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i Wf M I WL 33EK9BVNHH!l9iB kmmmU I II k Fair and much colder to-day; brisk H
I mr V Wjly 'TfWMmFBSffVRM Cy SWWW W' to high northerly winds. M
, . t -. - . IB
l UtJC io btcdbxxs of oxoitaiA'a
isdvsirial college.
Csyl Education and Character Sbonld De
Aeo.ulred-In That Way They Can Solve
tht rrobUmi That Confront Thun
Frotdcntial Parly Leaves Savannah.
Favakkai!, Go.. Doe. 18. A. quiet day was
ipent byTresldont McElniey und hts party.
the only notablo feature of which was the
iddrcss made by tlio President In tho after
noon t the Goorgla Industrial College, a Stato
Institution for tlio education of negroes. Mayor
Meldrlm.who U a trustee of the college. In
titod the President to visit it. and the Invita
tion was acoopted. although It had boon do
dined at first to allow the President aohanco
to rut. Accompanied by the Maror and Sec
retary Gage. Ocn. Wheeler and Secretary
rorter. the President went to tho collego at
3 o'clock. whore, after exercises -appropriate
to tho occasion and day ere finished, ho
ulked to the students as follows:
"Pillow Cmma: I havo boon profoundly
Impressed with this scono and I have been
deeply touched by tho eloquent -words and tho
lilted sentiments which have been uttered
ij the two gentlemen whom you delo
rated to speak In your bohatf. It elves mo
peculiar pleasure to moot you. and to meet you
la this Institution of learning, presided over
by one whom I have known for moro than
twenty years, and whom I havo como to admire,
tad respect as ono of tho Bplondld leaders of
yonr race. I concratulato him and all asso
ciated with him In tho sood work dono hero
for the exaltation of your race. I concratulato
ill of you onHho splendid advance made by
you la the last third of a century.
"Tou are entitled to all pralso and to high
commendation which I am suro you rocelvo
from your whito fellow citizens. In this and
irerr part of tho country. I concratulato you
oa your acquirement of property. Many of
yonr race havo largo properties on tho tax
lists lu the sevoral States.' and in that way
contribute proportionately to the support
ot the Government. I concratulato you
oa what you havo dono in learning and tho ac
quirement of. useful knowlodco; on tho fact
' that In tho United States thcro is not a foot of
(round beneath tho flap: with stars and stripes
on which every boy and every girl, white or
black, cannot havo au education to fit them for
the battle ot lite.
"'Keep on.' Is the word I would leave
with you to-day. Keep on in the efforts
upward, but remember that In acqulr
1st knowledge there is ono thing as
Important as that, and that is character.
Nothing In the wholo wide world is worth so
much, will last so long and serve its possessor
sowell as good character. It is something that
no ono can take from you. that no ono can give
to tou. You must acquire It tor yourself.
, There Is another thing. Do not forget the
home. The home is .the foundation tf
(nod Individual life and of cood govern
ment Cultivate good homes, makr? them
pure and sweet, elevate them and other
cood things will follow. I congratulate
you that this Institution Is not only looking
after tho head but after the hand. I congratu
late you that It Is not only making good orators
but cood mechanics. It Is better to bo a
(killed mechanic than a poor oratororan In
different preacher. lOreat applause. k In n
word each of you must want to be best in
whatever you undertake.
"Nothing in tho world commands -more
Sespeot than skill and industry. Every avonuo
i open, to vou, I congratulate .you on the
iplendid valor .of lyour race. My friend,
tho. President, has made an allusion In hts
cpeech to what many years ago I said'
, At a public--address. I Mil of a wlutd ColoneL
' wnqM-xfolivemi- tbe-fUff of. our UntrytoT
his black Color 8erceant ana saw to him:
"'Sergeant. I place In your band this sacred,
flat. Fight for it yes, ale for it but never)
surrender it to the hands of the enemy.',- ,
"The black soldier, with love or, country and
pride in his heart, answered :
I'l will bring the flag bock In honor. Colonel,
erreport to Ood the reason why.'
In ono battle In carrying the fine of
freedom, he was stricken down. Be fell with
the folds of the- flag wrapped about, him.
bathed In hls blood. Ho did not bring
It back. but. God know the rcanon why.
He did .all. he could, all any man could.
He gave his heart's blood for that flair. At Pan
Juan 11)11 and at El Coney but Gen. Wheeler Is
hero. Great applause J I know ha can tell
you better than lean ot tho splendid heroism
of the black regiments which fought sldq by
tide with the whlto troops on that hls
torlo field. Mr. Lincoln was not far from
tint when. In speaking of tho black men. he
Mid. Ttatima may come when they will help
i to keen the jewel of liberty in tho hands of the
o human race.' und In a third of a 'century since
roubave helped to.glvo liberty in Cuba to un
Mf ressed people. Applause. .
Jl leave with you this word, koep on.' You
wal solve your.own problem. Be patient, bo
Pro essive, be determined, be honost.be God
leuuig and you will win, for no effort falls
tut has a stout, honest, earnest heart bo
wed it."
Secretary Gace and Gen. Wheeler also spoke.
tad the President and his companions
were then driven through tho camps, which
Ha alto been visited during the afternoon by
Secretary Alger and Gen. Shatter. Other mem
bers of the Presidential party at the same time
wentdown to the Gordon wharf and Inspected
ue transport Roumanian lylne there, which
tbeiorty-ninth Iowa bad been preparing all
ut to board.
The morning was passed by the olty'a guests
a attending church or taking a rest orln walk
ftfc Mrs. MoElnloy had a cold and did not'
hts her room, but the President wont to the
wtsleran, .Monumental Methodist. Episcopal
G Church with Mr, nnd Mrs. Porter. The concre
won arose as he entered and remained stand
Kuntllhewas seated. The services, which
STe conducted by the Rev. John A. Thompson.
J. D . Presiding Elder or the Savannah district,
were opened by tinging "America." The
sermon dealt with the power anil evil of
n idea, and In his conclusion Dr. Thompson
HWantlally indorsed the annexation of the
f hulpplnes by referring to the faot that whore
weTer the Anglo-Saxon tongue went liberty of
conscience was assured, and by declaring that
throush this, means was salvation to como to
m world. At the close ot the service the con
pesatlon remained seated until the President
hid passed out.
During the day Hajor-Gcn. Brooke, who ar
flTfd early In the morning from Washington.
K3 K'U1 conference with Secretary. Alger
inj the President He is on his way to Havana
gaisumotfae military Governorship, and was
Shave met the President and the Secretary of
ffir on last Monday, the day after h la arrival
M Hampton IJonds from Porto Rico, but he
fully almost on arrival and Is not
Ocn Brooke suppfled tho fioUleorrldors
Hn considerable food for gossip, together
H'P Via President's speech Ustnlgbt dealing
AhWfcolley regarding, the East and Wost
Stiff-. ,f h wntfment of Savannah! udged
fnf.,lt1yiUwn heard, seems to be more
!? 'wrof the President's policy than tho sen
dwtWour rclUe T'" ontbePresl-
th?n,nah,a aJ old.cltr. but its ottleenssay
irt.viP?;' now Inhabitants, and that the char
tt Wht9JK?!J'ftt,on bM entirely changed In
ShiKf. ,twntyflve years, and the Savan
Tft pf..Mke .V'pMire In .being progressive.
