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HrO " " U-y-- HE SUN, TUESDAY,, JANUARY a, lStfb, . jl
Jfc. V' ' '" m ii il i hi m r I li I i III I ' i II I mil nil ill ii i. i mil n 11 fi n m m i 11 ii i iiinii.ni.mii.lili i n i i n i -i iHinniAmii
4nk mJf I hpwhirprvpnr
f. " . W) A Sale Unprecedented in dJ
fliMW the History of American Retailing r?
" A 0! AE begn the New Year with a mercantJle demonstration that exceeds
- Sg! n magnitude and importance anything of its kind ever associated with the name of
? IvAKfen Wanamaker. Surely a statement of strength and significance.
. ( wfeSraa Following the custom established by ourselves twelve years ago, the opening of the
i ' rfKMLsi? vear 1S raai"ked by a Sale of Muslin Underwear. The overwhelming superiority in magnitude,
j ' 3r lr character and value of the offerings we make in this line would alone be enough to warrant
I t! Jitffrv! e strongest possible announcement; but Muslin Underwear is not all the news to-day.
' b V ( H JJ$ Preparations almost equally extensive have been made in other lines, especially in Household
; , (v fif) Linens, Muslin Sheets and Pillow Cases, Muslin and White Cloths, by yard and piece, and Laces.
!; " 'IvC vf Pll ) Note e dominance of white, which is further shown throughout the store in other offers less
iW rvN r extensive ir. quantity but no less attractive in given values. The cumulative power of the entire
! JvA vJi J movement has never been equalled nor approached in American store history.
jXS W The' decorations, details and unities throughout the store will be found entirely'in keeping
Jv Wlth both the central thought and the practical importance of this event.
" X ywJ' The occasion offers excellent opportunity for the comparison of Wanamaker efforts with
f Gjf&l V'
l ninn -. Our Linen Store,
I TSf,nifliS,n always a safe and
laDie Linens economical place
f to buy, has made some extra efforts
for White Week. That brings extra
s' best chances:
' Fine double damask bleached Irish table
9 cloths; not fringed. Several patterns j
V 2x2 yds. , $2 each ; 1x1 yds. , $2. SO each j
2x3 yds., $3 each; 2x3; J yds.. $3.50
each. Napkins to match, 20x20 in., $2;
l 24x24 in., $2.75.
' Splendid quality grass bleached German
sf damask table cloths; no starch or dressing
in them to give false weight or appearance;
8 not fringed; several pretty patterns; 70x70
i,' in., $1.50 each; 70x88 in., $1.90 each;
V 70x106 in., $2.25 each.
Fine double damask table cloths from Ger-
many; the old-fashioned "Barnsley"
, type, that of which housekeepers are so
$ proud; several choice patterns; 2x2 yds.,
V $1.90 each; 1x1 yds., $2.40 each; 2x3
& "" yds., $2.85 each.
' Table Cloth, by the yard, at 30c, 35c, 50c.
;- and 56c All surprises for you.
jj At 60c. dor. Good wearing Bohemian nap-
i kins; almost white; half yard square.
,", At 75c doz. Good sire, good looking nap-
i kins; a few washings will bring them to a
permanent white; 20 in. square.
At 95c doz. Old-fashioned German drill;
' grass bleached; 18 in. square.
At 95c doz. Grass bleached German; 18 in.
j; square.
t At $1.15 doz. Silver bleached soft finished
? heavy napkins; just the sort for hotel and
restaurant use; 20 in. square.
At $1.50 doz. Splendid quality snow white
Sr Irish damask; 20 in. square.
tt At $5 doz. Handsome double damask din-
j: ner size, from Ireland; you've paid nearly
l double this price for their equal; 26 in.
'. souare.
' Sheets and We be&in this
PillSw Cases f8 with 6S'000
fiiiow cases sheets and 40000
pillow cases all decidedly better
than the usual home-made, and cost
ing no more than you'd pay for the
goods by the yard. The muslin
used in these is one of the best
1 known makes, and is standard in
; weight and count. A limited quan
tity of these sheets and pillow cases
has been set aside for this sale, at
' prices lower than ever before. After
the sale market prices will again
v, prevail:
42x36, 9c ; regular price lie
45x36, 9c. regular price 13c
45x38 i, 10c ; regular price 15c
50x38tf , llc ; regular price 16c.
