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I I I HI 1 II III II I !!! III. ! I II I II ' -""" ' " ' W . 4
3li:i;iia or anti-englisii enemies
Botirhe Cnrkrnn U tat Kzpnntlon Ojr
Cm n di to the North nnd Over Mexico to
!!, smith, Not Over Sen drover Cleve
land nml Illnhop Potter Ilenrd From.
1 n th namo of tho Continental Leneuo.
vvtioenv wed object Is to protest against "ths
jollw ' Imporlallsm nnd entnnellns nlll
I nnces. meeting wns hold last night at tho
Acacli mr or Muslo. Men of Irish descent made
up tlm laiger part of tho assembly. As Presi
dent of The Continental League, Wllllnm Tem
ple l mmpt opened tho mootlnir br Introduclnc
an Chairman Austen G. Fox, who read letters
Irom Bishop Totter and Orovor Cloveland.
Bishop pottor oxpressod his bollof that ex
panlon threatens tho moral sonso and tho ea
ten' ai w. H-boing of tho nation and that tho
arguments of those favoring It nro " grotesque
and hypocritical "
Mi Cleveland roforred to tho movement
against nhi li the mooting was dlrcotod as
'the expansion crazo now nfTcctlng tho body
politic." ind snid that ho sympathized with
any bod) that wns opposed to expansion.
Chairin ir Fot then introduced James H,
Ku'ti, cx-Mlnlstor to France, who told tho
audlonoo tint it was ecoedlngly.nnd oieop
tknallv Intelligent and tvolcally American.
' What a spectacle'" ho cried. "American
citiei s meeting upon American soil to piotest
against tho imierlallstle tendencies of our own
nation I hardly feel .is If I wofo living In tho
United Statos Applause I feel as If I woro
In a continental country "
Mr Lustls predicted dishonor and dlseraeo
tor tin" nation nnd degradation forthonrmy
unle-s the Philippines were given up. Thon
he turned to the question of climate.
"uu know vhat happened In Santiago,"
faid In- " Vfter our army had boon there
forty davs HO per cent, of them woro sick.
,,it (.an we do against tho dangers of such
tr pnal ehiintcs '
'Time hav boon only two real arguments
adduced in favor of retaining tho Fliilipplnos.
Ono isth.it "I tliu Soeretaiy of War, who thinks
no can sell tho llhpinos cheap bedsteads. Tho
other is that ot a minister, who believes ho can
sell them Irote-t.iut Bibles. Laughter. If
wo t.'ko over theso islands Congress will mako
President McKlnley a military dospot over
2.iiw0UU people. Won't that gio tho Presi
dent a mllltarj swelled head? Boware. if Ou
mike of your President half a President nnd
In If an Emperor, lest In outgrowing tho Con
stitution ot t'lo United States you do not also
outgrow jnur own llborties." Applause .1
S irauel (rompers, President of tho Amori can
1 ederntion of Labor, was next Introduced. Mr.
GoTipers trembled at tlio possibility of coin
p,titinn with Filipino 5-eents-a-day labor. IIo
itrenibhd lest wo should draft nilplnos into
our army nnd bring them hero to suppress
white mcrieim workingmen "lighting to put
i bread into tho mouths of their children."
Finally ho trembled lost tho nilplnos hao la
b6i troubles ot their own which this nation
would be called ujion to solvo Whllo ho was
turning out ids forebodings Bourko Cockrau
entered and reeeivod"a great ovation. IIo was
IintroiliKed .is soon as Mr. Oompers flnlshod
and lie said'
"Any poison who is a Democrat must, by the
ven eleiuontsof his faith, bo opposed to tho
doctrine of Imperialism that threatens tho ery
f.uiii lation of our country. From a matoTTnl
I "in uf mow It is a polio of lolly: from a
moral point of -view It is , policy of infamy.
The advocates of this pollov say that trade
follow- the ling. Does it? Wo point to tho
lotig-prosei ved colonial policy of England
hisses and groansj ami ask how It has profited
nor. ev.ct.pt to mniiitnln pampered lounger
members of the British ntistocrney. Laugh
ter No conquest has novor helped commerce.
' This nation must not look to military con
quest. Wo must not grovel in tho pit vvheio
Lneland b'ruggles after her nmlutlons. Our
conquest is to bo tho industrial nnd intellectual
conquest of tho vvorld. Monoy instod In mu
nitions ot war. In rifle0. In cannon, in fortlllcn-
uuiih is as uusoiuieiy vvasieu. as 11 ic were
thrown into the sea. Tho question of tho twen
tieth century will be not of foreign war. but of
Industrial war. of dividing the products of labor
equitably among those who produce If we
are l,us with tho conquest of other countries,
now shall we clvo the whole force of our atten
tion to this problem I
i "It is u curious thing, tho interest England
takes In tins question ot tho Philippines. hy
ore all the Lnglisli papeis jelling for us to
tako those islands? One reason Is the natural
disinclination toseeiuis other nation superior
to Itself Tho Lnglisli wish us to bo on their
own level To-dnv. ns In I77U. they hato and
fear us. and they Hioer ot us with tho sneer of
a woman ot tarnished reputation at n woman
efvlrtun nothci reason is that now we tiro
unavailable iut let us annex tho Phil
ippim s nmi wo cannot maintain our Independ
ent in the teeth of Lnsland's hostility when
she holds tho teas, as she does and will for
several v ears et Hisses. To-day sho fears
us and Is polite, but let us oneo bo In a position
where wo must truckle to her and seo how
crentihochiiiiKovvlll be.
Now, I am not against expansion If It bn in
the right direction. If wo must oxpand. let It
toward tho north Cheers nnd yells 1 I
nr iilil ho glad to su) this I'niou extond up tho
, 'oiitliient to Baffin's Jlay yes. to tho North
loli' It would he a good thing for us, forCan
aila.and for hngland herself Jlut wo musn't ac
complish It by force It wouldn't pi. ILnugh
trr ( icrecd.tho Canadians would bo forever
n rebellion Tho history or eooicod Ireland
ICrcnt cheers shows tho folly of Hiieh netlon.
II m willing to i pand South, ton, to tnko In
.ui xii ii sovi'i i years from now.vvlien Amorl
Lan e.q ital hhnll have oxtandod that countiy,
intact 1 in foi any expansion on dryland and
ovt,r 'ilni laeis, but not neross heas, whero
we mu-' hivu hugo navlos or tilace our do
pnnden e on tho uuvynf a nation thntnevor
urn a f i in ithout eMioting a tenfold return."
Jlr l krim suggest, d us a settlement ot tho
nue-tmn ' What Muill wo do with the Phlllp
Iine,. tint wi give them self.govurnment as
o"n as tlieyerjuld repay us tho S,(j.OOO,(KM)
w tin h we have paid to Hpnln for them ; not that
won. n tiip moiiit, hut to glvo tliem a lesson
an'i H t,ut in selr-tepeet
11' s 'liitiuns wore niionted which say
II ,i,,i. 'I he peoplo of tho I'nlted Statos
owe tin ir independence nnd beneficent govern
ment il Hjtim to n revolution, Avhlcli orlgin
a"'l in a pi,,ti t against the Ciovernmcnt ex
isting h. jniul tin limits of this continent.
riu'iii to govern without tho consent
'" Hi" Koverned, and to impose tnxa
L n .,B"l'out lepresentation: and, whoro--
th. j Imvn htrletly adhered ,to tho
., ! n,'U,,n "f (ieorgo W.ihhlngton, to
''J. 'Id nil entniigliiig alllonces with Luropean
roweih, that all xxp.iiit.lou of the domain of
Jiiis ii ni,li(. his oori over contiguous torti
... i1".1 bv the extension of freo government
ami iiilividiml liberty : that thoy Iiiimi never
y.'Ki I H.u cms jit for national defence.
