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I, U flnT V 1 I flr SSBkS'!1 mM I I Increasing doudiness;,follovcdby snow, !-
1 B 1 "' 'MFSSIb f ''' " turning to. rain at night warmer. ' fc'
k iflB .. . . . . . -
j rn.sr cai.iforxia iiKamrxT km.
Bsll I.nUl Advice from tlm Iilniitl n( rami)
KV .Show That (lie lniurcciit ATr In Can-
B I nil f Ilollii nml Tluit No Alnrtlrnn
Hj Troops Unit Landed Up to Sunday- .lent
j nnlilaSuiiimona III Cnlilnet nml the I II-
HflH tplnit CongrcM-Ilriluli finnliont Off tnr
Qm Hollo uml Crliii Spanish General Rio
nv !iile IIiiIiiii with tlm Insurgent
1 ll'idm! RrporUTImt tho Native of lint-
R nl'Mf Hnvn Overthrown tho SpnuMi Ail
Hp nilnlstrnllon, Srlzril tlm Island, nml Mai-
BRft sncrnl Many lliiriiprtuii A llcniriirlns
fly Heipiittli Knelled friini (Inn. Oil.
J Ml tcial Cable l)!palc to Tnr Svv.
Hi Manh.v. Jnn ". Advices from Hollo were re-
eeivoil here to-tiny b the steamship Bolinao,
which loft there on Sunday. Attho tlmo of tho
departure of tho Bollnnotho Insurgents wore
f-LIII in control of the city nml no American
B tioops had boon lamloil.
B I The Fiist California Uiluntcor Reclmeiitem-
H hnrLod here ut 4 o'clock to-day on board tlio
Bj j steamships Cununnla nml Mnritlma, presuma-
1 bh to renin t to Urn. Miller nt Hollo. Tho
Bj steamshlpi were convoyed by tho gunboat
H Cmicord.
H Though il Ikii not been officially announced
H it is supposed that tho intension of American
netupnlioii will now bo systematically begun In
Bb the southern Islands, (ion Rios tlio Spanish
Bk I tioicriinrof the Visuyne, uho.nrlvod here yes
Ecs terday rom Znmbonnca. on tho Islam! of Mln
Hw tlauno. where ho ttyuk the Spanish troops when
MJj ' I" ovaetiatml Hollo, visited (len. Otis to-dny.
v' Gen ltios denies the impiitat'on of IiIrcoIIu
Hi sion with tho iiismi,viits. saunc that bo cae
Ui up onls when lie whs oiilered todoso by tho
H. Government nt Jladilil.
bH Acumalilo Is oviilcnth orcanlzlnc hi folloiv
Xi n. dm to oppo-o thr- inericnns. yestordnj ho
m!N linsllh Biimmoiud tiiu 1'iliplno t'nbinct ami
H vj t iiirivss lo.issemlile
H The Dritish cmibo.it Ilattler left hero to-dny
B for Iloilo and C'obu to pioteet r.ncllsh Interests
H at t bone places
Hi JIvdkit), lap II An oflleial despatch Mates
If tlint the natives of Kal.ilc. tho bontheaNtern-
most island of tho Philippine Rroiip. VThicli lies
H j a few- miles north of lli-ilNt North Horneo.havo
Wtj overthrown tlin Munish administration and
Ev pred tlio island. Tliev massacred many l!n
H ropeans. meludin tiiu Spanish Governor, a
H physician niut Lieut ltellamy. who is supposed
I to have been a lintisli naval ofllcer.
H A nnmlier of European women are held cap-
I fives hy tho Insurcents A nunboat bombarded
H the chief tow n of tho Island, but failed to eom-
I pel the natives to surrender the women.
I TitANsronis vtii.i, r.E dllvvkd
I San ritANcisco. Jan 3 Despite tlio necessity
for rushinR troops to tho Philippines tho trans-
ports Ohio and Hc.mdia cannot bo made ieadv
I to leave hero before tho middle of this month
or later. Tho Scnndia. which is tho only trans-
port In tho harbor, cannot bo cle.ued by Jan. 7.
If all coes well she will not be repaired heforo
, Jan. 15. and probably not before Jan. 20. Koil-
, J or makers nnd rlccers were at work on lier to-
' day. Tho transport Ohio Is duo hereon Jan. 8.
I I " and can be put In readiness for sen in a week.
. J It has been decided that tho wives and fami-
10tm' lies of the officers of tho Twentiotli Infantry
f cannot co on tho Scandia to Manila. a there Is
J . no room.
A 5IfSac Vajlnc That Tliore In Loss Uim
Zr of Trmihlr Aculnnlilo I'liimrit Anxbtj.
Yasihnoton, Jan 3 Tho situation In the
- Philippines is still a eourco of anIet to the
' Ticsldcnt and liis Cabinet, but they were
Icrently relieved to-day by a tolccram from
Afaior-Gen. Otis, who expressed tlio belief
that thero was less dancer of trouble This
message was laid bolero tho Cabinot at Its rec
ular meotinc. It was cmieral In terms and did
ft no specify any particular plueo whole tho
londltioDs bad Improved. It did not Indicate
that den. Otis had heard any news from Hollo
Mnce hu sent the despatch received on Su
dar. in which tho eruvity of the situation theio
was sot fortli Hut Iloilo Is not eauslne nearly
so much concern as the condition of affairs In
the vicinity of Manila, vrhero Aculnnldo's main
army Is assembled. In 'aecoulaiico with In
structions sent by dlroction of tho President
and the Seerotary of AVar, Gen. Otis has for
, warded to ltric.-Clen. Miller at Hollo a copy of
jig the proclamation cabled to him n few day
i'JJ hbo. In which tlio Intention of the I'nlted
ip Mates to treat the I'dlplnos humanely and just-
ly Is explained, and it is believed hero that
when Gen. Miller isnuos this proclamation for
Pi -- tho benefit of tho Tillplno forces at Iloilo tlio
J present defiant attitude of the latter will
chance and Gen Miller's forces will bo per-
J milled to land without opposition.
The Government has determined to avoid a
conflict witli tho I'lliplnos if It is possible to do
K). Gen Otis was so informed in the instruc
tions telccruphed to him on Sunday It is be-
f Ueved by tho Prosident and liis advisers that
diplomatic treatment will brine the native
leaders at Hollo to a realisation of tho cood in
tentions of tlio United States. This confldenco
, is not felt in recard to the situation In Luzon,
however. Thore Is no telllnc what Aculualdo
ft mav do, anil tho patience of tho Government
Is beluc exhausted by his iittitudo. He Is re-
carded as a fomenter of mischief, who holds
j4 his people in line tlirouch ;fear. In anticipa
tion of a conflict vrith Aculnaldo's Luzon
rrmy Gen. Otis was Instructed not to de-eaio
his forco at Manila by sendlnc detachment
to occupy places in the Philippines ovacimted
l by tho Spanish If hostilities e.mnot bu
nvoided, the Government wants matters ho nr-
anced that the first clash shall coire betneen
the forces undei Aculnaldo's Immediate com
mand and the troops under Gen. Otis.
Meanwhile Aculnnldo has not been bcnled.
From something that was said In a despatch
from iin. Otiblt is bollnved here that ho will
bn at Malolos on Thursday, when tho Filipino
Parliament meets there. Malolos is a scorn
of miles or so from Manila Tho session of
the Parliament will develop Aculnaldo's
Kremlin unions nis iciiuucis, ami sonic, nmn
oltlclnl.s are inclined to believe that dissatls
r faction with his opiiosltlon to the Amerloaus
may cauno hU ovorthiow. He h.ih enemies
r amone his own people. Press despatches cave
fear of assasblDiilion as a reason for his dlnap.
." pearance from his headquarters nearCavlto.
