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PI"T fW ' . x , ) .lA'iMAU r n r s. in'. ' '; ''Mil
I" t J 4 ' THE 6UJN', i-KiV, JANbAiti' 14 1SQ0. 1
lr H.. f - -" -"MM'MMM"""""w,''M',',,,,',w'i ... '"Ti"m 1 1 .1 - "" - 1.1. j
I p I 1 tEi cji house i sRssrox j,i mtxotes
Iljf 'K f IhR& '"' Senate Ilerrlves ft Petition from tVn-
fffc Its' h m IrS mm Opposed tn Wntnnri SuflrHCH-Two
&' & f I IE Kiclse Ililla llepenllwr Ihn Itnlmis l.nvr.
If f I b Ai.baxt, Jan. 12. Tlio sessions of each liouso
tK t r f'; of tlio Legislature to-day lasted twenty mlti-
1 ' ft Br1' nteBonly. I.lttlo buslnoss wns transaatori be-
ill 1$ I t BN Ton "19 Introduction of bills. Nominations
&-m I t Sf irom the Governor of Louise Plerpont Morgan
L C WjJT and Henry It. Holllster as members of tlio
lr ilk t ' P Hoard of Mannanrs of tlio Manhattan Blnta
l"'Bl E m$ Hospital and Annie P, Clnrr nnd Richard Cur-
f' K ft ' Wh ' rsn ' Kochrster nnd Qaorslnna Orlffltli of
$ If gf w Troy as members of tho Hoard of Manacors of
Jv It H ' W$ tne sow York S,a, Worann'8 Hellof Corps
k( ij K I Rl Homo at Oxford, Chenango county, were re-
W If ff i celved nnd referred to tlio Senate Flnanco
ft 1$ I - T T ' Committee.
T -If ? S, In the Senate Mrs. fleorce While Field. Mrs.
i l(' V M Oeor&o Waddlniiton. Klcanor O. Hewitt, Mrs,
' U V . Jllchard Watson Olid jr. Mrs, Hosslter John-
.It fi If son, Mrs. Gilbert P.. Jonos. Mrs. W. M. Scott.
' S K i- m ' r8- Monro9 Smith and Mrs. Ellhu Hoot of
' IS K K 1,ew iorlc e't,r on bona" of tne outlvo
If- C P (lommltteo of the Now York State nssoclatlon
' I1"' f ly " R opposed to the eitonslon of tuffrage to women.
' ui 1 L'l submlttfld a petition through Ponator Grady
It i r Kf asklne that tho Locislature oppose such ox-
J 0 I r- W' tension of snllraBO. The petition reads:
I f ! ft) K " Wo are convinced that the adoption of such
f l- K C ft ,n mon(Jmen' would neeessnrlly load to
,, ji; r fk ft-'" serious complications In both the political and
S 2? ' 7 soolal conditions of the State, and that such
' ' . complications would bo harmful to tho Htato In
3 k?' 1 3E every way. Wo strenuously opposo nny such
fii1 E f P radical change In Bovernmentnl muthods, and
rr ffi ! ff' ask that you will heed our petition "
: lit C. f' -; Senator Ford haa Introduced a bill to amend
i li I" '' W' tn frea,r New York charter by providing
r 81 v 4 P for the publication of the annual record of tho
' n'' s. i assessed valuations of real 03tato In tlio city of
, it; f , fc NiwYork.
. i' f B1 Senator Wagner of Ilrooklyn and Assombly-
ft J jj man Harburger of Now York to-dar Intro-
t' St r ' W duoed Tammany's old oxolio bill, which mado
i Hi H Its appearance at tho last sesiton of tho Lugls-
' f , jf laturo. This Is the bill which proposes, to rn
F 0 - X ' Pa' tne "alnes Liquor 'lax Inw mid rbtore
$, W i ' fj ''" local boards of exclso, which are empow-
f. 8 ' ' ' iBt ered to rogulate the lhiiior traffic and lix the
w ' ' ? Pc license fees In their respective localities
f a' ! '. j Mr. Harburger also put In another stcIso
b Jj B hill. It Is the pergonal exclt. bill which Mr
f (I j f. Is Harburger fathered at the sesilon of ;ho la9t
B f !) in K. Legislature and which met with constant re-
f i , f verses each tlmo It enmo up fornliearlni: bt-
p. t r J if fore the Excise Committee. Tlio bill has been
: ' s ? : slightly modllled. but tho object It aJraed
' I f to accomplish Is not clmngod Its pur-
p ' r f ii pose Is to do away with btate nupervliion of
i ; , the liquor traffic from Albany and tocwtnbllHli
I , ; fixed lower ratosi of llcoiiso for tho various
l ' . localities of the Stuto It dlstlnculsliesonly
ft-1 ' I between citlos and towns In tho determination
J I of the llnenso fee.
1 I 1 ', ' "Battery nan" linn Introduood a hill pro-
fi j? Tiding that no doaler Bhall soil or oxpone for
jj . f. saleaTrandBprlngiCUimwithoutllrstolitaliilnca
P t Si llcenaesoto sell, which hi eltlosof tholliMtcliibd
J I y 1 shall be obtalnnnlo ut $."(), of tint becoud class
V ft' at $25. and tho third olasn at S16 Tim mens-
I 15 SL ure also provides that tho purchaser of tho irun
ft h I k w must pay a license of $1 before iwlnc tho Brfine.
t . 1 t f and makes elthor Its unllnonsed sale or unli-
f . ' s ;' i censed use punishable as a misdemeanor.
jt j I v ' Mr. Finn had another bill taxing trust com-
i j, f, ' I ranles the same as banks are now taxed, and a
li k S J measure ropoallng the acts exeniutlng from
I fc' ' State and local taxation vessels registered in
i F, t t any port In the State of New York, ownod by
r p e American citizens or corporations organi7ed
, ' under the laws of New ork Stato. Theso latt
j ' . ) twolbllls havo been froqunnt visitors to the
8 1 t '- legislative bill box for many sessions past.
' r 1 1 These other bills wero introduced In the As-
' Hi' ' t it sembly;
' I" j Aaiemblrmtn J. K. Hrnnan Providlnc for tlin
( h E . proper heating of itrfet railroad oars during tlia
1 li ? L months of Decrniber, January, February and Mrch
fe ( l In cities of tlie State uaMlu; a populatlou of over
Hi 5 s j 00.000,
l t '. ft , Mr. Witter Providing that every tramp, upon con-
'. tR . I victloD aa saob, shall be punished by hard labor In
t j 1 i the oountr Jail of counties of tho State where nieth
; ode of working the prisoners have been adopted.
it 3 ' and where bo such iuelhucU are in vogue, by hard
i' ' ' labor In the nearest penitentiary, not to exceed six
. yi ; months' Imprisonment.
r U U Mr. Maher Compelling all nuhway companies to
', '; place on all manhole covers an automatic valte to
p y L prevent the accumulation and explosion of cas m
!f r . :, i manholes.
.8 ; :" I Mr. J. F, llMnnan Providinsi that previous to the
; tti t ' 1 leaueof a tax certiorate to allows person to nianu-
t v r & facture tobacco cigarettes the applicant for such
f I. . r jt t eerancate must make oath lb.it the clgarettea In-
51 If ? ft tended to bo manufactured will not contain any
TSr' '' Injurious materials.
RL I . Mr. J, F. Brenna Pnrovlding that no more than
K h , b 5 cents shall be charaed for a continuous ride for
K j ft , tne pasaeni:eroer the line of any elevated, under-
', (round, nr surface railroad within the corporate
i V ' I Umlte of Sew Vorl city.
