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mmmV M fl WL , wAiSMMSKgig? y&mmmD mLM. I H Fair and warmer lo.day; winds !l
I mm T- ' SS ' '" X' " becoming variable. J
I im: riirsini.WT's attitude as itn.
I roit j an isy mil. roit Aicr.it.
D Up lells Hie Semite Mr. MrKlnley Doei
H Not Wish tu Tnko llm ,'riilllpplncs l'er.
H nmnciitlTi Denying to tlio People tho
H UlElit to (ioirru Themselves, If They
M r Capable of Doing So The l'enre
'K' ItcnlJ Reported "VVltliolit Amendment,
9 Wa-iiimvto. Jan 11. The Benate Commit-
m toe " Forolcn llelntlons this morning ordered
M a fivmable report to the Senate on the treaty
H or pence w It It Spain The meetlnie was a short
I dip lasting le than nn hour. I'our mem-
H hois .senators Clark, Daniel, Milts nnJ Tttr-
II I if wero absent Tlio recommendntlonof the
H , mm ttf-o wns unanimous that the conren-
H (Kn lo milled without amendment.
H Mr Davis this nttrrnoon roporteil the troaty
HI to tlio Senate. In executho pension, with tlio
H ii Kimmenilatlon that It Im ratified. After tho
HI trcati had been read Mr. Dnv Is moved that the
HI iijui tion of socteey bo removed, which wan
r ngnel to, a wan also nn order for printing
HI .o.uoii tnnicj of tho concntlon.
HI Purine tho oxe 'lit ho session Chairman Davi
H sii I that after consultation with his eollcnguos
'Hj Ii had been decided to press tho Senate to a
m- i-tl j voto upon tho tienty. and ho therefore
HJ announced th.it lie would seo to It that this do-
Hj iiTinination Is carried out. It Is now thoonln-
H ion "f tlio bonnto managers that thoro will bo
fl no stubborn opposition to tho trentr on either
1 m.Ip of tlio chamber, anil that It will bo ratiflod
fl during thn prebent session.
Ii- Mi Berry (Deni . Ark ) gave notice of a rao-
E tion In discuss, tho treaty In open session.
M Previous to this Mr ltacon (Dam.. Ga.) In-
H tn ilucoil the following joint resolution, which
jB was laid on the table for tho picsont:
tl'.iutnl. I irt. 'lliat tho Government ami people
or tl.i I iiitrd Males lnvo not waged tlio recent war
, ' with Spln foi conquest nnil for the acquisition of
I rriKti tcrriton , hut solely for tho purposo set
f rih in tin resolutions of Coujresv Making tlio
ipi'aiuti m of bild war, the acquisition of Btleh small
tiaits il land or lnrbors is may be necessary for
j onw rniiicutal purposes being not deemed incou-
J sWelil with the name.
Src nid That in ilmiaiuling and receiving the ccs
iui"f tlic Philippine Isl-mds it is not tho purpose
of the floeriiuu.nt of the United States to secure
and maintain dominion over the ssmo as a part of
tht tcirltory of the I ulted hutcs, or to incorporate
the inhabitants thereof as rlli7cns of tho t'liltcd
Mates or to hold slid lnhibltants as asals or sub-
f jn tsuf this Oovernnunt.
Third That whereas, at the time of the dcrlarv
tiimof war by the United stites against Siain and
prinr thereto, tho inhabitants of tho rhlllpplno
Islands were ncthelj eneaced in a war ulth Hpaln to
nchieie their Independence, and whereas, said pur
ppft and the military operations tDcreuuder havo
not been abaudoiud, hut are still beini; acthily
prrsttuted thereuniler, thenfore. In recounitiou of,
audtaoLedieHCp to, tlippnnciplnannoniicid in thu
treat declaration that ROerniucnts dcrie their just
lowers from tho consent of the sotorned, tho Oo
eminent of tho Uultcd Rtatcs recoenircs that tho
people, of the Philippine Islands of riKht ouiiht to hi
freo and iiulcpci'dcnt. that nltli this iow, and
to i:io effect to the same, the (loTornment of tho
United htatea has required the Go eminent of Hpaia
to relraiuish Its authority and i:oernment in tho
1'hilippino Islands and to wltlidnw its land and
naal forces from tho Philippine Islands and from
the waters thereof.
Fourth That the United States herohy disclaim
any disposition or intention to exerrise sovereignty.
( juriidlctlon or control oer raid islands, and assert
their determination, when an independent Govern
ment shall have been duly erected therein, entitled
to recoznltiou as such, to transfer to said Govtrn
inent, uon terms uhUh shall he reasonable and
jut, all rights secured under the cession of Spain,
tnd to thereupon leao the covemnient and control
If tho islands to thi ir people.
ThN resolution was followed bv another on
Ihe same subject, offered by Mr. Alln (l'op,
?eb ' declarlnc that any aRBrcsshe action liv
iho army or nay at.tlnst tho 1'hilippino Isl-
inds would be an unwarranted act of war on
'lip part of tliolccuthe
I j While adilreliiK tho Senate in suppoit of
the rcolution, Mr. Allen lchled to Mr. Hoai
iliop . Maw l.w ho asked (onllinc Senator (Jraj'H
aie.lnl atteiition to the question) wbero tlio
i 1 tilted Mates hud any richt. as a mutter of
Iliom r i r coo.1 faith, to ue foroo iralnst the
I inpiiins at llolio. Ho read thu thirty-first ar
t" of the iirotoeol of Auirut. strjtlnc Hint tho
I niicd state h will occupy mid hold the city and
lay if Jlutilln. jicndlni: the conclusion of a
trent uf i pace, niul said: "That clearly tin
I lies, does It not. Hint wo will make no fur
t iher h slilo movement nirainst Hiaiti In the
I'lilliniune Nlinds And If that be true, wo
must attupk these peotile. If wo attack them at
all. asn diMini't people, not tinder the power of
MmIii, and the question Is, wheie conies tho
rieht in do tint'
Mr Mlcn-Tlieie is no rich! to do It.