Mi??' SS,l?ewn!"1 P"' le't at midnight for
ffS??'Ebi,ch ,hey ttra scheduled to reach at
Palevantn S'ffow mornfiig. The princl
efts. fSiPi1 ,h Maon,.fJro?'"ammo l review
Ki ?f2.0pi l! Gen- Wilson's command, iiav.
suit, i?Q "'. noon, the party will go to Au
frS.tt.h,ero the President will see some more
Om fT,hP8 CaraD McKenzle. under Major
?,!). M B.TounK. who has positive Ideas
crouVtl .. ii?erf a"a Sb expressed them ylc--fweiy
at Atlanta on Thursday night.
!r.ano ucst ao out op politics.
rPt. Fltihueu of Kentucky Issn-s un Ad
? to the Blqok Men of the Btato.
k,,"',,aiO-,'.Ivy..Decl8.-Capt. B. H, Fltz
i t rmer Confederate, who has been work
,i5'or.lh "Phulldlng of tho negro race ever
uce the civil war. has Issued an address to the
ui.E!t,V!,' KtVcky' $"" hem that It is the
o5th ffi'thW If ' tl18 wopio.horth and
tot i ni;.??i.th y.,llt roan wu8t ""11 td that
ieth,,B.r."; mtl better ret re from pof tics a to
Kits TSie0A th8lr. rve w dithestloimr
BoLttTere yoyJvifi then.be safe from
SsbViibi n l have a better govern
5S5L JlleFr YLhl.ch t0 "vo than it thoyUdthe
wMfii ate
I clrctVne1X"dFatb9be8tWfUnder
I -iMPial!id.eolff th8t 'ha Government
1 Ki ?a!rA0&blr. th, -negroes as t ehould
I for c2Sinisbuut U'Slrpnly remedy now Is to vote
.I'XxT 3totrrto
cnvisrn cisaxxATi aorovsd.
She Goes Ashore on a Bar in tho Hatbor
of Bantlato.
Accrfal Casts DutMtch U Iks Bait.
SiKTiioo db Cun. Deo. 18. While the
cruiser' Cincinnati was making her way through
the tortuous channel last night eho ran aground
on a bar opposite the residence of Qen. Wood,
two miles from tho main wharf of the olty, arid
sheisetUUhereatO o'clock, this evening, tho
combined 'efforts ot tho collier fiouthery. tho
gunboaU Hist, and Mayflower nnd tlio svlpply
ship Glacier having failed to budgo hor. She
llos with hor nose pointing toward tho Morro
andsho has a dooided list to starboard. She Is
not-Injured In any way. Capt Chaster, her
commander, oxpeota to got her off to-morrow
with the help -of a 'couplo of stoamers In the
harbor. ' ,
The Cincinnati does not etcor welt, owing to
tho disabling of her starboard engine. Bho
draws a great deal of water and tho navigation
ot Santiago harbor is difficult on account of tho
shoals. Capt. Chester was .ndvlsed before ho
welghedanehortptake a ntlvepllpt, but ho
retusod, preferring to steer by ohart, 'The Cin
cinnati is bound for Eoy West. Bho has malls'
and several Government officials aboard. Ono
ot tho officials is CoL XL D.'Frcomon. who Is
en route to join his new regiment, the Twenty
fourth, at Bait Lako, to which he was reoently
promoted. Ho was Lleutenant-Cblonol ot tho
Fifth regulars, the command of which lina do
volvod on Lleut.-Col. Hooton. who arrived hero
so vera! days ago on the transport Port, Victor.
As soon as ho gets the Cincinnati afloat Capt
Ghestor will proceed northward. Tho ultlmato
destination ot the cruiser Is Brooklyn. SJio
will stop at Key West, Charleston and Hamp
ton Roads. Her men aro In cood health.
The Port Victor sailed this morning for San
Juan. Porto Bico. with 200 recruits for tho vdl
untoorreclmonts stationod tHoro. Thoro aro
also aboard of her a number of officers who
aro reporting back to duty from sick leave, and
the wives ot Capt. Davidson and Lieut. Cossatt
AU are in good health.
Toons Motthe Borden nnd Wife to Be
Deceived by tho' Young Man's Fnrents.
New Haven, Conn., Dec 18. Matthew Bor
den, tho Yale senior, who married Miss Millie
Necbaucr. a Now Haven Jewess and shopgirl,
has finally broomo reconciled with tils' parents
as a result of his war record and hospital expe
riences. Young Borden's career has been
somewhat romantic After he secretly marrlod
Miss Necbauor bo was shipped to Europe with
a Yale professor and kept there a year whllo
his bride was sent to North Dakota to get a di
vorce. Borden's father. M. DG. Borden, the
Now York and Pall Blver millionaire manufac
turer, gave his son's wifo sovoral thousand dol
lars, besides paying her expenses on tho North
Dakota trip.
Young Borden, however, was no sooner back
from huropo than ho remarried tho girl. At
this his parents were obdurate. They refused to
receive the young couple, and Borden and hts
wife lived last year humbly in a Now York flat
on a slender Income which he possessed In his
own right. In May Borden enlisted with the
rough riders and went through the Santiago
campaign. .Ho returned to New York with a
fever, ond his wire nursndhlm back, to health
In a New York hospital. His parents wore noti
fied. Tholr son's war "record broke down the
barriers to reconciliation, and they have con
sented to rocplve the couplo at their home.
The soldier was removd to Fall Blver. and the
united Bordens will enjoy a merry Christmas.
Mrs. Borden senior was the cause of there
conciliation. iMr. Borden refused to rocelvo his
l son after his return from tho war. but the
mother, as soon as oho heard that her hoy.was
home sick with a fever'contracted on the , bat
tlefield, went to his side, and hor letters home
-flnaJlrrojttrre-fswmJdVr- "
RemarUnbto Result Said to Have Been
' Beached In San Francisco.
Sin FaiNcnsco. Dec, 18. Prof. Albert Van
denalllen and his son.woll-known local electri
cal investigators, gavo some remarkable ex
hibitions of wireless telegraphy in this
city on last Thursday. Prof. Vandenallleu
returned from Europo about two months ago
with Information given him. after years of
study, by Lieut. Delia RIcclaand Slcnor Mal
eonl of the Italian Engineering Corps. SInco
that tlmo he has been preparing the apparatus
for tests. Last Thursday was tho day selected
for trial. -
Ono par of tho Instrument was sot up on the
root of a building near tho corner ot Mason and
Eddy streets, the othor part In a room at 033
Market street sevoral hundred feet away. The
results were startling. Messago after message
was rattled off. each dash and dot being sharply
enunciated by the dimtnutlvo sounder.
Once during a previous experiment astrlklnc
occurrence was noted. One day. when several
tests had been applied and the day's work had
ended, the receiving sounder suddenly began
clicking, as if an experienced hand was manipu
lating tho sounding key. . But there was no
ono at the sounding Key. A telecraphle expert
present made out Dlafoly the word "repeat'.'
at the end ot the. message, then the sounder
became mute. Several solutions havo been
offered, but Yandenaillen believes that others
are experimenting in the samo lines as he, and
that his recolver happened to be placed In the
light position to catch the message as it flew
through rraco.
a nzrr Mixisa cAiir.
