for
falling to exeroise tholr authority In providing
protection to life and property of all citizens.
frrespectlTe of raco or creed. The resolutions
also viewed with roerefthe nation's avowed
1 Inability to provide ample protection, to tho
! lives of Its own citizens from mob violence,
while at this very hour It Is largoly Interested
In the causo of humanity and rendering
aid for the downtrodden and oppressed
la other countries." Tho resolutions roeom
, mended legislation by which the President
would be authorised to use Federal authority
In protecting tho lives nnd property of oltiaons
when tho btate authorities failed to clvo such
rThe Hov. Dr. W. D. Cook, the Boy. TV. B.
tawton. and A. D. Peyton also spoke.
teadlne Colored Men of Washington Or
anise n- Protective Association.
1 TVisniNQTOjj. Doc. 1. A meetlnp; attended by
(about 3,000 leadlnc colored citizens of this
elty was held to-night in the Israel Colorod
Uethodtst Episcopal Church to organize tho
t National Racial Protective Association, witli
t auxiliaries throuehout tho United 8Utes. The
object, as stated in the preamble of the consti
tution whtob was adopted nt to-night's meet
Inc. Is to "enter our solomn protest against,
lueh violence as has been practiced In North
Carolina, and to condemn tho inactivity of.our
Government and its anpnrent Indisposition Jo
protect all classes of citizens In their civil and
political rights : that tho invasion of n, foreign'
country and tho conquest ovor a forelcn fop
vrooa humanitarian grounds tend to show the
xnoeVery of our civilization nt home."
It lithe Intention of tho organizers of the,
association to solicit tho co-operntlon and sup
port ot every minlsterand church in the United
Railroad Traffic Was Suspended at Once,
but the Structure Was Found' to Be Safe.
IUbhisbubo. Pa., Dec. 1. Shortly after 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon an engineer ot a
ihittlnBengino haullns a draft of freight cars
over the Cumberland Valley Railroad bridge
reported what ho thought was a defeat in tho
second or third span from theBridgeport endof
the bridge. Traflloof all kinds over tho structure
was suspendod Immediately and the officials
atChambersburs were notified. On a special
njlne Vice-President Kennedy nnd Chief En
gineer Breroton reached hero and made acaro
lul examination In conjunction with experts of
the Pennsylvania Ballroad. They found noth
inr whatever wroiiE with the bridge and trnfllo
WM resumed at once.
Pretleus to this the Oyster Express and tho
, Western Express on tho Northern Contra! had
been run around by way ot Mnrysvllle, and pas-
sengerson the Cumberland Valley accommo-
I cation trains were transferred across the rlvor
en trolley cars. The nlaht express, duo hero
atlJ:5 this mornlnc. came ovor tho bridge as
uiual. This stanch old bridge rosts on Just
fiflrm a foundation now as it did when it was
built many years ago.
1 "
Hammond Has Served Seven Tears, and
It Now Appears lie Is Innocent.'
Liucolh. Neb.. Deo. 1. Gov. Holcdmb to-day
Issued a pardon to Charles Hammond, who was
entenced seven years bbo to life Imprisonment
foran assault upon his own daughter. ' nam
pond haa persistently maintained his Inno
cence, and recently circumstances developed
:.vf?nv,lnced tne Judco who sentenced him
and the State's Attorney who prosecuted, him
that he was the victim or a ludlclalMnlstako.
, iiSJii1? th1 'ao,B before the Governor, who
1 G"5s,?i1 wlt.n thelr views, and nammond's ro
Itase followed.
rousD vnonsED ix a cza'TEity.
Dody of the Widow of at Osrnan
Farmer Dlsoovared by Uer Sen."
PiTcnoonK. L. I.. Dso, l.-Mrs. 0. B: Died
Whof Waverly. a hamlst five miles northwest
M this town, who bad been mlMlnjr since Bat
Jrday, naa found drowned In the cistern at her
.?!.Ullis Ipomln.by her Bon Charles. She
J!.V,l5tn last on ,n8 baolc "too? of her house on
airiS?1' ?noon. Hhe lived, alone and
aS5f.tw0 farms '" hX nor husband. wTio died
hhiul'JlVuer8B()-.ioronlf,th only heir.
inS w.4? E8 years old. was born in Germany
ta. "Tei1 at Waver y twenty years. Bhe
oarhavecomm ttedauiolde. ,
C.utraMIudson Company Wins a Tax
Ltosa. N. r . Deo. l.-Justloe Nash to-day
"Med down a decision In the oortiorarl pro
"Mings brought ncalnst the town of Galen by
Iki ,pn,r''Huiison Railroad Company, In
aMTJi"8 aihe88"iont of 1807 Is reduced from
lltSHVJtoJSW.OlB.and the amount of tax.
Ulwn0, ' "fdered refunded with interest.
smk.. iam.1.m',uro' country ossessors got to.
ftSJIi'1! Vln.e county and"tlltedup"tho
SnffiiUl,R01,8..I,fPert' ver $500,000.
thff 1. FL I'roeeedings wero commenced, and
miin.ll!?i.inr'!t 'ocl'lon- It Is believed the
wrany will win throuuhont.
Coan.ctirut Slohosan Victim Identified. -.
Biiuroan. Conn.. Dee. l.-Tho family of
Merlclt Weed Lockwood. who. with his
low 1 r' Mrs- A"1P" B- Orumbrecht. was
w!ll "' Mohegan disaster, have received
Ihelri.n,.rVr I-kwood's body has'been found.
jnewentltv- lM ry ostabllshod. In one of the
aaKln ' r . tBtner tickets for iilmsolf and
Vi cLISr VUI ll!"frif erodk. ns wo I as a let
ford i?B.',t"!!'f'eil v- W. Ixwkwood. Htam
U eirtmi'i . a 'lo bol' wn shipped to-day and
orlVih "oarrlvel" h'nfonl on tho 12th
"ninrr.l Ural Nevrfimiullnnd Conl Mln.
H fr?''lr N H- ,)(:- 1 -Tl" report comes
Co,7 7(,n,,y H. of a deal by tho Domlnloji
Jj ' 1oiI"k.v vvliioli iHthoTwobnliloexpIana-
htit,';! '.",.. ' Wliltnei's iccent vlalt to Capo
tennieiv , '.".""''I'nuy Proposes to on Baire ox
H Wlou, ' l ''"ieloi'n"'" of the iniiirs-of
H '"""en majiy valuablo properties.
AMOTUEn lEAn ton ctJFFonn.
Ute Prolonged by n Decision of Justice
Depew Who Is Oorernor of tinvr JerseyT
TjUsntok. N. .. Doc. 1. Justice Dopew ot the
Supreme Court allowed to-day a writ of certio
rari removing to tho Supreme Court for rovfow
tho doath warrant signed by Acting Governor
Watklnson Friday Inst, flxlna the Unto for tho
execution ot EJwnrd Clifford at Jorscy City on
Jatt.G. The writ Is ti)lnrnable noxt Wednes
day. A writ of habeas borpus wns alno nllowod,
whloh nxitilres thn produ6llon ot Clifford In
court on that day. Lawjors Warren Dlxon,
William D. Dnly nnd John V. Btockforl, Jr., assort
'that tho death warrant-4s Illegal, as Acting'
Governor Watklns had no rlsht or power to
Issue It. They mako the point lhat Acting
Governor Voorlieei, whon.ho resigned ns Bona
torfnimXTnloncouliiy.illdiiot reslttn tlio Act
Ins Governorship, nnd consenuontly he is still
the Aotlnp'Oovorriof under the Constitution,
and Watkint has no tlt.lo to tho tiflk-e.
The writ of linheas corpus Is Issued on an
fiflldnvltmadnhyJohn Woods, who nays that
10 makes It In behalf of Clifford, who Is Incom
petent, to mako an affidavit, as ho. Is Invano.
Besides sKttllng the CIlfTonl ease, which has
already once boon bofore the Hupreirto Court,
the Court ot Errors and Apponlsond thc.unlted
BtHtcs Hupremo Court, the decision lit the cuso
will make clear somo provisions of the Coa
'itltntlon Rovernlnic vacancies In the (lovoraor's
ofllce. Tho cao Is likely to ro again throuath
all the court named, nnd It will postpone the
?xecutlon of Clifford for at loast a year. Cllf
ordtwas convicted ot the munlerof William
G. Wattson. supnrtntendunt of a branch nt
the .West Uhore Railroad, at'Weohawken two
years bbo. Clifford was a detcctlvp In tho com-
Jiany's employ and wan dlscharsed by Wnttson
or drunkenness.
