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H lllft believes nn is still democratic
B Mm '
sH Bit 1 JProposes o Control I lie Minority In the Sen-
kV MS ' ate Only Tntninnny Senators Invited, nnd
ssfl BlB i Huch Committee 1'lnres and Patroiuura
B CMi F Are to "fl ,,ni1 Are to Come Their Way.
B HV' I lllchard Oroker. ilia Icadorot Tammany Hall,
LB In t bolloves, acoonllnc to hla friends. Mint, not-
B WfM withstanding nnythlnir that may havo ocourrod
sR HI i on 'cct,on day Nov-tt bo ' stilt tlio Demo-
Hf fll ' rratlo loader of (lio State. This Informa-
K Bj ( ) tlon was noqulrod from Mr, Crokor's per-
H IS I sonnl friends and ioll(lcnl advocates last night.
B R both In the Domocrntla Club and at tho Hotel
BS iu flavor. Former Honntor Hill has boon Id town
BS for a day or so, tnlklnk with somo of his old
M H i ' Doraocrntlo frlomis in Now York anil Brooklyn.
B Wt j ond thoso people par that ho seomod to belloro
BE BJr f that possibly It wns unwise from a Domocrntlo
BB R , ( standpoint and for tho futuro of tho Domocrntla
B BU cause for Mr. Crokor to bo so prominent In tho
BB BBj ' Domoeratlo party's policy.
fj SJ Mr. Crokor has directed the following Tarn
BB BJ many State Senator to meet In Tammany
A ' IU11 to-nlfht and docldo upon a lonlslatlvo pol
BS BJ ley for the Democratic minority in the Bonnto
BB 'H and Assembly nt Albany: Bonntors John Frau
ds BJ els Aheam of the Tenth dlstriot, floorgo W.
BE IS I'lunkltt of thn Soontonth nnd Mauriro
BB ! Fcnthorson of thu Klt'lilcenth. Assemblyman
B Danlol 15. Finn of tho First district will nlo bo
BB KJ i thoro. Inoldontnlly, Asiomblyman George M.
BB H ralmor of Boholinrlo has been Invited to bo
BB H present, but tho HIM pooplo said last
BB BR. night that I'nlmor has been 1 in I tod for
BB BKI no other purpose than "to bo mado n
BB BB monkey of." ralmor has always been looked
BB K' upon as a Hill man, nnd ho will undoubtedly bo
BB BB fi continued ns tho otonslb)o minority lonrior In
BB iBB 1 tho Assembly; but In reality Mr. Finn Is to bo
BB 'BJ j , tho notual leader, for tho reason that Finn
BB BJ t represents Mr. Grokor'n Ideas at Albany more
BB BB I than ralmor doos.
i1 " ' Tho Tammany men snld last nleht that tho
mooting at Tammany Hall to-night of 1'lun
kltt, Ahoarn anil I'eatlierson is for tho
BB Bfl I ' tmrposo of cnptui itK all of tho minority
BB 'BJI places on the Honato committees of any
BB H valuo, and tho Tummany men went on to
BB 'BJ i say, with glee, that tho Brooklyn Benators.
BBj BJI such mon as Bonator Patrick Henry McCarron,
BB - Thomas H. Cullon iimlJosepli Wognor, had not
BB B) i been invited. Neither liaa Mr. Crokor Invited
BB Bj ! 1 Democratlo Benators llko John Tj. Havens of
BB Mi i tho First district. Jamus Norton of tho Second,
BE J Michael J. Coffey Of the Fifth. William-J. La
BE' W, Bocho of tho Sixth or Joseph Wagner of the
BE tj Ninth. Mr. Crokers friends admit that theso
BB Rfc gentlemen nro nil very pood In their way,
BE j but the Tammany .Senators propose to
BE ,mc have full sway. Somo of Mr. Croker's
BE BJ friends said ho wns encaged Ip. ettting
BB 'If ,lp whnt has been vulgarly called both
BB In Washington and Albany "a hog combine,"
BE for the purpose of controlling not only tho
BE '. minority places on tho Kenato nnd Assembly
BJ I committeos, but alio tho minority patronage
BJ ' doled out on occasions of this clinracter. Mr.
Bj I CroUer has tho following Benators at his back:
BE f c Aheam, Sullivan. Foley, Martin, Grady. Mun-
tlngor. Flunkltt. Featherson, Donnelly and
I 'Richard if. Mitchell. Finally Mr. Crokor has
f determined that Senator Thomas Francis
i Grady shall be tho Democratlo leader of
j tho minority. Ho has ten Senators of the
f Democratlo twenty-one. and ho expects to con-
. -i trol tho twenty-one with a little help and be
' E J . King of tho Domocratlo minority at Albany.
j i I Mf. Crokor, his Tammany friends say, be-
B i Doves that Tammany should havo control of tho
"' I minority In tho Senate for tho roason that
.., Plunkltt was a Sonator in 1884. '8T. '00. '87. U2
R t and 1)3, and an Assemblyman In 180!) and
I '70; that Ahoarn has been n Senator in
j ! 1890. -Til. 92. TU, '04. fSi. VO. 1)7 iind '08. and
!) , In1882an Assemblyman: that Featherson has
. ' boen n Senator In '00. 1)7 nnd 1)8. Mr. Crokor
! '( says that those threo men are tho sonior
JL Democrats in the Senate It was polntea
l fr'3 out ,a8t n,,t,lt tnat Mr- Crokor fnlls
s 'IT" to observe that Senator Patrick Henry
W '"' McCarron was a Senator In 1800, 01,
J 02, '03. '00. "07 and '08, and that, moreover, he
i -ij was an Assemblyman In 1882. '83 and 80. But.
f . f ncpordlnc to Mr. Croker's friends last night, he
--'. ' 'ia8 determined upon a policy to ignore Hugh
j i g MoLaughllnandMr.Meliaughlin'smosttrusted
' i m lieutenant.
P9 ' & Those Interested in Democratlo politics, it
f : ( p was said last night, should not fail to converse
, W With the Tammany Benators, who have been
(. i i & Instructed to meet in Tammany Hall to-nlcht
i for tho purpose of grabbing all the best com-
L u i,ff- mltteo places and outlining a Tammany policy
iy v, lntheuppor as well as in the lower body at
k '? I . Albany.
B i f s iioT mm itoxnEJi out of jail
V" - t f iieht-Tear-OId Child's Appenl to Magli-
l ' j I jfc trnte Pol Uuickly Ornnted.
', I'j Mrs. Lena Greenwald. awldow who lives at
J' 88 Ludlow street, was fined $2 yestordny In the
k i , If , Essox Market Court for peddling apples with-
f' ' ik ut a license. She could not pay the fine and
J ; ..! Iras locked up.
3 ff About an hour alterward her 8-year-old
H " flaughtor, Fannlo, visited tho court with a doll
k 'ft, 'tinder her arm. Tho girl was crying and to
v t " 2. Agent Kuhn of the Gerry society she said :
ft 5, : .t My mamma is In thn jail locked up with the
; x rata. Pieaso. mister, let hor go."
u, i 1 W Tho Gorry agent took, tho child bofore Magls-
M' iS trato Pool.
m & . "She Is . good mamma, mister, and I want
85 S1 y hertocomohomo. Look nt tho nice dollle sho
- (5 cavo mo for Christmas," said the girl between
Jhm j vr er sobs.
