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II' ' L2- ' TH, gUN moDAY, JANUARY 2S, 1809. ' ' , ...
Il.n rmrftn i.itiieex amiitials
fu inni.r "' tnxniticusr
Ml Inr t"" sen'ienbtinr Sn" A" ',lfl "
II ihe (outran ,Vrr" ri,"",",-lr rn"
II inch I 'M.niliiiirnl til Admiral Denny
III I iflil. ' , i Mmi "'"' " I'lplonmt.
t ffViHv v '" -"--Major A. Knlkner
j '" M i rc. ii .. Ci'-rnian military oxiiuit
I' 'I" ns- - '"' during the late war to view Iho
J ,,?.. r,;i ,ns h tvvcen tho American and
ih ' - - the PhillPpllio Islands. Is In
S1n . ,,a'' !,"n,ic"bur; aM ,,mt
.1 nt- iht. null mt tho whole courso
V ii "'' "l 'rloHou or dllTorenco
... v, i il i'ewey and Admiral Diod-
i." II ' ,1, '' '""' ,horo beon hle
J,,!, f- n M ii : ' Hong Kong nnd thence
' 0niv v and tlio United BtatoJ. even
1 h film ' n ' 1 difference would novor
!,!. o,,,tl fv a longer time tlian was
esarr ' """'" '" r,,n?ors'
Bulvin'-rf ". ii" ''. w,r, drawn from
Iwar I i'1'l " ' '","' "'"' "10 fal concluslons
?', w,,r,. , ,i ' i (ri m Hone Kong liavo dono a
Jtr ir ' 'I'" "'rmnn nation In the eyes
fftho ' ' - s "10 of ln0 r'rK)rt'' ,l0 at"
' tribute" "" '' and especially those placing
(Grniiii n.'i.iniiient hi tho position of
I' bJBiennii ' K,n' ' Wan' '" taUllc possession
"Hour lv' 'if savs 'he Major. " was In too
id hi- ic -" '' n h browory. and tho
Simoc ' n' '!l '" ha-not been repaired yet.
i Miltnr'1 l'"jev." thp Major says, "Is a
t , , ic-. a tighter, and n great dlplo
at II'" ' ' x,"r "' ""' !l I,"sl'lk,, throuuliout
1 thpn'1"1" ' '""" ,! "'" wnr' In 'll9 pollc,y
I .jwarltipi nir.iN.it Manila ho showed hlm
, .,iftnli.i l' Ii broadmindcd and llhoml. and
J h,r,,urvo m tin- icipoi-l I'alls for unlvornal ap
'' trolBtun Oi i instance .d his attitude In tills
i rfk-ar'1 i- I" -itit.tl bv the way In which ho
, Kjtj.ih vwi sand children of the forelgh
,1 !r, (1i Mini i Mii n that city lay under
ihe K"" ' ',n American ships ami a
, tomb.ii.lii" m hourly oipeetod. tho
( (jenii.in - ' '' company with tho
yre,.i an ' I i.h-h I'unsiils. went to Admiral
fjnn ,ii. ' .Ail him what should he dono
j jltlitli.t -ilesof the InhaliltaiitM oftheie
, trctii! iHiii'ni-whii were then located In
I Manili 'Hi--'' "em no boats In the harbor
oicerttli"-" beloiiicmu' to the Cauinaula Maii-
traia, an I ili ( ll -w the SpauUh Ilac. Admiral
' iiffj mi d tin- Consuls to cliartor these
I lat. Ii -" ,r'11 n,1KS im'1 ,0 load aboard
the fifinl" - ''I ' ff"cls of their country ioo-
ilr.inl i I' r iln'in in the harbor of Maulla
In nci.tr ' i''f 'Ihe only condition at-ini-lieJ
i- "'I' the boats should coino
litn tmrii i i Hands nt the rlo'e of hostilities.
AdeleRV i eil'.l in A Imiral Dewey III ho
hullof the spaniMi women .mil children then
lnth itT f Mm i lie met ihoir request
Ihatth'-i' h'.i'l '""' to be placed in safety br
ihfslinrl" -litem 'nt that 'the American Pe -Vil..ni
nuke it ir on women mid children.'
nil allon el th'tn to charter boats and placo
the win'- snd children of lu.s enomies under
lhrrntci'ti n of the I'reneli, KuRlishand 9er-.
man !W-
Thi" so-ci'IpiI controversy ovor tho richtof
iniiiiry. even'iscd by the Americans in tho
nvn' ih. derman iwarsliin Irene, was slm-
llvtlu- It - .i wel'-estaliH-heil principle of
literni'iMi il law that a bln"k ullnc lleet lias
th nclit t -anh all merchantman attempt
hBtoi ntei tlw blockaded P'rt. If thepipers
ire tint -f.imlr .vhen enmpared with the
tato. nr if ' 'H"J'i ind woods are found aboard,
Itfh th"- up an I th e.irt y are liahle to soiz
w Wrli wf-hips tin-, K dilferent. and it Is
jcmn'iri t. -rd an ollli-or ahoard. whose
telnc-1. i- 'n id mfvtlie tlijjthat who is fly
lrcaiul.iiiiiii P' miatiewav.to learn tho identity
(.iitioi.li i Otn .In the Irene hoo in plcht
, tnlnni'n V.lriirnl fvwey s ships siunnlled:
"Imnt '"-t'iii "U ' The Irene stopped and
nm-liert'v alt. rward hoartleil liy an Ameiii'im
ifjoci nln i iwiit aboard, a-sured hluiFelf that
Ar leloiiBi-d to the (ienuaii Navj, and tnuL
lai d. i tin- ineidi'iit there wn- a very
imicitiewr fop I'lirrespondeneo between the
tunHnB""! " - in out the piactical perfonn
itii'nitln iiulu f inquiry as retards men-of-itr
VI" im! I', ivy inaintaineil the rmhr to
Mmtiri he n.itiotiali'y of men-o(-war, and
thrrp c in tin doubt that ho had tho formal
..i. ... .i .i. .
I Kill l" " .nil'
Mcain there was theea-eof Gen. Auriis.
UMhet apain-'iPiieral and ("iovernor of tho
iViippiiii - Hhiwa" reli"eilof hlseonimand
lpuwor- -me two weeks or more before tho
lilli' I nil' i an. I th ,urrenifer of the islands
ti Imwi'i I wit! lie remembered that the
ta'-ori in-t.i a ml class German
tmiMT. thop ii us" is a tie-patch boat, took
hnalnaril mi' l ately ui the surronilor and
t'eamul Kir h e i: hone t on." thorowasa
latir in the si n-ai nnl part ot the llritish and
aafmaii i ic-- m. h" German Government
Ci" H .i i-e.l if a serious breach of tlm
law .-.' n nr.i! tv The truth of this
matter i- th ii it was done with the full knowl
npiih'li n-n'iif luth ilmlral Dewey and
Ow AIo rr It was s'ipulated, as a matter of
Mots, tint G.'ii iiirn-t tun should, heforo
I'annc la' i. tak oath not to h. ar arms
initi-i tin Vineiii'.in Gi verniti'Titdiinnu the
Wiiti r ,,i the war "cordlncly. the
..m"nt Hi" ineri in llnunns taii.'d nlioui
aml.i i 1 1 in. h I ore the former Spanish f'ap-lain-fi
! i ii, th, iiermnn llacshlii There
Moot' , ill- pp'R'tIIipiI by the American
fimni n i. rs II.. was taken on hoard the
Mifirin in.ust.i, which steainod Immedlatoly
lorlln'n; K 'is
C"riim ti th. nft-mpfated leport that
f'nmi'il' I ni,,.i-nist-rl at Jlanil.i, it may bo
Iiti h -i ,. ,i i,, eer'. Ihiiitr possihln was
aaac I ''i, ' ,i i in m ,'finim md"rs and Consiils
In rosin , i-mt intere, mis, lii'tueen the
American n , d. Turin uiliei is and men. In
tini-iseili I i . iihi-iu.iii Con-'il o-eoininanders
liiakfaiii , ithout llit i onsiiltinc and oh
J aioinjr tli ! i -nf the Vnierican authori
!'" "a ''In-r hmd. tli"V often invnlted
Jnasuji.'"' in .1 the Am-nraii hcfoie takinir
tilnii a'.i. in ,u ni'asiin. I hellevo that If
ui nm i ii,sni,. is aver published it
l' aliow c .'ii'! i-iM.f tint this Is a fact, and
on that In,-, ill ir i-f - of trouble between the
IPtotiatui - hiM lis,i,i.,i "
I", r. 1 1 izcritAi.n aiim:siki.
