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W Wijl2yl"fiiii y W'.' s variable winds - ffl
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I Jury Itli'lmtBul Yeiterdny After 11 llnil
lteen Out Twenty-two Honra Tho Sole
llnrhrlor Juror Win fur Acquittal Three
llnlliit and Several Changes In the Vote.
If Fnyno Monro's guilt or Innoccnco In evor es
iibiishcd II will be by some other jury tlitin that
which oat In tho enso Inst week. Twenty-two
hours the t-velvomon M(iit In deliberation and
discussion nnd ntthowid of thattline they stood
tttn (oi conviction of tho defondnnton the
chirce of mbblng Martin Mnlion nt tho Hotel
(jrenoiiln liy tliu b-idgor ganio. mul llvo for
acquittnl Ono of tho juror said yestordny
that Ktllot was taken without discussion an
soon ns the wry went out. Tho result win H to
3 tot cimvH tlou with ono blank voto. Foromnn
Vedcn imil Jurors Cornet. Clnrke. Frnror.
Cower. Ilnmnn. Flnncgnn and Ctillom vdtod
- forcnnvietlon. whllo Jurors MneGovcrn, Htono
and Studer woro In fnvor of acquitting tho de
fendant Gnliecnstcln was tho ono who enat a
Mint, ballot. Ho tnltl ho had not roado up his
In the argument that followed MaeGovern,
' tiieonolnol oloron tho jury, was lender of tho
mlnorltr. d I'rnzcr becamo the lender for
com let on Alter half nn hour's talk a second
ballot wns tnl.cn. Tho voto this tlmo was 8 to
Iforionvlctlon. Foreman Pedcn changed hts
tote to acquittal, wlillo Btono changed so as
trtvotofor.convlctlnn. Galleensteln this time
casta ballot for acquittal.
Tho nnrunient that followed, principally bo
(tvecn M.ieGovcm nnd Kramer, was a hot one.
JIacOovern contended that tho testimony of
Martin Mnhon and Mrs. Johnson was no more
to be believed than that of Fnyno Moore. If
anrchohe wns to bo mndo between tho two ho
believed that Fnyno Moore should bo credited,
lOIr. Johnson's testimony had been contra
dicted by Matron Fitzgerald of tho Tombs.
who naturally would havo sided with tho pros
ecution if sho had consultoi horownndvan
lace. Fr.izer believed that such a crime ns
baJcerlng called for speedy and sovoro punish
ment nnd maintained that It had been clearly
Irroted that Fnyno Moore was. If nothing
more, a willing tool of hor husband. With tho
exception of Gnllconstoln and Stone, all of tho
jurors were firm in ho stand thoy had taken.
But theo two occasionally changed.
, When tho third ballot was taken Ctillom
changed nnd v'otod for acquittal, making tho
vote 7 to 5 for conviction. Moro argument cn
suel. but It was not so hot nn formerly, as
ererj body was tired out. Finally, Fruzer said
that, as thoy wore nil in n stuto of physicnl ex
haustion, ho thought It would be hotter to
agree to disagree. This proposition, coming
from the lender of tha forces for conviction,
was quickly asontcd to by tho minority, who
ivcro hopeless of winning ovor Frn7or, Homan,
Clarko nnd Flnnegan to tholr Bide, and had
rerious doubts about tho others. Tho mes
sace was accordingly sent to Ilccordor Ooff
that tho jury oould not possibly agree.
Recorder Goft discharged them nt half past 10
yesterdny morning. Thoy had been out since
l'J:40 1". M.'of tho preceding day Assistant
District Attornoy Daniel O'Rollly said that a
date for tho retrial would bo set next week.
W. K Mooro was tried twlco. his first trial
reuniting in a dls.igroumont. and tho second,
alter a long sitting bv the jury. In conviction.
When tho Fnyno Mooro jury was locked un
fortho night nt 11 o'clock yosterdny morning it
was "suppose I thnt thoy leaned strongly to
conviction. The opinion was strengthened
by the request of the jury at half pa 11 Hat
unlny night to bo Informed whether they
lilahl convict of a lesser degree of erlnio than
tlmt cli irgod In tho indictment. II"CorUor Ooff
read the definition of the degrees of robbery
totheni nnd informed them thnt by the law
they might convict of n lesser degree of rob
lnrylrtlievdld nor consider tho llrst degreo
proved, but that tholr ordlct must bo in no
eor lance with tho facts. Every one In tho
coipirnnm snld"
'They'll bo In in ten minutes with n verdict
of robbery in the third degree."
lint the minutes went iiv nnd the singularly
mn'nodle hand of tho courtroom clock jerked
lilf nmiind tho oltele tvvloo ami halfway
around again without any word coming from
tho uirynom. Then the Iteeorder, wlio has
b-en under u great pressure of work fur sev
eral weeks, sent word t lock up tho jury for
llw'l' 'lit.
When th courtroom was opened yesterdny
forenoon tliero was, Ion tho llrst tlmo In tho
M'a verv sparn attendance. Assistant Dis
trict Attorney O'ltellly roprosentod the prose
eiitinn. lawyers OeoraoMmpsnti and Hosen
II a th file'enci. nnd tho Clerk of tho court, the
sis inmplior. tlireo reporters, tl o court offi
cer mill t n nnectntirs made up tho entlroau-dit-niM
wlion tlio jurv filed in. The contrast be
two nth" meagre representation nt tho climax
of 'h trial nn t the crowds thnt nnd fought for
ndnil-si n during the other stages oi tho oaso
Tie jurv entered at half past 10. find rarne
Jin rem bniiuht In just ns thoy walked to
their se its Tiio strain of tho night, during
irh eh she hud hud but Utile Bleep, had told on
lr Her faee was palo nnd flatiby. nnd her
rlhnr sprightly prottlnes had faded. Hho
wnre hor ! ir green gown thnt has beeomo so
lamillirtothn-n who have attended the trial,
n I her hands were cloved. As she took her
seat she si hv(l audibly In respone to the
(icetliiRs of her counsel she nodded with
jatnUio.t of n smile, then puhher handker
fhM m her mouth nnd bent hor liend, hut
soon rneil It ngn'n and let her gaze wander
oronml tin. jurv box
Rhi 8iw tliero twelve men who had borne tho
rigors of tholr Imprisonment with various de
crees of eiidurnnce. Foreman Fedon, sitting
a'mo.t on the bnek of his nock, wns as bright
eretl ami fresh ns If ho had como direct from a
wojl nhzht'H rest nnd a morning bath. Juror
tu'loni. No, :i, looked worn, but sat oroct and
denied to hnvo jilonty of vigor left Juror
naiOotern, thn ono bachelor, was nenous,
nut H"emod to havo plenty of endurance
!ft Ills next door neighbor, Btone, No.
"ins obviously In bad shape. So was ISotl,
Iloiiinn. ami No. 11. Clarke, was, white and
jlrawn. but alert The rest woro rather color
ins and heavy-eyed, but looked as if they had
eanugh norvn force to stick it out another
niKlit If necessary. All got to their feet
romptly when Ilccordor Goff entorod. Mrs.
