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gr ' Jl aPWPnSSltt 5 VW l" Fair to-day; not so cold; variable winds
lie AttrniU Church nnd llerelvca Cntla from
Ills Adjutnnt-Ocncrnl nml Members of
IIU Slntf-No Sew Candidates Appear
for Superintendent of J'ublln Works.
Amiant, Jan. l.-Gov. Tlieotloro ltoosovelt
(V Ment a comparatively nulot day, tlio tlrst of hi
j Gubernatorial farm. Ho remained nt tlio Man-
mm slon except lo attend services this nttcrnoon
U with Mrs. Koosevolt nt All Snlnts' Cathedral.
Ml upon the Invitation of Bishop William Orosvrull
Ml Don no.
H Qen. and Mrs. Hoc. Ailjt.-Oon. nml Mrs.
Androws. Brig.-Geii and Jits. Hubert Hhnw
i Oliver and members of tlio Governor's nud
Mnjor-aoueral'n staffs, entered thuehiirch with
the Govornornnd Mrn. Hoosuvelt. Hiiunilroii A
of New York city wns also present nt the ser
vices, marching In u body fiom (ho Tenth
llatallion armory to the church. The Squadron
land ftirnlshod sacred music during thnsor
v'ce, nt which Bishop Donuooniciatod, assisted
by tlio Ito . K. Piirkhtim Morgan, the Chaplain
of tin1 S'ltiadion Dcnn Bobbins delivered n
k powerful sermon, confining his utterances to
religious sentiments,
Mrs. Hoosovolt was Indisposed to-dny. Tlio
Governor's piiv.ito secretary. William J.
Youngs, said to-night that the only cullers at
J the Mansion to-day weie Uio Adjutuhl-Genorul
I and the members of the Governor's stuff, who
recoicd their commissions from the hands of
the Governor Ho said also that Oov. Hooso
velt would bao no appointments to tin
I nounco until after his Inauguration to
morrow, and piobably not until Tuesday.
I No new candidates have sprung up for t lie
I offlceof KtntoSiiioiiiittndoutof Public Works.
1 The. Goiernm hashad .mother talk with State
J l'.veiso ( upiiiN'-ii'ni'i Homy II Lyninn. but
ihe lattei lemaius Him In his refusal to accept
J theplnee l.ietn -Gov. Woodruff isstlll urging
dp the claim- of Setli l.nvv's friend,. lohn M. Far-
5F fudge of HiinUyn
W Mi Vuuigs to-day resigned as Dlstiiet At-
7 tmiM'Vnf l.hieciis couulv. and the Governor's
tint cillU i.il act iva- Mi loungs .s appoiutmi'iit
n- his piivnto sctcI.ii Thiin tint Governor
apiwiuted George . Davison, the present
Assistant District Utornev of lJueens county,
in fill tlirvacuiicv ciiu-ed In Ml. louugs'sresig
iiatinii Onv. Hon-ovelt has lelulned eveiy omplovoe
in the executive ilciianmciit with tlio excep
tion of the confidential messenger, under Gov.
Mack, wlio was .slated for nuother place by
Go. llhek. Inn hasheiii disappointed, ns hau
many other political llei'leiiuiils or tlio former
(Kiu'tnoi timing tho past two ve.trs.
Gov. ltoosovelt has niipoiiiteil William Loeb.
Ir., of this e 1 1 . as his onfldriitlul htenog
raplier. Some iuestlou has arisen oer tlio
legality ot Hie appointment y-lerdny liy Gov.
Black of Assumbiv man Henry W. Hill of liufT.ilo
, 4 a- District Attorney of Brie county, owing to
( i he c.xlstcncooiiuoiistitutlotiul provision which
declines that a mcinberof the l.ogislutuioshalt
not be eligible dining the term for which ho
was elected to appointment to oftlco at tlm
lianils of the Governor. Hi iewof this. Gov
Koosevelt may be asked ti reappoint him, as
Mr. Hill's term as xsspmblvm.in expired last
nisht Mr. Hill was re-elected to tlio Asombls
last November, but will not swear in tor the
new term, thus icmovlng the objection to his
An excellent jioitralt of ex-Gov. Frank S.
ISInck was to-day hum; in the Kxeeutive Cham
V lier. Tim tiortrait was executed by Artist
n HukIios ortlus fity. wlio pninted the excellent
l& llkmiesh of Gov. Moiloii which also ndiKiis
Wi the walls of tho Executive Chamber. The
fl tiortrait to-day placed in oitlou was n
m Klft to the Goemor from his military staff It
E. may be formally presented to-morrow morn-
W Ine. when Gov. Ulack Is expected to call at the
w Executive Chamber to tdd cond-by to his suc
cessor after tlio inaugural ceremonies.
4. This afternoon Adjt.-Gen. TilliiiKhast and
tlio memhors of Gov. Ulack 's staff called upon
Mr. mid Mm. Black at their Tioy resilience and
Presented Sirs. Ulack with a solid iler
pitcher. Tho Ptesentation epeeeh was made by
Oeti Howard Carroll, and his reference to Mrs.
i i Ulack as the "model housewife of America "
i t'llelted henrty coinmendatlon from Mrs. Til-
linchast and Mrs. Carroll, who were the only
, i ther ladles present
'I lie Tub and the Hotel Kenmoie wero alive
with politician, to-nleht. Hi niornlntr many
prominent political leaders from all parts of
the State will tie here. Statu" Committee
man i rank S. Witheibco or Tort Henry,
('. I. Phippa of tho county of Nas
sau, l'ostiuasti-r 1'iancis Wilson of Brook
lyn. AVilllnm ithinekinder Stewart. I.tspounrd
Stew art and Senators lillsworth, Won II. Brown,
HlKKins. Wilcox. Armstrong and Km in are al
ready hero A hie delegation of Now York and
Brooklyn llepobliciii leaders is expected in
i the morning. Tlio Inauguration crowd prom-
1 i ises to be one ot the largest that uier attended
such an event.
Among the lclntlves of the Governor and
Mr Hooseiolt who are here (o attend the in
auguration to-morrow are Mrs. Hillborn S.
llooevlt. Mis. D. (, Iloosevelt, Mrs. Beeves
Merrlttand Mr. James K. Grade of New York
Assembltmnn Nixon, who is to be the Speak
er of the Assembly, ami Senate Clerk .Inmes S.
Whipplo mid Ascmlily Clerk Archio Uaxter.
who are to bo re-elected to those ofllccs. will
open tliclrlicadiiuarteis in the Tub lo-morrow.
not: iitmswM.vs rinsr outwit.
i lip Amniiiirs roinitiniifl fif the National
,1 , (tiuiril nnd Appnlntu His Stuff.
Ai.nAY, Jan. 1. Adjt.-Gen. Avery I) An
drens nnd his aides asseinbled at tho Capitol
this morning at half past it) o'clock, and, in
conipuii) with Major-Gen. Chatles 1". Boe.
I Coiiiinnndfrof the National Guard, ami Brls.-
j s (ieii. Hubert Hlinw Oilier of the Thud Urirado
, proecodod to the KxecuHvu Mansion, where
tliey paid tholr respects to Gov l'.oo-cvclt.
i Brlg.-Gcn. Oliver administered the oath of
office to the Hides selected from civil life. Col.
. Howard Carroll, Major Craig Wadsworth nnd
Capts. Goddaid mid I.ittuuer. and Gov. Boose
velt signed their commissions, Immediately
thereafter he Issued the following order:
(lrxini. ilunijciKiriiK, Biati ot Nkw Vohk, )
At.iianv. Jan J, 18011. )
firncml Orih i ii X. J
1 hf unilirKlgni'l, Jiavliu iiualinc t h llnvemor of
thi htAie. hir,liy uhiiiai c luimanil of tho uilliUa
J ot thr Statu uinl auiifHuiuei ttie fulliiwinirritufT
line. -lii.il. Any Iiiilian Amlrrun, Aitlnlaiit-Or ti
f ll mid Chit f nf SlulT. I'el. Hnwaril Carnill. aide de
latnii; M,tjiir i lalK Minliinurlli, aide de lamji, ('ait.
William UlLinor, aldi-dr-i amp. C.ipt. 1'. Nuitnu
Cfiilrtanl. jiile-ilit i amp.
