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tl -' ' "" .ta ., II I . . - - . -- - . . ..... .. -. mmmam 1
ninn u .'-'.' naiir nKTirsEy PiTzitst
uo i. sitAJiiii'.y discussed,
llrst Wngrr Mndn on llm Outcome Mnkes
Hit Immploii n 14 to 1 rnvorlte McCoy
mid Hynn Likely tn Hurt In tliej lllng
lint ill H' mine of " Scrappy" Joyce, t
bilt) hslvrcen Hharkey anil Fltr.slrnmons
ti ii ilc ilio henvyvrolcht champlonBhpof the
mid i "ii tlie tip ot the toiiKuo just now,
ii i i nnjorlty of rlnit coornnreot the op.n
I ii tin' 1 lUMminons can beat tlie Sailor, titers
are n m vln bclluve that the chumplon will
hn hl liamM full It Ihey evor meet Thero
w,i i warm dispute oer tlie merits of the
tro puetli'M at an uptown resort yesterday,
hl h wound tin with nn odor by Lee Harrl
nn ilio nitoi, to waeerSlOO that Shnrkey can
Oil 1 anky ltob " I ew Fields Immediately
rahl !' would lict J'.'OUiicaluBt lUrrlson'scen
tury tl.it 1'lt (Uii Jo the trick, and the money
r, i I ut up to remain until nftor the expected
licit' Harrison then altered Ileitis $'r'5even
' tlm 1 itzslmtnons would not mako a match.
M litse are the lltbt natters made an the pros-
jKiln encounter between the two leading
hfivvwelshts Talk, of a match brines up
.he contest botvvetm Sharkey and I'ltrslinmoD'i
In snn Francisco, which was lost by llob II.
the elchth round on n foul U'ltourke. mana
ger of MiarKc). sas that ho knows nothlnc
about the facts In the c.ise. ns'he was not bo
bind Tom at the time, whllo Sharker Insists
that he was fouled and won tlio matoh lccltl
raatel) A man who backed the bailor against
Mel.') and who saw tho former fight Fltz.
nllshtened a crov.il of sports yesterday with
thU statement
' 1 Itzsltntnona showed beyond a doubt that he
wa Sharkey's master In science and In punch
Inc. He made Tom look like a notice and hit
him when he pleased. Iu tho elchth round
fehaikev was, knocked out with a solar ploxus
Mow fairly delivered. Hut the referee de
prived J H7 deliberately bycalllnt: It a foul.
Thore was no doubt about this, a.4 nine, out of
every ten witnesses said so at tho time "
When Shnrkey had this alTalr with Fltr he
wis comparatively green. Ho knew nothing
about scientific boxing and was In the hands
of men who did not believe It was necessary
for him to leirn nnjrthlnc. Ho was simply n
rough and ready sluccer. who. in his anxiety
to win, used foul tactics. These methods ho
ricked up in encounters in the navv. whero
rules do not generally flcure much. Since
Ollourke took hold of him, however, he has
levrufil rapidly In hit fight with Corbctttho
hailor surprled ev en body with unexpected
cleverness lie showed Improvement against
JWo). nlthough thero were many Important
points In his attack iiml uefence which were
worthy of criticism Those who look upon
fchnrkey as a great lighter sav tint with con
stant coaching at tho hands of O'ltourke and
Dixon he will be a hard proposition to sohe
when he puts up nls hands in a Itfiut with Utr
rimmons Attention Is also culled to the fact
that Htrslniinons is n much older man thai
Sharkey and tint a time will come when tho
( ornlshinnn. like all pueiliKs. will become a
back number For this reason followers of
Iit7 are anxious to see him takw bharkey on
at an carl) date If. for any reaaon, the cham-
Fion should decllno to meet bharkey at tho
enox A. l' and ho Is quoted as snylnc that
he will not fight In any club managed by
O Rourke, It Is risible that Jlaher will bo
asked to take his place.
f harles Mitchell, who Is eenerally recorded
as a back number, cabled from London to
ORourLe yesterday asking If bharke) would
light him at the Nntlonal bnortlne Club In
Slay. O'ltourke cabled back for further par
ticulars Mitchell, it is thought, would be tho
easict kind of a mark for bharkey. and if
iiflicieDl inducements are offered O'ltourke
may eo to Enelind to pick up some "easy
An offer has been made to McCoy to fight
Tommy Ryan of Syracuse at the Lenox Club
lor 50 per cent ot the gate recelnts liofore
his flcht with bharkey tlie Kid said he wanted
to meet Hynn. win or lose As McCoy adheres
to the statement that he welched l&l. pounds
when he cot Into the ring on Tueiday night.
and Ryan can flcht ut about 15U pounds, a
match between them would be a pretty een
thine Ryan Is as cleor In point of science
as McCoy, sportine 3ien say, and has im
proved wonderfully since be left the welter
welcht class. In which he was knocked out by
the Kid at Maspcth several tears nco There
ts not the best of feellne between these men.
and ltran says that be can win The latter
showed eood form recently In a tweuty-iound
fight wlth.Iaok Itonner. a dancerous heay
,1 weight, who was outpointed and soundly
thrashed, even thouch he hart previously
knocked out Ban Creedon in a punch Ryan
nys hetaucht McCoy nil he knows, and that he
is the hid's master in everything except thu
"If he beats me," said Ryan, who has author
irert O Rourke to make a match. "I will shake
him br the hind Hut I think 1 can trim him
and wish he would cive me a chnnoj "
McCoy hns heen advised by his friends to
fctay In the middlewelEht class hereafter, but
h wants to tackle lorbett. Thore Is not
nuch chnnce for a match, howeter. a Corbett
is not looked upon as bInc slncuro in his talk.
John T Rruh, President of tho Cincinnati
r-iehall Club, is still in torn, but ho declines
to say much about the situnti in In the I.eacue.
lulo he was at tho HolTman House yesterday
Abcll of Brooklyn and ondorhorst ot Balti
more vrero hnldlnc h confab nearby, brush
said he had not seen the two men. who wero
flxinc up tho final details of the deal br which
Hanlon will come to HrooUyn with the pick
of his Hiltlmore team While everybody nr
teirs to he keeplne under cover. It Is not de
nied that the magnates aro perfeetinc their
rlans t- snrinc a surprise when the Leeuu
meets here acaln net month.
Tohn 11 Dav has no plans to reveal about the
make-up of the New Sorks this jear. but It Is
bcliovid that tho team will not underco many
chances 'bcrapp) Hill" Joyce Is still on tho
reinrv" list of tne club, and baseball mon are
reelnninc to wonder what will be his fate.
Jnvpe Is In ht I,ouis. and repeated!) states
th it ho will not he turned down bv Freedman.
Wltn Day as mnnacer and Jack Doyle on first
hue. the cranks are nuzzle! to know of what
use Tovce can he to the club. It Is hinted that
' bcrapp) Hill" would like to manace a Western
lescue clul, where hi cowboy luetics on tho
diamond would be npppreclated
In taklnc nearly 100 cycle riders and train
ers to ban rrancUco the promoters appear to
be stretchlnc thlncs to Hip limit. Ther say,
however, that there Is a hie Hold there for
them, and that a th outlaw movement Is
bound to nourish In California, a six-day race
and short-distanco events will catch the
pulille mocev If succeisful In their ven'uro
the promoters sav they will repeat It M that
the prnfessloniil riders will bo able to thrive
twelve months in the enr. Persons whohavo
had experience In evele nclnu hollovo that this
uudertaklne will entnil many risks and thnt If
the monniiiTs come out of It with a balance
on the rlcht side they will bo vers' fortunate
In carryinc eo many men across the continent
ereat etiense Is Incurred Tho arrance
ment mnde with the riders is that their ex
pnnfces will bo paid, tho money to he returned
If the) win any casn prizes Under these cir
cumstances It would appear that the riders will
havo the best end of the deal, whether the ven
ture falls or not
althouch a meetlnc of tho Harvard, Cornctll
and aln rowlne men was slated to be held
this week to arrance the blc 'varsity boat
race, It has been called off for tho present and
nohod) In authority Beems to know when the
mutt, r will be settled The nnnouncement
that Harvard and Ynle will stlok to New Ixn
don i thoueht to have made Cornell deliber
ate more arefully before enterlne lntoncon
ffretic 'lhe I rlverslt) of Pennsylvania is
likely to he consulted by tho Ithacans before
hn I and as the yuakcrs show a disposition to
ho' I out for Pouchkeepsle matters may be
Mocked for sono time to eomo C-ollece men
f my thnt rather thnn Dreak ofT relations with
Old Pen ii Cornell will withdraw from the race
with ale and Harvard, a proceedlnc that
1 sniild prrhahly caute universal recret, except
I at Jvew Havn
Srrlnl I'rlim for tlie AVeitmlnstrr Kennel
Club hbow.
