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' Mm(, 7rMT JOI.V 7- SVht,irAtT THINKS OF
'fwl tb r.r.ADisu iinjrvtriuauTs.
rMMfR Says Miarliey Iteinlnds Him of Himself
'Hs "l)udfi" J.sterhrooU Anions Old Friends
' Kb CuluuililiOi Athletic Itnum lnj Jlenr
'jf 1'rult Tulk of Another League Meeting.
iMf. Homebody asked John L. Sullivan not loor
Hf, agowhat ho thought of the heavy weight fight-
jn era of Ilia Diesent day, snd tlio tx-clmmplon
JW'! proceeded to Bcore nenrh all of them without
M '.. mercy
ijHi "Cornell's beon shown up us & dend one,"
K ,, . kld John "Ho noer was a llrst-olnis man.
H AYIion he met me he had sclonce nnd youth, hut
H' he couldn't hit For trrcnty-ono rounds he
0"' hammered me almost lit "111. Then I fell from
Wtji sheer exhaustion Corbott was fly enough to
H? know III own abllltl, o he picked out another
mark In Mitchell Thon tie fought shy of every-
Hi iKHly until he thought he had a chance with
H 1 Itzslmmons, a good middleweight. When he
Bj got that punch In the'solar plexus he looked like
Bfju a dunro, lie howled about luoky punches and
'HE wanted to Dalit again, but Fits know his busl-
Hi. tiess. Then Hlinrkoy comes alone anu mtices
H" , Corbett look like a bum hand In a poker same.
H In mifrrlmel could havo polished oft this mm-
R , lmilour feller easy,
M' "1 ttzslmmons doesn't want to fight any-
' body for fear he'll lose his titles. If he Is the
H rem champion, why doesn't he msot all comers
BJm either In limited round bouts or to a Ilnlsh?
:H There's plenty of ducks that would like to taku
'H&t chance at him. lie ought to fight or re-
fr tiro. This oung feller, MoCoy, seems to be a
'.& fairly clever fighter, but he's too windy. He
H hn4 been picking out rasy marks. He'll havo
l a time of It with Bhsrksy. perhaps, and then
Hg wo'll know jut how aood ho Is. Hharkey. by
r tho way, seems to bo the only real flRhier of
jC the lot. He likes the game and nln't afraid to
jW tackle everybody Ihat comes n'ong. Hu re-
E minds me something of myself when I was
Bji known as tho 'Boston Strong Hoy.' willing to
iE,) scrnp, but not having h,id much experience
Hi "Peter Mnhcr Is food when he thinks ho's
' ' got a cinoh, but when ho's afraid otthaothor
feller ho's a lobster I'd like to see him and
Bi Hhnrkoy have n go. Illc JelTrlos is a slow,
w clumsy young fclli'r. viho don't know much.
Ho might do In time, for he's got the strength.
& ttulilln Is nfourlh-nitoi. with n good manager.
(hoyuskl Is u back niiinbei, and to Is Uod
L dard. There Isn't any other lieai weitlit
'Jm worth uioDtlonlne "
K dospnlch from Cincinnati In another ool-
its limn to the eUctt thnt llruili Iiih ptirclned
SLtj thn relenso of HoIImlIi from the NVashlnctuiiH
Qu sppe.irsto hu slisnllkaut In view of the runioiM
l tlmt hnve bean llylui: about In tlui bAsuball
".' world for tho nasi three weeks As Helbach Is
J IB ono of Wnciipr's most uluublo playen. hli
w h motlwi In rtx)sliiR of him to tho Uliiuiiiimtl
y ( hib'may b onstrued ns n donlro to "unload"
i. before tho Umo oiiior to Ulnsolxe tho nroent
a tiele-club tlrcult. It Is not believed that
! B WdLMiei would consent to let such a star co
i ', unless he knew eomethlnir. Helbach will
I ,, strenathen the Cincinnati outfield nnd also
II t add to tho battlnK stienKtli of the toimi Ho
jk " would hao boeu u rcat nduiilon to tho New
i?, jiks.
Thomas Kterluook, known In tho old days
V as, ''liudo," esneclnlly wlitnho wan Hnilnt;
i B third base for the Now orks, walked Imotno
- fc I'lllli Avenue Hotol durlnit the recent 1 .nan no
y R meetlnu nnd met lil old frlouos. "licr"
1. had on the same fur oercuat tlmt used to
ii' VI create n llutter of oxcltementon llro.iilwav.
y Xm end nlso pari led the little cane whluli he haa
; it twirled with his flncers for a ilecado Anionic
a ' I hone he met at the hotol was Buck Kwinc.
3j Tlu-li- mectlne recalled nn Incident that was
v"' S talked of by bitsebntl cranks all oor the coun-
5 try at tho time. It was in 1HH7. when 1 Mer-
JK t ItrookwaHplnrincthird baBe.thatthoNtiwVorks
m went to boston to play n holiday enme. The
ffl latter i-lub as late eomlnc from the West and
Ss K had not urrived nt tho South Knd iiiotindsat
M i a o'clock. After the New Yorks had practiced
111 I r little Uiilu l.wlnir cnllnd I'sterluook to tho
S. f, I onio plato and asked him to show theorowd
m ii how many straiclit-up lly balls ho could catch
48) & without u miss. Tommy was wllllntr. nrd
lb & Jluck nropiediil to Bend unhltrh ones. .Kstor-
S . brook had a wav of hln own of catclilnc drives
Jl i of this kind nnd it nmused the orowd ereatly.
'S& E As soon as the hall was hit skynnrd, Eater-
Sk X brook took one or two looks at it before It be-
Sf ' Kan. to fall: then he stood perfectly still.
M 5w ionned n sort of cup with his hands, and. wlth-
m h out turnlnu his eyos un ajaln. ho caught tho
m a; ball every time. Kwlnic. by actual pount. sent
'm t HP tliirty-one fly balls, and tho "Dude" cot
Jm them all. J'nterhrook Is llvlnc at Htnten Isl-
,'ffi , nn 1 and says ho eannut-undorstond why the
dSC U Laiiiio clubs aro not surambltiiB for his ser-
121 ffl vices.
tig$ g." From present Indications there will be a eon-
vJ?t 1 Icrenco of certain bnseballtmaffnatcs In this
M jf cltvonornbout Ian. t. AJthouchthe Leaeue
'aS? w mon save out tho Information that they would
fimi come nero ncain until next leoruary. It
was learned yestorday that some of them havo
'Hi! s? SKroed to ho hore aeain on the above date.
3I& ft, .Hist what tbe object of snoh a conference may
B& Wl bo fa purzllnc those who so far hate refused to
ctb5 , believe that tho magnates want to reduce the
ifSt, I clrault to elcht clubs While nobody will ad-
'Shu, k nilt tnnt a xpcalal mretlne will be called,
war i strancer thlncs have happened In baseball.
te&, $ .. "he spoelol moetluc at wnioh the Ilusle oass
'Pravi 5 wn ttlod was entirely unexpected, tho no-
iMrJ 8 tlceotlt being pent out only twenty-four hours
yjnr ,; before the.'tnaBnntes convened. As soon aa
Ki ; theSt. LqjH muddle Is flxed up the msgnstes
ih" will lr-batter able to proceed with their
n BoMtaes.
Lftffc-js1 . The boom In athletlos at Columbia Is creat-
TSr lnit oonaldorablo Interest at other leading unl-
Ttc., verrltlea In the Kast. where students behove
g that intercollegiate contests should be revived
w In thia city. Columbia made a reasonably
ft good showing In all sports excopt football ar-
1 lng the past year, but the undergraduates say
S that they.wlll also hsvo a representative
K, aleven on the orldlron In 16011, It can be sad
9, with considerable authority that If Columbia
W really decides to enter tho football world and
, will show thnt business is meant early enough.
e- the, man ace rs of Harvard, Yale. Princeton.
S Uolverslty of Fonnsylvanla and Cornell, to say
a nothing of other Institutions, will make an f-
E fort to arrange games jo be played in this city,
W either at WlTHsnisbridge or Berkeley Oval!
2Jt In view of the prospect of good cato receipts.
K It would seem that Columbia's athletlo man
jg& asera have an exoelleut chsnoe to make
. enough money to preclude the necessity of
IE popular subscriptions after next fall. As Thk
j Bun has often shown, football games In this
K city which can permit tho publlo to seu some
S, of the bin 'varsity teams cannot fall to be
f, profitable. Columbia, can arrange just such
& games next year and reap whatever harvest
jr. there mar be.
Skating Club nf Ilrooklyn Unfents thn Tula
University Team.
An euthuslastlo assemblage crested the
hockoy teams of Yalo University and the
HkatlngClub of Brooklyn last night In Cler
mont Avenuo Rink, Brooklyn. Tho BkatltiB
Olub players wan because thoy showed a
croater knowledgo of tho gamo, but at tho
same time tho university men proved that they
had made material advances In the acquire
ment of a thorough understanding of the play
reuulred. The Bmo openod with fast plav.