V 1
Our Firemen Take Prompt Measures to
Sevo an Old Building.
Three al&nris ot Are were rung In lastnlght
for a small fire In the-five-story building at 143,
145 and '147 East iT wen ty-third street. The
blaze (Started in tho basement' store of 145.
The building is very old. It is used for oITlco
purposes. " Battalion Chief Welsh arrlvodwlth
the first engines, and, realizing that a flro that
pot, any headway there would consumo the old
Building, ho sent out two moro alarms as a pre
cautionary measure. The oxtra engines were
not needed. "Most of the tenants had cone for
the night when the Are was discovered. Allen
BrlBRs. 25 years old. of 142 East Twonty-thlrd
street, a private ot tho First U. 8. Cavalry, now
on furlough, was In ono of the offices. Ho
shinned dqwn the tiro escape on tho front of
the building and slipped when .within ten feet
of the ground. Ha wrenched his leftnnkle nnd
was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Tho lire did
nbout $3,500 damage. K. P. Neodham owiib tint
A Millinery Buyer Sent to Bellevne for
1 Examination.
Miss Amelia Leyrer. who for the last eight
months has mado a business ot buying mil
linery for out-of-town customers, and has mado
her headquarters at the Continental Hotel, bo
came innano yesterday afternoon and was
taken to Bellevuo Hospital, Her unusual con
dition was first noticed In tho hallway at 880
Broadway, where sho stopped several persons
to ask for different telephone connootfons. A
pollooman telephoned to the West Thirtieth
street station torn patrol wagon, and a citizen
sent to DolloTue for an ambulance. There wan
a race between tho two down Broadway from
Twenty-sixth streot. nnd the ambulance won.
Dr. Barbour decided that the woman should bo
held for examination. At the Continental Hotel
It was said that Miss I,eyror had a largo nnd
first-class patronage in her business. Hhe has
been observod to bo erratic In conversation nt
times for nearly a month.
Three Suspected Men Protest Against Be
ing Itemnndrd to Ileadqunrters.
Three well-dressed men were arraigned be
fore Magistrate Olmstod in the Jefferson Mar
ket Court yesterday mornlnc on tho charge of
belnc suspicious persons. They cave their
names as follows: Gerald Tracy, 28 years old,
of 103 West Twelfth streot: Thomas Geoghan,
45 years old, of West 15t)th street, and John
.Tlnhe, who refused to give hla address.
Dotoctive Sergeants Frazeo and Brown; who
arrested the men. declared that they were
pickpockets who .made It a practice to rob
womon and ehildren.011 atreet-cara. -.
The detectives askod that tho prisoners be
remanded to Police Headquarters. Their re-
?iuest brought forth a protest from the counsel
or the prisoners, who said that his clients did
not want to be put through tho "third deBree."
. Magistrate Olmsted held thot prisoners In
$1,000 ball each tor examination to-morrow.
Want Damages from Chapman for Their
Dismantled Rooms.
Two suits for $1,000 damages have been
brought against Police Captain Chupman as tho
result ot his wholesale raid on east side cafe's
early on Monday morning, when ho entered
.about twenty places, and in somo tore down
partitions and curtains. Thenwnersof two of
the cafes thus entered,' Hitlda Hoffman and
Cecilia Bandbruler, have brpueht suit. Tho
Bults.Cnpt, Chapman ehid, will be ofvaluoto
him, .because they .will reveal the real propri
etors of the caf? s. and bring out evidence whlc.li
wpuld otherwise be hard to get.
r I
He Is William II. Ilutler,Who Itetigned f ram
the Old Tobncco Cbmpnny.
William H. Butler, who on Wcdnosdayre
algned as a director of the American Tobacco
Company, -was elected President of the new
Union Tobacco Company at, a meeting of the
directors of that company hold at 40 Wall
'street yesterday. The directors of the Union
Company sro: Thomas F.Ryan, Gen. Hamuol
Thomas. Frank Tllford, Frank SteCoy. It. A. O.
Smith and Wiillnm-ii. Butler ot'this'cltr. and
P. A.'Bj Wldenor. (Jeoreo.W. Bremer andAV. I
Elklns of Philadelphia.
End of the Contest of ISnronThomsen's Will.
The contest of the will of .Baron Christian
Thomsbn'by liTs adopted daughter, Sylvia do
Beck, wife of Osenr do Beck, a Dane, termi
nated before S.irroBatoiArnqldiyefiterdav, ,Tlio
Baron had left the bulk of his large relate "to
his two children, and bequeathed to his adopted
daughter only the Income ot $:15,000 for life.
Counsel fontlio oontostant announced yester
day that an arranenmont had been mado for a
settlement. A representative of the other side
stated subsequently that; there was no com
promise, but that to 'save further trouble the
son and daughter had agreed to give' Mrs. De
Beck a small sum of money, ,much less than
had previously been offerod to hr.
' Knst stiver FerrlrV teased.
The East Tenth Street and the East-Twenty-third
Street Ferries' havo been leased to the
Brooklyn Ferry Company. The Brooklyn Com-
$ any pays tho fixed charges of 5 percent, on
550.000 of hondsand 5 per oont. dividends on
the $1,000,000 of- capital stock. Tho Brooklyn
Company has the right to buy the stock at any
time during the life ot the lenso at 110.
Tlio Weather.,
f h last of the coast storm was passing toward
Note Scotia yeattrday. The storm Initio Southwest
and the atorni In the Northwest hT ,not ss yet
shown any material energy. Areas of 'high pressure
cover lbs South Atlantic and central Slates, so that
Ssirweathtr loo)u prbble for this scc'ion for at
least two days.
Light local snow was falling yeste'dsy In Iowa,
aioundjbe lower latrs. Id western New York and
northern JeqasylTanla, and In 'Vermont! elsewhere
the weather was fair.
It was colder In th Southwest and lake regions
and was growlog colder In the Middle Atlantlo
States, although wanner In the latter section In the
morning. ,
In tbla elty the day was fair: hlcbrst temperature
40, lowtst ao'i enrage humidity, tu per cent.:
wind westerly, averace velocity itl miles an hotfri
,baromtr, corrected to read to aea letel, at 8 A. U
20.841 3 1. U., SIM'O.
' Tho. temperature m recorded bjr the official ther
mometer and also by Tue Box's thermometer t the
street lev tl U shown in the annexed tilde.
' ' "ificial-N Ann's OJicial- .fun's
ism. i.iv. mn. is3i. war. ts.
PA.5t.n3' 30 U4' P. Mart' jo 4n
13 M aw " 4 HP. M.aM an 41
81. M nil' 42 4il 12MI(t..au a-l 40
wsaiOTOX yoRroxsT ro rairtiT.
J'or ,Ve Kf (ilanil and taittrn ,w Yerl; intrtatlna
rl'oudlni'ti. jiroliablti fhnmrri Saturday; Iruk xcitltrlv
wind), Mvt(miMn3.
Tot tho Plttrlct of Colnmbls, eastern Pennsjl.
vama, ?ew Jersey, Delaware snd Uaryland, fslr,
followed b Increaalug rloudlufS4 and jirobably
- showers Saturday; light Tarlable wluite.
Tot western New York, western Pennsylvania snd
Ohio, (hrfateulng weather, with light sbowere, turn
ing to snowjon the lake; probably snow on Saturday;
light to fresh southerly winds.
l ' '
name neinnnd Absorbs the Supply of TJnt-ter-Europrnn
Unlrymen liny Our Cheap
Ornlns nnd Jllllf oeds-Trade In Our Farm
Products Orawlne In the China Sens.
WisnirtOTOK, Deo. 1. The Secretary of Ac
rlouituro. In his annual report, says of the prac
ticability of exporting dairy products that,
owing to a better home domand, it Is not com
mercially profitable to send butter to "Europe
just now, as the home demand at present ab
sorbs tho supply. For tho purpose of obtan
Ins tor dairymen nil the facts relating to the ex
port of this article, the department sent an
agent to Paris to ascertain what .eneddrage
mont there would be to ship butter to tha. porj
and an agent to Hamburx to ascertain the facts
retarding enstoms duties, ns woll as prohibi
tions and other difficulties that might meet ex
porters of butter $0 Germany. It was found
that no line of steamers sailing to Frenoh ports
direct could furnish refrigerator apace, so ship
ments .could not tjo mado during hot weather.
WhenoTot our fiome supply of finest butter ex
ceeds tho home demand, It oan be -profitably
sent .to bptli Franco nnd Germany.
