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:Hi, W to six. - r -,SU.Mrtsi(,. it the bannuet,
Hr tmfk "I urn v pl "n. i. lit) taken
Hff' HE'' speesti. .id. "ir'WiT. I m clad .o.wel-
mmMB' -Wi come mU Iik'K Hid C nu ! tors In the
i aH , ff battery bare h.rwn th true otpr spirit:
! aHV Bf lost what anyone .vrou'U i-xt-' of Blair and
M x' Be' ille-tehain n. .neb feL'ow- TWre thoklnd
H US. of men one can le Tendon. " .... , .,
" life Prof W heeler's stvt-ch wis the ; last, and the
" H .My. iiflttcrrfc-rrne-larid marched back to the Grand
i aH Mfe Cntrni Station. whir . afta- attending to Mnifl
' aH tBK' Sown Wrt atcmi- eventr-first Hgl-
mm TO0MtirS-o.lViniwl twtliiiii Inline
H ffi jwa From the bridjii-c ver the tunnel
HR- photographl sharpshnou-i-s snarped scores of
BH ' iKr hutter-at tbeoi . ,
IKl In th Armory ssveml .hundred people had .
JWR SH gathered "e.'cloek.wicr tiewestgalletrwas I
BB iissJM hune with fine sv. ril Co rnll and Columbia
HiSL rinner linc owl;'-it anionc them
91 if IP1 V When the Iwi-man-liM In v-r..-!r stood up
H " an I cheered V battery scldler called out
!HF "Three cheer for to seventy-first He-i-Hiit
meiit ' anil th soldi. !, all hercl
B iL At the south end of It... - nilrr th- order w .-
. JC, frlveiitobmkmiiks.a. H mo.i tv-ed iicro-s
JH 'M I for ' t Inspection Th- h-Mot swarrm-l
IE? 5 'B' ; r down 'ip" ,,ie i0.' "'." .''y.1. th"i '.,",r,
K ji! -AeresnrroindfM Nearly J I of them livlciui-
K ,'B i phnr-wood chts which ,,rimltl ill sorts. .f J
rKI curiosities, nnd manv wr' ;tic e.icrfemlnino
jH 1, 1 i from ae.'l)i'ut ire.mi of f lnd .
ti II f ' At tlin (-incliiion of thc-itr liinr'tion Cnpf.
.11' llnrch wnr out Into u nl" rom. where a
' ti fs ' numier' f roj.rtem nrer-ntutluc toiiitinlew
11 I ntn an I I- .ncntulate Ii r i wi Hie line -it-
I TI f L te.f-tien 3n. h- alth oi hi iximnianu In re
9H i J I v hin"tni itemHI lironc of tlin tjwniir
f1 HI, mm who !ihI e(fn -ill th" roclmifiU wh.eh
'l hawl.Mi'le.1 in -Wkoit -hek ivtunithit
If I i tlie tnr Itatten .it tlw tunllet-lot.im:
'ilji , orcnni-.a:..)u ' Hi" Io'. "" & !''"' nf'J 'ni"-
t Hi! "Tim'.pl.avntnr W are In cood con-
1 ill I I dlto. ,-in.r Imf h"en v ull the tlnn (ten
gjl IJS f otl -aid tunt the ieU reimrt ol the balferrwas
iJ9H i ii f : the '.. re-t of any orcantrntnti at Manila U
)B " 'SIIR! ni tune wthad onl t K-r ii"nt sol The
Me! f iHSlF riT w.w about l"p"r roirt. lor the whol.
tWt mB "''HOT ) rou a-eount for that?" one of the
fK ' (Mm "Ijirceir by the ereat onre talvn In Uie ii"
lwL ' Hlft pf .iritiklne water nnl In Hio MH?Jnif I ciw
fftfffe to it 'hit notiH of in men draiiK nterthai
lm ' ,ljf m.ijii.jfe . daKo that the roocln awoll
tW mil d n- Th n r. . I . an' twiidt ll in "aMnhen-
m , i B If iCf,e J.n.aD'i that helW(l to I., eptliemen
t ' Fit If liicel hai" ut wrhen we cot the .inlnr to
rW fti"fr com' !'!. we were iii tliu botco: uition tro
mb ' it 11 If ' - "' '"" ' J" " . , i , .
iH 111' if " i i fll uet 'VUl feud'
IK ttwr ' . : id' tlm t jiic t firs' we cot canned
taK ' RjisJ& roii I-' i. and 't nra In sonl i l tion So
jma 51 BB trout. w"ti it atJ' I.atnr wuii ; (nwn neat
IKF i l JP frr iitr'i.. Irvr-it. In. fnd mutton
Sl J. ! M v. I the . itniLtc n.ir I n ho men'''
' ,mVr "rt ' tlHMrti-Mi-i hi -" i Jia-y'riint I
jlffl ImIII? Jil't 'T. ! t- i-iu'i'u ' .! -.hi'e ne f '
(KEi I Jftai th -" " i i- ,l'i ' r . 'iirver hot I!ut
iWi 1 c lEft thorn i no n a-ii .lr i "tan who lakei cam
Wl . ft 5f ot Inn q..a notMK'id .1 'I hi mn ere able
mil I Ml I to df ! -f noeii work n would l renrired
j WBf '4-WR i o' them heie or .HiNivhere 1 mTMll didn t
13 trm )me.i.i.n o n."-llih tlra I ww ther.
SIS lilfir I hii' 'hn ' n..!idili..r'iptaiii with a s;jil.'. I
i ' an i to' that lleMrj bui'd whlrh suffer tlm
mil I 5 K i nmi in thatcllm.it'. ' ,
M Th n was well within the truth. a the Cai-
fi i M I tnui .i.ix dirnjil. ii of tin lan and tii.ci
M 'i V I tt "ml liie He-vice in the trories 1it net
Jfl Pf'm ' nd.iei! In hi eii:'ii 111 -.irard to the climate.
f jM ; I m lm .id led tint tho linrlWi lesidents ill M uula
! m i if cotr Hone hone, as rule eierr vear. .ir.d to
am i ', c Enslinii one-in rourTteiiri. to r.vuper.ite from
W ; I I W tim "irecLi. of thenrf.illnc heat, und in that
HI MS' 1V Ci-tOn TlTl Will . .,
Ui J ''IS " 't hit i your oplnioi orltl.e j-diP'no -'
, ill ailed on "f the reporters
f if "ThrKcof whom I sail the raw. th Tieal
III J ' Ii ofl.tizrtti. are tie- workinc linuiis of Jlanila
U . i II Thej do tin. m. hani -nl work they ire the
Mil ill n"i!H er th jvf !' r the drust'its and the
i J;! nuriled eraftin u 'f the p'aee V cleier po-
XI ;i J , pic, hul un'il.ibV -"ii lor ou-i;o. nunent ' I
ffli . t 1 1 r hanll) thinks (luttliere C"n. illoisrecirdeil
Ml 'IfS ' m t,.. hr d't-i of the inurent eoinblnation and
XA lK- H at.p .!.. ... m imun In liMlin. drill "
li , Vn-'helilipinotcood l'thter-
U 0 f I I ' Vcaii.st Hie brant in!s they did well Thev
K ! I 1 i n-e full of nm. but thej Hck meihl rhe
II fjfo srp inilc ftllo'n Tti'j of them would jut
TO I ' .4 & t atkiut make one ineri'"n soldier. '
j ' ''(PT "Do toii think we hall haiotrouble with the
iii; Ir.mrcentarmy '"
F ill ".Not around Manila In Mindanao It i very
Si ,. likely Stain never conquered thit Island, If
if 111! we propoo to take roi5'-sion of it we shall
t I ti ! havo to fight for it But at Manila the fnur-
' t - 'ti ' cents aro ecltinc too miKli casli from us to
i I f want to flcht. And then dmiral Dewey N
L l fc "hat do you think of Admin! Dewey'-"
F I ;J f BOt-ieoneaiked.
L i jl Th Captain's crave face lichted up with a
I ii i MS' fla-h of almost boyish enthualasin as he r
l I'll' 1 1 I brlnclnc his open hand down on tho
" KlKlf ta'.li- with an emphatic banc
r fillt"' Dewey is tho finest thine that everlived
I 'itJJ; He i the Idol of eeryone there I am proud
fll? ., to havo met him." . , . ,
II i "Ifwl f lr. there much lll-feellne on the parr of the
'' I t OirnianRtownl tho Am"r!','ics in Jrsnila'"'
t'ltf' " None at all on the pirt of tho German resi-
Ifl ! dents sq faraa Iobened
; 'Hit 5 " l' ,0" consider ( .ir.taln. that the Astor
, It k flatter after Its experience, is equal to the
lie! requhrx in flleien" '
MB 4 Weil.' reiil d the fattiin slnw'y the
' rtiff t'nitel "'tat.-s reeu ir is the tlnc-t o'dler In
ii ,' 'llqf the world I won' In t like to say that the s-
j i KB tor Illttcry is eiiu.il to regulars '
' r I'Hfii " But ai. lolunti ers '
i illli "Thebes' Ibelieko.' was the nuiek response
ttl ' " Perhaps It s tnt'iral I should think i-o Hut I
1 I llJrr nm promlof tlioorcanlzat on "ion oan t mike
. ' lr t reijuhrs of men in six months Two months
(ii J fr'.m n-.w the batlerv would be better than it Is
BS new . it. iiiclit months it would Ih. better still
' ' Timeeoiints fur .i en1 it dell Hut it's a line
fll; ' orcaniz.it.ion non
tUlii 'I he men wiljst iy in tlie armory, rapt Mareh
B , at) f nail, until tl 5 lire riusb red out b ( ipt
f! -life-- K II Hlllsof 'ho lifth .rtillery.whow isthero
5 . If ' '. sesterday Cipt Mtreh is First Lieutenant In
I ? j k the Fifth rtlllors Most of the men who live, u
! t f this cityor hae relatlns here were allowed t .