I i ; Mr. Oraham Providing for the Ucenslnc of short
k h L ; land reporters who report judicial proceedings.
ft1, ." Mr. Bandere Providing that an execution against
n j ? 1 Ihe body of a debtor may not bo issued out of the
f r. 1 r Innnlclpal court of New York city for goods sold on
E jV t ' t the Installment plan wliero the amount Involved
t it , . f does not exceed (25.
i 'i Mr. Greenwood ProAldins that a taxpayer before
R ? i commencing an acuon against a pubiie oincer must
K' i ' .' . file an tmdertakinr with suQlclent securities for the
fc I p eosts or the action.
I P ; i , Assemblyman Iteadluitton to-nleht dropped
I '. I 1 Into the Assembly bill box a bill to provide for
tf f ' f the immediate enlareoineutflfono tier of locks
f. f '. on the Erie and Osnogo canals, nnd to ccnernl-
f . ' ly deepen these canals and tho Cliamplam
lift Oanoi By the provisions of the bill tho Supor-
f t" 6. j Intendout of Publlo Works Is authorized to
I t, K p I deepen t lie Erie nnd Oswego canals to a depth
B , I , of nine feet throughout their entire length and
if, IK f. to a width on the surface of nt least 100 feet,
IIs ; I J except In populous cities, n horn tho width may
f s i be narrowed to eighty feet Tlio C'hnmplaln
r; 5 Canal Is to be proportionately widened The
I ji ' ' 5- amount of the appropriation to bo made is not
t r ' f named In tho bill, but the Comptroller is au-
t i ! ' ' thorUed to borrow from tlmo to time sums In
f j l ; I the amount of $100,000 with which to prose-
f I. . i i cut tho work.
It r
J j, .. : A Committee Calls on the Governor-lint
iBi. 5 J L Canvass for rresblent.
8f ; ' ALDaNT. Jan. 12. Gov. Itoosevelt rocelved a
B1, f .- committee from the Stato Worklngmen's Fod-
K i i eratlon Convention nt the executive cliainbtr
B , i k early this afternoon and dlicusscd with them
Si !" their wants In the way of proposed legislation,
;R J1 ' The membetsof the committee present were.
fff r j) William Perrlne. Daniel Harris. W J U'llrien.
K , f i John Henry and Henry White of Syracuse . T
Si? t I D. Fitzgerald of Albauy nnd James JI Lynch
B j f i i of Syracuse.
H ' ? i. The candldaoy of three nion. reprssontlng
ui R i Sr i different factions anions the delegates, for ap-
rljf Pf K.J Polntment as Commissioner of Labor Statistics
I I Hv Is causing hot words in the contention Tlicso
Hi ? t w. candidates are Henry Woissman of New York.
Bi' t, l Rv ex-Asiomblyinan John Williams of Vtlen ami
JM f 5 f, Charles J. IJuraar of New York Williams Is
Rjt t , S lresident of tho United llrotherliood of Cnr-
&!'.!- V pentera. and Uumar is backed by 'J'ypocraphl-
i , 6 I cal Union No. 0. Two prominent di'lcgntes are
III ; R In tho field for Presldont of thoRtate Fedora-
m) ' w J Hon for the ensuing year, and a Heated can yum
Vs i ; Is on for votes. Those cnndldatfj are Daniel
fji f f Harris, who was President of the Htnto branch
M' l of the Federation of Labor before tint amalgu-
E - c inatlon with tho Stato Workltiuuien's Assem-
W ; ; bly, and B. J. MoLouchllu, rL'preentlncTypo-
. . graphical Union No. iJ.
'n, 5 5 i At the afternoon session of tho convention a
n) k ' I big fight took place on the question of affUla-
J S tlon with the American Futlorutlon of Labor.
J M i It was declared tliat many of the delegatus
B; I j were members of the Knights of Labor, which
CJ bars them from membership in the American
E 1 - . Vedoratlon of Labor. Thcs men would be
I K - R driven out bv becoming aillllntcd with this nh-
i J -S w tlonnl orcanlratlon.
mi., Jf After one hour's talk, during which a large
i-1 ' 111 number of delegates weio heard, President
'.: J,;; Oorapers took tlio floor and made a npeoch In-
il f m tlorslnz the resolution fornflllljtion.nud It was
! f carried by a voto of 03 to 40
m- t .,
tr w'
IB, nr llnrry II, IlenUer of Albany Appointed
r W Superintendent of 11111110 nulltUngs.
H'j ' i I A i.dan Y. Jan 12. Harry JI. Bonder of Albany
m. "h was appointed State Superintendent of Public
m'( ': i Buildings, to succeed Frederick Kauton, also of
V f Ik this city, nt a meeting this afternoon of tho
1 IS State Trustees of Public liulldlngb.uonslstlug
m' ; I Ij, of Gov. ltutiHovolt, Lieut -tlov. Woodrull and
m '. Speaker Nixon of the Assembly. Theappoiut-
H ; . 1 ',,- mentis to tnko etTect Jau 15. Mi. Uendor Is
, tJ the present Deputy County TrasurorofAlba-
Bn l ' t ' ny county, and Is the Traiiror of tlm Albany
HV ' !J county ltspubllcaa oreaulzatlou, nliich backed
i r If him for the position
' jv !i ov- HoosMvolt was asked if tlio lMr,l hail
H iV it outlined any polioy for the new Superintendent
B J j r to follow. Ho replied tlmt the trustors were a
H'' f. i unit, In deciding that Hie tenure of oflloe ol
m JI J; employees In the Publlo BuildlngH Dupuitment
t m ;' . must depend upon tho otllolcuey of the ap-
i . U polutecs. It did not nittr what influences
y tr may havo seemed them their places, the eiu-
'$1 ' F" ployees must demonstrate theinselies clllclent
K(l ,1 to do tlis work roquuvd of them
Bf i Joseph Murray of Now York, city will be ap-
' i i iwlntedbr Mr. llendras Deimt Suporintond-
m i ent of Public Buildings, to taknoQlcs on March
' I . 1. Mr. Murray Is one of the original Itooseelt
' j iU men. and was an Lxolse Commlssioiior under
f f . i5F Mayor Strong.
i' -1 IP iuv, Itnusetelt's Cnlleis,
iB'' -" ii',' Albany. Jan 12. -Mrn, LillloDetefeux Blake
M. i ' I ' of New York and MIsb Mills of Syracuse ap-
Mi . If reared before the fioernor to-day In advocacy
2 ' it of woman suffrage, and "Happy Jack "of the
.. h jough riders also called to pay his respecU to
B P bli fornsr commander,
H:'' i I v '
iiiiBBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBBBEiCaJll-Lr-"w" ' ' "mmimmmimmntiam
in n mi i .. .in. I I I .-.-.- i i.i- I
tint. Itoosevelt Kntnri Him for Superin
tendent of l'ubllo WorUs.
Ai.nAKT. Jan, 12. Got. Itoosevelt this morn
ing sent to the Senato the nomination of Col.
John N. Partridite of Ilrooklyn to be BtatoSu
perlntondont of Publlo Works, to succeed
George W. Aldrldge of llochesler. The nom
ination was referred to the Finance Oommlt
teo without, comment. The committee) met
soon after the adjournment of the Senate and
agreed to report, favorably the nomination.
The report will be made on Monday night
Col. Partrldro wan recommended to the Gov
ernor by Prosident Seth Low of Oolumbln Col
lege, and he has been auked strongly lor ths
Place, by all shades of Brooklyn liepublicnns
and by Willis Ogden and Kdltor St. Clair Mo
Kolwar. The employee of ths former Brook
lyn and Nowtown Btroot Hallway, of whloh Dpi.
Partridge was President, sent a petition to the
Governor In his bohalr. Col. Partridge was the
Fire Commissioner In Brooklyn durlnK the
Ilrst term of Mayor Low. and was Police Com
missioner during Mayor Iw's second term.
Gov. ltooealfs policy, outlined for tho ould
nnce of thefiiew Superintendent of Publlo
Works. Is that he shall act alwavs for the In
toresta of the Stato: that In the mattor of
contracts ha shall get the work doua wnoie lie
can secure best results for the least money,
and that no cm ployeo shall m kept on the pay
rolls of ths department unless he Is absolutely
honeit and oflloient nnd there) Is need for his
services. ....
