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cjtosiTKit, o.v irnojr mik nntcir
Iwentynve Flrme Ttnve Bean Found. Thnt
nr Hnd Experiences with thn Woman
-She In Sulci to Hnve Beon n Neitipn
per nrportr nil TVnll n"l)n the Stasr.
Hsnrr f Croshor, denier In tmtont modi-
clnei ' l,w Greenwich sheet, who was nr-
1 reiteJ on 1'riJar for nllccod complicity In tho
tr,nd larceny charged against Mm. Louisa
rirulo by Emnnuol Koschernk of 20 Tarlc
riace. mw lill In 51.000 ball br Magistrate
jlott at the Centre Ktreet Court yesterday
ibmoIiis Hctectlve Mooney of tho Church
ftttft pnli'' station, who irvlo tho nrrest,
l (lrt re'iuested thntlhe prl.ionor ho held on
I J "luiplcion of grand larceny." Tho Mngls-
(rate refused.
I Then 0ear Ilehrens. representing Koch
I rak Drothers. mado n complaint against
I Crosher, charging lilm with tho specific lar
g ceny of 51 In tho snme tmniiactloii for which
Mrs. Vermeule hml been h Id. nnd Magistrate
Jlott nxei the ball. Col. Halro, CroMior's
Iiwrcr, rrotctod at tho ball being fixed at
$1,000. and 'ho Mnclstrnlo turned to him and
told him of his lone experience on tho bench,
of bis habit of fixing the ball at not leu than
$1,000 In felony cases, and of his willingness
to provide a dinner for nnyono who could find
in Initanco where he had Oxod ball at a small
er amount In such cases. Croshor was locked
spin the Tombs, and tho Magistrate had left
the building before Col. Hnlre succeeded In
Iodine ball.
The polios went to work Immediately at eol
lecttns further facts that might be used as evi
dence against the .two prisoners. Mrs. Ver
neale It Identified by a furrier of Sixth avanuo
tad Sixteenth street as a woman who navo
Mm a drat: on Croshor signed Margaret Wil
liams, Tho draft was oocepted by Crosher
exactly as the others wero.
In all about twenty-five Arms hnvo been
I foundwnlch havo had drafts on Croshor or Hre
lofl signed Louisa Vormoulo or Margaret Wil
liams, and tho sum of the amounts of the Yor
jaiale drafts ou Croshor Is greater already
than fSUO, tho amount Crosher says ho once
onedMrs. Vermeule. Domity Hherlff Strauss
t received an execution against Crosher yester
day for $153 In favor of .lames SI. Adams. Tho
eruT has 60n executions, aggregating
74. on hl books, received this year against
other, lie could collect nothing on them.
CoL Halre, who has acted as Croshor' Inwyor
for some years, says that Crosher has been
psjlne uo judgmonts against him an fast ns
CoL Halre had an hour's conference with
Jim. Vermeule yesterday morning. He nd
mltUd that sho was the wife of It. V. ltoelofs
el Colorado, who had married her In Phila
delphia, when she was Miss Mabel Tinier.
Boelofj was a dashing young Westorner with
rood prospects, apparently, and tho couple
had travelled extensively and had spent a
f:rest deal of money. They separated about
our years ago, and the woman adopted tho
name of Louisa Vermeulw when she decldod
to go on tho stngo somo two years or so ago.
Her theatrical oxterienco was brief and dis
astrous, hut she t.epr the nasumed name.
CoL Hairo said that the flr?t time ho know
Xr Mrs. Vermeule and Orosher wore acquainted
fcj mu when ho saw them talking together In
JnjJ his office about a year ago. Tho woman's
sag loan to Crosher was ono of several unfortunate
!HJ business venturos of hers, Huire said. Mrs.
B Vtrmaulp. he said, hail no appreciation of tho
& value of money, and had unwittingly over
H 1 drawn hor Incomo repeatedly.
Mrs. Vermeule. It Is said, was at ono tlmo
after she separated from her husband, ltoelofs.
a rerorter in this elty, and wrote tlm story
of the alleged robbery of $17,000 worth of
jewels from Mrs. Lynch's jowolry store on
Fourteenth street, the story of nn nttnek on
KJtzslmmons. tho pugilist, by highwaymen In
Wet Twonty-nlghth street, ns woll as nn In
genious tale of tho effect of transfusing blood
from a young man Into nn old man.
BRAZIL'S sew bishop.
I IIli Consecration to Occur Here on Jnn. G
An Kvent of lliHtoric Interest.
The eonsocratlon of tho now Bishop of Kin
Orando doSul. Ilrazll, which Is Important from
a hlstorlo standpoint because tho beginning of
a new and independent church In tho Now
World, has been sot for tho feast of the
Epiphany. Friday, Jan. t). at half past 10. In St.
Bartholomew's Church, Madison avenue and
Forty-fourth street. Being III. tho Presiding
Bishop, the Bight Bev. Dr. John Williams of
Connecticut, has designated tho Bight Bov.
Dr. Thomas U. Dudley, Bishop of Kentucky, as
the officiating Bishop, and tho Bishop of Now
York and tho Bishop of Massachusetts as co
conaecrators. Tho preacher will be the Bishop
ol Texas, who is an elder brother of the Bishop
elect. Twelve Bishops will unite In tho laying
oaot hands, the largest number In the history
of the American Episcopal Churuh.
The new Bishop Is now the ltov Luclcn Lee
Klnsolvlng. a natlvo of Vlrglnln. tho senior
miislonary In the Brazilian Held under tho
American Church Sllsslonnry Society. His
toric interest attaches to tho fact that, just as
Ithe Church of England consecrated tho first
Blihops of tho ProtOHtnnt Episcopal Church o
the United States of America. io now the latter
I; to consocrato the first Bishop of a now
Protestant Episcopal Church In tho United
States of Brazil. Tho church In Bmzll Is to be
come independent when threo Bishops, of
which the Kov. Mr. Klnsolvlng will be tho first,
ihill have been chosen by tho Amorlcan House
ol Bishops and consecrated by Amorlcuu Bish
ops composing t.
The work in Brazil, begun In lflfil. is wholly
Ti IntheStato of ItloOraude do Rul. Tho num.
&; herof communicants is 340. a roeord said never
ma to have beon equalled In tho time by mls
W slon effort in any country. A largo num
IH perof these eommunlcants aro said to havo
Men formerly members of tho Ttoman Cnth
m go Church. A nowchuroh Is being built in
I Wo Grando. which will bo tho pro-cathedral
Kt ml seat of the new Bishop.
fl ms qiTeeii uktaoiovs masia.
j rrlioner Frays In Court nnd Then Attacks
H a Policeman.
H The Jefferson Market Court yesterday morn-
Ingwas the scene of n lively strugglo between
j lour policemen and a man suffering from re-
Uflous mania. Nothing is known about the
man, except that his first naino Is Louis, that
heU French, and that he has probably been a
iillor. He was arrested on Friday ovonlnc in
l ili-story tenement houso at US Morton streot,
The tenants of this liout-o wero startled by
yelis and groans coming from a room on tho
tenHoor. They notified Policeman Fagan of tho
H J?4''8 street station. When Fagan entered
H it 'foointhe man was trying to eat his bod-
fjJ'W' H went to the i-tatlon without much
j iroutieand remained iiulet thero as long as ho
B jw only uniformed men around him. But
U "Mnnnan in citizen's clothes entored he be-
Ci.P.?aeluted. Falling on his knees, ho cried:
M Jjere come3 my God I"
1 .nat followed startled oven the policemen,
"'""ped to all sorts of scenes. Tho prisoner
:E5t0MheJ ,ho other man, crawling on hands
H if. Decs,,'.lni1 beating his forehead agalust
JSf. 5r- , non r'10 other man fell back sur
II fk. atul somewhat scared, the prisoner
sVJI 17j i?red fervent kisses on tho scot wliero ho
HI ts,Jben standing, muttering all tho tlmo,
I ,'i'ord) Oh. Lord 1"
Bll i. nret "6 was wy aulot In court, standing
I i?'i2r.ner.witl1 his face against tho wall and
HI 5nollug Incoherent prayers In French. But
sTfl I liiS foniPlalnt was to bo drawn up a remark
Hi 'il!'c,1,fk aroused Ills angor.
1 i.iH0?.,' "" afraid of the pollcemnn," the clerk
Hi -lU1t8 won't hit you."