Ponivi licU't'tue rrnm New Yurk 'ntclira
"i MliciilHthfl'iiinilr. ..
Cmrj,,,, ,iar, .-, -Thioucli tlm efforts of'
SIP' 1! IrMrc. i Vw y,,rk deteetlo. Mm. K.
TI h'siri ' ,i, ,i, W1f ,,f ;i Worcester.
iis.a1i ,,, ,,m i U, h,, . jiosed hiTe lor
Hi' ra in -th. ,. n ,,!,, ,.,,,, and fortuno
teller, v , ,,,.!, i )a., ,l,.m,.K -r,. j',t!S.
leraldl, ' ,k ,,,., , ,, Hlik, lmjc,r
"'ls in , , , tl,, , ,, em,'i. of hlaekmall.
r M llln - -ml ,o ,, lieei, JIlhsMolllo
Jims ,,f M .t -,n ,,. nth street Ily
Knii, "' ''' , "IM '" "' ' ' W lluriiband
Wlillaie,, i, , ,uM then, it is snld. Mrs
ofri,' " r"' '-'"'" fr"m ,hn '0,"";
tT,.!J,i n -''W.iil . f the Hotel fecll,
MoJ.r ' "', '" Giildiiuin. his em-
fK, 'ttiii.ieit.il In eauslue Mrs.
uri,r ." , ""' ",l" "b'.I to bribe Miss
"' ' , , "i"'" i"","-""",',!'",,' "i"1' -"Uw
illse,. , ,' '' ';'''1 I'htllp rtueaniian,
lfi , ' '''"'. wli"Wtisun her bond for
J-"""', Mis Inmutottiie.. her Mm
Jlme i ', ' ' ' l"1"- hli called herself
K..1' ,' ' l- ' --id "lit-has linriio tin.
"la-''f n;.ii and Mine llennett.
I'tJ'ir Miikra Mm- li,inisr In l.nlior
I III. ill Men.
tlie'i'' "' ' " "', '' r' I"0" 5'ci.toidayto .
-.""' ! d i ,t. M moil on behalf or a'
"Ww I'' I , , . I . , . it t, it. i '
, 'i "l ., s... Mayor an ek
iu,.. ' ''l"r-who have been to-
Ml '"' ' -' ' i n 'I h -. the lahor unions
tl, '"'''-'" ' '' iv. nli 'h iniiiiios that
e initiii'M ,,. . '"v '' '"' Mayor (old the
I.) ,. .. " "" ' i iv was he.m; houilled
In l.,t, .,,' , ', ' '""' be said he he-
lr i . "' Hi iii-li were employ d
iJa', i ' ' "lev should iccimo
i.m . .. ' ' tu ""iitraet would e.- i
la i,, , " ' ' I J ' ,' d to see that tin) .
v iim i" ' ', ' iliHii ihe new contract
lUh. I
II I'll, is Vt.,, , ,,,.,, s.,Mvl.,t j
UlM,! , . ,
in,,,,,),,. ' ""' "niiic'it.Mm about the
8n., " ' nioi.s pitrnnizini; o-ccnt
'lieirln.' ,'"' ' ''"''"'"'d tho deleuato of
I'.'Eff tii'.'i'. i ''""" miller nil at thHmHt
Jlfu!,,, ' i.i'nl I uion yeateiday.
Jliilm i, , , ',', I it p is.'iih were aelliliK
hiirii.ir,,. ,. ', . ' ' ' ' Ii v, IiIl'Ii iion-uniuu
i inane in their windows. ,
K'l"d Ilis ,tr nml lllnibtiir. j
h'M, 7,," ,' '' '-' '",1" ""ithloir. a north
Hi,,,, ," ' '' v' -' ii !! South Green '
,,, , , ' M 'ft.'"' t" day. Inllicllnea i
Ait-r i, , , '' '" i"l a f"W houih later
h' I, . s I, . ,, li, iihlotreeiu a bullet I
JV'".' t i , , " ,' '''" I "ilhln a fow mo
jtlie i ,K. ,, a .'inljiisywiutliBcauagof I
VAitxisa to BEXAron sTirjzs. a
Fenniylrnnln Democratic Senator ToldXot
to Vote for Qnay. '
Allentown, l'a., Jan. 22.SomcthInB of a
ficnsatlon was created In this city and In tho
county of Lettish when the staid nnd conserva
tive Cilultrm. tho Domocratlo ontan, appeared
yesterday with adottblodcailcdcdltorlaliartlclo,
wnrnine Btnto Senator Harry Q. Htiles that If
he was under the Impression that ho had been
sent to Harrlsuunr by the Democrats of l,e
hluli county to vofo for such men as Klkln
and (Juny, ho would Hnd that ho was very
much mistaken when ho returned home.
It Jnoneot the unwritten lawn of the Democ
racy of this county that IIh represoutntUcH In
the House and Henato nt Ilarnsburtr shall hao
two torms This law has noor been broken
lien Senator ritllos announced himself as u
candidate for his second term last fall a deter
mined effort was made to defeat him on tho
cioiind that ho was a "(Jtmy Democrat."
Utiles strenuously deufed tho charge and was
refllooted. Ho voted for the confirmation of
J.lkm for Attorney -Ooiiutal This lias aroused
tho old Mispleion that he will eventually ote
foryuay for United Mates Senator; hence tho
warnlmrof the Item The frieudn oi Beuator
Utiles ilorend his vote for Klklu on thocround
that this city wanu appropriations forvailous
tliliiBs. notat 'y a. hospital, and It would bo
folly lor its Senatorial lepreHontatlve to antau
onlzo tho admlulstrntloii at the ery heeln
lilnif. .so bitter Is tho miti-Uimy leeliun
In this cnuiitv thnt this explanation docs not
Hatlsfy Senator Utiles' coiistltupnts, and
life Is made Intorcstlnc for hlui by tho extent
and arletyof llmwariiliics.advleennd protests
he Is dally recelvlni; He Is kept bUHyrentllrni
Iiik his fealty to .Icuks to tho last ditch.
ijt'hlch'H thletrcprcsolltaticslnthoAHpmlJlv
so lar have escaped the wenenil Buspicloti
under which the Assemblyman of Ilorks nnd
Hucksnro Inborinc.and they continue loud In
their declarations that their voices will not bo
raised fortinyother candidate. forHenatorthan
Dnvlil Martin Saj lie AVnn'l, nnd That
ShniTt tho Senate lleht Ntntua.
IUniiisuitiio, l'a., Jan. TJ. Gov. Stone said
"There Bhould be no occasion for couoeru
nmoiiK tho friends of Sonator Quay on accoun
of tho present deadlock on the Henatorshlp.
I'ubiicsentimciit In his favor Is makiuc Itself
felt amoni: the membeis of the Lvclslnturo.