The Governor also sent the following nomi
nations to the Senate: Managers of the Man
hattan State Hospital. Henry II. Holllster:and
Loulte Plerpont Morgan, to sucoeed them
selves ; Managers of tho Now York Stnte Wo
men's Belief Corps Home, nt Oxford, Chenan
go county, Annie P Clearr and Itiehard Cur
ran of lloohester and Ucorclana QrlMlth of
Tho Governor also appointed Thomas Penny
to: be Dlstrlot Attorney of Erie oounty. Mr.
Penny was recoinmendod by tho lion. Sher
man S, liogers and others und by the United
llemtbllcans of Krie oounty.
New Member of tli Stnitn Jloanl of
Aldant. Jnn. I'J.-Gov. Roosovelt haa ap
pointed John G. Notman of Brooklyn a mem
ber of tho Stnfo Boird of Charities In tho place
of Tunis Hereon, whose term had expired.
The Governor has not ot Hied upon anv
ul'oinoy to represent him In tho prosecution of
criminal proceedings which may grow out of
tlio report of the Canal Investigating Commis
sion. Ho says he proposes to select a man of
different political views from his own
Gen. Carlos fiurclu In Albany.
Albany. Jan. 12.-Gcn. Carlos Garcia, son of
tholato Callxto Garoia, Is In Albany to-day and
called on Gov. ltoosovolt Gen Garcia camo
here primarily to observe- tho meeting of our
Legislature and to study our State Constitu
tion. Ho will visit other Statu capitols for u
similar purpose, with n view of becoming fa
miliar with popular government, anticipating
the formation of a stablo uovornment in Cuba.
iriiisKEF nmr. pit xnnovuir.
Slnniluril Distilling Company Absorbs the
SlnllUU interests.
levy Mayer of Chicago, counsel for the
Standard Dlstlllitic and Distributing Company,
announced last night that that company had
nt last absorbod the Spirits Distributing Com
pany of New Jersey. The deul was effected
yesterday nftornoon at a meeting of tho direc
tors of the Standard Company at tW Broad
street. It has been pending since Dccomber.
and Is said to leavo 'the Standard Company In
complote control of the dlstilllnc and distribut
ing buslnoss of tho United States. The Spirits
Company wns tho last of anumberof rival or
ganizations which one byono have been ab
sorbod by tho Standard Compnny. until to-day
the Standard Company owns all of the impor
tant spirit dlstlllories In the United States and
a msiorlty of tho distributive plants.
Tho officers of the absorbed company aro 8.
M Bice. President, and J H. Woutworth. Sec
retary and Treasurer While incorporated un
der the laws of tho State of Now Jersey. Its
headquarter hae always cmalneil in Chi
cago, nnd It has been practically identical with
the old Shuteldt Company of that city. The
Spirits Company owns the H. H. ShufeldtA
Co. Distributing Company, the Shufeldt Distil
lery, the Itlverdalo Distributing House, tho
Itiverdalo Distillery, all of Chicago; the St.
Paul Distributing House and the St. Paul Dis
tillery of St. Paul. Its stook capital is J7.CO0.
000. and its annual business Is estimated at
ih ooo 000
The Standard Distilling and Distributing
Company Is also lnoorporated In New Jersey,
but Its) business Is managed In thlsclty. Frank
Curtis Is Its President Its Vloe-President. F.
(J. aiatiniesgon. IB tuau lue v luu-rruumcui. in
the American Sugar Beflnlne Company, nnd
Standard Oil men also are lntorosted. The
present business of the Standard Distilling
nnd Distributing Compuny approximates
Tho light which ended yesteidayhad been
going on ever since the tendoney toward cen
tralization became manifest. It was so blttor
at times that on ono occasion, at least, the
criminal law was invoked. Tills happened be
fore the old Distilling and Bottle 1 eeding Com
pany had developed Into thu Standard Com
pany. An attempt was made to blow up tho
Shufeldt plant In Chicago, and tills attempt
was laid at the door of tlio rival organization.
Matters went on so for that an indictment was
returned against one of the officials of the Dis
tilling and Bottle Feeding Company.
Nothing was said by Mr. Mayer last evening
about the price paid I Dr the controlling Interest
In the absorbed company, or about the condi
tions of the deal Ho let It be understood,
however, that thoabsorptlonwlll ho complete,
andthat theaffalrHof the Spirits Company for
the futuro will bo managed from tho headquar
ters of the Standard Company In thli city.
Ar risiusu rou tempkhatvres.
Kddv'e Kites to Answer a (Juestimi nr Two
About Slion, Meet and Priiliubllltlrs.
William A Lddy's experiments in taking thu
temperature of the uppei air by means of his
flying strings of kites and comparing tho re
sults obtained aloft with the conditions on the
surface havo interested Weather Observer
F.mury nnd othor weather bharps Although
tho Weather Bureau station In this city Is fur
ther aloft tlian Mr. Eddy's kites took the ther
mometer on Wednesday, It Is not possible from
there to make valuable comiurloiis with thu
surfaco temi'Oraturos. because the movements
of tho air are olstiuctod by buildings, nnd tlio
masses of surrounding masonry nt the btreut
level have a serious Influencoou the tempera
ture, in the open, whuro kltu flying Is prac
ticable, tlilh t different, and even n
small difference In the temperature at thu
surface and nleft is Mgnillennt .lust vviut
those ilifferoiieee slgnlfjls r)iat Mr Lddv Is
now working to solve Ha believes nmv that
when the air aloft Is wanner than at the sur
faco It menus tlio comlngof wanner weather
and rain. Mr F.mory has asked him to ascer
tain what the relallvo temperatures are when
Bloet fallH and also when It snows with the air
at the earth's surfaco several decioos abovn
Intheeasnofsleel.lt l thought that the nit
above Is wurmer and that thu innlstuie falling
tu the form uf rain Is fiozen In u eoldet
stratum of air below, while In Ihe other ease It
Is believed that the air above is much the
coldei Mr. I'.ddysald yesterday that lie should
niaku practical tests of the. tempeiatnro under
both thc9e conditions, even If he wrecked cvpry
kite ho has and moro.
MKS. l.ElrAUl'H ll',.s.
Iteming at Newport to I'mlmlc tlm linen
meiit Moils in isn't,
Nrwi'hut, II. 1 . Jan. 11!. Thnm was niiuther
hearing In the Probate Court this iiioinlng on
the petition of Lewis Cass Lodynrd for tlm pro
bate of the will of his mother, dated ISH'J, but
the will was nut proved, us counsel for .'Maud
Spent'oi Led yard minld another motion Thoy
asked the court forau oiderto take ilepusltlons
of vv itnesses tu tlio will of 1S7. all residents uf
England, so that the will might be offered In
evidence an I evoking tho will of 1H81!. The
London will vas In court, hut counsel would
not piesent it for piolinte They would offer It
they said, to be a ill v I n, ,m miler foi the dep
ositions. Tho Court dirt not ( Imn it could euiisider
tlm will when It win. nut before, it Counsel for
Mr Lndyard said tlm mutlon was only lorn
further postponement and th.it they wr ask
ing tho Court to ussiet them in doing wrung
Judge Franklin suld he would like to look at
eases cltod, but ho was Inclined to say the mo
tion would be dismlnsed A decision will be
riven on Monday, and if It favors the IKS'j will
the wiinessen of that Instrument will be exam,
i '.I but before admitted to probate Mehsis
II ,u;he-,mil Angoll, for Maud Spsucer Ledyanl.
will have liiuu to apply to tho hupreniu Court
loru mandamus to compel the taking of the
depositions already reforred to
However Smnll or Great
a business may bo, intelligence is tho Orfct requisite
to success Mn help may be found tliroiniu Till
Dun a auv ertieAg columns. Mr.