HI iJi.L1 h0 "ll me,'" f'10 prisoner cried, making
HI rX'f1 movo ncalnst I'olicoraan Fagan. Other
HI S.. men camB to ''I" assistance andtheprls
Hl SSL?? overcome. Magistrato Crane com
HI S Ian for examination byacommlsslonor
HJ "r Wanlncr I'nlls to .t n Habens Corpus
JH "" I" Cut Prison l'nrn.
Ul 6BhS10s' i)w- '-' -Torroy E. Wnrdnor. editor
Hri " the ftcrlfr. applied to the Hupremo Court
HJ ,,y 'or w rit of habeas corpus to socure hlii
HJ '" from the Norfolk County Jull In Ded
HJ j Jud(.p Jlolmos refused to Issue a writ or
M ''llow tho petltlunor to bo admitted to bull
Kl iS,l"R,ll!'1ln''liletBrmJiiatIonof tho procrfod-
ll coii;.,"1'1 "0ll0ri howiivHr. Issued nn orderof
Ml fchfrirf .'"riiablo ou Tuesday moinlng, for
HI tiu.i . ,'-" ' ''ou f .Norfolk eounty to show
Hi Mr u'0' ',' wrlt should not Issue.
Hi ChrLim r' "er will, thereforfi, have to pass
Hi Jomf '"'', J-a, n durance. Ho Is confined In u
HJ H'u ' e '-ell, coiitnliiine an Iron bodstead
HI Hank.r"01 an! ncottonsTioet.a pillow and a
Hi ku,hlt,awaoflenntool nnd a small table. Ho
Hi ttovBrt or.eBular Tflon faro, and he will bo em
H Jo tho lIiV'ork. "M mo as the other prisoners
Wi th!Jla.".,!lnles his reloaso comes about by
H " Proceedings next Tuesday.
H 'I'ury Ilstrman Ileleused from Ilellevue,
M loR n rr Ualon?a". 'he actress, who was takon
71 Isi llosPtalon Tuesday, supposed to
llbJtHD.t'1was.relea6l 'rom that Institution
ill. BRfcIlV',h.a.W,0' 'er mothor. Mrs. John
i 1 It lKte:ot WA We' ThlrrV-elglith street,
IPKS?,rtb011 f .the hospital said that Miss
twit? V' WM not inwine, but was merely suf
iHt'Rlntsm oven'ork an" overindulgence in
k JH
1 K
I Ami ,
There is eyorr prospact that the Yuletlds
revelries, whleh were trell under way last
night, will oxtond over to-morrow, and bubble
over Into youthfal fostlrltles without end
throughout the week. Waitchostor will bs
tho soeno ot tho chief social cayetlos arrangod
t welcomo the new year In. Among those
who will entertain house parties from Haturday
SP ?,? "iMrs. 0. Qllvor Isclln. Mr. and
Mrs, William II. Bands, Mr. and Mm. J. Ellin
Hoffman. Mr, nnd Mrs. Edward Clarkeon Pot
$?rtMr ar,d W- Marlon Btory. Mr. and Mrs.
Frederlo H. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. William
II. Itussoll. A large number of dlnnor cartlos
have been arranged for Saturday night atthe
olubhouso. The big billiard room will bo the
sceno Of tho jlanoe afterward. Hertofore
Mr. anil Mrs. Frederlo II. Allen have been
noted for thelrNow ear'a Eve entertainments
a Bolton Prlorv. .This season thoy aro
obllgod to content themselves with a houso
party. It will bo recalled that largo additions
wore nude to tho big house after the West
eheijtor estate was presented to Mrs. Allon
bv her mothor. tho Duchoss do Dlno. Thoso
Included tho gorgeous Louis XVI. ballroom.
iJwIng to errors In construction, ono portion
or this bognn to sink, and It has been found
necessary to hnvo it thoroughly reconstructed
and redecorated. The artisans aro still hard
at work at this.
Thero have been a numbor of largo dinners
the past week. One of tho most olaborato was
given on Tuesday night by Mr. and Mrs. Rich
ard T. Wilson. Tho tablo was trlmmod with
a profusion ut pink roses. On Thursday night
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Woitorvolt gave a dinner
of twenty-four eovors. Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry
Clews have cards out for ono ot the few din
ners this weok that are not to be family af
fairs. It will be ot twenty-four covers and be
given on Tuesday night.
Mrs. and Mrs, Almerto Paget, who recent
ly returned from a visit to tho British Em
bassy at Washington, have had Miss Audrey
Paunoofoto as thelrguest during tho past week.
Miss Pauncetote is the fourth daughter Of Blr
Julian and Lady Paunoofoto. Mr. Facet's
brother. Cant. Alfred Paget, It. N., Is naval
attauhd of tho British Embassy. The dinner
dunce given by Mr. and Sirs. Paget on Thurs
day night In honor of Miss Emily Ynnderbllt
Hloano was a very gay ami successful alTalr.
Them wtre not more than a hundred guests
all told, nnd tho roomB wore gay with Christ
man greens, holly nnd mistletoe Quito a
number of pretty trifles were distributed dur
ing tho cotillon, which was led Iby Worthing
ton Vililtehouso.
Four prettlor sisters, nil young woman, are
seldom seen togother than wero seen at the
coming out tea last Thursday afternoon, when
Miss Louisa Bonles was tho ddbutante. The tea
wn given by Mrs. J. Illch Steers, formorly
Miss Mary D. Boales, at hor homo. 1103 Medi
um nvenuo. 'i'ho other sisters wore Mrs.
Henry Sedgwick and Mrs. Theodore. Bedg
wlok. Miss Ixuilsa Denies wore a particularly
dainty costume "f white chiffon over tulle.
She li ono of the few heiresses presented this
winter, nnd will bo seen nt tho Important func
tions of tho season. Llko her sisters and
brother, sho Inherited an ample fortune from
her mother, the lato Mrs. James A. G, Bcales.
They wero also substantially remembered In
the will ot tnetr maternal grandfather. Eugene
Tho wedding of Miss Bertha L. Terrell and
Wilfred Buckley, son of Henry Buckley ot
Birmingham, England, will be celebrated at
noon next Saturday In All Souls' Church. Mad
ison nvenuo and Sixty-sixth street. Thollev.
Dr. It. Hebor Newton, the rector, will perform
tho ceremony. Miss Buth Mooro will attend
tho bride as mold of honor, and Miss May Low.
Mls Eleanor Thomas, Miss Maudo Sinclair,
Miss Faith Mooio, and Miss Mnrgoret Winsor
ot Boston will be bridesmaids. Because ot
tho death of her father Miss Kate Brice. who
was to havo been ono of the attendants, will
be replaced by Miss .Tune Senoy l'lummer.
F. Wlnthrop White ot Boston will act as best
man. and Joseph Holden Sutton. John C.
Itunklo. Walter Alexander. Edward B.Warren,
JlcLane Van Ingcn, and Presoott Blado will bo
tho ushsrs. After the church ceremony thero
will bo n bridal breakfast and reception at
the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Leslie Terrell ot 1U East Fiftieth
The engagement is nnnounced ot Miss
Mnrle Brlnekerhoff Perkins, daughter of Mr.
Henry C. Perkins, to Mr. Edward Codman
Parish of this city.
Robert Hargous salied'yesterdav on the'I.u
cania for his home In Venice. Mr. Hargous
Is the brother ot Mrs. Duncan Elliott and Mrs.
Ueorgo B. Do Forest.
Among thoso who are to send out Invita
tions to dances just aftor the holidays are
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hermann Oolrlchs. Thoro Is
now no mystery made of tho fact that William
K. Vanderbllt. Jr.. Is paying assiduous atten
tion to Mrs. Oelrichs's sister. Miss Virginia Fair.
Mr. Vanderbllt will bo graduated from Har
vard In 1000.
Mnniirnetnrer Who Assigned In 1800 Flics
Schedules in Ithode Island.
PnoviDENOE. R. I., Dec. 'Ji. Robort Adams,
tho former New York cotton manufacturer,
who mado an assignmont In Now York on Feb.
0. 1800. took advantage of the new National
Bankruptcy law to fllo his voluntary petition In
tho office of tho United States District Court
here yesterday afternoon. Ho Is at present
residing at 4030 Broadway, in this city, and
for that reason tho petition was filed hero. Ho
did business as 11. .t II. Adams, manufac
turers of cotton goods on Greeno streot. Now
York, with mills at Paterson, N. J., Birming
ham, Conn., and Scituate. It. I.