Mr dm iDeni , Del.i. 0110 oftho l'eaco Com-
i 1 nmidaiipii. iru' ecded to answer Mi. Hoar's
iiuestloii, saiiiiL' that ho would not havo pro
sunii'il to lo s.j if tho Senator from Massa-
hiisetts Had not referred to him. The jioint
iniule In the Senator from Nebraska, Mi. Orny
Mid, lmt war could not b mndo ncalnst the
I 1 IHpinos without tho nuthorlty of Congress,
would lm lies'n well tnken If It were true that
Hi nut in ue niaiieor was uirenioiieu ntraiiiHi
I a ipupIo otliei than the iAn of hraln it
wis true. In- added, that while war with Spain
; leiniiifiilly pMsied, theio was a suHpcnslon of
, hostilities Jim wo thing that was done now
I la tim, l'iulippiiie aicliliiclau'o was done iiumu-
i ?.' lotlie viai piiwor deleitnled or Intrusteil to
the 1'resnli'iit by the lesulullou ol Coumess
Hi" I.ilmIis won etill nilijifts of Htuiiii. mid
anitliliii; di. im I.) vvn of military operations
g Jica'nst the Tncills was nan of the war with
J"Niiii I lii) qupstlon would return then not to
ilii'iMiilii,n takon hylhe Senator from Nobras-
k.i. lull to the miEuesllou made by tho Senator
ironi MfiHsapluisul'h as to Hid nrotocul of An-
KUkt. Wlietimi the l'xecuths was vIolatlnB
ithat.pn tiu'iil would bo n imes'lon with Spain,
i ,w'"1 ""' 'iasnlls; "and I presume," said
Jli (iihv. tint Spain does not object "
.' Mien I Mutest niMiust thn i'oik lusion
ni thi. Siiialoi fiuin Delawaio I do not lio
iiein tint hiaui o-i'HsnH or oxeiL'lus m)
' ri ipniv . vei iho 1 lulitii Ine Islands, de facto
oi lo line. Tim Spanish jurisdiction of the
i linn I'Hii' Nliuids in j;i up mid has been koiio
oi in. ,niis i ,u ot think that we are the
ifnuliiiirv lecaleo of whalevei iiUthorilr Spain
m iv Iirvp BMiaisid theie
Mi iiray-i must not forte! that there Is
" 'reiiiv of ppuio bolwcen Spain nnd the
i ired Males ,n picMuit Wo mo Inn state of
)' Willi 'i in tmhiiically orjudii-lalh It is
'rue tint iiPtna imlltai v operations have been
"""iiii'led l. thn nurcumciit or Ana. I'.'. lK!i-,
it 'I we air uiiilcr nbliuatioiiH of food faith to
"ijni.iui that protocol Our only rlitlit.orlul
.ii'v. in liave taken any imrtlon of the l'liilln-
ni'- Islands was that they woio iiait of the
- vrrtjunty (i Sinin, with wlildi .wo urn at
l" And tint lioliiu eo. ami that vartechiil
' "iv still exirtiiii'-nltlioiuli militaiy opeia
i l""vr '."''"' Hiispsiuii-il-lt Is iKiuosllonof
h' ' '",li between tho tho mllltirrj autliori
'lesnf Hie I nitMl Slates nnd Spain whothot wo
I'-enntlii' pioto ol or not 1 nun u with tho
-'iintor from Mussaclius-'lts Hint wo cannot
" it" Hi ii ni. , . witimut u lircai'li of cood
"'ii, iiniph, vs mu., tl some foim, tho eon
vi ,m""" ""her eNpre-ced 01 implied
i ... i " '' f'U n votn on his resolution,
'Mi 1 .,.UI, iltf i . Mash ) objected, and It
oil ,i ei tlilto-inoirow
Mi 1 "raker Jlep . o.i look Hie lloor to lonly
' in nruiiiiieiiiH in ulo In kunport of Mr. Vest's
i, . ..',"' .''"'"Iiii: that iiiulei the Conhtltu
' U"f the I nlled States no powoi lb Kiven to
'iii.in terrltoij t i lie held nnd governed 11
i" iin'iitlv u iMilrnleM m unfiled Hint Hi"
'-sit!" or tin. involution would be a denl.ira-
I' n Hint the fiiilieiM'nt tho inpublle hud
i iittlii fniHi.i mil Ion Infeiliii in runk tootlnii
'nii;ioii lent nuiioiiH of the entlli. i'lini eon-.'-'"H
ho was m.i ivillliitomiike. Mj. 1'or
".i n.ts Hiihieitid to a variety of questions
, i n i nit of tlio Sciiiiliirs, uno f the iiuch
'" i iim put Iv Mi 'lilliiinn iliem.H CI. I
r In-tin i iipv m.,1,, poiiIiI dlhurfinlnuto
i-iiii.i jpiiitin ,, ii .Miiuit of thoeolorot
"ii i. "Iid"l"ii ni Hs inliuliitnlitH I
Jim 'Jin Me ii in not nefnre us now." said
' I ".a i-r "Whi-n it coiiien wo sluill meet
i nih that some of tho Htatcs which do
' Minni.de hpm) outMdii now and wu hud u.
A i ,J," ,,lll','i'l,tloii. idi'iioiul luuKhter.)
If n l..'Mb mn 9' Mr I'Ornker'B Bpeeeli was
f tuai and uoustltuttounl arsumont in Ivor
of his. position, and It was supported by copi
ous eltntlons from judicial decisions nnd from
tlio writings of liulillolsts. Ho criticised tlio
Jpcocbcs of BcnutorH Vest, UilTory. Hear and
"Thntof the Senator from Massachusetts."
he said, "when redu ivd to practical proposi
tions, amounted sltnplk to this That the Hov
ernment of the United States has no consti
tutional iiower to ncqulto terriloiv, oxcopt
only foreonstltutlonul nuri-oses, M which imr
Ikvsos the Honator finm Massachusetts is tho
sole and exelusKo Jtn'ce " il.atiehtor I
Mr. Hoar was coaded Into nn explanation of
Ids position in reunrd to tho acquisition of ter
ritory. Ho Raid:
If wo thought It essential to our natloml
dofenco to nnnex outlying tirltorv, and It tho
peoolo iKvsfossInc that terrlt"ry!Tnbjoted to
pur niiiiuxlni: It. 1 should consider tho subject
ing It. under these circumstances, us a meat
national crime, to bo repudiated nnd de
nounced, and I say that the I lilted State" liinl
better go down beneath tho vvntors or the l'a
olfli) In honor tnthcr than illsciacc Itself by
doing that thing."
Mr. Fornker uttoilv repudiated anv such
doctrine as that, and ho held that the (lov em
inent had an unqualified nnd unrestricted
power to nequlro teriltiry bv trenty When
territory was acquired bv ticiitv was not tint,
be usked. ooquirlng It constitutionally. "'J ho
ttoublo with Senators." Mr rornkor contin
ued. "Is that they nio'talking about n theory
Instead of about tin existing condition. What
havo they offoird as :i solution o' tho noes
Hon? Wheu tho war with Spain ended these
Islands had either to bo returned to Spain,
taken by other nnllnns lelt to nnatcb and
misrule, or taken by the I tilted Stntes. The
llrsi provision Is. shall wo lutuiu tho Islands
to: Spain? The Ite'iuhllcnn Convi'titlon of
Massichusetts nnsiverpd that iiucstlnn, and
tho Senator from Mfl'snchuscttv (Mr Hoar'
spoke on tho stump In iiidoiM'iucnt nnd ap
proval of the action of tho convention.
'1 wroto It," Mr. Hoar broke in, be amine bo
nlgnnutly. amid much laughter.
"Then." said Mr rornkor, "it is safe to ns
sumothnt I mas quote the MMintor from Massa
chusetts as opposed to giving tho Islands back
to Spain. hat. then, was to be dono with tho
islands? H was a tunctlcal quostloii and had
to bo dealt witli praotlc.ill I saw It stated In
the nowspapors that If tho islands were given
up by thu United States 'hey would have all lai
rono on tholr backs tho now inonilng hefoto
breaklnst. We did not wan' that, nnd wo did
not havo tlio moral right to nllovv any such
thing. I do not suntose that anybody wants
tlio United Stntes to take tho-e islands perma
nently, dclivlug tho Filipinos the light to gov
ern themselves. If thev arc oipablo of doing so.
and wish to do so. The President of tho I nlted
States dons not want that. No Senator In tills
chambei lias eproed anv suth desiio W'o
ileelited that theo Islands cannot be ghen
back to Spain, or given to other F.uropcnn
powers. There vvro onlv two things left;
leave them to themselves and retlio Immedi
ate!), taking no responsibility whatever, or
clssj take cli.irgo or tho islands our-clves. ask
ing Hie Filipinos ami asking the ivnrld to have
conlldeucc in tills gi eat Oov eminent, which has
alwuvs sought to do right and to conform to
tho ends ot justice In thu case or Hie l'liilln
pine Islands theio are complications wlueli I
ciiunol speak of lioru in thlsoiion chambei (hut
which you shall heur ol when we sit behind
Josed doorsi, vThich justify In the most com
plete manner tho action of the President in
purHUlng tlio course he has pin sued In fact,
no oilier course would havo bren a safo eour-
for this (inveinnient, having in view justice
lo ourselves, and e-pcclallv justice mid riglit
nnd the prop- 'on of good to Hie Filipinos
'iho President ot the I nlted States Is as nun Ii
u lovoi of llborty, truth nnd justice ns Is the
Senator from Massachusetts '
Mr. Hoar Inquired as to the declaiatlon thai
thellag shall not bn liunled down
"I will como to that." Mr l'oiaker replied,
"when we are cLsiicrlnc the question of
policy. 1 ilo'uur Enow or anybody, from tne
I'rosliient of tlio I nlted Slates to his humblest
follower, who is proposing to have tho ling
float for all time to come over tlio Philippines
against tho will of tlu'ir inhabitants I am
willing to trti'-t tlio President and people of
the L nlted States to do justice by tho Filipinos:
and I havo no sjnipathv whatever with the
reoplo who talk of our making war against
Agulnaldoand his followers I hope that at
no distant dav wo can act intelligently in Hits
mattei. and Uknow that we will act justly '
Mr Allen (Pop.. Neb I followed with re
in, uks antagonizing homo of the views ex
pressed h Mr. l'oraker. and. thou the wholo
matter went over til! to-morrow.
Mr. Teller to-da introduced a hill amend
ing tho War llcvenuo law so that dealings in
stocks of a nir value of f." or less will nav a
tax of 'J cents on each fl.H) In aggregato fuca
or actual value, iustoad of 2 cents on each
share, as tho law now prov Ides Mi Teller in
troduced the bill at the request of tho Denver
Stock Fxehance. which represented that Hm
present tn was u grox discrimination agaii st
mining stocks, which are of lowor par valuo
than other stocks, nnd almost prohibited deal
ings in thoso securities
joint resolution introduced bv Mr Pen
tose, tenders the thanks of Congress to tho
National Pellet Commission and to the olll -ers,
contributors nnd agents of the commission for
intriotlc and humane sorvices reudeied at
Porto Itico. Santiago and at tho various camps
during the war with Spain
A joint resolution introduced bv Mr Halo
appioprintoi S'JO.OOU for bronze mednls to bo
presented to tlio olllcers and men'of thu ships
ot the N'ottli tlantle squadron, under com
mand of Hear Admiral Sampson, to commem
orate tho naval battle of Santiago,
cowjn.'.vr r.v roiuKr.irs svr.r.vn.