If Senator Quay's supporters t-taud Ilrin.asl
am convinced tliey will, his re-election will cer
tainly follow In due time "
This was the conclusion of a slciied state
ment bj the Governor, in which, ninoni: other
thincs, ho dlseutd tho conspiracy charged
aca'iust Senator Quay, and expressed the opin
ion that the nrcument of Mr. Watfon before
tho Supicme Court has demonstrated that
there was notliinn in the li.llh of Indictment
acalust Senator Quay or in the testimony
enowlnc linn to have violated nnv law
seuator David .Martin or l'lilhdelnhia arrived
here to-nlcht and was in close cnuference with
friendsat thenii'.-Quavhi'aduuiiiters llesanl:
"Senator Qua was stroni;ei last week than
he will ever he airain in this tlcht He received
11H votes at one time last vveok. and lam sat
llled ho will not receive that many upon any
luturo hallot The re-election of Senator Quay
Is absolutely Impossihl unless he should re
colve assistanco from the Democrats. I am
now satislled lie has as llttl" to expect from
that source as from the llepubllean Seuators
and members who are opposlne his 10
electlon." Senator Quay can continue the deadlock In
deflnltely unless the Democrats and Inde
pendents cet together, which does not now
neem llkclv. Senator Quay will be here tomorrow.
THE llllllintr VUAltflES IX 3IOXTAXA,
Grand .lory's lleport tin Senatorial Drnri
lul'k Cnses Kxpcrteil This Week,
IIei.bsa. Mon., Jan. 'J'J. Tiio i-peech of Sen
ator Whiteside bofote tho joint assembly,
charcinc that V. A. Clark's manager cave him
So.tXK) with which to purchase the vote of Rep
resentative Garr (Kep.), has broucht a vienrcus
denial from Garr that he knew anlliln what
ever of Whltesldo's action. He says that White
side's statement that ho Iflnrri had entered
into the alleged plan of accepting money for
th" purpose of exposure is untrue. White
side and Garr are from the same county.
Clark charges n conspiracy, and the Daly men
aie equally loud in their htatemeuts thnt thev
have heen able to sustain their charces beforo
the Grand Jury.
'The Grand Jury nnd Icrfslativo inestjcatinc
eommlttoe reports aro expected this week.
Tho leaders are tied at thirty-three votes, with
the llfteen Republicans holdiue tho balanco of
:av jij: srnr xw.voo ix nninns.
Clinrceii .Airalnst ltiinis Before the t'nli
fornltt I.eclslative Committee.
Sv rr.vsnsro. Jan. 21'. Tho bribery
charces thicken at Sacramento, nnd now it looks
as thouRh several prominent San Francisco po
litical leaders would bo hauled beToro the I.ee
isl'itivo Committee next Monday and asked to
dcelaro under oath n liar thoy know nliout the
u -n of money to secure United Statos Senator-
ileporter Levities testified beforo tho com
mittee la-t niclit concerning a story that Dan
liiirns spent $l!l.tt)0 to elect a Legislature that
would be favoraliln to his henaturial aspira
tions. Levliiirs-alil lie koi the etory from Law
verJ'. F I'reston, who said ho had got It from
Police Commissioner 3Ioso Gunst Gunst de
nies that he ever told I'reston tieh a tale. It
is expected that liiirns will be called before tho
committee on .Monday.
Cattle King Ktitois N'evnda's Contest.
Caf.sos City. Nov.. Jan. 22 George Russell,
cattle king of Llko county. Is the latest aspirant
for Senatorial honors He was the Democratic
nominee for Governor last fall. He counts on
four Democratic votes and some of the silver
strength Stewart claims 20 votes, 1'lnnlgan
H. Cleveland ll. Mason l. Woodburn 2. and
Russell -I. There are only 45 votes on joint
Ieerter fiom the Spiuiltli Army Cun Now
Itvttirn to Thilr Ilomi'i.
Spinal CalU Drnmtch la Tnr Scs.
Paius. Jan. 22 Tho Madrid correspondent
of the Tmw says that the Queen Regent to
day signed a ilcctee granting amnesty on tho
occasion of tho King h feto day. She will also
accord amnesty to-morrow to desorteis and
defaulters In the military service who report
li"mselves.vvithlt; a sneelllod tiling w
A large number of refugees who fled to tho
poutli ot Fiance and Alget in during the Cuban
war will thereby bo enabled to return to tholr
The Itttllniia Totted Into ueeimtovTii J)la
Ilhleil. fprnal Pablr VttyoUh oTlir Scv.
Qrr.KNsrovvs. Jan 22 -The steamer Itnliana,
from Maiicliestur Jan. HI for Ilosinn, has been
lowed into this poit by I ho sieamer Lacka
wanna, from Avonmouth for New York. Tlm
Jt.'illanu lost her ptoiieller during a galo
snvonty miles southwest of Faslnot. She began
drifting toward the Irish coast, and might
havo gone ashore had the Lackawanna not dls
covered heron Fiiday last and taken her in
Tiii!H-('a"pmn KallvTiiy ('tiimti nrtnr Doml.
Si trial fable lr$vnUh to'liir. Hpn.
St. I'I'.ti'.ukiiukii, Jan. 22 -Gen. AnnenkofT,
tho eonstiii'.'torof the Trans-Cisplau Railway,
Is dead
CLAIM 1 1 HIIUMSi: K.V'S .S i" I 77:.
Jim Unily or the -Hill ili'leil 3lnn No it on
III" May to Ills (Mil Hume.
Li 1'ako, Tex. Jan. 22. -The lemains of
j Amos Ue .Meules, wlm was known as the Tur
. quuist King, were disinterred and shipped
last evening fiom hero to Wnteilown, V V
j vvhetc W T. De Jleulcs, tho father of the de
ceased, lives
' James Ciirien, Ihe dead man's brolher-ln-law,
cnnie here as the lepresentatlve of VI. T
De .Meules and laid claim to several thousand
dollar on deposit at an L: 1'aso hank and tlm
fatuous tuniuoUo mines of .Sew Moxleo, which
am considered lh most vnlunblo in tho world.
The Tilitju Jisn King was milt ''.'led last No
vember b i Mexican laborer while seated at
the liieukfast table at his camp in the Jaiidas
I .Mountains. Ilfty miles noithof thiscit Tho
I iiiniuuisn in lies had ju-t hegiin to Pay hnnd
soinel) when their owuei was killed. He had
I siicnt lllteon years in uiisiiccehsliil piospneting
j Ijcforn lio ilually staked out the turquoise
clllllllrt . . , , , , , , , ,
i His relatives had not heard of him for a
I ilozun years pi lor to Ida tragic death. Many
, claimants for the estate have elnco appeared.
I At 20tti Century Cycle Show Kililbit 8R0 lamp
Vlil L (UatrllHitcd free. Out a Jid Jlook, Jip,
iMllllflitltar i a JMst-mll- m8.ii- sJiJtit JS.Ji.J. , 11
(JK.VI.7t.tr, AT 1LOII.O.