Sir; f "You are a good ilttlo girl and your mother
BS-' t 5- &U8!lt.Ji; be Proud of )oii." suld Magistrate
8H' ih' Fool. "I will let your mother go. and I do It as
Vff isk a Christmas present to you."
m 5 m U,Tatk you, mlstor." snld tho tot.
ffe j i ? Clerk Dyer drew up thn dischargo paper and
W, IV, ravo It to tho child. Bho was escorted to tho
fax: ; rt JJisex Market prison nnd there handed tho dis-
r. ' rf chorgn paper to lvcepor Connolly.
Mi . t H"ow' mlstor. lot my mamma out." she said.
V ' i, J .T.,le w,onVn, w.a? nuloWly released, and the
i 5, j H'tle girl cried with joy whon sho saw her.
f f Ties me. inamma,1' sho said. "Dat good
f i pan with hair lust llko BantaClaus let you go
j 9 i beenuse I asked him."
"S U , jh Magistrate Pool and a number of court at-
f I ; v- ?,;!,rs mldo un a .Purso and gave It to the
? W i & child n sho was going out of the courtroom
ffl&iK' l with her mother.
;8b ' Permit to Return, Tuued Irlor to July 7,
' $ i" " Must Me Iteapected.
1 g , i Hooi.ulu, Dec. i0, via Ban Francisco. Deo.
jf i 27. Those Chinese5 who left Hawaii with per-
& , ' mlts to return, issued pror to July 7. oven
i i ' i though they cannot qualify under the United
9k & '' Btftto statutes, aro entitled to land In the isl-
juW l '(h nds. Such Is the effect of a decision rendered
" B ft i br Chief Justice Judd of tho Supromo Court
' 'of Hawaii on Doe. 15
ih, i jr Colloctor-aeneral of Customs McStocken
?S2A a nd Special Agent I)rown."actlng under In-
aSf ttt ptnictlons of Secretary of the Treasury Gage.
ir , i ijii refused to permit the iamling of eighty
A . .SftlneB.Twi!P ftrTlvfi! hcr0 on. Nov- 21 on tho
if E ' pi" J Peking, holding permits Issued by the
& ( Hawaiian (lo'ernment prior to July 7. tlio date
, W xn which the Newlonds annexation resolution
; wit was signed The Chinese joined In a petition
M ' for writ of hatieas corpus. Judge Judd hold.
HP jj in releasing the petitioners, that the Nowlands
; ty if, resolution was to be construed prospectively
&f Of fml i?' retjoePfotivoly and that permits
t' I? ? Issued In good faith could not be annulled by
lei I" (V changejf soerclgnty. k
Bjl, I t'. As thesteamshln Chinalwas about to leavo
1 " I v 5? order was obtained from Chief Justice Judd
It.! f', directing tho Marshal to take Into custody
B&l ?nd "tain within the jurlEdletl"ii of tho court
MSB twenty, Chlnose until the court oould deter-
kl ' mine their rights in tr e premises.
J j) '' KdySJti TAX Jllhh A "HVMMT,"
r b ? ASubMltute Sleaiuie I'unlililng Intnranee
i g f Compunles Will Ite rushed.
:W' - TopehA, Do.. 27,-lt Is Btnted here to-nlcht
. S'J, that the bill boforo the Kansas Legislature tax-
lf log all insurance companies 2 per cent on
f . Mi gross prciuiums was introduced as a" dummy"
1 MS nd that another rolatlnu to tho same 'subject
I it Villi iSJ"?' !!c.ei1 ,0:,,ttr ,wl" uo Bubstiiutld:
t ' SI' Tho now bill axes AmiTleun Urn companies 6
n I Hi Pr cent. oi tlielr nut protlt and fore I'll "oin.
(V 13 ponies 7 por com on gross lircmlums
' ! i . Senator Htono, sucejssorfii theBtiito henatn
W to United HtrttebbenutorHalV and n leading
J k, Democratlo lawjer, la pimhing this b II. ui U
I l W taya the caucus will huorablv Lonst'lo""
9 F f Tlientre ltiirnril nt riniru, N. V,
i ' TtNKWA"t Y Iftc, -'7.-The hherman Opera
House building, whlth was oeciiplml byuTho
, ftre and nine Mores, was ilvstruted by lire
t this laoruiuK. Tho loau Is about ui,wJ,
-'--iS 3r'L" Slfc'rnmnfmnrTTmB. .iwjmu
Had Tieen Forgotten In the Ruth to Safety
Ilnrlem Flat Ilnnie Dnmnged.
A boy ran Into tho firo patrol housolnWost
121st street about 0:45 o'clock last night and
reportod that tho double tiro-story flat house
nt 400 Manhattan avenue was afiro. Whon
tho comimny reached tho place thoro
was no sign of fire from tho front,
but soon a largo tonguo of flamo
shot up above tho roof. Illuminating tho wholo
neighborhood The fire had stnrtod In tho
basement from somo undiscovered cnuso and
reached tho alrshaft. Tho ground floor was
occuplod by stores, but there were many fam
ilies on tho floors nbovo and thoro wns groat
oxcltomcnt at onco,
Poter Munch of tho fire patrol was tho first
mnn in tho building. Ho carried a fire extin
guisher. The rooms of tlio janitor, Nicholas
Wngnor, were on tho bouIIi sldo of tho fiat,
facing tho nlrshaft, nnd hero tho flames got a
start. Munch went to work with his oxtlngulshor
to keen tlio fire out of the hall until nil tho
tenunta could pet out. A bicycle rolleomau
who wan riding by whon tile tiro wan
discovered ran upstairs to soo if ho
could bo of assistance to any ono On
the stairs at the third floor hu
found four children who worn partly ner
come by emoko He crabbed two of them
nnd carried them down stairs. Joseph
Hebcrgnr of the nro pntrol wont up and got
the other two. Thoy were tho children
of Mrs. Ludlow, and had, been lott behind In
thn rush for safety Martin Kent In, who was
In bedon the third Moor when the lire started,
was slightly burned In carrying his .'1-year-old
daughter Helen downstairs. All tho othor ten
ants got out safely.
Threo alarms wnro turned In and short work
was mndo of tho flrn niter tho mon got started.
The lire gutted tho second and third floor tints
facing the airshnft and burned nomowhnt
the lloors nliove. The grocery ownod
by Hermau Weber and tno delicatessen
store of Gustav Oppenbolmer on tho
frround Iloor were damaged by water. Tho
itiildlngwas owned by J,, llornhelmer of 150
West Ninety-seventh street. Tlio dnmngo to
furniture Is estimated at $0,000 nnd to the
building at $10,000.
Ornnd Duke Cyril of lttmln, Frof, Dell, and
unicers ltettiriilug from Manila.
San Fhancibco. Deo. 27. Tho steamship
China, which arrivod Into last night from the
Orient, was docked this morning. Sho brought
$205,000 In treasure. $432,000 worth of opium
and many passengers. Including tho Grand
Duke Cyril of ltussia, a number of foreign
military attache's and Prof. Alex. Graham Boll.
From tho Philippines camo Capt. W. P. Mddlo.
Capt. J. E Lombard and J. M. Odell of tho
Fourth Cavalry. Capt. Diddle was In command
of the Marina Corps on the flagship Olympla.
A. N. Kuhl. chief gunner of the Olympla, who
is on a leave of absence, was a possongor.