Hetallorl fnini the National (liunl I.ienl Cnl.
wUlliini lluirj ('lupin, hit llftli Jltr'liuiil,.ifile-ile-rampiCant.
f.ruru'e AllK-rt lunate, Inrnty tlilid
Itemnu-iit. ldi'-iti-c.iniii, Capi .lanien Madlann All
i clima, 'Itil.u ixth Si'iiainti' fuuipniK . aldo-.le-
anip. J-'imi l.nut William J.iilnaiiiii I'laim.'au,
heennd Ilitlrrr, jlile-d- cuiipi I'lirt I.tc.ir. Aililan
Whltinrd Maihi'i, li nlli luilnllun. aulr-ile-rjiiiii,
K.rat Ueut. Frank Jiim pli Miller rorlj-nmt Siiuraln
Compunj, Mili-ili-i amp Kuiit Unit, lloh'rt Kolli
Prentice, Biiimdioii , anli-do iaiiip 1 in.1 l.l-ul.
lUi V I Iclrliart. ll.'tli liegliiiiiit. ldfd amp.
heennrt Ueut. James Wi-nj t'Jeielaad, Sioentii is, m
inent. aido do-cjiiip.
lietaileitfriiin Iho Nuial Militia- Ueiiteiiaut ' ,un
mandei Haiuuel Daim (Ireeiu . nlili. d-rdiap
Tiifiipiini. ltnosi vrir, (iiiiiriiii:.
New Year's Drfy marks a new depiitliire in '
e the National Giiaid of this State t'uiler the
military code the term of soriice of the Adju-tntit-General,
with the giadeof Muioi--leneinl,
oxplied jesterdav, lis did also those of Inspee-
tor-General, (ieneral Inspector of Bllln 1'rnc
tice. Judge Advocate General. tjnnriiinnister
General. CommlKsary-Geiieril, Chief or Ord
nance, Knglnoer-iii-t'hlef, ( liluf of Artlllerv,
Surgeon-General, nud I'li'iiui-ter-Geueial,
v each of the rank of Brlgadler-Giui-ial, tofetlior
l with the military secietarj nud six ililes.wlth
F tho rank of Colonel Hereafter Hie dovernor
maygiie his military Hcerelary inn inuk he
niiir iletcrmlne not above that ol Colonel
Under tlm now eodn the diutnnt-(to,:einl
communicates the orders from 'ln Guverni.r :o
thecommanilliigolllenroof the guard and tlio
nnvnl militia nnd audits the military nccouniF
and in addition tlio duties heretofore performed
by the I'aj master-General and Chief of Ord
nance fnll to him Tim duties heretofore per
formed by the Inspector-Oenor.d, General In
spector of illtlo 1'ractlce, Quiiilenniifcter
(Innnral, Judge Adioeato General. Coin-mlssary-Goneral.
Hiiigcon-General nud Chief
Knglneor will hereafter be peiformul
by tho eorrespondliig officers on tnu
staff of .Major-lieu. Hoc. and tot' the
niiMil inllltui bv tlm coriesiioiidlng oflloeis
of tlm stuff ol Capi Miller, eoinmandlng tho
naval militia Such work as has lo do with the
dlhclpllue. drill ami cxerelnK nf the tioops has
been taken fium the Adjiitant-Oeiieial and
i now falls Into the hands ol the olTlceis cum-
niniiilltigtlii) National Guard and iltn nuial
Under tin1 ld r'clme. when the l.egialatuio
k made an iipproiiiiailnii foi no aruior, a itom-
Mt mission was appoint -d to cicct the strilctuio.
mt This ivsteni lias beep niiilriiill) chnnged in
1A tact, aiiollelicd by the new i ode. and under it
y there exists a cimiiulesiuii foi each brigade and
tho naval mllltln. Tlio nrmory commission
consists of tho Mainr-Gcnornl. th Adiutnnt.
General, ami tho brfgado commander. I'ortlio
niivnl militia the armory commission consists
of tho Ailiutniit-Gcneral. tho eominiinder of
tho nnvnl militia, and tho rommnuder
of tho organization directly Interested In
tho erection of tho armory Tho nrmoiy
commissions nlso have chnrgn of the te
palrs nnd alterations In existing armories,
which latter work was heretofore performed
by tho Chlof of Ordnanoo. The Adjutant-Oeii-ornl
Is removable at least once In two years, but
under tho now ordor of things t be miiiiauement
pf tho National Gunrd and naval mllltln falls
Into the permanent, hands of the Major-Gen-oinl
nnd ids permanent stuff nnd of the Cap
tain of tlio naval mllltln. This pcrmniienevof
tidinintstrntlou will nllow theso commnndhig
pfllcers to map out plans for the betterment oi
the military sorvlce of the State nnd ullow
t lemuiupletlmo to put such plans Into operation.
the itr.Titusa state owh'eh.
All of Them to lEe-entrr lliialneas or I'ro
frialoiuil f.tfe.
Aliiany. Jan. 1. The rotlrlng State ofllcers
will nouoof thorn icst upon their political lau
rels, but each will reenter business or piofes.
slonnl lite. IIx-Gov. l'rank S. Black, not con
tent with tho legal Held offorod hint In his for
mer home, Troy, will enlor upon tho prae.
tlcoof law in NowYoik city, having nlieady
formed there n copartnership for sueli tmipo-e.
Secretary of State John Palmer, who before
his election to tlu oftlce he has just relln
iiuished win n contractor in Albany, will also
go to New York, whore he will bo prominently
connccttnl with the New York Building Com
pinj. giving that concern the benellt of his
thirty-live year' of business experience.
t omptroller James A. Roberts will ictiirn to
Buffalo to rcsumo Iho practice of law unit per
sonally attend to his inuuv business Intere-ls
in that city and in tlm West.
Attoruoy-Genernl Theodore Hancock returns
to syrueuse to resume the practice of hlspio
fession. Mate Knalneer and Snrvejor Campbell W.
Adams will continue In tho engineering busi
ness nt I tica. whore ho was u practical and
consulting engineer foi maiiyvcats befoio as
suming cliuigo of the State's Bnglneciing
Siato Treasurer Addison B. Colvln will dl
vde Ills time, botweon Glens rails, bis native
village, and Now Yoik city, devoting his ener
gies to the Glens Kails Trust Company, nn or
ganlratlou of his fouiiillug, and many financial
ontcnirlses with which he lias recently become
connected In New ork city.
Rill Alined nt llnllromU Miiy Not Prove tu
He Valid.
Topek. Jan. 1 Gov. I.cody. who two weeks
ago assembled the Knntas Legislature in cx
t inordinary session, llnds hliunelf uud his party
In u serious predicament. Both branches of
the Legislature have passed a bill creating "a
couit of visitation" to hear complaints and ad
just lailroad rates. The bill went lo Gov Leudy
last night, but he did not sign it for tho reason
that tlio title is uefectlve'ln that it does not
cover one-tenth of the provisions of the law.
The Legislature can sit another week, and It Is
the plan to-night to have Gov I.oeilyseinl tlio
bill back for correction.
Itnilro.id attorneys declare that the law will
be invalid unless it is mdically changed In an
other puitleulnr. The Constitution of Kansas
gives the Governor power to assemble the
Legislature in extraordinary session when
emergency arises. The emergency in Gov
Loedy's call was the enactment of railioad
legislation." Now a bill has been passed In
uccoi dance with hiscall wlileh byitsown pro
visions iloos not go into effect until the first
Monday in April next Tho railroad lawjers
tisseit that no emergency existed unless thai
emergency is met by the Immediate operation
or the law.
It is said that the bill will bo returned to Ihe
Legislature to bo corrected, and if Hint is done
the new court of visitation will bo composed
of three Populists, nud appointed by Gov.
Leedy. instead of the now He publican Govern
or, as provided by tho bill as ju-sed. Quick
work will have to be done, as Gov. iiedy goes
out of office and tho Pioseut Populist Legisla
ture dies at noon on Monday, .Tun. I'.
Injunction Taper .Served on I'rnoni i:m
ployed In the Ilockefellrr Tax Cute.
