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. IP 2 1 -a.i- JOii; J. Ai01.5iJv iiuit.-kAx a., XOUW.
HK. Ih i i ' " , . ' - i
' Wi nxAKnixa committee axsouxckh
Jflf- 7V no in houses.
IJjf' T)i Trl;iiplliii Oenejrnlly Hntlnffirtn i,
Kjl Ktoept to "Icnnttir nRi'hnll llllt In-
lltf trntltitotl til ltcicnl 111" Mi'trmxilltiiii
, Jllstrlll IMct linns Hill (lllin HUM.
Ml Al.DANT..fnn ll.--'lln Mnnillim pomml((pp
wL In thoBonnln and Assembly wore announced
Mr br tho prosldjn if officer In each lioiiej to-nlnht
Mi The commltleo tloelKnntlniis uoniiinll weie
Hir satisfactory, cwnl t iHeiuiior ('oixehall. who
Hr desired n plan-oh both tholiisiiianccatul Tiik-
ntlon and Ilotreneluntirt euininl'tees. In nildl-
tlon totlioDlacoshuwnsaiisuroilof asl liairnian
of th Miscellaneous Corporations Coinniitlou
Wh nml its n member of tlio Itnllioiil Committeo
i J Iriatoad of tlio nildltlonal two committi'o deslc-
I nations ho ilcMrrd. Honator CoRKOjliall im
I; made a mombor of tlio Cominiitoe on Com-
J mereo and Navigation, when tlio com-
E j mlttoo naslcnmonU In tlio Bonatn noro
f 1 1 announced, tlio Honntor arose, and In tonoi
Hi which ltidlcitod that ho was Incensed at not
n loln named at a member of tlio Insuinneo
m nnd Tniatlon and llolronclimont committed,
H' declined to oro m a mrmhei of tho Commit-
', ' tec on C'oniinorco and N'nvicaLion. Tliol.lou-
I tcnant-flovcrnor announced thnt tho vacancy
V thus creatod would bo lliled later, mid this ended
.' K the incident.
K Tho mlnorltr representation on tho com-
f mtttoes In each house Is tho pamo us last vcar.
m thou.h they tried to hn-o It incroaod byono
; P at least on each eominlttoo.
fi m. In tho Senate. Henators Xlliworth and flrailr.
f Mr ' tholcadorsof the two parties on the floor of tho
i ft. uppor house, weio made ox-nftlclo membersof
f. the l'lnance. Judiciary und Cltlua committed
1 In tho Assombly Mr. Palmer, tho Democratic
Wt leader, roso to a iiueition of prlv lletro and quen-
D I tlonod tho eligibility of Honry V. Hill of Hrlo
F S county to a seat In tho House. Mr. Palmer
i! ' B' urgued that Mr. Hill a rewCcnutlonnsaiiAssom-
P m blyman. vrlileh was lllod ,-ttli tho Secretary of
tf Btate whon Mr. lllll was appointed to tho Hie-
' if triet Attorneyship of J' io county by Gov
i r Wack. barred him from now tnklnc his seat In
w tho Assembly. After nn uxtonded ar.umflnt.
j W Jlr. Talmor moved that tho matter of Mr. Hlll'u
S eligibility bo roforred to tho Committee on
& trlvlleees and Elections forxlctermlnation.
; K Mr. Adds, ltepublican, contended that Mr,
i ffl JI111 could not reslunfrom a body of which ho
i m was not a member, and that II r. Hill did not
f Mi become a member of the Assembly of 1890 un-
r K til he had taken his oath of ollloo as such.
F ! Which he had not done until to-day. He pointed
f t put the faot that at the namo time tho Houso
t ' j' oame In possession, through tho Secretary of
I I Btato. of llr. Hill's roslnatlnii.it nlsobeenmo
( i possessed of his withdrawal of that resiuna-
V : tlon, and that even had not this been tho easo
! the resignation of Mr. Hill tt.is of no elTuet lie-
fi 1 causoof hishavlnc failed to qualify as an As-
I ,'j somblyraan boforo flllnc tho mslcnatloii Mr
' i Alldsdeclarodthat.Mr.Hlllwasliitliosaineposl-
tlon nswhenelectedameinbernf Assembly Ho
j paid that lie had im shadow of doubt us to Ml
& , , Hill's ellKlbilil). but that in Older to uie tho
!' ' case a fair liearliur lio would ionent to its re-
i view by tho .Iiiilii-i.it. Committeo of tho As-
! ' nomblj-. to wluoli tho resolution of Mr l'ulmor
r . i was sent , , , ,
I ,j li y tho adoption of a resolution offered by
S I i Mr. Allds the Assembly fixed its Uoursof ineot-
r 1 ln as foUows
5, 4 On Mond.iy .it H lid T M.tTuosdays.'Vt'odneH-
l J tlaysand Thuradajs at 11 A.M.,und on I'riday
j . ntlOA M
- 1 Assemblyman Iteddlnctou attempted to in-
I troduco n ooii(iirr"iit x,niition roumflndincr
fl-- - Bvetiin 11 of Artu oflw M.ito ( onstitution
f II? on to proviilnlhar thep;efireneei:iM'iiVLterans
i j under tho (Mn II Sen ice lnws of thx Stuto shall
', i only apply to vot.iaiiitwinv cnllbieil ill tho war
t 1 ' from this State I'lmn Hie suircesllon of
ft ' fipeakerNlxon the reoliUi')ii was dropped Into
J . the bill box.
I Assemlilyman Iteddincton introduced a lull
to repeal the .Melinpolitan Kliicilims District
j bill, passed at thn special senslon of Inst uin-
Jt mer, mid under which hupcriiitfuident Mc-
j , Cullacli acted duiiiiB the recent political e.im-
' it Assemblyman I'inn introdiieed a lull provid
i' N Inp for IM) cent kuh throimhout (licater Now
E l York, ,iniln hill provldiiie that nt least on of
l j, the liiemtiorsof tlm htato 'lav rommlsmoii to
m jj be appointed hi Oo lloooolt f.hull hen resi
st J i dent of New York city
ft. ah, Assnmhlyiiitin Hcddinetoii intioiliiced u bill
R, n :" proldinu that eseiy i.iilrnad coronation oi-
K a canleil ir doiue business In this Mate shall liu
5 jSj llnblofoi all iliiinai;es musIihiumI by ,mv per
E JR flon, liirluilin); einploxes of such eoipoia-
tlons. In eoiiseiuioiicii of any lu'trliseneo of
W Its acents, or tnroUKh anj misnitui.ii;i menr
B- itt of its eniiiiieeis i.r otln r employes winch
w fiucli iieKliKcni'oor woncs aro in .my uianiier
fe, eonnccted with the use and opeiaiion of any
t If raillo.id on orahout whlcli they shall lie em
ir ploved. and that no ennliart which restricts
K K such liability shull bo 1ck.iI or hindinc
f- lip AsRcmhljniun Warn pn skilled a bill aincnil-
IK incthe 1'enal (ode hy pri'Mditu; (lut (oiinsel
p IK. must be assigned n detendaiit uptie.iru u foi
I' Up nrrnlKiiment He also put in a bill lUinu' tin-
F pomponsntlonof th Iteisirdei. it Iiidoiind
( 1" Juilues of the Court of Ci.Miei.il Sessions of tho
' 1ft clt) and county of Ni'W.mk at the same an-
B ' nual salary .is Is now paid lo t he hurrouato of
Sf the city .indcotinu of New .oik
Sf jAssnmblHii.ui Ydle-i iiitroduied .1 bill pro-
jl i Vldlne 'or the appointment .if a eunimlsslon to
i i af podify Ihn buililini: 1 iws d llm cit of New
, IB York. to eoiiHist of ih. (. hiurol the ire Uepart-
I IE inent. u ie es tit.itU- r tin- Ni w ork lloanl
i K of I'mlerurilis j'ni a i pip.nt.itio from th
E m- leadint: orcnulAitmn of nrchltcits and civ 11
i JK cpKineers In thocilv
W henator ll.ilnes mm duced Ins hill provldinc
t ! fdr tho Stale ii'iu-inii of bet Ions This
IE Is the same bill which lie iutiodiicod at
hi Jf tho special hi si'.ii of tho l.i'cMntnto
Kf last .lul), the onlj material ch.iuca
f bnlnc tho ellniin.nion of the feiturea
fit which were Inenilflr.iteil in the .Metropolitan
!0, Election!" District law Tim hill uonles for n
fft Btato hl-partlf.in HoupI nf 1 lections to at t s a
K IH State Ho.irdof CanUMeis mil ciiiinlv hi- aitl-
Bfev nan Hoaidsof J'lei tionstoai t iiKioiintv IiojpIh
. . of Canxasseis do Jilai k opimseil this bill at
sti the extra session
, Wt Senator Hllswortli Introduced a lull providing
i tiff for('ount Sidepathi'omiiii-sii)iieriii all or the
Ub counties of tho State a., now exist uitf to pro-
i if vidoecl patln-
f "Ri Henator Vord iutroduccd Ids hill of last ye tr
M rtSBulatlnj: the hours of somen oi dun; eleiks
XJ If In Now York olt lie h id another hill iu.il.ini;
rp IV the non-nnlforiiicd menibcrs of the Sew oik
pity pollco foric iiarticipanl-in the police pen-
f i alon fund
t I .Senator I'm d in tlio Senate and A-sunlili-
t . J raan Slater In the Acmhl iiitmdiieeil ,i
f eehooltetiehcis' hill which radlc.ill) chances
f li the mannerof recul itinulhe H.ilnrh sof snhool-
6 f teacherH in Now ioik city and the un thud
i i f of raislnc s liool IiiihN The lull piovldes
I if that hho inliilniurti Isulaiv of sdioolteai hei of
t i theeity shall ho i(K)l). nut utti niptini; to rcfu-
i," lato the salarlos hi erodes Tim bill chuut'es
I f l the plan of dlstributinu school funds In tho
L. : i borouclis. Such distril iition is now mnilenu
i a. basis of 100 a tea. Imi. and Him bal-
r anco on tho piopnuioiiiiin al tendance of
T I ! pupils. Tho bill takes wa thn general
t t j. power now Indeed in tho llo.ml of
f Kstlmato and Anpnitlonnixiit of cuttlnc down
E 1 f the school funds by pn.udineit school ta. to
f Jt bo Included In tho lax lny, of four mills on tlio
L dollar. Thn bllliilso proufs for thn acquire
V i ment of suitable pronertj'ln l)rooklnfoi atrn
S )i ant sohoolninplnfortheentlrecityol Now York
! j It also contains n compulsoiy ret irnmont provl-
j alon. I.vnry fem.ilAti aelioi shull Im rutlied lit
I I i the ace of HO em - unless hci uhllllv to eon
f f tlnuii teaehiiiKU pei tilled t bvthe I'lty Supei
k ft intendontof Hch ml- Tim letirein.'iit of main
f i teaclierslsflxiil it the.iKelolirisears.at which
I b agoullnialo leachci, must by lotncd iinlo-s
i f imilarlycei I Hied t..