Major Vou Sonnenborc. German Military
Attache? at Manila, wns among tho pasengors.
Hehasstudiod tho American volunteers, and
doclaros that the material of the army at
Manila Is superior to that of most armies of
Eiiropo. though thoir discipline Is not so good.
The China brought word from Shanghai of
tho arrival there on Nov. 12 of the United
States gunboat Petrol. When sho entered tho
port and steamed past the foreign and Ameri
can ships in the harbor she recetvod an ovation.
Ensign Goorge L-. Formler. who fought nt
Manila, died of paralysis on bo ird the l'otrel
during hor voyage. Ho had served on tho Bal
timore on tho Pacltlo station, was for two yoars
on tho Petrel, and fought at Cavlto, and was
mentioned for gallantry. Tho alumni of An
napolis havo subscribed for a sword of honor,
which was to havo beon presented to him.
Grand Duko Cyril of ltussia is accompanied
bv-Llouts. Ponsanoff and ConW of thn ltusslan
Navy. Ho will go to St. Petersburg by way of
Chicago and Now York.
Grand Duke Cjril. son or Grand Duke Vladi
mir, is a cousin of Nicholas II . Czar of Russia.
He is 22 tears old.
Set lire to Her Home while Undressing
Taken Out Dying. '
Aged Mrs. James Millon was suffocated by
sraoko at her homo In Thompson street. Staple
ton. Staten Island. Inst ovening. Mrs. Mlllen
was reputed to bo wealthy. Sho had livod alone
in a littlo one-story house In Thompson street
since trie doath of her husband some yoars
ago. She did not encourago visitors. There
was a high fence in front of her house, and its
eato was always locked Hor only friend Is
HaldtohavoboonaMra Timlin of Clifton, who
frequently visited her. but tho notghbors left
her alone.
About 0 o'clock last evening James Cowan, a
member of ltelief Hose Company, whose houso
is opposite tho home of Mrs. Milieu, saw smoko
coming from the, windows. Ho and others
broke into the yard nnd house nnd found tlio
bedroom occupied by tho old woman on fire.
Her insensible form, only partly dressed, won
found near the front door. She wns carried Into
a neighboring houso and a physician was sum
moned, but sho died soon nfter tho doctor's ar
rlv?,k. T1i8 flro WM extinguished, but not
until tho house was gutted by the flames. It
Is supposed that Mrs. Millon. who was feeble,
had upset her lamp in preparing to retire.
TAmuAyz soiiEMEs niximiiEi).
Wigwam's Aldermen Failed to Appear to
Vote Drldge Money.
Atyestorday'a mooting of the Board of Alder
men a resolution appropriating $100,000 for
preliminary surveys nnd soundings for two
new bridges across the East Blvor was de
foatod by a ete ot.41 yeas to 11 nays, f orty-flvo
votes boing necessary to pass It. This appro
priation was passod by tho Board of Fstlmato
upon the recommondatlon of tho Mayor. It
failed to pass tho Board of Aldermen simply
because thoro were not enough Tnmmany
members present at tho meeting. Tho voto by
which it wns lost was reconsldorod and the res
olution was made a Bpeclal order for noxt
Tuesday. The resolution approving the action
of tho President of the Board of Aldermen and
tho President ot tho Counoll In appointing a
commission to codify tho building jaws of tho
entire oity was also defeated for the want of
sufficient Totes. This resolution got forty-four
votes In thoafftrmntlvo. or ono short of the re
quired number. Tho vote wns reconsidered
ynn the reoolutlon wns mado a special order
for next Tuesday.
Lighted Candle In Show WIndaw Leads to
Jacob Aranson's Arreit.
Jacob Aranson, proprietor of a smU dry
goods store at 2075 Third avenue, was locked
up In the East 104th street police station last
night on a charge ot arson. There was a Are
In his store at 5 o'olock yesterday after
noon, Thslarrest was made on Information given
to the polioe by William Dunn, a gas company
employes, who went Aranson's store yester
day afternoon to examlno tho gas meter. The
mete'- is under the show window. Dunn says
that whan he examined the metro he saw
a lighted candle stuck In ono side of the show
wlndo-v among a lot of laces and other goods
on dlsnlay. Dunn says he called Aranson's at
tention to the dancer, nnd was told to mind
his own business.
While they were talking. Dunn says, the
lnce caught Are and before the firemen ar
rived the (lames had spread to the goods on
the shelves. About $1,800 damage was done.
Dunn reported to the police and Aranson's
arrestifullowed. .
Street-Car Quarrel Iteported to the Police
When the Injured Sinn Is Uylng.
Capt. ThomaB of the Fifth street police sta
tion heard yesterday that Philip Marks of 233
Seventh street had boarded a Grand and Forty-second
street crosstown horse car on Doc.
10 and that he had had a dispute with tho
conduotor. Ueoreo Herbert, as to whether or
no. no had paid 10 entg for his fare ; that Her
hurt struck Marks in the liend with l,u ,; i.
fracturing Marks s skull and that ho was In a
very serious condition. Capt. Thomas ordered
an invest gation by Betoctlves Mencko and
Moran. who learned that tne horse ear com
pany had discharged Herbert for drinking the
night on which Marks Is said to havo been
"truck Herbert was arrested near 122 East
Marks hs's been under the oare of Dr. Alt
mnn of 748 Fifth street. Ho win only par
tially consolous when Herbert wns taken to
him for Identification, and Coroner Hart, who
was notified, was unable to got a oonnected
aute-mortem statement. Erysipelas has set
In about the wound and the mau Is not ex.
pected to me.
Attached 80,000 of Col, Jnrk Chlnn's Money,
Lexinotosj. Ky, Dec. 27.-The Sheriff of
Fnvetto county to-day attached $U,010 In tho
Phu'iiix National Bank hero to the credit of
t ol Juck Chlnu to satisfy a ludgmeit of $4,5tK)
In favor ol Mrs. Bettle Crawford Tho money
was tho proceeds of the hsIo of Col. CI inn's
S""' nuMwiK miofcisMnAUSnft-rfriiiiiiiiiiiiiii
jtawockvt riCTixt rars o.v xtis
Dentnnds Immediate Innurnnce Against the
Fires and Firemen of HUSuburb Doesn't.
flet It Gets Sympathy, Irrigation) n Onth
nnd Advleeto Come nnd Live In the World
Tho insurance mnn sat on tho edge ot his bod
contemplating with grief his silk sock, whloh
his last born had filled with gumdrops. Tho
last horn's Intentions In tho r61o of Santa Claus
wore ot thn best, but tho gumdrops had molted,
and tho result was lamentable. In tlio midst
of tho Insurance man's cogitations thoro was a
loud nnd imperntlvo ring at tho, door boll.
Cursing nnybody or anything who or which
would arrlvo at 11:30 o'clook on Christmas
nlfflit, for ho had boen celebrating his Christ
mas on Monday, ho trundlod downstairs,
oponed tho front door and wns greeted by his
friond, Col. Georgo Barry.
"Inthonnmoot wonders, what brings you
here?" exclaimed tho lnsuranoe man. "Why
aren't you asleep in Penltonco Park?"
"Bcrlpps." said Col. Barry, "will you write
mo a policy ?"
"Wrlto youadozon if you like, my dear fol
low," Bald the insurance man. "Oomo In, sit
down, havo n drink, merry Christmas, happy
Now Year, pros't: nnd now what's the matter?"