II li . eo home Let nielli. Cnpt Jlareh kerpinc just
F II' ts erouch fora cuard Kn he was answi rlnctln
I ' . lr rjueslions of the reporters on tlitse mitters lm
HI ; id remarked
fl "Ilythowav.lt mar La of some interest tu
I ,i uL I you to know tin' "e have spoiled an old super
s' ' St i (.tition The number I't has won all firoush
f I if S ourcareer. and it doi-sn t seem tohaM'broueht
f i If f us bud luek We left New York on Juno "t tlm
t it P.cht at Manila w i- on Auc 11: we reeelved
L J -1 & home orders on De" Tl and reached I nseo on
f I Jan III. with ili-eeiions to land at INer l'i. but
J ' r I the Captain said th it as lone as itwaslrldav
i j i ' C and Jan lfl both he wasn t come to imperil
f ! , Ids immortal soul I 1 mdine at any iner of that
f ' 8 i number, so he broucl.t us in somewhere ele
8 i ' i n F Our last naydayeano on the lith.too ()u
;f . j l only bad luck with the numler was the deatli
B IIs of I'rliate I'royihil. who died on Oet l.i Alto
(r j . 'Ii I Bother. I don t think theri's much leftofthat
j? t IS BU'erstltlon, eofaras wean-cot ierned "
iE r IS Mostof themeninthe hattory areenthusl
,W i ilnS- Mleoer Manila, and belitie that the I'nlted
fjj " JUE Btates will Josua vtiluable territory i' it do-s
i ' US not annex tho Fhllippines As to their ev.
I t m ! renencs tlie aro Kiad to have none to the
ic m warnndeladto hae ome baek iioiicIim-
tv ,- eralofthem Intend to return to Mam! i The
i'1 Reneral exfression is that they enlisted to
i'll'.uf fight. and now that the flc.itlni: isoerthey
. J t g y want to cot out of the army and taek to their
'h J. I 'flf rarious pursuits The experience lias been a
f ' i hard one. thoy say, and a salutary one While
I ( fl I a few complain that (apt March has shown
l ;' jB ; himself a-,ery strict diselplinanan. all admire
.f t rjl ' and respect him as an eGleient offleiranda
f - i '-ii promptly courageous leader in battle Georcn
J- '.'it n LanCHveln. a dentist of 11.12 Hroadway. is
S j r ' 9 . J ene of the men who is colnc back to Manila, if
I J i fl J hecannrraneo matters
Ii i ; If f "It's the erettast place in tho world." he
,9 '". ! Iti ald "Thetoaroa nuinlor of us coins back
it i" i fi F there if we can cet tho prlNlleces we're lookinc
! i S i for The flcht I Well, there was a Spanish
;, ' i B' blockhou-emakinc Itself nasty, and Gen Mac-
I f tl ft Atthuraslted for lolunteers to take it. and n
(if I I II ' we wereiiclitthoreit wis up to us to do tho
Ji t y busiri s Shells landed around us and
! ! ''It , knocked our cannon wheels silly, so w
A Jl oouldu t lake tho cuns nlonc ('apt Mareli
J I mi. Just said 'Come on men.' and we wentiihiad.
' -I-(J h'ai'iiic away with our revolvers I made up
I ) S f my mind tin' if 1 was killed It would be over
i J I 8 if quick. any na. so I went with the rtit.and
J i i 'i a S prett ixn M' hid tho bloekhous. 'I hell wo
i , , ,f B s wfnt bsek ami cot the guns "
' E i'n I sorcl William Hiker wli i vv.is a mi mber of
f I f rrmp.ui I". Seventh Iticimeiit. .N O X i .
It ipi and a leadiuc athleti In tl.e orcanlzation. was
f ( 'I'llf wounded in Hie revolver eh ire ami cot hl
j ,1 If promotlnn to a ercuantcj for callamr in I
i If I Si action
:' C ;l ii r "I wa si nc b one of the cuns ' he said
' v u ycsteidiiv v i n a shell hurt under II and
V f illi ' Lnike no ! I it ti I think heist Holmes
' ' - '1'B I waski'li I . simesliell W Inn the order
J t III I came i. n i r . ir I I shifted mv . volverto
v lili m It-It hand in 1 shut a w- II ..s r e .uld that
9 : l I'll . w,,- '"" ' '"" ' '"Iect I'm re-iKjii-ihle for
i I I B ' mueli spuii-h blo-nl It ivHi all over very
If UI riu 'klj In the List rush Serct I'lemins wis
,' ' , Hit : kllleii I ilfdn't know no arm wis baiih hurt
J I f K c until we had taken the n'a n 1 ii pt for my
i i I'll vviiiind I was not sit k a da in Munll.i It s a
L I R t spUndld pi" " i d there irecre.it 'his Iness op-
F l fortiin ties tin ie
j k ij f dene in - r.' 'is i et.r Hiker in the
t 'Iflj St charce, sa .' i it v i !, thine was over In a
1 ' 1 TH f nilnu
i w '-lilt .. 'I'"r' " " , i. I- air ml." he said
fin l'i! I Aftor we stai i! i- n o' fun to hear tho
i 'If revolvers po, n' ii 1 umind vnu and know
: f I you wiiie part rf Hie -how Tlie Spaniards
I r Hi; I fj clcaieilout as sot n Its .- cot there "
!? f B( I W'llllim lilendals found it very quick work
! P VI J "When wi-were T.lthin aloiit fifty jardsof
t (, I I 5 the blOikhoiisi-" said he. "the spin'ni Is
' ' Stiff I opened lire I'lioso Maus -r bullets sniinil nisi
i i Hf I ll!ie hittinca tent vviru with a steel bar Ii
Bit Isn't u pleasant sound Private Dunn was shot
if In several pla-esm we went up iiid lm went i
.. 'fit! t down like a ! c Itwas llvelj uhilu it lasted
V, l j but It diiin't la.t lone ' .
s f R -"! '. The mun s.iy thit their trip home was with- '
I r ) j ? out much incident t Saeasakl the Japanesi)
. Jp 8 ' made much .-I them and fft-d them enihusias.
R tlil 'I l tlcally Thev ct now overcoats wliieh thev
i 1 1 I I I much needed at San 1 raiius ... and ich man
. 'If 3 j had. in the i.mrseof his s nm three jr four
, I 2 . t hats served nut '" Iihff l'n Thankscoliic J
' j : .' ' M. llacl'arlane. w h i is the crock cook of the
if 'i ; Lattery, cot them up a creat dinner with
r ; t American whlske cocktails and turkey at $5
)' ' Pr bird, and at Christina they had another
j iwclai fpftU on thatranoportgtnatgf, Ua
!! " " " "
of tho men Is now under arrest, lie has ben
tinder arrest for Insubordination nnd dntnken-
ness IK) per cent if the time alneji.the battery
was formeil t the request of his rsamraJesj
hlinme Isomlttotl. because on theday of the
flsht at Jtsnlla ho cot verr drunk and foueht
with snch lieartr eood will and daiihlnecour-
I tseantowlpeoutnllhlipast sin and lar up a
I conslderab'e credit bilanee for the fntura
1 Word was received from Col John Jacob
Astorrestenlarthat anr deficit In the account
forentertalnlne the soldiers would be eettled
, by him. and that on his return from Europe he
I Intended to circa banquet to the members of
I the batterr Serornl of the men told The Suv
reporter rt-stenlar that Col Astorfliad sett eI
on the wi low if one of the men wh was killed
In the Manila flcht i pension of 10a week for
"f" . . .
I Theprocrnmme for to-days exercises Is as
follows At : o'cloec (n the afternoon th bat
tiry will leave the S ventr-flrst P.eclment
armnn. march up Tark avenue to lortleth
street, across t" f Ith avenue, down to seven
teenth street. acro to I nlon Square, where It
mil be reviewed by the Mayor, up to'irth
ivi-nue to Twenty-third street across to JIndi-
hi avenue up to Thlrtv-fourth street and
tick to the armory The lrt Hattery. Fifth
Vrtlllery. I S A., from Fort Hamilton, will act
escort, and the Fifth Artillery realmental
band will play the "Astor Battery March' .com i
Pose) by Dlrctor flnpi5 of tho Waldorf
Astorli and dedicated to Col Astor The Com
mittee on ISeceiitlon ask that houses alone the
lino of march display flacs and banners as
1 much, as Possible
The sit cuns of the batterv were left behind
I at Manila, and in the parade lo-day the mn
l will march with tboir side arms only
Of He three commissioned officers who went
out with the nlnetv-nine men of the battery
Capt March alone returned to this city Lieut
, hochlo- remained at Minlla with the blxlh
irtllleryand Lieut Williams was as.lcnel to
dutv at the Hock Island renal. where h now
Is The names of the msti who cot here )
tenlay momlnc are
'jptiln PtrToil' Mvacu
rirttrirnt-4orrii w HrrHM It
s-ifMiii.-l.tr i WHirtrt ino t. C.aLsot,
Fnv-al' WimtviMis IIvnniRO P wmia
erTe.r-jls-Wiij.uu E Hills IIombt A. Bra
Tl Satiivmei. 0 IIofimm HnnrnT A IIOllIK)
V. iiiioi i" MrnLMiLLt, lame Corporsl, i J.
D i.'Isrs-ALtuxDiR M. Ilium, Oroaor. ntCKTL
utrri rniviTKS
"Ti'iiiuB hiirn. KrisrtHS rranriox.
uioK'ir. Hr-aiL. i mcsi rv lUitrt.