54x38 Ji, 12c ; regular price 17c.
,42x76;, 19c ; regular price 24c
45x765, 20c : ui.- price 28c
54x90, 29c f regular price 36c.
( 63x90, 32c ; regular price 42c.
72x90, 36c ; regular price 47c.
72x99, 39c. ; regular price 50c
81x90, 40c ; regular price 50c ,
f 81x99, 44c. ; regular price 55c
' 90x90, 44c. ; regular price 55c.
90x99, 49c j regular price 60c
" Fourth venue,
': . About Linen ?"y " h?d-
! Handkerch.efs
i' assurance of obtaining only those
that are linen. And then the sur
prise at an offering like the following
! must be all the greater :
All'linm handkerchiefs, neatly initialed, at
fc 50c. a dot You may have 6 for 25c
't' We've never found them retailing so low.
P Have you?
ITo keep in harmony with the
above we take several lots of other
' qualities, and have marked them
if: correspondingly low. . These:
C' Women' plain hemstitched linen handker-
chief, at $2 doz. ; were $3.
,-', Women'! plain hemstitched linen handker-
p chiefs, at $1.65 doz.; were $2.40,
fc Women's plain hemstitched linen handker.
, ehieff, it $1.25 doz.; were $1.50.
& - raidwar.
; I
jjjj ffl-Tfe-iit tl--"T tj- tujjin ii1
PfSvft., j,, l&&&iMJ$Sf ' in tiMtmmiiin,.i
dXly Ul Lilt llUUilUUO IIUIIUUVIU IUU1V1, .- st-.WAf
One Million Pieces of Muslin Undeweariui;, P
. ' iiiuii. preparations
The showing to-day is the product of the largest orders that have ever been given in this country for goods in White made ;n the
of this kind. The aggregate offering is twice larger than any previous one of our own, and from eight to one Upholstery Store is something for
hundred times larger than that given by any of our friends and imitators. another day.
We assume that you know the character of our goods. You have had a four-fold experience with This morning we can do no more
them. We present them, with no fear whatever of even pretended dispute, as the cheapest good pieces than ask you to comc and iook) and
that can be bought. " assure you that you will not waste
Everything shown to-day is fresh, made especially for this sale. We present only new, clean, fresh, vour time.
good pieces, conscientiously made from the highest class materials. Of course the item of Lace Cur-
The conditions of manufacture are in the highest degree clean and sanitary, and, as compared with city tains has received especial attention,
workshops, enviable. The entire process of manufacture is at all times under our own supervision. and there are offers to be found in
The prices quotqd are low, lower than we have ever been able to quote before, because our order was Tr;sh Point, Swiss, Tambour, Brus-
never so large. Not only are they low and lower, they are lowest. Intelligent comparison of qualities will seis and Arabian Net Curtains that
convince any one of this, in case of any pretence at competition. wm make you glad you came.
. . Third floor.
