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! i tthat in movant of jitas'h ric-
h xonr orr.n men o'eries'.
y k A Story of (lie Itapetrnrk hy Tom Rhnrkny
W jY How DnsVetbnll Onn lln Mnde Morn
f ! B JPopnlnr Xnle Is Willing lo Piny Hockey
i I wlthOldl'enn IlojlnrTnuglitntllnrvnnl
i Tommy Kyan flBht with, Dick O'Brien In
; 5 nurtfonl on Friday night wns ono of tho rrln-
J J" olpnl topics dlMUsned by nportlnR monyentor-
4 ft day. Thcso, nfio nonorally liaro corroct linos
j on tlio ability of flfthtorn illd:not bollovo tli.it
f O'Brien had n,ohanco with tho.Byrncuso boxor,
v who, as a middleweight, lays ho wants to fight
' ! Fltulmmons. In fact. It was tho gonorn' bo-
$'i i llcf that O'Brien would be quickly disposed of,
i I Conseauentty Rysn's fallnrd to stop his oppo-
?' J nent In fourteen rounds does not servo to boom
; I Tommy's flshtlne prowess In tlio estimation of
H ii k;.' f tile talont. U'llrlon has been consldorod a
B ',( at eoondater over since he was decisively boat-
Sjljji', t en by Jan Oreedon at tho BroadwnyA. 0. in
hk' f Dooo'mtwr, 1800. lie lasted nine rounds, and
11 (ft. Iff, wo literally out to pieces. Tho following; May.
LB m iir at th0 Pa,ace A - now "10 Ionox Club.
H 3 f Ifc O'Brien rocelved such a scvoro thrashing; at
Hi 11 'JJ the hands of Rid McCoy that at tho ond of tho
Hj; ij M tenth round McCoy askod tho roTeroo to stop
K 'H till tn0 lKbt..bocau80 ho did not caro to ndmlnls-
K '3! 1I ' 'any' ra'iro 'punishment. Bcmemborlnir
It ill these facts, sporting; men say they are ur-
H I'll lE? prised that Ryan, who declares that ho was
K if II niner in better fl!httne trim, did not polish ofT
Hj 11 iiBf tho 1 wiston man In half a dozen rounds on
' 'III III Frldaj bight, ltyan, howoror, showed such
BT lljjif oroomeoloverness that O'Brien, who Is a sluc-
II If- Bor pur0 &nd s,mri'0' could not roach him.
j 5. Byan also proved that ho Is undoubtedly faster
l I nnd moro formidable than whon ho was put to
f 5, sleopby McCoy at Maspoth sovoral yoars ago,
BY II j fit ' buthlswclght.l48pounds,doosnotstronEthen
w ill l fc tho blhjf that he could mako things hum with
B Hi , if ell)ier McCoy or Fltzsimmons If olther of tho
Bi Hi U latter consented to como down totho mlddte-
m it! M woisht limit. ItranwolRhod 140 pounds whon
H 111 )m ho tackled Bonner, who knocked Croodon out In
iK ;S a punch a few woeks before.' Bonnor can whip
lW,i O'Brien, tho sports bollovo.and do It moro qulck-
VW' ly than Byan did. which further complicates
;' 6t' , mattora, The question now before tho talont
ijl'i Is whether Byan can bo tried out for his worth
HI fl! .Hi' asalnst a cood mlddtoweleht. If McCoy should
I fa. vhlp Sharkoy nnd bo unabloto mako a match
'ff;. with Fitzslmmons, there mlcht be nnother
W1 chance for Byan to moet his old rival, But In
;;, theovont of such an encounter McCoy would
carry tho public inonor. becauso of his suporlor
M wajnht and tho prestlco of the Maspoth victory.
gj From all accounts Byan must tako on moro
jf5 avoirdupois before he will bo rcRardod as n
& factor in the strURclo formiddlowotirht honors.
i As a prominent rlnc followor said yesterday:
K " How lone would O'Brien bo ablo to stand
(P tip In front of FItrslmmons? And also could
Be Byan cut Fitz to pieces tho way ho did It to
U O'Brien?"
P' Tom Bharkcy. ns ho strolls olonu Broadway.
f has plenty of chances to tell stories about lnm-
;' a'olf. ThoBalldr has a weakness for relatlne
, U Incidents Involvlne small llimnelal fortunes
II S, j that he says he has won nnd lost in various
M ' H ways. Tho otlmr day he held tho attention or a
gj f crowd of sports for somo tlmo with a story that
I t:t Is belnc repeated dally.
I & "Thoro's such a thine in this world." said
tS? Bharkey, "as Incrntltude. Three or tour years
fl J K ntrolwas playlnc tho racos In 'Frisco and In
M i ?f tour wooks I dropped Sl'O.tXK). 1 was dead
SI ; h ' broke ono day nnd met a fellow In tho bettlni:
fj if rintr who had borrowed hundieds of mo.
. ' Lotmo havoa quartor. .lack," says I : "it's
ll! " ft our miles to my homo and I hate to walk 1'
HI g ""Borry. Tom, old pal," says tint follow, 'I
HI. f an' Jo '' J,lst lose a H'tv-dollar bet and
Ha ? UUItlUtKUtUiir,!)
Hit. "That was oiioueIi for mo. I know then
II h h What It meant to bo broke, and also saw that a
llli - fellow without coin ain't any Kood. Ho I just
Iflf r walkod all tlio way home, meanwlillo maklnc
!lt ',- tip'my mind that I'd never cot so low down in
illS. t money aeain. Tho next day I borrowed S15
HIK f and wentback to tho track. Thero was a ItKJ
llli J to 1 shot 1 llkod and I putthodouehon. Tho
lll naewon lnacallnp. and just ns I was rakinc
lift 3 In my winnings from the book tho fellow that
wbS ? wouldn'tlendmonquarterthodaybtirorosays:
fllJB f, ""Say. Tom. old pal, lot's have a flverV
1;5 t Ijustlboked at him as I stowed tho roll
l!(f;. 1, away, and then as I hurried out of tho rinc I
Iffi". s says:
i!8f; h Away, away to the happy bank I'"
HK When O'ltourke, Sharkey s mnnaaor. heard
Ijjf I the story ho lauulied as hessld:
- Sl . "'Why, Tom wouldn't clvo up $10 to see
iu JJaa j heavonl"
IRIs I Whtlo many teams In this vicinity aroplaylne
. I It t- basketball, there is no cennral cliampionshlp
WWt, f- eomnotltlon that Interests tho public. In l'hila
, h delphla. howerHr.therelsa league which con
i trots tho sport in such a way that all of tho
; J Bam cs attract blc crowds and incidentally brine
A profitable receipts into tho pockets of the pro
f motors. Thoso who nro overenthuslastlc over
8 the' sport bellevo that In tlmo n hie leaciio
embraclne the largest cities in tho East will
c, bs oreanlzed, nnd that men who are wllllnc
' to tako a chance will make cood money
E out -of' it. Basketball is oxcitinc. It
f savors both or football nnd roller nolo in
? that there is constant action nnd plenty of so
ft called- rouehne.s. If tho camo could be rut
JF before tho metropolitan public ns othorsport
V, lnc avontn nro It is thoucht that It would enjoy
W a healthy boom. Indoor winter sports are In
I demand just now, and basketball seems in a
K fair ivay to mako n hit with thosu whollko ox-
$ Tho oreanlzation of an Intorcollociatehockoy
fc league composed of loadinc universities Is In
E tarestlnc bocauscof tho tact that Yalo appar
S ently has no obiei-tlou to raeotlne tho Univor
! sltyof Pennsylviuila. In other branches of
6- sports. Jpartloularlv tiiisoball, football and row
8' Inn. Yale has steadfastly opposed unysucces
fc tton that mlcht lead to contests with tho
m, Quakers. In track athletlcs.Jiowover. Yalo has
i seht.a team every yoar to the Jlott llavon
K, samesi In whlcli Old l'enn's men have always
g competed, nnd tlio apparent wIMIiiRiiess of tho
m Now llavon eollealans to play hockoy with the
H Quakers caus many to wonder why tho wear
B era of the lilun oar the Philadehihlans from
JS other ovents. Yale, bv tho way. will undoubt
E edlr withdraw from the Intercolleclato Asso
& elation, as ThE'Sun predicted sovoral days ago.
I; The Now York Baseball Club has so far
j. foiled to trade on Busie. Moekln and Gloason,
fr. and thero Is n rumor floatlne about that all of
w tho League clubs Imvo reached a secret acroo
f ment whoroby thosn players will havo to re
ft main where thoy nro. It Is understood that
4; tl0 Brooklyn Club recently tried to seure
S Qleason. but tho terms imposed were too hlcli.
It le also ald that the Now York Club trimlto
f aeouro Blchttlclder Jonos from Urooklyn,
ofterintt iti oxchaneo tho services of Miko
Tlornan. , hon tho above proposition
y was made Iiy John B. Way to F. A.