Wall nnd Walworth faced off for tho puck. Wall
rot It and made a clovorattemptfor goal, which
Bmlth cleverly stopped. Tjiu bull waskuptln
the tutors' territory by forward uud
backward passing, until. Wall scored
llrooklyit'6 1 flrbtgoal. Tlmu.3 mluute 7 seo
onds. vynlluKalnvvou tho puck and passed it
to Uiybdalo, who forwaidcd tho disk to Hobby.
'Jholqtturdndued tluough tliaYnlo mon and
scored Brooklyn's second goal. Time, 1 1 min
utes 14 nocouds. After the next fuce-olT C'apt.
Htodduid hPeiired tho puck, stopping Willi's
puss to Dubby. The YalenBlan Hkutm? like a
siipqd meri'liunt and scored the first cohI
(Jr his team 'lime. Hi mlnuWa 2J seconds.
Wull and ha oollenpurs then. In ie
siKineetu cnes to "Wake uii. Drooklynl"
Played haid nnd fast hockey, Iieforo tliu half
vnded thieo inori- goals worn niudu by II rook
lyn. Tho passing, dodging nnd itiuk work of
the home team weieuluifut perfect. The Yale
teamvyas not Idle, foil Easton shot a goal tlmt
roused the cheers, leaving tho tcore at tho oud
bu-ji ofthellrsf Brooklyn, 0. Yule. L'.
Bl ..In the blcoiuI period Wall beat Wal rforth for
the puik. mid with aneilw of pasben to Dobbv.
' p lurrav. to Wall. Kenned) got tho puck
WM i dunKerauhW near lulo'H posts, and dually shot
Ia thocoul. TlniH.4 minutes. Yue won the next
r i Koalonu pass from Easton to l'almer, to Bur.
'I ii nett. Olmo. i inlniitaa '-'U. sneomft. Wall
I Bi I 7ef!,'", .Urooklyn's BevenlJi goal Walworth
B tSffl I followed with one foi Yale on a olevur bit of
I 'Svi ! tanifeui pluyby the foiHnnls, Kennedy mado
4 vWM iBOB ,,0.r. liro"Mr'" few, minutes Inter, uud
I wat ,"0',1 uil llly put "" ,,,,k thiouuh for a clever
W H.oal.i V'.y,u wu" Du. '"rther scorinB. leaving
" the lliinl llgtiros as follows Sutlnu Club, 0
IB boqUj lnlo, 4, Tlio lliic-iip. '
3 ' K . fy'S' I'oiihmt .Stalin Club.
tih''M y.'s'.'i'M u'1 H-iiock
Mf 2flf ' Odsnelil l'uini . MiKeiuls
i "ffi hlodJsrU iCajit) Corpuint lrailla
Mi, B l'.lmer I ( ',XJ
7 ' . ,!';,u,"-1?' ,w I,'t. SVilIng Club if UrooVlyu
I - Kifttou ilt. VNHtMurth 1 1
? ' ,iS1'i,nt,"''."' ""''.-'i-J.1'9 eamo hvilneen
k thu hockei eiimsof tho MjiiitLMairllleli'ii luml
!&' "nd MouUlitlr A C . which wuh pLmI on
f. v',,,rV",'1 I-Uku thl,h 'rili'B. UMillvd in title
r fcwm ttaiu fcisiroil diimuimI
hFT" " i'iio"1 : Ii" " ""
noT.r.Kit roto.
The New Tnrks Down the Strong I'lillmUl
ptilu Tenm,
A lively samo was playod yesterday after
noon between tho Now Yorks and Jersey Cltys
In the series of the American Polo Association
at Oakland ltlnk, Jersey City Heights. There
was a muoli batter nttendanco than at any pre
vious game played horo, and the spectators ap
plauded tho home players vociferously as thor
kept scnrliiB goal after goal, and finally con
iluerodlhoOpthamltos by a score of U Bonis
to .'. IMrcell gained the rush for tho New
Yorks tit tho sound of tho whistle After the
ball was In play 1 minute and iO seconds
Houghton worod for Jeisoy City In u necnllnr
msnner. Berry attempted to stop tho high
drive, but tlio ball travelled down his slick
(itiUknsa llaMinnd Into tho net. The second
conl went to Now York through an oversight
of O'Malloy. the Jersey coal keeper, who left his
cairn durlnc n tussle nearby, and Puree!)
quietly slipped the bull Into the not.
The Rpcond period resulted disastrously for
NewYork At thecloso the score of the giimo
stood tl goats to 1 In favor of Jarsoy City. Tar
rant took tlio. place of Holdrldge for the New
Yorks in the last period Houghton soon had
the clever lnur uuesslnir and took tho ball
nway from him at suveral critical moments,
Tim only goal mado In this period was by Boo
field for tho visitors Thutluo-uu follows!
Jtrny Cli. foliliom, A'o KoiJ
Itoiigtitau , , Untruh rurrtll
lUdley Hrunnd ruh . .. , H-(HIh(
u u,r Centre j ,Trrnt
I'urlimh , , Hnir lurk Union
O Milky .Ooil. . lrrr
Kfftre Aril Ijitlism Unsli-lUdliy.ili nonun
ion, 2, i'nrbiuli, li tiiricll, 1 B:oOld, 1,
It was a tougher protmsltton than the Brook
lyn thnt tho Phllndelplilns struck up against
nt tho Urand Central I'ulaco last night. Btitnt
that tlio New Yorks wero only able to win out
by tho scorn of :i goals to 'J Attliucndnf the
third period the score stood n tie AeponlliiB
tothorulos tha gamu In continued until either
Hido scores. Aftor 4 minutes (H) seconds Holio
Ileld caged tho ball for New York on what was
practically nfluko. but It won the sumo for the
loeal ttnm
lho openlnc rush of tho first porlod was
won by Tarrant It was a battlo roinl
from that un Now Y'ork's team work was
excellent After Mertouch, Philadelphia's
half back, had stopped a drlvo .from
Hchoflclil with his stick, ho drovo tho ball buck
to Now York's phco, where It was stopped by
Tarrnnt Newiork's little llrst rush evaded
both McKay uud C imnbull until he got the ball
half way down the Iloor, and then, with u beau
tiful back-hand drive, ho scored New Y'ork's
ill at goal In 111 minute ,'iOsooomls.
C'smphell. for Philadelphia, got to tho ball
first In tho next porlod. Philadelphia then bo
can nn onslaught on Now York's goal that was
tcrrlllo. Finally Campbell got tno bull in front
of tlio cage nnd with a well-timed dilvo scored
In 5 minutes nnd 15 seconds, Tlio next scoro
was made by Tarrnnt In 6 minutes Campbell
mid .McKay. b nuift nnd accuriito nasslns,
rufliod the ball to New York's eaco. and Camp
bill landed l'lilladnlphlu's second goal In .'1
minutes and fit) seconds. Then followed a pro
tected struggle, with tho result as already
told. Thai ne-un:
.nc loi k. I'oiiltimr PMlaitlpMa
Tsrraut Flrt mill 1'iiniiljoll
Hrhollild becond msh VMiItuils
I'urocll Oi ulro McKsr
Mnl'iuo lUUbick Mcrtough
llerry Goal Allou
Itufurec K. .1 Martin. Ooili Tsrnnt, 2; Damp
bell, 'J, Stlioflcll, 1. fouU Mertougb and Allen.
The Philadelphia tonm made Its first nppeir
nnpo In this vialnityvnctordnynfternoon nnd de
feated tho Hrooklyns ut JIaltby'a Academy by
tho seoro of 1) gonls to :t Tho visitors wcro In
lino form nnd outplayedthoBrooklins Johnny
Murphy of (Springfield, Brooklyn's now boiI
tonder, wns onsllr tho star of tliogamo. Ho
mide stops that looked Impossible, nnd when
the came eudul ho hnd ilfty-soven to his credit,
with only three seconds to piny, ho was struck
cm the head with tho ball nnd had to bo carried
ntt the floor. Campbell nnd Whipple, divided
tho .honors for Philadelphia, each scoring 4
Whipple cot tho first rush. running the ball
down to Brooklyn's territory Ooyii with a
putty drive, sent it Into Philadelphia's cago
tor Brooklyn's llrst goal In 1 minute and 40
seconds. One mlnuto Intor Campbell storod
for Philadelphia The next rush went to W hip
pie, who sent tho sphere toward Brooklyn's
ongo Coyle drovo it back to Allen, who madn
n remarkable shot, driving it back tlio full
length of tho floor npd into Brooklyn's cage.
Campbell wound up the period by scoring
Philadelphia's third goal. Whipple nnd Coylo
ouch scored once In the second period. Ilrook
lyn went all to plecos In the third period. The
line-up follows;
WrrwHim. ronlltnt rttdrlrin.