!...'..i.,iri """""' "f "io uatinnnl in
" ' V i "'" Protection of Anlorlenn elti
''' ' ''r. "'o idv.iticenient of tliu prln
. ! m. .''"'bodied In tho Constitution
ill. i, i '" "''Ion of Indi pendenee: and, vrliero
ii',i.i !"'" I'foposed to mvorso tlio principles
J'Kii liiiv.. gov..! ned thd relations of tho
I, L, i" hl!a "b tho rest of the world for tho
Paw liiindi.. .us,
ni.n .!''"''' '''bat tho full discharge of our
on giiloiis.nihi, inlnliltanfsof thoPlilllpplnert
j in. stlmt wi should without delay help
"'.""'" uiii. in their domestic nlTalis Hint
'M lei mill then liberty: nnd that wo nro lib
,.''"'' ' '""I uiiqiial Ib'illy opposed to tho nn-
r,, '?" ' ' ,ho Philippine Islands ns a poi
'"'II' i Ttir.ii ,,f t, nutionnl domnln.
" hi r. -niiudlyfuihM'ribo to tlio theory that
,, '"nt'liiiv Mill of itn poweiH i torn tin
i , ,?L' i"" '! merned, mid to the theory that
I , ,hl",lll,l '" no tiiMitioii without lepro
f ".in 'ii, am l,eh,.ve moroovor. thatsuoli
r nlf '.i'""","1" by'iPPlleabloMtliolnlinbltnntfi
r.sMi.Vl."..l'lj,(''''rt nbatidouud by btialn us tho
risuit of ta. atu WI,
two i""""10 .""Posed to tho idea that tho
Jh?.?.i i"v,,,K,,,,l """ P'oplo of tlio romtbllo
'""J now, o-under any eonceivablo flreum
iimi '""'"'"'"iipoiiuin nlllimei with any Furo-
mtKi1,"1'11!'.' n,lllt "' lli(h ""'"' '"' "
our .""." ''"vnan (ontiov rsii sin which
in . '"' '""' ui" not eoiicorned
emu ,'v ' I ' '" "ii leeord oiu liigl appre
nui , ' "' ' '''.u'' "' thanks fur tho oiisplcll
bi si,,.,"'' ' ,'dr.Ml ft th" liini'i in I' i In
t,r !""!s " '" ""I' Mason u.nl W'lln.g
Bl'l ii , '' ' l""J"T' 1'" '"'W nnd 1 11
eii i ,, eV of TmiwjInlNiii from bilng
! ," ' 'igh tin ii, nan. i if tin, I'nltM
i ' ' " " priper and adequate discus-
ol n,i. .' . i ," .'"iiiiiii.inl io ,, cltioin.
ii d ii ',". '' ,"i"bigb soiim. of public tint J
tcriy.a .V '"V1 '"inotisiiiwliieliliiivoobiiiae
ltin.iv .Vi. " "r,n"' these Henatoni In iMlKtlnc
wStrcLnn,1;.1 " "."""."J'tom ot govormucnt that
I tctnaut with demorallatiou aud disaster."
DiaQVrXTIXU AKIIS X'ltOU maxila.
The Adtnlnlitrntlon Anxloni Itegnrillng til
filtiiiitlon In nnd Around the City.
Washikoto.v, Jan. 2'J. The advices re
ceived by the War Deuartmeut In tho past
week from Major-Gen. Otis in regard to the
situation! Manila havo not'.ljcon eucnurag
Inc.ZLIsquletlng Incidents liavel'oojurrod to
shake tho hope of tho Government that a
petaoable outcome might bo expected short
ly, but on account of the directions glvon to
the military officials not to furnUli nny Infor
mation about Philippine affairs to the news
paper, dotftlls ot tho disquieting occurrences
are not obtainable. The anxiety ot tho Ad
ministration ovor tho situation In the Islands
Is almost entirely confined to tho conditions
In and around Manila, whoro tho main part ot
tho' Filipino army Is quartered. Things laro
going ory well at Hollo, which was .tho don
er i olnt up to about a week ago. The author
ities here nro co-operating with Qen Otis In
his doslrs to prevent any alarming nows from
getting out of Manila, and hnvs gone a atoD
further than Gen. Otis In declining to furnish
news of a routine oharaotor contained In the
official despatches torn Manila.
Tho fqrbcarlng attitude maintained by the
American troops toward tho Filipino forces Is
in accordance with Instructions from Wash
ington. The Administration believes that It
can noeompllah much more In the way of end
ing the present strained condition bv a policy
of consideration and klndneas.tovvaid thoIFlll
plnos than hy administering a severe drub
bing to the turbulont clement, although It le
admitted that the latter course would doubt
less bring tho Filipinos to their senses In short
order. Gen. Otis has the conlldenoe of the
Administration, and he has been directed to
confer frequently with Admiral Dewey. In
whoso tact and judgment the Government has
perfect trust;
j.v rnniT. at xjaoaiia fat.ls.
The Ire Ilriilge In tlie Gorge Movci with .10
to 100 People nn It All Got Ashore.
Niaoaiu Falls, n. Y , Jan. '22. This after
noon, whllo n largo numbor of peoplo wero
crossing tho icn bridge In tho gorgo at tho
foot of tho falls, tho Ico started to movo down
stream through tho centre, tho sides of tho
brldgo for n short distance out from the slioro
being held by the ihoro ico. Theio was a largo
numbor of people gnthored In thofieo parks
on both sides of tho river to enjoy tho winter
scono. nnd tho movement of tho ice brldgo
caused no end of oxcitement. In nil thero
woro from CO to 100 peoplo on tlio bridge when
it started to movo. and ns thoy felt tho mass
tremble thoy wero thoroughly nlarmod. Tlio
surfaco of tlio brldgo becamo much broken
and it was difficult to solect a path across Far
out In tho ccntro woio a number of boys, nnd
they sped to shore with wonderful spoed.
Others near slioro got oft tho moving ico onto
that not In motion and hurried to shore.
Within a short timo all wore safe except a
man near this side of tho river and a man nnd
woman further out toward tho centre. It was
nbout4:15 o'clock, jtift when the crowd in tho
parks Is largest. Tlio man near shore was ear
rind close to tho stool arch bridge, and as ho
approached ho leaped from tho ieo on the arch
at a point not far out rrom the abutmont, this
being posslblo from the fact that tlio ieo is piled
upAori high there.. The man and woman turned
townrd tho Canadian side, although it was
furthest away, and ran with all their speed
across the moving Ieo. They took this courso
because it looked safer and smoother, buttho
woman wns seen to fall seeial times, lle
peatedly tlio man helped hor and oon thoy
reached the firm ice in an odd) Ftom tills
point to slioro tliovraovad free, and as thoy
neared tho bank two men helpod them, having
climbed down a ladder The woman gave her
namo ns Miss Iiesslo Hull of Johnsonburg. Pa . .
nnd tho man as C E. Hlsnorof HO'i Fourteenth
street. UulTalo. They woio spending tho day
After moing about 800 feet tlio bridge
lodged again. Great quantities of ice hive
been coming over tlio falls, nnd the water has
risen a foot an hour to-day. It Is .ild that tlio
uppor steel arch abutmentsof tlio bridge havo
boon Injured by tlio ice. but If so. tho damage
cannot be neertained to-night. Tho inclined
railway building Is In danger, as thero Is a
largo quantity of Ice In tlio gorgo and tho water
iseryhlgh. Tho steamer wharves havo beeu
swept away.
Night Wntrlininn Crunhed to Death liy a
Sidewalk l'lentoi,
William Robinson, a night watchman em
ployed by a number of firms along Broadway,
was crushed to death last night within reach
of fully 1,000 porxons by tho sidewalk elovntor
In front of tho St James building at ll.i.I
Broadway. Tho accident caused so great a
crowd to gather that tho cablo cars were
blocked for twenty minutes.
Robinson wns foimorly connected with tho
PollcoFJepaitment nnd for moro tliantnenty
jears was attached to the Tenderloin station.
IIo was 00 j oars old and lived with his wife at
210 East Thirty-first street. Whan ho was
retired from thodepartment In 1800. ho secured
employment ns night watchman on tho beat ho
had covored for so many jears.