Dawson City, Col., Believed to Be an Eldo
rado A Typical Western "Doom Town."
Coloiudo SraiNae. Deo, 18. Tho new Daw
ton City was surveyed to-day. The sale of lots
will begin to-morrow. Tho city is only two
days old and is a typical mining camp. Tents
10 by 12 are styled "Dawson House," "Hotel
Royal." "Delmonlco'a Restaurant" "Klondike
Baloon." " Queen LI1 Danco Hall." 4c A dally
paper will be published on Thursday.
About 3.000 prospectors and miners are
driving stakes from three miles east to seven
west of DawsorT City. Greenhorn Mountain
bristles With stakes. Senator W. B. Pelton.
Superintendent MoDonald of Cripple Creek's
Gold King mine. President Donaldson of the
Colorado Springs Mining Exchange and others
who nave examined samples of ores gathered
, at exposures of the vein, unite in saying the
And la genuine. The Denver .and Rio Grande
Railroad officials eay they will soon extend a
branch track to the camp. . . . ,
Two other strikes are reported west ot the
Copper King, where the velu has heen traced.
Both show ore. Identical with that ot the Cooper
Ring, Several ooppor deposits have also been
opened In various parts of the camp.
An Eight-Inch Vein of Bylrantte Said to
, Assay 81,000 to the Ton?
OoLoniDO Srantas.Dee. la Colorado Bprlncs
has a bonanza gold mine of her own. The
Btrlctler tunnel, a mile and a halt long, con
necting Lake Moraine with a lake west of
Granite Enob. has penetrated on eight-Inch
vein ot ore showing seventy per cent sylyanlte.
The voln was encountered and overlooked
3,100 feet from tho west entrance. . Assays are
naid to show $1,000 a ton In gold and sliver.
Lava mud encountered In the east end may
causa the abandonment of tho tunnel as
Be Will Bemove the Body of Bis Father,
from Washington to Ilol.uln.
Col. Carlos Garcia, eldest son of Qen. Garcia,
arrived yesterday from Santiago on tho Ward
liner Santiago, Col, Carol commanded a brl
cade at Laa Tunax. In the province ot Santiago,
before the surrender to the Americans. Col,
Garcia said he did not care to talk about the
military or political aspect of, affairs in Santi
ago, lie was greeted at the pier by a delega
tion of Cubans, among whom were B. Glberga,
V. Hernandez, A.TNuno. 0. Martin Boey anaP.
Araneo. Co7 Oafola may start to-day for
Thomaevtlle. Ga-Tto see, his mother. lie will
5 amove bis father's body to Uqlguin. Cant.
Orgensen. the rifle maker, was also a pasaon,
eer on the Santiago.
. 'ii' .,
If you want delicious ale order Ballantlne's.
Srewcd in J-ntcUa, bo Wild bMWv-v'l
i f-ft-Jlr1 -sffit-Jilititf ifiini' h'Wifli.iTi'Triliil
a-rro nsscvEb-AT sea rnov A' sxsk-
xsa scuooxEn,
The British Steamship Tnwnen firings In the
Crew and Passengers of the Tern PeerhUl,
Which Was Abandoned on Dec. 13 in a
Storm 600 Miles Northeast of Bermuda.
The British steamship Pawnee arrived In
port yesterday morning from Gibraltar, bring
ing the shipwrecked orow and two girl pas
sengers of the three-masted topsail sohoonsr.
Doerhlll ot St. John, N- B., which' was aban
doned In a eaio on Deo. 12 about 000 miles
northeast of the Bermudas. The Dcorhlll was
leaking badly and 'had lost her rudder. 'Tho
Pawneo stood by her for tour days in halt a
hurricane, hoping to save her.' But hawsers
were snapped In pieces like twlno and tho best
Capt Aitkenbead of tho steamship could do
was to save the) eight men and two girls from
the disabled schooner. The girls wero Louise
Burns, tho Captain's daughter, and Hazel
Merritt tho daughter ot one of the schoonor's
oirners. They were taken off the Deerhlll In
a sea that tossed hor about llko a cork and
swept her deck ot a load ot lumber and nearly
everything that could be torn away. Through
it'all tho plrls nover showed the white feather.
When they were safe aboard tho Pawnee they
brokodown. The men saved from the
schooner are Capt 0. W. Burns, Mito John
Cook, Second Mate Albert Burns, Steward
JphnWheatcn and John Griffiths. Hans Nil
son. Harry Volt and James MoDonald. able
The Deerhlll sal.ed from St John for San
tos. Brazil, with a cargo ot lumber on Wednes
day morning, Nov. 23, Tho foe was thick, but
tho wind moderate. The breezo tteshened
after a day or two. And by Saturday night was
blowing a calo from tho sou'east During tho
night the gale Increased, and on Sunday morn
ing was blowing a hurricane. ThU was tho
storm that sent tho coastwlso steamer Port
land to tho bottom off Cape Cod and covered
the New England coast with wrecks. Capt.
Burns had to keep his vessel flying before the
wind. Toward ,noon It was found tthat tho
Deerhlll had sprung n leak, and tho men wero
sent to the pumps. Tho gale Increased lc fury
and in tho mlddlo ol the afternoon' the seas
swopt ovor the schooner, carrying away tho
after deckload of lumber. For two hours she
lay In the trough ot the sea, while the wind
hauled around' from scu'sou'west to west nor'
west Three tremendous seas broko over the stern
on Monday. The Captain and 8eaman Griffiths
were at tho wheel. The second wave sent
them sprawling upon the deck, and the wheel
had to be abandoned. The third carried away
a small boat and stove the skylight, flooding
the after cabin. All day long the Deerhlll ran
before tho wind under baro Doles. Toward
evening the gale moderated a bit and the
vessel was brought to under a close reefed
mainsail. 'Tho wind hauled around again to
the sou'weat The men never elt the Dumps for
twenty minutes, tor tho water was pouring Into
the hold. Day after day the galo kept. up.
running around the compass from sou' west to
west nor'west The crew had no obanco to
nloep. With the ship halt tho tlmo on her
beam ends and the lumber flying over the
decks, the men wero-lucky to keen their bones
whole. The girls looked after themsolvet in
On the second Saturday out the upper and low
er.irons of the rudder gave way and the rudder
hung on the middle Iron, almost useless. The
mate took his bearings as best he could, and
reckoned that the Bermudas were (586 miles
away, bearlng.west-son'wenu The schooner's
course, woe laid for. tho Bermudas, with tho
hope fhaktaBTujbr.rnjfd
until she rVached there. The wind had mod
erated, .but the seas were still running hlso.
This did not last lone however. Another gale
came up on Sunday. Increasing In force. On
Wednesday morning the rudder broko oft In
the stock, In sujh a sea it was Iranossiblo to
rig up a jury rudder, and so the vessel was put
before the wind, the bead' sails being used to
keep her on her course. Capt. Burns hoped
that the gale would moderate so that ho could
rig np a.rudder and make the Bermudas, but
lnntoad its fur increased day by day.