The assignment In 1B00 was mado to Charles
E. Shade and the property asslgnod Included
mill property that had neen valued tho previous
year at over S 1.000.000. The mill nt North
Heituatowns operated under the name ot tho
Moswanslcut Manufacturing Company, Tho
liabilities are placed at $'.453,000. with no
All to Her Daughter Nothing to Her Son.
Tho will of Mrs. Jennetto Hotchklss Judson,
filed for probato yesterday, loaves her estate.
Including tho house 48 West Twenty-seventh
stroot, to her daughter. Mro. Margaret Judson
Mnckay. She refers to a previous will, made
In 18ao. saying:
"In which I expressed tho doslro that my
said daughter would mako a monthly allow
ance to my son. William Augustus Judson. but
now I believe that It Is better for my said son's
welfare and for my said daughter thut tho
question of making any allownnce to my said
eon and tho amount thereof. If she should deem
It best to mako any allowance, should bo loft
entirely to tho discretion or my said daughter,
uninfluenced by any suggestion of mine."
Louisville l'oolrnoms Rallied.
Louisville. Ky.. Doc. 24. Chlof of Police
Ilaagor, with fifty men. late this afternoon
raided tho three Loulsvlllo poolrooms, ar
rested over 200 bottors. operators and hangers-on.
ami locked up the whole crowd. Tho
majority, being unable to glvo bond, will spend
the night behind tho bars. Tho police nlso
seized all of the fixtures of the establishments
and about 18.000. Tho raid was mudo at tho
direction of the Grand Jury.
Two IJojs Drowned.
Albany. Deo. 24. Two boys wero drowned
this morning In tho old TIvoll reservoir at Quail
street. Thoy wore FrodS. Chewe8.agodl4.and
Frank Rspp. aged 8. The boys were playing
tihlnny on the fco. when It broke and thoy went
under. Charles Sehowes. aged 12. was saved.
It was In attenipting to save his younger
brother that William Hchewes was drowned.
Tho threo bodies wero recovered later.
The Weather.
I'ulr weitlitr prealled generally throughout the
country yesterday, except some cloudiness In the
Gulf States and a light fall of snow in Michigan and
around Lakes Erie and Ontario.
The pressnr high, except from the Dalmtas
eastward otrr the lakei. A depreiiion was forming
over norttiorn Minnesota, which prevented the
formation of a cold wave.
It wm colder in all the central BUtas, tl)S lake
reidom itnd the Bouthirest, and will probably be
soroewlint colder hero to-day,
In this city the day opened dear, but became
overcat toward night; wind southweitorly, average
velocity U miles au hour; averauo humidity fld per
cent.; hlgbcat temperature 4.1", lowest 3;is barom.
ttcr, corrected to read to sea loci, at 8 A, M, 30.S2,
BP. M. 30.18.
The temperature as recorded by the offlcial ther
mometer and aleo by The oih'i thermometer at the
street level Is shown la the annexed table:
r-Official-y Sun't i-OSldal-, Sun'i
mu. 1S97. jm mi. mi. ma.
o A. 5i.37 io 40 p. M.au ie
1JM...41"1 ID' " Ul'.M.38 14 48
3i. M.0 SO 4" 13 Mid. .37 18' 43'
wasudotom roniCAST rou scndat.
For Ac England and taittrn A'w York, parity
clomtv weorter; cotdtr; Ugkt norttuml u(ndi.
Tor the District of Columbia, eastern Pennsylvania,
New Jeraey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, gen
erally fair: colder; light westerly winds.
For western New York, western Pennsylvania and
Ohio, fair, except snow flurries on the lakes; brisk
southwesterly winds,
ABVASCi! IS 1'ltIST atoms.
rrlee Tins Advanced Si Per Cent, In 00
Dnji-Now Said to be 9 7-10.
The prlco of print cloths, which has boen
advancing etondily tor somo weeks, was re
ported hero yostorday to havo reached 2 7-10
conts. Absolute confirmation ot the roiiort
could not bo obtlalned.nnd It is probable that no
sales woro made at that figure, but brokers and
largo dealers had no doubt that tho noxt sales
made would be at a price as high aa 2 7-10. Tho
price on Friday was 2K o&nts. and tho trustees'
commlttoo said that day, aftor making a snlo,
that thoy would soil no more goods at that
figure The report yostorday was that Fall
River had doclnrcd such an advance. It is only
a couple ot months since tho prlco of print
cloths wns down to Its lowost point, 1 15-10
conts. Tho action of tho manufacturers In
placing tho products ot tholr mills nnd the
selling of thorn In the hands ot n truMnos'
commlttoo resultod bo satisfactorily that
two wooks ago last Friday tho prlco had
Bono up to 2)4 cents, and on that samo
day, after a snlo of 100,000 pieces at that
figure, tho prlco wont up to 2 3-10 and 10.000
moro piocos woro sold at that. On tho follow
ing Monday tho prlco was 2,'f conts and one Bnlo
ot 300.000 Pieces at that figure wasronortod.
A largo broker on that day offered to wager
that tho prlco would go to 2K before It wont
below 2)4 again and thnt It would trot to '2K
within sixty days. If tho market opens on
Tuesday morning nt 2 7-10 cents his confidence
In rising prices will bo In a fair way to bo jus
tified. How It can do othorwlso Is hard to eeo
In tho light of the oommltteo's statemont on
Friday, out It has been said that there was
qmo speculative buying at tho lower prices
which prevailed only eo rocently, and that cus
tomers might be ablo to benefit by this, the
speculators still bolng ablo to profit at
salos bolow 2 7-10. On tho other hand
it Is nssertoa that, nlthough thero has been
no largo demand for goods up to now. country
morohants buying only from hand to mouth, ai
tho saying is, yet tho sales of the past two
months havo boen for the most part on legiti
mate demand from almost every quarter ot the
country, and consequently that It was In no
sense a "boom" market. It Is only veryro
contly that anything has been said about pur
chases on speculative occount. It Is said now
that Inquiries aro strong and numerous, and
that tho market indications are very good. A
largo dealer said a fortnight ago In discussing
tho subject thnt overy ono looked to a prioe of
'2H cents. imU that at ihat figure business could
be done without dissatisfaction. He called It a
ralr price. It was reported yestorday thnt tho
week's trnnsaotlonsin print clothsat Fall River
amounted to 400,000 pieces.
Only Russia VF1U Hnve Moro Space Exhibits
to Uo Collective."
Tho Hon. B, D. Woodward, Assistant Cora-mlsslonor-Genoral
ot tho United States to tho
Paris Exposition of 1000. was ono ot tho pas
sengers on the steamship St Louts, which got
In yestorday morning. Mr. Woodward was
called hero to assist In tho organization of tho
permanent staff of tho Commissioner-General,
Ferdinand W. Peck, and also to famlllarlzo htm
soU with tho plans ror the future which Mr.
Teek has formulated, so that when he returns
to Paris In January tho Paris ofilco may eb
operato intelligently with tho Now York and
Chicago offices.
Mr. Woodward said that tho 218.000 square
feet of spaco already allottod for exhibits from
tho United States havo beon taken up, and that
demands for spaco aro so many that almost
twlco tho amount could bo utilized. From tho
proent outlook Russia will bo tho lnrgest ex
hibitor and tho United States will bo next.
With tho oxcoptlon of Russia, no country has
so much space as tho Unltod States.
Mr. Peok. Mr. Woodward said, has decided
upon what Is callod the "collective oxhiblt."
According to this plan nil the different kinds of
machinery used in tho manufacture or a cer
tain product will be grouped together. For
oxamplo. all the maehlnory used In tho manu
facture of shoes will bo put together, so that
when It Is In operation one can seo how a shoo
is made, to uso Mr. Woodward's own expres
sion. " from tho arrival or the call to tho deliv
ery ot tho boot." In the machinery and elec
tricity groups nlono Amorlcn's requests for
spaco already aggregnto 300.000 square feet.
For agricultural Implements 00.000 square
feet hnvo been nsked for: for transportation,
60.000: for textile fabrics. 30.000; for general
manufactures. 70.000: mines and metallurgy.