Howont to work at l o'clock last evening.
He unlocked tho storo of the Welsbaeh Gas
Lamp Company and went Into tho cellar. At
7 !I0 o'clock persons on llronilwny noticed that
the iron doom in tho sidewalk opening to the
basement wero open and that thero was a light
In tho basement. Just then Robinson stepped
on the elovator. and. pulling tlio chain, started
upward , , .
Suddenly the man gnvo n poream. and It be
ennio evident that in some way ho wns caught
between the elovntor and tho sidewalk nnd was
bi.jng crushed Policeman Lgnn. who was a
block away, hoard tho cry and huriled to tho
spot, hut was forced to light his way through
tho crowd that had gathoied about tho opening
Of the elovator shaft Lgnn peered down and
could see Robinson lying unconscious on tho
elovntor with his left side crushed botween tho
olovotor nnd the nldewnlk. Ho was unable to
get tho body out or to lower the elovntor Ho
smashed one of tho display windows, and
.Moses Williams, who runs tho elevators at
night in tho tit .lu.ues building, ullmbed
through nnd descended to tho bnsoment and
jnwered tho elovntor In tho meantime, Dr
bhinoof Now York Hospital had responded to
a hurry call for an nnibulanco. Ho declared
that Robinson was dead.
Tim body was romovod to the Wost Thirtieth
stioet station.
Ann Arbor Hoy! Cnusn n .Smrill Riot-Some
Hint nnd Arrostrd.
As'N Annon. Mieh., Jan. '22. As a rosult of a
froo fight In nnd near the Ann Arbor Opera
House last nlght.four students of thoUnlver
bltr of Michigan nro In jnll on nohnrgo of dis
orderly conduct, and It Is oxjieeted that more
arroMa will bo made to-morrow.
Tho Minnio Lewis Company, which, It Is
said, figured in a recent studont liotnt Madi
son, Wis, plnrod at Hie opera house last night
and the audience wns made up mainly of stu
dents. Tho moment tho curtain went up the
students began hooting and ninklnreonrsn le
mnrks, creating mieh ndistui banco that many
In tlm nudlonco were foreed to go out
Tho manager of the company boie this pa
tiently for an hour nnd then he ordered tho
performance to, eeaso. fearing that tho tbeatio
would bo damaged or tho niemners of the
eompanv injured When the cuitaln was rung
down tho ftudents assembled tit tho stagu
door, nnltlng for tiie pei formers to appear.
They flnnllv began tliiowlug stones at the
building. Tlio stngo hands mined with slung
shots, nttacked the students, aud for a few
moments tho Cghtlng was furious Blx ot
seven students worn knocked senseless
When the police nttoinpted to que II the dis
turbance Marshal (sweet and hi J men wero
nttacked b, the students Nearly every wln
d.iw In the theitre was biokeu
IApliiilon and I'lio In the Simulant Oil
Wnrlit In Ol.'iiu.
Olean, N. V . Jan. '22- A pipe In one of the
largo stills of tho Standnid till Works In this
city exploded this morning, betting llieiotho
gas that Is always plentiful on top of the Mills,
and scattering the oil over the adjacent works
Aside from tliu loss ot oil and damage to the
still, o largo number of coiimctlotiH to other
s ills wero ilestioved which mil prevent thorn
itom bolng operated until new eouuoetluus can
bo made. The loss Is about 1W,OOL).
consuls itArE nr.coasizuu nisi.
About 100 I.lvei Were l.olt on Knell Hide In
the right nt Apln Mntnnfn Won by Su
perior Numbers Mo Nijw Conference
Tailed on Bnuionn Affnln None Likely.
Sineiat Calle Dtivalch to laz Bcv.
London, Jan.2,'1 A doBpatch to tho .Standard
from Berlin says that friendly negotiations nro
In 'progress botweon Germany, Client Britain
and tho United States with tho low of ascer
taining tho real causes of tho troubles In
Bnmoa. but n nowednfotence Is not contem
plated nt prosont, at any rate not by Germany
The three powers may convoke a conference
later, but at prowjnt tho idea Is premature.
The cruiser Cormoran. which had boenordorod
to Samoa, will bo replaced by the litis, which
has orders to sail from Kiel. The correspon
dent quotes from n prlvato Gorman source tho
following statement :
"All forolgn Interference with tho election ot
n king has been opposed by tho Ger
mans, whorens tho Amorlcnn Chlof Jus
tlco, Mr. Chambors. supported by tho
British and American representatives,
trlod to act in favor of Mallotoa and
Tatnasoso. IIo wns frustrated by tho numeri
cal suporloilty of Matanfa's adherents. When
tho Gorman Consul met tho Consuls of
Great Brltnln nnd tho United Statos ho
declared that ho could seo no reason
for recognizing Mnlloloa or Tnmasceo, nnd
that ho could therefoiedo nothing for thom
nor opposo Mataafa's troops. Tho Lnglisli and
American Consuls protestod against this stand.
" Meanwhile, the fight had begun, Malloton's
and Tnmnsoso'a men mustorlng about i!,000.
whllo Jiataafas woro mueii moro numerous.
Tho light lasted soveral days, and moro
than a hundred mon on both sides wore
killed. At last tho ndhercnts of the two
newly clectod kings sought refngo in tho
mountains, while the kings themsolves nnd
tholr leading chieftains fled to tho Brit
ish ironclad Torpolso. Mnlaafa was mas
tor of tliA plaeo Dr. R.iflel. tho Gor
man President ot tho Municipal Council.,
nnd Hon Rose, tho German Consul, recognised
Mataafa as King until further notice, stating at
the samo timo that thoy would hence
forth act as public authorities. Tho eom
mandor of tho Porpoise was Informed of
the fact that Mnllctoa and Tnmaseso
would bo nrrestod when they landed. Tlio
Chief Justlco was monntimo reinstated in ofllco
hy a British escort, but Mataafa Is blaster of
tho Islands ns far as tho inhabitants are con
cerned. The British and United States Con
suls have yielded nnd recognlred Mataafa."
A despatch to tho Timei from Ilorlln says
that tho recnidescenco of tho Samoan question
has exercised a ory appreciable Influence
on tho nttltudo of Gorman opinion toward
foielgn affairs generally, not that this par
ticular question is of such grave concern to
Germany ascertain journnls endeavor to mako
it appear. Ono organ of tho Colonial party
goes so far ns to inslnuato that Lng
lnnd and tho United States do not tako
tho Incident of civil war in tho Islands
seriously because thoy havo comparatively few
commercial Intorosts at stake, whllo a sixth of
tho Samoan enterprises are in Gorman hands
Bo tills as it may, thore aro good reasons for
believing that tho Gorman Government re
gards certain other objects as of far
moro Importance than even German com
mercial Interests In Samoa, nnd that
among theso objects is tho maintenanco of
cordial relations witli tho United States and
Great Britain. Tho tone in which the leading
German journals discuss tho Samoan difficulty
is therefore, on the w hole, fi eo from bitterness
or exaggeration.
Kngllili Cruiser Itnyallst Sent to Snmos.
Jurcial Calle Detpalch Io Tur. Sirs.
Wellington. N. Z , Jan. 22. Tho third-class
cruiser Royalist, mounting twolvo guns, has
boen despatched to Samoa
jutinm: jwjt.dfms combine.
An Organirntlon Under Way with a Capital
of SftO,0O0,O0O-Zlnc Men rollovr Suit.
Tom.po. 0 , Jan. 22 Thoio has just beon
perfoeted a combination ot brldgo companies
which embraces I0 per cent, of tho bridge
manufactories of tho United States. Tho com
bination lias a capital of $50,000,000 Thirty
two companies aro in it. Howard Smith of tills
city. President of tho Masslllon Bridgo Com
pany, engineered tho transaction. Ho Is in
New York and has beon there for somo timo
peifectmg the plans of the organization.