Fsrklm Tint ruth. I'amnbaU
"oylo Beoondruah Vthlpnla
Tteiw Centre McKay
ToWn Halfback Mortough
Muriliy , Uoal Allen
Keferan B. J. Martin. Ooala Campbell, 4: Whip
ple. : Allen. 1; Coylo, 2, 1'erkiim, 1. Stops Mur
pliy, 67i Allen, 23,
A meeting of the American Polo Association
will bo held this afternoon nt tho Astor House.
Tho sqhedulo will bp revlsod The game to
night between Newark and Philadelphia will
tako place In Newark Instead of Philadelphia.
I.EWA11K, 0; imooaxY.v. 5
The came in Newark last night botween tho
Nownrknnd Brooklyn temns resulted In a de
feat for the Hrooklyns by a seoro of 0
coals to 5. Tho Nowarks plaed an ox
ceptlonally fnst gnme. nnd showed a
marked improvement over their Bnme on last
Hnturday ngalnst the PhtladelphTas. In tho
first period the NowarkH made three goals 1 he
llrst and third wore scored hyllackctt.ond Diw
son sccurod tho secoml. Coylo scored tho first
goal for Brooklyn at the start of tho second pe
riod The next aUo went to Brookljn through
Perkins. Then Dawson shot another for
Newark. Conloy thon scored for tho JprRey
mon. and still another coal was made byOaw
son. whloliBave Novvark tho lead by a score of
tl goals to 2. In tho third period Dawson
started off by adding two more goals for New
ark. Perkins then made a brilliant spurt and
scored three coals In nulck succession for
Brooklyn. A moment before time Dawson got
one more coal for Newark, which proved to bo
the last one. Tbellno-up:
Brooklyn. iVintin. Jv"icrt.
Parkin First rush Ilackett
Coylo ...Socond rush Dawson
Tlorney. Centre fouler
Tnbln Halfback Hinlth
Murphy Uoal Anderson
Ilertrea Arlla Ijitliaru. Onala Diwaon (). Ilackett
(2), Conliy (1), Perktua U). Coylo (1).
Tfaihlngton Uelghts Clirlstloni Quit Knvnl
Iteaerves l'Iny.
Probably 2,000 persons weie present at tho
Fourth Separate Companv's armory. Yonkors,
yesterday afternoon, when tho basketball team
of the company lined up acalnst the cracks of
the Washington Heights Y". If C. A. for the an
nual Christmas Day game. From the 6tart the
game was rough, but both teams displayed fine
basketball. Aflor several mlnutesof iilaybhoo
mttkor received the ball on a preltv triple pass
by yuiBg. Woodworth uud Under, und. desplto
a united Interference from the wholn Washing
ton Heights team. Hhoemaker scored a gial.
Several lmigh Hcrlnriiuges followed, and In u
mix-iip limr threw an wisy goal foi Wiishing
ton Heights, Tha tenuis had been plajlng
eighteen mlniilos, when, after a llerce
porlmmagu. Ituferun Pene culled play and
dUquallfled Woodworth. The latter protested,
but Peene said he saw lho Washington Height,,
Player Jilt King and refused to i linngo his nil
lug. After considerable urgulng. In which thn
spectators took n hand, the lefereo uwurded
the game to the iourth Hojmrntu Company by
a fceoro of 2 to 0. Tho W'ashlngton HeiglitH
learn laL-aitcu leu iiiiuuies 10 resume piuy, out
refused unlets a now inun was substituted on
the Yonkerstoam. This tlio latterdoUlned to
do. The teaniB lined up ns follows:
Waihtnttim lltl)tl I'oiiliom. rourIK Stnartlt Co
Woodworth lllglit forward Kliiic
Ualdan ...... LoftfiirwMrd Uiuluu
Bboeniaker Cinlre HjeT-
yj"'lf ltMitguard U-ddoii
Under.,., ....Left guard .,, , Williams
BX11VEH, 0
A large numberof. parsons was present at
the old Thirteenth Ileglment armory. Brook
lyn, vesterduy to witness the Christinas Day
sports of the Hecond Naval Battalion The
special feuturn was a bsskotbali ganio between
tho Iteserve team und tliu Hceond and Third
divisions of the reserves The game opened
with a rush Kinsman scored for the divisions
from tho Held on a pretty shoot Ho duplicated
this a few minutes later after some lively
sorlmmages. The half ended In a score of tl to
U In favor of tho two divisions Inthnsocond
half the Beserve men were kept on the defen
sive, but they managed to keep the score of
t hnir opponeiits down. The final figures were :
Hecimif and Third divisions, tl points; Iteserve
tenm, 0 Thn line-up:
tJanitSJ Utr, AiiiHoih, Hum a.
loiiVr .. Rlkht forward .. Orcenbuig
Ijaiiillton I,-!t forward Koliiian
Hunter (Cantaiu) ..(Vntro uit4
Hrboonuiar . Hutbt guard Chapman (Cantalu)
Kinsman UH guard. ,. . ColweiJ
Ooal finm foiiu lluntrr. Ooala from field ltun.
tor, Kinsman, Cooke, and Hamilton
After, basketball camn a baseball game be
tween the. botpnil and Third divisions, the for.
mcr winning by 12 runs to 0.
MMtCrit rOUMt WIIICL1UKN, 22: esths
NOVS, ft,
Tl..MOM. Dec 2U-riie champion Mercer
Ciiuiity Wheelmen basketball team defealod
tho Lntro, Nrnis of Pitorson hern this niter,
nopii. atiishlngton Hall, by tiie hcoio of 22 to
8 'I l.u IIiib-up
IIAnfm'N, Viiuni firt Voul
Klein . RiKld forward Mliinla
fflii" I '-- Mc5
lj!d7 Cmire Jve.rmy
4 Madley llialit uusnl UNeil
""" i v.i .l.tilmiAia,.,,, gfuy
" v i'W Ji-i H'" umn twui
oor.pxn.1 nnoir yr vtrt.l is urn-
MnaMalien Scores Winning Honors In Two
Krente nt the Crescent A. C.-Onklnnil
Cup for Idltlejiilin Handicap ut Luke
wood st biioieas-Atntoh at Atlnntlo City.
Thero wa? a lurgo turnout of gollors at tho
Crescont A. 0. yesterday, and. In addition to
the long-drlvlnc contest for a cup presontod by
J. H, Ollphant, tho President, an olglileou-holo
swoepstakos at modal piny onubled the mem
bers to tost tha now wlntar course. Tho Santa
Clans of tho links, ns It turned out, had spatial
favors In store for MacMuhon, who not only
won the cup for driving, but also tied nt 1)1 not
for first plaoo In the sweepstakes with James
Ithett. Accuracy as well as dlstanco countod
In tho driving content, nud, as tho boundary
Hues were only seventy feot apart, most of tha
competitors found that I.alng had sot a bird
task for them, Moreover, a ball between the
lines tell en rolling ground nud was apt to
" Lick " out If at all near tho boundailos. At
about 130 yards from the tea a decided slope
began, and If this vnntago point could bo
calnod a long and favorablo roll on tho ball
was almost a certainty. Each player tccolvad
three trials, the average counting. Only two
of the contestants sot safo on their thrcont
tompts, Patterson and Vlckors, but each spollod
his chance to win by topping ono ball, line
Mahoii pulled his first drivo, nnd, although a
longball.lt went out of bounds. Ills next two
attempts were lone und turn, tha agcrcgnio
distance being .'HI ards 1 foot, and, ns this
won for him nn av crime of 114, ha proved
to bo the winner, MaeMahon Is nn old-tlmo
tennis player who has only bocn at colt for
about ten months. A fact that nuido his show
ing the more credltablo was that until vory
recently ho plnjed from too to ho'o with only
one club, and that a puttur. But for tho uood
of accuracy Tucker, C'umiiboll and O'Flyn
might enslly havo mndo n hotter showing than
tho winner, but after one or two truo triuls
each they became wild In dliectlon. Huon stars
of tho club links us Van Brunt, Morris, Ilowns,
Fowler and otheis wwro even moro unlucky,
for they fulled to land n drlvo between the
Hues. A summary follows:
Mril .Sfruiid TAird
lintf. linx' Hnvt Jxfrant.
rat vt, Viii.tt. )rfi yi. l.it.tt.
OKMarMahon mil 3 I mo j lit o
II. J Patterson tiO O ljn O Ut II 111) 0
H. A lueker ,. . jr.', n 170 o ins i
H 1- Mrkers lut o III 2 ho U7 2
W. V. Wllaon . HO J lull J til 1
Wm Campbell. . . 170 0 . oil 2
. oi'jyn. .170 J r,7 l
A C hiimner. . So 0 to 2 64 u
W. II Itlictt , 1U0 I) r.1 o
V K V.ivlnr . Till O Jill
ll.H McKovar. Ii 0 J . :u n
V. llenediet . Hi) o . . ail)
W C. livelier . HO 2 . 80 3
It Yoodard 75 0 L'f. u
NntVUhlnllomid-A I, orrl, II P. Downa, 0.
n Van Brunt v. 11 Tbompton, J. It Heard, II X.