I tlen. Otis has been instructed to proinnl.
cite tho proclamation cabled to him by the
War Department. It is believed itliat when
the I'lliplnos aro ncnuulnted with the Inten
tlous of the I lilted .States they will he will
in it to listen to the desires oflhls Govern
ment and assist Gen Otis In establlslilvc law
ind order thtouehout tho arclilielaco. o
. Inonilse of self-eovernment is contained Ip
Hie proclamation, but Its tnrms.aro liberal
and ought to bo satisfactory to all the natives
excert tho radical supporters of Aculnaldo's
policy. tVliuii Uen Otis cables that ho has Is
sued tho proolamatloii.tcoples of It will be
made publlo here It contains 1,000 words
'Mie Uuartermaster's Department Is push
,.,, inirrupldly the preparation for tho transpor-
' tatlon of troops to the Philippines, but it Is
' not believed that they will cot away as early
as Indicated In tho despatch bent to Gen.
Otis yesterday. The Mohawk, ouo of tlm
transports to co from :ew ork, will Bet
ready for the embarkation of tho soldiers at
once, The Mobile left Huv an nab to-day for
Havana and on her return will co directly to
New ork The Twentieth Infantry will sail
from Han Pranelso jon tho Scandia. Some do
T lay muy bo caused by ehnticos proposed on the
( Mobile. '1 hu vessel Is lifted with bunks with
I . wooden frames, while It is proposed to use an
(LT I iron appliance like that on the Mohawk. Col.
fVlJ bird of the QuartermitMtfi'rt Department said
sJY. to-day that this chance would result In some
-fa delay If decided uioii lie believed It better
mpf to let the Mobile bo In her presont condition.
lb" The transportation of other troops to Ma-
1 nilawlll depend on tho arrival of the tram-
jHirls Ohio and Senator at Pan Irnnclsco, Tiioy
loft Manila recently and worn under ordeisto
toucn ntXncnsakl. Japan, so that It Is not
known when they will reach this uouniir.
castixk orni:rii:i to .unin.
Ili-lPlin Alan tit .loin Admlrnl DeurJ-Vlnus
for the town mill Oirgnn.
Wariunoton. Jan. Il III accordance with
Admiral Dowey's request for several llcht
il ranch t sunboats for service in tho rlveisnnd
llallow harbors of tho Philippine arohlpclaco.
tho Navy Department tu-ilny ordored tho ctm
loat C.istlne to proceed lo Manila. The Ca's
tine Is now at Havana, ,vheio sho participated
In tho evacuation ceremonies on Jan 1. Ail
mlt.il Dowey made the icquo't about a month
aco, butnovessnls'ot tlcht druticht woio.ivall
abla then, and the Castluo would piobably not,
have been ordered awav at this time wtro It
not for tho situation at Hollo and other places
controlled by the liisuteonts. Tlio HuliU
drauslit cunboat Helena, now In the Modlter
lanean under oiders to pioceed to tho Afititlu
station, was assigned by cnhlo vesteidav t"
ilulj in the Philippines, histoid of in Chinese.
rivois.and tbecunboit orktowii, nownt Jlure
Islnnil, will prohalilv bo oi-detcd to Manila also.
The Casilno lias a mean diaucht of J- loot '
Inches. Her oulcrs are to proceed to Manila
liy the Mcdllcnanean-Siie route She will
co to N'ow oik for stoies beforo siiilsinc pn
the lone vojace 'I wo other naval vessels, the
Huffiilo mid tlio Helena, .ato "now on their
way to Manila by tlio siuno route, and the lo
somite, at Norfolk. Inn orders to proceed to
Manila via Sue, when her oiorhaullnc h.u
been completed. 'J ho ltaloltth is on her way
from Manila to New o-k hv tlio Sues route
Tho puriioso of tho Nuv y Dep-irt ment to keep
the hattlehlp Iowa op tho Paclllocoistof tlm
I'nlted Mates was disclosed to-dny In orders
fot that vessel to proceed from ( alhio. Pom,
where lio recentli nirivvd fiom Now ork In
nniiitati) wl'h the bnttliHilp Oiecon and sev
eral supply ships', to San rmiiolM-o. 'I he lie
p.iitinent directed that the liwaBbould Ijo ne
ooinpinled bvtliepi nlslon ship Celtic and the
colliers Sclndl.i and .Instill Tlio snino de
spateh ooiitainid orders toCnpt llnrkurof tlin
Orecon to pmcoed fnun Callao lo Honoltili',
accompanied hv the ilistlllinc ship Ills When
tho Orecon. the low.i ..ml tlio four supply ves
sels stalled fmm ev iW fur the P.u ifli it
was tho Intnntlon of the depaitment to eml
them to join Vilmir.il Dewey's miuiidmn at
Manila Vt tint time there wasfe.ii that thero
uiiuht tie foiclcn Iiiter'.oicnce in tlio Philip
pines and the Government intended to take
no ehnnces. No fot mill orders were issued,
however, dlieeilnc these vessds'.to cotoMa
nl'n Xou3hu'lnw,i Kuerttiln to stav on the
l'nelilc ooit unless soinctlilnc should occur
to require her presence l the Philippines.
Wlitiro the Orecon will cn after she readies
Honolulu has iin been determined. It Is the
present desire of til" department to hold theso
two powerful warships In thu Pacific read Tor
seince In anv emerecnoy.
l'ound lllin In Front of Ills Hotel Apnrt
iiiciitN fit t; o'CluiK in tlm Morning.
Thomas J Major, a negro, "J2ears old. em
ploved as'a bellboy , it the St I.oreiir. a family
hotel at Scvontl -second street and Lcflncton
avenue, was shot esteidns ntternoon b) Louis
N. Sclioeufeld, one of tho cucsts of the hotel.
ItothMnjoi mid Schoenfeld were nnosted and
locked up at Police Headquarters by Detective
Sorccant Madden.
Schoenfeld Is a Southerner, and Is said to bo
one of tho largest breeders oT blooded hoises in
the countrv He spends his w inters in New
York, and alwavs makes tho St Loionz his
headquarters. He is about OOjchisuld His
vifo is a handsome woman about U'J years old.
I'.verybody loiinected with tho affair was
reticent Inst night At the St. Loienz no
ono would talK. and Airs. Sohoonfuld sent
down wonl that hoi Innyei. Jo-oph
Moss, of Howo V ILimmcl's office, bad
iustriietod her not T0 talk. At Polleo
Ileidqiiniters, last nlclit. Schoenfeld said that
as ho was retiirnlnc homo at 'J. o'clock estpr
dav mornlnc he fouild Major, who Is a cood
looklnc mulatto, la tho hall In front of his
" What are you dninc there ?" he, demanded
"Do you think I am a thief?" indignantly
asked Major
" Don't cet fresh with me." retorted Schoon
feld. and he struck the necio w itli a eano.
"I'll pot square vlth )ou to-monow." de
chred Maior
Yostordav afternoon Sehoenreld returned to
the hotel, and as ho stepped Into the ball on
tlio first lloor Maior struck him on the head
and made a motion as if to draw n rovohor
fmui his hip iKicket Schoenfeld pulled his re
voherund jlredat tho bciIbo.
The bullet just crned Major's chest, maklnc
averysllcht wound .Major inn to the Pres
byterian Hospital, where his wound was
dressed, and, iib ho refused to talk, the hospi
tal authorities notified Police llendqiruteis.
Madden went to tho hospital and arrested
In tho meantime Schoepfeld called up Howo
A Iliimuinl anil told them what hu bad, done.
1 boy advised him to civ o himsclr up. ulikh ho
.t. jr. nmnaoicv rou.n dkiik
Left n Letter Snylne Chief .Tiistlre Culler
Mil HU Adoptrd lil other,
A man about 70 years old, who lecislered as
J. W. Dearborn. London, was found dead in
bed yesterday in his room in the Atlantic
Hotel, l'J Washington street, Tho cause of
death is supposed to be heart failure and alco
holism. Dearborn had been slajinc in tho hotel for
tho past threo weeks. He told Piopriotor Ga!
lcclier that lie was an expert miner, and that
ho had been in England for somn time trying
to enlist capital to develop mines I i New
Mexico. He had been drlnkinc heavily since
his nrilval fiom London on Dec It, and had
boasted tosoino of the other cueststlnt he hud
gone tin ough $::o,000 during tho past oar.