Abejl tho latter said that ho would
s, let Jonos co for Tlornan, provldlnc tho Now
2 Yprk Club agreed to pay $10,000 on tho side.
It That, of necessity, put an ond to negotiations.
v Ono of tho hahebull mon said rocontly that a
!. h good move toward hriucinc tho circuit down to
;. eight clubs would bo tho consolidation of the
i New York and Brooklyn clubs. He also pro
S . coedod to make up a team composed of tho
f playoraof the two clubs as follows:
S E Pitchers, IlURlo, Moekln, Knnncdy, Dunn, 8ey
J mourind Dohfuy: catcliom. Warner, Wilson, ltyan
f and Smitli; first haso, Doyle: second base, Daly;
j f; third base, Ilartmin; short stop, Davis; outfield,
l r Anderson, Orlfilii and Jones,
Jlj' Suohaballtoam, it was pointed out. would
iS bo far up in the rneo. and tho hackers of It
i $ would havo absolute control ot basoball In
i fJH Greater Newlork. Aboil, It Is said, onco
i. w offered, to sell out to Freedman, but was re
jRi, pulsodi
JirS. T.ne engaaomfnt of Jack MoMasters as
i trainer of the Harvard football clovon was
J v principally due to Joseph H. Bears, who Is a
, member of tho Athletic Committee Cameron
g lor bos. tho head coach or the university, wroto
ff, to Bears early last fall asking whether It would
be advlsablo to ongnue olthor Davis, formerly
Miko Murphy's assistant at Yalo, or Bryan.
K once trainer of Old l'enn's track team. Boars
fe replied that tho engagement of a man who
knew Bomcthlng about tho fine iolnts
m- of tho game, us woll as the methods
r of training an eleven, seoincd proper.
Iff He also suggestod tho name of McMasters,
K alter first consulting several Princeton men.
S- When MoMasters was formally engaged ho was
k Informed that ho would have to ileoto his at-
t tentlpu entirely to tlio football oloven and say
I l nothing. This was because of tho roport that
J y while h had charge at l'rlneoton Jack was In.
3 $ cJinedtotalktopmuch.nndconseijuentlymaUo
I enomles of leading coachers.
if 8tevei O'BonnclI, tho Australian boxor.has
j ;: Jumped into n comfortable berth ntlluraid.
.5 w.h?r? "o. Is teaching the Btudontsliow to use
l, S3: tholrhands. As an Instructor of tho manly art
r M 31 I P Ponpell should mako a succcfis.as ho Is care-
;H s furandeonslderatoof his pupils, llutnsapu-
1 U 1 1 BHlstO'Donnollprovod hlmsolf to be a failure.
il , chiefly because ho was not llllod with tho
. I stamina that bus niado other fighters success-
I (u). Ills two battles w th IVterSIaher si owed
1 -u beyond doubt that the Australian was not
a,, Bfi i cut out for gruelling eneouutors in the ring
W I f M Harvard, howovor. O'Donnell's skll lis
I bound to tell. StudentB who want to learn tho
T frhlyJS.rili "ot. cnr,to uo rpiiiKlsli- hundlcd.
A.her Bro n,flo Pick up all tho features of
I 4 the gamq without undergoing sorlous Injury.
VI f O Donnoll has so far succeeded in his new posl.
I IT tlon i because ho hns lefralnod from taking ad-
? vajMB ot h,f classes and has doue his best to
I S S!Uf'.?.V6,7l0,'1' ,No.t raunr years ago Ha -
if f K "? a b0Jtlne instructor who seemed to
Ij i Wi?-xteme Pll;asuro ' roughing the stu.
I' iV!& ho ,ook lons from hVm. lie finally
M. wookodonayouujrnjanoutandliadtoruslirn.
HaaaaaBsiiij m s 1 ' " ' u..tt,-i s:
aaaMWisalBBaaaassMk..-rT:r 1 .r- '.1 . ' n "' j
i i
Cnptnliis if CnlHmliln Tennis Give Their
Views nf Next Venr's l'rospects.
Tho Bocfety of Collrgo Gymnasium Directors
will hold Its annual meeting at Columbia Uni
versity on no'xt Friday. Somo fifty persons
from all parts of tho country nro expected to bo
present. Tho olectlon of officers nnd of now
members will conrtltuto thobustnoss portion of
tho session. A discussion of various topics per
tinent to college gymnastics and athlotlcs will
follow. Among tho papers to bo read nro:
"The Ilnjlor.lo Vslue of Slrenjtth Tests." Dr. D. A.
Sargent Wood, ltansnl: "The Physical BnperrlMon
of Colleiro Men," Dr. C. T. I.lnhart. University of
Ohio; "RomoTstiBlble JtoiuUt of Ormnsstlcs," Dr.
W.O, Anderson, Yle: "Whsl 1V We Mean by rhysl
ral Training J" Dr. 1. 11. Crenshaw, Johns Hopkins
University; "The Hygiene of 'Student i.tfe," Dr. a
W. Mllles, Ur.lrersltr of Pennsylvania; "The Col
lege Alhletlo Trainer," Dr. J. W, Seater, Yale; "The
rurpore of Physical Training In Colleges," Dr. Taul
C. I'hlllrs, Amherst.
Asldo from these tho following subjeots will
bo dlscussod Informally:
"The Credit That Should DeOlven forOymnastla
Tralnlnc In a Collo Curriculum s" "The lielatlon
of Athletics to Ojinnaetlrs;" "Can Wn Have a
Uniform Course or Oymnsstlcs lu All Collcgtsl"
"Plans for tlio Knsulnir Year."
Tho Committees on Oymnastlo Terminology
nnd Strength Tosts also will make dollnito re
ports. Botwoeti tlio morning and afternoon
Hcaslons an opportunity of Inspecting Colum
bia's now gymnasium will bo given to tho dele
gates. Tho captains of tho various 'varsity toams at
tho university communicated to tlio student
body last week their views on their prospects
for tho coming season. Tho letters wero pub
lished in tho Christmas issuo of tho Spectalvr,
tho Columbia nowspaper. Each captain bo
Moves matters look brighter than at tins tlmo
in any pro lous year. Capt. Joseph W. Mackny,
1000 u.. explains tho Improved condition of
rowing affairs, attributing tho "nwakenlne"
of tlio past few years to Justus A. B. Cowlos,
who conchod both tho '07 nnd the '08 eights.
Cupt .Mackny thinks thero Is at presont moro
nnd hotter rowing material ready to oomo out
for tho crews on Jan. 4 than at any. tlmo ho
has heard ot at Columbia, llcgardlnc Coach
l'eethosnys: '
"Owing to buslnessencagomonts Cowlcs hns
found It impossible to give his timo to coach
ing this year and I'eet has boon soloctod.
Whllo there was n dlfforonco of opinion as to
I ho wisdom ot tho step, now that Foot has
boon chosen wo must all stand bv him and
help him In every way possible. This Is tho
rowing sltuntlon. nnd while wo nro justified In
looking forward to sucooss wo should not allow
ourselves to bocomo boastful or overconlldont.
Success can only bo obtained by tho hardest
kind of work on the part of all."
, Capt. J. D. Pell. 1)0 0.. states that tho base
ball team has mndo a radical change In policy.
This year. In order to get undor way. a team
composed almost entirely of postgraduates
was necessary. Noxt year tho nlno will ho
largely mado up of undergraduates. Capt.
Pell believes that with tho nbundnnce of good
material ho expects to get out in the mlddlo of
January, nnd with tho additional advantages of
Dr. J. Cotter as coach and a good cago to prac
tlco in. tin; nlno should bo a far creator succoss
than that of Inst year.
Capt. Frank II. Htevon of tho track team bo
lloves his mon will do good. This association
is hampered by a dobt of $000. but Capt.
Steven says this will soon bo paid off. Capt.
Darwin T. Hudson of tho cycle team thinks
that, desplto tho loss of Powell. Dawson. Wil
liams. Schwartz. Bird and Fearing, Columbia
haRa'vory good chance of retaining tho Inter
colloglate championship, no expects thatnbout
seveiity-flvo mon will turn out for tho team.
Albert C. Wobb. who has trained Tom Cooper
forthroo years, will have chargoof thorldors
this season.
Tho lacrosso team, Capt. B. II. E. Starr says,
has n fair chance of winning this year's Intor
eolleginti) championship. C (J. Mllles. Jnck
Curry. Lionel Moses, and Glbbs Whiting, nil of
tho crack Orescent A. C. elovon. havo volun
teered to coach tho mon on two evenings a
week in tho not cago in tho now gymnasium.
Capt. Starr says that a prominent Canadian
business man has offered a handsome silver
challenge cup to tho Intorunlverslty League,
composed of Harvard. Cornoll and Columbia.
noKT.Eit ror.0.
Jersey City Defeats Itrooklyn nt the Onk
lnnd Rink.