Mr. Smith is expected to bo tlio manngor of
the now concern and will mako his headquar
ters in New York, Tho papers transferring tho
sovoral plants to the organization will go to
Now York this wook. J Plerpont Morgan of
New Yorit Is said to havo boen interested In
the transaction,
A Toledo man. ,T S Rodgers, President of tho
Rodgers Shoe Company, has organized the
American Zinc Trust, with n capital stock of
$,r. OOO.IHK). Ho has been working on tlio
scheme for ncnilj n venr, nnd, it Is said, has
succeeded in interesting ox-lov. Flower of
New York nnd Htnudnrd Oil Company men In
the project. Mr Rodgers Is now In Now York,
nnd will not return until Monday,
Penitent Hlnner Confemied Ills 81ns Prnyrd
When tlio Piillccnnm Came.
PltlLADFLriUA, Pa Juno 22 Martin Ander
son was n night clerk at tho Union Mission,
Columbus, 0 , until ono night last November,
when he disappeared with S200 takon from tho
leceiptsof tlio placo He has beon one of tho
habitues of tho Sunday Breakfast Association
in this city lately. Imbibing religion with his
eofTec In n spell ot reoent platyhe made a
public avowal of his sins, and to-night, at tho
icquest of the Columbus authorities, tlio pollen
arrested him. They found him nt n Sunday
night revival, nnd whon tho hands of the law
woro plneed on him hocalledonthoabsemhlago
topray for him
Thu ponitont knelt, nnd all tho rest of his
brethren d topped to their knees, including the
doteclivo and bluo-eoated policemen, who on
tered Into tho spirit of tlio occasion The sup
plication continued for ten minutes Then,
with honed head, tlio pepllont wns inntelied in
Blloin.'o from the hall to jail Anderson will bo
sent to Columbus Tlio $20(1 Is all gone
Hunger brought him to the slirlno of faith and
ur. l'Aitoi r.t no rnisoNnits.
Magistrate Molt'i Gilm Itensnti for Un
tuning u Lawyer's Kcqiiest.
Frank A. Mlnaid, a waller In tlio snloon of
David Unger. at 1H Sixth avenue, wns nr
taigned esterd,iy bofoio Mnglstrnto Mott, in
tlio Jofferson Market Police Court, for soiling
liquor on Sundnv. Counsel for Minnid asked
tlio Magistrate to pnrolo him until to-day,
when, tlio lavvverbald.ho would bo able to give
ball The Magistrate said to tlio lawyer:
" You tan novi r get mo to paroio a prisoner
to a lawyer or to allow a lawyor to go ball,
ion know that It Is against the law I was
fooled Into iloiiu it once It will novel happen
again An Indian wns mrulgned before mo for
having uli.inil, ncil his common-law wlfn nnd
In I child 1 In hi him nnd thon paroled him at
thouigent lequestol hlnlawvor llulfar. Iioili
Inlet that ipan htulibed tho woman sixteen
tiniKsaiid th, hi wiped his htilcttoon hei ln e
The man confessed that ho had planned tlio
mnrilei lib soon us linwns urrobted, nml it was
his de-uro toeiriy out Ills plan that mnde him
s . e.uer for tho arole. No, sir, neither you
noi iinv other lawyer can got mo to tako an
other risk of thai kind "
Minard was returnod to tho court prison.
M Inlet Went hrr ituieiMuny Minor Trouble.
avoUUbln If you lnvo telvpbono itrvlro at your
liouio. Modcrnti luiiun rutei, Uikudkld 'iiilp
lufut Adi,
-- T . "' ..t .tr'J: . . "., . , , ,
Preliminary ShocU Onvo Inhabitants Warn
ing nnd 1'ow Wore luirt.
Specal CahU Dttpalch in Tilt Su.
Athens, Jan. 22. Sovoto earthquakes oc
curred early this motnlng In xnriousseciionsot
tho Peloponessus, tho southern part of Greece
Tho most violent shockR woro fott In the de
partment of Fhlllntra, In tho provlncoot Mcs
scnln, nnd nt Kypnrnlssla. In tho provlnco ot
Laconia. Sovernl Milages woio completely
A number of minor shocks warned the In
habitants, who fiod to tho fields before tho
hoavloranddcstructlvo movements occurred,
nnd great loss of llfowas thus avcrtod, It Is
not known yet w bother thero wero nny fatali
ties. Sovoral persons woro Injured.
London. Jan 2d A despatch to tho Timt 1
from Athons says that tho seismic wacwns
more or less soveroly felt in Mauplin, Corinth.
Knlamata nnd Pyrgos, whllo consldornblo
damngo was done In Kyfnrlssla. According to
one report, flvo distinct shocks wore felt In tho
latter placo. nnd forty houses were dostroyed.
Tnlk in Berlin of n Finn to I.liyOne to Thli
Country for n Donblo Purpose.
f timat Cable DmolsA to Tim Bcn.
London. Jan. 23. Tho Borlln correspondent
ot tho Daitu -Vcirs says that a joint stock com
pany is being organized In Cologno to layn
direct cablo from Gormany to the United
Htates. At tho samo time Wolff's Telegraph
Agency, a German nows gathering conoorn.
has determined to establish a branch office In
New York.
The correspondent adds: "This semi
official German agency has thus far re
ceived Its trans-oceanlo news through Rou
ter's agency (a British concern), but evi
dently tho press campaign which was
earr ed on last yoar against Germany
by tho yellow press, and which causod
groat cmblttormonton both sidos. has Inducod
tho Gorman Government to fnvor this project,
by which it Is hopod to exercise somo direct
influenco on publio opinion in tho United
Seven Dlitrlcta Will Itn r.ntnblUlied, with
Governors In Charge.
Special Cable Detpnlch to Tur Sirs
Caiiio, Jan-22. For administrative purposes
tho Soudan, of which territory Gen. Lord Kltch
enorhas just been appointed Govornor-Gcn-eral,
will bo divided into four first-class and
threo second-class districts. Tho llrbt-clnss
districts will bo Omdurmnn. extending to Abu
Hnras on tho Blue Nile nnd to Abu Hnsaon
tho White Nile, Scnnaar, Kassala andl'ashoda
Assouan, Wndy-Halta nnd Suakln will com
prise tho second-class districts.
Major-Gen. Hunter has been nppolntod Gov
ernor of Omdurman. Llout.-Col. Lewis Gov
ernor of Sennaar, and Lieut -Col. Jackson
Governor of Fnshoda
King Humbert's Nephew Will Kun Hi Own
Arctic Expt-dltlon.
.fyeta! Cable Detpalch to The Sum.
Romf. Jan 22 King Humbert, speaking to
day of tlio Arctic expedition of his nephew, the
Duko of Abruzzl. which will sail from Copen
hagen in n few months, said that Nanseu, tho
Arctic explorer, proposod to the Duko that he
go on a vessel commanded by him (Nansonl.
Tlio Duke refused, despite tlio factthatNansen
pointed out tlio dangers of the oj ago north
ward After making experiments in Franz Josef
Land tho expedition will completo Its prepara
tions and continue north to seek the pole. Ono
hundred and tlfty dogs aro being collected for
slodgo work.
Mllltnry Force nt All the I'ion to Guard
Agnlntt Strikers' Attntks.
Special Cable Detpalch Io Tut Bus.
Colon. Jan. 22. Tho strike of the dock la
borers horo continues, nnd up to tlio present
timo neither sido shows any sign ofjioldlng.
Tho port isblockedwitlifrelglitnwaltingtrnns
shlpment. A train on tlio Panama Ra lroad
which was bringing laborers from Panama to
tako tho places of tho strikeis has beenat
tackcii by nmobot the discontented workmen
nnd their sympathUors A strong military
guard has beufi stationed about tlio piors to
protect proporty thero.
Flgnro Urgfi I.oyal Aoreptniice of tho Ver
dict Whatever It Mny He.
Xpeaal Cable Detpalch to Tar Scv.