Uilluv nirsn Ijudiirallutii.
ilrrjiui It-iiTB. Ilrsrv litres
Jo'lS V CSOXCE. . W II II aw CoRsru.
KntT Iijiil. uioMrl) Civjoiu.
Iirvsis I InxovAi J. iix Dttisos.
net J Uciti HrsRT U r.Ancurri
VViiLlvvA FltHSACnR, T BatrrEvlT
HLomir s ofh lRftiG iUiui.
I'rcijS IlAimi.sBjinoi. VViLTunf lUdtT.
This H'lLLisn Thomas J Hatdk.
IrnEor V- ltoovr Hrinv IIollisitb.
llnttAKuS Jrii ixr.. Viicruvv 1rcl.op
Tinxisl It hiMT HrRMRpU KrurtR.
IH.JlsM rULllt. NrwlosC dlLLXR.
Inns W OstiuMiiR Clin I- Piurock.
ABFIIIH PlL-ss. JUlllli PlRls
IniMtv ltniciin win tui Itrritsoi
oocts B. sasdtj-lis Ai f,rT S mix.
WAtrrsJ SHEXIDIX. CrfAKL0 llllt"
OMAHtiwmj IPlStlA II. SltWART.
Mmtis Sri vpt I uivn s. Thompson
iHAsuvt 1 aiijr. I W VVinrnsov
Alti w Ai rpr. Philips somjiiiim
I'HARLrsC Wrasrrp vurn B Wiiiv
seret I h ouncs cot off the triln at Den
ver, and didn t cet bai-kon in time The same
thine happene I to Private Daniel P Wrrcht
a little further on at Thistle Junction Private
Ldward T herr. bv favor of srs-cial ortlers
from the W ar D. nirtment. cot off at Erie. Pa .
and returned to Cleveland, where his father was
awaitincbim A.t the Seventy-first Heeiment
armoryCortK.nl ati Home, who was sent
home invalided with the lo of a lee erected
his comrades Privates Innklin and Corn
dan are in tli" hospital at an Francisco and
Serct Durdi-k wis left m Manila with typhoid
All will probai-l) recover
itvsicAh i vio niCKs no try.
Vfier Ten Years It m Wnnls to Join n
euiral Labor (Ircanixntlnn.
The'VIusiciI Mutual Protective Union. acalnst
which the old Central Labor I'nlon has had one
of its paper boycotts for about ten year", wants
toc'tinto thy Central bodyacain Sime the
boveott was irderel and the M M P I" was
est elled from the (LI it his cut adrift from
the trade unions on the assumption that as
lis memltrs were "artists nnd not mechanics
it coulil have iiothinc In common with
trade orcamzations I.ate!y. however it held
a meetinc and decided to become affiliated
acain with some Central Labor body . com
mittee of five wa- appointed to find ways and
means of sodoinir and a letter was received at
Pst. rdav - Central rcderateti Inion from
fames Heccs. Chairmanot the committee, ask
Ine for information as to the best way of be
comlne afllllated vv ith th.- trades unions. 1 he
writer said thit the M M P I' was willlnc to
send a committee with credentials to any of
the rieular mcetlncsof theC F I
When the letterwas read by Correspondinc
seerctarv Pallas there was a round of applause
The M II P I had been cxtell-d by the old
Centnl Labor I'nion for refusinc to order the
orchestnof a downtown theitro ti strike n
smpathy with mechanics and since then it
has hen boycotted bvthe Central Labor Union
The new Central Fedented I'nion however. ,
decided that this was no time to be fastidious
The Seeretar was instructed to write to the
Chairman of the M 31 P V committee in-
forrair.c him that the L J- L will receive tne
committee next Sunday 1 lie Musical Mutual
Proteitive I moil has a m-mbcrship of alxut
' " w, Ovinnt She's Slurried," Brnbe the
I HcHrt nf the Man on the Outside.
j Miss Mineanus Anderson was married to H
J F Steinbeck at the bride s residence at W
I Henry street last night at tl o'clock She Is the
nieeoof Aucust Wnbbekind. who has a saloon
at the corner of JIarket and Henry streets
Charles Baumcarten is the man who didn't
marry the cirl. althouch he waned to very
L'p to Friday Biumcarten lived at li Henry
street, which is over the saloon He endeavored
to dissuade the cirl from marryinc Steinbeck
On Friday lie moved out by request of the pro
prietor On Saturday he came back and asked
to see Jli's nderson Policeman Henry was
ailed n. and Haumuarten retired to the street
He was still there at dawn yesterday, and nunc
around a'l day
A. woman went to the Madison street station
yesterday momlnc and told Seret MacSwee.
ney that the man was makinc threats Mae
Sweencv told the woman to see the policeman
on post. Just before the marrlaite was to tako
tlaco Policeman Henry collared Haumcarten
and went throueh hi6 pockets to see that he
had no weapon Two jFollccmen kept an eyo
on him until after II -clock A little after tl a
bov came out of the house
" Aw. cwan' ' hesaidtoBiumcarten 'She's
married "
Haumearten threw up his hands and started
up the street Within doors a weddlnc fpast
for a hundred peoplo was spread
Threatened, to nurn Up lilt nylnc Wife.
MofsT Vefivov. X Y . .Ian 22 John Lan
dry, a eardener of Fleetwood avenue, was sen
tenced by Judge Scliat? this momlnc to fifteen
days in the White Plains jail Landry Is 70
years old He came home late on Baturday
nlcht. and threaten 1 to kill his wife and faml
Ij Armed with a hrce pruilne knife, he
chased his dauchters and erandchlldren out of
doors Mr I andry istl" years old, and Is on
her deathbed The inmates of the house ro
liorted to the pollen that thev n obliged to
nbandon her in their llleht When Landry had
driven the others nut he stood over her bed and
threatened to burn her up if she would not clve
him money to buv drink The arrival of tho
loliee. it is thought, was all that prevented him
from cxecutlnc his threat
Installation nf the Iter. Ilr. Mnrkav.
The Hev Dr Donald Sage 3Iaekar. formerly
of the North Iloformed Church in Vewark was
installed yeaterdiv as rastorof the Colleglato
Jleformed Dutch Church at Tifth avenueand
Forty-eichth stteet. In tlie presence of sixty
ministers and a large concrecation Tho Rev
Dr Julius W Oeyer performed the Installation,
assisted by the I!ev Kdwarri 11 Coe. former
pastor of the church, who now becomes senlir
minister of the Colleelnte Chun-h the Hev Dr
Joachim F.lmendorf and the liev. I Dotiglis
Adam Dr F.lmendorf. In delivering the elmrsn
t i tlie minister, spoke on tho belief i i Hi iio
rel as thu thief requisite for a minister
The Itev, tliiward Akssh .Inhiisuii Ifi HIa
ew Charge.
U tl.e Madisiu .venue Prcsbvterian Churcli
yesterday mornlnc Hie Hoy Howard Acnevv
lohnson prc.iehed his first sermon since his
acceptance of tho call extended to him by that
ehiinh Dr Johnson camo from Chicago, and
takes the placn of the Itev Charlea L. Thomp
son, who reslcncd the pastorate to take tho
. nee of Correspondlnc Heeretary to the Hoard
Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church
Dr Johnson is a comparatively young man
Heal Kstatn and Apartments,
No othsr psper ttfordt inch advaauest for rcteb
ln( ths parcasser And lensatsi Thi SvTV, 'Tties,
, ta, Utty at la Ik dipf udtd i,JLtf,
mt.T. nroix to ruai cii x.x rz,T3iovrir
citvncrt ram.t is MAnr.u.
His Tclearam of Acceptance Kead to tbe
Congrrgatln Yetterdar-IIlt Convlrtlon
It That the Churrh't Iteqnett It tlort't
Command-Ratltfactlon In tha Church.
The Rev Xewell Dwleht mills of Chlsatro.
who was called last week to the pulpit of
Plymouth Church, made vacant br the resigna
tion of the Rev Lyman Abbott, the successor
of llenrr Ward Beecher. has accepted the call
ami will begin active work in tho famous old
church early In March. Dr Hlllis's telegram of
acceptance, sent to the Church Committee on
Saturday, was read yesterday moraine to a
congregation almost as larce as tho one thit
sathered to hear Dr. Hlllis's first sermon In
Brooklyn a week ago
Kvory sat In the church was occupied and
many were obliged to tand tip Then was an
air of suppressed excitement throughout tbe
edifice, for no one. outside of the committee,
ha1 anv knowledge as to what answer Dr
Hlllls had sent to the call Thomas CI Shear
man and his nssoclates on the committee abso
lutely n-fisd to clvo the shchtest Intimation
to anybody recardlnc the contents of th" an
swer. Mr Shearman said that P hid been
ajrrecd between Dr. Hlllls and the committee
that the members of his own church In Chi
caco and the concrecation of llymouth Church
should hear the answer read from the pulpit at
the same time.