Tho Jersey City roller polo team defeated
Brooklyn in a sharp contest at tho Oakland
Blnk, Jorsoy City. Inst night by a scoro of 5
goals to '2. Tho Jorsoymen outweighed tho
Brooklyn players, and while the lnttor gave
them a hard tusslo In tho first two pe
riods, strength nnd aggressiveness finally
told against them. Furbush, Jersey's half
back and captain, played n fine game.
Ho is ono of the heaviest playors in tho league,
nnd his drives last night wero woll directed
nnd delivered with tho speed of a cannon ball.
Jersey City actually scored 0 goals, but throo
fouls, two of which wero committed by Fur
bush and one by Houghton, decreased their
scoro 1 point.
Houghton. Jersoy City's first rush, got tho
ball In tho opening rush of tho first period.
Coyle thou socured it. but Furbush roughly
took It away from him, for which ho was repri
manded by tho roforeo. Then Iloucbton got
tho bnil again nnd scored tho llrst goal for
Jersey City In four minutes. Coylo for Urook
lyn oened up matters one minute later by
gottlng tho rush nnd landing the ball in Jorsey
City's cago. Thero was somo fast work until
the end of the period, but neither side was
abln to scoro again.
Tho first rush of tho second period went to
Perkins. Accidents wore froquent, three of
Brooklyn's players being hit with tho ball.
Anderson was puttiDg up a great gamo, stop
ping some, hard drives. Hadley scored tho
(eeond goal for Jersey City in : minutes nnd
40 seconds. Then Furbush scored again,
making the figures 3 to 'Jin Jersey City's favor.
Tho third period was fast and furious, tho
ball being In Brooklyn's territory most of tho
time. Goals wore scored In quick succession
.by Houghton nnd Perkins. Then Furbush
caged tho ball. Tho lat goal was mado by
Furbush In 25 seconds. Tho lino-up follows:
Jrrttu Citu. I'oiitiom. Brooklyn.
Houghton Flrstrush Coylo
lfadlvy. Second rash Perkins
O'llsrsT..... ..Centre Tierney lOapt.)
Fnrbnsh (Capt) Halfback Tobln
O'Mallov Goal Anderson
Ileferee F.. J. Martin. Goals Hadley 2), Furlmsh
(3). Ilouichtou (1), Perkins (1), Coyle (1). Tonls
Furbush a), Hougiitcn (1).
The rnstlmn's Hlg Cross-Country Run.
The Pnstimo A. 0. announces a monster open
cross-country handicap for March 20. Tho
conditions donoto that tlio event will outshlno
any handicap held In rccont yoars. No less
than slxty-flvo prizes will be uwnrdod, and tho
first prize will bo a medal alued at $35.
Trophies will bo given to tho llrst novleo In,
and a hnndsomo mnrblo clock to tlio man
making tho fastest tlmo. A bnnnor will bo
awarded to tho club having tho lowest aggre
gate score for a team of eight men. Though
tho race Is yet threo months nway. twenty en
tries havo been received. Tho Pastime con
tingent intends to keep In training during the
winter for the big rneo. nnd has now thlrty
mp men, on, tlio tenm. A paper chase will bo
hold under tho nusplccs of tho club this after
noon, starting from tho Joromo Hotol at 2
liny Itlilgo Athletes Compete.
A scries of wclbcontoi'ted sport concluded the
Bay Itldgo A. C.'s athletic programme of tho j ear on
Friday nlulit at the clubhouie. Sixtieth street and
Third atcnue, Bouts Urooklyn. 1'recldent Cottor
was the referee. Summaries:
115. Yard Dash, Handicap Won by Henry N. Ed
monds, scratch; J, I. McGrath. a feet, second; Man.
rlco Harrington, scratch, third. Time, 4 S-a seconds.
One-Slllo Hun, Handicap Won by Charles J,
Klrscb, 70 jardi: Henry J. J-Mmonds. scratch, soc
nud; A. Kinniciitt, UOysrds, third, 'lime, & minutes
8k 45 seconds.
ltunniiu! Hop, Step and Jump, Handicap Won by
J.I. Mi'llrath. 2 reel ii Inches, with an actual lean
of a-i feet T,Vi Inches: Maurice Harrinittnn. 2 feet,
second, with ns feet i'W Inches; Henry N. Edmonds.
1 foot (I Indies, third, wltn 3J feet !H Inchos.
IlaU-Mlhi Walk, Handicap Won by Henry N. Ed
monds, scratch; Charles J, Klrsch, 20 seconds,
srcnndi Mam-be Harrington, 10 seconds, third.
Time, 4 minutes 41 4-a seconds.
misrter-Mile linn. Handicap Won by Maurice Har
rington, 2ii yards, Charh s J. Diss, 10 yards, second;
1.. Cook, 23 jams, Uilrd. Time, 1 minute 12 4-0
FuttlUB the Js-Found Shot, Handicap-Won by
JllllamH.llurli.4feet, with an ucttial putofar,
Utl. Inch: llllaui (.. Helirens, id feet, second;
Frederick J, Iioate, lufeM, third.
320-Yard liaali, Handicap Won by Msnrlee Har
rinirtou, Bcratih; Henry N. Edmonds, scratch, sec
onds I. Cook, 12 yards, third. Time. 28 n-A seconds.
Hiiniilnu Hleli Jump. Handicap-Won by Clisrles
J. Wis, 4 inrhes. with an actual leap of 4 feet 11
Inches; K. Crcawell, il inches, second, with 4 feet I)
luetics; H.StoflrcBcn, U Inches, third, with 4 feet t)
Half-Mlle Hun. Handicap-Won hy Harry N, Ed.
monds, scratch; Charles J. Krlst-h, Bo yards, second:
h. Cook, 00 jards, third. Timo, 2 rnluutes H3I4
seconds. "
Chess Notes,
Marshnll.tlie champion of tho Brooklyn Chess
Club, has decided to npply for a place as a com
petitor In the London International tourna
ment to be, pluyed In Mny. 1800 Hy way of
prnptlee ho has agreed to Play a friendly match
with Major Ilanham of tho Manhattan Chess
Che;s ( hit) has rec-oui mended the election of
the follow ng oflkers and directors nt tho an'
nual meeting on Jan. 5: President. A. Mar
tinea: 1 Vlco-l'resldeiit. Dr. liuls Colin: Trcai
nrer. It. Duramjl ; llocordlng Secretary, Dr. O.
Blmonson: Corresponding Secretary. II. A.
Itubnpi Board of 1)1 rectors. II. Oram Smith
Ilnv FWs40"! O.H.Lellmann. Dr. J. L San
jallo. J. W. Luckenbach and Dr. ll. A. Mead.
Thero Is no opposition ticket In slsht.
JV. '-ITT-TV- l'-faj . -..,l, , , . . .
A OftOS-Tnrd Hlxlitecn-ITolei Links Under
Way nt Glon Cove Methods nt the Oreena
,'ominlttre Jlnln Tnrt of the House Welt
Advnnced Links Will Open on May SO.
To begin the now year the Queens County
Golf Club will come Into tho possession ot a
now links, new clubhouse nnd n now tltlo,
surely a trlplo distribution of holiday favors
unusual and varlod enough to satisfy ovory
mombor. Tho chango of title Is duo to tho
crentlon of the Lone Island county of Nassau
on Jan. 1. which has mado tho former namo
meaningless, whllo tho enlnrgod scope of the,
club la hardly covored by tlio word golf.
In taking possession of tbo purchaBo of
105 acros. which extends from the Olen
Cove station park, at Glon Cove, to
tho Locust Valloy station, and starting
work on tho club buildings, the mombers
assort that tholr object will bo "to cultivato
old-fashionod comfort, hospitality, nnd cood
clieor, and, in thosports to be fostered, tho club
will bo for tho use nnd benefit of women as woll
ns men,"
Tho officers of the Queens County Golf Club
aro: rrosldont. narvey Murdock ; Vice-Prosl-dent.
Charles M.Pratt: Treasurer, Leonard J,
Busby t Secretary, W. Crittenden Adams, and
Captain, John B. 0, Tappan. Tho club will be
morgod Into tho Nassau Country Club, with
tho following Incorporators:
From New York W. Crittenden Adams. Percy
Chnbb, Harold Oolwln, Parker D. Handy, Edward
It. Ladeir, and J. Harvey Ladew,
From Brooklyn Horatio M. Adams, Leonard J,
Busby, Charles a Gates, J. Rogers Maxwell, Howard
W. Maxwell. Henry F. Noyes, Charlea M, Pratt, and
Frederick B. Pratt.
From Glen Cove Harvey Murdock and John B. 0.
Both the links and tho main liouso will bo
ready for opening on noxt Decoration Day.
Work has commoncod and Is rapidly progress-
ingon this soctlon of tho clubhouse, and It is
expected that tho dormitory wings will be
ready early In June. Tho clubhouse plan is so
arranged that tho men's and women's quarters
aro reached by different approaches. The
right, or cast, dormitory wing will be for men
exclusively, and tho west wing foryoune wo
men and married couples. Both dormltorlos
havo separato vorandas at the end, where the
occupants may retire In caso thoy find the main
house too crowded. The temperature through
out tho dormitories and main house will be
regulated by a powerful steam-heating plant.