The Amerloan fartnor. ho says, la now sell
ing cheap grains and millfceds to the Euro
pean dairymen, who meet us In European mar
kets with products mado from raw material
furnished bv us. But there 1 reason to be
Hove that there is a growing tendenoy toward
the consumption of grains and mlllfeods at
home qnd exporting the products of skill and
The trado In American farm produotsis
growlnnrln the China seas, and In order that
markets may be opened up to Japan, China,
and other countries of tho Pacific Ocean, an
agent is now In that region ostabllshlna agen
cies, to whloh tho department will make trial
shipments nnd Bather all Information possi
ble for tho American producer.
Tho Bcoretary recommends tho extension
and adoption of tho provisions of tlm law re
garding 'the Inspection and certification ot
meats and meat products for export so a to
make them apply to'butter and cheese. The
brands or "pure butter" and "full cream
uheese" should then bo affixed by tho United
Htatos Inspectors to such products as camo
up to tho reriulred standard of quality, lhls
would placo the Rood butter and cheese ot this
country In foreign markets under the identify
ing label and guaranty of the United States
Government. . ,. , .
Tho Secretary enlarsos upon the need of
naturo teaching In the common school. He
says that there is a crowing Interest In educa
tion that relates to production, and all classes
of Intelligent people favor It. More knowl
edge by the farmer of what he deals with every
day would enable him to control conditions,
produce more from an acre, and contribute
more to the general welfare.
The Secretary calls attention to the necessi
ty of his department undertaking; nn investi
gation ot the agricultural conditions of tho in
sular dependencies ot the United States, em
phasizing the tact that the department should,
as soon ns possible, put itself In a position to
extend to the producers of these now regions .
largely dependent for their prosperity upon
agriculture, tho benefits which It now admit
tedly confers upon our own farmers. He also
advises tho careful study of the inseot pests
and Plant diseases In these islands, with a
lew-not only of discovering., preventives .or
remedies, but ot guarding aualnst their In
troduction lnf,o the United Slates.
The report then reviews at length the opera
tions ot the several bureaus, divisions and of
llces which carry on the work of the depart
ment, reports of some of which hnve already
been maae public. In conclusion. Secretary
Wilson expresses the opinion that-a review of
this work for the past year shows it to have
been one of satisfactory atrowth and develop
ment, and he refers to tho many manifesta
tions of a widespread Interest In the work and
to the constantly growing demand upon his
department for information concerning the
greatest variBty of agricultural problems, and
which, the farmer can obtain through no other
Judgment of S100.B03 Against tho City.
KiNOSTOJt. Dec. 1. At the Albany Special
Term of tho Supreme Court on Tuesday. Jus
tice Clearwater, at tho request of Corporation
Counsel Whalen ot Now York city and Town
send Souddor. counsel for thecountyof Queens,
heard the action brought by the Board of Su
pervisors of thecountyof Queens against tho
city of New York to recovor the amount ot
taxes and assessments lovlod bofors Jan. 1.
180", in that part ot Queens county Included
within the present city of Now York, which re
mained due and unpaid on Jan. 1.1U0S. and
granted judgment in favor ot Queens county
for tho sum ot $100,502. '
Tale nnd Princeton to Debate Next Week.
Ivbw Haven, Conn.,,Dec. 1. Yale and Prince
ton will compete In joint debate on next Tues
day evening. It will bathe filth time thoyhavo
been pitted against each other. Tho subject
will be; "Besolved. That the United States
Should Annexe Cuba." Of tho four debntes
which havo been held between Yale and Prince
ton each university hns won two.
Tho Yolo debaters wero solocted to-night as
follows: 0. P. Kltohell. East Liverpool. 0 . L.
K, 11100; A. D. Loavltt. Melroso. Mass.. 1800;
Philip CvTaleott. Itutherfnrd.'N. J.. 1000. Tho
ltev. Dr.J. H.Twitchcll of Hartford will preside.
Skipper Accused of Murder Discharged.
NortroLK. Va,, Dec. 1. Capt. N. V. Munroe of
the British ship Canada, charged with belnc
accessory to the murder of threo sailors by
Mate K. N. Crosby, was discharged to-day after
a hearing In the pollco court. The Common
wealth failed to prove that a murder had bnen
committed. Capt Munroe afterward applied
at Police Headquarters for protection from the
men formerly of hlK'crcw, who. he snld. meant
to nssault him. A detective will uunrd him
until his ship sails. Crosby Is still a I ucitlve.
The Man Who Caused Seigt. Prank's Death
Ciiattanoooa, Toiin,. Dee. 1. Zack Cattlett.
tho negro who pushed Rergt. Trunk of the
Ninth New York Volunteers under n movlnc
train Inst summer, wnt ciiiight tn-dnv. Tho
1 egtmont had offered 11 reward for his arrest.
The futol Injury of Frank caui-ed. tho episode in
which cliarces' of Incompetency nnd brutality
were made agalnxt Major Hubbard, flurirvon of
the regiment, by Dr, U, A. Baxter of this city.
fames C. Archer Heard T'roni.
Jamaica. L. I.. Dee. 1. James C. Archer, the
real estate auctloneor, lias been heard from.
Ho left his homo hero on Nov. 18 without tell
ing either his wife or mother where ho was go
ing. Tho family were rnuel- relieved to-day to
learn that his brother. Theodore Archer.had
received a telegram from Han Francisco. Cal
from the absent man, saylm; that he had ar
rived there alt right and would loavo for home
In a few days,
No Cotton Tiro on thn Mattesvwnn.
Gaiveston, Tex., Doe. 1. The report of flro
on tho steamship 3Iatteawan, given last
night, was a false alarm. After Injecting stoam
In her No :i hold all night, where tho fire was
supposod to ho. tho hatches wero removed this
morning nnd .ilK) linles of 'cotton disoharBed.
No trace or llro wns found, Tho cotton was ro
loadod and the steamship sailed this evonlng
tor her destination.
Increase of 'JVnges for Hlrhlcnn Miners.
InoMvvoOD, Mich.. Dec. 1, The 1,800 em
ployosbf the Norrle, East Norrle. Pabstand Tll
den mines, operated by the Oliver Mining Com
pany, a Carnegie corporation, had 1111 ndvanco
in wiiKesJavHrHglne fully 10 per cent., begin
ning thlsiuornlng. This brings Gogebic Hanaro
wages ui to tho Mnrquette Kange standard.
Further advances nrn expected before sprlng.W
A cuvRcn itoxixa cxabx
Dr. Stoddnrd tloxed Wh;n Ite Wni as Hoy
and Why Shouldn't 0(lier Hoys?
The ltev. Dr. X L. Btoddard. factor ot .St.
John's Episcopal Church In Summit avenue.
Jersey City, has added a boxing class to tha
dancing class and othor attractions of the
church. Tho Inauguration ot ndanolne class
last spring created something of a sensation,
but It was not oven a'nlno days' wondor, and
tho class Is nojT In, successful operation, The
membershlp'ls limited, and, us tho class Is full,
thoro Is" a largo number of anxious young peo
ple on the waiting list. The boxing class will
bo organized this evening. Mr. John Ij. Kirk
nt Hhls city has bcon engaged ns Instructor.
Lessons will bo gUen overy.'Frlilay night. -and
the cost to naoh member of thoelass will bo 10
cents n lesson. No slugging wlll.betiormltted,
nor will any publlo exhibitions bo given by the
Dr.' Stoddard hns placed his vicar, tho nev.
E. S. Forbes. In charge Mr. Forbes says that
training young men to, box develops their
muscular lioworandmskos thorn able to tako
caro of thomSolvss In coses ot emorgenoy. Ho
has no fear that tho young mon ot the parish
who join tho class will, acquire a fondnoss for
prreo lighting, but believes that tho newjle
parturo will afford them exorcise as woll as
amtisoment. . A, . . ,. .
"rseo no reason why the boys should not
learn lo box," said Dr. Stoddard yesterday.
it Is no worsa than, danoitiB. When I was at
cbljcgo I boxed and fenced; ami thoro. Is no
good reason why other boys should not do tho
same. Boxing gloves nre no new thing with
us. Wo had boxlui: gloves when wo estab
lished tho gymnasium ten yenm ngo In fnot.
they woro among the first equipments of the
gymnasium. The only now thing abqut this Is
that wo havo decided to hnve the boys Properly
Instmctod In thonrtot self-defeiieo. I bellevo
It adds ton young follow's manliness to know
how to use his Ustswhon tho occasion arlsos. 1
should hate to think of any of our class gradu
ating into tho prize 'ring, and I have no toar
that any ot thorn will."
TJnalneas Stagnant nnd Capital Timid Fo-
' lltloal Iieadert'TJIamed.