f ft 8enutor I ord h.is mtioiliieeil In- two bills of
i I list year, jiluied I impel llm Metropolitan
I j! Htre't UnilHayl onip.inv.iiiilthe Tlilul Avoiinn
? J Hallway Compani tn hi.th use the same sd of
it traokKan.Di-tenl.iiiiaeiiue,hetweonNupnlj-
t , ! second und lUth Htienis
E 1 Senator llraikett had a bill mcorpoialini; the
f 7 cityof Uiiiflneliure
I Assemhlrman I'liiliips of Now York inlro-
i I iiuceii a inn to jmiiii mi llm luiuie tile f cm
, f fonce of such oiipoiliuiinos l.ir lil.ickm nl
I In divoren iiisis ns has been brought
t put In the (lllin fciimiinr Tn il ease .Mr
JhllllnsH bill will pmposn an inn. nilment to
t tlio Code of (ml 1'roec iluie. priiMdinethit in
k nn action forilioicn tin mu-i I e sri d with
K if. thOHiimnionsandiomp'aliit in nllhl mt iiv thn
SB I plainlllT'SHtt'iriiiu ih.it In lining, s thn pl.ilnllir
u f had cood and siiilli'ieui iiMsons I r namini: tho
K party or parties who may In i amed as eo-
J ' i respondent in the net ion
f ARseniblyinan llrMinan of iriioklii to-niuhl
1 t' J Introduced a bill pnidinufor Hie constructiun
, of a new lirlilfc'eovertho I ast Ilnet eonii'i line
i f the boiouclisof Maiih.illan and Uiookljii Tho
j f blllproldnsfortlmiiipnlntmeiii In llie(lierii-
i ' f or of n bi-partisan luiden liiiiiiiiis-Iiiii, wlilch
Is to select the she and elect a Mructuin
ampin for llm iiko of pedestrians, eainnjsnens
and railroad cars 'I he sun ciiiiiempl.it. d by
ffi; thn hlllls from a, point m ilm vlclnliy of Chai-
liam siiiiaro, in Miinliaiian boiuiieh to lliul-
. t son avenue, in tlie boiniiuh of Jlrooklyn, luit
.E f tl.eCommissionnrs an iiolllniltnd to thiNsite.
jr t Mr liriiiinun Intnidueid aiuitlmr mensiiro
f t amendliig the Oieater N..w Yoik Chsrter bv
; 1 1 taklnc from the Muiiieipnl sworn hi) the imwer
(? It has undei thn cl..itlei of raisineninnei lor
m 15 brldeo purpisis. and pronli s t lint none nf
Sr 'l& "" l"'nii ns of nxisiine laws cojifei
If rjnir tu-iw-r to .HNirui hrid-Ts noon
TS V, the Muniiitul Akseinl.iv oi ( ..inmissioiier ..f
!E '1 lirldcesof tlieeii ,IV1 irk shah ho .o.i
L ft i Btrued to apiilr to i rulees mi tin, j;t Himt
i7 4? and on the lludson lieiow Watenord
fi He ....Any antlon by ii cii antlionti. says the
jj H Wll, to prjvjdo for the erection of a brldco J
oter these waters Is hereby nullified, and all
Plan, speolllcatlons and funds In the hands of
any llridse (ommissloner hereby affected are
to be turned over to a commission to be horo
after appointed by the Governor."
This means that tho unoxpendfd balance
of $KiO.()0t recently appropriated by tlio Mu
nicipal Assombly at Mayor Van ek,s solici
tation shall bo turned oor to tho commission
to bo named by tho (lovernor .....
Mr llreniian called upon Gov. Roosevelt this
afternoon In tlio Intcrostof his hrideo hi Is, but
tho (lovernor would not commit himself, say
I Ine that ho would Rlvo tho bills due consldorn
tlon If theycamo before him for exeoutlvo ac
tion Olhnr Assembly bills Introduced were:
sscmblman riilllps-Amendlnc tho Penal
Code by nuikltiK II a misdemeanor t" permit an
employe to clean windows or do other work
outside n window without proper protection
aealnt accident, . . . ....
Assemblyman Adler Provldint: thnt the He
brew Infant hvIiiiii shall havo tho samo allow
unco per enplta for Its Inmates ns that allowed
i ilmr Infant asylums in .Now York clt , ,
Tho Democratic members of the Legislature
will caucus to-morrow morning lit HI o clock
t namo thelrcuiidlduto for United States Hon
The Atilciiinrnti AliniiunrMl tn Until the
Seniitn unci Asirinhly.
Ai.nANT.Jan. ll.-ln tho Assembly to-nlcht
Speaker Nixon announced tho followlnc sta,nd
Inecommlltoesof the Houso for tho prosent
Bession .
Waii anil Means Mesirt. Allili of Chtniniin, Ktl
! lit Illhti,'itnll, Si'l nf frsilklln. Cotllo of
OiWi-ee. M.r.in of Allilll), lllll nf Krle. Miles or
St. Laitrem e. W liter of Tlon. (iMnuwooil of Wj ne,
IMhni r nf heliohsrle, Kelly r Albsuy, J'ltieersid of
ew ork, nml liarrett of Krlu
liuliolsri-MtMirii. Kelie) nf Utintrston. l'lsh of
Modlfntl Mjrtllinf (Inelds l'sttim of Krle, I'owlenuf
iiisetre, WHmiii of Ktuit . 1'owhir nf Chiitiioii,
It 'illllbeiknr Monroe, 1'nllown of New orl, 11O0
man nf Sen Virk, Ureeu nf New York, Heller of
Clieiniiiur. slid M Inernty nf KIiik.
iiemrnl l,w- llmr. FUli nr lladUon, llurnett
nf (Inlario, Murphy of Monteoniery, l'attou uf Krlo,
Cowhunf Otneiio I'nttlenf Oiiiiinlaes, Ware of Now
oik. Kiiileubnkof Monroe, Huberts or Jifferaoti,
Kane nf Krle Hoche of New York, Hatfo of (ireelis
ami l'nth of New York
l!nlsltn Measn I'oiiRlitry nf Albany, Hoeers nf
llr.iome, rolller of Klnija DeUney of Onouilaca,
P. ilenherk nf Monroe, Hlatsrnf Nework, (traliam
nf Drance. Martin nr Onehla llaahfonl of Columbia,
llale nf yueell HenileMoli nr Wl Rtcllester. HaffQ of
itiei ue ami Jilllon of New orl.
(odes Meaara lllll nf Krle. Delaney of Ononlca.