The main hall and dining room, with tho ad
joining vorandas, will be used In common.
Moats will bo served on the verandas as well as
in the dining room. A cafe' and grill for men
will be located in the basement and adjoining
tho men's locker rooms. The men's wlnr will
have a large lounging room and n billiard
room, whllo thero will be a separate sitting
room in the women's wing. The feature of tho
main hall is a vaulted ceiling running up
Into tho roof, with a gallery at the end for
musicians. Tho partition betwoen the main
hall and tho dining room will be movable, so
that tho two may bo thrown together for as
semblies or dances. Tho clubhouse is on the
brow of the hill, overlooking tho Glen Covo
station, and 000 foot from it. Tho archi
tect Is Woodruff Looming, a member of the
club. Ho and the membors of the Building
Committee have examined the plans of many
clubs nt homo and abroad to obtain as many
points as possible.
Aside from the clubhouse, tho buildings un
der way include a professional's workshop and
cnddlo houses, both to be near tho first tee. but
not near enough to Interfere with the players
driving off: a pumping and power station, to
bo contained in a brick building In an incon
spicuous nluce, near tho railroad track, and
ample sheds and stables nearby. As tho prop
erty openh onto two mncadamlred and several
other roads by which access to it may bo had
from all points on tho peninsula. It should bo a
contro for equestrians nnd drivers.
Golf will continue to bo tlio gnmo in roputo
abowi all others at tho Nassau Country Ohio,
and It was the discontent with tho forinernlne
holo eourso near tho Hound that first brought
h)to being tho prcentnmliitlousundertaklngs.
Tim now course will ho ns follows in playing
distances. taken bynirline surveyor's measures
from tecs to centres of putting greons:
Out ROS, 000,312, 303, 432, O.'.O, ISO. 34fl. 800
total, 3.0IIS. In 33.-., 1H5. 30, 1102, 420. 510 482
100, 280; total, 3.004. Grand total, e.102 yards. '
The Greens Committee Intends to err rather
on tho sldo of too fow bunkers nt tho start
than too many, until hy actual experi
ence In play it has boon decidod just what tho
siot and character of each, hazard should bo,
when bunkeis will be added from time to tlmo
Certain points are. howovor. determined about
them. The, artificial bunkers will be either
sandpits with no cops or elso with broad nnd
low epps. and all will bo arranged so that they
may be played out of In ono skilful stroke. In
Its declaration of princlplos tho Gieons Com
mittee states thut It will "consider tho matter
of bunkors prayerfullynud in n reverent spirit."
But no rock or pod bunkors will bo permit
ted, nor w 111 there bo n fonco. rock, treo or bush
uii or unjoining inn uiirgroons nor lu the haz
ards. Small stones and eoarso gravol will bo
banished from the sand hunkers. There will be
no such bad devices as walls, vertical banks or
board fences behind putting greons. Tiioro
will not bo an unplnyuble place on tho course,
except tho pond within well-dellned banks
and of course, another ball may bo played
under the usual pennlty for one that is lost In
tho water. A seventy-live yard carry will
safely cover tho pond. Including both banks,
and tho pond may lie evaded, at the oxpensoof
a stroke, by playing around lustend of across It.
Although thero Is good top soil and turf
overywheru. over tho course, tho Greens Com
iiiltteohus been aided In Its work by the fact
that Mind may still bo had at any point by dig
ging down a foot or two. In this way some
natural hazards havo boen utilized In luting
put tho course. Including tho Punch Bowl nnd
the valloy containing the old farm lane. The
lane, with Its sunken, grayish banks, has boon
eleared of nil brush nud stumps nnd is being
broadened out in places and deepened so a-j to
roach the sand, In each instance forming
an ideal bunker. The Punch Bowl Is
nt tho bottom or a deep otal depression
sunk In a phitoau. which surrounds It
on all sides and makes n hole very slml
lar to the famous Punch Bowl hole nt
Prestwick. Tills hole will bo tho seventh
mid is a short ono of 100 yards, which may bo
easily drlt on with an Iron Tlio ontlro dopros
son la be ng surrounded by. Irregular sand
pits, or a ditch, so that unless tho ball Is plaood
by tlio drlvo within a reasonable distance of tho
holo Insldo tlio hollow It will either bo trapped
by the sand pits, or tho approach on the
second stroko will havo to bo made over the
nltsfiom any direction. Thoro Is also a pecul
iar and deep depression, guarding tho np
proach to the sixteontli hole, at the hoad of tho
pond, so that It tiocessltatos u lather long shot.
Somewhat In the nature or a hazard, butonly
for an unusually erratic ball, will bo tho rail
road traok putsldo the lino of, play forthreo
holes, and the woods outsldp tho lino play on
two holes. Tho circuit or tho eourso on tlio
outside line of I10I03 Is arranged purposely
tvlth the traok, woods nnd Holds to tho loft of
the players as thoy face the holes. Tlio coin
mittee'H explanation Is: "The vast majority of
players nto riglithuiided and half u dozen balls
aro sliced to one thnt Is hooked."
Unless other hazards are provided the
ground immedintply In front of tecs and
hounding the fair greens will bo covered
with voai-bo grass stubbli.. which, while stop,
plngtho ball, may be. played out of Inonestroke.
Tlio Hubble will not bo permitted follower in
summer nnd become n, cause of Ion balls, Tho
tees nro all In sod and solarge that they may
be changed often to prevent wear. Nearly all
ar on tho natural surface, of tin ground.
Tho aterago width of tho closely cropped fair
CI;?". ,s.H5t) 'eot- w.hllp "".A'L9 putting greens,
with but fow exceptions, will bo 100 feet square
Nearly all of tho putting greens w II have the
natural undulations of the ground, enhanced
ln 3 Irw.caRe8J Tbereareno terraced greens, I
and the hazards back of the putting ureens will
asssBWMatrrwrsmsstusujsstitawiMsasspJrnii)!!!!,!,.- ,
not bo too severe nnd will bo ntn reasonable
distance from tho holes. To cloo tho list of good
points) planned by tho Greons Oommltteo. thoro
Sre very few blind holos. and thcso havo merely
een pcrmlttod for variety, whllo noarly all tho
greens mny bo soon from tho toes. nnd. oxoopt
In two cases, tho lies of every drlvo. There aro
no crosses In tho line ot play nnywhoro. and
tho tees and greens aro closo together to avoid
long walks.
There, is n magnificent water supply at a
reasonable dlstnnco below the surface, so as to
precludo any dnngor from surfnoi drainage.
Artesian wells aro bolng driven, from which nn
unlimited wntor supply for clubhouso anil
grounds will bo pumped Into undoigronnd
tanks, from which It will bo constantly dls
trlbutod by nlr pressure to nil points. Two
miles of largo-sizo pipes aro being laid. 0011
veylng tho water throughout tho building,), to
every putting green, and also to tho fair greons
on tho moro elevated places.
After this winter nil the verandas wll bo
Inolosod In nlnss from fall to spring, nnd It Is
tlio Intention of the Nassau Country Club to
mnko a groat specialty of winter nssombllos
nnd sports. Tho nnnd Is belnir oxtendod and
deepenod, so ns to cover about two acres. It Is
fodbypuro sprlnrr water, and will bo kept In
condition for skntlng nnd curling, whllo tobog
ganing nnd bohslcddlng will ho encouraged on
tho hills. Tito groundato tho northeast of tho
olnb will bo graded In tho spring nnd tennis
courts will bo laid out If there Isnnynomand
for thorn. A project Is also under aavlsomont
to lay out a nine-hole women's links and n polo
field, but these plans have not yet mntcrialir.ed.
A nine-hole putting links for tho women is
being laid out near tho clubhouse
. Tho greens of tho eourso vary In olovatlon
from 120 to 180 foet. abovo the Hound, nnd from
tho clubhouso and hills Hempstead hnrborand
tho entire vnlloy south to Whontlv Hills may
be viewed. On the brow of tho highest hill
the clubhouse: Is solocatod that It is open to all
of tho southerlybrco7.es in summer and pro
tected from the eold north winds of wlntorby
n thick woods. Tho unequalled beauty of tho
location, ns far an tho metropolitan district Is
concerned; will mnko riding and driving ono
of tho chief attractions tho yoar round.
Tho limit of tho club membership has boon
Placod at 00. Special rate tlckots will bo
Issued during tho'comlng season by tho Long
Island Bnllroad for tho use of the club mom
bers only, nnd a prompt and comfortablo
service has boon promised, to begin early in
tho spring.
The Next NntlonnI Assembly ot the L. A.