Ho lighted tho gas, looked at his visitor and
"You look pale, Barry. Has anything for
tho lovo of the prophet, what aro you got up
that way for? Is this a masquerade?"
The query was not a causeless one. Col.
Barry, ordinarily tho most correct of gentlo
mon in apparel, barring a heterodox tendency
In tho mutter of neckties, was an agglomera
tion ot cast-on clothing. Ho wore a slouch hat,
having In his excltomcnt forgotten to remoyo
tt;o buttonless mackintosh, n brown coat, pala
blue waistcoat, and black trousors with along
slit in ono log below the kneo. civ Ing a gllmpso
into a rod flannel vlsta tormlnatlng in a milch
turnod down golf stocking. On ono foot was a
white tennis shoe, tho other ono being somo
what inadequately covered by n split patent
leathor. In his hand ho carried a golf driver.
His face was grimy and his expression strained
but i aim.
"What's that golf stick for?" continued
Bcrlpps; "aud will you explain the swaddllngs
where your collar ought to be?"
" Oil. thatV" said tho visitor, no'vously pull
ing at his throat coverings. They unwKfld
precipitately, and n long striped stocking
w rltlied to tho floor.
, "Damnl" said Col. Barry bitterly. "That'n
Maria's. Marin Is our maid. Mrs. Barry
wrapped it around my neck to keep mo from
getting sore throat. Novor mind my appear
ance. I"
" But that golf stick?" Interrupted his host.
'You don't oxpeot n mnn to wnnder around
Penitence Park at night without somo protec
tion, do you? And I couldn't llnd my gun."
'That's what I want to know about What's
wrong in Penitence Park that you como hero at
this time ot night looking llko a belated elec
tion bet?"
" That's what I'm going to tell on as soon as
I get Insured. I want nil the fire Insurance I
can get on my houso and I want It to Include
damage by flro. wntor. llremon "
"Earthquakes, lightning, floods nnd erup
tions by tnouolghboringvolcunocs," continued
tho insuinnco man. I assumo that some
thing has been burning down In our neigh
borhood. You'vo got all thn symptoms "
'Burning down I" cried Col. Barry. 'Well. I
should think so. Tho Penitence Park Fire De
partment has been on my premises and there
Isn't much but premises left."
"Mrs. Barry survived, Ihopo?"sald Bcrlpps.
' Yes: sho's over at the Van Toots's comput
ing tho damage with the assistance ot Van
Toot and a book ot logarithms. Are you going
to wrlto mo that policy?"
fiot until you toll your tale and lean judge
whether or not you're in your right mlud "
"I'll give vou the outlines." said Col. Barry,
but I couldn't tall tho wholo of it in a year.
Tho houso across thestreet has burned down."
"And you've been noting ns n volunteer Ore
man In this uniform ?"
"I'vobeen noting as a volunteer defender of
my property nnd Hfo.and I'm a third-rate aotor
nt that. There's no need of my tolling you
about tho lire. Nobody was burned and the
Joneses nro insured: but I've gotn few facts
about tho Tiro Department that I'd like to
print and have translated into French. There's
so much mora freodoni of speoeh In French.
Thn department got there when there was
nothing to save and fired on m house ns thoy
bo-t place to light the lire from. First they got
on my roof and cut holes in the shingles to
give them foothold. Aftor thoy got the hoso
up their surplus watorcame down through tho
holes, nnd I suppose by to-morrow Van Loot's
youngsters will bo using my attte for a skating
jink. Well, that was all right, in thscauso of
humanity, but Maria didn't understand the
causo of humanity idoa. She locked herself in
tho bathroom and had hysterics, because she'd
been reading dtmo novels and woko up to a
realization of the fact that tho house was be
siegod by n band of robbern.
"It did look a Ilttlo that way, too. Ono or tho
firemen hoard thoro was a ladder in my cellar,
so ho chopped in the door with hla axe. That
inspired n couple of others to go around and
nmosh somo windows. Thoy wanted to be able
to look In and see that no sparks had fallen
uown tne chimney. Pretty soon ono of the
chiefs, of whom there wero sovoral to oveiy
plain fireman, decided that my house was In
ilnngor and told me to remove Mrs. Barry.
While I was removing her somebody camo In
and renoved most ot tho bric-a-brao in tlio
room. 'There was a Satsuma vase there
of which she was very fond, and I
suppose n must novo reciprocatod her
fondness for It followed nor out and nestled In
my neck long enough to raise a lump, thon It
landed on our sidewalk and smashed. By the
time I got back to the house thore were two
factions of firemen, one of which declared that
tho house was doomed and that tho valuables
should bo removed without delay, whllo the
other held out for water on the roof as a suffi
cient provontlve As fnst as tho first faotlon
pitched things out, the other pitched 'em back :
and there is tho llneet collection of ruins
around the placo that you evor saw. Some
body saved my clothes, nnd I'm going to offer a
reward fortholr return. Meanwhile.ostherewas
six inches of water streaming down the roof.
I don't think any ordinary spark would havo
had much of nhow there. This struck one of
tho fellows with tho hose, for he turned a
stream into the sldo bathroom window, and
two soconds later Maria floated out of tho rear
window nnd camo down on soft ground. It
didn't hurt her much, only sprained nn nnklo
After that I don't remember just what did
happen. A fireman foil off my roof. I believe,
nnd I hopo he broke his neck. Probably I ex
pressed some such hope, for I havo a dazed
recollection of fighting with another fireman
nnd polishing him oft just before a hoso stream
polished mo off. Later on one of the chiefs
came to me and said:
"'Well, Col. Barry. wo'vo saved your house,
anyway '
'Yes.' I said. 'and I wish to heaven you'd
plckod out somebody else's to save Instead of
"He seemed to think that wna ungrateful
nnd called his men off. Thon I cume nnd got a
train down hero. That's all. oxcopt that I'm
going to put some patches on my houso and
got It Insured."
"But didn't you save anything?" asked the
insuranco man
"Obi yes : quite n number of things," replied
the Colonel, brightening up a Ilttlo. ''I've got
most of 'em on me. Mrs. Barry asked me to
go back nnd colloet what clothes I couldTand
those nro what I found. Tho stocking wns
hung on tho kltolien door for the morning visit
of tho butcher boy. Ho's Maria's steady, and I
suppose bos nround there now looking for a
Place In thn dtfbris to leave his Ilttlo Christmas
B resent. Now, about that Insurance. Mrs.
arry says"
"Barry," said his host, pouring nut four fin
gers, it's too late for business. I'll give you
some pajamus and a bath to-nlcht and nn nut.
fit of clothes in tho morning, Then you tako
myndvieo nnd get n house In Greater New
Ypk. evon If you havo to land In Long Island
City. Our rates for Insurance In Ponltenoe
Park nro ton times the rates In tlio city, and we
don't Insure against the department at that.
Say whon "
Cpl, Barry held out his class and didn't say
'when" until the warning was superfluous,
ne drank, then walked over to tho mirror, took
one look, leaped Into the air and swore "a
great oath."
, " I'll take that house In Brooklyn to-morrow."
he said.
Colored Republicans Looking for Office.