Jioorus eyes turned to him, but filled with
iiri I1"1 dropped. Tho Clork of tho court
railed the roll, nnd then ono got n strnngor lm
pressloii of the jury's oxhnustlon than from
iiii'lr nptiennince, for. with the exception of tho
ijremnn, their tones wero dull and lifeless. In
'"ocasfsthey svero barely audible. Recordor
IJ'Ofls.it looking nttliem for fully n minute be
Wreliosioke. Jle, too, lookod faggod out. no
"OsntleniKii of the Jury. I have reeoived a
ramniunleatlon from vou In which you say: 'It
' nusolulely Impossible for us to como to nn
Mreement and wo are utterly worn out' That
i tijo message which I rocelve." Horelho He
jorder pnused for somo tlmo. Tho jurymen
moie, uneasllv In their sents. Ono could rend
a their faces tho hope that thoy would bo dls
? r,e"'b tn" 'onr thnt thoy would be sent back
lor further consideration,
. Ociitlonien'eonllnued Itooordor Goff, you
nave now been about twenty-two hours In tho
eonsiderntlon of yourvordlct. It was with ex
ireiiio reluctHnco that I kopt you hore over
uiristeins eve. and only theoxlgenolesof this
pseandtlie hopo thnt it might be concluded
i. J16 ! do so. I havo folt for you in your
"'mvatloii of tho social surroundings pocullar
i,n,' fronson. To keep you longer would bo
cruelty I believe that every reasonable hojio
2f. eettlng a verdict Jms been exhausted.
A.. .If'01". ' dlschnrgo you. with the thanks of
... iou.rl""d best wishes for this day. For so
auoh , of the day M remains I wish you a morry
-nrMmns "
A wave of relief swept over the Jury box ns
,'' Occupants bowed their acknowledgment,
s'tni'jr tiled out Lawyer Hlmpson turned to
I",n,.,Ioore. who had not lifted her head or
sl(. "P during the Recorder's remarks, and
'rl,'l,h T0 n merrrOhrlstmss. Mrs. Moore."
i.iV"".1.'1 ou," shesald. "Thosamoto yon.
and to Mr Rosenthal,'1 she added, turning to
no iiwier on lier other side, "I hoped to have
l,ni'",il"l,'ed by this time nnd tn Imvo fol
l Mi Hill aown to Atlanta. I suppose I
"g' in ike the best of It.1'
i,iiv"r her expectations, the relief to her
if em gs yw uvident, for sho left the courtroom
1,2. ' ,r"od to thoTombs with lieriWclupnmi
,i,'B,T,,,reslon iwreontlbly brighter than when
ffo had "oinn in At tho Tomb It was ssld
'. '" '""'. i"iod n very robtless nlcht,
I "."I'ngVRry little.
ii,",V"!1:'"noPt fr stealing silverware from
I '? Waldorf-Astoria still hangs over Mrs.
If inI.h,1"Vrt oWcers say that not within thoir
I in ii10f 'has court sat on Baturday and Hunuay
lu me trial o! any other caso not o murdercaso.
yirtKHAs in; nuns a rji'KNArnn.
IterouimsmUd for I'romollon for lilt
Jlraverj nt the Oreenwlch Street Fire.
In his teporton the tenomont house fire at
I'd Greenwich street, at 'i o'clock reslordtiy
morning. In which Richard lllcksoii. 8 years
old, was killed. Deputy Chief Crokcr called to
tlionttontlon of Chief Bonnor tho bravoTyof
his driver, John Hughes, through' whole, work
ntlenst ten llvos woro saved. Chief llonncr,
who had witnessed Hughes's during, snld nftor
rending the report that ho would rccommond
Hughes for promotion.
Hughes was driving llenuty Ghlcf Ciolter
homo from n lire In Washington street when
they saw the flames burst from thd nlridowsot
Mrs. Dickson's aparttuonls on tho fifth floor.
Wlillo Chief Crokor drove to tho nearest flro
alarm box. Hughos Jumped from tho wagon
nnd climbed tho waterspout up to the lira es
o.ip?. landing on tho llrst floor. Thou he rapid
ly climbed tho Iron ladders. When ho leached
tho fire csonpe at tho fourth floor niembors ot
the Hlckson family nppoaredat another ot tho
fifth floor windows. Thoy wero unable to get
to tho window whloh opened on tho flro es
cape ns It was tn thnt room that the fire was,
Hughes shouted to them not to jump. He
put ono foot on tho cornice over ono ot the
fourth-floor windows and twisted his other log
around tho rungs of tho flro escape. Then he
told tho family to crawl along tho coping run
ning honeoth tho two windows and promised
thnt ho would hold them nnd keep them from
fnlllng. Tho IH-yenr-otd son. Robert, who
seemed to be Innnno with fear, made a lenti for
the coping. Ho missed his nlm and tell, his body
striking Hughes, nearly throwing both mon tn
thostreet. ThuwnHughes had his leg twisted
oround the rungs In the flro escape saved
them, however. Hughes started tho seined
boy down tho ladder nnd then assisted the
other children across tho coplnc nnd on to tho
ladder. Mrs. Hiokson was unntilo to mako tho
trip, as a 0-yenr-old daughter had thrown her
iirms nronnd hor neck nnd held so tightly that
Mrs. Hlckson wns unable to loosen the hold.
Hughes climbed up the ladder, walked nfross
tho coping, and took the little girl, whom ho
cnrrled to the street. Then lie returned to as
sist Mrs. Hlckson. 8ho fell, hut Hughos, by
exerting nil his strength, mnnoged to save her
nnd start her down the ladder. Hughos then
climbed Into tho room, but was soon driven
back by the flnmes. lie did not find little
Richard and snvo nlm because the hoy had
crawled under tho bed In the burning room.
Hughes has been In tho dopnrtpiont for a
number of years nnd has nn excellent record.
Ho stands twelfth on the list for promotion.
irosTAX avstvs from a irixooir.
Felt Two Stories mi it Stay Die Had Quar
relled with Her llmbanil.
Thoro wns a Christmas party In the home ot
Frank Blavln.a boatman, ot 40 First avenuo.
Inst night, and there wAs plenty ot liquid re
freshments. The Christmas cheer developed
Into n good-sized row later In tho evening and
the guests mndo so much uolo that several
times tho tenants ot tho lowor floors threat
ened to call In tho police.
After tho party Slnvln and his wife qunrrolled.
Mis. Klnvin nnd horslster. Mrs. Nettle Coleman,
who lives on the floor nbove. nre variety ac
tresses, known ns the Hill sisters. Homo of tho
neighbors say that Mrs. Slav In wns jealous of
her slster.,and this was the causo of the quarrel.
Tliero wore sounds of blows nnd scuflllngand
then the nolsd. ot tho opening ot a window.
When Mrs. Coleman enmo downstairs Slav In.
wns alone in the room and was closing the
"Hhe's gone." said Slavln.
"Gone where?" asked Mrs. Colcmnn.
"Into thostreet through tho window." an
swered Blnvln.
riilllp Feebler nnd John Mlshler.two soldiers
from Fort Hamilton, heard Mrs. Hlnvin's body
fnll on tho Iron awning ot the saloon twji flights
bolow the Klnvin "Windows. They run up to tho
second floor find enrrlodMrsrflhvrtn into the
room. Hho wns unconscious. Folicohinn Dar
ling and Oeislerof tho Fifth street station nr
usted Slavln and Mrs, Coleman on suspicion
that Blnvln had thrown his wife from tho win
dow. They wanted Mrs Col. man as a witness.
Hlnvin's clothing wns disarranged and his face
was badly scratched, but he declared that ho
had lint thrown his wlfo from the window, but
thnt sho had jumped. Mrs. Coleman said she
heard Mrs. Slavln say that sho was tired ot
llchting with her husband and was going to
kill herself.
Mrs Klnvin was taken to Believuo Hospital.
Hho will probably die.
T. B. Klnrnld to Work an tlfe Invention for
n Year Without I'ny.
Rostov, Mass., Dec. 25. Charles S. Hill of
this elty. attorney for the widow ot John W.