Ueard, C A B;iue, H 1'. lTobnco, Jamta Itlu It, VV,
Langaoii and 1'. C llll.
Thoso whoplnvodln the sweepstakes found
tho winter courxu well planned and n good
Rubstltuto for thn regular links. Tho fair
greens wero Boft and sticky in places, duo to
the thawinc weather, which had a tendency to
keep the stores on tlio high side. There was
itulton Catherine of onlookers about thn links,
Including a party brought down on a drag by
J. ltobortson Heard Thren of tho contestants.
Jvorrls. Powlor and II H. Heard, vsore among
tho coacnlnc party, lho hmidlcnp cards are
0. E MacStahon Or. irp. XtU
Out.... n n it 4 s e n 7 s R2
In 0 7 tl 4, 4 U 7 7 0-61108 14 81
James Hnott
Out I H 10 7 B 10 7 4 I3
In. ,06SriOU77 5 B4 117 38 01
VV. 11, Ithett
Out ....7n4RB7 4 M
In GllU4b5(I8 4-47100 7 83
II, A. Tucker
Out 7 r. fl 5 7 B fl B-60
In UII67&787 8-611-109 IS 88
Ont 8 7 7 B B 4 711 B B7
In 7 I) 7 II 6 CIO U 6-67-11 20 84
Out II 7 7 A S B 0 8 B-BS
Ju V 0 7 8 B 5 7 6 860-108 87
W. K. Mitelow
Out.... 5HB4B687 B 88
In I 7 12 B 6 U 0 7 6-BD 118 11 87
B P. Prolwsco
Out 6 10 n ft 8 B 7 B 7 B7
In 7 7 C 0 B 0 8 0-88118 18 87
H. P. Viokera
Out... II r B R fl 0 8 A 483
In 777R88H7 660-133 24 88
W. 0. Iieechor
Olt 7 tl II B 8 7 7 8 868
In. .. 8 II 8 7 tl 8 13 11 U-64-11T 18 88
0. H. Van Brunt
Out 111 II 3 II I M 8 SB
In . . II 8 B 4 U 7 7 7 467111 104
W. M. Campbell
Out 7 8 H 4 8 7 7 7 4-68
II 6 II 11 6 C 5 CHI 668-114 8 106
A. C. Sumner
Out.... II 8 10 B 4 6 S 7 4 B6
III, ....11 7 8 6 6 7 111U 774-138 18 113
A. L. Norris snd W. K Fowlor withdrew after
coiiic tho llrst round in 50 and -111 respectively.
0. J. Patterson and B. B Woodward did not
return cards.
Laeewood, Dec. 20. The field of golfers who
participated in tho Christmas handicap of the
Qolf Club of Lakewood was eo largo as to ro
mind one of the semi-annual open tourna
ments which that club has made popular. Tho
weather conditions could hardly hnva been
better. The tournament nroper occupied tho
morning hours, and tho afternoon brought out
ns many moro players In private matches and
mixed foursomes. Many of the best known
golf clubs wero represented, and tho conditions
of the match, which limited handiuaps to eigh
teen strokes, with fli st, second and cross score
prizes, combined to make tha event one of tlio
most Interesting of tho season thus far In I.ake
wood J. O.Douglass ot Oakland, an unknown
iiuaiitltv. who received tho full limit of the
handicap, won the first prlzo, Aloxandor W.
Black captured thn second, and i J.J. Des
Hnlsmos, also of Oakland, won the trophy for
tho best gross seoro Tho course was In per
fect condition. Tho prlzu-wInnliiB scores In
full follow:
J. O. Douglas, Oakland Groii. Yap, JV(.
Out. .6 H il 6 u 6 8 .1 647
in. 7 u it 4 r, r, r, r. 4u os is 78
Alexander W. Black, Oct-an County Hunt
Out 4 4 r r, 4 ii ii .i r.-j
III . M U II r, 7 4 4 4 4 4U-0O 10 80
1' J. I DislUihins. Oakland
O it b r. ii ii 4 n r, it c 44
III 6 c .- 6 7 4 4 4 r,-4r 88 O 811
Other scores were
Out In. Grrtt ll'p, ,V(
1. I.. BidiwarU, Jl .lAkoMuml .44 r.il 114 u SJ
Kei D.I. Hiliwult I u'.ouoo 1 4H B3 10.1 IN HJ
0 11. datns Cn t flit A II 6u r.n joo Id f4
vv a I'stiui st Aii rj' m ri ioj in vn
1 I Win. tin irl.lo 4U r.n mi 0 ml
A I Clapu, I yaii alisluw r,u r,j ioj n ,)
I' ink li Hi m l.l). "Lit Co uty r.B 40 104 1M d
C i. Hlilitll. IU Ulllll Til III! 1117 IH Ml
itoj B UiNlUI'iaeH, Ijikemxid.ni r. t 107 ih ti
Mi iKiiml I .P ul I aki ot 1 1 CI 107 in tin
1. 11. Hihauiiitr, I ak wud 6, 'J 1.17 is mi
laulJ Kimball, I, kirr od i 61 ji a JU ii
lluhtrt I!a;o hiri, J aUiwuud ra 47 , , H in
1 led 1'. l!mbn! paAUIi Is C4 4it loo H I'
I I l'arrUb, Ardah v ft.l 6", les 14 1"
JmjitrT Ijucli, Lakiwnnl 411 47 11 1 u u
11. Ii. M Oueeii.oieuii Couut) r.o r,7 lu is in I
liank jl lni-ui.in I aliUmd 4U r,u 10, u jir,
J. Ua mi, hoi an C-uin y r.n r,i n.i is ur,
IV A WullllHU. I tVlll,t.,lt AH Jl, UT ,. ...
II I.. Hfbwarti. I.akunoiid SI m lu IS ui
laniesIM.ee, Hhluueiock Hills cu 01 jo IB 101
y A l'ottn, lakewood r.r, nil i.-i is ioj
l' I'. IaiiiIi, I,akeni,d do III l.'l JH 10 1
y.li Uoiliij. Ijikewood ru 84 l.'t jh 1115
ll.Koimi.O eauCumily , ua uj i.'r, lu 1117
i.e. I'arrlHli.Jr .UcesuCouuti 6 07 U5 m 107
J O I'arrlsli.OxianOjunty u j 114 Uii i hh
Do forest I yon, Liken iiodt! , 71 ir. in 117
II II Hooper, iJiknwood , U7 mi l.l.l m uh
E VV, Itupts, I akewood, . 71 tu) id7 JM Ilu
A special Clnlstmas Day handicap, nt eigh
teen holes, mcdul play, was tlio attraction os
terdu) at the Btnten Island thicket and Base
ball Club. Thocourso was rough from frost,
und for such advorsa clicumstitnces tliu 111
scored by (Jeoigo 1 Ariiistionc was a good
showing nnd only a few strokes ubovn thn best
summer scores The winner was 1) Hnvvts.
with Bl net, who recilved it long handicap,
. Croil, ll'tau. Ktt.
W.D. Hawcs uh 14 84
W. O. Jolin.on , .ion n uj
il. K. ArnistriHig nl j sn
Dr. Uurdrit u Couuor U7 . iu
U Uurdon UA j u.i
C, T. O Connor lau m m
Twelve cards were returned lu tho medal
play round, at eighteen holes, yenlerd&j morn
ing at tho Oukluud (lolf Club, foi tha cup pio
sented by William B HobliiKon Themweiaa
nuuibei of withdr.iwuls. Including W'ulter J.
'Iruvls, whosuid.ubiiii uxeiihu lot not iituiu
tiiBitcuid, thut his si ore was so heavy thut It
had broken tho pusteboard Into lialw s I'nei
poutully pool hhowlngs vulu iiiiidu bi Colgate,
loimtlj of the lain team, uud lllkir. ono of
the bebl of tliu jiuiiui uolleiN lust bum
mm uick ot mieiit iiaetlco was tlio
reiibon for their downfall Thuricului hiiui
menourwi vias In use, us It lh not the linen
Hon of the club to cover its croons durliitf Urn
wuitei l.e 1(0), with the nul ol the uxiiciiik
allowiiiKo, tliiished Hist with Mil ml Utile
John, who mndo the nul mo.. More, 107,
lliilshed in hemnU piaoo Willi il net. I nder
thucoiidltioiis the two should have met 111 tliu
afternoon, at mutch ilu, lo ducldo tho owner
ship ulthutiophi, but l,u Jluy did not uppear
'WC", n .', i mm j'''ialirimi . i iu lt
nnd tho prlrn wont to I.lttlojohn by default.
The cards follow:
Otlalrfltnj- Or.IVp.A'tt.