The hopo was written on every face In Plym
outh Church that Dr Hlllis't answer would bo
favorable He made a creat impression on the
congregation during his recent visit to Brook
lyn, and it was the almost unanimous wish of
the i,K!8 members on the roll of the church
that he should como to them Mr Bhearman
was besieged by the early arrivals at rhureh
yesterday mornlnc and urged to tell what (In
cision the Chicago clergyman had come To
one and all he said that Dr. Hlllls e ' ;nm
would be read from the pulpit and tl nt until it
was read Its contents would be setet It was
Impossible to read anytlunc from 3D hear
man's face He w.ib as Imperturbable as a
Dr Abbott was not In the ohureh ne had
exchanged r'llplts for the ilay with the Hev
Dr Charles II JefTerion. the now pastor of the
Broadway Tabernacle In llronkhn iThere was
a buz? of excitement when the Hev Horace
roner. one oi ur. Auooits assistants, .irony
alter the readlnc of the scripture lesson and
"The letter which I shall now read was sent
to the Hev Dr Xewell Dwighl II ili by the
committees of the society and the church on
Jan 17 "
Brooklyn. X Y . Jan 17. IK"
P.ETFr.EVD in Dear Sin The undcrdned.
having been appointed by Plymouth Church,
and boeiet) as ncommttteo for tint purpose.
take pleasure in calling you to become tha
pastor of l'i) mouth Church, to which ofllce you
have been elected by a Joint vote of the church
and the society
W ith profound recret the members of the
church and soci-t were compelled to accept
the resicnition of their present beloved pastor,
the Hev Lyman Abbott. That ncret we still
deeply feel, but we have been creitly com
forted by the faith that, in the starch for a new
spiritual leader, which thus becime nts-i ss.iry.
we have teen guidel bv u far lueht-r wisdom
than nurown
The vcr fac' of our uncliinceil and devoted
love and ttvercpto for the memory of Henry
Ward Heeche- and our t mtinuinc !ve and
lifcli appreciation of Lvman bbott who will,
we hoi.lotic remain amunc us us n beloved
brother, will be the best euiranu-e of th
dual faithf jlness with which we sha 1 hold up
jour hind- and encourage jour heart In tlie i
cares and labors of the pastoral offirt-
Mreadv.as you know, we ban-learned to love
jou: and yoj maj sifelv relv upnt theeontin
uarice -nil in' re.ise of ou- afTc tiin
We fully rt-cocnize theerett u"fu'nes and
hich honorof the work in vvliicn v..u in now
eneaced e shnul 1 d"' ply recret to inte-fere
with its eominiinnce But w are impres.e j
with a deep conviction tint tin- cuidiii-." hi'id I
of I'rjvid-ni - points to n -- ;'it .. , man
whoiii weneid and to our church as j-our mo-'
appropriate Held.
e invite ou to come to us in it only as a
prea. her. but also as pastor ind friend 1 1 a
lirco concri cation, ami as a leader in a'l the
work of sjunday schools, missions and other
atllll.itedorci: izations It Istonoc-sjortrivi il
duties that we invite Vu,l . but althouch Hie
work will I..-so manifold a to tax y ur hi t
n-'rcies the afff 'Monutc sympathy and e i
thusiustic i o-operatlon of your ts-ople will
make the burden light loumaj ret isur -d
that contrary tn the Mpeneiu.i of th- ere it
apostle, the more ahiiu Iantlj j u lv-u-tho
more vou sliall lit-loved
Hoping for an -arij and favorable r-p'v.wc
rfmain in the bond of Christian fellow sh-p
vnr nffdiilfnnnFO hritl.rn
ItESJ 1 HLAIE. IllttlW UlM Ml",
Hirsri ( inns Ir. Int Mis J Hvi Kt s,
F JI HroORs, 1 VI.I sll j. STAMtOnll.
Conmittee of the Committee ol the
s.Kiety church
"Thf followinc telecrim has he.-n received
from Dr Hillis in response to the letter just
read,' said Sir Porter, and he reid is follows
Cim vi.o lin l. lh.-"!
Thitmat G ShtarMan.VS Columbia lltiou, linjrl un
1 )
Havinc counselled lone with good men. who
love God and His children, w ho love ( hrist and
His Churcli, and believing that 1 hive been
divinely guided to a richt interpretation of
those providential events that seem to make
known God's will, with the full consent of my
judement, conscience and aspiration. I i l
5 ou my acceptance of the call to the parto ito
of Plymouth Church
Ml conviction is that your requst is Cod s
command Holyinc confidently upon y ur
prayerlul sympathy, yoar Christian forb- ir
nnc and support. I hone to come to you in the
not distant future
loDr Abbott coes mj cratltude for his un
faillne encouragement, advice, and sympathy
My cordial greetings to tho pastors, nfllcers
teachers, mil members of the Sunday schools
an 1 the church.
Oft dwelling apart with God. if hi so wills, J
would b to )an a prophet ind i divini voice
1-ull oft eoirig In an I out o' rour bonus r
would br your pastor ami friend, baptising
your Lal-es, wele .m ncjour son- mil daugh
ters into clirl-t s( hurch burying your saerd
dead, shnrinc with you the sorrows and ior.
temptations, ihc dutita nnd rewards of ( iins
tlan discipleslup
.May the fnith. wisdom and courage of the
founders and fathers he upon jou and your
children after you JIaj tip spirit of your as
cended Elijah and of your present teaching
r'llsha nbld- as i perfect clfr throueh Hie com
Inc years Wtillotlrni end-ires miy th Gos
t!l of Christ s redeeming lit-, tcafhlnc. dratli
and resurreitlon make l'i, m .uth hurhtuhe
a temple for those v Ii . ir ind worshltF u
hospital for the sin-hurt a thool for divine
friendship, a . o loco ior teathii.c the ornclus of
God, a gateway unto the life that is imm .rtal
Niwkii fivMiiHT Hiilis
It was with apparently a feeling of deep grat
ification that the members of the cnngreciition
settled ha. k into their seats when Mr I'oricr
concluded th" r- ad'nc of Dr Hlllls s telegram
As the concrecati .n b-ft the chun-h iifterth.
st-rvic.) thero was much handshaking iinong
tlio members J-verj'ody was luncritulatliig
themselves, eacli other and the church on
Dr Hlllls s a cept.in. It was i- idnt from
the delight on all side tliat Di Hlllis's recep
tion In Br., .klyn will ! a iv.irm Jiin
It has not tseii deilnit.-l) de.-ided vvhen Dr
Hlllls will takeihareeol thechur'h Spenklnc
on this sub;ecr yci-terday Mr shev-inan suid
'Dr Uibott es-cts to leave tlm pulpit by
the end of February Tint will clve l)r Hillis
a month in which to wind up Ins business af
fairs in l hlcigo and to sctt'i down In his new
homo hero 111 Brooklyn I think that Dr Hillis
1 will l-cgiii preai lilncnlsjiit the first or -ei-ond
Sunday in Match if lm preaches on the llr-tt
Sunday it will b- in thu ivniiue. tor that will
bin oinmuni. ui sunla and wi- shall want Dr
Abbott luenn In. t Hie service in the mornlnc
'dfeoursi we ai.i very much gratitled nvor
Dr Hillis s ii'.-Prtntiea jf our call We have
thouglit from the flr-t that ho wa the man for
our ehun-h and wiule our parting with Dr
Abbott will i ii use the greatest crief. it is n
source of ui'isl Icrablo tomfort to u to know
that vveare toh.ivt-sucha man as Dr Hlllls as
his sucenssnr '
Spa'ine I tlio slv necatlve votes that were
i ast when tlie oncrecation voted on the ques
tion of uilllne Dr Hillis to the culplt Mr
Shi-armaii said that ha had learn-I Hut they
weri the result of D- Hillis lecture on Itu-kin
in I'lvmouth Churcli during his recent ist to
Brooklyn ...
' s. veral members of the congregation
th lucht that Dr Hilhs showed himself too
strong an adherent of Huskln on that occa
sion and six showed their disapproval by
voiinc against him,' siidMr Shearman "Dr
Hillis was llko Huskln himself, was Huskln
during that lecture But that onlyshowod his
remarkable ability to personily his treruon
dous sincerity and enthusiasm I know fur a
fact that tnreo of the six nocativo votes cast
were cast as a result of the Buskin lecture,
and that the members whocast them see things I
In a different light now nnd aro sorry for w hat
. they did If they were to v u -ver igainiliej
would vote In Hie affirmative in fact I uiu
quite sure that all six vvou.ddosi ' i
ThuBev Dr Xewell Dwicht Hulls U nit vet
40 years of age. Ho was only whi hwis I
called to tho pulpit of the Central Chuich. m
Chicago, formerly occupied b the itjv. Dr. Da- I
rid Bwfnc Dr. nillls's sncfcssi IrtChleairt has
been remirknble. Ills church has been tho
most popular one in that city since ho took the
pastoral, the crowds nt the Hnnday srrleei
te-lne even crcater than during tho lncum
bener of Dr. Uwlnc Dr. Abbott, In citing his
impressions of him sovcrnl days ago, ald
"He Impresses me as a rery attractive man.
without a trace of erotism or self-conceit, lis
Is an earnest, cenntne. sincere man. without
that professionalism which Is, perhaps, tho
commonest fault of the ministry Ho is evi
dently a man of wldo reading and liberal cul
ture Nature has made him an orator, and he
ha developed the Rift Theologically Dr.