Amonc tho special donations of cups and
cash b) private Individuals for tho Westmin
ster Kennel Club show of Feb 21 to t! ut Mad
Iion Square Garden nro the followlnc
Silver cup for the best collie of JK08. by J
Ilerpont Morcan; $'J5 for tho best poodle, by
II II Hunnewoll, Jr. who also contributes
J1W) for fox terriers, the cU of his stud docs at
Hill Hurst Kennels; silver cup for the best
biillioc. by I emuel Hitchcock; h cup for the
iM Itoston terrier under sixteen months, by
I'wlcht llnldwln. n cup for tho best Hoston
terrier brood bitch by O II Pholps; a silver
enpforthe best Irish terrierMud doc. by Lem
uel Hlti hcock. and the Plchhardt Cup, which Is
replai ed in competition by J L Kcrnochuu.
who hud won it outrlcht It Is for the bst
ueaclo bred b the exhibitor, nnd Is open to all
Mri- Jack Hraicr of l!.i) hhoro bus joined
the rapidl) iiit rruNini; lint of women who urn
jsfjiciute ini.iibertof the Westinlnsicr Keiiuol
hit uothei oik. Mr" J J Keruoehaii,
h'jtts her irlsh tciilurs In tho namo of the
ilea inns henneU
, 1 rank J Could will exhibit his St. Bernards
, in the name of the L)ndhurst Kennels at the
various bench shows.
lliN - immTiiA-i rr --y-f-fVifr-i -"
J jxfntms's BWKitriira crtAtLKXOK.
Its WanU to Flcht Bharkey, Fits, Corbett,
McCoy or SInher.
William A. llrad). former mnnacer of Jim
Corbett, has decided to enter the puclllstlo
field acaln as the mentor of Jim Jeffries, the
California, heavyweight, who last year cot a
decision over Sharkey. Jeffries wants to flcht
any of tho leadltii; hcavj weichts. Including
CorbotU Ilrady Informed Thb Suk last, nlcht
that ho had lust received the follow Ufc from
ban 1 rnnclsco:
lltvlnc tOH.lj-ui,l tflrifrtph arrangement by
whit h I pure myself under tlie ante uiinaKeineiitnr
William A Ilrady, who hereafter will have absolute
control of my athletic undertaking!, I hereby Inane
thla challenge!
I have never been defeated, and have gained a
derlKlonoverTlioinai 8barke,tn whom I ailmliili
lered a severe beating iu twenty roiimU ana who l
now apparently rcKarde.I In New orlt city a the
leultiiuatecbainptoii of the world I therefore de
sire to meet him before the lub offering the beat
lndueenienta, with or without a aide bet. In the
event of hi eonaentlne to fight to u nntih for a aide
wagr lam preiMinxl to mate It Sliiooo a aide, the
winner to take all, ur to coincide with any other ar
rangemrnt to hla aatlifif tion
Sharkey baa, I admit, fonuht without reierve dur
log the paat few in nth, and if he urge that he 1
eniltltMl to a reat I will In the meantime meet Hubert
1: ituliumona, the albged world's champlo It has
been aiaerted that ) Itnlmuioni has uimer up on
depoait for auch au emergeury, and tt he will
kindly Inform me where It la I will cover it
without delay He can name hla own eondltlona
and 1 will accept them. If Mr. Fltzaltiimone
still refiista to defend hla alleged Cham.
iilouahlp pretention I am prepared to meet Jamea
, Corbett, Charles Mt Co) or Peler llaher. Unit eome
flrat ecrviU or all of tbetii within aa ahnrt a time aa
the) mar Indicate My detlre la to tight, and not to
engage lu long range tiewipaper dlicuaalun
I will go E4t to train an aoou aa any one of theae
Sentleineu named showa a diepoaltloii to fight by
eppeltliighliiaah. JiMJarrana
The only undefeated heavyweight in the world.
lirady says that Jeffrie" will be tralnod by
Billy Dolnne), Corbett's old handler. Jeffries
was sen hore at the Lenox Club last summer
In a ten-round bout with Bob Armstrong. He
did not mako a favorable Impression, but It
was Bald br his frlonds that he was in
poor condition, owlnc to a chanco ot
climate. Jeffries Is one of the biggest heavy
weights in tho profession. He weighs J10
pounds when tn fighting trim and is a muscu
lar marvel, lie Is a bollermakcr by trade and
a flchUvr puro and simple. After beinc de
feated by Sharkey Corbett said he was going
to'lrisco to tacklo Jeffries, so that tho latter
feels that it will be an easy matter to mako a,
match with the ex-chnmplon.
a Tiir.r.Ticv.
At Copland Selected to Train Tate's Track
C. II. Sherrlll, Chairman ot the Graduates
Advisory Committee nt Yale, announced es
terdny that after a conferouce with Cupt. Fisher
of tho track team at the Yale Club on Wednes
day nlcht they had decldod to encage A F.
Copland as trainer, his dutios to becin at onco.
Copland is u well-known athlete He became
prominent in 1883. when a momberoftheMnn
hattan A. C team. He was a crack sprinter,
hurdler and broad jumper and holds a num
ber of world's records In that year
he nof only won ,tho American nnd Cana
dian amateur championships in the sprints
and hurdles, hut also signally defeat
ed Fred Westing, after the latter had won
the Lngllsh championship In sprinting as
a member of the samo club Copland still
holds the record In hurdllnc for if). HO. lot).
l'JO nnd MO jards. Ills tlmo for 120 )urde.
o er ten hurdlos 2 foettl Inches high. Is 14 :t-r
seconds He held the record for ItOO )ardsup
to 18)7. when his time. H7 3-5 seconds, was
beaten by Kraenrlein of S)racuso University.
In 18IK) Copland made a record of 23 feet Iff
Inches for the running broad jump, which was
not excelled until last year, w hen Prlnstein did
2J feet 7 Inches
Copland was one of 150 applicants for the
place. Mike Sweeney, the high jumper, vvho Is
trainer at th Hill School, Pottstown, was
talked of, as was Harry Cornish of the Knick
erbocker AC In announcing Copland's cn
eocomont Sherrlll said yesterday
' e concluded thnt it was bettor to engage a
mnn who possesses known ability rather than
porno trainer with a reputation who has not
been successful. Copland excelled In the
sprints, hurdles and jumps, and should bn able
to train Yalo's athletes competently In theso
departments v (n not know what he can do
with the weights, but wo believe he has a practi
cal knowledge of all departments of track and
field snorts Ho will get a chanco to make a
reputation for himself, and will probably take
charee at once, na the candidates are already
dolnc gymnasium work."
Crecan Resigns as Captain of Princeton's
Trnck Tenm.
rniNCETOV. Jan. 12 John F Crecan. the
speedy dlstanco runner, who was elected cap
tain of tho Princoton Unlvorslty track team
last spring, resigned to-day. Ho cave no
reason. The resignation has not been accepted
by the Graduate Advisory Committee, and It Is
understood that an effort will be made to have
him reconsider liTs action Frank W. Jarvls,
lOOO.whowon the 440-vard dahh at the Inter
collegiate meet last year, and Herbert v. heeler,
who played full back on tho 'varsity football
eleven last fall, and who is also a clever hurdler,
are prominently mentioned for tho place in
case Crecan cannot bo persuaded to retain It.
Arrangements are being made for a dual
track meet with Cornells team, to be held In
Ithaca on May )0 The manngomontof both
teams have held several meetings, and it has
been agreed to havo tho same events as thoso
which will mnke up tho intercollegiate pro
gramme The action of Princeton's track
management In taking on games with Cornell
puts a damper on tho hopes of those who ex
pected to see Princeton and Old Penn patch up
thoir difficulties nnd get together next spring.
The Knickerbockers entertained their wom
en friends with a compass game for prlres
on Wednosday nlcht and had a crowded house.
Tho first prbe was won by Miss Camp
bell nnd Dr. Cole, with 8 plus E and W
Three tied for second prbo. with 5 X
nnd 8 They wero Mr and Mrs Baker. Mr
and Mrs Thomson nnd Mrs Hannum and
Miss Cunningham Tho club hns selected K
T Uaker. J. P Browning. C S Colo nnd R V.
roster to go to Albany to-morrow and piny
for the Stuto championship for fours B C.
Fuller nna 8 Wainwrlght will play for the
Utica trophy for pairs
The Itidgowood Club won out In the Erie
section of tho New Jersoy Association tourna
ment by defeating the Passnie Gun Club by
four tricks on Tuesday night. This gives
Rldgswood seven wins and nolosses Tho suc
cessful tenm Is- 1. J Hruck, II A Dunbar, R
M W inans and E Itodrigo
At the Women's Whist Club on 'Wednesday
the top score was madn by Mrs Skinner nnd
Mrs Heald. II plus Land W. Mrs Hawthorne
nnd Mrs Durdlck were second with H Mrs
Plimpton and Mlsa Worth were high N and 8
wlthtJ Mrs Overman nnd Mrs. Harmon wero
second with .1 .....
At tho Whist Club of New York on Wednes
day nlcht W. E Hawkins nnd J, A Spnfford
mnde tho top score, A E Tnylor and partner
being second This leaves tho standing of tho
phiyers to dnto, with only two moro rounds to
play, as follows
J II Etwell, 4(1 trlckp. 10 matrbra. 17 kills. E. E.