The negro Republicans of New York county
are going to send Charles F. Butler, their
loader, to call on Chairman Odell of the Re
publican StHte Committee to-morrow to see
what arrnncemeut can bo mado about pat
ronage. Caleb Sims, the present janitor of the Senate,
was a Republican once, but he flopped to Tam
many, and It Is expected that his head will fall
onJitn 1. MujorJ. I'ool of the Twenty-ninth
Assembly district wnnls tlio job. W H, Butler
of the Twenty-seventh Is ncandldnte forasslst
ant doorkeeper and Perry Baker ol the Twenty
fifth wauls to help Pool.
Clinmberniiiid Hurt by a Gas Kxploilou.
Nyw ItoaiEM.r, N. Y . Deo. 27.-Mary Dunn,
a chambermaid nt the Windsor Hotel, was
slightly burned nbout the hande and face br
an explosion of gas In nn unoccupied room in
the hotel this morning. A blaro which also
caught her clothing was put out by two
guests of the hotel, who were awnkened by the
explosion The gas had been loft flowing In
the room aud the girl eutered uudjit u match.
Cnpt. Drlee Repeats the Stories That the
Philadelphia Suicide Told Illm.
Toucdo, 0., Deo. 27. -Capt, Stewart Brlco
has glvoti nn Interview oxplnlnlng what he
knows of the circumstances surrounding tho
statomonts of Harry Moore, tho Phila
delphia suicide, regarding tho burial of n
largo treasure at Bnntlago. Cant. Brlco says
that while he was In Santiago Moore wont to
him for nld and for transportation to Now York.
'Moore lias been in the employ of tho Merrltt
A Chapman Wrecking Company." sald.Capt.
Brlco. ' and he had worked on tho Maine
and with the wrecking crows on tho sunken
ships of Corvora's fleet. He quarrelled with
his employers and lost his job. I had known
Moore, nnd It was natural that ho should oomo
to mo for asslstanco, 1 secured passage for
him to New York.
"Mooro told me that Corrnnhad can led largo
sums of money out of Santiago with him.
Bankers Intrusted their woalth to htm.
hoping to have It cnnloil nway, isroty.
Mooro begged mo several times slnoo our
return to advance monoy so that ho could
got an outfit and return to Cuba nfter gold, but
I told him that ho would havo to contract
with tho Government. My only explanation
of his letter, la which ho says that there is
burled treasure in Cuba, is that he secured
somo or the monnr while working with tho
Merrltt Company nnd that ho hid it near Hantl-aeo."
It U Possible That Neither She Nor the
low Will No to Manila.
WAnniNOTOf . Deo. 27. Tho conclusion of the
treaty of peace and tho fact that tho supposed
danger ot foreign Interference in the Philip
pines has vanished have mado the naval author
ities hesitate in tlielr Intention to dlroot tho
Oregon and tho Iowa to prooeod to Manila.
The two battleships, with the provision ship
Celtic, the collier Justin and tho distilling ship
Iris, nro nt Callao. Poru. Capt. Barker of tho
Oregon, the sontor ofllcor of tho squadron, has
been notified that the vessels will not bo ox
poctod to leavo Callao until about Jan. 10. In
the menntimo ordors for tlielr future move
ments will b eont.
As told In Tnn Son this morning, tho Iowa
will bo sent to San Francisco, and it now ap
pears probable that tho Oregon will accompany
her north, possibly in company with tho Iris,
whllo tho Celtic will proceed to Manila from
Callao. The plans of tho department In rcgnnl
to tho two battleships have not beon decided
uion. but It was nuggostcd to-day that tho
Oregon might bo directed to.roturn to the North
Atlantic station, loijv Ing Urn Iown to tako up
tho Oregon's former duty on tho Pacillo coast,
Owen Murphy Getting Calmer Now at a
Hoipltnl In Hnrloin.
Owen Murphy, who has spent tho lost three
months ot his lire in this country, received a
letter lost week from his birthplace in Ireland,
telling him that his uncle in theEnglish Army
had died leaving htm 5.000.
Murphy began a celobratlon ot his good luck
on Saturday, and early yesterdny afternoon his
landlord, William O'Neill ot 521 West 111th
street, sent for Father Murray of the Church of
the Asconslon. at 107th etroet and Amsterdam
avenue, to quiet him. Murphy chased tho
priest out of the house.
Fathor Murray returned with relnforcemontn
In the person ot Dr. Btovenson ot 100th street
and Amsterdam nvenuo. Both of them wero
roreedto quit tho place, finally Murnhy was
taken to the J. Hood Wright Hospital, where
ho will be put into condition to collect his
They Are Spending the Holiday Recess In a
A'lslt to Cuba nnd Porto Itlco.
WAsniNOTON. Dec. 27. Throo mombers of
Congress nre now in our now West Indian pos
sessions spendlug the holiday rocoss In making
a personal study ot tho Islands, thoir people
and their customs. They aro Representatives
Landisof Indiana, Lncey of Iowa, and Fonrco
ot Missouri. Thoy believed It would bo a good
thing for them to get a little accurate Informa
tion at first hand and made up the party on
their own account. Mr. Landls Is accompanied
by his wife and Mr.Lacoy by his daughters.
Theso two satlod on tho Government transport
Berlin and went direct to Han Juan. They will
visit that city. Ponce and other seaport towns
and then go to Santiago. At tho last place thoy
will be joined by Mr. Pearco.
It is tho Intention of the members to make as
thorough a tour of tho island or Cuba as Is
possible In the short time at their disposal.
Their last and principal stop will be Havana.
His Sentence Deferred to Give Illm a Chance
to Moke Restitution.
James D. Hallon, the lawyer who was con
victed last week ot uttering a forced bond
and mortgage in 1803, through which Mrs.
Florenco Cauldwoll of New Jersey was de
frauded of $10,500. was brought before Judge
MoMahon in Part I. of the General Sessions
yesterday for sentence, but at his request the
date for Eontonce was postponed for one week,
in ordor that between now and then Hallon
might mako restitution to Mrs. Cauldwoll.
."You nro not to understand." said Judge
MoMahon in granting Hallen's request, "that
restitution mado at this lato date will havo any
effect upon your sentence."
"Certainly not. your Honor." replied Hallen.
but this is a matter of conscience with me.
and I wish time to carry out my designs."
Star-Eyed Goddess Willing to Admit That
It Has Been n Good Scheme.
Louisville. Ky.. Dec. 27. Mr. Watterson. In
a Courier-Journal editorial article this morn
ing, headed " Everybody a Free TradorNow."
makesasigniflcantadmlssionof the beneficent
resultn of tho protective tariff system. He as
serts that the American manufacturer, "having
perfected his plants and cheapened his pro
cesses." Is ready nnd willing for free trado In
ordor to have better access to the markots of
the world.
Following this, ho says, "tho Star-Eyed
Goddess, a little mature, a trlflo ombonpolnt,
thougli still beautiful." is bound to admit that
'from n collar button to n looomotivo thore Is
nothing now produced to-day in Amorlca which
Is not produced cheaper and better than Its
counterpart In Europe. Bo much goes to tho
croditof the protective system."
Gamblers Drtven Ont ot Honolulu.
Honolulu, Dec. 21.via Ban Franoisco.-Dec. 27.
With the rush ot now arrivals at Honolulu after
annexation came soveral gamblors who opened
a swell place, served free lunch and free drinks
and did a Inrce business with faro, roulette
nnd other games. Tho police raided them,
seized the layouts and summoned as witnesses
every one suspected of vlsltinc tho place.