The Pawneo. which left 'Gibraltar on the
night of Nov. 25, bound for New York, and
had been fighting westerly and nor'westerly
gales ana terrlfla head seas for days, sighted
thedlsabled.Dearhlll on tho morning of Thurs
day, Doc H. Mate George was on the bridge
of the steamer. He bore down. and. peine
close enough to speak her. learned the schoon
er's condition. Cant. Burns wanted his ves
sel towed to Bermuda, but the steamship peo
ple were unwilling at first offering Instead to
take hor into this Dort. Finally It was de
cided to send a boat to the Deerhlll. and tho
pinnace was lowered.
The sea was running mountain high, but
Mate Georse and four pien got off safely and
fought their way to the schooner. A big wave
struck them and almost stove the boat, but
they managed to clamber aboard the Deerhlll.
It was agreed between Capt Burns asd Mate
George that the Pawnee' should tow tho
schooner to the Bermudas If possible. The
gale Inoreased, and the mate concluded it
would be wise to wait for a lull before going
baok to the Pawnee. But night oeine ana the
weather was as bad as over. The mate hailed
the Pawnee,
"Shall I stay aboard until morning?" he
shouted, '
. "Stay aboard," answered Capt Altkonhead,
"I'll stamfby."
As the Pawnee's pinnace was being taken
aboard the Doerhlll a sea struck It and carried
it. away. The tiro vessels were tossed about
all night by the Increasing erne. In the morn
ing an attempt was made from the Pawnee to
get a line to the schooner. One of the steam
fir's seamen climbed t the masthoad with a
kite and let It go. The gale destroyed it.
Lines wero thrown from the Deerhill when
ever she came near enough to the steamer, but
they didn't; reach. Finally, during a tem
porary lull In the tempest a bupy and hawser
were thrown over from the Deerhlll and Second
Mate Gibson and four men went after It from
the Pawnee in a small boat. The line was taken
aboard the steamer. It was a 2!0.fathom
hawser. It was lengthened by seventy-fire
fathoms ot new hawser and a sixty-fathom
ohatn. Tho chain was made fast to the
schooner's wlndlass-and a bridle was ringed
up on the steamer's stern. The Pawnee
started ahead at half speed. One bridle line
parted and the steamer lay to while another
lino was bent. Then Mate George and his
boat's crew returned to the steamer. hlch got
under way again, laying her course for Ber
muda, but at night the storm freshened and
the new hawser parted,
n "I'll stand by until daylight" signalled the
The schooner hoisted close-reefed mainsail.
The Pawneo stood off and on during the night
and in tho .morning spoke the schooner. Cant.
Burns declared his intontiou of abandoning
her at the first opportunity.-..
. But before nlaht was over.ne feared that he
had lost the Pawne. . Uerjlglits disappeared
to the windward, and so fierce was the gale
that Capt Aikenhead of the steamship thought
It wise to drop off to a safe distance. In the
morning he came baok. ijspt. Bums signalled
that he would wait a little longer. On Sun
day morning the gale moderated, and he de
elded then to abandon ship. He poured oil on
the water, and they lowered hie lifeboat
The slhooner was tossluc about and the seas
were sweeping her decks. The Captain, seo
ond mate and the sailors got Into the boat
Whettton, the. steward, p pked up the owner's
daughter, and when the lee rail rolled under
and the lifeboat shot un he tossed the girl to
the boat. . One of the sailors caught her. Then
Wheaton waited for another favorable oppor
tunity and tossed the Captain's daughter to tho
lifeboat Neither, girl was Injured. The life
boat, after reaching the Pawnee, then re
turned tor Steward Wbeton and Mate Cook,
who gathered up some papers and clothing,
The Pawnee left tho schooner. In latitude
3.V 45. longitude S3 west. From the time
she fell in with the Deerhlll until she left her
she had drifted alxty.fnur miles to the sou'
east Her agents heio feared she had gone
down Inlthe gale. The Dcorhlll was built at
St. John seven .year ago. Her registered
tonnaeo was 341. Hor owners wero W, II,
Merritt and others.
The Fullne Captured by the Oregon's Men
Dies Snddenly In Jtllchlgnn.
Br, Josem. Mich,, Deo. la The famous
Spanish cat "Cristobal Colon, taken from the
Spanish battloshlp on July 3 by the crow of
the Oregon, died last night at tho United States
Government station at this place. The cat was
in the cat show In Chicago nnd got a apodal
medal. It arrived home two days ago, and last
night it died suddenly. The cat was presented
to Capt. Clark of the flte-savtng station here by
his brother, who was In command ot tha Ore
gon during the fight,
ja&41Un"''-'--t!-J-"-M 'tMU ...Lll.
Robinson A. McDowell Wounds Freeman
tittle on n. Street In Louisville.
Louisville. Ky.. Deo. 18, Robinson A. Mc
Dowoll, a young lawyer and ono ot the best
known young society rnon In Loulsvilio, this
afternoon shot and wounded slightly Freeman
Little of Owensboro. Kr Tho shooting ocoursd
at Socond and Markot streets. The motive for
tho attempted killing was tho alleged betrayal
by Little of Miss Eatharlno McDowell, who
mado her drjbut two seasons ago and who has
been prominent and popular In society.
Robinson and Irvine McDowell, brothers of
Miss McDowell. learned tot her botrayal sevoral
days ago. and lmmodlatoly set afoot a plan for
reparation or rovenge,. Acting under their
Instructions, Miss McDowell sent for Little to
come to Louisville, He consented under
.protest and on tho condition that he not be re
quired to visit the McDowell residence. Ac
cordingly at 4 o'clock this afternoon he mot
Miss MoDowell at Second and Walnut streets,
and Immediately thereafter tho McDowell
boys appeared, and confronting Little de
manded that ho marry their sister. Little said
ho was willing to marry Miss McDowell, but
demurred to a forced weeding.
' The party walked on Second street toward
tho river, as If to tnko tho ferry to Jefferson
vllle. At Market streetLlttle refused to go fur
thor, and Irving MoDowill drew a revolver and
attempted to shoot Little, but the girl knooked
up the weapon. Robinson McDowell also drew
his pistol and fired, the'-, bullet shattering Lit
tle's loft hand The wounded man fell, but
springing to his toot he ran. McDowell fired
again, but mlssod.
A crowd.lmmedlately congregated and Irvine
McDowell hurried his sister home. Little and
Robinson MoDowell were arrested, the former
being charged with disorderly conduct and the
latter with shooting with Intent to kill. Later
the charge against Little was made assault
McDowoll was released on bond.
Lunched with the President of the Society
for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise.
Col. William Jennings Bryan (eft for Washing
ton by tho midnight train last nlcht Ho was
accompanied to the Pennsylvania dopot by Ber-geant-at-Arms
James Oliver ot the National
Democratlo Committee. At the Bartholdl
Hotollast night CoL Bryan repeated his state
ment that his visit to this city had no political
"There is, hardly s national politician In
sight hero now. oven If I had come to meet
thorn." he said.
At halt past 10 yestorday morning he went
with Georgo Fred Williams, tho Dcdham sage.
who also was at the Bartholdl. to hoar Dr.