He Addreasea Them n Ilrothers nnd Cnlli
in Thrin to Stand nllli the l'lllplnoa (or
the Katflbllahmeut of n .tint Government
Tlie Security of l'ropertjr Ouarniiteed,
Wahiiinoton. Jan. 22 Tho Filipino dele
gation who have como to Washington as tho
agents of Agulnatdo have given out tho follow
ing for publication:
"Gen. Francisco Vlllanucda y Felipe, Governor-General
of tho Vlscnvas. has,: upon tho re
treat of the Hpaiilnrds from Hollo and Its oc
cupation by tho Filipino trooRf, netmg undor
directions and Instructions from AgulmdJo,
issuod a general manifesto of amnesty to the
Kpanlaids of that city and province, guaran
teeing them all liberties under tho republic aa
cnjorvi by the Filipino people. Tho mani
festo also calls upon the Spaniards to stand by
the Filipinos, as brothers with mutual Inter
ests, for tho establishment of a mat Govern
ment Tho proclamation has had the effect of
pacifying tho Spanish residents of tho city nnd
causing thutn to yield willingly to tho author
ity of tho Government of Ihe Filipinos Tho
paper shows much ability upon the part of the
aovcruor-Goueral and a familiarity with mnuy
of the must Important events ot history. After
the usual prelude to such documents, tho man
ifesto continues:
" 'A new ora has dawned upon the Orient, a
new epoch has beeii Inaugurated In tho his
tory of the world, for, in fact, a now nation has
been born; the llret lepubllo of Asia has been
established, and has taken Its place among
the sisterhood ot nations ot the globe. It is
the republic of the Philippine Islands, whose
chlot and President Is Gon Ltnllo Aguinal
do Tho Filipinos have, indeed, surprised the
civilized world by tho suicess of their revolu
tion They have shown to tho world what a
Peoplo can do In the great struggle for human
liberty and Independence. Yesterday It was
Luzon,! to-day It Is the Visayas, to-morrow It
Is Mindanao and the rest of the Island of tho
archipelago, proclaiming Independence, es
tablishing a confederation, a free and inde
pendent republic Providence has at last
opened the way and freed a peoplo from tho
bondage of slavery which they havo Buffered
for centuries. Man has been but the Instru
ment in Ills hands and In carrying out the
eternal laws of God.
" 'In the beginning of tho century Spain
vanquished tho French army at llailen. Na
varra and Zargoa. tho imperial army of "a
poleon which had been feared hy ail Kuropa.
America drove her Lugllsh oppressors from
the shores of tne now continent, anil with no
more right than the Filipinos havo now driven
the Spaniards from the shores of these islands
They did It to establish llnerty and Independ
ence, as the Filipinos have also done Noni
tlon nnd no people loves tyranny Dessalmes
In Santo Domingo made wnr without meray
against the white peoplo of that Island and de
stroyed property without regard, to prevent
It from falling into the hands of those who
would be tlie oimressotsof his -jeople llulivar.
a mere student in South America, swore that
ho would liberate his in'onle. nod fulfilled hi
missiou To-day we of the Filipinos have a
man sent to us as an angel fiom Providence,
who Is Gen Ltnilo Agtiin.ildo. who announced
that he would fiee his people fiom their op
pressors, ami the result Is tlmt we see to-day
the establishment of an independent repub
lic, tho llrt that the Orient has ever seen Wo
have not feared tlmso man machines "t var
which make tho vers waters tremble, but we
have defied them, knowing that nur cause was
a ju-t one, and that slice's woi.ld surely como
to reward us for our efforts We have driven
the enemy fiom our shoiep. and now, brother
Sp.uuaris. it Is to jnu thnt we turn toextond
tosou the s.itne blessings of llbertv wi'ieh we
have fomcht to attain Tor ourselve- ouhave
been long with u. but, perhap-, naturally
hound by tics which are hard to sfcr. have
largely upheld the mother country, although
her exactions have been liilidensome to von
"'Spain has been vanquished in the war
with America and has lost hoi ships and treas
ure She Ins been forceil to surrender hoi
sovereignty 1 1 the Philippine I-lnm-, nnd to
submit tu the establishment of an unlet en
dent government, which now exercises juris
diction over u. I tho islands of the areinpelago.
vc aro wdi'iig f ir the common -n I to forgive
j on for having contended agiin-f us. and will
naw extend to you the same ruihts and privi
leges which wcie gained in this independence
for the lillumos. it is not well thit mote
blood should be spilled and we desire no in
ternal strife. The best, the luo-t i apable nf
oiir.peotile, will govern spamatus, as well as
the people of other nationalities, will bo wel
comed as citizens of the new republic upon
equal terms with the native people, lor n new
Hag now Hies over the Philippine Islands 'ou
will b" giinriuteed the blessings of the Insti
tutions which will be estnhli-hed under the
new regime, nu will he guaranteed the -c-purity
of vour propeity: the snfetv of vmir
money will ho guaranteed bv the bank of the
Filipinos that the result of your labois for
j cars may not be lost to vou.
" 'My dear Spaniards, our interests ate mu
tual' we "houlil live together an brothers, for
getting the past and lejoicing in the forma
tion of a grand icnubllc. Wo should befriend
ii common cause liheitv. This lineitr should
alwavs be preserved. Heenuse Spain denied
llheityshe lost thesoverelgnty ot these Islands.
Geo. Polavleja. during the lust revolution,
with 27.000 men. was scarcely able 1 1 supptess
the uprising in the province of t .iviti', but then
we weio unarmed and defenceless. Now we
havo plenty of arms and ammunition, with
fact ines now manufacturing, and thnu.,ip N
of native citizens who are willing and at all
times ready to delend their Hag, the Hag of I
the now-born republic Now. all Spain, with
every male member or her population slioni-
dering a rill", could not march against us and
retnuvn the lost islands. Thev will never
more he hers; they are free and independent.
Therefore. Spaniards. It Is to your interests
that you unite with us in obedifiiee to the
laws and help iu carrying out the plans of tho
republic' "
rimnr.r. nit. c. .. itoist.so mix ill.
Notice to Ilia Former Congirgatlou Thnt
lie Is nt the Point or Denth,
The Rev. Dr Charles Seymour Robinson, the
well-known Presbvterlnn preacher and author
ot hymn bonks, is dangerously ill at his home,
10 T-nst 1,10th street. Ho caught a bad cold
about a month ago and has since been confined
to his home with the grip Ho has been sink
ing lapidlyin the last two or tlneo days and
several times has been al tho point of death.
The serious natuio of his illness was not gen
erally, known until it was announced yesterday
morning at the Maqlson Avenuo Presbyterian
Church, of which Dr Robinson was foiinerly
pastor, that he was at tho point of death
At Dr. Robinson's homo last night it was said
that them had been a marked Improvement
and that tlieie wcio hopes of his lecovory
Dr. Robnisoa whs bom at lieuniugton. Vt ,
March .11, IH.'O He was educated at Tlianis
College, from which he was gtadualed in IH411.
After teaching s"hool for a eir or two lie be
gan the stud of theology at I'nl iti hcmlimty
In l-Cii.iind ho continued ulsntuilics af Prince
ton in H,"i2-ri
His Hist pastorate was nl tho Park Pieaby
teihin Chinch at Troy, which he tool. 111 1k.,."(
ami held fur about live veils. Th"ii he became
Hie pantoi of the I'ii-t I'liisl.yterlan lunch,
in lb'111 v. near Clark stieet. llrooklyn, su"i'eed
ing Dr. Cox In INK owing to the ill health of
his wife, Dl Robliii ill decided to g' abroad,
and was invited to the Uiiciicnu Chapel at
I'm Is lie established there a ehuich, whem
there had been only a preaching station, hut at 1
the end of two )n:ns the war between France
and Germany diovo many Americana away
fiom Paris and the ehurch was discontinued. I
in IH71, Dr liolt'iisun iceelved a call to the
Memorial 1'ieabyierlun Chinch In Ibis nlv, ,
ill. d till- eongieg'ition soon atteiward ended
the ilailison Avenue 1'iesiiyteiian 1 iiuri'li jjr
lloblnsoii Is sanl to have devoted Ills time and 1
money without stmt to the building of this
ehuich and Its wellaie He icigned ihe pas.
torate In I"t7. nnd has not hiiiihi been regu
larly eoiiiietted wllli any cliiiicli lor any length
of tlm '
Dr lloblnsoii is the author of many books on
ipllglnus subjects, hut Is best known through
his hymn books, among which are " 1. nudes
Domini," "Songs of tlm chinch," "Songs tor
the S.iiietiiun." "IViilm-. and Ilnnns" and
"Spiritual Songs " Among his other books ,tio
"Stiidles of the New Testament "ami "Hlunm
Petei : Ills LUe nnd Times "
In 1117. he lecelveil tlie degree of D D fiom
Hamilton College, and In lst5 tho degree of
Ll- D from Lafnyi tie.