"'"" "'" ! "" i oi.iii.hu n r.fl..,. i , I i .
Atlmlrnl Schley Telia Tlie-m of tlie) Achieve
meats of the Nnvy tn tlio I.ate War llx
Gov. l'lower Declares AT. Mnt Itold nnd
Administer Possessions dollied by Us.
About 200 members nnd Invited guests of tho
Albany Society dined at Delnionleo's last night.
Prev ious to the dinner tho annual election was
held, during which Presldont Fredorlok P. 01
cottwaa reelected. This Is his third time as
President. Tho othorolllccrs of tho society wero
roflleoted. Tho society presentod n handsome
K n vol to President Olcott andtho Presldentgavo
to each ono present a silver-handled ponknlfo
ns a souvenir. The gavel is made of olm from
tho historical trco which was plantod on tho
silo of the Capitol at Albany durlnc tho visit of
Benjamin Franklin to that town.
Homo of tlinso present lust night wero Hear
Admiral Schley, Commandor Dololmnty of the
United States Navy. President Andrew V. V.
llaymond of Union Unlvorslty. ox-trov, ttos
well P. Flower, Congressman Martin II. Glynn
of Albany. Thomas Wlllard. Albany's Chief of
Police: ex-Mayor Jnmos II. Manning of Albany.
ex-Senator Jaoob Cantor. Judge Martin Mo
Mahonof tho General Sessions, Police Com
missioner Jamos McGrano of Albany, nnd
Judges Parker and Hamilton.
Prosident Olcott Introduced Hoar Admiral
Schley. " The next best thine to coming from
Albany Is to coma fronf Maryland." the Hear
Admiral said. " 1 can aearcoly 11ml words to
oxpress my gratitude for this welcome
to a reprosontattvo of tho servlco which
Is Identified with the progress nnd the
glory of tho nation. Tho work that tho navy
lias done and will do Is such as tp rrcommond
Itself to tho people. It hns given lustro to our
history from tho time of Paul Jones to the days
of Georgo Dewey.
"Tho Spanish-American war is big enouqh
In glory and grand enough In Its results to give
us all a share. I have nevor entertained any
other feeling than that since tho hoeliiiilng
of tho war. and especially since tlio battle
at Santiago At that light the ofllcors
and the men of tho navy did their
full measure of duty and met tho full expecta
tion of their countrymen. One of the naval
men camo from yonrown town of Albany, and
on his unprotected vessel took risks moio than
wore called for by the rules or war.
"Tho results of this war aro for us aulto as
Important In their way as were the results of
Waterloo and Leruinto In thehlstoiyof Europe
I nm happy that 1 lind a humble part in con
tributing to thoco rosults."
Mr. Olcott next Intiodueed Simeon 1 ord,
the wit of the Hotel Men's ssoelntlon. "1
havo novor lived in Albany,'' Mr Foid snld,
" but I have been thore, and can readily under
stand why von gentlemen who havo lived and
left thore get together and rujolco. I imagine
Albany is a good place to emanate from and
imlgrntofrom before tho Capitol la finished. '
I'ormei Governor lloswell I Flowor.tho noxt
speaker, dlscused the tesults of the recent
war, nnd said tn.it we should not relinquish
any of tho possessions obtained nt asacrlllco
of men and monoy
"We should hold on to tho possessions, east
nnd west, that camo to us as tho fruits of Urn
war," lie continued. "Wo are reaponslblo for
the future of the peoplos living In Cuba, Porto
Bico and tho Philippines, and our duty to them
urges us to control and manage those Islands
until such a time as the people themselves are
abletocarry on a Government that will boas
free, llbornl and progressive aa our own.
"Keep tho Philippines until tlie Filipinos aro
capable of covernlng themselves and aro aide
to organize and continue a Government that
will bo a model for the poople of tho East."
Owen Gi lines Mnde Insane by the Dentil of
Ills Wife and Ills Ilrntlier'n Illness.
Owen Grimes of 270 West 134th streot ro
turnod homo from the burial of his wife in Cal
vary Cemetery yesterday, and found his brother
Thomas wi ill that ho had to bo removed to
tho J Hood Wright Hospital and un
dergo a serious operation. This addi
tional tronblo made Grimes Insane. He
shouted that he was going to kill everybody in
tho house Neighbors manKed to get Owen.
Jr.. 0 months oUL out of tho flat, but Grimes
seized Thomas, tl years old. and Annie, 4 vears
old. und running into a bedroom wltn them,
barricaded the door.
The neighbors summoned three policemen
from tho West l'Joth streot station. They
broke down the door and through the bnrri
cade. and found Grimes trying to smother the
children under the bedclothes. Hewasover-
Fowerod and taken to tho J. Hood Wright
lospltal, whero he was strapped to a bod in
tho room adjoining that In which Ills brother
lay. The neighbors are caring for the children
Mtido mi Agreement Itegardlng tlie Taxa
tion Illll Width Was n Trap.
LvssiNd, Mich.. Jan. 11!. The revised Atkin
son ltailroad Taxation bill was introduced In
tho House to-day by Mr. Cheover, the leader of
the Pingree forces The Bailroad Committee
Is supposed to be antl-Plngreo. and Cheover
asked that the bill be reforred to a special com
mittee, which would be numud by the Govern
or. This precipitated a lively debate, but the
aiitl-l'ingrco forces scored ilrst In forcing a re
cess. During this recess a compromiso was effected
whereby it was agreed that Speaker Adums
should name the special committee, the Piu-
5 res leader receiving the Impression that tho
ovemor's supporters would get a good repre
sentation on the committee.
After tho Speaker had named the committee
the Pingree man discovered thev had bargained
for "n gold brick " The special committco had
been made up against them.
iixocKKii noirx jir a caii.
'1, .1. Ctirrnii'a Skull rrnctuieil Driver
Whipped I'p Ills Horse iiml i:cnped.
T J Curran, fill yoais old, of 4111 Second
nvenue. said to bo a steward in one of tho blir
Broadway hotels, was knocked down at Broad
way und Thiity-sixth street last night by it
liunnom cab in which two women vveie rid
ing; Policeman C'avaiiaugli veiled to tho
driver ot tlio hansom to stop, but lusteud
hu whipped up his hoist) and went
down Broadway at a danger uis tutu of
speed In spite of tho soiennis of his two fares
Pi'llcemnu Fay lumped In another linnsom and
gjivo chase. Tho Ilrst driver turned eat at
Thlrty-seeoiid street and south at Fifth avenue.
When the policemun's cab loaehed Fifth
avenue the other cab had dl'appuaied.
Curran was taken to Now ork Hospital with
n fractured skull.
New York Exchange for Wiminu's Walk.
Tho annual meeting of tlie uianageis of tho
New Yoik l'vcliaiigo for Woman's Work was
held yesterday nt the residence of Mrs William
(I Choate, who was locleetod President. Other
officers rot'leeled wero Mrs C :. Acnnw, .Mrs.
William E Dodge, Mm John T Terry, nnd
Mrs i(uhsellSagi), Vlco-l'insidentS Mr. Kiimiii
Heirlinun. Iteeuiding Secretary and Mlsn
Kiitherlne Lsmboit. Timtauror. 'llins.iles fee
lH'lHwero iuLHlM 11!. a considerable lneieue
over liny pievlous year, and tlm work of tho
Information Hureau, especially In seeiirlnir
places for applicants, also showed an Increase
Tho exohanuo needs n lareer building to enrry
o.n its work.
Nominated by tlm rreoldent.
AHiiiMiinN, Jan. 11!. Tho President sent t',
tlie Senate to-day tho followiiiK nominations of
Ni'n York -Jlaiy I. Mcll.ibtrts, liiiiipljiisvlllt,
David ( .Montross, l'tfkiklll, (leorie K Jelinsou,
N'nilh Urrjtown, JukIiih II Abbott, Ooinrriirur,
Frauk llntter, Frleiidehlii. William U bcroy, i ulmn.