He also stated with pride on the dav befoio his
death that ho had drunk threo bottles of whis
ker In as many hours.
In a notebook found among his effects were
the following addresses- "P Y Nlcolson
X Co., lllo do Janeiro-" "Santa Anna Gold
Mining Co. Limited, Old Uroad bticet nml
London," .fnd " Mrs. 31. Taylor, Oicliaid
House, Lelston. Suffolk, England " An un
finished letter, dated Doe "jl. 18i-). and ad
dressed to " Deal Mrs. Tuvlor," was toiind in a
eo.it pocket In it the wrltoi said that hu w.w
laid lipvvlth tho crip In New York mid that ho
was stranded for luck of funds to continue Ills
journey to Vera Cm.. ,
"I havu written," Iho letter lead, to my
adopted brotlier.theChiefJubtiOHof tho I'nlted
States, for money, and if ha sends II I lau go.
If not, well, you know.'"
Tho letter goes on to say that the writer
helped the Chief Justico to cot Ids office, and
"If lie does not send me tlio money I
huv a strong notion of golnc to Washington
to hbo him," I atoi on ho sild "Thore I no
way of my cettlnc out of here unless tho chief
Justice sends me tho 8."0 " A gold watch and
iti cents were also found in the man's pockets
It happened that Chief Justice I'lillnriu rived
here last nlclit from Washington, He went to
tho Klfth Avonuo Hotel, but would see no
Senator fiom California. Olijtrln to the
e,0, 000,1)00 Clame III the Treaty.
SACitAiiKM't), Jan. :i. A iettor from Unltod
States Senator Perkins was read in thoSotiato
to-day asking tlio Legislature to instruct him
in recard to noting on tho question of expan
sion. Senator Perkins Bays that If he cots no
specific Instructions ho will vote to ntnond seo
tlon 7 of tho treaty, which provides for the
payment of $20,000,000 forKpaln'H Interest in
the Philippines. He says he Is moved to this
course by tho interests of tills coast, which, he
thinks, are menaced by the admission of 10,.
000.000 Asiatics with no advantages In the way
of freo lands for homesteads for settlors fiom
this country
The letter was not received with anv enthu
siasm, as expansion is popular here The Leg
islature will propably Instruct Senator Fork ma
to vote to ratify iho treaty.
Representative nlncley Much Ilrtter.
Wabmsotov, Jan a, Tho condition of Hop
rosontutlTe Dingloy was pronounced to bo
much hotter to-night. Ho has displayed won
derful vitality, considering his ago mid pln
slque.niid tho doctors hope ho will pull through
without a relapse.. Tho critical stage will, how
ever, continuo for several days,
Truitre'n Bute for Ilfinll Creditor!
of tins dlsmnndi. Jewelry, wstcbri, Ac. bynrnr of
Htfni k Kuihmorf, Attorney!. Hlo dull)- t neon.
Juuu II, 1'rcncli, Auctioneer, 47 Liberty it.-iir,
si:aiio mrxKSs irio AirAGKicn nan
Pltinril Dnitil to Dates In the Trail I) I tor ct
('nor, He Selected One When Mils Cnyren
tVm In Kurope 3Ili Coyvnn toTeittfy In
The Case Ileie-ltrgrels of Mrs. Tenll.
Hciuy Melville and KllsliaK. Cnmp.the at
torneys for Miss Gcorcla Cayvan. whose name
wnsdrauced Into tlio Teall divorce ense. mndo
public at tho liar Association last nlcht tlio fol
lowing letter fiom A. W Henninn, the attorney
for .Mrs. Ten II:
"DEAitSini lleferrlifctolhopiibllsliedstato
nients connecting tho name of Miss Cayvan
with tho To-ill divorce ease. It so happens that
1 was the attorney repicseiitlnc Mrs. Teallon
the examination before the Commissioner.
1 lie proceeding In llhodo Island was uiion tho
gioiind of non-support as well as infidelity,
"The lest linony In recinl to .Miss Cay an bad
iiobeniliigupon tlio chaise of infldollt, and
her name, iino of half a doeti, was Intiodiiccd
only in support of the charco tliat tho dolond
nnt had spent his means upon othei s to the ex
clusion of his wlfo and family.
"There was no Intontlon on tho pait of thosn
taking Iho testimony to chnrgo or allege ,in
Ininioialltyon tho part of Miss Cayvan, nor Is
tlieio ntijllilnc In tlio testimony to wnrrnnt
such an Intorprctnlion. Tlionovvspapeishavo
given ton ssnopslsof It an Interpretation not
warranted by tlio testimony ltolf.
"lam solely responsible for the Ink'ngnf the
depositions Miss Cayvan's name had nover
been mentioned In any of tho papers In tlm
case, and at the time the witness wasexnmlncd
Mrs Teail was at the bedside of her niothoi.
who was dancciously ill. and know nothing
about tlio testimony till it was rend in court.
"lloth Mis Thailand lici counsel togret tho
nnnoyntice it lias caused, and express their be
lief In Miss Cas van's Innocence of any immoral
or improper conduct or relation.
' 'ion are at liberty to give this letter such
publicity as oit may think tit Yours. ory
tiulj, A W Seimaw
"To Hi-sin Mm.wm.f, I'.sq . IL'OUro.idway.
New ork "
In addition tothls letter the lawiois mado
tho following statement (onceriilng the testi
mony of Trail's dlseliaiced negro valet, who
was the only porson who mentioned Miss Cay
van''. n a mo
Tho ncgio, Thomas Jackson, a discharged
vnlet ot Mr Tcall. was tho onlv ono who
brought the name of Miss Caw nn into tlio case.
He testified that Iho neqtrilhtanee botweeii
Mr Teal! and Miss Cayvan was vvhllo the latter
was playing tin engagement In lirooklyu.aud
Its details weio as follows- About 11
A M ouo day Teall sent witness with
a carriage to meet Miss Cayvan at
the Grand Conti.il Station: a few
divs later, between 4 and ." o clock P M.
Mr Teall culled with n earrinco at tho
llrookhn Theatre and took Miss Cnvvan
for a ride through tho paik to a ielnu
l.iut. wheie thev had dinner. after
which they lotiirned to the theatre: tho
follow ing Saturday night tho) took suppr to
gether in tlio public dlnincroom of the I Isron
tlon Hotel: after the evening perfortmnco
'I call. Miss Cnvvan and the latter s maid cot Into
a earrinco, and, with wltnes on the box. wore
drivon to tho homo of Mis Cnvnn In New
York-on iinnthcr evenlnc Tenll and witness
met Miss Cnvvan nnd her maul at an elevated
railroad station on their letuni from .the
Iliookljn Theatre and accompanied them to
Miss Cai van's home
H wa-tarefully examined as to the location
ot Miss f av van's residonco and the data of
these occurrence" After stating that ho took
pirtlcul.tr notice of the place and visited it in
tlio daytime oncii to carry a pan-el find ncnin
to i turn u borrowed umbrella, he testified as
(J What street do vou think it was? A. I
think it is J."tli street oi some street near
J ft hat kind of a house was it ? ten
ement house, or an an irtmeiit house rather
(j. Are you sure il was an apaitment house?