Ills wile die I three or four tears ago. A mar
ried daughter is the only remaining member of
hts immediate family.
engineer llnnliin Kllleil,
Patrhk J Hnnlon, 55 years old, of 2s.oith
I Oxlmd street. Hi loklyn, vta? struck and 111
1 stantly killed liy an oui ward-bound passenger
! train 011 the 1 ong Island Railn id. nt Atlantic
1 avenuo and Logan street, at 10 .'In o'clock last I
night Tim nam was in charge of 1 oinlu. inr '
William S-ainan an. I 1 nginei r George I'niii tt
Hnnlon was nil nsslstant engineer at the
Rlilgevvood pumping station, ut Atlantic nw
nue and IOgan street, and was ci ..nsmg the
uvenue to go to work when he was kulod,
iAiStS 1 1.L . - - - -
FAcionr JxsvEoion'a nxponr.
37,077 Hoys nnd 7,026 Glrla Under 10 Found
Kinpleyeil In Fnetorlca.
Auuxr.'rJnn. 22,-NcarIy 700.000 persons
aro employed In tho manufactories In this
State which wore vial ted last year by the Htvto
Factory Inspectors. Ot this number 472.781
were males and 208,140 females. Thorowero
employed 21,(177 boys under 18 roars nt use
and 0.000 undor 10 years of age. Tho num
ber of females under 21 employed was 05.045.
and under HI 7.025. Tho number of Illiterate
chlldien found rmnluyod in these manufac
tories was 142 and the numbor of chlldien
under 14 yearsof age, 107. TheUiumbcr of chil
dren employed who did not havo the certifi
cate required by law was alt). In the bake
shops Insiiected there wcio found 14,812 em
ployees, of w hum 12,702 wero males and 2,020
females In the mines of the Stato 4,074 men
wcro found al woik.
Chief Factory Iuspoetor Daniel O'Leary, In
Ida annual report for last year, says that the
department should have larger powers under
tho Tenement House Inspection law. and that
women employed In factory work should ba
restricted to ton hours a day. Ho says there
aro inoro children of school age employed In
mercantile 'establishments, Italian barber
shops ami offices than there ate In all tho
manufacturing establishments of Itho State,
and declares that it is just as necessary that
theso children should reeetvoan education us
those oinnlovcd In manufactories and bake
shops. Ho favors the passage of a law vest
ing his department with authority to examine
bollors and engines In mauuractoiies. as well
as power to examine and pass upon tlm capa
bility and lltness of engineers and llrumeu
who have chari,u of the same Ills deputies
last jear fouud 1,017 boileis vvhieh were icl
ther inspei tod nor Insuicd Tin le vero In
spected last vcar 2S,H.'0 factories. ,I.S.itl bako
ainips and 150 mines. Orders were issued by
the depaitmeut last year against 8,'IU manu
factories ami ,'(.1711 bakeries, demanding a bet
ter compliance with the laws There wero
1.114 accidents In manufactories, of which Hi
were fatal, and of the four accidents In mines
tlueo were fatal Tht- re-pott states that fully
50 Per cent of tho uecldents wer.; ,i,p directly
tu lack of thought or to carelessness 011 the.
pait of the persons Injured
The Chief Fan orv Insnector finds that there
are no abuses or the ( hlld Labor law existing,
aud that tlieie h is Ii eu a marked falling ml iu
the number of animate children found at work.
There aie im violations of the law governing
the hours of labot Wheie elevators cannot
be inclosed lti fireproof shafts manufacturers
aro requested to supply automatic trapdoors.
While a marked lmprovemeat is constantly
going on in tho sanitary condition of bake
shops the condition of the bakers' trade was
found to bo positively iioor Mr O'Learj, ic
poits that the trade is overciowded, competi
tion sharp and the conditions surrounding the
fr.ide eonlrneteii. Lust vear 1.25,'t cigar shops
vveio inspected. Upon this subject the report
"Iu New lork city there is, of course, a
great iiuinl er of places wheie cuars are m.ido
up in so-called 'living rooms Wo will not i-av
that these paitlcular Places were ahvajs found
in 11s neat and clean a condition ns should piu
vatl where goods aro made up. especially goods
which the smoking public aro CAPCcmd to
carry mound in the mouth vvhllo using. In
somo places the conditions wore bo filthy as to
warrant Immediate and drastic irratmont to
remedy existing evils. 'n found no leal
nluises of tenement house work : but In quite a
few of the smaller shops wero found persons
at work who weio not members of the family.
and who, of course,, were omploved therein con
trary to law As a rule the larger shops aro
well kept, clean and wholesome. '
The department-paid cpeclal "attention last
year to the clothing Industry, especially to that
portion of the trade working iu tenements.
Upon tills subject Inspector O'I.earv says.
" Theie .ire en staged 111 the codling ti.ide.
In all Its branches and in nil parts of the State.
HH.51J peisoiis. 5 1.510 males and 17.004 fe
males. ih greatest number of people engaged
in any -ingle imlu-trv. The capital inve-ied
iu the clothing trade In this State mounts into
the millions, and is very widely distiibuted
The custom workers in un ptise but an insig
nillcaut trip lion of the whole, vet com pain
well with other bfauelies of toil outside of
their ltvnls iu trade the ready tnudoelothing
"Tho main danger to the public comes from
filth and tli-eise in tlm vvnikslmp. To meet
and nviTi'omo thesu conditions drastic snni
tary factor) tenement house law are required.
'I lie i)ivei of Ihe inspector under the law to
enforce entire cleanliness in all work pltces
should be absolute. Strlngen laws ate need
ed, with string, honost inon to onfoice them.
Such a condition would be a boon to overv
manufacture.-In the clothing tridc. Good
inwB. honestly administered, would be heart
ily supported by all cl isees of manufacturers,
for bv the aid of such laws they would be re
licved of the standing stigma to their buainess
implied in the term 'sweating'
'"In the line of special information the In
spectors sent into the department ropoits
from which wo i-onileno the following:
New tiruiB utirtincm tnismes .. .. 2.0TB
OM tlrin-1'oi.ilin'lig liuin. ss 1 ntl4
Inciea-c in tiunilu 1 f 1 niptnj-res . lit .so
N'miilnT'if thins wn ini: overtime . . 4-2
Nuinlisrnf extri l.oi'rsof libor i-o worked. M.'jilfl
" We am in favor of restricting immigration
of the undesirable classes of foreigners who
come h"ii not to assimilate with our people,
but In their de-iro for wealth become a menaco
to our industrial population."
n-s,lntc Treasurer Haywood's IlefiUh.
Haiirihiiueo, Pa , Jan. 22. L;-Stato Treas
urer II. J. Haywood was at the Treasury De
partment yesterday for tho first time in seven
weeks. He was taken from Ins home on North
Sixth street to the Lxecutive bunding iu a
carnage To-night he was taken to his home
In Meieer Mr. Haywood's condition has been
scons for some time, and Ills phjslcinti hero
1 de-Inn -1 that h" Is so utteily broken down that
1101 lung short of a year s rest will allow him to
I rt" "pr
fCoDsanptlon -1
M Do not think for a single
moment that consumption will N
ever strike you a sudden blow.
It does not come that way.
It creeps its way along.
First, ou think it is a little
cold; nothing but a little luck
ing cough ; ihen a little loss in
weight; then a harder cough;
then the fever nnd the night
The suddenness comes when ;
you have a hemorrhage.