TAr.Rrrowx. N. Y.. Jan. 1 Papers in an In
junction granted yesterday in Brooklyn by Su
preme Court Justice Frederick A. Ward on the
implication of Howard II Morse, representing
William and John D. Hookefeller, wcro served
last night on all persons with claims against
the town of Mount Pleasant for services as
assessors, or for work dona in tho Itockcfel
ler tax litigation. Tho Injunction icstrains
those porsous from attempting to cotle-et the
bills, and also orders the Board of Supervisors
of the county of Westchester not to levy taxes
to ralso money to defray the bills, which amount
to nearly $8,000, and overs that tho emplov
ment of nssessors and others was unauthor
ized and illegal. In supiiort of this allegation
are affidavit showing that no authority vvu
over given to the assessors for the defence of
the itockefcllor certiorari eases, and that tbev
were never authorized to employ counsel, ex
ports or stenographers, with the exception or
Sylvester Sen and William Miller, who were
emploiednt flouday. and Daniel Auustionc,
at fl'.'ia day.
Armstrong Is one of the town Justices of tlm
Pence nnd Is nn nnctloncei. He appraised
Bnckvvood Hall. AVilliam Bockuleller's icsl
dence, at nearly two millions, in tlio only cat.
yet decided the roferee valued it nt $:(4il,:t7."
This valuation was sustained on appeal. The
people are taking sides regarding tlm latest ae
l Hon ot the itocltefelleis. If the Bockefclleis
win their cas-e the town will bo relieved from
tlio payment ot the expensosor tlio ta.v litiga
tions, and the Individual n-esRors will become
llnbln. The bills weio audited by the town
auditors on Dec. 2.1. but no dinlts liavo yet
been i-siicd by Supervisor Tnjloi
The Schooner (ijpaum Jlmperor Itiuia on n
ltei-f Off Ilye Hem li.
The foiir-mnsted schooner Gypsum Lniperor
of Ulndsor, Nova Stotla, bound from Windsor,
by way of Bangor, Me., to Jersey City, with a
cargo of rock plaster nm cement, ran on u icef
off Ityo Beach, on the Sound, about fl o'clock
yestculay morning and sloven hole In her bot
tom. She lies wit li a slight 1 1st to poit nud about
ten feet of wator in her Sho monsuics (IIHl
tons, canles n crew of tnclto men ami I- in
clmigeof dipt Moriu-oii.
The Captain lost his hearings nbn.il mldnlslit
on Saturday and decided to eomo to nnelior un
til tho snowstorm let up u bit. While hunting
for s.ifn anchorage ho inn nntoGut Hock. about
half a mile offshore Signals which. Ihe crniv
attempted to make were not seen from tlio
shore, so all hands remained on boa id At
ilnyilght yesterday n boat eamo out from Bin
He.ien. nnd ('apt Morrison reported his ship In
no Immediate dancer A pilot bo.it froiuCiiy
I-liiiiilniid a wrecking boat received simitar
lepnils. An attempt will be in.ido lo-d.iy to
Ho it the s-.-'inoner
! .ia. nirr.m v v:n ontrivs.
'Ihlul.t (ten. ISrnuht' Wu High! In Mopping
'esllllllrs III Illivuuil,
Xrw Ol:i kvnh. La., Jan. I.-Gen Bins II
vera, thi tllHtliigu.-hcd ( uban p.iiilot and
soldier, who was iiuprl-' iied Torn longtenn In
SimIii for his part In '.ie r lolutloe iii.i' was 10
lensedonly lust '.until from Iiiiirisn;ineiil,nr
lived hero to- lay and will leavo to-iiimrow for
llotulur in, where lie onus cousldeiable pinp
iMty lie will go liom theie to Culia Gen.
llner.i thinks Unit Gen. Ilinokn did right In
Pieieutlng it Neiv dear's (elebiiiiion of llu
Cuban soldleis Ho says thai .Smv v ear's Ismimi
of the grc Host fe-thals In Havana, when ex
treme ' use nrevuils. e.iei l.ill among the
lower eli. ( of the ellv. nci.'io's ,m,l Chluesi.,
and that tlm celelii.itlon irx.elniv bv I'u- Cu
bans there would !',ui, ieiomi mi. -lion n
Gen lllieni is :i stiong ,1'im .l.i ' iTuiv
eiiimcnt forCnbii He lielien sine p ople ui'
fully c.ip.ilde of il. bill 'liiuks Unit I In island
will iiatiiinlii dun in the I'uiteil m iti i and ;
usk fro uiinoxutlou in u few vein- iihiiitbe i
lieople Hud that soini! it their fiistliiilio.is are '
etidiingereii Iiiimeilliite .inlii',il.iiii would
pioduce n bllleiiie-ii uud n suspicion Unit It ,
W'lUliI l.il,i Veins to wipe oip
Al-lanl Sim leliuj- Vnuileillp Ciinie, .Sol Hi.
Si At', isusn. I'ln. Jnn I -AsUtnni Sec
rotaij of the 'I'leasury Trunk A. Yaiidcrllp
II.IH recovered his health sufficient to go
i' line He lelt to-day for Chicago nud will stop
ti ttfojhiugton on his way. ills mother and
tccu'lai) lilggitis accompany hlni on tho tup.
laiteattlJLftMtp'lll' jia11,-' K "fnAnili ! yiiilMlfclAkh-t
ji.ir j.v a ;.!.;
KlRlil Slore Slmle Their tVny to the T.luer
on the Tnuk'a l.lfehiiut Itrsciilng Piuty
Led by Two Ottiroia Who Served In the
War illtli Spnln-Tank') Cniprnter I.o.t.
Tho steamship Paris of tho American line
got to hor dock yesleulay morning with her
decks In condition for tobogganing, mid wllh a
lot of warm-'., called hniipy passengois who
had scon twonly-tlireo men saved from ship
wreck and felt that they had had a part in tlio
lesciie. The Pails brought here the Captain
nnd officers and all hilt one of lliecrowof the
Biltlsh tank Vlndobnla. whleh wu abandoned
on Tuesday In mld-oconu. leaking nuil likely
at any moment to founder, A boat's crew of
the Paris had i opened them, in u heavy sea,
after thev had been four days on the leaking
ship. A stoamer hud passed the distressed
ship tli dav befoie, apuaieutlr not seeing hei'
signals, and the spirits of the Ylnsobala's men
were low when the Paris appeared.
The Yiiilobnlu left Boueii on Dee. - in
water ballast for Philadelphia. On I'lldav,
Dec. "J:i. she spmnc u leak, how or where Cart.
M. Clarke eays he doesu'f know. The engineer
sent for him and told him that the shin was
making wator faster than tlio bilge pumps
could expel It, The leaic was near the engine
loom. Tlio ballast pumps nml the main pumps
of the ship were put at tho woik. but tlio water
Kuiuedou them. Klieroom refuse got Into the
pumps and choked them, and on Saturday the
llrcs were Hooded. Stcum was kept up 111 the
boiler of the donkey engine, and that was all
tho mcoliauical power available in the ship.
A triangular sea anchor of llilrtr-foot spa is,
with a sail spread across them, wai riggsd
and lu Idled and let out from the stern of the
ship to keep her out of the trough of the sea.
Cant. Clarke also put up a jib.
The Vludobala tossed about until Monday
morning without sighting stnoke or sail. Just
uftordawuof Monday, in tbe gray light made
nioro misty by a succession of passlne showers,
tho lookout saw a steamer's smoko several
miles away. As she euiue nearer four masts
nnd u stugls funnel were made out. She au
pouted to bo on a northwesterly comse. and
the Captain guessed her to bu u freighter
bound foi one of our jiorts. A Hag or dis
tress and the code letters N. D.. meaning
"must abandon ship, ' hud been Hying on the
Mudobulu, ami now, to supplement these dis
tress "ilgniils. rocketslwcre sent up, but there
came no sign that the big freighter saw the
dlspluv Owing to the rapidly varvlng weath
er, it happened that ut one moment one ship
or the other would be enwiapped in tho inlst
ot u b'luall wbll the other was in the clear
light. Cdpt. Clarke thinks that when the
fieightei wash: the clear weather there was
too much dnvllght for the rockets to attract
her attention nnd that when sho was in u
Huuall the weather was too thick for hor to see
At noon of that day the discovery was mads
that tho sea water had got ioto the fresh
water tanks, nud the tank's crew fnunu
themselves with only tluee casks of drink
ing water, tho lifeboat's supply. Cooklnc
with fresh water.was'.forbldden.raud evervbodv
was put on strict allowance One of tip.- ship's
boats had been damaged by a tea on tho voy
age and another was not in the best ot condi
tion. It was H o'clock ou Tuesday morning when
the American liuer. bearing north, came Into
view. Tlio men on tho wreck saw the
big American half un hour before she de
lected the smaller vessel. Second Officer
Duckworth, on the Paris's bridge, saw the
Biitisher at r)::0. and the Paris made for her.