OiiU 767R8787 8-80
In 4aB778 7 8U-H8 80 88
It. Id. Llttlejolin-
Out 0 0 7 4 7 8 6 1 8-B8
In S a 7 a 7 7 II B S-Bl-107 18 81
If, I. llogert
Out . r, 4 n 4 in p 8 8 (-80
In. 6 il (I 8 1111 7 8 tJ-SF-lSS SO 83
Utorgfl Oogiilll
Olt . 7 n II 4 8 8 B 0 7-68
111. .74,7411868 8-C8-118 36 88
If. Popliaiu
Out II4B88878 8-63
111 II 4 B 4 7 7 7 0 8 88-118 30 D8
('rain Uolgato
Out, .4 8 8 0 10 7 8 6 11-68
111 . .8 4 U B 7 7 6 10 868-117 18 88
II P de Manrlar
Out, II 4 il n II B 8 10)0-88
111 . ,4 tl 7 4 V U 7 V V 04-1(0 80 100
11. 1'ock-
Ollt. .0 B 0 fi fl B 8 7 8-80
III ,11 5 II II I 1 I! 1 U JD-118 18 101
It B Lawrenoo
Out .7 li II il 9 7 8 8 7-8S
In .11 6 0 C 1 i 7 II 8 8-111138 34 103
It H. KUloll-
Out. .6 H ft (I 7 8 7 C 7-88
In U4 1QUB7UU b-84-120 16 105
Arthur Taylor
Out .1) il il C I) 10 8 7 7-83
III ., . 5 0 I) B U 713 6 7-03-124 18 108
II. I,. Hiker
Out ., .11 7 IV fl 7 7 fl 1(1 783
iu o 4 7 b u 7 6 h a-ci-m 18 108
Tho Christmas tournament nt tho lllchmond
Hill Qolf Club for the handsome cup offored by
Algor C. Qlldorsloevo brought out a large num
ber of play eis yesterday, nnd. considering thq
loiidlllon of tho course, some excellent golf
vvue shown Tlio competition was a boglo han
dicap. Tno Gioeiis Committee. In view of tho
luut that tpmporuiy croons wore In mo, In
croused thn buglu rcoronstioko nt vnch hole,
making bogio lor tho course l8. Thonxpori
moat wns not whollv'fiatlstiictory.us the uiioven
losult snows W II. itnehau won tho cup. nnd
his curd, which cmials tliu rocoixl on tho winter
course, was ns follows:
Out at)3478A4 3-43
In 2 H C U II U 6 6 447 88
Tho complete scores follow:
I'rui , Scnrt. liiiult.
VV.H II iii ban til Bi 14 up
Arthur Hindi . ,, ir, u lmip
).. 1. Uiotwuud. i. 107 0 up
c.s. Van Ktiissclser ... 20 Ids 7up
t). II. Pone, Jr 34 104 7um
N. 1'. lltlllln 24 ion il up
il P. holloiw J6 107 C mi
W 1). Coley li 113 Gup
JosepbDjvvd 411 1 III Blip
I J Maunlug in los U up
II. K MiKiuey 14 111 J up
Arthur Stan ,, 10 104 3 up
C L. llarkson SO 120 3 up
Juliu Kiidi 14 110 1 up
V. . Vail Week 14 112 1 down
1 A. O Couuor 30 122 8 down
J. A McCmd u I Od c down
Aimmtu.i Hmltli 10 148 10 dowu
A medal play handicap was nlso contested,
Romooftlio curds being used In both compe
titions This was won uyO. II Pope, Ji. Tho
Kcorcs follow:
ureu, il ruji, .in.
C II. PJOO, .Tr 1114 24 Ml
ArlllUI llllld U7 IB 82
W II Itachau US IU HJ
H. D Mdlor. 108 Jl K4
John Klin . ids It 84
Nilson F. GrlUin ins 34 H4
Jostidi Dowd l.io 4tl 84
J.J .Vlaniiluu' 104 IU e
WlllUm I arlln 124 lit bit
A (I. lllldtrsltrove 10U 21) 88
VV.ll Ooliy ll.i il pi
Kdwurd II Kellogg 107 K U3
Arthur M n urn id dh
l.liiar V. Van Meek 112 14 ntt
villliain 1". o Connor I3S 40 UN
Hurry 1C Mnonfty Ill 14 uu
lktward L. Chitwood 1 IU 14 102
flua Ilnrnfeck, M. II. llornfcok nnd I.eroy
Hee Win tlio Uncus nt Verona Lake.
Amateur skaters rocelvod an opportunity
to test ttielr mettle yesterday In a sories of
rncosat Montclalr. Home of the speedy ones
canio a long distance to meet the metropoli
tan craaks. Verona I.ako. on which the racea
took plaoo, is picturesquely situated. It is
surrounded by hills, and the sloping banks
formfcatuiul grand stands for a orowd. Most of
tho spectators yesterday, howevor, were on run
ners, and took turns at speed and fancy skat
ing In tho Intorvals between tho contests. A
ttack of six lnpa to tho mllo had bean laid out
on the smoothest portion of tho large sheet of
ice, and to the spectators equipped with ordi
nary skates it appeared In perfect condition.
The long, narrow blades ot the raoers, how
ever, slipped Into the little groves made by
parsons practicing around the traok early In
the dav. The competitions were so oxcltlng
and tho men so well matched that fast time
would have been made if the loo had been In
llrst-elass shape.
Tho day's sport began with the one-mile
novice taco, in which seven men fnood the
staiter. It wns a loafing contest for the first
half mile. Then the Montclalr lad, Ous
Hornfeck, cut out the pace; and, swinging
alone In promising stvle, won easily by fif
teen laj-ds. Pullerton of Brooklyn beat out
tho Now Haven novice. 0. V. Holland, by Ave
yards for tho place.
Inciting Incidents were of frequent occur
rence In the ono-mllo handicap. In which 0.
MoClnvo of tho New York A. 0. and V. II.
Morritt of Ht. John had, to concedo starts
ranging from 5U yards to 110 yards. The
soratoh man went away at a dashing pace, and
cauclit the field at n lap and a half. Then Le
rjy H 2, who received fifty yards handicap, let
the (cratch man gain that distance and then
sit out in earnest. He led at two laps, with
.11. It, Hornfock next. Mi Clave was holding
Merrltt, but he struck the New Brunswick
nun's skate and went down. This put him
PracMcallyout of the race.. Ilnrnfeck and
Morritt followod fiee's pace until forty jnrds
from the finish. Then the Brooklyn boy put
in a few speedy strokes and swept across the
lino n winner by three vurds. Hornfeck and
Jlerrltt crossed the line almost together, but
tliu former dived forward tit tlio finish nnd re
eeivedltheudges' vordlctlfor tho place. The Ht.
John skater disputed the award, and beaause
thuy would not change It refused to start In
tho three-mile race.
With Merritt out the three-mile event was
looked on as u good tnlnc for boo. He and M.
It. Hornfeck received 1-.' yards start, and at
tho end of two laps they deprived the limit
man. Humment, ot the lead. Hornfeck again
prollted by tuing Hee as a pacemaker, and
thuy reeled off the laps at a beautifully oven
gait. Hu covered the first mile In Il.mlnutes
L'o seconds and two miles In 0 minutes 40 sec
onds, 'lho two hnd drawn away from the
bcrutch man. McCluve. who was hopelessly
out of it. Icnterlng the last lap the Berkeley
hcliool boy sprinted and halt war around ho
commenced to draw away, when his skate
caught In a rut, and he fell headlong, Tho
crowd chcored wildly ns the Montclalr man
cainu homo a winner. Hou got up In time to
bent McflaveZout for second place.
. Tliu admirers oCBeo and Hornfeck had
eoino heated arguments after the race, whlnh
ended lu u challenge from Bee to skate his rival
Ju n pursuit rucu of two miles, either ou nat
ural or artificial Ice. (summaries:
Ouu Mile Novco Won by Ous Homfcck, Mont.
Hull, lames F Fullerlou. Brooklyn, second, O.J.
lliilluml.Niw llaveu, Hind, 'lime, a lntuntrn 86 3 5
an iiihIh
Oui-Mile Ilandlraii Won by I.ero Bee. Berkeley
Hiliool, Ru yards, M It HurnfDi-lc, Montclalr, 60
jard", an nnd, VV II Merritt, ht. John. ,. II,
b(.ratcli, third IJine, , uiluut II nerouds
1 lit i Vilt. Man, 11 i. W.. li. HI It lln..'...!.