Pirla nf VahlDrton. lledcll of Oranee, Iwla of
Monroe, I)il of New York, Manila of Cortland, Col
lier nf Klnei", UwlluEtniiof NewYork.rolllnaof New
York, Plllniior Niw York, lirown of Itocklanil and
Hliarke) ofNewYnrk
Taxation and Itetrencbment Menra. Decraw of
Klnc Whipple of Wyoming. Paris of Waahlneton,
IliMiell nf Hemrlaer. Ylncent nf nrooine, Htnneman
nf tattnililKiia, (lurdlner nf Unnroc, tjandford of
Klnit", Uablue of Uuondiuca. Schmidt or Klutra,
u (' nimr of New Y'ork, lloland of Krlo and J. K,
Bmltlinf New-York
(iinala .Mer lolmmui of Tompkina. Clark of
lewla. linker of Krle, (lleason of Monroe, Kelly uf
Herkimer, Lewis of (Mweim, McMillan of Schenec
tadj, ltow nf N aicara. Babcock of St. Lawrence,
Htretrtcr of Frle, Mitier of New Y'ork, Phillips of New
York ami Fcan OI ,flff Y'urk
Afllrs nr ClUea-Meaari Mairt of New Y'ork. Hill
nf Krle, Adler of New Y'ork, Delnnej nf Onondaga,
Iieariw of Kince, Lewis of Monroe, Slater of New
York, (Iralinm of Oranee. llumett of Ontario Finn of
New Y nrk, MeKeown uf UiniEt, Green of New York
and Iltlttnu nf Rensselaer.
IMIrouls- Mera Bedell of Oranee, Aitell of
Ddawre, Coiitelli of Oswciro. Kovers of IJroome.
TenEw k of Onondasa.Kllisnf Oreene, Bakernf Krle,
tVncher of t aturauirus, .T T bmith of Dutcheai..
'Irainor or New Y'ork rinn of New Y'ork, Cain of
Klnits and Molirlm:nf Krle
Oommeri e and Navication Meaars. Brennan of
Kiturii, Coiuclltn of Albam. Browsterof Itliaselner.
Tripp nf llutclieM, flnderuf lTlter, Yare of New
Y'ork, Lcwlaof Onweso. Illtcliineknf Warren, lfallock
nf Snflnlk, llreniian nf New Y'ork, I'. Si-hmidt uf
Him:. 1 arrell nf KIuch and Or naman of New Y'ork.
Insurant eMesra sears nt Franklin, Adler of New
Y'mk, CnuKhtrj of.Ubauy, "rlppof Dutcliess, Clark
nf Lewia, (trahntn of Oralitfe, alason of Ontida, Bulk
ier of New Y'ork, West nf Raratoica, Iloche of New
York, Oulilerof Ktnice, Sullivan of New Y'ork and
Bieiilnn nt New Ynrk
Hunks Mi is. MrHwau of Albany. Haj a nf Ful
ton Hamilton, Cotton uf Ktiurs Bryan of Jefleraon.
Snyderof t later. Sawer of Y'ates. l'allowa of New
York. Ilaheoik of st. Lawrence. Howe of Nlaaara,
Phillip nf New Y'ork. llaum nf New Y'ork, Sanders
of New Y nrk ind Siems nf Kincs
Electrlcit . (ian md Water Supplr--Messrs Witter
nf Tioga, I-nrdyro of Cayuga, llatoh of Steuben.
Brennan of Kintrt:, Karts of Orleans, Sloann of
?ihinler, Apitar of Vetchcater, Boebo of Kssex,
Sprauue nf Sullivan MeKeown of Kini:s, Kell) of
AH any, Fitzctisld of New Y'ork and (Hie nf (Queens.
Internal A,rfalis Meris Cottle of Onomlaita. Vin
rent nf Brnome, Lit hard of AUciranj, Whinlo nf
Wjnmilur. l'o-t nf Sunolk. (tarrion of Niscana,
Jnlin-nnnf Tompkins, Ilouuhty of Queens, Thorn of
lister, f Cnnneil of New York. Dean ot Putnam,
Onnl 1 of heiie a and .luencst of Klncs.
Ijilinr mil Industries Mcesn. Cnntello of Osweco
IfnKvik of Onondaga. Ciwles nfotaeizo, Bryan nf
lifferHou Paris nf WaMhlimtun Fish nf Madison.
Sloann of Schuyler, West nf Saratoga. Doughty of
Oueens. btreifler of F.iie Juengstnf Kings, Maher of
New York and Ilenderou of eiti heater,
i:xrlne Messrs Greenwood of Mayne, Fowler of
Cliautaliqila. Wilier of 'itoga, Mib of 8t. Ijiwrence,
llateh of Hteubm, Axtell of Delaware, Hpragu of
Htlllhau, I'wls nf Osweiro, Harriaon of New York
and Hledman of Kixw.
Aflsirs of Yillagea Messrs Kills of Genesee. Rus
fell of Tlensselaer, Cross of Steuben, Karls nf Or
bans McMillan of Schenectady, Thorn of t'later,
Oh.i.'oiiof Monroe, .1. T Smith of Dutchess, Hswver
nf Yalta Basbford of Cnhunhia. Wlasnl of Queans,
In n ii nt Uockland and Gould of Seneca
Public Printing Mi'isrs. SUune of S' Inn ler, Mc
1 wan of Altianv. Klhs of Genesee Hitchcock of
Wtinen Sandfnnl or King-, Apgar uf Westchester,
Sprjgue ni stiUitiut, O Connor of New Y'ork, F
Si liinidt nf Kings, Traiuur nf New Y'ork and Mejer
of New York
Public Health Mesers. I'nrdjcn nf Cayuga, Hatch
nfsieuLeii, Henr of New Y'urk. Kelly of Herkimer.
Sunn nf atis Burnett ot Ontario, TenKviknf
t n mdag.i, Eiarle of Orleans, Sllllhuli of New York,
l. nil igiii r nt Kings and .Mefster of New York
I uliln IMmation lessra. Murjiln of Montgom
tr t ilhcr nf Kings, Has nf Fulton Hamilton.
Brcw-tci of Hensselaer. Sears nf Franklin, Danlsiu
of Nuit.i Jlullock of Suffolk West of Saratoga,
BedUmgt hi or New Y'ork, HoUmau of New York and
Grossman of Now Y'nrk
Public Lands and Fmeitn Messrs Clark nf Iwls.
Bage of Alban). Wilson of Klugi.. Bob. ru of lefler
aon, Litohard nf MIe.;au Post nf Suflolk, Siema nf
Kinps, Ball of hlng, .Mangln uf New Y'ork, O'Connell
of New York ami Sullln nf Oneida.
Publlo iBstltutiouu Messrs Adh r of N'aw Y'ork,
J T. Smith nf Duchess. Cotton of Kings, Lewis of
Monroe, YMilnple of VSoiuing. Collins uf New Y'nrk,
J.fl. BmttUofNew )ork, ledmau of Kings and Win
ael of Queens.
Military Affalrs-Mers Ilemynf Now Y'olk Cot
ton of Kings, Mazet nf New ork. Ware uf New Vork,
Dans nf New Ymk. Brennan nf Mugs Masnu of
Oneida, M hoenei k uf Kind's A F Schmidt nf Kings,
Wlngenfeld of Kings, unit sharki v uf New Y'ork.
Soldiers' Itome- Messrs. Cioas nf Steuben Stone
man uf Cattaraugus. Henrj of New York, llarct uf
New Y'ork, Sahlun nf On unlaws, Muinh or Mont
cnmer Put ur SufTolk, Suj tier uf t later, ltlerdon
nf New Y'ork, Fgau of New urk, aud Sloanc uf Wast
th ester.
Cljtlna Messia. Mason of Oneida, ltogera of
Ilrounie (lanliner nf Uunrne Mauds ot Cortland,
Slater nf New Y'rk Fowlernf Chautauipia, Knllmau
of Klilimoud, Slualie uf WesttUester ami Turburk;
f Klmia
Fedeidl llelatlors Messia Whipple of Vtyonunir,
fiaods nf Cortland, Gurilimr or MuurtK', Johnson
of 'Jompktns Miles of St. Law rem e, Uoland uf Erie,
Varrell of Kings, Bauru of New York aud Uuttou of
ChantaLle and Iteligious Sot itties Messrs. Miles
ofst. I awleln e, Dn draw nf Kings, Sago uf Albsni .
1 alliiws nf New Vork, WiImiii uf Kings, Harburgernf
Ne York Sanders of N w Vork, Wlugeuftld uf
King- and Ih llerof ( lieniui g.
Stile Pllsnus Messis Dull in of Cavuga. Martin of
(lueidii, lilt hniiknr Vtaritn Itilssell uf Uiuaselatr,
McMillan uf Scheiieitady Saiulfonluf Klugs. Plck.-it
uf Chutiui Breunau of New urk, audtsiaof Kings
Imlierus ami Uame- Mea.rs, Axtell nf llelawaie.