Deniaon, tb tncka 7 matchen. 18 UU. Andrew Oil
boob , '2i trlcka, i matcliee 21 kllla, 1. F, Browning,
111 trlcka, 10 matebea, 21 kllla.
The Ferris brothers havo each high score for
kills. 24.
Milwaukee. Jan. 12. Tho University of Wis
consin football team will go East next fall. The
authority for this statement Is ManagerFlsher.
Ienas that the team will luvadn tho territory
of the mighty colleges of the East. No definite
arrangements have been made as yet Man
ager Fisher says a ganix will probably be ar
ranged with Harvard Tho University of Wis
consin athletes nro looked upon with much
favor at that institution.
HiMketbnll Notes.
The fit Oeorge'a third team waa beaten again by
tho Holy Crona boya nn lueadar night, thU time at
bt George'a Hall Hliteentb ttreet and becondave
uue, by a acore of e to 4.
Iu a rattling kame nf two twsntr-mlnute halves
tho 'Poly Prep'' Krhool quintet difeated the Adel
I hi Academy Juniors laat night at the " l'oly " g) m
Daaium b) a acore of 20 to 10
Although abort one plajr, the Ht I.uke'a Boya
Club midget team dereatcd the Pratt Institute midget
quintet on WidneaJuy at Pratt Institute gymnatium
b) the llnul aiore of 4 point to 2
The Hrownie team, unreglatered, would like to ar
range games with any team having Ha own court
and averaging from ISO to 12.'. pounda Addreas
1 DutUcbarilt, rapUIn, :uu Jloebllng itreet, Brook
Ni-WHCno, Jan. 1J One of the moat Interesting
gamei of basketball ever played lu thla city took
vUielant liluht tullie ulliioo between the Huguenot
A (' of evr ltorhelle and the Iruth Separate Com
pny of tbla city The acore waa 17 to In In favor
of the Newburg plaera
The Urinln team V failed the court of the Atlantic A
A atBoekawa) ilearh on VVcdntada) night lhe re
ault being, Oriole, H A A V , .0 lue Vtlantlca
would like to luar from the Fauwoods or any other
ttrpt-elaae unreglatered tiaui ddrrei J K. tiuede
eor manager lock Imi .'4 U,eauui, V V.
The team of the Htuklug High School, averaging
IIP pounda, would llki lo arrange a home game for
tbo afternoon of Jan. -'1 and play a return game ou
Feb Hor.Manh4 lhe aecond tram nf the High
bchool, averaging IK) pounda, would like to irraiito
gauna with teamanf that weight Address E. Ituugr,
tapulu, 1M Uowne avenue, I luahlug N Y
At tje Knlikuboeler V ( gym lait nlcht the
Kuii kcrbnrkera defeated Ibe Mount Morr.a tenn l
a weire of Ih to it Tho bulk or the aionug for the
Kn!ckenKkms ai done b Ueowu, Kempner and
(Irecnball Dentler and Trainman, who plaed a
atar game for Mount Mnrria, wrr the onlr players
wlm could aucccsafully locate the baiket for th
Vinfr - Jtfif"-rr"'-r'-t"" '" " "'- -a.
Trouble In tho Maaiacliusetts Division at
the L. A. Vf.
IIostov. Jnn. 12. Arthur 1C Pock, the de
feated candidato for 8rtnry-Trensuror of
the Massachusetts division, U A W.. Is out
with a statement. In which ho charges that (he
election was Illegal and that ho Intends to ills
with the Notional Committee on Privileges, and
possibly with the National Af sembly, a petition
praying lor tho suttlng aside ot that election
Tho grounds on which Peek declares tho elec
tion Illegal aro two First, that tho method ot
counting ballots by tho lteturnlng Committee
was aealnst the rules and regul itlons ot the
1, A V. and. second thnt the Commltteo on
Bights and Pilvllcges rofused to act on his
potltlon for a recount Ho threatens to dis
pute the sealing ot the Masncliusotts dele
gates to the Assembly tn Provldento In Feb
ruary and to Insist on a hearing before that
body In Apcaklug of the treatment he had
received nt the hands of tho MasuchusrtU
division ofllclals. Peck said:
"Tho iiuestlon with mo now ts ono of prin
ciple, whether the rights of a member of (his
division are to be respected I bcllovo I have a
clear ease and a perfectly legltlioute demand
for redress entltllnc mo to a decision 1 pro
sumo that If I win my case that is to an). It
the Into elevtlou is set nsldo and u new one
tailed for-the entlro Massachusetts division
delegation will be unseated, for the last hoard
meeting could hurdl) becoustruod as legal, and
its eleotton of delegates to the Assembly void "
Chlot Consul r.lllot.ln convnrsiitlon with The
Sun correspondent this afternoon, said that
the question of the luothods of counting thu
votos at tho last election might be considered as
somewhat Irregular, but explains It as follows
"The returning board, whoso duty It Is to ro
oslveand count ballots, has for Its Chairman
Abbott Baisctt. Secretary of the L A. N ,
whose veracity and ability havo nevor been
questioned, when tho larger part ot the
ballots had been received Dassett reiiuested
permission Irom the members of the Lfectlons
Committee, which appointed thu returning
board, to commence counting tlie bal
lots before, all wero lccelvcd. as ho found
It impossible to glvo the necessar) time to the
performance of th work as a wliolo F.very
member of tho committee. Including Peck,
agreed to his proposition, and he was allowed
to count the ballots at his home In thouvenlnc
Besides giving his assent as a member of thu
committee, ns nn Individual, and as n candi
date. Puck also cave his permission nn I stated
that ho would accept the result, whatever Its
nature. Itscmnsthat he has changed Ills mind
slnco the result was announced With regard
to his being turned down bv the Committee
of Itlchts and Privileges on his petition for a
recount I would say that tho committee w hlch
received his request was nbout to glvo up Its
ofllce. owing to tho fnct that Its term had
expired, and as a now committee hni not as
yet been appointed, and the thirty dn) s' notlco
which Is required before a matter can Do car
ried to the National Commltteo hns not ex
pired. Peck will have tn wait until that time
beforo he can do as ho threatens '
Bai.timohk. Jan 12 At a conference held
here to-da between T J Kecnan of Pittsburg,
Albert Mott and Conway v Sams It was de
cided that Mr bams should wlthdrawasacin
dldate for the Presidency of the LA W.iind
clvo his support to Kcenan forthatofllee The
situation was decided in a novel mnnner At
the meetlnc both Keenan and Sams said it wns
not their desire to have a contest for the ofllco
nnd It was then decided that tho candidate who
could show the strongest backing should have
a clear field Tho candidates compared notes
and found their support wns nbout oven with
ono State in iloubt K. telegram was sent tothn
doubtful district and the answer wns favorablo
to Keenan. whereupon Sums nromptlv with
drew from tho nue He will assist hoenun,
nnd if tho latter is elected President of tho
league Mott will In all probability retain tho
Chairmanship of tho Pacing Board
The now local consulate nf tho L A W was
orcanlzed last nlcht by the Board of Consuls
The old executives, Ixiuls Itosenfeld, I)r L O
Lo noy and F. M Jroblsber. wore placod In
nomination for ro-clcotion, but Itosenfeld still
refused to serve as bonlor Consul again, be
cause his personal nlTalrs would not permit
him to devote the necesarytlme Theofllcers
elected were Dr. I. C Le Hoy. Senior Consul;
F. M Frobisher. Junior Consul: E A Crowe,
Seoretary-Treasurer A e-ommlttoe of three
was appointed tnconfervvith representatives of
all tho associations Interested in ocling and
good rond- in the Greater City for tho purpose
of dellnlng plans concerning two days' use of
the concert hall at Madison Square Garden
durlnr- the week of the ovclo show. Jan. 21-28
Tho hall has been clven to tho L A W for
two da)s and two nights, and the L A.
W. representatives purpose to hold a con
tinuous good roads convention Tho Idea
of tho Ij. A W. officials Is to havo
the Associated Cycling Clubs. Good Itoads As
sociation and all ocling organizations coop
erate with the committee that arranges tho
programme and directs tho convention A
meeting will be held ut the New ork btato
Division nfllces, 1U2 Nassau street, to-morrow
to which nil c)cllng organizations aro Invited
to send delegates.
President Potter said yesterday that tho hill
Introduced at Albany by benator Lllsworth on
Tuesday, providing for a btato committee on
side pa'hs for wheelmen and forataxof from
50 cents to fl on wheel riders to mnlntaln
paths, has the indorsement of tho L. A. W and
of wheelmen geuerall). but ho would suggest
that tho hill should bo amended so as to read
"cyclo oaths," because " side pathsV must be
alongside of a road, while cyclo paths are often
run across roads and llelds
Stewards Elected nnd One of the Racing
Itules Amended.