Henry Vandyko nt.the Brick, Presbyterian
Church, going from thoro to lunch at the house
of Dr. John H. Guerdner. 23 West Forty-fifth
Dr. Gucrdnor is Presldont of the Society for
tho Suppression of Unnecessary Noise.
Col. Bryan spent tho afternoon in writing,
nnd dined at the Lotos Club with Dr. Guerdner,
returning to his hotel at a: 40 P. M. Whllo ho
wan out Elliot Dantorth. Congressman-elect
Jefferson M. Levy, Alexander Delmar. Glad
stone Elncsloy Ilodgers. who signed himself
" Representative of the National Association of
Demooratlo Clubs, Essex county, N. J." and a
number ot others left cards.
Be Bos Arranged for a legislature That
WU1 airevnlm Lindsay's Beat.
Lex-sotov, Ky:, Doc. 18, Ex-Benator Blaolc
buni Jrnpractllysucsecded ln.amnsiag
bis roturn'to the) united States Senate", Al
though the legislative election Is eleven months
off. he has already laid the wires for a Black
burn Legislature. In this bounty 'he has dis
couraged all opposition to bis candidate, Billy
Elalr, a tormer newsboy and page In the House,
and now a barten'dor. Blackburn came here
three nights ago with Col. Jtiok Ohtnn. his ohlef
lieutenant and forced Klalr's opponent off tho
track. The same thing has boon dono In other
legislative districts, and It is generally con
ceded that Blackburn will have little difficulty
in bolng elected Lindsay's sucoessoroBtbeflrst
ballot next winter.
Stato Senator William Goebel. who warmly
supported Blackburn two years ago. Is the ac
cepted oundldato of the Democrats for Gov
ernor. Ho is tho author of the Eleotlon law
which bears his name and which has reoently
beon declared constitutional by the Court ot
Appeals. He Is assisting Blackburn In organ
izing the legislative districts, and no man who
is not for Goebol and Blackburn can stay on
the county committees or bo a membor ot the
County Eleotlon Commission.
bobbed J-v rmxTisa nousE bquabe,
B Ugh aymen Polio red John Botohford from
a Saloon and Took Vim Watch.
John Botohford ot 0 Hanover street, the
janitor of a Hanover Square building, was hold
up and robbed by three men at the corner ot
Spruce and Nassau streets last night just be
fore 11 o'clock. The men got a cold watch
valued at $79, -but failed to find $01 which
Rotchford had In his pocket '
Botohford went out to seo some friends early
in the evening. On his way home he stopped
In several saloons and showed his money.
Thrco men followed him and attacked him
just as he cot to Spruce street. Two ot them
crabbed his arras, and the third tried to stuff
a handkerchief into Rotchford's mouth and
plek his pockets at the same tlmo.
Rotchford suoceeded In screaming; for help
and Policeman Shultz came upon the run.
One of the men ran down Spruce street and
ono up to Park row, and across City Half Park.
The third tried to escape through Theatre al
ley and was arrested there.
The prisoner said no was James Murphy. 38
years old. of 20 Arlington street. Newark, N. J.
He said ho was a canvasser. He didn't have
the watoh.
Rotchford was locked up on a charge ot Intoxication.
That Part Applying to Foreign Corporations
Engaged In Interstate Commerce Told.
Dallas, Tex., Deo. 18. The Appellate Courts
of this State have decided that the Texas Fran
chise Tax act passed by the twenty-fifth Legis
lature Is unconstitutional as to foreign corpor
ations engaged in Interstate commorco. The
suit to test this law was instituted In the dis
trict oourt. ot Travh county by U.T.Cottam
&Ca. limited, of New Orleans, and a decision
was rendered by Judge R. E. Brookes, declare
Ing the law void as to corporations of this class
This judgment was affirmed by the Court of
Civil Appeals at Austin on Nor. 0, and on Deo.
8 the. Supreme .Court refused a writ of error,
thoreby sustaining, the. judgment of the two
lower courts. The final decision reacheVl Dallas
officially to-day. ..This is an Important de
cision and means the loss ot marry thousands
ot dollars to the State,
Doesn't Care for the Office, but Wishes to
Kill Carter Barrlson Politically.
CmcAoo. Deo. 18. John Peter Altgeld. the
former Governor of Illinois, is ambitious to be
come tho Mayor ot Chicago, ' It is n6i that he
cares much for the office, but Jie wants to de
feat Mayor Harrison, whom ho cordially hates,
In his political aspirations. Mayor Harrison
has been Informed Hint Altgold has made up
h!.-. mind to be a candidate for tho Peraooratlo
nomination, aud contest the primaries with tho
Harrison faction. He believes that there is a
sufficiently strong antl-Harrlson sentiment lu
tho ranks of local Democrats to defeat the
present Mayor, und has boon assured that the
antl-Hnrrlson element Is almost unanimous in
tutor ot him an Its candidate for the Mayoralty,
lCdwIn Gould's Hlrhlcan Factory.
Dbtuoit, Mich., Deo. J8. The deal by which
the Continental Match Company ot Passaic,
N. J is to establish a factory in this city has
been arranged fully. 8. B. Miller of New York",
agent for Edwin Gould and his associates In
rr.oT xcoone is saip to jtatb
rnorosED to one wive.
She Says Be Cast Her Off When She Itfifmed
to Help Ho Tried to Badger Kid McCoy,
but McCoy Broke Ills Nose Fayne
Strahan Not Kxpeeted- to Confess.
The trial of Fnyno Strahan Moore, the al
leged wife ot William H. E. Moore, tor com
plicity in tho badger gamo at tho Grenoble
Hotel.-wlll begin to-day in the Gcnoral Boa
slons. Mooro's sentence will also bo rro
nounccd aomo tlmo to-day. Assistant District
Attorney Molntyre said last nlcht that just as
much pains would be token In the prosecution
ot the woman as In tho case ot the man.
"Tho woman was fully asoulpable as tho
man," ho said, "and wo shall do ovorythlng In
our power to convlot hor ot tho crime with
which sho is charged, Agooddoalof the evi
dence that we gathered for Mooro's trial will
bo used. I do not bollere that Faynp Btrahan
Moore Is going tomako a oloan breast of every
thing. It would be a very poor defenco to
make, and nothing that I havo heard leads mo
to bellevo It Is even In contemplation by ber
It was loarned yesterday that in case tho de
fence concludes to put Mrs. Mooro or Mooro
himself on the witnoss stand the prosecution
wID call tho daughter of-Mrs. Margaret Gaw
ot Cleveland. 0., to the stand, and also Mrs.
Gaw herAPlf. Mrs, Gaw and her daughter havo
supplied the prosecution with an account
ot some ofMooro's doings that will provo
interesting if opportunity is given to
bring thorn out In court Mr. Mclntyro
was informed yesterday, on very cood author
ity, that Moore intendod to testify in his wife's
detencc. In that case tho prosecution will bo
enabled to call the daughter ot Mrs. Gaw. Ao
cording to the statement made by the woman,
who says she Is Moore's wife, she and Mooro
wont to sohool together in Cleveland. She lost
Sight ot him for some time after that, until sho
received word that ho was in Now York.