Bah Francisco. Deo. 1. Tho republla of
Costa Rica is bankrupt and thero Is likely to be
a financial panic there. Thd country is rich In
, resources, but tho pooplo are harassod by po
litical leaders who are continually making
trouble nnd rendorlnc the Investment ot cap
ital a precarious proposition.
Tho steamship San Bias brings advices In re
gard tb business prospocrs that are anything
but bright. Tho unstnblo Governments ot Sal
vador, Nicaragua and Costa llica arc gradually
driving those countries Into n stato of decay,
At the ports of La Llburtnd, Aeojutla. San Josd
do Guatemala nnd San Joso. Oonta Men, thoro
Is positive stagnation. Theso ports were onoe
verr prosperous, but business appears to bo at
a standstill.
Thero Is yellow fever at somo of tho cities of
Colombia, nnd this does not improve matters.
The most unsatisfactory reports como from
Snn Josd. Costa Itlca. Coffeo was selling there
at $18 a hundredweight In Costa Blca currency,
or $U in American Bold. Bankers who havo
good European and American connections are
worked there In the Interest ot the community.
During the Spanish-American warn number
of wealthy Cuban families took refuge In Costa
Blca. On Nov. 3 seventy of these refugees de
parted by steamer for Panama and New York,
and will leave tho metropolis for Havana.
A rtttle Girl Tindly Bitten by a Dig' Dog
Thnt Followed Her.
Boss Eoenlg. 14 years otd, daughter ot Con
rad Koenlg, a tailor of Broad street, Stapleton,
B. I., was sent on Wednesday evenlnc on an
errand toastoronear her homo. She had not
cone far on Broad street whon a large St. Ber
nard dog, owned by Christian Garde, jumped
over a fenco In front of ner. Tho child crossed
tho streot and nvoldod tho dog. On her way
home she was surprised to find the dog behind
her. Sho attempted to stroke it. and it sprang
at her and bit her on the right sldo of her face,
tearing off herenr.
Hhe was taken to horhomo andattendod by
Dr. H. T. Goodwin The dog was shot yester
day and tho carcass will be sent to the city bac
teriological department for examination for rabies.
The Animal Chased Its Tormentors nnd Dlt
Several of Them.
A crowd, of boys snowballed" water spaniel
belonging to tho ltov.Dr. Samuel II. Hasklns,
rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Wil
liamsburg, yesterday afternoon. The animal
turned on Its tormentors and thoy ran away.
Tho dog pursued them. and flvo-ycnr-old Fran
cis O'Keefe of 03 South Ninth street was bitten
in the left arm. His wound was cauterized by
Dr. Noucl. John Bradcson. 14 years old. a mes
senger boy. was bitten In the right hip, and
another boy was bitten on tho rlsht hand. A
crowd chased the dog. It found refugo In tho
church grounds at Bouth Filth street and Bed
ford avonue.
Drug Clerks Connt on Itoosevelt's Aid.
Delegate Thlmmo of tho Druggists' League
reported at this week's meeting of the miscel
laneous section of tho Central Labor Union
that he had received information to the effect
that Governor-elect Roosevelt and the City Club
are taking an active Interest in the league's
movement for a shorter workday for drug
clerks. The bill for that purpose was defeated
at Albany last year, but will bo presented nscaln
when the Legislature meets. Mayor Van Wyok
has declined to commit himself in advance re
garding tho bill.
Kynn-Feeney Allrnntion Salt Miscarries
There was another mistrial before Justice
Beach of the Supremo Court yesterday of the
action ot James J, Ryan, nn undertaker, to re
covor $50,000 from Dr. Michael B, Feeney for
the alleged alienation ot tho affections of llyan's
wife, Juliette. Both trials miscarried through
detects In the complaint, and the court per
mitted the withdrawal of a juror yostoruay,
on which Ryan will bo able to get another trial.
JLury Tlniinerman Held for Examination.
Lucy Timmerman. 40 years old, of 225 East
Tenth street was held in $500 ball for exami
nation on tho charge ot conducting a disorderly
house by Mugistrate Olmsted In the Jefferson
Market Court jesterday morning.
Aunlo Brown, who was arraigned on the
churgn of being an Inmate of the house, was
discharged for luck of evidence
Saturday Night Dulls Must End at Midnight.
Tho Police Board gave permission yesterday
to the Kurlnnder Benevolent Association to
hold a masked ball at tho Central Opera House
on Saturday night, on condition that (tends
promptly at midnight, Tho Saturday permits
will be granted henceforth only upon a state
ment which shall convince tho board that the
11! o'clock limit will be obsorved.
Tradesmen's Bank Faying Off.
The liquidation of the Tradesmen's National
Bank began yesterday. All depositor who
had not agreed to accept certificates ot deposit
bearing 4 per cent. Interest and payable four
months from Dee. 1 were paid, as thoy applied
for their money, in cash or by'ohnck upon other
banks. About $450,000 was paid out. Tha to
tal deposits uro $'-','-'00,000.
Cnrds Out for the First Assembly Ball.
The cards were sent out yesterday for the
First Assembly, which Is to be given on Thurs
day night, Deo. 15, at the Waldorf-Astoria.
The entire ballroom floor Is reserved for the
bull, as well as oihor rooms on the floor above.
Mrs. Astor. Mrs. Vnnderbilt. Mrs. William
Wntts Bhermnn nnd Mrs. Grand d'Hnutovllle
will receive the guest.
f Freedom from Freckles X
7 and from all such dlsfluurcments and Diem-
f 7- Ishcs, follows the use of the Carlsbad
a 5 3!! Sprudejl Salt, it clears and freshens tho
X Xl7 skln wonderfully takes away that dull and
X (&w mottled look that comes from stomach derangements. J
f $!lP Even '" chronlc and stubborn cascis of skin dls-
Mih. orders' "ke eczema- " Is the prescribed remedy.
M-SyW 1 Insist upon the genuine Imported, natural Carts.
sjfjvol V tVWl bad Sprudel Sa,t' whlch fs evaporated from tho
IL Ik. V V I' SPrude' sPrlnS at Carlsbad, and bears thij seal of
X l' the city and tne stature of " Eisner & Mendelson
JT g J Co., Sole Agents, New York," on every bottl. V
Vkeep T
,s8pii '-rc know
of nothing better to tear the
lining of your throat and
lungs. If Is better, than wet
Jfeecto causo bronchitis and
pneumonia. Only keep It
up long enough and you
will succeed In reduclngyour II
weight, I6stng your appetite, 0
bringing on a slow fever ana 1
miking everything exactly Q
right for the germs of con U
sumption. I
Stop coughing and you fl
Pectoral r
fl cures coughs of every kind. J
S An ordinary cough disap- I
H pears in a single night. The
Wa racking coughs of bronchitis
n are soon completely mas- f
tered. And, If not too far I
along, the coughs of con-' j '
s sumption are completely I
I Ask your druggist for one i
I Dr. Ayer's
I Cherry Pectoral
1 Plaster. I
1 It will aid the action of the
i Cherry Pectoral. 3
I If yen have any complaint what. -1
H etsr and dsilre the best' medical '1
I adtlee yen can possibly obuin, il
m writs ns fresly. ToatrlurecelTea Ik
prompt reply that may be of great ji
jh value to ynu. Address, 441
M DIU J. C. ATEIt, Lowell, Mass. ,3
Process Servers Thought Their Ilends Were
Oft, bnt Found Them Still On.
Thero was a ponlo yesterday among tho
twenty-four process sorvors connected with tho
District A ttornoy's office. " We're gone I ,woro
gone I" cxetalmcd one old man who had held
111 plaoe for years, rushing up to a friend in
tho corridor. "We've nil been fired." When
ho got calm enough to tell what was the matter
he said that ho and each ot the othor process
servers had just received notice that their ser
vices would no longer be required. Thon there
was a rush for telephones, while othor mon
went away in person, all intent upon get
ting their district leaders to como and
protect thom In their Sl.OOO-n-year places.
Within a very little while there was an om
inous gathering of ward politicians In Cpl.
Gardiner's anto-room. lloloro tho leaders
could get at the District Attorney, howover, the
panic was over, for one ot the recently dis
missed mon hnd, discovered a notlco on his
deslUliat ho had just been reappointed at the
same salary and for.tho same duties, -only here
after ho Yus to bo known as n "county detec
tive " Instead of a process server.
At the District Attorney's olllao It was ex
plained that tho change wns one within the
discretion of tho District Attorney, and had
been mado to give the process servers more
Sower thnn thoy hnd bofore. Dlstrlot Attorney
aroan of Brooklyn mndo the change in his
office last year, and this year, when Col. Gardi
ner put his estlmntcs before tho Board otItl
mnto and Apportionment, ho designated tho
process servers as county detectives.
fgUbltC 3tOUCC0.