John 1. Hmltli, Catbkill, Ilryant r), Falmei, Carinul.
Andrew vv Craiir, Camden; Theodore t. J'lefchtr
llab) Urn. II. H fiirs.Atl'rui.
I lie liellrl Mills for Ncu- York.
NmiinLh, Vu . .Inn. I'J-'lho United Stales
hospital ehlp B-tlief. which yostoidav landed ut
Old Point 1H5 convalescent soldiers of our
Hrmy in Culia and Porto Hlro, Milled for Now
lork th's afternoon Mmwill lie lelltted pre
pimtory to unking another trip of a slmllui
roliilll Cnldwell.
lim aiii.i iiii. .Inn l'J-MIs Agnes (uM
vvell, daughter of Cliarles H Caldwell, was mui
rled at St. Murk's Church to-day to William
Bayard 1 ouda of Murrlstown, N. J , by the Ilev.
Dr. .Mortimer. Miss Sidney Caldwell was maid
of hoimi VilllainJ llrotiiiof New York was
best man
Savy Yard Notes,
The Moraehlp Supply arrived at the nnvj
yam In Ilrookln from Fort Monroe yc-Mordny
rummodoro John Philip will rollose Boar Ad
miral Buiice of the command of tho navy jard
to-morrow His Perhoniil ellects wero tuken
to the ynid veiterday.
1 Wtmm0mMLdlmlKmndHm iiniirt ttwlrtiuy.iii- Si i n tw.
Serrelnry of the Trcry Gives Ills Views
on the 11111 Gold Standard Illll.
Wasiiwotov. Jan. 12. Rccictary Ongo to
day Pi-usentcd to tho House Coinage Committee
his views on Hepresentntlvo Hill's bill for tho
adoption of the slnglo gold standard, tho pay
ment of nil Govornmonl and priviito obliga
tions In gold, tho Inorensed coinage of silver
subsidiary coins, tho restriction of sllvorcer
tlflentes to denominations of $1. $1! nnd $5,
the gradual redemption of greenbacks nnd the
retirement of Treasury notes and the Issue of
nallonnl bank notes to the full nmountot bonds
Secrolnry Gage snld ho regarded tho green
backs as n constant menace to the Troauiy,
nnd thought they should bo gradually rotltcd.
Hopresontatlve Cochran iDom , Mo.) tisked if
thoy woio not Ihn only Government debt which
had to be paid In gold. The Secretary replied
thattliero was no distinction In the dobts of
the United Stales. All obligations woio to be
paid In gold, thoso held by tho humblest citi
zen ns well as those held by the most powerful
bank or corporation
Cannot t lie banks redeem their notos In
gold or silver at tholr option V" wax asked.
" Yos. thoy can redeem them In any lognl
tender monoy 1 hoy always could do so, bull
nevor romombor of n bnnk paying silver In ex
change for Its uotos. Thoy always offer gold."
"Tnon the hanks have moie honor In this
resreat than the Government "
Tho Govetiimnt Is situated differently
from tho bnn its," respondod Mr. lingo. "Tho
Government cannot redeem ono legal tender
obligation with unother legal tender I cannot
redeem Its notes with notos."
In reply to a question by Mr. Cochrnn, Mr.
Gngosalil ho did not think I he hi 11 would elthor
oneourngo or hinder expansion. The, Govern
ment was not now Issuing gold certillcates. It
would bo wise to discontinue tho issuini;
of Trensury notes.
Itopresentotlvo Illll Inquired as to the pos
sible How of capital to the United Slates If tlm
gold standard weio IinnIly,'tidopteil Seeietnrv
(iago said tliere would unuoubludly bo n laigo
How of capital horo.
"Will not such capital more than cnuntcrncl
tho contraction of tlio currency duo to the ic
tlrement of the greenbacks I '
" I think It would"
Mr. Guce was nkod if tho exehnnco of green
backs for gold and the exportation of gold wit li
tho temporary ictlrcment of tlio greenbacks
would not contract the euncucy. Ho replied
that It would, but only temporal ily.
ltorxas or co.vt. jrr.s.t.
Senate Adopts llesoliition of Thnul.s to Iteil
Cross XIoiiso Pusses Diplomatic Itlll,
Washington. Jau. 11!. In tho Senate Mr.
Halo (BeD.. Jle.) Introdueod a joint resolution
authorizing Alberto Montoya of Colombia and
ItlcardoYgleslasof Costa lllca to be ndmlttcdto
the Nnvnl Academy at Annapolis; nlsouuthn
rlzlnc I he Secretary of the Navy to change from
one to tbreo years tlie terms of enlistment of
men who enlisted In tho navy for tho war with
The change Is to bo made on written request
of tho men
Senato joint resolution tendering", thanks or
Congress to Clara Barton and the ofllcors of
tho Bad!Cross Soclely for their humane and
beneficent services was reported and passed.
Whllo It was pendinc the suggestion was made
by Mr. Morgan (Dein., Ala.) that under a rulo
of tho Senate the ladies of the lied Cross would
have a right to the floor from the fact of hav
ing received tho thanks of Congress
Mr. Gray (Dem.,Dl ) suggested ploasnntly:
"Well, we would not run away if they did
como. '
hugcestions were also made by Senators
Gallinger (Hep., N II.) and Proctor (Itep., Vt.l
s to Interfeienee with tlie work of the Bed
Cross by some military odleials in Cuba. Mr,
Hawley (Hep., Conn.) said that If tho medical
Oliver who was said to have Inlerfeted did so
unjustifiably he should bo court-martlallcd
nnd cashiered.
On motion of Mr. Davis (Itep., Minn.) the
Senate wont Into executive session for tho con
sideration of the peace treaty with Spain.
Immedlatelyafter the doors were closed Sen
ator Berry mnde tho motion, of whloh hoe.ive
notice vesterday, to discuss the treaty In open
session. A general discussion followed on the
advisability of such action.
Tlie Senate remained in secret session until
5 o'olock and thon adjourned.
The IIouso to-day passed tho Diplomatic a id
Consular Appropriation bill, after Messis
Carmack and Gaines of Tennessee had
spoken for three hours npalnst tho annexation
or control by the United btates of tlie Philip
Pines The bill was passed substantially as it
came from the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
It discontinues tho diplomatic mission to
Hawaii (Minister. Secretary of Legation and
Consul-General). nnd all the consular offices In
Cuba and Porto Itico. An Item for the prlnt
Incof 0.000 additional coplesof tho monthly
bulletin of the Bureau of Americiiu Beuubllcs
Went out on a point of order.
(ifli, Otis Sny the City Is (jiili'l Col. 1 lionip
sou I'lolmbly the Ci-nsni.
Washixoton. Jan. 11! The tono of Geu.
Otls's latest despatch from Manila is m op
timistic that the military authorities look to
an amicable understanding with the Filipinos
within a short tlmo. Sevei.il messages wero
recoivod b) Gen. Otis last night and this morn
ing. In ono ho expressed tho belief that If
conditions did not change within the next two
orthroo days id! danger of conflict would pas
away Another despitch received earl) this
morning was mado public by tlie Wur Depart
ment. It said:
"Conditions nnparentiy Improving Citlens
feel more secuie. Mnnv natives relurnhiK
Cltv ,ulet nnd buslue- active Oils "
Nobody tu authority Is willing to dl-closo the
character uf the knowledge on which tlie Ad
ministration bases Its belief that Agulmildo Is
receiving substnntl.il encouragement fiom
somo source unfriendly to the United States
Brig -Gen A W Gieely. Chief of tho Slgnnl
Service, said t-dny thitt while lie had not been
officially adviiiod nf the iianie of tho officer
designated ns press eensoi nt Manila by Gen
Otis. he. was siitlsilcl that It was Col. Thump
son, the chief hlguul ollleci on the istulT nf Gen
Otis Col Thouip-on Is Ihe sciiiiii'ofllcci'uf Ins
corps at Manila and has li.nl considerable ( x
perlence h n tnleginph eeimur He wns tlm
Ilrst military censor nf Key West at-jfac begin
ning of tho war with Spain ""
Regulations as to Diet, Exercise,
etc, as F'rescribed by One
of the Most Eminent
C'oli-Uoit ion tilled. s mostly those who
un; (lYbeiiu or who Mt too much or
too lout;. It cannot ho cured by iiipdi
fiiips alono. Tho following jM tlio pre
scription of u lumliliK plij eTfiitn :
1st. Tnko on rising ii'lcnspoonful of
('arlhbml fprudcl Hnlt in n p-l:iss of wn
tor ns hot n yon pun sip it. Then tnko
n brlhk, wnlk out of doors, if you can ;
if not, kui'ii on your Icot and inovo about
iutltioi. If tin trotibln ih oliroiiic and
serious, tnko anothor dose in from tlilrt v
to hixty minute. Wnitnt least linlf an
hour before (tilting your broakfitHt.