30.000: education. 20,000; liberal arts. 30.000 ;
forestry. 40.000.
Govt XJlnck Appoints tlio Commission Au
thorized by tho T.oglslnture.
Albant. Dec. 24. Gov. Black has appointed
tho following as members of the Universal Ex
position Commission, representing the State of
New York, tho exposition to bo hold In Paris In
First Judicial district, Emil Twyoffortof Now
York; Second. Ludwig Msson of Brooklyn and
Norton V. Ortls of Yonkors; Third, Urban Wol
den ofCohoes: Fourth. Clarkson O.Schuyler of
Plattsburg and Mary Harrison McKee of Sar
ntoga: Fifth, Henry A. I'hilllnsof Ixiwvllleand
Thomas It. Proctoror Utlca: Sixth, Mrs. Nan
nie W. Metcnltof Owego; Seventh. Lamotte M.
Blakely ot Lyons; Elgnth. William L. Mnrcy of
Buffalo and George I.. Spring of Franklinvlllo.
Tho commission will meet hero on Tuesday
to orgunizx by tho olection ot a President nnd
Vice-President and the appointment ot a Sec
retary, 'i'ho Commissioners nre to serve with
out pay. although the Socretary may bo paid a
balary of not oxeoedlng S2,.r00. Tho commis
sion Is appointed under a law passed by tho
last Legislature, and Is to encourage and pro
mote n full and eomploto exhibitor tho artistic,
commercial. Industrial, agricultural and other
interests or the State nt thn Paris Exposition,
nnd provide tor tho comfort and convenience of
tho citizens of tho State whllo In nttendanco
thorcat. Tho commission is also to secure
space and mako arrangements tor tho exhibits
from this Stato.
He Curried Mnny Christians flirts, but the
Police Think Ue Stole Them.
Magistrato Bra mi's desk in the West Fifty
olghth Street Pollco Court looked yestorday
Uko tho children's corner of a family sitting
room on Christmas morning. Thero was an
attractlveassortmentof books, games, silver
backed toilet articles, handkorchlofs. nocktios
nnd n new umbrella. These artloles wore sub
mitted by Policemiin Clnnoy of tho West 100th
street station ns uvldunco against Arthur
Spencer. 44 years old. of Cnnajoharlo. whom ho
had arrested tho night before as a suspicious
person. To undo his oxhlblts tho policeman
had to remove a great deul of narrow ribbon,
white tlssuo paper nnd sprigs of holly that
woro on the packages. Somo ot tho articles
wero marked "From Undo Goorgo to Bort,"
and others " Union from Grandma."
In his complaint Clancy said that he had
caught Spencer, with the articles In his pos
session, acting In a suspicious manner on Am
sterdam avonue. near Ninetieth street. The
prisoner said that lie had bought the presents
for his family Christmas treo and was on his
way home when arrested.
Magistrato Brann held him In $500 for examination.
Receiver of Union Traction Company to
Sell Its Property on Jan. 27.
IUcKENHiCK. N. J.. Deo. 24. Senator William
Johnson, receiver ot the Union Traotlon Com
pany, Has beon ordered by the Court ot Chan
cery to sell tho roadbed, care, fixtures, build
ings and everything elso belonging to that
company In Hudson and Hereon countlos. The
railroad Is In operation from North Arlington
to Woodrldgo, a dlstanco of olght miloB. The
company had seeurod u right of way as far
north as Haokensack. but owing to the
demand of this town for $50,000 for right
of way, which tho company could not pay.
It went Into a receiver's hands. It was ad
mitted that If the right of way hail boen
obtained here the company would have been
able to float a million dollars' worth ot bonds
and eomploto Its lines. The Metropolitan Trust
Company Is tho complainant In the foreclos
ure suit. It is understood that at least four
competitors will bid at tho salu on Jan. 27.
Trolley Roud Gets SSOO Allowance far De
fending a Suit.
When a jury In tho Supremo Court In Brook
lyn brought In a verdict on Friday for the do
fondant In tho suit of Herman Schlenauor
against the Brooklyn Heights road tor $10,000
damages for personal Injuries In a trolley acci
dent, tho Court set a new precodent In such
casos by awarding to the defendant. In addi
tion to the usual costs, nn extra allowance of
$500 on account of tho dlflloulty and expense
of defending the action. This. It is bollovod,
will have a tendency to lessen the number of
eucli actions.
The American Art Galleries will be open Sundays
from 1 to a 1'. &!., Including Odrttm.i and Mew
Year's Day,
There were 1,800 bags ot Cbrislmai mill on the
Cuuarder Ktrurta, which arrived yesteiday from IJv
erpool and (juoenstown.
The attaches of tba County Clerk's onlce presented
to Deputy County Clerk (itortre ll. F-arbach yesur
day a repeating gold watch, chain and locket, witlt
bis initials set in diamonds, rutin and emeralds, J
piossnipa will be held.
The Organization StUl In Sxlstenee and Pre
paring for Coming Season Schoolboys
linger for Chess, Basketball, Skating
nnd Hookey nnd Gymnnstlo Honors.
For someZtlme the looal (ohoolboys Inter
ested In athletics hare been speculating as to
whother the annual championship meet of the
National Intorscholastlo Association would be
hold In this elty or not. It Is well known that
the last moot was not a sucoess financially,
and ,thls gavo rise to a rathor Indefinite fool
ing that next year the association would not
bo able to seo Its way clear to conduct anothor
meot. The Bun Is ablo to stato on tho best
of nuthorlty that thoro will bo a champlorshlp
moot, but whothor It will bo held In this city or
elsewhere doponds solely on tho decision ot
tho Now England Intorscholastlo Athlotlo As
sociation. Ono ot the newly elojted officers of
tho national body said yostorday that It the
Now England Interscholastlo A. A. extended
an Invitation to the National Association It
would bo acceptod and tho games'would take
place at Boston. It not. the meot would be
held in this city, as usual.
Thero was a rumor In circulation that the
national body had gone out of existence. This
Is Tory foiolbly denied by tho Treasurer, H. 0.
Kennlngton, who announces that the following
officers havo beon oleoted for tho coming voar:
George P. Smith, Now Jersey Interseholastlo
A. A., President; Dunoan II. Browne. Now
York Interscholastlo A. A., Becretary; Henry
0. Kennlngton. New England Intorsoholastlo
A. A.. Treasurer. It was deolded to do away
with the ofilco of Vice-President and to hare a
permanent Treasurer.
The efforts of Dr. TJlmann and Physical Di
rector Bolxas of Trinity School to hold a gym
nastic carnival next March have met with most
gratifying sucoois. It Is already an assured
fact that Do La Salle Institute and Columbia
Grammar Sohoolot New York. Adolohl Acad
emy and Pratt Institute ot Brooklyn and New
ark High School and Plngry School of New
Jorsey will enter teams. Entries are also ex
pected from schools In tho New England and
Connecticut associations and It Is very likely
that other schools In this city will organize
teams to cotnpeto In iho tournament. Selxns.
In speaking ot tho proposed tournament, said:
"1 have always contended that gymnastics aro
one ot the most hoalthful of Indoor exercises.
In this view I am supported by Dr. Ulmann,
who, It anything. Is more enthuslustlo over It
than I am. By holding a tournament In whloh
all ot tho schools within 100 miles ot New York
can take part we hope to lncroaso tho interest
In this line of sport. Thoro Is nothing Uko
competition. Whon tho boys find that thore Is
some material reward tor taking up tho sport
they go In Tor It with vim ana dash that are
encouraging. Once this has been aacom
pllsnod tho latent Interest awakened very sel
dom dlos out."
The chess players aro getting on edge for
the annual tournament of the New York In
torscholastlo Choss Association. Year after
yoar this tournament continues to attract
more Interest, and now It has a largo following.
BIx schools have entered teams of two players
each. They aro Berkeley. Columbia Gram
mar, Cutler, llumllton. De La Salle and Madi
son. The tournament will begin tho first week
In February.
The first annual basketball tournament of
the Now York Association Is being looked for
ward to with more than usual Interest. From
the practice- already Indulged In It Is not at:all
unlikely that the majority of the fifteen schools
will tnko part. The schools that havo fully
organized teams are: Barnard. Berkeley, Cut
ler. Dwlght, Collegiate and Woodbrldge.