The annual meotinc of tho Jockey Club was
held nt tho office of the organization yes
terday afternoon Tho following members
were present:
Auguat Belmont, F It. nitchcock, Jamea Galway,
p J Dw)er, H K Knapp, William Aator Chanler. S
fl Howland.J. O Ucckacher. Andrew Stiller, J II
Bralford. A F Walcott, A. II, Morris V K Sturgis
and James It Keene
Ituln 147 of tho racing rules was amended
by the, addition of the following as tho second
A Jockey under suspension shall not be permitted
to ride in racta for any one during the pctiod of hia
James Galwn), F It Hitchcock and Andrew
Mlllor wero reflected stewards, to serve for two
years 'I ho stewards held a meeting after the
annual meeting lor the purpose of nrgnnl-r-ation
and general business lhe following
jflleers wero reflected
August Ilelnmnt Chairman James It Krene, Vice
Chairman, i. K. 8turgi, becretarj and Treasurer
T ho Treasurer was authorized to pav tho hill,
amounting to $02. for medical services to
Jockey Martin Bergen. Applications for rein
statement lodged by llllam Bockct and
II Fllppcn worn denied The allotment of tho
racing dates for tho season of 1HU0 was iKjst
poned until next Monday
Undue In New Orleans.
NEwOnLEAtH.Jan 12 Judge L P Tarleton
of Lexington nnd Law) or E. Zimmerman nf
Memphis are in tho city to-day Tarleton rep
resents E P. Bimms and Zimmerman John W
Schorr, two well-known Western owners. Each
holds a signed contract for the services of
Jockey Tommy Burns Schorr's contract with
the boy expires to-day Tho law) ers will con
fer to-night, nnd If unable to effect n settle
ment, will refer the matter to tho Board of
Stewnnls, who in turn will refer It to the
Commltteo on Appeals of tho Wostern Turf
Concress .
An old-fashioned "killing" was madejon Ad
metus In the third race this afternoon with a
stnblo boy up. Tho books laid as much ns 100
to 1 against his chances Ho was porslstontlr
backed, and went to the post at twenties Ad
met us won by a head from llasqiiil, the second
choice, after being well up Borah Woods wns
pla)ed from (evens to threes, and bent tha
odds-oii favorite Gath in the easiest manner
O'Connor, who rode Itornh Wood, tooled
O'lary, on Gath Cutting off In front, O'Con
nor nllo.vod Oath to pass him 'ibis was done
with such ease that O'Lear) eased up the fa
vorite in the stretch Then O Connor Uiouglit
up Borah Wood, and bufure O'Leui) could
gather himself togthortlio race was won
In the llrst ram O't onnor wns guilt) of de.
liberate!) fouling Muhur on thu fiivorite,
I"bridt 0 Connor w us on Brum h and had ho
gone on about his buslneas and not tried to
eross Hi bride ho would havo won Tragod,u
into 1 shot, cot through during the mlx-up
and won handily. Branch wns second Mnher
made iiocMiiipUlut.nud no action wus tnken b)
IhehlonurdH 'ihu tiauk Is still heav Sum
maries lirst ltae Hii and one half furlongs Tragedy,
'L lio.lin 10 to 1, ou. llrxiuli iui O Conner ,
aeroudi David 114 rroit third, lime I -e't
eetond itace 811 turb inr-.Mr Joniioa 10",
(O Connor u to 1 won OnrNilht luo lluessie
ond, Bei kon, Jiih Troxliri, tiilrd Tune Us
Third ltaee Helling, one and one eighth miles
Admetus, 101 iFlicki. .'0 to I, uon Uaviull. ion
iCuubai seiond, Hehoolgirl, 1J iO Uonuon, third
Time, J.onv
Fnnttli Itace Selling six furlorgi Dorah Wood,
Hii it) Connor . 7 to J, won Oath, iui (tJ'l-aryi, see
ond Mlnuie vWldon IM Iiuixri, third rime, 1 17
Fifth llace One mile-Jack Vuapet llll iliilrns ,
I to a won Pinker potior 1 is iCombs), aetund,
Lnuouiia lnuMaion) ttilril. llmi 1 40
Intelligence and Trustvinrthliieaa
characterize the help secured through an advertise
niantln rug Uvv.-Adi.
a Way fhom run jiorov criAVK.
SIcDnttee Out of Condition, VVhllo Ills Cine
iieror la In Vine Fettle More Than n
.aille Sepnrntid tha Contestants at the
Fliilsli-PitglHst Sharkey n Hpectntor.
Harry Kikes, tho Glens Falls cycler, who has
shown himself to be u "comer" In paced racing
ever since last summer, when he won tho
one-hour lecord. won last nlcht the chief
of all his victories In n tweiitv-llve-mllo
luced race ut Madison Square Garden hi)
defeutcd Eddie MoDuflee of Boston, w ho won
thotltluof middle dlstanco champion III 1SH
by winning every rnco lu which he rode Mc
Duffeo was In no form to meet such a man as
Elkcs and his colors were lowered lu humiliat
ing fashlou.
Flkos was In fine shape und could have gone
faster had It been nuecssury. He rode one fast
mile, the second, the time for which was 1
minute and f5 seconds Elkes rode the full
distance In 52 minutes ,')4 3-! seconds Me
DulTeu completed the twenty-lire miles after
Elkcs had left the track. His time was M
minutes IS 1-5 seconds
The events last nlcht wound up the Indoor
racing i.:aaon. Many of the spectators came
late, their Interest being evidently centred In
the paced racoof tho champions Kikes, tho
first to appear, rocolved creat applause Me
L)u ffeo. vvho Is comparatively little known to
New Yorkers also received sufllclent np
plauso to mako him reallzo that he had
more than a few sympathizers The men
started from opposite sides of the track Elkes
hud nine tandems on hand, but hold two In
reserve. McDutTce had seven pacing teams
und one man In retorve. Elkes was a hot
favorite before the start, and considerable
betting was dono privately, tho odds van lug
from 150 to 100 to even mone Ono of tho
police officers, who was mntlo the stake
holder of a wager of $7."i against $T-0,
nenrl" caused thu bettors to have apo
plexy br disappearing tempornrll) at
the end of the race He hml been colled to an
other part or the building for a fev minutes.
The men whoso money he held did nottaknhis
number, and they fumed tremendously till the
"cop" camo back and delivered tho mono), with
ninny ntolugles
Likes rodo awheel geared to 107. McDuf
fee'sgoar boinglVJ In tho llrst mllo MoDuf
fee's teams pulled him along fnster than
Elkes's tandems travelled, and ho was ahead
nt tho end of tho llrst ten laps In the second
mllo McDuffco tecan to show his poor condi
tion by losing pace Elkes rapidl) closed in on
him. und. coming up when Mao was travelling
without pace, he hitched on behind the Boston
bov For about fifty yards the men rodo
together unpaced. then Elkes caught a tandem
and passed on Aftor that It was a runawoy
race for the Glens Fnlls speeder
At the end of tho third mile McDuffco was a
lap behind At tho finish of the sixth mile
Likes was throe laps ahead. Ho slowod up n
bit then, and the crowd, seeing McDuffee be
ginning to gain, grew excited and cheered
htm on. Likes at onco proceeded to
mako a show of his rival by get
ting steam up ngaln and going out at
nclln that gave him, after two circuits of the
trnck, practically another lap advantage At
llftecn miles he was moro than half a mllo
ahead. At twenty miles he hnd a lead of one
mllo and one lap At tho finish he had won br
ono mile and threo laps, and In tlmo by .1
minutes nnd 40 H-5 seconds
Lively Interest In the preliminary racos was
manifested. Kramer, tho L A. W. nmateur
champion of 18ti8, won the seml-llnnl and the
final In the nmateur handicap in the cosiest
kindotst)le Hedstrom'n fine riding was the
feature of ' the one-mile professional con
test He won his heat from scratch after
n hot chase, and In the final, although he got
third place, ho mado a heroio strucelc.with the
next man In Trent of him forty yards away.
F.xceptinc a ridiculous fall by a colored man.
caused by his clumsily running Into another
competitor after the race, there were no acci
dents Just beforo tho start ot the big race a tumult
wns raised on theTtventy-slxth street sldoof tho
Garden by th" entrance of Tom Sharkey, Peter
Maher. Tom O'ltourke nnd a party of rod hot
sports The crowd In the centre of the arena
Hiirged over nnd stood In front of the hot
nncuplcd by tho billor and cheered lustily.
Two women who were In the box with tho
conqueror of McCoy seemed to enjoy tho ovn
tlon as much as did the pugilist A couple of
enthusiastic sports who had Imbibed too freely
had seats near by. and eight pollcemon were
soon required to suppress their demonstrn
tivencss and prevent a riot bumnmriesof the
short races:
Half Mile Handicap, Amsteur Final heat won by
F. I Kramer. Jtiverelde W , scratch, C M Krtr,
Itlvereide Vv.. scratch, aecond. rthur 8 Ljnn, ,v-ir
inrk, r.n yards third Time, l minute " 2 c seennd-
One Mile Profe-slonal. Handicap Hnal heat won
by Jav hatnn. 40 )ards. George Kreamer, fin yard..,
second. Oncar Hedstrom, scratch, third. VV II
Owen, loo yards, fourth Time, 2 minutes 10 l-r
Tearly Report of the Stnten Island Cricket
and Tlnsebnll Club.