Hillis belongs to the new school In the evan
gelical churches Practically, so far as I can
judge, his theology runs nlonc substantially
thesamo lin'-sasdld that of Mr Beecher and
as does my own Itwas pretty clear from In
cidental references In his addresses hero that
he is an evolutionist In his general point of
Jew "
In addition to preaching. Dr Hillis does con
siderable writing Ho is the author of a nurn
lerof books, the best known among them belnc
two companion works, "A Man's Value to So
ciety "and "The Investment of Influence "
Dr Hillis will bothb thlnl nastorof Plymouth
Church In Its fortj-two yean of existence
The church was founded In 1SI7 nml Henry
W ird Beecher wn Its first pastor. The pres
ent chupli bull.linc -was erected In 1S4H
Henry Wanl Beecher dleil In lti ind in April,
lsxx. Dr Lyman Vbbott was calleil to the pul
pit lr Abbott was cilld after fully a dozen
ministers had preached trial sermons, suen as
Dr Hlllls preached a week ago yesterday
Tho l.'cv Dr. Lyman Abbott, pastor of
Plymouth Church, is to have n complimentary
dinner civen br the Hamilton ( tub on Jan :U
Dr bbntt intends to v- Hsu. klyn )tif as
soon as the Kv Dr HfllistnkesViptlie nastonil
work Dr bliott will livn In Mmhatbin until
tho summer when he will move to his country
home at ( .n)wal!. up the Hudson
Cnirii.0 Jan 2 1 lie announcement that
Hlllls had accepted the call tnplyui utlH hurch
was made by the lbv Dr Hillis at theilo-eof
his sermon ths mornlnc. In the preseh-eol a
large audience. when he read his letter of resig
nation His favorable answer to tin-trustees of
llynoulh Church was given by telecnph Sat
urday nlcht Half an huurbeforo c Ing ..itothe
PUlpltthTs mornlnc Dr Hillis was lnf- -mod by
Krskino I I helps. ice-Pr-sii!et -A tht
llo.inl of Trustees of Central Church, that the
sum of 52:13.000 hid been pncticillv plclceiJ
this mom'nc for a new church structure on
the lake front, to b built nt once If he would
remain as pastor of the church Dr HI. lis was
deeply moved by the offer, but It came too late,
nshn had a I ready accepted the call from Plym
outh Church
The larcest contributor to the fund for bnild
Inc a new Central Church is Mrs Ceila Whip
ple Wallace.a widow, who his ifidforstarthtic
nnd extnvacant eveninc costumes and larc
diamonds she owns a necklace of black
diamonds valued at S.TO.IXKI Mrs Wallace
offered to clve S75 t)ixi to the church fund If
$1 raj out) more were subsvrilied Members Of
the concrecation pledged sImj.isi In less than
twenty minutes The church will be built as
the plan was not conditional on Dr Hillis re
maining here
Memorial Services In the I.lttle Mnrnnftc
Church In Washington street.
John Peter Hajj. the Patriarch of the Maron
ites. a sect of Syrian Christians of ancient
oncin. died a fortmcht aco In Mount Lebanon.
Syria, the homo of the community, and yester
day morning, in the little Maronitc Church of
St Joseph , down on Washington street, in
the Syrlin quarter, the Maronites of evv York
held a memorial servlco fdrtliej'atmreh The
Patriarch was sr- years old. had taken holy
orders at the ac of .Tt. and had been the
l"atnarehnf the sect for rlm v.-ars Th-sy-mns
here say he was a creat man and a
The church; room on the third floor of tlie
houe at 81 W&ihincton stret wis crowded
with Syrians of all the filths Among them
wcrethe Archimandrite of the Greek Orthodox
Chunh, Hi priest o the Greek Catholic
Chur nind the held of the JIaronite missi m
her-. th- Itev- Peter horkoma? Tilt- thn
altars wen- il-iped in black un I be'orv the
ma-n altar where was a picture of tn" Patn
ardi, burned many candles. U the head of
the stairwav wis a box of cand t-s. and eat h
iii--mb.-rof th church, as he came in. took a
cindle mil lichted it Durinc the two hour' j
service all spsst, holding their lighted candbs '
'J he icc-Pitnarch ihorkoma' t-ulocized Hie
deceisod. the burial oe-vlt was re nl and the I
ma-s wis re. Ited in syruc
1 lie Jlaronlf-sare s ii ! to have been founded !
by the I'atn irch Joaimts Maron near Antio-h.
yri.i. alsiut ih middl" of the seienthcintury. I
but there isis, n-idenibl co!itrovep.v over the
onginof the sih t 1'hoj wore brought bac to .
the.-ominunion of Home, from vvhicn tln-y ha I .
revolt. . I. l.y the influence of tlm Crusaders i
MtlioucI" 'hs- ('Ip.'t r. Ruptcnia-J nf Home,
they retain their distinctive rites and usaces
T lie P itr an'h is ,.,. td hi sts ret vote bv the '
twelve Itishoiisof the Ctiurcii ind is c uitirmed ,
by the Pore His powi r is itxolute. and even
the P.. pes legate, who resides continually in I
Ijetiatiun and Is supposed to uim-i intend tlio
etclc-l-isticnl proceeitiiics of the Marantic
( linn h hasno intlueii'e over the Patriarch be
y..ud nh it may be obtained by persona! superi
ority of chatacter
IE4ST or st. agmcs.
The I'vcnt Celcbrnteil iesterdlT hj the oii
gregntinti of M. Agius's ( tiun h.
The artsh of St A.cn"s celebrated yester
day mornmc th foa-s of its nitron saint and
the twenty-fifth annnersiry of its foimdioc
' Tlie church buildinc of St Acnes, at forty
third street and Lexington avenue, was de
stroyed by lire on l)ec 4 last year, so that the
celebration had to be held fa the Granil Cen
tnl Palace. The altar stood in front of n
painted backcround represtntinc a chancel
window. Canopied and raised seat on either
side of tlie altar had been prepared for two
guests of honor
The services opened with a procession of th
-lercv The Vpo-tnlie "Delegate, Archbishop
Martinelli. tat on the dais to the left of the
altar, while ArhbisiopCorrican o-vupied ono
on the opposi.e side Bishop Farley was tlie
celebran- of the mas Tho mtislo was ren
dered bv two pro.'essom! quartets, a chorus
and an orcht-stn, under the leadership m I
I,. Bonn, organist of tho church hvmn to
St Acnes writtpn and composed by the rector
of the church, the Hev Dr Henry A Brann.
was used as a pris-eisioml
the sermon was preached by Jlcr Conaty,
rector of the Catholic I nlversity of America,
who took for Ills subiert tho legend f M
Acnes He ald she wns the henld of new
womanhood of the wonianh od introduced by
( nristianity. which had taught I.ome to1
undersMiiil th" virtue of puri'v 1 h" new
time, he said needs to be taught tlie Iesjn '
over aciln The new world Ii is its tn v Gis-pt-l
. Hi- new tune is one of enlightenment
But it Is an enlightenment .f looks, like that
which preceded tho downfa.l of Home hat
we nied in order to be saved Is he enlighten
ment drawn trom men lives the indical i
phllosophr of virtuous ll-inc and the active
prea. hiiu by cood deed Man is fait sinking
into lorrupion, dtcrndat'on and sin And .
wh v Is the first one fo sin!;' Woman' ier
she Is tho moulder of life If f he Is made true
to virtu" and only then, can society be made ,
true IO Itself ' I
Tlie uii, iiia' display of the relics of St A.cnes,
which were saved from the fire tool j!aen in .
tho Acliool building of tho parish last evening '
rAirinr cm licit celemiates.
riftlrth nnlvertary of the Iter. Slr.Tnlng't
YVtlllnnuhtirr; Church.
The three days' celebration of the fiftieth
anniversary of Calvary F.plcopnl Church, at
3larcv av.-nuu and South Mnth street, Wil
liamshurc. was boeun yesterday The Interior
of tlie chun-h w is decorate 1 and at the morn
ing servieea special musical pnigrammeunder
the direction of Miss Ada Twine, the daughter
nl the I!v Cnrnillus I Twine, rector of tho
church, was carried out Aiuonc the visiting
clergy won-tho Hev 1 S lowusend. the Itev
William W Mix and tlie Hev Charles H Doupe
The Itev Mr Twine pioached a historical
sermon He t ld of tho organization of the
(hurch S s-lety in 1840 through th" efforts of
the Hev Mr lieynolds, tlie rector at that timo
of ( hrist 1 plsenpil Chun-h. and ciivo statistics
for the half century of the s.h lety's existence
The Sunday scliool celebrated thejubihe in
the afierti-on. whn there were addresses by
f .rmer superiiiten li-nts. and at the evening
scrvico the Hev I ludnay Parker, rector of St
Pet. r Church, made an address The Jill lieu
will be continued to night and clos to-morrow
night with n social reunion,
rnrUvlll Congregational Church Drdlcated
The Parkville Conerecatlonal Cnuroh. In
Fighteenth avenue, near the Coney Island
Boulevard, was dedicated yesterday The ser
mon was I reached by the Hev Dr C C Cree
fan, and insisting in tho servicer were the
lev Dr C L We'ls, pistorof the Flatbush He- j
formed Church, ind the Hov Dr B J Kent. I
I'tMor of Hid Lewis Avenue Congregation il
Churcli llie Itev. JI P. W etcher i pastor of
the now church.
Dr, Parkliural In Ilia I'ulplt Again. .