(Should be read DAILY bj- all interested, as changes
may occur at any time.)
Forelcn nulls for the wetlc endlns December .1.
1883, trill close (PROMPTLY In all win nt the
Oenoral Tost Office as followi. I'ABCKLS POST
MAILS close one hour earlier than closing time
shown below.
BATttltDAY. At 0 A. M. for fcUltOPE. jier steamship
Etrurtt. vis Qneenstown tie Iters for France,
Switzerland, luly. Hisln, 1'ortiirol, Turkey,
Kirypt and liritlib India mut bo directed "uer
Kirnrla-l; at 7 A.M. for rnANCK, HWITXRlt
1COV1T and UIUTIHll INDIA, per itemnsklp
Im Touraine. ia Usrro iletleni for .other
uaits of Europe must be directed 'irr 1
lonralne"); at A. it. for NKTJiKJtHNDrt di
rect, uer steamship Msasdam, via llotterdant
(letters must be directed "per alaudam"): at 11.
A. M. fur ITALY, uer steamship Ems, ia Naples
(letters must tie directed "perKms")t at 10 A.M.
for SCOTLAND direct, per steamship Furuessla,
viaOUsgowdetteis must be directed "per Fnr
nessla"); at 11 A. M. for NOUWAY 'direct, per
tsamshlpeThlncalU (letters must be directed
PRINTED MATTER o. German ateamerasaUIng
on Tuesdays take Printed Matter, e , tor Uer
many, and Specially Addressed Printed Matter.
Ac. for other uarta of Europe. American and
VthlteBtar staamers on Wednesdays, Uenuan
steamers on Thursdays snd Cuuard, French and
German ateamara on Haturdays taVH Printed
Matter, lc, for aU oountrles for which they are
advertised to carry mall.
After the dosing of the Supplementary Trans
atlantic Malls named above, additional supple
mentary malls are opened ou the jilere of the
American, Knulisb, French and Herman steam
ers, and remain opm until within Ten Minutes of
the hour of sailing of steamer.
ntlDAY. At 1 P, M. (supplementary 130 P. M.)
for NASSAU, N. P.. per steamship Antllla; mi 0
P. M. for JAMAICA, per steamship Ardaunxe; at
P. Mi fjr BT. THOMAS and HT, CHOIX, via SU
Thomas, per sohonnerPsueltamlrei (letters must
be directed " per Pepe Itamlroi").
' direct, per atcamshln Flaiman; at l:00 A. M.
(simplemcnUry in A. M.) for ST. THOMAS.
I8LANDB, per, steamship Prettirla llcttere for
Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago must be di
rected "per Pretoria")! at 10 A, M, (supple
mentary 10.80 A. M.) for FORTUNE JHLaKD.
atesmshp Adironrisclt (letters for Costa Ulna must
be directed "per Adirondack"); at 10 A. M. (up
plemenUry lu:,1o A. M.) for POUT AU PRINCE
and PETIT 00 AVE, PTStoamslilii Andes: at 10:30
A. M. for HAITI, per steamship Prlus Wlllem
II. (letter for Venezuela, Curacao, Trinidad, Urit
Isb and Dutch Oulsna must be directed "per
Prina Wlllem II."): at J0..10A.M. frrCUIIA.per
steamship City of Wsshlneton (Irtteis must lie di
rected "pcrClty of Waahliwton "): at 11 A.M.
(siiunlementary 1HS0 A.M.) for rOHTO RICO,
and CARTIIAOENA, vU Curarao, per ateamsbip
PblladeIphla;atl3M. forNEUFOUNDLAND.jier
steamship Portia: at 8:80 : M. for NKVt tOUND
LA ND, per strainer from North Bydnay.
Mails for Newfotiiillaiii. ty rail to Halifax and
Ounce br steamer, 1 lose at this office dally at
B:3i P. M. Malls for Mlijuelou, by rail to Uoston
and theura by atesmrr. close at this office dally
atH:30p. M. Malls for Cuba close at this nOlce
dally at 7 A. U., for torwardlnit braleamers sail,
tng Mondays. Thundsya and Hsturdara rrcm
Port Tampa, Fla. Mails for Meilcn City, over
land, unless specially addressed Kirdespstch br
steamer, close at this office daily at 2:.in A.M.
and 3:80 P. M. lltSKlstered mall closes at d
P. M. previous day.
Halls for China and Japan, per steamship Victoria
(from Tacninat, close here dally up lo Jan, 3
at 11. ao P.M. Mails for China and Jaian, per
steamship Emtirtsa of India (from Vancouver),
iloae lirre dally up to Dec. 3tl at 1:30 P. M.
liu.lstor Ilaall,prr steamship Austiallaifroin
ban Frsncltcni, clow here dally up to Dec. k At
m.iol' M. Malls for Australia lexrepl Wot Alls
trails), Ne Zialaid, Hawaii aud Fiji Islands. m
sleamshtp Vlnnrraifrom Vancouitr), rlosnli:r
dally ulter Nor, I'-'n and up to De.- f at H:nu
p. M. Malls fur China, Jspsn and Hawaii, per
steamship L'l'y of Peking ifmni Kan Fsncl-ciil.
rinse here dally tip to Her. f at il:30 P. M Malls
for Australia (except tlmse for Welt Aus
tralia, which ate forwarded via I'.uropu).
New ZeiUnd, lUnall. FIJI and Banioan laUuda,
per steamship Alsmtda (from ban 1'raticii.cai
close here dallv uu to Dec. 124 at 7 A, M., 1 1 A.
M. and ili.in P. M, (or uu arrital at New nrk of
atiani"'ilp F.tiurla with llrlttsh malls forAtistra.
liai. Mill" for the Society Islands, por ship
Tropic bird (from Ran Frsnclsco), close here
dally up to De- 3S at emu P, M.
Transpsclflctnsllssre forwurdfd toport of sailing
dally and the schedule of rl -slnn is arranged 011 the
fresurupUon of their uu nterniptedoterlsud transit.
UazUlcred mail closes nt it P. M. previous djy.
CORNELIUS VAN COTT, 1-o.lmastcr.
rost Office, New Yuik N. Y., Dec. 1 lu.
' ' I1 " 1 p I I .. ... I I I
guVHc ffittrtg. J
jfOTiriiio TAxrAviiirts. r " ""'
CpLLI'XTTION OP TAXKH, Nu 67 Chamber fllreat
(Btesartliiilldliigi, New Vnik Decemters, 1SP.
, 'NOTIOK I.-t Hl.llKnv (IIVKN to all persons who
liaie omitted to iiay their tac In the Ilnrtinghaof
MsnlMtlati and The Rroux rorlba year 1 huh lopiy
thesame tnther.oeclvcrntTatesst iilsolTicfo No. r,7
OhamlieM Street, In thn Ujmuuh of Msiihattsti, and
stndAiMiiiesnd 177tbHtrreti'ln the llorough of The
Hrotix, rraiirctively, bfore the first day.tif Jsunsty.
J him, ssprotbled by S-ctlen litis of theOrcatcrNew
York Cbsner (chanter 3TX. Laws of IHU7.1
Vji' n any ucli t retraintng unpaid after the first
tlav.bf De'cmbor, lnim, one er cenlifn will lie
charged, rc nil c1, anl collcclM, In addition to thn
smnmit thereof; and upon snch tux rmmnlnu unpaid
011 tlm nut i1a.v of January, IHliu, Interest ill bn
dinrvcd, letpivcil snd collfrled vpou tbe amntint
tbetcuf at the rale of seven jw r rtniinn per annum,
to I'e'ralrttlated from the thlriTdsr M October, 18ms,
on wnlcli tlay tho awnssmeut rills snd walnuts for
thetsxesof IKiixvierii drllterrd to lbs said Receiver
of Taxes, to 11 e tlat of ji I) mctll, )ursuant lo section
Ulllorsald art, -
lunDJ. Al'aTKV. Receiver cf Taxes.
INGTON. 1). 0., Nov, 3I, laitH.BualeJ proposals
Kill be received atthlanftice until noon or Deo. 10,
lHiirt, to furnish drugs, chcnikat ami other supplies
for use ot tho Marine Hospital Ben ire during the
six months ending Jnnn no, isut, Babedulra and
further Information may be obtained upon appllca.
tlon to Ilia undersliroed. WALTER WYMAN, Surer
VWtiE Biirneoii-Oeiii rat, M. n.B. .