Charles T Stout. Secretary of the Golf Com
mittee of tho Staten Island Cricket nnd Base
ball Club, has prepared his report of the i ast
season's play, which will bo submitted to the
annual meeting this month Tho report is of
particular Interest, for next season the club
will havo new links of eighteen holes at Fox's
Hills, and tho present course, which has been
tho scene of many interesting matches since It
was first turned oror to the club by the bailor's
Snug Harbor trustees. In lrlflfl. will be aban
doned by tho men. although the women mem
bers may still retain it for their special com
petitions Tho season of 1808 began on April 10 with a
teim match ngalnst ale, and did not end
until the Christmas Day handicap, on Dec 2il
lu nil. Including six mixed foursomes hold on
"ladies' day," thirty competitions wero held,
exclusive of team contests The club cham
pionship, which was Instituted for the llrst
time forn cold medal presented by G t Arm
strong, on Slay 14, was won b) John Chadwlok.
with n gross score of 84. Tha medal-play
record for the year, however, was mado by
E L Itlchards. winner of tho July handicap
for tho Doctor's Cup. who made 70 gross This
cup was tho gift of Dr. B O'Connor, and wns
pliDcd for five times under tho percentage
s)stem The winners, besides Itlchards. were
Dr O Connor, W S t allender, W. A. Hamilton
and C. T Stout. Stout took tho cup. as ho
hud two seconds to his credit In nddltion to
tho win He captured more prizes than any
of the members and played a consistent game
from scratch throughout the year Besides
the Doctors Cup Stout won five other scratch
prizes, the semi-annual tournament, the handi
cap challenge cups In Mnrand November, the
net-score challenge enp in May nnd a bogle
tournament The following is the record of
the team matches;
Men on Start .
IHilt Opponent. Teami. S. I Op'i.
April 1 lale . n fl 17
April SO ht. AndreWe . 10 4 41
Ma JS Richmond County 10 in 111
June 10 Harbor Hill 10 21 17
Aug. 2ii seabrlght . 20 2', 57
Oct, H Itlchmnnd County 10 22 U
Oct ir Harbor Hill .10 21 W
Totals lir. 189
A team match was also decided at Tuxedo,
matches counting lnstnad of holes, under tho
usual luxedo system for interclub matches.
1 Kteen played on a side, the Staten Island
players wlnulng by8to7
Annie Oakley VVlna nt tlie Traps.
DovEli.N, J .Jan. 12 A twenty-five live bird
match between Annie Oakley and Charlss
Munson, a well-known shot of this place, was
tho attraction this afternoon nt the Lake Don
mark Shooting Park There wns a big attend
ance nnlo Oak ev easily demonstrated hor
superior skill by killing 2 I out ot 25, the other
two dropping dead out of bounds Munson
was not In good form, his score being 17 out
of 25. with one dead out of bounds Tlie latter
was equall) unlucky In a subsequent twenty-flve-bird
match with (on Hullle, a local sooit
Munson cave up when nt the twelfth bird.
Halite being six In tlie lead
New Ynrht loi ,1, Rogers Maxwell.
Wilmington, Jan 12 Tho Pusoy A Jones
Compuii) hns closed a eontrait with J Rogers
Maxwell ot Now York to build a steam )acht
from designs b) H ( WIntrlncham Thu boat
will be read) for Utinohlng about June 1 Thu
rait will bu of steel, 117 feet on the water line.
110 feet .( Inches overall. 18 feet tl inches
beam, 11 feet deep nnd 7 feet draught
llont Club Klrelimis.
The Flushing Jloat Club has elected these officers
James il Ciinuell, I'nsldtnt James H Burke, Vice
l'rraideut John 1 Wnvtri Captain, betbaolel Van
iterveigi, limt 1 nun mint. Main Brnwu, Hecoud
J leutenant i bonus Jcrinjrn Third Lieutenant
rhe Newark Bay Boat Club of Uayonne has elected
the following ofllcers "-resident Joseph H tin) der,
Jr jee President, Alexander Christie. Itecordlug
Kcreurr James II Isbllls Corresponding Mecre
Ury, William Humble, Jr Captain, William II
hlei h( ns, I leutenant, Leonard W Morse
I he annual t lection ef the beawanhaka Boat Club
on VediiidaynlgJt resulted aa followa Board of
vtangei. it. h IiLhtou Jobn C Clarke J. H.
Wetland Kl VValhue.ltobcrt U, Ptlton I)r Aehler
A Webber, iank Adee Harve) B Itanklu, H.
Abrehna, U Waahburn.A Lugleand Jamen H Teed.
The board will convene neit waak and choose the
.. .. .
Merry Skater Disport Themselves on Cen
tral I'nrk Lnkes.
From Oo'olock In tho morning until 11 o'clock
last nlcht tho lakes In Central I'nrk were
crowded with skating enthusiasts, who glided
overthe smooth Ico In full onjoyimnt of the
first day's open-air skating Even beforo tho
red ball went up nnd the Ice was declared freo
and o on tor the sport of the multitude, a
crowd of Juveniles hnd gathered nil the banks
In .anticipation When tho signal was given
they damped nn theli skates In short order,
und with u loud hurrah started the giddyvvhlil
As the morning wore on the crowd In
creased The aristocratic girls domiciled In
thu apartment houses bordering on the west
side perceived tho happ) throng circling thu
lake, and forsook thu rinks for the pleasauter
sensation of uxerciso In the open air
At .'1 o'clock there were at least 5.000 r.n tho
big lake A few moments later the) were aug
mented b) a Im go forcoof children jiistoutot
Kchnol, muny of whom sulcd the llrst oppoi
tunlty to put Into use thu skutes which Suntu
Cluns hud placed In their stockings Ex
purls weru l no means ubsc" and,
though most ot the skaters were equipped with
the ordinary short skute, hcic nnd 'here could
be seen thu nicer gliding over the smooth Ice
with tho veloelt) of Ihu wind, his oidlnary
shoes slung iiver his shouldci mid Ills whole
nppeamuce denoting tho detcrmin itiou to
covui ns much leu as possible iu thu time at his
1 anc skaters wero also In evidence Theso
sought sequestered stsjls and cut Dutch rolls,
llcure eight and the other Intricate figures,
while admiring groups of less proficient skat
ers eiirnustly it inched the evolutions
Prominent figures lu the crowd on the big
lake were a number of members of thu various
athletic clubs Charles hlutuer, thu goal of
mo .now iork Miuetiu i hid s water imioicam.
wns ono of the most proficient performers on
the steel blades bam Thomas, the New ork
Athletic Clubs pole vnulter, Kit Inc. the old
West Side Mhletic Club's champion siirlntei,
nnd Hurdler Albert Boeofthe IWime Athletic
Club were also noticeable figures
ltwas nt nlglit. howuvci, that the big lako
prusented the most picturesque scone Cl
cium llchtswero placed around the edges of
tho leu. and wherever there was u danger f pot
They shod a light thnt hair Illuminated the htg
sheet of Ice, and throughout the night the
figures darting from tho shadows Into tho
?laro of the light produced a weird effect,
'ho crowd Increased as tho hours wore
on and the stores und ofllces added
their complement to tho ploasure seekers, until
nt 10 o'clock thore were at least 10.000 persons
flldlnguoisiless!v around on tho steel runners
n thu uncertuli light many parties wore sep
arated, nnd nil nlglit. long the loud "hullo" ot
skaters seeking their companions echoed
through tho Park
Falls were frequent throughout the day, and
man) uu oxpert showing off his prowess tested
the hardness of the Ice. No serious accident
occurred, however, though blood flowed on
more than one occasion as the result of an un
usually hard collision
One disconsolate skntor startled tho crowd
that lined tho counter In tho pav llion where hot
coffee anil snndwlches were dispensed by ap
pearing with the ruby fluid flowing from a
badlrdamagod proboscis
" Put a little ice on It," was the remark of an
unsympathotlo policeman, nnd the Injured one
went off with his feelings hurt as badly as his
Shortly aftor 10 o'clock the snow began to
fall gently and added considerably to tho beauty
of the scene Tho tin) flakes clung affec
tionately to the hair and garments of
the women nnd glistened prettily In
the streaks of light. By tho time the
police started to clear the lake at 11 o'clock
most of tho skaters were tired out. the thick
fur of cut Ico making progression nnythlng but
easy, and tho throng were easily dispersed In
the hone of another da) 's fun should the snow
bold ofT. '
The New N.ork A. C. Defeats the St. Nlch
olne Skating Club In flronklyn.