Many games have been played by theso sohooU
up to date and tho showing made gives prom
ise ot soma rattling contests in the tourna
ment series. The eommlttee will meot on
Tuesday, Jan. 3. and final arrangements will
then be made. Chairman Draper of Dwlght
School expocts a large entry list to ft rive for
the handsome $40 banner at stake.
Practice has been going on at both tho St
Nicholas Skating Btnk of Manhattan and the
Clermont Avonuo Rink of Brooklyn for the
last two weeks for the annual skating and
tockey championships of the local association.
Each school has alternated In practice and tho
all-round form displayed was a big Improve
ment over that of last year. Both Cutler.
School and De La Salle Institute have organ
ized strong teams. Several of the mombers
ot tho Cutler School team play with the St.
Nicholas Skating Club.
A notable occurrenco in nthletljclroles dur
ing tho past week was the election or the en
tiro athletic team ot Sutler School to junior
mmbershlD In tho Knickerbocker A. C. There
are toveral good athletes In tho school and
tho athletic team ot the Knleuerbocker A. 0.
will bo considerably strengthened by tho now
material. Tno bicycle department especially
will bo mado stronger by Warren, the cham
pion ot tho Now York Interscholastla Atbletlo
Wrestling, boxing, handbill and basketball
have been tho leading pastlmeB at the Adelphi
Academy during tho past threo weeks, and tho
exerclso has developed the various candidates
for tho track and baseball teamB wonderfully.
I'hyslcal Director Dr. Pettit Is a strong be
liever in gymnastics to get a boy In condition
for outdoor work, and his strict course of
training has demonstrated this In a great
many coses. Tho Indoor athletic season will
begin at the gymnasium after the holidays,
nnd then class games will bo neld every week.
The class doing the best work will receive a
handsome banner, whllo the best Individual
performers will receive gold medals.
That tho athletio association of Pratt In
stitute Is In a flourishing condition was demon
strated by tho large number of students ar
sembled at a recent meeting. There are near
ly 100 members moro than wore on the roll
last year, and the association Is now on a firm
financial basis. Although nothing definite can
be said as to whether the Institute will enter a
hocke v orgolf team In the coming tournaments.
It Is not at all unlikely that teams will be en
tered. ConBldoraDle Interest Is being shown
In both linen of snort. Basketball teams have
been formed In all the classes and a number of
games have been played with good results.
The feature of tho athletio work ot the "Poly
Prep" school during tho past threo weeks has
boen the strengthening of tho handball and
basketball teams. In both branches tho sohnol
is strongly represented this winter. The stu
dents comprising tho two teams are nil ex
perts and make a very strong combination.
Alter vacation active plans will be mado for
track athletics und baseball. Tho football
season has not beon n success and no tlmo will
bo spared to make the baseball team a winning
one. Hoefcey and skating teams will bo on
torod in tho tournnmonts.
The prospects for a banner year In nthletlcs
nt Brooklyn High Sohool are encouraging.
Many prominent candidates have already re
ported for the trouk team. Capt. Baldwin will
enter several candidates in the games to bo
under thn auspices of tho Knickerbocker A. 0.
at Madison Square Garden. A call has boen
Issued for more candidates for (he track team
and also for the baseball toam, and It U ex
pected that a largo numbor will respond alter
the holidays, '
Athletio Director Hare of Bt, Paul Hohool of
Garden City will get the various candidates to
Jiraotloe aftor vacation, and he Is confident that
rem the quantity of available material on hand
io will be able to keep up the reputation at
tained by the football team. In addition to
the old players ot the baseball team soveral
new ones have appeared who coins with nlon'y
ot experience, and It will be a hot fight for the
honored place. In track athletics the stars of
last season will bo seen and everything points
to a successful enon on the cinder path and
diamond. Golf will reenlve oareful nttentlon
and a strong team will be entored In the
ohamplonshlp serlos.
At Brooklyn Latin School the student body
Is bent upon turning out strong handball and
hooker teams. The basketball team has dis
banded. At fcrasmus Hall High School ath
letics will boom after tho holidays.
Basketball has been taken up with great
avldltr this winter by the Philadelphia reboots.
K league lias beon orgnnlzod and officers oleot
ed as follows:
0. H. Worrell, Dreiel Institute, Prxuldent: A, Dar
razh.Ilomau Catholic Jligh Bchool, Vlce-Prenldeut;
W. Ilnunt'n, Brown Preparatory School, Secretary;
8, UcOaulley, Eustburn Academy, Treasurer,
A neheaulo has been arranged and the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania has offered a suitable
trnplw for the winner. Thn echools liuve all
entored strong teams and the series Is bolng
looked forward to with widespread Interest.
Oriental Impresarios nt Law Over a Child,
Hassan Ben All has obtained a writ of habeas
corpus from Justice Cohen of the Supreme
Court requiring the production ot May Gale,
about 10 years old, who, he says, Is restrained
of her liberty by Hadji Tahar, at 108 Eighth
avenuo. It Is alleged that Julia Gale, the
mother ot the girl, obtained an absoluto dl
voreo from Tahar in San Francisco on March
22, 1B))2, with the oustodyot the girl. On Sept.
2U last. lets alleged, she apprenticed tho girl
lor seven years to All. who Is In tho theatrical
business, and Is now temporarily at Provi
dence, It. I., but Tahar, who.lt Is alleged, loalso
In the theatrical business, refused to give up
the girl under the San 1 ranoisoo decree. All
says that Tahar has threatened to take the girl
to England, and that unless the Court acts in
his behalf be will be unable to get the services
I ot the girt undor his urtldia of apprenticeship,
The Itosedales Still Lend In the Arlington
Hendpln Tournament.
The Itosedalts still lead in the Arlington Hall head
pin tournament, but It la expected that when the
crack fires attack the pins the leading seers of 453
will be passed. The Edison Electrical Illuminating
Company players are the favorites for the Commer
cial League championship, but Passavant h Co. and
Austin, Nlobols & Co. have strong teams and may
again bs a factor In deciding the first prlss. The
records ot various tournaments follow!
Clvbt. Scort. Clnbi. Scn.
Itoaedalsl R8 Ootham S 868
Golden Itod 1 451 Auranlal... BS1
Illeeckerl 480 Norddeutseher 2 353
Premier 1 430 Nautilus 1 S4R
Wist Bhora 42s Conoordla 847
Orchards 43(1 flnrder k Black 047
Orchard! 4Ur. Jumbo 840
Arlington 1 411 Premier 3 948
Arlington 2 408 Ctlamltr..,.., 844
Cannon 1 403 Lafayette BSD
Gotham 1 403 Ilosedalea 83S
Norddeuucher 1 403Jolly 83B
Friendship 1 400 Olendalnl 822
Adelphi 1 DOS Anchor 2 821
Oradell 1 8112 Ulondale 3 810
Hector 2 Sill AdolphlS 817
lUrmonls 1.., 81U llannonle 2.,,, 818
Hecond Avenue 1 BBS Bt. Ueorge 2 806
WestlJarlem 8SS Hsoond Avenue 2 2Wf
Welcome 1 882 Nautilus 2 20D
Defender 2 882 Oradell 2,. 288
BlccokerS 8H0 Hslschen 274
Farkl 871) Hector L 274
Bqual 877 HoeedaleS 2(12
Itossnilll 874 He creation 2 21)1
Adelphi 2 873 Welcomes 244
Defender! 870 Anchor 1 288
Ht. Ororse 1 870 Cannon 3 319
BooU1113 80 Oradell 8 208
couuiRcm, Luaur.
Woh IIoS
Won. Loll, Scort. Won. Lott, Scort,
M.Kl.n.Oo.,8 0 874 C.a.Tlnr'neJ.8 6 780
Vletor & Ach.U O 8117 Msn's.MftU.8 C 78
Pass'ntkOo.n 1 838 Whn.U'lsCo.2 4 780
Aus.,N.ftOo.S 1 807 O.O.Bur'cel.3 4 781
Am.tb.Oo.l.u 3 HJ8 JnoDowney.l 7 82
Nat.lllsc't0o.4 3 748 AtlanUo Oo,.0 6 710
Am.Lh.Co.3.8 8 B25 Murr'y&HlllO 6 027
D3Wal'n40o3 S 7U0
dg'ta&Co.U 1 838iR'rT&Jo'h'n.a fl 602
Nat. Lead Co.8 4 851 R. W. R.&8on8 0 788
D'dge&Ole't.O n 845 1!'n,IVrOo.3 785
p-ko.D'siCo.o a 838 p-rstWtm'nS 13 784
W'l.T'tuJlOo.H, 7 8131
Tlclno 3 O 70B,Tenderlola..t 1 fill
Holo 2 O 735'jnlly O 3 682
Krank 3 (l fl28.Triumph W..0 3 559
Central 1 1 744,Orclone O 3 ....