Throe years ago she and ber mother moved
hore and Moore came to llvo with them-Mrs.
Gaw soon after this was led by both ot them to
believe that her daughter had becomo Mooro's
wifo. Moore took the girl to London finally,
promising to marry hor when they got there.
They remained five weeks in London and
Moore induced her to go to South Africa with
him, where he snld they would cot married and
settle down. They took the Castle lino ot
steamers to Cape Town, and for two wecHs
stopped at 8ortals, a watering place near thore.
At the end of that tlmo they wont to Long's
Hotel. In Johannesburg, where, as tho woman
says, tho two were finally married.
Barney Barnato. the dfamondklng, wns living
at tho samo hotel, and about five days after ar
riving there Moore got an introduction to him.
and also presented Barney to his wifo. Moore
then explained to ber that he was In a desper
ate fix and was In need ot money, and that by
ten minutes' work they would bo able to get
JO0.0O0 out ot Barnato. He then explained
to her the same game that was tried on
Martin Mahon nt the Grenoble. His wife
refused to be an accomplice In tho crime, nt
which ho exclaimed. "What do you suppose
I'm supporting you for?" and pulled out a. re
volver, with which ho threatened to shoot her.
But tho girl dolled him and Mooro weakened.
Three days later Mooro deserted her and dis
appeared, leaving his wife penniless. A sub
scription was taken tor her and she was sent
back to London. While sho was at the Victoria
Hotel there Moore called onher and she con
sented to go back to htm. He was living then
at tho Charing Cross Hotel.
Eld McCoy, the pugilist was at the .same
hotel. It was reported that ho had considera
ble money with him and Moore decided upon
him as one of his victims. He got McCoy into
the. room, but his.. wife refused to assist him
and McCoy knooked Moore-out. Mooreilias a.
broken noso and a ecar on. hi noad which
McCoy inflicted by striking him with his own
Mrs. Moore left hor husband immediately
after and cabled her mother for money with
which to return home. Sho went at once to
Cleveland and heard nothing moro -of Moore
until the beginning of his trial here. The wo
man has copies ot aomo Johannesburg news
papers in wbloh appears tho account of.
her dilemma .In that place when Moore
left her, and tho names ot those who
befriended her. She also says that bofore tbo
attempt was made to get money, from Barnato
Mooro went out ono night and returned very
much excited with a handkerchief out into a
mask and, throwing himself lntoaohalr. ex
claimed: Therol I told you I would get
money and I've got It" Tho next day. the
papers had an account ot tho robbery of an
army officer. Before suspicion was fastened on
Moore he had left Johannesburg, and tbo mys
tery was nover solved.
Mr Molntyre admitted last night that In ad
dition to the evidence of thin wife ot Moore,
he had detcotlvcs looking tor a woman living
on Winter street in Boston whom Moore mar
ried many years ago. He said 'be thought she
could bo found, and would bo of assistance
possibly In the prosecution of Fayne Strahan.
,Be Ban the Locomotive Captured by the
Americans at Slboney.
Wuitesxone, L. L, Dec 18. Serct. James
McCafferty of Company 0 ot tho Engineer
Battalion Is missing. Ho received hts Novem
ber par of $50 on Wednesday, and went out on
twenty-tour hours' Ieavo. tHo was last seen
In a saloon at Whltestone on Wednesday night
When he left he said ho was going homo. He
has been a soldier tor twenty-three years, and
nover has heen absent without leave before.
gls wife has asked the police to look for blm.
els 43 years old. 5 feet 11 Inches tall, has
ourly dark hair and mustaohe. brown eyes, and
wore the engineers' uniform of dark blue when
8ergt MoCafferty served through the Spanish-American
war in Cuba, and ran tho locomo
tive of the train the engineers captured at 81
Saney. On his return to Wlllets Point with
.his company be fell til. and was conflnod to the
post hosnltal four weeks. It Is fearod by his
friends that his illness unsettled his mind.
Chicago Attorney, Mentioned for Tale's
Presidency, Dies of Accidental Injuries,
(Jkoaoo.Doc.18, Attorney Edward G, Mason
dliflt2 o'clock this morning from tho effects
of annttack of vortlgo on Friday and ot Injuries
received at that time, whtjn ho fell and struck
his head violently agalqst a stone step. He
never rallied from his Injury. Mr. Mason was
a loyal son ot Yale University, and his ten sons
have all been, or are now, students there. Ue
was recently talked ot for the Presidency of the
Edward '&. Mason was a Yolo graduate of ihe
class of 1800 and was a member ot the. Yale
Corporation. Ho had been mentioned as Yale's
next President. President Dwlcht of the uni
versity eaid to-night, In speaking of Mr. Mason :
"'He has been prominent for years In arduously
promoting every Yale work, and his, loss will
bo keenly felt. Ue was universally beloved and
had done much to promote Yale's Interests."
.Officers Who Were Guarding Blm Knew
Bow to Save Themselves.
Texabkaxa, Ark., Dec. 18. While Deputy
Bheriffs Lynch and Simonton wero guarding
Newton Gaines, a negro whom they had ar
rested in the railroad etatlou atDe Ealb yester
day, a mob of farmers rodo Into town. They
demanded the prisoner, charging him with as
saulting u whlto woman two days before.
The officers refused to deliver tho captive.
Lynch shewed fight The mob then surrounded
the station and began to shoot through tho
windows. Gaines was riddled with bullets.
Tha officers threw themselves upon the floor
and saved their llyes.
John Ashland Shot In n Quarrel with Ital
ians In Newark,
Newaiie. n, j Dee, 18. John Ashland of 27
Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn, was shot and killed
at midnight to-night by an Italian known only
as "Frenchy." Ashland, who Is employod by the
NowarkElootrlo Light and Tower Company, left
the company's plant to go to a neighboring
saloon. At Canal and River streets he got Into a
row wlth'Frenqhy'' and two, other Italians.
Frenchy shot Ashland, who died on the way to
the City Hospital. Frenchy-escape,.. Askls-d
wm 27 years old
- .
Military Cadets Ilia- Up n Musket to Shoot
Their Superior Officer.
LexiROTON, Ky., Dec 18. Rebellious cadets
at the Stato college bore to-night attempted to
injure if not kill tholr comm&nder. Major M. B.
Jonos. When Major Jones oponcd the door to
his office ho was startled by a loud explosion,
and upon examination he found that a muskot
had been so adjusted in thefarcornorof the
room that tbo trigger was puilod when tho office
door was opened. The bullet mlssod Its mark
and struck the door panel.
Major Jonos was so startled that he did not
regain control of hlmsolf before his offico was
filled with students searching for the misohicf.
Tho guilty cadets hare not boon,found and the
Major to-nliht says It was only a colleco prank
and "amounts' to nothing. Tho colleco has a
military Instructor from the TJnltod Statos
Army, but after war was declared Major Swigert
was forced to return to his post of duty and
Major Jones was appointed to act In his absence
Major Jones Is not popular and a number ot
less serious tricks have been playod on htm.
Tho faculty of the college voted a salary tor tbo
commissioned officers ot tho cadets recently,
but this does no A seem to have satisfied the
A Fanner Burns Up Bis Bouse, Barn, Live
f Stock, Oraln, Money and Blmself.