A Yes
Q When did vou net sen MissCayviu with
Mr Teall ' A I saw Miss Cayvan next on the
Sixth Av-nuoi:icvated llnllioad neni tho street
whero Miss Cayvan lived I think it was I.Vith
streetoi luTith street, somewhere in tint lo-
'lle further testified Hint all this took pltue in
August or September. 1H '. and lepeateil sov
end times tho statement Hint It was while Miss
Cnvvmi was plavlng in Hiooklyn
The absurdity of tlio whole story Is apparent
from tt con i pari ion of it with the following
rnets. well known to hundreds of people In New
York- In the latter part of 1K4 Mi-s Cuj van
wont aiun.pl She did nor retain to the I'nlted
States till the last of October, lR,t." She was
then in ill he lit Ii. was for u long time uiiiIhi a
pliv sit lap's care, and did not letuni to thu
. till i .in (iftir- flt.it tiltuii tilt fkiiniiAil In
Now ork citi in Oi tob.-i 1SJI0 .
bho never Hied anywheie in Now lotk noith
of J'JL'd street hbo nevei Hied hi any "tene
ment" oi "apartment " house Toi nine years
she him owned her own house at .C1
West I'J-'d street, and occupied it exclu
sively when in this neighborhood ex
cept short stajs. once, at tho Waldorf
and oneo at the Iiiiporinl Hotel Apparently all
the witness knew of Miss Cayvan wns bor
name, around which, for purposes best known
to himself, he wovo a llctiofi of Ids imagina
tion. While this statement elenrs Miss Cayvan ab
solutely, she does not Intend lo let tho matter
i est and sho will appeal befoio the Commls
siouei appointed by tho Prov Idem o court and
testify to tho falsity ot tho negro's testimony
Tliuhcuilng before the Commissioner Is down
for 'J o clock to-day at the office of Charles Ed
gar Mills at 115 Jlroadway
to hhrr.KKit int. ,nn.v aiuiott.
III. N. 11. Illllll of t'lilriigo Cliobru by the
Advisory I'omuilttee,
The Advisory Committee of Plymouth Chun-h,
in 11 root. I yn, held an Important meeting at tho
residence of Thomas G. Shearman, 170 Colum
bia Heights, last night to consider the selec
tion of a successor to tho llev Dr. Lyman
Abbott. The members were unanimously
of tho opinion that the ltev. I)r Newell
Dwiclit Hillis of Chicago should he called to
occupy tlio pulpit mado piomlneiit by Henry
AVard Ileechor and tlio ltev Di Abbott, nnd
Mr Shcaiman was of the opinion that tho
members of tlio church would i.itltj the choice
of the Advisory Committee.
A tiub-coinnilttee composed of Thomas O
Sbearnmi, S V While. V M lliooks. Prank
Jturtd, anil Allied Itayniotul vlsltod Chicago,
ami on Sundny morning lieaidDi- Hillis preach
in tho Central Music II, ill
Tho leportof tlio Advisory Committee will ho
made known to tho members of the congrega
tion nftcrtho tunyer meeting on Fildai night
Dr Hillis will IcUure befoio tlin Plymouth
League on Jan J I and will pleach In Ply mouth
Church on Sunday. Jan J5. and a meeting of
the church will bo cil'ed probably for Jan 10.
when Dr Hillis. it is bellininl, will tecolYOu
call to bo Dr Abbott's succebsoi.
whitxky HAbX'raoriuHsnx co. riiT.
Jtut Id Generally Ilellrvril IIo'll Soon Add
II to Ills Collection.
It was reported on good nuthorlty yesterday
that negotiations for the purchase by William
0. Whitney of the IMiaon Llcctrle Illuminating
Company, wlillo not jet completed, had cot so
far that tliuy pointed to tho control of tho com
pany passing to Mr Whitney very shortly.
Tho IMisou Company, when purchased, will
bo added to tho properties already acquired by
the New York Gas ami Flectrlo Light, Heat
nnd Power Company, which Is backed by Mr
Whitney, P, A ftldenei, ft. L. Llklns, Thomas
Dnian and other capitalists
The Ldison Company, which was oigunUed
on Dec. 17, 1KHO, owns and operates six central
statlnnslu various parisof thlscity it luul In
IH i7 '-'27 miles ot ducts, into miles of conduct,
ors. H.711 customers, lM!i.'.4ll Iiiiiiph of HI
candle power, nnd 7,'J01 aic lamps Recent te
portsconeernlnc tlio nogotlatloiis linvo Incor
toclly st ilcd that they wore with tlio Ldlbon
Klcctiio Light mid Powor Com puny.
'llinNru York Clipper Vllliiliil,
inn ailml, Uainn-t ooinplrtu reflex of I he history
of tho pait year, In both tho Sporting Held mid the
Drunutlc World All f-veiil r fully i lironl, led, i
vml the bnok It. riutielllieil Willi a Ittrjze number or I
nue hvlf tone pictures of tage fAvoiltia sudcliaui I
luvtmuo laud auU vmler. IUv. I
Vonrvtnrta Stranded, l'.leven Ilrowneil-Au-
gers Wreikrd, I'he I.oit-Cntnnla Hurt.
Special CaUt Dnjialchti to Tnr. Bex.
London, Jan. . Tho Dutch steamship Voor
warts, bound from Cnrdlff for Genoa, stranded
to-day on tho rooks lollio soul hwost of Trevoso
Head. Lloven of tho crow embarked in two
boats, which were swnmpcd In tho heavy sea
and all thnlr occupants wero drownpd, Sovou
men romnlnod aboanl the steamship and these
were rescued by a lifeboat from tho shore.
Tho Norwegian bark Sporanrals ashore at
SI. Agnes. Her crow Is missing.
Tlio Norwegian steamer Norge, from Hm
buigtor Now Y'ork, Is anchored touthwest of
Xewhavoii with her tallshaft and pi-opellor
gonn Slie will bo towed to Southampton.
A despatch to Lloyds from Prawle Point says
tlio Atlantic Transport lino steamship Mosaba.
from Now York Doo. '-'4 for London, which
passed there to-day, reported hnvlng spoken
tlio American steamship Catania, from tho
ClydoforXow York. In latltuile4H north, longi
tude US' west, disabled. Tho Mcsaba was tin
ablo logivo tho Catnnia any assistance, owing
to tho heavv gale, but she stood by for seven
bonis and finally proceeded.
A fish guard vessel. namo unknown, has boon
wrecked off Poubrush Point. Her crow is sup
posed to have been lost.
A despatch from Dunkirk says the Gorman,
bark P.rlede. from Philadelphia for Dunkirk. Is
ashore. Tlio crow was saved.
Dieppe, Jan 3. Tlio French Western line
steamship Angers has boon wrecked. and flvo
of those on board drowned Tlio storm is 10
ported to be teirlflo hi tho North Sea and on
the French and Belgian coasts.
Ltvxnroor. Jan. 3 Tho steamor Cambro
ninn. from Boston, arrived hereto-day. Sho
lepoits having experienced extremely rough
weathor. during which sho lost 403 sheep, hor
boats wero smashed nnd her deck was dam
aged. The White Star freight steamer Bovlc, which
sailed from lioio on Dec. J.'I f -j- New York, has
returned disabled.
At most ot the 1'ncltsh ports Incoming ves
sels report damages as the result of gales.
Tho Catania Is a Ilritlsli-bullt steamship, was
formerlv of tho Sloinmi line. Hew the German
ling, and piled between Gormnn and American
port- Sho was bought by the United States
during the war with Spain and used as a trans
port. Later she became the proporty ot the
Tweedlo Trading Company of this city.
xo sr.ccniTY roit thaihs ix china.
Lord Charles lterrtford Advocates an "Open
Door" Alliance m n Remedy.
Snectal CabU Dupaleh lo Tnr 8uh.
Hovo Koo. Jau. .'1 Hear Admiral Lord
Charles lieresford, who is visiting China In the
Interests of tlio British Associated Chambers
of Commerce, has comploted his visits to tho
various ports.
Addressing the Chamber of Commoree hero
to-day, he declared that owing to the effeto
ness of the Chinese Government there
was no security for trade. It was tho
business of Gioat Britain, he added, to
assist in establishing such secuilty He
accused tho Russians of Ignoring tho Chinese
customs. The Russian railways wero strate
gical. They wore not designed to develop
The "open dooi " was the best basis for the
integrity of China, Lord Charles advocated
an alliance between Gnat Britain, the
United Slates, Gel many nnd Japan to
maintain iho "open door." Tho whole sys
tem of administration. Including thu army
and police, lequlrod reform. He had
Inspected the army, the iloets, arsenals,
doekyanls. forts and schools and found
that all were in adeploinblo state The foils nl
Canton wum armed with splended guns, but
weio not manned. Widespread disturbances
wero threatened In the Immediate future,
The country was not overtaxed, but was badly
taxed. Reform would not be difficult. He had
found tlio tradors honest, and they bad gnat
lovorenco for authority.