After four weeks of Illness the Ilav Dr
Parkhurst i n ached his tlrst sounon of the i
new year ji stordo illuming
Coney Island llu n lit Iftlit Da) Jtouui.
(hi i.g tnthe 1na v.i.tln nf isterday 1 oii'i
Islun.i was W.-.U-I v mail .iri .1 ii-...-.
seekers I uili "' en i i v. very
tow re ma in ad at nit- i-iunu uitvi uicnilull. 1
avT: OAiinxEn o.v the ihfpicolt
Educational, Financial, Political, nnd Social
System Must lie Itrnrianltcd. and tbe
People Kmanrlpntnl from the Chains
ot Tyrnnny Taxation 'ot Kxcestlve.
WAsniNOTOV. Jan, 22. "If Porto Klco is to
become a credit to the United Slates." says
QipL Augustus p. Gardner. Assistant Adjutant-General
of Volunteers. In th- concluding
portion of his very able. Instructive and Inter
esting report to Assistant Eejretary o! War
Melklejohn upon the educational, religious
and other affairs or the .Island ot Porto Bico,
"and not a continual thorn In her side. It Is as
certain at the rising of the sun that th work
of reconstruction must be done by men ot dl
inttrctcd motives. '
In considering. ays Capt. Gardner, the
various dements which co to mak up the so
cial syttcm of Porto Illco. the most worthy of
a detailed examination Is tlie method ot edu
cation It Ii on this branch that the fruit
which it Is hoped may be gathered In tho fu
ture must all ripen. Laws and schedules of
taxation may be chanced at will, but a long
and tedious journey lies ahead of the people
of the Vnlttd States before the island can be
emancipated from the chains of Ignorance and
the customs and habits of the people change
to enlightenment The first difficulty which
is met with by tho Investigator ot the school
system, or of anything else of an official na
ture In the Island. Is th impossibility of ob
taining exact Information One must proceed
very wanly in acccitinc facts as he receives
them, always beirlng In mind that there is
thn widest difference In the world between
what theoretically exists and what can prac-tl.-allv
be found
W hat purports to be a census of the Island Is
to b- taken every teU years Hut the only one
ever published, apiiarently. was that of ltviT
In this the t-ooulition was given at MUkVlw. of
whom 111. P-n. or 10 per cent . euuld either
read or wrile A comparison nf these figures
with those of a s.-called rectification of the
census for Ins.! reveals a gross blunder some
where, a. aiccnluis tn the returns for that
yeir. IMS.'.IM. or over twice as many people is
four years later, could either re id or write It
is scarcely conceivable that l.'7.iKiu could in
four yea-s hive lost tint f,i. ultv
lor Hi" citv of Ponce therv is an excellent
census for the year ISJii well compiled and to
all appearances a. cunte According to this
census the- city jurisdiction covers a imputa
tion if -IH IX Ml It Is divided terr.fnrl.1llT Irttn
twenty-eicht wards, of which flic, with a pop
ulation of .".'tj. con'titiitt :lie city proper,
and three, with a in illation ol l',412. consti
tute the port and suburbs, tlie rest being isduii
try districts In t tic try pro,er over 54 per
cent could read or write In the country
from i - tier cent in some wards to 27 trcctit
in others 1 lie le-reentaee for all twentv
eisht wards was -i (7 ("apt Gardner believes
this percentage i- venr much to- hUh He
saw a lew of tlie !UU of registered voters tor
the last election Twenty per cent . he says,
would lie a high estimate for those vho could
"sign their names.
With respect to the system Itse'f different
oflieial lUthr.iitH-seivedifTerent figures in their
I enume jtioi- of seli..s Hut it is safe toaver
I ac the nit her in the is and at i ai at Hie out
side of which 1 s than forty are priva'e or
religu us s, j .ijs riie c-n.m'jn s, hools aro di
vidfil int.. sill's) i r. eli-mcntarv. auxiliary nnd
ruril. with one teacher to cicii schoo.. whose
salary tinge- from 1 2i iso. or say Jj-mi.
I per rear n a suirior s-hol of the first class to
:t.s.i pesos jK-r year in a rural -chcol The su-l-erioi
schools exist onlv in the sever, depart
I mental eitlcs. in lach of ninth tbere aresup
I posed to le two superi .rs.-h'-ols one fjreT-ri
I ex s a matter f f.i"t there are but ii'iie
sftr jls nn the islan i d'oge'hcr, with a t. tal
ean-'lii' ti' oT 's"7 put il. a larce prutortion of
wb ii do not Vieid
Ihc suj.-nor -di.nls arc suppased to pre
I pare lor the Institute of sau runn But a
I Iirce nuinl-.- of the students entering that
e-tnliMshin- nt come 'rom onvite sch-ols.
f where Hie education cbt.iiiinl.le has l-cn bet
I ter than in the nubli. --h.s.ls ever since lttsl.
the year in win fci'ait 1 tiloin Despnjolswas
I recalled to -pain This ilin tere-ted Gover
nor had kept up the tiudanl -,f the shoots
I But jince his time schn.. 'masters hive bs- I
cjme pol -ical fo-j'bilK, il-1 vvt-r awanled to
henchmen lor scrvi.es rendered In view of
the fict that a graduate of the l-slitute of -in
i .luap is not suflScicntlv advanced to bo a ei:i
1 delate for oil-- American collrces It is sur
! misp 1 that th amount- f learnim- acquired ar I
a su,.cr....r s-'hcsii is minted sORP 0j tj1(. j
i studies have hich-soundinc nam-s Hut read
lnc writing an.! arithmetic a-e the staple
In th" elementary scmils the cnurse is still
1 more juvenile and when the cra.de or ratal
s, lu is reached the pretence of teaching If
.ilmos' ibindon'd. the tepeher being am to
de-.ote himself entire. y to tho enjoyment of
his salarv
In thc-1 ireer townships there is one school to
about every 1 i inhabitant- But creation
i laid .n a great iie,d thinner In a ere it ciapy
pans uf the lslind. larce , uintrv districts be-ni-
w-.tliou: sclio .Is entirely, notwithstandlnc
a corn "lscirv s,-hool attendin-e livv This i
liw. which is i' enforced, require- reeular
atteii liDCc. ot'cn an i ni-ombilitv in the coun
try during the rain -a n rho sehooisaro
oiieri for six hours daily jr nine months of i
tlie year, and for two hours dully durinc fuly
AiiftiAi t,n,l s.iiilAmhAr I
lb- city of Mn luin. heme the seit of Gov
ernmnt. is co m.iratively favored In the
numl-cr and quilitv nl its schools lies.den
Its twenty-nine common sehon's. ,t has a nor
! mal school for each s , a nnrual triinihc
Feliool. and the Institute There are ilil i,
' l.e almut fifty pupils at each of tli normal
I schools nnd al-out Jv)"! at tho manuil training
sclii-o' which. .altlK ueh In exlttencc for six
I months onlv- is a rrnnound success The
principal e 1 P-ational s-ablisliment of the
I island in the Institute and de St-eundo I'use-
natiza do IMcrt" Iti.n in whlcli. according to
Hi- ntaloctie of lKlfi7. ther were T pu
pils enroll, d. classified as follows Ofllcial.Ol
, print. iin domestic. 11. and adv ince.1, it
I limy 'ho-ej -lasi:lel as oillcinl and adn'ed
' attend the lectures nf the institute itself The
pro ite I upils attend private or ulslill.-c.l
scl fxiIs in other cities ftfllllated with tho lu-
stl-ute an 1 are tnmiiied br itinerant profes
I s-jrs of that faculty, is is Hie case w th domes
tic pupil, who pursue their studies at home
The usual ago for entrance is 11 yeir for boys
taking th rt-gulir course, which comprises
the P-Uowinc stulies Iitin, teocraphv. hls
torr. rhetoric poetry, mathematics, French,
phllosophr. niituril binary, phyei. s. chem
istry and i-iculture The advanced course
has ben given up. as no one took a decree
It wis a stri-ily business course There is a
r glstratlnii fee of live pe.,m, h it otherwise the
e -st . f uuJtion isdcfi-iyed l the t.ilc lf
all those enrolled not more thm fifteen or sjv.
teen inniiallr take the d grce of bachelor
Vllliat.! with He institute are seven small
m ho il" i ilvatc, si '.i Iiz-d and religious, sit
uated m var oils cities, wi.li a tot.il enrollment
nf rnther more- ihm ."i pimls
s each toinshm nay for its lwn schools, it
is Impossible to estimate the imount spent on
education annually In the is! mil Ilur Hie
State s c mtnbut n-i uiiioimts t i aboi t i!0,"0"
reos per year, out of which is suppnited the
institire tlie manuul training si ho. the two
nonnal s. bonis nnd the Hoard of Lducatlnn.