Night Gowns Petticoats Chemise Fine soft German
At 38c Of muslin, 2 styles; high or low At 50c Of muslin, 3 styles; umbrella ruffle At 18c Of muslin; round necks, trimmed Towels HarriiUk- tn'uwle VU
neck; trimmed with embroidery and plaits. of cambric; or gathered ruffle of cambric with cambric ruffle. UdnidSK towels Wltn
At 50c Of muslin or cambric, 4 styles; with cluster of plaits; plaits above; flounce, At 25c. Of ;nuslin; square neck, with yoke prettily knotted fringe at 40c. each,
high necks and V necks; some trimmed 19 in. deep, hem and cluster of plaits. of two rows of -insertion and clusters of They're 24x48 in. Splendid aual-
with embroidery, others with cotton torchon At 75c Of muslin, 3 styles ; umbrella ruffle plaits; neck and armholrt trimmed with .. ' . . an. i
lace. of cambric; deep hem and cluster of plaits cotton torchon plaits. t- lry at tnat pnee. ihere are these
At 65c Of muslin, 4 styles; V necks and and dust ruffle; or umbrella ruffle trimmed At 35c Of muslin or cambric, 4 styles; Others proportionally low priced:
empire styles; some trimmed with em- with embroidery. round necks, trimmed with embroideries; R , ni,-lit m ), a, -j..,i . i
broidery and insertion; others with plaited . At 85c-Of muslin, 2 styles; deep flounce of some with insertion and clusters of plaits. Snril S? ,nf E,.S w if'
yokes or yokes of lace insertion. lawn and hemstitching, with dust ruffle ; or At 50c. -Of muslin or cambric, 5 styles; wthpretty borders and knotted fnnge; 18x
At 75c Of muslin or cambric, 5 styles; umbrella ruffle of lawn, trimmed with torchon round or square necks, with yokes of in- v- . ' ',f " j,il.j r . ,
high necks, V necks, square necks; some lace ; dust ruffle. sertion and plaits; others with ruffles F'fow x&2 ? J
trimmed with enibroideVy and insertion; At$l-Of muslin, 5 styles; umbrella ruffle of trimmed with lace. mi nLn rl 1?' I) a-a
others lace trimmed. lawn with 4 rows of hemstitching and plaits ; At 65c -Of cambric; round or square necks, "C,f, ,', T" 5 Uc towc f P'endid
At 85c Of muslin or cambric, 3 styles; umbrella ruffles trimmed with embroideries ; trimmed with embroidery and insertion; bordered -20x38 in 15c r
high necks, square necks, V necks and some with insertion; others with torchon clusters of plaits; others with torchon iace ci.j;j ' , n '.j ii i , ,
roSnd yokes, with insertion and ruffle; lace and 3 rows of insertion. and insertion. Tlad hemm 1 ,Sb? ! ta
some trimmed with embroidery and in- Many other styles up to $15. At$l Of cambric or nainsook, 4 styles; Krtu "'.. ' ; C'
sertion; others hemstitched with plaits; trjmmed with pretty embroideries or tor- ' ,
still others trimmed with torchon cotton Qhni-f Dcffirnatc chon lace and insertion ; ribbon finished. Snmf Nfiv I nrpc r those
or Valenciennes lace. a Poe u . v .. At $1.25-0 fine nainsook; round neck, "" lieVV LaCeS whQ
At $1 Of muslin or cambric, 11 styles; At 25c Of muslin ; cambric ruffle, hem and trimmed with choice embroidery and in- I VVO-thirOS Prices i:ti t r
high necks, square necks, V necks and .'"fP1 . . ,. , sertion; ribbon run through. ., , , ' . r
empire styles; some trimmed with em- At 35c Of cambric or muslin, 3 styles; At $1.50 Of nainsook, 2 styles; round neck, the economy of ready-to-wear under-
broidery insertion and plaits; some with ubreU; nlffl,e .o 1.a,wn, or deeP ?lnered trimmed with neat embroideries and inser- clothine. and who must have thp?r!
yokes of all-over embroidery; others trimmed raim re camoro wiia nan ana crasitra uon or Valenciennes lace and insertion. m.j. tn nj.r -- nrn, m , ,, .
with torchon lace, and some ribbon plaits, and gathered ruffle of cambric tr.mmed Other styles up to $5. made to order, We ve provided this
trimmed. mth embroidery; finished with hemstitch- Splendid showing of laces for trim
Many other styles up to $6. A-Ot muslin or cambric, 3 styles; urn- Infants' and Children's Un- ming. All the desirable patterns
rnrsf fnvprc breUa reffle1"7". deep hem, with finish deiwear and widths are here, and the prices
" f . of hemstitching; or ruffle of lawn finished GirU' Muslin Drawers, with hem and cluster are about one-third less than the
At 8c Of cambric, 2 styles; high back with with embroidery or torchon lace. oi pijUj. . , .
square or V fronts, trimmed with neat em- At 75c Of cambric; deep ruffle of lawn, 2 4 6 8 10 12 and 14 yean " .
broidery and pearl buttons. trimmed with dainty embroidery and cluster " French Valenciennes Laces and Insertions,
At 15c Of cambric; V front and high of plaits above. 6 10 15 15 18 18 22 cents. at 22c. to $1.10 a doz. yds.
back; trimmed with neat embroidery and At 85c Of cambric; deep ruffle of em- Q-t Muslin Drawers, with plaits and ruffles Imitation Torchon Laces and Insertions to
pearl buttons. broidery; neat patterns; cluster of plaiti of Swiss embroidery : match, 5c to lie. a yd.