There wero no hereditary rights or vested
Interests buc'i us existed- in Japan when siie
initiated lofoims
He dwelt upon the disadvantage of a policy
bjsed on spheres of Influence, which, he de
clared, would lend to win sooner oi later ow ing
to tailtT difficulties.
yjsvii's omuiAL ni'i: wrcws.
Nrvr Comity Stints Hiiklnes ultli n Kusli
JJOmU nud Siilmlca 1 ixcd,
Mixyoi.v. L. I, Jau. ,1 '"bo official ma
chinery of the new eoiiutv of Nassau was bet
In motion to-dav. Tho Board of Sunervlbor-i
had the heaviest day's business to dispose of.
They wore called toordei by Supervisor Jones
of Oystei Bay. Augustus Denton of North
Hempstead wa? clicon Chairman and Smith
Cox of Hompstead temporary derk.
Tlio board's first duty was to fix the bonds
of county officials. The alrlcs of the different
offichds weie fixed as follows County Judge
and Surrogate Rohcut Seahuiy. V-J,."(X): County
Treasure! Heury Fastman. '.O00j Count v
Clerk Thomas J Patlor-op. '.'.000: Sheriff
William II Wood, S'J.OOO; District xttoiuey
llenn P Niemann fl.iiOO, Superintendent of
Poor Geoige Smith, ."i(Ki
The I on rd designated the house of the Mlneolx
'lie t otupanv as a tempoiarv county bitlldlnc.
The hoard also adopted j' the vountvioat-of
arms a design showing a golden Hon latiipnnt
betirren seven golden hllh Is on nn auie field.
The board then tiled to elect n eletk. but
four b.llots showed th it each of the three
meinboi s hnd a candid do foi the nlai u Miss
Carrie Hicks of Locust Valley was appointed
stenographer to the boanl.
.m;ii vor:s; a I'M tit.
Lea I'ncriivtiig, Stole White Tnper ami
Holder Hgiire. Charm teilzr llinn.
Pour thousand SI sllvoi ccrtillcntos of tho
new-uniform design that Secretaiy Gaco has
arranged shall apply lo each denomination of
hill, whether silver ceititlcate, Treasury note
or United Statos note, leached tlio United
States Sub-Trcnsmy yesterday They were
verv quickly distributed to Individuals nnd
b inks The new notes, on both face nnd ba k.
sbuw ii great deal of white paper On the fat o,
thcipiitrnl design Is an Ameilc-nu eagle with
outstretched wines guaidlng tho flag, the
background being a vlow or tlin Capitol Hn
lownre small porti.ilts of Lincoln and Grant
llnch note has printed in blue iiikiii llsfiu u a
laigo flcfiiio "I and tho Treasury Department
seal 'iho other figures denoting tho denom
ination of the unto are all I.I I go and hold
Treasury notes nml lulled States notes aro
each to have theli denomination nml seali
printed In a dlstiui'.lu color. Sub-Treasury
i)perts say the now notes will bu more tinn
ed It t countoifoit than thu lust Issue, which
was tilled up with engraved work.
a or.tmti'i'i.i: ii KitHixo.
Tour Hi others Mnrry I'oiii- Slitcrs in u Vil
lage In Ohio.
Toledo. 0 , Jan. :i A rcmarkahlo wedding
took place In the village of Trail on Sunday,
four brother being innrrled to four sistors,
The four knots wore tied at the home of the
brides, who arc the daughters of a prosperoivs
farmer mimed James Ilochstottlei. Then ages
lanco from IHtoH, and the ages of their re
spective husbands vary only slightly. The
bridegrooms nrn the four sons of John Humors,
and nro energetic young men ot good habits
uml some menus
The ceremony occupied almost ono bom
Tlm four couple. v ill livu within it stone btluow
of ono another
Arbuik!o Cut Sugnr Again.
Arhucklo Hrothois and tho Dosclier bucar
refinery cut their prho (or giniiulated sugar
yohtcnhiy 1-10 of a cent , oi to 4 HI cents a
pound or 4 OH not Tills is the lowest pi (en
slncelhu suguriHii began iliooihei iclluois
have lint yi t met Hie cut
The CmiTriilriire of 'I elephuiin Servile
at jonrhfiilkola beyond evpieloii. Jfennsn JUtri
uiakii On u1 very uiuileratc, btautlaiU cjuij'iiiciil
aijMiiMMjjjiiftii I iiiiij'ii.WHiwyiJiMy.UJilJJilS!
.tj itnrvnucAss stay ovt; is totei
bllOIlT roil KT.ISCTIOX.
Ot the lot) Member! Who Attend the Can
cut 08 Vote for IJnny-llll Nomination
Mnde Unanimous Ills l'rlendt Suy Ho
Will Win In thellnllotlns-Uuiiy Confident
llAnmsnuno, Pa, Jnn. 3. Senator Matthew
Stanley Quay passod a critical ntago to-night
In his fight tor reelection In tho joint caucus ot
tho Republicans of tlio Senate and Houso
when ho was declared the choico of tho caucus
after u great deal ot spoechmakltig In his
favor. Of tho 101 Republicans In tho two
houses 10U of them attended tho caucus and
08 east their votes for .Quay Tho other 11
present divided their votes between tlio former
Chairman of tlio Republican National Cora
mlttoo, B. 1', Jones of Pittsburg, and Senator
Magee of the same city.
It was upon the motion ot Senator Magco.
who has been a relentless opponent ot bonator
Quay for years, that tho choice ot the caucus
was made unanimous, Mnguo was chcerod
loudly when ho presuntod tho name of Jones
as a candidate for Senator in a modest spocoh,
but thero was a wilddemonstratlon of approval
when ho arose at tho conclusion ot the first
and only ballot in tlio caucus nnd moved that
tlio nomination of Senator Quay bo mado
unanimous. Many shrewd politicians regard
tills movo by-Mageo as a play for thofavorot
tlio Quay men should the Legislature bo dead
locked on Quay.
Among tho Inierestod spectators of tho pro
ceedings ot tlio caucus wero John P. F.lkln.
Chairman ot tho Republican Stato Committee;
John Garinan, Chairman ot tlio Domoarntla
Stato Committee, and Gen. Frank ltcedcr,
former Secretary of the Commonwealth, who
is discussed for Ids formor office, nud hundreds
ot prominent Republican leaders from all parts
of tho Stato.
Tho caucus loscmblod, ln,ma"nyof Its fea
tures, tlio famous Senatorial caucus of 1881,
when Henry W Oliver of Pittsburg was nomi
nated and subsequently defeated by John I.
Mitchell ot Tioga. In that memorable contest
fifty -six Republicans refused to participate In
tlio caucus. To-night tho absentees numbered
fifty-five. Senator Quay's friends Insist that
the history of tholfcWl contest will not bo re
peated, in so far as the defeat of tlio caucus
nomlneu Is concerned. They are confident that
tho action of tlie Republicans to-night will re
sult In a victory for tlicii favorite.
One hundred and twentv-oiglit votes aro
necessary to elect In tho joint session of tho
two houses on Jan. 17, and tho managers ot
tho Quay fight say to-night that the nineteen
votes still needed will bo forthcoming at tho
proper time. It is oven Intimated that n suffi
cient number of Demoeints will turn to Quuy
should their assistance beuccessaiy. Demo
cratic Inadeis. of course, deny this story, but
there Is some reason to believe that thero
Is basis for the Quay claims. At least ten
Democrats aie said to owe their nomination
and election to Quay Intliieuco in their several
dlstiicts, and they will come to Ids help should
It bu absolutely necessary to save him lrom de
feat. They will not bu impressed unless tho
tight botomestlcspeinte SenatorQuay'siiiaii
iigois believe tliHtsomoof those Republicans
who remained out of the canons to-night will
icootibidci and finally glvo him theli suppoit.