Hi j nu or Jem i-smi. Ilalloi k nf Siiflolk Kelh- er
llerl.inii-r. Sae nf Altian) Douglit) uf Queens,
lliwsiir New York, Herds ot Ks-ex, Pitkettof Clin
ton, llshford of C iluuihia, and Mtynr of Niw Y'nrk
I'riMle-a ami Klei tions Messrs Pattou nf Krle
8tinUiaii nf ( atUiaugus. Biker nf file. Cross uf
steulien, pxsi uf Westi In sler, Bedell of Orange
(liildir of Kings, Torborg of Kings, ami SullHau of
One tla
Iradis aud Manllfai lurns Messrs Brewster nf
Hi usnelaer. sabim ut Olinnihua, Duttnii nf Cjyitga,
lla)s nf Fulluu-Haniiltuii. Bulkle of N.-w turk,
Jntinsnu nf Inlupkiue Schfieuei k uf Kings. Ball uf
Kings, ami M jnglli of New V ork.
gricitltiire -Messrs I.ttchard of Mlegauv, Bab
enca nf st. I.uwrt ni e. lilt as m of Monroe, Thorn nf
Il-Pi, Itnwe of Nlagsu Funlier nf Cattaraugus.
Barrett nf I'ne, Kullliiau ur illchlnoud, ami llender
soliof N est hi slei
Indian Mluns Messi" Fjm her of Cattaraugus
Cullluf Oiiuniiaj, Bulklty uf New Yurk I inss uf
stiuhui 1 uilyie uf ( n vug., Oalljgher nf Kings,
Mfi-tiruf Ni w Vuik, In ni nf Putnam und Muhilug
nf I'm-
llules Mi S ejkir Mills, of Chenaiu, K'else nf
Lo illusion, iiiiiiiwnnd nf Wajne, Palui-r of Si hu-haib-and
Kell) nl Mhau)
Printed and tugrnssed Bills fessri Vim nut nf
Blnome Iluttnuof Caj uga, Beetla of Kssex, Kane uf
1 rii iiuit inrh nguf Kings
I tiliiiislied Business Mnssra Tripp of Duti lies-,
Axlelllof Delaware Roberta nf Jeuersou, Mclueiliey
nf Klngi. and P.itli ot New Y'ork.
KI'AITI. SfiMllM. I'lUUinTl'PH
Tlio fnllowiiii; standliiL' lommiltnes for the
'en.ite of iMIfii.llHMl woio iinnouiKOd in the
hoinito tr nit-lit hy l.leut -(lot WoudiulT
On tiuaiire Iligglns Haines, Malby, lirown,
Kium, Stuushau, Humphre), Aruistroi.i, Martin,
Piiinkitt ami DougUs
on Judiiiar Hntketl Kriini, Datis.G ,. lirown,
Furd, .Marahnll Llsbeig, I liurntou, McCarreu. Mac
Lei .ind Miti hell
on AfTsiisnf Cilles-Stianaliaii, White, Foul Davis.
II V. Marshall, Davis, D. 1 , llslarg, leet'i,
Ahearn Mil arn n an 1 Illce
on Jtailr ads Hiiues, irsnna. Iiahoon, Wilcox,
Braikilt, Cog.'eshall liuoilsell, Davis, D, F .Ftather
ami O illey and Dtuiglas.
on t odes -Malby, w lute, r.iid, Coprceshall Brown,
FUlitrg Doiiuellv.l.raue slid Marks
On Taxation and Retrenchment Krum, lliggiai,
Btiaualiaii, Humphrey , Juhnaou, Sherwood, Fole,
Ctillen ami llice
On Commerce and Navigation Konl. Parsons, Cog
geshall, Johiisnii, I eeter. Ambler, Sullivan, Mc far
mi and La Rot he
OuCaiiala Davls.G. A .vY'hlte Humphrey, Wilcox.
Armstrong, Shirwood, Fole), ltamaptrcer and lis
On Inaiiram-e-Parsons, Haines, Malby. Johnsnu,
Thornton, Ainhhr Muaru, ilrauey anil Dounellv
On Mist ell mi oils ( itpolatlous -Cnggeshall, Wil
cox Mallo, Chahnon, doodsell, Munziuger und
on Hanks lliiniphrrr, Chaliooii, Ftehr Willis,
Hlnrwi d Nnitnn and Wagnei
Ou P uul Institutions Wilms, Davis, G
YVIien a lliislness Vliiu of C hanirlrr
reo.uhes help of a hghi;raile heelthrr advertises In
Tur Sln or cuusulUtTUE Bvx adv rrtiilng columns.
Jiiv, 'i
Humphrey, Chaboon. Thornton, Foley snil Martin.
On Forest, Fish abtl Ghame Ijtws Brown, Cshoon,
Malby, Ford, Dsrls, n. V., Im Roche and Havens.
Ou Internal Affairs of Townssnd Counties Feeter,
Krum. Ambler. W (Ills. Armstroiig, Norton and Boyce.
On Publlo Ktlncatlun While. Parsons, Bracken,
Marahall, Uundasll, Sullivan and Jnllen
On Public Health-Johnson. Krunl, Wilcox, Willis.
Feeter, lloyt e and Rsmsperger.
On Military Affairs Davla. D. F i Copgeshall,
Mslby, Armstrong. Thorntnn, Coffey and Plunkltt
On Ilevislon Llsberg. White, lirown, Thornton,
Feeter. I mglas and Munxlnger
On Pruned and Kngrotse.1 Bills Marshall, Ford,
Brown, Wagnerantl Ramsnertrni.
On Affalta or Villages-Oooiltell, Brackett, Hum
phrey. Havens and Norton.
On Aariculture Ambler, Chahoon, Willis, Hire and
On PrlvlleRes and F.leetlons Thornton, llrackelt,
Amblr Imnnellvand Mitchell.
On Public Printing Sherwood, Armstrong, Kle
berg, Munrlnger mill Cnffev
On Indian Affairs -Willis, White, Davit, D. P.(
Feathersou and Martin
On Rnadaand llrblges Armstrong, Krom, Cogge
shall, Norton and Wagner.
On Trades and Mamifscliirea Chaboon, Johaton,
YVIlhs, l-eathersoniinitMeckej.
On Riilia-rllswoith, Ralnia and Grady.
Ktenocinphers, .llesienicers, I'ottinnsters,
Committee Clerks, Vnzrt, Ac,
Ax.nAxy, .Tan. 11 James H. VA'hlpplo, the
Clerk of tho Senate, will not nnnouneo thoSen
ate appointments until to-morrow. Tho fol
lowlnc appointments worn announced to-nlcht
In tho Assembly'
Stenographer. J 1) Taylor: Me'senRcr, J 11.
Douclaas; Postmaster. J. V. Ferris; Assistant
Postmastor. 1' A. Witter; Post Ofllec Slessen
L'ur. ,1.11 Slonno; Assistant Uoorkoepers, U.K.
Warren. F W Hemus, Norman Dubois. Albert
H. Campbell. A H. Aunis. Matshall W. Martin.
James .T riannlcan and Henry lllckford : Junl
tor. John T (lallahorn: Assistant Janitor.
Arclilo 11, lloborts; Ooneral Mcssencers.
tlpnr,,n (' MeKnnvin. YY'llllnm Doirerull. Ktl-
wunl Hojior. Seymour H. Tuft. .1 T. Oilbort,
John YY (lose
Committeo Clerks Ways and Means, Charles
Tupper: Judlclnry. Ij 11 Vnrlck: Cities. H H.
McKnlBht: Hallronds, Ilobert Humllton: Codes.
William H, Hopkins; Vlllaccs. YY'arner Thomp
son Ooneral Committee Clerks Wm. II. Hartlett,
I'.verett lirown. ltolin Johnson. Joseph Parker,
Charles It Slutthows. Charles II Armstrong;.
Prank lloyd, Horace T Hcott. C. O. Gray. Henry
Trench, .fumes H. Hoga.ii und Hobert Cietinu
Btenocraphers. Mrs. M. li Cull. Albort K.
noyt, Acnes Hollencer, Jcsslo Little and Ada
W LlRhTlmll.
Assistant Clerk. Itny 11 Hmlth : Journal Clark.
Henry L. Gates: Assistant Journal Clork. ban
ford W Smith: Index Clork. I'.dward II Den
niston: Assistant Index Clork. Kdwurtl M.
Itumsny; Second Assistant Index Clerk.
Thomas II Piireoll: Deputy Clerks. Charles
H. Holts. Clmrloa P Susdorf. Ueorce M.
lllllette. Kdwin J Easterbrook. W. K Mnns
lleld. Morton Cromwell. John It Glover. John
W Candee, I'cbert Kllsworth. Thomas 1 . Far
rell. F. P. Ilayno. James bheldon: Flnanolal
Clork. Frank N. Potrlo: Assistant I'lnauclal
Clork. Itlclinrd Derrick; Librarian, Loonard
Jay Cox: Assistant Librarian, benjamin .
Smith; Assistant Clerk to Committeo on En
crossed Hills, l'red J Malno: Superintendent
of Wrapping Department, Ilonry E. Smith;
Assistant Superintendent YY'ranpinc Depart
ment. Michael Hall; Mall and I)ocumiit Car
rier, li J. Dickson : Suporintendont of Doou
monta. Trank K llrower: Assistant Suporln-
Tenuentoi Documents. .1 il. nennouy.