At 18c Of cambric, 2 styles ; square front above. 2 4 6 8 10 12 and 14 years Normandy Valenciennes Laces, 4c. to 45c yd.
with V back, and V front with high back; Many other styles up to $2.50. ' ' Piatt Valenciennes Laces, 9c to 13c. a yd.
trimmed with pretty embroideries. 17 20 25 25 30 30 33 cents. Po!nt de F"'s Laces, 9c. to 22c a yd.
At 25c. Of cambric, 5 styles; square, round UrawerS Girls' Skirts, of muslin; ruffle hemstitched- Imitation Duchesse Lacej, 10c to 20c a yd.
and V necks, trimmed with pretty em- At 10c Of good muslin; hem and 3 plaits. cluster of plaits in skirt: 4, 6, 8-year sires Bioadwajr.
broideries; some with Insertion, others At 15c-0f fine muslin ; deep hem, 6 plaits. 25c A wprial nrcrarntinn fnr
with lace. At 25c Of muslin; 3 styles; ruffle of em- Girls' Night Gowns, of muslin; yoke plaited; (WseK SPeC'al Preparation for
At 35c Of cambric, 2 styles; round or V broidery and cluster of plaits above; cam- cambric ruffle on neck and sleeves : i-m this sale. They repre-
necks, trimmed with embroidery, insertion ' brie ruffle with embroidery edge; deep 2 4 6 8 10 12 and 14 years. sent Solid Worth and true economy
and clusters of plaits; others torchon lace cambric ruffle with cluster of plaits. A 7 cuououiy.
trimmed. At 30c Of muslin, 2 styles; umbrella ruffle 25 30 35 45 45 55 55 cents. Among QjherS:
ii v fi , j imhisuok, iu oc urn, nemsuicnea; or camonc rutne Uirls' Might Ijowns, ot muslin; square yoke At 75c." K. & li." Corsets; long waist,
styles; V, high, round and square necks; with 2 plaits. of plaits and Swiss insertions; ruffle of medium bust, short hips ; trimmed top and
trimmed with pretty embroideries and in- At 35c Of cambric, 4 styles; trimmed with embroidery on front of yoke, neck and bottom with lace and ribbons. Of imported
sernons; some with torchon lace, others pretty embroideries or torchon lace; some sleeves: coutil, in white only,
with Valenciennes. with lawn ruffles edged with lace. 2 4 6 8 10 12 and 14 years. At $1 "H. & G." Corsets; medium waists,
Van2!er Sty at between P"ces "id up At 50c Of muslin or cambric, 5 styles. well boned; white, drab, pink, blue and
t02-75- ' Many other styles up to $2.50. 50 50 60 60 70 70 75 cents. black; trimmed prettily with lace top and
. . bottom.
T.r. u,.f T, . . ,,,,,, At $1.25 "H. & S." Corsets, of imported
Infants' and ,We htfvc"t White Oraandie . e exqm' Fine China Eieht Hundred. couui; extra long waist, high bust; short
fhllrlwn'c forgotten the : vryanuie Slte costumes 'c ma Nearly all French, pver hips; trimmed top and bottom with
White D' esles r dS f 1!t" DreSSCS Were made PlatCS a Austrian, from Aftl & of coutil and
tie ones in our expressly to give the Costume Par- latest importations. Rich decora- sateen; long and medium waists; bias cut;
preparations. Here are dresses, both lore on the second floor a represen- tions in gold and splendid colors. E?,.red ml an.d- hipsi s.me, short Jon.LliPs
long and short, in the immaculate tation in White Week. So beauti- The prices by the dozen have been white. dSb P uend bTack, " " ;
cambric and nainsook, trimmed and ful, so dainty, so cheap are they that $21, $18, $15, $12, $10 majority Sec0U(1 "" T"1,h """
flounced and laced as good children's what was intended as an excuse for in higher grades. They are to be Social The?e are de"
dresses should be, but cheap beyond representation becomes a feature of sold at Fifty Cents each. Correspondence s.erving of no
experience. the event. You can get some matched dozens Paners 1!ttle aUcntIon
SHORT DRESSES There's only one word that will or can make choice harlequin selec- K in this Brcat
At50c-Of cambric; yoke of Swiss inser- describe them, and that, the em- tions. Six Dollars a dozen is not Whlte Wcek Qual!ti, quantities,
necandVeUlandizT incnUy feminine word, "sweet." half value. Just now we-don't care Pices-all claim recognition. This
At 75c Of nainsook; yoke of Swiss embroid- Prettier things we have never shown for costs or values we are in for sales sinEle 'tern may prove the justice of
;n?fflieo,nebro.id-e7onneckandtlMveS5 for anywhere near their -figures, and space more goods are coming. that ,cjaun: , TT. u
AtrofVaryoT of 4 clusters of Styles are the styles of next Summer, ,,.,. Ml&tt$&&i3?