Loudon Times -i.ij. Tluit tlin Philippines
Alo Ours fin Ilettpr or Wolsc.
Si reiat CabJr Delpatch lo Tnr Si
T.ommv. Jnn. VI The V'ihm. commenting
on Ml. Forukoi's speech In tho Sciuilo cstei
d.iy,sa)H It thinks howns iinnruilcnl to an
nounce that thu occupation of tho Phil
ippines bv the lulled Htatcs was mil), tem
poral v It savs Hint not only l'ugl.ind.
hut all tho pilnclpal (iovciiimciiti of
thi' Continent, acquiesced, willingly oi un
willingly. In thu belief Hint thn war bad
deprived Spain of the Philippines nnd given
thom.wltli all their advantages nnd nil tholr
lesponsibllllles, to tlio United States. Tlio
poweisnro bound to hold aloof except in tlio
Iticoneelvnblo event of tho comploto failure or
the Americans to maintain order in the archi
pelago and lo Hccuio the lilici lies and proper
ii of tho citizens of other countries.
MOlli: 1.KIIIT at nam: cost,
i:ie till inn .Johnson's Device Highly Sue-
essflll, lint He Is In ,tflll.
At Police Headquarters In N'evvaik is a man
in custody for tampeilng Willi oleettle me
ters. Ho is an elcctrlilnn, nnd Ills name is
Samuel Johnson, but It Is difficult to get tho
polleo or the electric light men to say just what
bo has teen doing. Ono of his victims, or
nations, snld vesiemu. mst after Johnson
was nnested: "He enmo Into tu, phieo two
months ago nnd told mo that he had nn in
tention of his own, which ha called tin electilo
light regulator, which ho would nltach to my
meter and uunrnnteo to savoivo oue.hnlf thu
usual eot of light, orenablo mo lo burn tnloo
us tunny lights at tlio present cost. Ho didn't
want a cent until I was sallslled. It looked
likelrCgooil thlng.Iand 1 let lilm go ahead 1
don't Kiiovr a thing about electricity, but I do
know that my bill for that month was less
than half what It was the month before, nnd,
n 1 wasn't kicking about my lighting bills. I
lut In nlot more lamps: sort o' blew iiDself on
lights, ns It woro 1 told somo of mv friends,
and that goi Johnson lo out In his device, and
everything woikod all right until ono day nn
electric light iuspoctiir looked In and told inn
Hi it mv motor was plugged In I don't know
what that means, but Johnson was pinched
to-day. nnd ' understand that it is a question
whether he can behold for what ho linsdone "
For obvious reasons iho electile light men
will not toll jtifct what Johnson did President
Philip N Jackson of the I'e iple's Jllutrlo
Light nnd 1'owei Company sitM vostoidai that
It wits proposed to mnke an oxamploof .lolui.
son. If possible, but theio was no special stat
ute kpulving to tampering with elect! In light
wlios and they would havo to pinsicuta him
under the common law
An electrician Mild jcslcrilai that Johnson
merely split the eurroiil with i concealed loop
of thu luopnr slodwiio going aioiind the
meter fiom some point between the convener
oi truusfoimer nud the llrst light
Wnnls SinO.t'OI) Im Oiiinnges to lis Millet
Neil .Sniitiiigii,
Ct l-vri.ASD.Jnii. 11 -James II Hoithasfllud
a claim of S10U O(X) damages against the (iov
einiiient for tho himiilsh-iueilcnu Mining
Comp.inv, which alleges that Its wink near
Santiago lujiircd to that eient b tho '
Spanhtrds, insurgents iiikI Aiihiicihi tioops ,
during Hm win John II llockerellci owns
stock In tho company, which has Cubiiii lion
oru mines
Household i:imirgelirles
have no terrors tf ion bavuJJow Vnik tilephom ncr
virr, Moderate lacssase ratos. BtauUstU ciuii'U-KUI,
I'rlnep Henry .Snld to Itnie Inttrneted fier
ninii Consuls to Assure the I'lllplnos of
tlio Support of the flerman flov ernment
ns Against the TInltrd Stntes Money nnd
Anus Promised Washington .Sntlslled
Tlmt Agulnnldo Is Itecelrlng Outside Sup
port (Ipii. Otis I'stnbllslips n Censorship,
has 1 jiav isco, Jnn. 11. uonllrmntlon lias
been received horoof tho report from Wash
ington Hint a strong foreign power Is backing
Agulnnldo In his attempt to show open con
tempt for tho American (lov ernment and to
mnko tin appearance nl least of opposing Its
tioops In tho field, (lermnny Is the powor re
ferred to. nnd the object of that Government Is
said to bo to secure tho Philippines for Itsolf.
According to letters received by several Ger
mans In tills city from fi lends In Hong Kong,
tho person who Iscredltod with dovlslng plots
against tho American Govorninont Is Prlnco
Jinny himself, who was In Hone Kong with
his squadion. Tho method of communlcntlnc
with the Insnigonts Is outlined In tho lotlers
as follows:
l'rlneo Henry ordors tho German Consul at
Hong Konc to send word to German Consuls
or Consular Agents at Manila, Hollo, and Malo
los to nssuro Agulnnldo nnd other Insurgent
chiefs of tho determination of tho Germnn
Government to aid the I'lllplnos in secur
ing nil they asked for front tho Ameri
cans, nnd to encouiiigo them to continue tholr
opposition to tho United States, until they wcro
seemed, Somo ot tho letlors wont so far as to
stale that tho aid mentioned would consist of
money, nrms nud ammunition, so that the I'lll
plnos could dt ho tho Americans from the
Islands All HintGcrmiiny would ask In roturn
would lie a coaling station, in case Agulnaldo
eaui'J Into possession ot the islnnds, or. in enso
peace was madovvlth tho .merIcans,tho Insur
gents should insist that Germany cot a coaling
A flciman who has received a few letters
from Hong Kong mid to-day: "A number ot
lettois have been leeched heie from Germans
In Hong Kong, nnd from their contents theio
Is no doubt that the Government liasmntoilally
assisted the insurgents In tho Philippines ns
woll ns given them backbone to opposo thn
Americans Theio will be plenty of proof of this
later. Tlio Germans say they want onlv a coal
ing station, but thrtv desire to sccuio u pro
tcctoiate, at least. Tho feeling In tho German
colony In Hong Kong is very bitter against tho
uierieans Thoro is no reason fortius except
tho jealous fenr that America will seeuro tho
tiadn of tho rich colony Instead of Geimnn
Thoyato counting on Agulnaldo's unexpected
opposition discouraging tho expansion eouti
nicnt in this eountrv, in which case it would bo
eav for Germany to soctiie tho simoeontiol
of tho Philippines Hint she wished to do over
Samoa ten o.ils ngo "
Wasihniitov, Jan. 11 Advlcos received at
tho War Deinitnient this nftornoon ftotn
Maior-Gen Gils showed that the gcneinl
situation in the Philippines wns of such u
character as to glvo hopo of tlio avoldnnco
of a clash in Hie near future. Tho despatch,
which eoiisi-tod ot a few moro than a
hundred cipher sun hols, was ilcscrlLed as
"comforting" It did not contain any news
ofgieat importance, nud there wasnorefeienco
to tho situation nl Hollo, showing that Gen
Otis had not heard lioin there since tlieai
ilval of a steamship at Manila on Sunday '1 ho
tone of the messago Is very pleasing to tho
officials, who nro more worried about tho con
ditions prevailing aioiind Manila than they are
about tho deadlock between tho 1'ilipliios and
Gen Miller at Hollo
Tho belief is growing that thollolloaffnlrvvill
adjust Itself in time The insurgents thoro will
soon be cut off absolutely from communication
with Agulnaldo, and witli his bid iiilliieuee le
moved the I'anay leaders nieoxpcctPil to sub
mit to tlio deslies or Iho United Slates. Their
present stubborn attitude appears tobniuoiM
the result of falso stories told thorn b enemies
of tho United Slates Hum from anv strong do
sire to set up a government of their own.