Kccly of motor famo and a friend of the In
ventor, says unhesitatingly that there is no
renson to bollevo that Koely's secret was left
behind, nn furthersnys: f
" Mrs. Koely has deemed It wise to place all
material and data In the hnndsof Mr. T. B. Kin
raid of Jamaica Flaln. Mr. Klnrald, ns Is well
known, onjoyed Mr. Keely's confidence through
out tho latter years of his life, and upon his
deathbed It was Mr. Keely's request that Mr.
Klnrnld should take upon himself tho task of
completing his work.
"Mr. Klnrald hasia largo laboratory and a
meohanleal workshop. It Is Mn, Keely's In
tention to have Mr. Klnrald give his entire
tlmo toward the completion of n practical on
glne after her husband's ideas, If such n mn
chlno Is possible. Until Mr. Klnrnld shall havo
produced such a practical engine capable ot
lielng patented nnd demonstrated Its vnluo
before n disinterested committee, he will make
no request or demand upon the company for
"If nt ths end of ono year ho Isconvlncod
that thoro Is absolutely nothing that will lead
to a practical mnchino. he will abandon his
attempts. Gn tho other hnnd, should It be
found that tliero wore clues enough to lead to
tho construction of such nn engine. It would
then be pushed rapidly forward to tho patent
able stage, nnd at that time n further agree
ment will bo reached between the Keely es
tate, and nil other parties interested."
Mr. Klnrnld. unliko Mr. Keely. will make no
promises that nnymnohlne or nnglnowill be
completod at any given time, or even that ono
will be completed at all.
'nua tears rovna nose coanr,A.x.
11 lg Fet Attacks Her in n Itomp and TJrealii
Her .Inn.
New BocncM.E, Jf. Y., Doc. 25. Rosalind
Cochlnn, tho lil-year-old adoptod daughtor of
Rose Cughlan, the. actress, who, with hor hus
band, John T. Sullivan, has a resldonco bore
In Neptune Fark. was seriously bitten io-day
whllo playing with a largo Newfoundland dog
bolonging to tho family.
Tho child was nlone,wlth the dog this ttftor
noon rolling with him on the floor In tho parlor
when he suddenly attacked hor and burled his
teeth In her ifheek. Her screams brought her
grandmothor. Mrs. Coghlun, to her nld. Hho
bent off tho dog. Dr. Nollson wns summoned,
and found that thn girl's jnwbono hnd been
fractured, whllo tho vvholo side of hor fneo wns
badly torn. Hlx stitches wero taken jn tho
flesh nnd n plaster of parls east. put over tho
face, provontlhg the child from talking or mov
ing her jaw. Feeding has to bo done through
ltoso' Cochlnn and her husband havo beon
playing In tho "White Ilcuthor" company In
lMilladolphla, nnd iirrlvod nt their homo last
night for n Christmas celebration. When Miss
Uoghlnn saw the child she wont into hysterics
anufnlntod. A doctor had to lie summoned to
attend hor, Mr. Sullivan has had tho dog for
two years. He had taken prizes nt several
bench shows, nnd had never been known to
show nny ugliness before. Miss Coaliluu
wnutod the dog shot, but It was decided finally
to epare him.
Dawton Miners Are Taking Out Ore nun.
iilng from 8800 tn 3,C03 n Ton.
Bam Fjuncibco, Deo. 23. P. II. Miller has ar
rived In this city from Dawson, bolng commis
sioned by the owners of tho quartz initio In
whloh ho Is interested to purchase, u stamp
Alodgo which Is supposed to be tho mother
lodoofthe Klondike, is now bolng reifulurJy
worked. Gre from tho vein runs from irIOO to
$2,000 a ton. Tho drift is in soft limestone,
which is very easily vvorkod, tho. miners mnk
ln about six feut each twenty-four hours. A
great quantity of oro has boon taken out.
Thero Is plenty of food nt Dawson to last all
winter, The liartuf tho town recoutlr bumod
U beluc rapidly rebuilt.
, i i .
Mnmln Itemtey, 1? Yenri Old, llnd llrokrn
Ofl Their Engagement He Hnd Often
Threatened to Kill Her nnd Sent Let
ters Mnrked with Dnggers In Ited Ink
Sent a Clirlttnmt l'rexnt on Hnturdny.
Frank Nulty.a Post Office clor'.:, in years old,
of 522 West 17.1th street, shot and Instantly
killed his former sweetheart. Mamlo Romle,
yesterday afternoon because she would not
marry him. The girl was 17 rears old and
lived with hor paronts at 2:171 F.lithth avenue.
After killing1 her he turned the weapon upon
himself, fired two bullets into his brain and
will die.
Nutty was employed nsa clerk In the Uni
versity Holghts Post Office, of which his father
It superintendent. The Post Ofllco Is located
between Fordham and Morris Heights nnd
was established two years ago for the benefit
of tho New York University on Sedgwick
avenue. He was nlwavs nttontlvetoduty and
was well IlkW br his fellow lerks, but they
saw that ho hnd an ugovornnble temper, and
thoy wero careful to avoid any dispute with
Five months ago young Nulty met Mamie
Remloy at a friend's house and thoro the two
young peoplo fell tn love. The young clotk
becamo a regular caller atlho girl's house,
and after they had been going together for
two months their engagement was announced.
The courtship ran smoothly until two months
ago. when the girl began to tire ot Nulty. Ho
protested against her chance of hoart and told
her ono evening In the presence of hor mother
thnt If he did not marry her nobody else would.
Tho girl jokingly asked:
"Why. Frank, you wouldn't harm anybody,
would you?"
He did not make any reply. In spite of
Nulty's nrdent wooing tho girl wantod to break
tho engagement, but he became so insanely
jealous that she was afraid to tell him,
She told her mother she was afraid he
would kill her.
One evening about fix weeks ago Nulty
spoke of marriage, and then the girl overcamo
her fears and tn the presence of her mother
told him that she no lunger loved him, nnd he
might as well learn then ns later that their en
gagement must bo broken. Young Nulty bo
tamo furious. Jumping to his feet ho shouted:
"Mnmle. If jou al-e ino up. I'll come hero
and shoot you dend at your mother's feet I"
Tho girl's mothet then ordered him from
the lions". After this Nulty sent several
threatening letters tn the girt. In every let
ter ho mndo use of the phrase: "If you give
me up I'll shoot vou dead."
He called .at the girl's borne one evening n
week aftor his dismissal ami became no abusive
that Mr. Itemley made his daughter go to the
Uarlom Poltco Cmitt the noxt morning and
swear out a warrant for his arrest on o charge
of threatening to kill her. This she did, nnd
Nulty was taken to court, but upon promising
the gill's father thnt he would s'av nay
from the house nnd let her alone he was dls
eharged'by Magistrate Pool. Ho called at her
homo a few nights after that nnd wanted to talk
the situation over with the girl's parents. He
told Mr. Itemley that ho wanted to marry her.
but the lather said that was out of the ques
tion, since his daughter did not care for him.
Nulty was also told on this occasion that If bo
ever harmed the girl her father would kill
him on sight.
Nulty then said he realized that his suit was
hopeless, but the lettqr writing continued. Iu
ono letter. In which he renewed his threat to
kill her. he drew the ploturo of n dagger aoross
the lop. .of. the., llrst sheet. The blade was
drawn with red ink and the handle blaok.
Underneath ho wrote: "This will be for you
somo day."
One of tho recent lettors read as follows:
"Go to confession noxt Saturday night. Then
when you como out I will put a bullet through
your heart, Vou may think it will bo an easy
tiling Tor you to throw mo over, ns you evidently
Intend doing, illnt I want to tell you, Mamie,
It you persist In acting as you have you wlllre
gret It. FniVK,"i9
Tho girl showed these letters to her father,
but ho said they were Idla threats.