Miuitilalr, 126 rdiiiLroy Hre, II. lki-lu) S liool,
12 urds, Kt,i.uiid, C, McClaii, New kork A, C,
luiatib, third. '
WAsiiivoros.Deu 'JU A point was tailed in
tlio football gume between (leoigetown Uni
versity and All-Wushlngtou this nfteinoou,
which wns never inlsed In Washington before,
but which it w us stuted came u p lu the Inbt game
between tho Unlvcrsi!) of Pennsylvania and
Carlisle. In tho first half Georgetown mado a
touchdown, but fulled for coal. Iu tho second
half tho ball wus lu front of the All-Washington's
coal, In OeorKctown's bunds. It wns
panned well buck to the iiuartui, who rested it
on the ground uud Kennu attempted to kick a
n coal from tho Hold, but Ifullcd Debilvur of
Old Venn picked up tlio ball nud walked to the
twenl)-!lvo jard lino. Hero hu totichodsuv
orul men and then sin In tod to the Georgetown
goal and placed the bull directly beneath tho
buis. A howl of derlhlon went up from the
Georgetown tuum and Its supiioilor", uud Do
Hllvor vvuseiillod back by Heft no Seflon, wio
decided thai tho play wus inipropei HoKiliur
duiniiiiduii tho production of thn rules, which
showed thut such li pluv vwisiillowuhlu Tbo
lideice llnallv held that bo hud iidlid tho ball
dend when tliu Kick for goal failed, und
theielore tliota lould be no pluy until ttfior lie
hnd di elated tlio ball In plat. '! lie score wus-tjuori'ctowneiiAII-WasliliiBtou.o
.11' ll.u'ioiniou I'liihani litititnii.ii n
Cilrtla Itlnliteiid Urrtuo
11 (lowau Itlulil llaiklo 1.iikIi1iii
i I niiiuilllLS Itlgbt guard P biullh
Mil nunuvlllii I ,, , .
M iiiiiiiiiu.s I t,,,t" '""If
Sin lb Irfft juarrt .. llrnnks
lit Hilier Luttmkle i-lnnn.au
lliiun bley . Lett end llarry
Huokir, Llt half baik il hiiiltU
VililpVi I tlih'halfbaik ilrsclu
I'araoua (jiiartir bitk Dounvan
luithard lull back Eeuui
IUferee-8cftoa. Umpire Donna. Touchdown
tcaua, j
' i i T i i
fw J$
Tons of Muslin Underwear.
Our Great
Midwinter Sale Opens ToDay. 1
The scene has already changed. Tons of dainty garments on the second floor, harbingers
of spring, as if by magic have taken the place of the busy joyous Christmas week just passed.
Every year makes for improvement and incites us to greater achievements. What were
unheard-of offerings in this store a year ago are eclipsed by those of to-day. Notwithstanding a ,
large advance in the price of embroideries and a coming advance in raw materials, we are able to Ji
offer you at this sale better garments at lower prices than ever known.
Anticipating your question, we are frank to say that this sale is an advantage to us, that it
pays us to sacrifice all profit, and in many cases even sell below cost, because by doing so we
transform the natural lull in business which immediately follows Christmas into activity, energy,
life, and give employment to hundreds who would otherwise have to be idle.
This sale is an advantage to you because you can fill your wardrobe with a year's supply
of dainty things at prices that cannot be obtained at any other time of the year.
Why? Because (and here's where you get the double benefit of the manufacturer ,
giving up his profit as well as ourselves) the makers of these garments are not busy in October,
November and December and are always ready to make a sacrifice if it will only keep their
factories running.
It is an advantage for you to buy now because the garments are more carefully made than
iii nit uuoy acuauii, wiicn an i luan unu iiiirry.
It is an advantage for you to buy of us because we make no exaggerated claim, but offer
you better garments for less money than you can obtain anywhere. This statement is not made Jl
boastfully and it would be foolishness for us to say that which you cannot easily verify. , ll
But what are we offering you ? The very newest things in Muslin Underwear, the future
fashions in Shirt Waists, the stylish Wrappers, the most approved Corsets, the delicate Cov- I
ermgs for infants, the Muslms, the Cambrics, the Nainsooks ; not a skimp in the shaping, J
whatever the price; not a shortcoming in fabric or finish; neat trimmings, substantial, dainty, 'f
tasteful, durable, and all made in those clean, neat factories by well-paid, happy operatives
(just like home made, only better, because our expeits study daintiness and give you variety).
What pleasanter than gathering them at prices such as we are giving ?
fits .vEir jwi7.v j.v tjik istercok-
Remarkably Youthful Array nf Tnlcnt at
the Hoards Columbia nnd Ilnrrd
llrealc Kveu After tho First Uounil-Yaln
a IlenUn Twice Prinreton Scores Once,
Tho eoventh annual intereolleclate ohesa
tournnment wan bettun nt tho Columbia Oram
warBahool, S4 and 110 IVist I'lfty-flrat street,
5 CHterday afternoon at 'J o'clock, when all tho
solected competitors had appeared. Dr. HO.
Moors of the Columbia Grammar School ad
dreaned tho players, expressing: the hope that
the best team would vf In tho contest. When
tlierlajers were seated at the four respectlro
boards, the spectators wcro struck by the
youthful appearance of tho studonts. Of courso
this did not apply to either Elinor U. Bout hard
of Harvard or Arthur H. Moyor of Columbia or
Loula A. Cook of Yalo, Thoso men have boen
seen nt tho eolleeo cames In provlous years,
Kaufman G. Kalk of Columbia just entered
tho Columbia Univ erslty this fall hilo Quite
boyish IooMiib w lion away from theboard.be
nppears twice as old when engacod In play.
Ho has the making of a chess player, for he
seomsto possess nil the necessary qualifica
tions. He Is quiot In rnannor, deliberate in his
movement off nnd on tho board, and, thanks
to the prcstlce which ho obtained when par
ticipate an a representative of Sachs school
in the Interscholastlo contests last year, he
w 09 not nerv ous at all, and met his antoconlst,
Charles F. 0. Arensborg of Harvard, with ro
murkable coolness. This, however, could nlso
bo said of the lattor. Although nt ono state ot
their eamo It looked as It Talk had a fine win
nine attack, it did not unnorre the Harvard
man, who remalnod as cool as tho proverbial
Tho Yale man. Albert M.Webb, had the hard
est task boforo him, bb he had to moot such a
rcdoubtablo antagonist as Southard, At first
he seemed lost and his Ideas enmo slowly.
Later, however, he Ignored tho strange sur
roundings as well ns tho skill ot bis adversary,
and played carefully, steadily, and quietly.
Joliu A. Ely ot Princeton made a good Impres
sion, lie gave a strong light to vetoranCook,
und qulgkly settled dow n to his w ork. His ool
lego mate, Alfred S. 'Weston, on tho other hand.
looked vary nervous, and It appears as If It w III
take some time before he will get used to play
ing in strange company, 'i'lio pairing was as
rlk (0) vs. Areasbrra (II). Cook IV) vs. Ely (P),
Meyer (0) vs. Weston (V), Webb (Y) vs. Southard (II).
Areneborg adopted the l'otroff defence In his
camo against Talk. The latter brought about
tho variation which Kemenrat ono time se
lected In his match agalust Hhowalter at Phila
delphia when Keraeny answered to P Q 4
with P-Q 4 at tha third move. Talk shortly
after the opening move got tho better game,
but being afraid to risk anything he began
playing for a draw, and exchanged a number
of pieces. Finally, there was nothing lett on
the board but kings, pawns and bishops of an
opposlto color, so tliu contestants agreed to
draw the game after thirty-two moves.
Cook, on the second board, opened with a
illiiHii'a pawn game ngiilust Kly, White se
lected such ft slow variation us to give an early
chance for his opponent to procoed with an
attack, vvhlih, however, would scarcely have
led to a win but foi Cook's Indifferent ;ihiy.
Cook mude a blunder on the twenty-fourth
move, which loat him tho queen, uud eight
iiiovos later he wus obligul to give up the
game. Kly seemed to pluy without Ihe leuit
umburraxsnieut. and hlx style en used generul
admiration uiiioug the onlookers.
On,tho third board Sleyur osujed n King's
(lauibit, whii h Weston declined tuaeiept Jlo
did this bv advancing hliiiueen'it pawn tolls
fourth. Ilesulecled, un will be seen from the
seoioof the game, a weak ilefeiue, nud when
white threatened lo win the qui en niter 7 lit
h 111), he wusobllced to pluj tils king lo bish
op's square, theruhv lo.ig the light of eua.
tlltig Wcntou eolilpinuilsed Ills pjnilliiu Mill
uioiobyll Q-Kt 5 lie ought to have played
Kt It !l iiiHtind Now while prow eded veiy nn
urgetlcullv An exchangu of piece eimiiud, uud
niter a few iuldltloii.il inoun black had n hope,
lout position To uiuLe inutteix vvotso he left
ii mute in two iiiovhh after his fifteenth move,
uud Meier, ot course, was quick enough to
Hike tho chance of winning in short order,
HIMeen moves worn reenrdeil
On the fourth board Southard tried n Dutch
defeneu ngalunt the. I' Q4 opening nf Webb.