W. Mny Do a Lore Feast.
Hnndloapper McCarthy, who. as an official of
the L. A. W. Baclng Board, often finds occa
sion to note and report delinquencies and
transgrestions on the part ot cyclo racing men.
rocelved yesterday a letter from tho Baclng
Committee of the Associated Cycling Clubs of
New York, asking him to bo on hand from 10
o'clock to 12 on the night of Deo. 31 at the
starting point of the annual midnight race
from New Vork (o Tarrytown. This was oon
slderei hy McCarthy as proof that the race
would be held with all due respect to the L. A.
W. and recognition of Its rulings regarding
amateurs and professionals, and that the riders
who have been puc under ban by the League
will bo barred out of tho contest. In a chat
with a reporter of Tije Sun MoCarthy further
said that he had suggested to Chairman Mott
the aavlsabllttr of the racing men who aro
registered with the L. A. V. being represented
br one or two delegates, whether "outlaws'" or
not, when the racing rules ot tho League are
revised for next year. In his reply Chairman
Mott said very emphatically that he was in fa
vor of not showing the least shade ot comDro
mlslns spirit toward tho men who have re
belled against Loaguo control, but admitted
that tho suggestion wasone that had "set him
" A young woman and an elderly man went
Into a store In Warren street yesterday to buy
a wheel. The woman was hardly out of tho
teens" and although the man looked old
enoua-h to bo tier nraudfat her. she called him
pa." They left without making aZpurohnse,
and tho reason for It. as Indicated by their
conversation, illustrated with what tenaoltv
some women have laid hold of the Idea of rid
ing diamond frames. The purchase was evi
dently to bo made as a Christmas gift to tho
girl, but there was an argument from the
start. She wanted a diamond frame nnd man
ifestly had kept the facta secret until arrived
at the store. Pa" was surprised and rebel
lious. He did not ride, nnd all tho arguments
of his daughter could not convince him that
It was all right. The salesman was discreet
and took neither part. The girl flatly refused
to tryon"adroD'frameand her rather just as
tosltlvcly said that ho would not pay for a
"man's wheel" nor let her ride one. Both were
obdurate, and the store lost a sale. They left,
each trying to convince tho other. It was
only an exposition of, an old controversy, and
the two men who were In tn Place nnd over
heard the conversation held different opinions.
It begins to look as if the next National As
sembly of the L. A. V.. which Is to bo held In
Providence In February, may be something In
the nature of a love feast, with no rivalry,
even of a friendly kind, for the ofu.ee of Presi
dent. The signs havo indicated that T. J.
Keenan. Jr.. of Pittsburg would have for an
opponent Conway W. Sams of Baltimore, the
former receiving the support of the Elliott
adherents and the latter that of President I.
B. Potter and his friends. The need for har
monious work in the Interests of the organiza
tion aro such, however, that all the factions
are realizing thnt it will be a wasto of time to
play at politics even for a few weeks. Potter
and Llllott having both declared themselves
to be non-candidates, It Is becoming recog
nized that tho best policy will be to bury the
hatchot and have all the forces working
unitedly to enlarge the Leaguo and strengthen
its influence. It is therefore nulto possible
that thero will be only ono candidate for tho
League Presidency of 1800. It seems to be a
prevailing opinion that If Keenan is lelected
V. W. 31ears will bo Chairman 01 tho Baclng
Boports from eyele dealers are to the.olTeet
that this vear there was tho usual number of
wheels bought for Christmas presents. Many
anv that the holiday buying was greatly in ex
Jess of last year, tho Increase being In juvenile
machines. Considered altogether the deal
ers ae cheerful and confident. They are soil
ing more wheels than ever, although with
smaller profits, and tho outlock Is that with the
war clouds all dispersed there will be a small
revival of the cycling boom.
At tho annual meeting of the Nassau Wheelmen
the following wero elected! President, H. r. Tuttle;
Vles-Presldont. F. r. J5ast;r: Secretary. Oeonre C.
Fellows; Treasurer. M. II. Waudert: Captain, It. B.
Harris: Board of Oororoors, first year. K. J. Aeveny,
.1. J, HiiBlies and II. A, Ilernnlds; second year, C. 8.
Wilson, Dr. ltoby and W. K. Brooke.
The annual election of officers of tho Nameless
Wheelmen of Brooklyn resulted as follows: Presi
dent, Svleater Krlckson; Vice-President, Joseph O.
Murphy: Itecordln? Sicretsiy, George Bullhan;
Financial Secretary. Jonn 1". Fianck; Corresponding
Hecretary. Kdward,.', Kelly: Treasurer. I. C. Elliott:
Herireant-at-Arms. Charlea W. Dalloy; Captain, James
Howe; First Lieutenant, Klchard Andrade: Second
Lieutenant. Harry M. Sillier; Color Bearers, Thomas
Coote and Walter Burns.
Jllcjclo Men nnd Columbia University Will
Co-operate lu Starting a Laboratory.
A conference was hold yesterday at tho offices
o' tho Now York Htato Division. L. A. AY., be
tween Prof. W. II, Burr of Columbia University,
engineering department, and Chlot Consul
Bclding, VIco-Consul Fullerton. and Louis
lloH-iifcld of the State Division. L. A. W. The
result of it will ho tho establishment at Colum
bia of a laboratory for tho testing nf stone,
asphalt, cement and all materials used in road
construction. Tho need of such an institution
has been Insisted upon by Mr. Bosenfeld. act
ing as Senior Consul of tho local organization,
nnd the conference of yesterday was brought
about by him.
Strangely, New York State has not had within
Its own boundaries a mechanical laboratory
for tho testing of road materials, and tho Stnto
Museum at Albany, a branch of tho State Unl
vors ty, has beon obliged to ask the assistance
of the. Massachusetts, Highway Commission
and Harvard University to mako necessary
tests President . Beth Low has agreed with
Pror. Burr not only to establish such a Inborn
lory, but to mako tho use or It a part of tho
curriculum ot the engineering department,
They look to the League of American
wheelmen for, co-oporation, and this has
b;?n rmmls0', It.'8 exported that tho
cities of Now York will reeelvo tho benefit of
tho tests which will be made at tho university
nnd that whon questions of the proper fullll
ment of coiitiactsin tho use of materials aro
raised the ofllclal tests of the specillo materials
submitted ob mado in tho university maybe
offered In evidence.
Vnle Wants Two Coachers.
Nkw Haven, Deo. 2.-Yalo's track and crow
managers nro spending their Christmas In try
ing to secure trainers for the coming season.
Both Manager Mugoe of tho Athletlo Associa
tion and Preston of the Navy are in Now York
consulting with prominent alumni over their
choice n coachors Tho refusal of G.Foster
jfSDf0.1?1 ! trul". the track team has left the
Athletic Association with no favored candidate
n in nil Ironi :ioo applicants Mugeewlll make
his choice ialo alumni have many Innova
tions to urge In the crew policy and the work
of naming 11 coach drags. It Is almost, certain.
Iiowetrr.that the traok and crew coachers will
both be chosen by the opening of the winter
term. Jan M.
A Ynlo-Harvard-Cornell crow oonforonce Is
being planned for the present vacation. There
has been po hitch In tho negotiations so far.
and nt tho coming conference an agreement to
row next June will probably, be signed. The
conference will probably take place In Now
- -iMiitn'i, ,fr
Jasper Lynch Wins the Ocean County Ilunt
Itnndlcnp by a Nnrrow Jtnrnln First
"Pick-Up" Tenm Mnteh Cnptnred by
Capt. Wnltbew's SWe Two Women riay.
Twonty-four playors. the best field of tho
competition, finished In tho third of the serlos
of opon weekly handicaps at tho Ocoan County
Hunt nnd Country Club yesterday, due un
doubtedly to tho outtlnc down of tho holos
from'fiilrty-B'x to eighteen. Tho eourso was In
bottor condition In tho afternoon than In tho
morning, when tho ridges wore hard with frost.