In an Interesting came of hockey the Now
York A C team defeated the crack St. Nicho
las bkatlng Club seven nt the Clermont Avenue
lllnk. Brookbn, last night. Itwas nllvcl) and
scientific exhibition, and a larco crowd was
present Earned won tho puck In the face-off
for bt Nicholas and sent It to Cnllondor, who
passed It to Broknw The latter tried for coal,
hut the ball was neatly blocked by Roberts
Upon tho return nf tho puck, with almost tho
entlro St. Nicholas team back of It. II, Pop" got
the disk, and with able assistance from Spald
ing, vvho passed the rubber to Balrd. the first
goal of tho match was made Time. 5 minutes
45 seconds This cave tho New i ork A. C. men
present a chanco to yell, and they let loose In
earnest With tho score 1 to 0 against them,
the bt Nicholas men tried play after play, but
Roberts w as always In the way W herevcr tho
St Nicholas team sent tho puck, whether on a
pass, dribble, or shoot, there was alwa)n a
wearer of tho "Mercury loot" emblem to
block the play To this fa9t alone ma) bo at
tributed the victory of the New Iork A. C
In the second perhxltho puck, was captured
by Fenwick. who carried It up tho ice. the
teams having changed goals The New lorks'
.captain tried a clever shot for a goal, which
Blair stopped with his skate The puck then
was thrown down She Ice bySlocum.who fell
ns lie made tl.x shot Before ho could rise
Balrd had pulled It down with one hand.and
with his stick rirlbhled It down tho Ico toward
the bt Nicholas goal under the protection of
Spalding. Wallace, and Beckort, with Fenwick
nnd Pope on the flanks Just us theyneared
tho St Nicholas goal the wings spread
out and like a flash the rubber was sent to
Capt Fenwick, who shot a star goal Time. .'I
minutes 45 seconds There was no further
scoring, the final figures being. New .ork
A C. 7l goals. St. Nicholas bkatinc Club, O.
Tho teams were:
A icAof ,?. C ronlionl AVurerAt C
Blair Ooal . Roberts
Hlocum . . Point H Pope
Lvrnd (Capt ) Coverpotnt . Fenwick iCapt )
Brokaw . 1 f M, braiding
Callendtr I y..H, J B w Wallace
C Pope f rorw" 1 Brd
Miller I I . Beckert
Iteferee-Ilobert Wall, Skating Club of Brooklyn
Goala Balrd and FenMrk.
TheThlstlo Blnk In Hoboken was the scene
of nn exciting curling match lato on Wednes
da) night. Tho contending clubs wero the
Caledonians and St Andrew's of this city. Tho
ico wax In fine condition. D McEimmon
handled the Caledonian experts In good style
nn Blnk 1. nnd altera sharp tussle won by 10
toll Meanwhile on Itlnk 2 T. Nicholson was
having plenty of fun with the Arclilhnhl
brothers, the former winning by 17 to 10. Tho
teams were:
niNK 1.
Caledonian. .V. Anirrv'i.
P. Stalker. J. Ittissell.
D. lonlis. A Olllles.
It Stalker. J. McMillan.
I) McKlmmon. skip . 10 J. Leslie, skip 0
IHNh 2.
H Archibald. It Boyd.
VV Archlbal I. vv II BrolU..
II. Archibald T). Morrison
T Archibald, skip 10 T. Mcholson, skip 17
Orand totals 8t Andrew's, 20, Caledonian, 20
Roller I'olo.
The Tenkera roller polo team waa defeated In a
clone and exciting Lame b) the hew lorks at the
clrand Central Palace last night, the score being 4
to 3. Itwcaly far the roughest contest ever seen In
this city, and both teams were guilty of foul tactics
An extra period was necessary to decide tho victory.
At the end of the third period the score waa a tie,
each side having a goala 1'ureell flnall) won the
game for New York with a drive down lhe length of
the floor Vonkers was greatl) streugtl ened b) the
acquisition of two new playtr. hhea and Devlin,
from ewllmin and Wall. ugford teapectlvel) TLe
trams were
NVie York. lnitoni Yonkerl
Tarrant l irt ma... Tierne) (Cant i
Warner . becoud nisli Hhea
1'iiriell . Ontn Devlin
Malona Half Back Toblli
IlerryiCipti Goal Murpbr
(toals Tierne) 2, Warner, -' Tarrant, 1, Mies, 1,
l'urrill, 1
Hrauionn Jan 1." The Jersu) Citr roller polo
tiamwon anottnr vlitor) over tho Manifold team
tonight, the score lelt g H to a file gsrae was far
more Interesting than the si nro would Indicate, and
in its earl) atagtslhe result waa in doubt When
the teama llm d up a great dlnparit) in tin Ir pb) ileal
pit portions was noticeable, the Stamfords being far
lightirlhau their op) onrnts The latter were also
Im lined to be rough Vveru It not for the tendency
of Lee to leave hia goal ttu score might have been
dlnerrnt In the first period the visitors scored I
point. In the second ,1 an I in the third rltamford
did all the scoring in the lart erlo),
Janowtki Wins ills Match vilth Showalter.
Tho thirteenth game of tho chess match be
tween Janowskiand Showalter was played at
the Manhattan Chess Club lust night Jannw
skiwouthu match, and also the stakes, 1 750
uslde Tho final standing ot the men weru
Janovvski, 7; Showuller. 2, drawn, 4
News from the Horse World,
I.iiikotox, Jan 12 bidney Paget haaarianged tn
have lhe tborotmlibreds belonging to him and H C
Whitney kept by Hal Headier at Labelle Farm, five
inllea from town on the Frankfort Pike Meddler
will anlve to-morrow, and he and I.luak will be
quartered there together with forty brood marts.
The American Nntlonal Tournament Will
Soon Be Over.
The schedule as arranged by the Executive Cora
mltte of the A. N. T was finished laat night, but
two postponed aeries remain to lie played. These
games will be rolled on next Monday and Tues
day bights The scores;
Olenilale-Schiielder, Hid, (Iroetlng, 171, Koeeh
ling. IBS.Hehwager, Iu'., It Finha, ir.u. lotsl. 7m
Boulevard kiiauf, lu2i Mulfoid, 14ni Urates,
lM.tt. Vetter, Ja, Darrcll, is; Total, s:u.
(lleiidale-Hclinelder, IHHi (Iroeling. 141, Koech
ling, I in. Sehwager I4lii It 1 nehs, ICM, Total, 773
I Adiiphl cli)hor He, Williams l".o, Kruaa, IM
lsirliigtnu, UMi itothiuan, 171 Total, MOi
annul mm.
Boulevard-Kuaur. IM, MulferU -'12; Ue Klvera,
IBS. (Iraves l.asi Barrel! I.'l, Total M7.
Adelpht tlaynor, 1411 Williams. IMJi hnira, 12Hi
Jratringtou, lo4i Uothmaii 117 lotal, 7,0
With lhe iireption of Ikksleln, the (ioldrn ItoJ
team shewed up wHl III thu Hist Uncle 4aiu national
value at trarlisle alle)a lat night, defi atltlg the
Ktvrrdalrn b) tortv one Ins The stores
HHr oAlir.
ltiverdsle h. 1 bill g, I...' I lost, IHHi dray, lotl,
(lollr, If I Cramer, ir.o total nan
UolUi.li Hod lk, 170; VV Arnold. I7U, Joit. I7I
Hurder -'lit. Lkitill I4t lulal.HSU
Itlverdale-E Ibling, 171, tlood, I in. (Irar. 13(1,
Unlle 1 17 Cramer, inn. lotal 7 ir.
HJella hiwUr. In" (leith, l.io Annum, 117,
lrgr,.4Ui llr 1 lllilil, llll. Total t.'ll
The second half of thoNewVork floral Arcanum
league toiiniameut was begun on Wedtiesda) night
at the Tennis Gltibal!e)s ilie a. iin
Manhattan Couniil-l.evoi 11(1, l'els, 201, Wiae,
11,1 iT.iliat. IM? k-llir Urt lot. I HIA
Haniarltau Council Jones, Jl I, Heegan 202, Hop
man, we, Blglow, 1 12; llaluer, Us lotal, 707
Bamaritan Council - Jones 171: Dcegau, 177;
Hopmau, It I, Blglow, LIS, Hsiner lib Total, 7ir,.
blanley Ouucil Iebeiistcin 122 hpmgeor, HH,
BchltT, un. HcLoenlems, 14b, Wahlers, MP Total,
Manhattan Council Iror, It", lels 128, Wise,
IS-,. Cohen 184, Keller, 125 loUl, 7J7
Stanley Council lioelieiietelii. 14U. Woln" P5,
chlff, 1D4, Hehoenleliis, 100 Wahlers 10 lotsl,
The scores at the North Hudson Count) Crrlerx'
alte)s ou.Weduesdsy night, m theaerlesnf the As
sorlated Cycling Cluba of New Jersey Bowling
League, wcret
Mantle Wheelmen Hauler, 112, Moeradorf, lit,
Wright, 1117, Clark, l.'U, Cotlinsuii, 177. Total, 7on
North Hudson Count) Cyclers P Scbfllcn, 1.1(1,
Ayrea, 1S4, Martin, l.lu, Schellen, Jr , ll, Butten
baum, 130. fotik 727
second OAlir.