Miss Itemley spent all of Saturday after
noon purchasing presents for the youngor
children end on Saturday night tho sat up late
to decorate a Chrlntmui tree. Ffirly In the
evening n messenger boy came to the door and
said ho had a package for Miss Mamie Itemley.
She opened it nnd found a flvo-potmd box ot
choice candles with a note wishing her a
merry Christmas. It was signed Frank Nulty,
This recalled nil of Nulty's threats and the Ctrl
became nervous. She told her mother that
she wns afraid something terrible was about
to happen. She nrose early yesterday morn
ing nnd distributed the presents from the
Christmas tree to the other members of the
family. Sho attended church and on her re
turn ngaln told her mother that she feared
something awful was going to happen.
While she and tho children were In the par
lor at about 2 o'clock, the bell rang, and when
one of the family peered down the stairs they
saw young Nulty at the door. The girl, ap
parently forgetting her fears, threw her
mother s cape over her shoulders and went
down to tho door to tea what he wanted. He
"Well. Mamie. I want to know for the last
time, do you or do you not Intend to marry
She told him again that she Would not mar
ry him. Then Nulty aekod her to go upstairs
aid get his letters and to be sure nnd get nil of
them. He made no threats nt this time. She
went after the letters and returned In about
ten minutes. He stood at the bottom ot the
stairs waiting for her.
When she came down they stood talking in
a dark corner of the hallway, near a door lead
ing to thn cellar. Nobody henrd.thelr conver
sation. Mrs. Itemley was looking out of the
window to see If Nulty had gone when she
beard five shots lit quick succession. The
shots wore followed by a woman's sareams.
Mrs. Nulty fell back Into the room yelling:
"My Godl It's my MninleT I know It!"
lilwnrd Weiss of 270 West I'.'Hth street
was passing at tho time. He run into the hall
war and saw the tvn bodies lying near the
on trance to tho cellar. He struck a match
and found that the mnn wns still breathing.
His head rested on the girl's shoulders. The
girl was dead. Mhe had beeu shot through the
An nmbnlnnco was summoned nnd Nultr
whs removed to the J. Hood Wilght Hospital.
The girl's body was taken to the West 12.ritli
street station.
The girl's father eame home shortly after
the shooting, ahd tho first question he asked
wns: "Is tho (nan le...lf"
When told that ho was dying. Mr. Rentier
"I hope ho lives. If he does. I will kill htm
on sight."
Nultv shot tho girl with ft new ft2-callbre
Hopkins A Allen revolver, which he purchased
a few days ago. It is said that he told severnl
(it his rrlends that he would kill the girl If she
refused to inauv hlin. When ho left his home
yesterdny ho told his parents tlmt ho wns go
ing to par a friendly visit and would return In
time for (Uiitier. .
The police of the West I2.1th street station
havo a bundle of letters written by the girl to
Nulty, but they am keeping those for thn
Coroner. In one of these. It is said, tho girl
wrote t hat her fat hor had Icnrncd of their secret
meetings. nnd tbat.ns a result, she would leavo
homo either on Saturday or Monday. This was
ot recent date mid would indicate that thero
hnd boon somo sort of a reconciliation otter
Nulty's arrest and boforo bur final dismissal
of him,
ntrnn ixto the Chicago mrsii.
A Professional .lumper Mnkek n I.enp Into
the I'iiiiI Kl renin on n Wiiger,
CmcAOO, Deo, 25, Harry Harmon, a profes
sional bridge jumper, dived yesterday from the
roof of a warehouse at Rush street brldgointo
tho Chicago Illvor. The height of the root
from the water lino Is 115 foot. Hnrmtin went
under a coating of thin ice near thn south
bank, but broke his wny through without
trouble. A friend threw him a rope and dinggod
him out. Ho wns shlvorlng from exposuru In
tho cold slime of the river, and black drippings
tohl of the twenty-foot sounding ho hnd made
to the bottom nt tho stienni. Tho two men
leaped into a cab just us policemen got within
hailing distance. Tho cabman put thn whip
to his hnrre nnd the policemen went bnck to
tholr beats. The jump was made on a wnger.
Ilnynl Limited.
VU 0. II. It. of K J.s l. llt.iD.tO,
New York to VYubiiiKton, itallr.'-'ihsp. U. While,
ball Urnilusl (HaatU Kerry) sua U 1. U. foot Liberty
street. Kiiluilvu l'ulluitn cpilpmeut. Dining ir
ervloeuuerjiMlled. No cil r f rr. l'lnrst trld
ud ijuklut time bvtwecu Now York and Wsablag
latuAiit. f , r , J ,.
Tnri Men Killed mid Five Injured In a
Street How.
Dam.ah. Tex.. Doa, 2.1. Thorfi was what ts
called hero n "blood-roil Christmas" In "Tho
Reservation" dlslrlctthls evening, Two mon
nre dend, flvo wounded nnd a domti or more
bruised ns the result ot n race conflict. Tho
presence of a InTge body of police nt a fire less
than a block away front thescono of tho trouble
Is nil that prevented the most serious collision
between blacks and whites ever known In
Texas. Tho conflict mar lm renewed, as those
Involved, numbering several hundred w"hlto
nnd block men, nro Inflamed, and only kept
apart by tho forces ot Bhorlff C&boll and Chief
of Police Cornwell.
The fighting started nt the eornor of Webb
nnd Austin stroots. Three wlitto men, John
Franks, 0. W. Htnllriw and William Debruyn,
bocamn Involved In n fight with a negro named
Oscar White. Boveral other negroes came to
Whlto's assistance, Whllo was soon killed by
blows on tho hend from a pleeo ot Iron pipe
used on enrden hose. His neck was broken
nnd Ids skull crushed. Frank Holland, another
negro, was stabbed live times nnd ts reiorted
Inn few minutes after tho lighting started
several hundred whites and blacks wero
mixed up In a frco-for-nll riot, using knives,
pistols, stones, clnbs and other wonpons.
The police rushed In, twenty strong, nnd In ten
minutes' tlmo hndtherlctsupprossed. Franks.
Hudlow nnd Dobruyn, all seriously wounded
from bruises nnd cuts, woro nrrestod with half
n dozen negroes. Two ot tho latter. A. C Carr
nnd Jim Dove, have two knlfo woiinds. Carr's
condition Is regnnlcd as critical. A dozen or
more other whiles and blacks sustained bruises
and cuts moro or less severe, hut escaped nr
rest. The pojioe will doubtless make more
arrests. A strong force of policemen nnd
deputy sheriffs Is on duty to-night In tho
Nobody scorns to know just what precipitated
tho conflict. It enmo on like a flash ot
lightning, nnd soemed to be due largely
to race prejudices, suddenly Inflamed under the
lufluenco ot liquor. Tho lire nearbywas the
cause of the meeting of the crowd.
The Mlnlltrr nnd Ills "Wife Tnko Ilefage In
the llrltltli Kmbnisy.
Warhisotox. Dec. 25. Tho residence of tho
Chilian Mlnlstcrwns partly-destroyed by flro
at nn early hour 'this morning and tho Minis
ter nnd Mme. Vicuna hnd harrow escapes. The
fire, which was caused by n doJcctlvo flue, was
discovered by a policeman, who succeeded In
arousing all tho Inmatospf tho houso excopt
two servant girls, who had been overcomo by
smoke, and these ho carried Uf a plnco of safety.