Chief Messeneer. Anderson D Lawrence.
Messencors. Jamos II. Millard. Milon H. ltos,
Georno W. Terwilllcnr. Fred Lochfelen, A.M.
Hovniour. Hobert Hale. Philander Wlckham,
Adam Mlchucl-oii.
Paces, rranklin It. Allen, Dwicht L. Goewoy.
Charles H. l'ostor. James L. Loucliron, Edward
Matthews. Thomas M Knight. I) YV Mllls
paucli. Frank II Manes.Georcn L YY'eeks, An
tlrow Minders, M H Pace Houry Stralcht,
James Wlthcrcll. II. C, Sellheimer. Johnllronk.
Harold Heinehman. William li Mnlone. Matthew-
J. O'Nell, Harry Palmatior, Allen Adams.
Georco Kinc. Jamos A. McCIuro. Alexander
Graham, Harold Fryn and Frank Heudrlekson.
Fit aud is rni:EiK.
New York Full Cream ltrntid Used orDupll
entetl in Other States.
Albany. Jan. 11 Statu Commissioner of
Aericulturo Weitinc In his annual report,
which Is to ho presented to the Loclslature to
nlcht under tho lieadlnc "Cheee and Cheeso
Instruction," says that tlio cheese manors nf
thlst Statu aio nowlmakinc a nearly uniform
llrst-cradocheese Tho full cream (hecse man
ufactured is nearly all branded with the New
Y'ork Statu full cream cheeso brand, which
is a Guarantee lo the consuming public
relative to the Now Y'ork clieesa upon
which It appears, but u creat fraud
is beinc perpetrated upon the people by
the false use of the New Y'ork state bianil.
or the duplicates of il, by deali rs In other
States Ho sas It is known tli.it our New York
State brand has been duplicated and placed
upon cheese which was sold as New York State
full croam cheese which w. 'is nut made in the
State at ail. most of which was of an inferior
quality, nml he has. thro-it'h his acnts. found
cheeso in Southern States bearinc the New
York Stnto full cream cheese biiiml, the ptrtle
ular number of which hud not been issued
from litw office, for live yeais There should ho
national legislation to slop this great fraud,
which not only K opcratlnc upon the New York
Statn cheese producers, but Is a cmater fund
on the consuming public
He sas that n bill nuthorizluc the Governor
of onoh State to llln a State trademaik at YY'.ish
incton, that trademark to be used upon any
coods manufactured within the Stale for which
it was filed. If properly enforced would lemody
the fraud.
nuxEs law Aiti:simris.
Senator llnines Una Drafted Two bit h Ur
Will liitlotlutc siion,
Aitun'v, Jau 11 Senator liulnes avs thai
tlio LlnuorTav Lawmnv lids tear bu amended
In at losst two particulars Ho lias nlieady
draflod two amendments wnlcli he will soon
introduce In the Lecislalure Gne of these
provides that ?U00 shall be tho lowest price of
a license, cranted under tlio Lbjuor Tax law
to sell liquor to bo drunk on tho premises At
present there is a license obtainable for $100
which allows the holder to tralllc in lluuuis In
places of less than l.'-'OO population This
class is to he done, away with
Another amendment is to make the vovl.
slons of the Penal Code which places j person
faillne to pay a line, on com letioii of a misdo
meanor. In a penitentiary for as mnnv djjs ns
there are dollars of linn Imposed upply to vio
lators of.the I iquor T.iv law 1 he courts have
held In many lecent oxclno cases that thn
Liquor Tax law is complete In itself, nml tint
it provides its own punishments foi viola
tlons and cannot Invoke the penalties urn
scribed hy t lie provision of the I'onal Code
abovo mentioned, so tlnl u failure lo pay a
fine In reality left that portion of tlie Liquor
Tax law Inopeiatlvo It is to ovoienmo this
obslnole lo tho punishment id violators that
the amendment Is to be proposed.
Newspaper onkolhlntliiii In Syracuse,
Albany, Jan 11 Tlio VW-Wnmnri Com
pany of Syracuse, the corporation which is
to print tin) S mouse newspapers formerly
Iho Standout and tlio J 'ml, which have
been consolidated, llled articles or Incor
poration with tho Secretary nf State to
day Tlie capital slock is S1.10.UUO, nml
the directors are lames ,1 lleldon. Francis
Hendricks, YY'alter L Gardner. Horace YY'lnb-,
l'red YY' 11 irknr. Hciidrkki. llolilcn, Maitln A
Knnppand Albnrt K lllseock. all of Svracuso
Junius .1 Hehien subscribes for 7i'0of the l.doo
shaies of the cuiuii.iiiy's stock, and Francis
llendileks ami Hoi.it o White encli hold 1HH,
mid HendilekH Holdeuuiid A K lllseock 17.
Nassau Countiy Club.
Albavt. N Y.Jan 11 -Tho Nassau (Viimlrs
Club filed nillcles of Incorporation with thn
hecrntaiy of Statu to-day Thn prliiefp.il ofllco
will bo in Glen (Jove, and Iho club will provide
furlls members pioper cioiiuds foi uolf und
other outdoor spoils, and nlso n elubliousu for
their accommodation 1 hedlreeturxaie llar
voy Miinlock. i luiiles Yl I'rall. Leonard .1
Husbj, Iloi.tllo.M iIhiiis, l'leilern- Jl Piatt
How aril W Maxwell, llmiy F Noves. Chailos
(). (liites.iiiid.l llocers Maxwell of llnmkltiii
J I) Coles riippau. Percy ( hubb. Ltlvvnid II
Latlew, anil .los.-pli il Latluw of (tluii Cove.
William l ritleiiiien Ytlanm mid I'jikei I)
Hniitlyof Now York oily, and Harold Godwin
of HosUn.
Jlrs. 1'lnce's I ute in the (iovrinoi'a lliiiuls,
Amuny. Jan 11 Mrs Martha Place, whoen
conviction foi lliemunlei of her dauclitoi. Ida
Place. In Ilrooklyn, was anirmml hytimtouil
of Appeals jestorday ami who Is in Sine sine
Prison, will bo tlio first woman to occupy thn
eloctricehalr if tho Governor does not luturfeie
Gov Itoosevtdt to-day suitl that lie was pot
familiar with the cam anil could not indicate
what course ho would pursue If ho Is naked to
extend executlvu aloiucncy to tlio toiidumiietl
Gov. Itnnscvelt Honors n Ketiuikllliin.
At.nNJ, Jan. 11. Gov. lloosexnlt lias honoied
arequisillon of tlie Governor of Tt xas for tho
leturn lo thai Statu uf Given C Howard,
eliriiced with the oniheyletne it of fmiils i on
Incto ins ImiiiN us .ushlci in Hu ,ieu,-lii iim
of Iho t itlll (oiiiiadn nml s,m , it i ,,;iu
Hovvurd issiiltl to lian lit I in I ur ,pe I ill lui. i
Induced ! return v. lunturi v lo New Yoil,
where ho vrns nrrosiid and i lion liuld fur
aurroudoi Co the Texas authorities, j
nnsvt.T or run svevtat, skxatk
It Is necotninentletl Thai n Ilospllnl He
Jtreeted In the Adirondack l'oreat Tre
eerte for tlie Trentinent of Persona
A filleted wllli Tuberculosis The Finns.
Ai.iunv. Jan. 11. The report of tho special
Senate cominltteo appointed to Inv estlcato tho
advisability of cstablishtnc n Stnto hospltnl
for consumptives In tho Adlrondacks was sub
mitted lo tho Bonato to-nleht. Tho committeo
rneommends th it tlio Stnto establish a hospital
In the Adirondack forest preserve for tlio treat
ment of eases of tuberculosis, tho site, to bo se
lected hy tho trustees provided for In tho pro
posed bill submitted with tho report. Tho bill
provides that tho sum of $'200,000 bo appro
priated for the purpose of oroctlnc and equlp
plnc the proposed hospital bulldllius, It Is pro
vitleil that within thirty daj a after tho passacn
of tho net tlio Governor shall appoint five citi
zens of tho Stalo to constituto tho trustees of
the Stato hospital for consumptives, who shall
be nppolntod for tliico years, who arc empow
ered to select n silo within tho forest presorvo
wheteln ioconslruct tho hospital atneost notto
oxceed $1.10.000, which shall bo completed and
provided with nmplo facilities forthoiicccinmo
tint Ion of i'OO patients, within two years from Iho
p.issacoof the net Tlio trustees nro toroceivo
an annual salaty of $1,0(X) per year diirlnc the
construction of tho bulldlnc.lupon tho coniple
( ion of w hlch tliolr salaries are toeenso. In ordor
to supply lo tli publlo nooded Information con
eerninc tlie disease tho committee recommends
tlie insncn of n resolution dlrectliic thofitnto
llo'll ii of lletlltb to issue n elrenltir enntntnllitr
Informutl n upon the subject of tuberculosis
and Its prevention. Tho committeo also rec
ommends thnt the present lnws be so amended
ns to secure ns far as possible the protection of
food, fruits nml candy exposed for salo from
dust and disease conns
Much of tho report Is taken up with tho testi
mony taken hy tlio committee, extracts from
well-known writers on pulmonary diseases,
nml statistics relntlve to tho spread of and tho
number of deaths resulting from tuborculosis
in tlio State und nation eacli year The opinion
of evpertH that tuberculosis is not Ineurnble.