Cant. Wutklns signalled a question to the sklp
uer of the indobala, and Capt. Clarke an
swerod that he must abandon his ship, but
hadn't tho meaus. "I'll send a boat," Capt
Watkins replied.
Chief Officer John Bradslmw took charge of
the boat. The Fourth (Jlll.-or. Biuhard 11.
Webb, wanted to go. to. and Mr. Bradsbaw
took him along as .nn able seaman. Mr.
Dradahav served lu (he navy on the Harvard
during the recent war. and Mr. Webb oiCtlie
St. Paul. Tho others selected bv Mr. Brad
shaw to muii the boat out of (he mnnv who
stood ready to go were Able Siamen Forres
ter. Monitghun. Itoeco, Duiu. Pindell. Dof
lloin. O'Haro and Non-del;
The Paris was to wlndiutnl of the Vlndo
bnla, something like au eighth of a mile away.
The bo.it dropped down to as near the
indobala as It was safe to go, and Mr Brad
sbaw strove to make himself heard above the
wind and tho combers as lie tried totellt'npr
Clarke whnt ho Wdiited him to do The
Paris's boat tried to get alongside tho Viinln
bala, in her Ice, but found it iiiiyoesible 'Ihe
seas weio too bad, ami the indobala was
drifting in such a nay thai tlio boat would
liavo been almost ceitalnly stove. Bind
sliaw br shouts and motions directed the In
dobala' s Captain to lower a lioat and send some
of his men over in it. When Capt (I.uko
cuuglit the Idea he launched one of his boats
successfiills, the second mate and seven men
getting Into It before It was freed Horn the
tackles. This boat got safely to the Pails,
whose great size made hcrstendierln the seas
than the cranky Vindobal i, anil beneath whose
lull niuu iiii'io vvai. nuuiui, ui vi .1 it-t? lu uiitiiiju
a small bo.it to come alongside. Tho eight
Vludobala men were tukeu aboard wl'hout
'J he wind was blowing a gale. aJiiadshaw'
boat worked up over the heavy seas to within
a couple of boat lengths of the ship, but could
net stay there. The steamer was making lee
wav, und the small lioal wa in danger be
tween the guiileless hulk nnd the tremendous
seas, ilrudshaw kept backing off and pulling
up. as occasion or emergency necessitated or
allowed, sometimes lull l- begging his men. as
Ihey valued their lives, to hold the boat otT fur
ther. Oipt. Clarke lashed a ring buoy to a
line and threw it over the Vlndoliala.'s stem.
Tbe I KUi t picked it up, made another lino fast
to it, and the buoy was then hauled buck to the
steamer- side, and tbs llrsl of liercrew msde
read) to jump overboard, clinging to tlio life
Hue. to hook his aim into the buoy and be
drown to the boat Before he had jumped the
Milp's eariienler, A. Oesterieich. jtimpfd Into
the water and sought to swim to the Paris's
boat A wavo sent him under Ihe stern of the
shin just us she was coming down after having
been lifted 011 another The ship's counter
struck liim nud. It Is conjectured, killed him.
lie lav face down upon the water, held at the
surface by Ills life belt, and the next wavo
turned him over twice, bu' he showed no sign
of iile Tho Paris's boat tried to get to him.
but ho was swept uway, Cnpt Clarke saa
that Oesterieich was weighted with a number
or his tools, which ho affixed to his clothing
when the Paris sent her boat to the Vludobala.
Tho rest of tho eiow and offlcen of the
steamer were hauled, one niter another, from
the shin to the boat, clinging to the life buoy.
The Captain was the last to go. He cast loose
tho line, und, holding on 10 the buoy, jumped
' lino iho sea and was safely got into the noat.
1 'Ihe seas wcro so high that on the boat's Irip
I buck to Ihe; Paris those in her could not al
vvuss, when in the trough, seethe big ship
I When they got toltbe Paris s side every prep
aration toget.theni speedily aboard had been
1 made by Cant Wniklns. All the looped rcpes
1 Hint could be used were over tlio side, and nil
ihe men needed to man them were nt the tail,
uud the, wet salloimeii wero hauled to tho
deck as fast as they '-oulil stick their heads
and nuns through tlm loops. They were
taken In anil treated ns tho occasion demand
ed and tie-h clothing was given them bv the
Paris's iu cnireri and crow Cnpt Clarke
was jirovideil tor In the saloon, the other ofll
ceisoftlio Vludobala In the second cabin, and
tbe crew vieie sent 10 tho steerage,
When the Paris's men of the icacue party
came aboard I hem went up a hearty cheer for
them nil, in which passengers and the ret of
the cievv johiod. Whiskey bottles were ns
icady as warm handshakes fur the men who
had Imperilled tbelrown lives lo save others,
und everybody on board rejoiced In wellMoIng
ns ihe Paris took up her course again for New
Yoik Tbe rescuers hud boeu out almost three
The pa.sncngeis made up n purso lu honor
of tlio men who did the rescuing, and, under
the chaiimniiHliiii of Kolutid S. Pettit of this
city, held 11 meeting a lew davs later nt which,
through Cnpt. vVatklns, thev presented to each
of the eight seamen who manned the boat --'.r
and to. Officers Bradslmw nud Webb gold
watches Bugs remesentlng the watches
were liuiuledlio the officer nud money to buy
ihe vvntehes nns given to Mr, Pettit, who Is to
have suitable Inscriptions engraved upon I hem
and sen Hint Iho ofllcers get them. The inn so
amounted 10 $.'ll,
Cant. Clarke, com.ng nsu saloon passenger. I
was permitted to laud yostenlay. his olllceis
and men weioseut 10 iltn Ilarjo Office Tht-h
names are A. Ileckiiiuu. Hist male: G Bird. '
seeoi d niato; S. Webber, cook: J). Tievenc,
steiiHiil William Angus, boatswain; 1' l'lt.
gnrald. P hulllidli. P Jensen, W. KilH-Inu,
William Conmbes and K, Lpps, senmuu; .1. S,
Wood, chief engineer; T A. Moffat, second en
gineer: (I. li. Mci Untuck, third engineer; II.
Wilkinson tloiikryman; K. Martitigussen. C
Wilcox. C A Hansen, Joseph Miibsen, P, Mur
phy nnd II. limine, HreniiMi and llcnrv Hop
pey, engineer's Imj. Oesterrclch was a native
of Medio He lived nt South shields
The Mudobnln was I.H47 tons and was
owned by J. A. Salton ol London. Her Cap
tain has no doubt she sank soon after tlm Paris
left her. A hurricane cumo on thut night,
;-'-'" - ', -.nt mimiM-V 1 Hi, natliwi.au. .1.11 1 ,t.JMlt m
The Slnra nml Stripes float Orer Govern
ment Ilullillngi and 1'nrtt In the City.