At first tho lattor plaveil veiy well and had the
satisfaction of getting an men position At his
ninth move, howuvor. his tumble began Ho
uuduu weak kulght'iiliiovii and Inst thciebyn
pawn Southard began in inako tlio bout iio
of Mils advantage, lly means of the queen,
both looks and a blrhop he got n very strong
attack, and, on Wnbli being prcsxed lor time,
he mado a low weik nwvoi., enabling tho Har
vard man to win In clover style attei tvmitj
eight moves l'aiorable loimni nts were made
on IhoiourtcKi shown by the llanurd pl)r
to ljU ad;eitu) 'Jholtittur had ten mover, to
niuke In lessihan tlvo minutes, nnd Southard
Mo pi Webb's cloek ho that thn Vale man
(ould mal.e the prescribed numberof moves
within the time limit 1 ho record ;
ll'mi Lotl iron, Loil,
Harvard 1M IsiI'riDfatin l I
Columbia H JJi Vale , 0 2
The score of the games follow
fAt iBENHiKno I faik anKKSBraa
(Columbia). (Harvard). (Columbia). (Harvard).
Il-Aifc. Wick. ll'Ail mark
1P-K4 P-K4 'lUltaQ Kt-K IS
2 Kt-KD3 Kt-K D S 11) n 11 Kt X Kt
II V-O Kill- 20 l x Kt V. Il- D
ii-c)3 r-qi 2111-q.i rt-K
AKtxP II On 2.MJR-K mil
ll I'lHea I astlcs '23 P. x It It Q
7T-QD4 P-OBS 2 H-nr. l'-QIt3
HKt-OH8 Kt-K H 8 3in-H7 It-Q B
rllll-Klr 1I-K2 8HK-I17 Il-O H
IOPiP 1'iP i27P-Qn K-Rt3
11 It-K P-KKt8 2H-Sit K-Kt
12r-U Kt-ll I .'IIH-JJ7 Itxlt
UIKtxKt PxKt no llx It K Kt 2
14 0-K3 11-K3 .11 K-I12 H-K6
IR J II & I'jp U2 V K Kt 8 K-Kt 8
JJIlxP II ill Drawn.
17QiB UiQ lhr. 2Bmln 1 iir. BS rein.
(Yale). (Princaton), (lale). (Princeton).
Whitt. Mad.. Ili(. Hlnck.
I P-Q 4 P-Q 4 20 Kt-K BIBilit
2P-S8 Kt-K RO 2111x11 PxP
? S1-.? J"":n 1 32 9 x P Kt-K Kt 8
4 P-K II 4 U-Il 4 .'3 P-K It 8 II x 11
f. II-OT llx I) u fl It Kt-ll 7
II P X fl P-K 3 ir, o-n It x P
7 Kt-na ii-q.i 2nKt-n.i KtxPch
B t'aatlna Castles 27 K It 2 II x ht
l)Kt-B3 Kt-J2 2rlQxll Kl Kt4dla
10 K Kt-Kt 0 P-K II 3 .'ll O-R 3 Kt X O
11 Kt-ll .1 P-113 no PxKt KtxP
12II-Q2 P-K 4 81 ll K 11 K-U 2
13 11 P I P PxP 3.. n-11 7 Kt-K 8
14 U-B3 U-K5 HHP-H.1 O-K l
1.1 O-K fl-BJ ;un-K7 3-B7ch
lllQ-KJ OR-KB 11 K-It r-UB
17KR-K P Kr. nil II Kt 4 Kt-ll 6
18Kt-Q3 Q-Rr. B7 lteslitns
18 11 KB Kt-ll B 1 lire IB ndn. lhr.BOmln.
Tninil TADLE llhll's aAMDIT DECMM.D.
urrrn wrmi I Mrrrn uram-j
(Columbia). (Princeton) (Columbia). (Primrton).
ir(l. Wack. I IIAile. lllaek.
1 P-K 4 P-K 4 10 Q-K P-OB3
2 P KB4 P-04 11 Kt-KK Bxht
BPxQP Clip 1'JI'zII Kt-Q 4
4 Kt ona 3-kh tnKtxKt PxKt
6 Kt-B 3 p x Pdlsch. IX Q-Kt 4 ch K-Kt
II B-K2 ll-QB II Q-K 7 Q-K 8
7 Caatlea Kt-K B 3 lfl O y a ch llealgna.
8 Il-Kt 0 ch K-B 61 mln. 21) m'n.
u p-g 4 y-ht r,
wrun aourninn i vvinn anirrHAiiD
(Yalii). (Harvard). (Yale). (Hirvard).
IIAi. mark ' mitt illark.
1 P Q4 P-KB4 1HQ B2 0-yil
2 Il-Kt A Kt-K 113 17 Kt-Kt 3 ft B 3
4Kt-OB8 B-K 2 IlllPxl' PxP
0 Kt 118 Ca.tlos '20 Q Q U-Kl
(IB OS P-(J4 Ul Q-K 2 Jl 11 .1
7 Kt- 2 Kt-K 6 2." K It-K y-K B
HBxll Ox II 28 Kt-B H-KtC
I v Kt-K o y-Kt 5 ch 24 y y i 11-u o
10 J-Q II J Q x Kt P 'li O-B 2 CJ-Kt 5
IJflxKt BPxB '28 Kt-Kt 3 fl IP
li CAstlus y-lt ll 27 y x B P B-B
UIMJl Kt-O 2 2C)-Kt7 y-UU
UKtiKt BxKt lu flesliras.
16 y Il-Kt P-y Kt 8 1 hr. 2V mlu. 2 hour.
Tlio seconiK round will be contested to-day
In tho follow Ine order:
Talk, Columbia, vs. Rook, Yale, Ely, Prinreton, vs.
Arensberst, Harvard. Mejer, Columbia, va Soutliird.
Uarvaid, Webb, laic, vs Weston, PrlucetuU.
Cincinnati Club Huys Nelbncb from the
Cincink ATI, Deo. 20 John T. Brush, owner
of the CInclnuutI liasebull Club, has made an
other move to strengthen the local organisa
tion by purchasing from the Washington Club
tho rolcUHoof Al belbaah, one of tho best out
fielders iu tho country. Wugnericfuoodtotuke
J3.000 for Belbach two weeks ago, but It is be
lieved that IJrush's offor went to much higher
that Wagner concluded not to let the money
slldu. Helbach played In 130 games last sea
son. Ills battjug average was HU'J uud his
fielding average .Oil, l'or many sousous ho
has boen considered the king of left llcldcis,
ho fur Urusli haa spent nearly $15,000 for new
playersitliK e the season closed. Including t ho
lease of Pitcher Jnek 'I n lor from ht. Louis
The ('inclnnatls, aie also after LuvnCiossfor
third base No further HttuinMt will be mudo
to get lluslo from tho Now YoiLC'lub
turner S. Shows Speed at New Urleuns.
Nbvv Okleans. Dec. -tl Elnior H., u two-year-old
maiden, after running away tluuu
quarters of n mile before tliu suonml rueu. won
thut event III u gallop in a Held of fifteen
horses, lilnier H. is a gray goldlng and lh fast,
but is coneldiirod one of the crurlest horses In
the Went 'I Ills li the first time ha uvai got
awuywell The hurdle taco, unu mllu and a
blxteeutli ovei four hurdles, was won lu a
gallop by llukomnn, the favorite Hullo of
Memphis, after jier splendid lace lu the Clulst
iiiuhHiiiidieapHatiirday. wus made tlmcholcu
Hi the foiijlh Hhc ijot oil running, und wus
never headed, winning radjr by two lungtlis
In tin; lust uie. 1 lght7lelB, fbo heavily pfcy"il
fuvorlto. went iu the front enrly und won in u
drivuliumMtiskniUiiu, huuiinuiios!
I'.rst Itsia-sisUiuir, one mllu-H auhnur. 10 1
1.U1111J ,T lu I, wen, Finn, KM (Hums r.,nul
llusliuuid. J 1 J tOiitlc re,, third. Tiu'e, j"4l, '
Hiiiiud lUci-Maldtin, liiu fiirlbiiin-pjiiisr fl
100 lamia), l& lo 1, woni Hiusuiia, loi (drow
burst), ituenil, Hldlllls. Hi, (f.liies), third. Inn.
1 OJl
lliud Itai-f Hurdle bandliaii, one mile and a sli-teenlli-lliaVimiiii,
147 illjir..' .i.n la"! ,'!,,
Sf-W elU.r..d"U'l',"l!l('J9tOUa, ,-"U "" "
1,,,,,,,,,rl.lV.,u",r,,.nrt.'', l'l half furlones
llelle uf Memplua, lu; u.iur.i. 1 1 to lo, wou. I'lliu
mi IHiiullitidi, siuuid, 8liu W . Jul (Masum. Iblrd
lime. 1 I'l '
Kltlli liaie-Stlllnti one mils and twenty yarda
J-llllit Bella, vfi( J roller , 7 to 6, wou, Muikadlne. US
(Lluta. soumd, Helureltl, lu (O'biarj), Hi id
'lun, 1 40,
News from the Horse World,
VV R Dyus- Yes Crickmore won the Dixie BUkea
on Oct, 18, 1HM1 Three days later his sub), """.
panlon, Corapeasatlou, won the Brscklnrldue ataVt.
with llsriett sarouij and Aells Uilid, es.
citoss-coosTitr iwxNixa.