subsiilies being n ild io two orth-eo minor In
tltuticns Cipt Gardner was informed that
there i lire" tequest, the Incouia of which is
used for the sill.i-.rt of the insli u't He was
not. however, nl-le in verify the information
tn . !.. f ,lin In.lAl.nA, flllli. r.a..nl.. I I
A.J l II "I Hl t I,!,' I- .IH ' .1,1' ,S7''I.1, IL IS
harl to sop etactlv how any remedy em be
supp'ieil for this state of thing which will
bear fruir for a lor', lm to cone 1 he ieo
ple must be rab-el Ii ... the iwveity which Is
lie result of thsir own faults or mothers will
continue t - keep their children at home be- i
cause they Imvi no mthes in which to send
them to s. boo! Capt Gimner U'- the term '
'"no clothes in its absol ite sens.- I nless
the c unpulsnrv schrs.l nttendanen law Is en
forced he says, no procress can be made
Better paid ind mor competent teacheramust
be employed In the rural schools, and many
new ones established ,Tho truint ofllcer
must "ome Into existence and the children
must t-o; inoro ;v-icnr usly handled Sch.xls I
must be closed durinc the worst of tho rai .y
se ison or tho classes oannot bo kept tnccther
Summarilne the sruation as a whole, there
exists on thi island a fairly end skeleton on
which to construe t n s-hool system The
ditllculty ar'ses fr in the scarcity o' compe
tent and relinl I teichert In the nature of
tlilncs. for tlio pretent, but little progress om
b made bv meilcan tech-rs sent to; the
iiland Their si l.ere of usefulness will not
inclu.1 Porto lllc . until such time as a knowl
edge of the Fnglish language .has begun to
rerun-ate all .-lasses
With recnnl to th religious question. It
doe not appear that th Inhabitants of the
Is'and have ever taken their religion with any
degree of serl .usness piobnbly owing to the
fact that the Church is retarded as one of th
means by which -ri.n undertook to maintain
her overei.rrtr the isl ind and to provide
for thn ma it. nai e ' such . f her clergy a
; mid not ba supj ried tit home Altogether
Babios and Tired Mothers Find
Comfort in CUTICURA.
a. warm hath with CtTtti'iu Koai and a
s ii Je alii i in-' Hi i i Tl in, .urevt of
em Imnitkii ur. s a . .illi.rd msia t re i.-f. I
. rum "il b r i ii i' I -'" p f". lull and
is int in i si 1 1 .i ; un ii at. ..nd hi iiiiii al
en--.- .f ti.- i ' f ig .iisilgiiilnc and
hut ' s ii '! ai .1 i.ioisj humors, J
huh via ji hall, un i. a i else 'atU,
(t . id-L"Vt-a dAriA j, s WilT S IA r .IrA.! l..t , i .!. ji jlA
the clerical establlthmeut maintains no more
than 240 priests nnd nssisunts. the sum total
of whose salaries nmounts to about lwi.000
pesos annually, the salaries ranging irotn
J.000 pesos per year for the Bishop down to
150 pesos per year for ths sacristans. Of
thfse loO.OOH pesos rnttur more than 40.000
are palJ to the clerlcil fore of the Cathedral
at San Juan alone. With tbe exception of Iho
capital and Ponce thero Is but one church in
each of the seventy townships Into which the
island Is divided. ln MaracucE. with ..
WO Inhabitants scattered over a vast extent
of territory, has only one ecclesiastical estab
Ilshmont, one curate with a salary of 1,500
pesos, two assistants with a salaty of 000 pesos
each, and one or two sacristans. ,
In ome of the larger cltlei, notably In
ronec. which Is rich, the fees receives! by tho
clergy amount to as much as 4.000 or .-.0U0
pesos annually for such Items as marriages,
burials, masses and special fees for the re
moval of Impediments to martlnce This
last Item ! sometimes a source of very hand
some profit to the priests, as It Includes the
cost of obtaining tho necessary dispensstian
for the msrrlatrcs of those jvho are of differ
ent beliefs, or of too close a decree of consan
eulnlty. or. as sometimes happens, different
cltirenthlps In the creator number of towns
the prlesfls obliged tollvc practically on asal
nry alone, which Is br no me ins munificent
In ordinary townships his salarr amounts to
5O0 or 000 pesos nnnuatlr Since the Inva
sion of the Araorlcan troops the salaries of all
these priests, which have heretofore been psld
by the State, hare been cut off. a state of af
fairs which seems to lie viewed with perfect
equanlmltr by all except the priesthood Itself
For the most part tho priests aro exiiectedto
return home, nnd the leading citizens of Porto
Hico do not seem at all worried nt the prospect
of their dauchters belnc married by civil In
stead of religious processes
That the Porto Htciins. like others of the
Latin race, are naturally rclielout there is no
doubt But that tht-y aro willlnc to make am
particular sacrifice for tholr religion there Is
reason to question, especially as Shey reginl
that religion as not adapted to their spiritual
needs but rather as a meins of extortion for
tho benefit of the penlnstilir Spanish That
some priests cau be and will be supported by
the people themselres with volunteer sub
scriptions there is no doubt But whether
this ripe field of souls will be garnered largely
by French missionaries, as ha been the case
In 3Iexico. or by Ameri-ans. it is hard to judge
Ifoman Catholicism has a better chance tn the
Island. In view of the condition of tho natlre
mind, than any other form of rellclon
since the nutonomlcal government came
Into force thero has been but one election, at
which about 25 pot cent of those entitled to
vote exercised that priiliece The Spanish or
Conservative patty owins tolhe pam-ity of Its
inemb"i-s. took no part In the contest No re
striction in the wav ol educational or property
quallllcatlon was placed upon Hie exeri-e of
the franchise, and in manv of the districts
where it was not (eo-rapliicallv impossible a
larce pep-entace of the vi -ame out The
two sides in th con't-st were Hie I Iberal party
and tlie Orthn-iox party, the Liberal parl b
inu composed of those who have all along been
advvicates of autonomy, b-i ncainst the ind
j-enuereeoi tne island, an-i tne umioiinx
rarty being composed nf scparationists pure
end simple In the contest for the nomlna
tioa In the latter party there wvs a n- ire jr le-s
well defined tendency toward the drawing if
ra-e lines Dut In the election this dlstini
tion dl I not ani-ear
IT the Porto lticans were left aide to them
scivis. whether the elections would be ait to
degenerate into ra-c warn is a question . n
whi h opinions are divided But that a hard
and fast color line would be drawn Is verv iin
probable. In Mew of the fact that the reiitive
tositlon fr. m a so- ul point of view tt Tie
blacks and the rau'altnes towinl the whites Is
much higher than in the I nlled St itcs The
l.-wer classes of the tvvr races mlnsleon fault
eood terms But in the higher circles biaiks
and mulattnes are not re janled as on a so. m1
equillty with whites, except in the verv rire
lnstanc where thedes-endantsof a mulatt j
v. lm has obtained a poitim lor himself in the
i-ommunity, -how p-actl-allr no m in the'.-aPt-earunce
ot necro iilood
sac neral thing in the election above men
tioned members .if the Lilxril partv were
jhnscn for the various offices md thev at once
arrayed themselves with th Liberal .arty of
"ualn on the island, much t the indicnation
of sum" of their constituents These a-e Mi
men for the most is it whonjw h 'd tin in i- I
ulcipal offices under American rui. and th"re
can l-e n. doubt whatever that !u fact U a .
-ourceof dlsapiijintmentto th..- Porto lticans
v.ho had evilently dreamed jf th Kmeri-an I
invasion as the dawn of an era or revence on
the -Spanish propnetors who hud oppresseo
.1 em for so lone The mn-e intellicent of the
orthodox party ce very clearly that no tem
porary arrangement is possible, except to re
tain those ..flic al- in i-ower who were familiar
with their d Jties ind could maintain -pterin
their resi-ettve loea'ities Hut tlie rank and
die refused to listen t i reason on thi- tolnL.
Whether the election whuh will lie held un
der the auspices of tlio I'nlted state-Govern
ment will return the pre-enl ofllcials to power
or not Is hard to prophesy
'l h,r.t ti.-! pop Jlati.-ii .if For o Rico as a whole
has crious crnuiid of complaint on account
of Tcc-sve taxation is not proved But tint
this t txariun was so distributed and admin
istered as to seriously interfere with the
small and especially with the native, mer
chants or planters cannot be doubted The
total amount ra sd by national taxation has
been of In tn years rather m te than 4. 101 Ms")
pesos, a sum equal to a little over 4'i peso
lr head of fohibitants Io imericans. who
are accustomed to a national fixation of omc
7 por capita the Porto 'tiean figure Iseem
exceedingly small Contrary tn the belief
which his leen strenuously engendered, the
fact is that out of this 4.50i i iI p"s. 'CiO.O'Hi
only co directly to Spain In the form of ten
sions As in all tjovernnint. tin- expenses
are largely for salaries an-1 the indignation -if
Hie Porto Iluans is vast tliat these salaries are
for th-.- most part paid to citizens of Spanih
It lias been customarv for the islind budget
1 tn s'. -w an excess ..f atcut 'tim.OOO pesos n
nui lv ot receipts 'iverexje-nditures And
this Ins cone on yar after jear, accruing to
i the credit ot the island, until a balance of
I 5 (i mux if i peos i sjid t,, hoe been aecumu
. lated 1 his rum has tor tlie most part been
liorrowed liy -paln for tlie experses of tha
l Cuban war although undoubtedlv n larc ran
of it has been stolen The balance ct the
m-iney raised ha.- t-ecn adminl-tered with
varyinc decrees of dishonesty to the expense,
i of the i'land, including itsarmv and navv re
ncioii. judi"iiry and publl works Hut not
one cent his ever been .ald by wav oT tribute
to the mother country, alilmuch. of coii-sa.
certain benellts ha.e ien icipcd 1 herctt
zens to the detriment of the islanders from
differentnls in Custom Hmw chiiret-s. -.il-arles
of otllcmls, Ac
The budget for 1XI07 wln!i is chosen a
. a simple in pr-fen nee toiho budget for W7
HS owiuc to Hie fact that the last mentioned
j budget Hid not show in its. oral of reeeipts
I from national taxntion a sum of 715 mn) pesos,
which was actually raised hut was paid over
to the Diputaeion Provm-lal under the first
autonnmical Mw.;sbows tint the expenses for
those two years were. In round numbrs
I 4.44.127 71 i.n- receipts 4.710.K") pe-s
I surplus. 2'.l.si72 ."' is,;.