Wasihxuton. Jan. L The flrt official In
foitnntion of the chango of authority In Ha
vana was received in Wnshlcgton within two
hours after tho Blurs and Stripes had replaced
the red nml yellow standard ot Spain over the
Government buildings nnd forts. Several'otlier
despatches cumo to the War Department and
tho Navy Department, and the assurances con
vevoj In lliein that no trouble had occurred In
connection with tho ceremonies ot tho trans
fer cuuscd great satisfaction and relief to the
President iindll ho Cabinet. Severs! members
of the CMiluct went back lo the White House
after the "ervlccs over the body of the Mexi
can Ambassador to lenrn If any news had
come from Havana. They found there the
llrst despatchiaddressed to the Secietary of
War. and signed bv MnJor-Oen. Wade, the
Chuirmuu.aml Brlg.-Gcn. Clous, the Secretary
of tho Cuban Military llvaetiatlon Commis
sion This Is tlmdpsputch:
"The Hag raUed ou Castlo Mono, Cabanas,
tho Pdtace'.uml oilier buildings In ulty. Gov
ernment foimuilv turned over by Gen. Cu
tellnuos to commission, and by It transferred
to Gen. Biooke " , ,
I.nter this messace. nddrescd to President
MeKinler by Uens Wude mid Clout, was le
eched: , , ,
"The Government fornuillv auirendered bv
Gaii..Castellauos to'Amerlcuii.Coinuiisslon nX
I 'J o'clock, tinil by latter transferred to Goih
jtiooke. Ceremonies successfully carried out.
The American ting Hies from Moiro Castle.
Cabanas, tho Palace uud other buildings. City
o'deil) " ....
The message from Major-Gen. John R.
Brooke, the new .Military Governor of Cuba,
was brief and foi mal. It was addressed to the
Sueretui v of War and rend ns follows :
"The flag sent up on Morro CMle aud the
Palace at 12:(I4 P M., locul time." ,
The Government will accept the time given
as the lime ofitha formul assumption of.'Annr
ican control over Cuba.
These despatches were shown to tho mem
bers ot the Cabinet who culled nt tho White
House, und each member tendered his con
gratulations to the President. After (?u.
Brooke's telegram had como tho President
sent a messuge ot congratulation to (leu.
The ceremonies of the transfer of Spanish
naval mojierty at Havana to the 1'nited States
were described in .1 despatch to the Secretary
of tbe Navy from Commodore B. .1. Cromwell,
who Is now commander ol the I nlteu States
uuvn! station there. This message, received
at -'Ci P il., i as follows; ,
"The naval station wus delivered Icfmennd
I assumed command to-duv A national un
lnte was llred at lit o'clock to tho Spanish Hag
by the ships ot this siuadiou, and the Spanish
line was loweicd at the last gun. Immediately
theieafter a national saluto wns llred to tbe
Hag of the United States by the ships of the
siiuadron. the line remaining displayed at the
mastheads. At IL o'clock the natlonul ensign
was hoisted nt the navy yard, at the Admiral's
.values, ut the quar'ers of tho Captain of the
Port, at the itorro lighthouse and signal sta
tion and nt Hie naval magazine."
SAii.isa isru run sson:
Contractor Dunn Thinks He's Kiiiuil to n
I'onr-lncli I'nll.
The Street Cleaning Department seems to
hnve learned a few things In its experience
with the Hist snowstorm of the winter Ono
of tlieso was that It Is alwujs best to tackle a
disagreeable job as early nnd lis bard as pos
sible. Two or three woeks ago the contract for re
moving whatever snow might fall this winter
wasavvnided to Bart Diiun. lion the snow
fall began tonssumo somewhnt decent mojioi
tlons Saturday night Commissioner McCartney
told Suiicilntcndcnt Biudish, who Is In charge
of the novv-reinoving branch, to watch It care
fully About 'J o'clock Sunday morning, when it
looked as If tho first storm of tho season might
be duplicated. Superintendent Bntdlsh called
up Mr. Dunn on tho telephone ami told him
to get his men nt work us soon as possible.
Mr. Dunn didn't waste nny time, but he hud .1
hard job In lots of eases to brevk Into the test
Hint some of his men weto taking aftor watch
ing in the new jear. Al 7 o'clock yesterday
moiiiliig. however. Contractor Dunn had about
J.50U men at work nil over the city To then)
were added about 1.1100 men fiom the Street
Cleaning Department proper
Theeontractor found It piettv haul, he said,
to get many caits and teams on shun notice. so
hiljielintendent Br.ullsh gave ordeis to pile up
as much snow as possible on Sunday out of the
middle of the inadwios A few teams Supci
liitendcnt Brailisli said lie illdn t know ju-t
how many carried Fiiowiothedumpingpolnts
011 the liver fronts, but Hie plan was to pile
snow yesterday and wall for the learns to show
up to-1l.1v. Superintendent llindi-li -aid he
expected to have ull tho snow in the streets
south of Twentv -second street piled by morn
ing. Tile men. he said, wore working all over
the city in all of the eleven districts of tlm de
partment, nnd notwithstanding tho outlook lor
cold weather and no appreciable melting he
thought the department would come out all
right this time.
CHIME I IEll ltEl.ldlOl s tr.otic.
A Chicago I'limflirr riinicea n Church with
ondoiiing liuuioiiility for I'roltt.
Clllt'Vun, Jan. 1 The l!ev J. (J A Henry In
hlshornion to-dnv at tho Woodlaivn Park 1'ios
bjtenan Church devoted himself to an expose
of "Cilme 111 Chicago Under the Disguise of
Morality nud HcHrIoh." He made tho charge
that Grant Lpiscopn) Clmreli, tho wealthiest
uud one of Hie mo-t aristoerutic In the city,
wus iho owner of property used for Immoral
liiuio-cs mi n huge scale, the trustees knowing
the purposes foi w Ideli It is used.
The pmpeity alluded 10 by Mr Henrvlstbo
Clinton iipnitnient biiildlng.011 Michigan ave
nue, near Fourteenth street Ho said that
there were in this building nineteen apart
ments, and that the Investigations by pilvuto
detectives lilted by the Society for the Preven
tion of Vice had levealed the fuel thatovciv
ono was occupied ami eoiultuted as 11 place of
ill lepute.
The Clinton Is named for Hut pastor of Giaco
Church, the itev Dr Clinton Locke.
Sheriff nf n r.oiilslnmi I'm lull Converts the
.fall Into n rnrllflid Pint r.
Nkvv Ohi.kank. Jan. 1 A month ngo Marshal
Dullon. In the parish of SI. '1 nmmnny, wns shot
down by the Whltocnps 11s he was leaving his
house to go to tho assistance of some negroes
who were attacked Pour men went arrested
for the crime nnd locked up In jail. When Dis
trict Judge Hold reached Covington 5 esterdny
to open court ho was iiotltlnil Hint something
queer wus going on in the jail Ho visited it
and found that the Whiicoap prlsoneis had
converted it into an nrseuul and wore iibiiu
ilatitlysupiilled with jilstolsanil other weapons,
and carl ridges enough to stand 11 long siege.
Sheriff Stiobcl was suspended fornimlngthn
Pii-oneis nnd permitting them to be armed,
and the prisoners weio ordered icmoved t
oni'o to the parish lulson in Now Orlcuus for
safe keeping. The District Attorney Is con
vinced tlmt Sheriff Stiobel Is iu sympathy with
the prisoners, and will prufei chiuges against
him with a view of icmovliig him from office.
Timothy McCarthy Nenily rro7cn Itrfore
lie Wus Hauled Gut.
Timothy McCarthy. V1 yeais old, of :I5 Invls
street, was standing at the foot of Corlears
ftieot yesteiday when Ills hat wus blown Into
(heritor, Hu'gOt a ropo ami tried to lasso It.
He was standing on u pile of Icy plunks unit
slipped Into the water, lalward Crowley saw
him fall und ran to gel help. McCarthy was
hauled nut after twenty minutes and taken
Into a lighter cabin, vvhciu Ihe men poured hot
water on blm lo thaw out his clothing, whleh
was frozen hard
Dr Wlghtmnii of Gouvviiioui Hospital gnve
the man some bracing iliml,- ,iud ilien look
him to the hospital M Cirlliv nicd In kill
himself by eutlliig hi' thin 11 '. 1 .tko. but
Mil's Hint lib fidl vcsleid iv 1 1- in, 1 1 id 'ill
'I well h it xiiui'iil 11. 111 l Ind In 11 Hieik,
lolcsiMili sent jesifiil.ij tut hlef of Pullco
Dcvei) bythiof of Police .1 I! Trace of .Now
Coiuord, O, icporled the dcuth theie "lu a
vvieck" of Georgo Stum. Company 11, Twellth
Volunteer Infantry, und asked Hint relatives
be informed of the (net.