lid. Jnovit sit down to rend or work
after bVeakfnst until Natuic liiif. found
relief. "Hut I haven't time." You will
havo t inn if you rise, nn lnnir earlier
tlirui befoie, and a eiirc is worth tlmt,
ltd 'mi laxative, food u&n ani'uel of
rolled outs and water, no milk ; and use
UONKY with wlieat f,'iiddi( enkos or
with bread. nvw touch toimt, or milk
except ineolTee, ilon'teat blaekberrieN
or chee'e, and never drink ton forbreak
fiihl, Uhk eolleeat biealtfust, if vou can ,
il not, hot water. Chow all food thor
oughly ami never iiw a liquid to help
masticate It. .Novor tiso aeidh or sour
Iruilh, and fruit when cuolicd is much
I'.'ibioi'diitested thnn if uncoolicd.
4th. Why use Parlhbad Sprudel Salt i
llecaute, ih's.t, tliere is no renetion to
follow it. You know wli-it that meaiis,
if ou linvn tuken pliysies und found
your.seU wotmi oil Hum before, the sec
ond nay afterward ; r-eenml, because tho
lionuiiio C'aiibbad .Sprudul Halt aidhtlio
Htomaeli as well as t lie bowels in their
You van take tho Carlsbad Spnidel
Pall loss and loss steadily as you im
prove.; but never be without a bottle
handy. I to huio to use only the (fen
ulno Carlsbad rSalt, which is obfiined
from tlie celebrated Carlsbad Sprudel
Water, and has the hiKnaturo of ISIS
NKR & Mi:M)i:i,KO.N CO., BoIo
Aftiits, Now Ywrk, on every bottlo.
What Chief Bonner Offered for a Burning Building A Man
Whose Life Was Not Worth a Dollar.
"1 would not give ton cents for tlmt block."
., J-. i. -i So snld Chief Bonner of tho Now York Firo Doparfnent
vuwV'(" 'b ''v J O i durliiK tho p-oat conilagratlon in tlint city on Sunday iilKht,
( l h't 5 ? ' r' I -W Dcceuibor 4th, 1803.
V "ff-V. V -'llV-r'.cv., Lf5?ii 4 In the midst of tho howllnff galo ami falling rnln the men
Va J V-- ' , '" sJ) & J fought like tho Old Guard at Waterloo and in tho oml with far
,fif "Vff X ' f I l better success. Yet tlioro wero moments of intouso douht anrl
,QrT . (j)TA vn f anxiety. Hut before daylight broko on tho wild scene, the
CWnSy)IiX 'Jv&fo-4!& Commandor of the littlo army of rescue drew a deep breath
i- '( M9 S WW& VCTaN f r rcliof"e nntl tno situation in the palm of his hand.
JV3W7 Wi' "TWvSl Jtilri x So taT ns wo lc,,ow 1U0U llftV0 nlwn'8 ueou "Boting disease
(j A, If & A rV f, which is a worso uflllction than llro have boon trying to
' lHmsry 'lj"" MKn! Of understand it and siippross It. What havo wo learned ? We
? IfllM K'-' lT ) T havoSnot learnedjoverytldng, but wo hnvo learned much. Wo
ft IJ I i, I' I hl h- rnn ll0,p a" ll,,montsi somo wo can cure. Suircrors from dis-
v C ( I '" P?4 h caso want help, no mattor what It Is or where it comes from.
'ilvi,lJ I 'J TWl " That is why peoplo aro continually writing such letters ns
Jj W lzzi i -Stegj, ' these: Dear Sir: "Yon will remomber my describing in a former
ill ,&JN """X VmW lettor how terribly I sulTercd from chronic kidney trouble ami
I Js. L ' .siflr y J how hopeless my condition was at that time. I had consulted
L Jry fcV-7T" pr 1 doctor after doctor, from general prnctitionors to ominent
" k f'-is (I il Ss i) fpcciallslp, with one uniform result, Thoy looked wi?o and
-K vA v -sT' ' I sxKH-' talked well, but thoy did not help me. Hut I wanted what
"Ni ' - "A S- I all sulTorers want relief, not ronsons.
jo 'T'- i' Li "In my other letter I said I would. not tako one hundred
j "" JtS"TrC. thousand dollars for what your prcat discovery had done for
'" grp me, To-day 1 bay 1 would not take a million dollars for what
Warner's Safo Curo did for me. Whon 1 took tho (lit-t dnse,
1 was mi full of despair of my futuro, tlmt I would not havo given a dollar for my chances in this world. Yet because,
of Ibis medicine onlv, lifoisas sweet and precious to mens to any othor man."
January lllst, 1S0R. (Signed) J. O. COLLINS, Farmvillc, Vn.
Header, do not givo yourself up for drowned until thoro Is no spar to cling to. If in tho big Now York flro Chief
Homier had been able to" buv tlie threatened block for ten cents, bo would now bo tho luckioRt real estate holdor in the
countrv. If Mr. Collins bad sold himself for a dollar at the tlmo of IiIb despair, ho would havo boon a very foolish man.
Tako no counsel with doubt and despair. Tho greatest conllagrations are put out with porsoveranco and wator, and
dangorous diseases yield to Warner's Safo Cure. Adv.
(leu. Clous Suva They Will Siinlcn to llecro
nle tlio Island.
TSrlz -C.cn .folia W. Clous. U. S. V.. Beore
tarr and lec.il ndvior of the American Mili
tary Commission which arronsad for tho evac
uation of Cuba by Spanish trooca, returned
from Havana yesterday by the steamer City of
Waslilncton. Hiieakhie of tho work of tlio
commission and the condition of Cuba, Gen.
Clous paid-
"That which Cuba most needs is sanitary
and civil lawa, wlhely framed nnd honestly ad
ministered. Give her these and all thlncn
will be added unto her. Tho cost nf adraln
ltcriac the civil laws and of carryinc out the
n.'ovieions of the sanitary laws the Island can
meat from Its own revenuos. Accordlne to
tho estimate of lecolpts and expenses mado by
Captain-General Illanco and his colleacnes,
the total yearly revenues of the Island wore
S2Ctr.l),tr0. Of this 22,r00.80a.G9 was .dis
bursed for the iiovernmcut of tho Island un
der the authority of tho Governcr-General.
"Ily carffulcalculatlon tho commission found,
and will so report to the President, that, with
tho island under the control of the United
Staffs, enough of the expenditures deemed
necessary by tho Spaniards may bo cut olT to
save $2'J.f;nt.2:5.70. Under the contiol of the
United Mates it will not bo necessary, for in
stanee. to expend S52O.7O0.20 fri civil, mill
tan, and other pensions; or $1,450,881,011 for
tho tetirod list of the army and navy ; or $10.
4.'i,",18.'t for Interest and amortization of the
debts created In 1882, 18U. and 1890: or
$il,ll)8.324.7:i for the expenses of military Gov
ernors: or i471.8Ml.U8 for a subsidy to the
Companiu Transatlantic: or $500,001) for the
a!ary of a Governor-General, and a few other
expenses attached to royalty.