It has been a day of sti.ilu un tho managers
or the fight in both camps t thu Lochlcl
Hotel, whuro the Quay men have boon mm -sliallcd
for the fiav.thu conferences went fto
iiiientand mysterious, but not less so attho
Commonwealth Hotel, v lure the opiositlon to
Quay was concentrated Hero wero to bo
found John WaiKiutniei. Congressman John
Dalzell. Congressman l liailoa W. Stone. L
V'.iii Villi, mii Intrir Slmmmr Itnv.itil llimrv of
Philadelphia and othets. nil w oik Ing like
boavers to unhorse the old leader of tho party,
who bad managed to gittbiough so miiny
tight places before
Lust night tho first tltci-lvo loss to the Quay
side wns announced in the dcseilion of the
Dilanmo (ouuty delcgiitkii. headed by Sena
tor William C Spioitl and Wind It Bliss, the
defeated enndldiitn loi speaker of tho Houso.
This moinlng ut 'J n cluck, nftei a long
conference, f-outitor-oliet Divld Martin
of Philadelphia and Senator Flinn of
Plttsbuig declared their intention to re
main out ot tho caucus. This meant
a gioat deal, nb holh nto poweiful Icadeis ami
clo-o fiiends ot heiiutoi Magco. It infant
tho Ios of a laiuu bunch of votes, leeau-.'
Mnitlu Is now the almost undisputed head of
the paity in Philadelphia It had been hinted
that lie would co with Qu ly in tho end, not
w ithstaiiding bis personal hostility to the senior
When the Quay men heaid that Martin Ind
really turned bis I auk on them there wi re
many uiiltv remarks made Dining ti o lay-
other defections occurred, and tb. " ! 1
beadqunrton became suddenly nw m , ! inn
dancei which confronted Sc-uatoi u 1 It y
hurtled their messengcis to ,i-id -nJ.. 1
sorts of duals were roposod. but li"l' o' 'h
lost ground was lecnlned ihore wnsda got
lit ouo timo of the uiitiio Lane,istordeiOf.nlioti
toinaitiliigoutof thu i aliens, but ft'. W Gilcst,
iv In. is thu k-ndei in tint county and mei -tlonedasa
prohtiblf sr let lion foi hecu-lary of
the Commonwealth, held his forces lor Quay
All the afternoon Senatorsniid members wero
steered Into tho aiiti-Quuy headquarters, ami
this evening fifty -llvo of thoiu had affixed their
signatures to a paper p.e Iglng themselves to
remain out of any caucus before which Senator
Quay wasacandld-ito pending the action of tho
Couit on the conspiracy eases. In which he is
ono of tho defendants This paper Is held to
mean that practically allot those whoso names
am upon It will refuse to vot for Quay unless
ho Is vindicated by the touit
In the caucus to-night speeches were made
for Quay by Senntor Mi-nlck of Tiog-i. Spc.il.ur
Fan of tho House. Senator McCnnoIl of Har
lisburc, Iteprcsoiitatlves Fbencor Adams of
Philadelphia anil W C Kr-psof 1 lanklln An
Incident of the caucus was the refusal o'hiinou
Harrolil of Beaver county, the homo of Senntor
Quay, toanswi r to his name on the toll call or
iluilng tho ballot. It was only after his iiunin
wns thrluo called that ho fin illy aiose and voted
forQuay Ho hnd previously niinoiini ed in fin
Intel view that howould not vote lor Seuutor
Quuy until uftor tho couit had disposed of tlio
conspiracy suits
After tho caucus a band played In front of
thoLochlplliPiidriiMitoiH of henntoi Quuy and
his exult lug friends made tlio welkin ling with
thelrshouis Tho men of all unities aro spec
ulating upon what effect tho decision of the
Supremo Court on the appeal of Sen
ator Quay will have in his light for
reelection The uiipul will bu argued
nol week and a decision Is expected before
tiiu election of a Senator The tintl-Ou.iy peo
plosayth.it lie is defeated ami that ho cannot
possibly muster enough votes to seeuro Ills
election. Both sides seem to bo satisfied with
the results of the day's work, hut the next ten
days will wltnuss some lino political uinmruy
l in cr.
Tho Democrats hnvn not held a caucus to
nominate a candidate foi Senntor. ami tho
iiutl-Qutiy men tire saying to-night that this is
n move In tlio Interest of Quay I IiooikiiiIai
i Inn of tho Legislature was accomplished to
day without friction, and the most iniimrtiiit
loiitiiiu of tlio proceedings was the adoption ot
a resolution agreeing lo udlouiu finally on
plll '-'o
tio Hastings, In his message, said on tho
Slain Treasury puiiincoinenl
"Tlm iniinngeiiient f the Stato Treasury has
formally yotiis been th subject of public ei It I
t ism While it may ho true thoStntn has lost
no moneys deposited in tho various banks
throughout the t uuiiiouwoHlth, it cannot ho
liiiMioiicd that in tin- pist the publlo funds
have boon used for pnlilioiil purposes by diq os
Iting tlioin ill fnvotlto hanks, yvherosueh de
posits were expected to yield returns in the
shape of political Inlluence. This system c m
not on ilofnndod. It should not ho In the iiownr
ot any innti to say what banks shall haiullfi
tho millions of dollars that aro nnniiully paid
Into the Stnte Treasury it would bo fin better
for tho stato to receive no Interest iipoii de
lOHith rathor than to suitor a system to con
tinuo which can be used for political purpoios.
and it I submitted that the evil will never bo
i-orri-ctctl until the hlate koiqis Its own nioiiov
In Its own vaults, ns do many ol thu states und
ns is done bv tho United statos Legislation of
tills chuiiictfir would he tothoiuterchtof alltho
people and ,i step town id hotter gov lUiiuinnf
"If It bo argued that th b course would bo
locking up 'he ( iililh' fund, ami taking them
out ot efictilation the. answer is that tho
moneys should be pild out promptly to tho
schools and penal ami charitable institutions
nud the cities and counties that are entitled to
tbein, according to law If Mils wore dom . thu
balance remaining in the Treasury from tiinu
lo time would lint b" large '
Scnatoi Quay said to-night after tlio caucus
which nominated him- , .
"I am entirely satisfied with tlio result of to.
night's emeus A iiiiiiilirof inembers of tlio
legislature who did not agree to ciuor th
lauctiH tills eyoulnc have assured ineof their
cordial support w lien tho Assombly moots In
iniivciitlon, where tho votes will bo more than
Hufffcleiit to oloi t me lam absolutely confi
dent of my success. '
mei hi i in i i' mi i iMiiiuirJi i mi iiiiii ill in mi iiii mi n nun '
. . .- JM.J. ...
l'rlnee Victor Snyi lie Will Resort to Force,
If Nreriitiry, to Itettore the Kmplrn.
Scectal Valtt Dttpatth h Tnr. Strx.
1'Anis, Jan. 3, Tlio Matin prints a summary
ot nn address made by Prlnco Victor Napoleon,
head ot tho Bonaparto party, to a delegation
fiom tho Imperialist committees who re
cently visited him at Brussels. Tho Prlnco
said that ho had fully decided to take
action for the restoration ot tho French
empire when ho thought tho tlmo favorable.
He was opposed to f utllo vonturcn and usclosa
demonstrations, but wns absolutely resolved to
havo recourse. If necessary, to a coup tte force.
IIo was now preparing therefor, and when
fore scon ovenU. wliloh aro nearer than is gener
ally supposed, occur, ho would place himself
at tho head of tho movement. IIo added that
his brothor, Prlnco Louis, who would shortly
bo. Gen, Bonaparto, would fight beside him,
bringing to the Bonapartlst forces his prestige
and his military talent as woll as hli rank In
the Russian Army.