The police found the niinm on tlieeompany
roster wltli his address, at the time of enlist
ment, us -104 i.n-t seventv-lifth street. The
only person tho police found at Hint adiliess
who know of Hturn was 11 ills. Tobias, whosulit
hor son. who hail been In tho same icglmi-iit,
had spoken ol him.
!,.. ' tinav.-i fH'irt iwTi I lalsart l-'lnii'-i
The Ceremony of ItntMlic Old Glory In I'lnre
of the Kmlileiu of Spnln IVItnemed by 11
Cheering Throne ltetlrlus Cnptnln-Gcn-era)
Cmtellnnin Moved to Tenia Amer
can Troopi on Pnrade I.ee Cheered,
Vvenat CtlU V'tvateh Ic THr Sot.
Havana, Jan 1 Spanish sovereignty In tho
Island of Cuba camo tonn end to-day. At noon
a detachment of American troops oceupled the
Plara de Armas, the siiunro In fmnt of the Pal
ace, uud stood silently as the ceremony of the
transfer of sovereignty took place. ThoAmeil
eiiu Commissioners lode lu on horseback from
Lu Vedado und Piocecded dliectly to the l'al
uco. Captuiu-Generat Castcllunos, whose offi
cial llfo wns drawing Ion close, received tho
Commissioners In tho main hall of the Palace,
surrounded by (he member of hlsstnlT. After
a In lot exchange of subnotions. Gen. Cnslel
lanossald: "According to the ptoloeol of peace, signed
Aug. 1'.', I, obeying the outers of tho Govern
ment of her Catholic ilajetty the Queen He
gent of Spain. In the name of her son. Ids Ma
jesty the King, deliver the Island of Cuba to
t be Gov eminent of the United States, repiesent
cd by your commission."
Gen. Wado made a brief reply, and Imme
diately turned the control ot the Island over to
Gen. Brooke, tho Military Governor.
At this moment tho Spanish flag, which had
floated ovor Cuba for 400 ears, was lowered
from the palace, the Cabahas Portress, Morro
Castle nnd all the public buildings. As the red
and ) allow emblems sunk from their staffs
Gen. Custcllaiios was moved lo tears. He said:
"Gentlcmcp. I havo been In many battles. 1
have seen death near me several times, but I
never felt such profound emotion as I feel
With thut lie turned and went to his room.
Shortly nfterward he leuppeared, earning u
small sutchcl. He was followed by his son and
ids stuff, (leu. Brooke took him by the 111 111
und said n few kind words to him, walking
With him to the door of the Paluee As he en
tered the Plain de Annas from under
tho poich of the paluee the American
soldleis presented arms und Hie ofllcers sa
luted As the ex-Captnlii-Geueral walked
icioss the plua an Aincilcm military band
pluyed the loyal Spanish match
Gen. Clous accompanied Gen. Cnstellnnos to
the Muelle de Cavalleria, where a boat was
waiting to convey him to tho steumer llabnt
Ah tho Spanish Hag was lowered it was re
placed by the Stars and Stripes, uud ns the
latter floated to the broee it was saluted with
twentv-onc guns.
Tears choked the utterances of Gen. Castel
lanos as he heard the guns roaring ,1 weleome
to the Hag of the United States After he
controlled himself he said: "This Is the most
bitter moment of my life. I hopo that no ono
ot you will ever suffer what I am suffering
now "
Gen Clous embraced blm and shouted: "Viva
(icu. Castellanos answered: "Thanks, you
are too kind." Then he jumped Into the boat,
whieh Immediately started for the steamer ou
which he will proceed to Matanas.
The Cuban Generals Mayla llodiiguez. Maiio
Meiiocut and Bafuel do Cardenas. who had been
Invited b) fleji. Biooke. were presonl at tho
palace duilnc tbceeremonyof suuender. Gen,
Castellanos saw them theie and asked to bo
presented to them Tho British Consul intio
diiced them, vvhoroupon Gen Castellnnos said:
"I am sorry, gentlemen, that wo havo been
enemies, having the sanio blood "
"Sir." answered Gnu. Menocal. "we fought
for Cuba. Now tint shu is free we are no longer
Geo. Castellauns shook hands with the three
Cuban leaders.
After the Auicilcau Hug had been hoisted the
bauds plused the American national hymn, and
this was cieetcd with tremendous chceiingby
tlieciowd that had assembled iu Obispo and
O'Heilly streets near the palace and in the
Plaa de Armas. Along the Pindo and tho
other main btiects u hundred thousand
persons cheered the Americans and the
United Stutos. AH tlio houses occupied by
Cubans wcro decorated, the Hags that hud been
taken down after Gen. Ludlow's older forbid
ding demonstrations having been loplaccd.
Tlio Cubans, who at last saw tho realization of
theli dieainsof many eais, wore fiunticwith
eiiihusinam. Thuy shouted " Viva Mckinley!"
and " Viva Cubahbiel" until they wee hoarse.
Tbe women wero as wildly excited as the men,
und their voices lidded to the upio.ir.
After nil the formalities had been compiled
with and receipts hud been exchanged for Iho
forts and other piopertles that had belonged
lo tho Crown, ami utter tlio flag had been
raised at Cabanas by Lieut. Iltxhugh Lee,
li.. and at Hie Mono by Lieut. Wade,
(Jons Brooke unit Ludlow and the niem
beis of the commission pioceeded to the
cntinl Pnik and the Hotel de Jngln
tcria, where the troops under Gens. Kelfcr,
WlllUton. llasbrouck. and Col. Arnitlcld wero
levlewcdby Gen. Lee. the Military Governor
of tho province. Tho older was as follows;
The Second Louisiana. First Texas, Eighth Beg
iilam. Fourth Virginia, Sixth Missouri. Forty
ninth Iowa, Second Illinois, and 101st Indiana.
As tho troops marched past the crowd
cheered and In other ways gave vent to Its en
thusiasm, flcn. Lee was tho icciplont of a
rousing ovation. Howors were thrown to him
from tho housetops, nnd ladles waved their
handkerchiefs and threw kisses to blm.
Major Bussell B. Harrison took possession of
tho Cabanas fortress, whore so ninny Cubans
have given up their lives in the Laurel Ditch
for their country's freedom, lie found lliesanl
tary condition of tho plncc so vile that until it
Is thorougly cleaned it will bo Impossible for
tho American troops to remain thore.
Tho Uppor Court of Justice was delivered to
Dr. Lalno by order of Gen. Brooke, while tho
Custom House was turned over to Col. Bliss,
who found $1,400 In n safe which had appai
en(ly boon overlooked by tho Spaniards, Tho
civil government wns surrenduicd to the
Mayor of Havana. Maniuls F.stobnn,
After tho ceremonies wore concluded a com
mission of Spanish offUors came fiom tho
Habat to take away from the palace the paint
ing of Klmr Alfonso und the royal chair or
throne, which hail been forgotten, IjujL- tho
American guard infused to allow them toontor
the building.
Col, Glrautu, scciclltryof the Spanish Com
mission and ex-pics: censor, wns accidentally
loiked up In 11 room of tlu palace. After call
ing for assistance tor 11 long time ono of tho
American soldion set him free. Col. Girautu
was taken aboard the Habat minus his hat,
which he had lost in the exciteraont.
When the Cuban Oenrruls bade good-by to
Gen. Brooke tho latter complimented them on
Iholrcourage lu tho war and said he wns glad
to be their friend. Thoy replied that (hey wero
grateful to iho United States for what she had
done to free Cubu from Spanish rule, and
offoied to cooperate with Gen. Brooke and
President McKfnley lu bringing pence and
prosperity to the Island
New Hal en t'elehrHlr. Oiriipntlon Hay,
New Havi-.n, Conn. Jan. L Hundreds of
American Hags waved In tho l'.lm City to-day
Tho celebration of occupation day In Cuba
was general On nveiy street Old Glory was
Hung to the bieeze. it was remarkable that
no Cuban Hugs weie dlsplioed, although many
weie been during the win,
tui itii m,4.i.n ns-'...!; . 1 i"Hi mil m 1,11 7-, , ,.,,i ,,. ...
London Times Tells Her Not lo Treat 1er
I'rrtrnaloua nt shnugliul.