Pabis, Jan. 22. Tho Figaro will to-morrow
appeal to all tho friends of justice nnd publio
peace, whllo maintaining duo respect for botli
the army and Magistracy, to bo prepared beforo
hnnd to loyally accept the decision of the Court of
Cassation In the Dreyfus emo whntover tho
decision mny be Tho appeal Is signed by
Sardou, Sully-Prudliommo and two other
members of tho Academy nnd a laige number
of membois of tlio Institute
to nirn ur Spanish prisoners.
I'lllplnni Acre., to Surrender nt Onen Thine
Held on Civil Charges.
,Sj)n at Calle Detpalch Io Tnr Son.
Mapmd, Jau 22- An official tolegram from
Manila statos that tho Insurgontb hnvo agreed
to surrendei tho Spanish civil prisoners hold
by them. 'I ho military prlsonors will be sur
rendered altorwnrd.
Tlio despatch adds that the situation nt Hollo
Is unchanged
I'mperor Wllllnm Admit! the Typvn iter to
the German Court.
Special Calle Detpalch toTur Sos.
Hkiu.in, Jan 22 Fmperor William lias just
issued nn order permitting tlio official so.e.allod
Immediate reports bubmitted to Mm by tho
vnrlousGovornniontoffiecsto be vviitten on tlio
typewriter, which thus becomes admissible nt
court and, what Is more, to sociotj In general
Hitherto It was not thought polite to tisu n
typewriter for other than business letters. The
Lmperor has made a restriction directing tho
sort ot machine that must bo used in preparing
tho rciort.
It ill? to Solze a Port In China?
Special Calle Detpalch Io Tint Rev.
Rome, Jim 22 The IfWdiiiin publishes a re
port that an Italian wnthipvvlll shortly tako
possobslon of somo point on tho Chinese const,
piobably In tho neighborhood of Pechlll,
jiiciausr ru.h i. ro cur.
Cop Took It Good Nnlilifilly I'nlll the Wo
elht ( nlleil NniiicK.
A loudly drebsod soung man rodo nblcvclo
without n light on Llghth nvonuo Inst night, i
steering witli only ono hand on tlio handle bar.
Ho collided with Policeman Fiost of tlio Wi st
Thirtieth street station, who was standln.'
near the gutter waiting foi a ear Tiosttnok
the nu'idcnt good nntmodlv, and told the hk'j
i list that ho ought to havo his lantern lit nnd .
ouglittouse both hands when riding 1 rest ,
let the joung mnn go and bnntded a south-
bound car Vu the car nvettook tho blcvcllst
tilt' latti r began to guy tho policeman
" tou'ro a lobstot '" ho shouted " You're tlio
easiest mark 1 oversaw Wlij didn't you pinch
inn for running Into our" .
Frost jumped Irom tho car and nrrestod the
blcvcllst AtthuHtutlon ho wns penitent lie
bald Iniwas PhillpJ Uagelof 7U'.iNlntli avenue, I
11 was locked up. j
Gen. Itioolco's Order lteitrictlng Kxpeiull
turn of Public Moneys tlio Cnuto of This
Cnmnlntnt Tnlk of iv Publio Protrnt
l.nwlmineAi In the Mnynrl DlMilrt.
.tycem! Calle Detpalch lo Tnr Rrs,
Banthuo Dr. Cupa, Jnn.22 The slleneo that
Is maintained by tho department officials re
garding tho latest order ftom Gov ornoi -General
Brooko forbidding tho expenditure of publio
monoys without tho approval of tho division
eommnnder, except in certain work ot sanita
tion, has oxcltcd distrust among tho volatile
Cubans, who havo learned of tho order
despite tho decision of the officials not to
publish it Undor tlio caption, "Tho Boa
Constrictor Tightening Its Colls." r.l 6'tiomio
commented vesterdny upon tho order, and
said that It was tho Intention otn number of
Cubans to make a publlodomonstration against
It. It added that tho feollngprovnlont nmong
manv Cubans regarding tlio mnnnor ot protest
was that tho order should bo resisted In the
mountains; In othor words, announcing that
tho spirit of revolt should tako tlio form Hint
had boon omplovcd against tho Spanish au
thority, reslstanco by force ot arms.
ha Indfpcmdencta snld: "Gen Brooke stabs
us in front and flon. Wood in tho back, for
though nt a publio dinner Gon. Wood expressed
tlio greatest confidence In the nbllity ot tho
Cubans to govern tliomsolves, to a Senate com
mlttco he recommends nn Increase of tlio
armod foieo in tho Island, w hich shows that ho
has no belief in tho ponceful character of tho
Reports havo reached hero that a band of
twenty-five men In tho Mnyarl disttict have
been committing all sorts of dopredations. and
in addition to robbery and tho destruction of
property, thoy have assassinated sovoral. per
sons. Troops havo been sent In pursuit ot tlio
band. In the Guantnnamo district a band ot
malcontents havo burned tho cano on tho
Isabel sugar estate Tho Santiago Herald, in
reporting those acts ot lawlessness, suggests
, that they are tho first fruits of centralization.
Thntmuoh incondlnry fooling oxlsts Is evi
dent from the coin ersat ions at the Cuban clubs
nnd meetings and ntAong tho Cuban soldiors.
Work of Dldvinliarklug Troops nt Snntlngo
" UK Moll Done, IIo Sltyi.
Special Cable Detpalch to Till Scv,
Haicna. Jan. 22 -Gen Ludlow. Military
Governorof Havana, will mnll to-moirovv to
tho committeo investigating tlio conduct ot
tho war n report in which ho nnsvvers tho
charges made against him by Gen Miles. Ho
sass he was not in cliargo or tho disembarka
tion of troops, animals and provisions nt Santi
ago, but that tho landing was under tho direc
tion of tho Quurtermastcr-General, who was
assigned to this duty by Gen. Sliaftor. Gen.
Ludlow was sent to Asotradero to confer with
Gen. Garcia, and ho went there in company
with Gen Sliaftcr. In addition to this ho says
ho had other duties to perform. Only ono mnn,
four mules and two horses woro lost during
the landing operations, which, ho savs. was a
wonderful result with puch a large expedition
Gen. Ludlow denies Gen. Miles's statcmont
that ho was ordered to get everything needed
for tho expedition. Tho only order ho receiv id,
iibiiH. was ono instructing him to join Gen.
Sliaftor and to co-operato with bun under hi
ouleis. Latoi. wilt n Con Miles went to Tampa,
tlio lepoit nvs, lie wished Gep. Ludlow to
abandon Gen Sliaftor and join the Porto Rico
expedition Gen. Shafter kept linn, nnd Gen.
Miles finally consented to this, but sinco then.
Gen Ludlow bays. Gen. Miles lias shown hos
tility to him. On his return to Santiago Gon.
Miles haul to him- "1 know )ou did good fight
ing, but tho engineering was very bail " Gon
Ludlow answorod that the engineering was as
good as the lighting. He thinks it'strnngo that
Gen Miles should now say that tho pontoons
ho had were useless. Gen Ludlow says theso
pontoons proved good and evervthlng wasall
right dm lug tlio disembarkation
Geu Ludlow's icport is practically a sum
mary of all his dolnes dining tho campaign,
nnd lie nnaigns Gen Miles prett severely for
making misstatements concerning lilm.
A bodv of Cuban police made n raid tills after
noon on a gambling den near tho docks. Tho
occupants of tlio place, including a numbor ot
Spanish sailors, resisted tho polico nnd a fight
resulted Two of tlio sailors wero wounded.
Several of tlio gnmblors were arrested.
A Cuban policeman named Agullera yester
day arrested two burglars. This morning
anotlior thief wounded Agullera badly In re
venge for tho arrest of his companions.
Nntlves Who Seivcd Her In Mmilla Dli
charged nnd Sent to their Homes,
Special Cable D'tvatcli to The Sob.