Commercial, 1 1 728l
i-iTHOaatrnKni' ToonNiMr.NT.
Kr'n'r-n't'n.4 O 429rlend-llust.3 B 341
Nor'k.D"m'n7 1 411 Beh'i-HUt'nsl 3 833
Mal'r-K.bl'R. 8 1 432 WU'n-nestlo 1 30D
L'm't-8n'd'r3 1 3114 Or"g'r-Orane0 4 311
July-Boh'l'k.2 2 277lGehlr-Beld's0 4 SHO
Jtmioa onnzn or v. x. iieciianics.
O.Wash'ul'nS O D2SUnIon 1 2 7fl
M.Vfash'nt'ns 1 787lshcrman....0 l 828
Ilig IHph
Clult. Won. Lett. Scort. Clutn. Won. Lott. Score.
Chain Nat. ,.il o 804 IT. 8. Sub. T ll 3 712
I. & T.Nat. .7 1 838 Me.ftTrnd.N.3 3 (175
A. E. Nat.. ..7 1 818 J.l'.M'CTliCoJ 4 744
Hepubllo....5 1 77U Han. Nat.. ..2 l 740
lit. Morris. .8 1 85H Corn Ex 1 c 770
Nat. Park. ...8 1 808 L.T. k Co... I 5 740
U'hatUnOo.5 3 Sill K..N. fc K....1 6 701
Chem. Nat.. .3 ll 800 Mir. Nat 0 4 743
Hamilton.... 3 S 77S Soab'rd.Nat.O u 718
Greenwich... r. 1 815iCaUdonlan..4 4 780
ltoyal B 1 778 Horn 4 4 724
German!. ..8 3 772,NUsar 3 a 705
Palatine 4 3 770Lancsshlre..l U null
Norw'bUn'n4 2 76uGerman-Am.l G 7H7
L.&L.&U..S 3 743iUanover.,...l r. null
Phenlz 4 4 7U8iAmcrlcan....0 0 047
Un'nofL'd'n4 4 7UI
Rlverdle...O 1 li03WuhlnRton.S 8 013
Helviders....7 1 U10 Audnbon....8 8 871
Tick Tack.. .8 3 OHtilltojal 4 0 840
Premier l....n 3 HU8 Commodore. 8 r 825
Oerell 5 3 81)2 Premlor 2. .,2 8 888
Village 2.. ..5 5 867 Eccentrlo ...2 8 814
Village 1.... 4 4 D14 Suppeukn'n.O 8 782
W.Uarlem.,4 4 884
Peerless. ...13 1 870 Imperial ... 6 0 804
Itichinond.il 8 924 Columbia... 6 0 780
Btat'n Isl'dlO 4 813 C&stleton... 4 10 BOS
Amsrioan.. 7 7 821 X'p'k's'vUle 1 13 753
Marion 7 7 7U3
noosoic corart troluet leaoub.
Newark Bar. 6 o 032iJeraerClty..l 5 780
Baroimi....a 0 827 N. J. A. 0....0 3 812
N.J. B.C.. ..2 4 8331
Albion 16 6 847 Asms..,. ...10 11 881
Columbia.. 19 8 931 KntreNous B 12 945
Volunteer.. 14 10 887 Paterson. .. O 15 ....
Riverside ..10 14 803
rATsnsoN ixaoite.
Helvetia.. ..18 4 BOO Madison. ..10 10 835
Acme 16 5 855 Bt. Agnes.. 8 11 85(1
A.iB.No.1.15 7 SHU Defender... 8 13 820
Excelelor..l3 7 841 A.iiU.No.3. 4 10 771
lDUtut...12 8 8 Thlltle 4 18 882
A-fcB.No.2.11 U 853 Totowa 3 15 740
Castle Pol'ts.G 1 882iN'tbnudion2 4 836
Clio 6 3 8HSlUamllton....2 H 785
Nlautlo. 8 5 87U
AilBoei 7 8 848iN'th Hudon4 4 806
Lexingtons.. 7 a 876 Hamll'nWh.3 4 7U4
Unions a 3 H2 Frankllna ...8 5 724
Homeiteadi.5 3 7UU Owls 2 0 777
Cattle Pol'ts.6 4 Bltil Americui....l u 788
Eaisans 6 C Soil
Columbus,. .7 1 1810Elizabeth...,2 fl 1B08
Lararetto....7 1 1823 Custer. O 8 1408
Chllds 4 4 10101
The Elizabeth Club bowlsrs were at home on Fri
day night, and roUcd three ezcullent games against
the New Jersey A. C. quintet in the Central New
Jersey Howling League. The scores:
Elisabeth Clnb Morrell, 1118; Keep, 182; Foster.
164; Lane, 138; Pope, 215. Total. 857.
Now Jersey A. C Day, 171; Southard, 128: Coop
er, IDS; Pitcher, 168; Lewis, 140. Total, 778.
Elizabeth Club Morrell, 146; Keep. 170; Foster,
1(11. I.ina. 212; Pane. 173. Total. 865.
New Jersey A. C Day, 166; Southard. 128; Cooper,
110; Pitcher, 168; Lewis, 1U5. Total. 728.
Elizabeth Club Morrell. 184; Keep. 1 55 1 Foster,
142; Lane, 182; Pope, 168. Total, 841.
New Jersey A. C Day. 169; Southard. 186;Ooopr.
168; Pitcher, 160; Lewis, 168. Total. 787.
The games rolled In Rutherford on Friday night,
in the Morris and Essez League ssrles resulted as fol
lows; I7BST GAME.
Union Zahn. 185; Koch. 178: Thnrbsr, 1B0 Sny
der, 171i; Schoonmaker, 186. Total, 888.
Northern Republican block, 210; Bonn, 188;
Scherer, 157; Baker, 182; Lauterborn, 184. Total,
Union 7ahn. 147s Koch. 104; Thurber. 170; Sny
der, 162; Schoonmaker, 1H1. Total, 783.
Northern Republican Block, 224; Bonn, IBS;
Scherer, 172; Baker, 180; Lauterborn. 189. Total,
Union Zahn, 169; Kooh, 1R2; Thurber, 171; Sny
der, 172; Lauterborn, lilt. Total. 885.
Northern liepubllcau Block, 146 Bonn, IBS;
Scherer, 18B; Baker, 148; Lauterborn, 188. Total,,
In the Btateu Island Amateur Bowling League
games rolled nn Friday nUtht honors Wfro even,
'ihii Tompklnsville team won 1U first name. The
Columbia Allen. 130; Kraemer, 116; Kindt. 128;
Eckhardt, 148i Oortelyou, 172. Total. 704.
Tonipklnsrllle Peohtold, 113; Bosiert. 88; Haw
ker, 83; (J'N'cll, 101; Parett, 184. Total, 578.
Tompkins Ulft-Fechtold. 161; Wilkin. 145; Haw
ker, 141); O'Nell, 160; Parett, 147. Total. 762,
Imperial Kline. 104; I.orich, 167: Clark, 143:
McCormack, 176; Burkhardt, 128. Total, 707.
Imperial Kline, 187; Lorich, 130; Clark, 125; lie
Cormack. 186; Burkhardt, 137. Total, 714.
Columbia Allen, 118; D. Oortelyou, 110; Kindt.
118; Eckhardt, 104; S. Cortelyou, 186. Total, 686.
High scores were rolled by Courts Columbus and
LaTayette teams In the New Jersoy Foresters' Bowl.
Ins League on Friday nlttht. The figures wcrei
Court Columbus Nolle, 168 French, 214; Noo
nan, 1(10; Meyerbolz, 185; Shaw, 15H; Malouy, 147;
Earl, 184; Ulernan, 171; Hayes, 183; OounUT, 137,
Total, 1,724.
Court Lafayette W. Burke, 178; O. Lrarr. 168;
Flynu, lull; CahllL 157; llrunnau. 208; F. Burke,
168, I.. Bauer, 2U7; Clauss, 181; IlAtti, 2U3; 0. Bauer,
178, Total, 1,823.