Momtello. Wis., Deo. 18. Gottlieb Wagner,
a farmer living near here, to-day committed
suloldo by cremating himself. Wagner and his
wifo quarrelled recontly and as a result divorce
proceedings wore begun by tho wife after llv
Inc in wedlock thlrty-dvo years.
To spite her and provont her from cottlng
any of his property, ho to-day cathored all his
money together, drove all tho cnttlo into tho
barn and setflro to the rcsldonco and tho barn.
Neighbors wero attracted to tho scono and
asked Wagner what he meant by destroying
his home.
" I'll show ybu," ho shouted and with a fare
well bow he ran Into the barn and jumped Into
the flames. He was burned to death. In tbo
fire 28 head ot cattle. 3 horses, 100 turkeys and
all tho farming machinery and tho grain and
hay was burned. Ho had no insurance, and n
widow and twolvo children are loft on a heavily
mortgaged farm.
Did the Shooting Blmself, bnt Tells the
rollce It Was Accidental,
Lem B. Schloss. 28 years old, a theatrical
monogor, shot himself yesterday afternoon in
Ids room In tho Hotel Vendome, Broadway and
Forty-first street Ho fired four shots from a
32-calibro revolver, but only one of them hit
him. Inflicting a slight scalp wound. One went
Into tho bed. another wont through the ceiling
and tho fourth wont Into the waU,
The hotel clerk sent for Dr. Henry D. Pcttln
gill of 105 West Fortieth street and Dr. G. F.
Laldlaw of 137 West Forty-first street, who
dressed Bchloss's wound. They did not think
that his Injury was serious enough to warrant
his going to a hospital, so Schloss remained In
hm room,
The police did not hear of the shooting until
six hours after it had occurred, wbeo a boy
rushed up to Roundsman Fennell of tbo Went
Thirtieth street station, on Broadway, and told
'him that there had been a shooting affray In
the vendomo.
The roundsman went to Investigate, and
after an argument with tbo hotel olrrk was
allowed to go to BchlosVf room. Schloss ad
mitted that he had shot hlmsolf. but declared
.thathe had done It accidentally while cleaning
hWreyOl-f rr.- Ho was norarrested.
, in telling of the shooting last night Dr. Pet
tlngill said that Schloss was the husband ot
Lottie GllBon. the actress.
Five) Vessels Clear the F4ee Passage and
Release a Fleet.
Detboit. Mich.. Dec 18. Tho greatest ice
jam In the history- ot lake navigation has boon
broken, Tho ferryboats Promise and Fortune1
and tugs Mason. Home Rule and Protector, all
lco breakers, made a successful assault on the
Ice blockade in Folee passage in Lake Erie this
morning and no further trouble Is anticipated.
The ice breakers cut out a big fleet of vessels
that was Imprisoned In the lco off Colchester,
and started them on their way to their destina
tions at tho foot of tho lake, and also cut out
half a dozen more vessels that were Icebound
near the Dummy light
The big fleet held up hore to await the result
of the attack will leave in tho morning.
SUE HAS QOT MSB memobt back.
Mrs. Lupton, Who Forgot Her Name, Sufi
faring from Nervous Prostration,
Tho statement in yesterday's Sun that the
woman who forgot her name and address and
was sent to St. Vincent's Hospital on Saturday
was Mrs. Mary Lupton wis verified yesterday
by her physician, Dr. Corleton Simon of 11.
East Fifty-sixth streot.
"Mrs. Lupton." he said, "has been under my
care at various times tor a number of rears.
Bho has never been and is not at the present
time insane, nor has she ever been addicted to
the nse of alcohol or drugs. Her temporary
loss of memory was due to a mental shook.
Sho Is at present confined to hor bed, suffering
from nervous prostration, but she has totally
regained her memory,"
No Word Tf t as to Bow They Stood on tho"
Senator's Innocence or Guilt.
WiLMiaoTOK,Del..Decl8, The jury in the
case of United States Senator Eenney is yet
without a verdict and at 0 o'olock this evening
It settled down for its third night In tho Fed
eral building. There are many rumors con
cerning the standing of the jury and they vary
according to the wishes ot the individual who
professes to have information. Those on the
outside havo no possible means ot communica
tion with the jurors,
Last Three Companies ot the First New
York Beach San Francisco,
Bam Fkawctsco. Dec 18. The United States
transport Scandla arrived this evening from
Honolulu, bringing the remaining three com
panies ot the First New York Volunteers and
eighty-six convalescenfsoldlera and sailors
from Manila, all exeopt six ot whom completely
recovered on the voyage.
Rockefeller Gives 8100,000 Conditionally,
Newadjc, 0 Deo. 18. President Purinton ot
Denleon University announced to-day that
John D. Rockefeller has promised that Institu
tion $100,000 It the Ohio Baptists will raise
$150,000. The amount will probably be se
cured before the ond of the century.
Calvin 8. Brlee's Body In Limn, O.
Lima, 0., Dec, 18. The special train bearing
the remains ot Calvin 8. Brlco arrived here at
11 o'clock this morning, having averaged fifty
eight miles an hour on the run from New York.
One ot the baggage cars was filled with flowers
and floral pieces. Ono thousand persons, in
cluding two G, A. It. posts and several secret
societies, witli forty carriages, formed In line
and escorted the body to tho home of -Mr.
Brfoe'a mother on Market street. To-morrow
the funoral will take place from the West Mar
ket Streot Presbyterian Church,
A Boy and Olrl Marry
iMatawau, N. J Deo, 18. Fifteen-year-old
Minnie Matthews ot Harmony, u llttlo vlllago
botween this nlaoo nnd Atlantlo Highlands,
was marrlod laat week to Fredorlek 0, Danger,
17 years old, of Mllhurjt. Miss Matthews is thi
daughter of Michael Matthews, who married
again alter the girl's mother died. The eirl
and her stepmother didn't agree, and she went
to board with, hor uncle. Gordon Matthews,
Young Denser had been attending school until
a short time ago.
Poland) Polandl Poland! Poland!
Para, delloloas sad unsorpasted. JUeeired dally,
"fehuid." axkitaOi,S- Xe.fe-5sT
8PAX1HTI sor.nixna cause thb . ,
The Men of the Battalion Colon, Itemnln '1lM
Ing in Hamuli Until the I.nst Moment, lSH
Insult Women and Beat Men-Beporttu 1H
of Their Acts of Violence Suppressed, jHB
SjHdat CalU DttpatcK (e Tnx Burr. jHB
Havana. Deo. 17. via Eey West , The Spaa. -SB
lah soldiers of tho Battalion Colon, the men fll
who plundorod the town ot Santo Domingo, VI
aud who. when the protocol was signed, pro- 'U
tested against Pvace and revolted at Puerto "MB
Prlncipo, are causing the brawls and disorder -
in (his city. Since Doc 0 tho battalion has JeB
disregarded tho orders ot Captain-General HI
Castollanos, and Instead ot embarking for Mm
Spain, as was suggostod in a friendly spirit by rR
tho American Commission, they havo remained $ljE
hore solely to create trouble. WM
They doclare that they havo not been va HlBi
qulshod, and. with bands playing, they parade 7M
tho streets, singing Spanish songs, compelling Hj
peaceful residents Americans, Cubans and f!