Manila, Jan. 22. All tho natives who woro
serving in tlio Spanish army hero havo been
paid olT and discharged hy Geh Rlos. This
step was taken in view of tho expectation that
tho Spanish tioons will shortly be sent back to
Six hundred nnd thirty natives who wore
thus discharged, and who woro recruited ftom
tlio southern Islands, luivu been bent by tho
Amorlcnn authorities to lloilo on tho transiHjrt
St Paul. Thoy will bo landed at Hollo, after
which they will bo freo to resumo their usual
vocations. 'J hreo humled nnd fifty have, beon
ont to Marlvalos. Tho remainder of tlio natlvo
troops aro stilt held here.
Odd Direction Inxii pin ntnl for the 1)1
pomil of lllit Jtodv.
Pateiison, N J, Jau 22 -The will of tlio lato
Charles Jeromn Hopkins, the musician nnd
eompohcr, was filed In thu Passaic county Sui
logato's olllte vestenluy The document is In
tlio handwriting of the author of " Tufly and
Old Munch," nnd Is witnessed by Law yet Roli
eit I' Van Hovenbeig nnd Stephen A u.
Tlioro nro soveinl codicils Indicative ot tlio
moods of the writer
Ills geiioial cHtato is bequeathed to Ins
binthei, tho Rov William Cjprlan Hopkins of
Toledo, () and tho contains, operettas and
musk nl scorns aro Ic ft to Mrs. Ulna Fay Pieico
and Miss Amy l'n of Chicago
"I dli eel," continues the win, "that my bodv
shall boulthei eicuintcil in lutein d. whichever
Hlinll be the cheapest; If intei red, then on my
own property down nt tho bottom of the hill,
and the spot to bo without grave oi montimeut,
smoothed ovei hi ns In ho uiimiirkeil. runt
Inn lid to bo mail.' slniplj inn winding sheet,
without coffin: tlio ihiim to lie '.nd mil of
nn estate Better put in) ashes at Burlington,
Vi . next to my wife's "
Tho will was willten u 1MU On Oct U,
IH'MI, ii codicil was added, ns follows "As,
perhaps, my grave might Inline tlm value of
Clovei Hill my little countiy spot-In ease of
sale, better burv me tin v where else, placn to ho
elicison hy m exeeutoi ' Anotln r eodlell re
vokes the disposition nuulo of Ills inusi. a 1 1 (im
positions and iiinnubiripts mi'1 gives them to
the Reformed I'liiiieli of Atluuiin ,lo bi pub
lished and sold, eui yr'glit to rcniinii with
tlio I'hiiieh. so that a little something mnv
v early benefit the church nnd Sun. lav school
'I lie codicils are not wltnessi d and are not valid
lloiiklioliotikl Off lor St. .lohii.
Haiii.vx, N S ..Tstn 22 Tlm steamer Lake
ilmou with the Russian liouUiohorskl sailed
foi M John, N B this morning The health
officers report their l livslcal condition excel
lent, nnd a clean lull of health wns given
From St John they will be rushed through to
innipeg br tho Canadian Paelllo Railway.
Solution of tho Problem Snld to IIo In Sight
Mutet Hn a Hill to Introduce.
Gov. lloosovolt went back to Albany ester
da) afternoon. TlieGovornor bad been invited
to presido nt Fntbor Chidvvlck .s lectino in Car
negie Hall Inst ov cuing, and was anxious to do
so, hut his duties made It Imperative Hint ho
should bo in Albnn) this moinlng nnd ho was
obliged to cancel tho engagement.
It Is understood that reform In the Tollco Do
pnittnentof this city was the principal subject
dlseussod at tlio luncheon which tho Governor
bad on Snturdny nt tho Lawyers' Club with
Sonntor Thomas C Piatt. Chairman 1). IP Odoll.
Jr. of tho Republican Stnto Committee nnd
F.lihu Root. It is bolleved that u solution of
tho polico problem is in sight
Chairman Mazel of tho Assombly Cities Com
mitteo was In tlio Flftli Avenue Hotolyostor
dny. lie r.nlil that his committeo would report
n polico reform tnensuro within two weeks.
What Its nature wns lie declined to tell
Aluany. Jan. 22. Tho solution of tlio New
York city polico problem Is rceolving tho con
sideration of Gov. Roosevelt. All of tlio vari
ous plans suggested, whereby nn honest ad
ministration of police nffalrs In Now York clt)
mny bo attained, havo been nnd lire now being
considered, out what tho probable outeoino will
bo tho Governor sa)s ho is not Inn position to
say. Ho returned from Now York tliisnfter
nnon, nnd bojond acknowledging that whllo
down bolow ho had discussed tho existing io
llco situation, nnd how best to remedy It, with
tho prominent citizens of New ork whom ho
met while on his visit there, he declined to dis
cuss tlio situation furthor than to say.
"You can rest assured that tlio New York
city polico problem will ho solved along linos
satisfactory to tho peoplo of tlio city."
Cloxlng of Snloom In Lexington T.eiidn to
n Wnr on Other Open Shops.
Lexinoton. Ky , Jan. 22 Lexington's Sun
day Closing Association, which has been tho
means of Indicting moro than 100 snloon keep
ers horo for lolnting tlio Sunday law, turned its
nttontlon to other business houses to-day and
will nt tho next term of the Circuit Court movo
for tho Indictment of barbers, clothiers, con
fectioners, grocers and other business men
who keep open on Sunday against tho statutes.
Members of the association woro hits) to-dnv
getting ov Ideneo ngiilnst. all persons who kept
their places of business open
Several of the college students who bolong
to the association carry local papeis on Sun
clay, and the saloon men say thev will have
them indicted it possible Many of tho saloons
In tlio downtown districts wero closed to-dny.
tho pioprictors fearing moro Indictments A
member of the Sunday Closing Association
daid In nn Intci view to-night:
"Tho Kentucky statutes aro plain in regard
toiolnting the Sabbath All wo want is tlio
law enforced. Wo have made up our minds to
havD it enfotced It possible If tho law is odi
ous to the people let it be repealed."
HRlTINtl or .100 EXAMINED.
Why i:int Kinsley llns Not Yet Kenorted
i'ormnllv In the Adams Cnse.
W J Kinsley, tlio handwriting expert, said
last night that there was nothing new in tho
Adams poisoning case, so far as his part in it
was concerned. Ho slated that ho was still
examining Hiiecimons submitted by tho polico,
and ho intimated that llttlo real progress has
been made. Mr Kinsley said that ho had ex
amined more than 1.000 spocirffens of hand
writing of 200 or .'iOO persons, nnd did not know
when hn would mako his delluito report. Hn
has mndo verbal reports' nearly every day to
Capt. McClusky, but ho did nut vet sen tlio
end of his problem nnd could not tell when n
written report would ho submitted. Ho had
t bought on several occasions f tint ho had solv oil
the Identity ot thu vvriler 3f thcmldicssun the
package bent to Cornish, but each time, when
now specimens of handwriting woro obtained
by tho police, tho duo had proved woitlilcss.
Mrs. Tnylor'n Skull Prnitured nt the Hani
Ij n Full on tho Street.
Mrs. Edgar C Taylor of C'f Llghth avenuo.
Newark, diod last night from tho result of a
fall from her bioclo on Friday night at tho
corner of Washington and James streets Slio
was found Fitting on tlio curb, with lier unin
jured wheel at her sido. and Dr Hart was
called to attend toher Sliosaid thnt she bad
fallen from hei wheel and eouhl not stand up.
His conclusion was that her left leg was
broken nnd hn procured nn nmbuhineo and
bent hei home, whoro she went into con-
ulslons. vv hlcii succeeded one another rapidly
until she was totally parnl)ed. An examina
tion on Niturdny night revealed that she was
MilTerlng from a fracture of the li.ibu of tho
bkull Showas uncousclons until her death
yesterday. Her hiibhiiud Is nn agent of thu
Metropolitan Insurance Compaii) and her
father was tho lato Homy A. Lyon, an Aldor
mnu of Newark
Kltellyer Kddy Tries n I'our-Polnted Col
led in -The Spniks Slllnll.