Ai mnl Callt Dtivalrk lo Tin: Hex,
London, Jnn -'-The 7'iwr.i this morning, In
nvlcoious article, warns linnco not to press
her pretension ut Shanghai, und says that If
she does not heed Ihe warning Great Britain
will enforco her own legitimate claims ncalust
Fiance, not beetling the Clilncso Government,
which Is mciclya machine lo register oxtemal
The artlclo Is similar In tone to those pub
lished at the llino of tho Fnhodu crisis, and
Indicates the beginning of nnolher acute pub
lic struggle between Brlllsh nnd 1'rench diplomacy.
Clilue.e Government Huns Acnlnil h Sung
lu Ha Huasliiii I'iiik Inn.
Ajifcml f.'iitlj Vrrt,iilrlf In Til it Sun.
Pkkin. Jan. 1. The Government has In
cluded In the Htisslun concession ut Huiikau
property, belonging to Biltlsh owueis. The
lattei refused to baud over the land.
1'itoMOTEit nr the )Vek.
I.unl Cromer, .ludre Hni.kltia nud Sir Philip
Currl Hecouie Peers of thti Ueiiliit.
tkrrlat Callt lltnmleh (Tiir Sr.
London, Juii 1 The list of New Year's Illin
ois confeiied bylhcVucen was Issued lo-ulglil.
It contains only thiec promotions of liiteic-l
Loid Cromer, British Diplomatic Agent in
Ugypt.whosft great administrative work lu thut
country was almost oveishndowcd by Geu.
Lord Kitchener's mllitury ovation here, be
comes Viscount Cioiner. Sir liciiiy Hawkins,
one of t he Judges of I he (Juccu's Bench div Islou
of the High Court of Justice, tho most promi
nent, nlniblo-mlndcd and stiong octogenarian
In the country since (hedenthof ilr. Gladstone,
and thogieatcst criminal Jmlgenf the last half
century, becomes u peer of the icaliii, a does
also Sir Philip Clinic fonnerly British Ambas
sador to Turkey, who for a while was a mnrtv r
to diplomatic adveislly.
A number of mlnordeeorntlnnsnre bestowed,
their recipients being mostly senior civil ser
vants. SlrCharles Hall, ilr F.dward J Suunderson,
and Mr. William Kendrlck, all of whom are
members of the House of Commons, are madn
members of the Privy Council.
Ihe Dominant Kxnrejilun nt New Year
ICeceptlona In KuropeMii Cnpilala.
.fpmal CaUr Dnpalck oTui Bcs.
Lospov. Jan 1 The Now Year receptions at
the vutious Uuropean capitals evoked
speeches from tho ruleis, who declared
that they desired peace, and pi edict ed
that peace would picvall. In Paris tho Am
bassadors visited the Palace of thoFlysconnd
wcroiocelved by President 1'aure. The Papal
Nuncio, speaking for tho visitors, wished tho
President the compliments of tlio season. In
reply M. l'mire said that the maintenance of
peace would nlwas be one of tho chief objects
of France. Afterward the Piesident conversed
cordially with tlio British and Ocrman Ambassadors.
JIAV tlEF.F FOlt TTIXnsOlt'S 1'OOIt.
Pnrt of Queen Victoria's New Yenr Alma
Condemned by ICtperls.
&ma Calif Jlrtnalch lo Tilt Bcv,
London. Jun. 1. Theljueon's Nuw Year alms
Ino'ude a gift of beef to tho poor of Windsor.
The distribution committee has examined the
beef and condemned ninny pieces us unlit for
food and ordered that the bad meatbo replaced.
There has been an annual grievance over the
duality of beef furnished for this purpose, but
the contracting butchers express themselves
as astonished that tho beef should have been
mil mxai.Er .SEMOF.ST.Y Il.l..
A .severe Cold Hevelopa Into Grip und Then
Into Piieiiiuouln.
WamiimiIOV, Jan. 1 Bopresentatlvo Dlng
leyot Maine Is seriously ill nt his apartments
iu th Hamilton Hon so with u severo attack of
pneumonia. Mi. Dlugley was taken 111 on
Wednesday with a cold nud was confined to Hie
house. Yesterday tlio cold developed Into grip
nud last night into pneumonia. To-night ha
was testing comfortably, uud while his condi
tion wns tegurded as seiious his physicians
did not consider it alarming .
llepresontntlvo Diugley's condition wns pro
nounced so serious to-night that souio fear was
felt Hint lie would not live till morning. The
physicians pronounced his case a severe attack
of pneumonia aggravated by exposure. The
news of his serious Illness spread about the
city during the day, and there were many In
julilcfl nt tho Hamilton House, where ho
spends (he winter, as lo his condition. Whllo
his phyalciuns acknowledged that his condition
was very serious and oven precarious, they
hoped to pull him through.
Hrnty Rainfall Ilrrukt the Drought tVlilUi
Una Threatened the I'rnlt Treel,
San 1'iuncibco, Jan. 1. It is not every State
thnl welcomes a rainy New Year's Day, but Cal
ifornium, from 0110 ond of tho State to the
other, smiled broad smiles this morning when
they saw tain filling. Tho storm is from the
southeast, and promises to be heavy. It comes
just In time, as the rain of a week ago did very
llttlo more than moisten the ground. Tho
diought Is excessive In ninny places, and fruit
tiees uro dying for laok of water.
IVliitri'ups Make Indirect lVnr 011 Plnnteit.
Nf.wOrmuns. Jan. 1. Trouble Is reported In
tho southeastern part of Adams county. Miss.,
where Whltecaps havo appeared and threat
enedtbe ncgioes with death If they enter Into
contracts for another year with cotton jilnnteis.
Tho thients mo principally aimed at Jewish
merchants, who have, by the foreclosure of
mortgages, conio Into possession ofu number
of plantations iu Adams county, and uro now
cultlvntlngthcm. Slinllarmovciuents have oc
curred lu the neighboring counties.
'lo Coiitiol New Jlnteu'a .villi, supply,
Nrw Havkn, Jan. 1. Half u million dollais
has been pledged by capitalists of this city and
New York to organize n compiny which shall
control the milk supply of New Haven. All tho
pieseut milk dealers of tho city are bolug
bought out. A feature of tho plan will bo to se
cure sclentlflo lanltnry conditions In the hand
ling of tlm milk. Much of the capital put Into
Hie concern was furnished by Now York men
who havo sons at Vale.
.lira, l'arlah Found by Her Ston-ln-f.aw.
Mrs Delia Parish, who wns found wandering
In West Twenty-sixth street on Friday night
und could not toll where sho lived, wa'i identi
fied yesterday by hor son-in-law, Will am Big
gins of 4'M Fast 1211th street. Mrs. Parlib had
been scut to tlm Department of Cham ies 011
Saturday by Magistrate Crane, and Mr Ulg
gins found her In the City Idclui: Houso at
First avenue ami Twonty-third street yester-dav
Cardinal (llhliona'a New Yeur't Ail vile.
Baliimoiik, ild Jau I In his New Year's
sermon ut the Cutliedral to-day, Cardinal tllh
lions epoko of the memorable happenings of
last ear, using as his theme the "Imperisha
bility of the f'liuich " In conclusion the Car
dinal extended 10 the congregation the follow
ing suggestion for the new year, "Maintain a
pure eoiiscleiico toward God, u spirit of con
tinued benevolence toward your follow men
and cultiv ate habits of self-denial for yourbelf."