Among thoso summoned wero prominent
mon who did not wish to appear In court as
witnesses, So they brought pressure to benr
on tho gamblers and Interceded with the Gov
ernment. The result was that the gumblers paid
lines of $100 to $275 nud agreed to go to Manila
by tho next steamship.
Ilnyou Steamer Teohe Burned.
New Orleans. Deo. 27. The steamboat
Toche. while on its way to New Orleans from
Bayou Teche, was burned at an early hour this
morning at Vacherlo landing, fifty-five miles
nbovo hero. She ran ncalnst a log floating in
the stream which careened the vessel so as to
start the flames The Are spread rapidly, and
the boat had barely time to reach the shore
and allow the crew to dlsombark. No lives
were lost.
Chaplain Heard of the Almshouse to As
sume Ills Duties.
Exeteb. N. H.. Dec. 27,-The Rev. Chaman
W. Beard of Dover left this mo ilngforNew
York, where he will offlclato as chaplain of the
almshouse at Dlackwoll's Island. For twenty
two yoars lie has been rector of Bt. Thomas's
Episcopal Church of Dover. He preached his
farewell sermon thrro on Sunday evening.
Last night the Bqver Onera House wns packed
by a representntlvo audionco, which tendered
to him a reception,
Charms Derived from Admiral Dewey,
Dinqhamton, N. Y.. Dee. 27.-Acoordlng to a
letter received by Robert Mervlno of Milton,
Pa., from his son William, who Is with tho
army In the Philippines, the natives almost
regard Admiral Dewey as a supernatural be
ing They struggle to got scrmw of cloth or
any othor article lie tins possessed, thinking
they have peculiar hciillng virtues. Somo ol
them havo small portraits of Dewey, which
they carry with them to wurdoff evil.
Senator Frye's Peare Offering of 1,000.
Lewwton, Me., Dec 27.-Mrs. W II, White,
daughter ot Senator Fryo, ha received n tele-
BraP,'r201.Wa.bn",IBtondro9,lnK ber to Pre
sent $1,000 to the Central Mnlno General rtos
Pltal. Lewlston aa "a peace offering and
Christmas g lit" In memory of Emma Frye. his
daughter, who dleUeevenU yearaaoo.
She nought Wheat Options for Lawyer Les
ser and Lout Ills 83T.60-IIe Gets a Ver
dict for It-She (lives Justice McKenn a
Leiion In the Parlance of Wall Street.
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Robertson, a Wall street
speculator, ot 200 Jamaica avenue, borough
of Quoons, wns sued In tho Yorkville Municipal
vourt yesterday for $27.50 by Mnxlmus A. Lea
ser, former Assistant Corporation Counsel.
The lawyer explained that ho had beon trying
to serve a summons on the woman for two
months. Tho first process sorvcr spent two
weeks trying to find Mrs. Robertson at tho
Consolidated Exchango or at her home, but
oould never get near enough to hand her tho
papers. Another man sought to sorve the
papers and failed. Aftor tho third mau had
failed a woman was engucod. She was nearly
a month on Mrs Robertson's trail without
succeeding In serving the papers. Mr. Lessor
says. Finally a German woman called at the
Robertsou reeldonco nnd left word that she
wanted to consult Mrs. Robertson about nn In
vestment, and obtained an Interview, when she
handed over the papors in the suit.
Lawyer Lesser tostlfled yest-rday that in the
Utter part nf July he gave the defondant $27.00
for margin In a wheat deal. Sho was to buy
1.000 bushels of wheat. Ho bolloved her to be
a shrewd woman, he said, from his observa
tion of her as n Kltness in a case In tho Civil
Court In whloh he was counsel, and so decided
to do a little speculating through her,
"When I was going to Euro'po In August she
told me sho would protect mo during my ab
sence," went on the plaintiff, "but when I got
back In September she told me the margin
had been wiped out."
"Why don't you be a good fellow, like tho
other Wall street boys? Thoy novor kick
when they lose on a deal," said the defend
ant, who was In the witness choir.
. "Have vou counsel, madam?" asked Justice
John B. McKean.
"lo. sir. I wouldn't bo bothored with law
yers. I am nblo to look aftor my owu inter
ests.' sho answored.
Tho plaintiff added that the defendant had
failed to tell him her broker's name or to mako
any statement or their account except to say
the deal wasclosed and the margin wiped out.
' Well, so It was." Interrupted tho women,
I bought 2.000 bushels of wheat at 07 and
shortly after there was a slump In the mar
ket." "A what, madam?" Inquired the Justice.
"Don't you men know what a slump Is?" re
tortod the woman. "Tho points fell off."
"Fell off from where?" asked the Justice.
"Why. from 07."
"Will you kindly explain what the 07 stands
for. madam?" asked Justice McKean,
"Why. I told you I bought B.000 bushels of
wheat nt 07."
"At 07 what?"
"At 07 cents, of course. Oh. but yon are a
lamb." remarked the defendant.
"No compliments. It you please, madam, in
court." replied the Justice.
"That's no compliment That's whnt we
call a novice In Wall street," the woman ex
plained. "I've been speculating slnoo I was
a clrl. and that Is some time ago. 1 use my
wits, as every one elso must do If they want to
make money down thore. TIiIb man should
have usod his. I bought 1,000 bushels ol
wheat for myself and 1.000 bushols for him,
and whon it tell off to 01 I closed out tho deal
to protect myself. A It was. I lost $10."
Tho Justice asked the plaintiff how muoh
money ho had given to the speculator. Law
yer Lesser replied that he had given her
"""but that wouldn't bur 1.000 bushels of
wheat at 07 cents n bushel."
"Oh. I didn't buy the wheat." said the de
fendant "I bought wheat on puts aud held
on to It as long as his margin would lot me."
., lou say you bought it, and you Bay you
didn't buy it.''
, "I cot nn option on the wheat nnd might
have mode thousands ot dollars without a
grain of the stuff coming Into ray possession.
I am losing a splendid opportunity in a rising
maiket through coming to this court," ex
plained the defendant "I expect wheat will
go up to 70 to-day, and I predict that we will
have "Jl wheat again."
"There is much snld or the new woman in
vading men's special Holds of occupation."
commented the Justice. "You Impress me as
possessing; a mind capable of competing with
any man In shrewd business transactions."
At the conousion or the examination Justice
McKean gavo judgment to the palntlff for the
amount sued tor,
A Iteport That the Pretender Is Making
Itendy for War nn Spain.
Special Cable Deipatch to Tnx Suif.
Madmd. Dec. 27. via Biarritz. A Carllst
who haa just returned to Spain from Venice
says that Don Carlos, the Spanish pretender,
has strikingly transformed his style of living,
which heretofore has usually beon that of a pri
vate gentleman. His ante-chambers are now
crowded with Spanish deputations. Cardinals,
Carllst ex-ofllcers and Legitimists from Great
Britain and France. New flags for the uso of
tnejpretendcr's supporters are being embroid
ered. Don Carlos has Invented a new Bun. It was
everywhere apparent about the palace occu
pied by Don Carlos that warfare was anticipated.
Preparing to Resist the Antl-Repnblican
SpitM Calt Vnpateh to Tns Btm.
London, Doc. 27. A despatch from Paris to
the Ettning News says that, responding to tho
preparations and dally observations on tho
part ot tho revolutionary Socialists, a vigilance
commltteo has been organized in each nrron
dlssemont of Paris, charged with the duty ot
observation of the anti-Republican movomint
and making preparations for resisting it.