Spanish to kiss tho Spanish flag and shona . Mj
"Viva Espafial" They aro at present tha 418B
police ot tho city. At 0 o'clock evory evoaln'it jiH
they gather in front of the Hotel de Inglaterr HH
and by their demonstrations keop tho poopU S
In a stato of terror. i BI
On Thursday tho battalion attacked tho poo "-fll
pie In tha town ot Rtfjrla, Insulting the womoil VM
and boating the men. Yesterday they woundeS gf
a boy on Prado street and tbo Spanish prosi 'if I
censor permitted only this comment to bo pub- If
llsliod: "An American armed with a rifl 4
shoots a nccro." "M
Thoy robbed some poasants at a railway sta-
tlon, and undor censorship the incident was) ;&
thusroportod: " Poasants robbod by a croud flf
of mon. some ot whom wero urmod." m
"They declare oponly that they will remain In 3j
Cuba until the last. In order to punish the poo-) $t
pie of Havana for their Ingratitude to Spain, Ju
Thoy say that tho war with Spain was brougfco J
aboutnotbythodoslrooftheAmcrtcans,norby M
tho Cuban insurgents, but becauso of calumnies) 'S
heaped on tho Spanish army la Cuba by the)' :
people ot Havana. Women and children are) M
fleeing to Marlanao. whoro they can be safe ui- $j
der protection of Amorlcan troops. In tha M
mcantimo orimo flourishes lu this city. 81neej $
Thursday six murders havo been commltte'd M
In tho etreois of Havana. W
Stnor Montero Bios May Aid Sngastn. to J
Bold Over Until the Cortes Meets. "M
Sptcial CalU Dttoauk to The Buy. 51
Hadmd, Deo, 18. Tho papers hero report
that tbo Cabinet, at Its mooting on Saturday i
decided not to appear bofore the Cortes. It Is TJ,'
believed that Sonor Sagasta will submit tha
Ministry's resignation to the Quepn Recent to-
morrow. ' ; g!
Several members of tho Cabinot and Liberal
Senators and Deputies welcomed Senor Mon- 'j
tcro Bios, President ot tho Spanish Peaco Com- 9
mission, on bis arrival hero Saturday nlghi
from Paris. It is expected In some quar- &
tors that Bailor Montero Bios, who jl 3
President of tho Senate, may act as mediate
between tho Llboral croups, with the view pi t&
enabling Sofior Sagasta. with a modified Mln
iatry, to hold offico until the Cortes meets and
votes on tho -treaty of peace It Is expected fH
that the Ministers 'of War, Finance and the I9
Colonies.wiil retire from the Cabinet IS'll
.EtXioeral declares that the political parties f
which havo beon in power for the last twenty 'liH
years must now disappear, for they are incapo- iff H
bio of governing. Tho Liberals and Conserve; rflH
tires, It adds, represent the annihilation at -?;l
Bpaln's prestiso abroad. mil.
American Control of Havana Sub orbs-Fatal JI
Boiler Explosion on the Fanlta. 'cS-B
Special CebU Dtnalch to Tax Buk. ini
Havana, Doc 18. The Spanish Commission H
notified the'Amerlcan Commission this evening J$H
that Jesus del Monte and Ccrro, suburbs ot '
Havana, have been evacuated by tho Spanish. -mK
troops. Gen. Wade has instructed Gen. Greene "t!B
to arrange with the .Spanish authorities for !
tho maintenance ot order In these places. Mm
The French steamer La Navarre will take to fff
Spain 3 Spanish Generals, 00 othor officer. lfj
and 055 soldiers. H'l
A bollor on the American steamship Fanlta '.
exploded this morning, killing tho engineer J
and injuring throe others. 38
The Fanitabsan iron stonmshlp. 161 feet lone,, M
ot 433 tons; was built at Wilmington In 1838, M
and Is owned by W. P. Clyde & Co. of this city., :3
Castollanos, It Is Believed, Will Enforce?" gk
His Decree of Annulment. ffl
tptctal CabU DupaUk (a Tbe Bos. fij
Havana. Dec 18. Gon. Clous had an inter qm
view to-day with Captain-General Castellanoa '
about tho concessions that bare been granted !
hero. Gen. Castollanos. it is believed, will cer "9
tainly enforce his deoreo annulling these eon iw
cessions. In obodience to tho intimation re ,W
celved from the United States Government. w
i -raH
American, British, German and JapanelO :M
Protests Against Extension In China. W
Spteiat Calle DttpatA to Tars Burl. , !
BaAttoiui. Deo. 18. The American, Brit- M
lsh. German and Japanese merchants here j
have forwarded through their Consuls !f,
Identical protests to their Ministers at Pekin 'f? jB
against an extension of tho Fronoh are MM
ot cxoluslve control In Shanghai. Rear ift
Admiral Lord Charles Beresford. who rosre-t JPfl
seats the British Associated Chambers of Com JvjH
merco, attended tbo meeting at wbloh thedt Mm
elsion wasyirrlved at to forward the protests. , Jr H
Tho British cruisor Iphlgenla arrived hen Mm
on Saturday. China Interprets her arrival aa ,P
meaning that Great Britain will oppose ed- Mm
foroement of the French claims, :-"
i i it'm
The American Schooner Wns Abandoned, 'JaB
Waterlogged, at Sea. ')f
tptdti CabU Dtipalch to Tat 8cv, mm
SnAnPNEBS, Doc 18. The Captain ot the ullll
steamship Tyr from Philadelphia report that wMi
on Nov. 20 ho picked up the crow ot the Amerl- SIM r
can sohooner Eato S.Flint, wbloh was aban Ma1)'
doned, waterlogged and dismasted, white Mil
bound from Ship Island for New York, .
A Report That Be Will Depart from Cay- $
enne for Paris on Jan, 3. VS4
Betttal Cubit DttvattS to Tns Btnr. A
Pams. Dsc 18. Tho Soir reports that Drey M
fus will leave Cayenne on Jan. 3 and arrive In Wi
Paris at the end of January, M
Madrid Government Orders Carllst Clubs to f&
Close. if
Alien ( Cable DtipaM to Tns Bon, ' Mji
Madbid. Dec. 18. The Government has or- j
dared tho Iminedlato closing ot all Carllst olubs tl
in the Basquo Provinces. V&
Insane from Excessive Cigarette Smoking, -S
Samuel Prlnr, 20 years old. a Russian, who '3
has been in this country for fifteen years, jtss X
removed from St. Francis's Hospital yesterday m
toBelievue Hospital in a violently Insane eon- 4
dlUqn. aid to be due to excessive cigarette 41
smoking. When admitted to Ht Francis's llosj ,
pita! be, said bo lived at 20 Pitt street but H
.uatMO'itM&oUusf wutoowBouau M
ii J M
4 Wmmmm
lfiTiflii-t tr tr.ir"gjiii i ii, tf , i - - - . .-r,wylM
aa-- -an-M-s-r mmmmrmmf - -r- -- -aM-M

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