R Better stop the disease while
it is yet creeping. F
1 You can do it with I
You first notice that you I
I cough less Tlie pressure on
the chest is lifted. T list feeling
J of suffocation is removed, A
cure is hastened by plncingone of
Dr. Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral Plaster
over the Chest.
A Book Fi'oo.
It is on flic Diseases of the
Throat and Lungs.
Virlto ua FroaJy, h
If yi a Inn any complaint wliatavar i
i3 raid ileiiro tlie boil nii'illi'al inlrlct you 3
X can i-oj sr rem) writ t lie iiitnr,J
,a luriy XinivTi'lrertlTeuiiruuiptrcplyiU,
, vfltlniut cnt Ailitrcii. A
Y Bit. J 0 AVLIt, Lowell, Mall, A
-- -
nisAiiMr.i) or a cr.vn ix a l'tanr,
The Murdered Man Had Caught Torre'a
Dor Chnainc III (lerao nnd Hnd Prnb
nbly Kicked lllni-A rhnse After tho
Mnrderer Kutled with the Aid of n Stone.
All Italian barber named Sento Torre of :t()7
Hunnywell Btreet, Long Island City, shot nnd
killed his noxt door neighbor. Nlcolnus Mullcr
of .'tlio Hunnywell street about 2::i0 o'clock
jestcrdny afternoon Slullnrwns a blacksmith,
211 rears otd, with a wife nnd four children, tho
eldest of vhom Istt years, old nnd the youngest
4 months. Ho worked In a shop In l'ortr-clchth
street nnd llrat avenue. Now York city, nnd
although above tho medium height and a giant
In strength, ho was considered by thoso who
knew him as easy golne and good-natured.
With his family ho lived on the llrst lloornbove
Quonc Sing's Inutility. In the back yard of his
picmiseshe dldu little gardening, nnd during
tho winter months gavo tho ground over to u
Hock of geese.
Torre has a yellow mongrol dog. nnd It fre
quently happened that tho dog found an en
trance Into Mullet's "in! ind Injured his genie.
This was the cause ot a tomuiotloti among the
Bccse shortly beforo 2 o'clock vestordny after
noon, when Mullcr heatil his Hock nuiavvklng
nnd lluttorlngnround tho jard. Tho Italian's
dog was racing tho geese about, nud Mullcr
hurilod down stalls In his anxiety to prevent
thu cur from doing nny harm. A cur's yelps
meet added to the commotion, and then Mnller
from his jard summoned the Italian to come
out I
l'rom thu story told afterward by Mrs. !'ullor, I
the Italian responded to her husband's sum- I
tnons, and made his appearance, ufiiied with ,v
tlatigeious-looklng club, which afterward
proved to be the handle of a heavy oar There
was a clamor or voices In th jard. What
actually transplunl cannot bo learned, but It
terminated in Mullcr re-entering his house,
smiling good-naturedly, with tho Italian's club
In his hand. It wastvldent that, after wnrnine
the Italian to keephlsdog at home, tho latter
endeavored to use Ills club on Mullernud was
While Mullcr went to his rooms to ehnngo
his diess piepai.itory to making a call on a
relative, the ltillau, fuming with anger, te
tlied to his shop Not more than llfteen
minutes later Mullcr. attired iu Ids Siunla)
clothes, stepped out of his hallway and stalled
up the street. His wnv led directly bv Tone's
barber simp .Mis Mullcr. who wab lied her
husband from the landing as lie stepped out of
the li.illvvai, had not vet enteied her looms
when theie c.'imo the repmi of a gnu clos,, to
the door, and the net moment In'i husband
reelei! In through the dooraiul ill lace down
ward in tho hall, his head str king the bottom
step. Irautic with fear Mrs Mullcr rushed
down Her husband win de.nl
Peter Coleman ami .lames Clare saw Torre
jtimnout of his duurwii) with a double-bir-iclled
shotgun n his hands and shout Midler
Torto ran back into his shop, wliero ho depos
ited the gun. He then stinted to run away, but
was caught by Coleman and Clare, i oieiii.m
biought him to a hall by hittlug him on the
back nf his head with a piece r.fa paving b!o"k.
lie was thn handed over to the police.
Mullcr was shot through the heart In tho
police station Torre took refugo in Ins alleged
inability to speak Knglish nnd simply shook
his head In answer to till questions. Those
who know lilm say ho speaks fairly good
Tiir.r ntixK sin: has mosey.
The Kind of Letters ltecclvcd by Miss
l'mmy 1,'Ilonimrdieu of lsli.
Ist.ip T. I . Jan. 22. Letters olTering mar
riage, piuiltablojnvostments.ind oppoitunities
to lift poor but hrtiest men into o.nthlv happi
ness continue tu como daily to I'anny L'Hom
inedleu. Tho story of herlnheritance of $2."0,
OOll from her grandfather. Charles Hroadway.
who for fifty years owned a butcher sloie in
Spring ftreet. Now York, Is an old one. So is
the story Qt tho great number of letters Miss
I. Ilommcdieu 1ms received since the fact
of tho inheritance became public. Hut hot
father, the ever smiling and i,npul,n Ch.irlcy
l.'Homnicdieu. who was for jears the leading
baker of Islui. liny Khoro and liabylon, says
that tlm letters furnish him witli ever varying
material for amusement and lellection
"Tho first letters that came." lie said, "wero
plain begging letters. Somo wero from women
(at least women's names weio signed to them)
who sanl tin y had daughters just Fanny's ago
who needed money to go to school with, or tu
goto I.uiopo totnke. singing lessons with. It
seemed to me as though Fanny couldn't afford
hersc'f to be going to Kuropo much just jet,
and wecoulilu t very well bo held responsible
for oth"r people's wan ting to go. ho we chucked
those letteis iu the Hie
" '1 hen came a letter from a man who wanted
SlfiOto buy a wooden leg with lie said he
was liinnlug an elevator now, but if he could
have a wooden li g h" would be promoted to bo
a boss elevator man. nt something like that.
Anotherwas a freight brake man on a rallioad,
and he wanted ; m to g 't a uullorm so he could
be promoted to be a conductor Another
wanted s-ri.otK) so he could stop tending bar
an I set up. a hotel, and thero was mill .mother
whoouly wanted Slo.nui! to st irt himself In
business. Those all went Into tlie lire, too.
It s' nick me .is funny that so many of them
were alike, wanting some little thing so th. y
could be promoted. Itstiuck me that perhaps
there was ii legnlar vvnvnf cmug at nch iieonln
fortlieii money, just as there is a regular way
fora tramp to goat a la ly a-her kitchen door
asking lot work totlo when he wouldn't work
to -a e hlsgood-for-n thing neck,
"later the niarrjlng letteis have begun to
come There's been more of them than all the
i rest put together. Sometimes they write to
, tne and sometimes to I'aniij Since I legot
i unto what was in them she hasn't hndju chance
to see any of them, she's not l." vent-. "Id yet.
and there's no use in liei know nig anything
an nit all that nonsense. Hut those who write
toher alwavs siv that they wouldn't think of
asking her to enter into communication with
them without her fat Icr'.s knowledge and to
be sure to show him th" letter They must
take me foi all kinds of a fool !
"Theie was ono minister that wioto. Hn
hoped his dear voting' friend realised tlm
amount of good she might do with her money.
Hi hoped she said Inr Prayers mgulsrly and
thai she was perfectly clear 111 her conscience
as to everything she intended to do. 'Then he
went on to s.ij that perhaps no one could so
well glvendvicetoa voung girl In such u trying
situation as a mlnlstei of th (impel, whose
advice would certainly be disinterested and
unworldly. Ho would like to write to her and
to have letters from her from time to time, lie
said, vvhllo they both had the prlvllego of
breathing the blessed air. and perhaps iJiviuo
J'rovldence might some tun" lulng it nliout
that tlmy should become e. mi friend than
they could be through the niftr-, '.iffl'tnight id
thtnugli the world doing their good work htind
In hand.