The Riversides, Merrys and 1'rldar Afternoons op.
cuplrdBchorke's alleys, Itobokvn, ou Friday uiglit,
during the progress of the three closing ifanies for
the wrtk in iho New Jt-riey Bowling Association
tournament. The scores;
tinsT oaur,
Merry B. C Stehlo, 158; Frankenhauser, 180;
Oemplcr, 134; Ooltze, 170; Meiuuer, 151, Total,
Itiverslds B. C Boehnke, 108: Engleraan. 177;
Taiuieman, 122; Hermann, 122; W. Hermann, 149,
Total, 878.
Riverside B. C Boehnke. 134i Eniilemsu, lie;
Tauijemau, 142; Hermann, 140; W, Hermann, 143,
Friiay x'rternoon B. 0. Bayha, 163; Hostile, 14U;
Uulle, 189; Halbcrt, 189; Jautz, 126. Total, 702.
Merr B. tt Stehle, 185; Frankenhauser, 188;
Orempler, 14', Gouie.163lUelisnsr.177. Total, 766.
Friday Afternoon B. 0. Bayha, 124: Uoehle, 127
Hulle, 165; J, Jants, 147JA. JanU, 166. Total, 709.
The Court Chllds and Court Elizabeth teams
rolled a gams In the New Jersey Foreiiere" Bowling
Lssgue at the litter's alleys on Friday night. Tb
Court ElixabeUi-Schen, 164; Long. 164; Hoe. 113;
McConnell. 90; Horning. 200: luordon, 167i Btuu
ien, 1S7 Brook. 108) Mulford, 141; lluchtenkirk,
148. Total, 1,486. .
Court Ohllda-OIese. 165; Mellick. lie; Munn,
148; Howard, 181: Reltemeysr, 170; William Bauer,
170; Fitch, I28i Day, 96; Denton, 174; Davis, 166.
Total, 1,487.
The Jersey City Club's "ponies" want toBayonne
on Frldsy night and lolled three gsints agilnat the
Well Known for Deeds of Kindness
and Philanthropy, , 11
The Home of Mrs. Lizzie M. Brewer at Westerly, R. I. " 'W
2AT ,
In a lottor to Dr. Hnrtman conoernlnn;
tho morlte of Pe-ru-no, Mrs. Drowor mltos,
among othor things:
" Doar Dr. Hartman I find Po-ru-na a suro
cure for all catarrhal affections so common
in this part of tho country. It euros a cold
at onoo. Thoro Is no cough modlolno that
can at all equal Po-ru-na. As for la grlppo.
thoro Is no othor romody that can at all
comparo w 1th Pc-ru-na.
"Inotlco In medical Journals, and from
tho testimony of my neighbors, that tho
doctors soom qulto unsuccessful In trout
Ing la grlppo, especially In removing tho
aftor effects of la grlppo. From personal
observation In many caBcs I know that
Pe-ru-na Is a suro speolflo for thoso coses.
"I am among tho sick a groat deal in our
city and havo suppllod many Invalids with
Newark Bay Boat Club In the Hudson County Trol
ley BowUntr Lcaeue. The scores!
rinsT ouie.
Newark Bay Boat Club Dairs, 162; n. A. Orimtli,
130; A. C. Griffith, 170; Bodlne, 188; Stumpfol, 156;
Total. 796.
Jersey City Clnb Scott, 134; Lembeek, 132;
Lockwood, 184; Southard, 169; Cordner. 167. To
tal, 770.
Newarlt Bay Boat Club-Davles, 167; n. A. Griffith,
141); A . 0. Griffith, 108; Bodlne, 164; Btumpfel.
107. Total, 806.
Jsrsey City Club Scott. 1B3; Lembeek, 168; Log
wood, 146; Southard, 170; Cordnor. 146. Total, 771.
Tnino GAME.
Newark Bay Boat Club Davlcs. 1 R7: n. A. Griffith,
183; A. 0. Griffith, 137; Bodlne, 173; Stuninfel, 147.
Total. 791.
Jersey City Club Scott. 144; Lembeek, 118: Lock
wood, 145; Southard, 166; Cordner, 16U. Total, 732.
Tho Monarchs Improved their chances of wlnninx
a lesdinjc prize In Downtown Section 1 of the United
Bowline Clubs' tournament by defeating the Donpol
Elche team at the Arcadel'aileya on Friday nfcht.
The score of the eimo follows
Monarch Uasenzahl, 1(10: Vfiechniann. 191;
Bmith, 14H: Van Slycko.165: Kelly. 1(18. Total. H32.
Dappel Elche Twelscn. 158; Dettlaff, 122: Chris
topher, 163; Meyer. 170; Eismann, 174. Total, 790.
The Auranlas won two games and the St. George
team one same lu the Arlington League on Friday
nleht The scores:
rinsT oiuz,
Touch Rlders-Dohm, 12S; Rothmsnn. IIS;
Buse, 140:bcnelfier, 143; Koch, 120; Hournaun, 124.
Total. 709.
Bt. Geonre Ford, 147; Abendscheln, 177; E. Har
ris, 140; Keff, 123; Fendrich, 131; Grunert, 173.
Totel, 891.
SECoxn Oiiir.
Tough Riders Buse. 128; Blssert. 124; noffmann,
117: Koch. 117; Schemer. 146; Dohm, 124. Total,
Auranla Stell, 110; Eckhardt. 137; Laiir. 228;
Kraeger, 126; Bulthaupt, 108; Mailer, 108. Total.
Bt. George Ford, 91; Abendscbein, 169: E. Harris,
112; Neff, 106; Fendrich, 140; Grunert, 101. Total,
Auranla fitoil, 13: Eckhardt, 1BO; Kraemer, 131;
Bulthaupt, 142; Muller, 111; J-ain, 163. Total, 825.
llovrllnc Notes.
M. Pick. Apply to Joseph Thuru, Germsnia As
sembly Rooms, 291 Bowery.
W. O, M. 1. Flshor andBraon versus Vorhies and
Potter. 2. No dates havo been set for the Starr
Allen match.
Faulkner leads the Wholesale Drua Trade Associa
tion tournament bowlers with sn average, ot lU5?s.
The next four men are as follows: 1'lrnt. HUM;
Lawrence, 162H; Colgate, 101 6-6; Ruddlnian,
101 4-16.
A special meeting of the Arlincton Hall women's
tournament committee of Brooklyn was held on Frl
dsy nlzbt. A schedule was adopted and tho details
were arranged for whatprornlses to be tho most Inter
esting women's tournament ever held In Brooklyn.
Thirteen teams will compete and the tun-frame game
with strikes and spares will be played. Thero sro
enough prizes for all the clubs, and individual prizos
will bo awarded for the best three averages, high
score, greatest number of strikes and spares, and
one for the moat number of won games. Tha open
ing contests will be played on Jan. 3 between the
Monarch 2, Senate and Defender clubs. On Jan. 5
the Columbia, Independent and Unter Uns will
Odds and Ends of fiports.
The Pavonia Yacht Club has elected the following
officers: Commodore. David W. Eohn: Vice-Commodore,
William H. Wilson: First Ojptaiu, John
Wrlaht: Measurer, A. P. Curtis: Burgeon, Dr. L. Bau
man: Financial Socretary, William F, Tobln; Corre
sponding Secretary, William A. Miller; Treasurer, L,
Mittelsilorf; Trustees, Fred a. Agens, E. J, Smith. O,
Van Horn, J. McNulty and D. A. Woodruff: House
Committee, J, Zimmerman, Norman L. Rowe, Wil
liam Willis, J. Morey and U. Target; Anchorage Com
mittee, G. W. James, A. J. Kregmeyer and L. M.
Kayaer. Twenty-two members were added to the
roll. The club Is In a flourishing condition.
Tho List of Itoferces.
The following Is a list of the referees appointed in
cases In the Supreme Court last week:
Bll Juttiu Smyth.
Cottt. Hfftrett.
Matterof I.um Michael Kirklaud.
11)'. 1J uber ft Co. vs. Johnsen., James A. Lynch.
Matter of Dresscl Stephen U. Keating.
Matterof Foth Hamilton Odell.