plaits and 3 Swiss Insertions; ruffle of Swiss of course. $18 to $38. pt. Perfectly in keeping with match at 5c. package. The pape. would
embroidery over shoulders, on neck and Second floor, Broadway. U the white idea thev are be only moderately priced at 35c lo 50c.
sleeves; 1,2 and 3 years. Men should find G aSS !u' .,i' :'!' "t uu Pound! envelopej should be 15c. a
Several other styles, ot course White Plqiie . snoula nna ",u,;',:' the culmination of white package.
LONG DRESSES Vests interest in the an- in their clear, colorless glitter. Sev- These, too, are hardly less interesting;
At 25c-0f cambric; ruffle of Swiss embroid- nouncement that eral hundred odd pieces from the At lCK:.box-Rich, pure while paper, neatly
At7oc0-ofnarnVe5,ok , , , 2 VCStS' Slngle 3nd d0UblC Christmas Stock take a Shining place 1 and 24 envejfcpe, Made
mJWSiJma breasted, are offered at these reduc- among the bargains of White Week, At 25c box-Paper, ot high standard, richly
Valendennes lace; neck and sleeves lace t'Ons: We offer them all at $5 each. b,xed; T ;Zhti .a"d J24 '""
At'T-Of nainsook- voke shirred and Wr!!"," V&!'h'Pg& Were PrIccd UP to twice nuX' of ZZ . GeSb that W
Vmmed0wi.hnnktion;hffleanodf DbM " forU,e$2.50 thfig,. Thcrc a large been 35c to 50c J box. This offer hold,
Swiss embroidery on neck and sleeves. Second floor, yourtU avenue. variety of the more desirable pieces. BvoJTtr.
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co,, Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Ninth and Tenth Streets. ,
I - i " "" " i
irt i ItViy-1" '' ' i' '" ' "ITTJ7' '" 'll'. '"" ' r "ff p'mii 'T j-ji'i j 'JPSMt il'rfrlClgMi .f-.T .'-it iiiiiH-r ''' u &-ti";.',wi r-.rfyi,.JH-A r &- -, J -rw,.itrfmhli
West Fourteenth Street
. The Great White Sale '
: eoMMENeES Tb-OAg.
The Desirable and Reliable Evcrythlnff '
n In ' u
Muslins, Sheetings, Flpe White UnrJerwear
Linens, White Goods, V For .
and Ladles and Children i
White Embroideries. and !
The Good, Everything Good In '
Only the Good, ' . Babies Wear.
and No Inferior Goods
Notwithstanding Advance ' at any price. )
in Every Article
All these Fabrics is of '
Prices will bs Fine Material, well made,
The Lowest Jet Named. Full measurement and cut '
This will and all
Most assuredly be Trimmings and Embroideries 1 J
The Opportunity of the year. The Latest Styles.