. i
nardy Athletes Itncn Orsr Taper Trails on
Long Islnnd,
Splendid cross-country weather was what '
tho enthusiastic followers of paper ohaslng
pronounced It jesterdar. and whllo the nv
orago oltlzon wus quito contnnt to button up
his ovorooat nnd pull on his gloves, tho lightly
clad athlotos onjoyod spins over hills and dale.
In the regulation running togs, with apparent
gusto In Long Island City thn Mar A. 0, held
n well-attended run, starting from tho chili
houso on Vernon avenuo and Fourteenth
streot. The courso covered was direct to tha
water works, thonco to nnd around Cellla
Park Athlotlo grounds, out nnd over the fields
toWoodsldii Hoights.cllmblnir tho Heights to
Woodsldo. to Iteorention I'nrk, over tho hllU
to Wobstor avenuo, noross tho meadows to
Dutch Kills, and thenco by way of Harris nrenua
back to tho starting point. The paco was fast
a II the. way. Tha hares weie sent of! nt3:H5
n clock, tho slow and fast packs following nt
flvo-mluulo Intorvals. 'lho slow pack mndu
such good use nf tholr tlmo that they weia
never sighted In nbout seven and a linir miles.
James .1. 1 ai rel, hlnr A. C . wns llrst homo, fol
lowed by Joseph Donogliuo. H'nr A. 0 , at
v.hose8lioiililrwns(l l'elcheror th Urnce A. I
H. '1 hesu men were In tho slow pack. Of thn A
fnst . p.iek John J Cronln camo In llrst, Hobert Mm
W Kennedy second, and 11. Hnllon third. All ".
vverobtar A. O. riqiresenlatlves. The winner
covered tho route In 40 minutes 'JH seconds,
wlille ('ronlii ruued through In 4J minutes 11
set nnds.
Thero was nrnttllng cross-country run yes
terdnynt liny 111 Ign, whore the hea View Ilar
liers celebrated Christmas with an old-fashioned
papur chase Tho course, which wn
nenrly eight miles long, led down Fourth ave- (1
nuo to tho Hixti-sizth Htreet road, thonee to M
the g.ishousu and ovor tlio meadows to Dyker M
J.10?)1. Vu'n t "ii'l overtho DykorJIeadow 'p
Golf Club grounds, where the rd-coated golf- V
ers wnvod elubs at tho hardy runners, then to ft
nnd nround the; offlcorH' quurtors nt Fort Ham-
ilton, then to the Hhoro road drive, to Ninety- M
second stioot ami out on Fourth avenue.
"'',r' strnlghtiiway run In to thn clubhouse.
ut .1 mil th nyiiiue and Hlxtloth streot was made.
Ovorthlrty athletes took part In tho big run
nnd a fast pace was innlntnlnod. Uf tho fast
pack P. (runt, hea View Harriers, won first
homo, with II. Luwton, Hen View Harriers, soo
ond. nnd Kugeno II. thitlacli. thn pacemaker
for the host part of thn journey, was a olosa
third, while the rest of the pack were stnin
out for over half n mllo. Hamuel Parks led n
thn sooonil division, with O H Johnson. Oraoo
Athlutle Club, secoiiii, and William FleldrnB;
third. The tlmo wns ! minutes forthofnsl
division und 81 minutes U7 seconds for the A
slow pack. Jt
Onnies or the Atlantlo A. A.
Tho unnual games of the Atlantlo A. A. of
Ocoiiiins wore dpeidod yesterday. William H.
Wurd captured tho honors, finishing well In nd
vanco of his nearest competitor. Summary
One Mile Illryole Rare Handicap-Won by ITIIliam f
II. Ward, a raulii vviniumj ityjcr, 60yanls. sso. j
end Uiury .1 Holland, 80 yards, third. Time, 8 d
lulDiili. i ati ends .m
loo lard Da h, llandlcap-Won by Herbert Jonea, B
t.ratcli HnvarJ ImiM, strateb. second IhomaaO 9U
Hullmid, third. Iiiul, 11 asoonds. '
htauillng Jitoad Jiiiiiii Won bj William II. Ward,
t rati li, with W fw-t u luelies. Henry U Holland, i
sirnjib. seeuiul, wllli 8 fret 7J lueh.s, Robert 1
Kiriianliiier.icrulcli, tldrd, HltctO Inihea, 1
22U-Uritlaali-Wiin by llrrlmrt Jcmis, aeratch; 1
Howard Join s,.l arils second. Itobert Kreuschnsr, I
n ratrh, third. Time, . seiimds 1
Putting til" lit Pound Shot-VViin by William II. '
Ward, (cralb, 27 fe.t 1 Inch William 11. Knula,
seiiind, Jfi font lit, intliei, Robert Kraiuoliuir, '
third, Jl feet 10 iiicbey, '
TwoMilHlliijcleltaie-Wnii by VWIIIem H. Ward,
rrslohi William 11. Hide r, UDjards, arcond , James
J, Kidman, Uu jards, third 'Jlme, 11 mlnutea ay
bt-IOUds a
lluiiiiliig Ilroad Jiiiiiii. IIuikII.-uj. Won b Henry M
Hiillaud, si.rati.Ii, Id (tt u Imues, ltubeit hri-u. 'dm
BcllllMI, aruti li aicnud, 14 feet lllllullis
One sllle Him-Won b Hnbirt Juum, scratch ;
Howard Junta, J6 jaidi, eecond, UeU Jlesuioud, .
third. Time, il iiilnutis ir,si(oud
Running High Jiiiiiii-VViui lu Henri (1 Hollsnd,
srratih,4feeriiUuihe, William II, Ward, aenuml, I
4 fert Mm hi, '
Iivb Mile lib yileltace-Wiiii by William II Ward,
arraUln Hem) II Hidlsiid, 40 j arda, am ond, VVI
limn IDdu, l.'l) aids, third, lliuc, 17 luiiiutts tj
tl MeroliiU A
'I I alleluia fellow Ward, 21, 11 Holland In Rv JM
dr. II. Herbort Jiuirs, 11, Huward Jnurs lot jMW
It, lireiierliui r, il buuin, I, Hit kiuuii, 2, Jl, Bus wM
liiund, J, 1 Hullaiid. 1. eP
Howling (isini's lo-Mglit, e
Amerlrau Katlouul -llniilevard, ilosrdale and Mon
an li, ul thuGHlmallia Am.lllhl) ltiiunm llujn I
I'ultrd llowlliirlubs (Jliaiiijiluiis-Albion vs Crn m
tral atTliam k Kuliledt rrmllcj.-. jM
New ork Itoval Ariauuu league MoralnusIJi -
Ciiuiicll, MaiibatunCiiuiullaiil Htfeudaui Oouuctt,
at tlie'lriuilsl lllb alleys
, United Howling Ohms Downtown Section 1 M
delia. Auianiaaiidilnldiii ltiid at Ilia Arcade alloys,
t'ptuwn huillun 1 IlliiriUle, Defeiideraud Hpsrtau,
all hum N Kahlsdort salkja
Yorkvllle Uiague Washington, Commodore sal
Milam I at the Milage ( lull alleys.
liru liisuiaiire ii ague-Royal, Incasbir sni
tirrinwlrh.al Ruid sailes.
Bank ('lurks' league J P MjrganAOo, Iden
lung, rimhiuu'i ii (o and Mount Atoms Baui, si A
lipids allijs M
AtblKtli l-sgus -Kuirlierborker A. C vs North Ml
End Olub, at hiilckerhocki r alleys, M
llriiiililyii Itojal Arcanum Iai-ue-Phllsdelphos VH
Oiuuril, WelcjuiK Cuuucil and lriilton Council, at
Traluur a alleys. MW
Curruilirr. Nutlonal-llsnhnltan. Relnack aud
Olti lital, at lho I leihaut Club alloys. !
Iln.iiklni llu) al Ariauiim 1 ea-ue Hut-Tournamsnl M
Bedford Council, Gilbert duim 11 aud Long Island W
council at the Arlington Hall alleys
Newark league Northern Iteiuildlcau flub vs. M
) veialde A. I'., at it publicau flub alleys Pores! M
HIIIP () vs l Hud Club, at Puie.l Hill allele ,
biiburbanA league-Newark A 0 vs Jtoserllle '
A A , at Nenark alloa M
New Jru Aasonati d Cycling Clubs -Castle Pi Int B
CjiUrs vs, Nisntlu Wheelmen, st taxle Point alleys,
llud.ou ivmnt) Union vs Vraiiklln Uiiloii n. 7m
Hamilton Wheelmen, Homralead vs, Oaslle foist 9 m
(Jrclsr. I'linirstead vs. franklin, ?ifl
v W

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