Mantle Wheelmen Hanley, 170, Clark, 12fl;
Moeradorf, 103, Wright, 104, Conmann. 175 To
tal, 7fH.
North Hudson County Cyclers P. Schellen. 140,
AjrcM, 1.11, Martin, 1H1, bcbellen.Jr, IDS, llutten
baum, 114. Total, 7Stl
The Summit Held Club tram Journeyed to tha
niveraide A alleya, Newark, on Wednesday night,
and wero defeated bv the home quintet in all threu
gatm a of the Suburban Athletic Bowling League,
The acorea:
rmsT naur.
Summit Field Club William Von Duhn MI: H.
Clayton ir,. Savage. lj C. Clayton, 148, Oeorgo
A Von Duhn, lir. Total. 748
Itlverslde Athletle Club fisher, 181, Cadii, 151,
Mitchell. 175, Harper, 1811, Ileese, 147, Total, 845
ftF-COMl (1AUC.
Summit Field Club-Wllllara Von Duhn, ISA. II
Clayton 1H0, Savage 141, O Clayton, 15S, Oeorgs
A. Von Duhn, 1(12 Total. KI7.
Riverside Athletic Club Fisher, 170, Poll. Ill,
Mitchell, 144, Harper, 181, Reese, 205. Total, H33.
Summit Field Club William Von Duhn, 111, P.
Clayton, Ml, Savage, 132. O Cla) ton, 184, (Jeorge
A Von Duhn. 185 Tola!, BOH
niveraide Athletic Club Usher, 17R, Roll. 148,
Mitchell, HJf, Harper, 104, Reeae, 212. Total, 871.
The Crescent athletes rolled up eome high scores
In the telegraphic match with the Carleton Club of
Brooklyn ou Wednesday night and won a decided
s-lctory In the flrat half of the series The scores
at Tiir cnrscEvr a. e. rinaT oauc.
Crescent A. C. Team No 1 Hamilton. 168. Mese
role, 132, Doyle, 1HJ; helsey, 177, Bull, 1W2. To
tal 851.
Team No 2 Rosaen 154. Fetterolf, 111, Filklng
tou, 123, Magulre, 133, Benrd, 1H2. Total, 7J5
Crescent A C Team No 1 Hamilton, 17S, Mes
erole, mo, Doyle, K15, Kclsey, 17, Bull, 100.
Total, spil.
Team No 2 Rossen 127. Fetterolf. 177, Pilklng
ton, 181. Magulre, 172, Beard, ISP Tutal, 780.
Tiimn OAMC
Crescent A C. Team N'o 1 Hamilton, 1P7; Mes
ernle, 14rt. Doyle, 188. Kelsey. 188, Bull, 200.
Total. Din
Team No 2-Roasen. 175, Fetterolf, 17, Pilking
ton, 128, Magulre. Ml, Beard, IM, Total, 803.
Carleton Clnb Team No 1 Staner 171, Conrad,
138, Herman, 1.14, Calder, lie, Lincoln, 158.
Total. 741.
Team No 2 !tehbtna. 145 Hutchlnaon, 1.10,
Bodevin, 141, Wheeler, 132, Proskey. 158 Total,
sreovn nastr.
Carleton Cluh Team No. 1 Stoner, t48, Conrad,
183, Herman, 1(11, Calder, 182, Lincoln, 115. Tn
Ul 816.
Team Nn 2 Stebhlns. 151 Hutchinson, 157,
nodevin, 163, Wheeler, 14H, Proskey, J07, Total,
THtnn OAMr.
Carleton Clnb Team No 1 Stoner. M7: Conrad,
1(5, Herman, Mri, Calder, 150, I lncoln, 157,
Total, 827
Team No 2-Stebblns 142, Hutchinson, 166,
Bodevin, 142, Wheeler, 127, Proskey, 170. Total,
Total Scorea Crcacent A. C , 4,074, Carleton Club,
The Pioneer Wheelmen improved their place In
the Long Island Association of Cycling Oluba tour
nament by winning three games In VVedneaday
night a aeries The score s
rtoneer Wheelmen Beadle 157. Flcock, 140,
Fisher. 145. Oiley, IM, Walling, ll'O Total, 702
Indian Cyclers Haenbai her lis, Louis, 126,
Ilerbst, 152, Cohn, un, Flrgenhelmer, 103 Total,
Pioneer Wheelmen Beadle. 141. Flcock, 148,
Fisher 164, Oile), 159. Walling, 140. Total, 752.
Indian Cyclers Hageubacher, 126. Louis 145,
Ilerbst, 186,Cobn,H,Hegenhclmer, 116 Total, 66 1
Pioneer Wheelmen Beadle, 144, Kleock, 176,
Fisher. M2.0iley. leu. Walling. 151 Total 804
Indian Cyclers Hagenbacher. 114. Ioiiis. P5,
Herbst, 161, Cohn 141, Flegauheimer.HO Total, 501,
The Orientals of New York laat night beat the
Arllngtonaon tha roll-ntf for third prlrt in the Car
rutbera national tournament of Brooklyn. The
score a
rtasT OAMr.
Arlington-Arps, IPS. Ilemple. 168, Meyer, 164;
J Onemermsnn, Jr., Km, K. Maass, 154 Total, 817.
Oriental Conies 16U, climb, 171, Rotherinel,
165, Schultz, 147, Stumpfrl. 161 Total, 811.
Arlington Arps, 176, Ilemple, 140. Meyer. 180, J.
Boemermann, Jr , 170, F Maass, 171. lotal. 817
Oriental Cordes, 145, flinch, 18'. Rntbarmel,
108, Schultr. 181;Stumpfel, KIM. ToUl 818
Arlington Arpa. 181. Remnle. 146. Merer, 153,
J, Boemermann Jr , lb". K Maass. 161 Total, se '.
OrlenUl Cordes, liirt, Clluch, iro llithenucl
181, Schultz, 171) Stumpfel, 170. Total, 818.
The first and third gamralnthe Brookbn Roysl
Arcanum tournament on Wedneaday night were
closely eonested, but Philadelphos waa again vie
torious lu the series The scores
yiaaT GAME
Fort Oreene Council Snow, 1 DO, Adams, 163, Dlehl,
12W. Boger, 162, Huff. 161. Total. 786
elen puinam Couuctl fell 158, Unughty, 181,
Allen, UH.Schuppman, 161 Donnelly, 107. Total,
srcoxi) OAME
Oen, Putnam Council Fell. 161, Doughty. 146, I
Allen, 10S, Sihvippmau, 1 II, Donnelly, lib. Tola),
614 I
1'iilladelphos Council Jenkins 170, Dewey, irrt, i
Vandekar, 20.', Martin, 167, Bierabenk, 104 To
tal, Bu
Philadelphos Council JenUn. 162 Dewey 170, '
Vandekar, 167. Martin, 1 IS, l)itrhenk, 101 Total,
Fort Oreene Council Snow, 104, Adams, 141,
Dlehl, 220, Soger, 166, Itutl, Ufl Total, 811.
THr St h team won onenf the Mornlug Newspaper
league tournamxnt gainesatthe(irraanla Asteuibl)
lltomsalle)a on Wedueidav aftiruom. hung de
feated in the second contest b) one pin lhe scores
rtiuTUAMr. I
The Scn Perry, 176 Nutrborn, 164 Kennedy,
. i
gpottmixn'fi Goofy '
l'rosprcl Park ,1
Vun Cortlnndt. Pnrlc ?,
llolioken Kink
and alt ponds In thla vicinity. .
The ataudard for twenty five years, at
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.50, $3.50
OUifm mil Trek K Snydfr, $&
low an .tr cent.
IVi'lt .V. Stivdor'a
Anicrlciiii CiikIiIuii licnrlrtfr
Icr Dilutes.
n. K. I'oriurr price, 84.00. q 4 fg
Vn, It, Mchrl-plntril : for- d CaTh
mrr iirlt'C, 55.00. Von C? I aQU
Hires from 84 to locj inches only.
A. G. Spalding & Bros. I Spalding.Sidvrell Go.
UU I JO N'sssau St 2ti. BI. 0 I West 42d Bt,
104, Davis 1 13, Tompkins, 115; Newman, 117) Gil
lespie, 142, Mrawluskl, 160 Total, 1,160,
Unrlii-l'arliiw, 147 ltlh ) , 1118. latet. 176; Ms-
Conl in2,Moui, 111-hlvlen, 141, Perkins, 86, Bid
den, U.' lotal, 1,00s '
Tiir StN-Perry, 130, NutrliW'VU, Kennedy,
13H Davis, )0il, lompklns, 1112, Newlhan, 143i Qil- '
leaple 166, Strawlnakl, 14U Total, 1,060.
llorM 1'arlovt, ir.J, Itllt), 1.18, Vates, 137: Mo- ,
Cord. UK Moon 124. Kivhn, 11.', Kelts, 161, Bid
dall, l.lb lotal 1,061
V letor k Achella'a tesm met lis Oral defeat In th '
Commercial laguo toiirnaiiienl at Held a aUeya
on Wednesday night Iheacores
rinsT OAMr.