Tho Minister nnd his wlfo took refuge at the
British Embassy, which Is noross tho street
from tholr residence Tho loss on fnrnlturo
nnd porsonnl effects will reach $10,000. Tho
house Is kndwnns tho Btnnloy Matthews house,
it having been owned nnd occuplod by the lato
Justlco Matthews of the SuArome Court, and
was later tho resldenco of HnBor Mendonen
durlnghls terra ns Minister Resident ot Brazil.
Tho upper stories and tho roof were destroyed.
Tho loss Is covered by Insurance).
Lighthouse Keeper Ackerninn nnd Ills Wife
Imprisoned by Ire.
TAttnTTOWX. N. Y., Deo. 25. Cot. Jacob Ack
erman and his wiroT'elottraTed (ho flftletiwtfahf
versary of their wedding to-dny in the Tarry
town lighthouse, of which Capt, Ackorman has
had chargo for sixteen years. Jacob Acker
man ts a son of Cornollut and Lavlnn Snrvofit
Ackerman, and was born at riermont, Rock
land county. 72 years ago. His first em
ployment was on u farm, when ho was 15
years old. Ho worked hero for four years, and
thon he went to work on n sloop Ho followed
the wntor for twentv-ono years. Ho was one of
tho best known Captains on tho Hudson Itlvor.
In 1818, on the old James See farm, Ht Sleepy
Hollow, ho married Henrietta See. Thetniir
rlnge ceremony was performed by tho Rev. Mr.
Moore of Unlonvllle. During tho civil war
Capt. Acgerman was a provost marshal for
three years, and he also served in tho
Custom House In New York under Mosos
H. Grinned. Before bolng appointed as
lighthouse, keeper he was superintendent of
tho old Croton nquexluct at Tarrytown. Ho
received his appointment at the lighthouso
through the lufluenco ot the late Tillliam 11.
Robortson. During his term at tho lighthouso
helms ssved seventeen lives nnd has received
several medals far britvory, Ho has nlwavs en
joyed good health, and nt 72 ho looks ns young
as a man of 50. His wlfo Is Oil yon rs old. The
Captain and his wife arranged to havo a largo
reception to-dny and had Invited n number of
the prominent people of the village to bo
present, but tho floating ice In the river pro
vented them from attending and made the
Captain nnd his wlto prisoners, and they had to
celebrate tholr golden wedding alone. f
nellereil to nave Ileen a Train p Cnuie of
Fire Vndlicnyered.
An unidentified man. believed to have been a
tramp, was burned to death last night In a fire,
which started about 7 o'clock, in n dumping
dockot the Btrcet Cleaning Department at tho
foot of Wost Nlnetoenth street, Tho dock is n
two-story Wooden affair, the UrBt floor occupied
by storerooms and the second by a roadway
from which carts dump their contents into
A room on tho lower floor is filled with sacks
for street refuse, and into this room tho man
had crawlod and gono to sloop. When the
Italians t work on tho dock left nt tl o'o'ock
the storeroom door wns padlocked, no ono
notblna tliu sleoping man. Soon atterwntd u
fire, starting troni somo undiscovered cause,
burned out tho end ot tho dock nnd set flro to
two dumping scows alongside, doing about
$2,500 damage. An ninrm brought the flic
boats Zophar Mills nnd New Worker, with an
cngluo company, which soon put out thoJlro.
hi going over thn dock the jlremon found tho
body of the dead man, burned beyond lecognl
tlon. Several men then reenllcd hearing
smothered yells during tha flro. The dock
foreman said that none ot his men Wns miss
ing, and thai, the dead man's shoes were not
such as his Italians woro. The body, which
wns removed to the Morgue, Is apparently that
of a middle-aged man, about live and a half
foot tall.
Kirr.ET aor.it after uonv.vp mux.
A Victim of rhtrngo ltnuhers Hushes Jnto
the ('Iilet's Hume mid Stirs Him UpT
Chioaoo, Deo. 23. Chief ot Polieo Klpley
took an nctlvo part last night In n renrch for
robbors who had held up and robbod D. F,. Pat
terson, hgent for tho lumber department of tho
Chicago. Ilurllimtoll and (Julhey ltnllroad Com
pany, within a block of the Chiefs home, lift
Putterson wns knocked down nnd bonten se
verely by his nssallnnts, who woro henvllr
armed wttli revolvers nnd worn masks, lie
was relieved nf a gold watch valued at 8200
and $1(1 In money, which ho carried In nn out
side imcket, Tho robbers overlooked &J00
which he. lud In hi trousers pocket. .
After tits nssallnnts had left him Mr. Patter
son ran to Chief Klp'ny's homo tin Forest nve
nun and, without waiting to ring the door boll,
he rushed into the prrseiieeof the Chief, who
was seated at the dinner table,
Ills fnco and hands were bleeding from nu
merous outs ninl his clothing wns torn In
many plnees. Ills appearance startled tha
Chief nnd ho at once asked for nn explanation.
Ho told his story nnd the Chief ended up the
Htnnton nvoiiue station for detectives, whom
he joined In tho hunt for the highwaymen.
Four young men, twn with rovolwrsof Inreo
calibre In tholr possession, were arrested on
suspicion, but nono of tho plunder was rocov-eied.
Dropped Drnd In Cluirrh,
Albant, Dec. 25 John Cttrrnn. 00 years of
nee. will e attending, tho 5 o'clock services in
St. Matr Church this morning, dropped dead,
Tho cause was heart disease,
Slnmtnrd, Mottled at the Ilrowery,
ft 10 per ca or '-'( bntllnn. On ulc t lioUli,
ret'ir.iuts sad grocer'. Ms'l orJer nr telf-plume
104 VWU'siuibun;. Otto ltuber Unwary, brooklru.
XOT TO VET $100,000.
TelU' Ills Canton Friends That He llliln't
(In to Purls (o Mnkn Money Expects
Only n Tltodernte Vce Derlnres Thnt He
It Not n Candldnte for Any oniilal I'llire.
GAVton. 0.. Doc. 25. Judge Day, President
of tho American Peace Commission, who with
Mrs, Day returned to the city this morning and
joined tho family In n Christmas dinner at the
old home, laughed at tho Story that tho Com
missioners wero to receive $100,000 each for
their services, Ho pronouncod It ridiculous,
and said that tho Commissioners had not
undertaken tho duties on a money-making
cnterinjso. He said that while tho matter of
compensation had nevor been under consid
eration, they expected nothing uioro than a
fair compensation for tholr work.
The President, who alono decides tho matter
ot compensation, has no near approach to a
parallel case as a precedent, but In formor
commissions for treaty negotiations, notably
tho Ilchrlug Beatnnttor, tho compensation of tho
Commissioners has been very modest There,
havo been, however, in connection with some
ot the negotiations, largo (ccs paid, but thoy
went to prominent attorneys retained ns coun
sol to present the case, and not to thn Commis
sioners. In tho Paris negotiations the rOle of
secretary and that of counsel was carried by
ono parson, Mr. Moore.
Judge Day will not go to Washington again
iu connection with tho Peaeo Commission duty,
rtor will tho other members. Their work Is
finished. Ho will rosumo tho prnctico of law
Iu this city, tho firm ot which he was a member
having remained intnet during his absence in
Washington and in Pnrls. During his absence
thero has been much gossip about the Judge
being tho next Republican candidate for Gov
ernor ot Ohio. Regarding this ho said :
" I am not a candidate for Qovornor of Ohio,
nor will I bo a candidate undor any circum
stances for that offlco or any othor. I would
not bellttlo or speak lightly of so Important uu
office, but it Is my only ambition to bo pur
tnltted to live In Ohio and to practice my pro
fession. I am glad to got bncu to Canton, and
I expect to remain here."