'dies have been mndeto bellevethnt the Amsr-
lean troops are a set of cutthroats, mid are sus
picious accordingly
Thoro have beon uo new developments lo In
dicate! moio cloailytho chai aider of the outside
support that Agulnaldo is receiving and tlio
identity of those who aio affording it. Tlio
Administration is evidently sntlslled, however,
that Its suspicions aio well grounded, nnd
even effort will be made to locate tho source of
the substantial aid that Is being given to tlio
Philippine Insiii gents.
Admiral Dewey is on the lookout for fili
bustering expeditions, and ho will soon havo
tlio Islands of J.iinu and Psna very closely
potiolh'd liv naval vessels It Is believed Dial
Agtiinahlo cannot get uwn from tlio island of
I.iiou without being apprehended. Ills proc
lamations uu rcgaidcd heie as of hiicIi
a threatening clmneler that they afford
sufficient ground for his at rest. It is not
likely that any tiggii'ssive movement toward
Aguiiifildo poihonallv will bo made until ovety
leasonnble Peaceable nicthod of adjusting tho
existing iliflleultlos has been Hied.
Gen (JtU lias informed the War Dcpaitment
that he lias established ,i consulship over tnlc
giains fiom and to Manila. This action was
taken by (Ion Otis on his own authority, luil It
has tho hc.uty approval of thn Guv eminent.
(son. A W Grcoly. Chief of the Signal Ser
vice, who has cli.ugo of military tele
graphs, said to-night that in his opinion
tho coueorsliiii hlinuld have been established
Rever.il weeks ago Tlio publication In tim
JJanlh papers of despatches fiom tho United
Stales concerning tho views of tho Adni in ist ra
tion on tho nttltudo of the jtihiiigcnts mid tho
method In which they should bo treated is re
garded ns the reason for the action of (Ion
Oil's. It Is prohublii that had not Gen. Otis
placed n censor in chnrge of the Manila tole
giuphofllontho War Department would havo
dliected him to iIofo
Tlio Government has been aware for sct
end das that icports wore being sont from
Washington to tho juntas of Agiiliinhlo's Gov
ernment ut l'nrls and Hong Kong about tho
decision of tlio Pieoident lo moid a lonOlct
with tho IIipIiios at Hollo and elsewhere
in tho l'hlllpplnes It useortalnod that
I'm iiistiurtions to Gun. Otis about land
ing troops at Jloilo nud to nvold u clash
with tlio liiHiiienut forces thoio If possible,
vvbh h were published In this count iy, had
been cabled to Hong Kong for transmission to
Agiiinaldoaud thu leadeisut Hollo. Such de
spatches will not lie duHvcii'd hoicnfler, when
icceivod nl Manila or nn other eablo olllce in
tho possphsHiou of tho lulled States, and n
ci nsorshlp over cabin messages filed III this
ciiiintij fur transmission to representatives of
tho Filipinos iihioud inaj bo established also.
rii.irii)s iiitr.m n rn irn.iinA.v.
'I lie Asl, the liiirrliini Consul nt Hung
Ivoug lo Itetiiin 6117,01)0,
fttnul (nblt t)tii,a'ii ro'lur hrs
Jiosii Komi. Jan. 11 Tho 1 lllplnn commit
ten has biiil.cn i. IT its lelatlons wllh Mr. Wild
man, iho nic iie.ui Coiisiil heie, and has writ
li n to In n i toiicovor ?l7.l'i)l) duioiled with
linn bv tin tiensurcror llio linlcpeiidenco fund
l.lht June
Hi I'lfiint I'lirm .siiiisages.
Willi iiiruasiuu Lnowjcilgo of the dan.iK'nlioallli
thnuiuhiairlosly liii-iMred fumi unmid'era craw
inoni uuil iiinio taslfiliuiw in their si Uit.ou, " Uter
fuol" uuuspuriij ,dalutiuci!auudclcaului(i, Uifi.
si'Aix oi rr.ns advick io r.
A Suggestion Tluit Hie l'lilllpnlncs Ho Ad
ministered by Clinrtrred Coiiipnnles,
Sntrial CaUt Dnriali)i la Tur Mrs.
I.oMion, Jnn Vi despitch to tho 7Vmw
fiom MntltM savs lint the Kpanlanls tire
anxious to expcdllii the now settlement
of tho Philippines Tho Investment of
Spanish capital In Mcninslilp iraflle with
tho ntclilpclngo ami the' landed piop
orty owned bv the religious orders are Rimrnn
tees against Interference by thn Spanish (lov
oinment or lufltientl.il Kpnulaids to prevent
tho Americans from bringing tho islands
gradually under effective control.
These considerations havo suggested to some
pcoplo In Spain a project which it is thought
would relievo tho United States of some of their
practical dlfllctiltles and nt tho same t lino secuio
Spanish Intorosts In tho Philippines. Tlio
project Is lo Inttust tho administration ot tho
l'hlllpplnes to ono or moro chartered compa
nies tinder tho American flag, like thoso de
veloped In Ithodcsla nnd Nigeria, tho Urltlsh
territories, under tho Urltisli flag.
Tho Times, In n leader, says It greatlv doubts
tho possibility of governing tho Philippines or
any of Hie former dominions of Spain under a
system of chartered companies.
rAnrttinai: gets At.iminaE's rr.ACK.
The (loTernor Has Dev hied to Xomlnnto
Him To-Dnr.
AtnvNV, Jnn It. Gov. Itoosovelt expects
to send to tho Scnato to-morrow tho nnmo ot
John N'. J'nrtridgo cf llrookhn to bo Superin
tendent of Public Woiks. (o succeed (lentgo
W. Aldrlduo ot Rochester. Mr l'artrldgo
reached Albany on a lite train this nftornoon
nnd had n. consultnllon with tho Governor.
Ilohas Jieen stronglv locoinmctidod all along
for this iiosltion by Seth Low
Mr. 1'nrtrldso was born In Ielcester, Mass ,
nnd spent his enily life there nnd In und
about lloston, At tho breaking nut ot tho
civil war ho was n member of tho Massachu
setts volunteer militia nnd for a timo was sta
tioned ntl'oit Independence, lloston liaruor.
On Sent. "J, 1BU1. he was appointed First Moil
tenant ot tlio Twenty-fourth Massachusetts
Volunteers and went out with tho Ilurnsldo
expedition to N'Dith Carolina. Ho was in the
battlosof lloanoke Island and N'ovvbcine. Later
ho was in Iho expedition to Goldsboro. N. C.
In lS(k". Ii was In South Caiollnn in the opera
tions about Charleston hatbor. Ho was
wounded in front of Fcrl Darling In 1WH,
niter having been piomoted to a Captaincy.
Ho was in tho trenches lit Petersburg,
wheio he lontr.icted elitici, nnd on Sept. 'J7,
Si4, was lionoril.lv discharged.
In the spring of 1 -tlo. having reeoxei'd his
health, ho moved to llrooklvn and engaged in
nioicantilo pursuits Inlcisnnd lssihowns
( onimlsslonci of the llrooklvn File Depart
ment nnd in 1KM1 and lUMTi was Commissioner
of Police and l'losldent oftlie Fxcise Ilonnl.
both iindei 'he iidiniuls'rntlon ofSetli Low as
Major In Ihsm he was 1 redden! or tlio
llrooklvn Cilv and NoAtonn Iinllro.nl Com
panv, mid continued as sueli until ontemler,
Ii7. During the inilroait htrlke or IslC. (Ids
companv was tied up three divs onl. while
the strike on tlio other coinpiulns continued
maiiv weeks. In Imis Mi Paitridge joined
tho Tw tuts -third Ilcgiineiil National Guard
as I'lrsl Lieutenant nud subsequently was
Captain. Mnior. Lieutenant-Colonel and lol
onnl iln served with this legimeut In the
lallioad stnkes at llorncilsvllle in IS77. anil
liter nt IliitTali He was Colonel during tlin
(onstriictlon of the armory now occupied Ijj
tho Twenty-third lleglmciit
To Servr lllglit i t-ius ill Male 1'iisou Tor
Kililtig scfondo Cniluva.
PvTFnsov, N. J , Jnn II James L Tool.ei.