Now York .Han ns'IJuo Doaril. 11 A. M D.w7,
ISl'H.utiapplUatonDrjiirtmint Dooaof Ne York
?. fr modlCisUon of plerLeiti line, Kjsi Rrter,
New Ynrl- cltr.,1 eiw.-en njat and Mln l: Persona
'intrieMed are invRed In liiishut rnd rh Heir
views. HENRY M: HUBERT, Colonel Eng.neera,
Pieildcnt, i
R'l-P-A-N-9, 10 for B cents at dntgglsta, orocers,
restttiranta, saloons, news stands, general stores
and bsrber shons. They I anlsb pain, Induce aleep,
prolong life. One gives relief.
renn trnmcr3.
past i:.rnus srntvicn.
Railing Wednenda) sat 10 A. M.
Bt, Louis D,ic. 7St. Lulls ... Dec. 2S
I'arlSL.i,..,,.., DfC. 1-t lap" Jan.
BLPatil Dec. ai'si. Paul Jan. 11
Eery Wednesday at 13 110011.
Noordland. ..i.i.Dec. '7 Frlcsland Dec. 31
Araconla....... . .Dec. 14lHouthwark Dec. 38
"These atesmere carry only Second ind Third ibs
passenepr at low rates.
Piers U and Jr., N, 11. Olllce. 11 DoHllugUresn.
Tha tourist routa to all houthern Winter Resorts,
Nassau and Cuba,
Steamers leave Pier 311, East lUver, 3 P. M,
ALOONljlIIX -..,.; Haturdav, Deo. .!
HEMINOLK Monday, Doc. r.
IHOQUOIS ...Wednsmla), Dec. 7
COMA.NCIIE. . Friday. Dec. 11
For freight and pasnise rates and general informa
tion apply to WM,P. CLYPI", k CO.. Oen. Agents. 6
UouHiit()reMi, New York.
Ot. S'tb'n Freight and Pass, Line, via Chsrleston,
F. C. and P. Fast P';(hi and rats. Line. la Jackson
llle. TUKO.O.JMKH.U. A.. a75 Droadway. N. Y.
Express forwarded on all mall and fastest steam
ehlptt. Btet possible rat'rad connections.
Cuban and Pan-American Express Co.,
Hi Ilrundvvii), Nrn York,
Branch oalces in IIjana, BantlMZO, Bin Juan,
Ponoe. iic.
From Pier 4p, N. R., foot Ularkaon st.
Etrurla Dec. a, tl A. M. I Umbria Dec. 17. 1) A. M.
Camnsnla...l)ec. 10noon Luianla, .Dec. 34, uoon
VERNON lI.l)110WNi.CO..tion.Auts..41iowllngUreen.
, Balllnit as follows at 10 A. M.
From Pier No. 43, North Rter. loot Morton st.
LxTouraluc Dec, 3 Lx Hrctaime Dec. 34
l,a (la-come iDac. U'l lANoriusndls..,.Vec. 31
LaChsmpagne. Dec. 17 I La Usscoisne ....... .Jan. 7
First-class sssai;c to Havrv as and upward.
Oen'l Agency for XT. B.and CJI11.. a liowllne Oreen. N.Y.
Twln-Surcvr Kxprr Hteamers during winter on
Gtnrftt. Mcilltcrruneau Ben Ice. Service to Purli,
leondon. Uarahurc, ireuniril in March,
Bolcaria Dec.fl,7:aOA.M PtnniiylvAnia.Iec.l7,ftA.U
rbunirU.IfC.lu.l..lol'MX,aUtU. ...Dec. 34. 2 P. M.
Steam ars, lest er New York every Tbura lay at 4 P.
PORT and DANOOR, Me., connecttns with all rati
and water lines.
Hteamen leave New York Dec. .1 and weekly there
after at 4 P. M. for EASTPORT, Me., and oTWOHN,
N. B.. direct, with connections for all points.
Steamers sail fiom Fieri, North River, Freight
received daily tint 1 il P.M. All competing rates
promptly met. N. L. NEWCOMR, General Manager,
6-11 Broadway, New York.
Lahn.Tu., Dec. a. 10 A. M. I K.W.D O., Jan.3. 10 A.M.
Saale,Tu..Dec. la, 10 A. M. lrate.Tu..Jan.lO,10AU.
OEIyRICIia A; CO.. 3BowituaOreen,
For Old Piilnt'Comfort. Norfolk. Newport News,
Petenibunr, Portsmouth, Tinner Point, Richmond,
Virginia Beach, Vs., and TUshlnoton, D. C. Freielit
and passenger steamers sail from Pier 3d, North
River, cterrwcik day, except Saturday, at 3 P.M.,
and Faturdar at 4 P. M. ,.
W. L. qUILIAUDEU. Vjco-Pres't and TTaflloMgr.
Brltannle. Dec. 7, noon Cymric .Dec. 14, 3 P. M.
Majestic ..Dec. IB, noon i Germanic Dec. 31. noon
H.iloon rates on Cymric. $r.o up; Oormanic, llr.tan
nic, Sito up; Majestic, Teutonic. $7r lip: second
cabin, $42.r,o upward: third dsss on Cyrurln, Oer
manlo and Britannic. 2.r0: on Maleatlo and Teu
tonic, $27. Revenue lax additional.
Forpassiure, frrishtand itencral information apply
WniTi: hTAB f.INE,
Pier 48. North River. Office, Broadway. New York.
Boston and New England Points.
FAI.r. ItlVKK LINK, Ma Newport and Fall
River. Leave Fieri l. N. It., foot of Warren Bt. week
rtsja oulj. at 6 Ou P. M. Steamers Priscllla and
Puritan. Orchi-tftiaoneach.
STON1KCTUN LINK,, via Stonlnaton. I.rsve
lleran.N, It., foot or Sprintt 8t , week days only, at
tl.Oo P. M. uteamsrs Malno and New Hampshire.
NOIIWICII LINK, via New London, lavo
Pirr 3d, N, It., f pot HprliiKBt.. week days onlr, at S.BO
P.M. Hteamers City of Lowell and City of Worcea'er.
Albany Evening Line
Steamers DEAN RICHMOND and DREW leave Old
Pier 41, N. R.. foot Osnat St.. at 0 P. M. dally (Sun
days excepted), tonnectlne with express trains for
points North, tost and West,
foot of Christopher st. every week day at l P. M.
INGSTON LINE. West 10th aU-Dallr. 4 P. M.,
Hatuidsya at '1. Bleameni BALDWIN and RO
MER, for Cranston's, Cornwall. Newburg, New Hsm
bum, Marlboro, Milton, Foucbknepsle. Hyde Park,
Esopus, Kingston, connecting with V.aV.li. It. for
all points in Cstsklll Mountains.
.PECK, dallyjexcept Sunday), at r. P. M.
R"AMRD1'XL LINE. sTtamnrs leave Pier 24, N. It.,
root trankllu st , for Cold Bprimr, Cornwall,
Flshklll Landing aud Ncwlutif, week days, 0 P. M.
Sundays. W A, M.
Bteamers laav West 10th st. da'Ir at 0 P. II., except
Saturday. Sunday steamers touch at Albany,
New York and Bsston All Rail.
N. Y N. II. A II. It. It. ami connections.
From Orand iVntrul Station.
Ieave lly way of Due
!.0 A. M Sprlntfncld and Worcester. 3:S0 P. M.
Iusioa.M., ttNev. London and l'rldenc.8:i.O P.M.
In :0'iA,M..Nea lAimlnnandl'riiridence, 4:. 6 P, M,
12.0 1 M.. .iiirlugtli Id and Worcratcr, n:ti P. M,
11.00 I'. M Air Lmn, via Mlllniantlc. H.mi P. M,
1 02 P. M , .Sen Iindonand Providence, 7 00 1. M,
a.uu P, M , NarLnndcnam1 Provldcnce.O'i (IP. M.
4:CO p M Hpntuceld and Worcester, 10:CO P. M.
.'. no P. M,, New Loudon and )ri Idence.l 1.00 P.M.
ill-.riop. VI., ii'llnxneldand Wrr.'ester, mir. A.M.
112 onP.M..NerLoiidon snd I'rovldeme,0:2&A.M.
Runs daily, liKludlugHuudsy,
ttH.iy t"ate Llniltcd.all parlor cars; fare, 17, In
clddiiu parlor car scat;
' lAIr Unc Llmlied, arrives and departs from Park
Bduarn Kcitlon, Boston. Return servlcs aame hour
and by same rniitc, I Will .top at l2Stb street.