"Wasn't hen lovely m in tu I estanding In the
pulpit of n s,n,i:iy ,1 That went Into Hie Hie
along with the rest Then theto came along
one from a niuii who had money Theie vviisti t
any religion about him. just biisun ss He
h i i S-.iiHi.lAiii, he s.ild, tlmt he had made out of
conefMUons ne got at iho Chicago fair. He
supposed a man ought to ln satisfied with ns
much money as that, but ho wasn't lie had
just gone mill got concessions at the l'.tris fair
that would pay him Sl.lioiiiioo on an Invest
ment ol his riU(MMKi. Hut be said when In.
Iieaidoi a nine vming girl out on l.nngl-lnml
witli iJ.r0,(KJiiud no p irticular idea m how it
should he invested, he felt Im ought to
write to her. lleenuse, by adding her money to
Ills there was a million ami a half to be made
without the expenditure of another cent of
capital. 1)1 course, ho wont on to my. it was
no use for any tvvo people to go into any such
deal lis that without tiny h.nl u periect under
standing with one another The imlv way. lie
said, for sin h an undcistaiiding to come about
between a man nnd a woman was In a llfn part
nership in th t'litnls of iintiimruij I' catno
kind of hard for me to tin 'W such a kind, gen
erous letter ns that Into tlie lire, but ll had to '
go along with tin tent.
"How linn jr vv no there In all' There were
a iiuiiun ,i ii mere was one rueie wein sonni
thin wio cfine, luuh-soundiiiB letters ami some
that wmte us if thevd inner learned how and
then lunl forg l all they knew. Home of them
win so uiiediie ited that thev didn't w lite nt
all. hut lured a typewiuer to take down what
the said, ion could tell that because Iho
words they used sip, wed so much Igiioi.iiico.
"Hut they don't any of them get I'anny
The) don't even get to her. 1 guess wo can
look out for her inteiests "
Sriintiir l'lalt to tbcCentinl IVileratril tfiilnn
The Central l'edorated Union received a let -lerfroni
Senator T. C. I'latt sesterday, In reply
to .1 reiiucst t hat ho support t he proposed I'od
eial l.fght lloui law. Mr. I'latt said tint ha
saw in leasuii why no should not comply' Willi
thu request.
Ilrnol.lyn Mian's Suicide In riillndrlphla,
1'iilj.Am.U'iu.v. Pa, Jan. 22-0. 1'. Wolf. ,I.r
years old. of 271 Hiiinhuig sireot. llrooklvn. In
haled llliimiiiiitlng gas In a loom nt a hotel at
Jllglith nnd spring ilaidcn stiocts to-day aud
tun luund Jead.
No Dentin, of Soldiers in Culm,
WiHiHNOTON, .Intl. 22 Maior-flen. Iliooko
I cabled tho Wur Department from Havana to
I day that no deaths among tin) troops In Cuba
hud boon reported fur Jan. ID and 20.
One Sale hAfa OT 0ne SaI 1
in January. yTj T f 1 Xjt K in July. .
Their 12th Half Yearly Clearing Sale m
Until the counters are bare and ready to receive the new Spring Stock. IlII
Tlie liyck Brothers' Clothes for gentlemen are made to stand the close inspection of those 'Ml
who know the difference between cheap cloth and good woollen fabricbetween clothes, flunjr spll
together in a slovenly way and narments made up in trim tailor fashion. In buyin? a Suit or JPll
Overcoat or any garment at tlie Clearing Sale now in progress .vou gel the Roods that have 'ial
made the Uyck Brothers' reputation, and their Rtiirantee coes with your purchase. The cost 'lfSBJ
is 35 to 45 per cent, less than regular ; that is the only diflerence. jlrqEj
Suits 9.85 11.45 13.90 ...i 16.40 !
Overcoats 9.8() 12.85 14.90 n..,i 18.20 jjjm
Trousers $3.20 4.35 u 5.20 Wt
Prince Alberts 14.20 n...i 18.35 'S
Full Dress Suits 21.60 i 27.85 $
Tuxedos 11.25 n.i 13.20
Furnishings and Hats at Almost 1-2 Price. wl
IIOW.NTtltV.V, I I'TOWX, fflft
c vv n v..n z. n.,.... ci, I ast '25th St., 158 to 164. vfgl
S. W. cor. Fulton & Nassau Sts. i 0I.KV KU.s,Nlia , srit. .... ovr.,,. 'li;
Un Tells 'llielil Thnt No Mull Willing to
Work .Should Have tu He Idle.
Mayor Samuel M. Jones of Toledo addressed
a massmcotiiicor Iho Letter Carriers'. srocIii
Hon yesterday afternoon In the Giand Central
Palace on "The lllght to Work." One-third ot
the laige audlenco consisted ot women He
spoko in favor of Stato socialism.. tud said that
tho most socialistic kind of work was to bo
found iu the l'ost Olllcc. Kvery man who
wanted to woik had a light to get it. he said,
nnd the eight-hour workday was a step in tho
direction of luovidlnc Itforull.
Alexandei Law. Secretary of tho Protestant
and Catholic Woiklngmon'.s clubs, denounced
the lut'sont state of society, and piedietetl I that
those responsible for keeping ir up would he
destroyed. He suggested that an Industrial
eontcronen might to be called to Humiliate
Mayor Jones for I'residentof tliul'nited Stales.
MsivorJonoH said he was born In Wales, and
was therefore debarred from that honor.
A Socialist asked him why he did not join the
Socialist Labor Part v. Jones replied that ho
did nut think It would be properto do mj.i ns peo
ple might think lie had a political bee in his
bonnet. Ho added that lie did not believe In a
light of class against class or of wage earners
against employers.
AVhlle the Hoy Looked On u l'uliccniitu
Saved the Woman with 111. Olcrcont.
Mrs. Hattlo Oruters of 215 West Twenty
eighth street went Into tho cellar of the house
with a lighted candle yesterday to get a hod of
coal. Her husband nnd throe ot hor children
wore away. Tho youngest child, a '-'-year-old
boy, was left upstairs at tho front window, with
instiuctions not to get out ot his chair until I
bib mother returned from tho cellar. The next
glimpse that the child had of his mother was
when she ran up tho outside steps from the
cellar door to tho sidewalk with her clothing
The woman ran toward Seventh avenue. Po
liceman Henry J. Walton of the West Tim tv
seventh street station snw her and ran Inward
Her. at the sitno time pulling on hlsoverco.it.
Ho fielr.ed tlm wninii, getting badly burned,
and managed to .smother tlie names by wrap
Ping her up In the coat. Then he sent hor to
Jtoosevclt Hospital.
Meantime tlie baby, who hnd seen his moth
er's plight from the window, was left alone till
his father and brot hers readmit homo tvvo hours
later. After crying it good deal lie told them
that Ins mother" was all burned up."
now he vasx't voisoxed.
IltighrVft Manner of Telling About Tt Lands
lllul In the HoHjiltnl.
Thomas Hughes of Ulli West Sixtieth Rtreet
mistook a bottleof iodine fora bottle of ginger
ycnteiday, but noticed his error before swallow
ing any ol the iodine Later ho attempted to
euteituiu his sister with a recital of his narrow
escape Ho began with tho exciting part. She
did not wait for the tame end of the story, with
its e-pIanation, but rushed into tho stieet
scieamlng fur lielp. bhe told a iiollccmati that
her brother had poisoned himself.
The policeman sent for an ambulance and
then took ehaige of Hughes, who was sont off
to ltoosovelt Hospital befnre he could mako nny
ono listen to the second half of tho story His
Hlster went after a piiest. who lunrled with her
to the hospital and got there just in timo to
hear Hushes telling the ginger seuucl to his
ake XEir itArEv iiors rc.vr ?