Jr.was scnli need liyJudgo Dixon this nfler
noon ton tnim of eight eus in Stale pi isrin
for the killing of Secomlo Cnnov.i Tookers
homo is in Pel Hi Amboy, whore ho Is editor of
a newspapci and also a ginio warden last
fnll It was reported to State Fish and damo
Piotoetor ( huiles A Shinier of this citvtharu
iiumbor of Italians spent their Saturday half
holidays In Hie I'leakness Mountains on tho
oulskiitsof this c 1 1 shoollug lobins Tooker
wns sent by Mr. Sliilnor on Oct. !." to make
a i rests of illegal hiinieis Ho came uon
Cannva and a 'Oinpanlon named Danielle
Lachof tho men was aimed, nud Tookei de
mandcil thcii guns Dinlollo lnnrjcdover his,
but t anova. who was htandlng some Ilftecn
feet away, mndo some show of lcslstance
Tooker laisPil his gun and llredund Cnnov.i
dioppcd dead Tooker -aid at thn tnuo th it he
only II red to fnghten Caiiovn, ami Hi if ho
thutight ho llred rni to one side In his de
fence he s ml tliat lie shot In self-defence, as
( anova had Invnllnd his gun at him Ho was
forced lo admit that Im hud taken some dilnl:
before gome to tho woods "c "fls louvictcd
of iniiuHlnuglitci
In passing sentenco this nflcinoon linlgn
Dixon said theio was no doubt tint tlin
prisonct had been justly lonviitnil 'lookers
net in attempting to finest Cnnovn and Dm
ielln. he said, was clearly Illegal Tooker had
not illspluved any budge or iiithoiity to wm
raut !il n i in making an arrest, noi li.-i.l liu seen
tlio Ii.iII.'Him couiiiiil anv olTeuee again-1 thn
game laws Tho Judge vvs very severe in Ins
cillicisnis upon 'lookoi'H liaving Indulged in
diliik wlieu about todNeh.iigj an unii-i.il dut.
.wcia'sky nmihiMi i.trr.
Tlic ( liief Petri the Out Musi of tin- Mglit
on Hie Ailiinis Poisoning ('ills'.
Cap! McChisky ot tho Detective llurenu np
peaied nt Police Hoadqii'irlers just oiicn yes
tenlav. That wasearli In tho morning, and
lie staved only a few minutes During the
afternoon rumors Mow mound that mi nirest
in the Adamt, poisoning else was about to ho
Hindu. It was said lluil (aid. McClusky had
igono out hiiiisclf on u ilue, and that ho might
inako an arrest before the day was ovei. Hut
nt (1 o'clock th Captain telephoned doivntovvn
to elosn up his olllce, ns ho would not bo back
He said nt that timo tli.it ho hud mado noar
lesls nnd didn't eiect to make anv
Tho polleo ilu not seem to ho able to get tho
slightest bit of new evidence against the man
the have under suspicion, and until thev do
lie Is reasonably sure of his ll'iertj The In
vestigation si ems to drne and the police aro
ovldentli at the end of tliclrjoi e lot u week
now they have winked night and dn. uvident
1) without making tho Ictu-t progress
Cant McClusky bud not ictiirncd homo and
had not been at l'lili-e HeadquartciH 1111 to I
o'clock this niornliii:. Tho bell handle had
been icmoveil fn 111 the door of his house, evi
dently with tim puipo-o or turning nvviiv visit
ors. Jt whs said that ho was at work til night
on the poisoning case
Harlow K Waeks, Mr Molineux's counsel,
could not I 0 round list night, either. At tho
Now iorl. Athletic ( lub. vvheie lio has met ic
porlers almost nightly since Hie nn 110 ot Iiih
ellenl was llrst mentioned In coiineetlnn with
the AdnuiH ease, it was said Unit ho had not
boon there during tlio evening. Jlu had not
ui rived at Ills homo tin to a late houi.
uoiiso.y av nour,viA'.
He Mnkes n Rprei'li 'I Im Gunliont Iti n
nluglou IJn Koute to (I1111111,
II0N0LUI.U, Jnn 4, via Sail Francisco, Jan. 11.
Tho U. S, 8. llonnlngton will sill for W'ako
Island nnd Guam on Jnn 0. Commandci Taussig
expect! u number nf s-allorsby the Al.iineda.dun
heie to-morrow, to take tho plnceof men in Ad
miral Dowuy's licet whoso t lino hascxiilied.
Ho also expects to receive liiMiiiniciits for sur
veying and making soundings at Wnko Island
nud Guam
Limit Hudson Is roL'olvii e a w.um welcome
at Honolulu. lie was cntcrlalneil ut linn licon
by Special Agetil Scvvnll Ju tlio aftornooii ho
iccclvcd ninny pi'tsons nl Iho ioiing Mens
Christian Association und at the Ollleeis' Club
ot Hm Niitlouiil (iuuiils of Hiiwali
Atthewliinf tluiie was 1111 Iniiiieiiso crowd,
and II0I1H011 Hindi' a Sinn ch 111 wlilih luulwelt
011 Hm slgiillleiiu cf the neu 1 ram iiatioiiiil
Hie whb'li was III. liked bv this lieiunpsttatlon
ill li niolulu
Join big sailing e sols nro h'-rc rendj to
loadsiigai for Ni Viik I oiiiicuu st aiuxliiph
Jolt Honolulu n'hlerduy mid to-da) to bihig
sugar from other islands.
Vim won't havo iiuliucstlou If ou smoke IJtalth
1 Chiau, hotaitifruitlii(iili.olut, AUe,
uKAvni:riiiti:'s nt a 11111:1 to in:
I'enr or the Sttppoilers of Hie Anny Lends
to ( luingps In Hip t'olill of Cnssiillim
Possllili. Illornslons in Hie 31' slry A
(irnvn yuestlnn ns to (ilog niul French
Hospiliilil llcniircpiilrii's Wolil Argil
inputs Dreyfus Inquiry 1'rnrllentl) Con-(luili'il-ls
tlicAllii) in Its l.nst Illteli?
Fprfi l( t'ah'r Dum'rhrt lo Tlir SI'S.
l'Atils. Jan. 11 -Tho Cabinet this owning de
cided that M. do Ilonuiopalro's disclosures ne
cessitated n now Inquiry Into iho conduct of tlio
Court ot Cassation, and appointed Pi csldentMii-s-euu
to carry on the Investigation. Tills action
is a sharp censure of M. Lebret. Minister of
Justice, nshu hud already dcclaitd that M do
lleanrcpalre's "barges needed uo answer fiom
tho Cabinet, nnd slums that them mo In
ternal dissensions among tho .Ministers, or
that they aro socking to forestall tho
Interpellations that will bo submitted in tho
Chamber on Friday, l'osslbly tho Chnmbor,
considering tlio tlmoM I.obret has already had
to take action on tho chaigos, tefuscd to grant
further dela
It Is known that tho inquiry ot the Court of
Cassation into tho Dicyfus case Is practically
concluded and Hint judgment will ho rendered
nt tho beginning of J'abruniy. Tho novvspnpor
AibfWr asset ts that II has inside authority for
tho statement that tho court w III almost unani
mously favor revision
I'enr of tho supporters of tho army has lod to
tho replacing oven now of Judgo Loew and
Councillor Itnid by M. Mnzcau nnd another.
Tho luiinrtlalityof tho Court of Cassation Is
now hold to depend on whether Gen. Billot hnd
holgiognt tho timo Col. Plcquart received that
decoction from tho coutt. If ho did, then
Col. Plcquart was not unduly favored A
crowd of interviewers bought Informa
tion 011 this point to-day, but Oen.
lllllot was silent on the subject It Is believed,
however, that Gen Hogi't partook of tho grog
during the taking of the testliuouv. Not only
was grog served, but two sandwiches weronlso
ghcuavvay AtthlstimoCol Pioqunit was under
tieatincut for Influenza nnd tho othcrfor cold
if It is proved that tlio court served drinks all
loiiiid It will regain the osleeiu of tlio people
of Pans, which It seemed lo li ivo lost when it
was boliovod that Its hospitality was extended
to Co! 1'ieqiiart alone
Meanwhile former Judge P.eaurcpnire is los
ing his personal lead tluutigli Ills wordiness.