While tho Judgo declines to talk in detail of
tho work In Parts, It ts glonned from his con
versation with thoso who have called on him
that the American Commissioners found tholr
work very trying nnd roll very keenly tho grav
ity of tho situation with which they had to deal.
Whllo they were always firm and united nnd
supported by instructions from Washington
when thoy went Into joint session with tho
Spaniards, they had many olose questions to
decide nnd manv hours were consumed every
day of the sojourn in Paris in arriving at tho
conclusions to bo prcsentod to tho other sido.
In ronchlng these conclusions thoy woro as
sisted by tho vast amount of testimony taken
from those who hnd been in tho territory and
wero familiar with tho conditions under con
sideration. Personal relations with tho Spanish repre
sentatives wore pleasant at all times, but tliero
wero two critical periods In tho negotiations
which gsvo tho Amorlennsmitcti anxiety until
they wero passed. One of these was ocensionod
by tho Spanish request for tho assumption of
tho Cuban debt, whiol covered more than a
month and during whloh tho Americans never
receded from tho position announced to tho
hpanlards. Likewise In the Philippine mat
ter, the American)), having concluded upon the
concession thnt could bo made nnd presented
tholr position to the Spaniards, would not con
sider any dnpattuie from thnt course, Tho
Americans were very well trentod by tho
French Government, nnd the French peoplo
showered invitations upon the Americans with
a lavish hand. Owing to the ofllcial duties few
of theso could be accepted, and many pleasures
hadtobellvcllhftd forwnnt ot time. If there
was nny sentiment In Pnrls prejudicial to
American Interests the Commissioners nro not
disposed to dl(.cus it.
Judgo Day snys he reels thnt tho trip abroad
hns bettered Ms physicnl condition, nnd thnt
Mrs. Day Is greatly Improved In health slneu
leaving tho United States. She wns seasick on
1 tho return voyage, one dayof which was stormy.
Thero woro a few friends at the station to meet
the Days, including tholr children and a com
mittee from the Bar Assoclntlon. The attor
neys of the county will soon give a formal wel
come to tho Judge, which will take tho form of
a dinner. Jan. 2 Is tho probable date, but It
will bo arranged with reference to the Judge's
He Tells Something About the Work of the
l'eaee ("ominlsiloli In 1'nrli.
Washington, Deo, 25. Senator Cushman K.
Davis. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign
Relations and n member of tho Paris Peace
Commission, spent tho day at homo resting
from the fatigues ot the homoward trip, which
ended with tho presentation ot the draft of
the treaty with Spain to President MoKinley
at the Whtto Houso yestorday. It was an un
usual Christmas oxperionco for tho Senator,
but ho declared to a roporter for This Huh this
evening that ho thoroughly enjoyed It.
"Many friends havo callod upon me in my
den here," ho said. " to extend their congratu
lations and to welcome mo homo. Although
tired out and feeling the relaxation from tho
strain wo havo boon under tho past ten weeks,
tho dny has been a pleasant ond."
Responding to a teqUest for a statement re
garding the work of the commission. Senator
Davis said :
"We had a verr lnborlous time In Paris.
Tho commission enterod upon its work wlthn
dcslro and o determination to finish It at the
earliest possible moment. We had hoped to
conclude It so as to bo ablo to reach homo by
Christmas, but that wo did so, I think, wns
something ot a surprise. Tho reception and
tteatmontof tho commission by the French
people, official and Individual, were all that
could havo been deslrod. Of course, much of
the Spanish securities are hold In France, but
tho sentiment naturally arising out of that
state ot things did not teach us, cortanily In no
way to embarrass us in thedeast."
Senator Dnvls was quite enthuslnstlo In his
comments upon thn magnificence ot the apart
ment In tho Fronch Foreign Olllee whero the
commission held its sessions. " The chamber
Is historic," lie sold. " There tho famous treaty
ot Paris ot 1B50 wns negotiated and signed,
nud thero the Paris tribunal of arbitration ovor
tho linhitng Hen seal fisheries met."
A picture of tho commission while in session
lay upon tho table, and picking it un the Sena
tor desennted briefly upon tho several porsons
in the group. Ho said:
"The Spanish Commissioners wero able,
patriotic, Intelligent men. Our discussions
wero strenuous, but conducted throughout
with dignity nnd decorum. Sollor lllos. tho
Chairman of the Spanish Commission, Is nn
able lawyer, and he nnd his associates woitlilly
discharged the trust committed to them."
Sei.atorDuyls feels tipardnnnblo pride In his
associations with tho negotiation, " It Is," he
said, " one of the most luiiiortniit events In the
diplomatic history ol the woilil.nnd if the peo
plo of my country npurnyJ the results of our
labors 1 shall consider it the most Important
work of my life." .
Doing a shu red that the people ot tho United
States were s.itlstled with the treaty, Honntnr
Davis responded; "I urn highly gratified tn
lenui that It IS so. i were so crowded with
tiio duties pressing upon us thnt wo hud little
or no time to commit tho newspapers or to
gel into communion with sontlment In the
United Stutes. Wo wereofleu compelled to de
elite upon u policy In, liustu, but vv hen the pro.
tocol of our proceedings is published, giving
In lull, ns It will, all our official comuiutilen
tlons ami arguments Iu writing, the peoplo
will lnble fusee that iluitominlsslonerHon
tho part of the Culled States were unlimited
only by an earnest wish to seemo tho fullest
recognition of tho results of tho war,"
Hpenklng. of thd proposition to puy Spain
$2l).0tK),0iH) for her outlay In the Philippines,
helintor Davis i-iild: In such a negotiation us
this neither party hns ltd wuy In everything,
My desire wfis to secure pciico with honor lis
speedily ns possible, to the end that stability
inlulit be; given to tho business Interests of my
country unit thnt It might enter upon that era
of prosperity unequalled iu our history which
Senator Duvis said he had no knowledge ot
the President' Intentions respecting the
treaty. Thnt hnd not been discussed iu their
interview yesterday, nnd lm hud hud no con
versation with Mr. McKluley upon the subject.
The Honator declined to express: un opinion
upon the treaty further than to say that he had
been assured slnco his return tliut it would be
latlllo.l, hor would Ho talk upon any uatlonul
or International Mil leal question.
"In u fow weeks." ho udded, "I may havo
something to say."
He lteelnrrd Thnt He llnd n Letter from
Christ to the Pi tine or Whir.
.Vjwnif CM trntc tt Tlir. Mux.
London. Dee. 25. A crunk ninmignd id get
past the guard nt, Nt. Jnmos's Palnee this even
ing nud entered the building, When naked hls(
business lie stated that he desired to see tho
Prince of Wales, milling thnt ho wns thobenrer
of n letter from Christ.
Tho nttendnnls saw thnt thoy bnl to deal
with n mndntnn nud tried to get hint to leave
qtiletl)'. Tho man Inslslud that ho must see
tho Prince, and ho wns only stopped when ho
wns threatened with a loudod rlllo. Then ho
beenmo violent.
Tho polieo woro summoned, nnd II took eight
of them to bind the Intruder, who fought des
perately. After ho was bound ho was placed
In on ambulance and conveyed to n police
station, whole physicians ptonouueed htm u
0,000 Urltlih Subjects Protest Aonlnst is
Murder by n Joliniincsburg l'olieeiiinn.
fpeo'ol Callt Dipatch It Tnx Bus.