C O. Burgnvne Team 2 Duncan. 126. Leaak. 127
Sihrader, 1.1 Vlnorc, l.'O. Lotte. 165. Total 64P.
Victor A Ai hells Hetusen, 161. Buek 165, Geh
ring, 167, Meyr. 157 Hchmleil, 17. Total, 812.
C O Burgo)ne fleam 2 Dunran, 162: Leask. 166i
Schrader. l.'n. .Vlimre, 164. Cotte, no. Total, 781.
Iasavant A Co hunckcu, 1 3D, Oabel, 1M
Schoefer, 166, Toussalnt, 170, Cllngen. lutt, TotaL
Victor K Achelia Iteinsen 161 Buek-, 116, Oeh-
rung 117, Mertr. 191. Schmled, 133 Total, 72B
Passavant A Co Kunckcu, 1H3, Oabel, 145)
Schoefer, 177, Toussalnt. 146, Cllngen, 1114. Total,
The firit and third games of Wednesday nlght'a
seritsofthe Assoclsted Clula of New ork tourna
ment at Thum A. Kahlsdorf a alleys, were played
under protest The scores
illMTIMME. j
Pontiac Wheelmen Brill, lmi, Nlles. 161, Pump,
178 Foege. JObl Lehrlach, 201" ToUl, B48 i
Century Wheelmen Walsh, 171, 1 leteber, 161 (
Kaiser, 11.1, McConnell, 111, Sauer, 125 ToUl,
721 (
atcoMi nAMr
Century Wheelmen Walsh. 186, rietcher, 15t
Ksisrr. 183. VIcConnell, l ih, Sauor, 172. Total 813.
Ilo)al rcauiiui Wheeluien Starr, 171, Linden.
J11, Doneouit, 172, Demmlcr, 171, Wilekens, 161. 1
lotal, l02. 9
Tiunn ovmf.
Centun Wheelmen-Walsh, 168, Fletcher. 161t
Kaiser. 161), VIcConnell, J 15, Sauer, 214 ToUl, H27. U
Royal Vrtaiium W heclmen Starr, 182, Unden, i
224, Donrourt, 154, Dcmmler, 184, Wllckens, 207.
Total, U'jI.
The National Bank nf Republic team scored two ,
easy victories In the Bank Clerks' League at Iteld'S
alleys last night. Ihceeores
unsT nAMF.
Corn Kichangi? Vddoms, 113, Davidson. 78. Nel
son. inn. Oerdts, 1J4, Vlitehell, 1J1 Total, 647.
Heabnanl National Van Ness, 177, Davis, 1381
Jcnerds, 118, Barger, 1J2, Hodges, 138. ToUl, 703,
stcoMi riAMr.
Corn Kxrhange Adilonis, 86 Davidann, 18fti
Nelson. 160, (lenlls 166, Mitchell. 121 ToUl, 662.
National Bank or ltepublli -Hartrell, UU, Brown,
114, Murphy, 141, Douglas., 12S, McKaj, 155,
Total, 7i!-
Tiunn UAMr
Seaboard National Van Nes. Ill, Davis 117;
iallon. 121 Jcfferds. nn. Hodgps. ion. Toul, 858,
National Bank nt Republic -ltarcrell. 16n. Brown,
INj, Murphy, 151, Douglass, uu, McKay, 16H.
Total. 781.
The Home team won another game Inihe Fire In
euiance League tniiruaineut at Reid a alleya laat
night. Tho scores"
Hanover Jarvls, 111 Meyn ion. Monk, lOBj
Worth, 1.18. Dnni an, U2 Total. 5K2. j
Lancashire Marks, 120, Valentine, 166, Kloa, v,
07, Duncan, 181, Miinroe, 11.1 Total, 670. 1
ercoNii invir e
Hanover Monk, 1 11, Mejn, 1 10, Worth, 138, Dun- !
can. 106. Jarvls 116 Total 6 tl). 1
Homo-De Ito-eet, io7 Herbhol.l, 168, Darby, 81 1
Ludlum, 130, Corcll, 186 ToUl, Wi I
Tiunn nivr,
Lancashire Marks, 115, Valentine 13; Kloas, i
llo.Dnncan 17.1, Munrne, ir l ToUl 718 fl
Home Dellosset, 160. Hcrbiiold, l.'n, Uarby. 127
Ludlum, 111, Coi ell, 117. Total, (66. S
The bowlers of the Crescent A. C of Brooklyn were)
suecessfnl last nii,ht iu tin hual gimes of the tele- It
graphic match with the Carleton tub The scores! J
atthf rurscrNT a. e. KiiwroAMK. (j
Cresccent A C Team No 1 httbbins, 131, Van-
dervepr. l.", Anderson, 118 Shan, 136, Bull, 162. 8
Total 6D" I
Ttam Nn 1-Iliitler. 1!U. Halstead, 186, Jewell. I
I6H, Drakcly, 168, Edwards, 166 Total H5 I I f
en ond (iamk
Croscent A C Team No. t fitebblns 141, Van- S
derveer, 166, Anderson, 160 Shan, 173 Bull, 165, k
1 otal. 807, 5
nam Nn 1-lllltler, 171 Halated 136. Jewell, !,
151, Drakely, 155, lMnardi 147 rital, 7U7. i
TMIBIi i,vmi ij
Crescent A C -Team No .i-Stehblns. 171. Van- 5!
derveer. 111, Anders in 16J Shaw, 1 Ih, Bull, 17U. If
Total, 766 B
Team Nn 4 Butler isu Halsted, 117, Jowell, H,
22U, Drakely, 1','.. Klwarils nin. Total, 868. S
AT THK Anl rTos et C8 URST OAMI 1 8
Carleton Club Team N .1 Sanderson. 11P f
Clarke, 116, Dahu, 171. Weber, nil. Mason, 163. jjl
Total, 'IMi 3
Team No 4-Sinn-s, 115. VIrNcil 101. Bhlpman, i
166, Proskey, 116, Stoner ISO. ToUl, 751 ,
steosn oam),
Carleton Clnb Team No 3 Binders in, HI, Clarke. i
174, Ilabn, 15 1, Weber 111 Mxou.llil TnUl.815, (
leani No. 4-bmn s, 148 MiNi.l, ir,2 Shlpmin,
114, Proike), 141, Slouer, JOI ToUl, 7511. '
Carleton Club Team No 1 Sanderson, 164, Clarke, h
161. Ilabn, 1J6, Webir, 157, Mason, inn Total, 780. V,
TiamNo 4-Bluies, u.i McNeil, lu, Bhlpman. ffi
Ido, Proskc). lilli.Stnnir, 188. Toul, w)j Ci
Score nf match Cresi ent V C , . 731, Carletca it
Club. lt,371. B
Howling nnmri To-Nlglit. ;
ITnlted Bowling Clubs Downtown Section I HI
ftnlden Rod, Civil Servlceandltoaedale.at theArrada c
alleys T
New Vork lto)al Vrcanum league Vonkers Conn 1
ell. New kork Louui il and Ogdcu Council, at the ij
Tennis Club alios a
I'nlted llonliug tints Champions inplre va, it
SUndatd at riium A hlila lorf'n alle)s fj
Arllngtou Headpin Riverdale I. Itiverdale 2, Ik
Rlveniale I, h xcullor 1 Htnlslor 2, I rstcrnltr I, mi
Irratenilty -', I' O Ilup.ojne rui 1 and C tl. Bur- f
LorneTiam .' at the Arlluutou II ill all") s h
Arehdloiessn I nb n Leigm ht Mnnb a Lyceum 1, 5
Holvt ross Wlirfliuiii ami Harlem Catholic Club, at f
tin VMlaeClllballe Tf
North hide-Llm nln vs (lerard. at Spin's alloa f
Vte)ers Joll) Kranls.aud holn, at Me)ra' J
Brixiklt n Itoyal Arcanum league eillbert Council, f
IBerts Conin il and De Witt Clinton, at Iialnor'a f;
allev s c
AsMHlaieil Cyi ling Clubs otling Isltnd, Claas Ax
Biisliwkk Whielnuii vs Brookhii lliiycle Clnb, at fj
Petron'sale)s I
Kings Count) T I) C, Ssnate and Adelphl, at f
11 t r s alios r
Ineutv ath Ward-Star Twent) anlh Ward, and )
Velio Kids at I'lllla aallr)a i
asino-Sunsnick 1 Hivcnswood Boat Club, and
Snn.wlrk -', aistrack s ulleya ;
Athlell l.iatUo ler.e) (it) Club vs Rnseville A.
A stJene) (ll)slle) Montrlair ( bib vs Rnlck.
irlKHkerA , at M innlalrt lub alleys
New luaey A. latum-BoboLtn. Pioneer, and 0
Hour at Schoeke a alleys. K
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