The Republicans, tho despatch adds, are try
ing to ascertain which of tho officers In the
higher ranks of the army may be trusted to re
main faithful to the republic, but thus far their
investigation has beon rathor disheartening.
MM, Regis and Leple Fight on Two Succes
sive Days Both Wounded.
Sptcial Cable Despatch to Tire Binf.
Pabib. Deo. 27. The dual with swords
which wns fought at Putoaux yesterday be
tween M. Leple. ono of the oditors of LcsDroitt
de riTomme. and Mm Reels, an anti-Semite
and former Mayor or Algiers, with tho result
that aftor six rounds both combatants wero
exhausted, but neither was wounded, wng re
newed at Neullly at 3 o'clook this af tornoon.
M. Leple was wounded In tho" abdomen and
Reels received a Blight puncture from his ad
versary's sword.
ANOLO-VRENan: scnoor, closed.
Could Mot Stand Opposition of Jingo Preis
and Antl-KnglUh Prleits.
Svieiat Cablt Dtlpakh to Tu r So.
Padis. Dec 27,-Tho Medltoval University nt
Azay le Rldeau. In tho province or Tournlne.
which was destcnod to bring French nnd Eng
llsh youths toeother for mutual improvement
and a better understanding of each others'
ways, has been closed, owing to the criticisms
of the jingo local press and the fact that tho
priests protested against tho "contaminat
ing Influence of English thought and manners."
Some Hope for the Recovery of the Ppanltu
Prime Minister.
Special Cable DeipatcS to Tiik hdk.
Madrid, Deo. 27.-The condition or Premier
Sagas ta is slightly Improved this evening.
Steamship Josephine Ashore In Yarmouth
Harbor, i
Special Cable DupalcS to The Sox.
London, Dec. 27. A desputoh to Lloyds Irom
Yarmouth says that the steamship Josephine
la ashore In the harbor, huving struck on n
roek. A final survey of her has been rocom-mended.
American Ship Berlin I'lontml and Towed
to Amoy,
Sxfctal Cable VetpatcA to THk Bus.
Amoi. Deo, 27. The American ship Berlin
which went ashore In Huolmn Bay n few days
ago, huu been floated and towed to this port.
She Is leaking, but her pumps are adoquutoto
the work of Luepluu the vrutor down.
sMsfrrlsfrV '"' nf .sdtffA
oalb ix xie iota Lisa caAmrEl
The Southern Coast of Bnglnnd Swept by a
Terrific Storm.
nptctal Cablt Deepatek to Tns Bo.
Jnon. Doo.27. A torrlflcjrale Is raging
along the south coast, and Boas of exceptional
height aro running boforo tho wind In tho
Channel. Tho Frenoh paokcts woro unnble to
mako n landing nl Dover to-day, arid tho pas
vengors and malls from Franco woro conse
quently landed at Folkestone,
Tlio steamboat sorvloe botwoon Dover andi
Calais has been suspended, Tho Ostend boats
crossod tho Channel, but woro unnblo to land
at Dover. Tho crew of a wreekod schooner wns
rescued by tho Campbolltown lifeboat this
morning. A number ot othor wrecks nro re
portod. An extraordinary scene was presented along
tho lowor Thames, where tho gale was tho
most sovore since 1873. Hundreds ot mon
woro employed In chasing bales, boxes, casks,
and articles of every description whloh had
boon blown from thn wharves and sent adrift
Many rowboats, barges, and othor small craft
broke from thoir moorings and wore carried
away. Somo of theso wero recovered, but four
barges wero swept out to sea and lost Tho
general damagodono by the storm Is very
great Twelve mon are missing and It Is re
portod that they havo been drowned.
An exciting scone was witnessed to-day at
Broadstalrs. A four-masted ship showing dis
tress signals was seen drifting Inshore. A
rowboat with a pilot on board attompted to
roach hor, but was swamped. Tho crow of tho
boat was rescuod by a French fishing smack.
Then a lifeboat attempted to reach the four
master, but was unablo to do so. Finally tugs
succeeded In getting near enough to her to get
a tow lino to her and she was towed out ot
A gale of great violence prevailed In London
to-day. doing much damage to roofs, chlm
noys, shuttors. signs, o.
A despatch to Lloyds from Llttlehampton.
Sussex, says that a steamship with two masts
and a yellow funnol with a blaolc top is riding
four miles southeast of tho harbor, and has
signalled tor assistance. ,
Cnbans Resented a Recent Criticism by
Mnyor Barcnrdl.
Special Cablt DetvatcS to Tax Box.
Santiago de Cuba. Deo. 27. Tho members
ot tho School Board which was appointed
nbout four months ago tendered their resig
nations to Gen. Wood to-day. They nro Cubans.
When ho appointed them Qon. Wood told tho
members that they would have an opportunity
to Bhow their ability for self-government In
the most important olvll department In tho
province. Tho resignations were caused by
resentment against Mayor BarcardI, who re
cently criticised tho action ot the Board rela
tive to tho disposition of the scholars in ono ot
the schools.
In thoir letter to Gen. Wood the mombers
state that they believe It bost tor them to take
no further part In the educational movement
until laws relating to education havo been
formulated. Gon. Wood refused to accopt the
Tho local newspapers' criticise tho action ot
tho board as an exhibition of petty feeling.
Dr. Esniarch Would Have Soldiers Instruc
ted In First Aid to the Injured.
Special Caolt DetpatiA to Tax Sox.
Berlin, Deo. 27.-Dr. Esmnrch, the well
known surgeon, wrltos to tho Deutsche llevue
suggesting that the coming peace conference
should arrango for tho instruction of nil soldiers
In first aid to the injured. They should, he
says, bo equipped with bandages, and taueht
tho full significance of the Geneva Convention,
in view of the fact that tho wounded In future
wars will bo inovitably so numorous. owing to
tho use of quick-Urine weapons, as to bafflo tho
efforts of surecons.
Dr. Esmarch also urges that small calibre
bullets bo tabooed unless thoy havo hard
points, bo as to avoid tho horrible effect ot the
spreading bullet
To Be Tnken to the Court of Cassation
Dally as Lone as Needed.
Special Cable Despatch to Tax Bust.
Pabib, Dec. 27. M. Do Froyclnet, Minister of
War. has authorized Capt Cuignet to oonvoy
tho socret dossier In tho Dreyfus case from the
War Office to tho Court of Cassation each day
until the court has no furthor uso for it
Tho announcement Is mado officially that
Capt. Cuignet is also Instructed to clve to the
court any supplementary Information it may,
require in tho Dreyfus case.
Children Hurt by Exploding War Hello.
Bertha and Bamuol Deutsch, 12 and 0 years
old. of 240 East Ninetieth street whllo playing
yesterday afternoon with a Krag-JOrgensen
cartridge, which somo ono had given to them
as a war relic, discovered a small crack In ono
Aide ot the shell out ot which thoy shook a lit
tlo ot tho powder. Bortha thon lighted a piece
of paper to explode tho powder. The whole
cartridge exploded, bursting instead of dis
charging the, bullet. Fragmonts or the shell
wore blown into the tocos or both ohildren.
Thoy were taken to the Presbyterian Hospital
Comstock Balds an East Side Book Store.