'll.iuusli parlor and sleeuinic i ara breath tr.ln.
t'. T IIEMPjlTEAD. Pen, I'i. A'.-unt.
Ir ave Ne Voik. MbltehallTiruilnal (South Ferry)
and root ( LIUrcv street
"DjIIi. tl'.tiiptHiunlsv. tdiindays.
CUI('(iOiM:3'iA. 11. fnmi Liberty strtet only)
l.r. p. M. aurt 'r.'.ir. nluht.
PinsilUliit (4ao A. M . from Liberty street only),
dir.r, p. ,l. I3 in night.
NEW (IIILEINX, 4 ar. p. it.
rovaC ulue trains.
WAHiIIN(I1UN',1)AII IM01IE, I7:r,r., H:B5 D lien,
lir-'o A M DIrei., 1IV.1H P. M., li.'C ili.ner).
2i1.1 ( Rijal Limited " Eielmivo Pullmati tram .
: 1 (Dinar), ' rP. M. and 'IStlo night .NOR
F()LK,12:ri.1P. M
All trains nto illuminated with Pintscli Light.
Untie.. I in. 172, 2111,434, 1'.'Ht llmadwey,. East
Klhst., 137 Jloirery, N, I'.l 11,11.. 1144 Fultou t..
Vrooklyiii Wliltohsll Terminal, llatxagj checked
ttvm hotel or realdsuco to dcstluatlon.
JSmmmiimmmimumil fstsimsaiti.
Pennsylvania 1
BTATIONR tout nt Wist Txeuty-thtrd Blrest and tiff
' Drsbrosses and Curtlamlt Streets. ' , ' tm
aTbe leaving time from Desbrossea andOort- RB
lanat Mreets la ten minutes later than that given W
tielnw tor Twenty-tlilnl Street StaUon. ")
7i30 A. M, FA3T MAII-1-nlliiisn Duffel Parlor jEH
UirNew York toPlttsbtiru Sleeping Car nitsbnra tSB,
totiilcaai), No roaches to Pittsburg. n
BiSOA.M. l'sr LINT. -nttnlmru and Cleveland.' MM
0110 A.M. PENS8VI.VANIA L1UITED. rnllraau ja
Compartnintil, aleeiilnr, Dining, Mm iking and Oh !m
servatlon Usi, For Culotgo. I'levelsnd, TVledo, ' i
Cincinnati, IndlanatKills. Ixmlsvllle, Ht. Louis. vTl
I'nr Naahvllln (via (turlnn.tll. Chlcagni Kt. loots, 7m
Slit) V. .vi, UKSU'.UN EM'RWsS. For ChleiK. MB I
For Toledo exci jit HaMtnUy. 1KB
7no p. .11. soti7HMfERN nxrnisa Forv Jam
l'litsburvi Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis. 8t. ' iB
lutl. 19
71441 V. 31. PACIFIC EXPltfSS. For Plltaburir' ,.ftl
and Chicago. Connects for Cleveland exoept Sal- jjjj
8ti iV.lf. MAIL AND EXPRESS. Pnllman Bufm !t
Sleeping Car New York t.i Altoona, Eaat Liberty, uttt
Plttiburg, nnd points Wuat, daily except Sunday, r99f
Nocnache., v
7l.10, H:2(), W.20, UiftO (Dining Car). K)i50. (Dining iJS
Car)A..V..'l2t.1o,l:ft0.i8:0"OonKTTalonaUJm.. , fm,
all Parlor and Dlntiii:rirs),4:20iDliituECar), i80 im
(l)lnlng Cari, Htr.o P.M., l'J-.oAnlght. Sunday. B20. J
11:20, lu:oO(DiiilnuCar) A.M., (3UO "Congressional vtt
Mm.," sll Pallor and Dining Oors),. 4:20 (Dialog "v
csn, 4:r,o (Dining Car), HtAO P.M., 12:0.1 rlgllt. .&
SOUTHERN KAILWAV.-Eipress. 4:20 P. IL. 13:0 1
night dally. ,ij
ATLANTIC COAST LINF.-Express. 0:20 A.M. and nJf
Htlii P. M. dally. ' " j
A, M, week djya ami 7ts0 P. M. dally. i ,f
ATLANTIC CITY. litJOP. M. week tlava (Desbrossea :S
aud Cortland Streets 2it() P. 31.). Thiough.Vastl. a
holed Tram. Buffet Parlor Cars, Fasaenger Coach ;j5g
and Comtilned Oiaoh. d)
0.PEMAY.-12:r.OP. M.wrckdays. W
Izmir Branch, Asbury Park tlnterlaken. Bundays), , .-'T
Oieantlrovo, and Point Pleasant (from West Twen 'Ha
t)-thlnl Rtreet Station), H:50 A. M., 12:20, ni20, and JB
4:r,o r, II, Sundays. :2(i A. M4:roP. M (from ,
Disbripses and Curtlamlt Streets), WHO A. M., ,v3
12:r0.8ilO,nudKttOP.3t. Suiidara. t):45 A. M jffl
r.:151'. .M. -M
FOR rillLADEI.PniA. . M
Clio, 7:20, 7:nn, s:30. M:..o, utJO, (wt.lo Penna. Lim- tKt
lledi, lull) (Dining Car). 10:80 (Dining Car), 11 :A0 S
A. M 12:r.n, 1 CO, r:6ti. n.no, 4:20, 4:20 (Dining
Car)i4:Mi (Dining Car), r:r.O (Dining Car), 7:40, fit;
s.r.op. M., t3:or. ulghl. Buhdays, 0:10, H:20,B:so, W
M:20, n.:.t)iLiinltedi. moo. 10:5u (Dining Oar) A. gS
M.. 1:M (I)iulng Osri. 8:.10. 4i'.() (Dining Oar). 4:SO 31
(Dining Car), S:nu (Dlnlnc C.vn, 7:40, H:60P. M., 31
12. or. nl tbt. . '3
Tickttoibcie Nob. 4111,044, lion. 1323, 111, and 201 M
llroadway, I Astor House, West Twenty-third JjK
Street Station, and stations foot of Drsbrosses and Jf
Corllandt Strertst 4 Court Street, DUO Fulton II
Street, HH Umsdway, and Peunaylranla Annex, "M
SUtlon, llnxiklyn: HUtlon. Jersey City. The New 31
York Transfer Company will call for and check M
lagagn rrom hotila and residences through to) 'i
Ttlephnne "27r.7 F. ghteenth Street" for Psnnsjl &
vaula lUllrnadCauSarrlca. &
tleiieral Mansgcr. Oeneral Pasa'r Agsnt. g
All through trains stip at Albany. Utica, Syracuse, 3
Richoitrr ami Buffalo. . ,
Trains leivn Orand Central HUtlon sa follows: SI
8,Jfi AjI. Dallv, excejit Sundays. Fanions Jg,
Fastest train In tho world. Due Bunalo 4:41), NN JE
agara rails n.n2, Toronto ti:00 P. M.. Detroit 11:10 jS8
P.M. Limited to its seating 'apacltv. J9
8.,f fC A. Jl. FAST SIAIL. Djily-For Buffalo, Nl- 4;
.tO agara Falls and Cb'V land. Hi
1 fl.'-lf I A- M DAY EM'llICUi: except Sundays 31
J.U por Buffalo and all Important New York j !
Stat points. igti
l.yJVJ CHICAdO SPECIAL, Dady-For Columbus, f
C.nclniiatl, Indlana)olls, St. Uiuls and Chicago. '
.0J eept Sunday. .HUipa at lmi'Ortant stations. , &al
5.flfi r- M.-lAltK4JlHanE LIMITED, Dally 24 ml
.JJ hour train for Chtcago, Tla Lako Shore. Due w.'
Cleveland 7:15 A. JL, Chicago 4 P. M. Bleeping) "";
and parlor cars only. Mi
6.110 P- M WESTERN EXPRESS, Dally For- m
UU Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cleveland, Toledo, jws
Detroit and Chi ago. af.J
6,sCTP. M.-NORIHERN EXPRESS. Dally-For ' 36
.UO Montreal, ami, except Saturday, for Ottawa. '
lOVJ MO.N 1'RllAL EXPRESS, Dally Via Utioa. M
HO SPECIAL. Dally-For Niagara Falls. Clave- 3
land, Cinc.nuatl, Indianapolis and St. Louis. a
.yjyJ isleeilng tar only) For point, on Fall ;M
Brook, via Lyons, nnd lor Hochester and HufEalo. iiw
9,1 K P. SI.-PAC1FIO EXPREBS, Dally-For Oa- S
A.O wego, Ogdrusbiirg. Bu3alo, Niagara Falls, j
Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, rnd, except Batur- gS i
day. for C. pa Mm ent and the Auburn road. w
XZ..1U CAOO. Every night eicept Sunday night, $8
Sunday nigbt Chicago sleepers leave at :16. Jt
0:15 A. M. and :t:SS P. M. Dally, except Sunday, to m
PittsDr Id; Sundaya only at :20 A. M.