Gen, Miller, In Cominnnil of the Unltett
.States Forcea, Threntens to Hombnrct '
the City Women nml Children Flee to)
the Interior nnd Foreign Iteibtenla Tntte) j
ltefuge on Ship In the Hnrbor Gen. 1
Olli sends Iimtructlnns to Gen. Miller- r ,
Ihr 'Will' Department Iterelvei DhqulrH (
lug Advlrea from Gen. Otis na tit the) V ,;
Attitude of Ihe Filipinos In nnd Neat ;
.Manila The lumiraenl Chief Agnlnnlilo) T
Kacnnea from Ameilrnii Siirrelllnnre. A' ;
Aten'iif i'l HttjAich le'tHT Sun. Jb' ;
Manila, Juii. I. Tho steamer Butuaii aw S V
rived here to-dny with advices from Ilollo,
island or Paniiy. which place was recently takOi $' i
possession of by ihe Insiiigcnlsunon itaeracus c X
ntlon b) the Spnuleli forces under command o a. j
Gen. lllos, Govcrnorof the Vlsnya islands. Tho) w
Ainci lean expedition, conslstliic of u signal ds v) I
ttichment, Bolterv ( of the Sixth Artillery, t'19 W f
F.lghteciith icgulais nnd the Flftv-llrst low) 2 f
Hegiment, under coiuniiind of Gen. Mill r. Si t
which was despatched fiom heio ou Monihy jjs tlafl
night last, uirivcdut llolloon Wednosilay.iojnaj mt
davs afler thoeviieiuitlon of tlmcitv. ThUejU mM
pedlllr is prcvlruly telegraphed I0T11K Kit.V, st H
wusconvovcil b) tliocrulser llalllmore. S'1 9aH
Up to Friday, Hie day the lliitiiau left Undo, i- MM
110 Amei lean troops had In en landed there, $ ijM
comuilssion Iroiu the Insiiiuents couaulti'd mm
with Gen. Sillier nhoiid the transport Newport H
legiuding Hie sltiintnm. Gen. Miller Informed j- tmt
them thai lie Intelideil to tnkc possession ott.lej Mm
place iu Hie mime of tbe Unlied Htntes. Iiul th H
liisurgitnts it-fused to evnciinte Iho cltv unless L VW
tlicy weie compelled to do so by force. Ther J m
lidded that they wanted time to get Olilcra I jM
fium Agnlnnlilo, the lebcl chief M
Upon this Gen, Miller Infoimcd the envoy 1 H
that the city must be tinned over lo hlm, but f H
he pioinlscd thut he would glvo ihe Insuraont $ JM
Iweuty-four Imuis' notice It lie later decided to a jH
bombiilil the place 4 H
Au Insurgent uevvspnper In Ilollo stated ort j H
Fiiduy Hint Hie icbels weie fully determined j H
to H'sist the Amciic.iliH 1 WM
It was vciy evident that the peoplo In thn - WM
city expected a lombardmuiit. Tho women Mm
and children weie leaving tor tho interior and jf SU
tho foielgn rcsldouts wore taking refuge ontha j tMt
ships In tlio harbor. I tH
Tho British aecond-clasi cruiser Bonnveni 1 pH
tuionnd the Gorman cruiser Irene wero the) 5 'H
only foreign warships at Ilollo. ' 5 H
Tho fort and the churches contain 2,500 j yH
illles. Tho Insurgent troops in tho city and j 9H
vicinity number 10,000. j &
Col. Potior will leave here to-morrow with 1 l
inslructloiis to Gen. Miller from Gen. Otis. l
Wasiiinoton, Jan. 1. Advices of a dlsaulat 1 23B
Ing character vvero received atthe War Departs 1 111
nient from Major-Gon. Otis to-day. Two dot j ill
spatches weie said to have boon received, om j l
relating to tho situation at Ilollo and tho other, j fl
concerning conditions In and around Manl'jJ )H
wltli particular reforenco to the attltudo of tha J RH
Filipino Insurcants. 1 H
The information obtaluablo about tlioyoti; , l jU
tents of these despatches Is exceedingly 3 jM
meagre. Officials preserved a skater feti $ .Jmm
cenco than usual whon asked about tha sltua- ''"jH
tlon In the Philippines. All Hint could be ob j H
tallied about Gen. Otls's messago concerning J M
the situation at Hollo was that Jt said that j jH
Brig.-Gen Miller, who commands the ox- j M
pedltion of two Infantry regiments and n but- I H
tery of artillery sent to that place from Manila. 1 M
had landed and was in consultation with tha j H
Insurgents. This probably means tlint Gen. H
Miller landed peisonnlly, nnd not that Mi & H
tioops landed 3 )H
Tho other despatch from Gen. Otis contained , H
the luteresllng Information that AgulnatdO H
had disappeared fiom his headquarters and 'm
could not he found. Geu Otis expressed con- 'g H
eciuover this occurrence. From the tone of i
his message he was evidently worried over m
the possibility ot an uprising by tlio Filipino J 'm
army In tho vicinity of Manila. He said there) 1 JH
had been no disturbances yet. Mm
Tlie escape of Acuinnldofioin American sur- 'f
velllancels apparently not pleasing to the of ' M
llclals heie, who think that tho Insurgent i M
chief in ny have cone out to Inspire feellnc H
among his followers against the United States. ' M
The failure to find Agnlnnlilo is ombarrassinr, - 'i H
11N0, because of tho refusal of the Insurgents jg 'H
at Ilollo to surrender that place without Agifi- 'I 'H
nnldo's permission. If ho could be located hy j . H
Gen Otis the latter would compel blm to say f jB
whether he would or would not agree to In- 0 L
stiuct the insurgent chief at Ilollo to nllor r,
Gen. Miller's forces to land without opposition. ij Jmm
Nearly ull lb" members of the Cabinet wrnt i H
to tho Whllo Houso to necompnny the Prrsl- d H
dent to St. Matthew's Church to attend tnej mm
funeral of Seflor llomero. Several of them. H
went back to tho White House later In the day. j
Omtofthoso who loturned said tho President ' .H
bnd not inontioiicd having received any de- MM
Hputclics from Gen Otis, and from this It l 1 tmm
Inferred tliatthese messages came later There) mm
vvasarumor that a spcciul Cabinet mcctlne ( ,H
bad been held, but this proved to bo erroneous, H
It Is certain, however, that the news from Gen. mm
Otis was rllscusseil by the President with aorne) mm
of his advisers. Secretary Alger rilrl not go to mmm
the While Houso to-nlghl. Ha could, not be. mm
seen nt his resldonce. Adjt.-Gen. Corhln was mm
with the President for inoro than an hour this m
evening. mm
A .Singe Door Nulamire Moleits the Hauctw M
lev ot Ihe Lute William Tnrrlaa. ( M
Xenial Cable Dnpaleh lo Till Sus. jH
London. Jan 1 Tho man who was arrester M
outsldo of tha Gaiety Thoatre yosterdny tot H
molesting Fllnllne Torrlss Is a deserter from M
Hie army Modlcal Corns, nnd Is named Stanley. t MMt
He will be turned ovor to tho military author Xaal
Hies fot'punlsliincnt. II wns stated that Stan- .' M
Icy had demanded money from MIssTcrrlts, " 'j
but Mr, Hicks, her husband, donles this, and jH
snys that ho was only n stage door nuisance. M
William Tcrrlss, Miss Torriss's father, wad M
assassinated about a year ago as he was enter H
Ing the stage door of tho Adelplii Thnatre, aH
wlicrn ho was playing In "Secret Service." Hl.i mm
inurderHi' wns a hungor-on at tho theatre, who mM
had often demanded money of Mr. Terms. B
1 M
A Denial That France Has Ordered the Ite H
turn of Hie I'rliiiner to 1'arii.
Strritl Cable litpatch lo Tur Run. tM
London, Jan. li. Adospatch to the Ttttornph U
from Cayenne says that In an Interview the H
Governor of French Guiana declared that since t
the Court of Cassation had admitted the neon- tM
slty of a revision of tho Dreyfus case the severe iH
discipline to which tho prisoner wns subjected mU
bud not been moulded. He denied that the H
Government had ordered the immediate - 1 l
turn of Drc) fits to France, 1 mWg
s.irr.a nis,ouo iitou a fihk m
Mri, Schroeder huya There Va Thai In the
I'ockrlbaok HUe Went Hack After, H
The candles on u Christmas tree in Edward J Wm
Fdcn's flat at tO.'l St Nicholas avenue set flra Immm
to the building last night A Mrs. Schroedar. 1
who lived on tho floor below, took her two
children to a neighbor's nnd then entered the H
building again to secure u poekct,book wblcli H
was in her bureau drawer and which, she said, 1 H
contained firi.ooo. Hhu found it all right and mmU
got it out with no otherinjury to herself thau ; ,H
ono hand burned H
bbo dld she Imped the ocrurrenoe would mmmm
tench hor bufband not to kep money around H
In that way. MM
( iH

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