Anthony Comstock and Detective Kuntz of
the Essex Market Court raided yesterday after
noon the store kopt by Lewis May at 14 Avenue
A nnd seized 5.000 books printed in German
and 300 pictures alleged to be of an obscone
n,atMre: TTh, Property was taken to tho Essex
Mnrket Police Court. May asked for n contin
uance of the case and waB hold in $1,000 ball
for examination.
B J The drummer who
ABSr' I tries to talk a merchant
I I flnto purchasing a bill
I I I II of goods may be hand!-
Ji-Jejs I capped by a face ren.
I -c38 s dered unsightly by plm-
U eM I pies aud blotches and
I "ill ' by a foul breath, Some
" Ml men imagine that bad
.. . , , health does not handi-
cap them in business. A bigger mistake
was never made. The slightest disorder
may be the biggest kind of a detriment to
al business man. An unsightly skin is
ciused by impurities of the blood, A foul
breath means a wepk stomach, an impaired
digestion and an inactive liver. A sweet
breath means that the stomach Is sweet
the d geation good, the liver active and the!
bowels regular. It Is an Indication of
a thoroughly constitutional sweetness.
Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Wa?' YC ftomac1'. facilitates the
flow of digestive Juices, gives edge to the
appetite, makes digestion and assimilation
perfect, Invigorates the liver and purines
and enriches the blood. It is th? great
blood.maker and flesh.builder. It Is the
great blood-purifier. It makes the eye
brighter, the skin clearer, the breath sweet.
er and the step more elastic. It imparts
both mental and bodily activ ity. It cure.
Mood" "S ame'dfenc1"
i . ..' ' .could not stand on mv fret ten
'olnutes." writes Mis I'.IU Uartley oT NositU
SSihedEVi A"'i Co'uinbusTonfn , l o'n'bl
rA nun or woman who neglects
constipation suffers from slow '
PoUoning Dr Pierced I'leaJant
.w , constipation One
All nV itW 5nlld cathftic,
All medicine dealers sell them
No othc pills are -Just Osgood?"
fiRjjl The first warn- f
fSaH ing that you're li
KglM in the clutches
gaffaL of the Grippe ! f
mBm Then comes the Ml
H fever, pain in the if
f head, constant desire ft!
bj to cough, soreness of II
II the muscles, and ex-
J treme prostration. l
11 When you first feel j
rl chilly don't go to bed, J
g but go to the nearest If
ft drug store for a bot- p,
tie ot J
ui It's simply aston-
M ishing how 'twill cut fk
short the attack. The L
'disease can't get any Al
j farther than the chill. l
Vf You escape all the A
l rest. li
fi Treated early: A
"Cured in a day." J
f J That's the usual f
Vf story. vf
Later, the Cherry f .
ji Pectoral breaks up fi
Fa the attack, stops J
La the coughing, con- a
3u trols the fever, and k 1
kl surely prevents fl
si pneumonia. j
lj Twoshes: IOcU-.II.M. AlldrsirlsU. G
The Finest
of all Whiskies Is
Baltimore Rye
M TRAM rWRrNfcj5
The Favorite
For Club, Cafe and Home Use,
and particularly raoommended
to ladles obIlffil to use a
stimulant because of Its
Absolute Purity, Gentle Mellowness and
Great Age.
A. D. Babt b run Mora. KsprtsenUtlTes
8 fl. William 81., New York, N. T. '
Bye Glass
need not bo sore. Tho Schmidt Clip rests
on the noso softly, gently, pleasantly. ne r
Plnohlnir orsllpplnjr. Attached for50csnts.
We make tho classes wo sell. We have
done it for years. You expect and get here
only the very best strade of workmanship.
ClroularFIlIJE. Call or write.
Oculists' prescriptions filled, Fictorr on pnmliu,
Quick nplrlng. OPEN EVENINGS. Fhons 1B08 8s,
F. Q. Schmidt,
Optician 16 East 42d St. fr buTES
Dr, Ton nollnben Bald to Hellers- Amert
cans Would Submit to a Solid X,aw.
Special Cablt Despatch to Tarn 80.
BKnLiN. Doo. 27.-Count Kllnckowstroem. a
prominent momborof tho extremist Agrarian
protectionist party, in a recent speech assorted A
that Dr. von Ilolloben. the Gorman Am P
bossador to tho United States, whon asked f
what the probablo attltudo of tho Americans
would be toward the Gorman meat Inspection I
law. replied : I
"Thoy aro very sonsltlro to petty annoyanoes.
but if a solid law is passed It will inspire re
spect and thoy will submit to It"
Col. Dewstoe to Be Postmaster of Cleveland.
Cleveland, 0 Deo. 27,-CoUO. 0. Dewstoe
of this city is to bo Clo eland's noxt Post
master, according to Concressman T. E Ilur-
iS?' n.t.JvhoS? disposition Sonator Hanna has
placed the oflloo. '
ii'S8t?i'ulitcr HiKjMns will vacate the office In j
May. Holsonoof I'rpsldont Clovoland's sur- !
prist) apppinteoR. Col. Dowstoo Is the l'resi
dont of the Dewstoe A Uralnnrd Compaiu.
leudors In tlio pluinbluc supply trade. II0h.11
been ConBrossmun Burton's campaign maua-
Iilff Coal lloom In the South.
Norfolk. Vn. Dec. 27. A fleet of thlrty-six 4
schooners and burses lies off the Tocahontas
steam ooal pier to-nlht awaiting careoes. All
go coastwise save two of tho schooners. Ida 0.
Houthurd. forl'ort Hpaln. Trinidad, and John
A. llockennnn, for Suntlnuo. Tho others, with
row exceptions, aro hound for the mnnuiactur
Inir centres of New Ensinnd. w hero the coal U
wanted for tho stnrtlnu of mills and workshop,
lkcaiiseorthu iictlvu rtoiiiund for coal ocean
fri'inhts from this port hno advanced.
sparks must rm; telegraph.
Kire drfctnirrd tlio Central School liulldlns In
Olisrlrstoii, 111., on Monday nUht. About 400 )uill
nro thrown nut Iji, ll,0y(l, I
Whllo rmliiit bont In a strange house In New I
Ilatitii reaterilsr In jn Intoxicated con lltlon John '
posUslsofF lout of thefourth story uiJoirnda,
lustmitl) kllltd.
,Yl!0J'.r!u!"'"y wiped out the business rllon of
uhlioeld, hy., yettrd More Ui ui fldtiiKsi
t.rth;flroirtj watsntpt awa, Thu tuiirt Jl in
vj.liaill) dains.-id
Tho fsrinhoii.o or Omio Majaiir, lu Hill rnuutr,
Ti.ss bin in d on Moml i niiht Mrs Mslmi,
tier l-uiomb-old bal; and Mis Mrr ll. II, uiotlur
ui Mre. Malnup, m lninml to dr.th Mr Mil n
J'alitut mi liiiilutsiiaiiil did not know tin late ut
Miininllr ii, I ho rrturnrd Hsu.nl
Hlx prl.oiierx oined from the Mlililcsn hint- . A
lloiuoor Correction oil Simula uluhi Ttir wer "
all I'ounileHeiits Koiiuiied In the Im.i.llal 'I lief fl
cutthelr-war throuiru a partition ll to llir Unit- -
Unir shop adjoining mil Haled II. e all. Ilulnuu ?
the huh wind aud drutuitf sugw they left uo trait, fl
' 1

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