tho early nttempls to stamp out the disease,
tliu methods by which tho disease Is most com
motdv propagated, a review of the recent pre
ventive measurus ndopted both In this coun
try and Europe, and tlio work of the Stato
Hoard of Health In attnmptlnc to prevent in
fection by milk examination and tlie kllllnr of
herds found to bo Infected with thp dlseise.nro
cone over at loncth ami tlie followlnc Interost
inc deductions nre mnde by tlio committee:
" A disease which carries off by death ovor
1.1.000 of tho citizens of this Stato each year,
nnd which Involves bofore death the loss of the
servlcesof tlioso nmieted with It from ono to
silcht years, should certainly receive tlio seri
ous attention of sfitesmen ns well as philan
thropists Fiom the standpoint of political
economy alono the llnancial loss to tho Stato
each year is enormous, ns will bo shown by re
liable statistics
"If half of tho morn than 111,000 annual
deaths from tuberculosis in this State can bo
saved It means a saviuc of nearly S7.000.000.
AllVRten. therefore. In this direction shniilrt
meet with Iho hearty cooperation of this und)
In tlie interests of economy as well as bu
rn unit)
"Ono of tho results of tlio investigations of
your committee lias been to shown lamentable
lack of hospital provisions for tuberculous per
sons in our larire cities nnd towns lloeocnlr
infr tho infectiousness of these eases, tho nub
ile hospitals reject them if It Is possiolo to flnil
nn excuse to do so. antl no suoclal public hos
pital exists for the treatment of tuberculosis,
so far ns your committee has been nblo to
learn Ye succest thut tlio representatives of
the l.irce cities antl towns urcoupon their local
authorities the presslnc necessity for estab
llshinc special hospitals for thn treatment of
tuberculosis, to bo located somowhoro in tho
suburbs "
i v; En a n ox of r.Ano n.
Itesoliitloiis In J'nvnrof Woman Suffince nnd
Public Ownership of I'rnnclilses.
Ai.iunv, Jan. 11. Yt to-day'n session of
iho convention of tlio Stato Worklncmon's
Federation of Labor two resolutions, over
wliiclitheii' will he lively debate at subsequent
bosslone, worn introduced and referred lo tlio
( ominittuo on Itcsolutions One is hy Harriet
F Mills, representing tlio Now York Stato Suf
fraco Association, and provides that tlie feder-t
atlon shall recommend to tlie Lecislature tho
enactment oflawseivlnc women the sulTniEo
up the sumo terms as men: mid tho other. In
troduced li) Samuel Pi in co of Clear Packers'
I iilon No 2.11 nl New York, recommends that'
nfllllated bodies be urceil by tho convention lo
t iko independent liolltital action on a plank to
provide for public ownership and operation of
all means of transportation, of telecrnph and
telephone, cas. nlictnc and water plants-also
lor the strict enforcement of labor and f.ictoiv
inspection and tlio establishment of labor bu
icaus In the different labor centres of tlio
State undei the eonlrol of thn trades unions
In the til tei noon the flelit over tlio idmlssion
of Di'leeute Mcvoy was fiercely contesti d, hut
Ills friends wmi. and a vote cMuc IlimnnMt
in tho convention with full priv lleccs was t-nr-rled.ill
to-Ill Yeouiiiiittee.comnrislne YIessre
Perrlne. Ileurj and Harris of New York I'itr
Kcraldof Albans aiiilll.ynch of Syracuse, w.is'ap
iminletl to wiilt on Gov Koosevolt to arrance
for aid in labor h clslntiou at the coinlnc ses
sion of tin Lecislature.
7 ritosrrrm cjvtf, ovrirnj.s.
I'raiiLlin II. I.m ke nml Ills Partner, ,Inhn
G. Illlburn, Dt-cllun lu.seire,
AmsNV, Jan. 11 Hcnjamiu J. Shove, tho
foi mer Ibsti let Attorney pt Onondaca coiiutv.
wJio wasileslcnuteil by tlm Attorney-General
to tontltitt tiic criminal proecodlnes :iuaftit
canal ollleials, based on the report of the ('mini
Iiivpsiicatme Commission, was in thncitv to
day conferring: with Attornoy-oeneial Davis
I rauklln 1) l.ocko of HiilTiilo liisdeellnnd lu
set vu as one of tho special pioseoutinc ntloi
iiuvh in tlie eauul piosneutioiie Thn Governor
Piomiitl) olTered the place to John G. Illlburn,
Mr. locke's paitncr In Iho linn of ltoct is,
Locke ,V Illlburn of Uiiflalo. and he also declined
llrjjL-jjlion to (inv, nnd "Mrs. Koosrvelt nt
tliu 1 urt Oruiico Club.
Aiihsv.Jhh IL Tli chief social event of
the Alb my season was tint leceptlon civen lo
nlKlit li the Fort Oraneo Club to the (loicrnoi
and Mrs Itoosi-vclt Previous to the reception
Gov ami Mrs llooscvultdined with Mrs. John
Y. L i'riisn. at her residence on F.Ik street
The) were met coming from Mis Prion's by
tol. Georco Curtis Tieadwull, Iho Governor's
military scorelai). who. in liisoqleial capac
ity, escorted them lo the Foit Oranee Club,
wheio they wem mil at tho enttaiico by tlio
members of tlie Governor's staff In full tin i
torm Tim clubhouse was elaborately doeo
i ainit
Tin receiv mc partyconslstedof thcGovornor
nntl Mrs Iloosevelt, Gen ( harles Trncey, 1'iesi
ilout uf thn cliili. and Mrs Traeov, Miss Mveis
nml Mrs John 'I Noitnn, Mis iMwnril iiow
tlilch. Mrs Georco Jl Tliiielmr. Mrs Naihunlei
YY'ales and Mrs Iluel C Andrews, wlvesof tho
trustee of tins club Tho cuests Included
many distinguished pnrsoiiH of city ami Htule
.mil famous men fiom othoreilles Tlioin
I'optlou was fiiim li to l'' o'clock, and was fol
lowed hy u supper nnd a dance
Comptroller Wiiicnn Cues In llat Splines,
N. C.
Ai.iHNV.Jaii 11. -Stato Comptroller William
J. Morgan left to-du foi Hot Springs. N C.
intending lo be conn foi tho nuxt four or five
weeks Tlio Comptiollei ' health was unfavor
ably affected by ilm vieorous campaign waged
in Novi'iubi'i, and a change was absolutely
Assembl) man Hill Sworn In.
Aljiin. Jan II. Yssomblyman Henry W
Hill nf I'.rio eiuiiiiy. who leslgned that ofllco
when Gn lllnck, on tlio last day of thn old
yea i. appointed linn District Attorney of Frio
einiiiis. an oilice for which it was determined
aflen.aiil Hint he was Ineligible on nccouiit of
his i lection In tlm Ysseuibly. was sworn in by
Senietiiiy of statu .McHonoiighnsuu Assembly
man this itltenioon Mr lllll had on .Ian. 'J io
c, illcd his resignation as Assemblyman.
Gov. Itimsev ell's .Vlilltnry Serretnry.
Aiiianv. Jnn 11 -Col. George Curtis Tread
well, military secretary to the Governor, was
leappoinleil to Gi.if office to-day hi Gov. Itooso
velt This appointment completes the Gov
ernor's military stuff.
l'niiiiilrd Her Iluuil ultli a Touch I'iece nf
John Cullen, who forltwolyears has boarded
with Widow Cuthorino Shields nt -111) Fast
Tweiiiy-nlnth stiect, declared last night that
thn corned licof she served him fordiunei was
touch She denied it, and he pioved the truth
iflinak I'liituibi I'oiiiiilinc Imi ovnr the Imad
Willi Ihi In el s,,i. ivii-. I il,, ii to linllnvun litis
ii -el vi b a it i in t i if stMipw mnds ( uiien i
'i I k. d up iii iii List 'Jiuriv lift It street '
sllll' ii
'I lie Ails of Kvnn Ale I
ma) be lo ilated, but the brew ins neier, Adv.
hum's 1'Arnns ncicrn or.
rrnlmhly Thrown Orerbonrtl hy the North
Gerninn I,lner Oresden.
tpttial Cable fiupateh to Tnr Rck.
London. Jan. 11 A parcel of papers nnd
books supposed to botonc to the North Gorman
Lloyd's steamship Dresden has been picked
tip by tho coast guards AtMnmrlon, In Corn
wall. Tho North Gorman Lloyd's agents say
thoyhnvo no apprehensions for the Dresden,
which sailed from Uremen for Baltimore on
Dec. 31 The packneo contained thn log. man
ifests and passenger llsls of tho Dresdon for
181KI. His thought that tho htindla was acci
dentally dropped overboard.