"Giantlnc. If vou will, that revenues tn
no crea er amount than $2((,35fi,(l.r)0 could
be obtained from the Island from nil
sources, tlm savlnc of over $20,000,000 In tlio
uniiual uxpenhes and that amount honestly
expended would ninko a new Island of Cuba."
Now the Conduct In Cuba of tlm Entire
Itecinient I tlie Subject of Inquiry.
Tlio Court of Inquiry into tho conduct of the
Seventy-llrst Heulment at Hantiaeo held Us
flist uieetlnti yesterday since receiving the
order from Gov. Itoosevelt to make Its Investi
gation comprehensive enough touet at the
true storv of the entile regiment's service. In
Cuba. This order was lecelved a week ago
yestorday I n to that lime the boaid had In
vestigated only the clianro Of cowardice aenlnst
Major Clinton II. Smith and Cnpt John II.
Whittle. The leco-s of ons week taken upon
the receipt of tho new order was for the pur
pose of affordlnc an opportunity to arranite
for the moie extensive iniiulry
There was an executive session of nn hour
venterdtiy devoted to a dl'ciissloa of the Gov
ernor's order and to perfectine arrangements
for sscuilnc evidence. It was said afterward
that hereafter each witness would lie ahked to
MiUKSit the names of as many others as he
knows who cati give information relative to
tlie subject of inquiry. It was also said that
the iniitiirv as to the conduct of Major Smith
nnd dipt. Whittle, for which tho board was
oi-lclii.illy appointed, i practically completed.
11 'til of the aejiiHul oltleers wero present yes
terday 'I ho Mist witness called wns Lieut. I I' Man
nlnir nf the blirhth Ohio olunteers. Alio, us
an aide on the stnlT of llrin-Geu. Hnwklns,
cirrled oidcus to the beventy-llrst llealment
on tlio il.iv of the battle of Bnn Juan Hill.
Gen Kent's report crltieislnc the reclment
was bused, in part, on statements made by
i.lnut Manuliic.
I.leut A I, Hobertson of Company C. hev-entv-lli-t
HcKlment. vva tlio second wltnese
Thete was testimony offered by othor wit
nesses, it was said, to tlie effect that I.leut.
ltnliertson's company was mlsslnc when the
I'irst battalion, of which It was a part, tm
renreanlml by Major Wells
The imiuiry will be resumed tills cveuliu;.
W'Hsliinctiin Notes.
Wariiincton', Jan. 12 Tlio Stato Derail
ment was Informed to-dnyby ilia United Stales
Minister nt liogotu that tho monopoly in the
miinufaulure and sale of inntehes had been re
si'iinlcd by the t'oliimblnu Goveruuient, and.
beelnuiiiK yesterday, the Importation of
uinlclioH Inliitlieeountry would bo permitted.
The Colombian Goverumeiit cranteil tho mo
nopoly tn it Trench linn, but ft could not com
ply wllli the (leinund.
nflleiul liiforiiialion has been roeoived linrr,
that thu CmiL'ieHS of l'oru has nppinved Ihe
eouise of the executive (iiiveriiiuent 111 lufree
liu: to wy $40.00(1 to tho United States as In
demnity for the ill treatnioiit of Victor Mel 'otd
of I'cnnsjlvuiila b I'eiiivlan olllcerh
Moviiiiiont ol Nnvnl VehMels,
WAHiiisoro.N, Jan. 12. Tho following move
ments of vessels have been reported to tlm
Nnvv Dcpurtniont-
Arriii'd- At llrtrcM) rj, Jau, 12, rJiiiily, hsu Jusu
Jn I J, Custliir.
suilM Krom llrookljnfor5IiiiIi. Un ll.Prln.n
tnii, ('aif lUvtlrn for IMrtu l'IU, Jjn II, Topelis;
VicinrUliu Alaska, Jan. 1 1. Wlinllnv, AcApulio fur
Hun liiren, ,liin IS, 1'lillsilelphU I'li'iifiiros for
Key Wesi, Jsn. ILMIM.
Itevrniin I'utteis oil tlie I.stkrs.
VtAhin.MiTON, J.in I'J.-Tlie Sonnto Com
meicn ('oiniiilttee made a favorable report on
a bill for l lie eoiisti notion of i wo revenue cut
ters lor service, on the eieat lakes, lo ruplaco
tlio Alenii'jiilii und Onond.iL'a. which wero
taken in tho Atlantic seaboard for Use In tlie
war The limit of cost was ilxod nt i 1 05.000
(olllllllieil II Hie Semiln,
WiBinsoroN, Jan. 12. -Amonc tho nomln.i
tiunscoiillnned hy the beiiatn wore tlie.no:
l litrli-iusi.'iio 'liiwrruf I'euiicylvanlii to bo Anitua
sAdor to llurflii
Ailillson C. Han Is of Indiana, Miulstflr to Austria.
. '-K1 William M. Wliury, hovintcrntli lufsnlis.iu
be flriKSilkr-Oenrrsl
lt t'liil, to Hum Dr. hniilliiu to Dinner,
The City Club will five a dlnnnr on Saturday
(iVdiiiiiTin honor of the llov Dr Swallow of
I't'i'iisvjvHnla, who ran for Gnvernor last year
on piutfuim "lliou shalt nut steiil "
.i()irius Anon jotrx,
.iK? "I f'CL'.d !?- fo.lra'"' rlectwl a member of
tliu NJw York Stock i:ickiik'o jultrilsy.
. iAjA-5 Yr -j? - .--. '- ' TV"'.
One Flremnn's Slcull Fractttrod, l'our Others
nnd Two rnssencers Hurl.
Golnc up Centre Btreet at 8 o'clock last nlclit
trolley car 1428 of tho Fourth avenue lino col
lided with the hose c&rrlaco of Flra Knctne
18. whloh was orosslmr Centrs street at White
street. The hosa oarrlaca was knocked to
pieces, and only ono of the six Ilromen who
wero rldlncc on It csoapod Injury. There were
five paasencors In tho car. Two of them were
cut by class from the broken oar windows.
The Injured flromen are John Wholay oP)
Madison street, driver of tho hose carriage,
fracture of skull.removed to HudsonlStreotHos
riltal: John 1 Galilean, :!4lKat Fifty-second
street, contusions of head and face: nicliard
O'Keeffe, 17(MI 1'ark avonuc. sprained ankle,
contusions of face and body; James Hheriy, 70
ll street, fraotured kneecap; l'eter i l'lynn.
3ii) Tonth avenue, contusions nf hoad and
body. Dr. A. It. L. Gunn. 281) Grand avenue.
Ilrooklyn. a ensseusor In the ear, was injured
about the head and Ivdy, and Aueust Stein
had a sprained initio and contusions of the
The motorman. .Tohu Oosclns, of 22(1 East
Mnety-tlitli street, and the conductor. Thomas
MoCabe. of lllii East Sixty-sixth street, both
of whom were cut and bruised, were arrested
and locked up in the Elizabeth street station
on complaint ot Cant. James ISarnoy of En
elne Jll, who went to tho station house and
stated that the motorman was wholly nt fault.
The engine and hose earriace were returnlue
to the etiBlne house, at White and Elm streets,
when tno accident oc-'urred. Tho firemen had
been called out to Worth and Mulberry streets
by a false nlnrm.
A north-bound Second nvenue trolley car col
lided with Hook nnd Ladder lUat5 o'olock last
nlidit at the corner of Eiehty-sixth street and
Second avenue. The firemen of the hook and
laddor company were badly shaken up and
the car windows were Bmashed. Michael Mar
tin, one of the flrtmsn. was thrown to the
pavement. He was attenaed by a nelchbor
lmt pliysblun and removed to his home, at 230
East Eighty-sixth street. At the time of tlio
occldont thellremen wero on their way to a
lire nt I5UU First avenuo,
This Is What Hilltop Totter Says About liny
lnC the Filipinos for 830,000,000.