Prince Victor declared that ho and his
brother aro united In sincere affection. Tlio
reports ot disagreement between them wero
Continuing, he said that ho was opposed to
antl-Somltlsm. The abnormal influence that
tho Jews had unjustly acquired In Franco was
tho outcome of the weakness of parliamentary
covernraont, ami it would disappear it the
cause were removed,
IIo could not unMerstnnd tho demand for tho
expulsion of the Jows. Ho would noror aano
tlon a withdrawal of the clvlo rights that the
first Napoleon granted to tho Jews in 1804.
Princo Victor said little about tho Dreyfus
case. IIo blametl the Ministers for all tho
trouble that had arisen, and said he was
amazed that tlio unjustifiable attacks on the
army wore tolerated.
alio rnnco gave cue mosc precise instructions
to tlio Bonapartlst committees, but these are
not divulged.
iuxds ron the royalists.
Duke of Oi leans Snld to Have Received n
Contribution of 1,000,000 1'rnnei.
Syetial Cable Detpatch to Tub Scn.
Loncov, Jan. .'I Tho Paris correspondent of
the Exchange Toleciaph Company telegraphs
that tlio Duko of Orleans on Jan.l received
1,000.000 francs from a French manufacturer
as a contribution to tho royalist political fund.
MAIiE I'ATAn ,IUWI' OX A ir.tl7.ER.
JniiieJ Ilcnlr. Contractor, dropped from
Ihlrd-Stoiy Window nnd Will Hie.
Jnmos Healy, JS yeais old, a contractor, of
r'J0 Fast Sixteenth street, was still feeling the
effects ot Ids New Year's celebration when lie
called yebterday afternoon to oversoo tho work,
on a three-story brick tenement he was erect
ing at 470 Cherry street. The workmen joked
with him about his condition. Finally Hoaly
declared that he could jump fiom tlio thlid
story window to tho street below without In
juiiiic bltiibelt and seveial of the workmen
laughingly made a bet with him that he
cotildn I , ,
llenly mado a dash foi tho window and the
mull, seeing tint ho was in earnest, iestruliii.il
him As ho continued ntruggliug, thoy forcibly
took hint down the stulra to tho ground lloor.
Wbcntlioy went hick to work Healy managed
toevad" tlioin. and, returning tnthethlrd lloor,
jumped fiom ono of the windows. Hu lauded,
on his bead on a Pilo of biicks. Ho was re
moved to Uouverneur Hospital, whuro it was
found that lie bad silslaincd u compound frac
ture at tho bae of tho skull. The siliceous
suy thero Is no hope for his lecoveiy.
Healy has a wife and threo children.
.Iiidge Smith of Cincinnati Reftrnln Ulgli
teen Conipnuies from .lolniiic It.
CiwiNNA-rr. O , Jan. 3 Judgo Samuel Smith
of the Common Pleas Court to-duy decided In
the case of the Bell Potteiy Company of Find
lay. O, asaint eighteen pottery companies,
seveial ot which are In Cincinnati, that tho
defendants "must desist or refrain from mak
ingor fiirthnrcoiisii in muting or performing tlio
trust or pooling contiuct mentioned in tho
Tho pi ilntlffs allegp that tho pottery Inter
ests of the entire countiy were recently lin or
porated in Now Jersey as the American Pot
ti ties Company, with s.7,ooo.000 capital stock,
nud that It Is Intended ti turn nil the proper
tbs over to John It Dos Passoj. a lawyer of
New lork city
ctr.ii .s. jimcE's KsrtTE.
Terminal Pioncrly Valued at SIWO.COO No
Ileal 1'iiiperty In This Stnlr.
Letters ofndminltratlon foi tho estate of
Calvin S Brlco ivero Issuod In tlio Surrogate's
Couityeteiday to his widow. Catharine Olivia
Brico. as Mr. Brico left no will. Mrs Bricode
clnies that her husband left no real estate In
this Stato and Hut Ills peisoual pioporty is
SOOO.OOO Ho left tho following children;
Stewart M Brice. Helen O Brice. Margaret K.
Briee. Walter Klikpatrlek Brluo, nnd John
Fiiincis Jtrlce, nil of whom resldu with tlieli
Luothut niUiMlidh avenue
pixaitnvs i.osixa riaiiT.
Senator Huirnvrs llus VIoin Than Council
Voles Pledget! to Ue ltr-elrt ted,
Drn-.otr, Mich, Jan. .'!. Pincree is In tho
slough ot despond at Liuslnc to-night. All hli
efforts to defeat the reelection of Senator Bur
rows havo come to naught. Sovanty-thice Re
publican leslslatois have signed thu liunows
call forucnuous to-inonow night, and all will
voto for Buiroivsln that caucus Sixty-seven
voteswill elect. Tho Pack followorshiive aban
doned tliolrnttompt to delay the caucus until
Thursday night
Gov Pingreu's scheme now Is to organize
tho HoubO to-moriow in open session without
a caucus, believing that ho can contiol enough
Democratic votes to defeut the election of II
1). Adams, who has tho suppoit of tho Burrows
member. It looks now us if this would fall,
mill lliatlio would bo beaten ntevery turn The
Butrows men deel-ire thnt they are going to
" w Ipe up the earth w 1th Pincree."
" Anti-Monopolv" Kepiibllfiins Suiieiidnr
ami itotti Houses Ale Oigunletl,
LlNcorN, Neb., Jan. 3 Tho (ho Republican
Representatives who refused lo go Into the
caucus last night capitulated this inoiniiig.
Tho Senate oigtinlzud by eloctlug Talbot ot
Linen-tor President pio torn nnd a full set of
officers Clark or Lancaster was elected
Spcakoi of tlio House, uud both houses ad
join nod till to-moirow Go Poy titer nud
ithoi Statu officers will bu inaugurated on
dm. Tinnier' l'rlcnil to Ho Speaker.
SpmvjriF.i.ii. Ill, Jan. 3 Representatlvo
George M Boyd of Chicago announced heforo
thu Republican caucus to-day that he had
abandoned hopo ot organizing a bolt for the
purposoof dofentlng an Allen street inllroul
law m in for s pea Lor of the Forty -first tieneiul
Assembly This admission was regarded as
tantamount ton concession that. Judge I.au
icnee. bliormuii of McDotiough. who voted
lor the measure and is reganled us Gov.
Tanner's peisoual candidate, will be elected
Senator lint e, Renominated.
NAsnviur, Jan 3. Tho Democratic caucus
of tlio Legislature met this afternoon and by
acclamation renominated United States Sen
ator William B Bate, who has served twelve
yeais In the Senate and in March next will
enter upon his third loun There wero ninety
eight menibors present The Republlcaa mem
buts of tho Legislature mot to-day in caucus
and discussed tlio subject of nominating a
candidate or Sotintni, but adjourned subject
to the cull of the Chairman.
I'miim Million of , Solution by the People.
IIkik.ni, Jan 3 Gov Smith in his message
to tho Legislature to-day recommended tin;
creation of a railroad commission and promised
to sign n joint resolution calling upon Congress
to amend the Federal Constitution boas to per
mit of the election of Senator, by direct vote.
t -fa-'' imnimiirfinni r r ' n " i "" "'
iTJEB jvor lay noir.v iim snonn
The Cuban Lender Declines to Villi Hnv nun !'
and Says Ills riace Is nt the Head of ttio J
Army ' American Iteel Sevcrei nn Ciibnn . f
Necka" Cuba Not I'rce, He Say-llrgnn- f.
lilng Customs and .Iitntlre Dcptiilmrnti, 'j
Spinal Cable Dttnakh to Tnr Bt"f, tt t
Havana, Jan. 3 Gon. Maximo flome. (loin- ' ff
mander-ln-Chlof of the Cuban Army, was re- ' tt
contly Invited by tho Junta Pntrlotion to visit , T-
Havana. At a mooting of tho Junta to-day S.