This was against O'Connor and helped Lynch,
who was one of the Iato starters. The two ro
celved tho virtual scratch rating of 5, and
O'Connor was boaton for tho first cup by only 2
strokes. Lynch, with 87, 5, 82. had both tho
best gross and net scores. Four tied for the
second cup. Thoy will play off later. Tho
Jasper Lynch, Oolf Club of Lakewood
Out c r, 4 4 fl r. r, 7 4 4&
In 4 4 4 & fl 4 ri 6 C 42 67 5 83
Dr. Burdette O'Connor, Btaten Island Cricket
Out & r. 5 4 II 4 ll 7 440
In 0 4 4 B B 5 G B 448 89 5 84
T. P. Kimball. Apawamls
Out 7 6 4 7 O 7 6 C 848
lu (I 4 4 r. 7 fl 8 5 440- 84 10 84
T. M. Freeman, Fairfield County
Out 0 4 b 11 n & 8 fl n no
In 0 II 4 G 0 4 B 0 4-40 08 13 84
A. W. Black, Ocean County
Out II 4 B 6 B 0 II B 4 48
In 11 B 4 fl fl 0 0 fl B 60 09 13 84
Arthur P. Clapp, Dyker Meadow
Out n 0 a 7 7 4 4 n B 47
In 6 7 8 9 fl 5 0 6-64101 IB 88
F. J. J. Da Ealsmes, Oakland
Out II It 4 6 H B 7 B 80
In B 4 4 6 4 G B B B 41 93 G 87
C. Tiffany Richardson, Ocean County
uut 0 r n 6 fl 6 B B 547
In 0 6 7 4 fl 710 fl 5 60-10S B 88
Francis D. Beard, Ocean County
Out (I 4 6 6 0 0 0 0 fl GO
In t) 4 4 fl B G 0 H 460100 13 88
J. C. Parrlsh, Ocean County
Out 7 0 4 6 H fl fl 8 B-en
In 8 ll 6 7 0 fl 7 0 6-68-113 33 80
H. B. McQueen, Ocean County
Out. . .n fl U 7 II 7 S fl 4 68
In 0 7 8 8 H fl 8 6 6-01-114 38 81
H. M. Adams, Dyker Meadow
Out II G 4 fl 7 6 ll B 649
In II B 4 6 fl 4 7 7 BtB 88 7 91
J. W. Morey, Oolf Club of Lakswood
Out G 6 4 6 7 8 8 8 661
In II a 4 4 0 0 8 7 8-05104 13 93
II. B. Kerr, Oolf Clnb of Lakewood
Out BIO 4 fl 7 B B 0 B 83
III B 8 5 6 0 6 6 8 661104 10 94
Lawrence K. Embroe, Oakland
Out.... 8 U 6 4 11 II 7 II flflO
In 7 5 487776 6-63-118 18 98
N. O. Carman, Westbrook
Out.. .,0 10 7 7 7 8 (I 7 7 A3
In fl 8 7 7 7 7 6 7 fl-88-130 35 SB
O. B. Adams, Crescent A. 0.
Out 6 6 fl 0 G 4 II 7 fl 80
In S 8 8 4 fl 8 6 fl 7 88 10B 10 9G
George E. Armstrong. Btaten bland Cricket
Out 8 6 G II fl fl fl 7 664
In 4 7 4 G B B fl fl 48 103 6 97
A. Keene, Ocean County
Out 7 8 fl 7 A 7 0 fl fl 69
In 7 7 7 fl 8 8-84138 35 98
F. B. Ferris, Ocean County
Out 8 G 7 fl 8 fl 7 8 887
In 7 fl 6 6 8 7 10 9 86-133 30 103
E. C. Hart. Jr.. Oolf Club of Lakewood
Out 7 7 4 fl 6 8 fl 7 768
In 7 6 8 8 U 7 7 fl4 123 20 103
Dwisht C. Harris, Ocesn County
Out 8 7 6 0 7 7 8 1) fl 88
In 8 6 fl 7 U 7 8 fl 68 llfl 13 104
Brnca Price, Ocean County
Out 7 7 4 Bio 7 10 7 fl 88
In 8 6 8 7 7 G 6 fl 788119 18 108
Spencer A. Jennings, Westbrook
Out 7 0 6 8 7 G I) 7 789
In 7 0 8 0 7 6 9 7 789118 8 110
The first of the series of weekly " Pick-TJp "
team matches, open to all members of V. S.
G. A. clubs, was held at the Golf Olub ot Lake
wood, on splendid links, yesterday. Women
may play, as well as men. and Miss Agnes
Davis, who won from Mrs. E. Bobbins! Wnlker
by 0 up, materially assisted the winning team.
The final score was 38 to 18 In favor ot Wal
thew's team, although ho personally lost to
Des Balsmes. the rival captain. Tho two had
the closest sort of a contest, and. as the cards
show, Walthew was only 1 down on the homo
hole, although 3 down at tho fifteenth green.
Tho cards:
Desilalemea 6 6 B 4 8 fl 6 4 C 14
Walthew. 4 6 8 fl 6 fl 4 648
Des Ilalsmes. B 0 6 8 6 4 4 6 4 4387
Walthew fl 6 8 4 0 4 8 6 84288
The summary follows:
F. A. Walthew. OF.J.J. Des Ralamss... 1
K. B.Hart 0 A. W. Black e
L. B. Ferris 2 M. Mills o
Hoy Des Ilalsmes 8 L. E. Embree o
A.P. Clspp SU. B.Adams o
J. ft. Douulaa 7 0.K.Iamb o
R. B.Kerr o F.J. Winston 1
W.A. Paton BJ.Oaunt o
Miss Aarnes Davis u Mrs. E. R. Walker. o
J. W. Morey O Jasper Lynoh 6
E. W. Hopes OW.J. Peet 2
F. M. Freeman O F. P. Kimball 1
P. D.SIockly 4.W. stockly 0
D. L. Bchwarti, Jr o'H. L. Schwartz 2
r.B.Usll jmiev.D.L. Schwartz.. .. O
Total as! Total 18
Although the members had the privilege of
contesting yosterday for the A. C. Gildersleeve
Cup. for handicap match play against bogie, at
the Richmond Hill Oolf Club, only practice
rounds woro played. Tho poor condition of the
inks for tho past month had made those ellgl
blo eager for a chance to get up their swing,
and. as tho course Is now in nn excellent state,
tho good effoctsof this preliminary work should
bo apparent to-morrow, tho final day of the
contest for tho cup.
Tho Madison Golf Club has elected the fol
lowing officers for tho year, beginning on Jan.
1: President, Benjamin Hard wick: Secretary
and Treasurer. Mr. Osborn: Master of tho
Green. D. 8. Kimball: Greens Committee. Prof.
Denton of the Stevons Institute ot Technology.
Edward Burnett, and John M. Shaw: Execu
tive Commlttoe.tho President, Secretary-Treasurer.
Georgo H. Yeaman. George W. Downes.
and John M. Shaw. Tho club proposes to Im
provo tho links now in uso.
note. w
Tho practical valuo of golf to a community
where It flourishes Is illustrated by tho Burg
Commissioners of St. Andrew's. Scotland. In
recommending the enlargement of the third
links, which now consists of twolvo holos, to
tho lull length of elghtoen. Tho socond links
was added a few years ago and was followed
almost Immediately by a third eourso of twelve
holes, which aro to be extended.
Trap Shooting.
Honry Kryn nnd J. n. Hallock tied In tho
shoot for the December Cup yosterday at tho
Crescent A. 0. grounds. Bay Bldge. Hallock
tlod with Lott In a handicap at twenty-five
targets. High scores wero tho rulo In the other
oetitson tho programme. Summaries:
Shoot for the Dccembor Cup; twenty-five clay birds
per msn Henry Kryn, handirap a, broke 26; J. II.
Hallock, handicap u, broke 26; E. It. Lott handi
cap 5. broke 24; Jere litt. handicap 11. broke 24:
Lowndes Ithett. handirap 13. broke 21: Uarrett
Wyckotr. handicap u. broke 20: o. W. Hasadora
handirap 6, broke lit; A. II. Ithett, handicap 18
!'.".l",,1.'i C. J. McDermott. handicap 10. broke 18
O. A. Hykes. handicap fl, broke 13; II, B. Vanderrear,
handicap 13, broka 8; L. C. Hopkins, handicap 1b!'
broke 6. '
Twenty-five Clay Birds, Known Angles E. H.Lott.
26; Hsilock. 26; McDsrmott, 26: Wyckoir, 33; Jere
Lott. 22i .W. Uaaadorn.22; Hykea. 20: it Kryn
20; L. Ithett, 20i Vauderreer, 18; A. B. Ithett. 10:
Hopkins, 10. Shoot-off tie, twenty sight blrds
Lott. 26; Hallock, 25; JlcDirmott, 18.
-.r1"". 1,lrd- Kipcrt Hules-Lott, IB; Uazadorn.
12: Vauderveer, 11.
Fifteen Clay Birds-Lott, 12; Vanderveer, lit
Usiudom, 11. ' '
Ten Birds. Known Angles-Lott, 8; Vanderveer, 4:
Hsiisdorn, U. ' .
Tv.enty.nva Birds, Known Ancles-E. n. lott. 2Ii
Ilazadnrn. 21: Jere Loll. 21; Hallock, 17: McDer
mott, 14; Vanderveer, II. '
Twciity-flve Birds dykes. 18: Hallock. 12.
Twenty Birds, Known Angles-Kryn, 11; Cropsy,
Schoolboys on Skates.
AJargo attendance of schoolboys greeted tho
young skaters at tho Clermont Avenue Ico
Skating Blnk. Brooklyn, yostordny morning,
where tho second of tlio series of interscholas
tlo comiiotitlons was contostod. The first ovent
was a one-mile handicap skating race, open to
any schoolboy of Groator Now York, J, E.
Kenneth of Pratt Institute was never headed
and won tho event by nearly half a lap from C.
It. Smith of Heffloy School, last year's Long
Island Intorscholastlo champion. Then Harry
P. MaeDonald of Henley School skated half n
mile against time. Adefp 1 Academy camo to
the front In the half-mile handicap Edward T.