Maatersonvs. Htlehler Chas. L. Atterbury,
lteiuocu vs. Kelly , Chas. Douohue,
Crawford a.8pencer John II. Rogan.
Bradley 4ic. Co. vs. Jenkins. ...A. Wiener.
Robblns vs. Robblns Kd L. Mooney.
Oppenhelnier s. Cook John Vincent.
Jackson vs. Stelber.2 esses... .W. J. Lardner,
Norton vs. Fulton, Jr Uy. E. Howland.
llaumelster vs. Cain Chas. Donohue,
Illnu w. Cain Unas, Honolulu,
Hidden va. Lemon BenJ. Uoilman.
Matter of Marka Adj. Fold.
Chair Co Itobt. E. Deyo.
llakers.Ogden Michael Klrkland.
McLunevs. Hsvward John 11. ltogan.
Mullaly mi. McFarlaud, 2 cases. Thos. II, Donnelly,
Bourne vs. Cisrk Itobt. IS, Deyo.
Kendall . Whlcten..., E. E. McCall.
llenlsmin vs. Harar JohnH. Rogan.
Matlerof Powell John U. Roitan,
ill Juitice Daly,
Knight vs.MrConc Mannscll B. Flold.
Rudd vs. Rudd Augustus O. Drown.
Ellas vs. N. Y, Maeunorchor... Oliver I', Buel.
DeTcrronemie w. Meyer Stephen It. Ulln.
Matter ot Shin, Robert Sturuls.
Matter of Magovern William 11. Willis.
Xllnger vs.Elte .Timothy J.M.Murray.
F-lseit vs. Hopkins Edward J. MoGulro.
Kdgsrvs. Mosher, 2 cases, ,,,,. Richard M. Henry,
Beuvs. Hunt , Fred U. Pat ternon.
Dy Juttiu Lawcnu.
Matter of Dalblao. William H. Goddan.
UUtwllllg vs. Conway George W. Ellis.
By Jultkt Stovtr.
Shrady vs. Bhrady Emanuel BlunensUsl
Lanier vs. Btein, s cases Benjamin K. Hall.
By JutUct TYuax.
Matter of Cutting Augustus Van Wyck.
By Juttict CoJun.
J latter of Leeda Edward E. MrCalL
latter of Read James J. Neslls.
Howollvs. Jayne...., , Charles E. Rushmor.
By Ju4hc4 Iiuti'll.
Brugnelli vs. Winner. Frd a, Wettorau.
By Juitict Pryor.
Fohrvs. Balrd George Gordon flattie
Henderson. Hull & Co. vs. Oily
New York Wllber MclJrlds.
Po-ru-na. simply becauso I am onthuslastlo ' "9 .
In my faith ns to Its results. I havo novel M '
known It to full to quickly nnd pormnnontly 'JL I
rcmovo that demoralized stato of tho human '''
system whloh follows la grlppo. , r1 tMI '
"In all cases of cxtrcmo weakness I uso -,, SJ j
Po-ru-na with perfect cTSnfldcnco of a good. ml
result. In cases of weaknesj peculiar, , '5
to mr sox I am suro that no othor flSJI
remedy can approach In good results mm
tho action of Po-ru-na. It moots all tho bad "m
symptoms to whloh females aro subject. oiilv
Iho irregularities and norvousness, tho do- m ii
blllty nnd miseries which afflict moro or f3lil
less tho woraon from girlhood to chnngo ot WW
llfo, aro ono and all met and ovorcomo by Wm
this excellent romody. I wish overy youn-f Wm
lady In our city could read your book, t 'Mm
' Health and Beauty.' SM
Indigestionj! I ' 1
WiBJSKr.!-w F0R B0DY Am BRAIN jm
? Blnco 1863, Endorsed by Medical Faculty ' ffifj
immediate lasting efficacious agreeable mm1
" W a st a a HWal a ataWesaaMU vtS iBi !
Twenty Appllcnnts Fall to Get License '311
Mrlct Municipal Kules. rSlsl
Boston, Dee. 21. Asa result of thoappoar Sm
nncoof nbout 150 stroot musicians boforo the 'JtH
IIuslo Commlsnionprs a fow nlchts ago, twenty )B
havo fulled to net licenses. The Board of S
Police makes out the papors. and will act In UiH
nccordnnco with tho recommendations of tho jw
Huslo Commission. Tho Itinerant muslolans '5U
must not bogln operations beforo 0 In tho 'tllia
mornlnc and must not play within at loast300 'WIS
feet of a schoolhouso. Tho rules also restrict .Slit
street playlnc north of Dartmouth streot, in- H
stead of Arlington stroot. as heretofore, and --W
extend the restricted district up Tremont street s
to Hollls. ' M
Players are forbidden to enter buildings to , 51
solicit money. A violation of the law byplay- v, .
lug without a license will subject the offender 'm
to a flno of $20. , . '
TnT Co. Ask for 815,000 from the -.
Field Colnmblan 3Iuseum. -Si
Chicago. Dee. 24. Maw & Co. of London yes- -, W
terday beirnn in tho Superior Court a suit ' i Jjh
against the Flold Columbian Museum for - ' ,g
$15,000 damacos for havlnc sold a collection of,"' , W
mosaics donated by tho London firm to the ' ;,'S-
museum. Maw & Co. say that tho muaoum fM
had no rlcht to sell any donations whloh It had . '$
recolvod for nxhlbltlon purposes without mak- ,,. F
Inc a return to tho donor. ' '? Bt
In dofenco the museum directors say that' .- Swi
tho articles were stored for lack of space in the . ,S-
museum bulldlne: that while stored they wero. , J
greatly damaged by lire, and that they were , z Jg
practically worthless for exhibition, so thoy " ,1 s
wero sold at auction. tS 'S
Kscnpetl Prisoner Captured, ' Sfi
Bino Bino, N. Y.. Doc. 24. Lawrence Gar. a " ,"3
prisoner, who eludod his keepers yesterday at, ' 45S
Bins Sine Prison and escaped, was captured at , 'T 'Jm
10 o'clock this morning at Garrisons, about - -.!. '3
twonly miles north of this village, by Keeper T ;M
Carey. Clay was just about to board a ferry- " "
boat to cross to the opposite sldo of the river.
Ho was brought back to tho prison and placed 'Wk
In a dark cell. He will be kept on bread and tm-
water for a week. For his short liberty Gar "?i ism
loses thirteen months' commutation tlmo and. ' i E
has to sorve nearly two years instead of ten? . Jus
months. 5 rJ '
of Business and Gorrespondence .; i
will reopen, after the Christmas holidays, on Tue-- , MwL
dsy, Jan. 3, 1800. ' M
lCSTAIlLlHnED 1808. "fflffl
During the past two months the demand for its t nl
yonng men graduates as , !
AND - m
orricii ASSISTANTS t ,' ,W.
from truat companies, banks, bankers. Insurance , Wt
oompanlrs, leading business firms and corpora- S3
tlons has been unprecedented, At present there Is ,vjB t
not one young man stenographer on Its list of applt- jB !
cants for positions. ,t Mm
L leading banker aaysi " Wa always give the pref-, 'jS
erenco to Packard boys." ' " J
Blight young men and women entering 'an. 8 will' ", -S
have ample tlms before th summer vacation to ? $
qualify themselvrs for business. j
OSlcaopen dally from 8:15 to 5 for registration In
ofstudonts. , 3S)1
Bend postal card for proapeotus. Addreas - ja
Mew York OUy. ..JM
Stcinwny & Sons sollolt In- fl
spectlon of a larRO and solect , ;'ij
stock of their regular stylet - 'li
of Urnm! and Uprlirlit Pianos, ;'!
cintiruclni; somo nerr designs '"ifiSI
recently Introduced. iSSfi
Special attention Is directed MfPi
und thn magnificent display of ' HiS
painted, carved and decoratod ' 'Hfiil
ensos in choicest woods, con- l 'Jjlia
funning to tho architectural nHHl
requlremout of almost every v i . i'-; i9H U
art -period. Speoinl design! '81
furnished upon application. . fcfjfi'
107-100 Kast Mth Street, New York. -
Tho only reliable reraale regulator '3r
Msivrr i'nlls. frlce, 88.00 by mall. ll
Take no anbstllnte. 'nli
Write for llbwon's oegwtrd TBEB. , Mvi
AVilcox3IrdlculCoa8S.BtUSt.,rhlU., Pa. M

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