It is expected tluit Prima Minister Dupuy
will score a victory In tho Chamber 011
Friday, but ho may bo nsked to with
draw tho Dreifus case from tho uninlnnl
section of the Court of Cassation and send it
heroic the onliro court, which consists of fotlv
llvo Judges, three I'lesulents. nnd one First
Tills will be Iho last dlieh of tho army and Its
supisjrters If the wholo court gives judgment
for revision there will be nothing left lo tho
anti-Drev fusites but force
M Ciiesuuy do JJoauicpiIre continues his
wordy campaign against the Coin t of Cassa
tion Through tho medium of tho l'i! ife
An is ho gives ten alleged facts, which ho
considers constitute tlio basis of a new In
quiiy. Among the chief items is thenl-llegu-tlon
fhat tho Magistrates of the Court of
Cassation vveto favorable to Dreyfus fiom tho
first Ho declares that J'insldent Lonw anil
( ouneillor Hard had nn Intel view with M
Leblols, Co! Picquart's counsel M do
Ileauiei'iilii! Interlaid the statements upon
which hu liases his demand for a new Inquiiy
with questions containing iunuendos
His arguments aie essentially as follows:
'1 hat I'lcsidcnt I oew 1 luisn M Hard lo act ns
loportoi instead of selecting tho do) en ol llm
coutt ' Isn't tills choice," ho asks, "an ex
ceptionally bullous affair and conlraiyto all
piei clients? Had not M Haul been long known
for his attacks against the decision of tho
Lourt-uiaitial '"
lie next asks If, on the occasion of divisions
connected with thn inquiry Into tho Dre)fus
case. President Loow did not alwavs cliooso
Magistiatns who hud previouslv been won ovoi
to the i auso of Dreyfus.
In tho Hind place, ho sa)s, the affair was eit
oiimseribed within tho terms of a legal ques
tion which wns formulated thus " Has there
beiii any now revelation of hicls which existed
In lSUl and which, if they had bucu known to
tlin Judges, would have led them to bring a
" J ask." continues, M. do licaiiropaiie, "wli)
tho inquiiy made by 1'iesldent Loew was not
followed by an immediate venllet of Diovfus's
innocence, inasniucli as It led to tlio rclnblllla
Hon of one of tlio witnesses in tho case,
Piequ.iit ''
Ho next asks If Piesidcnt Loevr did not dis
play hostility towanl eeilnln witnesses, par
ticularly Gencinls, when the court was leech
ing depositions.
"I'ifthl)," he continues, "among tlio wit
nesses was an ex-oflleerw liokad been icmnvnd
from Iho aim) fur intemperance, I believe, nnd
who gave fi en vent to his rancor, bltteily at
tacking tho genctal slalT When tho silting
was suspended did not I'leslilent Loew oxpiess
Ids s itlsfactlon nnd approval '
"'Sixthly, did not Piesldent Loew, In exam
ining a iiumboi ol chiefs of the nrmy and
ntfieln's of tlio Ministry of W.u, upon suvural
occasions put questions lo them with tho ob
ject of confusing thoin and making thorn con
ttndlct themselves.' Did hu not Interrupt
thorn uselessly, showing Ids bias .'
"Thn six points above i.ilsed aro within my
peieona! knowledge. Tho others lofcrto per
sistent Illinois 1 lieiilatlng Hioimd tlio Palais
do Justice, which It will bo necessary to in
vestigate in order to erlf)."
Seventhly, M. do Deaurcpalro calls attention
ton minor that Col I'lcqiiuit, In tho Palalsdo
Justiee. held a previously arranged convoca
tion w Itli tho Magistrates.
I'.lghthly, that I'renideut Loevvhad Inleivlevvs
with Picquart's couiisel, M Leblols.
Miitld), that Counsellor Dumas, who is con
nected with the Inquiry, toiiv ci scd witli fi .ends
and tidntivusof Diofus.
Tcnllil), Hint Gen Chnnoine, fonncrly Min
ister uf War, is said to have Interesting iufoi
matlon beating upon J'rohhlcnt Loon's man
ner or proceeding with the inquiry.
In a leltcr aocompaiDiiig his demands foi nn
inquiry M do lleauiepalru nppc'ili to loyal
Die) fuslles to join him in an appeal for Im
partial Magistrates Ho declare that Ilftcon
members of tho Criminal Chamber of the
Court of Cassation have caused general un
easiness, and demands that Hid weight of tho
vvliolo court I10 accepted InsUnd.
"Tlio inquiiy, siiicolt Is 11 matter of honor
with thoeuiilt," lie sns In conclusion, "uau
only be made by tlio cntul Ituclf. Lot live of
tlio oldcbt moinPoib of Iho coin t lie cominis
sinned to deal with It, and Hie wholo world will
bcbilent boforo their decision '
Snveial nevvspnpois. Including the 1'ignra,
(imttoiit, Aiilm 1I1' nud VWi iuii, mi', dcclurc in
fnvor of tTansferrlng the Dreyfus 1 ,i-n to n
tlllilllllll ciillll'Oseil 01 all the illt 1-loilH of the
Omit oft nsNiUoii bitting ti gctlici
l.oMios. Jan. 1 1 Tim lllliniughaiii (rt
sa)s It lu'urh that a I'm Is tei gram has Ins 11
ic'cliciliu 11 diplomatic quuitcr staling that
tliu J H'licli Win Jii'pliiliucnt litis dlscuvcu'it
tliat lingo stores of ciiruilgib In several ar
henals h ivo been tiitupi icd with, making them
prii tic ill) Heidi n
'J lie duspati li suys 1 li.tt in I'oiisi'quciien of
tills disiovi iy M ib-1 rn)ciici, Minisii'i nf Wnr.
li iKbciit olUi crs 011 11 tour of iiitjpcitloii of all of
the iirMUiuls uuil siippl) di Hols
A Paris di upMeh ton local news ngonc) s:i)s
Hint tin MinlMerof Jiistico has ordered un in-
iiiiry Ju thu ease of M Urosjiuin, tho NeisallleH
Judge who published u letter icllcctliig upon
thv Coutt ot (,'uesutlou,
Ills Nome Sent to the Senate Soon After
Senntor I'lntt Snvi the President,
W iBiii.soTON, Jnn I L Senator Piatt ot N'evv
'lurk, in eotiipnuv wilh Iteimisuntntho QulBK.
was at tho White House this morning witli
icforeneo to tlio appointment of Joseph II.
Clioale as Ambassador to Great llrltaln. Aftor
n short talk with tho President, Senator I'lntt
bald tliat Mr. Choate's nnmo would tin sent to
the Sennte at onoo, n"d it was sent In this
foi in
"Joseph II. CI101I0 of N'ovv Voile, to bo Am
bassidor Kxtraordlnnry and I'lonlpoteiitlaiy of
tho United Slntes to Great Iirltnln."
I.OMios, Jnn l'J. The nppolntmont of Jtr.
Joseph H.Choiito as Ambassador to Lngland Is
leeched with n chorus or approval. 1 ho paper
wolcomo tho r-vsonnl qualities hlscountrymeu
nscrlbo to him.
cnvisEii alius v ton oun .v.irr.
Sister Ship to the vr Orleans to Ho
Launched 011 Satuiiluy,
Special Cable Dnpatch lo TitE flux.
London. Jnn. 11 Tho United States cruiser
Albany, a sister ship of tho N'ovv Orleans, which
was purchased unllnlshed from tho Brazilian
Government shortly before tho outbreak of
the Kpanlsh-Ainorlean war, will bo launched on
Satuulay, Jan. 14. from Armstrong's jard at
N'ovv cnstlo
It Is probablo that tho crulsor will ho namod
either by Mrs. Henry White, wlfo of the United
StnltsclinrBo d'affaires, or Mrs. Colwell. wlfo
of Lieut. Colwell, navnlnttachdtotho American
ciuxr.aiE iters a mit.l.
He I'm chases n SI eel Pinto IMnnt of the
netlileheiu Iron Company.
South Hi.tiii.kih.m. I'a , Jan. 11. Andrew
Cnrneglo yesterday bought tlin stoel plate mill
of the llethlehem Iron Conipati) The prico
was not given, but it Is supposod to bo eloso to
M.OOO.OOO. Tho mill was completed two ) ears
ago and has been in operation for only ono
)onr. It having been idle tho past year Mr.
Carnegie will icinovo It to Pittsburg. Presi
dent Lindormnn of thn llethlehem Iron I'oin
pnii) bald to-diy tliat Mi Carnegio was desirous
01 aniline a mate mill to 11 im plant, -.ml was
iiuvlous to have it in opcintion as quickly as
liossihle, so ho made n proposition for tho pur
eliasoof the mill which was legardcd as fair
and accepted.
Ml. Lliulerinnn said that at tho present prleo
of steel plato thn coniiiuiiy could not ninnufno
tuie It at a profit Itliasnotot been decided
to what purposolhe building vacated h) tlio
mill will bo put, but the company has several
miitleis under cousldciut Ion.
Tiri'Eit rn Kin caii orr.n.
Two I'nrps t'liiereiiionlously Spilled Out In
Collision with 11 Kimuwuy.