a letter was read from Gon. Gomez. In , 11
which ho refused to como to the city,, ffi
basing his refusal on the ground that his place , a
is at thu hand ot tho army, llonddcd: "Much ,
tact ami wisdom are necessary to ranko tho '. I
Amarlcan heel less sovero on our necks. Vou ,'
need to display groat lutolligonco, ability and, v a
well-dlrectod enorgy." ( a
Iu a proolamntlon addressed to the Cnk-iny ''
people nud army, which is printed In all thus ;
nowspnpora hero this aftornoon, Gen, Oomeqi . 3
says; "A new era has begun. The ericmle ,. M
of our army nro leaving tho eountryi and) " 3
tho sovereignty of tho Island, which lit t,$
neither free nor Independent, Is oxeMjg ," JL
clsed by the great American nation, Atsy B
cording to tho treaty of penco a foreign , ifl
power is on tho island, and iUmllitarayoccura-fj. j B
tlon cannot end until tho government of thW$ ' ifl
Cuban peoplo Is established. We ought to lra, BJ
mediately put oursolves to the task of forming'- VMB
that government In order to end tho American, jjfl
Intervention as quickly as possiblo, but bofortt1. iH
this it Is nocessary, because it Is just, and In,, JijH
order that all of us can becomo civilians, to end.. j
satisfactorily the negotiations for the ptvy Hj
ment of tho army, a debt contracted by the jV
country with its faithful soldlors. While thai; Ifl
army Is not paid mid our Government not em HJ
t.ibllshod I will remain nt the head ot th5' - jfl
army, which I tleom Ib my place. I am re jfl
solved to help tho Cubans and tho work, tt? ifl
which I havo devoted all my life" , jfl
The Sun correspondent learned upon good -jfl
authority that Gen. Gomez lias Issued orders Jfl
torn reorganization of tlio Cuban Army In the ifl
prnvlnco ot Puerto Princlpo. Tho Cuban forces IB
In that province woro disbanded somo time ago, LB
and their commandor, Gcn.LopoBcolo, accept . Ig
ed oDlco undor Gon. Carpcntor, the MUItarr
Governor. Gon. Gomez's call to arms has ! S
fallen fiat, a largo majority of tho ex-aoldlors ,- 2
refusing to pay any serious attention to It. At iS
Cnslldu, in the province ot Santa Clara, a hand ; i
o'flnsurconts have entered tho town and sur I
rendered their arms tq tho American. 5 1
llavanacontlniies to bo orderly. Dyordorof.
Gen. Ludlow, the Spanish ex-volunteers nro f a
being disarmed as rapidly as possible, a
Col. Bliss. Collector of Customs, Is roorganlr.- ' jj
Ing his donartment. It has been decltlod to ' 1
abolish tho lottery ub-departmcnt. all thoofil- , j
clalsof whicli will bo discharged. Tho uscles? if
sub-depaitments of "intervention" and "gon- 3
oral payijonts" will nlso bo done away with,
Orders havo been Issued forbidding the col- k
lection of taxes at tho slaughter houses on ,5
beoveskllledfortliQiisoof hioAmerlean troops, t
There Is somci complaint regarding tho pos- l
tal rates charged hero. It costs 10 cents to
mail a letter to Luropo nnd fivo cents to tho ;
United States Tho people nro anxious for the .
establishment of a tyvo-eent rafo to tho United
Sfates. which is the rate from Santiago.
Marquis Lsteb-in. tlio Mayor of Havana. J
and tho members of tho Board of Alder- J
mon called on Gen Ludlow, tlio military
commander of tho city, to-day and offered
their services under tho now Government.
'ihey said, however, that if their places wero
neeilod for others they were reatf to reslcn. ,
Gen Ludlow told them to retain tliolr offices. "
Gen. Biooke. tlio Governor of tho Island, is be- ,
sieged by thousands of ofilceseekers. The ii
mostcoveted offices aro those attached to tho v.
Upper Court of Justice anil tho Custom House. t
Col. Dudley will shortly isstio a decreo organ-
lzlng tlio services of the courts of justice. ITl
told Tiik Bus- correspondent to-day that ha t
was In favor of retaining tlio piesont employees,
so long as they rendered faithful service, lis j
added that a close watch would be kept on all 1
tho employees of tho department of justice,
especially tlio magistrates, and that any ona
detectod in a wrongful act would bo summarily
Trlvate John Ward of Company II. Tenth
Regular Infantry, has coinmlttod suicide. t
Fiaitr lrirti ax ixsaxi; oiaxt. !
Norwegian Ilritnk Strait jackets and Maalf
l'otir I'ol Icemen. ' "i &
Chailcs Johnson, a Norwegian. 33 years old, i
ot415 Fifth street, wont to tho Fifth street ,j
Btation at 7 o'clock last night and reported ';
that his nolchbors wanted to kill him. Tho I
Serceant saw that Johnson was insano and ' t
tried to nrrest him. Johnson Is a big man and ''
It took nev oral policemen to subdue him. An
ambulance was summoned from Bellovue Bos- .
Pllul and a stialtiackct was pur on him, bub l
he btinpped it easily Then two pf thorn wnra.
Btriipped mound him, and four policemen were) ;
detailed to sit on him. '
Just us the ambulance reached the hospital I
eou rty aril lio broko both straitjaokets and atJ
tackctl thopollcoiiicn A battle royal ensued. H
but Johnson was finally overpowered and j
locked hi a padded cell Tho policemen's unH H
forms weio toiu and thcit facoM and bodies ' y
bruised and scratched. J
Firemen Delayed In Headline tlio Fnctorjf
by Snow on Southern Iiotilnvnrd.
An overheated kiln in tlio drying room of
John l.iidwig A. Co 's piano factory atOOT to 073 '
Southern Boulevard caused a firo las; night In
the tliicc-story brick building in Which the,
kllulsbituntcd Two nlaims worosontin, but
the firemen wore so delayed by tho largo quan
tities of snowln tliestreutsthnttlio main build- '
luc-nfour-btory hrlcU strutturo caught lira ,
beiorethoy nnived
Over ISO pianos either ready for shipment
or nearly comploted, wore on the first two
lloorsof tho main building nnd wore entirely
ruined by lire und water The loss to stock
wus$10 000und to tho buildings 5-1O.000,
Clin Iliimlltu I'oiii- Inches of Snow Week.
Street Cleaning Commissioner McCartney
sulit yesterday Unit it no more snow falls In the
meantime tho lco and snow now lying In the
scheduled streets will bo removed by the end
of (lie week Tho scheduled htrccts aro the
same us those nicked out foi suriw romoval by
Col. Waring They include nearly all the , im
portant business and residential thoroughfares
of .Manhattan ,,, , , , , ,,
"Wo arc still In need of carts nml men,"
added Mr. McCartney, "find any man owning a
tenui w ho will apply to Contractor Dunn Is sur
to get a Job " ,
in order to facilitate tun work of removal
yesterday some ot this snow was iluinpwl into
the vncnut lots on the silo of the linqiosed new
Hall of Records at Cham bens nnd Centre sttoeti,
Snow Iti'liiovnl In Brooklyn.
Contractor MeG.irry of the Street Clean nz
Department In Brooklyn put 3,000 men with
000 enrts to work yesterday In remove snow
from tho nino leading thoroughfares of tlm
Olympln Trniiiiferied lo II. II. Sire.
The New York Life Insuranco ( ompany has
transferred tho Olrmpi.i proiorty. formerly
Oscar Iltiinnieistein h ainiivincni hull on
Longacru Sqmiro. to tho Fifth vvenuoRoal F.s
Into Company for l Olo.noo. taking a niort
guceonthu propoiiy fot flHKiooo nt 4'jPer
i cur for throo ye.irs 'I lie Fifth v. nun Ileal
I slate ( ninisiny ii pr.ieticnllv Henry II Sire,
wliolsllio e.iinpaiiy s President 'I he stdo or
trniislnr w-us m.tilo at out n moiitli ago and
there were rumoisof Mi Sire's puu-hnseat
that lime, but thu record of tlin transaction
bee nine imbue yesterday iu the rcieisUr of real
estate tiaubf.u. i

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