Lloyd's ncent nt LUorpool roports that tho
British steamship Juno, which arrived there
to-day from Snvannnh. passed on Jan. 0 In
Int. fiO.15' north, long. lHaO'wost. a largo
steamship In tow steering oast, evidently
hating lost her propeller. She showed no
Blgnnls. A heavy galo sprung upon thn next
day nnd tho Captain ot tlio Juno fears that tho
disabled ship hroko adrift from the vessel
towing her.
At tho onleo of the North Germnn Llovd lino
In this city jestorday It was said that no
anxiety was felt about tho Dresden. It wan
said that the Dresden was not dun at Haltlmorn
until to-dnv. Tho Dresdon has been chartered
to the Spanish Government to bo usedlntrnns-
Bortluc tlio Spanish soldiers ftom Cuba to
, Count Klaus inn l.'clnffstt-ln Arreslrd Scions
of Aristocratic I'mnllles I'leeccd.
.Yjurta! Cable DuoaUh (oTnr 9tJr.
IiEnLiN. Jan. 11. Count Klaus von Egloff
steln, a membor of one of tho best families, has
been arrested hero in connection with tho re
cent gambling scandal In tho Club dcrrroh
llchon, whoro many young mon of aristocratic
families huvo boon floeced.
Count Klaus von F.glofTsteln is tho eldostson
of tho head of tho family He Is '21 years old. a
Lieutenant in tlio Prussian Uhlan lteglment
No. 10 and was engaged to bo mnrrled last year.
The Club dor 1 rfllillchen, according to the
Derlln Jlornicourln: is a society of young
officers, netors. writers and Government
employees, whlcli hold its meetings in
various hotols and restaurants, having
no II veil abode Tlie conduct of the members
had been of such n cha -acter before the gamb
ling scandal that the llub was excluded from
some of thn chief llerlln hotels. A professional
gambler named YoIT. who was Implicated in
n. notorious camblli.uiiffalr.thn Konrad Hentes
case some years aeo, and who In consequence
served a term In jail, was ntlmltted to the club
and succeeded In 'leoeltig many members. His
exploits were nmoig tho thincs that recently
broucht the club into notice, but ho disap
peared as soon ns the newspapers got wind of
tho affair, Ho am. others could cheat with
comparative impunity ns fear of the Kaiser's
displeasuro would kiep many of their victims
The Spanish Premier May Fnco the Cortes
with Cnblnet Unchanged.
fciat Cable D'fpatth lo Tnr Snv,
Lovdom Jan. 11 A despatch to tho Ex
ohanco Telegraph Company from Madrid says
it Is regarded as absolutely certain that Premier
Sacasta will face the Cortos with tho Cabinet
practically unchanged.
Hofior Sagasta has scored a great tactical ud
vantaee In rallying to his side Gen. Woyler.
the Duke of Tctnan, SoHor Canalejas nnd
llomero Itobledo With this combination it is
believed that SenorSagastn has little fear of an
opposition led by Seflor Silv cla
'Government trill Ailbere to the Limits
Already Prescribed.
Sp'nal Cable Rftpalch tn Tht Son.
Berlin. Jan. 11 At a meeting of tho Budget
Cbininlttoe of tlie Iteiclistng to-day Hear Ad
miral Tlipitz. tho head of tlio Imperial Ad
miralty, said that no intention had boon mani
fested to submit n now naval proeinmme. tlio
authorities having acieod to adhero to the lim
its already prescribed.
tiii: i.a noxmaotixF. disasteh.
Opening of Trinl of Dainnge Sultnf Owners
of tlio Croiunrtysblre.
Saectal Cable P'spaUh to The Scs.
London. Jan. 11. Trial ot the suit broucht
by Law A Co . the ownnrs of the British steam
ship Cromartyshire, against tho Compagnie
Gunfrale Transatlantlquu for damages to the
Croniartjsluin us the result of her collision
with tlio Freneli linei 1 a Iloureocue, In which
tlie latter was sunk, was begun in tlie Admiralty
Division of the High Court of Justice to-day.
l'nlntlngs Snltl to Hum llren Sold by Pope
Plus IX. Pound In Siivoitv.
.Sveaal Cable Drivaich to Vht Scs.
London'. Jan. 11 The correspondent of the
J'lill Mall Can-tit In Home sajs that u renewed
seaielifoi palntlngswhlcli.it bus boon openly
slnteil, weie soltl by Pupo Pius IX. lias dis
closed some of thn Densities in tho little town
of Tlnrnndt. Saxony, In tlie collection of tho
lste Count Lestvyc-Siiminskl These include
a nun by Corroeio, a inacnillcont work, and
'two Mnrillos
Hrjiort Tlutl Count II of American IMahope
VMM lie Held 111 itiinie.
Special Cable Jlnpatch lit lut. Bus.
Bovtr, Jan. 11 Tho Otrnratnrr Ilomauo
publishes a Papallettor announcing the Pope's
compliance with the wish of tlio American
Bishops to hold a council in Homo In thecourso
of the present year,
Kngllah Shipbuilding Uecord Broken.
.Spenal Cable Jletpalch to Tnr Sos
London, Jan. 11 Llonl's shipbuilding re
turns for Fnglaiiil show that the output of
F.nglish yards in IKON. including warships. was
801! vessels, aggregating 1 ..110, 1215 tons. Tills
surpasses nil foimnr records.
Kuglish Illcjt In Trails in a lintl Way.
.Tjitritil Cable D'lpateK to Tnr Scs
London, Jan 11 The Birmingham bicycle
trade seems to be drifting from bad toworso
Three companies engaged In the manufacture
of bicycles nio about to closo up thcli affairs
and another Is to lm reorganised
f-stuh is-iirn i84T,.
linOXDWA IlrolilvwiY A, lledford Ale.
toll. .UNI SI' 1 ultonht. A ITUtbiisli Ave
A drop in the mercury
creates a deiiiniid for moro
No need to shiver, though,
ns broken lots havo caused
a drop in prices here, ou a
number of lines of
Formerly $:2, $25, $28,
$0 and ;j5.
These nre this Winter's
choicest garments, and
while your size is here to
day, don't delii, as it may
be gone to-morrow.
1 1 m I You ioiA stnrrtml).
BROADWAY, Cor. 31st St.
xrro nr.nvr.Ans rr.uxnim iiousbs ix
Willi on Spree They Hob n nskeshop nnd
n Store and Asinult Some Spnnlnrdi
Dlitributlnr Itntlons to Starving Cubans
Spert.l Cable DnptlcS to Tnr. Bun.
Havina. Jan. IL Joso Cunndo. a Spanish
grocer at La Vcdado, has reported to Gen. Lud
low that two soldiers belonging to thoLTghth
and Tenth regulars and a cl lllnn attackod tho
bakery of Manuel Monendor.. n Spaniard, at
Sovonth and Tonth streets this mornlngand
forced tho proprietor to glvo thorn liquor.
Aftor drinking thoy plundered Mcnonilez's
houso. Then thoy went to Cuando's store, on Lti
Luna street, whero they asked Adolfo Av In and
r.mlllo Vegn, cmploices of Cuando, to glvo
thorn something to drink Tho clerks refused
to do so, saying that It violated tho ordor Issued
by Gen. Ludlow. Vega was knocked down and
tho soldiers plundorod tho store. YY'hon Cuando
attempted to protect his proporty ho was
assaulted. His family went to his assist
ance, and ho, his wife brother, nntl sister-in-law
wcro badly hurt. Y'ega and Avin
wero also wounded. Tho soldiers shot
nt u milkman on tho street, but missed him
and killod his horse. Tho soldlors procooded
to tho Salon Trochn. tlio headnuartors of
Governor-General Brooke. disarmed the night
watchmnn, a mnn nnmoil Ballcttcros, and
robbed him of somo money.
Capt Pago was detailed to arrest tho drunk
en soldiers, but in tho menntlmo Seflor Cuando
had notified the soldiers of tho garrison, who
took the two offending soldiers into custody.
Gon. Ludlow Is Investigating the affair, and If
the charges against tho soldiers are found to
be true thoy will bo severely punished.
Tho Hpanlsh steamship llamon do Horroin.
which sailed for Nuovltns )estordny. took 50.
000 rations, which will bo distributed hy Gon.
Carponter. This mornlnc 00.000 rations woro
sont hy rail to Pinar del Itlo. consigned to Gon.
Davis. Ono hundred thousand rations each
havo been Bent to Matanzas. Clenfuegos nnd
Sanetl Bplritus. and oO.OOO to Trinidad. Gen.
Brooko has ordered the transport Comal to
convoy provisions to several othor places. An
other steamship Is expected hero next woek
with -100.000 rations for Havana, .100.000 for
Clenfuegos. 200,000 for Jlatanzns and 100.000
for Trlnldud.