Illaho) 1'ottor lectured before Civitas. tho
women's club, in Ilrooklyn, on Woduosdny
afteruoon, on national expansion. Iieforrlui;
to President MoKinley's reoont Southern trip,
the Bishop spoko of somo of its Incidontn ns "a
trifle cushine." and said that It was rather late
to find out that It was a mistake to clvo uni
versal sulIraBo to the neeroes. That had boon
his opinion all alone, Amonc other thlncs he
said :
"Hecauso a commission of contlemen In
Paris acree to pay $20,000,000 for tho Philip,
pines it does not nisnn that we hnvo posses
sion of them. It was a sharp bargain. There
tiro about 1.200 islands and 12.000.000 inhabi
tants. This is cheaper than your fathers bouclit
the neeroes.
Mr, Iliiiitlnetun's (iiiuteruulK Kailroml.
New Chilians, Jan. 12. IVwsencers fiom
Guatemala say that t'ollls P Iluntlneton Is
reachlnir out In his railroad Invostments In
Central America, Whon the steamship Drcak
wator sailed Inst Saturday tho news was our
lent throuchout OuatemHla that Mr. Iluntiiu;
tou and the Guatemala Government were
about to close a deal by which tlio railroad
niacnaln would securo tlm Guatemala Northern
ltailroad for a consideration of $i),0o0,0u0 and
the liquidation or thu road's debt This road
will run from ocean to ocean as MKn as a few
Kapb are closed up
Mr. and Mrs. tierry Olve u Dame,
Mr. und Mrs. Elbrldicu T. Gerry wave a dance
last nluht at their losldenue, Fifth avenuo and
Slxty-llrst btreet. In honor of Mrs. Gorry's
cousin, Miflsllentlnck, of London Noelabornto
floral ornamentation was attemntod: naluin
were plcturcsiiuel)- plaood in tlie halls and
salons, and bunches of American llenuty roses
wero in nil the nvallublo jurdliileres and vases,
llioaitKaleryuttlicrearof the house, whloh
Is also tlie ballroom, .was tlio seeuo of the dance,
"orthiniiton Whltchouas led thu cotillon
Old Illy (tuods Mouse In I'riivlilencn Stopo.
I'iioviiienck, II I.. Jan. 12 Tho Hiirtvvoll A
Hlchaids Company, whloh has been In the dry
L'oods jobblnc bubiuess in this city for flfty
sovhii yeais, has cone. Intothohaiiilsof trustees
and will bo wound up. It Is nald tliat the llrm
Is solvent but that the business was not worth
contlnuliie. The asseU are placed at :i0O,0tJO
and ttlio liabilities at f 130.000 Tho erfdltois
aremoatly New lork. lJo-ton and Plilludeliilila
CollllUE-OlIt Duller fur SlUt llisroli.
Mrs Gilbert Parker of London, formerly Miss
Vantino of this city, save, a dance last nlcht at
Sherry's, Mrs, Parker Ih now hoiu on a visit to
tor sister, Mrs Danlol Uacou, of 153 West
Iiltr-soveuth etreet, whose dauuliter. Miss
ll.'con, was presented at u reception given by
liui mother lust .Saturday, and tho daneo last
nlulit was In the drfbutuiite's honor. The oo
tlllon of sevrnty-five couples was led by Van
devoort Molt, Jr,
(ten. Miafter Stmts for San I'rttiiclsoo,
Wabuinoiok, Jan. 12 -Major-Gen. William
il Shatter said cood-by to President MuKluley
and Storutary Alger lo-duj, und left Wash
ington this utteriioon to usutue command of
the Depart muni of California.
V OM J tll.ll J j
Hunter 'E Hunter
Baltimore fljlw Baltimore
The Purest Type
Purest Whiskey.
A II. Uart i Fkvvk Hoiu, IleprescntatiTes,
a I. William fit., Now York, N. Y, I .
I Bronchitis, Hoarseness. TCtjjMFff 1
H Sore Throat SotS 1
1 Effectively Relieved. lS&r I
ij Jofan I. llrown A Son, Itoston.
"diseases ofIvien
All secret and prit difenoB nf men cured in frw
dajsj akin dlr-ease, blood poUonimr, norvoun d
bllltj; lout Ior r'tortdt everr impediment re
souiult tho crest Mood and nnrvo apocialUl, 21 H
JCait 16th at., near 8d a.; no charge uuloim curd
hours, ft to 0, HundayaJncliuled,
If yuti want nnytlilnt;
in tlm line ot
Office Appurtenances.
THK (iljQBK CO., Kiiltun & I'enrl Sis.
TO ATTACK liULLFiaUTlSa xor. k
The American S. I'. C. A. Hopes tu J?ilrin)
Its Work In Our New Colonies.
The American 'Society for tlio Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals held its annual meeting
yesterday in Its Inilldlne, nt Madison avenue
and Twenty-sixth Btreet. In his annual nd ,
dress, President John P Hainan oalled atten
tion to ii new flold of labor opened to the fcn
clety by tlio recent war. lie said:
"N'ovv that tho iiossesxiuiiH of the United
.States have been suddenly and unexreotediy
extended to the east and to the west, we aiu-t
undoubtedly expeet to make our inlluenei
felt In Islands which have heretofore been '!
dllTerent civilization In Cuba. Porto llleo ai d
the Philippines nomieh work at) ours hnserxr
vet been established The duty of kindness to
animals has been haidly thouchtof. The brutal
Mxirts of eockflKhtlnc and bulllluhtinir bins
been and still are, popular amusements It
vrlll be out duty, doubtleks. to endeavor to pi')- i
mote h hotter state of thliiBs wherever the u- 1
tlmrlty of the nation la os'ablihhrd. but In tint j
work pnidenee and enorpy must co linn.l ri
liand. The peoples of those Islands will n I
Predisposed to ruont what may seem lotlie. i
to be an luterfercnee with theirtradltlonal . n
tonw. and thev will bo jealous of evervth i,u
that luinlles an nbauiniition of moral superi
Ity on our nart. I fully realbo the diillen
that lies before us, and I am disponed to tli .
that tlm direct intervention uf Amerleam u
this matter mar bo Generally lii(!Yniillrni t
may be hoped that In every part of the -amis
lately under riuanlfili rule tliere are :(.( i
persons jtIio are In sjiupathy with oui r i
who will bo nble, as well is willlnc. b. pi
mote it ainone their ovtu people, and whnv
nave better prospects of miecess than ui.v t'.r
eignor could hope to havu."
(iiinliiints NnxlivlllH anil .Unchlim ()i,,.,nl k
to Iluviinn.
Wahiiikotov, Jan. 1'.' Ordors foi tie h.i
boats Naslivlllo and Muehia, tu pioi , I i
Havana woro Issued by the. Navy Ijhp.uuu j,t
'day' 'J''iuXaslivlllolii at the Ni.ifi.'k N,er
iurdandtlie Jlaehlas nt tins Portsinoutli -Nnvi
?.''.ri1:. ",' Border liavn nospeeial iienilli'Ni.
It Ih tho deilro of the .Vavy Dnpartnp n in Let
war ve-jels away iljui nnvy yaidn and k- , I
them actively employed, and the ordcia tu tn I
two u'unhyats weio t'lveu for tlmt puipu-.
Later on the .vlachlas will piobably bo ui.id e i
tu Jlmiilu. i
A Builder and Nourisher ! i
Dr. T. M. Johns, of Taylorvllle, Ind., writes :
"Johann Hoff's Malt Extract Is a builder and
( nourisher that Is unequalled, especially for poorly
nourished Invalids."
Jolisnn Hofl's Is tlir orlslnsl mslt ntrAct-has brfn suld I
; since 1847. llewsro of sobktltutri.
Johann Hoff's Malt Extract I
' . .

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