Fruit of Loom yard wide 37i
Wamsutta yard wlda tt'i
Yard wide Brown-flne aud heavy . Hi
2Ux'2ii yards 37 cents
iiisSii yards 30 cents
Every one of these Sheets Ir made at TJtlea
Mills of Utlca Hheetlnjrs. first nunllty; and
every ono measui js '2!i yards lone flnlslied; In
other words,;) inches tanner than usual. The
rosular prices of tho shorter Shoots are 50
cents and 55 cents. ...These prices reak the
No Better and
Dressing. fine quality.
i'JxM 5 8
45x30 0 O
50x30 , 7 10
51x30 8 10
42 inches wide 8
Hi yards wide Mi 7.V
50 inches wide O'.
lKyartlswIde 10U' fl'f
l-'f yards wide 11 U 10 'i
"J yards wide 13AJ 12,'
24 yards wide 14.VJ 13,V
2l. yards wide 15'i 15'i
All of tho above are extra quality. Inferior
Muslins and Sheetincs are not to be found in
our stock at any price.
Cotton Battinc clean cotton O','
White Chccso Cloth , 3
No Mall Orders In Domestics.
Linens and Towels.
Honeycomb Towels 48 Inches lone 8
Heavy Huck Towels 20x40 Inch 10(
All Linen Hemstitch Huck-30 inch 10
All Linen Damask Towels -Ullrich .10
All Linen hem or frince 30 inch t)
Heavy Linen Huck 20x40 .Vlit
Extra Heavy Ltnen Huck 22x48 .11)
Hntln Damask laco border knot fringe .10
Extra large Towels alue .31 and .35... .2,"
Barbers' All Linen Huck 14x23.. ,dz. . .0!)
Extra Twill Crash cream and white 3,'i
All Linen Crash. .. 8'.' Olass-17 Inch 0'.'
Ex. Heavy Huck Towelling 17JJ iuch Wi
Check Glass Towelling II) inch 5'
All Linen Cream Towelling 18 Inch H)i
Table Linens
All Linen cream and wlilto 04 Inch ,30
All Linen cream ami wlilto 70 Inch .41)
All Linen high satin flnlsh-04 Inch .."ill
Heay Hcoteli cream and wlilto 70 Inch .03
All Linen Double Damasks 72 inch .70
Fine Scotch and Irish 72 Inch .80
Tine Scotch and Irish 81 Inch ,08
jiapruns id j'laicn.
'.'sire-dozen 31),., .40.. .50.. .00 to.'l.OO
ii size dozon 08. .1.20.. 1.40 to 7.00
Doilies White and Colored
12 to 22 Inchos square 20 to 4.00 dozen
Best Turkey Red Table Covers
latest designs all full size as quoted
5-4 .25 10-4 .08
7-4 .51) 12-4 1.18
8-4 .70
All Linen Lunch Cloths 2'. yards long. .50
The Great White Sale
will include
Stven REMftRKABLE sprclah In
First 29 ctnts.
Men's Dross Hhlrts good muslin 3-ply
Union Linen Bosom cut full and long
well made,
Second 39 cents
Men's Dress Bhlrts heavy muslin 3-ply
Linen bojoms cut full 3d Inches long
well made-doubls faced.
Third 49 cents
Men's Dress Shirts Extra heavy muslin
double stltched-3.ply flne Irish tinea
bosoms-double faced front and back.
Fourth 69 cents.
Men's Diess Bhirts-best Utlca Nonpareil
Muslin Irish Linen bosoms 2200 flno
.'(ply - Butcher linen lined Double
stitched double faced placquct sleeves
and back hand made button and stud
holes-no better shirt made.
Firth....". 29 cents. -
Night Shirts- ood Muslln-full size.
Sixth. ,....39 cenls.
Men's Night 8fiIr.tjTrfaitcolorembroldery.
Seventh,!.., ...cents.-" "
Men's Night flhlrts-Utlca Mullri-Extr
i -;HUmade-asCeolorebrpldrr.i,; .
Ladies' Underwear jl
Cambric Corset Covers Y front and M
back, wldo oorailo emb'y or two ins'gs M
of hemstitching , .18 ,H
Fine Cambric and Nainsook Covers WM
flne omb'y and lace trim Empire, H
Vor round neck ribbon run H
French and other styles 45 V
Others-10 styles-oxquisitely trim'd 60
Flnsr Corset Covers to 3.08
Good Muslin Gowns four Ins'gs A
of emb'y or ono wide Bayadere ins'g.. .48 J
Fine Cambric and Muslin Gowns J
Empire, V or high neck 6 Ins'gs 1( 1
of flne emb'y 3 wide openwork Ins'giS" v
ribbon run or elaborately trim'd vrltgtkv.
deep ruffle and ins'gs of fancy lace....-Jnn&v
, , .... - "thliidtSS,
Fine Cambric or Muslin Gowns t .
lace and emb'y trim 20 styles Jr.