Dr. Senver Say the Weakest Men IMij&i
inlly lit Vnlc Live Itlght There.
New Hwkn. Jan. 22 Dr Jay W Seavcr. tho
well-known Yale authority on nuthropometry
and a director of the nlo Ciymnnslum. caused
something of a sensation yesterday bv declar
ing that of tlie 2.."i0l) students lit Yale Hie poor
est phjsical specimens came from New Haven.
There are nunc than 1100 Now Haven boys In
the university Dr senvor ccplains their pour
showing by the inadequate physical training of
Connecticut schools.
Mary C. T.ukens, ftS years old. wife of Honry
Clay Lukons, the well-known journalist, died
suddonly. of heurt disease, about 11 A.M. yes.
terday, at her home. 8I Ogdcn nvenuo, Jersey
City. Mrs. LuLotiR was a writer, and many of
her article were published in magazines over
the hum do plumo of Knthryn Payntcr. Her
husband, one son and ono daughter survive
her. I'lincral services vv ill be held nt the house
on Tuesday evening, and the interment v 111 bo
Ju. -Mount J'-jaco I'cyj'itery. .PJUIadolpluu, .on
lllchaid Williams, a pioneer who knew Mary
Ji'tnlsiiii, Ihe lamous white vvomanof theCiene
sce, died yestciday at Mount Morris, N. Y.. at
tin ngeofsi He owned valuable farms, ami
lived all his life licit' the sito of the piojected
O.'iioscu sloriigo dam in the Oardeau innerva
tion. Dr William Wood, ono of the late James (i.
Blaine's ,,hl ihli'laiis. died at Portland. Me .
esterday nt the age of Hit ears. He w.imovci
seerof llowdoin College and for many veins a
member of tho laculty of tho Medical School.
Chicago l'ollcf mini Shoots a Pickpocket.
Cuu'Uio, Jan. 22 While the crowd thnt had
witnessed the juiglllstlo contests nt T.ittersalls
was thronging Into State street at midnight
last night Policeman Collins was 111 lag hlb in
volve!' at tlneo pickpockets who had been
" wuiklng" the street cms. On of the thieves
whom ihe policeman was pursuing wa stiuck
bv a bullet and vvasenptured Ho was recog
nized . s "Tommy" bite, alias William Ityiin,
nnd familiar to the police since he was a little
boy liei- 21 years old. and the police say Im
Is one of Hie cleverest pickpockets in I lilcugo,
He will recover
I "Hunter High Ball" 1 1
The Whiskey that made rd Ms
the High Unit famous n f,
Hunter I
Baltimore Rye I :
'S-O TRADE HARK Psj in ".'
A Hiffh liall without Hunter ( '"-
yj HiRh Ball at all. S , j
Its nnvor Is the fn- I
vorlto heenuse It Is m
:, Old and Mellow. j !
or it ,tml cm ct it at all first- p 1
clubs, c.ifes, and hotels. n -1 -
,V Viiwk Mom. Kcnrfnrntatlven, nj "T
llli-ltu St . New Yori, X. V. In '
itAC.-TiMi: iuxceiis ritiaiiTEXEih M
W lint Itniipened at nn Unt -ide llnll After ' "51
I'ollci) Cnptliiii CliiiiniiMii's Visit. j
Tlionnnual ball of an east side social club .ja
was In full blast at 2 o'clock yestonl lymornlns y " 'Jt
In New Irving Hall, in llroomestieet.whnn Po- f - "shf
lice Captain Cli.ipnian m ula bis appearance on ,.J
tho lloor with tvvo i leemen. They watched I al
a couple of harmless sun iro dances. Then ths l
Captain ordeied a red paper lantern removed J -"ji
fiom amoin-the deeiiratioiis, held n whispered I "ll
consultation with the two policemen and left I Si
the hall l
Tho door had hatdlyclosed bohind him whan I ,ia
the I and struck up u lag-tune tune, and noon i pSm
all the dancers wei, going thiough the mo- J 4M
tions of tlie popular llovveiv dance When tlm fVM
merrnneiit was at Us height n wagon camo y
rattliugdiiHii the stieet loudly ringing a boll. M
'J liodanec stopped and there was a rush to tho sMi
halrooin Word was passed tliat tho "hurry fm
UP" wagon was coining . ifH
There was mi uproar inthnplace. Hvorybody 'ii
was looking for somn means nf escape, when i Je
tlie iliiorkceper e.iinu upst.ilrs and restored v
unlet by saying that an aiuhulancc had passed .'
and was going to a house tinea doors nvvay. ' '"9,
Then tlie dance, soincvvhat vvildci than liefore. -If
went on. ' '3 i
A Roy Wounded in (lie Leg In n I'rnllr at .4
Itjtllll street and M. Mi'lliilm ATenue. 4
A crowd of about llfty boys wero phyinc ii
"Itooscvelt's Hough Kideis" at 12Hth street J
and st Nicholas avcium estenl,iv aftornoon, 3;
and two of them. Cliaile, Saudioek. Hvenrs J
old. of 2(1 Manhattan stieet, and (ioorgo Tur- j
ner. a negro, l.'j vcurs old. of .'(US West I2Hth f j
stieet. had icvoheis. S.mdiock fired his and J . j
the bullet lodgeil in tlie light leg nf r.ugono Lu I )
Clair. Ill years old. of .".(H) West I'jilth street. W
The ,n eident caused the lovs to scatter to '! j
llielr homes D tcc'ive hearns sent an ambu- i ji
lauce call to the .1. Hood Wright hospital, and '
l.o Clair was removed io his home. Mthough
1,0 Clair was unwilling to mnke complaint '
iicalnst Saudioek, Ue.irns went to Snndrock' J '
liouiM and nested linn onncliargeyf lelonlous J :
assault. Turner was ariested for carrying '
dangerous weiipom. Th" b iss weio loi ked up j
In the West J2.'5th street station ? .'
Tlie Ontrnl redernted t'lilnu to Move. 1
TlioCential IVdcritcd I'nioti decided yester- i
day to leave Krueger's Hall in Last Thirty- '
third stieet on the ground that tho proprietor
had violated his contiaet with the np'on by
Milium iioii-niiiMii vigtirs.-A rorniflftten vas" " "(
nppoiiitcd to lo ik fora new meeting place Tho "
couiniitteo was ditected to tiy llrst I o secure ',
the use of llm scho il building at Lexington !
nvnntie and Twi nty-lhlid stieet, which has
been eunileinned by the city and Is to be turned
into an armory ,
ltuii Diihii a Wheclniiiii nnd IlrnUi- Ills
1'ranl; lllcuvelt, of 25s West Fifteenth street,
while tiding on bis bievelo nn Fifth avonun
)Cstorda) was knocked down at Twenty-seo-ond
street by a team and enrrlagn diiveu by
William Campbell, a in gin, cmploeil by JI,
Wallerof2l7 Last llro.idway Pleuvelt's tliigli
was broken. II" was taken to the New York
Hospital aud Campbell wa-. locked up Iu th
West Thirtieth street station.
Iiikiuie Ifrolhers Iliirnvd tn Death.
Siiih.msv. Mo, Jan. 22. Two brother
known as the ' ll irtmi twins." both of whom
were deiin nti d were burned t ideiith In tholr
home neai hero l.isi night 1'hey had been loft "IS
In tli linuhu vvh le others of tho family wero g
' at church I
Bl Ii I ttiMI) ll
Ej " I iiave found M
i mum mw$ I
"r, v Y" r ,0 be wonderful'y strengther.lng and I
X I J ' wholesome. I kne-w it well, and use It fl
very often."
Blood H
- IH
jjaaatiaalJfcasLaLL-sjj22i " l . .. .m-ommii,,i jiiiijm'iojj;B

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