Two men in evening dress loft Dolmonl
eo's. Fifth avenue anil Forty-fourth street.
In a cab dihou by Hornnrd Patterson of '2'27
Lust Fortj-third street, shortly afterSo'elock
last night, and ordeicd the dtiver t) tnko them
to a music hall, vs Pitterson was crossings
Sixth avonuenCrhirt) -fifth street tlio eab was
niniiitoby a runaway liorso attached to a
public hack going north on Sixth avenue.
Patterson s rig vvus overturned and Ids liorso
tluown. 'Iho two oicupnnts ot tlio cab wero
couslderabl) shaken up. One of thn men
was cut about tho head and on tho leg Iv
broken glass He and his companion refused
inedl'iil attendance and hurried uvrar.vvith
otit giving tliolr names. PattetKon was unin
jured Tlio runaway horso that caused tho unset
was brought to a stop within n block. The
imiaway's driver didn't delay to learn what
damnge his liorso had done. Hogotanav bo
fore the polleo could get the number of his
THE 310TAX1 lIlllllEltr CASE.
V special (timid ,lury lo Inrpstlgntc thn
( luirgcs Against Cnndidnte Chirk.
HIT.FVA, Mon. Jan IL Tho partial report
of the Legislative Investigating Committee
made to the Legislature .vcbtordoy disclosing
the alleged offer of SnO.UOO by W A. Clark, tho
Unite bankei. to membois of that body to voto
for him for United Stntes Kcuatoi. was a rec
ommendation that tho evidence bo turned over
10 tho Giand Jul)
In accordance with this recommendation.
Judge Smith of thu Distin t Couit tills morn
ing Issued a call for n speelnl Grand Jury to in
vestigate the alleged wrongful use of money in
tho Senatorial 1 ontest, niul tho taking of evi
dence will begin imuieillii'ely Somo or tho
most pioiulnnnt Democratic politicians in the
State were pcisonally mentioned in the testi
mony 'I he Hist formal ballot In joint session was
taken to-dni and Clark showed n slight gain.
It insulted us follows. Conrad. At; Toole, 1!U :
Marshall (Hep ). If.; Clark, 10; Mantle. 1. - jot,.
Tit It A fill Hit 31 E 4 11 AllllESTEll.
Notorious Dpspeinilo N'ovv Accused of Post
Otllin Itolilicry In Mississippi,
Ml MM vn. Miss , Jan. 11 Tho robber who
blew opon and robbed tho Post Oflleo at L'nter
111 Ise. Miss., has been nrrested. lio Is Thrasher
Meud. the notorious train rohhornud despera
do, who lias committed robhoiics in various
p.uts of tlio coiiuti y and la said to have broken
out of twenty jails
Ihery I'lie Iiisuinuee Coinunny In Kentucky
rnvNKioin, Ky , Jan. 11 FAcry fire insur
ance company doing business In this Slate was
indicted In tho Stato l'Iscnl Court to-day under
the statute prohibiting the formation of n pool
oitrusl Thu Indictment nro for conspiring
to llx Kites and prevent competition. If en
forced tlio companies will bo lined,
fVeuther I'lrillitlon fiom 11 Kite.
HnosN-E, N J, Jan 11 -William A. Eddy's
hite-suhtaluod tlieimomutcr loft tho earth at
H-:t."i this ovenlng with an curth temperature
nt 111'' above zero. It was sent to n height of
only aboutL'OO feet. Owing to tlio wind being
bolow six miles an hour lie was foried tohatil
It down It hIiovviji! tho tompeinturo aloft to
lieH ,orl wanner This Indicates that thu
cold wave Is probably over.
StorlE Unhnngo Ilnius Not to Iln Uitended.
A roport gotubroad In Wall street )esterday
that because of tho big businuss in stocks thn
nuthorltles of tlio Stock lJxchango wero eon
Hldciing tho advisability of mtikliic the ex
elinngi) bonis li o'clock to 4 instead of 10 toll,
Tim icport was not true It seemed lo have
arisen Hum a decision to keep tho Stock J'.x
chaiign vaults open until .1 o'clock. Heretofore
they have been clusod eurlle'.
More TI11111 HSJtMl.OUO of New City Honds.
At lestcrday's inootltiBof tho Hoard of Esti
mate fthu following bond woro nuthorized:
$.iOI,:ill!) '.'o tor new stock for tho Stient Clean
ing Department, J 1 .5iiO.Onj for eoiitlnulng tho
work of building tho now Hast III ver bridge, and
VJIitl.tioii for iiw vvutor mains in llrooklvn
Sliuot ( Iciinlng Commissioner MeCaitney also
icceivod pcrmlbsloii to traiibfer $ll)().0(K) fiom
thu sweopini; fund lo thu snow nnd ice account.
Oil a) In Chnrge of Ills Forces nt Hnrrlshurc,
llAiinisiiuno, Pa, Jan 11.-Senator Quay ar
rived f 10111 Washington late to-night and will
I cm am here nut II the Legislature has registered
its will recuidlUK his suuessor The situation
to-night suggests n deadlock, with tho power
In heuaioi ijuay s liaiuls to iiaino his nuccossor
II he cannot win himself
Senatoi 1,'u ly's managers declare that It will
be coinpaiativtl) I'lisy loi him to control thu
Mtuulioii until such timo ns tho conspiracy
suitsiigultibt himaiiilrlcd Deinocrntleloudnr
sun! to-iiiglit that yuay hud over) thing to gain
and nothing to lose by deadlocking theLegls
latum .Sennloi Clnik of Wyoming Ileiioiilliinteil,
ciii.ii sm . Jan. 11 -Tlio ltepubllcaii mom
hersof theWiomlng I.eglslaluio. iiumbtirlug
liriv-seveii held a caucus this evening, ut
wbii li heimioi tlnreiiie J) ( lark wns iiimnl
niously bidected lor rei'lectlq';. Noothor iiaino
was piesoutud to the caueu' K j
Genuine rpli urea enjoy and atpreciato the health- I
fulprui'CilUs cf LvU'louderryWti4aWtr, Aiv, J
XO.MIXITEO AT THE 11 iitTrono '
cavcvs to srcctcEi tiiMsrt.r.
Wins nn Hie Ninth Hiillnl, When the Itulke. A
ley Men (lo Over to Him Hnviley L.-ieUetl
Only Olio Vote on tho lirst llnllol I
Lost to I'cssindi'll Menilllv Aftcru ill it. ' I
HttiTinni), Conn, Jnn 1l-.tfor Hires !
hours of balloting in tho Itepuhllcaii e.'utcu j
this afternoon Senntor Joseph II. tluwley was i '
nominate I to succeed himself at Wnshlngton. j
It required nine ballots to deeideMic contest 1
which lio waged with ox-Gnv. Morgan G. j
llutkoley and Stale's Attorney Samuel Fosson j
den, nnd I. was duo to (ho fact that Jlulkelor ,
rouuestod his followers to role for liawlef E
that thn latter was successful. 'Hie llnuloj' t
men freely acknowlodge tho net. j
Tho caucus was called loonier shoitly nflof )
.'1 o'clock by Senntor Keelor of Norwnlk, and Ji
after Speaker llrandogco had been chusoa to a '
Preside the balloting began In wcrnt. Tho re
btilt ot Hie llrst liillot gnvo Havvley I'M. I'esn j
betulen 02. llulkclcy 117 Ilnwlcy lackod onlr J
0110 voto of tho niimbernceiled. On the next g'
ballot four llawlcv men went to Fessendon, d !
Tho noxt two ballots wero not allowed, a) lj
thero woro moro ballots than members voting,
Both Hnwley and Bulkoley droppodon tho ,t
threo following ballots, while l'esenilea R
gained a total of fifteen and was making a IJ
htioug light j!
At this juncture llulkclcy stepped in, nnd, S
Hiiowing n nart of his rorens to the Senator.. B
raised Hie lattcr's btandliig to 114. On thsN ffl
ninth nnd last linllot llulkeioy practically fi
dropped out with the solo purpoio of giving: H
his strength lo Ilnvvlev and provontlng tim !
noinlnnllon of Funwiuden. By so doing he It
not only settled ,1 gtiulge. against tho btnto's
Attorney .'or alleged ttickcry at tho time of tha flll
last Scnato contest, but pmcticnlly conciliated I'
the wing of tho Hepuhllcnn nnrtv in Hartford H)
tluit lias beou in opposltl in to llulkeioy. Mr. 1)1
1 esspndon lelegtnidieil his leaders thuthone-J lj
cepteillthoverdlct.'or thecnucus, so Hnniey'si II!
election is assured, theio bolne :no posslbiN J!!
ilv of nny llonublleans bolting tho caucus, if!