Bedford. Jr.. winning a close race. Summaries:
One Mile, Clermont Handicap Won by J. E. Ken.
nttb. Pratt Injtllule, mi yards; 0. It. Smith. Hemer
School, second; J, V. E. Iroldeyeauz. Pratt Institute.
70 sards, third; A U. Assche. Boys' lfiKh School, 120
yrds, fourth, lime, a minutes 4 second.
Utli-Ulle Handlcao-Won br Edward T. Bedrord,
Jr.. Adelphl Academj , 5U yards; O, Mlnun, "Poly
Prep," acratoh. seond: Oaorge 8, Wr'eht. Public
School V. scratch, third! J. Worcester" Aoetphl
Academy, 126 yards, fourth. Time. 2 minutes Ao
Half Mile Against Time-Harry P. MaeDonald.
Hrffley School. Time, 1 minute 81 8-5 seconds.
, JL
Macy Wins the Christmas Handicap In New
New Obwakb, Doc. 24. Fully C.000 persons
to-day saw ono of tho most exciting races ovor
run, ovor the local track. It waa tho Christmas
Handicap, ono mile, for nil ngos. and worth
$1,000. Tho cream ot tho handicap division
now quartered here started. Of tho bunch.
McCaffcrtr's entry, Miss Loltoror, Handsel and
Schorr's Maoy oponud fnvorttos. At post tlmo
Macy was a slindo tho best In tho bottlng.
Thoro was a dolay at tho post, causod princi
pally by Burns, who was riding Macy. trying
to got n running eond-off. When Startor
jVltzgorald threatened the boy with n
weok'a suspension, a largo portion of
tho crowd shouted. Sot lilin dowTil"
A minute or two Inter, howovor, whon Burns
brought Maoy homo a wlnnor by n hoad from
Loiterer, tho crowd forgot Its rekontmont to
ward tho boy and cheered him timo anil again.
At the hoad of tho stretch It looked Imposslblo
for Macy to catch up. hut under tho most
sovore punishment nnd with Burns riding llko
n fiend, ho caught Loiterer twenty yards from
the wire nnd won bv n scant hoad.
1'ornn Incldont which occurred nt tho post
Burns was sot down for ono week. Ho had dis
mounted to tighton his saddlo girth, nnd In
helping to mount again Assistant Startor Mo
Knight accidentally hurt him. Burns turnod
nnd threatened Mcltnlght with his whip. Be
sides being sot down Burns was lined $25. So
was overy othor Jookoy In the race with tho ex
ception of Combs. Jockey O'Connor kopt up
his winning streak and piloted tho llrst throo
winners past tho post. In two of thoso ovents
he was on tho bost liorso, but with Vlllngo Prldo
It was a caso ot suporlor jookoyshlp at tho ond.
First IUce Sir furlonirs Debride, 107 tO'Oonnor),
11 to r. won: Him W 107 (Lrnch), second; Canova,
102 (OXeary), third. Time, IH6J4.
tjecond Itace Handicap; two-year-olds: fl.o fur
lonus Village Pride, 96 (O'Connor), 6 to 1, won;
Frank Hell, 122 iFoucon), second; Ooldfox, 101
tBrophy). third. Time, 1:0.1 S4.
Third ltacs Selllna: ona mile and three-eighths
Clay Pointer, 118 (O'Connor), 11 to 6, won: Double
Dummy, 100 (HotheraoU), second; MarlU, 98 (Frost),
third. Tlme,2:24W.
Fnnrth tft.ft hrlatmis ITandlran, nnn fntl
Macy. 117 (Burns), 8 to 2, won; Miss Loiterer, 110
(Combs), 8 to 8, second: Belle ot Memphis, 108
(Lines). 10 to . third. Time. I:42i4.
Fifth Hace Helllngi one mile and a sixteenth
Bister Stella. UU (Hotneraoll). 8 to 1, won: Bequeath,
KB (Troxler), second: Tranby, 104 (Powers), third.
Time. 1:80.14.
Tom Uroderlelc Explains.
To im Editor of The Scn Sir: In regard
to my six-round bout with Charley MoKoovor
In Philadelphia on last Friday night. I would
like to say that I was In no wlso worsted, and
that I held my own against MoKoovor In a man
ner that was encouraging both to myself and
admirers. Philadelphia is JIoKoovor's homo,
and It Is only natural that his frlonde should
think he got the bottor ot me. To show that he
is not my master I nm ready to mako a. match
with him. this tlmo for n longor distance, at
140 pounds. In doing this I am giving away
fully five pounds, for I usually fight at 135. I
do not mako anyldlo boast, but will back up
my statement with hard cash. If McKeever
does not want to moot mo I will box Dal Haw
kins. , Hoping you will give, this spaco in your
valuablo papor. I remain
.. Thomas BnoDERicE, Lightweight Boxer.
New Youk. Dec. 24.
Gossip of the Ring.
There la a letter at this office for Kid MoPartland.
Toung Mahoney of Philadelphia Informs The Bex
that he would like to box any good lightweight.
Eddie Oardner, brother to Oscar Gardner, the
"Omaha Kid," wishes to box somegood lightweight.
Tommv ltyan says that he has agreed to meet
"Australian" Jimmy Ryan In a ten-round bout, in
Cincinnati, on Jan. G.
Ernie Stanton, the Enirllsh bantam, who waa re
cently whipped by "Pedlar" Palmer, Is said to be
seriously ill In London.
Johnny Reaean haa made an offer for the post-
?oned bout between Joe Butler of Philadelphia and
om Carey, the "Dentist."
Phil Kelley aays that he was" not near the National
A. O. house on Dec. 17. and therefore could not have
been knocked out br Fred Grundr.
Tom Broderlck of Yonkers is another lad who
would like to meet the winner of the Daly-Clans coo
teat, which takes place on Tuesday night.
Martin Denny, the Australian liahtwelght. does
not seem to ba disturbed over his defeat by Sammy
Maxwell. He Is coming East to box some good 185
pounder. The Olympic A. C. of Birmingham announoes that
It will irlve a purse of $3,000 for a bout between
Dave Sullivan and Jabez Whlto If the former beats
Oscar Gardner.
The date of the contest between Matty Matthews
and Owen Zirgler has been fixed for Jan. 2. The
affair will take place In the arena of the Greenwood
A. C. some time during the afternoon.
It Is quite probable that Billy Edwards of London
will soon have a chance to meet some good welter
weight or middleweight. Jim Janey of Baltimore la
ready to box tho visitor for any number of ronnds.
Tom O'Rourke Is thinking seriously of changing
the date of the contest between George Dixon and
Young Pluto from Jan. 17 to Jan. 11. thus complet
ing the three-night carnival which he baa projected
for the Lenox A. C.
Charley McKeever haa forwarded a challenge to
London to box Dick Burge. McKeever states in a
letter to the London Sporting L)t that ho will box
Bursa at 145 oounda for a percentage of the gate
receipts and 12,000 on the outside.
George Consldlne, Jim Corbett's manager, stated
yesterday that arrangements have been perfectedfor
Corbett to faco Jim Jeffries in Ssn Franclsoo some
time during February. The battle will befortwentr
rounds, for a purse ot (10,000, It Is said,
Ben Jordan, whose proposed battle with an "un
known" has fallen through, has issued a challenge
to box any man In the world at 120 pounds. Jor
dan's defi Is especially aimed at "Pedlar " Palmer
Jordan agrees to wager 81,000 to $500 that he can
whip Palmer.
The backer of Dave Wallace, the Eneliah feather
weight, who la coming to America to meet Joe Bern
stein, has Informed Tom O'Rourke that Wallace will
aail for this country In a couple of weeks. The
Lenox A. C. bas offered to the lads a purse of $3,600.
which has been accepted.
Owing to the fact that Will Curley has objected,
the match between "redlar" Palmer and himself
will not take placn before the National Sporting Clnb
London, but will be decided at Newcastle, England'
An English sport has agroed to ghe the boxers a
purse of $2,000. which has been accepted. The date
has been fixed for Feb. fl.
Basketball Notes.
The first team of the National! A. C. of Brooklyn
met the Twenty-sixth Ward Y. M. O. A. team on Fri
day night, and after a hot game the Christiana were
defeated by the score of 14 to 11.
.?,,io.m' P?.c-.?4;rV",.t .ulKht the team of Twenty
third street V. M. C. A. defeated the local team br a
ecote of 21 to 1 1 . On the previous night the Twentr.
third street boys beat Cataklll by a store of 20 to 9.