Wagner Palaco Car on all I hrougb tralna. M
Train Illuminated with I'lntach light. . '' .HfE
Ticket otneen at 113, 3rtl, 41and U42 Broadway. . 'S
31 Eaat 14th Bt.. 23.1 Columbus av 01 West 130th S3
at.. Orand Central Station. 12Sth Bt. Station, and )St
ISRthSt. Station. New York: 838 and 728 Fallon at, -58
and 100 Broadway, II I)., Brooklyn. -- IB
Telephone "27UO Thirty-eighth atreet" for Neve JS;
York Central Cab Service, llavgage checked from Jm
hotel or residence br Westcott Express Oompanyt l
OEORUK H. DANIELS. General Paseenger Agent. aa;
Lehigh Valley System. I
Stations foot of Weat 23d St. (Penn. R, It.), Cortland! S
orDeabrossesbt. tm;
Indicates time from IVrat 2.1d St. Other flguras iff;
show time from Cottlaudt or Diabrossea Bt- jiff,'
"0.4.V, 7i(K) A. M. dally for EABTON and interms- W)
dlate ktatli.im. "
7:30. mis A. Jt, dally for WTLKESBABRE. S'
FAI.O, Nl All Alt FALLS aud thn Weat and principal .
local points; dining car and parlor car to Buffalo. d
lliKO, ltfiOO noon dally, etcept Sunday. qHjsi
Arrives Bufialo 11.5.1 p. U. Pullman Vestibule Day w!
Coaches aud Parlor Cars. Dining Car Servlc. Meals Mti
a la carte. Connects at Buffalo with through sleepers Sit
to Detroit and Chiiago. t2
ia:fiO, 1:00 H M. dally for EABTON, MATJOH W
brunches. ;t
31.10, 4iIO P. M. dally, except Sunday.' fox Mi'
cipsllntenuedlati stations. Couuecta for all points) Jf,
In ooal regions. Pullman Bullet Parlor Car for -at1
4iSO, BUS P. M. Sunday for MAUCH CHUNE 25
snd intermediate stations. Sm
4ino,OiMOP. Jl. dally, except Sunday, for'EAS. -lSi
TON aud Intermediate stations, - '-mli
.lino, etlO P. M. dally, except Sunday, for SAB- im$
TON and principal luierinedlate stations. JB,
diOO, 7iOO P.M. .tally ror BUFFALO, NIAOABA 3
FALIJ4, and all points West. Pullman sleeper vestl- SK'i
bule train N. Y. to Chicago. Sleepers to Buffalo and Wil
Toronto. Dinlnp Car New York lo Easton. atftr
7i40, SiOO P.M. daity, stopping only at SOUTH St
FALj aud TORONTO. Piillniau sleeper tor Hanalo. .vui
Nous but sleeping caf passengers airied. No bag- 'j (
gage cacrled. i
oiJto. MiSO P. M. dally for 1VILKESDARRE, ITH- f
FALLS aud all points West. Pullman sleeper to j
Chicago. ,j -
Additional local trains. daly, except Bundar. for J :
mediate points leave an follow.! 10:20, Hi'tio A. M.. .'. :
2:20. 2:30, d.00, 4:20. B:ftO and 0:80 P.M. J
Tlcksta and Pullman arcommodatlona at 110, 201, fi
27i, 3ili, 1)44 and 1323 Broadway. 31 Fast 14th at., f
)6t) E. 12Bthst., 127 Bowery. N. i'.: SBOFultonst.,4 rl
Court St., US ll'way, and Brooklyn Annex, Brooklyn' .&
N.Y. Transfer Co, will call for and check baggag 'T
from hotel or residence, through to destination. -4
KKN It. It. -,'
Stations In Nor York, foot of Ilarolay and .11
C'hrlstoiilirr Streets. tfA
8i00 A. 31. Blnghamton Mall. Stops at principal '&!'
stit'ons. sa
lOiOO A. .11. Cafe Car) Buffalo, Bcranton, Blng- 3
bamton, Owdgo, llhara, Klmlra, lltlca, Syracuse, 'IS
and Ovwugo Lxpreas. Pullman buffet parlor cara, l
Connecting at liunalo with trjlns for Chtcagaand
polula West. iB
liOO 1. 31. iDally) Ch'cago and Buffalo vestlbuled , TKf
xpietsfurB.rsnton. Blnghamton and Elmlra, Ac. -ym
l'ullm.u buffet parlor cars tn Klmlra. Through Cffi
sleeping cars and day toach to Chicago, arriving at '"ij
4:irP,M, neitday, ("
4ilKl". M. Bcranton. Wilkeabsrre and Plymouth ii
Express. Pullman bunet parlor cars. 9j
7iOO P. M.-lDally) Ohtcago Vestibule Limited Ex- -M
preys for Siranton, Diugbamton, Eludra. llntfalo. '4&
Tliroiuh bullet aleeinug car New Vork to Chlcat. jwi
Dining cur we.t of Uunalo. '
Biao 1'. .11. -(Dally) Jlulslo Express. Pullman S
elrtpers fur Hcrantuu, U nibsmtnn, Elmlra, Hath, jL
Mt Moirla and lluaalo, arriving Buifalort A. M. 'Jft
U:ao 1. 31, (Da lyi Uullslo, Bcranton, Blngbkm. fBl
ton, Owrgo, Ithaca, K.lnlrs, Byracme. Utlra and '3t
Oswego llatir. as, Pullman HuDet sleepeis. fi
Tickets and Ptitluiau accommodations at Henry il
Oaie t Sous, Ltd., 1 lit Broadway, 14 Park place, 42U Tti
and 1142 llroadway. Tickets at ferry stations. 111 '(554
4th av ror. 12th t., Jll West 12Mh at.. 23ft Oolnm- Mt,
bus av New York, .ma and 723 Fultou at,, aud ion vj
Broadway, Brooklyn. Time tables giving full In. ' " 1
formation at all station". ';
Meatcott's KxpressOumjisny wlllcall for and check j
bsggsgef rom hotel or re.ideuco to destination. s
Through trains leave New York, foot of Chambsra vf-j
street, as fulluws, and die minutes earlier from West t
2Bdatreeii . .;
tl'lfl A. 31, Vestlbuled Express dally forBlng. .5
U'K)J hanitun, Wavcrlv, Elinlrv, ll.m.lo, llradfora, m
arrhes lluu.l'iSP. M. Parlor sal U llullalo, ?tl
2 All !' .11. -'tllxilo limited-Fast mail dally. 'iti
'IJ Solid train for Cuicjgo, arrives at Cleveland 'jm
7'40 A, M.. Clil'-acu A P.M. Klrepers to Colcsgo. tti
Cleiel.ndand iiii.nuat . DlnltigCar, .... fit
".Ofl I', 31. Uuu.lo and Cleveland leitibulsl gj
I 'OU Eiircss dsliy. arrlvea Buflslo 7.U6 A. Al., .ml
Bra iTurd 7 .20 A. M., J.ruestiwn 7 (to A. M., Youngs- jBi
town 10 27 A M., levrlaiid 12i1n P, M. Sleepers ,W
tn B'irraliiind( lete'atid. C.iff Ubrsry Car, W
t).l rr I'. 31.- Daily solid Irtlii for Blnghamton, Ml
Jil O Elmlra, Haverlr. Chlcigo. Sleejiors to Hop Xm
ni-ll.v lie, Chicago and CI uluuatl. Dining Car. . (Uf
J ACCOMMODATIONS at 111, 113, 2nl. 4UI and 'Ml
OM llroadway. 127 llowi r) , IM East 123th st.. am) Hj
273 Wt.t 1 jnth st., Chsinbers and Wert 23d st fsr. ,fll
rlcs, Newnrk ;i i'i and Hitn Fulton st ,tmi)r lailway, S
Brnkl)ii, 122 liner at II b ben. and Jeisty City
btal'nu New Vi rk TrensfcrCo. tails for snd checks ;(
luggage from hotels and rt sldtntes to destlnstlon. 1
" THB SUN sl
Harlem Branch
110 WEST 1XTJ1 aTBEJnC. 41
s.. mrf-(x4ililSi n iapa u JUitur - m .iaj ,...-. . m&4Wk

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