Baossk. N J.Jnti 22 -William A F.ddy
sent up nn electric collector to i great height
Inst night h means nt four kites, eacli smeii
fcut In hoihht The collector bid four H-lnch
cardboard pointR mated with tinfoil A thin,
bare i opper wire ran down the kite cablo and
Into Mr Ldily's house, vvheio thu elei trie force
entered three colls wound mound holt iion, and
passed thence, into a smnll Leyilon jar 1 ho
current from t be sky was then conilui tod hv way
of an oli ctriu switch into n grounded wire.- At
H'.IOP M. tho first spark was drawn In tlm
iirebeuceof Mr ClarciKii lleebee of Il.i)iuino.
The sparks were much smallei thiin Mr F.ddy
had expected fromaeollectoi bo high in tho air.
Hnrd Woik lleglni for Nearly 300 Polleo
men Some Samples.
Nenrly 300 of tho l.flOO specially detailed po
licemen who havo boen enjojing exceptionally
eiusy boiths for somo months past will bo ro
maiidoil back to regular boats this morning nt
Ho clock by order ot Chief Dover), and great is
tlioli mourning thereat ann example of tho
iiuiiinoi in which they have been earning their
siihii). tho enso of foil! In tho Tenderloin sta
tion can ' .-II". I' il nil Koiiiiunii was de
tailed .It tliu Juvenile AhIuiii, 1MI West Twcn
t) -seventh street; Wllllnm Dorn nnd John II.
Plntli were ni til" state Labor Bureau. .'(i West.
Twenty-ninth street. and John Robi-its was do
tailed In Nineteenth street, between I lllh mid
Sixth iivenues, to keep deliver) wagons olT tlio
Port Alitor Uiliic l.lHhJd. Soldiers.
NoiiicitK, Ya Jan. ii Tim tiansport Port
Yietoi, with KtS . soldiors fmm l'mto
Rieo abo.ii.l arrived at Old Point after
nlghtfull It was the purpose of the officer In
cuiunmin! t. laud tho sick to-night, but thu
transpoit is In qiuiiaiitlne, and, llm quarantine
office! being nhseiit, no one could he found
vi ho vvnsniiihoiiei to permit a removal ot tho
I'nt i.-ut- There are reported to he on bo ml
quite a iiiimbei of men too ill to walk. Inn ns
thoNblp may not he botrdcil to-night, tliu ex
act condition of thu men cannot be aseettiilned.
.Note of IKlfi Pii'sriili'd lor Ki'demptlou.
WvHiilNoroN, Jan 22 'J ho Ticasury De
paitnient received yosloiday fiom Newiork
fui redemption a SHI l'nltcd Statcb Tnasuiy
note bearing dati of March 2". I Hi.", issued
Uliilor the act of I'eli '2. inlft. Tlio last unto
of this Horn - was received for redumption in
IHI2 Tin- issue was ol 2.r.o()n,0oo, un I all
notes ot the ,1, nomination at llill and uvei
wero In draw fi 2-fi pei cent Interest,
S homier Cut In I ivo by u Steamship.
Menu f, Ala , Jan 22 While coming up tho I
channel to-day the fruit hteamer Columbia
mllldeil witli mid sank the (.cliooiler Olni
The iie.'ldent oeenrred nt tho mouth of the
i Ivor about H o clock this morning
Tliu Columbia struck the schooner .iiniil
bbltisniideut her in two Cnpt Bill Todd, ids I
sou Olivei, and Moses Kupiiin were on tlm
schooner Jvaplnn.vvlio wiisuiialilntoswim, was
drowned The others woro save 1. Both sides
claim tho othor was to blnmo tor the mishap
Detki it F.iport ITIcei Halo (,., 10 Stone it ,
nsst 1'roduiu hstlnkBice, -cl
liRtanT-nvnu and ruddy ir comes I 3j
IhoWiimnnkrnd'It Snld (lood-IIy lo In Juno , If
Kinhrners It Nnrrlllcnlly, Not Generally ) UM
nnd Wnltsimlt nt ItrenUfnst Cnpt. Mnrch 4
Tells How the Men Wei a Kept 111 Good '' '$
Shnpe-Ilevvoy "tho Fluent I hlng Tlmt "
i:ver I.lvrd" ltoutn of Pnrnde To-liny. ,!
Back from halt way around tho woild and M
looking ns ruddy and rugged ns a squad of foot-, , 81
ball men in the nlnk ot training, the Aelor h
Batter), sevontj seven strong, which has been Jj
llghtlng.tho nation's battles In th" Phllipplno W
Islands, retimed to this city )estordti) Thu f
men werorecolvedbytheit frleiidstiud relatives; .J
with n fervor that Imperilled their ribs Irom J'
Capt. PiDtou C Miocli lo the last piivnte in tlm i
lanks. therovvasi t a innn In lfu bitten who j
didn't find hlnis.f the eentto of. n little wlilil f
pool ot entlius'asm. Lvcn fhn ballery log.' ,1
Boojum, wns petted until be was on tliu vorco 1, V
ofcanino lDsterlcs Tlio battorv Is nt present ' ;'"
btationed ir the I Sevent) -flist Regiiinnl Vr '
inor), and this afternoon II will be .een or 'W
pniado for tliel.ist timo in its bistor) Muster-' if
nut will coinobomc time this week. a
Four ot tho battery's deal ust uu Vi ilia g
Stars and hulpes that wavo over Manila S
llolnies and Crcmlns and Dunn fell in hi tie. ' , ;
Proylbll wastnkcn III, and died In Miiull i Ono , !
more death, thai of Shutei, who died on Inn a"
board on tlio liome trull, e impleles Hie rosf .p '
of the dead. Theyvvoic not foigotten v s r
day In tlio joy of home-coming U t In c 'IcbrtK I if
Hon hold iminedlitoly nfter tliu in i hid, tholp J i
names woio spoken, mid tlio men lose and in '
slleneo diank to tlio inenioiy of the conn idosj , fi
who hnd fullllled their soldier's ilutv V tow J I
slok have been loft behind in San Franci ico and I
Mnniln, but thoy williocovei, mid tlm Vstor I'
Battery will probabl) pissout or Uncle Ham's ,'sf
servico with tlio rosier as it uowMtim's I
Thnt the seven mouths' service lias boons ',
benefit to tlio men no one can d,.ul t who-aw i
thorn yesteida) Lach man seemed lo.be at ',
tho top notch of pb)se,al vigor 'J o one vv lio j i
lomembcreil tho wrecks of the Cuban cam 1 '
pnlgn thnt trailed pltlfull) thimigli mir strcctsj j
a few months ago the condition of these Phil.
ippino veterans wns startling bv contiast It jl
Indicated that the Government diet and flam-
ing can muko ginnts inbtend ot Invalids out ot
mon under certain conditions A cm Ions thing; "f
about these men Is Hint tlio) do not show in , j
their faces Mil- deep and bomowhat dull lni.wa I
of tho Cub in nnd Poito Illcan soldier boys. ,
Tlio Oriontal sun paints In dllTeicnt color j
schemes, nnd most ot Hie men had complex- J.