SrAvn'oiii). Conn.. Jan. II -Tho nows Hint j
Samuel 1 essenden was defeated in the. caucus, "SR
ut Hartford was received In this tlty with ro Vi
gict. Asanjovldeneoof tho eonlldonceandTallo) Si
pf tho esteem In which Mr Possesion Isliolil SI
hero, n delegation numborlnc nearlv "III) lefti II
hero for Hartford this morning 10 whoop It up t
Tor tholr candidate When Fcssondon komj (
gaining nnd Hnwlov losing tho town was In )
grant glee This was suddenly dampened flw
when thoiesultof tlio eighth ballot was an4 SiK
iiounced Mr. I'osscnden, who remained hore SS
all day, was disappointed, but dons not npoeaif
to take his defeat very much to heart. fm
rintMoxT:, xi Ar t,i:x.fioit. I
Chief .Imlgn Itoss Appniiiteil, Mr. Fldcld H
Having Heellnpil. ff9
Btini.i.NOTOv. Vt., Jan 11 -Gov. Edward 0, !'
Smith to-day appointed Johnnthnn Itoss of St. JiIe
Johnsbury United Stales Senator, to succeed lljlt
the lato Justin S. Monill. Benjamin F. Flllolil l
of Montpoller. nfter cnroful consideration. hav IB
ing declined tho appointment jr H
1 Jonathan Boss isthlof Judgo of tlin Supremo j I
Court of Vermont. Ho hnscoiispieuousnbllity j H
V) mnintniTi iTio'lnSli'StalinafiilvriiiTl lfltiTcnor - . g
lias given to Noiinont a p isition ot in ; m
lluenee Judgo Boss has accepted of tho 1 H
nppolntincnl nnd will boon leavo for hashing- , H
ton to assume the ofllee. Ho will most likely IH
be succeeded on tlio bench by Btissell S Taft jfl
of thi tlty. whobltiee JSIiOlias boon First s
sistant .ludgo of theSupiemo Couit H
Jonathan Boss wns born in Waterfonl, Vt ) 9l
on April no. 182tl, tho sou or I5oy.il and Elizo j
(Mason) Boss. Aflor lecoivmg n common H
school education ho fitted for college In tha H
Academy of St. Johnsbury. Matriculating- at i B
Dartmouth Collcgu in 1817. ho gradu- J HI
atcd fiom Hut Institution in IM.'il. U
Wlillo princlptil or the Chelsea Aendemr ' H
ho stuilicl l.nv with Judge William ll'diaid. 1
and was admitted to the liarof Orange count y IB
on Jan IN. IKili. , praetleml law until I 9J
1S70. when ho Was ulc ted 11 Judgo
ol thn Supremo Court In 18H.". (), H
and 18i!7 Im icproscnled St Joliiisliury )
In Iho Legislature, scivlng us ( halrmnrt imr
of tho Judiciary Committi e later serving ns; ILH
Senator f 10111 Caledonia county. Ho vvus tips SU
pointed Second Assistant Judge liy (lov Fnrns IBI
ham 111 Ins'-', vice Timothy P. Jtedllold.and wot) ff WE
elected Chief Judgo in 1SIM) ,
ixiii 4XA'h xi:ir sES'.tToit. ' il
Albert ,1. Heverldgo Selptod hy the Ilepubs ; K
lleuus to Silicceil Mr. Turple. ' li
IvniANAPous. Jnn. 11 At last night's cau c
eus of (ho Bepubllean memuors of the Indinnfl K
General Assembly Albert J Beveridgo wnsj ;jE
selected as the succcbsoi ot David S Tiiipioln, ijfc
tho United States Scnato on the eleventh baW .
lot Tho caucus was behind closed doors ffi
All of tho llvo candidates remained in thQ j I
fight to tho last ballot, and up to tho tenth baU
lot It looked as though a deadlock would lesult, i 1
Tho organization ot J. lrank Hanlyof Lafnys fi I
ctto was maintained throughout, tho last ballot A- i
giv Ing him threo moio votes than tho first, t!
Beverldgo's nomination was finally duo to tha 1 J
supportcrsof Judge It S Taylor of FortWnynrj if HI
and Georgn W Sn elo of Marion rallying to ' g HJ
him. llcvciidgo was called beforo tho cauenj fBJ
uftci his nomliintiou nud mado a brief hpeeeh, t flH
lleveiiilgn Is il.'i )curs old and wns born in, i9ll
Illghlund county, 0. Ho spent his youth on a 8 m
farm. Hu worked ns n plough boy and helped i51
grade a railroad, later taking charge of n 1 11 in J f Jim
her camp Ho worked Ids way through Dopauw ,
I nlveislly, ovciworklng lilnisolf and golne I hm
W est to n ranch for a timo after graduating, )fl
He read law with Senator McDonald upon his OjB
return to Indianapolis Ho I considered Kjfl
uuintig Indiana's foremost attorneys, and his ($
oiatorlcal powers havo won him widespread mm
notice. Hjl
nrrrAT's mrAn ron the hexate. mm
O, II. Stevens of Km heater Out as tha XM
"dinners' ( nnillilnte." 'Bfl
Ai.iiay. Jan. 11. 0 H Stovon of 12 RecondJ 91
atrcot, Bochester. nunouueed to tho llopubs
Mean membom of tho Legislature this morns "HI
iug by letter that hols tho faimers' eandldatq MU
for tho United Stntes Sonato from Now York ufl
State Mr, Stovuns auks each legislator thW S9
question' ttB
"Should not tho western part of the Stato.
tho farmcis nud workingmen, who eleeloa wH
Itoixuvelt, bu represented in the Senat" of tho IflH
United Slates?" 'J'hen.nftitr referring to his SlH
long career as the "fnriiiera' friend," hn snvsi ffBl
"Entertaining theso views nijself, I havo de- IliB
termlncd tocall jour alti nllon to th"ui and to I'lH
sn)to)nii Hint ) 011 11111)' consider me 11 ennill- EiH
dHtn fortlio United States Scnato, I would like SIlB
your influence." fiSH
"aiiir" jx xevaiia roi.mri. H
Senntor Stiinuit uuil " llml Mini" ,lnck S9
Chlllll (oillineil lo 'J hell' llcds. ffl
Caiihon, Nov , Jnn 1 1 Grip tliicaienstop'ajr m
havoc with tho Senatorial llghlnrs K-nalor iBl
Slownrt iscoiillucil to hi lied; Jack ( liinn the m
gun lighter fiom Ivciituck), who wiih unpoired Ant
lokuep the htcvvait tomes In i;ii... londitlou, lit I
i sick In bed, but he predicts, nud Is willing lo tilM
bet mono). that N'owlainU.as In puis it, "won't Aim
coino to tho lost 01 bn in thn laeo it ill" Mffl
Sharon Is 011 Dm ground foi New lands and Miys) ' IjH
his man is a sure wini.oi. J jjfE
c. it. nii.tT. .in., 1.1:1ns. II! H
First linllot in ('oiliest for I'lilteil States HJ
henuloi ll inn ( ullfoi tiln, j j jHJ
BA(nAMi.sro. Jan. 11 Ju joint bes-.iu of i fl
the Leglslatuin to-day u ballot was taken for j uHJ
United States Senator, which resulted ns foi- ij HJ
lows Grant, 27: Burns, 'Jo; Bulla. J I , II lines, 1 Hi
I'; Patterson, il: hiilciit. 2: Scott. 2, 11 ml 2; J Hi
l',stee. 2; I'elton, I : I'helan (Democrat n com,
plimeiitury. Ill This votn bhows a gain of out) ll Hi
ouch for Grant and limn- jH
Senntor llute lle-eleeleil, j H
NAsiiMi.tr. Jun IL The Senate nnd Ibuiso . j HJ
met In joint cuiiventioii to-du) and ronipaied ,- HJ
thu votn for I lilted Slates Sen dor. W J), 1 HJ
Bate, the piesciit Senator, was declared eloctoa IlHi
furu teim of six )eurs. I UM
Ire Ilrldge nt Nlngnrn 1'iIs. 11! HJ
Nothing like It anywhere. The Ncwh'nrk CentrsJ 'I Hi
U Xhii dliect route, Frost effects aro liauUfauV-vlii'ii l WM
: .iii-.1i.i,.wrTsa, - lYmml

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