At Institute Hall, Newark, on last Friday night the
Institute A. C.'s strong five defeated the Seventy-first
ltegiment team by a score of 20 points ti 4. First,
rlass teams desiring games should address James A
i3t0rerentrl,wrkrN.J0., In"'tUt A' & l"m' 7B Now
The Lafayette team defeated the Mornlngslde A
C. at the latter's "gym." on Friday night V the
acoreof 12 to 4. The Lafayettcs would like to ar.
range games away from home with unregistered
teams averaging 120 pounds. Addrosa Charles
Runge. 612 list Twelfth street. UUM carles
The Llherty Club team defeated the strong Chelsea
College Club at Burlaud's riding academy In Ta w"
contested game on Thursday night by a score of s
to 2. McVeigh for the Liberty, played a briinlnt
game. The Llbertya have a fow open dvtes and
would be pleased to fill them with sii'y tcim wlthm
fifty miles of New York. Address Joe Hanleyman
agar. 44B West Thlrty-fonrth stroet. ""u,CJr' mn-
SSytntfitwxn'fi (Sootla,
' " 1899 MODELS.
They are ao much In advance of all previous
models that they will ba in greater demand
than ever.
Juvenile Crescents . . $25
Chain Crescents ... 35
Chainless Crescents. . 60
1800 Crescents ARK NOT 1808 Models.
30WAItKKN8T.,N. Y, MAKliltH.
y HKNl)rder7ngyour speciabbulit bicycle epeclfy
Easiest running, most durable and finest flniah.
Oil retaining and dust proof.
BTOCK'ION MFU. Co., 107 Chambers at.
&Q.W. Crriafjeg,ftc.
498-4 J7 HIIOAI) hT SKWA UK. N J
TUESDAY, DEO. 27. W. at 'l 0 O 'cLOCK aI'm.
Ibis isle will Include an extra uut sssoitment of
first-class horses. Among Ibem aro trotters, pacers,
cobs, matched pairs, single drivers, family, business
farm, work. Jersey chunks, express, grocery, and
HeTJlJujrtt horses, weighing from 1,600 to i.hoo
lbs. Telephone 183, Newark. HOY k VOX. props.
JOS. 0. UO V, auctioneer. J. U. MOIIUUOUB, as (0. man.
1 T
CoIIcdw nntl raoOi9.
begins January 4, 1899.
Classes meet on Mon
day, Wednesday and
Friday evenings, from
7:30 to 9:30. For par
ticulars and applica
tion blank, write to
Brooklyn, N. Y.
For Girls A Young 'Women City A Country.
St. Martha's Industrial School,
nnoNxvnxK, n.jt.
Under the charge of the BIHTEU8 OFoT.'JOSEPH Of
NAZARETH (Episcopal). Industrial tralnlngforttrli
of good character to mako them good housskaspsra,
Terms. 8110 a yenr. No vacations.
Tor Hoys nnd Young Men City nnd Country.
With the 1st of Norember opens Its new department.
to wit, the Electrical Laboratory. Course two ysarsi
corere practical work and theory thereof. A limited
number ot outsiders admitted. Sessions In labora
tory and lectures In the afternoon. Price tlSOfor
balance of the achool year. O. VON TACDE. rrln.
KYLE Military Institute. Fluehlnr. N. Y.-o"eraaiJ
American boarding school for boysi no summer
vacation: admission any time; boys always under
teachers' supervision.
aonfl EXPEND rrmE ANNUALLY. Young boys
jDZiULf exclnslrely: elceptlonallr healthful) spe
elsl Inducements from Jan. 1. HEMPSTEAD LOKO
For Younc Men A Women City A Country.
NEWYOrtKSOnOOLDntEOTOnY. Ctronlarsi la
formation of high-grade schools. Preebytartaa
Building. IBB cth ar.. room 626.
Business Colleges.
WOOD'S neuTyork school,
1888 waa a great year: nearly 1.000 people attended
the day and night sessions and mora than 1,200 ap
plications came from business and professional men
for bookkeepers, clerks and stenographers.
The success of the Institution was beyond the
most sanguine expectations of the management.
All competent students were placed readily, and
scores of graduates from other schools were bright
ened up and given lucrative positions. The new yesr
opens Tuesday, Jan. 3. Tho school is a thrifty place
forthrif ty people: the Instructors are cultured, help
ful men: the environments are superb: the eiiirnics
are moderate. Will you visit us ? A catalogue for I ho
asking. F. E. WOOD, President.
Can I or Can't I, Shall I or Shan't
J." Learn Shorthand?
STENOGRAPHY Free class Wednesdsys.3:30P.M.
will answer this question.
TYPEWTINO n'KMaricFFx. to'l'i" v.
TRAINING cTuniiVtaV. hpeeKjjoV
. .c . forbeglnuersandadancod
8 EAST 4SI) i ST. pupils, 2 monthly.
F. IS. l'ARIUSU, Instructor. Identified ns
tencherot Burnt Plionlohliortluind since '7J.
108-110 EAST 128TH ST.,
Iteopens after holidays. Day, Tuesday, Jan. S.
Nlghtk Wdne-dar. Jan. 4.
, . FCUNDED 1871.
Direct preparatloii-for business In a short time and
at amoderate charge. Bookkeeping, Shorthand. Type
writing, Penmanship, &c., taught by specialists; in
dividual Instruction: separate ladles' departmint:
graduates assisted to sltuallons. Call or write oc
Illustrated ' Prospectus and Catalogue," gli ing terma
and full Information. '
association' business institute!
A Day School for Commercial Education.
Enter Jan. 3 tor Summer Positions.
Reaaonahle rates. Individual Instruction. Guar
anteed Hesults. fiend for circular of Information.
Double Entry Bookkeeping.
Approved system taught thoroughly BY 1IAJL OB
NESS PRACTICE, arlthmetlo and German language.
PERSONALLY Send for particulars, HKNBYVON
DEVLEN, nt Clinton place, near Nostrand ar..
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Fame's Business School
and School of Stenograph v andTypowritlnq,
Open Day and Evening. 62 Bowery, Cor. Canal St.
Uptown: 107 West 34th St,, Cor. Broadway.
E'DTHEItFOBD'S SOHOOLS.Oregg's, the future
shorthand; typewriting, bookkeeping. 1133
Broadway. New York: 200 Joralemon St., Brooklyn.
taught at pupils residences dar or evening: terms
moderate. Address J. A. KIEK8TED, 16H Broad
way, Brooklrn.JS'.Jf;
rPHOMPSON'B "old, reliable Business College." 20
-a- 4th av. (opposite Cooper Union). Cell or send for
prospectus. .
. (of the Park Sitters).
Instruction on
Studio. No. 1 West 00th at.
Prima Donna, Royal Italian and English 6pera Co.
Lampertl Method Absolutely Taught
Tuesdaya and Fridays. HI 1'IFTn AVE.. N. Y.
PIANO jlfc'STBtUC'jriON.
Careful, competent teacher; siieclal attention to
beginners; terms reasonable. Address
S?A UHHANU. 210 Esst 124th at.
l' ivoJ9? MiomrcTioN and mino.
olees tried Mondays und Wednesdays, 2 to 4 P. if.
Lessons resumed. Studio. iuu Iilnut.n v. n v
' .'i.ai?;li,i,LCi.,8iulli? ? rMt ",h "' N York.
MQN1AS, 81155 I alnnuunt ay.. Philadelphia.
Vocal Instructor, has romoed to 603 Carnrgle HalL
VOCAL STtrPIQ. 22lMVcst 44(h st.
1205 Carnegie HalhjJIngers coached, opera, oratorio,
143 WKST tu.vril hT. AH Instruments.
Licellmt teachers.
VlOLIN Cr.ARS-S.I iiuarterlyT" piano, vocaThv
aU.Vj1AUHH';-75wc,tl'4aH'itli,1tri Uln"C" ",""'"y-
Schools for I.nucutigcs.
o, e . 1,w. VKLAhCO NIIIOOI.T
"83 BflioriiKThorii pit. pjione 1,1 ll) A Brooklyn.
Dancing Academics.
Dancing School, 21 liist 17th St.. near ll'way.
Private and class lessons dally; beginners any time.
687 Hudson st.. near W lllhst. Waltz and two-atep
guaranteed In ID private ll ssona; .1j circular.
Class and prnato instruction dally: 1 1. nn monthly.
6th st.,8th av. " Enough i-aiil." Circulars.
bchnols of ICIoccition and Ilruiiintlo Arts.
.,.T,l.l.:....,' ANDlOItTHECtlREOr
OHATOJli '1244 ii-w.,. (HCO.lt. PHILLIPS, J'rln.
Nihoiils of Physirnl Culture.
AM SVB iI- Taki-s il lu. tloorsparo. Cum
iGrtXlS ''Im sail the adiantaes of ocry
B JSkSM outdoor uscrcisf, lor both seies
W 'E" omclill) Imloisrd by U. H. Hrsltli
Til asiasir "eiiorts and 100,000 physicians,
flHHMr llluslrjtfilrlrculsr, 40nirrsilng'.
. esss free. Hi hool of Vocal and Physical
Cultuie. u East lath st.. N V.
WOODS I Handball, Boilng,
GYMNASIUM, Training, Baths, a:o. I
U IS. itstli St. I Entrance, $5; monthly dues, f J. 1
... '-' -. --1 .. , .1

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