JoriANNEBmmo, Dec. 25. A massmoettng
wns held hero yesterdny to protest against tho
recent murder ot nn Kngllshman named Fdgar
by a pollcomnn. Flvo thousand persons wore
present. Thoro wero no speeches made, on lug
to tho Transvnallaw forbidding politlenlgnthcr
tngs. Copies ot an appeal to Queen Victoria for
tho protection of British subjects In tho Trans
vaal were circulated, and n deputation wns ap
polntod to carry a copy to tho British Consul,
A reference to Jones, tho policeman who did
tho killing, led to cries ot "Lynch html"
Tho authorities wero approhenslvo of trouble,
ami 200 oxtra pollcomon from Pretoria occu
pied n fort commanding the town. Feeling ran
so high that tho Government officials took
rnfugu in tho Post Office, but the dlsordor ex
tended no furfiior than a fovv street collisions.
Tho moupted polieo paraded tho town in
groups In the evening.
Jones, who after being nrrestod was released
on ball, has again been taken Into custody.
Bali has been refused and he will remain In
jail until ho Is tried.
Politicians Object toTCeyler ns the neail ot
the AVnr Department.
Spteial Ctblt DtlpaUh to TDK Sum.
Madrid. Doo. 25. PrJmo Minister Sagasta,
who Is sufforing with bronchial pneumonia,
took some slight nourishment to-dny. His
fover has abated, and It Is thought that ho will
Tho chief Interest In political circles ts the
question whether Bofior Sagasta will succeed
in inducing tho Liberals to accept Gen .Weylor
a-s Minister of War. Many object to the ap
pointment of Wcyler ns tho hoad of tho War
Ofllco. believing that he would aspire to suc
ceed SeQor Sagasta.
Our Consul nt Cairo Kxpresses His Hope
Thnt Wo Will Grow Up to Knglnnd.
fjircial Callt VtttaWi to Tur Scn.
Caiho. Dec. 25. A farewell banquet wns
given to-night to Major-Gen. Sir Francis Grcn
fell. lately commander of tho British troops
hore, who has been appointed Governor of
Malta. Among the speakers was Mr. Harrison,
tha American Consul, who declared that the
Americans entortalncd the most friendly feel
ings ror the British, and expressed the hope
that the Unttod Statos. the child, would be as
great as England, tho mother.
China's Action Will Depend Upon tha Sup
port of Great Hrltnln.
Speetal Callt DttpaUh to The 8tne.
Pekin, Deo. 25. No settlement has yet been
reached regarding tho demand for tho exten
sion ot tho French concession at Shanghai.
The protest against the granting ot the con
cession mndo by Sir Claude MaoDonald, the
British Minister, lias brought Great Britain
and France faco to face In China. Tho action
ot tho Chinese authorities is suro to depend on
how Great Britain supports thorn.
Presented by a Dulegntlon of Women from
New York.
ftteial CM! Dtivatch to Tnc Rex.
Rome, Deo. 25. nigh mass was celebrated In
St. Peter's to-day. Tho Popo received a num
ber of women from New York, who presented
to him a parchment address bearing many sig
natures and a purse of $10,000. His Holiness
made a brief speech. In which he expressed a
cordial wish for the prosperity of tho United
Fnpreeedentedly Heavy Itneelpts 9,900
Sacks from Tills Continent.
Spttial Cahle D'lpatek to TrtI Sox.
London. Deo. 25. Christmas Day here was
mnrked by bright and mtld weather. An un
precedented mill was received from Liverpool,
compelling tho rclnforecmontot tho Post Ofllco
staffs. The receipts Included 2,200 sacks from
Canada and the United Btatos.
Instead of Having a Golden Wedding Mr.
nnd Mrs. Cliurohlll Seek tiepitrntlon.
JANnsviLLit. Wis., Dec. 25. Instead of cele
brating tholr golden wedding anniversary, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Churchill aro uow plaintiff and
defendant In a dlvorco action that Is holding
tile attontlon of tho Circuit Court of Rook
county. They wero married In Peterborough,
Canada, but havo lived In Jnnosvllle forty-flvo
years, and have nlno children, nil married.
Mrs. Churchill alleges cruel and Inhuman
treatment. Mr, Chutchlll says it Is his wlfo
that Is tho cruel one. and that even in her old
iigesho thought nothing of hurling anything
she could lift at his gray hoad. Mrs. Churchill
is 72 years ot ngo and her husband Is nearly 80.
Arrested on Christmas liie for n Crliutt
Committed Seven Venrs Ago,
Sioux Citt, In,, Dee, 25, George, Russell
and FjI Slzemnru wore nrrestod yestordny nt
their home, seven miles from Onnwa.by Sheriff
Hums of Monona county, charged with tho
murder nt Decatur, Nob., of Charles Bock on
Christmas eve, 1801. Heck's body was found
on tho bank of tho river.
The authorities alh'uo that Reck was mur
dered and nibbed by tho three Hlremore broth
ers null two other men whose names have not
been made public.
How the President Spent ChrlstniBS.
Washington, Dee, 25. Piesldent McKluley
spent Clulstmas day quietly nnd transneted no
public business whatever. In the morning ho
attended service ut the Metropolitan M. 1',.
Church, accompanied only by a young nephew
from Canton, 0 nnd nt 4 o'clock In tho after
noon took n drive with Mrs. McKluley. There
wero no cullers at the Kxecutlvo Mansion, ex
cept Secrotnry Gnge and Postmastor-Gencrul
Smith, who, with their wives, dropped In forn
few minutes In the afternoon. The President
nnd Mrs, McKlnloy dined alono, except for the
presence ot two or tlireo near relatives of tho
family who am visiting at tho White Houso.
The fact thnt Christinas fell this year on Hun
dny evidently contrlbutod to the most quiet oh
eervuneoot the davamongGovcnimontofllclals
that has been known ror some yearn.
nslUullDc'a Mottled Alea are favorite. On tale, at
all ttrtt-clua pUcti.--.4ii. .
At.itiunurs SUCCESSOR. lQ
He l'.isses Through Snvnnnnli nnd Cnuset HI
tho Aiinoiinenment to He Mmle Will Bnl
Itemnln with the limber Asphalt Co. SfiB
Sitpi. L) mnn Will Keep Ills Present Ortlto, SkI
Savannah, Go., Dee, 25. l'verybody in Sa IXil
vaniinh expected Gen. Grcono and his staff this ail
afternoon on tho transport Chestor In tlmo to '3vl
tnko Christmas dinner hero, and the Do Soto jM
Hotel mado special picpnratlons forthoontor fl
tiiluinent nt tho Genornl, A beautiful souvenir jj(E
menu wns provided. Tho cablegram nnnouuo iiH
lnir tho departure of Gen.' Jrceno and stiff OH
from Havana on the Chester wan nn error. Ho Jtlsl
came by tho way nt Miami and Key Wost, nnd will
with I.lcuts. Bchnefllln nnd Slnvln of his staff SIS
passed through hero to-day on his way to ,w
Washington elty. at 1
From whnt could be gnthctcd from n limited, $&
conversation during it short stop nt tho depot. Jj
Gen, Greene Intends to present his restgnntlon JS
to tho War Department nt nn enrly day. Ho vf f
will be grateful and feel llntt,ored If tho appoint" J j
mentof Supcrliitendontof Piibll" Works of tho m '
Stnto of New York bo urged upon him. but tha -3
future Interests of hlmsolf nnd his family mnst jt
bepiovldod for whllo Iho opportunity offers. 'S
and It was announced while ho wns lioro that & I
bo will again tnko up tho duties of consulting fj s
engineer otthu Harbor Asphalt Paving Com i
pany. S; ;
Gen. Greano looks In tho best ot health nnd f j
" hard as nails." Tho Cuban experloncn has) s 1
dono him no harm, nnd all things must hnv m "
moved smoothly and eorafortnbly, for thero tiro h
no wrinkles of anxiety in his fnco. All his eon- J3, '
slgnments of medical and food suppllos arrived J
promptly and In good shape. If ho mapped M
out In his mind nny "comprohenslve system of jt
Improvements" tor Havana to rehnbllltnto t
that city, ns he did the elty of Washington, ho k
failed to admit It on bolng questioned. '
Gen. Oreeno thinks Gen. Ludlow will find no t ?
great difficulty in placing Hnv nna under such, (
u system of control ns will maintain peace nnd 2j ,
quiet and Insure tho sarotyotlifo and property, 3 ,
"Lyman, Henry II. Lyman to bo Snporln A i
tendont of Public Works" queried Senator !