Gen. Sangorhas writton tho followlnc lottor
to the Alcalde of tho town of Cervantes, Prov
Inco of Matanzas:
"Francisco Vnldcs complains that a Cuban
ox-offlcer by the iinmo of Domingo Gonr.ale7.
who resides In your town, ordered him to leavo
tho place and not return. I liieloso you several
conies of n. hamtn Issued hr m. one nf irhleh
you will plnco In tho hands of Citizen Gonzalez,
and you will Inform him that if ho gives mo
any further troublo I will havo him arrested,
brought to Matanzas and lodged In jail.
" You aro charged witli tho prcsonatlon of
peaeo In jour town, and unless jon nro able to
keopthe peaco It will bo necessary to removo
you from Tour position nnd appoint someone
else who will do so. All residents of the island
black, white, Spanish or Cuban aro entitled
to the protection of thn law In their persons
nnd proporty, nnd I havo been sent born to sen
that they recelvo it I shall undoubtedly per
form my duties lu this respect."
Government's Argument n Fnvor of the
Imperial l'tiotl-sunpljr Hill.
Xpertal Cable Vrtvatch to The Sun. J
Br.ni.iN.Jnn.il. The debato on the moat
supply was continued in tho lle'Ichstac
to-day. Count on Posadowsky-YA'ohner,
Secretary of Stato for tho Interior, tie.
clnretl that tho question was whether
tho urban population should havo t licaper
meat or tho rural minority suffer nn incalcula
ble lasting injury. Ho ndded that so long as It
wns not proved thnt tho fooil supply of the peo
ple, was endangered tlio Government would
havo to defend tho Interests of tho rural
Mulrtett In (100 Primes for Accusing M,
Jtidet tif Value 1'orcett Documents.
.Special Cable Deipaleh lo Till SOH.
Paius, Jan. 11. Tlio Correctional Tribunal
has sentencod Jl. Zola to pay a lino of 100
francs and fJOOfrnncs damnccs for accusing M.
Ernest Judet. .1 journalist, of hnvlnc made use
of forged documents in an nttack mado by
Judet upon Zola's father.
Xegotlntioiia ns to a Coaling Station nnve
Xot Heeli Com lulled.
Special Cable Ileipalck to Tnr Acs'.
London. Jnn 1'-'. A despatch to the Standard
from Berlin sa)s that tlio iiecotiations between
Germany and Spain icgardinc tho Carolino
Islands havo not Set been concluded. It is
probable that Germany will get only a coaling
station in tlie Islands
31 lu. llemy Itetnins Zulu's Counsel.
Altcial Cable Despatch to Tnr Sos.
Paiiik. Jan. 11 Summonses In the action
biouglitby Mmc Henry, widow of Col Hour),
against il lleln.ich for .sl.indunuc her hus
band wcro issued eslerday. It is wild that 51
Iteliiiich ha ictalncd M. 1. aboil, who vvus
Zola's counsel, to defend him. and that 00 wit
nesses will be called.
A Spanish Plea fur Itussnn il'eti oleum.
Special Cable Deipatch to The Scn,
Baucelona, Jan. 11. Tlio Dtauo advocates
a modilleation of tlio Spanish customs regula
tions in order to allow llusslan petroleum to
compete on equal tonus with tlie American
Insilinnee Coiupuules Ilunl lilt by the Pile
ill 'I his sJhv-St rnper.
The lloinoLifo Insuinneo Company building,
tho iippei floors of which vv ci u burned on tho
night of Dec. A, was insured for $;i."0,lXK) Tlie
llro insurance companies look the risk furtive
jeaisat tho rale of lo tents on Sloo, or two
centson 100acar I'ot the whole. Insurance
tho companies cot only $70.i yenr Tlio duni
aco donu by tho Iho has been appraised at
M Oti.U'.'o S' Tho lire Insurance companies
will have lo pn that amount.
Tho appraisal bus lust been made John
Downey inpresentetl the lift- iusiiianco com
pany, J. I). Jllnoi the lire liisiii.ince lom
pnules, und Otto SI IMdlil wan chosen bv
tlieso twotonf t ns iiinplre Tlies agieetl that
Iho value of the building before the lite was
SIHK).O(H) Tho llulltliiig Depuitniont decided
that the entile flout fiom tlie eight II Moor up
must bo taken tlowii, anil llnaiiiialsors ntrrci-il
that tlie cost of doing thatlwork and lohuilding
with new TucUahoo marble would bo $7.).-'io
If almost nnyothfi kind of material lould bo
substituted foi the inaible Ibis cost would lie
coiibldorably loss. i ho appraisers think, because
there nro but two quarries whore Tueka
hoe marbln can bo obltilnod. ami of
eourso they have u ninnoiolv Somo
of the mnrblo that will bo tnkon from
the building is not so badly tUmngod bin
that It can bo used over again. and It Is osti
mated thnt the underwriters will getatlMbt
$il,000 out of this. Tlie appraisers, after living
tho damage to the front, iiindouearelu! eonipu.
tntiouof tlm damago to the lutoiior of the
building Thoy mntlo separnto uppralsnmont
of tho woodwork, tlie paint, tlio tiling, tho
steam pining, the elect ric lighting apparatus,
the elevator appurnliiH nnd the ironwork Tim
aggregato of the damago to these things was
This appraisement Is hlndlngOJin both com
panies Tho tiro insurance companies Inter
ested nre the Hoyal oi Liverpool, which had tin
$S0.(X)0 rlBk: the Continental "of Now Y irk.
wh ch had n $70000 risk tlie Sun of London
which had a KiO.ikki risk: tlie I'henlx of
Brfioklyn. the North British nnd Mereantllo
am the dvorpool and lyuidon and Globo,
which bail $40 000 risks each, unit tho Gorman
Amoricnn of New; York, which had u $.'ti).iioo
risk. 'I lie total loss will bo divided among
l liesn companies In proportion to tho amount
thoy had ilsked In tlm same manner Unit
the $70 per vonr recoived by tho com-
I'"?V:i,i'il" ,' !lv,.!0( . "'.j'10.70 "'" ltoi
got$l(l,tho (XintliiKiital $l-l,tho htm Sill, tho
Phenlx.. North llrltlsh and Slercimtllo am tliu
Ixmdon mid Liverpool and Globe fH each, nud
the (lerniHii-Amerlcnii $il Jfotiuli llguiliig
shows that for Its Jill tho I!onl will havo to
pay $4Ti,r.it0, for lis $11 tlm Com imnul will
haieto pa) $311.115. for lt $10 tli" SiVi,
have tp pay $'JH,i74. for their $,- en.dithe phe
px. tho North ..British and tlm Ixmdon and
Liverpool and Globe will have to pay SS2.7HO
hato to pay$17:ow!h0 ao vrlll
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ovening clothes thoy'ro no good
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thu rus n r agaixst itonr.itTs. , 1
.tllissiiiertiuc "f Motliotllst M'onien In nl.
tluiore rii.lests Acalnst Sentlnc Ilim.
HiiTiMoiir. 3Iil Jan. 11. Thoro was a maaa
nieotinK of Molliodlst Enlscoii.-xl women hers
to-day to taVo notion in the cas orConcrese-man-elect
HobertH of Utah. Mia. John NbIT
nrcsideil ami Mm. V. O. DanloI:was Becro
lary Mie. C'lnr.i I,. Itoaeh of Wnahincton.
Kecreliiy of tlio Homo Missionary 80
clcly, in.ido the nrlnclpal atldross. Mrs. Tel
ler of 'WusliiiiKton, wife of Senator Henry M.
Teller or Colorado. Is the ccnforcnce rroel
ilcnt, bm bIjb was not at tins ineetinc. anil th
Jmllc savther have not been ablo to cet,'lier
o.Uko up tlio llchtnealnst Koberts. Itesolu
toiiB wero ailoiittjil, which uftor.doclarlnit that
JtoberlhM nilmlsior. to a haat In Conrrei
would bo 11 dlHurnoo lo tho country, say:
.i.-u'."''."'. 'iT t oncers anil membors of
e.i "u!8,,,om. 3I. 'ilonary Hoolety of thn
MetlimliKt 1 nlhcoral ( htircli in the city of Hal.
Iniore.nssombloil In dealer Hall. Iliiri 11th day
of Joimury. Irtliit. that wo do entor our most
earnest and snleiiin luotest lu-'aliiht tho adml-
pn of the suljl Koberts to a plnco In the coun
cils of tho nation, anil wo iiluilare ourseles to
nut fonli every endeavor to present the ealam
llv lh.it threatenK 111 rtiul to unite with all I
ii!i iJr"lT,.15i" ,,n'"nyoniznuo In oriean- 1
lcil cfTurt In this direction ' 1
xr A.i''"W".,I,,ieo WP J'l'pnlntcd to sen IhatOTory 1
Me hodlst church lu llnltlmore elrciilatod a 1
Petition acalnst the Mjtitina- of lloberts. 1
-- - v a
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