ions that a dcSbutnnto might doliglit m Sho A
would not. however, dellglit in tlio lilisuto II
adornments of sovoral of tlio joung nicii X J J '
beard grown nn nimy rations ami under tha '
fostoringof an army barber Is not n thing ol a
beauty '
t was P30 A M vvlien tho tialu camluff ' W
tlio Astor Battery an Ived nt the Grand Central f
Station A wan nnd hcaiwcd little crowd of ii
men and vv onion was waiting thero. It was
not curiosity or patriotism that had brought J ;J
tliem tliere at that uninspliiug iioiu, hitttlia i
feeling tliat the) must go to the front to gn e6 j 'i
tho boldioi son or husband oi brother In I )
view of tlio nature of tho gathering it wasj I ;
peilmps huperlluous Hint theio should bo 107 It
nollcemon present to preseivo tlio peace A J9
tboubiind and beven couldn't havo provonteda"r7l
wild and tumultuous nssiult uiKin each soldlec s
as ho nppearod Posll)l) It was the con- J,
scinusness of tins that determined Cnpt. Ji
Maieh not to match Ids men out in If
mllltniy older at Hist Ceitnmly thero would f
havo been a scandalous defeat of discipline I
when tho motliors and wives and Hlstmsnud I,
other liiteiosted persons of the gentle sex;
beheld that military line As it was, tliu ro 5
woro liberies of short, mini charges upon tha 3
individual soldiors as thoy mine out nibbing 3
tholr c)c's, only to bo almost smothered in ui- J
rounding anus It vvasnotu llohson pciform- 3
nnco. Onu had onlv to look at the )ciunfn(T 3
faces and thu tear-stained I'ji'sul t lie women ii
to knowtbnlovei) onuof them had le 1 right- aj
ful sliaro in some boldicr boy The men greeted , 3
tho exiles with long, hard handshakes nml
husky voleos, mid presently tho whoL' placo a
was u borlcs ot little groups There vv is a k-fc-wV
general cohesion foi a moment about it womnn J J
foi whom joj bad been too mm hand who
went into li)sterics. but she soon ruiovci"d J
For half an hour Ha so'dieis Ii id leisure for
home talk Then began tho woik of geitinff . j
tliein togetlici Sevend veterans of tho Culpa r
who have been scut home invaiidiil weie at ,
thu station, ami one of tin in. Seigt Silliiuiii, ap- ,- f
peared In unlfonii mid begged to In- allowed to I
cam the batteiy (1 ig hisold ilutv Tlnsiriv- i
ilego w.isacennii it to him. and after the I ng- j, i
gngo had been iinlo.idi d mil pin 111 war; i, , lo ;, 1
bo tnkuutotliiiSoveiitv-llint lleuliiienl Ann ,1 V, j
ho took up the fr.ned ami ble.n hcil linpiu r. j jj
and tliu batterv man lied to thu (ji.iul Inijn ;l
Hotel, where thu Ilmptlon Comiiilttei . , ,ii- I
blsting of Col, (hdiles II Rhin. .loseidi W, I W
Benehnm.L L Itobhuis and Hums, had break-, ! (
fast leadv. It was iutundeil that the icl.itn t
of the sohlleis blioulil be udmitteil to liem tlm
spe iking, but some unaiithoni d person hole ; !
up his po-itlon nt the door and foi 11 thin sue-
reeded in excluding 11 numbei of ladies whu ' i
wished to entci Ho was subsequently 10- .
Uhn soldiers weru divided Into sqi 1 Is .11 I t
seated at small tallies pii suled ovei by ' 1 Ilea ,
who nsslsteil the comiuliti'e '1 1 , lulus vera .8
Mis J lines T,i)lot, Miss M.uy Ii'iitoii. Ins C.
II Blair. Mis A B Ireland. Miss 111 mHin 3
Tniloi. Mis. William P Bakei. Mi-s LoiiKa jl
Llttell, Mrs C II Vilnius. Mis I) ( Km).
.Mis L L llobblus nml Mrs llu liaid Sher ,1 ill.
Komebod) had given apt Man h nn iiuiiu v
bouquet nt pinks, vvhieli lie si! on the I lio
before him Wtur lue.ikf.ist Col Plan as '
Ibiilimnn of tliu Rcici.tiou CoiumiHt . 1 o ,
and said
lits-lirsn v oi aur, .tTon Katth. yo
welcome you home I don't think vnu '.-it Ilia
b irdsblpsof win ns iiiiii Ii ns wetvlio bin, th in
at homo. In tliu shapi it h. ailiuii'liuu nn ty
for our absent onus Wowiiiit toth.ink 1 .1.
March tiaitii iihniv for the imiiitn r in h. I llu
linn eared for vi, 11 and hi ought )ou back w I unit
strong: not, all of those thai w ut oiu 1,11 o no
died on the llu'd of halt), as sold ei - vvi-h t'
die i'evv vvuio ill iilul wo ,'iuiliol bin Hilnk it
wns due lot apt March's elfoils (h it si. mil ly (
havecomo li.iek to us Wiiliav. s," 11 n giiiicum
(,0 to Long Island nml gel 110 lurthei mil
hive !l) pei cent of tliu men III II, ie is a 1 nr
ganiallon that lias n m llc.l 21.ii.iu mil - nnl
conies hack nil light u men hnvopla d .1 '
noi iiuonspii i.oiis pint in this win tun M u-- J
A11I1111. on boisibiik, at ill, liouti ill, "i for I
vuliuiteeis foi a clniige, and )oii wi iu the um j
to spring fiirwaid lull repn sent tl u titu ''pn I
01 the 111encan cltleii sold er, Ii inmg liomes f
and Phu ch of tiu-t 1 1 light lor join cmutiv is '
lOHinioli s ildh'ls (101I bless ) oil till' '
Three eliceisfoi ( ipt March vv 'i" : ro -oil j
and given, and In response lo hislrt.nf in- j
niiiiiils for . 1 sp"e, Ii that gentleman 11 e mil i
"speech innkltig Is not mueii In iiiv liiiu l.tic i
I must take ov epilou o Col PI h whe ho I
calls the Asloi 1, utor) common soldier- t -I
llilnk the) me vety ti ut t mi ni. ii sol.lici" I'v.i SB
been ill Hie 111 111) fourl en )enis 111 I b iv -'I'll gQ
plelllv ol Solili. is hut iuiiiii III it 1 vv.iu' I ha m
ghitldei to lend than l'i.'-r men I" .u. 1110. 31
Hpplnil"i".l These vniiiigiiieii.. lined nn w kd M
of life vvheie tin v weie not used lo dUe t oiu, M
'I'll, ) iut now ills, it, lined soldi, qs l.,, a ' it Ji
is sin I til 1 1 I he I mil, I St lli S legtllil is l.lil Jf
host Mihlh 1 in Hi" world I sou nfoi me K
V'lgllt) of I helll II "1 " It Ili'.'I'S ' K
Cnpt MiikIi then pnmo-cil 11 totisi to lit.) y
muiiiorv of th" biitten d.'ii.l Fit iv mnn 1 .su a
to lil feet and the toast wns ill link In - I ieo. fak
Mr Rlchaiil Sheriiliui Hu 11 spoke 1 1 '1 1 id tr
I vvns folliiweil I v 1. I. Itolihliis I In 1 1 w qo
! shouts id 'lleaelinin" nnd .1 Ii 11 ha 1. .
I who wish fuuioiiseiiptiilii of iheC me ' d
1 l ul team nnd is mm a Sergi nut In 1 b" I ' v.
Lot hi Ills ,el t
"As Hiho.iihovH we got the oeir f vv 1 "
b" snld "Now we kuo). the le iliiv ,f 1 a
bnve enti'ii Ibeiiri'i) 11H011 llis'on I - ot
minium the l'oiiimlsi und llm m r
In.istei , hut iv u know llinni low N" h ivti
IIV11I plllillll litwevv.r" Well enii I f 1 ml
'hasn't hint us I.w i)bi.l now ha- 1 in
elutli, s lli 111 be knows wlitil In d 1 vviib ml
we've got 11 baag igt en full of Inn 'i - 1 I uo
is link k ei.i , 1 1 1 1; tioin ll III ti I l: ill JSt 1
men lire scar, d toih a'b mid iiMliunn t t .show
it Onni rovtil Is nl, nit as hrnvniis tit .tin 1 1c
depend. 011 Hn ollli eis win Ihei !'. 111 t! . 11
gnt I showing ,1 no! I ii- -'.11 ' ' ' death
IIDself in thin I, jlil 1 -aw "in h ' - .'"Ing
UP the 10 id li guv 1 , nil I and
kunwwi vviMi'till rhtlii Vt uld 1 I 1 vvnera
Heyh d. nml 1 gin's-Hi it s w.i 1 rs 1
As llnai ham st . .... , , . . 1 , . ,,f tin iniiiittea
appealed with 1'iof lie ijinnin ldc VM elerot
Coinell in tow Prof ,ln derwas c ti war
to cad h a train, aud, l.uving a few .n .intuit

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