Piatt nt the Fifth Avenue Hotel Inst night when, J
asked nbout Mr. Lvmnn's visit to him on Hat- a J
urday nud yesterday. "Oh, there's nothing In, "li
that. Ho only enmo down to do a llttla ,
Christmas shopping. Ho's out ot It. Ho M
won't resign his present place, $.,000 J i
ft year, with three undisturbed years to
serve. In order to take a place at $0,000 av m
yenr for two years (tho term of Superintendent j
of Publlo Works Is tho sntnons tho Governor's). a
nnd to bo thumped nnd harried as tho real hend ys
ot tho Cannl Department meantime. Lyman, ,S
prefers his present plnce and will not resign It." 3
So Gen. Greeno and Lyman aro out of It, ,'i
Nextl 1
Abraham Ackerman Charged with Aiding ,J jj
a. It. Kirk's Son to Bob the Kirk lint. II
At the outbreak of tho wnr with Spain Goorgs TM
B. Kirk of 2472 Seventh avenue onlisted In an, ME
engineer corps which was later sent to Porto l
Rico. His son, George II. Kirk, Jr., went to JjgF
Cuba with tho Seventy-first Roglmont. Hla Jf
wife went to Syracuse to -visit friouds, leaving: f'if
tho younger son, Harry, nt home to watch tho ,
house. UJ !
Mr. Kirk returned home on Friday and round
tho lint stripped of every article of valuo ex i
eept tho heaviest ploces of furniture. Ho com- t? !
plained to tho polieo of tho West-125th sjreet ., ffi
station on Saturday. That same nlcht'ihls -g
Krng-Jorgensen rllle, his new ovoreont, nnd B
somo keepsakes Mr. Kirk hnd brought from. jc
Porto Rico disappeared. His son, Harry, did f;
not return homo that night. ft
Yestorday Detective G'Hare of the West! J
125th street station ftrrested Abraham Acker- ,
man. II venrs old. or 500 West 141st streot, 3 '
Ackerman' family Is well known in tho upper & 1
part or tho city. Ho sings In tho choir or rt
Methodist church nt 158th street and the) Ax
Boulevard. The polieo chargo that ho and
Hntry Kirk stole all tho valuables and pawned
them. Thoy also allege that Harry Kirk has ;
gono South to escapo arrest. Aokerman ro-i
fused to discuss tho caso. :i
11 , ,
The Second Detachment of the First ItegU !
input lleaches Utlcn,
Utica, Dee. 25. Tho f roop train bearing tho, JI
second detachment of tho First Now York VoU 3
untecr Infantry arrived In this city at 10:50 Jf
to-night. It was ll'.UO before tho baggnco ' lg
was sorted and Company H of this city started 19,
for its nrmory. The demonstration was tho M
biggest ever seen In this city. . . . "afi
Tho 00.000 inhabitants: of Utica and many5 h
from tho country were on the streets, and thd S
ioldlers marched with great difficulty, escorted 1
iy the Grund Army, local wnr committees, Ao, '1h
tedflronhd other display made (lie streets ad ?K
bright as daylight. ' Aw
Every whlstlo nnd bell In the city was fig
sounded. At tho armory parents and Ims ;i
mediate relatives were admitted. All tho mem ,
bersuroln good health. They will report aft jfl
tho armory again on Tuesday. 'l
The Well-Known Citizen nf Louisville, Ky.( '
four Times Mayor, Posses Away. JJ
Louisville. Ky Dee 25. Charles D. Jacob) Mi
President ot tho Mutual Lite Insurance Com Jffi
pnny of Kentucky, tour times Mayor of tlfe city Wa
and one of tho most widely known and popular .
residents of Louisville, died suddenly of heart 3H
disease nt 10 o'clock this morning In bis room 1H
at the Louisville Hotel. Ho wns Minister to 'JS
thn United Htntes or Colombia. South America. 'W
under Cleveland nnd had travelled thn world -4
over. Ho was the father of thn loulsvlllo park y-
hjstem nnd Instrumental In rBtnbllshingmany
of tho cltl's hospitals. Ills son, Chnrles D.Jnoob, 9
Jr., wns the only Kuntueklqii killed In hnttld -4 J
with Spain. He was shot while attempting to) It
rescue a eomrudo at tha nssault on Ban Junn. .
On Mr. Jacob's return rrom n trip n round thq s
world, two years ngo. he married MUs Ilullltfj ,) !
or this city. It being his second mnrrlago. ;
Kxlutmed nnd Itubhedi Now Veteran John A j
C. Clmk Is All night. I
Dono k Citt, Kan., Deo. 25. John C, Clark. fl
nn lumntn or the Soldiers' Home hero, wns
supposed to hnvo died on last Wednesday of f j
typhoid fever. The doctor pronounced him f
dend, nnd tho votcrnn, who Is over 7(yenisof J f
age, wns buried After tho filnornl acomrndu ff
named Hur.cn Insisted that Chirk had boqa w 1
Milled allvo 4i
Ho great 11 dlstuib.iiien did Hnr.Au create that
on Friday afternoon the supposed doiul man if i
wns taken from the grave and after n, vigorous ,4B
rubbing lm reeoveied. Ho said he was partly
conscious of nil that was happening during tha sm
burlnl. but could not make n move to pre- m
vent It, 5
Widow Itef uses the Tribute of Liquor Hellers "TJ:(
to llrr llusbnud's Memory. ) I
Cbattanoooa, Tcnn.. Dee. 25. Grlmm Broth- 3m
era, snloon kcepeis, reeoived n tombstone to- Sil
dayasaCbrlstmns gift, Tho donor was Mrs, gl
A. 11. ltlordlin, n widow Her husband had jt I
beeu n confirmed drunkuid, and, shortly before) f
his dentil, Mrs, Rtordiin warned tho saloon mt
keepers If thoy sold him whiskey hho would ,
prosecute them. On the day lllordnn died, ?
it was alleged, ho bought whiskey at the il
(Irlmm saloon. Mrs, llloniim enterod suit, and JjlJ
obtained a judgment for $2,500, but up to this 3ai
Umo has been unublo to collect the money, JtlT
hllo evading payment, of thu judgment, tho ItUi
Grimms erected a tombstone over Rlnrdan'a Ml)
grave. Thu slab was teturned to-day by tha ml!
widow. Wit'
lS.Vear.OItl Hoy Held for Murder. M '
CiiinAtio, Doc, 25 Thomas Gcorgo Crosby, Jt j
the lll.year.nld youth vvho shot and killed U,
Deputy Sheriff rrnnk E. Nro while the lattor 3m
was engagod In serving a writ ot ejectment at si
the Crosby liomeMcnd. In Argvle Park, lift $m
ben held as principal by the Coroner s jury .! v
Mrs, Marjprle Helen Ciosby.tliu boy's foster Jj
mother, and her attorneys. William K. Hughes :i
nnd Mnrk P.. Fnrr. who. It is ultogod, advised Jilli
tho belligeront widow to resist with violence lm
nny effort directed to deprive her of her home,
wero made accesborlcs before tbouot. I'm
j II
. ....... -7yi

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