I 1 he contribution of the'state tnwird t-du-I
cation amounts in ibout ik'i.iiisi i -o- an
nu illy with whf-hthe instnute at nsn Juiu.
two normal sihsils and n manual rrilnlnc
school nre suii.rted. subsidies heme paid i"
tw or thre other s.-liocis The tate pays
for the construe inn and maintcuaii -o of cer
tain Mate roads, but tin- rernlr. eire ind con
struction of the ordlmirv roads ar In th
namo of tho municipalities Willi reg irJ to
receipts, a state tax nf " per cent I Imposed
j nn the estlmited income derived ordenvatle
from all real estite whether occupied or not
s mlcht be expected, the administration nt
; tills tax IS t'-ost nnfiir the large landholders
pajinc hut a sm ill tax. s is the cise all ovei
tho world, the small and needy property
holder bears th brunt of lax itinn
lle-ides the t rrit-.rlal tax thereis a enrre
spondinc tax on business, according to a (!ed
schedule This schedule Is an exceedingly
complicated document and would require very
elaborate study hetoreany ono ouM famllinr-17-
himself with Its details Tho vauou- kin is
of business are all sis- Hied ami ah taxe.l M
rilled amounts rertun kinl-uf i)ruatiijn
belnc subilivultd nee rdinc to tbe amount of
business done annually, tales being isscs-ed
necordinc'y In X' the ( Ustom House i
ceipls am muted tn Htt5.'4'i4" isssns. i sum
consi.leriblv in ex -ess of the nmourt esn.
mated tu Hi budget Of this an, uht nrvout
.'l.lOO.O'Kl i-esns were raised t,v duties cm in
ports alone Including an extra ln of lo per
cent , about 27 wi peso- heme raised bv ex 1
port duties The requirement nf the use of I
stamped paper for all documents of an oil! al
nnture wns n tax which evidently cam-ed creat I
irritation p. the reople of the island It seems
t-v hive been a fair success as a revenue pro
ducer Thn it budget for Ponce for KI '
and 1KV7. which citv hns jurisdiction over I
4l vx people, was 2 17.1 14 14 pesos I
I ho cities are ililged to use the same tariff
as the state does Hut the amounts riised ,
are Increased or reduced proportionately ac
cordinc to the amount if money win. h it is
necessary for the city to ralfe '
'Iho rec .-itaniratlun of all these various els
ments in the port i Hlcan social systeri is an I
undertaklne of enormous dlftlcuttj, the ox
tent of will Ii cannot he appreciated by any I
ono who has not seen the difficulties attend- !
ant cm tstil.lishlng even a temi-orary modus
Vivendi The task ot simply making laws
which will conform to American methods is
sluipie That can le done In Washington
1 he task of makinc laws which shall conform
ti those of the Lnlted States and yet will
wirk In practice Is an undertaklne b-r the
greatest raludt. the knowledge requisite for
which can only be gained on the spot T.ik
me it all in all. It the bet men are not put to
this undertaking, but allow the island to be
erm a political play thine. Hie Porto Hican
will he worse off than he was under ftra q
Memorial Tablet to I'nilcn Ilntcley,
Avsapoiis, 3id . Jan 22 -A tablet ejected
to I'nslcn Worth Bacley. who fell In the Span
ish i-ierlean war on the torpedo bo it Winslnw
durinc the bombardment at Cardenas . n May
11 Ikim, was modloi today nt the jS'nval
.ea ! my chape. Tne tablet s on-cted hi tho
ufll. ersof the tlnntic-fornc lu boat flotilla. It
was unveiled by .Lieut J B Darnadou, who
commanded tho luslow.
To " let other people d j ha
walking" is oftentimes crn..,! p,3l.
icy; biit to do your own from
house to oflice, night .and iip.rn- j
hit?, is always the best.
Jf you walk, dress for it
medium weight overcoat is the
Medium ws'gliU lu overti. blscks din . i-ri,
lit lined nd woiited lined. ISO to ISA
Octod lulls, ahoei hits and furnishings I cri,
Rogf:ks, Pkkt iA: Co.
I eonmltn't PrcAd-rj-.
Pi-nc and Broidwtr
Thirty iccond tud UroAdA-ty.
The best goods at the lowevt
price consistent therewith BU. a
and you practice this economic
Will PlrbAXge TOUT Old Mf for A tsM-T2
HaIL Ileiainn.- trid taoting
Tet 307 rnakiin. ;0,'S BrontIwn.v.
, tJ-.MJTE THE XAllf-
j BSl$ S850-S898.
piJ Known over the .fffi&m
, I world as a staple remedy jvgSia)
Sectional Document and Letter Files,
I THE flLOHE CO., Fulton A. Pearl -ts.
I . -
! rouxn ix a nunxixa red.
Mrs. Pnulitie Voct Tnlsen from Her Ilnrn
in a Dyinc Condition.
Mrs Pajiine x oet. 51 years old. of r9 Morc-i
venu Wilhamshurc. w-as badly burned st
night at her home, and Fireman John J V
Keeverof Fncine '17 had his arms and ha-is
burned while saving her Mr -ct ln i " u
In a thrue-st ry double frame tnmnt hou
She quarrelled with her husband last InW
and lie ieft her A 15-year-old daughter r-.
malned with her mother The dauchter wnt
out ycstenlayafternoontovlsitfriends Shon r
after ..clock a Imy in the house smell-!
smoke and traced it to Mrs Vnctn room H
found the doors locked His snouts brougt t
neighbors He then ran to the headquarter! ,
nf engine :t7 nearby and notified the llreis"
F'ireman McKeever was snt ahead and br
in the kitchen door and found Mr iocia i
ablaze Mrs Vostwaslnthe bed mei-si
Hd dncce.l her out and into tha hall 1 n
other firemen put out the flames 3Ir- t
was found to b burned all over the body
was removed ir a dying condition ti -Catherine
s Hospital McKeevcr.aItrhis- ir s
were treitcd. insisted upon returninc t i
It is Is 'leved that Mrs oct's drss cmgl ' ' s
from a kitch n stove and tl it sho vai'v 'r 'J
to smother tin- blare by rolling in her b"i
Seventh Iteclment Veterans ttenrt Illvint
" The veterans of the Seventh Heeiment. w
York Kitional Guard, to th number of J"" r
'too attended a memorial service at st,
Thomas's Church Fifty-third street an I r ' 1
avenue yesterday afternoon The ve'e i j
were under oommand nf Col Thomas p n i
An elaborate mimical programme w us reo le -1
under the d'rectlnri nf Ilr George Hemv at
ren The Itev Claudius M Boome. chap a '
Hi" veterins. delivered the r-rraon ' - "J
lK-i-s thirty-two veterans, two at leist ' i
each company, died It was as a mem "r . to
the dead comrades that tlie servuo was h-i i
The Weather.
The ute-ro which was rver the Istio regnn s 1
SAturday pise.l out tbe t Lawrence lls. e-r
day. without creating Any ttfiturbanc. tat ftnA-t I
outyalUht fall of rain in this action and th Nf
Hncland -iata and hjbt snew of lf-,Atbanai a
in northern New York and around the lake.
Thero in i atorm moving eastward frcFU thi I
DakotaA and Minnca ta wher rain an.l mow b-sio I
to fall yesterday rnnrnitic Following thu wa a I
cold xaveceming down over Jtnntana Itwaswtr -r
In all ditlrl ta
In Ihia city the ruorn.nwas thratemncani - i
falr in a'l rionc, aceraze Iiuini.tity 72 r ' '
wind shifted from acuthraAt l.i uonhwrt ae ski
Tflccily la miles an hour ba-nmeter, correct- I i
read tn ca level, at A. II It 74. 1PM 2i '
Th trirperatnre ai reeorrted by the eBr a. m-r
mometer and also h- Tna Bos' thermometer a' nt
traet lel i bowu vs annexed table
Otnitl -s .Tu , -QUlciaJ- ts i.
Js-J.). JO je.l jj. i)
PA MIS' a.)' 40'i j P. M tl' is- '
13X1 4' a.l 43'i (P MSB' SI' 4 '
3 1'. Mas ass ssi2icid 17s s' -
vi-Ainis&TOH romrciar roa jioxpat.
For Xtte Knglani and tatt'rn .Yew York, fa' ' '
For the Dlitnet of Columbia, eaitarn Pnrf
vanlA Sew Jenty. Delawar. Maryland and Virc t,
fair, followed by incrtailnzcloudinen.hjrht var islt
Forwfitern Panniylvinla, writern NewTirki-l
Ohio, thuatemng weather with rain on th- -i
bnV loulheaiterly wlndi
I Blood Carries I
I and dbtriljute every ingredient necei.
I ury to nourish the whole body. The fl
iron from all food (called ferratln) i j
the most important blood constituent. I
because it is the 5oIe carrier of oxygen
from the lungs to every tissue of the
human system, creating warmth and
strength, and maintaining life. There
fore, when in need of a tonic
to build up the system, Jj
and the result will be tmmediate gain
in strength, in flesh. In weight, and in
general good health. These tablets
stimulate appetite and digestion, and
are palatable. I
50 Ubltls In a jox. Sold by all druggou. i

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