Finer Gowns to 9.08 ij
Muslin Ombrelle Skirts 16 Inch lawn onJ,
ruffle-3 Ins'gs ot fancy lace 49 G'Jl
Muslin Ombrelle Skirts deep v 'M
ruffle of good open omb'y or two yijB
Ins'gs and ruffle of heavy lace 63 JtL
Muslin and Cambria Skirts trim'd
with flne emb'y. Val., Point de Paris rt
or fancy lacos 15 styles 03 M
Finer Skirts to 12.08
Good Muslin Drawers 3 Inch
ruffle of emb'y tucks abovo 19
Muslin Drawers-Ombrelle and
regular deep ruffle or emb'y or '
ins'g of lace and ruffle 37 t
Fine Cambrjeand Muslin Drawers
tucks, ins'gs and deep ruffles of
lace and emb'y 12 stylos 68
Fine Cambric and Muslin Drawers l
handsomoly trim'd with lace or emb'y. .03
Finer Drawers to 2.08
Muslin Chemise yoke of tucks
aud wide ins'c cambric ruffle 29
Muslin Chemise round nock with
ruffle of 2 Ins'gs and edge square
neck with solid yoke of open emb'y 48
Extra lagth fine lace or emb'y trim,.. .60
Flnor Chemises to 4.0S
Children's Good Muslin Drawers hem
and tucks according to size 6 ,p ...12X
Children's Good Muslin Drawers 2r&9l
flue emb'd ruffle all sizes 23 B
Children's Canton Flannel Drawers hH
emb'd ruffle according to slz9.. .20 and -39 Haml
Children's Muslin Gowns 2 Ins'gs of M
emb'y and tucks sizes 2 to 8 yrs 39 H
Children's Muslin Skirts emb'd ruffle .39 H
In Babies' Wear
Long Hllps ot flno Cambric 14 H
Short Cambric Drosses neat emb'y 25 H
Long and Short Dresses of '1 H
Fine Nainsook and Cambric lace H
or emb'd ruffle lnsertings to match,. ,9t H
Long and Short Skirts ot Fine H
Cambrio-triinmed with flne lace M
und insertings or deep omb'y ruffle 4 (J H
Short Domot Dresses-Baby styles 10
Short nnd long CambricHklrts-
Emb'y and Lacotrlm 21
Emb'y trim'd Long Dresses 49 jH
Short Colored Lawn and Peroala M
Dresses-dainty styles-to 3 yrs 23
Short and long Bedford Cord Coats y H
fancy ribbon and braid trim na T H
Emb'd Bilk Cans-full and fancy ruchss.. ,19 11
Corded Lawn Caps fancy ruches 12X
Fleeco-lined Shirts-long sleeves 4 1H
sizes to 4 years i2)f H
Short and Long Daisy Flannel JH
Skirts-fancy stitching 21 V
White Goods ' m
Lonsdale Cambrics yard wide flM H
Checked Nainsooks 6 patterns 3 fl
Fine White Cambrlcs-36 inches wide'.., v t B
Check and Plaid Nalnsooks-28 Inch 6f
40 Inch Apron Lawns-satin bordered.. 8H
Fine French Orandle-68 Inch 25 H
Dotted Swisses 30 Inches wide B
dota of orery description and size 8tf jH
Extra Una White Cambrics 9J
soft finish 36 Inches wide , . gtr jHJ
English Long Cloth-12 yd pieces. 70
Silk finish India Mulls (0 Inrhe wide 2S AH
Plln-Whita8wlase$-33Inoh.. ' ion ,
Extrheavyord4Plqne-T30Inehn m FB
40 Inch Fine Soft finish NalnsookJH Hi 'BJ1
32 nh flno White India. Linen. 7 23

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